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What is procreate pocket app? Powerful enough for creative professionals. Simple enough for everyone. Award-winning Procreate Pocket is the most feature packed and versatile art app ever designed for iPhone.

Offering hundreds of handmade brushes, a suite of innovative artistic tools, an advanced layer system, and the new Valkyrie graphics engine – Procreate Pocket has everything you need to create expressive sketches, rich paintings, gorgeous illustrations and beautiful animations. Work on the couch, on the train, at the beach, or while waiting in line for coffee. It’s a complete art studio in the palm of your hand. 

Procreate Pocket includes:

- Ultra High Definition canvases - up to 16k by 4k

- Intuitive Dark Mode interface made for iPhone

- Revolutionary QuickShape feature for perfect shapes

- Smooth and responsive smudge sampling 

- Powered by Valkyrie: the fastest 64-bit painting engine for iPhone

- Connect a keyboard to use shortcuts

- Create art in stunning 64-bit color 

- 250 levels of undo and redo

- Continuous auto-save - never lose work again

• Breakthrough brushes: 

- Packed with 100s of beautifully crafted brushes

- Brush sets keep your painting, sketching and drawing brushes organized

- Over 100 customizable settings for every brush 

- Brush Studio – design your own custom brushes

- Import and export custom Procreate brushes

- Import Adobe® Photoshop® brushes, and run them faster than Photoshop®

• Full-featured layering system:

- Layer your art for precise control over details and composition

- Create Layer and Clipping Masks for non-destructive editing

- Stay organized by combining layers into Groups

- Transform objects simultaneously across multiple layers

- Access over 25 layer blend modes for industry grade compositing

• Color without compromise:

- Fill your line work with color fast with ColorDrop

- Disc, Classic, Harmony, Value and Palette color panels

- Import color profiles for color matching
- Assign Color Dynamics to any brush

• The design tools you need:

- Add vector Text to your illustrations

- Easily import all your favorite fonts

- Crop and Resize your canvas for perfect composition

- Perspective, Isometric, 2D, and Symmetry visual guides

- Drawing Assist perfects your strokes in real time

- Streamline smooths out your strokes for beautiful lettering and expert inking

• Animation Assist
- Easy frame by frame animation with automatic onion skinning

- Create storyboards, GIFs, animatics and simple animations

- Export your animations in full resolution

• Dramatic finishing effects:

- Gradient Map – remap your image’s colors with a customizable gradient

- Glitch, Chromatic Aberration, Glow and Halftone to add new dimensions to your work

- Gaussian and Motion Blur filters for depth and movement, or Sharpen for perfect clarity

- Advanced Noise filter gives you more control for a classic retro look

- Adjust Hue, Saturation, or Brightness in real-time

- Powerful image adjustments including Color Balance, Curves, and HSB

- Let the mind-bending powers of Warp, Symmetry, and Liquify Dynamics bring your art to life

• Time-lapse replay
- Relive your creative journey with Procreate's celebrated Time-lapse Replay

- Export your Time-lapse recording in 4K for high-end video production

- Share a 30sec version of your Time-lapse recording with your social networks

• Reference Companion:

- Keep a full canvas or reference image always with you, or paint on your face with AR.
- color pick right from the reference window.

• Share your creations: 

- Import or export your art as Adobe® Photoshop® PSD files

- Import Adobe® ASE and ACO Color Palettes

- Import images files such as JPG, PNG and TIFF

- Export to AirDrop, iCloud Drive, Photos, iTunes, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Weibo and Mail

Drag and drop artworks, brushes, palettes, and fonts between applications

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App Name Procreate Pocket
Category Graphics & Design
Updated 20 February 2024, Tuesday
File Size 315.13 MB

Procreate Pocket Comments & Reviews 2024

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Not user friendly! Not what I expected.. I wanted to be able to make image backgrounds transparent and this was not the app for it. There is no undo button. There are so many hidden features to this app and I find it one second and the next I cannot find it back. To put a text, I found it once and now I can’t find it gain. Maybe it will be good for watermarking my images for Etsy but a free trial would have been nice. I just wasted my money because this app didn’t do anything of what I hoped for. There needs to be an easier way to find the options for editing, better tool bar or something. It’s just too confusing. I’ve been an iPhone user for well over 10 years and I am not one to not understand an app or technology. This was just not my idea of how to create graphics or edit pictures to make them transparent. Maybe the iPad version is better but with how poorly this turned out for me there is no way I’d buy another app.

Wonderful but.... I really am liking Procreate and it’s very good to make different types of paintings and bring out your creatively amazing mind! But I have a few problems to share.. For example I don’t want to have to make every single thing a layer! A redo button would be good for it like FlipaClip and I think IbisPaint has one. Another is that we’re it says Previous colors you can make the previous color right? Well I am rather clumsy and I would click on the wrong color so I changed it to get another color then I need the color before the accident color. So basically I did Purple then didn’t mean to click on Orange so I thought I was done with Purple so I clicked on Red but then I needed Purple but on previous colors it only goes back one. So please for people like me can you make the previous color go back more then just one?! Thank you for your time and I love you app!

Very Good. When I saw this app on an add I thought to myself “well I’ve always wanted to do art in anyway but my parents wouldn’t let me get painting supplies.” When I looked at the reviews I didn’t think it was good until I bought it on my iPhone and one reviewer said “I don’t like it because it doesn’t have all the features like on my iPad Pro.” And that reviewer got it on their iPhone. But the thing I really like about this app is that you can carry it on your phone and you don’t need internet to use it and you can be as comfortable as possible and still be able to make a masterpiece! I definitely recommend this on an iPad if you already use it on that and you switch to a phone you just have to get use to it because you can make ANYTHING you want!!! Highly recommend, very good! -Sophie

Finally! A Robust Drawing App for Phones!. Coming from Auto Desk SketchBook, it has been a very pleasant experience! The amount of brushed and utility are insane, and the option to import your own brushes is a very nice addition. Undo and Color Picking gestures have been very easy to memorize and adapt, ui is clean and small leaving enough room to draw even with your fingers! Had high expectations from hearing that Procreate on the iPad is highly regarded as the best drawing app for its platform. Two things that i have a problem with is that if you are using an iPhone 10 or above, the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen seems to be disabled after a couple seconds when Procreate opens, you have to swipe up twice on it to activate it again to be able to leave the app or switch to a different one, it can be very bothersome when trying to swap between a reference photo and the actual app. Another thing is that the app does not seem to have a Dark Mode, it is very hard on the eyes at full brightness, and having the background behind the canvas be white is distracting, it would be nice to have a Dark Mode. But the app is overall worth it and had I had a good time using it.

Love this App. Update: Procreate pocket is only for the iPhone not the iPad. Get the real version for the iPad. I also read one review saying the app is only for editing photos? That is not true, procreate pocket is a drawing app not a photo editing app. Another user said the layers don’t work, I have had no problems with several layers. Download this app, it wins the competition. As someone who is new to procreate I didn’t have any real expectations on what to expect. I don’t have an iPad, but a lot of my friends have procreate for the iPad. The stuff I have seen them create is mind blowing. I have tried several other drawing apps, mostly Adobe Draw or Adobe sketch. I find their user interface clunky, with limited brushes and gestures. With procreate the UI is beautiful. Easy to understand menus, the ability to share in a variety formats and the nice haptic feedback confirmations. One area I have had difficulty with is moving “shapes” using the transform tool. After they are moved they become jagged. Another suggestion would the ability to rotate brush direction and shape. But thank you all for a great app!

Great, for the mostpart. I recently purchased this app and have been enjoying it so far! I really love the endless possibilities in terms of customizing your brushes and creating your own palettes. However, I’ve been running into one small issue: functionality. The app randomly crashes without warning. It doesn’t freeze, or lag, it just crashes. I never know when it’s coming, so I’m constantly frustrated, having to re-open the app and go back to my artwork over and over. My phone does not have any storage issues, and none of my other apps ever crash like this. I’m concluding it must be an issue with the app itself. I have an iPhone 7. Hopefully this issue is fixed(especially if I’m not the only one having it), because it is a small one, and the app is great otherwise! Edit: I have updated my phone to see if that would solve the issue, but the app is crashing twice as much now. This is definitely proving to be an issue that I can’t avoid, and I’m afraid I’m going to refrain from using the app until an update is available.

Worst drawing app EVER. Do not buy this app if you are looking to create precise images. In my free time I like to draw chibi and cartoon/manga art on paper and transfer the image digitally, however this app is absolutely ridiculous. Everything is based off a grid and you can not draw a singular straight line to safe your life, at least not all in the same color. It's basically impossible to outline ANYTHING and it's so so so frustrating. The stupid app also picks up original colors as well on new layers, like for instance say you are tracing an image that you made before and this time you'd like the character to have blonde hair instead of black well good freaking luck, the app picks up the original hair color and presto, your hair is now brown even when the color clearly says you are using yellow.. As for outlining, I spent three hours straight on this app just to realize that the black lining of my character was grey or even dark brown in some spots and almost impossible to outline anything tiny without getting at least three grid block colored in as well. You have to tap each individual square to get the color darker. All my eyes look like they have crazy amounts of eyeliner and it's just bs. I'm so sad. Please do not buy this app unless everything you do is by freehand. You are better off using the free paint program on a laptop.

Former ibispaint user and wow!. Hi, I’m Parker. I’m 12 years old and an aspiring animation artist. I’m in love with drawing. Any type. And so when I discovered ibispaint I was like “Well this seems like a good sub in for procreate since I’m poor” so I used it for a while and got comfortable but when I finally got an iTunes gift card I immediately downloaded this. And oh my god!! This app is AMAZING!! It’s the perfect drawing app despite using tons of other ones. I’m in love with this app and I hope you will consider giving it a try! However I do have a small problem. I would appreciate a different type of color hue. I would like it to have a thicker line so you can better see the color you are choosing. But besides that this is an amazing app and I hope to continue loving it in the future!💕

If you close the app or go back to the gallery you can no longer undo changes. It is a HUGE disadvantage to no longer be able to change your work if you navigate away from the app momentarily. This is the reason I’m deleting the app and requesting a refund. That’s a basic thing and I have no idea why they wouldn’t include this. Edit since receiving the developer response: I realize it’s intended because I Googled all kinds of stuff before posting this review. If you navigate away for a second, you can no longer make edits to your work. That’s not helpful. That makes me not want to use it because if I forget and navigate a way, then what? My piece is just stuck like that forever? That would be incredibly frustrating. If I want to permanently save changes I would like to do so manually, when I’m ready. If it must be automatic, there should still be a way to revert and/or make edits. I am planning to buy the iPad version and I hope it has more options because I’m excited to play with it.

Excellently executed Drawing App. I’m very impressed by how well the developers designed this app. The interface starting out is incredibly simple an easy to navigate. Just tap with two fingers to undo, three to redo, and draw around with your finger. There’s a size slider and an opacity slider to the left or right, easy to use and highly unobtrusive. There’s also a couple icons for a brush, eraser, color, etc at the top. I can’t imagine a more compact and effective interface. Then you can go into the brush icon and select from a bunch of very beautiful brush types, including paint themed ones that are designed to look very realistic and are very fun to work with. There are a bunch of brush options for smoothing and opacity and everything to play around with and really skink your teeth into. The company also has a lot of help videos and such on their insta or on google. But the reason this app is really great is just how convenient it is. You can open it up and get drawing at any time in any place, wherever inspiration strikes. I’m excited to use it more and see all that is possible with it. Thanks for making this high quality app so practical.

Just making random suggestions. (I’m making random suggestions because, there are a lot of things the app could add. It’s also cool how the developers look at the ratings.) (it is a great app so far, and I know coding is hard, but it never hurt to make suggestions, so:) Suggestion 1: more layers Suggestion 2: an option to see brushes in other art Suggestion 3: more options (for example, the ability to choose if you want the redo and undo button to show on the canvas) Suggestion 4: infinite reference layers Suggestion 5: more brushes and fonts, and upgraded brushes and fronts (there are a lot of fonts and brushes, but it’s hard to download a lot and add them and customize them, so more options would be helpful) Suggestion 5: the ability to favorite brushes and/or drawings Suggestion 6: the ability to change the picture of the new brush set because they all have to be the one photo Suggestion 7: more brush customization settings Suggestion 8: smoother animation (when I export my animations, a lot of times it’s a bit glitchy) Suggestion 9: filters, or more things to the magic wand tool (there are a lot of cool things you can do with the magic wand tool, including to option to have some filter thing ECT) Ect (Some things I suggested might already be in game though)

I like it but it could be better. I think it’s a great app. I also think that it’s a bad app. I do make mistakes a lot, but that’s not why I think I it’s bad. I think it’s bad because I use a phone and yes I’m not the best artist and I don’t know what each button does exactly, but on a phone when I make mistakes I can never seem to find the undo button. I do know that procreate is much better. Yes this is a great app ,but to me I think it was a waste of money. I definitely think that this app could be much better with its features. What I think you can improve in this app is a lot. I definitely think that a new feature could be when you get a smaller spot the size of the marker changes when you change go a different spot of the picture. I do know that your probably not going to do that ,but that is just a suggestion. Even tho I don’t really like this app I’m still going to keep it because it keeps me busy. 🙂

I LOVE THIS, but one feature makes this app worse…. Truth be told, I wanted to give this five stars, but one feature makes it harder to make good art. The layer limit! I hate it, because I don’t have the best phone, and therefore I can’t do as much. I DO understand why it’s there(for our own quality), but I think there is a better way to handle it. You could give a warning when you make a layer above the limit that tells you something like “if you choose to continue then the program might run poorly, would you like to cancel?” And you could choose whether you want to continue or cancel. This way, we can know what to do for the best quality, but we can also do what we need to for the best art we can make. I also think there are people who don’t use the app due to the layer limit. Procreate and procreate pocket are amazingly made and can be used as a professional medium, so why not take it one more step and make this a truly professional app. If you read this, thank you for listening and thank you for the app, I hope you consider what I said!

Good app, could use some features. I’ve been using ibisPaint X for a while now, and their tools and UI aren’t as good of quality as Procreate Pocket. However, there are some features this app could use, and some might just be something I’m not sure how to do yet. Anyway, while I was drawing my first piece, I got to the coloring and noticed that I couldn’t find a blending tool. I know there is a smudging tool, but it doesn’t have the same effect. Blending is a huge part of a lot of artwork, and not just of my own. I know there is a blur filter, but creating a new layer, drawing in one thing that needs to be blended, and using the filter isn’t as efficient as just having a blending tool on hand. Besides, sometimes I just need one side of a shape blended, not the entire thing. Another thing I noticed was that you can’t change the type of layer you’re using (multiply, add, etc.). These features are vital when shading and adding highlights. This may just be something I’m not sure how to do yet, though. Overall, I would recommend the app, but it is missing some things.

I don’t really know 😬 By: MOK. Procreate pocket is worse than the regular one on the iPad Pro. It’s very hard to draw things and draw ONE straight line. It just doesn’t make sense. I used procreate pocket BEFORE I got my iPad Pro so that it would be more helpful if I wanted to draw. But that sure didn’t work out. If they had an apple pen for iPhones it would be easier. But I can’t even draw a circle!!!! And I know you made ‘more improvements’ but I’m not taking my time to keep this app. I feel that if you want a coloring or doodling app on your phone, this wouldn’t be it.. I’m sorry I’m not trying to be rude. But I’m trying to state my honest opinion😖 And that I base my drawings off of circles. Because I’m a beginner. But I’m so very confused with this app. Is it because I cant draw with a apple pen???? What makes this app so 🙅🏽‍♀️? And one of the biggest problems I’m having is not being able to use certain brushes they have on the original procreate. Like liquify, I’m not sure how I feel about it. And almost 3/5 of your reviews are 1’s I SWEAR I’m not trying to say it’s a bad app I just want everyone to know how I feel about it. To me it’s just very..Confusing and difficult to work with. So with that being said this is my review for Procreate Pocket. With truth, MOK

Layers. I’ve been using IbisPaint for quite a while. It’s reliable and free, but I’ve heard great things about procreate so I decided to get it a couple days ago. I have a very hard time drawing digitally so I import sketches I draw traditionally and go over it with whatever art program I’m using. When I decided to try out procreate I did just that. I uploaded a sketch from my phone. Everything was going fine while I outlined the sketch, but problems started arising when I started coloring and shading. On average I use about 20-30 layers in my drawings and I was shocked to find out that there was a 4 layer limit? Procreate shouldn’t have this problem especially if you have to pay for it. If free apps like IbisPaint can have infinite layers, then why in the world can’t procreate be the same? The second problem I ran into was: I use the section tool and fill tool very often and soon realized that they both only apply to the layer that you’re on. I could not use the fill tool at all. The opacity of layers is really wonky too. If these are just glitches please get them fixed. I want to like and use this app so much, but it’s not good. I expected more from the editors choice.

Undo and redo ruined??. I love this app, I really do, and while the new update added a lot of great new features, everything became MUCH more confusing. For a while I was really upset bc I thought the speedpaint feature had been removed, when in reality it had just been moved to a different part of the app. PLEASE add a tutorial or something to let users know where everything is. In addition, I find the new double-tap and triple-tap for undo and redo respectively to be more a hassle than a convenience... the buttons were much more simple and straightforward... sometimes I accidentally undo and it takes me a while to understand exactly how many undos and redos I’ve done... PLEASE PLEASE put the buttons back in, or at least make it an option somewhere to decide whether you want double-tap and triple-tap or buttons... I think implementing the option would make a lot of people happier with the update.

adore it to bits but.... OK, to put it simply, I absolutely love procreate pocket; however, its a bit tedious to use on older gen iPads that are not updating to iOS 13! It works fine, but the size of it doesn’t even fit to the edge of the iPad and there’s just two black gaps in between!! Even when you turn it sideways, it stays the same except instead of on the sides, it’s on the top and bottom of the screen!! I don’t like the look of it and it truly does not fit the seamless look I associate with procreate as a brand. This makes it so that it does not utilize the screen of the iPads it can be put on, and I’d really appreciate it if you could update the app to be just a bit stretched out to take up an entire iPad screen (just for iPad devices, of course, seeing how phones would not be able to use that.) I would really appreciate it, seeing how I’m on a 2013 iPad Air!

save your money, pick a different app. i downloaded this app to see if i could capture the magic of drawing on an ipad with just my phone,and i was honestly a little disappointed. i can understand the fact that it is difficult to translate all of the incredible features into a small screen, but it still doesn’t explain the “eh” level quality of the app. don’t get me wrong, it still has some great features, but so much of what we had before is gone. the app is extremely difficult to navigate (coming from the og app), and there is no tutorial option provided for beginners. the $5.99 price seems ridiculous, considering that i could get a “just-as-good” if not better experience from free apps like Ibis paint X. if you are looking for a high quality digital drawing application, i strongly suggest saving your money and choosing Adobe Fresco or Ibis Paint X instead.

I don’t know how I feel about the app yet.. I am just not quite sure if it’s worth the money yet, I have only had the app for about a day but still, I spent money on it. I had VERY high expectations for this app because I have heard so many good things about it, so I paid the $3.99 for it (which I thought was a little expensive). My cousin got the app and absolutely loves it, not quite sure if it’s on an iPad or a phone. She has made some incredible art with it. I got it and was kinda disappointed because 1. I have no idea how to work the app (maybe include a tutorial or something?) 2. I wanted to recreate this art that my cousin made and just couldn’t figure out how to edit the photo. I do have a question though- Why is the Procreate app for the iPad and the Procreate Pocket for the iPhone so different? I feel like I can’t really do anything on the Procreate pocket. I like doing lettering and stuff but I can’t fit it into the screen. Wouldn’t it be easier to just have the exact same app on 2 different devices? I can’t do anything! Please help me!

Surprised :). I was expecting this app to be a let down from the other reviews but I’m surprising on how much I love the app! It’s definitely not worth 5 dollars, maybe 3? But the only thing i would change or add would be a button to do the thing where you draw and it pops up all around the screen and copies when your finger/stylus touches the screen (idk how to explain it) and a blending brush and a regular blurring brush. If you could add these few things that would be amazing 😉 thanks! Edit- So now that I’ve been on this app for longer, I got more time to experience the app. It’s actually plenty of fun and I do recommend it. It’s not the same as procreate, but really they never update this app anymore and they should, I really want a paint bucket brush to fill in one spot and if there is one please tell me where it is located, and also I still want a blending brush, but except for those thing I love the app! But please if the creator reads this review please do add in those two brushes please and thank you!

Mixed feelings :/. I love this app but there are a few problems. First of all I don’t like how for example you cannot make a color changing brush on pocket but you can make it on the regular procreate. I thought this app was going to have the same exact features as the one on regular procreate. And for me it’s not just the brushes. Soooooo much other stuff I can complain about. Another example is where you can do a marble effect with liquify. On my phone it only does an abstract painting. On the iPad it does an actual marble effect. Most of the other stuff is fine. Another thing I want procreate and pocket to have is where you can send the color palettes or brushes in iMessages. I tried it with my friend but it didn’t work. She got it from Instagram and I couldn’t find the brush. It would really help if I had a response from the developer, thank you ✌🏼:)

Great App, tends to lag behind iPhone updates.. I’d like to start off by saying that I’d recommend this to any beginning artist! I use this on my phone and have recommended it to MANY of my friends as I’ve been able to make some pretty cool stuff. It comes with loads of great brushes (studio pen being my favorite) and brush settings. On of my favorite features is that you can make your own brush. Overall, the mechanics of the app are convenient and easy to use after some practice. The one thing I’ve been having a hard time with is the fact that whenever there’s an iPhone update, the app tends to crash on me, and then I have to wait a bit for them to fix it. In fact, I’m having this issue right now (at a very inconvenient time as I have an artwork in progress). That’s the only complaint I have about the app. Otherwise, highly recommend!!

Waste of 3.99. I love using digital art on my phone, computer, and laptop. The results are always clean. I’ve been interested in Procreate for a while, and when I heard it was on the phone I knew I had to get it. I bought this app, and still, I was excited (not about the fee however). This excitement left me very quickly within the first few minutes. I paid for this app and honestly feel like I should be allowed more than 2 layers for a drawing of 4000x4000 (which is the max!). The bigger and higher quality the drawing- the less layers you get. On other drawing programs I use, like Sketchbook Autodesk for example, the maximum that I could find was 5000x7000, with 21 layers! This very same program also has 201 different brushes- each one editable and different. And whats the kicker? Well, this app is completely free. The brushes in Procreate Pocket are simple, but there are only 135. Limited layers. Limited size. Not to mention there are brushes for things like hair and water- when a real artist should do these things on their own. Now, this app is good for beginners, but it’s far too expensive and honestly isn’t really worth it. If your app that you made cost 3.99 worse than that of an app that is free?? You should either improve it- or make it free so you don’t waste people’s money.

great.. BUT. PROS: i love this app. i make twitch emotes and just started doing so. that being said, i don’t have much experience with app editing but i have tried adobe draw, auto desk, and a couple more. they were all pretty similar. not many brush selections, has a learning curve, and just doesn’t have all the setting/features and stuff i wish it did. but once i tried procreate pocket, with a few videos i was able to learn the majority of what i can do. it has great interface, easily understandable features, and just not complicated at all while offering what what u need. CONS: it’s 4.99$ which is a tiny bit on the pricey side for a drawing app considering there are many free ones. I’ll be drawing on separate layer (like any one would) but i didn’t draw it in the direction i want it. when i go to transform the layer, the lines because pixilated while the rest of the lines are buttery smooth. it’s very annoying because i sell my emotes to costumers so knowing that i could give them better quality if this app just had one little bug fix is upsetting, especially when my business is on the line. overall the app is great, just wish it didn’t do that with my lines and wasn’t 5$ also wish there were options like “fill” because when i have to manually select the section i want to color, it gets pixelated. please have an update or something that fixes these issues. other than that, it’s a great app with even greater potential :D

I love it, but would like to see what happens in the future!. I really love the app overall! Coming from someone who used PC softwares and ibisPaint, I really like using this. Everything is cool and I think the next updates will be cool and can make the app better. I have hard times making lines stable and I like how ibisPaint has a stabilizer tool. It goes for all brushes. You can increase or decrease the intensity. And you can always go back to drawing without the stabilizer which is “real time.” To use the stabilizer you go to “after.” I wish there was one like these in this app because when I hold for lines that I want they either give me arcs that are not how I wanted it to turn out or give me straight lines that I definitely didn’t need at the moment. Overall a great app and hope to see future updates! I will continue to use this.

Not that bad :) just some a minor inconvenience. I’ve been using procreate pocket for a couple of months now and I had no problems with the app! It runs very smoothly and it’s helped me improve throughout these months! At first I never understood how to use the app but after awhile I soon got very used to using it! Then once iPhone released a new software update (14.1) procreate pocket has some issues. Whenever I opened a canvas, it took at least a minute or 2 before it was fully loaded and then turned black but then I could work on the canvas. I did that to each of my pieces and I found it bizarre for it never has done that to me before. I have tried restarting my phone (multiple times) and checked if I had enough storage (and I did) but nothing seemed to worked. I deleted the app and reinstalled it back and everything worked smoothly until I added a few more canvas to be sure it was working. Overall, it’s a lovely app I just find it an inconvenient since I’m so used for my canvas to be all loaded (like a few seconds) and not take a few minutes. Thank you for your time.

Thank You Very Much :D. I'm so very grateful for this amazing new 4.0 Procreate Pocket update. I was already thrilled when you guys brought so many of the iPad Procreate features over to this Pocket edition not that long ago it seemed. Yet, I'm just ecstatic now with you giving us even more of them. Really, you gave us all of them it looks like to me. Thanks a million! It's very hard to see much of difference between the iPad and iPhone version of Procreate anymore and that's something I've always dreamed of and wished for on this iPhone edition. To be able to finally have the awesome Animation Assist, the full brush creator, which is truly stunning I believe, you can even sign your brush creations. Also to have all of the many, many other new features is so wonderful I think. I'm flabbergasted by all the new items brought over to Pocket, thank you, you guys are the best ❤️. Again, Savage Interactive, you have my sincere thanks and gratitude for this newest update and for all of the hard work and time you no doubt put into bringing all of these amazing features over to the iPhone app. Thanks for everything and God bless all of you at S.I.

love it! :). i don’t normally write reviews but i wanted to for this app. i really like it, it’s helped me grow as an artist both digitally and traditionally. it’s really convenient and the brushes are good as well, and i especially like that it’s so flexible and easy to customize or even make your own brush :] i just have two things that i have a slight problem with— one, how do i get more layers? it’s only letting me use 20 max, and it’s a bit restricting since i for some reason like to use A LOT of layers. two, when i click the replay button to see my time lapse, it doesn’t do anything. i’ve tried exiting the app and closing the window, but nothing has worked. other than that, i have no issues with anything else. i would recommend procreate to anyone who prefers digital art—again, it just makes making art more enjoyable and relaxing <3

Update = Good but Not Perfect. To say I’m blown away with the update is an understatement! I love that there are soooo many new brushes and I’m enjoying experimenting with them all. I only have one issue: Importing both images and PSD files. Neither of them seem to work. Images does if I put it into an open canvas, and uploading files into said canvas makes it a simple, flat, one-layer image. But when it comes to importing from the main screen (both photos from the camera roll and PSD files from whatever app you use, trust me, I’ve tried a lot), where you get the layers and what not, the app straight up crashes. It’s extremely frustrating, especially because I’m so used to Procreate as a whole. If this gets fixed, I’ll be switching over to it as my full time creation app. If not... whelp, there’s other apps such as Sketchbook that can open the files I need, properly.

Okay app. This app seems pretty nice so far. I really like the option of brushes, and how smooth everything is. The only thing is that there could be many MANY improvements in this app. For one, I can’t seem to figure out to import photos. I like to import traditional sketches and pictures of my characters/oc’s. Second of all, there should be an option where you can type the number size of the brush Third; the fact that when I zoom out a little when I’m drawing it zooms the whole canvas out which is very VERY frustrating. Fourth; It should be easier to move a layer around and what not. It’s just so hard and frustrating to figure out how to move a certain layer, and sometimes by accident it completely stretches the layer, and it take forever to get the dang undo to work without accidentally drawing a whole bunch of dots all over your drawing. This app can use a lot of work. You should make a button in the corner to undo and redo things, because the finger tap just makes everything difficult, and I always accidentally draw dots all over my drawings when trying to redo/undo. Like in Ibis Paint, there should be a selection layer. It makes moving things so much easier! Like I said before, this app can use a lot of work. When you fix those inconveniences maybe I’ll fix the rating. ~Bean

not bad for a procreate lite. I currently don’t have an iPad so I make due with this until I can get an iPad. It’s difficult to work with such a tiny screen but I’m managing to make some pretty decent pieces given the circumstances. that said, I have some hopes/requests: 🔸I’d like to have a back button. I’m aware that there’s the two tap option and three tap to redo, but it would still be helpful to have that option to just click a back and forward button. maybe as a toggle in the settings 🔸I’d also like an option to save brush size settings when adjusting the size of the brushes. I’m aware that regular procreate has that as a new update and I’m curious to know whether that’s coming to the pocket edition or not (fingers crossed 🤞🏻) that’s really about it, other than those two personal gripes Pocket is a pretty powerful software for the price. I’m very satisfied with it ☺️

Awesome app but.... What I love: I’ve been drawing on my phone for a while and I decided that I needed an upgraded app. I had been using other free apps that you had to pay for the full version to get everything. I saw a lot of people saying to get procreate (not pocket), so I decided to get it! It has a lot of brushes, and YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN!!!! I love that aspect of it! To make it better: I love watching people draw and do tutorials, and I get so excited to do them. I go into the app and then I follow along until I get to a spot where it doesn’t have the same features of the iPad. Maybe you could make them the same and by doing that, make them the same price?? Overall: I’ve never drawn on an iPad or tablet, so this is a good experience. I highly recommend getting this if you ever want the best drawing app. 5 BUCKS FOR IT!! THAT IS AMAZING!! As I said before, I wish it had the same features of the iPad, but I would love to see what the creators can do next!!

Excuse the Bad ratings, it’s a pretty good app. Of coarse the procreate pocket won’t be able to be as good as the tablet version, but at least there’s something good enough to be able to draw on on phone. Think about apps like sketchbook, trust me, the back and forth is ridiculous. I’m an artist who uses procreate tablet. Although the extremely bad ratings, procreate pocket isn’t as bad as it sounds. If you’ve already learned how to use procreate, then learning pocket will be a breeze. And if you haven’t, you can search up easy tutorials. With the small interface, it is a little clustered and don’t have the ability to preform as well as the tablet version. Yet again, pocket is one of the best drawing apps for the phone. Before I purchased the app, I was reading through the bad ratings and saw a ton of problems. But now that I actually have it, it’s not that bad. It could be different for you, but I recommend getting it.

What happened?. I really like a lot of the new features. The new brush stroke options and the free form drawing are great. Then there are some issues with color changes and drawing a single straight line (which I confirmed after reading another review). But most importantly, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE UNDO AND REDO BUTTONS!? If they still exist, my bad. But it should not be this difficult to find them if they do still exist, so there’s still a problem. Then again, if those buttons truly have been removed: WHY!?!?!? Why would you make me completely erase something with ridiculous accuracy? It’s so easy to make an accidental mark. For literally any reason. Someone please tell me what’s happening here. Update: I finally figured out that the undo is now a two finger double tap. Which is convenient for the most part, until I accidentally do it, then there’s no redo! Also, I should NOT have had to google how to do that. There should be something in settings or help or whatever with a guide for all the shortcuts. So I’m bumping it from 2 stars to 3.

It’s a pretty good app overall but I do have a few questions.... I honestly love this app I love how free a user can be do to the amount of art supplies/options on here, it’s really helping me improve my art. I’m also pretty new to the whole thing still, there is a lot to learn on this app. I have a few concerns though, first off when I got the app I was able to make a messy circle into a perfect one just by holding down, but now I can only make a straight line not any shapes. I researched about my problem and I read that all you have to do is turn on automatic lines under prefs, I looked but that wasn’t an option... Also I accidentally deleted the app a few weeks ago but when I downloaded it again all my art was gone I was devastated. Is there a way to get my art back If not whatever I can make more art but still? ^ - ^ (I recommend that there is a sign in for your pocket procreate app :if it isn’t one already: so that your progress will be saved even if you delete this app from your device, I feel it would prove to be most beneficial for users) So ya if anyone could help me out a bit with my listed set backs or maybe give me a few tips on how to improve my knowledge about this app I would highly appreciate it and thank you.❤️

Please give us reference zooming and rotation!. I really, really want to like this app, and I think it could be super useful except for one major problem - the reference photo feature does not allow us to resize, rotate, or pinch zoom it to see any detail (which the iPad version does). So you’re stuck with a 1” x 1” postage stamp-sized reference, which is very unhelpful for doing any kind of detailed work. I like to draw nearly photorealistic portraits, etc. - which I could still do using this app, except that I can’t zoom in to see any detail at all on the reference, thus rendering it fairly useless. And I don’t want to have to constantly switch back and forth between Pocket and Photos to do it either, obviously. It’s just impossible to draw an accurate portrait (or much of anything else realistic) without seeing the finer nuances of the image. This is a major bummer, since otherwise I think it would be an awesome way to work while on the go. If this feature were added, it would be five stars for me! As it is, it’s only good for some pretty basic sketching.

Disappointed. Could have been better. Way below my expectation.. I have the Ipad version of this app. I love the Ipad version. I thought the phone and pad versions are same and I am so confused why I have to buy two separate apps for both my ipad and iphone. I was so wrong. I waited for a long time to get my hands on this version. I have to say it lacks many functions. It is way too simplistic. It does not have stamps and other illustrations. You have no way to control and manage the brushes (different shapes and sizes of one single brush style.) There's only three pages of color swatch as oppose to infinite pages in ipad version (Ipad version also comes with a full basic color swatch). There's no line of symmetry and grid function. It lacks way too many functions the ipad version have and the difference is too great. I am greatly disappointed. Couldn't you just make an app the same for both ipad and iphone? Ibispaint did it, why couldn't you. Ibispaint went from simple interface to very useful art app with full set of digital and manga tools and on top of that FREE. For now I will stick to Ibispaint for iphone. I am too disappointed.

Highly recommended.. I’ve been using this app for about a year and a half, and it hasn’t disappointed me once. As a person who has used multiple drawing apps, I have to say this is the best one I’ve used yet! I enjoy using the brushes, as they are very high-quality, and specific ones can be very helpful. I enjoy the fact there are canvases that are already made and ready to have your next masterpiece put on to. There are only two things that I have small issues with, whenever I use “color balance” I can’t get out of that mode and I have to restart the app, which gets rid of the adjustments. And also the FacePaint feature can’t be found. I may be doing it wrong, but I don't know. Other than that, this is a great app, and I’ll be using this for a long time.

Great app to bring your imagination to life!. I thought on this app for about a week. When I get the itch to draw it’s more convenient than having to look for a pencil or paper. Easy to use once you play around, the kids can use it too. I am so happy with my purchase but there is one major thing that needs introduced, the REASON for a 4 stars because I feel it’s a big one. Other than that I would have given a 5! Do not close out your drawing if you are not finished. Ugh, I worked hours on a drawing and needed a break and closed out only to find I could not go back in and undo anything I had just done. Such a disappointment and a waste of time. The edit history really needs to be fixed. It’s enough to throw in the towel especially when you worked so hard on something to just trash it. Overall if youre into this kind of thing, just buy it, you really will not regret it and it’s only $5. 👍🏻

Great app, some problems and suggestions. Ive been drawing for roughly 1 1/2-2 years and this has really helped me on my art journey. I tend to use a lot of canvases for one art piece so the stacking feature is a lifesaver! the brush selection is immaculate and the photo import to make a color pallet always helps me when i’m stumped on the colors. However, there’s one problem- I can’t get back my deleted artworks. In the iOS photo gallery, there is a “recently deleted” tab where you can restore your deleted artworks within 40 days. This is something I’d love to see in Procreate, as I am very clumsy and always delete things on accident! (Also the text option is very hard to use) In IbisPaint X there’s an option to make comic divider sections and I’m planning on making a comic in the next few years so the comic divider is something I’d love in Procreate!

Needs fixing. I love procreate pocket but there are so many bugs it makes it very hard to get work done. Constantly crashing when exporting thing and even sometimes just trying to switch to a different brush will crash the app. Brush making features consistently not working properly making it difficult to make brushes and stamps for my shop, my signatures never stays on my brushes when making them which could lead to my work being stolen and brushes being deleted right after making them. As a shop owner this is very frustrating it makes it seem as if I’m inconsistent as a shop owners and untrustworthy 😕 please fix these issues I’ve emailed and complained and they responded with a generic response asking me if I did “they listed troubleshooting options” even though in my email I clearly explained I did those exact troubleshooting options. So it seems a bot emailed me back and not a person unfortunately. Dear dev no need to respond to this just fix the issue please 🙏🏻

Not updating??. Hello, I have used procreate for quite a few years on my iPad, and I would like to use it on my phone but it does not show this new interface and such as advertised. It says I am fully updated but I don't see this white theme, more features, and more brushes. I seem to have a very old and simplified version with a black theme. I do not know why, Although I am using a iPhone 6 with version 10.3.2, and I am not willing to update it (since I dislike the newer features). Also there is another, REALLY BIG SUGGESTION of mine that I have, to increase the limit of 'Streamline', or what other programs may call Stability or Pen Correction, to help make even smoother lines. It's why I prefer to use other apps more for line art since I can create better lines there, although I like to then transfer my work to procreate for its great coloring abilities and many brushes, it would be a lot easier to use only one app for everything one day again.

Conflicted feelings. I’m not sure what to feel towards Procreate Pocket. I’ve recently purchased the app on my iPhone in hopes that I would be able to use the same wonderful drawing app I know and love without having to carry around a huge iPad Pro wherever and whenever I want to draw, but I’m struggling to find any situation where I’ve ever felt comfortable using the application on the iPhone. I feel like I’ve had too high of an expectation from the iPad app to really see where the pocket version can shine but I cannot say that it would ever be a viable alternative to the iPad version let alone be some form of replacement. It’s lack of features that the iPad has like the extra drawing guides, liquify and quick shape are some of the biggest features that I would have really liked to have seen on Pocket, but sadly aren’t included as of making this review. I really want this app to succeed, but right now it’s simply unusable since I’m so used to the iPad version. I would also HIGHLY recommend some sort of cloud syncing if that isn’t already a feature so I can work on my projects across devices. Seeing as this isn’t an option right now from what I’ve seen, this is a huge bummer because It takes away one of the big reasons I wanted to purchase it in the first place.

WHAT HAPPENED?!. I’ve always loved this app and never had any problems or complaints, but now I’m having a huge issue. I’ve always been able to create art and then save my work to the French Girls app from the Procreate Pocket app, but now it doesn’t even give me that option anymore... It has nothing to do with my phone or iPod settings because I’ve never changed anything in my settings, but to be 100% sure I checked both my iPhone and my iPod and none of my settings are different, So it has something to do with the Procreate Pocket app. I really hope that you’re able to fix this issue because I love your app, but there’s no reason to have it if I can’t link my artwork to the French Girls app anymore because being able to have that option is the main reason that I downloaded the Procreate Pocket app. Have a wonderful day and Thank You So Much For Creating This Amazing Art App, I Just Seriously Hope that you can fix it.

Disappointed. I recently got an IPad and Applepencil for Christmas, the first thing I wanted to do was download Procreate. I was upset to find that you need an iPad Pro to download the app. So I assumed I would go with the app I could get. Once opening the app I found that it was awful. First, the screen leaves black bars on the side and reduces the size of my drawing space. This is a big deal, considering I asked for the iPad in the first place because it provides a bigger drawing surface then my phone. Second of all, the app lacks a undo and re-do button. You have to tap the screen with two or three fingers, depending on which action you want to do. I personally use a Applepencil, so having to put it down, use my fingers, then pick it up every time I make a mistake is incredibly inconvenient. The last thing I would like to touch on is the fact that the quality is just awful, it is extremely pixilated, making your work look bad. Unless your zoomed in , it looks horrific. I could not be more upset with my purchase. I think I will be sticking with IbisPaint x, a free to use drawing program that I have never experienced these problems with. For now, I would have to say, this app is unusable.

Great app but I have a few issues. Overall, this app is amazing. The only real problem i have with it is that there is no clipping mask option, as well as a few other on the original procreate. It would help out a lot if this feature was added because otherwise I have to be really careful about where I add color or erase extensively. Other than that, I love it! (update: i’ve seen the developer response and followed the directions it stated but the clipping mask just isn’t an option for my procreate pocket for some reason. Neither is Alpha Lock or a few other options i’ve seen on the traditional Procreate. It’s up to date so i don’t know what the problem is. I would delete it then re-download it but i’m afraid to loose all my art.

I like it but it needs work. Hi I’d like to say that if you want to get procreate I’d rather get it on iPad then iPhone because it’s harder to do it on the iPhone it’s a really amazing app but there are a whole bunch of flaws and quite often it’ll ask you if you want to reload the example pictures of how it works it’s just they make you pay 5 to 10 bucks for these apps and let’s just say it isn’t the best but it also is very good witch ever since I got it on my iPhone and my iPad I loved it so much it was such a good app but after a while I started falling behind on using it on my phone it is started failing me so then I just wouldn’t work on my iPad and I don’t have any more stuff my iPad so do you want from someone who likes it then I put it as a don’t get it on your phone and a waste of money just get the one for your

Feeling ecstatic with this new update 4.0. I have been procreate user for years now. First of all kudos for the entire time for a job well done. You guys have been amazing and leading developers in the industry, who always listens to user requests and try to bring life to them in every update as possible as you can, after being used to procreate on iPad Pro, I kinda felt unhappy about pocket app and uninstalled it for some time now. After hearing again on media about pocket, I reinstalled pocket app today and it literally blew my mind. You guys are so amazing that you bought life to this app having all the same functionality as iPad Pro, now I feel like I can potentially use it all the time whenever I don’t have my iPad Pro. Granted iPad Pro have bigger screen and have Apple Pencil, but using pocket on my iPhone 12 Pro Max bigger screen making me feel ecstatic and bringing boundless joy to my heart. I can’t wait to see, what the team is planning for all future updates, ‘you guys ROCK’, keep up the good work. Please accept my sincere THANKS from the bottom of all my heart. 🥰😄

Awe-dropping. To start out, I’m not much of an artist. But I'm still interested in art. When I saw this app and the amount of features it had set in front of me to use, I couldn’t wait to buy it. It has amazing things and textures to use whenever needed. Calligraphy has been something I’ve been focusing on and it has plenty of styles for that as well! I would give this app a 7/5 but of course they don’t have that. It’s SO worth the 5 dollars you find in the couch. The developers of the game thought of every single thing one artist might make and set the tools to prepare them for it right in front of you. You can modify, warp, touch up, and so much more. I can’t keep myself off my phone anymore! All I have to say is thanks so much developers. This app is a life-saver and I don’t know why you haven’t bought it yet cause your missing out! (One minor problem- I noticed that I will accidentally make a mistake in my work. However, there is no back arrow, or at least that I know of, that is available. If there is I can’t seem to find it. However there is a lot of area of things to learn about this app and I’m still getting used to it.)

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The most amazing drawing app ever!. Hi, so first I saw this app on instagram,TikTok,facebook. And all that and i decided too buy the app and give it a try! After I downloaded everything I tried it but at first I was struggling but then I went to go look for tutorials for beginners and I actually got pretty good for a beginner!! Thank you for this app again it helps alot with my drawing👍🏼

You don’t get everything iPad does. I’m on iPhone and I found that we don’t have some of the features and stuff and that’s completely ridiculous because we still payed like I want feathering but I can’t get it so if you could make them the same it would be greatly appreciated

Love it, Love it, and love it.. This app… it’s amazing! I have Procreate on my iPad also, which is even better! I do think procreate pocket is better for quick sketches, and maybe graphic design then it is for normal drawing, as the screen is smaller, but I love it either way. Oh, and I have a suggestion for Procreate on the iPad. Maybe instead of using layers as frames for animation, make layers for the animation, as O find it hard to sketch, go over the lines, color, and a bit of shading all on the same layer. Thank you for reading, if you do read this. From someone who has reviewed Procreate on the iPad as well :)

Two things I’d like.. I would like to see a bucket tool to fill in big spaces, and I also want to see a eye dropper. It’s really annoying to try and find the same colour and you have to completely erase a section so you can make the part all the same. Other than that it’s really smooth.

App works great on iphone, but could be better. I have had this app on my phone for a while and it works great and all. But when I realised it was originally an ipad app, I decided to put it on my ipad. And it insisted on having the size of an iPhone on my ipad screen which was ridiculous. So I decided to just pay for the ipad app as well, and after finally finding it, discovering it will only download on an ipad of ios 13.2 or higher. As someone with an ipad that will only upgrade to ios 12, I’m not going to get the next ipad just for this app, but I would like it, if you can either fix the sizing issue for this app, or fix the other app so it works on only slightly older versions. Besides this, it is a great drawing app, though it’s sad that a paid app can’t be compatible with something other than the “latest version”.

Could be greater. The undo-redo ux is a pain. I finally got a response from the dev about maybe placing a button if they can find a space for it? Hope it will happen. I literally could not find out how to redo! Importing brushes is a pain too. I wish we could just have unlimited options to do this like in the Brushes app. Simplicity is key. Fix those two things, and it’s perfect. As an artist, I just want to work fast. I don’t want to have to labor over adjusting a brush, etc. I wish to hell there was a sharp square-tip brush in the menu that I could just use immediately!

It’s great! But. Hi, I like procreate a lot but why doesn't it have an undo button or a redo button? I think it would be good for artists on procreate to actually go back to what they did. Say you drew a line by accident and you went “Oops” then you realize that there is no undo button and you have to erase it! Then the hard work under that is gone, so please can you add an undo button and redo button?

It wont let me draw ://. I draw with my finger and when I first got it it was fine I just didn’t know how to use it so I left it alone but I went back to it yesterday to draw on it to try it out properly and it wouldn’t work, I didn’t have the same colour as the BG or anything The like brush ball thing isn’t even showing up It wont let me draw wit my finger and I ya really fxxking annoying

Love it❤️❤️❤️. I am absolutely in love with procreate pocket, it is such an amazing app, whenever I’m bored I just go on procreate and colour for hours and keeps me entertained for a very long time! And another good thing is that IT DOESN’T NEED WIFI so in the car I can use procreate with no problems❤️❤️

Great App!. Hello, I’ve had this game recently and it’s great to use! The variety of tools you can get and it’s all free! One issue though, THE APP KEEPS CRASHING WHEN I GO INTO MY ARTWORK It’s only been happening recently which is strange since it hasn’t done that in the past, but as I’m drawing it crashing a numerous amount of times and it gets really annoying, I was wondering if you could fix the bug Thanks!

Great but one problem. Hi I’m Bri I love procreate, it’s amazing but there is a little problem well 2 problems exactly, 1. There is only 7 layers aloud and I can’t get the iPad version because it requires iOS13 and on my iPad I have IOS10 (since it’s a old model and we can’t really afford a new iPad) but I need way more layers on the pocket version caz I use it to draw and animate. The second problem is that there is some brushes on the other version that aren’t on the pocket version, this really bugs me because when I call my friends we draw on procreate my friends use the other version but I use pocket since my iPad is a really old model, so I see so many cool brushes on the iPad version which are not on the pocket I am slowly moving to another drawing app because of this. So basically what I’m trying to say is that there is way better things on the iPad version and hardly any good stuff on pocket! Please fix this.

Great app, minor improvements. This app is great for making quick, cheeky edits to photos on the go. It's a fun past time. Some adjustments id make: - First and foremost iCloud support. Not sure if it has it, but i suspect if i delete the app i lose all of the creations - I often tap the procreate pocket header when trying to export images. With that said the about page should say "Done" instead of "cancel" - reduce steps to export. Make use of force touch on images to quickly export them. Also reduce steps: share should be next to delete rather than under 'more' Great app, please take my feedback on board!

Very disappointing. The procreate app on ipad is the best ever app I have on my entire life, it helps me to revealing my hidden talent. At the time I have uploaded the pocket version here on iPhone,I didn’t guess it will have all features of the ipad app, but at least most. Unfortunately, was not the case, the performance is very low and controlling tab are very hard to use. it needs an attention team, same as ipad one.

Import issue. App crashes every time just before a .psd image is imported through the app or sent to Pocket through the iPhone gallery app. Otherwise much like the iPad Procreate that I’ve grown to love. Update- this no longer seems to be an issue, takes a bit of time but imports .psd files fine. Thank you!

It’s good, but there 1 thing.. So I offload some unused apps when I’m low on iPhone space, but whenever I try and reinstall procreate it’s keeps saying “try again later” and I’ve had to delete it twice before, loosing years of artwork and I don’t want to do it again because I have some good art on there and I didn’t screenshot it cause I didn’t think I had to. Is there anyway you can fix this? I wanna use the app but cause this keeps happening I don’t really want to use and app that keeps making me delete my artwork that I’ve created over the years. Sincerely Toad

Its great but im haveing glich problems. Ill start with the good... Its very creating and lets medraw anything i need or imagen drawing. Over the past years i have gotten way better at art using this app. But every pro has a con, over the past months ive been getting this glich where ill get kicked out of the app and my art will disappear. I’ll have to start over again it’s really annoying and I have to say up for hours trying to redraw things over and over agin for art class.

Please add to new update for Procreate!!!. Okay so I’ve been having a few bugs pop into my app and they are making my app very laggy! Could you please fix this also could there be a dark mode as well? I would love to have the same experience as my iPad. Thank you! :)

Great app. Weird bug though.. I use procreate on the iPad and it’s great so I decided to get it on the iPhone. The app seems to have a lot of potential, but for some reasons I can only use some select inking brushes and nothing else, not even the eraser. I’m on an iPhone 6s and my iOS is up to date. Please help if you can.

Hi! Great app ✨✨✨. I love this app, would definitely recommend if you’re willing to pay the money. WORTH it so much! I would recommend buying this one instead of the full version as it does most of the same things <3 by the way hi 😌😌😌🦧🦧🦧🦧🦧🦧🦧🦧🦧

Worth It. For an app designed for iPhones it is definitely worth getting. Despite lacking a few features that Procreate has, Procreate Pocket is a wonderful app I use all the time. The one downside is the fact that you can only have a certain amount of layers and animating is not very great but still, I rate it 4 out of 5 stars

Please prevent hidden layers merging. This is a fantastic app, I highly recommend it. Truly amazing for the price. The only thing is that if your not careful when merging you might loose your work. I worked all day on my piece and was ready to merge the layers. I haven’t done this before so wasn’t aware to pay attention that all layers are visible. There should be a warning. All my work is gone. Unfortunately I didn’t know you could press the return button on this. Please fix this issue. Otherwise highly recommend

I feel robbed.. I accidentally bought this. To explain further I got an iPad for birthday (which my mum bought ahead), since I found out I was getting it i decided to buy some apps in preparation because i was so excited. On my phone i searched up pro create and all that came up was the pocket version, as I had never used either i though that it was the same thing as i couldn’t find the other one. It was my birthday yesterday and the first thing i went to download was pro create. To my surprise it had a price tag right beside the logo, I was confused, I had already payed for it but then i scrolled and saw that i had the re-download option next to the POCKET version. Now i have an unwanted app AND my mum wont let me buy the og (original) one. Thanks….. for making a non useful second app, It’s just confusing and misleading!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glitches?. I love using procreate, but lately I’ve been having trouble with my pens and erasers. The eraser isn’t working, it’s not erasing mistakes, and no matter what pen I use, it stays really small. It would be great if you could fix this but other than that, this is a great app! Really easy and fun to use; definitely worth its price.

Great app but one problem. Hey, so I just bought this app and I really like it and just all of a sudden I went in the app and it keeps taking me out of it and this kept happening multiple times. So I decided to delete the app and re download it again, so I did that and now it’s not downloading back so I have just wasted money! Can you please tell me what to to? Thanks

It was great. Hi! I was just reviewing this app and I believe that it has lots of potential! Its easy to use despite having to draw on a small phone screen and it has many options for the brushes! Is there a way to get my money back since I want to delete it because the review was for one time?

I love procreate but…. Ok, I draw on iPad, where the face paint option should be available, seeing as iPad is stronger than an iPhone in most circumstances. I have an iPad gen 6 (I think) and it should be able to use it, however. I go into the reference tool, and the only options are Canvas and A image reference, there is no face paint option.

Disappointing- lack robust options. For someone wanting to use this on their mobile device exclusively for illustrating and design it is a very lack lustre program. I like many people learnt on programs such as photoshop and I’m used to having diverse options and a GUI that makes sense. Procreate pocket is extremely watered down. Even compared to freeware out there. I’ve started using MediBang instead as it actually has a decent GUI and allows for a lot of diversity in setting up your layers when it comes to designing. The only good thing I can say about procreate is it has the option of letting you choose the response curve of your stylus sensitivity. Other than that it’s extremely underpowered. It simply doesn’t measure up to what is exepected of a paid app. I’ve gone to using MediBangs free app exclusively now and if I could get a refund on what I paid for this app I would because it really is disappointing for the money when I can get something as good as medibang for free. FYI I have no affiliation with them, simply stating my experience when it comes to trying to find a program that suits by illustration needs

Good app with a problem.. This app is a great app and awesome for drawing, I’ve had procreate pocket for about year or so, but one day I come onto it and I try to draw and it dissent work even when I’m in drawing mode. I’ve tried to update it, but it already has, I don’t know what’s wrong with it.

Great app!!!!. This is such an amazing app and it is totally worth the money! The only thing is it’s a bit confusing when you start using it and it is a bit hard without a pencil. But overall it’s a great app 😊

Slime time with sadhbh! 😂 if you can’t tell this is my favourite emoji😂. I love how you can use colour drop because I have an Apple Pencil and procreate on my iPad Pro and I also love has you can do calligraphy (that’s the whole reason I have an Apple Pencil 😂) but with this you can’t use an Apple Pencil trust me(I would know)

This app really helps me deal with my overactive imagination with ease of use!. Hey guys I absolutely love this app. It makes it easy for a non artistic person to be able to enjoy the therapeutic calm of drawing and expressing yourself. One thing I’d like to see in the app is the ability to use one of my drawings and import it into the background setting. Like making mini animations and this would make it easier than importing it from my photos app. Other than that this app definitely is a recommend to anyone who wants to express themselves :)

It's ok, one big problem though.. How do you undo a stroke? It said at the start to just double tap to undo a stroke and triple tap to redo a stroke but it didn't work, when I tried double tapping it just made dots and didn't undo the stroke, I've been going well on a drawing and then I make a mistake that I can't get rid of without erasing other things on the same layer and basically just have to trash the drawing because I can't undo the brush stroke, please fix this as soon as possible.

Best drawing app ever. Finally symmetry option is available here in pro create pocket. As i promised I’ll give u 5stars. This app is worth to buy, even if you are not good at drawing (like me) this app is really easy to use and fun to draw with. You can draw whatever you like and use different tools, i just love this app so much!! I recommend this app!!

Makes creating art fun. Highly recommend this app for on the go use, as well as casual use. You can create a range of different styles of artistic expression, only really limited by your imagination. Art making is simplified using the app, however I think it could be improved by what the guy said below. Adding more tools like a bucket fill tool would help a lot. Otherwise great app to create art with! Also please optimise for iPhone X! :)

Good but a minor thing I have encountered. I absolutely love procreate pocket and the original app but recently I’ve had a problem with procreate pocket. When I try to add a photo that isn’t a square the app crashes. I’m not sure if it’s an issue with my phone or if it’s an issue with the app itself but I thought it would be useful to tell. I still love the app no matter what though!

Take off the limit. I really like this app, I’ve used a lot but compared to the older version of it there wasn’t a limit on the layers but on this new version they is a limit and I don’t like it . This the is supposed to be a full version not a demo version so please take off the number limit feature on the layers because I can’t extend my artwork if there’s a number limit on how many layers you need. I want to continue using this app please take off the number limit .

Amazing but not amazing. This is a incredible app and it’s very imaginative it lets you express you’re self and be free. The one problem is you are limited your self to only certain stuff you cans draw because you have a limited amount of brushes and brush sets. So I think you should combine procreate and procreate pocket together to have a even/equal opportunity

Please fix ur app. I’ve had this app for a while and for some reason the most of the brushes and erasers aren’t cooperating my friend has it for their iPad and makes amazing art and I was devastated to see my iPad wasn’t working so I got the pocket version and once I got in after purchasing this app I wanted to recreate old art I did but I found that most of the brushes didn’t work as much as I scribbled expanded the size the opacity and every other setting I found that I could only use some of the brushes, My friend has been using it for a year on their device and can’t figure this out. Please fix this ive seen the stuff people have made on this app and I love it to bits but I’m very disappointed with what results I was given

Find the right stylus. This app is great especially on the go when you have an idea but you don’t want to forget. The downsides are you can’t use an Apple Pencil gen 1 or 2 so you have to find a good stylus which is harder than it looks. It is small but that can be good or bad but I highly recommend this app unless you already have an iPad which in that case you should download procreate on there.

GREAT one question. I love this game it’s amazing I use it waaaayyyyyyyy to much but one quick question is procreate 15 dollars a month or just 15 dollars to buy it because my pop and I wanna try it out but we’re not sure if it’s just 15 or 15 a month it would really help if you told us thanks :)

Great app just one request. I wanted this app for soo long and when I finally convinced my parents to buy it for me I was really happy. I found it a great app with many great brushes. I would love you guys to create a option to make a table, I know there is a grid option but it doesn’t fit the ideas I want it for. So I would love this app even more if you could create a table option where you can decide how many columns and rows are in the table and how big the table is. Other wise it is a really great app and would highly recommend

Fill bucket problem. Hi, I was in procreate pocket and a cane across a problem with the colour fill bucket, it will not let me drag it into a certain area when the circle is closed it just tints the whole canvas with a light tint of the colour I’m using, i have tried watching videos to see what to do but none of them work, is there any way I can fix it, thanks

Just one thing.. I love this app so much! It’s the best drawing app and I highly recommend it! But there’s just one thing, the clouds. When I turn my screen to the side, I expect the clouds to as well. But they don’t. If you could please add a feature that helps me with this, that would be lovely! Thank you for creating your lovely app though! 😁👍🏻

It’s ok…. So I downloaded procreate bc I saw a lot of YouTubers using it, I bought it on my phone bc I don’t have an iPad, some of the features are swapped, which I find weird for whenever I’m watching a tutorial, and it takes me another minute to figure out what she/he is doing… so what happens when I delete this? Do I get my money back or what? 2/5 and 4/10

My opinion. My opinion, this app needs littler air brushes. Except that, 10/10 definitely recommend. You can do different brushes, textures, patterns, and shapes. I love how you can also change the colour and what shade you want. I think you should get it and after a bit of practice you’ll get better at pictures. You can choose what kind of screen you want and, you can zoom in as far as you want. This app is WAY better than any drawing/painting app! You can make a Home Screen or draw people/animals.

Okay. Procreate is okay but not better than most apps. Wish you could make it into dark mode like procreate the classic one. But the app worlds greatest. No adds, can add as many canvases as u want, works just like procreate (classic) but you can’t animate but you paid less for it and this is what you get.

From Safa for help in procreate. Hello I am Safa! I had procreate but the problem is that when I hold the colors it won’t drag but I wanted to drag but it won’t so I wonder if u could help me or I can keep trying maybe. That will thank me a lot if u can help me so thx bye I will keep trying!

Great app but with limitations. I love using procreate pocket to make all my digital illustrations but you can’t access any of the newer brush sets, even on an iPad. I wanted to get Kyle Webster’s brushes but I can’t find anymore available for free, other than very few I found years ago. Creating animations on procreate is a bit inconvenient too if you want to make sketches and line art for your animations since you have to group layers and open and close the layers to watch the animation. But it’s good for sort of just playing around with smaller animations.

Fantastic. Brilliantly simple but extremely powerful. It's so good on the 7 Plus that I bought it twice just to show my support. A couple of minor niggles: A) the placement of the resize and opacity sliders which I'm constantly accidentally activating while holding the app. I'm not sure how to get around this though in terms of a UI redesign. And B) not a big fan of the middle circle colour picker, I like the outer circle but much prefer an inner square (classic).

Amazing. This app is one of the best. Never have I seen a digital art app of this quality for an iPhone. It’s SUPER easy to get the hang of and is super clean and smooth when drawing. I have had this app for months now and highly recommend it to anyone that needs a quality drawing app for their phone.

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Default designs. Am I able to retrieve the default design called *the galaxy knows* if I accidentally saved after clearing that canvas? Thanks!

Very good! Just missing one thing.. Procreate pocket has literally everything you can find on the normal procreate. The only thing is that you can’t have private layers I don’t think, I think it would be great if they added that though!

Update. Please make an update for it to be like the one on ipod for the iPhone 5c! It would be awesome. As it's harder to find things. Also I can't make my own brushes! I use this app for fansigns, so it would be awesome to have the update. Or I have to quit!

Love but. I’ve been using procreate for probably 3 years now I think, first having it on my phone then converting to ipad when I had enough money (which was so much better lol). But if it’s possible, I’ve always struggled with when you enlarge, warp or flip a sketch of the drawing it always becomes blurry or fuzzy and to have it smooth I have to redraw it, would you be able to fix this? Thank you :)

Great - But.. This app is great for a lot of different art forms. One thing however is if you’re going to bother to allow me to have dimensions within the 2D grid, those dimensions should be able to snap to the dimensions of the canvas so that the dimensions are used for the original purpose of dimensions. This effect is extremely noticeable if you try and do pixelated or Nintendo style graphic art.

Loving it so far. I just downloaded pocket and I am amazed at all the features it has. I have been using Procreate on my iPad for quite awhile so the transition has been effortless. My cheapo stylus even works. I am hoping Symmetry will show up soon :)

Kick me out 💀. It kicked me out and I had to delete it

Sucks. App sucks didn’t help me with what I was going to do won’t let me import what I needed waste of money

A. how tf do you edit text. I dont mean deleting it and making new text i mean clicking on it and then adding new text. I literally cant find the option to do it and its so annoyijg and i cant bring something back when i erase something by tapping with two fingers

Used to be good. I bought this app originally 3-4 years ago, absolutely loved it and did everything I needed and more. I ended up losing my Apple ID so finally bought it again on my new Apple ID, everything has changed. I can’t even add a photo to a drawing in progress for reference so idk if I’m missing the button or if it was removed, but pls make that easier to access!! The ability to add reference photos was my favourite feature and I don’t think this app is worth it without that feature.

Great app. I love the app and all but I just wish it had at least a few of the other features that Procreate has. I personally am disappointed that I don’t have the opportunity to try out the 3D update on Procreate and would enjoy trying it out on a phone.

The app and everything else is good but. I can’t find the Stabilizer

This app is bad. This app is making me mad every time i want to draw i can get is back i want a. Refund

Amazing!. I just got it. And I seriously used it for like ten minutes... I loved it. I had used another app like this, it was free of course because I am cheap. But I absolutely love this! I’m planning on getting a pen for this app specifically. I do not have much experience with apps like these either. It was really easy to use and I had no problems with it so far. 😁 Strongly suggest you get this app. (If I run into any thing I might edit, but I doubt I will.)

Can’t find an opacity button. I literally cannot find an opacity button I’ve tried searching online but nothing pops up except for actual procreate

Bad game. Not a very good game for the money

No stylus support?. I have a jot touch 4...I don't like to finger paint, have a iPhone 6 and I would like to have pressure sensitive to supported for my stylus... Most of all the other drawing apps for iPhone support jot touch or other stylus why not you???

c nul. Horrible rien ne marche je préfereris me suicidé plutot que d'utiliser cet application

LIGHT THEME IS HORRIBLE. Completely illogical to have only a light themed user interface. It’s painful on the eyes during the night. At least give us a choice between light theme & dark theme because the light theme is horrid, not to mention looks terrible too. Everything else is great!

Big issue please change. Not happy! Please make it so can scroll through brushes quickly like a column on the side, and select brush then tap anywhere on canvas to start drawing like the ipad version. I don’t like how when choosing brushes the whole screen is brushes and cannot see canvas anymore. It is slow to work like this and not intuitive! Look at sketchbook by autodesk on iphone is good. There should be more setting options for how you want to work or dock brushes and especially dock color picker wheel! I don’t want whole screen to be on color wheel!

Good app! Unfortunate name. Lmao I had to do a personal project and it KILLED ME to keep telling people what software I used because of the name,, yikess

Glitch?. The app is great but why didn't it take the money out of my account? It's kind of a glitch cause the money is still there but I can't use it, pls write back

Only good thing about ios. Literally, procreate is the only thing I like about ios. Otherwise I have hated my iPhone!

Decent. It's good I can draw and write pretty good......But you need to add more brushes

WHERE IS THE INSERT IMAGE BUTTON?. I use to love this app until u guys removed the inert image button where it normally would be, under Modify. Where is it??

How do I undo. I don’t know how to undo on new version

Awww. I bought this app to test the 3d models but there is none please add them!

One Suggestion. I love this! There’s one suggestion I’d love to have and it’s importing audio similar to flipaclip, so animating lip sync will be much easier for us!

Cancel???? Where is it???. That’s a great app but I can’t « cancel ». Where is the button « cancel »? Why do you erase the button??? I want a button cancel!!! 😭😠

So far very impressed.. I read some negative reviews but decided to try the app anyway. I got the sense that some of the users may not be as familiar with drawing apps or design software as some of us are, and I’ve seen them complain before due to lack of understanding. When I first opened the app, it seemed the negative reviews were right in that it is very simple. Simple as in basic. After a little (very little) exploring and testing, I’ve discovered a fully functional illustration app! I am blown away by the concise design. I found most of what I would look for in desktop design apps just by doing some intuitive digging. I haven’t found masks yet, however, so that might be a point lost. I’ll keep playing around and update if I decide the review requires it. 😊

i’m a little upset. i bought this the other day cause i know procreate is well liked, so i bought it i’m kinda disappointed i have hard times layering and not really happy about it. i downloaded another app it does almost the same things for cheaper. if there’s a way i can get some help with layering please help me cause i think it might just be me. i love all the tools and stuff i’m just having major troubles with using the app and kinda underwhelmed.

Undo button?. Can anybody find the undo button on the new version?

Crashing. It was working fine for a couple of days and then suddenly started crashing again and again today.

10/10. Coming from an IbisPaint user it was a hard change but I’m loving it! The brushes are so unique and making them is so easy! One question is how to delete and already made brush after it’s been a while of it being there? Or a collection? I was testing the feature out and now I have a brush with a random photo, how do I delete these?

Broken👎🏻. Crashes constantly, erases parts of layers by itself and in all not worth the money.

What do I do if I want my money back. I got the game then I didn’t understand it so I got rid of it and I didn’t get my money back so what do I do!.???????

Difficult to recommend. Resizing doesn’t work. Hasn’t been fixed for a very long time. I understand why Procreate team wants to focus on their iPad version - Pocket is just a fraction of that experience and is quite limited. Part of this is due to the relatively small size of the screen found on the iPhones. Working for more than 20 minutes in this app can give you a headache. That is not to say the app cant be useful. Sometimes you need to create/edit a Procreate file on the go, and here you can work with text, place images, and even painting/erasing with your finger (if you really need that). I think it’s an OK app. Don’t think of it as a replacement of the iPad version. More of a companion app to use when nothing else available.

Not worth it. Okay so I can blend and edit with layers, but what about text? Am I suppose to buy the too? I can find better editor apps/programs for free.

Great but….. Why not make a desktop version of this, especially for Mac users? I feel like we’d get a lot more use out of this on a desktop and easier than creating on smaller devices.

Help.. Hello, I’ve been using this app for almost 4 years now and Its really great for art! but after. My app keeps crashing on me. Every time I open It, It just crashes on me instantly. I don’t know what the problem Is. I’m worried that I have to reinstall the app. I’ll lose all my art progress.

Needs some features. Hi, I just got procreate and I LOVE IT! But when I was animating, I realized it was missing some features like the ability to import sounds/ audio and to have layers for each frame as I learned that frames and layers are the same thing in procreate. If these 2 things could be added (if it’s possible), I would be very grateful. Thank you. :)

Lack of Options. I was online and i saw Drawing tutorials on Procreate and decided to look for it on the app store. I bought this thinking it was the same as what i had seen but no. I am Disappointed in the changes and Differences from the Regular Procrate app that you can get on a Tablet or Ipad. Why make another one?

Question 🙋🏻‍♂️. Any plans on supporting 3D models in Pocket?

Terrible.... I bought this due to the fact that it was cheaper than the Original Procreate, however this lacks quality, detail, and many tools that I use frequently. Overall I completely regret making this purchase, I would get a refund if I could.

Lacking. Can't adjust my canvas size, and only 12 preset brushes?!

Its good. Its good but i prefer ibis paint, just my opinion though! I was using it way before I used this sp I'm used to it. I find it easier to use and it doesn’t cost any money. Procreate is good for professionals but not sp much for just doodling🤷

amazing. its amazing

decent app, hard to get the hang of, gets slow. i’ve used this for years now and it’s fine for a drawing app. of course there are better apps that are free but this one is aesthetically pleasing. there’s limited brush options but you can import brushes. it’s confusing at first aswell. if you have a lot of canvases or your drawing is detailed the app will get slow and laggy.

Procreate pocket review. Procreate pocket is a very good app out there is one thing I would like fixed it’s the fact it’s very laggy please try and fix it but other than that I give this app 4 Stars

A problem occurred. I just bought it and I was playing around with the brushes and I decided to make a wallpaper for my phone but when I tried to draw the background, it came out as squares and I was wondering why this was happening and how to fix it.

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Bought, didn’t like it, applied for refund a few days later, rejected. Like the title says they didn’t give a refund. That’s not right. it’s not like I’m trying to return a pair of pants which won’t be resold and then hurts the environment. I wasn’t even going to leave a review, but I bought the app and I decided I didn’t like it. Rather than review it negatively I was just going to get a refund and move on. But they decided to keep the money, now it’s personal. Deb Response: okay I still don’t get why Apple declined the refund, it was less then 4 days after I paid that I requested the refund. Anyways, the reason I am trying to get a refund is because the app doesn’t allow me to install custom fonts into the iOS system settings app. It seems that custom fonts are tied to this app by itself.

The Pressure Curve. Don’t get me wrong, I think Procreate is an amazing app. After using Ibis Paint (which is just as amazing) I was looking for an app I could animate on. I’m a mobile artist. I’ve been drawing on my phone for years without problem. But here’s the thing: The Procreate pressure curve neither works for your fingers or an every day stylus which I have used without incident for years until I downloaded this app, and I don’t want to delete it and have wasted my money. The pressure curve NEEDS to be accessible on all platforms! Not everyone is going to want to draw on a giant table screen of a computer. Please consider this. If the other drawing apps I’ve used can have it so can this one.

Love the new update, but I have one question. I love the newest update to Procreate! It’s great and I love the new brushes and tools you can use, I also love how easy it is to create palettes! One question I have is I noticed that there’s no option to export a video anymore. That was something I loved to do in the previous version, I liked how you could download a video of the process of your artwork! Is this option still in the latest version? If it is, please let me know. :) Oh and on that note, I would love it if you were able to choose how fast the videos are! The ones in the previous version went a bit too fast for me.

Amazing. I absolutely love procreate pocket. There are some people that are saying it’s not the same as the tablet version, and obviously it won’t be! A phone is smaller and cant access all the same things. I have it on my iPad and my phone and I absolutely love the phone version just as much. My favorite part is being able to import photos, I can barely draw normally on digital lol, so I will draw it on paper and then import a photo of the drawing. I have no idea how the app can get better, but I would love to see what you guys have planned! Definitely worth the buy if you liked the old procreate on the iPad or like to clean up your paper drawings. I love it. -Minnie 🎨

Procreate Pocket. 10/10, a genuinely amazing app! Everything about it is highly customizable, down to the kinds of brushes. It’s so easy to understand. I’ve been using it for a couple years now, and I love everything about it. Just one thing- there’s a feature on IBIS that allows you to “extract line drawing”- eg if you take a picture of your art and use it, it’ll take out all the white parts/the background and keeping in all the darker areas, which makes it really convenient for transferring traditional art to digital. Does that translate onto procreate? Love the app <3333

Keeps crashing if you do an animation that’s 54 frames. This app is super super good for animation. I don’t personally really like it for actual art well I mean pictures. The animation process is super easy to learn and doesn’t require tutorials to learn. I really would wish that it wouldn’t crash when I try to play my animation. I hit the max amount and I can’t even play my animation all the way through. I am on iPhone 12 so I know that’s not the problem . Please fix and I’ll give full stars thanks 😁 overall I recommend this to anyone who wants to start animation on mobile! It’s better than FlipaClip and is way more customizable. The amount of brushes it has and the custom brushes you can make are immaculate!!!

Finally found it!. This is the app I’ve been looking for! I’ve never bothered to actually buy or pay for an art type app because I felt they never live up to what I expect. My autistic daughter had been bugging me for days to get a “good one” so I gave in and got this one purely because it was the editor’s choice. I was blown away by it!!! Now not only eldest daughter but myself and youngest daughter use it. All of our art styles are drastically different and somehow the app fits us all! It feels like a match made in art heaven for all of us. Keep it up because I can’t wait to see what you bring to the table as the app develops further! And thank you from my eldest daughter because now she can express herself better. It really is a big help!

Professional grade app for very low price. This is a wonderful drawing app. You get high resolution drawings, with an easy-to-understand set of tools. If you have an iPad, it's even better. Much more space to work with, and more tools. This app is carefully maintained by a professional and responsible team. A lot of hard work and dedication must've been put into creating this. And the amazing thing is you have a professional grade drawing app for just dollars! More than worth every penny, this is a deal not to be beat. If you like to draw, whether for fun or professionally, this app is well worth buying. It has been endorsed by Apple, and for very good reason. If you're fortunate to also have an iPad, or an iPad Pro, give this app a try for those devices as well. The extra real-estate you have to draw on makes it an even better experience. But even if you only have an iPhone or iPod touch, it's a fabulous drawing app. You can download free brushes from the Procreate community. Lots of great brushes to try. Hope you will have a chance to enjoy the Procreate app. I doubt it will disappoint.

Amazing absolutely incredible app. I have used the Procreate app and Procreate Pocket addition! Both are incredible app that are great for aspiring artists. I’ve noticed a lot of 1 star reviews and read most of them. Plenty of people said that “it took a long time to create a good peice of art” Or “It being hard to draw” it may be difficult for you to create art but that’s not the apps problem. What do you want it to do? Draw it for you??. And any pocket version for phones will be more difficult to us then a normal version!! All in all this is an amazing app! You can use it to sketch, create finished art and create animations. As long as you have some sort of experience this app will be perfect 👌 for you 👏👏👏👏👏

Needs fixes!!. I love what it has and it’s great, but there should seriously be an option so I can turn off a few stupid things that keep getting in my way. A button to turn off that press to grab a color on the pallet thing. It automatically clicks crap I didn’t even click on and keeps popping it up and losing my current color. A button to turn off the press down to make certain markers work. It should just work by the first tap I give and it’s extremely annoying. Maybe make it so we can change the sensitivity of the pens and markers and such. Other then those few bugs, it’s pretty good. Really REALLY hope to see those fixed! Cuz it’s getting on my last nerve considering I had to pay for this app. 🔥

my favourite sketching app. i’m a student youtuber & have been hearing about procreate (the ipad version) for a long time. the only problem was that i don’t actually have an ipad, but i do have a phone - so when i heard about procreate pocket, i was so excited! i freaking love the new update, there are so many amazing brushes to choose from and i also really love importing my own brushes into the app to use. i’ve tested out a LOT of drawing apps and this one is definitely my favourite. i also love doing calligraphy and this app has a wonderful interface that is easy to understand and use, and it has so many options like i said !! i’m going to stop here but i would 110% recommend this app!!

Amazing app! But…. I’ve been using this app a lot and have been impressed on the number of things you can do with the iPhone version, especially with the latest update. Would definitely give this app a 5 star if it weren’t for a problem I’ve been having for quiet awhile; when I go to Color adjustment and pick the Hue,Saturation,Brightness tab. Everything seems fine at first, I’m able to change the HSB, but once I’m finished and exit out of the tab, the app seems to be stuck. I tap on other tools and nothing happens. I’m forced to close the app completely and come back, what makes it worse is that it doesn’t save the progress, forcing me to repeat the same cycle.

Please read. First things first, this app is absolutely amazing and I’ve never had an issue with it at all and I love improving my art along the way and trying out new things, But I’ve started to have issues with the app that is pretty concerning. Today I was making art like I normally would but as I drew my lines, they would glitch out when I undid them (this would happen a lot). I never saw this as a big issue as they would go back to normal after undoing them several times. Today the app crashed randomly and when I went back into the app I noticed that all my progress with the artwork I made was gone, I don’t know if this is a bug or an issue with my phone. Please fix this if this is a bug.

Great app with few exceptions. I’ve had procreate for about 6 months now, and I love pretty much every feature on the app, but I’ve noticed something. Whenever I watch the replay of one of my drawing, it looks more pixilated and there are tons of colors that I never used in the art piece. I honestly don’t know if there’s something I don’t know about or how to fix it, and I don’t know if it’s a normal thing in art apps. And I have another problem, I don’t know what’s causing procreate pocket it update slower than the IPad version, One example is that it’s been 4 months since procreate pocket has been updated. And whenever I save my photos (I normally use PNG) it’s the same thing with the replays. It’s more pixilated and there’s colors I never even used. I’ve been trying to fix the problem to no avail.

Pretty disappointed. As for a person who done digital art for the past 3 years, you would expect me to try this app out. I only got it yesterday and I don’t like it. There’s many things I did expect to be on the app just for to not be on it which it makes it even more difficult for people like me to use like add photos as a layer to an already existing drawing. Lets say I’m drawing one of my ocs and I needed the color swatches. I can’t add in a picture as a layer and the only way to add a picture is to set it as the canvas which I don’t even know how to change the canvas size on this app maybe because there’s not a button to do that! I heard so many great things about the iPad version and in fact, I would try it out, but I don’t have an iPad to use. This maybe the worst money waste I’ve even done in my life. I’m pretty disappointed.

This is sad. So I have an iPad 2 right and I know it's old and only updates to iOS 9.3.5 but both your procreates have to be iOS 10 or more can you please make a separate app for those who have low iPads like me I would appreciate it because I love to draw and I have it on my iPhone 7 and all but the screen is to small so I got really excited when I saw it could be downloaded onto the iPad so I decided to go to App Store and look for it and I found the ten dollar one and got permission to downloaded it but when I went to it said must be iOS 10 or eleven I think so I got really sad because I understand most of you would be like "why not get a newer iPad" but I'm not allowed and plus I love to draw especially on procreate but it is really sad that it requires more updates by this is the max I can go to please do something about this I understand if you can not.

Amazing app. I just bought the app and it’s awesome. I was looking for an app like this that wasn’t expensive but I went and got an iTunes card and bought it. Before I got the app I looked at the reviews lots of them were bad only because that didn’t have the patience to figure out how to use it. it’s totally worth the money. I now understand why people wanna buy it. It is an amazing game worth buying it’s the only game I’ve played all day. I love it. If your looking at the reviews don’t even read the bad reviews cause this app deserves five stars. I will say I don’t have procreate the real one this is the only version I have but it definitely can’t be any less great than the real version.

Great app love it.. Hello to everyone who is reading this and I hope you are having a good day. This app is great and many features have been added sense old reviews so don’t think to much of them. Some people say there aren’t a lot of things but you can find a whole bunch of things by clicking on the modify text at the top of the screen and find a ton of helpful tools there. There a also a good amount of helpful tutorials online. No ads and no glitches found! I have used this app for a while and think it is great. There is a large supply of plenty of brushes along with a wide range of customization options to fit the users needs and comfort perfectly. Highly suggest and have a good day 😄.

Amazing app. This app is so cool, I love it. It helps me explore my creativity, and there’s really nothing that you can’t do! You can make videos and realistic drawings, And import anything! Totally recommend. But it’s hard to learn how to use it, that’s the only thing. You can look up tutorials for that, and I’m so proud of what I do, so if your interested then this is the app to use. A bunch of really good artists use it and recommend it so idk how to concise any more! And if you want to relax and have fun it can do that too. The only other thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t have a defect printing feature, maybe it dose and I haven’t found it yet but otherwise LOVE the whole thing and idea of it!!! 👍😁

Night Mode for Pocket?. Love the iPhone version of Procreate. XS Max user and I’m constantly sketching ideas or doing mini studies on my phone. Also a night doodler, which brings me to my one issue. After the update I haven’t been able to endure the white back drop at night. I’ve looked for night mode options on the preferences and see none. Have also looked online for it, no success. It’s so painful staring at the white contrasting backdrop. Is there really no option for it? That’s my one major issue, I miss the dark interface. Would gladly recommend the app but please help in that regard. It’s an awful thing to be stuck with, ruins the experience. Thanks for everything else. It’s an incredible app in every other way, a mixed media artist’s dream come true. 💗

Worth every penny!!. This app is fantastic! Listen, I know that some people with a lot of experience in drawing apps will leave reviews about what could be improved, but let’s talk about what this app CAN do. Which is virtually anything if you’re creative enough. I have depression, and this allows me to draw in bed. My bf picked up my phone the same day I downloaded it and essentially wouldn’t leave the app lol The amount of tools, the layers, the color pallets. It’s wonderful. Again, utilize tutorials and teach yourself. Every program requires some thirst for technical knowledge. The creative part is up to you, and that’s the fun! I’ll be tagging this app on social media if I can. I want everyone to experience it! Thank you!

Thoughts towards the app. When I used the app on my iPad Pro it was perfect and a good use of my time but when I purchased procreate pocket on my phone I couldn’t work the eraser and not everything would work like it would on my iPad. At least I was still able to draw on my phone, but it is a little difficult to draw on a tiny screen without an Apple Pencil. I use an Apple Pencil on my iPad, but I can’t use it on my phone and it is very difficult to use my finger. I still love the app, I just wish it would work like the procreate I have on my iPad. I just had to delete the app today because I couldn’t draw anything on it, I could click the tools but I couldn’t draw. I was disappointed on how it turned out but I am downloading it again and I hope that I can work it better.

Please Help. So when I first opened the app I made a new canvas and tried to test out the brushes but when I moved my finger around, it wasn’t doing anything and I can’t even see most of the screen and there’s no setting to change that as far as I know. The app was just not working at all, I have a iPhone 6 so if that’s why then you might need to make it clear that it doesn’t work for older phones. If there is a way to fix this then please do because I was really looking forward to using this app. Edit: okay sorry I figured out that it was this thing called Haptic Touch so it would only react when I press really hard so when I turned it off it started working so yeah, sorry dev of procreate your app is pretty good

Great App! 😀. At first I didn’t want to spend five dollars on an app that I didn’t know much about but when I got it it was a pleasant surprise. There are so many brushes that are arranged in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the user. It’s easy to change opacity and brush size with the buttons on the side of the screen. This was my first time trying digital art and I have spent many hours drawing with procreate. The tool that lets you hold down and make your shape straighter is very useful and a nice feature so that you don’t have to use a ruler tool. Even if you have no idea what you’re doing it would be worth it to get this app just to mess around and learn a little bit. Very nice app.

Good but sometimes needs work. Ok I know you are think “I’m not paying for this” well trust me you should because for some of them like Iartbook you still need to pay. This one you pay ones and you unlock everything for this. But sometimes it will start drawing where my palm is and I have to restart the line a I already had for my drawing. I made my favorite horse coat on my horse drawing on heat and it picked up my palm when I was making the coat and I had to restart that part of the coat because that part was the very detailed part. Maybe they could work on that but that’s about it :,D

Crashing. I have had Procreate Pocket for about 6 months now, I think, and it has worked just fine. I love how it is almost the same as normal procreate, but i can take this one around in my pocket, hence the name. Recently the app keeps crashing. So often. I’ve gotten to the point where right now, i can’t even make one paint stroke without the app crashing. Occasionally, the app works fine. But sometimes, it will keep crashing after a specific color drop or paint stroke. I tried deleting all my projects so there was just one. I thought this could clear up storage. It didn’t. I cannot peacefully draw my furby hentai without the app crashing every 5 seconds. This kind of crashing is completely unacceptable and I want it fixed as soon as possible. Thank you.

Fitting to Screen. I love this app, and I was very excited to find out that it was a one time pay. I love how many different brushes there are, the quality, the ability to import photos etc. But, the display does not fit my iPhone (XR) screen. There are two circles on the left hand side of the screen in which are used to change the size of the brush and how solid the brush strokes are. Because the display doesn’t fit my screen (the display is too large for the screen), I can’t see the full circles and the % number of the size. It’s really annoying. I don’t know if this is because there is something wrong or because I just cannot figure out a way to fix it, but I watch videos of people using ProCreate and you can see the full thing on theirs. I would really appreciate it if this was fixed, and I will change my review to 5 stars.

Good but one question! (more). This game was very good I have a few questions though a lot of people are just casually using those I bet it took them forever to figure this stuff out I bet you gave it tutorial of how to do stuff but I don’t know how to like move one thing like I would like to move the mouth of my new character that I have made instead of having to do a frame I would like to move it with the outline things instead of having to do a frames and having to re-draw all of that second I don’t know how to make the shapes it seems impossible it’s like you can’t and you just removed it I don’t know if you have removed any of these but I’m just having trouble thank you!

New Update = God Tier. When I first bought Procreate Pocket, I was disappointed with the narrow selection of tools and brushes that I could use, especially when compared to the iPad version. It was very limited, so I eventually started using it less and less. However, today, when I noticed that my app icon suddenly changed color, I went to go check it out and was absolutely awe-struck when I saw the new brushes, tools, and redesigned interface. Now the iPhone version finally lives up to the iPad version and I now have more potential and creativity to unveil in my drawings. To the team at Procreate, thank you so much for this. It is a lifesaving update.

Okay... As many brushes and creative as it is, it lacks simple details. For example, there is no undo button. I found this pretty upsetting but even if there was, they should make it visible so it’s easy to access. Another thing it lacks is a lasso tool. I can’t select things and move them, the most I can do is redraw it again. Also you can’t change opacity of layers, and you can’t delete drawings. All these annoyed me because they were simple features not included in such a detailed app. And like I said, if there was, they should make it more accessible so it’s quick and easy. But they do have a good amount of brushes, I’ll give them that. But so far I’m not doing well with this app, it was a disappointment. If anybody has any tips for me, please let me know.

This is the best drawing app ever. But... one suggestion/question.. It has everything—every option you could dream of—the UI is sleek and intuitive—and it’s just so amazing. It deserves a Wikipedia article. However, if the developers happen to read this, I have one question... I don’t see any configuration of this in settings, so I’d like to ask: how do you make it to, when you stop drawing a line, it stops right when your finger stops and DOESN’T taper off? It may be useful for many, but you added this in a recent update and I had gotten used to that not being a thing. I had started to hone my precision before you implemented that feature. Is there a way for me to toggle this? If not, please make it so. Thanks ❤️🖌

Great In General. People complain about no redo and undo buttons,etc. Please read the manual of the app first for Christ sake. The only thing I am a bit of frustrated about is two finger pinch usually happened while I accidentally touch the area on the left where the brush controls lies, in which case would cause unable to pinch and draw a line that I don't want. Consider every one has different painting habbit, some one like to paint in landscape mode, some are not. I recommend in the future update, you guys can implement the DIY brush controls position, let the user put these brush controls where they would cause the least unexpected action for themselves. Or if you guys would solve it in some other ways, that's good too.

Amazing app! but a suggestion. i love this app! it’s very easy to work with, and i would definitely recommend this to people starting out in digital art! but i do have a suggestion. when i’m making an animation i can only go up to 44 frames. i want to make longer animation’s but 44 frames is the max. could you please make it endless or make the max higher too maybe 90 or 100. that would be great if you could do that! but aside from that, this app is amazing and i definitely recommend spending 5 dollars on this! this app feels like it should be 20 dollars but no it’s just 5 which is amazing! on normal drawing this a 10/10. but for animation it’s an 8/10. but i still think this app is great!

Love It. I’ve been a personal assistant/smartphone painting app user since 2004 and the Palm Zire. I did the first-ever 24-hour comic (make a 24-page comic in 24 hours) made on an iPod Touch/iPhone using Brushes in 2008. I LOVE digital painting on small screens, but when Brushes and its compact interface and playback feature went away, there wasn’t anything quite as easy to use until Procreate Pocket. I like that Pocket has most of the features of Procreate for the iPad, including drawing assist, liquify, and text! This is a good app for when you have an idea and only your phone to get it down. Or when you’re already in bed and inspiration for a joke strikes. (This has happened to me so many times!) It’s great for fast visualizations, and better than you’d expect for photo manipulation. (Good enough that I got in trouble on a forum for a manipulation being TOO convincing.) I use it Pocket, I love showing off what can be done with it on an iPhone, and recommend it highly! The ONLY thing I want that Pocket doesn’t have is the playback of the files that come with the initial download. I need to know how that swordswoman that looks like a vector drawing was done!

Reviews are frustrating.. I’ve experimented with a ton of different drawing apps on mobile, and Procreate Pocket is still the best out of all the ones I have tried. It makes me really upset that this app only has a 3.9 star rating, especially considering people’s reasoning behind giving 1 star reviews. Almost every person giving a 1 star seems to be inexperienced with art programs, as they don’t know how to use the basic functions of the app. Procreate is so popular that even non-artists want to use the app, and they seem to get upset when they can’t figure out how to use the app. This is understandable but does not warrant a 1 star review!

Much Better Apps Put There. The quality of the brushes are so terrible it’s confuses me. I don’t know if anyone has noticed but the brushes are horribly pixelated! They don’t come out smooth and refined as it should. I tried to draw an eye, like a professional drawer and it looked horrible. The quality of my drawings look worse than they should because I can’t put in detail I want. Compare this app to Sketchbook which is FREE, this app is like a doodle app, you know for non professionals, non artists and for those just wanting to color as in a coloring book. Procreate has no right to charge this much money for such a low grade app. I saw the sample drawings and quite frankly, it had to be done on the iPad version! Go ahead and make draw something intricate on this app! Try and put in detail and make it exquisite and you’ll see it does not have the capability. Now try the same on Sketchbook Autodesk and you’ll see the difference.

it’s ok. i figured once i bought this on my phone i would be able to somehow transfer to the iPad without having to buy it again on my iPad. it’s definitely more difficult to use depending on which iPhone you have. and you can’t really find anything without accidentally stumbling upon it. i would say my art is pretty good when i have more varieties of things i can use to make my art good, but really on this app you just have different brushes and erasers... there’s obviously more, but if there was a feature where you could make an account and link it to a different procreate app so you can use the iPad one without having to buy it again.. that’d be nice.. i love this app but is it really worth $20 just to have a different variety?

this app is great!! i love it so much. i have always wanted to get procreate but i do not have a good iPad to download procreate. then i found procreate pocket and I use it so much. my friend has procreate on her iPad and procreate pocket is just like it. the only problem is somethings are hard to do on a phone compared to an iPad. for me that does not effect how i feel about the app though. it is a good thing that i can carry around my phone and still use procreate. i thought it would be great to have an app i can use on the go. when im in the car i can use procreate pocket. it’s really fun to be able to design things. again, just like the original procreate.

Worth 5 stars. Those who say this app is not good or give it a bad review, haven’t given it a chance or don’t know how to use its full potential if you ask me. This app is the perfect drawing app for any artist who actually has the time and patience to work on something. I learned how to use layering, texture, smoothing, and a lot more all by myself actually. The only thing I searched up was where to import new brush types and that’s all on the procreate website. I’ve made a good amount of things already and some were not outlines of drawing what I’ve drawn on actual paper. If you plan on drawing an outline of a picture you import, then I suggest you make using layers your bestfriend. This app works if you put the effort to work with it. The app is worth paying for even if it was $10.

Accessability issues. Ive used this app a ton over the years. Its been a whiles since i used it last and im horrifed at the way the interface works now. New UX seems to have more animations and parallax. The tools sliding up and down depending on if you are engaging with the canvas is triggering vertigo. Im referring to the top bar with brushes, payers and other tools. Instead of staying static, like it doesn't on ipad, or fading in and out. it slides up and down on the screen with every tap. Please consider how each stroke mean exposure to up and down motion. I am unable to use this app because of these design changes. Please give users the option to disable these gesture dependent motions. Also consider programming the app to support reduced motion and transitions settings. Millions of people are impacted by vestibular disorders. People with other kinds of disabilities are impacted by this type of design as well. Please don't exclude us.

Pretty Good! Could use a Dark Mode, though!. I’ve been using this app ever since the beginning of this year and boy, I have to say this app is definitely worth the buck, and I’m very excited to try the IPad version in the near future. My only concern though is the lack of a dark mode for this app. Don’t get me wrong, this app is wonderful, but when I want to wind down at night and draw on my phone, the dark mode I have on every other app make it easier on my eyes, yet when I open this app— BOOM! I’m implored with the white interface and it creates quite a bother to my eyes. This is especially true when I want to create darker ambient drawings, and I find myself not really liking the white as it creates a high contrast to the dark drawings. If this app would have a dark mode interface, it would be the most wonderful thing! ^_^

Could use some more/improved features.. The only thing I like about this app is the brushes as well as how you can download more. Other than that this app is super complicated to use. I’m constantly having to look things up “where is, how do I, etc.” It’s a hassle and takes up so much time. Also, when I use the selection tool it leaves a bunch of white space in between the selected area and the lines which makes it hard to fill in areas completely. Another thing is, I can’t even use this app to outline things because there is no pen stability and the end of the pen doesn’t point the same way as the beginning even though I’ll have both sides pointing at 100% (max) which is very odd. I hope you add more features and fix these things soon so I can’t start using what I paid for. :(

Indispensable - and PRIVATE. I bought Pocket mostly because I love Procreate on my iPad, and wanted to support the company. I honestly wasn’t sure about a drawing and painting app on a phone screen, but thought it might be a fun toy. Little did I know how much I’d be using it. I still do my drawing with Procreate and a Pencil on my iPad, but I use Pocket all the time for photo editing. There are some instances where the Pocket workflow and interface just works better for me than some other apps. Liquify has been awesome when blending color and texture layers into a photo. It’s become an indispensable tool.... ...and the latest update was everything I hoped for. I love the interface, which now matches the iPad version. LOVE Bloom!!! And maybe most of all, I love that this app collects ZERO personal data. Seriously, this is mobile apps done right. No data mining, no extortionate subscription - just affordable elegance and power. Pro tools an artist can trust, and OWN, at a price anyone can afford. Superb ‘ware from an ethical company - how do you not love that? Thanks, Procreate! You folks ROCK!

Overall Great. I got the app recently and it’s really nice!! My only complaint is that it’s hard to see where i’m drawing/erasing sometimes. Like, the app i used to use had an indicator on where the pen was, like a small circle around where you placed your finger/pen (if that makes any sense). Other than that though, i like it a lot 😁 Edit: Okay, so at the time of writing this, i couldn’t think of the word, but it’s called a brush cursor! And there is one, though it may seem invisible when you’re using the pen, it’s there! it’s the exact size of the pen your using, so it won’t always be visible. So while i do wish it were bigger, i’m much happier with this because erasing is much easier.

Very Good!. I was reading reviews and I personally have had both Procreate and Procreate Pocket. Many people are saying this is a copy, which is incorrect. Procreate Pocket has most of the same features and is meant to run smoothly on smaller devices, like phones. The only thing I would change is making a few more brushes, especially for calligraphy since they don't work too well for that. (Like thin going upwards and thick going downwards.) I HIGHLY recommend this for people who are anywhere between beginner and professional digital artists. For a couple days after the update, it crashed a lot, but that issue stopped for me. Thanks!!

What the pros use. I work at an relatively large marketing firm. A year ago, most of my colleagues were tethered to their laptops: photoshop and a tablet of some sort for any and all designs. That is until I showed them the IPad Pro and Procreate. Fast forward a year and nearly all of our design team, 20 or so, are using Procreate and IPads. Our clients like the art we give them, our bosses like the quality we put out, and the designers like the flexibility. Brush simulation, countless layer modes, and a software development team that simply knows what they’re doing. Take it from a pro, this is the real deal. PS If you read from some reviews that it takes forever to import brushes, know that there is a 2 minute workaround that has you importing hundreds of brushes instantly.

Awesome. Not sure why certain people are freaking out. This is a simple version of the ipad app. I can draw straight lines and outline fine. It automatically saves to your gallery and then you can export your image as usual. You can bring photos and sketches into it from your photos. It's not easy to sketch on a phone anyway, but this is working for basics. Update: I’ve been using this app regularly and drawing with my finger. I’ve grown to really like it because I am making a lot of cute, painterly characters. I take back what I said about it not being that easy on a phone. It’s super easy, you just have to magnify your image. Soo fun!

Add more of procreate 5 features!🙏. I seriously love this app, and I appreciate the hard work the developers put into making this app for both iPhone and iPad but would it be too much to ask for them to make the app universal with many more of the same features as the iPad version? I've used this app for my freelance work, and also just as a hobby to create something when I feel inspired. It's fantastic and I've been a long time user of the iPad version since I had the first gen iPad mini. I've shared this with friends and family, they love it as well. My freelance work requires me to be mobile though and sometimes I don't have my iPad Pro with me so it would be wonderful to have more of those features I love from the iPad version available on Procreate Pocket. Also it would be great if they could allow for the option to use iCloud sync for the artwork. If Adobe can do it I have no doubt it can be done here too. 🙌Thanks in advance. 👉For any people looking to get into creative work, I highly recommend going with this app, I think it might be the best one you can find especially for iPhone devices. As soon as it gets those updates I'll be sure to add the 5 stars to it.

I'd say don't listen to those really bad reviews. The app is super fun and great to use and provides a lot of different textures, colors, opacity amounts, and size options. Drawing is super easy in this app and makes your works of art look so good! Its only five dollars, its worth a try if you love art or just looking for a super fun app! It's also really hard to mess up your whole drawing because undoing and redoing is super easy and works on everything! Its like fool proof and Im always super curious about options and controls so I accidentally press a bad button a lot but this app is like made for people like this! I would recommend this app to all my artistic friends and even non artists!

It’s nice but there an issue. Ok so I love this app and how many amazing features there are. But there is one major problem. There is no back button if you mess up. This is a very big issue I have with this app because I’m not a professional at drawing and I do mess up a lot. And it’s not just on the procreate pocket it’s on regular procreate as well. And that is very annoying to me and a lot of other people that mess when drawing. I’m writing this right know because I was using the app today and I ve been working on a drawing on the app for 6 days but then I messed something up and I have no choice but restart. I was very sad theat all of my hard work was gone and there was no way to fix it.

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AI Photo Generator -Collart AI 10 April 2021
Ibis Paint X 01 August 2011

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Best Paid Graphics & Design Apps List
App Name Released
Book Art Pattern Maker 22 January 2022
RoughAnimator - animation app 20 January 2015
Sketch Club 23 November 2010
VizRef Lite 11 March 2020
Whiteboard Pro by Qrayon 23 June 2022

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Top Free App List
App Name Released
Zoom - One Platform to Connect 15 August 2012
X 09 October 2009
Facebook 05 February 2019
Uber - Request a ride 20 May 2010
Netflix 01 April 2010

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Top Paid App List
App Name Released
Pou 26 November 2012
Terraria 28 August 2013
Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 08 March 2022
AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch 19 December 2016
Arcadia - Watch Retro Games 18 December 2019

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