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What is photomath app? Get the math app that gets you! Photomath is the world’s most useful math learning platform, with millions of learners of all levels checking homework, studying for tests, and making new math discoveries every month.

Basic solution steps and explanations are totally FREE, but if you’re ready for a brand new world of learning, Photomath Plus gives you access to:

With access to a full library of explanations for selected textbooks, including word and geometry problems! Learn at your own pace with content that’s been approved by some of the world’s best math teachers.

With detailed AI animations and verbal explanations to help you visualize and understand math in a way that’s suited to your learning style.

Level up your learning by understanding “how” and “why” math problems are solved, or get reminders for forgotten terms and concepts with our embedded glossary.

So whether you’re learning basic arithmetic, or tackling advanced geometry, we’ll get you there together. One step at a time.

• Free step-by-step explanations
• Word problem instructions
• Interactive graphs
• Video learning
• Multiple solution methods
• Advanced scientific calculator


- Operations with Real and Complex Numbers
- Comparing Real Numbers
- Identifying Numbers
- Graphs of Functions (Linear, Quadratic, Exponential, etc)
- Properties of Functions (Domain, Asymptotes, etc)
- Simplifying, Factoring, and Evaluating Algebraic expressions
- Simplifying Algebraic fractions and Partial-fraction decomposition
- Solving equations and inequalities (Linear, Quadratic, Exponential, etc)
- Systems of equations
- Polynomial Division
- Binomial theorem, Factorials
- Combinations, Permutations, and Variations
- Matrices and Matrix equations
- Determinants
- Mathematical Induction
- Converting angles between degrees and radians
- Converting angles between decimal and DMS form
- Period of trigonometric functions
- Verifying trigonometric identities
- Identifying sequences
- Series
- Recursive and Explicit form
- Tests for Convergence
- Limits
- Derivatives
- Integrals
- Area below a curve
- Identifying Conics
- Rotations of Conics
- Parametrization of Curves
- Identifying quadratic surfaces
- Differential equations
- Tangent lines
- Converting between coordinates

“An answer isn’t all you’ll get from this free app. Photomath also provides a step-by-step guide of how each problem is solved.” — Huffington Post

“The step-by-step guide is beneficial to students that do not have access to a tutor and struggle with solving math problems.” — Forbes

“A viral video about a new app looks like a dream come true for anyone who struggles with math.” — Time

• Payment will be charged to your Apple ID account at the confirmation of purchase.
• A subscription automatically renews unless it’s canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current billing period.
• Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.
• Manage or cancel your subscription in your account settings on the App Store after purchase.
• Offers and pricing are subject to change without notice.

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Twitter: @Photomath

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App Name Photomath
Category Education
Updated 22 January 2023, Sunday
File Size 29.09 MB

Photomath Comments & Reviews 2023

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It has changed for the worst. I updated the app as to find the new features. I don’t like the idea that I must pay for it monthly. I just started school and I’m getting stuck on my work because it could no longer explain how I got my answer. I would learn from this app. Now I can’t learn how I got my answer. Yes I get the answer but seems more like a normal calculator. I really enjoyed this app before because it actually explained to me how I got the answer without me paying for anything. It was able to explain things very good. I just don’t like it anymore. Can you at least leave the explanation for my answer. Used to like it like before. I used to be able to write the problem and then I would be able to see the answer. I would try to do it on my own especially with the explanation. It really taught me how to the problem. Now I won’t be able to do that. I don’t have that kind of money for it monthly. It’s would’ve been better if I payed for the app but not the subscription.

Hey photomath users and developers. This is a wonderful app. It’s nice to use after finishing homework and checking to see if I didn’t make any mistakes. This app other than Mathway, are big life savers for high school. Although the app seemed to be working fine, after an update, which I like in some cases has this terrible glitch on the camera. IT WILL NOT FOCUS!!!! 🙄. This is very frustrating because I’ll spend like 10 min trying to get it to focus because it can’t see it. I would really ask if this be fixed. I’ve also did some test, it’s not my phone camera cause I have no problem on the regular camera. I’ve also did many things like make the little scanning rectangle bigger instead of small, further away than close up and it doesn’t help. The only thing that SOMETIMES works is lifting it up at a object far away then very slowly bring it back to the paper. Once again, great app, but please developers, please fix this problem Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Used to be one of my favorite life changing apps until.... I’ve been using this app since 6th grade and it honestly was life changing, i would never do good in homework until I downloaded photomath which was a completely free app that not only gave me the answer to a math problem, but gave me a step by step explanation of how to solve it. Great right? That was until recently when they started pumping the app with ads and won’t tell you a detailed step by step explanation unless you pay $10 for premium a month. This app used to be such a big help for algebra, but now I feel like it’s just about paying to get an answer. I get that everything can’t be free, but for students they don’t really have the money to pay for a monthly premium. I really thought that this app had a charm to it, it was a students learning tool that was completely free. I’ll still use the app for checking my answers, but I can’t really get how those problems were solved.

This app saved my life. IXL. This app helped me conquer the most treacherous challenge I could face. IXL. It all started one day when I came home from school and was like how am I gonna do this IXL. Just then my friend texted me and was like hey what is the IXL. And I told her and I was like I'm stressing from all this IXL. So then she suggested Photomath. After that my whole life changed. An IXL that would usually take me two hours only took me ten minutes. I am so thankful. Whoever is reading this just know whoever created this app should earn an award, they are a genius. So if your ever skeptical about your math, or your having trouble just go to Photomath. And its not cheating either, it actually explains the problem step by step to help you, if cheating feels really uncomfortable for you. I already know how to do the curriculum and our teacher gives us hard IXLs because we are honors and she thinks we can handle it. But each of those problems take like an hour to work out. THANK YOU PHOTOMATH YOU SAVED MY LIFE!!!!!!!!

It used to be free now it’s needlessly expensive. Why is this 10$ a month for what used to be free? You do understand most of your users are young people middle school - college and a lot of us can’t afford another monthly subscription in our budgets especially for something that used to be free. I like to get things broken down and explained on how they go the answer but now with this paywall I can’t do that anymore and it’s irritating because now all I have is the answer but no knowledge of how to do it. I understand if your developing new things with this app and this cost money but why charge for the old functionality why not just charge for the new features? Honestly even if someone wanted to use this to cheat and/or get a quick answer it’s still pointless because 90% of the time the teacher/professor wants to see how you go that answer so this app is useless even on that front too! If this app was a 1 time fee to download or was like a 0.99 - 5$ a month subscription or had different levels of payment for different features then I’d be ok with it and gladly support the devs but this app dose NOT justify 10 dollars a month it doesn’t provide enough value for 10$ a month lower your prices. And this would be the best app I ever downloaded.

Super duper helpful but could add a couple things. This app is so so helpful! Not only does it give me correct answers, but it explains the answers too even if you don’t have the premium feature! It can also help with any problem, not just simple problems. That has been my problem with other apps like this. The only two things I would change is that they need to have my textbooks. I have been using the same type of textbook for 3 years now. Every year I come back to photo math and they don’t have it. I have requested it but still nothing. My whole school uses this textbook(my school has 1200 kids in it) so I think plenty of other schools use it too. Also it doesn’t solve word problems. I had to get a different app to do that as well as photo math. It would be super super helpful if it had word problems answers since it doesn’t have my textbook! Overall, I love this app and sometimes it is useful and sometimes it is not but I know I will use this app for the rest of my school days

ETAs on new problems?. This app is great and I understand that it has limitations because it can only scan & solve so much before the calculator just becomes a word problem solver—which brings me to my question: is it possible for you guys to implement ETAs on upcoming math content that will be supported??Because sometimes the calculator will be able to solve one question but not a similar one yet they’ll be on the same topic, which I assume means that it’s a problem that’s currently “unsupported”. It would be helpful to keep track of upcoming supported math content & even let us give recommendations/petition on highly requested math problems you guys should solve next—straight from inside the app. This way, it saves a lot of wasted time being stuck on the calculator, trying to minimize user error by re-typing in the same problem differently, when in reality the question won’t be solved for who-knows-how-long.

oh. my. god.. HOLY CRAP!!! This app is a true life saver! My math teacher is CRAZY and gives us tones of homework that is waaaaaay to advanced for my grade (plus she explains really badly and is overall a horrible teacher). This weekend I had something planned that was very important but, of course, my math teacher thought I’d be a perfect time to give us TEN PAGES filled with complicated algebra problems... In a desperate search of the internet, I found this app. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It not only gives you the answer, but gives you a clear step-by-step explanation. It can solve ANYTHING! Thinking that this app is simply too good to be true, I was expecting tones of ads and payed special features, but no, this app is ad-less and COMPLETELY FREE!!! WOW!!! Thank you to whoever created this app, you are an angel sent from god himself!

Great app but..... I got this app because I was struggling in math and needed to do my homework. I downloaded this app and it seemed pretty great. I copied down all the and the answer and moved on. I didn’t even bother trying to learn it. One I went to school and when math time came around it didn’t go so good. I got all of them right but apparently I didn’t do my work right. My teacher gave a whole speech about how she was aware of the things that we can use to “cheat” and she would catch anyone who did it. I would talk about using the app among my group but I would try not to say it really loud. I think she heard me and she also said that the work was not the way we did it in class. She gave me a 0 on all the homework assignments that she could tell that I’ve used this app. She said that she would of gave me a detention but I was honest with her about using it. I think this app should show different ways of doing the problems. And not just for coping but for learning the way that our school wants us to learn.

So glad I found this. Someone suggested this app and man I’m glad for it. It finds all the possible solutions and shows the steps to each one while being easily described. It even does graphs which I had not expected. Sometimes I’m stuck or I’m in a rush and teachers don’t except what else might be going on. It doesn’t just give me answers it shows the method used and how to do it, I was stuck on a problem and forgot how to do it but the app instantly solved it with the method I had forgotten about over break. This isn’t an app just for cheating to me it’s an app that allows students to learn how to do the problems in what might be an easier way than what they were taught, it also allows room for other methods to be tried. Great when the teacher isn’t around to help, Plus it’s free and I couldn’t be more great full

Best math app by far. I’ve been using this app for a while for help the teachers seemed to never be able to give me because either they were bad at explaining or didn’t know what exactly they were teaching. It doesn’t just only give you the answers, which is cool, it’s always helped me figured out exactly what I’m supposed to be doing and how to do it step by step. However recently I’ve come back to it because school started up again and I got frustrated that you now have to pay to see the steps just like many other math apps. I lived for the fact it was totally free and was probably my favorite of app of all time for school. Now it’s just a little irritating that I can’t see the step by step explanations anymore, but I only see the answer. I still am in love with the app though, just a little bummed out at the fact that I now have to pay for it, and I would pay for it but I’m a student so that doesn’t really work out too well.

Something’s wrong either it’s me or the app. Ok I’m not the type to write reviews but this is one amazing app however recently I’m starting to experience setbacks for example when I try to press on the “show solving steps” button it says that it can’t load the steps and that I should check my connection. I find it very confusing as this was never a problem before and my connection doesn’t seem to be a problem either. I updated it because I thought it would help but nothing. I’m not going to give this a lower rating because it’s so good. But I wanna now if there’s something I can do, is it just me? Anyways besides that it’s pretty good and offers a variety of helpful features for it being a free application. Hopefully this problem is solved otherwise I might have to find something new to help me.

Photomath is amazing.. I used it to be smart everyday. I love this app. Even if your not right, Take a picture and BOOM the answer shows. I recommend Everyone like random students in the world to have this, what’s another thing good is the you could pick your language of how you speak this works for the entire world. It has every language in the world weather you speak different languages they got them. They also have Text books so you could see your text books that you have in class. The first thing that pops up is your grade level weather your in like kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, middle school, or high school, they have it for you. I recommend to not show your Teacher or Parents because they will be looking out for you in a test. And this is photomath where all learning comes to a place like home.

Disappointed. When I first started off with this app a year and a half ago I loved it. I never had a problem with it I did what it was supposed to do I got excellent grades off of this app for assistance in my math and algebra class. Now that I need assistance in my next classes for college I just scan a picture and it’s not reading the question the equation or the problem. So I upgraded to photo plus. And I’m still having the same issue. So now I’ve wasted my time energy and effort. All I want now is a refund and to find out why the app is not doing what it supposed to do because in the past they never had this issue the developers need to figure out what’s going on if there’s a glitch going on within the system itself. It’s not making any type of sense to constantly need assistance and not be able to have it when you have a app that’s working one minute and then all of a sudden it’s not doing its job. A disappointment math student.

Best Math Helper out there.. Hey Cashy Joe, I just read your review and I kinda agree with your take. However, I just completed a math question and I was unsure if I did it right. This app assured my I did not only with the right answer but also with how to do it. It even referenced my exact textbook, where I could have just checked the answer in the back of the book. There are plenty of ways to do homework assignments without actually doing them. But in the end those who get the scholarships are those who understood the content. Any Joe Shmoe can get good homework grades and colleges completely recalculate a students GPA. Homework grades aren’t getting anyone into college. I simply believe the criticism this app is getting, it doesn’t deserve. It does it’s job and it does it the best. I came here to support an app that keeps on improving and getting better. I believe Cashy Joe should support it too. Keep it up Photomath!

photomath. As much as I love Photomath it does not show the work and I really don’t want to pay $9.99 a month because I don’t know the answer to a problem. I know that you have to pay the price for something nice, trust me I know but teachers are harsh in 2021 LOL . They will yell at you for not showing your work on a fraction. It’s hard out here for the student too. All year I had to hear about how it was hard for the teachers last year? It was hard for the students too. I have not heard any of my teachers say that it must have been hard for us. No I’ve heard about how it was hard for the teacher though. The teachers act if they were they only ones struggling through that year. It was long and hard for sure and it would make it easier if I didn’t have my math teacher yell at me because I didn’t show my work. So please lower the price or even let us have so free passes.

App Idea!!!!Want to make your app BETTER read THIS!!. Ok, this app is amazing it does wonders! BUTTTT I have to pay for it to teach me how to do it like Bruh. I thought y’all got money’s from ads? Instead of doing that I have an Idea for Y’all. Instead of making people pay to learn how to do it, but You should have a learn option but not like the one you have now, the learn option should be an option that teaches you how to do it but instead you actually have to solve problems and rather you take a quiz on it and retake it as much as you’d like! And up you can make people pay for it as it will be “premium”. You could also include flash cards, and games to help figure the math type out!! People would definitely be willing to pay for an app that teaches good!! What you have now dose t do much for teaching but instead you can make a new and improved and FUN way to learn math, then you can have them add points to the equation whenever you get a question right! And then add an avatar that you can customize but you will need coins to buy whatever you want, you can earn those coins by answering correctly math. Or at least getting 7/10 or more right!!! Again this would main your app wayyy Funner and teachers could use it as a way to teach and would pay for the program!! So adding that would equal MORE MONEY towards your company!!! Let me know if you guys use this idea, and thanks for reading 🥺❤️💕

Best I’ve calculator app I’ve used, but one issue. My math instructor has been out since October and we’ve been having multiple substitutes that can barely teach. I‘ve started to use PhotoMath again as I used it all the time to help me with homework, yet that being said I discovered that there is a feature new I didn’t notice. PhotoMath Plus. I was trying to learn how to do an equation when one of the steps needed me to pay for PhotoMath Plus to find out how to use it. This isn’t all that helpful when I, and maybe other people, want to learn how to do it correctly because this is probably the best way they can while they’re at home too. I had never seen this feature before and hoped that the developers wouldn’t add it in, but here we are. I’m not saying that it’s terrible and you should remove it, but it’s not the most effective way to get more money. Im conclusion PhotoMath is literally the best calculator app u have ever used, and I have recommended it to others and they enjoy it as much as I do. Five stars.

I love this. I don’t usually write reviews. But i want to first off say that I love math ,but there are some problems that are just too hard for me to understand or the ones i know how to do but it is just too time taking for me. I want to say this app is completely amazing. I first tried “SnapCalc” first because I saw it on an ad, but it didn’t last long since I had to pay monthly for it after a few problems, which i obviously was not going to do. The solutions it showed were confusing anyways. This app is SO MUCH BETTER, it has helped me on things I don’t understand and I can learn my mistakes in minutes and I am in love with it. The best part about it is that it is FREE, completely. Since the time I’ve been using it, I don’t recall seeing an ad (though I wouldn’t mind seeing one). I just want to say thank you and I’ll definitely being using this app for life.

This helped me get a 90% is Algebra 1!. I had this app when like barely anybody used it and it SUCKED and didn’t work at all. Then all my friends started talking about again and so I downloaded it and WOAHHH it had changed! I use this app in and out of class and it has been a life changer. Story time: (side note- we use workbooks that have our hw in them and we rarely have worksheets in google classroom but we did today) It was like 6 minutes before class started and he decided to tell us that he was collecting our ws that was hw from last night, I thought we would just put in our workbooks when he collected them, so I had 6 minutes to do the rest of the problem on the ws (there were like 12). This story is getting to long so in the end I rushed and finished all the problems. PHOTOMATH IS AMAZING AND HAS SAVED ME FROM GETTING GROUNDED!

The developers deserve fame and fortune. This is the first review I have ever written. I felt obligated to write it because of how great this app is. I want to respond to the notion that this is an app primarily used as an easy way out in high school math classes. It is so much more. I am a researcher in an area that requires a lot of math to understand. I have a deep understanding of how to use math but had a poor education in lower level mathematics. This map is an enormously helpful tool for professionals to skip over the tedious algebraic processes and focus on the meaningful applications and theories. It is a tool to overcome the failings of your 8th grade teacher, and let you focus on the problem at hand. This is the kind of meaningful innovation the world needs more of. And the developers choice to release it as a free app is nothing less than benevolent. This app deserves more attention than it has recieved. Seriously, thank you for making this.

Nope, not today.. I was hoping this would actually work, unlike other apps. What lame excuse for not being able to solve it is this “Oh, we can’t solve it YET, let’s do it later.” Totally stupid. When I saw the reviews, the majority of it was 5 stars, but tbh, the 1 star people had pretty great reasons to give as to why this app is a complete waste of time and effort. The problems it scanned didn’t even give me an answer, it also provides the wrong explanation and answer. For example, when the problem wanted me to round to place values, it converted the numbers to decimals and fractions(which was NOT what I was learning at the time), making me extremely confused. If any parent downloads this for their children, they will regret it. The kid’s homework will be all wrong (probably) and they will have wasted time listening to stupid/false “explanations,” which answers aren’t even related to the problem. Again, I suggest everyone not to buy this STUPID FRICKING APP. FRICK YOU DEVELOPER

BEST APP EVER. This app gives me the answers to all my math questions. Even word word problems, this app solves my problems in seconds and all you have to do is download, take a photo, and boom you have your answers. No wonder why there were so many ratings on this app. I would give it 100 stars if I could. Best app ever. I never ever in my life have written a review on app before (because I’m to lazy to) but this app made me write one. I thought this app was a joke at first like I thought no way can a app answer your homework problems for you. But NO this app was no cap whatsoever. ( I rhymed haha) I was so shocked when this app worked. Lately I have been so tired and stressed out over my homework but this app literally does it for me. But I know this using this app is basically cheating, so I won’t use it all the time. But still, best app ever. I wrote this review right away after a couple of minutes after I installed this on my phone. Like I was in shock so I wrote a review as fast as I could. Everyone needs this app. I DEFINITELY recommend it!

Amazing app, but I can’t use it anymore. I’ve been using this app for 2+ years already and it is truly a life saver. I use it mostly for checking if my home work is correct and it is amazing. Explains everything that happened in the equation in an easy to understand manner. I also very much like the app’s appearance for some reason, it’s very clean and elegant. All of this being said, after all of this time enjoying it I cannot use it anymore. This being because my phone’s camera broke. When it first broke, the app kept working fine. I could still use the calculator that is in the app, but I had to delete the app for some time because I needed space on my phone. When school started once again I downloaded it and the app won’t even let me use the calculator because my camera isn’t compatible. Needless to say I regret deleting it, I don’t understand why it doesn’t work now when it did before and my camera wasn’t working. I really wish you could use the app even if your camera wasn’t working, or at least make it so you can use the frontal camera on your phone, I have seen the frontal camera support in other math apps (none of them are as good as this one though).

Photomath plus!. I’ve been using this app for a while now, and it’s actually pretty good compared to other math solving apps! However, as a young student who is trying to understand whats happening when talking about math problems and logics, I don’t get the point of a math solving app if it’s just going to show a brief explanation of the exercise. I understand to certain point that the whole idea of making these type of apps is to gain some money, but talking for those who can’t afford paying the money asked to receive further and better help through an actual explanation, the app is not useful at all if you want to receive a deeper explanation. I’m not saying that the creator should enable all the additions that come with photomath plus, I’m just asking for a little more specified explanation of the math problem in question so that we can get to understand what is really happening! :)

Great app. Use it as a supplement to learn.. Normally don’t write reviews and I was skeptical using this app. I’m getting back into college taking low level math but some things I understandably get stuck on. While I’m taking an online class, it’s hours before the professor gets back to us. I do the online video lecture then do the homework. I don’t use this program unless I’m absolutely stuck and again I just don’t get the answer to plug it in; I read and write out the steps in the solution. It’s like having the professor guiding me through the problems I have without having to wait all day for a response. I’m sure it will help me on my future tests. Wish I found it earlier when I failed my first test this semester. I was going to pay for an ad free version or in app purchase that sent a couple bucks to the developer but I don’t see the option.

Beautiful and helpful until now.. I’m studying for my GED and math has been my worst subject since forever. My previously foolproof way of “getting it” was this: 1. Read subject in book 2. Watch khan academy video explaining it way better 3. This app was my last defense against stumbling on a problem. The way it breaks down every possible step to the equation makes it so easy for not-so-math-smart people like me. Today I’m studying like always and stumbled on another problem, pull out my handy dandy Photomath, and.. it prompts me to start a subscription, of course when I try to figure out the part I really didn’t understand. The initial step breakdown is still free, but when I click the “why” button and saw that my heart sank. I never write reviews on anything, ever. I just had to voice how disappointed I am in this. I know we live in the day and age of subscriptions to apps that don’t need them but feel entitled to charge you anyways, but something as simple as this is disheartening at best.

Helpful but…. Honestly Photomath has helped me for a LOT math problems but it never told me how to do the equation so when the problem asked me to explain I was like ummm. So naturally I got Photomath plus. My original plan was to just get it free for the week and then cancel before I had to pay because $10 is a lot for math problems that explain everything in a different way than how we are learning it. Plus I only really needed it for that week when we were doing specific explanation problems in algebra. I started the subscription on Monday and then on Friday I canceled. Since the week starts on Sunday I still has one more day until I needed to pay. But Photomath charged me anyway and I didn’t find out until right now! That’s almost a month later! I don’t think this is fair at all I totally canceled the subscription before the free trial was over. Photomath crew if your seeing this I’m sorry I was never going to pay you ten dollars but this is not fair and I think I need a refund. Sorry if it seems like I’m being a total jerk I really do love your app just this little mistake has cost me ten dollars. I do love your app tho ❤️

Best math app I’ve ever had!. Ok to start this off, I wanna say this is easily the best math app I have ever had. I’m in 8th grade and I’m learning a lot of new and confusing stuff that I don’t understand. Photo math breaks down the problems for you and it’s totally free! My math teacher recommended this app for me because he noticed I was really struggling with my math homework. When I got home from school that day, I downloaded it and I was really impressed with this app overall! All I had to do was take a picture of my math problem and it would pull up the answer. I could see if I got it wrong or right, and if I got it wrong, Photo Math broke down the problem for me so I could better understand it. This app has helped me understand math better and helps me with challenging homework. (This app is great as long as you’ve already done the problem and your not cheating.) Don’t get this app just to get the answers to all your math problems. The app overall doesn’t have many problems, it doesn’t glitch or freeze up. Overall I love this app and recommended to many students in my math class! They love it too! -Sophie (8th grade)

Easily the best app ever made. It changed me.. This app has changed my life. I love it and it works so well. I HAVE NEVER LOVED SOMETHING IN MY LIFE MORE THAN THIS APP. IT HAS BROUGHT MY GRADE UP SO HIGH AND NOW IT WILL HELP ME GET A JOB!!!!!!! I was in a deep depression these past years all because of math. This app motivates me to do better and has SAVED MY LIFE. I have never felt such feelings for something. I owe my life to this app and it has caused the best things that could ever happen to me. Whoever created this app is an actual god and should be blessed with happiness and fortune. I cry every night. Tears of joy for this app. Now I am a regular person and hope to get a job soon. I pray to this app whenever I use it and always cry and scream to know how thankful I am for this app. It has moved my life into a position it has never been in and I hope it moves others too. Thank you photomath for saving my life.

Great app. I love this app a lot it has helped me so much. But I have a few issues that I would like to be fixed. I really wish that it had more solutions and different methods. It doesn’t have everything for classes like pre-cal, calculus, or trig. It has most of the course work but some things just aren’t there. And sometimes it’s really frustrating. Also the app something likes to cut out my music, and doesn’t like to work when I’m listening to music. If I have music playing and then go into the app it will cut it out and pause it. Or if I already have it open but I go to different app and then go back to it by double clicking my home button, and then it will pause my music. And if I had previously had the flash on, and then go back into the app it will just not work completely. So then when both of these things happen I’ll have to close the app, and open it again. Sometimes this will happen multiple times while I’m using it.

Best app yet for math. So I do sometimes cheat a little with homework but the only benefit is not knowing the answer on tests (no one knows I use it during that time too) I’m not rlly the best student when it comes to math/algebra but it is what it is. Sometimes I think tho that I’m not going to use some of these equations in my future life so might as well not learn about it now but that might take a turn on my later in life but that’s just me. Personally it’s still a great app so I have no dirt to throw on it but maybe some teachers do because it’s not rlly helping the “students” but this app also shows the process of how it gets its answers step by step. I haven’t got as far as degrees but you can also look up your book to get the answers too. I’m surprised you got this far but still it’s a cool app to use in your daily life if there’s a WiFi that you need to some bogus math problem, then would you be able to use this app. Kudos to u for getting this far! Also I hope I didn’t waste any of your time, I’m just writing a good review but it might need better punctuation but there’s a different app for that.

Lifesaver! Definitely recommend!. This app has saved my life billions of times and made math a lot easier for me. I’m not saying this because it’s good for cheating, but because it tells u the answer and work for that problem. The feedback is unbelievably fast and is now one of my top used apps. I would choose PhotoMath over calculator because it’s just so simple and easy and u can just take a photo and it will tell u the answer and work and it’s just AMAZING! This makes my math homework so much faster because if there is one problem I can’t solve, it delays my homework to another hour. This gives me the work and it’s so easy to understand. This app is better than all those other apps so definitely think of this one! I know this review is very long, but it’s just to tell you that this is an app you would wanna download! If I could rate this more, I would say 100 stars! LOVE THIS!😍😍😍

Awesome App. I never write reviews so the fact that I am writing one right now is incredible. I decided to take a few minutes to say that this is a magnificent app. I have used Mathway before, but this one is ten times better. Mathway doesn’t show you how to arrive at the answer and the steps to get there, it just tells you the answer. I admire this app so much, it helps me with a majority of my math problems and shows you the steps and how to do them. I also tried another app similar to this one which I can’t remember, but this one is better than all the rest. Some things I would suggest is adding more textbooks like “Saxon Math” Algebra 1 and above because Photomath doesn’t support the answers to word problems which is what I struggle with most, but other than that, great app!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.. A million years ago when I was in college, I spent hours and hours teaching myself calculus by working the odd problems whose solutions appeared in the back of the book and then reverse engineering them to figure out how to work that type of problem. This allows me to do the same things to assist my son with his more difficult Algebra problem and to ensure he is working it correctly and if not, on which step he made a mistake. We use the “show other methods” button quite frequently to learn to work the problem in the way the teacher wants it worked. Brilliant idea and I am thrilled it will even let you neatly write the math problem and it can still read your handwriting to allow you to look for the solution. It really helps with word problems that your kid can set up but struggles to work or wants to check.

Math photo changed a bit. So I’ve been using this app for many years and not a single ad comes up (mainly because I’m not at home) but even if I’m at home using my WiFi and using this app to help check my work there will never be an add but now there is which is kinda annoying I admit but this also tells me that the company who made this app now wants money, maybe not like other companies where they want loads of money for personal uses. But besides that I’m just outright confused on how will the photo math app learn to solve other equations when I can’t find an option that lets me tell suggestions on what kind of math problems it should answer for. Also many schools don’t use math textbooks and I’m wondering if there will be modules from mathematicsvisionproject because they have many math problems that this app can’t even solve. Also there is a paid version which helps you explaining how to do the work and having more textbooks, which I see now that this app is pay to explain which I don’t think it’s worth it. Like why would this company charge for the explanation and more textbooks, not ok to have that because they literally had it for free.

Why do people have to pay JUST to understand their classwork!. I think that explaining to people shouldn’t ALWAYS HAVE TO COST MONEY!!! this app by itself deserves 2-3 stars! in my my opinion you shouldn’t have to make people pay just to help them understand. many student from the grade 3-12 are being forced to do online learning and it makes it harder when every time we want to use this app we have to pay left and right JUST TO UNDERSTAND the material we are learning. This app should have no in app purchases. It makes things harder for people to understand and if I don’t get any change from this feedback i’m rating 1 Star! and i’ll be suing. kids use this app to help them understand and it’s hard for children or people that are in school to understand this material. online learning isn’t as easy as you think it is! children don’t need their parents to pay for them to learn anything there should be NO in app purchases in this app! I WANT CHANGE!!!

Calm down prices!!!!!!. This used to me my go to app for help on math homework-mainly to check the steps or for help. I have used the app through my 6th/7th grade year to now. I’m now a junior in high school. They have taken off the option of viewing steps for free. I get the company having to pay expenses as it grows, but now that they have blocked solving steps, this has just become a normal calculator. The steps were the key to the success of the app. There could be other restrictions. Examples such as only blocking text books, video tutorials, having ads, word problems, etc. Now, I don’t know what to do because I don’t agree to paying this much. Annual or monthly fees seem excessive for the amount that they are asking. Especially, considering most of these users are children and young adults ranging from 10-24 years of age. Many people don’t have money or no extra to spend. If they do want to restrict this much then they shouldn’t have it for a monthly or annual fee. I’d probably spend $8 for the app over all, up front. This app is not much cooler than Minecraft which people barely spend $7.99 for. With the amount of people who have this app, if you only charge eight dollars for it all, then you would have just enough to pay expenses. The payments have blocked too many of the things that truly matter. It was a great app until they added all the extra fees.

Perfect app. My teacher in the beginning of the year was great, but when the second month of school hit she just started giving out homework after homework and I just got sick and tired of it. One of the reasons I am using this app is because it saves so much time as a high school student and secondly she doesn’t even grade the homework that takes us 30 minutes at minimum! I am not a D or F student in math at all, instead, last year I would finish every quarter off with over an 100 in math without even knowing about this app while all my friends would struggle. Math just comes easy to me but you need to take your time so if you’re a busy person I would totally recommend using this app because it will save you hours that you could be using for other useless homework .

This is an amazing and intuitive app, but the new UI confuses me. I love this app. I have been using it since eighth grade Algebra 1. All along the way it has helped me in my confusion and assisted with step by step instruction. Even when not using solving complex equations I often still use this calculator over the basic Apple one because of how simple and easy it is to use. After this new update, I’ve been continuously making mistakes on the modified keyboard. I feel it the keys have become particularly less efficient / intuitive in my case. It’s been to a point I will use any another calculator, just to avoid my my dragging errors. My only request is to please add a menu to change the keyboard style. I understand that some may really enjoy the keyboard, I don’t want to take that away from them but it doesn’t mesh with my brain.

What happened??. I’ve been using photo math since the 6th grade. This app has always taught me things that my teachers didn’t. I would’ve given this app 5 starts a few months ago but when I came back to the app, they wouldn’t explain the steps to a problem unless I pay for a subscription. I understand you have to do what you have to do but photo math has never been this way. This app always walked me through my problems and help me understand the concept of certain topics. Now I’m not able to learn the thing I need to learn. Children are already at home not getting the education they need due to COVID-19 and photo math is like an at home teacher. Is there any other way to get my math questions explained step by step? Because I don’t feel I should have to pay to receive the information and knowledge I need to be successful in mathematics. Photo math has turned into a regular calculator since you aren’t able to be walked through your problems anymore. I am no longer a fan of the app.

Best Calculator app and some feedback idea’s. I’ve used it for about a year now in college and at work and I’ll say even the free version taught me more than my college professor. The subscription for plus seems really high and I can see it adding up, if it was a flat idk $50 dollars and a optional donation like Wikipedia has people would definitely do it for the plus without a doubt and donate. But $10 a month will start adding up real quick and like most people we don’t have the money for it. You guys are breathtaking and I hope you can put a handheld calculator version of this on the market because it would be worth every penny. I can’t begin to explain how much I appreciate your work into this. And please for the sake of the people who use this app don’t go into the add every second scheme. I enjoy and appreciate your work too much to see you guys ruin an app like this by putting adds In or if you have to for costs do only do it for explaining the steps. Thank you guys you all have mine and all the people who I recommended this to’s appreciation.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Making kids dumb. This app is trash. I teach high school math and 75% of students have the app on their phone. I’m a stunning turn of events, the kids who have and use this app know absolutely nothing. Your app is training kids to cheat in school. You may not find this to be concerning but, have fun when these humans hit the workforce with no problem solving skills or grit hit the workforce. The fact that you’re taking in cash via advertisements and subscriptions while stripping the youth of this generation of any incentive to take on challenging work to grow both academically as well as personally is proof that you’re pathetic people with no moral compass. You know what your app is for. You know what you’re doing. You don’t care because you have the money to sleep on fine linen sheets while academic growth of young people is at an all time low. I hope your families know that you and your software developers wasted their gift of knowledge on selling poison to an entire generation.

Incorrect answers. The main complaint is the fact that the app provides incorrect answers for textbook solutions. For the most part, they are correct, but there have been multiple instances where the answer given was wrong. It’s a huge oversight as the textbook answers are not given through the scanning feature, and can only be accessed through the paid version. I have encountered more than incorrect answers though. Sometimes when using textbook responses the steps they provide as explanations were incomplete. It would substitute the work with “oops failed to load, reload” and skip to the solution. These are huge problems that left me stuck on problems for longer than I needed to be. I would not recommend the paid version for textbook solutions. If you do use this app, cross check it with other site or app solutions. For context I was using this app for calculus 2 with the Stewart 8th edition early transcendentals textbook.

THANK YOU. Big thumbs up to this app!! It is very helpful with making problem solving simple! it not only helps you find the correct answer to a difficult problem but also shows you the steps to get there which is how I learn!! Thank you for making this app!!!!! I don’t use this app to get me out of doing assignment... I struggle with math and I will try to figure out step by step a problem and then will compare my steps with photo math and then will do a similar problem by using the steps photo math provided. Boomers will say lazy students only use this app and that is not true at all. I’m an honors student because I worked to get there. And this app has not carried me there. It has only gave me a stepping stone there. This app does not work for everything but is so helpful to a lot of things. If your using this app and Acing assignments but then bombing tests that’s your own fault. Use this app to learn... Thats the reason it was made.

Losing its Charm. I’ve used photo math for years to help me with homework, although I have to admit it’s not been as helpful recently. This once was a 5 star app and has been a life saver when I missed school or didn’t understand the assignment. Not too long ago I would have taken a picture of a few problems and check “Steps” to learn how to do it, but it appears you now have to pay to check the steps. It will give you one or two steps and you have to have a membership with the app to get the rest of the steps. I truly think this is ridiculous because if I wanted a calculator I would just use the one already installed on my phone. Nobody is going to pay a membership they’re only going to use about 8 months a year. The app is quite useless and is simply a calculator taking up extra storage. I’d also like to mention that the app doesn’t even give me the right answer some of the time. Most of the time it’s great, but sometimes I’ll scan a problem and it will give me an answer to a problem in an entirely different book. I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max so it certainly isn’t because of my camera quality. I don’t think I will be using this app anymore.

Amazing. This app is very handy, and convenient. In school, I usually have tons of math worksheets that I have to do. I know how to solve all of it though, and I can probably get it done..... if I wasted 5 hours of my life! Thanks to Photomath, I can get work done quickly while being taught the steps. This app is not only a time saver, but has really taught me math better than my own teacher in some cases surprisingly! With that said, there are also a few problems. 1. There are some things I've tried that it couldn't solve. I know it can't solve EVERYTHING, BUT, it can solve a whole lot, so I'm not that mad. 2. It often mistakes an "s" for a 5, and a "g" for a 9, which gets on my nerves when it happens. I know though that as this app progresses even more, it'll become more and more accurate so I am overall pleased with this app. -Miles

A VERY good tool for math.. While there are still 1 or 2 math topics this app isn’t exactly able to help with as of yet, its a WONDERFUL app that can solve about 90% of math problems, be them common algebra or highest and hardest level college equations. Nevertheless, you want this app on your side when doing math of pretty much and and all kinds. Its main function allows you to take pictures of math equations and, incase you accidentally have parts of other equations in the picture you took, you can crop them out as soon as you snap the picture, and it solves the equation for you as soon as you hit the ‘OK’ button. It also has a calculator where you can manually enter equations and have them solved. Its useful incase you realized you wrote an equation wrong, because you can just go right to the calculator part and fix it, as all the parts of the equation the app saw in the photo gets immediately put in the calculator. The best part, in my opinion, is the last function where it tell you exactly how it solved the equation, and it even lets you view every single step and gives you a brief but good explanation on what’s happening in the step. If you also scroll down while in the same function, if you took a pic of an equation that need to be graphed, you can actually see the equation graphed out for you. Its a very nice app and i HIGHLY recommend.

Fine, but one aggravating problem!!. Let me start by saying that this is a great app. I’m in grade 8 and in honors math. For the first quarter, I got the worst grades I’ve gotten in my whole life! I just didn’t get it. Now, I have a tutor and that’s been helping me tremendously. On nights when my tutor doesn’t come and I have hw, I can use this app to help me do it. It gives a great explanation that I can apply towards the rest of my assignment. The one HUGE problem, however, is that it never focuses!!! I have to wait a whole two minutes for the thing to focus, if I’m lucky, or just have to type it into the calculator. My solution (now, I’m no app developer but I think this would work) is to have that little feature where you can click on the screen to get it to focus. I have an iPhone 6s so I’m pretty sure that has the autofocus feature but it still doesn’t work. Please do something about this!!

very helpful. i downloaded photomath sometime last year while i was distance learning- i had trouble understanding what the teachers were saying at times (i was a 6th grader taking 7th grade math) and sometimes they moved at a quicker pace than i’d prefer. i kid you not photomath is probably the only reason i got an A+ all year in math, this year i was a bit worried because i was back in person this time taking 9th grade math- i’ve used this to check my homework after completing it, it’s very helpful that it doesn’t just tell you the answer it actually explains it. it however gets very frustrating when you don’t understand the explanation and you have to pay for the premium access to get a deeper lesson, but if you ask me the pros outweigh the cons significantly. whenever my friends tell me they are confused about our assignments i always recommend photomath, they don’t believe it works but it’s honestly their loss because this is probably the best use of storage i’ve ever used

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Definitely Recomend. This app is absolutely mind blowing it has made my extended maths far easier to understand. I believe if your a mathematician or barely know how to read and write this app will help you out honestly if they put a $10 price tag it would still probably be worth it so keep up the good work developers.

One of the best math apps, would recommend!!. This app has helped me so much with my math homework when I didn’t understand or a teacher couldn’t help me or wasn’t available. It shows solving steps, working out, as well as an answer. Would recommend for ANYONE who needs help with maths. Explanations are easy and simple to understand. Especially great if your doing a sum and don’t know how to work it out or don’t know what the mathematical statement is called. Plus its free or you can pay if you need more help.

This is life saving!. I am not a fake review at all! I promise everybody reading this that this is the best app for math! It tells you the solutions and steps of how they solved it, step by step word by word. It calculates every single problem and is really fast. No glitching whatsoever. I am absolutely in love with this app. It’s really helping me get my homework done faster and teaching me along the way. Trust me, GET THIS APP!

A Must Have. I had recently started tutoring and I couldn’t understand a single word my tutor was saying. A friend told meabout this app so I downloaded it. I originally bought I could use it to cheat but what I realised was that this helped me not only get the answers but it also helped me understand what my tutor was saying. I really suggest using this app.

Brilliant app. Honestly this app is awesome and has helped me through many a math problem due to it showing the steps involved and how to do it, this lets m check my answers for stupid mistakes when I’ve got something wrong or teach me the correct way of answering a question. I would highly recommend this app to everyone especially students who don’t really like to (or can’t ) ask the teacher for help with every question they can’t understand. Thankyou for creating an amazing and effective learning tool you have helped me through my maths classes and let my grades excel by virtue of being able to learn everything at home.

HELPFUL!!!. If you are struggling or just trying to solidify your knowledge, this app is great, it is easy to use and tells you how to solve equations. I have strengthened my knowledge so much with the use of this app as it guides me through the mathematics I am currently completing. Not only does it benefit with education, it can mark to give you the correct answer, not just simplifying but many other ways. If you are wanting to extend your knowledge, GET THIS APP THIS SECOND

This is SO HELPFUL ٩( ᐛ )و. This app is such a bonus meme when I’m trying to solve an equation. It has allows you to take a photo of your problem and will easily solve it for you, including easy steps to how they solved it. I totally recommend because one snap can help you understand what your actually trying to do. ٩( 'ω' )و

Great but needs to be used with discipline. I think this is the perfect tool. However, it needs to be used with discrete and discipline. It is too easy to cheat. If you are lazy. But used with integrity. It is a fantastic clarifying tool to support and a give a student a couple of wins before solving it themselves by hand. It exemplifies that maths is a logical process as the algorithm (computer) solve it. This process of small wins support one of my favourite learning theories - Concentration , focus and engagement. It also helps the student self regulate their own cognition. I never hand this out to student expect those that I know are congitivelg mature enough to use it to help themselves and not cheat. Thanks

Life saver. You have no idea the amount of times I’ve gotten myself into a conundrum where there is a question that seems almost impossible to solve. This app hasn’t let me down at all, it’s just amazing how I can learn that I’ve written the question wrong all along or completely forgotten that 2 times 3 is 6. All my troubles are gone with a click and a few swipes with great detail on what to do and even what rule to use. I’m never going to be in these annoying situations again.🥳😅

MAKE IT CHEAPER. plz make this cheaper, it would make it so much more accessible to others. I’ve written a review before and I have no problem with the app only the price. I was just reviewing my maths and didn’t understand something so I pulled out my phone and used the app. It gave me the answers but I wanted to look into why that was the answer in more details but alas I have to pay. Plz listen to me I’m not the only one saying this stuff. Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope to get a response. Kind regards. 😊

Some solutions are wrong. When you scan the problem, sometimes the solution is incorrect. This is a great app that has helped me a lot but there are a few times when the equation I scanned was solved incorrectly. I understand that you continue to do update and improve your app but I just want to give everyone using this app a heads up to double check the answer. :)

This app saved my high school years XD. I can’t express how much i want to recommend this app, it’s so useful, since my teacher doesn’t explain the topic very well, i can only learn it my self, and with photo math, it absolutely saved my high school years. I would like to thank all the devs that went ahead on making this, it’s really useful. The only thing i would think of improving is make a premium subscription where we could get rid of ads as every few scans, repetitive ads pops up. Thanks for ur time ;)

AMAZING. Been through many apps to help me with math as I have alote of trouble and this is by far the best one I’ve ever seen. Works out problems fast and gives me detailed instructions on how to work it out. It also gives you alternative forms of answers (Fractions, graphs and normal) This is great if you have worksheets with multiple equations and don’t know how to do them or if you are studying for a test. Highly recommend!!

LIFE CHANGING. I’m a specialist math student and I can’t even begin to tell you how highly I value this app. I moved from just passing math to getting high 90s in each test. I would go home and do my homework and use this app to check my answers, and if I got the question wrong the app would save me by showing me how to solve it correctly. This app has completely changed my views on math. I would always see math as impossible and too hard, but when it is explained correctly and simply it really isn’t that difficult. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give this app a go.

So helpful and 100% accurate. Photomath has by far helped me improve high school mathematics. In fact, this system, though providing an easy solution has made me need to rely less on looking up answers because of its ability to shows me the steps to reach the solution on my own!!!

I used to love this app. I downloaded Photomath 2 years ago. I absolutely loved it and I used it all the time and it really helped me in math. Until about 7 months ago I deleted the app because I didn’t need it anymore. I downloaded this app again expecting it to be as great as I remembered BUT: First of all, it makes you pay for nearly all explanations even SIMPLE questions, not helpful AT ALL. Second of all, this app does not even scan my question and keeps telling me it’s not in frame even though it clearly is. Very disappointed about how bad this app has become. I remember when it was a magnificent app but now it’s rubbish. -unhappy Photomath ex user

Absolutely amazing. The best maths tutoring app ever used! It includes basically all the features I need in high school so far. Its photo analysis feature is also super nice since it’s very accurate as long as the handwriting isn’t too messy. The solution is also logical and step-by-step which is straight forward for someone who doesn’t understand.

I miss what it used to be. Photomath was my favourite. I’d use it whenever I’d do math homework and it was the only reason I passed mathematical methods last year. I opened it suddenly today because I didn’t understand a maths concept and was looking for the working out steps in the brilliant detail that I remembered but instead of learning I got a slap in the face. I used to recommend this app but my friends and I just can’t afford it. It’s just become a regular calculator unless you shell out money

Went from Good to Bad. I have been a user of this app for quite some time and when I used it it was good because if there was a numerical problem I didn’t understand Photomath had me converted for free. Now after the Photomath+ update me trying to know how to solve the question step by step is more difficult since I have to pay $93AUD annually for the subscription, I understand the business aspect of the subscription because before Photomath was a free service and wasn’t profiting much (if at all). Just one request please reduce the price of the subscription so it’s beneficial for the app and the people

This is so good. I was studying for an exam for the day before and I was stuck on this question , I check my notes , textbook ,everything and I couldn’t find the method (btw I knew the answer from the answer part of the textbook) so I get on this amazing app and I teaches step by step how to solve the question , and also had the answer , so thanks to this app I did well in my exam 😊

👍🏾. Photomath is a great way to help me learn math. The first time I took a photo of a question, I was amazed at how it read it and answered it for me. I’m also very thankful for the steps it gives me to show how to work out my answer. The only thing I dislike about this app is you have to pay if you want to properly understand a step. But other than that, this app is fireeee 🔥!

Best math app EVER!♥️♥️. This app made my results make into an A!! I couldn’t have done without it!!! It is accurate and allows me to understand how to get the right answer, how to calculate it. I’m not that bothered to type in the problem, so I just take a pic, and some of the times, it doesn’t understand it, even in my neatest writing, so I would like it to improve on understanding the writing more better. But overall, it’s the best!! That’s why, I give it 5 stars!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

iPad. I used this app in high school, even at the time where I could get the working out of the solutions without getting premium. Photomath helped me out quite a bit and it’s easy to navigate around the app in my opinion. I will say, after transferring to using the iPad Pro, I can’t view the calculator in landscape mode. As it may seem a bit absurd for me to be using a calculator on the ipad, when I can just use my phone or another calculator, I think just having an app that can solve problems as well as show the process of solving them is better than the iPhone apps and a handheld calculator. I hope that it is something that can be fixed ;(. Thanks for the apps devs 👍

Sneaky subscription update. This was a great app that was very useful and well executed UI. However the addition of the subscription model in a recent update was sneaky. Further, to not be able to see the subscription costs clearly with transparency is a off the nose. To have to click through to the signing up for the free trial, to then see those outrageous prices, well, good luck to you. I understand that the Devs hard work should be repatriated, but a subscription model for an hardly used is a bridge too far. Especially when a quick search on google gets the same results. Personally I’d be happy to pay a reasonable amount as a once off fee for the “Pro” version. But as an early user of this app, I feel let down that the the Devs have taken away functionality that was parry of the original app to ask a monthly fee to give back.

The best Math Calculator on the entire Appstore. Really love the way how it explains each problem in a simple way. Photomath is very helpful when studying for an exam or even just doing homework that you don’t understand. Although some people might think of it as cheating, i think it’s a great way to solve and actually understand what your doing when solving questions which is why i would recommend this app to friends.

The most useful utility for Math. Photomath has been able to provide quick clues and instant solutions to almost any maths problem and has been a real help in my maths homework. Not only does it provide an accurate and correct answer, but also gives me a highly detailed but simple explanation which allows me to understand how to do a similar problem in the future. Additionally, the app also allows you to use the calculator to edit or type a calculation. I also love how the developers are so open to advice for improvement. Thank you so much to the Photomath team for developing such a simple, polished and accessible app which can be useful for everyone.

Photo math is the GOAT. Bro… Photomath is legendary for when you’re solving problems out of the textbooks that have the answers in the back but don’t show you how to get the solution. I’ve only just started doing integrals… but this shows exactly the step by step thinking on which I should solve problems. Usually I can work out how to get to the end eventually, but Photomath limits the uncertainty in knowing if you’ve approached the question right. It’s great for when you’ve done the question, and checking as to whether your steps to your response aligns with it. 10/10

Life saver. This app is a life saver cause like I’m going through Yr 11/12 exams and it’s the only thing that’s helping understand the concepts and the graphs and step by step guides are a must for everything that I need to understand Maybe just a note that the camera is sometimes a little inaccurate but it helps that you can edit what it picked up so all in all thus app works perfectly

Incredible App. Amazed with such a brilliant concept. Someone needs to give the developer more credit for this. Taking technology to a whole new level and beyond. The app is quick with capturing the desired equation & provides a detailed solution in under a millisecond. Absolutely sensational. It's rare to find resources that provide a detailed format of working out so I know that anyone will find this App useful. This app is exceptionally helpful for anyone at any stages of math and the developers should be aware that I will 110% be recommending this to fellow math colleagues, family and friends.

Amazing!. Everyone get this! So handy for high school and uni people especially it tells you the answer and how to do it so you don’t need to keep emailing your teacher about that question how to do it! If doing revision the day before a test, and there is something you are unsure of. Snap it and it will tell you how to do it and then you will never forget how to do it again and is also helpful for people in work jobs and shops. Get this now!

Good. Pretty good tool that solves simple to more challenging equations and gives a step through guide for solutions. Only thing preventing me from giving 5 stars is that it can’t solve all equations and gives a notification saying we can’t solve that right now but will be able to soon or something like that. I find that a lot of what I need answers to are mostly beyond the app’s capabilities right now but hopefully this can improve in the future. Also improve the app’s recognition as well. Good app overall!

Used to be good. This used to be a really good app, whenever I was unsure on those really long equations, finding graphs, really anything, I could get a detailed explanation of how to get the answer. I understand that they wish to be profitable, but taking away the feature from the free version of the app where you could have an explanation has made it only a little better then a calculator in some cases. I wish I knew how they got the answer and why they did such.

An awesome FREE app!. Photomath has helped me many times with my math, and is only growing in its understanding. The developers also see the point in “education should be free” as nothing costs, as an aspiring student, it is an amazing help for homework, etc. giving detailed descriptions on how to do work. I rate 4 stars only because their is room for improvement, I have had a number of sums either not all ways it can be figured out or were not given all the steps in solving. The clear graphics and easy manoeuvring through the app makes it a delight to use. I would also recommend for the developers to put a description on what is wrong when we send tips for what can be improved as constructive feedback! Thank young heaps developers for this AMAZING app!

AMAZING APP FOR SCHOOL. This app helps me with my work so much. Not just by telling me the answers but it also explains it in an excellent way which i understand. From what I know, it cannot do word problems yet. But it is completely free of charge and very straight forward to use. Ad free as well! I recommend this app for students 100% if you’re struggling to understand or find the answers to an equation.

Good, but really costly. Especially for its targeted demographic.. I know that even the developers have to make a living somehow. But the reason this app stood out was because we didn’t have to pay. Many of this apps users are students, and as you know, students don’t have that much money to spend on an app. Maybe instead of charging students so much money for our age groups(12-19) who earn minimum wage of $10 or less. Maybe run ads or make the subscription cost less. The app itself comes really handy when wanting a quick solve the many problems, so no problem there. It’s just the cost of it, if the targeted group was adults (21+) the cost seems great, but for teenagers it’s just a bit too high.

Photomath is highly recommended. This app helps me out so much in math. All you need to do is take the photo and it will show you how to solve it. It shows the steps and then offers you if you would like to know how they did it. This is a very helpful app and I would recommend it to you.

Taught me better than my teacher. Over the holidays, I was assigned maths homework, and near the end I had totally forgotten how to do the equations my teacher had set for me, so I downloaded this app, and it basically taught me everything from scratch. 10/10 app, would recommend to any student that likes to procrastinate.

Quality. This app is very good, I use it for my homework whenever I don’t understand and always get it right. This app is free as well and is better than a calculator as the app shows full working out and can do algebra. This saves your time as it has a scanning feature so you don’t have to write in your equations like on a calculator. Definitely good. Would recommend!! Only bad thing is the camera or bad handwriting but you can easily type it in yourself. For those complaining, remember this is FREE and not a hundred dollar app so don’t complain as it is OUTSTANDING for its price which is none.

AMAZING. I tend to only use this to show myself how stupid I am and it always works. I love how you can type your own problem in and it will explain the solution to you step by step. The new animated method is also really nice giving a great visual experience. This app is amazing but I recommend not getting too attached to it or being completely reliant on it.

Keep on doing the wonderful and amazing work guys. It is so much easier and it is a life saver without this app i dont really now how maths would be easier without this app. This app gives you everthing for example calculator and if you didn't have the calculater app it would be so bad and also if yiu would like an example of the solving out it shows you which is the best so thank you guys for making this wonderful amazing app ♥️

Speechless. It’s. Incredible. There are no other apps like it and they don’t try to scam you with a free trial. Honestly, this app deserves to be paid for. That’s how good it is! Really good job to the devs. It shows you the working out and if there is a section I don’t understand I can write it out in my bad handwriting and it will still understand it, rather than having to type it into a calculator. This is the most useful maths app I’ve potentially ever seen! 👍👍

Need to pay. It’s used to great when you don’t have to pay, but now all the explanations needs to be payed.. I understand your company need to gain money but it’s not being very friendly to students who doesn’t have money or credit cards, I wouldn’t ask my parents for them because they have already payed too much for my education, and you’re telling me that this app, which helps me at only certain maths conditions needs to pay $16 dollars a month is ridiculous. It doesn’t have all the solving solutions to my problems so I don’t think it’s worth me to cost that money.

The Best Maths Assistant BY FAR. This app is absolutely spectacular. It’s the app that made me go from a D in maths to a B in the span of 6 months, not because I cheated my way through each bit of homework by getting the answer straight away, but rather because I checked my answers using the app. It not only tells you whether or not the answer is correct, it also tells you HOW you could change the answer! It helps you understand what you did wrong and it does it in specific details! This is by far the most amazing maths assistant of this decade and I would like to thank all the developers who partook in its making. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone, including those already getting A’s in maths. Thank you for all of the help you have given me! 😊

Price man. This app has helped me a lot for the past few years and really helped me understand a few key concepts in junior school but that was when it was free and gave a more detailed response. I get you have to make money but even a once off payment would be more than plenty compared to what you would’ve originally made from users. The premium could even be made with an in app purchase with a once off price. The app is great but recently hasn’t been as helpful as in the past since the lack of detailed response and as a student can’t afford the subscription. Please reconsider the prices. Still a great app though.

Good ish - also switching to desmos. I’m just going to get this out first, If you need a calculator that can get the job done fast, no questions asked, this is perfect. It’ll work incredibly for you, if, however, you want something that will detail the instructions to help you better understand it, then don’t download this unless you have almost 60 bucks a year to spare. I would have given this 5 stars, if they hadn’t make you pay to get a tutorial. But don’t let the money doubt this amazing app. It’s perfect for everything in math (as long as you don’t want a tutorial) except for graphing. And I 100% understand why you have to charge people for tutorials.

My experience. Photo maths is an rlly good app and give relevant reasonings towards the answer and adds the alternative form etc,... What it can improve on though is that it can only calculate maths problems, for eg. It can’t do: problem solving, geometry, questions with writing on it basically. Furthermore to the improvements maybe you can add like a writing system so that it helps people understand more and calculate it themselves. I’m sure that doesn’t make sense but it’s like this, sometime you may ask’ oh how did this get to this and you may start calculating it to get a more understanding’ That’s it, overall it’s a good app

It’s good but can you please add this feature. I honestly really like this app, but I would like this to add a new feature. And that feature is so that the camera can recognise worded problems and be able to solve it while showing how it solved it. I think if you add the worded problem feature, than this app would be perfect! Bare in mind this is my own personal opinion and if the app were to have the worded problem solving feature than this app would easily help you for nearly every math situation. Overall it’s a great app but please I hope you consider my request.

This saved me. This app is currently getting me through high school, I can get an answer in seconds with the click of a button, sounds great right? The only downside is that it doesn’t always read the question properly or in some cases the answer was wrong and doesn’t turn side on. But other than that I strongly recommend this for everyone😁

Used to be a great app till.... This app is such a great app if you don’t understand when a person explains it to you or if you just simply don’t understand an equation. This is a great app but recently it has been very bad. When the new update version of the app came out and I scanned a problem and it took me to steps I pressed explain how but it says I need to pay. Now I just need a explanation of a question I don’t really want to pay because it don’t use it all the time. So I understand that you guys need money for your app but could you please fix that and make it free again? Apart from that it is a great app! I also support SQUISHY JELLYFISHES review. Even if you can’t make it free again could you make it cheaper than that and not to expire just forever you pay for. This has put me a bit off this app. Thank you

This free app is fantastic!!. This app is fantastic! I have read concerns about how it could assist children to cheat which is true, but the benefits for children that use it appropriately are significant. My son used the app first when he didn’t understand the question/problem. Using the app he took a photo and it instantly gave the answer (sometimes there are multiple answers depending on the question, or various ways to solve the problem) but importantly it showed the working out. Once he understood what was required, he was able to complete all further questions, and then just use the app to check his answers. It is like a personal home tutor! It is free and a valuable learning/teaching resource. We love it and highly recommend it!!

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Pay to use. The only people who use this app is students. How on earth can you introduce a pay feature, we’re all poor! This used to be such a good app too.

Love it!. It’s such a great homework helper and really good to check work!

Has exams really soon and is very stressed out. Are you seriously trying to charge us 12.99/ month! This app has helped a ton of students and we all loved this app because it explained the steps, and now you’re trying to charge us 12.99 a month

Dissapointed. Was the only math app that worked for me, until you added the monthly pay feature. My exam is in 4 days and this is a huge let down, I considered paying until I saw it was $12.99 a month.. which is so ridiculous. At least make it cheaper

Horrible. This app is only good if you’re doing math at a 6th grade level. Download “Mathway” if you want an app that’s actually helpful for higher level math

Greedy and no longer helpful. The service that they used to give you for free, is no longer there they overcharge for it and therefore their app is no longer useful.

Amazing. This has helped so much cuz math is tough

Ads?. If you guys want money why do you not add ads.

Sucky update. This app used to really help me for my more difficult math homework. Sucks to see that you need to pay for unlimited solutions now.

Amazing. Even if you don’t have the pro version it is still very helpful, it gives you steps and shows you graphs and charts. This is very helpful when I want to learn a new equation

Why paying ?!?. I’m sorry this app used to be my best friend(kind of) and as a student that struggles with math this app was really helpful . Now I can’t see the steps of and equation or other if I don’t have premium. Excuse me, I can’t pay for a math app. Plus, is not like I’m asking for a tutor I just want to see the steps. I guess I’ll just delete this app.. is useless now. Sad

Money. Why would you make it so you have to pay? This is garbage

7 and 1. Can’t even differentiate between 7 or 1 terrible at reading decimals, have to draw them large as a bullet holes

Annoying update. This was a great app until this new update came along. Dare to say incredible before the update 🤬

Are you serious? NOT FREE ANYMORE.. They only give you 7 questions they can solve for you every week, and then you are FORCED TO PAY if you want unlimited solutions. Let me tell you that it was ALL FREE before, a student’s best friend. But now, they want you to PAY 13 DOLLARS A MONTH to help you on math questions. This is outrageous.

The update is trash. I mean I would've of given this 5 stars if you guys didn't have this plus thing. But now you need to pay money to get the explanation. Thanks for the help 🖕🏻

Premium + scanning problem. Ok look, I still use this, but can you please remove premium? Or atleast make some of the options free? Ads I’m completely fine with, but premium, not too much. I’m sorry if this is rude in some way. Another thing, it would be really nice if it could read off chrome books. I was trying to scan a question off a google doc but it was blurred and didn’t focus

It’s sad now. Loved this app and it helped me with my math homework but the recent update requires you to pay in order to use it

so disappointed. really can’t believe that they took out the explanation feature and now are making you pay for it! absolutely not we’re all students trying to learn and this is really taking away from that. very disappointed

Literally a trash can. Garbage this app is the worst horrible his mom doesn’t love him Just trying to bring the reviews down😊

greedy. Downgraded the app after the new update, nice try greedy devs

dont download this. seriously, we’re all in school we can’t use this anymore cause we’re broke. unbelievable

Absolutely Useless Now. Photomath was really useful back then but now, I’m being forced to pay money in order to solve questions. A five question limit per week is absolutely absurd!

Great. I’m a lazy as all hell and this is great for long questions I don’t even know how to calulste without this app

Why do we have to pay to use. This is the most stupid update I’ve ever seen whoever thought of it just ruined the entire app nobody is gonna pay to check if there answer is right lol. App deserves negative stars now good job idiots time to find a new app

Great app but now need to pay to see full work. I like the app and I was using it for a while now, however, I’m strongly against the new notion where users now need to pay to see the steps. I don’t understand why there aren’t any advertisements instead! That would be much more fair, and will also attract more people as well.

Please read and reconsider the paying option. In the past this app was completely free. Before one could find out all the steps for free and that’s why this was my favourite app because it taught me what my teachers failed to do. Now, as a student in high school I have to pay to be shown the true steps. I can’t afford that. I know you guys need to make profit but can’t you just allow all users to access what we were once able to and create additional benefits that paying members could use. For example maybe videos explaining concepts, worksheets, voice activated (user saying the equation) maybe even personalized learning. Thank you for taking the time to read this

Ugh. I had to pay! horrible

Don’t mind paying...but.... Don’t mind paying in dollars ... the app is very good. But exploiting our personal information for further gain (and compromise to customers) makes it too costly. Not acceptable. Deleted.

New review why pay?. Why tf should I pay for something that used to be free yall really sold out. I used to be able to use this and learn better then what my teachers taught now I only get anwser and it sucks bring back free explaination.

App is a rip off 😡. This app was perfect when it was free. Now they want to charge you a subscription fee 💵😡 just to use. Time to find another app. Just garbage now !

Advertising. There are now a unbearable amount of ads in the app making it nearly impossible to use,and worthless. The five star reviews were only relevant about a year ago when there were no advertisements.Also for an app used to help educate,in my opinion, the ads are simply unacceptable, and distracting. There are other apps similar and superior download those instead!

used to use it all the time. before the new update where u gotta pay for premium features i used this so so much, but now that there’s not only features that are only unlocked by paying but on top of that there’s so many ads it’s so annoying. if there were just ads and it was fully unlocked with all the features that wouldn’t be a big deal but the fact that i now can’t access certain things that i kinda really need, but now ads keep popping up, just going to use a different app at this point tbh :/

bring back free Photomath. No one wants to pay 4 dollars a month just do learn how to do math, this was originally designed to help us understand, I would give it a five star because it was free before but now this new 4 dollars a month crap is jus terrible , bad move developers

No trigonometry. For an app that calls itself photo math for some reason it doesn’t identify triangles at all there is no trigonometry on it what so ever

They got greedy $$$. If there was a zero star rating, I would rate it as that. It was the best ever Math app I’ve ever had until the recent update. $12.99/month for the access of solution explanation feature that was previously free of charge. I’m really disappointed to what happened. I know they need money, but solutions are the only reason why I need this app, and why I’m passing my math classes. It’s time to find a new app.

New update really sucks. The new update made this app worse. First many of the buttons are blocking the view of the solutions of questions. And most importantly, some questions you can only view a graph for and can’t simplify the problem anymore which is really annoying since now I can’t simplify many equations that could have been done before the update.

Vraiment utile!. Je l'utilise souvent et très pratique!

THIS IS THE WORST!. Before,you could use this without paying.Yall are disgusting making students pay.I would rate this 0 stars if I could!Dissapointed

WTH is this?!?! Photomath Plus?! Excuse me?. I was gonna rate this 5 star before this update because it was literally the BEST math app I could use in my whole entire life but now, oh no! You lose it! It wasn’t like this before 😭. Before was amazing like it even tell me the steps and explain in it in details like how to do it and it was free. But now you have to pay money for that??? Ok that is 💯 not fair 😡. Sorry to say this but it seem like the WORST math app I could ever use now. With this plus plus money thing 😭😡🤬

Just stop. Before this update I would have given this app 5 stars but now not even a chance. I DO NOT want to pay to get math calculations. Especially when I can do the same on the internet. Just stupid!

Ehy. Why would they make you pay

I’m not paying. Get rid of the pay for explanation

Bad new version. Now I only have to pay to solve more than 5 problems, before it was free

Best math app ever!. This is the best app for math ever! It explains step by step, so you know what you're doing, it can give alternate answers to your question, and best of all, it's FREE to calculate fractions (hear that calculator?) Maybe some people do, but I don't mind to use my email, just so as long as I am using this app. A great idea would be to include word problem solving, because it will really help people like me and a multiple choice part too! Thanks for making this app!😊

u need to pay. It used to be good but now you have to pay for the explanations. The explanations were key to having me pass the math courses, time to find a new app.

Ads and fees. First y’all added fees, then this yearly/monthly subscription. Why can’t I get math help in peace? Thanks a lot for the past few years of uncharged services. Now I will be crying as I try to solve the math on my own from now on.

Sucks Now. This app was amazing before, it gave you explanations, told you everything in the click of a photo. Now if you want an explanation you need to get premium, literally anything you want to know the app is like oh get premium

Stupid update. Why should people have to make an account to use ANY features in the app? It's unnecessary, it's just inconvenient for people looking for quick solutions.

Took my money. don’t get me wrong this is a pretty cool app i’ve got that one week free thing where I could use premium for a week. I had about $13 inside of my iTunes account and I kind of forgot about the photo math one week subscription which was free. They automatically signed me up for premium and did not even send me an email now you see with tax one month subscription was $14 but they still ate my $13 i’m not gonna cry over $13 but it’s that made me hate this app I have requested a refund through Apple but photo math if you can do something please help (don’t send me to some website)

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Literally saved my life. I downloaded this at the beginning of the schoolyear just incase and with the amount of work I’ve been assigned this is the most useful app I could have. Not only does it give me the answers but it shows me how to get the answers and offering different types of solutions. I love this app so much the only regret is not finding out about it sooner. Poor young me would bake at the very thought of an ixl because of how bad I am at them but now I scan it and I learn how to do it so I’m not left clueless on the test. If I could I would want to give the creator of this app the biggest hug ever because of how much time this app has saved me so thank you so so so much for this because it means so much to me

Liars looking to rip you off!. If I could give this app no stars I would! This company is a liar! I’ve had this app for over a year and used it to help my children with their homework. Well with this recent update now the app is useless. It’s just a regular calculator. What makes this company liars you ask? Well in the description it basically says it still gives the step by step process to the answer. It doesn’t! Now you have to pay for the tutorial for step by step. It’s freaking $10 per month or $60 annually! Good deal some would say but it should be in the description, a warning letting you know the basic app is really just another calculator. A description saying this will now be an in app subscription only service. If I purchase it I can only use on one device. I can’t actually share with my now older children to check their work! It’s separate! What else will this company do to rip its customers off?

App has become a scam. Ive used Photomath for I don’t know how long, but it’s been years I’ve used this app. I’m in college now and the app has but subscriptions and prices on everything. I got this app to be able to help me get through steps that I don’t understand, photomath has always been my last option when the teacher doesn’t explain the material enough and now I’m just using a normal calculator. I can understand why you might need to put prices to help support the people that run this app, but it seems the people running the app has gotten greedy. As if you guys see that a lot of people are using your app so let’s add a price to use it. I mean nobody is using this MATH app, to just simply get an answer. You always have to show your work with math, so I don’t think the app should have taken that option away. There are mainly little kids using this app, and you want to take money from them ? Doesn’t make sense.

Needs "Report a problem/wrong answer" button. Overall a great app. Gives basic solving steps without a subscription and generally accurate for anything below integration as far as I've seen. However an option to report an answer as being wrong within the app would be very helpful instead of having to screenshot it and send in an email. I'm taking integral calculus right now and have come across several wrong answers just today. I double-checked my answers and checked with other sources so make sure my answer was correct but aside from leaving the app to send an email, there's nothing I can do about it. It has also been taking unnecessarily complicated steps in solving these.

Amazing app. The app is great to help double check you math and get some tips. This app overall improves my math and I think it great. While you may not download it because you think it’s expensive and other reviews are saying it’s too much but if you buy it it’s basically a online tutoring program and if you need it it’s worth the price. If you don’t want to pay that’s fine because you can still use it to help you check your math and provides a few steps on how they did it with is great considering that most app would make you pay 7 dollars a WEEK just to use that app and there wrong have the time. I’ve been using this app for quite some time and I would recommend it to anyone as a great math checking app.

Thank Goodness. My son was struggling on an Algebra 2 honors math area and was just up against it. I asked if I could help and he said no Dad I don’t think you can, well he was correct from the sense of solving the problem. I remembered this app I down loaded years ago to help my daughter in 9th grade. Broke it out and within about 1 minute I was able to scan the problem and then solve the equation for him. He responded with that’s not the way I need to solve the problem. Thankfully I noticed solve in other ways solve by completing the square was an option. He mows happy as it seemed to me he just didn’t know where to start solving the problem and now he is able to solve the rest. Great app in my book.

Amazing. God bless the creator of this app and the wonderful written explanations that take you step by step through the solving process. In COVID times with lockdowns and quarantines, the kids don’t always get the same amount of instruction time or quality explanations. There is nothing worse than thinking- “I don’t know how to help. It’s been too long since I’ve done it myself and I don’t want to show them something wrong.” This app takes the stress off of everyone. It doesn’t just show the answer; it teaches you. 2 thumbs up and all the stars. Trying to choose a nickname to submit my review is the worst part so far. Zero thumbs up for that part. They can’t all be taken. Just assign one.

It was so good I went out of my way to review it.. Most apps that are good you just say oh that’s good or when it pops up you just rate it 5 stars. But this app is so ridiculously great that I went out of my way to write this review. When it comes to just giving you an answer to a problem your in a rush to solve it’s perfect, accurate, and fast. But not only that, it walks you through step by step how to solve it and mentions the concepts used so you can further learn. If you choose not to use to photo function it is a perfect graphing calculator as well. And to top it all off, the fact that it is free shows the character of these app developers who are caring geniuses. Kudos to them and this app.

Better than my teacher. My teacher doesn’t really give us the best notes and HW assignments are nothing like the notes or example in class so I’m here struggling becuase I have nothing to reference. With Photomath it teaches ya how to solve it and for about 2 years now this app has done a better job of teaching me how to solve problems and helping me recognize where I made a mistake better than my teachers. I find myself using the app less and less (this is a good thing) because it teaches me how to do problems I might see in the future. I high recommend this to any student struggling but make sure to try at first and to not copy the answer because then your only hurting yourself for test and quizzes. Use it as a guide not a cheating tool.

A+, here I come!. Pre-Calc is definitely a hard class for me. I’ve been struggling with it since the beginning of the year. My friend suggested this app to me and I brushed it off thinking I’m not a cheater, but this app is not for cheating. I scanned my completely difficult problem and was shocked to find that it gave the right answer. Not only that, but it gave an in depth explanation with a graph to help. I now understand what I’m learning for the first time in months. I’ve been struggling through this class with a barely B- and can finally bring this grade up! It’s not for the answers, my teacher gives us every answer to the problems. I can finally have math explained to me in a way easier and fast way. Thank you for this app!

please change what’s free and what isn’t!!. i’ve used photo math for majority of my middle school/high school experience. this app was always helpful by showing me the proper way to do certain problems along with the reasoning behind it. now you have to pay $10 per month just to have an equation explained. please consider removing this feature and let the explanations be free. i understand that the company needs a way of income but consider making other features have an annual/monthly pay instead. for example, with the PLUS feature it gives you the explanation of how the problem is solved but also gives a “why?” selection to further explain as to why the problem is solved that way. please consider making that a PLUS feature instead of the explanations.

Not just a calculator. When some people think about Photomath what comes to mind is a smart and advanced calculator for cheating. This isn’t the case at all. Photomath has helped me countless times on understanding and learning the subject, not just finding the answer. During the online classes it’s very hard for me to understand what the math teacher is taking about and Photomath is basically a second teacher. Right now I’m relearning radicals from last year bc the teacher didn’t successfully teach it to us effectively last year and Photomath is great for helping me understand the process and preparing me for geometry next year. Thanks Photomath, positive thoughts only!

Small criticism+suggestion btw im not a hater. I used to rely on this app alot to help me get through most solutions, but with online school rolling around due to covid 19 i would really also like that subscription you gave away to another reviewer. But another suggestion id like for you to add (and if thats gonna require another subscription, send me one for that too), and that is for you to have the ability to take photos of WORD problems (bc whenever i tried to do it with this app before i mysteriously deleted it, whenever i took photos of word problems it would mistake them for algebraic/variable letters). To close out my review, while i do have some suggestions and criticisms, im not a hater, so have these 5 stars.

Kept me smart during lockdown. My friend introduced me to Photomath after hearing multiple complaints from me about not understanding my school work during lockdown, and having limited instruction on how to do it properly. I used it during the last few months of school and during summer classes and it has literally saved me. I’m not so good at math and it takes multiple revisions and patience to teach me. Usually I’m taught what to do, but I never understand why I need to do it, so I end up not understanding anything. I was super nervous to start 8th grade since I heard my teacher is a good teacher but is a no nonsense type of teacher. I feel more confident in my math skills and I’m slightly excited for school, not gonna lie. Thank you so much Photomath developers ^.^

Not as useful as you think. This review is coming from the perspective of a high school math teacher. The app could be useful if used appropriately; meaning as a tool to check work not do the work for you. My colleagues and I have noticed that students are using the app and other similar to do the work for them instead of using it to check work or to learn how. How do we know? It’s amazing how students can turn in assignments/homework with accuracy but then cannot do similar problems on an assessment, even when some of the problems are the exact same. Also, Photomath will often show a more complicated method of solving a problem that would not be taught in a normal high school math class. Some examples are solving logarithms and factoring a basic trinomial. The app could be useful, but I have seen that it is allowing students to become lazier and hindering the learning of mathematical concepts.

Amazing app, very helpful. This app is great for students who may be confused about a topic or on a problem. especially at higher levels, teachers can throw curveballs in problems and students may be left confused. This app is great for showing students how to solve the problem. Other apps and websites may just tell you the answer which doesn’t help in the long run, but photomath gives you a step by step analysis on how to solve it, allowing the student to see where they may have made a mistake or helping them figure out things they don’t understand. Also, the developers keep making optimizations to make it easier to use, showing they truly care about students.

THE BEST!!!. This is way better than the normal calculator! You can just scan a problem and it will detect the numbers, obviously you can’t do everything (like word problems) but I’d say it works for most types of problems. If the app doesn’t detect a decimal point or a number when you scan then you can easily just edit the problem and put it in! And if you can’t really scan a problem you can kiss use the calculator it has built in, you can enter fractions and other things that you can’t in the normal calculator app. The only problem I have with the app is that when typing a fraction it’s hard to click on the space after it to keep on typing not in the fraction if that makes sense. 10/10

Prices ruined the app. This app used to be great. Until they became money hungry. I would spend a few bucks on this no problem, but they decided to make a subscription. This has ruined the app and instead of being unique and more helpful, it became more useless and more of a cheating tool than a learning tool. Now it is like almost every other calculator where it tells you the answer, but for a few bucks a month we will provide some help. I would probably buy it if it was a cheap one time purchase. Unfortunately not everyone has the money to pay a lot per month or year. This has completely ruined Photomath and took away its uniqueness making it seem like a money hungry app. Why pay 9.99 a month when you can make a small payment for a regular calculator. And it’s a one time purchase. This app has been ruined for me and now I barely use it now because now I don’t get help I just get answers.

Great. Photomath is great for scanning large problems quickly (not having to type them in) and solving problems you can’t just google. Not only this, but it takes you through the steps with explanation on how to progress. In most situations, If you’re stuck on a problem, you have to write it all out just to search for 20 minutes and not find anything. With photomath all you have to do is take a picture, get the answer, and some help. The app is programmed to know just about everything, even I haven’t run into problems with it once in the past year. If you’re hesitant about getting it, please do. You won’t regret it.

A very good free app, and a good paid service for those who need it. I used it for a while free, but more and more I needed questions broken down for me and it’s honestly perfect for me. It can’t solve some problems which is a real pain, but it can solve enough that it allows me to continue to learn on my own, rather than in class which I’m no good at. If you just need help with getting homework done, the free version works just fine and only advertises itself to you without being obnoxious. No bad mobile game adds, just a pop up that says, “hey our paid version could help you learn better” that you can close right away and doesn’t interfere with using the app.

More good than bad. Ok so to start I just wanna say that photo math is my number one source when I’m stuck on math homework. If I don’t understand I use photo math and it’s great and all but… idk how to word this. Uhm it isn’t perfect. I don’t know if it updated or not but at first I had to have premium to see the steps explained but how I don’t? And I’m happy with that though but I wish it could somehow help me more idk how but it’s just sometimes when I use it the answer is wrong or doesn’t make sense with my answer or my work or any possible way so I click on steps and it’s not how my teacher wants us to do it but it still helps more than it doesn’t so I give it 4 stars and I don’t regret downloading it and I’m super happy it’s free 😊

HOMEWORK GOODBYE SO FAST!!!!!!!. I did this photo math because I was looking for my mom to find out to help us with our math because she had no clue to do any problems. So I went on the app store to find an app that does math for you and I found photo math I downloaded it on my moms phone. I told her try it out we done used photo math for 4 years and I’m a straight A+ student. Get photo math today it will change your mind and it shows how to work it there’s textbooks and a light if working in the dark. It will show how to do your math step by step witch means I can do in class. Well that’s my Review I gave you guys a 5 star rating I love this app. And the other people and kids out there I hope you also get photomath.

Now you gotta pay. I have used this app since I was in middle school. It has helped me tremendously in understanding how to answer questions I have lots of difficulties with. But yet again, you now have to pay to get any explanations to the problem entered. It was a good app until they started to charge the user. My best guess is that the majority of users who use this app are kids still in school, mainly middle and high school. Now yes I’m assuming that college students do use this app as well but they probably only make up a smaller portion of users. So it’s very disappointing that yet another app that I use as turned to making the entire use of the app into a profit disregarding that a majority of people who use it are most likely unable to pay. Overall, if you’re looking for a quick answer and that’s all then this is the app. But you will not get any other information regarding to how the answer was gotten.

honestly get a different app for this, used to love.. Have used this app for more than a year, but recently they added a subscription where you have to pay for it explain it to you. I understand wanting to get some money out of the app and the developing of it but why’d you have to change it? Now you have to pay for things that you didn’t have to pay for before? Bring back the old version!! I don’t just want the answer but I am not going to pay for the explanation. I am literally in school how could I have the money to pay for the subscription. I honestly really loved this app for a long time but if your looking for an app like this don’t use this one, there are probably many others that could do the same for free. And the ads!! they’re so annoying especially when i’m literally trying to do work. Please change it back to the old way.

Surprisingly good 😊. I was expecting this to not be as good as I’ve been told. But once I tried it out for the first time I was pleasantly surprised. It is as easy as taking a quick photo and the math and boom problem solved🤯. It walks you through the steps. The explanation isn’t as detailed as I would have hoped but this app is so nice it still gets five stars. It is a very good quality app and I recommend it to all of my friends. There is rarely any adds. Highly recommend this app. Even though the explanation for each problem isn’t the best/not very detailed this app is still amazing!! Photomath is a lifesaver when I’m doing homework and I’m stuck on a problem!! Thank you to the people who created this app!!😊

Probably the most math app I've used. Math is my weakest subject and I struggle with tutoring and learning the subject for years. Since I did started using it I would scan more example problems to learn and remember how problems look like and how they're solved. Usually by the time I get to the homework I've learned what to do to do it.i use the app afterward to check my work and get credit in class. This helps a lot of hard algebra questions that normally I'd wait until the next class session to ask how it's done or struggle figuring out the harder questions. By the time I scan those it shows me and highlights what I need to do and those I end up highlighting for the study guides. I love it so much

Best app ever!. Allow me to explain what is so different about this app than the rest: It is able to solve problems, even difficult one. To be honest, I had my doubt that this app could possibly solve complicated problem. An example would be: (4-x^2)(1/3)[(6x+1)^-2/3)](6)-[(6x+1)^1/3)](2x). Other apps would be like:"this cannot be solved, but this app was able to solve it correctly! And the problem was a pre-calculus one! This is why you should invest in this app, and great job to the developer! People say that this is cheating, but cheating means if you just try to find the answer without any solution or process on how it was solved. This app shows you the answer and the entire process to getting the solution, so you are learning from it, not cheating.

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH. dear devs, I LOVE YOU GUYS. omg you are all amazing. photomath has helped me and my grades so much. (i don’t use this as a cheat tool.) i needed to study for a test but the notes i took weren’t the best. so i looked to photomath to help me understand some problems and sure enough, it explained them to me! i went from panicking because i didn’t understand the math i needed to prepare for the test, to feeling secure in the fact that i knew i studied good material (and understood it!) thank you so much. 😊💕 p.s. i bought plus and it is TOTALLY worth it! not only does it support the developers of this amazing app, but it also helps so much if you need to grade your math homework! (my school makes us grade our own work.)

♥️♥️♥️. I love this. I was looking for an app that would help me with something. Since I am not that smart I was stupidly placed in one of the smartest classes in my school and I kept failing every test. After weeks of failing and lost my confidence I found this app. I started reading reviews and saw that pretty much everyone gave it 5 stars and how it helped them so I decided to try it out. I did a couple of problems and started to do my homework and every answer that I had was right. It had helped me so much. It pretty much saved my life. I went from getting F’s to getting B’s. And that is thanks to this app. It saved my life and I recommended it to my friends who were having trouble with somethings as well. Thanks so much for making this app that can help anyone!!! ♥️♥️♥️

Amazing App for Parents. This is a spectacular app! I downloaded it thinking if it was half (0.5) of what it claimed to be I would be completely (100%) stoked! I must admit, this app is all I could have expected and more!!! It is fast, efficient, accurate, and it makes reviewing my child’s homework a breeze!!!! I’m no mathematician by any stretch of the imagination, so I have forgotten many of the methods used in teaching the basics. This app saves me time from having to look everything up on the web, refresh my memory, then teach it to my child. I just scan the problem, view the resulting output, and it all just seems to come back to me!!! Thank you so much to the creators!!! You should be brimming with pride in knowing your brain child is of such great use!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Surprising. Holy cow! When I first got this app I was thinking ‘This app looks kind of sketchy, but I have no other choice, might as well check it out’ am I glad I did! This app is truly a life saver! It was either this app or 2hours of math homework, so I say to the developers, thank you, thank you, thank you so much! This app is truly wonderful, I have no complaints! Also, to everyone that says this app helps you cheat, yeah sure it does, but what student in their right mind would pull their phone out mid test to do this? Non I know! This app gives you the answer and a detailed explanation! This app should replace the normal calculator! This app takes away the need to spend money to hire a tutor, I tell anyone in need of math help about this app. Truly amazing!

Review. This is a great app with a lot good ways to help you. It has a calculator with a lot of confusing things on it. But the most important thing of all is the camera that lets you take a math problem and turn it into a solution with a shot of a picture. It shows a solution with steps showing how it got there. I think this app is great! ( if ur reading this then this app is really great, if u wonder why I’m so enthusiastic then here’s a story to tell to your son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter. So this one day I played video games with my friend and then I got off videos to go to bed. Now I’m here bored as hell writing this review and probably going to bed in 3 2 1.) To everyone who reads this have a great rest of the year. This app is great!

Perfect app.. It’s definitely possible. Taylor Swift or whoever the heck said “nothing is perfect” is WRONG, wrong, wrong, wrong. This app is simple to use. Some people say that users don’t actually learn by using this, but the feature where it shows the work is just amazing, and the opposite of that. My friend can only help me so much in math, but with this, I can use it much more. I recommend it to as many people as possible. Sorry to repeat, but I just love that feature about showing the work. This app is already at it’s peak performance, but that performance could be done even more.... as a Widget. This is probably a bit much to ask, considering you’ve done all this already, but a Widget version of this would be great. Thank you, so much.

I'M ACTUALLY PASSING MATH!! NEVER DELETE THIS APP. Whoever created app must have been heaven sent to solve the worlds problems. This app is amazing. It helps me more than a tutor! If it wouldn't have been for this app. I don't know what I would have done. Thank you guys so much! All throughout school I've failed math, I've never had a solid way to learn math, until I found this app, this app had truly changed my life, I owe everything I have to the person who designed and created this app, I hope they are truly blessed! I can't even understand how I would get through high school or college without this app, I can't believe it's free, they say the best things in life are free, WELL THIS APP ONLY CONFIRMS THAT! Thank you so much Photomath, I owe you everything in my life!! Because you saved my life!

Awesome App for a Relearner. It has been four years since I have taken a math class and the way my teacher and the textbook tell me how to solve problems is more complicated and confusing than the steps provided by this app. The steps are split into very small steps so you don’t get confused by the solution skipping too many small steps at once. I use this app for homework to help me when I can’t figure it out myself. Great app that can solve the vast majority of problems I have shown it. It struggles with more conditional problems where you don’t need the problem solved completely or if the solution would require the use if “i” if it was not already present in the problem.

Must have app!!!. This app is just so awesome I have no words to describe it like that's how amazing this app is. Not only does this app tell you the solutions to a math problem they also show you how they did it so than you can follow step by step and learn everything. If you are having trouble understanding an equation just scan it and they will tell you the solution and show you all the steps. If you also have a hard time graphing equations this app can also do that for you and they will explain to you how they did it. This app is honestly the best and it's FREE!!! This is like hiring your private tutor except this is free. There are no second thoughts about this app if you struggle with math like I do then this app is for you. Best math app out there!!!!

It Works!!!!. OMG!! So I never write reviews on anything but I’m writing this one now because I feel as if people underestimate the app. I had downloaded this app because of a friend and I didn’t know if it would actually work but when I tried it on my regents homework (algebra) it worked and I was so surprised it saved me hours of time and I was able to even go to the cinema afterwards, and the app doesn’t just give you the answer if you click the little arrow it shows how to actually do the problem yourself so it’s a tutor in a way too because of this app I now know how to solve algebraic equations by myself but I still use this app to check my work so I would definitely recommend this app to all even adults can use it!!!

I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I am a 7th grade G.A.T.E (accelerated classes) student. i struggled a lot with test taking in math because i felt pressured and not good enough. when studying and doing homework, i would always want to make sure my answers were correct. this app was the perfect match for me! if i didn’t get the question right, first i would try again, but if i still failed it answer correctly, i would look to see how this app solved it and it helped me out tremendously!!! they show you step by step on how to do the problem and it helps so much!! i love this app so much and it takes no time to get help on hard math problems. thank you Photomath so much! you helped me out tremendously! have a good day everyone 💖

Wow. This app is bomb, I recommend to everyone. Even if you aren’t enrolled in school or have a job that presents you with difficult math problems, you can enter literally anything and this app knows the answer. I missed two weeks of college and took pictures of the problems on the grades homework assignment I was assigned, which was on the material I had missed in the two weeks, and the answers were broken down step by step and I got a 100 on the assignment. I would have had to watch probably an hour and a half worth of educational videos to understand the concepts if I had not used this app and had everything broken down for me in such a simple way. This is the best app in the store. I wish I came up with the idea.

This is AMAZING!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️. Although some people argue that people only use it to cheat, that is completely incorrect. This app does wonders for students who struggle in math, or for those like me, who want to get high grades(it can be used to check your problems). It explains things amazingly, and I love that it shows multiple methods to solve problems. If your child(or anyone who might concern you) is using this app to cheat, then that is their mistake, not the developers’. This app has saved me in math and has helped me get a 97 in algebra. If you don’t like it, then don't use it! It’s not that hard! Just press the delete button. But overall, i wish I could give this app higher than a 5 star rating. It’s deserves it.

Honestly The Most Helpful App Ever. This app is amazing, I go to one of the hardest schools in my country and this app has helped me understand so much material, the scan feature is spot on, I have terrible handwriting, even some teachers can’t understand it, but this app can understand what I wrote in a mere second. Photomath provides an in-depth solution for every problem, showing you the solving steps in an instant, along with a simple, not hard to understand explanation below it. It will show graphs for equations and even has a built in calculator which is very easy to use and can input stuff that your average calculator can’t. Overall, I would rate this app a 10/10 and a must have if you’re a student, it provides a simple, understandable ad-free experience.

Thank You!. Okay, so EVERYTIME I hear about these apps they can never do anything other than solve simple subtraction, division, multiplication, and addition problems meant for elementary schoolers. While that’s all nice and dandy, that’s what the calculator that comes preinstalled on every phone is for. But, when I downloaded this app a couple months ago in the midst of a mental breakdown over some algebra homework, I practically sang Hallelujah. It solves almost every algebra, calculus, and geometry problem I throw it’s way! My friends and I even gave it a name (Jeremy), and they joke about how we have been in a relationship for the last few months and that he has been helping me with my homework every day. Idk why y’all needed to know that, but I seriously do love this app.

The best app of all time. I downloaded this app yesterday. When u first tried out the camera, it was excellent. It can read anything except for custom math problems in math books. When I have trouble with my math homework and nobody can help me, I check over my math and when I get it wrong, it can tell me step by step how to do it. The only problem is I’m in 5th grade, and sometimes the way they explain the way to solve the work, I can’t understand what it means. There is also something that when I do step by step solutions, there are some steps that just don’t show, and I have no clue what it means because it skips steps. Besides that, it is an amazing app and I highly recommend it.

Speechless🤭. wow. i have never had an application help me much as photomath. i am going into my freshman year of high school and i have been using photomath for about a year now. i enjoy algebra. i really do. but when i don’t understand something that is being thought to me and only by tedious repetition will i learn it, i get irritated and upset. this is better than i could have asked for to help me with algebra. i take a picture of the problem and even though it doesn’t explain how to do the steps if you don’t want to pay 10$/mo, it still walks you through the steps of the math problem for free. sure, it’s no tutor, but it’s a life saver. thank you photomath!

App of the century. I’m good at math, but every once in a while I get stuck on one that’s impossible and my whole class will get wrong. Well let me tell you my friends, things have changed. No longer will I spend hours stressing over that one problem. No longer will I have anxiety to tell my honors algebra teacher why I don’t have an answer for it. I downloaded this app a while back when it was in early development and I have to say, I was slightly disappointed by the limited problem solving abilities but tonight I decided to download it again and it simplified an operation of radicands! The world has been blessed by an app such as this and I strongly advise anyone who has difficulty with math to download it.

Feedback. I love photomath honestly i’ve been using it for years now and it has helped me a lot you just scan your equation and it gives you step by step!!!! Like word problems and equations ,but now there are some bugs that i don’t really like : you have to pay and ik photomath needs the money but some of us really need it. Photomath can solve word problems but i recently tried multiple word problems but it couldn’t solve the word problems because they didn’t recognize it. They also took out some solutions out of the math practice books which people needed, and now you have to pay to unlock all the solutions to your questions in the practice book.

Good but needs lot more changes. Most of the time when I’m doing math I choose for the math to help me with the problems that I’m stuck on but most of the time they say that they can’t solve the problem or they mix up the numbers and I end up failing math but some of the time if I get lucky they will answer my question correctly. I get so frustrated with this app because whenever I have a problem on IXL and I don’t know how to solve it I use this app and it doesn’t do anything I just says “ooops we will get this problem solved later” then it’s actually gonna be like 100 years that it’s later but the thing is whenever I get it wrong it lowers my grade so usually I fail math just because of this on wrong app so you guys should spend your time buying other apps instead of this one!!!it also mixes up number. I am so mad at the app I hate it!!!😤😫😭☹️🥺😖

Uhhhh. Ok so this is a app with a lot of potential, if only I could USE it. I admit this is partly my fault for not checking to see if there were in app purchases, but I downloaded this for the animations, and you have to pay 10 flippin bucks a month for that! Plz make it more affordable, especially for students who really need this. I would pay like, $3 a month. And I understand that this is your job, but I think you would actually get more money from making it cost less. Supply and demand. I’m thirteen and my parents understandably don’t want to pay this much. Maybe have a discount for students or something. Maybe make us watch a SHORT add for the animations or something. Thank you for reading this, (if you actually are) and I hope this is helpful to some people. 😄 For now I’m just going back to my calculator.

Photomath review. Ok so I was struggling. In math especially with division and using this app I didn’t exactly just get the answers for the problems are use this app to understand how to do the problems and this really help me and I got all A’s in my math classes for division because of this app so I’m reading this five stars because this app helped me so much and I just want to thank you guys for having this up and well it made math so much easier for me and it worked with almost all of my problems but then I go to solutions and it gives me a solution for the problem so I understand it better than what the teacher thought so thank you photo math and because of you I got all A’s in the unit of division in my class so once again thank you

It’s so helpful! ❤️🐼 I got straight A’s!. I recommend you guys to use this app! It’s an awesome feeling to understand math! I have a professor who’s not really that good in teaching. He’s a kind of professor who just sits and read what’s on the book. Sure, you can learn something but what if you’re a kind of person who has to learn every single detail? 🙂 That’s right, I’m that kind of person. I wanted to understand everything in detail. 🙂 When I started using this app, I was amazed because you can easily understand everything since it’s explained in detail, 🙂so I was happy because I always get A’s on my quizzes and tests. Try it! FYI, I’m not a math person. 😂 in fact l, I hated math, but it’s a good feeling when you’re actually leaning “math” Thanks for this app! It’s very accurate and helpful! 😊

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 8.18.0
Play Store com.microblink.PhotoMath
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

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The applications Photomath was published in the category Education on 2014-10-17 and was developed by Photomath, Inc. [Developer ID: 901413062]. This program file size is 29.09 MB. This app has been rated by 609,350 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Photomath - Education app posted on 2023-01-22 current version is 8.18.0 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.microblink.PhotoMath. Languages supported by the app:

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