Paprika Recipe Manager 3

Paprika Recipe Manager 3 [Food & Drink] App Description & Overview

Organize your recipes. Create grocery lists. Plan your meals. Download recipes from your favorite websites. Seamlessly sync to all your devices.


• Recipes - Download recipes from your favorite websites, or add your own.
• Grocery Lists - Create smart grocery lists that automatically combine ingredients and sort them by aisle.
• Pantry - Use the pantry to keep track of which ingredients you have and when they expire.
• Meal Planner - Plan your meals using our daily, weekly, or monthly calendars.
• Menus - Save your favorite meal plans as reusable menus.
• Sync - Keep your recipes, grocery lists, and meal plans synced between all your devices.

• Adjust - Scale ingredients to your desired serving size, and convert between measurements.
• Cook - Keep the screen on while cooking, cross off ingredients, and highlight your current step.
• Search - Organize your recipes into categories and subcategories. Search by name, ingredient, and more.
• Timers - Cook times are automatically detected in your directions. Simply tap on one to start a timer.

• Import - Import from existing apps such as MacGourmet, YummySoup!, MasterCook & Living Cookbook.
• Export - Export your meal plans to Calendar and your grocery lists to Reminders.
• Share - Share recipes via AirDrop or email.
• Print - Print recipes, grocery lists, menus, and meal plans. Recipes support multiple print formats including index cards.

• Extensions - Save recipes directly in Safari and view today's scheduled meals.
• Bookmarklet - Download recipes from any browser straight into your Paprika Cloud Sync account.
• Offline Access - All of your data is stored locally. No internet connection is required to view your recipes.

What's New in 3.0

• iPhone X and iOS 11 support.
• iOS app is now universal.
• Multitasking support on iPad.
• Add multiple, full-sized photos to each recipe. Embed photos in your directions.
• Insert links to other recipes or websites in your ingredients or directions.
• Format recipes using bold and italics.
• Convert ingredient measurements between standard and metric.
• Search for recipes across multiple categories.
• Add custom aisles to your grocery list and re-arrange them in your preferred order.
• Create multiple grocery lists.
• Add custom ingredients to the pantry. Track quantities, purchase dates, and expiration dates.
• Move items back and forth between the pantry and grocery list.
• Add custom meal types to the meal planner.
• Create reusable menus that span multiple days.


Paprika is available on multiple platforms so you can access it on all of your devices. Please note that each version is sold separately.

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Paprika Recipe Manager 3 App Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

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Paprika Recipe Manager 3 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Added the ability to copy items between different grocery lists and to/from the pantry. Added the ability to swipe to delete custom grocery list suggestions. Added a Cancel Search button that is shown when all of the recipes are filtered out by a search term. Expired and sold out pantry items are now marked in red. Tweaked the ingredient scaler to prevent the scaling of units into fractional quantities. Fixed an issue with the scaling of servings. Fixed an issue on iPad that could cause the categories pane to end up hidden.

Paprika Recipe Manager 3 Comments & Reviews

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- Best app ever

So perfect! My mom and I exchange all our recipes through this app! AMAZING! Can’t say more and I have been using it for about 3+ years!

- This app is what I was looking for!

Found a recipe app that ticked all the boxes I was looking for. Easy download of recipes that allows you to keep the source of the recipe, great format, photos, shopping list by aisle, pay one time instead of ongoing. I’ve found it so useful!

- Easy and Simple

Love using this app, I have stored many recipes with this. Easy to use!

- Excellent app

Love this app. Used other apps prior to this one that were ok. This one is well laid out with features I want. Synchs well and never crashes.

- Best Ever Recipe App

Used lots of different apps and this one is very easy and convenient

- Almost the best app ever...

I have been loving using paprika, it’s been a lifechanger in my meal planning, and pantry inventory has gotten me so organized. Unfortunately there’s a problem where moving items from the purchased grocery list to the pantry list deletes the quantity of the item, completely defeating the purpose of the whole inventory system. Now I have to go through everything I have over again every week when I purchase. So disappointing. Hopefully they fix it. For now I am putting the quantity in the name of each item and manually editing it when I purchase each week.

- Having a great time

Using it to organize to combat my diabetes. Love its download capabilities and the grocery list. Wish there was a cookbook function and not just a menu. Love it!!

- Best app

I have been using this app for almost 10 years. I couldn’t live without it. So user friendly and easy. Great format and easy to edit my friends are alway in awe how easily I have all my recipes at my fingertip

- Love “search by ingredients”!

I tried multiple recipe apps in my search for an app that met my requirements before settling on Paprika. I was looking for two features: 1) able to input my own recipes easily, as I have a huge collection of recipes from a meal service that I wanted to make again, but having the paper recipes in binders was getting really difficult to search through. 2) able to search my own recipes by ingredient, so if I have a surplus of an ingredient I could easily find a recipe to use up that ingredient. That second requirement proves tricky. Either the app didn’t have the option to search your own recipes by ingredient, only title, or if it did have the feature, the app cost a fortune or was subscription-based. I don’t like the idea of a subscription because after putting in all my hard work of inputting my own recipe collection, I would lose it if I had to stop paying the subscription in the future. Paprika is definitely worth the price they charge. Inputting recipes from the web is easy. The grocery shopping list option and ability to put in your pantry inventory is amazing. Searching by ingredient cuts down on food waste. TL;DR: great app! Love search by ingredient.

- So Worth It!!

I am very wary of buying apps before seeing what they’re like but I am so pleased that I did with this one. I went based on all the reviews and I am not disappointed. Easily the best app I have now, no more photos of recipes.

- Excellent, No Subscription, Cross Platform

Paprika is one of the best recipe, pantry and shopping list managers with cloud sync support across all major platforms. I use my PC to enter in bulk recipes, my tablet for cooking and phone at the shops for grocery list. Everything syncs across into the cloud. The app is pay-once, no ongoing subscriptions a big plus in my book! Who can afford all of these subscriptions long term! Clever code takes care of managing the database of ingredients across recipes, pantry and shopping list. Gone are the days of having to enter items by hand and linking them in recipes. Simply paste in the whole ingredients list from a website and the code picks out each one creating a managed database automatically. Brilliant!

- Keeps everything organized

My wife found this app but I never realized how helpful it was till I had to start doing the cooking and shopping. Works great for finding recipes and then pulling them into the app and the shopping function is perfect for me keeping everything on my phone so I don’t lose it

- So easy to collect recipes!

Worth purchasing! Just go to the app, open the browser, search and download. No more using 3 screenshots to copy a big recipe. Scaling is so handy! Editing! Grocery list very handy. LOVE this app.

- Paprika.

This is the best recipe app ever. So easy to organize your favourite recipes and find new ones.

- Awesome App

If the kitchen is the center of your life, this app is for you. Makes my life easier, my family happier, healthier and gives me more time with them. Best of breed. Best overall. Best of the best!

- THE best recipe app

This is my go-to. So easy to save and modify recipes, and love that I can access my recipes on the computer, or any of my devices. Easy to use and super helpful.

- Great Resource

Loving my new Paprika .

- Love this App

I used “My Recipe Book” app before and that was good until the App disappeared from the App Store, therefore no support. I found this app and it is 100 x better than any other recipe book apps out there. The only thing I wish is that I could import my recipes from the other app into this one. I tried but was unsuccessful, help? Thx.

- An excellent recipe manager

I’ve tried a bunch of recipe apps over the years, but this one has been the best. It’s not perfect, but better than all the other recipe manager apps out there right now. I really like that recipes are stored in the cloud so you can access them on your iPhone or iPad or desktop computer. The dinner planning tools are the weakest part of the app, I hope the developers will eventually improve that part. Overall, a very good app for managing your recipes. I’ve been using this app for more than 3 years so far.

- Almost Perfect

I like everything about - Paprika . . . Except 1. there is no correlation possible between recipe ingredient list and contents of pantry. 2.

- Love this app!

This is the best receipt app, so easy to use!

- Best iPad recipe manager

I love Paprika. You can add recipes manually or amazingly, you can download a recipe from a website to the Paprika app. Paprika is loaded with features but easy to use. It’s the best recipe manager I have ever owned.

- Paprika is the best recipe app

I’ve tried many different apps to organize my recipes and Paprika is by far the best. The menu planning and grocery shopping lists are excellent features and it’s so easy to search and categorize my recipes.

- Excellent tool

I use this app more and more. Great for pulling in recipes that I come across in my web wandering. I really like the ability to sync across devices, it lets my wife load up the grocery list and then just text me to check Paprika on the way home to pick up what we need. Try he mordd Ed features I use, the better I like it. Good job, folks.

- I wish I had found this app first! Well thought out!

I used another app for a number of years until they decided...oops we shouldn’t have offered this for free...could you pay us a really expensive monthly subscription? I was prompted to move to Paprika and wish I had done so sooner. I can import recipes...easily! Once one is at a site, for a recipe, one can bookmark the site and can search within the site for more recipes to plunder. There is a recipe icon, when in edit recipe mode, which allows one to search up another recipe in the list and put in a link. When one puts in 8 minutes to do some action in the cooking, the “8 minutes” becomes a link to the timer so one can start the timer for that action. I can put in subcategories which is better for organization. The search function is customizable to look for recipes by name, ingredient, etc.. I can duplicate recipes so that I can change the duplicate (rename, modify ingredients, adapt) which makes it easier to create/redesign a new recipe, using the original recipe as a model (MYP and IB grads would understand this last part. :) ). Others have mentioned the grocery list functions which I don’t use. There are too many ingredients that I use in the recipes that I imported or created from scratch in my files that I imported to this app from the other app, that keying them all in would be a bit painful and there are ingredients that I use that are not commonly found in the regular grocery store. And there is more.... Well thought out app. I am _very_ happy with it.

- Indispensable

La meilleure application pour cuisiner. Efficace, moderne cette appli permet de fouiller sur internet et de mettre de l’ordre dans toutes les propositions. À acheter sans hésitations...

- Features

Could you add a feature that allows comparing two or more recipes side by side in a column ? Maybe even have it automatically put ingredients of same name on same lines or allow user to move ingredient placements for easier comparison.

- New paprika

I resisted getting the new version....but wow glad I did...can access recipes on the fly with my phone....retrieve accidentally deleted recipes....I sync between all my devices..I have my old iPad attached under cupboard in kitchen the ONLY recipe book I’ll ever use. I’m sure there are more things I just got it and haven’t worked through it all....

- Just about the best recipe app ever

It’s flawless so far. There was not one glitch with the previous version where it reset and deleted my own recipes. I’m not sure what I did to it for that to happen, but I has most of my recipes saved elsewhere. The integrated browser is pretty handy, though it doesn’t always import recipes correctly. This depends on the format of the blog it came from, some cut the descriptions short and put ‘...’ so it copies what it sees. I love the ability to sync, so I have my recipes on several devices. Price is very good value, built in grocery list generator is as good as any, the are all pretty clunky. There are other features I haven’t used.

- Compiling Recipes

I have piles of recipes torn from magazines in my home and have wanted a way to organize them better for ages. Paprika is making this so quick and easy as most of the recipes are now online anyway. Very much worth the price for Premium.

- Great recipe app

Awesome way to keep track of recipes and share with family and friends! Very user friendly.

- I adore this app

I use this app everyday, it’s an absolutely brilliant tool for saving recipes and referring back to your favourites. If you’re a planner then the meal planner is good, too. Love it and couldn’t live without it anymore!

- Invaluable

Only downloaded this week and know it will be invaluable. I have tried many methods of meal planning, recipe collection and grocery lists, and this combines all of my favourite options.

- J’adore

Application Parfaite. Je l’utilise tous les jours. Facile à utiliser. Je la recommande sans hésitation.!!!!!

- Outstanding

I have been using this for years. Outstanding app!

- Me facilite la vie

Application géniale qui me facilite grandement la planification de mes repas.

- Can’t cook without it!

I’ve been a fan for many years and it has proven a godsend! It’s with every penny!

- Love this app

I use this app everyday. It is so easy and helpful.

- Amazing

This app is just amazing. Download recipes, create weekly menus and grocery list. Has the pantry function which helps to oversee what is already in the house and will check mark it in your grocery list. My favourite app

- Handy

I love this app, so easy to find store and sort store my favorite recipes.

- Excellent app

I have recently switched to Paprika from Pepperplate, and I am very happy with Paprika. My Pepperplate recipes imported seamlessly following the directions provided by Paprika. I have been very happy with the ease of linking to other recipes I have saved. Additionally, it is very easy to share my recipes from the app. I have imported a few recipes using the built in browser, and that has worked perfectly. So far, I’m very impressed.

- Very good getting better

I recently switched from Pepperplate and imported all my recipes. The app is definitely easier to use, and the last update allowed the import of photos from pepperplate! Good timing guys!

- Simply love it! This is the best!

I have tried other recipe software before finding Paprika. None come close to how easy and convenient Paprika can be. We have it on both our cells, on both our tablets, and on our computer. For Christmas preparations, we would be working on different recipes, on different devices! What a ball it was. We have access to our recipes while doing groceries: if I see ground beef in special, I can check what else I need to make my chili for example. Someone asks for the recipe I brought at the potluck dinner, I take my cell and email the recipe right there. If I see a recipe I would like to try on the web, I copy the link to the browser in Paprika and start copying the recipe from there into Paprika. I can do that on my tablet, my cell or the computer. With other recipe software, I would send myself an email with the link, and have to use the computer to copy and paste line by line. I have literally hundreds of those emails that I have not yet copied the recipes. Most probably do not exist anymore. Scaling a recipe is also so simple. If you are wondering if this software is worth it: ABSOLUTELY!!

- I love trying new recipes again!

This app makes planning meals and discovering new recipes so much simpler! I use it all the time!

- Can’t be without it for years now - wishes for better French support

The app that we’ve been using day after day for something like five years now. Excellent functionality and wide array of features. Wish we could make better use of the grocery list tough; we have to “create” all the ingredients in French but they seem to not behave as cleverly as the English ones... and it’s very cumbersome to have several similar ingredients like “2 citrons” and “3 citrons confits”, one replaces the other and the list is not dependable anymore.

- Great Update but...

I really really love my Paprika app!! I had share this app with so many friends!! But, I am really missing the « URL detected » that was enabling me to access directly to the navigator and save my recipe!! I hope you will bring it back very soon!!! Really really missing it and so useful!!!! Other than that, the app is a gem!! Thank you !!!

- Changed my life!

I wasn't sure if I'd use this app but it has changed my life. Once you get used to the "browser" it becomes a breeze to download new recipes and categorize them. I'm always looking for toddler veggie recipes and this allows me to dump them into a category based on toddler success. It also creates awesome shopping lists based on the recipes you choose for that shopping trip. I use this on both my computer and iPhone and love them both. In short: the most useful app I've downloaded in years.

- Lifesaver

For health reasons our dietary needs changed drastically and if it were not for Paprika we would have had a hard time finding and keeping new recipes to match our new diet. Keep up the great work!!

- So happy I found this app + a couple tweaks would be helpful

I can’t stop talking about the app- it’s super helpful to be able to find all my recipes together in one place. Visuals are good. Imports of recipes from websites works well. It’s a very practical app for people who cook a lot. Two additions that would be helpful - having the ability to zoom into photos (for me I’ve photographed a written recipe and want to upload it to the app instead of re writing the entire thing). Second - uploading videos would be very helpful (if this feature is already available, I’d love to know where to find it). I’ve recorded many video clips of recipes while others are cooking and I’d love to be able to save them on my app. So that everything is in one place. Hopefully the updated versions will address these issues.

- Best Recipe Aggregator

This is everything I wanted in a recipe app, very customizable, easy to use, has a shopping list, and no subscriptions. If you want a recipe app that does everything you want this is the one for you.

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- By far the best and most useful app

I can’t say enough good things about this amazing app. It’s saved my sanity, saved me me money, and most of all time. Best purchase I’ve ever made on the App Store.

- can’t think of anything missing

Perfect recipe and kitchen organization app. You can not only save recipes directly from websites, you can also keep an inventory of your kitchen supplies, plan meals and create grocery shopping lists. Because it syncs using its own service, my wife and I are able to run Paprika on our respective phones (and the kitchen iPad) and see the same recipes and lists. The Mac version is also great and makes it easy to save recipes as you browse the web.

- Best App Investment I Have Made

Great application for categorizing recipes. Easy to scale recipes up or down. The exporting and importing function is a time saver as it is easy to share recipes with family and friends who use the application. My only disappointment is that when you change units to metric it converts dry ingredients to volumes in mL and not mass in grams. I am used to weighing ingredients in grams on scales.

- Grocery List added feature request

Hindsight Labs, What a great application, my wife and I have been using Paprika for years, we are huge fans of the design. My wife and I tend to run into a challenge once and awhile through the Grocery list. When I do the shopping from time to time and I purchase the incorrect item because I don’t have picture, with the current covid-19 going on most items cannot be returned. So as you can imagine, I will send a text with a picture to ask if this item is the correct one, which turns into a back and forth. She gets annoyed and I get annoyed as do the people around me as I stand there awaiting an answer on the correct selection. Bottom line, that would be a great option is the ability to take a picture of the item at home as we are creating the grocery list, along with the current text, this could save a lot of time and frustration for us and many customers. Thank you again for your great product!

- One of my fav apps of all time

Import and export recipes like a magician. It’s literally perfection. So smart. Must try!

- Best recipe app

I have tried Several others. This one is by far the best. Easy to save recipes. Easy to edit and share recipes. It’s made cooking so much easier.

- The best I have found.

Spend a couple bucks it is worth it. Download from any browser Share easily Shopping list Interface allows you to check off ingredients and steps.

- LOVE... just need one thing.

This is what I’ve been needing for a while and love that Apple Watch options are being added now... only thing... I am desperate for the following option. Needing a jump to “Today” option, as sometimes I fall off track and have to manually find the current date. This would also be useful for those that are consistent meal planners, as they can plan out their month and then jump to the current date to prepare meals.

- Dream of dreams in recipe holder

It does all the work for you! Even recommends recipe websites. No more having to scroll through 50+ saved pins on Pinterest for a recipe! Copy an URL, paprika detects it and all you have to do is press download and voila! Also allows you to put in a meal plan and load into a shopping trip list where you can easily make off items you need and don’t need! And it’s a ONE TIME payment app!!! I hate subscriptions. $5 well worth spent.

- Best app ever

Huge fan of this app. It’s everything I was looking for in a recipe manager/meal planning so. Go team!

- Scaling still doesn’t work after *years*

I still love this app, after years of owning it. But PLEASE fix the recipe scaling feature, since more and more recipes provide multiple ways of measuring and it makes recipes friendlier to share. For example, this recipe for a 3 layer cake: 12 ounces unsalted butter (about 3 sticks; 340g) When scaled by 1/3, becomes: 4 ounces unsalted butter (about 3 sticks; 340g) Which can lead to frustrating mistakes. It’s tedious to rewrite recipes to work around this shortcoming. Thanks.

- Best app on my phone!

Do yourself a favor and get this app! I have it on my computer too! You will never be without a recipe! If someone likes your recipe you can instantly email it to them! Easily download recipes you find online!

- 1 job to do

Maybe I just don’t get it, but when I run across a recipe online, there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to add it to the app. It does lots of other things I don’t care about, but that one job I want it to do seems really hard.

- Thank you to my sister in law for showing me this app

I am currently getting rid of all those pieces of magazine clippings.. lol going onto this recipe saver. Also. All the recipes you see on line... type them into this app and they pop up and you save them in a heartbeat! Fantastic and easy to use and to share and send recipes to your friends and family . love it! 💕💕

- The best

All in one recipe tool especially the automatic shopping list.

- The whole family uses it!

What can I say? We’re hooked on it. Easy, convenient. Recipes can be downloaded or added manually.

- I don't want to pay twice

I purchased this app and have used it at least a year. I changed my email address on the app. I recently had to take my apps off my phone and reinstall them. Now I can not download the app from the App Store unless I pay for it again! I like the app but I think it's robbery by Apple or the app developers and I can't make myself pay $4.99 for something I already bought! Beware

- Ads shown in browser for a PAID app

When you’re trying to import a recipe using the built-in browser, this app shows you ADs. The browser popups intrusive videos and covers part of the screen. Extremely frustrating given that I just paid $5 for the app. Using the browser is the only way you can import recipes other than typing them in yourself manually (which is super slow). I hope that when using the regular part of the app there are no ads. Super frustrating to not be told there are stupid ADS in part of the app. That should be make clear up front.

- Watch app is so useful

I have loved this app for iOS and Mac since the beginning but the watch app is a huge new bonus. So few watch apps are actually useful but having the shopping list on your wrist is so helpful when pushing a cart and corralling children. Wearing masks in the store also makes it harder to unlock and look at the list on my iPhone so the watch app is even more useful these days. Thanks for adding this feature.

- Love this app.

I use this almost every day. I have been doing the Keto diet since January 2020 and it has been great using this app. Thanks so much!

- Best recipe app

As a longtime user of Mac gourmet, I am so glad I switched to paprika. It is so much easier to use and we can add/access recipe from any of our phones/computers/iPads. Great product!!!

- WOW!

I don’t usually write reviews for apps, but this app is incredible. So many features than just storing all your recipes. Really easy to add recipes from the web and the organization of the recipes is great. While making the recipe the ability to: cross off each item as you go along, having multiple timers going within the recipe, pin recipes, and highlight where you are within the recipe.

- Still the best recipe management software

I have use this since version one, and it has always stayed ahead of the pack for recipe management. The most recent version is a boon for Apple Watch users as I love the ability to have your grocery list on your wrist organized by aisle. Keep up the good work and thanks!

- I am loving this-especially now

Grocery planning has never been more important. Being able to plan out breakfast lunch and dinner, resolve the quantities and know that I need three pounds of quick oats a week, 6 for two weeks, or that the recipes I have planned require 8 cups of onions (we eat a lot of onions, don’t judge) is super helpful. Being able to put recipes for certain appliances I use again and again (ball jam maker, juicer, instant pot) work them into the weekly menu, throw the menu into the grocery list, the shopping calculus is done for me. Saves so much time & food waste because I buy what I need. I do need to reconcile diced onions & chopped onions & sliced onions & whole onions, the program can't recognize them as the same thing, but really I just edit frequently used recipes to whole onions diced, whole onions chopped, etc and then the program adds them up fine.

- Easy to use

So easy to use and search for your favorite recipes. I use frequently especially planning a meal. Highly recommend.

- As Described...But I Feel Cheated

One star for slimy business practices, 3 for the app itself. App works well and syncs to the cloud seamlessly...Which is why I have such a HUGE issue with these folks. I paid $30 for this app on my laptop, only to have said laptop crap out. I was forced to pay these people $5 to download the app on my iPad, just to access MY info. Of course, you can’t access anything online, so they screw you into paying. It’s sleazy, but it worked.

- Paprika

Absolutely love to place all my recipes in Paprika! They are all at my fingertips! 💕

- Feature request

Just downloaded the MacOS and iOS versions today $$$ and started to populate with recipes. I also updated the pantry section of the app. It would be great if the app had scanner capability to you can just scan the UPC and come populate the pantry that way. Also, typing via voice command capitalizes the first letter. It would be nice if it didn’t do that since the search match lower cases everything. Thanks!

- Unbelievable!

Paprika has thought of almost everything. I’ve used mastercook and macgourmet. I’ve liked them. But paprika is even easier and has more great bells and whistles. It even has a timer. If the recipe says - bake 20 minutes - just click on 20 and the timer starts. You can search the internet for a recipe through the program and just download. Just love it!

- Love this app

Can’t figure out how to write my own recipes I can do it on the old version. Love the way it imports the recipes

- Professional Chef

When I first started my restaurant 5 years ago I created my recipe book using this app. It is so wonderfully convenient being able to let all my kitchen employees sign into my account, so we all have the complete recipe book right in our pockets. Keeps the system running smooth.

- Can’t live without it

Been using this app for several years and absolutely love it. So easy to upload recipes. So helpful when I’m grocery shopping. It’s my favorite cookbook! Plus so easy to share recipes with friends and family. I created a section of family favorites that were passed down through the years and can easily share it with the whole family. Love this app.

- Awesome

The best recipe book I’ve found. Instantly save any recipe that looks good, categorize it, and rate it after you’ve tried it so it can be a keeper or you know not to try it again.

- Love this app!

I can add my own, search the internet, search by ingredients or this app!

- Near perfect app

1). I need a way to easily see a recipe’s assigned categories without having to open each recipe. This way if I am organizing a large number of recipes it will make it easier to view the accuracy of assigned categories. (Probably more useful in the desktop version) 2) search function is only ok. I have a recipe called Raw Tomatoes and Green Bean Pasta salad. If I type in Raw in the search field, Paprika app can’t find the recipe. It works with the desktop program.

- Fantastic recipe organizer

Paprika makes it so easy to keep and find your recipes. You can import them from a computer using their Bookmarklet. You can organize recipes in any manner you wish by creating your own tabs. While cooking, I display recipes on my iPad which makes it so easy to follow. In the past I use to print out recipes and have stacks of paper, making it difficult to find a certain one. I showed it to my daughter and she added the app and she considers it to be the best.

- Helpful

I use it all the time to give me recipe ideas

- Paprika has changed my cooking...and my house

My house was stuffed with years of dog-eared magazines with recipes I could not access unless I pulled them down and flipped through them. I spent a good few weeks of evenings going through the magazines and categorizing the recipes in Paprika by type (eg chicken, breakfast, sandwich etc.), magazine name, and month of publication since I like to pick recipes in season. I have recycled over a 100 magazines and my meal planning is so much faster. The grocery list is great ,too. Give it a try.!

- Would like to have more than one paprika app for different families

I wish there was a way family members could all contribute to one app as well as having their individual app. It would also be great. If it was easy to share recipes from one paprika app to another.

- Browser inserts ads & privacy terms are terrible

Paprika overlays ads in its browser. Ads include annoying video ads and they just cover up page content. The accessibility of these ads is poor. Can’t believe I paid for this - it just feels cheap and these ads bothers me every time I use the software. Privacy terms are also total garbage - who are your ‘business partners’ you share everything with? It’s the sort of cheapness you can find in ‘free’ software.

- Fabulous recipe organizer

The browser function is Google, so it’s fabulous. You just click download and Paprika stores the recipe. No more having to scroll through all those ads. And the recipes are reduced to two tabbed sections: Ingredients, and Directions. Brilliant.

- What happened to these features?

On the last version of this app, you could choose what picture to download. This one doesn’t let you choose. Also, when you copied a website, paprika automatically downloaded that website when opening the app. It doesn’t do that anymore.

- Paprika

Love this app

- Paprika works well for me

I really like Paprika, it does everything I need it to do. Easy to scale, browser works well, easy to share or print recipes. Updates done on my phone update my iPad, wife’s phone and iPad as well. Only issue is that when viewing ingredients, if I accidentally touch an ingredient, it grays it out.

- Best portable recipe app

I love this apps portability. It’s easy to use and the download recipe function works great!

- You can’t beat this one...

I’m not a cook. That said, I’m a better cook than my wife. Why? I follow recipes. Up til now, my only source for recipes was saving interesting things I found in Pinterest. I created categories, but it was hard to find specific recipes among the categories. The built in browser in this app is fantastic. I look up the website that was the source of my Pinterest save and the browser, so far, as downloaded all recipes flawlessly. It is definitely worth the money.

- Didn’t import pictures from RecipeBook

I got this cause RecipeBook was getting ponderous and unresponsive cause they said it could import all my recipes. It did but none of the images. Still too early to rank it above one star but time will tell.

- Amazing app, well done

If I could give 6 stars, I would. I’ve tried and used many food/recipe apps over the last 8 years. None come close to the ease and usability of Paprika 3. A well thought out interface and excellent performance. I’ve put hundreds of my recipes into Paprika and it still just hums along. Bravo!!

- Simply the best

I’ve used it for seven years now. Every day for seven years. I would love if they would add the ability to sort by last made (based on it having been on the calendar.

- Save Recipes

This is a fabulous way to save all the recipes you see posted!

- Every cook needs it.

Great recipe program. Has all the features you need. Love the auto recipe download & parsing from any web address. Makes adding found recipes to your database a breeze. Happy user for years.

- Best way to organize recipes

Paprika has allowed me to eliminate so many paper copies of recipes. You define your own categories which allows a very easy way to access your recipes. Download from any food site and stored in the app the way you want. Also can edit any aspect of the recipe. Meal plans, grocery lists, I love this App!

- Invaluable tool

I bought this app primarily for meal planning, but it has proven to be invaluable for so much more. The ability to save full recipes from the web rather than a clumsy snap in a Pinterest folder is worth its weight in gold. Recipe scaling, grocery lists, it’s all here.

- The best recipe app! Worth more than paid!

I would definitely recommend this app to everyone. I've tried lots of free and paid for apps and nothing compared! Whenever, a friend tells me what they use for recipes and we compare, they end up switching to the Paprika Recipe Manager 3 and agree with me, it is the best! I've never lost my recipes even after serious device problems that I had to start over from scratch. Each time, Paprika was reloaded onto the repaired device, and all of my recipes were automatically downloaded. ( my devices are Apple, and rarely if ever, backed up to iTunes. I don't have the Internet, only cellular data.) Never losing my recipes is priceless too me. Other recipe apps I tried I lost everything, all the time consuming typed out family recipes etc. Grabbing recipes from the Internet couldn't be any easier. I can make my own categories, shopping lists are super convenient, built in timers, auto syncing so I never lose a single recipe, the list of features is impressive. Could there be a recipe app better than Paprika now? Maybe, but I'm so totally sold on Paprika that I haven't even thought about trying other apps in years. It works, it's reliable, and it makes my life so much easier, why would I look elsewhere? Update: Dec.1,2019, Still loving Paprika 3, hands down the Best recipe app!!!!

- Love this program

Easy to use to download recipes from net as well as entering your own recipes. This is about the 3 or 4 program and worth every cent i paid.

- Ok but can be better

Missing few functionality but the worst is that there is no support. I sent 2 questions but never got any answers.

- Excellente application

Parfaite pour tenir à jour un livre complet de recettes. Copie une recette rapidement à partir d’un article ou d’un site en un rien de temps. La liste d’épicerie est géniale! Clairement la meilleure app de sa catégorie!

- Super

Super efficace ,très polyvalent, un plus pour ceux qui possèdent plusieurs différente source de recettes. Le seul problème c’est de ne pas pouvoir échanger les recettes avec d’autres usagers de Paprika3

- The Best

Absolutely the best recipe app out there. You can do soooo much with this app. Love copying recipes from other sites and Facebook right into Paprika. Love having all my recipes on my phone so I can check the ingredients when I’m out shopping. Worth every penny you pay for this one. AND, You pay once and your done.

- Great app.

Great app. One review wrote that it had adds, it’s not true. If you use the browser and are visiting a webpage with adds you’ll see the adds from there. The only down side the grocery shopping is not readily shareable like on Reminders or AnyList.

- The best gets better

Have used this app for years. My husband has it too so he can help get dinner ready by checking the meal plan or get groceries from our list if he's out. My daughter can help plan her school lunches for the week. I love being able to capture instantly and flawlessly recipes I see online, even embedded in bloggers' posts. I love creating meal plans and generating grocery lists sorted by aisle or assigning items to different stores. This is an awesome app that does everything you could want and then some. My top wish list item would be the ability to copy and paste a block of days in the meal planner to create rotations. The menu option is too finicky for this purpose.

- Love meal planner

I’ve used this app to store all my recipes. It’s great for transferring recipes right off the internet. Now discovered the meal planner and that’s turned my life into such a organized, go to grocery store once a week type of power move. Have a receipt for each day. Then go to each one and add right from the ingredients what whatever’s needed into the cart. It’s just the best.

- Awesome app

The only aspect of Paprika that I would wish for is a means to calculate nutrition if it is not already provided in the recipe

- Good Recipe Manager

I started using Paprika seriously when trying and collecting gluten-free recipes for my granddaughter. Now I have entered all my tried and true recipes from newspapers and old recipe books. I love it!

- Best recipe app

A true joy to use this app and have it synchronized with all my devices. A must have!

- Love this app!

I have been using this app for years! I now have a great collection of recipes that make meal planning a breeze!

- Been my absolute favorite for a loooooooong time

What a great idea, the new - and improved - twist on our old recipe boxes or messy binders. Beautiful, streamlined visuals, easy and wonderfully efficient, this wonderful app has been regularly improved over the years (I love that). It’s features make it VERY versatile yet delivering a uniform, booklike quality to your recipe collection. I’ve recommended this app over and over. It never failed me. Cheers 🥂

- Best food app I use.

Paprika is the best recipe app I’ve used. It organizes my recipes (duh), my grocery list and pantry. I can organize meals, coordinate meals with days and the best feature is the ability to search recipes. The in-app browser allows Google searches, find what you’re looking for and download them directly to Paprika. The price is a bargain for what you get and ports across devices. I have an old iPad in my kitchen, I update it and it’s automatically pushed to my iPhone. My work iPad has it too so I’m never too far from thinking about cooking, which makes me happy. I purchased the MacBook Pro app too and works great but is probably overkill for most people. I’m a nerd so I wanted it but I use that one the least. I’ve told foodie friends about it and they love it too... which reminds me that you can share recipes super easily also. And if your friends also have Paprika it downloads automatically for them.

- Fantastic App

I love how easy it is to download/import a recipe from a website directly to Paprika. I can easily collect my favourite recipes and create an organized list of them.

- J’adore!

Super application sur toutes les plateformes.

- Très déçu

J’utilise cette application depuis plusieurs années et je l’aimais beaucoup. Je suis très déçu que tout mes recettes soient perdues et que je dois recommencer. C’est inacceptable à mon avis quand celle-ci à été payée, une migration devrait être possible. J’ai acheté la nouvelle version en pensant retrouver mes données mais non. Comme ma confiance n’y est plus je pense demander un remboursement.

- Paprika 3

Il y a des améliorations vraiment intéressantes comparé à la version précédente. Il y a quand même quelques petits manques, mais j'aime beaucoup cette application.

- Can’t live without this app

I’m a private cook and I use this app everyday- it’s flexible, helpful and makes me look good! K

- Solid foundation and execution

While it could use a little love in the days of iOS 12 & 13 there are no bugs that spoil the seamless recipe compilation and meal planning.

- Excellent Organizer

I am addicted! I find it so easy to use and finding recipes online is super easy too. I also love the fact that it stops your screen saver from closing up your device when you are viewing a recipe. Gone are the sticky fingers on the home button!

- Everyone should use this

It keeps recipes, downloads them easily Does your grocery shopping based off of recipes Also meal planner feature (I don’t use this) All with great user interface... idk how I would live without it from now on

- Best way to manage shopping and cooking

I've been using this app for about 2 years now, and everything about it just fantastic! Any recipe ingredient list can be scaled making much simpler to figure out what you need, and all of this feeds into the grocery list. Did I mention that the grocery list breaks everything down my section? I used this step manually in other apps, but Paprika makes it so simple. On top of that, it makes meal planning much simpler and recipe import is dead simple. It's also great that when I'm barbecuing, I can start in the kitchen working off the iPad, then go outside and continue on my phone so I can start timers for each step. Yes, the directions list is smart enough to parse out where all the timers are so you can measure everything perfectly. This developer now has a life-long customer, and frankly, they deserve it.

- Fabulous and much better than MacGourmet

I am a recent convert to Paprika and frankly I don’t know how I have managed before now. First of all, this software allowed me to import all of my 370 existing MacGourmet recipes into the database in about 10 minutes. I then quickly started to download other recipes directly from the web using the “Browser” function. I particularly like that I have a choice of seeing my recipes in a list or in thumb-print gallery. It is really easy to edit and add photos to existing recipes. Most importantly, the syncing with my iPad, iPhone and laptop occurs instantly. I cannot say enough about this software!

- Paprika 3 is an awesome app that I highly recommend.

A prior reviewer said they had to purchase separately for iPhone and iPad. Not so for me. One purchase and it is currently working and syncing for me on both. It seems I am often throwing food in the compost because I don't have a meal plan. I do now! And the shopping cart encourages me to buy just what I need for the upcoming meals. It is also incredibly useful to use the built in browser to search for and download recipes into your recipes section. And in the recipe section you can create your own categories for quick retrieval when you need them. ie dessert, breakfast, dinner etc. Find a recipe you like but it is too small for your needs? Simply convert the recipe to the number of servings you want. You can print or email a recipe. All of this for $6.99 Canadian one time charge. A super deal IMHO. I am a subscriber to Anylist app that is also very useful and I like it a lot. Time will tell if Paprika 3 replaces it, saving me the annual subscription. What are you waiting for? (And no, I don't have any affiliation with the developer)

- Great, so easy

After fighting with MacGourmet sync issues for the past two months, I finally downloaded Paprika and haven’t look back. I exported all my MacGourmet recipes and Paprika imported them flawlessly. Web recipes are so easy to import. Got the Mac app too.

- Terrible Support!

I have been using Paprika for iPad for years and love it, but always find myself somewhere with just my phone and want to check my recipes, so I purchased the additional iPhone app (I have a problem with this too...having to pay for the app on each device). The real issue - I cannot Sync my recipes to my iPhone because I can’t remember my account password. I submitted a password reset request and have received NO response. I tried sending an online request for help and NO response. I want my money back!!

- Love, love, love this app

I have recommended this app to many people. It’s the best app I’ve paid for to date and I’ve been using this one for years now. I wish we could link multiple recipes together, for instance, I like this cake with a link to my favourite icing and filling. Or link a main and favourite sauce or side dish. Please add this option for us. I also wish we had the ability to scroll through pics when more than one has been added to the recipe.

- Pictures

Can you add pictures of recipes from books please.

- Save your money

I really wish I can get a refund because this is supposed to be a free app. I advise everyone to not pay for this app because there’s many others that do the same but for free

- Disponibilité sur Apple Watch

Excellente application. Elle devrait être disponible sur l’Apple Watch.

- Needs some cool editing - please?

With this new version, if I forget to instantly attach a 'category' to each and every individual recipe immediately after downloading it - (in my case, I had 19 uncategorized recipes) I have quite a time consuming task ahead of me! There are at least 6 separate, frustrating, clicks to perform (via the Edit function) to attach a recipe to a category. In the old version, it was a breeze. All I had to do was click on the dimmed 'uncategorized' button inside the recipe title - then simply click to the left of the screen and assign it to one or more Categories. It would be awesome if I could 'select' more than just one new recipe at a time, then move them together into the desired Category folder. Thanks!

- No photos

Adding recipes using the bookmarlet on browsers does not bring the picture, which makes the ability to add from desktop useless, only adding from within the app works. No response from developers when this issue was shared with them.

- Wow. What a smart app

Been using Paprika for quite a while and now I am gathering all my recipes in one place. Hallelujah!! No more where is that bread recipe or that mustard pickle recipe, they are all in one place. Thanks for creating this smart app. But since the last update something weird is happening: When importing from a website, the ingredients are not right. It would show 1,00 Tsp or 500,00 gram. Instead of 1 Tsp or 500 gram. Please have a look at this. And again thank you for creating such a smart app. I have been promoting it at any chance I get. Trudy

- I didn't get the Promised November discount.

Gave you a one star to grab your attention because of billing issues. I was supposed to get 40% off when I purchased this app for my phone yesterday. I have been billed for the full price. Please have apple fix this as I am unable to ask for a partial refund, only ask them to cancel the app. I have been using your app for several years on my iPad and find this app very useful for gathering recipes and for planning special events. I have even added my family recipes, as it saves searching through cookbooks to find scraps of paper. I like the shopping list feature and being able to sync with my phone. For the app, I give you A++++++ Another question. Why did I need to buy an addition app for my phone when my iPad already had it? With other apps I was able to download it to my phone without additional expenses.

- Life Changing

Have been working on health and this app has been vital in that!! I consider it an essential tool in my 140lb weight loss. 😊

- Tedious Recipe Importing and Tagging

Pros: Calendar: great idea to include a calendar. Now I can look at recipes and plan out the menu for the week, all in one app. Much more convenient then having to switch back and forth between a separate calendar app! Web Browser: it’s convenient to have the web browser within the app, to navigate recipe websites and import recipes directly Grocery List: The ability to add items to a grocery list - and to separate the grocery list into different “aisles” - is a great feature Cons: Bulk importing recipes: It was really tedious to import recipes from different websites (Allrecipes, Epicurious, etc.). I had to do them one-by-one. There really should be a “bulk import” feature. For someone using Paprika for the first time, importing 200 recipes from several different websites is a very time consuming process. Bulk tagging: Similarly, adding Tags to all the recipes took quite a long time. If you are looking at a list of your recipes, it takes a total of seven taps to tag something and get back to the recipes list. Select recipes - press Edit - press Categories - select Category - select Edit Recipe - press Save - select Recipes. This is far too cumbersome, especially if you imagine repeating this 200 times for all your recipes. There should be a “bulk tag” feature. Pricing: In Canada, it’s $7 for this iOS app and $40 for the Mac OS app. Pricey! Suggestions: Ability to customize the size of the pictures and recipes tiles in the Recipe List

- Good app but the pantry still needs to him

Version three is definitely an upgrade to version two particularly in terms of the of the pantry and ability to move items from the grocery list to the pantry and back but the pantry functionality is still lacking relative to other standalone pantry apps. In particular I would like to see a customizable notes field as well as searchable tags at a minimum. Pantry item prices at various stores would also be extremely helpful.

- Paprika 3

Great app, I still use the original as I find it auto loads webpages better than the new version. My only hope is that with future updates you can share recipes by iMessage/text insurers of just email.

- Pas terrible

On m’a conseillé cette application mais je suis déçue. Lors du téléchargement des recettes l’application paprika ne les reconnaît pas. Alors il faut copier coller chaque ingrédients pas pratique du tout.

- The competition is fierce!

There is one app that allows you to take a photo of recipes and it automatically saves it. I almost replaced paprika with that app but then I realized I had paid $6 for this app. Paprika needs to up their game because this new app may be better!

- So far so good

I’ve only been using it for about a day but so far I have to say I am very impressed. The feature to import from the website works absolutely flawless and always finds the right information. I also make my own cosmetics so I have imported those recipes as well and it works too. The only thing I found little weird is the scale and convert feature and so far the only reason I haven’t given five stars.

- Best Recipe App

My wife and I have used Paprika for years now - it just keeps getting better over time, and it just works! And it works wonderfully well... big THANK YOU to the developers of this wonderful app.

- Disappointed

I wish it had been clearer that individual purchases were required for iOS and desktop. I purchased the iOS and then discovered I would have to shell out another $35+ to get the desktop version. Needless to say, I found another app to use that allows syncing and does not require a separate purchase. Disappointed I spent the money.

- Import depuis un site n’a jamais fonctionné

La fonction qui m’a fait acheté cette app est le « téléchargement de recettes depuis vos sites favoris ». J’ai essayé sur plus d’une trentaine de sites et j’ai toujours reçu le même message d’erreur m’indiquant qu’il y avait un problème et que je devais utiliser le presse-papier. Si c’était pour copier-coller des pages je me serai contenté de Notes... très déçu.

- Question

Did this app has a feature where highlight ingredients I have and suggest meals base on whats in my pantry and recipe that I have saved?

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- Best recipe app ever

I had scrapbooks of recipes; recipe books: heirloom recipes on index cards. This allowed me to combine them all in one place. Easy to search and even easier to add a new recipe from the internet. I love the fact I can scale up or down depending how many mouths I have to feed — as well as converting recipes from US sites to what the rest of the world uses. Please warn me if you ever decide to stop making this.

- Best App I have ever used

So much I love about this App! I love knowing that I won’t lose that amazing recipe I looked up the other day. I can print, share with friends and save recipes to try later.

- Best

Love Paprika. So easy to use. Will never make all the recipes I have saved, but one can never be too sure!

- The best recipe app by far. Almost perfect :)

It really is the best recipe app, and I have tried a LOT. I would give 5 stars if it had the ability to add nutrition and cost info. I wish I could give it 4.5 stars because I honestly do recommend it to all of my friends, family and fb cooking groups!

- Most used app on my phone, MacBook and iPad

Most used app I have. Have managed to store hundreds of recipes and love also the shopping list feature. Do all my shopping this way. I use the app almost every day and often several times a day.

- The kitchenhand I can’t live without

I must admit that 7 years ago I thought $4.95 was a lot to spend on an app, but a good friend had raved about it so I took the plunge. I love the app for so many reasons & the developers keep making it better & better. I use it for my grocery list. I love being able to menu plan, and add ingredients directly from the recipe to my list.

- Excellent app

I really like the functionality and ease of use of Paprika. The ability to scale the recipes, schedule meals, built in timer, grocery list and pantry are very convenient.

- Get it - just brilliant!

Have used this app for years. It is literally life changing in its convenience.

- Get this now!

If you have favourite recipes, regular recipes or have a meal plan that you follow then get this App. I’ve been using it for years. Great for syncing between iPad and phone, easily scaling recipe quantities. No more forgetting to buy an item. Items disappear off the list as you pick them. Easily email recipes to friends. I could go on and on by how much I rely on this App every day of my life. But that should be enough 😀😀


THE most used app for me which I sync between phone & computer.

- My Favourite App!

The most wonderful recipe app ever! Just love it 😍

- Great app that helped me reduce food waste

I live by Paprika 3, it's meant I can plan my meals and my groceries. Now rather than buying food as I see it, I get specifically what I need and don't end up throwing half of it away. What I wish it had though was integration into iOS extensions so that from web browsers (Chrome, safari, etc) I could send a recipe to Paprika, instead of having to copy the URL and load it into the app. This is more about integrating into my surfing habits. Often I see a recipe on social media and just want to send it to the app without leaving what I'm doing at the moment. Also, the app isn't a friend of sites that aren't coded well. In particular that (stupidly) uses JavaScript to show/hide it's mobile view of the methods/ingredients tabs. This means that only the tab that is in view at the time gets pulled in when downloading (therefore requiring me to copy and paste the missed tab data). Not the app's fault, goodfood should code better, but it's a bit frustrating as it's one of my main sites for recipes.

- Does a pretty good job

Does a good job of consolidating online recipes, could do with some extra features. One of the better apps on the market.

- My favourite app

Paprika has always been my favourite app. I’ve had it since it first came out & it just keeps getting better. It’s a combination of brilliant design & great functionality. I use it all the time. Kudos to the developers 👏👏👏

- Best app!!

I absolutely love the Paprika app - being able to download recipes from different sources , and then have them all stored in one spot is brilliant. I have the app on my phone and iPad, and they both sync without issue.

- Does the job but could be so much better

It feels like the app hasn’t changed in years. Surely it could be much better now? Recipes look so text heavy. Search function is very basic (ie can’t search for multiple categories). Feels like it’s overdue for a big revamp

- Great Recipe Manager

Glad to see regular updates, and quick support for iOS 13 and iPad OS 13, looking forward to future updates. As a chef, I personally would love to see food costings in an ingredient list and for recipes as well, in metric of corse. Thank you.

- Calendar export not working//support no answer

I love the ap, but: Calendar export says “that account does not allow calendars to be added or removed” I have tried to contact support but received no response. Please help.

- Paprika

Paprika is the least intuitive app I’ve ever used and I’d like a refund as I think it’s hopeless

- Great way to organise recipes

I was a bit sceptical but the app delivered more than I expected. It can organise recipes found in the web in a structured and consistent way. The most important feature for that is automatic recipe parsing that works very well. I even was able to correctly download a recipe in non-English language! One thing that’s missing though - it can’t import pictures into “directions” so you can’t have “step by step with photos” recipes unfortunately

- Can’t add any photos on the recipe

A little bit frustrating as I can’t add any photos to my recipes. The photos were taken on my phone. Please fix it.

- Kitchen GAME CHANGER!!

This is by far my favourite and most helpful app! I have always struggled with midweek meals, prep and grocery shopping. I have gone from cooking 3 meals (dinner) to 5 fabulous meals a week! It so helpful; search for recipes, creating a detailed shopping lists and a week/month meal planner. AMAZING!!!

- Never got started

I just paid $8 and when I registered received a message stating my account is not recognised. Would love to use as came highly recommended but can’t find any customer support. I am a paying customer now but have absolutely NOTHING for my money. Would rate zero stars but am being forced to rate so here - have 1!

- MacOS version costs $47!!!

I actually love this app on IOS but would like my recipes to also sync with my mac. I thought the IOS purchase was already not cheap but it’s ok for a good app. But having to pay another $47 for my recipes to sync with my Mac. Seriously??? I’ll just copy and paste them in my notes app thanks. You must be delusional. Probably why there are only 7 reviews for it and none since a year ago on the Mac version. Who in their right mind would pay this sort of money for that?

- Paid app... with Ads! shocking

Bought the app after searching something that could do meal plans and easily download recipes from external websites... seemed perfect until... I realized it shows you ads while you use the app!!! just unacceptable for a paid app. And there’s no mention of it upfront in the App store. Will ask for a refund from Apple immediately. Be forewarned,

- Best app I’ve ever bought

Hands down this is the best app I’ve ever bought. I LOVE it! I did hesitate when I saw the price but trust me you will not regret getting it. It’s so easy to use - I love that when you find a recipe on the internet you just press the button to upload into Paprika and it adds it to you recipe library without any messing around, photos too! The only change I’d make is to add auto correct and spell check, it can be frustrating when adding your own recipes and you mistype. Great work otherwise developers.

- Invaluable

This would be my favourite app in terms of the positive impact it’s had on my life. I love to cook and used to maintain four gigantic 3-ring binders full of scrapbooked recipes. Of course I could never find the recipe I want when I looked for it in the binders. Now I keep all of my 1300+ recipes on Paprika and can find things with a brief search of name or ingredients. Being able to tick off ingredients as I add them to the recipe means I never leave anything out! Every time I try a new recipe, I add a rating and comments about any modifications. I’ve noticed over the years that paprika seems able to automatically load recipes from more websites (rather than manually saving them) which is a bonus. It’s also really easy to share recipes with others. I love that you can now add custom grocery list categories. This year I even bought the Mac version, which i’ve found much faster for tasks like adding categories or notes to large numbers of recipes. Thank you.

- Only the best recipe app ever

I have used this app for over a year now loved it so much I got it for my girls they now love it as much as me love love it


Love this App. Easy transition to new edition. Great conversion to metric measurements. Extra great support when needed.

- .pdf

Really disappointed that a .pdf document cannot be imported. At present I have the majority of my recipes in .pdf format, for me to convert to Paprika will be very painstaking, even searching for the recipe online is going to be a massive task 😟

- Best recipe and shopping App!

I have had paprika since first released, it has worked extremely well between all our devices. When (only had one so far) there is support to resolve unlike most apps. Keep up the support and updates and it will be around for ever

- Needs to integrate with Pinterest

Would be perfect, but transferring recipes across from Pinterest is painful.

- Love it

This app brings all my recipes together in one place. Excellent

- Clunky. No refund. Waste of money.

Was looking for something that seamlessly imported recipes from boutique food websites and used them to automatically build shopping lists for the week. Wouldn’t do it. Angry that I can’t get a refund for some reason. I only purchased it yesterday and have been able to get refunds for apps in the past.

- App not sharing

Bought this app about 3-4 years ago after recommendations from other family members. We often share our recipes. Went to use it yesterday and it is saying that it is no longer sharing with me to go to the App Store. I click on the go to App Store button but it just doesn’t seem to work. I can still use it on my iPad it that’s a pain when we are out shopping or visiting friends and want to add/share recipes. What do I do now Paprika team to get all my recipes a k on my phone?

- Love this App!!

I had this previous version as well and loved it. New features on this one are great. DO NOT listen to the reviews about the URL auto detection not working... you need to turn it on in settings if you want this to occur (very simple to turn on). My syncing on both new and old devices from the old version was seamless and did not take long at all. Great app and I use it all the time. Never lose a recipe again!

- Love!

I used the previous version, and liked it a lot, but this version adds almost all the features I wanted but never thought I would get. Linking in the ingredients of a recipe to another recipe — seriously, hallelujah! The only thing I’d like to see added is more searching capabilities, specifically, being able to exclude an ingredient from search. But I’m still super happy with the app as is.

- Upgrade lost all my recipes!!!

I’ve lost most of my recipes - and I had cloud sync on...devastated. The recipes have even disappeared off old devices using the app. And app support is too difficult to log into to get any help. Can’t believe I’ve paid so much money for this app and its upgrades only to lose app also isn’t as user friendly as old app and doesn’t have same features eg doesn’t automatically load recipes. Hate it. Take me back...

- Siri support for adding groceries [added!]

Love this app! Makes food so much easier to manage day to day, and worth the extra cost of version 3. Have you considered adding support for Siri to add groceries to the Paprika shopping list? Right now I have to keep my grocery list in Reminders, and export from Paprika for every meal I add (a bit time consuming) but would love to use Paprika exclusively! [edit: Siri support now added, 5 stars!]

- Full of advertising and pop ups.

Disappointed. I paid for this app and it’s full of annoying pops and advertising. It’s a mess.

- Hind$ight Labs

Incredibly expensive Mac app needs to be updated too. Didn’t even know there was a new iOS app until I used it on my iPhone X as I’m normally using it on an iPad mini which looked fine. If you’re dropping support, maybe you should inform users it’s being end of life. Considering how much I shelled out for the companion Mac app, you could at least have upgraded that to version 3.

- Waste of time & money

Loved the old Paprika, but wasted my money buying this “update”. I’ve been trying to get it to sync my recipes since I got it weeks ago & still hasn’t been done. Cloud sync takes forever (only done a couple of hundred recipes after a few weeks), & trying to export from old version to import into the new version doesn’t work despite following instructions. Really disappointed. Don’t bother with this version.

- Auto urls

Could someone specifically tell me where to enable the URL in settings on an iphone 7S? Can’t find this function. Thanks

- Good, but features could be better

I loved the previous app, especially when you had a link copied, the app would recognise it and ask you if you wanted to load it. This new app doesn’t do that. I liked the convenience and now it adds a task of having to open the browser on the app and copy the link into it.

- Paprika

I use this app all the time. Best cooking aid I’ve ever purchased, and I tried a few. I use a Thermomix and find this a wonderful helper. Well done to the team who put this together 10/10👌

- Please change the app name!

Amazing app, but please remove the ‘3’ from the app name. Don’t need to see the version number under the app icon or have it repeated every time I use Siri to add items to a list.

- Excellent new update for Paprika 3

I have been using Paprika 2 for many many years every day all day on all iOS and MAC devices. Just transferred 1000+ recipes from old App to new App, it was seamless, bought new App, logged in and left iPad running for about 30mins all done no problem and planner too! Will now purchase MAC version as happy with this transition and no bugs. New features that I like so far include the clean looking layout, conversion tab and metric tab in recipes, meal types, (finally I can have my baking tab) and the today section in planner ! Just buy it you won’t regret it and worth $$ for the effort spent by developers for always updating App - Thank-you ! (Also check settings to ensure your auto load URL is on to load recipes, for those who thought this feature was missing).

- Auto URL missing? No it isn’t 😁

I thought loading the URL automatically was missing from the isn’t missing at all. I have now change my review to reflect this. Go into settings and switch “detect clipboard URL’s” on. 😊

- great recipe app

I use this recipe app on almost a daily basis. It’s easy to use and the interface is excellent. Highly recommended

- Siri support is a nice idea, but...

I like the idea of the Siri support. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me as she just adds the items to reminders, not into Paprika.

I'm a big fan of @chrissyteigen & @Skinnytaste for recipes and menu inspiration. But I would be lost without the Pa…

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Paprika Recipe Manager 3 3.5.2 Screenshots & Images

Paprika Recipe Manager 3 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Paprika Recipe Manager 3 iphone images
Paprika Recipe Manager 3 iphone images
Paprika Recipe Manager 3 iphone images
Paprika Recipe Manager 3 iphone images
Paprika Recipe Manager 3 iphone images
Paprika Recipe Manager 3 ipad images
Paprika Recipe Manager 3 ipad images
Paprika Recipe Manager 3 ipad images
Paprika Recipe Manager 3 ipad images
Paprika Recipe Manager 3 ipad images
Paprika Recipe Manager 3 Food & Drink application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Paprika Recipe Manager 3 Food & Drink application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Paprika Recipe Manager 3 (Version 3.5.2) Install & Download

The applications Paprika Recipe Manager 3 was published in the category Food & Drink on 2017-11-15 and was developed by Hindsight Labs LLC [Developer ID: 392408031]. This application file size is 48.14 MB. Paprika Recipe Manager 3 - Food & Drink posted on 2020-07-16 current version is 3.5.2 and works well on IOS 9.3 and high versions.

Paprika Recipe Manager 3 Advisories: Unrestricted Web Access

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