Shadowrocket [Utilities] App Description & Overview

Rule based proxy utility client for iPhone/iPad.

- Capture all HTTP/HTTPS/TCP traffic from any applications on your device, and redirect to the proxy server.
- Record and display HTTP, HTTPS, DNS requests from your iOS devices.
- Configure rules using domain match, domain suffix, domain keyword, CIDR IP range, and/or GeoIP lookup.
- Measure traffic usage and network speed on WiFi, cellular, direct and proxy connections.
- Import rule files from URL or iCloud Drive.
- Block ads by domain, user agent rules.
- Local DNS Mapping.
- Work on cellular networks.
- Decrypt HTTPS traffic.
- Perform URL rewrite.
- Fully IPv6 supports.
- Script filter supports.
- Multi-level forward proxy.
- Support kcptun, cloak, gost, v2ray plugins.
- Support DoH, DoT.

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Shadowrocket Customer Service, Editor Notes:

* fix server url parse issue * fix clash subscribe parse issue

Shadowrocket Comments & Reviews

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- 挺好的


- 惨


- 垃圾


- 发热严重


- doesn't work with wifi

it doesn't work with wifi when i try to using V2ray......but if i use 4g instead,it works as normal,it seems they previous version doesn't has this problem.

- Make my iphone hot

Kill my battery

- 希望作者继续努力 把这款app更新下去

不夸张地说 这个app是大陆iOS用户了解更广阔天地的一块垫脚石 一盏启明灯 将这个项目延续和完善下去其实有更大的社会意义 感谢作者!希望能维护到墙塌的那一刻!

- Wonderful App

Can you add “QUIC” support for v2ray plugin, looking forward to that !

- Vmess websocket cannot connected

The connection is failing after recent update. Protocol :Vmess websocket The server is running OK. Client on PC works fine. Please fix it ASAP.

- 国内的朋友大家好吗??


- Cool

Why does sever kept on saying timeout?

- Why

Still can not use tls ws

- Won’t work since last update

hope fix soon

- 好奇怪,最新版无法连接了


- 2.1.57(1026) Not working

App not working since latest update Version 2.1.57(1026) Plz fix the issue.

- Bad dns server

After updating app, my vpn didn’t work again. A network analyzer shows that the app use as dns server.And it returns while I ping

- v2ray无法连接网络


- 关于最新版


- 最新一次更新后不能正常用了


- it does not work

What is wrong with the new updates!!! Plz fix the problems

- Maybe almost everyone her is not american

it can‘t be true that a person In American need that app

- After updating it stops working

Used to be fine, after recent update, not working at all

- 珍惜目前所剩无多的通道。


- still not working

the latest version is still not working with trojan

- 更新后无法上“网”


- 更新了会掉线


- canconnect to trojan server but no speed

since this morning

- 今天更新后就连不上了


- 今天app更新后就再连不上代理了


- 打倒CCP!


- 2.1.55對V2ray不友好


- 开发被收买了么?


- MacOS疑问


- V2ray UDP,Is not supported?

V2ray UDP,Is not supported?

- 连接不上


- 用不了不给解决


- The last version 2.1.53 can’t work

Hi there, yesterday I updated the last version to 2.1.53, but it cannot work. But my another iPhone with 2.1.52 is still working, please help, thanks.

- Bug feedback

In the "Today" view, the widget of shadowrocket can not display the app icon, but displays the icon of a blank file (folded white paper), hoping to fix the bug. The system version is ipadOS 13.5.1. Thanks.

- Not working with 911

It’s not working anymore.

- Pleeease?

Love the app. No big issues. Occasional disconnect but to be expected. I would love to see an Apple TV App. Please and thank you!

- very useful

very useful in china or have Web filtering country

- Very powerful proxy tool

I admire it very much

- Update the V2ray core to the latest, please

I love Shadowrocket, but for the security issues, I have to deprecate it.

- please update the v2ray core

the lasted core vision is 4.25.0

- 导致iPhone严重发烫

开启小火箭iPhone 11 Pro 和iPhone XS Max发烫严重希望解决

- nice but got bug on display

put the phone horizontally and open app it display in horizontal, but you cannot turn it into vertical

- 解决小火箭运行时发热严重的方法


- shadowrocket

good ,more speed。goodproduct

- ok


- Apple watch s5 weather app issue

Weather app on apple watch offen stops refresh data or disconnect from iphone while shadowrocket is on. Can you take a look into it please?

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- 烦请更新部分内核


- 手机发热严重


- v2ray之前都可以用

iPhone上现在都无法使用 但电脑v2ray没问题应该是app出了什么问题 求改善 谢谢

- add Tor feather

need Tor feather

- 我的建议


- How can I use this app

I have downloaded this app, but don’t know where to get server.

- 最好用的v2ray软件


- 发热严重


- 连接上了无法使用是怎么回事?


- 出了问题不解决


- 很好用


- 移植一个mac版本吧


- V2ray can’t use

I can use v2ray on my pc but it didn’t work on this app!

- Good

Please add an obfs plugin

- Hot iphone on use

I when use this app, my iphone feels like on fire. So hot that I have to close this app for a while. Please fix the heating problem!

- 发热太严重了


- 很好用,上网更方便了

- 无敌好用


- It is very easy to make the phone warm

Too easy to heat up and consume a lot of power

- please fix heat problem

please fix heat problem

- 连接问题


- 发热

貌似新版本开始 有发热现象

- Nice tool, but runs hot on mine

Consume a great deal of cpu time while running VPN, which cost much battery life and make the device very hot, consistently. Hope this can be solved soon.

- 垃圾软件

这周一开始用不了 客服也不回信息

- Not working

This ain’t working on my iPhone X. What might be the problem

- Should be the best choice of VPN

As a Chinese, just can’t simply find a better one to the same kind of apps!

- 发热问题

近几个版本的更新造成软件运行时会严重发热,同时使用3D touch点击会直接进入到软件,以前是没有这种情况的,希望能够排查一下。

- 代理神奇

好用不贵,相比之前用的免费的patoso lite而言,功能更全,无广告,支持V2ray和trojan,比较quan来说更加便宜,是个值得一用的代理工具

- That’s pretty good!!!!!


- all right


- 非常棒


- Serious problem with the software.

With 3D touch I press the app and switch. It turns out to open the app. However it should’ve been a fast switch without opening the app. I wondered if it a problem of software. I’m using iPhone 8 with iOS 13. Contact me if u figure out.

- 前置代理在 Direct 规则下依然有作用


- DNS Leak

This app has a great config mode which really helps when you don’t want to pass every url through the proxy. But the problem is when you the config mode, DNS requests are not sent through the proxy and are sent directly through your ISP. This is against any printery advantages that using a proxy might bring. I don’t want my ISP to eavesdrop on my DNS queries. If you care about DNS queries you should only use “Proxy” mode. Or another app that handles this perfectly like

- Hope to provide support for apple tv!!!

Hope to provide support for apple tv!Hope to provide support for apple tv!Hope to provide support for apple tv!

- need restart many times when v2ray

i used on v2ray mod. but some times i need to restart the app many times to connect correctly. my service was good.

- Xr长时间开着会发热


- bug feedback

version2.1.51 in iOS 13.3. the app will always automatically recover to connected status despite that on demand function is off.

- 很好


- 伺服器没有排序或分组的功能


- Great App

Use this app for years, it’s awesome! Thanks!

- Make phone too hot to use

Version 2.1.50,iso 13,node type vmess.just open it weather connect the node can make the phone too hot to use in one minute

- 耗电量大 发热严重

ios 13.3.1 iPhone11

- 耗电


- Good,Thanks

This software is great, it should be paid

- 发热严重,耗电量大

只要开着就发热,而且耗电明显加速,无论ios12 or 13,iphone7还是11promax,都是同样的情况。

- 非常不错


- obfs 配置


- 大佬


- Proxy stopped working

Amazing app, but as of yesterday all servers stopped working. Haven’t given me any difficulties until after the recent update. Is there a way I can fix this problem? I have an iPhone X.

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- trojan not working latest update

Please fix it. Thanks.

- Please fix the App!

In the iPhone 5S,iOS 9.3.5, the App version 2.1.54 cannot run, it will crash.

- 简单


- very fast to connect

the app looks rather overcomplex with tons of settings, which was a little off-putting at first. but i gave it a try after my VPN provider unofficially endorsed the app, and I'm happy that it does indeed work very well. it's the fastest app to connect that I've ever encountered. also, it's particularly good at remaining connected for a long period of time. plus, the widget switch is very useful.

- £2.99 I’ll never get back

F these clowns!!!

- Marvelous

great vpn to get on ins and google in China

- No kcp support :(

I bought this app expecting to be able to use kcp support but so far no luck. Had to switch to another app because of this (i2..). The author spent time on the UI, extra configuration details and bells and whistles but left out the essential parts in terms of protocol support. Will update my review once there is working kcp support.

- Please fix bugs

It becomes SUPER SLOW after updating to the new version when I visit normal websites(not the ones blocked by GFW). I have to turn it off. Please fix it, thx.

- 耗电+机体发烫

在iOS上运行存在如下问题:1)比较耗电;2)机体发烫,主要是右上角机体背面部分;3)首次安装后必须调整为proxy模式才可以翻墙,然后再调整成config模式才可以正常使用。4)Google Map的App似乎无法连接。

- WTF with the Youku VIP?

Does the Youku VIP is the bundled sales? I just wanna the Shadowrocket app. Why it charged me more money for the Youku VIP as well? WTF?!

- Not connected

After buying the Shadowrocket App, it’s not working with socks5.

- Can not

Can not be used after downloading whether you need to set up

- Didn’t Work

Didn’t work

- Best app and developer!

This app and any other app from this developer are priceless! Just amazing work! Thanks!

- No alterid and protocol type in vmess

Cannot change protocol type or alterid

- 国内被ban,只好到英国来下载了


- Not working for iOS 10.2

Was working fine, but not working after upgrading to iOS 10.2

- Works So Much Better...

The latest update has fixed several bugs. It also works so much better with iOS 10, the widget is better designed and works smoother, and the VPN logo on the status bar is back! Finally, won't be forgetting to leave my VPN on for hours at a time (and draining my battery).

- How do i get servers?

How do I download servers to the app ?

- I need help, is not connecting

I need help, is not connecting

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Shadowrocket 2.1.59 Screenshots & Images

Shadowrocket iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Shadowrocket iphone images
Shadowrocket iphone images
Shadowrocket iphone images
Shadowrocket iphone images
Shadowrocket iphone images
Shadowrocket iphone images
Shadowrocket iphone images
Shadowrocket iphone images
Shadowrocket iphone images
Shadowrocket iphone images
Shadowrocket ipad images
Shadowrocket ipad images
Shadowrocket ipad images
Shadowrocket ipad images
Shadowrocket ipad images
Shadowrocket ipad images
Shadowrocket ipad images
Shadowrocket ipad images
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Shadowrocket (Version 2.1.59) Install & Download

The applications Shadowrocket was published in the category Utilities on 2015-04-14 and was developed by Shadow Launch Technology Limited [Developer ID: 687237009]. This application file size is 35.19 MB. Shadowrocket - Utilities posted on 2020-07-23 current version is 2.1.59 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Shadowrocket Advisories: Unrestricted Web Access

Are you safe on the Internet?Surf anonymously, prevent hackers from acquiring your IP address, send anonymous email, and encrypt your Internet connection. High speed, ultra secure, and easy to use. Instant setup.