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Learn math, check homework and study for upcoming tests and ACTs/SATs with the most used math education app on the planet. Photomath is FREE and works without wi-fi or data. Whether you’re on the bus, in a cave or just offline, core Photomath is always available, because data matters.

From basic arithmetic to advanced calculus and geometry, learn with Photomath. Understand core concepts to help you advance in math and feel confident in class!

● NEW! Word problem explanations!
● No internet or data required
● Free to use
● Step-by-step explanations for every solution
● Exclusive how-to animations
● Scroll through multiple solving methods per problem
● Multi-functional scientific calculator
● Interactive graphs

● Basic Math/Pre-Algebra: arithmetic, integers, fractions, decimal numbers, powers, roots, factors
● Algebra: linear equations/inequalities, quadratic equations, systems of equations, logarithms, functions, matrices, graphing, polynomials
● Geometry (specific textbooks only)
● Trigonometry/Precalculus: identities, conic sections, vectors, matrices, complex numbers, sequences and series, logarithmic functions
● Calculus: limits, derivatives, integrals, curve sketching
● Statistics: combinations, factorials

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Suggestions or questions? Email us at [email protected]

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Twitter: @Photomath

Photomath is and will always be free to use, but you can boost your learning with Photomath Plus - solutions for every problem in your textbook including WORD PROBLEMS! Currently available in US and for specific textbooks only.

Don’t see your textbook? Email us at [email protected] Tell us which books you want to be covered next!

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Photomath App Description & Overview

The applications Photomath was published in the category Education on 2014-10-17 and was developed by Photomath, Inc.. This application file size is 72.98 MB. Photomath current version is 6.4.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Bug fixes and overall performance enhancements

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Photomath Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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orbiccrystal   5 star

You saved my life. This is so amazing I’m a student and this app helped so much my homework and exams thank you

zxsaqwewas;$&)(?,!   5 star

This app.... Thanks for all the help ❤️❤️

crap202   5 star

Crap. Crap crap crap

yocelynari   5 star

Great app for homework!. This app helps me with my algebra it’s not considered cheating if you look at the explanation, but I like to use it for my math class

Chicachickdn013   5 star

Cheating on Homework. I honestly don’t know how I was going to pass math without this app

#popcaplover   5 star

Solving steps are so helpful. That it doesn’t really even count as cheating. Helps me survive homework-heavy days.

hdjssushsgd   4 star

Ratings. I like your app and stuff but I wish you didn’t pay for the whole equation

clash royale rager   4 star

Ok. I miss the auto capture function, it was perfect.

Jamie_Knight   5 star

Installed this literally only 2 minutes ago. Legit the best that’s all I have to say just download it you never know if you’ll need it

jacodruizgges   5 star

M. I like this app because it is very helpful for me and l hate math and it make it easier for me.

leighjarman626   4 star

Helpful. This app is helpful, however, it cannot help with ALL problems.

mo151652   5 star

Best. I got every question right on my math homework

eleanoelee   5 star

Photo Math!!!. This app is amazing not only does it help me solve a problem but it help me understand it better!!!

Tetepipi   5 star


insane discosonkey   5 star

This is the best app. Take a picture and you get the answer but make sure it is clear of I won’t read it

jess, mwuah 😹🤘🏿   5 star

hi. ok i like it, but learn how to do linear equations 🤐🤏🥱😅😘💚.

Cloudgirl500   5 star

Couldn’t have been better. It is pretty good. I mean it is not perfect but pretty close. I recommend this app

WIGGLE KING   5 star

Great app. This is an amazing app, even without buying the pro version it still gives you good tips and it really helped with problems I couldn’t understand

breskie   5 star

Yay. The best

Jahuni   5 star

Amazing App. I personally wish this was available while I was in high school. I would’ve appreciated math more than I did. Love it💯❗️❗️

CharleyMichelle   5 star

Great app. Photo math is really helpful for struggling students because it gives steps so the student can understand!!


BEST APP EVER. It helps me a lot while studying for my exams and I always find my faults while using it. I REALLY RECOMMEND IT

Añōńÿmöuś   5 star

Good for late assignments. This is a great app that will be very useful to many problems you will or might run into

Xparklez12   3 star

Math “Plus” Problem. I used to use this app for my work and this helped me so much but now I have to have a “plus” and I don’t think that is fair, all I get is the answer, no directions on how to solve it.

TheMuff1nMan   5 star

Perfect. Fantastic app, solves problems instantly and simply while also walking you through the math and helping you learn.

Tornado alley resident   5 star

Amazing. It is so helpful and it explains everything I need to me step by step! Keep up the good work!

ajajajjajaha   5 star

SUPER HELPFUL!. I just started using this app. I’m super satisfied! I usually struggle with math but this app is great at explaining each step!

Jace ACM   5 star

Photomath AKA A 7th Grader's Life Saver. If there was a title for best app, this takes the cake. Photomath has helped kids ranging from 4-7th grade get a better look at there math problems. Although most people would use the app just for answers, I mainly use it to find my mistakes I make in problems. It's also a very easy process. All you have to do is snap a photo of the problem, and it gives you the answer. It also gives you the "steps" in order to get the correct answer. All in all, this app is a great use of technology and it is very helpful for students to check their work.

CiCi Pittman   4 star

Rating. Super helpful if I don’t understand, and gives good steps on how to do the problems

dhsgdgg   5 star

Great App. Photo math is a really good app to help you find the answer to the equation you don’t know how to answer, photo math also shows steps for how to solve the equation. I would recommend it to anyone who is having trouble solve problems.

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abijohnstoneee   5 star

10/10. It’s a great app, it helps me figure out algebra problems and shows how to do it by step by step

draw is not worth your time   5 star

Absolutely Perfectó!. Just, wow

Alice richo   5 star

Math papa. Almost always good .. always room to improve

App lover 7060101112   5 star

Amazing. Cool banana’s, helps me get the bread.

Timcampbel_45   5 star

Just download it!. Excellent explanations and solutions

dinhling   5 star

Awesome App!. Thanks, this is a great app!!

Roblox_Angel26   4 star

Photomath. I like Photomath cuz it helps me a lot with solving difficult equations when no one else is around. It also explains the questions thoroughly:)

LabPlayz   5 star

Very Good. This app helps is much with difficult studying. It works well as an answer checker and as a guide to learn how to do different equations. 10/10


Life saver. You have no idea the amount of times I’ve gotten myself into a conundrum where there is a question that seems almost impossible to solve. This app hasn’t let me down at all, it’s just amazing how I can learn that I’ve written the question wrong all along or completely forgotten that 2 times 3 is 6. All my troubles are gone with a click and a few swipes with great detail on what to do and even what rule to use. I’m never going to be in these annoying situations again.🥳😅

Mare Cosmin   4 star

Foarte bun. Scrisul de mana nu il prea intelege( nu stiu daca scriu e prea urât sau e prob de la aplicatie) si uneori nu are rezolvari la probleme mai complexe

WeedBloke69   5 star

5 stars. This app is fantastic. Great, clear and concise explanations of problems that may have left you stumped for hours. Works great alongside your textbook. 5/5 would recommend. PS it’s also free

vfsdhvhsbdfbvdhfd   5 star

AMAZING. This is amazing! I struggle a lot with my math and with this app everything is a lot easier 😀😀😀😀

sthkotni13   5 star

Must have math app. It has saved me so many times

bulluma   4 star

This saved me. This app is currently getting me through high school, I can get an answer in seconds with the click of a button, sounds great right? The only downside is that it doesn’t always read the question properly or in some cases the answer was wrong and doesn’t turn side on. But other than that I strongly recommend this for everyone😁

raad20967   5 star

Love it. Love it

snahsvska   1 star

Ed. Bend

Zac.h$   5 star

Best app ever. This app honestly has changed my life it is amazing for checking answers and cheating in family game time I love this it amazing

jigglypuff girl 909   5 star

This is my saviour for my math homework. This is the best app I’ve used and it helped me a lot for my math homework when nobody in my house knows the question so a big thank you to the creators this is the most important app for me if I have a math homework I will for sure use this forever.

Honest guru   5 star

Best app ever. This is an amazing app I would recommend for people who want a step by step answer or just want a quick one. It is for free and no sign up needed just take a picture and bam your answer.

i give up with the nick names   5 star

I love this app. When I need help I use Photomath, it teaches me step by step and explain what’s happening thank you so much for existing!!

turn l3ft   4 star

It doesn’t really tell you how it solved the problem. ...

( ̄^ ̄)ゞ ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ   5 star

This is SO HELPFUL ٩( ᐛ )و. This app is such a bonus meme when I’m trying to solve an equation. It has allows you to take a photo of your problem and will easily solve it for you, including easy steps to how they solved it. I totally recommend because one snap can help you understand what your actually trying to do. ٩( 'ω' )و

Harinbay   5 star

Thank You. This has helped me sooo much. Thank you for this app. There is a problem where the camera won’t focus onto another screen but you can write it somewhere else then scan. Thaaannnkssss :)

mintyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy   5 star

Highly recommend. This app helps me so much and it’s has been in many occasions super handy, such as practicing for a test. The app also teaches you how to solve the problem correctly! Highly recommend!👌👍

84bubblegum   5 star

Must have app. This app is amazing, it has helped me understand maths questions when I didn’t have someone to ask. This app provides you with not only the answer but how to solve it too. If you need help with maths this is the app for u.

NickyT134619   5 star

Fantastic. Photomath is so fantastic. When your stuck on a math problem you can just take a photo of the question then Photomath will generate the answer and you are able to learn from the solutions it gives you

Jimmybobtm   5 star

Saved my maths grades. Photomath has saved my maths grades this year. The solutions are so easy to understand and they give you step by step instructions.

jacqueline t. tran   5 star

It is good but.... The app is great but my class is like a testing class, we are using devices for homework and we submit it online. So can you make a option where you scan a photo that is already taken? For fun me and other friends do grade 10 homework since we can access it and I have little-no idea what the questions are about so if you could add this in it would be great. Overall if I didn’t have online homework the app would be awesome!

my Roblox peace✌️   5 star

This is amazing. This app has helped me so much with my homework and this app is literally a free tutor at home. It's great because it shows working out and It really does teach how to multiply things and many more 👏👏👏👏 Ps this is a great app for me when I can’t be bothered calculating my homework

Ro Thor   4 star

An awesome FREE app!. Photomath has helped me many times with my math, and is only growing in its understanding. The developers also see the point in “education should be free” as nothing costs, as an aspiring student, it is an amazing help for homework, etc. giving detailed descriptions on how to do work. I rate 4 stars only because their is room for improvement, I have had a number of sums either not all ways it can be figured out or were not given all the steps in solving. The clear graphics and easy manoeuvring through the app makes it a delight to use. I would also recommend for the developers to put a description on what is wrong when we send tips for what can be improved as constructive feedback! Thank young heaps developers for this AMAZING app!

photomath fanboy   5 star

👍. Great and helps to understand not only the answer but how to get to that answer!👍

fix pocket video   5 star

really good. helped me w math and yea it’s good

Efan1729   5 star

Amazing. This app really saves time so that I can do other things

The 🤡🗿   5 star

Works surprisingly well. The main camera function works well and it’s only bugged out 2 times out of the lots of times I used it it even helped Me Learn most of the things I struggled with

🍭🍎🍑   5 star

pretty good. photomath is really useful and teaches me a lot of things.

Z Greene   5 star

Greatest math app ever!!!👍. I have never used an app for math better than this in my life it breaks everything down and explains it in simpleton terms so I can understand.

idontcareidiot   5 star

Amazing Helper!. I struggle on math but this just helps it a lot more! Thank you PhotoMath! - A pleased girl 🤩

alyssa.060   5 star

best app. i love this thanks so much

-# so good game whooo   5 star

Rating. I really love this app it really helps when I’m trying to solve math and don’t know what to do it even shows the steps.

Jofo62964   5 star

Amazing. The best app for math help

M.Z.A.I.D   5 star

Photomath. This app is a really helpful app because it tells you how to solve the problem.

Beba31   5 star

Amazing Math App. This is the best app for me to help my daughter step by step.

Bballgirl_20   1 star

disappointed. it doesn’t help with any geometry really and kinda disappointing

gracektea   5 star

so good!. i recently downloaded this and i am amazed. i have downloaded multiple apps like this but i must say, this is the best. the steps are clear and simple and it’s a lifesaver! I definitely recommend this app out of all! 🙂


Blessed be PhotoMath. So many assignments I would have failed without you, thank you to whoever brought this holy thing into existence.

ForGoodSakeGiveMeAUsername   5 star

Lit asf. Okay

iojkiojk   5 star

School. It is very very helpful

hrbehsKtdirzn   5 star

Awesome. This math app helps you get the correct answers instantly. I love this app for help in my math as i struggle. It’s very easy. Step one: enter your problem. There are to ways to, either scan your problem or you can input it in the calculator. Step two: get your answer instantly. If you need to show your work it gives you the steps for FREE! Step three: get 100% on every math assignment! 👌 Hope this helps a lot. 🙂🙂

jalepenosausage   3 star

It’s alright. It is great and helpful but in my opinion it dose not state the steps verry clearly. And it complicates a little more that needed

neuejfhwjeidje   5 star

If god was an app this would be it. It gives you explanations if you don’t get it! It truly is the best app for math, and you can’t find anything EVEN SIMILAR in websites or other apps

young chalkboard   5 star

Really good. I use this for homework

. Brodowski   5 star

Helps a lot!!. My mum told me about the app and I started using it. Now I have someone or something to help me with my math. And sometimes I’ll just take picture of the problem and see how they solve it to understand!😁❤️❤️

Mira7330   5 star

I love Photomath. This app is amazing and it can help you with all of your math needs

hehehejsj   5 star

Perfect. This app is flawless. Every time I get stuck on a problem photo math helps. I love that it shows me the work and how to do it. 10/10 Amazing

journeysky💍✨.   5 star

Photomath🥰. I really like this app .. when you take a pic It automatically know what math topic your doing

Kev71281   5 star

A lifesaver. It’s The only way I’m surviving through Mr.Lopez’s class

wetwet373835   5 star

Great. The best🤍

toyblastgirl   5 star

Thank you Photomath. Photomath is absolutely the best thing that came an screen it is very easy to use it helps with all kind math problems but favorite feature is the “step-by-step” as an middle schooler you get more work and when the math teachers tell you to show your work on and homework it gets tricky if so Th is is an calculator that show its work that what I love and I been using this app since 3rd grade and now I am in 7th so it must be good that I kept it for 4 years thank you so much Photomath your are the best don’t ever leave the internet 🦋😊🌵🌺

Machneen   5 star

Helpful. Helps me a lot with problems I am stuck on

Joe mama :) :) :)   5 star

Amazing. This is amazing for lazy people like me cuz I don't want to do my homework!!!!

Cmvjiejcmckckcfidlc   5 star

You guys smell. Take a shower then go work at the local circus you dingus.When you were born your mom looked at you and then put you up for adoption P.S You’re a massive dingus nerd kabob who makes an app for more nerds to cheat. But this app is top quality.5 stars

Leoahahahshahshs   5 star

Word equation. Try to add word equations

Jgspiri   5 star

The best math helping app. This app is so so good! You simply take a picture of a problem and It guides through a step by step process on how to solve it! It’s not just for answers but for studying assell!!

kjrtheking   5 star

Very helpful app. This app is very helpful

edgarmolesini   5 star

C’est pas bon. C’est pas bon

m.lulat   5 star

Amazing. Just amazing

iAmSmArT2341   5 star

Amazing!. This app helps me so much. I love how it teaches you as well as being an excellent calculator.

Rulas vienneau   5 star

Se la recomiendo. Es muy buena me sirve de todo

Josh poopop   5 star

Amazing. I LOVE IT

Puneety   1 star

Bad. Have to pay to solve more than 7 questions

mylovebella123   5 star

Help me understand. It helped me a lot to understand what was happening and what I was doing

hannaha98   5 star

best app ever. easy to understand steps and visuals. good for the questions you don’t understand or want to check.

1455364636463635455   5 star

Math. Photomath is the best I love it!

estebanitos   5 star

Saw this in a tik tok an I tried it thinking it was fake. Honestly it’s free bRuH so just try it, it works Btw, no I’m not a bot lol

mélidamour9   5 star

Wow!. J’aime beaucoup cette application car elle m’aide pour mes devoirs.Effectivement,je me fait de équation sur un papier et lorsque j’ai fini,je me vérifie en prenant une photo de mon calcul de base.Super pratique!

ChocoCatThingy700   5 star

Photomath. This app really helps me figure out what I did wrong and explains to me step by step on the solution. This is a good app and I recommend this app to anyone who’s looking for help. :D

Awesome😎😎😎😎😎😎😎   5 star

Lifesaver. This app is so helpful for math homework

gxksbahushs   5 star

Helps me cheat. Helps me cheat

😘Josiah   5 star

Very helpfully. Greatt app Periodtt

Prof_Steph   5 star

Une des meilleures applications pour les mathématiques. Cette application est géniale, elle est de loin un outil indispensable pour résoudre des problèmes d’algèbre et bien plus encore.

parshand   5 star

Really good app. In depth explanations, truly is a lifesaver thank you developers

Zacpotter54   5 star

Merci. Meilleur appli que jai tester

Hbvvggg   5 star

thank you. excellent math help

aldora2565   5 star

Very helpful. It’s very helpful and would recommend to anyone

bibu133   5 star

super. super applis

fortnite mobile is trash   5 star

just the best. love it

DJ Tocho   4 star

☹️. Scanning math is so hard!

aliardi32123   5 star

Soo good. Thank u so much

Spencer3464   5 star

Great app!. I scan and equation, and it provides me the help my teacher never gave me.

ptdvwjd   5 star

Grade ten math. This app is the best app I have come a cross so far. It has helped me understand things so much better than my teacher has been able to. Got me through grade ten

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