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iConnectHue for Philips Hue [Utilities] App Description & Overview

iConnectHue brings out the best of your Philips Hue lights! Organize your Hue Lamps: Assemble groups for rooms, zones or special purposes. Light up your party, dinner or bedroom in your favorite colors and moods with easy to use drag & drop-functions! Want to go to bed? Just start the integrated sleep timer and close your eyes. Intelligent timers only act when you need them.

Have a Hue compatible switch (Tap, Dimmer, Smart Button, FoH) or Motion Sensor and want more flexibility? Colors, scenes, sleep timers, reminders, brightness, blinking, on/off and even color animations (optional)! The motion sensor can either turn off or return to the last state of inactivity.

Philips made it "app of the month" 5 times: iConnectHue was made to be powerful, but still solves complex tasks with ease. This all comes in a nice clean package. It's possibly the only app you will need for your Philips Hue Lights!

Get more information about all the fantastic possibilities on https://iconnecthue.com

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any issues, please contact us! Our team will try hard to solve any problem that you may encounter.

Why iConnectHue?
• Full feature set - control almost every aspect of your hues - and constant updates
• Family focus: Scene sharing, family geofencing (first one turns on the light, last one off - optional), group hiding (animation sharing requires same iCloud account)
• Everything non-music related happens on your bridge - your iPhone can stay off!
• Color animations on the bridge. No more empty batteries, everybody w/ iConnectHue can stop them!
• Create beautiful Magic Scenes, color your home - they work in every group and are super easy to create
• Drag & drop colors from one light to another
• Multiply the possibilities of your switches and Motion Sensors! More flexibility than any other app on market (more: https://iconnecthue.com/features)
• Create the iOS widget you want! Add scenes, switches, sleep timers, reminders, light states and dimmers, motion sensor temperature & more
• Access your lights and timers when not at home
• Intelligent timers: Start them by time and day, by condition (group on/off or presence - w/ optional Automation), use colors & scenes, use random offsets, use sunrise or sunset time
• Instant timers: Darken lights when you go to bed, let your lights remind you, transition to scenes
• Include Living Colors and 3rd party lights into your Hue system - iConnectHue can find most of them via Touchlink!
• Find new lights & devices, add lights from other bridges, update your firmware
• Integrated tutorials and FAQ make it easy to understand the usage and to solve problems
• Supports every Philips Hue hardware and most, if not all 3rd party lights

To allow further development, additional modules are available via in app purchase or membership:

• Automation turns off lights when the first arrives and the last left, plus individually by user
• Animation Upgrade for unlimited animations, upload to switches, use them on your Apple Watch, widget & timers
• Discotainment - sync lights to music with Hue Entertainment, make your home a Disco
• Weekend mode lets your switches and sensors act differently on week vs. weekend
• REAL multi bridge support - control multiple bridges with just one app, without switching
• With Watch Plus you can control your groups, adjust their brightness and load their scenes, start sleep timers
• Additional animation and Magic Scene packages

• Basic: All purchases, adds sharing of Magic Scenes and Animations
• Pro: Like Basic, plus additional features (e.g. group picture and -widget) and allows you to share w/ up to 5 family members of same household
Options & pricing: https://iconnecthue.com/app-options

It's less than a single Hue light. App development costs time and money. Details:

It's the most comprehensive Hue app available:

Hue Bridge required!

Terms: https://iconnecthue.com/terms/eula_en.pdf

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iConnectHue for Philips Hue Customer Service, Editor Notes:

4.5.1 • We've improved the new Hue Dimmer 2 setup process • Automation wizard has been improved • Several other detail improvements 4.5.0 We start into a new year full of hopes. You don't need a special hope for new devices for us though - we now support the new Hue Dimmer V2, as the first 3rd party Hue app, right in time when it's starting to market! Our graphician did her best and created a nice new graphic of it, and we for ourselves teached the wizard new tricks, so you can set it up with just a few taps and as you'd expect it from its new layout. Please note that this switch may not be available immediately in your region. Its release date is January 26 in Europe and March 2 in North America. Note: This is the last update added to our "Upgrade Level 1", as it now received a long list of new functions. New hardware and new small features will be added to a new package. As always, as a member you don't need to care about this - it's included for you! Other changes: • We've made adjustments for certain Iluminize controllers • Improvements in tours and tutorials • Solved high battery usage under iOS 14 for a small number of users - our apologies if you were affected! • We've improved several details •• Please give us a positive App Store rating, if you like these changes or want to support iConnectHue. Thank you! •• If you run into any issues, don’t hesitate, contact us from within the app. You will surely get support! Need a quick check for a question? We also have an elaborate FAQ: https://iconnecthue.com/f-a-q/ 4.4.0 • Our new animation set "Happy new year!" brings new year's mood to your home! • Spice up your christmas: "More Christmas!" animation package and "Christmas magic" scene package • Region specific plug symbols; Is your symbol incorrect/missing? Let us know! • Solved a problem where transition times would not be stored for certain timers - just set them to the value you want and save 4.3.0 iConnectHue is the first app to support the brand new Hue Gradient lightstrip with Discotainment! Also: • You can now clean up light and group timers by iConnectHue in your bridge settings • Editing options on cells now always on the left

iConnectHue for Philips Hue Comments & Reviews

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- Updated: Looks good

After working with app I must say that this is really the best done app for Hue. It really has all the functionality and I do support the developers (I did buy it). That being said, I still think basic functionaly (scenes, animations) could have more options without IAP. But best app overall for Hue. Work of art on design/functionality. —————- App is really done very well but basic functionality is limited. You have 1/6 of scenes/animations and you have to buy everyting else as well editing ability etc... so count for 15$ more for full functionality. I feel huedynamic has a lot more bang for buck. 20$ with IAP is too much asking price. But it’s beautiful app. Just add more basic functionality. Or more items in sigle IAP.

- THE Philips Hue App

With the limitations of both the native Hue app, Apple HomeKit, and all of the other comprehensive controllers, this has by far the most features, the best interface, and makes the most out of your Hue and Friends of Hue devices. It also leverages newer iOS tools like Siri, Shortcuts, and Widgets nicely. Finally, it’s very well supported. The price is cheap for various functions that I found myself buying some of the silly prebuilt color scenes just because I wanted to give the creator the support to keep making a great product. Also, multiple hubs is supported better than Hue does it, though it requires multiple Hue accounts. (Not ICH’s fault.) Sure, there is plenty more stuff that if could have like a way to create a mode to operate where controls were less “volatile” so guests don’t accidentally change your settings. Also, a comprehensive backup and restore functional would be terrific. Since this app can not control what other apps out in your Hue hub. Sometimes they can mess things up so it would be nice to wipe the hub and restore it from a point in time rather than try to manually “clean it”. Based in past experience, of other uses want this too, the developer will probably get on this because the app is constantly improving. Worth every in-app purchase!

- Easily the best app for Philips Hue

This is easily the best app for controlling your Philips Hue lights! FAR better, even, than the app from Philips Hue! The ability to create scenes, animations, etc., makes it one or two touches to have your lights do exactly what you want them to do! The apartment I built doesn’t have windows, so I was looking to build a lighting system that could follow the sun in both brightness and color temperature in the built-in “windows” I created to emulate sunrise and sunset and all the stages of lighting throughout the day. The systems I was looking at were going to cost $2,000-$5,000! Then I found Philips Hue and this app. It allows me to do all of that and so much more. I now have my entire house automated with the Hue lights and accessories through this app. The addition of motion detectors and programming to control exactly what I want to happen is incredible. And when I want them to change to something different, one touch of the button is all it takes. Create zones, rooms......whatever you want and have it do whatever you want! Just a great app!!

- Just Stop looking and Use this App

Anyone invested in the Philips Hue ecosystem for as long as I have has probably spent hours on end looking for the best application that just “works”. I have been a Phillips Hue user now for over 3 years (which is an eternity in the IOT world) and have tried at least 20 different apps and have spent a lot of money on some of those apps only to be disappointed. I’ve been using iConnectHue for well over a year now and it continues to get better and better and handle my crazy smart home with ease. I have an assortment of 45 smart Phillips Hue bulbs, 6 Hue Dimmers, 4 Hue Taps, 3 Hue Motion Detectors and use this app daily (even when deployed overseas I would check in on the House). I think I’ve used the native Phillips app only twice in the last year. Learn from my mistake, don’t waste hours scavenging the App Store and loads of money experimenting on other apps. Get iConnectHue now and use that time and money on something that works!

- Sorta random

I feel like whoever designed this just said, “you know what? I’m gonna to just put these buttons everywhere. Then I’ll assign cryptic icons to them with little to no explanation”. At least they don’t refer to it as intuitive. And good, cause it’s not. At all. You’ll have to spend a good long while just farting around with what each section does, then more time trying to figure out how to apply it to one or more areas, then more time if you want to learn how to do any “animations”. Then more money of course if you want to use any of those. Oh, then more time trying to figure out how to organize your “custom” “animations”. I bet you could take a room full of 10 adults and spend more than 4 hours teaching them how to use this app, and they’d come out of there still not being a “pro level user”. It’s just so tedious. The good news is, when you do get it down, it does do the most things with your lights and switches. Though I still find myself using the Hue app just because it’s faster, easier, and I can hand it to a visitor and they can use it without a 2 hour tutorial.

- Steroids for your Hue system

This it the one and only app you need to make the most out of using your complete Hue system. I entered the world of Philips Hue lighting only recently, and tried a few other apps as I was ramping up the user learning curve. In the process I discovered that this is the one that puts all others to shame. Even Philips' own app. IConnectHue puts your whole Hue Ecosystem on steroids, and will give you super powers to make your place your own Light-Wonderland. This app's UX and UI is so intelligently designed, it puts the "smart" in your "-phone" when it comes to managing and controlling your Hue setup. And the in-app purchases are all so worth it, too! (even the add-on to use the app from Apple Watch). App runs smoothly and feels flawless. And on top, support is prompt and they answer fast to any question. Go confidently with this one and look no further when it comes for a #1 main go-to app for your Hue system.

- Best all round app to control lights

I really like this app, and the discotainment I think is worth the few extra bucks. But I would ask the developers if they could add in the ability to set up Siri commands. For the most part you can use Siri suggestions to do automations in the shortcuts app... But specifically what I'm trying to do is have it set up so I can use Siri to turn on and off the discotainment and automatically play music. And I can for the most part, but I can't select any specific lighting preset for the discotainment. It will just turn it on with whatever lighting set up you had it on last. It would be more fun if there was a way for me to say something like "hey Siri, let's have a christmas party" and in shortcuts it opens the discotainment feature, select the Christmas themed lighting setting, turns it on, then plays my christmas playlist. For now, I just can't be that specific.

- Still the best Hue app

Had this app since I got my first Hue lights in 2015, and have tried 5+ Hue apps in addition to the Philips’ app. This one is by far the easiest and most intuitive to use. The constant updates and tweaks to the UI by the developer are very welcome and very well done. I’ve also had occasion two times to note bugs that cropped up after major iOS updates, and the developer was extremely timely in getting back to me and using my information to help fix the bugs. I think he’s a great indie developer and worthy of support for his hard work and customer service alone. But also, he happens to have a great app that just works — easily, well and consistently. I really, really like the UI. Also, the Watch app works very well on my Series 5 watch too and I keep it as a complication on virtually all of my non-workout watch faces.

- This should be a free app if you charge to do anything in the app.

*DO NOT BUY THIS APP!* I bought this app because it said it would let me play my music and have Discotainment. It also said I could make my own animation. Well yes you have to buy the app for $5 and then another $2.99 charge to unlock the music and $1.99 for EACH CUSTOM COLOR ANIMATION. Don’t buy unless they make it a subscription model or make it free with just in-app purchases. To have both is just a money hungry app where they purposely put limitations on it so you can buy EVERY SINGLE THING if you want the app to do what it says it “can” do. If the developer believed in itself they would set the price of the app higher if they can’t cover the costs. You get functionality of a free app for $4.99 that you spend on this one. Not worth the headache, but apparently the developer has plenty of time to get on here and write novels in response to other people complaining of the same thing! Don’t argue with customers, that’s never a way to do business.

- A must have for Philips Hue users

App runs smoothly, all add ons work as expected, dev FREQUENTLY updates with new features that make the hue experience better. The dimmer programmability alone makes this app worth the full price, but every feature included with this app is centered around effortless usability in real day to day situations. For instance, my bedside dimmer is programmed to switch certain lights off, my bedroom to a specific night scene and a timer for the bedroom to go off 3 mins after, all with one press of one button, and only past a certain time in the evening. Timers can be based on your location- I have "all off if I'm away" timers set to run every few hours when I'm away from home. This app gets you pretty close to running a full blown home automation server, and it does this pretty much independent of the phone!

- Overpriced

This review doesn’t add anything new regarding the overcharging of the application and all functions of it. I myself purchased almost everything which will run you over $40 (regardless the 30% apple takes) it is still very expensive. I only mention that because there is a lot of justification for the overcharging. You will find out later (if you own an iPad also) that you have to pay for a new iconnecthue for HD as well. I have 15 lights, three motion sensors and three dimmer switches. This is the better application for doing animations (if I used them). It is also nice for setting up dimmer switches. I ran out of memory on the bridge so I cannot customize my dimmers or anything else. 100 rules maxes out the Hue bridge. Make sure that if you have homepods to set the SIRI commands for iconnecthue on the same device you setup the homepod(s) with. I now create automations in HomeKit and only use timers (when memory allows) with this application.

- Best Watch app for Hue

This app is fantastic. Up front I want to say the support team helped me out over the holidays, which I didn't at all expect, and were extremely helpful and patient. This app is the best iOS citizen Hue app I've found — far nicer than the official Hue app, which feels like an alien transplant. The Siri Shortcut support is really great for integrating into other automations, and the customizable Today widget is really nice for having just what you need where you want it. The standout feature to me is the Watch app. It has dimmer buttons instead of Apple's fiddly scrolling brightness control, and your scenes/animations/colors. The app is really well done, very quick and responsive, and to me, faster to use than the endless scrolling of Apple's Home app (and more feature rich). The only feature I wish the app had is the ability to add a fade in/out timer to scenes and colors, so I could cross-fade from the Watch app. However, what I most wanted was the ability to fade on and off my lights on command instead of only sunrise/sunset, from my Watch, and I got that using animations. Extremely pleased, except for the money I spent before finding this app.

- Solves all the issues

I’ve had the iConnectHue app since I got the first bulbs. I also purchased a handful of other apps. IConnectHue looks good, runs quickly and has a great flow that makes a lot of sense to me. But, there’s one advantage of this app that is SO huge that I’m almost reluctant to say it because I feel the gang there at iConnectHue deserve all good things for this one and the competition will try to take it. So simple but so powerful is the fact that lights can exist in more than one group. It’s major. When you start making scenes soon you see that without this feature you can’t do anything good and the app would be like the rest of the apps (save for running great and looking even better).

- Great for old phone users.

I checked the app out because it was iOS 10 and later. My phone is a 6s+ and updating anymore would slow my phone down. At first I thought my only options were to spend a grand on a new phone or buy a smart hub and have everything I say be recorded. Both options were way more expensive than this app. I can't speak for it in comparison to the Hue app...because I couldn't even download it. I needed iOS 11 to turn my lights on. The user interface is straight to the point but gives tips to ensure you figure it out. Love it, you saved me the disappointment of returning my bulbs and saved me the frustration of buying more products.

- Great App! Minor bug. Need help!

I have recommend the Phillips hue set to many of my friends! It is very easy to set up and use and by far the best at home LED,s on the market. Recently the app has been un-detecting my hue bridge every time I leave the app. Never had this problem until recently and I’m sure a simple update would fix if the tech team can debug. Still would highly recommend!

- Upgrade to the Philips App

This app is much better than the application provided by Philips, which has enhanced my user experience many times over. There are some cool scenes provided at no cost and others you can purchase. You can control multiple Philips Bridges through a single interface which in my case makes things much easier to operate since I have a Philips Bridge on each floor of my home. The application provides notifications when there are firmware updates for Bridges, Devices and Bulbs. Last but not least the UI(User Interface) on iConnectHue is laid out in a much more user friendly way than the default Philips Hue app.

- Makes Accessories Functional, Buy It.

We smart light people spend too much time trying to make our lights do what normal lights do... this fixes that 100%. The hue app doesn’t let you do much with the add on devices and the routines are not intuitive. This app makes routines super functional, and turns switches into actual useful things that do what you want, when you want. Completely replaces an actual dimmer switch 100%. Beautiful. Makes it easy for other people in the home to use the home automation and smart lights because now the switches just do everything they need to do and the routines (timers) allow perfect customization. Throw in all the other cool stuff this thing can do and holy crap. I need more smart lights, because this is amazing. Honestly I don’t write reviews hardly ever, but everyone should know this thing exists and is well worth every penny. You spent hundreds on hue lights, spend $6-10 more and make the most of it. So glad some one built this to take full advantage of what Philips should have done.

- Best Hue app, but too nickel-and-dimey

This is the best app for Hue lights. I’ve bought them all. So get this one. Now just some critique to help the developer: - Setting switch behavior is amazing, and the best feature probably. Only thing is it feels tedious setting them up. Maybe just cause I just reprogrammed two switches, similarly (for each nightstand), and took forever. Maybe a copy function where you could sub out the bulbs? - Just too many separate in-app purchases. I can’t think of another app that has this many, many for similar things. It’s not even the amount of money. I’m happy to pay for it. Just annoying to get prompted to upgrade for every single feature. - I just want the app to cost money upfront. Or have one in-app pro purchase if necessary. Don’t split it into 20 paper cuts. - Rather see you charge for features or theme packs. Not both. Pick one to make money. The other should be free to sell the other. - This really needs family sharing, which I get isn’t possible with in-app purchasing. But it’s crazy everyone in my family needs to pay for all the in-app purchases.

- The best Phillips Hue app that exists today

I started using this app over a year ago because the original Phillips Hue app was so horrible. The support is terrific and you get regular updates. It’s the only app that I know you can easily configure the light switches with all sorts of push and/or hold combinations for each button. It’s well worth the money that you’ll pay for this app and probably does more than you will ever use it for. And if you are reading this and not sure about getting it, know that you are getting a complete replacement for the Hue app plus lots of extra config options too!!

- Doesn’t work

I bought this app because it said you could set up timers for Hue lights that you can’t through the Homekit app or Hue bridge. I am a pretty technical person. After many hours of trying, trouble shooting, googling, re-reading instructions, this app does not sync cleanly with the hue bridge. I have a couple different scenes set up for my hue lights and I never did get all of them to sync or show up on this app. I even tried through the hue bridge. Not only did i spend the $4.99 on the iphone app, I had to spend another $4.99 for the iPad app. I read all the reviews prior as I really wanted something that worked, and that i could set timers. Like I said, I am pretty technical, and if I can’t get it to work after all the hours spent, I definitely cannot recommend spending the money on this app.

- Read everything before buying

I had read good reviews about this app on various websites to work with your hue lights. I purchased it because i wanted something more intuitive than the Hue app. I wanted to tweak some scenes that Alexa and my Harmony hub use in my home theater. This app found the scenes, but all you can do is copy them. No editing. So i built a new room and copied the scenes into it, but nether Alexa or the Harmony hub could see the new room or new scenes that i put in the original room. Reading the FAQ when trying to fix the troubled, I did find info that hinted that i probably couldn't do what i want to do. In the apps defense, i should have read the faq first. Just make sure you read everything before purchasing.

- The EA Games of apps

Okayish app, but you pay 5 bucks for it, and then get super limited functionality unless you shell out MORE money through in-app purchases, with the minimum amount extra being $2 for each additional feature. Hell, you can’t even add a second hue bridge without shelling out another $4. There are free apps that do most of the stuff this thing nickles and dimes you for, and the only features that would make it worth a full 5 smackers are extra $! My smart home friends were considering buying this app and I got it as the guinea pig. Luckily for them though now they know to stay away unless they’re looking to drop like 20 clams on getting most of the features and presets. Sad!

- Nickel and Diming users

I’ve been paying for the in app purchases for years. It’s a great app but I don’t agree with their revenue model. Each feature of a $5 app locked behind an additional $1-3 paywall. The $5 app becomes a $25 app and you still need to buy all future product features as in app purchases, you won’t get anything new unless you cough up. The new membership plans are even more confusing and another way to charge more. It’s a great app but be weary of all the charges to really make it a “great” app. Base app is about on par with the hue app now days. Just wish the developer didn’t feel the need to charge for every update and feature added. Give older features out to people, stop locking everything behind in app purchases.

- Amazingly powerful hueness

I can’t say enough good things about this app. The magic scenes are great for creating animations with varying colors, and you don’t even have to edit them when you add/remove lights from the room. Setting up motion sensors and light switches works much better than the official Hue app. The in app purchases all feel like something that’s worth buying. The developer continues to improve the app consistently, adding new one-time purchases that I’m happy to buy.

- Features you want behind paywall

The initial purchase of $4.99 unlocks just a little more than the free hue app itself. Turn the lights off/on, change color, dimmer, adjust switches. There are some free features that are on useless timers or one free trial which isn’t enough to see if it does everything. So you are paying for nothing new. Everything else you want costs extra and even certain features within a feature cost extra. Say you want the animation feature; well now you gotta pay $1.99 for each set. I would pay an amount to unlock everything but after paying $4.99 already the app dev is a bit greedy here. The perfect hue app search continues.

- The upgrades are huge

I have been using iConnectHue for a few months now, and have found it to be the only app out there capable of organizing and controlling the hue lights with animations. With the most recent update I was so excited to see they fixed alot of small bugs, upgraded the UX and UI, and the connection to the lights seams to be a lot faster and responsive then in previous versions. I highly recommend this app, and it is leaps and bounds better then the stock HUE app.

- Fun and functional

I love this app as a companion to my increasing Hue-covered house. I feel like I've gotten more than my money's worth and I have just scratched the surface of its capability. The interface can sometimes be a bit challenging, and I'd love to see some stronger integration to homekit and Siri. All that said it's a great app and we'll worth the subscription, especially if you've got kids in the house who like to be wow'ed by animated colors and impromptu dance parties complete with light show.

- Quite complicated if u ask me

I started off with Philips Hue bulbs several years ago. Quite happy with their performance so in time I have gravitated to two exterior lamp assemblies and two motion sensors this holiday season. At first I used the Hue app., and I felt I wanted more that was available via the iconnecthue app. Wow! I can read. Do I struggle with comprehension....yes. I tried and tried with failure every time. Then I emailed app support. They responded very timely. However, thru multiple emails, I wasn’t making any progress with what I consider simple settings. So, I gave up and uninstalled the app. Back to the free Hue app I go. Good luck. It just wasn’t for me.

- Worth 100+ dollars

I have 45 hue lights of all kinds that I have been purchasing over the years and just recently discovered this app and it’s amazing. Several things that I had just accepted couldn’t be done(light animations, grouping across rooms, advanced setting for remote controls or timers, etc) are available and work beautifully in this app. For those complaining about the in-app purchases, I believe this app is easily worth 100+ dollars.

- Simple & Extensive; Multiple Hubs

This is my primary app for my Hue ecosystem; over 50 lights, dozen switches & sensors, and 2 hubs. My Hues co-exist with Z-Wave lights and devices on Wink, but I still prefer to switch over to iConnect for better control of my Hues—more precise control, more responsive, and straight forward user interface. The Add-Ons are well worth the small price. After $20-50 for each light, a few dollars for a great app feature doesn’t really need any thought.

- Need to spend more money

Well It works... Kind of. Because buying the app from the store wasn’t enough. You still have to pay a lot more money for functionality. Even though the developer claims that the basic functionality is worth the $5 dollars, and he may have a point from he’s prospective. At the end of the day, the basic version does not do anything more then the free apps that you may already have... just change the price to 20$, give us everything, and stop hiding in app purchases

- And it keeps getting better!

I've tried a lot of Hue apps, along with hundreds of home automation apps. IConnectHue still surprises me with new features constantly. By far the best light app I've used yet! Been using it for a year now. The only thing I would update would prob be the user interface. But it's difficult to get all those features into something clean and simple and intuitive. Fantastic animations.

- Most recent update is a battery killer!

The past few days my phone’s battery life has been abysmal, including last night being unable to fully charge. I looked into the battery app on my phone to see if it had been knocked off the charger or if something else went on - the Iconnecthue app was active all night, utilizing 95% of the background activity. Every hour throughout the day it used the most significant amount of battery and this only began with the new update. I loved the app and would give it a shot again after a new update, but right now it makes my phone practically unusable.

- Needs improvement

2 major problems I have with this app, 1: the animations WILL not stop after activating a new Home scene or switch off the lights and back on, or even loading another animation and then stopping it after. It will keep changing the lights to that previous animation. 2: the discotainment has lag, and I wish it’d be able to initiate the discotainment from the HomePod and then handoff to the app on a chosen device. This way the whole shortcut I have set up for party mode will run more seamlessly.

- Solves issues I had with the garbage official Hue app

I have Hue motion detectors which turn on lights when I enter my living room. With the hue app, if I change the scene in the room with a switch after the motion detector has turned on my lights (ie I want the lights to STAY ON), the motion detector inactivity timeout will still trigger and turn off all my lights. This is infuriating to say the least. Well I’m pleased to say that this iConnectHue solves this problem with the “Cancel inactivity of Hue motion” action! Simply assign this as an action to your switch, and the motion sensor will no longer turn off your lights if you change the scene after detecting motion. This is literally all I wanted from Hue. Thank you for solving my problem.

- Many animations not working in timer

I have been using this app for several years and have always liked it. At some point in the past few months, multiple animations have stopped working as timer options - I constantly get an error saying there was a problem creating the timer. Some animations work, some don’t - some in the same animation packs. Seems mostly random. I can test all of them and supply a complete list if needed.

- If I could give this less than a star,

If I could give this less than a star, I would. You pay $5 for then there are what feels like hundreds of options for in app purchases. Why I would buy an app.... just to spend more after..... to unlock what I thought I paid for. The developer of this remind me of EA sports in the matter that you continually get bent trying to unlock things you thought your originally purchased. Also for the music integration the best you could come up with was using the microphone to measure the sound, absolutely horrendous app integration

- Just in time for the New Year Party

All I want is the “Disco” where the lights change to the beat of the music. I had purchased (leased) this in the previous version. I applaud those of you you easily navigate the app. I am not one of you. It would be great if the magic of the app was to select the desired lamps, select “Disco” and enjoy the show. I own over 20 hue lamps and control everything from Siri on my HomePod and iPhones. I had to apologize to my grand children. They enjoyed them before and were looking forward to dancing with the music and color changing lights.

- Best Phillips Hue app

This really is the best Hue app there is. The ability to customize the motion detectors and buttons to such a degree is invaluable. Without this app my smarthome would seriously be lacking. No hardware manufacturer has an app that allows this level of customization. A must have if you want a lot more control.

- Huge battery drain

I wanted to report this issue without putting any rating but your website says that i have to use app and your app says that I don’t have any mail account:(. (Which is total false - i have four). Due to iConnectHue my 11 max (huge battery) cannot survive half day. Battery app (in Settings) shows that iConnect hue eaten 80% of battery in background mode (no, i do not use app at all)

- The ONLY app you need for Hue

WOW! I’ve tried many other app’s and have been EXTREMELY pleased with iConnect! Phillips should buy this app from the author, or better yet, hire the author to continue to add functions and make things easier! I have 2 hubs in different parts of the country and can manage EVERYTHING oh so easy!

- The BEST!!

This is hands down the best and most comprehensive hue app. I have tried several others on the app store and none are quite this intuitive. I highly recommend this. Only wish is that they create a desktop version that I can use with my mackbook.

- Very robust but they charge you for EVERYTHING

My first 3rd party app for my Hue. Already up to about $15 in the app cost and all the ridiculous add-on features! They charge you for EVERYTHING - oh, wants some more colors, how about geolocation? ...Boom how about pay us another $. Seems like the app works great and has about every feature I could want, probably because they have the best paid developers around lol.

- This is my go-to app for Hue lights.

I can’t believe all the features found in this app. Some of these features won’t be found in other apps and are POWERFUL! I can’t say enough good things about this app and the developers continue to improve it.

- Best Hue Lights App Available

This app does more than any of the other Hue Lights app and it does it extremely well. I’ve been using it for at least 5 years and it keeps getting better and better. Support is very responsive and helpful.

- Even With a Few Bugs Still the Best

Developers are responsive, bugs are always annoying but overall this app is far more feature packed than anything else.

- Disappointed with lack of help

Originally got the app to use a sunrise timer with a Hue Go at the same time each morning. Worked really well until the app updated, now no longer starts at the programmed time (or at all). Have sent several emails to the developer with no response. Website says to contact via the app but I only get the option to email with my settings attached.

- Delivers very little functionality for the $5 base price.

I expected this app to be somewhat decent given Philips’ recommendation and the high user reviews. I was disappointed to see that almost all features are locked behind more paywalls in the app. It would be another $10 at least to enable everything. Music syncing IS NOT included for $5. If Apple didn’t make refunds such a pain I would return this app.

- everything the philips app wishes it was

don’t focus on the cost - focus on the functionality and support. i’ve had this since rev1. i love it. the interface is awesome, the updates are done regularly and done well, the control of groups and individual lights is fantastic. this is one of the rare apps that i’d give 6 stars if i could. i particularly like the timers and control over them. i have timers that give me sunset colors in the house times to sunset, then fade to deep blue that fades out helping prompt bedtime. buy this. you will love it.

- Does not support google home

Paid the apps and didn’t realize this apps didn’t work with google home, I was hoping after connect two bridge will able to connect original apps with my google home. anywayWill request a refund back since the whole purpose is to connect with google home.

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- Great for those with toddlers

Really enjoying this App. I have a toddler and I can set up a widget to gradually simulate a sunset. This is gold for anyone who knows how hard it is to get a toddler into a peaceful state of mind and ready for bed. It costs some dollars but hey, the lights aren't cheap and you might as well get them to work the way you want.

- Awesome app

I primarily use Hue lights with HomeKit and mostly put my motion sensor automations onto the hue bridge for responsiveness and restoration capabilities whenever I have to rebuild HomeKit due to its instability. I have 2 hue hubs and use motion sensors extensively. This app provides exactly what I need for advanced motion controls. Eg if a light is on, don’t run sensors; setting multiple time periods, setting motion overrides etc. things you can only do with formulas in Hue or other clunky workarounds. This stopped me having to actually write manual commands for my bridge. It is faultless in operation and regularly updated, almost to the point where it seems to be ahead of the Hue app itself with updates and support. Oh and I have widgets set so I can manually disable motion sensors if required with a single press(not normally required as my rules are quite robust) Highly recommend for more advanced config, ability to set groups across rooms etc. very good support documentation. I am surprised Signify have not bought this out and embedded it fully into their app, it is that good. Only criticism, actual direct control of Lights is a bit clunky, but I don’t really use it for that, only to create scenes etc. Also some more direct control over hub rules and ability to edit/delete would be useful but this is a bit of an edge case and I use another app for that if required.

- Awesome...

Because this app has a cost and extra purchases beyond that, I avoided it for a long time. I tried every other app I could (minus about two) but found them to be buggy, ugly or badly designed. So I bit the bullet and paid for this app. I’m really glad I did! This app is very well designed, looks great and is enjoyable to use. I finally feel like I have control over my Hues. The switch editor especially is really powerful. Ignore that old two star review. iConnectHue is great.

- If you have Hue, you need this!

This is what the official Hue app should have been. Simple to use and intuitive, but also offers lots of fine control over everything if you want it. This has replaced a number of other apps for me and is the only Hue app you’ll need.

- Nickel and dimes

This app has an up-front cost. Scenes cost money. Functionality costs money. I even was given a limit of times I was allowed to copy my own scene without ponying up cash. Look guys, I get that development and maintenance costs money, but we’ve already paid our price of admission. You’ve got to start rolling more functionality into the base app and stop shaking people upside-down hoping for small change to drop out of their pockets. Way, way too many nag screens for a paid app.

- Works well with multiple locations

One of the few that works really well with multiple locations each with its own bridge. It’s an in-app purchase but worth every cent.

- The best

This is absolutely the best hue app I’ve used for customising the Philips dimmer switch. I mostly use Apple Home app and Siri for controlling my lights but this app allows me to highly configure the Philips dimmer switch to do so much more than I can do with the Hue app or HomeKit.

- Don’t buy it.

Some of the features of this app are cool, but you only get them as demos. If you actually want to use them, you have to buy them. You’re pretty much paying almost $10 for a demo. Since first buying the app a month or so ago, I haven’t used it once.

- Too many in app purchases

Very deceiving app with too many in app purchases Also not that easy to use as it claims Example us music sync is an extra in app purchase amongst many

- Don’t believe the other reviews!

Pretty disappointing app. It has more in-app purchases than I have ever seen before. Don’t buy unless you want to part ways with your money.

- Not worth buying this app

This app is so expensive and then they charge more for features inside the app.

- FINALLY the app my lights deserve!!!

This app does everything I ever wanted for my home automation. I tried a lot of free apps to try and get the right configuration but none of them were able to do what I thought would be pretty standard. It is intuitive, a really easy, good-looking interface and it runs everything from the hub. Even the options it gives for the Philips Tap Switch are incredible and exponentially increase its usability. I have purchased all the in app purchases and they are all worth it and great!!

- The best Hue app

I've had my 15 Hue bulbs and a single light strip for a little over 4 months. I've tried all the apps that I can, to get the most out of a rather expensive setup. IConnectHue offers the most comprehensive range of options that I've found. I love it that I can program switches so they have multiple functions. I've made in app purchases and I haven't been disappointed with those either. This is the app that I use on a day to day basis and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Five stars from me.

- Expensive, confusing UI, buggy

For an app that costs this much and charges each member of your family for each extra feature, I was expecting better performance. It works, most of the time when you are at home. Remotely it's a bit of a gamble. Maybe it will work, maybe not. Even with the paid animation design feature it is very hard to create smoothly fading lights due to arbitrary limitation on lengths of fade and inability to start with current state, however if you want to program blinking disco lights this works just fine. A simple task of fading from the current setting to a very dim red over half an hour to emulate a sunset is simply not possible. There is a sleep feature that dims lights slowly and then suddenly turns them off, with no options to leave them dimmed at the end. Promising, but not worth the price until many issues are resolved.

- Utterly necessary

This is the ONLY available iOS Hue app that will let you control your Hue lights the way you want to, as a regular person with several rooms in your house. I've tried about 8 apps. Ignoring the animation apps that you use as a gimmick, this is the only one that lets you manage your house rooms intuitively. Buy it now.

- Quite simply the best hue app out there.

I've tried almost all of them. They all seem to have a bit of what I want but nothing all in the same app. So along comes this nifty little bit of software. Love it. Can't wait to see what you guys do with it next.

- What the Philips app should offer

The best app paired to my Hue lights and devices! Worth it alone for the ability to configure templates on groups and the extra configuration ability for Hue Tap and Dimmer switches! This is what the Philips app should be. Well done.

- Great app - what the Philips app should be

Great functionality which extends the usefulness of the hue lights and sensors. Particularly like the way it adds functionality to the accessories such as the motion sensor and dimmer switch

- Best Hue control app... Hands down

I hardly ever write reviews... but, if every app was this well written, executed and maintained I would write many more. Seriously, hats off to the developer. Smashing effort. I have become so dependent on this app that the Today Widget has now become muscle memory (more so than using light switch:) Great work! 5/5

- Best I've found

Best Hue app I've tried, and I've tried a few.

- Nice app

This is a very useful app, it is the only way I enjoying interacting with my Philips globes.

- Works Perdectly!!!

So much flexibility in this app for the Hue system. Especially for switches and animations.

- Must have for Hue Lights

This app adds so much extra features that is not available on the factory Hue app. Lot going to write a long review, just if you are interested google search or YouTube. Perfect for people wanting more out of there Hue lights. Well worth the money, as amount of work in building / maintaining this app would be very time consuming I would imagine.

- BEWARE - breaks Hue Widgets

Expensive waste of money - does most of the functions that the free Philips Hue app does except Siri control from Apple Watch (without HomeKit bridge). To add insult to injury it also BREAKS THE HUE APP WIDGET FUNCTION! Do not waste your money.

- Some Good, Some Bad.

This app is really good for programming your switches and motion sensors for extra functionality. Also the animations and coloured scene control is top notch. DO NOT BUY the automations add on. The FREE Apple home (or other Google, Amazon equivalent) will give you far more configuration ability for Location and Time based automations. Tried to talk to the developer about this, he treated me like I was a dunce.


I bought this for my watch thinking I could change the color of hue lights but all it does it turn lights on and off. What a wast of $$$ I can already turn lights on and off either with Siri or Apple home. They want you to pay another $12.99 as an in app purchase so you can change light colors. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE LIGHT COLORS ON YOUR APPLE WATCH. This is only an on off switch. If I could give no stars I would.

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- Best Business Model :)

The guy who wrote “Bad Business Model” is a clown. Obviously he doesn’t know anything about hard work and a fantastic app. Super easy very simple to navigate and the updates are great.

- Incredibly useful app

This app is amazing. It fills in the gaps on simple things like using a switch to activate a scene, bypass motion sensors, and act as a toggle (if on turn off, if off turn on). There are features that require in app purchases, however the value you get with the base app is definitely worth the initial cost and I’m sure the add-ons are equally worth it. The developer has added so much to this app, Philips’ app doesn’t even come close.

- Bad business model

Hello dear dev, In app purchase in a paid app should be punished. For a product to work, you need to have a good app, a good timing and a good implementation. This app has 2 of the 3. In app ads would have been better.

- Paid app, everything extra

Sure, a few scene packs I can understand. But remote access? That’s extra. An iPad version of the app? Also extra. The app even says hey this app pretends to run on an older iPhone using an iPad and won’t work! And the long explanations on the website as to why these hidden fees are “normal” is just ludicrous.

- Doesn’t work well with Siri/shortcuts

After paying for the app then paying again for the actual features in the app I’ve learned that animated scenes have completely different and incorrect behaviour when invoked from shortcuts instead of the app. Absolute waste of $$.

- Remboursement

J’ai acheter l’application mais sa fonctionne pas j’ai essayer avec l’adresse ip et avec la recherche automatique rien ne marche sa me dis erreur 😤😤

- Not good

Bad UI, tons of in app purchases. Doesn’t do anything well enough to replace existing hue app or Home.

- Great app, 100% worth it

Unlocks a lot of stuff, saved me from having to return my motion sensor... Philips and even Apple’s options for motion sensors are terrible. Animated scenes are my new favourite. App lacks a well thought out UI and UX but once you set everything up it’s not the worst.

- Best hue app I've tried

Features keep on getting added. Still very impressed with this app. Would recommend the remote access add on. Greatly improves automation. It really lets you get into the guts of your home control.

- literally had it for two seconds and i want a refund

can’t do anything in the app that you can’t do on free ones, purchased this for the discotainment listed in the hue app but that’s an extra purchase on top of this one? I think that should’ve been clearly stated somewhere

- Ehhh

Cool idea don’t get me wrong. But when I buy an app, I expect to be getting everything.

- Buy it

Literally just bought this app and went about and set it all up. Actually wiped my hue app clean to let this app control everything. I love how it controls the motion sensor and switches. 12/10 app Endless possibilities Support for more than one bridge Same music options as the hue sync Love it

- Best app I’ve ever spent money on

Amazing features and support. I can’t even imagine using Hue bulbs without this app

- Highly recommended

The best Hue application. Constant development and support for new products whether Philips or a third party. Big thanks to the development team! Using with bridges in 4 different locations - with in-app purchase for multi bridge support.

- Clean and beautiful app

Great app with multiple hub support, easy programming and grouping. Well done!

- Cool features, not the most usable app

The good: accessory configuration is way better than Hue app and other 3rd party apps The bad: I find the UX/UI quite confusing at times. Scenes: you will now have 3 different types. Hue scenes, HomeKit scenes, iConnectHue scenes, the one being one being the only one compatible. I’m not sure I feel like starting recreating all my scenes if I move away from iConnectHue.

- Don’t buy this

There are free apps that do the same thing, useless, waste of money, wish I could return it.

- The best Hue app for iOS

This is, by far, the best Hue app for iOS. Feature rich and easy to use. If you’re using Hue you need this.

- Needs improvements

Nice app but needs more improvement and bugs fixing, for example every time i click once to choose a scene it takes me to editing colour even though the instruction say click once to activate the scene and click twice for editing!!! Needs more dynamic animations ideas like candle, rain, thunder, colour wheels rotation, disco animations not only scene....plus the app is a bit laggy and slow.

- Pay to pay more

I don't understand why I have to pay 7$ to download an app, a pretty basic app as far as apps go, and yet there are SO many in app purchase that should just be included. It works but I’m VERY disappointed. Not cool.

- Lighten up

I have to admit it is taking me a while to learn how to navigate this app; however I am in my early 40’s and am trying to keep up with technology and terminology. That being said when time is taken to perfect what one wants to do the results are worth it.

- Very functional

Absolutely wonderful, so many dynamic ways to use it with the included transitions and settings. This application more-less completes anyone’s Hue set-up. Worth every penny! Thanks for the app!

- Best app for Philips Hue!

Great app, the free version has enough functionality to make it useful, but go and buy the in app purchases. They are really worth it too.

- Worth every penny.

This app is invaluable to me in many ways. It bugs me to read reviews that complain about how much this app costs and the upgrade process. Finally an app that makes the absolute most of what Phillips Hue can do. Very detailed control of almost everything I could possibly want to do with my many lights. The developer is quick to respond to messages and is constantly evolving what the app can do, and that is much appreciated. I have purchased every one of the IAP’s, and am perfectly happy with my decision. When someone puts this much time into making a full featured app that is actually useful, they should be rewarded. One request I have though... deeper control of the colours in discotainement. I’d prefer to choose a colour instead of a gradient. And to choose that colour. Thanks!

- THE App for automating lights

There is so much to love about this app. The feature set is exceptionally deep. Especially appreciate the fine-grained customization possibilities of the Hue switch and motion detectors. The implementation of groups and scenes is also awesome. Thanks very much for as near a "pro" app as we have in the app store!

- The superior Philips Hue app

This is the most feature-rich, robust, and sensible Philips Hue app available. There are no others like it: its features are both deceptively easy to configure, and expansive enough for even the most particular among the tech crowd. What do I use this app for the most? Programming all the switches in my house. Good luck to anyone trying to do it with any other app, including the barely acceptable official app. This app is years of development time ahead of everything when it comes to editing switches. I highlight only this one superb advantage the app has over others, but it's genuinely got all other apps beat in every available feature category. If you've already invested hundreds or thousands of dollars on lights, don't suddenly go cheap on the app. You're not going to get this functionality elsewhere or for free. This developer has provided the Philips Hue community with the benchmark by which all other apps should strive to meet or exceed. As of now, no app comes close, especially the official one. Pay the paltry sum and actually realize the full potential of those smart lights you spent so much damn money on. I've bought all the addons despite not having a use for all of them, like multi-bridge support. This is a developer I do not want my lights to lose. Do yourself what's best and buy the superior Philips Hue app, otherwise known as iConnectHue.

- Low value for price

I got this app as I liked the instant interface with lights but only realized after you need 3D Touch to utilize it. Didn’t like how all the automation and cool magic scenes cost more which you would expect if this app was free and didn’t cost more than $5

- Exactly what I was looking for

I am really enjoying this app. It has a bit of a learning curve, but what app doesn’t, really? It’s animations are totally what I was looking for. It has a limit of eight unique states or transitions for an animation, which I found slightly limiting, but other that that small preference, it’s been great so far

- Pay Twice?

The app is good. Very good. The best app for Hue by far. The app developers at Phillips should take a long look at this app. This is how there app should work. What the developers at Phillips wrote is garbage. A little pricey at 7 dollars but I don’t mind paying for a product that works as well as this one. That being said, if you also want it on you iPad, you’ll have to shell out another 7 dollars, plus the additional cost of the add on’s you may wish to purchase. That is the only issue I have with this app. Its what is keeping me from a five star rating for the app.

- Go buy it!!!

I tried many apps for my Hue lights, and this one is my favourite! I'm surprised at what you can do with this app compared to the official Philips app. It's obvious the author likes to get all he can out of the Hue devices ☺️

- You get what you want, if you pay for it.

This app is exactly what I was looking for. A great way to create animated scenes with your hue lights. But there is a catch. The app is $7.00 up front, then the majority of the good content is hidden behind another in-app purchase. Many of these are $2.79 or more. I do recommend the app, but be ready to fork over a lot more money than you maybe anticipated, for an already expensive app.

- Best Hue app I've used

Interface looks great, has a lot of settings. Kinda in-app purchases hungry tho.

- Good functions

Not as good looking as some apps out there, but it has great functions that go beyond the official app's. This app allows the same bulbs to be used in multiple room combinations and scenes. The timers for sunrise and sunset and the sleep timer are great. Remote access is great. The only thing I go back to the official Hue app for is the Siri HomeKit functions. Would be useful have an easy way to enable random on/off when no one is home.

- Hue lighting

Highly recommend this app Works just how you would like it Very happy with it

- Best Hue App out there!

Super cool. Has a bit of a learning curve... But once you master it - it's awesome! And amazing support, too!

- Amazing App. Well Worth the Expensive Price

Looking back, this is the best app + in-app purchase I have ever done on the iPhone. Once you buy it, you'll be extremely satisfied and wonder how you've been controlling your lights without this! Previously I was using about 4 apps. The official Philip Hue apps, Huemote and OnSwitch. I've also tried using all the other apps (paid and free). Each did one thing well but I had to jump between many apps. The reason I bought this app is because of the ability to program the dimmer remotes. The app did a fantastic job of programming my 7 dimmer switches. I was able to add custom behaviours to the buttons and configure it any way I wanted. I have remotes program to press the power button to turn on. Then press the power button again change to a different preset colour. If I press the off button, one group of lights turns off. If I hold the off button, all my Philips hue bulbs turn off in the entire home. The custom groupings works 100% better than the "rooms" Philips app uses. I can allocate the same light to multiple groups. Custom widget designer (in-app purchase) works really well. Allows for organizing and structuring your widget how you want it. It is very impressively done! Remote Access works well. Previously I always had to access the official app for this which didn't align with other app groupings. The animation is well built. Takes a bit of time to configure and play with, but colour cycling works well. Small quirk for stopping an animation, but that is minor. Presets are becoming my new favourite feature (after the dimmer configuration). Being able to create a preset for the lights, brightness, colours and then assigning it to a widget or remote. Been playing with the motion sensor now that the app lets you configure it in a more detailed way. Really like that the motion sensor can be ignored if the light is already on and set to a different colour. Overall, this is a fantastic app that will make most of the other Philips Hue apps obsolete. It may seem expensive, but compared to the price of the bulbs, it is a minimal fee that will allow you to get maximum configuration and use out of your Philips hue system. This app is especially critical if you have many bulbs and switches spread throughout your home.

- The best app for Hue users

Update: The app is still the best out there. Great new features continue to be added. When my phone contract was up recently, this app was a significant factor in my decision to stay with an iPhone. It really is *that* good. Original review: There's nothing better. The app is great and the developer responds to emails quickly. Well worth the price.

- The Best

This is simply the best app there is for the hue system!

- Too complicated

I spend 2 hours this morning trying to get this to work. It is better suited to computer programmers than to people who want to control their lights. The reason I bought this is because the Hue App that goes with the lights won't let me turn one group of lights on and the group of lights off. I thought this would solve it. But after programming and reprogramming all the setting multiple times I finally gave up. Not only that, the app continuoulty 'forgot' the new settings I was applying, suddenly revertain back to older settings. And activating lights by "group" failed every time. I ended up trying to activate all the individuals lights. Also, this app is massively overpriced. I've used wicked apps that are free or less than $3. All this did was give me an enormous headache. Shame on this company!

- Very nice app

The app does what's it suppose to.

- One smart app !!

Im a developer of another Philips Hue app and i must admit this app has been appart of the bunch. They where first to support multi bridge and still rare app to properly support it. The latest idea to create dynamic effects using bridge timer is a clever idea !!! I raise my hat to developer(s) behind iconnecthue. Keep up that good work !

- Best hue app out there

Love the interface and the app is miles better than the hue app. I've bought features I don't use just to support the continued production of this app.

- Best Hue app!

Simply the very best Hue app out there. Love the extra functionality that this app provides and the fact that the app is always ahead of the curve. Multi-press programs for Hue Taps and dimmers make the app incredible. And remote connection is brilliant. You have a Hue? Get this app!

- Great app

Recently replaced the dos based x10 System with iConnect. This is the best. Thanks, Dennis

- Fantastic

Functional, practical with a well thought out UI. Lots of features but simple to use. Optional widget is highly customizable. Well worth the purchase price.

- Easily the best Hue app available.

I have bought a whole range of Hue lights over the past month for my new condo (4 lightstrips, 3 standard bulbs and 4 lights for a track) and downloaded over a dozen Hue apps only to find most of them mediocre. Even the best apps I could find were clumsily designed as far as the UI went or would not have all the features I needed. I just discovered this app tonight and I am beyond blown away by it. It is simply the easiest, best way to control your lights especially if you have several of them. You can easily group lights, turn groups on and off, turn individual lights on and off quickly as well as control brightness and colour seamlessly, have presets that include the lightstrips (something the main Hue app didn't do), etc plus they all work with a detailed widget as well as the Hue Tap! None of this would matter if the UI was hard to navigate and understand but it is laid out in the most efficient and easy to manage way possible, with every group and light settings accessible in an instant. I can't emphasize enough how incredible the UI is especially after having encountered all the other Hue apps that couldn't figure out a good interface for quickly turning on and off/dimming/changing colours on the lights. If you have the Hue bulbs, this is the app to get and the only one you need for control of your lights (of course if you still want party lighting, keep an app like Hue Disco around). I deleted all the other general hue control apps that I had after an hour with this one.

- Must have app!

If you own Hue lights, you need this. Bam! Way faster than stock Hue app. Keep up the great work!

- Best Philips Hue app

Buy without hesitation. Worth every penny. My best of all Philips Hue app.

- Best Overall App

It seems like the Wild West with the variety of Hue Apps, many of which are poorly implemented in a rush to market. iConnect stands out in the crowd. No, it won't flash your lights to music; rather, iConnect assembles the most relevant features, with elegant execution. The saving of Presets deserves special mention.

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iConnectHue for Philips Hue 4.5.1 Screenshots & Images

iConnectHue for Philips Hue iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

iConnectHue for Philips Hue iphone images
iConnectHue for Philips Hue iphone images
iConnectHue for Philips Hue iphone images
iConnectHue for Philips Hue iphone images
iConnectHue for Philips Hue iphone images
iConnectHue for Philips Hue iphone images
iConnectHue for Philips Hue iphone images
iConnectHue for Philips Hue iphone images

iConnectHue for Philips Hue (Version 4.5.1) Install & Download

The applications iConnectHue for Philips Hue was published in the category Utilities on 2013-04-29 and was developed by Stefan Gohler [Developer ID: 410704634]. This application file size is 44.18 MB. iConnectHue for Philips Hue - Utilities app posted on 2021-02-10 current version is 4.5.1 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.crossfiredesigns.iConnectHue

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