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Powerful enough for creative professionals. Simple enough for everyone. The award-winning Procreate Pocket is the most versatile art app ever designed for iPhone.

Offering hundreds of varied pressure-sensitive brushes, an advanced layer system, and the breathtaking speed of Silica M, Procreate Pocket gives you everything you need to create expressive sketches, rich paintings, and gorgeous illustrations on an expansive, ultra-portable canvas. Work on the couch, at the beach, on the train, or while waiting in line for coffee. It’s a complete art studio in the palm of your hand. Now with all the features you love from Procreate for iPad, Procreate Pocket includes:

• Features and highlights:
- Massive High Definition canvases up to 8K
- 3D Touch for built-in pressure-sensitive painting
- All-new interface designed exclusively for iPhone
- Advanced customisable QuickMenu puts all your favourite tools at your fingertips
- Revolutionary new QuickShape feature for perfect shapes - instantly
- Powered by Silica-M, the industry leading painting engine behind Procreate for iPad
- Haptic integration for immersive feedback throughout the app
- Deliciously responsive 64-bit smudge sampling
- Optimized for iPhone X and iOS 12
- Stunning 64-bit color
- 250 levels of undo and redo
- Continuous auto-save - never lose work again

• Hundreds of breakthrough brushes:
- Packed with the same beautifully-made brush library as Procreate for iPad
- Over 50 customizable settings for every brush
- Support for leading third-party styluses
- Create your own custom Procreate brushes
- Organize brushes into custom Sets
- Import and export custom brushes and Brush Sets

• Full-featured layering system:
- Layer your artwork for precise control over individual elements
- Use Layer Masks and Clipping Masks for non-destructive editing
- Stay organized by combining layers into Groups
- Select multiple layers to move or Transform objects simultaneously
- Access over 25 layer blend modes for professional compositing

• Color without compromise:
- Quickly fill your art with seamless color using ColorDrop
- 64-bit color for greater accuracy
- P3 Wide color support
- Input RGB, HSB, or HEX values for exact color matching

• The design tools you need:
- Add vector Text to your illustrations
- Easily import and export all your favorite fonts
- Refine Text spacing and alignment for a perfect finish

• Powerful drawing guides:
- Perspective, Isometric, 2D, and Symmetry visual guides
- Drawing Assist perfects your strokes in real time

• Dramatic finishing effects:
- GPU accelerated for lightning speed
- Add exclusive Perspective Blur for incredible results
- Disconcertingly fast Gaussian and Motion Blur filters
- Add Noise to your canvas, or Sharpen your image for perfect clarity
- Adjust Hue, Saturation, or Brightness in stunning real-time
- Powerful image adjustments including Color Balance and Curves
- Let the mind-bending power of Liquify Dynamics blow your mind

• Industry leading video features
- Relive your creative journey with Procreate's celebrated Time-lapse Replay
- Export your Time-lapse recording in 4K for high-end video production
- Share a thirty-second version of your Time-lapse recording with your social networks
- Broadcast your drawing process live with your favorite streaming service

• Share your creations:
- Export as layered native .procreate file, PSD, TIFF, transparent PNG, multi-page PDF, web ready JPEG, or animated GIF
- Import or export Adobe® Photoshop® PSD files
- Export to any connected location, including AirDrop, Files, iCloud Drive, Photos, iTunes, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Weibo and Mail
- Easily share canvases to your iPad to continue creating on a larger screen

Procreate Pocket App Description & Overview

The applications Procreate Pocket was published in the category Entertainment on 2014-12-17 and was developed by Savage Interactive Pty Ltd. This application file size is 157.08 MB. Procreate Pocket current version is 3.0.5 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions.

This update continues Procreate Pocket improvements for iOS 13.

* Fixed issues with AirDropping multiple files
* Solved issues triggered by creating custom documents in landscape format
* Actions and Adjustment headings are now localized for everyone
* Untitled palettes now even share
* The FPS slider in animation exports will no longer appear tiny

Please share your experiences with Procreate Pocket by leaving us a review!

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Procreate Pocket Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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GalaxyPuppy928   1 star

wait this is a phone app. wha

Ajkoalafacelol   3 star

Symmetry. Hi! I love procreate but I don’t know how to do symmetry! How do you do it?

gamer girl out of the world   4 star

I love but this is why I kinda not. So I have an iPad and that’s were I draw from see I’m not able to make it full screened other people can but not me

silverjohtofire   3 star

just get ibis paint for free. Ibis is more easier to use and has more options. If I knew what I was getting with this app I wouldn’t have bought. Pretty underwhelming. The only thing of note about this app is that the brush control is very smooth and the best I’ve seen

Sabi and abbi   3 star

CREATORS PLEASE SEE. Okay this is a AMAZING app!!! But a problem is that like on ibis paint X, you can go on different layers and use the bucket tool and not have those little white spots, but it’s really a big problem on procreate! Please fix it :(

Mãńdÿ rüłëś   3 star

Please help!. So I thought that the procreate for iPad was the same for iPhone, but I was wrong; now I want to refund the app, but I don’t know how to.

jennadrawsandgames   3 star

Pretty disappointed. As for a person who done digital art for the past 3 years, you would expect me to try this app out. I only got it yesterday and I don’t like it. There’s many things I did expect to be on the app just for to not be on it which it makes it even more difficult for people like me to use like add photos as a layer to an already existing drawing. Lets say I’m drawing one of my ocs and I needed the color swatches. I can’t add in a picture as a layer and the only way to add a picture is to set it as the canvas which I don’t even know how to change the canvas size on this app maybe because there’s not a button to do that! I heard so many great things about the iPad version and in fact, I would try it out, but I don’t have an iPad to use. This maybe the worst money waste I’ve even done in my life. I’m pretty disappointed.

Blueladybug73   3 star

Good. I have always been looking for ways to get procreate on my phone,I found this, I opened the app,and, it looked like a less intuitive art app I have on my phone, called. Autodesk sketchbook

Dezarae Brooks   1 star

DISSAPPOINTED. It horrible thats all I gotta say

Asleyann   1 star

PLEASE HELP. I LOVE this app on my iPad. HOWEVER!! I am simply unable to upload PSDs to this version and I can’t find a SINGLE helpful Proctreate POCKET tutorial related to my problem. Can someone please tell me how I can upload PSDs into this pocket version?! It’s a feature I use VERY often and I just can’t figure out how to get it to work on pocket. If someone could help me with that I will gladly rate 5 stars.

8271673919377   4 star

Missing features. I love the iPad version. I know that since this is a pocket version of procreate that it won’t have exactly the same tools and features but I’d really love it if you could add the liquify tool to procreate pocket!

AmyCRNA   4 star

Good App But.... I like the app but I’m used to Ibis Paint X and I don’t know the controls too well. So far so like the app but I don’t know if you can lasso or blur like in Ibis Paint X. If you could tell me how I’d say 5 stars!

Philligan81   1 star

Not great. Apple fails again.. The Apple Pencil does not work with the iPhone at all, so the app is pretty much useless for a professional artist who wants to use this as a cross platform to work on projects on the go. Apple’s greed and lack of forethought ruins another app that could be great.

Dae Tillison   1 star

New Update. Can not open app after update!!!At Work Bored And I NEED TO DRAW!!!

BACollier10   4 star

I lost my work. It’s a nice app but I lost all my work on one canvas because there is no undo button and I’m very upset

pastel_pancake   4 star

It’s a pretty good app overall but I do have a few questions.... I honestly love this app I love how free a user can be do to the amount of art supplies/options on here, it’s really helping me improve my art. I’m also pretty new to the whole thing still, there is a lot to learn on this app. I have a few concerns though, first off when I got the app I was able to make a messy circle into a perfect one just by holding down, but now I can only make a straight line not any shapes. I researched about my problem and I read that all you have to do is turn on automatic lines under prefs, I looked but that wasn’t an option... Also I accidentally deleted the app a few weeks ago but when I downloaded it again all my art was gone I was devastated. Is there a way to get my art back If not whatever I can make more art but still? ^ - ^ (I recommend that there is a sign in for your pocket procreate app :if it isn’t one already: so that your progress will be saved even if you delete this app from your device, I feel it would prove to be most beneficial for users) So ya if anyone could help me out a bit with my listed set backs or maybe give me a few tips on how to improve my knowledge about this app I would highly appreciate it and thank you.❤️

edestevez   5 star

Procreate Pocket pen. Q. 1.My fingers are too clumsy. I need a compatible pen which one do you you recommend? Pls provide Name and model #. ** I’m using “ADONit Pixel” which is not listed. It seems to work well. Opinion? Q. 2.What is the use of ”maximum speed distance ” in Pocket slider? ** Not answered. Thanks Ed

Quinnieieieie   3 star

Ok but not great. THIS APP IS STUPID ok its not stupid but I wish that there was an option for like a bucket, or a small blur brush so that you don’t need to make a brand new layer. Also, I CANT REDO ANYTHING it just doesn’t work! Wouldn’t recommend this app. I would give it 2.5 stars, but I can’t. Just wish I could get a refund.

Rexy Galaxy   5 star

UwU. This app is amazing! I really love the features on it! It took me so long to find a really good drawing app and I finally found it.

DogPig69   5 star

Best. It beats all the others. Buzz Kills

viviana herrera   1 star

The app. If I delete the app will I get my money back

u know BTS   3 star

Layers. Ok so I love procreate and I loved every single aspect of it but idk what happened but now for some reason we are only limited to 4 layers and it’s really upsetting because I really love this app

Madicantdoodle   3 star

Can’t export pictures to my camera roll anymore. I love this app but ever since the new update I can’t export my drawings to my camera roll, its annoying.

lonelygal   3 star

Different Experience. I mean, for the most part, this app is amazing. It's got cool features - like the iPad version - and you aren't that entirely limited as to what you can do as long as you've got an imagination. However, I'm deeply upset that the pocket version doesn't offer same techniques that could be used in the iPad version. For example, the color "drop" truck where you drag the color from the top right corner and place it where you want it. It's hard to color anything and if I want something to have a different color, I have to manually color it and spend even more time doing so. If this could be fixed, I'd like this app a lot more.

Mbroadway88   1 star

HORRBLE. The app is horrble it’s bad it’s UGH

xsr2019   3 star

Great! Until I got a new phone lol. Otherwise very solid app but don’t even bother if you have an iPhone XR or 11 and above since they replaced 3D Touch with haptic touch , which basically takes away any pressure sensitive features. Some default brushes are pretty obsolete because of this. I love this app but It’s frustrating to work around the lack of pressure

sskaggs1   1 star

didn't like it. i really didn't like the app and would like a refund

sohappytohearit   5 star

Fantastic. I did an illustration on my phone with PP and nobody could believe it. Ordering a stylus-can’t wait to play with it for greater ease.

Masky9800   5 star

(edit). It does work pretty good I just don’t know how to work it for now, and thank you for telling me what to do.

loud house fan 11   2 star

Worked great at first. At first it was great five starts but now every time i draw something it kicks me off and delets my project

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taking for ever   5 star

Taking for ever. I have downloaded this app an hour ago and it is it still loading and it said it works for my iPhone 🤬

horseturtleslover   3 star

ProCreate IPhone 6s. I got this app on my iPhone 6s because I can’t afford the iPad Pro with the Procreate on it and I needed a good art app for school but when I try to use the app some the brushes never work and I always need to press very hard on my screen for it to work please do something Thank you.

Bob Smouts Reviews   3 star

Refund. When I got this app I thought it was going to be amazing but when I downloaded it I got to go on it once and tried it and didn’t like it very much bc it was confusing but after the next time I tried going on it it glitched and hasn’t let me on since. Please can I have a refund? It is a good app, by just not for me sorry.

Evelyn1981   2 star

It’s eh. It’s really hard to find out what stuff you have to do. I still don’t know how to delete layers or delete projects you can’t even duplicate layers this app is so useless sketchbook is better

Kyscjmyewsx   1 star

Paid for app and it didn’t work, support said they couldn’t do anything. I bought this app and nothing worked on it. I went to their support website for help and nothing did. I proceeded to email the support for help, nothing they told me to do fixed the solution and after a week of emailing they asked me if I had ever had my screen fixed or replaced. I told them I had and they said because of this there was nothing they could do to fix the problem on their part and said they have had this happen before. When I asked for a refund they said they couldn’t. Do not buy this app.

alexis the bae   1 star

.... I hate how it’s won’t let me have a refund cuz this is one of the worst apps I have ever bought

MusicSwan   5 star

Got the wrong one. I downloaded Procreate Pocket instead of the actual one. The ratings seem better on that one so I was hoping I could get a refund. Thank you!

Ryen_lovee   1 star

Didnt work. I just spent 7 dollars on a app that doesn’t even friggin work and we tried to turn up the size but it wouldn’t work it was staying at a very small size and we can’t find a way to make it blended

hi boizzz   4 star

Please add this. I saw some people with this and they got on a different thing like were they duplicate their drawings

panada143546   2 star

Prices is too much. You would think that procreate pocket has more expectations but there’s no rules and there not a lot of brush and etc I think they put the price down or add more features into it

skskskskskskskssksksksks   5 star

Update/question. Hey do u have a update also I have a question can u pick a colour then drag it to your colouring

LillyFrost24   5 star

Perfection. I don’t understand why people leave bad reviews over things you all can’t control most times. It’s a great program and I have recommended this to many people around me.

iPaintings   1 star

NEEDS “UNDO”. I just deleted all my layers. THANKS ! 2 finger tap=UNDO and.... 3 finger tap=REDO

julz jube   1 star

Don’t download. So confusing and glitchy I wish I could have a refund because this was the worst money I have ever spent

one eyed freak   2 star

😐. I am not very happy with this app and I want my money back but I just can’t seem to find how to delete this app and get my money back (Apple Card)

Maxgeorgia2baker   1 star

Update. Please make an update for it to be like the one on ipod for the iPhone 5c! It would be awesome. As it's harder to find things. Also I can't make my own brushes! I use this app for fansigns, so it would be awesome to have the update. Or I have to quit!

DeltaMJ   4 star

Great but. Where is the ruler tool or the lasso tool? I searched all over and I just couldn’t find them! Please add them in an update or if they exist please tell me how to find and use them. Thanks! :)

MissEElizabeth   5 star

So far very impressed.. I read some negative reviews but decided to try the app anyway. I got the sense that some of the users may not be as familiar with drawing apps or design software as some of us are, and I’ve seen them complain before due to lack of understanding. When I first opened the app, it seemed the negative reviews were right in that it is very simple. Simple as in basic. After a little (very little) exploring and testing, I’ve discovered a fully functional illustration app! I am blown away by the concise design. I found most of what I would look for in desktop design apps just by doing some intuitive digging. I haven’t found masks yet, however, so that might be a point lost. I’ll keep playing around and update if I decide the review requires it. 😊

DonThArtist_   4 star

Recently deleted. Add a recently deleted feature cause I deleted my animation that took 4 weeks by mistake please and thank you The Art Way IG:@Dontheartist_

Alive75473   3 star

It’s okay. It’s a really cool app but the screen doesn’t fit my iPad

court😂💯   5 star

How. Is there a way to save your art work to your camera roll?

Jadynn👌   2 star

Not compatible with iPad. I bought this app on my iPhone and then I wanted to buy it on my iPad so I searched it up and clicked on it and pressed download. Then it said iPad not compatible with this app. I have an iPad 2 so it's pretty old but I don't like playing this game in my phone because it's very small. I would appreciate it if you could make is compatible with older iPads. I love this game but I don't like how it's not compatible with my iPad. Then I would give 5 stars. Please make it compatible with my iPad. I love this game and I would hate for all my money to go to waste. Thank you,

FAUZIA ALAM   3 star

I use IPhone and I am having a problem drawing.... When I draw with my finger it never appears so I was wondering if anyone could help me or if someone else is also experiencing this.

Eeedison81   1 star

I don’t know about this app.... How do you make it fade??? Plus how do you make the brush size smaller there is no button for that! I can’t adjust my canvas size AND there should be a button for another layer so you can line your art work

🦄🌈QUEEN🌈🦄   4 star

Money back?. I have a question! I love this app but I dont think its worth the money. So I want to delete it but if I delete it will I get my money back?

Lilieghgirl11   5 star

This app is awesome. This app is so amazing and I love using it in the car when I’m bored but I was wondering if you can use the “paint bucket” effect because I saw somebody drag and drop the colour but it doesn’t seem to work for me !😕please help me

RAWR secretperson   1 star

Does not work with screen protecter. It doesnt work w glass screen protector :( I really liked having this app before though.

whaterblahblah   2 star


zilonlazer   4 star

When ???. When APPLE « geniuses « will have a Apple Pencil for the I-Phone ???? . It’s quite an ordeal to draw with a finger (fingers) . It would be less stressful if one was designed for the Phones . Z

Stormchild   5 star

Amazing. The best keeps getting better. Looks like this now has all the features of the iPad version, which is really incredible. Can’t believe they keep releasing major upgrades as free updates.

Advertorial    5 star

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chelsea08ROSE   5 star

Love the app but... My brother and I love this app but we went to get if for I pad version and it wasn’t available for his I pad mini over all we love pocket

123123poo   2 star

Bad. I didn’t like it because it is bad u need to make more brushes and make it more like procreate

imasignora   5 star

Great app, minor improvements. This app is great for making quick, cheeky edits to photos on the go. It's a fun past time. Some adjustments id make: - First and foremost iCloud support. Not sure if it has it, but i suspect if i delete the app i lose all of the creations - I often tap the procreate pocket header when trying to export images. With that said the about page should say "Done" instead of "cancel" - reduce steps to export. Make use of force touch on images to quickly export them. Also reduce steps: share should be next to delete rather than under 'more' Great app, please take my feedback on board!

AnonymousAnnoyingMe   4 star

Just one thing.. I love this app so much! It’s the best drawing app and I highly recommend it! But there’s just one thing, the clouds. When I turn my screen to the side, I expect the clouds to as well. But they don’t. If you could please add a feature that helps me with this, that would be lovely! Thank you for creating your lovely app though! 😁👍🏻

Fynn:)   5 star

Amazing 😉. This app is just as good as the proper pro create it has so many different brushes and styles. Definitely worth buying if ur rlly into ur art and creating things. 😉😉😉

cutefruity261   3 star

My issues. It would have been better but I couldn’t change the size of the tools and it’s really complicated.

akffk9932   5 star

Can i get a refund please.. Actually i tried to buy an ipad version app, but i made a mistake to buy this app. I want to use the app at ipad so i wanna get refund this app and want to buy an app for ipad version.

grace95868   1 star

won’t even let me draw. spent $7.99 for nothing.. won’t let me draw!! tried everything. would like a refund

Beautiful LGBT PRIDE   3 star

Please help. I don’t understand how to use procreate, it’s the reason why I uninstalled it. I find it tricky to use and limited Brush packs but I want to learn and use it... however it seems I am not able to reinstall?

terrible artist😂   5 star

Slime time with sadhbh! 😂 if you can’t tell this is my favourite emoji😂. I love how you can use colour drop because I have an Apple Pencil and procreate on my iPad Pro and I also love has you can do calligraphy (that’s the whole reason I have an Apple Pencil 😂) but with this you can’t use an Apple Pencil trust me(I would know)

Anakowi   1 star

Not working iPhone 6. Just doesn’t register a mark at all. Don’t understand why? I’ve used Procreate since first version on iPad (so I don’t think I’m having issues with alpha states or layer modes). About to give up and ask for a refund.

Brainsssssssssssssssssss   1 star

Withdrawn extra funds!!. Just downloaded this for my daughter costing $7.95. Only to find that in a desperate transaction they also took $22.95! This is on top and separate to the online price of $7.95! Absolute joke! I want a refund!

neko corgi   2 star

Struggling. I’m struggling to use it. :d

Jazzy6576   5 star

So good. This app is great for experimenting with art, colours and drawing! You can fade colours, make sunsets, use brushes like clouds to make really pretty drawings/art! I recommend 100%!

ninja girl gamin   1 star

i got scammed. this app is stupid 😡😭🥺😠😤😢😭😣😖😫😩☹️🙁😕😟😔😞😱😨😰😥😓😑🙄🤧

sienna1610   5 star

Procreate. This app is amazing and very calming it's definitely worth getting this app , there are so many wonderful features and it's great to do in some spare time ! :)

EvenSteven66   1 star

Where are the new features in 3.0?. Can’t see any of the new promised features mentioned in the app description. Where is the text tool? Drawing circle square etc doesn’t automatically snap like promised. Where are the new tools? I’m using iPhone 7 Plus. Clicking on app support or developer website goes to a non existent website. What’s going on????

돼지토끼..   5 star

Best drawing app ever. Finally symmetry option is available here in pro create pocket. As i promised I’ll give u 5stars. This app is worth to buy, even if you are not good at drawing (like me) this app is really easy to use and fun to draw with. You can draw whatever you like and use different tools, i just love this app so much!! I recommend this app!!

Hellyeahgirlfriend!   5 star

Hands down the best drawing app. As somebody who draws on their iPhone more than their iPad, it’s awesome the see it’s recent updates come across to the phone. Simply brilliant! : ) Keep up the great work!

Ardeet   5 star

Wow, what an update. I was going to add to my previous 5 star review. I read it. It still stands as is. This is a beautifully amazing app. I remain genuinely impressed. Previous review: I have used the full version on iPad for years and appreciated how this pocket version gave me a basic canvas to roughly sketch some cartoon ideas on the go ... ... however this latest update gives and gives more with brushes and interface upgrades galore. I’m genuinely impressed with what I can now put in my pocket.

1212121 all names r taken   4 star

Yeh good but.... This app is good but it’s on phone. How are you supposed to draw while everything is pixelated. Plus you make an edition that’s 15 bucks and one that’s for phone BUT NOT IPAD. Feels bad for me.😪

ttiilllyy   4 star

Eh. Good but still can’t figure out how to use some effects (like liquidfy) on my phone, all tutorials are with iPads and look different?

moussethekitten   4 star

Issues.. First issue is the layout. It might just be me, but, the layout is rather confusing.Second is screen size. Even with the size increase button activated, it is rather small.thanks.

태ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ   5 star

Really great for Designers. I own a small fashion company and it’s just a great little app to have on my phone if I think of an idea late at night, it makes it so easy to quickly sketch out an idea.

okmayo   5 star

Really good but.... There’s an issue on my iPad Air 1 where it doesn’t take up the full area of the screen.

Daengerous   5 star

This app really helps me deal with my overactive imagination with ease of use!. Hey guys I absolutely love this app. It makes it easy for a non artistic person to be able to enjoy the therapeutic calm of drawing and expressing yourself. One thing I’d like to see in the app is the ability to use one of my drawings and import it into the background setting. Like making mini animations and this would make it easier than importing it from my photos app. Other than that this app definitely is a recommend to anyone who wants to express themselves :)

Lazuma04   5 star

Please add to new update for Procreate!!!. Okay so I’ve been having a few bugs pop into my app and they are making my app very laggy! Could you please fix this also could there be a dark mode as well? I would love to have the same experience as my iPad. Thank you! :)

isaac hill2   5 star

This App is really good!. I saw there video and YouTube and I was unsure if I should get but I have no regrets! It’s so fun and easy to use! I would highly recommend! 5 out of 5 Stars!

Fan of anime 😀😊☺️😉   3 star

Take off the limit. I really like this app, I’ve used a lot but compared to the older version of it there wasn’t a limit on the layers but on this new version they is a limit and I don’t like it . This the is supposed to be a full version not a demo version so please take off the number limit feature on the layers because I can’t extend my artwork if there’s a number limit on how many layers you need. I want to continue using this app please take off the number limit .

san0527   5 star

Import issue. App crashes every time just before a .psd image is imported through the app or sent to Pocket through the iPhone gallery app. Otherwise much like the iPad Procreate that I’ve grown to love. Update- this no longer seems to be an issue, takes a bit of time but imports .psd files fine. Thank you!

pwinkel   1 star

I can’t use my iPhone. I can’t use my iPhone it won’t let me color!!

abdonoban   5 star

Awesome. I just love the app it is awesome

please improve.   3 star

PLEASE HELP.. I was sooo exited for this app, but it’s not what I expected. It’s tricky to remove strokes and make more layers, plus you can’t even make that good of art on there. Is this a scam?

ThatExtraCrazyCatLady   5 star

I Am In LOVE. I found this on TikTok a social media app, and got inspired.I saw people making beautiful pieces and decided I’d never be good, but I finally got it and I don’t regret it.I am now making my first pieces inspired by a TikToker called FruitzFriendz.If your also unsure on weather to get this app or not I te out of ten recommend this app.

Crazy what hey 123896   3 star

PLZ HELP. I cannot seem to blend my colors together or just blend strokes to make highlights or shadows or make it look like skin or any Think of that such that includes blending. Manet even blur because I cannot seem to do that either . You could maybe do an update. Just please try to help with these BIG problems. I also recommend to make a setting that allows you to make an ombré for example like and ombré from blue to yellow if there isn’t one Alfred. But besides that I love this app it is great on phone and iPad I just cannot blend if you guys will help me with that it would be 5 stars across the board for shore . Plz help

app30844   1 star

Do not play. Do not pay for this game bc it dosetn let you have the right skin color of your painting and also if you paint the oranganel photo and you erase it it erase your photo so DO NOT PAY for this game or play it i am warning you DO NOT PAY for this game

fjabdhdkdmfbf   4 star

The app is great but one wish. I think the app is amazing but I think you should add a redo button because when I mess up and enrase it it’ll get sloppy and ruined

pppoopoolol   3 star

it’s ok. i figured once i bought this on my phone i would be able to somehow transfer to the iPad without having to buy it again on my iPad. it’s definitely more difficult to use depending on which iPhone you have. and you can’t really find anything without accidentally stumbling upon it. i would say my art is pretty good when i have more varieties of things i can use to make my art good, but really on this app you just have different brushes and erasers... there’s obviously more, but if there was a feature where you could make an account and link it to a different procreate app so you can use the iPad one without having to buy it again.. that’d be nice.. i love this app but is it really worth $20 just to have a different variety?

Luna Granger 5   5 star

I FREAKIN’ LOVE THIS APP. I got this app hoping that it would be good, because after all, it DID cost $5, and my hopes were right! Procreate is my most used, most favorite app! No this is not an advertisement. I’m a real person saying to buy this app! I love it SO FREAKING MUCH! Thank you so much for making this app! I am happy now, and I used to not be. Thank you again! Byeeeee P.S. It would make my day if the developer for the app would respond to this!

(So addictive)   3 star

It’s ok. This app is really nice but it’s very confusing. Don’t use this app for very detailed work. Also it’s very annoying that it doesn’t have a blur brush other than the one that screws up the entire canvas. Please add the blue brush feature it will make the app 100x better.

hate it👎🏼   1 star

Waste of money.. This is all i am gonna say. But it was a waste of money. It is nearly impossible to draw with you finger or anything almost. It like You have to have a iPad pen thing. And is a waste of money or 4$. There is more reasons but that is all i am going to say. But that's my opinion. I just don’t like it.

hey im peppa pig   2 star

Good until I realized I bought the wrong one. I bought procreate pocket and it’s for iPhones and I’m on a tablet and I don’t know if I can get my money back

TheW3ird0   4 star

Love the app. I really love this app and I have been looking forward to getting this app for a long time now but one thing I would suggest to add is a lasso where you can move things around without having to erase and re draw the same thing, I would still recommend this app though it is great quality and would love to see this feature added

Acorn TV   3 star

???. I just got it like 5 minutes ago but it won’t let me draw what can I do about it?

Worst dress up game ever   4 star

I wish In iPads it was bigger. It’s pretty much perfect but on iPads I wish the screen was bigger please try and work on that.♥️

zackmorrisloveskelly   4 star

GUI too white.. Very good application for mobile , the only thing that bother me is that it doesn’t have a dark mode/theme as procreate , I hope you guys add it as an update.

ahytvhgddvh   2 star

P. Where is the undo button

Mozfits   5 star

Fantastic addition to the full version. To me it’s a little more cramped and less fluid menus than the full version but that makes sense. Procreate is the most used app on my iPad and it’s great to use pocket as a scratch pad for when I don’t have my iPad with me.

onlyone385   5 star

🤩 Wow 🤩. So far I have no issues with this app I’m loving it so far please keep up the good work!!! I happy I can doodle in my phone when I don’t have my iPad with me!

Hdhfydyyfhf   3 star

Meh. Love the range of brushes but not how pixely it is don't recommend it for serious drawing

C_Vip   4 star

Duplicate. Would be better if it had duplications for layers

dudebroness   5 star

Best app ever. It’s the best app ever I love everything about it. I recommend for you to buy it. You will love it

bets man   1 star

Thers a lot of problems here. This app is garbage don’t spend you money on it it won’t let you right if you use your pointer finger only thumb or an apple pen

cough scoff sniff   1 star

Pen Pressure. Please have an option to turn pen pressure off, because is there is one, it’s not working

somethingsomethingfortnitegay   5 star

AMAZING!! Please keep updating this app with procreate 5!. I love it using a MIKO stylus for writing + drawing on my iphone. please update to #5 so I can use it for animation cutting adobe out of my life

Santi ch   1 star

Worst App ever. The app si todo small

frankiedcff   1 star

Sometimes doesnt work. It wont let me draw even deleting it and re adding it or resetting ipad

RenLi23   2 star

Nothing like the full app. I hope the makers of this app add some features and make it more user friendly because as is the app is pretty useless.

Immortan Raff   5 star

This App is amazing get it. ‘Nuff said.. This app does it all. Now I know there are those who will find issues with it but no app is perfect. Also paying for probably turns off some potential users but I am telling you it’s worth it. It is very intuitive, easy to use and multi functional. I sometimes use it as a photoshop source by cutting and pasting pictures and playing around with its settings. I have this app on both IPad and IPhone and transferring the art from one to another is easy and you don’t lose anything. Bottom line I recommend it to any and all artists who loves to draw or paint a pro or beginner.

iohone rx   4 star

I don’t want this anymore how do I stop paying for this it’s not In my subscriptions. How to I stop payments once I Delete the app and has no subscription to it

P&$$ed   2 star

Where is the undo button?. Don’t like the changes to the user interface. Where is the undo button?

Guaco Pop   5 star

Amazing must have art app. Thank you so much for the new update everything is great . Love having this much pocket creating power

torontoskinnyman   4 star

Undo button?. Can anybody find the undo button on the new version?

SKR Imaging   4 star

Awesome art creating experience on iPhone!. All the great features from iPad version are now available on iPhone so I can paint a project on one device, continue working on another and have no compatibility issues. Only thing I hope gets fixed in a future update is layer limit as my device has 2GB Ram so would be nice to have more layers than on my 2012 iPad for higher DPI artworks. Aside from that, this is a must have art app!

Dakej   5 star

Wow !. This new update has levelled the playing field between Pocket for iPhone and it’s counter part Pro Create for iPad, just what I’ve wanted for some time now and worth the wait, and it’s A FREE UPDATE, that’s more like an upgrade, a huge thanks from me, Loving It.

dizzzlee   3 star

good buut. turn the icon black again. white sucks

Ninjoi   1 star

Disappointed. Because of the feature story on this app I was lead the believe this was a fun app with templates to guide me in calligraphy. I paid to download this only to find out it’s a simple and basic sketch app with minimal appeal. Deleting now and regretting the purchase.

F R ❄️ S T   2 star

Won’t open iPad Procreate documents. I’d give the iPad version six stars if I could, but the iPhone version is simply not on the same level. I bought this app so I could open my iPad Procreate documents on my iPhone but it crashes every single time. Hope they get that sorted. I don’t regret my purchase because this is a developer worth supporting and I’m sure they’ll get it resolved, but right now this app is useless to me.

R ToxiiKa   3 star

A little disappointing. I had used procreate on the iPad a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Couldn’t redownload it on my now-obsolete device so I decided to snatch it for my iPhone 8. I was expecting this version to be just as powerful and exciting (if not more so) as the iPad version I had used, but that turned out to not be the case. I would really like some more tools (stabilization, force fade, a redo button, the option to change the canvas size, etc) and some more brushes.

PLZ READ MEH   1 star

Terrible.... I bought this due to the fact that it was cheaper than the Original Procreate, however this lacks quality, detail, and many tools that I use frequently. Overall I completely regret making this purchase, I would get a refund if I could.

Dudebot_21   2 star

Lacklustre at best. Overall, I feel that this app was set for greatness, with the iPad version being such a success. But alas, they took out too many things and the extra handy features on the iPad didn't stay, like colour palettes, or merging layers to name a few. This is a decent drawing app at best. I want to love it, but I can't.

Lukariobro   1 star

Not worth it. Okay so I can blend and edit with layers, but what about text? Am I suppose to buy the too? I can find better editor apps/programs for free.

No name3333334444555666778910   5 star

SO MUCH FUN. This game is a lot of fun. I play this all the time. It's worth the money and worth the time.this game let's you create very good drawings.i can't draw but with this it looks like I can. Very worth it

Lilly 1109   4 star

Good app! Unfortunate name. Lmao I had to do a personal project and it KILLED ME to keep telling people what software I used because of the name,, yikess

Videogameluv   1 star

Broken👎🏻. Crashes constantly, erases parts of layers by itself and in all not worth the money.

kskeehc   5 star

A really great tool for laying your ideas!. Procreate is just simply an amazing tool for sketching, painting and just bring your idea alive.

CanadianVibe   1 star

iPad app good but this is garbage. Even if this app was free I would try it and hit delete. Waste of money. Lot of other free apps do the same job.

DavidMalcolm   5 star

Watch app for iPad version. Hey, I'd really love it if the watch version could connect with the iPad version. I like to draw on my iPad during class (helps me pay attention to lectures) and this would really help.

Joeyjeoy833   3 star

It's good but.... Every time I try and download a brush it CRASHES... then I lose the brush and have to download it again. It would be 5 stars if it actually downloads and stops crashing. Please fix!!

Artsyshewolf   4 star

I quite like the app. Procreate has some really nice features, but adding more brush styles would be great! Maybe also a stabilizer? Perhaps change the colour wheel layout a bit, so it's easier to find colours!

Spintoolose   1 star

No stylus support?. I have a jot touch 4...I don't like to finger paint, have a iPhone 6 and I would like to have pressure sensitive to supported for my stylus... Most of all the other drawing apps for iPhone support jot touch or other stylus why not you???

Kikkmjggnbnbbb   5 star

Decent. It's good I can draw and write pretty good......But you need to add more brushes

Brilliantboy   2 star

Lacking. Can't adjust my canvas size, and only 12 preset brushes?!

Nnenna(nerd)   5 star

Anyone here from jacksepticeyes video?. The youtuber "Jacksepticeye" made a video drawing on this app! I do believe this app makes any creation look amazing!

Jeerassik   5 star

Great!. I have no Ipad and never used procreate before but I must say this pocket version is truly amazing and surprised me in every way. I did not think an app could be so complete for drawing on the go!

SenatorDesign   5 star

Wow. Using this to create designs for my store.

NoirDark   3 star

The 3D Touch pressure sensitivity does not work.... 3D Touch does nothing for your stroke. (iPhone 6s plus)

Boopblabop   3 star

It's okay. It's pretty ok but can you add a fill tool? But It takes like I'd really wish there was a fill tool Also: I don't know if this bothered anyone else but when you go to 'layers' the 'Done' button is on the left corner which ends up with me making a bunch of layers

Arembjor   3 star

Not bad for a pocket version. FYI: check out procreate for the iPad before buying this pocket version. Yes, it is a pocket version, so one should expect an app with reduced functionality (compared to the iPad version). Note that many of the features that this app does have, are often designed differently than they are in the iPad app, so the overall feel of using it is more different than one might expect it to be. I feel it should cost a bit less, and perhaps be free to owners of the full iPad app. Overall, the app itself is OK, but I just don't think it's practical to use on an iPhone, and I will be sticking to the superior iPad version (and of course the larger screen), and do not know if I will ever actually use this app even when my iPad is not with me... But that's just me...

Takempole   1 star

Lag. Not very smooth in iOS 9

Alex2871999   4 star

Umm.... I gave this 4 stars because I didn't want to be the first person to give 3 but I'm not really sure what everyone is so amazed at... There's really not that many brushes to choose from and I know you can download and import more brushes through Dropbox but when you view them it's not really that appealing I mean I've seen a better app than this but it was deleted from the AppStore. I'm not saying it's really bad but not really good either like I didn't even see a flood fill anywhere, maybe you could add that in the next update idk if it's just me because I'm on an iPhone 6+ but yeah... Oh and also there's only an undo button, a few times I accidentally pressed it one too many times and I couldn't redo my stroke an also couldn't delete a layer that I had made which was really frustrating, so please take these into consideration because I really want to use this app at its full potential

313rgb   4 star

Nice start. Love it so far, needs more canvas sizes.

Skoonzie   5 star

Perfect. Seriously the best drawing app I have ever come across on the iPhone. I gave up even using drawing apps on the iPad. Yet this even on a smaller screen brings joy back to drawing. It's a mix up of the best tools of Photoshop and free sketching.

na_cotic   5 star

That's just grand!. I love Procreate and now I get to have it on me anywhere I am. It's easy to use, fast and the only thing like it on the iPhone. On top of that it's so cheap for what it can do. Thanks guys! So happy.

sparklellama   5 star

Best iPhone Art App. Pro level tools presented in a really cool, well-thought-out way that's so easy to pick up and use. Must buy.

Booyaza   5 star

Amazing paint app reimagined for iPhone. Don't read this just grab it! Amazing painting App for the IPAD now rocking it onto the iPhone!

TattooedMac   5 star

How can you better perfection ??. You can’t. Savage Interactive, have yet again, mage a beautifully gorgeous App for iPhone. You can’t fault the App anywhere, and its just as easy to use as the iPad version. Yet another amazing App, and you are silly if you don’t make this your goto sketch app on all your devices. 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Well done to the team at Si 👍 👏 👏 👍

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