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Microsoft Word [Productivity] App Description & Overview

The trusted Word app lets you create, edit, view, and share your files with others quickly and easily. Send, view and edit Office docs attached to emails from your phone with this powerful word processing app from Microsoft.

With Word, your office moves with you. Whether you’re a blogger, writer, journalist, columnist, student, or a project manager working on documentation, Word is as handy as you want it to be.

Make impactful text documents, scripts, blogs, write-ups, or resumes. Customize your document, letter, resume, or notes your way with robust tools that enable you to accomplish your best writing with the best format options and templates.

Get the complete Microsoft Office experience when you sign in with your Microsoft 365 subscription. Create and edit documents, collaborate and share with ease when you download Microsoft Word today.

Create Documents
• Jump-start your projects, assignments, letters, blogs, scripts, notes, write-ups, or resume with beautifully designed modern templates.
• Use rich formatting and layout options to note down your ideas and express them in writing.
• Document formats and layouts stay pristine and look great on any device.

Read, Write, & Edit Documents
• Reading view lets you read lengthy docs, letters, scripts, and more on your device with ease.
• Use familiar writing and editing tools as you’d find on a desktop word processor.

Collaborate Anywhere
• Share thoughts by commenting in docs right next to the text you’re discussing.
• Everyone can collaborate and stay on top of changes to the text, layout, and formatting.
• As you and your team make changes, you can revert to view earlier drafts with improved version history in Word.

Simplified Sharing
• Share files with a few taps to quickly invite others to edit or view your documents.
• Easily manage permissions and see who’s working in a document.
• Copy the content of your Word files directly into the body of an email message with its format intact or attach your docs to an email and make sharing easier.

Download Microsoft Word now and get the best way to create, share and edit documents from your iPhone or iPad.

To create or edit documents, sign in with a free Microsoft account on devices with a screen size smaller than 10.1 inches.
Unlock the full Microsoft Office experience with a qualifying Microsoft 365 subscription for your phone, tablet, PC, and Mac.

Monthly Microsoft 365 subscriptions purchased from the app will be charged to your App Store account and will automatically renew within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period unless auto-renewal is disabled beforehand. You can manage your subscriptions in your App Store account settings.

This app is provided by either Microsoft or a third-party app publisher and is subject to a separate privacy statement and terms and conditions. Data provided through the use of this store and this app may be accessible to Microsoft or the third-party app publisher, as applicable, and transferred to, stored, and processed in the United States or any other country where Microsoft or the app publisher and their affiliates or service providers maintain facilities.

Please refer to the Microsoft Software License Terms for Microsoft 365. See “License Agreement” link under Information. By installing the app, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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Microsoft Word Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Add and Switch Between Accounts: Add multiple work or personal accounts to your Word app, and easily switch between them. Use a Pointing Device on iPad : Connect a trackpad or mouse to your iPad and you’ll get rich visual feedback and just the right level of precision needed to enhance your productivity. 

Microsoft Word Comments & Reviews

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- It’s Word, man.

Great app. Business and academic apps like this are sometimes harder to navigate on iPads or smart devices because you can’t see all the icons like you would on a laptop screen, and the layout is a little different, but it still does mostly everything you’d need for work or school. There are certain things that you can’t do unless you pay and upgrade to premium, like getting unlimited text colors, but that’s pretty much what you get with every app these days. The app still lets you be cheap and get away with making word documents without premium if you don’t want all the bells and whistles included, and it’s still functional, so I don’t personally mind not having premium. You can get by without it if you don’t want to spend the extra money-shoutout to all the broke college students out there and all the kids whose parents won’t let them upgrade- but if you’re willing/have the means to pay, hats off to ya. All in all, it serves its purpose and does what it’s supposed to, it’s not glitchy, and it’s pretty easy to use. I like it. So, that’s my two cents in the subject. Try it out, see what you think, and you can always delete it I guess. :)

- Review of Microsoft word

Well I use Microsoft word at work, the mobile version is vastly inferior. If it were free, I probably couldn’t complain. But, if you want to get the capability of redlining documents and other important work-related actions, you have to purchase the subscription. This is where the trouble begins. Microsoft support is terrible. Several times a year the program won’t work and tells me I need a subscription. I’ve spent hours on the phone with Microsoft since I first purchased this program. There’s some sort of company disconnect between their accounting department and mobile services. This needs to be fixed. Regarding the applications performance, at best it’s OK. It tends to be slow, saving a document while you were working on it is not as straightforward as it should be, and if you want to dictate, you better proofread twice. Many of the desired editing features are not available in this mobile application. Formatting is next to impossible and many many other features are not available. While I don’t think you can expect 100% duplication, iPad cost more than most PCs, have ample memory, and should be capable of handling all of the commands necessary to do a competent job of preparing a word document. And you should not have to have an external keyboard with your iPad to perform the tasks. Bottom line, The program is livable, but not particularly likable.

- The editing experience is terrible

In most times, the prompt jumps to the very first line after a few second later whenever I touch the middle of the screen to edit a docx file. This is very annoying since my file is of 98 pages. Then I should pull down the scroll bar to the bottom of the document. This happens very often, especially when in Mobile view. The second thing is about the page loading steps or speed. By moving down the scroll bar the pages are loaded incrementally. But it has too many steps to the bottom page. Scrolling down the bar to the bottom of the screen loads pages a little. I couldn’t find a good way to jump to the bottom page at once. And this happens in Mobile view. The third frustrating thing is the reaction speed is not just slow, it’s really slow. When I type a character, say A, that appears in the screen after about 0.3~0.5s. This issue also has something to do with Mobile view, I think. The fourth is about moving the cursor with a long-touch. This not only related to Word but to all the other Office 365 applications I guess. This app adopting the obsolete way shows a convex glass that zoom-in around the cursor when I long-touch the screen. Apple changed the way it moves the cursor since iOS 13 if I’m right. I’m not gonna explain it in detail here but the new way is much elegant and gives seamless experience in editing the text.

- Love/Hate relationship with Word on iPad

I’ve used Word for years, and I am really good at it and take advantage of the really cool features that other word processor programs lack. The desktop version of Word is amazing!! However, Word on the iPad is mediocre! For instance, I utilize fields and cross reference data between different parts of a document, which is a huge time saver for me. Unfortunately, I’m unable to take advantage of this feature on my iPad, which means, that I must work on a laptop or desktop computer to really get the benefits of using Word in this day and age. Also, I really don’t like the automatic saving feature because I frequently use templates that I do not want to overwrite while working and the automatic saving feature makes this impossible. Please fix this! I wish there was a way to select, in the settings, a “discontinue automatic saving” option. If Google Docs had these features, I would likely make a permanent switch to that program because I appreciate working seamlessly with others. Also, as one who works in schools, I see that high school students have been trained in Google Docs and they aren’t familiar with using Word. I see a need to get with the times and I’m not seeing Word advance it’s features; however, as long as the above options are only available on Word, I will be sticking with them. Please, make these crucial features available on the app version of Word as well!

- Why I hate, hate, Word.

Word. In a single word to describe it, terrible. Or this word, frustrating, or this word aggravating, or another word, crashes, how about freezes. I could go on and on about it, but my main complaint is it try’s to be to helpful and that’s where it gets itself into trouble. Originally if you had a mid-spelled word it would hi light it and offer suggestions. Now when it’s highlighted it takes you to other prompts before bringing you to where you wanted to be in the first place. Next it randomly capitalizes words in the middle of sentences and occasionally will do it when it begins the next line. I hate if I’ve written a 300 page manuscript, gone back to say page 164 to change something, saving it to that page, close it, when I reopen it later I’m back at page one. It may not seem like much, but when you’re writing 5 hours plus at a time, it becomes maddening. The worst insult? I pay for this misery!

- Love data losses that Microsoft can do nothing about? Then this app is for you!

I’m writing this review as a warning. I had about 10 Word documents saved on my phone. I do use this app from time to time whenever I feel like adding something to a document. But tonight, everything changed. I come back to the app so I can edit a document. However, when I tapped on it, an error message appeared saying, “Sorry, this document is stored on an unsupported server location.” Good thing I had a copy of the document... right? Nope! Every single one of my dox had the same error. I can no longer access these files from anywhere. All of my stuff is gone now. Forever. This has never happened to me or anyone I know before, but it has been an issue in the past. I looked up this issue, and found a few forum posts about this exact issue. And guess what Microsoft’s response was? Give up. There’s nothing they can do to help you if this happens. Just like that, you’re back to zero. If this didn’t happen, I absolutely would give this app maybe a 4-star rating. But since this happened, I don’t think I can trust Microsoft with my data anymore. NONE of this is my fault. I don’t know what to do with the app at this point, because I still might use it for future projects, but I’m terrified that this will happen again.

- Use with Caution-Random Crashes Cause Data Lisa

I have been using Microsoft word on pc, mac, and iPad for several years and mostly had a good experience. Until recently with the iPad app, which I use almost everyday. The app will randomly crash and delete hours worth of progress I had made on a document. It freezes, sits, and then force closes and when I reopen, my hard work is gone. I auto save to Dropbox, and after experiencing this crash issue multiple times, I periodically go in and out of documents to make sure they are saving, as well as check the menu bar to see that it says “changes are automatically saved to Dropbox.” Which it always does, even during that hour of work that didn’t save after the crash! Why is it telling me it’s saving when it’s really not? I don’t believe this a Dropbox issue, because word itself is crashing. Last time it crashed when I was exiting the document (doing my insane self-checking because I’m so paranoid about this problem). Just froze, and I knew that it was too late. There’s nothing more devastating. I’ve troubleshooted this problem, but no progress yet. I’m considering another word processor app at this point, but that would be inconvenient because no one else has Dropbox integration. Fix your app, please. This is ridiculous.

- Laggy and frustfrating.

This app is laggy and wonky as hell. It have a great concept but it is still just a great concept. The lagging is real. You can even see when you try to scroll the pages, it is janky and irritating. Typing is lagged, sometimes a few words behind. ‘Drawing’ is a nice feature but the writings moved a bit after you remove the pencil, so it became really not precise. If I’m writing with my pencil, it shift either to the right or left a bit from where I jot down, making a very not smooth, irritating writing experience. The eraser is even worse. You can erase a word and then the next one won’t, and it brings forward the keyboard instead. The only fix I could do was when that happened, I turn on drawing with fingers and erases with my finger instead. So annoying. If you want to move your writing, it won’t select more than one object at a time, which means you have to move letters by letters, unlike onenote which you could lasso a bunch of stuff. It’s just so annoying. If you’re wondering why I didn’t use onenote, I do use onenote. It’s just this one class that give options of lecture notes in docs format, and we have a bunch of definitions and calculations in a single lecture note, so I typed when it were definitions, and write when doing calculations.

- Track Changes Nightmare

I have been using this app on my iPad since it became available and have had minor issues here and there that were easy to overlook, but this one is making my work life miserable as I am very dependent on this feature. About 6 weeks ago it started losing the option of seeing All Markup in balloons if the app was open for very long, if I navigated away from it, or if I closed it and reopened it later. The only way to regain this option is to delete and reinstall each time I need to edit a document ... and since writing and editing are what I do for a living, this is untenable, but I don’t have a better option at the moment. Even with this glitch Word is still, unfortunately, the best way to create, edit, and share documents with others who are on other types of devices and platforms. I really wish Pages were more compatible with PCs and had a more user-friendly tracking function. Forget about Google Docs. I don’t have one good thing to say about it. I have asked both Microsoft and Apple for help. Apple can’t do anything because it’s not on their end. Microsoft is clueless and really didn’t seem interested in trying to help find a solution.

- The most important feature won’t work on the Mac!

I’ve been using Microsoft software since 1987. When I switched to Mac, it was only because I could get a subscription to Office 365 and continue to use Word. Imagine my surprise to discover - after hours on the phone with Apple Support and Microsoft Support - the auto-save function will ONLY work if you use One Drive. I didn’t move over to Mac to use Microsoft storage. I want everything in iCloud because it makes sense to have one unified storage location. Yes, I can still hit file/save every ten minutes - but I shouldn’t have to deal with that distraction because I paid to get an app that would work on my computer. The inconvenience of this demand is making me consider moving over to all of the apple products. Pages isn’t that different from Word - in a lot of ways, it’s even better. So, here’s my official request, Microsoft. If you’re going to make people pay for your product, you don’t get to insist how they use it. Open that feature so we can save to the iCloud! If you have to demand that we use a product like One Drive, you’re admitting that it’s just not good enough to attract Mac users on its own merits. Fix this please!

- File location/Search/Properties issue

For the most part, I love Microsoft Word. However if I don’t remember where I put a file and I haven’t used it for a while it won’t show up in my recent and I have the hardest time trying to find it. It would be nice if you could search through all the locations that you have saved in the locations spot instead of going to each one separately to find your missing file. Once I found my file, which I did not find through Microsoft word (I had to go to my files on my iPhone where I found the file quickly since it was in the cloud from my Mac desktop), I was unable to open it up. HOWEVER, I cannot find anywhere under file properties or anywhere else where I can find where it is located, it should be in the file properties section, also it would be really handy if they allowed you to click from there to change the location of where you keep your file.

- Best there is - not without it’s problems

The word app on iPad is, no doubt, the best way to write documents on the iPad. I have experimented with many other platforms, and the word app is simply the closest we’re gonna get to a computer-like experience on the iPad. It does have it’s limitations, however. There are a couple features that this app needs to encorporate to become more like the desktop version. But overall, I am happy with it. With the new mouse/trackpad compatibility that’s come to iPad’s through the 13.4 update, the iPad has taken one big leap forward in becoming an independent productivity tool. HOWEVER, the devlopers of productivity apps need to update their apps to encorporate the beautiful new mouse/trackpad updates! The quicker the better! The first writing apps that can encorporate that will easily be the new hype. At the moment, this app functions no different with a mouse :(.

- Great for collaborating across devices

I have devices I use at home, at work, and volunteer places where I do not necessarily own all devices. I usually use a USB drive but, remembering where I keep that small USB drive is much burdensome. Many times, I could not locate my USB drive. Using OneDrive and having 5 users access is a convenience, the price, over $100 a year is a little high, thou. I litterally have access to more than 5 devices. Now, when my Phone becomes more than a phone, I really like to see Word to be more easy to edit text using iPhone. I tried editing text on a document using my iPhone, I was able to edit it. However, when I open it on a PC, the line that I typed in using my iPhone has a different format than other text in the same document. Selecting text, and editing tables or that with shapes are not very much easy on iPhone which might have a lot to do with iPhone structure. But, I really want to see improvement on this area which Microsoft could possibly eliminate barriers and add more user friendly features for Word on iPhone.

- About halfway there

I use this app everyday and for the most part - it works if you’re doing basic documents. However, when working with bullets and numbering, sometimes it chokes if a custom spacing/tabbing has been setup using the desktop version of Word. If you create a graph such as a hierarchy in the desktop version, it will display in the iOS version but it cannot be modified - not even on the iPad Pro - which is what I use. It should cache your last document you worked on locally so that you don’t have to reload it when you return. This is important for iOS because of how you have to app switch. The funny thing is that before loading the app, I was able to access the more full featured web version of Word in Safari on iOS and it worked for the most part. Which led me to believe that there is still a lot of potential for the iOS version. For tables, there should be a button on the table to add more columns or rows - Apple’s Pages does that really well and saves the extra touches and strokes. A touch interface is just different than a mouse interface. I think if the product manager was forced to use the iOS version for a month they might make some changes to add features in a way that makes sense for a true touch environment even if it’s slightly different than the desktop version. More and more people are making a touch interface their primary device which means that fewer compromises will need to be made.

- Frustrating. I use when I have to.

I have to have Word. The work and general environment makes it the standard. So, I use it. This app is okay for simpler stuff. It includes the most used features. The frustration is with faults in the app. First, the auto save seems to work with OneDrive, but not the others. I feel I am being herded toward Microsoft. It makes me hate OneDrive. Second, if I am creating a document in Word, but switch off to a different app, coming back to Word means I wait while my document downloads from the cloud again. Every. Single. Time. When I tried to get around this by saving the doc to the iPad, I found a bug. I created a doc, saved it to the iPad. Then I created another doc, saved it to the iPad also. While working with the second doc, if I switched to another app and then come back to Word, it reloads the first document! So, right now, if I am creating a simple document, I will use another app and just save as docx. If it’s a complex doc that someone else created, I have to use Word. And using an app only because I have to.... well that should tell you something.

- Very Unreliable, Does Not Save

This app is an attempt to be what Word is on a computer. There is limited functionality, buggy interaction, and the save feature is terrible. I am a grad student who relies on Word for all my papers. Today, my second paper was erased by Microsoft Word and One Note. I had the auto save feature enabled and track changes enabled (because Word deleted my work before). I went to save my work manually (because I knew the auto save doesn’t work all the time), and it was grey. I could not turn auto save off, and it was not saving even though I had a stable internet connection in the library I always work from. So I saved a copy of the file to my device and it showed it save to my ipad. I restarted my application thinking all was fine, only to find none of my work saved, and that copy I made disappeared! I also found in trying to recover the files that there is no recover functionality and there hasn’t been since at least 2018 when another user reported the same problem. I lost almost 3 hours of work. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! Stick to a computer until the developers get serious about the things we are serious about.

- New version not as good as the previous one

Verdict: if you want to/need to use Office across your devices, get this. If not, use Pages or Google Docs. They will both allow you to open & edit Word docs & Save docs as Word. Though it’s really handy to have Office products on my phone so I can edit files without having to go to my laptop, I’m not keen on the latest version of Word for iOS. It’s just clunkier to use. It took me quite a bit of poking around just to find the editing control menus. And when I copy & paste text into a new document, it only pastes the text, not any original formatting. I don’t see any paste options such as there are in Word for windows. Example: I have an email with text formatted as a table. Previously, if I copied & pasted into a new doc, it pasted as a table. Now, it just pastes the text with generic font & no formatting except paragraph breaks. I completely lose the table. It seems this app has gotten more bare-bones rather than feature-full. It’s good enough, but if I have an Office subscription, I expect a little more.

- Word is, Word isn't

Not only have more recent versions of Word been completely re-organized so as to infuriate long time users like myself (and said changes made in a unintuitive, messy way), it's also introduced a strange new bugs in the process. Bugs that often can't be fixed with a simple undo command. This criticism holds true in varying degrees to all three versions I've used: the iOS app version, the Mac desktop version and rhe PC desktop version. The only reason I can give this the stars I do is that it remains necessary to use if, like me, you're working on documents that have to be shunted between some of the aforementioned platforms. If all you need is a iOS note taking app, though, Notability might be better. And if you just require desktop word processing software, one of the other freebie options like Open Office might be a better option for that. Alt-MS Words like Open Office were always buggier, back when, but all bets are off now since Microsoft has decided to put so little work/thought into their reworking of what seemed previously to be their only well-designed program.

- This is NOT free. False advertising!

What is the purpose of allowing people to download this app “free” but preventing them from even being able to type in a document. I get a message telling me I can edit and save with an Office 365 subscription. I have never needed all the advanced features because i just use the app once a month or so for personal notes and to print things that are too complex printing from the internet without all the advertisements and webpage junk too. Like a simple recipe. I’ll copy the text and insert a picture of it. That is all I do with this and have used it for free for years, but suddenly i can’t even create a new plain document because I have to pay for a subscription??? These tactics are why I no longer use most of Microsoft products or operating systems anymore. We even got rid of paying for Xbox because of their intrusion and unrealistic pricing. Nice job Microsoft. Your efforts to make people pay are backfiring. I “might” have considered paying sometime in the future if I needed the more advanced features, out of loyalty for how helpful it had been so far. That’s what I do with other apps. Not this one. Never again.

- Missing Functions, Extreme Data Loss

I write reports for my work that are legally sensitive, and for this reason, I cannot store them in “the cloud” because, in reality, “the cloud” is just someone else’s computer. As it turns out, my need for privacy is just too much for this MS Word app. It works fine if you save all of your documents to OneDrive where Gates, China, and God and everyone can view them. However, if you try to save anything locally, it’ll hang up and not save them. You’ll have to force quit the app and when it reopens, your data will be gone. This is so mind boggling stupid that it makes this app completely useless to me. Thanks for the curryware, Microsoft. Lastly, this app is not Word — at least not the Word that you’d use on MacOS or Windows. It is a scaled down version that is missing critical features, such as formatting functions. On a number of occasions, I’ve had to save the document and move it to a PC just to fix a table in one of my work’s report templates. For some reason, it displays correctly in Word on a PC, but looks like complete garbage in Word on the iPad. So there you go! Windows Word is not compatible with iPadOS Word! Go figure!

- Subscription issues, issues, issues...

While the apps work as described (unintuitive) the subscription keeps being the greatest challenge. Mostly when I try to log in it doesn’t work due to “suspicious activity” What, me logging in is suspicious? Now I wanted to share the family subscription with my son...Again, suspicious activity. So I was asked to recover the account!?!? Recover from What? I filled out the online form multiple times and always got denied. Than I went to the help center that is managed by a bot. Trying to get a human on the line was impossible as it asked me eventually every time to log in to my account...What?! Are you kidding me? That’s my problem, you don’t let me back in!!! Than found a phone number searching online, from there it took more than an hour after speaking to several people to finally get the “right” rep. His advice: Go fill out the online form again and everything will be fine...😳😫😂😖Yep, Microsoft at its best... right?! Let’s see if I ever get back in. This way I probably can never get out of their subscription...Even while I am not able to use the apps...Great, Customer first...

- Verification Bugs makes this IMPOSSIBLE to use!!

I’m a huge advocate for Microsoft Office. I think the programs are amazing and powerful, and definitely my preferred software for word processing and data entry. However the mobile version of Microsoft Word has been IMPOSSIBLE! Every time I try to use it, it says my account needs to be verified, and when I verify, the emails with codes don’t get sent, so I have to wait lengthy periods of time, and if or when I get those codes, my account gets suspended! I’m currently taking a class, and want to take notes via Word, but constantly I have to use other word processing programs because I CANT SIGN IN!!!! How is this something that hasn’t been fixed or hasn’t been addressed? It’s something that happens ALL the time, and I can’t reliably use Microsoft Office at all! If this isn’t fixed, I’ll have to start using other programs that are actually reliable. Again, I love the program itself, but because of this weird verification business, it has prevented me from reliably using this program on my iPad. Please address this, or you will lose many people who like to use this program.

- Not fully functional

You can’t use this app without a subscription to office 365, but then it only gives you the functionality of Pages. You can’t edit paragraph styles or save templates. So you pay for the service and get the abilities of a free app. So might as well just use pages. There is one really frustrating thing from pages that made me try this out though. Outlining. Pages doesn’t recognize what you’ve done before like Microsoft. - at least in the ipad apps. So if you need to go past 1. , A., a. You’re stuck. The ruler and tabs in Pages are also garbage, so if you need to do a quick professional outline, get this for a day. But if Ipad is your sole computer - just use something else. Major corporations like Microsoft and Adobe switching to subscription only payment systems is bad for consumers. They have an industry standard hold on the market and therefore can do whatever they want. Luckily smaller companies are popping up - also Apple’s free products, but the lack of customizability is terrible on the iPad in general. Still feels like monopoly to me.

- You have to buy 365!

This program was supposed to help me when I traveled. I write on my PC but travel occasionally. If I have a project open on my PC and want to finish and submit it within my timeline I transfer it to my IPad and go. I had been writing in note or on pages but the styles got messed up and I whined to my spouse. “Try Word for IPad”. Ok, so I got it. Miserable first day experience and then my spouse said “Buy a month of 365. See if that helps.” Eureka! Now the reason it isn’t a “5” is because there is still a learning curve. You have to push all the buttons and figure out where things are. ?Intuitive? Nah, I didn’t think so but I’m a PC lover. The IPad is light weight and slips in my purse. My laptop is not. I had a surface—The best of both worlds—-but that’s another story. My advice: If you’re upset with word for IPad, buy a month of 365. See you in the skies!

- Talent sales rep at Microsoft

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- App get worse with time.

UPDATE: Switched to using Pages. I don’t have any of the issues. You chased off a decades-long user. Known bugs don’t get fixed. I’m tired of never being able to see font colors, the weird way it fills in only certain words with only the end letter while I’m typing so I’ll end up with “anotherr” “whichh” “believee” and so on. I’ve had it with it stubbornly and randomly deciding Is In and It need to be capitalized in the middle of the sentence. I want to be able to copy/paste/cut/change the font size/color/highlight if I navigate away from Word or something else takes over the screen for a moment (such as a phone call). Screw this app, screw the developers. It’s gotten steadily worse since the update allowing us to turn off drawing with the Apple Pencil. I’m shopping around for other apps: meanwhile, Pages is miles ahead in terms of doing what I need a word processor to do. I hope the app team is always right on the edge of a sneeze that just won’t come, with a pebble in all of their shoes they can’t get out but can always feel. I’m taking 30 years of loyalty elsewhere.

- Want to add an image? You’re SOL!

You might think you’re adding a perfectly normal image to the document. Sure, it’s a little glitchy and hard to move images around, and god forbid you want to move an image to another page, but it functions. Sort of. You’ll find, though, that once you save your document and view it through anywhere but the Word app, half of the images are suddenly sideways, a few are upside down, and two of them have managed to migrate above the title of your document. The first two of those issues are likely due to the fact that the rotate image feature isn’t functional, but the second one? No idea. Besides all that, the app is incredibly glitchy and likes to do strange things when you accidentally tap the screen. The layout is weird and the UI is broken. I guess it functions fine for just text and basic formatting, but Google Docs is superior in just about every way. Just make all your documents there and convert them to Word format afterwards. It’ll save you a lot of headaches.

- I wish it worked better on the iPad 12.9 (vs. 3)

I like Microsoft word OK. It really does struggle often times and it’s not easy to use. However my primary problem here is that when trying to use Microsoft Word to interact with documents on my iPad it’s very slow, frequently quits and I’m having to use multiple steps to get the same job done. About to have to switch to Apple‘s software program. Soley because Microsoft word doesn’t interact with the iPad very well. I wish it was better. Microsoft team if you’re listening boy it would be helpful if you can get this working on the iPad. I run a medical clinic and need to use iPads in interactions with patient during healing sessions. because the iPad works so well with other things it is a good tool. Trying to use Microsoft Word within this environment is not possible. I wish that Microsoft team could try to make this work better on the iPad for us professionals.

- Missing Reference Tab!!

The Reference Tab is probably one of the most used items in a college student’s academic career. Most college students are using tablets and cloud versions of Word. I would really appreciate if you added the Reference Tab onto this version. It is difficult to carry around a heavy laptop or to be inconvenienced to have to resort going to the library computers just to use the Reference Tab on the desktop versions. As I am currently writing my senior thesis, this feature is ever more needed more now than ever in my life! I love the program, but you only get 3 stars because it is a severe inconvenience to have to resort to my computer every time I have to cite a source on my papers that I am working on. Please think about adding the Reference Tab into this version, it would be very helpful!

- it is too expensive

I was trying really hard to make my essay on computer for my math class (as the teacher told me to) and since i’m doing online she couldn’t help. I asked my mom and we tried, and tried yesterday and we still couldn’t. We were gonna try free trial for a month but we had to put in our credit card and my computer is on kids mode (i’m a kid) and last time i bought something on that computer it took all day. So, I went to the web browser option and it worked! It let me type, and also copy & paste things. The bad thing was that I NEEDED to use a worksheet given by the teacher which you could only open on word the app, not the web browser. For some reason it wouldn’t let me copy it to bring on to the web browser. Guess why? Because I had to BUY it just so I could copy and paste it (ridiculous). So i tried the same on my iPad and it did the exact same thing. I’ve been trying to do this for 7 days (even on the weekend). Because of that stupid feature i have 8 overdue activities. That’s why I’m rating it a 1 star.

- Same word. Same problem

A lot of people use word because its very standard. But I run into the same problem when I use it. Every update there’s a problem with the format. Everything that I had on page 2, is now partly on page 1. And what I had on part 3, is partly on page 2, and so forth, throughout all 200+pages of my document. Try to call for support and reach someone who barely speaks English. I tell them what happens, and they say “so is it because you changed something in your document”? Yes, when I closed my document yesterday, it was formatted correctly. Then after I updated the app today, and opened it up and it was wrong, it must have been when I did it in the middle of the night. I will be switching to Apples pages. Thanks for the people who work really hard to make this work, it really is a great effort for the most part. But it’s just not fun doing this when the issue happens on my MacBook and my iPad. What’s the point of setting something up to be exactly how you want it, if a simple update changes everything? It’s nonsense.

- Great! But one suggestion...

Microsoft Word comes in handy on the iPhone and most features work well. One flaw it does have and the reason it’s only 4 star is the grammar and spelling features have some flaws with not recognizing certain words and sentence structures. Of course I’d always recommend double checking yourself first before blaming the program but there have been times in my college writing where I’ve had to ‘okay’ some grammatical highlights and add words to the dictionary. One suggestion I do have for the developers though would be to add a color search feature! When I write I will sometimes highlight or change the color of my font. Usually this helps me find particular places but now that I’m writing books it takes longer to find the right area and I find myself wishing I could color search and then navigate between colored sections more easily.

- Mostly happy

For the most part, Word for iPad has been fantastic. Granted, it is not as robust as the desktop version, but one would expect that to be the case. I do have a problem. Normally when I start a document, it remains the open document whenever I return to program, my last document edited remains the opened document. At some point that changed. I have a document that is 2 months old now reopening, and it is causing me problems. Last night I took minutes for a meeting, only to have those lost. I cannot find them anywhere. They are not in my recent documents, not auto saved, just gone. A two hour meeting with copious notes now missing. I had planned to come back to finish my notes and did not save them. What a mistake. It is disappointing that the program changed, and I am now struggling to come up with a document that no longer exists!

- Needs Paragraph Formatting Tool in Desktop Version

This Word app omits the nifty paragraph formatting tool that’s in the desktop version. Not having this tool makes it difficult/impossible to edit the spacing and tab alignment formats in the document, which I need to do all the time when using Word. This is incredibly frustrating because I know that I would get a lot of use out of this app for work on my large screen iPad Pro, but for some reason Microsoft and many other developers don’t date take the iPad very seriously as the legit stand alone computing device it is, and have some strange philosophy that real work is done only on a Laptop or Desktop and only allow you to gaze on your documents on iPad with frustration of being able to make any meaningful use of time editing them by omitting the critical tools needed for such editing. I really hope Microsoft wastes little time equipping their iPad Office Suite of apps (or at least Word) with the same exact tools and level of function and use those programs have on Desktop/Laptop interfaces.

- Glad I signed up for Office 365

I’m reviewing this as a paid app and not a free one because, for my use case, the features I need require an Office 365 subscription (which is fair - I don’t expect developers to provide pro-level functionality for free). If I were reviewing this as a free app, I would rate it 5 stars. Maybe more, actually. It’s a really good app. I'm an attorney and I mark up documents for a living, and I rely on a lot of advanced “Reviewing” features of Microsoft Word on the desktop. Many of these features are reproduced perfectly in this app. I store my iMac's files on OneDrive, which this app can access natively. It works very, very well. Some features do remain missing, however. Styles support does not appear to be complete, or at least there does not seem to be a way to edit Styles on the iPad (although if I edit a Style on the iMac the Style will immediately update on the iPad, so there’s that). Sometimes I rely on Remote Desktop just to make changes to Styles and certain other formatting items - obviously this is a clunky workaround. There also is no functionality for “comparing” one file with another. I’m giving this 4 stars because I’m pleased with it and Microsoft Word remains critical to my daily workflow. There’s definitely room for improvement, though, especially for a “pro” app that I’m paying annually for.

- Word search problem

(1) Word search starts searching like crazy before you end typing the word/text you want to search for. It will continue even when you try to stop it. You go crazy too by clicking , but it will continue until whatever, then, it suddenly stop its search and goes back to the document. Here, you must start all over again with the same frustration. (2) The solution is to use other text writing tool for writing exactly what you want, then past in the word/text search. (3) The difference between this ap and others is that you can copy something from outside sources and past it into your document. You will be able to find the text you already copied into it when you use the way I described for text searching. There are other apps that do not recognize texts you pasted into them from web pages or books. But I am thankful for the work you’ve done.

- Not Fully Functional, Even with Office 365 Supscription

This is a very basic app for limited use of creating Word documents. No grammar check. No easy way to format page or paragraph. Saving these documents has by far been my biggest problem. No matter what I use: iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive or the actual iPad, it takes too long for the document to save correctly. You can tell when there is no actual time stamp on the document. I notice this once I am ready to upload the document as an attachment to email, within an online class forum, to a job application or any other institution that may require me to upload or attach the document. Always says there’s not data in the file and therefore cannot be attached. Hours later, it magically saves and becomes a real document with data. This is with a strong internet connection be it using cellular data from the device or wi-fi, it doesn’t matter, it is always a pain. I thought I would be able to do more but this app is so basic, I may as well just use Google docs.

- Only Good Because Everyone Else Uses It

This version stinks! It *could* be incredible, thanks to some of the super-useful benefits of the iPad Pro—high quality touch screen, fast user interface, Apple Pencil, etc. There are only a few real problems that I’ve experienced with Word. Unfortunately, those are deal-breakers! Nearly every time I try to do “Review” mode (adding/editing comments; tracked changes; etc.), the app simply crashes. I have to restart the app and go to the last auto save (which fortunately is usually less than one minute of work). This sounds like a minor “first-world problem”...however, if you think about the app crashing 9 out of every 10 times you try to edit or add a comment—you essentially can’t use Word at all for document markup. At. All. Considering that collaborating with others and marking up each others’ documents is most of what I need Word for, I am really in a bad place until Microsoft fixes these bugs. Because of this I would NOT use Word—ever—except that Microsoft benefits from “Network Effects”. That’s the idea that the value of a product corresponds with the number of users. The fact that everyone I work with uses .doc and .docx, and those formats don’t currently open properly on other word processors, leaves me hamstrung to work with this app and its crashing every 2-3 minutes when “Review” mode is on.

- Custom Default Template

Okay. So this needs to be addressed, as my iPad Pro is my computer that I use. I pay for 365, so there is no reason for Microsoft to make using Apple devices inconvenient. Why why why is it not possible to create your own templates or layouts? Every time I write a new paper, which is very frequent, I’m forced to adjust the settings to look as I want them. This is extremely frustrating, and there is now way to edit their default templates and layouts. I read on a forum that it was “by design” and the only purposeful design choice I can think of is so that they design it to be inconvenient. Next, why is it that sometimes words will always be marked as spelled incorrectly when they are not? This happens every once in in awhile and the only way to fix it is to start the paper over when it happens. Or just deal with there being dotted red lines all over the paper. Fix these things and it’ll be perfect.

- Unusable without a paid 360 account

Who needs it with libre office, and open office? Why pay for something when there are better things for free, Especially not eternal subscriptions that never end, leaving you having paid 50 times the price of what the software would have cost as a one time purchase. On iOS and OS X, we have pages and on Microsoft we also have word pad as well as for both systems we can use open office libre office and about 10 other open source alternatives all of which are at least as good as Microsoft Word PowerPoint and Excel if not better. In iOS, we have pages, numbers, keynote, and so on. With Google, we have the Google slides Google Docs spreadsheet and other office applications, All for free where is immense storage space and no cost at all. The age of the corporate products cloud computing based subscription service is coming to an end, because people are getting fed up with it and I have finally realized it is a scam, And that there are many cheaper, and even free and better, alternative approaches

- Your joking.

I get it. From my understanding, you want people to pay money for a better usage on the apps office 365 is connected to, as well as making it easier in general. Problem 1. Some idiot thought it was a fantastic idea to do this, and not put the actual app on iPhone. Problem 2. The word on my account, as reference, will not let me type unless I save it to my cloud, which I need an office subscription to do. Thus, I can’t actually do anything. Problem 3. Some features on the computer version of word don’t appear on the phone version of word or the tablet version of word. What members of your company thought that was a good idea? Final problem I have. People who go to school, like me, usually need to do their work at home, and they don’t have money for a computer, nonetheless for an office subscription. Gosh dang it man, just, at least let us type. That’s all I ask. -ComosGaming

- Great, but just one thing

This is a great app to work on essays and all other sorts of documents. However, there’s only one thing I’m not fond of: the docs don’t automatically save. When you tap the back arrow for the first time after creating a doc, it gives you the options of either Save or Delete. If you accidentally hit the delete button, that’s it, your doc is gone. I’ve had that happen to me a few times. To me it’s not good because if I had written a long paper with many pages, and then tried to save it, you could accidentally press that delete button and all your hard work and progress will be lost. Of course you got to pay attention to what you’re doing. But still I think an extra warning tab like “Are you sure you want to delete this doc?” should be added, or just have the docs saved automatically.

- Could be better,,,

While the mobile version of Word is helpful for on the go typing, it lacks many of the aspects that make regular Word good. For example, every ten minutes, the app shuts down. This would just be irritating, but in addition to the crash, the app deletes everything I typed in the two minutes before the crash. There is no way to recover this lost work, and I just have to retype everything. Every time I edit something, the Word app gives me an error, saying someone else has edited the document, and I need to review these changes. No one else is editing the document. Just me. the alert is very irritating and does not go away, even after I have ‘resolved the changes.’ Final complaint... The spellcheck is horrendous in mobile Word. The iconic red line will appear under words like “and” and “the” when they are spelled correctly. It will autocorrect these words to “these” and “arm” but not correct actual misspellings of larger words. Overall, I wish the mobility and accessibility of mobile Word outweighed the negative aspects. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and I have had to deal with frustrating issues that make the experience less than ideal. I wish the functionality of regular Word would transfer to mobile Word. I think the app could be really useful if the technological issues were resolved.

- Worth of Word

I have worked with Word since it first came out.... many years go. It has grown and developed as new needs have come along. I Have tried a few others but the bottom line is that I NEED. WORD. It does what I need and I need what it does. I was at a real disadvantage when the iPad would not use it... I was about to give up on Apple and go back to total Microsoft. Since the new versions come together on the cloud to offer ability to use documents and speed sheets across the big Divide, I can use documents at home that were created at work... etc. you know what I mean or you would not have made them compatible. Actually I find myself using iPad more and more... to the point that it is not just an aid, but is quickly becoming my main tool. Keep up the good work.

- Great for mobile writing!

As a writer and student, I don’t have the time to be freely typing away in creative writing all the time on my computer, so I often find myself writing on this app as opposed to the computer version. I won’t lie, the computer is still better than an app, but the app is much more convenient and comes fairly close to working like the computer version. However I did notice one thing. With the latest update, the option to italicize, bold, or underline words as you type are just gone, replaced with blank spaces where those options used to be. So perhaps that can be corrected in the next update? It’s a minor thing but time and efficiency is the reason I use the app, so to lose either one is a disappointment.

- Great app but there is one concern I have

It’s a great app, however I do have some concerns, and one being that there is no method of proofing on this app. On pc versions, there is an option to set specific requirements for your text, and these options automatically catch errors (or what you’ve set the options to look for), but for the mobile app version, there is no such option available. I prefer to type my papers on iPad, because it’s much easier to carry around, and I use my iPad for literally everything, but I often find myself having to send a copy to my email to open it up on my pc (just to proofread and edit the document). This is annoying. Other than that, I love the app! I mean yes, the save option bugs out at times, but I save everything into my iCloud drop box anyways, so it doesn’t really hurt me.

- Undo/Redo button, Font size and insert table bug

I typically use this for my college assignments and work. But now its completely useless and I’m very upset. The font size bug on my iPhone goes haywire. I can’t adjust the font size at all in the way I want it. It either blows up the whole screen or goes to a size 2pt. If I’m lucky to get it to Twitch* to the size I need the document doesn’t readjust itself as it usually would when you adjust the font size from 12 pages back to 2 pages. The insert table bug is another factor cause once you add or delete that part of your table you can’t edit it. The undo/redo button bug makes all these other bugs add up together a complete nightmare to use Word as a whole which in all has defeated me and I’ve given up on doing my task. I’m quite frustrated and don’t see why this is an issue when I’ve used this app no problem in the past as my go to and now I literally can’t use it.

- Word on the iPhone is cumbersome and ...

First, at no fault of MS Word, the iPhone keyboard is a cruel trickster, one that was created in computer-primitive times and never updated. That said, Word vía the iPhone is cumbersome. It often takes forever to load and the screen often freezes. Editing — professional editing — is difficult because the tools aren’t responsive. Or cooperative. And, working with OneDrive is near impossible because it — OneDrive — doesn’t allow iPhone editing, thus you are required to copy your ms and past it in Word to edit, and then recopy so as to paste in back in OneDrive. IMO, it appears that MS should incorporate professional writers and editors into its Word planning sessions because Wors, whether on the iPhone or laptop, is administrative heavy and not designed for writers, editors or journalists. I think they should devise a Word version for such specific use, especially since so many of us use iPhones for creating, editing and sending copy — and photographs.

- Microsoft Word...

Okay... so I guess I should start by saying that Word is one of my favorite word processors. HOWEVER, I only use it for school assignments (currently) because... well... See, I am an author, and I publish Kindle books. I want to be able to publish them right from my iPad. (The Pages format isn’t supported in KDP.) And guess what this version of Word doesn’t have? Bookmarks. I need bookmarks to create a Table of Contents. It’s on the computer version of Word... why not anywhere else? Pages for iPad has that feature. On my computer Pages doesn’t have it (because it can’t update to the latest software blah blah blah...) but Word does! Are you kidding??? Once iPad Word gets a Table of Contents and Bookmarks feature, I MIGHT switch over to Word from Pages. So please Microsoft, add this! Otherwise, the app is fine and I haven’t experienced any other problems.

- Will not save my work

The app worked perfectly for a short while (1 month). I was using it for homework assignments and saving them but it all of a sudden stopped saving my work.. so I deleted a few assignments that I had saved for finals study review ( thinking that I may have too much saved) and it still wouldn’t save. So then next issue was it signed me out of my account and wouldn’t accept my password so I attempted to change my password and it says I can’t use a password I’ve already used.. so I had to start another account with a different email and it still will not save my work.. this app went from, for me, revolutionary to not very useful at all.. this app was so handy! I really hope they fix these issues soon but this has been going on for weeks now but I’m going to keep checking it to see if things will save and if they do I’ll give it 5 stars.

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- == Best technologies leading our future

Word document has been very convenient so far I have used. Its worth while, rather than taking notes using a pen or a pencil. Recently, I had been working on my assignment and it was actually very innovative, I sometimes see updates coming on that might put more improvement on their working system. For some people it seems hard to log in anyway, I recommend them to use school logins id and emails to provide as easy as hai safer method in-order to access.

- Nightmare, genuinely idiotic

Avoid 365 if you possibly can. Have taken out an account which I cannot access. At all. Login & Password not recognised and dead-ends. I know the logins are right, they’re in 1Password. Reached out to MS “Support”. 45min in a circular & pointless chat. First point of content at “Support” is an Accounts & Billing contact, not Tech. So-called Tech Support didn’t do anything, just went round and round, didn’t seem to know what they were doing. Eventually referred me to Elevated Support. Great, I thought. But no, Elevated Support is not a fast track to a specialist fixer who knows what they’re doing. It’s just a link to a page in a chat where a previous customer five years ago details how to take out an Elevated job ticket which might eventually get attended to by a human. But get this. In order to take out said Elevated job ticket and get in the queue, the only way to do this is to take out a SECOND Microsoft 365 account in order to triage the first one that I can’t get into. What, then I end up with TWO accounts in which my credit card is trapped somewhere?! Furious about this. Am time poor freelancer who needs to update Office for work, and am literally hands tied can’t figure out what to do. AVOID this product unless you have absolutely no choice. Stupid interface that eats headhours. If I could give it zero stars and still lodge this review to warn you all, I would. Microsoft, if you’re reading (!) please reach out and HELP!

- This app...

Okay, okay. I’ve used this app many times, but they were on the computer. Let’s see... I got an iPad and that’s where all the problems started. I don’t know why, but when I’m on a shared document and someone else is using it at the same time, it creates conflicts. Then the other person has to delete another persons work so they can continue with their own. Another problem is: when I’m using text boxes to label a picture, I exit out, maybe come back to it in a day or two, and the image has completely covered the writing. And then I can’t move the picture for some reason, so I have to delete the image and the writing, and do it all over again. This is really annoying, especially when I’ve written a big block of text. Sometimes when I’m using this app, I type stuff, it deletes it, I type it again, but the original word that I wrote is still there. I can tell in the auto correct. Sometimes it ‘corrects’ the word even though I’ve typed it right. This happens normally when I type ‘money.’ There are a lot of problems with this app on iPads, so please fix it as soon as you can. Thank you.

- Features Removes

I was enjoying this app until features that were accessible were suddenly revoked because I didn’t have a 365 subscription. It is quite poor practise to have a feature available and then to remove it to gain money. The feature was initially free. The actual app doesn’t even have the full functionality of the desktop version, so charging for anything within this app is ludicrous. Apart from that, it is a good application. In fact, when using the all the limited features it does have for simple documents, or to make quick edits, is superb. Just be wary that future “development” may result in the omission of basic function that is to be expected from a document program. This practise is not limited to Microsoft, but I thought Microsoft would be above this. Charge for additional features, not basic ones.

- Frustrating sign in

Honestly all around a good app to use but seriously had so much difficulty singing in with a Microsoft account that I frequently used, the app still told me my password was wrong which I had it written down so it couldn’t possibly be wrong, I refreshed the app and reset my password and yet still decided that my password was wrong, extremely frustrating when having 2 HUGE essays that were due in the smallest time given. I recommend using a computer like most people do I just couldn’t be bothered. Now to add to this, I even tried 4 different accounts and I also even tried another persons account that uses the app almost 24/7 and even that told me my password was still wrong, now unless I’m blind or just plain stupid, this app is COMPLETELY useless for me as I cannot even save or send anything unless my sign in works!! Fix this TERRIBLE problem as it is causing extreme stress and pain to my head. All round annoying and stupid!

- Constantly crashes

With the constant crashes, productivity is compromised. Using the Apple Pencil to draw is extremely laggy, switching between colours is not instant and requires a 10 second wait. After, when trying to scroll through to read through the document, pages with ink do not load, it takes over a minute to load if it does but this is not always the case. The only way to resolve is to exit the app and reopen, and wait a minute per inked page. When adding comments, the app crashes every second comment while writing. Consequently what was written is lost. As long as you’re not using the draw function or comments function, the app works. Would be good to see an additional function to change page colour. However, because of how infuriating to use a crashing app, I can’t use this app until this is fixed otherwise, it will compromise time efficiency. What takes 30 minutes now takes 2 hours.

- Needs better mouse support

This version of word is really good. So far my experience has been seamless going from pc to iPad Pro. The only issue i have is that with the all new mouse support that the iPad Pro now offers there are some issues that Microsoft needs to iron out. There are often times where i am trying to highlight a particular word or going back to a certain point in a sentence that needs to be edited where the bar will show up 4 or 5 lines above where I’ve clicked, forcing me to use the touch screen. I know this may not be a big deal but when going through paper work it does break up momentum and I’m sure that anyone who uses Word on the iPad would find the mouse more intuitive than touch screen if Microsoft would review and refine their mouse support. Will give 5 stars once this is fixed. Thanks.

- Cannot Open Documents From Email Attachments

While using my iPhone I used to be able to click on an email attachment in word format and have the option to open the document in the word app. I found this useful as the viewer in the email app itself on the iPhone changes the formatting of a document. However, this option is no longer available, and I have to save the document to my iPhone and then switch to the word app and search through my files to find it. I don’t know if the reason I no longer have the option to open the document directly into the word app is related to an update on the iPhone or an update of this app, but I would love to have that function again.

- Needs an option for an unsimplified ribbon

I own a 12.9 inch IPad Pro and as powerful as this device is, it feels so limited by the lack of full featured functionality that I would be able to find on a less powerful Windows device. Basic additions such as being able to create a table of contents, better shortcut support (for changing font size etc.) and an unsimplified ribbon would go a long way to making this program feel a lot more powerful. Some times I’ll have to switch to Word Online (which btw has all of those features but is a little bit buggy) or back to my laptop which is overall a bit of a hassle and seems quite unnecessary for the potential that this app has. Hope to see these changes soon 🤞

- Horrible.

It doesn’t work I hate this app this is a nightmare. It won’t work when I try to highlight the words. It keeps not letting me type and I don’t like it. This app needs a whole lot of upgrade. Please work more hard on this app. It is terrible. I even didn’t work on the sign in and had to do it at least for 2 days. I even couldn’t use it for 3 days and was useless. don’t like this app because a lot of times nothing ever works. The typing won’t work and would always send me out of the document that I was working on. Sometimes I can’t control the drawing set and would not work. I can’t even use it so I suggest you fix it. It only allows me to use this for 1 day a week. So stressful. This app also keep going weird and not good as if it doesn’t allow me to use the app itself so fix it and respond. I am really mad. This app does not help my work.

- Issue while editing documents

I use Microsoft word all the time with my assignments and homework tasks but recently I’ve noticed a problem with the screen or something. I don’t know how it happens but sometimes when I’m typing I’ll do something and a page overlay from the document I’m editing will show up in the corner, half off the screen and slightly translucent. I’ll scroll up and down the document but the page in the corner doesn’t disappear. Quite a few of my friends and classmates have also run into this while working and it can get really annoying. Other than that this is a great app and I would definitely recommend it.

- Impossible to Cancel

I used this relatively successfully for a number of months on my iPad and phone (nowhere near as useful as on a computer). For the past few months, now I don’t need it, I have tried unsuccessfully to cancel it each time I am billed. Because of the difficulty of the subscription cancellation process, I give up, intending to do it later. Invariably, I forget to and am billed a month later. Finally, tonight, I am too poor to be able to afford any more bills. However, despite at least 40min of trying, I am still yet to cancel the subscription. I am clearly doing something wrong, but I am not techno-illiterate. It isn’t my idiocy preventing me from cancelling, its Microsoft’s barriers. Think long and hard before subscribing, because you will likely never be able to cancel your subscription.

- Word has lost relevance in my workflow

As a writer I use word on my ten inch iPad 2018 sometimes as a scratchpad. The functionality of word is not up to the same standard and usability of the writing apps that I use. These are Scrivener and Storyist 4 for large manuscripts. Notability for script to text and general note taking. I have used word for over twenty years in my professional life. It’s now lost relevance for my work flow. I rarely use it. Microsoft used to be the standard to meet. Now it’s the standard that is fading into a memory. The cost to benefit ratio of a Microsoft subscription does not work for me. The fact that I would have to pay to use word on an iPad Pro means that word is moving quickly into obscurity and irrelevance. Bit sad to see it go, it used to be essential to me. The alternatives now much better suit my needs.

- Not offline friendly

I have tried to use word repeatedly in network limited or constrained environments. I have repeatedly hit the following types of issues . On a plane, open word to use it and it says you are not signed in to an account so cannot edit in word. I was signed in and using word, but it has now decided that it won’t honor the last sign in and work as advertised. This removed by ability to work on a 15 hour flight. . In a hotel with very por wifi, word continually hangs and stutters because it is obviously trying to use the internet when the network is poor I have lots of other similar examples. The developers need to rethink the connectivity requirements of word if the product is to be rated as any good

- A couple of annoying things

Need to be able to choose the old way of highlighting, so much easier. As I tend to use the iPad when researching, what is very annoying is that I changed the normal font to Arial 12pt for all new documents on my computer, but on the iPad it always opens at Calibri 11pt, which I find hard to read. Just bugs me that I have to change it every time and I usually start a lot of new word docs when I am researching a topic. Oh and my created footnote style doesn’t happen on the iPad either. It is these a few other bugs that stop Word on the iPad from being great.

- Fed up!!!

I have been using Word for as long as I can remember. Now on my new ipad I can open it, but not use it the way I used to. It asks me to ‘sign in’ but will not accept any of the information I give it. It says my email address is already in use by someone else, but that someone else is me. The same goes for my phone number. Originally I bought the CD for my laptop and I am not going to pay for something else after a free month’s trial. I will use Pages from now on.

- Word is good but connectivity can be tricky

I love the option of using Word on my iPad. However, two issues came up: 1. If I want to submit an assignment to TAFE New South Wales, Australia I found I had to copy the file to my iPad internal directory from OneDrive in order to submit the document (not so on iCloud). 2. I have a TAFE OneDrive account and my own OneDrive account. When I went from one OneDrive to the other OneDrive while editing the document there were really frustrating ownership issues for that were difficult to resolve. Office needs to detect this and give an option to transfer ownership using the usernames and passwords from the two accounts.

- Text to word functionality

The app can be brilliant and great at some times but at others it can be hard to use and create documents. Sometimes the orientation of text and graphs are mixed and out of order when move documents. Also when you start a new document sometimes it can not work and fails to be able to type anything however this is a very rare occurrence. I like how it’s integrated to be able to function with computers and makes work documents so much easier. Keep up the good work Microsoft.

- No longer free

It seems this app can no longer be used for anything without forking out for an Office 365 subscription. Disgusting move, Microsoft. I would be fine paying a fair purchase (read: one-off) price for the app to have the convenience of being able to switch between iPad and laptop, but I don’t want or need Office 365. I already paid to own a copy of the Microsoft Word program on my laptop and now you want me to pay a yearly fee to get something I already own just so I can also work on my iPad. Greedy, greedy, greedy. Won’t be buying any Microsoft programs or products in the future.

- Poor performance

Word for iPad is cumbersome and difficult to edit. It takes me 2-3 times as long to do simple things like editing because the cursor doesn’t easily work in this format compared to having a mouse. Also because Microsoft and Apple don’t play well together, be sure you know where you’ve stored things as you can loose them. Microsoft will want you to save to their cloud, Apple to theirs and if you have no internet, the documents must be stored locally on the tablet. There is also poor integration with using the pencil. Compared to .pdf marking up capability word is clunky and demands a keyboard and mouse to work optimally. Go back to the drawing board Microsoft! 😖

- Soooooo good

You should definitely buy this app if you want to write anything at all! It is great and works perfectly! If you are looking for something to write on this is the app for you! Once you get the hang of it, it is so easy to write with, and I recommend this app to anyone and every one! The only thing I would improve is the ability to make front covers because a picture can’t take up the whole page, but this is still a great app!

- As good as you would expect.

MS Word is pretty much the benchmark in word processing and although I respect the efforts of the developers of free alternative apps with the exception of Apple's Pages app none work across platforms. With a Microsoft account I get a free email address and the ability to sync and store all my documents across all my devices. The ability to create a document on my computer, edit it on my iPad and add to it through the day on my iPhone is hard to beat.

- Brilliant

Word docs is brilliant and I’m sure I’m going to use it for an incredibly long time. Word allows me to write whenever I please and I highly recommend this app! I find that it does work a little slowly at times but I’m sure that’s just from my internet connection stuffing up. Otherwise, this app is magnificent and if you don’t have it and love to write things ranging from stories to using it for a project, you’re insane.

- Undo functionality broken

Having just completed an entire letter, and noticing that it didn’t quite fit the page, I selected all in the document, tapped the font size, and typed the number ‘10’ into the dialogue box. Unfortunately I hadn’t correctly tapped into the box correctly, so instead of changing the size it replaced my entire letter with the number ‘10.’ Normally I would just undo this change, but it won’t let me - the undo button is greyed out. I tried exiting and reopening the app, but the auto save functionality replaced the entire document with the number 10. This is something that used to happen a decade ago on windows XP - it should not persist into 2018!

- Not Good

For the information of Jack the 8 year old 'Tech Expert' who only uses this on his Microsoft surface and not on his iPad.... The office suit of apps has been available on Mac devices for over 10 years and as Apple is a huge investor in Microsoft its not any surprise. The not good thing is the subscription type license that gets very expensive when you have several Apple devices. I for one would rather pay $250 up front once and then opt in for updates. However as there are several very very good alternatives out there that are FREE I don't see the need. This from a 70 year old tech expert who owned his first computer in 1981. !!!!

- Intentional limited ability

The app has clearly been designed with limited capacity to creat product differentiation between the iPad and the MacBook so you really need both. The iPad has the ability to easily run the full program but many functions are removed. This will likely backfire and drive customers to other devices. I know I will reconsider my long loyalty to apple after this device. There is a problem with version control and auto save not working on a regular basis and having to re-save new versions of documents

- Comment feature very buggy and laggy

Word seems to work okay on the whole on the iPad Pro 11-inch (2018). The commenting feature however becomes very buggy and laggy. Preview windows sporadically appear overlaid on top of my screen, meaning I must leave the document and load it again. Sometimes new comments can’t be added and instead the ‘smart define’ option appears instead after many comments being added. This is especially when there are a few comments (~5+). Please address this issue!

- Word.

It’s a little strange using Word on my Ipad. As i’ve never considered it to be made for mobile devices. But Word has helped me, and my whole family with work and school. It’s easy to use, and all the customisable options, makes it so much better. I would highly recommend it to anyone that has a large amount of assignments for school, or is extremely busy with work.

- Overall word is a great app but i hate...

Look i use this app for notetaking and work and school but its got to be the most annoying thing when you swap to another app to read something/ multitask/ copy and you open word and it has to restart the whole app like do the word bootup then open your note then you have to scroll down and type it in and it happens often wasting time every if just 5 second but 5 seconds every time could be hours

- We need some changes

Ok, so, I tried to do my document on two devices, one had iOS, and the other had windows, one was a iPad, the other was a hp computer. I was working on my ‘document’ on my iPad and when I was fed up with how hard it is to move a picture, I logged on to my computer and went on Word and opened the document and it said that the file was corrupt, I think this app is corrupt. I went corrupting when I heard that, so now, here I am right a complaint if the Bill gates is reading this, we need some changes...

- Natively supports OpenDocument Formats!

As a user of Linux-based operating systems (exclusively), I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of Microsoft or what they stand for... But I’ve gotta give credit where credit is due, and this application is fantastic. Not only does Microsoft Word look great, but it is easy use to and seems to work well... Microsoft Word also has native support for OpenDocument Formats - such as OpenDocument Text (“.odt”) - which is not something Apple can boast for their “Pages” application. I don’t like the fact that one must enable “analyze content” in the (Microsoft Word) privacy settings for OpenDocument Formats to open, but I’ll reluctantly admit that this is a small price to pay for being able to view OpenDocument Format files. This application is highly recommended, particularly if you regularly use OpenDocument Format files.

- Horrible

This app is nightmarishly slow. It can not handle more then 2 people active on one document and completely loses all functionality becoming extremely slow. The app constantly crashed especially when you leave it on in the background. Say you were writing something and needed to switch apps to quickly get a point from a website. When you switch apps, word doesn’t stay open in the background. Instead, you have to open it back up, be greeted with a blank, frozen screen and wait for it to crash and then re load the whole app again.

- Word is very useful and l love Microsoft

The reason word is so good is because you can just keep on writing and also l even like Microsoft; they invented the pc and was a huge part in the computer business back in the 80’s. And today because they have made software and I think Bill gates is a amazing person because he puts his wealth into charity and helping the world is his main goal in his life. Baheer.

- Core features AWOL

As someone with vision problems, I have been utilising the white text on black background feature of the PC version of Word for well over a decade. I find it extremely disappointing that it’s been neglected so far in the iPad version, and would appreciate it being included ASAP. Only the most basic of functions are readily available, with things hidden instead of accessible. If I had an option which was compatible with my work’s chosen platform, I would move to it in a heartbeat, as this is software design at its worst.

- Meh, ok but old fashioned.

Works fine but it’s very old fashioned. For example if you open something from another app (e.g onenote, emails) it won’t ask you to save or to go back to the file you had open. It just DELETES it if you haven’t saved it. This is the 21st century. We really should not have to be dealing with these simple but detrimental problems. My manual arts assignment that was half done is now gone and I was already behind on it. It’s a good app by all means, but beware of these problems or this may happen to you.

- Useful, but doesn’t have some of the options in normal word.

I use word for my invoices each week, and it is great to have it available on mobile so i can get it done before home time, but it got quite frustrating that i had no option to unmerge cells, i was able to split them vertically, but not horizontally which i need as an option to seperate dates. Would like this to be added or if i could have some help to find this option review would be 5 stars easy

- Amazing, really recommend it!

Word is an amazing app where you can you your work you need to do, right quick notes on it, put your shopping list on there etc. All so parents I all so recommend it for youngsters too because they can use their creativity and type + draw whatever they want to. So overall word is a great app! - From a happy customer.

- Recent updates aren’t good

I’ve used a table in Word on my phone for a while and I used to be able to tap on the keyboard symbol and the keyboard would disappear so I could see the whole document. Now the keyboard symbol stays grey and the keyboard wont disappear so I only get to see half of my document which is a nuisance, especially on a small screen

- Insensitive for different layouts

I was attempting to generate a brochure for an assignment, when the preposterous thing was so insensitive it didn’t permit for me to edit a second column. I understand, I had already put content on the page to ensue (two columns per page), but I think, in this day and age, some things are far too substandard. Particularly considering how universal Microsoft is “supposed”to have been. Honestly, Microsoft is nothing but a student’s nightmare to manipulate around with. Kindly fix some bugs in relation to sensitivity because I am genuinely exasperated by the poor quality of your app on mobile. Thank you.

- Great app but...

When I first open the app word tries to open my most recently opened document, which is fine but sometimes I don’t want to access that document. However, when I try to cancel it doesn’t respond to me. There is no point in having a cancel button if it doesn’t work. This has been happening to me since I got this app 5 years ago. Please fix this soon. Thanks.

- More features please!

This app does almost everything that you expect word to do. There are few features missing from the original version which would give it a 6/5 stars, such as being able to sort list alphabetically and other citation features. The biggest drawback is not being able to open 2 word windows on split screen. PLS FIX THIS :)


It took me half an our of roundabout dead ends. If you purchased the app thru the App Store then go into your general settings on your phone/iPad. Click on iTunes & App Store. Your Apple ID should be at the top. Click that and select view Apple ID. Scroll down to subscriptions and select. Here it should show all automatic payments that you have with a tick next to the cost price. Down the bottom you should be able to select cancel subscription. A very difficult and counter intuitive way to stop the, taking your money. Hrmmmm I don’t recommend this app.


Microsoft Word lacks so much compared to the computer version. At first you would think “oh well after all an ipad is not a computer so there are some things that would not be available in the app version of word”. BUT NOOO it falls so far behind, I wanted to create headings and titles but realised that was not an option and the drawing tools are so bad. Not very apple pen friendly. I switched over from using a laptop for school to an iPad thinking it would be more practical but I honestly regret it so much JUST BECAUSE OF MICROSOFT WORD. There seems to be no effort or thought put into this app.

- i don’t know

I got this app thinking it would be a great way to write stories when I’m bored, and it was. But after a few stories I made another document and I started typing but the letters weren’t coming up on my screen. I tried to make another document, I fiddled with the settings, but I have no choice but to save my stories, delete the app and download it again. I don’t know if this happened to anyone else but it was really annoying.

- I Love it.

I am in School and I love using my IPad on the go. When I am not home and ai need to do work I love to use this app. It helps so well and I love how I can just print my pictures or writing when I am not even in my house. I give this app 5 big stars and congratulations on making a fabulous app that is handy, easy to use, and gets the work done. Thank you.

- 365 change

I use word for school and have several pieces of work with now I cannot complete because Microsoft made it so I need a 365 subscription This change was just a way to make more money don’t recommend go with google docs or pages from apple It was good before the change so it will get one star

- Painful to use

Writing basic text documents is perfectly fine, but the moment you want to do anything that involves pictures, shapes, or anything other than text it is pure pain. Every time I add in an image it adds in 3 instead of one. It’s nearly impossible to move anything without resizing it first, the controls are terrible, nearly everything requires an office365 subscription. I’m not an Apple fanboy so don’t worry about this review being one-sided. I really love Microsoft. But if you are thinking of getting this app, pages is the MUCH better option.

- Feature recommendation

So pleased now that I can work on my projects on my new IPad since I don’t know when my seven year old laptop could die. All my Microsoft Word projects are backed up OneDrive However since my projects are novels it would be great if there was a function that allows you view two pages at once while writing, just like on PC. It would help other aspiring authors

- Word App

For me, word is a great app full of amazing tools. I do have one minor complaint; pages. I would prefer if you can choose when to change the page. Rather than the page changing right in the middle of a paragraph. That’s rather annoying. Other than that, Word is amazing! 5 stars! Keep it up! From Word Lover

- Base model on ipad

I purchased a iPad to easily write documents on the go, the iPad word version is so very basic there are a lot of missing and I have found that I still need a laptop to complete documents, also it doesn’t link well on the iPad with endnote, and in order to reference properly I also need to use the laptop, the whole reason to use endnote is to cite while you write. If I had enough known this earlier I wouldn’t have wasted my money and just purchased a decent laptop

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- Convenience

Just started enjoying the convenience of this app. Will find out more of its uses as I go along. Thanks!

- Great app

I use the app all day, always stable. I need a search field though for my IPad app.

- This app is fabulous

I can’t believe they are just giving this away. It’s so good. Templates are amazing. Colleagues say ‘Do you want to type notes on my computer?’ I say ‘You have no idea how good this Word app is Guy!’ Way to Go Microsoft. I love the app ❤️❤️❤️

- Better use of the stylus?

It would be very helpful if the stylus could be used to move the cursor into a precise position. I find the use of my finger very frustrating and time consuming. Generally it's pretty good otherwise.

- Very Good, could be better

Very good for an iOS version but still missing several formatting features that would be “nice to have”. Hope to see continued expansion of this version .

- Love love love!!!

My computer broke so I wasn’t able to finish my homework until I downloaded this Word app on my iPad in which I was able to finish my homework. Highly recommend👍

- Recommend

Get this app!😋

- Here’s a review

You want a review? Here’s a review. Everything I want to do on Word, I have to have a subscription to do. How useful is that? It’s not. Want to change from portrait to landscape? Oh, you need a subscription. Want to track changes? Oh, you need a subscription. Want to change colours? Oh, you need a subscription. What bloody use is this app for those who don’t want to shell out too much money for a subscription?

- Definitely Helpful but...

I love this app on my phone. I am a high school student and students in my board receive a free 365 personal account and I guess I like it because nothing is coming out of my pocket. Anyway, being able to type on my phone is useful for me because I travel often and having a word processor of this quality is amazing for my academics. I do have a request for the iPhone version, I cannot find out how to change text font. I can change font, Not the size. Otherwise, love word. I also use outlook and onenote. Very useful!

- Pratique

Le Word sur iPad est très pratique. Mais je trouve qu'il devrait avoir plus d'options

- Functionality

The functionality of word on apple tablets is extremely comprised. As apple computers have released their iPad Pro which could support more functions. However Microsoft does not do as well on apple products.

- git git


- R/crappydesign

Litterally, i cant even write ANYTHING without having an account (which costs money). This app is useless without a subscription. Worst app ever

- Ruined my assignment.

Crashed several times without saving the assignment the way I did it. Instead saved changes it made on its own. Like moving my graphs and tables as well as DELETING MY WORK. Now have four hours to fix all the mistakes this app has caused and still finish the assignment. 100% furious and unsatisfied. Do not recommend at all, not worth the risk.

- thanks

you guys saved tiktok thanks

- Cannot Access

Despite accepting my payment, the app continues to tell me that I do not have a subscription. Useless waste of my money, and time, as I need to access and edit documents.

- Greedy

Limited access to tools and no access to your own work. Can’t send/save anything I do unless I pay. Word has been free for years, not worth paying for.

- What have they done to my Word? Aug 2020

First of all, I had to get a new password to open my own documents. THEN, as soon as I got the new password approved, it said « due to unusual activity you must reset your password ». I think the unusual activity was me being told I needed a new password and going through several iterations before it liked the one I was giving it (« sorry, you are using an old password, try again » ). So 30 minutes later I finally get to open MY OWN DOCUMENTS THAT I CREATED, and now it won’t let me edit anything. Well I haven’t used MS Word since my iMAC went into the dumpster last year, but I had used it for about 25 years before that. What have they done? Why can I not edit my own documents? This sucks.

- Review

I am a senior without much technical savvy and today was my first time to use it. After writing a lengthy letter without too much difficulty. The one thing that took me a bit of time to figure out how to print it, but eventually figured it out. I don’t have much occasion to write letters etc but feel confident that I will be able to do it again, when necessary. Thank you Word mlm

- Word document

Word document is not working very well, will not allow me to open a new document. I would give it zero stars, but that option wasn’t available.

- Junk - Saving to Dropbox Crashes the App

It looks like this app favours OneDrive. Saving files to Dropbox crashes the app. Not worth the very expensive subscription. No support for iPad Magic Keyboard. No way to password protect a document. No way so save a file as a template. $80/year for what? What a rip off.

- please fix mouse support

the mouse support works about 5% of the time, makes it close to impossible to be productive. please improve mouse support and trackpad support on the new magic keyboard for ipad

- I don’t like words

Words scare me

- Best Ever!

I love creative writing and I use my iPad Pro like a laptop where I do all my work! I have written a full novel on my iPad with this app and it is so nice and easy to use! I love that it is synced across my devices and that I can continue my stories on my phone as well!

- CONSISTENTLY Fails to export PDFs properly

Every time I try to export a document to a folder in the files app using Word, it exports a files of ZERO KB. Unacceptable.

- Terrible

Terrible app won’t let me open any documents

- Word for iPhone

This program is absolutely fantastic! I can switch from writing my book on my pc to writing/dictating it on my cellphone while lying in bed. It even keeps my place when I switch via the cloud.

- Word mobile app

This free application is excellently structured, speedy and convenient for on the go use in all aspects and above all free to use. Microsoft did a great job bringing this to the smartphone user base further keeping this program relevant across platforms instead of just solely on the computer. 10/10 for myself and would recommend to others.

- Word

Easy to use and once you have an account everything can be linked from different computers to your email.

- One time purchase for iPad Pro

Why isn’t there a one time purchase option…

- Great!

I used it for school and it worked perfectly!

- Great

Ms word is the best app ever

- I love it!

This app has honestly changed my life, before I would have to get out my computer and start typing or get out my book and start writing, but with this app I can work on my homework any day, all day. This app is very helpful, it makes my life so much more easier. ❤️🙏

- It’s good to write with

I like word and all but I think it would be better if you could draw in it

- Getting worse and worse but best app ever!

This is one of the best apps I could find for writing stuff. But the thing is, they have recently removed IOS Fonts (sad) and also before you could see an example of the font and now it’s all blank! You couldn’t even see the name of the font! Come on Microsoft! Do better!

- Why isn’t the desktop version free?

If the whole suite is free for iPhones, then why do we have to pay for the desktop versions?

- Déception

Pas tjrs facile à utiliser

- Unnecessary Price

I am a Student who is trying to use my iPad as learning device... I don’t feel obliged to pay $8 a month so I can do my online courses. Ridiculous

- I don’t know

... made me think I needed to pay to use it turned out it just needed me to relog.

- Nice


- So practical

Easy and friendly user

- Ew🤩

So lile I wsa jsut uisng ti utb ti woludtn ixf ym slleping erorsr oen tsar ofr usre😩

- Not user friendly!

I am fairly tech savvy and I’ve used many apps to write papers for university. I was very un happy with how little options are displayed on the iPad version of the app. It took me nearly 5 minutes to change the spacing another 5 to center the text. I like Microsoft, but this version of the app is horrible

- Word for iPad

It’s very limited. Useless for academic writing, which I had hoped for while on the go.

- Excellent application; seamless transferring of files

Terrific, as the title says. Nothing is difficult to transfer from my computer and it's great!

- Works great

I use this all the time and have never had an issue. Really good, reliable app.

- Improvement suggestion

You should make it so you can have a default format that is different than the one word provides.

- Features

There is zero reason why this, and Excel for that matter can’t have all the functions that the desktop versions have. The new iPad is more than capable of accomplishing that. Recently, the keyboard has been disappearing and not being able to bring it back up without opening the document again. Overall just feels held back from what it should be and makes complex work frustrating when features are missing that are essential.

- MS always Disappointment

Exit without save, no saving or whatever. Total waste my time no wonder it is free

- Needs to have symbols, sometimes it’s missing them

I think Microsoft Word is good and all, but usually when I open a document about math from Microsoft Teams, the symbols are missing from the document, so please, fix this bug so it’s more convenient.

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- Not really sure. #Usury ☹️

I love the Word App BUT what’s up with renting the Service. If you don’t buy a subscription you’re locked out of simple features like landscape. I believe a better way is to allow us to either buy features a la carte or sell the app altogether for one set price. Years of renting this app could become an exuberant expense; having paid into this App many times over in comparison to its worth or original value. And even if the argument is “you’re renting storage space...” that can be done on a yearly subscription like cloud space with iPhone users. Seems to be no reason for the over charging. Hopefully this will change or another app comes and replaces this app. #USURY #UNFAIR

- fix the bugs, please

I am a college student that uses this app to take notes in class with my Apple Pencil and this is just awful. It has a bug with its eraser where it will lock on the pen you are using making a mess of your notes (imagine writing with a real pencil but instead of erasing with your eraser you are scribbling in dark black all over your paper) or you can’t move the page when you are using the eraser tool, the eraser will keep trying to open the keyboard and the eraser will take control and erase most of what you had written. Also, the screen will just jump in the middle of a sentence you are writing to another page again making a mess of your notes. And some general misgivings is the time it takes to switch documents, and opening this app will sometimes will make part of the screen gray or black that you can’t make go away. If I didn’t need this for my school, I would find a new note taking app. please, for my sanity, fix the bugs.

- Works fine but with an issue for large documents

For a free app, it’s great. You can find most whatever you need for basic word processing. However, there is one problem. I am now working with a 900 page document. There is no quick way to get to a specific page or word in the document, and every time I open the app or work on a different document in-between, I have to restart the search from the beginning to get to where I left off. I have not found a search function specifically within the free Microsoft Word or any way to jump many pages ahead. I dread having to open on page 850. But for short documents it does the job easily and very well. I gave it five stars before I worked with a large document and discovered this issue. I’m still glad to have it.

- Current Version Is Nearly Unusable for Me

Yeah, it’s that bad. What seem like relatively benign bugs take on outsized importance when they don’t get fixed for months, and they are crippling on an app as essential as Word. For example: Copy and paste? Can’t do it anymore (at least on an iPad Pro). That seems like essential functionality for a word processor, but apparently that’s not high up on Microsoft’s to do list for bug fixes. Another example: a bit harder to describe, but I have to try anyway. I have all sorts of problems with opening documents from the iOS Files app. I often can’t edit them at all, and instead have to open Word and go through the document picker. When I am able to work on a document, I can’t do things like italicize the font, or add a footnote. The app becomes mostly unresponsive (though I can still scroll and type). So yeah, what I’m basically saying is that it’s so buggy now, you can’t actually process words. It’s terrible. Pls fix this crucial app.

- Great, But Has Some Stand Out Issues

This app is great and works well enough. I love it. I have it on my iPad, iPhone, and computer. I would of got it on my Apple Watch ⌚️ but couldn’t. So far I’ve had at least one issue and two concerns: Around the third or fifth time I’ve entered the app, none of my documents were there, and it wouldn’t let me type ANYTHING! And my concerns: I’ve gone through every setting on screen in the area you work on documents, and I can’t seem to find clip art. In my old version, I had it, but now it’s not. Fix, or help me. My second concern, the app is slow. I’ve clicked a spot or button several times and nothing happens. Also sometimes I’d be typing and when I’d look, nothing, but as soon s a reach and click the delete or exit button, it shows up. Help or fix.

- Download size

I will no longer use Wifi - the artificial limits on download are about to make me delete your LARGE App. I have a case at Apple and of course they blame you and the carrier - the support agent agrees it is “Stupid”. I wonder why it’s okay to stream Gigs of a baseball game or a movie but downloading an app that is Broken is a NO NO. MS NOT that differentiating these days. Same for other MS apps. I like Outlook but LookOUT to be gone too. And since I own the company that buys 365 and Azure gone is a BIG gone. Tick. Tick, tick. I’m sure that you are now aware I can let other users know all is well in a few days or so, therefore rating will go to a deserved location. As my I always say, “ when it doesn’t make sense it is about the Cents. Let’s use some common sense, and worry less about the small cents. Ready set GO! - drdave

- I really want to like this app

I own two surface pros, a surface, and I’m subscribed to office, so I’m a heavy Word user. I carry my iPad Pro to class because it’s light weight and I use a specific iOS app for taking notes in some of my classes. As a university student, I write many papers. OneDrive allows me to access them from anywhere, but using Word on my iPad Pro is incredibly frustrating! The app freezes and crashes much too often. So much so that I can’t use it! Before, when I tried to use the Apple Pencil or touch the cursor in Word would go all over the place and and activate somewhere entirely different from where you’ve touched on the screen. The keyboard also randomly stopped working. These things don’t happen in other apps. Every update seems to fix one thing while adding new problems. I’m really hoping MS gets this straightened out as this is having a significant impact on my workflow.

- Not worth downloading.

I’m so unhappy with this app. Whenever I open it, it instantly opens random documents I don’t want to open and will not close them so I have to wait for them to load fully (takes minutes) in order for me to even close them. Editing documents is a PAIN, and the zoom function, numbering functions are all buggy and do not work properly. Zooming will make the screen move constantly so I can’t see what I am typing, when you set up numbering 1. 2. 3. It will automatically do this, but not allow you to space between the lines without creating a number. I use this app because I am a college student who’s very busy, I need this to work on my phone but I’ll be deleting it after this quarter is done. I’ll just go to the library and use their computers to do my work since it seems that Microsoft is incapable of developing an app that can function properly.

- It’s getting worse.

It seems Word isn’t able to keep up with these recent IOS updates. There are frequent times when I’m using word, and in the middle of a sentence the app will become unresponsive. And when I mean unresponsive, I mean dead as a doornail, and I have to exit out, often restart the app, or even restart my iPad in order to get it to work. Other writing applications do not have this problem, and keep in mind this only became a problem in recent updates. While it sometimes happens with other apps, they’re nothing compared to the barely-functional phases this one goes through. This used to a fantastic app with fantastic functionality, but all the options in the world don’t matter when you can barely write a sentence.

- Great but buggy

Although I am happy with this app overall, like other reviewers have mentioned, there are ongoing bugs that never get fixed, and that drives me mad! The one I encounter the most - “Can’t save. Your changes conflict with changes made by someone else.” This one bewilders me as there is NO ONE else using my account or working on my documents but ME. So why this happens out of the blue is a mystery to me. Sometimes the message just goes away on its own, my changes are saved, and all is fine, but other times it literally will not save anything (and I work on very long manuscripts on this app) and I have to make yet another copy of my document to get the message to stop and for changes to be saved. If they would fix this and other persistent bugs mentioned by others, this would be a perfect app in my book.

- Almost there for iPad Pro 12.9...

Mouse support for Word is perplexing. While the cursor adapts, sticks, & highlights menu items within the ribbon as one would expect; within the body of the text it’s a different story. The body of the text is arguably the most important place to take advantage of the feature and annoyingly, there was an oversight here. The round pointer never “sticks” and morphs into a vertical cursor which would provide a consistent experience with the native iPad apps that leverage this feature. Lastly, as a heavy MS 365 user I wholly expect more “pro” features on the iPad 12.9 in. There’s a pay wall to use the “full set” of features on the 12.9 inch yet it just opens up to the mobile version. I would appreciate a few more of the desktop features (full support for envelop sizes; more menu options akin to the desktop version etc.). All that said, this is a solid product. Typing on a 120Hz display is some how a bit more satisfying in Word specifically. Please address the cursor support on priority and I can swallow the other stuff in the meantime, that said, I’ve only been waiting for full desktop parity since it’s release in 2018 -what’s the hold up?

- Auto save cannot be permanently disabled

One star because, unless I am totally missing the option, and I have searched online and throughout the mobile app (excel included) there is no way to permanently disable the auto save feature. While this might be a good feature for some users, the ability to NOT have it forced on all users would be best. There are many times I might start editing a document and ten minutes in decide I don’t like the direction I am taking with my writing and want to go back and start back over where I was with my last INTENTIONAL save. Thanks Microsoft, because if this I unknowingly lost a needed version of a school research paper because of the auto save function. I should not have to manually toggle it off EVERY time I open a document and I should also not have to save a back up copy every time I want to work on a document to avoid the results of this crazy forced feature.

- Will Try to Strong-Arm You into Subscribing

Latest version will not let you edit or save unless you “subscribe” meaning pay $6 a month. I have no grievance against this, but I wanted the option to pay a one-time fee for the app (i.e. buy it once and don’t pay again until the next big update). After an online chat with a Microsoft rep who told me I could do this, paying for 365, having the download go wrong, and two more online chats...I learned that I could not do this. The App is subscription only. :-p My money was refunded. Word for Mac was my go-to word processing program on my laptop and I liked having it on my iPad. No longer. I am sick and tired of subscription services. Especially one that essentially wants me to pay “infinitum” to read any documents I create on my iPad! There are plenty of far better word processing apps I can outright buy—and have, and will. Good-bye Word. And good-bye Microsoft. You’ll get no more $$$ from me.

- Recent update Document bug

Hi, I am a professional writer and have used Microsoft Word my whole career to write my material. I really enjoy the app because it allows me to write material often in a more comfortable way than sitting behind my desk. In a recent update however, I noticed that blank documents open with a number now at the top of the screen. Example Document (46). I do not save blank documents and when I open a blank page it should read Document (1) every time because like I said, I don’t save blank documents. Perhaps developers cam fix this issue via a software update? Otherwise, this is an extremely useful app and a major time saver. Thanks for your time.

- Microphone

I’m hoping the developers see this. I love the Word app. It allows me to take copious notes on my phone and sync them for better formatting on my computer. I use the free version every day and can usually figure out how to do what I need to do. Recently, a microphone icon was added to the lower right corner of the screen. This is causing a huge problem for me, as the text that I’m trying to proof at a glance as I type always seems to be BEHIND the icon. My keyboard already has a microphone (as all phone keyboards do), so the one that is covering my screen seems redundant and it’s blocking the clear view of the text. It would be nice if it was transparent, or could be toggled on and off, or if you just put it somewhere else. Thanks for considering this.

- WARNING: Word IOS crashes regularly on a stock iPhone XS

Word IOS has been crashing all morning. Is it the new IOS update? I don’t know, and I don’t care. Apple and Microsoft? You’re Apple and Microsoft. Get your you-know-what together. What I know is, I keep losing work, and that is completely unacceptable. It’s the very reason I now pay for an annual subscription instead of using the open source workalikes. You are failing me just like they did, and that is... utterly ridiculous. And I hear not-a-word about this? No one’s contacted me. The problem hasn’t been corrected. It’s been many months since I posted this. I have a completely stock iPhone XS, and nearly every time I sit down for a writing session, it crashes. What this means is usually that I have to write a sentence or two over again, but... RIDICULOUS. This is Microsoft Word. It just goes to show how much the big corporations care about the little people. Not like we weren’t warned, huh?

- Love Office; Heads Up, You Need OneDrive

I personally love Microsoft Word and consider myself a bit of an Office nerd, but I’m having trouble with the iOS version. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but the changes in the way the ribbon is laid out between PC and iOS is somewhat disorienting. Furthermore, I have NO clue how to export these documents to anything other than using a link. I need to save my docs as PDFs, but there’s no way to do that! If you can help me fix this problem, I will gladly update to 5 stars. UPDATE: I had a thought and actually figured it out on my own. You have to install OneDrive to export as a PDF or save to Files. Now this is okay and I like Microsoft Word infinitely better than Google Docs, but I still wish you could export or save as from within the app itself.

- Its ok but needs work

It does what it is supposed to which is editing word docs but it needs a lot of work done like with selecting text especially with equations it’s just annoying and I can never get it to select what I want another thing with equations is writing them is impossible I wish it would be able to do stuff like how Desmos does it with a special keyboard and auto formatting rules that work perfectly for equations and it could also have added features for writing chemical equations. Moving the cursor is slow and so is typing I see my self constantly having to momentary pause to let the app catch up it’s annoying i would also appreciate if the app supported having multiple instances of the app open at the same time which would help with productivity

- Microsoft word review

Well I used Microsoft word from 2017 , of my company which had M.S word premium version on the computer . When I used it , I felt amazing to use it . I saved them and shared them with people , and people also used to share me. But I left the company and then When I signed in on word with my own account , some features were not available. So , I bought a computer with built in office , and then I started to use it again , Which was great . I have also downloaded it on my IPad but not updated the premium version , so I upgraded to premium and then the full office was available and of wonderful features. really appreciate the app.

- Great application

I use word all the time, so to be able to send myself the document so I can work on it from my phone, iPad, or computer is great! I did take away one star because I feel like since it is an actual word application, whatever station you work from, it should be able to be pulled from there once you open the word application. But it doesn’t. You have to email your work to yourself, and then open it in word to work on it. That is fine. Just a little work, but it would be super convenient if that was a possibility. If you create an account and log into your account, then all devices should have that information in word. Other then that, it is a great and reliable application.

- Messy

This is a big problem for students like me, the “open” section is very disorganized. Everything is just scattered, and to go to a folder, and then to a folder’s folder, etc., just to try and find the document that you open like 5 minutes ago! And then you don’t! That’s the next problem, the syncing is absolutely HORRIBLE. I can’t see my most recent documents because there isn’t! This is the sloppiest work I’ve seen from Microsoft, it’s like everywhere you look, it’s 5 times more complicated than in the computer version. And I’ve just started using this app, but I’ve seen the other reviews that say that the app also has, broken saving, it’s not user friendly, and very glitchy. A total ripoff and waste of your phone’s storage. And don’t get me started on the load times, you have to download it to your phone or whatever, but like, downloading... WHAT IS THIS THE 1990’S?!?!?!

- NOT Free

The app looked really promising but won’t let you use it without a subscription. The iPhone is already really difficult to store files on, and Dropbox is all I can use to move files on and off this thing. I understand that software developers need to make money like the rest of the world but don’t advertise that the app is free if there’s catches. The description is misleading. It just says “unlock the full experience” with a subscription. And I’m sitting here thinking...”naw, I don’t need the FULL experience. Just wanna type a bit to pass the time!” But to save ANY work to Dropbox I have to pay for it despite that it’s free on any PC version of the software. What am I supposed to do with it otherwise? Type up phone-only notes? Mate, if I wanted to type up notes to keep on the phone I’d just use notepad. It is the current year; we sync our docs when we’re done editing them on the go!

- Very loyal and pleased with all Microsoft Apps

I am a writer and recently there is a hard competition for programs like Scrivener and Scapple. The only reason that I can see is because the layout allows users to view and select chapters on the left of the screen, while on the right is a database to look things up online. Scapple basically allows users to hand right ideas and such to incorporate them into their works. ALL OF THESE OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE IN WORD! It’s really quite silly. If you’ve used the Office programs as much as I-and know each inside and out-then no one needs to purchase these Literature & Latte programs. I for one am sticking with Word, thank you very much!

- Deleted all work, wouldn’t Undo

There must be some function that requires you to save the work before you can undo anything - I tried to change the font, accidentally deleted my document, apparently it wasn’t autosaving (Don’t know how or why?), and there was no undo function to go back. Ruined my day, hours of work lost. Won’t use this garbage program anymore. There is no reason I should have expected that the undo function comes with an expectation of a certain kind of saving, when this program, while used on a computer, is able to undo and create a history of the word document without having to tell me what I need to do to create the functionality. I have to be a god damned programmer or something to be comfortable using Word, apparently. Garbage for the iPad. I’ll start using Google Docs now. At least I won’t have to worry that hours of work will be wasted.

- Dumpster Fire of an App

*Note, the 4.7 stars that this app gets is beyond me. My guess is that some folks are rating on how much they hate the app and are inclined to treat the stars like some sort of hate-o-meter. Microsoft has consistently produced buggy and overly complicated software since its inception. So in that sense, this app is exactly what you’d come to expect from Word. Here are my problems: 1. Despite having almost 5 years to figure out how to make this app work with Apple Pencil Microsoft still hasn’t figured it out. I find it nearly impossible to sign documents, and God forbid a signature line is placed within a table. In those cases this app treats the Apple Pencil like it has COVID 2. Its a stripped down version of the web-based One Drive Word which, I guess makes sense if it was a viable Google Docs competitor, but we all know that’s not the case. 3. The interaction with One Drive is as if Microsoft started a brainstorming session with one of those innovative “how are all the ways we can do this wrong?” conversations, but forgot to then backwards plan their way to a usable app. Its disappointing that we’ve been conditioned to use Word and Excel, and PowerPoint. Those of us who have used G Suite and Apple Works know how much more intuitive and pleasant it is to use those apps, but we’re stuck in the Microsoft Matrix.

- Works Fine

I’ve recently been using Word again after years away from it, and this app does what I need it to, which is nothing fancy. So far there’s been no lag when typing, but the longest document I’ve written at this point was around 32-ish pages, so it’s possible it could happen if I write something longer. There have been a number of instances where it scrolls me all the way back to the first page, but that doesn’t bother me much since it’s easy to find where I was. The only thing I wish this version did differently was also darken the page itself at least a little bit when using Dark Mode, unless there’s a setting for that I haven’t come across. All in all, decent app.

- Missing templates & features

I have to use this for school, and I use the mobile version, which in a lot of ways I really like. But there are features missing that I have used before, so less control over what I’m doing which is a shame. (Like creating citations for the work that will then just insert and be in the format I’ve chosen, as I can use all the help I can get in that area. Also, footnotes aren’t easy either.) Also there are barely any templates, which is also upsetting because I need very specific things for my classes, and it would be extremely helpful for me if I had a much wider range of templates. I did find some on the Microsoft website, but they don’t work properly, so that’s a bust. Hoping these things will be addressed in an update.

- Glitchy

This app has so much potential but is glitchy and the review features are terrible. When you make text changes, the keyboard gets locked in the screen—you can’t hide it—and then it takes up half the screen so it’s hard to read the document. Every time you put your finger on the screen to scroll, it flashes the word count. It’s like a blinking light, so distracting, with information I absolutely don’t need every 2 seconds. The comments feature is terrible on the phone and iPad apps. Why not make it exactly like it is on desktop? Open a bubble and fill the bubble. Why is it necessary to open the entire list of comments for the whole document? I wonder if the developers have ever tried to use the app in any meaningful way. These seem like obvious problems that would be easy to fix.

- Lost all my work, no auto save!

I read the marketing “create with confidence” tagline and like a fool believed it. After installing Word for iPad, I used it to make important edits to a document or an international project charter, putting in nearly 2 hours of changes trying to meet a deadline. I thought the iPad version and cloud storage would help me do that. In the end, it caused me to lose all my work and miss the deadline. When I opened the document it reverted to the original unedited version, discarding every change I had made! I showed up on a Skype conference with people on two continents waiting for my delivery and had to explain that I lost all my work. They couldn’t believe it, nor could I! How do I cancel this stinking Office 365 subscription and get a refund? I will never ever use it again. Maybe fine for grade school students, but not for professionals whose career and reputation depend upon it.

- Completely unusable for editing after the latest update

After the latest update, I can’t put edits in balloons or see comments attached to bits of text. This makes Word completely unusable for my purposes - revising novels. I can’t believe MS has broken this app so badly. Update: It’s been over three weeks since this update that broke the edit functionality. Three times, level 3 support was supposed to call me to discuss the issue - the haven’t. Each time my ticket was closed without anyone speaking to me. I found out in round 2 that a bug report hadn’t even been created and I still don’t know if there’s one now. Their twitter account messages me every once in while to ask if the issue is resolved, and when I tell them it’s not, they go silent. I estimate I’ve spent about seven hours on the phone with them and I’m still not even sure the engineers are aware there’s an issue.

- Great app. Limited being on a cell phone.

MS Word works very well on my iPhone 5. It seamlessly integrates with OneDrive and makes it very easy to work on one document with several devices. I'm working on a novel and do most of my work on a big workstation, Writer's group editing with a laptop, and quick reading and review on the phone. The only real problem here is that it's extremely clumsy to do much more than very basic writing and editing on a tiny screen. It's very hard to copy and paste, select, or move around in the document. I'm also glad this uses OneDrive instead of Apple's needlessly complicated ways of sharing files with a Windows machine.

- This is a terribly constructed app

First, so many standard features are only available on the paid version, and even then the app lacks normal functionality. Second, the app is riddled with bugs. I spent a couple of days using the app to type up some important notes, only to have it glitch and erase everything. I looked for a copy of the document but, to my horror, i discovered that it was not auto-saved even though that feature was turned on. It was impossible for me to recover my work and I was quite literally devastated. Live and learn. I will never use any these office apps again, especially Word. I suggest you upload the standard software on your laptop or desktop PC instead of trying to use these Microsoft apps on a Mac or an iPad. Certain documents are just too important to rely on questionable apps.

- That one annoying button

I love this app and use it to write recreationally. There’s so many convenient setting and tools and stuff. But I absolutely hate the microphone button above the right corner of the keyboard. It always covers and hides part of when I’m writing. In truth it only coves small words or part of a single word, but it annoys the hell out of me because I’m anal about that stuff. So if I can make a suggestion with this review, I suggest the button be moved, made smaller, able to toggle the visibility of it or anything at all to get it out of my line of sight. This is a very pointed rant, but I quite appreciate the thought and work put into this app. Thank you!


I started using Pages when Word seemed to be somewhat incomplete when Mico 360 first started. Adobe used to be easy enough to create a DOC OR PDF using the MOBILE APP where ever I was. Then Adobe instead of increasing the amount of tools to edit a document on IPHONE OR IPAD, they decreased the tools. Pages was easy, but still problematic when saving it iCloud and then iCloud Drive became confusing. Word listened to everyone’s problems. Not ONLY IS IT SIMPLE, IT HAS COMPLICATED TOOL FEATURES USUALLY A PC WOULD GIVE, and it simple in the way it is saved. 5 years from now Microsoft will be worth more than Apple due to their curve from the Xbox One and actually implementing things CONSUMERS WANT.

- Needs improvement...

I love that i can use word for my iPad, the problem is that not everything you can do on regular computers you can do on here which is very frustrating... first thing is with fonts, I can’t change my theme fonts and every time i go to change the font to times new Roman, I have to scroll for so long when I’d rather just type it into the font bar and it would give it to me. Another thing is that there is no “review” tab, which is kind of difficult to have to deal with it not being there. Endnotes are also difficult cause i cant change the endnotes from Roman numerals to regular numbers because there is no option to do so. Other than that i love the app and the drawing feature is great. Please fix these issues!!!

- Update is awful

You have taken a very simple system and turn into an overly complex overly complex Nd almost unusable system. You have tripled typing time and your autocorrect spelling system is the WORST. I now spend twice as much time try to find and change totally incorrect words your auto system has changed to incorrect words. I write articles for several historic publications. Recently your system changed a ship name from Murcurius to Mercury The error was caught at the last minute and the entire section had to be reprinted or history may have been distorted in the future. It is now impossible to set the move marker the first time and if the current location is nearby you have to move it farther away or get very frustrated until you realize it will not relocate until you first move it farther away from where you are trying to set it. Running out of patience to name all of the new faults. I’m searching for another system that will operate on my iPad in case you don’t feel the need to make your’s workable soon. Everyone I know using a iPad has complained about it.

- Great Product & free

In this day & age a company that gives you for free a amazing good document writer & editor that also easily allows transfers to almost any device is software well worth having & a company that I support. I have MS Office on all my machines & it is a wonderful product. Used with MS One Drive (all so free) all my files are keep up to date on my computers, pads, & phones. The only problem I have, & it is my fault, is after 3 or 4 years it cannot figure out how to turn of auto save. I recommend this product & buying MS office for your computers. If you think this is a Microsoft written add, please note, we have 2 iMacs, 2 MacBook Airs, 3 iPads, 1 iPad mini, & 4 iPhones.

- Doesn’t work well with OneDrive

The iPad version of this app works fairly well while you’re in a document or creating one. However, my biggest complaint is that it doesn’t play well with OneDrive, Microsoft’s OWN cloud service. Every time I open a document saved to OneDrive in the word app on my iPad, I’m told it’s an “old file format” (it’s a docx, generally created a day or two prior) and that I have to save a copy, leading to dealing with multiple versions of the same document saved on different devices. It kind of defeats the purpose of using OneDrive in the first place if I can’t work on one document from my desktop, laptop and iPad. Come on, Microsoft, at least make Word compatible with your own cloud service! What’s the point of using either otherwise?

- Great App

This App makes my iPad so much more useful. I depend on Word for so much and really appreciate the folks at MS for keeping it updated and working wonderfully! The reason I don't give it 5 Stars is because often the updates render it useless for a few scary days. At least it gets fixed eventually, but aren't the bugs supposed to be worked out before releasing an update? Also it would be better if, as some other reviewers have noted, the app would remember the last font used and just start off with that instead of requiring me to always go back and reset the font with every new doc created.

- Stupid but works

My school offers desktop office 365 to students. Since it is on my laptop so I downloaded the mobile version of word on my iPad so that I don’t have to bring my laptop into school with me. And while it is nice to edit documents and fill out worksheets using the Apple Pencil in word, it is incredibly frustrating to do more intense work. I would not recommend this app for typing papers on or creating important documents as the number of functions you have available to you are limited. I can take notes on it but not in the same way I can on my laptop. The only way I would suggest this app is if you have the full version of word on another device. And Microsoft Office if you ever read this please enable all the functions in the app that are present in the desktop version.

- Sufficiently Meets it’s End

This word app for the most part meets it’s end. I use it mostly for academic work writing papers, and all of my writing is done in either MLA or Chicago style. There are no issues when writing in MLA. However, when typing in Chicago, the page numbering gets a little funky. For whatever reason, you are unable to start the page numbering on the second page in the app. Thus, the title page ends up with a number, and the first page of the document ends up being page 2. I have been unable to resolve this issue on the app, so I have to send the document to a laptop/computer before submitting it. It is pretty inconvenient, but the app for the most part is great.

- Best writing app ever, a small bug

In the beginning, word was a bit confusing for me, all the tables and font and sizes and that, but after I learnt a few tips and tricks, I realized I never found any other better writing app than this. In school we are supposed to use a notebook, but I use this everysingle day and it’s the same quality if not better! But recently I had a big glitch that wasn’t really cool. I saved my word document, log back and some text is deleted? I write it back, save but the next day the text that was supposed to be deletes appears whilst still having the fixed text and it’s rlly annoying idk.

- Works great! Best mobile word processing app!

When Word came to apple devices, iPad, iPhone, they truly became miniature computers! Most of the functionality of word on a PC is here. It always saves your documents to the cloud automatically, once you set it up. In mobile view you can actually do useful work to n your phone or iPad. Works with bluetooth keyboards. Makes an iPad into a laptop. I was never a Microsoft fan. I have, and always will be a Mac fan boy, but this is a great app! Pages is good, I used it for years, but there are just something’s missing. Word is complete. Formatting stays intact from a phone to the cloud, to your PC or Mac.

- Dark mode please!

I almost never write a review but I just had to for this. The app is great for what it is...a quick alternative when you need to write something on the go and you do not have your laptop or desktop available. I like the speech features where you can either say and it will write or it will read what you wrote. With that being said please can an update be done where I can change the physical page I’m writing on to be black or dark gray. Sometimes I get a whim to write something in the middle of the night but I don’t want to turn the lights on. The stark white page is so harsh on the eyes. You can change the color on MS word on the computer why not here?

- Goodbye Microsoft Word

I’ve used this app since 2015, and after numerous horrible updates, it’s completely nonfunctional now. You might as well just make this app $50 from the get go, as you cannot edit your existing documents, save, or even type without a crappy Office subscription. Even worse, I can’t make edits to documents that were actually editable long before these horrible updates. This “feature” of requiring a subscription has been introduced before, and was met with strong negativity so it was soon rolled back. Unfortunately, that was not the case here, and it seems people just accept mediocrity and forced payment now. Even if I can’t even type, it sure is a good thing I can copy my documents, and paste them onto a better app. But who knows—maybe there’ll be a $10 fee for the in the next update. Goodbye Microsoft Word!

- Not so good on an iPad

For me, MS Word on an iPad is borderline unusable for much more than reviewing and having my work read back to me. A greater intuitive interface for using some of the advanced features needs to be dev loved and d live red. There are just too many things I want to do and have no mouse to do them. Make it easier, PLEASE! I love MS Word and have been using it since the 80's. The audio read back feature is the best addition since ... not sure, it's that valuable. For a writer, and Word has ALWAYS been focused on writers, e.g. built-in gutter management, that audio replay feature is an important credible tool for improving quality and productivity. O hear my writing read out loud and be able to focus on the document and not dang. It makes my day. Just stumbled upon it a week or so ago. Wish I'd known about it sooner!

- Love it, but one problem

This app defiantly helped me a lot, and was very productive so I didn’t have to pull out my computer, I could just use my phone. I love that you can do many of the things you can do on the computer, and many of the features are very cool. However there is one problem that has kind of turned into a major turn-off for me: I can’t indent. I have had to resort to putting spaces, and then fixing it on my computer. I haven’t had this app very long (maybe 1 month), so maybe I just haven’t discovered how to indent. Even if I hadn’t, it still is too hard to find. Please fix this if it needs to fixed, or just tell me I’m and idiot and show me how to find it.

- Works alright half the time

I use this app on my ipad pro 2020. I am a college student so I rely on writing papers on here. It works well a majority of the time, unless it doesn’t. When its functioning well, I can type fluidly and well, I don’t have to worry about saving until the end, and I love this app. But the other times, it will lag terribly, until it shuts down and I loose my papers. I also experience issues where I will save a document and it refuses to open, either coming up in all of the top of the keyboard characters such as !@#$%, or won’t open at all. This can be extremely frustrating when I am in the middle of a 6 page paper, I see the lag, and know it’s about to crash and there’s nothing I can do to stop it.

- Fix Word’s new pesky bugs

For the most part, I really like Microsoft Word. It has, until recently, worked quite wonderfully. It’s highlighted mistakes in my work that might otherwise go unnoticed by me (or my editors) and been overall an easy, efficient app. Now, however, I’ve noticed that there are significant issues with the app. Where the font, formatting, and other Word options regularly are is now just a blank line above my phone’s autocorrect word options. It’s extremely frustrating as I am no longer enabled to write with ease and have to constantly close and re-open the document. And it’s not just the one document. The same thing occurs with the rest of my documents. Please handle and fix this issue accordingly.

- I’m not sure why this app has 4.7 stars

So far, typing hasn’t been a huge issue, although it can be difficult to select multiple words at once without it selecting the entire document. Also, I can’t tap to move my cursor without it selecting the whole word. The worst part, though, is the drawing feature. It gets extremely laggy when using draw, and makes it impossible to scroll and sometimes the markings you make just up and disappear. It also jumps from eraser to pen a lot of the time, causing me to scribble all over the page. The app has a lot of bugs which is frustrating because Word is supposed to be the “standard” document program for most uses, so I have no choice but to use it at times.

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wendy W

The GOP's election lawsuit against Mike Pence revealed lawyers were stumped by Microsoft Word

Eileen Duggan

@jonathanvswan I think Google docs is the actual culprit. Microsoft Word should never mix with it.

Kerri Jansson

@jonathanvswan They need a crash course in both Google Docs and Microsoft Word. Or find an ancient computer everyone's grandmas calls a typewriter.

Eλf Sternberg

Maybe they want to overturn the Republic because they're angry at Microsoft Word.

Nolan Haims

Microsoft Word and Google Docs doing their part to protect democracy.

David J. Breeden - Author

@TeresaGrabs Run a virus scan. Is it the latest Word program? Microsoft no longer supports 2010 version.

Ben M. Schorr

Document collaboration and co-authoring < Because I still seem some confusion about this...yes, you can live coauthor in Word (and Excel and PowerPoint).


@ThankfulThinker The #GOPSeditiousTraitors are throwing their reputations in with a legal team that does not understand Google Docs or Microsoft Word.


@realDonaldTrump That all depends on whether you and your team of psychotic, inept lawyers figure out how to operate Microsoft word by then...

Concerned Voter

@josh_hammer I mean could anyone really know how to operate both Microsoft Word and Google docs? 😂


my adolescence is a a baby boomer who does not understand how to use microsoft word

GA Senate Runoff, 01/ 05/21, Vote Blue, #FireMitch

The GOP's election lawsuit against Mike Pence revealed lawyers were stumped by Microsoft Word

Micky Guyota

@MunkiePlays @GamesAnMovies50 @FridayGus @LeviathanGamer2 @AzureGamingHD @Alejandroid1979 @Sliverwurst @Kirby0Louise @Hh17176630 @XcloudTimdog “Path traced Minecraft on a console and more precisely Minecraft running through the direct x raytracing api on Microsoft’s next generation xbox series x console” first 30 seconds word for word... it was on the xsx

Suing a Cow to Own the Libs 🐄

@jonathanvswan Microsoft Word has existed since 1989. And what kind of bush league operation uses Google Docs for federal filings.


this is inspired by audrey using microsoft word and white background and me using google docs and lilac background.

Microsoft Word 2.44 Screenshots & Images

Microsoft Word iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Microsoft Word iphone images
Microsoft Word iphone images
Microsoft Word iphone images
Microsoft Word iphone images
Microsoft Word iphone images

Microsoft Word (Version 2.44) Install & Download

The applications Microsoft Word was published in the category Productivity on 2014-03-27 and was developed by Microsoft Corporation [Developer ID: 298856275]. This application file size is 249.33 MB. Microsoft Word - Productivity app posted on 2020-12-14 current version is 2.44 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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