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The Google app keeps you in the know about things that matter to you. Find quick answers, explore your interests, and stay up to date with Discover. The more you use the Google app, the better it gets.

Search and browse:
• Nearby shops and restaurants
• Live sports scores and schedules
• Movies times, casts, and reviews
• Videos and images
• News, stock information, and more
• Anything you’d find on the web

Get personalized updates in Discover:
• Stay in the know about topics that interest you
• Start your morning with weather and top news
• Get real-time updates on sports, movies, and events
• Know as soon as your favorite artists drop new albums
• Get stories about your interests and hobbies
• Follow interesting topics, right from Search results

More ways to access Google:
• Google Lens — Search what you see with your camera, copy and translate text, find similar apparel, identify plants and animals, scan QR codes and more.
• iMessage extension — Search and share restaurants, GIFs, and more, without leaving your conversation.
• Search Google extension — While browsing in Safari, you can share a web page with Google to see suggestions for related content—no need to type anything new in the search box. Tap on the Search Google icon from Safari’s share menu to get started.
• Gboard — access Google Search, right from your keyboard. Gboard is a keyboard that lets you search and send information, GIFs, emoji, and more—right from your keyboard, in any app. Tap “Gboard” in your app settings to get started.
• Trending on Google widget — find out what’s trending in your area with our Trending on Google widget.

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Google App Description & Overview

The applications Google was published in the category Utilities on 2008-07-11 and was developed by Google LLC. This application file size is 185.01 MB. Google current version is iOS App 87.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions.

• Bug fixes and performance improvements.

We fixed user-reported issues and added new features to provide a better search experience.

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Google Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Lolkinnn   1 star

Freezing. This app terrible now. Its always freezing when I typing or scrolling . Before updates everything was perfect

Janeiam   5 star

Age differences. Anyone can use google! It says on the apple App Store that “you need to be 17 or older to use this app. But l still like your service.

Bcolli120   5 star

Google. I love google but I’m not allowed to have or anything really on my phone parents are to strict but would you think apple will make Annie LeBlanc apps or no at least Bratayley

Misphus   1 star

The app that can’t. This app does not function

lLynnbee   3 star

Google. I had this on my other phone md loved it. Recently my iPhone 6 died and now my Verizon store which sold me a new iPhone told me they no longer he I’ll pop with iphone or any apple products. So my google account has problems. Yikes. What to do? I agree. My iPhone 6 flamed out.Verizon sol me a new phone, XR, but the rep at Verizon told me Verizon does not help with passwords or anything Apple. What kind of customer Service is that? So Google is where I am. ‘What to do Indeed.

MichaelJayBills   1 star

Dark mode ??. This app is too bright at night. Please DARK MODE

sarsperellia   5 star

Login in made by not me haha. C

nodircha   5 star

Nice. Nice

Ralphthewonderdog   1 star

Google update. Can no longer download app to iPhone. Can’t find useful support to address issues. Guess I won’t be using Google any longer.

StoneCommander 13   4 star

Great app..... But. There are a few things that they say but don't always work. I use this during school to check my grades but the Wi-Fi is tearable at my school. And my reception is even worse. So I'll search something and let it sit. Close the app. And it'll notify me when I can see the results but I click on the notification and it opens, but it shows me a no connection screen. Please fix this because it is annoying. But other then that the app is amazing. Love it.

ilovekiss101   1 star

Can no longer use!?. Why can’t people with a newer iOS update use the app I’ve always used it and now I can’t. It isn’t fair!

Liz321123   1 star

Laggy and annoying. I’m not sure when this started but the app has been very laggy recently. I’ll be typing and the words will have a couple second lag before appearing on the screen, which is extremely annoying. Things often won’t load and the whole user experience just wasn’t what it used to be. Please fix!!

justinpaulware   1 star

Unusable on iOS due to Typing Lag and Freezing. I used to love this App and use it constantly. Now it has become completely unusable. I can’t even open it without it freezing. At first it would just lag while typing a query, now I can’t even start typing. What happened?! Please fix this!

vazz   1 star

Stop notifying me about Harry Belafonte’s Christmas album. This app was OK... until it started notifying me of Harry Belafonte’s Christmas album. Every. Single. Day. For the last few weeks. I have never searched for his music. I don’t have notifications on for anything like that, and I can’t stop it from happening. Stop trying to drive my insane google. App is getting deleted for now

angelacarmen   4 star

Boggle. Thank you for your prompt response to my SOS when my Boggle game simply froze in its tracks, tokens won’t load, and all moves made didn’t “move”. After you replied that you’d fix it, it started working again. Thanks for that.

15090Nancy   1 star

Slow since iOS 13.0. App worked seamlessly until October's iOS 13.0 release. Now it’s so darn slow to respond, freezes so often that it’s just not worth my time. November’s Google App update didn’t nothing.

Kendrakalifornia   1 star

Terrible. I used to love using Google to search but now for some reason on the iPhone it gets laggy and freezes on every letter in the keyboard when you’re typing in the search bar. This only happens on Google. Guess it’s back to Safari.

HeavenHillHammock   4 star

Doesn't Support Watch. Google Authentication is not supported on Watch for login approvals. You have to open the app on your phone to approve. Conversely, the Windows Authenticator app does support Watch. Hmm.

Hidbhubwfegubcgufebcu   1 star

Every Webpage is lagging. Virtually every website I go to now with the new update I can’t hardly scroll it’s just too choppy. Please google fix this problem because it’s pretty much unusable the way it is. The app always worked fine for several years until about a month ago from the date I’m writing this and no matter when I update it it still has problems. Please google fix the webpage and make it work like it used to with no issues.

redgreentoad   1 star

Sick of problems. I went to delete this app. TO MANY issues. I saw an update and decided to give it one more chance. The update didn't do much. Still issues. It freezes and won't do anything. Scroll a little and then then stuck. I have about had it. If you haven't fixed anything to work good I doubt you ever will 😡

JLP1084   2 star

Keyboard lag/ address to gps not working. Since iOS13 update, the keyboard lags TERRIBLY in google app. Also, I used to be able to hit “directions” in the google app and it would open in Waze or google maps (whichever I set it to). Now it just opens my preferred gps app but doesn’t transfer the address.

Redzebra78   1 star

Slow. Severely lags when typing. It’s been this way for several weeks now. It’s the only App I have that lags when typing.

alyswings   2 star

Slow. I love the google app but since this update the app is really slow. Typing is slow and loading is even slower. I hope this gets fixed!

BobL50   3 star

Lags When Typing. Has anyone come up with a solution to the lag when typing in the search box. Saw lots of people with same issue weeks ago, not so many lately. Is there a solution I missed? I’m using latest version. Even tried the uninstall/install. At times it’s several words behind my typing. It’s very annoying and for me, creates many search errors. Up till the lag issue I would have given the app 5 stores. Have used it for a long time. Any help would be appreciated.

Emcee Moe   1 star

Terrible app. So invasive. No privacy you guys should take notes from Apple. You know on privacy and stuff. This app always buts it nose in business it tries so hard to stay on your phone too. I never seen a company so eager to get your information. I absolutely despise google.

ZaraHuman   1 star

Ummm Read this!. So basically why are u downloading google? Just go on safari and search google. Your welcome. Saved your storage , and the bad things abou this app .

baffled in the NW   2 star


BJAvery   2 star

Send the Address to Apple Maps!. Why Google? Why did you have to do this? Up until the recent update I could search for a place and when I clicked directions, it would pass the address over to Apple Maps. Yes I know there’s Google Maps but at least I had the choice of which app I want to use for directions. Now when I search for a place and click directions, Google no longer passes the address over to Apple Maps. This is just sh$tty and a pathetic attempt by Google to push its mapping app over Apple’s. All it is done is piss me off and so now I’m bypassing Google and using Apple Maps directly. What a stupid move, Google.

unicornsarahn   5 star

Awesome!. Google is amazing! You guys fixed the "swipe to hide" and now I can delete my history! It is so better than Safari . Thank you !

M_Raffle   4 star

Dark now bonus. Thanks for the dark mode Google. To get 5*, please let use use ad blockers like safari. Most of the sites that you provide links for have such invasive ads that I cannot even see content; only ads. Not your fault (directly).

Advertorial    5 star

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Joe Sam you're you are Yuri   5 star

Best thing ever. Super Great awesome really awesome great super super super awesome I love it heart heart heart heart heart

2ronan   5 star

Why. Why do people keep sending you bad reviews because they’re internet is bad

LegendaryStefan   3 star

Use it daily. Keyboard lag is getting very bad

surage ethan   1 star


Cindythewizard   1 star

Slow as a turtle.. Don’t know what you have done to this app even after your update it is so slow and all the time your ad pops up saying congratulations you get a phone free and sends me to an unknown website. Please look into this

f tvtftfcbrrcrd   5 star

Great. helps me find everything I need

keeybs   5 star

Good. Google is google and it is good

nickname1234568808643   1 star

G is for Goggles. G works well as long as you know what you are doing. If you are not familiar, don’t bother. It works just as well if you do the sociably excepted practice of asking to Google it.

REZred   3 star

Key icon. It’s a good app and I use it on the daily but...what is up with the constant key icon for passwords. There’s no way to hide it and it gets in the way of typing because it blocks the message line as to what I’m typing. No help from google.

gxjdhgsfjc   5 star

I wish. Google would buy itunes, keeps it the same, but add google account to itunes store and keep producing the iPod touch 6th gen, exactly how it is now. Also, reintroduced the iPod shuffle.

mathieu bathalon   1 star

innovation. rien d exceptionnel encore une fois

SamDrX   5 star

Best app. This app is great and I love it

WayneCaissie   2 star

Ads Ads Ads. What a mess!! As soon as you click anything on the Home screen it is a convoluted mess of advertisements on every page. Yuk!! What a horrible experience.

zidmao   1 star

Very slow. I use LTE Mobile network but this app is very very slow, it doesn’t open a webpage in 85% of times beside it is a nice app.

parrot on the piano   1 star

Dissatisfied Customer. The ANNOYING, DISTURBING, INTRUSIVE noises at the end of Emails sent make me want to throw this phone out the door. Constant requests for upgrades are irritating. With recent “Upgrades” being added at our local Telus outlet, I now have to inconveniently return for help from the staff to demonstrate the new Apps, etc.

Nikki_28   1 star

Currently busted. Used to be rock solid. Now it lags when 1 letter per 5 seconds. Scrolling is choppy af. Slow at best of times, completely unusable at others. This is fairly recent. Maybe since ios13, however I have not done the update. Maybe that’s why?

Dachinno   1 star

Bad Business Ethics. Google Inc. and alike are starting to exhibit behaviours that are in line with corporation above the law and humanity mentality. I won’t be using your services anymore.

Dylana597   3 star

Sort of good. It is slow but I like it

thisgame11   3 star

I got this for lens.. I got his for men’s and It says that I have to get google but I’m on google!I searched it and it says I have to get google. Please fix.

CherryBlossomGreenTeaTwo   1 star

Crap. Slower than molasses in wintertime! Please when you do an update ‘dear’ developers that you make sure that it’s actually an improvement ! By the way kindly get your act together when you display the news stories in Google. I see a story on the 1st page and when I tap ‘more stories’ what do I see but the same story on the 2nd page but further down ! Seriously guys ?!

Willchien   3 star

Cards and performance. Cards in discover/home screen tend to lead us to clickbait and advertisement-filled articles. The scrolling when browsing webpages has become insanely laggy. I really wish google had kept this app simple and not suffocating this app with too many features.

nfnsnsnd   5 star

Hi. Hi

have a good day 38!538   5 star

All Good. But maybe try to support dark mode pls get on other than that all good

AppleFanCAN   2 star

Desperately needs iOS-controlled Dark Mode support!!!. Please add support for Dark Mode and for the operating system to tell the app when to go into Dark Mode! Please use true black to help save battery on AMOLED iPhone screens.

Canadian1724   1 star

App doesn’t work. App is stuck on loading screen and won’t launch.

Fatzzz11   4 star

Dark Mode!?. I love this app. Hands-down one of the searching engines for your phone. Would be awesome to have dark mode.

harhar slap my knee   5 star

How can you rate it bad. Best search engine no cap😎🤫

worldteacher   1 star

Needs fixing. My most used app is now basically useless as it constantly freezes. I’m beyond frustrated with it. Maybe I’ll try using it again in a few months.

Floral Witch   5 star

What. lmao why is google 17+

Filthy puppy   5 star

bro. it’s google

Advertorial    5 star

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Daisy2550   2 star

Horrid!. The last two updates that I’ve downloaded have been absolutely terrible. My Google App is now incredibly slow, glitchy, freezes and I actually don’t want to use it anymore. Whatever has been done to the App is far from an improvement. This was once a functional App that I used throughout the day. I won’t be using it any longer.

Kenwdesigner   1 star

This time it works properly?. I have installed the app multiple times over the last few years and every time I go back to safari. Why? Because it has never worked properly after all the hype. Let's hope this time it's better.

ekta kh   5 star

Issue. Hi I can’t see google in my app. Pls suggest

ben.rock   5 star

Helping. Google helps me with everything sometimes even homework like math and I love to ask google for the weather I even have a home google

ios user   5 star

Well...?. I think there is a bug... When I go on it, it was crashing without loading in its very annoying that I had to re-download it. But it’s better know 💖 I hope it doesn’t happen again! Well maybe you should fix this issue later on if there is” to many reviews of this problem”

ggggggggtfgggffcgg   5 star


Anger1754   5 star

It’s good for watching **** ***. Hi

Jem Dench   1 star

Bad. I can’t download this app!!!!!!


Good app. Love the app had an issue with getting on some websites I don’t know why

yokel bloke   4 star

What’s up google. While I agree google is a great search engine, recently I have issues where it takes a long time to open . All since the last iPhone upgrade.

sanzar   1 star

Still no dark mode for iOS13. App is mostly fine, but it’s beyond ridiculous that the Google app isn’t compatible with dark mode already and so I just find I can’t use it at night so have to look to alternatives

Dchopstick   3 star

Been using this app for year but..... This app seriously needs some performance optimisation and please, guys, a dark mode!

me heart   5 star

Google on ipad. Unfortunately my ipad doesn’t seem to like Google.It intermittently goes offline telling me that the page is unavailable. Please supply an update to stop this from happening.

ofofpdotsoyslysly   5 star

Good 👍. Good 👍

Viper4185   1 star

App freezing up for a few seconds ALL THE TIME. I have about 1000 places saved as favorites on maps and this seem to cause the Google app to freeze up when scrolling through news articles. Only thing that temporarily fixes it is if I clear all the browsing history? But after a few minutes it goes back to freezing again... very annoying! I have an iPhone XS so processor speed should not be an issue

whatu[00   1 star

Meh. Ok 👺

Cirio88   5 star

Google it!. If you want to know something, or anything, just Google it, and you got it!!!

Eepurple   3 star

I love it but I got age restricted. I really like google, the only problem is apple’s stupid time limit. The time limit has an option to restrict app that are not for my age. Google is for 17+ which I don’t think should be the age limit. I now cannot use google because of this restriction, and I really hate apple for this. Please can you fix the age limit to this? Thanks

bond-z   1 star

Google lens. Downloaded this app specifically for the google lens search (dunno why they couldn’t put the function on chrome) first few searches worked well, now today I go to use it and the lens search has disappeared without a trace leaving only type or voice search? So I try and google the problem, nothing works to fix it. Even tried telling me to download google images to use google lens? C’mon google I already have the apps for gmail, chrome, drive, duo, maps, earth, home, assistant and now just the google app and am extremely disappointed as a user of google for over 15 years.

Guijavican   1 star

Dark mode?. Have you guys heard of dark mode? You should google it!

Noddy13tank   3 star

Google. Google is the best. Because I can get tickets but some times anyoning

Hammo's   5 star

I. M

epic at fortnight   5 star

Amazing. It is amazing how you can do it I love it it is so cool I get great answers but some times not the answer I’m looking for but it’s awesome

Tigerrocks01   5 star

AMAZING GOOGLE. I think google is amazing because it’s easy, fast and the ability to do voice command. I recommend it to anyone who likes a quick search and question. 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

Sheriff Snow   1 star

Annoying News Push Notifications. The only reason I have this app and permitted it to send me push notifications is because I use it for 2-Factor Authentication. For some annoying reason it recently started sending me push notifications with news that google has decided I should to be relevant for me. As I cannot find a way to turn this off, the app gets a 1 star.

Cakehole69   5 star

Google. I love google because you can always get what you need when you want it

Scott-Hunter   3 star

Great app. I love the ease of the app it’s my go to search engine and would have given it 5 stars if it wasn’t for the recent changes to google images it’s the pits, big thumbs down I can’t see the picture on full screen they are small and often really blurry.

WALTER😩   4 star

I like dogs. Google dog for dog pictures. Also google naked grandma for a naked grandma. Robbers don’t wanna see that. And neither does O’rilleys family automobiles call 1800-CARROT for a free 20% discount

sheepyard   3 star

App suggestion bar on bottom of iPad. The suggestion bar on the bottom of the iPad for google search is greyed out and this is giving me the proverbial ‘sheee’. Fix it up google. It’s not as if it’s a old iPad (I bought it this year and it’s a brand new model) 😒

ghouly gamer 18   1 star

This is a good/not good app because............... It ain’t god level EPPPPPPIIIIC : ) Chrome is do besto because u can pay die SAW gam POWA IS BESTO google is do wekest payer chrome do bost eveo memes on dis cap

AmarachiMUA   3 star

My Review. Initially, I was a big fan of the google app because of the convenience the app offered.. now I can’t say that so much. The swipe to hide feature is gone - which was a mistake to get rid of. Now in order to hide a card, a button must be pressed, along with other options, to hide the card.. very annoying. And on top of that, with the latest update to iOS featuring “Dark Mode”, you would think this App would have a dark mode and I’m not referring to incognito mode. All of my other apps have adapted to this new look except for the Google app. The YouTube app has this feature, so should Google.

TheFoleyFive   3 star

Lagging. I love this app but will probably delete it if Google doesn’t fix the lagging issues. Searching is frustrating because typing is glitchy.

Omar Albasha   1 star

So disgusting. Google became totally money oriented application. Try to look for something that is educational and you will get to see Ads in the first few pages before you see the targeted results. I will not be using it anymore.

vcnxksoapdodnsj   1 star

Google lens. I can’t even look up a picture with my camera like is there something wrong with the app?

Just make it free   5 star

.. nah

I Need My Google Back 😢. It’s no longer available in the App Store for iPhone 6Plus ios 10-11>it want update. I had to delete Google app off my phone because it wasn’t updating😮 Now it’s not showing available in the App Store 😩

StrangePeopleExist   1 star

It keeps closing out. I really like this app! It’s easy to use, and you get a lot of results. The problem is that, I just updated it, and now I can’t open it. Every time I try, it closes out before I even get in the app. Please fix this!

Oontrestjt   2 star

So slow. This was my go to app but then all of a sudden after the last couple updates it stopped loading as fast as it once did. I’ll type in letters in the search and it’ll take 20 seconds for them to write. Everything takes forever, I switched to safari again because I just can’t take it anymore.

AABzLxRDzz   1 star

kut kanker. doesnt let me watch hentai

MOM1066   1 star

Captions no longer supported on youtube?!?. Bring back captions in full screen mode when using youtube. Even when the setting is on the subtitles disappear when the video goes fullscreen

Tatooweeny   1 star

App lags. Used to be be great, but now the app lags because of too many ads on each page

lucasjsaunders   2 star

Stutters for five+ seconds EVERY TIME!. Obviously the default search app and has been solid for years but recently it hangs for five seconds or more every time I try to complete a search. I’ve tried reinstalling to no avail. Until this is fixed, it’s unusable!

Moist coffee moose duck   1 star

Slow. It’s so laggy when you type, wasn’t always like this.

引证解   3 star

引证解. People change

kitkatbreak   1 star

After upgrading to iOS 13, Google app freezes.. I have tried everything including reinstalling but the app keeps freezing or is very slow to load on my iPhone X. I see that others are having a lot of issues after upgrading to iOS 13 as well. Everything is super laggy and unresponsive.

NickInPHX   4 star

Dark mode?. Come on Google dark mode should be standard across all your apps

sad fam 117   3 star

?. Used to work fine, but now it’s incredibly hard to switch between accounts and I often have to reload the app once or twice to get it to work. Weird bug, please fix it asap

A masterpeice   5 star

Google. I’m very happy with this app. It’s very easy to use and I enjoy using it better then Safari. Very user friendly. I suggest downloading it.

MidoAzzaz   4 star

Great app but what happened??!!!. The app disappeared from my iphone and won’t download again!!! What’s wrong?

Wduverglas32   1 star

I’m sick and tired of all the adds!!!!!!. Why so many adds popping up?!!! They cover the whole thing whatever it is I’m trying to read or see. And when I click them away I have to explain why, even after all the stress it says that the add is closed by google but it only says it will “try” not to show the add again unfortunately the add will pop up again and again and again and againnnnnnn. Sheesh 😒 I’m paying for my internet on my phone and I’m being harassed on it? Are you guys serious? I know about amazon and all the other stuff if I need something EVER , I know where to go and search so PLEASE STOP HARASSING ME!!!

andreajenninewinnieagan   5 star

Making me so mad. [Quit messing with me] best thing that’s ever happens to me

Rocky & Gracie's Mom   1 star

App keeps crashing. I just did the update, but now the app keeps crashing

sdave13   1 star

Bad update?. Just updated and the app doesn’t work anymore

cjnidmdjdjmc   5 star

This is faster then safari. This is like the best web browser ever

kingkevyn   1 star

Mr. Good app but include dark mode in the next upgrade.

Valentin Sivachenko   1 star

Тормозное приложение.. Разработчики, для чего портировали приложение на iOS? С самого первого дня оно нещадно тормозит, скроллинг ужасен. Постоянные фризы. Зависает. На прикосновение к айпаду не реагирует долго. И спрашивается, для чего это всё если не можете сделать приложение нормальным? Ужасно!!!

Dash Riprock11   2 star

Google automatically links with other apps. I understand the desire to link searches, locations, and habits with other apps, especially those owned by Google and those with Google contract, but it’s just creepy and stalker-ish that it’s done without concent.

airic   1 star

Switched. Switched to Bing. It has dark mode. 🔥

Njsfinest19   4 star

Love Google. The only thing I would like to see is a dark mode. That would be a great help for night reading

mattnorton2u   2 star

Searching doesn’t work. Searching doesn’t work

AdamShdr   2 star

Dark mode. Comon google, you can implement dark mode.

Hamich09   5 star

Great. It is great but sometimes in iOS 13 it crashes

misssmartypants81   1 star

Google. Since the current update that took place, that my google search engine is extremely slow. That when I type something that it takes a long time to catch up on the word I’m spelling and half the time after it’s caught up the words are either missing letters because of this app

Stephgaby   2 star

Awfully slow since last update. Got a iphone 6 with ios 12 and last update is terrible .....

Tommi Chen   1 star

Still no dark mode. No dark mode after iOS 13

Kumshey   5 star

I highly recommend this App. It’s one of the best app I have come across so far

Lolman823   4 star

Please add in dark mode or IOS 13 integration.. The one thing I want from chrome mobile is dark mode.

george244   1 star

Game play. Still doesn’t work properly for games. Unable to use all the functions properly

Aidiin   1 star

Bugs forever!!. One of the worst apps ever!!!

Yuzhou Li   3 star

Poor upgrade. While I love using this app because it really has become part of life whenever I need to search for something, but after the most recent update, typing in the search bar all of a sudden became jerky and snagged. I tried typing in other apps and they are all fine, smooth as usually, it seems like this problem only associates with Google Search. Please fix it ASAP as it’s REALLY annoying!

RJbasketball   4 star

Needs dark mode. Needs dark mode

polere fase   5 star

Can I connect my phone to my chrome book?. Can I connect my phone to my chrome book?

A27669212   1 star

Google Lens only works once. Seems to be a glitch for older phones (I have an SE). Used Lens, loved it, but now it’s no longer an option. So disappointing.

Slip13420   5 star

Download. Faster

Sofis2cool4U   5 star

Google = 21 years!. Happy Birthday Google! It has been 21 years since the creation of google! And it’s still up and running! It’s a super good search engine! Wish you well! 🎉🎊🎀

ccvbbfu   5 star

Good work. Love the app it needs to be faster but other then that it’s amazing

opinion😁😁   1 star

🕵🏻‍♂️🕵️‍♀️. I just wish I could have more privacy😶🙂😕🤬

X plane 11   5 star

GREAT. I LOVE THE APP AND ITS FEATURES ITS A SIMPLE APP AND GREAT 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

dcb fy hftbg   5 star

Idk👍🏽👎🏽🤷‍♀️. It’s a good app I mean it’s an essential

Jasonh1234   1 star

Alerts from blocked news sources. App constantly pushes news alert notifications to me from “news outlets” that I have already blocked (in the Google News App) for having known/admitted political party bias. Their biased propaganda is being thrown in my face even though I refuse to read “news” from those sources and have taken measures to prevent unwillingly supporting them.

mr fish guy   5 star

One of the best search engines ever. .

Hannah Keski Pukkla   4 star

Good app. Thanks for making this! I like it 👍

Nhouny   4 star

Just sayin. Pretty good yo!

king &Judy   4 star

Three pines organizing. Very helpful, works hard, comes prepared and doesn’t add any stress. Very understanding and sympathetic.

pogjfjjejd   4 star

Safari. Me, my favorite browser is always Safari (using Google)

Filllypillymynilly   1 star

No reader view!!. Safari has had this for almost 10 years and all other browsers have it as well. What’s the problem Google?

dssssa   1 star

the creepy Not true news scares me every time i open that app!!!. those ads about meteors hitting earth are so scary! And then i do some research, and they’re NOT true. SO. WHY DO YOU GOTTA SCARE ME?!

its DAisY   5 star

The best. It’s google so it has to be the best

Emji_1419   5 star

Amazing. I love this app so much 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Owen Armstrong   4 star

Uninterested doesn’t work. Whenever I get something like Russia and I put on not interested, it doesn’t register and I get stuff I don’t care about all the time

Adzster$$   5 star

Google. The app is great for just about everything Adam

MaddisonRobinsonRiley   3 star

Little bit annoying. I used to really like using this app but recently there has been some updates... 1) Every time you open my google app it instantly opens a fresh home page. Also every time I click a link; for example, I search something on google and click the link to the page, it opens a new page leaving the previous search page in the past, or in the windows icon at the bottom. I don’t need the search screen saved... I can just click return. Leading me onto 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 2) There are two return buttons, one takes you back to the previous screen and one takes you all the way back to the searched page!!!! So highly irritating, it took me so long to get the hang of it and honestly I feel like it was a somewhat useless update. I understand how it could be useful if you got hella deep into a search hole. But there has to be a better way... so you know that you are about to make a move all that will take you all the way back to square one.

Sam of spain   5 star

Great night out. Service was friendly and efficient. Food was amazing - plenty of variety and generous quantities.

Flynnprice   1 star

Horrible application. It’s pretty poopoo bum bum not gonna lie

DaveKVale   1 star

Google. The addition of clipboard is terrible because ‘paste’ can do exactly the same... pointless. Also please remove the articles from homepage, they’re unnecessary.. very unattractive.

genericbuttercream   1 star

Annoying google. Go away google

Abdul-Adelaide   1 star

What. 17 plus This is doo doo 💩

coolguy80101   3 star

adblock. how do you block ads on youtube? its annoying af

siqqhjpgsqhj   4 star

4 stars. Just because there is not kurdish original language

Random lazy student here   4 star

Update side effects. Google, if you’re reading this, please fix the tabs! After updating, I wasn’t able to switch or sort out my tabs! For instance, I can’t touch my tab and place it to the left on my iPad Pro 2018! Please fix it! Thank you!

EJB1964   2 star

Hard to read. Someone has reduced the font size significantly, making it hard to read. I have been criticised by senior Board Members for trying to fit too much onto a page, so I can understand why people do this. How about you give folks a chance to set the minimum font so they can take in all the details?

Vicky 💕 ~   4 star

Hmmm. It’s amazing and one of the most helpful apps on my phone, yet the new update got me... I can’t save photos (say I find a funny meme and I wanna save it and send it to my friends, I can’t do that...) . And it’s hard to know how to delete your search history... I have OCD and too many searches will annoy me so deleting them makes it look neat and tidy... Yet it’s very hard. I would like something more convenient. other than that, amazing 👍🏻

Gordy’s World   1 star

Now removed option to stop news updates. This browser used to be my number 1 - now google have taken away my option to stop news articles under my search field so they can make more money. Plenty of other browser options that don’t force their advertising. Bye google

msgan   3 star

Great but one thing....... It keeps kicking me out of the app and is very frustrating to me. Plz fix!

zara bennet   5 star

THIS IS THE BEST. Omg this has helped me so much and I am so happy that it has helped me with navigation, information and more! I just love how you had mini information under the search bar. This really helped me a lot google!

meklp   2 star

Hmmmm..... Something is bad about this app because it doesn’t bring the things you want

blackpizza0179   1 star

Porn. There was to porn

jsigns4u   2 star

Constantly Crashing. Preferred using it over safari. But it’s constantly crashing now. Need to keep on refreshing the page. After crash only half of the web page is visible. Back to safari now.

trending rubbish   1 star

Trending rubbish. I’ve deleted the Google app. No more ridiculous TRENDING!

fortnite0lay3r   1 star

Websites. Some websites dont work i am trying to get to dubhappy it just dose not load i waited 8 minutes and it still did not load please fix this

leilei 2007   3 star

Not letting me in!. I dont know why but its not letting me download the app and its annoying me alot Please fix this issue because i really need to use google!!

DaddyWhoKnows   3 star

Google app says you are offline. I am using this app on iPhone 6 , it was working good so far, but suddenly it started showing message “you are offline.” Though Internet is working for other browsing.

2956🙃   1 star


E bush   3 star

Recent update. Since the recent update I am unable to save images or gifs. Grrrr please change it back!

Pixel.gun.3D.master   5 star

Not bad. It’s pretty good l just hate peoples saying it’s trash get it you can search up anything 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

iiNetter   2 star

Google Lens Feature not Presented. I’ve been checking the app regularly after installing new updates to see if the Google Lens feature is available and it still isn’t presented within the app. Do you need a Google account and log into the app to enable the Google Lens feature or is there something else I’m missing?

gabegand   5 star

Bad. I. lllllllooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeee. It

skadfer113   5 star

Google is the best. Google is my favourite search engine with so many facilities in it thanks the creator or creators of google very much for your hard work of creating this search engine.

fockwit   1 star

Help me.. How many google apps are there? Why do you ask me to write reviews and then publish my full name in breach of my privacy!!!

Driver72   1 star

News Feed issues. The news feed constantly stops refreshing or downloading updates, leaving a message “Check Again Soon”.

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