Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars [Games] App Description & Overview

Fast-paced multiplayer battles from the makers of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach.

Battle with friends or solo across a variety of game modes in under three minutes. Unlock and upgrade dozens of Brawlers with powerful super abilities. Purchase and collect unique skins to stand out and show off in the arena. Join or start a band to share tactics and fight together.

- Gem Grab (3v3): Team up and out-strategize the opposing team. Collect and hold 10 gems to win, but get fragged and lose your gems.
- Showdown (Solo/Duo): A battle royale style fight for survival. Collect power ups for your Brawler. Grab a friend or play solo - be the last Brawler standing in the rowdiest battle royale yet. Winner take all!
- Bounty (3v3): Take out opponents to earn stars, but don’t let them pick you off. The squad with the most stars wins the match!
- Heist (3v3): Protect your team’s safe and try to crack open your opponents’. Navigate the map to sneak, blast and blow your way clear to the enemies treasure.
- Brawl Ball (3v3): It's a whole new Brawl game! Show off your soccer/football skills and score two goals before the other team. There are no red cards here.
- Special Events: Limited time special PvE and PvP game modes.

Collect and upgrade a variety of Brawlers with punishing SUPER abilities, level them up with power points, and collect unique skins.

Climb the local and regional leaderboards to prove you’re the greatest Brawler of them all!

Look out for new Brawlers, skins, maps, special events and games modes in the future.

PLEASE NOTE! Brawl Stars is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Brawl Stars.

- Team up for real-time 3v3 battles against players from across the world
- A fast-paced multiplayer battle royale mode made for mobile
- Unlock and collect new, powerful Brawlers - each with a signature attack and SUPER ability
- New events and game modes daily
- Battle solo or co-op
- Climb to the top of the leaderboards in global and local rankings
- Join or start your own Club with fellow players to share tips and battle together
- Customize Brawlers with unlockable skins
- Player-designed maps offer challenging new terrain to master

Are you having problems? Visit or contact us in game by going to Settings > Help and Support.

Privacy Policy:

Terms of Service:

Parent’s Guide:

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NEW PROGRESSION - More rewards, clear progression and quests to speed up progress! - Brawl Pass with additional rewards, guaranteed Chromatic Brawler and exclusive cosmetics! WELCOME TO THE BAZAAR! - New Environment: Tara's Bazaar - New Skins - New Maps OTHER - Hot Zone returns temporarily! - Collect pins to express yourself in Chat and In-Game! - ... and more!

Brawl Stars Comments & Reviews

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- Annoying

I like this game but there is a lot of annoying stuff like when your lagging and lose you can’t do anything about it and you lose a bunch of trophies I think if you lag and die don’t make them lose trophies pls and legendary and mythic brawlers are tooooo rare I know no one who is free to play and has a single legendary or mythic

- Cool but not cool

The game it self is the best but now when I try to get in the game it says downloading content and it brings me back to the supercell writing and it does it for ever

- Not working

Not able to sign in. Goes to 20% and restart. I’m iPhone 11.

- Lost so many TROPHIES

This game is so fun Intill u get good u lose soo many trophies it’s just so frustrating please update for people who r high in trophies

- Teams

Please add an option to play with a squad of four. Most friends groups are in groups of four and if not, there can just be another person filling in.

- Amazing

The games fun and the characters are good for different types of people

- My second review...

OK. I seriously think that sometimes the game drives me nuts. First, please just give 1 brawler a month. I HAVE ALMOST EVERYONE ON 20 and NO brawler in 5 months!!! And it’s just I need a legendary or an epic on my team soon before all mine are 20. And to supercell, PLEASE GIVE ME MORE BRAWLERS IMMEDIATELY NOW! And please, cancel the power play thing for losing trophies for brawlers over 550 trophies. Please listen to me soon.

- low brawler chance please increase

please increase the chance of getting legendary and mythic brawlers please opened 7 mega boxes and got nothing PLEASE new brawler PLEASE

- Hi

I would have liked it but the game only loads to 20%

- brawl stars

brooo i love dis game to hell🙏🏾🔥

- From: Meh

Thankyouthankyouthankyou!! You have finally given me sandy, even tho I’m at 12k trophys, but anyway he is already rank 20!😊. I love this game, but I do have one complaint. Is there any way you can get rid of afk players, because it’s really annoying when your playing duos and you die and your afk team mate just stands there and then everyone kills them to. Especially when you have a high rank brawler, because then you lose a lot trophys.😓 Other than that the game is amazing

- Good for youtube

Good for clickbait on youtube my new channel is based on BRAWL STARS GAME (GONE SEXUAL) thanks for the views in return I give this 5 star review

- Best 🥰

I LOVE this game it’s my favorite game Good jobs supercells 👍

- Bad connection

I have been playing this game for a while and have never had any problems, but recently there is an issue with connection while in the match (my wifi seems working fine). Hope this problem will be fixed.

- Dissapointing

I don’t like it when you improved on your 20 rank+ brawler and then it takes away your trophies in the season. Please fix it or if you can’t make another way to obtain star points and at least when it takes your trophies let it be gems instead. Hope you fix it.

- No chance

I got 0 brawler in the past 3-4 months!🤬🤬🤬😡

- 🙂

The best mobile game

- Terrible

Get rid of star points So f@*%ing pointless i dont want to lose all my trophies when the season ends smh

- 실행이 안돼요.

제가 게임을 켰는데 20프로 로딩에서 계속 진행이 안돼요.

- Long time to load

FIX IT now I am TiErEd Of ThIs FiX It

- Very bad don’t play

I draw 4 mega box but I get nothing It’s terrible

- Game won't open

When I try to open brawl stars it just keeps looping the intro and gets stuck on downloading then it just loops over and over

- Lag

Laggiest game ever

- La chance

J’ai jamais de skin j’ai pas encore darryll

- I love it

Coz of the brawl pass there should be a brawl pass the lets u finish the hole thing ! Plese

- Keep stealing my gems

Someone in the game just keeps stealing my gems they already stole 80 so can u plz lock hacking or something

- Brawl pass is awesome

The brawl pass is awesome I finally get free mega boxes gale is awesome he could use nerf sometime tho

- Best game ever

Me and my friend always play

- My internet is fine and STOp CAmPING

Each time I play a match and my internet is fine it says looks like you don’t have internet and it’s hard for me to play plz stop this it’s anoyying(and pluse people start camping so they get more stuff and win I think you should make them not be able to move and can still attack )

- Bad

Good game but 0/10 for fair play and match making algorithm!!!

- Best game ever

Hello just to let you guys know this game is better then fortnite and minecraft because of the new updates and fun. Thanks for the game :)

- Fun but ragey and P2W

It used to be fun when you kept getting brawlers but when you all you have left is legendarys and mithics it’s practically impossible to get brawlers without spending money. The pass helps but it still takes too long. Clubs are useless, No club wars no donations No nothing. Supercell needs to add some sort of “clan games” like in can be fun but people team, people score on there own net, people rage quit. It is fun tho. The battle pass was a step in the right direction and I amgreat full that It’s gems and not money.Please add something to do with Clubs and buff mortis😂. At least his range. Also for the game mode slots I would make gem grab and heist alternate one and bounty and siege alternate the other. Or replace gem grab with hot zone.please take this into consideration.

- Lsksksks

It’s too bad, my WiFi is 4G, but it’s always slow. In this game, you can’t report someone, because their name is very not good. And you are always going to play with some noobs.!!!

- Lagging

Make Brawl stars an offline game plz

- Trash


- Best game ever

The new update improved everything and I just got crow! I’ve been playing everyday for 8 months and I’m at 12.8k and I have 32/36 brawlers. If you play a lot you don’t have to spend money and you can get really good. I just wished that they didn’t remove gems from boxes tho😕. But overall 5 star game and I love it!

- New update

So bad I have opened about a 100 boxes and haven’t gotten a single legendary not even a new character and I haven’t gotten a single gem, the chances of getting anything other than an owned brawler are so bad it’s literally a pay to win. You just can’t get anything without paying.

- Mon avis

Jeu addictif il est trop biennnn!!!!

- Worst game!

Whenever you play with randoms they are always so bad! I at least lost 1000 trophies playing with randoms. They always pick bad brawlers for each mode. Please fix this!👎👎👎👎👎👎😡 Also my friend is a free to play just like me and she has 4 mythic brawlers, 8 gadgets and 2 legendary’s brawlers at 8000 trophies and only played for 6 months. For me I played since 2 years ago and only have 3 mythic brawlers, 1 legendary, and 4 gadgets and I have 16000 trophies. I hope you could help people who are free to play too. I hate robo rumble!!! Robo rumble insane is sooooo hard. I always lose when there 3 seconds left!!! Please nerf robo rumble. I f###ing hate robo rumble now.

- Best game

BEST GAME EVER DOWNLOAD NOW you at least get to play with people around the world ;)

- Amazing

Best game ever

- Bad matchmaking.

I’ve played this game for a long time, and it amazes me that supercell never upgraded the matchmaking. You often get put in the same team as super noob players or afks, wich make you lose the game.

- Robo rumble

Hi supercell make your Robo Rumble easier PLEASE!!!!!

- Best game ever!!!🤩

I’m am an o.g player of this game and I highly recommend it if you want a new fun game. In my opinion this is the best mobile game out there. P.s when using gems in the brawl stars shop use code: lex!!

- Best game

Best mobile game ever I have so much fun playing it ! 👍

- It’s great

The game has there best update ever

- I’m a fan

I love your games supercell I have every supercell game !!!!!!

- Good but laggy

I love this game the problem I have good internet but it lags so badly I dont get as much as I used to do

- Brawl stars

Je n’ai jamais jouer à un jeu plus amusent que cela

- Trop bien

Brawl star est genial, surtout la nouvelle mise à jour de la semaine dernière.

- Startup

Game stopped loading when I opened the it. Just kept refreshing and would not start loading

- It’s good but I can’t play it

iPhone 6 s can’t play but I really want to play it but it loads to 20% then it restarts the app like I just got into it and please let me play

- Lag

The game is fun and all, the lag! Uhhhhhhhhhh! I don’t even know what’s going on! I don’t have that when I play games like Fortnite and Zooba

- Strange Connection Errors

I’ve been playing this game for several months now and I fell in love with it. However after unlocking all of the epics, I spend many months with ought getting any new brawler which I didn’t really mind. However, my friend who started in March this year and plays much less than me and sits at 13000 trophies (1000 less than me), already has a legendary brawler and 2 mythics as a pose to my one mythic. All I’m asking for supercell is a way for people who are willing to spend lots of time playing the game to get boxes with ought any limits. However I still enjoy playing this game and I would definitely recommend it.

- Good game love it

It’s a good game but the only problem I have is when sometimes I open the game it just reloads over and over back to the 10 thing with the cake fix that and I’ll leave a 5 star

- I cant start the game..... It keeps going in a loop. Still like the game.

@jefferyendlesstuff. Hi i was just wondering how do i acutally get the game working? Everytime i go on brawl stars it says 20% or downloading conetnt or connecting to server. After that, it just restarts. This goes in a loop and never stops. I use data and wifi and yep. If the brawl star stuff members can help, I’d really appreciated alot!



- Amazing Game

This is a great game and I would love to see the fanbase grow even further. The progression system can be a little odd sometimes, but updates fix and improve things in the game constantly. It isn’t necessarily pay to win, because if you pay you are placed against higher ranked opponents that are at a similar skill or progression level to you. It keeps you entertained with lots of different brawlers (characters) for ages. Brawl Stars is a really fun mobile game and I recommend it strongly.

- i hate the new update

it takes 500 tokens to upgrade to the next tier and you only get a small box which u would only get for 100 i hate the brawl pass so much

- Great game

Really good game.

- Good app ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Amazing bit to pay 2 win but really good

- Damn, such imagination.

So this game, let’s talk about it. Well first off absolutely love it I can’t believe you guys can have this much imagination. Do you have God’s brain or something. If you read the hate comments. That’s ok but this game is awesome with amazing characters that I know daydream about. My favourites are crow, barley and mortis. Keep up the great games. I wonder if you are going top make more games. K.I.T Thank you for the amazing game and thank you for reading this.

- Make it easy

Your game is good but cab you make it easier to get super rares because I don’t have any and I have been playing for a long time

- Fun and exiting

Brawl stars is an amzing game to play with friends . The flexibility is amazing and the progression makes me want to play forever. This game involves skill , dedication and strategy. Very underrated!

- So Good But...

I have played this game from the start and have loved every moment of it, but I still have not got 1 legendary (every time I’m close a new brawler comes out and I get that one) My brother has being playing for half a year and has got 2 legendary, I love how every brawler is unique and has there own specialties but still can be eliminated by other brawlers. For some reason in my brawl boxes I keep getting star power after star power? (I don’t know why but it is still handy) I am on 13 thousand trophies and and all my game friends with higher and lower trophies have got legendarys but not me (why is this ?) I have watched tones of videos on how to get a legendary and looked up the statistics and apparently I have had a 99.9% chance of getting a legendary but still have not got one.

- Hi plz read

Nani is coming out and I really want a brawler and I haven’t gotten a brawler in one year so I really wanna try all my luck on this game and I’m really mad before but now I’m wanna give another chance for Nani thanks

- Pretty Good game!

Honestly, brawlstars is really good right now theres just some thing i really want, I miss life leech it stopped teaming in showdown, delete the map cavern churn from the rotation nobody likes it, make the new robo rumble a bit easier, Make the matchmaking better.. like i have 13 000 trophies and i get people who barely even know how to shoot, and make it so duos gives you more trophies then solos. Because its harder

- Good game

Legendary's are to hard to get, you should be able to get them buy earning 3000 trophies and you should be able to choose what legendary, for me Leon all the way. The good thing about this is that you can keep us fans playing. Updates are cool but I think it is best to do this kind of system. I think that there should be more on the trophy road, I want many things that I can’t get stuff because I don’t pay to win🤑🤑. So if my recommendations come I will be super happy that my recommendations came to your mind. I have seen people with aimbot and lag switches. I know a person who has aimbot and a lag switch. The players name is: ace 1234. Please banned him. Thank you supercell for a good game!😃

- Brawl stars

Best game ever !!!!!!!!

- The best game

This is much fun then I thought

- Dear supercell this isn’t fair.

I really like the game and I am addicted.but I have been pkauing for over7 months and still got no epic mythic legendary and people that I k ow started like 1month ago has mythic +2legendary+1and epic +3 I am more trophies than them and still no getting brawlers so please let me get a chance

- it isn’t that bad

the game isn’t bad enough for me to give 1 star destroyed half of my social life so

- No trades

The game is fabulous but it needs to have trades in the game Please put it in thank you

- Bad game

Fix your dumb ass game

- I hate the way lag works

Ever time you lag in this game it’s even more annoying in game grab if you start lagging the game moves you around and it is incredibly easy to die I think if you star lagging they should kick you from the game and you won’t win or lose trophys I HATE THIS GAME

- Brawl Stars needs some reworks

This game is not a great experience. I have been dealing with server issues as lag spikes are occurring every once in a while. There are also issues of balance updates, as brawlers can be ranged from OP to a balanced brawler. But there is a majority of OP brawlers like Emz, Shelly and Tara. There are also problems of bugs like the chat bug where it keeps stacking up and the health bug where you are unable to see your health and enemies health putting you at a disadvantage. The matchmaking is what occurs the most in this game as I am often facing problems of having 200 trophy players on my team when I am a 600 trophy player which puts me at a disadvantage. The underdog is not a great system but you should have underdog when you are put up with teamate s that are away from keyboard. Get this message Supercell. No wonder your game is dying and you have no potential.



- gOoOD


- So horrible server’s condition!

I cant play it with pure wifi

- Goode Gane

Dis good gane ad i lik teh mods. Brawer funnie adn funn. I lik the funnie gam caus it cool

- Teaming

I just want to say to those people who hate teaming, it’s a tactic. I’m not saying it’s not annoying in a solo game mode, because it is. But it’s a tactic, not a bug that needs fixing.

- Recommendation

The game is 🔥, however just two things, some of my brawlers have more than 400 trophies and I still can’t replay them, also if possible you guys should develop a way where you can talk to your teammates🤙

- Legandarys

I feel like legendary should be easier to get.

- Loving it.

Probably in my opinion, outweighs Clash Royale or Clash of Clans, just because it is f2p friendly and isn’t a game where you need much patience. The brawl pass, has allowed me as a f2p player to earn more rewards with enough skill, compared to the old rewards system. If there’s one thing I’d change, would be to try to consider better voice lines for Darryl.

- Why did u

Its vert good the only thing i would like to bring you 5 ⭐️’s is BRING BACK OLD DARRYL PLEASE!?

- Brawl stars

Very fun

- Brawl stars throwing problem

I am playing brawl stars but after the update started to throw game, please fix

- God pig


- Trash

This game is pretty much garbage. It is unbalanced and also relies on a “freemium” model which is completely fake. If you have money, you tank with legendary brawlers upgraded to the max and nothing and no one can stop you. False reports are a HUGE problem. My friend was falsely reported for “disruptive behaviour” and thus cannot even change his account, because of supercell sync. A garbage game, unless you are a massive whale

- Annoying glitch brawlers health

There is something wrong with the brawlers health so if your brawler had 3600 it would some times come up as 30 or 00 and it is so annoying please fix this I have been playing this game for 2 years thanks suppercell

- Great game

Great game and fun to play, brawlers get balanced eventually but matchmaking is actually garbage, other than that the game is nice, needs more content for clubs tho..

- Brilliant game

This is by far my favourite supercell game! I have been playing since November 2018, I have star Shelly and I am on 16.8k trophies!

- Please fix delay

This game would be awesome if people from all around the world didn’t clash together and play showdown in the same match. All I know is that I get an average 5ms for my internet but when I play showdown, it feels like I’m on 90ms. Plz fix supercell.

- New feature

Ok I gel like Brawlers Should hare secondary Specials that require specific things to activate them in game. Leon is an Assassin. He can make illusions and turn invisible. But why doesn’t he throw a horde of shurinkens? I think third would be a really cool update Supercell.

- This Game Needs Improvements.

For starters, this “Brawl Stars” game is not for stars. This game has way too many Bulls in bushes and spamming Brocks. I love this game so much but half of the time you somehow make the game with more bushes. Pay To Win: Half of the time I think this game is ‘Pay to Win’ because it’s almost impossible to get new brawlers. Trophy Road/Brawl Pass: I’m giving this a 3 star because you AT LEAST tried to make this game better by adding a trophy road. I’m stuck between giving it 3, 4, or 5 stars because there’s so many ups, and so many downs. It’s about a 0.0818361% to get a new Brawler, and I try and bring all weekend to get a new brawler or even a GADGET and I never do. One more thing, the ‘quests’ are so easy to get the tokens, but you only give us new quests twice every week. Toxic Community: Wow, the toxicity in this game is driving me nuts. There are so many trash, lucky players that I die to. The trash,lucky/nice players ratio is just insane, my teammates are so bad and I can never get any good players on my team. I always yell at my brother when I don’t mean to because of THIS GAME. We play together and we both are just getting more and more antisocial. Conclusion: This game is amazing and pure trash sometimes, but I still love it. This is one of the games where it’s going to be my childhood game, forever.

- Wow I love Brawl stars

Wow I love Brawl Stars it’s amazing I am always exited every morning I rate it 10/10 my friends play with my all the time it’s amazing

- Super cell this is a master piece but here is some feedback.

Supercell Brawl Stars is a great game and I absolutely love the game just so much good effort and quality put into this. But there is a problem,Colt is kind of overpowered in the game he shoots to much damage and his super deals a big punch.Every time I win with out getting vanquished by colt it seems fair. This is not a hate comment but could you please reduce the damage of each bullet or at least reduce damage per bullet. If not I understand. Great game overall.I hope this game will get a reward soon.

- Brawl stars

I think it is really fun. I play it a

- This game is so rigged

First, I want you to balance players. If your opponents have a star power player, you get one too. Also, mega boxes are useless. I try sooooo hard for nothing. NOTHING. Also, buff dynamite and nerf crow.

- This Is annoying, a year of straight work and what?

This game is absolutely amazing, it’s a fun pvp shooter or you can work in a team to overcome obstacles, but the one thing I HATE is the fact that I have played for 1 whole year, getting on at least every second day and playing for and hour or two straight of farming. Opened at least 4-5 mega boxes and hundreds of small boxes and at least 60 big boxes and I have absolutely no brawlers ;-;. Kinda sad And I hope I can get one soon, otherwise this game is very fun and you should get it. I’m about to open a mega box, it’s my sisters birthday and I rated the game 5 stars, I’ve spent money on this game. Just please let me have a legendary it’s been a whole year, I’ve had a bad day and it’s my sisters birthday. Please. I opened it and I got nothing, I have rated the game one star and I absolutely hate this. Please let me have a brawler as I have shown years of dedication and I’m suffering from depression.

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- Fix your game

I’m gem grab people always bring it back to their spawn and when they spawn they have spawn immunity witch they should be able to not attack when they are immune or shorten the immune time

- i

love it

- Increase chances of getting brawlers

This game is awesome! It is so fun I have been playing for three years! One problem is I have not got any new brawlers for like three months! I am starting to get annoyed because I am playing with the same brawlers.

- Updated and great!

Brawl stars newest update is fantastic. New brawlers new powers new maps new quests. Top vs game on IOS or Android

- I’m level 50 and can firmly agree this game is trash

I don’t even know why I still play this game; the matchmaking is bad and can’t have a singular stable game.

- Worst game I have ever played

You know, in this game, you really don't have to spend too much money. But here is the thing. This game will teach you one valuable lesson. You depends on other people more than you depend on yourself. In all except a very few game modes, you play multi player. And maybe the system just decides to make you lose trophies. The system will pair you will the worst players that was playing at the time. And when I said that you don't spend too much money, I meant you still will have to spend a few hundred bucks to get really good. And also, as it turns out, most of the game depends on how lucky you are. If you are lucky, the system gives you legendaries. And when I say they are better than another brawler in every way, I mean it. Hey supercell, if you can beat me using a rare when I use a legendary I will turn this into 4 stars!!! What another thing us that the game is sometimes very stupid. And that means how the trophies work. Every 15 days you lose most of your trophies! How is that fair? Worstgame ever

- Bug

So I wanted to play one day and when it was loading in, at the downloading contents, it just brings be back to the supercell and then the 10th anniversary page. Please get it fixed!

- Fun but one problem

I like the game and updates but, there is one problem every time I play on accident and leave I lose throphies when I get a bad rank but if I somehow win, I get no throphies at all

- Spikethekiller

Buff gene’s main attack and health Mr.p’s range back Fix random match making

- Awesome suace

This game is great I love it 😀I did not know about this game in tell my amazing brother told me about it so I tried it and I love it. Was so fun I had so much fun I tried playing with my brother and it made the even more fun I would play this any were any time I will tell my friends about it when I can. 😄this game is an amazing awesome game idea I want to say to the person who made this or thought of the idea thank you. You are an amazing awesome smart fun person you have the brain 🧠 of all the smartest people on earth 🌍 and you have the biggest thought process I have no idea how you thought of this also sorry I did not use all good grammar I am not so good with that but thank you 🙏😍I love it I have one idea for the game customize your own character or maybe and 👽 guy but thank you for the game it is so fun 😀.

- Report system needed

The only thing holding this game back is that there is no anti team system. It gets really frustrating when you play multiple games in a row with teamers in every match. On a semi-related note. Please nerf crow. He is literally the embodiment of teaming. It’s gotten to the point where I just sigh when I see a crow because I know they’re going to a) team with someone, b) target me and just me for shooting him once, or c) both a and b. In short, playing against crow (which is at least 1/3 of my games) feels likes hell. Crow is a low skill cap brawler that needs a nerf.

- Problem

There is a glitch where when I download the game after deleting it it keeps reloading the beginning scenes over and over again.

- Help me log in

Will not let me log in for some reason

- Really good game

Is ok

- Yah three stars

Once you have you character’s around rank 15 and 20 you have a very low chance of winning. since that keeps happening it starts not getting fun and it’s really annoying how once you get a character you start winning then loosing. So once you keep losing and loosing you’l probably have to just delete the game.

- So unfair

I will definitely not give 5 stars until spike gets a sound like the other characters. My favorite deserves justice.

- brawl stars

This is a great game if you want to play with friends and family! I have been playing for a year and this is what kept me from bordness.

- Good FrIcKIn game

I love this game plz download

- Amazing

I think this is great game but it’s not only it’s us if I earn Leon my name is austinisbad Ya

- I love this game😆❤️

This game is really fun and you should get it hi I just started and first time I played it was awesome more thing it would need........ JK THIS GAME IS AWSOME great job👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😄

- I wish I could give this a 5 out of 6 stars.

This game is great. Fun 2D shooting game best Friendly fighting game in the stores. However I believe this game has the potential of being something better then it really is. Like I said earlier the game play is great however the social part of hanging around your friends is quite poor. Clubs should have more things to do like donations and sharing recordings of your battles and also it would be fun to add a feature of just putting up a request for all who just want to play a friendly game. I don’t feel like this games needs a war feature just yet like clash of clans but I definitely think it needs a update for clubs and stuff like that Overall this game is definitely a 5 out of 5 game but it can’t be a game that take video games to the next level just because of these reasons. .

- Tick

Fix your balance changes for Rick because he is literally too op and easily gains his super and has a long range and make it so he can easily die please because he can literally run fast.

- Love it

Love it

- Will ruin your life

It’s got a skull as the logo like a pack of cigarettes because it will ruin your life just the same.

- Game won’t load

This is really a great game and would be 5 star if not for this one problem. Every time I try to start the game it shows the Supercell logo and the 10th birthday symbol. Then it continues on to load up the game. But when the bar reaches 20% it just restarts the whole cycle and shows the Supercell logo again and it repeats this endlessly from what I’ve seen. I tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling it but that didn’t work. I really hope this gets fixed quickly so I can play more of this amazing game.

- Brawl Stars needs a report player button

Brawl stars is supposed to be a fun game, but when your teammate is afk or they score an own goal on purpose, it ruins the fun. If there is a report player button, there would be less teamers or griefers.

- Hi buddies

Ok the game is awesome!!! I would have given it all stars but today, the app just stopped working and kept crashing... it didn’t even load.

- It’s ok

I like brawl stars but matchmaking should not be based on trophies so gods won’t play with bots and one god on the the team and one bot face gods. So in summary, it should be random.

- Request upgrades for brawlers

Supercell this is the best game I play but I wish you can add request upgrades for your brawler like they do in Clash Royale awesome game still. Like in clash royale you can request cards but except in brawl stars we can request upgrades. Supercell if you read this Thank you.


When I downloaded this game at the beginning it’s repeating

- Best game ever

Hey supercell this is litterally the best game I ever played and how do I become a content creator and my name is slumpgod_432 and I really want crow and can you make a video saying happy birthday Jesus for me on June 28 please it would be my dream

- Can’t play

I just barely downloaded the game and I can’t even play it. It just keeps restarting and isn’t downloading the content.

- Struck gold but needs one fix

Supercell struck gold on the last two updates, and here’s how: 1. Gadgets make more skill, although some are too strong and you almost all of the spinning gadgets are useless 2. The brawl pass highly buffed free to play. You now get more gems, so now you can get season 3 for FREE. 3. Supercell has done a great job on balancing op brawlers quickly, but could’ve balanced emz sooner. They should also buff some brawlers like Leon. 4. My only complaint is that sometimes you get quests like robo rumble that you can’t even complete for 6 days. 5. Finally, you made own goalers a bannable offense. THANK YOU.

- The best game ever

This game is so fun you need to get it.The skins are so cool.

- Remove brawl ball please

The game is GREAT OVERALL BUT brawl ball is just a big nono please remove it

- WoW!!!

This game is very fun and challenging. This game is full of fun modes, cool brawlers and it’s all FREE. I wouldn’t say pay to win at all. Anything is free. Except the brawl pass, but it’s 90% crates and there is a ton of crates in the free pass so I’m not complaining.

- It keeps repeating

The loading screen keeps repeating and I get stuck at downloading content and it goes back to the super cell logo.

- Good game!

I like this game a lot had it about three years i was at 17971 trophies i was just about to reach 18000 then the star-points take away my trophies and make me down 500 trophies now im at 17400 and this makes it verrrry difficult to gain and i am on the edge of deleteing this game because im facing higher brawlers witch btw im higher and me losing is causing me to loose more and more trophies and i spend MONEY on this game and it gets me sooo madd that your taking my hard earned trophies for star points that i dont want

- Can’t get in the lobby

I can’t even get in the game it just goes back into the lapsing screen and I can’t even get inside the actual game

- Good game but

I don’t like the fact that they removed gems from boxes. Instead of removing gems from boxes maybe make it more rare. But overall, a pretty fun game.

- Didnt get right brawler

I opened a free normal brawl box hoping to get a wrestler or bush girl but got a sleepy boy that throws sand instead, i don't like how bad the loot system is in this game.

- Just some suggest...

Great game! Here are some suggestions... Number one, is please add new trophy road reward brawlers, like for ten thousand trophies, since that’s 2000 mote the Emz. Number two, I know people who can’t play as often as me, an can’t unlock brawlers as fast. Solution? Add a few more rare and super rare brawlers. (Please don’t rush, I know it’s an expensive game to produce). Number three, thanks for reading! (Haha there is no three)

- How much fun I have had with Brawl stars

ok right of the bat I’m gonna say that I FRICKING LOVE THIS GAME it’s so fun to play and plus lots of the animations are just godlike. Especially when your unlocking a new brawler. I have been playing this for a year now and it’s probably my 2nd most fav game, and the brawlers have such unique attacks.

- What is this brawl pass crap

Supercell! Listen here, 500 token for a small box really, are you for real now that’s like 5 boxs before the update and I opened up like 3 mega boxes and didn’t even get a gadget what is my chance and fix sprout and add a report button for teamers and low hp attacker and fix my chances 10 times the chances for a mega box? A mega box will just give me more crap

- Brawl Pass

With the introduction of the brawl pass to this game I have found myself struggling with getting the same enjoyment from playing the various game modes. Whilst the tier system is radically different from what it used to be (100 brawl points to unlock your next common chest) I find it difficult to proceed through the pass effectively since the only way to progress fast is by completing challenges. These challenges I feel single out hero’s to play and to proceed in the brawl pass you have to complete the challenges. I loved the game for its many brawlers and it’s freedom to choose who you’d like to play in any match. Now I feel that I can only play the few brawlers that have challenges instead of simply grinding with one brawler you just unlocked. I feel that the tier system in the brawl pass of increasing brawl tokens for each level (level 30 - 500 token) it makes it very restrictive in the brawlers you play on a daily basis to proceed through the brawl pass. Purchasing the brawl pass would probably help push you faster through the tiers of the pass but why do we need to make in game purchases to do so when it was fine before the update. I also would appreciate having more brawl tokens to use instead of it being limited at 200 and having to wait real time for them to come back. Overall I feel that the token system needs major changes in order to bring balance back to the game and also give people more freedom in game to play whatever they'd like.

- Ranked

I enjoy playing the game but when I try to play it I’m always with some retarded players that don’t do anything so I think u guys should fix ur ranked lobbies

- Fun

This game is really fun. One of the. Best games, but I’ve been having a glitch were the logo of brawl stars stays, and it keeps on repeating when you first open the game


I’ve played all the other games and there so bad.However this game is THE BEST game I’ve ever played.the graphics are perfect.I have so much good brawlers.and Supercell you make the best games ever,Supercell keep it up

- Glitch

I try to open it and it just keeps restarting over and over again I deleted the data and app but still doesn’t wanna work still

- Download not working

I had my supercell Id somewhere but now I try to download bs back it keeps crashing in game, it keeps saying downloading content or something but never let me in!

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- Unauthorised and unethical usage of minor and sales of expensive coins.

My 8yo son downloaded Brawl Stars game on his phone and made unauthorised purchases totalling nearly 500 USD (equivalent of 700 AUD) over May 17-19. When I discovered this on May 19th and immediately reported to Apple Support siting unauthorised downloads by a minor, most of the purchases were not eligible for refund, even some virtual coins bought on the same day with the value of 159.99AUD! This is an unbelievable damage to our family budget and simply unethical use of trust by minors who are playing this game. I plead the game developers to address this issue and help us get our refund for the virtual coins which were not subsequently used. I also warn any parents of potential players of this game of how unethically expensive it might become to play it.

- Zig!!! It is so fun to unlock brawlers and is easy to trophy climb when starting Highly recommended😀

- Everything about this game is great

Beast game supercell being playing for a long time and will never stop.

- I love ur game

Hi supercell I love the game but I have been playing for a few weeks in a row and still haven’t got a new brawler. I am at 10 000 trophies and only have 2 mythical and not all the epics. I have a friend who only has played for a few months and he already has 4 more brawlers than me. And I have been playing every day with no new brawlers. Can u please give me one. I would especially like crow.

- Yeet!

Dis game so good!

- Just one request...

I love this game and a made a recent review. My username is ‘StaZ’ and my request is can we use brawlers we don’t have in friendly games and only friendly games. Please, I really want to use Leon in friendly games because I really want him. Thx From, Username: StaZ

- Awesome game

This game is amazing. I’m in a club called Crazy killers and my name is I am amazing

- AmAZING game thanks =)

Shout out to supercell for making this! I love the game. I have Leon and I have 10.7k+ trophies! It’s really good! My only complaint is the trophy loss. If you have a 500 trophies brawler then you loose 6 trophies it’s crazy! Maybe if you could lower the loss count that would be AMAZING!!! It’s not necessary but it would be cool. Overall great game besides ptw’s but you can’t change that! You need money and it’s a great game. Also could you keep gems and stuff in boxes when the brawl pass comes out as well as everybody being able to get the new brawlers? Also I find star points really hard to get maybe make them easier to obtain or make them come In larger quantities & maybe more trophies road rewards? Thnx =)

- Best game ever

I love this game it is very good you should get Best game ever Super cell makes really good games

- Bad

Bad game

- This is my favourite game.

I have almost every brawler I have been playing for more than a year and I love this game in fact this is my favourite game that I have ever played however there are things that can be changed. 1. Pls change the drop rate because my clan mates have high trophies yet they still don’t have many new brawlers. I think the drop rate should be changed just a little bit. 2. Buff crow. I know crow has been buffed before but he is still underpowered. The only game mode he is good at is showdown. He is trash at every other game mode. 3.pls add another melee that is similar to Mortis because right now he is the only melee/dashing brawler

- If you love your life, don’t play this game!

This games designed specifically for annoying kids that don’t have any lack of understanding in regarding to life, and their future.

- You monster

I love the game but remove Morris from showdown he is to over powered. JK. But the only bad thing is I got rage whiles trying to get my shelly to 750. But hey I got the job done.

- No brawler for 6 months

All my friends have gotten at least 2 new brawlers and I have got nothing for the past 6 months and I still haven’t gotten a legendary when I’m at 14.7k AND! my legendary chance haven’t gone up like in a month (not this month)

- Unfair brawler distribution

The game has great graphics and a good concept but the brawler distribution is unfair. While all my friends have gotten at least 4 brawlers from brawl boxes between 1000-2500 trophies, I’ve gotten none which is rather unfair and makes the gaming experience less exciting.

- Please?

I know you would (probably) be ignoring this and if you’re a random person just looking at this, you don’t want to look at this. You would think ‘Eww, you’re trash.’ I guess I kind of am. What I am requesting for is one legendary. Just one. I’d be great full for Leon. I know that eventually, you would get a legendary, but recently, my Brawl Stars has been deleted by my dad. If I could just get Leon, I would be SO happy. Sad. I also do not know how to rate this, so I’ll give it a five star. Please can I have Leon? Username: NomZhuTheKitty I forgot my ID Anyways Thanks if you do give it to me Very sad if I don’t get it Great game Recommended Infinite star if possible Wished it was game of the year WISHED I HAD LEON Max would also do nicely. Or Nani. Sorry for the HUGE request I don’t want to be too greedy Bye Hope I get it ;-;

- *Click* Noice

Brawl Stars is extremely good but a lot of people don’t really appreciate what to devs are doing, there are problems with match making and the underdog system, but getting brawlers are hard and people complain about this a lot the reason people have a lot of brawlers is because they are dedicated to playing it everyday and the odds are they’re gonna have a lot of brawlers. Nearly everything’s balanced (except match making). Overall it’s one of the best games I have played.

- Brawl star

Your game is amazing it help to stop my stress sometimes and it very fun

- Great game

The game is great but some brawlers are unbalanced like when you play with piper she is terrible in close battles but the good thing about this game is that each brawler has a map which they are good on, overall this game is great

- Pro

Best game ever

- Becoming pay-to-win

My feedback is based on a free-to-play player. The developer can deny this all they want but the game is heading to the pay-to-win direction with this latest update(getting free brawlers with bawl pass is p2w). If you calculate your boxes correctly, you are actually opening more boxes daily previously comparing to the current brawl pass system. Having to complete all those quests made the game feel more like a chore than casual fun to me now. Also, star points are not awarded on time to the players after the end of the 2 week star point season so you may hesitate to complete some quests that require your brawler that is on the 550 or 600 trophy range.

- Awesome

It’s a great game, with different abilities and strategies, very different to other supercell games. I love it. Use code on in the item shop

- Great game

I really recommend this game!

- Brawl stars game

I like it a lot it’s just that stupid thing when ever you lose you lose trophies

- Bug

Pretty good game until recent update. Screen freezes in game at random moments making it basically unplayable.

- Supercell is no longer good

Supercell used to develop decent games. However the company focuses too much on money since it was acquired by a Chinese company named Tencent. The game goes unbalanced further and further. Sad!

- Server Errors

I was in a robo rumble game on the last difficulty setting a world record and then there was a server error and kicked me out which made me restart the whole game.

- Epic!!

I love this game SO MUCH!!!Its super fun to play with friends and family,GAME OF THE YEAR SO FAR!!!

- Good game

This is actually a good game probably every season there are balance changes so if there is a bad brawler they were buff it or if there is a good brawler they will nerf it so every brawler will kind of be the same. This is such a good game I got addicted to it. Now there is brawl pass you can get more rewards now! If you haven’t made your mind playing this game yet go try it out yourself

- Pay to win update

I guess it’s like every other supercell games...

- The new battle pass update

The new battle pass has defeated purpose of the game. It’s supposed to equal and fun for everyone but when there battle pass some people get better things and better quality of gaming, whilst the other hand the the person has less stuff than the battle pass person.

- Best Game EVER

As soon as I got Brawl Stars I have loved it! There are just people that cheat the makes me unhappy, I have always loved Supercell games and this one is no exception. Ever since the first update came when started to play (when Sandy came out) I started to love updates! I love the Brawl Pass and the Reward for tokens road I think it is a much better than having tokens going to Brawl Boxes. The percentage chance is very accurate (not like other games) every time I get a new Brawler I get VERY excited about it. Right now I have nearly 13000 trophies. New Brawlers are always making me excited, I love how you balance Brawlers and it always makes the game more enjoyable.

- Awesome

Let’s go

- I can’t get in the game

I cannot get in the game after this update, it says login failed (1) please try again later. I have 11k trophies on this game and have been playing for 2 years my username is THEBRAWLGOD and this game is my favourite, I’ve tried everything from VPN to restarting my iPad but still doesn’t work

- Unfair grinding

I’ve been playing for a long time but I haven’t got much good brawlers. I got to epic but no higher. Plz supercell make the chance higher to get better brawlers I’m not a pay to win guy

- Lagging so much

Never had a problem with the game until the new update. Now my app always lags on me even with internet upload speeds 100mps+. So annoying. Made me delete the app.

- Good

This app is sooooo good, can u make a few more things customizable. Thx so much for this app it is the BEST!

- Update

I luv the update just that can we don’t have battle tokens exhausted

- The new update ruined the game.

I used to love brawl stars it was my favourite until the new update came and the things I liked were gone.

- Brawl Stars

This is the best game I have on mobile the characters are fair and so is the matchmaking. The graphics and voices are also great, so this definitely deserves 5 stars

- Good but needs more

I think brawl stars is a good game but it needs to take out the token exhaust feature it makes me want to delete the game when it says my tokens are exhausted but overall I like the game and it has good features.

- Please change for me

I don’t like how your battle tokens exhaust

- The update that ruined it

The game was awesome, I have been playing since release and loving what I was playing. The latest update that has brought out the brawl pass has made the game trash. The need to complete quests is unnecessary and being able to unlock brawls through the brawl pass is ‘pay to win’. This game was great while it lasted. Game is now deleted. 14/05/20

- Terrible update

Terrible update. Don’t understand the need for change, other than money grabbing. Don’t understand the new update. It’s not logical.

- Sksksksks

I love this game with my hart

- Not really a good game

This is really a good game because the detail and graphics it doesn’t sit well with the brawlers and when the game updated it was changed alot which most people won’t like. So yea hope you can read the feedback!

- brawl stars throwing problem

I was playing brawl stars, but after the update, I started to throw it out.

- Gg

Really fun app, easy to play and rarely lags or crashes 👌

- Good but...

I loved this game but it gets repetitive and boring after awhile


I adore this game, the graphics are beautiful, characters are original and creative (Sandy is my fav) and all they’re updates are new and add amazing things to the game! You have created a masterpiece Supercell!

- 200 trophées retirer de mon nombre de trophées

200 of my trophies have being removed pls give me back my trophies and this is the second time

- Not Loading

App no longer loading after update for iPhone VII

- Okay

The good and all but I always have a problem with the connection but everything else is okay👍👍

- Super addictive!

This game is sooo addictive and super fun!

- Bad game

When ever playing ,the game just crash What a bad game ,and when it crash and you reload the game again your trophies will be deducted.foolish game .i hate the game

- App not opening

When I opened the game it loaded up to 100% and exited by itself. Please review the problem. Thank you.

- Gameplay

Nice gameplay , smooth graphics ,pretty much addictive and easy to use controls

- Connection

Always have a connection problem

- Brawlers luck

Brawlers should be more common because I have played this game for a very long time yet I still haven’t gotten a brawler from a

- Addictive game

I really can’t get enough of this game 🤪🤪🤪🤪

- Very very very very very bad match making

Always give me lower tiers to play with and am not enjoying the game like that please stop it !!!!!!!!!!

- Not working

Please I installed this game on my iPhone 6s and it’s on the display screen all day nothing is loading

- Brawl stars

Nice game but av not gotten a brawler since October

- Luck factor doesn’t work well

This game is great, but Supercell should please work on the “luck factor” that controls the obtainment of brawlers. I haven’t gotten any other brawler except from trophy Road brawlers in about 4 months, I have over 4000 trophies and I have only 18 brawlers, yet I play it everyday. The matchmaking system should also be upgraded, I don’t like playing against a team of brawlers in which two of their players have star powers and the other is in power level nine when my team consists of only level 6 and seven brawlers

- Superb

This game is so dope and fuccen addicting

- Pretty good

That’s a very good game but just that they don’t give you a good player at the start, they give you a bad player instead so that’s what stopped my one star

- Game review

Shockingly this game keeps me happy! Best game I’ve played after Clash of clans😭♥️

- Don’t skip downloading this


- Lit

If it was like battlelands or brawlhalla it would have been awesome

- Brilliant

I can’t stop playing this game. The new star powers are great Keep up the good work. Every game is better than the next

- Great game

I’m a fan of supercell and this is a great game, easily addictive. However, had to delete the game after 8months frustration of no legendary brawler...hope I get it now that I am re-installing...

- No brawler at all

I haven’t had a brawler for 1 month and it’s so not fair I open so many boxes but nothing ever comes out

- Amazing

It’s really decent More entertaining than you might think

- Unnecessary updates

Downloaded just two days ago and now its asking for an update. It wont open unless i do. Will i have to update this every time i wanna play?

- This will probably be bigger than CoC in the long run

The game is really fun and with the monthly addition of new content and balance updates, this game is here to stay. With the success Supercell’s other games have, its quite possible that my kids will play a game by Supercell😂. Add me on BrawlStars: aNigerianPrince. I’m at 6400trophies. Let’s get this bread!

- It takes time to unlock essential brawlers

I’m in 2103 and yet just 12 brawlers??? This is a nice game, but unlocking brawlers takes too much time, even clash Royale doesn’t take this long to get a legendary card💔

- Crash

The game keeps crashing since this new update why ...please fix bugs....can’t wait to brawl again 👊🏽👊🏽....Btw great game very addictive 😁

- Best game ever made by supercell I love it so much

Best game ever made by supercell I love it so much

- It hooks

My control just stops working, And I use a 4g network😑

- Brawl stars

It’s the best game supercell after boom beach which makes it second

- Amazing concept

I was able to preregister and when I finally got the game BOOM!!! It’s really great

- Great game

Supercell has done it again another great game I love it

- BrAwlesome

Another awesome product by Supercell....Keep ‘em coming Could use some more modes though

@garromatias432: Comenzaremos a armar un nuevo equipo de Brawl stars🎮 🗣️buscamos : - jugadores + 7000 copas 3vs3 300 partidas ganadas🏆 D…

#BrawlStars #BrawlStarsArt mis ojos leyeron de lugares lejanos que hacía falta contenido de brawl stars inclinado a…

@XidamaeSports: Nos expandimos hacia Brawl Stars y para ello necesitamos un bloque serio y comprometido. ¿Que buscamos? -Coach -Manage…

@GarotoAIeatorio: Brawl Stars o próprio arco-íris 🥰🌈 #BrawlStars

Brawl Stars o próprio arco-íris 🥰🌈 #BrawlStars

@bs_insanity: 🐉Buscamos jugadores para terminar nuestra plantilla de brawl stars🐉, requisitos: ●Tener más de 15 años ●17k wins en 3v3 ●M…

@SoyDeiK: 📦SOEO 1 CAJA DE BRAWL STARS📦 ⏩Pasos para participar: - Seguirme @SoyDeiK 👤 - Dar 🔃 - Mencionar a 1 amigo en los comenta…

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Brawl Stars 27.270 Screenshots & Images

Brawl Stars iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Brawl Stars iphone images
Brawl Stars iphone images
Brawl Stars iphone images
Brawl Stars iphone images
Brawl Stars iphone images
Brawl Stars iphone images
Brawl Stars iphone images
Brawl Stars ipad images
Brawl Stars ipad images
Brawl Stars ipad images
Brawl Stars ipad images
Brawl Stars ipad images
Brawl Stars ipad images
Brawl Stars ipad images
Brawl Stars Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Brawl Stars Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Brawl Stars (Version 27.270) Install & Download

The applications Brawl Stars was published in the category Games on 2018-12-13 and was developed by Supercell [Developer ID: 488106216]. This application file size is 324.42 MB. Brawl Stars - Games posted on 2020-05-14 current version is 27.270 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Brawl Stars Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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