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iConnectHue will bring out the best of your Philips Hue lights! Organize your Hue Lamps: Assemble groups for rooms, areas or special purposes. Light up your party, dinner or bedroom in your favorite colors and moods with easy to use drag & drop-functions! Want to go to bed? Just start up the integrated sleep timer and close your eyes. Intelligent timers only act when you need them.

Have you got a Hue Tap, Dimmer, Friends of Hue switch or Motion Sensor and want more flexibility? Colors, scenes, sleep timers, reminders, brightness, blinking, on/off and even color animations (optional)! The motion sensor can either turn off or return to the last state of inactivity.

Philips has made it "app of the month" 3 times: iConnectHue was made to be powerful, but still solves complex tasks with ease. This all comes in a nice clean package. It's possibly the only app you will need for your Philips Hue Lights!

THIS IS is the iPhone version! "iConnectHue HD" for the iPad has even better usability thanks to the larger iPad screen.

Get more information about all the fantastic possibilities on https://iconnecthue.com

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any issues, please contact our support instead of giving a negative rating. Our team will try hard to solve any problem that you may encounter.

Why iConnectHue?
• Full feature set - control almost every aspect of your hues - and constant updates
• Family focus: Scene sharing, family geofencing (first one turns on the light, last one off - optional), group hiding (animation sharing requires same iCloud account)
• Everything non-music related happens on your bridge - your iPhone can stay off!
• Upload color animations to your bridge. No more empty batteries, everybody w/ iConnectHue can stop them!
• Create beautiful Magic Scenes, color your home - they work in every group and are super easy to create
• Drag & drop colors from one light to another
• Multiply the possibilities of your Hue Tap, Dimmer and Motion Sensor! More flexibility than any other app on the market (details: https://iconnecthue.com/features)
• Create the iOS widget you want! Add scenes, switches, sleep timers, reminders, light states and dimmers, motion sensor temperature and more
• Access your lights and timers when not at home
• Powerful timers: Start them by time and day, by condition (group on/off or presence - with optional Automation), use colors & scenes, use random offsets, at sunrise or sunset time
• Instant timers: Darken lights when you go to bed, let your lights remind you (blink), transition to scenes
• Include your Living Colors / Living whites and 3rd party lights into your Hue system - iConnectHue can find most of them via Touchlink!
• Find new lights & devices, add lights from other bridges, update your firmware
• Integrated tutorials and FAQ make it easy to understand the usage and to solve problems
• Supports every Philips Hue hardware and most if not all 3rd party lights

To allow further development, additional modules are available via in-app-purchase:
• Automation turns off lights when the first arrives and the last left, plus individually by user
• Animation Upgrade for unlimited animations, upload to switches, use them on your Apple Watch, widget & timers
• Discotainment - sync your lights to music with Hue Entertainment and make your home a Disco
• REAL multi bridge support - control multiple bridges with just one app, without switching between them
• With Watch Plus you can give voice commands (also old bridge), control your groups, adjust their brightness and load their scenes, start sleep timers
• Additional animation and Magic Scene packages
• All in-app-purchases shared w/ iPad version, if same iTunes and iCloud account used

It's less than a single Hue light. App development costs time and money - have a look what app development means:

It can do much more than Philips' app:

Terms: https://iconnecthue.com/terms/eula_en.pdf

iConnectHue for Philips Hue App Description & Overview

The applications iConnectHue for Philips Hue was published in the category Utilities on 2013-04-29 and was developed by Crossfire Designs. The file size is 34.89 MB. The current version is 3.6.0 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Friends of Hue support: We're proud to announce that Friends of Hue switches are now supported, and it was quite some work to do this!
Starting now, you can search for these switches and configure them with the known many options that iConnectHue's editor provides.
What's really cool is that we give you a 5th and 6th switch on these devices!

As you know from other devices, you can do these things:
• Alternations like multiple presses, time slots, day/night and group "on" state (only short press)
• Fade times for each action can be set
• Up to 8 actions per button press - colors, scenes, Magic Scenes, and (optionally) animations, blink alerts, sleep timers, motion sensor cancel, group and light on/off

We have reviewed and will review several of these switches in our list of supported devices:

We also have done several more things:
• iConnectHue supports zones, to allow you to split your flat into bigger parts
• You can create several new room types
• Animations with Magic Scenes are now started much faster!
• You can now reboot your bridge from within iConnectHue on the bridge service page
• Added support for more 3rd party devices
• We've improved several parts of the app
• Solved several problems you were reporting - thanks for doing this!

Note that zones are currently presented the same way as groups and rooms. This may change with future updates. Zones can be used the same way as groups and rooms throughout the entire app.

This update is free for you. As always we have improved the app in several details. But why explain something that you'll likely never stumble upon again from now on? We hope you enjoy this new release of iConnectHue! If you find anything suspicious, let us know!

•• Please leave a positive rating in the App Store, if you like these changes or want to support iConnectHue. Thank you! ••

If you run into any issues, don’t hesitate and use the contact function in the app. You will surely get support!
 If you need a quick check for a question, we also have an elaborate FAQ: https://iconnecthue.com/f-a-q/

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iConnectHue for Philips Hue Reviews


Constant IAP for a paid app  TheAnswerIsMiata  1 star

Non stop up sells and IAP even though the app is paid. For basic features too. Avoid.


I want to love this app, but I can’t  Pincomark  1 star

Why is something so simple so complicated. The new remote access feature just doesn’t work. It doesn’t like it when I am home, and likes it even less when I am away.


Still the best!  janiemac13  5 star

This and the Due app (for reminders) are still the best money I ever spent in the App Store. I’ve tried a bunch of Hue apps since slowly going all-Hue over the last 4 years, and have also checked out Philips’ allegedly improved app(s), and iConnectHue is still the best. Most intuitive interface, smartest use of features and constant fixes. Best widget. Have reported 3 minor issues to the developer at times when I got the latest & greatest iPhones through the upgrade program, and he personally responded to test his fixes with me within days. Three times!! Who does that? The best, that’s who.


Best Hue App!  Barry-w  5 star

I’ve been using this since release. I have three rooms using hue bulbs and this easily helps me set different zones for each room. And each room I have settings for different things. Love it


Basic Features Locked Behind Pay-Wall Scam  eunichs  1 star

I really wanted to like this app. Truly. But as others have said even the simplest of tricks up this app has to offer cost $2 after already spending $5 for the base-level app, which is basically only a menu of items you could actually want to use, and their insulting pricing to shell out activate them. This is literally along the lines of the same bait and switch BS that big developers like EA and PopCap Games play for quick cash grabs on half baked implementations that require constant dev cycles to fix. Still, I have paid a lot more on the App Store for much less, so I figured I’d give it a shot and buy a couple unlocks on the features I wanted to see how everything panned out. But before I did, I noticed the most insulting thing I’ve ever read put by the developer at the bottom of the app description. A link to the most egregiously pathetic and deceitful list of excuses of the developer trying to substantiate an explanation for the cutthroat levels of greed that they exploit iOS users to turn a profit. When you see a developer this entitled and how they firstly insult customers with pay walls to unlock content. Dude; you’re not a console game with DC! After seeing that, even though I halfway excepted it already, I went ahead to check the reviews to see how many people actually agreed to this pricing mechanism... and what do I find? A sociopathic developer abusing his right to respond to customers, starting fights in the review and attempting to make them like fools because they bought an expensive Hue ecosystem but are cheap skates that don’t want to pay $100+ to do a couple of features that all the others already do for free, and poorly on a lot of them I might add. Total complete joke of a company. Fights with customers all the time in the reviews of their own app! 😂😂😂. Disgusting pricing and gouging tactics in use at every turn... yeah no. Pass. In fact, I think I’ll just write my own and do all of this with Hue and others brands all through their APIs.

Kenn M

Most USEFUL & comprehensive of Hue apps  Kenn M  5 star

Continued updates keep this app ahead of the pack. Many Hue apps may do many things but this actually adds real value with useful “complications“ (to steal a term from Watch) or “rules” that can handle many more possible conditions than the Home app or any app that I’ve tried on the AppStore (I’ve tried most everything related to Hue & LIFX). The inclusion of visual goodies like fades, animations, and magic themes is wonderful but I personally bought this app (with add-ins) because I needed a good way to handle both Hue & LIFX lights with a few Hue sensors to handle multiple, sometimes complicated, scenarios without having the sensors walk all over each other. @@ Developer — continue the terrific app work and the most welcome and extensive online documentation! You are most appreciated!


Best gets better, constantly!  Michael_McDonald  5 star

Constant updates with awesome features! Seriously THE app if you have Hue products in an Apple ecosystem.


The best app for Philips Hue, Full Stop, Period!  Bmax2019  5 star

Wow! The lightning possibilities are endless! As a proud owner of over 40 Hue bulbs (and growing) this app is far superior to anything out there. Come on in now, the water’s warm!


Absolute garbage  Katamai  1 star

Extremely powerful with horrible UI that makes it useless. To top it all, it's charging for pretty much everything, even stuff that is advertising as base level. I couldn't even get a refund even though i deleted it after 5 minutes.


Nickel and dime: buyer beware.  jsaenz  1 star

For 4.99 you get access to very few features and a lot of paid add ons. Skip this app. I wish I had read some of the developers responses to negative reviews before I bought the app. These tell you everything you need to know about the limitations of the app and the attitude by which it’s being developed. Read them for yourself and see before you buy.


The best  KrtNthny  5 star

This is absolutely the best hue app I’ve used for customising the Philips dimmer switch. I mostly use Apple Home app and Siri for controlling my lights but this app allows me to highly configure the Philips dimmer switch to do so much more than I can do with the Hue app or HomeKit.


Don’t buy it.  ArthurianGoldfish  1 star

Some of the features of this app are cool, but you only get them as demos. If you actually want to use them, you have to buy them. You’re pretty much paying almost $10 for a demo. Since first buying the app a month or so ago, I haven’t used it once.


Not worth buying this app  Makkey3  1 star

This app is so expensive and then they charge more for features inside the app.


Don’t believe the other reviews!  taylor10010  1 star

Pretty disappointing app. It has more in-app purchases than I have ever seen before. Don’t buy unless you want to part ways with your money.


If you have Hue, you need this!  Rgbmz  5 star

This is what the official Hue app should have been. Simple to use and intuitive, but also offers lots of fine control over everything if you want it. This has replaced a number of other apps for me and is the only Hue app you’ll need.


Some Good, Some Bad.  dillberryhoundog  2 star

This app is really good for programming your switches and motion sensors for extra functionality. Also the animations and coloured scene control is top notch. DO NOT BUY the automations add on. The FREE Apple home (or other Google, Amazon equivalent) will give you far more configuration ability for Location and Time based automations. Tried to talk to the developer about this, he treated me like I was a dunce.


DONT BUY FOR WATCH  BagMan69  1 star

I bought this for my watch thinking I could change the color of hue lights but all it does it turn lights on and off. What a wast of $$$ I can already turn lights on and off either with Siri or Apple home. They want you to pay another $12.99 as an in app purchase so you can change light colors. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE LIGHT COLORS ON YOUR APPLE WATCH. This is only an on off switch. If I could give no stars I would.


Awesome...  r10k  5 star

Because this app has a cost and extra purchases beyond that, I avoided it for a long time. I tried every other app I could (minus about two) but found them to be buggy, ugly or badly designed. So I bit the bullet and paid for this app. I’m really glad I did! This app is very well designed, looks great and is enjoyable to use. I finally feel like I have control over my Hues. The switch editor especially is really powerful. Ignore that old two star review. iConnectHue is great.


The best Hue app  Nathmac311  5 star

I've had my 15 Hue bulbs and a single light strip for a little over 4 months. I've tried all the apps that I can, to get the most out of a rather expensive setup. IConnectHue offers the most comprehensive range of options that I've found. I love it that I can program switches so they have multiple functions. I've made in app purchases and I haven't been disappointed with those either. This is the app that I use on a day to day basis and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Five stars from me.


Expensive, confusing UI, buggy  fractal_h  2 star

For an app that costs this much and charges each member of your family for each extra feature, I was expecting better performance. It works, most of the time when you are at home. Remotely it's a bit of a gamble. Maybe it will work, maybe not. Even with the paid animation design feature it is very hard to create smoothly fading lights due to arbitrary limitation on lengths of fade and inability to start with current state, however if you want to program blinking disco lights this works just fine. A simple task of fading from the current setting to a very dim red over half an hour to emulate a sunset is simply not possible. There is a sleep feature that dims lights slowly and then suddenly turns them off, with no options to leave them dimmed at the end. Promising, but not worth the price until many issues are resolved.


Solves all the issues  Bakes42  5 star

I’ve had the iConnectHue app since I got the first bulbs. I also purchased a handful of other apps. IConnectHue looks good, runs quickly and has a great flow that makes a lot of sense to me. But, there’s one advantage of this app that is SO huge that I’m almost reluctant to say it because I feel the gang there at iConnectHue deserve all good things for this one and the competition will try to take it. So simple but so powerful is the fact that lights can exist in more than one group. It’s major. When you start making scenes soon you see that without this feature you can’t do anything good and the app would be like the rest of the apps (save for running great and looking even better).

D Rubh

Need to spend more money  D Rubh  3 star

Well It works... Kind of. Because buying the app from the store wasn’t enough. You still have to pay a lot more money for functionality. Even though the developer claims that the basic functionality is worth the $5 dollars, and he may have a point from he’s prospective. At the end of the day, the basic version does not do anything more then the free apps that you may already have... just change the price to 20$, give us everything, and stop hiding in app purchases

Come on people.

Sell then say not designed for my iPad?!  Come on people.  1 star

Seriously what the heck I just decided to give this a try only to be greeted with a message after I purchased saying this is not going to work very well with my iPad and then redirecting me to spend another 5 bucks for the one that is designed to work with the ipad. Crooks!!! Developer should delete the old version if it is no longer relevant. And yes they are greedy nickel and diming for every little feature. Such a deplorable business model. Probably an EA subsidiary...

Mssg overloaded

Steroids for your Hue system  Mssg overloaded  5 star

This it the one and only app you need to make the most out of using your complete Hue system. I entered the world of Philips Hue lighting only recently, and tried a few other apps as I was ramping up the user learning curve. In the process I discovered that this is the one that puts all others to shame. Even Philips' own app. IConnectHue puts your whole Hue Ecosystem on steroids, and will give you super powers to make your place your own Light-Wonderland. This app's UX and UI is so intelligently designed, it puts the "smart" in your "-phone" when it comes to managing and controlling your Hue setup. And the in-app purchases are all so worth it, too! (even the add-on to use the app from Apple Watch). App runs smoothly and feels flawless. And on top, support is prompt and they answer fast to any question. Go confidently with this one and look no further when it comes for a #1 main go-to app for your Hue system.

Kyle Warendorf

Great!  Kyle Warendorf  5 star

I needed a replacement for the Phillips Apple watch complication, which was spotty at best. The iConnectHue watch is rock solid. If you’re looking for an Apple watch controller for Phillips Hue this is it!


This is the EA sports of the light world  TheRealNotFakeBoss  1 star

You literally pay 5 dollars for NOTHING I think this app is terrible. Everything is extra money and it is annoyingly expensive


The app became useless  PoohFromSpb  2 star

Maybe someone needs this ‘disco’ but I liked the convenience of a non-fun setup: i use hue as main lights across the whole house. Recently developer removed support for common profiles and all integration with official hue app and google home/alexa went nowhere:(


Very robust but they charge you for EVERYTHING  Sturtzandco  3 star

My first 3rd party app for my Hue. Already up to about $15 in the app cost and all the ridiculous add-on features! They charge you for EVERYTHING - oh, wants some more colors, how about geolocation? ...Boom how about pay us another $. Seems like the app works great and has about every feature I could want, probably because they have the best paid developers around lol.


This is a rip off  Techguru88  1 star

Okay so first you have to pay $5 for the app that has all the functions of the regular hue app. Now they have some neat features like animations that are not available in the native app, but you can only use them for a short time before you have to do an in app purchase to fully unlock it. I heard people rave about this app and what it could do, but $5 price is really misleading to me. I want my money back.


Upgrade to the Philips App  ack  5 star

This app is much better than the application provided by Philips, which has enhanced my user experience many times over. There are some cool scenes provided at no cost and others you can purchase. You can control multiple Philips Bridges through a single interface which in my case makes things much easier to operate since I have a Philips Bridge on each floor of my home. The application provides notifications when there are firmware updates for Bridges, Devices and Bulbs. Last but not least the UI(User Interface) on iConnectHue is laid out in a much more user friendly way than the default Philips Hue app.










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