Study Smarter, Not Harder: Essential Apps for Students

In the past, there was a common belief that people’s learning abilities could be distinctly grouped into concrete categories. In the 1980s, educational theorists Honey and Mumford conducted rigorous surveys to identify the four different types of adult learners: activists, reflectors, theorists, and pragmatists. From then on, tailored learning styles started to gain prominence.

But fast forward to 2023, and we see that these boundaries are almost completely blurred. People favor more holistic and eclectic approaches to learning. Largely facilitated by rapid technological advancements, today’s learning approaches are far more flexible.

More and more top-notch apps are emerging to help students study smarter, not harder. We examine the most popular and cherished ones.

Forest: Staying Focused
Procrastination is every student’s worst nightmare. Forest is a brilliant app that makes keeping focused fun. The program encourages users to stay attentive by encouraging them to grow a virtual tree. The tree fades away if you use your phone after closing the app. As you stay more focused and earn more points over time, you’ll be able to unlock more tree varieties and expand your forest. While reducing distractions, Forest gives you a visual depiction of your production and fosters a sense of achievement.

Moreover, Forest also has stellar task management tools to help students structure their time better. Whether you need to remember an important exam date or to browse the best essay for free online, you may include all information in the app’s well-structured to-do lists. These let you organize your tasks, due dates, and projects. Forest helps you prioritize work wisely and remain on top of your workload by keeping your tasks visible at all times, which lowers the probability that you’ll procrastinate.

Anki: the Art of Flashcards
Anki is a potent flashcard application that makes use of spaced repetition, a method that improves long-term memory retention. Anki allows you to make personalized flashcards and review them at predetermined intervals to retain information better over time. The app’s smart algorithm that adjusts to your learning progress is a crucial tool for passing tests with flying colors and remembering the material.

By adapting to your learning pace, Anki’s sophisticated algorithm helps you concentrate on the areas where you need the most support. The app keeps track of your accuracy and reaction times while you study flashcards, dynamically changing the number and timing of card repeats. This adaptive learning strategy makes the most of your study time, maximizing effectiveness and cutting down on the amount of time needed to retain information.

What’s more, Anki has a sizable library of user-created flashcard decks that span a variety of topics, from languages to sciences and beyond. You have access to a vast collection of pre-made flashcards developed by professionals and other learners. This excellent collaborative feature exposes you to other viewpoints and learning methodologies.

Trello: Collaborate with Ease
Collaborative coursework and group projects may present particular difficulties, especially if students are scattered around the globe. Trello saves the day by offering versatile and user-friendly project management software. Trello can help students keep track of work, set deadlines, and delegate duties. Cards contain specific tasks or action items, whereas each list reflects a stage or section of the project.

Trello’s user-friendly aesthetic design is one of its greatest assets. Cards may be readily moved between lists using a drag-and-drop function. This flexibility adapts to the changing requirements of your project and reflects the ups and downs of ideas and development within the group. This feature makes Trello one of the best productivity apps in 2023. As the project progresses, the boards develop onto a visual depiction of your group’s work and productivity levels. You may take a step back and see how concepts become real-world outcomes.

Summing Up
Today’s one-of-a-kind productivity apps include a variety of functions designed to enhance work management and boost attention. Make sure to give these apps a try to skyrocket your productivity and make the most of available resources. In our fast-paced world filled with hectic schedules, it’s essential to learn how to study smarter, not harder. Tech tools and applications can become your trusted pals on this path.

Ewan Jennings is a student advisor and blogger. Ewan has a passion for helping students devise the best strategies to nail their studies. Ewan also writes educational blog posts with the same aim in mind.

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