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What is microsoft outlook app? Outlook lets you bring all your email accounts and calendars in one convenient spot. Whether it's staying on top of your inbox or scheduling the next big thing, we make it easy to be your most productive, organized, and connected self.

Here's what you'll love about Outlook for iOS:

- Focus on the right things with our smart inbox - we help you sort between messages you need to act on straight away and everything else.

- Swipe to quickly schedule, delete and archive messages.

- Share your meeting availability with just a tap and easily find times to meet with others.

- Find everything you're looking for with our new search experience, including files, contacts, and your upcoming trips.

- View and attach any file from your email, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more, without having to download them to your phone.

- Open Word, Excel, or other Office document attachments to edit them directly in the corresponding app and attach them back to an email.


Outlook for iOS works with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, (including Hotmail and MSN), Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and iCloud.


To make an in-app purchase of a Microsoft 365 Family or Personal subscription, open the app, go to Settings, and tap on Upgrade next to your or account. Subscriptions begin at $6.99 a month in the US, and can vary by region. With a Microsoft 365 subscription, you get 1TB of storage for each user, access to all features in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, and you can install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote on PCs or Macs.

Microsoft 365 subscriptions purchased from the app will be charged to your iTunes account and will automatically renew within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period, unless auto-renewal is disabled beforehand. To manage your subscriptions or to disable auto-renewal, after purchase, go to your iTunes account settings. A subscription cannot be cancelled during the active subscription period. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.

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Updated 24 January 2023, Tuesday
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Microsoft Outlook Comments & Reviews 2023

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Almost there. Powerful email software. No real major issues except for one minor inconvenience. All other email programs, and a lot of other retail programs, have a feature which is mainly in the INBOX where if you want to delete an email/message, you swipe left and the selection is either deleted or the DELETE prompt is available. Now I do understand that everyone wants their product to be different. And I understand the function of the ARCHIVE. But for the sake of the user, who is already unconsciously trained to swipe left if we desire to delete a text/email/message, whatever……. it would be refreshing to see companies just “go with the flow” and make the delete function assimilation with us in mind, and put the archive selection somewhere else. Statistically, we use delete far more then archive. I got it; you want to be different. Hats off to you. But do you have to be so different that it can be irritating ?? That is a real thing.

Works well for most activities. I use Outlook at work and love it’s ability to coordinate schedules, send invites, set up reoccurring meetings, etc. I just wish the spam filters were better. (My company is working on improving them, but I don’t like getting notifications from Office each time a message is flagged as possible spam. Once a week, every other week, or once a month is less work for me and effective because they are almost always correctly identified as spam, although many spam messages are still missed.) I also wish there were more ways to flag/categorize messages by the speed with which I need to respond. I use flagged emails as my to-do list (and even email my self to-do items) and would like to see higher priority/urgent messages at the top but still see all flagged messages at once. I have colleagues with similar working styles at other companies, so it’d be a great feature to add (or notify us on how to do it, if already available).

I'd give zero stars if I could. I dislike everything about this app. Sadly I have to use it for work. My biggest annoyance perhaps, is this: I see an alert in my iPhone notification center that there's a new email; I tap it; I wait about 10 seconds while the app opens. Finally, I see my inbox. Top of the list, there's the last email I've already read. But the new one––for which I just saw an alert––that's nowhere to be found! So I pull down, to refresh. Sometimes it refreshes to exactly what it just was, with no new message showing. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ONE I JUST SAW? When I've already read the first line of the message in the preview, at my notifications center! Where did it go? The app has obviously already LOADED the new message, if I've already read part of it! So why won't it show in my inbox? Sometimes, after I've refreshed, a few times, it will load, and then I can view the whole thing. But sometimes I have to close and re-open the app several times. And other times I have to go elsewhere and read my new message at a computer; it'll only show in my phone, hopefully within in the next day or so. AGAIN, I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY IT ISN'T VISIBLE IN MY INBOX FROM THE MOMENT I'VE OPENED THE APP! YOU'VE ALREADY SHOWN A PREVIEW IN MY NOTIFICATIONS CENTER, SO WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT EVEN 10 SECONDS TO LOAD A NEW MESSAGE, LET ALONE A WHOLE DAY???

Not possible to access iCloud files. My employer uses Microsoft outlook for email. This would not be a problem if not for this apps inability to attach documents I store on my iCloud. All my devices (watch, phone, laptop, iPads) are apple devices. I store all of my important files on iCloud. If I am replying to an email and want to send an attachment, I’m out of luck. When I click on attach, the Files section does not include iCloud. I decided to have my Google Drive sync my most heavily used work-related folder on my iCloud. But when I try to set up that account under Files, it fails and I get a notification to contact support. Support seems really communicative however. They are definitely interested in helping me make this work. Unfortunately, when I see a support notification pop up, I cannot even open the conversation without first trying to set up my Google Drive, then having it fail, then seeing the pop up with a link to contact customer support. There is no way to access the customer support chat without forcing something to go wrong then opening up the chat window. This is a definite flaw in the iPad version of this app!

Best iPhone email client. I use many different emails, gmail, yahoo, and exchange and outlook for iPhone has best integration for all of them. Easy to use and follow. It also provides the focuses and unfocused inbox which is extremely useful and accurate (all my work or action related email goes to focused inbox). The search is very accurate and fast. The only thing I would improve there is that once I get the search result, to be able to have an option to select all and provide an instruction ie to delete or move to a folder, which it doesn’t allow at this time. Calendar is great too. If you are Outllook user in desktop, the mobile app version is 100x more reliable and user friendly. I no longer use the outlook for windows email client I use another one since outlook for windows is glitchy. So don’t judge the mobile app version with the performance of the windows laptop version.

Outlook mobile is better than the desktop. I may get a lot of pushback on this. But the mobile app and the web client in my mind are far simpler to use then the desktop client. I really wish they would just improve the web client a little more. Drop the desktop client and be done. The one thing that frustrates me the most about outlook is it’s filters. I’ve found that using the web client is the best place to set all that up. For this mobile app. I really enjoy it. The area that I believe it needs a little more improvement is the calendar. I can not put my finger on it but the apple iCal is slightly better in this regard. Even the Google calendar is better. Just a little more polish and it would be a 5 star for the app. A few years ago I tested all three clients. The iOS was top on my list of usability. The desktop client I rated about 1.5 stars because it was not simple the first time you login. To get the desktop client even close to the web client or iOS I had to heavily customize it. My instinct tells me the mobile developers understand the end users needs far better than the desktop client developers.

Adequate product. In looking through other reviews, I noticed several, many, reviews that stated how bad the product was but that showed 5 star ratings. ????? It is frustrating to sit and wait several seconds to have my inbox loaded each time I select outlook on iOS. I have reviewed settings and see no correction for that. Am I downloading messages online each time data wise? When moving a message from inbox, it would be nice to have predictive folders shown as on the desktop. I have three major folders that get a lot of messages and it is a frustration to scroll all over each time. My spouse uses Apple Calendar on her phone and we have trouble she invites me on an appointment. I have tried to clear that up but can’t. I would prefer the calendar app to be separate from the email to use in separate windows. Handling and setting up groups for emails is frustrating on all platforms. As I am now retired, I have no great operational demands that Mail can’t handle so I might just go back to that. Dropping MS Office would certainly save some money. The app is not “Bad”, just adequate. Certainly, it is no joy to use but does not cause too much pain-except for that one group of about ten days of email that was lost. Never found those suckers. 🚀 Update: 9/13 Still simply adequate. I have approached my host to find out if I can move all mail from outlook to Mail.

Outlook Email. I just purchased a new iPhone 12 Pro Max and I’ve setup 3 email accounts through the Outlook iOS app with ease which is way more than I can say about the Mail app that came preinstalled on the iPhone! I was able to setup one email account through the preinstalled Mail app and that’s where it ended. After trying and trying, even after using the step by step instruction (hours I’ll never get back) to add multiple email accounts to the preinstalled IOS Mail app I finally gave up and downloaded the Outlook app. Not only is it stupid easy to add multiple email accounts, it took mere minutes to do so. I’m sticking with Outlook! If it takes that much time and effort to setup multiple email accounts through the preinstalled Mail app with a person who is more than capable of understanding the technology and process to do so says a lot about the app. I encourage everyone to install the Outlook app, you won’t be disappointed.

Buggy when used with Google Gsuite accounts. Outlook works very well with my Exchange and Office 365 accounts. They claim to support Gmail, and the basics do work but when used with Google’s Gsuite email accounts, the app still has serious bugs. Very frequently, for example, when I reply to a message on my Gsuite account, Outlook shows “mail sent” (and does send the reply) but then marks the reply as a draft. So my inbox is littered with threads that are falsely marked as having unsent drafts. Even more frustrating, every so often Outlook won’t let me complete a reply to a message. I start typing, but after 5-10 seconds, the app suddenly closes the text input window, obliterating what I’ve written. It does not save a draft, so I can’t pick up again from where I left off. I now have several of theses messages in my inbox that Outlook refuses to let me reply to. There is nothing unusual at all about those plain-text messages. Outlook support suggested resetting the account and restarting the app. I did, and neither of the bugs above went away. My advice if you use Gsuite mail accounts—find a different mail app.

for school or work whatever it’s worth downloading. I use it for school I have an outlook account that I sign into and without logging into my computer I can take outlook wherever and whenever. Their are downfalls using this app and one of them is........that if you have a signature that you put in some emails and others you don’t there is no way to put a signature in your email in Outlook app which I don’t mind but then again I thought all your capabilities that you have online or app on computer you would have in the app for your phone. Another downfall I think is that you can’t say a email is “low important or high importance” I again for me that’s not super important but it would be nice to have on the app for your phone. There are plenty other things you can’t do on the app for your mobile device but you can do on the desktop app for your computer or laptop or pc. Other than, I like using the app and reading emails that come in without running to my computer to reply or even just read a single message I can be away from my computer and use my phone while I’m on the go doing other things that are little more important than sitting at home waiting for a email to come in thinking that’s the only way I can respond and receive messages from Outlook.

Good mail app that needs some polish. I like outlook generally, especially the focused/other organization of the display. Controls are where I expect them to be and the app is very easy to use. The app has come a long way in the last year or so. There is, however, plenty of room for improvement! My biggest complaint right now is in the search function. I sometimes find that outlook can’t locate messages that apple mail can find easily. That’s a little unsettling because you never know when it’s failing unless you compare with apple mail on every search, which would be a hassle. If I think we could also use a one-touch send to junk mail. I’m getting more and more spam these days and it would be great to be able to handle it with a click/touch. There is no denying that outlook deals with exchange better than any third party. I’ve gotten too many errors from applications like fantastical over time, while outlook never seems to get confused about what’s coming from exchange.

Top iPad and iPhone email app. Rated 4 because you can’t drag and drop attachments. This is likely the best or at least the top 3 mail apps for iOS. Swipe actions are customizable and immediate which means you don’t have to swipe and click; you just swipe and the action is completed. The app gives you a few seconds to undo if you swiped by mistake. Unique to Outlook’s email app is that you can accept or decline etc. an invitation and choose to send a response or not the same you would be able to on the desktop version of outlook. It also auto-deletes the invite once you complete the acceptance action which is a more efficient way to manage your invitations. One last great feature for those of us that use keyboards with iPads; the shortcuts are a lot more intuitive and simpler than the Apple Mail app shortcuts. The only reason I gave it a 4 star is that you can’t drag and drop attachments from the emails into side-by-side apps or a side-by-side outlook new email that you are composing to someone else where you want to send selected attachments from a received email. This feature would make it a 5 star app!

I hate outlook. This is the worst email app I’ve ever used. Unfortunately, I have to use it because my university uses it. First of all, it’s the ugliest email app. There’s no contact photos shown next to an email, like in gmail of yahoo mail, so it’s hard to differentiate between who is sending you an email. All the emails blend together into a born blob of black and white, making me check this email the least. Also, you can’t search a phrase or sender and then select multiple emails to delete them. That’s half the reason I even use the search function. Perhaps you can delete emails this way on a laptop, but I mainly check my email on my phone, so it’s egregiously inconvenient. In addition the focused and other email tabs are so stupid. The app just arbitrarily organizes them with no knowledge of what emails are actually important to you and which ones aren’t. As a result, I often don’t see important emails in a timely manner because they go into the other tab. Checking my email shouldn’t have this many complications, and being able to delete my emails by search should be an option. Please fix your dysfunctional app. I’m hoping I never have to have another outlook email after I graduate.

Performance Hiccups of Late. Outlook is a tremendous example of powerful iOS/iPad OS software where when you learn how the app works on one platform, you benefit on the other. Particularly, in a corporate setting, the ability to see organization charts, availability, and room reservations sets it TREMENDOUSLY apart from the built in mail and calendar apps which are designed more for personal use. However…. For the past few months, the app CONSTANTLY restarts whenever multitasking. It does not save state or run in the background and you lose your place in whatever email you were viewing or writing. Additionally, there are stuttering issues when scrolling or moving around the interface. These issues have persisted for the last several updates and are quite frustrating to deal with. With each update, I hope that they’ve been addressed, but they persist. Will increase the stars once the bugs are addressed.

Disjointed Functionality. It seems that Outlook routinely "forgets" your mail accounts, even when using Microsoft's own Exchange-based accounts (Outlook, Hotmail). Why is this? Why does Outlook have to refresh all of your mail locally almost every time you open it? There will even be a numerical badge indicating unread messages, but when you open Outlook, you will be notified that Outlook has "found" accounts on your system (accounts that you have, of course, already added to Outlook) and you will be prompted to add these accounts again. The standard Apple iOS Mail app actually seems to manage Microsoft's own mail accounts better than Microsoft's email app. How can this be? Is Apple doing sometime here to hobble non-Apple email apps (as they do with non-Apple mobile browsers) or has Microsoft not been able to figure out how to develop native iOS applications? I'm inclined to think it's the latter, because other non-Apple email apps do seem to be able to retain email account continuity. It's a shortcoming only for the Outlook email client. I keep trying to use Outlook as a mobile email client for my Microsoft email accounts and I always end up uninstalling it and reverting to the Apple app or some other third-part email app. It's a shame, really. Google's Mail app works pretty well for Gmail. Microsoft's Outlook app doesn't work well for Microsoft email. What's going on here?

I Hate This App. I was recently forced to switch over to the Outlook app from the native Apple Mail app by my office. Couldn’t be more disappointed. First, despite the fact that everything is set up to push new data, I will regularly open the app to watch a dozen or so new emails load right before my eyes. No notifications, no indication that I received new emails, nothing. And sometimes this can be a dozen or more emails at a time and from a half hour ago or more. Very frustrating. Then there’s the issue of the default email font, which is basically the most unpleasant looking and unprofessional font that could have been chosen, that cannot be changed. Next we have the calendar, which is the least intuitive layout I can imagine. I can never tell when I have things scheduled for any particular day, because it’s just a garbled mess. The layout in Apple’s Calendar app is much, much, much better. And adding items to the calendar is equally frustrating. Adding attachments to emails is always a fun little adventure, as you never know where or how it’s going to add them to the email. The whole point of being able to access email on your phone is that it’s supposed to be quick and convenient, and this app if far from either of those things. Honestly, I’m not even sure it’s worth improving this app, it would probably be better to scrap it and start all over. Save some time in the process and just copy Apple’s apps.

Extremely basic, can’t organize mail. This is a terrible implementation of outlook. It’s only good for basic reading & writing of simple emails. I can’t manage folders other than the ability to create new folders at the top level of the folder hierarchy. I can’t create a hierarchy of folders. God forbid you used Outlook for windows to create a folder hierarchy in your mailbox; it can’t be edited, new folders can’t be created within this hierarchy, and there is NO WAY to delete any folders in this app. (The native Apple Mail app is more functional with this regard than MS’ own app.) The only other reason I’d use this app over Apple Mail client is to retain the ability to create other types of outlook / exchange documents in folders. But, alas, the authors have removed this feature too. No more notes, postings, or other document types. So now I have to email things to myself and move them into folders when I want to use exchange to organize my online documents & notes; and that means sending notes through email which is often a security risk I was never exposed to before. But, then again, since I can’t do folder Mgmt, I’m better off using Apple Mail so I can at least manage where and how I store my info with my folder hierarchy.

Only one month of storage? Seriously?. I don't know about the rest of you but I use this app on my iPhone for business. It has a very limited amount of storage space and I received quite a few emails. I'm only able to access emails dating back one month. No help from tech-support and I see that many others have suggested an improvement to the developers. No response. Typical Microsoft behavior. They will always think they're better and smarter than anybody else. Part of the problem is that they don't listen. That arrogance and lack of adaptation to changing behavior is what is making their company fade. The only way to access these older emails is to use the web-based browser on my desktop. This is an absolutely ridiculous alternative just simply having an app that would allow you to use local storage on your device to archive and back up your emails for easier access on the go. I'm not sure why they have such limited storage. I have tons of free storage using my yahoo email dating back to the late 90s! Absolute crap. If you can avoid this ridiculousness please find another email client to serve your business needs. And Microsoft - I hope you burn in hell.

Decent but could use some upgrades. The outlook program is ok if you are using only for basic email. We use outlook for our business and we’ve run in to multiple issues that are inconvenient. The first being the way the emails are organized. If you send emails with the same subject line to multiple people, make sure to turn off the “organize in threads” option. If you don’t, every email with that subject line will be condensed into one thread. Not detrimental, just inconvenient until you figure out how to fix it. It would be more useful to condense all emails by sender rather than subject. Next, the calendar does not update quickly and sometimes does not update at all when synced to multiple devices. I will add an appointment to the calendar and my husbands calendar will not update and he’s missed appointments due to this. I’ve tried all the fixes online and nothings worked. These are just a couple of things I’ve noticed among a number of things that could be changed in the program. However, if you’re looking for a basic email program it works just fine.

Terrible UI, 10 years behind everyone else. The only reason I’m using this is because my employer was strong armed by Microsoft into blocking non-Microsoft apps from accessing the email system. They claim it is for security reasons. I don’t believe it. You can’t set it to list the emails without showing the first two lines on the message, so you can only see four messages at a time. All it does is place a tiny dot next to new messages instead of putting the sender and subject in bold like Apple’s client, so it is hard to see which messages are new. It ignores settings from the main pc client. I turned off the focused inbox because as a university professor it is useless to me, but the iOS client turned it back on. I am a computer science professor. Overall, it gets a D. The only reason I’m using it is because it was forced on us due to Microsoft’s shady tactics to try to gain market share. A standards-compatible email server should be able to work with any standards-compliant email client, but adhering to standards is not the Microsoft way. Don’t get this unless you have no choice. I pity anyone who is forced to use to use this piece of trash email client.

Problems and potential updates?. I have mostly used Gmail for a lot of things (my high school email, my undergrad email, etc.) and now as a grad student, I have to use my school outlook email to communicate with my professors. Overall, the app is very easy to use once you get the hang of it. However, one thing I missed as a Gmail user is being able to schedule an email to my professors on the app. I use my phone more than my laptop because I’m always on the move. I don’t want to write an email on my phone only to have to turn on my laptop just to schedule the email. I also wished for the feature of being able to label the priority level of my email to be applicable in the app as well. I thought that was a cool feature that outlook had that Gmail didn’t only to be disappointed that the app didn’t have it. Another thing that worries me is that getting notifications from the app is a hit or miss for me. I didn’t have to send an email for a month and when I opened the app to write one, turns out I have 6 unread emails waiting for me. Thank god it wasn’t anything serious but I’m hoping this gets fixed soon. I would rather not have this happening to me when during my semester.

I weep for everyone who has to use his on iOS.. This is the worst app that I have on my phone. Typically I don’t keep apps that I absolutely hate, but since I have no alternative to using this horrible thing, I haven’t removed it. This pathetic thing has caused problems for me professionally. It takes less time for me to boot up the computer and check my calendar and then it does for me to even make my calendar showing this out. Hoping out an email literally takes as long as it would to write a letter and put it in the mail. Smoke signals will be better than this app. I can’t even open my calendar to understand what kind of meetings I have for the day because this app loads every single calendar I have shared to me and freezes every time I click a button. This is horrible. Don’t know why Microsoft insists upon upgrading things to be absolutely terrible. Even more I can’t understand why the entire professional world forces everyone to use Outlook. Gross. Even worse, it’s been out for a year already and you’ve done nothing to fix it, it’s gotten worse if anything. I’d be fired if I was this bad at my job.

Great for corporate e-mail. To those who say that it is limited because it lacks integration with iOS that is exactly the point and the reason why you want this app. You can always use the built-in mail app in iOS and connect to your exchange server or office 365, however this carries some risks as your administrator can now wipe the entire phone if necessary (or on accident). With the outlook app an administrative wipe is only limited to the data in the outlook app itself it will not wipe your entire phone. THIS is the reason to use Outlook. It is a bit less convenient to have the main calendar app and the Outlook calendar for instance, but I believe the separation is worth the inconvenience. iOS 14 outlook calendar widget is here now and also works great. My only ding is the stupid ‘play my emails’ prompt. It’s turned OFF, yet Outlook asks me every launch. You need to go in and turn it on, then turn it off for it to go away. Stupid!!

Almost 100 percent.. I keep reading that Outlook may still not play well with all the other apps available - and, to be honest, we should not expect that it should. There are just too many apps with too many formats and offerings to contend with. However, it seems like one or two niceties of the other major apps like “Fantastical” that would be very helpful. One example is the ability to set multiple a times for reminders before an event. It may sound trivial but it is not if you are planning for a birthday, vacation or other important event. Outlook is truly a great application for IOS and I would highly recommend it to all. You have to really use it to appreciate it. If I were just starting to use Ios it would be my first down load. It is truly a 5 star app - Thank you Microsoft! However, for me to start the laborious task of transferring all my data to Outlook for IOS, Outlook needs a couple of small enhancements to push it over the top.

Great app BUT..... It’s been five months that I have reported this issue and for five months I am told it is a known issue and will be handled with an update; BULL The use to work as described. However, I am not able to load multiple contacts when either creating, forwarding or replying to additional contacts. I have Office 365 on my PC and wanted to synch my calendar and mailboxes, so I added the iOS Outlook app. I have tried contacting iOS support and they intermittently respond. It’s difficult to fix a problem they can’t see or spend time trying At this point the iOS app is not functioning correctly and isn’t supported very well. It’s coming off my iPhone. It’s been months and the problem has been “dumped” into a big black hole called engineering. No one owns any problem. The app works perfectly on my wife’s iPhone and the Apple mail app works perfectly. It’s now been over a year. My only issue is on average 400+ emails are always visible in my deleted folder. When I try to delete a message it immediately returns. I cannot swipe delete anything from my junk file to the delete file I have to manually move it. Mobile Outlook support is useless!!!!!!!

God Forbid You Have to Rest Your Password. I was notified today that my account was disabled for “suspicious activity.” No explanation of that activity - just directions to reset my password. Tried resetting using the request form which asked for a previous password, the email address of my previous sent email and the subject line of the previous sent email, etc. Now, if I could remember my password, I wouldn’t be trying to reset it! Anywho, send the form to wherever it goes after answering the questions to the best of my ability only to be sent something saying they couldn’t verify it was really me!!! Finally got on a chat with support and was basically told “for security purposes” staff can not enable an account. When I asked how they can disable an account with no explanation and without being able to enable it, I was told to create another account... 🤬. Now I can’t correspond with my attorney via email or send anything from this account. It’s 10 levels of frustrating and has convinced me to stop using this service and to make sure everyone I talk to knows how stupid this “recovery” system is and that your account can end up disabled with no explanation or viable means to reset your password. Just a hard lesson in frustration and a waste of time.

Poor Features Compared To Others. Let me first say I do like Outlook on a web platform and on Microsoft’s system - however, we changed over to IPad and IOS because of the Windows phone discontinuation. This APP has been a bugger since I set it up. I have reloaded it 2 or 3 times in the last couple of months because it fails to send- despite correct settings through our broadband supplier. Now, I can receive mail but will not send even though it worked fine for about 2 weeks - no settings changes. Besides that, the app has a very basic signature line and hardly customizable, no mail read receipts. This would be handy because I have many emails that show in the “Sent” folder that didn’t go anywhere. I understand we use this as an interface, but I shouldn’t get a banner showing a new email and have to wait 5-10 minutes for it to actually show up in the inbox. Support is via ticket not live and I have waited 20+ hours at times to get a response. Personal email is one thing, but for a business.. can’t have it. There are other things however I believe i have typed enough. Version 3.5 at the moment. Again, I enjoy outlook on a Microsoft system or as used via web - but this app and it’s updates/features for IOS are lacking.

Email cascade. One issue with Outlook is the embedding of emails. If I get an email and others are included, their response is what shows up as the original email. I can’t scroll down the list of email and find the original sender because it is now listed as being from whoever responded. Also, if you forward the original email, and then try to respond to the original email, that option isn’t available. I find this very frustrating and using the search option is not that helpful. One other thing...when starting an email, the way it starts is type in (if new) or select an email...then you have to figure out what to tap to start the email...if you hit the > then it wants to send and you haven’t even written anything! But, you are saved because there is nothing in the subject box so you can select “continue editing” and get to the actual email.

Stops syncing emails after sometime. Tried it twice in last 5 years, and both times had the same issue - the mails stop syncing after sometime. I like the look and feel of the app and it is easy to use. But the bare minimum functionality of an email app is flawed - getting new emails and syncing. The app shows 34 unread messages in the badge icon. But when you open the app, it only shows old messages. I tried restarting the app, restarting the phone, and reseting the email account (which is another pain point as it requires app to be restarted for each account reset - I had 6 accounts added). Nothing gets new emails to show. Even the emails that were deleted in last 2 days were still in the inbox when checked by logging in directly to the server via browser. Really wanted it to work as it works well with Exchange accounts and doesn’t prompt for re-authentication every 30 days (endorced by organization), but the above mentioned problem makes it pretty useless for me. Returning to the native mail app for now with no intention to give this app another try.

The App is Ok. The app has worked great since I got it last year, especially for school. But recently it’s stopped sending me notifications for some emails which has caused me to miss several emails and dead-lines. It’s too late for me at this point so please fix this issue. I don’t know if it’s because I had 2 inboxes from 2 different school emails or what, but this problem has caused me a lot of stress and I’d prefer it not happen in the future. Edit: The issue that I believed was originally occurring is not the only one. It appears the reason I am not getting notifications for emails is because these emails aren’t appearing in my inbox until days later. For example, several emails I received on the 30th of July did not appear in my inbox until today. I did not get any notifications for any emails on that 30th. This is really frustrating because I’ve received emails from university faculty who have been sending and requesting information and it is really creating a huge hassle for me and causing more stress than is needed. Maybe this is something I need to talk to my school about? If it is please let me know.

So good in some areas and 1990 in others.. Hello, I love the outlook app and I need to use it on a day to day basis. Some of the items like calendar events and sending notifications is great in parts but lack in editing. First off. Why is there no copy and paste in Outlook. I had a whole email typed up and I needed to input a link. So what would I have to do? Copy and paste it in. Nope. I have to go to safari and click share and then outlook so I can send a link in outlook. Well then when I get in outlook I have to retype my message or just paste in the other one right. Nope. Paste does not work from previous to new message. So I have to manually copy something by hand. Link or original message. Come on Microsoft. Make copy and paste work the. You get a solid 4. Add some polish and sub folder notifications and some editing tools you will have a 5 Star app again. Please fix these little flaws. You have office and should be able to make a solid app. Now let’s make it happen. Thanks.

User friendliness and efficiency needs improvement. So when you use gmail you can do a search and it will bring up emails specifically from the word you searched. For example, if you search for Apple Pay it will pull up emails from Apple Pay first. If you do the same search in outlook it will give you all emails that include those words as the sender, subject, mention, etc. This means you have to navigate through a list of unimportant emails to get to the one you want if you don’t give up in utter disappointment in the process. If that’s not frustrating enough when you write an email and it goes past a certain line you better hope you can type really well because you won’t be able to see past that line. I would have to stop scroll up and check the sentence, correct it blindly because it toggles back down where it can’t be seen and continue typing. So I started writing in other apps like gmail and forwarding it to outlook or doing a copy paste and forwarding it to my recipient if it was a longer message. That is not how I want to send my emails but outlook hasn’t seemed to be able to figure out how to make it work. Thus I have several apps for emails. Ugh

Frustrating App. This has to be one of the most irritating email apps I have ever used. It does remedy some of my issues with iOS email, but several things drive me crazy. I get several longer emails a day, newsletters and such, and as I am scrolling down the email it just stops with a “read more” button. It then opens the email again and returns you all the way to the top. So then I have to scroll all the way back to where it left off. If you need to switch apps for a second and return to finish the email you are reading? You guessed it. It returns you all the way back to the top and you have to scroll all the way back down. Accidentally close the window?Right again! Scroll all the way to the bottom, press the “read more” button which returns you to the top, then scroll all the way back down where you left off. There SO MANY ways they could easily remedy this but a simple one would be to have a button at the top of the email to open it in its own window. I have other issues, like not being able to create subfolders to the inbox without doing it on a laptop, but that’s enough complaining for one review.

Unstable. Constantly locks up when switching to “Other”. If you are lucky and have a version that works great. Never update to a newer version as you will be playing roulette and will most likely end up not able to access your email. A sign of problematic programming is frequent updates. This app has lots of updates, just about all of them say “bug fixes, optimizations and performance improvements” or the like. However the app only gets more unstable. Focus less on frequent updates and more on fewer quality updates. No Email app should have multiple updates per month. The only time an update should be issued is for notable new features or compatibility due to core OS changes. But release after release after release of “Bug fixes/improvements” and it’s still unstable to the point of being unusable is unacceptable from a company such as MS. Makes me wonder if the development of the app has been contract out. For best results stick with Apples built in mail app.

Great for two mail accounts. This app is great for those who want to use two accounts in one app. It has some time saving features that the built-in Mail app lacks, such as smart actions that learns what you do often(such as moving a piece of mail to a certain folder), saving you an extra tap. But if you have more than two accounts, the buttons are just way too small to switch between accounts, making it a hassle, so it would be less hassle to use different apps. One feature that i really would appreciate is the ability to add a favorite folder to “All Accounts”. Currently, you have to go into a specific account to access the favorite folders of that account. That requires two to three very precise taps. Come on Microsoft, this should be easy to implement. Under the hood, the scrolling operations are buttery smooth just like other native iOS apps. The battery usage is also very comparable—having dark mode also helps. This app is a few steps ahead of the Gmail app.

Pretty Good. I’d give it an 4.5 if I could, but it’s not a four. I’d like it if it was easier to figure out at first how to access other folders such as trash and drafts—or maybe I’m just slow. I like how you can change what the slide function has—I have it set to delete which is super helpful and I wish the apple mail app had. I use both apps with Microsoft OutLook for my school email. I also like the computer version as well. Both versions of the app can (and do) remind me of events I have in my Microsoft calendar (I forget their name, if it has one). This is really helpful as my high school is using teams during the whole pandemic-so I get reminded before school starts, towards the end of classes I dislike, and before lunch ends that I have class which is really helpful. I’ll also mention that you can turn this off—for one or all events—and change the amount of time beforehand that it reminds you at (15 or 5 minutes beforehand for example). I still will use google as my main email because I already am—it isn’t better enough in the ways it is to change. I don’t think it is worse per say that google/apple email apps/websites. Hope this helps!

No drag and drop?. Maybe I’m missing something here, but as far as I can tell Outlook does not allow dragging and dropping of files with either the Files app or Google Drive in split-view. The focus/other view is not well implemented, and often made seeing email harder rather than easier (although not being able to see an email is I guess a form of dealing with your inbox overload). There is an email filing integration with another web app I use that is available on the desktop version that is awesome, but unfortunately it appears that integration isn’t available on the ipad and ios versions (not Microsoft’s fault, it’s a third party integration, but really disappointing nonetheless). In the absence of a unique feature (i.e. some integration only available with Outlook) the other third party mail apps such as Spark or just the stock Apple mail app seem like much better choices for ipad and ios. I’m not sure why this app gets the overwhelmingly positive reviews both here and by tech reviewers online as it doesn’t really seem to be anything special and appears to be missing some core ipad and ios features, although again maybe i’m just missing something.

FIX CALENDAR REMINDERS. i'm not giving this app more than 1 star until you guys fix Calendar reminders that were created on the desktop version of outlook but somehow are not able to sync on to this mobile version. Thats a crucial part of a calendar app, is it not? UPDATE: calendar issue fixed but this app is still completely useless if I can't log in with One Touch. I have to completely reboot my phone each time it starts throwing an error. This is an enterprise app how are you guys allowing this to happen. Still one star because I can't even enter the darn app. ONE-YEAR LATER UPDATE: this app still is unfortunately unreliable. For most professionals, calendar appointments are extremely important in their day-to-day business schedule. There are NOT ENOUGH notification capabilities through this app to remind people of upcoming appointments. My other calendar app, Calendars by Readdle, that I use for my personal life, I can set multiple reminders at 1 day, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, and 5 minutes before an important appointment so I can feel confident that I NOT MISS that crucial meeting. Unfortunately that type of functionality is missing with Outlook.

Outlook as my organizer…. I need one platform that I can use on my devices. I am a Windows user on my computers, servers, and other devices in my office environment as well as other companies office environments. Smart phones are slowly becoming an important device and Apple devices are leading the way for me and my users, especially my younger users. I would like to receive a text and quickly, easily add the sender to my Outlook contacts not my Apple contacts. Once added I would like to quickly search for that added contact on either device via Outlook, but cannot. I prefer the Microsoft 365 local environment, but making it work easily is complicated and very frustrating. I am aware Microsoft attempted to compete in the smartphone arena a few years ago but acknowledged Apple was the leader and gave up. Microsoft won the computer and computer OS battle for businesses decades ago, but Apple is still fighting. Can’t Microsoft continue to either battle for or work with Apple to provide us users with an organizer platform between Windows workstations and Apple smartphones that is easy to use and seamless to use as we work across both devices? Please…? Thanks. — Mark

Bugs are crawly all over this app. I love outlook and liked this app until recently. Now, when I type, the characters in the to field or the search bar, the software lags far behind what I type and then freezes. I can’t type more than 2 or 3 characters before the app freezes. It doesn’t stop there. When you contact support, they don’t get back to you in an email. Instead, you have to go to the settings icon to see if there is a response. Can you imagine how stupid the head of product is to make an email product that doesn’t use its own email channel for support? I check for several days and no response. Then, at some point, I get a message that they haven’t heard from me so they are closing my ticket. Of course you haven’t heard from me: you use your setting icon as a communications channel, rather than a normal channel like email. Also, in the name of creating a modern UI design, they have changed and removed numerous icons that are useful. I can’t believe how MS degraded such a great product so fast. No wonder Google/Gmail is killing them.

Contacts emails going to Junk folder. There is something wrong with this email platform of outlook. It used to work fine and I’ve been using outlook and msn email programs and email addresses for years but now it’s putting important business mail in the junk mail folder continuously. These are email addresses and people that I have put in my contacts and have continuously told the program they weren’t Junk. These are important work emails and some I have missed or had trouble finding. I’ve had to tell work that my email isn’t working right and to resend things. Sometimes something I searched and found yesterday won’t come up today. Sometimes the only way to find a reply to my sent email is to look at my sent folder to see their replies. That’s a trick that I learned because they’ll combine your sent with its replies. People ask me what I’m using outlook for, that they’ve never heard of it and that it must be cheap and faulty. They tell me to switch. I tell them “How do you not know MSN and Outlook?”. I have to find a new email platform because this one has turned bad and it means change my email address that I’ve had for 12 years or so and I’m not too happy about that.

Needs some refinement. I only installed Outlook on my iPad and phone to get access to my work email and calendar. I added my personal Gmail account but I actually prefer the gmail app. The main problem with Outlook is that it makes you click a button to view more on longer messages. This wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t reload the message making you scroll down to where you left off. Also, when you click a link in a message (which opens a browser), when you come back to Outlook it often reloads the message - making you scroll down again to find the place where you left off. My work requires the use of the Edge browser and has all kinds of restrictions on it. So, I don’t use Edge for personal stuff. You can configure which browser to use based on which email account you’re using on Outlook. But it often opens the Edge browser when I’m using personal email account, instead of Safari which I configured it to use. If Microsoft could fix these issues, it would be a much better app and I might use it even if my employer didn’t require it.

Terrible for GSuite Accounts. I’ve been a dedicated user of this app for several years and have been pretty satisfied, until recently. I started a business, got a gsuite account for it, and when I started sending mail from iOS Outlook, all of the mail from the gsuite accounts would be routed to spam by my customers email providers. At first, I thought it must be my new email address...then I tried sending mail directly from gmail on safari. No problem - no emails routed to spam. Then I downloaded Edison mail (thinking maybe it’s a third party app thing?!) and sent an email. Again, no problem - no emails routed to spam. I tried iOS outlook again...and my email got sent to spam. I reported it to the customer service team, and they brushed it off saying it wasn’t their problem. I beg to differ if the emails I send from your app get flagged as spam by recipients and yet the exact same email sent by a different app isn’t flagged by spam...I think that is your problem! And to top it off, to tell me that they won’t do anything about it, is doubly annoying. I’m removing outlook from my phone and recommend anyone with business gsuite accounts to stear clear!

Good but could be much better. I enjoy using Outlook w Office 365. I grew up using Microsoft products and so it feels familiar and easy to use. That said, there are some very basic things offered in Google Workspace w Gmail that are lacking in Outlook w Office 365 subscription. Like, why can’t I schedule emails and why can’t I have multiple domains to send “From” when I send emails? I Gmail w Google Workspace I could choose which domain email address I wanted to use when sending emails and that is super handy considering I have more than one company w different domain names. I like being able to schedule my emails too… these are simple basic offerings in Google products to setup and to use. I would have thought Microsoft would be able to offer everything Google can and more… it’s disappointing to me to have pushed our organizations to move from Google Workspace to Office 365, go through all the work to do so, and then learn much used functionality we used to have is now not available from Microsoft.

What was wrong w a chronological inbox?. Hi - Ive recently noticed emails “missing” from my inbox, which is a result of an update, apparently. Rather than having multiple emails from the same sender visible, they are all condensed into one, despite “organization by thread” turned off. Unless I want to reply back to the latest email, finding a previous email can be a chore, as the emails “organized” within this thread that apparently isnt a “thread” arent always in chronological order. Sometimes newer emails are at the top, sometimes at the bottom, and clicking on the “...” is always required to scroll the conversation to figure out if im looking at the correct message. It’s a total waste of time and I cant see any reason why anyone would want to have to go through this effort to find 1 email, when the previous method involved just scrolling and opening it. I strongly dislike this “improvement” and wish I could revert to a previous version of this app.

The only thing worse than this app is their customer service. I’m trying to use this app to access my work email from home. The app has continually deleted my entire inbox for no consistent reason I can figure out. I will open a new email and it will delete the email while I’m reading it and then my entire inbox. My inbox on my work computer will still be intact, but any email I attempted to open in the app will be missing. When I contacted customer service through the app they told me it simply wasn’t possible that the app was deleting emails and never responded again. When I attempted to email customer service on my work computer it said their customer service email address is undeliverable. I missed a very important email from my boss this morning while out sick, and even drove into work to try and see if I could access the email there to find nothing. I very well might loose my job over this and their customer service frankly does not care. If you can avoid using Microsoft (which I know is impossible) do all you can to stay away from them. They are a heartless company, and their substandard products will not only make your life hell, their customer service department seems to get joy out of your pain. If I could give them zero stars I would!

So Much Better Than the Native iPhone Mail App. I had been meaning to try the Outlook app for iOS for a couple of years, moved to O365 and MS Intune necessitating my move to Outlook for iOS; fine by me. The learning curve has been minimal. I haven’t found a way to move between emails without going out to my inbox or other containing folder, but I haven’t had time to google that, either. I just wish there were up/down arrows within an email allowing me to move up/down a message within the parent folder. I like that it feels more professional in UI appearance than apps aimed at consumers in general; other than the one feature I complained about it lacking above. I haven’t tried this yet, but it appears that I can even set my OOO message, or update it, from the app! Now THAT’S a level of integration with our Exchange server that wasn’t even possible with any other mail app on the iPhone or iPad. That is awesome! I can’t wait to find out what other little nuggets it has that I haven’t discovered yet!

Very simple email app. I have used numerous email applications in the past, but Outlook really is the best of them all, period. There are a lot of features here that I can’t fathom in either Gmail or Yahoo Mail, such as calendar integration, syncing with multiple devices (including computers), and a simple user interface. While I heavily use Gmail on a day-to-day basis, I think that Microsoft really pays off when it comes to this functional app. I don’t want to screw Redmond if they have missed anything worthwhile or important, but I am happy with the work that the Outlook team has put into it. In conclusion, please download this app if you can, and enjoy a simple, refreshing email experience. (The only flaw I have encountered so far? Well, as far as I can tell you, there have been a lack of features from the web app of Outlook, and you have to sign in there to access them. Only the mobile app has several features. But, otherwise, as I have said, I am content with that.)

Apple Watch App is a Fail. The Outlook iOS app gets 4.5 stars in my opinion. I actually think I like it better than Apple’s mail and calendar apps. It does everything those apps do with a slicker UI and a little more fidelity. It loses half a star because it is not quite as simple to setup and required my to create an iCloud email to sync my iCloud calendar. Where is fails miserably is the Apple Watch app. Basically, the calendar function doesn’t work at all. It always says I have no events when I have a packed calendar pretty much every day. Randomly an event will show up, but then it’s gone the next minute. It never shows events on the complication on the home screen. Also, the number icon to show how many new or unread emails changes between a number and zero every few minutes even though nothing in my inbox has changed. There is some kind of sync issue between the IOS app and the Apple Watch App. I’ve tried everything to remedy it. My Apple Watch is how I most frequently access my calendar. So regardless of how good the Outlook app is, as a package it cannot replace Apple’s apps until they can fix the Apple Watch app.

Unable to delete folders…. The app overall, is useful and would be even more so if you could perform simple customization or management of folders and other info. I created some folders, used them for a couple of years and moved their contents to Archive. I couldn’t find the method to delete the empty, no longer useful folders in the IOS app, so I went to the desktop main version of outlook and was able to delete them there. Ok, I thought to myself: it seems like a long round about way to edit your account for such a simple function, but I’ll give it a whirl and let the desktop and IOS versions of this same app sync up to reflect the changes made. Upon opening the IOS app the empty folders were still present and ever useless, taking up space on my info bar. This has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve encountered since being hodgepodged into subscribing to Office 365 for the same annual price that its one time purchase price used to be. Even when I reached out to their online help chat, they seemed indifferent to this problem. It’s almost like if you rented a car, but bought your own air freshener with your own money but the rental company for some idiotic reason won’t let you remove the air freshener of your own purchasing from their rental vehicle. A goofy analogy for a goofy mistake laden product to be sure. Disappointed to say the least…..

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poor support at times suit US biz, poor response delay. Online support is the only option for customers outside US, which is near impractical for the rest of world in a different timezone. Outlook/Micrrosoft run support thru in app conversation - i experienced random delay of each part of conversation between 23 minutes and one day. I got on with my life for two days after waiting initially couple hours then got back on my device the day after to find a msg they closed the call! The App wouldnt recognise the IMAP server of my email provider and wouldnt allow me to login or check email, despite previously working with no problems. Hey Microsoft how do you get support when you insist on only in app contact when the app blocks the user out? Next when i had time i used the little info Support sent and trial and error untill at long last found the format of the server name required (it wasnt exactly like the support message said to use). Im verry dissatisfied and am searching for a different email management app provider. zero stars rating to Outlook MS corp App!

iOS 15 notifications. This is generally an all-round good app to use for business email and calendar. One great feature I found was calendar reminders that didn’t require fiddling with the Apple Calendar app to get it working. It worked splendidly on iOS 14 but now with iOS 15 update all push notifications seemed to have stopped, even though I set notifications to “deliver immediately”. Not sure if Apple or Microsoft is the culprit here. None of my apps have notifications appear on lock screen any longer (can’t work out why), but only Outlook doesn’t appear in notification centre when checking manually, whereas other apps do? So please fix this, since I keep missing meeting reminders!

I love this app -except for one thing. I have already deleted other email apps and will be using this from now on. However there's this bug. Tapping on the banner notification to access the email, prompts an error saying the message doesn't exist anymore. I have to visit each account to check each inbox one by one switching from Focused to Other just to find the new email. Having 3 active email accounts, this is very cumbersome. A feature that allows push notifications direct link to the inbox/message it's notifying about. Other that than, I am sold by this app

Has been excellent with iPad Pro 12.9 Ist Gen but some issues on my 5th Gen with IPad OS 15. I have used MS Outlook without any problems for work on an iPad Pro 12.9 Gen 1 for over three years. I like to keep my work emails and documents on MS apps and work uses Microsoft 365. I have just switched to the Gen 5 however and I think there are some issues that need to be ironed out. I don’t know whether they are IPad OS 15 issues or something to do with the Gen 5 iPad Pro. Or, for completeness, something to do with the idiot between the keyboard and the screen. In a nutshell, if I use threaded view for emails, I have struck problems inserting text in forwarded emails and sometimes inserting cc addresses when replying to emails. I switched off threaded view and that appears to have fixed those issues (and to be honest I am not a fan of threaded view anyway, because it can group conversations that you might want to keep separate), but I was not a pleasant person to be with when I first encountered these issues in the context of pressing work demands. I have deducted one star for my pain and suffering. And my wife’s, as she had to bear them.

Update: An ics file issue. Update: I’ve just discovered an additional issue. When sending myself an ics file it doesn’t show in the message (therefore can’t open it). Strangely the paper clip icon in the inbox shows AND when I forward the message it is shown in the message (though can’t open it from here), but not in the message itself Having just upgraded my phone I succumbed to Microsoft’s suggestion to use the Outlook app for iOS. To be fair I have only used it for a very short period but there is one bit of functionality I am already missing from the iOS Mail app: The option to limit the emails synced to a period of time (eg last two weeks). One of the email addresses I sync has emails archived that, while I want to keep, I certainly don’t need filling up the storage space of my phone. Please implement this feature. You should also be forthcoming by add the following warning when trying to persuade customers to switch to the Outlook iOS app: “WARNING: The Outlook iOS app does not allow users to limit the number of emails synced to the device (like the native iOS Mail app does), so if that is an important feature for you don’t waste your time with this app”.

Useless for Gmail folders or iCloud calendar. Every few months I download Outlook to see if anything has changed. Every time I delete it after half an hour and continue with Gmail. I work for an organisation that is somewhat Apple oriented, and it seems that Microsoft just isn't able to shed the culture war to be able to deliver a true cross-platform experience. 1. POOR SUPPORT FOR GMAIL FOLDERS. I use a Gmail address. 90% of my emails skip the inbox and are automatically directed to folders using rules. In the Gmail iOS app or iOS Mail (and most others) I can scan through the folder list to see an email count showing which folders have received emails, but the Outlook app doesn't automatically update the unread count for each folder, and I would have to click on every one, which makes all that rule organisation useless. 2. NO ABILITY TO USE ICLOUD CALENDAR. Pretty much any other calendar app for iPhone on the planet allows the user to see a local iOS “Home” or “Work” calendar, which can share into the Apple iCloud universe. Why has Microsoft decided not to include this? Some sort of middle finger to Apple users? There’s absolutely no way for my wife, who uses Outlook for iOS to enable access to work, to view a combination of my iCloud schedule and her work schedule on the same screen. 3. NO ABILITY TO SAVE TO ICLOUD. OneDrive, Dropbox, Google drive, Box : no problem. iCloud : no way. Another example of Microsoft refusing to design a truly cross platform app.

Edit issues. After an email conversation has continued for many forwards and replies, the length of conversation may become quite long. Sometimes, it is good to shorten and delete some of the parts of the old conversations in order to highlight a particular portion for your recipient. Outlook has problems with this and starts to force scroll in a direction toward top or bottom, making it nearly impossible to edit and achieve a focused conversation. You have to close it and save as a draft, then reopen, start editing again, and have to do this sequence sometimes multiple times just to complete the email. With the number of other bugs that I have found, I am fairly convinced that Microsoft either does not use their own products OR the very poor service paradigm of customers testing MS products for them is contributing too much to the bottom line at the expense of the customers. The modern IT perversion of customer service, converting the testing team to be the customer and wait for feedback, leaves me asking, where is my pay check?

Outlook. I’ve been a fan of Hotmail for many years before it became Outlook. The changes to a different usage took a while to adjust when using a different method but it became much easier & comfortable even when changing to using an IPad! I would though still prefer the set up where I could nominate a web site immediately to junk so that I never saw it again. In the unknown cases that went immediately there, I could always check & transfer to the correct inbox.

Update 1* to 3*. Lag issues fixed. Calendar notifications still ignore do not disturb settings. Settings > Help & Feedback within the app still does not exist, it’s just Help so the only option is to review. Some new bugbears: 1. The mind boggles that a recurring calendar entry can only be edited as one single meeting or the entire series, and not just future events like every single other calendar app I use (aware this is not just an iOS issue but for Outlook itself, but seriously, get with it team). 2. The search function is not sophisticated enough. Like the desktop app, I’d like the ability to search just the folder I’m in, or a limited subset of something. When I search for an email from a colleague named John, I don’t want every email, document, contact and calendar event with the word John in it to appear (but it won’t, because you only get the top, what, 20? items with no option to see more; which for a word like John is almost guaranteed to be irrelevant, if it were that recent I wouldn’t need to search for it, ey?)

Great Mail Box. Outlook is one of the best Mail Box Service providers available… But … and there always has to be a ‘but’ … The new addition of the advertising at the top of the incoming mail, is a pain in the bum … It would be far better placed elsewhere, like in the bin .. I know, I know, I can pay to be rid of them and here comes another ‘but’ I just can’t afford anymore bills from internet companies… I already have way too many … so I guess I will just have to put up with the advertising … 🤪

A broken app. Now with ads!. Whilst the app works fine for reading emails I’ve noticed for a long time that I never receive reply emails from people I’ve sent an email to using the app. Even when they have definitely done so and shown me proof. There’s no existence of the reply email existing anywhere on the Outlook service even when I try looking on the website. As I said this seems to only affect emails sent from the app. Now there’s also an ad space at the top of your email list. Which at least to me is advertising things that are completely irrelevant or otherwise inappropriate things, or is outright spam/scams that you usually see on more desperate websites. I’m thinking I might have to migrate to another email service. The complete disappearance of emails has finally gotten to me as I’ve missed out on a lot of important opportunities and events from it as a result.

iPad. Outlook is great for sending efficient messages to other people. However, I believe it can be improved in some aspects. For some users on the iPad, using Outlook to its full power may be difficult, as some tasks (forwarding, favouriting, etc) may be unknown to many iPad users. Furthermore, the ‘favourites’ option may not always work, as I have tried to add some onto my list, though they don’t show up when I search them. Additionally, many people have experienced a problem where a message is ‘sent’, however only actually received or sent hours, days or even weeks later! This problem may cause serious issues, such as in workplaces or schools. Therefore, despite Outlook being a great messaging app, it still can be improved. Thank you.

Good but has some significant shortcomings.. Some time ago I deleted a number of files, however rather than have these permanently removed from the files column, the files are still visible under a title of deleted files indented but still visible in a block of deleted files. These should have been permanently removed and no longer visible once they were deleted, they serve no purpose in being displayed as they are, as a note I did contact support for assistance, but their recommended fixes failed to remedy the problem.

SSSSLLLLLOOOOOWWWW!. Terrible app. You switch between your apps, right? Same here! With outlook, it is completely weird. Each time I switch to the outlook app (including if I just took a peek at another app while organising times), I get the horrendous splash screen (again!) and forced to wait (up to 20 seconds - no joke) while the splash screen just ‘sits’ there and the app does absolutely nothing!! Have contacted Microsoft support in the regards and I give them the same rating. Terrible. The only thing they kept saying as to ‘make sure my app is up to date (it always was in the hope that outlook will one day be user friendly). Great on the pc, lousy on I devices (can’t help but think Apple may be behind this in someway also as they are a direct competitor and get precious about anyone who tries to interfere with anything they do)

Can’t log in. So I want to log onto a game that uses a Hotmail account so I then go to type my password and then it says invalid password so I go to reset my password and then I log into my email and then it says “ we have detected unusual activity on your email “ even tho that was me doing the same thing the day before and I am forced to secure my email and I can’t use my recovery email because Optusnet is shutdown and then I say I don’t have any of these so I it and I’ll get 1 of 3 things either nothing will happen or I’ll get a response saying our computer systems says you have not provided enough info to let you log in or it will your account has been locked for 24hrs due to unusual activity on your account and then I try logging on with a new account and then where play would be it says play demo so I can’t log on that way and I don’t want to spend $35 fillers for a game I already have for a new account also should be called out the door because that’s what will happen to your computer

Complaint. There is a problem with Outlook which is the delay in seconds or minutes to receive the emails sent to me, as that deprives me from claiming jobs, as I am contractor in an interpreting agency, and they send the jobs by email to hundreds of interpreters at the same time and who receive the job first and claim it, he is able to get and assume the job, but what happens with me is that I receive the notifications of jobs always late (seconds or minutes) and that deprive me from having jobs, so, I wish you can guide me for a process or apps that speeds the catching or receiving the emails in fraction of seconds. Ghassan

Improve. Overall it’s good but can do small improvements too. iOS mail app has a great feature of “suggestions” to move mail messages when choosing to move. When I click move message, it gives me two options: 1. Move to name of the folder (a recommendation made with a folder name based on history of the emails moved to specific folders) 2. Other folder which you have the option to choose as current outlook has anyways. This feature helps us to save time when moving emails which are of the same origin. Like the financial reports, I like to see the reports daily in my inbox & then I like to move them to my financial folder but every time I finish reading the email I had to go through the lengthy scroll down of my folder list alphabetically until “F” & then move it. I would like it to give me extra recommended option so that I can move to financials folder as I do it everyday.

Search function doesn’t work. I’ve been using this app for many years as I’ve always had a hotmail account. For the most part is quite good. It allows me to link 3 different emails, usually brings up new mail quickly and I can create multiple folders. One thing that irritates me though is that when I use the search function to find a particular email, it rarely locates it. It might bring up a choice of emails from that sender but often isn’t the most recent and seems to just select at random which ones it will find. I notice that the desktop version is the same. I have to scroll back for days through my junk mail looking for stuff sometimes. Very annoying

Needs polish. First I would say this has become my go to email app. A great design, great amount of customisation, and it connects with the mail services I use. That said there are some features and usability issues that are frustrating to deal with. First, why is there no file access to the native Files app? Every other service under the sun is represented except for the one native to the platform this app was written for. This means I _ _can not_ use outlook if I want to attach a file from iCloud. Second, there are some usability issues I feel with the send email interaction. They could be to slow network connectivity on my part but the issue is that there are seconds from when I press send to when I see that the email was sent. Even if the email has not yet been sent I’d like to hit send and have a greater feeling of confidence that the email will be sent. Instead I press send then wait and watch until I see the email sent notification appear. It sounds crazy but after years of using apps the occasional failure here and there has made me feel software and networks are generally unreliable. Overall this is a matter of polish. I work in software so I know product owners are always pushing new feature after the next. Outlook is a solid product with an almost great feature set. Focus on polish.

Would choose mobile over desktop app if I had to choose. Would choose mobile over desktop app if I could have only one! Having my work calendar with me at all times is excellent. And BEST OF ALL: being able to “archive until” messages, so they hide for a while then pop back up. This is not possible in the desktop app: there are reminders but those are frankly a pain to set. I actually keep my phone beside me on my desk at work so that I can use the “archive until” feature.

Badges and time zones. Good, but is it not possible to have the icon badge count only for one account? With work and personal accounts in the app, an unread mail count as the total of all accounts combined is useless to me as I get so many work emails. Apple Mail can do this but Apple may have given themselves extra control around notifications? Also, in the Calendar please also copy Apple and let us have an appointment start in one time zone and end in another. E.g a flight departure and arrival in different times zones. Otherwise, it does everything I need (except let you sort mail by anything other than date)

Pretty good. A couple of requests for printing and meeting control. The app works well and does 99% of what I need to do so I don’t need to go to a computer. I would like to see a couple of enhancements though in a future release if at all possible. 1. When it comes to printing it seems it’s not possible to print a single message in its entirety when it’s part of a thread of other messages. The thread can be printed but when printing the thread each message is generally truncated which means you lose some of the information that might be of interest in a printed version. Expanding a single message in the thread to be in its own window doesn’t help because it pops over the top of the main UI and then the print controls are not accessible. 2. For meetings that are part of a series it’s not possible to cancel (or modify) the meeting occurrences. I often will be in a situation where participants have advised me that we need to cancel a meeting occurrence that is part of a series, but because I’m mobile and the app doesn’t let me delete meetings that are part of a series I have to wait until I’m back at a computer to be able to do it. Would be great to be able to do this from the app. Otherwise it’s all good. Cheers

Generally good and reliable but has some bugs. Overall, Outlook on the mobile is a great experience. It does come with some issues but I hope they’re not too onerous to fix. I have noticed two bugs: 1) Freezing when typing and email. Outlook seems rather busy at times when I’m typing an email and then catches up on my typing after a while. It doesn’t happen on every email but it does occur often. When occurring, it is a constant battle to type. 2) The iOS widgets are lacklustre. They only provide calendar views so it would be good to see more. There are 3 Agenda views and 1 Day view; however, the Day view is broken. It only shows a template of the view and never populated with calendar details. This is the view I rely on most of all so that I can see my day at a glance. Would be great to have this fixed. Would also be good to have a widget showing latest 10 emails, urgent emails, emails from favourites, tasks/to-do, notes, etc.

Stop clearing my downloaded emails!. This latest version (a clean install, after the older version kept crashing whenever downloading new emails, after my phone has more than around 1,000 unread in the Focused Inbox) has noticeably less lag when switching between the Focused and the Other Inboxes. But the new auto-clearing function makes it useless for trying to download and deal with any emails that are more than 1 or 2 weeks old - as soon as you downloaded them, they get cleared and the app kicks you back to the top of the (in my case) Other Inbox! One can keep trying to waste phone data by continually reattempting to download the older stuffs, but the app auto-clears them before one can get to them. Offloading other apps to make more space on my phone does not appear to address the issue. My productivity is now severely hampered as I can no longer catch up from my oldest unread emails onwards whenever I only have my phone around, unlike before with the older version...until it started crashing. So until the auto-clear function becomes a user dialogue box, I am now looking at switching to other email apps. TL,DR: Only use this app if you never ever fall behind with your emails after, say, an off-the-grid 2-week break!

Look No Further. As far as applications go for doing the simple things you’d hope to expect with emails, there’s nothing out there that takes away all the clutter and chaos like this App, all whilst keeping it simple but at the same time equipped with every other option and more that might be required depending on what you require for your emails… In a nut shell, it’s the most user friendly, easy on the eye and email host that integrates seamlessly with other providers as if they are native to outlook themselves…

Impossible to leave feedback. Used this app a while back and have since been using a number of different mail clients for me work emails. Trying to find an app that does everything is hard but Outlook is close (at least for me). 2 suggestions for you: - Please make it possible to search deleted items. Even if it’s just a tick box on your search it would round this app out nicely. The desktop app does it, this one should too - Fix the voting system on your suggestions website. Apparently my 365 account is not sufficient to allow me to vote on suggestions and I need to log in with Facebook or Google of all things. A weird requirement which ended up being I’m leaving these suggestions here

Great app for managing emails. I previously used the default Mail app that comes pre-installed by apple but on my computer I used outlook and it was always really difficult switching between because the Mail interface is very different. I eventually downloaded Outlook for iOS and it’s been great. I really enjoy being able to customise shortcuts to delete, archive, move, etc. Outlook has all the customisation you could wish for from re-binding shortcuts TO CHANGING THE COLOUR OF THE ALP ICON LIKE WHAT THATS SICK!!!!! Overall great app not switching back for a while I definitely recommend getting this if your looking for a quick, easy way to organise emails. Thanks

Needs a couple more features. Overall I like using Outlook for iOS. It’s easy to use and quite functional. I’d like to see delayed sending of emails included, just like the desktop version. So when you hit send at 10pm, you have the option for it to delay to a time the next day. I’d also like to see searching for emails made a bit easier. You should be able to go into a folder and when you search, it has the option to only search in that folder. Again similar to the desktop version. It’s a little clumsy at the moment in that regard.

Where is Schedule Send?. It’s 2022. And we can’t schedule an email to send at a future date/time. But we *can* do it in the web app. And have been able to do that for years. Come on! And specific to iPad, it drives me mad that Outlook does not allow me to complete a recipient’s address from my contacts using common keyboard commands (down arrow, tab etc.). For example, let’s say I start typing someone’s name: s then a then m, contacts named Sam, Samantha, Samuel etc. will appear in a list, as you’d expect. But there is *no way* to access this list using the keyboard. You need to tap on the name on the screen using your finger or move the pointer using the trackpad (or a mouse if you have one). Pressing the Return key will just enter what you have typed as an incomplete address. Why? How is this useful? Continuing the above example, it would enter “sam” into the To: field in a red rectangle, indicating that it will result in a failure to send. Baffling. Who wants this? Filling in recipients’ addresses is a pretty major part of using an email client. Please fix this.

Great app, although a few enhancements needed.. Love how the calendar shows who has responded to a meeting. A few things that would be great to see in a future release. Set out of office message from the app, as on a few occasions I can't get to my full version of Outlook or O365 and would be handy to be able to set up an Out of Office message from my iPhone. Also I receive a large number of attachments that use up a lot of my mobile corporate data plan. It would be great if you could set the size of the attachments to auto download only to a certain size, then allow the user to choose if they would like to download the entire attachment via mobile data depending on the importance of the attachment or choose to download when a secure WiFi connection is available. This allows the user to better manage their mobile data usage as I am constantly having to turnoff Outlook via mobile data to avoid breaching my data allowance. Cheers

Improvement and great things. I really love how outlook has categories that you can put your emails in but if we label a category and start to put specific emails in there could it put it in there automatically. For example I have a folder for my sports timetable and they are being sent out by the same person every time. In the future would there be an option for it to automatically go into that folder? Other than that I love everything about outlook and find it really useful for school and activities.

STILL MISSING EFFECTIVE SNOOZE REMINDERS!!!. Where is the feature which allows an efficient list of Snooze options?!?!? Most meetings I need to long press on the reminder and get an alert 5 minutes before start. It needs options for Long press on notifications of At start, 5 mins before, 10 mins before etc… A basic single Snooze is useless and a WASTE OF MY TIME!!! The other feature which is still missing is the ability to not preview any lines when in the Inbox!!! I do NOT need to see the first two lines of emails, there would be a far greater benefit of seeing more emails without the need to scroll!!! But as per Microsoft’s give you almost what you need mindset we don’t get the choice. The UX is just horrible and someone needs to FIX IT! Before I give up and move our whole company to Google!!!

Perfect, question for the developers. The app is perfect. Quick to load, easy gesture actions, text entry when replying is clear, and the focused inbox vs other makes it easy to sort out important messages from junk. One question for the developers: I normally have the Unread filter on. Is it possible to turn that off automatically when switching from Inbox to Sent folder? It doesn’t make sense to have an unread filter in the sent folder! The toggle is there to do this manually but an auto switch would be great. Thanks

Like the app; some areas need improvement. Overall I like the app and it’s presentation and layout of emails. The features are good. I’ve found that it is slow to show emails after notification - example, a notification and/or unread count appears but no email loads. Eventually it will. Also, no ability to customise signature outside normal text. But I prefer thi app to iOS Mail despite Mail’s integration with iOS. It’s also better than Windows Outlook because it can handle a unified inbox whereas the Windows Outlook cannot as far as I can work out.

Amazing app! A few bad things though….. Outlook is an amazing app! Always giving you reminders and sending you very important emails. It’s absolutely amazing! You can insert multiple photons, reply etc. They tell you when you have been added to a google doc or PowerPoint presentation. But previously, I have had some issues. I don’t think it’s very necessary to send the same email you got about 7 months ago because it’s gets annoying. Yesterday and the day before and the day before etc, I got a message to reset my password that I got 5 months ago. An improvement there please. But besides that, amazing app!

Horrible if you compose your mail from phone. It was going good until I had to compose a large mail with 5 image attachments. It failed to send the mail, failed to convert the images which default iOS mail app does very well, and when the document got rather large (500 words), I started noticing a lag between my typing and the words appearing on screen. Soon enough editing became horrible as I would go back and forth the mail to delete some lines and the app would glitch out and send me to the very bottom of the page where it’s just blank. Many many more problems during the first 500 words I ever wrote using outlook.

Support for domain names. I switched to Outlook Mail due to the inability of the native iOS app to provide notifications when the iPhone X is asleep. The app works well on iOS however I was having issues recognising my domain name email address, it would only allow me to use the default email supplied by the ISP provider. I contacted Outlook support and they wrongly advise that domain names are aliases and are not supported. This is incorrect. With the assistance of my service provider we were able to recognise my domain name email address. Functionality of the app is good, but knowledge base by support needs improvement.

Meh. Just like other Microsoft apps, others do it better.. It’s an average app, the only reason I use it is because my dumb IT department won’t let me use Spark to access work emails. This doesn’t have a send later ability, has a pretty poor layout (I can’t find a way to show more emails on the screen) and just feels clunky. Microsoft tries make it intuitive but they get it so wrong (the quick reply bar at the bottom is horrible, you can type in it but one pixel to the left opens up a new reply window without anything you’ve typed) etc. I use a different app for personal emails.

The best Office Mobile app, hands down!. While I still enjoy using Outlook on Windows 10, it’s probably the only Office program in which its mobile version is easier to use, and equally as powerful and functional, which unfortunately can not be said for the rest of the Office Mobile suite. Outlook on iOS retains the power and functionality of Outlook on Windows, and it’s fantastic to use with iOS’s touch gestures and emulates perfectly the remarkable speed and efficiency that makes Outlook the essential Office application that it is.

Mostly is a great app. But recently lost important email from inbox. Mostly is a great app. But recently lost important emails from my inbox (recently read emails a few days ago). I looked in Junk, Archive, Deleted folder and use search function but still unable to find it. It would also be great if we can have a feature that allow us to add note on an email (for example, if we received automatic bill reminder or credit card info update (with do not reply email address) and we called helpdesk to organise things over the telephone . There could be a feature for us to add note to the email that we called to organise it over the telephone). Thank you Microsoft and team still for making this a free service/app 😊

App failing since new updates..?. I’ve been using outlook for years and have never had a problem until now. So far I’ve opened the app only to have it completely frozen. Unable to select anything. I’ve had to completely uninstall/reinstall the app which sometimes takes ages and I have to restart my phone just to redownload the app. Once I go through all of it that it works fine again. I’m not sure if it’s because of the latest iOS update or outlooks updates. It is super frustrating and I hate that it’s happened to me a few times now.

Great app when it works. Great app to see all of my work emails and do everything that I need to do. But it’s seems as though the app isn’t supported correctly by the current iOS 13.3 update? The app will work for a few days and then I will open it up and the whole app freezes. Can’t view new emails, can’t scroll or refresh the page. This goes on for a few days before it eventually decides to work. When I really need to view important emails the only way that I seem to be able to get it working again is by deleting the app completely and then downloading again, but then it will eventually crash. This is super frustrating!

Calendar functions. This app is good but when comparing to Apple Calendar it is missing some features. There are two key issues. 1) once you have saved an event you cannot change to a different calendar when running multiple calendars. You must delete the event and start again. 2) you cannot simply hold down your finger on an event and drag/drop to where you want it. Rather you have to click into the event and change the timing that way.

Almost all the features?. I’m a Mac fanboy with iPhone/iPad/Mac/watch for work. My work requires I use outlook. I have to admit using the outlook package is the best mail/calendar suite to mix the most features with best ease of use. Sometimes the iOS apps feel ‘light’ and might miss a couple of features of the real Outlook PC app, but 99% of it is there, and the interface is nice, and it is actually really effective on the watch as well (as a calendar complication). Most of my sadness for using the outlook is my company’s enterprise security which blocks me using most add-ins and blocks me copy/pasting out of office grrr.

Load issues and buggy af. Now, the fact that I have to continue to use the web browser on my iPad to view my main hotmail account is a bloomin joke. Every time I load this app I never see what was sent nor do I get to see any recent emails, when I do get recent emails it's hours later after multiple refreshes and attempts to allow app push access. When I also use to compose emails etc the app either freezes, crashes to dashboard, shuts down the app and becomes so bugged it deletes what you typed. It was working a couple years ago but Microsoft in their stupidity needed to over fix apps that were never broken and introduce their micro transactions charging people hundreds just to link their outlook to their one drive and word document apps and calling it membership. This is pathetic of Microsoft and they are killing their own business by this continued money hungry grabbing scam and putting too much effort into the micro transactions over what they were really good for at documenting apps and emailing gmail is vastly better until I can change all my work emails and correspondence to gmail I'm stuck with this terrible email service that doesn't work.

Hey cortana. It’s great to see the functionality of Cortana improving to make a daily impact. I use the suggesting from the daily cortana email to follow up on actions as well as block space in the diary to take that break! I was out on the road the other day and having cortana read emails to me at appropriate rest spots for quick action was really handy - and it kept me from having to look at my screen - a fresh change. I’m still not getting the Hey Cortana piece worked out - that’s my next goal - to be able to ask Cortana to find that phone number for a client hidden away in an email - or draft an email for me. I’m sure it’s there - just haven’t found how to access it.

Was OK, then got worse. This app used to be good a few years ago but the design was changed to a worse one (constrained and inefficient use of space) and performance is just atrocious. Switched back to Apple Mail and Calendar and OMG they got it sooo right: emails are super easy to read, I can see just the information I need, conversation structure nice and clear, events are super clear and everything is just easy to understand at an immediate glance without having to switch back and forth. Fantastic job Apple team! Only advantage Outlook has is access to the Global Address List, but that’s not a big problem as most of the time you’re just replying to existing emails. Anyway, once the interface and performance of Outlook improves I may switch back (but it has to REALLY improve).

It works, most of the time, with some minor frustrations. Yes, there is the convenience of managing one’s email and calendar on the run, away from my laptop computer. On the other hand, there are some frustrating limitations. Every now and again when I want to share something using Outlook, my iOS system tells me that I need to start the app in order to share something, yet the app is already running in the background. Once I create an event in my calendar, if it is in the wrong calendar, I can’t change it to the right one. I have to delete the event and recreate it. I can’t move a Mail message from one account to another like I can on my laptop. Once you know these limitations, you just work around them somehow. Nevertheless, I appreciate how challenging it must be for software engineers to keep up with all the operating system changes and try and tackle some of these annoying limitations as well. Congratulations: it is still my preferred email application.

Lag makes it useless. Fix this Microsoft!. I have been using Outlook for years now after moving away from Mail because of a limited ability to deal with spam. I like the way that Outlook syncs with my other computers and tablets. For the past three months now the keyboard lag when typing emails makes this app useless. Yes- I have archived old emails and only have 2-300 at a time in my inbox and sent box. I have been putting up with this hoping it would be fixed but no. Appears to be a major complaint on the net but no fix. Also, another complaint is a faulty search function that will miss emails when searched for- they are there if you can remember the day you received them and want to scroll for them. These issues make what was once an awesome app totally unbearable. Don't waste your time until these are sorted.

No To-Do Functionality. I really cannot understand why they can’t bring together the calendar and to-do list into one app. It is so frustrating having them in separate apps (and the to-do up is really a complete joke! It has limited functionality). It says in the description that it brings everything together into one app so you can stay focused on your day, but you cannot stay focused if you cannot see all your tasks that you need to complete! I love the desktop version of Microsoft outlook for this very reason but can’t understand why they cannot (or won’t) carry the same view into a web version and an app version. I know it’s a big task, but Microsoft is a big company!

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App not working after IOS 15 update. App does not open once installed. Tried to report to developer using the Report a Problem function but does not recognize that I downloaded or « purchased » the app and will not let me report a problem.

Dark mode please. Otherwise works great

Company email account. I get notifications stating that this email account or outlook program is unsecure and could possible Give out personal information to hackers. I would like confirmation or a more Solid security

Recent update. Recent update killed the ease of use. I use imap and very basic setup. But as of late, my emails are not coming through on a consistent basis. Gonna have to switch back to mail. 👎🏼

Keeps crashing.. Can't open the app without it crashing.

Same Email Since 1999!. Jumped on board when Hotmail was just starting out. Great service. However, if I could change anything it would be that they stop soooooo much spam from reaching me. As a loyal user ut would have been nice to have been given a chance to pay a one time fee to upgrade to no ads and spam. Otherwise, very happy with hotmail.

The cascading email chain design is the worst I’ve ever used. Period.. The cascading email chain design is horrible. I’d recommend a different email app for that alone.

Dark mode rules!. just got the dark mode upgrade. guys it looks awesome. well done.

search tool is not efficient. when I do a search, the search bar no longer offers me suggestions. A search can take up to 30-45 sec. Frequently the request fails ... i looked on forums and find nothing.

Battery drain is too high. The app is much better than default mail but the battery drain is much too high to justify using it.

Worth it. Office 365 is worth the time and money, I remember prior to finding this app I tried to find alternatives and every app I found there were things I did not like. I kept looking and looking and one day I decided to try office 365 and I’m glad I did this package has literally everything you need and it has replaced all of my old heavy usage apps. The most important point in witch I feel this app is worth it is that this frees you from apples ecosystem, I now can work on my IPad and IPhone and use my Microsoft Laptop for work all within the same cloud service Flawlessly, Amazing !

Disappointed. This was my go-to mail app until they recently decided to include ad banners in my inbox. I deleted the app promptly. I don’t need more apps bombarding me with useless, tacky ads.

Now has ads!. I loved this app and have used it for many years over several phones. But as of today’s update, there are ads with my email. If there is a way to pay to remove them I’ll happily do it, but if not I’m very frustrated that they have suddenly appeared.

good. it’s an email app what do you want me to say lol

Ok but…. Has been reliable. Dislikes are as follows. 1. We already have a junk folder, so why have focused/other? 2.When I want to delete something, I want to delete something. Pretty simple right? So why is there an Archive folder? I can make other folders if I need to keep anything separate so this Archive is redundant. 3. I can’t seem to find, at least not in the phone app, a way to sort emails by sender. If I did then I could deal with each set in bulk rather than one by one. 4. Also can’t find in the phone version how to mark something as junk, or as phishing. Good options but can’t find them. Little things but still, once you’ve had them, you know what you’re missing.

Thank you!. Best email app for iOS!

They sold out and are running ads now. Garbage app. Of course because it’s microsoft.. They sold out and are running ads now. Garbage app. Of course because it’s microsoft.

Keep freezing after the last update. Fix it, please

No Folder Management. Surprised for Microsoft not having folder management in its outlook app like the desktop version and like every other joe’s email apps out there. Under Enterprise platform, the app mirrors desktop but good luck moving a message to a designated folders, when you have too many sub folders.

Gross. Ruined a decent app with Ads. This business model of giving people a great app, then suddenly neutering the experience to squeeze money out of the user is atrocious. I work in IT and Microsoft is notorious for SURPRISING their customer base with unannounced changes that coral users into their ever increasing greed and change in direction.

New update prevent my Gmails accounts from loading. Hello, it seems that the new update is not allowing my gmail accounts to sync in properly. My calendars are also affected. Can you please fix this as soon as possible? It was very convenient to have all my accounts from Work and Personal with Outlook and Gmail combined. The calendar worked perfectly great as well prior to the update. Please fix!! Thanks!

What the heck Microsoft, Ads?. I paid for this app years ago and it works great for email. However it gets a 3 star review because they have changed the app to feed you advertisements. A professional app that you paid for should not be dragging your attention away from your work with advertisements, which by the way are crafted to look like email in your box.

Interface. There is only one thing I don’t like about the interface is it is hard to tell which emails I have read (old ones) and which ones I have not (new ones).

Buggy, especially since iOS 14 update. Since updating to iOS 14, Outlook seems to ‘freeze’ and I have to close it and reopen it a few times to again be able to open messages, switch between inboxes, switch to the calendar, etc. It also sometimes keeps as unread a message I have just opened and read, And I have to click on it a second time for the new message indicator to go away. The other major cons of Outlook that have been present for a while and not fixed in the latest updates are: The search function is lousy for the calendar (especially compared to Apple calendar) and the number on the badge indicating new messages is often wrong. That being said, my workplace uses Office 365 and the integration between the various Microsoft apps is convenient, and Outlook was made for Office 365 so all of the authentication steps required by my workplace function properly without an issue. So I’m sticking with Outlook for now and mot going back to Apple Mail. But if Microsoft takes too long with the bug spray, I just might go back to the native programs.

Outlook App. I like outlook on my PC but not so much on my phone app. It’s difficult to navigate and the email strings aren’t logically arranged. If I want to reply to all but also add another recipient, the app won’t allow that. Search function isn’t great. The advantage is that it sync’s nicely with my desktop

Doesn’t work anymore. Under iOs, on Iphone 11, After I typed a long email, I can not send it. I used my partner iphone and email, it’s the same problem

Crashes when you add an account. Would be a good app. But if you can't add accounts the app can't be used properly..

Please fix this spam problem. For a month now, I’ve been receiving a lot of junk mail in my regular inbox. This is very annoying. I’ve seen online that it’s happening to a lot of other people too. I’m switching out to gmail until you fix this.

Constant crash. I just downloaded this today and every time I open and try to enter my email and password it crashes. I tried deleting the app, restarting my phone, nothing works.

Great app. I love the Outlook app & use it regularly for the workplace. If there was the option to turn off “reply all” as the default setting when receiving company emails I’d give it 5 stars.

Ads. I used this app for years and liked it. Now there are ads and it got deleted.

Pathetic. Only reason I have to download this stupid app is cause I am not able to check my email online which is the confirmation email I need to get on my account this is a flawed service and is incompetent compared to google!!!

Ads. I enjoyed this app until the addition of ads that appear to be emails are in my inbox. Ridiculous, I get enough spam already, I don’t need these and will likely remove the app because of it.

Spam. Why is Outlook so bad at catching spam? Constantly getting spam in my inbox and absolutely worst of all is getting PUSH NOTIFICATIONS of spam. Makes me want to delete the app despite having used outlook for 15+ years since the Hotmail days. From one app developer to another: get it together.

Data Eater. This app eats huge amounts of data!! Within 6 hours it used 50MBs and it wasn't even being used because I was sleeping!! I Googled the issue and other users are also finding the same problem. I got hit with overage charges the for past two months because I went 1GB over my plan. I have now deleted the app off my phone.

Notifications. Push notifications no longer working. No badges or anything. Do not see you have new email until you open app and then all of a sudden there they are. You cannot depend on the notification badge or banners. You have to manually open the app to see. Reading or deleting an email on a computer or other device also does not push to the iPhone. This also is manual. Seems any kind of push notification does not work.

Delay delivery function needs work. The only issue I have had with Outlook is the delay delivery function. I thought it would be useful for sending an email to arrive for start-of-day in other time zones without having to wake up hours early. Not so. The feature will only send scheduled messages when the inbox is open and active, so I need to wake up to open the app anyway. No compelling use case for the current feature.

Ads and spam have killed it. I used to love it but for about a month I am receiving tons of spam and ads. It’s so annoying. I am considering closing my account.

Doesn’t leverage iOS features very well.. File drag and drop (from an email to iOS files app, for example) doesn’t work.

Outlook. Outlook is great. Keeps me updated on everything I need to know and is super easy to navigate through!

Doesn’t work, glitchy. Been having nightmare of a user experience with IMAP account. It will work for couple hours then stop all of a sudden. The problem is with the app cause the web client for the email provider I’m using is working fine. Outlook gets stuck in an “updating” loop every time I pull the screen down. It won’t sync and doesn’t end up fetching any mail. Sent mail get stuck in outbox basically forever. App only works for a couple hours and that’s only on a fresh install. After that you have to delete whole app and add email again to fetch new. Way too frustrating!

Update that never updates. This thing keeps asking me to update and it won’t update ever properly. 0/5

Slow. I can type this review faster than loading outlook

Great but... I don’t like how all emails in a string are deleted if you delete the most recent email. You have to be very careful. It’s too easy to delete messages you need from earlier in the thread.

Outlook. Why soooooo many updates? Every few days you are updating...get it right already!

No notifications. Ever since this most recent update, I am not receiving any push notifications whatsoever when I receive an email! I’ve missed important emails because of this, and I am incredibly frustrated 😡😡😡

Badges!. After contacting support last week about badges not working, they told me they were aware and working on a fix. Decided to reinstall after latest update and badges are working! Tried using other email apps but nothing beats outlook as far as functionality goes, especially if you have an exchange account. Highly recommended.

Refesh. Sometimes doesn’t refresh and then emails back up

Older emails not showing. Why is there only a 30 day limit for emails to sync? I have a total of 5 emails in my inbox, and can only see the 3 most recent ones. No option to load more either, making the app useless for accessing anything older than a month. If there has to be a limit, it should be by the amount of data, not the age of the emails. Very surprised that this is an issue in 2022

Doesn’t show emails. Every time I do an update, I get notifications for an email, but when I open the app the email isn’t there. Not good considering our business uses Outlook.

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Not a Functional Product. If you have been searching for an e-mail client that will not let you send an e-mail to an address that is not in your client list, your search is over. At long last, the world’s richest software company, Microsoft, has finally brought us an e-mail and calendar combination app replete with advanced features such as dual inboxes and other bells and whistles that cannot send an e-mail to a typed in E-mail address. When you type in an e-mail address in the “To: “ field, Outlook will use advanced, state of the art algorithms to detect an e-mail address belonging to one of your contacts. If the e-mail address does not belong to one of your contacts, nothing will happen. You will not be able to type an e-mail or click “send.” After three decades of e-mail development, our friends at Microsoft have finally done it. We now have an e-mail client that can’t send e-mail.

Group Access in newest version. Our university uses Office365 for email and provides us access to the suite of products it includes. Because this the web portal is how most students access their email, I decided to use a O365 group to organize my student workers with a dynamic group calendar. I'm using the O365 calendar vs a Google Calendar or any other 3rd party calendar because that would require an additional account for students. I was happy to hear that group access was going to soon be found in the outlook app, because the MS Groups app is atrocious. Well here it is, and we still have ZERO support for shared or group calendars in the app, all we get is email support, which we had for the most part anyways, because I would get group emails sent to my regular account. It seems like the only additional functionality we have gained is the ability to send a NEW group message from the app. This is VERY DISAPPOINTING. O365 actually makes it MORE DIFFICULT to manage my group. Don't get me started on the discrepancies between groups and teams, that's a rant for another day.

My performance review was affected because of multiple accounts. We all have managers who try to fit team members in bell curve. They keep looking for small things and exaggerate in performance review. I have this incident happened to me because of outlook. I have my organization (very big company $600 billion valuation) emails and outlook account on same app. On a morning I was sick and sent an email to team that I would be WFH. None of my team mates received it. The next day my Sr. Manager sent an email to team that do not work from home with out notifying. And, my colleagues over lunch said they were asked about me. I wondered and said I dropped an email too. And, I showed it. None of our colleagues received it. I myself apps developer understood what went wrong. I sent it from personal one. But I sent it to my company team GDL. WHY SHOULD OUTLOOK AUTOFILL ONE ACCOUNT’s EMAIL IDs in another one? My manager just brought this and mentioned everytime in every meetings. Managers were in always constant tension because their managers were in same. In a performance review yesterday he mentioned this and fit me in bell curve. I resigned today with out having another job. Thanks Outlook for making me realize I am with bad team. Thank you. But don’t auto fill another team’s accounts in another account. It is too dumb. Who is the product owner came up with this idea?

Adding 2 Accounts issue. I have been having this issue with this app for almost a year now. I only use it for work. It seems like no support tech has an answer. So I have 2 accounts. Account 1 is my main account where I receive my emails and Account 2 I use for the calendar only. I turned off mail notifications on Account 2 being that I only need the calendar for this account but no matter what I do, I still receive badge icon notifications for Account 2. Outlook support has not been helpful as they have me try all different troubleshooting steps and nothing I have tried that they ask me to has worked. At this point this app is a loss cause. There is very few setting features for this app, and Outlook seems to not know what the issue is. Looking for a different mail app at this point. Bye Outlook mobile app

Almost Perfect. Robust set of features of power users, like email scheduling, a smart focused inbox system, unified calendar management, etc. are indispensable for today’s business users. The app is clearly the best overall mail management app available, but is also clearly lacking in some key areas: • Search functionality is incredibly limited and notoriously unreliable • Push notifications typically arrive well in advance of the actual messages driving the alert • E-mail signatures cannot be customized with HTML, Rich Text, or logos • Opening attachments is virtually impossible and requires several “Try Again” reload attempts, with a (generously speaking) 20% success rate • Outlook seems to caches passwords but fails to update them across devices, meaning users of iPad and iPhone will frequently experience account lockouts upon password reset New feature suggestions with overwhelming support seems to be largely ignored by the developers or, at best, are prioritized lower than less useful functionality. All in all, this is a fantastic app for email management with Exchange, Office 365, and other Enterprise mail systems; but its serious lack of other meaningful features renders it suitable only for casual business correspondence. Without more comprehensive message formatting functionality, and until the loading of attachments is repaired, this app deserves only four stars.

Getting Better and Better!. Due to a rapid shift in my email provider, I was thrust back into the world of Outlook. I remember using it a while ago, and being fairly proficient at it. At that time, our company was having email server issues, and we needed to create an online email server/account that wouldn’t crash. We turned to Google/Gmail. So we created a Gmail address for our company and a Gmail address for me. I’ve used it since 2015. And recently Google notified us to say that since we weren’t using it to its maximum capacity of 30 people, they weren’t going to provide it for just one person. It was time to switch. Oh no!!! Old habits are hard to break, for sure but I’m getting more and more reacquainted with Outlook as I’ve always been a big windows person. And the office space is good as it’s ever been. Thank you Bill

Interesting new features mixed with cumbersome workflow. (Revised, MS Bassacwords e-mail threading becoming serious sore spot, dropped a star. Note that MS Outlook via web app doesn’t have oldest-on-top thread problem. Will be ditching mobile app for web version if they can’t fix this app. ) This email is a minimal interface with a nice "focused" and "schedule" features for organizing and addressing email. It's unfortunate fatal flaw is the email threading is up side down, oldest on top, newest on bottom. This is contrary to the Internet and how, for example, quoting emails in replies work, oldest on bottom, latest on top. While this email has some surprisingly innovative features, considering the source, the bassacwords email threading keeps this from more than a "C" rating —- update 21-Jan-2023 —- Finding the “send” button floating with the message body really disorienting. Glad the keyboard doesn’t float in the message body as well (sheesh!) While the web page version of outlook has a crowded interface, it has a setting to put newest message on top in threaded displays so they match the message body which always has newest on top. Keeps you from having to scroll up and down and up and down to find the start of the newest message in a long thread. Apple mail is so so much better. Throw in the towel Microsoft. Just recommend Apple Mail to connect to Exchange. It works **amazingly well** on MS Exchange. The MS Exchange team and Apple Mail team killed it.

Very handy!. This app is great for helping me get work done on the go. I have two different accounts linked to it, and I think it does a great job of helping me access both and keep things organized. The only two complaints I have are things that only recently started happening, so I think they’ll be sorted out with a new update. The first is when I add a link to an email, I get a spinning circle, like the app is thinking, and I can’t type anything after it without having to back out of the email and then go back into the draft. The other is if I copy and paste something else into the email that is a different font color/style or comes up as a different font color/style, I can’t change the font color/style to match everything else. It would be nice if they included a “clear formatting” option for the app. Otherwise, this is great.

It kind of blows compared to the capability of using the site, or other email handlers.. I’ve used Outlook since it was Hotmail originally. This app has the least of what you need, and tries too hard to be new with a weird (Focus) switch for your inbox. Meaning I miss all types of email that it doesn’t think I’m focused on. Plus, it has spam and phishing emails filtered into the Focus section. My main issue is that I can’t find any rule setting, or block option for repeated spam mail. I blocked everyday in my Apple email app, and didn’t see as many spam messages hit my inbox until I started using this app to check the addressee and mark the message junk. Since there’s no menu, submenu, or tap/hold option to do so either. I don’t know who made this app, but it’s missing most of what makes Outlook efficient, and Outlook is getting terrible at filtering out spam/phishing/general junk emails in the last year. Might need to make the full jump to Gmail, even as a Microsoft supporter.

Love it. This app is way better than Gmail, I feel like this one is more simple to use, this app looks better and is more pleasing! I love the app on my Apple Watch. I really like the Focused part of outlook, I am just wondering how to make curtain senders go to Focused mailbox. You can add other email accounts beside outlook like Gmail and Yahoo and others. I like how if I put my phone in dark mode it does that with that app. There is a feature where Cortona can read your emails which I personally do not use a lot but is a great feature for accessibility and just hearing Emails while walking with my AirPods or other headphones. I was also wondering how you can make certain senders of mail go to trash like I have a eBay account and I get constant emails which I do t like but I want to keep my eBay account. Overall I would recommend this app way more than Gmail! Good job Microsoft!

Marvelous App!. I love Outlook and the app is just amazing! I have been an Outlook user for over 20 years and this app is one of my favorite apps period! I’m amazed that there are still improvements being made to it that are so useful! Microsoft is a true leader and I’m a fan of just about every app there is made by them. I can only think of one thing I would like to see and it’s very small and there might be reasons that it’s not available. When I get a notification and I can see who it’s from or partially see what it’s about I would like to swipe to mark the email read on the notification. This might even be available and I just don’t know how to make it work but that is it. I will never switch from Outlook to any other email app. Thank you for satisfying so many people with all your hard work and effort. I truly love this app!

Best email app (if you are in the microsoft ecosystem). Update 1: love the email app and sticking with it. As a suggestion, can we add different colors or themes to it? That would be a nice update. Ever since microsoft released its office apps for ios, i immediately dl and have been paying a monthly subscription. I used other email apps when attaching doc/ppt/exc files to them. Some gave me trouble and Gmail app just doesnt offer it. So i gave outlook app a try. And i am impressed. It is a very clean interface simple to use and allows you to sign into diff email accounts even if they are gmail yahoo etc. Can configure it the way you want and you can turn off focus group. Also comes with a calendar. If you are invested in the microsoft ecosystem then this email app is a must have for your ios device. Easy simple and you still enjoy the office environment on ios.

Company policies applied across all aps stupidly! My personal accounts are affected!. I do not know what happened if that is fault of our corporate policy or Microsoft fail to implement MDM, or Apple fail to provide proper functionality in iOS 15 … but I do not understand why I’m blocked by our corporate policy everywhere means in all Microsoft applications. Whenever I would like to open document from my private Teams in word, excel, power point, I’m always failing with inaccessibility because for some reasons corporate policies are applied to my personal account. What the heck ! I can’t simple print nothing. How is that even possible. Aren’t all applications send boxes how Microsoft achieved this stupidity !? I don’t care who’s fault it is, just fix it asap! Totally useless app which leads me to use purely Apple products like Pages, Numbers, etc.

It’s been getting better…. It has been getting better. For example, if I remember correctly, not too long ago there was no option to see your calendar. I was pleasantly surprised to see it today, and the calendar interface looks neat. I’m still not a fan of some things though… For example, when checking a meeting, and the details, there’s an option that shows a long list of related emails. But just as Google does with its GMail interface, it’s a chronological vertical list, with each email history collapsed, which makes it for a very difficult read. Within the same email thread, quite often I reply to one person only, and exclude others, and sometimes also within the same thread I include several people… As is, it’s difficult to see which email is a reply to which other email and also who the email was sent to. Again, it’s been getting better, but there is a long way to go… (IMO).

This app is complete garbage. I cannot stand using this app and only do because my employer doesn’t allow the iPhone email app to be used. I am constantly fighting with the screen jumping around any time I have to edit a message. If I scroll up and tap on an earlier paragraph the cursor drops where I tapped but then the screen shifts down to the bottom of the message, because why would I want to see where I am typing right? It takes like 10 trys to be able to select/cut/copy any text. When I tap on something I have to tap repeatedly over and over and it’s like the options I need only appear for a split second AFTER I tap again. So after like 10 tries I finally find the secret tap combination to get the cut/copy/paste menu. If I need to send a message that is more than 2 sentences I have to use the notepad app and then just paste it into the message because trying to compose a message in this app is going to give me an anxiety attack. Just think, I hate this app so much I felt compelled to waste my time leaving this review that nobody is going to read. Fix your terrible app please!

Took a little getting used to but now I love it. Initially I had trouble connecting SMTP mail servers. I kept getting password error messages and occasionally connected email profiles would disconnect and the problem would start all over again. For no reason that I could fathom, the exact same credentials (pasted) would then suddenly start working again. This seems to have settled down now and things are working as they should. At first the interface seemed clunky but after getting used it it feels very efficient. Pros: Spam control! My biggest complaint against Apple’s mail app is complete lack of spam recognition. No matter how many times you junk spam emails, the same stupid emails keep showing up in the inbox several times a day. Blocking senders is pointless because every junk email has a unique sender. The Outlook app did away with most of them after just one junking session! Sweet! Functionality Although the app takes a little exploration to find where things are and how they work, it has many of the bells and whistles of the desktop app. Cons: Inability to sort threads from newest to oldest. Judging by forum posts spanning many years, this is a long standing gripe among users. But I’ll trade it for spam recognition any day.

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Buggy when used with Google Gsuite accounts. Outlook works very well with my Exchange and Office 365 accounts. They claim to support Gmail, and the basics do work but when used with Google’s Gsuite email accounts, the app still has serious bugs. Very frequently, for example, when I reply to a message on my Gsuite account, Outlook shows “mail sent” (and does send the reply) but then marks the reply as a draft. So my inbox is littered with threads that are falsely marked as having unsent drafts. Even more frustrating, every so often Outlook won’t let me complete a reply to a message. I start typing, but after 5-10 seconds, the app suddenly closes the text input window, obliterating what I’ve written. It does not save a draft, so I can’t pick up again from where I left off. I now have several of theses messages in my inbox that Outlook refuses to let me reply to. There is nothing unusual at all about those plain-text messages. Outlook support suggested resetting the account and restarting the app. I did, and neither of the bugs above went away. My advice if you use Gsuite mail accounts—find a different mail app.

Least Intuitive Productivity App on the Market. Outlook tries. They try to be modern and attractive to users. They just can’t do it. Their clunky design is the opposite of user friendly and is not in any way intuitive. My major issue is the fact that calendar invites do not automatically populate in the outlook calendar, which may actually the worst feature in the ENTIRE Microsoft suite. If you receive a calendar invite in your outlook and you accept, it doesn’t show up in your outlook calendar and if you’re using the app it certainly doesn’t show up on your phone calendar. My company’s IT and security policies prohibited from using my phone or a google calendar so my hands are tied. Literally the only reason I use this counter-productive, ill-designed, antiquated platform is because my employer is mandating it, which creates double the work for trying to track and manage my schedule. Honestly cannot discourage any individual, group, or organization more strongly *not* to use Outlook if they want organization, intuition, and success they need to keep looking.

Time Tested and Extremely Reliable Mail Service. I have chosen to write this review as a token of my appreciation for the incredible service and benefits I’ve enjoyed from Outlook over the years. I’ve been using Outlook since the 1960s, right at the onset of windows and desktop computers. Although there were other mail services which I used and enjoyed at the time, Outlook turned out to be my favorite for the social media and business for decades. I’m not exactly sure why this became the case except for the fact that Microsoft and Windows were very popular, exciting and very serviceable. In a sense I can virtually say that Outlook has become a part of my identity and proudly so. In our rapidly changing and fast paced world, it is very gratifying to know that some vestiges of our lives have endured and kept up with the times. It has turned out to be a legacy that has lived on to tie the generations together unto this day.

Email account issues. I used outlook for iPhone for about past 6 months or so and generally liked it a lot more than stock mail app. Has a nice look, calendar view built in, lots of nice extras. This week my yahoo account kept asking me to sign in. Every time I sign back in it tries forever then asks me to try again with modern or legacy sign in. Doesn’t matter what you choose cuz nothing works at this point until you force close and restart. I also can’t get to my mail without addressing this as it won’t let me so I was forced to remove yahoo. I thought whatever that’s my junk mail anyway perhaps yahoo having an issue. Now it’s doing it with my gmail account. I re-signed in for it last night and now this morning it asks me again when checking my mail and even though I sign in correctly for both accounts (I get emails telling me so in other accounts about sign ins on Microsoft app), outlook keeps asking me re-sign in or remove account. Well now I’m down 2 email accounts so deleted this app and back to old reliable stock mail app.

Technical difficulties. I’ve had outlook for almost a year now, as a student i need to check my email daily for school updates or emails from my teachers. One day outlook just stopped working completely it was like that for a month and since that was the only way my teachers could send a zoom link for me to attend school well.. i couldn’t attend school for a month i was on vacation and there was no way i could just drive to school i decided to give it an update and it didn’t work then i cleared all of my data and that finally worked. I have no idea why outlook gave up on me like that i now am failing three classes because of missing assignments honestly my teachers don’t care if we don’t attend class they just want us to get our work done and guess what? they send all our work through the app! All i’m trying to say is try to give the app an update every now and then please otherwise this app is okay.

Well it used to be great. After an update a bit over a month ago this app has become nearly useless. It all started with images not automatically loading in some messages which was completely random. I found if I expanded the To/From field by tapping it the images would load. Also exiting the message and opening the message caused the images to load. Support had me try resetting my account multiple times from within the Outlook app, updating to two new versions, uninstalling and reinstalling, disconnecting and reconnecting my account and nothing worked. I now constantly receive updating notifications on the bottom of the app that seemingly hang. Opening email hangs more often than not without even loading text. I’ve had no problems with the iOS default mail app, Outlook online, and the Office 365 PC Outlook application. Very disappointing since it previously worked so well. Finally support responded by noting the issue and closing the case with no solution or work around. I pay for Office 365 yearly and this is the support I receive???

In a time of so many working apps.... In an age in which there are so many apps that one can download to their phone, why would anyone choose to use this. Glitchy, constantly crashes. Very poorly organized. What I mean is that every time I update this app I have to go into the setting menu and turn off the featured email, feature. Because that feature is worthless. It makes it hard to get to my newest emails, or god forbid I want to find an old email. This app is slow to load, slow to maneuver, and just generally unpleasant to use. It seems to have trouble connecting to the outlook servers, so that often emails that I have deleted are still in my inbox when I sign back in, although the app does like to move them to the featured list. So the emails that I definitely don’t want I am sure to see every time I log in. Then if you are silly enough to try to edit your archive, or really any of your folders, don’t select more that two or three to move or erase at a time, because the app can’t handle you selecting more than that. It will crash and you will have to start all over. Just a bad app. I think that you would be better off with one of those free kinda crappy email apps. At least they don’t pretend to be useful or awesome.

Not very good. Needs improvement.. I actually really dislike the Outlook App for iPhone as well as the outlook web app. It is difficult to discern which emails are new and which ones have been read. The bullet points by new ones aren’t enough. Also, on the iPhone app you are given a tiny box to type your reply in. It takes an additional click to pop out the reply box each time. This can be set to do automatically on the web app, but no option for it in the iPhone app. I am only using outlook because the hospital I work at requires us to use it for security reasons. I would love to go back to using the apple Mail app. I also don’t care for how the calendar is inside this app. If I want to look at my work calendar I have to open the app and then navigate to the calendar.. too many clicks. It also doesn’t sync up to alerts on my phone or show up as reminders. The Outlook for desktop isn’t bad, but I believe I have the “old version” activated and chose to switch off the new version.

It’s possible it could be worse I guess…. This might be the worst app on my phone. Number one, the search function is garbage. You can literally search the same term in the desktop version and in the app version and get utterly different results. My main result using the app search is literally nothing, even when I’m using sender email or contents of email. I guess it could be worse but if you are without desktop access and need to find an email older than this week or month, good luck. Number two, there is no interoperability between iCal and outlook. If you’re using a secure email system and can’t link the account to your mail app, you have no way of using the calendar. So you end up having two calendars on one phone. I’m pretty sure not having to do this is one of the main benefits of a smart phone, but i guess Apple and Microsoft still hate each other more than they care about customer service, so you can’t get outlook events in your Apple calendar. Or vice versa. Has led to me missing several appointments as a result. Finally, for whatever reason printing and PDFing within this app is extremely clunky. You basically have to trick it into triggering apple’s native pdf creation in order to get it to work properly. I don’t know why it’s so difficult to just forward attachments or other documents but it’s not great. It does the job so I’m not giving it 1 star, but the user experience vastly underwhelms.

Adequate. Let me start by saying my extremely hectic life has gotten a lot more organized with this Outlook Account. The app itself can perform most of the basics that the web version can. A major improvement that they should work on is the calendar section of the application. On the web, when you make a new event you can categorize it, change its color, and other additional features that aid in quick location / identification of events documented. In the application, there is a limited amount of things you can do: you cannot change which calendar it’s saved on, cannot classify into categories, cannot change an events color, cannot view the schedule in any other color (this means that even if you have separate categories / colors on the desktop version, the application shows it all as one color), and etc. If they improved this feature, it would be almost as perfect as the desktop version of Outlook is!

Great app, but .... When I delete or archive an email it takes me back to the list view rather than moving on to the next email. I should at least be given the choice of whether I like to move forward or go back to the list. Making contact pictures appear (as advertised in app pics) beside each email from them is a pain. I have been trying to make it happen for quite a bit now without success. I even copied many of my 6+k contacts to Outlook on my Mac to be on the Exchange server rather than on iCloud but it didn’t work either. I think the problem is that Outlook insists on keeping itself isolated from iOS apps and their SDKs. It doesn’t show contacts from iOS although it does show iCloud calendars. The app even doesn’t have a Contacts tab like its macOS counterpart. There is a Mail tab as well as Calendar and search tabs, but no Contacts. Even the Contacts section on the macOS app is far inferior to Apple’s stock Contacts app.

Email just stops working and prompts for password.. On multiple iOS devices the email will just stop working and prompted for a password. When entered it doesn’t reconnect. Tried resetting the account, removing the account and re-entering, and deleting Outlook and reinstall. Nothing works. The “Contact Support” option is a total joke. Received initial response from my request immediately and I’m still waiting for a response after 24 hours. Opened another support ticket on my other iOS device and entered all the requested information for the original device and again received and initial response immediately but then nothing for hours. Then I received a response asking me to perform another test. Still waiting for the response from support. I really like Outlook when it works. I like the email, calendar, and contacts all in one place. I have been using this app for several years and on multiple devices. On multiple occasions I have had to contact support in order to get the app working again. Each time their response gets slower and slower.

Great replacement for Mail, needs only one fix. Overall I really like outlook and find it is equal to or better than Mail in virtually all respects. The reading function works amazingly well, and the overall layout and functionality is excellent. The one function I don’t like in Outlook and wish work like Mail is the undo function when I am filing and moving messages into folders. In Mail, if I move a message to the wrong folder, I can just shake the phone and and trigger the undo function to reverse the move, even several seconds later. But in Outlook, the undo is provided by a software button that appears for only a couple of seconds at the bottom of the screen. If I don’t click the button right away, the ability to undo has passed, and then I have to hope I can find the message in the wrong folder and manually re-locate it etc. Not a deal killer by any means, but if that were fixed, I would give it six stars.

Issues. The sign out option beneath the icon profile in the left-hand corner is missing cannot sign out .For the last 2 months every time you move mail from your inbox to junk mail it keeps appearing back in your inbox, it’s redundant …there’s a terrible glitch in your software frame please fix it! The last four months I notice every time you go to delete something it says there’s a zero and then you open it up and there’s like over 25 emails that you delete over and over even after loading older conversations of emails there seems to be a glitch in the system somewhere in one of the software frames because it’s not calculating the incoming mail it shows that you have X amount of mail in your mailbox and when you open it the new mail isn’t surfaced there until like three minutes after you launch the app!

Terrible, just as bad as yahoo web. Thought I’d get a better email client. Think again. (1) you will not be able to connect the Apple default contacts app., in fact, there’s nothing much you can connect to in this app. It loses email. Deleting them right out for various actions you take. There is no waiting period if u accidentally delete a mail- it’s gone. (2) don’t save anything to draft folder. It will save & alter it right where u are, then put a copy of the header - that is unalterable - in the draft folder. You will not b able to change who the email is primarily addressed to, which will b you!! So insane. (3) I just pulled up the “give feedback “ form in the app, & somebody else’s review was in it. I know they weren’t using it as example- b/c it was entitled “Outlook Dogfood”. Wish I’d seen that b4 I lost 2 important email today. Advised them this was a privacy issue- but... (4) if u get this app, suddenly, u will drown in user-tailored spam. I got maybe 5 a day b4 switching, now like 60-70. Not a coincidence. (5) don’t expect to b able to attach anything easily - nothing u want to attach anyw. There are no options for file programs to download... the list goes on and on.

Otherwise Excellent App can't Alphabetize Contacts.... Microsoft Outlook has quickly become one of my most frequently used iPad apps. For those familiar with any of the PC (or Mac) based versions of the program, the Outlook app will be highly intuitive. Microsoft releases regular updates that address reported issues and which make the app increasingly useful and navigable. My only real complaint has to do with an ongoing problem of late in the app's handling of email images. Often, placeholders are all that appear. I have looked into security settings and other possible causes for this and cannot resolve the situation. (Many other complaints from other users of the Outlook app about the glitch are documented online.) The problem does NOT impact the native Apple Mail app, which displays email images just fine when used instead. Only Outlook exhibits this image-related problem.

Features. Love the app 💕 however With using the applications more than ever, it would be useful to have the following features added: the pin feature to fully move important emails to the top, the webex plug in on the app to easily insert meeting links, the template feature on the app to quickly reply, our formal signature on emails to keep things formalized, and a completely Seperate calendar application. It slows down production when I’m trying to work off my calendar and stay in my zone. The only way to access the calendar is through Outlook which will completely pull you out of what zone you may be working in for every email has an “urgency” to it in our mind. Would be nice to not have to go into outlook email to get to the calendar. We also need the ability to attach documents to calander invites, plug in webex meeting links, and templates. Thank you for the opportunity to share some feedback.

A few warts on a solid app. As others have noted, there is little meaningful interaction between iOS data stores (most notably Contacts) and Outlook. This balkanizatiom of data within the app needlessly adds extra steps (as when adding a contact from a received email). Calendar and email synchronization is solid, on the whole, but unlike the iOS Calendar, you can not choose which Google calendars shared with you are synced (it's all or nothing). Visually, it's a bit above par and the UI elements are intuitive, following brief adaptation. Presentation of attachments is better than in Mail. The options to override the default browser and navigation apps are very much appreciated. Search is not the best, but arguably a tiny bit better than desktop Outlook. Finally, there is the mail setting that drives me a little nuts: Reply All is the default when there was more than one recipient of the email you're replying to. No, just no. Reply to all is a huge time sink and makes every organization less efficient. I'm so anti-Reply All that I think you should have to take a four hour class and pass a test just to get the button turned on. Please, Microsoft, do us a solid and make reply the default. If my co-worker really is going inflict their opinions on the whole 38-person list, at least let it be intentional.

Should be five stars except that. They have a great email folder search mechanism for moving emails from one folder (such as inbox) to another folder for storage purposes but they could/should have the same email folder search mechanism for simply locating a specific email folder that is constantly positioned at the top of the PC or smartphone screen of the list of email folders (even if I am anywhere in the folder list). Having used this Microsoft email system for over fifteen years I have created/accumulated hundreds of email folders and to be able to search the email folders list the same way that it already lets me search through all my stored emails content for a specific name, phrase or whatever would be both a fantastic time saver and a helpful reminder of what I have available for review and use. Keep up the good work.

would rather use basic mail anyday. spain without the s Why does it auto-add "get outlook for ios" to the end of everything. BUT you can only delete it if you're drafting a new email. If you reply or forward to someone, it will add it AFTER you press send. Makes you look lazy af. I only got the app because the desktop version wasn't working and it's the only one my school email will run on. Basic ios mail is a million times better and more organized with features I feel are common sense. Like, Why Cant I Block an Email Address?!! Hello???! Literally no way to block a contact or forward their mail to the trash. I've had to change my email twice to fix the issue of repetitive unwanted emails from one or two addresses. Having two mailboxes, "focused" and not, is just a waste since i dont get to decide which emails go in which. I've missed important emails because they were entered in the "non focused". For some reason my documents never attach as well. I have to upload ALL pdf's to microsoft office on my computer to get them to send properly. That or send them directly out of my msgs app. Weird and annoying because it seems to work from my pov, but the people I send to don't get them. I've had this problem multiple times with sending pdfs, docs, and videos. the app asked me to rate it and i thought, you know what, sure, if you want my honest opinion so badly, here it is. not that good. :(

Finding older messages.. I find that e-mails sent that hit my inbox,that I have replied to, are then only available in my sent folder. I don’t believe that should be the case. I think word search and recovery of past e-mails could be improved upon... Sometimes it takes too long to find certain e-mails. Ex: If someone e-mailed me at 1:15 3 weeks ago on a certain date, I can’t go back to that date and find the e-mail in my inbox if I replied to since then. Also, if I check my sent folder, it is difficult to find it sometimes through name search more often than not. Also, when I do find the e-mail, sometimes the whole thread is not there with attachments.. Lastly, I think copying and pasting PDFs from one e-mail into a new e-mail thread could be easier. In fact, having the ability to do that with multiple e-mails, all through Outlook in the phone or tablet would be ideal. Aside from that I enjoy it. Thanks

Seriously challenging. Giving this app a ONE STAR due to the total and complete lack of human interface to support this app. I have filled out multiple help requests trying to get resolution. I used this app on my iPhone for about a year and it was good, not great due to challenges with calendar and email contact integration but good. BTW- I LOVE the laptop version, but I digress. Going on an overseas trip and did not want to bring my computer with me. Solution >>bring my iPad of course. I have license for five devices, using two, added third. Should have been fine. But remember there is that challenge with CONTACTS and has also always been an integration of calendar challenge the whole time. So I start googling for solutions. Perfect, hook it up to iTunes for integration. Seems to go seamlessly and viola I have contacts and calendars showing. Go to check my outlook app. Seems fine. Wake up next day and NO EMAILS are refreshed on either device!!?? Only my laptop has emails😟 Reach out to Apple and person tries to help. Can’t do it. Reached out via chat and their system for problem submission>> have gone down this route before with NO response. Well same gig!! No REPLY!! Had to load my clunky GMail onto both devices so I have some form of communication while gone. Are there Microsoft stores!!?? Might try that when I return. Or Leo Laporte. He had a sort of solution I found on his site but not what I needed. Maybe he can help when I return??

Miserable and Virtually Unusable Mobile App.. As a field based associate, I use my mobile email about 90% of the time. That said, my company recently switched from the extremely user-friendly, logically laid out Blackberry Work app. to the complex, convoluted and extremely cumbersome Outlook Mobile App. Once you reply to an email in the Outlook App., you can no longer see the sender’s original email they sent you, you can only see your reply unless you go into the email again and scroll down and click on “Load Message,” in which case you can see the sender’s original note, but have limited ability to forward or include attachments a second time. When I click on web links, it launches me into Microsoft Edge App. and very few of our intranet sites work (they all worked perfectly in the Blackberry Work browser). If I want to see my “forwarded” or “replied to” email, you should just be able to go into “Sent” items and see that, if you so choose, but in this app., you can only easily see your most recent forward or reply. HELP MICROSOFT!!! Please fix this to work like a normal email system. Why did you try to reinvent the wheel here?!!

Ehmmm... horrible. Only reason I use this js b/c my employer forces me to. This email app is literaly the most horribly designed piece of software Ive ever used. Its completely illogical (like unable to see the text people wrote me while responding), to being absolutely impossible to switch between email (sub boxes) have to first go to other account, then again go back to side menu and select where I wanted to go in the first place. I have several Gmail accounts, I cannot give them a name, I have to deal with some stupid symbols all looking the same and randomly guess which is which. Calendar functions are - super - slow, can take up to 15 mins for new appointments to actually show in the calendar (irrespective of which account is used, it an app problem), scheduling meetings across different time zones is impossible .... just to name a few of the things that have worked in Apple Mail for over 10 years. So yes... absolutely unusable for power users / business users... esp if you are used to any Apple product that actually was designed with usability in mind....

Thank you.... This is the mail app I needed and wish I knew about it years ago. I have 4 email accounts and one is through ECPI. They use an exchange server, so guess what, yahoo mail can’t connect to it, Apple mail needs to have a password entered and a verification process is done, just to look at an email...for school. I don’t get it. Yesterday I downloaded this app and it’s already a life saver. It took a little bit for email to show up in my folders for yahoo, but I only had to verify yahoo one time when setting it up. I just finished customizing my settings and it’s even better. There’s a focused mail box thingy, I didn’t like it and it let me turn it off. I noticed you have to go through notifications and click each mail server you want notifications from, because your default is automatically selected. Oh, btw, I deleted yahoo and Apple mail apps and moved this one next to my hand receiver icon.

April 2018 and more issues with last update. I use an iPhone 6splus. It used to work really well even though it's not possible to just attach an image or file thru the app. You actually have to go to photos and then select to send with Outlook and it'll attach. Otherwise you're only able to embed photos which is a pain when you have to send more than 2-3 photos/files. Adding insult to injury, now j cannot copy and paste text into a new email. It will not let you tap/hold to select in the body of emails to copy the content and when you are able to get to copy, it will not let you paste it. Won't even show the option to paste. This is essential to my job as I send dozens of ails daily where I have to copy and paste from a template for my job. This makes it frustrating and a total waste of time and money for my job. Hopefully Microsoft will look into these issues and fix it.

Disappointing App with Multiple Failures and No Fixes. I like Microsoft apps like OneDrive, OneNote, Excel, and Word. They all function properly and I have not had any issues with them. Then there is this horrible excuse of an app. In the past I used outlook and it worked properly for the push notification of new email. Then it started failing to notify me. Along with that was the biggest failure with this app which is block remote images. All of a sudden the app stopped blocking remote images causing the spammers to know my email was good and I lost use of that important account. Nothing seams to of been fixed. Notifications do not work. Email is not checked until I open the app. Test push notification gives an error of unable to connect please check your network. The network is fine as other notification for other apps work fine. I have contacted support through the app with no response. Apple mail app is much better. This is a disappointment to me since I would really like to use outlook for email. Unfortunately I will not be giving the outlook app a third chance.

Looks Nice but☹️. This app seems clunky and obsolete lacking fluidity, user interface and basic functionality preventing user from easily executing simple, everyday tasks. Cannot SELECT ALL and DELETE emails in Trash Bin—the mobile app only selects 7 emails at a time; the Trash Icon is not easily seen at top of screen but rather I had to scroll through 90 emails to locate the Trash Icon at the bottom of the list of emails—highlighting 7 email maximum, scrolling a long list to get to the icon at the bottom of lengthy list of emails is not practical and requires an inordinate amount of time and steps to expedite a simple function. The REPLY field appears at the bottom of an email rather than easily, conveniently above an incoming email. The only readily available function choices appear to be Focus & Filter—user has to log online to use the few Settings options. The Search magnifying glass does not appear to be readily/easily available. The ONLY reason I use the app is I am unable to email a Word file unless from within the app. Simple, basic tasks are not straightforward some inaccessible on iOS Xs Max and iPad Pro.

Average and not as good as Apple native Apps. I like the integration. Takes some getting used to for Focussed v Other emails, BUT it fails because all day appointments are treated like meetings and it won’t allow you to change the dates from the app. If the dates were right that wouldn’t be an issue but they are not synching from the desktop properly. They come across a day early, so I’m left scratching my head why Thanksgiving would be on a Wednesday. This is the second time I’ve tried to use Outlook for iOS. While it works great on my Mac, it just does not measure up on my iPhone or on my iPad. It is slower than Apples built Ins and takes too much tweaking to set up. I’ve used it for over a month and I’m taking it off all iOS devices because of the slowness. I want to see my calendar and emails instantaneously when I open their hosting apps and this app fails that miserably. It’s got good features but for me this slowness is too much to endure. I’m leaving my earlier rating at 3 stars. App is average.

Better than Apple's native mail app. I admit I was never impressed with the prior version of OWA. But this app is better than Apple's mail app. I like how the conversational threads lay out, the Focused conversations seem fairly intelligent in terms of dividing my email between important and non-important, and I love the ability to access attachments I have previously opened without having to find the original email that contained the attachment. Finally, this app seems to have magically saved my iPhone's battery life once I delinked my Exchange account from the iPhone default mail app. Only drawback is I couldn't figure out how to keep my contacts and delete my old Mail account entirely, so I had to re-connect my account in Settings in order to restore contacts and keep them sync'ed. Update 2 years later... this app just gets better and better. Thank you to the team involved for making the best mail app on the market.

Deficient But Visually Pleasing. Visually, it’s on the cutting edge. Beyond that it’s the worst compared to its 1995 predecessor which could fax in addition to email. More over, outlook as restricted rules and its filtering ability to paid email accounts offered by Microsoft only. This means I am using my business accounts on Apples native mail client because Apple isn’t restricting what kind of email account can use the rules tool. In fact, the rules tool in the mail client part of the Apple O.S. is far superior allowing on to color the text or the background. E.G. mail from lawyers have the rule to make the text blue. Mail from government has the rule to make the background Blue. Grouping is easier. The same groups in my contacts is the same groups I can use in rules. In addition, creating groups is 1 step easy with Apple. The outlook mail client has become the mail client for all the business of retail and junk mail. They’ve improved the delete feature so that works fine.

Some issues. I’ve been using Outlook as an alternative to the built in iOS mail app due to recent vulnerabilities discovered in the latter. Generally it’s ok, but I find some things less usable: 1) longer emails display a “Read More” button after scrolling part of the message. This is completely useless and requires unnecessary clicks. There’s no reason not to simply scroll the entire message. 2) after deleting a message, the app returns to the message list. There should be an option to read the next message, again to avoid extra clicks to read your emails. 3) no indication when the app checks for new messages, and doesn’t show last-update time. I’m used to iOS app clearly indicating this, so similar function would help here. 4) delete button in upper right when reading message: this is a personal issue, in that when holding my iPhone XR with my left hand, I cannot easily reach the delete button.

The Basics. So the app itself is straightforward - it connects easily to your email - you swipe left, delete something. You can click and look at your calendar. You click an email - it is read. It gives you notifications about the number of new emails. All in all, it is great in the most basic aspects. Like, if I want to visually wait for an email to come in to respond, I can leave this up on my tablet while I work on other stuff on my main computer. It is a second screen. 10/10. Where this falls short is when you want to do something more than monitor your email. Want to search for an email? Cannot really do that by categories or anything. Trying to find a sent email? Prepare for a chore to try to remember if that is even possible... is it worth looking on the internet to try to figure out how to navigate this thing? Or will I just use my actual computer/email? So there you have it. Great for the basics, but not for much else.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 4.2302.1
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

Microsoft Outlook (Versiyon 4.2302.1) Install & Download

The applications Microsoft Outlook was published in the category Productivity on 2015-01-29 and was developed by Microsoft Corporation [Developer ID: 298856275]. This program file size is 308.3 MB. This app has been rated by 5,296,426 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Microsoft Outlook - Productivity app posted on 2023-01-24 current version is 4.2302.1 and works well on IOS 15.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Microsoft Outlook App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This update includes performance improvements and bug fixes to make Outlook better for you. Feel free to send us any comments or questions by going to Settings > Help & Feedback – we’d love to hear from you.

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