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The Google app keeps you in the know about the things you care about. Find quick answers, explore your interests, and get a feed of stories and updates on topics that matter to you. The more you use the Google app, the better it gets.

Search and browse:
• Nearby shops and restaurants
• Live sports scores and schedules
• Movies times, casts, and reviews
• Videos and images
• News, stock information, and more
• Anything you’d find on the web

Get personalized updates in your Google feed:
• Stay in the know about topics that interest you
• Start your morning with weather and top news
• Get real time updates on sports, movies, and events
• Know as soon as your favorite artists drop new albums
• Get stories about your interests and hobbies
• Follow interesting topics, right from Search results

More ways to access Google:
• iMessage extension — Search and share restaurants, GIFs, and more, without leaving your conversation.
• Search Google extension — While browsing in Safari, you can share a web page with Google to see suggestions for related content—no need to type anything new in the search box. Tap on the Search Google icon from Safari’s share menu to get started.
• Gboard — access Google Search, right from your keyboard. Gboard is a keyboard that lets you search and send information, GIFs, emoji, and more—right from your keyboard, in any app. Tap “Gboard” in your app settings to get started.
• Trending on Google widget — find out what’s trending in your area with our Trending on Google widget. Use 3D Touch on the app icon to add the widget
• 3D Touch — 3D touch the app icon for quick shortcuts, or use 3D touch in the app to get previews for search results.
• Search by Voice - Say “Ok Google” to search for anything, hands-free.

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Google App Description & Overview

The applications Google was published in the category Utilities on 2008-07-11 and was developed by Google, Inc.. The file size is 256.08 MB. The current version is 49.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

• Bug fixes and performance improvements.

We are always working to make the app faster and more stable. If you are enjoying the app, please consider leaving a review or rating!

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Google Reviews


Best search app  Apollo-One  5 star

I use google app for all my search topics. Google always has the top results for all my needs. Keep up the good work Google!!


News  missnicolleturner  3 star

Google Feed used to give a good variety of news articles but in the last month it only shows me things that it thinks I’m interested in due to my shopping habits, google searches or things it hears me say. I really wish it would be more objective in just showing current news instead, like it used to.


Too many trending cards instead of my feeds  paradiselost23  4 star

Cards should refresh more , I been looking at the same news/topics for a while , I like the google home button, would love more pages than only 2 and a way to disable trending news. Awesome design too


Dark mode please  OrionBeast1  5 star

App works great but a dark mode would be a great feature. Thanks!


Make words bigger  stel712  1 star

The print is much too small. Please enlarge. Thank you


Weather  Twetty73  1 star

Goggle weather comes up.but shows nothing on the weather,nothing. Fix this it's very annoying.

coffee beward awakings❤️

Google noodles  coffee beward awakings❤️  5 star

Google is google what’s the negative side of it like seriously bruh.


Sex  fucker2148  5 star

Great nudes

Romeo Cayangyang

Lost without you  Romeo Cayangyang  5 star

What would people do without google? Before we go to library and do the search, now we go to google. Thank you google.


Great  dlmt88  5 star

Works perfect


Check mate-  vDannz  4 star

Maybe just maybe.... you don’t know everything.

13 bra

Tracks everything you ever do.  13 bra  1 star

Stay away. It’s the Hillary Clinton of the iOS App Store.


Great job  DempsBro  4 star

I really enjoy this app and the voice control is very helpful, great job!

Laiyla jalloul

A amazing app  Laiyla jalloul  5 star

Dear fellow people willing to buy this app. I really like how you can save your image on camera roll for example I pranked my brother by getting a picture of a cracked screen it was so funny In conclusion I think that it’s a very good app


Google is stupid rubbish  HATERPOTATO  1 star

Google is famous for being made but it is not good people don’t get it


Thanks google  ItsErin27  5 star

I’ve been getting dodgy stuff from my regular iPad safari and they said to fix it I’d have to pay $$$+, I recalibrate every and now now use this app and everything is fixed and works faster then ever before 😃. I’m so done will apple everything just $$ over an over again


Saving posts  Jackeiziah  3 star

Dear google, I would like you to fix is saving system it is not letting me save pictures that I would want, please fix it! I’ve tried to redownload it and try again but it still won’t work! Please fix it can I would love to say I love this but I can’t cause of the saving system.


Unstable on iPad mini  J5r5  2 star

Keeps crashing on iPad mini.


Too many updates  Unhappy10001  1 star

Why do I need to do 3 updates in 3 days including 2 today? Get it right the first time.


Google  Appjap  5 star

Love google my favourite app, I tell everyone to google it!!!


DARK THEME  Abdooo😊  5 star

We need the dark mode for google, please


I love it, I couldn't love without it!!!❤️  kimba888  5 star

Use it for everything! Siri sucks😂😂😂


Miss me with that gay  yolohadter69fragkiller  1 star



Stories don’t go away  merlos2019  1 star

I’m tired of reading something and after that the same card appears all over again. The news or cards that you’re done reading they should go away automatically and load news ones. There’s some improvement necessary


It’s ok  underratedmeme  3 star

The app needs much improvemnt whenever I open it it takes 10 seconds to load then I click on search bar another ten seconds but all in all reliable


Wow  Wwwd69  2 star

179 MB of bug fixes. Wow don't think so. Bye bye

Ilia Zaslavsky

Probably the best keyboard  Ilia Zaslavsky  5 star

Probably the best keyboard by mile not by inches


Size  greenpou  4 star

O google reduce this app size , is'nt big for a browser?🤔

الزعيم بطل الدوري

المملكة العربية السعودية 💙✌️  الزعيم بطل الدوري  5 star

شكراً بحجم السماء


Frame drops galore!  kwright510  2 star

Frame drops and stutter/jank make the app almost unusable. Please fix!


No Image Search  i-AJ  1 star

This doesn’t have image search from photos. That’s not cool

Felix Itsuokor

It’s beautiful  Felix Itsuokor  5 star

I love this app

Austin Okere

Vice Chairman  Austin Okere  5 star

The Google updated App is so much better, with enhanced security


I love the app  oxygen_08  4 star



Go ogle keyboard  SocialManiac  4 star

Nice app, well integrated and please do not bring ads using the keyboard G search tabs. That will freak me out. 😄


Thank you  MRD+42  5 star

Thank you for all the hard work you guys do . Thank you to have made so use friendly. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌


Only one complaint...  Ralcie  4 star

I love the Google app. It does what it is meant to. I don’t even need a browser installed on my phone with the app. My only issue (and I sincerely hope the devs are reading this) is when I open the app and before you enter any searches, the app gives suggested new items to read. I’m not sure what these results are based on or how the algorithm works. Obviously I do get a lot results and suggestions of things I AM interested in. But I also get a lot of [email protected] that I don’t care about... like sport, certain politics, finance, the Kardashians and similar rubbish. I tap the 3 dots on the side and select “not interested in...” but these same things are CONSTANTLY being suggested to me no matter how many times I say I’m not interested. So the algorithm doesn’t work properly and it’s quite annoying because I like looking at the suggestions because it’s mostly relevant. Mostly. The rest is BS.


Commute feed  ...........17  4 star

The feed indicates my current location 2 kilometers off; even when I adjust my location. In result, it gives the wrong commute route and time


I love google  starpupppy  5 star

It’s amazing and it’s fixed lots of feedback are worried but fixed I love it I’m gonna download it again

south afican cliff

Speak to Google  south afican cliff  5 star

So many apps get your voice wrong and when you looking for something, it returns something you didn’t want. This App is the first to never make a mistake 9 and 1/2 our of 10 time. Love it

mrs Mosimane

Easier than ever  mrs Mosimane  5 star

Better and bigger than ever. Enjoying the App. Thank you so much for making our life so easier. 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 Be blessed.


Bring back the swipe feature  Ebi609  3 star

Bring back the swipe feature so that its easy to swipe away cards you have been through already. Dont like the clutter of the new layout as a result. I

MadCap Flyer

Not interested in....  MadCap Flyer  3 star

I enjoy the app and love to get the latest news at my fingertips. However, stories that I report as "not interested in...." keep appearing the next time I open the app to browse. I'd like to have this "setting" remembered and have stories filtered to what I really am interested in.


False "No connection" alert  RiquoLice  3 star

Are Google and Apple undergoing some dispute that has caused ALL Google Apps to misbehave on all my iOS devices?! Every Google app claims "No connection" whether I'm connected via LTE or a high speed WiFi connection. I then have to toggle the data and or WiFi switches on and off several times before any of the Google apps acknowledge I'm connected. And I have to go through the rigamorale with every app individually, multiple times a day. What is happening?! I'm begging you to fix it! I can't do a thing productively anymore!


App not updating  Xyy145  2 star

Considering the size of Google you would think they wouldn't kick their users to the curb just because they cannot afford the latest devices. They dropped the ball so I use Firefox instead!


Excellently Developed  austinejei  4 star

It does as described. In fact I'm using it to write this review. 😁

Djan 27

Google  Djan 27  5 star

Efficient and fast. Good

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