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BeReal. Your friends for real. App Description & Overview

What is bereal. your friends for real. app? BeReal is the simplest photo sharing app to share once a day your real life in photo with friends.

Every day at a different time, everyone captures a photo within 2 minutes.

Capture and post in time to discover what your Friends are up to.

• The special BeReal camera is designed to take both a selfie and a frontal photo simultaneously.

• Share your BeReal publicly and discover what other people are doing around you.

• Some days, the BeReal comes with a unique challenge.

• Comment on your friend's BeReal and chat with all their friends.

• React on your friend's BeReal with a RealMoji, your own emojis representation.

• See where your friends are in the world when they post their BeReal.

• Access your previous BeReal in an archive.

• See your friends right on your Home Screen when they react to your BeReal with a widget.

• React with your RealMojis as stickers in your iMessage chats.

/!\ WARNING /!\
• BeReal won't make you waste time.
• BeReal is life, Real life, and this life is without filters.
• BeReal will challenge your creativity.
• BeReal is your chance to show your friends who you really are, for once.
• BeReal can be addictive.
• BeReal might frustrate you.
• BeReal won't make you famous. If you want to become an influencer you can stay on TikTok and Instagram.
• BeReal doesn't care if you have millions of followers or if you're verified.
• BeReal may cause accidents, especially if you are riding bikes.
• BeReal is pronounced “BiRil”, not bereale, or Bèreol.
• BeReal won’t let you cheat, you can try and if you manage to do so, come work with us.
• BeReal doesn't send any of your private data to China.

Questions, ideas? We would love to hear what you think and we could even integrate some of your ideas on BeReal.

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App Name BeReal. Your friends for real.
Category Social Networking
Updated 19 January 2023, Thursday
File Size 68.58 MB

BeReal. Your friends for real. Comments & Reviews 2023

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We Love Being Real!!!!. “It’s like an insight to everyone’s life that you didn’t know you needed.” Peyton and Char are BeReal advocates. We love BeReal. The way that that everyone is truly real is crazy in this fake society. On Instagram, all we see is edited models doing unimaginable things that we regular folk can only wish that we could do. With BeReal, however, everyone is encouraged to BE REAL!!!! Not only do we see people in their true form being lazy, going to concerts, hanging out with friends, or just petting their dog, we also get to see people we normally wouldn’t talk to react to our lives in a positive way. It’s exciting to see everyone’s reaction when the notification is sent out everyone - regardless of who they are - is ecstatic to just be real. The rawness of the app shows what a real human being is. The reality is, we’re not always at the beach looking snatched or at concerts with our friends. It’s reassuring to know you’re not the only person just sitting on your couch all day. NOT ONLY THAT, but there is nothing - I mean nothing - that you can pay for!!!! There is no pressure to get the best version of the app, just a bunch of people posting on the same app at the same time just being real.

Fun w/ flaws. I was initially attracted to BeReal due to its concept. I liked the idea of straying away from the typical inauthentic social media model of carefully curating every single post in order to create a persona one wishes to project. A rush goes through me every time I get the notification that it's BeReal time — you never know when it's coming and you're never prepared for it, but it certainly encourages you to live your best life because that moment could be any moment. It's also a fun way to look back and keep track of the day-to-day. That being said, the app does have its flaws — which is to be expected given its novelty. There have been multiple occasions where I'll be notified that it's time to take a picture but upon opening the app, I just see my feed. It's not much later that it's actually BeReal time and I don't get an accurate notification for when it occurs, forcing me to consistently reopen the app throughout the day so I don't post too late. Additionally, despite having strong wi-fi, there have been times where it has taken hours to upload my photo. Despite me taking the photo right on time, because it's uploaded later, it counts as an hours late upload. Lastly, sometimes it takes quite awhile for the camera to successfully load.

Great idea, but probably the buggiest app I’ve ever used. It’s a really fun concept and has a lot of potential, but there are problems essentially every time my wife or I try to use it. It has gotten to the point where I think we’re just giving up on it. Too many problems to mention, but mainly I’ll tap the notification and 1) there’s a one in four chance that it will bring up the camera interface or just open the app and you can wait and hope it opens the camera or you can force close it a few times until it works, or 2) it opens the camera and you take the picture to post it and… it will say 27 hours late or something and you’ll have to retake it or 3) you take a picture and then it does absolutely nothing or 4) it actually works. We have up to date 13 Pro and Pro max iPhones, but on different carriers, so I don’t think there is any excuse other than a poorly made app As far as features, requiring a shot from both cameras isn’t my favorite and I would like an option to have your history be visible to friends if you want to share. Also being able to choose camera focal lengths

Needs a few improvements. Great idea, fair execution... the main problems are upload speed, setting captions, posting comments, and sending reactions... basically the whole functionality of the app! It's understandable when you have everyone logging onto the app at the same exact time, but photos take a while to upload even with good internet speed. Reactions sometimes just don't go through, or appear to go through but later you look back and your reaction isn't present on someone's post. You can't set a caption when you take a photo, only after it's posted. And often captions will appear to go through but don't, or you'll get a massive error banner when attempting to share one and it may or may not go through anyway. Same goes for comments -- either appears to go through and doesn't, or appears not to go through and may or may not. The error message usually says something like TOO_MANY_TOKENS which is of no help to a user. Also a major privacy concern is that the app has access to my contacts without explicitly asking for permission. Maybe this is in the terms and conditions and I mistakenly didn't read it, but your users deserve to be explicitly asked and informed of what data you're collecting. I have never let a social media app access my contacts and yet... So it's a fun idea but seems really bare bones and like a lot of bugs need fixing, and the contact scanning is weird.

Great! But…. This is a great app and I love posting pictures of myself while also being able to see my friends pictures. The captions are also great! I’m able to write one describing what I’m doing in the picture and what not. But, putting all that aside, there are some issues. First, the uploading. If I’m not in the app while my post is still loading and then it will never upload so I have to wait until I see that it stopped. Another issue for me is the adding, requesting, and just friending in general. I have one friend that can see my posts, comment, react, and he can see my profile in his ‘friends’. Although he can do all of this, I can’t do anything with him. I can see that he reacted or commented on my posts but I cant see him in my ‘friends’ and I cant see his posts. I have tried to add him many times and he has accepted me many time and vise versa. I’m not sure what the problem is? Besides all of that, this is an amazing app! But it has some downsides.

Great concept, needs work. absolutely in love with this concept! it takes the pressure and toxicity off of social media and adds a fun surprise element for when it’s time to post! i love looking through my friends posts, not feeling pressured to look good or edit anything, and not being embarrassed about how many friends i have, likes i get, etc. amazing concept and the app is good how it is…if it would work properly:/ the app is CONSTANTLY glitching!! almost every single time i get the “time to bereal” notification, i click on it and the app opens but doesn’t prompt me to take my picture, it goes to the screen that shows mine and my friends posts from yesterday but doesn’t update to even take the picture in time. i open and close to app multiple times but it still takes forever. by the time it does update and open the camera, the timer is already out and then it takes forever to load and post it so i’m just sitting there waiting for it to go through. again, i love the idea of the app, which is why i put up with the glitches and still use it but it is really annoying and makes for a frustrating experience, considering i rarely get to post on time because i have to close and open the app 15 times for it to even work.

Great app, needs some bug fixes. I love this app, but recently it has been having some issues with posting that it needs to fix in order to retain its users. The app was working perfectly for the first month and a half I had it, but there have been a lot of issues in the past week. Maybe there has been a massive influx of users recently that have caused these issues, but it has seriously affected the quality of the app. For example, recently when I’ve posted, the app is stuck on the “uploading” task and I can only see the posts that people posted the previous day. Today, when I posted it showed me peoples posts from today but when I try to comment or react the posts revert to yesterdays and it says that I need to post a late be real to see the posts. I am not sure why this is happening but it needs to be fixed quickly or these issues will become tiring and prevent me from regularly using the app.

Work on upgrades. I get the motive of this app. I think it is very positive and eye opening but I think I can speak for a lot of people when it is annoying to have to post everyday and have a timer that gives you anxiety because you haven’t posted in that time frame, and kicks you out. Also if you don’t post a picture on that day then you can’t see others posts which I think many others can also agree is very overwhelming because you want to see others posts but don’t want to post yourself. And one more thing. When you post, you have to post your back and front camera. I see how that makes you know what’s on the inside and outside like for example, like when you post a picture to social media but you don’t see the reality of it but it is really annoying when you don’t look good on the front, or on the back camera. Yes and you can put your finger or something over the camera to cover the front or back camera but it looks tacky and I wish there was an option where you can either resize the little square icon with the front camera photo, or make it an option to have it or not. I hope you take these ideas into consideration. Thank you.

Novel, needs work but has great potential. I love the idea of this app. Social media is a joke nowadays because we curate our posts to appeal to certain aesthetics and create a false reality of what our lives actually look like. Apps like instagram feed into mental illness, making you think you’re not doing enough because other people appear to be living these lavish lifestyles when most of us are spending most of our time just chilling and wearing comfy outfits and being “boring”. This app is great because it rebels against this guise of perfect lifestyles and aesthetics. You get a notification at any random point during the day and you’re encouraged to post within two minutes of receiving the notification. It gives a more realistic perspective of what your friends and acquaintances are actually doing on a daily basis and it feels so much more real. I love the idea of this app. This is where I want to see social media go from here. There are quite a few bugs that i’ve noticed which is normal for a newer social media app, but it’s nothing that im not willing to work around and wait for new updates to improve the smoothness of the platform, to work out the kinks. Once the app gets a little better in this sense, I would be more than willing to give 5 stars. Other than that, y’all are fighting the just fight. Keep it up.

Not like other social media. I really enjoy that BeReal keeps the fun part of social media and minimizes the toxic part. The only constructive criticisms I have: (1) my app frequently glitches and will say I have a phantom notification when there are no new notifications for me to see. Because BeReal doesn’t have a page where you can see a list of your notifications in the app, I have to go through every single photo on my feed to make sure I’ve seen everything, and then I have to go to Settings and temporarily disable Notifications for the app in order to get the one phantom notification to go away. So here I’m recommending that it would be great to fix this glitch, and to create a page on the app that lists your notifications in one centralized place so you can easily see what’s happened since you were last on the app. (2) I do not feel like it’s necessary to get a notification every time a friend posts late. It’s fun to aim for the same 2 minute window of posting, but as an adult, it’s unrealistic, and it’s annoying to be notified every time someone posts late. The only push notification I actually want is just when the BeReal goes live.

It’s awesome but…. I really like this idea for the app the 2 minute timer, the late post, the front and back camera pictures but only 3 problems. 1 is I want them to add a way to post more than just once or twice a day because I got this app to see what people were up to not just to see what they were doing like 6 hours ago. Second thing is the time between the cameras taking a picture. It’s 3 seconds but it would be easier if it was 5 and on the screen it showed a count down instead of saying “smile 3,2,1” it’s not very accurate and making that simple change from that to it actually counting down on your screen would help out a lot. 3rd thing is they need to add a area type of thing like you can pick where you want your discovery feed to be located. Usually it’s all random and you’ll see a post from Italy and then one from Russia like if I’m in texas United States I want to connect with people in my area so maybe that’s a feature they could add but it might be difficult because someone people don’t have their location on in their posts which is fine it’s your privacy do what ever you want with it but I feel like the people who have there location on might want to see other people in their location. Other than those 3 things the app is super fun and nice to just scroll around on.

Great First-Social-Media platform for anyone. BeReal was my first social media platform, and I love it because it’s not as unsafe and toxic as SnapChat. I love the idea of the mix of Instagram and Facebook, and the way i have two minutes to post. I love the way of “liking” posts by using a selfie expressing an emoji. It makes things a lot more fun and creative. I’m not really fond of the fact that you can only post one per day, because I would think you would want people to know what their friends are up to. I also don’t like how you can delete a BeReal up to two times, because I was taking one, and I had already deleted one earlier, and I didn’t like the one I just took, so I deleted it. I tried to take one again, but I had to wait. Other than those two concerns, this app is amazing and should be awarded a trophy!

Glitchy. I enjoy the concept of the app, but there needs to be a way to allow users to reattempt to upload their photos due to bad service. When I tried to post my photo tonight, it was taking much longer than it should have. After a minute or two, it said that I uploaded the image, but the app kept glitching out. I closed the app to reboot it, and my selfie for today was still there but no longer appeared in my memories. Even though I can see what I posted today on my “My Friends” feed, I am unable to see my friends’ posts and the discover page because the app doesn’t think I posted. Isn’t there a possibility to save that photo as a draft for that exact moment in the event the app glitches out so we can attempt to post it again? That would keep the spirit of the app within the moment, but it is not our fault if our internet screws us over. While I’m here, I would also like to ask if it would be possible to add a privacy feature where you can set your images to public while setting your location view to friends only. Thanks for reading.

Instagram but without the Toxicity. Love the whole idea of bereal! It’s so refreshing to see my friends share their not so Instagram-able parts of their days and strip away all of the unrealistic expectations social media has put on us all. My only constructive criticisms are these: (1) the bugs. I’m sure they’re constantly being worked on and the app has gotten more reliable in the 4 months I’ve had it on my phone. But randomly, I’ll still find I have to restart my phone or delete and reinstall the app for it to work. Not as often as before, but still sometimes. (2) there should be a limit to how late you can post. I love that everyone shoots for that 2 minute window, but I understand that sometimes, you might not have your phone on you at that exact time or you’re really busy and can’t snap the photo. But really often, I’ve seen people (carrying over the mentality from Instagram) wait 7, 8, 9+ hours until they’re at a concert or until they’re with their friends to post - I’m guilty of it too, I’ll admit. I think there should be, in addition to the “on-time 2 minute” winodow, an “hour or two total” late window and after that, no one can post. This would also limit the absurd amount of notifications the app sends out. Just thoughts! Love it though!

Surprisingly Therapeutic and Heartwarming :). I literally love BeReal, really let's me reflect on my day, week, month, and eventually year when I use it for that long :)! If I'm out with friends on the weekend and I take a BeReal with them, I love looking back at it the day after because it'll remind me of how much fun I had when the stresses of life start up again for the next week lol. It's just things like that that keep me grounded to my life and what's happening around me, and paints a really nice picture of how things are going for me. Even photos where I felt horrible emotionally are helpful because I can look back at them and see how I was able to overcome that.. No ads, no subscriptions, just a super wholesome app to help yourself and participate in with your close community of friends and loved ones! 20/10, I'd recommend!!

No complaints!. What’s nice about BeReal is that only your friends that you add/accept requests for can see your BeReal for that day. The notification comes randomly, and you are able to post late. (it marks how late you are, don’t worry about being late it’s not a big deal) The only picture of you that strangers could see is your profile picture. BeReal is awesome, you can’t put filters on or import any photos! Just watch who your friends are, and only accept people that you know. I have not seen any inappropriate BeReals or Realmojis so far. I generally only accept people that I am friends with. It will not notify someone if you delete their follow request. BeReal is not a bad social media app, you get to see people you know “being real” and not just the filtered, airbrushed, and hand selected instagram posts that they spent weeks planning. You get to see them, and what they do normally in their everyday life, not just the highlights that are on instagram. I hope this helped someone that is on the fence with BeReal. Just download it! 😊

reminds me of snap streak but... this app has such an amazing idea behind it. i love how people get a notification and have to post to show what they’re life looks like at the moment. However, there are a few things that could be added. Firstly, there should be a place where we can put times where we won’t be able to take a BeReal. most of the time, the notification comes in while i’m at school (my school takes our phones at the beginning of the day) and i miss my time to take a picture. another thing that could be added is multiple bereals per day. i feel like this would be a more authentic experience. also there should be a certain time to where you can post and then after that, no one can post anymore. this way, people won’t be delaying their posts and waiting for certain moments. either than that, this app is amazing.

love it!. I really enjoy that BeReal keeps the fun part of social media and minimizes the toxic part. The only constructive criticisms I have: (1) my app frequently glitches and will say I have a phantom notification when there are no new notifications for me to see. Because BeReal doesn't have a page where you can see a list of your notifications in the app, I have to go through every single photo on my feed to make sure I've seen everything, and then I have to go to Settings and temporarily disable Notifications for the app in order to get the one phantom notification to go away. So here I'm recommending that it would be great to fix this glitch, and to create a page on the app that lists your notifications in one centralized place so you can easily see what's happened since you were last on the app. (2) I do not feel like it's necessary to get a notification every time a friend posts late. It's fun to aim for the same 2 minute window of posting, but it's annoying to be notified every time someone posts late. The only push notification I actually want is just when the BeReal goes live. (3) For some reason It won’t let me save a new profile picture which is very frustrating. Overall I love this app but I think it has a long way to go to get better.

Be Real acting up and I can’t even tag people on my be real.. I like the app BeReal, it would just be amazing to see more features put on this app and especially ways to tag people on be real. — I like this app, I really do. I just want to see more features put on this app, more effort to make this app better. — I can most likely say I like the app be real, and I am certain lots of others like this app a lot too. — It would be more fun, I am not saying that it isn’t fun because it is, I like be real because when your be real has been on the be real app for over 24 hours you’re not just gonna be able to throw a picture in be real and say something like “hey this is what I’ve been up to”, you have to recreate your be real. You actually show off what your doing it is kinda old school, I’m not an old school person however I can admit that I do know no one wants to spend all day on the phone (especially if they’re a busy person). — I mean honestly you don’t even have to caption a be real unless you really want to say what you’re up to. The only downfall about the app be real for me is: 1) it’s lagging pretty badly. (I’m not sure if it’s a server issue or an app issue, but it should be addressed.) 2) it’s hard to find people that I know on Be real, this should be addressed in the next update. 3) It doesn’t let you tag people on a be real, I like to tag who I’m with so I would like this updated asap please. Many things could be changed.

Almost what I wanted. I like the idea of be real. I took all social media off my phone and got this app. I am enjoying it a lot more than Instagram, Facebook, tik tok, etc. I really like that there is no endless scrolling, you get to the bottom of your feed (quickly if you keep your friends to a small number) and then your done. But as I am in the process of becoming unaddicted to my phone I find myself relooking at my feed that I've already looked at multiple times that day. I wish this app was a more extreme version of itself. I wish that you could only post within like an hour window and if you missed it you missed it. And once that window is up you can look at all the posts people made within the window and once you see them they disappear. That way you are really limited with how much time you spend on the app. Let's be honest who's got the self control to break these phone addictions. Anyways I like the app but wish for a little more.

“not social media”. Overall really like the concept of this app. Social media is a huge waste of time but it’s hard these days to stay connected to friends and family across the country and across the world without it. The fact that this app (tries to) force users to post what they’re doing in the moment also does a great job at eliminating the fake reality of socials. When my brother was convincing me to get this app, he told me that it’s impossible to scroll forever like I did on IG - the reason I deleted it. And while that’s true on the “my friends” page, one can easily switch over to discover and use it just like any other time sucking social media site to scroll for hours. I know y’all are working on bugs but an additional feature would be a way to make the discover page optional, so that for those of us who don’t want it, it’s not even on the screen at all (ie there’s no separate discover tab at all) and doesn’t tempt us to waste time on the app. This could be done using a switch in a users profile. If you are really trying to be “not social media” please make the discover feature optional!

lots of bugs, frustrating. I love this app, don't get me wrong. It's fun, engaging, and different then other social media which I really enjoy. However there is SO MANY bugs. My BeReal always takes forever to post- which I get could partially be bad wifi/service on my part, but plenty of others that I am friends with have had this issue as well. However I do not have a problem with this so much as I do my BeReal deleting. Today my BeReal posted, didn't take much time to post and I was 2 mins late. I would have been on time a common bug occurred in which I could not see on my screen that it was time to BeReal and therefore I could not post a BeReal. It worked eventually, though, and posted. When I went to check my BeReal later today it was still there but I noticed that it wasn't showing up in my Memories. I left the app open thinking it would catch up but instead my BeReal completely disappeared. When I tried to post a new one it would not work, even after refreshing many times, powering off my phone, and deleting+reinstalling the app. I don't understand how this happened and why I can suddenly not use the app. I'm also disappointed that the BeReal deleted because it was a very cute picture. I'm just hoping this issue will resolve itself somehow.

Amazing app! Has some problems. 5 stars because I know how important rating are to companies. But I would give it a 4.5. The actual act of taking the BeReal every day can be glitchy for me and my friends. The screen to capture won’t pop up and it makes it so I often will go to “take it later” and then never will. Other than that this app does everything that it aims to do and more. The real as an app has become a talking point within my community and even those who don’t follow each other on the real talk about taking the be real every day and everybody looks to see where other people are during the day. I have sincerely noticed this app make a positive impact on my community and I get a rating from that way hopefully the developers can see some little errors and fix them moving forward.

Simple But Effective. So I’ve never had any want or need fo all the social media platforms cause I’m worried I’ll get sucked and and feel the need to post all these great photos and videos and tag people and do all that stuff. Not with Be Real. It’s so easy cause you only post one time a day at a certain time so you don’t spend 30 min finding the perfect location and filter and trendy background audio. You just take a photo and it’ll snap a shot of you front and back camera so it shows what you are REALLY doing. And same with your friends. So it’s kinda de stressing cause you can realize people aren’t doing all the amazing things they post elsewhere. And since there’s not 3 million people on it it’s also not toxic or inappropriate at all. I really like the app. It’s simple, but you still get to post and see other peoples post. Just minus the fakeness.

Great app but buggy. I’ve been using BeReal for a little over a month and it has slowly become my favorite social media app. I love the concept, and everyone who I recommend give it a chance also ends up loving it. The only reason I could not give the app 5 stars is because it is still super buggy. I have a permanent notification symbol on the app, it has the little red circle with the number 1 and there is no way to make it go away. Sometimes it goes away by itself, but then comes back randomly. Also, when you are looking for new friends on the app, and you see people who might be in your contacts or have mutuel friends, there is a button to add them, or a button to ex them out. When you ex someone out from the list, they go away, but then randomly reappear? The bugs are not game-breaking but it’s quality of life things that should be fixed given that the app has went pretty main stream. This is the first review I’ve ever given so if anything, I hope this gives some feedback to the developers. Keep it ad-free!!! We love that there is no marketplace. It’s simple, it works, don’t break it PLEASE.

Awesome concept, needs work still. I looove the concept of this app. Something less stressful to post on than Instagram thats just for seeing your friends/family’s faces and lives on the daily. My biggest beef with this app is that it notifies you when people post comments, etc but then I have to search through every post to see where the comments are, and half the time its just someone I don’t know commenting on a friends post, but I can’t choose to not be notified for that specifically. Having a notification screen where I can see all my notifications and click through to the posts they’re on would make everything soooo much better. And please please please include comments with the memories/let us choose to let others see our memories!! Sometimes I post late and then the next day’s B Real is early and I miss what people posted/commented ☹️ I also think the Discovery part kinda ruins the point of this app. Wish I could at least choose to hide it. Thanks for keeping this simple though, I hope it stays that way - I really love it, its the best!!

Thank you.. My cousin has recently told me about this app and I have been putting it off for days. That’s probably my biggest regret in life. I have downloaded the app for less than an hour, maybe even 30 minutes. And let me tell you, this app has already changed me. Mentally and physically. It helped me get over my ex, it helped me lose weight, I can even look my brother in the eyes again (we had a pretty big fight). This app makes me, me. So thank you. You are probably wondering why I didn’t give you 5 stars though. You can post anything you want on here. That is not okay. My cousin Lyla is 13 soon to be 14 years old. What if she saw nudes, alc, weed, etc? What would you do than? Please make a update where people supervise what people post. It is needed, not just for lyla, but many other kids out there. This app is a disgrace and horrible. It is why America is the way it is. But thank you, for truly inspiring me, Lauryn Ann Isabella.

Crashing/not working. So, I’ve ran into this problem multiple times. I have a feeling it’s gonna get chalked up to having thousands of people trying to upload pictures at the same time, but I will upload my picture; it will have finished uploading (no loading sign or anything, time stamped within the two minutes) and I can see all my friends’ pictures…but then I check on the app later and it says that I never posted a bereal and I have to take one to view my friends’. So I do, I can see the pictures (some being the same ones I saw earlier in the day) but after around 10am a it goes back to the blurred pictures saying ‘take a bereal to see your friends’’. I have run into this multiple times and is becoming really frustrating. I’ve restarted my phone, checked for updates in the App Store, but nothing works or there isn’t an update.

Very good. In the beginning there there were a few bugs when I switched to a new device for example it would not let me change my profile picture I was acting really strange I think it just had an updated but that problem was resolved because it let me change it and I think now it’s back to normal I’m not sure exactly what happened but I personally think you should get be real it’s a really great app and it’s really fun just for family and friends or if you want to do it with the public too. There are some perks about be real to for example you can also delete your be real whenever you want to be I’ve course you have to do it only once a day is all it allows which is fine it’s better than nothing and one last thing I do I have to point out is that it takes a long time to send…

Really fun!. I really enjoy it and the fun dynamic it brings to social media. It’s simple and unique way to connect with friends (especially my long distance pals!). However that being said, there are two major changes that I think could overall improve the experience. Both having to do with the memories feature. First of all, I think memories should be a feature that you can select to be visible on your profile for your friends. Sometimes I want to reminisce on my friends pages, especially if we appeared on each others BeReal. Second, memories should keep comments and RealMojis. Today, I was looking at a comment thread on one of my friends BeReals and thought…I’ll have to screenshot this thread to keep it because the comments don’t save. That being said, the app is great and enjoy it immensely! I think with a few more adjustments this could very quickly become my favorite form of social media…who am I kidding! It already is!

Fun but getting stale. A refreshing idea for social media and has good groundwork to be a great app, but it’s just missing some things and is getting stale quick. I just had like the 3rd night in a row where it went off at 11pm or later. App gets super slow and chunky when it’s time to BeReal since every user hops on at the same time. The discovery page is nothing intriguing and interactions with friends are kinda meh. Also it will sometimes randomly delete your old BeReals so maybe screenshot the ones you really like just incase. I honestly would prefer if everyone’s went off at different times. Gives you a reason to keep coming back to the app to see who’s posted and the app wouldn’t be so slow when it’s your time to post. And I don’t know how they handle time zones, but maybe this could help if they are trying to give the west coast evening post possibilities while east coast people wake up the next morning to see their time was at 2am or something.

Love the app but one problem. I love be real it’s a great app and I recommend it for others, but when I get notifications it shows up in the corner of the app like normal and when I exit the app it goes back to normal. But when I get anothe notification it says I have like 85 or like some random high number of notifications and it really bothers me because I’m that kind of person, I would like to keep notifications on to see when my friends post to see what they are doing but I know it will be a problem in the future. And yes I have tried to troubleshoot like turning off all notifications then turning my phone off but it hasn’t been working. Just hope you guys come across this review and try to fix it in future updates of the app. But for now I will be turning notifications off and will probably check later on in the week to see if it fixed itself.

this app is horrible!! absolutely nothing to do... (Btw i only put 5 stars so that it can get at the top and so that people can see this) My friend made me download this app and all I can say it that it’s useless and is inefficient. It makes my phone glitch and has bad errors. All you are able to do is add friends and view their posts. Also, you’re not even able to post more than two photos at a time, which is absolutely ridiculous!!!! This app doesn’t even include any videos for your to post, nor watch… plus, the controls on this app are to utterly confusing… This app isn’t even like any normal app… I mean I don’t usually complain about many apps… but this one just has so many things to complain about. Adding friends is a whole different page on the app which makes it even more confusing. I don’t know what else to say… so that’s all I have for now… thanks for letting me rate your bad app.

Notifications are nuts. Unlike most others, I have no issue with upload speed. My beef is with notifications. “On BeReal, you’re in control of your push notifications,” the settings page states. Barely!! I want to get notifications for comments on my posts only, but toggling “comments” on means I get notified about every comment between my mutuals. Plus, there’s no landing page specifically to contain notifications (realmojis, comments etc). I’ve had the red notification bubble on the app thumbnail for hours now because I can’t for the life of me figure out exactly what I’m being notified about. There’s zero indication of what it could be! And hey, maybe I’m missing something. Maybe there’s a fix for all my problems out there. But if there is, it’s the least intuitive fix in the app store, because it’s impossible to find help within the app!! Please change things so that we can access notifications more easily, personalize them in more detail, and know how to make those changes ourselves.

Could be better. I enjoy the app, like most people have said, the spontaneity is a really unique way to avoid glorified posts or unrealistic updates. Similar to most people, it is frustrating working around the glitches and the bugs. It takes forever to upload pictures even when I hop on immediately. I’ve had my pictures change unexpectedly, I showed my friend a selfie of us, then when I uploaded, that picture was gone and was just a blurry photo of the floor, but I hadn’t clicked to retake. And I don’t like that if you aren’t sitting with the app open for the 5-10 minutes it takes to upload, you are said to have uploaded late. A final issue I have that is simply personal, I hate when it alerts super late at night. I’m a millennial in a grandmas body, and my geriatric self goes to bed around 8p so I’m always destined to miss out on it if it’s past my bedtime. Overall, I do enjoy the app. I enjoy sharing with my friends and seeing what they are up to. I think it has a lot of potential. I’ll patiently wait for the creators to iron out some kinks.

There might be hope for social media after all. I am really excited about BeReal! I love when I tell people of it and they’re like, “what’s the point?” But then get it and love it! 😂 But It does make you think, other than showing real life, what is the point? Maybe we can add some incentives or points for posting within the two minutes or for smiling or doing something unique when posting (since the camera recognizes when you smile and stuff). I also would like to have a feed or DM feature where you can connect with other users more than just using realmojis and comments. I would go talk to them on another platform if we create real connections. Lastsuggestion, i know we see our memories, but what if our friends could see them as well? OH and add video to posts would be hot! Especially since TikTok stole your idea and did just that 😆😂 you’re clearly onto something.

I love this app. I love BeReal it’s a fun way for my friends and I to keep in contact and a great way to see into the no-so Instagram worthy parts of peoples lives. I do have one issue though. I don’t get a buzz or ding in addition to the notification when the BeReal itself goes off. I’ll get the notification but no vibration or ding from my phone to let me know when it goes off. This often results in my BeReals being late. I’ll have my phone in my pocket and the BeReal will go off and I’ll have no idea. I’ve checked my settings on both the app and my phone and it says everything is on and good. I don’t know if it’s a bug issue or something else but i hope I can get it fixed somehow because I really love this app. Other than that slight problem I have nothing negative to say about this app. 10/10 🙌🏼

Amazing app, bad performance.. I absolutely love this app! The little (non jaded) view that you can share and see into your friends lives is super fun, but at the same time, not nearly as addicting as normal social medias. Once you have posted for the day, you can look at your friends current post and maybe comment or react to them. After that there’s really no reason to stay on the app and end up killing your whole day. The only reason I am giving this 4 instead of 5 stars, is the fact that not only myself, but all of my friends as well have performance issues. You will get the prompt to post, click on the app and wait for the app to load, sometimes even as long as about 5 minutes. Then when you post, you are automatically late. 8 out of 10 times I experience performance issues. Luckily more lately, they have been that I can launch the app and snap my pic, but then it takes about 2-6mins for your post to actually upload. (The reason I said luckily is because as it is taking an eternity to upload, it has the timestamp of when you took it, so it won’t be automatically considered a late post).

Good concept, needs some work. It’s a great concept and I love the idea behind it, however, for it to actually work I think they need to increase the amount of people that their app can handle at one time. Because everyone literally gets the same notification and the same exact time, I think this sometimes causes the app to become overloaded which causes the app to kind of “glitch out.” There have been many MANY times where I get the notif that it’s time, open the app, and nothing happens. Either it just shows my feed from the day before, takes the entire two minutes to open my camera, or even says I haven’t added any friends yet and shows me a blank feed. This is really frustrating to the point where I know several people who have since just stopped using the app because it doesn’t work when they get notified and then they forget to upload a post later on because it doesn’t remind them. This app needs a LOT of work, but I’ll probably continue to use it until the hype dies down.

Great idea, lot of bugs. I really enjoy the whole premise of “being real” and simply showing what you’re doing in the exact moment when the timer goes off. However, there’s quite a few bugs that make this difficult if not impossible. On multiple occasions, I will take my BeReal (on time!) and it shows that it’s posted after the timer is done counting down, but if I close out of the app and go back to it a couple hours later or the next day (before the next timer goes off), my post is gone as if i never even posted - so now i have several blank spots in my memories even though i absolutely posted on that day. The app also has the habit of not wanting to load from time to time. I’ll click the notification to post and either the app itself just won’t load in, or it will show me my friends have posted and to click to post my BeReal, no matter how many times i close and reopen the app. I really do enjoy the app and it’s premise, but these are some debilitating bugs that almost make it pointless to use sometimes.

Why me. BeReal is great and all but I wanted to delete my BeReal and once I did I couldn’t post anything else until the next day. Let me please redo my BeReal, I can’t miss a day. That’s ILLEGAL!! How would it feel if you wanted to send a pic to your friend but it turned out terrible, but your phone died so you couldn’t delete it and send another one? Once your phone turns back on you find out your friend saved it and is now going to threaten you with it. That is exactly my situation at the moment. Please reply to me BeReal dude, and heal my heart, before it breaks and I won’t be able to see my friends BeReal. This is cruel. I would’ve given you five stars but come on! My life is ruined and I won’t be able to sleep until I can post my BeReal for January 20th again. Answer my prayers. P.S. never mind once I updated it I could see my BeReal you the man 🫶🏻

Love this app but who decides when it’s time to BeReal. I love this app for all the same reasons everyone else, it’s unique, gives you a chance to be authentic, and if you and your friends have a good sense of humor it’s very fun. My question is, what dictates when the 2 min timer starts? When I first installed the app, it was around 10am for a few days consecutively which was ok but not ideal since most people are doing the same thing around the same time each day and during the week that’s usually just working. After those few days the time seemed to be more sporadic but the latest was probably around 5pm. Now today, it’s almost 10:30pm and I still haven’t gotten the notification to share. This isn’t even really a complaint because I think if it was the same time every day, it would be too predictable and easy to kind of curate a post rather than an authentic photo, i’m just curious what’s going on or if there’s any type of pattern to it. And of course I just received the notification rn which I knew would happen

i as a human i am definitely devastating. I down loaded this app, it was amazing in till THIS happened. I was at a amazing ice cream store and wanted to take a picture because my be real notification went off. So I took the photo like any person who USES this app would. So it said it was loading to send normally it does this so I thought NOTHING off it. Until I got back to my house and noticed it did NOT go through. Well I was on the verge of tears because I really wanted to share this AMAZING moment with my FRIENDS. But instead this app had the mind of its OWN. So I swiped out of the app to see if it was just a LITTLE bug, new SHOCKER it was not that. So I shut DOWN my phone and guess what it was not that. If it was do you think I would be righting this right now? 😡 taking the TIME out of my DAY to right this. So I DELTED the APP and re download it. Again picture NOOR my friends picture where able to be seen. So I tried 10 more times EVEN calling my friend to see if SHE could help. She was like “that is so sus” and I was sad so NOW I am not downloading this for a while to SEE if the app could maybe think about be NICE for once. Sorry NOT sorry for WRITING this.

Great idea, CRAZY glitchy. I just saw that this app was growing in popularity, so I just wanted to try it out to know how it worked, but it’s been surprisingly charming! I love it now, but I swear, every day it’s another insane glitch. Rn it’s almost strobing my My Friends feed from the blurred out “Can’t see this until you post!” and remembering that I already posted. It takes forever to get to the posting page when the alert comes every time instead of showing up immediately, cutting down the amount of time you have to post yours in time, but you also really can’t post in time almost ever because it takes minutes to upload your post. But being able to see what your friends and family are all doing at the exact same moment in the day has been so endearing and just way more interesting than I thought it would be. I’ll keep doing it, but idk if I can keep recommending it to friends bc of how embarrassing the glitching is. Really makes it annoying to use.

Great app. BeReal is a a social media app. I will admit, I don’t usually use social media because of parents and everything, I actually do like this one. It’s not always dinging with notifications or wasting hours of your day. It’s just there. You can take a photo of wherever you are and then with out spending more than 10 minutes scrolling, you can see what all your friends and family are up to at some point in their day. It’s really simple too, no complicating privacy risk, no stalking really, unless you turn your location on. But even then you can choose to send publicly or just privately with your added friends. And you can’t just add someone they have to add you back so there’s no way they could see your photos if someone sent you a request. One more thing, I love that the reactions you can put on someone’s BeReal aren’t just little insignificant emojis, now their emojis, but you take your own picture of yourself making that face. It really is a good based app and I love taking my BeReal everyday.

Bugs are a huge problem. I really like BeReal and I enjoy using it to connect with my friends on a more authentic level - even when we’re states apart. That being said, I am frustrated over the bugs that the app has. At some points it makes it totally unusable. There are several that I run into on a daily basis. The first of which is phantom notifications for both the BeReal time and my friends posting or reacting to my post. I will log onto the app and nothing will be different than before even though it notifies me something changed. Additionally, when the BeReal notification goes off it takes from a full minute to ten minutes to even open the photo feature. So by that point I am being counted as late to post the BeReal even though I opened it as soon as I received the notification. And finally, even after that, the post takes an obscenely long time to upload. I’ve had it take up to several hours to upload one photo even when I had a setting wifi and cellular connection like I normally do. Ultimately, I hope the team is working to fix these issues because the app has a lot of potential, but it is just being lost to these unfortunate bugs.

EXCELLENT, but needs bug fixes. I absolutely love this app. As someone who manages professional accounts on major social media apps where I have to be cognizant of an online image to maintain a business, this is the only app where I feel like I’m really EXCLUSIVELY connecting with friends and fam. Absolutely a breath of fresh air, highly recommend that you get on this app. That being said, the popularity has outpaced the fine tuning of development. There are bugs as far as when you get notifications to post, as well as an abundance of notifications about when other people post (which I wish I only got the one that tells ME to post). In addition, I really wish I could tag friends. Beyond that, the dev’s have pinpointed a very necessary corner of social media that revolves around genuine spontaneous life and real connection. I’m excited to see what comes next.

Fun, no Ads, and a quick snapshot of every day. So I used to do a one second a day video, but waiting to compile the videos and not sharing them with anyone until I chose to do so was kinda lame. Then this app showed up! I love it! I’ve been able to share some of my travels quickly and still be focused on the rest of my day, without having to keep posting to keep up relevance. My only thing - is I wish the times that were pushed were a little more consistent to like “working hours” or if there was a way to set up a window so I don’t miss the notification sometimes. Additionally, sometimes the push notification doesn’t send?? Even though I have them turned on. Not sure if that’s the app or an iOS issue! My true rating would be 4.75 stars out of 5 because of those few small details.

Great idea, okay execution. I love the idea of this app so much!! My friends recently had me download it, we’ve all gone our separate ways while attending college, so we’re always looking for fun ways to stay connected. I love getting to see the little snippets of their daily lives, since I don’t get to like I used to when we all lived in the same city. My biggest issue is the bugs. Half the time, I don’t get a notification that it’s time to post, or I get it and it will say “6 minutes ago” for when the notification showed up on my phone, even though it JUST showed up. I miss the window, no big deal, just post it late right? It takes FOREVER for the app to load up the photo option once you click the button, EVEN if I manage to get onto the app within the 2 minute time frame of posting. It’s a lot of clicking, closing out the app, reopening, clicking some more, and waiting and waiting. It’s frustrating to not post “on time” even when I’m opening the app as soon as I get the notification. My friends have shared they have similar issues, and while it’s not enough to make us stop using the app, it does make using it a little frustrating on most days. Fingers crossed more updates will be added soon, as I really do like the concept, just not how buggy it is.

Add streaks! 🔥. The app has improved a lot since it released, which is cool to see. Used to be really slow, but now it works really well. There are a lot of cute little details like the “smile” or “anyone there?” Messages when you take a selfie My problem isn’t the app itself, but a lot of people will purposefully not take their BeReal until they’re doing something interesting. At that point they’re using the app like a simplified Instagram story, which defeats the whole purpose of BeReal. This isn’t anything that the app can really control (I think letting people post late is still good because it keeps people engaged even if they accidentally miss the window). But it would help if you could get a streak of how many days you got the BeReal on time! Not everyone will care about it, but it would be cool to have a little number and 🔥 next to the time that you posted. Enough people would start to care about their streak that hopefully it will solve a bit of the issue.

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Love the app! Hate the bugs!. I absolutely love this app and the entire concept of being real on social media. I have seen some reviews of people wishing they could upload their own pictures, but I feel like that’s what Instagram and other platforms are for. I love that this app displays the mundane and boring portions of life and shows that real life is not what you see on social media. As much as I love this app, I have found that there have been so many bugs and glitches in the two months that I’ve had it downloaded. I understand that it’s such a popular app and I guess having so many people on it at the same time could cause the bugs? I absolutely love this app and can’t wait to see those pesky little bugs go :)

Great to see what friends are up to. Awesome app honestly. Just writing this review because of a few nitpicks. Primarily a comment chain system to make commenting more interactive as well as seeing comments in the preview. Furthermore reacting to comments. The comments just seem like an underdeveloped feature. Also being able to write your caption while the photo is still uploading seeing as the BeReals take forever to upload (not your fault I assume everyone trying to upload a photo at the exact same time can be difficult to manage). Overall seriously cool app

Concept is great. Okay, I love the idea of this app. But as others have said pleasssse include more time zones… I see it’s been asked for months and their still is no option. It makes for being in australia trying to use this app really pointless… I also love the idea that people have said about having a leaderboard with how fast you post. Seeing as you can still post past the 2mins with no change actually also makes that part slightly pointless lol. But as soon as australia is added to the time zones it’ll be a 5 star for me!

Fun but slow. This is so good. I love this app. However, it takes a huge amount of time to post when a picture is taken. And, sometimes it doesn’t even let me post. Leaving me with an error all day until it posts 8hrs later with the first BeReal I tried. I know this has only happened once but i hope that it is being dealt with. On a more constructive side, I think we should be able to see who our friends are following and who follow them. I also think that we should be allowed to have our memories public if wanted. Some might like it private but I believe having the option would be amazing. Thank you for creating such an amazing application, A BeReal fan

Poor support. UPDATE: Support contacted only after directly receiving a bad review. To make matters worse it has still been almost two weeks and 0 action has been done to solve this issue. They seem to not care and claim that the tool require to help my issue is not working. If this was the case, it’s unacceptable that it has taken this long to get it working. It comes off as they don’t want to help or support their users. Original: I am willing to change this review once I get the support I need. I have emailed across many days with no response. I am locked out of my account because I signed out and wanted to change my number across to a new one. I don’t have access to my old number anymore.

bud fixes needed. I love this app and haven’t had too many issues but today i took my be real and about 10mins later went onto the app and it was asking me to take another one. But in my history it showed the be real i had just taken, it had reactions from my friends so i know it fully uploaded. I logged out and logged back in hoping it’d help but now nothing in the app will load. Please fix

Giving out points. i think a really good addition to the app should be that you get maybe some points if you are on time on the be real as people are just waiting until they are doing things and then posting late which is fine but i feel that it would really improve the app a lot and it make it very real and more fun to race with friends to get it on the right time

The notification is intermittent. 3 weeks ago I would’ve rated 5 stars, because this app is so fun and I love it. However, my biggest gripe is that the 2 minute countdown notification no longer comes up every time. Some days I get it, the next I don’t and it’s not until someone else posts it late that I do get any kind of notification. I don’t know what has changed since I first downloaded BeReal, but the main feature that drew me to this app is no longer functioning like it should be. (And yes I’ve played around with my notification settings to troubleshoot this issue, to no avail) If this issue gets resolved I’ll update it to 5⭐️

Life changing. Where do I start. BeReal has added a whole new dimension to my life. I feel like I can connect to my friends on a whole new level, every day!! My friends and colleague love it, some have said it is the best app they have ever downloaded! I secretly think my friend reidex created it and is reaping all the profits.

be real videos. this app is really well thought out i love the idea of making people “be real” rather than faking their life on social media to look cool, when in reality most people just sit in their bed. my parents love this app for me and my siblings to show us how social media can be fake a lot of the time. and it also is a great thing for friends as well, my friends and i at school are always taking photos with one another if it goes off at school. i think in the future you guys should add an option to not only take photos for your be reals but to also do videos! i think it would really captivate peoples lives more, especially if they’re at a concert or on a roller coaster, i think it would be a really cool update to see! it could be a 10 second or less video, working the same way a photo does with front at back camera and it would be a great feature!

Amazing but camera issues. Love this app, definitely get it. However, i wish there was an option to set a default camera for phones with multiple cameras. My 1x camera is broken but my 2x camera works, but the app doesn't let me use it. Instead it takes two photos from the front facing camera. Please fix this, great app though

Toxic expectations and a warning.. I don’t want to lie and say this app is bad, but I definitely would not recommend downloading it if you have bad body image or self-esteem. I do myself, and I’ve had trouble uploading the BeReal for the day, or even replying to others BeReal with the Realmojis. This is because the whole app is based around the idea of showing your face off to others - and if you don’t you aren’t able to view your friends BeReals which basically render the app as redundant. Though, since this app is so popular right now, it feels as if you’re missing out on something if you’re not on BeReal, so you’re faced with societal pressures to do this. But everyone’s trying to make their life look picture-perfect, so you start to feel bad when yours is just you in bed. For people who don’t like showing their face off on social media to a large audience at once, I wouldn’t recommend. At least with other social media applications like Snapchat, you’re able to personalise what you are sending to each individual person depending on what you’re comfortable with - and you don’t have you show your face if you don’t want to (unlike with BeReal). This app has affected my mental health and personal image in a negative way, and it feels toxic. I just wanted to write this warn people of how this app might not be for everyone. However, with certain tweaks to the app, this could be prevented (i.e. not needing to upload a BeReal to see others).

2 minute warning suggestion. I’ve been thinking about the realness of this app and how some people deliberately wait until a good part of their day. Maybe an idea to get people to try and post within the 2 minute window is they get to sit at the top of the feed with those posting later in the day at the bottom? Or alternatively a little badge when you get it in the 2 minute window

Definitely recommend!. I love this app, I managed to convince my main friend group to all download it and none of us have regretted it. Seeing what people are up to is a great conversation starter and having no filters on the photos or a like system makes it a very nice app to use due to the realism, it makes your friendship feel authentic

Great potential. Needs some improvements that hopefully come with time. Major one for me is offering more time zones and different/random posting times each day. I’m in Australia and so far I’ve only been asked to post at 9pm- just as I’m about to go to bed… I understand the realness about that but it’s the same shot every day, me on the couch or bed unwinding from my *busy & exciting* day and I could have posted something different that would give a glimpse into my actual life.

5 Stars up until this glitch. I love bereal dont get me wrong - 5 stars all the way until today when I posted when the notification dropped. When i posted my bereal would not stop loading for over 10 mins although was appearing on my other mates phones. I was getting notifications of reactions however my friends page was not updating and staying on a black screen with a loading symbol. Ive reset my phone and deleted the app twice which then resulted in me having to retake my bereal which is odd as my account seems to had already posted my original. No change since the loading screen now, can view any of my mates posts or even see the discovery. A real bummer for me as bereal was becoming my go to app :/

Awesome app🤩. I downloaded this app because everyone was using it 🤷‍♀️ and I fell in love with it! You know how when your with ur family and they ask what have u been up to this week you can just open bereal to check😱. It’s so nice to keep up with what you where up to on a certain day and bring back ✨memories✨ of times with your friends and family! I definitely recommend this app for you or your teen!! ☺️💗

Bug fixes or bugs created?. Love the app but the new update seems to have created more problems than the ones I never noticed that it “fixed”. My friends and I no longer get notified to post and when we do it only lets u scroll to see maybe three posts at a time before closing off and saying we have to post to see other peoples posts but our original post is still active. Really frustrating and hopefully this is fixed soon cos otherwise it’s such a fun way to see what’s going on with friends you don’t otherwise have regular contact with.

Needs some improvement. Love this app but has some problems. My biggest problem is the amount of time my photo takes to upload. I have also had my photos just not post and I don’t notice until later and then they are gone. There should be an option to react to comments. The 2 minute notification should stay until I have posted my photo.

Love this app and giving some suggestions. i absolutely love using this app and seeing what my friends are doing. i also love using the react emojis to the posts. just a suggestion i think it would be good to add a feature where we can like comments and also have comment chains instead of replying to a comment and making them line up. i think it would also be good to have a messaging feature. ofc the purpose of this app is just to temporarily see your friends posts and share your day with them but i think a messaging feature would be nice :). overall a very good app 👍👍😄😄

Why is it so good?. It really is great to be more active and social for every one in many ways… I gotta say hands off to the creator. It is really great to see what your friends are doin and keep only your BeReals with your friends. I love and all my friends and family love that BeReal can be really friendly and appropriate for kids and adults. We love that it brings suspense and keeps our life’s private but social.

Favorite app right now. I love the authenticity and unfiltered approach this app has taken. I get to see the random things my friends are doing, and share my own daily activities, and it’s genuine. I feel like I am more myself and more relaxed with sharing on this app, then other apps like Insta. It’s fun to let go and not care so much about the curation of your feed or daily posts. This app creates such a healthy, realistic environment. Love it

Bugged. Love this app loads, gives me memories to look back on, but recently its been glitching! I am not getting the time to be real notification, but when I realise it has gone I will take my be-real and post it, then when I go to look at others it says I need to take my be-real to view theirs, which I have but the app thinks that I haven’t. Ans it shows up on my memories. Please can we find a way to fix this?!

Amazing app WHEN it goes off during the day!. Hey be real crew, I would like to inform you that your app is really cool and has a really good idea behind it. But it’s really annoying how it goes off during the night multiple times a week during 8-11 pm. It’s not interesting and makes it kinda usless, I would advise you to make the pets tiers of the time it goes off more Lilly during the times 8:00am - 5:00pm as that’s usually the times when people are doing interesting and fun stuff which would be perfect FOR BE REAL. Whereas instead we are getting a lot of be reals at 10-11pm which is not good for the apps use if yk what I mean.

Nice app :)). What I love about this app is that you don’t have to replace the other social media apps you already have. It’s just like a simple little extension in your day, and it’s fun! What I recommend for the developers I guess is that they have this ranking system between friends only (because I feel like if it’s made worldwide, it’ll be a little toxic) where they count the streaks of the people who are either on time (not being late in the window of 2 minutes) or the “most realest” (where the people with 0 retakes) or maybe both! I think it’ll be a great addition to making this app more enjoyable. However, love this! Great work to the guys who had this idea and to the many people who made this! :))

Love the app but... I love bereal it’s such a great concept except for the fact that it has gone off past 9pm for the fourth night in a row. This defeats the purpose because most people are asleep and it’s not fun because everyone has to post a late the next day. You can’t expect everyone to stay up to 12pm each night it’s unrealistic. Also a recommendation is that when you search one of your friends up and click of their profile it comes up with their bereal for the day. But other than that everything is great!!

Love it. Think it’s brilliant, like using it, just the introduction of more time zones obviously, but a spot for notification would be so good. When you comment on a photo your notification sign won’t disappear until you find the comment reply, and for me who doesn’t have a good memory it can be one of so many things I have to check like the comments, BeReal reactions, screenshots, and more. Having a notification button where you can view the activity the generated the notification just seems so practical Also small think, bring back how many friends you have exactly, not just the (what ever number)+ it is now, eg. 50+. Would like to know exactly Still think the concept is mad and use it daily

Great app but i have a suggestion. This app is a breath of fresh air. i really enjoy the concept and it keeps me and my long distance friends close. However since having the app my friends list has grown and suddenly the closeness that i felt has started to fade. would it be possible to have a close friends page and your normal page as well the discovery page? That way I can see and react to my close friends and have quick look and occasional react at the other pages? Thanks

great but little problem. i love this app. very much. it didn’t do me any wrong until i posted a bereal and you know i go out of the app and i go back in like 15 minutes later and it says that thing like “post a late bereal” and i already did so i was confused but i posted another but my old bereal came up so then i thought oh just a little glitch so then i started scrolling to see my friends bereals but then it glitched back to “post a late bereal” and i couldn’t see anyones bereal. PLEASE FIX PLEAASEEE

Time zones! Notification settings!. I like the concept, and it’s been fun so far but I’m getting seriously sick of being woken up by a notification at 3am because the app has no concept of time zones. It also seems to ignore the fact I’ve turned off time sensitive notifications in my phone settings, and still pings me on the middle of the night. I wish the app had granular notification controls and the ability to say do not alert between specific hours.

I 💗 BeReal. I love BeReal but recently I posted and it won’t show me anyone else’s BeReal unless I post one but I posted one and can see the one I posted above and when I post a new one it shows my old one I’ve logged out deleted the app re downloaded and restarted my phone and it’s still the same I saw someone else review saying the same thing and that it didn’t work the next day aswell. Praying that’s not my case PLEASE FIX THIS I LOVE YOU

Great app to see what friends are up to. This app is absolutely amazing! The fact that it’s only one post a day is great bc then you don’t have so many notifications popping up. It gives ppl the chance of feeling secure about themselves and not worrying about what others are thinking! 5/5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Amazing except... Heya so just wondering when the app is going to ask me to take a picture. It is 9:18 at night on a Sunday I believe most people in Australia are hungover or have work tomorrow so most will be heading to bed soon. Getting that notification everyday really makes my day, but receiving one so late or not at all is very disappointing. I really hope u fix this. Lots of love from a fan of the app Zostar 🥰

Love this app, but. I pretty much only post on Bereal now since i just prefer to see what my mates are really doin yk no filter just real emotion ahah but one thing I’d absolutely love is to be able to post a be real whenever I want instead of having to wait for the next notification but I want to share what I’m doing right now, it’s a bit frustrating if it makes sense I’d love an update where you can also post at times other then the notification .

Needs more work. The app is often slow to upload photos, and sometimes never uploads them at all. This time, it knows I have uploaded a photo (someone reacted to it), but claims I never did upload, so other posts are locked. When I try to ‘post a late BeReal’, even though I have already posted one, it attempts to upload a bit, allows access to friends posts for a moment, then locks me out again. More polish is required.

Would give it a 5 but…. I love this app and I’ve had it for about 2 weeks and there hasn’t been anything wrong with it. Except for today i posted a bereal and deleted it and I went to post a new one and it did post but this post deleted on its own and now I can’t post any other photos and there is nothing in my memories for this day

It’s good but there is room to improve. There’s nothing thrilling about this app, but I guess that’s kind of the point. It breaks the barrier between real life and social media pretty well. Critiques: first, there’s no way to see who’s relied to your comment if you don’t see it on the notification, so if you accidentally get rid of the notification you might have trouble tracking down comments on other peoples BeReals. An activity tab would be useful. Second, the notification never goes off before 10am, but often goes off after 10 or 11pm, definitely favouring night owls over morning people. I’m assuming this isn’t just a coincidence as I have had the app for a couple of months now, and the notification has never gone off in the morning. (For reference I am in Australia so there’s probably something with time zones). Anyway, it would be possibly better if the motivation could go off at any time of day, including the morning. Third, it would be good to be able to see the time you posted your BeReals in your memories. Anyway, thanks for a unique social media experience, it’s pretty neat ✌️

Needs notification tab within app. Good, however I think it needs a notification tab within the app to keep track on who is commenting / mentioning you where. Gets confusing trying to scroll through posts to figure out where you’ve been mentioned if you have cleared your notifications from your device.

awesome app. I really love be real, but there are definitely a few things I would like to talk about on the more negative side of things. The app is not very great if you struggle with insecurities or don’t feel so positive about yourself. This is because that when you post you may look “terrible” and literally just sitting in bed, but your friends might post a gorgeous picture of them out at a fancy lunch or on a crazy holiday across the world, etc. That’s why I think it may be kind of toxic, but now I have a lot to say about how it’s good so let’s talk about that. He be real is so fun and it’s a very easy way to share with all your friends what you’re up too and I love the idea of the realmojis as well to react to your friends posts without having to comment or anything. I also think the app was such a cool idea!

suggestions. i love this app it’s so fun to see what everyone’s up to at a random time in the day but i think it would be even better if after you post your bereal and you click on someone’s profile you can see there memories from all there recent bereals in the past week so if you missed a day you can still see. also if bereal doesn’t always go off at like 10 or 11 on a week night because barely anyone is rlly doing something so exciting then unless it’s a holiday like halloween thanksgiving or christmas ect. i think it’s fun to c what ppl r up to during the day in the middle of the week but overall i love this app and it’s so exiting to c what all my friends r up to.

Everything is great except for TIMEZONES. I know so many people have said this but the time zone is so frustrating? I’m in Australia so all of my photos are either just before I go to bed or right after I wake up. But other than that this app is great! I love that it is much more natural than other social medias and it’s fun to see what other people are doing at the same time

Love this app. I love this app it’s a great way to connect with friends but there is one issue that there isn’t more time zones a lot of people like this app from around the world (especially Australia) so it would be great to add more time zones so the BeReal doesn’t go of at 12am or even later but other then that 5 stars

My thoughts. It’s a very nice app and I absolutely love the interface, but sadly I don’t enjoy the concept as much, while it’s nice to be more real, going as far as making emojis requiring your face and having to post something to view other peoples pictures are a little annoying.

Recommend but…. I really like this app. It’s very fun and a really cool idea. I would like if there were more times zones (I know a lot of people have said this) but posting the same thing everyday is a bit boring or posting the next day is as well. Also I would like if there was an option to log in. I was logged out for reasons I am unaware of and was unable to log back in or create a new account as my email had already been used. Somehow I was randomly logged back in but I would still like a solution to this issue. Finally it would be cool if you could use photos already taken… I understand this may ruin the authenticity of the app however the notification didn’t come through so I decided to take a picture with my phone normally instead but have now seen the notification and I missed it. This is disappointing because I had some really fun photos from the right time. Since I prefer to use the app to look at my “memories” and see what I was doing on different dates I would like to show the pictures I took of what I was actually doing Again, great app. I highly recommend it is very fun.

Love it but there are a few bugs. I have had be real for months now and i haven’t had many problems but over the past couple of weeks i have been experiencing problems such as: i don’t get the notification, my be real posts then deletes when i open the app up again, it’s says post a late be real when i have already posted. A few of my friends have had similar issues too. I still am obsessed with the concept and love the app. Would recommend 😁.

Needs Timezone Expansion. Awesome idea for a social app! I would have given it 5 stars if the time zones were more inclusive beyond the current 4 (see: Australia and New Zealand). Additionally, the option to choose a time frame for your chosen time zone would be cool! For example, I am awake and active from 5am-8:30pm, so ensuring random notifications are set to come up during that time period would allow more variety with what we can show in our photos.

Wonderful concept. A lot of social networking apps are very centered around the glorified aspect of people's lives. I love that at a random time of the day you post right there and then what you are you doing. If you miss it, it's okay because you can post late. You can see likes and comments but only for that day's BeReal. You can't see how many friends someone has either. Truly game changing.

Was the best app then….. I looooove this app it is amazing and I had no suggestions until something weird happened. So I posted my BeReal and then closed the app and went onto other apps. Then ten minutes later I go back into BeReal because some of my friends had posted and it says that I can’t look at their posts because I haven’t posted my own, which I had. So I checked and the picture I had posted was coming up in my memories. I checked on my friends phone and it said I had deleted my post for the day. I tried reposting a different BeReal but the same thing happened and I decided to just leave it. The next day I go to post my BeReal and the same thing happened, it posted then disappeared and won’t let me look at my friends posts. No matter how many times I posted the same thing happened. I have tried deleting and re-downloading the app multiple times and have restarted my phone multiple times as well. I looked online and it says that there is a common problem with the new update but I’m not sure if this is it or if my phone is just being stupid. I love this app and it was my number one until this happened so I would love if this could be fixed or if someone had some advice on how to fix it!!!!

BeReal is amazing. BeReal is so amazing, I got it about 12 days ago and since I posted my first BeReal I’ve been I love with it! I have been able to see what people are doing all around the world both what’s in front of them and their face so you can see what exactly they are doing! You can also reacted to their BeReal’s and what your face is doing represents the emoji that you have to look like. I have absolutely loved BeReal from day 1 and you should to.

great in theory. i dont use social media often, so i have no idea what this app is supposed to revolutionise or evolve, but its honestly just a bad app. as far as i can tell from my 2 days of using it, people have found it a challenge to fight the idea that you cant take a perfect picture in 2 minutes. there are two types if images i have seen on this app. boring, or staged. if i wanted either of those options i’d head over to instagram where at least i can post a picture without freezing the app. and maybe id even get some sort of human interaction, which falls short and feels distant through the reaction and comment options on this app. the “flaws” of social media this app is trying to avoid simply highlight the reasons people love apps like instagram, twitter, snapchat. the ideas it brings to the table are easily worked around, no matter how inflexible they present it. for the past 6 hours my app has been frozen, despite having data and wifi, despite closing and reopening the app and despite restarting my phone. what was supposed to be a fun app with friends that find it difficult to engage on social media has been boring and frustrating, only feeling more distant than interactions on other medias. i would also point out that as a person with body and facial dysmorphia, the ability to turn off the front facing camera would make the app a lot more enjoyable and less stressful.

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CANT CREATE ACCOUNT WITHOUT PHONE NUMBER. App looks so good but I can’t create an account without a phone number- which I don’t have. Pls make an update so I can sign up with an email. This sucks..

Balls. W app but sometimes it takes a picture automatically when I open the app so I have to discard it and take a new one so that’s a little annoying please fix it!

lots of fun, no stress. no pressure to be perfect, very fun, often funny. love this app its kind of like a journal to me

Fine. It’s ok but need more works, like block people would be good

bro what. i downloaded this thinking it was gonna be like the locket app and it is EXCEPT when you take photos there are little messages that are so passive aggressive and rude?? completely unnecessary aswell as not being able to take more than one photo a day? dumbest design ever the app is super confusing. If you don’t like the photo you took too bad because you need at least 10 friends to retake it, try getting 1 person to join this app ugh.

Nice Concept, Needs Work, MANY HIPPA Violations!!. It’s a good idea for an app, very simple but effective design, and it’s just nice to see what your friends are up to. There are some bugs, the main of being the poor load times and the fact that half of the time I take my photo and the app deletes it instead of posting it. Another thing that I think should be added is a feature that either a) blurs out screens, b) can recognize when there is classified information in a photo and either warns the poster or doesn’t let them post the photo, or c) provides an effective way to report photos posted of peoples private information. The amount of posts I have seen from nurses posting patient’s information is astounding and frankly dangerous. Hopefully users can be more responsible.

Unusable. App used to be great but you need more servers. You can’t even see your posts or anyone else’s anymore. The BeReal notification will go off and it takes hours before you actually see anything. You need to fix this ASAP or people will stop using your app.

Love it. It’s so endearing to see people’s boring lives.

Is not time consuming!. Imagine using social networks just for 2 minutes a day!

Notification?. The app tells me I have a notification but when I open the app it doesn’t give me any clues about what the notification is for. I find the UI to be confusing and presumptuous. to create a clean look it seems as though the designers removed any sort of guides or rails to help a user find everything they need

App is so broken. Good idea but the app has so many bugs and glitches it typically never works for me. Crazy too think an app can have such a high prevalence of issues given how viral it is.

so real. very real for this

dm. bro can you guys add dm’s so i can hit up these girls man

So much fun. I really enjoy this app, it’s a great way to stay connected with friends throughout the day and creates a fun competition of who can post on time.

Not worth it. Only 4 stars to tell you to go outside and enjoy your life with your friends instead of staring at a screen for hours. What a useless app

Good but racially motivated and a bit savage. This app is actually good and funny! It’s a good gen Z version of snapchat and it’s really genuine. Although, this app may give you some comments about your face. Like : why are you in your bed at 4pm or open your eyes (im asian 🥲). But other than that, good app!

My BeReal. The BeReal app is the best app that has ever come on the App Store, it’s made my life so good. In fact, it changed my life. Before I got BeReal, I was a lonely ingenuous nerd. I had this huge crush on someone in my school. His name is Trent Jackson and he is so hot. I thought he would never like someone like me. But because of BeReal he did, he saw what a quirky girl I was and fell forme. He tells me everyday that I’m not like the other girls and we kiss every day, and maybe do even more ;). I think he’s my soulmate. He has beautiful golden brown eyes, I love him. This is a conversation we had before we started dating. “Hey my name, i-i saw your BeReal, I didn’t know you liked football” “Ummm… ya.. I know it’s weird… but me and m-my dad watch it together 🥺” “No it’s cool, I’ve never met a girl in to stuff like that… you really aren’t like other girls.” He lets out a hearty laugh. I think i could fell my… you know what getting wet and hot. The way he speaks makes me totally blush. We started to react to each other every day and our crushes grow deeper. I started to be more confident in myself. And he started not to care about what his “popular friends” started to think. But there was one hook, his dump stupid blonde bimbo sluty girlfriend. Eyeroll. She started to get mad at him for reacting to me. In more then one way. One day she got she jealous that she pushed me into a locker and called my farts stinky. I was so embarrassed. I had had enough. I started singing fight song. He was so proud of me he broke up with her and kissed me so hard <3. The rest is history, his dumb ex was laughed out of the school his ex friends following. And Trent and I are happy. The whole school loves me know <3.

Fun app but I want this to be included in update!. SO much fun! I love that you can see what your buddies are doing in real time and the reactions to the photos are always funny. However I REALLY hope in the next update they will also save all the reactions and comments to your BeReals as well, so then you can look back at what people said and how they reacted as well. Over all great and fun app!

just enough. this is perfect for introverts that just want a little social media action

Goofy. Im taking over the app one goofy pic at a time

j’adore. meilleure app ever

I am now real. Before I downloaded this app. I always new something felt wrong. Something wasn’t right. And that was because I was fake. The matter that made up my skeleton, my skin, my flesh, all fake. Everything changed once an app by the name “BeReal” was published to the App Store. I downloaded the app and noticed something was different, something changed, I was startled at first by this phenomenon, but then I stared enjoying the feeling. I asked my doctor what might have changed that made me feel so complete, he said I was diagnosed with “Realism”. “What does this mean doctor?” I said nervously. “Oh no need to be worried little young-ling, it means unlike myself and 99.97% of the population you are intact real. The rest of us are fake.” The doctor explains. “Oh… this is, rather pleasing news doctor, how should I a proxy this situation?” I say delighted. “A celebration is needed for this matter!” The doctor says excited. “Does cake fancy your interest?” I ask. “Why that would be rather splending little boy, let us gobble down that cake!” I slice the cake and hand the doctor a slice. Minutes later the doctor collapses and dies. I panick at why he fell and call another doctor for help. another doctor enters the room and asks what the situation is. I inform the doctor of what happened. The doctor screams at me telling me that the doctor on the floor is a diabetic and the cake overloaded his blood sugar killing the man. The. Police arrive at the scene and I start getting interrogated. “I didn’t do it I swear!” I exclaim. The police don’t care and I get sent to jail. I’m still in jail as of writing this, but the moral of the story is that I’m still real as ever and downloaded this app will make you real too! :)

Not very user friendly. When I was trying to choose a username, ever single thing I entered said “username already taken”…even when I was entering random letters and numbers. Then hours later I opened the app and it did in fact take one of the usernames I entered. When I try to send a photo it says “unsent” and “try again”….so I try and it wi t go through, but I can’t delete it either and do a new one. It just sits there and doesn’t allow me to do anything. More trouble than this app is worth.

Not a great app, for a decent social network. I’m happy with the BeReal concept, but the execution is frustratingly bad. I wouldn’t rate it so poorly except that it constantly resets my notification settings, and turns everything on. That is so unacceptable. I turn off an item because I don’t want to be notified. And it turns back on within a week. Maybe an app update? Maybe to drive engagement? Such a dumpster fire, as everyone says. I’m close to just uninstalling it, and at least disabling all notifications for this app in the iOS settings in the meantime.

⭐️BEREAL C’est cool (poy). J’aime be real Tu prends une photo à chaque jour Puis bref installe le

great. honestly the best app ever. i can see what my friends are doing while i’m doing something else and it’s not like snapchat where you need to answer it’s a post like on instagram but it’s not visible forever and it doesn’t need to be cool. the fact that you can still do it when the two minutes up is amazing because maybe i’m in the shower and i don’t want everyone to know that or maybe i’m in school or at a funeral or something. Anyway it’s great

Signing in. You guys should have a thing so you can sign in without a phone number I really want this app but I can’t use it without a phone number

love it !. wish you could view others memories & vice versa

nice. slay

Good idea, app is bugged. The buggy app defeats the purpose of this app. You get the notification but the BeReal session doesn’t load in/start. How can I be real when waiting for the app to load, if it ever does? Unusable in the current state

so bad. gave me cancer

Bugs everyday. Everyday there are bugs always it is annoying!

Bffr. y’all rly won’t let me BeReal😔💔

Amazing app. The way that the app is sooo simple and unique it’s astonishing!

amazing app. valid asf

Should get a « sign up » and a « log in » button. I woke up this morning and went into the app which logged me out. I could still receive the notification from my account but i couldn’t log in it since they forced me to create a new one. Would like to get my old account back because i don’t know what to do since there is no « log in » button when you open the app

Very angry customer. Hello. I just downslope this fun app yet i cannot add friends please let me know what it sup because i’m getting seriously angry.

Da bombe. I love to post pics of my feet and my friends can too 🥰. And they can see my CRUSTY DUSTY MUSTY face 😝. Thx for BeReal 😃

Really. Why dose everyone rate this app so high. Honestly this app sucks I understand the idea behind it but in the pursuit of being real, you end up making something that is fake. The team behind had had some great advertising but unfortunately, this app isn’t for me and everything I said prior was my own opinion if people enjoy it good for them, but it’s not for me

Very buggy. A lot of notifications that don’t appear on the app and it’ll tell me I have 2min to post my BeReal but then when I open the app, nothing happens.

Cant post late. Cant post even 2 minutes late as the camera just shuts off everytime i try to post a late bereal :/

JusticeforHenry. As the very emotional catcher person that i always been, i needed to write an useless review as always but still very fan girl material to express the emotions that i feel on these right seconds. Absolutely! The content that my mind and soul have felt while reading this delightful poetry was like no other. Theses gold creators sentences made the tears that i normally shed more prominent and truly 4K materials, that even the cameras of National Geographic. As the perfect people’s pleaser that i am.. I have to say that my vocabulary can’t compare to you so very much hope that you won’t cry blood at the sight of these.. sacrilegious words and sentences. This subject of yours will be effective and fast so the next day that you will put this honey producer beautiful mind candy’s. I will be ready to outsmart the wind, ohh me unhinged butler of you ohh, gold book producer. Thanks you for being kinder than the world to make the decision to share with us your holy water attracters confession. I wish you a very good stay in prison. Someone alive-

Can’t make account. The app shuts off after I enter the cellphone code

Can’t post a photo when I get the notification. I can’t post the photo when I get my notification. It only lets me post after a friend does. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app but to no avail. Am I missing something?

thank you. how am I suppose to feel real without BeReal 😫

💕💕💕. Slay all day

SO FUN. Some be reals are hilarious and it's nice to see what friends and loved ones are up to

Fun idea but needs bug fixes. Great concept but the app is very buggy and needs a notification centre. I get multiple ghost notifications and obviously can never find them within the app.

What a fun app!!!. Always gives me something to look forward to throughout the day:)

Obvious data collection scam.. This app has become popular among Gen-Z, some friends from school got it which convinced me to get it, but as always I was skeptical about this new trending app which seemed to pop up out of nowhere. As someone who has dabbled in hacking and cyber security it became apperent quickly that this app is simply a data miner in disguise. For example, if you cover up your face it will give you these little notices like “Your friends want to see your face”, and “where are you?”, basically a way of saying we need to see your face so we can collect data from it somehow, weather that is to train some kind of neural network idk bit it seems very sketchy to me. And finally for those of us who want to keep our privacy, when you go to delete your account it asks you questions that you entered when you first made the account, so if you came up with fake answers on the fly, you likley wont remember them and BeReal gives you no way to backtrack and get the information you entered in turn making it virtually impossible to delete your account if you enter fake personal information. It was only today that I finally had enough and tried to delete it. For your own sake please do not download this app, there is nothing on this app worth your privacy and security. I hope I have done a few of you a service by leaving this review. TLDR: Do not download, this app is likley used to mine personal data.

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less controlling reviews please!. I’ve seen a lot of reviews of people saying stuff like “people need to stop abusing the late post” and “we should make it so you can’t post more than 2 hours late.” can we PLEASE stop?!? If someone posts late, it doesn’t affect you. maybe some people enjoy looking back on memories where they were doing something fun, instead of lying in bed. how others use the app is no one’s concern. let’s please stop trying to be controlling and just let everyone enjoy the app however they want. for the devs- could y’all please get rid of the feature that shows how many retakes someone did? or at least make it a choice to have it show up… it’s actually caused anxiety in some of my friends and me as well and I think a lot of us would feel better if it wasn’t there. thanks!

Yeaaaa. I basically forced a ton of my friends onto this app and it has only grown from there. I love the concept cause it’s simple but it’s executed so well cause I feel like it is the replacement from snapchat that I needed. I never was a huge fan of snapchat but I did enjoy that it was one of those social media apps where you only really added people you are closest with or actually friends with. This is definitely that. I feel like it also just provides opportunities to keep engaged with people you might normally be engaged with since everyone gets the notification and it’s this big thing. Sometimes I’ll be in groups with my friends and one of us notices it’s time for the bereal and we all spend a good minute trying to take random photos for each of our posts. I like it.

Cool concept but so many bugs. The app is fun and I use it with my friends but some days it takes FOREVER to upload your bereal and i have to let my phone sit for 10-15 minutes to upload even though I have good service. Additionally when I try to add a caption or comment I’ll get this error message saying it didn’t work or that “bereal does not exist” and to try again and I have to refresh the app multiple times. The other thing that drives me crazy is THERES NO PLACE TO CHECK YOUR NOTIFICATIONS!!! So the app will show that red circle in the corner with some number and I’ll try and check what the notification is from but i have to search EVERYWHERE before it finally goes away. I wish there was a notifications section so you could see where someone responded to your comment or added you back etc. if the developers would fix these bugs it would make the app more enjoyable.

Good app. This is the only social media I have and it is great. Basically, every day, at a random time, BeReal will send you a notification where you can take a photo of yourself and what your doing. You can also post a late BeReal, but it will be marked late. The idea is that you can post what you actually do in your day-to-day life. I have found it to be very safe, because you can set it to where only your friends can see you BeReal. You can send anyone a friend request, and they have to accept it. There is a mode where you can set your BeReal to public, and everyone can see it. There are no filters on BeReal, and you have 2 minutes to post the BeReal, and if you fail to post it in 2 minutes, your BeReal will be late. I think it is so much fun and I would recommend BeReal.

Fun to use and cool concept! but….. I love the app and how it works but I personally feel like it could be elevated very easily with some cool updates and a few additions. Firstly I’d like it if people could see my favorite BeReals on my profile. I have some I really enjoy and the profile page people see is… well literally empty except for a link. I also wish you could tag friends in your bereals. It makes for better networking and adding new friends easier as well. One feature I think would also be pretty intuitive is if you could respond to your friends reactions to your BeReal with a comment. Then you could have an option to leave a caption on your reaction to a BeReal as well rather than making both a comment and a reaction. I like this app more than all social media I own. excited to see what updates y’all decide to add

GREAT CONCEPT but still new-not yet perfected. Simple app with a solid concept. Social without the barrage of filters and major editing. Real unfiltered moments of you and friends, once a day, all at the same time. Capture the moment of you and your friends all over the world. This version of a social media app feels fun lighthearted unifying and satisfying and encourages you to get on living your life. Now for the few criticisms: Firstly it can be buggy and lag when posting. I can give them a pass on this one for now because the function of the app sets up a scenario every single day where everyone, everywhere is spamming their servers all at the same time with their photos which i imagine can be a huge demand in them- until they can beef up their servers. Secondly, little bummed they don’t have a video option when posting. Even a short 2 second boomerang, 5 seconds, 10 second Max video would add so much value to the app. HOWEVER, given the first criticism, this one is in line. Video is much more demanding than photos and I don’t believe their servers can currently accommodate the huge influx of data that would bring. All that said, this app is great and fun for now. I’m currently enjoying this with my friends but I’m looking forward to future updates.

Really cool app but so glitchy. as of may 3rd, the app has been giving me some issues. the time it takes to upload my picture is crazy (on home wifi or just data), and i keep getting this weird glitch where the app can’t tell if it’s today or yesterday. i posted my bereal for today (after a difficult time uploading), and as i’m scrolling to see my friends’ posts, it refreshes halfway through and shows me their posts from yesterday (all blurred out), and tells me to post a late bereal to see them (even though they’re from yesterday, and i already posted yesterday and today). the only reason i’m posting this review is to help share this problem so it can be fixed, not to bring this app down at all. it’s a cool concept and i will continue to use it

It needs work. It’s a cool concept but, their isn’t enough marketing for this app so not many people I know care or knows about it, The notification to take the picture doesn’t work half the time, making a reaction is a little bit tedious, the option to not change if it’s public or private after posting is annoying, the picture takes forever to upload or doesn’t at all unless you sit on the app just waiting for it to do so, and the most frustrating thing is when you open the app to take your BeReal, 80% of the time it takes more than a whole minute to give you just the option to take the photo, and even then you press the “Take your BeReal” button and it’s super slow and by the time you want to take your picture you only have seconds left. This app needs to fix basic bugs, have better options when it comes to the posts itself, and needs to be advertised more.

Be real is amazing!!. Hi there, I absolutely love BEREAL and enjoy almost every second of it! I think it is such a fun way to see what your friends are doing even if they live out of state to you. However, I do have some suggestions for the app. I really would love it if you could pick your own emojis for the real emojis. Like, if instead of 😍 you could pick ❤️ or 💕. It would be more entertaining that way! I also wish there was a way for you to post maybe like 3 pictures in a row at the same time of day. Like there were different time periods. I also think it would be fun to have public memories so people could see your public memories on BEREAL (friends of course). That was all I had today, but the app is amazing and enjoyable!!

AMAZING… but add Pins or groups?. I would LOVE to see an update where you can “pin” or “star” specific people (family, best friends, gf, etc.) to come up FIRST followed by your other friends on the app. Just because some of the friends I follow i’m not as close with as I am others such as my family. Similarly I think a group chat type function would be cool where you could start a “group real” with like the “family” group or “work” group and you could see all of there be reals in one space, as opposed to scrolling through 20 people to find each specific group member! I jumped on this trend a while back and love keeping up with everyone’s day so day activities. I also love the memory function where I can look back on my prior days (would be cool if it saved your caption for that day tho). Other than that I love it!

one of my fav apps! (despite it always glitching!). This app is what I wish all social media was. When I got Instagram I wanted it to be a way to keep up with my friends’ lives, but it’s so inauthentic that it defeats the purpose (at least my purpose for having it). BeReal is a breath of fresh virtual air haha. I love how this app creates a space to be your normal, maybe even boring self, and that’s not just ok but encouraged!! it’s the best, I recommend it to all my friends My only complaint is this app is ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS glitching. It won’t let me post my captions. I can’t react to people, my comments disappear, or it won’t upload by BeReal for hours. Please fix the glitches because it makes me late when I try to take it on time!!! But overall it’s wonderful, there’s just always technical issues

Please vary the times more.. I do really like this app. It’s taken a lot of the stress of social media out of things. My one big criticism is the timing of the notification. There is almost no variety of times. A large majority of the time it comes between 9pm and 12am EST. And half the time I miss it because I’m asleep. Every once in awhile it’ll come at 2pm or 11am or 6pm, but I feel like there’s huge chunks of time missing. I think it should be required to come when it is that day in every part of the region. So it should come after 12am in Hawaii and before 12am (the next day) in New York. I would also love to see more variety in the times. The only other thing I wish we could see in our memories is captions. I’ve written some captions that really tell the story of the BeReal and I wish they’d save with my memories.

Love the app! Just had a few ideas for improvement. The app is great and I haven’t had any problems so far, but I do have some suggestions. I think that all of your past BeReal posts should be on your profile. That way people can see like, a timeline of your life yk? If this does become a feature, I also think it should be optional for each photo so that if you want to keep one in your memories but don’t want everyone to be able to see it on your profile forever, you have the option to do so. I also think you should be able to post whenever you’d like, along with the Random timed post. then people could share fun things they’re doing whenever. definitely keep it so you can only take photos in the app though! Love this app❤️!

Best app. I think this app is the best in my opinion! This app is a good way to communicate with ur friends over the weekend to show them what what u are doing. In my opinion I think this app is great for anyone out there that likes to spend time with ur friends. If u think this app is not safe it is cuz u get to chose who u want to add and if u mess up and chose someone wrong, they can decline it or if they accept u can delete them from ur friend list. This app should only be used with the ages 10 or up though. I hope you try this app out cuz it is fun to react to people’s be real and share ur friends what u are doing too. Oh and yes u can react to other peoples be real too. I think anyone that is interested would love this app so go ahead and check it out I pretty sure u will love it

Awesome App! Buttt I have a request…. BeReal. is such a cute app! I love that it shows people as they really are - no filters over everyday activities. Unlike instagram or tik tok, I have very few friends and I like it that way. It’s much less overwhelming and I don’t feel obliged to follow everyone who requests. There’s one request I have for a change. Currently, you have to be connected to wifi or use data to receive the notification and then post. I have very limited data and so am unable to post when I’m away from home. Please send the notifications out through a means that can be received without wifi. And please allow us to take photos that are saved in the app until they can be posted with wifi.

Pretty great!. BeReal really is a fun activity to look forward to every day! Just being able to see what your friends are up to and having the comment space to look threw is amazing. There is a few “buts” in it though, when I’m at school, somtimes it goes off. I mean what can I do I can’t bring my ohone out in the middle of class. I wish that according tot our time it would go off, but it’s fine the way it is. One other thing is that the number or delete is a little low. Once I accidentally posted somthing rly bad and I couldn’t delet it. It was very emmberassing. Over all I think that the ages should be from 13 and up. No 9 year old is going to be up on twitter and tik tok like a teenager. (That’s at least what I got taught.) thanks BeReal!

The way social media should be!. Neil DeGrass Tyson recently compared social media to the infancy of moving picture cameras. When first invented they only really thought to film stage plays with them. It took a while to figure out how to best use the technology. So he said is the case with social media. It’s a great new tech in infancy. We haven’t learned the best way to use it yet, but I think BeReal is a step in the right direction. But I have 2 suggestions. First, get rid of the Discover tab. It should really be limited to people you actually know, or know to look for. ‘Discovering’ random people I’ve not heard of and don’t know is a step backwards. And second, allow users to make their memories available to all or some of their contacts. Even if only the memories from days that I also posted.

It’s great but has some flaws. Bereal is an overall really enjoyable app where me and my friends love waiting and posting ours. There’s a few bugs though that have been putting me off. First one is after I comment things, it will tell me it couldn’t post due to em error that does not occur and still posts it. Nothing too annoying just something to work on. Second, is that it takes quite a while to post, sometimes taking over 30 mins. This was also not the biggest deal, just weird when everything is instant now. Lastly, it will tell me I haven’t posted when I just did, not allowing me to see my friends posts. This will go back and forth for a while saying i posted and then it “corrects” itself saying I haven’t posted. These are the only ones i’ve had problems with, and would like to see something done about them. Thank you so much BeReal team for working hard on this.

Good so far but I have an error?. I’ve had a good time so far these past few months, but today I received an error? When I opened my notification that said it was time to be real, I found myself at a page that was asking me for my name, DOB, and cellphone number, as if my current account wasn’t signed in? Couldn’t find a page to sign in? So I followed the basic prompts. When asking that I type in the verification number texted to me, I saw that I was never texted a verification number? And it said “unknown error, status: -1”. Then I tried coming to the App Store to report this problem. But when I was asked to report the quality issue, it was not letting me “select items from your purchase history”- meaning the app BeReal. So I’m stuck and I can’t use the app. Can a developer reach out to me? Thanks.

Thanks for fixing the post bug!. I wanted to write a review before the latest update and say that there’s a lag in posting, where if you get the notification and take a picture you have to wait for a) the 2 minute timer to expire and b) everybody else’s posts to upload before yours. Then I posted today’s BeReal and it was up in seconds!! I love that there’s a discovery tab, but it isn’t the first thing you see like on TikTok, and even with discovery it’s still the same concept of just other people you don’t know doing the exact same thing as you, posting at the same time every day. Please never change anything about this. It’s definitely what I needed to help in my personal growth and mental health journey <33

Healthy Social Media. This is my new favorite app because it is everything it needs to be and nothing more. I’m going into cyber psychology to help in the fight against cyber addictions because of social media and everything else that feeds off your attention, addictions, and ultimately turns you into the product and eats away your life. This app is perfect at not doing that. It doesn’t get you sucked into an infinite scroll of mind numbing content, it doesn’t have gossip style content, it doesn’t allow for mass manipulation, and it encourages you to be authentic by not just posting your pretty side. It’s just you keeping up with friends and family and nothing more. This is what I’ve been asking for a long time and I’m glad someone finally did it.

Always Glitchy. the idea is phenomenal and my friends certainly have great comedic timing. however the app has always glitched for me. i have the most recent updates, i completely close the app and reopen it, and it still is flawed in a lot of ways. i will click on the notification and open the app the second it goes off, but it will not load the camera and allow me to take the photos. when it does load, it shows me the preview to my friends and says that i can post late even though i had the app open for the full two minutes that i had to post and it won’t let me. sometimes mine won’t post for hours but will only say a minute or two late, i’ll get notifications for all my friends who post late but those won’t load til mine does, and it’s just frustrating and makes the app hard to enjoy all the time.

Lots of bugs but great concept. LOVE the concept but the app has lots of bugs that make it difficult to enjoy. I get tons of notifications but have no idea what for because nothing happens when I open the app. Additionally, when I get notifications that say it’s time to take your photo, I’ll open the app and nothing happens then either. Every once in a while it will go straight to the camera and sometimes the camera will pop up after having the app open for about 30 seconds, but most of the time I have no idea why I’m getting notified because nothing happens. Again, I genuinely think the concept is awesome and it’s such a refreshing take on social media. If only it worked smoothly!

Good App, Could Use Some Work. i love be real. i think it’s something that has and will continue to take over the world. it’s such a good idea to put just real pictures out there. i’ve had the app for about 3 months and it the first month or so it was very laggy when i went to the app through the notification that it's time to post. i assume this is due to the amount of people entering the app at the same time but i feel like there should be a way to fix it. another thing i think would be really cool is if be real had a map in place of discovery that shows all the be reals from all over the world when people post publicly, almost like snapchat. you should only be able to access it once you post just like your friends and discovery now. still a dope app either way!!

I don’t usually write reviews. Honestly, this is one of the first apps I’ve ever written a review for. I don’t tend to waste my time doing stuff like this, but I will for this app because I genuinely think it is one of my favorite apps I’ve ever used. Allowing to connect and, like the name, stay “real” with what you post really makes it feel more genuine and authentic. With the random time of the day you have to post, it allows a real look into the lives of your friends, whether close or far. I have friends from different countries, so being able to see what they are doing without having to hold daily conversations is amazing to me. Genuinely recommend this app, amazing concept and great execution. If you like social media without all the addiction to fame and clout, this is the app for you!!

Excellent concept, some issues to work out. This app has an excellent concept. I like that it’s not engineered to keep you stuck on it all day. The “real” part of it is great because it made me see with my own eyes how everyone else’s life is just as mundane as mine (also how much time we as a society waste driving around). The bad part is that if BeReal wants to be taken seriously with the big players they need to work out the server overload issue. When you have millions of people all loading the app all at once it fails to update. This plays out when you get THE notification telling you to BeReal but when you tap in, you’re unable to post - often times several minutes after the BeReal window has passed. It’s not just me this happens to - everyone I know who has the app complains about this. Time for BeReal to join the big leagues and figure out these issues.

Love the concept - But super glitchy. I’m loving this concept with my family and close friends! It’s like FB/IG before it went down hill with the ads and consumerism and inauthenticity. This just feels so real and fun! However, the app is SUPER glitchy!! I’ll get the notification to post, go to the app, and nothing. The camera doesn’t show up and there’s no way to get to the camera myself. Then like either almost at the 2:00 mark or just passed, it’ll show the camera. I’ll try closing the app completely (multiple times) or just moving around in the app - nothing helps. Or a notification will show up (like a comment from a friend), I’ll go in the app to view, and it still shows I have a notification even after fulfilling the notification. Which drives me and my husband nuts. And those glitches mentioned above happen with all my friends/family too! Please fix these bugs! It’s a great concept! :)

Love the concept but VERY glitchy. I love the concept of this app and my friends and I all think that it is a lot of fun and neat to see what everyone is doing at one random point of time. However, there are some major glitching problems with the app. I understand that basically everyone with the app is opening the app at the exact same time, but some updates need to be done in order to account for this. Because everyone is on the app at the same time, BeReal posts don’t load, take 20+ minutes to upload, constantly deleting and reposting posts because it’s so overloaded. Updates need to be made to the app to support the large number of people that are actively on the app at one moment in time. Especially now that the app is growing in popularity. Other than that, I love the app and look forward to these bugs being sorted out so the app is even better!

Awesome!. My friends recommended this app and I have to say it’s pretty fun. Everyone has to post at the same time whatever they’re doing. It basically showed me that for most of the time we are all very boring lol. I like how it isn’t toxic like Instagram where we think our friends are doing something cool everyday. I also like how we can comment on each other’s posts because it makes it feel more personal. The only thing I don’t like about it is that we only get 2 minutes to post something otherwise it’s late. Sometimes I’ll be in the shower or driving and it comes on and I won’t be able to post in time. I guess that’s the point of the app but it can be stressful sometimes. Overall a very spontaneous app that I’ll be using for some time!

Real people real things. It’s nice to see that not everyone is always doing what you see them doing on other social media platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat or Facebook. This app allows for much more realistic versions of people to be seen, and it has also motivated me to become the version of myself that I want to be. By seeing that not everyone is always doing super cool events or whatever—most of the time are just at home or at work—I’ve been more motivated to do the things I love again, but also to accept that not everyday or every moment will be filled with an exciting adventure. It has given me the opportunity to notice the differences in what people do behind the world of their phone, for the most part at least.

Really good! but you can’t see past captions and comments. I definitely recommend downloading this app. You can add your friends and it’s a cool concept of having two cameras on one post. BeReal developers, please add a function where we can see past captions and the comments on our posts!! Sometimes I like to leave the captions for my future self on what I’m doing in the moment, or how I’m feeling. Well, that is until I realized I couldn’t see any of my past captions. And I can’t even see the comments that other people have left :( it’s quite disappointing. I got BeReal for the purpose of being able to look into the past foremost, and this takes away from what I think is a really good quality of BeReal. Thank you for creating this app, though. Really good concept, and my friends and I love it.

I love this app. I love BeReal it’s a fun way for my friends and I to keep in contact and a great way to see into the no-so Instagram worthy parts of peoples lives. I do have one issue though. I don’t get a buzz or ding in addition to the notification when the BeReal itself goes off. I’ll get the notification but no vibration or ding from my phone to let me know when it goes off. This often results in my BeReals being late. I’ll have my phone in my pocket and the BeReal will go off and I’ll have no idea. I’ve checked my settings on both the app and my phone and it says everything is on and good. I don’t know if it’s a bug issue or something else but i hope I can get it fixed somehow because I really love this app. Other than that slight problem I have nothing negative to say about this app. 10/10 🙌🏼

THIS APP BREAKS BARRIERS!. When I first downloaded the app it was kind of awkward. I was coming from Instagram and Snapchat and didn’t understand why o couldn’t post anything. Then I received a notification asking me to take a picture and make a post. I was in pjs and ny hair was crazy so I didn’t post! But eventually I started posting. It asks once at a random time during the day to let update you update your account on what you are doing. You start realizing that these posts from other users and friends including your own are very different from what is usually scene on other social media apps. You can’t post something planned it’s random and it’s real. It gives you a real glimpse in peoples lives. Definitely worth giving it a shot.

How I rate BeReal…………. Everyone in my entire school has BeReal and I am loving it so far, it is a great way to see what my friends are doing in and out of school and a good way to get to know a friend of a friend. I love how you can see all of your photos in a little photo gallery and you can save them to your actual photos app and you can see what day you posted one and I also love how you use both your cameras to get a photo shot. The little reactions that you make are amazing and I like how you can only friend people in your contacts and people that you may know based on your contacts. I will definitely keep this app and use it for a very long time and so far, me and all of my friends are in literal love with this app, I highly recommend this and I hope that people consider getting this app as well

So great and positive!!. To me, the whole idea of BeReal is amazing! I love getting to see what my friends are up to while sharing sharing what I’m doing! Unlike a lot of social media apps, I feel like I’m safe from hackers and creepy strangers. Sometimes it can be a little frustrating, like how when you go to post and it won’t load, so you have to post late. I also hate when you get the notification to post really late at night. I know some people like to stay up late, but it’s still a little ridiculous. I don’t know if it’s just me, but sometimes it feels like it’s an unspoken competition to see who gets more RealMojis (and I’m guilty of this too). But don’t get me wrong, I still love them!! Those are just some little things, this is a great app and I recommend downloading it. Thanks for reading! <3

Not working anymore. Tonight for no reason my BeReal disappeared after I posted it. I know it got posted because I was notified that one of my friends commented on it, and I was able to see my friends’ posts. Then I open the app a few hours later to find no record of my post, and I’m no longer able to see others, but I can tell by their captions that they’re the same posts I had seen earlier. Tried retaking it but it wouldn’t post. As the pictures seem to be uploading I’m able to see others’ posts again but only for a brief moment before my post goes away again and the “post to view” button appears on all my friends’ blurred out posts again. Tried turning my phone on and off, deleting and redownloading the app, clearing the cache, turning Wi-Fi on and off, but nothing has worked and it’s still glitching. Annoying because I really liked the app but it’s now completely unusable for me 😒

Great First-Social-Media platform for anyone. BeReal was my first social media platform, and I love it because it’s not as unsafe and toxic as SnapChat. I love the idea of the mix of Instagram and Facebook, and the way i have two minutes to post. I love the way of “liking” posts by using a selfie expressing an emoji. It makes things a lot more fun and creative. I’m not really fond of the fact that you can only post one per day, because I would think you would want people to know what their friends are up to. I also don’t like how you can delete a BeReal up to two times, because I was taking one, and I had already deleted one earlier, and I didn’t like the one I just took, so I deleted it. I tried to take one again, but I had to wait. Other than those two concerns, this app is amazing and should be awarded a trophy!

Super cool app with lots of issues. I download BeReal with the advice from a friend a few weeks back. The concept is really cool but it’s constantly having issues. I have notifications that are no where to be found but I can’t make them go away. When I check the settings feature I then tells me I’ve been mentioned in someone else’s BeReal but the two people don’t know each other so it’s not true. It also says I have new friends but I dont. When I’m notified it’s time to take the picture and have to open and exit the app at least 10 times if not more before it will let me take the picture. When the picture is taken it takes anywhere from 2-5 minutes to upload. I hope everything gets worked out and I can continue to use the app otherwise I’m probably going to delete it because most days it’s worth more of a hassle than anything. Always trying to rush to be on time but always having problems.

Fun concept, but needs some work.. I like that bereal allows users to post updates in real-time! Keeps updates between friends organic! That said, it would be great to also look back on friends’ posts from at least a day ago. Something like a summary that can be reviewed within 24-48 hours after posting. I find it a little frustrating that I can only view my friends’ photos if I’ve posted my own photo first. I understand that this is an attempt to drive engagement, however, I can only share photos of my wfh setup so many times before it becomes tedious. The ability to just view friends’ photos/updates would be nice. Sometimes I just want to know what they’re up to. Lastly, the ability to edit RealMojis in the control center rather than on a friends photo would also be very convenient. I find it odd that you can only do so when reacting to a post.

BeReal. You can really see what your Friends are doing. And it’s the funnest to post on, it motivates me to get up and do something fun every day so I highly suggest this app. It doesn’t glitch at all and it works really well it reminds you every day to take one and if you don’t take one you won’t be able to see anyone else’s, so that also motivates you to get out and about with your friends and take a bereal even if you’re laying in bed you can still take you bereal. You can comment on other peoples Bereals and make pictures with comments This app is great. And it’s not just random strangers you just sent a friend request and they approve it so you guys can both see your B-Real. I highly suggest this app if you don’t want your kids to be addicted to taking photos I do not suggested though.

Fun App, but missing one KEY ingredient. I really like using this app. It’s fun to see what friends post and get a little snapshot of their day. It’s super low-key for a social media app: one and done, really. The ONE THING that would give this app a 5-star rating (instead of just the four) is if, once you were done with the original, initial login and set-up, you had access to your contacts. If I had known that the one and only time I’d get to easily add folks from my contacts was during initial set-up, I would not have skipped past it (thinking I could go back later). I’m not sure why this isn’t available for users—how am I supposed to grow my BeReal connections if I can’t easily see if my contacts are already using BeReal? So frustrating. I’ll be happy to amend my review and award that 5th star once this is fixed.

Great app, but a little glitchy. I love this app and to see what my friends and family are up to instead of just texting or calling. But I have a glitch. Every time I post a BeReal, it never uploads. Like once it sent me a notification to BeReal and stuff. But when I took the picture and uploaded it, it said that I was like 4 minutes late or something like that. Then sometimes it never uploads, and I have to delete it, then re-download it, then it says that I’m late. I don’t know if other people are having trouble with this, or if it’s just me, but it’s constantly over and over again, and it’s getting kind of annoying. But again I don’t know if other people are having trouble with this, or if this is just a me problem, but please take consideration of this.

LITERALLY LOVE THIS APP. This is by far the BEST social media app out there because of how REAL it is. Every day at a random time, different each day, you will get an alert on your phone to take your BeReal. So it shows your front and back camera, if your late to posting it, it tells people that as well as how many retakes you took. You friend people you do or do not know and they will react at the bottom of your photo with a picture of themself. It’s kind of like a mix of Snapchat and Instagram but better because you can go back and look at all your BeReals even ones from months ago. And unlike Instagram people won’t only see you when your doing something fun and exciting they also see the real side of your life when their just laying in bed. Download this app like right now if you haven’t already!

Cute Idea!. This app is so precious!! I love seeing what all my friends are doing at the same time as me. It’s really easy to use, like even your parents could get on it! I only took off a star because uploading your BeReal of the day is really frustrating. Instead of just snapping a pic, the app takes a REALLY long time to even open your camera. Once you finally take the picture, my app says “uploading” for minutes after I took the picture. I’m assuming this is because literally everyone in the country who has the app gets on at exactly the same time, so there’s not much the developers can do. However, when the entire purpose of the app (taking a picture when you get your notification) can’t even be done, it kind of defeats the purpose. All that aside, it’s a fun app!

Super fun but lots of problem. I love the concept of the app. it’s a more private version of like snapchat in my opinion. It’s really fun and youre only on it for a couple minutes so you see what others are doing and you can react and then move on with your day. I love the simplicity of it. You get to see what others are doing with their life without having to compare anything or stir drama. My biggest problem with the app is that there’s many glitches. Today the app made us redo the bereal. (meaning it didnt save and we had to do it again) and it often times forgets to alert us when to do it. For me I don’t see everyones on time. This one persons bereal shows a day late(it’ll say x posted 27 hours ago or something instead of the recent one they posted). So there’s many problems with is but otherwise it’s a good fun app to stay in touch with people in your lives and it’s funny to see what everyone is doing at the exact moment.

Pretty cool. At first when I heard of BeReal I thought it was kind’ve dumb. I was thinking the only difference between BeReal and Insta is that you can only post real things on BeReal (hence the name BeReal). So I thought it seemed like a downgrade, but then my friend were telling me to get it and I eventually did and have been using it since. The only I guess bad part about it is sometimes the BeReal times are weird but that’s not a problem because it’s supposed to be random. It’s a cool and fun way to keep up with your friends. A very solid app. If parents are wondering if they should let their kids have it, there is no worry as long as your child is only friending people they know. I recommend it to all people especially if you have long distance family members or friends.

Great concept, poor execution. I think the idea of BeReal is really cool. It’s not a social media app that you can waste time on, but it still connects you with loved ones and promotes transparency in a world that is increasingly dishonest. My problem though is the actual app. I frequently get my BeReal notification for the day, but when I go to open the app, it appears to not have loaded and there’s no prompt for me to post. After closing in and out of the app several times, sometimes it will load and then I’ll only have 30 seconds left of the original two minutes to post. Or, I take a picture, and it loads for so long that it ends up showing up as “late.” This isn’t an internet issue, as this has happened in multiple settings. Seems like a bug to me. Disappointing as the app really only has one main function so when that main function doesn’t work correctly it’s kind of a flop.

Something to look forward too!. I just want to say that I love this app! I love that you can’t see how many friends that other people have. For me, I obsess over silly things like that on other platforms, but this app has helped me to stop caring about those little things. I like that everyone can only post once a day, it keeps you from endlessly scrolling and wasting sooo much time. I like that there are no adds/promotions/“premium account” offers. Social media was so much better back when it wasn’t about making money or praying on the insecurities of others. This app feels like simpler times! I love the concept! Of course there are some bugs that need to be fixed, but overall I love it! If I could suggest something, it would be fun if you could do live photos or boomerangs. That would be awesome.

Awesome App with a Small Bug. I absolutely love the idea of this app! It’s cool to have a way to get daily and authentic updates from friends while at the same time be able to avoid scrolling for hours per day. I also enjoy the selfie reactions because they feel so much more meaningful than just likes! One thing I would fix is the badge notifications that fail to disappear when resolved. For example, I’ll get a friend request notification on the app icon itself, go respond to it in the app, and then still have a badge on the app afterwards. Overall great platform, but would love to get that fixed without having to disable badge notifications for BeReal or having to uninstall and reinstall the app again.

B-bereal…. Bereal really wowed me in bed the other night. when he called me and asked if he could come over i was a little concerned, for it was after 10pm! But nonetheless i agreed and we enjoyed some nice left over spaghetti that i had made the day before. then we sat down to watch a movie and i felt him put his hand on my leg… it really caught me off guard but my wife and kids were out of the house so i didnt stop him. he kept rubbing my leg until finally he softly grabbed my chin, turned my head to face him and kissed me.. im not going to lie, it was amazing! i had never kissed another man before but have always been open to trying. the kiss deepened and he laid me down on my back, my legs wrapped around his waist. i wanted to stop him but the words were caught in my throat.. it felt too good, so i let him continue…

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Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 0.31.0
Play Store AlexisBarreyat.BeReal
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

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The applications BeReal. Your friends for real. was published in the category Social Networking on 2020-01-08 and was developed by BeReal [Developer ID: 956239526]. This program file size is 68.58 MB. This app has been rated by 609,334 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. BeReal. Your friends for real. - Social Networking app posted on 2023-01-19 current version is 0.31.0 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: AlexisBarreyat.BeReal. Languages supported by the app:

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