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Sign in is easy, convenient, and secure when you use Microsoft Authenticator. Use your phone, not your password, to log into your Microsoft account. You simply have to enter your username, then approve the notification sent to your phone. Your fingerprint, face ID, or PIN will provide a second layer of security in this two step verification process. After, you'll have access to all your Microsoft products and services, such as Outlook, OneDrive, Office, and more.

Microsoft Authenticator also supports multi factor authentication for work, school, and non-Microsoft accounts. The app provides a second layer of security after your password. When logging in, you'll enter your password, and then you'll be asked for an additional way to prove it's really you. Either approve the notification sent to the Microsoft Authenticator, or enter the verification code generated by the app. 

Sometimes your work or school might ask you to install the Microsoft Authenticator when accessing certain files, emails, or apps. You will need to register your device to your organization through the app and add your work or school account. Microsoft Authenticator also supports cert-based authentication by issuing a certificate on your device. This will let your organization know that the sign-in request is coming from a trusted device and help you seamlessly and securely access additional Microsoft apps and services without needing to log into each. Because Microsoft Authenticator supports single sign-on, once you have proven your identity once, you will not need to log in again to other Microsoft apps on your device.

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Microsoft Authenticator Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We're always working on new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. Make sure you stay updated with the latest version for the best authentication experience.

Microsoft Authenticator Comments & Reviews

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- Best authentication app I’ve used by far

This authentication app provides multitudes of features that allow users to authenticate in many different ways and allows for more than just two steps in verifying your identity—providing for an even more secure experience, if that’s what you’re looking for. I previously used Google Authenticator for most of my accounts and ended up losing a couple accounts over that. This app pulled the rug from under Google’s alternative and forced them to update their app after two years to make it actually usable for their consumers. Even after the updates, this app reigns supreme with the great abundance of security features it provides to users. Although the smoothness in transitions and smooth feel of the app overall be better, the UI is modern and I applaud Microsoft for that. I’d also like to applaud them for pushing the application heavily on their website. Even more people deserve to know about it and I believe it should be also pushed in advertisements. All in all, this is as close to perfection any authentication app has ever gotten and by far.

- Great on iPhone Watch app is a bust

Authenticator works very well on iPhone. It has been solid and reliable where i use it on a number of accounts. 5 stars. I was excited to hear a Apple Watch version came out. That is a complete bust, not working at all. Zero stars. The Watch app does nothing but declare that an account can be set up. Fiddling with it for a half hour gave the proclamation ‘setup successful’. Still not producing codes like it should I discovered to my dismay that the iPhone version crashed and had to be removed and reinstalled. Suggestion: take the Watch app off the store until it is properly documented and can be made to work. 5 stars for iPhone app, 0 for watch gives an average of 2.5 or 3.

- Permalocked Account?

I’ve been using this successfully for several months after my company required it. A few weeks ago, on a Saturday, I received an authentification alert on my phone. I wasn’t working and wasn’t trying to log in so I thought, “oh no! Is someone trying to hack my account!? I’m glad I have this handy app that will let me deny the request and block them! Ha take that hacker!” The next time I tried to check email in Outlook, Authenticator immediately said that I denied the request, even though it never gave me the option. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling this app and Outlook, called my company help desk, tried the Microsoft Support option, so far, no one has been able to fix it. So, from my experience, if you block unauthorized access to your account, which is the sole purpose of this app, your account will be permalocked and will be very difficult or (so far for me) impossible to unlock. I can still access my work account through my laptop, I’m just locked out of the Authenticator app and thus Outlook, on my phone.

- This app is great

So a few months ago I got my Xbox account hacked and I was really sad about it because I had lost a lot. Including my games ect. But then I found out the hacker stole my email and put it in this app because at the time I didn’t have this app. So that was a good lesson for me to use this app always and it’s absolutely fantastic because I have a lot of emails like work, school, and gaming of course but I feel like all my emails are super secure also I like the fact that when trying to log into another site with your email you have to get permission from the Authenticator app before you can do anything so if someone gets ahold of your email then they can’t log in at all.

- 6.4.1+ Interface Bloat

This app was great until 6.4.1 at which time they decided to hide the main feature (the login keys) behind each respective account. So now instead of quickly opening the app ti grab your key you need to drill into each account. For those people that access multiple keys each time this becomes needlessly cumbersome. This feels like change for the sake of change without any forethought into how this will impact user workflow. In other words, it feels like a team of developers trying to justify their existence by running out of things to do. Come on Microsoft, seriously? When something just works why can’t you just leave well enough alone? I get that you wanted to add all the other functionality and it is useful in certain scenarios, but at least give users the option of what screen the app opens up to so we can have the old view where we see all account keys in one view.

- Wonderful app, but two things could be improved

Let me start by saying this app works perfectly, the interface is nice, and it is responsive to sign-in requests. I really like the ability to lock the app with Touch ID, but I would like it even better if the iPhone passcode couldn’t be used to unlock after a failed Touch ID attempt. Also, I would really like the ability to disable password sign-in to my Microsoft account on new devices after setting up Authenticator. One last request, that has no impact on function whatsoever, but every other Microsoft app has a nice unified style to the app icons, so Microsoft, can we have a new icon? Please?

- NEED DEVELOPER RESPONSE - Locked of all accounts

After upgrading to a new iPhone today, I restored everything from a backup earlier in the day. After installing everything I begin to login to several different accounts like discord, Twitter etc. I didn’t get very far until I got the request to confirm my identity via my Authenticator app. I opened my app to find NOTHING. All of my accounts were gone. I click “begin backup” and get the message that I don’t have a backup on my iCloud account, the same one I had been using for years. I’m completely at a loss. I’ve been frantically trying to contact support from Azure to Microsoft and haven’t found anyone who can or would be willing to help me. I have no idea what to do - this is an atrocious, horrific flaw with this app and I would never have downloaded it if I knew this could possibly happen. I desperately need someone to reach out to me to help correct this issue.

- Good app. Using it for years

My company requires us to use 2FA. I liked this one because the Tap to authenticate is very easy to use (It’s integrated with O365 too). No codes to type in. The Watch app makes life really easy - it pops up and I Tap my wrist and I’m in. 4 stars because 2FA can be a pita. ESP on password change day. Every MS product makes me authenticate individually. Office, OneDrive, Teams, Windows. Ugh. At least it just a tap. I use it for home too. Except on my personal laptop. Why? Because 2FA is a pita at night. Having to go downstairs to find my phone just to login. I just want to look something up real quick but the 30day trust has expired and needs to be renewed. I grow tired of it in my house. Usually my iPad is nearer :-)

- Not very friendly with iOS 14 and other apps it’s linked to

Had to do my monthly password update/login protocol. Outlook states to enter password, click that and Authenticator opens up. Clicking continue does nothing except takes you to a blank screen with get codes on the top right. The only thin to do is to click that. It ask for your fingerprint and crashes right after. Reporting the issues says to contact my works IT because this couldn’t be their fault at all. Checked to see when their last update was and it was four weeks ago

- Was great on Watch but not now

Been using this app for a long time. Works superbly. Recently gave error message that something had changed on the phone and permission needed to given again but after resetting by signing in with password it now seems to work well again on the phone. Unfortunately when I try to sign in it sends approval to both the app and phone as in the past but only seems to work on the phone. When I try to approve on the watch now it just gives an “Something Happened...” error. Not sure if this fixable by a Microsoft software update or things just need to be reset due to poor communication between the phone and watch.

- iPhone app works; watch, not anymore

This app used to be great. Somebody recently got the idea to add some additional “security theatre” to it, and now it’s a mess. Used to be you’d get a notice on your phone and after FaceID, you could just approve from the Home Screen. Now, you have to swipe and click your way through into the app to approve. Same used to be true on the watch. Used to be able to approve with the tap of my watch; no more. Now it displays no account information from the phone, and basically just announces the approval, which you have to approve in the phone app. As an added bonus, if you dismiss the approval on your watch, the announcement on your phone goes away too. So, the app functions, but usability is gone.

- Watch app is not up to park with Phone app

I don't believe I've ever been able to get the Authenticator app to work properly with push notifications on the Apple Watch. I get the notification on the Watch just fine. I approve it, select the correct number shown on the screen, then it thinks for a second and says "Something went wrong." I pull out my phone and perform the same steps and it works great, Face ID and all that goodness on the phone. This issue has persisted two different phones, multiple app updates, and different IOS builds. Not sure if MS will ever fix it but I'll hold out hope for them to fix the otherwise great service.

- Locked App

The app has been great and convenient; as long as there’s access to the internet, it works. But today when I try to use it, it is locked. It requires Touch ID to unlock the app (or enter the passcode but there isn’t an option popped up for that), while my Touch ID is currently broken. So I can’t verify my email from now on until the problem is fixed. I deleted the app and reinstalled it, which allowed me to enter it without requiring Touch ID. I went settings and wanted to turn off the requiring-Touch-ID feature, yet it wouldn’t let me do it because turning it off also requires Touch ID. I try to seek support but it seems difficult to find where I can report my problem, so I write it in the review. Please fix the bug to enable people to enter passcode. Only allowing Touch ID is highly inconvenient.

- Great But

Love it for how it works as a remote Authenticator for OneDrive & Outlook, and especially for work to authenticate with TouchID when logging in to work resources. BUT - really frustrated by how you lose 2 factor or step linkage to services when you have to restore your iPhone (either from having to erase or moving to a new iPhone) and now I’ve lost login access to some services I used it with for 2 factor. One in particular doesn’t even offer email temporary recovery so I have to completely wipe my settings and information to re-establish access.

- Wanted it to work but...

I set it up on my iPhone, and wanted to be able to also use on my iPad. I could find no instructions on how to pull my info that I entered on the iPhone into the app on the iPad. There is no recovery option on my iPad app, only the iPhone app. There should be a way and I am sure there is, it is just not answered in any FAQ I saw. Most apps when you set them up on multiple devices you use and sign in, all your stored info is there. Not here and once something gets this complicated I lose interest. So I will try other apps to see if any work across all my devices. I should not have to have separate accounts or re set up all my accounts each time I go to another device.

- Convenience without compromising security

Microsoft Authenticator is the best MFA app. Since I use my Microsoft account all the time, having a second factor in authenticating gives me assurance & security. And the way it’s implemented is perfect—it sends me a notification, I select a number that matches with the browser, and scan my fingerprint (Touch ID). Amazing! And I can also add 2FA codes of other apps/sites such as Google & Facebook. The app also has iCloud backup & app lock with a passcode & biometrics.

- Great app, but missing a key feature.

I absolutely love the app but as someone who has NUMEROUS accounts(I’m talking 20+) accounts with two factor authentication, having an outline of a human next to every single one of my accounts except Google and Facebook and Twitter is unacceptable. I have three Outlook accounts and not even those accounts have the Microsoft logo next to them and it is a Microsoft service! I really love this app and really hope to use it again when Microsoft catches up to Authy who has a logo for every single one of my accounts. It makes sorting and finding accounts a million times easier. Adding logos of companies would make this a 5/5 for me. Until then, I’m switching over to Authy.

- Works ok until you need to recover from a backup

Microsoft’s authenticator apps claims to be able to back up your accounts/data to icloud, and that would be a nice feature to have. I made sure my icloud backup was enabled in the authenticator app and then reset my iPhone and restored from a backup. When it came time to open the authenticator app, it had no accounts in there, so I clicked the Restore accounts from backup option, and it claims I have no icloud backup :). So then I get to have the lovely experience of trying to get into all my accounts that have 2 factor authentication enabled without the authenticator app. Super fun, thanks Microsoft! Great app here, if you care about not getting locked out of your accounts, don't use this app! ICLOUD BACKUP DOES NOT WORK.

- Could we get codes on the watch?

Microsoft Authenticator is an amazing app, works perfectly for me and I love how I can use passwordless sign-in for my Microsoft account. Super convenient with an Apple Watch. One thing I wish was added though is the ability to generate 2FA codes with the Apple Watch app. I know some other 2FA apps can do this so I’d love it if it would be added to MS Auth. That would make this app a 5/5. Also, to the person who is upset that codes are now hidden by default: you can change that. Tap the three lines in the top left and then just tap “Show codes”. Voila. Codes are back.

- Not syncing with watch app

I’ve installed and reinstalled the watch app a number of times and it still doesn’t sync with the phone app. In fact it it doesn’t see to recognize the phone app at all. What little help I’ve found on the web did not answer my question. It asked me to set up my two MS accounts and that’s as far as it got. I have about 20 non MS accounts that work fine in the phone app but don’t show up in the watch app.

- Unique feature to backup / restore for iPhone

The best app just because it has very helpful feature to backup ALL accounts in iCloud (iPhone only) and restore them all on new iPhone (or after reset). Very useful feature, not supported by any other Authenticator app, ie all other ones require both new AND old phone, but with MS Authenticator you can just restore everything to the new phone from backup !!! High five to MS !!!

- The Gold Standard

If every authentication app worked like this, they might be used more. This app is by far more useful than the Google competitor. Having to use both, since some accounts only work on one or the other, I much prefer to use Microsoft. The simple act of hitting approve or selecting a number makes signing in a breeze. This is what the future of logging in should be like.

- Great, But it has a security flaw

I have activated the notification of the app so I can see sign-in requests, I have also activated the app lock mechanism so no one could see my codes. But when I get a notification and I tap on it, the app opens locked but it shows me a request that says "approve sign-in?". Anyone with access to my phone can approve it. Sorry to post here but I couldn't find contact info of developers of this app on Microsoft website , I can provide Screenshot if needed.

- App doesn’t even know I’m using it

Every time I need to use this truly terrible app, I cringe. It never goes well, not once. But alas, I need to every two months when my company requires I change my password. When the dreaded times come to use this, I constantly have to log in over and over. I need to fully close and then re-launch the app to receive the approval message. This is all to log into Outlook, but despite Outlook prompting me to open the app, it never registers that I’ve successfully authenticated. So, I’m never able to actually do anything. Not sure if Outlook is terrible or this, but either way, I don’t understand why anyone chooses to use Microsoft apps.

- App is great but Apple Watch not working

Every time I try using it. It tells me “Get started by adding a personal Microsoft account on the phone app”. A what the hell does that even mean? I have a Microsoft account (MSN on iPhone accounts) have the authenticator app and it generates codes fine. Also added my MSN account on my Apple Watch. Deleted the app on the watch. Restarted phone. Installed again and still the same message. What the hell is the “phone app”? If that means the Watch App on the iPhone then yes I added my MSN there...

- New problems?

After the recent update, I’m finding that any attempts to add mfa for an email that’s already inside of the Authenticator for a different site, it wants to wipe the one already saved, instead of adding it as an additional mfa account like it should be. As an MSP that is onboarding new clients with multiple sites using the same account, this is a major problem. As it stands, we have to use a different Authenticator at this point just to access all of the accounts we manage. Great for personal use, but for professional use, I’m having a hard time recommending this as it stands.

- Nice, but after the latest update...

After the last update of March 2020, the audible notification no longer works. I checked every setting in the Settings and even deleted and reinstalled twice. Also, after approving, I’ve found that the notification is still there at the bottom of the screen when I open the iPhone main screen after the screen is off.

- Great tool, getting better

Use it daily to secure my access to online services. Would really rate it 4.5 stars. One thing I now need is the ability to search. Categorizing would be nice too, but need search first as my list of services has grown significantly. Maybe let us change the icon used (especially since some services have none) so it is more recognizable.

- Watch app makes this!

This app makes using Microsoft SSO extremely fluid. Having approve/dent on the watch is very smooth and fast. There are a few rough edges though. The new update to having “App Lock” on by default breaks the usefulness of the watch app. Since it’s already linked to my wrist, it shouldn’t be impacted by the App Lock toggle. Second issue is that I’ve yet to have the iCloud backup recover successfully. When getting a new phone I inevitably have to do recovery methods and reset it in horribly confusing backend of Microsoft’s identity management.

- Warning! This can be used steal acct info

Hello, This is a PSA for parents. This app can be used to authorise account info to be shared. A person tricked my son into download this app and sharing my account info. In minutes purchases were made on my Xbox account off my CC. Took awhile to to recover my Xbox account and they deleted my Microsoft account email. So watch out! Don’t know much about the app except this was able to easily send my info to someone else password and all! I’m sure if used correctly it’s just fine. Not downing the app just a PSA.


Microsoft will NOT remove this off your account under any circumstances if you change your phone or your phone number before removing this you will be permanently locked out of your account. Microsoft will not help you recover your account there best suggestion is to go and try to get your old phone or your old phone number back. Had a horrible experience with the customer support. Microsoft needs to change they are so rude to there customers.I was told it was my fault because I turned it on. Even if you have all information for your account they do not care and will not help you.

- Microsoft Authenticator is superior to Google Authenticator

After switching iOS devices for all my Google Authenticator accounts I had to set them up manually, each individual one. The Microsoft authenticator allows you to back up the keys and reload them on the device through the cloud. Don’t waste your time with Google Authenticator.

- You may get locked out of your accounts

I used this to sign in conveniently while setting up 3 new devices a few months ago. I have a new windows10 machine and instead of signing in as normal I am being forced to use this Authenticator app that does not keep records. I opened the app and I am having to setup as if it is brand new however, because it did not keep my information I can’t sign in to the new machine, Microsoft account or any thing else because I am being forced to use an app that i can’t use.... I use several different machines mainly Linux but enjoy the convenience of Microsoft.

- Worked well until iOS 14 update

The app still works well, however the watch approval for office 365 account approval has stopped working both for my business and for my personal 365 accounts. Both accounts show up on the phone and watch, and I get an alert on my watch to approve the login, however I get a message on my watch that “something has gone wrong”. I have removed both the App from my watch and my iPhone. Otherwise worked great to approve login!

- iCloud Backup is Clutch

MS Authenticator is my go to because of the backup. The interface has seen lots of improvements and corrections when an change makes it worse. The watch app is fairly useless though. I would give 5 stars if the watch allowed me to approve or deny or see the codes. A bonus would be to allow some (if app lock is enabled) or all (if not enabled) codes could be visible through an widget.

- Backup/restore still don’t work

It is easy to get locked out of your MFA accounts. If you replace your phone, or have to wipe and restore your phone from backup, you have to use Authenticator’s own backup/restore system to get all your MFA credentials back. The problem is that their backup/restore system DOESN’T WORK. It says your stuff is backed up. When you actually try to do a restore is when you find out that it hasn’t been backing up properly the whole time.

- Watch notifications need non default settings

As of the most recent update, I had to unmask the box for app lock. Go to the top left corner, then settings (the gear), and waaaay down at the bottom, disable App Lock. Voila, war notifications fixed. If you do not turn this option OFF, the watch can’t reply to the notification it just received from the phone. 🙄

- Cautionary tale

If you restore your phone from local backup and you’ve got other Microsoft apps on your phone for work, be very careful. Your work account will show up at first launch. The restore option didn’t prompt me to choose an account to restore from, so I backed out and added the account associated with my iCloud data. That was exactly the wrong thing to do and I lost everything. I imagine the right way would be to remove your work account, then force quit and restart. Then you could enter the right account at next launch for restore.

- Phone App good; IWatch app doesn’t work

The phone app is easy to use and intuitive. The IWatch app used to work and was very convenient however after an update about 6 months ago, it stopped working altogether and just tells you to set up the account. This is the case for all of my colleagues and our IT department says this still hasn’t been fixed from Microsoft’s end. Please help!!

- Just horrible

I am all for security measures. However my job in no way handles sensitive material. Initially it was extremely frustrating to have to receive a text every time I wanted to navigate to a new website through work. Now it has gotten even more cumbersome. Somehow I have to be okay with facial recognition software that only works sporadically. Overall this app is buggy, invasive, and simply makes it much more challenging to complete my work. It is incredible to me that instead of enhancing back end security measures we inconvenience the end user to this extent.

- Great App

I’ve been using this app for a few months now, and it is amazing. It works seamlessly when logging into websites that allow you sign in with Microsoft accounts. It can use Face ID, Touch ID, or a password/passcode and a two digit number to secure the login to a Microsoft account. So far I haven’t come across any problems.

- Doesn’t work when you upgrade iPhone.

Was working fine on my old iPhone. I could access my work email and Teams accounts. After Thanksgiving I upgraded to new iPhone 12. Been trying to get this to work for almost 2 months. I no longer can’t get into my work Outlook and Teams. Now I can’t remote access on my phone and can only check in from my laptop. Every bit of info including from Microsoft is based on first time new account set up. Can’t even find where to register my new device as I think that’s the problem.

- Simple, gets the job done

I decided to use this Authenticator apps over others due to its iCloud backup. If I were to lose my device or something, I wouldn’t have to deal with the headache of regaining access to all my accounts. The only things I’d like to see added are dark mode and the ability to add a custom icon to an account (some don’t display it automatically).

- For coders

Well, I tried giving up feedback, but that link is broken. I like this app, but I have used it for several accounts, and two of those are for the same website, so for different accounts. This app shows the same name for both, and I have no way of putting a nickname on them to tell them apart. Please add some sort of nickname feature, so I can distinguish several accounts.

- Potentially disastrous

App works great, but one major problem is that it doesn’t allow its data to be backed up to iCloud/encrypted iTunes back up. So if you do a restore, you lose all your 2FA keys even though all your other apps and its settings are restored, except this one. It’s a problem where you can get locked out of all your accounts. Google Authenticator does not have this problem, have switched to it today because of that massive problem I encountered with missing keys after a restore from backup. I hope the devs are listening!

- Love it

Really love the simplicity, but is there any way we could get a better front page than endlessly scrolling? I use it for all my accounts (all 25 of them) and having to scroll down is starting to be cumbersome. Maybe a 5 or 6 by 12 grid + icons would do the trick. Pretty please! Thanks!

- Notification Sounds Not Working

Simple app but handles my company’s MFA requirement for e-mail well. The only complaint I have is recently, the notification sounds haven’t been working, even though they are turned on and all other apps make the sound.

- So far so good

I just installed the app and so far it seems to be working correctly. I’m going to give it 5 stars for now but after reading the reviews I’m not sure if it’s going to be a problem or not. I’m just going to have to wait and see. I would advise caution when installing the app.

- Horrible App

I hope you understand how miserable this app is. It made me re log in a number of times because the link to connect the PC to phone times out. Horrible interface. They make you enable push notifications and took me 45 minutes to setup my app through my work PC. I will be pushing my employer to drop your authentication services. Horrible product. Horrible invasion of privacy. I wish I could give a worse review to get your attention but 1 star is all I can give. Thanks for nothing with this terrible excuse for an app.

- Codes refreshes to quickly

I am a huge fan of xbox and gaming, but being told that i need to create a new password when I have my current password for what feels like forever. Also i turned two-step verification thinking that is a way around having to not create a new password for my account. No when I try to let my friend log on to my account so he can help with a game that I don’t have a whole lot of time to play as much as i would like

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- MS Authenticator app

I highly recommend this if your anything like me, juggling numerous email, social and storage accounts over various operating systems is a definite must have. It certainly keeps you well organized, that is of course you set it up correctly from the start to make it a benefit rather than a hassle (as I found out the hard way!) But once set up it takes the fuss out of switching operating systems applicable apps and accounts that integrate well with the two step verification security and authentication

- Weirdest experience on a Microsoft program

I have to link my Uni Microsoft account but instead you’ve said to link personal or work/Uni account and I chose to use the work:Uni seeing its a Uni address assigned by my school. I can’t use the documents without my email access and I firstly can’t even open my email and your codes are providing access somehow to the back end of the Azure program I don’t know where it’s gone- I’ve received spam emails and people making personal observations not to expose my stuff to the unmonitored area of Azure SharePoint at the Uni? How am I suddenly instead of accessing outlook on a Uni compatible Microsoft address do you figure to connect me and take me inside the Azure end of the site? What do I do? Your support says call my admin of the Uni. What do you suggest other than that one thing- it’s not their fault they’ve got no idea- sort it out please?

- Fluid at its Best, Sometimes Not Working

This app is is a seamless way to authenticate your logins most of the time. I use this for a personal account, and for a corporate account which is also linked to Azure. The latest update seems to be causing users to need to re-authenticate multiple times, after three attempts it is usually quicker to select an alternative authentication method such as receive a phone call. More often than not it is the corporate/ business account which has issues with authentication, however, the personal account still has intermittent issues too. Looking forward to an update, so this app and signing in will return to a fluid process.

- Not good for 20+ accounts

With Office365 moving to enforce MFA for global admins we’re forced to have MFA tokens on several hundred tenant admin accounts. This app lacks alphabetical sorting the list, and it lacks a search to locate a token when needed. It’s great for personal users that have 2 accounts to deal with, but when you have a lot it becomes unmanageable and cumbersome. Please add search, sorting capabilities.

- Broken

The last update bricked my app, so I re-installed it and now it all looks different, and isn’t making a whole lot of sense. I don’t care to spend time researching how to fix it, particularly since I only use it for a single account and use Google Authenticator for everything else. Will be good also to not have to worry about my IT department being notified of fraud every time I reject a sign in request that was likely generated from a timed out browser tab somewhere. The point being that if I always approve every request I get it defeats the purpose of this low quality app.

- Backup is useful

I had been using Google Authenticator and moved to a new phone only to find my accounts did not move over. I have found that there is a back up and restore function that allowed me to move my accounts over to a new phone

- Almost there!

App works great and interacts really well with the Apple Watch. However with multi factor becoming commonplace, I wish there was some way to sort or organise entries, as it’s not a great experience to have to scroll past some more least used tokens simply because you added them earlier than other recently added entries.

- Put the codes back on tile view

Having to go through to full screen view is the worst change you’ve made to date. At least allow us the option per tile. It’s not that hard.

- It keeps crashing after installing latest update.

I would rate this a 5 star app, if it wasn’t for that my iPhone 6 can’t open the app without it sending me back to the home screen. I want this fixed please. It was great before.

- Locked app allows approvals :(

“Fingerprint [...] will provide a second layer of security...” - NO, it totally DOES NOT on iOS: the approve/deny prompt appears IN FRONT OF the app’s lock screen, so locking the app provides no additional security. Please fix this, preferably without requiring an extra set of touches. Please also add the option for a sound and/or vibration alert when a new approval request is received: currently it’s easy to miss the narrow window of opportunity provided by my VPN login process, because the notification is silent.

- Good however has a little bug

Interface looks a good, however I’ve noticed that the passcode doesn’t change after its first countdown cycle. You have to leave the app and come back for it to refresh and give the correct number at the same countdown level. I’ve had to use the Authenticator app a few times and apart from this issue, it seems to work as intended.

- Data does not survive backup and restore

Does what it says but a backup and restore to the same device causes all data to be lost. I suspect this is by design to prevent others from getting your MFA keys, still would be nice to be given a choice.

- master password?

app works fine, i don't know what everyone else is talking about. however i do wish that there would be some sort of a master password. something other than just tapping on the app and seeing a bunch of 2FA codes.

- Not working on my new phone

I suggested me that performed a backup and when I moved to the new phone notified that no backup has been made. I can't reestablish 2 factor authentication because it asks me to scan the barcode but I can't get Microsoft website to show it. I need to use text message

- Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator is an everyday application for my verifications. Without it or my microsoft account iy is difficult to make many things work in everyday life digitally of being possible to maintain getting by in verifications and setting up of my softwares. Thanks Microsoft it has been great in the years ive had this account.

- Great Tool! Just one request...

I use 2FA on almost all my accounts using this app. It works great! However I would like the ability to download this app on Windows, and sync everything across devices.

- Need uplifting

1. Looking forward to dark mode as per system settings 2. Icon need to be change as per new design language across Microsoft echo system. 3. Wish to have unique changes to user experience.

- better than google

This has cloud backup function

- Feature request

This app is very good, but I would love to see a search feature and groups/folders included in a future release. This would be helpful for people like me who have lots of accounts set up.

- Works perfectly but barebones

It’s a great 2FA app but very little customisation (no dark mode, no grouping/ folders, adding custom images to sites that don’t put one in). If you need a 2FA app then it will do the job but if you have a bunch of services it might get a bit jumbled.

- Just doesn’t work.

Approving sign in requests from notifications is broken way more often than it actually works. Often there are internal errors that you are only made away of if you open the app, then it asks you to restart the app. After which it will finally work but my primary experience with this Authenticator is that it just silently fails a lot.

- Please get a UX designer

Accounts show start of address email, but then show ... at the end. Hmm. Most of my accounts will all start the same and end differently. But there’s no way to hover or scroll to see the entire account name. And of course, the app is just a front end to launch a bunch of web pages in safari. I’ve seen 10 year olds write better applications.

- Highly Recommended

If you have multiple Microsoft accounts this app is a must. If only the app icon could be updated as per the rest of the Microsoft suite to make it easier to find / organise.

- Fantastic

Helps keep my accounts secure. I use it for work and for personal use. Easy to use.

- Awful migration

New phone setup, and I am trying to move all my 2 factor authentication. In contrast to Microsoft I have moved all my personal 2 factor authentication to new phone instantly using google authentication. Microsoft Authenticator doesn’t seem to support this, so I am now moving each work account manually.

- Good but missing one thing

Love it easy to use but lacks the ability to add own or select image for the app added would be nice if you could do this

- Crappy application

Useless. I’m trying to add my Microsoft account to Authenticator and its telling me to authenticate first before I can add it. Is this like the ultimate stupid update? I’ve used this before without any issues. Edit: it looks like I need to use my old phone to authenticate the app on the new one. How am I supposed to know? There is a lot of empty space on the screen. Maybe some suggestions would help us non-corporate users? Everything support related online seems to be for people using azure. But I’m a lowly consumer! Wake up Microsoft. Apple MacBooks are getting cheaper. Might be time to switch to all apple products.

- Excellent

Wow, pre authenticator was a password change nightmare. Likewise, being offline and have MS apps recognise my licence was terrible. Authenticator changed all that. Nice work!

- Backup does not save keys

I had to bring in my phone to apple to get it repaired and they gave me a new phone for me to restore my backup to. The backup ended up wiping all my keys. I never had this problem before with google Authenticator so I thought my keys would be safe after restoring a backup. They need to fix this

- A little pretentious but...

... simple, clean, gets the job done. I say pretentious because it categorises everything by “Microsoft” or “not Microsoft”.

- Breaks after every update to app or system

This is such a pain to use. Works really well but then after every OS X or app upgrade get repeated you have changed Face ID message please reenable. Nothing ever works to reenable (can usually reset for other apps). Only solution is to delete and reinstall. Please get it sorted apple and Microsoft

- Need search bar

The app is working good, however, there is no search bar. Hence, it is quite difficult to find the TOTP number.

- Fantastic

Works very well. I like the backup feature.

- Notification bug

I’ve done a “reset” on my iPhone, which removed all my app notification permissions. However unlike most apps, Authenticator never re-requests permission to enable notifications so now I can’t login to corporate apps because I never get the “Approve” notification. Please fix.

- Not receiving any notification

I set up the account according to guild line and it worked initially. After a while it stopped showing any notifications and pass-codes. Cannot access my work email outside work anymore. Really frustrated.

- Poor user experience

I haven’t logged into my Microsoft accounts in a long time on my computer - and when I do, it asks me to authenticate using the authenticator app. Download and install the authenticator app - authenticator app asks me to authenticate using the authenticator app... It’s been the same for months and I see no revisions or any real improvements for this two-step authentication issue. Uninstalled immediately. A small note: MS security may be good at the enterprise level, but the UX is no longer the standard and is becoming ancient at this rate.

- Do you have a backup?

When trying to add an account, I am prompted with “if you add an account you will be no longer able to recover from backup” what backup are you referring to? Stop me dead in my tracks. Won’t use the app until this is explained properly.

- Excruciatingly painful to use

When you’re though with using this piece of garbage, turning it off on your account so it no longer asks you to use the Authenticator app is a whole new level of pain. At least it serves as a reminder why I moved to a Mac environment.


Xero now mandating 2SA - installed this app, never used Authenticator apps before - everything worked first time...easy

- Logos of Accounts missing

Logos of most popular Accounts/Websites are missing. Kindly add those. Love the app

- Moving app moving to a new device

It is impossible to do this when you do something as simple as get a new phone. This needs to be addressed urgently. I should not have to keep my old iPhone purely to access my authenticator app. Really unhappy.

- Awesome!

Please add a widget option to avoid opening the app every time.

- Faulty/weak backup service of Authenticator

I did the right thing and backed up my Authenticator to my iCloud account. When I recently had to restore my iPhone due to corruption, everything came back to my phone EXCEPT my Authenticator accounts. I was unable to recover my Authenticator backup from iCloud, with no explanation. It just says, “There is no backup stored in your iCloud account”, which is not true. I am now totally locked out of multiple important online accounts with no way to fix it.

- Qr scan disappeared

I was enjoying this app, however the QR scan feature has been removed. Please reinstate.

- Brilliant thank you

Thanks again

- Useless mess

As is often the case, Microsoft once again gives us yet another app that only works with SOME of their products. It’s not at all clear that this doesn’t work at all with office365 login verification.

- Solid App!

Works reliable, fast and has a good UI.

- Useless

Has locked me out of mail programs and just goes around in circles when asking for information, keeps wanting me to download but already have.

- App passwords

Can you make it generate app passwords? The web based method is too slow. Incorporating it into this app would make sense.

- Allow otp via smart watch.

Not much good to me if I can only get Microsoft account approvals on my watch. It’d be great to also be able to get otp codes from third parties

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- Grate Authenticator App

I like functionality of the app and the backup feature is a plus. It was really annoying redoing 2fa when I had to restore my phone.

- Best 2FA app!

Microsoft is killing it with this app and it keeps getting better. I love that everything is backed up in case I want to swap phones. Also love the password-less web sign-in to Outlook. I have yet to find a site offering 2FA via an authentication app that doesn’t work work. I also like that I can manage my MS account via the app. Good work Microsoft!

- Watch OS

Watch approval stopped working for me. I only can approve from the phone.

- IOS 14 breaks watch app

Fix the watch app

- Not working after latest Apple Watch update

Hope there is a new version coming. Authenticator on Apple Watch is no longer working.

- Apple Watch

Already have accounts on my phone and can’t find them on the Apple Watch and when I try to approve from my Apple Watch it’s says there’s an error. Please fix it.

- New version is annoying

The new version requires you to unlock the app after unlocking the phone, which seems pretty redundant and has broken the Apple Watch app, which I rely on because it's so convenient. Or at least was :/

- Please stop blinding me.

When are you going to give us a dark mode so I can stop blinding myself at night time while authenticating? I'll happy up my star count then.

- annoying!

Now it’s not enough that I authenticate a request. I have to authenticate my authentication with my Touch ID. And then half the time, it refuses to accept the authentication. There is such a thing as exaggeration, guys.

- Causes phone to run very hot.

Whenever I have to use this and then leave it running in the background it causes my phone to excessively heat up and drains the battery. If I remember to close the app and this doesn’t happen.

- can’t log in

it was working but i had to delete some apps because i had to reset all of it and sell my phone and bought a new phone and i tried to download it on my new phone but it had that two factor and now i can’t even open my acc

- It’s good and it works


- There were no instructions on how to use

Back to the drawing board at MS.

- Incorrect codes generated

I added my Facebook account to the app and the code generated by this app are always wrong. I tested this app against google authenticator and google authenticator codes worked 100% of the times.. now I have to switch to Google authenticator on all of my devices.

- No responses to my bug reports

The app works well enough for authentication for Microsoft work accounts and third party applications. Unfortunately, I have had ongoing issues using the app with my personal Microsoft accounts as well as the Apple Watch app. I have submitted a couple bug reports but have never had a response.

- Make it even better with Search function

As an admin I have many MFA accounts and having the ability to search would be great. 1 star hoping this will get noticed.

- Would recommend

I’d definitely recommend this app I’ve only been using it for a little while but so far I’ve had no problems you can basically add any online account you have to it great for to step verification

- QR scan is buggy

You will need to manually enter data

- Can’t restore my backup anymore

Can’t restore from backup

- Doesn’t work, hasn’t worked in months

I get a notification on Authenticator when signing into my account, but when I try to verify it’s me and unlock the app the Authenticator screen is super enlarged and doesn’t fit my phone screen. I can’t see or trap the numbers needed to unlock it.

- Worst app

The worst possible app used. Cant add multiple companies keeps me on the same server with my other job. Customer service is useless as humanly possible no one understands how to operate it.

- Doesn’t Work And Locks Me Out

This app is horrible in its execution. As a freelancer my entire business depends on access to LinkedIn and other MS products. Unfortunately they keep telling me to use the code sent to this app to login. But there is no code. Ever. There’s no customer support available. None. No way to reach Microsoft. Microsoft basically laughs at you. Now I have to switch my entire business over to Apple because this one app won’t work. Worse yet, I lose LinkedIn. Avoid this app like the plague!

- I don’t understand anything that you need to do

Don’t know why it keeps giving me different pins all the time how you to log in to your account

- Why do I have to download ANOTHER app just to get on my email?

Seriously your messages are not this important to anyone the amount of security required is unnecessary and this app is an INCONVENIENCE, something else tells me this could be a functioning part of their Mail app easily.

- Flaming garbage

It took 6 tries to get this stupid app set up. I was trying to set it up for teams, but every time it sent me the code, the app would crash. Making me restart the whole process every time. If you can find a way to AVOID this app, I strongly advise you do

- Great App!

Would be better to resynch w iCloud when changing phones!

- What’s going on??

App doesn’t open. I press the unlock button and nothing happens!!?

- Hate it.

Deleted my MS Exchange email because I hate all of this. Probably good for micro managing morons at the office.

- One of the best 2FA Apps!

Great UI, accepts any account. Biggest plus is it gets backed up and restored if you get a new device

- Complicated

I thought this would be great for extra security but omg it’s so darn complicated. I can’t open messenger now and it’s making me nervous because I don’t know how to go back to before Authenticator! Yikes!

- Secure, fast and highly reliable !

5 star

- Great app but doesn’t work

After the iSO 14.2 update app doesn’t send notifications to my Apple Watch! Also I can’t approve from my Apple Watch anymore!! Please FIX ASAP!

- Authenticator Loop

Recently changed password, now whenever I try to use the Teams app it has me in an infinite loop of 1. Login to teams 2. Sends me to authenticator 3. Login to authenticator 4. Authenticate teams login 5. Sends me to teams 6. You need to authenticate, go to step 2. This is only on mobile teams, I can still authenticate my laptop login. Is there a solution for this?

- Doesn’t work

Doesn’t work. It’s a waste of time.

- Well, it’s a start

Not quite the useability of its competitors, but would love to see MFA push auth approvals to be granted directly from the Apple Watch.

- forced to use this for teams

stop forcing people to use your authenticator app over other 3rd party apps

- Horrible app

It is clear Microsoft on apple products are garbage. In order to use MS Teams I need Authenticator and every other day I have to delete and reinstall MS Teams and Authenticator in order to log on. It would be nice if Microsoft spent more investment getting their products to work on Apple products. This is one of the reasons I stay away from using Microsoft software on my Apple devices.

- No notifications received

I was quite happy with the app except the fact you have to log after accept the connection. But since my new phone I can’t received anymore the notification only the one to pair the phone with the account. Thé configuration is correct I can still received the phone call to authorize the connection but I hope the notification will work soon. iPhone 12 pro iOS 14.1, app version 6.4.41

- Easy to use and effective

I successfully figured out how to use the app without too much difficulty, and it faithfully authenticates me into my work and personal accounts. 5/5

- Excellent app but it got worse

Excellent app - I use it daily. But recently it was changed so that to copy a code you first tap the code then it opens another screen and you tap again to copy it, essentially slowing down the use of the app while providing no added benefit.

- Excuse me

I didn’t even want to download your app but my Microsoft account “required” it and now you want me to have it constantly updating in the background even though I’ll most likely only use it once a millennium? Absurd.

- Finding a deleted account

I accidentally deleted my account on the app and I cannot access O365 anymore. I was looking for a QR code and don’t know what happened. Is there a way to get back my account on the app?

- EA Sport It in the game ...

Code QR pour Need For Speed Heat...

- Apple Watch

Imposible to authorize from Apple Watch. I followed all steps to set it up but I always get a message error “something wrong, try later” Too bad and frustrated !!!! Please fix it. I worked fine before.

- Watch app broken in iOS 14

App works as expected however when I upgraded to iOS 14 notification approvals on my Apple watch stopped working. Hoping for a fix soon.

- Good MFA... recent changes a mixed bag

With the new change requiring authentication to open the app... it improved the security. However, employees at my organization who do not use the fingerprint reader have a hard time unlocking the app. The option to use the passcode should be on the initial lock screen.

- Would be even better with a search feature

It’s a great app that does the job, however once you pass 8-10 it becomes tiresome to keep searching though accounts to find the code (it all blurs together)

- I love Microsoft which hates the world

Once you bundle this app with your school’s account for no matter what reason, it keeps asking for verification every single time you login to your school’s websites. Cannot be turn off, if you have a quiz to finish now and your phone is dead. Congra it is overdue. Or if you accidentally removed linked accounts from this dumb app. Congra you will have a day off school since you will no longer be able to access anything from your school until’ further notice. I was dumb, I chose Microsoft, and now it is your turn.

- So safe and secure

It is really convenient I put a setting where you need a finger print to access the app it is secure

- Lost my data

They need to be more clear about the fact that the data isn’t backed up on iOS unless you enable *both* the Microsoft backup account, and the usage of iCloud from within the app settings. Wish I’d known that before performing a recent factory reset.

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Alexander Filipin

@orieisen My learning: the flow matters. I understand why you offer this flow, the phishing bar is still high but no longer impossible. Still its a good usability trade off. Similar to the Microsoft Authenticator App Passwordless flow in my Microsoft world :)


Just throwing this in to the free password manager mix: Microsoft Authenticator app now includes password sync & fill across devices and browsers

Stijn Scrayen

Hi @Alex_A_Simons , wondering if there's a way we can submit our logo to appear when people add our app to the Microsoft Authenticator for MFA?


Number of apps I plan to have on my fancy new smart phone: 8. 9 if you count Firefox. From left to right: Microsoft Authenticator (for work), foobar2000, LastPass, Mullvad (VPN), ProtonMail, Telegram, Twitch, and VLC.

max t

@SteelThane @SSawyerbo You can use the Microsoft Authenticator.... makes it a notification on your phone you just hit approve on. Super easy

Vincent "VNNZ" Vogel | IDN PNGTuber For Now! | 🤖

Anyway, your usual PSA of: 1. **ALWAYS** use 2FA on every single account you have. 2. If possible, don't just use the "SMS" 2FA. Use apps like Authy, Google Authenticator, Microsoft ver, etc. 3. Kalo ada duit, physical key juga monggo pake. Malah harusnya lebih aman~~

Craig Chiffers

Passwordless sign in via the Microsoft Authenticator app is just plain awesome.

Janet McKnight

@white_hart “That Microsoft account does not exist", nor does it exist in lowercase (as it appears in the MS authenticator app), nor with ’nexus’ added, in caps or otherwise.


Microsoft Authenticator will kill me. That is all.



bulb 🇷🇴

the microsoft authenticator looks like a rogue antivirus

Microsoft Security

🎶🎵🎶 It’s music to our ears. What, you ask? NIST compliance. Whether it’s Windows Hello, the Microsoft Authenticator app, or FIDO2 security keys, feel secure aligning with NIST requirements while going #passwordless. Read more:


The amount of time wasted using Microsoft authenticator at my job is just... I can't 😭

TEL, University of St Andrews

The latest @univofstandrews student learning blog post covers: Doomscrolling, writing apps, Toucan extension, Cyber Scotland Week, tech repairs, and the Microsoft Authenticator app

Krishna Permi

Microsoft Authenticator is free password manager that works across devices:

Microsoft Authenticator 6.5.29 Screenshots & Images

Microsoft Authenticator iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Microsoft Authenticator iphone images
Microsoft Authenticator iphone images
Microsoft Authenticator iphone images

Microsoft Authenticator (Version 6.5.29) Install & Download

The applications Microsoft Authenticator was published in the category Productivity on 2015-05-30 and was developed by Microsoft Corporation [Developer ID: 298856275]. This application file size is 136.23 MB. Microsoft Authenticator - Productivity app posted on 2021-02-17 current version is 6.5.29 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

Are you safe on the Internet?Surf anonymously, prevent hackers from acquiring your IP address, send anonymous email, and encrypt your Internet connection. High speed, ultra secure, and easy to use. Instant setup.