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What is ibis paint app? ibis Paint is a popular and versatile drawing app downloaded more than 280 million times in total as a series, which provides over 15000 brushes, over 15000 materials, over 1300 fonts, 80 filters, 46 screentones, 27 blending modes, recording drawing processes, stroke stabilization feature, various ruler features such as radial line rulers or symmetry rulers, and clipping mask features.

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- A Highly functional and professional features surpassing that of desktop drawing apps.
- Smooth and comfortable drawing experience realized by OpenGL technology.
- Recording your drawing process as a video.
- SNS feature where you can learn drawing techniques from other users' drawing process videos.

*Feedback from users
We receive many good reputations from users.
- I could have never assumed that I can draw such a beautiful drawings on smartphones!
- Easiest to use among all drawing apps!
- I have learned how to draw digital drawings without Mac or PC!

ibis Paint has high functionality as a drawing app along with features of sharing drawing processes with other users.

[Brush Features]
- Smooth drawing at up to 120 fps.
- Over 15000 kinds of brushes including dip pens, felt tip pens, digital pens, air brushes, fan brushes, flat brushes, pencils, oil brushes, charcoal brushes, crayons and stamps.
- Various brush parameters such as starting/ending thickness, starting/ending opacity, and initial/final brush angle.
- Quick sliders that allow you to quickly adjust brush thickness and opacity.
- Real time brush previews.

[Layer Features]
- You can add layers as many as you need with no limit.
- Layer parameters that can be set to each layers individually such as layer opacity, alpha blending, adding, subtracting, and multiplying.
- A handy clipping feature for clipping images, etc.
- Various layer commands such as layer duplication, import from the photo library, horizontal inversion, vertical inversion, layer rotation, layer moving, and zooming in/out.
- A feature for setting layer names to distinguish different layers.

[Manga Features]
- Advanced text tool function featuring Vertical, Horizontal, Stroke, Font select, and Multiple text functions.

*About ibis Paint purchase plan
The following purchase plans are available for ibis Paint:
- ibis Paint X (free version)
- ibis Paint (paid version)
- Remove Ads Add-on
- Prime Membership (Monthly plan / Yearly plan)
There is no difference in features other than the presence or absence of advertisements for the paid version and the free version.
If you purchase the Remove Ads Add-on, the ads will not be displayed and there will be no difference from the paid version of ibis Paint.
In order to use more advanced functions, the following Prime Membership (Monthly plan / Yearly plan) contracts are required.

[Prime Membership]
A prime member can use the prime features. You can try it free for the one-month at the time of the first purchase. A prime member can use the following features and services
- 20GB of cloud storage capacity
- Prime Materials
- Prime Canvas Papers
- Prime Fonts
- Tone Curve filter
- Gradation Map filter
- Levels Adjustment filter
- Replace Color filter
- Clouds filter
- Reordering artworks in My Gallery
- No advertisements displayed
* After you become a prime member with the first one-month free trial, if you do not cancel your “Prime Membership” at least 24 hours before the last day of the free trial, your “Prime Membership” will be automatically renewed and you will be charged for the automatic renewal.
* We will add premium features in future, please look out for them.

*Questions and support
Questions and bug reports in reviews will not be responded to, so please contact ibis Paint support.

*ibisPaint's terms of service

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App Name Ibis Paint
Category Graphics & Design
Updated 16 January 2023, Monday
File Size 68.21 MB

Ibis Paint Comments & Reviews 2023

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Suggestion!. This is my favorite drawing app. I like is sooo much better than procreate. I’ve been using it for years. Great brushes, canvas sizes, and stabilizer along with many other useful tools. I just have one suggestion, it would be really cool if we could design and draw our own brushes! I love the brushes the app has, but it would be really useful if we could pattern our own brushes. Thank you, I hope you think about my suggestion!

Near perfect for me. The app is brilliant and definitely worth the money I spent on it. It has all the brushes, tools, canvas sizes, and so on that I need, as well as automatically recording each drawing I made. There is one bug I’d like to report, which is when I view my speedpaints, it doesn’t show the footage of when I use the blur tool for some reason. It shows everything else but skips the blur tool as if I never used it. It doesn’t show any sign of blur at the end of the footage either so the art I made on footage comes out as different from how it looks on the canvas.

Custom brushes. I’ve been using ibisPaint for years and it’s always been my go to app for art. But I was wondering, is there going to be an option to add your own files to the custom brushes? I know there’s multiple reasons why that would be useful, like making a brush that has book outlines so that all you have to do is select the brush and make bookshelves or stacks of books. Maybe a brush for pieces of paper or coins or dollars! A custom brush where the artist gets to add their own file would mean that lots of artists could increase their quality of art simply because they won’t give up on how the art looks in order to draw one thing over and over or copy and paste then clean up any mistakes. The time it takes to draw certain things will greatly decrease, making it so much easier for artists!

This app helped me so much!. When I first got this app I thought I wouldn’t be able to draw anime but then in 2-3 years I am getting there! And to anyone who is reading this before getting the app.. there is a free version that is still just as good! This app has a few extra things. For example, no adds! That means you will not have to watch any adds for the brushes and other stuff. Anyway... new to drawing or not, I totally recommend this app for drawing. Mother thing I like about the app is that it tells you how to use stuff.

Great app, needs a few simple feature tweaks. Been using it for a while and there’s some minor annoyances with how certain things work. First I beg of you to add the ability to disable touch drawing. If I’m using a pen or Apple Pencil I should be able to make it so only the pen or pencil draws I like that rulers make it so you draw along the surface, but I’d like to be able to toggle off this so I can use the rulers as only a visual guide, especially with the perspective rulers. Also the ability to lock the rulers so I can’t alter them once I’ve set them, too often I am trying to draw and hit one of the guide arrows or points messing up the rulers location. I’d love if the UI at the bottom was moved to the top instead so I don’t cover it with my hand or arm when drawing there’s plenty of space for the icons. And finally I’d like for the tools to also move to the top and the tool settings to move from the bottom to the side, similar to where Procreate puts the tool sliders. All of this would make ibis paint easily my top iPad art tool. It already has so many great features it just needs some polish.

OMG THIS SO HELPFUL!. This is very useful! Layers work very perfect for me. Not like other art apps I’ve seen, the layers in this are working just fine. Very many useful and helpful Brush’s for beginners. Works great for my apple pen. I’ve been using this program for about 8 months. I use it whenever I’m bored. Art is so easy to make on this! My 9 year old daughter and me enjoy it a lot! This program is worth buying. There a bunch of updates daily! I recommend this for young and old artists. (There’s a tutorial on how to use it! ☺️)

Best for what I do. I’ve been a tattoo artist for over 10 years and made the switch to digital artistry for designing and drawing for my tattoo artwork in 2016 when I got a Samsung with s pen tablet. I’ve been using this program since around that time. I just upgraded to a new iPad and tried procreate, but I went right back to Ibis paint as soon as I saw it was also on the App Store. It’s robust, simple to navigate, runs fast and has helped me improve my art for years at only $10 bucks. A few years ago I had an issue and customer service was quick to respond and very helpful. Working on converting my coworkers over to it! Thanks for the great program.

An amazing app, but not much of a difference from Ibis paint X.. I have been using Ibis paint X since I got this iPhone. It was the first digital art app that I got and it worked quite well. I enjoy creating art in an easy format with many different tools. A little bit ago, I decided to take it up a notch because I loved Ibis paint x. I wanted to try Ibis paint. I was very excited but there weren't as many changes as I thought. Yes, they removed ads and added some more brushes and backgrounds. But I thought that there was going to be more stuff since I paid for it. Though, overall I still like this app and it's great that there are no more annoying ads.

FuriousFist576. This app is amazing out of all the art apps this is number one because all of the apps have one problem that they have limited brushes but ibis has control on the brushes but there is one problem sometimes it glitches and kicks me out and also sometimes it doesn’t let draw and also one more after glitches it said i never drew something also it has a trouble with musi because when i play a song it stops it.

Best app ever. This app is better than Adobe, procreate, and any other thing I’ve tried. (I’ve tried a lot) but this app has the most tools, is the simplest, good for beginners, and yet has enough stuff for the elites. I seriously recommend this app. The only problem with it, is that if you have too many projects, and too many layers, it glitches out. But then again, that could be on my end, since my internet is crap. I hope this was helpful, have a nice day! 😁

Beautiful App!. I’ve been threw a few drawing apps but haven’t found one that would now have me having to keep going to a eraser or only having a few brushes of choice. I started out with IbisPaint X than my storage got crazy full so I also got this and it’s wonderful just like IbisPaint X! It’s so easy to undo something with just a simple tap on my iPads screen. And a bunch of awesome brushes ! It’s a amazing app if youI are looking for a good drawing app. I even make my roblox shirts on here! This is one of my dream apps that I have finally found.

App works beautifully.. I love this app for my doodling and sketching. It works amazingly, there are so many tools to choose from, just stunning. It works better than any other drawing app I’ve used. Other drawing apps have lack of very many tools, have pay-to-use abilities, and hard-to-use mechanics. This app has so many tools, as previously mentioned, everything is free (although you can buy membership, they never SHOVE it in your face), and it has easy mechanics. Sorry, this was kind of a longer review I’ve written, but if you want to draw like professionally, this is what you’ll want to try first. Thank you for taking the time for reading my review, please try this app! (^𓎺^ )

Love this App and have used it for years!!. I first bought ibis paint about four and a half years ago. I absolutely love it and it is so efficient and nice! I definitely would recommend this app for starting artists, it is relatively easy to understand and it works so well! The storage is amazing and it rarely has ever bugged (and when it did it was only because it was an insanely large file with 100+ layers) Overall I highly recommend getting this app, but if you want to test it first then I would recommend ibis paint x to start.

Great! But could use something new-. I used IBISPAINT X for a while and decided to get this version because home much i love using it! I draw so much on here and I can really bring my characters to life :D but you know what would be even more life like? ANIMATION! Maybe add an animation feature it it would do my life wondersssssssss, and probably many others too! This has always been an art and speed paint app, so why not throw in animation with the mix? It would certainly give IBISPAINT a lot more attention then it already has

Amazing! But... Now, this app is amazing and its my go to app when doing art. It has all the tools provided for you at easy grasp, but.. I hate tutorial. I get how some people might need the tutorial but i feel the app would be way better if you would just ask first before giving the long and annoying tutorial, some people delete the app for a while, reset their device, and/or get a complete new one and the tutorial is just unnecessary for existing users. Although, the tutorial is very useful towards new users, so it’d be kind of the developers to add an optional step by step tutorial. I also think you guys could add a saving process, where existing users can save their artwork, so when they say delete the app, reset their device, etc. They’ll still have all their art work saved (kinda like tiktok, snapchat, (etc.)accounts i guess. Thank you!

Awesome. This is my favorite app for doing digital art. It is easy to figure out how to use it and make beautiful art pieces. It has many uses and tricks that come with it. You can use waaaaay more layers than in procreate. It doesn’t do that wiggly thing that some apps do and is very convenient for when I don’t have my stylus with me. You can easily import and export pictures and qr brush codes into it. This is my go-to app for digital art and sketching.

GREAT APP!!<3. This is a great app that I use daily for drawing and editing. Ngl it’s way better that procreate and adobe cuz, 1 there’s a free version so I didn’t hav to pay at first (I eventually did cuz I knew I was gonna stick with it), 2nd and the best for me, the brushes are a lot easier to adjust to my liking and all in all everything is easy to use and figure out unlike other apps/programs. Also it’s even better cuz now it’s on PC so I’m happy with this app its not a waste of money either paying for it, it’s a good price and cheaper than a lot of other apps/programs. <3

Pretty good app! Only a few things. This app is honestly a really good one, the only few things is that whenever you blur it usually gives off a weird oily affect look to it, leaving a mix of different colors than what you originally had, if the blurring was smoother and the app didn’t lag as much as it does I’d totally rate it five stars, super close though, this is one of my favorite apps to work on and I recommend it to a lot of people, keep up the good work Ibis! You’re doing a fantastic job! Also thanks for all the tutorial videos, they totally help!

A few flaws we need to talk about... Hi! I know, your wondering, ‘who am I?’ Well, my friends, I am an ibisPaint user and using this app is amazing! There’s just a few flaws you need to work on. First, the opacity switch for the layers isn’t very visible, and I struggle to find it, and the filters on the filter tool, are really cool, they just need a few touch ups on the details. Next, the blur tool is AMAZING! It’s just that I don’t like that it takes a bit of color from the line-art. It’s a really nice drawing and art app! I’m just hoping that soon, this team of amazing creators and coders can fix these flaws in the future, I hope to see this review read, the flaws fixed, and ibis paint at the top of our app stores!

Perfectly cheap. Ok for a program that’s 10$ one off purchase it’s probably up there as one of best art programs for the price it’s beginner friendly and has many brushes although there is a premium sort of purchase that is subscription based however it’s entirely not needed and honestly is clear that it’s really there so this app makes any amount of revenue because let’s be honest not matter how many users using this a one off 10$ purchase is not gonna cut it however this is far from a game ruiner and honestly perfectly done I highly recommend this program

Better of with the free one. Ok so the app itself is great I have the free version as well, but this one isn’t really worth 8.99 I mean I thought the subscription thing would be free (it is my fault for not looking in to it more) but it isn’t I mean what’s the whole point of this one it’s kind of a waste of money, I mean the app is really good one of the best apps I’ve ever used that’s a free art app, but you might as well just get the free one and get the monthly subscription if you want all the extra features.

Thanks a lot, not!. I used to love this app and it was my number 1 art app that I used for everything and worked so well. But something went wrong on my iPad and now I might have to reset and because you guys as developers failed to have the one thing all set apps should have, a way to connect accounts to other things or something, I’m going to lose all my hard work and all of my countless of artwoks I didn’t have saved anywhere else. What kind of art app doesn’t have a way to connect to other accounts or saving things like cloud? Ridiculous. And now I’m going to lose all my hard work and effort because you SS developers failed. I hope

Great program!. Ibis is incredibly easy to use, and in comparison to other drawing apps I find the functionality to be practical with a simple interface. It’s more comfortable to me as a disabled artist to operate, both in customization of settings and style of display menus. All this without taking away from the level of versatility it offers for both casual hobbyists and independent professionals alike. It’s a program I can open for a child I’m babysitting to doodle on, while also being one I can use to create my own designs for sellable prints and other products.

Still my drawing app since 2015. This is actually my first drawing app and I havent been able to move on with others since I’m also a beginner in drawing and it’s wonderful! I had a great time drawing. I didn’t regret purchasing the paid version tbh. Though it might use some storage(or not, I haven’t really checked) It’s still great. I’m happy there’s no ads and stuff and I’m able to draw smoothly. I even recommended this to my best friends but i doubt they’ll get the paid one because of the fact they don’t draw a lot digitally. But, this app has been a great experience for a beginner that has also been experimenting with digital drawing. Oh, also! The app has been capable of actually making everything simple- where everything is at isn’t so confusing as others meanwhile being diverse in brushes, stickers(or stamps) , etc etc.

GREAT! But some suggestions..?. I LOVE this app, i think it’s probably the best one I’ve ever used and if your thinking about buying it’s a little hard to get a grasp of how to use it at first but then it’s SO useful!! But I wish I could make animations easier, anyway the ibs paint cheaters can make animations easier to make? Because I find it kind of difficult to do, if you have seen how Flipaclip shows the previous picture when you erase a part? Could you put something similar to that in ibs paint? Thanks! And have a great day! ^^

NEW UPDATE: Not what I needed,,. The lasso tool personally should have stayed the way it was instead of placing the selected drawing in a square you can only touch if you touch the inside of. If your using IbisPaint on a mobile device this will prove to be difficult as your fingers can get in the way of where you want your drawing moved. Aside from this one change, I have no issues. I just wish there’s an option to remove the square that the lasso tool creates. (If there is a way to do this with the new update please let me know because I wish to remove it right away..)

Love this app, I just have a small problem. So I absolutely love ibispaint. It’s easy to use and it’s pretty capable overall, however, over the course of 4 years I’ve come to find an issue or two with it. My biggest issue by far is a simple, yet horribly painful bug. Whether it’s just my phone or the program I have no idea, but sometimes when I zoom in, my phone will completely lock up. Power buttons do nothing, home button does nothing, I can’t even shut it off, the screen dims but doesn’t turn off when I try to do so. I usually have to wait 3-5 minutes for it to eventually reboot and fix itself, but when you’re trying to doodle in class it gets really annoying, especially when I’m low on time. I don’t have an old phone either. I got this phone brand new last year, it’s an iPhone SE2, so it’s not a lack of processing power that’s causing it to lock up. Thankfully, I don’t lose any progress in these crashes, autosave has saved so many of my drawings. This app is totally worth it, don’t let my (probably obscure) crashing sway you from downloading. It’s completely worth getting the full version for all the brushes, having this level of customization is incredibly useful, I still give it a 5* purely because of its features and usability, my issue probably isn’t common anyways, maybe my phone just doesn’t like artists…

AWESOME!. I love this app so much! I have used this app so many times when doing character designs for my FNF mods that everytime I try out a new application, I come crawling right back to you guys. You are awesome and I love how we can choose to draw on iPhone or iPad without losing any compatibility features! You guys have helped me out so much that you are definitely getting a space in the credits of my Overhaul mod. My only request is to add an Organization Update to allow for Color Palletes and Brush Folders so I can keep things nice and organized without looking everywhere for that one brush I use for my outlines. Please consider adding a feature like this, it would help out A LOT! 😇

Still love the app and all the updates it has gotten.. I’ve been using this for years. I love that there’s tons of built in image assets to reference and use. Years later I still pay for prime because I think the devs are still doing great. Keep up the great work. A few features I hope to see in the future: Better organization for brushes. Folders or something for most commonly used. I know I can favorite but there are some brushes that I use at the end of pieces that is a pain to search through. If the app is able to support this, it’d be nice to see more import options. Particularly psd files. I’m sure I’m not alone in that I use multiple art apps(though this stays my main program)

Very easy for starters!. This is the app u would want but also this is the one with the brushes and more. But it's just basically the copy of the original but with custom brushes. N etc. Good for starters and I recommend this if u want a masterpiece in just such a easy app this is the one for u. A lot of brushes. And custom brushes. And u can review others art! I totally recommend this and I'm being full honest! It has settings and a reference window and u can make the small stuff pixelated or smooth (I recommend pixelated cuz its more detailed and less blurry if u wanna make it bigger) I hope this was good advice! And if ur a beginner and wanna learn ur style of body's in the future like I did there is sketch models u can trace! So u don't have any problems do not trace these models in ur whole life. U need to learn lots of anatomy and poses. It will be hard but u won't regret it! I recommend this app and if u don't wanna spend money go to the free one!

PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK. I’ve been using ibisPaint for the past three years, and the whole app itself is complicated to use especially when you’re just beginning to draw. For the first two years that I had it, i was still figuring out new things each day. I really liked the layout and all of the brushes, but today I saw that it updated. I tried drawing like I normally would but I just COULD NOT. The new update is just so sudden compared to all of the slower ones made in the past. I don’t want to have to spend even more time trying to get used to something I thought I was finally mastering. I beg of you to change it back 🥺 (Sorry this is all over the place)

The BEST art app for iPad. I was a total newbie to digital art. But I downloaded this app back in 2015, hoping to learn the basics before I purchase a drawing tablet for my laptop. And I can proudly say I never did, because this is the ONLY digital art app I’ll ever use! I’ve tried a couple other ones, like procreate and sketchbook - but this is the one that makes the most sense and easy to understand! And learning about layers makes the most sense on this app. I was so confused by procreate, and not just because I was using this one first. Their layering doesn’t make sense at all. And as ibisPaint has evolved, we’ve been given a lot more brushes/items to work with; I even bought the app so I could get more brushes. (I have yet to go “premium” since it’s monthly, but we’ll see lol.) Plus, I’m a quadriplegic, so working on an iPad is the easiest for me. I am so glad ibisPaint exists and continues to keep going. This app better not become obsolete because I will literally cry lol. If you are a beginner to digital art or just want to know the basics, this is the perfect app! And once you get the hang of it, you’ll see that you’ll never want any other art app lol.

Okay, but sloppy.. Listen the fill tool… I hate it. I drew a dragon and the fill went STRAIGHT through the mouth. If it is going to do this with every slightly thin line then I am deleting this. Also at first, I had the sketch layer and the line art, but it was filling into the sketch, too. Which drove me nuts. I found out how to fix that but why would that exist? This explains the actual DEFINITION of why layers exist. It’s blurry and I can see pixels. I know… you can see the pixels in many drawing apps, but this was bad and made my art sloppy looking. If you read this… try procreate instead. It is much better, and if you don’t like it.. then it’s not nearly as expensive and you haven’t wasted ten flippin dollars on a sloppy art app. (The inking procreate tool is very pixelated. Try the calligraphy tool instead).

Great App ♡︎. I used this all the time before I got Procreate! It is an amazing drawing app not just for beginners but for pros too! Keep up the good work! If you do not have money they have Ibis Paint X (Free!) which has everything, except the brushes, which you can get for a day by watching an ad! Amazing, and a reasonable price for this one. EDIT: Procreate is way too complicated for me, even after using it for 2 years.. I opt for Ibis Paint because of its amazing, simple features.

Highly recommend. I highly recommend ibispaint, since I’ve been using it for years. There have been some issues but they were resolved over time which I appreciate. I usually only use ibis when im editing kpop idols. But it’s really good overall. I definitely prefer the paid version, not only for the no ad part, but because I feel it has more brushes you can use imo. Anyways I didnt want to write too much but here you go. :)

Free and THE BEST. If you had to compare this drawing at to others, you will have to realize how this drawing app is amazing and simply astounding. It has so many great and professional features that other great apps/softwares have! Sure it might not be a photoshop(software because the app in phones/tablets is pretty... Shallow) but it sure is easy(just need to attempt to play around with the app) to open and most importantly, FREE! Of course there are ads but only for some dollars you can permanently buy the Remove-Ad version! With that out of the way it makes the app unique from other's. Other apps require you to have a subscription of months(sometimes annually) but Ibis Paint(the X version specially) does not require anything else from you other than to use the app and spread the word! Seriously, try it! It also does not hurt and you don't need any FREE TRIAL thingy like every other art app does. Of course, like always, there will be things you wish for this app to add on and you can surely make a feedback note to them and suggest them something! Try it!

Amazing drawing app!!!. Howdy there, I just want to start by saying to whoever’s looking to buy this app that it is well worth it! There are so many amazing tools, the compatibility is convenient, and it’s great for experts and beginners alike once ya learn the mechanics. ;3 That said, this next section is for just a few suggestions for the developers! Heya developers! You’ve managed to make a wonderful and rather successful art app! I just wanted to give you a few suggestions to make it even better. * a color save. It would be super helpful if there was a way to save some of the previous colors used in different projects so that you can use a whole bunch of different colors and still come back to an important shade. * an animation setting I am practicing to become an animator, and I think this app’s amazing tools could be well used for animation. Something with frame duplication and audio recording + sync would be nice. And that’s pretty much it! I’d recommend this app to experts looking for a good digital canvas or beginners like me looking to develop their skills. If you read all the way through, thank you for caring, and have a wonderful day! 💚

I understand now. I lost my precious drawing at about 8:46 A.M. So I deleted a drawing that meant so much to me and it took absolutely forever and I never knew why there would be a pop up thing saying “are you sure you want to delete this?” I’d always get annoyed like “why is there that warning of course I want to delete the picture!” I understand now. It’s to stop smarter people than me to NOT DELETE PICTURES. I’m just not that intelligent. So thank you for putting that there, I am not complaining about the app and it’s system I just wanted to say thank you for making the app. I actually love it and I can’t use any other app to draw. Have a great day

in love with this app so much! would recocmend! :DD. this app is so easy and usefull to use. not to mention: its free and thats what i honestly just love about it. although ads exist on it, it's not that severe and i hope it stays that way. the way of how the app was designed and where the buttons are placed are so easy to remember which makes your workflow so much easier compared to my personal experience with other paitning apps. you should try it or add it to your "try out" apps list, you won't regret it :D

Please Consider Subscription Alternative. Almost perfect app! Just one thing.. While the subscription model isn’t obligatory, please consider one time purchase for each new feature as an alternative to the subscription model. It’s very hard to stick with subscription model because of cumulative investment, which might not be affordable for most aspiring artists in the long run. Lots of people hate subscription model too, and they might stick to the current version even if they actually willing to pay few bucks for the new features that they use. From your perspective, you put lots of features frequently so one time purchase for each new feature would be very profitable too. I think like many people who love this app, we do care about the developer team, so thank you for reading this and I hope you would consider it. Thank you.

Excellent app to learn and draw with!. I would recommend this to anybody who is either an art master or wants to start a new hobby! IBS Paint has multiple brushes to take your wet to the next level. You have layers, you have a special pen, and more to learn as you grow! Also: don’t make the same mistake I did and skip the tutorial 😵‍💫 I should have followed it and learned some so I could make art and improve way faster than I was! Please get the app :) you won’t regret it!

Outstanding. This app is probably what got me into digital art in the first place and helped me decide to pursue it as a career. I’ve learned a lot by using ibis paint and up till now only used the free version. The full version I wasn’t sure if it was much different but I was blown away by how much like photoshop it is and how well the settings are and I don’t know if the pressure sensor is part of the full app but either way it gives me the experience of using a digital tablet The only thing I could say to make this app better is possibly letting more layers be added to a larger canvas? Other then that- great artist app for those who want a digital media type of experience!

My favorite of every free & paid art app I could find!!. I started downloading drawing apps when I got my iPhone 3, and have paid a total of $23 to buy artistic apps. I ran across the free version of ibis and used it for maybe 3 days before I knew I was wanted to buy the full version. I watch art creation videos on Instagram and a lot of people use a very popular CREATing app for the PRO’s, it cost 9.99 and doesn’t have a free version. I felt torn at this point.. so I purchased the above mentioned app. I used it for a week or so daily and still turned around to purchase the paid version of ibis. I have recommended this app to a lot of people who ask how I made whatever art I am showing them, and they all seem very happy as well. This is the first app I’ve ever given a 5 star rating to. I have never had a glitch or bug in the approximately 100 or so hours I have spent actively using this app!!

A blending function would be great. I love everything about this app honestly I could go on and on and on about everything I like but when you use this app for long enough you start to lack options for what you can do so a blending option would be great. Recently I’ve been blending a lot of colors together but I’ve had to use the blue tool to do so and it kind of leaks in a way. For instance while I’m blending the colors together it could be in a space with not much room but even if I make the size really small so that the black lines don’t leak in to the blend it still happens. That’s why I’d like there to be a blending tool of some sort and I know that this probably isn’t going to happen unless lots and lots of other people ask for this function but if someone finds this than please atleast think about it

new update downgraded the “aesthetic” of the app.. This has always been my favorite go-to app. I’ve been using it for 3+ years and I could never find another drawing and painting app any better. I truly really love this app, but the new update has really made it complex for me as I’m so adjusted to the former design. I also really enjoyed the setup for the former design as it was easier to navigate my drawings and see the overall look of all of them. I really enjoyed that version because it was incredibly modernized and professional, but the newer update makes it seem less pleasing/appealing. Overall I’m just really sad with the new features, I also miss the look of the older brushes as the appearance of them has changed quite drastically as well.

I can't say no other! (It's the best art app ever)❤️. I love this app it's just like paint tool sai but in there own way! I would love if more Brushes and shading tools would to come in, but the newest update is amazing! I always needed more space to save my colors. It has so much to it now and I’m excited! But It would be nice if more shading tools were added not just the water drop tool. But Where it’s at right now is Perfect! I do recommend this app if you do digital art but can’t find a comfortable app. it’s really easy to understand and it’s relaxing I do recommend 10/10

I frikin love this app. I’ve used this app for like 5 years.. or more don’t remember haha This is the greatest mobile art application in history of mobile art applications. I’ve used many other applications but they don’t do it like this one and then it’s only 8$ a month (I want to cry.. so beautiful). The only thing that literally compares to this app in my opinion is Adobe or Corel (computer softwares) and that is saying a lot haha For those with the sorting issue, why don’t you just save your art in ibis paint online area and then link it with your Facebook and organize the artwork in Facebook?

Love this app... but needs better sorting. I love this app for how simple it is to use and can get amazing pieces out of it with easy but versatile tools. The smudge and blur tools are one of the best ones Ive seen on iOS, doesn’t discolor or pixelate like other apps I’ve used. I use this app for my work as a comic artist, it’s easy to create nice line art even for someone with shaky hands (me). On a bad note however, my goodness do I have to scroll so much just to find a specific piece I need to edit among other art such as personal and work related drawings. If there was a folder system this would be an app I’d recommend to nearly anyone. But there is little way to sort and you have to pay monthly for it, which tbh is kind of a waste considering the other features aren’t too helpful and the filters could be found in other apps with a one time fee. I often use procreate to keep my pieces together that need touch ups and further editing (without blurring bc the tool on that app is not good at all, Ibis Paint honestly has one of the nicest blending tools and I know that’s a turning point for a lot of people.) In general, I love this app for its stabilizing and tools but find myself struggling to want to go to it after awhile due to the sorting and that small but very draining problem once you hit over 100 pieces in your gallery. Right now something like google drive or folders on your phone will be a life line to keep things neat.

Pretty good app!. This app has allowed me to draw a bunch of things! The layers are perfect, the amount of pens to use, and the different tools. I specifically like the blur tool for shading and blending. Though, I wouldn’t say it was better than Procreate, but I really won’t get into that. Maybe you could add a feature to where you can make your own pens like Procreate? Like allow others to make a new set for themselves? And maybe add another feature where people can get pens for free and buy some like Procreate. So far this app is #2 on my “best artist app” list

Great app! But this could make ur app 10 times better!. Hello your app is amazing with all sorts of brushes options and available in lots of devices this app really helps with drawing and it helped me draw better! It even helped me with school! But this will make your app perfect! I would really recommend if you add an animating feature it would be really good for your app the other animating apps don’t have much brushes options unlike this app so if you add an animating feature this would really help me 🥺thank you for listening!

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Good app. Easy to use. Nice tools. But not as good as procreate. Like that more.

So good!!. People are saying how the free version is the same as this one, and i agree. But you also have access to more brushes on this version. I think they should add more to the paid version, other than that its amazing!

Amazing. I’ve been using this app for over 2 years now, and it’s never let me down! I recommend it to beginners on a low budget!

Ibis paint is good but beware that some things cost money. IbisPaint is good but a few features cost money

Nice. Nice

Really good illustration app. I have tried a few drawing app this is by far the most intuitive drawing comics and general illustration using iPad + pencil

Love the app. The toolsare very useful, the controls are very well designed, and it's overall a very easy to use, good quality app.

GREAT BUT WHY COST MONEY?. ibispaint x is the same as ibispaint like literally i used to have ibispaint x and then i thought that ibispaint was going to be better and look different but no! it so similar it’s just that it costs money! other wise THIS IS A GREAT APPPPP I LOVE IT 😍

Worthy!!. I know you gonna read a punch of reviews and consider should you buy it or not Yeah, you should. I use the free one for 3 years and never complain anything But if you don’t want to watch ads every time to use a brush, and always make sure that you have wifi around you Well, BUY IT!

Transparency. Honestly this app is really nice, it just never saves my images as transparent even though I make it transparent. Anyone have this happen to them?

It’s helped me for years. My art grew with IbisPaint for 3 years and now I draw as a hobby with it. I use it more than procreate and it feels like family to me. 5 stars :)

Yasssssssssssss. This is a good editing program for me, cause now I can properly edit this has all the, things I need to draw and edit, cause I’m also starting to get into drawing and I’m pretty good at it

2 apps the same.. Why two apps? Like-THIS is the SAME. 5/5 still :D Ok? That’s all I dunno y

Video. I enjoy all the features in ibis paint but my obly issue is that i cant yse the video in yourube videos unless its flipped and no-one wants to watch a sideways video some maybe you could add a function that allows that

I payed for this and I don’t regret it. This has to be the best art program I’ve ever used!!!! I’d recommend it to everyone!!! Japanese companies make he best art apps! I even payed fo this! That’s how much I loved the free version! This one adds some pretty useful brushes! ^_^ I’m so glad I found this app!

AMAZING!. this is my go-to drawing app! i really recommend buying this one instead of using the free version.

Great!. Amazing app! Very happy with it. But I'd like to ask if you could add a folders feature to the gallery, since all my artworks are just in one place and it's pretty messy. Thanks!

Random resetting of the app. I’ve used this app for a year but recently the app has reset 2 times already. My gallery would reload in again and all my colour palettes would reset. I would also get the tutorial again. It’s extremely annoying and I would appreciate it if you fixed it.

Really good app!. I am yet to have found a bug/glitch and I have been using this app for over 10 months, also the drawing tools are amazing with so much customisation!

Amazing, its so good. I've been using this for a while. I'd recommend to anyone wanting to start digital art! It has all the right tools to make amazing masterpieces! ✨

This app is amazing! But.... I love this app; I use it for all my drawings, but recently a glitch has been occurring. Every time I open the app, it immediately take me back to my home screen. I don't know what it is, since I haven't used up much storage, and the app is up to date. Is it possible to fix this?

Good so far. One problem.. The app is really great, and the controls are so easy to use. The problem is that for whatever reason, the save image button wouldn’t appear on the app when i tried to save my artwork. I would really appreciate if you could fix this whenever that’s possible.

I ʟᴏᴠᴇ ɪᴛ ✌🏻❤️✨. 𝙸𝚝𝚜 𝚜𝚞𝚌𝚑 𝚊 𝚐𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚝 𝚊𝚙𝚙 𝚒 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚠 𝚒𝚝 𝚝𝚘 𝚍𝚎𝚊𝚝𝚑𝚒 𝚞𝚜𝚎 𝚒𝚝 𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚢 𝚍𝚊𝚢! 𝚃𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚒𝚜 𝚊 𝚏𝚎𝚠 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚜 𝚒 𝚠𝚊𝚗𝚝 𝚝𝚘 𝚋𝚎 𝚊𝚍𝚍𝚎𝚍 𝚋𝚞𝚝 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚗𝚘𝚠 𝚒𝚝𝚜 𝚐𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚝 𝚊𝚜 𝚒𝚝 𝚒𝚜! 𝙷𝚊𝚟𝚎 𝚊 𝚐𝚘𝚘𝚍 𝚍𝚊𝚢/𝚗𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝 ✌🏻😎

Amazing drawing app. I like it because it lets you experience what it is like to draw digitally and I think it’s a great drawing app for beginners. I like how it give the person a range of brushes and tips. Since I use it a lot it makes me forget how to draw on paper but that’s just me 😋. Over all a million stars out of 5 thank you for creating ibisPaint it makes me feel happy when I’m sad One issue is the blurring tool and the layers because it runs a bit slow when blurring Keep doing good work and keep improving the amazing app!!!!!!

Favourite Art App!. This is the best art app I have ever used. It has great features like different pens and pencils, stamps, erasers, blurring, editing tools and WAY more! If you want to animate, you can save your art to your devise and export it into your animation with having to erase the background. Saves art clearly! Glitch free! Easy to use! Has many tools! And no Ads! I highly recommend paying the $10 for this app, you won’t regret it.

Great app. This app is one of the best drawing apps i have used, The 2 touch feature is really handy and the app overall is simple and easy to use

Amazing. Wow I love it

It’s good. Great app for drawing lots of brushes and overall great

This is amazing. I absolutely love ibis paint... Except when ever I watch the tutorials it is a bit confusing 👉🏻👈🏻 but other than that it is the best thing in my IPad Lol 💅🏻😌😂

So far so good. Really good controls, nice and responsive. Wide arrange of tools - would really love ability to create folders for layers

Just a request. This is a very good app, I’ve been using it for ages and I really like it and I can’t see any problems. I just have one request. Can you have this app have an animate feature? Like frame by frame? Thanks

Excellent. One of the best painting apps for those familiar with digital painting. Sophisticated layer support and the app supports the iPen which facilitates fine line drawing control. If there was such a thing as a perfect drawing & painting app I would give this a 4 out of 5 but if Brushes is worth the 5 out of 5 that many people give it, then this app should have an equal rating since it does many things better than Brushes does. The UI feels familiar for anyone who has used Photoshop or Painter on a desktop.

I love it. I love the ui, the brushes, community and tools.


Great App. One of the best drawing apps I’ve tried out, and I’ve tried quite a few.


Good app but one problem. I really enjoy this app! It is super easy to use as soon as you know how to use it! It's also great for importing photos you've drawn, so you can make your paper drawing digital. The only problem i have with this app is that whenever you upload a photo from your camera roll, the quality of the photo is really bad and blurry in some spots. But otherwise I am very happy and I definitely recommend!

Great app!. I love this app definitely worth the money:3

Ibis x paint is simple and easy to use. Ibis x paint is amazing! it helped develop my skill and passion for drawing. It automatically speedpaints the drawing for you!

Perfect. Awesome in every way!

its great but... its great but if you’re updating to ibis paint from ibis paint x, you have to update your color palette. i have my own palette. other than that it’s fantastic!

I’m love. literally love this app!! So worth the money

Thanh Mai. It’s a best app ever !! I’m so happy I found it , before I bought this I got Ibis Paint X..

I love. I have been using the free app for over 4 years and bought this one a few months ago . I recommend it is definitely worth it !!

BEST DRAWING APP. This app is so good!! I love it! It’s an awesome drawing tool especially for beginners. The latest update just blew me away! Since this app was 10 dollars, I thought it was a bit pricy but I don’t regret buying this. Now you can customise all of the brushes, rubbers etc. As well as that, they made the app look more aesthetically pleasing and professional. Love it! P.S if you can, could you add an animation feature? Thanks.

Great. Great

gg. gg

I want to learn to paint!!. For a long time I have wanted to paint but lacked a program that I felt at home with until I came across this. It's so beautifully done and so practical and intuitive that I feel confident I can paint for the first time in my life. The way it's set out us clear, simple and performs so fast with no lag or slowdowns like a real brush or ink in your hand. Again, the Japanese are always striving for perfection and it shows in this app. I'm going to have lots and lots of fun with his and I might be able to even make some drawings for my class. I highly recommend this. I am very impressed with this company's talent and I also bought the mail app which is fantastic. These people have top class products.

Wow!. This is a really good app! It might glitch sometimes when drawing but that’s really rare. I do love the fact that it has a lot of stuff you can draw with, like different brushes. I’m very sure I’m going to use this app for a long time :)

How is this not rated 5.0. Im so angry at those ppl who hate this app, it is incredible! I have been playing for 2 years now and im slowly discovering new things. Amazing!

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Amazing!. I love this app💖 its only 10 bucks! And, there's no adds! It's very helpful, and I don't know how but I just got so much better at drawing my own hair!

Its awesome. People should use this more often I love it this is finally something im good at.

Best app ever. Make sure to check out SXspider

Non functioning offset. There does not appear to be way within the app to contact the developer directly, so unfortunately I had to resort to a review. I am using the just released iPhone 14 max pro with the latest OS and updates. The brush offset can be set but changes are not reflected on the screen while drawing. I need it to work as I use my finger, not a stylus - and I’ve got gorilla hands. 😉

Groovy. Pretty good but for an app that costs 10 dollars I think it should at least give us more effects or let us sort our drawings instead of only unlocking brushes when we can already watch adds to unlock them on the free version 👉👈

Amazing. When I first got the app I did not know how to use it the tutorials that this app provided helped me improve in my art and my editing. I ended up using this app for I think it was 8 - 6 months and this app is still as good as I downloaded it

Love this app. Best app for drawing

It’s amazing!!!!! Omg. It’s amazing app OMG keep it up :D

The app is amazing. There is so many brushes I love using them all, the effects are amazing too

Amazing app!. This app is amazing! I drew something and I love the brushes! If you’re looking for an app to do art and draw, I seriously recommend this app. 5 stars, no doubt!

No premium if we buy the app. I love this app so much but I don’t think there should be a premium if we already pay for it 😕 there should also be a search bar so you can search for different brushes!

It’s really nice :D. I enjoy using this and the amount of brushes it has is amazing! It’s great that you can download custom brushes online too!!

great app. honestly, i have no complaints. great app, worth my money. i’ve used so many other payed art apps, but so far, none have come close to ibis paint. would recommend:)

Bruh. When I got the app I was excited to open it but it kept on denying for me to download it even though I paid for it..... I’m crying in rage and sadness I tried the other one that was free but it still didn’t work. Very disappointed 😔

Wonderful but price seems a bit too high. So far it’s wonderful, ads are all gone and he brushes are all free. Only problem is the price. It’s seems a bit too high considering that the only difference is that there’s no ads and all the brushes are free, and for the other things like rearranging artworks we need to pay for prime, which is expensive since you pay monthly. Procreate is a bit better, in my honest opinion, but ibis paint is more simple and easy to use for me. (Idk why 🤷‍♀️) Overall, there are no problems. It has all the necessary tools too. If you have some money to spend or find it a hassle to always watch an ad for the brushes, it would be worth it.

I love it!! 😍😍😍. It’s awesome!! The other app of this is awesome to I love it! 10m/10!

This app is great but it is a little laggy for some of the tools. —

Add this please!!!. The app is amazing! But... could you maybe add a search bar because it’s hard to find a brush! And you could add categories like :shapes/hair pens and all the others in a category! It would help SO much!!!!

Recommended by HUMANS. Yeet you gotta use this app it’s so good for drawing and especially for edits, for like GLMV videos ;w;

I needed this app so much!. I used to draw on curvy paper but now i have ibis paint it's SO MUCH EASIER!

AWESOME. It’s a great painting app,It’s really good

Amazing. Shockingly powerful 10/10 completely worth it

Love it!. Once you get used to it its great!

Love this. You could definitely use the free version but I think this app is definitely worth the money. I love using it to draw.

Reee. Why do we need to buy premium when we bought it? Why can’t we reorder our artworks for free 🙄

Awesome love it keep it up:D. This is really good

Amazing. I can’t tell you how good this app is. Totally worth the money. Ibis paint x is great too, and I’ve done most of my favourite drawings on here.

Good app but. Not this app taking money as soon as I got it😍

The app is great but…... This app is so good I’ve been using it for almost 2 years!, wow! But A LOT of people use this app for making GACHA CLUB/LIFE comics On a DRAWING APPLICATION Where you draw not do screenshots of a game And I know there are many great drawn comics but Gacha is over them so all of the drawn comics can’t get on the leaderboard!!! So please mind adding a Gacha category that would be helpful thanks.

Nice. Luv this it’s a very useful app during the days💗🦋🤍🐝✨✨👏👏

:]. amazing art program, but if you could make it so we can paint bucket while using the symmetry tool, that would be swag :D

👌🏻. The only issues I have are minor - reordering artwork should be free, and it’s slightly annoying to scroll through hundreds of brushes to find the ones you need. Thankfully, there’s a way around the second issue, just save your most used brushes as customs. Other than that, performance is great, quality is great, very fast app with little lag. Canvases can be HD, it’s very easy to work and was worth the money. In my years of using, I have over a thousand pieces on Ibis. My gallery is a mess of pieces both complete and incomplete, but that’s okay. It really shows how far I’ve come. This app is my happy place, and it shows my development as an artist over the years. I can recommend it to anyone who needs a good art app. I still think a premium subscription doesn’t need to exist. We already paid for the app.

Great. This app is literally the best but I feel like the price is too high for the same features as Ibis Paint X Still wonderful!!!

it’s good. it’s good

perfect app. it’s perfect, totally worth the price.

Muy buena app. Muy buena app de dibujo súper recomendable para principiantes y para dibujantes avanzados

Sasha. I use this all the time, it is my pride and joy lol definitely recommend for beginning artists! It takes some getting used to but i love it

I enjoyed it. It is intuitive and easy to navigate and use.

Great app!. I’ve been using IBIS paint (and Ibis paint X) for three years now and I have never had an issue! A great free alternative

5-Stars. Awesome love the brushes and better than ibis paint x by a long shot

Fun and Easy to use. This is my new go to drawing app and I like it that way.

Très génial. Si vous voulez faire des bon dessins dans une application sûr appel. acheter cette application!

I love this app. ❤️❤️. I have been using ibispaint X for years and finally converted to the paid version, it’s just as expected. It’s amazing I love all the brushes and it’s been my go-to app when I want to draw. Thank you for making my life better and easier. 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Astonishing!!!. This is actually the only app that’ll ever use, it has so many wonderful tools and features that are not only unique but really helpful! Please do consider it!!!

DO NOT BUY. This app has the exact same features as Ibis Paint X (the free version). Do not buy! Get Ibis Paint X instead. WAY too expensive for the same items/value of a free app.

Painting app. It works as it should. They are improving this over time. Some aspects can be frustrating. But overall it works well.

It’s just really good. This is my go-to drawing program at any given time. Every feature that’s in the program works amazing and being able to move an entire folder worth of stuff at once makes everything a little easier. I would recommend this to anyone starting out or to anyone looking for a way to draw on the go.

Just love it so much!!!. Don’t hesitate just get it it is so worth it. I use it for art but also for Photoshop!! Best app ever

This app is good, but it has problems like every other app. Its good, my go-to but, there is no blend tool, and there also is no palm rejection on this version of the app bug there is palm rejection on androids. One of the worst? This app hates the apple pencil, the beginning of lines are blotches and its not what i wanted, you have to be really careful with some brushes to not get that. Despite the problems this app is still my favourite and i hope they get fixed, or they attempt to fix them.

I love ibispaint but.... I USED IBISPAINT FOR ALMOST A YEAR!!! it has a GREAT online gallery and AWSOME comics... And you can make a series of artwork and multiple categories! But... ever since Gacha came in... there was revolutions and Protesters for getting Gacha out and Gacha users Thinking drawing should let them to let more Gacha come in... Well, then make A CATEGORY FOR GACHA ONLY. ONLY!! SO NO WAR BREAKS IN AND IBISPAINT HAVE TO SHUT DOWN please make a category for Gacha, for the sake of this Magnificent app...

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magical. This app is one of the best apps I’ve used, and I have been using it for a while now. I also like how you don’t need internet to draw on the app, meaning you can use it anywhere at any time. Obviously Procreate is a great game too, I just wanted to point out how good this one is too. I gave a five star rating to this game for many reasons, reasons I don’t want to type down because I’m lazy. - Dragon/Reverse

Nothing Like it. There are many drawing apps out there on the AppStore but none compare to Ibispaint I’ve been using this for about 9 months now and my experience with it has been excellent. A minor suggestion would be a better way to center layers. Eyeing it out sometimes is a bit tedious. But overall this app deserves its perfect rating

Amazing app! However.... I love using this app for drawing my maps and cartography in general, but I find myself being limited in what I can do due to the 4,096 by 4,096 pixel limit. Not saying make it completely unlimited but a large increase would definitely allow me and I’m sure other artists to expand their art without having to export their work to other apps.

Really excellent art creation app! Worth every penny!. In a world where Clio Studio Paint and Adobe are charging ridiculous subscription prices, ibisPaint stands out for its excellent software and a pricing model that respects users. Thank you for not forcing us into subscriptions! Thank you for making this awesome app! Five Stars! If you’re on the fence about purchasing, do it! It’s a fun app to work with and you can create some impressive drawings.

Love it but suggestion. I absolutely adore this and have been paying for it a long time now. However there is a few things that I’d like and many other artists would too. I’d adore if you added a way to animate things and import audio to the things we animate while still being able to use all the normal tools we have in a still drawing. I know it’s a lot but it would be amazing.

Amazing app quality!. I’d recommend this app to anyone and everyone! I’d say maybe change the ads to be more any age friendly. I know that there are a quite a few people on ibisPaint that are under the targeted ages for those ads. But otherwise, love the well… everything for it!

Outstanding app. I have used numerous painting,drawing and illustration apps. This is by far the best I have found. It just works! Easy to pick up and start using right away. It has a huge selection of tool. The paid version is inexpensive and much better than subscription based app that aren't as good. I bought it once and have had it on numerous devices. By far my most used drawing app. Thanks go out to the developers

Worth it. For being something so easy to use, you can really make some beautiful art. while it’s not as amazing as photoshop or similar programs, you also only pay once to have access to the app permanently. Using on an iPad with a stylus is a nice and easy setup for leisure and if you want to use it professionally I suggest an Apple Pencil with an iPad Pro. I have this and a cintiq 16 and I’d say that they’re both very close in quality.

Very good. See this is my 2nd painting app and this one is far superior, although have Inc. to already pay for the app (being a minor) and if I want other things I have to pay a membership? I understand why I just think if you have to pay, make it a one time payment. -Solar_System_Nerd

Amazing, 10/10 would recommend. I have been using this app for well over a year at this point and I have not been disappointed and no other drawing app can compete. It has all the things I need to draw! If your looking for a drawing app that has a lot to offer but easy to figure out then this is the right app for you! 5/5 stars

A little recommendation for this app. Hey ibs paint creators! I have a little recommendation for the app, and it should probably include a question that says: “have you used this app before?” If you click yes then you will get to skip the tutorial and if no they will get walked through the tutorial, please let this into consideration I will appreciate if you guys did! Thank you and also I love this app for drawing :3

One tiny bug. I’ve been using this app for around a year now, and I’ve made some pretty amazing drawings with it! Recently I’ve noticed that when I go to check the times for unfinished pieces they appear around 9 or 10 hours when I know I only worked on them for around 2 hours or so. Otherwise there’s not much that I see wrong with this app!

something that pisses me off. i have limited money on itunes due to there not being very many people that will pay for commissions with itunes giftcards,, well i had dropped my phone in my pool and all of my art was gone after getting the new one and the just putting the sim card into the new phone,, well something else happened that also pisses me off. i had payed for a addless version of your app and when i noticed there was adds at the top i became furious. not only did i lose over 160 pieces of art throughout this year and the last but i have to rebuy the addless version. thanks so much. you probably can’t help me but warning to those who payed for this. sadly being used to your controls and it taking too long for me to get used to any other platform i’m stuck still using ibispaint. i would like my money back but y’all probably won’t give it to me. please make a way to save your art to icloud its devastating that i lost so much. sincerely -allison (possum from ifunny)

Folders are making the app slow. I love this app, it is so simple and easy to understand. But since the new update it’s been really slow and irritating because of the folders. I don’t really like the folders so I don’t want to use them but the app is being so slow unless I don’t. It’s hard to finish a drawing or edit or whatever when the app’s keep on freezing.

I loooove ibisPaint!. I used ibisPaint X for about a year on my phone and six months on iPad. I finally got the paid version and I have absolutely no regret! ibisPaint is an amazing art app! I’ve tried Procreate as well, but ibis is better. I discover more features each time I start a drawing, and have developed a unique art style I would have never started without ibisPaint!

Perfect. This app is a great drawing app and shows you all of the tools and is very simple and easy, yet has all of the tools anyone would ever need. The brushes are all very nice, I’ve had this app for awhile and have almost zero complaints. Overall this is by far the best drawing app I have found for mobile devices and I would highly recommend it! You can also use it for photo editing it has so many options. Really nice

Procreate vs IbisPaint X. So, today I will be showing you Procreate vs IbisPaint X. Don’t worry, I have been using both of these apps for 1 year now. I know what I’m doing, but let’s just get into the part you all have been waiting on. So, I think this app is meant for beginners like people who are wanting to know how this app goes. I personally think procreate is for people who know the basics, as procreate is worth the 10 dollars. As it has multiple beautiful brushes and you can make beautiful drawings and animation with it! I think procreate wins this challenge, I’m sorry ibisPaint X but just remember this is was my opinion

🎨Great for art. Sooooo, I use this to draw, and it’s super good! A feature I like are the rulers, I’m not really good at drawing perfect shapes, so those come in handy! Just a small suggestion, please sorta fix the fill tool, I’ll draw a line around it so it goes in as that shape or whatever, and then sometimes it’ll come out as a lighter shade, idk if it’s supposed to do that, but thank you for reading! 𓆉☻︎♡︎

Great but there’s a bug with the online gallery. I don’t know why or if there’s something wrong with the device I’m using, but whenever I go into the online gallery it just freezes on the loading screen and doesn’t go away, when I sign into the online gallery in another app it works fine, so I’m not sure, but it’s a great program nonetheless.

Best art app for iPhone. I love ibisPaint! I’ve been using it for 2 years now, usually I hear people talking about procreate I tried procreate pocket and I have to say ibisPaint is alot better! It’s easier to learn on and it’s also perfect for people who are trying to make Digital art a job! IbisPaint is 100% worth the 7 dollar’s! If you’re looking for a good art app I’ve give this one a try!

It’s pretty good.. I’m a danganronpa editor, ibis paint has always worked for me and I’m really satisfied about it. It’s an easy understanding and you get exactly as advertised. My only complaint is that I can’t save it as transparent png. This may be my fault but I don’t believe anything is wrong. If you could, could you take a look? I don’t need it fixed right away, but it may be a user mistake. Thank you, if you read this, and if you’re new, I recommend this app. It’s amazing.

THIS IS AMAZING but... So first of all this app is AMAZING I always use this to draw when I’m bored so I have a few suggestions 1.) maybe can we import images of objects like procreate? 2.) how about more tracing outlines? Like eyes, mouth, face, etc… 3.) one thing I would like is a animation feature? I know it sounds strange but I really want to make a animation without my drawings ☺️ But other than that this app irl really good!

BEST GAME EVER IN THE WORLD. This is the best game ever it’s kind of an education and a game because like it kind of like helps you learn how to like draw and it’s a really fun game if you like to do art and like if you really like to trace stuff it’s really sometimes it’s really fun to do it and this is a good game and I think you should get it it might be for a lot of money Rob not too much is like nine dollars but really it’s a really good game!!!!!

Good Product!. I hav been using his app for illustrations for the past 2 years and it has been amazing. There are so many cool and helpful features that turn your art from a B to an A+. Using it is easy and although it can be a little overwhelming at first, you quickly learn how to work it. 10/10 would recommend for sure.

The perfect drawing app for me. I’ve tried a lot of drawing apps, but none have been as easy to use, nor featured as much content as this. I love the stabilizer, as my hands tend to shake. Layering is simple and helps me be able to fine tune my drawings. This app is well worth the money. My only “complaint” is that it’s not compatible with the iPad 2, which is what I use for drawing.

This app is amazing just a few things that could be better. This app is amazing I do 99% of my editing/drawing on here. It could be with premium, because I thought it would come with premium but it just takes the ads away. this is awesome if you want to do editing without ads I recommend this if your not new to this. Have a wonderful day or night guys and gals💕!

This is really good. His app adds all of the additions that you need to draw digital art. You can edit your drawing and always undo something that you don’t want anymore. You can buy it or watch one app and get most of it for free. Some features you cannot get without becoming a prime member of ibis paint but the few feature that you can’t use without being a member are not that important and there are very few. GET THIS APP!

Excellent and easy. I did not give it all five stars because it’s a little difficult to edit and to change colors of drawings after making them. There is no real way to make color holds (coloring the line art several different colors), and there isn’t a clear way to move something without changing the scale of it in some way. As a cartoonist I found these things a little disappointing. All in all excellent but lacking those two important features.

Best drawing app ever!. When I got it I was thinking eh it’s just one of those bad drawing Apps that are a knockoff but when I started I got very excited when I first made a drawing it was like magic! And I like the replay thing to prove that you don’t trace or to see how long it took but I will use this app forever! And I will draw everyday this app gives me passion to draw and makes me draw more then I used too draw

I just wasted my money but for another reason. I got this and have been using this app for a long time and it was pretty grate but the only thing that bothered me was that it was just as the exact same thing and the Inispaint X it like the same thing I thought I would at least be a little different but it’s the same. I should have been a little diferente because it costed money and it was the exact same thing there was no point for me to get this when I could have just gotten the other one and still have the exact same thing I amd disappointed.

Fantastic app for pixel art, yet there’s something about that to be fixed. I like to open a huge canvas sometimes, and use the digital pen to draw whatever, I like the pixelated feel of it. But sometimes with certain sized canvases the pen won’t be as pixelated. It’s minor, yet still annoying. I have been using this app since I started doing digital, and always go back to it even though I have MediBang and Procreate. Would recommend this for beginners and Gacha editors.

I love this app! But, something wrong.. This drawing app is very good. But there is something that really bothers me. I don’t know if this is an actual thing or if this is a bug. So, when I’m drawing and add another layer, a message pops up saying that the app is running slow. Reduce to canvas size or delete some layers. I don’t really pay attention to it. Then, it starts lagging out very badly and the app crashes. I get back on the app and the art that I was working on has been deleted. This happens when I only have 3 layers. Please fix this!

THE BEST drawing app!. this app is absolutely AMAZING. there's so many brushes and features you can use, and the control bar is in the perfect spot so it's out of the way of your canvas. there's also a lot of canvases you can choose from, and you can even create your own size. absolutely incredible. best 8 dollars i've ever spent.

Great drawing app with an unnecessary premium feature. I love Ibis Paint. I’ve been using it for a very long time but the fact that there is a premium feature that requires spending more money on top of having already bought this app seems a little greedy. I feel as though if you have already spent money on the app instead of using something like Ibis Paint X, it should come with these features.

Wow!. Really well made! The ui is easy to handle without sacrificing any key features, this is honestly the best art program i have used. Clipping layers, and just layers in general are super easy to understand, and the community feature with all the comics and art pieces up are amazing places to find inspiration! Highly reccomend!

Love this app. I love this app so much and you have many drawing tools. This makes my drawings better and i think they look prettier than in other apps. You can also do things other apps cannot which is very helpful. This is also very helpful since my art changes a lot and I want it to look a particular way.

I love this. I love the shop and I will tell anybody if there was a bug like any problems because I’ve been suffering with it not loading and I had to turn off my tablet and redo it but yet again it still works and it’s a great app I love it it’s so good and it’s not really worth money because there is another app that is not worth money and I thought that One want this app did something different but didn’t but that’s ok

Reliable!. I’ve used IbisPaint for the longest time now, probably twoish years of nothing but greatness! It’s simple to manage and use with it’s simple display and mass array of brushes and usage of filters. If you're new to the digital art scene, this is one of the apps that I def recommend you use! Especially if you wish to use something resourceful on mobile

Great but major issue,. It is an AMAZING app. I use it on a daily basis. But there is one big issue. You can't save an offline copy. You either have to post it, which I have had an unnecessary amount if trouble doing, or take a screenshot of it. Then go to the camera roll, and crop it out. Which cuts off the picture. Every time you try to add a screenshot, it comes out blurry and letters are hard to read. Yes, I will ruin the complete 5 star rating of this app until it is fixed.

Really good, just needs some work. I love using the app to draw my characters, but whenever I draw, it keeps crashing. Maybe you can fix it please. Also we should be able to search for whatever we want to use so we don’t have to scroll a lot. You should also make bigger canvas. So whoever likes making bigger projects, would be able to do that.

Totally recommend. Ibis Paint is an amazing app that allows you to truly express yourself. At first I wasn’t so sure about the app but then when I tried it out I just couldn’t put it down! It really is useful and helps you really get in touch with your inner artist. I 100% recommend it to young artists who want to truly experience digital art.

To good to be true. When I mean to good to be true it’s not what you think it is,this app is the most popular app I love when it comes to drawing. Rate it five-star because it’s good quality of money to spend on because I made lots of art and there exquisite price of art work because of the brushes on this app.

Gives Procreate a run for its money!. I have tried all the major art applications for the iPad Pro, so far Procreate was the only app I enjoyed until I found ibisPaint Excellent program I love the fact that you included a text box and a wide variety of fonts Is it possible to download more fonts into the program from outside sources? Can’t wait to continue learning the features Well done

MY FAVOURITE ART APP!. Okay first of all there are so many option of brushes and its overall amazing! i love how you do your own shading and i like how the canvases just blend in together and the colours are really unique. But i have a problem of the premium. i accidentally deleted this but than when i reinstalled it said “manage subscription” i clicked “keep subscription” but it didnt save. Overall this is my favourite app! 🤍

Misleading purchases. Daughter had asked me for money over the course of a few months to buy something in this app. Bought 6.99 set only to be severely disappointed that it was only removing ads and unlocking brushes. My daughter has read that it was a full version of the app but no , it does not come with features. The wording of the purchase really tricks people and if you’re planning to buy the 6.99 save your money , don’t do it. It’s not worth it. I will rate this 5 star IF we can get a refund for our purchase since it is NOT allowing us to. If we do get a refund my daughter will buy the 2.99 purchase for a few months instead. Buying the 6.99 one used 7.21 of the credit and now even if she wants to try the features by buying it she only has around 2 dollars and it is really not possible. She has been looking forward to me letting her buy this and try out the features. Hope you can do something about this!

I love it, but... First off, I’ve used this app for over 5 years and I have not regretted it. It’s very useful for edits and drawings on-the-go! Just a small thing though that’s bugging me. I tried to get onto the app at least 10 times today, but it kept crashing. I don’t want to delete the app, because I have a lot of drawings that I haven’t finished and there are tons of old and cherished drawings that I have saved in there. Is there any other way to fix this?

Its good but uhm... Okay listen, this is a amazing app! It has all sorts of brushes and colors, its really easy too learn how too use but there is one thing wrong with this app that make me REALLY annoyed. well one the only thing that makes me very annoyed in this app, transparency. (sorry if I spell anything wrong english is not my first language.) Sometimes the transparency doesn't work and its very annoying. I've looked up multiple reasons why and how too fix it but nothing shows up. Please please fix this, it is very annoying .

I love this app, and I have a suggestion. This is an amazing app! I’ve made countless artworks that I absolutely love! And I would like to make a suggestion: I would like the creators to implement a button which makes you able to move the whole thing like when you want to move different things at the same time, but they are on different layers. If this could be made in a function, then that would be fantastic!

great app, but t I’ve noticed a problem. recently, I’ve been noticing a problem with the app. I have a Wacom bamboo fineline stylus that I use to draw. I’ve always used my stylus for this app, it’s probably been over a year, but just this week I’ve noticed a problem. The app only registers the stylus a second after I’ve pressed it down on my iPad screen, and I’ve used my stylus on other apps to make sure that theres not something wrong with the stylus, and the only app I’ve had a problem with is IbisPaint. Please fix this! It’s very frustrating.

This is an awesome app. This is an awesome app only because you can create a drawing and then it saves it but then watch it speed paint at the end it’s so cool and there are many many different options to choose from as in paint brushes backgrounds and more!!! it’s just that ibis paint x and ibis paint are basically the exact same app but with different prices...anyway there just are so many different features about this app that I love and that’s mostly all I was gonna say! 🧡

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Ibis Paint 10.0.7 Apps Screenshots & Images

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Language English
Price $9.99
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 10.0.7
Play Store jp.ne.ibis.ibisPaint
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

Ibis Paint (Versiyon 10.0.7) Install & Download

The applications Ibis Paint was published in the category Graphics & Design on 2011-06-21 and was developed by Ibis Inc. [Developer ID: 300834419]. This program file size is 68.21 MB. This app has been rated by 2,603 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Ibis Paint - Graphics & Design app posted on 2023-01-16 current version is 10.0.7 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: jp.ne.ibis.ibisPaint. Languages supported by the app:

Other Apps from Ibis Inc. Developer
App Name Score Comments Price
Ibis Paint X 4.7 176,201 Free
Ibis Paint App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thank you for using ibis Paint! The summary of this update is as follows. [Fixed Bugs and Problems] - Fixed a bug in Relief filter that caused the area around the relief to become unnaturally transparent. - Fixed a problem in which the part outside the selection disappears on some devices when a filter such as Gaussian Blur is used with a selection. - Fixed a bug that could cause a crash in rare cases when editing is completed. - Fixed a bug in which a filter in the "Adjust Color" category could be applied to the wrong area when there is a selection. - Fixed a bug that the canvas may become abnormally slow when manipulating it during "Translate Scale" in the Move Transform tool. - Faster Liquify Pen. - Fixed a bug that could cause the artwork file to be in a strange state if the app crashes when using a brush or special pen with "Separate Each Stroke" disabled. - Added the ability to reset text parameters in the event of a crash when adding text. - Fixed a bug that may cause a crash if the OK button of the error alert is pressed when an error occurs during editing due to insufficient memory. - Fixed a bug that drawing with "Separate Each Stroke" OFF may not be displayed in the reduced image in the Layer window. [New Features in ver.10.0.0] - Changed maximum canvas size from 4096px to 16384px. (On some devices it may be smaller than this.) - Support for 600 dpi on A4 paper. (On some devices it may not be supported due to hardware limitations.) - Added the ability to display the guidelines of the manga manuscript paper on the canvas. - Added grid function. (In the View menu, you can switch the grid on/off and jump to the settings window for the grid.) - Added the ability to extend and reduce the selection area in the Selection menu. - Added a feature to change background color of the Canvas screen. - Added the View menu at the top of the Canvas screen. (Within the View menu, it is possible to switch between the reference window display and interpolation when zooming.) - Added the ability to select the display method of the layer reduced image displayed in the Layer window from "Entire" and "Drawing Area". (This can be set from the Settings Window User Interface - Layer Window Reduced Image.)

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Find this site the customer service details of Ibis Paint. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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