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Google Drive [Productivity] App Description & Overview

Google Drive is a safe place to back up and access all your files from any device. Easily invite others to view, edit, or leave comments on any of your files or folders.

With Drive, you can:

• Safely store and access your files anywhere
• Quickly access recent and important files
• Search for files by name and content
• Share and set permissions for files and folders
• View your content on the go while offline
• Receive notifications about important activity on your files

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Google accounts get 15GB of storage free, shared across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. For additional storage, you can upgrade to a premium subscription plan as an in-app purchase. Subscriptions start at $1.99/month for 100 GB in the US, and can vary by region.

Storage subscriptions purchased from the app will be charged to your iTunes Account, and automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed by going to iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

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I never give any app five stars, but this one deserves it. The google drive app lets you use google docs, slides, sheets, classroom, and more without WiFi!, say you are on a road trip or a train, or plane, and you want to write, or do something on google classroom. You would usually just go to safari (which on a plane you wouldn’t be able to access) and look up I google classroom. From there, you would click on the link and peruse your business. Using it on the web, can create distractions, and you might not even be able to be access the web if you don’t have WiFi at the time. With the app, (which is a great score because it is free!!) lets you access docs no matter where you are! It is an app so it can be accessed without interruptions, and blocks. I personally love this app as I am a writer. I simply click on the app, and magic! I can write down all of my thoughts and ideas, etc. This app is truly amazing and I 100% recommend you purchase it today!

- Almost GREAT

I love Google Drive!!! It is a very valuable tool. I use it hourly during the work week. I am able to jot down an idea on my phone, turn it in to a project at home, present it at work, assign it to my students, have them finish it on their computers and grade it all through Google Drive (and Google Classroom). It is impossible for me to forget my thumb drive, cd, or any other archaic storage device, because Google Drive is always there from any of the devices (my phones, iPads, Chrome Books, and generic school desktop computer, or another business computer). I rarely have trouble with formatting issues from one computer to another system and if I do, it’s minor. Where Google Drive fails a five star, in my opinion, is organization... especially when sharing files. I have files shared with me that I have no idea what is in them and if I tried to organize all of it, someone else could unorganize it. I rely on the search bar MOST of the time. But, that means I have to remember what I labeled something three years ago! Then, I will likely find something else equally good from a shared file I didn’t know existed that could have been used LAST week.

- OK but not on par with Dropbox

As a small business owner I have a G Suite account and Google Drive comes with that. However, I still pay for Dropbox because I find it is a better solution for work and there are some annoyances I find with Google Drive. For example, I have a folder of product photos in my Dropbox account. I have this set to “offline” on my iPad so I can show customers photos without an internet connection. There is no way in Google Drive to make a folder available offline. You have to select offline for each file individually. Can you imagine doing this with dozens or 100’s of photos? How about when I add a new photo? I would need to remember to make it available offline. That is just inconvenient and not well thought out. I think many of the reviews on here don’t have experience with other storage services. I think Dropbox has an advantage in that their business is storage and they are 100% focused on that. Google on the other hand has their focus spread between many different businesses. I wish Google would focus on their Drive product and make it on par or even better than Dropbox. It would save me $120 a year.

- Google Rocks!

Google’s versatility and full functionality have made so much of what I do easier. Previously I used three or four different online services. One service could store images. Another could store text. A third and fourth were used to take notes for research and compose files. When I needed to compile all of the information between those different sources. I would open content in one environment, copy and then paste the content into a completely different environment. Then have to worry about trying to remember which platform my final continent was stored on. Many times I would recreate content because I couldn't find the last version of my file. Or forget where a part of what I had created was located. With Google’s amazing features and tools, I now know that everything is stored in one location. I can easily work on my files in a single seamless environment. You have made my processes faster and allowed me to cut unnecessary time.

- Has become the essential tool in my office

In my previous office we used Microsoft Office, Outlook and Box for file storage, sharing and editing. Box edit works but is super clunky and hopeless for real time document editing. Google Drive just works better across a shared workspace environment, with Google docs for group editing, commenting, comment resolution, taking, etc. Perhaps even more importantly, Google Drive and Docs and Sheets are a great way to collaborate across operating systems. My office is half Apple and half Windows environment in HQ, and about 30-70 in our international offices. Google is platform agnostic - I use Drive and their office suite from my iPhone, iPad, Windows desktop and iMac. It just works. The one area where I still prefer Microsoft is for email. Gmail is just not sophisticated enough for enterprise use. We are stuck with it in my office and all use different workarounds. I’ve been waiting for a decade for gmail to have half the functionality of Outlook!

- Best storage and Access ever!

I recommend the Google drive to everyone and anyone. It is so versatile. I found it Stream Lee useful when I was handling an estate and needed documents repeatedly. Whether I was dealing with insurance companies and banks or lawyers, all I had to do was tap on a file I had scanned and stored on the drive and I easily emailed it over to them while sitting in front of them. I have told others to scan anything and everything they can to be able to access it when needed. I also love doing crafts and keep patterns on the drive. Rather than carrying around papers that can easily be misplaced, I pull up a pattern on my phone or tablet to zoom in an see things clearly and easily. Naturally, it works great for my work files. I can update files without being in front of my laptop. I can back up all of my files and know that they are safe. A difficult question would be why wouldn’t you use Google drive?

- Hate the app. Love cheap extra storage.

I absolutely love how cheap Google Drive is. It’s wonderful to have the option to offload files from my various devices for practically nothing. That being said, this app, just like many other google apps - both desktop and mobile - is absolutely awful. It suffers the same fate as most of their other apps - terrible navigation, not intuitive, convoluted processes to do anything, and a host of other issues. I’m not sure who’s making the UX decisions at Google - it seems like it may be Helen Keller - but they should be canned. Nothing is where it should be, or where one would think it is. I’ve had this app for years and I still can’t navigate through it without making multiple errors. There is no rhyme or reason to 99% of the design choices in this app, or if there is, I’d love to know what those rhymes and reasons are. Maybe it’s some conspiracy where Google makes their apps really difficult to use so that people then have to do a google search so that they can figure out how to work google’s abysmal apps.

- Great App

This app makes it really easy for me to manage and create documents. I save a lot of time by having all of my important documents for business in one place, and I never have to hunt for anything. The app does nearly everything Google Drive does on a computer so I never feel like I’m missing out on anything. I really like that this app allows for some level of interoperability with iCloud, which I use to save files from the Microsoft Word app. Once I finish with a document in the Word app and save it to iCloud, I just share the document to Google Drive. If I have any complaints, it’s that there’s no option to save to Google Drive from the Microsoft Word app! Other peripheral functions like search and quick access are also useful and help save time. File management works well with the right folder structure, and there’s a good level of detail included in the document information summary. Overall a good app 👍🏾

- Navigation

Everyone must remember, I’ve never worked on a computer in my life. I’m a “real newbie” at anything to do with a computer. I promise i will get better. At this point I am “learning on the fly”. I have to learn as I go, you just have to because everything is done via the computer and internet. I can’t even fill out an application on paper anymore, it all has to be done online. Anyway, just wanted to say that I am beginning to pick up a few things along the way and this app has honestly helped me so much, especially when it comes to importing my resume. I was lost before on this, but I’m a big girl now and can do it all by myself without having to have my kid show me how to do it EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! My kid is also appreciative of this app, just for that alone. Again, thank you so much for making at least one thing in my life easier. I am having a very tough time right now but this app does relieve at least a little bit of stress knowing I can at least do one thing by myself.

- Handy Beyond Believe

I’m retired, but when I worked, I was the guy colleagues came to with questions about MS Word. I wrote books on Word, 2 of which were technical with graphs, charts, tables & statistical formula (with all those Greek symbols). I admired Word for 20+ years! But a problem with Word for me was portability; before leaving for or from work I had always to copy files from the home or work computer to a jump drive—and many were the times I had to travel back to home from work or from work to home to get a file I didn’t think I’d need. Google Docs & Google Sheets brought all that to an end. I was in Portugal last month & opened several Google Docs & Sheets in a flash. Docs is not quite as sophisticated as Word—& I am especially unhappy when working on a painfully stupid PC keyboard with Docs’ arduous process of inserting special characters (e.g., é as in sautéed, & for and, ° for degrees)—but Docs’ ready access from Chrome makes it terrific.

- Great Storage Option anywhere you Go!

I have been using the 15GB google drive for years. I LOVE DRIVE! I can easily access my family’s files from anywhere, on any device. The add on options are helpful when I need them. I love the sharing option and how you can choose the individual’s privileges. It has come in handy many times when my husband is at work and has something to save, that I may need. Or my middle schooler forgot his homework on the table, so I scan it in on his drive, so he can access at school, and I don’t have to cart my toddler in to drop it off. When I need important documents on hand for various things, we just refinanced, the mortgage company loved that I said, “Hold on I have that right here. I’ll email it to you”. Highly recommend the program and so far my friends in the past year or two that use it after my recommendation love it. What would we do without Google Drive!!??

- Google has Abandoned Support and Compatibility for iPhone

Drive has become totally useless on my 7plus. Started having streaming issues about 6 months ago. Most videos won’t play or stop part way through. I struggle to open photos most of the time. I don’t know what happened. Phone has been reset. Completely reset to factory. App has been deleted more than once and reinstalled. Every successive update gets worse and worse. I really think the reason is competition. Regardless of the numbers of Apple users, Google just doesn’t care as a priority about non-Android phones and making sure compatibility is there. These issues have been going on for so long I honestly feel like Google has just abandoned support for iPhone. As I was told from one Google employee, Drive is not meant to stream content (even though it’s my own and I PAY for storage). It’s simply meant as cloud storage. I have gone from limited use to now, after the latest update, not being able to stream any video or even open a photo from my account. This isn’t some third party created app...this is Google. I seriously can’t understand how this is possible.

- Well-Designed Application

As the title very clearly stated, this is a fairly well designed application. However, writing and editing documents is difficult, partially because of the small screen, but also because of the layout of the document. You can't see the margins of the document and you also can't edit them. Changing fonts and other meticulous tasks are also quite difficult based on the size of the options. Lastly, when attaching documents to Gmail from Drive, you cannot select more than one document at a time, which means you have to from Gmail to Drive several times if you want to send more than one document in the same email. Overall, however, I see this as a well designed application, especially for document viewing/editing, and with very few flaws, I definitely recommend this application.

- Good but...

Using the workspace feature feels redundant on the app as workspace should be allowing me to access specific files easily, going from one to another fast and quick. However, when I try to use the files I’ve moved into the workspace, it will bring me to into another google app which does not give me access to the workspace that I created unless I go back to the drive app and relaunch workspace again, which in my opinion, makes workspace feel redundant on the google drive app. I had the app when docs, sheets, and slides were all integrated into this app. I think the workspace feature would greatly benefit from this. Drive is great as a “central hub” and I like how it is organized, but that organization feels (again) redundant if you have to switch between different files and different apps. Drive feels like a middle man that could be cut. And the only reason that it isn’t cut is that the other apps can only view their respective files (i.e. docs can only view documents).

- Love this app / Google Docs!

It’s been a game-changer for me! I use these tools for virtually all of my professional, personal, and volunteer projects now: from tracking treasurer expenses to writing my novel(s). Having everything easily and instantly available for simultaneous editing on each of my devices at once has been a dream come true. Compared to other apps? The only other similar app I also use is Box—and Google apps works much more smoothly. Though Box works directly with Microsoft apps, which have many more features, Microsoft’s online apps are SLOW to load and that would make the fast-start and instant-access I’m gushing about in the previous paragraph impossible if I tried to use Box in the same way. I would presume Dropbox has a similar suite of fast-access apps, but I’ve never tried any others but Google-docs, so I can’t compare.

- Stuck between redundant and awesome

Drive works great as the main app to house the files but there are a few changes that would make Drive amazing. 1.) Drive should function like an all inclusive program rather than a hub to connect to the separate programs. EX: If I open a Google doc file I should have the option to access the full Google doc tools.. STOP MAKING NEW TABS AND SENDING ME TO GOOGLE DOCS EVERYTIME! It should be an option to make a separate tab or window not protocol. 2.) The Drive Landing page should be customizable so you can see your docs, slides and excel knock off. 1 click makes it expand (like peek for iOS) and let you see all of the files the you can click the specific file or a 2nd click will open the app. This will prob need Java but it be worth it. 3.) There needs to be quick access between accounts or a way you can make something available on both accounts that is more intuitive than downloading and re-uploading. If drive gives more functionality and essentially replaces the need for individual apps and programs, then it will be a great all-in-one otherwise it would be easier to scale back drive and just make it a simpleclean hub where you click on the file and it opens the doc or presentation in an edit mode. Like an online hard drive. Otherwise Drive is just straddling the fence between unnecessary and redundant.

- No settings for sync frequency! Or a button to force a sync.

It is amazing to me the difference in the actual files within Google Drive on my laptop and the Google Drive on this device. iPhone 6s Plus. Lots not syncing. There are whole folders that are on the laptop app and not on the phone app. Wifi is working. Settings of iPhone say to allow data and all of that. So, I go searching for a sync button to force the operation and it doesn’t appear to have one. I know you can “pull down”. Doesn’t seem to work. However, files are still missing on the phone. While I gathered a picture in an email and hence needing to upload it to a certain customer folder... the folder is just not there. Open Google Drive app and the folder is there. Laptop app=visible (where I created it). Mobile app=visible but no when I hit the upload button to save this picture to this particular folder. As I’m scanning the option of customer folders with my eyes, I see many new customers folders missing. Suggestion: increase settings available to users so that they can force, schedule these syncs. Also, check how this iPhone “upload” icon fetches the info Google Drive. It’s not working and seems to be a version of the distant past. Pretty depressing to leave the office knowing you uploaded stuff, your trying to continue your work while traveling and it just won’t get done because Google Drive is failing to allow me to add files/pics/docs from multiple entry points. Please help!

- It’s good but could be better.

I downloaded this because I was having issues with my iPhone and I was afraid of losing my photos. I was happy with the unlimited storage, however I have close to 8000 photos. It took me a very long time to go through and click each picture individually because there is not a “select all” button. This is highly inconvenient and time consuming for anyone who is using the app for the first time and trying to backup the photos they already have. I know not everyone has as many as I do but even if I only had 100 photos that still would have taken a while. Then to make things better (sarcasm) when I finally finished selecting all of my photos and then hit upload, it said “uploading”, and then it just stopped and went to the homepage. It did not upload ANY of my photos. Also I had to leave the room for a moment and my screen locked, when I got back on all of the photos I had selected, had been unselected and I had to start all over. Please fix these issues.

- Praise to Google Drive!

This app (and the website, too, of course) is amazing. You can create and easily organize docs (word), slides (PowerPoint), sheets (excel), and others with Drive. It’s not only for creating files, either. You can upload files of any type from your computer or device. Office files can instantly be converted to Drive files, too. Plus, add-ons can help you modify files even more effectively! And Drive can be accessed anywhere. It’s great for moving files cross-platform. Files can also be shared with other users easily for live, up-to-date collaboration. And it’s linked to a gmail account, but that’s another story. If the free 15GB of data isn’t enough for you, you can always pay for more. Overall, I find this app incredibly useful and strongly recommend it if you need free storage space.

- Great when it works

I’m a college professor and love that I can access my files from anywhere. I mostly save teaching notes and answer keys that I use in the classroom during a class. The only problem is quite often it takes forever to open a file, or if it opens the file, pinch to zoom won’t work and I’ll just see a white screen or worse, it’ll just force close so you’ll see the document for about 2 seconds and then your back on your home screen. Sometimes you can only see 4 of 10 pages. All of these problems have happened on my iPhone 5s and still occur even now on my iPhone 8 plus. It’s been going on for several years, off and on thru many different updates including this one in January 2018; it’s quite aggravating that it’s not dependable. If you absolutely must have something, DO NOT depend on this app. Have a backup plan. Oh and in case you’re wondering, not only does this happen on the colleges wifi, it happens at home on my very reliable high speed Verizon FIOS connection.

- glitches and annoyances

it’s really annoying that you can’t upload files in the background, you can only continue uploading while your in the Google Drive app and it still doesn’t even do it when your phone is on sleep. and sometimes it randomly has to retry for no reason, and you should let us share multiple files with people at once instead of doing them individually, also even if you just go out of the app and to another app or even just to the home screen, then when you come back to Google Drive even if you’ve only been gone for literally one minute then it’ll either say “waiting” on your already previously partially uploaded file and sometimes it’ll start back at where it was but some very unfortunate times it’ll restart the entire upload for no reason, please fix this and most of all let them upload in the background, please!

- A step away from perfect file management.

Fantastic tool for managing my field data, overall. Truly. A great piece of work—-with a two significant issues according to my use. The first is that it is much to difficult to download multiple pictures, videos, or files to my physical device from the app (two menus in), which is a necessity when I travel to remote regions without internet access. The second is that when you have thousands of files, they do not load all at once. I have to scroll to load.....and scroll....and scroll...making it very difficult to find what I need, rename files, or locate a specific piece of field data within the app. Also, the search is iffy for item details details, where I often put codes for my research on photos, videos, etc. Sometimes it searches these and sometimes it doesn’t. A reliable tag function would be supremely useful.

- Issue moving files and folders

I generally love Google drive but the iOS app used to be sooo much more user friendly when it came to moving items between folders. You used to be able to press on an item's icon, it would drop to the bottom of the screen, and then you could drag it right into to the folder you wanted. Now, every time you want to move any item, you have to select Move and then begin at the very beginning of your drive and click through every single folder until you find the one you want! Am extremely tedious step backward in design :-( Please consider switching back to the more mobile friendly style of moving items that you used to have. Please also add the ability to ADD TO a folder instead of totally moving an item into a folder... On computers, we can click Control and then the green Add button to add an item to a new folder while also keeping it in the original folder.

- Best way to transfer files

I downloaded this app as a way of going from my iPad to my Windows 10 since the iPad lacks USB ports. I use this app almost on a daily basis to backup iOS files to an external drive hooked up to my computer. My own cloud transfer system you might say. I have been very happy with the syncretism of Google drive for iOS and Windows. It fits my needs perfectly since I am able to store pages documents, pictures and even short movies in the drive app and pick it up on another computer by just signing into my google account. I love the organization that folders in the app allows me on my iPad and Windows 10. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to have a safe, convenient way of storing files in the cloud and transferring them to other devices.

- Classroom technology wonder!

I started using Google Drive about 2 years ago, starting small and quickly adding applications and lessons. Google Forms has become my sole source of homework for high school science classes. I have also converted some of my labs to Google Forms; I love the fact that students can add documents to the form. I have attached short videos to give students the ability to review or clarify directions. Sheets and Docs have many options for lessons and data analysis. Sheets has templates for grade books. Students can share data or written information to collaborate when working in groups. They have learned how to attach photos to Forms and Docs. The only thing I have not figured out how to do is link the student grade in Sheets to a specific email address. Kind of like the old mail merge idea, but with the ability to let parents access current grades.

- Terrible redesign

The UI that had the buttons for team/shared drives, starred files, my drive, and shared with me at the bottom was by far and away the most user friendly and efficient design this app has ever seen. Why it was replaced with the current UI is beyond me. You’ve made this app such a pain for daily users, such as myself, to navigate. The layout was about as close to perfection as it has ever been, and now I have to relearn how to access my own information. Why? I work in IT so quick, efficient access to information is critical for me to be able to do my job well, and this is now a hinderance. I’ve been a fan of Google apps for a very long time because I could see the thought process behind UI layout on your apps for mobile devices and it made sense. They’ve all been pretty easy to use until now. Two stars until someone puts some thought into making the UI layout easy for your users instead of using it to promote your newest feature.

- Terrible mobile download quality

I've been using Drive and Dropbox simultaneously for a while now. One of the biggest and very critical reasons I don't use Drive much is due to the fact that the image downloads to a mobile device are terribly compressed. I conducted a number of tests over multiple devices between both Dropbox and Drive with the exact same files and every single time I landed the same results. The image downloaded to a mobile device (no difference on desktop or laptop) reflected a drastically reduced quality when uploaded and downloaded from Drive vs Dropbox. Regardless of how the image was selected for download via Drive, I always had the same outcome, a disappointingly low quality download of what was otherwise a very crisp and hi res professional quality capture. I'm very surprised that this hasn't been brought up more and addressed but it seems most people aren't noticing how terribly compressed the images are and how badly it is impacting the quality.


ABSOLUTE JUNK!!! This app will not allow background uploading, which makes it almost completely useless. You can only upload or back up your iPhone data when the iOS Google Drive app is OPEN AND SHOWING ON YOUR SCREEN. That means you CANNOT DO ANYTHING ELSE ON YOUR PHONE!!! Considering the fact that a tiny little video of just a few minutes length could take an hour or more to upload (regardless of what network you are on!), and if you want to back up, say 10-12 videos you’ve taken on a family outing, you’re SCREWED, because this means you won’t be able to use your phone for 10-12 hours!!! And YYYEP, even if you are, let’s say 99% done with an upload/backup, and a call comes in that you HAVE to take, or if your phone goes to sleep (OMG! TURN OFF AUTO-LOCK before using this app!!!), GUESS WHAT, when you go back to the Google Drive screen you will find that the app has screwed you, and you HAVE TO START ALL OVER, meaning you just wasted the last 12 hours of not having your phone! What a filthy, disgusting, and utterly UNUSABLE APP!!! 😡😡😡

- great on PC- poor on mobile

Mobile Drive’s primary function is uploading and sharing. The supposed need to download other apps (Docs, Slides, etc) simply to edit and have a better handle over one’s documents is ludicrous, storage-eating, and annoying. PLEASE merge your apps into one, else get rid of the Drive app entirely. There is no need to download more than 3 apps of the same function. When accessed from a computer or laptop, however, Drive is truly an efficient step further into the modern age. It is the easiest and most intuitive storage and document-creating app I have seen, and is, most of the time, made good use out of. As aforementioned, it is the necessity to download multiple apps which has driven me from Drive (no pun intended) when I’m on the go. Make Drive all-document-inclusive as it’s web counterpart (or allow web Drive to be accessed fully in-browser without needing to download an app!) and it will become a very hefty and durable app! Until then, two stars. :(

- Rapture-proof

Scripture tells us that the Lord will soon return for those who follow Him. I often worry about what will happen to my house, my dog and my car upon the Second Coming. But I no longer have to worry about my files, documents and photos because they are all Saved in my Google Drive. They are redeemed from the threat of corruption and are sanctified from their former, fallen, paper-based selves. They, too, can now experience Eternal Life. And I can rest assured that, should I need any of my earthly files in my Eternal Reward, they will be available on any of my devices, at any time, as long as there is decent Wi-Fi. I don't personally know if Google Drive will be available in the Other Place. But I'm sure folks there will have plenty of Microsoft products with which they can try and find out.

- Always stepping up in improvements

I would’ve given this app 5 stars but two things....Backup from my IPhone has been going for 12 hours now for 9000 items. Photos were not close to that number so I’m assuming duplicates where made and backed up in more than one folder. Also another suggestion would be to offer the optimize feature to customers when they perform the backup feature in order to compress the file before sending. If the files are compressed then transferring the data will speed process up tremendously. Minor detail was I could not move files back into main after placed in folder nor find a back button/redo command (use Mac example of windows with arrows) Other than that Google has the right idea with the Google applications presenting customers with the controls to manage online living....

- Google pulling ahead.........

Looks like Google is emerging as the dominant multi-mode program when you consider how many applications they have that allows any person to accomplish most every task most people need to perform both personal and business tasks. I just spent 2 hours reviewing many apps in Google’s arsenal and didn’t see all of their programs, but the ones I did see were solid, well-thought-out, easily learned & very simple & fast to import data from the apps I’ve been using forever, into their much more useful and helpful set of programs. It’s great to have one app that has many layers of useful apps which all work in unison, saving time and many steps it took the old way, as I switched from app to app cutting and pasting data from one to another. Great platform Google!

- Simple, secure and reliable but still not easy to work with

When I need to send a volume of pictures, videos or documents, it is very easy to put in this cloud and forward the link to a specific folder that recipients can retrieve and share. It works for me, is there handy and secure. My only draw back is that I still have difficulties dealing with this application interface which I find not so intuitive. I recently had to upgrade storage because I could not load a big file even after deleting a lot of my stored stuff. The cost of storage with google is very reasonable, cheaper that the competition. At some point finally a warning popped up telling me that the file was too big. I did not know that Google drive also stores my mail and I need to do some house cleaning of my gmail to free space. There is room for improvement.

- Google Drive Review

I 100% recommend this app. It’s SOO easy to use ; and instead of saving it every time you edit something, google drive saves it automatically! The color changing button and font-changing button and everything else is very simple to use. You can add transitions to make things cooler, and there are different templates like MLA, science report, and photo album, etc. You can make a slideshow, document, or site, and many other types of presentations. You also can also mostly-easily upload things onto google drive (it’s lot easier than other apps like it!) You can also share/send your presentations them to other people with an account . If you want a simple, easy-to-use presentation-making app, this is the PERFECT app to use!👍😃

- Terrible for watching videos on iPad

I have a 2017 iPad with all the bells and whistles and updated iOS. I watch intructional videos from a class. I don’t want to download the videos to my iPad The interface for watching is clumsy. Click upper left to switch to a screen where you can pause or move forward or back, click upper left to a screen you can close the video or expand it. Really? Can’t it all be on one screen? I frequently pause the videos and use another app, come back to the video and it won’t load, just a spinning indicator of it loading. I have to close the app and open it, search for my video all over again, scrub forward to get to my last viewed place and start over. I can’t believe Google would develop an app that is so clumsy. I tried watching the video reduced in-app and it plays, but if I pause it won’t reload. I don’t have a choice to use this app for these classes. My only option is to download to Dropbox.

- Not optimized for music

I understand this is multipurpose storage, and if I wasn't using this to share audio files (of original music) with my band members, I'd be rating this 5 stars. Very sleek and intuitive app. My only issues are when I'm listening to recordings of original songs that my band shares using the drive. When I'm testing a mix sometimes I like to hear the same song on repeat or cycle through multiple songs. Basically, it is frustrating not having Playlist features for folders with audio files. I have to move tracks over to my iTunes app (later, on my computer) to use Playlist features that make listening easy. I know this is iffy territory for a file sharing app because you don't want people to be sharing files they don't own. But it would seriously help musicians so much!

- I’m with the “stunning feat of humanity” guy (therutabega)

I’m with the gentleman who wrote the “stunning feat of humanity” review (therutabega). I am a technical writer/editor, and I’ve seen many word processing programs, operating systems and storage options. This is simply the best at all three. He mentioned no more thumb drives — Remember all those contortions to remotely get past a firewall? Remember “syncing?” Maybe I’m just easily impressed, but I ~*still*~ marvel at how many of us walk around with a thin, pocket-sized device that serves as a: -> computer -> camera -> calendar -> gaming system -> clock -> bookshelf -> news source -> shopping mall -> high definition tv -> stereo music system — and oh yeah, a phone! In any event, Google Drive makes it a great deal easier to access and integrate many of these functions. What will they think of next?

- Reliable

I really didn’t notice how much I have been relying on Google Drive until I noticed over a decade of files. My stuff has survived several iterations of Google Drive. Some photos I thought would be lost when my computer was about to crash were backed up to an external hard drive, twice — SEAGATE — and both of those 1TB and 500 GB external HDs are none responsive, today. My photos may as well have been lost. What saved me? My trusty Google Drive, which I used to blow off as “wait and see.” Well, it’s been 10 years and now I can say I swear by it. I realize the NSA probably has access to everything on Google, and I’m not happy about that. However, I feel extremely confident that I have nothing to hide and I’m even more confident that my files won’t be lost. But NSA, really it’s like someone looking underneath your skirt without you knowing when and if it has happened already, but all you can count on is your underwear is clean. It’s really creepy. PS, I backup my files with Carbonite now. I’m done wasting money on another Seagate HD. I pay 2.99 a month to Google for increased storage and it has been well worth the subscription. Bye, bye unreliable external hard drives.

- I miss being able to edit in a browser.

I run a small arts organization and a very large percentage of my work takes place using Google’s services. I recently replaced my laptop with an iPad Pro. I was aware that the Drive/Docs/Sheets/etc. apps had some features missing (I use them on my phone), but mistakenly assumed that I could still just edit through the browser, same as I did on my computer, in order to access all of the features I need to run my business. I am very very disappointed that this is not the case. I am a huge fan of these services and wish that I could access them fully using my device. Google Drive is great, but without the ability to access all of the features, this app makes my job incredibly difficult. Please bring back the ability to edit via the browser so those of us who are moving away from bulkier laptops and desktop computers can still access your services.

- iPhone version just added Privacy Screen feature

The iPad version allows you to require Touch ID to open the app to see your files. The iPhone version now has this option, preventing someone gaining access to all your files when the phone is unlocked just by opening the app. This however does nothing to fix the longstanding Google security defect that keeps every file you have ever opened in a “Recent” folder, forever, with no ability to clear that history or remove a file from the Recent list—so anyone watching you open this app at its Home screen will see all the images and files you have opened. I would give five stars to see Google fix that. They have received thousands of complaints on their user forums, but they have ignored this issue for years.

- May be the best, but not great

I’ve used Google drive for years. I needed a system to keep my files in sync across multiple computers and platforms, and it seems the best option. That said, the desktop version that resides on your laptop or computer is the best aspect is that allows you instant access using your native apps. However, it can literally take days to sync 30 to 50 GB between one computer and the cloud, even when all of the files have already been uploaded from another computer. That’s ridiculous and I have no idea why he doesn’t scan and identify all the common files dramatically faster. Access to Google Drive via the web is critically important and is fully functional for all contemporary file types, but online search and organization of Drive is clunky and much slower than working offline, especially on a Mac.

- Tug of war with all of us in the middle

The windows desktop site always worked fine until recently. Since google drive is used by hybrid iOS/Windows users as a bridge service, this makes the app useless, because accessing a batch of uploaded items on a desktop for use with desktop only apps is impossible. Google Drive has already sucked several hours from my day twice in the past week. All other websites and cloud services are operating at their normal speeds, so it is not me. These giant companies are so hard up to force users into using only their proprietary suites of services that they’ve become crappy and inefficient. Where these services once made life easier, they’re adding new crap for us to do every darn day. I’m sick of it. And Google, you should really fix this Drive issue. You know it exists. There are forums dedicated to it. Do you throttle your users who aren’t fully bought in to your data mining scam?

- Convenient way to take your work everywhere

The Drive has given our staff the ability to get work done even when we are not in the office. Our executive staff has full permissions to the documents, we can see who has looked at the documents and who has made any changes. Sometimes we are at different locations but we can look at documents and discuss their status, as long we have our phones or any computer. This creates time for us to visit our other buildings, meet with managers or take care of personal errands. In addition, we can look at large files which sometimes are rejected by email. Right now I am getting my car worked on while Writing a contract and others are helping to edit. Awesome Technology 😀

- So Close

I love using google drive. It’s simple, effective, and free. Files are easily shared and group projects are a breeze when everyone’s work can be updated and commented on in real time. Google drive and all of its sub-services (docs, slides, sheets) are very easy and effective on the computer, however on mobile, they struggle. Having to switch between apps just to edit projects is more of a hassle than it might sound, it is very annoying when working and navigating between different folders and mediums. I would love to see google integrate docs, slides, etc. into the google drive app. This would mean less things to worry about and less confusion and complexity for mobile users. Other than the separation of the separate services into different apps, I love google drive and it’s features.

- Could me amazing

Firstly, Google Drive does a generally good job but it could be better. First, after you create a doc using the plus button it drops you back at home tab, not the same folder where you created it. Second, if you go look in the folder where you just created it many times it won’t appear there for a while which is confusing and frustrating as you don’t know what happened. Third, I think because Google wants to give fast response time it will sometimes show empty folders that are definitely not empty, and after some time you’ll see the contents - again frustrating and disconcerting. What I’d like to see are simple voice memo and notes options added to the plus sign. It could make a great job of that, especially as they retired the api that let other apps update the drive with notes/docs/voice memos.

- The most useful platform I use, and the app is flawless.

If I’m really honest, Google is the platform that runs my life. Calendars and mail are part of the core, but Drive is even more of a foundation. I have a scanner pushing all of my mail and important documents into a folder so I can search for them (“what’s the name of the IKEA mattress we bought two years ago?”). I seamlessly sync all of my nursing school files. My wife and I share planning docs and files for our house remodel. I guess there are competitors like Box and Dropbox, but none of them are as solid as Google. If the CDC can use Drive to sync Ebola combat efforts across Africa, I should be able to use it to keep my own stuff together. My only request, as it has been for years, is to allow tags.

- Drive changed my world

Discovering drive has been a game changer for me. As a community activist working with multiple environmental groups in Boston’s environmental justice communities, I don’t have a budget for IT. Google Drive provides me with everything I need to conduct participatory action research via Google Forms, analyze data in Google Sheets, create documents and presentations with Google Docs and share via Gmail. As for the learning curve? Not bad at all. I have learned not to be intimidated by trying new components of this powerful tool. The simplicity of it as compared to Microsoft word and the office suite is surprising and takes a little getting used to LOL. Drive has truly been a blessing. On top of this all, it is one of the most intuitive and easy to use office suites going!

- Please combine all google drive apps

I like google drive. I use it a lot. But the mobile version does not please me. I like the setup of the drive app and the organization, but i don’t like that you have to download the other apps just to edit your documents, slideshows, and spreadsheets. it feels inefficient and scattered. it’s a waste of space on my phone. the google drive app is nothing more than a glorified window: look but not touch etc etc. and the individual apps (docs etc) are more difficult and painful to navigate than necessary. even when i click through my various folders, and get to a document, once i exit out of that document i still have to go through all of the folders again to find another doc in the same folder. please merge your apps. like i said, i like the organization of google drive but i feel that the entire system would be much more efficient and effective if everything could truly be accessed from one place. thank you.


From booking the experience to the end was very professional, exciting and informative. Adam was the gentleman that I spoke with outside our hotel, who provided great information on the experience. He made sure to be available for any questions. Great rep for their company. Once at the track, they prepare you for what to expect and what they expect to make sure your experience is the best. I had a great time, drove the F430-F1 with Hayden as my instructor. Hayden was extremely polite and professional. Let the instructor know what you’re looking to accomplish on the track, so he can cater to you’re interest for the most fun. What an awesome experience. If you’re looking to get the thrill of racing an exotic car, this is the company to do it through. HIGHLY recommended!

- Great app

This app is perfect for organizing your writing and other things. All of your things can be easily accessed through a folder or through alphabetical organization, and so on. You can have as many folders as you like for all different subjects and editing is really easy! You can share your documents with others... it’s easy! Just type in their email. Comment on something you think should be fixed so you don’t have to ask them in person. :) all tools and setting are easy to find, so I definitely recommend this app for you! You can make slideshow presentations, google docs, and more! If you are looking for a way to easily organize, edit, and create your documents, then this is the app for you!

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- Read this!

I've been using Google Drive and storage now for about 3y. As a Company Director it was hard to pull away from Microsoft but I finally did it. I had recently copied all my files across to my Google Storage and my computer got hit with a virus encrypting all my files and requesting I pay 1500 bit coin to have them returned to me. Well you can imagine the cold sweat and sick feeling you get right? Well the only icon on my computer that was not encrypted was my Google Drive and all my docs were safe!! Needles to say I paid nothing to these virus writers and I'm a big convert now. Huge thank you to Google and your ability to save my business and keep these damaging viruses at bay!! CHEERS GOOGS!

- Great for you, and trusty too!

This app has lots of free space and is easy to access on any device, anywhere. Store your millions of photos, documents, videos, audio sounds (music) or gifs right here, memories of your family kept safe and unseen due to privacy and protection. This app is useful when you run out of space on your Dropbox, iCloud, or just as a first starter online backup. I've had this app for a long time (a few years) and this is the way to go. It does automatic savings of your photos, videos, audios, documents and screenshots that you take all up to date. My motto for this; ’Great 4 you, and trusty 2!’

- Lucky it was Free!

Google is a very good company, that makes great and useful apps. So when I got this app, I thought I would be getting another great app! Could I have been more wrong? When I got this app, I was in a hurry and I was looking for an app that would let me share documents fast, and quick. I was also looking for an app that could save the documents at the same time. So I tried to send the document to my drive. I then went into the app, only to discover, the document wasn’t there! I was in a hurry, so I quickly tried again and the same thing happened! A few days later, I tried again. This time I wasn’t in a rush so I had more time. Again it didn’t work, even though it said that it had been saved. It clearly hadn’t. All I can say is that I’m lucky it was free! This app is a disgrace, and I would definitely not recommend it to anyone. If I could rate this app -0, I definitely would!

- Awesome work app!!!

This app will help you with all your needs. It will allow you to access documents and folders shared within you from your team or friends. If you are a student, it will help you with all your class needs, including essays and tasks your teacher has assigned you. You will be safe to put any personal information because you will only be aloud a cyber safe password. This app will be able to take you offline if you don’t like the idea of online networks or if your guardians will not allow you online. You must be careful of what you put on your drive because people that are allowed to access your drive will do so unless it is out of your out of your folders.

- Good App but legacy bug with regard to updates

Excellent app which allows me easy access to my files from any device at home and on the go, plus the ability to store my photos from my phone compressed with no impact on storage quota is great. But, since iOS 11 has come out, and I'm on an iPhone 5c stuck with iOS 10.3.3, they has supposedly been an update which I can't install, so it diverts to "the latest compatible version" which I download, only for the same version (the latest), apparently for iOS 10.3.3 and above, to keep showing up as available to download; while not anything deal-breaking it is slowly wearing on me and I'd rather not deal with it much longer

- The only shortcoming

Google Drive is a handy tool, affordable, supporting high tech, and very fast, but it has only one problem I am giving it a 4. Making files available offline is not possible via folders and every time I change my files, i need to remind myself to select those files on my mobile phone and make them offline available. This is difficult specially with those folders you are frequently working with various machines and need to access by your mobile phone time to time. I am pretty sure there is a good reason that Google has made it like that but I hope they can also find a way to tackle this problem.

- Very useful but sharing files is overly complicated

I love using Google Drive....when I'm on a pc. This is mainly because when using the share a file feature on mobile devices, your options for who can open the shareable link is limited. For some reason, the option for allowing anyone with the link to be able to view and download content, is removed, and the only way for someone to get access is by sending them the link, then having them go on and request access, then you must open your emails, follow a link to then give them access. This can get tiresome.

- Love it

THIS IS AMAZING, I’m 12 and have an animation channel, this is a great place to share my comics and animations easily and being able to transport it between, Computer and iPad! I would like 1 new feature, that would be a share files, meaning 2 people can put files in the same place, with different accounts so you can have 10 maximum and want to quickly send something to all 10, put it in group and everyone can access it, it can mean going from your Private Files, to a Group Files area with a click of a button. Anyways, Thanks for taking your time to create this app :]


Exactly what I need for: docs, sheets, slides, Gmail and photos! A message for the haters: you make my eyes and brain bleed because of your negative comments. Google, your apps are great and I can just create a document (sheets, docs, slides, etc) straight up in the appropriate app (docs, sheets, slides, etc) and it saves it to my drive! Google photos, wow, I’m impressed that the ‘high quality’ option is available in the app because I take a lot of photos on my iPod, iPad and Phone. Whenever they are connected to the internet, they start to backup automatically. I would rate ALL of your apps a 5 out of 5 stars.

- Unbelievably Excellent

I can’t imagine how google drive could be more functional and have more capability unless it was linked directly into your brain. You can upload anything to it from any device with connectivity. It appears in your folder library and online and as an app. The app is seamless. The free storage is huge. It costs next to nothing to buy more. This takes sorting and organising your life from a task taking hours to a task taking seconds. Coupled with ‘Scannable’, Google Drive is an example of perfection in every day life. Thank you so much google.

- Great and now they support refresh with large number of files

Hopefully one day they will fix this major bug. They have now fixed this bug and the whole thing is fantastic. Apart from that it's great for smaller users. If you are paying for the extra storage you can't really use it to its potential as with a large number of files as I said it just won't refresh so you won't see them. But Google drive in the web browser is great.

- Great App but just one suggestion

Absolutely an amazing app. Very easy to use with minimal problems. I just have one thing I would for you to add in the app. At times I have whole folders I would like to have offline and ready to use, but this isn’t an option at the moment. Would it be possible for you to make this an option so that you don’t have to go an select individual slides each time? Thank you so much! Keep up the good work!

- Cloud Storage that works

Love google drive, whether its from this app or the website, it just works. Quick upload and download, a decent amount of functionality. Other cloud storage services have some features that doesn’t, but they also lack some core strength that google drive offers. Most importantly for me google drive integrates with several other apps and services I use. From the files app in IOS to Adobe CC, MS Office 365 all my files are in the cloud and accessible when and were I need them.

- Unintuitive and lacks basic functions in desktop web app

I just want to manage my files in bulk. If there is a way to select multiple files at once, google has kept it very well hidden (not even in the kebab menu). This is a basic idiom which has been in use on the desktop for decades. If this is the best google can do it’s pretty disappointing. Also: “recent” seems to include files I’ve accessed recently but the recent folders I’ve accessed don’t show up. If I have to open up my laptop and use the web app to get basic work done what is the point of this app? I can understand why basic features missed from the mobile site but a native app has a lot more options

- Hard to navigate and move files

It was supposed to be way easier to manage files with touch screen devices. More intuitive. Just drag drop with your finger. That was what was promised way back before there was an iPad or any of these touch input devices. We’re not there yet. Drive is way too clunky - excessively demanding that I click and click and click, just to move a file. Actually I can’t figure out how to move a file. I’m sure the option is there but I haven’t clicked on enough menus and sub-menus yet to find that option. Hum... Well keep iterating Google UX team. You’ll get there eventually, or someone will.

- Offline syncing

Google drive is great but there could be improvements made to make whole folders available offline instead of Individual files. Also files opened through google drive in adobe reader, when edited (highlights & notes) do not save changes to the drive. You need to open through adobe and then changes will save. It would be much easier to be able to open through drive initially and have all changes saved.

- If only the big players would play together...

So individually these apps all have their strengths and weaknesses but above all why I won’t rate Google Drive, iCloud Drive, One Drive or any of these fools software higher than 1 star is that they all extract funds from us for using their software yet they don’t play nicely together from a sharing perspective meaning I have to fork out money for each platform to make the most of it. I think this is utterly ridiculous and its about time people wake up and demand that instead of consumers paying the price for the lack of integration between these software giants they wake up and realise who is actually paying for the use their software in the first place.

- Work

We use google drive, slides exc and honestly it is so handy! You can just share documents and multiple people can work on it at once. I don’t know about storing photos and things, but I trust it with all my work because you can just log into your account on a different device and you can receive all your files. Also if your device closes or crashes, everything automatically saves!

- Couldn’t get better

My school uses this app very often and I can see why; It’s easy to access, I can login to my school account from home to get ahead on writing books and It’s easy to get into my account. Some writing apps you have to fill in all these forms, this one you just enter your account and boom your in, I also love how you can share the files with other people. Move over gmail! Drive’s here!!!😎😎😎😋😋😋

- Best thing since sliced bread. Brilliant!

Google Drive has become one of my most used apps. It is very user friendly and it allows me to easily communicate with a number of others using the same file. For example, I coordinate about 200 volunteers who work at a church providing lunches for about 300 people a day. My complex spreadsheet, which I update daily, is checked regularly by the coordinators at the church. It's instantaneous and just brilliant!!

- Fantastic, best file storage.

Google Drive is the best drive I’ve used. It can easily store hundreds of photos and files, and videos and movies. Even with my devices not working, the drive still has all the information stored online, so access is easy, and not limited to a single brand of device such as other drives such as the worse iCloud Drive. It is great for holding all my schoolwork and essays, so I give it an easy 5/5.

- Good, but needs improving

Google Drive needs to improve how fast documents upload and I believe needs to expand the types of documents it can show. However, the app works perfectly fine, just a few things to fix up. Also it would be better if there was another format to the whole app, as it looks a bit bland, to be honest. As Overall, it is good.

- Useful but needy

Open drive: “Are you enjoying drive?” “Not now” … five seconds later: “Are you enjoying drive?” “Not now” … five seconds later: “Are you enjoying drive?” “No! How can anybody enjoy anything when you keep asking? So here, have a 3 Star review.” I’ve been using drive for a long time. Quite sporadically. My partner and I share stuff on it a fair bit but not all the time. It’s not really noticeably better or worse than any of its competitors, except that google sheets and docs are pretty good. But constantly asking for feedback is nuts. Stop it.

- No USB? No problem.

If you have a connection to the internet and a google account then Google drive can be very helpful to getting things done. Completed many an assignment easier because I could always access my notes, save my most important pictures and can even share and live edit with others documents like my work rosters.

- Google products

I actually like this app or any other google apps like classroom, sheets, slides and more. I enjoy using this because I can interact with other people online weather I’m doing schoolwork-homework or homework-schoolwork I wouldn’t actually give it a 5%5 because sometimes it gives me a head ache. You could keep all your thinking in these app rather having it on a sheet of paper like things causes as in paper get wet or it gets thrown out BUT THATS WHY I LOVE GOOGLE APPS!!!!

- GSuite and personal

Perfect for personal use and business. Allows you to work remotely and a great organisation tool. Google compatible apps are growing daily which means you can normally, for free, test what works for you. I recommend for startup businesses as it is minimises cost in a number of areas. I have been using for 5+ years both professionally and personally. Drive is a Well Oiled Machine! Thank you.

- Keeping everything in one place and access from anywhere any device

I love the Drive. Very helpful and versatile. Can access by groups, work as intermediate storage between mobile devices and computers which is very helpful in work related mobile devices. Can acsess through many Operating systems( unfortunately no app for windows mobile)

- Why no longer compatible?

I have had this app for years and accidentally deleted it just now, so I tried to get it back on but it just tells me that it is not compatible even though I just used it. I use an iPad 2 iOS version 9.3.5 and I need this app back, so if at all possible can you guys at Google make it work again because this app won't let me get it no matter how many hours I spend thumping the download button repeatedly. So please allow compatibility for iOS version 9.3.5 again. AND IF YOU ARE WONDERING WHY I DON'T JUST GET AN ENTIRELY NEW IPAD, THE ANSWER IS VERY SIMPLE, I AM TOO POOR TO AFFORD AN ENTIRELY NEW DEVICE FOR EVERY ISSUE WITH COMPATIBILITY THAT OCCURS BECAUSE OF DOWNLOAD SYSTEM!!!

- Reviewing GD

Google Drive. How do I even explain? Endless space, safe storage and more opportunities than imaginable. Switching devises? Store all your work and photos in a folder and easily and transfer. Writing a document? You can do that as well. People underestimate the power of Google apps. If you have faith then anything can be made possible with Google Drive.

- Getting Better Every Time I Use It

As a long time user of Google, I have seen Drive go from painful to useful. I wouldn’t say it is 100% spot on or the best online system in the word. It is a lot better than some though, some of which claim to be the business standard (and SOOOOO are not!!!) I’ll keep using Google Drive and look forward to it improving further with better user-friendly features.

- Update wrecked it

Used to be able to listen to my music production through the drive app for my job. However, now audio will only play for a minute, and then I believe the app crashes. (At least, the music player part does, anyway.) As the music just stops. I believe this happened with the newest update, as I could listen to full songs on google drive before. I could have it run as a background app on my phone while doing other tasks, now the music just stops after a minute.

- Suddenly stopped working

Today I was using Google Drive to upload and backup my photos. Everything was working fine but then suddenly after uploading a few months worth, it stopped uploading. I’d try to upload a photo and it’d load as it usually would but then it would vanish upward and not appear in the group of uploaded photos. I tried refreshing and even closing and reopening the app and even my device. Still no luck. Please please please, if there’s a way to fix this, I’d love to know. I enjoy using Google Drive and want to continue using it.

- I love it

Drive is a brilliant app. The reason why I like it so much is it’s accessibility. Let’s take the Microsoft application for example. You have a word document saved on the iPad that I need to transfer to my Mac, I can’t because I need a USB. With this as long as I can access google I will be able to access docs and that’s why I like it so much

- Actually works easily

I hope I’m not celebrating too soon but Drive works fantastically - all very magic!! My aim is to only use Google products as far as possible as I’m sick of working out what is what from everyone. I just want the stuff to work and so far this is what Drive does! For me - may the magic continue!!

- Useful beyond words

If you don't mind the fact that google has even more information about you than ever, you have your own little storage cloud of documents, photos and videos at your fingertips, across multiple devices, if you have access to the internet.

- G drive makes life much easier

Before G drive, I have always used USB or email as an alternative way of saving & sharing document. Sometime system crashes, you lost all the changes you've just made. With Gdrive, all these problems are solved. Highly recommend whoever is trying to switch to Cloud.

- Viewing documents in folders

The filter system needs more standard settings. Also the document names are not fully visible in the file so when trying to attach a document it’s hard to tell if you have the correct one without having to go into the document. Instead of beeing able to reed the full name. Grouping of PDF and word or excell documents together would be a helpful option.

- You don’t want to loose your stuff

I used to think my files were safe on a number of drives, that is until I lost all my files. that when I discovered how useful Google Drive is, I can’t recommending highly enough much better than a external drive and back up process.

- Better than Apple

EDIT: Unsure why they removed the option to passcode lock the app, really disappointing to have that removed. That said i still find Google products perform 100% better than anything Apple does, forget iCloud or files or whatever it’s called, this is where it’s at. Just a real shame about the password option being removed, it’s 2018 Google, people want the option of security.

- Loss of functionality

I used to be able to click ‘send a copy’ and then hit ‘Save Image’ to download media into my camera roll on my phone, now that function has gone and I can’t see it anywhere else in the options. That was basically the only reason I used this app so now it’s basically useless to me. I don’t want to open the photos in other apps, I just want to download it onto my phone!

- Secured shared files anywhere, anytime

My wife and I are enjoying having our files sitting in a secure cloud where we can both access them e.g. documents, photos etc anywhere in the world. Our computers, Mac, iPhone, tablets etc only have applications and zero files. No more concerns about file security.

- Easy to access!

I needed an app where I could access my documents quickly and this was the app I found! It's extremely quick and reliable. You can even access docs and slides from there. Your snapshots, documents and files will all be stored there with a whole lot of other things. It is completely free and I recommend it.

- Not syncing with the Google Drive in cloud

The concept and app are great. But the big issue is while all data in the computer’s google drive can be synced with the cloud, iOS app does not have the capability of seeing the latest changes and additions saved in the cloud. We need full transparency between cloud, computer and iOS drives. I am continuously updating files in the Google drive but iOS drive shows me the old version of these files and does not show any new files that were uploaded to the cloud by the computer.

- Work changing productivity tool

So try running a start-up without Google Drive. Over the last 4 years we've virtually run our AirLic startup with Google Drive as its core collaboration tool. Sure - we use Trello and Slack as well but the drive underpins operations. Keep making it better Google - and keep it free (at least for startups)

- More than a Cloud

I’ve been an Apple user since the SE30 - so that’s a long time. My iCloud account gives me 5 Gig for all those years of investing in Mac’s. I still love my Mac but when it comes to storage provided for being a customer Google Drive is an indisputable winner. 15 Gig for free - now that’s gratitude. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

- Google Drive Awesome!

I have a small cleaning business it allows me to make live changes to keep the teams up to date it also allows the teams to make notes about requirements or changes in booking days/times that clients require in real time keeping me updated to the minute!

- Easy access...

For me it’s quite nice to be able to simply access documents, images and other information across all my devices regardless the hardware or software or operating system - without skipping a beat - and wherever I happen to be. Very grateful for the ease of use and simplicity.

- Easy to use - so convenient to Access my work from any device I use

I Find the Google drive the best thing ever! I am working on things for a program to complete registration, and I can bring up the work so easily whether I am at work, at supervision or at home. I recommend highly!

- Google Drive

Google drive is awesome and easy to use. You can access your files from wherever you have either your phone or computer. Just get the work done and don’t even need to press any save button, it’ll save automatically. Brilliant stuff!!!

- Sharing option is not working properly

Sharing option is not working properly from last few update versions. Can you please kind fix it? When I try to share with any email address, the whole app becomes unresponsive. Can’t type or paste the email address for sharing.

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- Unlimited Convenience

Great access to your files anywhere at anytime!

- Outperforms

I'm using it across two desktops, a laptop, my tablet & phone. I've dialed in two partners at work and 7 acquaintances socially. No one can see things they're not supposed to see and the app outperforms MS OneDrive and Dropbox.

- Uploading Takes Ages

It literally takes forever to upload a video less than a minute long. By the time it uploads, the sun will have swallowed earth, scorching all in its path and then it probably doesn’t matter that I’m trying to upload something at that point.

- Get your info straight!

Latest update says i cant load it since i need OS 10.3.3 or higher. I have 10.3.3!!!!!! I suspect you mean must have OS 11 but didn't say this ... this just makes me angry and isn't acceptable from a user standpoint.

- Great tool unless you don't have IOS 11

New update is not supported with IOS devices lower than IOS 11.

- Can't update!

Update says I need 10.3.3 which I have and it won't update.

- Votre demande: Qui a accès.

Je peux vous dire que Germain Rivard a volé mon identité, à changer ma photo de profil, il a partager mes photos, mes publications après les avoir maquillés ou changer leur apparence. Je lui a dit: Comme ça que ta photo placée à la place de la mienne. Photo de profil Facebook, Messenger. Et il avait plein de mes photos qui avait copier et placé dans son album photo. Alors j’ai fait la remarque à Facebook de ça. Sauf qu’il le fait même sur certains comptes de mes amis. Nous ne le savions pas, J’ai les dits ce matin sur mon mur Facebook. Quoi que je peux faire. Il brise mes mot de passe, ils me fait beaucoup de troubles. Également à d’autres de mes amis. Vérifier et faites pour qu’il arrête cette pratique. Merci. Merci

- Great job

Thank you Google Drive for keeping all my information safe. One of the best apps I have ever used! Keep going 😀

- Total chaos

Every time I get an email with a file shared by drive, I cringe. It means that there’s going to be a problem. I end up keeping docs open because it’s impossible to find anything in my or someone else’s drive. Totally non intuitive interface. Never have the right permissions. Etc.

- Requires password

This app is garbage. It won’t let me log in and keeps telling me my org requires a password. It’s a personal account on a personal device. Absolute trash.

- PDF mark up and Scan

When will Google Drive finally be able to scan documents and mark up PDF files? Why is Google Drive so much behind Microsoft Drive? This minimalist approach has gone a bit too far! Shame...

- General review “below font is white by default”

Hard navigate somewhat complex tasks. For example copying a folder or a document and moving it to another folder. Also, when data ting documents with others I wish there was a way to put time frame for sharing. Lastly, I wash google drive or google doc were suitable with apple pen so I could write on the documents I upload or have as google doc. For some reason my font is white I can’t even see what I am writing right now. Come on google stop making silly mistakes like this.

- J’aime la vie

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- Google is not Google anymore!

Finally, Google drive becomes the worst experience cloud storage in the most of free cloud.

- UX needs improvement

The organization is weird. I like how I can share files but I can’t see all of my shared folders in one space. All I see are the separate files that were shared in the folder... not very helpful

- No More Password Protection

Can't believe Google finally added password protection and then removed it!!! I am going to move all my documents and photos to Dropbox where it's safer and they still have TouchID support. Unbelievable in a time where security is extremely important.

- Can’t change my profile picture🤬

I can’t change my profile picture and I want to change it.

- Google drive

Love it

- 1 star

I rated 1 because I can

- Total bs

This is the worst game I ever played

- Op

Updates so slow! It took me 7 hours!

- Best Best

I like google

- Will not load anything

Forever loading everything

- App refuses to work

won’t update to show the changes i made to files and folders on my computer. tired to uninstall and reinstall that didn’t help. turned my phone on and off, that didn’t work, even tried it on data and wifi. sucks i need things on my drive

- It

It drop kicked my son

- Stinky

If this didnt work I would have to do a Canada map colouring project frig off

- trash

google drive needs to go, we don’t like her

- Why

I have actual hate for whoever was behind the design of this app why is it so slow man

- Ok


- Thanks

Thanks helped me so much

- Good for class

For class and in home

- 🔥🔥👍


- Doesn’t work with Apple Pencil

As a user of the Apple Pencil and a large organization subscriber to Google suite, I want Google Drive to natively work with the Apple Pencil so I can make my students papers. Currently, I need to pay $13+ for another app to markup. When I open GDrive and click a File I want to Markup the JPG or PDF and have it save or save as another file.

- Bad


- Friends wedding

Amazingly beautiful

- God is watching you

God is watching you

- Google slides

A huge drawback of google slides is that struggling students can not use google read and write directly in slides. When they use speech to text it goes into notes and then they have to cut and paste it into their slide, making an extra step for students we are trying to support.

- Borat

It is best for sexy time photos yes

- It’s good needs a dark mode

Love the app, but I wish they made the GB slightly more storage space. And if we could get a way to add documents inside a shared folder with friends, like how the web browser has it?

- Seems Ok.

Seems like Some People In The Reviewing Area Were U Check The Reviews People Kinda like it Kinda don’t so ima just guess it has some problems. And again I am assuming..but The Reviews Make it Sound Bad. I didn’t Download it So Ima Do It Right Now. Anywho All I’m Trying To Say Is That It’s Ok Not Amazing Not Bad It’s In the middle.

- Love google drive.

I love this app

- Google drive

So far it’s been a great search and storage place with my new iPhone.

- Crashed

Kept crashing on iPad

- Use it to share files with my online poker buddies

We have a home game club at Pokerstars and need to share game results and wallet updates with non tech savvy players. I can do most of the work in the IOS app.

- Yup

Does exactly like it’s supposed to.

- Review

Good App

- Touch ID

Lol. Google drive doesn’t have an option to activate a Touch ID? Ok, thanks, I’m going back to Dropbox.

- Bum

Absolutely useless

- Worth your download

This is a really well built filling app management app

- Mi salvador

Esta app me salvo con esta app pued subir mi tarea

Libertex 📈

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- Is it possible to search within a file? Similar to Control + F

I noticed recently when attempting to search within an extensive document for a keyword I was unable to pull up any type of search bar. I can do the simple control + F on a computer and that works just fine. On the iPad when I click on the three dots in the top right corner there is no search feature available. I switched to Google Drive because my company WiFi accepts Google Drive & not Dropbox. The main difference I have noticed is Dropbox provides the ability to scan in PDFs as well as search within the document. I’m not sure if I am missing something obvious when attempting to search within the document. Can you please shed some light?

- Google Drive is the Best!

I have been using Google Drive since third grade, and it was very easy to learn to use. I’ve never lost a document during the many years I’ve had Google Drive, and I still have the files I made when I was eight years old. I appreciate how documents can be edited and viewed across multiple devices. It is easy to create various types of documents, slideshows, forms, etc. Teachers can share notes with students, and control view/comment/suggest/edit settings. The many organization and sharing/collaboration features are very helpful, and so is the offline editing setting. My school district made an account for every one of its students, and I think it has contributed to our success.

- I’m just using my word suggestion thing

Oh wow that’s how you feel like I gotta do ya want to go home and I don’t get my mom and my dad to come over for me and then I’m going on my mom to school I don’t want her mom and she just want me and her to come and get me a lot and I’m gonna is it a little one to get my grandpa to go there I don’t want you guys going on the bus or not I wanna was the night you got me trippin was the night you got me to come and get it and it started raining so here is a lot going on and I’m gonna was a nice night I was gonna was the day you got me trippin I wanna know how you are gonna I was gonna I wanna was a good day I hope you have a good day and I love you bye bye love you bye love ya bye bye love ya mom and I love (ok this is starting to get embarrassing bye)

- Loved it til this update

Seriously, Google? I don't think you're minding this upgrade. It's been a few weeks and though I have iOS 10.3.3 (iPhone 5), after I click upgrade your app tells me I need 10.3.3 for this upgrade, but it can give me the latest I can use instead. After trying that 6 times over a few weeks, the counter still says I need to upgrade. Talk about wrong messaging! Ugh. Every time I open my phone it tells me I to upgrade but I need the iOS for it which I have. It's like being subjected to waitstaff that repeatedly asks how's the meal: it's annoying, and regardless of the quality of the meal you really don't want to go back. Sad to say it's affected my use of the app- I'm staying away for the duration 'til you get your stuff together. Three stars cause you were fine before even though you lost it with this one.

- Great Service

I’ve been using Google Drive for around 5 years now and I’ve only had positive experiences with it. I mainly use it as a sort of library now to store various PDFs, articles, and writings that I want to easily access or share with others. For the longest time I used it for collaborative spreadsheets to manage data with my peers or to centralize a lot of information into one file that could be easily accessed by others. It worked well and the best part of it was that it was free. I’d highly recommend this to any college students that want to centralize their course work or notes that do not use iCloud Drive. I use both for my work and it makes everything so much easier to keep track of and access in an instant if needed. I’ve also used it for my tutoring since I can see the information people are struggling with without having to make time for an appointment. It enables quick feedback in many different forms. The possibilities with the tools they provide you with are endless. This is an app that is definitely worth the download for anyone seeking to improve their productivity and ease of access.

- What a shame

Hate the new layout. Mainly use the app for audio and loved having the recent opens on the file page. Now recent opens are on a separate Home tab and because they are audio files, they take up waaaaaaay too much screen real estate because the ‘preview’ image area only shows an icon and is the same preview size as a word doc so it ends up only showing 2 items on the screen at once on the iphone 5s. 2!!! I could see more at once comfortably with the last design and could get to more recent files quicker. The home tab is a waste and could be moved back to the files page as a horizontal scroll section above ‘My Drive’ and ‘Computers’. Especially if you are only going to show 2-3 items at once...noone needs that giant of a preview area since you can’t read the text anyway and the filename is listed. If people need really need that large of a preview, add an icon for different layouts same as the file page.

- Almost an awesome app

Almost everything about Google Drive is awesome. I think the only thing that takes away from this app and the others in the Google Suite is that it doesn’t let you do all the same things you can do from a desktop or laptop computer. For example, it doesn’t allow you to attach videos from the drive to Google Slides. You need a desktop or laptop to do that. Not sure why they see the need to limit what can be done from a mobile device within the app or apps. I think we should be able use all the features no matter the device you’re using. It’s very frustrating at times when you’re trying to get work done then you run into something like that and need to switch devices.

- Priya

I love it thank you so much for having this amazing app where you can write or make papers without having to waste real paper. You guys make our world so much better when you event this amazing technology for people to use at school, home, work and mostly everywhere. I appreciate and care about how much you do for other people. Sometimes people don’t have the time to appreciate how much work you do for our country. I want to help racial injustice so I have been making speeches. I am presenting it to a crowd and going around America. To tell about what I have been doing. If I didn’t have this amazing program I would not be able to really right so much in a way where it helps me. So thank you love priya

- Dear google please fix latest update not compatible with iPad

Seriously google? I am unable to update my first GEN iPad mini and I have the latest iOS 9.3.5 and now all of a sudden it's saying it requires iOS 11 are you freaking kidding me? so I went back to the App Store and checked what version of iOS is required and it says you need iOS 9 so why is the new update saying that it requires iOS 11 that's bull crap that is one major error come on Google you need to fix this bug ASAP right now I use Google drive all the time for work and this update is preventing me from accessing very important files and the only way for me to access these files I have to use my iPhone 6 because since it is updated to iOS 11 but not my dear old first GEN iPad mini this needs to be fixed Google because it is causing compatibility issues with a lot of older Gen iOS devices and I swear if I lose my job I will seriously sue Google for this bull crap😠👎🏼


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- Great!

I’m a Mac user normally but I used Drive today for the first time to upload a couple hundred photos to share with a client. I didn’t find it very user friendly — that is, it didn’t seem self-explanatory, really. I looked around for a while to find out how exactly to create a folder, move files to the folder and then share it with the client. However, I looked up the instructions and then I was like, “Oh, duh, ok.” Now that I know how to use it, it will be much easier and eventually become second nature just like anything else I use. It’s just the initial use that frustrated me. Nothing is obvious or in-your-face, which is very useful when using for the first time. But I have no qualms with the app, really. Once I figured out how to use it, it worked great.

- Used for work and school

We use Google Drive for work. It’s a TV production where we have crews in different locations and we need living/shared/ever-changing documents to be readily available to all. It’s great because I can see who is working and what they’re writing all the time. The one big negative for me is the home screen. I would like it if we could clean up the view so the home screen can look exactly the way you want it to without having all the recent documents listed. You can set it so that you view according to type or most recently viewed, but I’d really like it to be cleaner with just the one of two main folders visible. But otherwise, it’s a great product.

- Best going today!!!

The ease of use is one of the many reasons I love this app it is as simple as pick a picture, tap icon, put in folder ( you can name a folder) and tap upload BOOM Your done!!! You can rename your pic or video and create many folders and name it to whatever you want!! Saves tons of space on your phone and can access it from whatever device your on!! Plenty of storage space to just keep adding!! You can’t go wrong with it!! If you want something easy to use and want to save space on your phone and have a place to store all your photos and videos and free then this is for you but if you don’t want any of that then it’s not for you!!!

- Great app.

Perfect for any storage need, organization and work flow. Love using Google’s products over any other competitors, it just works! My only complaints though is that sometimes I am not able to download a photo to my phone from drive. I’m not sure why. This is quite frustrating and I wish there was a big button on the menu that just says “save to camera roll”. Otherwise it’s great for school or regular work, I appreciate the care for design and functionality. I use Google slides and Google docs all the time. As a photographer it is also super helpful. The quality in images can reduce when transferring from one device to another, which is quite annoying, but still good enough quality for almost all uses.

- No longer 5-star

The removal of passcode/Touch ID lock is a big let down and a HUGE deal to me. I don't care if I can lock my iPhone altogether, sometimes I unlock my phone and hand it over to someone to use it and I have no problem with them accessing anything except Google Drive. Now I have to deal with a new problem because Google removed passcode lock and Drive on my phone is accessible to anyone who uses my phone while it's unlocked. Again, no, I don't want to lock my phone altogether. Below was my initial 5-star review, which I take back. ______________________________ I use Drive to backup everything. From documents to mp3 files, photos and videos. I could use Google Photos for unlimited photo and video backup, but I've been using Drive for a while and find it more intuitive, simpler and easier to use. Besides, I'd rather have all sorts of file types in one place. Also, the free 15 gigs are enough so far.

- Easy to maneuver around multiple file types

Easy to use, help is great, someone is always there to walk you through something if you find yourself painted in a corner... yeah, been there, done that... twice cuz it was just so fun the first time I just couldn’t help myself the second time around! Seriously, though the support is great and does not do any of that “techy” belittling talk that you can sometimes run into, these folks get it and are soooo patient! Oh My Goodness! I don’t know how these folks remain calm on the other line, I mean if I were them talking to me sometimes... well it’s probably why I’m not in that line of work for soon I’d need a glass of wine after each caller like me! 😉🍷

- Wonderful exploration

I might have thought that I would’ve have gotten the tool I needed to backup my files, but I made my info increase, and decided to try a helpful tool to keep great storage. I was not in the mind of this tool, I would’ve thought I would not be able to access my info when I have to, but this tool has taken me to a wonderful point in my life that I am inspired to use a data storage and other useful operations to make my life a lot easier. I can see that this tool then brings me to a level as a genius when there are resources to store and review in this tool. This was a vast majority in my life right now, and I hope to continue the use of this tool!

- Very useful app

I use Google drive for all of my cloud storage needs and it's never failed to deliver optimal performance. It's intuitive, easy to access, secure and I'm never without access to my files. I've used other very good cloud storage services, but I always come back to drive because it simply works. I recommend it to my friends and colleagues and I've never had them report a problem with the service. I can extend my recommendation to you as well, and I'm confident that you won't be disappointed. If anyone can point me to a superior alternative, I'm certainly open to trying it. Kudos to the developers and to Google as well, I'm a very satisfied customer.

- Beyond “F” grading!!!

OneDrive and Dropbox is much better than useless, data eater and not orderly Google Drive. Had to wait for thumbnail to show a little picture before click on for a full size picture. So friggin’ time consuming searching for one measly picture. Plus it messed up your timeline by putting all the same dates on picture the day you either update or upload when it is not! What a moron that Google is! If iPhone does have ability of having mirco SD cards, I would tell Google to kiss my bottom and never looking back because mirco SD cars show the picture immediately! OneDrive and only have to wait less than a second for the thumbnail show a little picture unlike GoogleDrive which is average 8 seconds delay for each friggin’ thumbnail!! Not impressed! Got super fast internet and great iPhone. So it is GoogleDrive’s end itself that messed the whole thing or poorly executed software.

- All My Love !!!

Thank You for sharing my “Dreams” Loving YOU Always!!! I don’t know when exactly we fell apart... I can recall “3” I do still struggle with the 1st... That I was jealous of “Spencer” for the Mercedes!!! Huh?! NEVER... I Still believe that you saw something worth saving in me... I have always believed in that!!! That was what I thought was my lowest. NOPE... then I had to ask you for money, 2nd time (I have never forgotten that... The COMMITTEE said “We need to pay him back with interest %!!! Ever asked, Why Cat-T & my Grandmother “Ms. Mary” LOVE you so very much??? You ack just like Uncle Mann... 3rd time I feel/believe we fell apart, hmmm? Me giving your keys back? You throwing Dennis up in my face! But🤷🏽‍♀️ Thank You for being NICO’s DAD, Father, Pops, Daddy... NAW, POPPI'

- I can’t transfer info from other google apps???

I’m not very tech savvy and I understand that but after 30 minutes of research I still can’t figure out how to move a gd google doc from the google doc app to a file I created in google drive in the separate google drive app. This is pretty rediculous. Google drive even allows me to create a new google doc, takes me to the google doc app where I can see the google doc that has been made but I can’t select it? Why!? Why can’t I select a created document! It makes absolutely no sense! I’m glad you asked how I’m liking the app. Seems like you haven’t thought much about iPads. Why even have the apps? I’m only going to assume your hardware is just as absent of thought. I’m so frustrated because there are so few options I even have so I don’t believe I’m lost. I really dislike this.

- Best of the big three

Hello all, as I am sure everyone reading this knows that there are lots of services that allow you to store files up online and some of them have been around for many years even before the fancy term of “The Cloud” became popular. Anyway.....currently the “Big Three” Cloud storage services are: iCloud by Apple (aka Macintosh) One Drive (originally called “Sky Drive”) by Microsoft Google Drive Of the three (in my opinion) the best is Google Drive for several reasons. Both iCloud and One Drive are TOO restrictive...... limiting what you can put up on there storage drives. Also Microsoft’s One Drive (especially early on) worked very poorly. Now you would think that something written by the SAME company that writes the operating system that it was designed to run on would be flawless.... but that is not the case. Also Google Drive works perfectly on many different platforms so I always have access to my files no matter what device I am using. And Google Drive is much more user friendly. So bottom line is.... I highly recommend Google Drive (smile)

- What changes are going on as of June 2018!??

I have received a email in my gmail, stating that Google drive is changing some things !! That it won’t be called or referred to as Google Drive or that it’s not part of G suite anymore ?? Hmm it’s confusing as to what’s happening and I should’ve kept the email to show it here! But can you clarify this for me as I’m afraid to use any of my other apps from google with it now and afraid to lose my pictures and saved docs I have on it! I have a lot of files and don’t know where to save to since this was my main place to save! Too I’d have to individually save over 3000 photos one by one since you don’t have a in app button to save them all at one time ! Give us a little help please !

- Issue with saving pictures to your camera roll.

I upload an image from my desktop to google drive, via the web. On my phone, depending on how I download that image to my camera roll, it is much smaller. If I tap the image on my phone, it prompts me to save the image to camera roll, clicking “OK” results in a smaller image. I had to download a third party app to check the size of the photo in my camera roll. Also, uploading it to google drive will confirm the size is smaller. On the other hand, opening up the photo on your google drive app again and instead of taping the photo, tapping the three dots in the upper left hand corner, you will get a menu and you click “send a copy” and then “save image.” This results with the photo being the same size as the original. But I used to be able to do it the other way. Now for the stranger part. If you do it the first way and the image is smaller and then you try do it the “send a copy” way after, the image is still smaller. You have to re-upload the images from your desktop again. And not tap the image but tap the three dots in the upper left hand corner. I tried using google pictures but I was not able to uploaded images from my desktop to the google photos website. I don’t want to use the desktop application.

- Storage Saver

Ok so not only is this app great to save basic files for school or business but I legit started using it to store photos and videos so that I wouldn’t take up so much storage on my iPhone. I just upload them straight to the app, delete the app when I’m done, and delete all the pictures and videos on my phone’s camera roll. This way my photos stay safe, and I don’t have to worry about storage issues. They always upload fast, and no matter how many I upload the app itself doesn’t take up anymore storage than how much it did before I started uploading pictures. Not to mention the UNLIMITED STORAGE on the Google Drive App. 10/10

- At least Apple hasn’t completely blocked this, yet

Google Drive is great and I am so happy that it even is allowed to exist in Apple’s crappy walled garden. Apple blocks even basic Google Cloud printing throughout most of iOS without an $8 paid app FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN GREED, and they block all kinds of media I should be free to do like BUY something from ANYONE I CHOOSE using their app instead of having to jump through their insulting hoops and go to a web browser FOR NO OTHER REASON BUT GREED, AND they block me choosing pics from Google Photos which is where I backup all my pictures across platforms. I am AMAZED they let Google get away with cloud printing from Drive, but it works.

- Google Drive Makes Multiple-Device Life Better

I’ve loved Google Drive since the first time I used it. Drive makes it so easy to share files and have access to important files wherever I am. I can start working on something, copy it to Google Drive, and pick up working on the file later whether I’m using my computer, my iPad, or my iPhone. Want to finish working on a file when I get home? Copy it to Drive and it’s waiting there for me, I can make my edits, save it back to Drive and it will be waiting for me when I get back to work in the morning. And so much more, so many other tricks I can do now through the magic of Google Drive.

- Pleasant surprise

First let me say that I was reluctant to start moving recipes online because all the ideas I read about sounded complicated and only worked for recipes but I read about using Google drive for recipes I was intrigued because you can do searches and if you save the recipes as google documents, you can save changes you make in the recipes. I created a recipe folder and love it. I have also started using the drive for some photos and other items I want to save. With Google being so popular, I think this may be a great long term solution for a host of things for me. Also, even if you are not super techy, you can do this. I'm not.

- Love this app

This app is literally a lifesaver and super convenient to use! I work full time (usually my standard 40 hours a week and up to an additional 16-20 hours of overtime if it’s available at work, I’m a part-time student at a local college and I am currently a second head student in a Masters of Social Work degree program, and intern 12 hours a week. As you can tell I am always on the go! It’s so convenient to have all of my homework or research accessible to me at all times: via the google drive mobile app, online via the website, or google slides it’s so helpful! If you haven’t downloaded the app try it, you’ll love it. - Monique (somewhere in little Rhody ⚓️)

- Excellent for original song sharing.

As the technical director for a Public Radio station featuring an in studio program I often need to send a show edited at home back to the station for broadcast in .wav format. I find Google Drive to be the easiest and most convenient way to share a 1 hour show at the speed of my internet connection. Once uploaded to Drive, simply tag the contact to whom needs/wants it and it appears in their inbox to be downloaded. What could be easier? With the addition of the player, it is possible to listen to what is in my Drive at my leisure. Multiple formats, mp3, .wav, etc., are easily accessed in pristine audio quality.

- Simple & Effective - Mostly

Drive is a fantastic tool by itself, worth 5 stars hands down. The drive app on my iPad however, has some minor quirks here & there. For whatever reason when I open Excel files on my iPad they will be changed, sometimes quite dramatically. Reopening the same files on my laptop afterward, columns will be resized, and sometimes color will be removed. I use pop up pictures and one time I thought the quirk had removed all of them! Fortunately, they were saved and all changes were only structural and not of the content. Super great app to have access to my files whenever I have my iPad, with a few minor issues just with Excel as far as I’ve seen. Highly recommend!

- Multiple Files

Would like to be able to send multiple files at a time from my phone. I work a lot from my iPhone and Drive will only allow me to attach one file at a time... and sometimes I can not even attach certain files IF I’ve already added my first attachment... seems really basic. If I need to send an accounting report to a client I should be able to click on the 5 attachments I want to send, and send them in one fell swoop. Not so... Very inconvenient because every time I need to send a big report I have to make sure I go home and do it on my computer... like the olden days... You’d think they would have worked out a kink like this by now. But otherwise, the Drive app is great.

- Love it when it works

I recommend Drive to anyone that has any type of file they want to keep. With how often tech breaks, storing it in the cloud is really the only way to keep it from being lost. That being said, the app on mobile and tablet is just unreliable. Maybe I have too many files, but often, image thumbnails just won’t load. Leaving me staring at image icons with no idea what they actually are. Even if I click, they just don’t load. I don’t have old tech, and no matter how many different iPhones or IPads I try it on, the issues remain consistent — even across multiple Google accounts. I’ve deleted the app, reinstalled, but nothing works. I’m sure they’ll fix it someday, but it’s been years, and the issue still isn’t resolved.

- Best online storage ever!

Honestly, I’m not too big of a google fan, but google drive really is impressive! I’ve recommended it to all my friends. The pricing is great, because you get 15 GB free, and then you can purchase more (only $1.99 a month for 100 GB of storage!). As a college student this is great, so if I forget my computer at home, I can just pull it up on my phone. And I can store all my worksheets and power points and word documents on it. And I can create organizing folders to put all my documents in. I’ve already purchased the 1TB plan, because I share my account with two other students and we are filling up the storage up fast. Great job google!

- If you want your pics to be a jumbled mess, use this app!

Pictures are not put into order of date taken or order of upload. There is not an option to put pictures in any chronological order. I Worked all day to move my iPad pictures of classes that I had taught only to realize that they were put into a jumbled mess! Very frustrating to realize that I had deleted them as I went and there was no going back to retrieve my dates and the order that I had before....I called google drive phone number and they were no help. Said that this program has no order options with iPad and I could call Apple and see if they can help.....? I called Apple and they said that they couldn't help and I should call google drive!! Haha!! this might be funny if it wasn't so terribly frustrating! Only use this app if you want your pictures put into a jumbled mess!!

- Great app for busy people

As an outside sales rep for several companies, it is important for me to have access to product information from each company always at my fingertips. Google Drive let’s me sync lots of photos and data to my laptop, cell phone, I pad, and my desktop PC simultaneously. Once updated, all devices are ready for any inquiry I might receive. Updating the files is simple. Just move the latest data into the Google Drive directory, or delete the files that are no longer necessary. Google Drive offers a generous amount of storage space for free. The data updates are seamless and almost instantaneous.

- Good, but.......

This is a great app. My computer broke, so I downloaded this app to access my google drive. Success!!! I was able to get on my drive and see all of my documents. I was really happy that I could do this on my iPad. One day, I wanted to edit a google doc, so I got onto the app. I clicked on the doc, and in the bottom right corner there was a pencil indicating you could write. I clicked on it, and it said I had to download the docs app to write. What a rip off!!! 😡. To make google slides, you have to download the slides app!! To make google drawing, you have to download the drawings app! You have to download three different apps to do anything of your google account. So stupid! This is a terrible app, so please don’t get it.

- Good

I really enjoy this app. It’s a great place for me to store in my pictures and work all in one place. Then afterwards delete the photo on my camera roll. But one thing I don’t like is the lost of quality when you retrieve an image back. For example, when I look up an image on google, with high quality resolution, save it into my camera roll then go on the Drive app to save it there. Then I save that photo from Drive on to my camera roll, it has lost its quality. I’ve done the comparison already. But that’s just one problem I have with this app. Overall, it’s a really great app. But please, can you guys do something about it?

- Better than the webpage but not great

Using this app is nicer than using the Drive web interface but everything is just a bit ... off. The animations are a little funky, and the controls are a little strange, and the viewers don’t quite work like iOS users expect. For example, if you’re looking at a word processing file and zoom, it will automatically unzoom after a second. This makes it exceptionally frustrating to try to read anything, and there’s just no reason for it. The video and photo viewers have annoying quirks, too. Still, it’s convenient to have Google Drive as an app. I’m glad I have it, and I use it all the time. I just wish they’d take a bit more care getting the details right. It must have written by people who weren’t familiar with any of the standard iOS conventions.

- From smartphone to smartpro

I’m a google user on Apple products. I love that Drive keeps my files organized on all of my devices, frees up space on my phone, and is easy to use on and offline. I have a lot of large photos, so being able to store them in one spot is great. My favorite part is google sheets and docs. I write article drafts on my iPhones, and then edit them on my MacBook. It’s seamless. I basically don’t need Microsoft Office on my laptop anymore. Compared to the other cloud and storage apps I’ve tried, google is by far the most accessible across devices and operating systems. Thanks to the team for making this app so good for iOS.

- Amazing app!!!

Okay, I’ll just start off with this: this is an INCREDIBLE app! Great job google! It is easy to organize, write, and get things done with or without friends. However, there’s one star that’s missing up there. I used to use (and still do sometimes) google drive on a computer, but got it on my phone because I could use it anywhere. I found out recently that the only three formats are google docs, google slides, and google sheets. On the computer there were google sites, forms, drawings, etc. There might be something I’m missing, but if there aren’t the extra formats in yet, it would so nice if you added them. Thank you Google! You’ve been a big help regardless!

- Great, but...

I use GDrive for work and and personal use (tho mostly work). I like how relatively easy it is to use but do have a few issues. 1. Printing from the drive is a pain as the file usually has to be downloaded first 2. I cannot share an entire folder in a drive, only individual files, so sharing with clients is a pain when I have multiple files for them that I update each year. Other than those two items I really like using the drive tho I do wish you had the option to remove yourself from a drive rather than rely on the admin to do so. Sorry for any typos, as I write this review the text is white on a white background so I’m unable to proofread.....

- How google enhances my videos!

As I go back and see some of the musical enhancements that Google drive has automatically added, I and very delighted to listen and learn from times ago when I made the video and my current impression of the product. It is also very nice to have it pop up without my asking for it at a quest time when I Cann appreciate the content without worrying too much about the ‘Shoot’! I appreciate and enjoy these unexpected enhancements that make Google Drive so personally special for me! So thanks to all those who have helped this kind of special enjoyment become part of the fabric of the “Drive”!

- Drive goes anywhere!

I am a teacher, I need files for school, home, and on the go! I use an iPad, school laptop, and school desktop in 2 separate classrooms. It was 5 years ago when I lost my flash drive and searched for a better way to save files and have them available everywhere. The solution was Google Drive. I even use Google Drive on my cellphone, with an excel file to keep track of my personal spending. Drive holds my Resumes, pdf’s, documents, presentations and future projects I’m working on. It auto-saves as you type so you never have to worry, “did I click save!” It does it all for you, and it’s free!

- All in one!

I had all of my personal files on a flash drive but have a Mac computer so I wasn’t sure how compatible it would be. Whenever I would open up a file it would show up and some in a different format. I downloaded apps like open office, etc. But didn’t really experiment too much with them. Then I found out how I could drag and drop everything from my flash drive right into Google Drive which I’ve had right along but haven’t really used much. It’s all there! On my computer at work, my Mac computer at home, my iPad, my iPhone. No more flash drives that I need to worry about being corrupted.

- Love it

I use this for school and my other email as well. It’s organized, easy to use, and overall great. Only a few things, however— I was a little taken aback when I found that you had to get the other apps to view certain things, such as documents and slide presentations. The second and last thing I wanted to mention was the problem with certain files being unsupported in drive. I tried to download a music file, and it didn’t work, it said that the file was unsupported. I was a little disappointed, but I’m still thoroughly enjoying my experience with the Google Drive App. :D

- Opinions About Google Drive

This is a really good app that allows people to view what’s inside of their Google Drive and keep track of all the files, documents, videos, slide shows, drawling or presentations or anything else that people have done in all their years of school and it’s also very useful because it organizes things by category. People also use it to keep track of work or career things. Everything that people put into their Google Drive stays safe if they log out of Google Drive after they are done using it. I think it makes things easier and it’s also easier to send emails or share what’s in your Google Drive to other people when needed.

- Google Drive

Google Drive is an amazing app! I’m only 12, but I go on it so much and I’m obsessed with it! The quality is amazing! Once, I accidentally deleted something in a document I made and I couldn’t undo it because I realized it too late and had already added a lot to it that I couldn’t delete. I was heartbroken until I figured out that I still had it. Turns out, everything was saved to the document, deleted or not. I was so happy when I recovered everything and I was amazed that they were still there! I love making new docs, sights, slides, etc. It is so entertaining for me! Overall, this app is spectacular!

- Find all shared files? Can’t be done

In Dropbox, I can easily find all the files I’ve shared with anyone. Not in Drive. Please address this. It’s a basic security measure. I could have inadvertently created a public link or shared with too many people, and there’s no way to find out. Sure, I can figure it out by checking each file one by one, by I don’t have the time to check thousands of files. This would be simple to implement. Your competitors do it. Nobody would dislike it, and many would love it. For now, I’m using Dropbox for this reason. I’d like to switch back because Drive is better in other ways. (Your desktop app is awful but that’s a whole different story and not a reason for my rating me.)


Theres not many twos on here, so this was in hopes they would find that this one stands out and can look into it. so let me clarify. This app is actually GREAT! it works just like it should, I want to give it a 5, because it is very convinet for school, and file uploading! Dont get me wrong, I use this everyday, but something I found that it lacks that could really be a benfit for the “productivity” of the app, and to prevent you guys from being replaced by 3rd party apps, but theres no ability to save multiple photography(jpeg) files at the same time through the app. There become moments where i find myself attempting to download multiple photos in the drive, but I have to do them one by one which can be very tedious for graphic artist. Just a very encouraging comment!

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Google Drive 4.2020.38202 Screenshots & Images

Google Drive iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Google Drive iphone images
Google Drive iphone images
Google Drive iphone images
Google Drive iphone images
Google Drive iphone images
Google Drive ipad images
Google Drive ipad images
Google Drive ipad images
Google Drive ipad images
Google Drive ipad images
Google Drive Productivity application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Google Drive Productivity application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Google Drive (Version 4.2020.38202) Install & Download

The applications Google Drive was published in the category Productivity on 2012-06-28 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 209.39 MB. Google Drive - Productivity posted on 2020-09-21 current version is 4.2020.38202 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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