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Bringing you closer to the people and things you love. — Instagram from Facebook

Connect with friends, share what you’re up to, or see what's new from others all over the world. Explore our community where you can feel free to be yourself and share everything from your daily moments to life's highlights.

Express Yourself and Connect With Friends

- Add photos and videos to your story that disappear after 24 hours, and bring them to life with fun creative tools.
- Message your friends in Direct. Start fun conversations about what you see on Feed and Stories.
- Post photos and videos to your feed that you want to show on your profile.

Learn More About Your Interests

- Check out IGTV for longer videos from your favorite creators.
- Get inspired by photos and videos from new accounts in Explore.
- Discover brands and small businesses, and shop products that are relevant to your personal style.

Instagram App Description & Overview

The applications Instagram was published in the category Photo & Video on 2010-10-06 and was developed by Instagram, Inc.. This application file size is 107.72 MB. Instagram current version is 119.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

The latest version contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Instagram Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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tutearo   5 star

Excellent. The Best!

x 360player x   1 star

Cannot add music to story anymore. Just as the title suggests, the ability to add music to your story has now disappeared. The one thing that’s kept me from deleting the app is now gone, so peace ! ✌🏻

olayemz   1 star

Error message. I’m unable to login my account on my Instagram app, have been having this Problem for days

Sharifieghbal   1 star

Many people are dissatisfied from your policies. I can’t like or comment and sharing post. I don’t have any robot on my page at all! Please change your block action on my page. Many people in the world don’t like your algorithm. Why you ignore our feedbacks?!!! Many people are dissatisfied from your company with your new policies !!!!

dxxLslxd   1 star

1 star is too much for you. This is so stupid I got restricted because i was using a service which was showing me who hasn’t followed me back on my ig... i dont wanna follow the people that are not following me back you cant tell us what to do!! If you’re not gonna show us who hasn’t followed us back then you HAVE to let us use those apps SUCH A SHAME!!!!

Moe Tizzy   5 star

My 2-cents. I have a few other accounts as well, my insta experience has been great overall. I barely post, I just be browsing and checking my dms. They stay updatin’ things so yea, it’s cool.

Farjam Jafarpour   5 star

I wish it works on Exploring More Valued Content rather than BS popular yellow Content.. That’s my only problem with instagram ; otherwise it’s the best after Pinterest

jaxon eilish   5 star

I love it but ... Can instagram stop glitches like hackers or smth like spam glitches

Down77town   1 star

Why. I see we can’t put music on here nomo

Henrybowman88   1 star

No internet connection. Neither Facebook or Instagram will login/load/update because they can't connect to the internet, but all my other apps can.

Supreman43210   5 star

13 hours a day on this godforsaken app. Thanks to the amazing executives over at the Facebook headquarters, I’m able to spend an average of 13 hours a day on this app (according to my screen time), which is pretty cool. Thanks!

TamofGa   5 star

First day out. New ig

mehranehmimi   5 star

mehraneh. thank you for being a part of our life

taifursabit   4 star

Dark mode. Want instagram build-in dark mode or for ios 12

pappypattpatt   1 star

CHANGES. We don’t like how you guys took away chronological order nor are we liking the direction that the app is moving in. If it continues to change like this ppl will be leaving and finding another social media app to participate in.

1d2n3c4m   4 star

Agendar publicações. Gostaria que fosse possível agendar as publicações tal como é possível no facebook.

alexrwazhere   5 star

Alright but yeah.. We get to connect with people.

Rabon zee   5 star

Suggestion. Why not give an option for a dark background in the app outlay ?

Saeran Choi   3 star

Instagram is destroying its own platform. Instagram is overly censoring it’s own platform and needlessly taking down harmless comments and posts. Still :|

Ms. LCr   1 star

music sticker gone. I used to have a music option on my stories and now its gone, how do i get it back?

Mason Lange   1 star

DM’s not working. Been having this issue for awhile and it’s very annoying. When I open up the DM page isn’t my will never load and doesn’t show up any past streams of messages. I am still able to send and receive messages but I either have to remember the account that sent me one and look it up or click the notification. Hope you guys are able to fix this problem. (Will change review when problem is fixed)

jdjfnjf   1 star

Why is this app constantly buggy?. Why is this app constantly buggy?

kick bixser   4 star

Instagram. It’s good entertainment!

Done2Much1   1 star

Something is wrong. When I try to log in my account it keeps saying error but when I log in another device it works perfectly fine. 😒

omg why nickname are all taken   1 star

Please fix !!. music feature kept disappearing?? i lost mine 3 months ago, it came back last week, now its gone again?

Bryan Jaras   3 star

Fix your app. I’ve been having trouble sending photos and replies and i’m hoping you could help. it’s becoming really annoying and i would like to find out if it’s just me , thank you! my instagram is @bryanj_1818 and it’s happening on my other accounts too

Antoine J   5 star

Great App. Great App

Zenuxed   1 star

DM’s not loading. This has been going on for months and I’ve tried multiple ways to fix it but nothing has prevailed. My DMs won’t load. I still get notifications if I do not have the app open, but when I open the app after receiving a dm, I have to manually search up the person to reply. Or it’s just a loading circle with no indication of who’s texted me. Other than that this is a great app, but hopefully this can be fixed soon though.

imscarytoo   1 star

Dms problem. Instagram is not loading my dms😤.. FIX IT NOW😤😤😤!!

CB320th   1 star

Instagram trippin. Ummm y don’t I have music yet🤨

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🅱athan   2 star

Glitching and now not worth using over other social networking apps. I’m experiencing a glitch in which my direct messages will not load and can only be accessed through looking up whoever it is I wish to talk to

Rain7781   3 star

No instagram music 😡. When is Canada getting Instagram Music?!?!!

Antoine546   1 star

Bugs in New Update. The insight page simply doesn’t show the stats;sometimes I like a pic but when I come back it didnt register; Story oftenly show that they were deleted ( idk if its a bug but before the update I rarely saw storys getting deleted). I really like the app but extremely dissapointed by this update that broke everything, at least for me. Oh and by the way I’m really jealous about my europeen friends that use Musics in their storys

jonaldo07   1 star

Music.. Why is there no instagram music in Canada. It’s beyond shameful.

loveeeeeeeeee ittttttttt   3 star

Glitchy :(. Starting tonight the app will not allow me to look at who I am following. It continues to say “couldn’t load users” even when I use wifi or my data. I deleted the app to try and fix it, but no such luck. Please try to fix this! The app is perfect other than that one little problem :)

cm9176   1 star

Current version raises my volume to 100%. Must be a new bug (iphone7), every time I scroll to a video it raises my volume back to 100%. Lowering the volume is pointless as it every new video raises it back to 100%.

faluxred   1 star

Disappointing. My main Instagram has not worked in months.

hailey.marf   3 star

Sharing post. I cannot share a post to my story even if the account is public. For example everyone puts a post on their story and when I go to the button to share it’s not there. It makes me very frustrated I have even tried reuploading the app but it just doesn’t work

xfrygfv   1 star

Not working. The last two day I have not been able to load my follower list! It won’t refresh. It keeps saying can not load.

cariboutraveler   3 star

But démarrage. iOS 13.2.2 problème de démarrage de l’application Instagram. Une fois sur deux l’application gèle

Jade😎18   3 star

music:(. maybe apple music and you can do something about music not being allowed in canada?

Jassiejet   1 star

Won’t allow me to get back into my account. Awful the app doesn’t allow you to call or email them. They do not ever respond and I still can’t get back into my account. I’m not impressed. The website by the way doesn’t help at all.

Colahage   4 star

New update = Longer loading. Crashes constantly upon open. Shows logo for thirty seconds and shuts down.

Milj14   1 star

Sharing Posts. Even when an account is public my account prevents me from sharing posts to my story, however the other accounts connected to my phone and app can share the posts. I have reported the issue multiple times, it has never been fixed and no one has contacted me. Poor at making their users happy.

markersmark   1 star

Dm. My direct messages aren’t working properly I don’t receive notifications anymore

Thesomebodyofthesomebody   2 star

Please fix this!. I love Instagram but my DMs to only once gc won’t send and it won’t let me make a new group chat and I can’t add anyone, as well as other bugs that make me have to leave the app and come back, such as when I switch accounts, please FIX THIS

666hero   5 star

Always a treat. I love sharing my work with the world and love all kinda of feedback

.....fukc....   2 star

Update. Please make in a option to see likes or not. That way we can pick if we want them or not

Yachts&whatknot   1 star

Bad update. The new update is peppered with ads everywhere. It has also tremendously decreased the engagement on my page. Very disappointing

This is a terrible update   2 star

Bugs!. Way too many bugs on this update. I followed my new friend. Then it shows I’m not following. I do it over and over and it won’t stay.

KenPuspo   1 star

Instagram Comment about new updates. This is taking too long. I can’t view my followers and following users. Everytime I click on them it keep saying to me couldn’t load users. Please help me.

--thomas   3 star

Save original photos bug. The "save original photos" setting doesn't work, when you turn the option off your photos are still saved after posting. This bug has been in the app for years. I don't know how it still hasn't been fixed yet.

Tokimememotaka8   1 star

MAKE AN IPAD APP. Please just make an ipad app, it’s so simple, you barely have to change anything, just make it fit ipads, you’re literally the only social media that doesn’t have one.

Ibrahim. I love Instagram because you can see video and pic and get a lots of like and become famous and rich and you know what they are doing. It’s pretty cool I would Say Download Instagram

My Chootar   1 star

They honestly need to have music available in Canada 😡. THEY NEED MUSIC

jennaisgr8   2 star

Bring back old logarithm. Bring back the option to see everyone’s posts!! I miss so many posts of the people I follow because Instagram only shows me what they think I want to see. Also bring back the option to mute stories and posts please. I do like the update of people not seeing the amount of like.

Acorn-Black   4 star

Insta Music. When are we Canadians gonna get Instagram music in Canada?

yoyoyomannnn   4 star

smh :((. first off when will the music things be available in canada and i don’t really like how you can’t see the number of likes :/ but everything is pretty good :))

Rruky   1 star

Too much ad. I rather pay for it than these senseless ads

Juliaevelyn   5 star

Insta. My favorite app

Advertorial    5 star

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tiktkok legend   2 star

Really sad user. Insta won’t let me add music to my story plz fix. Instagram just isn’t as good as it used to be I’ve started using Snapchat way more.

rtm66   5 star

NO MORE ADS PLEASE!. Too many ads and it’s annoying! If I want to follow something I will search for it!! Please please take off the ads they are so annoying.

mhc91   2 star

Boring. Nothing special, hardly any features. Bring back following tab and stop all the sponsored adds.

omg its ya boy   5 star

Yes. It is very good

Xijama   1 star

I can’t enter from the app. Weeks ago I try to enter Instagram from the application and I can't do it. It only allows me to enter from the website

lebedit   2 star

Follower list. After the last update follower list is not in the last added order any more.

nisa.k___   3 star

Glitches and bugs. Everything on Instagram was working out for me in the last few years but for some reason, when I send a direct message to someone, the reply from them doesn’t pop up when I know they sent a reply. I have to log out and log back in to see their messages, or close my phone to get a notification. When I press DMs, it just comes up with a loading symbol.

Pokémon hack cheats   5 star

Make it better than tik tok. Rate insta 5 stars

DecoDaGecko1   5 star

Is Instagram better than Snapchat. Hell yeah it is Instagram is easier to use and comes with a pleasurable experience

bellahey   1 star

Can’t see the people I am following. I am having problems on my instagram. I can see the people I am following since yesterday. Is there any suggestion from someone to tell me why this happening.

medinajcm   1 star

Worst customer service. My account @juan_medina_jcm was hacked and Instagram don’t do anything about it .

Kwontyty   1 star

App close by itself - please fix. Hi, I’ve been using instagram for years now. I believe I have the most recent up to date version 119.0, but I’m not sure why it keep logging me out from the app. I cannot post any story on my feed anymore. I’ve tried to log out and in, re-installed many times, swicth on and off my phone and it has been 3weeks now. I probably will have to stop using instagram as it doesn’t work anymore? Would greatly appreciated if this could be fixed asap. Or if anyone can help and let me know what should be done to get this fix? Thank you.

Delta_Llama   1 star

Story bug. I can’t see or access my stories or anybody else’s stories. Please fix...

Blah blah 1312   1 star

Explore page. My explore page is just scenic photosamd stuff like that when normally it’s all of my tv shows and drawings it’s really annoying me please fix this


Hi. Instagram is pretty good I have had a few issues but hopefully Instagram will fix everything soon

lilly11011   1 star

Can’t login. When I try to login I get an error message saying sorry there was a problem with your request

anonymous9797   1 star

Be what it was in 2016. Instagram has marketed to much for their own pockets by enabling to many sponsored post and advertisements across the site losing the personalisation of having your friends post their own stuff to see.

creeper_san_   1 star

email me and unblock me please. i love this app but its making me hate it because i waited a whole week for my account to be unaction blocked but its not unblocked yet, i will stop whatever it is or i will do anything to get unblocked cause i just want to post my art please iv done what the app asked me to do which was wait a week to be unaction block but it hasnt done that so pleaseee i love my account so much please

Katwith3kittens   5 star

BEST ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. My favourite app ever!

textacion   1 star

🖕🏼. “Sorry there was a problem with your request ... fix your app for f*** sake I’ve been trying to get in for ages and it keeps on saying the same thing I’m actually done with this trash app

Dance academy rox0204   3 star

Someone needs to listen to me and fix my problems. Hello there, my instagram handle is “aprilrosewilsonn” and i’ve been having serious problems for months with my account and i’ve complained numerous times and have gotten no help what so ever. the music feature had stopped being available to me when i go to post a story and also when i go to post other people’s posts as a story on my account the background is an ugly light blue colour instead of whatever colours in the photo.

Coolest cat 55555   5 star

Downloading. I deleted instagram for a bit to take a break, and now every time I try to re download it it just glitches and stops loading. What do I do?

EnergeticTV   3 star

Little bug. This app is amazing, it works like a dream but the serves do go down a lot tho. The only other problems j have other then this are the things such as putting music on my story, doing the music suggestion sticker and changing it into dark mode, those are the only ones I know of but it’s been like that for over a year now, so for a long time, and it is very frustrating so please sort it out for me.

BAdven   1 star

It keeps crashing. I have re installed the app multiple times but still crash as soon as I go in the app. It is so unstable that it can’t be used

Ambar Barker   5 star

I love Instagram. Beautiful platform to catch someone you love out there 👌👍🏻

sukontawaradee   2 star

fix it please. Can not use function close friend when I posted but use to

Ezzladesh   2 star

Dm bug. My dms aren’t working still. When i try to check my inbox it says they are loading and it never loads. I sit there for 20 minutes trying to load them but it doesn’t load! Please fix it cause it is really starting to annoy me! Other than that the app is perfect but this is the reason I have to rate you two stars😕 just please try and fix my dms inbox @erikbrwn

bridgetnorris   1 star

Listen to your users. Bring back the following activity. If you want, make privacy an option first others to see your likes. Getting rid of it completely was a big mistake!

Mexicain timtams   1 star

Privacy. I absolutely hate how people can see when I’m online or when I was last on, literally makes me not use the app when I want.

justaveiwerlololo   5 star

BIG PROBLEM THAT HASNT BEEN FIXED YET. every time I go onto Instagram it always makes my keyboard disappear it just Instagram I don’t know why why but it’s been happening a lot and the latest 3 updates haven’t changed it overall a great app just one thing, it gets annoying and I can’t see what letters I’m typing on Instagram

SavagePanda845   1 star

Likes. Don’t remove likes.

Bazinga562   5 star

Make a search engine for stories. Please make a search engine in who viewed out story according to their instagram handle username!

xERiiCx_007   5 star

Instagram Review by Eric R.. This universal application is designed to organize your posts of pictures and videos as well as show you posts of people you follow. Those who follow you can see your 24-hour story as long as it is on your account and they can also see your posts on your home screen (a.k.a. Page)

Jimmyjdon'tplay   5 star

Please dont take likes away. Please Instagram dont take away likes, instead get rid of all the bots instead💯

Bamboo0000   3 star

It wont allow me to see the people that I am following. This new instagram 119.0 update has a bug in it that is annoying. The bug is that it will not allow you to see who you are following. For example, when you go to your profile and click on the number of people you follow, it says "Couldn't load users." I love Instagram but this update really made things diffucult. Please fix this issue instagram. Thank you

CMardrus   2 star

Stop banning meme accounts. Also if y’all dare take out likes I’m moving to 1 Star and uninstalling.

Putinahhhh   1 star

FIX THIS. I can’t see who I’m following, all it says couldn’t load users

J Houzze   1 star

No iPad App. The fact that there isn't an iPad app that fits to screen. It is a iPhone emulator screen and is insane considering how long and how much of a budget Instagram has. Why leave out such a large group of users?

Raszir Hawkins   3 star

Music Recommendations. I can’t get people to recommend me music through stories i think app is broke

q33d   5 star

Love. Love it so much!!!

ksisjenelsksugBs   1 star

pls help😞. I legit can’t make an account. Every time I try it says error try again later. But it never chnages and I can’t do anything. 😔 please help. I had an account before but it like glitched out after having the account for two days. Please I just wanna look at memes and talk to friends.

Misha Kvasnicka   1 star

Can’t create an account. I can’t create an account anymore! It keeps saying I violated terms and etc bull crap!! Plz fix this

samm i   2 star

resharing posts. i have resharing other people’s instagram posts on my main account and it does not seem to work. i have reported and tried deleting and reinstalling, logging out and logging back in, changing my settings, but none of this has worked. can you please fix this for apple users? i know this has been happening to a lot of people.

nadiqu   5 star

Pruivvg. Vhjj

adamgasteratos   5 star

Good app and is very useful. Bbsvvd

Jordan07002   1 star

Good App But DMs Broken. Hello Instagram if you see this my DMs have been broken for 1 month now many people have this problem as well and it needs to be fixed

joshyculp   3 star

Photos. I think Instagram needs to be better at not cropping videos and photos

a-BREEEEEEEZY   1 star

no song feature since july. I had the song feature for stories, and one day randomly, the feature was gone. I tried everything.. deleting the app, updating it every time, logging in and out, and nothing worked, and up to this day, I still DO NOT have the feature. It’s weird because I’m logged onto other accounts, and those accounts have the music feature, and the account I use mainly, does not have it. I know MANY other people frustrated with the same exact problem with me. Please fix this ASAP because it’s frustrating and annoying!


Shamarrie. Heyyyyy y’all this it amazing 😏NO CAP🧢🧢😅

Marlene Trejo   3 star

Doesn’t work at times... Aghh- sorry for being so annoying with this review and thank you for taking the time with reading my problem. I’m new to Instagram, I’m about to have a year with it! Yet, sometimes when I’m trying to answer my DMs, check out other people’s stories, refresh my feed, etc., it won’t work. I know it isn’t my internet connection since when I go on other apps such as Snapchat, it will work. This isn’t the first time this issue has occurred. And I believe it’s Instagram in general. When I’ve tried using Instagram on the website, it does load and I no longer see the buffering sign, yet my messages won’t ever send. If you do take the time to read my report and solve the issue, I would thank you very

Alexandrian wilson   5 star

“Sorry, there was a problem with your request.”. This has been an issue upon many many users to where if we log out we will not be able to get back in because “there was a problem with your request” instagram please look into this issue so I may get back into my account

ta-tootieee   5 star

Problem. I can’t get my dms to work... I don’t know what’s it problem.. I need help

Terrulian   1 star

What Happened?. IG is now pure rubbish! Redundant issues: “Couldn’t refresh feed” “No internet connection” “We’re sorry, but something went wrong” “Please try again” - all IG issues. Doesn’t deserve 1 star. Five thumbs down. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Fame City   5 star

Art life expression. Where art, culture and lifestyle unite on one site.

broken legs😂   4 star

bring notifications back!!. Bruh y’all need to bring back notifications bc I wanna text my friends when im bored and see all the tea😭😂and not leave them on delivered for 12 hrs💀

Djenne-Kali   1 star

Bad mind entities or person. Please have better background checks on your employees because my account was hacked & I change my password enough for that not to occur. Love using the app but get it together please and thanks

Daniel :) :(   5 star

Gray Way To Express Your Life 👍. Overall it’s a great app I’ve been using it for about a year or two and the only thing I would like is a way to make a better bio just me though 🦘

Polar Husky   4 star

Audio and video quality. I am not one to write reviews, I just need to say how many times the app has degraded the audio and video quality of my posts. Please do something to fix this?

Magwe99   1 star

Seeing views not just likes. Ummmm can we see who is viewing our videos not just who likes them I WANNA KNOW WHOS LURKIN

instagramisbooty   1 star

review. they have the worst customer service logged me out of my account and i can’t get back in .. days can’t login , it’s not due to my account being restricted because i can get in other phone and when you type in my account it’s there , instagram has no respect towards customer and that’s period. if i can rate it 0 star i would.

psuwoo   2 star

IG MUSIC?!. Few people in Canada are getting Instagram music but I don’t have it. Please fix

D Gaudet   5 star

An Oldie-But-Newbie Finding My Way. While still intimidating, my journey continues within this crazy world. But meeting lots of friendly, happy people along the way.

Petsounds0408   4 star

Wish Instagram didn’t chose what I get to see.. The old Instagram use to show posts as they were added on. It is very annoying to get 2-3 day old news and updates from our favorite individuals. Please take us back! Too many sponsored adds as well.

chrisalisllama   5 star

We need more time for posting at less 30 minutes. Thank you

Hajdbsls   1 star

Too many bots. It’s annoying how many bots, scammers and spammers are on the app. All comment sections of pages are load with comments from them and they even get likes to appear on top. You’d think the developers at Instagram would’ve been able to find a solution for this long lasting problem.

._.Josh._.R   3 star

Why. Y cant ur username have upper cases

TheSpicyDorito   1 star

Cannot dm people.. Hello Instagram. A problem on my instagram has recently occured. I’m unable to open any previous messages on my account. No matter what i do nothing seems to work, I’ve logged out, refresh instagram and my phone, and its still bugged. I’m hoping somebody could help me fix this problem because i use instagram for school, work, and recreational purposes so i need to be able to access my dms. My Instagram handle is @59lewis . If this were to be fixed I’ll change my 1 star to 5. Thank you.

dudeman5151   1 star

Help. My dms won’t load and this issue has happened to all my other accounts please help my @ is kingacesfan and it stopped working for some reason please help

a person named Angie   1 star

snbdkdns. i cant add people to my close friends anymore :(

JINVEKAL   5 star

Good. Good

Yash2210   5 star

Best. But i cannot login my other account Idk slove it as soon as possible

CamzBanana   3 star

Action block. Remove action block or lower the amount of time you are blocked for

eric lafleur   1 star

Horrible. When one of your accounts are reported you can’t use the app at all even if it’s a different acount and in general I’ve had such a horrible experience with the quality and the services of Instagram

GabeeKato   1 star

???. I see a lot of people using the “create” tab on their stories, but doesn’t give me the option. Music is not available in Canada. Following tab is gone.

xnetter   4 star

Pretty good. Love Insta but there’s too many damn ads. That is all. ❤️

avaavin   5 star

Great. Everything works great

yankeedoodledandyoh   3 star

Insta. insta insta insta insta insta dude yankee riiiiiiiiip

nad0197   3 star

Depuis la nouvelle mise à jour. J’aimais plus lorsqu’on pouvait voir la section abonnement... de cette façon on voyait plus de photos différentes.

azzie_95   3 star

just a thought. Can you make the profile pictures not blurry? I know it’s not over top prioritize other important but it just bothers me😅

Nush19   2 star

Likes. I see that some Canadians have likes back.. can you please roll this out to the rest of us that you removed it from? Thanks!

Timbrace   5 star

Don’t like the icon. Old one was better. Good app

naomi_hope   5 star

Lit!. Pretty awesome love instagram ☺️

Sensual mermaid   4 star

Love it but needs some change. I use Instagram a lot as you can tell from my account: @heardawn. I wish it could be more customizable and I wish that Instagram would go back to the original algorithm. As I don’t like how most of my posts don’t show on a lot of my close followers feed. Other than that, I have nothing else I would like to see from Instagram. Oh! One more thing would be reduce the amount of scam ads.

Sherrydiep   1 star

error. it keeps saying theres an error everytime i try to log in!!!!

613.omar   5 star

Hi. Follow me @613.omar

bonatzfoggia   4 star

Polls. Add the ability to post a poll in a group chat

william444123   5 star

This app is awesome. Love this app, it’s great. Recommend to everyone.😃😄

mssmelanie   4 star

Please fix this!. I enjoy the app, but the last little while when I upload pictures and people are liking them it’s not showing when I go to that picture?

gginimder   1 star

不尊重. 不斷出現簡體字和中國用語,明明系統設定是繁體中文(台灣)

Wjrl   1 star

Instagram. I keep opening it then it like go backs to my home screen and it has to download it 10 times

hubhampy   1 star

My posts disappearing and the algorithm is useless. Can’t wait to get off it...

Rico112   3 star

Music sticker. I’ve used the music sticker on my story multiple times before but a few months ago the sticker disappeared and I couldn’t find it even my searching it and deleting and downloading the app again and up until now the music sticker is still not here and I’d really like it back please

the_everyday_hufflepuff   2 star

not happy with reporting. the app works fine but when it comes to reporting it gets not good people can post picture of you, without your consent. a girl i know posts pictures of people without asking them and they aren’t good photos of them at all, the don’t have instagram. they don’t know they’re up there. i went to report one of her posts that i’m in because i don’t like her, don’t speak to her, and don’t want to be associated with her. and there’s no option to report a picture of you that you don’t want up there unless it’s inappropriate which is completely unbelievable! i’m 14. so a minor, if that changes how important this review is, but more options to report would definitely be more useful. also an easier way to report because it takes too long.

sasharauraa223   3 star

Review. Dear Instagram creators, Recently I’ve tried to get Instagram on my phone and it is saying poor internet connection and I’ve checked my internet multiple times and it hasent worked Please fix.

the pull out method   2 star

Upsetting. My instagram is being weird, the music thing has disappeared and i always put music with my story pleaee tell me what’s happening 🥺 telll me whyyyyy i want to put music on there and my friends are telling me theres work like wth!!

Lil Smallie   5 star

LIL SMALLIES INSTA REVIEW. Instagram is great. Fun to use and get to see what your friends do. Follow yt_lilsmallie on Instagram

Perosn not saying name   2 star

Read this now!. We all love instagram who doesn’t but lately it’s being very glitchy and it’s getting annoying it either doesn’t let me type or glitches out of the app. I had to delete the app to got that annoying I then went to sign back into my account and it wouldn’t let me sign in. I had forgotten my password and didn’t know what to do so I now have a new account and get my fiends accounts again! My old account was private so I obviously had to request to see my follows I had to go through my phone contacts and message every one again I lost everything my messages, photos I’ve saved and the photos I posted not to count the posts I had been tagged in. It very annoying, do something about it before I spam the reviews about my complaints and let’s just say I’ve got a lot these were just a few

sarzzzzwee   1 star

Music option ???. I love instagram but for the past 3 months I haven’t been able to put music on my story but everyone else has and mine just won’t update

Photo Edit App Adore   4 star

Keep going Back to it. Still a fab little app that I keep going back to. Love the inspiration and project ideas, has some questionable content, but it’s a social media platform, so it is what it is and does what it does. It’d be amazing to see a new ‘image tools’ overhaul and perhaps some new functions and tweaks. Would also be fab if they gave the little guys a little hand a long too and stamped out audience buying

Blackmaree   5 star

Raising children in 2019. Being a Mum, I feel a lot more connected with my daughter and her friends and to also have them aware that there are predators and catfish so always be on alert and don't open any sketchy looking links. Safety and privacy is our number one rule. I've had Insta for quite sometime and having those memories from all the way back then stored and knowing that they're safe in my account is assuring! Cheers Instagram 😍😍💕💕

Jafari sam   4 star

Not working on IPhone X today. Today 11/11/2019 I can open my Instagram app on my iPhone x I reinstalled still not working.

AndjelkaBanicevic1234567890   5 star

Good but problems. Overall Instagram is really good but recently every time I want to add music to my story it keeps on crashing and going out from the app. I tried refreshing the app but it still dose the same thing. Please tell me how to fix it! Thanks 😊

matthewddasilva   5 star

Cannot post from PC. Not sure why Instagram doesn’t work from a PC.

Harley_QuinnPUDDIN   4 star

there is one problem.... hi i think instagram is great BUT could you please add a feature where you can delete one photo from a post containing multiple photos rather than having to delete the whole post. thanks

251294   3 star

Photo quality. The Instagram photo quality is really bad now. It’s like instagram reduces the quality of the pictures when they are uploaded to the app. My pictures look was better and more HD in my camera roll as supposed to the way they look once I upload them into Instagram

ambassett   1 star

They have gone crazy with ads!. Instagram has gone crazy with ads. Half of what I see now is ads, either in stories or videos in my feed that auto play. This app just keeps getting worse and worse.

carmzcn   2 star

Way too many ads!!!. Literally every 4th square in my feed is an ad! Total overkill!

Sub to me Neon Shoty   5 star

Instagram action blocked. Can please stop giving me this I’ve done nothing wrong

hay1ey.   3 star


Kye Conway   1 star


Werdstuff   3 star

New algorithm not so good. I love Instagram for its easy access to images, with or without much text. Not a big fan of the change to algorithm mixing up timelines or limiting accounts I follow that don’t post often. It is called INSTAgram, not “someone commented on a post from yesterday and now I’m confused cause I think it’s today” gram. Obviously that’s too long anyway! Not as catchy 😂

troyzzzee   4 star

Standards. Ridiculous standards when it comes to the inequality between men and women. Your stupid ‘nipple’ rules etc. why not be a leader in change instead of following stupid backward opinion and religious idiocy

les an al   5 star

Ipswich Horse Rug Repairs. Really good

minniemo12   1 star

This isn’t fair. I hate this I’m trying so so hard to get in and you won’t let me in it’s been two days and I’ve got perfect wifi🤬.

tobyusgreat   5 star

Bug. Why can’t I view any story’s. the section up top where the story’s are there nothing and it’s not because I’ve been blocked or because I have an old Instagram it’s just weird plz help.

Nat L😘   2 star

Complaint. I normally love Instagram but, recently I made a fan account and made it a business account to make it say “fan page”. Now I’m disabled from it I had all my personal details in it and everything. Please take @boba.laverne down. It comes up with a thing that says my account was compromised and says I used a service that helps me get more likes and followers, which I never did. Again please delete it.

jenmc1986   1 star

Rigged algorithms & listening devices. It’s so hard to enjoy this app when they are constantly playing with the algorithms and flow of feeds. Also the app listens to you.

bobie j   1 star

Adsadsadsadsadsadsadsadsads too many damn ads!!. Keeps crashing every time I go in to the app no matter what I do it does it

The Superman Lover   5 star

Good time waisted. I enjoy instagram because I can find celebrities there.

Yeppppppp   2 star

Don’t buy through Instagram. Keto 🤬 are a total dodgy company. They lie and rip you off - take notice and don’t get sucked in like I did. Because of these people I will NEVER trust purchasing anything on Instagram again

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