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What is stardew valley app? Move to the countryside, and cultivate a new life in this award-winning open-ended farming RPG! With over 50+ hours of gameplay content and new Mobile-specific features, such as auto-save and multiple controls options.

**Winner of the Golden Joysticks' Breakthrough Award**
**Nominee of Game of the Year 2017 - BAFTA Games Awards**



■ Turn your overgrown fields into a lively and bountiful farm

■ Raise and breed happy animals, grow a variety of seasonal crops and design your farm, your way

■ Customize your farmer and home! With hundreds of options to choose from

■ Settle down and start a family with 12 potential marriage candidates

■ Become part of the community by taking part in seasonal festivals and villager quests

■ Explore vast, mysterious caves, encountering dangerous monsters and valuable treasure

■ Spend a relaxing afternoon at one of the local fishing spots or go crabbing by the seaside

■ Forage, grow crops and produce artisan goods to cook up as a delicious meal

■ Rebuilt for touch-screen gameplay on iOS with mobile-specific features, such as auto-select to toggle quickly between your farming tools and auto-attack to swiftly take down fiendish monsters in the mines

■ Continue farming from where you last left off with auto-save (even if you close the app!)

■ Play the game your way with multiple controls options, such as touch-screen and virtual joystick

■ Newly Updated Single Player Content - Including new town upgrades, dating events, crops, fishing ponds, hats, clothing, and new pets! Plus more to be discovered...


“The best version of Stardew Valley is the one you have with you … This game is absolutely incredible, and will not disappoint.” - TouchArcade

"Stardew Valley beautifully combines farm simulation with RPG elements to create an intriguing, absorbing rural world." - IGN

“Far more than just a farming game... filled with seemingly endless content and heart.” Giant Bomb

"Village life has never been so accessible and satisfying" - The Telegraph

“Stardew Valley has been the most rich and heartwarming experience I’ve had in a game in years.” CG Magazine


Note: Features new 1.4 update story content, multiplayer functionality not supported. No in-app purchases.

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Stardew Valley Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Stardew Valley Version January 2021

Adjust toolbar position on iPhone SE Second Generation..

Stardew Valley Version March 2020

Fix for museum sometimes losing donations Fix for issue where getting parsnip seeds in late game could start quests already completed Other minor bug fixes.

Stardew Valley Comments & Reviews 2022


Ever since the first 1.4 update, my game will randomly crash. It NEVER used to do that before. I used to be able to play this game for hours on end without it crashing once. My computer, for whatever reason, stopped being able to run the game properly, and I was super upset, but then I found it on mobile, and I’ve logged over 150 hours just playing it on mobile. But now that it’s crashing… Look, for a game like this, where there is no save button, and the only saving that happens is when the day ends, and if you’re try to get the most out of an in-game day, you spend 15 or so minutes playing. Losing that much progress, and having to do it all over again, is really annoying, but more than that, it’s discouraging. I have the most recent update of the game, and I tested it, and it’s still crashing randomly, with no consistency between location, time, action, or anything. It’s just fully random. I’ll keep an eye on updates as they release and test the game after each one, but if it keeps crashing, I’m not sure how much more I can play this game. I tried to just keep playing in spite of the crashing, and I ended up spending an hour playing the same day five separate times. It stops being fun when you can’t trust the game to not screw you over. Please, please, PLEASE fix this. If I can’t play this game on my phone, then I won’t be able to play it at all, and that would be so disappointing.

- I love this game, minor changes needed for best experience

I do adore this game, I have played it on my friends switch for hours on end after them went to bed and even when they were awake. When I herd it was coming to mobile I was stoked, I immediately preordered and the moment it was out I was downloading. I began to play and noticed differences in controls, when I started playing there were three things I would change. Not having to switch between tools, it was in the right place it’s a wonderful mechanic, until your trying to water your crops and you accidentally use your pickaxe and destroy it. Smaller screen, once again in the right place a smaller screen smaller window right? As someone who likes to see more especially with such vast spaces like the woods a bigger area that you can see is preferred, if there were perhaps an option to scale this in any way that would be perfect. Some things take more time, compared to the switch at least. One of the things I loved about the switch was just being able to throw things into the deposit box. When I noticed this ability had been removed I was saddened partly due to inside jokes but mainly because it saved time being able to run by and throw things was easier then having to open a menu and select from there. Anyway those are just three small things I would be so happy if were changed but these things wouldn’t keep me from this game ever. It’s such a fun and immersive game that just steals your attention, it’s fantastic.

- One of my #1 games!!

If you’re wondering if this is worth the money, trust me, in my opinion it totally is! The soundtrack and art is beautiful! Of course, it’s not for everyone and does require some strategy and patience, but I highly recommend. I had no clue what Stardew valley was before I saw this game pop up on the App Store. I thought it looked pretty interesting so I decided to give it a try.. And oh my gosh, it is GREAT! It’s not the traditional kind of game. There are traditional aspects but it is different from any other games you can play. All of the characters have a lot of depth and thought, the art and design is beautiful, and the world building makes it feel immersed! For a relatively small map and not too many characters, I’ve put dozens and dozens of hours into the game. To be honest, sometimes I need to take some breaks for a few weeks at a time because it can be slow paced at times. But otherwise, there is LOTS of content! It’s not some sort of game that you go through and finish once and then you’re done. Because you can play it many times and there’s still new things to explore. I highly recommend it to anyone who it might appeal to. It is a beautifully done game. And if I were to recommend a few games that you HAVE to play at least once I would recommend this as one of them. I absolutely love it! If you’re someone who is savvy of games that you can play for hours and feel immersed in the world, this it it!

- This game keeps yanking me back in!

This game stardew valley was a huge success. It is my main game along with Minecraft and fortnite. This game somehow has a simple, even magical feel sometimes, and that’s how this game keeps me sane during the coronavirus pandemic, and I’m giving this game a 5 star rating because I love it. But I do have a question. Don’t parsnips grow in winter and spring? Also, I can’t figure out how to fix the old town center or whatever the little shack is. Oh, nevermind. Just thought of a way that just might work. Do you have to complete the little sets of items on the tree with presents? I don’t know. But overall, I give it five stars because it is addicting, you can work at your own pace, and it gives you something to focus on other than school and reading and homework. This is just so fun! It’s definitely worth every penny you spend on purchase. Because, doesn’t it cost money? But also, I have only caught one fish 🐟 out of the many times I have gone fishing. I caught a smallmouth bass, and nothing else. Is this a bug, or am I just really unlucky? Or did I do something at the beginning, because I don’t remember if there was anything on fish in the settings where you start your file. Also, it needs more of an ending than, grandpas ghost. We need something with more longitivtiy to it. Something more interesting. Goodbye, and have a great day!

- Why I Play

I’ve never really written a review for a game before, but I decided that I have to write something for Stardew Valley. When I first bought the game around Thanksgiving of 2019, I had never heard of this game. I was bored, and decided to try it out. I had never seen a game like this before on mobile, and didn’t really have high hopes, so much to my surprise, after the first week of my download, I had put in close to 22 hours into the game. This game is truly unique in its ability to entrance you, and make you feel truly connected to this game. Between the complex NPCs, the music, and the art of the game itself, it gives off a truly peaceful vibe, but also deep messenges that resonate in your soul. Every minute a put into this game feels like time well spent, and I began to do a little reading into this game. It turns out that this game is on steam, and was created by ConceredApe. What was truly remarkable was the fact that he did this by himself, every single thing in Stardew valley was coded and designed by a single man, dedication that you very rarely see anymore. I have grown to love Stardew valley, and plan to get it on steam soon. I hope that the mobile version continues to receive updates like the most recent 1.4.1 version that came out on PC. I would and have recommend this game to anyone who listens, because it’s truly a great, beautiful game.

- Best Game Ever.

I usually never give reviews, but Stardew Valley is just too good not to review. First let’s start with the graphics and the music. The graphics are good, and very smooth. It never lags. The music is all wonderful, especially the summer music. Now let’s talk about the storyline. You inherit your grandfather’s old farm, and there’s a community center you need to save. It sounds simple, but there’s more to the storyline. The community center is inhabited by little forest spirits called junimos. They look like cute apples with arms and legs, and if you give them things, they will fix parts of town that mayor Lewis is too lazy to fix. There are also many npcs, and they each have their own stories, and you can even marry some of them. The gameplay is really fun. It’s so addicting that I clocked over 100 hours on one of my games. You basically just get up, plant and water your crops, sell them once their fully grown, and fish and mine while you wait for them to grow. You can also upgrade your tools and unlock new areas. There are also festivals you can go to, and you can also try to complete the community center(or sell your soul to Joja). There’s so much to do, and lots of fun secret features and Easter eggs for you to find. Overall, I rate this game 10/10 stars. It’s amazing, and if you haven’t already, you should definitely try it.

- Takes Getting Used To

I love Stardew Valley. I put many (too many) hours into it on PC, and, upon seeing it available on mobile, I decided to try it out. Before I bought it, I noticed how the controls were complained about by many, but I decided that I could work it out. The game overall is a brand new experience, different from most other games. The graphics are a joy to look at, the soundtrack and sound effects are done well enough, and the quests that you can do are seemingly never ending. The ability to not just farm, but to fish, mine, quest, adventure, and socialize makes for a game with so much content that you’ll probably never ship every item in the game. As for the controls, you just have to customize them and adjust to them. Personally, I hated having to click wherever I wanted to go/interact with. So, after a trip to the settings, I was able to make it an invisible joystick with a button. This configuration was that of my dreams. It worked just how I wanted it to, and it allowed me to enjoy the game much, much more. If you are on the fence about getting Stardew Valley, I’d recommend it. It has something for everyone: farming, crafting, mining, fighting, socializing, questing, and more. Stardew Valley is a great game on mobile and just requires some adjustment. I hope I helped.

- One of my favorite indie games of all time

Seeing how I love farming in Minecraft I thought this would be a good fit. I quickly learned that this game may look like just a farming game but it is definitely way more that. This game has a very casual complexity. From dungeon diving and killing monsters to raising farm animals and making mayonnaise all while repairing the town. This game will make you feel like every second counts and there is well enough to keep you busy. I find this game very therapeutic mostly because I get to move at my own pace and the only times I get upset are because of my own actions. There also is some strategy to this game with the seasons changing every 30 days. Choosing a crop that’s in season and cost efficient yet rewarding to harvest in a timely manner is crucial to your farms success. There are so many things to do aside from farming like donating things you find to the museum then there’s rebuilding the old community center and last but not least uncovering the secrets that lie within stardew valley. This game is a blast all around and I would recommend everyone play it at least once. I played it on my computer and loved it so much I bought it on my phone and it plays exactly the same. If you looking for a game where you can put on some music and relax then this is definitely your game.

- Love the game. But needs bug fixes.

I would give this game a 5/5 rating if it weren’t for the fact that it has a few bugs that need to be squashed. So, whenever I go to a new location/building sometimes my game will get super laggy, freeze, then crash. Then the day is reset and I have to do the day all over again and it gets REALLY annoying. I was going to overlook this as it only happens about once every 15 in-game days, but there was a day I went into the skull cavern and got 36 Omni geodes (it was a really lucky day)! I was so happy and was going to spend it on artifact troves, then, when I leave the mine and go into the desert’s main part, my game did this. (Again it happens fairly frequently, this time just really annoyed me) So I had to do the day over and only got 25 Omni geodes. This is just a pain and should be fixed. Now, this is a smaller one, but annoying none the less. So I go to the skull cavern a lot, and I use bombs to clear the floors. Sometimes it will till dirt in the cavern and things like clay, gold and ancient seeds will come out of the ground. Now I am able to collect the clay and gold. But when I pick up ancient seeds they don’t show up in my inventory. This is a smaller one, but I would still like to be able to pick up ancient seeds and have them in my inventory afterwards. Edit: in this save I have gave logged 191 hours (on year 4)

- Really great! Just a few suggestions

So I’d like to start off by saying I really enjoy this game! I love how most of the time there’s something to do and it’s never boring! I also love how every character has their own personality and backstory. One thing I hope to see added is multiplayer. I have two friends with this game but they have it on Xboxes so they can play together but since I’m on mobile, I can’t. Another thing is I wish it saved more. There was one time I had about 2 to 3 thousand coins worth of stuff that I collected in my inventory but I had to go and when I came back I had to restart the day and I lost it. It’s not a huge problem but something that could make a small difference. One last thing is I wish getting the nursery house expansion were cheaper. After I got married I wanted a kid but it’s so much money and the game got pretty slow for a while. Eventually I gave up on getting a kid and just did other stuff like collect items for the community center and stuff. The game itself is pretty expensive and I see why you don’t have in app purchases but maybe there should be an easier way to get money? Or lower the prices of things like the furniture and wallpaper catalogs, and of course the nursery? Like I said before I absolutely adore this game and think it could be super fun to play with friends if given the option! Thank you!

- Best game ever

This is seriously the best game I’ve ever played. I can’t stop telling people about it. The amount of challenges and things to conquer seemed limitless. The cut scenes as relationships progress were so fun and great for getting to know the townspeople better. Learning how to make the most money by growing and upgrading the best crops was fun and challenging and earning and building all of the equipment was so rewarding, especially when they kept making farming life easier and streamlined. Getting a horse was the best, I got around town so much faster. Eventually I bought the Return Sceptor, loved that and the warp totems...Getting married and having kids. How fun was that?! I even divorced my first husband. Trying to get to floor 100 in Skull Cavern was such a challenge and I loved preparing for it. It took me a few days to get everything I needed for the trek which was unsuccessful. So a few days later I tried again and made it. I was so excited! Completing all of the bundles to upgrade the community center and movie theater was tough in the best way possible. Having to work for these rewards was well, so rewarding! I want to go on and on but I’ll stop. I have just about done all there is to do in Stardew Valley and I am so sad! Now what?! I feel like I’ll never find a game like this again

- Amazing Game, Fantastic Port, But Not Perfect.

I don’t think I’ve ever played a game as captivating as Stardew Valley. It is a game I can sink hours into the gameplay cycle, yet it fails to get repetitive. As a long time fan of Stardew Valley, I’ve always thought it would make a fantastic iOS game. That finally came to fruition today with the official App Store debut. The game looks especially gorgeous on the iPhone XS’s display. After spending two hours with the game already, there is little to complain about. Though the automatic tool switching truly makes this port a dream, it’s a completely different control scheme. I did not find it immediately intuitive, and I am still trying to adjust to it making a lot of unintended moves. I would like to see this potentially optimized as one of my biggest gripes is that the ‘drag and follow’ control for movement can get tedious when switching between screens or just simply navigating around. Either adding an alternative control scheme or further optimizing the existing one would fix this. The game is equally as great as ever, and my complaints about the game are far too minimal to deter me from playing the game. I cannot wait to dive further into this game once more, and I would highly encourage everyone else to do so.

- Great, still some bugs

I’ve got the played this game for a while on my Mac and love it. Moving it to iOS is amazing, as I rarely have time to sit down with my computer and play, so getting a day or two in here and there in between real life is GREAT! However, there’s still a few bugs. The Spring Easter Egg hunt was a bust, it wouldn’t let me collect any eggs! I saw them everywhere, but I couldn’t click on them or walk through them, they just stayed. The controls take a little getting used to, and battling in the mines isn’t very user friendly with the controls. It definitely doesn’t work like a point and click on the computer. I’m glad they’ve added the ability to aim your cast when fishing, as sometimes the bubbles appear on a diagonal from any standing point with no way to reach them! Hopefully this helps. I am happy to see this game mirrors the full version in every way (so far), as I’ve been a huge fan for ages! There hasn’t been any real games like this for iOS so I’m ecstatic! Please just fix the Easter Egg Hunts, and make the battle controls a little more accurate! Auto-fighting is terrible, you can’t back away because you get hit, however slime balls just do constant damage while you auto swing at the wrong time. Manual isn’t much better, as it seems to have a lag, unlike the point and click of the Mac version.

- Awesome, but Flawed

Don’t get me wrong, I love this game! I have hundreds of hours on the Steam version and I was so hyped for a mobile version coming out. I like how they didn’t produce a washed down version of Stardew Valley and kept it fundamentally the same. But, the controls need to be updated. It’s tapping and holding down to move and use your items. This creates a weird combination of the two especially when you’re fighting in the mines. Your hand is blocking your view of your energy and health bar when you want to mine something, fight, or move somewhere. The slimes are attacking you and it’s hard to fight back given the current controls. The auto fighting option doesn’t help whatsoever. It seems to make it even worse, in my opinion. I suggest adding joystick or buttons of some kind like in RPGs for moving and using items. If the developers don’t like the idea of having that as the automatic controls, there should at least be an option for it. Maybe it’s an iPad thing, but the fishing mini game is so small. It takes up less than half of my screen and is hard to manage. Even the tutorial for the fishing was difficult because of that. I’m sure after a new update comes, all will be fixed and I can’t wait for that. I’ll also change my review to reflect what it is currently. I hope this helps somewhat and if anyone is actually reading this, thank you for your time.

- Please fix egg hunt bug

New player to Stardew Velley playing one IPhone X. Firstly, not sure how the UI is scaled but the automatic values leave an orientation pretty much only playable on one side view. It would be great if either the UI scaling was simpler instead of many settings or if it could auto configure better. Moving onto the bigger problem I am 13 days in and already encounter a bug that makes part of the game literally unplayable, being namely the egg hunt. The first time I loaded in my game just completely crashed. I annoyingly reloaded and reduced zoom and waited to go back into the egg hunt which didn’t crash the second time. However, what just makes this event so sad is that certain eggs just cannot be picked up at all. I have reloaded and attempted the event multiple times, changing zoom values close and far not touching them during the event clicking on the eggs from multiple directions but some just cannot be picked up at all making an already heavily time restricted event literally impossible when at least a third of the eggs just cannot be collected. Seeing the first event already being broken leaves a pretty sour taste and expectation for the other events that will happen later. Please fix this problem and possibly other events that are broken or poorly done by the mobile port, because this is otherwise a fun game.

- Great on the go version of the game!

I love Stardew Valley and have played way too many hours on both the PC and Switch versions. When I heard it was coming to iPhone I was over the moon. Because of the transfer to touchscreen, expect major control changes. For example, you can now choose to autoattack in the caves which works but still could use some tweaking. Some changes actually make the game easier to play such as the auto navigation feature when you click somewhere you want to go around an obstacle and the auto switch to the correct tool when you are chopping trees or cutting grass. One annoying thing about the game is the lack of autosave meaning if you put the game down for too long it will shut down and make you restart the day. But looks like a new update just came out which fixed this problem so we’ll see how that goes. Overall, if you’re a fan of the original game this is a great miniature, on the go version that will keep you entertained for hours on end. It’s still going through some control changes and hopefully will be a smoother experience in the future. Hopefully they will be able to bring the new beta changes with multiplayer support in the future!

- <3

Soo let me start off by saying I absolutely love this game, and have been playing it for moooonths and still love it with all of my people in it .. though, I do have a few ideas that are just minor suggestions I’m sure a lot of people could benefit from [no I won’t put anything crazy like infinite money each day] but when you marry someone, you’ve already put so much work into that character, you deserve a lil more than a kid and your animals being fed by your partner (when you have auto feed?) every couple of days or months and stuff... so I was playing and thought, wow, what if we could actually do something in that little room my partner added? For example, if you marry Emily, it would be cool for her to build the tailoring set, and if you marry Abigail, it would be also cool for her to bring a game set (like that one in the saloon).. (I’m sure there are things the guys can bring too..) Ps. So it’s kinda clear Clint is into Emily, but if you marry her who is Clint left with..? Will he just be single forever? He’s kinda like a mystery, and I think he would be a good marriage option. I’m not saying it’s that needed because you’ve already designed everything but it’s an idea........

- Amazing game

I downloaded this game a few days ago and I’ve been loving it since. I always wanted the PC version but don’t like playing games like this on pc since I don’t use it as much, so this game being on the phone is so handy for me. If you play animal crossing this game has a very similar concept, but looks different and gives you more creativity and more things to do in terms of farming. Instead of being forced to play every day and one day lasting a whole day the game uses a different concept. The day starts when you play and you can play as many days as you’d like in a sitting. Days only last around 20 mins so its not very time consuming. Stores are open at select hours and there are many activities limited to time too. Every season consists of 28 days and there are certain things that you can grow/ do in each season. It’s not as easy as animal crossing, though. Fishing is very challenging, it takes way more planning out because you can run out of energy and most plants will die when the season chances, becoming friends with the others isn’t easy either. Overall I think this is a better version of animal crossing and think that it’s worth the 8$

- Amazing game

Stardew Valley is one of the greats and put a lot of time in the game on Xbox but now I can play the new 1.3 update since it came with the game for mobile which is awesome and surprising :). The only downfall of the game though is that even though the game is so fun and amazing the game is still kinda small like you can still get hundreds of hours into the game but to do everything doesn’t take long at all so putting hundreds of hours into the game is honestly a waste of time because once you do it all then you Should be done like ya you can load your farm up with expensive items but there’s not much of that in all honesty. I love the game so much but there needs to be so much content of items in the game because this game is perfect for that and it’s meant for a ton of items since it’s a grindy game obviously. Anyways the game gets a 5 stars because it truly is amazing but I thought I’d give an honest review on what the game really does need since I’ve played the game for so long that it would be dumb for me to leave a review like it’s my first time playing lol. I just love content in games that have lots of it and Stardew Valley does have enough of it but needs so much more

- So good 😘😘

A masterpiece! The music is golden, the characters all have unique personalities, and honestly, I have grown to feel genuinely connected to each and every one of them in their own special ways, as silly as it sounds. The art is so beautiful and classy, and honestly, the plot is never rushed, every single minor detail thought of, I just cannot express how well the love and effort put in by the producers shines through. Worth every penny, would buy this a million times over, 10/10 would recommend. I lose interest in most games astonishingly quickly, but I have a rare and positive feeling that this precious little gold mine of emotions and fun will stay firmly in my heart for a lifetime. Never thought I would feel this way about a game. Stardew Valley exceeds every expectation I have ever had. You can regain every bit of energy in a second, and it lasts really long, so you can actually play this for literally hours. Addicting and enlightening. I’m not even getting paid to write this, I just needed to express my gratitude for this beautiful work of art. Sincerely, an extremely satisfied 12-year old customer, started this game yesterday. 🥳🥳

- Masterpiece game with one big problem

I’ve played the heck out of the PC version of the game and was ecstatic that I can now play it on my phone whenever and wherever. However, the mobile version has one major flaw: the controls. The control system is a kind of “point-and-click” system where you tap a grid-square not only to move, but to do an action as well. This control system is OK when it comes to building and farming, but mining and the skull cavern are a different story. I wish I had a nicer way to put it, but the point-and-click controls completely ruin the game once you hit the mines. The mines are essential in progressing in the game, but with the controls as they are now, it is EXTREMELY difficult and frustrating to go spelunking. Killing mobs takes ages with both auto attack and manual attack. Auto attack constantly spams mobs out of range and manual attacking takes a long time to maneuver and attack without getting hit. Moving around is just way too difficult to do with current controls. It is clunky and annoying to use. In my opinion, the controls ruin the rest of the game. Adding a joystick or something of the sort will definitely improve the experience, but right now, all you can efficiently do is maintenance of save files you’ve moved over from your PC.


I’ve always wanted to play Stardew Valley, but never had a platform that could support it. So when I heard there was an app, I scrounged up $8 to get it as soon as it came out. This game is absolutely everything I’ve ever wanted. I love the control setup, and I enjoy the tap or drag to walk. It’s been easy to advance in the game, and I’m already in the fall, with plenty of upgrades, One things I’ve been having issues with is what I’d like to call the “glitch disease”, because it continues to spread. The library/museum was the first victim. When I go inside, everything is super slow and characters glitch across the rooms and text pops up in chunks instead of flowing smoothly, so I can’t put any artifacts in there because of the glitches. Then, sadly, the clinic became the next victim. It gets annoying when I’m trying to give Harvey gifts, and I have to glitch my way behind the counter. Then my most recent victim is the carpenter’s shop/Robin and Demitrius’s home. I tried to get some upgrades and buildings and it took 2x the time. Besides this “disease”, this game is absolutely amazing and I don’t think I’ll ever quit playing it!

- Storyline

I love this game so much, it’s so easy to spend countless hours playing it! I especially love how similar it is to the pc version. When I first found out that this was on the AppStore, I got really excited because I remember watching some play throughs of the game. Now for the price of the game, it’s very reasonable considering how many things you can do in your list/world. The only problem I see with this game is that there is no goal to the game, like a storyline. I found myself constantly looking up what to do on it because I didn’t know what to do and was bored. I know this is a lot to ask the developer but I realize that I can get bored very easily with this game. I think a storyline or a certain goal at the end would definitely fix a lot of people’s boredom and give them something to look forward to at the end. If you are reading this developer, thank you for reading it and if you don’t want to make a story line, that’s fine. It’s just something I see the game is lacking and I hoped could be helped. Thanks so much for letting this game come to IOS, I still love this game a lot despite me getting bored with it.

- About 3 hours after a new bug was introduced it was fixed

UPDATE: the planting is fixed, I love everything and find combat and fishing a bit annoying but more of a new challenge then anything else. So I love this game on Xbox and pc but the mobile version still needs some work. I was planting seeds and farming happily until the summer season started and then suddenly none of the seeds (I was trying to plant melons and peppers) would plant... it isn’t me I don’t think because I could plant until the start of summer and I have played so many times on other devices and never had this problem but I hope it’ll be fixed soon. (The game was also updated to fix a different bug in between when it was working and when it wasn’t, so that may be a part of it.) aside from this fishing is challenging but I’m sure I just need to get used to it and the arcade games and combat need a bit of tweaking because the controls are annoying. I know that’s a lot of criticism but overall is still find myself playing for frequently because it’s just such a wonderful game!!! Keep it up guys🙂

- In love with gameplay but a few ideas?!

I have loved playing Stardew Valley. But I have some changes I think could be implemented for an even more dynamic play through. 1. Have a few new boys and girls travel in and out of Stardew Valley and have that allotted time to friend or woo them before they leave for a month, year, or forever... 2. Have simple animal genetics/personalities. I have always liked farming but most of the animals all look and act the same. I wish that some sort of genetics took place for not only looks but quality/amount of products from the animals. I would also love for animals to have little quirks about themselves such as a chicken who is grumpy all the time so they peck you occasionally but if you feed them their favorite treat the next day they produce a higher quality egg. 3. Children. I would love if your kids were a mix of their parents looks and personalities. Also how about triplets. Lastly, I would love to see them grow up and over time grow a crush on someone (gender doesn't matter like with main character).

- Great game but stabilization needed!

I had Stardew Valley for my PC and absolutely loved it! I played it way too much and it was/is one of my favorite games so when I saw it was coming out for the iPhone, I freaked a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, I am IN LOVE with this game on a mobile platform. It really is good to play while I’m waiting for a doctor’s appointment or in between my classes and then be able to quickly close it and then come back later! This is one of those games that is amazing for phones, because sometimes I just want to play for 10 or 15mins at a time. However, it does need some stabilization improvements. Perhaps it’s just where I am currently, but the last 3 times I’ve gone into the cave to do spelunking, the game has crashed. It wouldn’t be that annoying but I lost about 20 floors of progress the first time and about 10 the second and third time. At this point, it’s just annoying more than anything else. Even then, I still love this game and would EASILY give it 5 stars if not for the game crashing hiccups. This game is amazing on the iPhone in every way, shape, and form. If you’re on the fence on whether to get it or not, I would highly recommend it!

- Amazing game, but it crashes all the time

Would be five stars, but recently it has started crashing all the time. I can barely get through one day without it crashing and me having to redo the day. Sometimes it lets you start over from where you were if you open the app quickly enough, but usually I have to start over the day, which is super frustrating. I see that other people are having the same problem, which tells my it’s not just my device not being able to run it. All that aside, I absolutely love this game. I own it on mobile as well as playstation, and love and enjoy both. Its a wonderfully made game that usually doesn’t have any problems. You get dropped in a world where your goals are to fix up your grandfather’s old farm, befriend the townsfolk and overall, just make the town a better place. It’s a very relaxing and fun game and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves RPG games. I love this game, and I sincerely hope that someone will see this rating, and that this bug or whatever it is can be fixed, because if it isn’t, I cannot continue to relive every day over and over until it decides to not crash.

- Love this game but a few problems

I love Stardew Valley and I was super excited for this port!! It controls super nicely for the most part but there are a few areas where it’s lacking. 1. When using the water can, you press and hold so it can water more spaces. It’s really hard to position your character so it waters the right spaces. I found that using it actually wasted time instead of saving it, which doesn’t happen on pc. For the most part this seems like something that can only be remedied by a joystick type control. 2. The sleeping to save works well on pc because when you sit down to play, you know your gonna be playing for a while and saving isn’t a big deal. But on mobile..... it works.... poorly... I never know when I’m gonna get a phone call or have to leave the app to text someone and loose all my progress for that day or I’m in public and something else needs my attention. This game desperately needs a save button. It just makes it frustrating when you leave the app for a moment and everything’s gone! Overall this port is great. The good definitely outweighs the bad. I’m excited to see the changes that come in the future!

- Multiplayer

Okay, first off. This is a great game, really fun with lots to do. It would take tens of hours or even hundred to complete the game, that is if you already know how to play it. The story is great, everything is awesome. Except I would rate four stars for one reason, that reason is multiplayer. Yes, there is co-op for stardew on pc but why not mobile? I don’t see that there is a reason for there not to be, it’s going to make the game more popular on mobile and I’m sure of that. I heard somewhere that multiplayer isn’t ever going to be added to mobile devices, and well I just find that completely stupid m, and I’m sure some of the other people agree with me. If there isn’t a good reason for multiplayer to not be added to mobile like glitches or some other crap then it’s just plain stupid. If there isn’t a good reason that would be harm to the game and it’s gameplay then the dev is just being lazy about this, c’mon add co-op/multiplayer to mobile. Not everybody can afford a computer/pc. The some of us are limited to just phones or mobile devices by parents or something. Okay, point is, add co-op/multiplayer to stardew on ALL MOBILE devices.

- Beautiful, but lacking in end-game.

Stardew valley is a stunning game, from its graphics to the relationships you build with the villagers. I’ve been playing this game since it released in mobile and left my mobile farm for a long time now that I have the game on steam on my computer. It is MUCH easier to play and enjoy on a laptop/desktop computer rather than the small screen of my iPhone 8. Other than that, I lose interest in my farm quickly after year 3 spring rolls around. I’ve long finished the community center and have ten hearts with nearly all of the villagers. Skull cavern is useless now I have the iridium generator from Grandpa and everything seems pointless. If they added some more late game content I think it would help players stick with the game well after they’ve logged in more than a couple hundred hours. Other than that, the whole game is perfect. I’m not sure if this is just on my device because I downloaded SDV right as it came out, but on my oldest farm I’m married to Sebastian. Sometimes he gets stuck in walls or over cliffs, on his Friday schedule especially. It can be a little unnerving seeing him stuck in the cliff next to my on-farm cave staring into the rock face as 2:00 am rolls around...

- Love It 😄

I’ve had this game for about two years and while at times it’s slowed down a bit, overall it’s very replay able game so no issue there. I respect how in-depth the creator is with the community, and the fact that it was created by one person just stunned me. There are so many games with teams of creators, and some of them don’t even reach the level of enjoyment this game has given. Great soundtrack, well-developed characters, pleasing art style, what more could i ask for? The only two things I guess I could suggest is that we could do more with our in-game children, cause it seems like a wasted potential for them to just stay in the house all day. Maybe they can grow up and move out, maybe work on the farm? It would also be neat to have more involvement with Sandy from the desert, like she could be a marriage candidate or that she can be a roommate on the farm, honestly I just don’t want her to be alone. Besides that, there’s not much I can say other than it’s a great game that’s worth the money, the creator exerts so much effort and I can’t recommend it enough 👌

- We need more like this on iOS

I never played this game (somehow) in desktop platforms and picked it up when it was released on iOS because I felt like I was living under a rock for having not played it and because I always like to see better quality titles getting released on iPad specifically. I’m only a couple of hours in but it’s a very solid port; the game’s controls mostly work pretty well with a touch screen interface (tap to move/select/interact with) and, like the Baldur’s Gate ports, are a good example of how RPG and strategy games are excellent candidates for phones and especially tablets. There are some occasional annoyances, but nothing major. And it’s a fantastic game in its own right if you’ve been waiting for a great crafting/farming/town building game on the platform. Other devs need to take note and start bringing better games (especially indie titles and strategy games and RPGs that tend to have touchscreen friendly user interfaces) to iOS. I’m sick of the AppStore getting bloated with ad/pay to win model supported trashware.

- Amazing Game.. few suggestions

I wish more content was uploaded to it. After you do a lot of the quests, finish the first few years, it gets kind of boring. If new content was uploaded every few weeks, I would play this game much more. Maybe add marriages that aren’t the player’s. More events like anniversaries of the town, own birthday, new festivals or wildlife spectating. I also wish the town would slowly expand. If expansions were added as the years go by, it would be more interesting. Maybe the feature of getting old..? People should move in and out of Stardew too, because I doubt everyone in the town would just.. stay there. I would also like to be able to interact more with the animals and townsfolk. Maybe we could have longer conversations and more dialogue. Animals could have the option to be pet or played with. I am just someone who likes NEW and I know there is a lot of others who also enjoy new things in their games. Please take my suggestions so people don’t get bored of this game, and maybe make a developer response so I know you read it. I hope you take my advice! ☺️

- HUGE HEARTBREAKING BUG!!! (Concerned Ape Please read!!!!!

So, here’s the thing. I really love Stardew Valley. I was overjoyed when I had found the Xbox version at GameStop last year, and I was in complete shock when I found out it was coming about on mobile. (And I, of course, bought that too 😆) but there is a huge problem that I just found with the most recent update. (The one that fixes the green slime issue.) I can’t interact with ANY NPC. EVER. I’ve tried restarting the day but this heartbreaking bug is still here!!! I don’t know what to do anymore. If I tap on an NPC (lets take Evelyn for example) I just go up to her, and my character just violently glitches in her spot. I don’t know how to fix this, and NPC-interacting is such a huge core of this game!! I don’t know if anyone is struggling with this glitch as well, or it will correct itself if I have my character go to bed and sleep it off, but I had made so much progress in my save file!! I really don’t want to have to delete it!!! Concerned Ape, if you are reading, please help me!! Thank you for your time.

- Fun game but a bit heavy and fishing is.....

The game is fun, but I would have liked to know how dark it was before playing. I was looking for a cute distraction from life and thought this was just a cute little farming game, don’t get me wrong I think this game is fun- but I wasn’t expecting to have to navigate my neighbors depression and multiple su*cide attempts or my neighbors husbands PTSD- definitely makes it more real but like I said I didn’t really want a game to feel real/ hectic in the way life is. Like I said, not bad and it makes the game super coo, but it’s just one of those things Id have like to known going in-that it’s not as lighthearted as it seems. Anyway fishing is..... barely acheiveable, maybe I’m just not talented enough. I hate it and find it ridiculously frustrating, challenge is nice in a game but tf is it supposed to work? And it’s not really an avoidable part of the game- believe me I’ve tried. If fishing wasn’t so impossible I’d definitely enjoy things much more. There’s challenging in a fun way then there’s challenging in an obnoxious way....I think you can tell how I feel about things in this case.

- Such a great game!

Let me start by saying I own Stardew Valley on Xbox, Switch, and no mobile. This game is simply amazing on all platforms. I would highly recommend this game if you are at all interested. One thing I would like to see added with a future update would be basic controls using a dpad and an action button. The touch to move has gotten a little easier to use, but I find myself touching things to the side of what I meant to and sometimes wasting energy I didn’t want to. I have an especially hard time checking the TV in the morning. The first touch works for the weather channel, the. I try and touch the TV again to check the fortune but it won’t allow me to unless I move my character to the opposite side of the TV. Nothing major, just something I would like to see as an option for people, like me, who would rather have a virtual dpad on the screen with an action button. Great job by The Secret Police on the mobile version and of course to the creator Eric Barone for this amazing game

- FISHING is impossible

I love this game, I never played the PC or switch versions so I’m a total newbie. It’s a great fully fleshed out game for a great price so I’m very happy with that aspect. I never feel like I’ve done everything there is to do because quests will pop up and there’s always the community center. The only thing keeping me from giving this game five stars is the FISHING. It is literally impossible to catch fish unless they literally sit at the bottom and don’t move. There’s a HUGE lag between when you tap and when the bar moves, and the bar reacts so much slower than the fish itself moves. The fish will jump up to the top and the success bar will immediately plunge to the bottom and I’ll lose the fish before my tap even begins to move the catch bar. This is the only part of the game that I think is really flawed and it makes me incredibly frustrated. I’ve read guides but there seems to be a consensus that the fishing mini game is nearly impossible on mobile. It would be best if the bar moves WHEN you tap the screen instead of 2 seconds later after you’ve lost the fish.

- Good stuff mostly

This game is great! A few things is crazy hard with the iPad controls and...MY CAT KEEPS GETTING IN MY WAY SO I CANT REACH THE BED! It’s super annoying to rush to bed at midnight to find that I made it it in time but TOO BAD I can’t get to my bed. Can we wake them up or move them or maybe the hallways doesn’t have to be so narrow!?!? Please? It seems random where they sleep and maybe I’m just’s lame... also...after deciding to restart the day after this (while distracted watching tv) i managed to delete me save. I accept that this is my fault for not paying enough attention and clicking through screens too quickly out of habit instead of reading could make the junk button be smaller? Not on the exact right where right handed people will of course touch?...idk...dumb on my part for being distracted while loading it I guess but since it’s a mobile game I’d like expect some distraction and maybe you can make deleting a game a little harder 🤦🏻‍♀️. I’ll start over in a month or so when It doesn’t feel so much like back tracking I guess...

- This is a great game!

I love this game, I played it on pc but I actually prefer it on mobile because they did such a great job of giving us the same game. The auto attack can be a bit buggy, but overall it’s a lifesaver because playing on my iPhone 7plus is still a bit hard to hit specifics sometimes. You can accidentally destroy plants if you aren’t paying attention, but all you have to do is pay attention and it isn’t a problem. My only qualm with the game so far had been very recent, an apple tech that was bad at thier job apparently, erased my entire phone. I was well in to year 3 and lost it all, which is not the developers fault at all. Although I wish there was a way to backup to somewhere off my phone so I could have just picked up at my last save or could switch to my tablet or something without starting over. They had a crashing error after the most recent update, and it was fixed with 24 hours! I am very impressed with the way they listen to customers!

- XS Max, iOS 12.x

The iOS version of this title is something that many users—myself included—have anticipated for years. It is an indie darling that has experienced success on almost every major platform due to the tireless efforts of a one-man development team and dedicated publisher who have worked to ensure quality at every turn. I purchased and gifted several copies of Stardew Valley to folks who can now experience the joy of simple pleasures and pursuits whether they find themselves. It is a transformative and, at times, magical experience that somehow manages to not only pull together but also improve upon the best aspects of the genre. My hope is that the dev and publisher have success addressing community issues while navigating the troubled waters of iOS development, including Apple’s ever-changing software and hardware requirements. Thus far, at least, the UI adaptations and refinements have met or exceeded my every expectation. This is one of those titles that—when done well, as is the case here—can elevate an entire platform.

- Only the second day and I’ve spent hours

I downloaded this yesterday or the day before but eh who knows. I’ve spent so much time playing and I don’t regret it because like one of the other reviews said it is more than a farming game itself. It is full of adventures, stories and just calming gameplay. Normally I don’t commit to games where you “build your ____” but with this I’m just into it and I find myself loving this game playing it whenever I get the chance. So thank you developers for the amazing experiences. The only thing is I wish you could get a tractor or something to help you plant large amounts of crops faster. I know there is a mod on the computer but it’d be nice to have a dimmed down version fo that where it’s maybe not as fast and doesn’t do as much. That isn’t a big deal though and I’m still giving it 5 stars. Everything else makes up for it and this is by-far the best game I’ve downloaded on iOS. Thank you. I don’t even write reviews. -Stefano

- I love this game

What more can I say? I have this game on PC, as well as PlayStation, and I had to get it from my phone as well! It’s such a fun game that you can spend hours, and hours playing. There’s no pressure of having to do so many things at once, and obviously with the price tag that means there’s no pay to win aspect or in game purchases that you feel like you have to make in order to progress or get things that you want. You can play this game fast paced if you want, but it’s also a great game to just sit back and relax with. I love all of the different things you can do in the game, from gardening and fishing, to well as romancing certain characters. The art style is wonderful, I love the dialogue, the events are fun, this is just a fantastic game. It doesn’t really matter how old you are, this game will always be fun. I highly recommend it to anyone, the $8 price tag is nothing compared to the hours upon hours of entertainment and relaxation you get.

- LOVE this game...BUT

I absolutely love this game. I first started playing on switch and it was a great game but eh on a system like that. I was crazy hype when I saw this game on mobile..genius! I do see an update happened recent that changed how you combat. Now there’s sections where you use your fingers to move the player and two sections on the right side of the screen for hitting...I absolutely hate the combat, it was better when it automatic. The movements are way to sensitive and you find yourself losing your health way to quick over finicky controls. Another concern is how there soooo much to do and sooo much to craft that you literally have to google ways to make stuff to make stuff to make more stuff with no layout as to how and where to obtain materials needed. Other than this I really don’t have much else to more thing tho, I always try to stop playing after an entire day has passed to save my progress. However I find myself repeating the last day played more often recent. Hope this gets fixed to. Overall I’m super happy with this game and have been playing it almost everyday.

- More kid and love life updates!!

I love this game so much! I have two kids and wish they could grow up and maybe work for me hehe. I also would love if new people arrived in the town from the city every couple years. There are so many things I would like to see in the future maybe multiplayer on mobile! (I love the 14 heart event just added) Since I am married to Alex he has a dog but I wish the dog could live on my farm and with Emily have her parrot live in the house. I think having more children would be amazing and maybe twins. I also would love if Alex could still work at the ice cream stand in the summer. Maybe even add renewing your vows and adopting children even if you are married to the opposite sex. Also have the other town members get married to other ones and have kids for your own to play with in the community center. Adding your kid’s birthdays to the town colander and maybe your own would be nice. Finally this is a little off topic but it would be fun to be able to make festivals for the town to celebrate and to paint your house.

- I Can’t Stop Playing Or Set This Game Down; It’s too good!!

I grew up playing games like The Sims and Harvest Moon and this game brings me a happy, nostalgic feeling as I play and explore. I love how much thought and detail went into the game- all of the characters and professions and quests and everything. It’s so customizable, there’s many available routes to take. (I’ve never reviewed a game before, but my state is in the midst of a stay at home order due to COVID-19 and this has been a very much appreciated distraction from the events that are going on. I’m obsessed!) There’s so many different ways to play and different paths to take and things to discover and create. I think this game is absolutely worth the money and I will probably switch to the PC SDV game at some point. I believe that CA has had trouble with the publisher and I’d like the profits to go directly to him for working so hard on this incredible game! I am addicted. 5/5 stars! Thank you so much for this app!

- Great game! Just a few things to add

It’s a great game. I love the heart events and how everyone has their own personal story. There’s so much detail in everything. I been have looking for a game like this for a long time. I would just make a few changes. First, children only grow up to toddlers. I think that children should at least grow old enough to be taught by Penny. There could be some fee. It would give the kids something to do instead of just staying home all day-that’s not realistic. If you don’t send them to school they could mess up your house or something. Also some interaction with parents would nice. Second, everyone has a birthday except you. I think you should have a birthday too and your close friends could give you gifts. Third, it would be nice if you could answer more questions when people ask you. It’s kinda weird when someone asks how’s your farm and all you can do is walk away. Like I said before it’s a great game and I really do enjoy it. These are just a few tips to make the game better😄.

- good!!! but...

okay so i've never played this game on pc or console so i can't comment as to how it compares. i like this game. i'm a little bit addicted right now. it's like minecraft mixed with animal crossing and it's great. i love the aesthetics i love the people i love the variety of activities and landscapes. the town your character lives in is kinda small but it feels a lot bigger because there's a lot to do in each part of it. my ONE qualm and ONE request is that fishing is entirely too hard and needs to be made easier. maybe it's easy for some people but personally i have no idea what i'm doing or how to be successful when fishing in this game. i've heard it's easier on pc which is understandable but also my dudes there really needs to be some kind of fishing system that works better on mobile. i gotta fill up those fishing bundles bro!!! other than that i love the game, i'm so happy i bought it, i've already spent a good amount of time avoiding reality on it!! it's a very cute fun game that just feels good to play. fix the fishing system and it'll be perfect.


I’m a strictly a COMPUTER gamer as my boyfriend takes over the TV with his PlayStation. I don’t mind though, I play games like The Sims which is more detailed on a computer compared to other platforms. That being said I feel in love with Stardew Valley when it first released. The whole game from the way you can customize everything to the characters is amazing and worth the price on any platform. I’d play this on my computer everyday so imagine when I seen this in the App Store coming soon section. So far it has some bugs to it but it’s the same game I know and love. I never tried the multiplayer feature so I’m not missing it. I was able to transfer my save files which was easy. I will say some features were forgotten like if you have fruit trees in your greenhouse some won’t let you collect the fruit I’m guessing because of the way I have them setup. I also can’t decorate walls in my sheds. Little bugs I’m sure will be updated.

- Great game, replayable, regular updates, a bit glitchy

I want to start with my criticism. The game doesn’t auto save like it did at first. My game crashed and it didn’t auto save. I have the option checked, it auto saves sometimes, but it didn’t work on the last crash. I had a very story packed day with about 5 different cut scenes from earning hearts and the game crashed when I tried to get on my horse.... I’m so discouraged to go through that again... I will because I enjoy the game, but please fix! Now my main review. This game has the potential for you to replay the main story over and over, or dig your roots deep into one game and play it for many in-game years. There are many routes you can take to success. You can create your own storyline in a sense depending on who you befriend. There’s no “win condition,” you simply play, and complete the parts of the game you want to. There’s many ways to make money and some small decisions along the way that can help you do this. I don’t normally buy apps but this one was really worth it for me.

- Constant crashes - This game NEEDS a save anywhere feature

Stardew Valley is great fun. It’s charming, believable, and so many tiny details make it a treat to interact with the world around you. The game itself is amazing. But...this port to a mobile version needs some different features, one of them being saving at any time. Every couple of in-game days the game crashes on me, always after moving to a new area. This can be SO frustrating, especially after a full day of work, going down in the mines and gathering a bunch of resources, only for the game to crash after exiting. Not only that, but phone calls, text messages, and other things can close down the app, and you have no control over that. I’ve started to stop my days early, around 2 or 3 pm just so I can go to bed and save my progress so I don’t lose everything if the app crashes. For a game all about effectively managing your time, this is a HUGE oversight. For such an awesome game, the constant crashes are what made me give this game a lower score, they are very frustrating to deal with. PLEASE add a save at any time feature.

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- 5 Stars, But Here’s A Bug List

Excellent game, easy to sink a whole weekend into and come back for more. However here are a few things that drive me up my star-theme-wallpapered wall: 1) I’ve managed to delete both my barn and coop whilst trying to move them around my farm via Robin. The fate of the animals within is unknown. 2) One miss-tap on your Maple, Oak or Pine seedling/sapling and your character whips out his trusty axe (even if not selected) and sprints at the innocent young tree to make sure it never sees maturity. Shamefully, I plant the dropped seed for the third time. 3) Enemies (‘specially the slimy varieties) can sometimes occupy the same square as you in combat. This violent cha-cha always goes the same way; I lose half my health bar while wiggling my level 10 sword menacingly at thin air beyond my enemy. 4) Are the animals programmed to deliberately stand in front of and consequently block access to the feed tray when you pull out the hay? If so, very realistic. Plus points, not a bug. 5) I would love an option to zoom out another 50%, or even the ability to free-roam the camera. I often find myself using Robin as the Eye of Sauron to view my lands as a whole. These minor grievances aside, Barone has created a masterpiece. Highly recommended!

- Keeps crashing on iPad Air :(

Since the update it keeps crashing. Before 1.4 it never crashed for me. Hoping this can be fixed :( also, some of the artefacts donated to the museum do not register in the diary (?), and when I give a diamond to grandpa’s shrine, if I save and close the game before finishing the same day, upon re entering the game, it gets stuck on a black screen whilst the music plays. This also happens if the games crashes before the day ends, then I have to restart the whole day again. Also when rearranging the house, the item sometimes goes awol, and to a completely different area than which I clicked. Secondly, sometimes when clicking around the house or on your spouse or child, it randomly picks up a painting or something else, which is not even near where you clicked. Hoping these issue can be addressed soon, as it does get a bit annoying, and I do love the game a lot. Lastly, please extend the time a little bit, it’s sort of too fast. Thank you :-)

- Great game! But a slight problem 😢

Hello Developer. I would like to say that this game is amazing! I’m addicted to it and can’t get my hands off my iPad to play it! But there is one minor issue. In the game the character Alex I made a relationship with. In the game they give mail and he game mail and said “meet me at the saloon” and I was excited. When I get there and meet him it’s completely fine for the first few minutes but then there is the line that goes a bit laggy and then crashes.. I get upset and I’m quite down about it. But I don’t know if it’s only happening to me or others to. If you could spot out the problem it would be nice of you to spot out the crash bug and fix it. If not it’s maybe cause I’m WiFi should be off or my device! I will try with connection off though. Thank you for reading - Sincerely, your most biggest fan 😊

- This game is the best. Haven’t stopped playing since I downloaded it

Like all my purchases I was looking around and came across Stardew Valley so I went on the internet to see what it was all about, I liked what I saw so I waited until I had enough money to buy it. I’ve bought the game and I’ve logged a LOT of time on it and I LOVE IT. I’m already into my 2nd year in Stardew Valley and I plan to keep on playing it. I love the way the seasons change because it keeps you on your toes. The option to befriend and marry the citizens of Pelican Town is a great part of the game too. It’s the best farming, fishing, foraging and social life RPG game EVER! Thank you Concerned Ape for making a great game that keeps you coming back for more and keeps you going. (Until your device battery dies)😄😄😄😄

- Minor issue

I play Stardew valley a lot and really enjoy it but something that is consistent and very annoying is when my iPad starts lagging badly and in the game and I’m kicked out of the game, when I log back into it all my progress is lost somewhere in the deep, dark abyss of who knows where. I can tell you there’s nothing wrong with my iPad though, it never lags in any other games besides Stardew valley and is almost brand new, I brought it earlier this year! It’s been doing this to me ever since I downloaded it, luckily I’m never doing anything significantly important or productive with my day so I don’t lose much, (most of the time) but I’d really be grateful if you could fix this issue, I’m sure I’m not the ONLY one having this problem. Sincerely, a satisfied customer 👍

- Suggestions

1.I beg of you too plzzzzzz add different types of horses-like if you earn all the achievements you can feed your horse some magical food and turn them into any mystical animal-unicorn-Pegasus-different coloured horses 2.could plzz add a person that sells cloths so it’s like shopping and all plus since you added the new update where you are allowed to take your cloths off dressing up cute would be hella freaking cute 3.maybe you could make it like every time you earn an achievement you earn some cash 4.PLUS-plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz(>~<) add multiplayer to phones too you know and make sure that everything that is in a pc is also added to phones because that’s unfair why do most of the best games and mods are only aloud to exist in computers,laptops and etc... PLZZZZ PUT THIS ALL IN UOUR NEXT UPDATE I PUT MY FULL FAITH AND LIFE IN YA SORRY if it’s to demanding and if it’s to mouth or too long it’s just I want this to be magical experience for everyone new by making it magical before they come you know.....;) BEST OF LUCK. -LOVE-MASTER-

- Great game, minor issues

After spending time on the game, there are apparent bugs/ inconveniences within the game. Here were some of my encounters: - Encountered a bug when after my save file was loaded from a crash, my spouse somehow managed to walk along my actual farm. - Robin seems to not allow me to place buildings along my flooring where there is no surrounding debris. (However I can still move the building to there after she has constructed them) - The tap walking controls take the longer route, moving towards the wall first, instead of going diagonally around. - Unable to place some floorings along the parameter without exiting the farm. (Bottom area of farm) - Splitting quantity on items precisely is difficult with the hold controls. - Signs could establish a lock/unlock system that doesn’t change the item from the frame as it’s easy to accidentally change with handheld items. - Unable to exit areas with with a tool in hand. (Eg. Basement and community centre) - Unable to find a way to take tackles and baits off rods or hats off horses - if that was an option. - Collision issues with the farm animals inside and outside barns and coops.

- Rewards Vanish

I’m writing this here because after searching, there is no direct way to contact support. You must participate in a forum and, based on support posts I’ve read, no one official responds there. There are certain quests in this game where you win rewards - two of these rewards have vanished now. I’d either have to forfeit the 120+ hours I’ve played by starting over or just give up. The bundles can be completed once only; it’s the overarching goal of the game - complete the bundles and restore the community centre. This is bad and it’s worse that you can contact someone about it. I don’t think it’s possible that I just dropped the rewards, it seems you would have to actively delete them. This game hasn’t been adapted very well for iOS and needs greater attention. Other than that, it’s a really enjoyable game. That’s why it’s so frustrating that these rewards have vanished.

- Great game

I love this game so much and I’m constantly playing it. I’ve actually got the game on my computer, Xbox and my iPad. It’s so addictive and I love that you can do so many different things and have so much freedom yet there’s still plenty of backstory. My only issue is that it crash’s ALL THE TIME. I really hope this gets fixed soon because it frustrates me so much, especially when it crashes when I’m towards the end of the day and I’ll have to redo everything I just did once I’ve reloaded the game. Still 5 stars though since I know this bug will hopefully get fixed soon.

- Great game

Very addictive and enjoyable game. Suggestions if I may, the fishing game is too hard for me, I have reached level 10 in all skills but that can you change the way you catch fish so it’s more enjoyable. Animals that don’t lay eggs rarely have babies, could you add a feature we’re you can have a bull and a ram for the animals to mate with. A feature where you can see all your animals on the farm and their stats as you have to click on each one individually to see it. Option that once your friends with someone their location can be seen on the map.

- Sewer Key Cutscene not loading

Unfortunately the day after I finally gave Gunther 60 artefacts and minerals I did not get the sewer key cutscene. Instead Pierre came and told me he had new seeds for year 2. Year 3 with 2 artefacts left and Gunther still has not given me the key. Obviously this is kind of annoying since I can’t interact with Krobus(and therefore buy a star drop) catch the mutant carp( stopping me from getting another star drop for catching all fish) AND making the shrine of uncertainty unavailable. Pls PLEASE fix. I’m no game developer but perhaps making the game check if youve donated 60 artefacts every night instead of activating after 60 dono’s? Srsly pls help~ 3 Stars, It should be 5 but this one bug has caused me quite a bit of grief...

- Ridiculously well made

I can’t get over how well crafted this game is. I thought I was going to try out a simple farming game but it is so much more. The level of depth and detail is insane. I’m well into Year 2 now having sunk many hours in already and I’m still constantly discovering new things, and I know there is still a lot of content left from quick glances online. The way the game is able to stay fresh in what could have easily been a mundane and repetitive experience is fascinating. The result is anything but mundane.

- Great but controls need some work

Like other reviewers have said, this is a fine port but if there was at least an option to switch to D-pad controls, it would be much easier to play. A small change I hope to see is that pressing the icon of the item you want to ship to increase the quantity is a little hard to control. Would be much better if we could long tap on the icon and bring up a slider bar or box to type in the number we’d like to sell. A map shortcut toggle option would also be useful while we’re still getting to know the locations.


This is one of my favourite games, which i thank you for creating. the main reason i’m here is twice in the last hour my stardew game has crashed. usually i don’t mind, because when i open the game there is a pop up that will take me back to where i was. but no. i’ve lost two days in the mines, and i am annoyed. i have the space and i’m updated but it’s crashing :( pls fix also,, why is marnie never at her counter >:( please add more npcs or the ability to use mods on ios 💕 have a great day eric

- Connecting Accounts

Hey so I just got a new iPad Pro and my last device was an iPad Air. I downloaded Stardew Valley on iPad Pro and it didn’t link to my main character, could you guys please make this game made to connect to main characters? So far I am in Year 2 spring in my main character and I really don’t want to start a new character. Overall great game but needs a feature where you can connect accounts. Also, I did many ways to connect accounts by iTunes and the new iPad Pro cable can’t connect to the computer because it doesn’t have an input for the new iPad Pro cable. Thank you.

- Addictive.

This is a fantastic game. I love that it’s a game that you only need to purchase once and that’s it. Making money in the game is a little difficult but I guess that just takes time. Fishing, however, is nearly impossible and incredibly frustrating hence why I didn’t give this game a 5 star rating. I wouldn’t bother fishing but because there’s an achievement requirement for it, I’m trying my best but the fishing aspect of the game needs to be changed. The fact that if you lightly tap once or release your finger from the screen half a second too long then you lose the fish. Very annoying but fun game, regardless.

- 5 stars! But a few things I think should change.

On iPad I have no actually played this yet, but! I do have experience on PS4 about a year ago so sorry if some is incorrect. First, there are so many ways to farm money. You could do one at the Halloween event and even a mod for it. Second, the geos are way to overpowered! Sometimes... You would rather get one of the greatest gems in the game or you could get the worst things ever such as 1 stone. Other than that! Great game in overall! Recommend to download.

- Amazing game

This is probably my favourite game available on the App Store. One thing; could you please update the app so that it is comparable with the iPhone 11. At the moment the display interferes with the game play, and vice versa. For example, moving I always accidentally close the app because the iPhone 11 has replaced the home button. Please introduce some updates. I’ve been playing for so long on my iPad, and I’m just not motivated to purchase the game on my switch because it is never updated or improved.

- Great but one minor annoyance

Stardew valley is very fun to play but I have soon realised that the updates don’t come out when the PCs updates do. So you see all the cool new features but then you can’t use them if you are on mobile. But if someone changes that then it would be perfect for me! I also wish someone could make it so you can join on mobile as well. Otherwise it is a great game where you can make relationships with NPCs and do farming. I would recommend getting into it!

- Hold down right button to place in keg without eating the crop

Stardew valley is AMAZING, one of if not my favourite game and on mobile it’s great too, but if a feature was added where you could hold down right button to place in kegs and harvest without prompting the “eat this item” message it would be awesome. That’s the only real problem I have with the mobile version everything else is great, would love multiplayer but I know it wouldn’t work out on mobile. Thanks for this game Concernedape 🙏

- Welcome to Stardew Valley

Saw the 10/10 on steam and decided to give it a go. The game is really well polished, and the few bugs that currently exist are minor and will be polished. For example, the pet blocks the doorway as it sleeps, meaning I can’t go to bed. I would a virtual joystick or d-pad option for the controls, as well as improved combat in the mines. ALSO! Please optimise the game for the iPhone X/XS/XR so that the homebar disappears by itself, as to prevent accidental exiting. Apart from these minor inconveniences, the game is truly a marvel to play and just has so much depth to it.

- Amazing game! Suggestions and bugs:

So I play Stardew nearly everyday and I have things that annoy me and things that need to be added! So first of all, MULTIPLAYER needs to be added to mobile! It just does! And I’m pretty sure others can back me up on that. A bug that keeps on happening is when I enter Marnie’s ranch somtimes it just lags SO bad! Same thing when I enter the Carpenters shop, Robins house. And it just does not stop until I exit the ranch/carpenters. Fix this and add multiplayer mobile! Please!

- Wonderful game

I have been playing this game for over a year now. I started on PC, went to switch, and now I’m on mobile. This game has so many options and an amazing story line and I would recommend it to so many people. Some of the things I would recommend adding is the ability to transfer save data over to other devices and add alternate controls for other people. Apart from that this game is wonderful and everyone should get it. Keep up the great work guys.

- Best game ever!

Seriously the best game I have ever played on iPad! If you love Hay Day you are going to love this even more. I had this game on PS4 and have found on the iPad it is much more enjoyable to play - so much easier to move around and do all the watering, foraging etc because you you just click on the spot and your character just goes straight there. I could spend all day playing this game. Absolutely worth the price and I look forward to spending many more hours on it!

- Would be 5 stars if..

1. It would stop force closing on me and making me redo my who day or morning again. 2. Frustratingly having to wait for animals to move out of the way or a plot or their feed area. 3. The dog would stop being in the way of bed (meaning I fall asleep near the bed) or even being able to get into my house. I adore this game but when it force closes I want to throw my phone at a wall. I don’t, I place it down and not play for quite some time. Please please fix this issue, the others I can deal with.

- Amazing game! Love to see co-op added

The game it’s self is amazing I’ve herd people say this in the past but, I’ve never had a chance to try it out so I thought, lest give it a go and wow! This is good it reminds me a lot of Harvest moon 64 but way better! I under stand this is being developed by one person but I’d love to see the Co-Op feature (from the computer version) added in the future... Ps. Originally I had issues with the controls until I found all the other control schemes

- Great Game, Howeverrrr

I first bought Stardew Valley on my computer and loved it. When I heard it coming to mobile, I obviously bought that too. Though the PC version is definitely better, mobile is still great and easy to play when I don’t have a whole computer on hand lol. However, there’s a glitch or whatever you call it getting into Maru’s room. If though I don’t have any hearts with her, I can still access her room by going through the door at the side of the house near the telescope and leave again.


To get kids you need a nursery and to get a nursery that costs $50,000 and 150 hardwood. I worked so hard to get kids, and when I did get them I was SO disappointed. Please, please, PLEASE can there be an update when your child is fully grown Penny can tutor them and can you also make it we can take them places? I wish there were more interactions to do with kids. It’s quite hard to get them and it’s pretty anti-climatic. Please can we do more with kids!

- A Great Port but controls could do a change

I think this is a great port of Stardew Valley. I’ve played both the PC and Switch versions and the game has always been beautiful to play. The mobile port it no different however there are some changes I would make to the controls. Touch controls aren’t exactly bad, but they take awhile to get use to. Preferably I’d rather have the option of a similar control layout like Terraria and Minecraft (having the joystick and buttons at the bottom of the screen) for example.

- I’m speechless for two reasons:

I’ve forever been looking for a game like this and guess what? I found it. It’s definitely worth the money Also I do wish I could do ten stars This is literally my favourite game yet! I love it, The only thing I dislike about this is that i had two thousand dollars and so, I wanted to upgrade my axe to get into the secret woods, but then I had a meltdown because a copper axe wasn’t enough, and then i was very upset because I thought I had thrown all my money out the window. I haven’t played since the meltdown but I think I’m about to 😂. Anyways, I highly suggest this game to anyone, hope your doing well, PS: I highly disagree with multiplayer. It just wouldn’t be the calm and peaceful game it is right now. From your biggest fan. -katto

- Yes!!

I haven’t experienced the bugs other people have reported. I am playing fairly casually though. This is a great game on mobile, I’d recommend it to anyone who hasn’t tried it before, yes both of you! If you love this already, playing on mobile is refreshing and some early tasks I hated on pc click, click, click are much easier to tap. Tapping feels fluid and intuitive. I haven’t had a crash yet but I am a few game days into the story. My one complaint is, I understand why the pc version only saves when you sleep, but on mobile this doesn’t work. I play casually on mobile, and flick between activities and apps. It stresses me out to have to play a whole game day block at a time before I can switch out to do something else. Overall: get this game. It’s so much fun.

- Amazing

This game is truly a masterpiece. Once of the greatest and most enjoyable games I’ve ever played. Not any bugs, except one. My game will crash sometimes. Not that often, but occasionally. I’d almost be done with the day, I had gotten a lot done and I’m making my way home to go to sleep and save my game, and it crashes. Loosing all the days progress. Please try and fix this, I really want this game to be a 5 star game, it’s almost their, but not yet.

- Awesome game but i have an emergency

This game has so many things to do! Countless hours of gameplay and is sooooo addictive! But here’s a few small problems: -can’t pick up some furniture: I placed a chicken statue (furniture) in the hallway connecting my living room and bedroom. I couldn’t pick it up or take it down with any of my tools. This is a huge problem for me because I can’t go to bed or get out of the room! -joystick and buttons controls: my type of control but in stardew valley, it’s terrible for placing furniture. I really want to be able to play stardew in a few days because I’m going on a flight and I really wanna use that time for stardew, so yea im pretty desperate. Please do me a favour and get an update for this rollin out soon. It would mean the world for me. Thanks :)

- Yay!!

So a while ago I left a review saying that it wouldn't open but it is now!! This game is flipping amazing, if you get just one game app GET THIS. Don't be fooled by the high price, the game is a work of art. Tip: if you are going down the farming route, make sure to store at least 1 of every item you have found, even the algae and stuff that seems like garbage. You will use it in quests and for the community centre, or for baking or for the fair in autumn. :)

- One of the best games

I have bought this game on all my platforms and I still clock 150+ hours into it. The fact that this is a Indi game and it’s this good it’s worth the $13. Once you start to play this game you will get addicted. In two weeks of owning this on pc I clocked 75 hours into it. The story is sooo deep in emotion and I full recommend this to everyone. This is one of the most relaxing games and one of the best farming games I have played.

- Amazing! But would love keyboard support

This app is so satisfying to play and has a world of infinite possibilities. The only thing that might help make it even better would be providing controls on a physical keyboard. Now that iPad have mouse support I’m excited to see what kinds of new controls could be added into the game to make it a little easier to play than using the touch screen all the time.

- MTX Free, Relaxing Time Sink, Farm Holiday

This game has a way of making it difficult to put down. There’s always something else to be doing and completely at your own pace making it stress free. A great way to unwind and an even better way to procrastinate. I highly recommend this game. The only caveat to the above is that some of the intricacies require you to tab back and forth to the wiki if that is a problem for you.

- Really love this game but...

Can you please make it easier to catch a fish? I’ve tried a lot, but I failed every time and ended up with no fish at all; this is why I spend so much time in the mine like a caveman lol. Also, it will be much better if you add a ‘save’ button to save the game quicker and convenient for all players. Please think about my requests and make a rectify to them. Anyways, other than these problems, everything so far is fantastic! Thank you 😊

- Review and suggestions

Awesome game I love how you can do whatever you want and hare is a bug. in my double bed I have placed a chest blocking one side and place a pot one space away and whenever I try to water it it automatically does more than one space. I would love to she a monster that takes your energy instead of health! And please add black slime eggs please please please please please please 😅 thank you.

- Yay, but just need some changes made!!!

I’m so excited that the game has come out on iOS!! I’ve been playing it all weekend so far! But I did come across one problem, and that is fishing. It’s suuuuper hard and impossible. There needs to be a more controlled way of moving the green bar with the fish because the bar is so sensitive to a tap! This is all I request. Thank you!

- One problem

I love the game and all but there is one problem I was playing when I accidentally deleted my save file so I went to make a new one but it wouldn’t let me type in a name for my character I tried but I couldn’t type anything then the whole game freezes and you can’t do anything but restart so I can’t play this game at all

- Brilliant game one problem

This is probably my favourite game I have played it a lot their is one problem in one of my worlds I have 2 hearts for Abigail every time I try to do her heart event it crashes as soon as I get into the arcade game she’s playing it just freezes and crashes every time other then that it’s great would recommend it to all of my friends

- Great game with issues

I love this game however the iOS version has some issues which need to be fixed. Game crashed on me when I was in the mines and lost full day of work. Also the dog fell asleep in front of the door so I couldn’t get into bed for the night. There was also some glitching in the animal supply shop. These are only the issues I’ve found within first 2 days of playing too, so there are probably others. Otherwise I love having the game on my mobile.

- 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

When I saved my game it said the save failed so I tried again Stardew Valley crashed and I Tried to open it again but it crashed and crashed again then I noticed my iPad was out of storage so I deleted a few episodes on Netflix I tried again it didn’t work I fear for my two year account please fix this bug please 😭😭😭😭😭

- Love it but.... Bugs !!

Absolutely love this game... played several hundred hours on steam before it was released to mobile.... dog gets in the door way when trying to sleep and makes your pass out.... tools switching to pick axe while farming and destroys plants..... crab pots being removed from ocean which is not cheap!!!! .... again really love this game and am invested which is why is so frustrating when it craps out suddenly :/

- Caution: Extremely addictive

If you’re a Harvest Moon, this game offers everything it has n more with rich character stories. The only issue with it is it’s way too addictive that I can easily spent my whole day on it without realising how time flies! Having to pay for the full game without the annoying micro-transactions is just perfect. 10/10

- Best Farming. RPG. (etc.) Game

Great game transfered to mobile. Playing Stardew Valley on mobile feels refreshing, controls are simplified for the best experience although combat needs a bit of work same with the navigation. But great controls for mobile. Everything on PC is on mobile which is amazing. To run all of this on an iPhone 6. Runs smoothly. Most advanced farming game on 'mobile' in my opinion since you can breed and obviously farm. Got it on sale but the normal price is still worth the purchase, I can personally see myself playing this for.. months. Coming back to this amazing game feels great, especially I can play this where ever I go. Definitely worth the price.


Entering another app (even for 10 seconds) runs the odds of restarting the game and resetting an entire day. Put away all your items and restock on gift items and harvest every crop ALL OVER AGAIN! There should be an additional background save done and stored in memory as if we started another saved game. I really don’t mind having additional saves take up storage. Tip: Manually save backup every time you leave the game. It’s in the menu.

- Amazing, but after updating to iPhone 11, awkward

10/10 game i have over 350 hours on PC and almost 150 hours on my phone. this game has gotten me through some of the mentally hardest times in my life. amazing game to zone out and just focus on the game. it has helped me wind down at certain times when i’m anxious, and feeling hopeless. thank you.

- Love this game to bits...BUT FISHING

I have this game on both PC and mobile, have played more than probably 50 hours, not exactly long but not short. Fishing is my favourite thing to do on PC, it’s so chill and relaxed, BUT NOT HERE. Omg why is it so hard to fish on mobile?? I’m so frustrated, I started off avoiding fishing completely just because of how frustrating it is, but you need to fish to complete bundles. Please do something about the fishing mechanics!

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- Awesome game with no pay-to-play, in-app purchase nonsense.

This is such a fun game! The developer did right by the gamers with this one. You purchase the game, and then you own the game, just like old times! No stupid in-app purchases, and no freemium nonsense. This is what developers who care about games being fun and enjoyable for the user should be doing. Love that there are so many different paths and activities to choose to do each new “day”. It’s as laid back or advanced as you choose for it to be. There’s farming, mining, quests, hidden mysteries, and more. Just a super fun and well-rounded game. Highly recommend it!!

- Love it !

I got this game a day ago and I haven't been able to stop playing it. I personally don't find the controls hard but I can see why people would like the joy stick feature. Totally worth the price.

- Joystick controls

I would love joystick controls because it would make moving around much easier.

- Multiplayer

Can you put in multiplayer? Everybody has been waiting for it but it hasn’t ever come😒

- Multiplayer (Please respond)

Just wondering because you told us you were having troubles with multiplayer dose it still seem difficult to add it. Please respond even if it is not possible :)

- Multiplayer

We know you guys can add it so please do Ik so many people who would love to play but only multiplayer

- No multiplayer on mobile

I could recommend this but not on mobile because the other versions are multiplayer supported

- Amazing game, unexpected for a role-playing farm game.

I first got this game on PC and also gifted it to my friend and it was a total fluke because we have never really heard much about this game (not saying the game was a fluke, just how we both liked it), but we knew it was around. Our first day playing it is safe to say we are addicted, just like any other person, farming simulators don’t sound too fun, but there is just so much to do in the mean time it doesn’t ever really get boring. I gifted my friend 4 games on steam so we could play together and out of all the 4 he likes Stardew Valley the best, same with me. I gifted him: Escaptists 2, Don’t Starve Together, Terraria, and of course Stardew Valley. We are 2 years in and we have not lost interest and I don’t see myself losing interest for awhile. If you are planning on buying the game and have a PC, go for it, if you don’t have a PC just do mobile, it is exactly the same. To people who may want to buy this game here is just some things you can do: Play with friends, choose from different farms (maps), get coops, barns, and more to get animals, go shopping for supplies, get new plant seeds every season, go fishing, get married, gift people items so they like you more, go to the caves and get good loot and kill enemies, discover new areas, and the list goes on. I think the worst part of the game is the start because you really don’t know what the heck is happening and your farm is a mess. Overall great game though, sorry for such a long review I just seriously recommend it to all people who may want it!

- When’s 1.5 dropping?

I’m loving Stardew Valley so far. I just finished the community center and I’m working on some of the amazing post-game quests. However, it has come to my attention that the newest update (update 1.5) is still yet to be released on mobile. I’ve heard all about Ginger Island and the new additions to the game and i would love to play it myself. All i was wondering is when it could be released on mobile so we could enjoy the newest content? Thank you.

- Easily One of the Best

If you love to game on mobile, this is a game you should definitely check out. It has an incredible reputation and for good reason. The game and its developer are both what it means to be a complete package in gaming. Everything about this game has made me consider forgetting my old life and just becoming a farmer in a small, tight-knit town. Since the event of that happening is highly unlikely due to my circumstances, Stardew Valley has become the next best thing. I’ve easily put over 300+ hours into this game and I don’t regret a single one.

- I love this game but there is a problem

Stardew Valley is an amazing game! My absolute favorite, but there is a problem, it won’t let me in the game, it shows the loading screen, but then kicks me out, I’ve tried everything to fix it but nothing will help, I have a years worth of work on my files, please fix this!

- Amazing Game

I had this game on my computer and had a blast playing with my friends, there’s such a deep story to each character and the game overall. I got it on my phone and can’t stop playing, my hand keeps going numb from it, haha. Perfect game, love the art too. ♥️♥️

- Great game but . . .

I love everything about this game but I’m really disappointed that it doesn’t have multiplayer. Every other version does so I hope it is implemented soon as it would make this great game that much better.

- Controller not 100% functional at times

This game is a masterpiece, no doubt, and the only thing stopping me from giving it five stars is how there are things in the game that you can’t do with a controller, such as: Stacking items, throwing items out, dropping items, going in between categories of collectibles, and moving items from chest to inventory and vice-versa is difficult. If the controller functionality was more fleshed out, this would easily get five stars.

- New 1.4 update keeps crashing!!

I’m love love love this game, but since I updated yesterday my game keeps crashing! It’ll just randomly close. Please keep into this!

- Amazing

I bought this game for xbox, pc, and now iOS. I absolutely LOVE it... clearly lol. I really can’t wait for multiplayer to come out on the xbox so I can play with friends. So far the touch screen works great with this type of game. The only suggestion I would make would be to make it easier to water and plant things and stuff because you have to tap each square instead of press and holding the screen to keep watering/planting as needed. I know it’s probably way more complicated than how I’m making it sound. I intend to try using a controller at some point, but I’m unsure if it’ll work for iOS. Fingers crossed!

- Fantastic game! Could use Joystick-controls

Still my absolute favorite game, I was thrilled to see it on mobile. Thank you for keeping it in all its glory, without dumbing it down. After playing for a few hours I can say that the touch controls get a bit clunky and hard on the hands. Joystick controls would definitely benefit the game

- Needs an update

For some reason the music stoped playing and the game crushed on me a couple of times. The game also needs layout fixing since it doesn’t really fit the new iPhones screens.

- Great game but..

The mobile version lacks many things compared to the pc or console version. It lacks multiplayer, mods, as well as smooth controls and better and easier access to farming/battling and other criteria that pc version has. I feel that maybe there should be something exclusive to the mobile version if multiplayer or mods can’t be added to it.

- Wow

My game is glitched... my save file started bugging and now i cant plant any seeds, i tried remaking a new game still cant plant.. deleted the game and still cant plant idk what happened to my game... i really love this game but i wanna play it normally... i lost my save files trying to figure it out i even restarted my phone and everything it still doesnt let me plant.. i can only plant by using the joystick but i wanna use the tap.. i dont like using joystick

- Put it out on Mac App Store plz

I love this game, but why can’t the developers put it on the Mac App Store so people like me who payed 10 dollars for an awesome game but want to play it on Mac. This is a brilliant game but make it more accessible please please please I want to play it more rather than pay more .

- Person

I was wondering if there was going to be an update involving local multiplayer coming out for PS4 or mobile I feel that would be really fun then I could play with my sister

- Can’t wait for 1.5

Please give us 1.5 soon. Great game

- Fishing

This game would be perfect if you could actually fish. Sure you get a pole and you can catch the first tutorial fish. After that though it is impossible! You can only catch junk and plants, ONLY because it’s an automatic catch. The controls for fishing really need to be fixed or changed all together! Please fix this!

- No more updates?

Game deserves 1 star now. Kinda Trash they never really took the game to the next level kinda disappointed Co-op never came to mobile and Updates stopped 9months ago safe to say dont buy the game its a waste of money.

- Liked it at first

I really liked this game at first, but fishing is IMPOSSIBLE. It totally ruined the game for me. It turned something fun and relaxing into something frustrating and infuriating. I regret buying this game and wish I could get my money back.

- Engaging & amazing

I just got it last week, and I can’t stop playing it. The world is beautiful, the town characters are fun to talk to, and there’s always lots of stuff to do to keep busy; I could play for hours on end, and the game would never lose its charm. Definitely recommend! The only suggestion I could think of would be to add more cute spouse dialogue, but other than that, everything is perfect. 5/5 stars for sure! 🎉

- 1.5 update?

Adore this game, I’ve been playing it for years now. But... when is the new update releasing :( I miss playing with new content since I’ve completed the game!

- Still waiting for new updates.

Mobile version is only up to 1.4 PC wise. Please update to 1.5 :( Cause I love this game

- Great game!

Absolutely love this game, it’s so detail oriented and has hours upon hours of game play. Definitely would rate this game 5 stars without a second thought. A few things that I think would make the game better is to add the newest update that other devices have, I bought this game on mobile and learned that there are some limitations with that, on other devices you can obtain an event with Willy to fix his boat after completing the community centre but sadly I realized I cannot obtain this event because I have a mobile device. Being able to travel to Ginger Island would enhance the game in my opinion.


I love everything about this game, just wish co op was available for mobile so me and my friends could play together



- Just bought it but unable to open

Where should I report this issue and please get refund it as well.

- Fun but crashes alot lose progress

The crashing ruins it but its a great game otherwise. Save often!

- OMG!

omg, this is the best game ever! Totally worth the cash! To whoever is reading this: GET STARDEW VALLEY! honestly, this game is better than Roblox.

- Game update

Version mismatch while transferring save from PC to iOS.

- Problem

Won’t open anymore and keeps crashing ive done everything to try and fix it

- Awesome buuuut

Superb game, but the only quest I have left is to make it to level 100 in the Skull Caverns and every time I do the game freezes after mr. Qi says “well well you’ve made it...”. I don’t know what else to do

- Apple TV support?

Game is pretty awesome and literally play on the go is awesome, but playing it on Apple TV with cross save would definitely boost the game ratings 👊😁 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

- Best Game Ever

I love this game so much!! I could spend hours playing this. I love everything about it and truly love that there are no in-app purchases.

- Mod

We need sendbox mode pls

- Joy stick controls

Controls are so annoying and get me killed in the mines

- The only

I love starting valley so much because it is the best game in the whole wide universes,🇧🇴🇨🇦💕❤️🎊🎊🎊🎊🎉🖼💒🏩🎡🎢🏰🥨🥓🌭🍔🥩🧀🥚🍗🍟🍟🌯🌯🍜🍥🍧🍧🍧🥧🥮🍩🍭👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😺🤩😍

- Stardew valley

100% THE BEST farming type game I have ever played I’ve bought this game on mobile, PC, Xbox and Nintendo switch it’s just so fun! I cannot wait for the update 1.5 to come to mobile! I would definitely recommend this game <3

- Really bad bug

Its the end of spring and Clint still hasn’t given me the furnace recipe. Ive been to the mines, levelled up, and have about 90 copper ore. He should have showed up. I think theres a bug. Other than that this is my favourite game easily


I suggest watching cinamontoastken on YouTube while paying this game.

- one of the best game in the world

the only regret i have for this game was i wished i had bought it sooner. it's the best paid games i have on my phone. if you like harvest moon you will enjoy this game!

- Incredible game!

An amazing game especially for the price. There’s no in app purchases or any way to cheat by paying for resources. The only downfall is unfortunately I’ve developed an addiction to this spectacular game. 😅 Hopefully one day mobile multiplayer will be available. Definitely worth the price!

- Best game ever

One time fee. No adds, no in-game purchases, unlimited fun. Loves it!!!

- I dont stop to beging to start im bored

You should make a better save systems on the cloud with confirmation and informations. I sont play because it wont save correctly and i cant get back my cloud save so 0 on 10 because your bad developers.

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Bree/Polish & Paperbacks

Post an image of yourself as a romanceable NPC without downloading new pics. I feel like an Animal Crossing/Stardew Valley romance option lol


finally saw the crop fairy rare event on stardew valley 🥰🥺 she made like 20 of my cauliflowers grow 💘




Me: plays stardew valley to escape real life Also me: abandons my family and lives on ginger island without making outside contact for two full years to escape stardew valley

elizabeth lorraine 🦄💙💜💖

@trillharris It also worked because being able to romance girls in stardew valley was an important part of my coming out process


not me accidentally selling away my sword in stardew valley and having to buy a new one... sad

hey it's that guy

@OldManRupee Todd in Stardew Valley WHEN

rusty shackleford 𓆏

How is my ideal m*n Dr. Harvey from Stardew Valley 😭


@ConcernedApe hello, when will stardew valley be available for ps4 spain we've been waiting a long time Thanks


@LazerzZHD What are your thoughts on Stardew valley? Have you ever played it and would you ever stream at some point in the future?

hot takes w/ ellen

@taydahl_ Yes. Stardew Valley is dope


Stardew Valley Board Game? IT'S SO COOLLLL. I hope I can get one of these one day 🤩 Perfect Job, Absolutely perfect ✌


Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Stardew Valley) live at




i just went and bought stardew valley for my switch bc WHY NOT, ill save my pc version for the insane mods. im also heavily tempted to buy the outer worlds next time it goes on sale bc itll probably work so much better on my switch than my shit laptop

Stardew Valley Screenshots & Images

Stardew Valley iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Stardew Valley iphone images
Stardew Valley iphone images
Stardew Valley iphone images
Stardew Valley iphone images
Stardew Valley iphone images
Stardew Valley iphone images
Stardew Valley iphone images
Stardew Valley iphone images
Stardew Valley iphone images
Stardew Valley iphone images
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The applications Stardew Valley was published in the category Games on 2018-10-24 and was developed by ConcernedApe [Developer ID: 1620477446]. This application file size is 350.11 MB. Stardew Valley - Games app posted on 2021-01-21 current version is and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.chucklefish.stardewvalley