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The trusted Word app lets you create, edit, view, and share your files with others quickly and easily. Send, view and edit Office docs attached to emails from your phone with this powerful word processing app from Microsoft.

With Word, your Office moves with you. Whether you’re a blogger, writer, journalist, columnist, student, or a project manager working on documentation, Word is as handy as you want it to be.

Make impactful text documents, scripts, blogs, write-ups, or resumes. Customize your document, letter, resume, or notes your way with robust tools that enable you to accomplish your best writing with the best format options and templates.

Get the complete Microsoft Office experience when you sign in with your Office 365 subscription. Create and edit documents, collaborate and share with ease when you download Microsoft Word today.

Create Documents
• Jump-start your projects, assignments, letters, blogs, scripts, notes, write-ups, or resume with beautifully designed modern templates.
• Use rich formatting and layout options to note down your ideas and express them in writing.
• Document formats and layouts stay pristine and look great on any device.

Read, Write, & Edit Documents
• Reading view lets you read lengthy docs, letters, scripts, and more on your device with ease.
• Use familiar writing and editing tools as you’d find on a desktop word processor.

Collaborate Anywhere
• Share thoughts by commenting in docs right next to the text you’re discussing.
• Everyone can collaborate and stay on top of changes to the text, layout, and formatting.
• As you and your team make changes, you can revert to view earlier drafts with improved version history in Word.

Simplified Sharing
• Share files with a few taps to quickly invite others to edit or view your documents.
• Easily manage permissions and see who’s working in a document.
• Copy the content of your Word files directly into the body of an email message with its format intact or attach your docs to an email and make sharing easier.

Download Microsoft Word now and get the best way to create, share and edit documents from your iPhone or iPad.

To create or edit documents, sign in with a free Microsoft account on devices with a screen size smaller than 10.1 inches.
Unlock the full Microsoft Office experience with a qualifying Office 365 subscription for your phone, tablet, PC, and Mac.

Monthly Office 365 subscriptions purchased from the app will be charged to your App Store account and will automatically renew within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period unless auto-renewal is disabled beforehand. You can manage your subscriptions in your App Store account settings.

This app is provided by either Microsoft or a third-party app publisher and is subject to a separate privacy statement and terms and conditions. Data provided through the use of this store and this app may be accessible to Microsoft or the third-party app publisher, as applicable, and transferred to, stored, and processed in the United States or any other country where Microsoft or the app publisher and their affiliates or service providers maintain facilities.

Please refer to the Microsoft Software License Terms for Microsoft Office. See “License Agreement” link under Information. By installing the app, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Microsoft Word App Description & Overview

The applications Microsoft Word was published in the category Productivity on 2014-03-27 and was developed by Microsoft Corporation. This application file size is 270.78 MB. Microsoft Word current version is 2.31 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions.

• Bug fixes

Microsoft Word App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Microsoft Word Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Kiokeegan   2 star

Latest update is insanely glitchy. I don’t really know what happened because Word had been working fine up until the latest update, but now it’s crashing consistently, not saving, has a malfunctioning keyboard, etc. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t really use it anymore. Hopefully the next update can just make it go back to the way it was before when it actually worked?

Spooleon   4 star

Formatting options gone. After the update, my formatting options are gone from the bar below my text. Please fix.

Surashu   5 star

Easy to use. Nice and easy to use. Can find any templates. I recommend everyone to use this.

essenssensse   5 star

I can’t believe MS Office exists on the iPad & iPhone!!. I’ve been struggling for several months now by writing all of my work on the “notes” app on my iPad. You know, the notes app that’s pre-installed before purchase. I’d end up emailing all of my written documents to myself. Get on my MacBook and copy n paste it into Microsoft word. And Voila! I remember thinking, “I wish the iPad had Microsoft office.” I never bothered to check because I just didn’t think it was possible? Then one day, I was running late to class and I needed my essay properly formatted. I explained to my husband what needs to be done, this way he can email it to me in the format I needed on Microsoft word, etc. He looked at me confused and said, “mm, I have Microsoft word on my phone and I can send it to you right now.” “Microsoft word on your phone?” I was confused. Lol He showed me his phone and there it was, Microsoft word! I couldn’t believe it. When I got home later that day, I downloaded Microsoft word and excel for free!!! I’ve been using both apps since. And let me tell you, it saved me a whole lot of time and frustration. I’m able to send any document I want directly from my phone or iPad in the proper .docx format that is usually required when sending assignments to my professors via email. Anyway, thank you Microsoft! :)

Lisablueeyes96   3 star

Enhancement requests. Please have a ruler gauge for the Y-axis, so users can know where a page ends. Yes, one can adjust a document's margins, but that is not helpful when users insert photos; users need to SEE the margins. I AM TIRED OF SETTING MY CUSTOM MARGINS!!!!!

Rev.enge   5 star

Awesome. This word document is a wonderful tool that’s been a great plus for me.

Alexzanderw   1 star

Very Unreliable, Does Not Save. This app is an attempt to be what Word is on a computer. There is limited functionality, buggy interaction, and the save feature is terrible. I am a grad student who relies on Word for all my papers. Today, my second paper was erased by Microsoft Word and One Note. I had the auto save feature enabled and track changes enabled (because Word deleted my work before). I went to save my work manually (because I knew the auto save doesn’t work all the time), and it was grey. I could not turn auto save off, and it was not saving even though I had a stable internet connection in the library I always work from. So I saved a copy of the file to my device and it showed it save to my ipad. I restarted my application thinking all was fine, only to find none of my work saved, and that copy I made disappeared! I also found in trying to recover the files that there is no recover functionality and there hasn’t been since at least 2018 when another user reported the same problem. I lost almost 3 hours of work. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! Stick to a computer until the developers get serious about the things we are serious about.

cnk789   3 star

Almost there but not quite. I use Microsoft Word daily across multiple devices. Word for iPadOS is about 65% of what it should be. For basic word processing it will get the job done. However, there still is no multiple window support. There are many needed tools that aren’t available and some of the tools that are there, react differently than you’d expect if your used to the desktop application. Hopefully Microsoft will make the right changes and make the iPadOS version of Word what it really needs to be.

Hobbsie0611   2 star

Kind of a mess. If I’m going to spend $6.99 a month in this app it shouldn’t keep freezing on a regular basis, when I’m mid sentence

brown 33   5 star

Comments. Great Tool to use!

L1ttl3Jon   1 star

New bug introduced with this version. None of the formatting options are available. The “space” is shown on the screen, but none of the icons are visible.

Koowhhip707   1 star

DO NOT DOWNLOAD. I downloaded this app in hopes to be able to write documents for school. By looking at the reviews I had high hopes. After downloading I noticed I couldn’t type anything. I googled some troubleshooting ideas. Resetting didn’t work, redowloading didn’t work so I thought maybe I needed an account. Look at that I have an existing account. The app made me reset my password 3 times and when I finally logged in, it tells me something went wrong with my account.. Do yourself a favor. Don’t read the reviews that are 3 stars and above.

ทรงสถ ิต   1 star

Crashes. Crashes again. And again.. Negative stars. 1. Microsoft writes software that loves to crash. Apple Pages never crashed on me. 2. Word does not always save documents properly onto iCloud Drive. I just lost 4 hours of work because of this. DO NOT trust MS Word on iOS.

Hermanasa   5 star

Arlene Notary. Service good

Zenzen1997   3 star

Bug fixes or bug creation. What the heck has happened with the new update. I now have more troubles than I did before. The highlight function now is wonky and says something is not highlighted when it is. It did not do this before. Randomly I will not let me change line spacing. It is beyond frustrating.

odessa christine   5 star

Cannot live without this app. I love how I am able to access my files throughout all my devices. This has become my Mobil filing cabinet! User friendly and practical for daily use.

Globe Glider   5 star

Cool. Cool

E-Baus   2 star

Phantom Cover Page. Typically I tolerate this app in my app arsenal. It’s proven useful for my college work, however it’s starting to get on my nerves. There are some recurring issues with the APA template where typing into the cover page fails to overwrite the default title label (that was embarrassing to explain to my professor). The most recent issue appears when I navigate away from the app and then back. A translucent image of my title page now appears in the upper left hand corner of the app, which makes it irritating beyond words to continue typing. I have to exit and then reload my document to make it go away. This has happened multiple times with the most recent version.

unkown missing   1 star

Nightmares. Total waste been needing writing document for months over years havent been able to, terrible application those with nothing can’t find work, wouldn’t allow multiple documents, terrible , without subscription, unable create documents.

RaevynH   3 star

Usually works great but. Recently I’ve had an issue where it doesn’t load correctly and doesn’t save the last thing I wrote. I don’t know if this is a glitch with the recent update or what.

Aman444   5 star

Easy to use. I use this app all the time. Word is really easy to use

Andrey Docenko   2 star

Правопис / орфографія. Не має перевірки Українського правопису

i eat banananas   5 star

HOW DO I TYPE??/1///1/1/?!?!. HOW ThE HECK DO I TYPE ON IPAD>>!>!>1/!?!?!?

JohnSirCollins   2 star

Word App. The app won't let me writing unless I have 365 on my new iPad but will let me write on my new iPhone XR. Plus on my iPhone XR word keeps blacking out font colors and highlights, text size and just about everything on that line

Its Ahkbar   1 star

Thumbs Down. Worst app I have ever used in my life. They made it impossible for me to simply export my files or even save them to my iPhone in order to email them through my gmail account.

moniqueJmorales   1 star

New update. New update you aren’t able to size images by dragging corners! Where are the measurements?!

Tydeuce   1 star

Could be better. I have been using this app for quite a while. Since the most recent update I am unable to use several buttons directly above the keyboard. For some reason those shortcut buttons don’t appear. Example..... bold, underline, italicize, features no longer show up. Wish this would be fixed so I don’t have to keep closing the app just to use one of those features. Please fix!!!

Ms.fri3nd0fGod   2 star

Disconnects. I have office 365 subscription and it’s constantly disconnecting my iPad and not sharing docs between my Mac laptop and my iPad

joshmwalz   1 star

BUGGY AS HECK. I don’t know who okayed this app to be launched. But it’s nothing but bugs. I’ve been trying to work on a fairly simple resume for 3 hours now and have to delete and restart the document out of frustration multiple times. Sometimes the ruler decides to bug out and I have to relaunch the app altogether. Sometimes the zoom goes off center and I have to relaunch the app altogether. And the kicker—I had to disconnect my keyboard from the iPad just to write this review in the app because the smart keyboard is trying to type in the word doc behind the review window. This is the most awful experience I think I’ve ever had with Word.

E-World   1 star

Lastest Version Major Big with PDF. When Icreated a Ipad Word Doc and send it by PDF in Outlook the user on the other end is getting the document automatically opening up after i updated Word. i have to select other App and send by Apple Mail for them to receive an attachment. i spent and hour trying to send emails.🤬🤬🤬

Advertorial    5 star

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Peggygirl   1 star

Won’t let me sign in. Wth - sign up but it won’t let me sign in and stat!

saraaaaaa425252   1 star

Now. Terrible fix it

th besttt   5 star

no.1. this is the best app to just write and bla bla bla. I use it all the time and for everything. Trust me now, download this app and enjoy it. Just make it available for offline uses 💛thanks

Ggdgehdhd   5 star

Auto save? What Autosave?. It has an autosave feature but you actually have to save the document yourself, like you would normally, before it starts working. Otherwise it just deletes all your work and the “autosave” feature has done absolutely nothing to save your document. Beware. If you want to save your work, dont get this app. (Google is better than Microsoft btw)

.&$#@,   1 star

Never got access!!. Paid but never got any access...

SadSue2012   4 star

Useful app. It’s easy to use and the file can be mailed and used on a PC. Only drawback is when I need to correct something I wrote, it’s sluggish when allowing me to put the pointer where I need; also, sometimes i’s imprecise and puts the pointer somewhere else (it ‘jumps’ somewhere else in the text).

AMACiZL3GiT   1 star

Need to log in to use.. Who’s ever idea it was to make you log in and pay to use should be fired. Right now I cannot do anything. I’m some one who likes to write fan fiction. I also need this for school. And the fact that they make you pay just to use it, is just unacceptable in every way. Please get rid of this immediately.

Raoxv23t   3 star

Difficulty’s. It is hard to write with out it correcting me every 4 seconds

NakCanuck   5 star

Invaluable software . Still and always.. As above

Roymario2   5 star

Great on apple products. I have used Word an pc computers many years, Retired it mis great too use it on my ipad

kirat786   5 star

Microsoft. Great app for doing your important work

jekrndiahsbf   1 star

Not good on iPhones. I have had numerous issues saving and editing word documents onto my iPhone, which is not helpful at all when I don’t have access to a computer and need to update my resume. Also, my passwords never work on my phone...

eps002   4 star

Folders. Would be nice to be able to create folders.

for57for   5 star

Je veux apprendre à connaître ce logiciel. Ça marche ...

that thig   5 star

Carson. Awesome! I use it for my school work.

texatc50   5 star

Writing. An excellent program, allows for fluidity of expression with a minimum of effort

Anna.belle0000   3 star

Bien mais un manque à rajouter. L’application serait parfaite. Il manque seulement la possibilité de mettre une mise en page « créative » comme la version sur un ordinateur. J’adorerais que Word applique cette modification !

Mama furry   1 star

Not quick. Switching from one screen to the next. There is a delay many times before I can start writing. Then when I do write sometimes the words shift on the page. Switching from one colour to the next sometimes it doesn’t switch right away.

Macdoug4   5 star

Word is amazing. WORD IS AMAZING! It has been a very unique app.

naoPAPA66   5 star

Word for iPhone. I didn’t know that this even existed until a couple of weeks ago and as a student, I was so happy when a fellow student told me about it. I’m an older student who is not overly technologically advanced, so finding out that I can use Word on my phone helps me so much as I have to submit typed lab reports at the end of some labs which meant that I had to setup my laptop and do my work on that which was tedious and long, often in my running out of time and submitting sub-standard reports. Thank you Word and Apple for your help.

Balanor   1 star

Very disappointed. I used to be able to go into review and have my Microsoft word on my iPad do text to speech. Now that option has completely disappeared. I uninstalled the app and re-installed it, but it didn’t come back. I assume I have to pay for the full version of Microsoft word in order to get it back now, seeing as it used to be free.

Toxicgamer0001   1 star

C pour l’école. Mioum

stopthe nickname business   4 star

Request. I love documents, use them all the time. However, on my iPad, I cannot combine docs which would be great.

lirenec   3 star

Word woes. Cutting and pasting doesn’t always work, instead I am up with duplicate information in my text. I have resisted but perhaps it will work better with a key pad.

Danialdaryoush   1 star

It’s free but you have to pay for editing. It’s free but you have to pay for editing!!!

hufn778   3 star

Not impressed. Keeps crashing to I have to retype my work all over again.

Keep on Quilting   2 star

Word. I find the ability to write documents is very cumbersome. It is also difficult to send a document attachment. If I had a choice I would not use it.

C.C41562   5 star

Just as good as computer word. It’s just word on your iPhone.

Askthehacker   3 star

Word last update. Your current update on iPhone iOS 13 keeps crashing when you open it. You may want to check into that.....

Abi Jean monster high rules   5 star

Great!!. Easiest way to do homework

Advertorial    5 star

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minecraftrobloxyeah   5 star

Amazing. I love word

Sh33mo   4 star

Review. Don’t like signing in to edit word

Gdnsuansusn   3 star

Microsoft Word on an iPad Pro. You cannot create a ‘Cover Page’ or ‘Contents Page’ when on the app on an iPad Pro

Mr Neo Anderson   1 star

Nowhere near Desktop version, just a stupid watered down app with thousands of bugs. Just a watered down version of the desktop. User interface is different to desktop version and nowhere near as many functions as desktop version, can only be used for very basic Word functions, can’t even do a mail merge!!!

obamachan188   1 star

broham. Broham, broham broham broham, broham? Broham. Broham broham broham broham, broham! Broham... broham broham broham broham broham broham

papaD101   5 star

Best of all. You peeps are the best so keep it up and I have a challenge for you, your challenge is to make some thing different.


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Tambanemoto   5 star

Word. I think that it has to be a text box in office 365

meepity meep face   1 star

Great App. Great app

A.Nuch   1 star

👎🏽. Constantly freezing and dropping out of app.

Table bottom   1 star

Microsoft word. You have to login to your account to use it, but it won’t recognise your password even after you reset it.

NettiLS   5 star

Easy to use. I am not very apt at using technology but have found this app easy to use, save docs and add to docs.

2469holey   3 star

Paper layout. I can not get any lines on plane paper to make up boxes for my files

Jathush6   5 star

Word. It’s other best

apeleman   1 star

The worst app ever. I was doing my business then when I got rid of the photos because they would not go to the second page it glitches on me and it will do the same thing to you.

Great. Wish it were a little easier to navigate but it’s awesome when I’m on the go!

daizy waziey mazie   5 star

Best app ever !!!!!!!!! 😉☺️😀. This is the best app ever No adds No inappropriate things Can type up anything that you want to Letters Poems Stories Normal writing ✍️ Pictures Borders Emojis 🤗😋😍 What ever you want to do will be right in front of you only if you get this best app ever Adults 🧑 please allow children 👶 to get this app it will be a massive story to tell Thank you ☺️ for listening 👂🏻

aussie bagan   5 star

Good app. Yes good app. Indeed yes, yes. Imasing. Best app. Download if u like copy pasting Rick astley’s ‘never gon give u up’ YouTube link and sharing the doc to some random on the internet who is expecting u to send nudez

Run ball player   5 star

Word Review. Good

pp_wspc   2 star

Too Many Compromises. Designed for Windows...need I say more. Pretty clumsy interface on Apple iPad. Frustrating when you are used to writing on a PC. And why is MS afraid of porting Office to Linux?

sarajthoughts   5 star

Great little app for my iPad. Sometimes a few glitches (Possibly due to overloading it with files and not updating software) but otherwise works brilliantly!

shyguygamer123   5 star

Wow. They done a good job on this and I love it!

바보 오이   2 star

Your Mum. Your Mum

838494827   2 star

Why do you. Jhgjh

Loshyoshy   5 star

Thank you! really. Honestly, my whole schooling life this is the best thing i have ever used thankssssssss

Peter J Cat   5 star

Papers. I’t is great for writing papers

Isaac (AKA Ice)   5 star

COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool,

Missbombdiggity   1 star

Was good until new update. Why did you have to take away the measurement function when your scaling a picture you’ve inserted to your page now I don’t know what size my actual picture is, why take away decent and useful functionalities for?

Rolling sky passable   5 star

i want to collab :D. echd

Teesh23;   5 star

Great. It’s very handy to have and is useful for when you need to complete an assignment or project on the go.

Play pilot   5 star

Great app!!!. use this on my iPad all the time! I keep song lyrics on it...

Greek_Sophist   1 star

White background is annoying. The background became white after recent update. I hope this is only a bug.

min56rich   5 star

Great. Nothing else needs to be said.

Virgo1935   5 star

Super useful for people who can’t type normally. I’ve never written a review but I just gotta say this is awesome for people who have coordination or dexterity issues so they can’t type well on a computer keyboard. Since I have hand-eye coordination and dexterity issues I now use this app for writing all my college essays because typing on my phone or speaking into the phone to type out words is so much better and faster than using a normal keyboard. Takes a bit of messing around to learn how to use all the functions but still I’m really happy with how it works.

immortalrii38   3 star

Fix Word’s new pesky bugs. For the most part, I really like Microsoft Word. It has, until recently, worked quite wonderfully. It’s highlighted mistakes in my work that might otherwise go unnoticed by me (or my editors) and been overall an easy, efficient app. Now, however, I’ve noticed that there are significant issues with the app. Where the font, formatting, and other Word options regularly are is now just a blank line above my phone’s autocorrect word options. It’s extremely frustrating as I am no longer enabled to write with ease and have to constantly close and re-open the document. And it’s not just the one document. The same thing occurs with the rest of my documents. Please handle and fix this issue accordingly.

anarqaracan   1 star

Disgusting Giving very hard time. Disgusting Giving very hard time

10th try sending this comment   1 star

Paying for inconvenience. Too complicated to be useful too many steps that are not spelled and you (I) spend an inordinate amount time trying to figure out the process of using the program. I should not have to get a formal computer education to use the word program.

Superobotpug   4 star

Gets the job done.. I’ve been using Microsoft word for IOS for a few months and it is clunky and has some bugs. I’ve been using word on iPad to write essays and assignments without needing a pc. It works.

Floridag   1 star

Limited functionality and sandboxes One Drive on iOS. While I’m able to use the iPad more and more as a replacement for my laptop when out of the office, the reduced functionality of Office products is limiting. Perhaps worse though is that files on OneDrive won’t move or copy to either iCloud or Dropbox. The only way I’ve found to move them is to do so from a laptop. It’s absurd that the cloud servers are sandboxed like this.

neal_fan   1 star

Tables, subscription status unreliable. Working with a document between platforms — from a Mac or Windows PC to an iPad — seems designed to penalize the customer for using an iPad or iPhone instead of a Surface PC. Trying to manipulate tables is an exercise in frustration and a waste of time. An almost equal waste of time is that fact that Office 465 subscription status gets lost between updates, requiring time to re-activate yet again. How long has Word for iOS been out? ...and still Microsoft can’t get these features working reliably!

ccole93   2 star

Annoying Flaws. First of all, I can’t use auto save because it tells me there’s someone else adding to my document and I have to constantly correct the “error.” I’ve tried everything to fix this including contacting Microsoft to no avail. Now the buttons across the top are all corrupted and have been for the past three updates. Sometimes the bar that lets me italicize and bold, etc just doesn’t appear. Wouldn’t care if I wasn’t paying for an Office subscription but I am and this is a simple app. It should be better.

Pat Mihlfeld   5 star

Word on iPad and iPhone. I’ve been using this app for years both to maintain a journal and to perform various other word processing jobs. It’s quite good. While not yet as fully featured as the PC version it’s the best app for the purpose that I’ve tried. It’s well worth the few dollars per month not only for it but also for the other Office apps that go with it!!

Renesmee Prime   2 star

STOP IT!!!!. Stop slowing down every time I freaking use you! It’s ridiculous!

felmlf   1 star

Not user friendly. Not user friendly

Twiho   1 star

Crashes. The two most recent updates can't open *.DOTX files

Arh719   2 star

HAD MS WORD FOR YEARS BUT.... when i HAD to upgrade my iPad i HAD to start PAYING for word!!! I am retired. I don't use word or anything else enough to have to pay for it. The next thing was seeing other FREE subscriptions pop up-that I’d have to pay for later. Way too much to worry about. I am disgusted and disappointed.

Doc Em 76   4 star

IPad versus Laptop. Miss capability of my laptop. Otherwise, I do most of my routine papers on my iPad.

Face-2-Face   3 star

MS Word. It often crash. Not good.

tiredafrightnow   1 star

Confusion. I am trying to send a cover letter in a text an it is all stretched out in a hideous format. I’m trying to convert it to a pdf and I cannot figure it out.

Sudoku chimp   5 star

Excellent !!. This is a great processor for my needs.

RobertValenzuela   1 star

WHAT Bug fixes?????????????. Please state WHAT was done to the app!!! Hooligans put a lame “Bug fixes” which is unprofessional and raises red flags of mistrust among paying users!!! (Like developers have something to hide from us).

golfer973   5 star

Easy to use. I’m a novice when it comes to computers and computer software. But Microsoft Word is so friendly user I even found it easy to use.

Kegger3693   5 star

My views. This app is easy and simple so easy a caveman like me can use it! Thanks

ole' hippy   1 star

I hate MS Office 365. This program has ruined my new computer!!

Ian Birmingham   3 star

Can’t Open My Own Files. Whenever I try to open one of my files I get a message saying my organisation doesn’t allow me to open files here, but I don’t *have* an organisation. This is my personal copy of word, and my personal files.

Wook757   3 star

Pretty good. This app is pretty good, as stated in my title. The only problem I have is the fact that when I go back to something to edit, it highlights it and my keyboard doesn’t work.

dmk960   1 star

Microsoft’s money grab!!!!!. I’ve been using their excel, word and PowerPoint apps for years now. With the updates, they are now FORCING YOU to buy their crappy 365 subscription or you can’t edit and save anything anymore. What, Gates doesn't have enough?????? Horrible - and they still cant get windows 10 to work. They’re not getting my $ I’ll just use my work computer.

Tlrsmrs   2 star

Apple version no work good. Does not work good on Apple

piggletpie   5 star

perfect. So good I love word

nilograms   1 star

Can’t even associate it with my account. I keep getting an error notification that says- “your purchase was successfully but we’re unable to associate it with you account.” I use my hotmail email for the account, which is owned by Microsoft. How can such a massive company have such a clunky app. that won’t even let you sign into your account, especially when they’re charging $6.99/mont. So bunk!!

Abcdefgsjq   1 star

Limited. Limited functions, not very responsive, a pain to work with, and clearly not made for iPad.

cordonero   5 star

Très pratique et facile à utiliser.. Très practica et fácil a utiliser

Auto parts girlie   5 star

Good jobs. Great job how you can really do a good job on Righting

vswarring   5 star

Excellent App. Always help me to work on my documents on route.

Jkerrrrr   4 star

Ok. Very good

ftxfhmcyûbi   4 star

Petite bug à corriger. Je ne peut pas changer la langue pour la correction automatique. Elle est toujours en anglais.

disappointed with MS   5 star

Excellent app. Word for iPhone is the perfect writing app.

Jodebize   4 star

Autocorrect. Autocorrect do not work properly making corrections harder.

Peace Accommodete   5 star

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Bowe-bowe   5 star

Awesome!. Having Microsoft on my IPhone is the greatest! I can type up a document at home on my laptop, save it and then edit it on the go thanks to the app! Highly recommended!!

a creative title   4 star

i want dark mode. this is good but please add a dark mode

Solimania87   3 star

Apple Pencil support needs work. Very unreliable when it comes to the draw tab. Things gets erased by itself.

Reuben la-rocque furstenburg   1 star

This app sucks and page is better. This app is slow laggy and is terrible not fanatic it sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks

ALALi8   1 star

Sign in every time opening the app is so annoying. The only problem with it, is that a person must sign in every time using the app which is annoying. If there was an option to keep sign in that would be great.

24662fgt5   2 star

The cursor is very annoying. The clicking mechanism for the cursor is beyond frustrating when you are writing long research papers. The app glitches when I’m coping and shows the highlight 4 words down from where I’m originally trying to copy. The apps generally works smoothly for other aspects but sometime doesn't differentiate from normal typing from ipad keyboard to an external keyboard.

David M Whyne   5 star

Word. I like it

Edouvache   5 star

Word. Très utile cette application

Aerolito333   5 star

I love word. Nice app

Ciapka   2 star

Equation Editor. Still no FULL PROPER equation editor. iPad cannot become a laptop replacement for a mathematician requiring this feature!!

atimina   5 star

Word. Je l’utilise depuis plus de 20 années et je n’ai pas trouvé de meilleur traitement de texte. Merci Atman

you'reameme   5 star

Good. Make me famous, I really the app

Medicburnside   3 star

Not the equivalent to computer. It gets the job done but the Microsoft office components for iPad are very subpar when compared to computer based equivalent. The lack of templates and multiple formatting issues can be frustrating. When compared to the free versions of the Apple products they are very similar and the apple versions are free.

acssnd   3 star

Some flaws. Good app overall, but we should have the opportunity of choosing the drawing tool or not when using the Apple pencil. I would like to move pictures and texts with the pencil. Also, sometimes, when I write with the pencil, it disappears seconds after. And the app uses so much battery!! Lost 60% with < 3h use.

Appplesauce4617   1 star

Trash. You can not do any thing with out a paying

Messihad   3 star

Everything is fine but.... It has been quite some time that i am using this app, and everything works great except for viewing images that are in comments. I dont know if other people have the same issue but it is kind of annoying as I always have to go on a computer to view theses images in the comment section. Please microsoft fix this !!!

gg man i.m a good player   3 star

Wow. It doesn’t save I wrote like 23 scentenses and now I gotta redo it and I don’t know what I did now I gotta restart

brbfbfbbb   1 star

Umm. My 7 pg essay didn’t do good on word but worked well on google docs

Dudusdodu   4 star

Très bien dans l’ensemble. Par contre, la correction de texte est difficile.

Mister ???   5 star

Un classique. Excellent pour les travaux scolaires. Remplis tres bien ses fonctions. Rien a dire un must pour tout etudiant

raul balderas   5 star

lo amo. lo mejor

bean boi 21   5 star

Bean. Bean

Dand-hills resident   5 star

I’m gay. Fortnite

BloodzYT   5 star

lol. Absolutely fantastic app! Microsoft is improving their software every day for our entertainment and enjoyment. Microsoft word needs absolutely NO improvements as it is incredibly fantastic!

acphi1   1 star

Bug with highlight and drawing. I have been trying to contact you with no luck. Very frustrating and can’t get anyone to help me fix it.

danidan44444r4   5 star

Word. Word is a great app to write with every one should use it

Rafe Deep   5 star


Matthew Ziernicki   5 star

hello. im yet to use the app but always ready to complain...

AWESOME!!!. You must get it it is not bad at all 2019

onomateoiac   5 star

ᗯOᖇᗪ. IT Iᔕ GᖇEᗩT ᖴOᖇ ᗰE TO ᗯᖇITE ᔕTOᖇIEᔕ✍️

Johjohsan   4 star

Review. Found it a bit difficult to navigate around the different functions

word is very bad   1 star

Do not get word document. I hate it. It is not good. Do not get the app. I warn you

karlkingofgaming   5 star

Works as said. Would recommend, great for writing but can become glitchy when you try to reshape pictures in the app.

anarchymedes   4 star

Excellent, But.... I really wish it had a navigation panel, or whatever it's called on a PC or Mac. On iPad, at least, there should be enough screen real estate for this.


Good. Good

Bozzy3535   5 star

Beep. I like eggs 🍳 🥚= 🍳 🔥

hayderain   5 star

EPIC. This has helped me do a lot of assignments and not fail at school

shekbyA1234   5 star

School. Really good for school

muajsooskkk   5 star

Oof. Yo gay

Tiana Blasdale   1 star

Wankers. I think this is the most wakerish thing I have ever used

jordan_urnfnwjjxnc   1 star

I hate it. This needs more color

afl afl afl   4 star

Good but there is a issue.. My issue is I can’t save to one drive sometimes and it’s a big issue

William..T   5 star

Word. Such a great app I use it all the time. But I think Microsoft should add a way to make labelling a image better than the long process it takes now.

abby greencast   5 star

Word is so easy. Word is so so easy to work with and access. Also to use.

Vipar05   4 star

Great until this last update 2 days ago. Love being able to work on my computer, then go out with my iPad and continue working while sitting in a waiting room. Over time most things that originally bugged me have been solved but in this last update they have changed the way highlighting and then selecting a different font colour works. In the past I could read a section, highlight it with a different font colour, then when finished reading another section grab the already highlighted section drag it over the next section, go and choose the font colour of the original highlighted area and it would change. Now I have to remove the highlighter from the original section and highlight the new section. This is very time consuming when the section is only one or perhaps two sentences. Doing that for half n hour is really frustrating. Why change something that was working real well. Please change it back Microsoft so Word can again be a brilliant app

Murray loves it   3 star

Groups. Hi word creators, I was just going to say that I enjoy the app and I use it a lot for school but there’s one problem - well maybe a few but this is the one that bugs me most. When you add people to a document it is really slow to load what the other people are typing. Thanks, A person who uses you app ALOT!

*#$§   1 star

Grrr. PowerPoint deleted my thing and I lost it and couldn’t find it after I saved I even looked in recent *#$§

hiloblighics   1 star

hple. i dislick it stinky won pt type

doomed donut   5 star

Review. Review

JSPBOI   5 star

It’s a great app. It’s a great app

Siena04   5 star

Word. It’s minus 5 😡😠😤😡😠😤😡😠😤😡😠😤😡😠😤

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