BimmerLink for BMW and MINI App Reviews


BimmerLink for BMW and MINI App Description & Overview

What is bimmerlink for bmw and mini app? BimmerLink is the direct link to your BMW or MINI. Using one of the supported OBD adapters you can read trouble codes or display sensor values in realtime, check the current state of the DPF in your car or register a new battery after replacement. BimmerLink even allows you to remotely control the exhaust flap or mute the Active Sound Design in your car.

Diagnose your car as would otherwise be possible only by your Service Partner. In contrast to generic OBD apps that read emission related errors only, BimmerLink allows you to read and clear trouble codes from ALL control units in your car.

BimmerLink provides a big selection of values like oil temperature or boost pressure. Keep an eye on all the important parameters of your car with a personalized dashboard.

Take control over the exhaust flap in your car and decide yourself, whether it should be closed or open.

If you do not like the artificial engine sound generated in your car, just mute the Active Sound Design with BimmerLink.

The “Sound Tuning” option allows you to disable the “exhaust burble“ in cars equipped with the S55 engine (M2 Competition, M3, M4).

BimmerLink allows you to check the current state of the diesel particulate filter in your car. Find out when the last regeneration took place or how much ash has accumulated in the filter and start a regeneration with the touch of a button.

If you want to replace the battery in your car, this has to be registered in the engine control unit and BimmerLink allows you to do this yourself now.

BimmerLink allows you to activate the service mode for the electromechanical parking brake.

Reset the service display in your car after carrying out maintenance work like a brake pad replacement or an engine oil change.

To use the app one of the supported Bluetooth or WiFi OBD adapters or cables is required. For more information please visit

- 1 Series (2004+)
- 2 Series, M2 (2013+)
- 2 Series Active Tourer (2014+)
- 2 Series Gran Tourer (2015+)
- 3 Series, M3 (2005+)
- 4 Series, M4 (2013+)
- 5 Series, M5 (2003+)
- 6 Series, M6 (2003+)
- 7 Series (2008+)
- 8 Series (2018+)
- X1 (2009+)
- X2 (2018+)
- X3, X3 M (2010+)
- X4, X4 M (2014+)
- X5, X5 M (2006+)
- X6, X6 M (2008+)
- X7 (2019+)
- Z4 (2009+)
- i3 (2013+)
- i8 (2013+)
- MINI (2006+)
- Toyota Supra (2019+)

* Only for cars that are equipped with an exhaust flap by factory.
** Only for cars that are equipped with the Active Sound Design by factory.
*** Only for cars with S55 engine (M2 Competition, M3, M4).
**** Only for cars with a diesel engine.

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App Name BimmerLink for BMW and MINI
Category Productivity
Updated 15 August 2021, Sunday
File Size 19.73 MB

BimmerLink for BMW and MINI Comments & Reviews 2023

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Love this app. Make sure to buy a quality OBD connector. I bought a cheap one and it kept disconnecting. After buying a quality one I have had no issues.

10/10. Heard a lot of negative and positive reviews from this app but the fact is that it is definitely worth the price. I am able to open the flaps on my 2013 E70 and it makes the car sound amazing. Also noticed that they provide US units like mph and Fahrenheit which is very useful.

Love it!. App is extremely helpful in diagnosing whole car. Would buy again.

Not intuitive. My download certainly does not open with all the info screens shown online / just get a screen with six options (include battery registration)

Worth every penny.. App is great. Easy to use. Way easier than downloading sketchy software and lugging out a laptop. I have emailed the developers twice and both times heard back within a day. Hopefully they update with the ability to service the rear brake pads soon.

Disappointed with its ability to fix real issue. This is more of a toy than a practical app. You can access a lot of meaningless information, but when I try to reset an actual service error it’s completely useless. For $35 I was expecting something useful.

Nice app with limitations. Two things I wish they would change. 1. A selection for different units like °F or mph. 2. The list of sensor measurements is way too long and when you add a new measurement, it doesn’t remember your position in the list. Needs to be grouped into sections.

Satisfied. I have been a very frustrated Carly user for a few years now. All I really need from one of these ODB apps is fault identification, fault clearing, reports of same, and battery registration. Carly would not register the battery for my i3. And everything else it does has become more like a video game than a helpful diagnostic tool. BimmerLink does it all much more simply and easily than any other app I have found. Including a simple battery registration. I hope Bimmerlink keeps it simple and reliable. Anything in these apps that can be done to help diagnose faults in a car is good, if the app has features that get in the way of that, it is bad, and I don’t want to buy it. I’m troubleshooting cars, not app programming.

Good for the price. In my early usage, I can say it has its usefulness. However I did not see an option to monitor independent wheel speed sensors for diag. If i’m just missing that option then 5 stars for its usefulness

Pretty Solid. This is a pretty solid app for clearing codes, I use Carly as well and this one is much faster and smoother. Well worth the price Only one issue is all codes are in German, you will have to copy text and translate to English. I emailed the developer and there hopefully will be a English version sometime in the future. Pick up a Vgate WiFi gen 3 adapter off eBay to use this app and you’re good to go.

Great app, BUT!. Overall great app, but it’s missing the parking brake retraction option. I mean come on for $30+ just the basics? Please consider adding this option thank you.

Doesnt even connect?. I have used BM3 and Bimmercode with my ENET cable numerous times with no issues. But this app refuses to connect. I have to change the adapter between ENET modBMW ENET and mhd ENET after around 20 tries it usually connects using 1 of the 3 random adapters i select. Literally makes no sense. Bimmercode has 0 issues connecting but this app is terrible. Complete waste of money.

Incorrect readings. Genuinely love the app, it’s simple and sleek and easy to use but when it comes to reading the boost it seems to be off the correct chart by 15 PSI. I’m tuned at 20psi for now and I’ve used other apps and softwares to see which one is wrong and the rest all read around 20 but BimmerLink shows me averaging 30-35psi which would blow my motor and turbo since it can only handle max 26 at the moment. Couldn’t find a email to contact customer service about this.

M2C. Great product. I cleared several errors & was able to reset my check engine light after one of my charge pipes came off. Lots of cool features to program & you can monitor multiple parameters on your phone. My fav is the ASD “off” for my application.

Perfect for sensor and data monitoring. Worth every penny. I was looking for a good data logging and sensor monitoring app. This one hits on all levels. Perfect for what I needed plus a few extras included. Highly recommended. I run the app on iOS with MHD WiFi F series black adapter. No issues so far.

Well put together but I don't read german. Buyer beware, the app seems like it's in English but to read any of the gauges or trouble codes, you must read german. 27 bucks to control my exhaust flap is not worth it to me. Update: The developers have now translated most app functions to English. I am keeping this at 3 stars due to lack of ability to change between Celsius and Fahrenheit or MPH and KPH.

Works great but oil change resets. Everything seems to work perfectly except oil change resets. Wish they had an update for that issue.

No way to contact the seller. I purchased this app under the impression my 2010 E60 is supported. As soon as I made the purchase and realized my mistake, I’ve been trying to get a refund for something i can’t even use.

Outstanding. This is a must have for BMW owners. The list of what this can read with your OBD dongle is incredible. Frankly it gives too much information. BMWs are computers on wheels with multiple excuses, each one capable of tons of info. If you want basic info, you have that too. I believe there’s enough info picked up to keep you busy hunting down what it all means for months.

Misleading support, no updates. Website says they support all MINI, i3, and i8 so you’d assume it supports the MINI Cooper SE - it does not. I emailed months ago asking about this and they said sorry, we’re working on it. I doubt they are sorry now that they have a $30+ sale and don’t have to refund on support it. Really frustrating situation since no updates are inbound and the app is next to useless for the vehicle.

Lifesaver. This app saved me hard twice now. First, when I was replacing my 328i’s exhaust valve actuator and then replacing my rear brake pads since you need to retract the electronic parking break fully in order to push the caliper piston back without wrecking things. Definitely worth the purchase if you service your own vehicle

Better apps out there. This app is sub par considering it was meant for BMWs. It gives you a lot of details about error codes and such but most of it is useless. The error codes are also in different codes then the standard ones used so you can’t even look them up. It doesn’t even have the ability to give you correct boost pressure. Spend your money else where. OBD fusion app is much less and has better layout.

Great Tools For Bimmer. I haven’t have no problems whatsoever with this amazing app. I love all the features and option that had been added lately. A scanner tool, service reset and coding… great app for half of what other is charging. Pay one time and never worry about yearly fee.

Really good!. Seriously awesome for my 2012 f30 it shows every gauge missing from the car, it’s really nice to be able to see coolant temp totally worth $30

Weak app and they don’t stand behind it.. *WARNING* BimmerLink incapable of keeping the exhaust flap in an open state. I purchased the BimmerLink app specifically to keep the exhaust flap open on my new 2020 X3 M40i without disconnecting wires or other crude methods. It bothers me to start up that nice car and see exhaust only coming out of the passenger side tail pipe. It makes the whole car seem fake and cheapens the overall appeal. I thought BimmerLink was an elegant solution to my problem. I was initially happy to see that flap finally open for the first time, but was VERY disappointed to see it revert to closed again. Then I realized that you have to open your iPhone, start BimmerLink, connect to the OBD device, select the flap control option and open the flap every time you get in the car. Really? I thought these supposedly smart guys who write BimmerCode would come up with something a LOT better than this weak app for that amount of money. Lots of fluff and no substance. Very disappointed in this app, and they keep your money!

Exhaust Flap-Be Warned. I bought this to enable the exhaust flap to be open at all times. It does open via the app on demand, but you have to leave the OBD module on at all times and be connected to the app. Loose connection? Valve defaults to AUTO mode. I wasted $35 and still have to modify the valve. Other than that, the app doesn’t offer much outside of battery registration. To cost over $100 with a OBD module, it’s a total waste of money.

Well worth the money. I was a bit skeptical about a an app that diddles with the coding of my car. But it works well if you follow instructions Good value

Worth it!. One battery change, and the Bimmerlink app and Veepeak adapter have paid for themselves! Battery registration function to the rescue!

Extremely grateful. This app saved me from paying the dealer $185 just to install and register my battery. And that is just the beginning. I’m sure I’ll save a lot more money in the future. Thank you Dev Team

Better than Expected. Easy navigation and simple options to export reports for errors and clear them.

A must have app. I purchased this app mainly to register my new battery. I was also able to clear error codes that I didn’t know I had. Well worth the money. The dealership wanted $200 and local shop $140 just to register the battery.

Pita. I can never get the app to link. Maybe one out of 50 attempts it links other than that it keeps saying it can’t connect to it and I check my Bluetooth and my device is disconnected. It’s like the app disconnects it so then it can’t connect to it it’s retarded.

Great app. This app does exactly what it should. It lets you clear errors, play with the exhaust flap and ASD, look at sensor values yes they are in Celsius and the like but I don’t mind. Maybe they will update it to Fahrenheit in the future. But I don’t mind. It’s super easy to use. And they updated to to English. So even better. All the people that gave it negative reviews cause some of it was in German are just crybabies.

Great app for the price. User friendly, great UI, the support is helpful. I would recommend buying this app for anyone looking for an easy to use diagnostic app for BMW.

Way more basic than I hoped.. Works ok. Just really bare bones on features. Cant save a car cant resume a session easily ie specific modules selected etc. Have to wait 10mins for it to scan dozens of modules the car doesn't have instead of remembering the VIN and what modules it has etc.

Bought to register a new 12 volt battery on my i3.. Seemed a bit extreme to spend over $30 for the app but worked well to register the new battery and clear some error codes. Probably will download the Bimmercode app next.

You are better off with Bimmercode. Bimmerlink, easy to use and have the configuration option that most people are looking for: turning off ASD, turning off popping noise and keep exhaust valves open or close. The problem? once you turn off your car, all those settings are reset. You have to do it again the next day, connect to the OBDII port, put your settings in the app and start the car. Pay 30$ for this? No. Bimmercode cost the same and settings are not rested every time you turn off the car

Do Not Recommend! Full of Lies. I have a G80 M3 and I downloaded Bimmerlink for only one reason and it was to open the valves. I emailed Bimmerlink and they said the valve function works on the G80s so I said I’ll buy the app just for that. I have the enet cable which works perfectly fine with Bimmercode. Out of more than 30 tries (literally) and continuous troubleshooting Bimmerlink only connected once. I am not able to connect to the app at all after that one attempt. I even emailed Bimmerlink and no reply from them. By the way, that one time I did connect the valve function didn’t even work for my car. I felt deceived. I have opened a case with apple to refund my money. If apple doesn’t do it right then I’ll do a charge back. Not paying for something that doesn’t work.

Power to the people. This app has saved me; time, money, energy, money, time, money, time and a bit more money.

Did nothing for me but waste my time. I bought the app and it did nothing, empty screen with no sensors to add, nowhere to be found. I contacted support and they acted quickly sending me this BETA app link to download which I did, the result was the same, no sensors to add so the app is EMPTY, nothing to measure for my 2004 BMW 5 Series. I will try to get a refund from Apple on this app as suggested by Bimmer technician. Wish me luck, I have my screenshots and emails to backup my complaint.

Registering Mini Battery. Replaced the battery on my 2013 Mini Cooper S After I replaced it, plugged in the supported adapter and the app connected flawlessly. Registering the battery took about 1 minute from connecting. Very user friendly, lots of options to tweak around. Make sure you check the website for supported vehicles and adapters that you have to acquire separately.

THE GREATEST BMW APP. The app is very easy to setup and use. It is a great compliment to BimmerCode. I have both apps and the both have different functions. BimmerLink is for clearing any fault codes and BimmerCode is to changing how my car functions like lights coming on and how doors and windows are locked. They both have there on vital functions and are both great app’s. I wasn’t able to see faults in BimmerCode so that’s where BimmerLink comes in handy. They both work with my ODB2 adapter VGate Pro Bluetooth 4.0. So I’ve got the best of both worlds with one adapter. Both apps can be setup for what you want to see of your most desired functions. BimmerLink thanks for a Great App!!!

E93 Hardtop issues solved. I ran down my battery with the hardtop midway open. I was able to manually open and close, but not with the button. After resetting the CTM codes, the top works great! Money well spent.

Refund? Unable to connect iphone. I installed paid version on my iphone but was unable to connect to obd2. I had to install on Samsung tab and paid again. Any whay I can get a refund on iphone? I don’t see a contact for this request

Saved me a costly trip to the dealer. I do my own brake pad maintenance on my G82 m4. This app lets me retract the rear parking brakes, and also let me clear a bunch of codes from the brake by wire system detecting hydraulic fluid level changes in the caliper. Amazing!

Doesn’t work on 5series. Spent a combined $60+ for this app and it’s corresponding Veepeak OBD-II Scanner that the app links to purchase. At first this app didn’t want to connect to the scanner. An hour later, that sorted, it then wouldn’t load my 530xi. Gave an error message saying connection error with the car. Would not recommend.

Options. Should have capability to modify the dashboard displays Like shorten or change the name of the display. Info about which displays work for certain vehicles would be nice. The DEF level does not work with this app, but works with the OBD Link app. So the data is there. It does have some pretty cool information.

Great app when it works. It looks like app hasn’t been updated to iOS12.1 or there’s a bug The app launches and just does a loader circle for an indefinite amount of time When it did however the more recent updates added English translations for a lot of the sensor read outs which made the app much more usable. Exhaust flap feature works wonders.

Great App!. This is a very useful app that can save you many dollars in dealer cost. Using it just to register a battery change can save you a couple hundred bucks if your willing to spend half an hour changing it yourself. Grab BimmerCode too for the ability to customize many of the features on your car.

Used to reset errors on 2 BMW’s. Easy to use and reasonably priced. Fast too. Used the same ODB II WiFi adapter as for BimmerCode. Interesting to see which modules in each car has generated error codes and it was easy to clear them.

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marth06. Bought it for my F80 M3 a couple of years ago Works well. I bought it mainly so could turn on and off the active sound also to control the exhaust flaps. But it also displays a heap of diagnostic info. I use the Carista adapter although I would get the adapter they list on the bimmercode app so you can code as well.

Connectivity issues. Great functionality, but has too many issues connecting to Bluetooth adapters

Great app. Does everything I need. Service reset, reading and clearing faults, battery registration, opening that sweet exhaust valve and data logging in the one app! Was very useful to see the raw oil level when servicing opposed to relying on the idrive system.

Battery Registration. App description states that it supports F30.I have BMW F30 330i LCI and app does not support battery registration for this car ATM.Waste of $42 for me.You should clearly state what it does not support..please update app to support all F30 models not just pre 2015 or refund money until you fix.

fishing app.. This app did highlight that it will cost money of 49.99 dollars, once you using finger print, then you purchased it.

Possibly the best BMW Diagnostic app around. I wrote a review about this app about a year ago and was impressed with it. Now with the constant updates and additional features it is the only tool you need. While some other competitors charge an ongoing expensive fee this is a once off charge which makes purchasing this very attractive option. With the developers are constantly adding new features and updating it, it is a no brainer. For me I am after raw features and data not gimmicks and a fancy backdrop. I have used this App on both a BMW X1 E84 and a BMW X5 E70. I am using this app with a generic Bluetooth adapter TONWON and it worked well when setting it to the Vgate Bluetooth option. There is no need to buy an adapter that only works with the app. There are plenty of other generic adapters which you can try, I did try a wifi adapter but found Bluetooth to be the most stable for me.

BMW X1 2016. Doesn't work for my bmw.

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ASD. I have a 2015 425i Mperformance and I got this app to code my car. The only thing I can code is the exhaust flap open and close. The add feature is thee but nothing displayed. I waste 36$ misleading app.

Very handy. It’s a really nice app, honestly it does much than my scanner for bmw. For what it can do and the fact you can register a new battery, 50$ is a fair price. Must have

Didn’t tel me I also need to buy a adapter. Can I get my money back and delete the app

Worked first time right out of box. Using vepeak ble+ on iPad for 2008 535xit Got signal and logged on immediately. Could not present more than 5 dashboard values without read error... Will play with it to run more tests

Useless. Title says it all. Don’t waste your money.

CRAZY slow.. It takes about 2 minutes to read. I don’t find the info very useful.

Do the job. I used it with veepaek adapter to read code only and it did the job. I did not already try the dashboard. If you whant to code buy BimmerCode.

Doesn’t do much at all.. Just a boring app for the F02, maybe if you did some updates it would be worth the money.

BMW X5 issues. Helped me resolve a bunch of issues at really cheap cost, I love this app wish I knew few years ago it existed.

Changing my rating. My apologies I gave a bad rating taking it back. The app connected to my OBD after a few trial and error works perfect. Thank you support team. I recommend this to everyone.

Amazing. Bought both BimmerLink and BimmerCode and man all I got to say is this made my life so much easier, you can check for any fault codes on this app and even code in a new battery which is already a value ! Keep it up, hope to see more future updates and functions 😎

BimmerLink and Bimmercode is the best app ever for your BMW. BimmerLink and Bimmercode is the best app ever for your BMW

Exhaust flap doesn’t refresh itself. Can you already update so I don’t have to keep going back to the app every 10 mins to keep exhaust flap open?! It shouldn’t be difficult to do this...

This App is a SCAM. I got this app specifically for my F30 328D and it can’t read codes!! When I go into info Memory. It’s BLANK. My 20 dollars scanner can even read the codes. Requesting a refund please. I will try to contact Apple to rectify this!

No longer lets me reset oil change intervals. I purchased this app so I could reset my oil change intervals and it no longer lets me do that, only brakes and vehicle check AVOID

Easy to use. App price is a bit high. But This is great app to have some more info about your car I tried for my BMW X5 No need any challenging, just turned on Bluetooth and push connection bottom That’s all Notice: you can’t change anything in your car settings with this app only viewing performance. If you need to change settings go for BimmerCode app

Was AMAZING new update sucks. With the latest update all of the dashboard values update SUPER SLOW. I have an IPhone XS Max and it still chugs version 2.01 was ideal. Please speed issue!

Total waste of Money. App will not connect if you have your phone connected to the car’s hands free or Apple car play. In fact the car will over ride the connection to the OBD transmitter. Also if you are buying this for exhaust flap control, the feature will timeout to default oem setting in about 15minutes. Save your money for something else, I wish I did.

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Buggy. $35 and it takes many attempts to connect to obd adapter. The app also does not stay active in the background as long as it should.

Useless. Refuses to connect despite connection to OBDLINK and following of all instructions. BimmerCode connects, but BimmerLink won’t. Makes me wonder why I paid so much for OBDLINK MX+ when the darn thing doesn’t even work.

Once loaded works great. Love the app…when it actually loads.

Yes. I use this app almost daily. Very detailed and the offline mode update is useful

Need improvement. It is not as efficient as bimmercode

No features. All the features aren’t available for my car and now I wasted $30 and no response from developer for a refund. Don’t waste your time

Great for simple info gathering and small tweaks!. Great tool for the price — boost sensor alone worth the $$!

Don’t even work. When I try and go into sensor values it reads for a second then it says unable to rear error

Really good app. Mine does battery registration and I use the Veeppak OBD 2 Bluetooth adapter. Connects every time no issues what so ever.

Wont show data. Wont show any live data. Still can’t figure out why.

Vgate vlinker. Purchased a obd device because it was one of the ones recommended on their site. So far, nothing works as described.

Doesn’t work with my OBD2 connector when it says it does.. Doesn’t work with my Veepeak BLE+ and it won’t let my download the app on my iPad to see if that fixes the issue.

Can’t connect with MHD black. Adapter and app can’t connect. I’ve used BimmerCode and it works at the same time but BimmerLink doesn’t. I’ve set the settings to MHD black adapter but it just won’t work. I need a fix or refund.

Needs free trial does not work with Veepeak BLE ob2 Bluetooth adapter like it claims. App refuses to connect. I have it set to Veepeak in the settings and the app refuses to connect to it. It connects fine with the car scanner app. Waste for 35 dollars

App. Really good app for looking at your cars stuff

Not as advertised.. Purchased because it stated it can read and CLEAR codes it doesn’t clear them from your dash it just clears it in the app.

Will not connect. Will not connect and will not say why. No tech help because the help request will not go through. All it does is say connect,push it, it tries and then it says connect again and again. No help, can’t use app.

Doesn’t Connect. I have BimmerCode and it works perfectly but BimmerLink does not connect to the same exact adapter.

Really want to use this. But not compatible with car.. I really like the functionality of this app. How difficult would it be to add comparability with older BMWs, such as the e39s?

False Advertising. The actual app does not show transmission temperature. The photos in the App Store show that it reads transmission temperature, but when you purchase the app then it does not come with that feature. False advertising!

Great app!. Works great for resetting services

Mini coop. Could not connect to IPhone. Time is money and I have wasted enough on this item.

Pretty good app. Works well to clear codes. Not as useful as i expected in diagnosis. Worth the $30

Love this app. Love this app. Just wish for the USA it would show miles instead of k. Otherwise I love this app.

Would not connect with my veepeak!. Please help me I just bought the app to register my new battery but it would not connect to my veepeak OBD check ble

Does not work. I’ve been a user of Bimmercode for awhile now and it’s been great. Needed Bimmerlink for battery registration and it doesnt with with any of my adapters. It keeps saying “Connection to adapter failed” or “the engine ECU cannot be identified. My adapters all work fine with Bimmercode and yet doesnt work with Bimmerlink. I have a Kiwi3, Unicarscan, icarpro, and Veepeak. Nothing will connect.

Permanent errors function not showing up. How come I don’t see the permanent errors function on my app?

Great app, if you know German.. It would be great if you could change the language.

Great App for BMW Owners. Really good app, I can clear codes, open exhaust flap, register battery, as well as being able to know previous faults on my F30.

It’s not available to connect to my obd2 reader. I just bought it….

Works and is easy to use. Works great and is very intuitive. 5/5 I use it for a 2017 BMW M2

Misleading battery registration feature. I bought this to register a new battery installed in my f10. It gives you no option to chose your battery type. BimmerLink is a scam that will only do the same as a number of free apps. Don’t waste your money which Apple won’t refund your money

Just buy a foxwell!. I’ve emailed multiple times looking for assistance. BimmerCode and bootmod3 and Mybmw all work with my enet and lightning adapter but this app refuses to work with me! No answer whenever I’ve emailed and im furious. Just about 40 bucks for NOTHING! Do not get!

Not connecting to veepeak BLE+. Everything says these two are compatible, but after confirming power on OBD port, lue light flash and then nothing. A little pz@##d that I Paid money for this app

Fantastic app. The benchmark. Unfailing. It always connects and works just as designed

Way over priced. I use this with my OBDlink MX. Only thing I gain with this app over the obdlink app is the ability to open/auto the exhaust flap. I have a g01 (X3). ASD doesn’t work. For $32 they should make this app work with CarPlay!

Great app. Has made life so much easier reading errors and getting live stats highly recommend this app! Flawless use on all my BMWs 1x F80 2x E90 1 E46 1x E36/8

Non-functional. Unfortunately bimmerlink was non-functional for my device/ENET. The reason I give it one star, is because the sister app of BimmerCode works fine with the same exact cable/adapter, device, and settings. This is clearly a compatibility/development issue. Refund requested, as it’s not a cheap app to be dysfunctional.

2017 f80 M3 Won’t connect. Hard to use the app when it won’t connect to my Veepeak BLE. It’s one of the ones they recommend using. Please give me a refund or fix this I’ve contacted you via customer support.

Do not buy!!!!!!!!!. They don’t respond to emails. Waste of money can’t even connect to the app with my Carly device.

A must have for quasi DIY owners!. If you want to know what is going on inside the inner workings of your BMW then this is the App!

Great update. I love the park break update. The next thing y’all should work on for the F bodies is a neutral over ride. That would be EPIC!!!

no support. Just stopped working after an update and guess what you're on your own... Ive purchased apps for $1.99 and got more support.

Never connects. Always have trouble connecting even after trouble shooting and reading manual instructions. Use Bimmergeeks pro tool! Way batter

Doesn’t show Boost PSI. I literally purchased this app only for the function of showing boost PSI. I looked at the previews for the app and it shows that it has that feature. It does NOT have it. It has a set point but it wasn’t what I wanted it. I feel ripped off

Mini Cooper S 2013. It’s great for normal maintenance and added data - would give 5 stars if it provided automatic transmission oil temperature information

Not for data logging. May not be the fault of the app but could be wireless technology the app tries to leverage - but either way the refresh rate is terrible and makes data logs useless. Multiple seconds pass between refreshes. I would only use this to read codes.

BimmerLink. On the go obd2 reader been using mine for like 2 in a half years love it !!

English available TY. App finally has English translations

No support unless Mail App is configured. I attempted to contact support from inside the app, failed because the app is hardcoded to use the iOS Mail app. I don’t use the iOS Mail app, I use Outlook and GMail apps for email. I contacted support over email, I was informed that I must use the built in support request method, they will not provide support over email. I was told to either configure the mail app, or to request a refund.

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BimmerLink for BMW and MINI Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the BimmerLink for BMW and MINI app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with SG Software GmbH & Co. KG and other users?

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bimmerlink for bmw and mini ipad images 2
bimmerlink for bmw and mini ipad images 3
bimmerlink for bmw and mini ipad images 4

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BimmerLink for BMW and MINI iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $35.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 4.4
Play Store com.stephangauch.BimmerDash
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

BimmerLink for BMW and MINI (Versiyon 4.4) Install & Download

The application BimmerLink for BMW and MINI was published in the category Productivity on 06 April 2016, Wednesday and was developed by SG Software GmbH & Co. KG [Developer ID: 441701490]. This program file size is 19.73 MB. This app has been rated by 3,312 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. BimmerLink for BMW and MINI - Productivity app posted on 15 August 2021, Sunday current version is 4.4 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.stephangauch.BimmerDash. Languages supported by the app:

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BimmerLink for BMW and MINI App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- New: Support for NexLink Bluetooth adapter. - Fixed: Connection problem with updated THOR adapter. - Fixed: Connection problem with updated Veepeak OBDCheck BLE adapter.

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Find on this site the customer service details of BimmerLink for BMW and MINI. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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