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The Google app keeps you in the know about things that matter to you. Find quick answers, explore your interests, and stay up to date with Discover. The more you use the Google app, the better it gets.

Search and browse:
• Nearby shops and restaurants
• Live sports scores and schedules
• Movies times, casts, and reviews
• Videos and images
• News, stock information, and more
• Anything you’d find on the web

Get personalized updates in Discover:
• Stay in the know about topics that interest you
• Start your morning with weather and top news
• Get real-time updates on sports, movies, and events
• Know as soon as your favorite artists drop new albums
• Get stories about your interests and hobbies
• Follow interesting topics, right from Search results

More ways to access Google:
• Google Lens — Search what you see with your camera, copy and translate text, find similar apparel, identify plants and animals, scan QR codes and more.
• iMessage extension — Search and share restaurants, GIFs, and more, without leaving your conversation.
• Search Google extension — While browsing in Safari, you can share a web page with Google to see suggestions for related content—no need to type anything new in the search box. Tap on the Search Google icon from Safari’s share menu to get started.
• Gboard — access Google Search, right from your keyboard. Gboard is a keyboard that lets you search and send information, GIFs, emoji, and more—right from your keyboard, in any app. Tap “Gboard” in your app settings to get started.
• Trending on Google widget — find out what’s trending in your area with our Trending on Google widget.

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Google: Search, Discover, News App Description & Overview

The applications Google: Search, Discover, News was published in the category Utilities on 2008-07-11 and was developed by Google LLC. The file size is 241.55 MB. The current version is 74.0 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

It's easier to access privacy settings from the home screen. Just tap your Google Account profile picture.

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Google: Search, Discover, News Reviews

Magic of the year

Please add a “dark” mode!  Magic of the year  1 star



Loving my Google.  FameVenue  5 star

How did you find us? New clients would say, from Google. Google has brought our historical venue, Broadway Studios and Fame Venue hundreds of clients from all over the world for corporate and special events. Google has provided us information which I consider the most educational and entertaining tools for everyone’s advancement and added knowledge. Also, if I need to know anything like a food recipe, or a person of interest or go any where just Google it. Proudly, I attribute my big success to Google. Thank you so much.


Bad update  User4522  2 star

Since this app updated a couple months ago, it has been horrible, slows the phone down on an iPhone 10XS max, and the UI I’d frustrating to navigate. Tabs and buttons are glitchy. Beware of updates on this app!

Dkrue 2

horrible  Dkrue 2  1 star

it doesnt have a desktop site and the tabs arent really good :/


Why did you sign me out  ELIWOODS  1 star

I have not been watching inappropriate videos it must of been my brother I only watch Fortnite and WWE 2K also NBA2K

Derrty D

i figured it out  Derrty D  5 star

UPDATE: i did something and turned the VIEW ALL back to just search history without the analytics. now i can use this app the way i used to again. the new view all section is horrible. also update the Gboard within the app. i really dont want to have a whole separate Gboard app.


Bad  PoopyMcShitDoodlez  1 star

You can’t


Can’t finish reading article & comments w/o reload  fraustypawz  3 star

I get so mad when I can’t finish reading an article (and comments) w/o Google doing a reload. Then I lose my place. Lose my patience too. Not going back to start to find where I left off reading comments on article.


Love it  Geeksrsxy2  5 star

Google search is the best


Recent Update Issues  Keig92  2 star

Whenever I delete my search history it still shows up. Even if I clear the app and reopen it. What’s the point if there isn’t an actual delete history option? Maybe I don’t want everyone to know I don’t know what kale is 😤


Useless  doofy3  1 star

Just useless


Awesome!  Isla_the1unicorn  5 star

I have been using google for a long time now and I love it! I want to get rid of the trending thing though

Joshua Luke Allan

James Charles  Joshua Luke Allan  1 star

So google deleted James Charles Hoody website and I’m gonna give them a terrible review because it’s so freaking dumb they can’t do that like seriously come on😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Stuff you google😀

chiken dance

The best  chiken dance  5 star

You are better then sfarrai because you know everything


I don’t like incognito mode  SuperSaltyGirl  2 star

Please restore the original option of being have to not have search history saved without having to go in incognito mode, I don’t like the darkness of it? I don’t like the little spy man icon that’s always in the background, and I don’t like how I’m always being asked if I want to stay in incognito mode. I just want it the way it was.

Bull 987654321

Google is slow  Bull 987654321  2 star

The app is just to slow to load these days , it’s now a chore to just Google it.


New update is terrible !! Going to use Bing now  mahjoob  1 star

I can’t believe there is no way to turn off your search history without going into incognito mode. It should be a standard and simple option. It’s an option they used to have but for some reason removed. Makes no sense to me, definitely moving to Bing !!


Why are Google app updates so big?  mecanix57  4 star

I need at least a gig per month just to update google apps .. what gives ? Why are your app updates so damned big ?


Update, update  gcrabb01  1 star

Why do we need another 230Mb ‘update’ a few days after your last ‘update’? Get your app fixed & tested before you release your ‘updates’? FIX IT FIRST?


Update again  ryhjgf  1 star

Just fix it so we don’t get bugs ???

foote properties

Google business  foote properties  5 star

I am a local google guide and enjoy being able to review businesses and seeing what others have said before I use a service or company myself. I believe the future of google maps will allow us to do 3D VR tours of businesses and add them right on google street view to be able to walk right inside the front door and look around the store like if your were 3D touring a new home to purchase. I have already started capturing virtual tours of rentals I manage. And look forward to the day that they can be added on google maps to walk inside if houses for rent or sale and businesses that allow virtual tours to be available. Watch a wait.


New update  egypochristina  4 star

Since the app updated last, every time I’m searching for an image, and I click out of it, it scrolls back up to the very top. That’s extremely annoying, considering I could have scrolled a while to find what I’m looking for. It should auto-save the spot I was in last, so I’m not constantly having to start all over.


Freezing Issues  Qu0ne  1 star

The app is not even usable for me on my iPhone SE any more. The app always freezes after about 30 seconds. Started using the bing app, and they give you reward points so it’s even better.


It doesnt work  Nicolas2k  1 star

No matter how i try, it doesnt not work


Google  rhmnjohn1134  5 star

Cool apps


Removed ability to view photos in full screen  jackattacknumba9  1 star

Cant view photos in full screen anymore, literally no difference between using safari and this app anymore.


Huge data and battery drain  freesimone  2 star

This app uses a ton of data and battery, even with location and microphone disabled.

Papa Burgandy5000

History  Papa Burgandy5000  2 star

I used to love this app until the most recent update. I used the app because I was tired of constantly deleting my recent searches while using google in safari. Now since the update it saves recent searches. Idk about you people but I definitely don’t want to remember what I ask google. Reminds me how dumb I really am


Google trending does not update  Unleashed1783883  4 star

Google trending has been the same things for the last week it does not update


On device search history FAIL  1PT8T  1 star

Way to get rid of the ability to toggle off this option and instead force users to use incognito mode if they don’t want their search history saved.


New update is crap!  JennyDerenthal  1 star

New update took away the option to turn off search history/search info unless you use the dark incognito mode! Please fix this!


New images layout TERRIBLE  Cccc1234  1 star

The new images layout is TERRIBLE. Google you have ballsed this up royally. I’m off to find an alternative search engine app. GOOGLE SORT IT OUT (Here’s a clue - just revert to old images layout)


it’s brilliant  jamie_mcp17  5 star

it’s really good but the only thing is when i want to screenshot something from images it won’t let me go into the full screen it’ll just say ‘Visit, Share and Add To’ please fix this as im unable to screenshot things i need to screenshot!


Hey google gimme a rap  Gacha!StarGoodzStories😂😁😁😭  5 star

Ur fame I’m lame


Don't install the new update  fjdjcnvcfyj  1 star

I've installed the new update it constantly crashes and when I do reinstall the app it does the same thing can you please fix the app google


Perfect for all needs  Darren_M05  5 star

Great it helps with homework and very fast at looking up items for the house

piper jackson 🔱

Freezing 🥶🥶🥶  piper jackson 🔱  3 star

Keeps freezing and randomly stops working and shuts down every five minutes. Hmmm. Other than that, it a good app. I myself am in love with Allen Leech and have found toonnnsss of Downton Abbey spoilers!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡so annoyed at myself!!!!!!


Won’t load certain pages  eliseh.  2 star

When I try to search certain clothing websites such as “in the style Ireland “ it won’t load and will say network connection lost but it will load any other page but that page ....but when I connect it to WiFi it will load it’s very annoying and it happens with other pages too and I don’t know how to fix it .


Related images  finglass101  3 star

My related image doesn’t work it shows the same thing over and over again how can I fix it


Go google  ppopipioujfno  5 star

Best app ever

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