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Instagram is a simple way to capture and share the world’s moments. Follow your friends and family to see what they’re up to, and discover accounts from all over the world that are sharing things you love. Join the community of over 500 million people and express yourself by sharing all the moments of your day––the highlights and everything in between, too.

Use Instagram to:

* Post photos and videos you want to keep on your profile grid. Edit them with filters and creative tools and combine multiple clips into one video.
* Share multiple photos and videos (as many as you want!) to your story. Bring them to life with text and drawing tools. They disappear after 24 hours and won't appear on your profile grid or in feed.
* Go live to connect with your friends and followers right now. When you're done, live stories disappear.
* Send disappearing photos and videos, text messages and posts from your feed to groups and friends with Instagram Direct.
* Watch stories and live videos from the people you follow in a bar at the top of your feed.
* Discover stories, photos and videos you might like and follow new accounts on the Explore tab.
* Enable Handoff to switch between your Apple Watch and your iPhone.

Instagram App Description & Overview

The applications Instagram was published in the category Photo & Video on 2010-10-06 and was developed by Instagram, Inc.. The file size is 134.14 MB. The current version is 37.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

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224  TheHazelWolf  5 star

Only social media platform I kept 🌎🌍🌏


Gif not working in insta stories  P-Koko-G  1 star

Gif not working in insta stories


TAKE AWAY THE ALGORITHM.  arhiannon  1 star

Great app until they made an algorithm. Ruined a good thing. Now it’s impossible to have your posts seen unless you’re Kylie Jenner with millions of followers. Complete BS. Sick of seeing the same people’s pictures when I follow over 300 people. Can’t use a certain number of tags, have to post daily and annoy followers in order to get your posts viewed. It was perfect before where tags were actually useful. Very disappointed that there’s an algorithm now.


Unable to get fonts  Tranjul  1 star

Somehow I’m not able to get the fonts in my story. I tried to reset my phone and even deleted the app and reinstalled. Still nothing? Anyone else having this problem?


Won’t upload photos  Twotoo1107  1 star

Will not upload my pictures





Unacceptable  DragonslayerXZ  1 star

I can’t even sign in without constant error message.


Instgram  EchoandKelsey  5 star

It is awsome you can do everything on here you can even go live and text DONT CATFISH ANYONE!!!!!!


I was hacked please fix it  keener70  1 star

Well I’m very unhappy someone hacked my account it would be nice if you would fix it ASAP

SL Manula

This stores cache files as system files!  SL Manula  2 star

Has anyone noticed that Instagram app doesn’t use much space anymore like those days? That’s because Instagram stores all its cache files under system files on Apple 😑😑😑


Order  Bossy79  3 star

I've always loved Instagram, but I hate the new way my feed appears. I want to be able to see all posts of people I follow in The order that they were posted. I've chosen to follow them, if I don't want to see their feed, I can delete them. I don't want YOU to choose what I see! This app used to be about the users, now it's about what you want us to see. It's the exact reason I stopped using Facebook as much! Update Nov 2017. Officially the slowest app of all my social media to load content while travelling. Has always been my go to as it was quick & easy. I have LOST 12 posts while away this trip! It’s becoming a joke & I’m inclined to delete the app when I get home! Update Feb 2018 I love that there are now different fonts that can be used in stories. Not sure why it is only available on two of my three accounts though! Also still very annoying that posts are not in chronological order. I miss so many posts now it is ridiculous! Surely it’s about time you fix this?! Update March 2018 Regular updates, but still don’t have access to the different fonts or even the mention button on all of my accounts. And what happened to the Gif button? Pretty disappointed about the completely lack of communication from Instagram to any enquires or feedback.


Fix this problem please  Foodguy69  2 star

Instagram is one of my favourite apps but I can’t even stay on the app for more than 5 seconds. It crashes and automatically takes me off the app. I know this isn’t something to do with my phone because I opened another social app and nothing was wrong.

Owly emma

Can't add to my story  Owly emma  3 star

Tried sliding across to add to my story but it doesn't work. Please help.

Blue Ozzy

Hate this Big Brother app!  Blue Ozzy  1 star

Downloaded it to set up a method to share photos with family only. However, it automatically links all your FB contacts even though you • have used a different username • don’t use FB messenger app • don’t use FB app - web based only! • deliberately did NOT connect the contacts list. It’s the kind of presumptive arrogance that can’t stand. Had the app for 5 minutes - uninstalled already. There are better alternatives!


The bestest  Suzume1516  4 star

Amazing, yes, and I’m sure everyone agrees, but there’s a couple of big problems that should really be fixed. 1. Please make the feed in chronological order! Because I follow a lot of celebrities, their posts are usually always at the top of my feed due to the amount of attention they get, so I usually end up missing a lot of posts from small accounts. 2. Post exposure! I don’t know if it’s been fixed, but I’m going to assume not, as my posts aren’t getting nearly as many likes as I was before. As a small account, I already don’t get much attention, and now with this whole ‘10% follower exposure’ thing it’s even harder. Please take into consideration that Instagram isn’t all just celebrities and big accounts! 3. This one isn’t a problem, it’s just a suggestion. Perhaps there could be a section of the trending tags for the day? Like Twitter and tumblr? Because that makes things easier for people to post according to what’s trending and get more recognition for it. 4. Sometimes the DMs get glitchy, like the keyboard would disappear when I type. Apart from that, it’s usually all good! Thanks for continuing to update this app for us to better enjoy it~~


Problem  RACH3LZ  1 star

Recently I just tried to upload an album with up to 8 pictures & videos. It had under 20 tags, a short caption, but yet as soon as I pressed 'post' it instantly failed* and when I refreshed it dissapeared... Can you please fix this??


Good app with bad updates  abbb:)  3 star

Instagram is my favourite app but I found myself using it less when the update that changed the viewing of photos to a timing order to the order being based of what Instagram “thinks” I want to see.


Hashtags not working  Emily_kate1  1 star

None of my hashtags are working - why?


Bring GIF button back  giggle2004  1 star

Don’t really like the quality of my post, since you took the GIF button off the “live” n “my story” Please bring it back


Update every few days?  Amberino67  1 star

We are updating insta every few days? Really? Lol I sometimes feel what if the update is a bug but is collecting our data secretly or something? 😁


Bring GIFs back to stories  raichu_bae  1 star

I was enjoying reaching out by using gifs on my stories and it greatly enhanced the quality of my page. Now that it’s gone , I’m deleting.

Crim blue

Redondo Room  Crim blue  5 star

I like Instagram because you see such great photos and no bad rants from people! Thanks😊


Timelines  Frickles👍  2 star

Are meant to be chronological


DONT BE LIKE SNAPCHAT  Assfthgr  5 star

By that I mean, please do not change anything else on instagram. It’s perfectly fine the way it is.


The message system is broken  cache754  2 star

At first i thought it was my iphone 6. Every time i would type a message to someone, my whole keyboard would being to trip out. I would type but nothing would show. Then I finally got the iphone 8+, and i still have the same problem. Please fix this. It makes me want to stay away from messaging anyone on Instagram):

J Emile

Still upset  J Emile  1 star

You let my original private account get hacked and then wouldn't respond when I asked for help, and you never told people that millions of accounts had been hacked. I lost all my pictures of my children and everything. I was forced to create a new account. So for that reason alone I will only give you one star until I get my original account back. But I'm not holding my breath for that.😡 Update 3/16/18 Once again I've been disappointed in this app and the company all together. I get notifications daily now saying that my business page is now continuously in the process of being hacked. I've had to reset my password almost daily for the last two weeks. I've tried to contact you but nothing. And clearly you all don't read the reviews. Instagram and it's security is an utter disappointment. Major fail Second update 3/20/18 Someone attempts to hack my business account daily sometimes multiple times a day and you all clearly don't care. I continue to reach out to you but never any response. I hope ppl read this review and is turned off by your company. Third update 3/20/18 As a result of your lack of response to my situation and the fact that I battled with a bot or someone for two hours who constantly attempted to hack my account......more then 36 times....I have had no other choice but to deactivate my entire business account. That was how I made my money and as a result I’ve lost all my clients and followers. If I could figure out how to sue you I would.


HEELLP!!!  Dyhddjfhhrahchj  4 star

Instagram is a good app overall, but recently it hasn't been allowing me to post more than one story at a time. Whenever I swipe to the right, nothing happens. So when I want to post a story, I have to press on my circle at the top left corner, but then I can't post anymore stories.


Bring back option to upload camera roll to story  Samantha••••  3 star

Please bring back being able to upload any photo from camera roll to your story, not just pictures within the past 24 hours.

Pig meat

Post order  Pig meat  4 star

Great app and platform. Only complaint is that posts aren’t in chronological order! Makes it very hard to see posts from my friends.

Smile It

Ditto to Ana Banarie Nov 20  Smile It  4 star

Feed is interestingly not.... I don't mind ads since that is part of making money from Insta. But, I don't want to see them so often.


Follow button  LuchiMeasures✂️  3 star

Having problems clicking on the follow button, it just keeps bouncing back to follow after i have clicked on the blue follow button. And when am being followed, it doesn’t reflect on my profile as any added follower. I get notifications of being followed, but it doesn't add up. @luchimeasures


Mr  Mathewpraiz  4 star

The app is very nice


💰🙌🏼😃😃  moohkaraye  5 star

Never look back

Fasinu Tolulope

Fasinu Tolulope  Fasinu Tolulope  5 star

Instagram is a Great platform to resonate life.


Da best trending app atm!!!👌🏿  Birchman  5 star

It’s just an app for everything into one at the moment. ❤️

d odd one

Can’t Download instagram on my iPhone  d odd one  5 star

Can’t download Instagram at this time

Cruz bailando

Great app  Cruz bailando  5 star

This app is cool.its the best app for promoting business I love it


I love it  kiingingk  5 star

Certainly the best

oluwa major funds

I.g na high star  oluwa major funds  5 star

E dy make better sense


Disabled Account  phat_chyna  5 star

Instagram, I didn’t know what I did or who I offended for my account to be disabled unjustly, please kindly help me to restore it @phat_chyna


Better than snapchat  c_grace56  5 star

I used to be a snap chatter because I didn’t care but now since snapchat updated it’s terrible! I moved here and had no problem!....keep up the good work!


Scam advertisements need to be sorted  wintersoldier87  1 star

The amount of misleading or scam advertisements for cheap shoes these are not screened is a joke at this stage


Happ Land Slime Factory  DropBag  5 star

Love keeping up with what’s going on in the neighborhood


Love instagram  slimebyblana  5 star

Absolutely amazing

Sierra 29

One of my Fave Apps  Sierra 29  3 star

I do really like this App but hate the fact that my newsfeed isn’t chronological. I just don’t get it. Seeing posts from days ago thinking they’ve just happened. Really dislike that side of the App and also why as the photo sharing part gone??? I use to share photos from my phone and you could adjust the size to fit the screen now it’s gone back to the old style where my photos don’t fit in the stories section 🙄😡


Great  roshaboo  4 star

Bring back chronological order though

Glen hyland

Upload to story from mobile library  Glen hyland  2 star

I was enjoying the app but recently I have not been able to upload to my story from my mobile library very annoying

Cian Sheehy

🍷  Cian Sheehy  5 star

Best app ever


Gifs  AngryBitchBoy  4 star

Can you please bring back the gifs on Instagram stories as they gave me life x


Instagram  Jessqueenblingrocks1  5 star

Love Instagram and use it all the time, it’s great for ideas and just seeing what your favourite celebs are up too xx 💋


Loving it  un_breaxxk_able_  5 star

I Just love this app it brings people from different countries together and closer

baxx william

Best  baxx william  5 star

Instagram is the best

Ms K Nkosi

Chronological order.  Ms K Nkosi  5 star

I’d like the posts on my feed to appear in chronological order 😩


No response from customer service  Trevpols  2 star

My story upload page doesn’t allow me to add links. This is an option that is available as a few of my friends and colleagues make use of it. I have tried to contact Instagram on multiple occasions to enquire about this m, but no response. I would also like to have my page authenticated, but no luck... I have had several “catfish” profiles pop up with my info and pics which is why I would like mine authenticated so people know who the real me is... but as I said, no reply or assistance given.


M  wowzershq  5 star

Very awesome app

C on V in C in G

Translate.  C on V in C in G  3 star

Please update / edit / expand translate algorithms... All and all good app.

Kiara Tyler

Technical difficulties  Kiara Tyler  1 star

App isn’t allowing me to view the people i follow. Also it’s not allowing me to follow more people. Please fix your issues. Also please put the timeline back into chronological order. It’s making some of us look like stalkers by liking someones post from three weeks ago.


Instagram  Joemanjo  4 star

Great app. No issues!

Wonder Meyer

Poor image quality and exploitive algorithm  Wonder Meyer  3 star

Love the app, interface and user experience. In the past I would have definitely given it a full 5 stars. However I'm appalled by the deterioration of image and video quality for an app that relies so heavily on visuals 👎👎 Being able to upload higher res images should really be a priority. This app is hugely supported by creatives who have invested a lot of time to this app. The new algorithm undermines Instagram's core community of creatives and small business owners and this is so disappointing.


GIFS aren’t working  katireeve  3 star

Please fix the gif functionality for stories.


My little problem with my instagram  Adokwei  4 star

Frankly it is very interesting and fun. Getting to see and watch stories of followers is amazing. My little problem is that when ever I watch a video it keeps playing even when I’ve stopped it and moved onto other features of the app.

benn koppoe

Great App  benn koppoe  5 star

Instagram is a great app that allows you to share moments in different areas of your life with friends and other followers, great app to use, you won’t regret it.🙂


Prettynancy55  Nabeeha💕  5 star



Distinction app  mrheritage  5 star

Best social media

Martha- Ghana

Blur image after upload  Martha- Ghana  2 star

The quality of images after upload to the app reduces significantly. Can you please fix this??


Very bad😡  Brenard🤘  1 star

Why can’t i open the app with iPhone 5s since I updated it😡🤬😡🤬😡

Mama jackline

Excited  Mama jackline  5 star

Enjoying it


Avis  [email protected]  5 star

Je kiff


⭐️🌟⭐️🌟🌟  sellySels  5 star

Absolutely love it!!!


Review  babyboymagnificent  5 star

It’s a great app everyone should download it it’s really fun to use .

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