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Threads, an Instagram app App Description & Overview

What is threads, an instagram app app? Say more with Threads — Instagram’s text-based conversation app.

Threads is where communities come together to discuss everything from the topics you care about today to what’ll be trending tomorrow. Whatever it is you’re interested in, you can follow and connect directly with your favorite creators and others who love the same things — or build a loyal following of your own to share your ideas, opinions and creativity with the world.

A few things you can do on Threads…

■ Access your Instagram followers
Your Instagram username and verification badge are reserved for you. Automatically follow the same accounts you follow on Instagram in a few taps, and discover new accounts too.

■ Share your point of view
Spin up a new thread to express what's on your mind. This is your space to be yourself, and you control who can reply.

■ Connect with friends and your favorite creators
Jump to the replies to get in on the action and react to commentary, humor and insight from the creators you know and love. Find your community and connect with people who care about whatever it is you’re interested in.

■ Control the conversation
Customize your settings and use controls to manage who can see your content, reply to your threads, or mention you. Accounts you’ve blocked will carry over from Instagram, and we’re enforcing the same Community Guidelines to help ensure everyone interacts safely and authentically.

■ Find ideas and inspiration
From TV recommendations to career advice, get answers to your questions or learn something new from crowd-sourced conversations, thought leaders and industry experts.

■ Never miss a moment
Stay on top of the latest trends and live events. Whether it’s about new music, movie premieres, sports, games, TV shows, fashion, or the latest product releases, find discussions and receive notifications any time your favorite profiles start a new thread.

■ Open social networking – coming soon
In the future, there will be ways to discover more content and reach wider audiences: we are planning features that allow you to search for, follow and interact with users on open, interoperable social networks that we believe can shape the future of the internet.

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App Name Threads, an Instagram app
Category Social Networking
Updated 18 March 2024, Monday
File Size 121.16 MB

Threads, an Instagram app Comments & Reviews 2024

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Going to take some getting used to but I like it. Well I just downloaded this app and it’s a lot different than being just on Insta. Here is what I have noticed so far . Instead of tapping on the post to like it you have to tap the heart instead of double tapping the pic itself to like it which is fine complaints. And to reply or post a comment on a picture or video then tap the post and post your comment. I also noticed that one post so far had a swear word but wasn’t a bit offended at all …Freedom Of Speech and Expression. So I do hope this continues as so many of our rights are being taken away by people that are trying to rewrite our American Constitution. All in all all I will say is this….ignore the negative reviews and read the positive ones about this app…if you want your full voice to be heard which is the way it should always be!

Poorly made app. If i could give it 0 stars I would. There are so many issues with this app. First of all, I couldn’t be logged into instagram and threads at the same time without getting automatically logged out of the other. The app in itself is poorly made, they made it so simple that it ended up not being user friendly. Forcing you to connect it to an instagram, keeping the same username,(some people enjoy privacy!), and impersonal timelines that are filled with unfunny verified accounts that are impossible to get rid of no matter how many you mute. You can’t even follow enough accounts you like to keep the stuff you don’t like off your timeline. Tried deactivating my threads account, not only will it not fully deactivate but you can’t remove the badge on your instagram no matter what you do, even though it tells you that you can. It just pops back up every time you restart the app or change tabs. I feel like i’m being forced to participate in something I no longer want to be a part of. This is such a terrible app I can barely put it into words. And to think that verified accounts had it before me and it still has all these issues is shocking. Very disappointing. Basically, if you like twitter, avoid this app. If you don’t like twitter, avoid this app. Even my LovenseRemote app is made better than threads.

Room for improvement. It’s a great resource, but it needs work to be competitive and provide as much value to users as X/Twitter. It needs some significant functionality upgrades in terms of the sources a person chooses to follow. I get disjointed timeline exposure the way they’ve chosen to load the most recent posts at the top instead of fostering a pick-up-where-you-left-off format. I’m always going backward to catch up to what’s current. I think if they can fix that feature, this app will be more attractive to news sources and other contributors to grow the platform. I’m sure this is only temporary, but I appreciate the lack of ads. I would like to see a feature once those become part of the app to pay a small subscription fee and have an add free version.

Overhyped unfinished app. App that was definitely just dropped because people were fussing about twitter again and don’t get me wrong because I’d love to see new competition so twitter will step up and stop making dumb decisions, but as of now, why would I have any reason to use threads? Profiles are boring and messy, no customization besides changing your icon and putting a link, no pinned posts or some sort of media tab, no way to browse people you ACTUALLY follow, and what was the point of flexing no ads if the following feed is brand after brand after brand anyways? There’s also no dms. Uninstalled after muting over a hundreds accounts, random celebrities and tiktok stars and brands I’ve never even heard of just keep appearing. Not worth your time, just keep using instagram because really, what’s the point of this app with how empty it is? Maybe in the future they will add dms and options to pin posts or have a media tab, but I legitimately can’t believe people were hyping up what’s half of a finished app

Little to no actual point. Update: The only reason I returned to write a review is because Insta put a useless @ on my profile. -- Its like Twitter... only its called Threads. The problem is that I dont see what void its trying to fill, or what problem its trying to solve, other than being another Twitter "killer" that is going to solve all the perceived non existent problems of Twitter (Remember when everyone was all excited over the Facebook Killers known as either Google Plus or Diaspora?). I also don't really see how it heightens or enhances instagram, either. Instagram is for all intents well laid out despite the fact that you cant have a chronological feed that shows you everyone you follow (which it would be nice to scroll through my followers, and not my top interactions + whatever else instagram's algorithm tosses up). Btw, thanks for not allowing me to delete Threads unless I delete my Insta, there is simply no reason for that much tie-in. Regardless now I have a silly @ like symbol on my profile that redirects to a defunct threads link, so good job for useless features. Lastly, in regards to people complaining about toxicity on Twitter as a reason for this app to exist, I would suggest that Twitter is neither toxic or pure, but that most have no clue how go actually use it, as all algorithms are a result of what you, the user, put into it.

Pretty good so far. Like many people have said, I’ve been wanting something to replace twitter for a while and so far this is doing a good job at being that platform. I don’t like, however, that my feed is flooded with meme accounts already, and I don’t see what my friends are posting. I’m sure my friends are not posting much, with it being such a new app, but the millions of memes in my homepage ensures I will never see them. It would be nice to have the home feed dedicated to just who you’re following, even if there’s nothing new for a while, and have the search page be for meme accounts and such. Or maybe a “posts you may like” page or something. If I wanted to see a bunch of garbage on my feed I would go to Facebook. I guess I’m just hoping for something more personal and focused on people I actually know.

Potential To Be The Greatest Social App. This app is super smooth. I love everything about it. Would be dope to be able to DM friends on here. The day that happens, Threads will most likely become my 1st app choice. There's a few bugs I hope they crank out, but overall smooth. I would prefer seeing post of people I follow vs seeing a bunch of random checkmark folks & businesses I don't even follow talk nonsense. I'm trying to see what my friends are Threading, not a verified wendys account. The only other issue I have is the app keeps force quitting when I try to thread. I try to log out and even reset the app. I've updated the app & updated my iPhone, yet it keeps booting me out the app every single time I try to post a thread. Its super annoying. Makes me not want to open the app and thread when I inspiration to post something. Kills the motivation.

App can beat twitter with a few QOL updates. Firstly a playback system, maybe if I double tap the right side of the screen it plays forward a few seconds and vise versa, a media only section to where we can only see videos and picture, ofc with the option of being able to pick which one we wanna see only which in fact twitter DOESNT have, and maybe also like a page that’s called stuff you like, that’s based off your follows and likes, like a for you page, but with a different name. Actually maybe it can be called THREADED I kinda like the sound of that honestly. Tho even if you didn’t add these things the app is already really good, I’m pretty you guys won’t F this up. GOOD JOB DEVELOPMENT TEAM

WORK IN PROGRESS but good. this is literally the better twitter. the community is less toxic and the app as a whole is just better. there’s way less ads which is also a plus. HOWEVER one of the main problems is in your main feed, there tends to be a bunch of random threads from people you don’t even follow or associate with who you follow. i do understand that this is a new app though and the algorithm is a work in progress which is understandable. one thing i think would make the app a little cooler, and even better than twitter, is if you had app theming, kinda like how you can theme the direct messages on instagram, but instead have it on threads, and have it be the whole app. (it would be really cool to open up a pink threads app 🤭) overall i think the app is really cool, good job 👍

Not really viable long term. If the best thing that can be said for Threads is it’s a “safe space” away from Twitter/X “toxicity”, one really needs to look inward rather than to an app to make one feel better or safer. After that there is the issue that Instagram and Threads cannot be logged in simultaneously, the early stage of development, it feels rushed out and not complete, just basic and simple. And more. Check other critical reviews, all valide points. Will it improve before daily user count falls off a cliff? 50/50. My bet is Meta will eventually throw in the towel as you never get a second chance at first impressions. The daily user count is rapidly trending downward in close proximity to introduction when it should be climbing upwards toward critical mass. Not a death knell, but a leading indicator of judgement by users. Meta should be increasing daily user count at this point, moving the needle in a positive direction. If there isn’t a community of sufficient size to not just maintain but grow daily users there will not be momentum to sustain it. You can either “Grow or Die”. There is no in-between, balancing on the head of pin. It’s going to take an enormous effort/change and differentiation to set Threads apart from alternatives just to turn the negative momentum around. Crystal balling today, Threads looks set to join the Metaverse in Metas portfolio.

THREAD. Uhhhh yeah, I just Thread! Ermmmm jealous much! I bet you are. Don’t be surprised when my name is in lights. I would go as far as to say I’m the only person on threads tbh. Don’t worry thread like 50 times a day, so your feed will never be empty. I make the days of millions of people everyday. Let’s say if there were more people on the app, it would automatically make the app significantly worse. I use this app as an escape from my middle school bullies (I’m a teacher). Don’t worry I don’t THREAD about my bull all the time, that would get boring quickly, only 49 out of my 50 threads are about my bullies. TikTok doesn’t compare to threads because you can’t thread on TikTok. If you could, I might have to switch apps… NOT LOL, ermmmm that sounded better in my head. Just kidding I’m not a freaking mcu actor person, that’s below my status. Dost thou even threadth like I do, mmmm me thinks nope!

Purposefully restricting with no cause. I have two accounts connected to threads, one where I have political discussions and one where I just post photography. Threads has, in a matter of days, restricted my political account from being able to post literally anything. They are obviously censoring those who have a political opinion they disagree with. It was one thing to just shadow ban my original posts, and at least I could reply to other threads… but now I cannot post at all? This is wrong and you know it. I never posted any hateful content or lies, only truth and educated opinions supported by links and videos to show proof. It’s so bad that it won’t even let me submit a report to report the problem! This is not “protecting” your community, it’s censoring it. And I know it’s censorship, not just a glitch, because my photography account is completely normal. No shadow ban, no censorship, and able to post like normal. This is wrong and you know it. I will be talking to lawyers about this. I have screenshots and screen recordings of everything.

Not bad for an alpha or beta product. Lots of people and conversations there now. Journalists there too. This review is about the iOS app. 1. The latest versions do not let me click on thumbnail links, and many people only post those. 2. If I manage to find a clickable link, it opens in a window that leaves a large chunk of my screen at the top unused. 3. The new edit function is great, but selecting and navigating text in the compose/edit window is hard. I also can't select an individual word or phrase in a post to copy it. I don't know why they can't be bothered to adapt the app to the iOS environment. 4. Without tags or lists, it's impossible to do more than randomly chat. 5. Their promised adaptation of the ActivityPub protocol seems to be low on their list of priorities. This is the most important thing for me. 6. Still no iPad version. Given the Instagram background, maybe that will never happen because those developers still haven't figured out that a lot of us prefer the iPad for photos, especially if our vision is imperfect. 7. Privacy nightmare, so no EU users.

The app was great until it completely stopped working. I got threads the day it was released and for about one and a half weeks it was running great and was a lot of fun, certainly a lot more than Twitter. Then all of a sudden the app completely broke. I still have a feed where I can see what others post, but I cannot see any replies, send any replies of my own, see any sort of account activity I might have, and not see any of my posts I shared when the app was still working. The only thing I still get is notifications that I have a new follower. Great! But when I log in to see my activity there’s literally nothing there. I have tried absolutely everything from logging out, deleting the app and also sending problem reports multiple times all of which were left unanswered. This app was so great to use until it became completely unusable. Now the app is just gathering dust on my phone and will probably be deleted soon. I wouldn’t bother getting it unless this issue is resolved. They really fumbled the ball on this one…

A fine place to post. I would just like a higher amount of people we could follow. 7500 is too little. And find a way to locate people you follow that don’t follow you. But it does work nicely over all. It is mostly friendly atmosphere. Just a few too many people only wanting others to watch them have sex or other things. But it is easy to unfollow them and block them. I have been on Threads almost the second week of it’s existence. But I have had a long time with a follow ban so my numbers are smaller than others with the same time and as active. Thus there are issues, but I keep posting. Again most are quite friendly there.

New, evolving, and fun!. Threads is still in its “new” phase, so it may not have every feature you want, yet. What it does have is millions of new users making new connections, and interacting for the most part in a refreshingly civil manner. There’s plenty of lively debate on every topic under the sun; most Threads communities preach proactively blocking trolls. It’s the threaders themselves that are making Threads a fun and friendly place. New features are added nearly every week, yet the platform is granite stable. I’m skipping specifics so this review isn’t out of date in a couple of weeks. Eventually ads are expected (no free platform can last without revenue), but in 2023 Threads is building its user base and there are none. I’ll miss the ad-free experience when it ends. Whether you come over from X, jump in from Instagram, or even dip your toe into social media for the first time, you’ll find Threads is a fun and engaging place to follow the famous and interact with the rest of us.

impossible. so the more apps that are constantly being added just to message is just getting a little far out. at this point most would not want to keep adding more apps for the features that should just simply be added to the ig. personally i cant even watch a fb post cause people post it from ig, and the video wont play unless u go to another app. i just dont open it cause thats just more work for what already needed to worn on fb. the cideo wont play unless u go to ig. but fb amd ig own each other, so why cant the video just play anyway. more apps is just making ur phone grow weary. the same as X. nothing new. im not sure exactly at all what they are implimenti g by copying another app. snapchat is just as bad. when the features are just like imessage. u send pictures and texts just like snap. im confused as to why someone ises another platforom to message others. ive used more than those features and u just cant really have a need about snap, or threads. these are alike in the area of remade, boring, copycat work.

Better Than Twitter. Threads, an app renowned for its unique features, has gained significant popularity and emerged as a preferred choice among users. Offering a range of advantages, Threads stands out as a superior platform. One notable aspect is its emphasis on fostering intimate and focused conversations, allowing users to create private groups and establish genuine connections. Moreover, Threads excels in content curation, providing personalized recommendations based on individual interests and preferences, resulting in a more tailored and enriching user experience. The app's intuitive design and seamless interface further contribute to a smooth and enjoyable browsing experience, setting Threads apart as an innovative social media platform. With its distinct features and user-friendly approach, Threads is redefining the landscape of microblogging and gaining recognition as a prominent contender in the realm of social media.

the bug. so yea, the app was amazing cuz its exactly the same like Twitter and its obviously benefit us cuz we don’t have to create another account for this apps cuz we can just use Instagram, just the serious major problems that everyone may faced the same things as me, the apps seriously take up too much space, like compare to Twitter the, the megabytes is too small and the programmed works really well-the lossless compression really work for twitter, and another things that i would want to pointed out is that since the storage is limit for certain peoples and deleting the apps seriously devastating them cuz their account is getting deleted at the same time, its really devastating and upsetting me, i wish that by deleting the apps don’t cause their instagram account getting deleted, but overall im really enjoying the thread apps

pretty solid, room for improvement though⭐️💕. so far, i like threads. it’s pretty solid for now, it can be better. that being said, i do have some suggestions for the app developers to improve the app for users: CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER! only the ppl i follow and their activity should be in my timeline, not these other random users…put them on a separate page the separate page should be our home page with news, pop culture events, hashtags you follow, and the random users/suggested posts here pls give us hashtags! search by hashtags and words, not just users thumbs down for threads (dislike count not shown public) pls give us a gif library in the threads post area a drafts/save for later tab for threads following count put by the follower count too. why is it just one? show both or neither, pls pick one show list of likes + the option to keep it private saved/bookmarks tab (private) dms/private messages on here voice message for threads close friends thread list these changes would make a lot of people (including me) use the app a whole lot more and come back to give a higher review rating. we thank you for the hard work so far. and thx for listening!🩷

Toxic and miserable app. This app is so toxic and mentally draining to be on even for just a few minutes. It’s a knock-off of Twitter and since I dork have much experience with Twitter, I can’t say whether this app is worse or not, but I can’t say it’s very bad. I think the main problem with this app is that the algorithm promotes political posts and other posts about controversial subjects. It doesn’t seem to cater that portion of the algorithm to the user’s opinions based on what they like, dislike, and the kind of accounts they block. A lot of these posts reach the wrong audience, leading to hate and toxicity. In my opinion, a lot of the more controversial posts I saw the second I first opened the app were very stupid, misinformed, or extremist, and this goes for content promoting both sides of the political spectrum. Another big problem this app has is with bots. More specifically, there are an absurd amount of s*x bots and catfish. These types of accounts are usually linked to scams, yet the app literally promotes them as I saw countless amounts when I first started using the app. All in all, this is Twitter but with Facebook’s audience and YouTube’s bot problem.

Terrible app. Can’t delete profile and is forever linked with IG. If you haven’t signed up for this app, don’t. You can’t delete your account without deleting your IG account. Even on IG accounts you didn’t create a Threads account for, you will have a forced integration with the app and it will shove political crap down your throat. Those are the only threads being promoted and I don’t interact with content like that on my IG. My IG is for friends, family, art, and puppies—I have no desire to add political rage bait to that blend. Now I seem to have no choice and no way to mute this, which makes me want to abandon Instagram entirely. I never liked Twitter, which is why I lasted only a few days on Twitter before abandoning my account years ago. That app just seemed like a cesspool of toxicity and I had no desire to be a part of it. I didn’t realize threads was a cheap Twitter knock off. I checked out the app out of curiosity and I regretted it immediately. If this continues, I may abandon Instagram entirely. It’s what I did with Facebook a few years ago and I have not regretted that choice one bit.

Content is slow to load (sometimes 10-15 seconds) and the feed is uninteresting. The poor performance of the service was the worst part of it overall. Takes way too long for anything to load including just text which is crazy to me given Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and really any other service is generally quick even with content that is media rich. The other problem is the feed is boring. I see plenty of things that are utterly uninteresting to me despite the likely importing of my interests and data from instagram. I would have expected that that would having me seeing things that were at least semi relevant to me but that is not the case. The thing I like about twitter is the ability to curate what I want to see but the approach here seems to be that the user is not in control of what they see or don’t see. All that said if this all was improved I could see myself liking Threads but for now it’s not that great

Fine, but this can’t be good.. I will preface this by saying that I very rarely access social media; I use Snapchat for a handful of people and have a Facebook account for Marketplace. I am also NOT an Elon fanboy. The app is made very well, as Meta has quite a robust budget and talented programming team. Aside from that, I don’t like how the people you follow are shuffled between random check marks and that it’s unfiltered. Good for a basic, feed-central social media. With all that being said, this app will cause nothing but trouble. Elon Musk’s primary reason for purchasing Twitter in the first place was to divorce it from political power and fumigate the existing echo chamber. Less shadow-banning led to a more balanced ecosystem of opinions. Mark Zuckerberg, head of Meta which was known to sell user information and bolster an all around terrible support ticket system, is making a new “Twitter” right before an election cycle. I can’t wait to see how one-sided things shall be on Threads and not Twitter. I do not wish to continue using either app, however I feel as if a neutral opinion was warranted.

Better than “X”. I finally caved and downloaded Threads and I actually like it a lot more than Twitter. Granted much of that is credited to the fact that the feed is fresh and not filled with promotional or suggested posts like on Twitter along with a tainted algorithm. Aside from that, I enjoy the playful details of the interface and how clean it is! While it might not last, I still like that right now it’s less populated than Twitter. The organization feels right, down to your own profile and even the settings. And the recording feature for posts is new and fun! As for my critiques, I wish it had a saving system like bookmarks on Twitter but with a way to organize them. I also think it would benefit to have a separate DM inbox from Instagram. Overall though, I’m really enjoying this platform so far and I hope they will add a few more quality of life features while still keeping it simple!

Looks Decent Works Horribly. This was released way before it’s time. They should have figured out the basics. No hashtags, no search for anything other than usernames, poor interoperability between Meta platforms of any, immediately put limits but never posted or published expectations, good active threaders being put in timeout or banned due to being excited and active, no way to communicate with AI to explain your case of not being a script. Head of Instagram acknowledged that unintentional restrictions would be put on active users with good intentions with no way of getting ahold of the company. You see so much crap, and you have no control of your feed. When you unfollow people you will see the egregious content anyway. Profile is weak, text characters is too limited, no way to know if those you follow and following you. No edit button, slow & unresponsive, the list goes on…

Please read this review :). Twitter is better, and this app is horrible. Threads deserves 1 star because it’s boring and not the same as Twitter. Also I don’t think we really needed a twitter clone. Tbh I think we have enough social media as it is LOL. Also why leave or delete twitter when you literally have the biggest following on twitter. Also, for all the people that are trying to leave Twitter because you're too soft to deal with people, grow up LOL. Every social media app has bots and annoying people. It’s literally the internet; if you don’t like it, get off. Threads literally has the same thing as Twitter that’s why threads are implementing rate limits on the app now. Also, If you are leaving Twitter because of Elon Musk, well... I would rather trust Musk than the person who can’t keep data safe and also has privacy issues on their app. At least Musk hasn’t been to court for mishandling millions of people's data. A lot of people forget about what Zuckerberg has done with our data.

Getting Better Every Day!. I downloaded the app a few minutes after its public launch and have used it daily since then. I like the interface and the regular updates that add more functionality to the app. I think this could be the most viable alternative to the X app and I can already see that it is becoming and exciting progressive space. It is also heartening to know that the app is not at the mercy of the whims of a single owner but that there is a team behind it. It’s also good to know that the team is responsive to user suggestions and actually incorporates those suggestions in further development. Overall, I am hopeful that Threads will keep growing and become a vibrant space for a diverse community of users. Thank you so much, Meta, for creating this app!!

Hope more is coming. I enjoyed the onboarding experience of bringing in my Instagram followers. But then I was faced with an identity crisis. I’m a suburban mom on Instagram and an industry leader on Twitter. I don’t mix the two and it felt awkward. I trimmed some followers and found several Twitter friends. I am irritated by the forced content from people I’m not following because it feels like I’m standing in the tabloid section of a grocery store. Facebook started doing this a few months ago and it drives me crazy. It is a constant stream of ads for brands and influencers I have no loyalty to. I understand that it makes the app more addictive and makes you feel like you have to constantly check it to stay up on the latest trends, but I quite Twitter because of this. I’m tired of hitting Mute and Block on Threads just to enjoy my feed of the latest trends in my industry. Let me curate my content and be intentional about what I consume. I really don’t want to know what Hollywood celebrities are doing. If this “feature” continues, this will be the reason I don’t use Threads.

What are Threads?. I bought this I Phone on a fluke I really didn’t want it but my Love talked me into it said that it would work great, on it was this App called Threads I had never heard of it before so I clicked on it and began checking it out, something you might need to know about me im 58 years young you see and my Love is 26 years old we live together he didn’t know about Threads either when I asked him. lol I thought I was just old and outdated!! But as I’m reading through these wonderful bits and pieces of small posts people have put together I’m intrigued and excited and amazed by how articulate folks can be, the honesty and kindness and love and much more that I can’t even put into words you just have to see for oneself it’s fantastic and hard to put down. Good Job to whomever the creator of Threads is I LOVE IT AND ILL KEEP READING IT! Thanks it brought me out of my dark place, many happy returns Tammy BACA from the land of enchantment

buggy and lacking important features. I was scrolling on my feed liking posts when I suddenly got banned for "spam" despite never even posting, only liking posts. I tried to contest the ban but then the app completely froze for multiple minutes. I restarted the app and now it just says there's been an error. I even deleted and redownloaded the app and it still has the same message that I cant escape. there's literally nothing I can do. I'm just glad I made the account with a new instagram and not my personal account because if my actual instagram got banned for no reason I would be even more mad. On top of this, the app itself is like they combined all the worst parts of twitter and instagram, and left out anything good. The feed is clogged with posts accounts from accounts you don't follow, there's no post notification tab, no translate button, you can't select text, you can't search for specific posts, interface is cluttered, I could go on.

New idea. So basically since you are all owned by the same company I wondered since instagram robbed phhhoto’s boomerang feature and implemented it on instagram why not do kinda the same but with like the music feature that phhhoto had. The concept was basically you could add a song to your profile and whenever someone looked up your profile it would have the song you chose playing in the background meanwhile they looked at your profile and pictures. I figured it could work since instagram has a lot of licenses from known artists so I don’t know it might work and a lot of people would appreciate that including me. Anyways threads by far is a great social networking app and I’m glad I got to use it more than Twitter.

Many Bugs. When I click a thread I can’t see any replies. Instead I get a message saying “Sorry, something went wrong. Try again.” Same thing when I click on someone’s profile. I go to their page but don’t see any of their threads or replies. It says “Content not available”. When I try to reply to a thread it shows up as a reply but it says “your thread failed to upload”. If I click the heart at the bottom I go to the Activity page. On that page no matter what I select from the menu: All, Follows, Replies, etc… each says “Sorry,something went wrong. Try again”. My wireless connection is strong. I’ve tried both with and without a VPN. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded the app a few times. Nothing helps. Always the same result with the same bugs.

A Better Version Of Twitter But Also Needs Tweaking. I expect the posts on my feed to be from only the pages that I follow but what I get in addition to those posts is posts from pages that I don't even follow at all & have zero interest in following on Threads. So Meta/Instagram/Facebook could fix that please. The other thing is since I have two different Instagram & Thread accounts (one is my personal & the other is my artsy one that I use for arts & crafts, beauty, quotes, entertainment, & other fun, innocent stuff), I need a way similar to Twitter's way of switching accounts that makes it easier to switch accounts. Other changes need to be made as well but these two are the ones I want the most. I am not asking for perfection & the most perfect app since perfection is an overrated illusion, but I also understand that this is a new app & so there might be things to improve so I'm sure constructive feedback from users would be appreciated.

App Crashes when posting. I managed to make a few posts, comments, and shares before it started to crash. I can view feeds and profiles and I can like posts but when I go to comment or create a post it crashes- app closes out. I have logged out and logged back in ( which worked once) and I have deleted and reinstalled the app several times. There isn't anything wrong with my internet connection, I have plenty of space, no additional apps running in the background and both my iPhone and the app itself are at their current updated version. I have tagged them in issues on Instagram stories, I have messaged directly and then managed to send a ticket through the app all with no response. I understand if this was a user-wide issue due to the app being new but it is not. I would have better to say because I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the beginning but can no longer enjoy because I can no longer engage. A fix is needed.

Wanted it to beat twitter.. falls short. I really wanted this app to beat twitter, so much so that I would be able to delete and let twitter go easily. Unfortunately, I can’t. Threads lacks the search engine that twitter has. I can look up anything and twitter will find the latest or most important tweets about it, media about it, people with related names… it’s great. Twitter even gets to know me, showing me the latest news, sport scores, or musical posts by artists and athletes or others that I may be interested in, and that’s just when I hit the search icon. Most importantly, the people I follow on Twitter ( for the most part… Maybe around 80%) show up in my feed. I have no idea what’s going on with Threads. I barely know 80% of the people that show up in my threads and wish I didn’t have to see their posts. I can’t search for ANYTHING on threads but other users… I’m surprised that this isn’t an option on Threads as it’s something I have long been able to do on Facebook. Hopefully they’ll fix this soon. Until then, I’m on Twitter…. Or X…

There’s potential. No point in getting this app if you want to use it to keep in touch with mutuals. You will not see who you follow on your feed, even if you change the settings to see so you follow first. You only get to see for posts at most by who you follow, after that, you just get recommended accounts who are verified and only post twitter screenshots. I hate twitter so only seeing twitters negativity is really disappointing. Even if you’re content just seeing certain mutuals, if you accidentally refresh the app, you’ll never find whatever posts you were looking at, posted by your following, ever again. Your best bet to see all of who you follow Is to individually check all of their profiles daily. Who has time for that though? Might as well just take following people on the app off. Really disappointing for small creators. Not even upset for myself, just want to support my friends. Genuinely impossible. Another thing, pictures upload in bad quality just line Instagram. 5 second videos take 5 minutes to upload. You have to click on the video and full screen it if you want to listen to it, with Instagram, don’t even have to click the video. You just turn up your volume and that’s why I love instagrams. Praying they fix that following feed issue or it’ll be the apps biggest downfall tbh.

Peaceful and elegant. A real sense of community without spam, nudity, and general content you do not wish to see. There may be a sacrifice of my anonymous data being sold to corps, but I am getting exactly what I want so I don’t care. Peace and tranquility and a sense of community is what I was attempting to find on other apps, and this is the first one. It’s a conversation! It’s not an argument. It’s not spoon feeding me videos all day as I scroll past over and over again. This is a new way for me to interact with people of my interests without being bombarded with outside influences. Nevertheless, there is still a great mixture of conversations you can randomly begin to be a part of that may not be of interest. This is the gen z app where inclusion is of the highest priority, and community is cherished.

2 stars for poor user management and unexplained account limitations. Love the connections I have made so far, but currently not loving Meta’s policy. I am currently banned from posting on threads and Instagram as well as commenting. Meta/threads has given me no reason as to why. My account states it is in good standing and adheres to community standards. I have been told I might have replied too often or to to many people in a given time. I have been a threads user since day 1, and have never received a ban, and my use has been consistent. So I must ask, what is the point of a social media if I can’t reply to my friends on the content I post? Why are there no listed metrics by which we can adhere to? Having no guidance as to post/like/comment limits makes no sense if there is such a steep penalty (I have a 7 day ban). Im banned for a week for using the app as it was designed, and no response from threads or meta. I also notice that many of the reports I have made against anti-trans hate speech are unresolved for over a month. So those anti-trans accounts and comments are able to keep posting, while an active user who navigates within the bounds of the community standards is not allowed? This is odd and confusing and very Twitter like.

No Likes tab, no search feature, no bookmarks, no hashtags. The threads app is the app everyone wants to love but they don’t give us any features that we need in order to love it. If you like a post, you have no history of your likes, so you can’t go back to it later. This is a privacy concern because you cannot track the posts that you liked. You can’t go deep in your settings somewhere and find this because it doesn’t exist. Facebook has always hidden features like likes in inscrutable settings that the average user cannot find. This is not a transparent solution. We need a separate likes tab and we need bookmarks for privately marking things. Also missing from the app are hashtags, anf any search whatsoever except for searching for names of accounts. There is no chronological timeline even though I thought that was promised in this version of the app, but it is not there in the update so far. Overall a disappointment of an app, unless you want to follow random influencers, sports accounts and famous people.

Honest Review After 2 Days. The app is obviously in its early stages, with missing features like dms and a trending page. Still, I think the app runs very smooth, looks nice, and has great potential. I’ve already seen an increase of activity as the days go by, and I’m excited to see the app grow! To everyone who is leaving 1 star reviews, realize that this app came out less than a week ago. You have no sense of how apps work if you think they would have all functions available at once. Of course it’s not perfect, and you shouldn't expect that from ANY new app. Especially considering a new social media platform is impossibly difficult to start up. But we know it’s more than just another app review for some of you out there.

Will there be a larger version released for tablets soon?. Threads is already a hugely better app than the dumpster fire that Twitter has become under the South African Blood Diamond heiress, space penis builder, and exploding car maker. It seems to operate smoothly, but there’s still a feeling of difficulty on how to post and repost like it is at instagram. I’m not sure if the hashtags are going to be as awkward either, as in more geared towards marketing than trending topics. This would all be easier to navigate if the app wasn’t showing up so small — basically smart phone size — on my tablet. I mean, I can just switch to my phone, but yeah it bugs me when the size won’t integrate smoothly to the size of the screen. Otherwise, it’s a good app, and will likely replace Twitter in my social media time. Hopefully the size of the app to screen ratio is figured out quickly. I’m happy they provided a functioning app that’s not forever in beta.

SEEMS PROMISING BUT…. Zuck, my boy…if we’re gonna rake in the legal trouble by “mimicking” or grabbing “inspiration” from the bird next door *wink wink* let’s go ahead and stick to what works. Please, I beg you, fix the video playback on this app. Let’s grant users the option to disable auto-play, let’s add a scrolling tool so we don’t have to sit through the whole video or (God forbid) have our fingers slip and start the video all the way from the beginning, and let’s fix that pesky/stubborn audio enable button. Also, let’s update the U.I. a little bit. It’s giving: bland. Let’s add some pizzazz! I enjoy seeing what threads my friends reply to, but I also wanna see what they like. Lastly, the search tab…have your team take some notes on what Bluey’s doing to make things interactive (i.e. “For you”, “Trending”, “News”, etc.) and move forward from there. Thanks buddy.

Clunky and lame. I recently tried out this app, and let me tell you, it was a total letdown. Right from the start, the user interface was a mess. I mean, seriously, what were they thinking? It was confusing and just plain ugly. It felt like they randomly threw everything together without any thought for user experience. I was left scratching my head, trying to figure out where everything was. But that's not all. The app had serious performance issues. It was as slow as a snail on a Sunday stroll. Every tap felt like an eternity, and don't even get me started on the freezing! I'd be in the middle of doing something, and bam! The app would freeze, leaving me frustrated and annoyed. And here's the real kicker: Threads had this crazy, over-the-top censorship going on. They didn't want anyone to say anything remotely controversial or express any dissenting opinions. Come on! We should be able to have open conversations without being muzzled. It felt like they were trying to control what we could and couldn't say, and that's just plain wrong. Honestly, I wouldn't recommend Threads to anyone. The terrible user interface, performance issues, and heavy-handed censorship make it a complete waste of time. If you're looking for an app that values free speech and actually works well, keep on searching, my friend. Threads is definitely not the one for you.

Is good but can be better. Got fed up with Twitter and decided to use Threads. I already have an account on insta so the sign-up process was smooth which is appreciated. If you’re familiar with how Twitter functions, Threads is similar and will be easy to pick up. Some stuff I’ve noticed that I hope will be added soon: “search engine” is nonexistent, hashtags don’t work (cuz there’s no “search engine” I’m gonna assume), and if you wanna plan out future posts you can’t. Idk if it’s due to this being an early version of the app and it not being completely finished + not wanting to be super similar to Instagram + wanting to differentiate itself from Instagram since all those features are available on that app but it would be nice to include them in Threads. Pls add these functions to Threads! Thanks in advance

It needs a loooooot of work. I'm rooting for a Twitter replacement but threads it not it so far. The extreme connection to Instagram is really annoying. I want them to be separate, I don't want every change I make to have to reflect on both apps. I want separate usernames and pfps and I want it to not open Instagram every single time I want to change the smallest setting. It also desperately needs a "people you follow" timeline. It took only a few days for my ENTIRE feed to be absolutely zero people I follow and exclusively celebrities, brands, and influencers so until they implement a timeline change, the app is completely pointless and not really usable unless I want to spend several hours being nonstop advertised to. This could possibly work and take a lot of traffic away from Twitter as it descends into a bigoted trash heap but it needs an insane amount of work. Less hardcore connection to Instagram and better feeds. Otherwise it's just going to flounder for a while and eventually die as we all move back to Twitter or tumblr.

Hidden Words Not Staying Hidden. so far, i am enjoying this app. obviously there are some features missing that i want, but it is good so far for it’s first update. my one complaint about the current features though…the words i have hidden are still showing up on my timeline. this must be a bug, but it is a frustrating one, because there are certain posts i absolutely do not want to see and yet i’m still seeing them. i hope this can be fixed soon!! otherwise, the algorithm seems much better to twitter, although it still needs some work. i’m looking for a following tab that hopefully i can make my default timeline, so i’m not seeing so many random accounts. i would also like a feature where you can switch between accounts easily, like on instagram, and i want their to be a close friends equivalent!

Binding the two and inappropriate. When I had threads at first. I was seeing so many things people were getting away with. Nasty talk, showing way to much of themselves and I genuinely thought things out. On Instagram, I can get flagged for the simplist infraction. And that’s leaving a positive comment that just may have the word, “gay” in it. Talking about it in a positive way. But no matter the context, comments are rejected because of “guidelines”. Switch over to threads and it’s a free for all. I was thinking of dropping all together my Instagram. I’ve never used such a hypocritical site in my life. To leave a comment on a post that someone is showing way to much skin, or even swearing like crazy in the post. But get my comment taken down because of guidelines. Then take down that persons post. As it’s content itself goes against guidelines. Hold the same standard for all or don’t use that at all. There is so much filth on instagram. A LOT! Threads to me is a step up on the nasty scale. I was hit on, sent nasty things. That’s the reason I uninstalled it. They’re all running free in there doing and saying whatever they want. No! Both platforms need cleaned up, both of them do. There’s no way you can tell me that you all don’t know about these accounts unless we report them. If you stop me from making a comment on them, then you have to stop them from posting their nasty posts based on said guidelines.

Threads is ruining Instagram. use Pinterest instead. i am genuinely considering finding other platforms than Instagram to use… because Meta forces posts from Threads to be suggested on my Instagram timeline and it’s ALWAYS some awful, offensive, or negative garbage that i would never want to willingly read! i cannot understand forcing negative content onto their main platform as a way to convince people to use Threads… i signed up for Threads when it came out and didn’t use it much but after seeing over 20+ awful negative takes on my personal Instagram account? i will 100% NEVER use Threads. and i might stop using Instagram too. because i shouldn’t have to make an effort to not read the suggested posts just to avoid seeing the cynical garbage that people share on that platform. maybe drama and pointless negativity entertain other people? huge turn off for me. and there’s literally no way to turn it off on my Instagram but hey! the awful suggested Threads posts are what made me sign up for Pinterest. and now i love Pinterest more than Instagram :) so that’s a good thing at least

Overall decent, but… why so much data tracking?. Briefly speaking, this app is decent overall, just needs some more updates like editing and better thread navigation stuff to be a more viable competitor to Twitter/be “Meta/Facebook/Instagram” Twitter. Now for the data tracking rant. To be fair, everything ends up collecting our data in some way or form and share it with everything else on the internet at some point. Though this is Meta which is one of the few social media apps that are notoriously bad for tracking data, they do not even bother trying to hide it for this app. At least with Facebook and Instagram you at least have the option to opt out (more likely give you the comfort feeling, not necessarily completely opting out) of tracking both as a pop up and in the settings (for ads mainly). This app? It tracks basically everything, and doesn’t even prompt you at all.

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Please add multiple account access. Please add the same function you have for Facebook and instagram where you can toggle to different accounts. Have multiple accounts. Especially for personal and business accounts so we can keep it all relevant. Excited to see where Threads goes. Thanks

So much work needed but could be good. Coming from the bird app, Threads is a bit crude but gets some things right and I hope they will keep working on it and make it exceptional. It is NOT discussion friendly. I truly don’t understand why discussions and actual threads aren’t given more prominence. It runs more like a crude Facebook. It is also in desperate need of user ability to fine tune what we see and how we follow. Give us lists or groupings for a start. Allow us to select feeds based on follows or on discovery. Hopefully this will come as the app evolves. Be warned, your data safety does not exist. Everything you do, say or follow will be noted! That’s just the nature of the beast. Good luck!

Suggestion.. Pretty please have a setting where you can decide if you want the app to open with “for you” or “following” upon launch. I was hoping to just view the people I follow other wise it just seems like every other platform. All the best :)

Delayed Notifications. If you turn notifications on for an account you follow, the notification comes through delayed and unpredictably. For example, you get a notification saying an account made a post 2 minute ago, but then you check that post and it has been posted 3 days ago.

Threads badge on Instagram. I got this app about a month or so ago, I love it but I accidentally removed the badge from my home page on Instagram and currently there is no way to get it back and I would REALLY love for the manufacturers to come up with a way for the people who have removed the badge to recover it and have it back on their Instagram home page.

Underwhelming, spammy, and tedious. After reluctantly downloading the app and “opening” my account (via transferring my details from IG), I’ve regretted it and of course there is no way to delete my account without deleting my IG account. Only deactivation. Dodgy! What a scam. In addition, I can’t get ride of the influx of rubbish on my feed from so many people I don’t not follow. At least on IG I can stop suggested posts every 30 days. My feed is loaded with trivial, time wasting content. I deleted Twitter years ago, and would rather go back there right now than use Threads. Also, my notifications don’t load. I get a constant error despite having the most up to date app version. Over it is an understatement.

Live it but…. I just can’t Figueroa out how to pull my Instagram followers to it. When I first signed up, that feature was there but I can’t find it

Account. As a new platform, Threads is going through a very smooth launch, with users able to very easily migrate from their existing accounts with Meta’s Instagram. For those managing multiple accounts, there is not yet a smooth solution to account switching, though admittedly these are the minority. The search functions currently as a way to locate accounts, with Instagram (as well as it’s primary competitor, Twitter) still maintains better explore and trending feeds, as well as the capability to search by text content.

So far, it’s alright. Joined day 3 of the app and so far it’s enjoyable. I love that it mimics the mode you have your phone in (dark mode/light mode). However it is lacking accessibility in the way of captions. As a deaf person, I rely heavily on captions, so hoping that will be a feature added sooner rather than later, to have have the option of auto-generated captions available on videos like Facebook and Instagram have. I do like that muting and blocking are easy and quick to do, being able to remove any toxicity instantly has been great. Full sized photos and the photo carousel are also great, but it’d be nice if we could zoom in without it bouncing back immediately. I know it’s early days yet but this app shows promise.

Can’t be bothered. You can’t even sign up without an Instagram account. You can’t delete your Threads account without deleting your Instagram account. You can’t even see what Threads is about or view it (or use it) on a computer or see content in the app without signing up. It’s just another avenue for billionaire Zuckerberg to make money from the drivel that people post. Not even bothering to sign up.

Unable to make posts or comments. So, I downloaded it yesterday, and when I tried to make a post the app just bitter me straight out and onto my phone home page, it does the same when I try to comment I've uninstalled the app a few times and downloaded it, but it does nothing at all

Feed skips to the top. I want the feed to be where I left it, so I can scroll through from where I was up to. But each time you come in it’s at the top so there is nowhere to scroll but down. Needs to be fixed.

Really enjoying this. Twitter is ruined. So I tried Tribel and may go back, but my feed was full of US stuff. So am having a go on Threads. This seems much more promising. I am finding my tribe of educators and political tragics, and having fun. Hope to see you here

No issue at all. I have a long term Instagram account and had absolutely zero issues signing up. The look is refreshing and it’s nice not being bombarded with ads and hate messages.

Some suggestions :). It’s been a great app so far, but it will be better if the homepage is not full of random verified accounts and just be the actual accounts that i have chose to follow. 🫡

Threads in beta. This app should still be considered beta. Although it is better than X, it is still very young. The main feed is full of posts by people you don’t follow which makes it hard to see content by the people you actually do follow. The community is a lot friendly without the rubbish and porn X has become know for.

Far better than twitter. Great app with a lot of potential. Although not at the level of Twitter with its functions, the app doesn’t have the bots, ads or the negativity that Twitter put me off.

No followers feed. After logging in I am drowning in random posts with no way to tailor the feed to people and topics I’m interested in. Just a messy clutter of endless celebrity posts. Hard pass. Let me remove the threads badge from my Instagram profile. I don’t want that. Let me delete my threads profile without touching my Instagram. Won’t let me remove it from my Instagram profile so everyone thinks I have a threads account.

As a brand new app, it’s great. I am really hoping Instagram continues this momentum and truly creates a Twitter killer. I am absolutely loving the platform so far! It’ll get better with time. Don’t listen to the poor reviews. They are judging the app thinking it’s Twitter. It’s not there yet but it will get there

At least it isn’t owned by Mollusk. Quit Twitter when he bought it, downloaded this the moment it was clear it might upset him.

Can’t view app unless you link to Instagram. I’ve pretty much given up on Instagram due to all the bots . I hate Twitter as it’s a cesspool and nasty. Thought I’d try this only for the *only* way to have an account is to sign in with Instagram - no. Some of us don’t want all our accounts connected. After all, I wanted my fb and Instagram linked to cross promote but it wouldn’t let me as it says I’m not the owner - yet I’m the sole admin. So sadly I didn’t even get to try this one before deleting it

Privacy Policy is not transparent. Threads accesses more information than Twitter & is far more insidious in tracking the users data from financial data, health & “other data” including transaction history & credit scoring information. All irrelevant for an app that is predominately focused on connecting users differently. Deleting my account and will never use something connected to Meta after they have shown how they manage user data on their other platforms. It’s 2023 guys. Be more ethical.

Requires too much private info. The privacy requirements of this app to see health info and other very personal information is needless. Even from a marketing standpoint

Stopped working properly in past month or so. Worked well originally. Now I can’t read a single thread as the app won’t open the feed. Updated last week and still not able to view any threads. Not even my own. Even clicking a thread from Facebook or Instagram won’t even show the thread, only a black loading screen.

Good start, feature to be added. It’s a good start to a new conservational app. I am loving the no-ads and sync between Instagram. As I have two Instagram I frequently use (business and personal), I’d like an account switch feature. Would make life 10x easier!

A Shocking Disregard for Privacy. I had high hopes for the Threads app, but those were quickly squashed by its complete disregard for user privacy. It's alarming how much personal data it collects and shares without explicit permission. With vague privacy policies that barely scratch the surface of their actual data handling practices, it's clear that user privacy is an afterthought for Threads. If you value your digital privacy, I'd suggest looking elsewhere. The convenience of the app just isn't worth the privacy trade-off. 1/5 stars.

Amazing effort. Its amazing how well this platform and app works given how new it is, and how small the team behind it is. Much much better than X

No sure. Is this just another place to get bombarded by advertising for things I don’t want - watch people making stupid reels and a place for the hackers to take control. Bring back the old days where makers could connect with other makers and enjoy the photos of their produce.

Threads Review. It’s good but if you like one thing all your gonna see for the next 100 posts is something related to that which gets annoying

Read !. Everything’s going smooth and I know this is a very recent app that just came out but I reckon we should have an option that allows us to put back the threads badge back on our Instagram profile. I know it just says temporary and it’s there to advertise but it’ll be nice if you gave us and option to put it back whenever we want.

Can’t log in. Do I have to install the instagram app first to be able to use this app? I do have an instagram account but just didn’t have the app installed on my iPad, and I downloaded this app and try to log in with instagram (because this was the only option given for logging in) and it pop me a message saying page isn’t available at the moment.

Who are all these randoms in my feed??. Apparently there is a way to restructure your feed so that it’s limited to the accounts you follow - please roll that out to everyone ASAP! I don’t see anyone I follow. Also needs to have a way to select “new threads” in the notifications section. I want to see new threads of the people I follow, not their replies to other threads I wasn’t involved in.

Sorry, something went wrong. “Sorry, something went wrong. Try again.” Error message appears in my Activity and when I try to view comments in others posts. My “Content is not available” - it has disappeared, where is all my content? Reporting an issue which doesn’t get resolved. Please address this.

I don’t get threads. I don’t get how this platform helps It’s just another distracting time wasting machine that keeps you on the app With the fear that if your not on it or part of ‘it’ then your going to loose out on something & this could be a free way to promote oneself, but it is like the term says threads, it’s a bit pick your path adventure, but it’s had this disjointed feel, no one answers you & you follow but they don’t follow & it not an enjoyable productive experience experiment

It’s ok. It is a lot of fun, it’s like twitter and insta had a baby and created twitgram. The only issue I have is the posts in the app today and there being no restrictions, there has been spam after spam of posts about “follow for a follow” for the last few weeks, everyone’s feeling it because our feeds are just bombarded with people spamming “follow for a follow” When the app first launched, people were posting the most funny stuff and out of pocket memes, what happened?

A self-promotion engine for shallow trash. Doesn’t matter who you follow, you’ll be shown an endless roll of drivel. The combined thoughts, if you can call them that, of the most vacuous people on earth: instagram influencers. We don’t get a feed combining posts from the people you actually follow. Not even slightly. You get… whatever their algorithm is selling. As bad as Twitter’s algorithm became, it never stopped you from obtaining a feed of those you follow. With Threads, there’s no choice at all. It’s a savage reminder that you’re the product, not the customer. Threads is not worth anybody’s time. Deleted.

Works fine. Not sure what other complaints are about about accounts not being eligible - I’ve never posted once on Insta, and Threads allowed me to join straight away 👍

Well polished and smooth launch. Threads to their credit has gotten significantly better in the six months since launch. They acted on feedback by incorporating a following feed and tags. Yes, it has a lot of similarities to Twitter but unlike Twitter they have their head screwed on right and the experience is much better. Looking forward to the next six months developments.

waste. twitter exists. you can dm people. you can comment on an IG post. app plagued by influencer, celeb, nsfw, corporation GARBAGE. my own stupidity to download if without looking at the info it uses. and let me guess, add the search history with your instagram DMs and maybe even listening into the worst moments of your life or grabbing some of your family's stuff (ooh are we foreshadowing the family drama and cheating! so commendable zuck!) - all that to give you the stupidest reel ever. i truly wish literal immortality on some people.

Meh. Just another app with (sometimes) useless stuff. Just the same as X etc. you get a notification on your phone, you open it via that notification but that does not remove the notification. You have to go to notification tab to remove it. Annoying. Have deleted app and profile.

Needs a ‘following’ feed. Don’t really see the point of a social media app if you can’t even choose to see the posts of the people you follow. Shockingly some of us aren’t desperate for minute by minute updates from the minds of Kardashians. A desktop app is also sorely needed, and some interface features like following need to be turned into buttons on mobile so they are clearly tappable.

Privacy controls don’t work.. Why can’t I stop you sending me pointless follow suggestions. I left Twitter to get rid of this stupidity. I have everything on Threads and Instagram switched off but still get these suggestions. If you are going to treat us as fools then you will go the same way as Twitter.

Loved this new platform. Please give this it’s freedom. Thank you for bringing this new platform, where I can be me. Just make it an independent application from Instagram. A lot of potential is lying behind it. Start a new trending option with threading.

A great place to be part of a community. I mainly use Threads to keep up with news on Tech and to learn things from my peers. It’s been great to have a space like this again. Exceeds expectations!

Not leaving the guard rails up. Threads needs to work harder at not allowing this app to turn into another extension of X. The community evolved because the negative wasn’t found here but recently trolls,influencers,thirst traps,porn and right wing propagandists have swarmed here and been give a platform. Hitting the block button has become as regular as it was on X before thousands left that app for this safe and friendly space.

Trust Issues. This application is so much more appealing to the eye than anything else. I gained my trust back in humanity when I was blinded (in a good way) by the things on my screen because they were holy and righteous and worthy of paying attention to. I look and smile, I used to look and cry. Thank you for giving me a place to keep my mind at peace.

Internet Issues. Ever since I installed this on my phone, my laptop’s internet connection has been dropping out whenever I plug my phone in to charge and am wondering if anyone else has had the same problem or something similar going on with their device

Threads is user-hostile. Insistence on a terrible algorithm. Limited features by design. Arrogant leadership that wants to redefine basic features like hashtags and search. Toxic brand-led positivity. I tried for months to like Threads, but I don’t see it being a good place. It already feels so user-hostile. Not letting me turn off the For You feed is just hostile. It makes me use the app less (I like real-time posts). And the feed is awful compared to other apps like TikTok or Twitter. It recommends spam all day and engagement-farming posts. Then it’ll throw in a following post from 2 days ago. Plus all this “positivity” which equates to not letting people discuss important issues. Every third post makes fun of Twitter (I hate Elon, but it’s been months, stop talking about the platform) but they don’t promote news. I hope Mastodon and Bluesky dominate but I’m afraid Meta is content with letting Twitter continue to live and eat their lunch.

It’s a good start. It’s just twitter. It’s clearly early days and there are features being implemented that it’s competitors have but it’s a good start. It’s reliance on instagram is a bonus and a negative - I can import all of my friends over if I want to and things like blocked users carry over but it also has the same type of users instagram has, which makes Threads a different vibe to its competitors

No #hashtags. It’s ok but can’t compete against Twitter even though it’s almost the same. It kinda doesn’t make sense to have this and Instagram. Also they don’t include #hashtags which is counterproductive. Couldn’t write & post review until I got out of the app and went back to Instagram as the post tab was hidden by the keyboard and I couldn’t remove that either.

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Worst copy of twitter. This app is twitter but made in a day by Greg

No iPad app… in 2023.. Like the Instagram app, still no support for iPad. Unacceptable.

Too much automated censorship. Threads has already twice temp banned me for totally innocuous comments. I am an upstanding social media citizen and I don’t appreciate being told I’m suspected of posting spam and then getting locked out. I’m done with this app. This is not the townhall we are looking for, they are controlling speech to an absolutely radical degree. I gave it a fair shot and it’s a big nope from me. We need a more open non-meta-owned solution to the problem. Scams run rampant, reports are ignored, and meanwhile the system bans good people for speaking up against bad systems/fraudlent advertisers. Total garbage. The IG widget Threads is also obsessed with pushing outrage. I’m trans and it forces so much transphobia into an otherwise positive IG feed with no way to dismiss. Disgusting.

Just like Instagram👎🏻. Instagram use to be great ……… now like threads is full of garbage I don’t follow Seriously Mark this disappointed me so much. I’m tired of all the “suggestions and sponsored “ crap in my time line, it’s just like Instagram. All I want to see are the time lines of those I follow. NO suggestions and maybe one advertisement OCCASIONALLY ! Threads is full of crap just like Instagram that I didn’t sign up for ……….. as bad as Twitter is, it’s better than Threads

Terrible. Cant delete without deleting IG. I would never have installed had I known I would have to delete IG to delete this crappy app. The layout is terrible, too. It’s just a poor copy of Twitter. Lame.

Extremely intrusive app. This sells all your data while asking for you to pay money

Nice app, few comments.. I like the feel of the app, but there is much more that can be done to beat twitter. I suggest a way to filter the threads, so that I can have more control over my feed. For instance, create something called needles that I can add or remove. The needles will segregate locations, so that I can know what is going on in my location, as well as around the world. This would also create marketing opportunities for businesses looking to connect with customers around them. So I believe the app needs a little bit more refinement, so that I can add and remove needles, as well as post under a needle, so people know what I am posting about. So my feed can contain information from needle and threads, I can filter out things I am more interested in.

idk how to get it out of my bio. the badge number in my bio looks horrible. everytime i try to remove it by pressing remove it just comes right back when i refresh. fix this pls. i also think it’s silly that you have to delete ur whole instagram account in order to delete ur threads account.

Creating this app is a mistake.. People posting very controversial topics there now, and they push this to ig users without threads app. This is damaging users’ mental health. Shut threads down!

App sucks so far. Not gonna even title it. It’s nice that there are no scammers yet but Sucks that In order to delete it threads you have to delete instagram.

Missing features. No trending tab, no news. Just showing random irrelevant stuff. Disaster!!

Cute Concept, No Prayer. A Twitter clone by Facebook that's like Instagram but with text. What's the point? Oh and it collects even more data than spying helecopter parents do. Nah. Instantly deleted.

Cheaply made Twitter. What’s the purpose of this app? Feels like this was made out of a hackathon.

No e girls. No e girls

Bad. Bad

💀. Bro just use twitter 😂😂

Cheap knockoff of Twitter. Cheap knockoff of Twitter, where they openly only advertise liberal leaning “threads” in the Instagram app.

cannot register. You have to have an ins account to login this app, and you are not allowed to create a new account, that is stupid

Not Twitter. 5 stars because it’s not Xitter.

Need Dark mode user experience. I keep my phone in dark mode which makes Threads unusable. Please work on a dark mode user experience

Can’t delete account. So you have to delete your IG account in order to delete this one. Such a dirty move META, specially for those who downloaded it just out of curiosity like myself and realized this is just another twitter. I will delete the app instead then

Have no rights and can’t delete account. Learn your rights, stop giving apps your freedom and privacy

Can’t search up topics. This looks like it has potential, but I can’t look up topics the same way I could with instagram or twitter. It’s pretty useless in its current state.

Worst app on the market.. This place is where all the worst ideas are left to fester. Where the dredge of the cesspool comes to rear it’s ugly head. Full of pedos, groomers, s** offenders, and sympathizers of the scum. I regret ever downloading it, and someone should look into some of these people. How is this even allowed? Remember, this is coming from a guy who grew up in the “faces of dea**” era. You people are sick.

Can’t delete account. I downloaded this app out of curiosity and now want to delete my account because i’m not using this app and it says i have to delete my insta account to delete this account. Now i keep getting emails and notifications on my instagram about threads even though i deleted the app.

Copy of X. Why Mark zakerburg copy all social media platform just only to use facebook & its app. Every app has unique & holds its value. Facebook copy youtube , copy tik tok , copy snapchat , copy messenger app and so on. Mark Zakerburg just steal the user data and use them.

So not necessary. We have X/ twitter. We don’t need a pointless clone.

yikes. elon isn’t gonna like this

Pointless App. What’s the point on having this app when we already have Instagram?

Need more features. Apart from the following tab, this app needs a feature to search posts, Trending and Interests section. Without these features, the app seems useless, with users with less followers feeling left out.

I liked it until it started only showing me people I don’t know. When I first signed up I could see all the people I follow on my feed, and then it refreshed and now it only shows me people I don’t know and don’t follow…

Controlled content. Controlled content. No free speech

Waste of a app. This app sucks It’s all wanna be girls wanting attention Oh strippers wanna to add them Garbage sight

Yeah I can’t get into it. I’ve tried it twice can’t get into it. For one thing I don’t like seeing people I don’t follow on my timeline. And there’s no option to shut that off. I muted 20 profiles before I decided it’s not worth it. it’s a cheap knock off. Ill stick with twitter.

Twitter is better. Bad layout this is going to die

Twitter ripoff, government censor & data collector for the elite. The info they collect is scary and you should be very concerned what they are doing with your data! As we know Meta canjot be trusted and is a part of government spying and pushing misinformation and preventing free thought and free speech! They collect: Health & Fitness, Purchases, Financial Info, Location, Contacts, Contact Info, User Content, Browsing History, Search History, Identifiers, all Usage Data, Diagnostics, Sensitive Info, Other Data. They don’t need this unless they are selling all your data and helping build a social credit score system. Wake up…. Meta is bad news for you and your children’s future!

GIVE THE BADGE BACK PLEASE. The app is fine. But I don’t understand why we can’t have the badge back after hiding it. Please let us unhide it on our profile. This is unfair! Imagine if someone accidentally hid it :(

needs more features. things that need to be added asap: - separate “following” page & “for you” page - hashtags, people need to find similar stuff - search bar that also finds people’s posts, not just accounts - trending page - gifs

Love this app. Clean and chill for artists

Garbage. This is just cheap version on twitter that nobody asked for other than zuck’s masters!

Needs more. Threads is a good idea, and a perfect competitor for Twitter (or X) but poorly executed. Lack of a chronological algorithm that defaults to new, and the insistence of acting like a For You page by default is what's dooming this app.

Good app, terrible users. Found all the content to be political and on top of that one sided. That’s not why I’m on the internet I want to see funny videos not read multiple unintelligent people arguing with each other. This app is just for people who “canceled” twitter or x. SMH. Make the internet great again

Trash. No one uses threads and now it has taken over the story share button. It’s annoying. Stop

Hate it😡. If you want to delete this you need to delete your instagram account ! It’s stupid.. Don’t like it!

Where find followed?. Great app, but where can I find groups I follow to mange them?? And 80% of my feed is from things I dont follow, it's annoying.

Don’t Download its A TRAP. Worst app ever! Gives you fake notifications so u check it and once u get it u cant delete it or else u need to delete instagram BEWAARE

Cluttered and confusing. Twitter felt clear and simple. Threads has too much going on.

Already censored. Just out of the gate and already censoring basic stuff like what’s going on in France as just one example

Should display full size on iPad.. Hard to believe that this ap won’t run full screen on iPad. ☹️

Data Theft & Mining. This knockoff accesses ALL YOUR DATA ON AND OFF YOUR DEVICES 😱🤯

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Heading in a good direction. I like where this is going but a lot of things need to change before I use this consistently. Please make a section that consists only of the posts by the people I’m following! I’m tired of seeing random people on my feed, so I don’t use this app very much for that reason. Secondly, please add drafts. That one just seems like a no brainer to me. Thirdly, a trending page/trending hashtags would be great. Since you’re clearly taking a page out of Twitter’s playbook, why not add the good parts of Twitter? Also, this is just a thought, but I would really love a section similar to Facebook Groups on Twitter. Spaces where fandoms can interact just within their enclosed group. Thank you! Hoping to see this app improve in the future!

Frustration Galore. I can honestly say that the app is a nightmare. As an avid user who relies on platforms like this for news, updates, and connections, I am utterly disappointed. The app's performance has hit an all-time low. It lags, freezes, and crashes constantly, making it nearly impossible to have a smooth browsing experience. It's as if the developers took a promising app and intentionally wrecked it. And don't even get me started on the algorithm! The prioritization of irrelevant and repetitive content is mind-numbing. I followed accounts for a reason, but they are rarely shown, while suggestions that I have no interest in flood my feed. It's an infuriating waste of time. The app also bombards users with endless ads and sponsored content, effectively killing the authenticity and charm of the platform. This invasive approach feels greedy and reflects a lack of respect for users' time and attention. In conclusion, the app has become a breeding ground for frustration. Its glitches, algorithmic failures, lack of action against harassment, excessive ads, and poor UX have turned a once-promising platform into a colossal disappointment. Unless drastic improvements are made, I cannot recommend this app to anyone seeking a worthwhile social media experience.

GREAT APP!. This app is strangely addictive. i really like how close you are with your followers and mutuals, you really do get to choose what your feed is. if you want it to be news related, follow news accounts and regularly like the posts to make sure it’s in your algorithm and you’re all set. same goes with any other type of media you’re looking to see. features a lot of us would like to see: -a “follows you” indicator for your following tab so you can keep up on who is and isn’t following you back without having to check their account and list - maybe some more account personalization. many yearn for some myspace-like customization -slightly less restrictions on following people and liking/replying to threads - maybe a little bit more streamlined media player. idk if it’s just me but it’s clunky when i try to play videos and turn the sound on i end up having to reclick the video like 3 times those are just some ideas. other than that the app is really fun and a great alternative to twitter for those who don’t want right wing opinions being boosted over the majority of the users replies to every little thing.

Worst of the Worst. You know all the terrible things people say about social media, such as it’s shallow, creates unrealistic expectations, and divides people due to the content algorithms? Well, most other social media apps at least have some positives about them, like how Facebook is very good at connecting people and instagram is great for sharing ideas. Threads has no positive about it, it is all just a giant toxic dumpster fire. All of the content is highly divisive and the worst people are always the ones who have popularly interacted threads, simply because they are controversial. I gave the platform a chance, but I’ve had enough. I open it and always stumble upon things that show the absolute worst of humanity. That is why I will be deleting the app, and I urge anyone who is thinking of installing it to just stay away from this monstrosity.

Eh, it’s okay, too much like Twitter. I’m not that impressed with it or the format. It just reminds me too much of Twitter, which is a toilet bowl of toxicity. This is heading in that direction already. They need to create something that’s all good and doesn’t just feed the verified influencers. It allows everyone to be verified. It treats everyone equally. It doesn’t shadow ban, but it also doesn’t shows you threads of people you don’t even follow nor are interested in, which is what it does now. Someone like a Jennifer Aniston merely posts a hand wave and 400,000 people click like. (Rolling eyes here). How about you create an app that actually shows really great content. People with something of depth and substance to say. We don’t need another Twitter sound bite app. As I said I wasn’t impressed with this.

Enjoying Threads so far. I’m enjoying the Threads community very much. I’ve been here since day one. I plan on staying too. I’ve enjoyed watching it grow. This was my first opportunity to join a new social app; so it was very interesting. The atmosphere in Threads is completely different from any other social app I’ve used. It feels genuine, and honest. It’s been clean as for as the speech, post, videos etc. Yes a few boys are always going to try to bring that vibe over to new apps, but their controlling it well. I’m looking forward to more updates in the very near future. Great job THREADS family and creators. Thank you for a positive, peaceful, creative place to just vibe in and relax.” 🤟🏾🫶🏾

Update🙏🏻. You should let us change the color of the icons and the letters and signs on the app, like our profile area, home, search, like, post, everywhere. One thing should be the Icon and the other should be the app, and also make different colors for everything so it can be more fun. And interesting. Also when is light mode make the options of colors different then dark mode, because if it is very bright strong yellow or any other color it will make you want to change it all the time, witch you don’t want to change it all the time

Better Than Twitter.. Right now all I can rate this app is 3 stars. It’s generally pretty good, the layout is great and it feels much less toxic than what it’s trying to replace which is always a plus. Unfortunately, there’s some issues that I can’t get past without docking points. There’s no direct messaging feature, that coupled with the need of an instagram account to use the app means that this is not a standalone app but more of an addition to Instagram. Also, the algorithm isn’t the best. It’s difficult to curate your feed to stuff you want to see, like specific topics, which is something some users are already leaving over. All in all, still better than Twitter.

So lame, only politics and celebrities get any engagement. Really had high hopes for this app, and for a few weeks people seemed so happy to be on it. Social Media campaigns from big companies were fresh, clever, and didn’t sound corporate. People liked each others’ personal posts. But it just didn’t keep it up…really, it never created any real social interaction. Celebrities and political posts get all the views, Just. Like. Twitter. Our small company gets a lot of real engagement on Twitter (yes a fraction of total engagement) and on Instagram, but nothing on Threads despite a successful Instagram migration. ie the same audience-on IG they engage, on Threads they don’t. Some stopped. It’s a waste of time unless you want to follow the Kardashians and the moronic Trump Biden hate fest.

Expect to be suspended if they don’t like your posts. I made a parody account on Thread and within a couple hours it was suspended even though it clearly (in bio and user name) was not the person it was parody of. Their “appeals” process only allowed for me to confirm a password and phone number. You cannot actually appeal, or fix whatever they determined was a violation in the first place. One I submitted my “appeal” (only phone number and password) within seconds they somehow were able to determine the ban was worthy of being permanent. Another gem of an app from the Zuckerberg farm. Further they’ll appeal all your accounts associated w your phone number (across meta/Facebook, Instagram, etc too) even if those did not violate any rules. Do not trust them with your data and use at your own risk!

Algorithms and Censorship. Threads has been set to sensor reach and removing posts as well as comments on posts if they are Pro Palestinian, if you make a post mentioning Israel it has no restrictions! The whole community has noticed. If we can’t discuss current affairs that must be included in community restrictions. I was suspended for 1 week! I had no recourse to appeal, the tell us button doesn’t work. Hopefully these issues are worked out or full disclosure on public topics can be clarified if only one side is being restrained. I also know people who have been restricted from getting more followers, do not show up in search’s for their handle, shadow banned from posts for mentioning Gaza too much.

Enjoying the simplicity. So far I enjoy the simplicity of the app, which I understand most apps start off this way but I urge the developers to not start adding unnecessary features that make it feel and look like what Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has become. There are ads everywhere, there’s content I just do not care to see which causes me to miss the content of the people I actually follow. Also never Get rid of the free form writing features; tab or return button allowing us to create space between paragraphs, as well as the capability to write longer paragraphs. Simple and clean is the way to go in my opinion, I love to write and I love to read. I don’t mind a few videos or pictures here and there but I believe the main focus on threads should more text based content.

Great first version!. Ok so, i have been using threads for about 2 hours. I have found some good, but also some bad. I love how easy it is to use the app, I love the simplicity, and how easy it was to sign in, just directly using your Instagram account. However, if you’re like me, and you want to use a separate account for Threads, then you won’t love the first implementation of the app. You are stuck using your name and profile picture that you used for Instagram and the app seems to crash quite often and I would also love some features like DMs and a couple other things. I am super excited to use this app and see how it compares to Twitter!

Close—amazing potential for a hybrid app!. My main problem with the layout of this app is the same as my problem with Twitter—the wayyy to unorganized, you can’t find what you’re looking for. Right now your profile has 2 tabs, a main one and a replies one. I’d love it if there were 3 tabs instead of two: • Chat (text posts) • Gallery (Videos and photos) • Social (Replies, quotes, reposts). — Then you can also add search filters to find posts that fall under one of those three tabs, instead of just searching accounts. This way you can’t neatly organize the blog aspect, the social aspect, and the artistic aspect! In my opinion this would make it MUCH more user friendly. That way when I want to look at my favorite artists work, I don’t have to scroll through hours of ended conversions or reposts. If I’m looking for a topic to talk about, I don’t have to scroll through pictures to do it. It would also mean I could quote and repost other people’s stuff more without worrying about burying my own work/making my page impossible to navigate. Other than that it’s looking pretty good so far!

Stop obsessively promoting this app insta.. I see it too often on Instagram; Having this download screen pop up after misclicking the "reshare to story" button because they so conveniently placed it right in-front of it, having a little panel pop up in my feed of verified threads posters expressing random, ragebait posts so viewers want to download the app to argue with them. It's even flooding my notifications at this point. All with the same stance. "Argue with these people!! Argue with them!!" We don't want it. nobody wants it, and everybody is sick of Meta constantly promoting hate to the very top. Threads is meh, just a shameless recycled Twitter for opinionated celebrities. We don't want it! Fix the thousands of problems on your MAIN app and then MAYBE you can shove this app into people's faces. Your platform is worth billions, it would literally benefit you to make your apps useable.

The best place to shop for vintage!. Gem app is the easiest way to find that one of a kind vintage piece you have been dreaming about. If you’ve been on the hunt for something specific then you know it can take hours to filter through items on various resale sites. Not with Gem! There is no need to jump from site to site as Gem streamlines the search for you bringing all the best vintage and secondhand to one place. Super helpful to sellers too and they will even promote your shop on social media. I love using this app both as a re-seller and vintage collector! Highly recommend!

Needs lots of added stuff to be perfect. The app is decent a lot of the time so far but for it to be great i think it should distance itself a little bit from instagram, still have the option to link it with insta but not rely on it entirely. I really think there needs to be more user experience to it like asap, dm’s seeing your own likes, allowing people to follow without needing to accept a request when you have a public profile, SAVING POSTS‼️‼️etc I really want all these things to be added/fixed like yesterday haha- oh also make it easier for people who follow a lot of people at once to not be assumed as a spam bot please :) cant log into my account anymore bc of that

Great at Launch, but not perfect. Love the app already. The integration with instagram when creating your account is smart. Whole communities are finding each other. However, there are some caveats: 1. I can’t switch accounts easily like I can with Instagram. I operate a small business account and a creator account to boot and I have to hard log out of my personal account to switch. Please add switching functionality please! 2. GIPHY keyboard from iPhone does not work like it would on competitor apps 3. There is no chronological timeline or sort by feature. If there were buttons similar to Reddit or Twitter that lets you scroll between “new, hot, best, etc”, then it would make it fantastic to scroll through

I love Threads!. I’m really enjoying Threads, which has become a stimulating space for fact-based information and intelligent perspectives about the issues of the day. Many of the good journalists and thought leaders I trust are now posting on Threads, without all the trolls and misinformation that now infest X (the shipwreck once known as Twitter). Because Facebook and Instagram now purposely demote posts about news events, politics, climate change and social issues, there is a need for another forum for informed conversations and I think Threads fills that need very well. I’ve tried Bluesky, Mastodon and other Twitter-like services and find Threads to be the best alternative so far.

Eh... I didn’t realize you couldn’t delete without deleting your instagram. Not cool. I would like it if it wasn’t just a bunch of influencers in my feed. Same with the other app. I follow people I want to see. I don’t need to see ONLY influencers. I don’t mind a few sprinkled in (I do enjoy their content), but it’s all that I see. I have real friends I follow on there and they are nowhere to be found. I deleted Twitter long ago, so I probably should’ve realized it would be the same to me. It’s just annoying seeing all the same influencers sharing their same content on every app. I miss seeing people I want to interact with. Most of them don’t even interact with us peasants…

Missed Opportunity Sadly, Should be a part of the main Instagram app, not seperated. I really really like what they were going for with this app, especially with other social media apps like this making poor decisions, but my one issue is that it has to be a part of Instagram, and not this awkward seperation. Having Threads is amazing and all, but none of my friends use it, probably due to this awkward access ordeal. They see the posts on instagram and think "Oh! this looks cool!" but then being told to download a whole other app really smothers that thought out immediately. Having it as part of how reels is, where its at the bottom tabs of instagram would be PERFECT. And im sure if that happened, everyone would use it.

Change the App Cover. Two things 1: Now that Twitter is X they have gone with a black and white themed app cover. Which is exactly the same as Threads but with an X instead of the threads logo. Which causes me to sometimes accidentally open X instead of threads. So if I had one wish it would be that the threads logo could change to maybe the background color being white and the threads logo being black. Or put Instagram colors in the threads character since it is technically an Instagram App. Anything to make it look different. 2: Maybe I am misunderstanding how this app is intended to work but if this apps purpose is to be a more stable Twitter then it’s missing a major feature. That feature is when you go to search you can only find other accounts. But on Reddit, X and even Instagram when I hit search it gives me tabs for accounts and other things including the latest feed from people who post anything with the # related to what I put in. Which is great when you are watching anything live because you can see other people talk about it. So if I had two wishes for this app this would be it.

Not quite ready. It’s a good alternative to the bird app, but it needs far more work: Search: Have it search users or keywords. Right now it’s just users. Instagram integration: apparently “follow all” would follow all those I follow on Instagram when they sign up. That hasn’t always been the case and now I’m having to manually go through those I follow on Instagram and find them in Threads and follow them again. They’re also not automatically following me for the same reason. They have to manually find me. Feed: I don’t mind the curated feed, but allow us to have just those we follow in a separate feed, or allow us to create custom feeds (like Lists on the bird app). Data: what exactly is “sensitive data”?

Twitter clone without purpose. This app was made simply to compete with Elon Musk’s “X” or Twitter platform, which is great. Competition is necessary for businesses to get better. However it lacks purpose and offers nothing new or even on the same level as Twitter features, while also attempting to find a place in a very established way of communicating on the internet. It brings Twitter back to its basic form which it has long surpassed and expects to compete with a further evolving community. If any major company were to create a Facebook clone to compete for example, without a doubt it would receive large numbers and an influx of initial users but aside from the newly sprung app loyalists, they will always return to the established platform that they and everyone else has always been using.

A great start, but.... There are many things I love about this app 1. It's not a huge hive of right-wing idiots talking about how great their ideas are. This is unfortunately what Twitter has devolved into and why I left it. 2. The layout is very user friendly and feels smooth and intuitive. 3. Most interactions on the app result in learning something and not feeling like a complete IQ drain, which you can't say about Twitter. It feels like there is meaningful interactions, which gives the app itself purpose. However, there are several issues that need to be worked on for this app to be truly great, and here is what they could be in my opinion: 1. Set up a better search function so that it is easier to find topics and ongoing things that you are interested. 2. Make it easier to find people and topics that you are interested in by building on the integrated search functionality. 3. Although the "For you" section of the app is good, I think there needs to be a rework in what people can choose what they would like to see instead of just basing the content based off of what you like and follow already. So to sum it up, it is good and not great so far and has a long way to go to be truly awesome.

promising concept, terrible execution. i was excited to install this app as a user of mastodon, instagram, and just about every social media site under the sun these days. excitement turned into frustration really quickly. good on meta for using activitypub so you can follow anyone across the web and the fediverse. i was excited since i could see what my friends i know irl post since they mainly only use instagram and this entire site is based around instagram. it let me follow everyone i knew on instagram quickly, cool! it even told me about the fediverse integration coming up. then, the real fun began. the home feed was filled with absolutely nobody i follow (even after importing my follows and followers from instagram) and shows a lot of content that really shouldn’t be allowed on here. there’s basically no hashtag support, and the app is buggy. constant crashing, forced autoplay, algorithmic feed with basically no one you follow or any interests of yours. the fediverse integration isn’t even available at launch. it’s all verified accounts on the homepage and no real connections with genuine users. never before have i used an app this buggy and unfinished besides maybe fallout 76 and that’s saying something.

So far so good. Threads suns smoothly, is simple, and really easy to use. Best of all, it’s not bogged down with bad algorithms that bury the content I want under ads and promoted content! Let’s hope meta keeps it that way. So far this has been, for me, more enjoyable to use than instagram. I’ve never used twitter so I can’t say, but there’s gotta be a reason I’ve never bothered. Please don’t mess this up, Mark, don’t ruin this for us. Keep it pure. Keep it for the people, not the investors. Let the other ad-laden social media apps carry this one financially. We desperately need a USEFUL social media app, and this has the potential to do it!

Data Stealing, Battery Draining, Surveillance App. At first glance this app seems like an amazing mobile application. I’ve always enjoyed Instagram and I’ve always enjoyed Twitter. However, once you install this app, you will realize that you can never delete your threads account. Unless you delete your Instagram account also. For some reason, Zuckerberg and the Instagram meta-team think it’s a good idea to grab all of your health data, political, affiliations, religious beliefs, and even your credit score. Now on top of that, if you install this app due to all of the data mining that it is stealing behind the scenes, this app will drain your battery faster than any app that I’ve ever seen. So a reminder, this app is like hotel, California you can thread in anytime you like, but you can never leave.

Wayyyy better than twitter. Not sure if the warm fuzzy new platform feeling will last forever (or once meta finds a way to monetize with ads), but right now Threads is super fun and has been making me enjoy social media for the first time in a while. I appreciate threads’ moderate approach to moderation - add disclaimers to fake news / fake news posters while also not outright censoring people. Elon musk lovers are mad, but they really should just be worried since this will definitely kill twitter. The UI is slick and the features work so far. My one request would be to add a “close friends” posts features so that not all my insta friends following me on threads see EVERYTHING.

Not working. I so badly want to leave Twitter forever but, aside from the fact that there are some glaring holes that seem likely to be addressed/fixed, this app has stopped working for me. The Activity area won’t load. Just says “Sorry, something went wrong. Try again”. Also, same thing happens when I click the profile button. Can’t see my threads or replies. Says the same thing here. Lastly, I cannot see replies on threads other than the ones that appear in the main feed. When I click on a thread, it says the same thing yet again (“Sorry, something went wrong. Try again”) where I would be able to see replies, etc. Lastly, I get the same error message when I try to post a thread. So frustrating!!! I’ve tried logging out/in again, deleting the app, restarting my iPhone, and nothing works. Please help?

In theory good, in practice not so much. When I first installed it, it was fine, did what it’s supposed to. After a couple days, I couldn’t view any replies to posts, any posts of a (public) user, it was basically worthless. Keep getting “Something went wrong, try again” error or “Content not available”. Tried all solutions but none worked, so I had to delete the app. Hopefully a future release will fix this problem because I really want to use it. I also was bothered that upon installation, many of my Instagram followers “requested” a follow (which is an automatic thing upon install?). It would be nice to differentiate who actually clicked a follow button, and who did the automatic follow request.

A Moderation and Privacy Disaster. For the past several weeks, Instagram has been banning my 13 year-old account that I mostly use to read family members’ updates every 5-7 days. I send them the “proof of life” photo, they review my account and say “whoops our bad” and restore the account. Then a week later they make the same mistake. Rinse and repeat. Do you want to give access to a company that is that incompetent all your personal data? Scroll down to the description of what information this app collects about you. That’s not necessary to run a short posting service. It is necessary to run a business where they sell your data to other businesses. Meta/Facebook/Instagram shouldn’t be trusted to do anything in your best interest, and they know A LOT about you.

Great Potential!!. I’ve been using the app for a week now, and so far, I am liking it! The profile resembles it’s grahams old profile format. There aren’t a lot of features like it has on Instagram or other apps. where you could save drafts and schedule posts. I like how I’m able to connect with my Instagram followers through Threads, but you aren’t able to see who is mutually following you, or who follows you back. The overall layout of the time line is quite minimalistic, and reminds me of Tumblr in a way, so I eased into the format. I also wish we could change our usernames and names? I don’t want it to be just a copy paste from my Instagram. The switch account feature logs you out which is annoying. Overall, not bad!

Pretty good. Great solution to twitter, fun to scroll through people’s thoughts and news but it’s a new app and you can tell it’s missing features. I think with time it’ll be a fantastic app if it stays afloat. One thing I’d like to suggest is separate tabs to view threads from just people your following and a tab for explore/discovery/for you, also and edit feature would be useful instead of deleting posts if you misspell and one more quality of life feature would be double tapping posts to like it would tie it into instagram nicely. Overall I think it’s a great app and look forward to seeing how it evolves in the future🪡

Threads. Threads there is a bug in the Threads app When you use to speak to text speech Siri thing when it’s typing the words for you if you can, please fix it on the Threads app there is a bug when you try to use the Siri thing to type the words in for you when you try to reply to a comment on Threads or when you like something and you see interested and you want to use Siri speak selection read so it basically you say to it and it’s writing down the information for you please fix it so it will work 100% and won’t erase the conversation that you’re trying to say on the Threads app 100% please fix it 100%

Interesting discussions. Text-based social networking. Short posts with or without photos. I’ve curated two feeds… one for US politics and one for climate action and nature photography, and am finding both to be good places to stay informed and connect with other people who share the same interests. I’ve had useful conversations with experts (and the only time I’ve had an uncomfortable interchange was with one of those experts so I just pass on by her posts). More fun has been the opportunity to get to know everyday climate activists from other parts of the world and support each other’s efforts. Unless you’ve gathered a pretty large following, commenting on other people’s posts is generally more effective at generating conversation than quote posting or posting a new thread. It’s easy to avoid celebs, trolls, porn, etc by blocking accounts or just not interacting with them. You get more of what you follow, like and reply to.

Significantly better than “X”/Twitter. This is a far better app than X/Twitter. Less filled with hate, racism, intolerance and disinformation. Another upside is that since the app is still growing, things like spam and bots aren’t as common on the Threads app as they are on Twitter. Never been a massive fan of Mark Zuckerberg’s latest products like Meta, or even some of his older developments (Facebook), but Threads still has an Instagram-style feel for those just looking to try a new app, and those who are into news, science, politics, economy, would enjoy this app far more than Twitter or any other competitor.

An Unorganized, Jumbled Mess. Threads in its current iteration is a random collection of unsorted and unsortable conversations among people I don't know and mostly don't care to know. Why do I follow people or have followers? I cannot actually follow anyone unless I navigate (tediously) to their profile page and scroll down at threads they created or re-threaded. That is just too cumbersome to provide an enjoyable experience. For example, I welcomed a dozen or so folks that cover my favorite college teams. But, now that Threads has scale, I rarely ever see their posts, excuse me, threads. Oh, I can still find their comments - - - over on Twitter in my Sports List. Threads is like I am at a cocktail party, incognito, overhearing conversations and feeling like I just want to leave.

The app is alright.. I’m not trash talking this app at all it’s honestly a good place to meet people and interact with people if you already have a following but if you are new to the app, it’s really hard to get people to actually see your post and engage with you. I don’t like that there are no hashtags you can use to potentially reach a bigger audience. Personally overall I wouldn’t recommend this app to people if they don’t have a following. I don’t like the auto following method either. As soon as someone joins Threads and you are following that person on Instagram, you automatically are following them on Threads too. I feel like it should be separate. I want to follow people I want to follow on here not both. Other than that I’ll give it a solid 6.5 out of 10.

terrible twitter ripoff. i downloaded threads to see what the hype was about. after scrolling through the feed for a few minutes, i decided i didn’t like it. the format of the app wasn’t very aesthetically pleasing. so, i tried to deactivate my account since i didn’t want it anymore. i clicked deactivate, several times, and it never would deactivate. so, i just decided to delete the app and forget about it. except… all of my notifications started coming through my instagram app?? AND my threads number was still in my profile. i clicked “hide” multiple times, but every single time i refresh my profile, it pops up again. the number on my profile is actually ugly and killing the aesthetics of my profile. it’s so big and in your face. no one cares what your thread number is. please let me delete my account.

A question... The app is nice. I like the replacement twitter. Its good for old twitter users and for those who never have to ever experience that app and its users which is amazing in so many more ways than one. I wonder why this feature was not added onto Instagram instead than a separate app though? Many of Instagram’s users will probably be hearing this app around and have probably been asking for the text post feature for a while now, such as a myself. I hope to see this app do well and maybe even as an addition to Instagram than its own separate thing. I would do anything for text posts on Instagram.

Good app but... The app in itself is ok. However, there needs to be a separate page for posts ONLY from people that I follow show up, none of that stupid algorithm recommending me some random accounts. There should be a sort of “explore” page for the algorithm to be implemented and suggest any content including from accounts I don’t follow and another page only for posts from those I follow. There should also be a mechanism to get rid of bots and spam accounts easily and quickly as I have already seen many bots under several posts. This is an issue that Twitter suffers pretty badly from and it looks like threads is going to as well. Allow gif replies too. Also should allow replies to be hidden from followers👍🏻

Cheap Twitter Copy. I kept on hearing about this app, so I finally gave it a try. I’m not sure what it is, but something about it feels fake, as in too nice, too forced, too polite, too many rules. I like the raw style of Twitter much better, you’re free to express yourself without so many restrictions. I also don’t see much action going on, maybe because the app is too new. Personally, I don’t see a point to use it when I already have Twitter and Instagram. I can see how it can appeal to some people, because you get more of the fake celebrities on here than you do on Twitter, which are usually the most popular, but to each their own. I’ll be deleting the app, since I hear that if I close the account, I also lose my Instagram account, which I’ve had for years. What a terrible decision to link both apps that way.

The app that replaced twitter. You will read comments describing how this threads app is a less toxic space than twitter, and how people feel safe. I will leave it up to you to guess the individuals why speak this was. If you speak to there narrative everything will be fine or if you remain silent, but much like instagram, at any perceived minor offense by some sensitive alphabet, you will be reported and banned. You can try to fight by appealing to the help desk but much like instagram comments, you won’t receive a change. If you want to be limited in engagement as everyone panders to the same system then this app is amazing and you should get it. If not, use X, you may not like what everyone says but everyone deserves the right to say it.

Major Defects, and Refresh Issues. I just sent in another attempt at reporting the replies issue directly via Threads - it started happening almost a month ago. Consistently I am unable to scroll/see past the 15th reply on my iPhone 12 Pro, whether it’s on my own threads or the threads of other users. Also, when using dictation, all text erases if you press the mic to stop dictation. I have also reported this via the Threads app. All of these issues have not been addressed and yet Threads continues to add more features. I understand that the web version does not contain the same issues so hopefully you have an environment set up for preproduction that can reproduce these things using an iPhone so that they may be fixed before any additional new features are added. The other reason my review is one star is because there is no support for Threads. Only IG - and even that is minimal. If you have any app issue, you get no reply - in fact this app can ban a user, and not even sure what you did - this is happening to many users, and this is an auto ban it’s not a human that’s doing it so that again it is the app. As much as I love the Threads community, the app has MANY bugs that needs to be fixed. Thank you.

Needs some quality of life updates.. While the app seems like a good start, it seems to be missing a lot of important features. The most obvious and important is the search function. It lacks any ability to search tags, key words, or really anything but usernames. This means I can’t doom scroll, and it means I don’t spend as much time on the app. The search lack of a search function really limits movement around the platform. Other than that it lacks other basic functions such as chats, seeing your liked, and saving posts. I’m sure there are more flaws or even new innovative ways to make this seem less like a Twitter 2.0. I will continue to use this app because duh, but I’m hoping it gets a little fixed up

Money before the users.. The app first appeared to be a well structured version of Twitter and I had high hopes for this app, until the moment I reached the home page. The main home page is filled with nothing but posts from people I don’t even follow. I understand these big companies need to make money and paid posts are a thing as much as we hate them. But the thing that’s most annoying is that we thought this would be an app for us IRL friends to connect with one another by allowing us to choose not to follow celebrities or big companies but yet we can’t get away from them and my friends posts are nowhere to be seen. Feels like just another big tech app putting money before the users.

A few things. 1. Adjustable Text Size: Provide users with the option to modify the size of the text within the application’s interface, allowing for customization based on individual preferences. 2. Profile Photo Zoom: Implement functionality that enables users to click on a profile photo, triggering a larger view of the image for better visibility and detail. 3. Dim Mode: Introduce a dark blue-themed dim mode within the application, offering an alternative visual style that is less intense than the typical night black mode. 4. Hashtags: Incorporate support for hashtags, enabling users to add and search for specific topics or themes by utilizing relevant hashtags within the application. 5. Following-Only Feed: Create a separate feed within the application that exclusively displays content from users that the current user follows, providing a personalized and tailored experience. 6. Trending Page: Implement a dedicated page that showcases trending topics, hashtags, or popular content within the application, allowing users to stay informed about popular discussions and current trends.

WHERE ARE THE DMS???. I don’t understand why the basic functionality of sharing things with your friends within the app isn’t a main priority for Threads. The connection to Instagram seems really short sighted in the long run as I feel Threads and Instagram cater to completely different audiences which hinders Threads from having its own individual identity. I get excited for every update hoping that they add this simple feature but they never do it. Threads is exactly like Twitter but with less features. It’s hard to justify spending any time at all on the app when you know you are investing in a lesser experience. I would give it a higher rating but it’s been months and the updates have been very lackluster. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. People deserve better.

ONE FEATURE TWITTER HAS THAT YOU DON’T …. I know there are tons of updates coming but Twitter will show the ANNOYING “refresh feed” icon under the front camera, which when pressed sends you to the VERY TOP of your feed. Threads has the same. thing. Twitter at least allows you to close the app from your Home Screen, re open Twitter, and the icon is gone BUT you remain at the same place where you were previously scrolling. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow users to do this on BOTH Instagram and Threads. I see a post I’m about to repost, like, or reply to, and then my feed refreshes where I lose the post forever. It makes me not want to use the Threads app!!

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