Instagram [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

Bringing you closer to the people and things you love. — Instagram from Facebook

Connect with friends, share what you’re up to, or see what's new from others all over the world. Explore our community where you can feel free to be yourself and share everything from your daily moments to life's highlights.

Express Yourself and Connect With Friends

- Add photos and videos to your story that disappear after 24 hours, and bring them to life with fun creative tools.
- Message your friends in Direct. Start fun conversations about what you see on Feed and Stories.
- Post photos and videos to your feed that you want to show on your profile.

Learn More About Your Interests

- Check out IGTV for longer videos from your favorite creators.
- Get inspired by photos and videos from new accounts in Explore.
- Discover brands and small businesses, and shop products that are relevant to your personal style.

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Instagram Customer Service, Editor Notes:

The latest version contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

Instagram Comments & Reviews

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- 👌🏻👌🏻


- Awesome

It’s a great app I recently noticed that a lot of my friends have the color full text in messages how can I get mine to look like that too??

- More views and likes

I really enjoy Instagram I would like more exposure more views and likes of my work but 2020 is gonna be a great year and thanks for your support program and system wishing u all the best

- Bring back old features

The app is cool but bring back old features. Show What your friends are liking and who they’re following & recording with songs already playing (you have to go to Snapchat now to do this). Also would be cool if we could go back to viewing who watched a story instead of it expiring after 24 hours. Bring it back!!

- Not working

I can’t log in in my iPhone

- Something doesn’t work

I have an Apple device and on my instagram account, add post to your story doesn’t work. but if I logging in with an android device, that option works correctly. I reported this issue many times but I didn’t see any responsibility. You MUST CORRECT THIS BUG FOR APPLE DEVICES AND BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY REPORTING.

- Changed my life !

Instagram gives me a view around the world — thank you ❤️

- Log in error

I use to love this app until all these bugs and issues came about. I created a new Instagram and now I can’t even use the app. I keep getting an error message saying sorry we can’t process your request right now or error please try again in a few minutes. I can sign into Instagram on google chrome or safari but not on the app. I also keep getting blocked from liking pictures or following for no reason and when the block expires it still says I’m blocked.There is no support email or number too call. I put in numerous requests and reports through the help center but haven’t heard anything yet or seen any progress. Instagram fix your app!!

- i love u

U evol i

- The profile or setting page does not show up on the app

It’s sad that the profile setting page or edit page when clicking on the icon does not show up. It’s been blank for quite a while now, thought it would get back to normal after an update to iOS 13.4 version but still not there. Using an 11 pro max. Can instagram assist in finding a solution. Would await for the change. Thank you.

- Annoying

It won’t let me change my profile picture at all I keep on trying and trying and it won’t let me and this has been happening for a while now !! Please fix it ! I never had a problem with insta but now it just keeps messing up

- Uhhhh

Honestly I really enjoy issuing this app but for a while now (3 months) I haven’t been able to share peoples post onto my story and it’s irritating me. I’ve already tried to reach out a few times and report the problem but I never got a reply or any help.

- Great app 10/10

Great app I could FaceTime my friends in they don’t have a iPhone so that helps a lot to see my friends

- رووووووعه


- notifications broken

i checked all my settings both in app and my phone setting and i tried restarting my phone and redownloading and nothing works. i dont get any notifications and i am very angry please fix.

- Dm photos

Whenever I dm pictures the text doesn’t show up on the other persons side please fox this it’s super annoying

- Why it’s great

I love staying connected with people close to me, and this app lets me do that better than anything.

- Hero

It’s prettt good

- No messages

Not letting me send messages

- Request support at login not working

I’ve made multiple attempts to submit a request for support from the login page on the app but I keep getting the following message: “Please wait a few minutes and try again”. The request never goes through and I’m not sure why. Any help would be appreciated!

- Mirza flores

Me gusta muchísimo compartir mis fotografías con intragram

- Wow

I love it keep it up

- Notifications

I don’t know what’s the problem but , my notifications for Instagram are on ( I double checked ) and I still am not receiving them. I’ve asked others and they have the same problem. Is there some way I can fix this issue ?

- Great app but terrible at helping their users

I’m not sure what happened but I was logged out of my account and now it says my account can not be found. I’ve seen other people who have had this issue and have said they have had a very hard time reaching customer support to help them get back their accounts. If this is a problem that is happening to thousands of users, you’d think they would take the time to figure out a way to help them out. They’re phone number only directs back to their help page, which is limited to problems people may be experiencing. Even when people try to reach out it does not seem that his platform truly cares about reaching out to its users.

- Necesito que me actualicen

Necesito que me actualicen mi cuenta hace mucho tiempo estoy escribiendo para que me ayuden porque no me aparece el icono de music

- Terrible support

I’ve had an account for years now. Recently, for some unknown error, Instagram signed me out of it. The email I used was an old email that has now been deleted so I can’t access it, and that’s the only recovery method. Absolutely useless and terrible support system, as no human will ever engage with you. I hate this app and the owners.

- Annoying

The app was great and the minute I logged out of my account I couldn’t even sign in on my phone yet I can log in my account through other phones I have had this problem for 1 month and it’s really annoying using another device

- Garbage

I’ve literally been telling them i dont get notifications for over a month now and they wont get back to me or fix the problem this app is trash im switch to twitter

- Instagram PLEASE help me, help you.

I have been waiting 2 years for the feature that I can repost others’ posts to my story. I am still waiting. I have researched this issue on numerous occasions, but the most I can come up with it ‘instagram doesn’t release a feature to everyone at the same time’. The only help/advice I received was to delete my account and make a new one. Well, 2 years later, I think (regardless if that statement is true or not) it’s about time for my turn & I really would love to keep my account.

- It won’t let me make an account

When I tried making an account it wouldn’t work I tried so many times but it never worked!!why?!?

- No music option in stories

Hey Instagram! Please give me back the option to put music in my stories! That was one of my most-used and favorite features. It disappeared about a month and a half ago, and has yet to come back. It works fine on my personal account, but not on my business/bookish one. Makes me very sad. 😭

- Yah love this

I love it it’s so good and you can make so many friends

- Wrong disabling

Instagram has disabled my number for no reason not allowing me to do specific things on my account with this app

- Bring likes back for everyone

It’s unfair that some people can see likes and some people can’t. Make it option, or choose one for everyone. NOT FAIR.

- Someone hacked my account I hate instagram

Worse app ever

- Can’t like any posts

All of a sudden I couldn’t like any post. It wouldn’t let me and I have tried to report serval times and they haven’t fixed it. They need to get their act together or I’m leaving this app.

- new 134.0 update issue

so i love this app. i spend way too much time here. but i updated it. like you do. and now when i’m scrolling on my explore page and i click on a post and continue scrolling down the individual posts i don’t have free scrolling. if that makes sense. so when i scroll down it glitches to the next post and doesn’t allow me to freely scroll like i can on my homepage. there is also a buzz/vibration that happens when this “glitch” happens. i talked to some of my friends and they are not having this problem with the new update. i am super confused as so what’s going on. pls send help.

- “Focus” & “chronological oder”

I do not have the focus on my iPhone 11 pro max. I really wish you guys can bring back the order back

- Gif as images

Honestly the greatest app to meet people and to explore.and can we please put a video picture or a gif image as our profile pic.

- Will not open after it working for months

The app simply will open and then immediately kick me out. It worked perfectly before. It’s completely unusable and I’ve tried reinstalling it countless times

- Music sticker not available

Upset I can’t use the music sticker. I’ve updated the app many times and I have everything but the music sticker.

- Go back

Fix the timeline and get rid of the ads and post form people I don’t follow

- Love this instagram stuff


- Nicole review

It’s kinda wack because it dint say when someone if active 🙄

- Intragram WTH

I was making a video of a speed paint I made and so in the background I added music.Some time after I posted it I check my notifications and guess what I see....MY VIDEO WAS BLOCKED!This didn’t make any sense until it said that music was copyrighted.It listed a bunch of states/countries that would see the video.I made two post about how retarded Intsagram was for doing this.Intsagram,if you see this don’t try deleting my account because I didn’t say it in here, so hope you enjoy going bankrupt, adios.

- Issue with sharing posts to story

I can’t share public posts to my story anymore, since a couple versions ago. My friends showed me how they’re able to, but for some reason I can’t. Other than that it’s a good app to use.

- NO ES NORMAL ESTO -______-

Navegando en mi instagram, normal y la app me notifica q tengo que re-iniciar sesión para comprobar que soy yo! Desde ahí no me deja acceder; dice que NO existe mi usuario, ni e-mail, ni número de teléfono!!!!!!! Y es la segunda vez que me hacen esto. Voy a comprobar todo y el sistema queda en enviarme el código de acceso al teléfono y nooooo me manda NADA, pero tampoco me envían un e-mail de re-establecer nada. NO ES NORMAL ESTO

- Why am I being flagged as spam?

I never used instagram until last week. I’m a martial arts teacher and with our studio closed I thought it was time to finally start using IG to stay connected with my students. It went well for the first few days and then I started getting the “Action Blocked” notification. After 4 days of seeing this notification popping up on anything I tried to do, always saying that it would expire the following day, it was lifted. I posted one new video, followed 10-15 people and liked a few posts over the course of about 5 hours before being action blocked again. I’ve repeatedly tried to report the problem through the app, I’ve connected my Facebook and even sent a picture of my ID to apply for the verification badge. I haven’t received a single email or reply of any kind from Instagram. It would be nice to at least know why this is happening so I can avoid it in the future. As things stand though the app is currently unusable for me.

- Best thing in my life

This is all I can say I love it

- It’s a good app but change this one problem and you guys get 5 easy

You should let people delete a photo off a post so your likes don’t go.

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- iPad


- What’s goin onnnnnn

Keeps shutting down, won’t open!

- Notifications aren’t working

The notifications aren’t working when all the options have it turned on. It’s been months. Fix that. This is ridiculous.



- Please Add This Back

Can you please update instagram so u can see likes from other people's posts

- Best App For Marketing Business | Thank You Instagram

This is by far the best application for business owners to showcase their product and services plus one of the best marketing tool to reach the Baby Boomers, Generation X, Y and Millennials this century, hence thank you to the creators of Instagram. Namaste, peace and blessings, Adnan Sarwar | @thebusinessmonk | Entreprenuer

- 🦠

Not sending me notifications for whoever messages me, when all notifications are turned on

- PLEASE let me be able to rearrange multiple picture posts.

Please Instagram, it would be so useful for those who accidentally choose the wrong arrangement or for aesthetic reasons. If you're worried about people abusing it then you can limit the feature to once a month. Anything is better than not having it at all! I feel like this is a feature we should have already let alone wait for.

- On instagram

Good place for distress

- Fix please

I cannot see my list of followers/following, it says I’m following no one/there is no information to be shown. Some posts will not load on Instagram feed, till refreshing that image and going back to see it. Glitchy stories too Basically just nothing loading properly after updating recently. UPDATE/EDIT: APPARENTLY IM NOW “ACTION BLOCKED” FROM VIEWING WHO LIKES OR FOLLOWS STUFF?? >:( what?????

- Love instagram but...

EVERY TIME I POST A PHOTO IT POSTS BLURRY WHEN IT WASN'T BEFORE! please fix this, it's as if Instagram slightly messes up the pixels of the photo when you post :(

- Disorganized comment section

Anytime there’s a comment with multiple replies, you have to click ‘view more replies’ a thousand times to get to the very first reply so you can get the context of the thread. As it stands, it loads the very last, most recent comment first (makes no sense). Should be like Facebook.

- I want my account back!!

Instagram deleted my account for “impersonating” someone, but I filled out a form sending two pieces of ID verifying that it was MY account, which I’ve had for 6 years, and it’s been 2 months and I still haven’t gotten it back. I go back to fill in the form every day, and everyday Instagram says “there was a problem with this request. We’re working on getting it fixed as soon as we can”. This is ridiculous and I would like my account back ASAP.

- 4.5/5

This app is FANTASTIC but it does have can get addicted I’m not but it will get you stuck on the app a lot. But I do recommend!

- Instagram est tres bien

J ai Instagram depuis très longtemps et j adore tous mes amis et moi ont fais des groupes et ont parle se lance des défis bref j adore!!!

- Worst

Y can’t I look at others likes plz do something about that U took th main purpose of this app what were u guys thinking if I can’t see others likes there’s no meaning using this app

- Ridiculous blocks

I keep on getting blocks for going through my pictures! There is a worldwide pandemic going on, it’s kind of normal to be more active on IG at the moment!

- Lit

Good times on instagram and nothing less!

- This sucks

When I sign into a new account I can never sign out of it! When I log out of that account I can still see it and when I click on it it automatically signs in. This means that every account I’ve ever logged into is still on my phone. It’s really horrible that I can get into any of these peoples accounts without their passwords.

- Perfect

People complaining about likes are just thirsty for likes. 😂😂😂😂😂

- 4 out of 5

I love IG but way too many adds in between pictures. If I wanted to shop, I’d be on amazon I come to IG for pictures and videos Not shopping

- Fix this.

Instagram keeps crashing it won’t let me go in instagram.

- App ne veut pas s’ouvrir

Depuis l’avant dernière mise à jour, impossible d’ouvrir l’application sur mon iphone X... L’application se referme aussitôt chaque fois que j’essaie de l’ouvrir. Il y a aussi une petite bulle de notification rouge qui est toujours sur l’app. J’ai essayé à plusieurs reprises de désinstaller puis réinstaller l’app, de supprimer puis réinstaller l’app, et même de restaurer tous les réglages de mon iphone avant de réinstaller l’app, mais tout cela sans succès... Help please!

- feeedback

i like insta a lot but pls fix the report i keep getting u guys stop my account from liking or commenting or folllowing

- Action blocking needs to stop!

I can’t post more than 9 pics. I keep getting action blocked for trying to fix my pictures too. Plus I don’t want to be blocked for comments too! Please fix this right now so that we’ll all be happy!!! In fact remove action block permanently.

- Good App but Some Problems

This app is a great app to keep in touch with one another. But there are some problems to it. When I want to share a (public) post on my story, it doesn’t give me the option to. Also, this app doesn’t show me the IGTV icon which means I can’t explore on IGTV. Lastly, I don’t get all the features on Instagram like everyone else. I sent many reports stating those 2 things and still I have this. Can someone please fix this?

- We need more than 20 tags

It’s because I want to prove that my Tetris skills are good and to fill in the holes because I’m like that and I need it cause I just hate the fact that I can’t and it’s funny because after I just posted AND I NOTICED THAT WE ONLY NEEDED 20...20 IT MADE ME IN POCO LOCO -Rommel Gonzales

- Insta review

Great app better then tik tok👍

- Everything is good but...

Everything is good but I’ve sent a complaint that I cannot see some of the videos and images sent to me in my DM.

- should update

yall should make an update where we can delete photo, but not delete the whole thing, just delete one slide.

- Edit option

What’s your point exactly by not letting us deactivate our OWN account more than once a week ??! It should be OUR prerogative and RIGHT to activate and deactivate as much as we want!!! UNACCEPTABLE

- Sucks now


- So good

It is so good so people communicate to each other’s

- Excellent

Its good!

- Your the best

I love Instagram help me get some more views and likes would be awesome.

- Edit multiple picture post

A feature should be implemented to edit (add/remove) pictures in a multi picture post after it has been posted!

- Good app but...

This is a great app on phone but I am curious if you guys will change instagram to work on iPad because it is really frustrating to load the app and see instagram sideways and not even taking up the full screen size for the iPad.

- Post

Mes photos se suppriment automatiquement toute seule quand je les publie et je ne sais pas pourquoi.

- Disappointed

I would enjoy Instagram a lot more if I would not be constantly thrown in jail because I work at my account to get likes and comments, on my own, I will add. It’s so frustrating to work hard at getting a rhythm and then just thrown in jail and I have to start all over again. No bot, no service, just me. Me dedicating hours to promote a business. Thanks for ever getting back to me Instagram 😉

- Cant log in my account

Hi, I wanted to say to you that you are an awesome app, and I really love my IG account. But lately i did deactivate my account because i needed free time because of this coronavirus I took it in anxious way! Than when I tried to log in you asked for recovery codes (which I don’t have them) or an authenticate app. The email address is the same and I keep receiving emails when I try to change my password but whenever I try the option change the password from email I keep receiving a message “opss” I don’t know how to reach to your support team, but please help me because I love my IG account !!!!

- My review

This is ✅


i’ve tried everything

- Bug

Hi! My instagram has a bug.. the button “share to my story” doesnt exists in my accounts! Please fix thank you

- I like it a lot

Because everytime I’m useing Facebook

- I have around 1k followers and out of no where I got signed out ...

I’ve wrote a technical support thing and no response and now I can’t use Instagram ...

- Notifications

Ca fait comme 1mois je ne reçois plus de notifications je comprend pas pourquoi. Tout mes notifications sont activées c'est supposé marcher

- read please

really good app but i would suggest you make an update where you can tag more then 20people in a post its very frustrating sometimes when you can’t do that

- Problème

Je ne peux plus m’abonner, liker et commenter les publications depuis 1 semaine

- Push Notifications still not working after update

It’s been a month and I’m Still not getting any push notifications after each update for my iPhone...fix it please

- Instagram

Best app I’ve ever used this app allows people to build a platform for them self’s and easily aloes small platforms to grow

- Password

Stop asking me to change my password every five seconds

- Nowhere near as good as it was

I spend a tenth of the time and energy I once did on Instagram. Its heart and spirit has been depleted by endless, trashy, insufferable ads and algorithms that see the same old same old same old same old accounts in my feed. I’ll be phasing out Instagram even more from now on. Why stay in a place that no longer brings inspo and joy? Such a shame.

- Video uploads

Let people upload videos from my computer

- Love it. Request for a feature update.

It would be good to see, how many people have view our story in the highlights. Would help out to know how many people we've reached through the story. Thank you!

- NO

I love Instagram but I think we should bring back the following section that used to be in the discover As that way we used to see what other users were doing and pages they follow that we’d end up following and finding new photos of people to like

- Pee

I love pee

- Can you please fix ASAP new update that could help maybe

Crashes straight away and I don’t know if it will fix for me as I’m not logged in chaw I thought deleting it then get it back would help but probably made it worse ☹️please fix ASAP !! Thank you

- I

Instagram is the best app out there ,reliable , fast and quick to act if you’ve lost an account

- Staying positive & connected ✨

Thanks Instagram for keeping us 😂& connected in this challenging time. Best defence - each other ( even if socially distanced 🙈) & a healthy sense of humour ✨Stay safe, sane & healthy x to all

- Instagram won’t let me go live anymore

After the new update the option to go live has disappeared

- Updates now crashing app

Your updates on iPhone 11 do not work and now app will not open and crashes. Hope you fix this ASAP as I use it for business and advertising!!

- GgB

Hi .

- Erro ao postar foto com música

Estou várias horas tentando postar uma foto com música e não consigo. O aplicativo não permite o upload de jeito nenhum. Já desinstalei e instalei duas vezes e não funciona. Alguém sabendo que está acontecendo??

- if story isn’t working

instagram won’t let me post on my ig story

- Just do it for everyone!!!!

I think 🤔 it would be better if we can upload pictures photos on the comments section just do it. sometimes like I wanna show all friends something , not only on private message do it simple on the comments section too.

- No notifications

No matter what l have tried l cannot receive a notification that someone has messaged me or l have been tagged. Uninstalled, settings everything I’ve tried doesn’t work.

- i hate it

For some reason i can’t see my following nor others following I thought it would fix itself but it’s been HOURS i have tried reseting my phone reinstall instagram but it did not work at all. screw instagram

- Zahlia

Instagram is sooooo good I love it and it is the best

- Comment Block

I just started and it wouldn’t let me comment or caption I was stuck with just dms and posting

- Fix this

So I’ve been getting a lot of Inappropriate porn requests and I want this fixed immediately 😡

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love this app, the only thing that could make it better is if u could add text in the video not a caption in the actual video. But apart from that BEST EVER!!!

- It’s okay, bit shallow but good

Useful to pass time. But why can’t I put my hashtags on a new line?? It’s so ugly.

- Wow


- Thanks for being easy to use

Prefer Instagram, than Facebook as it’s easy to use & looks great

- Continually getting comments blocked

Have loved and used Instagram for years but lately every few days when they think I’ve commented too much my comments get blocked, no one to contact and feedback as to why. It has been a frustrating app to work with.

- Not working. IG kefe.stylah

Hey my Instagram isn’t working properly and wat ever I do it always comes up with action blocked I would like this fixed ASAP

- Password problems

Instagram is great and I’ve loved it for so long and it helps me stay connected to many of my friends! One problem.. when I log out of Instagram I have to put in my password to get back in but for the people who don’t know their passwords like me, then they might lose their whole account. On other apps like tiktok and Snapchat, I’d you log out they allow you to get your account back by entering a phone number and the app sends you a code so you get your account back.. I tried this multiple times on instagram but when I enter my phone number i wait at least 5 minutes and still no verification code comes through and I end up losing my whole account. This has happened to me numerous times and I’m now up to my third account which I am just about to lose also.. hopefully you take this into consideration and change up this app slightly to bring in so many more users

- الشكر

شكرا لكم على هذا البرنامج الرائع الذي يساعد على تحسين الصداقه بين الناس

- Raj

Facebook Become a most attitude aap ever we need alternative aap which one should have same feature as Facebook has now Facebook disabled any account any time without showing any reason I deleted this most un useful app from my phone forever if any one know about any Aap similar to Facebook please let me or should someone make any other website which provide similar features so we can kick Facebook out from our lives so this massage for everyone this site not trustable for your memories choose something else thanks

- Great app but....

So basically I have forgot my password but I’m logged in and need to change it and I need a way to get an email reset is that any chance possible please help me

- Age limit for Instagram

What is the actual minimum age to create an Instagram account. The app says 12, but your website has 13.

- Love instagram

I love instagram sm it’s my favourite app l go on it every single day ily instagram 💕😍

- Epic

Most apps I use for about a month then delete but instagram had has always made me get a different feeling

- Kang

Nice Spa

- Music option

I want my music option back now other then that great app

- Literally the best social media app

This is the best social media app because it has connected me with so many people and boosted my popularity at my school and I have been so entertained by the many posts, personally I recommend it😃😃👍👍

- Friendship in times of stress

Thank you for keeping the love creativity and diversity alive . Keep smart and true

- Sharing to story issues

I use an iPhone 11 Pro. I can’t share posts to my stories from public accounts that have not disabled the sharing of their posts to stories. I see other accounts being able to do it and I can’t. I have never had this issue on my other phones so seems specific to iphones. No help elsewhere on the internet.

- Meh...

Nothing to rave about, would be better if you upload panoramic, 360 photos & any size picture without having to split it into sections, crop the hell out of it etc

- Da fuk


- Make profile background

let the background of you’re instagram be something nice better then plane white or people have it on dark mode plane black. Let us put a nice background :)

- iPad app

Not happy that there isn't an iPad app. Have to use mobile version and enlarge.

- Sandies Gone Walkabout

I love using Instagram to search for some beautiful new hiking trails and nature spots along the Sunshine Coast and beyond. A great App for all ages.

- Annoying

I honestly don’t understand why people send your posts to other people but you can’t see who sends your photos.

- Change the multiple posts icon

I’ve been using this app for 7 years. Now that we can post multiple photos in one post it’s so great! But please, get rid of the white icon in the top right corner of the posts on a profile because it makes the Instagram feed look ugly. Please it’s too big and white. Make it smaller or something. It ruins a person’s feed


Hi Instagram just want to suggest a capability to add a function to message people on computer.

- 🙄🙄

First it didn’t immediately failed to post or even load any of my posts and so I deleted the app then tried to login 🙄 and “suprisingly” the app wouldn’t let me log in!! So once again I uninstalled the app until I tried to install and try it out again 😴 the app would not download 🤧🤧Good work👏👏.. Now I cannot login

- Posts photos WITHOUT permission

IG keeps posting drafts to my story without me ever pushing the post button. This is happening frequently. If I change my mind about posting an image, too bad, Instagram posted it already!

- I can’t do promotion of my page

From my instagram i can’t post a paid promotion.

- Gamer


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- Algorithm is flawed

Change your algorithm already!!! Let new or smaller accounts be more discovered.



- Instagram

Instagram for some reason why don’t I have the music icon my instant updates all the time and I live in the us but for some reason I don’t have the music icon and I’m wondering as to why I don’t

- Instagram live

I cant get on live! I have connection/wifi but it keeps saying i dont! It worked fine yesterday

- Story

Still can’t add music to my story

- the following activity tab and the number of likes

Bring back the following activity tab and the number of likes 😡😡😡

- I can’t go live

Someone fix it

- A professional and respectful team

A professional and respectful team Thanks for your help to recover my wife account thank you so much

- Help

My username and password are correct but I can’t log into the Instagram app.

- Gone Downhill

I remember when IG was fun. Now, they are riddled with porn bots and trolls and when you report people who violate the terms, 9 times out of 10 they write back saying the account or post didn’t violate the terms, though it clearly did. To top it off, I decided to make a new account for a specific subject and after about an hour of using it, following 45 people or so and making maybe 20 comments, my account was deactivated. They made me send a photo of myself holding a picture of a code and I’m waiting to hear back, but this is honestly ridiculous. I didn’t violate the terms at all, unless commenting and following people is a violation of their terms, rather than the whole point of Instagram. Tl;dr They let alllll kinds of stuff (bullying, porn, hate speech, etc.) slide but if you comment too many times (?) from a new account you can get deactivated.

- Instagram Live

My Instagram live just stopped working out of nowhere, I don’t kno if it’s a new update out to where I can’t go live anymore but this has to be fixed ASAP. I’m not even blocked from live so I’m not sure what’s going on please help.

- It won’t let me go live

I rarely ever go live but the one time I want to and update the app now all of a sudden It doesn’t even have the live button there this is some bs

- Fashionable

Live In style like you are in the palace

- vhcghjbvj

i don’t have the sticker where you can add multiple photos or videos to a story which can get rlly annoying

- Funny

I like memes, so much that i have a meme page @bill_cosby_03 go follow

- Angers

why can’t you go live anymore ??

- My Instagram won’t start live

Can y’all fix this please I’ve been trying to go live and it just keeps saying “checking connection” but when my sister does it it starts right away

- Instagram

I love Instagram had it for a really long time, it’s Just I’m currently on block to Anything and I really want to wonder why hasn’t Instagram gotten back to me


im trynna go live and it keeps saying “checking connect” aint nun wrong w my connection. fix this stuff bro .

- I don’t know what to name this

I didn’t see anything saying most Indian guys will follow you. I’m really just joking, I love this app.

- Instagram is everything!!!

I use Instagram! I use the hell out of it. I have tons of incredible followers. I experience actual pure brilliant love thru Instagram. I run 2 Instagram accounts. It is an incredible tool for making life happen. Thank you for Instagram. I’m about to go supernova with these accounts and save my way of life through this crazy time. Saving my business and saving my life. We can get through this together. Stay strong.

- Great app

Cool app to network on

- Super Biased

U guys only censor conservative/republican accounts because God forbid u let us use FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

- Live

I can’t go live why is that


an old phone number is on my two instagram accounts, and they have two factor authentication and i CAN’T get in. i’ve been using support requests and getting no help. PLEASE fix this issue. update 3/24/2020: support request is being dumb for a temporarily disabled account ..

- live

my insta won’t let me go live anyone else ?

- Stupid bug. Get better coders

Instagram will not let me share others posts to my story. I have tried to reach out to the help services and have had no luck. I look like in idiot posting screenshots on my story!!!! 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

- its dope

pretty dope man.

- Mzjazebell

I love instagram ❤️❤️❤️❤️

- I have a message apparently?

I think my instagram is glitched since it says I have a message but I don’t actually have any messages? I checked if I had any messages and I didn’t but it says I do.

- Uh

What’s the talk about the Instagram dms being purple

- Why does this always happen

Look I love Instagram but why can’t I use the music sticker? I’ve always updated this app just let me play my music 😭

- Best app for Photos!!

I can’t think of any other app to share my photos, not just my selfies but mostly photography!! Everything is beautifully organized too!

- 👍 nice

Good 😍😍😋😍

- Sucky computer program! My TI 99 was easier to use.

This program blows.

- Ireli

Always glitching some times dose not let me go live and is slow

- Annoyed

I like more then 15 post then am blocked and have to wait an hour or 2 to be unblocked this happens daily. I follow a lot of people and we’re in quarantine. I shouldn’t be allowed to mindlessly scroll through insta and like the pics I like. Please fix this new algorithm or whatever it is.

- Thanks instagram

I love instagram because it has amazing thing I can look at like skateboarding drifting and more stuff thank you to instagram I have 112 follower

- No support

Can’t share posts to my stories. Don’t have effects in my video chat. No one responds to my help requests.

- Why

I’m just wondering why I don’t have access to music for my stories. I’m not interested in hearing that only “certain accounts” can access music because that is ridiculous.

- I hate it

My notifications have stop working and u have done everything I could to get them back but they just won’t show anyone got tip’a?


there are 2 accounts that i’ve found so far called @ar_wooojin and @killwoojinplz and they are sending hate towards Kim Woojin, a former Stray Kids member, and @ him on the posts and commenting “kill yourself” and things like that on his account. my friend frye’s to report them but it didn’t work so i’m posting this here. there also one called @wedo.notloveyouhyunjin sending hate towards a current member of Seay Kids, Hyunjin. there’s probably a lot more but these 3 i’ve noticed. it would mean so much to STAYs and Stray Kids if these accounts were gone. It’s accounts like these that drive people to kill themselves, like Sulli, HARA, or Jonghyun. Please delete these accounts before another idol takes their life due do things like this.

- Review

Just hard to figure out it would be nice to have a place to read how this all works , how to post correctly some old people like this to lol

- 5Sta stunna

One of the best apps I’ve invested my time & energy into... thanks for the creativity!

- New features

Instagram should create a feature where you can go back and delete a picture from a tread you’ve posted. I’ve made the mistake where I’ve posted multiple pictures and end up hating one of them and can’t do anything about it :(.

- Spam group chats

Yo Instagram, Mind keeping spam Instagram accounts from adding me to sexual group chats? It’s not funny and I don’t enjoy reading a text from saying “hey, want my nudes?” Or “do you like what you see?”

- It’s a good app but I can’t login 😐

Every time I try to login it says that there’s a error

- We want chronological order back!

All we want is chronological order with our stories and feed. I know that it makes sense to order them by who you contact the most, but a lot of times I really want to see the people I don’t hear from so I can further my relationship with them & comment. I have missed so many posts that I was interested in.

- The best

It’s the best there is mor thing I could say but there is to much

- Me encanta!!😃

Me encanta 😍

- Awesome!!!


- Excelent App!

Love IG 💛💛💛💛

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


- Nice

But there is a little inappropriate things so they should stop that

- Chronological feed

Hate the algorithm. Can’t wait until this platform becomes irrelevant. Have tonstay on IG right now for work.

- Instagram

Hey my account won’t let me login I know I did something wrong but please help me

- Amazing!!!


- Nahnahnahnahnah


- Why does it not upload from iMac?

Why does it not upload from iMac?

- Why I love Instagram

I love this app because you can get to know people and share really good things for good people to know this

- Timeline bugs

Whenever I get into the IG app, my timeline randomly dims for some reason and then the top row of my wifi icon, clock, and battery percentage disappear. Fix. It.

- Telif hakları

Hiç olmazsa belli bir süre, bu sıkıntılı günlerde insanların müzikler yayınlamasına müsade edin lütfen....

- Instagram stories

So now you can add music to your story in Canada, and I’m here in Canada but It won’t let me add music plus I have an iPhone 8 so pretty strange


my friend is getting her new account deleted for no reason and she has already gained 200+ followers DONT DELETE IT PLEASE

- Instagram is a failure

Instagram has the worst customer support if any, that I’ve ever come across in an app, period. They are one of the most popular apps ever and yet still can’t fix the issue of even logging in to your own account. The process for them to respond to u is several weeks. The bugs and glitches in the app seem to never improve even after the updates, so I wonder where they are putting they’re efforts towards. The day I receive my account back on the app will be the day I am merely satisfied with what they’re doing over at instagram

- Like it a lot

I made a second account today and it needed a verification code from a phone number but I don’t have a phone number. Is there anyway you can have it send to an email instead.

- Great

It’s a great app

- Don’t have option to repost

Idk why but every time I get mentioned in a story I don’t find the repost button anywhere. Neither in the story nor in the convo section. Is there a solution? Is there a setting that I can change?

- ugh

it wont let me post or send pictures and or videos in dms.

- Great

Hounestly pretty great not much that can be said I wish they would fact check everything tho

- Can’t post

I’m trying to start a new account for my art, will not let me post more than 6 pics. I have only followed close friends that were suggested by Instagram. Can you let me know what Is going on.

- 👌

J'adore Instagram! J'aime beaucoup les filtres pour les stories et j'adore pouvoir suivre le quotidien des personnalités publiques que j'aime!

- Posting videos off of Live Photo’s

Anytime I convert a Live Photo into a video and try to post it on my story or my feed, instagram moves the video up and posts a black border around the bottom. Pls fix

- Love Instagram but it has new issues!!!

Nowadays: Instagram has become a storage hog taking up over a GB on my phone making it very difficult for me to even use my phone and this storage keeps on growing and never shrinks. Also with the removal of likes this app is garbage. Never improving this always making this app way worse with every single update. No new features a lot either lack of development. Takes years before you guys even do add a feature. This is why this will always be a 1 star app. Really just shouldn’t be an app anymore tbh. Previously years ago: I recently got the iOS 8.1 update and every time I try to open it. It crashes on startup every time I try to open it very disappointed with the app!! :( Even crashes on my other device when I login!

- Okay just see below

This is a great app? How do you get followers?

- Please insta 😂

I’m begging u please make an update where u can’t post naked pictures or send them thank u (: also it would be more family friendly and more people would let there kids join and insta will have more users 😁

- Bugs

My instagram keeps crushing and it is not giving me any notifications! PLEASE FIXXXX

- No notifications

I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing not receiving any notifications? Just me?

- Alright

I do enjoy using the app but I wish that there’s a function where u could look through ur saved library wit having date shortcuts like on Snapchat instead of endlessly scrolling through hundreds of saved posts.

- Notifications and Timeline issues

With every update, they never seem to fix what people are commenting about. Timeline is still messed up and not in descending order. Why do I keep seeing posts that are 2 days old before ones that were just posted recently? Notifications is a horrible. I get notifications on some people I follow and none on others.

- Pourquoi ça

Nos action sont toujours bloquées ex: j’ai essayer de liker un post et mon action a été bloquée je ne peut plus texter des gênes svp corriger sa 🙏

- Issues with following

Recently, I haven’t been able to follow or unfollow any users. Whenever I do it says the action is blocked. I’ve looked this problem up in the help center and nothing seems to cover the issue? Help!

- People should get paid.

People with a lot of followers should get paid to post photos and videos!

- Likes

I dont like the new way the likes appear in the activity section, i like it better when they were all separated

- Can’t reshare to my story!

I’ve reached out a couple of times and still isn’t fixed!

- Pls fix

I can’t see anyone’s stories?? And the app keeps crashing pls fix this

- Instagram

This is the best social media app I have ever downloaded. Totally recommend it!

- The layout is atrocious on iPad

I would love to see more support for the iPad on instagram.The layout is laughable and doesn’t do any orientation except vertical, and the size of the app interface in comparison to the physical size of the iPad screen is bizarre. I can’t use the app without feeling embarrassed. Please support your iPad users, instagram! We deserve a flawless experience as well.

- Advertising

This app was about photo sharing between friends not all advertising! Contemplating getting rid of it!

- Aider moi svp

Je ne peux plus commenter ou liker des publications et il y’a 5 compte qui ne m’appartienne pas qui sont à moi je ne sais pas comment ces problèmes on pu arriver. J’aimerais bien que ces soucis sois régler.

- “Add post to story” inexplicably not available

I’ve tried LITERALLY everything including, re installing app, updating app, trying to get in touch with instagram, reviewing blogs and troubleshooting settings. Nothing I have done has made this button show up on my profile. Every single person I know is able to click the little airplane on a public post and then is able to see the option of “add post to story”, except for my account. It has never appeared for me and I truly feel like I am being picked on or cast away for some reason that I don’t know of. It’s something so simple, I just don’t quite understand why it’s not working for me and nobody from Instagram is able to reply to me, let along give me an explanation. I will continue to ask for help and maybe at one point I won’t be ignored. Everything else from Instagram is awesome, I just wish I could get some help troubleshoot a problem I’ve had for the last year. Cheers

- Glitch?!😡

Every time I try to take a picture for my story, instagram closes on me.. I had a lot of problems trying to delete and reinstall the app to the point of completely resetting my phone only for it to happen again. Fix This!!

- Instagram

Instagram is pretty much snap without streaks, and it’s has ig tv which is technically YouTube and you can watch any tik tok you can find....what’s the point of the other apps. I just had to say it I’ve been thinking about this for months.

- Review

I wish we could still see how many likes on pictures!

- Can't post

It won't let me post stories or to my profile. Be more compatible with older iOS please.

- Review too much advertisement. Way too many accounts that are fake wanting to hook up or meet up.

Instagram keeps asking me to link my Facebook account and I closed my account 8 years ago. So why keep asking. Also the amount of ads and sponsored posts is ridiculous.

- Insta plz

Ive had allot of problems with the ig app namely it crashing on my phone and having to restart it only for it to crash again i like using this app but its just a hassle honestly

- 🙄

When ever I share a picture it will disappear whit no trace plz fix it.

- I’m scared

I was on this app and I saw an ad and I know it’s the fbi, someone needs to do something to stop this. I am going off the grid if u need to contact me write a review I will be checking this every week. If u are writing a review to contact me put #sausagesinthepond. Soon enough we will stop the government and stick it to the man. Also family feud is not real it is the government showing fake families to fill our minds with lies. If u try to find Steve Harvey’s birth records they will not show up he is not a real person. Sincerely,

- Instagram

Super 👌

Libertex 📈

You can learn how to earn on the Forex market! Become Libertex client and practice trading on financial markets without risk. Get Free Forex Course!

- Would love laptop accessibility

Love instagram. Would rate 5 stars if it would allow posts from a laptop and if you could preset hashtags as they take ages to assemble.

- Bad update

Updated my Instagram app yesterday and it keeps crashing on me.

- Bad

I cant loginto my old account

- Twinseyebiew

It’s a great fun way to feel connected at this time of isolation

- Why insta is unsafe

Instagram is full of bad people the other day someone asked me if we can meet up and I never replied and he kept asking me so I say people under 12 stop using Instagram

- Action blocked

It is so annoying every single day my action on instagram are blocked just coz they think it’s a robot using my account. I use my account myself and i have a proof of that. (besides i can’t afford a robot) and yes , there should be another way to find whether it’s a robot or human. I have joined several groups so i have to comment back and follow back every time someone follows me. if i follow four people together they block my actions. N i am unable to write a caption on my posts. it disappear. if insta will keep running like this people will be leaving instagram any time sooner.

- Keep in touch

Thank you Instagram for just being here with us

- Why I rate it a 5

It is really good to connect with friends through

- Fix

The gifs should loop as long as the music does, not set it back to five minutes. Fixing this could lead to more expression and creativity as five seconds isn’t long enough at all.

- Horrible!

I’ve made 5 account one after the other every account after liking or following 5 people or more it immediately says “Action Blocked” on every new account I make! The last one just logged me straight out!!!! I don’t know if it’s a bug that they need or fix or something else. Whatever it is if it doesn’t let you Like Follow or Message people who you are already in a conversation with then what is Instagram for?

- Notifications not working

The app doesn’t push notifications anymore. It only updates DMs when I manually open the app which is annoying. iPhone XS

- music

when i try to add music on my story it just gives me a loading screen, but i can still search for songs

- No Customer service

Instagram won’t respond to me as to why I can’t like or comment

- No music icon

Can some tell me why I still can’t get the music icon on my instagram stories!

- Amazing

I really love this app, you get to text or FaceTime your friends, this is a very good feature since 2020 and plus the covid19 thing is going on at the moment. I like to post photos since I like taking photos so this app is just right for me!❤️ I really like this app, so maybe will you!💕💕

- Luvin it

Just created a Professional Account for my social media training business. Hadn’t used Instagram before now but I’m hooked ❤️❤️❤️

- Instagram

Love it more adults jah love nay 01

- 🤯👿👿👿

I’m not getting instagram again because it doesn’t work it’s annoying so sort it out because it’s probably happening to others aswell .👿👿👿

- Jasusi

I just 90 people unfollowed, but insta reported me

- Issues loading pages

Whenever I try to load up a friends page it crashes, it also doesn’t let me view who I’m following, every time I try to load it it crashes.

- Insta

Awesome love it

- Sorry

My best friend got signed out of her fan account becuase one person reported her. Someone popped up into my dm requests and sent me disturbing pictures. I reported it and it was deemed ‘completely fine’ by instagram. Work on it!

- Notification issue

Good app for social but having trouble in notification. Suddenly I can’t receive any notification from this app in my 6s😞

- This app is amazing

This app is a very good app

- I can’t go live

Hi I just logged on to my Instagram and tha app is on the latest update and the live button has been removed from one of my account how comes I can go live on one account but not the other

- A visual prodigy

What better way to smash a few an awesome hours, than perusing through Instagram. If you are visually inspired!? Then this is the place to be. iangillsculpture

- Love this but

Wish there was a dedicated iPad version

- It’s good but...

Instagram is an amazing app and you should totally download it, the problem I have is just that my notifications don’t work for some reason. It says that they are turned on but the messages don’t come through. What shall I do?

- Call

When you call someone you can’t hear them

- I want the music bottom back

I would like the music bottom back. It’s unusefull for a creation to have a social mídia without it. Thanks I cannot post 👍🏾

- It fun

It’s so fun and love chatting to my friends

- LK

LOVE the app however so annoying that I can’t get music on my stories and there is no help anywhere to resolve the problem.

- Half of my content removed, half my followers

I usually like Instagram. Until I updated it and half my content was deleted in a random manner and so were half of my followers. I’m a micro influencer so I can alot of my connections and jobs from the app and feel so disheartened that my feed no longer reflects my brand as well as it did before. I have contacted Instagram endlessly and have had absolutely no response. I have also used the report section and have still had no contact or update on my situation whatsoever. It’s unfair that you don’t try and resolve your user’s problems as without us the app wouldn’t be as successful! I’d like some help and assistance with this issue as during this time Instagram is usually the only thing which keeps me sane.

- Amazing app!

Personally I use this app every day , it’s a great way to stay updated by your friends and family .ITs lots of fun and would 100% recommend.

- Follow activity

Was a great feature. Now stripped. Now I’ve got to be sent things constantly to keep up with what’s cool. Worst move. So now I have more adds and less cool stuff. Not nice. won’t be clicking on any adds no more. Young kids might as well go with something cooler than something that’s far too simple and boring.

- Messages

Some people have rainbow (purple and blue) text and I don’t and I’m not too sure how to get it

- Can’t post to story

I cannot post others posts to my story on my main account (but can on the other two) There is no option when the aeroplane button is selected. Please help!


make the app ipad compatible like your facebook app’s.

- Amazing app

A bit addicting, but that's not IG's fault. Easy to use, entertaining and friendly place to communicate and share. Thank you IG/FB for this online community!

- Great app

Great way to see videos and pics of all my favourite things in one place

- Bug?

I haven’t been able to like, follow or comment because it says that it’s restricted ? I’m not sure if this is a bug but i hope it gets fixed soon

- Instagram stories

It won’t allow me to add music to my Instagram stories. I don’t even have the option to do so

- Best social media platform

I love instagram it’s my go to platform especially for my business! Best way of promoting yourself and connecting with other people and businesses!

- Live

I just wanted to ask why you cannot go live anymore apart from that an awesome app

- No support for features that don’t work.

I used to have the ability to share posts from my feed onto my story but it is now just not working. I have emailed and reported the issue however I might as well have been talking to a brick wall. No response. Frustrating that there doesn’t seem any support for very simple things which could be easily fixed on their end.

- Mr

Hy I can't do a live video after I maked a uptade

- Stop restricting my DJ sets! How are you supposed to promote

Why can’t we promote new stuff?

- Insta automatically following people who’s accounts I’ve never even seen

Everyday I keep seeing new accounts appearing in my feed I have never seen these accounts or even followed them but when I click to their profile it says I’m following them. No one has my account and no one has hacked it as I would get an email to let me know someone has logged in on a new device. I’m changing my password anyway but if this continues I’m going to stop using instagram as it’s really annoying me now

- Algorithm

Is a joke.

- It’s ok

I have been using it for about 2 years and gained a lot of followers and it is a great app but recently I got a new phone and I had to log in to my account again but when I tried it said that the account had invalid parameters so I had to start a new account ☹️ other than that it is definitely worth downloading and can also be fun useful and free at the same time 🥳🥳🥳

- camera not working

my camera on insta is not working and i cant take any photos or videos!

- Instagram Dms

There is this new thing going on in the app where I am always added to these weird pornographic group chats, please disable this because it is so uncomfortable and annoying. And they are always so random and I get like 2 weird requests per day from people I don’t know.

- Condolences

Within this application I’ve been able to manifest and correctly direct my life in an energy of magnitudes I could not possibly express otherwise, it has opened doors to cultural dispositions that has inspired me on a journey I felt overwhelmed any chance of not only progression or success but a chance to show who I really am, within this I am eternally grateful and from someone who spent years living to die, this app has helped me see that their is something worth living for, I hope one day I’ll be able to repay the sense of life one day to those who can relate to my feelings

- Stories

You can share your stories with the world and make a positive difference in others just buy a bio and a click of a button.

- Interface changes

The constant interface changes are super annoying. Moving the DM link to the bottom was stupid. Clustering the likes on a post is annoying. Do you even test this stuff??

- Eugh

Not enough content I enjoyed- targeted accounts could be better

- Please update

Please please please please please please change the way to post- I find it annoying. I love this app so so so much but please make it easier to post. Also, could you make Live Photos work on you story? I think that would be really cool Thanks

- DM and Activity buttons swapped

I always use Instagram, but you have now made me annoyed by swapping the DM and Activity buttons!!! I can no longer swipe to get my messages!! Please fix this immediately!!!!!!


Make me famous or I’ll expose you and all the “conspiracies” about your app

- Noice


- How I rate instagram

I love instagram but I'm a kid so I don’t love it as much as everyone else though I do like it


Absolutely frustrated that there is no one to go to for help! My account was falsely blocked for something I didn’t do A pop up comes up saying “tell us if you think we’ve made a mistake” ive pressed “tell us” probably 1000 times and it doesn't even matter because Instagram don’t care No one will contact you and help the situation. In short, Instagram has no help or support The people behind the app don’t care about anyone anymore. I miss the old Instagram when there was an actual help line to get things solved



- Great social connectivity option but needing crucial improvements for safety

Love Instagram for an easier low key/less pressure social media and opportunity for connection. More needs to be done to filter and prevent trolling and inappropriate comments in message to keep our youth safe and promote healthy culture.

- Grate

Enjoyed everything about it, no complaints. Would recommend to others. Go follow my meme page!!! ok_meme_z

- Commercial Advertising

Ads are killing Instagram and morphing it into yet another platform for scammer business and exploitation of vulnerable people. Days are numbered unless it returns to its roots

- Live stream

I can’t watch live stream for many times even I use iphone11 download new app update Ig APP I CAN’T USE LIVE STREAM! I already send email to you for 3 times ... No one reply me.....

- Why?

I cannot sign into my instagram account. Can you please fix this problem it’s really annoying and had me frustrated.

- Instagram voicemails

Instagrams already great but I reckon it would get even better if they make a whole attachments of old voicemails just like with photos & videos on the persons details area just with voicemails if that makes sense

- Love it but hate

I love the app itself but when I go to open the app it closes itself again. I am on iOS 13.3.1 Please fix

- Banton_84

Would be better if I could share posts like the rest of the world


Hello can I have some help on my instagram it is stuck on story controls witch I never pressed and I am pressing done to try and get out of it but it will not let me over all it’s a great app please help a that’s all 😊

- I like venom

I made a account called venomfan101 and I post about how I love venom so much pls follow me so venon will come to my school

- Adds

Love instagram but hate all the adds that keep coming up they are a nuisance. I don’t want to see adds

- Problems of instagram

There are some problems in my instagram account. I can’t like to others pictures and I can’t follow someone else . Sorry for what I’m saying. Plz repair this prob

- Not making well use of iPad Air’s big screen.

This version of Instagram is not well made for iPad Air’s larger screen relative to iPhone 6+. The app is well coded for iPhones and works greatly for iPhone 6+ I’m using at the moment. But the same cannot be said for iPad Air I am using. The app looks terrible with two black bars at the sides! Hopefully Facebook will fix it. The Facebook app works just fine but the same can’t be said for Instagram!

- Good social tools

Love the new function of hiding the number of likes.

- Crashing

Continuously crashes every time you open it. Cannot access anything to even report a problem. Have tried reinstalling, switching off phone, nothing works.

- Your rude

I love Instagram but my account isn’t updating with the latest update and it is so gay. But my private account has. I want my main account to and I’m going to legit cry. Instagram please help me man. I’m going insane, also it’s being special with logging into accounts, you need to fix that.

- Good and happy.

Not crazy on the gram.. just enjoy it from time to time.. has a positive message.

- Stories Disappear

Ever since the new update, whenever I watch a story, it disappears from the home tab (where the stories normally are) even though they’re still up. I can go into the accounts and rewatch the stories (meaning that they’re still up) but they won’t show up in the stories section. They will only appear when they are unwatched and then disappear straight after I watch them? Please fix this glitch!!!! I normally rewatch stories at the end of a day but they aren’t there?! I tried deleting and redownloading the app but that didn’t help. Please fix it!

- Eh.

It would be better with chronological posts. And post from everyone I follow not just who they determine I want to see.

- Please read insta! ♡︎

The app is an amazing social media app and some amazing settings that people can use if there is a cybor bully. All setting are amazingly helpful and I often find some amazing people I talk to right now, I find this fun scrolling through feed I like and there is really amazing and artistic profiles that are just inspirational definatly an amazing place to relax! ❤︎ Although there is one minor thing that does bother me and a few different people I know. I have started off a new account as my old was just getting boring and I followed too many people so I had a fresh start. I love showing my followers things that I have seen from people in my feed.. I don’t exactly have the option to put other people’s public feed on my story and if you instagram could fix it I would be so amazingly happy and I would most defiantly rate you a 10/10 x Love instagram always ♡︎♡︎♡︎

- Instagram

Instagram could be better but there are to many adds

- Lazy ad practices

Facebook should stop the dumb practice of not allowing text in promoted posts. This is a lazy way of trying to stop spam.

- Music

Apple Music sticker is not showing

- Crashes when I try to log in

Why won’t it let me log in now?

- Keeps crashing

My Instagram app won’t open, it crashes as soon as you try to open it. Has been going on all day, so frustrating!!!

- Version 133.0 won’t run

Updated today, and now I can’t use the app. Crashes on the opening screen no matter what I do. Help...?

- Can’t share posts on my story

I used to be able to share posts to my stories and after updating the app I can do longer do this. I think I’ve messaged 100, times and no response or help!!!

- just a few issues that annoyed me

i’ve been using instagram for a while now and there has been a few issues that i’ve faced with it. it sometimes freezes while i’m swiping through posts or just through my explore page, when i try looking through the storys at the top of my feed they don’t pop up and sometimes when i refresh the page my storys are gone and it hasn’t been 24 hours yet..

- Keeps crashing!!!!!!!!

Over the last three days I haven’t been able to use my business account. The app crashes shortly after the page opens. Cannot update my events, do posts, see the feed...frustrating!

- Hot

Really good I alway get lots of compliments when I use this application

- Stories

It’s great but for a while now other people Instagram stories won’t show up!

- Instagram

My Instagram isn’t letting any of my messages come up and if I try to video chat someone it always says contacting even if they have picked up.

- Story problem

Instagram was great but now there’s this thing when I view someone’s story I can’t see it again at all and it randomly happened today out of nowhere can you please fix it cause that would be great if you can

- New update broke my app

I can’t go onto Instagram every time u click the app it immediately kicks me out and I’ve tried everything to try and fix it.

- Sharing stories

Theres no option for sharing other people’s posts on my stories, it doesn’t come up anymore.

- Instagram won’t do anything.

I am absolutely disgusted by this platform at the moment. Whoever is in charge of the reporting system needs to be fired. Instead of taking down an open pedophiles account that was detailing very explicit things they wanted to do to a child, they took down an aware accounts post about them for harassment, as well as almost disabling their account. Instagram goes against their own guidelines on a daily basis by allowing to keep up animal abusive posts, harassment accounts, extremely inappropriate photos of furry yiff, and so on. Their system is absolutely broken and what I believed to be biased. They are also allowing an account dedicated to harassing a certain group of people to remain active while this account targets various users and tells their followers to harass these people. Instagram allows people to get away with their foolish behaviour time, and time again. I even reported someone for posting photos of me and harassing me, calling me a slut time and time again. Instagram did NOTHING!! The instagram staff does NOT care about their users. It’s all about money for them, and that’s become very clear. Fix this NOW

- Not working - glitches every time I go on it

Keeps glitching and not letting me go in the app. I have used Instagram for so many years but all of a sudden every time I go on it it glitches out. I have tried deleting the app, restarting my phone many times and it still won’t work. I’m very frustrated by this

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Instagram 134.0 Screenshots & Images

Instagram iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Instagram iphone images
Instagram iphone images
Instagram iphone images
Instagram iphone images
Instagram iphone images
Instagram Photo & Video application ipad screenshots and images not ready...
Instagram Photo & Video application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Instagram Photo & Video application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Instagram (Version 134.0) Install & Download

The applications Instagram was published in the category Photo & Video on 2010-10-06 and was developed by Instagram, Inc. [Developer ID: 389801255]. This application file size is 122 MB. Instagram - Photo & Video posted on 2020-03-23 current version is 134.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

Instagram Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References

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