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****The Foodies Guide to Italy****

Italy is one of the great tourist destinations in the world. Renaissance palaces, Rome’s Colosseum and Michelangelo’s David draw millions of visitors a year . But tourism has its price, and finding authentic restaurants, bakeries and gelaterie is a challenge . With Elizabeth Minchili’s EAT ITALY in your pocket you’ll be sure that every morsel of food you put in your mouth while you’re in ITALY is the best.

EXPERT FOOD ADVICE: Minchilli has been reporting on the food scene in Italy for magazines and newspapers for years, and is the go-to source for insiders.
MORE than just restaurants, you’ll find bakeries, wine bars, food stores, hotels and more.
MORE lively and opinionated content. Minchilli lets you know the score, telling you what you’ll expect and what to look for.
DELICIOUS picks in ROME, VENICE, FLORENCE, MILAN and more cities soon.


Travel & Leisure: “Top Italian Food Guide App”
Huffington Post: “The go-to food app to help me eat better.”
Los Angeles Times: “Thank goodness for Elizabeth Minchilli’s apps.”
The New York Times: “A local expert who brings the hungry to hidden culinary landscapes.”
Frank Bruni, New York Times: “Trust me, no one knows food in Rome like Elizabeth does.”

Avoid tourist traps and go straight to the best
Browse through hundreds of carefully selected entries.
One click website links go directly to the source
Share reviews and photos
Highlight favorites
Access offline content anytime, anywhere.
View 1000’s of mouthwatering photographs.

EAT ITALY is a free app, which includes Elizabeth’s Top Five Picks in each city.
Full City Guides (including 100’s of entries) are available as in-app purchases. The list of cities and regions available include ROME, VENICE, FLORENCE, MILAN and an ever expanding list of cities and regions.

***About the Author***

Elizabeth Minchilli has been eating her way through Italy her entire life. She is the author of seven books on Italian living, including her latest Eating Rome: Living the Good Life in the Eternal City. The previous versions of her apps EAT ROME, EAT FLORENCE and EAT VENICE were best sellers. She has contributed to over forty magazines and newspapers including Bon Appetit, Food & Wine and The International Herald Tribune. She writes about all the good and delicious stuff on her blog, Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome.

Eat Italy the best app for eating your way through Italy by @eminchilli. Check it out

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The applications Eat Italy was published in the category Food & Drink on 2015-05-11 and was developed by Elizabeth Helman. The file size is 6.15 MB. The current version is 1.2 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes and improvements.

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Virtually useless  PDX_Ben  1 star

This app was a waste of money for me on my recent trip to Rome. On the technical side, I purchased the Rome package. It would load on my iPad 2 Air, but not on my iPhone SE. I didn't want to be lugging an iPad around with me, so its use was limited to where the iPad was; i.e. In the hotel room and lobby. Eighty percent of the app's potential functionality was lost right off the bat. At first I was disappointed, but after reading on my iPad how superficial and general the information provided by the app was, my disappointment at its lack of functionality magically evaporated, replaced by a vague feeling of, once again, being had by an app's author whose product substantially undershoots its implied content. My advice: don't bother with this; at least the Rome package.


Get ready to enhance your trip leaps and bounds!  LGBig  5 star

Don't plan your trip to Italy without this APP or her book Eating Rome. Take the time to explore, read, take notes, and then map out your trip. Foodies, it's worth every minute spent. You can't (she doesn't!!!) go wrong.

light on the water

Nearby Function Needs Improvement  light on the water  2 star

Eat Italy is an umbrella app that allows you to access all of the author’s individual guides (Rome, Venice, etc.) in one place on your phone. The app gives a list of restaurants, markets, hotels, and other locations of interest to the tourist, culled from the author's blog. We ate at many of the restaurants listed in the Rome guide and some in Florence. The restaurants that we were able to eat at were fine, although there seemed to be a bias to lighter fare. A couple of the places were closed for renovation during the time we visited. The biggest issue with the app is trying to find recommendations that are close when you are out sightseeing. The "Nearby" function does not work very well. There is a map showing the location of all restaurants, but it using it to find a place required switching back and forth between Google Maps and the app to really understand where you wanted to be going. On the whole, especially given how the cost of each city guide mounts up if you are traveling to multiple destinations, I did not find this more useful than checking the reviews in Google Maps and perhaps saving addresses to check out from various blogs, including the author's. There are so many free resources that are good and accessible on your smartphone that I can't recommend spending the money on this one.


Fabulous restaurant app  Cchotas  5 star

Downloading this app is the smartest thing I did for my trips to Rome and Florence! Fabulous up to date restaurant and shopping lists! Just finished yet another fabulous dinner, this time at broccoletti in monti! Thank you for doing all the work on this!


Must Have App in Rome  TyShappell  5 star

We loved this app when we were in Rome. It is the perfect complement to the Eating Rome book, which had me salivating months before departure. The app was easy to use and guided us in the right direction at every meal. My only complaint is that there are so many wonderful recommendations, it's impossible to visit them all in one trip! We will look forward to using this app on future trips to Italy and happily avoid the tourist traps and other dining pitfalls that tend to befall less savvy travelers. Thanks Elizabeth for creating this gem of an app!

zap you

great help  zap you  5 star

this summer while we were vacationing in Rome and Florence we made good use of both apps and have loved every single restaurant recommendation. If you don't speak the Italian language except for some phrases we've learned over the years, you are so appreciative of apps like eat Italy - grazie mille, Elizabeth!


Not with the money  SallyAnn48  1 star

I purchased both Eat Rome and Eat Venice for a recent trip. Did not find them especially helpful and some of the info was unreliable. Trip Advisor reviews were better- and free.


Love this app!  patd90  5 star

Found this very helpful recently while in Roma. It's also very useful if you're planning a trip there. Sign up for her email updates too! Always fun to read and dream...


Easy to Use- Nice to have a map  benman3722  5 star

Simple reviews with a great map feature.


Excellent Apps  Jjscarlett  5 star

I have used these apps on several Italy trips. The guidance is invaluable. Every recommendation has been perfect. Highly recommend, worth every penny.


EatMore DrinkMore eatdrinkmore 3 star

It was great to be back in Florence, Italy this past week. Here are some of my tips on what to do & where to eat.


italy ✨ diaz_italy 3 star

@AlissaViolet: This girl is 6 months pregnant ... meanwhile that's how I look after I eat a good meal😒


Michelle MaterialGirlMel 3 star

@Alexa_leighton: Imagine telling a nigga “I wanna go eat in little Italy” and he respond with “cool when you coming to the Bronx?” LMAO.

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