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Shadowrocket [Utilities] App Description & Overview

What is shadowrocket app? Rule based proxy utility client for iPhone/iPad.

- Capture all HTTP/HTTPS/TCP traffic from any applications on your device, and redirect to the proxy server.
- Record and display HTTP, HTTPS, DNS requests from your iOS devices.
- Configure rules using domain match, domain suffix, domain keyword, CIDR IP range, and/or GeoIP lookup.
- Measure traffic usage and network speed on WiFi, cellular, direct and proxy connections.
- Import rule files from URL or iCloud Drive.
- Block ads by domain, user agent rules.
- Local DNS Mapping.
- Work on cellular networks.
- Decrypt HTTPS traffic.
- Perform URL rewrite.
- Fully IPv6 supports.
- Script filter supports.
- Multi-level forward proxy.
- Support kcptun, cloak, gost, v2ray plugins.
- Support DNS over HTTTPS, DNS over TLS, DNS over QUIC.

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How to contact Shadowrocket (Shadow Launch Technology Limited)?
Find this site the customer service details of Shadowrocket. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Shadowrocket Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Shadowrocket Version 2.2.820 May 2022

* add 1-click update modules * add module install url scheme * add Vietnamese I18N strings * fix cert export issue * fix clash HTTP-opts.path parse issue * fix config rule file build issue * fix HTTP host parse issue * fix IPv6-only dns-server parse issue * fix local address settings issue * fix LUA file download issue * fix MITM HTTP pipeline parse issue * fix MITM script evaluate issue * fix module file download issue * fix module import issue * fix module metadata lack issue * fix module sort issue * fix proxy group load balance PCC issue * fix proxy share UDP relay issue * fix script $argument parse issue * fix script $done call issue * fix script exception line number issue * fix script HTTP request early response issue * fix script HTTP request url rewrite issue * fix script max-size parse issue * fix script request headers setup issue * fix shadowsocks SIP008 json parse issue.

Shadowrocket Version 2.2.217 February 2022

* fix quic socket idle expire issue * fix udp socket relay close issue * fix dns fake ip ttl issue.

Shadowrocket Version 2.1.9623 December 2021

* fix Clash proxy group use issue * fix config file rename issue * fix delete timeout servers crash issue * fix ON-DEMAND connect issue * fix proxy group update issue * fix Shadowsocks decrypt issue * fix subscribe server update issue * fix subscribe status text overflow issue * fix TCP packet ack issue * fix Trojan URL XTLS argument parse issue * fix URL rewrite save issue * fix URL test response parse issue * fix VLESS URL flow parse issue * fix VPN fail to start issue * fix VPN status refresh issue.

Shadowrocket Comments & Reviews 2022

- Doesn’t seem to work with WiFi

I also noticed the problem. After the upgrade to iOS 11, it automatically disconnects the phone from WiFi and uses 4g instead. The problem seems to be solved by previous updates but is back again, and the problem doesn’t seem to be present on every WiFi router, I think the app works with certain protocol or hardware somehow

- I’d love to give 5 stars but...

This is an awesome app. Worked perfectly before but I’m giving 3 stars because somehow it stopped working with Facebook messenger. Doesn’t mark the conversations read, struggles sending and receiving messages. This is the only complain, but a huge one. Another app that I found, and which is free btw - Potatso Lite, does the job just right btw. I’d love to change the rating as soon as the bug is fixed. Otherwise it’s awesome and the developers are awesome. Long live free internet (in China) 🙌✊

- Causes significant heat on iPhone SE (2020)

It used to work great on my iPhone SE (2016) and 2 iPads, but when I switched to the new SE problems began to rise. The first time I enabled shadowrocket, the phone heated up in my pocket and caused the camera to stop functioning. Every time I opened shadowrocket since then, I can feel the temperature rising on the phone back (below the camera, about the CPU area) and don't dare to keep it enabled for more than several minutes.

- Probably the best multi protocol VPN software

This is really good stuff, and has very few bugs even after one year of use. But it’s been a while, and the interface has not been updated to work with the new iPhones. When viewing on larger devices, the app is fuzzy and low resolution, and generally looks terrible. This is not a dealbreaker, but needs to be updated as soon as possible.

- Over heat and battery drain

I have been using Shadowrocket for a month, when I am using it for vpn, the battery is dropping faster than not using it, and when I use certain apps such as instagram and wechat, the phone will get hot. The temperature is even higher than when I play a 3D intense game. Please fix this issue. Thanks. Support for freedom and stand with democracy.

- Warning window lasting too long

It’s a great app but I believe it might be better if the developer shortens the time for the warning window in case of network failure when updating the subscription, for example. While the warning window existing, no action can be made and its quite annoying. Thanks.

- I love this app, but.. (since ios 11 update)

This app indeed help me so much while living in mainland China, but there’s just one problem, whenever i connect to a wifi and turn on the VPN, it just auto disconnect the wifi and instantly using the 4G connection. Even though i do not turn on any “On Demand Connection” it was normal when in the version ios 10.

- A small problem

Sometimes the connected/disconnected button stays on and cannot be turned off, while the actual status is disconnected. When this happens I can’t use the vpn function, which is annoying. Please fix the bug.

- DNS Leak

This app has a great config mode which really helps when you don’t want to pass every url through the proxy. But the problem is when you the config mode, DNS requests are not sent through the proxy and are sent directly through your ISP. This is against any printery advantages that using a proxy might bring. I don’t want my ISP to eavesdrop on my DNS queries. If you care about DNS queries you should only use “Proxy” mode. Or another app that handles this perfectly like

- Battery drainer

This app which is one of my favorite for so far, on the latest iOS iPhone 12 Pro Max is consuming almost 25% out of entire battery which is quite expensive. A review and adaptation in this particular case will be a biggest progress ever.

- (BUG) Only display the first 3 nodes

I thank the team who have developed this app , this app is really helpful , but there is currently one issue I & other people have been experiencing that I would like to report When you Add more than 3 nodes and you use the app , after a period of time probably one or two months , The app shows only the first 3 nodes and hides the rest. The other nodes are still there but hidden because if you delete one of the first 3 nodes then you will see one of the hidden ones now being displayed. It keeps showing 3 nodes no matter what until you delete the app and install it again. We will be grateful if this issue can be resolved because it happens a lot of times to me and others. Thank you so much.

- Good, but could be better with WiFi connection.

This software supports Vmess, which is quite useful, but would be better with Kcp feature. Sometimes, when my phone gets connected, my laptop automatically drops if they are connected to the same cat. Should fix it.

- The best vpn software ever in App Store

so many days , it's always update to become a useful and multiple protocols application , and always cheaper than other vpn software , thank you for your patience to make it better and better .

- Serious problem with the software.

With 3D touch I press the app and switch. It turns out to open the app. However it should’ve been a fast switch without opening the app. I wondered if it a problem of software. I’m using iPhone 8 with iOS 13. Contact me if u figure out.

- Sth wrong with wifi

I have the same problem!! After updating to iOS 11, the app doesn’t seem to work with WiFi. Every time I connect, it automatically disconnects with WiFi and turn to data.... But as others have mentioned, it’s not with every WiFi...but it has problems with my home WiFi so it’s a big problem now to me lol. Plz solve this ASAP, thanks.

- App stop the proxy by itself

The app is nice but it stop itself after few mins when I have same connection on my Mac OS. There is not any issue on server but the app stop and I had go to app and rentable it myself and after few mins again it stop

- It does support on iOS 14?

Hello I am using iPhone 11 and installed latest version of Shadowrocket, it can’t connect to the vpn server,it alway reported timeout. but I can connect the same vpn server with same url through my iPad and iPhone 8 which iOS version is 12. The iOS version of iPhone 11 is 14. I want to know is there any issue on iOS 14 for latest shadowrocket version?

- important important important!!

For some countries with network blockade, breaking through the blockade is risky. I hope developers can pay attention to the privacy of users and prevent them from being tracked and monitored.

- Have to buy it again on my ipad??

Just bought it on my iphone and it worked as a charm. Now I want to install it on my iPad, too BUT App Store asks me to buy it again! Does this mean the iPad version and iPhone version are two completely different softwares?

- Apple watch s5 weather app issue

Weather app on apple watch offen stops refresh data or disconnect from iphone while shadowrocket is on. Can you take a look into it please?

- Proxy stopped working

Amazing app, but as of yesterday all servers stopped working. Haven’t given me any difficulties until after the recent update. Is there a way I can fix this problem? I have an iPhone X.

- Some apps can‘t connect to internet if turn off the VPN

Keep VPN switched off, If change to use another WiFi, the app can connect to internet again. The app doesn’t need to use VPN. Please find the reason.

- Great easy to use VPN client

This is a great app to use alongside a do-it-yourself VPN solution like Streisand. Importing profiles is dead simple. If I had one thing I wanted from this app, it would be to support shortcuts. I'd love to be able to have my VPN enable as soon as I tap an NFC tag for instance.

- Route by app

Can this support route by app? Sometimes a app has many different urls, it’s difficult to use a common rule to route url, direct route by app will be a more easy-maintain way in some scenarios. Thanks a lot!

- Hide VPN button been removed?

Update to the latest version and couldn’t find the “hide vpn button” in the app anymore. Can anyone instruct me on how to do so as before?

- Hard to connect

It’s hard to connect domestic websites sometimes when turning on the vpn in default config mode and after I turning off the vpn the connections are smooth, try to check the buggy codes there please so that make sure it doesn’t use vpn in config mode while accessing domestic websites

- Safari webrtc leakage

Hello developer. Using VPN can block safari from webrtc leakage, but Shadowrocket can not do that on Safari. Though it can do it on other browsers. This was working fine until your update 4 days ago. My phone is using iOS 12. Please fix the bugs as soon as possible

- Please add support for Real-time Packet sent/received

Hi. The app is wonderful. I love it. Can you please add the support for real-time data transfer so we can know if the server is working properly or not. With most servers, ping works but once we connect to it, it actually not functioning. Having the ability to see if there is data transfer, would really make it easy for user to know which server is working. Thanks.

- Can't work with my phone but works on iPad

For some reason this doesn't work on my phone(under both 4g or wifi), but works fine on my iPad(under the same wifi). Hope you can fix the problem.

- Please add iOS 14 widget support.

Plz add a Home Screen widget so users can easily turn on / off the VPN connect, meanwhile change the proxy server even more convenient than any time.

- Bug feedback

In the "Today" view, the widget of shadowrocket can not display the app icon, but displays the icon of a blank file (folded white paper), hoping to fix the bug. The system version is ipadOS 13.5.1. Thanks.

- Different agent service is not the same, some time has not arrived on the server

We hope they can stick to the set time

- Excellent for school...

I use it every day for using WhatsApp and other apps that doesn’t allow proxies. The best purchase I ever made... highly recommended 💪🏻

- doesn't work with wifi

it doesn't work with wifi when i try to using V2ray......but if i use 4g instead,it works as normal,it seems they previous version doesn't has this problem.

- Good One

Most of top reviews are one year ago, these don’t help much. I have to say that this app just works well with iOS 12. Thanks to the developer!

- Connection problem

It works very fine but since yesterday not a single node is working.

- After updating it stops working

Used to be fine, after recent update, not working at all

- Problem

After I updated to this version, my phone(13.3) gets very hot just a short while

- Please fix the vulnerability

After this update 2.1.31(777)There was a sudden loss of the link. You need to manually restart the software. After about an hour or so, you will lose all the links again. You need to manually restart it again. I hope to fix it soon!

- Ask for help

How to use Shadowrocket on ipad, should add servers or just open the button on the top of page, many thanks

- first time to purchase APP

thanks for your amazing APP. I like it a lot. and purchased it to support you for better future & better more products. thank God. Betty.

- Perfect!

Finally my personal shadowsocks acc goes online on my iOS device. I was test many apps like shadowrocket but only this one really works 👍🏻

- Need to improve performance

This is a great app that allow me to use SS and V2ray (which Quantumult cant do) but this app Is making my iPhone crazy hot (which Quantumult won’t do) I am really hoping that the author could upgrade and fix the performance issue, thanks!


This is an amazing VPN manager especially for shadowsocks, got everything you need with incredible features like widget, etc. It really worths $2.99 👍👍

- Maybe almost everyone her is not american

it can‘t be true that a person In American need that app

- This doesn’t work with my iPhone 12 Pro Max.

This doesn’t work with my iPhone 12 Pro Max,waiting for update.

- Sometimes keeps reconnecting after recent update

Sometimes it keeps reconnecting after recent update when connect from today widget. Overall not particular stable in iOS 13. Two stars until more stable. Sorry.

- A fraud

This worked great for almost a month and then it stopped working suddenly. I paid the 1.99 plus 220 yuan (about 33 USD) for 6 months. I tried to contact the creator to see how to fix the problem and he kept ignoring my friend requests on WeChat. Do not purchase. It is a scam, a waste of money- theres no way to get the vpn working or your money back.

- not to update for long time

Why not to update for long time.

- Don’t update

It’s not working at all after I updated with the latest version. The three stars for the past year of good using despite the burning battery problem.

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- Working well

Clean, simple and a lot of options. Thanks!

- Deceitful thieving scam artists

Purchased going off the many options & clean interface being a one off payment to only receive an extra $5 charge for upgrading to pro 2 days later. Searched through the app & nowhere can I find where users are notified of an option to upgrade or a setting to requires upgrading. What was I charged for? When am I receiving the funds back.

- Great app for shadowsocks.

Nicely designed app. Still has some bugs but can get the job done

- Useless in China

Says it’s connected but can’t access anything on the internet... Can’t ask for help as they don’t seem to have a help desk. Psiphon works marginally better, i.e. it does connect occasionally for short periods, and it’s free.

- Used to Work well

Around end of 2019 stopped working well in china. Other apps (potatso) worked with the same servers. 5 stars if they fix whatever bug they currently have. I’m in China.

- App bug over heating

Guys after I updated to the latest version , every time I use it , it causes my phone to over heat by a lot! Please resolve this issue !

- Can not use in China

It does not work after recent upgrade, fix it pls

- Hattie12

can not work in China

- Shadowrocket 的节点

购买下载Shadowrocket 后为什么不告诉用户怎么得到节点?

- Should add an easier way to modify Surge Configuration

Perfect, but I think you should add an easier way to modify Surge Configuration

- IOS代理首选


- 非常方便好用


- 用过最好用的vpn


- 连接有问题

大多数时候可以,但偶尔,连接会出错,在电脑就没事,就是这个shadowrocket 不行,应该是软件问题

- 跟shadowsockets配合有问题


- 垃圾


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- 耗电快

iphone 11 pro max ios13.1.3打开代理后,温度喜人啊

- Awesome

This is s terrific Safari app

- So useful

Man this is so useful helps me connect to internet so fast

- 价格到底是多少??




- 功能更新太慢太慢

能用,但是收费app, 功能更新还没免费的v2rayNG快,v2和xray 新功能都没有。

- 更新后Trojan无法使用


- Trojan 更新后变慢


- 开启小火箭网络自动切换到4g


- 厉害了我的哥


- 求kcp支持


- 2.1.27版本看不了油管了


- 感谢

最近更新后发现 Dashboard 小插件的开关按钮做了一个很棒的调整。感受到开发者的用心了。特意过来留言感谢。 一个小建议。在每一个连接的设置里面,上方的导航栏按钮一个是取消返回,一个是保存返回。其实这个逻辑和 iOS 和 macOS 的使用习惯的不相符的。我试过几次做好了调整,但因为直接按取消返回丢失了调整设置。个人建议做成一个按钮就行。

- 不通用


- 自定义规则如何删除


- 收费软件不推荐


- 很好用,作者继续加油!

加油( ¯ᒡ̱¯ )و

- 继续支持


- 何时更新http/2?


- So difficult to set up

So many steps and no instructions to teach how to set up

- mkcp & 微信视频流混淆 for vmess please!!!

It seems a good way for avoid blocking, just as you know

- 无法安装


- 好用


- 蹦溃了


- 下载不了


- 速度慢,感觉不是很稳定


- 打不开了


- 成功转区


- 打开ss时WiFi 变成4G

iOS 11.1 beta3一开vpn WiFi 就变成4G。 请尽快修复。

- 每个月切加拿大区更新



Is it possible to have widget (not the Today one), could be really handy to have one on Home screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- 啥情况啊


- 下载后根本翻不出去

我付完款下载后根本翻不出去啊? 需要什么操作吗难道??!

- 实在太慢了


- 我怎么搞


- 没有tw旗帜


- Works wonders!

I live in China right now and obviously as a Westerner, that presents a lot of problems in regards to... Well, life. This works just as well if not better than the Shadowsocks client on macOS. Great work!

- 速度奇慢


- Accessibility

Nice app, dude! When vpn is on, is it possible to switch among those three global route modes directly from the Notification centre without reopening the app every time? Plz consider this feature in future upgrades. Thank you.

- 嘘 别说出去

shhhh dont tell others. You know what this is for.

- 经常无端端自启动


- 10月24日升级以后完全用不了


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@zluZeEOFGobL0rm @joelwangbloke @LetsVpn Shadowrocket


If you are using M1 Mac, please use ClashX or Shadowrocket, Quantumult X for iOS.

Sepehr Mohammadi

@flaskam Shadowrocket?

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Shadowrocket iphone images
Shadowrocket iphone images
Shadowrocket iphone images
Shadowrocket iphone images
Shadowrocket iphone images
Shadowrocket iphone images
Shadowrocket iphone images
Shadowrocket iphone images
Shadowrocket iphone images
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Shadowrocket (Version 2.2.8) Install & Download

The applications Shadowrocket was published in the category Utilities on 2015-04-14 and was developed by Shadow Launch Technology Limited [Developer ID: 687237009]. This application file size is 34.73 MB. Shadowrocket - Utilities app posted on 2022-05-20 current version is 2.2.8 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.liguangming.Shadowrocket