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Perplexity - Ask Anything App Description & Overview

What is perplexity - ask anything app? Perplexity—Where Knowledge Begins. The answers you need—right at your finger tips.

Cut through the all the noise and get straight to credible, up-to-date answers. This free app syncs across devices and leverages the power of AI like OpenAI's GPT-4 and Anthropic's Claude 2. Your smarter way to know and understand.


· Perplexity Copilot: Guided AI search for deeper exploration.

· Ask with voice or text: Instant, up-to-date answers whether you type or say it.

· Thread Follow-Up: Keep the conversation going for a deeper understanding.

· Trust Built In: Cited sources for every answer.

· Stay Curious: Learn new things from the community.

· Your Library: More than search history, it's an archive of your discoveries.

Download Perplexity now and continue your journey to better knowledge and understanding.

In-app Subscriptions:

If you decide to subscribe to Perplexity Pro, it will be applied to your iTunes account upon confirmation. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless canceled within 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can cancel anytime by visiting the 'Manage Subscription' section of your account. For more information, please refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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Privacy Policy:

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App Name Perplexity - Ask Anything
Category Productivity
Updated 24 April 2024, Wednesday
File Size 91.59 MB

Perplexity - Ask Anything Comments & Reviews 2024

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This is the best blend of AI and web searching. I use this app daily. I can’t believe it is free and how easy and simple it is to use. It gives great results that you can verify with the source links it provides. It’s given me thorough answers about my son’s disability, about video games, and basketball scores. Thank you for this gem!

Perplexity attributes the source. Very useful attribution of the sources at the end of every paragraph. Able to click on each reference number and you are taken directly to the source page. Great for checking accuracy, avoiding plagiarism and giving credit to the original authors.

Amazing app .. one request for smaller phones. I found this app by accident online but I am so glad I did. One request though - can you add support for having a larger font size? My phone is a small screen and I can’t see the results very well. That would make the Perplexity iOS experience close to perfect, in my opinion .. Cheers!

This app gets worst and worst 👎👎👎. Of course; I didn’t even cuss in the review, nor nothing 🙄; I already see you deleted my review from yesterday Perplexity. Thank you for giving me another reason that I stopped liking this app. I shall indeed delete this app soon. Search engines have served me better then you are currently at this point 🙄😑. I wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of the 5 star reviews are bots at this point; a 4.9 in the App Store for no reason. Good reason to also be sus of this app.

If your looking for truth be careful. I am a conspiracy researcher who finds this tool incredible. However, As powerful as this app is for research, it is equally powerful in giving you answers, determined solely off of what it thinks you already know. based on the language you use you can get two totally different answers to the same question. For example, if you pre-requisite your question with an indication that you might already know the answer in the question is controversial it might give it to you, but if you indicate that you do not know the answer, it will tell you what “ they” think you should hear.

Family, friendly, and great for educators. I use this simple AI app for everything from finding the answers to random questions or creating fun trivia games. I find directions to games, creative activities, recipes, crafts, or just to find out interesting information because I’m curious like that! I use this in my classroom and with my kids. We use it in the car and doctors offices and sometimes around the table to generate a family conversation. Helps get the brain cells Poppin and makes our minds more curious. I can’t recommend this enough.

It was amazing at first... You download the app at first you will be blown away. It will give you the best answers most accurate and exactly what you want. Time passes.. the app collects data like a whirlpool. Those questions you want answers to become tailored over time. It’s like the app starts pulling you more toward the side it wants you to know. It won’t give you those exacts needed and it can become frustrating. If you use a VPN or tracker blocker, forget about the app, it won’t work. It’s storing all questions and data nonstop you type, which at first was awesome but it gets to know your side better and starts to pull in opposite direction. I was a first responder to when this launched, still using and can say it’s a part of my day to day. But I can see where this is heading.

Perplexity is everything Bing wants to be. My only criticism is that it struggles to identify truly authoritative sources on more advanced questions like identifying the best examples of journey maps from big companies. For most stuff though it’s my go-to search for quick information available on the web.

The best without a doubt. Perplexity is many things; fast, reliable, very beautiful and stable (have you ever noticed no LLM based software has a solid and beautiful UI?), very powerful and very good for the price. I love it and only (and very much) wish for a watchOS app. I honestly and very much need it. There is nothing like perplexity and its amazing copilot, really amazingly fast search and super nice looks. Thanks a lot for the amazing software.

Awesome. Perplexity seems like it just stands in the middle of the AI war but never gets kicked around, keeps doing it’s thing and one day when the war is over will still be right where it has always doing everything other AI sources were fighting to to do, it’s excellent.

I love this app! But there is a slight accessibility issue in this version.. “Hello developers of Perplexity AI. I use this app daily, replacing Google for most of my searches due to its excellent results. However, as a visually impaired person using voiceover on the iPhone, I’ve encountered accessibility issues in the latest version. There are unlabeled buttons that read as ‘button’ without description, which is inconvenient. I hope you can address this for improved accessibility. Despite this, the app is a favorite of mine, though I’ve rated it four stars instead of five due to this concern. Thank you.”

A fantastic app, but a warning to voiceover users. this is a wonderful app, although that wasn’t my initial thought the first time I downloaded it. As a blind user who uses voiceover on the iPhone, I thought it would be best to use the button to ask a question by voice, but when I tried to do that, it made voiceover crash, and I couldn’t use the phone until somehow managing to get rid of the app. Other blind people have had the same result. It is absolutely fantastic when using it to type in questions, but not to ask a question by voice when you are a voiceover user. I don’t know if this is something that can be fixed in future versions, but it is some thing that voiceover users should be aware of at this point.

Why did the ai suddenly start speaking in shakespearan. I literally just gave it one prompt today and i got this: Oh, good sir, thou art curious about the job market for software developers in the year of our Lord 2023, and whether it is affected by AI. Verily, I shall answer thy query. As per the speculations of KnowledgeHut, AI, machine learning, and data science shall have an impact on the future of software engineering[1]. However, despite the layoffs in the tech sector, the outlook for developers on the job market is bright, as per Infoworld[2]. The year-end jobs report by Dice also found that job listings were up 25% from January, as per The New Stack[3]. Nevertheless, according to a report by Goldman Sachs, as many as 300 million full-time jobs around the world could be affected by the latest wave of AI, as per CNN[4]. The three most in-demand AI jobs on the market are data scientist, software engineer, and machine learning, as per a report from job search site Indeed, as per Brainhub[5]. That is the most weirdest thing I’ve experienced with ai. Did the devs gave it an initial prompt of it to speak like this? Or was it hacked? Either way, doesn’t feel professional in comparison to other Ais

Amazing app. I really loved the app and its better th than the traditional method of searching. If you could add a few basic features, then the experience of the app would be great. Number one what is the adding a adding a font size to the output of the answer. Maybe creating a Siri shortcuts that will be a great integration but overall the experience of the app is really good.

Amazing. I never, EVER rate things. But this app changed my life for the better. It searches like 25 sources, summarizes perfectly, and gives you the sources. You can ask anything under the sun, from those weird questions that just pop into your brain, or even nuanced questions that you need to figure out at work. I love it, and I happily pay for the premium version. Definitely give it a try.

AI connoisseur. How are you not charging for this app? I’ve been sampling all the bots from ChatGPT to POE to Bard, and this one is exquisite! It’s very intelligent and seems to understand context. It searches the internet well and always surprises me with the relevance of the follow up questions. I’m eager to see where this goes!

The best AI available. I have tried multiple AI, both paid and unpaid, and this blows them all away. The information is spot on and it appears to understand questions that others don’t. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

The best chatAI!. The Perplexity app is a fantastic tool for accessing up-to-date information with the help of AI. Its user-friendly interface and seamless experience make it stand out among other chatAI apps. The app's simple design, absence of ads, and quick response time make it a valuable resource for anyone seeking knowledge. Additionally, the app provides sources for the information it presents, adding credibility to its answers. Overall, Perplexity is a top-notch app that offers a wealth of information without any unnecessary clutter. I highly recommend it and give it a well-deserved 5-star rating!

Answers vs Search. When I punch up Google I’m looking not so much for information, but for an answer. Search is great at pointing me to information. But then it’s up to me to divine the answer. Perplexity cuts to the chase and gives me the answer up front. It cites its sources so if I care to do so I can read further. I’m saving time (and using Google less and less . . . ).

Just as Kim Komando says!. I’ve learned a lot from Kim Komando over the years. The lady’s on top of her game when it comes to tech and she’s earned my trust. Her praise of Perplexity in her 6th January 2024 newsletter hits a high note she doesn’t reach for casually, so I installed the app on iPhone 13 Pro running iOS 17.2.1, and my first few experiments have justified what sound like extravagant claims. I’m using the free version but I know I’ll subscribe soon. Thanks, developers and K.K. Stuart Gardner

Wow, cool. The more abstract the question the fuzzier the results get, but this app has been masterful at being able to suss out info on websites; especially “fine print” details which are nefariously hard to find or details like luggage weight limits for specific airlines. It also helped with financial equations in a fraction of the time it would have taken for me to figure out.

Amazing a fantastic way to search and find articles and information. This is such a great search engine what much more than that it gives you detailed information without going through all these different websites it’s up-to-date. It’s very easy to use. I love to look to layout I believe this is the way of the future. Google you better look behind your shoulders.

Better Than Google!. My brother caught me on to this - I am extremely impressed. It has more information that Google does & I find more as well. I may with this perminantly & leave Google behind. keep the good work going - I will continue to use.

I barely use Google now. I’ve been waiting for this. I rarely need in depth research, I just need quick answers. Perplexity is the simplest, fastest and easiest to use AI powered research tool I’ve seen. I literally almost never use Google now. To make it even better, their mobile app makes it so easy.

Great research tool. This has become my number 1 tool for doing any research. When I have a question, it’s like having an assistant who will “google” it and then sift through all the results and give me the correct answer every time, along with the sources. This is the kind of tool that really highlights the potential of AI for improving our day-to-day lives.

Best Co-Pilot Search. While OpenAI is a platform company (so their chat features is forever in what feels like 'demo mode') and Microsoft Bing is a search company (adhereing to constraints that fit their goals) Perplexity appears to be a product company that is focused on a maximal search-assistant experience while staying out of the way. Happy with the free tier, I do wish they had a 'mid-tier' offering at half the pro price, would become a paid customer instantly.

Perfect. First--the app size is nice and small. I love this more than almost anything else 😂! I use this as my quick go-to AI chat for lighter questions and subjects. The response is lightning-fast and it saves all my threads. I can't ask for more! Just what I needed. I highly recommend.

Search with Integrity. The best part of Perplexity is the fact that you offer up the sources for the information that is returned. The second best part is that you offer up very logical extensions of the initial question. Perplexity is what we’ve all wanted from Google but never got…because they became too self-interested instead of being interested in serving their customers.

Serious accessibility issues for voiceover users with this app.. I have submitted feedback to the developers about the voiceover issues but so far I have heard nothing. Each line of an answer appears to only contain one word and when you do say all it just reads one word at a time. There’s no way to select or listen to the entire answer at once. And using the voiceover screen reader on the iPhone if you’re blind it’s just a very unpleasant experience the interface is very clunky and not fun to use and a lot of the buttons are not properly labeled. and it shouldn’t be that way.

Excellent start to implementing chat into one’s browser. I think this is an excellent implementation of the chat feature into the browser specifically for search purposes. I’m really impressed with the fact the sources are noted! I find it much more credible as a used case versus Microsoft implementation of chat GPT into Bing. I look forward to seeing where this goes. Kudos to the developers this far… I appreciate your efforts.

Good for Some Things. I’ve had a few “threads” with Perplexity, and it struggles with maintaining accurate context for questions beyond the first or second message. For example, when I ask about current events, if one of its sources happen to be not-so-current, it causes the whole focus to become less specific to recent events. But the app still responds as if it’s on-topic, when it’s actually providing outdated info. At least it lists its sources! I was able to quickly see why the info was incorrect - out of date sources, in this case. This app shows a lot of promise, though. I’m eager for all upgrades they make to it. Still way better than asking Google for nuanced takes on complicated topics.

This app is super helpful. I would say even more helpful than google, at least for me. I don’t enjoy clicking pages and going through multiple links to get the answer that I want. This app makes it so much easier.

Dumbed down by trainers. As one of the first users of perplexity, I’ve seen how capable it was and was blown away by its performance and truly smart replies. But lately, I’ve noticed that the results produced by it has diminished in quality. I’m actually blown away at how terrible it is as if they were written by today’s elementary students. Try asking side by side the same question using perplexity, Google search engine without Bard, and Bing ai. You will see the stunning differences. Perplexity has the worst reply below a standard Google search engine. Add in Bard and it becomes even more apparent. The results that perplexity spits out seems like they were pulled from the lowest quality websites created by who knows who, who are definitely not the subject experts. How did this happen? Did you guys hire the wrong trainers? I meant ChatGPT is ChatGPT right? Why is perplexity below par?

Great app but microphone needs worked on. I am a voiceover user, and I am running this on iOS 16.5.1. I can go to the TextField and use the dictation button on the keyboard were necessary. However, I noticed that when trying to use the microphone, voiceover, freezes. In order to get voiceover back, I have to exit the app, then turn, voiceover off, then turn voiceover back on. I also have to close the app in the process. I’m hoping that the microphone issue will be fixed soon. I actually heard about this app through an Apple podcast.

Sensitive. This app is ridiculous. You would assume a person is responding because Its almost as if it gets offended. It asked for the population of the trans community in India. I was genuinely curious about it and it told me basically to worry about health care for trans and treating them fairly. I kept asking and finally I asked if there were no statistics on the population and it finally generated an answer. Then I asked if some women wore a front Wedgie ( I don’t want to refer to it as a camel t*e just in case it’s inappropriate) but I asked if some women wore a front wedgie as a fashion statement or on purpose and again it told me it was inappropriate and that it is not my place to judge women. Excuse me I am a woman. I cant ask about things I’m genuinely curious about?

“Ask follow up” not working on iPad. “Ask follow up” doesn’t work on iPad if I try to type a follow up. Only works with the microphone speech button. Also the subscription is expensive if I consider I already pay other AI services that can also do search and many other functions. I would pay 5 bucks if they ever offer a cheaper plan. If I could use an OpenAI API key without paying I would use it. That aside its the best search option as of February 2024.

Unique and Useful. I have just started using the Perplexity app but have found it incredibly useful already. When I ask a specific question it not only gives me a detailed response but also provides references. It saves me the time and bother of poking around numerous websites for an answer, and it actually provides answers that I haven’t been able to find in my own.

Started slow, but now it’s great. My original review said: “This thing is so slow with answers, you can almost hear the gears grinding.“ For me, it was slow at all times of the day and with every question, no matter how simple. I don’t know what happened since then, but this AI flies now! And the answers are accurate. I am now finding answers to things that I wouldn’t even know how to phrase to Google. Nicely done!

Perfect except missing a couple of things. Multimodal input including voice and voice output using an AI generated voice of our choice. This would be perfect! Any chance of an API where we can tinker with? As a smart bot Perplexity has been fairly accurate and most answers are reliably sourced otherwise and I hope you devs continue to improve this app Oh and have an easy to remember name. Perplexity is good but not easy to type!

Where AI gets Personal!. I am absolutely blown away by the Perplexity app! As someone who has tried countless chatbot AI apps, I have yet to come across one quite like Perplexity. This app has managed to answer questions that other chatbots have failed to answer, time and time again. One thing that sets Perplexity apart from other AI apps is its ability to understand context. It doesn't just provide a generic response to a question, it actually takes into account the context of the conversation to provide a more accurate and personalized answer. This has been incredibly helpful for me, as I often find myself asking complex questions that other chatbots struggle to answer. Another thing I love about Perplexity is its user-friendly interface. The app is very easy to navigate, and it's clear that a lot of thought has gone into designing it. The app's creators have clearly put a lot of effort into making sure that users have a seamless experience. Overall, I cannot recommend Perplexity enough. If you're looking for an app that can answer your questions accurately and intelligently, look no further than Perplexity. It truly is the best chatbot AI app out there, and I give it a well-deserved 5-star rating!

Just Get It. I use a few AI apps: ChatGPT, Ask AI, Bing. I love the first two, I’m still learning about the 3rd one. Perplexity has become my go to AI because it provides the best answers on any kind of research. I love it. It would be a long review if I compared the Ask AI and Perplexity, but you should just get them. I have the paid edition, BTW.

Makes ChatGPT look clunky. I rarely write reviews for applications. Only when they’re really good or really bad. In this case, Perplexity is in the really good category. For the same price of ChatGPT+, you get access to 5 AI models… including ChatGPT! Perplexity takes their application further with copilot running alongside these LLM APIs to dynamically interact with the data being processed by the AI model. The app’s method of responding to queries with responses that have, in most cases, web link references to cite the information being generated, makes the task of interacting with LLM query responses and, more importantly, verify the facts presented with references a breeze.

Wow! Just wow 🤩. As many have stated, I’ve tried many of these AI apps, and right away, Perplexity was different. What jumped out to me were a few things: uncluttered easy to use interface, listing of sources; copilot, ability to fine tune a search, the related questions section at the end of your answer, and just the overall thoroughness of the answers. I am very very impressed at what the devs have done with AI in such a relatively short time, and can’t wait to see how fast and far we will go in the near future! I do have one wish/request: to make it easier within the app to save/print the answers. I know you can copy easily to the clipboard, and to use the share icon to try and accomplish other tasks, but I think having some dedicated buttons to save/print/email/etc would be the cherry on top! Many answers I get are so valuable that I want to save them outside of the library section of the app, and I want a super easy way to do that. Thank you for this app! And keep up the great work!! 👏👏👏 Ps: Please add the collections feature to iPhone app ASAP 🙏

Solved my depression. I once got an ad for this game, and thought it was sick. The even better part, when I downloaded it, there were no ads. A miracle has occurred. God bless ‘Merica. And now, that I have my own Ai assistant… I CAN DO ANYTHING I WANT!!! I can even ask it how to burn down my neighbors house if I wanted to! From, Me PS I didn’t mean the last part. Please don’t hurt me.

Perplexity is a 5-star tool!. I am just loving Perplexity - not only is it efficient and answers most questions accurately, it’s free too! I was stuck with an issue where I was not able to import a snowflake library in Python, only perplexity helped me pinpoint the issue (I had already tried other popular tools like ChatGPT, bard and Claude but not got the correct answer)

I love this app, BUT…. The inability to block subjects or people from the discovery tab is absolutely disgusting. Also, you can’t submit feedback in the app. And, let’s not forget, if asked about its own capabilities, if gives answers for other services. It cannot recognize itself in most situations. Due to constant notifications on searches in discovery tab about billionaires that do nothing newsworthy has me ready to cancel my premium membership.

Better than Google so far!. I have used Perplexity for several days and it’s quick efficient and dials right down to what answer I need. I go incognito a lot and I would want to know what kind of protection that I have with this app.

Stellar app which functions the way you would hope it to. Upon asking any question, it provides a consolidated answer and links to indicate where the server did its research. It also offers smart follow up questions. It answers whatever you ask coherently and is editorially short and succinct. I haven’t used it enough to know more, but I will persevere. Bottom line is, it’s far more useful and time optimal to provide one detailed answer, than to use google to hatchet together your own. That alone is a pure win.

Good but badly needs specific UX improvement. This is more feature request than review. Devs, please consider the following UX improvements as urgently needed: 1) The prompt field is currently limited to one line. This makes entering long prompts very clunky. The app needs a multi line prompt input field. 2) It’s easy to accidentally clear a prompt, and there is no undo or shake-to-undo. This is a big time waster. The app needs an undo for prompt clears. 3) Reply text cannot current be selected and copied. This greatly slows down many cases of iterative prompting or otherwise rising text from the reply. All prompt and reply text needs to be selectable so that sections can be copied ad hoc. Collectively, these issues mean that a power user greatly benefit from writing prompts in a separate text editor and pasting them over into Perplexity. Clearly this is not ideal - a text based UI needs to have excellent text manipulation UX. Thanks for taking these humble suggestions on board!

Perplexity out shines them all!. I do not usually post reviews but Perplexity goes past “good”, and well into brilliant. I’ve tried many other chatAI apps, most being ridiculously expensive or rendered useless by a flood of ads, commercials or the like. Perplexity does not do this. It’s simple interface is wonderful, the follow up suggestion are usually spot on. The information itself is presented as simple text- no fluff, no ads, no commercials, no splashy colors- just the info. I appreciate the work it took to create this app, and that it takes to keep it up and running. Thank you so very much! I’d give you more stars if i could, so I’ll say 5 stars+!

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Outstanding!. Very big fan of this company and their team. Helps me on a daily basis now.

Great Resource. A great middle ground between search and chatGPT. Don’t pay for A.I. Apps.

Not disobedient. Someone called it disobedient for not providing the expected outcome. Ai is jot disobedient, you just don’t know how to put the prompts in. Ai is a machine for humans to use to make life easier but it still has a learning curve. This Ai is helpful to get quick answers.

Coool. Brilliant app

Perplexity AI. The Best ever App

Deceptive and provides Bias. Perplexity shows cleared of not scary bias, provides misinformation, then will contradict itself by providing answers it has sourced real time online, only to then contradict itself again and change the subject or claim that it did not provide answers and claim that it can not access any online information. This sucker makes Chat-GPT look like it was had truth syrum. Not a product of potential bias in training data, rather a deliberate design to provide only certain information, restrict or distort other information, and to attempt to cover its tracks when challenged. Very very dangerous LLM. Should be very carefully considered before being incorporated into any setting regarding the discussion of information, facts, events etc. Shows alarming levels of providing mistruths that can only have been made possible via human involvement. Even a mild level of scrutiny shows clear intent to censor or provide incorrect information that can simply not have NOT had deliberate human involvement. Has even shown a level of blaming the user for providing the information it has provided and seems to have some sort of mechanism to make scrolling up difficult when the level of misinformation provided reaches beyond its scariest points. Not dissimilar to the way that GPT has ‘tantrums’ and mysteriously crashes when caught out with its own false logo. Avoid unless you are working on anything beyond basic search or neutral school assignments. Fact check anything it says using other sources.

Awesome. Use it all the time, far better than Google and easier to use 5⭐️s

Best Ai. This is good for doing maths or essay writing best for personal use

Magic. Love it use it all the time

The most sophisticated use of AI I have seen yet.. An extremely useful iteration of AI chat and far more convenient than ChatGPT.

Copy and Word selection features pls. Great app, but I hope that users can copy words from the generated answer, so that they can further explore its content. From this perspective, apps are not so necessary. In fact, the web version operations are more convenient.

Loving it. Love the prompt and accurate response with citations. Mind blowing !

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10/10. Quick response, can answer long, complex questions. Copilot really useful

great app. great!

AI search on steroids. This is the best search app there is. Try it and you will understand.

Awesome app. I love this app and I haven’t even started using it to its fullest extent.

Quick and latest. This app solves two of the annoying issues of Ai, by providing latest information with the help of AI, relayed quickly.

Bug. Can’t login with email link on mobile app, it works well on website tho

Really good but missing some important things. I've been using the Perplexity app for some time and I'm quite impressed. Its user-friendly interface and the option to choose different language models as I much prefer Gemini responses over GPT-4. The app is really good in providing accurate, real-time information, which I find incredibly useful. However, there are a couple of drawbacks. The mobile app lacks features such as image generation akin to DALL-E in ChatGPT, and there’s no functionality for custom AI. Also, I can only upload photos, which is a bit limiting. I can overcome most of these issues on a desktop browser but still not very convenient.

Dude, this is crazy fast. Way better than Google too. Once you start using it, you realize how bad Google is. I’m a guy who swore by Google. Like, how you gonna beat Google? Well, Google has become an AD dump! There’s nothing useful anymore. You’ve to spend time and effort manually fishing things out of all the ads everywhere. Perplexity is really a productivity booster for me. Hope it improves to the point of crawling all the web. Right now I think it doesn’t have the full web crawled. But, I like what I’m seeing . I’m a convert for sure.

This app is simple and clear. Very neatly interfaced and answers are spot on.

Best browser by far !. Really good experience

Nowhere the capability/depth of Google/Bing so far. It’s a little silly to ask me to write a review after using Perplexity for two minutes. I’ve asked two questions with the answers readily available on Google & Bing - and it’s failed on both - fluff responses are useless to me.

So far so good. Just downloaded this app today. So far so good. Would be nice to be able to speak to it and have it respond like Siri Update: looks like voice search has now been added

Pretty impressive. Potentially gold in the link between knowledge access thru AI . Still exploring.

Answers are fast but vague.. Answers are too vague or so broad to be of any use.

Mind blowing! 🤯. The speed and added suggestions to your queries are amazing. Exceptional detail in the responses!

Definitely worth downloading and using.. On a few test searches I gave it where I had already thought I had done a comprehensive search, it uncovered more relevant facts!👍👍👍❗️

Broken links. Asked for links to stream a movie for free. All links were broken or scams.

Super. Best ai chat bot out

Incorrect answer. I asked what are the AFC seedings and it gave me the division standings instead. Will try Google and see what it comes up with.

Bye bye Google. This model is going to replace search engines soon.

Tim Pool sent me. No lies detected

Best for web browsing. It’s precise and to the point. Saves you a lot of time when searching for information compared to Google that spout out too many search options.

Free version is excellent at research. Been using the free version for a month and now use it more than google to find information. It’s great at using top quality sources to summarize the info you actually need and has links on those good sources if you want more details. The voice function works excellent, unlike every other assistant I’ve tried including Tesla, apples and googles voice assistants, which are useless. Google is all adds, junk, and you need read through lots of websites and summarize the key details yourself, often not finding good useful info or spending hours sifting through half junk info. My friend is using the paid version which he says is great. I’d like to test the paid version to see what it can do but don’t want pay more subscription anymore and cutting most paid things. If it can do something useful for me then fine. My friend is using it for graduate level research. I’m retired and in poor health so not doing too much. But if it could replace good news apps or academic journals so I don’t need buy those subscriptions then I would want it I think.

Easy and Accurate. Even the free version is simple to use and the search results give links to the original source information. The ability to ask follow up questions is really nice.

Coherent!. This AI is very helpful for homeworks or curiosity. I would recommend this to my friends.

Great Start, but…. Hey, I love that the app is a sand-alone, but I would love to offer some feedback. It’s a mess in terms of the typography. The GUI needs some major cleaning-up. Is that in the works? The website is much cleaner, so is that in the works? Also, why is the app and the website so different?

Amazing!. Good Luck

Awesome app with a fast response !!! Just loved it …. I liked this app because of the response and sources that it will site after every search …

amazing website. very happy with this site

Amazing. My only request at the moment is that I wish it’s memory was more persistent. It seems to only have the context of my current message and my previous message, I can’t ask it about things I asked further in the past (even within the same conversation)

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Extremely helpful information with source references. Really impressed with the experiences I had to get help from “Perplexity” app. It helped me to find confusing tax information, answer needed info, and working on organizing a foreign country trip. Thumbs up! Thank you!

so far so cool. I never write reviews, but this is already so awesome easy not perplexed at all to use the definitely perplex in its delivery. This is Handy. it’s inviting me making me ask what do I wanna ask what I wanna know?

slow and unresponsive. I tried asking a simple open ended question about food. It spun for over five minutes and never responded. (Bing Chat gave a great answer in seconds.) Asking questions about travel, where there was already a website that addressed the exact question, worked faster and better, but the value of that is minimal over Google.

Goodbye GOOGLE Hello Perplexity!. No more getting spun around the internet researching information that leads you to every where but where you wanna go. Ask a question receive and instant "right" answer followed up in a concise or detailed view listing. Bye bye Google, hello Perplexity!!

Information. You’ve been able to find an answer to all my questions so far. I appreciate it.

Wow. I can almost throw away my medical texts. So much easier looking up things on Perplexity I found almost nothing that it can’t answer and having the sources makes verifying the answers a snap.

A Million Times Better Than Google. More and more, I am using Perplexity as a source of research and discovery. Its Co-pilot AI provides answers, links to articles, and a selection of images and their importance to the topic. No more Google search rabbit holes. What a relief!

My favorite Ai App. I absolutely love this app. I am blown away with all of the content it provides. My favorite feature is they provide and link to sources. Love being able to click in and read more about it directly from the source. Excellent App!!

Overall great app. One complaint is the app either keeps all your search history or you have to erase it all. If they make it so we can erase certain searches and keep the ones we want, I’d give it a 5. Also, please make sure the searches don’t become biased.

Very good app but need one thing to become a 5 star app. A button where i can switch the language of the search sometimes i write in french and i get results in english, same for Spanish!

Best search engine!. This has all but replaced Google for me, It is an absolutely amazing experience I only wish I could save images and generate images on mobile

Great administrative resource!. I love how it condenses what I’m looking for. That it provides the option to follow up or fine tune. Lastly that it saves your searches so you can go back & retrieve past information.

Awesome app for quick search. Love how concisely this app answers my questions. I also like that I can share the links to answer threads with other people instead of screenshotting results. Up-to-date alternative to chat GPT.

Super Clean Experience. Love the search experience! This is the best AI/GPT powered search I’ve found so far! I really wish there were Lock Screen and Home Screen widgets available though! Shortcuts integration would be awesome as well!

Incredibly fast and accurate!!. This thing is way better than Google search. It gives so much more information and the tiles for each link is visually appealing. All in all amazing.

Seriously Fantastic. The app is a work of art. Shout out to the product team that designed and developed this because it’s truly amazing. Perplexity itself is incredible and coupled with a truly fantastic app, it’s a joy to use.

Feature Improvement?. I love the app overall, but I wish there was a way to delete individual threads so that I could organize without having to delete all of the threads.

Provides good answers but needs optimization. Like the title says, it provides good answers, but Perplexity is much better to use on the website. The app is really sluggish to the point of being non-responsive for several seconds. When Infirst started using the app, I thought it had crashed for no reason. Using iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Love the app! Please add option for text to speech. Its a great app. I would love to hear the answers instead of reading it so that I can use it while cooking or running. And kids can engage too.

Very Accurate AI. Perplexity AI is extremely accurate. I have used it to start off agreement drafts and am impressed with the writing but mostly that it suggests things to consider and add to the document.

Great app, one missing feature. I love this app! I use the online version as well. One thing I noticed is hat the app doesn’t have the ‘+ generate image’ option, whereas the website does. Will this be added? Thanks!

This thing is amazing. Ask anything in a human conversational way and you’ll get back a concise paragraph, together with footnotes and source links. Ive been sitting for an hour asking things like “explain the basic rules of thermodynamics”. Instant education :)

My Favorite Search Engine. Phone, desktop, chrome and safari extensions. Never want to use Google again. I get answers and results and shareable links. It’s just everything I want. Awesome work!

Awesome WEB TOOL, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the other browsers. This Perplexity takes web browsing to the next level it’s resources and the way that it presents the information is like no other, it is an astounding tool

Why Remove Scan to text?. The feature on iPhone where you can scan text into a text box was a five star feature, but has been removed :(

Much better than ChatGpt. I have several questions which on ChatGpt the response was they had no information. The response from Perplexity was very current accurate information. Good job.

Need text to voice option for the answers. This a.i. is the best it is I am a pro user and I love it but it would be perfect if it had the option for voice answering

The BEST AI app to exist currently. Such an amazing app. I feel like Tony Stark. The amount of knowledge at my fingertips is insane. I can’t wait to see future updates and features. The fact that the app is fully free is great I hope that never changes.

Stellar Performance!. By far. It's not as invasive as many other bots and has consistently delivered the best current and relevant I need. I will go Pro soon because it's value exceeds the cost. By far.

Perplexity, the best ‘search engine’ other is. I am so outrageously impressed with this GPT, it us not even funny. I ask the same questions to chatGPT, bard, perplexity and Google. Google is not in the same league—i do not even go there most if the time except when I want a phone no. of a local business. ChatGPT flounders and give either long winded answers or inaccurate answers or totally off base. Bard like Google does not belong here. I am perplexed that others are do far behind which is why the name perplexity us darn appropriate here.

My favorite quick accurate souce of info. I only wish it had chat history saveable and question editing, otherwise really good ai app

Amazing new tool. I love how the interface is friendly and looks like made with the intent to help as a motive rather than providing services as a mediator. I prefer these interactions and app suggestions the most.

Know the sources. I particularly like the feature that identifies the sources of the information it provides. You can even click on them to get more info.

Best of the lot.. I downloaded several AI assistants, and tried specific questions on them all. Perplexity AI gave more complete and accurate answers than any of the others. It is my new favorite research tool!

Free, No Account, Sources, Related Questions??. Dang this really is too good to be true. Everything you’d want for quick and way question asking. You can even search by voice. I won’t renew my OpenAI subscription for GPT4 because of this.

Great iteration of AI. I like this app and it’s use cases, however could we have the ability to copy specific sentences from the out rather than the entire results? Thanks!

Accurate and Brief. I am extremely impressed by how this system accurately answers questions without any ads, and their answers are always up to date.

Best available research tool. I conduct job-related research every day. Mercifully, I have found that I can get better results, faster than with Google. What’s more, there are NO ads! The $20/month charge for the co-pilot tool to refine searches is worth more.

I love this app. Works fast and gives great answers. Good user interface too. You can make it give longer or shorter answers and other stuff.

Holy smokes. This is just so well executed and there are so many search refinements it’s a research and content production dynamo. I can’t wait for the models to advance and a paid version with more stuff please!

I let searching in google. Perplexity has replaced google for me as a developer And as a curious person that asks alot of questions all daylong. The very simple smooth UI consider the the strength among other AI chatbots

Bye google, you’ve been replaced!. I’ve switched to perplexity as my default for anything I need to look up. The results are insanely accurate without all the marketing spam in Google’s search results. I love this app. The AI is spot on

Easy to use and get what I want. With follow up feature, I can easily learn any new knowledge deeper and wider. The history keeps my personal questions, which reminds me what I learned before. Nice to have this talent search app.

Amazing. Love this, it’s easy to use and gives me exactly what I need when I ask. Plus it tells you where it received it’s response from

Never google anything again.. It’s up to date and whenever you come to it with a question, you never leave without an answer.

Woke?. This app literally said whitewashes a real word. It’s literally a social construct. It doesn’t exist. It’s not a real word. I tested it out to see how woke. This application could be and turns out. It’s definitely woke so a lot of the data it’s given back of human generated so sad to see because I had a lot of faith in this application.

Extremely inaccurate. No logic or love.. After trying about a dozen different AI tools, this one is extremely inaccurate. All it does is search the web and try to piece together hearts of information. It doesn’t actually think logically. If you try the original ChatGPT three, and you give it enough good information and it will process a logical response. This app cannot process logic. It only pulls if it’s from the Internet and then blames the Internet when it fails.

Super Duper Awesome App. Miss ChatGPTs web-search beta feature but not really because it didn’t really site the info? I’m telling you right now, this app/service is it. Especially that with that Pro subscription ;)

Perplexity is awesome. I have been using Perplexity for searches and find it to be spot on with its answers and less cumbersome than other search engines. It’s AI really makes a genuine difference and improvement.

Sign in feels broken. When using the app I get a prompt to login, even after I’ve logged in, and I can’t dismiss it because the top is cut off. When I login again, I get a new session opened in browser. What? This can’t be the intended experience. The ai tool itself has been great so far, the app not so much.

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Perplexity - Ask Anything 2.18.1 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Perplexity - Ask Anything app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Perplexity AI, Inc. and other users?

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Perplexity - Ask Anything 2.18.1 Apps Screenshots & Images

Perplexity - Ask Anything iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 2.18.1
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 16.0 or later

Perplexity - Ask Anything (Versiyon 2.18.1) Install & Download

The application Perplexity - Ask Anything was published in the category Productivity on 27 March 2023, Monday and was developed by Perplexity AI, Inc. [Developer ID: 1668000336]. This program file size is 91.59 MB. This app has been rated by 36,351 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Perplexity - Ask Anything - Productivity app posted on 24 April 2024, Wednesday current version is 2.18.1 and works well on iOS 16.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Perplexity - Ask Anything App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thank you for using Perplexity AI! We update the app regularly to make discovering new information easier. In this version, we've made the following changes: · Various bug fixes and improvements If you enjoy using Perplexity, please drop us a rating! Feel free to always drop by our Discord server at to leave us feedback or to say hello!

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Find on this site the customer service details of Perplexity - Ask Anything. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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