Paprika Recipe Manager 3

Paprika Recipe Manager 3 [Food & Drink] App Description & Overview

Organize your recipes. Create grocery lists. Plan your meals. Download recipes from your favorite websites. Seamlessly sync to all your devices.


• Recipes - Download recipes from your favorite websites, or add your own.
• Grocery Lists - Create smart grocery lists that automatically combine ingredients and sort them by aisle.
• Pantry - Use the pantry to keep track of which ingredients you have and when they expire.
• Meal Planner - Plan your meals using our daily, weekly, or monthly calendars.
• Menus - Save your favorite meal plans as reusable menus.
• Sync - Keep your recipes, grocery lists, and meal plans synced between all your devices.

• Adjust - Scale ingredients to your desired serving size, and convert between measurements.
• Cook - Keep the screen on while cooking, cross off ingredients, and highlight your current step.
• Search - Organize your recipes into categories and subcategories. Search by name, ingredient, and more.
• Timers - Cook times are automatically detected in your directions. Simply tap on one to start a timer.

• Import - Import from existing apps such as MacGourmet, YummySoup!, MasterCook & Living Cookbook.
• Export - Export your meal plans to Calendar and your grocery lists to Reminders.
• Share - Share recipes via AirDrop or email.
• Print - Print recipes, grocery lists, menus, and meal plans. Recipes support multiple print formats including index cards.

• Extensions - Save recipes directly in Safari and view today's scheduled meals.
• Bookmarklet - Download recipes from any browser straight into your Paprika Cloud Sync account.
• Offline Access - All of your data is stored locally. No internet connection is required to view your recipes.

What's New in 3.0

• iPhone X and iOS 11 support.
• iOS app is now universal.
• Multitasking support on iPad.
• Add multiple, full-sized photos to each recipe. Embed photos in your directions.
• Insert links to other recipes or websites in your ingredients or directions.
• Format recipes using bold and italics.
• Convert ingredient measurements between standard and metric.
• Search for recipes across multiple categories.
• Add custom aisles to your grocery list and re-arrange them in your preferred order.
• Create multiple grocery lists.
• Add custom ingredients to the pantry. Track quantities, purchase dates, and expiration dates.
• Move items back and forth between the pantry and grocery list.
• Add custom meal types to the meal planner.
• Create reusable menus that span multiple days.


Paprika is available on multiple platforms so you can access it on all of your devices. Please note that each version is sold separately.

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Paprika Recipe Manager 3 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Fixed the ability to select files to import via iTunes File Sharing. Prevent the app from being accidentally dismissed via swipe gesture when using the share extension in Safari.

Paprika Recipe Manager 3 Comments & Reviews

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- Best App I’ve ever owned

It is rich with features and fits so comfortably into every day life. It is thoughtfully designed. I constantly add recipes. With over 2000, it’s impt to categorize. I include family names as categories so that when I can easily meal plan for birthdays or visits. With that in mind, I can input the recipes when I narrow them down onto the calendar. From there, I can create an easy shopping list to use in the grocery store, marking them off as they go into the cart. When cooking, I frequently scale it for church gatherings. How easy to use, just have to be aware that if numbers are spelled out which some sources do, then they don’t scale. It can throw your ingredients but that’s not the apps fault. BTW, church is a category example so when needed, I don’t start from scratch to plan. Just go to that category and pick. Big time saver. As I work thru the recipe, I can mark off the ingredient so I don’t forget what I’ve added plus I can highlight the paragraph of the step I’m on to easily find my place. Sharing recipes is real fine. When someone asks for one, I just pull it up on the app and email it right there from my cell. Plus of course brag about the app and they generally end up both getting and praising it. Grabbing recipes from the net takes seconds. Literally. Even sites that require a password. Get the app. It’ll change how you plan, shop, and cook - all while having fun.

- Highlighting Features I LOVE

These reviews here are on the mark! I won’t reiterate, but I will share a couple of what I think are the coolest features, one of which I just found after a month of using the app. (It’s like a new car in which you just keep finding little compartments you didn’t know existed!) The first one is timers—not just one timer in the top menu—timers throughout each recipe! Just click on the blue text anywhere in the instructions (and these recipes are downloaded from the internet), and you can set a timer for each action (i.e., stir for 2 minutes, cook 5 minutes uncovered). A list of the timers will show up on the left side of the screen. This second feature helping me be a better planner is Meals. It lets you add any recipe to a calendar, and when you go into your calendar you just click on the recipe to go to it. There are so many other features that are so well designed and thought out, and some I haven’t taken advantage of yet! Go for it and buy this app! You won’t be disappointed! (Have to add that during this time when our family is spending much more time at home, I decided to go through my old cooking magazines and pull out the recipes I want to try. Many are available on the internet, so I’ve been able to download them rather than type in the whole recipe! Great project!)

- Couldn’t live without this essential life tool

We eat most meals in. Paprika is installed on my wife, my daughter and my iPhones & Apple Watches, a kitchen iPad and a MacBook. We share the responsibility of meal planning, shopping, and prep. Paprika makes this easy. It imports recipes directly from website sources. We have over 6,000 recipes collected over the 6+ years we’ve use the app. We can scale these recipes to suit our needs (Paprika does all the math), categorize them and easily plan our meals each week. With Paprika 3, grocery lists are on our Apple watches, so the iPhone is not necessary in the store which is awesome now that we’re all wearing masks, and Face ID is crippled. We can split up as we shop, even at different stores, and as we check items off our lists all devices are synchronized almost instantly, so it’s easy to know what has been bought and what is still to go. We have several grocery options near our home, and the ability to maintain separate lists for each store is an added bonus. The pantry feature lets us manage the staples we always keep on hand. Of the many apps we’ve purchased over the years— in any category— Paprika is the one we would gladly have paid more for. The apps on each platform are solid, stable and the developers continue to enrich the app year after year.

- How did I live without it!

The more I use this beautifully designed, amazingly functional app, the more I love it. The ability to create menus and pull up recipes and lists any time, any where, on any of my devices, makes meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking so much easier. Love being able to quickly check a list of what’s in my freezer or pantry without scrounging through them. The ability to sort by expiration date helps to keep track of items that need to be used soon. A future update I would like to see is the ability to customize location of pantry items. I have more than one pantry area. (My solution has been to assign an emoji for each location and add it to each item - I know, sounds silly, but it works.) There is one glaring fault in this app when you scale recipes. For example, if recipe ingredient says I bag (16 ounces), if I scale the recipe to double, the ingredient lists as 2 bags (16 ounces) instead of 2 bags (32 ounces). If you are not alert to this it is easy to use the wrong quantity. This error shows up in directions as well. In spite of this I can’t bring myself to deduct a star because I love this truly awesome app so much.

- Have had this for several years, can’t live without

I’ve had this since the previous version. When I was considering purchasing this app for the first time, I felt it was a little too expensive so I did a lot of research. This ended up being the only one that met my requirements so I grudgingly paid up. Best decision I made. It was worth every cent. I racked up a couple of thousands recipes and it was really easy to search what I needed. Seamless downloads, easy customization of menus, simple UI, pin & switch, multiple grocery lists, etc. And then few years later, a revamp that requires a repurchase. What?? Granted I had the app for probably about 5years by then, and I have sent in a few requests to make it even more user friendly. Be careful what you wish for because it comes at a price. I had to buy this, there was really no alternative. Not happy with having to cough up this much without a “loyal user discount”. But while I was at it, I bought the desktop version too. It now actually has all the stuff I requested (like the ability to add multiple photos) and more. Sigh, I am scared of another revamp a few years down the line....

- So happy!

I am a long time Mac gourmet user who is SO frustrated by their 7 month plus inability to fix their sync issues. However I was scared to switch because I thought no one else could compare. I finally made the switch after reading several reviewers comments. Paprika’s sync beats the pants off macgourmet. Their userface is incredibly simple, and the grocery list is so intuitive I’ve decided to use it instead of my other grocery list! The fact that grocery can consolidate multiple items, and delete those existing from your pantry, as well as divide by aisle provides so much more than Mac gourmet ever did. I’m kicking myself for not switching sooner. Their browser and upload feature is also miles ahead of macgourmet AND believe it or not they are cheaper than macgourmet was 10 years ago! The only thing I am missing so far is the ability to text a recipe to a friend, but email and airdrop are just as good. I’d also love a few different styles to print a recipe other than the basic options they provide. Way to go paprika!!

- A few things missing but decent overall

I have been looking for an all in one kitchen organization app. I watched quite a few videos on this app before purchasing but unfortunately I’m a little disappointed. I didn’t realize that you have to manually enter your favorite recipes from cookbooks. I can just scan them in with another recipe app I use. If you just have recipes from websites you’ll be ok but I don’t have time to manually enter recipes in. What made me download this app was the pantry tracking. I expected the pantry and grocery list to communicate with each other. In other words when adding items to grocery list from my recipes, I expected it to recognize that I already have certain items in stock. I haven’t found a way to do this other than looking at each list. Paprika has some amazing tools but I already had the basic bones with my other pantry app and recipe app. I hope the developers will continue to work on ideas to make this better, then I could get on board. The fact that I can’t take a picture of my favorite recipes and have it populate the recipe is a dealbreaker for me. Hopefully I just haven’t figured out how to do it.

- Huge upgrade from My Recipe Book

I’ve used the My Recipe Book for many years, and was so disappointed that they quit supporting it. I have almost 1,000 recipes, and I was worried that soon the latest version of iOS would no longer support it and I would lose all of my recipes. Went on a quest to find the best recipe app out there, and the consensus seemed to be that this was it. Then I was faced with the daunting task of recreating all of my recipes from my old app. Did a bunch of research and finally figured out that I could export the database from My Recipe Book and import it into Paprika. The basic instructions are included in the Paprika user guide. My Recipe Book isn’t supported for a computer, so all of my recipes were on my iPad. I had to connect my iPad to my Mac to get the database file, but it imported amazingly well. The only downside is that it didn’t import the photos of the food or the serving sizes, but I consider going back and adding all the photos a very small price to pay since I thought I was going to have to recreate every recipe. Such a lifesaver! I love this app!!

- Awesome app!

The developers clearly put a lot of thought into this app. I love having one app to store all my recipes, and it has so many awesome features. It’s great being able to pin recipes, making it easy to switch back and forth when making a couple longer recipes at the same time. I love that you can search within a category and search multiple fields (start searching, then click on the drop down arrow at the top to refine your search). I love being able to insert pictures within directions and include multiple pictures of a recipe. Importing from another website is a breeze. The user guide is very comprehensive. Being able to highlight what step you are on and the app remembering where you were is very useful. The embedded timers are also very cool. And I love the auto scaling of ingredients for changing the amount of a recipe. This app makes me want to try so many recipes that I’ve been saving for a long time! I gladly paid for the update to the latest version to take advantage of all the features. Thanks for a great app!

- Freaking fabulous!

I don’t normally take the time to write app reviews (although I rely heavily on them so I guess I should). I obviously did take the time to review this app though, because it is freaking fabulous! I only discovered the Paprika app because Pepperplate decided, with no notice mind you, to unexpectedly start charging an a excessive monthly or annual rate for the continued use of their app. Thus, I began exploring alternatives and came across the Paprika app. Thanks to all who had rated it, because that is what drove me to try our this app, and boy were my expectations exceeded! There are so many wonderful features with this app - meal planner, in-app browser that downloads apps with the touch of a button, in-app timer when it detects a time listed in a recipe, temporary strike out feature to cross off ingredients as you’re following a recipe, and many more. Best of all, it imported all of my Pepperplate recipes, including the pictures, in a matter of seconds. I’ve already recommended this app to others. So very worth the few bucks for this app.

- I use it every day

So many good features. I can import from any website and convert to a consistent format. Ingredients and directions are side-by-side which is so much better than traditional recipe-book style with ingredients at the top and directions below. I can create my own categories to organize recipes. I can add comments of my own. When a blog or website has lots of extraneous text, Paprika will almost always be able to find the recipe within and extract it; when it occasionally doesn’t get it quite right, it is easy to edit and fix it. I don’t use the shopping-list feature because it only has generic categories: produce, canned goods, etc. I use a separate app (called Any List) because it allows me to customize it to fit the way things are arranged in the store where I shop. I would love to have this feature in Paprika; it would then be just about perfect. But until then I still love it. Update: I have just discovered that you CAN customize the store aisles in the shopping list, so I may try to do that.

- Amazing app... with a few drawbacks

First, I have to say how much I love this app. It’s got a great meal-planning section, and it’s super easy to use. However, there are a few things that make it less than what it could be. 1) Though there is an option to add photos to the recipe’s ingredient list and directions, this doesn’t seem to work. I click the photo button, and it turns to a white screen with only two options: cancel or insert. Only canceling works. This is frustrating because the hundreds of family recipes have to be fully typed. 2) The app has an option to turn off automatic screen lock to prevent lots of greasy fingerprints while cooking, but the ingredients and directions are on separate tabs. You have to touch the screen every time you need to check a measurement, countering the entire purpose of the no-lock options. Other than these two annoyances, I adore Paprika. It is pretty simple to use, and it obviously has had a lot of thought put into it. I would definitely recommend this app

- Love It but

My main pain points are the editing abilities. Sometimes I may have imported a recipe more than once and would like a way, via mobile and desktop, to select multiple recipes to delete them at the same time. I’d also like the ability to select multiple recipes to move to a category or menu. And the ability to assign a day to prepare multiple recipes for the planner instead of going into each recipe to do so. Outside of that, this app is everything else I need it to be. Easy import from various websites (improvements over the different versions). The recipe view in the iOS app is the best with great built in timers, an option to scale ingredients, link to the source of the recipe, an option to rate the recipe, and easy toggling between the ingredients and directions. The grocery list comes in handy as long as the recipes are following the same units of measurement (I.e. won’t work if there are multiple variations of 1 C v 1 cup v 1 cups v 1 cup(s)). Great app, has some room for improvement when it comes to editing.

- Fantastic app, but a suggestion for devs

I have been using Paprika for a few months now. I have it on my computer and my phone, which allows me the freedom to look up anything I’ve saved, wherever I’m at, at any given time. The ability to create as many categories as I want has helped me immensely. I cook everyday, at least 2 meals a day, at home, and I own a restaurant, so I’m always trying out new ideas at work. In other words, I cook s tin and this is the first app that handles it all. Except one thing. The Bookmark ability. You can’t organize bookmarks as far as I can tell, it’s just one long list I have to slog through. There are often articles on cooking, tips & tricks, cookware I want to save a link to, etc. Not being able to organize all this into easily findable subjects is annoying. I have to tab out of Paprika, to go to another service that allows me to organize bookmarks. Having it all in one app would be fantastic. Otherwise, this app does absolutely everything I need and want and I love it!

- Love this app!!!

This app has it all! I was even able to download recipes from some sites not listed in the documentation... sweet! I love all the features, especially the ability of “speech-to-text” feature... very time-saving when adding recipes from cookbooks. Also... love, love, love the ability to create a meal plan to the menu; and the way I can create a grocery list and sync with other devices. The more I use this, the more I love it! I do have a few suggestions, but these are in no way criticisms: 1) when using the menu planner, allow the user to choose more than one day for the same recipe (all at once), instead of having to choose a recipe in each day individually. Why? In my menu-planning, I want to add leftover days for recipes that make more than one meal’s worth of food. (Of course, with your handy recipe converter, I can easily cut a recipe down; but I enjoy using leftovers to cut down overall cooking time in a week.). Please educate me if I am missing something. 2) Program the total time to automatically add the prep time and cook time together for the total (any reason it shouldn’t?) 3) in the nutrient section, add fields for: calories, fat, protein, carbs, and fiber. Then, allow the totaling of each of these fields on the menu-planning page, so a user can easily see how many of each is planned for complete day’s menu. 4) Add an undo feature (or educate me on how to use one if already built in). Thanks so much for this awesome app!!!

- Well written recipe app

I had been using The Recipe Box for a few years. The app was initially pretty good but has gone downhill, no longer supporting downloads from many web sites. I had over 250 recipes. It was well worth the effort, and fairly easy, to port those recipes into Paprika. I especially like that when recipes are downloaded from a web site you can go directly to the recipe web site from Paprika so that you can see any hints, photos, or videos. Since the data base is cloud based all devices are always synched. I always have the recipes on my phone when shopping, my wife can check recipes on her iPad or phone. The one thing that I would like to see is the ability to scale recipes by both volume and weight. I mainly use weight measures for ingredients to improve accuracy but input recipes with both volume and weight so that persons that I share with can use volume measures if they do not have a kitchen scale. Why anyone does not have a scale, I do not know.

- 5 for App, 4 for sellers

The upgraded version delivers many enhancements. I have no problems using its new features and finding how to do previous things after scanning the help sections (they are helpful). The look of the recipes w/updated format is nicer to read and you can vary the font size, bold, italicize and such. The send from browser for recipes saves several steps over the URL link, but you can do either if you adjust settings. I also really like being able to link 2 recipes (like a cake w/a particularly frosting). The ability to insert photos into the directions for step-by-step recipes is nice also. Worth the switch for me. That being said - in an earlier review I wasn’t happy w/not even a small reduction in price for users of prior versions. I still feel like even a couple of dollars off the computer version would make for warm fuzzy feelings of customer loyalty vs grumpy reluctant re-purchasers. Especially since many of us refer new users!

- First App I ever paid for. Worth every penny!

I never pay for an app because there are so many freebies out there. This one I paid for (not a lot) and I’m so glad I did! It’s a game changer for me!! It is exactly what I needed from consolidating all my recipes that I have in emails and texts and on cards and printed off the internet. They’re all in one spot. I can find them with any keyword in the title. I can add the ingredients to my grocery list. I can schedule my meals as far in advance as I want. It has really relieved me of the aggregation of planning dinner every night and ensuring I have the ingredients and finding the recipe! We’ve had meals that “I’ve been meaning to try” and I’ve tossed recipes that don’t cut it. I can edit a recipe if we like “a little more of that” and I can even scale it if I want a double batch of that black bean soup. I really couldn’t be more happy about this and I’ve told anyone who will listen about how much I love this app.

- Awesome App!

I love this app. I personally only add recipes to my Paprika once I have tried them and really like them and want to make it a staple in my household instead of having it all cluttered full of recipes I haven’t tried out. That’s for Pinterest! 🤪 I love that it syncs across devices. You won’t regret getting this app! Four stars because I do have one huge suggestion that I think would be helpful for everyone and make it even more seamless: I want to be able to plan meals for the entire month from breakfast to dinner. Paprika has this feature, which is awesome! However, I do find it very time consuming to add a recipe to my month individually day by day. It would be awesome to have a feature that will let me choose all dates that I want the recipe to be on and save it once, instead of clicking five times over and over for a week’s worth of breakfast. Sometimes I like to have the same breakfast for that one week. Make this seamless please and it would be the best thing to ever happen to Paprika! 😊

- Great for organizing my various recipes

While on lock-down for the CV pandemic I decided to undertake the massive project of organizing all my recipes that I had a many different places - some in cookbooks, some in an accordion file, some bookmarked on my iPad, etc. This app made it super easy and I love having them all handy and accessible on either my iPad or iPhone. The only thing that I find to be a bit of a bummer is that the search option doesn’t also search through your ingredients list. Discovered this while at the grocery store yesterday when I was looking for a recipe I’d made recently with chicken thighs. Searched on “thighs” to see what all I’d need to pick up, and the recipe didn’t come up so I thought maybe I hadn’t saved it in the app. Realized later that the app was only searching the recipe titles (so should have searched on “chicken”). It would be so great if you could search the ingredients list - sort of a “what can I make if I’ve got sweet potatoes and chicken handy” type option.

- Pantry option leaves a lot to be desired

The main reason I bought this app (both iOS and Mac OS) was for the pantry, grocery and recipe option. There’s so many issues. For example, if I enter that I have a plural tense of an item, that will not correlate with the grocery list. You also have to be very generic in terms of naming items, which might work if you are the only person using the app. It would be nice to have a note section for each pantry item so that when we run out, then we know which item to buy again and put the amount in a notated section. It’d also be nice to be able to scan items in using the camera. The worse part is say a recipe calls for fresh pumpkin seeds or X brand steak sauce and you have both items but it’s listed as pumpkin seeds and steak sauce. When you click recipe then the grocery selection, it’ll show up as not being in your pantry because everything as to be word for word. The pantry restrictions are so strict that it’s just not user friendly enough to spend the hours it would take to enter everything. It’s still a concept that isn’t ready for prime time.

- Paprika will change the way you cook!

I truly don't remember how I found Paprika, but I believe it may be the most under rated app around, at least among the ones having to do with food. See a recipe on a blog that you want to try? Save it in Paprika-you can edit it (omit an ingredient, add another, all manner of modifications). Did you try it and hate it? Delete it! Are you trying to find a recipe that uses almond flour? Use the browser feature & Google it. You can also use one of many links if you like a specific site, as many sites and blogs are already there for you (examples: Epicurious, Hungry Girl & many more). It's difficult to list the many reasons this app is a real keeper, but one is that it only cost $5.00! Cheaper than plenty of magazines, but it will blow you away! No more ripping pages out of magazines or taking screen shots of them and figuring out how to save them. If you are a cook or a chef, you need this app!

- Yes I bought this AGAIN!

Update: You CAN insert multiple images. I had misunderstood how this feature works and I see other reviewers having the same issue. This is how it works. When you are creating the recipe, in the photos section where you normally put the thumbnail image for the recipe, add all the other images you need for the recipe. THEN, when editing any part of the recipe, tap in the photo icon in the toolbar to insert any of the images from your image pool. I still think this is pretty confusing, but that’s how it works! I have bought every version of Paprika because it’s the best. However it loses one star because you cannot insert any images in the recipes. As another reviewer pointed out, when you try to insert an image, all you get is a cancel and insert button and insert doesn’t do anything. I’ve been waiting for this feature forever. Please fix this to make it perfect.

- Best app ever!

I can not believe how much I love this app! So much help and so much ease! You can meal prep, make grocery lists, double batches and Ingredients, make a recipe or book that is totally organize, set timers in the app, share recipes from app to app and so much more! My favorite part is that you can look up a recipe and down load it so you don’t have to read all the extra stuff in the webpage (like the life story of the recipe and ads and all that) it sifts out all the important info and creates a recipe card! So cool! I’m someone who needs help organizing and planning my food or I’ll just eat the same thing all the time and then fall off the wagon because I get bored. I also love that it is not subscription based, you buy it and then your done. You don’t have other things in the app you can or can’t use or there is no “Premium” or “Gold” membership. You get it all with one purchase! And NO Ads!!!

- Love it but......

I first want to say that this is the absolute best app out there and I have gifted it so many times because it is the best. But...... 1. you go to a support forum and when you are filling out the form about the problem, they ask for iOS version and Paprika Version after you have typed out the problem. When you go to look for the versions and return it’s all gone and you have to do it all over again. Ridiculously aggravating. 2. I complained about a bug in grid mode for 3 years, it was finally fixed and now it’s back another way. Used to be when you clicked on a recipe and return to the grid view you would end up in another place on the page. And I don’t mean the next line...way down somewhere and you have to scroll forever to figure out where you were. Now when I delete a recipe in grid view it happens. Please fix!

- I am loving this-especially now

Grocery planning has never been more important. Being able to plan out breakfast lunch and dinner, resolve the quantities and know that I need three pounds of quick oats a week, 6 for two weeks, or that the recipes I have planned require 8 cups of onions (we eat a lot of onions, don’t judge) is super helpful. Being able to put recipes for certain appliances I use again and again (ball jam maker, juicer, instant pot) work them into the weekly menu, throw the menu into the grocery list, the shopping calculus is done for me. Saves so much time & food waste because I buy what I need. I do need to reconcile diced onions & chopped onions & sliced onions & whole onions, the program can't recognize them as the same thing, but really I just edit frequently used recipes to whole onions diced, whole onions chopped, etc and then the program adds them up fine.

- Favorite App of All Time!

This app makes me love cooking even more! I love being able to organize my recipes, quickly find many of my paper folder recipes on the web and almost instantly save them on the app without the need to type them. For some reason, the recipes save from Safari, but not Chrome. As a single person, the scaling recipes is my absolute favorite feature! Having the app at the grocery store makes shopping so much easier. I love that I can edit a recipe to fit my tastes. The one feature that would make this app a dream come true would be the ability to search by ingredients. That feature works great with recipe titles, but not the ingredient list. It would be nice to easily plan dinner from what is left in the refrigerator. I recommend this app to anyone who cooks. I love it when someone makes my life easier! Thank you, developers!

- Very happy!

I really love this app! I had a recipe app years ago that I loved, but the developer failed to keep up with it, so I needed something to replace it. I found Paprika and was able to replace my recipe app and separate meal planning app with one app. It’s easy to add recipes from the internet or type one in on my own. I love being able to meal plan and have that information with me on my phone at the store in case I need to refer to it. I love being able to adjust the size of a recipe without needing to do the math. I’m very happy that I can use this app both on my phone and my iPad - I like working on the iPad at home (searching for and entering recipes and using the recipe in the kitchen) and taking my recipes and meal plans with me on my iPhone. I haven’t tried all of the features yet, but I love the ones I have tried. I use it every week to plan and refer to it often. Thanks, Paprika!

- Effortless daily use

I don’t write reviews hardly ever... but I love this app. It is very intuitive, and there are many many useful features that I use daily! I can make a meal plan for the week in under 5 min, standing in the middle of produce section if necessary. BOOM—instant grocery list to shop from. I also never have to go back through my browser history trying to find a recipe I saw somewhere... anytime I see something interesting I effortlessly capture it in Paprika! I use this every single day, multiple times. I know I would not be cooking as many meals from scratch without this app. It’s just so easy to find and plan and actually use a recipe (timers are breathlessly easy and automatically integrated into the recipes). And it’s very reasonably priced for what it gives in return. I’m so thankful it doesn’t require a subscription. Thank you, developers!

- Very Slick!

I have been a Living Cookbook user for about 25 years. However, LCB seems to have fallen off the planet. So, I researched and found Paprika. I first bought the desktop version and when I learned how well it integrated with the mobile version, I had to buy it also. I can tell you from years of using recipe software, this app and desktop version, is slick! One of the many powerful features is the browser. So, you use the browser, find a recipe, click the Download button and BOOM, you have the recipe, ingredients, directions, photos, nutrition information, all the information organized in your cookbook exactly where you want it. I gave this software only 4 stars because I would like to see my ingredients linked to actual nutritional data. But, maybe that’s a future upgrade??? Meantime, great software, easy to use, very versatile.

- If I could give it more than 5 stars I would!

This is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best recipe app you could imagine. I have it on my Mac, my iPad, and my iPhone and have been using it for over a year. I now have nearly 2000 recipes in Paprika and cannot even imagine how many hours it has saved me. I could not have believed they could make it any better but the latest upgrade has done just that. The ability to make notes, add a recipe to numerous user-defined categories, make menus, shopping lists, and even arrange those lists by the aisles at the supermarket are unbelievably helpful. If you are hesitating to purchase this app, wait no longer. I used to have tons of recipes on paper waiting to be transcribed to the web or organized into notebooks. No more. The ability to download directly from the web and have it parsed correctly is invaluable.

- Thankful for this excellent App!

I just had to write a review. I had been using “Recipe Box” app for so many years and I love it. The problem with that app is the support and updates became nonexistent. A lot of the features wouldn’t work anymore or would cause the app to crash. I had been searching for someway to get my 3,000 recipes from that app organized because I feared that I would lose them completely once I get another new device or there’s an iOS update. I had heard a lot about Paprika. I had tried the previous version a few years back but couldn’t import my recipes into the format for Paprika so I never used it. I have still been searching for a solution and now I came across this new version of Paprika. I read about some steps I could take to import my recipes. I purchased it and anxiously did the process to import my recipes. Once the steps were done it took about 10 seconds for my 3000 recipes to populate with pictures and all. I am ecstatic! I am free from the worry of losing all of that hard work to get my recipes in digital form in the first place. I am so thankful for this app. I am still used to the other app but I can get used to this one now. There seems to be a lot of useful features that I didn’t have before. Thank you Paprika 3 !!!

- Almost Perfect

This app is a life changer for me. I use it every day. It makes me a better planner and cook. But, a few extras would make it 5 stars for me: I absolutely need it to export to AnyList. I don’t like Paprika’s grocery list as well and my family is entrenched in AnyList. Also, why doesn’t it have the traditional “share” functionality of iOS? Sometimes I just want to copy my recipe to add to a comment and that is difficult to do. Most irritating is the way the keyboard pops up every time you select a recipe. It takes up half the screen and I have to put it down to see the recipe. It should only pop up when you put the cursor in a typing space. Second most irritating is on the iPad, when you select a recipe and then go back, it doesn’t hold your place and you have to scroll back to try to find where you were. Printing is confusing. Can’t figure out how to add a printer or print to a PDF. It would be nice to have a category for recipes without pictures so I could go back and systematically add photos to recipes that don’t have them. And a category for duplicate names to help sort out the duplicates. Is there an ability to search for multiple categories? Like “Christmas”; “Cookies” to find recipes that are tagged in both categories. Love Paprika and thanks for the updates. Don’t mind paying a little if it solves my problems.

- It’s the Best!

I can not tell you how much I appreciate this app. Being newly retired, I now have the time to organize my home life like I had done with my work life so there is more time for fun. I have been adding recipes and developed a healthy rotation of proteins. Once a week I sit down to pull recipes into the weekly meal planner and move them into the grocery list. Knowing what is in my pantry and freezer, and what is on sale at my favorite store, I am able to eliminate those things and only buy what I truly need. I have noticed smaller grocery spending and less waste. There are also less incidents of poor choices due to last minute planning. When dinner time comes, I know what we are having and I have the confidence that I have all the ingredients. Thank you for making this so inclusive of those things that make things easier.

- Loving it!

How much did we used to have to pay for a cook book? $4.99 is a bargain. I just started using Paprika, but I’m loving it. It was hard for me to navigate, but I’m getting it. It’s easy to download recipes off the web (through the apps browser) it redesigns the recipe so that all the recipes look alike (ingredients on one side instructions on the other). You can make folders (chicken, appetizers etc) It allows you to scale the quantities AND make adjustments to the recipe. You can then click a button and all the items are on your grocery list! (delete the items you already have) The grocery list even tells you which recipe that ingredient is for (in case you decide not to make that fancy ambrosia afterall!). You can even make a monthly menu on the calendar if you’re that organized! Will be using this app a lot!

- Missing Sort! EDIT: sort is back!

EDIT: sort is back! Played around more, love the ability to edit a recipe I save through Safari so that I can add categories as I save recipes! Changed to 5-stars! Played around with the new app a bit, seems to do everything the old one did EXCEPT let you choose how to sort the recipe list. I like seeing my newly saved recipes first, but now they only display in alphabetical order :( (an enhancement I'd love is to have a random sort option for those times I just want to discover something I may have forgotten about). I'm looking forward to playing around with linking recipes to one another, but the lack of sorting has made me hesitant to move over (even more than I initially thought it would, I just keep gravitating to the old version because I can easily find my recent recipes).

- My Go-To App, but not as good as the old version

I’ve been using Paprika for years; I couldn’t plan my weekly meals without it. However, I was a bit disappointed with the new app because I grew to love a few features the old version had that the new one doesn’t: 1)) They’ve removed the thumbnails from the weekly and monthly views in the calendar. I’m more of a visual person, so text doesn’t do me much good here, so I have to switch over to my old version of Paprika when I’m culling my meal ideas; 2) while I really love the larger thumbnails when looking through recipes in your categories list in the block format, if you click on a recipe and then go back to the list, the list moves down, so you have to scroll back up to find where you left off, which gets really annoying when you’re clicking on a lot of recipes. I do like that they added a favorites feature.

- Best APP out there

This is absolutely hands down the best app I have! It makes organizing my recipes so easy. While I like Pinterest okay I don’t like the fact that I have to read through blogs and ads every time I want to make something. Paprika gets rid of all of those annoying things so I can get busy cooking! I keep finding little things about the app that I didn’t know that make me love it even more. I can categorize all my recipes and even give them a parent category so all my diet friendly foods can also be labeled Into their appropriate subcategory. You can also mark through your ingredients as you add them so you can keep up with where you are a must have when you get frequent interruptions!!! Well worth every penny I paid for it! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Cannot day enough good things about this app!

- Good app but needs tweaking

I’ve been using Paprika for six months and it’s been great for most everything. I love the ability to download recipes from websites directly through the app. Aside from that there are some tweaks that would make it better. For one, you can’t see the ingredient list and recipe directions on the same screen. So when you get a direction that says “add xxx” you have to go back to the ingredient list to see how much xxx you’re adding. The other downfall is you can’t choose how the app opens. I use it more often for my grocery list but the app always opens on your recipes. It would be nice if you could choose what you see when you open it. Other than that it’s been great. You can create custom grocery isles for your store and teach the app what ingredients are in each isle so it remembers them for next time. It can be a little time consuming but overall it’s the best recipe/grocery app I’ve used.

- Powerhouse - Complete & Concise

This app is a one stop shop for my recipes, pantry inventory, shopping lists, and meal planning! I love the ability to search in the browser and download and save recipes right from my phone. Once a recipe is saved - photos, comments, and ratings can be added. While it is time consuming, adding pantry ingredients is so helpful. Knowing what basics, spices, and those rarely used ingredients are tucked in my pantry has been a lifesaver while at the grocery store and finding inspiration in a beautiful cut of meat, wonderful piece of produce, etc. Plus, with limited items available during this pandemic, knowing what is tucked in my pantry is helpful when adjustments need to be made while at the grocery store. The ability to build a shopping list right from a recipe or manually is super. I love how the app selects the “aisle” as well. Plus, it is easy to edit and move grocery items from one aisle to another, for example, if I am buying canned vs. fresh tomatoes. I have not taken great advantage of the meal planning, but this will be my week to delve into this feature. I envision it as a great record of what I have cooked as well as a reference to what we enjoyed! I know this is a lengthy review, but this little app is a powerhouse!

- The Most Useful App I Have

I’ve been using Paprika for many years and can’t tell you how much time and effort it has saved me. Downloading a new recipe is effortless and from then on your recipes are always with you (since your phone is) and it’s so easy to email a recipe to a friend who likes something you made. The groceries function is fantastic with meal planning. I pick my recipes, add it to the calendar and add the ingredients needed to my list (marking off what I already have in the pantry or fridge). At the grocery store the list is ready to go and you can check off items as you shop. I spent a little time inputting my favorite family recipes and now I have it all in one place, never to lose and can add to effortlessly. It is truly the most useful app I use many times each week. Worth. Every. Penny.

- Fantastic App

I’m a veteran of Microsoft Kitchen Companion and many years with Mastercook. I’m an enthusiastic cook and recipe hunter, and this app does everything I need it to do. First, we transfered 1,500-plus recipes from Mastercook without a single glitch. (Even Mastercook couldn’t do that when I upgraded from one version to another.) I like that the recipes are held on my own hard-drive instead of just the cloud. We are RVers, and travel around the country. We don’t always have internet access, and so having the recipes on my own computer is a must. Also, I love the ability to find recipes online and then download without needing to type them in. No more stacks of recipes to type into a database. I love the ease of scaling recipes. All-in-all, it just works. Haven’t found a single thing about it that I don’t love.

- Hands down, the best

I tried several recipe keeper apps in the past. Each had its own set of built in frustrations. This one has none. Repeat: none. If I had to make up an app myself it would be this one. Once you take a spin with this app you will understand why there is no need to even try anything else. I’ve especially enjoyed the feature that lets you download a recipe automatically if you have used the in-app browser, but it is quick and simple enough to cut/paste recipes you come across elsewhere. So far the only thing it can’t do is download the recipes from my mother’s recipe box that are handwritten on the backs of envelopes! But the format makes it easy to enter those manually. I do a lot of cooking, and this is by far the most useful app on my iPad.

- 3 Year Use

I’ve tried other apps but what I need is online use in the store and the abilities Paprika offers in combining grocery lists, downloadable data in terrific layout, retaining the URL and ease of customization. I have my grocery list set to reflect my store layout. I also love that I can insert hot links. Ex: pie recipe with favorite crust or cakes and best frosting in my database! I utilize the menu option for the week to set the bones of my plan. Ex: Monday has all the week items I’m planning and then because I can just drag and drop them into the day specifically, Tuesday’s are Taco or other wraps which is indicated by the PLAN label Saturday is Italian PLAN label, etc. There’s never a loss of data over 3 years and I incorporated all my heritage recipes early on. Currently, I have 753 total recipes and resource articles in this.

- Love this app! Very useful!!!

I have had the Paprika app for 5+ years on my iPad. It is great! On my top ten most useful apps list. I have moved all my paper recipes to it over time. I love it because I can save from the internet without taking up house space (no paper stacks). I can easily save, rate & update recipes. Easy to find recipes with search option. Love that it saves picture too. I have made multiple categories. For the holidays or a special event, I mark my planned recipes as “favorite” so I can easily see my planned menu. It is also easy to make my grocery list through the app. I send the list to my phone (or print it) & mark off as I shop. There is a newer meal planning feature that I have not explored yet. I definitely recommend this app to anyone who cooks & saves recipes.

- Makes recipe saving fun!

I tried finding a good recipe saver app, but all the free ones were ALWAYS bad. So now that I got a $15 iTunes gift card, this was the first app I bought. Now, let me compare from the other recipe saver app that I thought was “my life.” This app: •When you delete a thing, it moves to a trash folder where you can empty any time you want •on the built in browser, when you search up a thing, it brings it to the google homepage and it gives me what I’m looking for •also on the built in browser, you can login to Pinterest with ease and find your board to save recipes at •when you add ingredients, it’s easy to put in the ingredients with ease •only one final price and you got everything to use forever! The other app: •when you delete a thing, it just moves it to the very bottom and you can never get rid of it •on the built in browser, it has it’s own “recipe search” and I can never find what I’m looking for •also on the built in browser, it’s hard to login to Pinterest, so I just gave up •when you add an ingredient, it has separate tables to put in information, and it’s confusing. •everything on it is free...FOR LIKE A MONTH. I think I’ll stick to paprika, thank you very much! ❤️

- Great, and I mean Great Recipe App

Great little. I have it on my iPhone, my iPad, and my Mac. All work together seamlessly. Make a change on my phone, and with a couple of seconds it shows up on my iPad and Mac. It is very fast on all the platforms. It has the BEST browser/recipe scanner. Just type a recipe title into the browser, and it goes out and finds a bunch of recipes with that and similar names. You browse through them, find the one you want, and click Download, then save, and the recipe is in your database, and within a couple of seconds, it’s in ALL your devices. It also imports recipes in text file format that you export from other software. And of course, you can type on your own recipes. My only complaints are on printing recipes. They have very rigid printing setup, with limited flexibility to modify it to your tastes. For example, while you have about six sizes of font to use to print the recipe, it’s always the same typeface. They do have two styles, one and two columns. The two column version saves a lot of space in most recipes, with ingredients on the left, and instructions on the right. I also find it easier to use. On a scale of 0-5, I would give it about a 4.7.

- Great App

I collect recipes from all over the world. I have over 3,000 entered in Paprika 3, over half of which are scanned images. They include scanned pages from pages ripped out of magazines for almost 50 years, hand written recipes from my mom and friends, and include the notes I’ve written on them over the years. The new ability to print a scanned image full size is fabulous. I really prefer to work with a printed copy instead of off my iPad. And the ability to import directly from a web page makes it really easy to add new recipes. If you travel the world on your tummy, this app is you you. Also, spend the bucks to put the program on your Mac. It’s not cheap but the program uses the Apple Cloud to automatically sync with each device.

- WOW! Happy I found this App!

For years I was using another recipe app and thought I had the best out there...boy oh boy was I WRONG! It wasn’t until they starting charging a monthly fee, when I had to go look for something else and found Paprika! Sure there was a small one time fee, but it is ABSOLUTELY worth every penny! This is the BEST recipe app out there for me!!!! I generally don’t write a lot of reviews, but I had to say just how great this app is! Once your had your recipes, you can do just about everything in the app, like searching for recipes by category. Everything is alphabetized automatically too! When you add a photo and save the recipe, click on it again and the photo enlarges! (I didn’t have this in my other app!). There so much more! Let’s just say, I’m in love! 💕💕

- I really want to love this

I’ve been using the initial app for at least 3 years and love(d) it. I figured a paprika 3 separate release would be even better...not exactly, so far. It’s basically the same thing, with no huge noticeable differences (please allow us to change the color settings...the red is getting old). Also, there is a huge bug with paprika 3 that will NOT allow me to search for anything under the search option for “all recipes.” I’ve attempted to contact the developer under help, and cannot easily find a way to communicate, so hopefully writing this review will get some attention. You are all very close to an incredible updated 3, but at this point, knowing what I know now, I def would’ve waited to fork over the dough. ( I have the iPhone/ipad app, AND the desktop app for MacBook....same issues on both).

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- Can’t live without it

I have been using Paprika app for many years, in fact since the original release. I very rarely purchase apps but i have purchased/use this app on my iPad, MacBook and iPhone. I have recently been trying to use the pantry and menu planning more to fully use all the features of the app but i mostly just use it to store my recipes which i can then refer back to when I’m at the supermarket. One thing that i would really love to see and i have sent a suggestion to developers is to have a “tag” feature. I like organising all my recipes in categories based on the books/source i got them from. Would love to be able to tag for easy searching such as: Christmas, holiday, picnic, visiting - this would really facilitate a lot for me. Currently I’m putting these tags in notes but the annoying thing is when searching i have to change the search field to notes. This wasn’t even enough for me to give it one less star. That’s how much i love this app :)

- Invaluable

This would be my favourite app in terms of the positive impact it’s had on my life. I love to cook and used to maintain four gigantic 3-ring binders full of scrapbooked recipes. Of course I could never find the recipe I want when I looked for it in the binders. Now I keep all of my 1300+ recipes on Paprika and can find things with a brief search of name or ingredients. Being able to tick off ingredients as I add them to the recipe means I never leave anything out! Every time I try a new recipe, I add a rating and comments about any modifications. I’ve noticed over the years that paprika seems able to automatically load recipes from more websites (rather than manually saving them) which is a bonus. It’s also really easy to share recipes with others. I love that you can now add custom grocery list categories. This year I even bought the Mac version, which i’ve found much faster for tasks like adding categories or notes to large numbers of recipes. Thank you.

- Paprika App is invaluable!

I just love this App. Admittedly it is my first recipe app but I’m so happy with it that it will be my last. I love to cook and if I can’t sleep, I will google recipes until I find something I like and save to Paprika. I have a family with different needs - omnivores, gluten-free, low fat and vegan. It’s so easy to add a category, and a sub category - whatever you choose. I use it every night unless I’m winging it, and have taken to saving all my favourite recipes from my multitude of recipe books onto Paprika. My sister in law in the UK is an excellent cook and has recipe books that I don’t have. I just photograph them and add to Paprika! So easy. I love to cook when I am away from home - it’s a way to relax - and this way I carry my recipes with me. I recommend this App unreservedly.

- Changed the way we plan and cook

This app is great - I’ve given it five stars because it has changed my life. Even my partner, who normally resists new apps, is on board with this one. Importing recipes, syncing recipes, adding items to your grocery list is all easy and makes both shopping and cooking much easier. I also love the in-built timers - has solved our problem in never having kitchen timers that seem reliable! My only two (very advanced) feature suggestions would be to enable you to remove items from your panty once you’ve cooked your meal, and make it possible to read aloud the recipe using Siri and the in-built text-to-speech features (which would be awesome when your hands are dirty).

- Really useful app.

I use this app almost daily. I love being able to store my favourite recipes, and tag them with my own category types. I have been using the pantry and grocery list features to help focus my shopping. The menu planning feature is good too. I would like to see the possibility of adding brand names into my pantry items, or at least a note section to add this information where possible. I would also really love it if the app could help me decide what to cook by it matching recipes in my database with my current pantry items and even better, suggest recipes to cook with pantry items that are reaching their expiry date. Currently I only know how to manually search the recipes based on one ingredient at a time and only if it is found in the title. This app is the best recipe manager I have used so far and it is extremely easy to download recipes from websites; or create my own. Well worth the money.

- Best app I’ve ever bought

Hands down this is the best app I’ve ever bought. I LOVE it! I did hesitate when I saw the price but trust me you will not regret getting it. It’s so easy to use - I love that when you find a recipe on the internet you just press the button to upload into Paprika and it adds it to you recipe library without any messing around, photos too! The only change I’d make is to add auto correct and spell check, it can be frustrating when adding your own recipes and you mistype. Great work otherwise developers.

- Use it almost everyday

Such a helpful app and I use it almost every day for recipes or grocery shopping. Could be improved by having a way to flip between 2 or 3 recipes without needing to go back to the search screen every time. I’m often cooking a couple of dishes at once and it gets really frustrating having to search for the same recipe over and over to bring it up and then scroll to view the next step. Another improvement would be to able to view or add to the grocery list without needing to go back through the recipe search screen and losing your place in the recipe.

- Simply love it!

I can’t live without this app which I have on my phone, iPad and computer! The new look is outstanding and so useful when the visual photo shows me what is for dinner or otherwise. I am an avid cook and want to thank you for such a great program. I would give you 10 out of 10 stars if it were possible. Just a suggestion, but could you consider adding in a substitute section or even a section on the differences between dried and fresh measurements; as sometimes it is needed.

- Excellent new update for Paprika 3

I have been using Paprika 2 for many many years every day all day on all iOS and MAC devices. Just transferred 1000+ recipes from old App to new App, it was seamless, bought new App, logged in and left iPad running for about 30mins all done no problem and planner too! Will now purchase MAC version as happy with this transition and no bugs. New features that I like so far include the clean looking layout, conversion tab and metric tab in recipes, meal types, (finally I can have my baking tab) and the today section in planner ! Just buy it you won’t regret it and worth $$ for the effort spent by developers for always updating App - Thank-you ! (Also check settings to ensure your auto load URL is on to load recipes, for those who thought this feature was missing).

- Love it

I never write reviews on apps but I have to say this is the best app I have purchased and for a low price. I had most of my recipes in photos on my iPad some of which were from websites so had annoying ads in the photos too. I had links and cooking apps as well. Paprika is so easy to use and has combined all my recipes into the one location. I’m not going to go into all the extras the app offers as well but they are amazing it

- A Game-Changer!

This is by far the best purchase I‘ve ever made in my life! It’s made it so easy to transfer recipes from Pinterest / Instagram / Safari, I can’t believe I’ve lived without it before. The features are amazing (pantry storage / shopping list / etc.) and it has actually made me try more new stuff than I ever thought I would just because it makes it so easy to follow a recipe. I cannot recommend this App enough!

- Love this App!!

I had this previous version as well and loved it. New features on this one are great. DO NOT listen to the reviews about the URL auto detection not working... you need to turn it on in settings if you want this to occur (very simple to turn on). My syncing on both new and old devices from the old version was seamless and did not take long at all. Great app and I use it all the time. Never lose a recipe again!

- Get this now!

If you have favourite recipes, regular recipes or have a meal plan that you follow then get this App. I’ve been using it for years. Great for syncing between iPad and phone, easily scaling recipe quantities. No more forgetting to buy an item. Items disappear off the list as you pick them. Easily email recipes to friends. I could go on and on by how much I rely on this App every day of my life. But that should be enough 😀😀

- Great way to organise recipes

I was a bit sceptical but the app delivered more than I expected. It can organise recipes found in the web in a structured and consistent way. The most important feature for that is automatic recipe parsing that works very well. I even was able to correctly download a recipe in non-English language! One thing that’s missing though - it can’t import pictures into “directions” so you can’t have “step by step with photos” recipes unfortunately

- Siri support for adding groceries [added!]

Love this app! Makes food so much easier to manage day to day, and worth the extra cost of version 3. Have you considered adding support for Siri to add groceries to the Paprika shopping list? Right now I have to keep my grocery list in Reminders, and export from Paprika for every meal I add (a bit time consuming) but would love to use Paprika exclusively! [edit: Siri support now added, 5 stars!]

- App not sharing

Bought this app about 3-4 years ago after recommendations from other family members. We often share our recipes. Went to use it yesterday and it is saying that it is no longer sharing with me to go to the App Store. I click on the go to App Store button but it just doesn’t seem to work. I can still use it on my iPad it that’s a pain when we are out shopping or visiting friends and want to add/share recipes. What do I do now Paprika team to get all my recipes a k on my phone?

- Best recipe app ever

I had scrapbooks of recipes; recipe books: heirloom recipes on index cards. This allowed me to combine them all in one place. Easy to search and even easier to add a new recipe from the internet. I love the fact I can scale up or down depending how many mouths I have to feed — as well as converting recipes from US sites to what the rest of the world uses. Please warn me if you ever decide to stop making this.

- I’ve never loved an app the way I love Paprika

Honestly I’ve always been a tech savvy person - I use lots of apps and have lots of useful tools. But this one is the first app that has ever really felt LIFE CHANGING. I used to use Google Docs to try and manage my recipes and while it was helpful it was NOWHERE near as helpful as this app. Thank you for making something that does EXACTLY what I need it to. I love it so so much.

- The kitchenhand I can’t live without

I must admit that 7 years ago I thought $4.95 was a lot to spend on an app, but a good friend had raved about it so I took the plunge. I love the app for so many reasons & the developers keep making it better & better. I use it for my grocery list. I love being able to menu plan, and add ingredients directly from the recipe to my list.

- Very practical

Has really helped me improve my cooking style and meal planning. The app syncs well so that I can plan using one device and shop with another. Fabulous how well it downloads recipes from the internet. Timers and pin board are great aspects. Would be good if it alerted me to saving a recipe of the same name but certainly easy to edit. Worth it.

- Can’t speak highly enough

I am gobsmacked by how amazing this app is. User friendly, affordable, versatile. Just when I think it has all I need, it gives me something I didn’t realise I needed. Intuitive!!! I keep showing all of my friends and colleagues who are just as amazed as I am at how great this is. 5/5 for me. Kudos

- Excellent app but...

I rely on this app constantly and have amassed a useful range of recipes in it, but I’m often frustrated by the metric conversion limitations. Almost everything is converted to liquid measures: 14 ml of flour? 118 ml of onions? And you can’t just equate milliletres with milligrams because solid and liquid measurements aren’t really equivalent. So I end up converting US to metric on the internet. Please fix this. Happy to accept US spelling!

- Best recipe and shopping App!

I have had paprika since first released, it has worked extremely well between all our devices. When (only had one so far) there is support to resolve unlike most apps. Keep up the support and updates and it will be around for ever

- Absolute must have app!!

This is the only app on my phone that I can’t do without. I purchased it 10 years ago and now I will never go back to paper recipe books again. It’s my number 1 helper in the kitchen. I can’t recommend this app enough.

- Can’t do without it his app!

My whole kitchen is so dependent on this app. It is an essential part of my home kitchen and my commercial kitchen. Take the time to learn all about it - it’s not hard and once you are familiar with all of it, you’ll wonder how you managed without it.

- Most used app on my phone, MacBook and iPad

Most used app I have. Have managed to store hundreds of recipes and love also the shopping list feature. Do all my shopping this way. I use the app almost every day and often several times a day.

- MacOS version costs $47!!!

I actually love this app on IOS but would like my recipes to also sync with my mac. I thought the IOS purchase was already not cheap but it’s ok for a good app. But having to pay another $47 for my recipes to sync with my Mac. Seriously??? I’ll just copy and paste them in my notes app thanks. You must be delusional. Probably why there are only 7 reviews for it and none since a year ago on the Mac version. Who in their right mind would pay this sort of money for that?

- Great app...

...but with a family of 4, I really need better control of ratings. Each person in the family wants their own rating for a recipe, and at a minimum, it needs a decimal place or at least rating out of 10

- Great app for consolidating recipe collections

Love the feature to add recipes from the browser and that it has the option to not turn the screen off! Would love the functionality to import pantry items and to export grocery lists to Coles & Woolies app. It’s annoying that you need to buy it separately for web!

- Auto URL missing? No it isn’t 😁

I thought loading the URL automatically was missing from the isn’t missing at all. I have now change my review to reflect this. Go into settings and switch “detect clipboard URL’s” on. 😊

- Disappointed.

I’ve had this app for about 18 months and collected favourites recipes. A huge game changer, my favourite app! But when I upgraded iPhones, this was the only app that wouldn’t reinstall. It is on the screen but won’t open. I’ve tried a dozen times. I can’t access my recipes, and if I delete the app, I lose the data. Really disappointed.

- Love this app!!

Very useful app, easy to us. Saves time, allows you to have all of your recipes in the same place filed in a way so they are easy to find. Easy to make shopping lists and import recipes from web sites. Excellent for meal planning.

- Revolutionary

Love this app it has changed my life. No more wondering where on earth I saw that recipe and wasting time searching for it. Straight into Paprika now and everything where I can find it and easily use it. Hardly use a recipe book now. So good.

- Sensational!

This app is amazing.. all of our recipes in one place, incredibly easy to download recipes from the net and syncs across all our devices. Provides easy access to recipes when travelling plus has a good shopping list function. Best app ever IMO.

- Upgrade lost all my recipes!!!

I’ve lost most of my recipes - and I had cloud sync on...devastated. The recipes have even disappeared off old devices using the app. And app support is too difficult to log into to get any help. Can’t believe I’ve paid so much money for this app and its upgrades only to lose app also isn’t as user friendly as old app and doesn’t have same features eg doesn’t automatically load recipes. Hate it. Take me back...

- I love this app

I love how easy this app is to use, and how well it keeps favourite recipes organised. Being able to download recipes straight from websites is a winner. Also being able to edit the recipes at any time really helps.

- Loving paprika3

Love this app! Makes saving and filing through recipes soo easy, simply save the link and go into app and it will ask if you want to open, download the recipe without all the blog life stories and save. So quick and easy! Love it!

- Waste of time & money

Loved the old Paprika, but wasted my money buying this “update”. I’ve been trying to get it to sync my recipes since I got it weeks ago & still hasn’t been done. Cloud sync takes forever (only done a couple of hundred recipes after a few weeks), & trying to export from old version to import into the new version doesn’t work despite following instructions. Really disappointed. Don’t bother with this version.

- Good, but features could be better

I loved the previous app, especially when you had a link copied, the app would recognise it and ask you if you wanted to load it. This new app doesn’t do that. I liked the convenience and now it adds a task of having to open the browser on the app and copy the link into it.

- The best recipe app by far. Almost perfect :)

It really is the best recipe app, and I have tried a LOT. I would give 5 stars if it had the ability to add nutrition and cost info. I wish I could give it 4.5 stars because I honestly do recommend it to all of my friends, family and fb cooking groups!

- My favourite app

Paprika has always been my favourite app. I’ve had it since it first came out & it just keeps getting better. It’s a combination of brilliant design & great functionality. I use it all the time. Kudos to the developers 👏👏👏

- Kitchen GAME CHANGER!!

This is by far my favourite and most helpful app! I have always struggled with midweek meals, prep and grocery shopping. I have gone from cooking 3 meals (dinner) to 5 fabulous meals a week! It so helpful; search for recipes, creating a detailed shopping lists and a week/month meal planner. AMAZING!!!

- Great Recipe Manager

Glad to see regular updates, and quick support for iOS 13 and iPad OS 13, looking forward to future updates. As a chef, I personally would love to see food costings in an ingredient list and for recipes as well, in metric of corse. Thank you.

- Best app ever

I love this app. So easy to find and organise recipes. I’ve got rid of all my old paper recipes and only kept a few lovely books. The setting to leave the screen bright when cooking is fantastic

- Brilliant!

Such a fantastic app for storing my online recipes. Easy to use, I’d be lost without it. Service has also been helpful when I needed it once a couple of years ago. Thanks!

- Could not live without

Definitely one of my favourite apps! Love it. Use it daily, so easy to share recipes collected. Love the multi timer function and the cross device sync. Well designed and applied! Thank you

- Best app!!

I absolutely love the Paprika app - being able to download recipes from different sources , and then have them all stored in one spot is brilliant. I have the app on my phone and iPad, and they both sync without issue.

- Love Paprika!

Glad it has Markdown support and automatic downloads via Safari! Would like to see a measurement conversion feature added, automatically converts a whole ingredient list and a custom input convert. 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- A great app for storing, sharing, categorising & updating recipes

I have been using it on iOS & Mac for a couple of years. No issues with syncing. Handles a few thousand recipes without issues. Good to see regular updates

- Organised

I use this app so much, it saves me having a million photos of recipes on my phone that I can never find when I need them. Love it & recommend to friends all the time.

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- Keeps me sane

I would not be organized without (I can actually get all the groceries for the week in one go) Recipe scaling! Combined groceries list (adds up 1 egg + 3 eggs) Menu items macros (Day 1 Salad, Day 2 leftovers, etc.)

- Compiling Recipes

I have piles of recipes torn from magazines in my home and have wanted a way to organize them better for ages. Paprika is making this so quick and easy as most of the recipes are now online anyway. Very much worth the price for Premium.

- Love the pantry feature

Just started using this a few weeks ago as it was recommended to me by my sister. Love the grocery list feature but never used the pantry function until today. Love this app, makes it so easy to track recipes and keep on top of my pantry items.

- Paprika app + Windows version = amazing

Downloading and typing / editing in Windows is crazy fast for creating the recipes. And then i just use my smartphone to carry out the recipes. Since both versions sync so well in the cloud, it's a match made in heaven

- Love the app but not the In app ads

I recently purchased Paprika 3 and love the app. I am working through adding all my downloaded recipes and categorizing etc. hoping the ability to scan recipes will be added in the future. One aspect I dont like is when searching for a recipe through the built in browser, sometimes more than half the screen is filled with advertising. On a paid app there should not be any ads.

- Love this app

I love love love this app! I can get my recipes on line through its browser and it converts the recipe into the app for me to use and keep. Plus I like that the app stays on while I’m making the recipe. I always find it annoying when your phone keeps shutting off while your trying to collect your ingredients and amounts. The other feature I like is at Christmas time when I make a lot of goodies. The app will combine all my ingredients I need into one shopping list so I’ll have enough of everything to make the goodies I selected. No more running out of ingredients or buying too much. Such I perfect way to keep all your recipes organized & on hard.

- Fabulous!

I love this app. Within a week I had hundreds of recipes loaded into Paprika. I love the fact that the screen stays open while you are using it so no more sticky fingers on the home button!

- Excellent organizer manager

This is a great app. I’ve been using a planner for years until the developer stopped supporting it. So I went looking for a replacement without much hope, my old planner was very good. Then I found this app, I was pleasantly surprised. I was able to move my old recipes easily and have become totally dependent on this app. Highly recommended.

- Amazing!

This is the greatest app for saving, sorting, editing & sharing recipes. I haven’t used the meal planning/grocery list functions yet but definitely will...

- Good app

I like and use this app often. Would love to see a space to record the cost of an item on the grocery list/ pantry list as I like to budget my shop. A space to comment or write a note about an item would be helpful as well. Still very happy with this purchase.

- Five star!!

Best App Going! Big fan!

- Fantastic app

I had an app previously that I liked and it had closed down. I searched around and most people recommended this one. I’m so glad that I did. I was able to import everything from my teo previous apps. I love that I can import from online or put in my own. I like the new features with cold and italics, etc to emphasize important things. I can add my own categories or sub-categories. I can send recipes to others or share them on social media. The edit function works well to adapt everything as needed, or make personal changes. There is also a multiplier function for when you need to increase or decrease a recipe for a smaller or larger group. Everything saves so if you get a new phone, you’re good. Highly recommend.

- Love this app!!!

Love this app, worth every penny, I use it every week for meal planning and shopping. It’s super easy to download new recipe as well.

- Best app by far on my phone ... but

This app is great! Does its job perfectly. I hope i can pass it on to my children as an inheritance. There was a bad change however: it no longer automatically detects when you copied an URL...

- The best of the best

I have tested so many cooking apps, with BigOven being the longest. 12 yrs as premium subscription and 344 recipes collected. I always felt like I was beholden to Big Oven to have access to my recipes. So much so I attempted to create a local Wiki for my recipe keeping offline. Then I came across Paprika. My wife is so tired of hearing about my love for Paprika. It’s everything I have ever wanted in a digital cookbook with simplicity at its core. Love, Love Love it.

- Amazing app

Fantastic recipes app! Anyone looking for easy and simple to use this is it. We share one cloud account in our house so we can both access our recipes.

- Simple to use, cheaper than couples therapy

Great way to keep our family organized and I love that any of us can add items to the grocery list as we go. Highly recommend

- Seulement sur iPhone

Très déçu que l’application doivent être achetée sur chaque appareil (iPhone et iPad).

- Best recipe app I have ever used!

So easy to use! Easy to import recipes from any website. Easy to switch between devices. Very user-friendly and has all the features I would ever want in a recipe app.

- Best app ever

So perfect! My mom and I exchange all our recipes through this app! AMAZING! Can’t say more and I have been using it for about 3+ years!

- This app is what I was looking for!

Found a recipe app that ticked all the boxes I was looking for. Easy download of recipes that allows you to keep the source of the recipe, great format, photos, shopping list by aisle, pay one time instead of ongoing. I’ve found it so useful!

- Easy and Simple

Love using this app, I have stored many recipes with this. Easy to use!

- Excellent app

Love this app. Used other apps prior to this one that were ok. This one is well laid out with features I want. Synchs well and never crashes.

- Best Ever Recipe App

Used lots of different apps and this one is very easy and convenient

- Having a great time

Using it to organize to combat my diabetes. Love its download capabilities and the grocery list. Wish there was a cookbook function and not just a menu. Love it!!

- Almost the best app ever...

I have been loving using paprika, it’s been a lifechanger in my meal planning, and pantry inventory has gotten me so organized. Unfortunately there’s a problem where moving items from the purchased grocery list to the pantry list deletes the quantity of the item, completely defeating the purpose of the whole inventory system. Now I have to go through everything I have over again every week when I purchase. So disappointing. Hopefully they fix it. For now I am putting the quantity in the name of each item and manually editing it when I purchase each week.

- Best app

I have been using this app for almost 10 years. I couldn’t live without it. So user friendly and easy. Great format and easy to edit my friends are alway in awe how easily I have all my recipes at my fingertip

- Love “search by ingredients”!

I tried multiple recipe apps in my search for an app that met my requirements before settling on Paprika. I was looking for two features: 1) able to input my own recipes easily, as I have a huge collection of recipes from a meal service that I wanted to make again, but having the paper recipes in binders was getting really difficult to search through. 2) able to search my own recipes by ingredient, so if I have a surplus of an ingredient I could easily find a recipe to use up that ingredient. That second requirement proves tricky. Either the app didn’t have the option to search your own recipes by ingredient, only title, or if it did have the feature, the app cost a fortune or was subscription-based. I don’t like the idea of a subscription because after putting in all my hard work of inputting my own recipe collection, I would lose it if I had to stop paying the subscription in the future. Paprika is definitely worth the price they charge. Inputting recipes from the web is easy. The grocery shopping list option and ability to put in your pantry inventory is amazing. Searching by ingredient cuts down on food waste. TL;DR: great app! Love search by ingredient.

- So Worth It!!

I am very wary of buying apps before seeing what they’re like but I am so pleased that I did with this one. I went based on all the reviews and I am not disappointed. Easily the best app I have now, no more photos of recipes.

- Excellent, No Subscription, Cross Platform

Paprika is one of the best recipe, pantry and shopping list managers with cloud sync support across all major platforms. I use my PC to enter in bulk recipes, my tablet for cooking and phone at the shops for grocery list. Everything syncs across into the cloud. The app is pay-once, no ongoing subscriptions a big plus in my book! Who can afford all of these subscriptions long term! Clever code takes care of managing the database of ingredients across recipes, pantry and shopping list. Gone are the days of having to enter items by hand and linking them in recipes. Simply paste in the whole ingredients list from a website and the code picks out each one creating a managed database automatically. Brilliant!

- Keeps everything organized

My wife found this app but I never realized how helpful it was till I had to start doing the cooking and shopping. Works great for finding recipes and then pulling them into the app and the shopping function is perfect for me keeping everything on my phone so I don’t lose it

- So easy to collect recipes!

Worth purchasing! Just go to the app, open the browser, search and download. No more using 3 screenshots to copy a big recipe. Scaling is so handy! Editing! Grocery list very handy. LOVE this app.

- Paprika.

This is the best recipe app ever. So easy to organize your favourite recipes and find new ones.

- Awesome App

If the kitchen is the center of your life, this app is for you. Makes my life easier, my family happier, healthier and gives me more time with them. Best of breed. Best overall. Best of the best!

- THE best recipe app

This is my go-to. So easy to save and modify recipes, and love that I can access my recipes on the computer, or any of my devices. Easy to use and super helpful.

- Great Resource

Loving my new Paprika .

- Love this App

I used “My Recipe Book” app before and that was good until the App disappeared from the App Store, therefore no support. I found this app and it is 100 x better than any other recipe book apps out there. The only thing I wish is that I could import my recipes from the other app into this one. I tried but was unsuccessful, help? Thx.

- Love this app!

This is the best receipt app, so easy to use!

- An excellent recipe manager

I’ve tried a bunch of recipe apps over the years, but this one has been the best. It’s not perfect, but better than all the other recipe manager apps out there right now. I really like that recipes are stored in the cloud so you can access them on your iPhone or iPad or desktop computer. The dinner planning tools are the weakest part of the app, I hope the developers will eventually improve that part. Overall, a very good app for managing your recipes. I’ve been using this app for more than 3 years so far.

- Almost Perfect

I like everything about - Paprika . . . Except 1. there is no correlation possible between recipe ingredient list and contents of pantry. 2.

- Best iPad recipe manager

I love Paprika. You can add recipes manually or amazingly, you can download a recipe from a website to the Paprika app. Paprika is loaded with features but easy to use. It’s the best recipe manager I have ever owned.

- Paprika is the best recipe app

I’ve tried many different apps to organize my recipes and Paprika is by far the best. The menu planning and grocery shopping lists are excellent features and it’s so easy to search and categorize my recipes.

- Excellent tool

I use this app more and more. Great for pulling in recipes that I come across in my web wandering. I really like the ability to sync across devices, it lets my wife load up the grocery list and then just text me to check Paprika on the way home to pick up what we need. Try he mordd Ed features I use, the better I like it. Good job, folks.

- I wish I had found this app first! Well thought out!

I used another app for a number of years until they decided...oops we shouldn’t have offered this for free...could you pay us a really expensive monthly subscription? I was prompted to move to Paprika and wish I had done so sooner. I can import recipes...easily! Once one is at a site, for a recipe, one can bookmark the site and can search within the site for more recipes to plunder. There is a recipe icon, when in edit recipe mode, which allows one to search up another recipe in the list and put in a link. When one puts in 8 minutes to do some action in the cooking, the “8 minutes” becomes a link to the timer so one can start the timer for that action. I can put in subcategories which is better for organization. The search function is customizable to look for recipes by name, ingredient, etc.. I can duplicate recipes so that I can change the duplicate (rename, modify ingredients, adapt) which makes it easier to create/redesign a new recipe, using the original recipe as a model (MYP and IB grads would understand this last part. :) ). Others have mentioned the grocery list functions which I don’t use. There are too many ingredients that I use in the recipes that I imported or created from scratch in my files that I imported to this app from the other app, that keying them all in would be a bit painful and there are ingredients that I use that are not commonly found in the regular grocery store. And there is more.... Well thought out app. I am _very_ happy with it.

- Indispensable

La meilleure application pour cuisiner. Efficace, moderne cette appli permet de fouiller sur internet et de mettre de l’ordre dans toutes les propositions. À acheter sans hésitations...

- Features

Could you add a feature that allows comparing two or more recipes side by side in a column ? Maybe even have it automatically put ingredients of same name on same lines or allow user to move ingredient placements for easier comparison.

- New paprika

I resisted getting the new version....but wow glad I did...can access recipes on the fly with my phone....retrieve accidentally deleted recipes....I sync between all my devices..I have my old iPad attached under cupboard in kitchen the ONLY recipe book I’ll ever use. I’m sure there are more things I just got it and haven’t worked through it all....

- Just about the best recipe app ever

It’s flawless so far. There was not one glitch with the previous version where it reset and deleted my own recipes. I’m not sure what I did to it for that to happen, but I has most of my recipes saved elsewhere. The integrated browser is pretty handy, though it doesn’t always import recipes correctly. This depends on the format of the blog it came from, some cut the descriptions short and put ‘...’ so it copies what it sees. I love the ability to sync, so I have my recipes on several devices. Price is very good value, built in grocery list generator is as good as any, the are all pretty clunky. There are other features I haven’t used.

- Great recipe app

Awesome way to keep track of recipes and share with family and friends! Very user friendly.

- I adore this app

I use this app everyday, it’s an absolutely brilliant tool for saving recipes and referring back to your favourites. If you’re a planner then the meal planner is good, too. Love it and couldn’t live without it anymore!

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- Not an exaggeration: best app I’ve ever used

I’m not proud of this but I’ve written few reviews in my life. I feel so strongly about the quality of this app that I had to write something and to thank the company who made it. I started the AIP diet about 15 months ago and now rely on recipes online for the majority of my meals. I’m sure I’m not alone in abhorring the senseless droning on of online recipe posters. This app allows me to save precious time by simplifying the recipe so I can get down to business. It goes above and beyond by allowing you to edit recipes (which I often have to do) and categorize them. The interface is so easy to use and understand. So much of it is customizable. You will not regret getting this app and please Paprika.....don’t make weird changes. It’s so good how it is.

- I wanted to love this even more than the original

But I’m really disappointed and wish I hadn’t spent the money. I’m delighted with the original, the only reason I bought this version was for the measurement conversions. But for metric, it’s all in ml! Who uses mililiters to measure flour, spices, etc.? I can’t fathom why there aren’t grams. Less important but also disappointing is that you can no longer change the category from the list view, you have to go into the recipe edit and do it individually. I don’t know why they changed this. It also doesn’t remember what category I was in if I select a recipe and then try to go back to the category list. Lastly, I’ve had it for about a week and it’s still syncing recipes with my original Paprika. Sorry, but really regret buying it. But the original is great, so thanks for that one!

- Very well done

I used the Zest recipe app for years and loved it but the company sadly stopped supporting it. Distraught, I went out and tried at least 6 other recipe apps. They were all badly lacking. Then I found Paprika! It is perfect. It does all of the things that Zest did...and with some wonderful improvements. Paprika flawlessly pulls recipes from virtually every website I have tried. It has a menu function to create multipart recipe lists for big meals, like holidays. It has a Pin function so you can easily switch between different pinned recipes when cooking multiple recipes at the same time. It even has a handy little timer function that sets a timer with a single touch of that instruction in the recipe. Overall, this is an amazingly well done app.

- Yummy!

I find the entire process of cooking to be a chore. Prior to this app coming into my life, the only time I planned a meal was in the aisle of the grocery store. This app has literally changed my life reducing the number of trips I make to the store thanks to the meal planner and grocery list. I very quickly built a “recipe box” and was pleasantly surprised, maybe even shocked, to find out how well the app extracts the relevant recipes from verbose, ad-ridden cooking blogs. The only reason that I’m not awarding 5* is because of the inability to airdrop the grocery list to other members of my family. They have their own copies of Paprika so it seems like it should be just as easy for me to airdrop a grocery list as a recipe. Currently the feature allows printing or emailing it to them which strips it of the ability to function as a digital checklist.

- I LOVE this app!

I love this app and wish I had known about it years ago! I have it on my Mac, iPad and iPhone. It’s the best money I’ve spent in ages! I have about 60 recipes entered so far and it is so EASY. I was so tired of the binders that held all of my recipes and they took up so much space. Now all of my recipes will be in one app I can look through instead of pulling out binders. With my recipes available on the computer, ipad and phone I can plan meals anywhere. So simple. Also, sometimes when I’m at the grocery store I will see a great looking ingredient for a recipe we love and want to make the recipe and I always forget an ingredient when I am trying to go by memory what I will need. Now that’s not a problem, I can just check the recipe on my phone. Brilliant!

- Love the updates in this newest version

I finally upgraded from v2 to v3 and I’m really loving all of the feature additions/updates. The addition of the panty feature is really awesome but of course it’s making me greedy for even more capabilities. Do you have a roadmap posted anywhere? I see that you use Zendesk for support but I didn’t see anywhere to just post feature suggestion so I guess I’ll do it here. - While in the pantry, I want to be able to select and item and then see a list of all the recipes I have that use that item. This would be extraordinarily useful when trying to use up items due to expire. Since recipe search only looks at the name and not the ingredients, I’ve been forced to have a much more elaborate category structure than I care for in order to improve searches for recipes with specific ingredients. If I could instead achieve that search from the pantry, that would be ideal - In addition to quantity there needs to be a unit specification (ea, oz, gm, etc) Really, that’s all I’ve got. Otherwise this app gets all the stars I have to give it. I use it everyday and I’ll happily pay to get yet another upgrade in the future. Well done.

- Not the quite the perfect home kitchen app

Paprika is a great product. Had version 2 for years, and felt the new features could warrant the new purchase cost. The pantry portion was hoped to be an excellent addition to allow my wife and I to manage both the menu planning and freezer/pantry management. Alas, the pantry items only get one key word “Aisle,” which is not enough to really manage the pantry. It should reference my home pantry, not the grocery store location! If the keywords were customizable, you could have the location, type of container, type of item - ie. basement freezer, vacusealed, green beans - could direct your recipe plans. Also, this would be synced between devices. Super cool. Alas, this app needs some sort of companion app in order keep track of what you have on your shelf or in the freezer. Paprika 3 is excellent, but not perfect.

- Has nearly everything I want

I love this app! For a one time payment and then unlimited access to all the features of this app is amazing. It can gather data from recipes from the web, save it to a day and meal, and then put the ingredients in a grocery list. The only bug is that if one recipe calls for “1 whole onion” and another calls for “1 onion”, it doesn’t combine them. It keeps them separate and then alphabetizes them, so you may not realize you have another onion at the bottom of the list you forgot to buy. It doesn’t bother me too much, but it drove my husband crazy when he went grocery shopping. All in all, I use this app for my go-to recipe collector and meal planner. Big thanks to the developers and whoever came up with this idea!

- Huge improvements! Copy clipboard not working tho?

Thanks for the recent version updates! Can now auto load a URL but am glad to hear about the built in safari setting. Will try that. Also, it's like they read my mind, but am glad to see the thumbnail pic will now open when clicked on. A neat feature I like and just discovered, is the addition to link to another recipe (eg I had a meat recipe that I can link to a sauce and vice versa). The conversion measurements are nice too! Keep up the great work and updates! I couldn't live without this app! The best of the recipe apps, hands down! Thanks for listening to your users! ---------- I was a fan of the older Paprika and I'm even a bigger fan of version 3! Love the ability to add and insert more photos (would like to be able to select multiple at once), add bold and italic to my type, etc. I wish it auto corrected in the app; words with apostrophes don't correct, nor capital "I". Another thing I'm noticing is that a copy function of a copied URL isn't automatically popping up to load on this version. That was always a nice function. Will consider buying the desktop version, but the promo discount for the app is greatly appreciated!

- Great update but . . .

This is a great upgrade. I have been waiting forever for the ability to have multiple grocery lists. However, I don’t know if I am just not seeing it or if it is a glitch, but in the iPad/iPhone app, I can’t figure out in the grocery list how to hide the name of the recipe for each item. By showing the name of the recipe for each grocery item, it is taking up 3 lines per item (the item, the amount, and the name of the recipe). Makes it a pain when shopping to have to keep scrolling up and down to see everything. For example, in the old app, I could pretty much see everything in produce on one screen. Where there used to be 13 items listed screen, there is only 7. Please fix this.

- Pretty Disappointing

This app seems like a really great idea but I can never add recipes that I have in a cookbook or something I made up myself. Has to be all stuff that I can find online or else the app crashes when I try to save after spending a long time creating a recipe. DO NOT LEAVE THE APP WHILE ADDING A RECIPE for any reason. Not to reply to a text, answer a call, or take a picture of a recipe, it won’t save and you’ll have to start from scratch. For something I paid $5 I would expect it to work. Not at all impressed. Also pay close attention to the conversions. I cook for just two people so I have to cut a lot of recipes in half and if the recipe isn’t super clear, then the app won’t be able to convert it properly and you may end up with way too much of an ingredient if you aren’t paying attention. Hope these issues get resolved because I was really looking forward to this seemingly very useful app.

- Not sold on new app

I’ve been using Paprika for over 5 years and it is by far my favorite recipe app. However, the new Paprika3 is a little disappointing for the following reasons: - It used to be really easy to search by ingredient or recipe name on the main recipe screen. Now it requires going to a pull down menu (not a huge deal, but still an extra step that was not required before). - The grocery list seems to have some issues. The aisle name randomly covers up an ingredient and I could not make it move out of the way. - This one is probably not directly the developers fault, but I also use this app on my Kindle Fire while cooking. Paprika3 is not available yet in the kindle App Store, so I can’t sync my recipes and menus between devices. I am looking forward to trying out some of the new features (like menus), but it is disappointing to pay for an app upgrade only to find that the old version was better!

- One of the Best Designed Apps I Have Ever Used

This app is simply incredible at what it does, could not be easier to use, and makes finding and keeping recipes a snap. Hands down one of the most useful apps I have ever purchased, and by far one of the best values for what you get. Just get it, you will not be disappointed. Updated.... I cannot rave about this app enough, the grocery list feature is fantastic, the ability to download recipes from almost any website continues to amaze me, I could go on and on. Simply put this may be the best designed app of all time, other developers regardless of product should study their model. Perfect and unquestionably deserves the number 1 spot in food and drink it currently holds.

- Perfect minus one thing

I have been using this app for a few years now and admittedly I have failed on writing a review for it. I think this app is near perfect. The ability to use the in app browser and simply import the recipe is AWESOME. Organization of my recipes are well thought out and make sense with the UI and how the developers have planned it. And since it is in app form, just brung your phone or whatever device you have and boom, you have your recipe book. No need to bring grandmas big thick book around. My only complaint, which is why i have given it 4 instead of 5 stars is that by buying the app, it’s not a universal purchase across the iOS platforms. I understand the need to have the intake of money and cash flow for developers but I really wish I didn’t have to pay full price for the iPad version, iPhone version, and the desktop version. If there is a solution I could offer is to have a discounted rate for other platforms if you have already purchased one full price. With the exception of that, I really find this app organized and extremely useful! Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to see what the future updates hold...perhaps a way to scan a recipe and import directly???

- Recipe organization solution!

For a long time I was frustrated with how I found, saved and organized my recipes, which I would use Pinterest for. This app has changed everything for me! I now use Pinterest to get food inspiration and find recipes, try them once, and if it’s a keeper, I save it in Paprika. All the amazing functions are so helpful to me — from searching for and sorting recipes to using it while cooking to the grocery function. My only suggestion would be to have a feature that allows easier navigation between multiple recipes (maybe tabs?) so I can navigate quickly while cooking. But that would just be a bonus. Overall — love it!! I can honestly say this app has changed my life.

- Awesome app

Here’s what I really like about this app: - It’s very easy to upload recipes. I have yet to encounter one I couldn’t upload. - How about being able to categorize that swordfish caponata under seafood, swordfish, Italian and holiday food? The ability to file recipes in numerous categories including custom categories is so useful! - Doesn’t matter how good your math skills are, the ability to scale the recipes is very convenient. Think about not having to figure how many teaspoons of an ingredient is needed when you take one third of a recipe that calls for two tablespoons of an ingredient. - The grocery list feature is awesome when you are preparing multiple recipes. Absolutely get this for your phone and iPad so the list you prepare shows on your phone in the store. It does a good job of categorizing the ingredients to simplify the shopping. Well designed so that when you check an ingredient as picked up, it also dims on the screen. - My old IPad died and I had not yet purchased the app for my iPhone. When I replaced my iPad, all the recipes populated the new iPad pretty easily. - It is one of the most useful apps for me on my iPad!

- The best for recipes, meal planning, pantry and grocery lists!

This app does it all with ease and a great interface. It downloads recipes from anywhere accurately. Then I can place them in a meal planner. When I go to the grocery I add my weekly recipes to the grocery list. It automatically assigns sections such as Produce, Dairy, etc. On top of all this, you can add all your spices into the pantry and it will keep track of when they were added and automatically grey out the ingredients when making a grocery list (still presents the info for you to make a decision). I had been looking for this app for years and since it takes out so much back end administration with cooking, I have been cooking so many new meals with ease!

- Quite literally the greatest thing since sliced bread

I’m a good cook, and a good, if retired, computer programmer. I’ve had several computer recipe programs over the years, including one I wrote myself. This is the best. It’ll even intelligently download recipes you find online and CORRECTLY put the data in the appropriate fields. For a small 1-time fee you can have it on your phone & PC and it will Sync. If you’re on a market and something is on sale, you can search your database for your recipes that use that stuff. It has things like grocery list & cupboard contents; it’ll resize your ingredients up or down if you’re making more or less. I usually just go for freebie programs- this is actually worth buying.

- Amazing!

I have tried other recipe programs in the past, however, I could never stick with them because they were difficult to use. I was a little apprehensive about trying another one, but the reviews were good, so I started with the desktop version. I have not looked back! The layout and interface is very easy to use. You can create all kinds of categories for your recipes, essentially like tags. The browser feature is a huge time saver if you have recipes clipped from the internet and it works perfectly! I have since added the iOS app too and they all sync up nicely. It is very handy when you are at the store and think of something else you want to make.

- Just Get It!

I am 65 years old and have been cooking for over 50 years. I have acquired recipes that were kept on index cards, loose leaf, newspapers...they were all over the place. I am anal about organization and really wanted a way to keep all my recipes handy. But how? I have tried a few apps also in the last ten years and they were okay . Then I came across this app. Amazing! The amount of detail and features is incredible but the two things I love the most besides the organization is how you can have a web site open, then go to this app and it will recognize you have a site open with a recipe and will ask you if you want to download it. Say YES and it gets it for you. Just save it and that’s it. The second feature I enjoy is that you can “scale & convert” any recipe to your needs. There might be a recipe that has 15 ingredients and is for 6 servings but you only need for 2. Just click scale and convert by 2/3 and it automatically adjusts the quantities. The only negative is the price for the Windows version is too high in my opinion. Too many other features to list...just get it.

- Simply the best

We’ve been using Paprika for several years, now with over 2500 recipes saved. It’s on all our devices ready to import recipes whenever we run across them. Syncing between them is great, one of which is a dedicated iPad attached to the fridge in our kitchen. The ability to pin recipes is fantastic for cooking multi-course meals. Weekly meal planning is a snap. Send your plan to a shared calendar and the family knows what’s on your weekly menu. Voice entry for recipes you’ve collected from friends and family before digital recipe collections came into existence is a real time saver. We’ve given the app as a “stocking stuffer” at Christmas and shared recipes with friends and family via email.

- If you cook you need this app

I’m usually not one to pay for any apps but Paprika is a life changer. Pinterest is my go to for new recipes but leaves you with no place to organize or add comments once you’ve tried the recipe. Paprika makes it so easy to download recipes off of blogs, rate, and keep track of any notes for next time. You can also have the app on multiple devices so no matter where you are you can add or update. Lastly, sharing recipes is a breeze you can email from the app and if that person has paprika as well, it saves in the right format. I’ll say it again, if you cook and enjoy trying new recipes the few bucks you spend on this app is 100% worth it!

- Love it! Just a few improvements needed to make it perfect...

I love Paprika. I’ve been using it for years! I’ve recommended it to several people, and they love it, too. I only wish recipes from the weightwatchers website would load more cleanly and that there were a coordinating Apple Watch app, such as timers for different dishes, grocery lists, etc. Oh, also the search query seems to require a specific order to bring up a recipe. I’d like to be able to search “chicken” and find allllll the recipes i have saved that include the word “chicken” in its title. Otherwise, very happy!!!! I even use the grocery lists as my daily to do lists, in addition to keeping a running list for various stores.

- Once the very quite possibly abandoned

Since Paprika was released, I have invested countless hundreds of hours using it, beta testing it, and while I still feel it's the best recipe management software available, I'm getting worried it might be near abandonment. As others have stated in reviews here, product support is non-existent, no emails are answered, submitted support tickets go into the communications on their social media replies to reviews here in the App Store...nothing. I've tried every means possible to communicate a couple of problems over the past few months and I've had no response at all. I truly hate to see this and it makes me sad that yet another good app is quite possibly headed for extinction. I guess time will tell, but at this point I don't hold a lot of hope.

- Recent changes are great but one minor annoyance

The updates are great overall and worth the price if you ask me BUT there’s something that changed that I don’t care for. When I save a recipe from Safari via the iOS share feature, the old paprika would just give me a black “RECIPE SAVED!” pop up that would fade out after a second. Perfect. Now, however, when I save from safari via the iOS share feature, I am taken out of safari, into paprika, AND then I still have to “save” the recipe AND return to safari manually. The old way was much more convenient and fast. I don’t want to edit the recipe on the fly. I want to quickly save it and move on. If there was a setting to control this behavior, I would give the app five stars for sure.

- Fantastic app!

This is a fantastic app that offers more power and customization than any other comparable recipe management software. I’ve been using it for years and am very pleased with the changes in v3. I’ve had my share of bugs and crashes (mainly on the desktop version) but the devs have been exceptionally responsive and have pushed out fixes promptly. Two minor tweaks to the iOS app that I’d like to see: 1. The ability to change the font size when viewing a recipe (this was an option in v2) 2. The ability to sort recipes by Most Recent or Rating without using the search function, which takes up half the screen (again, this was possible in v2)

- [Review Update!!] Looks Good, But...

I’ve been using Paprika for many years and have been recommending it to friends and strangers alike. One of the best features used to be the ease of downloading a recipe while browsing the web. This ability (copying a URL and opening Paprika, which then goes to the copied URL/recipe) seems to have been eliminated from v3. So sorry I deleted the old version. Update to my review: Paprika’s wonderful, responsive help desk clarified the new way to download recipes. It involves simply adding the app to the Safari “share” feature - on the menu bar: it’s that rectangular icon with an arrow pointing up. OMG, a fabulous app became even more fabulous! Bottom line - don’t hesitate to upgrade to this version.

- Best Recipe Aggregator and App I’ve found

I probably use this app nearly every day. I either am looking up a recipe I’ve already added to shop for and cook, or I am adding a recipe I’ve found I’d like to try from any of many regularly visited websites. I LOVE being able to import recipes directly, adding categories if I wish. I can scale recipes once imported which is a big help. And they all sync among my iOS devices and my iMac. I’ve used it for years and can’t imagine my kitchen without it. I have 3239 recipes in it so far, including many family treasures. Those do need to be manually copied and pasted, but it is so much easier to share once in the app (and easy to find as well). Keep it up!

- Ver 3 A Step Backwards

Wait to upgrade until bugs are fixed. Frequent crashes on iOS 11.1.2. Browser no longer auto detects links in clipboard. Font a little harder to read. Search function unstable. No significant functional enhancements considering upgrade price. Platform differences were not a major issue. Update: Stability improved and URL detection added back in v3.1. Still a few bugs to work out. Unable to add to nutrition and notes field when editing a downloaded recipe. Editing works in Ingredients and directions fields. Some editing shortcuts seem to be missing, such as selecting units and key words. Perhaps they are there and I haven’t found them.

- Great app

Agree with another reviewer on the pros and cons. I have an older iPad that I use as my ‘kitchen’ iPad. Was thrilled to learn about paprika and quickly used my iPhone to transfer all my recipes from Evernote. But when I went to load the Paprika onto my old iPad I was dismayed to learn it won’t support it. Is there any way to provide Paprika 2 for download? I didn’t use it before 3 came out, but I’m so impressed with the functionality, it’s a great app, just very disappointed it won’t support old iOS devices, when that’s the iPad I keep in my kitchen. UPDATE: developer responded and made app work on 32 bit iPads. So impressed with responsiveness and definitely a fan of the app. Thank you!

- Love it, but wish it had family share

Can’t say enough good things about this app. So easy to import recipes I see online, and love that once downloaded the recipe will take you directly to the original website if you wish. Love the grocery list and being able to add things via voice! I only wish it was part of the “family share”, as my husband is constantly finding new recipes to try, too, but instead of loading them into my Paprika he has to send them to me and I have to download them into the program. Plus, if he wants to make one of the recipes he sends he has to use my iPad, which is so inconvenient. C’mon, please??

- I love this app!!

I love this app so much! I’ve told all my friends about it and they love it too. It’s so easy to copy recipes to and use them when cooking or meal planning. I’ve always hated meal planning but this app makes it a breeze. I also find myself meal planning for the next week during the current week so it’s not so daunting to do on over the weekend. Our family has been able to save so much money by meal planning through the help of this app. I sync it on my iPad also. I personally like the iPad interface better when making a recipe bc the ingredients and directions are all on the screen (instead of having to go back and forth on the iPhone).

- Changed My Cooking And Baking Life

Before Paprika, I had recipes written on stained paper, little cards, newspaper articles, etc., not to mention oodles of cookbooks that I rarely opened. The truth of the matter is that when I need a recipe, it’s usually on a regular day when I am trying to prepare a meal that fits the ingredients I have on hand. I have been using Paprika for a few years now and I have it on my phone, iPad, and computer. I love the way it syncs. I can now copy a recipe anytime and anywhere with a few clicks on my devise and it’s saved and catalogued across my devises. The clutter is gone, and my recipes are easy to find. One of the best apps on the internet, I highly recommend it.

- Best recipe app

I absolutely love this app. The features are wonderful, such as editing a recipe, categorizing, etc. I use this app ALL the time. I love having my recipes all in one place. I love downloading recipes from the web to this app; it is so easy! Customer service is very responsive and helpful. I had an issue with downloading a recipe from a website so I contacted Paprika, they responded quickly and resolved the issue. I would highly recommend this app. I have it on my iPad and my iPhone so that if I get to the store and am not sure of the ingredients I need for a certain recipe, I just open it up on my phone, look up the recipe and verify ingredients. Great app, great support!

- Favorite App

I absolutely love Paprika! It is so easy to use and helps me stay so organized in so many ways. Meal planning was always a bit of a struggle but this app makes it so easy and almost fun. You can create a grocery list right from your meal plan with ease. This app saves me so much time! There are so many great features and capabilities. The ability to import recipes from a browser is a favorite! It’s such an awesome tool to use while cooking/baking. I love that I can mark off each ingredient as I use them and it even adjusts quantities to the scale you choose. I’ve recommended this app to so many of my friends. It’s a game changer. 1,000% worth the money.

- No categories?

First of all, it has crashed repeatedly, but I’m assuming that’s a bug that can be fixed. More of an issue for me is that I don’t see my recipe categories when I’m looking at a list of recipes. (Or am I missing something? Because I can’t believe this isn’t here.) You have to open the recipe to see them. That’s a dealbreaker for me. Also, as others have said, the copy and paste from a browser function is a necessity. I’m not always in Paprika when I happen to find a recipe I want to save. Update: still no recipe categories when you are looking at the list. Please fix this! And the pictures on the list are a lot smaller than in the old version. I’m still using the old version because this is not an “update” and I paid more money for it!

- Best of its kind

This really is a great app. It does anything you would need in a recipe app and more. All the basic features are there, but I love the cloud sync and recipe importer. These two features are worth the price. This is one of my favorite and most used iPhone apps. On the flip side, updates are infrequent, the Windows app has not been updated in years and doesn't work with the new multiple grocery lists, quantities are not scaled in the recipe instructions (as opposed to the ingredient list), no Alexa support. Also, the developers don't seem to try to build much of a community around the product or post any updates as to what's going on (if anything).

- Love this app - use it all the time!

It’s a recipe manager but it’s so much more. I keep my weekly menus and my grocery list on it too. I just found another great feature of the app - you can scale a recipe as well as convert to and from metric. I like to scale down recipes for just the two of us otherwise so am eating the same thing for a week and I HATE leftovers. I found a recipe that I want to try in an Australian magazine so I can easily covert it. AND in the recipe function it lets you cross off an ingredient after you put it in so you don’t accidentally leave something out. AND you can easily download recipes in to the app from the internet. I love this app!

- The best recipe app; latest version has a bug

I’ve been using this app for close to 5 years and now have over 5000 recipes. My collection represents recipes from 3 generations of my family, plus my ongoing current collection that I add to regularly from my favorite PBS cooking shows, the NYT and various other sources. I love the ability to download recipes from websites as well. However, there is a small bug in this latest version (3.3.6) in the location of the “Download” button - it’s partly out of alignment so that it’s sometimes difficult to trigger a download by tapping it in the iPad version (iOS 13.1.1). I hope future updates will fix this bug.

- Favorite cooking app

Highly recommend this app- it’s easy to use - just type in what you want to find in the browser and it pops up with great recipes from trusted sites. You just save the recipe and after trying it you can give it the 1-5 stars to “make it again”, or “don’t”. I’ve found some terrific new instant pot recipes and saved them with the app. It allows you to add to your notes and omit ingredients. It sorts them the way you want, Newest or alphabetical. I use the grocery list when I’m shopping and pull recipes in the store to make sure I haven’t missed anything. I like that I can be off the WiFi and pull my recipes.

- Brilliant

I wish there were more apps like this. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with it. I’ve been using it for a few months and I keep finding more to like about it. I love the ease of saving recipes from the web and having a permanent copy even if the link disappears. And, it also keeps a link, making it easy to revisit the site from whence it came. It’s easy to edit,” and add pictures. It will rescale recipes with a couple taps. Overall, it is just extraordinarily well crafted in terms of functionality, clean design and ease of use (although the browser interface is still a little clunky). It is a pleasure to use.

- Still The Best

For people who still value cooking instead of prepared and fast foods this is the best there is for a modern recipe book. MacOS and iOS versions sync like clockwork, other people can sync your recipes if you want, and it prints nicely. Even from the iPhone. Wow, that’s magical. I’ve used at least three other recipe apps over the years, and hands down this is the keeper. Updating (Oct 2020) - I completely love this app. Printing and sync work flawlessly, there are rich formatting features if you want them, and very very flexible categories. I use this app pretty much every day, especially being on the house more now. It’s the best.

- The best recipe/grocery/meal planning combo app

I looked at several different apps that were available for iOS as well as the Mac and windows and this is by far the best that I found. Have been using it for a few months now and have not had any bug oriented issues. I highly recommend this “system“ as it synchronizes everything across different platforms, making different processes easier depending upon the device being used. It might be more expensive than other items out there if you end up purchasing four different platforms but in my opinion it is worth it.

- Handy!

I enjoy how this app works. I use to save all of my fb recipes to a group I made just for that purpose but now I can save them here! Suggestion though. It would be handy to make an event option for your calendar so if I am doing a slow cooker dish I can have it remind me put it on in the morning. Or if I need to pull something from the freezer for the next meal I could have a reminder to do so. I run my own business and dinner is the last thing on my mind until it is 7 or 8 pm and I am scrambling. Also my daughter cooks a lot with me and it would be great to be able for her to be able to have the app and we share the menu for the week or she can help create one.

- The most faithful I’ve ever been to an app

I’ve used this app longer than I can remember. I’ve checked out others, but nothing compares. You’ve got me, I’m not going anywhere. Super easy to add recipes, add ingredients to the grocery list, I love being able to create endless categories. The only feature I really wish it had is a recipe spinner. With so many recipes in the app now, my tried & true, special occasion, and ones I saved for “someday,” it would be great to just leave it up to fate now and then. Just to bust out of a rut, or pick a new one to try. I’m sticking with Paprika either way, but it would be nice to have!

- I love this app -

I looked for a recipe app carefully and because of reviews chose this. It was a life changer to have my recipes organized on my devices but It just keeps getting better. The many facets are so well thought out and easy to use., I didn’t dream how much I would use it. Meal plans, groceries even multiple timers automatically built into the recipes, all at a touch. It takes some learning for and old grandma like me but is well worth it. I have shared this with many of my friends and relatives who are great cooks and they often thank me. I have had it for several years now and I couldn’t be more satisfied.

- Long time user

I LOVE this app. I’ve used it for over 5 years. Meal planning and grocery shopping is so much easier - I’ve forgotten how to make a list with paper and pen! It’s great to have the listed sorted by aisle. The recipe “scrubber” works great for downloading recipes from online sources and over the years I’ve slowly added all my personal recipes. I have it on all my devices which makes moving from desk to grocery store so easy. My only minor complaint is that the calendar is a bit difficult to navigate. All my recipes are always with me so I can easily share them. I will have to give up cooking if Paprika ever goes away!!!

- My favorite app

This finally solved my problems with saving and organizing my favorite online recipes. It works flawlessly. Seriously - no complaints. I sometimes also use it when trying new recipes as an easy way to bypass the pop-up ads and long personal anecdotes on cooking blogs. Export to paprika and *poof* nice clean recipe all sorted and easy to use. I love being able to tag recipes with my own searchable tags (everyday dinner, Thanksgiving, weekend breakfast, etc) and make notes. It has some nice meal-planning functions too though I haven’t used those much. If you ever cook with online recipes, you won’t regret purchasing this app.

- Phew!

Upgrading to version 3 I was seriously scared I’d lose all my recipes. I synced to my iCloud and made a manual back up just in case BUT I’m happy to say everything worked just fine. I love, LOVE the old app and honestly wouldn’t have bothered with the (paid) upgrade except for the unit conversion feature. I use a lot of UK and European recipes and have spent way too much time converting grams into cups, etc. The upgrade is cheap (on sale) at the moment so if you’re thinking about getting it, now is the time. DO back up your data though, if you’re like me and have modified downloaded recipes it’d be a serious bummer to lose them all.

- Very pleased

I used MacGourmet for years and loved it. I had to switch to something else because the sync function no longer works and Mariner has stopped supporting the product. I found Paprika and have been very pleased with it. It was extremely easy to transfer my 1700+ recipes from MacGourmet. I love the timer feature that is embedded in the recipes. Downloading recipes from websites is very easy. Syncing recipes between devices is automatic. My only disappointment is that I am unable to search recipes by source. I like being able to search for all my Ina Garten recipes for instance. That does not work in this app. Overall, I am very pleased with this app and happily recommend it.

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Paprika Recipe Manager 3 iphone images
Paprika Recipe Manager 3 iphone images
Paprika Recipe Manager 3 iphone images
Paprika Recipe Manager 3 iphone images
Paprika Recipe Manager 3 iphone images

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