Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley [Games] App Description & Overview

Move to the countryside, and cultivate a new life in this award-winning open-ended farming RPG! With over 50+ hours of gameplay content and new Mobile-specific features, such as auto-save and multiple controls options.

**Winner of the Golden Joysticks' Breakthrough Award**
**Nominee of Game of the Year 2017 - BAFTA Games Awards**



■ Turn your overgrown fields into a lively and bountiful farm

■ Raise and breed happy animals, grow a variety of seasonal crops and design your farm, your way

■ Customize your farmer and home! With hundreds of options to choose from

■ Settle down and start a family with 12 potential marriage candidates

■ Become part of the community by taking part in seasonal festivals and villager quests

■ Explore vast, mysterious caves, encountering dangerous monsters and valuable treasure

■ Spend a relaxing afternoon at one of the local fishing spots or go crabbing by the seaside

■ Forage, grow crops and produce artisan goods to cook up as a delicious meal

■ Rebuilt for touch-screen gameplay on iOS with mobile-specific features, such as auto-select to toggle quickly between your farming tools and auto-attack to swiftly take down fiendish monsters in the mines

■ Continue farming from where you last left off with auto-save (even if you close the app!)

■ Play the game your way with multiple controls options, such as touch-screen and virtual joystick

■ Newly Updated Single Player Content - Including new town upgrades, dating events, crops, fishing ponds, hats, clothing, and new pets! Plus more to be discovered...


“The best version of Stardew Valley is the one you have with you … This game is absolutely incredible, and will not disappoint.” - TouchArcade

"Stardew Valley beautifully combines farm simulation with RPG elements to create an intriguing, absorbing rural world." - IGN

“Far more than just a farming game... filled with seemingly endless content and heart.” Giant Bomb

"Village life has never been so accessible and satisfying" - The Telegraph

“Stardew Valley has been the most rich and heartwarming experience I’ve had in a game in years.” CG Magazine


Note: Features new 1.4 update story content, multiplayer functionality not supported. No in-app purchases.

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Stardew Valley Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Fix for museum sometimes losing donations Fix for issue where getting parsnip seeds in late game could start quests already completed Other minor bug fixes

Stardew Valley Comments & Reviews

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- Very relaxing!

The first time I installed the game it kept crashing, but I deleted and reinstalled and it seems to be working now. Really enjoy the relaxing pace of the game.

- So much potential

This game could be great unfortunately the controls are so terrible and there is no way to fix them. The fishing controls in this game are so terrible there is no way to catch anything. I’m glad I got this on sale totally not worth $7.99. Still feel cheated though.

- Very Addicting

I just bought this game a couple weeks ago. All I can say is it’s so addicting and fun. If you like calm farming games then this is it. If you like Terraria and Minecraft well, this is your game. It’s so fun and truly a masterpiece! :)

- Multiplayer!!!!!! Please it would be awesome

This is a great game, I really like how you haft to work for things and you can’t just buy coins with money, this game is really fun I think you should add multiplayer, but if you add it you should make it so you can play so The people when they are somewhere else because if it’s like that it will be annoying if you have a world that’s just sitting there and you can’t use it until you and your friends can be together which during covid is a little hard. Also you should make kids grow up more and then be able to feed them, play with them, take them for walks, maby you could even teach them to farm or something, this is a great game though just adding some suggestions. Also people who complain about fishing that’s kind of petty because I am 12 and I have a fine time fishing, so stop complaining and try harder!!!!

- Good game but...

It is a great game I do enjoy talking to all the neighbors, farming, building, mining, exploring, fishing, and problem solving but the game does crash a lot. I wish it would not crash because I do so much work making a huge farm waiting for my chickens to get out of the way so I can get the eggs and getting great gems and selling a lot and then I need to doing all over again because it crashes and it really bugs me so if that could be fixed it would be the best game ever.

- Pending Transaction

I recently bought this game on my tablet and I’m in love with it! But for some reason it says that the purchase is still pending I’m not sure why it’s doing this... I would appreciate if the team could possibly email me why it’s doing this

- One of the best!

I love almost everything about this game!some would ask “is it really worth paying for?”well,I would say yes,definitely!I’ve done a lot in in,farming,fishing,mining and more!I like that ConcernedApe put in a lot of Easter Eggs!(I mean secrets.not the Easter egg you get on Easter,but there are some of those too.)If you don’t have it,you have no idea what your missing out on.👍🏻😄

- Glitches

Hey! There are some glitches that I’d like to be fixed please! There’s a problem with putting things on counters like I’d to put my legendary fish on some counters and it’s not working. Another thing is that I donated a item to the museum but on the list of all the items that I need to donate it’s not showing what the item is or what it’s about even though I already donated it. Please get this fixed! Thank you!

- Fun, But I Want More Windows in My House.

Game’s great, addicting, relaxing. No complaints there. There’s a few glitches that definitely ruin the fun, but not my entire experience. All I really ask is for window placement to be fixed. Other platforms have trouble placing wall items, but mobile is totally incapable of doing it. I’m surprised this isn’t fixed yet. Otherwise, game’s neat.

- yaas

ngl im addicted this is so good 😌😌

- Bug But Amazing

The game is amazing but sometimes it kicks me off and I have to start the day over again.

- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I have this game on ps4 but am unable to use it due to our WiFi. So I found it on mobile, it’s exactly like the one on console! Other than it not being multi player... it’s easy to walk around and collect wood, stone, etc. plus I’m pretty sure it’s cheaper. You can also pick up where you left off instead of having to sleep first!❤️

- 我是傻逼


- Great

The game is great overall but the controls are a bit funky

- Amazing

This is the best game in the world. I'm obsessed.

- Multiplayer?

I love this game they planned this game out perfect and it runs perfect and it functions awesome I love the lay out but I would like to see a multiplayer mode that would be awesome.

- Outstanding Game

I’ve had this game on pc and Nintendo switch and both experiences were amazing. I avoided mobile for a long time since I thought it would be worse but was pleasantly surprised. It’s the same charming game and utilizes all aspects of the mobile device for a great control system.

- Multiplayer

The game is great but I am very disappointed that there is no mobile play on iOS or Android. Please add multiplayer on mobile.

- Keep crashing

I played for a good hour. Game was great. Came to play again and the app kept crashing

- Just a TEENSY tiny little problem

I personally think this game is fantastic with all the mechanics and the fact that you actually end up taking pride in the work you’ve done instead of the game just giving things to you just because you tapped. It’s so satisfying as well, my only problem is how HARD the fishing is, now i’m usually one to blame myself before i blame the game but the tiniest little tap just SHOOTS the green bar way too far, I can’t even do little taps for it to keep up with the fish. I love fishing in most games but this game just doesn’t cut it with the fishing for me. I’d suggest changing the fishing mechanic all together or making it just slightly easier and have harder fish to catch be more rare. I want to be able to waste my time fishing.

- Multiplayer pleeease

It’s AMAZING! Just would really enjoy multiplayer on mobile :( would give it 5 stars for that for sure!

- I love the game but...

I have Stardew Valley on the iPad and the Nintendo switch and I noticed that there is no multi player on the iPad so can you please add multi player

- 좋습니다 다만

제발 계정을 통해서 데이터가 연동 되게 해주세요 iphone과 ipad에서 연동되게 하고 싶어요

- Great game But...

Random crashes this is very annoying. I would also truly enjoy the Addition of a multiplayer option. This game is definitely my number one game. Would recommend to anyone.

- Awesome Game!

I think you should do a online version so you can play with you friends , the game is really calming and I love it

- LOVE THIS GAME!! **Audio Issue!!**

I love this game and have been playing it for a long time but the audio has been going in and out, then just cutting out as the day goes on. First it will be the BGM or no footstep sounds then opening chests and going through doors won’t make sounds either. The BGM also occasionally doesn’t change as the day goes on, it’ll play the day music all the way until the next. Also crazy glitch during the festival (fall), after playing the fishing game it froze for a good 30 secs. There are no games w/o bugs so I’ll continue playing, I just hope they are fixed soon as the audio is crucial to immersive gameplay. P.S I’m super envious of the people who get to work on this game. 😭

- Love the game. But needs bug fixes.

I would give this game a 5/5 rating if it weren’t for the fact that it has a few bugs that need to be squashed. So, whenever I go to a new location/building sometimes my game will get super laggy, freeze, then crash. Then the day is reset and I have to do the day all over again and it gets REALLY annoying. I was going to overlook this as it only happens about once every 15 in-game days, but there was a day I went into the skull cavern and got 36 Omni geodes (it was a really lucky day)! I was so happy and was going to spend it on artifact troves, then, when I leave the mine and go into the desert’s main part, my game did this. (Again it happens fairly frequently, this time just really annoyed me) So I had to do the day over and only got 25 Omni geodes. This is just a pain and should be fixed. Now, this is a smaller one, but annoying none the less. So I go to the skull cavern a lot, and I use bombs to clear the floors. Sometimes it will till dirt in the cavern and things like clay, gold and ancient seeds will come out of the ground. Now I am able to collect the clay and gold. But when I pick up ancient seeds they don’t show up in my inventory. This is a smaller one, but I would still like to be able to pick up ancient seeds and have them in my inventory afterwards. Edit: in this save I have gave logged 191 hours (on year 4)

- No iPhone X support?!

How does this game not have proper support for iPhones with a notch? Controls are hidden behind the notch, obscured by corners, and impossible to access. Unplayable.

- Little Glitch’s...

So... There Is A Glitch... What Happened Was If You Named Your Male’s Or Female’s Some Bind’s Code’s... Like This... [163]... Yeah... Sigh... Like Why Do That People... That’s Not Right... So... PLZ Fix This It’s Annoying...

- Crashes was too much!

Very fun game; but crashes way TOO much! It didn’t use to crash this often; very frustrating!

- Ok

Would be 5 stars if added multiplayer

- At least try it

This is my favorite mobile game I’ve ever played.there so much to do and it just never gets old.ive put in nearly 100 hours and it’s still a great game.if u get board try the console or pc and play it with friends

- This game is very good

I am a junior high school student from China.I like this game very much.It makes me addicted to it.But I hope to get the Chinese version out early.Thank you very much! 谢了!

- More animal colors

I don’t understand why we would be able to pick our pets coloring in the beginning, but we get the same, plain, boring horse every single time. And why you would even bother making different colored rabbits in the wild, but the ones we can buy are one color? It’s extremely boring. I don’t want 4 different colored chickens and two different colored cows and have that be the only diversity. What about different colored goats and sheep? I mean really, if you’re going to put in the effort to color literal BACKGROUND animals, you should give the players different options. It’s not rocket science

- Every little detail

You pick your character and what it looks like the name the eyes the hair and the skin and the clothes. You have to mine and go fishing to bet the game you have to give one person a gift 2 times a week a good gift. Then you will get married. Oh and if your a boy in the game marry a girl if your a girl in the game marry a boy. When you get married your house gets bigger you get to choose the wallpaper and the flooring of your house. Then you must upgrade the house and you will get kids. You get to discover new places and meet new characters you will then beat the game In 2 years if you do what I say if you do not 3 years or so. Have fun it’s a great game I say 8,9,or 10+ enjoy its a great game!!🍉🍏🍐🍋💨⛄️🌨🪐⚡️🍅🥬🧆🏈🏐🏓🏉

- My Stardew Valley review

Stardew Valley is really a good game for me

- I love it

It is good and you can build a farm

- So easy when your rich!

I play on my mom’s I got her married on here got a. Baby I named it me anyways my mom is rich I buy a lot! I got the nursery it’s so easy her farm looks awsome now am trying to marry Abigail on mine XD cause she plays game with you mines with you it’s awsome! 10%10 love it there’s 1% of her shareing wining Easter egg stuff! I bet it’s a dumb hat it did it to me and my cousin playing on ps4 I was mad I wanted a kid for it XD

- Regarding the problem of recurring shutdown

Hello. I am writing this review to let you know that I have suffered from shutdown of this game. Whenever I play this game, the game suddenly ends and shutdown. So I could not save the data, which made me play the same part again and again. I want you to take some measurements to fix this problem. Thanks

- I love it, but CRASHES

The title says it all

- O.K.

I think this game is awesome, relaxing and fun. But...I think when you have children you should be able to pick them up and play with them and feed them. Do something with them. I also think you should be able to set up play dates and tutoring sessions with Penny. I think there should be carriages and that the amount of children should be more and be able to talk to them and they should be able to grow up and talk to us. That’s the only changes I’d make. Make those and this game would be the best one I’ve ever played. Right now it’s about the 59th best game with Minecraft in the front.

- Amazing game.

Devs please fix this. I have no problem on console but iPad where I mostly play SDV is where I massively struggle. Please come up with a better mechanics for fishing Edit: changing it from 4 to 5 stars. It took me a while but fishing is very easy once you get used to it. Thank you.

- Constant Crashes!

I frequently lose all my hard days work because the game randomly crashes all the time — fix it!! This is extremely aggravating!

- Great game

Controls were a little difficult at first but I found that toggling joystick and button for regular activities and tap controls for farming.

- Incredible

This game is really incredible. The graphics are simple yet stunning and the gameplay is totally addicting. Thank you for making such a wonderful game 🙏🏻

- Amazing game but

I would like to see a multiplayer aspect in mobile game

- You need to add one thing.

This is a great game but there’s one thing missing, Multiplayer on mobile. I love this game but you need an update that adds multiplayer to mobile. Me and my friends play on mobile and we want to play together. Me and my friends would LOVE multiplayer on mobile because we can’t hangout in person in lockdown. We would at least like to hangout in-game.

- Yes

i want m u l t i p l a y e r

- Great game!

I bought this game about 2 months ago and fell in love with it. Fishing did take time getting used to but once you learn the technique it’s pretty easy. I got really excited when I learned you could marry some of the NPCs but realized that when you’ve decided to have children the children only stay toddlers. My character and her spouse have not had children for that reason. What’s the point? 🤷‍♀️ I do hope that the next update allows the children to grow up. Aside from all of that I totally recommend this game.

- Amazing game

10/10 on every aspect 🧡

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- J’adore

Payer, Ca vaut la peine, pu de problème de pub et repub. Un des meilleurs jeu que j’ai joué sur iphone. Merci au développeur Ça fait quelques mois que je joue et je trippe encore, je pense encore que c’est un des meilleurs jeu sur l’app store. 6 étoiles ⭐️


Nice game and fun but please add multiplayer 😫. Thank you

- Pure Game developed with devotion.

So much effort.. it has huge human content, options.. it’s worth much more. and you need to spend hell out time to play and explore everything. To enjoy the game, you have to spend much time in internet to learn things. Fishing is tricky one if you can’t understand how to do. And much more.

- fishing

the end of the green bar will still be on the fish not just tap the fish but the end will stay on the fish and i’ll still lose the fish. i think even if the green bar taps the fish it should do something!

- Multiplayer

The game is great I have it on pc but add multiplayer the only reason I bought this is to play with my dad and it’s in everything else so please add it

- lost save file

i was so happy with this game, but then my save file disappeared as i was trying to load from my last back up and can’t figure out how to fix this, i had made it to year two :/

- Multiplayer

Can they pls add multiplayer to this app we wanna play with our friends you know

- Omg wow ✨🧚🏻‍♀️

This is my all times favourite game it’s so much fun to fix up your farm and make relationships with the people living in Stardew! I love gardening and the way the strawberry and corn looks it’s quite pretty and realistic. On Xbox I find the controls to. Be quite difficult to use especially when gardening so on mobile it’s super easy and makes gardening fun and faster. One thing that bothers me a little and it might just be my phone but at night when my games lock I can always unlock it, Stardew valley just won’t let me play. Also I think fishing is much to hard I can only every get a fish on the first one where you get it no matter what, But overall the best game ever and I’m proud to say I was so successful I got my whole house fixed up and married Hailey and had two children 😂💗 #1 game for me

- Amazing!

This game is by far my favourite game on IOS. Such a complex game that is SO addicting. The only thing I wish you could do is warp to home or things like that but, that’s barely an issue! Can’t wait for possible new updates and new things. This game is so great, and if your on the fence about buying it, DO IT. It’s so worth it! So many things to do and I love it! It also doesn’t require wifi or data! 10/10😊

- Great game ✨✨🤩

I love the game but, when you pass out late at like 2:00 can you make the avatar wake up late , and if you go to sleep early can you make the avatar wake up early. Please

- 5/5 game

Hi ever since I got the game it has never crashed like everyone said the games fun and all but it would be more enjoyable if the kids can grow up and you turn old by the time their a young adult and play as them you don’t have to do that though it’s just an idea. 😅

- Absolutely In Love

When looking at the pictures — the pixel characters and aesthetic can make you question the depth of this game: you will be pleasantly surprised. So many things you can achieve and when you think this game can’t offer you more — it does. I have this game on switch, ps4, AND on my phone. On the phone it is amazing given the format, the literal only thing is my wrist gets so sore from not having joysticks. PS4 is AMAZING and so much easier to do fishing in. I have already surpassed where I was in my phone game, (playing for 4 days) with my ps4 game (playing for 1 day at the time). HIGHLY RECOMMEND. It will change your life. You build relationships organically and with effort catered to what each person likes and you have females and males to choose to date. You can progress, get married, have kids, build your farm, get divorced if you find they aren’t the right one for you. Time limits for quest but you’re not timed on anything else, you just need to learn to keep track of your days etc. You expand your farm, decor your house, have animals that you give love to, customize your own character, be self sufficient (don’t need other people to get things you need daily), feed your animals, meet wizards, go mining, EVERYTHING is accessible in various formats (pc/ps4/switch/phone etc). Seriously, you can do everything. My ultimate favourite game — never found one that has every aspect of games I love combined into one — until my fiancé introduced me to Stardew. We play it together and teach each other tips and tricks and help each other on quests. We have an obsession to share (and we never like the same games generally). Cons: tricky controls - joysticks would be amazing, sometimes crashes now or set me back on my days played

- Stardew glitches?

I really love this game, although lately almost every time I play, the game crashes at the end of the day and none of my day has been saved, this really makes me frustrated with the game.


I love role-playing games, and all the effort put into this makes this the best game ever! I play it every day! 10 stars

- Crashing & Lost Progress

Hello, I am a big fan of the game, however, occasionally, the game keeps crashing. I then lose all progress that I made that day, and have to repeat everything. Please fix this issue, thank you. Also, if possible, can the developers please add a manual save option; it will really help because if the bug is not fixed, I can just save the file manually, thank you.

- Best game ever!!!!!!

I love this game it is the best game ever it will never get old. One concern when ever u zoom out sometimes is crashes so I would love an auto save feature.again best game ever

- I love this


- Frustrating

Crashes constantly,love the game when I play long enough.

- Greatest game ever

Best game thus far on a phone/tablet


Just started playing again after like 4 months and did not redirect it. This game has such great music and gameplay that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. This game is so beautiful and it is worth 100x more than the price to buy.

- Good game

But I can’t put wall decorations up

- App crashes immediately after opening

App was working fine for the first week then would crash right after opening. Running on iPhone 8 Plus! Game was pretty good until it stopped working!

- Addictive and genuinely fun

This is no doubt one of my favourite games. There’s so much you can do and you never get bored cause there’s always something there! 11/10

- When

Is 1.5 coming out on all platforms

- Love the game but

The game keeps kicking me off it’s very glitchy

- Rivals ACNH

Just got it today. And I honestly don’t regret buying this!!

- I love Stardew valley!

I love it so much but it got deleted some how but I got it back

- Good game but

It sometimes crashes and causes you to restart the day

- Great

This game is great. It’s not just a farming game, it has many other activities. I feel like this game is totally worth it. The only thing I would change is to have the ability to upload your mobile stardewvalley data to your PC.

- Absolutely love this game!

Have this on multiple platforms can’t get enough! Very relaxing but has its challenges fishing mining and etc ❤️

- Great!

I’ve been playing for a while now, and I love it. I would take a couple more updates of content.

- This game is worth it

I play Harvest moon games, Runs Factory and other expensive games for Nintendo system. This game was so cheap and NEVER asks for more money furthermore. It fun! So many locations to get into and have fun in....thanks to my professor who is a gamer And recommended this to me...I’m playing this now! ❤️😇

- I am literally in love!

This Game has such a fantastic soundtrack, amazing, yet subtle plotlines and character arcs, no “Premium” or in app purchases stuff, and some of the most genuine romances in an app. I just don’t know how they did it, it feels like one of those things of you in another life. It’s just spine tingly and nostalgic, and brings back memories to the old versions. Just as good on mobile. Although there is multiplayer I believe, and I can’t figure out how to use it. Also Abigail is queen

- keeps crashing

i adore this game so i dont wanna give a bad review but i cant even get on the app anymore, it loads to the chucklefish screen and crashes straight away :/

- Just wonderful

Fantastic stress relief, for any fans of animal crossing and harvest moon. Cannot say enough about how expensive this game is seriously wish I could give it more than five stars. Just wish mobile had multiplayer.

- Crashes

Really like this game but it crashes all the time and doesn’t save any of the work I’ve done before the crash. Super frustrating and has stopped me from really wanting to continue playing.

- Good game

Very good mobile game, would be better if there was multiplayer. Just get the pc version it’s better.

- Amazing Game

I had this game on my computer and had a blast playing with my friends, there’s such a deep story to each character and the game overall. I got it on my phone and can’t stop playing, my hand keeps going numb from it, haha. Perfect game, love the art too. ♥️♥️

- Controller not 100% functional at times

This game is a masterpiece, no doubt, and the only thing stopping me from giving it five stars is how there are things in the game that you can’t do with a controller, such as: Stacking items, throwing items out, dropping items, going in between categories of collectibles, and moving items from chest to inventory and vice-versa is difficult. If the controller functionality was more fleshed out, this would easily get five stars.

- Plz answer my question plzzzzzzzzzzz I’m begging u 😱😱😱

I loveeeee this game like it’s my one of favourite game but one thing I really hope you guys change is... Can u guys plz change the portrait of the characters especially boys and make this game multiplayer??? Like on Nintendo and computer 😭😭😭 I really u guys fix those two 🙌🙌🙌plzzzz thxxxx luv u and luv this game 👍

- Please fix it

I can’t tell if it’s my device or the game but it keeps crashing... please fix it

- Fishing bug

When fishing, i couldn't see the bottom! I stop playing for fixing. Please fix it as soon as possible. Thank you

- My all time favorite moble game

I’ve had this game for years, and it’s still my go-to. It’s absolutely worth getting - tons of stuff to do, and you make all your own decisions to change how the game progresses, and at what pace. Lots of options to change it up if you ever do get bored, and you can have multiple saves for different players/worlds. seriously reccomend

- Co op

Could you add co op on mobile it would make Stardew Valley so much more fun.

- super addictive

Really fun game

- Best game ever

This game can’t be beat. Not even minecraft has the kind of magic this game has. I love it on the Xbox, and when I saw it in the App Store, I was ecstatic. My only thought is that you should make it multiplayer on mobile too. Other than that it’s perfect. Thank you for filling my time with the best game ever created.

- About game

Every few minutes my loaded game just crashes and I lose my progress and it was fine before the new update but ever since the update it just crashes constantly I’m not sure if this is do to the type of phone I have please fix

- Missing Language

Stardew Valley is the best game I have ever played but it doesn’t have Chinese simplified as a language on iOS so it would be great if somebody added Chinese simplified into the game.

- Games amazing but

I think multiplayer Would be Awesome

- Fun Game But Buggy Version

This game is clearly not meant to be played on mobile. Some controls refuse to work right (sometimes you can’t click on things and have them respond) and when I’m on my horse it glitches out and looks like a strange mass of pixels. However, this game is super fun and I have downloaded it on my every device. Beautiful art and so many different things to do, just endless play. This particular version of it still has its bugs but I do encourage giving the game a shot.

- Please have a upload on to cloud

I bought this game and it kept crashing so I got a new phone but I can’t move my progress on to the new one so have to start all over again

- Love the game when it works

This game crashes on me every day. I turn off everything else on my iPad to help run it but it still crashes and I keep losing my progress regardless of saves.

- It’s incredible but

I cleared out most of the trees on my farm and destroyed a couple more. Then the wood that dropped made my game very laggy could you fix this? The lag is annoying.

- Great Game, Howeverrrr

I first bought Stardew Valley on my computer and loved it. When I heard it coming to mobile, I obviously bought that too. Though the PC version is definitely better, mobile is still great and easy to play when I don’t have a whole computer on hand lol. However, there’s a glitch or whatever you call it getting into Maru’s room. If though I don’t have any hearts with her, I can still access her room by going through the door at the side of the house near the telescope and leave again.

- As of July 2020 it’s still not optimised for the X to 11 Pro Max screen.

The rounded edges and notch completely obstruct areas of the screen. The game is great, but needs a major update. I’m surprised it’s not been fixed.

- I’m speechless for two reasons:

I’ve forever been looking for a game like this and guess what? I found it. It’s definitely worth the money Also I do wish I could do ten stars This is literally my favourite game yet! I love it, The only thing I dislike about this is that i had two thousand dollars and so, I wanted to upgrade my axe to get into the secret woods, but then I had a meltdown because a copper axe wasn’t enough, and then i was very upset because I thought I had thrown all my money out the window. I haven’t played since the meltdown but I think I’m about to 😂. Anyways, I highly suggest this game to anyone, hope your doing well, from your biggest fan. -katto

- Very good but few concern s

This might just be a personal problem but a keep using too much of my money so I thought you could put like a bank or something to store money in or something. And it keeps crashing on my device.

- Crashes

Stopped playing because it crashes pretty often and every time you lose your progress from that day.

- Warning

There is no native iCloud support so your save files will be deleted if you reinstall or delete the app. It also means you can’t transfer your save file to a different iOS device. FORTUNATELY, this game supports the File app (developed by Apple) so you can manually upload your save files to your iCloud. Files app -> On my iPhone/iPad -> Stardew Valley -> Save file folder -> select save file and copy it to iCloud Your save file is in the form of username_idnumber If they can add native iCloud support and multiplayer then they will get 5 stars from me.

- Prefect

The game is perfect but I want multiplayer. Still a great game with a great story 😎👍

- Great

I love the game, it’s very easy to start playing and just forget about everything around you as time flies.I really want to adopt some more pets though because I can only adopt one and I have to choose between a cat or a dog.kinda wish everything wasn’t so expensive but it’s okay lol.Other than that it’s a very enjoyable game and I highly recommend it :)

- Hold down right button to place in keg without eating the crop

Stardew valley is AMAZING, one of if not my favourite game and on mobile it’s great too, but if a feature was added where you could hold down right button to place in kegs and harvest without prompting the “eat this item” message it would be awesome. That’s the only real problem I have with the mobile version everything else is great, would love multiplayer but I know it wouldn’t work out on mobile. Thanks for this game Concernedape 🙏

- Who says that farming is boring

This game has been awesome for years and it still is but it needs more

- Love it - please bring back the name code exploit

I absolutely love this game! However the name exploit ( with Gus in the bar ) that was in the game was patched in the recent update, it would be so great if you could bring it back !!

- App ALWAYS crashes on initial game character selection screen

Can't play the game becauses it freezes when I try to enter a name for my character Nice intro music with two birds, that's all the enjoyment I get.😕

- It’s great! But keeps crashing on iPad

I absolutely love this game but, I play on iPad and since the new 1.4 update it hasn’t been letting me get on this is a issue that many people I know have too. Could you try and fix this please?


I use to love playing this game but now I HATE it, one day out of the blue I was automatically glitches into an area that I couldn’t get out of, this game cost VALUABLE money and one day I just can’t play it anymore. This is a STUPID glitch you need to fix it, I’m a very angry customer! (I was glitched on top of the map above the playground.

- Awesome, but always glitches out of game!

Even in the middle of cutscenes

- Great game

Stardew valley is an amazing game 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

- Get this game it’s worth it

It’s great and if anyone is thinking about getting it I say get

- I can’t get multiplayer

On stardew valley I can’t get multiplayer ps I’m on ipad

- Amazing! But would love keyboard support

This app is so satisfying to play and has a world of infinite possibilities. The only thing that might help make it even better would be providing controls on a physical keyboard. Now that iPad have mouse support I’m excited to see what kinds of new controls could be added into the game to make it a little easier to play than using the touch screen all the time.

- Suggestions

1.I beg of you too plzzzzzz add different types of horses-like if you earn all the achievements you can feed your horse some magical food and turn them into any mystical animal-unicorn-Pegasus-different coloured horses 2.could plzz add a person that sells cloths so it’s like shopping and all plus since you added the new update where you are allowed to take your cloths off dressing up cute would be hella freaking cute 3.maybe you could make it like every time you earn an achievement you earn some cash 4.PLUS-plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz(>~<) add multiplayer to phones too you know and make sure that everything that is in a pc is also added to phones because that’s unfair why do most of the best games and mods are only aloud to exist in computers,laptops and etc... PLZZZZ PUT THIS ALL IN UOUR NEXT UPDATE I PUT MY FULL FAITH AND LIFE IN YA SORRY if it’s to demanding and if it’s to mouth or too long it’s just I want this to be magical experience for everyone new by making it magical before they come you know.....;) BEST OF LUCK. -LOVE-MASTER-

- Great game

I love this game so much and I’m constantly playing it. I’ve actually got the game on my computer, Xbox and my iPad. It’s so addictive and I love that you can do so many different things and have so much freedom yet there’s still plenty of backstory. My only issue is that it crash’s ALL THE TIME. I really hope this gets fixed soon because it frustrates me so much, especially when it crashes when I’m towards the end of the day and I’ll have to redo everything I just did once I’ve reloaded the game. Still 5 stars though since I know this bug will hopefully get fixed soon.

- Good game just suggestions

There is a bug that crashes my game and I lose the days progress, I play on iPhone Please add: Multiplayer on iOS and make it u friend the player not same wifi so many people can play together all over the world.😀😀😀 Also can ur team please add a map expansion with a totally new place and new characters! Thanks 😊

- So relaxing and immersive

The longer I play, the more addicted I get. Really helping with being stuck inside.

- 2 things you should work on

1. Finding the special one. It is so hard to find someone good enough for me because some of them have some attitude witch I don’t really like. And also I hate it if they reject me on events. So just make it easy to have a girlfriend. 2. Get rid of the junimos and the magic stuff please. PS. My name is Eric to 😉

- Amazing game! Love to see co-op added

The game it’s self is amazing I’ve herd people say this in the past but, I’ve never had a chance to try it out so I thought, lest give it a go and wow! This is good it reminds me a lot of Harvest moon 64 but way better! I under stand this is being developed by one person but I’d love to see the Co-Op feature (from the computer version) added in the future... Ps. Originally I had issues with the controls until I found all the other control schemes

- One of my favourite games ever, however

This game is a masterpiece, 10/10. However a couple weeks ago the game keeps crashing every time I open it now So fix the bug! I wanna get back to it!

- Dup glitch

Hey this game is great in all but when I got the crystal short sword on level 60 in then mines I think if your invitory is full then it will drop one and an other will be in the chest

- A little bit of feedback

My friend plays Stardew valley on the pc and I was wondering if the new stuff that’s on iPhone and iPad could also be on pc thank you for your time

- Keeps crashing on iPad Air :(

Since the update it keeps crashing. Before 1.4 it never crashed for me. Hoping this can be fixed :( also, some of the artefacts donated to the museum do not register in the diary (?), and when I give a diamond to grandpa’s shrine, if I save and close the game before finishing the same day, upon re entering the game, it gets stuck on a black screen whilst the music plays. This also happens if the games crashes before the day ends, then I have to restart the whole day again. Also when rearranging the house, the item sometimes goes awol, and to a completely different area than which I clicked. Secondly, sometimes when clicking around the house or on your spouse or child, it randomly picks up a painting or something else, which is not even near where you clicked. Hoping these issue can be addressed soon, as it does get a bit annoying, and I do love the game a lot. Lastly, please extend the time a little bit, it’s sort of too fast. Thank you :-)

- Favourite game!

Relaxing, beautiful, fun! Each time a play is different. I like I can play at my own pace. Fantastic music!

- Exelent game

This game is a lot of fun I’ve been playing for the last 2 years and still haven’t completed it because there’s so much to it. I only wish the mines were deeper and there was an elevator in the scull cave.

- Love the game

It is really a good game. It reminds me of harvest moon PS1 version. It is really hard to do fishing on ios 😩

- Great game but ruined by crashes

My game crashes at least once a Stardew day and it’s awful because I loose all progress for that day and there’s not pop up to start where I left off.

- Amazing game

This is probably my favourite game available on the App Store. One thing; could you please update the app so that it is comparable with the iPhone 11. At the moment the display interferes with the game play, and vice versa. For example, moving I always accidentally close the app because the iPhone 11 has replaced the home button.

- Amazing

This game is truly a masterpiece. Once of the greatest and most enjoyable games I’ve ever played. Not any bugs, except one. My game will crash sometimes. Not that often, but occasionally. I’d almost be done with the day, I had gotten a lot done and I’m making my way home to go to sleep and save my game, and it crashes. Loosing all the days progress. Please try and fix this, I really want this game to be a 5 star game, it’s almost their, but not yet.

- Amazing, but after updating to iPhone 11, awkward

When i play the game, it starts off great where i can tap and see everything. After i tap into the main menu and inventory and stuff like that, sometimes my health bar disappear behind the blacked out area at the top of my phone. Same with some of my items in the side bar. have to restart the game but by then i’ve lost progress. Please fix so the side bars don’t move around to behind the blacked out area.

- Does not support Chinese localization

Does not support Chinese localization. But still a great game. Sincerely hope the team can update a Chinese version

- Multiplayer and Cheaper

This game is amazing but I want to be able to play with my friends. I can’t for 2 reasons, 1 being there is no multiplayer on mobile addition and 2 my friends are not willing to buy it because it’s to expensive.

- Always randomly crashing 😡

I love this game but it always crashes and restarts my day, surly you make a nother way to save or something

- Totally the best

So fun but it does take up a lot of your time WARNING WARNING [SUPER ADDICTIVE]

- Amazing game! Suggestions and bugs:

So I play Stardew nearly everyday and I have things that annoy me and things that need to be added! So first of all, MULTIPLAYER needs to be added to mobile! It just does! And I’m pretty sure others can back me up on that. A bug that keeps on happening is when I enter Marnie’s ranch somtimes it just lags SO bad! Same thing when I enter the Carpenters shop, Robins house. And it just does not stop until I exit the ranch/carpenters. Fix this and add multiplayer mobile! Please!

- Stardew valley

Amazing farming sim but it keeps crashing since the last big upgrade and multiple small ‘fixes’. Running on the iPhone XR using all the latest updates of both the iPhone iOS and the game. Problem occurs when entering cut scenes in people homes or work places.

- In awe🤩😍!!

I picked up this game and have been unable to put it down!! The graphics and design is stunning and the gameplay is smooth and addictive I recommend this game to any or all players who come across this amazing game Definitely worth the money! :))

- Co-Op

Hey great game but can you please add Co-Op multiplayer I love this game.

- Very good

Amazing gameplay rlly fun and a generally good game


I love this game so much! It was worth the cost for sure! Now I have one thing that you gotta add in, MULTIPLAYER FOR IOS! Please I’m begging you! I introduced my friends to this game and they were really wanting multiplayer for iOS! Please I beg you! Add multiplayer for iOS! 😁😁😁😁😁😄😄😄😄

- New update 1.4

So, I've tried updating my game, but when it was fully loaded it would come up with a notification saying that the game could not be update at this time. Do I need to do something else before updating the game?

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- CRASHES OFTEN. Otherwise, great game

I enjoy the game thoroughly and I would spend hours playing it but it crashes constantly, multiple times an hour. The entire game will shut down and you lose all of your progress. Backup save button doesn’t work and it will restart from the last time you went to bed. This is very saddening as the game is quite fun and really immersive,but, now, you don’t have the chance to immerse yourself without the game closing itself out.

- Needs Multiplayer

This is a fine port of stardew, but I really want multiplayer. It would reach a lot of people and i think it would be good.

- Okay

This game is honestly greatly made and I love playing it, but I wish there was a co-op option on mobile too.

- It stopped letting me open the game

I love this game, it’s really fun, but it sometimes crashes and makes me restart the day if I forget to save backup during the day, recently it’s been really bad with the crashing and now I simply can open it on my phone anymore. I tried deleting other apps to see if that would help, I restarted my phone three times, still I cannot open it. I’m really disappointed because I really enjoy playing this game and I don’t know if this is just a bug or what, but if so I think someone should fix this.

- Great game but needs multiplayer

I think the games an amazing and fun game but multiplayer on mobile would make it even better, having multiplayer would make it more fun and entertaining to play with friends instead of just playing by yourself all the time. This game needs multiplayer.

- I love it.

The majority of folks giving this game a hard time are doing so just because they’re inexperienced morons. No, fishing is not hard. Get yourself a training rod and get out there for a couple days, you’ll pick it up. You’ve played it for ten minutes and find it boring? Well, sorry, no refunds; maybe try playing another ten. Your game is crashing? Congrats, for having the only valid complaint. That’s no good and I’m sure it’ll be fixed sooner rather than later. No Chinese? Boo-hoo. It’s an American game.

- Best chill game of all time

I really enjoy this game. Its very relaxing to play when your waiting on something or just bored. I own it on my xbox as well and i enjoy it all!

- The fishing is easy And NOT hard Ok!

Look I noticed lots of fishing complaints but you have it easy, try the Xbox and It Is Hard. Oh, by the way the game is great and it is worth the cost.

- Stardew valley 199

I love this game! crashes all the time! Multiple times a day it’s the most annoying thing! Why can’t they fix this?!? I highly recommend this game just not on mobile until they fix this problem! $8 for a game that constantly crashes?!?!?!

- Great Game

I’ve played this game for over 300 hours (across multiple platforms) and I haven’t gotten bored yet.


I just downloaded this game and it’s still downloading I hope it’s a great game because I’ve heard that the creators worked really hard and it’s expensive :p

- chinese please!!

we need chinese

- Help

Would be five because this is one of my favorite games but I’m having an issue with it crashing anytime I get in the app won’t let me get in at all anymore but still can’t bring my self to delete it please help

- Great but I have some suggestions

Well great game love it I like how you can get married to the npcs so cool but...could you make it to where your children grow up to be adults eventually that would be pretty cool and would you please make it to where it is way easier to get hardwood like where you can buy it from Robin that would be nice and well...that’s probably about it should be able to give people money thanks


Please please PLEASE let us be polyamorous!!!! This is my favorite game ever but I’d love it so much more if we would have poly characters!

- Pls make multiplayer on mobile/iOS possible

I love this app and play it so much but me and my friends always to play together and can’t so yeah.

- Good game barely crashes

For a pretty large it doesn’t crash.... fun addictive game

- Hey

I’m sad I love the game it’s fun and yeah but I bought the basement but it never showed up? I spent 100,000 gold on a bacement and it never appeared I checked in robins store and nope I can only do community builds I tried going back in time but that didn’t work.. I spent so much time on the world for it to not be completed dose anyone know how to fix this

- Super good game, one problem.

Stardew Valley is such a good game and it’s so so fun but one time, I had a problem with another game so I restarted my iPad and when it was done restarting, I went to play Stardew Valley and before I could even get to the home screen the game would crash. It does this repetitively no matter how much I try to play the game. I am still not able to play the game and I haven’t been since I restarted my iPad. I hope this gets fixed soon!

- INCREDIBLE Best Mobile Game EVER - (List Of Minor Bugs Included)

SUMMARY: You’re the farmer and you can run things however you want! Graphics are charming. The music and style choices make the game feel calm and relaxing. This is the best game to come to mobile, maybe EVER. *There are varieties of different crops for each season which keeps the game fresh and alive year after in-game year! *There are also a variety of animals! Cows, Sheep, Pigs, Ducks, etc. *Stardew Valley is an Open World and YOU get to decide what to do each day! Maybe you want to fish on the docks all day, or explore the dangerous mines for rare minerals and gems. *The relationships you build with townspeople also make the game more meaningful. *You can sell your crops/goods as-is or process them through a variety of methods to increase their value! You can give up farming and become a full-time rancher/explorer if you so choose! ***TO THE DEVS - A List of Bugs: -Aiming mechanics for slingshots/shooting mini-games (eg: during the SV Fair) don’t work at all. -Other Issues occur during nearly all event mini-games, such as the character sprite not turning properly during the deep sea fishing mini game, etc. -In-House WALL place-ables such as Calendars and Paintings cannot be placed on walls.

- Just a great game

That was and still is a great game. I did stop playing it to play other stuff and then I heard it’s music in a guide for it and now I’m getting it again. Can’t wait to start my adventure again

- Annoying

Almost every two days out of five the game crashes and the day needs to be restarted it is fun and all but it is annoying beyond belief. I have seen I am not alone please fix this.

- Amazing, Just a Few Suggestions

I love this game. I’ve played it since it first came out on the computer. Now I play it on the PlayStation, Switch, computer, my iPad, AND my iPhone. I know. I have a problem. This game is amazing, so I gave it five stars. I just keep wondering; why can’t this version be multiplayer too? It should be. I know I said suggestions, but I guess that’s my only one. Once more, I love Stardew Valley.

- Can’t even play.

Just bought and installed. Was so excited to play but every time I try to make a character, it freezes when I try to name them and it never unfreezes unless close the game. I’ve done everything I can to fix this and I’ve had no help from google. Genuinely upset. Wish there was a way to fix this.

- Omfg the best

There’s a glitch we’re if you talk to willie before 9:00 it will be to willies

- This game is amazing and superrr addicting

First before anything else, my one complaint is that you cannot connect your email to the game so if you get a new phone you can sign in and get your progress back. I am super attached to my farm and don’t have a pc so if my phone were to break I’d lose everything. That’s really scary. Otherwise the game itself is super fun!!! There’s always stuff to do so you never get bored and completing goals set for you as well as ones you make for yourself keep you constantly wanting to play and get farther in the game. All of the characters are really interesting too, and the amount of effort that must’ve been put into making this game is insane and deserves all the props. I’ve played 38 hours in the past 4 days so you KNOW it’s good. I love this game so I do really hope that there gets an update so I can save my farms if I get a new phone or break mine. Thanks for such a great game 😃

- Super awesome game, and I have some ideas!

Ok so this game is super awesome and everything buuuuut it could use some cool new things. I’ve been playing since forever and I thinks something cool would be adding last names! Then when Pierre greets you instead of calling you mr/mrs first name he would call you by your last name. It would also be cool to see some new scenes and characters, for instance what if you had a character come in who’s a pink haired girl named Mary, you introduce her on the second year in winter and she is single but to boys is unresponsive until 2 hearts adding lgbtq+ would be awesome! I really hope you read this and add new things to the game! Can’t wait! <3

- Fishing

The fishing is WAYYYY and I mean WAYYYYY too difficult to do for the iPhone Plz make it more simpler

- Great game, but some controls have issues

It’s really addicting and fun but I cannot fish because the controls make it extremely impossible to do so. PLEASE MAKE FISHING BETTER ON MOBILE DEVICES.

- Stardew

Love Stardew valley but what I would like to see in the next update is new animals like alpacas,llamas, and buffalo that would be so amazing and make the game more enjoyable and entertaining.

- Add multiplayer

Kinda getting bored of playing alone please allow us to play with our friends too in this version

- Overall

I adore this game. The stile, the colors, the characters, the storyline, the opportunities, and how you can truly make your own life. Two things that would be awesome is the option of having a gender neutral or non-binary option on the loading screen and or having little elf ears you could wear as a hat. Anyway still beautiful game love it.

- I love this game

I don’t check the time I love this game so much because it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played on this pad I love this game I could play it all day!

- Good game when bored

It’s a good game when you’re bored and have nothing to do. But after finishing the quests they give you at the beginning of the game and finishing the community center, there’s not much to do. You just plant/fish/mine/harvest and repeat over and over again until someone gives you a quest once in a while. It would be better if the mobile version had the same gameplay like the other platform versions.

- Game crashed

I lost my progress and my farm when I reinstall the app after the game crashed several times. Tried to contact the app support but I couldn’t because the “app support@ take me to a forum. I signed out for the forum but still I haven’t get help.

- Chineses Please!

Please Support Chineses Lauguage!

- help

game is great I have not played it yet but i play it on the Nintendo switch. When I try playing it it kicks me out

- Amazing.

One of the greatest games, for sure! Once you download it, be aware that you’re signing yourself up for one delightful addiction. It’s a rabbit hole that you can never escape from. The hard work to earn money, the mysterious quests, the tough effort to befriend the villagers and unlock numerous recipes and cutscenes, and finally: romancing the character you like! A very charming combination. Although I do hope there will be a multiplayer update like the PC version. ^^

- amazing,but ...

its crash for no reason on mobile please fix i love this game so much

- Fishing bundle problems

I absolutely love this game. The only problem is that I can’t put tiger trout into the river fishing bundle??

- Mobile Multiplayer?

Title says it all

- Best game ever. He found a perfect tone.

The game is gentle but adventuresome, simple to start but deep story. Great work Concerned Ape!

- Stardew valley multiplayer!

Hi i think it will be beautiful to make stardew valley online at iPhone, it would be very nice to play with friends because some people doesn’t own PC. Ty i hope you make online soon 😊

- Amazing!

This game is one of my favorite games ever! But I do have one question when I play it it glitched me out repeatedly so I had delete than her it again, but it’s still a amazing game!

- Love the game, BUT

I totally love this game. I’ve played it for many hours; but since one of the updates, it has been shutting itself off. I have lost anywhere from a days progress to several days progress. I would really like this to be fixed.

- Improvements?

No doubt ever since I started playing stardew valley I've been addicted. But sometimes I get a little annoyed with the controls, but I think a D-Pad option for controls would increase easier controls for players that are used to D-Pad Controls like minecraft etc. Other than that I really love the game and am looking forward to seeing addition get added into Stardew Valley IOS!

- Can someone tell me

This game is amazing and i have told all my friends to download and play it But i have problem in the game can someone tell me how can i have my dress in my dresser in the house ?plz if you know how tell it

- Excellent besides one large problem

Edit: Not being able to change controls becomes more and more of an issue the further you get into the game. Stardew Valley is the best game that I have EVER played. From farming hot peppers for your future boyfriend to exploding bombs in this mines, this game is excellent and just overall amazing. I have one very large problem though: You can’t change controls. Keep in mind that an iPhone is basically just a touchscreen Xbox or PlayStation. Now, that isn’t a problem with touch controls, but Stardew Valley is controller compatible (You can use an Xbox or PlayStation controller connected by Bluetooth). I have an Xbox, and on an Xbox, the share button is the inbox, the menu button is, well, the menu, as well as Y and B. But on an iPhone, the menu button is nothing, and Y is the inbox. There’s also no mouse, so you can’t check your energy. TLDR; The game is great but I hate how you can’t change controls, and that there’s no mouse.

- Fantastic

I Love this game

- Super fun but can’t play on newest iPhone model

I love the game but it isn’t compatible with the screen layout of iPhone 11, rendering the game almost unplayable. On my old iPhone 6 it was great though, otherwise would rate 5/5 stars

- Great game!!

Great price for a great game, many hours of play. This has a Harvest Moon game style but it’s better. I recommend.

- Update please!

I love this game so much, everything about it is great. I’d love an update though because I’m using an iPhone 11 and sometimes my game crashes and I lose the whole day :( but dang this game is so addictive and wholesome.

- Loss of museum collections

Good game, but today when I am playing I noticed that somehow I lost all my collections in the museum. My file was all right and all my museum rewards were safe, just everything showing in the museum is gone and tells me that I need to donate things that I have already donated. Little disappointed by this bug because I almost collected everything and now I have to collect everything again. PLEASE FIX IT! Thanks

- Awesome game

I was always looking for a harvest moon like game but a North American feel to it. When I saw this game I wanted to buy it and now I did on mobile. I love that it’s open ended and no rush to complete things. The graphics are cute and detailed. The only complaint I have is the game crashes randomly so I can’t always play along time. The auto save not always leaves me at the spot I was in. I save the game by going to sleep since I worry my progress won’t be saved.

- .


- Gamevice

For those looking for joystick controls get gamevice.

- Great game but . . .

I love everything about this game but I’m really disappointed that it doesn’t have multiplayer. Every other version does so I hope it is implemented soon as it would make this great game that much better.

- I downloaded this a year ago and I only played it once

Man LOL I’m the weirdest guy here but, I had a time in my life I REALLY wanted to play this game just from the looks of it, then I played it for like 2 hours and I haven’t played since. IM GONNA PLAY IT TODAY I READ ABOUT IT now I’m excited. Sorry I’m really cooked

- Isn't available for iPhone 5c

Is there any chance this will be available for iPhone 5c? I can't download the new update.

- Refreshing and fun!

I love this game so much! The only thing I could think of to improve is: iCloud backup.

- Crashing

Great game but it’s been crashing recently

- Pet glitch

I’m really enjoying the game on mobile but having an annoying glitch that I hope gets fixed soon every time I load my game and start my day the event where Marnie gives me my dog plays, getting very frustrating having to sit through the event every time I load up my save file to play the game.

- Just downloaded, won’t open

I just downloaded the game onto my iPad, which is listed as compatible. Every time I try to open the game it immediately comes back to my home screen.

- love it

Like harvest moon for the Nintendo DS, totally worth the money

- Crash

I love the game but every day ( in the game ) the game crash and i loose all the day ... i put the last update and still doo it

- 🤩

Awesome game!! Absolutely addicted! It would be even more awesome if you could hold you baby when it was standing up in the crib! Like be able to carry it around the house or even outside! Again awesome game really recommended!

- So much fun, crashes occasionally

I love Stardew and have played it on pc and switch, when I saw it on iOS I couldn’t resist grabbing it. So many hours of enjoyment, thanks for keeping me sane during covid isolation! Only problem is it will crash when I enter town, the carpenter shop and wizards hut, rarely. I’ve found if you stand still for a moment the game will catch up to you and just glitch a bit opposed to full on crashing. Would give 5 stars if it wasn’t for the occasional crash.

- Love.

I would give this 5 stars, but only when you guys come out with co-op for your iOS version. Otherwise, I’m in love with the game

- Co op mode

I love this game! It would be really nice if there’s a co op version on the mobile apps as well. It’d be more fun to play with friends! :)

- Constant crashing

I absolutely love this game ... but for the past week or so the app keeps crashing near the end of my days!! I can’t play more than one day (game day) without crashing. PLEASE HELP! It’s taking my love of the game away! I’m playing on an IPad Air for your info.

- Great game but a few glitches

So I’ve tried changing the colour of clothing with the rainbow shell and every time it crashes the game. Pretty annoying. And the game doesn’t always save even though it says it does. Otherwise great game!

- Good game with a few Bluetooth controller bugs

Controller bugs: If the Dwarvish Translation Guide is obtained by pressing the square button on the PS4 controller upon being rewarded by the librarian, it would be obtained as a placeable item in the inventory that could never be used or learned. Fortunately, I was able to revert to a previous save to use the touch controls to use the item as it was being presented as a reward. Otherwise, I would have wasted a lot of time getting to this point in the game. Slingshot weapons just uses up all of the stone ammos if I try to move with the left stick of the PS4 controller. Otherwise, this seems to be a good game so far.

- game crashing

hi! absolutely love the game so far. just that when i try to open the app it opens to the chucklefish logo then immediately closes. help?

- Still some bugs to work out

Really awesome way to get through the current crisis. Only thing is a bug, any time a competition requires fishing (not normal fishing, just event-specific), the “fishing” glitches out immediately. The game freezes and either crashes or continues on while your avatar is frozen in place. Bummer, but the only problem I’ve encountered in this spectacular mobile version. Couldn’t recommend enough.

- Great game but...

I absolutely love this game, but sometimes the game crashes for no reason and I lose all of my progress for that day. I just caught so many rare fish and the game crashed, again, and I lost all of those fish.

- Oh Jeez!!!

It’s really fun, I have it on pc but since it broke recently I was really happy to find it here!!! It’s actually been kinda easier playing it on here, maybe it’s because I can zoom out and decide where I want to go easier? I really can’t wait to see if there’s a multiplayer mode added because I really want to get back to playing with my partners in crops! Farming and mining together would be hella fun! Thanks for the great game mah dudes!!!😎

- ???

Game worked on my iPhone 8, got iPhone XR today and now the game cuts out on the sides and corners making certain buttons not usable and unable to play

- This game is really awesome

I play this game all day lol I got 160 hour right now and I’m going to keep playing

- Let me walk by my animals

Game is great but this version has a problem with the animals. Especially my cat. They would stand in the way of the doorway or even the hallway to my bed. And i spend like 2 in game hours waiting for my cat to move away from the entrance to leave. Or worse wait till the end of the day and passout in my house. I wish theres a way to pick them up or have a feature to make them move like pouring water over them or poking them 5 times to make them move. Other than that annoyance its a good game

- Amazing

You only need to pay ONCE. This game is so amazing. There are so many layers and I’ve seen people with worlds with over 900 hours of gameplay. This has been updated to have all types of controls so you can use whatever you like. I’ve heard it’s similar to harvest moon but I have never played it myself. I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys things like animal crossing. Masking job by the developer. I’d give more than 5 stars if I could.

- Addicted

Can’t stop playing. If I’ve been playing for hours on end-it does crash and reminds me to stop playing for awhile. It’s very comparable to harvest moon which I love! There’s lots to do in this game other than farming to keep it entertaining. Perfect game for the COVID19 isolator haha

- It’s a great game; unless you want to fish.

I really enjoy this game, except I find fishing almost impossible. Since the fishing mini game is so difficult I am missing out on a whole portion of the game. It is a little disappointing.

- Multiplayer

I very love this game but could you add a multiplayer mode please?

- Perfect game, except needs to support multiplayer

I love this game. After spending years stressing out about killing monsters with large groups of players, this is as zen as zen can be. The only stressful day is planting day, and even then the soothing soundtrack will just ease all woes and make you forget your troubles. The only thing missing is the support for multiplayer found on every other platform.

- Really good

I love it, it keeps me occupied for hours. The only thing that bothers me is how slow the character walks. I’d like to be able to travel to destinations through the map or at least have a run option.

- Great game but..

The mobile version lacks many things compared to the pc or console version. It lacks multiplayer, mods, as well as smooth controls and better and easier access to farming/battling and other criteria that pc version has. I feel that maybe there should be something exclusive to the mobile version if multiplayer or mods can’t be added to it.

- Ok

Games really fun and all but there are somethings I wanna know one why can’t I open app on my iPad two next update can u plz add the tractor mod in normal game so u don’t take so long collecting plants also add someway to place seeds faster like a new tool that plants seeds by it material.

- There is a joystick

Go in the settings and you can change to a joystick in some review it says that there is not a Joy stick but there is

- Multiplayer update???

When will we get a multiplayer update??

- Crash

My game keeps crashing. I love to play but can’t understand why my game keeps shutting down. I have plenty of iCloud storage and room on my ipad. It shuts down while in game play and sometimes while I’m saving my day.

- I need help

I really don’t understand how to get new clothes for the the different seasons I would really appreciate if someone told me how to get shorts.

- Tractor mod

Great game.... hope to see tractor mod in the future updates

- Crashes

everything ran perfectly until last update, now i can’t even open the app without it crashing. i’m about 5 years into the game and don’t want to loose my progress. i’m playing on an iphone xsmax

- Bobby Lee brought me here

He talks about this game incessantly on various podcasts so I finally decided to try it. So much to explore!

- Fishing is impossible

Love the game but I’m finding fishing impossible. I’ve bought the training rod and practice every day but I’m lucky if I catch a fish at all.

- Refund

hi i played this game for less than 15 mins and it’s really not my thing, sorry. i’d like to request a refund.

- Add multiplayer!

There’s multiplayer on the switch but only have it on mobile. Please add multiplayer for the iPad!

- Great game

Awesome but needs co-op functionality

- Multiplayer

Multiplayer please put it in because me and my brother whant to Join the game on are iPads put in pls😀

- Stupid and dumb do not get

I don’t think you should waste your time playing this dumb game because your game is easily deleted and I tryed joining the game and now it is gone dumb dumb stupid game

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- Waste of money

Just dull and uninteresting. Uninstalled. Also, I get the graphics are supposed to be retro, but when you barely make out what you’re looking at, it becomes tiresome

- Great Game

This Game Is Really Fun It Rivals Animal Crossing In Enjoyment Sometimes

- Clone

It’s just a bad clone of harvest moon. How about you have an original idea for a game?

- My favourite game of all time.

This game is literally my soul mate in the form of a game. I have spent HOURS on it and it still brings me just as much joy as it did when I first downloaded it. It’s so relaxing and has helped me cope with a lot of issues just through being able to escape for a while in this lovely world. Thankyou concerned ape <3

- AMAZING but I have a few requests...

I love this game and it’s awesome! I really recommend it but there are a few things I’d like to be added but I understand if you can’t do this. Though I’d really appreciate it. 1: Getting to 8 hearts of friendship with someone is so hard! It takes ages. If it’s different with people sorry, but with Abigail it seems to take forever. If you could speed this process up a bit I’d be thankful. 2: Why is Robin’s house upgrade cost SO MUCH GOLD. All I want is a kitchen :( 3: It barely. Ever. Saves! About 10 times already in the past few days I’ve gone back on and it hasn’t saved. More saving would be nice. Thanks for reading! 😊

- Love this game!

Truly wonderful game, as good as and even better than most top farming games currently out! Massive fan of Stardew valley, and I could spend hours playing it, struggling with the fishing a little but everyone’s telling me it gets easier the more you do it so will keep going until I master it lol, I would highly recommend this game and so worth buying!

- This game is Amazing

A great game all though they should maybe add more events and things to the years also being able to get more than just one horse would be great especially for multiplayer! And for multiplayer maybe cheaper houses? 🤔 but love the game and it’s definitely worth the buy ❤️

- Such a wonderful game!

I absolutely love this game and is worth the money you pay. I do have a minor issue with Robin. Quiet often after upgrading a barn or building she stays stuck on my farm for the remainder of the day, yesterday she was stuck in the saloon near to were Pam usually is. Also I am occasionally having crashes, as I said they are minor issues and certainly don’t deter me from playing...such a joy to play 😊

- Recommended

Soooo goood and relalxing

- Love it! But Multiplayer!!!

This game is fabulous but I wish it had multiplayer which could be played cross platform!

- Amazing

I LOVE Stardew Valley on PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch and last but not least iOS but there’s a few glitches on iOS that you could maybe fix I don’t know but it would be good if you could so the first one is sometimes when I save and quit and go back on my farm Marnie is stood there with another cat for me to adopt when I already have one and then I have two! Number two where ever I tap my character goes the wrong way and just runs away I must admit it is hilarious watching you character do this but it would be nice if you fix this. They are the only fixes I know about but I would REALLY like if you could pls add MULTIPLAYER. Me and my friend really want to play multiplayer and we can’t so for future updates pls can you add it in other than all that STARDEW VALLEY IS THE BEST GAME EVERRRR!!!!

- Great game

Really relaxing game - nice to have something which doesn’t require you to play all the time or dictate what you have to do and when. However all of a sudden I’ve lost the ability to break stones with my axe ams as I’ve just changed seasons this has limited what I can do on my farm?

- Amazing game, but has one issue

I am really addicted to this game right now, it is fun and keeps me entertained for hours, but one thing about this game that really annoys me is the fact it keeps crashing and it kicks me out of the game, i would go out from 6am to 10pm and as I start running home to sleep (save game), the second I reach the door it crashes and then kicks me out the game causing me to lose most of the stuff i got. Other than that, I’m loving the game so far

- Gutted

I absolutely love this game, I used to play on steam but then I found it on IPhone, it’s been fine right up to an hour ago. It goes to load, shows up to chuckle fish logo. Gets to black screen with loading in the bottom left corner. Then the loading sign goes, but it’s says with the screen black. CN I have advice on how to fix this? I was going to uninstall and reinstall... but I’m on the second year..

- One of the best games ever!

This is one of my all time favourite games. But, I have only ever experienced the mobile version of the game. Not the pc or console version. I love the plethora of content that comes with this game! It is endless! Unless you decide to not play it... in which case your loss. I like how you can friend the npcs in the game. This makes it truly what you want the game to be. I love how there are different play styles too choose from. And objectives for those different styles. I love the game’s art style and music. The few cons, most aren’t bad at all: The fishing is really hard The mobile version doesn’t have multiplayer. It should cost way more than £7.99!!!!!!!!!!! I love this game too pieces!

- it’s EXTREMELY GOOD I LOVE IT but.. one problem

So, it’s very good but in the middle of the game at a Fall the game keeps crashing and it will never let me back in. Please fix this :( then I have to re download it and it won’t save my data and I have to restart and keep getting kicked out by fall.. please fix this! I am in an iPad Air 2 and it keeps happening

- Great title

Gonna keep it simple .its a great port . I play this on my iPad . Just wish it had cross save to I could hop between that and my iPhone .new to this game so I’ll report back on any major issues !

- Literal masterpiece.

This game is amazing. At the start, I wasn’t invested at all, played it a little and then left it alone while I did other things. Months later, I found this game still on my iPad and decided to try it again, with the encouragement of good reviews and gameplay on YouTube. I am so invested right now. The detail in the game is amazing. The cycle of seasons makes it even more realistic. I am growing my farm slowly but surely and everything feels and looks great. I love the addition of the extra backpack and I have already spent countless hours collecting things and selling things for profit. -No faults -Smooth gameplay -Plenty to do -You get to have a pet of your own (Cat or Dog) -Time waster And, no joke: there is a wizard. A wizard. w I z a r D. Basically, download it. It’s a literal masterpiece.

- Amazing but keep crashing!!!

I have the top of the range iPad and it keeps crashing please resolve and I’ll happily give 5*

- Just like the PC version

I’m playing this on the iPad Pro and it is pretty much identical to the PC version.

- Cloud save

A cloud save would work wonders with this game.

- Brilliant game couple of issues

I love this game, 100% my favourite. My only downfall, I would love to complete my museum, however, some of the items (ancient seed, rare disc, chipped amphora, etc...) do not register as being donated even if they have been donated. Which is really disappointing as it prevents me from completing the museum.

- I don’t like to write reviews...

But this game totally deserves one! I’ve been playing it on Xbox One and when I discovered it on iPhone, I was so happy 😊 I was a bit concerned, because phone has a lot smaller screen than tablet (and TV!), but controls are very intuitive and comfortable. Storyline, music, characters etc, everything is so beautiful. It really makes you travel to another world 🥰 I wish there was an option to upgrade dog/cat house. And for kids to grow up a bit, so they can go to the library and learn with others. Also, you never take your kids with you to the events. If everyone is there, who’s taking care of them? 🤔 Some additional dialogues with NPC after wedding and having a baby would be nice. Everything feels so well put together and realistic except for that, lol. How about Stardew Valley 2? Play as siblings of your character from SV1 😊 Other kids are grownups now, town has changed and is expanding etc. One sibling stays with mum and dad on the farm to help, another one is moving out and starting from scratch. I’d definitely recommend this game and will support it, even tho I’m already 35 😅 Would love to buy additional DLC in the future. Near future, please 💕

- Crashing issues

Greatgame, so many different ways to play and so many aspects, only downfall is that occasionally the game will crash and you lose that days progress and have to restart, it becomes very frustrating if it crashes towards the end of the day. Otherwise a fantastic game.

- I do love this game but

Just a question why can’t you take your children out of the house or into town because I just think that could improve the game a whole lot more. And if there was an emote pack kind of thing so that the game is more fun like dancing with spouse or on your own and other fun things

- I love this game but........

I love this game but the amount of crashes and forced closures are a little annoying, especially when I was approaching floor70 of skull cavern then BOOM! The app crashes and I’m back at the beginning of the day and I then have to try all over again. It’s really frustrating. Today in fact it has forced closed on me 3 times. I have put a lot of hrs in to playing this game and this is pretty much the only problem that actually bothers me. It’s a great game, one of my favourites to play on the iPad and Is totally worth the money.

- Great fun

Love it, but I got a new iPad and I can’t copy across my iPhone save to it, wish it had save across devices options, I’ve tried dragging files across but it won’t open x

- Multiplayer

This game is worth the money and is a great game. This game would be even better if multiplayer was added to mobiles and iPads.

- One of the best games on iOS

I’ve had this game on my iPad for nearly a year now. Considering the fact that this is quite a large game, it runs incredibly well on iOS, and seems to work too. If you’re into sims, or just want a bit of an escape, then this game is definitely for you.

- Good but

Amazing game throughout! Really enjoyed it. Nothing to do once completed all activities tho :(

- Disappointed, lost a chest full of goodies

I saw this game on app store for a reduced price of £4.99 few weeks ago so I decided to download it. I enjoyed playing it until last week on my year 2 winter, one my chests that was placed outside Willy’s shop on the ocean deck full of purple/gold stars and hard to catch fishes was gone after the night market. I tried to load the game few times but it was still missing. I wasted over 60 hours playing this game that I couldn’t turn back. I decided to stop playing and delete the game.

- honestly favourite game ever

growing up harvest moon was my favourite game so if its yours just simply get this! also, would seriously love multiplayer to be introduced to phone app, would be very much appreciated! thank you for an amazing game 🎉🎉🎉

- iPhone XR screen issue

I love this game but have just switched from an iPhone 8plus to an XR and now my inventory is covered by the front facing camera in landscape mode.... is there a way around it? It doesn’t seem compatible.

- The next bid update?

I like the new update and I have an idea for the next update. I was thinking that there should be a new area that is broken and abandoned with old houses. We should be able to fix the houses and when we do, new people with come to the valley via bus. There should a shop or a business there. I don’t know what would be in there.

- Kicks me out

The game keeps on kicking me out. I do not want to delete as I would loose progress

- Crashing problem

I’m playing Stardew on my iPad mini 3 and I love it. So far I’ve played for 105 hours and I still love playing. However, I have a real problem with it crashing. It used to happen occasionally now it’s happening every second or third “Stardew day” and I lose that day’s progress. My iPad has the latest version of iOS so it’s not that. I checked on the App Store and the game is not due an update. Why is this happening and is there anything I can do to stop it? Many thanks.

- A suggestion

We need Chinese!!! Plz

- The best game ever (equal to fortnite)

I’ve been looking on YouTube lately when I came across a video by one of my favourite youtubers about stardew valley I thought I would try the game out for myself and paid the small fee of £7.99. As soon as my finger hit the new button and I created my character it was non stop fun! The only thing to improve is maybe a help button for some things but other than that it is worth the money.

- Addicted via my niece

Have become addicted in 24 hours after my niece introduced me to the game we are enjoying due to social isolation


When I first got this game I didn’t think much of it, but when you start to get into it their is so much you can do. It may seem a bit pricey but it’s worth it. It also has tons of detail, imagination and things you wouldn’t even imagine. LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH !!!!

- Good but.....


- Just the best mobile game

Honestly the best game I’ve ever played on mobile, it’s actually better than the PC / console versions (at least in vanilla). Highly recommended, massive time sink 😁😁

- Time sink

Had this on pc , but never really got into it, but on IPad it is so easy to pick up and spend hours on. I find the controls perfectly ok. There is always something to be getting on with. Perfect game for these difficult times.

- Crashing

This game is amazing but it crashes at least every few hours on my iPad and loses my progress. Very annoying.

- Marvellous

Undoubtedly the best game available on iOS, especially when played with a controller.

- Crashing

Love this app but it keeps crashing i don’t know why

- iOS issues

Lovely absorbing game, but a couple of issues: successful fishing is extremely difficult (impossible?) on iPhone! And, please could we have a multiplayer?!

- Great game but needs to be fixed!

Don’t get me wrong this game is fantastic and I just can’t get enough of this game the only issues I’m having from this game, is that it constantly freezes and crashes after two or three days in game and I’ve noticed a lot of bugs too inside my house where the floor is all white/grey colour but the original floor I had was a brown colour, not only that the chairs change colour whenever I press on them which shouldn’t happen please can you fix this it would make the game a lot fun to play instead of constantly crashing... overall an amazing game.

- Enjoyable but then ...

I purchased it 2 days ago (IPAD PRO)and it was a great fun and enjoyable. Today (2/4/20) I updated my iOS, playing my game as usual to find out I can’t use my tools 😩 I can’t break the rocks or cut trees. Even I tried to restart my iPad or save and re open. So I decided to delete the game and re download it. Start from day 1 again it was fine then day 2 I can’t be able to use my tools again. Please can someone fix this as I don’t want to waste my £8 and it was a great fun.

- A True Farm Tale, both relaxing and addictive!!😌🐓🐄🐖

This port of Stardew Valley is AMAZING!! It plays just like the console version; smooth and the controls are natural as opposed to some tablet games I have played. If you have an iPad or iPhone and you have a spare couple of hours in the evening, this is the game for you. Stardew Valley is a warm game that is always inviting you back to play. 🐕🐈🐓🦆🦖🐖🐑🐄🐐

a metaphor for life á la stardew valley: I went all the way to the desert to give sandy a gift for her birthday and…

daniel bryan should play stardew valley on tout aka twitch

@tomgara Stardew Valley. It will suck up 5-6 of those 14 days easy.

pronto, to viciada em house flipper e stardew valley, tudo culpa da @cherryrar

@graylish The Tourist, Stardew Valley, Dragon Quest Builders, Mario Odys, Mario Maker...thats all i got

@virtuallyoon: I literally started a new farm on Stardew Valley yesterday this is a SIGN

@biratriz Stardew Valley?

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Stardew Valley Screenshots & Images

Stardew Valley iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Stardew Valley iphone images
Stardew Valley iphone images
Stardew Valley iphone images
Stardew Valley iphone images
Stardew Valley iphone images
Stardew Valley iphone images
Stardew Valley iphone images
Stardew Valley iphone images
Stardew Valley iphone images
Stardew Valley iphone images
Stardew Valley ipad images
Stardew Valley ipad images
Stardew Valley ipad images
Stardew Valley ipad images
Stardew Valley ipad images
Stardew Valley ipad images
Stardew Valley ipad images
Stardew Valley ipad images
Stardew Valley ipad images
Stardew Valley ipad images
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Stardew Valley (Version Install & Download

The applications Stardew Valley was published in the category Games on 2018-10-24 and was developed by Chucklefish Limited [Developer ID: 1163786770]. This application file size is 349.86 MB. Stardew Valley - Games posted on 2020-03-22 current version is and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Stardew Valley Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Simulated Gambling
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes

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