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Create, edit, and collaborate with others on spreadsheets from your iPod, iPhone, or iPad with the free Google Sheets app. With Google Sheets you can:

* Create new spreadsheets or edit any that were created on the web or on another device
* Share spreadsheets and work together with others in the same spreadsheet at the same time
* Get stuff done anytime -- even without an internet connection
* Format cells, enter/sort data, view charts, insert formulas, use find/replace, and more
* Never worry about losing your work -- everything is automatically saved as you type
* Protect your spreadsheets with a 4-digit passcode
* Open, edit, and save Excel files

Google Sheets App Description & Overview

The applications Google Sheets was published in the category Productivity on 2014-04-30 and was developed by Google LLC. The file size is 220.68 MB. The current version is 1.2019.18202 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

* Bug fixes and performance improvements

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Very helpful and useful  CHECK. IT. OUT. 🥳  4 star

By my defense, this app is very impressive. It is very organized. I get things done. And fast. If you are looking to get this app or not, and your looking at the comments. Get the app. It will make you life easier. Thank you.


Unable to Edit Shared Sheets  Cristyjewelry  3 star

I try to go as mobile as possible, because opening up a computer all the time sometimes is just too much of a hassle or takes way too much time for something that should be done so quickly, such as signing up for a meeting time. Whenever I try to edit a spreadsheet for something like signing up, there’s always an annoying pop-up that says I need to download the app in order to edit at all. And even when I already have it downloaded, I still have to press the only “accept” button on that pop-up, which says “get the app”. It takes me back to the app store, where I then have to press “open”, and opens up to the Google Sheets app, but the sheets I would be trying to edit wouldn’t automatically come up. Checking the “Shared with Me” tab doesn’t do anything, trying the process over again doesn’t do anything, and nor does completely closing the App Store or Google Sheets app then starting the process over again do anything. This practically makes the Sheets app useless for me, because this is pretty much the only reason I need it. When using Sheets, I’m usually just trying to open someone else’s Sheets page, which they linked somewhere, and edit it rather than creating one myself.


Update is horrible!  Amandalyn444  1 star

I liked it before. The new update makes it so I can’t do anything! I wish I had never updated it. I’ve been using this app for over a year and never had any problems until last week. Please fix it again!

Wild Terky

Speak to Type  Wild Terky  2 star

Speak to type crashes the app


OK, just ok  LesLauk  2 star

Good for looking at spreadsheets you design on a regular computer, but without the drop down menu bar along the top, you have very limited editing capabilities available. Two stars and not only one because of the ability to pull market prices from websites is handy. Without most features available with using a computer (e.g., conditional formatting, the menu bar), Sheets for ipads and ipods lacks mobility for working on a spreadsheet. It’s more of a viewer than a working app.


Keeps flashing off 😕😫  anna1234678910  2 star

I was supposed to be doing something fun on this, but it kept switching off and going on my home screen. After about 15 seconds it does it over and over again. I also tryed putting my power off and switching it back on again , therefore it still did not work. I am very very disappointed ☹️.


Issues syncing  ronny565327  1 star

Quite simple...edit on my iPhone...version on iPad not updated till some random number of hours later.


Great sharing spreadsheet!  JoshuaKCatholic  4 star

Works do well for simultaneous editing!


Need more text edit buttons  feguiso  3 star

Drop down menu for more functions

manju rao p r

Color sorting  manju rao p r  4 star

Sheet is not allowing cell color based sorting, MS XL allows


Excellent  Daniel18888  4 star

Tried out google sheets as it is free compared to paying loads for an app I may only use a few times a year and I’m very happy as it did what I wanted it to do for free hopefully it stays free.


Wow google sheets  #BIG FAN  1 star

This took 2 hours to download and it’s still not done! I would recommend a different app like google slides, pages or Microsoft it might just be my iPad but over 2 hours is just to long especially if your like me trying to do your school work!😤😤😤😖😖😡😡

pama review

Continually crashes!!!  pama review  1 star

Love the idea of it however it continually crashes on any of our apple devices. You literally get only a couple of seconds to read the sheet before it closes. Would love it if they fixed this issue. Sadly I’m not the only person with this problem. Sorry Google! ☹️


Missing features  President.Evans  3 star

I was just trying to do named ranges on the tablet app, and it’s not there. I tried changing the font of multiple cells on the mobile app, and it’s not there. It just gets frustrating, why are bits and pieces missing?


Great app  palmmy449  5 star

I used this app for my work and it is great as I can work anywhere when I have time and save in my google drive. Brilliant

John Paul Bishop

All security is stripped on upload and edited xls sheets  John Paul Bishop  1 star

This is an up and security issue


Short cuts  chrisnewworld  3 star

Appreciate shortcuts will be really good to access this any functionality


Hard to use  willtenng  1 star

Hard to use


Battery killer  I❤️📱  1 star

Drains battery on my iPad rapidly, and very glitchy too. Not recommended by me...


Disappointed  readsbooks4  1 star

The app is nothing like the website my friends computer allows her to make awesome graphs which I cannot make on my iPad this could been disastrous for my school report please make it with all capabilities of the website or make the website available to people on iPads


Unreliable  Uffta!  2 star

Values and formulas change by themselves randomly, so your data gets corrupted. Double check your work, and save often. Very frustrating.


Five Stars!!  pinkfrog16  5 star

I’m obsessed with sheets. I love staying so organized. The best thing is you can use it offline too!! Amazing !!!


Good but could be better!  kwitz345  4 star

Love the app but I wish it had the same functionality as the browser version. Specifically the ability to make check boxes and create the alternating color lists.


Not printable  divapatsy  1 star

The document has a very small viewing window when you go to print, it only prints whats on the screen. I personal don’t like this google application. You also can’t do a search, limited options. 👎

gvz hahA vhjV

Joioj  gvz hahA vhjV  5 star

Bobik p the Okinawaqjjjoi


Brickshire  ECGLASS  4 star

My daughter set it up for me. So far so good, I’m really jumping in today. Check back on me with me later.


Won’t open documents from web and tells me to install app from store despite having it installed.  Feartheswans  1 star

I want to edit a document from drive but it tells me to install my already installed app that it simply opens from the store


Can’t open spreadsheet  E'smomplus1  1 star

Someone shared a editable spreadsheet to group FB page. I tap on spread sheet. It suggests I get the app. Download app. Open and signin to app. Go back and tap on spreadsheet again. It still suggests I get the app, but offers no option to open in the app. Try clicking on “get the app” again to see if it will realize I have the app. It sends me to App Store which gives me the option to open the app. When I tap open the app the spreadsheet still isn’t there. Very annoying to recommend people get the app if they won’t be able to open the spreadsheet within the app.

how mant times

Crash issue needs addressed  how mant times  1 star

Constantly crashes. Can’t even view my documents on my XS max


Excelente solução  FabrizioMoralez  5 star

Ajuda de forma consistente. Vem se tornando indispensável.

Peter Abs

Huge disappointment  Peter Abs  1 star

Terrible app, constantly crashing and extremely slow even on the latest high end iPhone (XS). Very disappointing as it would be very useful for work.


Avoid if you plan to do serious work  ezevacirca  1 star

I am terribly disappointed by this app. For several years I used the browser version on my laptop (which is great!). Since last year though, I decided to move to an iPad and was forced to use this app. I cannot believe how badly built this app is, specially when you compare it to the browser version! If you want to do some basic stuff it is an “ok” app, a mild nightmare that’s not too bad as -after all- it’s free. However, if your plan is to do some serious stuff, using this app is the ultimate nightmare (particularly if you’re using your iPad with an external keyboard). Conclusion, I’m back to Excel which is not as good as the desktop version, but at least is WAY better than this app.


Love it  Evadertracker  5 star

As usual an excellent Google app.


Посилання  etapoid  1 star

Немає можливості вставити посилання спрощенним варіантом як а Андроїді, не зручно кожен раз прописувати функцію гіперпосилання вручну.


Excellent easy to use  CarlR72  5 star

As it says in heading, highly recommend


Great app  tonysmyth  5 star

Great app simple spreadsheet for on the go. Has good functionality.


I love the application  ArtRoger  4 star

It is easy to learn the basics.


Fabulous always works always there everywhere  Patrickstmps  5 star



Really good  Unaniharpist  4 star

I find this app really useful, well-designed, haven’t come scross any bugs!

Tony O'Riordan

Fab  Tony O'Riordan  5 star

Converted, simple and intuitive great for sharing

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