Google [Utilities] App Description & Overview

The Google app keeps you in the know about things that matter to you. Find quick answers, explore your interests, and stay up to date with Discover. The more you use the Google app, the better it gets.

Search and browse:
• Nearby shops and restaurants
• Live sports scores and schedules
• Movies times, casts, and reviews
• Videos and images
• News, stock information, and more
• Anything you’d find on the web

Get personalized updates in Discover:
• Stay in the know about topics that interest you
• Start your morning with weather and top news
• Get real-time updates on sports, movies, and events
• Know as soon as your favorite artists drop new albums
• Get stories about your interests and hobbies
• Follow interesting topics, right from Search results

More ways to access Google:
• Google Lens — Search what you see with your camera, copy and translate text, find similar apparel, identify plants and animals, scan QR codes and more.
• iMessage extension — Search and share restaurants, GIFs, and more, without leaving your conversation.
• Search Google extension — While browsing in Safari, you can share a web page with Google to see suggestions for related content—no need to type anything new in the search box. Tap on the Search Google icon from Safari’s share menu to get started.
• Gboard — access Google Search, right from your keyboard. Gboard is a keyboard that lets you search and send information, GIFs, emoji, and more—right from your keyboard, in any app. Tap “Gboard” in your app settings to get started.
• Trending on Google widget — find out what’s trending in your area with our Trending on Google widget.

Learn more about what the Google app can do for you:

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Google Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Bug fixes and performance improvements. We fixed user-reported issues and added new features to provide a better search experience.

Google Comments & Reviews

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- Crashing

After update keeps crashing...

- constant crashing

crashes every 20 seconds since the new update. i’m running the latest version of ios 13.5

- Tik Tok bad

Tik Tok bad

- Crashing

The new update keeps crashing. Please fix asap. I have never had this problem before until this recent update.

- The Review

It’s fine, I guess? But crashing there and there but overall, it’s a fine app.

- Constant crashing

I’ve never had a problem with this app prior to the latest IOS Update but now all it does is crash constantly. Sometimes it doesn’t even open fully before it crashes.


App crashes. A LOT.

- App crashing

App constantly crashes... Updated to iOS 13.5 hoping it would correct the issue. App still crashes within 20 seconds of opening like everyone else's issues. Please fix ASAP.

- Racist

This app is racist to dogs

- Crashing

Since the last update the application crashes after loading the headlines or immediately after opening one of them. Also notify a problem with the connection and you have to reload the headline. PLEaSE fix it. Thanks

- Crashing all the time

Never had any problems before, but in the past couple days it has been crashing constantly. You can’t use the app for more than a minute without it crashing. Please fix this.

- App Crashing

Happily used this app for years with no problems but this crashing problem is out of hand. This app has been updated multiple times since this problem started months ago and there’s still no resolution. Really considering uninstalling.

- Still crashing.

Even after most recent update. Frustrating

- No Til Tom


- Google

Crashes after about 30-45 seconds of searching. Just started after your last update.

- Constantly Crashes

I use to love this app before the new update Apple just released 13.5 it causes the app to constantly crash every single time I go to use it. I am seriously thinking about deleting the app due to frustration.

- Crashes :(

I miss staying on a page in Google for longer than a couple of seconds

- Google Crashing

I agree with previous reviews but I am much more firm about it. I can only get anything from the Google feed to stay on the screen for 3 seconds. No other apps provide as much information in a succinct manner and are difficult to maneuver. I hate them. This must be fixed ASAP!! Google crashes It has been impossible to use Google for over a week. Articles crash and go away almost immediately after I tap on them to read an article in the feed and I can’t play Numbrix 9 either because it crashes. Somebody needs to look into this and fix it promptly. No other sites work easily or well to read articles or do a search. Google Crashing When are you going to FIX this problem?? The Google feed is the only way to keep up with what is happening. It is hard enough to be in the horrible virus situation without this. Is anybody even checking on this? There was a Google update from Version 107.0 to 109.0 on May 27, 2020. I don’t know what this update accomplished but it did NOT fix the crashing problem. I have some health issues and there are a lot of things I need to research and I haven’t been able to do those important things or even look through the fun news for several days now because Google crashes in 3-4 seconds. This is getting serious! Don’t know why user-reported issues you just fixed on May 27th or 28th but the crashing problem has NOT been fixed. The longest time I have been able to look at something before it crashes is 20 seconds. Will you please look into this.

- It’s like a drop call

Please fix dis issue

- You have one job....

You are google... first and foremost a search engine. How in the world do you break your app so bad that you can’t use it for the singular function your company was founded for? And for days? That’s just sad. How long is it going to take before I can search with your app again? Weeks? Months? Should have been fixed same day...

- Constant crashing, unusable

Was hoping the latest update would resolve the issue but the app still crashes. Hey google, spend more money on your IOS development team so they can fix these issues in a timely manner.

- App crashes after opening

App continues to crash after opening a few seconds

- Great app!!

i found this app very helpful it shows me interesting news relating to stuff i’m interested in

- Wish I could get it

I try but it has a faded cloud and can not get it .

- Why does the app keep crashing......

Google fix this!!

- Keeps crashing despite recent update

This app is my favorite, I love my google cards and I read them every day. Starting today this app has been force closing/crashing all day after about 30 seconds in. I did the update that was 2 days ago and it did nothing, still keeps force closing. I see some recent reviews on here complaining of the same problem. I have never had this issue with this app and I have been using it for a few years now. This needs fixed ASAP!

- V109, still consistently crashing

The search results and home page view are still great for discoverability, but since v105 it’s been nothing but crashes within a minute of opening the app, always related to scrolling.

- Crashing Constantly with iOS.

I never had a problem with Google crashing until a couple days ago. Now, if I’m lucky, I go 10 or 15 seconds without it crashing. I have an iPhone. I think there’s a problem between Google and iOS. Every single time I try to use Google it crashes now. Please, please…fix it!

- Why can't you fix an app crash after this many weeks?

There have been a few updates since this crash began and no fixes. What's the point of this review system if no one pays attention?

- Still crashing after last update...

Why can’t you fix this problem??

- Crashes every time

Please fix it

- App keeps crashing

It’s been a solid week now and my google app keeps crashing. I enter a search and the results show and the app crashes. Not sure what is going on

- Use to be amazing

Now it won't stop crashing Please update soon, it love the news feed so much and miss it!

- App crashing!

Even after update .. app is crashing takes about 15 seconds and then it crashes

- Still crashing

Been unable to use for past week. Usually solid app. Crashes after about 1 minute of browsing. iPhone 11 Pro Max iOS 13.5

- Still crashes

This app still crashes after they released an update

- Constant crashing

Constantly crashing about to stop using google as my search engine

- Used to work just fine

The app was just perfect like a couple of months ago, but they randomly updated it and changed a bunch of stuff, like how you save photos for example. It used to be just clicking a button and it’s kinda the same way but they made it really clunky for no reason. Now when I click on a photo it’ll act all weird and if I try to save it the entire interface get highlighted... like just revert it back.

- Review

One of the finest gentleman I have met here at the car dealership is Mr. Alex Steiner. He is several people compressed into one single genius. He has been extraordinarily helpful in allaying all of my concerns, solving all my technical problems, and answering quickly and efficiently a mountain of questions I had for him. I recommended any customer coming to this dealership in need of highly specialized experience in technology go directly to Alex. Truly a wonderful gentleman, very courteous, and I recommend the most highly.


After the update completed on 26-MAY, the app still crashes. Is there any way to make this a priority?

- No improvements noticed before/after update

The reviled cliché bug fixes and performance improvements earns one star. We give feedback and we get a reviled cliché telling us it’s none of our business what was done to the app. App works just fine.

- App Keeps Crashing

Even with the update this app keeps crashing every 20 seconds. Was never a problem in the past until the new iOS update, what did you do google? Had to stop using the app because it’s so annoying please fix

- Crashes almost instantly

Since last update, Google is unusable.

- Update still FC the app

App still force closes after new update. Please fix this for iOS!!!!!

- .


- App crashing despite update

The app continues to crash after 20-30 seconds of use despite the recent update. Please fix this!

- Keeps crashing

The app was working well until I updated it and now it continues to crash, only working for a few seconds

- Crashing

It keeps crashing all the time. It was working fine yesterday. Now, when I open it, it automatically close many times.

- Google review

App constantly crashes after it’s opened. Very aggravating!

- Great app

Love google it’s always there to help I have a google home and I love it thank you too the creators of google love you guys

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- Crashes still happening after update due to 13.5?

Never has happened before this 13.5 update. Please fix the annoying crashes that are occurring after 20 seconds.

- App Still Crashes After Update

App version continues to be broken on IOS. Crashes every 30 seconds even after new update.

- Crashes constantly

Ran the update this morning and now the app crashes every 15 seconds. Trash! Can I get the older bulletproof Version back? Can’t keep the app open long enough to read the tutorial on getting the old version 😬

- Crashes crashes crashes

The latest version constantly crashes at the point where I can’t no longer use the app. Please release the fixed update.

- Fixed crashes and allows for dark mode

The Google app had been crashing constantly for a while now. Made it frustrating to use as I had to offload search results to Safari. Uninstalled the app and reinstalled with the latest version (109) and it has been stable for me. Also had to manually toggle the iOS system display setting from dark to light and back to dark again in order to get the Google app to go into dark mode.

- Crashing

Google app is most used app on my iphone as for everything it’s to go app, from past 1 week its crashing like anything in 30 seconds. Can you please treat this as Pri 0 bug and fix it. Thanks in advance !!!

- Excellent Search Engine

Great app, although it has recently started crashing after an estimated 30 seconds upon open. -IOS 13.5 -Google Search with dark theme -Crashing after most recent google update 5-27-20

- Crashing

Edited to add- google offered an update, which I did. The app still crashes after a few seconds. I updated my iPhone and now this app crashes after 10 seconds.

- Dumb

Still crashes

- The update didn’t fix the crashing...

The app just crashes after about 10-20 seconds. It used to be my favorite search app but now its useless garbage.

- Won’t stop crashing

Running on iOS 13.5, the Google app consistently crashes anywhere from 5-15 seconds after opening the app.

- We need a dark mode

I love the app but it hurts my eyes at night. Please update with darkmode soon 😢😭😭😭😭😭

- Won’t let me turn off indigo

Intigo is stupid and I don’t like the dark appearance

- Failure

Hasn’t worked for weeks, crashes even faster after newest update

- Freezes up

Once I’m in the app it freezes and it doesn’t move or do anything for a minute or more very frustrating!! Can you please fix this issue/problem

- Crashes 30 seconds after opening.

Doesn’t work with new update. Constantly crashes even after uninstalling and reinstalling.

- Useless

As of today this app is totally useless...0 stars true rating

- Crashes

App crashes in less than a minute. Has not been fixed over multiple updates.

- Still crashing

Just updated and it’s STILL crashing within a less than a minute.

- Constant crashing

I can’t keep anything opened more than few seconds.

- Incessant crashing

Constantly crashes within 20 seconds of opening app.

- Google.

This last week my Google app kept crashing. I deleted it, I’m planning to get the app up and running again when I saw the review showing there are others experiencing google crashing. I hope this will be quickly resolved. RonIAdyL

- Crashing

Love the app but it’s crashing after a few seconds now

- Crashing

I updated my IOS and google app- it just keep crashing. Google has been very good in making very usable iOS app . This has been a different experience .

- me too to Scott Franklin


- Crashing

Probably 3 days now Google app crashes constantly. Just a few seconds and then back to home screen. I like Google but it doesn’t like the iOS update I guess. Please fix !

- Google crashing every minute

Google is my go to browser in my iOS device, however after this update, google literally crashes every minute for no reason and doesn’t save the tab so if I’m on a website, I lose everything. This has never happened before I am considering switching to a new default browser for good. Google, fix this immediately

- Constant crashing

My app won’t stay open for more than a minute since last iOS update. Is there a fix coming soon???? Like Asap!!!!

- This app keeps crashing!!

Please fix this app. The app keeps crashing every couple of seconds. How are we supposed to use an app that closes out every couple of seconds. This issue must be fixed because if we aren’t able to use this app as our go-to search engine we will result to deleting this app and using safari.

- Crashing

One of my favorite apps but for the past 2 weeks it keeps crashing as soon as I open the app. The update today didn’t work. Hopefully it’s fixed soon

- Crashing

The issue persists. When is it going to be fixed? I was hopeful that the update would include a fix for this bug but that's not the case.

- Google incapable of fixing app.

What is this, the fourth update? And Google still can not fix their app from crashing. Just go use Duck Duck Go.

- Google App

Google literally keeps crashing after like 20 seconds of opening the app. It’s annoying and still has not been fixed after 2 weeks.

- Fix ya app

Cmon, I thought y’all fixed the crashing issue with this latest patch, but nooo. This, along with all the other stupid decisions y’all make, is really annoying

- Crashing

Today, Google is not working. I have tried the update, clearing the history, restarting, & nothing is working.

- Constantly crashes

With the IOS 13.5 release, Google constantly crashes, even with the latest version and reboot. Needs to be fixed ASAP.

- Constant crashes. Still not fixed.

Update 5/26. Third straight update in two months that STILL crashes. Can google coding really be this lame?? Apparently yes. The crashes have been going on for 2 months now. What’s wrong with google that they don’t fix this?? This used to be great, but now it is completely useless. It crashes every time within one minute. I waited for Google to make an update but they haven’t. Switch to safari.

- Constantly Crashes

I used to enjoy the app and the news it provided. The app has been consistently crashing on iOS though. It won’t stay open more than 20 seconds. Very disappointing.

- Still crashes

Still crashes even after update from 5/26.

- Just updated and STILL CRASHES

Just updated a min ago and still crashes after 10 sec

- Crashing (even after updates)

How is it that Google, a leading technology company, can’t fix (or at least address) a major issue with its app? Despite 2 app updates in recent weeks, it continues to close after less than a minute. Normally, this is a great app, buts it’s unacceptable for a company with the resources Google has, to let this continue so long.

- Version 109 still crashing

Version 109. Still crashing shortly after app starts.

- App won’t stay open

I see others are having the same problem as I have. Starting today the app on my iPhone 7 will close 10 seconds after opening. HELLLLLLLPPPPPP!!!

- V107 still Crashes a few moments after opening. iOS 13.5 too! May 21 2020

Happens every time I open it. Fix your app!

- App Keeps Crashing

I like this app and use it every day but as of yesterday, it crashes every minute or so, making it completely useless.


Waiting on the Dark Mode for my IPhone from Google. My wife has it on her iPhone.

- Dick

Trash duck jxjdjjxjxksjxjcjxjx

- Crashing

I’m on google constantly. Now it’s constantly crashing. Please fix🙏🏻

- Google app crashing

The app keeps crashing after a few seconds. I saw several complaints for the last few days. You need to fix this as soon as possible. I guess google has no plans to fix the app that crashes in less than a minute for several days.

- Constant crashing

This app keeps crashing. You can barely enter search terms before it crashes. It has only been happening since new iOS update.

- Latest update may 14, 2020

My app on my iPhone 7 updated and ever since it only crashes. Cannot use app at all.

- Dark mode

Good app but would be 5 stars for a dark mode

- Please fix!

It’s crashing my IPhone!!

- improvements need to be made

bring back the in-app dark mode

- Latest Update Just Crashes for Me

Please send out another update to correct this one! Thanks.

- Google 107.0

New version 107.0 shut off after few seconds. I could not read all news.

- Chrome


- Crashing

App keeps crashing pls fix

- Yummy poopie 🤤

I like poop

- Crashing

Crashing after few seconds after update on iPhone (not crashing on iPad) (Still crashing despite their update 1 day ago)

- Unusable since about March

Needs a major overhaul the app crashes like crazy - will be deleting it soon

- Keep crashing with the new update

After 10 seconds the application crash, it downs close is like it minimizes because you move the screens to see all the open apps, it’s there and you can select it again, but it refresh to the home screen, hopefully you fix this soon.

- Tested the voice recognition.

Google Needs to brush up on its french....

- was really helpful until now

it keeps crashing since yesterday.

- Keeps crashing

Since yesterday 05/11 google app has been crashing on iOS. Can you please look into this

- Crashing constantly

App crashes after about 30 seconds every time I open it.

- Slow

Was great until recently. Loads very slowly, might delete.

- Mayo neighs

Ever since the new update it won’t load for me it will start to load and then it will stop and glitch out. And I’m kinda sad about it because it was one of my go to apps, please fix this

- Crashes

Crashes after 10-15 seconds for last 2 weeks, fix it please

- Keep crashing

Lately the app keeps crashing on my phone. iOS 13.4.1. Please have it fixed, it used to run great. Thanks!

- Just use safari

Just use safari

- Unusable - Keeps crashing

Can no longer use this app, as it crashes within 30 seconds of use. Used to be my go to search engine, but now unusable.

- Crashing every time I open recently

This is a great app but something changed and it is crashing within 5 seconds every time I open

- May 2020 update

Very slow to load after recent update. Tapping six or seven times to start writing your search query is not a good experience.

- Password

This app doesn’t accept my password that I remember clear. It’s saying that it’s incorrect but the password is literally on my iPad. I don’t know why this is happening. I’ve changed it many times. Please fix this.

- Google lens

I was used my google lens and it was working fine but the next day it disappeared and I can’t find it!

- It’s good

It’s good, but sometimes slow lol other than that it’s very helpful for me when I need to find definitions and pictures.

- It keeps crashing

I used to use this app all the time but for a couple of weeks now it crashes after about 15 seconds every single time. It’s very frustrating. I don’t have an old phone either. Please fix the issue.

- Crashing

It wouldn’t stop crashing after 5 seconds into searching anything.... very irritating, please fix!

- Keeps crashing

Constantly crashes after about 10 seconds trying to search something.

- Annoying notification

Can’t get rid of this stupid notifications numbers that pop up on my iPhone google app .....will delete it if can’t get rid of them ...I get a blank white screen on the home google screen ....terrible

- Google

L'application me ferme apres 30 seconde

- Bogue

L’application plante après 10 secondes après l’ouverture depuis le 5 mai, application inutilisable!

- Dark Mode has been available for 229 days and yet Google still doesn’t support it...

Stop being childish and add Dark Mode support. It’s been available for iOS for 229 days and you still don’t offer Dark Mode support. Your competitors like DuckDuckGo do. Are you trying to push iOS users to your competition? Because it’s working.

- Disappointing.

App performance has been slipping for years. Recent updates have left the app completely unstable. There is an extremely long delay in launching the app and then it crashes after a few minutes of use. My suggestion is to focus on improving the app performance before adding new features or new layouts.

- App crashes

Wow. For a big company like google they cannot code apps which cannot crash. Should have tested first

- Keeps crashing

I normally use this app all the time and love it but ever since the newest update on iPhone it crashes and shuts down after maybe 30 seconds of use. It’s very irritating, please fix this!

- Not working

I use to love this app, but after recently updating my iOS and updating the app. It started to intermittently freeze. Furthermore after updating the app to its most recent version (hoping it would resolve this issue) it is now completely unusable every time and when it opens it won’t allow anything to be clicked on.

- Ouf

Won’t even let me on the app with the new up date

- Keeps crashing

I normally use it all the time but lately it’s been crashing after 30 seconds of being open

- Wtf

I cat get on the freeeakking app 🤬

- Exelent

I love it! You can search everything.

- Come on ! It’s google !

Google is the best it gives me every questions answer I have. And it’s really fun

- Not working anymore since April 29 :(

Google app keeps closing every 1 min... cant use it anymore since Apr 29.

- App crashing

I’ve enjoyed using this app but now it’s crashing all the time. This is disappointing and I expect better from a Google product.

- dark mode


- Camera

It’s disappears when I used it once

- Still crashing within 20 seconds of opening

App crashes 100% of the time since last update. Love the app when it actually works.

- hell yazzz

it’s pretty great i mean my mom made edited my settings so i can’t delete my search history on safari so i just downloaded this instead. what she doesn’t know can’t hurt her🤫🤫

- Directions linking to Maps App not including address

When opening a direction link in a google chrome search it opens the maps app but does not include the address so have to type the address in manually which is not very convenient

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- Still crashing

The app still crashes even after the most recent update to fix it

- Can’t block ads

If you like endless intrusive ads you’ll love this web browser

- Incognito

Only the bois get what I mean.

- Keeps Crashing n chucking me out! STILL

WTH Google???? Since 3 updates ago crashes seconds after launching the app!

- Crashes after a few seconds

Was once a brilliant app, but the last two updates have caused the app to crash after just a few seconds which makes the app useless and unusable, such a shame because up until last week it was spot on.

- Update is useless

Have waited weeks for an update to fix the constantly crashing app! Finally an update..............STILL CRASHING 😬😬 don’t know why it’s taking them so long to fix his properly

- Crashing

Been crashing for about a fortnight now and kicks you out of the app. Shocking service from the so called worlds largest search engine. Sort this crap out. What a joke!

- Fix your app

The app crashes after 5-10 seconds. Deleting it and downloading it again does not work and the new update also hasn’t fixed the issue.

- Won't download

I have tried downloading it again and again but it won't work I've upgraded my storage why wouldn't it just download I feel like 1 year after this it still won't be downloaded and now YouTube won't download what should I do??....

- Complains

Google app keeps closing by itself while using (the app close up with 10-15 seconds of usage

- Absolute crap uodate

Nope...... still crashes every ****ing time!

- Keeps crashing

Just downloaded latest version 26th of May 2020 and it still crashes out after about 5-10 seconds. Come on get this sorted!!!

- Why?

They removed 1 million reviews from TikTok, all genuine and they just disappeared TikTok went from 1.2 stars to 4.7 in a few minutes

- Unable to set dark mode.

ipadpro 2nd generation. iOS 13.5. THEME not available under SETTINGS! Annoyingly it works fine on my iPadpro 3rd Generation, Why? Please fix Google.

- Evil to its core

This app serves no purpose other than to harvest data, invade your privacy and to enrich the almighty Alphabet Inc at your expense. Avoid.

- Crashes

Currently crashes every time I use it since the last iOS update.

- I come from r/dankmemes

#bantiktok. Regards, u/flukena

- Rubbish

Use to work well now rubbish

- Crushing

I have not been able to use Google search engine for 2 days nearly and it crushes every time I try to use it !!!

- Keeps freezing very slow

Google app automatically updated since the latest update google keeps freezing I have to restart phone to get it to work it is slow on my phone a new iPhone voice recognition always Misses the beginning

- This is what you get by deleting 1M 1-star TikTok reviews

The title says it all

- Problem with last 2 updates

The last two updates that have been made cos it to crash can you get the problems fix or undo the updates vat cos the problem so vat people can get back on it again .so you can find the problems in the updates vat cos it to crash

- Crashes

Latest update has led to crashing a few seconds after use. Seems to be a common issue. Get it fixed!

- Google

Not happy with This new google is rubbish......

- It’s an okay app

It crashes a lot can you fix this issue?

- The app keeps crashing

I’ve reinstalled the app about 3 times, and it still keeps crashing within a minute of opening the app.

- Google Lens

There’s no information on how to switch the google lens on!

- Reddit

They got rid of the bad reviews on Tim they k so we give them bad reviews

- Chrases

Since the last update the app constantly chrashed in every 30 second or so. Could not use it at all. Deleted the app and downloaded it again. Since then no crashing, all working fine. However has the same issue I would recommend to try it. It works for me.

- Hate google worse app ever

This company helps the devil with there work tiktok

- Keeps Crashing

Keeps crashing within a minute of using app.

- Intrusive

Google can be intrusive lots of programs are powered by google with pop ups on advertising which I can be done without and annoying, the search engine is good but keep it in check,

- Slow and annoying - iphone 11 pro max

Not good. You have to wait about 10 second eaxh time you open the app for it to even respond. Its very annoying when you have to click from app to app. Used to be fast. Awful and annoying now

- App Closing

The most recent update is causing the app to close after about 30 seconds. I have tried to close and reopen the app, restart my phone and even uninstalled and reinstalled the app but the issue persists.

- Crashes

Hi, since the update it seems to crash after about 20seconds of use.

- Wonderful

What’s not to like? It’s a free app with many features. It’s easy to use and very helpful. 5 stars!

- Crashes

What is happening with google updates recently. Never had a problem until recently. The past 4 updates have seen slow start ups delays with loading pages and now it crashes. Expect better from such a huge company.

- Unusable since last iOS update

This google app keeps crashing after 20 sec after latest iOS update. Unusable

- Latest version crashes all the time. Almost unusable.

Suddenly become a crash monster

- Great


- It is so helpful

I think it dersevs 5 stars

- App crashes

App crashes after a few seconds since last iOS update

- Started crashing

May 2020 started crashing on my iPhone 7

- Google

Its something wrong with app after 10s back to main screen 🤬

- Google App crashes

So since the last update, 3 days ago the app keeps crashing on iPhone 7 with the most recent updated OS version. It’s near impossible to use it and takes you out of the app within seconds. Developers do please take a look. Thanks

- Nice

It helps to learrrrnnnnn

- Crashing

Like many others since the last google update it is crashing. I tired the iOS update to see if that would fix, but made no difference. I tried turning my handset on and off again, made no difference. Will now delete app 😭

- App not working at all

After latest iPhone update app working several seconds only then switches off. Unable to use. Good there are other search engines like Safari

- Constant crashing

As with a lot of other recent reviews, the app is constantly crashing after the most recent update. Nothing seems to make a difference to it doing so and since it appears I’m definitely not the only one with the issue, it’s clearly a problem with the app itself.

- It’s very good BUT

it make me sad very sad when I go in it say google not googel but that’s what I always shesrch so change the name for full stars I have kids to so you have to listen

- Keep crashing on my iPhone since the last update

Keep crashing on my iPhone since the last update so still waiting for a new update but taking to long

- Keeps crashing

I used to use this app multiple times a day, but since last update it crashes within 15 seconds of opening it. Every time. Will rate it a 4/5 when it works.....

- Google

Google app keeps crashing on iPhone

- I don’t wanna use classroom or this soo bai bai


- Not happy..

Google App keeps crashing and takes more than a minute to load... not happy pls fix

- i love this app without this app am nothing

my googel god know everything in world i love this app


I’m really annoyed cause everyone is telling me about this 3D animals thingy but it’s not showing up for me I’m typing in animals that they did and worked for my friends and they have shown me how to do it but nothing shows up and I have updated google and my phone and allowed access to everything!!! BUT STILL NOTHING PLEASE FIX THIS AND HELP ME!

- Annoying

Utterly annoying

- Ughhh so annoying

Whenever I keep going to delete it and download it back it keeps coming up with these weird stuff and I don’t even watch it FIX IT NOW

- I like it but there Is som wrong

I loVe thes


Ur pretty af

- HORRIBLE!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

I don’t even use this app anymore.

- Delayed

Lately the app has been delayed when I open it. White screen for 5-10 seconds every time. I just updated in the hope this would be fixed, but it hasn’t. A bit disappointing as I’ve been using this app for many years without an issue

- Annette

Since the last update everytime I open google it automatically closes. I have cleared the search history, restarted my iphone but this hasn’t helped. Please help.



- Pretty Cool

This is a great way to quickly search up stuff and for YouTube and helps me with Schoolwork so I am a big fan

- Itzme

Ima 🐛 bug

- Very responsive! 👍👌

Well done google

- Keeps crashing

App keeps crashing ever since update can’t even use it without it force closing after a minute, please fix it as I use it everyday

- Amazing app love it

Google is easy to use and very fast amazing app

- Crashes

The app gets crashing and shutting down after a few minutes after using it every time. Please fix

- I can’t use ‘Tap My Phone’

There’s a couple of ways to sign in one of them is using the Tap On Phone which needs the google app, it doesn’t work. Google Apps Creators Please Fix This! Sub to Gavinmaster05 On YouTube Thank You For Reading This

- Com bank app

I love love love this . It lets me know when I spend and let’s me sort my finances. Love love love this app

- Won’t open

31-03-2020 the latest version won’t open on the app-PLEASE FIX..!!

- It’s ok

Love this app however it takes to long to update Like half an hour please fix this for me also when searching for something it takes a few minutes to load I have had this problem for quite some time now and it is really annoying please fix this problem other than this I really love the app sincerely babyzaza

- Good


- google

Google google


Well it’s pretty good maybe a bit over protective and don’t delete old stuff either from that I say a 4/5 rubber chickens

- Scam supporters

Why is there No refresh option??

- Glitches & app keeps crashing

Hi there, Your latest update has made the app crash after 30 seconds everytime it’s reopened. Have tried restarting phone etc but nothing works and it’s on the latest version. Please fix, Thank you.

- Britta

Great change, love it, information is so boundless

- Dark mode

Why is there no dark mode in the most recent update. Google is the only app I have that I can’t use at night as it’s too bright to use with the white background. The fact there is no flexibility for this option yet is a bit ridiculous.

- Google app

Well the app is ok but I like the old google to do the down loading Natalie

- Crashes

Never had an issue until the latest update. The app doesn't open at all and crashes every time I try to open it. Fix it please.

- I hate it

It always lags and it loads.. One time I had to wait 2 hours.. To make it load..

- Te Wa Onui. Forrest. Retreat. Frans. Joseph. N Z

Everything was amazing specially the dinner. I have rarely had such a good meal. The waitress was efficient and charming. From the time we were mer at the front door on arrival to our departure gave the impression that they really wanted to help. The surrounding vegetation made one feel that they really were in a rain Forrest with surrounding mountains. We unfortunately left something behind. The way the matter was dealt with was.examplary. Thank you. Les. Doreen. Brenner

- Lags at first search

There’s been something going wrong with this app for several months. Whenever I launch the app, hit search bar, and try to type something, I could only get the very first character in and then the app will not respond for good 10 seconds until it finally registers the remaining characters that I’ve typed in. No other app has this much lag on my phone.

- Love and respect for children

So I just wanted to say thank for the Goodnites and respect for everyone children thank lovely

- Keyboard drops away.

I am sooo happy that I’m able to remove the trending stories now but since that was fixed, when I open the app and try to type something in the search bar, my iPhone keyboard drops away after the first letter and I end up pressing whatever search topic is closest to my finger from my history. Then I have to go back to the Google home screen and start again. It only happens once I open the app after force closing it but please fix it. It’s frustrating. Thanks.

- Fantastic app.can find just in one click

This app offers me the best experience for searching,playing etc

- Taking Too Long For Search Bar To Load

It seems the app is actually working now and the issue I had before has gone away. However after opening the app the search bar is taking way too long to load up, it’s been slow for a very long time having a close to a 20 second delay before it loads but now that 20 seconds has become closer to 1 minute or just over and that just isn’t right. You shouldn't have a delay before using any app and I hope that this is actually looked into and fixed because I’ve been dealing with the 20 delay for months now which in itself is already frustrating but having to wait a full minute before I can even use the search bar and google something in the Google app should not be issue for anyone to have, please fix this issue.

- Dark mode?

Still no dark mode? Maybe you should google it!!

- Possibly the best

This is my favourite app for a quick search online. My only grip is: please let me turn off the automatic news feed at home screen. I never asked to have news, it slows down the process while adding no value for me.

- E


- Not happy

Not sure I’m enjoying latest update and the news dump on main page. It is filled with the kind of junk news I don’t need - like today’s about a ‘viral video’ about reclined seat causing incident on flight. Really Google do I really want this fluff? An unfortunate example of the continuing contribution to the dumbing down of the internet. Cheap click bait justified as business model.

- Very slow to start

Used to always use this app for searching but recently have had to use the Chrome app as every time I start up this app it freezes and cannot be used, even after the most recent update. May have to delete the app if it can’t be used.

- No stories

Google feed

- Good but something is wrong......

It’s good app... But it keeps on deleting my progress :C (Note: No hate on Google) - 'Chara Dreemurr'

- App Crashing

App stays open for about 5 seconds and crashes every time I try to use it. Have updated my phone software and made sure the app is using the current update and still having the same issue.

- Google faulty update

Hi I updated the app on my iPhone X and it now closes itself before the typing bar appears. This only happened after I updated this morning

- Can’t use my google app

Since I downloaded the Google app on my iPhone phone it’s not working, I type something and get no results at all. It’s frustrating

- Request

We need dark mode

- Best!!

Can help you know the latest update

- Google updates

Its been a wonderful experience with the google as a search engine to get information of all kinds. To buttress the fact with the google version 81.0 the security has been enhanced. Thanks to google

- Excellent

Best search engine, quick and responsive.

- Goggle

It’s been cool before Nd I think updating it too will make it more interesting 💕goggle.....everywhere u go

- G

Very good: content and aesthetics.

- Recommendation

The best search engine ever, gives me everything I want. Keep improving Google, you’re the best.

- No Image Search

This doesn’t have image search from photos. That’s not cool

- It’s beautiful

I love this app

- Vice Chairman

The Google updated App is so much better, with enhanced security

- I love the app


- Go ogle keyboard

Nice app, well integrated and please do not bring ads using the keyboard G search tabs. That will freak me out. 😄

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Google 109.0 Screenshots & Images

Google iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

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Google iphone images
Google iphone images
Google iphone images
Google iphone images
Google iphone images
Google iphone images
Google iphone images
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Google ipad images
Google ipad images
Google ipad images
Google ipad images
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Google (Version 109.0) Install & Download

The applications Google was published in the category Utilities on 2019-02-12 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 224.1 MB. Google - Utilities posted on 2020-05-26 current version is 109.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions.

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