Google [Utilities] App Description & Overview

The Google app keeps you in the know about things that matter to you. Find quick answers, explore your interests, and stay up to date with Discover. The more you use the Google app, the better it gets.

Search and browse:
• Nearby shops and restaurants
• Live sports scores and schedules
• Movies times, casts, and reviews
• Videos and images
• News, stock information, and more
• Anything you’d find on the web

Get personalized updates in Discover:
• Stay in the know about topics that interest you
• Start your morning with weather and top news
• Get real-time updates on sports, movies, and events
• Know as soon as your favorite artists drop new albums
• Get stories about your interests and hobbies
• Follow interesting topics, right from Search results

More ways to access Google:
• Google Lens — Search what you see with your camera, copy and translate text, find similar apparel, identify plants and animals, scan QR codes and more.
• iMessage extension — Search and share restaurants, GIFs, and more, without leaving your conversation.
• Search Google extension — While browsing in Safari, you can share a web page with Google to see suggestions for related content—no need to type anything new in the search box. Tap on the Search Google icon from Safari’s share menu to get started.
• Gboard — access Google Search, right from your keyboard. Gboard is a keyboard that lets you search and send information, GIFs, emoji, and more—right from your keyboard, in any app. Tap “Gboard” in your app settings to get started.
• Trending on Google widget — find out what’s trending in your area with our Trending on Google widget.

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Google Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Bug fixes and performance improvements. We fixed user-reported issues and added new features to provide a better search experience.

Google Comments & Reviews

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- Crashing

How much longer until the crashing bug is fixed? It’s been a week now and I can’t use the app at all. Update: with a recent update, it looked like the bug was fixed, worked fine for a couple of weeks, and then the last week it started crashing again, every time it’s opened after about 15 seconds.

- I love this company

Everything is so well engineered 10/10

- iPhone 6 Plus

No me quiere abrir google en la pantalla de mi tlf


Google can help u look stuff up but how bout you try to look up ugliest person ever. I’m not joking someone comes up. And she is beautiful inside and out. It’s sad to see that google would do this. Imagine that being you. Just cause you have a disability doesn’t mean your ugly. When I found out about this and found out it was true I cried like actually cried. :(

- Ur rude

I wanted to see who’s the ugliest person but u picked the diseased woman that is pretty. I hate u google

- Shopping feature bug

Last few weeks. , thr shopping search feature doesn’t work anymore . It keeps saying “ no match.. try fewer words “.. literally try anything and get same thing .. didn’t know book .. fish ... phone ...

- Crashing App

Everytime I use Google, after a few seconds it crashes, the app is updated also....i have to go back to Google again to start my search again and hoping it wont crash again

- Sex


- Why?

Why 17 age

- i love watching porn hub

i love this app when i’m horrny and i can watch porn hub

- Crashes a lot

I love Google, and prefer this over Safari any day. But lately this app has been crashing frequently. Which is extremely annoying when I’m trying to read something. Please fix this issue soon.

- Te pasas Google

Cuando buscas Miembros de TXT te sale los miembros pero el cuarto miembro Taehyung sale una foto de RM de BTS. Y Yo no soy MOA yo soy ARMY y si causa problemas por que cuando buscas Park Jimin te sale Jin y si buscas BTS te sale BTSbandanel y eso es no se hace GOOGLE y ya

- Give back OLD GOOGLE


- App crashing

Lately this past few months the google app has been crashing every time I use it. I’ll be doing something important and boom it closes and when I reopen all the info disappears.

- I love the app but...

Lately the app crashes at least 80% of the time, please fix this

- It keeps shutting down

After ten minutes on the app it shuts down

- Crashes every 10 seconds

Every time I use this app now it feels like I'm racing to see how much I can use it before it inevitably crashes. It's gotten to the point where the app is no longer functioning and I've had to use another app completely. Super frustrating, I miss when the app actually worked.

- What’s with Google Lately?

The app crashes after searching and clicking on a link, or even when browsing a website I’m on. Also, Google will allow me to copy text on the app, but won’t allow me to paste it into the search.

- Crashing constantly

Google app user for years. As of recently, this app crashes constantly. Very annoying. Please fix.

- Google

I absolutely love you Google 100% best search engine in the world!!! 🎤MIC DROP🎤

- Benjamin

Benjamin I hope you’re having a great day!

- Finally!

Everything is working fine... Thank you!


This app has become the most embarrassing high profile online product in history.

- I’ve had this app since 2014

Up until this past couple of months the app worked great. I loved the newsfeed and suggestions it gave. But. Ow it doesn’t stay open long enough for me to do anything! Very frustrating especially when I’m in the middle of searching something and it crashes. Every. Single. Time.

- Sign in issue

I got a new phone and had to sign into google again when I did I could not remember my password and when I went to sign in I wanted to send in email to confirm it was me but I also had to resign in to gmail as well so I could not do that I put try another way I put my phone number and it kept saying it was the wrong one when I triple check it was my number wich was also the one I put for the account but It said no so I can not sign in and I need it for my emails and other things

- Help


- To google

I’ve been with google since when it first came out n I’m never switching

- Great App, but Update Caused Crashes

An update from a week or two ago caused the app to crash constantly while searching. The app is great otherwise, but this has made it extremely frustrating to use, as I cannot reliably search without it crashing at least once during a search.

- Decent but...

This app is passionate about crashing. I had to delete it and start using Safari again as much as I didn’t want to. If you guys can fix that problem I’ll for sure download it again.

- Keeps crashing

Was working fine but cant use it now because it keeps on crashing

- Re Aug 11, 2020 update - no good

The app STILL crashes on my iPhone XR and with this last update, it now freezes too!!!! What a joy to use!!!! 🤨

- Pickles


- Discover won’t stay on

Had to upload this app yesterday, now discover won’t stay on. Please fix.

- Palestine

Why did u do that.?.?.? Palestine exists and always will

- Please fix!

I've always had the Google app before & had no problems, until this recently new update. Now everytime I go to search for something it keeps shutting down. I'm not sure what's making it crash on me, but hopefully it can be fixed soon!

- Google equals 3 stars

It only works with sevrice AND WiFi

- It tells me homework answers

It tells me homework answers

- Hashtag

Please bring back the hashtag to the discover feed!

- Love it

Love google

- Hdhdhdhd


- Constant crashing

Google seems to crash after preforming a search and clicking on a link. It does this almost every time I use search. I was hoping the update would fix it but it has not.

- Fix This!!!

One day everything was fine now all of sudden the app keeps shutting down and when I even try to type stuff into the search bar it shuts down. I tried turning my phone off but it doesn’t work these has been going on for months now. Please do something

- Losing taps

I like google for the sake of it not being safari, but the biggest issue I have with google is when it doesn’t save your tabs. Every time I want to go and keep a tab open, google for whatever reason takes it away, or doesn’t save it. Please fix this, then I’ll add another star. Also this is on the phone, not computer.

- Hi

Hi i love google but i love more safari

- Love it but it kept crashing

Been using google since I got my phone- great way to search the web. But it has crashed daily since the last update. :(

- What’s happened?

I’ve used this APP for years and have loved it. Now, I can only use it if I’m on WIFI! Who’s on WIFI when driving?? I get a message that says “No internet connection. Please try again.” I’ve powered off my phone, deleted and reinstalled the app, and even turned off my internet button. Nothing works. Please fix this!!!

- Crashes

I’ve been using this app for a long time and loved it until recently the app started crashing after 15-20 seconds. It’s useless to me now.

- App closing automatically and exiting

I really like to use google app because you can search anything and it gives your result in the way you would expect like searching videos, images, news, documents and give relevant results first. But for few days the app is closing automatically and exiting.

- Often crashing, very annoying

This app is not working for me. Every time I click on the news listing, regardless of the site being from USA or from abroad, it will crash after scrolling down a few times. I won’t finish reading to the end because it disappears. Even after reopening again, won’t reach the end before it crashes again. It will say “webpage is not available” Try again. Really?

- It keeps kicking me out

I’ve been a huge fan of google for a long period of time but now it’s been bugging me out, I can’t watch any movie online on a legit website for more than 10 minutes it keeps kick me out to my iPhone homescreen. I hope you guys look into it and fix the problem and when it’s fixed I’ll make sure to put 5 ⭐️.

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4/5 times the app crashes within minutes of using it. No updates seem to address this issue. On the iPhone X. The app is unusable.

- teehee i love this uwu

google is OBVIOUSLY the most AMAZING app EVER! this can help me search stuff up and look for stuff, and it loads fast aswell! i love this app, thank you for making this! i wish i could put more stars but the limit is 5! but i would rate it over infinite stars! thank you! -Sincerely, Eunice Ferrer

- Omg the crashes!

Honestly this app is now useless. All is does is crash when something needs to load, oh and loading takes forever!!!! And sometimes it barely loads a page and when you’re scrolling it suddenly have to reload? I will agree with a reviewer on here that said that the “recent” tab no longer works, it saves absolutely nothing and is always empty. I no longer use this app due to the huge lack of reliability.

- I hate it

I hate it

- Why

It was a good app and I used it a lot but as of this morning it has stopped working on everything except for incognito mode so I can’t really do that much or get to the YouTube home page. Plz fix this

- Getting sick of this

So you finally fixed the crashing issue after at least two months of knowing you had a problem. Good job. Now can we work on the issues with the recents tab? None of the websites I visit are being saved anymore, all my recents are gone as soon as I close the app. There are only two recent pages in the tab now, both pages I’ve never visited and they won’t go away no matter how many times I close them. This app is a joke and I’m glad pretty much every other browser is more reliable then you guys anymore. AUGUST 12 2020 - the apps still crashing after about 8 updates from you guys, are you even fixing anything? It’s been almost 4 months with constant crashing, this apps a joke.

- iPad problems

Keeps crashing on my iPad???🤔🤔🤔

- I can’t believe I had to delete Google

I can’t believe I had to delete Google. The app crashed every time I tried to use it on my iPhone using iOS 13.6. I’ve had to swap it out for web browsers until they can fix the problem.

- Let us put chrome extensions on ios you cockblockers

Couldnt put the stylish extensions so no G( . Y . )GLE for me :c

- Im dissapointed in google

I searched up "ugliest person ever" and ut ahowed me a lady with a face disease 🥺 thats jst straight up mean

- Crashes

New update causes the app to crash about 30 seconds after being opened.

- Still crashing

Still can barely even read many of the headlines because it crashes before I get through them all

- Constantly Crashing

The app CONSTANTLY crashes, no matter what I do. It’s been this way for almost 2 months. Are you even trying to fix the issue???

- Boubes

Ph is fun

- Seriously?

This was my go-to search engine, but for the past few weeks it crashes CONSTANTLY. It’s unusable, and this has been going on for so long, it should be fixed by now. Are you even aware of this issue?

- Crashes all the time

Every single use

- Won’t work in messages

Ive been using the app in messages for a while no and it won’t work after I updated it

- Very good searching app

I guess

- Ofc

I mean duh it’s google

- Keeps crashing

Will be in the middle of something and continuously crashes for last couple weeks

- It’s ok

It’s better than Safari

- It’s google

What do you want me to say about it

- App crashes.

App has been closing/ crashing on me a few times a day for weeks now.

- Wired

I can’t search anything when I use this App in my iPhone, it always tell me unable to get results with no network, but actually I can search what I want by Chrome APP in my phone at the exactly same time. And I check the WLAN and data settings for Google APP, everything is alright, Am I bugged by someone?

- It’s great

It could be better but I like it more than searching on safari and having it transfer me to google in safari. It’s great.

- Couple annoyances

I have completely disabled all notifications for this app in the app’s settings, yet I continue to receive notifications!? Also, when I click on a YouTube link in the results it plays the YouTube video in the apps built-in web browser rather than switching to my YouTube app. My Safari browser automatically opens YouTube videos in the YouTube app, One would think a google product would work with other google products.

- Egg whites are the most amazing thing to do you know how they are going to do it they have

Hey I don’t know what to tell iieio iis is that day I am not doing it right I am so much more excited than ever since my birthday I just saw you last week you know what they say to say you have the best time of all your time in a day or a week I have no one in your head I don’t want it and you don’t know what to do with me I don’t know what to do I don’t know what to do when you get home you know have you a big roux and you know how to say that I am a sorry to you I know you know I know you don’t want you to say I don’t like you you don’t like you I know I just saw it but you know what you I don’t know what I was saying but it just saw that it

- Not too uhh not too good man

When I load up the app it freezes for 30ish seconds then there’s like a fifty percent chance it’ll crash in the next ten minutes

- Tgjrgfrmgrfgfr

Hi I like it

- Google is the best

Google is a good app keep the good work going

- Takes forever to load or crashes!

Ya think Google would be on top on these problems. Nope!! I would give it 0 stars if I could.

- Always crashing

Not sure why but after the last update this app is almost unusable. I’ll get to the page I need to be on and when I try to open a menu or intact with the site at all no matter what it is it just force closes and I have to try to do it all over again.

- Google

It’s fine (it’s google what do you expect) but make it so it stops pausing things like radio stations or movies and all that

- Recent Crashing

Up until a few weeks ago, the app was working fine. Now when I search almost anything, after a while, the app crashes & I lose all my open tabs.

- 😩😩

My dad deleted this because I wanted to look up hints in one of my games and It showed inappropriate things and he blocked almost every single game in App Store he even blocked my favourite game I feel like a baby now I’m on Kiddle in safari and it is the most stupidest thing I ever played thanks for that google I’m crying so badly no offensive but F*** YOU!!!😕🙁☹️🥺😢😭

- Nice

Internet app in the world 🌍 knows everything

- Google


- Trash


- Mickey Rawat

I am not able to install google in my iPhone

- Palestine

Vous ne pouvez pas enlever la Palestine de la carte du monde!


Needs to load faster for iPhone11 💤

- Wow

omg hi!!1!! my name is googlewasdefinetlymadebyme!!!!! omgg so niccce tooooooo 😅 meet... you like soooo yeaaaa alsso ummm............ 😥 ommmmg uhhh check


My kitty wouldn’t go in the carrier.. so I searched up on google and typed in “How to put a kitten in a carrier” and this helped soo much thanks soo much google!

- Love it and best apppp in the world s

Best app ever because I got an A on all of my tests by knowing it on google and watch awesome videos when you type them out or say it my favorite is Preston and eep the mouse

- Palestine

No israel we love palestine ❤️

- Yes...?

I like it... I cheer with her to play her game so I can get her to get her there to get the boys to get her to get the kids to swim swim so I can get her to get her there and get her there to

- App is broken

Fix the crashes

- Meh

Google is stupid, but it’s the best browser so you have to use it



- فلسطين

فلسطين ستبقى رغم انفكم

- Settings doesn't really save

When you press the show interests button in the app when you go to the Home page, it altalmatically changes back to what it was like before. Please change it.

- Love ittttt

Its nice bye person

- Google

What I have been getting was a really slow loading time it goes a little bit then stops then it just stays there it’s kinda annoying now so yeah

- Good, but crashes...

I had this app for a few years, but only recently for the past few weeks, I have been experiencing crashes almost every time I open it. That is my only issue. Other than that, I will still continue using this app despite the annoying crashes.

- Keeps on crashing can’t use

I can’t even use it anymore because it keeps on crashing

- Worst Update Ever

It seems Google has put profits ahead of consumer’s wants again when they force you to see unwanted news articles, conspiracy theories and spoilers on the home search screen when you open the app with no option to remove it. Way to ruin a perfectly good app.

- Google maps

For months now, I have been unable to use Google Maps for GPS purposes. iphonex Google Maps has had many updates, always fixing ‘bugs’. What is going on? I have reverted to the Melway. No stars but I need to show at least one. Hard to do.

- Good app usually.

App keeps randomly closing when using it.

- Can download

I tried downloading this app and now it won’t even load

- Google keeps crashing

Everytime I use google. Within 10 to 20 seconds into searching or filling something out on a page. Google closes. It’s very frustrating.

- Ugly

So bad utterly bad



- Keeps crashing

Please fix.

- What’s happened???

I used to love this app but the last couple of weeks now it just crashes on me every time I use it at random times. Needs a bug fix ASAP

- Google crashing

Have done all updates etc and still the google home page continually crashes after a few seconds.

- GOOGLE TRACKS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t use google chrome, anything by google

- Used to like but now app just keeps crashing

App won’t stop crashing while I’m trying to use it. Extremely irritating.

- Can’t watch porn


- Why no google lens on google app for iPads

I wonder why google app on iPhones have google lens and google app on iPads don’t? I thought it would be easier to search for an image on my iPad’s google app given the bigger screen only to find out it doesn’t have google lens, much to my disappointment.

- My country

Palestine 🇵🇸

- Amazing

Google is a great app for researching. I can’t explain how many times google has helped me research things for school.

- Absolutely terrible

Takes way too long too load

- How do you change the voice of the lady

How do you change the voice please help me google or I put one star

- Bugglw

Very dispappointing , always full of bugs and poor in performance

- Crashing again

Updated today and it’s crashing again. Will you please fix it up then leave it alone.

- Uhhhhh?🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


- Stop sending me CNN news notifications

This is in extremely bad faith to only send me notifications from one extremely bias news source

- Lack of languages

Why dont have farsi? Persian? Its so bad😞😞😞😞

- Woeful

Rubbish - basically doesn’t work with safari. You can’t login to your account to leave reviews etc. So I’m leaving a review on here instead. Two stars is generous.

- Random notifications

Just this week the app has started making random notifications for websites and articles that google thinks i might be interested in. I tried settings to reduce and stop these incessant notifications but they still come, so now ive blocked all notifications from google in apple system notifications. Intruding into my life. Piss off. Next step will be to delete the app.

- Sucky

I love that I can use this in safari BUT safari is better and no offence but you should remake your app!!! Like it says I can remove an ad and then a new ad pops up it’s so irritating and like why can’t I just remove ads in this little section because I’m annoyed I just like I don’t want a add in my game and I’m trying to play my game so then it says do you want to remove this and I’m like yes and I click the yes button and thence new add just popped up or it’s like so Lagi that it just stays there I’m like mad at this app mad are you do you feel like one thing no I only just downloaded you just to make us little like slideshow thing I don’t even know what it is you are horrible you Safari will smack you in the face they are way better I hate your app I absolutely hate it

- It has been crashing

The app has been crashing a lot recently

- Kinda confused

Why’d it say it was recording my screen?...I deleted it cause I got scared but hopefully it wasn’t a hacker or something.

- Updated version crashes all the time

Needs an urgent bug fix

- Google

Couldn’t live without it!

- Go to search engine app

I actually enjoy this more than Google Chrome app, it’s much more slick and efficient. And the google cards is a nice touch, I really enjoy having cards that adapt to what I like to search about and news that I like to search. Very slick app indeed

- Crashing Problems

Used to be brilliant but after latest update crashes after 15 seconds. Impossible to use App now. Please fix!!!

- Keeps crashing

After most recent update, app keeps crashing.

- Crash

Keep crashing after a few seconds, so annoying

- Getting very slow to boot

Google now takes a good five seconds between being tapped and allowing its user to enter a search query. This is even with all of the assistant functions turned off and just the search function operational. It can be overcome by long pressing the icon and selecting quick serve however that too ads time. I’d love the ability to run the app in a raw search only mode where it hit else can lug the app down.

- Please fix

Map link broken. If I click on a business and it sends me to maps or google maps, the directions aren’t coming up anymore. It’s not linking the address. Also clipboard feature is annoying. It can breach privacy from what you just cut and paste earlier and not realizing it, other can see when you google.


Worked fine and I love it but since the last 2 updates it keeps cutting back to my home screen about 10 seconds after launching..!! I’ve tried uninstalling and now have to use Chrome which is nowhere near as good 😩😩 Please fix ASAP..!!

- Latest update is not good enough

It still disappears within a minute of opening ☹️ Please fix permanently 😐

- 10 Second Crash

Crashes after ten seconds on new update. Fix this please

- 30 second crash

Ditto. I start up the app and look for what ever and 38sec... (I used the stopwatch) it drops me out. Was working just fine till this.... DOWNGRADE happened if I wanted to check anything now I have to use my laptop cause my iPad is down too.

- Not working right at the moment

Your app keeps closing when I use it can you fix this

- Crash

App’a crashing a lot recently. Please fix

- Keeps crashing

Use it for about 20 seconds then my phone cuts back to my home screen. Have to use chrome now which is annoying because it’s not as good. This has been happening for about 2 weeks, have updated twice and it’s still not fixed

- App crashing

Good app but please fix the problem that is making it constantly crash!

- Keeps crashing lately on iOS 13.5.1

Stability issues

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- Il a un peux de fake

Comme ses la fin du monde au 30 juin 2020 et que Annabelle et un histoire vrai vous nous prend pour qui la ??!! on n’es pas con ou conne réveiller vous !! 🖕

- 🤩🤩

It’s so easy to use and I love this app so much

- فلسطين عربيه

تحي فلسطين Free Palestine

- Off topic

Google is kinda off topic and sometimes not kid friendly but still gets me good information

- Palestine

Vive la Palestine libre.

- It is Palestine and will remain palestine

Don’t take part in this Changing country names is a crime They want to vanish the history Palestine Palestine free Palestine

- I watch porn

Porn is really good on google

- Dkkxixiixixj

Cjxjxchcjxjhxyeeujfudjcdc CD I’ll kckdjuvifj jcsjmcnvnfnfjcjchcjcjcjdnfncjcjdjdjdjfjcfifjfjdjfjfjfnfnffnfddddkjdjdjdddfgfjdskd

- It is Palestine despite your nose

It is Palestine despite your nose

- فلسطين حرة عربية


- Bad

You fixed the screen time glitch now it’s useless 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬And when I’m on my downtime with Time on google it’s crashes every F***ing 30 seconds like WTF GOOGLE

- Pourquoi enlever Palestine de la carte de Google????

J’exige le retour de La Palestine sur la carte de Google

- تحيى فلسطين رغم أنفكم.

تحيى فلسطين رغم أنفكم.

- Palestine

La Palestine elle restera toujours collé dans notre cœur même si vous avez enlevé sa

- Palestine in google maps

Palestine will be free even you took it from your maps

- Not good

Not good

- Palestine

Free Palestine ✌🏻🇵🇸✌🏻

- تحيا فلسطين

تحيا فلسطين رغم انفكم فلتسقط خرائطكم

- App Crashes

Even after the updates the app still crashes and hardly loads the pages … Gave it two stars because I like the website itself, but the app’s functioning is trash

- Long live Palestine.

Long live Palestine!

- Crashing

The app keeps crashing in the last few days and every other opened app reboot when it does. A little annoying

- Screw you

The fixed the screen time bug now it’s useless

- google

please please please please make so that you can access google on messages again through appstore please

- Greatest app on earth

If google wouldent exists then the earth would not be the same

- Buggier than ever

The new bug fixes didn’t work

- Keeps crashing

This is getting annoying now, I’m in the middle of typing and it crashes

- Keeps freezing

It doesn’t happen often but whenever i’m in mid search of something or typing something in the search bar it always freezes and i don’t know why. Pretty annoying. Edit: Lowered it to 2 stars because even after updating it, deleting it and reinstalling, I’m STILL having the same problem. If it happens again i’m getting rid of it for good.

- Google fix this.

Every time I try and sign into one of my gmail accounts, it keeps saying that the “password is incorrect” when I know the password is correct. And then you proceed to give us this dumb verification thing to make sure that we aren’t robots. You’ll give us something completely random like a bunch of letter that I can’t read, and then when I finally get it correct you say that I need to do it again. Like I would suggest you fix this problem because it’s really starting to piss me off.

- Formerly great

Now it doesn’t save any recent tabs and crashes constantly to the point of being basically unusable.

- Kicking me out

Love the app but it’s been kicking me off all the time lately!!

- Constantly crashing on Iphone 8

IOS 13.5.1 on iPhone 8: Google is crashing non stop now. I will need to use Safari until this is fixed as it is driving me crazy.

- New update crashes

Horrible new update. Can't even search without the app crashing

- Images issues

Whenever i search up thanos with airpods, ahegao shrek, etc... the images wont load

- Crashing

After the most recent update I’ve noticed it’s been crashing. You can use it for a few seconds and search something and then it will take you back to your home screen. (IOS user)

- omg

so goo

- Google for iPad

Too slow loading. Memory doesn’t work well. CAN’T USE IT WITHOUT HAVING TO SEE BOGUS “NEWS” HEADLINES FIRST!!

- Juice

Juicy and more juiciness

- Bug

I found a bug where when I open the app I can’t click anything

- Crashing

Im tired of this crashing each time i use andeach time i close my pages they reapear after ive already deleted them it fix this crap

- Sucks I can’t download it keeps loading it sucks


- Google

It’s good for watching sex

- Google lens is a mystery.

I downloaded latest version , had google lend that day. The next day it was no longer a choice in the search bar. ??? Really wish to try it.

- Ya ok

It’s ok 👌

- App crashing

App keeps crashing. Updated and still having the problem.

- Go


- Crashing?

I tried everything to fix the issue reinstalled, software update etc etc. Still keeps crashing. Whats going on!

- 🥄


- Nice

Very Nice! You should do something so you can pick categories.

- Google I’m having an issue with adding a new account

When I’m trying to add a new account and I forgot the password to said account a lot of the solutions seem to be for signing in and the only one solution that seems to work with adding a new account does not let me change which google account the validation email goes to and the one that the email is going to is also having the same issue and you guys didn’t seem to think about that please just add a way so I can just change my password easily.

- no homework


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- I enjoyed google services, thanks.

I appreciate your service, thank you.

- Just good 😏

I won’t say is the worst app in the world but when u need it it’ll start malfunctioning.... when u type something it won’t open anything unless u use voice and that’s bad.....reli bad, wish something could be done ah like the app shaa

- Can’t use my google app

Since I downloaded the Google app on my iPhone phone it’s not working, I type something and get no results at all. It’s frustrating

- Request

We need dark mode

- Best!!

Can help you know the latest update

- Google updates

Its been a wonderful experience with the google as a search engine to get information of all kinds. To buttress the fact with the google version 81.0 the security has been enhanced. Thanks to google

- Excellent

Best search engine, quick and responsive.

- Goggle

It’s been cool before Nd I think updating it too will make it more interesting 💕goggle.....everywhere u go

- G

Very good: content and aesthetics.

- Recommendation

The best search engine ever, gives me everything I want. Keep improving Google, you’re the best.

- No Image Search

This doesn’t have image search from photos. That’s not cool

- It’s beautiful

I love this app

- Vice Chairman

The Google updated App is so much better, with enhanced security

- I love the app


- Go ogle keyboard

Nice app, well integrated and please do not bring ads using the keyboard G search tabs. That will freak me out. 😄

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Google 120.1 Screenshots & Images

Google iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Google iphone images
Google iphone images
Google iphone images
Google iphone images
Google iphone images
Google iphone images
Google iphone images
Google iphone images
Google ipad images
Google ipad images
Google ipad images
Google ipad images
Google ipad images
Google Utilities application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Google Utilities application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Google (Version 120.1) Install & Download

The applications Google was published in the category Utilities on 2019-02-12 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 217.11 MB. Google - Utilities posted on 2020-08-12 current version is 120.1 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions.

Google Advisories: Unrestricted Web Access

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