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Outlook lets you bring all your email accounts and calendars in one convenient spot. Whether it's staying on top of your inbox or scheduling the next big thing, we make it easy to be your most productive, organized, and connected self.

Here's what you'll love about Outlook for iOS:

- Focus on the right things with our smart inbox - we help you sort between messages you need to act on straight away and everything else.

- Swipe to quickly schedule, delete and archive messages.

- Share your meeting availability with just a tap and easily find times to meet with others.

- Find everything you're looking for with our new search experience, including files, contacts, and your upcoming trips.

- View and attach any file from your email, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more, without having to download them to your phone.

- Bring all the apps you love in Outlook, including Facebook, Evernote, Trello, and more.

- Open Word, Excel, or other Office document attachments to edit them directly in the corresponding app and attach them back to an email.


Outlook for iOS works with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, (including Hotmail and MSN), Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and iCloud.


To make an in-app purchase of an Office 365 Home or Personal subscription, open the app, go to Settings, and tap on Upgrade next to your or account. Subscriptions begin at $6.99 a month in the US, and can vary by region. With an Office 365 subscription, you get 1TB of storage for each user, access to all features in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, and you can install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote on PCs or Macs.

Office 365 subscriptions purchased from the app will be charged to your iTunes account and will automatically renew within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period, unless auto-renewal is disabled beforehand. To manage your subscriptions or to disable auto-renewal, after purchase, go to your iTunes account settings. A subscription cannot be cancelled during the active subscription period. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.

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Microsoft Outlook App Description & Overview

The applications Microsoft Outlook was published in the category Productivity on 2015-01-29 and was developed by Microsoft Corporation. This application file size is 297.07 MB. Microsoft Outlook current version is 4.12.1 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions.

This update includes performance improvements and bug fixes to make Outlook better for you.

Feel free to send us any comments or questions through our in-app support in Settings – we’d love to hear from you.

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Microsoft Outlook Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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pinoy_tsx   1 star

No subfolder notification. Can’t believe notification for subfolders is still not available.

awsnyde   1 star

Horrible.. Wow, totally useless. Downloaded, tried to use, deleted, all in less than five minutes. Would not sign in to my MS account, so told me to use Yahoo account. I do not and will not use a Yahoo account. What completely idiotic programmer decided that was a good idea? Does he or she own stock in the rapidly failing Yahoo? What is this, 1995? Completely pathetic app. Already deleted.

srulinax   1 star

Omg you killed it for me!. App froze all the time. I feel like I’m back to 90s - push the button and for something to happen. We had many nice years together but unfortunately now I’m leaving

dvsxoxo   3 star

PLEASE FIX!. Mail does NOT sync - Focus inbox is not showing emails I’ve previously marked to be moved to Focus. Please FIX.

awans.usman   5 star

Ålright app. Enkel og fin design

Y-pa-who   2 star

Keeps crashing. After updating this last update, I can’t open outlook without it crashing. So I can’t use this. Please fix

Practice er   4 star

Works well, but.... This app has been working out great for me since I’ve been using it for the last year or so but lately the notification badge hasn’t been working (even though it’s selected in my settings) so I don’t know when I have new messages unless I open the app or happen to be looking at my phone when the banner pops up, which is very inconvenient for me. Also the calendar isn’t syncing with my iPhone calendar though I have it selected. Please fix these issues in the next update

thhkhfggdfhnff   1 star

DOESN’T SYNC. It doesn’t show all your emails. Check through desktop and they are there but won’t sho on the app. Please fix!

Pooda F. Baby   3 star

Decent but buggy. ......

3965lynn   5 star

I resisted....getting my e-mails on my phone for many years!. As a practicing real estate broker for 30 years watching the business change - I finally “gave in” and searched for the best way to get my e-mails on my phone. After trying more than one app that didn’t co-ordinate well I discovered the Outlook App. The app works seamlessly across all of my devices and easily keeps me on top of all things real estate! I am happily “plugged in”

misterbrunei   4 star

Just discovered a problem. Been a great app ever since I had it on my phone but recently the app just force closes on itself so I have to delete and reinstall the app several times. Please help to fix this!

Arman10232   5 star

Excellent Application. Microsoft continues to exceed expectations with the new Outlook App. It’s very user friendly and much faster than previous versions.

Devdunn07   4 star

Address book. Great app but I don’t like that I can’t add to the address book in the app.

Cant access my yahoo emails. Updated recently and it doesnt ahow my yahoo emails anymore. Hope microsoft find the right people to do testing before launching an update.

vendoragnostic   2 star

IOS kills this app in background. If you have a few things open already and are using outlook to compose an e-mail, switching out of the app and back forces the app to restart. This sends you searching for the draft you were just writing which is a huge time waste. As someone who copies and pastes things into emails all day the “memory management” feature is actually a bug that’s slowing me down - A LOT. I hope to see this fixed as Microsoft has a great app here but productivity is still the best feature of them all and this seemingly minor issue is making me reconsider the iPhone/Outlook combo entirely.

roaming_abroad   1 star

A Veritable Spam Machine. When you use @Outlook you get a hundred Spam per day. Outlook & Microsoft have no care whatever about stopping Spam. Therefore, this App is 100% useless. Other email providers aggressively combat spam.

DnEEbBall   2 star

Not syncing automatically. New version is not automatically syncing with Office 365 Outlook account. Need to swipe down in each folder down to trigger a sync.

Ang04!   1 star

Keeps crashing and no resolution by support. Was my favorite but started by not syncing a month ago and now keeps crashing every time I start it. Can’t even send logs or diagnostics

AllanMcC765   1 star

iCloud Stopped Syncing after Update. After latest update, iCloud mail will not sync. Support couldn’t help.

Amazois   3 star

It was fine until recently. For the last 2-3 weeks, this app opens then closes instantly. I’ve done updates on the app and my phone for software updates, and it doesn’t improve at all. I will just get rid of it, just taking up space.

Powder hound77   1 star

So slow with update!. The app is so slow it won’t even perform a search and I can barely open an email or my calendar after recent updates the app and iOS. I have used the app for years now and am so disappointed with the recent lag. I have tried deleting and reloading, updating, etc and it still works slower than a snail.

toph minogue   2 star

Crashing. Crashing non-stop since last update

Tingz0r   1 star

Disfunctional. Spam emails will always show up on this app, when on desktop they will be placed in Junk or immediately deleted. I’m sick of all these notifications for the same Apple ID phisher. Deleting this app.

John Com   1 star

Gmail issues. 11-19-19 update is causing issues with gmail sync. Not seeing any new gmail emails despite force close and resetting of account.

BklynHarmony   3 star

Mail Crashing. Please fix

Amom55   2 star

Outlook app. Keeps crashing on my iPhone every time I try to look at my email I don’t know why never did before but now it does it’s ridiculous

Dinohunter147   4 star

Update Protection against scammers. Once again I received a dumb message about a dumb scammer wanting to scam me and of course the usual “send me bitcoins” stuff like who does that?! It’s annoying and I of course reported this but it’s getting out of hand

   4 star

Really good. I really like this app and use it for my main email and schedule. The only thing I would like is a way to respond to voting buttons on here rather that having to do it on my pc

Militem honorem   1 star

Microsoft has lost sense of reality in customer support. It is sad to say that a company that has that has profited so much from us from the early days in Hotmail would be left the side and have no voice of complain or anyway to fix things Microsoft continues do not acknowledge the most basic hint for success of any tech companies number one and most important your company customers are not geeks or computer savvy most of us use the computer we are called users we think differently we approach things differently we deal things differently regarding computers so my suggestion is to have an actual working department that could understand the way we think as customers most of us just wanna plug and play we don’t have to go through all these loops and hoops and at the end have an automated service not give us what we want we made you what you areThe least thing you could do is listen to us and again and automated service will never do that technology is so primitive that his ultimate design is to assist the humans not to replace them

jayq2times   4 star

Notification issue. Love this app, very organized and easy to use however I don’t receive notifications on my phone for when I get emails

Advertorial    5 star

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vir2oso22   1 star

Where the hell are my emails!!. I am unable to receive password reset emails, emails from companies I previously had, and an annoying email saying one of my folders is duplicated keeps aggressively coming into my in box. I can't delete it! Just tried to upgrade, but unable to on my older iPad. Hate this!

frills   2 star

No HTML Signature. Its 2019!! You can make an HTML signature on the desktop version but not on the App!! Come on Microsoft, this is very unprofessional as many businesses require a standardized signature block!! Get this fixed ASAP!!!

Dreadnott117   3 star

Missing features. This app is missing features that are common-place in the desktop application. Where is the ability to set and view categories in the calendar?

zaid Bahadri   4 star

Login require any time want to use email. Its show error and wand login again, any time i want to use my email it requires email and password for login .

Calendar In outlook is paralyzed. Calendar application in the latest Version of outlook is completely paralyzed with iOS 13.1.3. Very disappointing...

Chegron   1 star

Only Syncs 30 Days. I just discovered that this client only syncs 30 days of mail. This is a deal breaker for me as I work in IT support and frequently have to search through old emails. I’ve moved to Spark which does not seem to have the same limitation. Otherwise, this app is good. Only 1 star though as limiting to only 30 days in the past seems unreasonably restrictive.

Chipmunk4397   1 star

EMERGENCY FIX ASAP. I WOULD RATE IT ZERO STARS IF I COULD!!!! When I tried to create a Microsoft account so I could get in, it didn’t allow me to use my work email AT ALL, and even though it allowed me to connect it, my work emails still didn’t come through. I then re downloaded and it wouldn’t let me in again. My boss gave me a company EMAIL (not a Microsoft account) to use. It works in any PC so far. I will be fired if I don’t check my email daily and this app makes it impossible to log in, let alone check the inbox. I tried Outlook, and it sent me to IMAP, then IMAP didn’t work, even though the app successfully allowed me to change my work email password. This app didn’t only fail at its purpose, but it is having negative effects on people lives. Their representatives answer questions, but they do not solve problems, and most importantly, they don’t take RESPONSIBILITY.

Caprio78   3 star

Broke HTML sigs.... poor execution overall. You broke HTML signatures in 4.8.0 You need to support HTML in messages as well. Not a well done app, given iPad is capable of so much more

Ciapka   2 star

Great App but.... Love the app however no HTML signature forces me to use another email app. With every update this app gets worse.

123timm   1 star

Outlook has become absolutely useless. Twice now Microsoft has completely wiped all my Outlook data for no f’in reason!!! 6 accounts all gone. Thanks you useless twits. Back to Apple

Usager1   2 star

Of course outlook does not publish negative feedbacks!. Bien entendu lorsqu’on veut laisser un message négatif vous ne le publiez pas! Outlook est un désastre sur le iPhone du moins… On nous bombarde chaque jour plusieurs fois de message pour rentrer le mot de passe Et des milliers d’internautes partage mon point de vue sur les commentaires de Outlook!

51625718   1 star

Why?. For some reason I can’t download the app

Ls628   1 star

Newest update. I no longer have access to me email through the app after installing the newest update. And also can’t delete the app to re-install

dmae169   3 star

Help!. App does not open!

its.me_dilraj   1 star

Wont open. First it was working all right when i had 1 email in it when i started using 2 emails it won’t even open will close the second i open it....just great

nrana00   1 star

Can’t download. I can’t download the app, I have the newest update and have so much storage. I don’t know why I can’t download it

Jadedbyidiocy   2 star

Most recent version buggy. What happened Microsoft? The most recent Outlook version will just randomly stop being displayed or will close. It’s almost to the point that it is unusable. Please fix!

Shillmon   2 star

Stopped being able to log in. I have used the app for 3 years. A week ago I was having issues so tried to reset. Everything went downhill from there. The app will not log into my server anymore. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled, tried everything. Outlook tech support is basically non existent. I’ve been “chatting” with a tech support person for 6 days and he just volleys questions which I answer within an hour. He then asks another 2 days later. Very frustrating.

Player484654   1 star

Ads really?!. I’ve now got advertisements in my f***ing e-mail app. My god what is the world coming too?!?

Vkbss   1 star

Force quit. App force quit in several seconds. Could not do anything. Please fix it ASAP.

Larion   1 star

Crashes. The app opens and then crashes and closes after a few seconds. Reached out to support. They are not aware of the problem. Only here have I seen the same problem reported by filtering the reviews to most recent. Please fix.

Nootaksas   1 star

Can’t open app. App keeps crashing. Will not allow me to open & check msgs nor use in app tech support.

Holatme   1 star

App is crashing please fix it. Not working!!!!!!!!!

Scot 122   2 star

Deleting emails. Why does this App not allow the user to Select All to Delete all deleted emails in the Deleted folder ?

slarchev   1 star

Crash. Since last update, the app closes after a few seconds. Impossible to read or write e-mails. Needs to be fixed ASAP

hayley_16   1 star

App crashing after last update. The app won’t stop crashing since the last update, it only remains open for a couple seconds... completely useless.

sqawd1738ayy   3 star

Ads?!. Are those ads I see??

mma56789   5 star

Everything works great. I wish the app size not too big.

banksje   1 star

Can’t use app. Every time I try to open the app it crashes almost instantly.

javoyer1111111111   1 star

Cant opened the app for 4 days now what is happening???. Cant opened the app for 4 days now what is happening???

Advertorial    5 star

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asuki_shisa4   1 star

Still not working. Downloaded app update today and still crashes after opening this is unacceptable for Microsoft

Turutas   1 star

Great email client but.... 2nd time in a month that I have to reinstall. Keeps crashing. Ridiculous for a professional email client.

KB Aus   1 star

Buggy AF. I’m over having to delete and reinstall this app!! Such a shame because it would otherwise be a great app. Just keeps freezing and the only way to get around it is to delete and reinstall.

Johnm_35   1 star

Crashes on launch. Current version crashes on launch. Please fix. Totally unusable.

outlookuserSF   4 star

Outlook review. I really love this app i have been using it on my phone for a few years and it makes it easy to manage several accounts. Recently the app has started freezing every couple of days making it very frustrating. I have to delete the app and re-download which seems to take a very long time after the freezing has occurred. Hopefully you can look into this fault and fix it up as soon as possible.

catsaver   2 star

No rich text signatures. Dumb omission

another uses sticks it   1 star

Started stalling, re-install won't let you add account. ***updated*** Re-installation defaulted to all settings for the Outlook app as disabled incl. mobile data... All good now. Outlook started crashing yesterday (20/11/19) so updated to no effect. Un-installed and re-installed but now it won't add an account, says to try later. Done that, still throwing a fit. Online help last updated end 2018, says to use the in-app support...but the app won't start without the account I can't add to it so no Outlook, no emails. Microsoft, get it together.

Amberjhinton   3 star

Waiting. I hate it Stupid updates because “please wait while we download your message” I’m still waiting for two days please fixing it thank you I tried start again still same again! 😠

Schincks   1 star

Bugs. This app was working well until I updated my software. It now crashes regularly, or just won’t work. I have had to delete it numerous times and re-download. Now it won’t even let me download the app! There are a lot of bugs in the iOS 11 interface!

Gjuewsfvjj   1 star

Consistent freezing and have to delete and reinstall for it to work. This app was great until the recent updates and now the app only works for a few days before I have to delete and reinstall. Wish you fix this ASAP

RandyChicken   1 star

was great but now it’s broken. I love this app but with the last update my app wouldn’t work anymore, I was unable to interact with anything on it, after trying a number of troubleshooting issues I tried to delete and reinstall the app and it won’t reinstall so now it’s just stuck off my phone. The worst part is that there is no way to reach support outside of the app which is pretty rubbish. Hope the next update patches this problem.

Arej?   1 star

This app is broken. When the app opens it’s already frozen, but it still provides some but not all notifications. When I tried to reinstall it, it wouldn’t even let me download the app! Running iPhone XS Max.

John-Y-O   1 star

Terrible. Would give 0 out of 5 stars if it was possible

Rosie!:)!:)!:)   4 star

Review. This is a great app to communicate with and I find it easier to email people now instead of opening up my laptop. All I have to do now is send emails through my phone.

ugayiht   1 star

App issues. Most of the time your app gets frozen. Doesn’t synchronise very well.

Silvia B. F. Dias   3 star

Used to be good. The app used to be very good but it’s being weird lately. I cannot send any email anymore cause the app closes before I can send it. Very annoying!

snowboyz   4 star

Near perfect for email app. I cannot select all emails in the search to delete or move to other folder.

Swishk   1 star

Bagde Count use Search results. Badge count improvements: Please allow us to select the accounts that are included in the badge count. Search improvements: Search results only allow you to enter the email. Please allow swipes and multiple selection of emails in search results window. So we can search, and manipulate emails in bulk ie: mark as read, delete, move multiple items etc Please fix both

nicoler1234   3 star

Freezing. Love this app but with my iPhone XR, it keeps freezing and the only fix is to turn the phone off and back on again, it happens every couple of days. No other app is doing this. Please fix.

theeeeeeeeworsttttttty   1 star

Terrible. I would not recommend outlook.. difficult to use, they always lock me out of my account for no reason and make it very difficult to get back in, even when I ask for online help with customer service... it’s terrible!!! :(

Shonn Tan   5 star

Bad version. Latest version keeps crashing.

Major R M   2 star

Reliability Problems. Not sure what’s happening, but the IOS app for iPhones keeps freezing and needing to be re-installed. Tech support need to get this sorted ASAP, as it’s very annoying.

pcre   2 star

Poor stability on update. Formerly a good app, stable. Now let's crashing continuously. Not good enough when it is a premium paid feature of 365. Pull your socks up.

Lokian   2 star

Improved, but still lacking. New app is decent, usable - actually almost competitive with Google.... But won't allow you to download video to the phone? This is a reasonably basic function. Needs to be fixed.

lizabethkate   2 star

With new update keeps freezing. Love everything about the outlook app. With the new update the app continually freezes. To unfreeze it. I need delete the app and re-install. Painful.

lloydcroft11   2 star

Slow and awful!. The recent update that was meant to be for big fixes and performance improvements has made my app incredibly slow and awful to use! Please sort it out because it’s very slow!

Widjaja96   4 star

Love the app. Can you make the functionality the same as the desktop version?. It’s a small thing, but you cannot make subfolders, report mail as phishing, block senders, etc in the app. I have to go to the desktop version to do all those things. Can you make the app function the same as the desktop version?

TaReAn   5 star

👌. The best email client for iOS. Period.

Rappper   2 star

Restarts / reloads on switch. This started happening a few weeks ago. Switching or opening the app now resets to a clean open. Any email or invite, etc, you were on previously is gone. Very frustrating. Please put back the way it was.

look over there real quick   3 star

More features. Please add the ‘block’, and ‘report phishing’ features.

Mike r Mendez   2 star

Syncing issues unresolved. I had a real tough time syncing my ICloud to outlook I did everything I was supposed to and still it wasn’t syncing events from my Apple Callander to outlook, like birthdays etc i have a lot of family & friends like we all do and it will make life a lot easier if it can sync, then to do it manually..

jasonabullard   2 star

Outlook updated all accounts removed. During the last update all my email accounts were removed. Now I’ve got to go through the painstaking process of adding them back in. Keeps crashing each time I try to add a picture as an attachment. Can’t see PDF files sent in a digitally signed email. Overall it’s a nice app but has lots of bugs and not many features compared to other free email apps.

PORT3RMAN   1 star

Folders. For the love of God... will someone PLEASE tell me the easiest way to create a new folder or how to change the name of an existing one? I do not have a computer anymore, I need the Reader’s Digest version on how to do it on mobile.

cm181828   1 star

New update crash. New update closes app within seconds of startup.

Blastxng   1 star

Pile of junk.. can’t login cause of characters. What a joke this application is.. pile of garbage that I can’t even log into office 365 with. It doesn’t like spaces in passwords or certain characters for a password and bombs every time. Even though the password works fine on desktop browsers and android.. meanwhile Microsoft demands that you pay them to get support for their own screw ups!!

James Mosimann   1 star

Emails and notifications do not work at all. I had no idea it was possible to have such a terrible email app on the market. My incoming emails never reach my inbox. If they do it is days after they have arrived (the app is not set to wifi only) notifications for calendar events work whenever they want to, which is also usually never. The only thing that works is that i can send emails. For an app where 2 of the 3 most important things don’t work at all...absolute trash.

zteknology   4 star

Reply to all change?. All of a sudden when I do a reply to all it's adding ME to every reply to all. It never used to do this. This. Is. Really. Annoying. Microsoft if you add something like this at least make a toggle in settings to enable/disable please

GreenBeanGirl   2 star

Notification badge sticks!. Please fix the glitch that makes you have to open an email twice to get rid of the notification badge!!

JWayne85089   1 star

Data wipe. 4th data wipe in a week!! I have deleted, re-installed, re-logged in, same thing. Fix this.

PermitMom   1 star

😡😡😡. It’s been almost a month and I still don’t have access to my email. The support team has spent more time accusing me of having a wrong setting then realizing this is obviously an internal issue. I have used this app for close to 3 years, no issue. One day... poof. No more new emails.

roman e hajek   2 star

Keeps crashing. This is what our co uses for email communications, it has been working great until the last several days. It started just crashing for no reason after you open it. On both iPad and iPhone. Devs please fix as soon as possible. Thank you.

X.3zoOoz   4 star

It doesn’t work well on iPhone 11 pro max. Their is only one small problem that I can’t access see images and pdfs on my iPhone 11 pro max but it is okay with iPhone x

Mr good lookin   1 star

New update messed me up. So this email app is like the only one that I can use my college email with, but ever since it automatically updated the app has been kicking me out and forcing me to re-login every time I open the app. I’ll change the review if/when this is fixed but these crashes are terrible and super inconvenient.

Nsowoemfkij   1 star

Data wipe twice. Data from my various email accounts have been wiped twice now in 3 days. Otherwise it’s a decent app, but these full data wipes have made the app intolerably unreliable.

chanceDflapper   1 star

Data Wipe. Can you please fix the issue where it’s telling me that a Data Wipe has been done by the administrator. I’ve lost all the email settings on the app, I reconfigured it and it’s happened again on all my devices. Please Help!!!

ai86   2 star

Constantly crashing. Last two updates have constantly been crashing shortly after I open an email. Any email. The app is useless right now. 2 stars because not sure if it is an Outlook problem or internal corporate settings interfering with latest updates 🤨🤔

st.agnes   1 star

Grrrrrr. I’m trying to understand how by adding this app I have suddenly been bogged down trying to get rid of it along with several other events that have taken place due to - what? Can’t figure it out, can’t understand the password game being played, don’t want a new account that’s suggested. What a mess!

DA717   2 star

Unstable during app updates. I am not using the app with exchange but I randomly got a data wipe message. It deleted all my email setups (6 email accounts - hotmail, gmail, yahoo, and 3 private zoho smtp emails) and all my emails. I would have to re-setup all 6 emails again .... not worth the headache.

gkautz   1 star

Won’t open after recent update. The app immediately crashes after the most recent update. Please fix.

StreamNerd   1 star

Nov 12 update causes untriggered remote device wipe.. Since this latest version on 11/12/19, Outlook has triggered a remote wipe (without one actually being triggered on the server) that wipes ALL accounts in IOS Outlook, not just the one that supposedly had the remote wipe triggered. This is a serious show stopper bug.

SpareTire77   5 star

Great. Great

Bsns sisnendjbwbs   1 star

Unusable. App keeps crashing within seconds of opening. Thought it might just be the phone, but checked on other (work) phone and the same thing is happening. Please fix.

RPED54   4 star

Overall great app. Overall I like the interface with office 365. I like the email and the calendar, the only thing they should add is contacts.

devoge   1 star

Broken. Last update resulted in no data connection. It just removed my accounts, and now I had a pop up sat admin removed the app from my phone. This is very disconcerting even for the trashware expelled by Microsoft. Add one more 365 app to the list of clunky outdated time wasters I still am forced to use thanks to having a job.

Wienerdogab   1 star

Crashing today. App is crashing today. Opens then closes within seconds.

Saul Gudmin   1 star

Great when it works!. Since the most recent update that happened November 13, 2019 the app keeps crashing and I can’t get in. It crashes as soon as I open it. Please fix.

Orasuri   3 star

Strange deletions of accounts. Great to have email and calendar in a single app. However, in the past 24 hours the administrator deleted my accounts and defaulted all of my personalized settings twice.

pipe2917   3 star

Junk mail it is not. Would be nice if we were able to adjust or turn off junk mail filter. Many emails I get Microsoft server flags as junk and they never get to my computer where my Outlook has junk filter as well.

V4011   1 star

Crashes. Cannot keep the app open for more than 5 sec. Please find a fix.

GBob42   1 star

Buggy. Used to be great, but after iOS update now crashes once it starts downloading mail about half the time.

Jeremiah Newfield   5 star

Hands down the best email app ever. Hands down the best email app ever

Rollercoaster221   1 star

Facebook Integration Doesn’t Work Anymore. When Sunrise got folded into Microsoft Outlook, I followed them because it was the best, most functional and intuitive calendar on iOS, despite not needing another email client. Since that time, it seems to have gotten worse and worse over the years. Facebook integration has stopped working for weeks so none of my events are showing up. The app has stopped automatically grabbing my flight information from emails. I’m finding myself having to look at my appointments on different sites because the app isn’t showing them properly. I’ve been talking to support for two weeks and they haven’t been able to fix these issues. Unfortunately I think I have to move on

Ailuigm.   1 star

3 updates later and app still isn’t opening. Cant even access my email unless I have a computer handy. This app crashes right away still after you’ve released 3 updates.

bulova77   3 star

Won’t stay open. My outlook is broken it just opens and then closes I run 4 emails from my outlook on my phone and now it’s not working first time in years

Pascal13g   1 star

Push. No push notification for the mail Outlook

kbolt88   1 star

This app does the bare minimum. Having a lot of trouble attaching files from other apps since the new iPhone update (google drive, cam scanner etc). You can’t log out of your account from the app or log back in to update your password, which, for most businesses has to change every 90 days. You can’t add or change email folders from the app either. You can send and receive email, and that’s about it.

Xevious22   1 star

Crashes. After the recent update from both Apple and Microsoft the app just crashes

Roger's update scam.   1 star

Ridiculously over Updated. Dropping this app. Getting 240+Mb updates every 2-3 days. A Gig of data per week. Practically every week. Something is wrong if you are sending out full updates every 2 days....for the last 2 years at least.

Gilles O.   3 star

NOTIFiCATIONS !!. Sometimes I wonder if Microsoft thinks we are stupid and they just play with us ! Do they really read our comments for improvements. We’ve been asking for years now !!! One improvement that would be easy for them to fix would be to change the notifications sounds so that we can select what we want or a paid ringtone... their ringtones are just too short or too low and I have to add an alarm not to miss my meetings !!! They keep on sending us stupid updates without adding what we need the most !! You guys are lucky that I have to use this app otherwise I would just flush it to drain !!

Navimuffins   1 star

App is terrible. Slow, often unresponsive or responds improperly (does NOT do what I want it to). As of late no longer does it filter spam so my inbox is a chaotic mess of both important school emails and random crap like penis enlargement spam. Update Oct 27: more and more spam gets through to my main inbox, despite repeatedly marking it as junk, and now there’s frequently advertisements that appear as emails at the top of my inbox, appearing to be blessed by Microsoft. Useless email service. Fully changed over to Gmail for all my needs, personal and professional.

FlyingBeaverz   4 star

Crashing. Since the most recent update I can only open the app for 3 seconds before it crashes. I can't read or reply to any emails. It was good before and I hope they update and fix this issue as soon as possible.

Bunty Sumit   4 star

Categories please. When are we getting categories and advance search? That would improve the app significantly.

clo0000   3 star

Bug mise à jour 🤷🏻‍♀️. L’appli est génial mais ne fonctionne plus depuis la dernière mise à jour. J’ouvre lappli et elle se ferme après 3 secondes.

rougemoskito   3 star

Crash since yesterday. Keep crashing since yesterday. Cant use mail or calendar ..

umekojun   3 star

Please let me search in all inboxes.. Hi. Love the app usually, but recent updates changed the parameters of the search function. I can no longer filter results from my junk email, only inbox. Up until recently, I was able to search and filter email from every inbox, including the junk emails. I remember thinking this was amazing, as some other email apps don’t have that flexibility. If you can bring that back, I’d be really grateful. Thanks!

Nontie69   1 star

New update causes crashing. Newest update makes app unusable. App opens for a second then crashes. Please fix

RICHARD 123a   1 star

Crap since last update.. I’ve used this app as my default email go to. Since last update (either Microsoft or IPhone IOS, this keeps crashing and can’t open emails. Have had to download the gmail app which so far has worked for me with my multiple accounts.

xrouge   3 star

Keeps crashing at startup until reinstalled. it displays the list of emails and crashes before having a chance to navigate to the feedback form.

AngryTesties   1 star

HTML signature is broken!!. The last update broke HTML signature, now it’s sending a bunch of gibberish codes

Pykerr   1 star

10 DAYS WITHOUT ACCESS. I am literally unable to open the app. It crashes every single time. I left a review on the 15th of October saying I hadn’t been able to open for 3 days prior to that! This is absolutely ridiculous. There is no way to use your in app support via settings if the app cannot be opened. This is a huge oversight. My IOS up to date with version 13.1.3.

CherylAlbert   1 star

Not working. I was able to use the outlook app up until the start of this week. Support has not been any help. It is ever since they updated the app. Very unfortunate and extremely annoying. They better fix it before everyone just stops using it because I am at that point now.

sherif.fanous   2 star

HTML Signature Broken. The last update broke the HTML Signature feature. Is the feature gone or is this a case of bad QA?

Evan8432   1 star

Does not sync well with desktop. The app randomly groups email chains in a different way than the desktop version. If someone forwards an email chain, it’s completely unclear if the information shown is what they sent you or if it’s a completely separate email chain with a similar (but not identical) title. For example, my coworker forwarded an email chain indicating when a site visit was but all outlook showed me was a separate chain of my emails asking for additional details. Notifications are completely inconsistent. Sometimes if you are delayed in receiving an email, the app will not send you a notification to let you know if it came in. You have to occasionally reopen the app just to make sure that it’s updating. Sometimes it will show no new emails but when you open it, it refreshes with all new emails. The default phone app communicates with the MS servers better than the outlook app.

Lilyclaire12345   2 star

Cannot see whole PDF file. Since the last update, when I download PDF files in my email, I cannot see the whole document- just part of it.

Tipoile   1 star

No HTML signatures. I’m going back with a client that let me put my HTML signature!

bjboudreau   1 star

Help!. App keeps crashing in iPhone 6. I would email support keeps crashing after followed instructions to clear browser cache.

deeniedoo   1 star

Useless. I absolutely HATE this app. It’s not user friendly at all. Why is there no block option for iPhone users? Completely useless...

Angry chick 101   1 star

Don’t always receive emails. This email annoys me a lot wish I just stuck with gmail. Everyday I have to delete the app and redownload it otherwise I won’t receive my emails. It gives me a notification for the emails it just doesn’t show them intel I delete and redownload the app.

Hugo136   1 star

Crashes. WAS working just wonderfully. No it just crashes upon opening. Fix it quickly, Thanks

marco4Polo456   1 star

I made mistake 2 times today with my abonnement. Pls I try the 3 days trials a 3$ and try to cancel after few hours and now I see 2 times -2.97$ and one -24.99$in my bank account I never accepted the second 2.97$ and also don’t know how I get another -24.99$ please I don’t work and it almost the total money left in my bank for the month I was just trying for the 3 days special can you please help me have that money back and help me to cancel that app to not have anymore surprises like that I’m not good with app inscription and I just want to eat before the end of the month,I really need that money back it was a mistake because I’m French I think and don’t anderstand the way application works when I subscribe sorry but please help me thx vm 😭

Jan Irzyk   1 star

Constantly freezes every 24-72 hours. App freezes at regular intervals requiring phone reset and re-installation. It needs urgent attention.

Ahmad28484   3 star

Freezes, emails not sending, poor search. So I’m switching back to the native app. The poor search function is one I fed back years ago and nothing has changed. Used to be great

Bonnai   1 star

Frozen app. This app freezes on the latest software update. I have had ti restart my phone 5 times as the app freezes when I open the app or try to respond to a notification on the app. Please look into the app.

george.osborne92   1 star

App keeps crashing on launch. This app keeps crashing on launch. Or if it does work it very shortly cripples and freezes. When I force close the app via the app switcher it doesn’t help the issue and I have to hard reset my iPhone to get it to respond, which it does for only a moment before freezing and crashing again!! I’ve deleted and re installed and the same thing happens. Has been working fine for months. Only now it’s stopped. Very annoying as I use this app for work!! Please fix. Using iOS 13.2 on an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

ElusiveT   1 star

Can’t tell what Mailbox I’m in. I have multiple mailbox accounts which all begin with the same letter. This means the ID icon is that letter, meaning I cannot tell which mailbox I’m looking at! How can this obvious flaw be missed by a UX/UX department? Just show the email address in the header! Or allow us to customise the icons!

Subma   4 star

The app screen frozen. I have to restart my phone to make it works again. I could not fix it for just restart the outlook. Is it an iOS issue?

SydneyMoon   3 star

Search & Calendar Function Not Working on iPad. With the latest iPad app update, the "search & calendar" feature is frozen and won't work on the iPad... ? ? no good...👎🏻👎🏻

Jendeano14804   3 star

PDF. I still can’t open PDF files. Like my payslip. Don’t make me use my iPhone mail app!

mel.ast   2 star

Please Fix. My preferred email app but app keeps crashing since last update.

whoispaulfowler   1 star

Not working on iPhone 11. Can’t receive emails after last update.

Simcity4242   1 star

Needs a couple glaring fixes. Normally the best app Currently on iOS 13 it doesn’t share line breaks which is infuriating and unprofessional

edgar poe's pjamamas   2 star

Integration problem. Since the new Apple ios13 upgrade, the upgraded version of outlook doesn’t seem to be working in an integrated way with the calendar and contacts Apple apps. The temporary fix is to load both the Apple mail app and the outlook app to get the seemless functional capacity that existed before the Apple upgrade. Outlook, can you please fix this!

MohsenM.   4 star

The calendar. It would be much better if Microsoft made the calendar a separate app!

Savage rivale2017   4 star

Help!!. Help! My outlook app will not work! It keeps crashing after opening the app for a few seconds! Any possible bugs?

msjayee   4 star

App failing since new updates..?. I’ve been using outlook for years and have never had a problem until now. So far I’ve opened the app only to have it completely frozen. Unable to select anything. I’ve had to completely uninstall/reinstall the app which sometimes takes ages and I have to restart my phone just to redownload the app. Once I go through all of it that it works fine again. I’m not sure if it’s because of the latest iOS update or outlooks updates. It is super frustrating and I hate that it’s happened to me a few times now.

V.M.S.   1 star

O365 freezes all the time. Have updated both my iPhone X and the O365 app to the latest version but it keeps freezing. Luckily I still have the native iPhone Mail app to rely on.

ange87   1 star

Doesn’t show number of new emails on outlook icon. Since the recent iOS update, it no longer shows the number of new emails on the Outlook app icon. If you miss a banner notification, you have no idea you’ve any emails until you go into the app and discover you’ve a tonne of them. Dumb update.

higgo867   1 star

won’t recognise my account. my account won’t recognise even though i have an account. don’t download.

safesaus   1 star

The visitors page isn’t refreshing. This has been an ongoing issue. When I open the visitors page on the App it does not refresh unless I close the App down or click on a visitor who isn’t actually there and then it goes back and refreshes. Please fix it already.

lilly and deakin sis and bro   2 star

Hard to manage. This is a bit hard to manage and to understand it keeps on saying that my account does not exist!! But overall, it’s not that bad, but at the same time not that good. I give this app a 3 star rating

Blahsandy   1 star

Annoying. This app will not load When I’ve successfully uploaded it before it freezes

nobitchbitesricko   1 star

Broken. Has not worked since I updated iOS, tried deleting and now can not download again from the App Store.

Miked_321   2 star

Not What It Says on the Tin!. Some features as advertised are not available or if they are, then the interface in gaining access to them is not user friendly enough. For example I can’t add / edit / create folders... only select which ones I want as favourites. Do I always need a PC at hand to gain access to these sorts of features. Very disappointing and a pathetic attempt at an app from a developer such Microsoft!

oh:(:):(:):/   1 star

App hangs and have to reboot. Hi there. I was an early adopter and have loved the app. Since iOS 13 and the new Outlook updates the App hangs 2-3 times a day and only way to resolve is to reboot my iPhone. Please fix, otherwise I’m finding an alternative. Thanks

Raymond_one   2 star

Not as Advertised. I downloaded this app as it’s supposed to allow you to create folders and create rules to move emails to those folders as they come in. Neither is actually there.

chris paddy   4 star

Easy access. I have no trouble accessing my emails on my work mobile and at home on my pc....

Drwesty   1 star

Terrible Update!. 4.8 removes the HTML rendering of signatures! Help I want 4.7.1 back! Come Microsoft do not take away an important tool like that...

Check chances   1 star

No attachments. Just inline/embed. Can’t believe we’re in late 2019 and Outlook (the gold standard of email clients) cannot get it together and enable image attachments to come through as actually attachments. Just like Mail or iOS it clumsily embeds the images which is totally unacceptable.

beyondtool   1 star

Calendar needs work. After all these years this app still doesn’t sync changes to outlook calendars. Once again I find myself preparing for a meeting that was cancelled and removed from my desktop calendar but no on my phone. Incensed!

Apple_gcs   4 star

Notifications!. This app really needs to sort out it’s notification. You could have 5 new emails, but the app on shows one in the notification badge on the app icon. Alternatively, you could have no emails, but the badge icon indicates multiple. This is really annoying. That is my only issue with this app, and beside that small flaw, it is perfect in every other way.

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