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* Create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram with Reels.
* Post photos and videos to your feed that you want to show on your profile.

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* Check out IGTV for longer videos from your favorite creators.
* Get inspired by photos and videos from new accounts in Explore.
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Instagram Comments & Reviews

- Consider this before you download!

If you are considering downloading Instagram, I'd say you definitely should👌 I use it for my art account, and I'm currently trying to sell are on it🎨. It is a great place to grow a small business, and also connect with your friends🫂! A few updates I'd love to see are- maybe making it so you can save reels to your collections instead of having to go all the way to your account and add each reel in 😓 Also I'd love to be able to customize my ig page more by maybe having an option to change the color of the background of my page? 🟥🟧🟨🟩🟦🟪 That would be so fun! While ig is a great app for communication and business growth, it also has a few bad sides like it is extremely addicting, and many accounts contain inappropriate content.😕 I don't think it would be very easy to completely eliminate inappropriate content, but it would be nice to have a warning such as "this page may contain explicit content" or something like that. 👍 Also, many Instagram pages promote things like surgery, and "perfect bodies" 🙄🙅‍♀️ which is not really healthy because it can lower self esteem and stuff like that. Just definitely be careful!! But yea anyways I think it's a great app so have fun with it 🥸

- Digging Itself a Hole

I’ve been a long time Instagram user and have always enjoyed my time on the app. However the updates in recent years have started to make the app pretty... non-defendable. The most recent rage inducing update was the installation of the shopping tab and the “reels” feature, and the following rearrangement of instagram’s layout. The shopping tab wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t being forced down our throats by replacing the likes and mentions tab. Now the reels feature. From what i’ve seen, the reels tab is only used to upload tiktoks and seldom used to upload original “reels”, ultimately making the feature useless. It would also be tolerable if it hadn’t replaced the “post a picture” button, and if Instagram would stop trying to shove the feature into everyone’s face by forcibly turning portrait videos into reels. Don’t even get me started on the problem that is removing the sharing feature on the app. Yeah, on January 8th you won’t be able to send posts straight to people’s DM’s. I personally believe this will be the final nail on Instagram’s own coffin that they’ve been building for themselves over the years, that started long ago when they removed chronological posts. Instagram is trying to be OTHER apps rather than be its OWN unique entity to keep up with the trends, thus neglecting to make new and creative features.

- Hard To Navigate with the New Layout

first off i’d like to say that i’ve been using instagram since 2015. i’ve seen some changes over the course of these past few years that were very good for the overall use of the app, and some that just made navigating the app more difficult. the main reason why instagram has become so popular over the years was it’s simple layout that made it easy to access and interact with followers and discover people. but now, in 2020, likes and view counts are hidden, the feed isn’t in chronological order, the algorithm only allows you to see posts of only a handful of people you follow, and now the notifications have moved. if instagram wants to keep its users satisfied, then they need to go back to the classic look. keeping the classic layout with home, explore page, upload, notifications, and profile at the bottom makes the app easier to navigate. there is no reason why the shopping bag needs to be on the bottom bar because not everyone shops from instagram. there are a lot of scammers on the app! instead of changing the layout, instagram needs to fix the algorithm, put posts on the timeline back in chronological order, get rid of bot and spam accounts, and remove accounts/posts that don’t follow the community guidelines. now more than ever, there are many accounts that spread hate and misinformation! why was changing the layout a priority? fix it and bring likes and view counts back!

- Please Stop With The Horrible Updates

I've been using Instagram since 2013 and every update I've gotten since then has been disappointing. This newest update (version 166.1) is one of the most annoying and ugliest looking updates yet. First of all, why would I want to connect Facebook messenger to my Instagram account?? It's so unnecessary and of course the DM feature on Instagram is basically mutating into Facebook messenger with the message reactions and the different colored messages. Secondly, the shopping feature being on the bottom bar is the absolute worst. I've never shopped on Instagram and never will but I'm stuck with this completely useless button on my toolbar and I always accidentally hit it when I just want to take a peak at the explore page. Thirdly, the reels feature is absolutely awful (I know that was from a previous update) and I hate that I have the reels icon on my toolbar. The toolbar in general is getting way too confusing and too many things are getting added to it. The fact that I can't even post a photo from my toolbar is probably the most annoying feature. I love Instagram and every time I get an update I just say to myself "Well, I guess I'll give it a try" but all of these updates that have happened in the last 1-2 years have pushed me over the edge. Probably going to delete the app because these updates have been nothing but awful ever since Facebook took over. Hate what they've done with it. Stop trying to turn Instagram into Facebook.

- Inaccessible. Many problems.

I’ve got a couple Instagram accounts, and no two have the same features as the other. It’s incredibly confusing and annoying to switch between two accounts on the same app that don’t even have the same features. One might have a different, newer version of DM’s while another has been stuck with an old version and has never been updated. For the past two months my main account has been action blocked almost every other week. Instagram has made me change my password 8 times within then as well. I rely on posting often to keep my audience and gain new followers (as well as to catch the eyes of potential customers, as I am an artist that makes money off of commissions) and I obviously can’t do this when Instagram blocks me from posting. I don’t share my account with anyone, I’ve never purchased followers, and I’ve never used any third party apps with Instagram. So it’s beyond me why they keep doing this. Not to mention, the support is awful. If you have an issue or if you need help with something, you might as well forget it. The support team is incredibly unhelpful and has always been this way. I’ve seen accounts post highly illegal content that Instagram deems as safe for all ages! Even after reporting. Any legitimate problems I’ve tried to report have been met with silence. The idea of Instagram is great. But the app itself is becoming worse and worse as time goes on.

- Annoying issue

Instagram is a great app to use on your free time and to connect with other people. This is why I was really interested in using Instagram to try and help out my barber career. The one annoying issue I’m having is when it comes to trying to add an action button for booking. I have tried this with three different booking apps so far and with no luck. For example I am trying to add my square appointments app as a book option on my business account. The videos I have seen about how to do this, show that once you click on the app you use to schedule your clients, you need to enter in the URL that will link them to your booking page. I believe this is where the problem is. Instagram doesn’t give me an option to enter a URL. The order that Instagram sends me is ( connect website > please select business to connect > connect to Instagram > connection successful). Then when I refresh my page there is no action button. I have used three different booking apps in hopes that one of them would work and none of them do. I have the online booking option turned on within the app as well and it still doesn’t work. It’s extremely frustrating and to add onto it, I can’t find anywhere online to help me. There’s no way to contact Instagram, at least from what I have seen and it feels like it’s never going to work for me. This app could easily be a 5 star, but this one problem is really making it hard.

- Lack of report system

Instagram has more potential than it has now. But a few issues are what keeping them from pulling out of from the others. First is the amount of bots, fake, and duplicate accounts that are on IG. Myself and some others (possibly) use IG as a place for photography, businesses, reaching a broader community to share the similar likes, or just for fun. With those few listed accounts, it limits who can see your posts and your account. I can see/understand if someone has a business and personal account. But to have 3+ accounts that are the exactly the same and are troll pages then why keep them up? Also there are times especially now (not sure if it’s happening to some people or not) is accounts and people who are clearly going against the TOS and guidelines with their posts and accounts. No matter if it’s drugs, tobacco, alcohol, nudity or sexual images. Some are showing up in popular feed (whatever it’s called) and some though scrolling through posts. Like earlier yesterday/today I tried reporting dozens of posts and accounts of completely naked women and a few of drugs and tobacco in use that showed up and all IG said was that “it doesn’t go against their guidelines”. How does all of this not go against the guidelines?? Also reported a account that supposedly had gotten “removed” on a couple different occasions but still on their as of yesterday with basically no consequences other than a couple pictures that were reported and removed. So I don’t know.

- Used to be about connecting- now it’s just advertising

I used to love Instagram as a way to keep in touch with my family and friends. Especially during this time of being apart. However, now with the unbelievable amount of ads it is nearly impossible to see what I want to see (my family and friends) and due to the new - “you’re all done” feature I constantly miss posts and here is why: If I open my feed and look at some posts from friends, I can see there are several I haven’t scrolled to look at yet, I then click over to open a message, when I look back at Instagram those posts are gone and I cannot see them again unless I can possibly remember who posted something and to individually look at each of their pages. I HATE that feature that is now in Instagram. To me the benefit of the posts is I can always just scroll down to review them. Now each post is pretty much a story, see it once and it’s gone forever and now I have ENDLESS ads. Once you have viewed your new posts you can’t see them again all you see are ads. Don’t get me wrong, I do like SOME ads, they are personalized and helpful. But I’d rather they show up only in my stories than on my feed. I’m probably going to delete Instagram as soon as I can find a different way to see friends and family’s posts and not miss any because of the inundation of ads that is here. Intagram used to be about connecting, now it is just advertising.

- This new update is terrible

Instagram has made it even harder for you to see posts from the people that you actually follow with this most recent update. I now only see about 10 - 12 photos from people I actually follow, before I get to the "you've been caught up" message & suggested posts start popping up. I follow 200+ people, 80% of whom update regularly, yet instagram is making it impossible to see them. I miss so much time sensitive information, including sales, events or donations, all because instagram has moved explore page posts to your home feed as well. And posts are being BURIED with this new update. Half the time the "new" posts on my timeline are 1-2 weeks old & the posts in my "older" tab are from the same day. As a creator myself, my engagement has dropped exponentially, as Instagram is making it increasingly difficult for my work, & the work of others, to be seen. And that's not to mention the horrific placement of the new reels tab, dead in the center of the app, with the new shop page directly right, kicking both the post button & the notifications tab to the top of the screen on the home page. As a small business, this is FRUSTRATING to say the least. It seems like instagram is hell bent on punishing the very people that keep their app alive. At the very least, give people the autonomy to organize their app tabs the way they want to & choose to have a chronological home feed or an algorithmic based one. Come on Instagram, lets do better.

- You’re killing me, here

I like Instagram. I do. It’s a good app for keeping in contact with friends and for being able to share the things I create as an artist. But I swear the app gets worse with every update. The changes to the layout of the home page that make it so it’s basically a second explore page and so you don’t see posts from those you follow in chronological order are frustrating. The change to messages that make it so swiping prompts a reply to someone rather than exiting is confusing and non-intuitive, not to mention outright useless. The changes to the placement of the notification and posting tabs are infuriating. This is an app for sharing, not for shopping. Keep the shopping tab out of the main tab bar and put reels back with explore. Instagram would be much more user friendly if there was an option to toggle certain features (although calling them features instead of “hinderances” might, in some cases, be generous), such as the swipe-to-reply in messages, the suggested posts after the most recent posts in the home section, or whether posts were ordered algorithmically or chronologically. Additionally, allowing users to set up the layout of their tab bar would also make it more user friendly. I’m sure someone out there prefers the easy access to the reels tab, and would want to keep it where it currently is. But most don’t. Thus, allowing users to choose which features show up on the bar would make the app far better.

- Good app with too many flaws

Instagram is perhaps the application I use the most, and I really enjoy it when it’s at its best. However, the flaws are simply overwhelming at times. I’m writing this review because my account has been wrongfully shadow-banned and action blocked over 6 times now without an actual just cause for it. Every time, it says I was allegedly “sharing my account with a service that helps me get more likes and followers” even though that’s blatantly untrue. I have 0 posts, 0 likes and well under 1000 followers. I have written 4 detailed reports explaining my situation but it has been to no avail. Every time this happens, I’m forced to change my password, I’m logged out of my account and then I’m action blocked for an entire week. Every time I try to like or comment, it gives me the option to report it if I believe they have made a mistake but nothing works. My account is never checked, my week long action blocks are never reduced or lifted, my reports are never acknowledged and I’m always getting wronged. I also really dislike the fact that I cannot easily contact anyone from Instagram to help me with issues like these, I can only leave long, written reports for you to ignore and do nothing about. Please revise your algorithms and consider having a Tech Support line with human responders for unique and recurring problems like this one.

- Maintenance

I have had a frustrating issue for several months now where certain features either make the app crash suddenly, or do not work entirely. One feature that does not work at all. Not a single time... is the ability to post multiple photos in a singular post. I’ve tried with just 2 photos. I’ve tried with the maximum amount of photos in a photoset(10). Not a single time has this worked. After adding a caption with some hashtags, tagging friends, and waiting for the post to load. It fails to post every single time. I’ve tried this on both my old phone iPhone 6S plus, as well as my most recent phone purchase the iPhone X. This feature has never worked for me, often times being so frustrated I’d neglect the app for a few days and then find myself back. After attempting to delete the app as well as the app cache and reinstalling on both phones the feature is still inoperative. I also agree with many other Instagram users that the feed is very annoying that I’ll see posts I’ve seen already, or posts from several days ago. Chronological order?? If Instagram was more oriented on creating a seamless working application they may have a lot more users, or more frequent users of the app. Every bug I’ve experienced, I’ve submitted through the in app report a bug.

- Is instagram deleting people for doing nothing?

Overall I love the app instagram, you can see funny videos and even gain followers on there, but here is the biggest problem on instagram, THEY ARE DELETING ACCOUNTS THAT DID NOTHING WRONG. Instagram needs to get out of their brain dead state and start checking accounts before deleting them because they are getting reported and accounts are being banned and disabled. This is especially unfair to the fan editors out there. There are hundreds of thousands of people who make edits of their favorite people on apps such as TikTok, Instagram, etc. These fans work hard on their edits, tag the people they edited, try to make their day by showing how much they love them just so instagram can delete the photos and videos because they assume that they are trying to be them??? Clearly if you read the caption you can clearly see that they are just simply showing how much they love that user. They are not trying to be like them they are just trying to support them. If they think people who show love to who they support then why don’t hate pages get banned, reported, or disabled? This isn’t the only people instagram has done this to because a nice dancer who did absolutely nothing wrong got disabled at 300k, the followers she worked hard on getting!!! Instagram needs to step up their game and stop doing all this bad stuff to these people who show their support or I’ll just have to be one of the many people who delete this app.

- Following activity page needs brought back.

Seeing what my friends like is 80% of what I use this for. This has been my main social media, and was my favorite up until this new year. Probably moving to something else. How can people be so out of touch. You’ve slowly destroyed this app over the past few months. I’m not sure if Facebook bought you out but it sure seems like it. This was a place you could really laugh with your friends and meet new people. But why not be snapchat? Why not be Facebook? There popular right? This isn’t just about this recent update, you’ve been deactivating “meme” pages for months and there’s a reason they get so many likes and followers. Because we enjoy them. I don’t plan to be with you much longer. Maybe give us a useful function that’s not something snap already has, or just keep taking key features of your app out that’s a good course of action. Maybe if people want to hide all the “ig models” they like you can add a setting to hide just YOUR stuff from your followers “following activity”. The only logical reasoning is people want to hide what they like, give them the option to do that on there own. This seems to be in favor of the ig models, now all these new people can like because there wives/whoever won’t see. And we all lose a way of seeing things people with similar interests like. Nobody wants to watch explore tiktoks, models, nba videos. I’m interested in more than what you feel like is “trending”

- Had my account was shut down for no reason

I finally decided to get on instagram after my friends would not stop asking me to get on. And it was not a good experience, why because my account was shut down before even seeing the home page or whatever the first thing you see when the app is open. Now I’ll will tell you exactly what I did. I went to my App Store downloaded instagram next I clicked create new account, I entered my email address and chose my password then click next, the next window Gave me the option to leave my email address as my instagram account name I didn’t so I changed it and then clicked next then the page glitched out and said that something went wrong and there was a button that said go back so I did that and I took me to the beginning to create an account so I entered my email clicked next and it said that this email already exists so I go to instagram app clicked on log in enter my email and password clicked log in and I get a message that my account was closed because I violated the terms and condition. I’ve actually tried again to create an account 2 days later using my work email and it did the same thing again. Idk what I’m doing wrong but I’m annoyed and done with instagram, that I’m just going to stick with Snapchat. Also don’t bother sending instagram a message because they are probably not going to reply back it’s been about 5 business days since I’ve sent them a message and still no reply.

- New Update

The new update is absolutely annoying. I can’t see recent posts without having to click on older posts from people I follow. And if I don’t click on that it just displays ONE new picture from someone I follow. Every time I get on this app all I see is that. Which at this point has gotten on my nerves. Just that one recent picture which is 7 hours old now. Even if I refresh the page I don’t get an update of recent posts with other people I follow. Before the new update it changes constantly and I know some people that I do follow post on a daily basic. Change the format back. I rather scroll on my feed to see post of people I FOLLOW. Not the stupid suggest posts on my feeds. Change it back to how it was. This is incredibly stupid. It’s more stupid having another button to see older posts on my personal page. Stop putting explore page videos/posts of people I do not follow on the personal page. I get on Instagram multiple times a day and I do use the explore page a lot. Keep the personal page separate from the explore page. That is beyond ridiculous. Why are you changing the format? I don’t want to see suggested posts on my personal page. Change it back to where when I scroll on my personal page, it just displays posts from people I follow. Stop including the explore page on the personal page. KEEP THEM SEPARATE. Literally have a personal page button and an explore page button for a reason. Keep it that way.

- bad updates

many people here have talked about the new update and how it’s new layout is horrible, and i agree 100%. instagram is a photo sharing app, so why do we need a whole shopping tab? the layout before was perfect. another big thing i’m really struggling with though is the sudden strike downs on content posted by other accounts. many accounts have either been threatened to be deleted or have actually been deleted while doing nothing wrong. i frequently talk about social injustices and yet for some reason literally HALF of my content gets marked as “hate speech” what is THAT about?? i’ve seen this happen to a lot of other accounts as well! and yet i see so many other accounts that actually DO post hateful things and even when i report their accounts instagram ALWAYS comes back with a “support request denied! this account has not shown any signs of hate speech”. while i do think that it’s great that instagram is focused on regulating these types of things now, it almost feels as if the people that are actually spreading good information are being heavily targeted as opposed to the actual hateful people on this app. and the worst part of this is that instagram never actually gets back to you when you request support for a piece of content that you were wrongfully marked down for, so many people whos accounts have been deleted have no way of getting it back. please review this system. it’s very flawed, and it’s so frustrating.

- Good social media app, bad user interface design

The app works for what it needs to work as. But for whatever reason, the user interface constantly changes and there is absolutely no indication that it is meant to change in their version history updates. It becomes slightly irritating that the app will work one way one day and the next some random change will be made to either the explore page or the home page that just doesn't make sense based off of its history. My example right now would be the new reels that were introduced. Now when I go on the explore page there is a huge portion of it being taken up by reels that I don’t want there. Sure, reels is cool but I went to the explore page, not the reels page. Another example that also happened recently was where I opened the app one day and my home page didn’t show any of the pages I followed and instead showed random pages. It took me a minute until I realized I had to click on “see older posts” before I could see the old posts. Not that I care for this too much, but it was just irritating for no reason to suddenly have pages I don’t follow showing up in the section of the app meant for only pages that I follow. That’s about all I can remember but there has been a history other similar changes in the past as well that I vaguely remember.

- Still good, not great (iPhone X)

I have pretty much the same comments as everyone else, regarding bringing back chronological order of the feed, stories being a ripoff of Snapchat (but I believe Facebook, instagram, and Snapchat are all owned by the same company if I’m not mistaken), etc. BUT ALSO, I just bought an iPhone X and the app needs some serious revamping be compatible with the new phone. They did a good job of having the layout fill the full screen view of the X; HOWEVER, when you go to upload a new profile photo, if you click on any photo besides the very most recent one in your photo album, the layout glitches, and the “Cancel” and “Done” buttons move up on top of the iPhone’s time and battery displays. I wish I could attach a photo to this review, but I hope my explanation makes sense. This glitch makes it impossible to click either of the buttons, and you have to physically kill the app and reopen it in order to get out of the screen and back to using the app. This happens every time you try to change the profile photo. If you use the most recent photo in your album, it works mostly fine, with just a little awkward cropping on top. This is just frustrating because obviously people might want to be able to upload ANY of their pictures as a profile photo! This glitch really needs to be worked out ASAP

- HATE the New Layout

I've been using instagram since 2012, and I used to love the platform so much. However recent changes in the functionality of the app have been making me consider fully deleting my account. First the algorithm was changed from seeing most recent posts first to posts you interact with most, which makes it so you don't see over half of the content from creators you're following and your followers don't see your posts. Then this new update replaced the notification and post tabs with reels and shop, which seriously effects it's usability. Now my notifications and post buttons are in an awkward hard to reach spot, instead of being easily accessible. Everyone I've asked have agreed that this new update is terrible, and that NO ONE cares or asked to have a whole shopping section on a photo sharing platform. This update feels like Instagram is desperately trying to pull users from other apps like TikTok and Pinterest instead of focusing on its own user base and their wants. I am so incredibly disappointed in Instagram's team for consistently refusing to acknowledge their user's concerns. If this update isn't reversed and/or if more terribly inconvenient updates are released, I'm definitely going to be leaving the platform. Furthermore, try implementing useful updates such as being able to reorder or remove photos from old posts. I think such feature would resonate well. Please, just listen to your user base for once.

- Instagram is only barely useful with story notifications

Huge decline here. It’s never been particularly impressive (to me) as a photos tool, but there WAS a critical mass of users which meant that you could reliably expect your social group to be there somewhere. Not anymore; in my experience, at least a dozen friends, in the past 12 months, have outright deleted IG AND Facebook simultaneously, suggesting strongly that IG is not an app that’s “killer” enough to overcome the tsunami of Facebook deletions. There are 2 dozen other photo apps in the iOS store at present with more features, better integration, faster processing & less battery drain than what you can find with Instagram. iPhone’s photo editing tools are so much superior to IG that it sort of baffles me why anyone with a modern handset would want to use those features. Even though I only ever perused this app for maybe 5 minutes per week by the time I cancelled, its battery consumption was routinely in the top 10, per the phone’s metrics. In fact, upon a quick check now, I see that despite deleting the app early this week, it *still* managed to book a 2% consumption of my weekly battery usage, which I’m sorry, but that blows me away. What on earth was this app doing to my handset in the background?! I just don’t care anymore, and when I deleted it finally, I went from needing a full recharge by 3pm to not even needing to charge *at all* through bedtime. That was a stunning confirmation of my suspicions.

- every big update brings me great pain

I can never say that an instagram update has ever thrilled me in recent years. Every single time this app has a massive overhaul, the controls become even more clunky and jammed together, I don’t even know what it’s trying to be anymore. I’ve been on this app for 7 years. In those 7 years, the notification/activity tab has been in the right corner, just left of the account button. So it baffles me as to why someone would feel the need to move it to the most unconventional place possible. It is so terribly out of the way now, and not only that, it’s been replaced with a shopping button, so every time my dumb ADHD self goes to check my notifications, I’m sent to some bootleg Wish page. To whichever one of you working at instagram decided to cram the activity button into the top corner with 2 other tabs, I truly hope you have an awful day. Just an unpleasant time. I hope you get a parking ticket, and your car runs out of gas. And you go to the kitchen to find your spouse has tried a new recipe for dinner, and it’s just not very good. And your computer crashes at a very inconvenient time, and you were using an adobe product and forgot to save recently, so you lose a lot of progress on whatever garbage your team concocted to ruin the experience of your user base. I truly despise you.

- Great app, feed flaws.

Overall, Instagram is an excellent social media app. However, I have found a few flaws in the way Instagram looks. For example, the comments are not in chronological order;making them very confusing. I have found a similar problem in the feed algorithm. They are not in chronological order anymore. You will see a post from 2 weeks ago, and then a post from 2 DAYS ago. Next, there should be a bigger time frame for videos. You cab only have a video that is 1 minute long. I wanted to post a slime review, but the video was 2 minutes long so I had to do it in 2 separate videos even though all of the slimes came together. Finally, I think you should fix the messages. You can always see if someone has seen your direct message. This isn't exactly a problem, but I think there should be an option, in case someone does not want people to know when they have seen their messages. Please take these suggestions into consideration. I know I am not the only person complaining about these things. Other than those problems, I have only had good experiences with Instagram. It is very easy and fun to use. You can share pictures and videos with your community or even the world! All in all, Instagram is a fantastic app, but needs a few fixes.

- Regarding notifications

I never bothered to leave any reviews because I did not really have any issues with the app until now. Please REMOVE the annoying notifications of “people you may know”. I find notifications about people I may know extremely annoying and unnecessary. I don’t care about people I may know. I didn’t mind seeing the suggested people on the app but now I’m getting actual notifications about this and it’s really annoying. It’s always people I don’t know at all and there is no way to turn off these stupid notifications. I hate them, please remove these awful notifications or at least give us the option to turn them off because when I went to check to see if I can turn off this specific notification, there was no option to do so. The only notifications I’m interested in are notifications of likes and comments on my posts and when my friends send me direct messages and friend requests. Any other notifications I’m not interested in, but the other notifications at least have an option to turn them off. But these people you may know notifications are just annoying, useless and I have no option to turn them off. Please give us that option to turn these notifications off as I DO NOT want them! I’ll raise the number of stars once you provide the option to get rid of that annoying notification of people I may know.

- Terrible Update

This new update has rendered the app essentially unusable. Ever since it was bought by Facebook, the UI has tanked severely, and isn’t user friendly anymore. The new positions of the buttons do not make any sense, the posting mechanism is hidden along with stories and reels, the DM system is 10x worse (trying to swipe out of a conversation can sometimes make you reply to a specific message which is completely unnecessary and unused), and at this point, I see more advertisements than I do my friends posts. The only reason any of these updates happened was because 1. Instagram wanted to make more of a profit by changing out the “notifications” section with “shopping” (a feature that most people don’t use) in order to bump up traffic revenue and 2. They changed out the “new post” button with “reels” as a way to compete with Tiktok. No one wants to do their shopping on Instagram, and if we wanted to use Tiktok, we would. Everyone who has been posting to reels has just been reuploading their Tiktoks, not making any new content purely for reels. Thr worst part about all of this is that if you have multiple accounts, these updates might not be present on all of them. Some of my accounts have the full update, and some haven’t even begun to change, which is extremely confusing. This review is longer than expected, but that just shows how terrible this apps interface has gotten. Don’t update if you can avoid it.

- I was ok with it at first but then this happened...

So I went to go on my art account right. I go to check my activity and it says “we’re having trouble accessing your activity” and I was like ok maybe I need to refresh it. I did and nothing changed. So then I say ok I’m just going to post another piece of artwork when I go to post it, it wouldn’t post. I also tried refreshing it. It didn’t post. Eventually I was like ok maybe it’s my email. I went to go confirm my email and bam! Could not confirm my email I retried over and over again and nothing changed. I even tried turning my phone off and back on again even though I just got this iPhone 8 in December! When I tried it again after restarting my phone, it still didn’t work. So eventually I was like ok you know what, let me just log out and log back in. I did that and what do you know, I COULDN'T GET BACK IN MY ACCOUNT AT ALL! It’s so hard trying to promote an account and get more people to follow along with your art and I had been building that account for over a year and a few months...all my hard work and dedication down the drain. And to put the topping on the cake, my personal account had also started messing up so eventually I just said you know what maybe I don’t need this app because clearly if I did they would fix things like this and prevent them from happening. So I might just not even try to have another account. I really don’t want to start all the way over again...

- Instagram discriminated against who can post what in the comments.

I was just on an NFL post about the Jaguars defensive stats having a plain old argument that even though the Steele’s lost that doesn’t make the Jags a better team... that has nothing to do with my problem. The problem is I typed a response to a commenter during the argument of which I was blocked from posting saying that Instagram keeps certain “guidelines” for the community... some generic message I’d expect if i was trying to say something racist or sexist. But no. It was a simple argument about football that I was blocked from expressing my opinion on because it didn’t follow “guidelines”. The comment had no vulgar language and presented my argument in such a way that there was no degrading or demeaning connotation toward the would be recipient. TAKE NOTE: This comment was made on an NFL post and I was blocked from posting my opinion AGAINST the team the post was promoting. This is not a singular or first occurrence as I’ve had this problem before with Instagram blocking me from posting comments that oppose the view(s) expresses within the correlating post. I quite frankly find this ridiculous amongst the sea of comments I read through on posts from news publications such as Fox. As long as you don’t disagree with the post you can same just about anything that isn’t immediately racist or sexist... but I can’t argue about football. Fix this.

- Algorithm

I’ve been an Instagram user for a long time now and I really enjoy the app. Definitely my favorite social media platform. I, unlike most, really like Instagram stories and I love how you can save stuff without having to screenshot. My complaint however is my home feed. I’m tired of only seeing posts from 5 of the 200 people I follow. I wish there was a way to have it be in chronological order, but you can make it so that specific people do show up at the top of your feed. This may sound a little silly but it’s pretty embarrassing when you accidentally like and comment on a post from 5 days ago as if it was posted ten minutes ago. Really I don’t understand why Instagram is making all these frankly useless updates to the algorithm. Instead of that they should be cracking down on how the thumbnail (starter photo?) for a video has nothing to do with the video. Now that’s something that needs worked on. I feel that these algorithm changes only benefit the people exploiting Instagram and hurts regular users content intake. This is a little long so in short great app but please stop messing with my feed, or at least give me the option to change it back to the way it was if I so please.

- Oh Instagram.

Honestly. If you would’ve asked me a little over a week ago I would’ve said, “ I love Instagram it’s the best social media app out there!” But , within this lovely week-ish. I’ve had my business account completely deleted with no explanation. Let’s add that it was AFTER I paid for a Instagram promotion and finished it. So they took my money, then deleted my account. I didn’t post anything more from the post that I put through promotion, just took the money and deleted it. And now after giving up on having my business go through Instagram I find today that I’ve also been logged out of my personal account, not deleted yet, but the account that I’ve had since I was in 6th grade. The account will not let me log in since I had an account that got blocked on this phone. So now I’m off of both business and personal accounts and being forced by Instagram to take an ig hiatus. I don’t understand why Instagram is targeting certain accounts through their apps, especially account holders that are physically paying them. So, please take a second to think about weather it’s worth it to run a business through Instagram with having the chance for it to be deleted with no exploration and no support from Instagram since none of their support outlets either connect you with someone or even work for what they say they do. Thanks for reading my annoyed ramble. I’m gonna go see if you can run a business through Twitter now.

- Fix it please

I have never made a review on something before. I absolutely loved insta it’s a mix between snap chat and I can also shop on it and I’ve found many small good businesses which is awesome, but I just deleted the app, because I have been dealing with hate, death threats, and harassment from an account run by 3 people. I clearly understand this happens on any social media platform but I’ve noticed it more on here. I reported them when they first started doing it after I stated my opinion on something they came into my dms and started mocking me so I had to make my acc private. Then they posted parts of the dm where I was clearly defending myself, I said nothing rude never harassed them back just simply stated why I believe what I do. Yes I know you can’t do much about it when it’s in the dms but when they publicly harass me and you can see their post that’s wrong. I then blocked the account and ignored it, but they all 3 made new fake accounts and did the same thing. I have been blocking all these accounts for about a month and can’t handle it anymore. I have reported their main account and get told we all have different views but pretty sure death threats isn’t something that should be viewed had following community guide line. Instagram please stop worrying so much about the layout and fix the harassment and mockery on Instagram because I know it’s not just me that gets it.

- Not good

I know you guys don’t read these but I’ll write this anyway. Why the feed isn’t in chronological order is beyond idiotic at this point. No one needs the espn highlights from 3 days ago at the top of the feed list. Then as a fellow developer and finance manager of a company, I know facebook inc sells data to other tech company’s so they can find “look a likes” and such to target their markets better. But you guys have made it so obvious that you are just hoarding your users data to sell to the anyone willing to pay your prices. Like if someone tags a location in playa vista California, and the very next day gets sponsored ads in their feed for Apt’s in playa vista california. Hey cool it’s a business and you guys are great at it because the idea of your product is amazing. But every time one of these algorithm based add ins are included into your development the greatness of your product deteriorates. I deleted Facebook years ago because long before your political troubles it was glaringly obvious that the spirit of your product was dead. Facebook was no longer the cool party. Instagram is doing the same thing. At least give your users the option to choose. Most wont even care if they were given a choice (yes that was a matrix reference). But when most people speak of how gross social media can be. It’s not the users or content it’s how you guys choose to display it. I hope that you all could really do better because now it’s kinda trash.

- some things need to be fixed.....

First of I don’t like how if you have a really good quality picture instagram ruins the quality! THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED RIGHT AWAY! US POSTING A PICTURE SHOULDN'T RUIN THE QUALITY OF THE POST! Second I don’t like how some people’s instagrams have different stuff than others. Like how for some people their can choose to color their messages and some can’t. It’s really unfair to others that don’t even have the option. The same thing goes with the bouncing text letter thing. Some people are able to move the text and it like wiggles and stiff while others do not have that option. Also it took so long for everyone to get the option to be able to share a post to your story. I remember i went years without having the option to share posts to your story, even after i sent many reports to instagram about this. So of course I was super happy when I FINALLY had the option. I have no clue why it took them sooo long to fix that when so many people were reporting that. Anyway I hope this helps and I hope instagram gets faster at fixing their bugs and make sure everyone’s instagrams are fair. Like have the same options and stuff. That’s it for now! 0w0

- Please stop making unnecessary changes

I am finding it harder to use Instagram with every update. Changes that are being made are unnecessary and feel unnatural to me. I can’t see posts in chronological order, I have “suggestions” on the feed which I go to see ONLY what the people I’m following have been up to. That’s been slightly annoying, but now in the explore feed when I click on one post with the intention to scroll through all the posts suggested to me from various users... instead I’m met with only one users posts, most of which I’m not interested in and it’s annoying to have to go back and click the next picture to see the next meme or what-have-it, causing me to close the app and open FaceBook or Twitter instead as they aren’t making changes that are majorly affecting the way users browse content. I don’t know who instagram has put in charge of these updates, but every single update gets worse. ALSO not to mention, the app will automatically follow accounts that I have either never encountered or had no interest in following. I have never left a review in the AppStore but Instagram used to be my favorite social media outlet and now I’m much more fond of other things due to some of the updates and I think a lot of people might feel this way about the path instagram is taking.

- New Update

I love Instagram, it’s like a more modern version of Facebook thats basic enough for my grandma to understand but still fun for me to use. However I don’t know if this is a fluke or apart of the update. A message came up saying Instagram limits how much likes we can do on comments at a time to stop bullying... I just want to know who thought this was a good idea. This is a social media app that’s like the whole point, liking is literally the foundation of every media. If you have a limit whether your intentions are bad or not your going to end up being wiped for existence. And also I don’t know who thought a limit on liking comments would prevent bullying but that person has obviously never really been bullied in their entire life because that does nothing. The only thing limiting likes is going to do is leave Instagram with bad rating and have your audience delete the app and go to another platform that allows them to do what social media is suppose to be able to do. Speaking of such I won’t delete the app yet because I’m hoping this is a fluke but I will be switching to another platform, for the rest of the month, that is able to do its job. I appreciate the concern for bullying but find a way to help prevent it that doesn’t effect everyone and take away from the purpose of social media.

- Needs Some Improvement

I’ve had Instagram since 2013, which is a very long time 😂 It’s definitely changed over the years. A few problems I’m facing now, however, include my explore page resetting (I’d have to exit the app & go back in to fix that), and not having sound when I try to upload a video on an extra account. I also feel that a few of the features that used to be on there were so much better and easier to get to. Archived Stories, for example. Whenever your story would disappear after the 24 hours ended, you’d get a notification saying how many people viewed it. Now, that’s not there anymore, and I have to go to my archived just to see who looked at my stories. Another thing is the hashtag following (or whatever it is 🤷‍♀️). For me personally, I’ve never used this. I tried it once and just thought it was annoying cause the posts would go on my feed, and I’d be thinking that I’m just following these accounts when I wasn’t. It really isn’t the greatest feature to me, as I could just go to my explore page and find the same posts. Regardless of these minor things though, I still use Instagram pretty much every day. 😂 It’d just be nicer if these issues were resolved or taken into account by me writing this.

- Fix this please!

I really enjoy using Instagram but I have one issue and that is that when I try to upload more than one photo into one post it crops my photos to the same size as the first one in the post. I want to be able to post all of them into one post and have all of the pictures be the original size. This would be great for photographers like me who go out on photoshoots and want to put up one post with their best photos. It is hard to do that when all of your photos are cropped the exact same way. It should be the same way as Facebook. I am not saying we make Instagram exactly like Facebook because they are two different social medias, but I think it would be nice if we could upload photos on Instagram the same way we can upload them on Facebook. With Facebook you have one post with multiple pictures that are all the original sizes. You can then click on them and look through them individually before exiting and going through the rest of your feed. Instagram should allow us to have the option to upload our photos like this. We should have an option to do this If we have a photography account. I know not everyone would want to upload their photos this way but many would choose to do this.

- A sad user

My Instagram feed is now filled with posts from advertisers and accounts of which I don’t even follow. I never see my friends on my feed anymore unless I am scrolling for 10 minutes and people’s pictures are not getting as many likes. I can speak from experience because I have watched my likes go down as Instagram has changed their algorithm. People like things which are unique! Keep Instagram different and unique and make other platforms want to be like you, not you wanting to be like them. If the changes are based off of Statistics, realize the functions of other apps. Snapchat for instance, people like it simply because it is very private. On Instagram you are able to send pictures to people however they can be uploaded from the camera roll and used to look like the picture was taken just then.. this makes Instagram very user friendly for catfishes. Just keep the traditional Instagram aspects and forget about conformity. Make it so dm pictures- if uploaded from camera roll, it states that. Additionally, make the feed tendered to followers which a users look at most frequently. Because of these issues with the algorithm, even though I used Instagram since 2012, I must say goodbye until changes are made :(

- You are losing long time users

Ive been on instagram since it came out okay, I’ve been through all of the updates. I can deal with changes to layout, and bugs. What i can’t deal with is feeling like i am being thrown into what feels like a money making business. I understand you want to make money, but instagram originally was a platform to share photos and videos that’s it. I like to think of it as my digital journal, but now it feels like a task to even navigate and find posts that I genuinely want to see. Consider that maybe not everyone wants to be invaded with things to buy even if it is targeted to us, it is unecessary because if we truly need a product we know exactly where to get it without the need of Instagram invading our experience. Instead of cultivating posts you think I would like, leave it up to me the human to make those decisions. I like to think for myself. And what’s up with changing the chronological order of posts? What sense does it make to cycle in and out older posts from users. It is not useful, people like to feel in control. Instagram used to be a cool platform to literally EXPRESS and only that! You try too hard to fit in Instagram, stay original that was your best quality. Make changes and listen to your users, were the ones that keep you alive. We’ve got tired of apps before, don’t be the next one.

- Worst experience ever

Made a great account and was gaining a lot of followers but only ended up having it for 6 days because Instagram banned it. I had 600 hundred followers and was averaging 100 followers gained a day. The first thing they did to my account was make it unable to comment but that was understandable I guess because I was commenting a lot. They then lifted this after one day. I started posting again and realized my hashtags didn’t work because now they shadow banned me because (and I’m guessing) they believed my account was a bot. This got me mad but my account was still thriving so I did not care. They than started deleting some of my post claiming it went against their guidelines which I read later on and saw that it didn’t.i also made a promotion with one of my vids and had no problems and the next time I tried doing it with the same vid They said it went against there ad policy. Yesterday at 9p.m I went to check how many followers I had before I went to sleep and saw that they had banned my account all together with no warnings what so ever. They didn’t give me a chance to do anything. Today I also realized every account on my phone is shadow banned and I cant create any accounts anymore so yea long story short Instagram screwed me over and is the worst social app to date. Thanks a lot EDIT: I’m now logged out of Instagram and can’t sign in to any account or make a new one and I’m not banned on those accounts


I literally don’t know what to do anymore. Someone’s pretending to be me I try filling in the form attached my ID I even tried through the computer and it’s saying they can’t “process my request” I tried other ways to report it to them by reporting a specific photo cause the profile photo they have of me is the same at the photo they uploaded I sent the report EXPLAINING THAT THEIR FORM ISNT WORKING sending the photo so they can see and my photo to confirm that I’m the one in the photo.... they replied saying they can’t process my report cause I sent too many pictures they ask me to sent a picture of just me holding my Id. The only thing they did was take down the photo the fake account uploaded!!! They literally had one job... like don’t you see my ID has the same name of the account ? And the photo uploaded is the same as the profile picture? That makes no sense. I heard you can get an account deleted if you have about 15 people to report it... that didn’t work either... mind you I don’t even have a personal Instagram anymore I deleted it due to this person trying to do me harm... I have no idea what to do. I already tried reporting the issue “somethings not working” to them and after submitting it little 30 seconds after it says I need to tap to re try uploading my report cause it’s not going through... please can someone help me with this... I feel so unsafe !

- Downgrades by the day.

Instagram has been horrible. I try to contact them through the help forms almost on the daily because of bugs and glitches that still haven't been fixed. I first want to talk about the image quality. It is a KNOWN Issue and has been for a while now. It should have been fixed long time ago. Second is all the glitches. I cant even count the times I have reported the same things over and over again. With no help of response back. If you dont care about your consumers just say it. Ive had to even google help forms to try to resolve the issue and there are hundreds of people with the same issue as me.. and guess what? No help from Instagram. On the daily it kicks me out of my account, tells me to verify, and change my password. Ive changed my password 20 TIMES in 2 months. I dont know how much verification you need. Ive even linked a tumblr and facebook to my account. Like it’s frustrating. Then a new thing is the “try again later glitch” pops up every day and doesn’t let me see any of my followers list or other people’s follower list. I get action blocked when all I do is look at stories and posts! Like what? I might like a photo or two but nothing to get action blocked. At this point if you want to grow on a playform. Instagram isnt the place. They care more about the shop feature then actually people.

- Problems right now

Hey so I am a tattoo artist and I use Instagram basically to contact and find new clientele. Over the last two years with Instagram I have had amazing results. Unfortunately over the last week I've been having a lot of problems. Accounts that aren't following me and a lot of my followers aren't seeing my new posts they said I was always on there different hashtags they follow and now I'm not also my posts have drastically went down in likes and all my likes are from my followers no new accounts which is very different then the previous weeks and months . I also have been putting out way more content and it's better so my interactions and likes and followers should go up like they have been but for some reason all of the sudden no one is seeing me finding me and like I said even my followers keep telling me the can't see my posts. I love Instagram it's been an amazing platform to grow and literally is the a third of the reason I am successful and I can support my daughter and wife but I've had a huge drop recently and it's hurt my business and I'm sure it's an easy fix or there's a way to make it better or something but it definitely is upsetting at the moment.

- It was great and now no one sees my posts

I’ve had instagram since I can honestly remember and I’ve always loved it. But recently I have started an art account and it was going smoothly the first probably 7 months until Instagram updated and now no one sees my posts. I’m not gaining followers because my posts aren’t recommended because IM NOT A BIG ACCOUNT. It honestly irks me to see how my hard work to draw and post almost every day is now basically all for nothing because everything is being handed to the bigger accounts. Smaller accounts are now butted to the side and ignored. There is almost no was of growing. I use hashtags, my story, and I posted regularly— yet my numbers still decreased with the new update. I feel like it is their way of saying “don’t promote? Don’t grow.” Sorry but not everyone is able to pay for that mess. I just wish everything was fair like it used to be. Why do big app developers always ruin something that was going so good? How can anyone else make it when they aren’t given the chances the bigger accounts once were given? Please, backtrack and return it to how it used to be. I’ve had many other artists also complain and get discouraged because they feel the same way. It may seem like a problem only social media addicted teens would complain about but when you are trying to get out there and get known so that maybe you can have a career out of it, it’s a kick to the gut.

- great app, some changes would be amazing:)

Instagram is a great app that I use on a daily basis, I love it and i’ve had it multiple years, but there are some changes that would make this app go above and beyond that me, and many others, would appreciate. First off, after you post multiple pictures in one post, you should be able to delete some pictures out of the post without having to delete the whole post. This would make so many users more happy because there are countless times when you accidentally post one picture in a group of pictures that you don’t like, but you didn’t realize it in time and you already have many likes and comments so you don’t want to delete the whole post and you just stay stuck on what to do. Also, if you creators made a way to preview certain pictures on a private account that the creator of the account puts up that would be amazing! It’s difficult to tell who some people are sometimes when you are only able see their profile pic so if you were able to select a few pictures from camera roll to put up (no likes or comments involved) it would be a huge help. Thank you creators for the amazing app:) ~Kailee

- Instagram is Digging its Own Grave

First of all, I’ve only been using Instagram for around 5 years —maybe less— but I’ve been noticing that update after update, the app has become harder to use, uncreative, and, dare I say, annoying. I don’t exactly understand why the “create post” button was replaced by the reels button; I get that it is probably to promote reels, but there are much better ways to do that, such as put it in the place where the “create post” button is right now, or put it in the drop-down menu in the profile section. I also feel the same way about the heart button moving, because as someone who never uses shopping on Instagram, I would much rather look at who liked my most recent post(s) rather than whatever shopping shows me. Secondly, Instagram needs to stop ripping off other social media apps; I don’t know if this is because it was bought out by Facebook, but Instagram took the biggest details of Snapchat, TikTok, and Facebook, and miraculously managed to find a way to meld them into their app. It’s obvious that Instagram’s company is taking these ideas so people would use their app more, but I feel like people would use the app if it was more unique. To be blunt, Instagram should stop trying to be something else; Instagram should just be Instagram.

- 1- Impersonation problem not addressed for months! 2- TERRIBLE for business accounts!

I’ve been having Instagram for personal use for a long time, but since a couple of months ago, things started to go downhill FAST. First - Every single promotion I create in my business account says it’s approved, and still is not shown to ONE person. I’ve already checked every single thing that I could be doing wrong, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong. Great quality photo, right size, right content, insta page connected to the Facebook page, you name it. And that would’ve been ok, if it wasn’t for the drastic change in the algorithms, which have been showing my page to its followers every day less and less. The only way to get engagement is by paying them to run ads, and even when you do it, they do not work... such a disappointment! Second issue - someone created a fake account of my personal page and HAS BIKINI photos, promising pornographic videos as if it is me, and even though I’ve already reached out to Instagram MULTIPLE times, and have about 100 friends who have reported the fake account, after 2 months ITS STILL THERE! And following every single male in my personal account. The account uses the exact same profile photo & bio as mine, and has blocked me so I can’t see it. — but I can see it through my business account. Instagram hasn’t responded to any of my attempts to fix things for months.

- Needs to fix glitches in the app

Instagram has always been my favorite social media app, however, recently I have had VARIOUS problems due to malfunctions within the app. At the beginning of September 2018, I was logged out of my Instagram account for no reason at all. No big deal, I’ll just log myself back in, right? Wrong. Every time I tried to log in it said an error had occurred. I logged into my Instagram through the safari app to make sure my password was correct, and it allowed me to do so. Now knowing that I was using the correct password, I tried again to log into my account through the Instagram app itself. No luck, once again. I contacted Instagram through email and they said there was nothing they could do about the problem. It is now March of 2019 and the problem is still occurring. Instagram needs to fix this situation. Which according to Google, multiple people are facing similar issues as well. Please Instagram, fix these glitches within the app or help the people who are facing these problems. This is a very irritating problem and the Instagram Team just seems to push it to the side. This is not an efficient way to run a company.

- I cannot recommend this app

Instagram is a terrible social media platform with a horrible community with horrible bugs and only makes itself worse. I cannot recommend this app to anyone. I would delete this app in a heartbeat if I didn't talk to so many people on this app. The app tries reinventing itself and only makes itself worse by doing so. The app chooses the remake things that work perfectly on the app and make it over complicated instead of fixing actual infuriating bugs in the app. If you leave the app halfway through a text, the part of the text will show up in the chat every time you open up that conversation for a day or two until it stops for no reason at all. The app also chooses to implement other features that don't need to be added like changes to the profile page and making it more likely to mis-tap and hit a story button when trying to go back from messages than before. It chooses to implement these kinds of features instead of ones I, personally would really like like a feature to read all story's or better privacy. It also infuriates me that they have not chosen to make and iPad app yet. They know they don't need to make this app better because many people have no choice but to use it, like me. Do not get this app and save yourself your own time and brain power trying to understand what they were thinking doing some of the things they do with this app.

- Since Facebook took over I.G.

Just wanted to mention to those who are are concerned , that I stopped using Facebook because of the obtrusive nature of Facebook in the use of my data and exploiting it for purposes that I have not agreed to, nor would I... Instagram seemed like an option that was a platform made for users that enjoyed and appreciated each other’s photos and small bits of commentary versus Facebook‘s rabid feedback loop of everyone including strangers who would be able to comment, and so often disparagingly so, on your content. Instagram at the time, seemed like a mountain lake of peaceful interaction versus the stormy seas that Facebook and it’s deluge of content and ads had become. When I started using Instagram there were no ads pushed onto my feed… Now there are and not just a few, but regularly inserted into my stream that I follow. Some of these ads have products which according to the reviews, could be from companies that are less than reputable… So already it’s begun..Facebook in it’s march to monetize all aspects that it touches is now slowly but surely souring The Instagram platform with it ads and I’m sure eventually with other products that will supplant what Instagram originally was to be about… I will use it until I tire of this which could be sooner than later… We shall see.

- Used to be a fan

Used to be an avid Instagram user, but since the change in post order Instagram doesn’t interest me anymore. I see too many posts that are days old from the same profiles and hardly ever see the profiles I want to, I usually have to go to the users profile to see their posts. I’m also extremely disappointed in the new explore tab, there has to be millions of posts from users out there but I see the same (maybe) 100 posts repeated throughout. I refresh often and try and click as many different photos as i can, and I still end up seeing repeats more repeats than new photos. I originally liked Instagram because of the simplicity in communicating and sharing with friends, but am now realizing I’d rather learn to communicate on another app, it’s not worth being a part of Instagram anymore when it only shows me what it thinks I want to see.😕 ALSO YOU HAVE DELETED SO MANY OF MY FAVORITE PROFILES because they “do not follow” your guidelines when they are not breaking rules. I see celebrities get away with posting nudes and inappropriate pictures everyday like Kim kardashian. I also have several spam nude pages that try to follow and harass me that I have to block and report. Please re-evaluate your guidelines because you are ruining influencers lives when you take their platforms away for breaking no rules. Please start implementing your guidelines on celebrities and stop hurting influencers.

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- 🆘 Please add this feature!!!🖐🚫📢

I’m a fourteen year old girl who loves using instagram, instagram is by far one of the best suitable social media apps for me. This app covers numerous handy and easy to use features that make my use with social media so much better. I’m able to communicate with my family and friends that live far away either by messaging or video calling. As much as I love instagram I would also love and I’m sure others would too if when you go to edit your post that has multiple slides you have the choice of switching around the photos in any order that you prefer even after you have posted it. Many times I have regretted the order that I put my instagram photos and wished I could change them. If this feature was added to Instagram, I believe many others would love and appreciate this feature as much as I would and it most likely would make instagram more enjoyable. Thank you so much for reading 🙂💖

- Photo qualities and too many adds pop ups

I’ve never had a problem with instagram, personally it’s my favourite social media app as I can set out my feed the way I would like it to be presented. However I’ve noticed after a week when I post a full body picture the quality is amazing at first but a week later it goes blurry and the quality changes. This frustrates me as it’s been happening since last year around November/December and I’ve re uploaded images multiple times and have the same problem. I don’t understand why the app does it but there would be no point in posting an image if it turns out blurry a week later. Also the same with Instagram stories 75% of the time they come out blurry when using other techniques to the image. Another issue that’s very bothering is having multiple adds pop up a day. The adds have became annoying and usually when I’ve wanted to find other pages I would go in the search bar area. When you follow so many pages or less, seeing multiple adds come up Especially after a busy day are becoming annoying when search down your feed. If the first issue could be attended to and fixed it would be amazing and helpful to all users who have the same problem and if the adds could be less or just something changed that would be also be helpful.

- Annoying bug in the inbox

I just put 3 stars for now to get your attention but I’ll fix it later. There has been an annoying bug! I have the creator account which is great. For some messages, I write a reply but it doesn’t get sent when I press the send button and the message disappears from my editor (the part that you write the message in before hitting the send button) and then the message is lost forever! No matter how many more times I try I won’t be able to send a message so I have to exit that specific chat go somewhere else and refresh the app or something or reopen the app and then find that specific message and rewrite everything again. It’s quite frustrating because I receive so many messages so it makes my task harder, because I’ll have to remember that specific IG name (I’ll have to screenshot, my memory isn’t that good lol), if the message is slightly old I have to go to that specific time through my inbox to find the message or I have to find that specific account on IG separately and try to reply to their message and then I have to rewrite the entire message and sometimes the reply can be slightly long. Will be wonderful to see this getting fixed, let me know please if you need screenshots or videos or anything. Thank you so much! You guys are amazing! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

- Photo Quality and Time.

I’m not a huge fan of social media, however, Instagram is the one app I prefer using for my artwork aside from Tumblr. The photo upload quality both on the Instagram stories and posts could definitely use some work, though. It’s horrible and ruins the look of my art, which is particularly irritating regarding detail shots and the like. Pictures turn out quite grainy and just very unpleasant to look at; almost as though I didn’t detail it at all, which is really quite upsetting honestly. Especially when you spend so many hours on something and you’re very proud of it, wanting to show off all the details you put into it. Another pet peeve is how Instagram is extremely demanding of your time. Not everyone likes to or can be active online so much, and it seems purposely designed (obviously) to make sure you log in and post everyday; otherwise your views and page visits go down. I don’t often finish a lot of my art in one day, it can take days or weeks and I struggle to get it seen when I post it as well; probably because of whatever algorithm you guys are using. Please take into consideration the people who can’t be online all day everyday and make some compromises. But, most of all, please fix the photo quality. I’m not the only one complaining about it.

- 👎🏼

I had Instagram for over 10 years. I was hacked recently and my account was disabled to then being able to regain my account TO THEN again unable to access it, but on Instagrams terms not the hackers. I am upset & well angry at Instagram for not allowing me to continue using the app to regain my account or potentially make a new one because they have compromised it. I can’t access my old account or start a new one through the app or other internet options. I am at a complete loss. I am upset about losing my account, all my beloved memories, people & places in my life that only lives though the app, that I no longer have. I am angry at Instagram for not getting back to me when I had access, when I sent through inquiries to be helped. I am angry at how we are unable to seek help about anything in regards to Instagram through Instagram if you aren’t currently a Instagram user. What are those people suppose to do that have been put in my position or similar?. Who am I even talking to & will I receive a reply here? I do not want to be done with this app as I want my account back and do not want a new account. I do not want to be done with this app but as I said I am at a complete loss and am done with the app if I receive no response, help in regards to my issue.

- Is it time to say goodbye?

I have always been the hugest Instagram fan, a photo sharing app turned viral and became an essential for our generation! For years Instagram was updated but the core values and aspects of the app remained the same. Now we are forced to look at an interface that is confusing and unpleasant for the eye. The addition of stories was nice, the addition of reels was unnecessary but we lived with it. Now it is changing how our own feeds are presented and the addition of a shopping focused update. Myself along with other millions of users downloaded this app to socialise and share moments in our lives. Not shopping. The notifications and posting tabs have now been moved to an insignificant location, in their place is the video and shopping tabs. The core focus of Instagram has been lost, we are all more than happy to view ads to maintain a free application and cover costs but this is taking it too far. Instagram for many young people is the first early glimpse of social media, now they are instantly attacked with shopping items instead of the same simple and enjoyable experience shared by many in recent years. Sadly this is goodbye to our beloved Instagram.

- Explore is terrible

My explore is not showing me posts I want to see. Instead of the pole fitness and exotic dance that is my passion and 90% of what I interact with, I’m seeing posts of hair, makeup and other boring stuff (that I barely interact with). I’m sick to death of the wrongful censorship of pole dancers, and sick of not seeing the posts I want to see because Instagram’s rules are so vague and not equally applied, don’t get me started on the shadowbanning! Whats needed are CLEAR rules, equally applied, and possibly a phone assistance line for clarification so that these poor women (many of whom using this platform to assist their career) don’t feel like they’re treading on eggshells with every post, never sure if their account is about to be deleted. Some people work HARD on their accounts, on beautiful photography, dance and art that is deemed ‘against community guidelines’ and deleted. You are wrongly silencing art, freedom and self-love. I’m especially disgusted by the sexism - seems fine for men to post sexually suggestive photos of women but god forbid she take it in her own hands to love and appreciate herself! It’s atrocious and manipulative and you’re not fooling anyone. People are going to wake up and stop using this platform if this doesn’t improve soon.

- Seeing likes 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞

Noooooo why did you remove the number of likes on other people’s posts??? What if people want to know how many likes someone has???? Ik it’s because we shouldn’t focus on the likes, but come on, what if others want to see if your recent picture got more likes than another one because you said ‘I feel like I did better on this post” or “this is my best post yet!” Likeee... other people want to see how many likes people have, because they support one another, and for that to be taken away.... isn’t that the whole point of Instagram?? To post and see how many people engage with your posts???? And Ik it’s not about all of the likes, but it’s fun to see if other people’s posts did better than they’re last because they might’ve idk they improved on something and it’s just engaging, I used to click on the likes and follow those people who liked on that persons post, to see who they are, what they do.. its just a bit sad now 😞 I love Instagram, but please, I don’t want this feature

- :((( get it together pls||| Solve this problem for me and others pls

Instagram is my most favourite social media platform ever! My most used app on my phone until 3 months ago I couldn’t use it anymore. It would make me keep re-trying. But never let me log in. I can log in perfectly on other devices but my phone. It’s very difficult for me to bring two devices around just to use Instagram. But also my other device is too big to be able to carry around everywhere and also that device is broken a little. So it’s very difficult to use it. I think this is happening to me because I broke some rules. I really didn’t. It’s says I was “violating” something. Even though I never did. But, I really just want to get back to using Instagram on my phone. It would make life so much easier. I honestly love Instagram so much! I can’t live without it! I go on it like 24/7 but not as much since i can’t use it properly! I hope you can fix this.

- Please add an edit feature!!!

I love Instagram and thank you so much for creating the app, it is amazing and a great way to express yourself, indulge in photography and creativity and advertising businesses whilst feeling good looking back at your feed at all the great memories and achievements accomplished. The one thing that annoys me and would be really handy is if Instagram could have an edit feature, where you can go back and edit/add pictures/videos (like FaceBook) once you’ve posted them. This would change everything in all the right ways, knowing that once you’ve posted something and realise you’ve made a mistake, you can go back and fix it. This would mean so much and I’m sure a lot of people/businesses would agree with me on this, please add this feature if you can! Thank you, it would be immensely appreciated. On a whole note, thank you so much for this app and keep up the great work! 💖 - Molly Roberts

- “There was an error with your request”

About a year ago I was logged out of one of my accounts on Instagram and every time I tried to log back in, I was confronted by the message, “There was an error with your request”. I tried everything, including looking this message up online, but no one on any forums had had any similar issues. Thankfully, I had just changed phones and SIM cards so I was able to use the old phone, that didn’t have a SIM card, and log onto my second account on that device, whilst still using this phone for my main account. However, about 6 months ago, the same thing happened with my main account. I tried everything. I deleted and reinstalled the app, I reset my phone, I went to Optus and got my SIM card changed, nothing worked. So here I am, a year (in total) later, and Instagram STILL doesn’t work on this phone, for no apparent reason. I am desperate. Somebody PLEASE help!

- Wrong use of instagram

I continue to be harassed by ONLYFANS offers. One in particular who sends pictures of his penis to me. He has admitted that Instagram is his way to make money. I have tried to report but have never been the opportunity to write a review like this. One of the people is a serial offender and you have deleted his account a number of times. I find this to be very very concerning for young children and underage kids of today’s society. The photos I report are taken down on 50% of the time and the other 50% they are within your community guidelines. These people are using google multiple accounts to insure they make there money and can ask for bank card details or sums of money. This is also a concern for People with one abilities that don’t always have to be underage. I take this opportunity to thank you for reading this if you even do if not I save almost everything to report to TV organisations. save it

- Saying this app’s gone downhill is an understatement

This app used to be so good but it started with the non-chronological order of posts so now u will seen 5 posts in a row from some stupid company you forgot to unfollow and miss all your friend’s posts. Reels are just the dumbest thing since that IG tv which failed terribly. Now they changed the whole layout to make ppl use reels cause no one likes them. Its just like watching the trashy side of tik tok. the implementation of the shopping tab is clearly just a shoddy cash grab by insta. Like the only good thing they have done this entire year is let us change the colour of the app on our homescreens and that was for like 2 weeks then they removed it. Instead of actually fixing problems like the fake bots sending illicit messages to kids and deleting bipoc and lgbt+ creators accounts. they are instead trying to screw this app up as much as they can and its working. Cause no one likes these updates and its sad to see how much this whole app has been ruined since being bought by zuccers but what can you say, the creepy lizard man was bound to ruin everything we know its cause he’s salty about how we mad fun of him.

- Meh

The lasted update in my opinion was pretty thoughtful with only the owner of the account being Able to see the number of likes on their posts and no one else, but I’ve had seen and heard so many people complain about it, maybe if there was an option for you in settings that you could change whether people can see your likes or whether you don’t want them too because then everyone stops complaining about it and they have the option to whether they want show people or not, because it’s been updated for what 4 days now and the amount of complaints I’ve seen and heard on insta is a nightmare 😩 so could that be considered please. Also could there be a setting brought out so you can Change your story colour outline and your insta page colour so it’s not plain old white maybe, because I think that’d be pretty cool imo 🤷🏻‍♀️🙃

- Used to be my favourite...

I love Instagram. I have an account that I’m trying to grow. I’ve been using Instagram for 5 years. But this new “hidden likes” feature is horrible. I understand that its meant to lessen the anxiety the app can cause, but it’s seriously taking away the core of Instagram - Liking posts. When I see a post with no likes, most people tend to not like it, whereas a post with lots of likes you are more inclined to like. Because likes are now hidden, it looks like you’re super unpopular and no one likes your stuff. Everyone I’ve spoken to hates it, because when we can’t see how many likes, whats even the point in liking things anymore. It makes no difference. Please, please bring back being able to see likes. Why should the very core principle of Instagram be removed? I don’t want to give up my account, but if I can’t see likes anymore, I’m not going to stay. It doesn’t feel like Instagram anymore - it feels like a baby-proofed platform.

- Reposting

It has come to my attention that when someone posts something, they can be 'reposted'. This has unfortunately led to anonymous users reposting other people's work and claiming it as their own (the most common of these being art thieves). These users put work and effort into their whatever-it-was and having someone claim it as their own without the work can sting. Most people (often fans of the artist) will repost with credit to the creator, but there are those who don't. Maybe if Instagram sent a notification every time one of your posts were reposted; art thieves wouldn't be much of a problem as the creator can check if they were credited and if they weren't, they can simply report the 'thief' for plagiarism. It might be useful. Oh and yes, I am aware to all those reading this that the Instagram creators probably don't read or take into consideration the reviews of their app. If so, then may this be a helpful warning to whoever is reading it about thieves.

- I'm not happy with the bugs and new bans...

I've had Instagram for over 2 years now and not once have I had a problem until recently. I love Instagram and I have many friends thanks to this app who share the same interests as me but there's this huge bug going around that needs fixing, actually there's many. A lot of users such as myself can't change their bio, pfp and they don't receive any notifications of who follows them and who likes their posts. This has been going on recently for me personally and over a week! I've even asked help for Instagram to fix this issue but I didn't get a response yet. Please and I'm begging you, PLEASE fix these bugs for the next update I'm honestly very frustrated with this. May I also add that you take away the "Action Ban" and "Shadowban" as lots of users are getting these bans even when they didn't do anything wrong to go against the community guidelines. Other than that, those are all my concerns and frustrations and the main social media platform I use.


I have been using Instagram for many years now and haven’t had a problem. 3 days ago I noticed my Direct messages were playing up but I thought that was just my phone having trouble with the wifi. Then that same day at night my direct messages have disappeared. I receive all the notifications but I can not see them in the app it’s self. Today is the 4th day this has been going on and I have reported a problem several times and it seems like they haven’t been taken to notice. This is very frustrating because I use Instagram as an escape and basically therapy for myself. I contact family from overseas and now I can’t due to the bug ONLY MY ACCOUNT HAS. I’ve got 2 accounts one is my private account where the direct messages work perfectly fine. I NEED THIS FIXED as tomorrow is an important day and I need to contact people from overseas. This needs to be fixed literally now as it is so ignorant of the Instagram team not taking my reports to notice :( I will be fixing the star ratings up after my problems a fixed.


It’s the most addictive app. There are billions of people on this app everyday. And when the network is flooded with that type of population, it becomes a demand from people to find excuses. “Gramers” will become inpatient and “Instagramers” have already made their life based around a ‘Public Figure’ status. For the “Gramers” it’s little things that you find inpatient. However, you must see this from a gramers perspective. You are constantly scrolling through photos and videos. Your job is to find all the possible ways of making it easier for us users. An idea should be clicking on a photo and as the user scrolls down, you are able to continue from that photo and view the next. For “Instagramers“, design a system for acquiring an advantage of having benefits within reaching a ‘Public Figure’ status. This will have an effect of positive recognition to the people who have successfully reached their intended goal.

- My Instagram Acct

I very much appreciate & Love my IG Account. I have given a 4 Star, rather then a 5. Due to the unforeseen hassles, I experienced as a newbie. Strangers harrassing me for money. And, stalkers looking through my page, to take advantage of me. This is not acceptable. By the same token, I understand IG does respect it’s users. And, does all they can to rectify any grievances. If other IG users, would respect what others have written on there profile. Then maybe there wouldn’t be so much mistrust in the IG community. It is sad for me too have to keep my page private. Because, of all these other nuisances & issues. And, the world in which we live leaves you unprotected if you are not aware of the unsafe predators who are out for self gain. Neither the less, I am very grateful for my IG Page. Cause, basically it is my only safe social media space. Facebook does not have the privacy options available as IG has. I do not use Twitter. Thank-You,Instagram I Lové 😍You...🇦🇺🇺🇸😘

- Technical Difficulties

I personally use Instagram a lot and it’s the app I use the most. I think it’s a great app because it’s perfect for many thinks like - socialising, catching up on your friend’s life, using it to promote your business and many more. It gets very annoying sometimes with its multiple technical difficulties though. Once I was trying to post something and every time I posted it the caption would disappear. Instagram gets stressful sometimes because of it’s many issues. Although, I still use it and would recommend it. Just be prepared to get annoyed with the multiple technical issues. Also, I have multiple accounts on my Instagram, which is also possible, and the updates are always different. Sometimes one of my accounts is more up to date than the other and it actually gets quite frustrating. My main account I use is behind even though I’ve updated it so it’s up to date. Everyone except me has gifs on their account. Why is this?

- Still keeps Crashing

Instagram is my favourite social media, which is why this annoys me so much. I rarely update apps because stuff like this happens but I had gotten an update a while ago that had made Direct Messages go in a weird order. I got an update to fix that and ever since then, instagram is always crashing a few seconds after I open it. Its very upsetting and I really thought it was fixed. I have had to reinstall it, restart my phone, keep it open etc many times to get it to work. I don't really like the non-chronological order because I miss out on lots of posts I like and just see the same ones again and again, but my other big issue is videos. I usually only have a small amount of data and videos automatically playing when I dont even necessarily want to watch them makes my data go down quickly. Please create a feature where you can turn off auto play for videos, thankyou, but other than these things it is a great app

- Instagram

Instagram is a great app it gives you many opportunities to to to family and freinds who have an created account Yu can take pictures of memory's of maybe family dinners ,parties , holidays and much more ! With three simple steps to create and account and very useful ideas to help you log back in if you have forgeton your password also when you create and account it will give you a tour of instagram how to use it and where things that mightn be important are located and how to imedeintley remove accounts that are harrassing you . You should always report an harassment such things as inappropriate pictures, bulling , constant threats & more you can also use the wonder full app family time to constantly check what your child is doing on instagram but rember before you sign up check with your parents and cares and be over 12 years of age !!!

- Can’t use Instagram anymore

I used to love Instagram on my phone and I ran 2 accounts. One personal and one meme page, that was until one day I got logged out of my meme and later found out it got disabled and I have no idea why. I still had access to my personal account though. To try and fix my disabled account i followed all instructions on the Instagram support and none work. I ended up deleting the Instagram app and re downloading it again. Big mistake. I couldn’t sign log into my meme page still and then I discover I cannot even log into my personal account anymore I get the same error message every time “sorry there was a problem with your request” if I try to make a new account on my phone I cannot and get the message “signup blocked, sorry you can’t create a new account right now”. I can log into my Personal account on my computer however so it’s not my account that is the problem it’s Instagram on my phone. I have tried so many ‘solutions’ to try fix my problem and none have worked. So to this day I still cannot go into ANY account on my phone. Extremely mad.

- Chronological order please

So many people have said they want at least to have the option of their posts in Chronological order! Please put this on your next update!!!!!!! Edit: I follow a lot of famous people so naturally they appear at the top of my feed because they get so many likes, I miss out on posts from friends and family! Please put in the Chronological option. I think people will stop using the app soon tbh if their feedback isn't listened too Edit 2: since ios11 when I press on a notification I have received to say someone I follow has posted a picture - if I am already in Instagram it won’t change to that post anymore in ios10 it I did but now I have to come out of Instagram every time I want to view a new notification post. This would be less annoying if the feed was in chronological order!!!

- Great app but no music sticker ?

Everyone know Instagram is a great app. Bring the world closer together with photos and everyday pictures. It’s great that the amount of “likes” were removed! This allows more people to post their photos without the stigma of “how many likes would I get?” Although it is a great app which I use as an digital photo album of my everyday life. The main issue is content missing. I am still unable to use the music sticker which has disappeared from my story a while ago. As a music lover this is very disappointing that a feature is half rolled out to a percentage of users or taken away. And to add to this, the music feature is updated yet I am still unable to even select it although reporting as “something not working & general feedback”. If the feature is being rolled out it shouldn’t take over a year or taken away from some users. Besides this, great app😉👍🏼

- I’m beyond angry!!

UPDATE THIS MORNING DID NOT FIX THE BELOW PROBLEM! Years ago, you took away the ability to add frames within the Instagram app. I was angry at the time as I thought this was a great feature. I lived with it. The last update for Instagram was three days ago. Within that time I can no longer access doing 60 second videos within the Instagram app to post to my feed. No, I am not talking about stories. No, I am not talking about the 30 second videos you can send in a DM. I’m talking about the 60 second videos that you can do in Instagram. I can only access photos and in order to upload a video I have to do it externally. All my settings are correct. All camera allowances are correct. The problem is with you guys. Either that or you’ve moved it from where it should be into another part of this app and I am unable to find it. I am beyond angry and if this is something you intend to get rid of, I request that you go back to the drawing board and rethink it as it would destroy a very large part of Instagram and it’s ease of use! A response would be appreciated!

- Roxy

I find Instagram to be the best social media app as it allows me to follow to share posts and comments anywhere in the world and it’s instantaneous which is great I also like to enter competitions it’s fun but for the past two months I have noticed if I enter a giveaway that’s international which means tagging my friends around the world, I get blocked!! The only thing I can think of is the number of people tagging (40) tags but I’m not sure why it have been getting blocked even on local giveaways (21) tags I get blocked as well. As I said it’s only been happening since Instagram changed the rules about the number of liking as it causing some ppl mental issues as per google! Can you please look into it and if you block giveaway fans for particular reason can you please specify why! Otherwise it’s an excellent platform.

- Poll Glitch

Hello, It has come to my attention that some features are not working in one of my accounts. I have one personal account which is set on private and it’s where my close friends follow, and then I have another account set on public with a business profile where i post other stuff. My business profile account has NO poll feature but my personal does. I have more followers on my business profile acc than on my personal. Many people I know have the same exact problem, please fix this asap. I can access the gif feature which is great BUT i can not access the poll feature. I’m not sure if you have to have a certain amount of followers but I have 600+ Overall the app is really fun and easy to get around and you can communicate with your friends! I definitely reccomend the app for those wanting to find an easier way to text and socialise with friends

- Please read insta! ♡︎

The app is an amazing social media app and some amazing settings that people can use if there is a cybor bully. All setting are amazingly helpful and I often find some amazing people I talk to right now, I find this fun scrolling through feed I like and there is really amazing and artistic profiles that are just inspirational definatly an amazing place to relax! ❤︎ Although there is one minor thing that does bother me and a few different people I know. I have started off a new account as my old was just getting boring and I followed too many people so I had a fresh start. I love showing my followers things that I have seen from people in my feed.. I don’t exactly have the option to put other people’s public feed on my story and if you instagram could fix it I would be so amazingly happy and I would most defiantly rate you a 10/10 x Love instagram always ♡︎♡︎♡︎


Instagram, I’ll give u a 4. That one unattained star is for the times you’ve blocked me for unfollowing too many people in one sitting (in my defence they were either inactive accounts or celebrities that I’ve lost interest in and couldn’t be bothered to keep tabs on). My current problem is the time-based action block, because I used a third-party app that helped me gain more followers. I don’t need to be reprimanded for this- it’s a very DESPERATE and stupid decision. Message received. But if you could, at the VERY LEAST, provide tips on how to lift the ban as early as possible that would really help. Like I get that you have to take precautions for bot accounts, and it is, to a degree, justifiable for blocking me but there’s only so much times I can press “TELL US” or “REPORT PROBLEM” before I start to lose complete sanity. Same goes for this little review- I’d appreciate it if you didn’t ignore me this time.


my favourite social media app but lately it has been disappointing me. so many problems have been happening within my account and my friends. whether it be a small glitch or a large one it is extremely irritating and prevents us from being able to use the app with ease. some glitches have enabled us from not being able to receive messages people have sent to us, not being able to log into accounts, not being able to log out of accounts to create space for others. these are just a small list of the many glitches. instagram, you have never let me down up until the last month or so because of these silly and fixable faults in your app. i would really appreciate it if you guys were to fix this so everyone can use the app without having to worry about an inconvenience happening and worrying that their going to be logged out of their account forever.

- Accounts

Instagram is a very good social media app. Personally it is one of my favourite social media apps. But recently I have had a really annoying problem. I already have five accounts and I wanted to make a niche meme account because it looked fun so when I went to add an account it said I have reached maximum accounts. I didn’t freak out or anything I thought maybe u could remove accounts. So I went into an account that I don’t use anymore, I went to log out of it but it just took me to another account and when I went to add another account, the account I thought I logged out of was still there. So I thought deleting the account would work. I deleted the account but I still can’t add another account because the account I didn’t want was STILL there. But now it’s worse because I can’t login to the account I supposedly “deleted” because I, you know, deleted it. So now I have an account in my phone that I can’t even login to...

- Missing music sticker of story!😥

I’ve had a music sticker in my tray on both my account story feeds. Allowing me to add music.. Now it’s missing and has been missing for weeks off my business feed but still there on my private page!!! And to top it of it appeared for a day and then disappeared again. It is an awesome element to have to add to stories on either business mode or private page... So annoying I’ve tried reporting it at least 30 times and still missing. I hate the lack of communication and support from instagram. No action or reply... crickets!!! I know it’s not a first world problem but it’s it should be consistent on all pages!! All my updates are up to date but still only on my private story feed...Get rid of countdown sticker! Hello 👋 Please help is there anybody out there!!....

- Overrun by bot reposting accounts

Instagram used to be five star. Posts were in chronological order, it was easy to connect with your own community, be it sport, craft, food etc. Now, our established communities are besieged by “bot” accounts, that shamelessly repost images from other feeds, without seeking any permission from the original poster, they pretend to tag the original person for the photo credit but this is fake, they don’t get any notification of their image being used. These fake accounts continually try to get you to follow them, in order to create enough followers that they can sell that list to a company. Instagram, it’s time you gave us the option the report these fake accounts, not just as spam, because a couple of weeks later they reappear. Surely, surely, you can devise an algorithm to detect accounts that exist of nothing more than reposted pics

- Confused

For some reason my comments don’t appear on some posts on another account that I follow and follows me back. Other mutual followers also cannot view my comments for whatever reason. This persons account doesn’t have the restricted option as they live in India and haven’t blocked my comments or anything as such so why don’t my comments appear for others to see. When I log onto my second account which is to post images of beaches I can’t see my comments on this friends pictures but it shows that there are certain number of comments when you click to view the comments it doesn’t show mine but back on my main account that I used to comment I can see my comments. Hope this makes sense. Haven’t been able to find info anywhere about this glitch.

- Good app but some safety issues

Instagram is a good app to take and share photos, however, this allows you to share your location to strangers, which creates a safety issue as it is dangerous for some people to know your location. Your profile and all your photos are all accessible to everyone on instagram, but this can be solved by changing your account to private. Messaging is also a feature on instagram, and you could be a victim of cyber bullying, which is harmful for many people. You can block these people if you ever feel uncomfortable. However, a big issue is that there is a lot of inappropriate or graphic content, and as many children use the app regularly, they could be exposed to this type of content. Overall, instagram should be used in a limited way and you should be careful how you interact and what you are viewing.

- Insta

I love Insta but it is annoying that when you first start insta it doesn’t let you see other peoples feed and only yours and the people you follows. But lucky for me this is my second account and my first account can definitely help this one. On the other hand Instagram is an amazing site where people can get to know each other and post videos and photo for people to see. People can like you photos follow you and comment on you feeds. It is not hard to sign up to and or log in to. You can video chat with people or text them aka d.m them and it’s fun for every one. If you don’t want anyone random to see your Insta account you can make yours private and than people can’t see you vids and photos who you are following and who is following you.

- Still no music sticker after a year

Hi Insta, I am just opting to write a review because I still am awaiting the music sticker to appear in my app and after dozens of updates and waiting for about a year now, I still have yet to see any music sticker. My friends and bf have the sticker and have had it for ages, and my bf has had an account for less longer than I have and his phone is an older model iPhone SE. I am in Australia and so are my friends/ bf, so I’m not sure why they have the sticker but not me. I don’t know anyone else around me who doesn’t have it aside from me. I would use that sticker more than the other ones, coz I never use the questions sticker for example. I don’t get why it is so inconsistent. People are saying it is country dependant but if that’s true then why don’t I hate it yet? Please if the sticker could be part of my next update that would be appreciated. I know it’s just a sticker and it’s not the end of the world, but I’ve been a loyal insta user for years now so I feel like it’s just odd that I don’t have it.

- the new update..

So recently you guys updated to make likes unseeable, but I don’t think that was really necessary, because the whole point of a “social media” app is for likes, comments, views and sharing posts. To be able to see likes your own likes that others can see gives an accomplished feeling and boosts self confidence, but taking that away just makes it feel that something is missing, and posting on Instagram isn’t that interesting anymore. Also, rather than updating and getting rid of more things, why not update things that people have been requesting for ages. Chronological order. Less ads. If the point of instagram is to “focus on others posts, not likes,” what’s the point if we can’t even see posts from people we follow show up in our feed. I think you should bring the likes back or many people won’t be happy with the app, and you’ll be needing more ads because apparently money is all we care about today.

- Bring back the likes

Likes help me decide which accounts to follow which are fan accounts for celebrities and there are so many challenges which are “if this gets over ... amount of likes I’ll do ...” which are interesting. Or accounts with the photo with the most likes wins. I use Instagram for reasons other than looking at what people get up to and likes are a big part of those other uses. Lots of fan accounts or influencers would be affected. Can u at least either make a setting turning seeing likes on or off or have make an option which allows accounts to choose whether they want other people to see the likes or have an option which allows accounts to differentiate their purpose e.g. influencers, celebs (verification tick people), fan accounts, photograph etc. can still have the like option and people’s personal accounts can not have the like option. Like I get curious how many likes certain photos or celebrities get. U can quantitatively know which meme is most popular or which picture.

- help required

usually i really love instagram and scrolling through my news feed, but just recently i changed my password on instagram and it automatically logged me out so i tried to enter the password that i changed it too and although i know its correct because i had changed it the second before i keep getting told that theres a “problem” signing in. So, i thought maybe i had been entering the wrong password but when i log into my instagram from google instead of the actual instagram account, google logged me back into my account straight away. I have tried turning on and off my phone and i have also tried multiple times to delete to app and reinstall to see if that will help solve the problem. Nothing ive tried has worked and loging into my instagram account from google is super annoying, im not sure as to why this is happening but i did read on the internet that other people are having problems actually logging out of their accounts due to the mosg recent update.

- Keeps crashing

My Instagram used to work perfectly, never crashed or anything and since a few days ago I would go on it & it would crash straight away, like I would literally not even be on it for even 30sec before it would crash and no matter how many times I try & no matter how long I leave it before trying to go on the app again, it just crashes straight away and it's getting pretty annoying tbh, especially seeings how it literally crashes after like 10sec every single time. So I went on the App Store & checked my updates and & saw that Instagram had been updated a few days ago which is around the time this started happening, obviously your update hasn't fixed what it needed to fix because as I said before, never before throughout all the years I've had this app has it crashed on me & ever since this update I haven't been able to get on it since, as it crashes after literally 10sec every single time. Please fix this.

- Hate the new layout...

The most annoying thing about Insta is that they're always changing their layout! They probs think they're being convenient by 'improving' it but the truth is the constant change is confusing if anything. You have to click 'more' to read ppl's whole bio even tho ppl are unlikely to read it anyway, making it even harder to reach out to ppl if you're a business profile. And why put the pfp on the right?You know ppl (English that is) read from the left. Also, if Insta allowed people to 'repost' something without screenshoting it so that the original poster gets the credit and likes, and ppl don't steal content. Tumblr does this but it isn't as popular as Insta. Anyhow, Insta is still my favourite social media platform, it's easier to get attention and good if you like looking at pics better than reading

- Recent update for “Reels”

You start watching a video in your feed like you have since what feels like the beginning of time itself, 10 or so seconds into the video a pop up happens that asks if you want to watch the reel. I obviously want to finish watching the video, so I tap the button (the alternative is I don’t watch the rest of the video) so after I tap the button, it takes me to a different part of Instagram to watch the video, this is fine I don’t care. BUT the video restarts 🤦‍♂️ I don’t want to watch the first 10 seconds again. This might seem dumb, complaining about 10 seconds. But this is for EVERY video on Instagram. A lot of the pages I post, post videos. That time adds up and it’s just pointless. I will use your cool new Tik tok reels feature, but PLEASE don’t make it such a pain, just start the video from where I’m up to. It should not be that hard 🤦‍♂️ how much is this company worth? And not a single person working for it actually tried to use their new feature before adding it???

- Fix this plz

So basically Instagram has been acting up I woke up the other day and my whole account was taken down and I had to make a new one a start from scratch. Now I can’t like anyone’s post I can only comment and tag them, I don’t really know what is wrong but I’m actually quite angry and frustrated that this is happening considering I just made a new account and it’s already acting up. Instagram really needs to figure this out and also the fact that when ever I comment something it takes my comment down and says I have to rewrite it even tho my comment has nothing inappropriate written down. On my old account I was sent some really inappropriate things which I would rather not say but it’s quite ridiculous cause they didn’t get taken down or reported, I hope my Instagram gets fixed soon and if this is happening to anyone make sure you make a complaint

- HELP! *edit* STILL waiting for some kind of help from Instagram

I have been locked out of my own account for 2 days now! Instagram deems my login attempts as “suspicious” and sends me security codes, TO MY OWN EMAIL, yet when I enter the security codes they have provided it tells me they’re incorrect. I’ve contacted Instagram through email, Twitter, Facebook and I’ve even gotten my friends and family to contact them directly through the Instagram app, yet Instagram doesn’t seem to want to help me. This is literally my last straw and the only way to get anybody to see this, ANYBODY WHO CAN HELP ME, please help. I’m very, very disappointed in the lack of response. Instagrams “help centre” is useless. I’ve tried to sign in on other people’s phone, I’ve tried to sign in on a computer, NOTHING! Absolutely ridiculous. I’ve re-set my password multiple times, I’ve confirmed that it’s me signing into my own account every. Single. Time Instagram emails me about my login attempts. I don’t get what’s happening and why it’s happening. Sort it out.

- Violating Laws?

I’m sorry, but this is outrageous. I used Instagram to have fun, not to become mad from the unbelievable rules. I signed up, and after I tapped the button to set up my account, it said ‘Make sure your internet connection is on’ and it is! I then tapped the button again, and it said someone else was using it. I was outraged by this, because I’m the only one who is using the email. I then just assume my account was set up, and so I press login and type up all the information. Then it says ‘Your account has been closed for violating laws’? Horrifying! I haven’t even seen the actual Instagram page, just the page that sets you up for Instagram. How could I have already violated laws? I repeated the process with six other accounts, but they all responded with the same answer. I am a ball of fury now! Instagram, if you don’t fix this, your reputation will succumb to a grain of salt and no more new users will be able to sign up. As I said, Outrageous! Definitely only a one star, or maybe even a zero star!

- F

I love instagram very much, and I’ve always used it. But lately it’s screwed me over so much and I’m completely over it. My account got deactivated because of an image I wasn’t aware went against guidelines. I never received a warning or anything and I had never posted anything necessarily “bad” before, so I was confused. I wasn’t allowed to make new accounts and they’d taken away my photography account too (with photos of the sky¿). I used my old spam, changed the name, and made my new account. I kept trying to make a spam and it didn’t work. I logged out of my main account to try and log into a spam I made on a friends phone that had no ties to me (phone number, email etc.) and I haven’t been able to log into my main again ever since. I’ve sent countless emails that keep getting ignored and I’ve deleted and re-downloaded the app 5+ times. I had made something I was really proud of, and soon I wanted to start promoting my music on there. So, no more of my favourite social media site. I’ve tried it all.

- Can’t access saved photos & videos

I absolutely love Instagram and I’ve had it for years now. At about last year ish I changed my account to a business account. The problem with it is that I can’t access my saved photos without saving another photo into the saved collection. Before I had the business account I was able to click on my profile picture and press on the little banner for the ‘saved’ option. Since I got the business account it doesn’t give me the option to go there anymore. My friends are also experiencing the same issues. Other than this, I have nothing to fault from instagram. It’s an amazing app in which allows you to share photos and videos and interact with friends and new people. ❤️

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- Love Instagram

So fun So cool So interesting L🌸VE IT!!💕

- Easy

Very easy for a newbie to learn and use

- can’t see number of likes

apparently the new update has made it so only you can see how many likes your photo has, and you can’t see how many likes others pictures have. WORST UPDATE EVER. What’s the point? it’s making things much more confusing. there’s reasons why the number of likes is important. CHANGE THIS BACK AND STOP MAKING INCONVENIENT UPDATES


Whenever I log into my account it says “sorry, there was a problem with your request.” Please fix this. I tried with both of my accounts, and I used several devices to make sure if it wasn’t just my phone which it has a problem with. It said the same exact thing on all the devices I used. Please fix this.

- Bring back chronological format

Being shown what Instagram thinks I want to see takes a huge exploratory aspect away from this app. Go back to your roots Instagram, it worked for a reason.

- Exellent

J'adore instagram ! J'aimerai être plus vue

- I’ve waited months now...

So is Instagram music ever going to be an option for my story or will it forever not be in my region? .... 😒

- Too many ads

Too many ads

- Crashing

Okay so Instagram keeps crashing within about three seconds of me being on it. Sometimes I can get on to it but then I go off and can't get back on. I've tried turning my iPod off and stuff but it doesn't work. I updated it and it still crashes. Please fix this!! Would give it five stars if it weren't for this.

- Show me the likes!

You took away the ability for me to see how many likes certain posts receive. My daughter has a business account and I log her likes, and her competitors likes in order to help her improve her posts and therefore, her business. I know this is a test right now.....but I’m feeling like it’s just not going to come back. The amount of time I spend on Instagram has declined tenfold. I am no longer excited to go on, and I no longer find it interesting or fun. I know the reasoning behind hiding the likes is to help against children being bullied by their peers...... but you should find a different way to govern that. Block THEIR ability to see number of likes. Or don’t let them be able to have an account until they are 19. Anything else. But don’t punish the rest of us. BRING BACK THE LIKES COUNT!!!


this new experimental update bs in canada is trashhhhh. nobody likes it, wants nor wanted or asked for it!! it’s useless and we can’t even how many likes celebrities got or our friends like what is really the mf point?! AT LEASTTT have it as an option for whoever wants their likes hidden can hide it but the majority DO NOT! FIX IT. don’t be like snapchat were they add useless updates no one asked for 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽.

- Bring back following activity !

i love using instagram, but in the new update we can no longer view what people we follow like. i use this feature just as much as i use the app, it’s a good way for me to check in on my friends and see what they’ve been enjoying online. please bring this feature back! i know i will not be using the app anywhere near as much now that this feature has been removed.

- New update is no bueno.

Can not watch videos since update.. Anybody else having issues? Lags/won’t load tried on wifi and LTE both won’t work. Terrible update.

- A huge bug

There’s this bug in the app that won’t let me open any account asides from one. I’m sure I put in all the information right because I tried to open multiple accounts and it’s the same case it keeps saying “Sorry there was a problem with your request”. I tried uninstalling the app and installing it again multiple times but nothing changed. But when I open the account on another phone it works. Can you please do something to help I’d appreciate it. Thanks

- Constantly Crashes

App works after fresh download,then crashes and will not load until you redownload it.sent a couple reports in,nothing but crickets.

- Change the highlight story update

You guys removed the feature which allowed us to view people who looked at our featured stories and that was a bad idea. Deleting the app. Please change back.

- Terrible test/update

So quick to change something that was not broken but never want to fix the actual problems. If people are so insecure that seeing other people’s likes hurt them or puts a lot of pressure on them to post better contents, then add an option for them to turn it off.

- :(

Hate that I can’t see what people liked or commented on with this new update. It was how I found some of the best content/people to follow! Please bring back.

- Viewing my story

I want to see who has viewed by story beyond 24 hours Please change back!!

- New update

This update didn't do anything. My Instagram stopped working after the sept.5 update and still not working. Like what do bug fixes and improvement do. They should do something not be pointless. You really need to fix this and get Instagram back to normal

- New update

Please bring likes back

- Help please

It was working fine yesterday but today nothing was loading... so after an hour of trying everything to fix it I deleted the app and re-downloaded it but now it won’t even let me log in! I know it is not the wifi because the wifi is working for everything else and I tried the wifi at a friends house and it still won’t work

- Hate the new update!!

Bring back the activity/following log!!! What the heck !!!

- want likes

literally give the likes back no one at all like this

- albums

you should be able to delete a single photo out of an album of multiple photos, while still keeping the others posted

- Number of likes

Canadian users can’t see number of likes anymore while everyone else in the world can. This is unfair to Canadians. I’m deleting this app and recommend all Canadians do so until this app decides to respect Canadians

- Can’t log in. I know my username and password. Still can’t

Love the app, but I can’t log in on the app. I know my username and password. I can log in on my computer, safari and everywhere else except this app. I don’t know why. PLEASE FIX THIS

- Disappointed

Instagram use to be better I’m disappointed the “following” tab disappeared and no longer there and you cannot see anyone’s recent activity

- w h y

bring back the likes. literally NOBODY asked for this.

- Review

I would like to see what my followers like so that I can see maybe I’ll go like it to. I just dislike how this version is it’s not great and pardon my words but it’s S**t....

- Music in canada

The app is great in general but I don’t like how it deleted the viewers after the story is over and please make music available in Canada and please let us see how many likes are on other people post because this is so not fair.

- Reels are the worst

I have never written a review for an app until now. Reels is the WORST addition to an app of all time. You watch 30s of a video, for it to tell you to watch it on reels. You click the button and it RESTARTS without having anyway to speed it up or skip.

- Username

I do not like the new update. I prefer seeing usernames than the names that people put on their bio. It looks very unorganized because not everyone put their names in, some are even stylized. If Instagram could gives us a toggle between both, allow for users to choose, that would be great.


I want the following tab back. What was the point of removing it??? BRING BACK THE FOLLOWING TAB PLEASE!

- bring back the "ACTIVITY" tab!!!

bring back the "ACTIVITY" tab where you see the likes, following, and etc of the people you that you follow!!!!!

- Ig music in Canada

Can u please put Instagram music available in Canada now god

- Ruined a great thing

The new layout makes it obvious that the company only cares about making money and not the creators or consumers who liked Instagram for what it uniquely was. This new update takes away what was special about Instagram and replaced it with an embarrassing, desperate attempt to compete with e-commerce stores and other apps. You don’t need to have what everyone else has when you are in your own lane. It’s also very clear that you know people will click the shop button from muscle memory. Really huge slap in the face for all IG users. This is my main app and now I’m working on figuring out what other avenues I can use instead. Really, really disappointed.

- Terrible

This new update is abhorrent. Instagram doesn’t have to do anything to their UI because it functions exactly the way it’s supposed to and yet they replaced notifications with a SHOPPING tab. What an utter joke Instagram. Focus on things that matter

- Worst update

Ever since ig got bought out by Facebook every update has been worse and worse. Nobody cares anoures reels or shopping. WORST UPDATE.

- New Update

Why would Instagram, a photo sharing app, replace the notification section with a shopping tab????

- Reels

Why’d you change it? It’s horrible now. I watch half a video to then continue watching it on reels and having restart from the beginning of the video. Who even thought this was a good idea? You should’ve just kept it like IGTV where it continues where it left off

- New layout bad

I’ve used Instagram for YEARS. and this new layout is the worst! I have to go out of my way to access any of my notifications and the shopping tab is on the bottom row? What’s the point? Why did you move the create button to the profile page? I have to take the extra steps and it’s horrible.

- The worst customer service. Have lost faith in trusting Instagram

Instagram has made changes that have mistakenly deactivated thousands of users from accessing their accounts - including mine. They have deactivated for “breaching terms of conditions” without any warning sent to the users or reason. You just get a generic message and are left wondering what you did. Now, the issue is if you ever need help from Instagram, there is NO way to contact their help centre. It is the actual worst. All of their help just loop you to their FAQs but don’t actually provide any help in recovering accounts that were deactivated by Instagram unfairly and without reason. If you check their Twitter posts, read all the comments. Hundreds of users desperate to try to reach Instagram taking to Twitter, or spamming fb to try and get help. And the worst ? NOW REAL hackers and scammers are taking advantage of these desperate people and offering “hacker accounts” to get their accounts back. Charging real money and then gaining access to banking info. Why are these con artists not deactivated for breaching policy?? There is a HUGE error going on, with zero communication from Instagram. No acknowledgement. No timeline on when these users can get their accounts back. So be warned. Delete all third party apps that log in to your account because that is what can trip up their automated system to just disable your account with no warning. It thinks you are using bots automatically and will keep you in the dark for weeks to months. Instagram, I’ve really lost my trust in this platform. Unacceptable lack of customer service and acknowledgement. I hope more people speak up about this.

- Newest update lost my news feed

Newest update made me lose my news feed of people I currently follow.. GIVE ME BACK THE OLD ACTIVITY SECTION!!!

- bring the following tab back

i liked seeing what my friends liked

- Why

Why would you get rid of the activity page???? Instagram is so boring now!!!! Bring it back!!!

- I wanna stalk my crush. 😭

Following tab... seriously ? WE WANT IT BACK !

- Update

Bring back the activity log

- Wake up call

Show likes again, chronological order for posts, go back to original profile view. I don’t wanna have to redo my bio. Smh


Fix tf up 😤 mans need to post tonight

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Instagram 203.0 Screenshots & Images

Instagram iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Instagram iphone images
Instagram iphone images
Instagram iphone images
Instagram iphone images
Instagram iphone images

Instagram (Version 203.0) Install & Download

The applications Instagram was published in the category Photo & Video on 2010-10-06 and was developed by Instagram, Inc. [Developer ID: 389801255]. This application file size is 177.75 MB. Instagram - Photo & Video app posted on 2021-08-30 current version is 203.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.burbn.instagram