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Get started with Google Drive for free and have all your files within reach from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. All your files in Drive – like your videos, photos, and documents – are backed up safely so you can’t lose them. Easily invite others to view, edit, or leave comments on any of your files or folders.

With Drive, you can:

• View documents, PDFs, photos, videos, and more
• Search for files by name and content
• Easily share files and folders with others
• Set sharing permissions to view, comment, or edit
• Quickly access recent files
• See file details and activity
• Enable viewing of files offline

Google accounts get 15GB of storage free, shared across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. For additional storage, you can upgrade to a premium subscription plan as an in-app purchase. Subscriptions start at $1.99/month for 100 GB in the US, and can vary by region.

Storage subscriptions purchased from the app will be charged to your iTunes Account, and automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed by going to iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

Google Privacy Policy:
Google Drive Terms of Service:

Google Drive App Description & Overview

The applications Google Drive was published in the category Productivity on 2012-06-28 and was developed by Google LLC. This application file size is 169.26 MB. Google Drive current version is 4.2019.44204 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

* Bug fixes and performance improvements

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Google Drive Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Prabu72   5 star

Great! I have an idea though. Honestly I love Google drive! It's a free 15 GB of space whice was useful when my iCloud storage ran out. I have one recommendation. Can you add a feature where you can store other files like .band files from GarageBand or .note files for Notability. I'm not saying it should be able to open these, I just want the ability to store them, like iCloud can. Otherwise it is great. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

awesomelizzie14   5 star

Amazing. I have had this app for a while now and it’s great to keep up with my school work. I don’t know anyone who dislikes it.

lhvitch oh ht   5 star


Shah42   5 star

Excellent app. I would recommend this app. It’s so good and one of the best google app.

not now!!!   2 star

Video Processing. Why does it take so long for videos to process after they are downloaded. It’s not what I expected at all in sharing family videos

LucyTig   5 star

Docs. Wonderfully convenient!

dsam26037   1 star

Es difícil de manejar. Quería cargar unas fotos y no deja cargarlas no se la razón por q no cargan

109pascall   5 star

Easy access. I don’t have to worry about losing my flash drive!

AliPour1997   2 star

Upload failed. When uploading large files, fails Also uploading from “Save to files” from other apps doesn’t work

Top rated in terrible services   4 star

Google drive. One of the best , and yet could be better!

moose the mouse   2 star

Hate. I kinda hate how you have to download google slides and docs and sheets to be able to use them. FIX IT!

ProMaster Gates   5 star

Amazing tool that saves me time after time after time!!!!. No matter where I am, no matter what I do I can pull out documents needed for me, I can print out or send the document to clients, friends at a tap of a finger.

lanie ciw   5 star

Google drive. I really like google drive because I can use it on my phone when my chrome book is not working it is really easy to use I love this app it is really easy to do assessments on this it is such a great app to use I love all of the sections on this app

misterwhiske   5 star

yes. yes

LilJay227   5 star

New features. I use this application to download music. It would be nice if there was a forward and a repeat option.

mckeeleee   5 star

just the best. this app works so well and is perfect

zelolsan   5 star

Avaliação. Ótimo

nmlopez347   5 star

Very helpful App. I can’t go about my day without this App especially when I am at work. Very easy to use & it rarely crashes. Five Stars for sure!!!

Whimowep   5 star

Music & Documents & Maps. All documents in alphabetical order, especially helpful with music, the whole title is there!

ivanprocess   5 star

Ofttj. PO G O

Momsavingcash   5 star

Ur. Ur

RanaRaquel   5 star

Great!!. Easy to use plenty if space.

Dezzzzzx23412   3 star

Dark Mode. I would use this app consistently if it had a Dark Mode

MD from Detroit   4 star

Chromecast. Why can’t i cast a video from my drive folder to chromecast?

superfragalisticxpialadocous   5 star

Amazing 😉. Drive really helps me get organized!

loves2spwge   5 star

Review. Its amazing

Bette Currier   5 star

Beautiful WOW. Loved it

dxjdydndhx   5 star

J. Bjuefh

Ron10000123fgh   2 star

Quit changing the app. Thanks

rumanruzu   5 star

Google drive. Nice

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uytyjfhfhtftt   5 star

Good. Good

Marbradley   5 star

Drive. 5 Stars

Nnnnnn74   5 star

Amazing. Amazing

etellab   5 star

Google drive is awesome!. I love google drive. I have put so many things on it and there is way to many docs, slides, draws and sheets I have done. Way to many. I have also got a few folders as well. Well there is one more thing I can say, Google drive is the BEST!!!

Ti5197   3 star

Ok. Can't download my mp3 files on apple devices

Eowlow   4 star

Easy to use. Great app but has glitches occasionally but great sharing tool!

Big bertha boss   5 star

Pigeon. Pigeon

silly. ickname   1 star

Syncing. This app might be better if it was easier to sync files with my computer

wrath banana   5 star

Best app ever. It’s so good to save stuff and it never loses your work😀


Delete is not obvious. Sneaky dumb app hides the delete file

dratin1   5 star

Very nice. It really makes me feel so good

Ranchorelax0   5 star

Encapsulator. This has been a wonderful support tool for us at thanks google.

bigfatpig21   5 star

Drive part of Google suite. Saving files that are emailed to me to drive makes my life so Much easier. I don’t need a desk or filing cabinet as everything goes into Drive. I even create and label folders for each topic. All my photos that I want to be backed up too. Nothing really confidential though.

OLT ROX!   5 star

Cool. Hello

grokka   1 star

Why. Why can’t I share a link publicly?

Mrs PCS   5 star

Loud applause for Silent Bomber. Perfectly executed Steve! Thanks for this memory.

Aphidius   5 star

Easy to use and flexible.. Been using Drive for the last few years. Great to be able to securely and reliably share files with a range of different people.

khmfadc   5 star

Review. 😄It is a great way for everyone to access something.

🇦🇺🇦🇺alec   5 star

Awesome!. It is fantastic! I would recommend it!

kkcsteven   5 star

Amazing!. I like google drive.It is awesome and fantastic!

joensammyw2019   5 star

My pics. Happy with the fact I can access all my pics 😊 from snap chat pics and memories

retro music   5 star

The perfect drive. Fast and easy to use, overall a great product with nice features

Camtec99   4 star

user friendly. Probably the most user friendly cloud drives I’ve used. Works accross platforms, and keeps the same format. Not to be negative, I just hope they’ve got their finger on the pulse as far as the security goes.

ApathyGates   2 star

Limitations. Don’t get me wrong, I like the app however compared to having a PC, it’s limited. There’s a lot of problems trying to browse my own folder structure and modify any shares I have in place. If it had those features just like on a desktop - life would be great!

shao letian   5 star

WOW. Awesome service

MandoHK   1 star

Not very accessible using iOS accessibility voice-over. Needs a lot of work

12121a21a211   5 star

Good. It was amazing for school

555princess555   5 star

It is really helpful I use it all the time during school.. Thanks

@letsgodosomestuffharry   5 star

Google drive review. I really like the way kids like me can share our work to other students to edit simultaneously.

Jennijanz   3 star

Songs. I wish drive could play songs even when the screen turns off or when you navigate to another app.

sweetypiegirl2   5 star

Practical & Effective. I enjoy this app, it works great for storing all my information and documents. Along with additional photos or other things that I need to save and don’t have enough space for on my other devices.

Ankew.Anch   1 star

Dumb. You guys have infinite storage...why do you charge extra for it?

vyggyvubgyvt   5 star

School. The teacher told me to use the drive

Xx_NJM_xX   4 star

Meh learnering is weally weally kool. Dis ting halp meh wif meh learnering it is weally weally Kool afwell shome days I feeelll to kool fo scool

jbench77   5 star

Organize at the best price. Best way to stay organized

PSKSimon   5 star

Awesome, Smooth and priceless.. Love it.

christinetheshemp   2 star

Deleted. I want to delete some of the paper but how. Please explain to me.

cookiecake2.0   3 star

This app is good. This app is great!it organizes your paper into neat folders but it sometimes takes a long time to load

Ashbabiie   5 star

Clutch!. Save documents and read them anywhere! Great for projects, essays, homework/notes etc

Michael R. Lee   5 star

Drive is essential. If you are a student or a person who needs to have access to his/her files or portfolio, Google Drive is perfect app to have on your phone. # Invaluable

prakash alias bapusaheb   5 star

Simply wonderful. One of the best app Versatile Extremely useful User friendly

Teaching for Free   5 star

Nice. I like the idea of it Keara

:)_   5 star

Good Service and Good Product. The Google Drive works very well and with the desktop google drive app, I use a separate folder sync software to sync from my production folders to the google drive folder for cloud backup with Apple Mac/OS Time Machine system incremental backup in addition.

Mel from Chowan County NC   5 star

Great Program. Wonderful program. It enables me to copy & then send to another site all the great recipes I find on the internet.

YmKLb   5 star

Great for sharing. It is difficult to upload videos. Shared drives have been regarding editing making copies or removing files.

randyb28   4 star

Wedding Photos. Works well b

Casual iPhone Gamer 2012-12-13   5 star

Cool. This is a cool app

Meg2465   1 star

Horrible. This is the worst word processing program! Unfortunately it’s the only thing available.

MC D-Duck   5 star

want. egg

gfftggfftggferrfvghuujnbfdds   5 star

Awesome. Awesome

Cuban dad   5 star

Smart folders. You can save your documents and your pictures on this awesome app

TrixTex   5 star

From Desk to Phone. Google drive is very convenient. I have been making a list of books to read and have alphabetized by author in google excel. Instead of making a printed copy for my purse, I have it right here in my phone. Same goes for writing. I’ll jot down a note or two and then I have it here on drive to edit and work on when I’m not at my computer.

George paul franklin   5 star

Google drive. Google drive is very helpful. It helps me organize all of there things I do.

awesome-ncorn   3 star

Not able to type. I wish that drive could have a typing ability

용발이형   4 star

pls make it use double tab function that used in Youtube.. When i enjoy this app, i needs the function in Youtube. That is double tab function. It means when i double tab the screen the video go forward or backwoard by my needs. Pls google drive need that function!

EnvironCompass   5 star

Review of Google Drive. This facility is simply amazing! I could not work without it!!!

General Mim   5 star

Great work team google!. Amazing cloud storage, easy and convenient to use

CPU Ama   2 star

Drive keeps crashing. Whenever I want to look at a picture in my drive, it always crash on my phones. EVERYTIME

Ahmed Bassyouni   3 star

Scanning. I am not a developer but I would imagine that it is easy to add the scanning capability similar to android os and be able to scan multiple pages at the same time.

of if if ifbfof f   5 star

Thank you. U are helping me with my school work

1MrZsc1   4 star

Too much space for app itself. Works but takes up too much space which hinders smaller-storage devices.

Dr.JagCobra   5 star

Very Good. Very good for storing stuff and more! I have almost every google app!

millclau   5 star

Un mot Génial. Super

Ava Bronzedrifter   4 star

Drive. Drive... you guys are great.... sometimes. Offline working with me is.. not working.

sanyay   5 star

Great. Works across multiple devices, reasonable pricing for upgraded storage

Roman2011   3 star

Can not mark up doc with Apple Pencil.. Need that function badly

dandyhubert   1 star

Cuts out frequently. Many of our users complain that the app closes on them frequently, while trying to find files or uploading new ones. Would appreciate a fix!

helwnfjfoqndkfg   3 star

Useless junk. There’s been some useless junk added to my folder I have no clue why it’s there, and I never added it. It just some how showed up. Otherwise it’s fine!

10Minuten   3 star

Drive crashes periodically on iOS under heavy use flipping pictures. I am a heavy user of Google storage for photography sharing and unfortunately it crashes systematically on my various iOS devices under heavy sollicitation going over many pictures going quickly from one to the other. Using iOS file manager to access Google drive is more stable but takes a bit longer to load pictures it seems to me but at least it does not crash

gjdhbgibf   5 star

Google drive. Add a little more space

SlavianNL   1 star

JUNK. Can’t see full file names. Most of the screen on the iPad is empty white space, and the list/tiles are all bunched in the middle, with file names cut off. ABSOLUTELY USELESS! THEN when you compare to use iPadOS Safari to access drive, the WORLD IS RIGHT AGAIN! This app has been made COMPLETELY REDUNDANT and VERY underdone.

philipnb   1 star

It’s so frustrating that. drive doesn’t behave the same way on my iPad as my iMac! It makes it so much harder to work having to change the way I interact with documents or not being able to access some docs at all.

auwworrier   4 star

Compatibility issues with pictures. This happened today. The pc version of the drive does notrecognize the picture i took with myphone as a picture

nory 123456   5 star

Nice. Good app

OWOWCH   5 star

Oil. Cool

hayden 4328   3 star

Dark mode. This app should have a dark mode. It would be so clean. Everything else is great about it

Hello421   5 star

Awesome!. Doesn’t cost money and is so helpful for so many things!!!!

jonny cach   5 star

F****** boosté. Drive, amour de ma vie. Je te dois mon allégeance éternelle

Agaielad   5 star

Great solution.. Thank you for years of great experience. Free tier is as reliable as ever!

Nik419   3 star

Please include multiple downloads. Can you please add a feature to multi select photos and download them.

kaitoe   2 star

Unintuitive. When accessing shared folders or when accessing docs or sheets, google drive fails to recognize the folder and bumps you to an all-files view which throws you contextually off balance.

Lyanezc   5 star

Drive es excelente. Nada que decir, más que adopten pronto modo sombra.

TITAN Marketing   3 star

Great app but needs a couple improvements. This is a great app to access files but it is lacking with the ability to play files back to back or continuously without third party apps. I love listening to my training audios or audiobooks but it’s a pain that you need to pop out and manually go to next file easy time. It would be great to create your own playlists from your own files and have continuous playback. Also would love ability to watch .TS videos. app has both these features. I have paid for unlimited storage with Google Drive and prefer to use this app when possible. Add these features and I’ll raise 5 stars

Mamma Spens   5 star

Most convenient too out there. Google has gone above and beyond in creating an all-in-one tool (tools) that allows the user to connect with others, connect between application, access material anywhere, auto save and so much more. I’m beyond satisfied.

Torrence of Arabia   1 star

Just garbage. It just keeps crashing.

me 4049   4 star

I think it is fine. I have been using it for a while and it has been fine for me with a few glitches every once and a while

Samuel1ross   5 star

Noice. I love using google drive

Shes An Author   5 star

Very good. Yay

GreatManBear   2 star

No scan option. Can’t scan on iOS version

kal-el8419   4 star

Love the google drive app. Love the availability of my drive at my fingertips. The only small issue I have is sometimes when I try to add new material to a folder it doesn’t appear on my app. So I have to save it to my drive and go back on my laptop to move files to the correct folder.

heatanious   5 star

Drive is great. Great

Andy_bne   5 star

容易分享. 容易分享,可惜空間小

Gdcsv   5 star

Read this. I have been going on google drive at school at night in the morning I think google drive is very good for some tips for all of you guys go on to GOOGLE DRIVE!!!!!!👍🏻❤️🙏🏻

Cherubshirl   5 star

Google drive. I use it on my computer, iPhone, iPad, and any device I need access to my files. Have never had an issue with it. Easy to use, easy to folder items, quick and easy downloads, easy to move files as well.

willynerd   1 star

Freezes. App freezes

Angelina winer   5 star

Drive. So easy to do things like schoolwork, homework and dance. I love drive!

Valpiezz   4 star

I like it. The ability to change audio tracks and turn on subtitles for videos would be nice

1 2 1234   2 star

A right pain to use. Slow and cumbersome, format challenges a trial for grey haired users

Shitehouse   5 star

Google Drive. Amazing!. Saves everything

Dom025   4 star

Good as. I use this for school and it works really well but sometimes it glitches overall good app

dgh4vj   4 star

It is terrible. I

Aminoflama   5 star

Couldn’t live without this app. After years of losing files due to not backing my stuff up, now I just work off google drive. It’s always there and never lets me down 👏👌👍


Great for work. Umm I need to say this like great for me I mean it’s good for like sharing for my class and for my work and my whole school use this app for work even the teachers this has mad my work better to sort out

Rate the rater   5 star

Amazing for school. I get all of my schoolwork presentatios andgetgood

Kevin wongpaibool   5 star

Thank you.. Good app, 👍👍👍

TLK_Gaming   5 star

Best. I love google drive because if my house burns down I will have my documents

Integral Calculus   1 star

Device policy alert always on screen. I reset my iPhone and now this app no longer works. I have signed into my google account but the app doesn’t recognise it so all I get is the device policy alert popping up Suggested solution is to sign in. Done that but no change

happy good luck   4 star

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designofthings   5 star

Embrace of design. Google’s embrace of UX and design in general is evident in the Drive interface.

DJDarcy321   2 star

Nonono. It made me give 2 stars but I would give it a 1 star. Use word docs instead they are more. Superrior

tigerkid5678   5 star

Best ever. Best thing ever

Bill2601   5 star

Very easy system to use, I’d be lost without it!. Can’t believe we every existed without Google Drive 🤷‍♂️ I rely on it every day. Great product.

Skye.D   5 star

School. This app is amazing and I love it for school work ❤️

krulderboiz   5 star

My google drive experience. Hi all, Today I would like to share my personal google drive experience with you. I would like to begin by saying that when I first began to use google drive, at the start of my high school life, I didn’t know much about it. I thought it was just some passing fad and that everyone would get over it in a few weeks. But when I realised the beauty of this program I decided to bring it into my daily life, just to try it out. At first I was clumsy and frustratingly bad at using the program. Not only did I not understand how it worked, I also was not able to do anything with it. But after a while, I got to know it a little better. It became my best friend. Growing up, I didn’t have many friends of my own and google drive was always there for me (except for those depressing times when the school wifi would cut out and I would tumble into a state of panic and eventually be sent home). Soon we were going everywhere together, having great times and sharing inside jokes. It was then that I realised that google drive was my soulmate. I decided that I would buy a small island in the pacific where I could build myself a humble dwelling where I could stay with google drive. It was a peaceful place, but soon I realised that there was no internet. I ran screaming into the airport where I was detained for attacking several members of the airport staff in exchange for the wifi password. After twenty seven days in solitary (primarily because the staff members were too afraid to approach the thin wooden door that stood between a rabid me and the outside world), I became accustomed to online storage shaped hole in my heart. And this is where my soulmate and I parted ways. This may seem like a sad end, but I assure you I found another soulmate almost twenty minutes later. That was when I met helix jump...

Pete Dragons   2 star

Clunky. I have a file in drive and try to open it in docs and it won’t. The system is clunky and unhelpful.

piggy🐖🦒🐄🐩   5 star

It is amazing. This app is amazing for school and it saves all my google stuff If we didn’t have drive I would not be very happy it saves your google docs google drawings this app is the best keep on adding cool technology to iPads

pro__   3 star

Ok. Doesn’t handle many files upload well . Crashes or doesn’t start

5821D6691B   5 star

Google docs. We use all of them in our business and they are amazing highly recommended, brilliant

rainbowslime20   1 star

I don’t really like this app because it’s kind of complicated. Please make it more simple. Bye

Luna Clearwater   5 star

Great use and storage. This is a very helpful app which makes storing files and iMovies easy. You can’t have slides, docs or sheets without . . . DRIVE!!! (And I’m a kid so that’s saying something!)

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