Google Drive

Google Drive [Productivity] App Description & Overview

Get started with Google Drive for free and have all your files within reach from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. All your files in Drive – like your videos, photos, and documents – are backed up safely so you can’t lose them. Easily invite others to view, edit, or leave comments on any of your files or folders.

With Drive, you can:

• View documents, PDFs, photos, videos, and more
• Search for files by name and content
• Easily share files and folders with others
• Set sharing permissions to view, comment, or edit
• Quickly access recent files
• See file details and activity
• Enable viewing of files offline

Google accounts get 15GB of storage free, shared across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. For additional storage, you can upgrade to a premium subscription plan as an in-app purchase. Subscriptions start at $1.99/month for 100 GB in the US, and can vary by region.

Storage subscriptions purchased from the app will be charged to your iTunes Account, and automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed by going to iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

Google Privacy Policy:
Google Drive Terms of Service:

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Google Drive Customer Service, Editor Notes:

* Bug fixes and performance improvements

Google Drive Comments & Reviews

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- CR3 File Upload Constantly Crashing

While selecting CR3 files on iPad Pro 12.9 (3rd Gen Version 3.4) to upload to Google Drive, my file selections get reset after tapping a dozen or so. Very frustrating. App version 4.2020.12203. Please fix ASAP.

- Allows me to print from an iPhone

I’ve always used an Android phone and could print easily. Thought I’d try an iPhone but was disappointed it was hard to print from. This made it easy.

- Drive

Buenísima APP

- Review

It’s ok

- OP

It’s sooooooooooooooo OP!

- Zoom


- 👎🏼

Hate it

- Useless

I want to replace a document and I can’t delete the old one

- User

Doesn’t open every file type

- Program works well every time.

Using this program allows needed information to be shared efficient and effectively.

- Can not email multiple pdf files

Google drive is amazing but it can note you sharing multiple pdf files with email but you can sharing all with the link. There’s a lack of some features and needs to improve UI.

- Review about drive

Drive is a really great helpfully app you can use it for anything....!

- Awesome

I love this

- No idea what this is

I am trying to simply send a message from my iPad w/photo from attached and since having this as an option am stuck. Don’t and didn’t want this and I am getting extremely frustrated. It would help if I could talk (easily) to google. Yikes!

- Cool app

I like it comes in handy all the time

- Awesome

It’s overall a good app and definitely not a waste of space!

- Awesome app! Easy to store all of my docs and slides and many more!


- Storage

This is a great way to save your documents, I been using this for 5 years

- Great Cloud Storage Platform

Can’t beat Google Drive when it comes to being an amazing cloud platform built for collaboration.

- Deleted items

Have trouble remove items from drive.

- It’s rather confusing

It’s a challenge to find documents sometimes. When a document is shared with me, it’s difficult to find it. Then, even though I have permission to edit, it doesn’t always work. Also, I will attempt to put a document in a folder I am currently creating... the folder creates, but it won’t upload the document in the same task — it fails. So I have to go through the process again. It’s a recurring problem. I can anticipate that if I’m creating a new folder, it will take multiple attempts to upload a document. This should be one smooth process, rather than multiple attempts required. Also, often I can see the document in a folder I just uploaded. It should be visible. I have to exit, THEN go back in and “most times,” I can only then view the doc I just uploaded. These issues waste a lot of time and energy. I shouldn’t have to go through repetitive steps to achieve being able to view successful upload.

- Bad

Horrible it is so laggy I have good WiFi horrible horrible

- No way to copy a folder?

Seriously, it’s 2020 and you don’t have a way to copy an entire folder within the Google Drive app? Google, you are so behind the times!

- The logo is too ugly.

It is recommended to change icons to suit those who pursue perfection.

- Drive

Works very well

- Drive is awesome!

Copy, save and be happy, with Drive!

- Love GDrive.

^that simple.

- Downloading Material

The app works excellently & is a life saver. I just wish we could download stuff from could download stuff from here.

- Great


- Review

Google Drive is awesome for what it has to offer as well as, help keeping me employed as I have to work at home teaching Virtual classes until we are in The clear of Covid-19!

- 5 stars

I use it for school and it helps me. Alot.

- Hello this is a very bad app it never works for me .

Worst app ever Never works Horrible Would nor recommend I only have it because my school Makes me

- Rrshyyr

Drytdmyte75ei754di754di754i8f68586fytetittrr Ttttt

- It’s great but...

Google drive is a very useful and helpful app although it is hard to bring existing documents into a file

- Ok


- Why is advanced a Link Sharing not available on mobile devices?

There is no way to share a public link from a mobile device, unless I’m missing something. This is a big problem.

- 5 star

So far it has worked very well for me, and lets see what happens next with it.

- Excelente

De mucha utilidad.

- Good


- Not a stable product

If you only sync one direction, it will be fine. Not stable if you have to overwrite or sync several local folders.

- Just give me Word

I find this extremely to understand. I don’t think it’s user friendly. I like easy and straightforward.

- love it

love itllllllllo

- 5stars


- Perfecto


- Driver


- Amazing


- Izaiah Robinson drive review

Great products come from Google. This drive as helped me with everything. 💎

- Noice


- Get yourself a good hacker

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- Finally tried it

I was stuck using Apple and it’s office suite but kept being probed one way or another to use Google suite. Finally I had no choice when I started my new job and wouldn’t you know it, I love it! Learning it was easier then expected but I still find myself going on YouTube to figure out certain actions.

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- Goggle Drive

When viewing shared photos on Google Drive it keeps kicking me out

- j'adore le hort ligne

changer la lecteur vidéo ajouter l'avance des vidéo genre 10.15 seconde d'avance

- Sucks!

It’s glitching out every single time I use it…

- No impressed needs improvement

Sucks because when I want to share it every single person says they they can’t see it when I send it to them

- It’s great but

It takes so long to upload videos

- It’s awesome

I had 30GB used out of 32GB it lowered it to 14GB definitely recommend

- cool

yea! cool

- Hi

It’s pretty good

- Really enjoy this system

It works for my files

- It helps me save all my documents I always come here

5 of 5

- Google Drive

I wish it was as clean and easy to use as Dropbox

- Good app

Title says it all - fast efficient

- Great


- Google Drive review

I use it all the time but can’t find a good reason to give it five stars

- Foghorn

Potato no

- Google cloud for books

Very easy to read compared to ibooks.

- Dossier Robert


- It is not easy to use

It really is not easy to use I can barely end up getting to type because I can’t even select where I want to type

- Good


- Too complicated

I download these files from A secure PDF can’t see them

- Good app

Very nice

- ❤️❤️

J’adore 😊 ja

- Thumbs up

Excellent app, works great

- Hi

Very good app

- Amazing

It is good don’t be a hater be a omptitst

- Love the app

Love it so much...

- It ok....

It works, but you can't upload too many files or it just times out and doesn't upload. Also it loads pics opposite to how the iPhone lists them so keeping track of what is actually uploaded is a pain. Best to sort them in iPhone then upload them.

- Processing time after upload

Processing time after upload is long.

- Trash

it sux!

- Awesome

Very good app keep on going the good work

- Sucks


- Cookies?! Really?!

I don’t want to waste my cookies on this app. I am not allowed to. How come on a pc or laptop or things like that don’t need cookies. Unacceptable.

- No Full-Resolution Image Download Option

I just lost a year's worth of sanity using this app on the iPad Pro. When I uploaded the image to Drive from my PC it was 5MG and 300dpi. But saving it to my Camera Roll torpedoed both size and resolution. I routinely scan things in to my PC then need to access them AT FULL REZ on my iPad for editing. It should be a simple process but is unnecessarily difficult!

- No dark mode.

No dark mode. No dark mode.

- Google slides

I love the app it helps me keep track of my homework and progress

- I use it all the time, small changes would be nice

This is a very useful app that I use regularly. Some small changes I would like to see include: 1. An option to see the file name of an open document or spreadsheet on mobile app. 2. A way to see the filepath of a file on the mobile app. 3. A way to see the file and folder size in the list view.

- Loading

It takes a long time to load the slides

- Chris

It’s cool

- It’s the best

Thanks for this app if fabulous easy friendly And make me a real writer

- পুতুল নাচের ইতিকথা

এভাবে পড়তে পেরে খুবই আনন্দিত !

- Love Drive

I use it all the time - and we share tons of stuff as a family. Great go to resource.

- Horrible

Worst mobile app ever created...they should just remove it.

- Well Designed

It is designed for our current days and the coming ones.

- It’s a good app

In my opinion I think I like it because it is a good way to find stuff quicker but it’s hard to organize (: I have to say (ITS A AWESOME app) (:

- Great, room for improvement

Overall, Google Drive works great on iOS. Good integration with Gmail and Photos apps. ** A global setting to disable file extensions from displaying would be awesome ** Better navigation of folders is needed for moving or copying files into subfolders — currently you have to navigate from the root Drive folder when moving/copying files, i.e. even if you just want to move files into a subfolder you must navigate from root level — this is very cumbersome when the folder you want to move files from is ten levels down in folder hierarchy. I use Google Drive for college (Electrical Engineering), it has helped immensely to prepare and study for labs and tests — the combination of a high-quality camera on my iPad and the simple UI in Drive means I can quickly create organized study materials that I rely on as quick-review study aids for practical lab tests, assignments and exams.

- Can’t download files to device from app.

Cannot download files or photos from drive to my devices.

- Ouverture de dossier

C’est très lent, souvent n’affiche même pas

- Google drive

This is really great wow when my friends send me something I can go check it out right away this is so great thank you google

- How to get to the fabulous places anywhere!

Need to find an easy way to get around where ever you are - we just happen to be in Waikiki - this app’s for you!

- Battery Hog

Regardless of “Background App Refresh” setting being on or off, this app THRASHES battery life. If you review your battery usage, you can see that the app is on screen for 1 minute but running in the background for more than 8 hours despite background app refresh being off. Terrible, inexcusable behaviour from Google. Terrible design and total disregard of user preferences for background app refresh.

- Finding slowness

This is great when you want to find something and you don’t know if it’s a slide, docs ect. But when you want a e.g. doc it’s faster to go to google docs and find it!

- Good

Love this app

- Love

Hi my name is summer I love your app it’s so fun and it’s good for me to do my work online from corona 😍I really hope you don’t get corona🤮

- Drive

The update was awesome 😎

- Google Drive

Is absolutely amazing, and help keeps my school documents organised.👌👍👍

- How do you change your profile photo?

I was in google classroom and it said that I couldn’t it Change it. But last time I could change my profile picture

- The best

I I love that you can get a subject that you have deleted and get it back

- Unimpressed

This app wouldn’t let me edit my work therefore leavin me unable to do my homework and then put in detention so that is why I am voting this app one star

- Great google drive

Google drive great for school and work documents. Awesome!!! I think google drive is awesome.

- Great app it helps with your docs and more

Yi It

- Help me learn

They’d help me when I got stuck on a word from ewwqsa

- Glitch

Every time I went into google Drive it would glitch and kick me out. My IPad is one week old so it should not be happening. I rate this really really really really really really really really really really really really BAD👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🤬

- It is a great app for my mp4

Thanks for this app

- Ngvynfjyg

Egg are gat

- Loss of functionality

I used to be able to click ‘send a copy’ and then hit ‘Save Image’ to download media into my camera roll on my phone, now that function has gone and I can’t see it anywhere else in the options. That was basically the only reason I used this app so now it’s basically useless to me. I don’t want to open the photos in other apps, I just want to download it onto my phone!

- It’s an amazing app

One of the most amazing apps ever.

- Ugh


- Review

It is very helpful

- Storage not emptied when wiped everything

It was full when I deleted everything in my current google account, but however I had a another account in a different google drive that has no stuff in it.

- Cool

It is good

- Good for keeping things.

I is goood>:3

- Great service


- It’s bad

It’s bad

- Working on it

It’s a bit confusing I don’t know what to do

- Poor quality

Other party could not hear

- Very nice

Very nice

- hdjdrfkitWffulIs


- Fabulous

This app is great!

- Samueleeeeeeee

I love Google Drive!!!,.

- 😀

It can sometimes be annoying with the connection, but other then that, it’s really good.

- cringe


- Google drive

It’s a good app to use as this app helps you access your documents through your phone and not you laptop not only go through but edit it

- Easy to use

Very easy to use

- HighLighting

Why is not possible to highlight the text¿¡¿¡

- No PIN protection

Can’t believe Google is a great company and this app lacks behind OneDrive of this feature.

- Thankful

Thank you so much!

- Review

I really think google drive is a great app to help share projects But only flaw is the multiple questions that keep popping up all in all a good app 🙂🙂🙂

- Couldn’t get better

My school uses this app very often and I can see why; It’s easy to access, I can login to my school account from home to get ahead on writing books and It’s easy to get into my account. Some writing apps you have to fill in all these forms, this one you just enter your account and boom your in, I also love how you can share the files with other people. Move over gmail! Drive’s here!!!😎😎😎😋😋😋

- Awesome

Drive is awesome for school.

- Too hard. Clunky! Very annoying

Too hard

- Spam

I keep getting spam added to my drive and there is no way to block it from what i can see, reporting it does nothing! Horrible

- 4

O.My we& 47$ m Moms So K pop J. Palmolive

- Fantastic

Love it

- Love it!

What a great app!🦄🌈❤️

- I use it, it is god for using wise

I it is good

- Move to folder broken

Gmail offers the ability to move a file to a folder on upload to Drive this is broken on iPhone please fix it, it looks like it works then leaves the files in the root of Drive.

- Could have been better with higher storage

The only thing that I dislike is the integration with gmail. The attachment by default is drive link and which make receiptant nervous

- Nice App

A Very Useful App.

- Dynamic

My enormous central documents

- The Best

Best app, best system, constantly updated with all the “I wish it would” that I come up with. Best part is, it just works, every time. Thanks Google & the team

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- Google Drive

It does not let me get into it☹️

- I love Google!

I’m truly grateful for google drive. It helped me graduate my MRI Technologies program. I’m now eligible to sit for the ARRT Radiology Board to become Registered. Thank you for all the information you provide.

- Valuable Tool

Drive is a very comprehensive application. The more you learn to use it the more useful it becomes!

- Awesome

Great app!!

- Drive


- Why I love google drive

Google Drive is essential to the recording studio. I’m able to send and share my files with clients in a secure environment . I have hundreds of music files I share with clients and they are able to share production files with me.. it’s part of my critical daily use. The ability to access my files regardless of where I am is key to the business ..

- Good

Sorted files online

- Drive

Honestly, I think that this app from google has helped me a lot when I needed it.

- uploading suggestions

1. Uploading should continue to process while other apps are being used. It takes too long to sit there and watch a video upload for twenty minutes.

- Scam

I was curious to know why my main account says I’m out of storage when I only have one folder mainly having pictures and each picture being about 1-2 MG each and one video in another folder being 29MB. But I’m out of storage?! How?! So this got me to look at my other account where I only have 36MB total and it says I have used 180MB.

- Confused

I am New to technology like this. I need a helper To explain it.

- Trash

This app is garbage it barely functions

- Can’t open

Can’t open the files that were sent to me

- An amazing resource!

Recommended for most people

- Hardly used it before, now all the time!

In just works great, especially the sharing!

- Buggy, but easy to use

I use Google Drive for everything, however it is much easier to use on a desktop. This app regularly crashes when downloading photos. It's also strange that you cannot download multiple images at once. This makes transferring photos to my phone incredibly inconvenient.

- Google drive great to have it

I had lot of fun and I use it lot for many different things. I don’t know how will do without it.

- President Dan Rinaldi

Heartwarming with a message to remember what it means to be a Lion. Thanks Raj.

- Docs

It Is a great spot to store work

- Google drive

As good as it is I get frustrated using Google Drive. It may not be a big money maker program. But when using it for teams thwr has to be so many ways to have the app function more seamlessly. I hope this review inspires the development team to work on improvements

- Nelson Benavides

Really like this app

- Great

Best place to save pics to free up space from iCloud. I love this app.

- Video mishaps

My videos do seam to load onto the drive

- Drive makes my life easier!

The features are powerful and flexible. It makes my new online curriculum so much more doable.

- don’t like that you have to get other apps

i dont

- Oscar Smith Top Reviewer

Tremendous opportunity to share my work with others on a platform like this.

- very Useful!

This app is very useful!

- Must have app for docs

I use it to share insurance and other docs to my phone. I like the pin to folder so I don’t need a connection if I need a doc.

- Slow

It doesn’t load it’s slow fix it

- I don’t think I can survive with google


- Reikoveino

Great app

- Google Drive

My review with this app is where I can save my work and bam! Easily safe to just saved your work without losing your work. Thanks to the app, Now I can focus on my work. Plus, it lets me save all the work that is not completely lost.



- Drive

Drive is the best app it makes me feel like home somewhere we’re I can store my special memories I would definitely buy this if it came on sale on my phone.

- Great storage

Great storage space for my needs.

- This is awesome! But I would like to give some suggestions

1. U know when you are trying to select some photos to put in a folder, I wish you could just do it how u do it in photos By just sliding your hand across the photos that u want to put in because it’s Wayyyy easier And that would make me use this app wayyy more than I am using it now And also if u do it in about 3 months, Then I would appreciate it!

- A Game Changer!

Love the accessibility it gives me on the go to write on a regular schedule.

- Can’t Live Without It.

Why don’t you have this app, already?!

- I love it

I love it!!! It is so great for students to work at home especially at this carona virus time

- Google Drive

I give thus app a 5 star rating, because it is really helpful. It keeps me work organized

- Super convenient

Easy access to all my files, pictures and videos. It’s also nice to be able to quickly access my media just by logging into my gmail from any computer. Love google drive.

- Google Drive on IPhone

Very helpful

- Scanning documents from app

I switched from drop box to google drive for my main source of work files. What I am surprised with is that the google drive app does not give the option to “scan a document” with your iPhone camera to save it as a PDF. Can this been seen in the near future? Overall, I love google drive, but I only downloaded the app in hopes of using that feature.

- Google Drive Seems to Get the Job Done

Google Drive seems to get interpersonal communication matters accomplished with efficiency. Thank you to Google for creating and administering a good product

- Muy útil ...👍👍

Me hacía falta...

- Good job

I love how it saves all my important docs and able to upload from my phone!

- Google Drive


- Pretty good but Iacks some stuff.

It is really great that I don’t have to go onto my computer but Iacks a lot of the main things on the computer I would give this a 2/5 if you couldn’t access all your personal photos and add those.

- Good website

Drive is a very fun and productive app for people of all ages

- Several bugs

I decided to use Drive due to the storage space I opted for when I signed up for G Suite. Unfortunately, there are several bugs that make it difficult to use. For one, the nature of my business requires me to upload 100-300 pictures at a time. The application basically crashes if I try uploading more than 70 images at once (major pain). I contacted their customer service for help but got nowhere with them. Also, you can’t see the whole file name on your phone so having long file names won’t allow you to differentiate one file from the next. The upload issue is the most critical and might be the deciding factor in whether or not I continue to use Drive.

- Eh

This is stupid

- Google drive

Simple and easy to access documents and slide presentations.

- Free

15 gb free what else you can ask for Thanks

- Hi

Okay so the only reason I’m giving this five starts it bc it keeps asking me but this app is actually good and works well my only concern is that there might me a limit to the amount of storage I have

- Most garbage thing ever

So bad

- New update does away with the logout option

New update has completely removed or hidden the ability to logout of the account. The instructions in the support pages are outdated. Google being horrible, as per usual.

- Make

Make everything available offline and load quicker lol

- Easy

Love how easy it is

- Wow I forgot I had these pictures!

Nice very nice!

- Outil essentiel

Outil de partage de documents parfait pour travailler en temps réel (partout dans le monde connecté)sur plusieurs appareils autant sur IOS que Windows.

- Crash apps


- Bill

U r cool

- Great app but would love some additions

Please add batch photo/file renaming and batch detail descriptions! It would save so much time with multiple devises adding photos and documents to one account I like to rename for better organization. One by one is so time consuming.

- J’aime la vie

Eh ouaiskrefhweeiuvyfeyivfgiuvfrwuogc

- Awesome

This is a great app for organizing my school work. 10 out of 10 for sure.

- J’adore

C’est cool, car tu n’as pas besoin d’appuyer sur un bouton de sauvegarde, cela se sauvegarde tout seul.

- Love it!

Easy to navigate

- Nice

Good app

- Love Google Drive..

Just wish I could get more free storage space lol

- Cannot easily annotate PDFs

This app is fine to access files but there is no way to annotate PDFs directly in the app. Microsoft has the best functionality here. So disappointed. We switched to google because generally we like the workflow better but this is shenanigans.

- Download

Downloading is slow

- The end

Google you knew that I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

- GDrive

Excellent love it!

- Needs an option to save a link

Very time consuming to make a doc and then copy the link to it.

- Great app

I love it who doesn’t

- :P

I like it. It helps me work. Soooooo... yeah.

- Google drive

Great app for saving data and all files

- I hate school

I hate school but this makes it a lot more fun!

- Wow many good

Wow many good

- This is amazing!

This app allows me to talk to my friends using comments and , I could send them picture but other than that it’s cool

- Amazing, even better if updated to iPadOS

Could you please add a dark mode?

- There’s a bug

As soon as I start seeing pictures the app crashes. I don’t know if it’s only me or some other users are having the same issue.

- Awesome

I have no words

- Dubious App

Won't let me type a review. Review a invisible as Intype. Google says my Drive is full, but the iPhone App won't let me delete any files. Duh

- It’s great for keeping document

It’s great to keep documents but hard to change the name of a document for easier access or finding what you are looking for.

- Good

It works better if you just do it off of a search engine. Like how it works offline though.

- Data User

Used up 2.4gb of my data when I didn’t even have the app open, make sure that you have it set to only use wifi or it‘ll use data without your knowledge.

- Easy and intuitive to use

I found everything where I needed it to be.

- The best

The fact you get 15gb of storage for free is huge. Take notes Dropbox and Microsoft.

- Amazing

This is very useful and keeps me organized!

- Ghost folders

Sometimes, entire folders just disappear. Why? No clue? Where do they go? Mystery. Then months later, after I’ve created a new folder with all the info I had lost, the old folder appears again. So now there’s 2 nearly identical folders, but one of them is useless.

- 1 star

I rated 1 because I can

- Can’t select multiple items

I don’t know if this is a bug or the new update just got rid of this. But please let us select multiple items so we can organize/move it easier. Thank you

- Io

Ses bon

- Google drive

Hello Google! I have been using Google drive in LOTS of areas to keep up with my schoolwork at home and at school! One thing though: I kind of don’t like the priority section. Maybe could you get rid of the? If not, that’s ok. Have an AMAZING day!

- Google Drive

Google drive has saved my life more than once. It saved my book from getting erased, and I use it daily to access the things I need to keep things running smoothly. All of Google’s products have great uses for every day life, thank God they are free to use as well. Google drive stores everything you have in the cloud so you can get it anytime anywhere. Google also auto saves your work so you don’t have to, so if a crash or unexpected problem occurs everything is right there where you left it. Thanks Google once again... I give Google Drive 5 Stars because it’s well worth more than that.

- Add Dark Mode

Add Dark Mode

- Pratique et disponible de partout

Un bel outil pour conserver des documents accessibles de partout!

- efficient

anywhere everywherw its great

- Reliable, easily accessible

My go-to for sharing files with others and across multiple devices

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- Very handy app

Great app

- Photo uploaded unable to view on pc, file not correctly uploaded, corrupted

Photo uploaded unable to view on pc, file not correctly uploaded, corrupted

- It is so good

It is amazing

- Good

Do u know u can see ur teachers folder in google drive?

- Brilliant app

Enables me to create, view and edit documents on any device. Automatic backup, wouldn’t be without it!

- Almost nearly perfect

Thanks google - with your constant improvements and tweaks this will one day become perfect - for now it’s just great though ;)

- Terrible

Terrible to edit you have to buy like five more apps

- Can’t watch .mov


- Slow🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

A little bit slow


Files cannot be sent to classroom anymore. This is absolutely disgraceful. 1 STAR NOT LOW ENOUGH

- Excellent Concept

Awesome app

- Review for google drive

I find it great, however you can’t edit on it so you have to get the google docs or sheets app, which I find frustrating. But otherwise I like it and it is really quite handy on your phone.

- Mr Webster

Thank you Best wishes

- Listen to me

It is SOOOOO good!! Thanks for lisoning

- Improve chat Accesibility

This app is great for my school because we use it but I also recommend Google Docs and Google Classroom. Please can you put a chat we’re you can text on google drive because I’m tired Of Texting on slides Please.

- Alright

It’s alright apart from the fact that I can barely transfer videos from it to my phone it just doesn’t work

- No pw lock

Why did Google remove eggs p/w lock for iOS.

- Classroom

This is so helpful because when we’re home schooled our teachers can send us the work

- Load files really slow

Google drive should load files much more quickly

- Shush

It’s dead done ever set me work again cheyz

- Anywhere and Anytime.

It’s amazing app works for me Anywhere and Anytime from my mobile to laptop upload and download, keep most my daily used info here but I really thinking about my files which I work on daily bases and keep editing it will take affect instantly if you do any select and delete accidentally it will gone I always keep my files backdating for this sort of accident, keep using it and of course I will recommend.

- Very good

Nice app google it is easy to navigate and control 📩💌😗😋😜😙😛🤪😚😝🤨🙃😗😉🥰😘😌🤩🥳😏😎😎😎😎😎

- Hello

This drive change my life so know I can rite my feelings

- Secure Cloud Solution

Google’s iDrive is a secure cloud solution offering 128 bit encryption. The Google One storage plan is currently £15.99 (a year’s subscription) for a 100GB of storage.

- Google drive

I loved google drive all best and so much helpful thanks.

- Lol yeet

Yaaaaah yeeet

- I liked the older versions

This used to be so easy to use, now it’s much more complicated. Although a good app b

- It’s bad

No different to the camera roll so don’t really see the point

- Just not that quick to upload and then use! Expected better.


- Cannot think of a lot wrong with this...

...... other than the opaque privacy policy of Google and then lingering sense that it may all be taken away at a whim one day.

- It is amazing

It is the best way to save all of yore video that you can’t store on you device and it is completely free

- Uni

I use this app for uni, it’s great that I can access it wherever I am! Love this app!

- Love it!

Easy to use and a most valuable tool!

- Rubbish

Can’t link anything

- Garbage

So here it is, the online storage system created by this conglomerate..and its garbage. This is an age of video files, not jpgs, pngs and docs, that was the last couple of decades. Online streaming is huge, downloads, movies and box sets over every conceivable service out there YET, this cannot play any of them. It was launched with this bug and people are uploading 100s of them and not even checking to see if they play...why would you? They upload, show thumbnails, file sizes, you can rename them, re configure them and families are using the 15gb on offer to save their beloved video family videos, yet none of them play. Surf any forum or community and it's littered with hundreds of complaints yet, here we are and Google can't be bothered to investigate, instead referring you to communities of angry folk. Look at all the reviews, PC mags, and downloads sites alike, all giving it 5 stars ( cos they are all on Googles payroll) singing its praises. It's utter garbage. It doesn't playback any video files, don't be sucked in.

- I love google drive!

Google drive is amazing. I don’t know what we will do without it. Thanks Google everything!

- Crashing when saving photos or videos

The app crashes when i save photos or videos after saving like 2 in a row. Please, fix. iPhone 7 Plus | iOS 13.3

- Sending larger files, photos videos etc

The easiest way I have found to share large files, holiday photos etc is downloading Google drive app. Fairly self explanatory, just upload then choose to share with get the choice of not allowing editing so they cant mess up your work. They receive an email with the link and then open the file. You get a decent upload limit so you can keep as a backup or keep deleting. Never had a problem so I can recommend it 5*

- google drive

It is pretty good

- Crash

Terrible, always crashing

- It’s great

Superb for storage on the move when I need stuff Great to reduce burden on storage on my various devices.

- Perfect

Thanks Google

- taking long

disrespectful waste of memory

- Very good

Works very well and does as expected

- Terrible

Don’t find documents. Can’t send or share documents unless the recipient signed up for an account too! Useless for collaboration or even basic business tasks!!

- Mr


- Awareness

Did not realise how useful the drive was to access pics to attach to gmails. Much easier than searching personal folders for specific pics

- Deleting or editing

Is. Impossible on ipad

- Can’t even log in

I can log in via google browser. How do you log in to the app?

- Nags

Has for feedback

- Keeps crashing

Whenever I try to open my PDF and scroll down to the page I need, the app crashes.

- Bangladesh comilla boricong zip update my account online banking accounts add cash back

My all about location online that is of<#>

- Super

I love the drive and it helps me keep my personal things.🤗

- Wow


- Google drive admazing

Your google drive has heaps of titles you can write in the search but in google classroom which I use, you can’t search, so well done, ITS THE BEST THING EVER THANKYOU

- About google drive large files.

I’m really happy and comfortable to keep and watch my own family memories large files videos at my google drive anytime anywhere with no problems. Thanks google drive.

- Sooo goood

If u wanna store stuff on tech just use this app sooo good😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😍😍😍😍😍😍

- Sexy

It turns me on

- Nice

Fun and easy to use

- Easy to use - so convenient to Access my work from any device I use

I Find the Google drive the best thing ever! I am working on things for a program to complete registration, and I can bring up the work so easily whether I am at work, at supervision or at home. I recommend highly!

- Annoying. Hard to navigate. Bad interface

Google are not as smart as they think they are.

- Folders should be available offline

Why is iPad so difficult

- School stuff

Use it for school and that’s the only good thing to use it for

- Nt God

Nt vry god, b beter


It’s really amazing cause you can see all your class work there at the same time. CELIA AILENA 👩🏽‍🦱

- Great app!

This app has been totally helpful,and I can receive all my assignments on this. I really recommend this for people who receive lots of assignments, but forget about them. I have never really had any problems with Google drive.

- Won’t upload

I rarely have any trouble with the app but it’s started giving me an error saying it doesn’t have permission to access my photos but it won’t let me accept access. I deleted the app and redownloaded but still won’t let me upload anything.

- Super slow

Whilst the app is functional, the server response times are appalling.

- Umm


- Unable to download files on an iPad

Unable to download files on an iPad despite being able to on every other device in the same menu from the same service. Why? Is it Apple’s fault or is it Google’s fault?

- Business tool

Good tool.

- Shared Drives don’t allow folder sharing

For some reason, Google has not allowed folder sharing within a Shared Drive. Only individual files can be shared. This greatly reduces the flexibility of Shared Drives.

- Unbelievably Excellent

I can’t imagine how google drive could be more functional and have more capability unless it was linked directly into your brain. You can upload anything to it from any device with connectivity. It appears in your folder library and online and as an app. The app is seamless. The free storage is huge. It costs next to nothing to buy more. This takes sorting and organising your life from a task taking hours to a task taking seconds. Coupled with ‘Scannable’, Google Drive is an example of perfection in every day life. Thank you so much google.

- Suddenly stopped working

Today I was using Google Drive to upload and backup my photos. Everything was working fine but then suddenly after uploading a few months worth, it stopped uploading. I’d try to upload a photo and it’d load as it usually would but then it would vanish upward and not appear in the group of uploaded photos. I tried refreshing and even closing and reopening the app and even my device. Still no luck. Please please please, if there’s a way to fix this, I’d love to know. I enjoy using Google Drive and want to continue using it.

- Jmos72

Great cloud storage app,

- Ali

Good it.

- Tag ethnic

Hi We have been pI’m tI’m really is the t

- Great back-up system

Some improvements: - Dark mode compatibility with iOS - Enable folders to be made offline

- It’s good

I think the app is great and helps view PDF files easily

- Perfect for all my files

Everything’s there when I need it. Compatible with all the common file types. I’d be lost without it, without google for that matter. Love it!

- The best app

I definitely use it to my photography page Öl make my life so much easier

- Great Drive

Available to me anywhere in the world

- Receiver can not open the link.

Receiver can not open the link. You have to be a geek to work it out.

- User friendly

Easier to maneuver.

- Wow best ever

Best never need to buy filing cab again

- Won’t stop crashing

The app keeps crashing as soon as I view a file on it.

- شكرا

رائع جدا

- Keeps me organised

I love Google Drive - I use it for my businesses and all of my uni research. I’ve never been so organised and the app version works really well and makes it so easy to work on the go when all I have is my phone.

- ‘Something went wrong’

Very inconsistent performance of app on iOS system. Extremely slow to load files, and often gives message ‘Something went wrong, try again later’. Very frustrating.

- Drive Indispensable

Use it for almost everything. Medical records, prescriptions, manuals, receipts, legal documents, insurance,

- My drive!

The ability to create folders and totally de clutter my phone and iPad and greatest of all to share with others. I have health records which I can share with my cardiologist by giving him Access to just the relevant folder.

- Very slow upload and processing time on ios


- Mr. Shailesh Kantawala

Very convenient and simple to share jointly and use it to develop lengthy and complicated documents. Thanks.

- Slow in response

Very very delayed response and retrieving details from google drive

- Background Activity

My phone’s battery is plummeting and the battery usage chart says that Google Drive app background activity is the problem. There seems to be a critical bug and no way to stop it running this rogue background process. I’m forced to uninstall.

- Amazing app

Great for children, adults teens and tweens! I’ve used this as a child, tween and now as a teen! I love to look at all the photos I have from fourth grade on this! Will use docs as well!!!

- So handy

Everyone needs this app!

- Ideal for sharing files

Awesome transfer drive between devices and to share files too big to email because in Drive you can share and email the link.

- Tuan Trang

Excellent services

- Works!

Well done Google. You clever buggars!

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El Colegio de Veterinaria de Granada arrimando el hombro frente al COVID-19. SC_tmp_101624561.pdf - Google Drive

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Google Drive 4.2020.12203 Screenshots & Images

Google Drive iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Google Drive iphone images
Google Drive iphone images
Google Drive iphone images
Google Drive iphone images
Google Drive iphone images
Google Drive ipad images
Google Drive ipad images
Google Drive ipad images
Google Drive ipad images
Google Drive ipad images
Google Drive Productivity application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Google Drive Productivity application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Google Drive (Version 4.2020.12203) Install & Download

The applications Google Drive was published in the category Productivity on 2012-06-28 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 188.86 MB. Google Drive - Productivity posted on 2020-03-23 current version is 4.2020.12203 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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