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What is terraria app? DIG! FIGHT! EXPLORE! BUILD! Join the community of millions of Terrarians!


"This is the full version of Terraria, built from the ground up... If you loved it on PC or consoles, you’ll love it here.” - Slide To Play

The very world is at your fingertips as you fight for survival, fortune, and glory. Delve deep into cavernous expanses, seek out ever-greater foes to test your mettle in combat, or construct your own city - In the World of Terraria, the choice is yours!

We recommend at least iPhone 6S, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 or newer. We support iPhone 5S, iPad Air 1, iPad Mini 2 running at least iOS 10.0, but these devices may experience reduced performance.

• MULTIPLAYER – Play with up to 7 friends on Local Wifi or Online via device-device Wifi hosted games or through the Mobile Terraria Dedicated Server for PC (available for free on Terraria.org)
• TERRARIA REIMAGINED FOR MOBILE – Fully customizable controls and User Interface provide a level of polish and capability not previously possible!
• Gamepad support – including fully-remappable buttons - Play with your Bluetooth connected gamepad where supported.
• Full array of World sizes – Small/Medium/Large...the same size as on Terraria for PC! Now includes random world name generator and the ability to use World Seeds (including some hidden easter egg worlds)
• New! On top of the additions from Journey’s End, all of the Terraria content from the 1.3.1 – 1.3.5 updates is here! This includes:
- Wiring Overhaul, logic gates, sensors, and the Grand Design
- Desert Overhaul, Sandstorms and Blizzards
- Party Events
- Old One’s Army crossover event
- And much more!
• New! Master Mode presents an even higher level of challenge for the worthy Terraria veterans.
• New! Journey Mode creates a more accessible Terraria experience than ever before – tailor your gameplay to fit your unique preferences!
• New! Quality of Life features – from Block Swap to the Void Vault to Boss Health Bars to customizable UI appearance options
• New! Atmospheric and Weather effects will play a greater role than ever before!
• New! The Terraria Bestiary will help you keep track of the enemies, allies, and critters you encounter!
• New foes, including brand new bosses and events to test your mettle in combat
• Over 400 enemies to combat, defeat, and plunder for loot
• Over 20 Biomes and Mini-Biomes to explore, both above and underground – from lush forests to barren deserts to dungeons, the underworld, and even the terrifying Corruption await!
• Updated crafting with multiple added item options
• Over 20 NPCs to discover, each providing their own benefits and unique style
• More than 1000 new items to discover – bringing the total item count to more than 5000!
• In-depth building options that are easy to learn but allow for amazing feats of architecture in the hands of a master.
• And much, much more!

In short, every pixel of Terraria has been reimagined and hand crafted for the BEST possible mobile experience!
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App Name Terraria
Category Games
Updated 02 October 2023, Monday
File Size 216.23 MB

Terraria Comments & Reviews 2024

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Good game Depends on who you are.. Honestly I love the game. I know the age rating says 9+, but really I’d suggest 11+ maybe 10+. Like all video games, movies, and just games like D and D it really depends on what your kid is like, and how they behave. I don’t have a kid but when me and my dad were looking at reviews for d and d I realized, it really depends on how your kid acts. I totally think your kid should not get this game if there gonna get scared of demons and stuff, because there’s a decent amount of them in the game. There’s also a lot of disturbing stuff in the game like vodo dolls, flying eyes, and TONS of skeletons and zombies. It has easy controls that you can get used to very easily. I don’t really ever play or watch tv and video games, but this game is ADDICTIVE. If you don’t normally play video games and spend most of your time playing with your imagination outside, or fishing climbing trees etc, you got a good thing going so don’t mess it up with this game. Also if you’re a Christian like me, this game has many things that are Kinde of Anti-Christian. As long as your kid isn’t gonna go start some terraria cult, that believes in demons and slimes it’s a pretty good game. Overall it’s a great game as long as your kid knows it’s all fake and won’t be bothered by it.

Addon in next update. Look I love this game five stars but I was playing with a friend and I thought it would be cool if you could get full Spectre armor mask or hood it gives a ghostly glow and I thought it would be cool if you could pass through solid blocks like a ghost or wraith or reaper to finish it off and look cool and give that extra want to get the full set mask or hood and the hood full armor says it will heal the player with the lowest amount of health in the game but I got hurt and I was the only one in the game but I didn’t heal unless I didn’t see it but please check this and fix if needed but don’t forget about this passing through blocks thing thanks for your consideration Re-Logic 505 Games Codeglue and RakNet ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️the bunny cannon also doesn’t work I bought 117 cannonballs tried to put them in it didn’t work I gave one to my friend and it still didn’t work😞 plus if I put on a hotspot I can’t join a friends world they can only join my world please fix I’m ready to fight duke fishron but I can’t find the worms in the mushroom biome and after I fight him thee is nothing to do please add the things on pc like the lunar eclipse and everything else please ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and please make the biome keys easier to get like drop the actual keys and not the mold⭐️⭐️⭐️

New update?. Alright, don’t get me wrong. I’ve been playing terraria for over 3-4 years and i love it. The reason i’m giving it 3 stars instead of 5 is because of the update. The update makes it so you are basically on pc version but on mobile. You are supposed to be able to use weapons with the right joystick right? Well, it used to work just fine, and, out of no where, it just is there for no reason. First, it happened when i was using the yo-yo. I was mining and saw a mob- obviously i tried to attack it. I tried attacking it with the yo-yo with that joystick, nothing. Though, i did figure out how to use my weapons- you need to click on wherever it shows your weapon. The other bad part is that now, the right joystick is only an aiming stick. As in when you are holding for example, a staff, what ever direction you want it to shoot in, you have to aim it with the right joystick. It also happened when i was using a zombie arm and trying to attack a face monster. Again, i was trying to attack it, nothing happened. Don’t get me wrong- i kinda like the new update, since it has most/every weapon and block that you can get on pc, but i’d also be fine with the normal mobile version. I hope someone will see this and consider looking into updating back- but possibly keeping the other objects from pc.

PLZ READ. I know this game is a marvelous, adventurous and creative game . But however the new controls is ruining this great game it was. You need to change the controls back to the original. There’s more buttons on the screen then the game itself. The game is great and It’s really fun, but with these buttons and new controls it makes it so difficult. It’s like it disabled me in doing things I have before, like flying and using my weapon at the same time. All I ask is to change the controls but keep the fantastic adventures game it is. I have played this game for four years and that was the funniest years of my life playing with friends and defeating bosses. I hope you understand that PC is PC and Console is Console. They have controllers and keyboards to control their player without it covering the screen. With Mobile you have to see that you need to make the controls as simple as possible like the original ones. They were awesome! But now you have slapped a key board or controller on the screen confusing everyone on how to even play anymore. I hope this letter finds you well. Thank you for reading as far as this text, by now the decision is up to you. Now make the right decision with the controls.

Game’s great! Controls... not so much.. I love this game, but the new controls for the 1.3 update make the game unplayable! Why not bring back the stick design that has worked for years? The extra buttons make the game’s controls unwieldy, and many of the buttons were unnecessary. The grappling hook could always either be in your menu or be a swipe away. It did NOT need a button. The potion buttons, while a convenient idea, clutter up the entire control scheme. The lock on and smart cursor buttons could easily be put in the settings, and the jump button is out of the way and annoyingly concealed behind the right stick. I actually didn’t mind pushing up on the left stick to jump, maybe add it as an option in the settings? The sticks are just small enough to miss 50% of the time, but too large to be considered small. The one good design decision, in my opinion, is the menu. The idea of multiple menus isn’t foreign, and I enjoy how it doesn’t conceal the entire screen and pause the experience, so I can play, without pausing just to craft something or trade with the NPCs. The menu button is well placed and perfectly sized. However, that is not enough to save what used to be an amazing game. Without these awful controls, this game would be a definite 5 stars! Unfortunately, I’m afraid I won’t be able to play this game comfortably with the new, bad controls. Thought I was the only one with this issue, glad to see that I’m not alone.

A true masterpiece.. This game is just something special. It changed me. It taught me to not worry about all of the dangers in this world, but to admire its beauty. This game definitely has its fair share of beauty. The dark shadows really make the lights stand out. The color is gorgeous. Especially the green grass and the light brown wood and dirt. I sometimes cry because the landscape is so lively. Those little caves on the surface are perfect for building on. There are also lots of items that make houses look really homey, like the dishes the traveling merchant sells you, chandeliers, candelabras, tiki torches, you name it. The landscape is usually rough, which is neat because while the worlds are sort of small, all those hills and ravines pose a little challenge, so it isn’t so easy to travel long distances very fast. I get can lost in this game very easily, because there is so much to do. This game has hours upon hours of fun packed inside. I would definitely recommend it for people who like to play games which are a little challenging, but keep it fun and humorous along the way. It is way worth the 5 dollar price tag. I am sad to hear that the game will soon not receive any more large updates, but it happens to every game, and I guess we have to live with that. I wish all the best for Re-logic and 505. Games and their future projects. Have a great day.

Controls. Love this game. And I’ve only ever played this on mobile version because I love the two finger controls. And once the new update came, with controls similar to PC or console, I worried. The new controls for mobile make no sense considering that it’s MOBILE and not PC or console. They make it so you would need like 5 fingers at once to operate it as well as you could when the old controls were used. A couple things much harder to control are using auto weapons, and even just moving and jumping in general. Now, you have to use a separate button to do each task. Which isn’t very ideal, considering it’s a game you should easily be able to play with only two thumbs. Overall, I don’t think it would be necessary to change back to the old controls for good, because I know that there is no chance that that I’ll happen, but perhaps have there be an option to play with new controls or old controls. This way, people who are used to one or the other wouldn't have to adapt so drastically. Another solution could be to just alter the new controls to be cleaner to operate, and also a little less cluttered. Even though you can change the size, they clutter the screen. And if you make them smaller, it makes for an even more difficult gameplay. Please don’t take this as bashing the whole game, because controls are only a fraction of the game. But are a very crucial fraction, in ensuring that everyone has a smooth, easy, fun, and engaging.

Great Game, But Fed Up With Crashing. I've been playing this game for around 3 years and I've never witnessed this bad of a glitch. Don't take this the wrong way, I love the game, but there is a glitch that ticks me off so much. I was playing the game on one of my best worlds and suddenly my game crashed. I wasn't mad about it, because that kind of thing only happened occasionally. So I logged back into the game and tried to go back on to that world. To my surprise, that world/ file had gone corrupt. Now I know you can back up the worlds onto your cloud save, but it is to much of a pain every single time you do or create something new to exit out of the game and create a knew cloud save. This glitch has happened to me 2 or 3 times and I'm extremely disappointed and fed up with it. 505 Games, if you are reading this, if I am going to have to deal with this glitch that takes away my worlds that I put my precious time into, I want my $8 back, and want you to fix this glitch. Even if this means you make cloud saves auto save your changes in your local worlds or you entirely stop game crashes, which is highly unlikely. Even if you don't listen to this review I'd rather try to get this across to you, 505 Games, or current players so they can protect themselves from this dangerous glitch. FYI happening on an IPhone 6s. Disappointed and Angry!

Still A Great Game. I love Terraria. It’s probably my favorite game of all time, both on pc and on mobile. I truly owe it so much, and it offers an incredible amount of content for a one-time payment, something which too many game companies have been shying away from in recent years (to disastrous effect). So that’s why I’m rating it 5 stars—because it deserves 5 stars. That said, this latest update was… unfortunate. Terraria mobile is an entirely different game than console Terraria—at the very least, it is an entirely different play-through experience—something which I think previous updates kept in mind. But this latest update added a BUNCH of new (entirely unnecessary) UI, which both clogged up the screen and made editing the interface much more confusing—though, to be fair, much more powerful as well. EDIT: They updated again, and the UI is back to being elegant and useful—WHILE retaining the increased capabilities of the latest update. Because that’s what the Terraria team does… they put a TON of work, effort, and polish into the game even years down the line, when nobody expects that of them. Buy this game. You won’t regret it.

This needs a few things that I want. Thank you, 505 games for making this game, for it is amazing. I only have one complaint, though. Every time I get on Terraria, there is a little ad that says "this build has expired, please update." I hate it when it says that, and my friends have this problem too. Please make an upgrade for Terraria and make the onyx blaster on IOS devices. Also make the Sky Fracture. I also would like it if you could make this amazing game to where you can have dyes on your accessories and make it to where you can hide your accessories. This would be awesome, because I am severely struggling to make my vanity set look absolutely amazing and to where I want it to be. Continuing, I would like it if you could make it to where you can’t see each person’s head on the screen because my friends always look through my stuff and always take my stuff. I am making a secret base so they can’t do that but it won’t work because they can see where I am. Thank you yet again for making this amazing game, and I hope you can fix these for me. Thanks!

Awesome game but... Terraria is one of my favorite games. I have it on my PlayStation4 and I used to have it on my phone. I have a pretty old phone. The iPhone 5s. Me and my cousin love terraria and we would always join each other and have fun! I had this world where I beat the wall of flesh and I had almost everything in the game. I was super excited about the new update. When it finally came, I went on and tapped play. It crashed.. I kept on trying to get into the game but it kept on crashing. I tried deleting other apps, photos, to try to give it space on my phone. I guess it was too much for my phone? Or was it not compatible with my old phone? I thought maybe it would work on another day, so I tried to play it the day after and it crashed. My cousins have iPads and they were playing on it just fine. I finally deleted it because I would never play on it. I couldn’t. All of my progress is gone and I kinda regret deleting it but it wouldn’t work. Maybe it was some kind of bug that you guys could maybe fix? I love the game sooooo much but I miss it and I want to play it again. I paid for it. If there was a way to get the old update back could you do that for me? Or tell me what is happening? Thanks for reading. P.S : I would love it if you would respond.😃

DeletesMyBestWorldRandomly. So I’m nearly about to go kill the wall of flesh I have all the OP accessories like the lightning boots and the lava waders and then sandstorm horseshoe balloon, anyway before I went to go kill the wall of flesh I was going to make a world with a lot of NPC’s so I went to work I made 5 houses 1 for the guide another for a merchant then a nurse, gun dealer, and demolisher. I made each one so then I decided to sell all of my junk in my main world. I switch between worlds pretty quickly and then it happens I get out of my main world where I put all my accessories and other good and op stuff but right as I got out it said File Misconception Error (then a bunch of numbers and dots) It had one button that said ok and I pressed that then I go into my selection of worlds and my Main World is GONE! So Terraria is stupid because it deletes 90% of my work without fixing anything, to be honest one thing that would be nice is if you could just give me a character named afcpandu with a star fury, molten hellstone armor no hard mode a meteor helmet as a vanity item , sandstorm horseshoe balloon, lightning boots, warding climbing claws, a warding magic carpet, and lava waders a nights edge then a bee gun an imp staff a adept fire flower a drax and a hellstone hamaxe and that’s it I can take it from there and if you do that I Will give this 5 stars because that would make my life so much better thank you for reading!

To 505 Games. It has been a pleasure to play your game, and I loved every single moment of it. From the first chopped tree to acquiring the Bone Key, the game has been full of surprises, biomes, music, NPCs, bosses, and rare items. I would like to thank you for this game, but would like for a few changes to be made. Firstly, I understand that the 1.3 update is very time consuming to make, but it would be truly fantastic. Currently, many mobile and console gamers feel inferior to those on the PC. The 1.3 update will change this, and give the versions even more popularity. Secondly, while adding the 1.3 update, would it be possible to keep the content that is unique to the mobile version? I mean small, but pleasant features such as the ability of a player to use all of their characters in a world, instead of linking them to one character, the ability to find a Drax in Shadow Chests, etc. Thirdly, I was wondering if, not just to mobile, but in general, there could be some additional bosses, biomes, and possibly some to occur after the Moon Lord is defeated. Again, thank you very much, and I hope that my requests can be fulfilled shortly.

Force Quit Bug?. I’ve been playing terraria for over 5+ years and when I first began playing there was this strange bug that would be so random. I would enter my world to be kicked to my home screen after about 5-10 minutes, mainly when I open my inventory or am traveling far distances. The worst part is that it doesn’t save any of my progress the entire time I was on the world, so when it just quits I have to re-achieve all of my accomplishments such as a boss kill or a mining session and I would lose so much progress. But after a few updates in the previous mobile version about 3 years ago it stopped happening, and that was around the time I stopped playing after I beat it. After I heard about the new 1.3 update this past month I was completely ecstatic to try it out. Turns out this glitch has returned, and I’ve tried to change every single setting at an attempt to fix this bug but I never succeeded. I love this game but when I can’t play without doing things 3 or 4+ times in a row it gets frustrating and makes me upset I can’t play this game without excess work. I have an iPhone 6s, I don’t know if this is caused by ram or it’s just a glitch but please fix it soon. Thanks for reading.

I've played this game for so long. I remember when I first got this game, I freaked out when I killed my first boss 😂. I've came back to this game about a year later and I forgot about it. I was done with the game, because the moon Lord wasn't added yet and you guys haven't updated this in a while. I love this game, this has been one of my favorite games on the app store. I've played this game for a long time, so I have things pretty leveled up (master ninja gear, spectre armor, Terra blade, and attempting to get the last accessories for the ankh charm). I have put a lot of time into this game, and I have enjoyed every second (besides when they updated it and I couldn't get the angler and the temple in my first world). But, if you ever do update this game, I would add the Moon Lord, make a way so the accessories don't appear on your avatar when all the social/vanity slots are filled, and make chlorophyte easier to farm. If anyone is looking back at this game, don't let the 2d fool you, this game is AWESOME and has LOTS of gameplay!!!!! This app has always been my favorite. There should be more games like this on the app store! I rarely enjoy mobile games to this content, but this has been my favorite so far.

review for people that have fat fingers!!!! (like me). I Remember playing this game when I was younger and the controls were a lot better in my opinion at the time, I don’t know WHAT they did in the five years time span that I have been away but— actually they littered the screen with unnecessary buttons with a confusing layout the pocket edition controls overall are horrible!!. Still love the game don’t get me wrong but there’s so many problems. I can barely place down blocks in the right area without getting super agitated, precise block placement is a joke, good luck putting stairs down without that dang darn hammer, and good luck trying to break something (intentional) without getting super mad that you broke the door one story below you and behind you like what!! fat thumb!! I KNOW I can’t blame it all on me. I think other games can do it way better, but then again not a lot of games are 2D. I almost wanna hook up a controller on my phone. I don’t know how to get that set up yet help. I don’t even know how you would fix this problem from a developers point of view but something needs to change man, I don’t recommend this game if you have big old thumbs (average ngl). I expected more for five dollars in terms of the controls, but still beautiful game in every other aspect

One of the best things you can use your money on. I find it crazy that the developers charge you such a low price for such a high quality game, I am loving this new update so far and for someone who’s been playing since he was 6 I didn’t think the developers could do any better than 1.2.4... BUT THEY DID!! And they rebuilt the game from the ground up and they are just pushing out bug fixes, and update’s . The best part is if someone says “Uhm ThiS jUmpING SukS coMparEd To the OLd 1” instead of going “HAH h8ter u idiot noob” they actually take your suggestions and ADD them. my only problem is what I think is a glitch. I have a building character with lots of material’s and I used to go on my building world with him so I can make some structure’s but a 2 update’s ago he stopped working. When I go into any world with him he just crashes the game before the world loads, but my other characters can hop into worlds just fine. If anybody see’s this comment then pls respond because I rlly like this character and he is my favorite character I’ve made since this update. Btw sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes I am 12 and I don’t rlly like writing as much as I do science lol

My terraria life. I was so excited to play terraria and do new things I haven't done like get the blizzard staff. When I started terraria everything was normal when I pressed play it says that my player file was deleted because it was made in a newer version. But the thing is I'm pretty sure that I created that character before the current version. 😭😭😭 please fix this, this is my favorite game ever. This is now one month later after this happened and so far only one other game had something like this glitch except it was in a tower defense game. That game was pvz. I'm still kinda mad about losing my progress in this game but I'm kinda happy cause now I have a new character to focus on a new way to play but still I want my character back. 8 months later now that I literally made a meme with my friends about it and I’ve been over this whole thing the day after the previous paragraph also Me and my friend are so excited for 1.3 because of the Moon Lord, the pillars, and forgot his name but the other boss. What I’m most ready for is the hopeful speed up buying stuff like musket balls and the infinite musket and arrow pouches.

Great mobile port... with some issues. So for me, someone who has over 300 hours on Terraria on PC, I thought I’d might as well give this game a try. $4.99 later, here I am with this game. Overall, a pretty good port, sporting the 1.2 update from the PC. The game looks great, controls... aren’t the best but useable, and the tutorial is a relatively good place to start off from, and does a good job at explaining the first part of the game, one thing the PC edition doesn’t have. I have a couple gripes with the game though. First, the inventory and crafting interfaces look overcrowded and can be pretty overwhelming for example when you aren’t familiar with the game. Organizing your inventory is pretty tedious, and definitely needs a redesign. Another thing, is that on phones, you only have 5 hot bar slots, and the game is zoomed in so much that you can only see about 10-15 tiles or so in front of you, and your hearts are super tiny. However, when playing on iPad, you get 10 hot-bar slots and a much more zoomed-out view of the world, somewhere around 40 blocks around you, which makes for a much better gaming experience, and because of the bigger screen, inventory managing is slightly easier, but same problems as the phone. Anyway, that’s about it on my opinion of the game, and I would say definitely pick up a copy if you have five bucks lying around. Hoping the devs fix these issues with the next update. Thanks for reading, have a good one. ✌️

Somehow. I would give this game four stars because all of the things I think need fixed will probably be fixed later on. There is one thing I am kinda freaking mad about right now. The auto save every two minutes. It seems nice, but I have such bad issue and had so many problems. So I'll be playing normally like a happy camper and the wham it crashes. I'm all right with crashes, and that's not the problem . The problem is when I get back all of my progress from the last auto save is gone. Now most of the time it's all right but recently nearly the worst thing happened. My inventory was getting full and I was building. I made a chest to store my stuff in. I used the button to put all of my inventory in the chest. When I closed the chest the game crashed. I came back and all my stuff was not in my inventory so I thought I was fine. I walk to the chest, but there's only one problem. It's not freaking there! So I have none of my stuff except for my hot bar, ammo, and money. I don't even now all I lost. But if you think about it it doesn't make sense. How could all my stuff be gone which happened after I made the chests. The chests were gone though. What I'm trying to say is if it took the chests and my stuff why didn't it give it back. I don't know if it makes sense. I hope the creators of terraria will read this and fix my problem, and any others who have the same.

Read this review?. New update: So so so many bugs. I have my houses built together so they never go outside and die. Plus it's underground. The npc's will sometimes walk to a wall and basically spin really fast and it looks stupid. I want them to act like they're actually In their house and walk normally. Also when I tried taking my coins out of my piggy bank I had to make space in my inventory and move them there and then into my coin space. And also it doesn't auto filter the coins either. Other than that it's great to play, and also npc's take an eternity to spawn. So I've played Terraria across all platforms. And have done everything I wanted to do on both Pc and Xbox. I just have the Mobile version left. My only complaint is the fact that I can't hammer out the wooden beams. Is it just me or is it everyone's? I just can't do it though. And I built an awesome mahogany house while waiting to get ahold of dynasty wood. Same style too. Love it. I've started over in this game countless times because I enjoy it so much. Not because something screwed up but because this game is amazing. Nowadays when I get far enough I restart anyways. I highly HIGHLY recommend this game to people.

Controls are terrible. A few years ago I just about lived in Terraria! I had it on console , PC and even beat the whole game twice on my phone. Life happened and I don’t really have the time to play video games anymore. However I saw this pop up on my iPad earlier today and thought why not give it a go! I spend the 5 dollars and everything is going great I hear the familiar music and I’m back! I make my character the screen are loading great. Then as I teleport away into my world my brain starts spasming as I struggle vainly to avoid slowly hopping slimes with the nearly impossible controls. I mean I’ve overcome bad controls before, but this takes it to a whole other level. Being quite stubborn I gave it about 5 hours of real trying to make this work but there’s just no getting past it. Basic combat feels like Organic Chemistry. You can only do one thing at a time. Switching items is not possible if you are moving. The hook and jump button are on the same side of the screen but too far from each other for me to jump then quickly shoot my hook to escape danger. So many other simple things that made the game so much fun even on the old mobile version you just can’t do here. It’s sad because it looks like there was a lot of content that was added. To bad the developers didn’t play the game with their new controls because no one else will either... I sincerely hope it gets fixed because I would love to play through the game again!

Love Terraria, but 1.3 UI is Not Working For Us. I’ve loved this game for years, and for a long time thought the game was flawless. I’ve played on PC, console, and mobile, and I think it’s great that you’re trying to make all the versions similar, but some stuff just has to stay different. I really love expert mode and multiplayer with 1.3, and I like the new main menu, but the new UI is just too much. On a PC where you have a keyboard and can hotkey everything, this UI is great. On a tiny phone screen where you can only use two fingers, not so much. The new UI takes up way to much screen space, and makes combat much harder. Having a separate button for jumping and flying makes aerial combat literally impossible. The old controls were simple, and they worked. There was no need to update the controls and UI, and by doing so, you turned a phenomenal game into something I’m having a hard time enjoying. Additionally, it takes nearly 10 minutes for me to load worlds, though this might be a problem with my device (an IPhone 6) or network, so I’m less concerned about it. If, in a future update, you return the controls to their previous state, or perhaps give us an option to do so in game, I’d be more than happy to return my rating to 5 stars, because this truly is a game deserving of it. ~An eternal Terraria fan

I love the game... but. The update... ITS HORRIBLE! The controls literally hurt my freaking brain just processing which fingers to use when I’m fighting a demon eye or just simply building. Building is to much of a hassle in my opinion. It’s tedious and it is just unbearable. I love this game. I’ve been there since 2011. I even got terraria when it first came to phone. I loved it. The controls weren’t good but they weren’t bad, they were just simple two finger controls. Now, it’s a messy five finger using ui... this isn’t a competitive 5v5 online battle royale or something... it’s terraria. It’s a simple game. Adding something so complex such as the ui breaks the game and forces people to stop playing. Idk what was swirling in your guys mind. I like how you added more pc stuff to mobile, but don’t make the game complicated just because of controls. Please. Your users beg of you. Your old veteran players beg of you. Give us the option to opt back to old controls. Like I said, everything else is great but it’s impossible to explore what u have added with the controls. Don’t come at me with a, “well we’re working on an auto swing option...” no I don’t want to hear it. Give us what we want. And don’t ask me to raise my rating because I’m not until this monstrosity is resolved. 505 games, we are your loyal users. We’ve been here since day 1. Please listen to us.

Controls are awful. I use to play this game on mobile when it first came out and it was great. I recently started playing again on PC and am having a lot of fun, so I wanted to redownload the game on mobile because I remember it being a lot of fun, and also so I could play it whenever I felt like it. Unfortunately, my experience with this new version of the game was anything but “fun”. The new controls for the game are borderline impossible to play with, so much so that it makes any progression in the game an absolute nightmare. Building is incredibly difficult, and fighting mobs even more so. What makes it even worse is that there’s no way to even change, adjust, or simplify the controls to make it more player friendly; you just have to deal with it. I don’t know which developer at ReLogic looked at this game and decided that replacing the old controls, which were perfectly fine, with these god awful new ones was a good idea, but they should honestly be fired for it. It’s incredibly sad how far this version of the game has fallen. The PC version is an absolute delight, but playing this version is absolutely mind-numbing. It’s not fun, it’s infuriating, and based on the other reviews I’ve read on here, I’m not the only one with the same opinion. I know it’s been years, but please change the controls back to what they were originally, or at the very least, simplify them to make them more player friendly.

Best game ever but needs some fixing.. Terraria is one of my personal favorite games that I have been playing for almost five years (I’m pretty sure) but there is something that needs fixing. 1) I live this game but one of my least favorite issues is how unstable the game can be. My files in local get deleted for some random reason (mostly talking about my main account. RIP) but most of the profiles that I made from a long time ago are the ones that get corrupted. 2) this is just something I’ve been kinda annoyed by but... PLEASE JUST RELEASE 1.3 MOBILE! I’ve been waiting sooooooooo long for it and it just won’t come out. I’m getting bored by just dying from plantera a bunch of times because that’s all I can do. I don’t care how unstable the version is and how many bug fixes you will need to fix. I just want 1.3 guys. 3) the controls could use some upgrading. They glitch out when I’m building in the middle of the screen and moving with the left joystick. I don’t know if that’s just my screen or terraria. END) I do truly love this game and I really think anyone with a brain (of cuthulu) should get this game! I’m just trying to share my thoughts and feelings about this game and not hate on the game here. Please try too be quick with this update so my terra blade can destroy more hard mode enemies! Sub to my yt channel Pixelmangames (sorry if I’m not allowed to say that) and good luck 505 games and whoever else is helping develop the game! 👌👍

Amazing Game. In my top 5 games of all time for sure.. I love this game, but really only the mobile version. For me at least, the other versions (excluding 3DS and maybe PC) are very hard to control, and aiming on the console versions is almost impossible. If I had started on PC or Console I might think Mobile is impossible to play, but Is started on this version and it’s the one I’ve spent hundreds of hours on. I love all the bosses, love mining, fighting mobs, building huge houses and sky bases, crafting new gear, and entering hard mode. I do have one sad story with this game though: on my old Ipad I had a world that I’d put about 60 hours into, building, mining, grinding for Ocram, and doing so much more. Than, since it was a 5 year old Ipad 2, it broke and I lost that world forever. I wasn’t able to put it in the cloud, so it’s gone. That put me off this game for about half a year. I got a new Ipad Air 2, but I still didn’t feel quite like stating again. However, after hearing 1.3 may be coming in the next few months, I decided to start again. I’m planning on stating a new world very soon. Final Score: 1,000,000,000/1,000,000,000. 😺

Keep the new enemies and items but please bring the old controls back.. With this new update, we have a lot of new stuff to see and fight. But, it also gave us new controls that are supposed to make it more user friendly when in reality, it is the opposite. The new controls make it very difficult to control your character. The addition of a dedicated jump button makes it impossible to jump and attack at the same time, which also makes boss fights very difficult. The previous controls weren’t perfect, but in my opinion, they were a lot better than the ones we have now. In regards to the inventory changes, I am not a fan of being able to move while and jump around while I am looking inside a chest or trying to craft something. With the new design of the inventory, it makes it very hard to find what I’m looking for because the background is transparent and I can see the world. It was a lot better when it transitioned to a different screen where all I could see is either my inventory, or what I’m trying to craft. Mixing the two together is a pain to look at. Please take this critique into consideration. I really hope it is seen. Other than that I love the new enemies, bosses, and items! More of that please! Have a great day😁

Amazing game. And some UI feedback.. This is an incredible game and group of developers. Thank you for the thousand+ hours I’ve spent on mobile Terraria. However. The decision to move inventory and system buttons from bottom corners to upper left UI is a negative only. Please either move back or give the option for pre-update UI. I’ve seen this same request posted across multiple forums because it just makes sense. My argument: for a touchscreen player lower corners are extremely easy to hit, but also not to hit. They took up effectively no additional screen space but were just in reach when needed. Inventory gets used constantly. System only when needed. Now they take up screen space, are harder to hit, and sit right next to other highly used buttons. It used to be easy to move your thumb just to the left side of screen and select your items. Now you need to look so you’re not hitting these other buttons. In time I trust you get used to it, but the question remains why? This seems to ignore the don’t fix what’s not broken rule, and doesn’t add any clear value. Not to mention design suffers. Two rows for items looked clean. A third partially full row based on your pages looks, simply put, bad. Thanks again for the great game. Hope you see this and re-consider.

This game needs an update!. Ok so Iv’e been playing terraria pretty much since it came to mobile. I remember building my first house I was so happy (I was playing on PS Vita at the time) but, then I realized that it was also on mobile and I donlaoded instantly (of course after I asked my mom). Then I got on and told my friend Jamison to get it and I still play to this day with him I told him to download of course his dad said no so I had to wait for his mom to get home and probably say yes. She did say yes so then,he came pver to play it with me. I created a world and it was called, E AND J (E for Easton my name and J for Jamison his name). Then we played for HOURS we had a blast playing it we still play to this day. BUT the game has definitely dried up because we’ve defeated every boss and every event so, we dont know what to do anymore. If you release the 1.3 update then I would think there would SO many more things do and see. But also this game is AMAZING it is soooo much fun and don’t get tricked by this. After all this is my opinion and I highly recommend downloading this game. 😁 and I know I don’t have the bast grammar im only young! Definitely five star worthy! 😀

A wonderful game that never stops giving. I have been playing Terraria on mobile for six years now six freaking years! And yet though I've beaten the game may be close to 7 or so times every time I play it again it gives me something new and interesting to do. It is a game that has never stopped giving and it is one of my favorite games of all time let alone just in mobile. However with the newest update I feel like the controls are not optimized for a mobile platform and if feels as if they gave you all the same button as keys on a computer and it just doesn’t work that way it gets to cluttered. I would really enjoy this new version so much more if there was more customizability in the controls or even a way to choose to have the controls from the old version which worked really well for a mobile platform. It also feels as if the are many buttons on the controls that do not need to be on the controls and could instead be in a part of settings and thus would not clutter your screen or let you accidentally click it while moving (use while aiming button is especially bad for this).

What happened???. I was playing a version on iPad a few months ago then when I came back it was entirely different and all my previous characters and items and worlds were gone. I started again and it crashed and crashed and crashed. I noticed the quality is nothing like it was. Why change something that was fine before????? Grrrrrrrrr......Please someone help me with the new app played on my iPad. The only device I have for this game. I'm so very disappointed...I lost everything!!! Boooo I can't give stars until I give it a chance and hope someone will try to help me. The one star is only for the purpose of getting my review accepted. I hope I will be able to change it soon. Still crashing crashing crashing! So very frustrating. Can't believe programmers/developers who already had a great game would mess it up so bad and launch it before they were sure the problems/bugs were fixed. Come on! Still holding off giving stars til I see improvements worthy of the 3-5 rating. And still sick that all of my hard earned items are gone. Boooo again! Still crashing every 10 mins or less. Getting close to giving up. Not sure the frustration is worth it. Why on earth did you mess with a game that was fine before..at least for me. And I paid for the game like everyone else. I'm willing to pay again to get your attention and fixes. No one has bothered responding to my reviews...did customer service give up?

Amazing Game. I grew up playing this game on my iPad during the 1.2 era of Terraria and I’m proud that it has improved infinitely from the good old days, sure nostalgia > present but there is just so much more content in 1.4 that there’s no reason to hate on the game and it’s past. In this game’s entirety, there is only one thing that can be improved MASSIVELY on and was actually BETTER back in the day, the controls. The controls were so much better back then, and there’s so many unnecessary buttons like locking onto targets when aiming in this game isn’t even hard. The only buttons I personally really care about are grapple, healing (if even, just put it in your hit bar and the healing button becomes obsolete), and maybe mounting. Other than the basic movement controls, that’s all people would really want. Relogic made really good designs for the movement that fit the design of the inventory, but they have retextured it and now it just stands out even more than it already did. TLDR make movement control textures better and get rid of all the unnecessary buttons, otherwise, amazing game that has been a lot of my childhood memories.

Terraria is best!!!. Soooo I LOVE Terraria it is so fun so many thing to do!! Here are some reasons 1.(-Mining-fighting-building-exploring-) so some people don’t like how you can only go 2.(-up-down-left-right-) But it is actually better honestly! AND THE BEST PART 3. (-When you hold a torch it glows with out placing it!!! AND!!!.... 4.(-when you Make a character you can play a world then you can play another world with the same stuff!!!-) 5. (- you have a map that shows you people and things and it is always on you like it is not an object-)Now... when I say the number of the reason that means that it is better then.. Minecraft (2.) up down left right) Yea really you can’t get lost that much.... so you can find thing easier... (5.) the non object map!!) the best!!! (3. The torch!!!!) DEFINITELY!!!! (4. The characters in how you can leave the game with them and go on a different world!) I LOVE terraria it is fun.. SO FUN you can not get bored so if you are reading this and you don’t have the game than GET IT!!!! It is fine for I would say like... 8. Up but that is really the parent in charge.. Thanks to the people who created this game it is literally like the best game in the world!!!❤️❤️❤️

please add back mobile items. I love this game and have played it for a very long time and as much as I want to give it 5 stars I cant! I am extremely upset that the developers decided to remove the only things that distinguished the mobile app from the PC version. The horn o' plenty was an amazing way for players who had progressed far in the game to not have to spend time gathering/keeping a stock of potions. Also, removing a major endgame boss completely as well as the items even slightly related to him such as spectral armor (which I would be satisfied if the armor was preserved to be used just in vanity form) seems like such a waste... I know theres so much more content with the new update but all of my favorite items were removed and for what? To allow for an easier transition to cross platform play... in maybe 3 more years when the new mobile terraria update comes out? The mobile exclusive items could just be added to pc if that was the case. Or maybe its more difficult than that, I dont know how difficult that would be since im not a programmer of any kind but thats just my 2 cents. This review should not be taken as a hate review! Simply a suggestion to the developers. I gave this app 4 stars for a reason! This app was my childhood and im sure my 4 stars wont even make the slightest scratch in this apps prestine rating (and thats not my intention). Thanks for reading my insanely long review/rant and I hope the developers can take this to heart!

Great game but.... A bug that I found was that I can’t use beds. When I tap the bed it says “Your bed is obstructed” or something like that. Necromancer needs a nerf because at 98 defense he did 30 damage towards me and died 17 times in the dungeon. Fix the rainbow dye’s rainbow effect because the game will start to slow down the rainbow effect. When 1.3 is released you need to make the lunar bosses weaker because it’s a lot harder on tiny screens. The move pads are to big for the screen and take up a lot of room (including the IPad). More players should join local or online play because what good is it to just have 3 people!? Buff or debuff info needs to be added to know what each effect does. Chat should be fun on PC but why not Xbox and mobile? I have been wanting to talk to people instead of just giving messages with a character name. More inventory for all gaming consoles would make the game easier to have items. Coin gun glitches get me all the time, and what it does is that it turns the strength of platinum into copper/silver. A 1/200 chance of admin/unusable items should be obtained overtime from mechanical bosses. If re-logic sees this make sure I get notified.

Love the game....but why change the controls. I have always loved playing this game. It’s a great game for adventuring and building your own world! I was disappointed when the new update came out recently and all of the controls changed, PLUS there is no icloud save anymore!! I had the game on another device and I can no longer get my old character and worlds on my new phone! This is a huge issue for me and really makes me sad because I loved this game so much. I also am slightly worried about the new controls. The game was easy to play and was conveniently for the player in the way you had to control everything. Now with the new controls, there are WAY too many buttons and things to press and the new button designs also get in the way of the gameplay. To play this game you need more than two fingers and the whole system of placing and breaking blocks is way more difficult to use now. I would really love to see this game come back to its original glory and not change so much about the game that made it so fun to play. In the end, I would really like to see the icloud save brought back so people can have their old accounts, and please please bring back the old controls and systems. Thank you.

Plzzzz read my comment <3. I wish I was able to cross play. I’ve been playing this game for the longest time ever n my brother would literally get so mad if I didn’t help him with defeating the bosses. Together we would fluff up stuff lol n now that we are older n were not able to play together thank hog it’s cross play on PlayStation n other consoles but why not on mobile I’m kinda tired of playing Minecraft alone cuz he likes terraria better!!! N I’m a big fan of Minecraft but he likes this game better because of the scary monster on the game. And no hate on Minecraft I luv the game but sometimes you just get tired of playing alone yk also I miss playing with my brother on terraria. It was literally the only time I would bond with him n sometimes he would be so mad at me but then I would tell him fine yu defeat the bosses without me then n when he would play knowing he needs my help we would talk. N I would grab the ps4 controller and play. I luv the cute rainbow kitty sword 🗡 he gave me that sword. We don’t live together anymore n he’s always saying hop on terraria but I don’t really have time to use my PlayStation n I tell him can I play on mobile but he says nooooo which why I’m here begging yu guys to make it cross play plzzzz🙏🙏🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 I luv this game n I rate it five stars if I could give it a billion stars I would cuz this game is so amazing 💖💖💖💖💖

Amazing Game, Just One Issue with the Recent Update.. I’ve been playing Terraria Mobile for over 5 years now, and I have loved seeing it evolve to become equivalent to the PC version. One issue I do have though, and I’m not alone when I say this, is the control scheme. Most of it is fine, could maybe use some better explanation, but overall fine. My issue arises with the new ‘jump’ button. This makes your character jump, obviously, but it is the only way to do so now. You can no longer move upwards or jump with the joystick, and this change has made the pre-Hardmode game almost impossible. I am stuck on the Skeletron of all things because I cannot outmaneuver him and fire my ranged weapon at the same time. All mobile games in my opinion should only require your two thumbs, that’s why they are mobile. I love this game, but I am tempted to permanently switch over to the PC version because of this one thing. So what I’m asking is if you could make the joystick have the ability to jump again. No need to delete the jump button, but another source for jumping would make this game as enjoyable as it has always been. Thank You, KC23

Good game. She’d take the world off my shoulders if it was ever hard to move she’d turn the rain to a rainbow when I was living in the blue why then if she’s so perfect do I still wish that it was you perfect don’t mean that it’s working so what can I do when you’re out of sight in my mind cause sometimes I look in her eyes and that’s where I find a glimpse of us and I try to fall God her touch but I’m thinking of the way it was said “I’m fine” and said I moved on I’m only here passing time in her arms hoping to find a glimpse of us tell me he savors your glory does he laugh the way I did is this a part of your story one that I had never lived maybe one day you’ll feel lonely and in his eyes you’ll get a glimpse maybe youll start slipping slowly and find me again when your out of sight in my mind cause sometimes I look in her eyes and that’s where I find a glimpse of us and I try to fall for her touch but I’m thinking of the way it was said “I’m fine” and said I moved on I’m only here passing time in her arms hoping to find a glimpse of us ooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooo oooo ooooo cause sometimes I look in her eyes and that’s where I find a glimpse of us and I try to fall for her touch but I’m thinking of the way it was said “I’m fine” and said I moved on I’m only here passing time in her arms hoping to find a glimpse of us

Little game review, read for advice. So this game is great I'm gonna that. There are also little things you can do if you want certain things that are just TOO HARD to have it dropped from! You can always create farms and stuff for a specific enemy to try and farm it until you get that item (I'm currently harvesting herplings for a nazar) and if you keep on going then you WILL eventually get it! No matter how low the drop rate is you can get it if you keep on trying! A funny little thing I found out is that you can change the time to get to a certain event like Easter (for Lepus) or Halloween (for the Pumpkin Moon) and so on. Another reminder is that if you don't want to live in a corrupt world you can always get the clentimenator then make new world for where you want to make a good house and not be disrupted by corruption or crimson and take out the unwanted biome in pre-hard mode before it can spread. You might've already known this but I thought I'd put up anyway. Also for the developers, if there's anyway to add more of the stuff from the pc mode onto mobile I will be grateful. Definitely worth the $5 it costs.

Great game, but can we get profiles?. So, profiles. Profiles would show other people what your favorite weapon and armor was. (you would choose that yourself, and have to choose the weapons and armor that you have had in your inventory or used) and a add to friends button. Now there is a third selection slot. (Join Game, Create Game, and Friends List) so you could join what friends you have that are far away, and you could see if they are online or not. “But how do I access profiles???” Just tap on the player that is in your sight range in-game. Also, press add friend below their name to add them as a friend.“Wait wait wait... how do I access my own profile” you simply press ‘my profile’ in the bottom left of your screen. you can access your friends list, edit your profile, and more. “Buuuuut we want profile pictures!” Easy. Just press on a empty picture by your terraria character’s name. (Its a gray square with a white plus in the middle) after pressing that, press edit PFP. Then 2 things will appear. Take photo or Choose photo. Take photo opens the camera app, and you can take a picture to make your pfp. Choose photo is you can choose a photo in your current album, and scale that picture you choose. Thanks for reading this, and have a great day/evening/night.

Please Hurry!. Okay. So I have had terraria on the iOS for 4-5 years now. And I have seen one major update since then. I have gotten every single item in the game. HOWEVER! This is not a hat review as you can see by the stars. I love terraria and have restarted multiple times and have had a great time with it. People are complaining about it being too hard. I just wonder: What has happened to video games. Not to hat on Minecraft because let me just tell all of you assumes out there. Hehe. I had played Minecraft through and through, with and without friends, and I never had as much fun as I did with this here epic game. The culture of today is taught to give up if something is to hard for them to do, but if you push against it and work to beat that “insanely” hard boss Plantera, you just get a joy that you don’t get from slaughtering a glitchy potion breathing -lame- dragon. This update is coming out soon guys and I think they might allow cross-platform play (maybe). Regardless, this game is great. If you don’t like solo, then just play with friends. -Your very “few” worded ummm new acquaintance

Great Game. I absolutely love this game. It’s full of adventure and surprises. The only thing though is that nothing has changed/been added in a while. I don’t know if it’s my tablet not letting me know that it needs to update or what, but I think some new things could be added. Maybe some new biomes with new creatures? Like maybe you could add plains with prairie dogs. Another thing is that the oceans are to much “Everything’s gonna Kill you” and not enough “ Let’s Explore”. I think it would be cool if the oceans were bigger, didn’t have as many creatures to kill you because you already had to worry about not drowning, and some builds. Like Sea palaces or ocean caves. And the corrupt biome could be a little more common. I’ve made 4 worlds and none of them have had a corrupt biome, so I’ve never been able to smash and shadow orbs. A few new weapons would be cool too! One last thing I’d like to say (this on might just be my tablet so ignore if you think it is) is that Terraria only lets me join others if I’m on their same internet, so I get lonely since nobody else in my house plays it. But over all I still LOVE this game. I’ve been playing for about a year now.

Best game ever!!!!. This is the most amazing game I've ever played! I first found out about it from my friends in Australia, they really Loved it! So I bought it. They've been playing for a really long time, so they gave me a godly terra blade. And then I played for a while, and Loved it!!!! Also there's a little cheat, you have to be in multiplayer, first you put something in a chest and both you and another player open the chest. Then you both have to press the take button at the same time. And it clones the thing in the chest. (Btw I'm 9yo) EDIT: Ok, so... Still definitely one of the best games ever. And I’m truly sorry, but I CAN NOT deal with the new controls! They are just SO COMPLEX! I know a lot of people probably like them, and I will probably get used to them eventually. But please make a way in settings to use the legacy controls, please. I am keeping my rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ because this game is still phenomenal, I just can’t do the new controls. Thank you for reading this, even if you aren’t the devs. If you feel the same way, please leave a review like this one so we can get old controls again, I’m sure some people feel the same way. (Btw I’m 11yo) EDIT AGAIN: Also, please add back the cloud saves. Because I got a new iPad recently, and need to transfer my worlds. Thank you again. (Btw I’m 11yo)

✨Mad👹. This game is fun to play but there are so many difficulties that just make me mad. First of all the the guide kept leaving my door open when I started. The reason why that's bad is because it's freaking nighttime and zombies are out to get me. Second, I think the monsters are way to hard to kill. They're too strong and the diversity is interesting but annoying. Third, I can't get any good recipes to decorate my house. You always have to explore to find more. That may sound fun to some people but I spent so much time trying to find things and when I brought them back I didn't get any new recipes. That made me mad since I had went out and died fifty million time to find those specific items. And then my friend who also played terraria showed me the recipes she got from collecting palm trees and cacti. She had gotten those things from my world. That's why it took me so long to find some more. But even why I did I got nothing. I don't know if you have to visit other people's world to get recipes or not. If it is I think that's a total flaw. One it's unfair to people who don't have anyone to play with and two it's just generally inconvenient.

5 Stars. The game is so expansive and creative. Even the most veteran players find out new things sometimes. I beat the game on 1.3.0 (I think) it has 14 bosses and 1.4.1 has 16. It has various bosses. It has 2 parts of the “campaign” hard mode and pre-hard mode. It also has Normal, Expert, and Master modes, each containing unique gameplay aspects and rewards, and journey version of all of them. Having trouble? Just search “Terraria Wiki” in your browser to find information on bosses, items, mobs, NPCs, and more! The game may not have any more updates but it is still replayable. Being able to build, explore, fight, brawl, and mess around with features such as hoiking to fling yourself around and have fun. Like Minecraft? This game has 7/8 (depending on version) times more bosses. More items, more expansive mods, more surprises, more events, and more items, also you can’t get lost. Beat the game already? Try building or fighting multiple bosses at once, or fighting enraged bosses (bosses that left their intended biome or time that are stronger) to give yourself more challenges and more fun! 100% worth the money!

Still not fixed! 😢. I'm keeping my previous review bc I still have those opinions and complaints. Now, I have some new complaints. I'm freaking out! I keep getting kicked off of my main world!! I can go onto all my other worlds but my main world is glitched! It's been perfectly fine for weeks; this just started happening today. I even tried closing out of the game and doing a hard reset on my iPad and it still won't work! I'm seriously freaking out right now! All my stuff is on my main world and I have got loads of end-game stuff on there! It took me forever to get that stuff! I can't even go on the world if I back it up (I can't go on the back up world)! I've even tried going on the back-up world (cloud save) on a different device and it still kicks me off the game! PLEASE HELP!! 🙏😰 ***Still doesn’t work after recent bug fixes!*** PREVIOUS REVIEW: I absolutely LOVE this game!!!!!!!!!!! I do, however, have some complaints. My complaints are: 1) The music box is glitched; if I leave a world and then re-enter it, the music box disappears from my inventory and it also doesn't seem to record any songs. 2) I cannot craft lavafall & waterfall blocks even when standing in front of a crystal ball. 3) flame dye doesn't work. Other than these problems, this is a fantastic game! Lots of things to discover and craft! Love it!

Mobile vs PC (add more items). First of all, I think this game is well-organized and very unique. It has the ability to turn the player’s focus to the large-scale and small-scale aspects of the physical world. I really like the texture features and being able to edit structures to your acute needs. Also, this game is only like Minecraft in its physicality, other than Terraria’s multi-planar 2D graphics. The lore of Terraria runs so much deeper than that of Minecraft, and the items are practically endless. This makes the game more variable. The only area that I personally dislike is the lack of items on mobile compared to PC. I understand that items, such as the Sargent United Shield, are specific to higher-end gaming platforms due to the complex controls. However, items that could easily be integrated into mobile should be added (Hint: Terraspark Boots - please!!). Also, feel free to respond for possible event ideas for the main game. Don’t get me wrong, I love this game, but because I love it I wish mobile could have more content.

Has changed so much. I played terraria for years and the first thing I noticed was holy cow the character creation sure has changed... I was dumbfounded at how drastically different it was before it was a simple UI that was easy to use. Of course I’m not saying it’s not as easy to use it’s just the other one was more direct. The second thing I noticed was your able to make large or medium worlds and not just small worlds now I own this on pc and I never really thought it was something they would add but hey they did now the last thing I noticed and this was huge the player UI has changed so much I was so confused in how to use it at first I was used to point and build and tap to attack it’s still kinda like that but “different” it’s kinda like your playing on console or pc where the inventory isn’t just three dots rather you have to click on the icon it was just confusing in the begging but was super easy to use after I got used to it I would definitely say that it’s changed for the better and I will always love this game thanks for making such a memorable and awesome game!

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This game is awesome but. This game is the best game iv ever played. Its been so long since the mobile community has gotten an update iv done everything i can do right now and ill go on terraria ever day hoping for an update just to happen iv even started more save files to play all the classes in their own worlds and it gets boring because i also have terraria on my xbox and its still getting updates and i get sadder and sadder each time it gets updates. Don’t get my wrong the updates motivate me to find the thing that was added but my hope for any updates on mobile goes down. I really hope to fight the Moon Lord on I pad iv even set my mane character’s world with 2 layers of plat forms to fight him but the update hasn’t come out. I really do love a challenge but expert mode isn’t out and i was really hoping for it because i personally think its to difficult on xbox with the controls. Please bring the update soon. From a fan of terraria.

I enjoyed the game until.... I used to love terraria mobile. A simple game with hundreds of features. I stopped playing the game for some time and decided to re download it recently. I’m not sure if this is because I didn’t back anything up or if it was the games fault, but all my worlds and characters were gone. Anyway I created a new character and a new world, which by the way takes ages to generate (this is probably due to the large update and it trying to run on mobile) and was shocked to find the new overly complicated controls system, which in my opinion, isn’t better in any way. I played around with the settings and tried to find an option to switch back to the old controls, but I couldn’t seem to find one. I hope you take this review into account along with several others, and either revert back to the old controls or add an option to use the old controls.

TERRARIA IS OK BUT NO UPDATES NOTHING IS NEW ITS BORING. I wish we had expert mode and had yoyos and all of that we need some updates on stuff and there’s a few glitches and stuff good game and all but I would really like it iff you made Yo-yos and expert mode on the iPad a thing and add moonlord as well cause like you only get to the golem and that’s it once the golems deafeted you’ve completed everything and don’t get anymore bosse like the moonlord I would really like it if you could and plantara that big pink flower thing when it hits me I can’t move it’s REALLY ANNOYING so please fix the glitches put in exspert mode And don’t forget yo-yos and for another suggestion put in some sort of dessert boss cause EVERY SINGLE BIOM HAS A BOSS the dessert is left alone iff you can’t put in a dessert boss make it a mini boss and add more mobs in the dessert like what the pc has like that big flying bug thing PLEASE PUT IN AN UPDATE and another thing when you fight a boss can you make other monsters come and disturb you and that the bosses little serving thing once you get rid of them they COME BACK and make the companions come and be alive but once you kill them make them so they don’t come back

Fantastic game. 1 problem. The new movement controls are basically the only issue. They are atrocious. A cute Fishron or UFO mount are now a necessity to get around, and both are only available late-game and aren’t easy to get. Wings are borderline unusable. There are already less glitches than were in the game before the 1.3 update which is good, but there has been the introduction of a pretty bad bug where using the guide, you can craft anything with just 1 item used in the crafting recipe. I have been waiting 4 years for the 1.3 update on mobile and I can’t say I’m disappointed, but the new movement controls and lack of customisation for them is certainly a major drawback.

This is amazing. I know that poeple hate the new controlls, get used to the it took me only 300 minutes to figure them out and the update makes the game so much more fun. It has such a great storyline, unlike other games, building in terraria is so easy and the stuff you can make is incredible. But the online multiplayer mode is very painful to set up and maybe they should make it easier to download maps so you can do other cool stuff. But no cheating, i hate how poeple brag about how cool they are with their cheated in items. When people like me actually worked hard and completed the game with no mods or glitches. And this takes me to my point, when they had to most recent update they tried to get rid of all the glitches, and they did so getting rid of the guide glitch (giving you any item you want). But they missed the item frame duplication glitch which lets you duplicate any item you want. I actually tested this out when i was getting moon sigils for my friends but they didnt want pay me back so i cheated them in using the glitch and to be honest its over powered ,you can get three stacks of anything in seconds. Other than that this is the best game ever made and i wish it wont end on1.4( i might a campaign😅)

Fix the game. Now dont get me wrong i love the game and all been playing for 2 years but this new 1.3 update has made me need to drop the game for a bit cause you need to double swipe to fly making it incredibly hard to fly and when you swipe to the side your sword only swings once please bring back the auto swing i cant aim while tapping a button i need to aim and move yet i only have 2 thumbs with 3 buttons i need to use now which makes combat utterly impossible i love the nee crafting menu and inventory and my favourite part of the update id have to say is being able to arrange your npc’s but all of that’s useless if i cant play the game i hope you read this and use it to improve the game but overall i think id currently prefer the old version you should also add an option to do that add an option to switch from the 1.3 version to the old version it’d just make it more fun for people who prefer the old version but other than that i think I’ve said my complaints

Amazing but..... (read). I’ve been playing since the release of iOS and before I played pc but then console and considering the amount of achievements this game has exceeded on its numerous other platforms I was wondering if either a limited time mode or for all devices creative mode or an item or something. It would compensate for the numerous glitches on iOS and the fact that we haven’t had an update in a while. Also the game needs a few patches and availability to more things for un-treated devices like an update that makes something for people who don’t have the available space or qualification for a better device. By the way I’m just asking for something and I’m not hating on the game as it’s frickin amazing I love the game and love Xbox and pc. Btw anyone now how to get mods on pc?

How this game has improved.... I have been playing Terraria on mobile since the start of 1.2. I couldn’t stop playing at it was amazing. The only thing lacking was the new updates, a cool interface and a whole update. But then it came, and the also Journeys end. And I cannot restate how much the game has improved. The epic title screens always get me hyped and the music is delicious. The interface I had to get used to but it well worth it. You can now dodge properly and you and zoom in and out the screen which is a necessary function that makes the game so much better. I am currently going through a run on expert mode with 61 hours of game time I cannot stop playing Lol. Thank you for the amazing updates beyond my expectations even though I am coming back late, since for a while I completely forgot about the game.

Controls need tweaking for 1.3. Since being a previous player of the old mobile terraria and the pc version. These movements and attach controls are quite weird and tedious, they need changing. Using a jump button is really annoying and should either be built in or an option to move it into the joystick. Where moving the joystick up made you jump and fly. I much prefer that and is more intuitive to use. As well using buttons to attack is the most annoying thing. Having to use “aim and use” is what I prefer, being like the old terraria but you have to pull the joystick to swing each individual time. Extremely annoying. The size of the joysticks is quite annoying and the ability to move, change size or remove buttons would be really nice. I find the joysticks are just to small, as well compared to playing the old mobile terraria. I don’t need jump or attack buttons. Just quick health and grapple. And maybe targeting. Auto door close doesn’t work that much. I know old mobile terraria has it and it is really nice to have. Overall most of the UI and game I can say is smooth and amazing. But others are quite tedious and clunky. I know many people would agree and have agreed on this issues so please fix or consider.

I like it a lot. There I only one bug I am facing is that I cannot use the shield of the eye of Cthulhu. I have it equipped with the instruction to double tap in the direction I intend to use it but it doesn’t work. Not sure why. Otherwise I am pretty happy with the updates (miss the old style for sure but messing around with the settings a little bit got it back to a little bit of what it was) Tough playing on a phone that’s for sure and not much I can complain about that wouldn’t be fixed by playing on a bigger screen. Otherwise I love it. Great feel to start at rock bottom again! You will see more of me playing that’s for sure! I would recommend this game highly to any who like the grind of old style games. You will love it!

To the guy who said 1.3 wouldn’t come out. I swear to god, search it up it has been mention so many times that their still working on the mobile version. Maybe if you would actually do a little bit of research you would know that. It’s people like this who frustrate me so much because they didn’t put in the 3 seconds of research it takes to actually know that 1.3 is coming out for mobile but we all just need to give the developers a break. They are focussed on 1.3 for console and working on mobile, and the statement “our phones, iPads and consoles can’t handle it” is so wrong that it makes me cringe. Please if your going to write a comment that will spark so much debate. Do You Research.

Amazing game. I really like this game and have a few suggestions 1. When you get the beastiery for a mob (or when you get the banner for it) in a journey world you can summon an infinite amount of it (I think I forgot about statues) 2. An all in one accessory, (only things that increase stuff or show stuff so no things to fly, things that extend flight or some other stuff) it requires all accessories to craft (you need all the accessories to craft including stuff like the shell phone or any other many in one accessories) so it would be a all in one accessory So those were it and I would like it if my suggestions were in the game. Wait… why am I suggesting to the people who uploaded the game to mobile and not the people who actually make the game?

Amazing game but could have cooler features. Terraria is one of my favourite games and I just love how it works and how the game is played out. Even though I think this is one of the best games ever I still think it could have some cooler features, like some in different terraria mods. Something that I would really like to be added, like the calamity mod, in master mode when you defeat a boss you get a special weapon that is really good. It would also be cool if in expert mode when you defeat a boss it’s not guaranteed and has a low drop chance to make the game just that little bit interesting. Another features that would be cool is some more complicated crafting recipes and steps that are really good and some over powered accessories you can make after you defeat the moon lord, because right now, the only thing you get is weapons and armour so that would be really cool. I hope the terraria devs see the review and if so please consider make these features into you game. Love all the people who made this game, you are all awesome!

New controls. I have been with this game on iOS before the wall of flesh was a thing I stayed even when my save of years was deleted waited years for 1.3 to be added but I can’t stand for these controls there completely useless if your going to implement them at least give an option for the original controls there just utterly terrible I find myself pressing settings constantly and why is the flight/jump button a seperate thing it’s just so inconvenient also the new crafting and chest UI is simply a lazy copy from pc I have stuck with this game for years but this is a deal breaker many things have been broken in this game but this has to be the saddest execuse for one these controls and UI are built for pc not iOS they do not work and are over complicated not intuitive at all please fix this. Please add an option to be able to swap back to the old controls and keep the new one cause I know people who love and hate.

Pretty darn good. I love this game I remember watching stampy daily and playing on Xbox and having tons of fun playing on mobile now 1.4 is here it’s ascended to god tier it’s amazing from new items to useful glitches this game has it all the pacing is perfect you play to a point you feel almost over powered and then you hit a difficulty spike making the game an actual challenge which is definitely diverse from the games of today which get easier and easier this game teaches you on the level of mega man X this game is a must try so if I convince you to play this game and you feel as if it’s to hard just go in to journey mode put on invincibility and play because over all at its core it is a game and a fun game at that ; )

I like the new content but.... Honestly, the new controls are hard to use and I know the devs changed the flying controls in the latest update (time of writing) but it can also be confusing since there are so many buttons. I hope there can be a legacy option for the screen lay out. More importantly, you can no longer make tiny worlds, making it impossible to create and enter into new worlds on lesser devices. The crashing is constant and is annoying and makes it almost impossible to play the game. I am a veteran of this game and enjoyed the various challenges and exploring, but it's sad to not be able to play this, especially when new content has been added.

New controls are terrible. I love the new content added in 1.3, but the control overhaul was absolutely terrible. The only useful things are the smart cursor and potions buttons. Flying well is incredibly hard now because instead of just using the left joystick to fly, you have to DOUBLE-SWIPE up to fly and that makes it so much harder to fly well. Using the seperate fly/jump button is harder because it requires a third finger to be able to move, fly and attack at the same time. The only use for moving the left joystick up is to go up ropes, which you will almost never do. Flying, however, is very common and should not have been made so hard to do. All of the new buttons are stupid anyway because using the joysticks was the easiest way to play. I do like that you can now have 10 hotbar slots on a phone, but the new movement system is very bad. The left joystick is also very small and you should be able to change it more. Some people may like the new movement system, but a lot of Terraria veterans absolutely despise it. There should be much more customisation when it comes to the movement. That’s basically all. I hope 505 reads this and realises what they have done. A perfect game had been essentially ruined for me just because of the stupid movement system.

Moon lord plz. I have had this game for 2 years now and I have defeated every boss but the ones on pc and console. Every time it updates I always go to the dungeon to check if the pc boss is there. Every time I get disappointed because it is not there. I have defeated duke fishron about 50 times and golem a bajillion times. The game need moon lord ( and conveyer belts ) to keep being good. JUST RELEASE 1.3 PLEASE. Moon lord is meant to be the final boss so I still haven’t officially completed the game yet on mobile because I’m waiting for moon lord to finish the game. Yes I can buy it on steam but then I don’t get all my saved data. I will buy the game on steam just for the moon lord because then it will be fun......... the end PLZ MOON LORD

LOVE THIS GAME AND I HAVE SOME SUGGESTIONS. Hey, I love this game so much and I can’t wait for the 1.3 update On mobile I’ve got a request for the developers if they could add online multiplayer or like a friends option so we can friend people and like say if I was to friend someone they would get a request when they get on the game and you could except it which I think would come in handy rather than being on the same network also another request I had because I read the reviews for like information on what others thought just because I wanted to see others opinions but I read someone’s and it said something about adding a desert boss and I thought that would be cool and the best boss that would match the desert would be a cobra so yeah I’m just taking in someone’s idea but yeah there just 2 suggestions I thought to just write about in my review but yeah I love this game so much and if your reading this and your thinking about getting it well I’m telling you this much you should definitely get it because if you don’t your missing out

Lost a lot of players. I absolutely love terraria it is one of my favourite games that I have ever played I played a lot on mobile because the controls were simple and they were used to be quite old and many bosses went in game it was still one of my favourite games ever on mobile however I have bought the game on steam recently because I can absolutely not stand the new mobile controls I think terraria understands that this is made them lose many many many players including myself I’m not saying I should get rid of the most recent controls but I think that should however at least add an option to go back to the older controls if they don’t like the way that you can weapon spam and take advantage of OP weapons like the North Pole but I would absolutely love an option for the old controls again or at least to configure the ones that are already in game if there was an option to turn the controls back to normal I’m sure many other players as well as myself would continue playing the game

Trash. Once your dead you may as well start again, there is no way you are getting your stuff back unless you are at a point where you can just not die. respawn is unreasonably long, does it really take 15 seconds to reload my house and put me in it? it’s impossible to just “pick up and play” for new people, unless you have played the entire time and have all the gear it is a living hell. lighting is terrible if you are going to have transparent enemy’s like slimes, can’t see them at all, and why is a yellow slime able to kill new players in 2 hits? are we supposed to be able to do it back? I’m sorry if the trash gear you give us to start off with can’t do that. impossible to play without the plug-in or with glitches. all things considered I like the designs, that’s why you got a 2 not a 1 but I thing it is unfair and impossibly hard for new players. not expecting a reply, you never do. and if “Journeys end” is going to be the last update then god help us, there are so many things wrong that we will have to live with.

LOVE THE NEW UPDATE!!! but controls :/. 1.3 is finally here after all these years! I love the update so much I would really recommend playing this it is a really fun game. But when I first jumped into the game I felt like there was lots going on, including the controls when you start or enter a game it really confusing and hard when trying to defeat bosses. I don’t Iike how all the controls are set out I was thinking if maybe in the future you could add custom controls? Or just make it more simple like 1.2, the controls was just really full on and hard to use especially the sword control. I don’t like how you need to keep on pressing while doing other things at the same time. But overall this game is great fun!

Love it, but could still be better. For years I’ve been playing on my Mum’s iPad, and I’ve always wondered why computer has all the best terraria stuff. Why not give mobile exclusive stuff to console and computer, and computer exclusive stuff to mobile and console? Terraria would be a much better and more vast and connective game. If all platforms had nothing to keep for themselves, then they could all join each other. One thing I SERIOUSLY want on mobile is the Tavernkeep and Old One’s army. It would also be cool to add everything else. Also, try and bring this with journey’s end. PLZ PLZ PLZ RESPOND TO THIS!!!!!!!

YEEAAAAaaahh?? New controls?. I absolutely love terraria and I have it on console, pc, mobile and have always enjoyed playing it, and when I heard that the mobile version was getting a content update I was completely thrilled! The only problem I have with it is the new controls. Don’t get me wrong, the new ones are pretty effective, but I’ve spent a lot of my time using the original controls and I’ve gotten super used to them. The new ones are quite touchy and small on a phone screen (although I mainly play on ipad (when were talking mobile)). I think that they should add an option to change the attack and movement to the original controls so phone users can have a better time when It comes to fighting, digging and exploring (had to say that). Overall, I absolutely love this new update and I think it was definitely what terraria on mobile needed. HECK YEAH!!!

The new controls make the game unplayable. I’m not entirely sure who decided that in order to make the game better they had to make everything infinitely more complicated. I’ve played terraria for many many years and it hold a very special place in my heart but since the 1.3 update over a year ago it’s become virtually unplayable. When I returned recently to see if something had been improved I was greeted with the cluttered screen and horrific controls. The old controls, although not perfect, were at least intuitive. One side for moving and one side for weapons and tools, clean and simplistic. Now, in their infinite genius, the devs have decided to make everything smaller and harder to use, taking literally everything they could and putting it on the screen. I don’t understand why they can’t just give us the option to use the old controls and interface. Honestly until something is done I cannot and will not play this game. It is ridiculously and unnecessarily complicated and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Something is wrong with mine. It’s a great game although the new controls are a bit harder to get the hang of! The problem I’ve been having though is when I save and exit and come back another day it respawns me without my stuff and doesn’t fully save and I lose everything I had in my inventory and equipped which makes no sense and should not be happening. It’s very frustrating and I don’t know why it isn’t saving correctly. Also I had amazing worlds on my old phone it would be great if there was a feature to have an account where you can log in and access your worlds so I don’t have to restart completely on a new phone! Anyway it’s still great and super addictive.

AMAZING GAME. OMG this game is amazing but one small problem: Hi everyone this game is really amazing but one small problem I have not had a single blood moon not even when I downloaded it so you might think that not having a blood moon isn’t a problem but I think different you see I Love blood moons but you might think that am crazy but the reason why I love blood moons is I just love fighting in terraria By the way I am a really kind girl and I never fight in real life but you do not need to read my review but I would appreciate it if you would read my review from Elsie 😊 ps I Love terraria and I bet there are lots of people who love terraria as well and as much as me. From Elsie

Pls respond😕. I love this game it's the new minecraft or more modernised and my one wish is that you still update this wonderful game. Things like a station so you can rename items... and other stuff that might sound boring but they give people more ideas. So if you look around you and go back to work you'll see your own creativity unleashed with thousands of thoughts in other people and when you release the update everyone will feel like they're billionaires ... sometimes I say I'm bored and others will be to if you don't make some "update or vote for new item site" so people can vote for ideas that can be added to the game. Put your mind back together and go further... experiment on things... but get to the top of game history ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💥💥💥💥💥🤔

Controls since new update. The new update is AMAZING, but there is one big problem, the controls. Its ridiculous, the previous controls just needed a little tweeking. If we are able to have more options for controlls that’d be nice. The potions and hook bar is a really nice addon, but using a sword,pickaxe and other tools have become very hard. You can no longer jump and attack whilst moving, its become a pain, please change it. Second my game crashes even on the small world (i have an iphone 6+, so this is more of an older phone problem) so please add more graphics settings. Edit; i can now only run a small world for about 5 min before it crashes or if i fight a boss

Face it. Until the old, simplified controls are reimplemented back into the game, this game is UNPLAYABLE unless you have a controller. Touch controls are frankly impossible to use. Bindings don’t make sense at all, like having a seperate jump button next to the movement joystick, meaning you need at least 3 fingers on the screen to move effectively at all (not to mention seperate bindings for aiming and attacking). The new content is nice, but I haven’t been able to play for 10 minutes without closing the app because of the new controls. Bring the old bindings back as a setting under controls. Allowing us to ‘edit’ the control scheme is a half-arsed solution, you’re basically asking us to fix a problem you introduced. Just add a simple option to the control profile drop down menu: “Original touch controls”, or something along that line. Just watch, your play time will once again skyrocket as people won’t be intimidated by such a disgusting control scheme.

YAY! 1.3 Update! Oh wait.... NEW CONTROLS?!?!. I have been playing Terraria for several years now, and when I saw that 1.3 had come to mobile, I nearly cried with joy. Finally! Yoyo’s, Martians and Moon Lord! Then I started playing and tried to use the new controls. It’s ridiculous! To fly and attack at the same time requires the fingers! WHAT?!?! And don’t even get me started on the new crafting system........ Please Please PLEASE make an option that will make the controls the originals. The double-joystick system was awesome. But now the screen is so crowded with useless buttons! I, and probably a lot of other people, want the original controls back. Please read this. Thanks for making an awesome game. :)

What the hell are you devs thinking?!?!?!?. Look I have played terraria for years since I had in iPod 1, I left it a year ago cause I got bored when I couldn’t do moon lord, when I heard that it was getting a content update I was thrilled but when I got back on all my stuff was gone completely and I the control layout is absolutely terrible. So developers if you are reading this than remove the control layout or give an option to back to the classic mode. I looked through and I’m willing to bet that 80-90% of your bad and good review are about this new control thing. Don’t know why it had to change because it wasn’t bad. If your buying terraria for a first time it’s a great game and worth the money, however really needs the controls redone.

Can’t wait for the update. I’m glad to say that I’m excited to see that the developers have decided to update the game. Although one bug I can point out is when you paint multiple rooms one colour and one a different colour all rooms decide to switch between the two colours this for me isn’t that big of a deal but I thought will help out with the bug fixing. Overall I am hoping that the update comes out soon because I am mid late game and still am farming for the Razorpine which I know won’t keep me occupied forever so please bring the new update to Terraria as quick as possible. P.S Thanks for making this game on iPad

Yes it is very good but.... Over the years I have played a lot of terraria and finished it several times, and only now after all these years am I coming back to an update. I love the new details and items, but unfortunately the ui is ruined in my opinion. I think you have tried too hard to make it similar to PC but now it is just too cluttered and complicated for a mobile phone. Fingers are imprecise, so having the old version with two joysticks was a smart design. Not only this, but the new inventory and crafting looks odd, as it tries to fuse with the background making a confusing mess of colours and items. Would you be so kind as to add the old ui with old inventory and crafting screens? It just feels too complicated to be a mobile game, and everything worked fine before. All in all, great game and I think everyone should play it, but keep it simple

Very epic game but one single request. Overall this game is really nice, people hate the new controls but they are actually not that hard to get used and to the people who complain about not being able to fly with one finger and attack maybe you should check the jump option in the menu and do swipe up and you will be able to fly and attack at the same time. However I would really love to have a screenshot option for mobile, so you can capture a larger area as some multiplayer servers require you to do that for several reasons. Over a great mobile adaption fo a game.

It's great but. It the best game I have encountered yet but my character deleted and half of my world was frickin gone and every time I make new character and go back on the game my character deletes again. It took me like half a weak to make the world and the whole game is really glitchy and now I am starting to not like the game. All the stuff I had on my character is gone too, I HAD THE STAR CANNON AND A FRICKIN 50 DAMAGE SWORD BRA. I really wanted to save it to iCloud but then it went all frickin stupid nuts 🥜 bra. I was also just about to defeat the wall of flesh and enter hard mode. Now I really want to delete the game but then maybe not because you guys might bring out a new update out. And if you don't get us a new friggin update I WILL DESTROY YOU AND THE REST OF YOUR FRICKIN CREW, I will be watching ya bra.

BEST GAME EVER YOU HAVE TO PLAY!!. Ok so I have been playing terraria for as long as I can remember. Me and my older brother used to play it alot but he soon fell out of love with terraria. However I still absolutely love it you can play for as long as you like and never get board. If you are a minecraft player like me I highly suggest terraria as you will have a great time playing it. Don’t tell the minecraft creators but I think terraria is better🤫 just kidding no but seriously THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO! And with the new 1.4 update the biggest update ever you will have sooooooo much more to do my personal favourite new feature of the 1.4 update is pylons they make traveling around your world so much easier. But I have one question why have a mushroom biome pylon if there is only one NPC who likes the mushroom biome (the truffle) my question is can you guys please make another npc that loves the underground mushroom biome?? But other than that terraria is AWESOMEEEEEE AND YOU NEED TO PLAY ITTTTT!!

Bad game controls. Ok so just before you say, you just have to practice with the controls the thing is you do need to practice allot I’ve been playing for years when the new update came out I began to find the game more unplayable I played with the controls for hours and then went to fight the wall of flesh which should have been easy with the gear I had but no I tried to use the old controls by just pushing up to jump and fly with my wings this fails terribly and I died and could not beat an easy boss please make a setting where you can choose the old controls because I’ve quit terraria until it gets new controls that aren’t so scuffed to use please listen and don’t just say it takes practice for I was happy with the old controls and didn’t want the new controls and I’m sure that’s the same with a lot of people so please Change them

STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE CONTROLS!!!. This will be both a guide to newer players and a reminder to the dumb asses complaining about the fact that the to fly or jump u have to double swipe up. The fact of the matter is their is this incredible thing called the settings with this incredible thing called swipe up to jump and it has this amazing thing that like let’s you enable it called the on and off button, also you can turn on auto swing for any new characters I understand that can be annoying spamming the button to use ur sword is it hurts my thumbs. Cheers.

This is an odd complaint but.... I think that it’s better if you keep the mobile exclusives. Heck, don’t just keep mobile exclusives, but bring back all the exclusives deleted in every port of the game! Now I know why you’re probably deleting them. Things like people being jealous their friend’s version of terraria has a boss or item their version doesn’t have, but I think that exclusives are what make a version so special! I honestly believe that the console and mobile editions should have/keep their exclusive content, and if you want to, add some pc exclusives as well. This game still gets five stars, but I just thought I should address this.

I think it’s good buuuuttttt. I love this game always play it but I have one problemamo You see everything is good in the new update but I Hate the controls of course at the start everywon dosent likethem but I think to fix it you should be able to place each button seperate on a part of the screen you want like fortnite I love the new buttons tho and the joysticks should be able to jump cause the jump button is right next to the joystick so you can’t use both at the same time so make the controls movable make it always aim and use or get rid of the jump button and make the joystick jump by holding up once not twice to use it

Tip. There are many issue that we come across on the game like the sings on the game you guys made have been an issue from the start and some of the glitch’s that can done to this game is weird and more oftentimes they crash on some devices but if u have a beefy phone that dose not do that then that’s fine for the people who love the game and many bugs that occurred on this platform. It there’s any thing u like is still a bit of hope for the mobile gamers out there and we need to say we want more fix’s on the game you guys developed. Please don’t give up. We hope we can support you guys to the last second. Ps love the developers who made this game is amazing.

The Multiplayer Misfortune. As a Terraria IOS veteran, I can still safely say (even whilst having to adjust to the new controls 😤) that Terraria is arguable my favourite game at the moment. But this update brings one particular problem that I really want solved: multiplayer. Every time I want to host a multiplayer world the game always says “Your device doesn’t have enough RAM to operate a multiplayer world” (or something along those lines). This has so far been quite a detriment to my gameplay and would appreciate immensely is any further updates could make Multiplayer easier to host/play. Nonetheless, this game is still one of my all time favourites and have had a really good time playing it.

New mobile controls. I love this game I’ve played it for years, but I have to say, the new update controls are absolutely wack. Doing anything in the game now has a level of difficulty that has taken the joy out of playing the game. If the update had simply added the new items and not changed the controls, I would have said it was great, but the new controls are not "polished" as the update says, it just makes it harder to use. The previous controls were much easier to use and didn’t make you completely stop to complete certain activities. Overall, I’d have to say this update was a failure, and will probably alienate a good portion of players. It may be best to re-implement the old controls.

If it broke don’t fix it. I returned to this game recently after a few years but when I redownloaded I found that all my worlds and characters were gone? Fine, I’ll start a new character and world but the world generation for a SMALL WORLD took way too long (pls optimize). Even once I did get into the world I find that the controls are completely over complicated and make the game downright not enjoyable. When it was the old control scheme I had so much fun playing terraria and I even got some good weapons on my first night but now with the new control scheme I died at least five times on the first night and just decided to quit. I thought this was an alternative to pc but it seems you are driving us all away with this garbage control scheme. The old control scheme wasn’t at all broken and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it Give us the option to have the old controls (all of them not just auto use and swipe jump).

The pain. I have killed a voodoo demon and threw it in lava and the Wall of flesh spawned, I was in Expert mode and I fought it and was very excited to get the demon heart but when the progress percentage of the “Setting world to hard mode” hits 69%, the game froze, I waited 5 more minutes and still nothing happened. So I turned off my iPad and tried again, this time, I got the compass dropped by the mother slime and went down to the underworld, I slayed the voodoo demon again after waiting 10 minutes to find it then I defeated the Wall of flesh again and the same thing happened, this time I lost the demon heart and the compass which is really sad. I won’t play Terraria until an update to fix this comes because my main goal is to defeat the Wall of flesh first when I open it again.

Best Game Ever. Period.. ( All the people who are planning to buy this game should read the reviews and comments ) So, I was very interested in this game as I was reading the comments about this game. Watched few YouTubers play this and it seemed awesome. I was tempted to buy this game. And finally I have it. After playing the game for 2 days, I’ve never been bored. It was very cool how when you keep on playing this game, the more things you find out. However, I do not think that it will ever update to the PC version. A computer and a tablet or phone do not function like a PC. It will be updated but the developers will only fix the bugs. That’s all. I am very sorry if you lost your hope.

Simpleness. terraria is just simplistic, and it’s run by a good developer and is replayable even if you played it thousands of times already, it’s fun to see shimmer and other things added into this game and also make the terraspark boots a thing. The game was good in all of its stages. From the pre 1.4 duplication patch and the slime mount invincibility glitch, these things were lengendary for me, as a pre 1.4 player I can say that things were still as good as it was right now, the premise of the game is simple also, get weapons, go to the dungeon then go through everything else, it’s the drive to kill that one boss or finish that event that you didn’t finish, and all of the bosses make it very rpg-like and the wave defense style of events and the old ones army is just amazing. It crosses over in all directions, you can loot chests and crates and even when you don’t get the item you wanted, you can still say “Well, that’s unfortunate, I’ll get Hermes boots the next golden chest then” it’s the fact that the game gives you things like wings and literal lasers, then making you restart with some magic branches and wooden swords, it’s the drive to get back to the place you were in a completely different way. The game isn’t lying about what it has in offer for you. Dig! Fight! Explore! Build!

Great but 3 fairly big problems.... Hello Terraria developers! I love your game, and would love to see new updates and to it soon. However, I have 3 problems that have ruined the entire game for me. 1.My iCloud save, isn’t working... it always just says “please go into settings and turn on iCloud for Terraria.” But... I have! Multiple times! I’ve turned it off then off, and I’ve turned it off, swiped both apps out of my recent, turned it back on and went back in. Nothing! My best and favourite save is on the iCloud save and I miss it so bad!. 2.This one I guess isn’t that bad... but I can’t join anybody else’s game, and nobody can join my game. and it’s really a bummer. Me and other people like my friends and brother always want to play together on Terraria, but we can’t! Because I can’t join anybody and nobody can join me! 3.Random save files have just been deleting the self. It’s not to bad seeming as they delete themselves for the save file is any good. But still... it’s more like I have 4 save files instead of 6. And that’s not even including the iCloud. (As far as I know the ones on iCloud don’t delete themselves). Please get these problems fixed! I’d love to be able to play Terraria in my good, trusted save file with friends! -Evelyn

Terraria USED to be fun.... Terraria used to be one of my favourite games: it was Minecraft but better. The problems began about 6 months ago; me and a couple of my friends lost characters on iOS. This would was a massive problem because this was the only profile I used, and I was also about to kill Duke Fishron. Ok, the developers made a mistake, move on. However, no matter how many times I sent emails to the developers, all they did was apologise (quite dismissively might I add) and did nothing to fix the problem. Then, about a week ago, Terraria added new controls for iOS. This was the thing that made me angry. These new controls are not even LOGICAL, let alone usable. Revert to the old controls because I have seen many a complaint about them. Maybe also get better customer service too, because I am starting to think that the developers don’t even care about the people who play this game. If you are considering buying this game, don’t bother. If I am lucky I will get some lame developer response apologising and then doing nothing about it. Don’t bother to get this game.

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1.3 UI sux. The UI is sucky now I can’t even play correctly. Heck I cant even kill some of the weak bosses!Plz give a classic option I need this desperately!!!

Ughhh. Used to like the game but because of the resent update the controls make it impossible to play would suggest this game to a friend but not anymore it would just be a waste of there money this is a genuinely good game but I literally can’t play it because of the controls!

Awesome. Awesome Game, i am really addicted to it so bad.Good luck and awesome game!

Controls. I just can’t handle the new controls and there isn’t an option to turn them back to the old ones

ALMOST PERFECT. The new update brings ssoooooo much new stuff and i love all of it but with the new update also brings a new interface and controls, which are kinda hard to get used to, i looked for something in the menu to turn the controls back to how they were before but I couldn’t find anything, something that would DEFINITELY make this update ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for some people would be an option to have the old controls back.

Please fix this!!!!!. Terraria was a great game until the newer updates. I use to love playing it on my phone more than console or computer but ever since the new update it sucks. The controls are terrible. The worst part is you can’t even jump with the left stick anymore, there’s a button. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen a game do. Please fix it!!!!!😡😡 I was reading all the one star and everyone is saying bring back the old controls!!!!!! BRING IT BACK!!!!!!😡😡😡🤬🤯🤬🤯🤯😡😡

Critical People. Whoever is upset about the new controls, just play the game more, you’ll get used to it

I hate new controls. The new controls are way to confusing if you don’t add an option to turn them back to the old ones I’m quiting forever

Can we please have a option. Please make a setting for the old controls the new one is to much man I miss playing it with old controls

Old controls back. We want old controls back

I love this game!. I love this game because there is animals such as bunnies, squirrels, and slimes! Also you can costimize your character! It is really cool 😎

put back the old comands. the screan display is hard to play

Noooo. My character got deleted from an update and I had really good stuff🙁

Terraria 1.3. Great game, Re-Logic! Hopefully you guys release 1.3 on mobile soon, I need moar boss battlez!

Crashes. Seems to crash shortly after I start running around, no matter what I do differently. Please fix

Controls. I miss the old controls these new ones are to complicated.

When Will 1.5 Be Here?. Ok first, absolute banger if a game, beaten every mode, with every class, and every secret seed (not with every class) on every difficulty and now I’m a little bored, but really exited for 1.5, release it soon please and R.I.P leinfors 😢

Awesome game but…. I see that many people want the old controls back, but just rate the damn game for how it is, not for how you want it to be. Honestly, this game is one of my favourite, if not already my top 1. There’s just so much to do and so much to create! It’s really an awesome game!

Awesome game. Bro I stg if you hate on terraria I just can’t with you man like come on

Haha yes. Hahaha yes

Played this for over ten years and its still just as good. The game has always been more enjoyable than minecraft and is soo fun with soo many magic and sci fi its perfect for casual game play and its easier to play than minecraft that feels tiresome This is such a cartoon classic i dont think they can beat this gameplay until they come out with vr and advanced video game streaming processes for our phone to allow virtual multiverse games Its not going to happen for years and ive been playing terraria on pc since 2010 and im playing it faster than ever on mobile !!!! Amazing and idk about the controls but it cant be any worse than pubg mobile lol

annoyed. what happened to the iCloud save feature? I lost about 300 hrs of play because they removed it. I spent 4 nights grinding for the rod of discord and i’m annoyed that i lost all of my work. the game is one of my favourites but this rly rubbed me the wrong way.

One of my favourite games. Terraria is like my favourite ios game but I wonder when the next "Big" update will come out? I can't wait for it.

Great game tbh. I really like the game,I got this game years ago not knowing what to do but now that I have the hang of it I played on one character for 200 hours and have the best gear possible

Still waiting. When's the next update!

GREAT GAME. This game is a very fun and a good survival game. Inside Terraria you can do much more things than in Minecraft, like building materials, hammering the blocks, fighting all lot of bosses, and much more. I would definitely recommend this to a friend or someone who likes to play survival games. When you first play this game and have no experience, it wouldn’t be very fun, but once your good it will be super fun. All you need to do is watch tutorials

Can’t stop playing. Terraria is my favourite game it’s absolutely perfect there is a variety of so many weapons to chose so many blocks and so many enemies and bosses you can fight the only negative thing I can say about this game is once you start playing you can’t stop

Terrible controls after update. I can’t stand the new controls for the game I miss the old controls, I can’t even play the game with out getting annoyed with the controls

The new interface. I love the game I have for years now... but the new interface is not right, it’s to confusing for the phone. There are too many buttons and it’s a good idea, I think you should go into more depth with the customization and the way it works to new players or people who haven’t played for a while and are coming back thinking, what’s all this, I can’t play this. That’s my suggestion.

Controls. The new controls are unusable. Can you add an option to switch them back.

Switch back to the old controls in settings. The old controls were way better than these Please make the option to switch between them

Won't open. The game won't even load to the main menu it just crashes

SuNsEt. I love this game so so so so much! It’s really good✨ building houses, palace, cabin, underground base. You name it terraria has it! ✨✨✨ But one thing I would really enjoy 😉 Is if you added “GOD MODE” It could be like 4.99$ And the fun thing would be is you can build lots of things more easy and get lots of mounts! If you don’t add “GOD MODE” that’s okay 😊 Your game is good enough! You did a very good job ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ FIVE STAR RATINGS!

been my favourite game. i have been playing this game for so long now i cant even seem to remember, but all that time its been a blast being able to play this great game with friends. 10/10 game, i would recommend purchasing.

Best game ever!!. I have been playing this game since 1.2 came out

The new controls. The new controls are horrible

Controls. It's so hard to function with the crowded layout for the controls. The ones previous to these were perfect. Nothing else to say other than add more of a customizable option for controls or just go back to the good ones. Read your damn reviews, the people want this

I hate the new controls. Make it so i can change back to the old controls

AMAZING GAME! Play on PC not Mobile. Love the game but stopped playing mobile after 1 hour. Bought on PC (steam) and its WAYYYY better and easier to play on PC

Won't save. The game won't save, can't use flame dye crashes every time I play and freezes up my I pad. Please fix love the game but can't play cause it won't save

Version seems to have broken local network play. Before this new update I could play with my son by each using our own iPads. Now I can no longer see his game in multiplayer. :(

Close to unplayable. I mean, the game runs great and all, but the new UI has really been messing me up. I can’t throw my boomerang the right way, the auto lock locks onto a wraith instead of the guy right in front of me, the mining is slower or unreliable if you go the same speed. Quick heal and quick mana were nice additions, but everything else is a nuisance. I struggle to fight three enemies now because I can swing behind me anymore. I don’t know, I feel like this UI wasn’t thought through at all. Just kinda thrown in there to add something new. I get the idea of it and all, make everything more accessible, but it has ruined my experience for the last times I played. My suggestion would be to add a setting that lets you switch from the old UI and the newer one. Of course there would have to be some range tweaking for the old one but that’s nothing bad.

Crashes. It crashes every time I try to play terrari on my iPod

Controls and characters is gone. The controls are awful after update And my guy is deleted

TRULY AMAZING 100% recommended. I have been loving this game since the day my freinds pressured me into playing. And it is truly one of the things you can look back on and say huh that was really nostalgic I 100 percent would recommend I had such a good time playing

Cloud characters. What happened to being able to retrieve your cloud characters? + = Garbage. The “new” controls are trash, have an option for old interface. I have tried to pickup and play on and off for the past year... and just can’t. KISS, KeepItSimpleStupid. Maybe the new controls are good for adept users or something, but you’re going to have a hard time attracting new players with these new controls. And new players means new purchases, new purchases is likely the only way to generate more profit....

Controls. The new controls are so annoying, I downloaded again recently because my friends were playing on PC and i can’t even play

Please make an old version option!. I loved he old version, I played it all the time! I don’t get the new version. It’s too much. They should at least add a old version choice!

I love the controls!. I guess I’m just that one crazy person who likes the controls. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Sooooooo... this is a new part... I was playing in hardcore mode and it glitched and my summons attacked ME and killed me.🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃

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Multiplayer and controls for mobile. Terraria is one of my favorite games and I’ve been playing this for a long time now and I love the update it’s great and all, but the extra controls are to complicated, and too many buttons on the screen that I can hardly fight or see the monsters. I like the old controls because it was more simpler and easier to see the screen, so if you can think about changing the controls back then that’ll be cool. Multiplayer is a bit confusing when you want a friend that’s far to join your game, there’s all these steps and downloading files just to let a friend join. Why can’t it be more simpler like Minecraft, you can add the players name so you don’t have to download files to add your friend in game. If you can consider into making multiplayer easier for others around the world to join, then that’ll be great but ik it has a chance of not getting changed and that’s cool ig, (idk if that made since) I still love the game though, it’s really cool and hopefully these two will be fixed in the future.

Love it but a glitch.... I am honestly a very big old school terraria fan! If you ever see me, there is a good chance you will see me playing this game. I do like the new journeys end update, but i can't play! Because there is a bug where when you load up your world, when it says "Settling liquids" It stops on 50%! This is a horrible bug, i tried deleting and reinstalling, i closed windows of other apps, and i restarted my phone, but i can't load my world! If i could actually PLAY THE GAME this would get a gaurenteed 5 stars. I don't see very many people play terraria now of these days but if your reading this please oh please try out this game! When you can actually load in a world... 😒 Anyway PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!!! You have my aprectioation if anyone else does! Keep up the good work!... and one more thing, you know how you guys called it "Journeys end" Is it really the end, like the final update you will ever make? Please don't stop here 505!!!!!!!! Keep up the great apreciated work everybody in the team at 505 games! With regards: Ethan.

My game crashed and erased a weapon I got. Just wanna say, I love this game. It is one of if not my favorite game of all time. But recently I was in a cave and found a Crimson Mimic, basically a living chest that drops rare weapons when killed, it is a tough fight especially where I'm at in the game. And it dropped the specific weapon that I needed to kill a boss. I was so relieved because there are 5 different weapons that drop from the Mimic and the one I needed just happened to drop from it. Just about a minute later the game crashed and I immediately got back on the game and loaded my save and boom, the weapon was gone. There is nothing I can do about it but grind for the weapon now, which is an insanely tedious process for how rare the weapon is and how tough the fight is. I'm probably going to take a break from playing for now. TLDR; I got a rare weapon that I needed and then my game crashed resulting in my weapon getting deleted.

CONTROLLER COMPATIBILITY???. The game is AMAZING on console and I love the game, this mobile version is great when it comes to how up to date it is however most “popular games” have controller compatibility as an option but this game does not, and I believe this is a game that NEEDS controller compatibility! It shouldn’t be too hard to add and I would like if it would be in the game, the controls make it hard for me to maneuver and be efficient, I would be better with more control! I know I’m going on a rant here but it’s true. Minecraft has this feature already and so does Call of Duty! I love those games and I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME but it’s hard to play without a controller in my hands, and I really badly want to play this mobile version and experience it but with ease. Please 505 games respond if you aren’t going to add this feature or if you are, I would like to know, also when it comes to the items and biomes on mobile, keep it up:) Sincerely, your favorite Terrarian!

Truffle bug. I don’t know how it works or why it happens, but the requirements for the truffle to spawn broke in two of my worlds. I set up surface mushroom biomes which were about 400 blocks long each (background and music changed too) and on the opposite side of the world from the corruption and crimson. I built multiple houses in these biomes and checked to make sure they were suitable houses which they were. Spent days waiting for the truffle but he didn’t spawn. I finally got him to spawn by building him a 17 x 24 block house in a second surface mushroom biome I built in the world. Tried moving him to the other biome and did but only after I built a second house about the same size. I messed with the second house and now he can’t move there. It’s bigger than the one he’s in and the menu says the house is suitable, but not for the truffle. I don’t know why this is happening. It’s not catastrophic for me, but it could be for other players so I thought I would mention this. Other than that this is a great game!

Love it but a few adjustments. Terraria was one of my favorite childhood games, and I love the fact it hasn’t had any major changes since I last played. It’s a fun 2d sandbox game, and the possibilities are pretty much endless. That is if you have the imagination for, of course. For multiplayer I would like it if you guys added a chat box. People could have the option to turn it on or off if they think the chat will be too toxic. I think it would be a good way to communicate instead of doing the simple sword swing, jumping, or taking the time to write out a message. My second recommendation is to make a kick option. I’ve always had that one guy who joins and just trolls everybody with land mines, and more. Even though I’m starting to play terraria less, I think these recommendations will make the multiplayer slightly better. I know I’m late, and I don’t mind if you guys take this review seriously, or even read it at all. I understand you guys have a lot to deal with besides terraria, but I love the hard work you guys put into this game, and hope you continue it with others.

Few dupe bugs and how to fix maybe and thing I hope in the future. Ok so first is the dupe glitch in you can dupe with the chest being saved with the world but every chest should have a number and/or letter to clarify it and make a save file for the Number ID and make the inventory and number is save together but idk if it will work but also I wish you could download the game from a website you made and make a way to link you Nintendo Xbox steam PlayStation and more so than I’d you have bought it on the website you can just get it from the store your using for free so you don’t have to pay and extra 10-40$ for it on different consoles. AND NOW CROSS PLAY everyone has wanted to play with friends but oh no on of your friends are on pc and you on Xbox how do they play a sever and that takes a lot of time to setup and cross play would be so fun but I love this game the community is so nice not really any rude people I just wanted to share thank you if you seen this.

Terraria is so fun! But there is something wrong.. I love terraria! It such a good game to play anywhere! Plus it needs no WiFi! Although the new 1.3 edition changed controls and now it’s so hard to understand the controls while I was good at the old controls. Please bring back the old controls! Ok I have been playing for a little bit now and the 1.3 controls STINK. It is so hard to not die even if you find a spear or a powerful weapon. Pleaaasassseeeee you MUST bring back the old controls! You will make everybody and even ME happy! Edit: Ok enough is enough, you need to bring back old controls, people are losing interest in this game, BRING THEM BACK PLZZZZ, were begging you to bring back the lovely old controls. So simple, so easy, so BEUTIFUL... PLEASE BRING THEM BACK! 😭edit: alright I just re downloaded the game and I saw the controls were still bad. I have a feeling re-logic is never going to bring back the old controls, people loved the old controls, I remember my old account that was about to beat moon lord. Then. The. New. Controls. Came..... ILL NEVER BEAT MOONLORD BECAUSE OF YOUR FRICKING NEW CONTROLS!!! BRING BACK THE OLD CONTROLS RE-LOGIC. NOW

STILL crashin. Some items don't work like they should. 1.3? Ilysm ❤️. When I load a world for the first and second time, whether it's just me or playing with someone, it'll crash after the third or so time from doing anything. For instance, when I get into the world, I could try and open my inventory and it would just crash. Also some items would be gone from my inventory when I come back into the game after the crash. Items like the hammers don't work the right way. When I try to use it, the range is not there and it really isn't helpful at all. Now for 1.3. I'm a very patient person and I can wait forever, but where is it? I heard that it was suppose to be here in the third quarter of last year then I heard sometime in January, but it's not here. Just wondering when it'll get here, cause I know y'all workin on it.😉 My support on this game will forever be out of this world. I've played this game ever since it first came out. I was in 7th grade playing in class with some of my friends. I love this game so much! Best game ever. ❤️

One of the Better Games of the Century. I don’t even remember how much this game cost, but it is the exact opposite of a waste of money. (Trust me, I have 100+ hours on it.) Sure, the controls are a little wonky and can be hard to understand. But once you get a basic understanding of them, you’re good to go. This game is humongous and there is sooo much to do. The exploring of all the unique biomes, the fighting of all the different enemies and bosses with unique mechanics, the building of houses and arenas using whatever you can get your hands on, and crafting all kinds of wonderful accessories and potions, it’s all so beautiful. This game encompasses so many player types and is a real gem in terms of games. Incredible job, Re-Logic and 505 Games! Seriously, if you are this far into the review, don’t already have this game, and have a bit of money to spare, please get this game! Sadly, this game has recently had it’s final major update. But still, there is hundreds of hours of experience packed into this game.

Addicted. This is my first review in the App Store, so this is really important to me. If I were to review a year ago, I would’ve complained about the controls, but after a couple of minutes of adapting into the new controls, the game started to feel much easier. Now that I think of it, the controls are really nice. They make everything easily accessible, and *surprise* *surprise* you can customize the controls! Honestly, I just moved some of the controls closer because I have comparably smaller hands, but otherwise, it is a great touch. I got this app a couple years ago when I was having migraines from Minecraft, so I was recommended by a family member to play Terraria since it is 2D and has so much cool features. I got hooked onto this game so fast. I played it for hours on end, and I still do! I like to try different things after completing the game like a million times. Five years later, and Terraria has yet to fail me!

Concerns and ideas from a longtime player. I love this game and have ever since I started playing it on the three sixty but I do have concerns about the mobile version. Number one is about the music boxes. I can attain them but they don’t work, when I place them down they just turn into a mannequin zombie and then break and turn into something else which is weird. Also the game doesn’t have as many items or the same amount of bosses as the oc version and I keep getting a message about an outdated version of the game but there is no available updates. Which makes me wonder how messed up my iPhone is. Other than that it definitely beats the 369 version. I don’t like how all bosses disappear when u die though and how long it takes to respawn. And when I try to join a server there is nothing and no one can join me either. Then again I never really understood how to manage that anyways. Either way this game is my favorite game and if I for some reason don’t have access to it from heaven I’ll take a swan dive back down to Earth. Keep up the good work pls;)

🏆Please listen, this is important >>. I have played Terraria since it was first in beta, on mobile and on Xbox, I loved the game and everything about it, but I've been playing mobile alot more since it's more "mobile". The developers of this game only hoped to make it better with new content. But SOMEONE decided that new confusing controls would help. I want an option for the old controls and interface for those of us who want that. I just can't play on these controls, neither can 90% of your player base. Add them back that's what a mobile game needs, quickly navigable controls so it isn't confusing and hard to move around. The old controls were better, no fast healing button, no jump button, etc. Just two joysticks that could lead to hours of fun. I love this little game down to every pixel, it is a true work or art. Just you guys messed up how you play the game, I don't have tentacles for fingers to overlap and touch each and every button during combat, like we aren't squids, we are human , two joysticks are better than 12 different buttons that each have a single use. On me and behalf of your player base needs an option for this, it is impossible to do anything with these controls. Your treating it like a console game where you need a controller. Well NEWS FLASH, THIS IS A MOBILE GAME WHERE THE DEVICE YOUR PLAYING ON IS FLAT. Just please end my suffering and fix it, I love your game just listen, and I want anyone listening to RISE UP

I would like the controls to be optional. terraria is really fun to play but I don’t like the new update because of the controls I like that all the monsters are in one game but I want the controls to be optional.I play on mobile and switch and when I tried building and fighting with my weapons it’s almost impossible for me to do it with this new modeI don’t think I will play this game anymore if The controls aren’t optionalIt just makes it incredibly hard so please fix this!!! One more problem is that I was reading a Nother review about how someone lost their entire inventory and that has happened to me and I have a bunch of some of the best loot in the game and I lost it all after three minutes of having it I turned the game off I turned it back on five minutes later and I had nothing not even my armor not even a wooden sword not that I had that but well you get it and all of these problems has made me not play this game for months the game has actually become very boring since you have done all these adjustments to the game and the building is so hard fix!!! this!!!

I have almost every port of this game and it's worth the money spent. I have had a great time with this game, so much that I have poured over 1,000 hours into it across the many versions that I have purchased. I can now say that I have the Amazon/Google and iOS ports, the 3DS port, the 360/PS3 port, Xbox One and PC ports, with the intention of getting the Nintendo Switch version when it releases. The only complaints I have about the mobile ports is that the day/night cycle doesn't lengthen to what they are in the PC/console/3DS port until hard mode and that the bosses also have half of the health that they do in PC/console/3DS. Considering I play mobile quite a bit when traveling, it doesn't prove to be a challenge until I get to hard mode. It takes me 2 hours to get to hard mode on mobile vs it takes me 4-6 hours on console, PC and 3DS. That length and difficulty is what I look for in a mobile game. And so far, I have only found difficulty in this game and Downwell when it comes to mobile.

Greta game but so so so many problems and crashes!!!. Some problems are that most of the time my game crashes and I lose most of my things, for example I was playing and then boom it crashed all my blocks ores and potions were gone! Also I had a chest glitch when I open my chest and put my stuff BAM it crashes, and I lose all my stuff. Also to add on one time I was building and the game crashed and half the thing I was making was gone! ... what was I making, a fort. Anyways what also bugs me is sometimes I get a new person and then BAM A minute later he leaves! Please fix that one it is super annoying especially when the person sell REALLY good stuff. ALSO some bosses don’t spawn when I want them to. The same thing happens with pet SOMETIMES I click the button no they don’t come out! Like the pot-o-gold I need some coper and then he dose not spawn I NEED SOME COOPERATION!!!!!!!!!! ... your getting bored of reading this... and your going to leave an go play something... no? ..... I’m just boring u okay I’ll stop bye

One of the greatest games. This game is one of the greatest games on the market, I gave this game a chance more than 4years ago and I got hooked, the amazing adventures I’ve had on this game were endless. However I’ve submitted very bad reviews regarding controls on 1.3 as well as the crafting and stopped playing the game for a couple of years but boy was I wrong! I gave the game another shot last month and I’ve been hooked again; this game is worth every penny and if you got the time and the money and want a awesome game you can play anytime anywhere then look no further than terraria. Just like any game you start off with nothing but basic tools and with will power because this game is no joke on the difficulty at times And if it’s to hard or your just lonely bring a friend! Multiplayer is a great feature! Buy once and have fun anywhere this game is totally worth it.

Some weird things I found about this game!. So, I personally love this game. I started way back in the first few months it was released, (I think). Back then, corruption was the scariest thing you've ever seen. So, I ventured forth into the corruption hoping to find wood (I was stupid, there is wood everywhere) and I stumbled upon a chest. I opened it and found the usual recall potions, copper bars, a few silver coins, but I don't know if this is a bug or an early game thing because I found a slime staff in there. My next weird thing is in my original iPad (I switched devices, and I still have the world and iPad) I was super pro and had my terra blade I worked hard for (the save and steal dupe method wasn't there back then). My world was messy, but it was useable. Suddenly, I was just looking for some chlorophyte when the game gave a notification about something "I forgot" and it logged me off terraria. I just thought I've been on for too long (a few hours) and they tried to kick me off so they can cool servers down or some thing. When I logged back on, I went to my jungle cave, but I found something else. ONE FOURTH OF MY WORLD WAS MISSING!

Great game needs some update to the mobile update.. So, this is a great game and all, but I pretty much beat the game so it’s getting kinda boring killing mn (moonlord), It’s just kinda easy. Plus when I tried using the portal gun it only shot one portal and if I shot another it would make the first one disappear and form another blue portal. Yes I am playing on mobile. I’m looking forward to the blood nautilus in da next update. And about Ocram, during mobile when there was actually special stuff and no moonlaord you took one of my main weapons and replaced it with a trashy Chlorophyte claymore! Now that is just wrong! Plus I actually liked Ocram, it was kind of hard but I liked the challenge. You could have weakened him put the mobile special stuff in pc version and put pc stuff in Mobile too. I also suggest adding some things from thorium, enigma, and calamity mods to make the game more interesting, well if it doesn’t cost too much copyright © money. 💵 💰Thanks hope you take my suggestions!🙃😄

Please just add an option for old controls. I’m not gonna say this is a bad game. On the contrary I absolutely love this game and the controls it has make sense. That is except when it’s on mobile. The new controls crowd your screen and if you don’t take over an hour to master them you constantly click the wrong controls. I’m not saying I don’t like the new update but the controls are so difficult to use. I’m not asking to remove them because I’m sure there are plenty of people who love them. All I’m asking for is a single option to go back to the original two joystick only controls. While I understand that this takes away from the game it’s really what mobile Terraria is. When you add two many controls to a mobile game it no longer becomes fun. I’d like for a simple option in the controls menu for a simple switch back. I don’t think it’s an amazingly hard request to program because it was in the game already. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please consider the fact that not all players want a fancy menu.

(No Title Needed). This game is awesome, I love it, and, in my opinion, a lot better than Minecraft. But a few things on some of the versions of Terraria, such as pc, are not attainable on the mobile version, such as normal, hard, and expert mode. I don’t know if you can fight the ludicrous mouse boss thing, and everything after that, because I haven’t ever gotten a truffle worm to battle, and possibly defeat, Duke Fishron. Please Include all of the items, settings, biomes, and, if they haven’t already been added, bosses.(About five minutes later) After looking through some of the other reviews, I found out that the ludicrous mouse is Martin mouse(I think, I’ve already forgotten), and the reviews also reminded me that there HASN’T been an update in a long time. A lot of ppl have said that they have everything, besides the unattainable things, but I’m still working on getting everything, so Terraria isn’t dead for me yet. But please actually update the game soon, and add all of the things that you can’t get on the mobile version that you can get on the pc. I’ve almost gotten everything, though.

Great game! Adventure Terrarians!. For years I have played terraria and it has never gotten old. I downloaded terraria on mobile because for reasons I don’t understand, Journeys End has not been released on Xbox. I believe that all updates should be released at the same time to create a more playable and fun experience. Despite this, I believe it is still a great game! The exploration and world generation is amazing. This allows to user to have and endless adventure. But as mentioned in some of the other reviews, I would like to address the change in game controls. The game has gotten harder to play on mobile. I only play on master mode and expert mode. This means that boss fights are out of the question. Mobility is hard since you need at least three fingers to fight properly in this difficulty. However, I simply pair the game with my Xbox controller. I changed a couple key binds and fixed my experience. In conclusion, despite the minor difficulties that can be overcome, I believe that terraria is a great game and experience that needs to be shared.

Still love it but the controls. First I just want to say that I adore this game and have it both on phone and pc. The amount of items, weapons, armor are insane and combat is a blast. I’ve been waiting so long for this update and I can’t believe it’s finally here. However it still has some issues. The biggest being the crashing. It’ll happen at random moments and I could potentially lose that play sessions progress. Second is the controls. I like having buttons for potions, mounts, etc but I wish we could maybe edit it a bit more than sliding it left or right. My main problem is the joysticks. For one why can’t I jump up anymore with the joystick. If I swipe up 2-3 times it might jump but that’s not at all helpful. Sometimes it just stops completely. I killed a zombie while mining and found that I could no longer mine with the right joystick. It’s very frustrating. Overall the interface just feels cluttered. I like the inventory and chest screens but the controls just don’t feel right. It doesn’t stop the game from being awesome as hell its just a small peeve.

Great Game, but has some Controls Flaws. I’ve played the console and PC version of Terraria, and I like the mobile version too. I know that it is difficult to make mobile controls for a game designed to be played with a mouse and keyboard, but I feel the controls are a little difficult to use for people like me. I would just like to suggest controls options such as using an D-Pad with diagonal controls or a constantly displayed joystick with vertical and horizontal lines to prevent myself from always jumping or falling when walking. I’m not sure if controls enhancements were already planned with the new interface in the next update, but if not, I would really like to see them. I also find pressing and holding the screen for a second before building a little annoying, so maybe reduce how long you have to hold. I hope these suggestions helped on some future changes to enhance the controls system. Thank you for taking the time to read this review.

Great game but one thing.... OH MY GOD THE CELESTIAL TOWERS ARE SO HARD!!! The mobs there always gain on you and you have to kill over 100 monsters! 150, is so much especially since some of the mobs are way op, for example, the centipede monster in the solar pillar, you have to hit 1 spot on the whole body, I had nebula armor on, (since I’m mage class) AND IT DID 200 DMG PER HIT!!! I died at least 50 times to the solar pillar and even so, the other pillars are still hard but not as hard as the solar pillar. And finally this is was got me the most. So I was going to change to a different person because it was a different class and I wanted to use that class on Moonlord, so I went to the main menu, and it SAID it was saving, and so I got on my other account and went to the pillar and low and behold, IT RESET THE WHOLE PILLAR SO I HAD TO FIGHT IT AGAIN!!! I had the shield off but then it just reset so I have to do it all over again. So devs, if y’all are seeing this, PLEASE OH PLEASE, nerf the pillars or at least don’t make it reset even though it says saving, so just plz nerf

Return everything you took from my game or I will delete this. First off, controls are stupid when you change them and you can’t go back to the old way, you got rid of everything exclusive to mobile for whatever reason, you never asked us what to put for the update, then you deleted my world that took three years to make, you just deleted it, three years I paid for you just deleted away, like what the hell man, you crash my game every five minutes no joke, losing hard work progress, another thing, I loved playing on large worlds, now it takes 30 to 60 minutes to load a small world, and lag so much it crashes, you added stuff, yes, but you deleted stuff too, like the turkey boss, lepus or whatever, ocram, also deleted souls of blight, cursed stuffing, turkey feather, the only exclusive thing now is the ds zapinator, another thing, why are some worlds tin and lead, those metals are worse then the regular, also palladium, cobalt, orichalcum, mythril, adamantite, titanium worlds are not right, adamantite is different in armor then titanium, you should just put all of them in one world, and how come dessert fossils can’t be blown up, the other two, slush and silt for extractanator can,

Awesome game, crap for common sense. This game is great.... but why do you not allow phone backups to save game data like every other game on the flipping planet?????? I just lost all my worlds and progress because you “geniuses” thought it was a SPECTACULAR IDEA to say screw allowing data to be saved when doing an entire phone back up, instead, lets make them go into the game and individually save each character and world they have to the cloud, but ONLY if they have the extra slots for it. Then when you get your new device you get to look like a total moron because your characters/worlds all have (1) after each of their names because it’s a copy and not the ‘original’ and no, you can’t change that either.... I loved this game, and played often, but watch how fast I delete it now! Absolutely no point in playing a game that isn’t backed up with my phone like everything else. The extra steps are beyond ridiculous! Who is REALLY going to re-save every world and character they use every single time they are done playing???? Not worth my time, energy, or money if you can’t put forth the effort to at least provide basic file saving abilities like every other app in the app store.

Surprisingly good. I used to play Terraria on my iPad 3, but it couldn’t run the new 1.3 update. It was previously very laggy, and I found the controls/menus to be very clunky and difficult to use. May have been just my old iPad though. I got a new phone and can now run terraria with 1.3. It’s leagues better than before, with a ton of new content. The new controls, which everyone in this review section seems to hate, I found to be pretty good. It fits in all the control features (like quick heal and mount summon) from console/PC surprisingly well. It only took me a couple of minutes playing around with them before I was comfortable with them. Perhaps a way to customize the controls would be a good compromise. Overall, it’s a really good port of the pc and console versions. However if you have a PC/Xbox one/PS4 then definitely get it there first. You’ll get more content and more frequent updates. This is a cheaper and more mobile way to play, but probably not great for new players. Still, it’s an amazing game.

To all People who are Complaining.. This is less of a review but more of an answer to those who complain about glitches and bugs and worlds breaking, etc. They're not bugs nor glitches, the world crashing after an update is because you need to make another world because that update probably added ores or something. You need to make another world because something the game is looking for in the world is not there because it did not generate it at the creation. I hope this helps players realize that a lot of the time it's their fault not the developer's. The developers might now get reviews that are either good or bad and not complaints about updates breaking their worlds. The people asking for pc and console features, they're made by different people, so I wouldn't get your hopes up. That being said, I love the game on both pc and mobile, and the game will never be free, and I doubt otherworld will be either, but we can all hope ;)

One problem.. Terraria is absolutely amazing, and with this new update it just keeps getting better. This new update has completely reimagined terraria for mobile and has brought upon many great changes for the mobile community. However, I have only one problem that I think many others have as well: FLYING. Like I said the new update has brought changes, but not all good changes. In the old version of terraria, there were two buttons used for movement and combat. You used the left button to jump and if you had wings equipped, then you just moved the button up to fly, this made it easier for combat while flying. HOWEVER, in the most recent update, there is are SEPARATE BUTTONS TO MOVE AND JUMP. This is extremely irritating and annoying when trying to fly, as you have to use a separate button to do so. PLEASE make it like before the update and use one button for moving and flying. Thank you for reading.

Know your platform. I adore Terraria but the new controls are not at all suited for mobile. The screen is too small for everything you are trying to fit on it. I also miss the crafting menu. “It’s a survival game” I don’t care, it should be optional. It detracts from the fun of playing for me. I shouldn’t have to memorize every crafting combination and what station it uses. I shouldn’t have to constantly have the wiki open. It’s not fun. It spoils my discovery of new things. I loved finding a new item and discovering what recipes I could make with what I discovered so far by checking my book, not running over to the guide and getting a temporary listing where half the things are unavailable for me to make yet because I’m not far enough in the game. He’s fun to have as an option if I want to see all possible things I can make with an item, but not as a requirement. I wish Terraria would get off its “make it difficult/complicated” high horse and give people the option to have a chill gaming experience if they want one.

Best game ever. This has to be one of the best games I’ve ever played for a mobile device. It has many bosses, weapons, armor and an over all a challenge to beat. I seems like there’s always something to look forward to or a new set of armor to get. The game music is in my opinion is one of the best things in a game. This absolutely nails it, Bosses fights, Different biomes, Space, All of it is well made. Nothing feels rushed or doesn’t make sense. It’s in a perfect level where the game doesn’t hold your hand the whole time but is still clear and you can understand what to do. A lot of people As Ive seen complain about the controls, they are annoying but the more you play the more they make sense. I really just can’t explain the feel while you play, I’ve played this for a long time now and every time I start over and make a new world it’s just as amazing as the first time. Even the graphics are amazing, The weapons and bosses all look perfect. Absolutely worth the 4.99 :D (Sorry if for any speling mistakes)

Good, UPDATE IS NEEDED. I enjoy playing Terraria when I get bored of playing Minecraft for a bit. There is more to explore and do. However there has not been an update for nearly a year now. And while these software updates keep coming out, it slowly adds bugs to the game. Now I am gonna answer certain things that Minecraft and Terraria users keep getting mad about. Crashes: Crashes may happen because of your device version. However the more you build on your world the more space it takes up. So for example, all these reviews saying they spent years on their world and now it keeps crashing, it is simply because they ran out of space. This can be fixed by deleting other apps. Hard Boss Fights: I can agree some of the bosses are very hard, but platforming skills and potions are key to winning. Before summoning a boss, I suggest making several platforms you can jump to. This helps make fighting certain parts of the boss alot easier if your melee is way more powerful then your ranged. More Items: I personally think Terraria (Pocket Edition) Doesn't need more items. All the items in the game take up quite a bit of space if you crafted half of the items. There is a computer version of Terraria that has updates every season. So if you want more items. Go play the computer version. (It has way more items already, and more random structures!) That's it for the review. Overall this game gets a solid 9/10 from me. It just really needs an update. Thanks for reading!

The update and the game.... This game is very good. One of the best games I've played. There is a massive problem with it though. That is the updates. I mean ever since I've actually played the game I've only seen about 3 updates that really changed this games gameplay. Not only that but the problem with the recording is still not fixed. As an addition to this update problem this game is basically going to update until almost the end of the year! You've got to be kidding. At first it was decided that mobile was going to get the update first and then the plan changes and the ones playing console are going to get the update first now. I mean seriously, why did this even happen why can't the mobile and the console both get released at the same time. I mean they are going to be just the same version so why go through the pain of releasing the mobile version of the 1.3 update at nearly the end of the year. This is a great game and hopefully this game could update quickly so that the players left out of the 1.3 update can get it and have fun just like those pc players that have terraria.

I recommend if you like fast paste and hard games. This game is a explorative game and a hard game with a good progression system and even better one since the new update of 1.4. There is lots of bosses like some iconic bosses like Eye Of Chuthulu. The game gives you items at your level that does not make the game too easy or too hard. The bosses give you useful items that help you prepare for the next boss. Also the exclusive items from bosses from bosses also add a harder but more rewarding gameplay. Even thought this game does not have as big as a community as Minecraft, the community of people are awesome and are not filled with raging 8 year olds cursing in chat when they die. The game is also way more exciting then games like Minecraft. Speedrunning is less luck and more skill then games like Minecraft but not saying Minecraft is bad. Overall, Terraria is a fun but hard game. I do not recommend to little kids or people that rage a lot and get mad quick.

One of my favorite games, but.... So, first off, with the recent update, it is basically just as good as computer, which I have spent well over a couple hundred hours on. This is a great game for those who like to explore, kill monsters, and advance the more you play, in terms of weaponry, and armor, along with accessories that can provide buffs. There is also a variety of ammunition for guns, and for the creative people, there is a giant assortment of blocks to chose from, when building. The only issue I have found, was that while they were doing the recent updates, for a while, all of my characters, and worlds, just disappeared, but recently everything came back, except for a world that I have spent a very long time on. It had just about everything that I had spent hours getting, then it just “disappeared”. They used to have a cloud save option, where I had backups, but it appears that those were also removed, and I just hope that there is someway i can get my stuff back.

Funny glitch. I must have been very lucky because I made an oceanic key mold farm and I got 2 Crimson key mold within 5 mins of sitting there😅. Also with this backup world thing I can get soooo much money!!! A little math for you: I have 25 rows of chests and each row has 15 chests in it. Each chest can hold 40 stacks of items. A stack of gold chests is worth 9 gold and 90 silver. Do the math:25x15x40x9.9=14,850 platinum I can make...I am rich beyond the game...I think I broke the game XD. Also I want the makers of the pc version to add an item used like and as rare as the BHS (broken hero sword) but for the different classes! I have a bone to pick with the devs!!! I have a range only challenge with range only world and character and the traveling merchant came and he sold the celestial magnet which I was looking for for 2 1/2 MONTHS! So I switch to my main character and go into the world and he is GONE!!! So devs can you either give me the 2 celestial magnets or at least make it so the TM doesn't despawn pls!?!?

My review of the game Terraria. This game is most enjoyable, as there is much to do in the game. I would recommend it to others, as it has many bosses, many items, and it also has four main classes of character, without you having to just go onto a menu to pick one, with you being able to combine them and things like that, meaning that if you obtain all the melee items you can restart and try to obtain all the ranged items, summoning weapons, magic weapons, or combinations of them. The game, while not seeming like it would from first glance, has certain challenges such as obtaining the proper gear to defeat a boss in the game, trying to get NPCs to move in, and so on and so forth. While I almost always find flaws in things, Terraria happens to be one of the few I cannot. The only thing I might be able to recommend is adding some of the PC only content to the mobile edition. If you have read this, thank you for doing so, and thank you, 505 Games, for creating this amazing game for everyone to play.

More bosses and some glitch pls do :). I have almost completed the game all I need to do is beat duke fishron then I'm done pls add a ultra hard mode our something that would be awesome here are some suggestions 1.when a boss dies a portal appears to a new daminsion 2. It would be awesome to go to space like to the mean our maybe when a blood moon event is going on that would be awesome 3.i got the seaweed that can spawn a turtle and it's not working it might be a glitch pls fix it 4.make a search bar for items 5.lunatic coltess idk why he is not in the game I really want to fight him he is so awesome and stuff 6.we need more pets that we can ride those are awesome 7. We can gain new abilities from defeating a boss like a laser beam when you destroy eye of what's it's name :) thats all I wanted to say and add all of these and your game maybe even more popular then anything Anne that's all I have to say don't want to make this message to long pls do all this stuff it would be awesome bye :)

After the moon lord. Great game the only thing to really complain about is the mobile controls but if they are the only controls you’ve played with they are fine. Most people playing terraria know that the moon lord is the final boss in terraria but what about after it so I have thought of something after the moon lord. Insane mode whenever you defeat the moon lord the difficulty will switch to insane mode where there are even more insane bosses enemies and ores and once you get enough of a certain insane mode item you can make a portal that I am calling the elemental portal because it brings you to a new dimension called the elemental haven which is being infected by darkness and has even more ores and the only way to free the dimension is to defeat the corrupted masters of the elements and once you defeat them all you can summon the dark crystal and once defeated the elemental heaven will finally be free of darkness.

Curtis. I wish they would bring the old controllers back though because it was easier that way Rather than have to switch weapons to Pause it quickly even for the bosses and to switch the healing potions in your hot bar even for The bosses and weapons to defeat them easier and so you don’t get attacked player trying to switch the weapons and Even for the chests in the dungeons and your house too and to reach places that are under the cobblestones with out destroying the cobblestone that is under your feet so that you do not fall in the lava but all the musics are good just keep the music in and all the bosses and bring back all the recipes and keep all the new recipes too and all the effects too and and can you lower the bosses health back to normal except the final bosses and for the weapons were the damage are back to normal too all the of them and keep the part were you can see all then names of the objects too in the game please thank you

Almost perfect. I should start off by saying I really enjoy this game, I’ve played the mobile version for many years. So when I heard that we were finally getting a new update I couldn’t wait to see what was new. When I loaded one of my pre update worlds I was happy to see that everything looked about the same, maybe a few minor graphic tweaks. But the main thing that I noticed was the new UI. Some good changes and additions were made but the majority were bad. The original movement system that was simple and a perfect fit for a mobile port had been replaced by a clunky, over-crowded almost “HUD” looking display. To be fair I did appreciate some new additions like the mini map, the chest menus, and larger FOV. The rest of the game plays the same, no major progression or event changes. But when the movement and cursor system of an adventure game is is made almost unplayable than it really has no legs to stand on. If these issues were just cleared up than we’d have a perfect terraria port.

Regret the time spent. If you absolutely love the terraria games, give it a shot. I did and I really enjoyed the first half or more of the game. Later on in a lot of the boss fights you realize how abysmal the controls actually are. Dodging is significantly harder, switching items in a desperate situation is completely inconsistent (and I know that you can’t switch in the middle of an attack, I mean besides that), and there seems to be no effort made to make the time easier for mobile players. I get not wanting to completely change the game just for phone, but there’s a few quality of life changes that could be made that would add a few stars to my rating lol. Another thing that could just be my luck is item drops. I killed Duke Fishron 12-13 times and he dropped 2 razorblade typhoons, and 10-11 tempest staffs. That is not an exaggeration. I’ve had a lot of similar issues with other bosses but that was the most severe. Point is, you have to really really want terraria in your pocket to put up with this bad translation imo. Hope you guys have a different experience, but I’d save the 5 bucks for a pack of smokes. They’re healthier for you

Love the game but hate controls.. I own this game on ALL the platforms, Xbox, original on pc. Now on mobile, it has the same content and same running smooth little to no flaws except for the controls. The controls have gotten me killed countless time when I want to move to the left I jump or it won’t move and I get hit by a mob. I go to mine one single torch after it deciding after not placing it’ll spam place them and I want to remove all the extra ones but instead I’ll dig 50 blocks out before it goes oh now I’ll target the torch. The controls often times get me so frustrated that I quit playing. They aren’t the easiest thing to use but I’ve played other game where as the controls are flawless on mobile where these are just simply a cluster f*#k. They don’t work flawlessly so I hope you decide to make options for different control layouts. Other than that I still love the game, not looking forward to fighting bosses with the horrible controls

Multipayer servers / online multiplayer. I love the game but really thought it would be fun to invite my friends to play or better yet join a mobile server. The mobile version of tererria has no online multiplayer and you have to download additional 3rd party apps for access to this. Other games on mobile have the opportunity to use online multiplayer like minecraft with servers and another game not as popular known as the blockheads allowing to make your own personal severs for free as well as joining friend via Game Center. No one judge me for this comment cause you all know I'm telling the truth about the issue and later on other people are gonna ask for it not just me. Everyone without the PC or Console edition look this up and support this comment if you want wider multiplayer on your wish list. There is a reason why we can write reviews people. This game is really starting to get boring follow my advice or otherwise this game is dead on mobile. No one will play after doing so for at the very most a year by which they probably would have quit already that means less business for you guys at 505 games and more of us turning to your competitors for paying up.

New Interface. Hey there! I’m a big fan of this game and I played it nonstop. But I find the new controls and interface to be very confusing. The old controls were simplistic and easy to understand, but the new ones are a bit chaotic. First, there are too many buttons around the “joysticks” to aim and move around, and I often find myself accidentally pressing buttons while trying to run to safety from enemies. I do admire how you tried to cram in a crafting interface on the screen with everything else, but it find myself accidentally crafting items when trying to switch to my equipment. The old interface was perfectly fine in my opinion and I would much rather go back to it. Overall I give you kudos for trying, but it made the game so much more difficult to play that I can’t even find any of the new items and blocks without getting frustrated with the new set up. Please take my review into consideration since I wouldn’t ever give negative feedback unless I REALLY thought it was something important. Thanks, Poki <3

Terraria 1.3. Finally! We finally get it after three years of endless beating on the same mobs over and over, but now we can go even farther! This has to be the best game in the App Store right now. I would buy this over and over just because of the fun. However, I have just two qualms about it. Number one is the fact that it’s almost impossible to use items while flying. I mean, you can double tap, but that just makes it harder because you have to keep tapping it. And number two is that the wall of flesh is harder than the mechanical bosses. I fought all three bosses, and they were no problem. But the boss that is supposed to be easy and bring you to the hard part of the game is harder than some of the hardest bosses. Maybe that’s because I didn’t make an arena, but I just don’t like having to fight an overpowered boss if I just have an arkhalis. And without wings, it’s an absolute NIGHTMARE. So, still probably just the overall beta game out there. But it if you have the chance.

A few things. Hey, this game is great. You got me hung! BUT, I think we should have more NPCs. Because there isn’t really that much if you think about it. Like another guide, in a way. What he does is give missions for you to do. Another thing the robot could sale you is a cloner. It’s a tiny robot that follows you, like a pet. BUT, clones you during battles, mining, whatever. Don’t worry though, it would only last a while. Then the robot recharges. And add a few of your own. Remember, this isn’t a complaint, it’s ideas. Some other things is that there IS a few glitches. Like the slime gun. It point the opposite direction. So try and look into those. Back to those NPCS. Could you add the computer only things, like, the barkeep. I think it’s a big part of the game. But it isn’t there! Neither is the tax collector. Add the house interference! So, all I want is bug fixes, and things off of the computer. And, could you give a release date for the new update? (If you have, my bad)

WHERE IS UPDATE???. I used to love this until I got everything and then I practically was indestructible. I built huge houses and had the vampire knives and legendary terra blade. I beat duke fishron a million times but still didn't get the stupid trophie that was super rare. Now I am just sitting here waiting for the moon lord update and until then I am not playing this game. There needs to be much more NPCs, mobs, and HARD bosses. Not the slime king or skeletron, real hard like duck fishorn(Lol) sorry duke fishron. All in all though, it's not a bad game, but I'm debating between this and clash royale. If there was more updates released on mobile I'd be playing 24/7. They keep giving all the new updates to computer and Xbox why not mobile the Mobil is like 3 months after computer and that's what just bugs me! Also when you go into your inventory when you can craft a TON of stuff, it lags so bad, I need more updates soon otherwise I'm trashing this game, I got everything on it, so I mean I totally recommend it to anyone who likes building and adventuring. Thanks for reading and plz plz update soon!

This game is awesome. This game is been my favorite game for 2 1/2 years now and I have the best items in the entire game this game is never second-best in fact I enjoyed so much I wonder why I enjoy it so much I have to admit this game needs an update to get the moon lord and stuff because I really defeated all the other bosses and I want to get some things harder and also there is this glitch it only happened to me once and I was pretty torn up about it I was playing with my character when the server crashed I wasn’t too upset about it because this happens a lot and everything is fine but then I log back on it and I realize my character file went to corrupt and I couldn’t get it back fortunately using the worlds that I already had that were not corrupt I got all my stuff back and now iCloud save just about every week so if I lose my character again it will be fine so the only advice I have for you is update try to fix the glitch and that’s all but other than that amazing game

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Fixed several crash issues.

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