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What is wizz - make new friends app? Welcome to Wizz, where fun comes from the unexpected. Wizz is a safe space where you can let loose and meet new friends from all over the world. With over 5 million downloads and counting, you’re sure to find your people!


1). SWIPE TO FIND FRIENDS: Swipe through the app to find people who are online when you are.

2). CHAT LIVE: One of the most exciting things about Wizz is that you can instantly chat with people from around the world.

3). FIND A COMMUNITY: Find friends who love what you love. With our new community feature, you can find other people who are into things like Fortnite, manga, Roblox games & so much more.

4). IT’S FREE: Yup, Wizz is totally free to use.

5). IT’S SAFE: We take your safety very seriously. That’s why we have an age gate, plus additional safety features for any users.

Meet new people. Let loose. Belong together.

Wizz is for positive vibes only! If you post inappropriate content, you'll be automatically banned.

Terms of Use: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

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Wizz - Make new friends Version 5.11.021 November 2022

Fixes and improvements.

Wizz - Make new friends Comments & Reviews 2022

- Eh it’s ok

I mean besides it having weird people. Y’all have the choice to deny or accept it for a reason. So people accepting chats that came off weird is like giving that person a reason to keep messing with you. All I’m saying it shows what that person is sending it’s your choice to accept it or not. Other than that it’s definitely has its ups. I mean me, to be completely honest I like how you can send a message instead of just waiting to add a person. What I see that I feel like helps. Is how we can comment on a picture or start a conversation off a photo or something you found interesting in their bio. And they really just accept that conversation or not. I do understand how everyone is saying money grab. But I could honestly care less for now. Other than I just want to be able to add one more picture, but that’s it. I do kinda like this app a bit more than Yubo. My mind might change later down the road, but not that you care. I’m just saying I like sending messages instead of having to wait to get added or add that person to talk to them like all you have to do is send a chat and they accept it or not. Either way your still adding but your not waiting for hours and if you are just know you’ve been “REJECTED” lol. But at the same time you need to say something that will catch their eye without it being weird or rude. And that’s how it all starts.

- Susy

This app is actually great it’s a place where u can find place but the problem is the new update I saw that for a lot of people the new update made their Wizz not work I had my Wizz account for a long time and I noticed I lost all my friends and requests I thought it just refreshed it so I tired adding a lot of people so I can talk to new people but I noticed that no one added me or added me back which I thought it was just my phone just it’s all broken 😭so I uninstalled the app and installed it again but it still didn’t work at this point I thought it was my account so I deleted my account and made a new one it still didn’t work and no ken was adding me back or adding me I deleted and made a new account like 5 times and none of them work so I emailed the creator or whatever it’s called I still haven’t had a response and I’m getting sad/mad bc I actually really like this app :(! So if any of the Wizz people read this plz fix your app! make a new update bc it’s not working ty love this app btw keep up the work!

- Poor monitoring in regards to certain users

I’ve downloaded wizz since October of 2021. Even though it’s supposed to be for finding friends and all. I’ve had a few encounters where users lied about their age. As well as guys that were just thirsty for nudes. Finally, people being rude and disrespectful to others for no reason whatsoever, which I’ve also encountered at one point. I will say if you do download this app be careful with whom you talk to, and use it wisely due to how poorly it is monitored. Since if you’re going to download this app and I mean if you’re younger such as 13 I suggest you do reverse image search, etc to make sure you’re not being scammed/catfished, and just not coming across any predators. Coming from a 17 y/o. Since the app isn’t the problem, it’s the users. Since some of the users that are sending inappropriate messages and just being disrespectful in general are not being taken off the app as they should be. Making it a bad experience for other users on the app. As well as some people being banned for no reason when the users that are being disrespectful/inappropriate are still on there when they are going against guidelines. I will say I do suggest it if you’re older and younger as well do research on the people that you are talking to on here since there are some sketchy profiles on the app, but regardless be careful on here due to the poor monitoring.


This app at one point honestly had some good potential but it's slowly spiraled down into another washed up cash grab Tinder reject for teens. The earlier version of this app was the best tbh, was the most engaging and was unique in every way possible. Nowadays it's just copying every other app like this to find new friends. Also adding secret chats defeats the entire purpose of reconstructing the layout to make it so people HAVE to message you to be friends. How am I supposed to make new friends when 75% of all my chat requests are blurred? Most people aren't willing to drop actual money on here and watching 30 second ads every time is mind-numbing. I understand as app developers you have to make some form of money to support the app but there honestly has to be a better way that doesn't directly interfere with the whole purpose of the app. Overall, the blatant "we want money" features of the app make it hard to enjoy, the newer layout ruins the uniqueness the app had in the first place when I got it two years ago. Before I met so many people and it was so fun but now you have to pay for literally EVERYTHING it’s horrible. I just want to meet new people and find new friends and I cent even do that bc I can’t talk to any of them and it also dosent even push your account most of the time out to people unless you pay for the account bost.

- Wrongfully Banned

Apparently, I was banned?? I mean my messaging privileges were taken away. Although, I, myself, didn’t do anything? People kept reporting me because I wouldn’t want to do disgusting things with them- and one had even gotten into my account somehow? They had posted a picture to my profile of a rando who was nude, but it was also completely censored..? 🤨 They’d even gone on to harass multiple people through my account. I’ve even tried to make a new account, but it still won’t let me message anyone D:. That’s not even what I’m most upset about- I’m more irritated over the fact I was banned over an entirely censored picture, but people who have literally been known to attempt to blackmail, harass, and practically stalk others are yet to be banned?? For god’s sake I see people just straight out saying that they’re TWENTY YEARS OLD WITH THEIR AGE SET SOMEWHERE BETWEEN 14-16!! And they’re entirely aware of what they’re doing!! They literally say that they “like younger girls” and I still see that their accounts continue to be active?? They've even gotten in contact with a multitude of my friends! I find this incredibly bizarre and just unfair in it’s entirety. I hope that the app is soon to be rid of these sickos and that I get my account back.

- Wrongfully banned

Apparently, I was banned?? I mean my messaging privileges were taken away. Although, I, myself, didn't do anything? People kept reporting me because I wouldn't want to do disgusting things with them- and one had even gotten into my account somehow? They had posted a picture to my profile of a rando who was nude, but it was also completely censored..? @ They'd even gone on to harass multiple people through my account. I've even tried to make a new account, but it still won't let me message anyone D:. That's not even what I'm most upset about- I'm more irritated over the fact I was banned over an entirely censored picture, but people who have literally been known to attempt to blackmail, harass, and practically stalk others are yet to be banned?? For god's sake I see people just straight out saying that they're TWENTY YEARS OLD WITH THEIR AGE SET SOMEWHERE BETWEEN 14-16!! And they're entirely aware of what they're doing!! They literally say that they "like younger girls" and I still see that their accounts continue to be active?? They've even gotten in contact with a multitude of my friends! I find this incredibly bizarre and just unfair in it's entirety. I hope that the app is soon to be rid of these sickos and that I get my account back.

- Fix These Issues

This app at one point honestly had some good potential but it’s slowly spiraled down into another washed up cash grab Tinder reject for teens. The earlier version of this app was the best tbh, was the most engaging and was unique in every way possible. Nowadays it’s just copying every other app like this to find new friends. Also adding secret chats defeats the entire purpose of reconstructing the layout to make it so people HAVE to message you to be friends. How am I supposed to make new friends when 75% of all my chat requests are blurred? Most people aren’t willing to drop actual money on here and watching 30 second ads every time is mind-numbing. I understand as app developers you have to make some form of money to support the app but there honestly has to be a better way that doesn’t directly interfere with the whole purpose of the app. Overall, the blatant “we want money” features of the app make it hard to enjoy, the newer layout ruins the uniqueness it once had and the support or actual interest in what the people who download the app have to say is lacking. I’ll give 2 stars only because this app was once actually good. Sad to see it take the same direction as all the others.

- Paying money for freinds just go pay a random person off the streets

And honestly if I want to pay for an app to make friends, I would literally be better off paying people to be my friend and actually knowing that they’re fake because this is bull crap you got me paying money to see messages without having to watch a video you got me paying money to be able to post videos like you just your money hungry and I don’t know what else to say I hate the fact that you have to be a gold member to post videos when people don’t usually take pictures they usually like take a video nowadays, but you have to be a gold member to post videos so now it forces you to take pictures then they have some type of sexual hotline about a girl posting a mirror picture with a crop top on and some like shorts or pants but a guy can post a mirror picture with their shirt off and just a hat and a pair of jeans on with their boxer line, showing this is sexually like offensive and not only that it’s like you have to pay for so much stuff on this app but like you do make a lot of friends in connection with a lot of great people but you have to pay for so much stuff on this app. It’s Horrible.

- It is what it is

Idk what you guys are complaining about, it’s not really the app’s fault but it’s the people on the app, people say oh I sent a bulk chat and no one responded or I sent a super message and they didn’t respond, but in reality people just think it’s lame to send those so they don’t answer. Honestly it had become more tinder like but just ignore the people who are on here for that reason. Besides it’s not really the app’s fault it’s the teens that use it like it’s tinder. And technical difficulties will come no matter what cuz it happens to all apps so just write up to the app explaining your situation if there is any technical problems. It’s really not that hard. Honestly you can really easily find people to talk to if you are bored and if you don’t feel them anymore you can just delete chat. Idk how easier it can be. If you treat the app simply then you will be able to get more out of it, but if you try going against the flow then you will definitely struggle more. It’s honestly that simple

- It’s honestly really bad.

This app used to be one of my favorite apps. However, at the same time.. one of my least favorite apps and the only reason I continued to come back to it was because I simply got bored so I mainly used the app for that reason and wanted attention from other people. It’s really hard to find people you genuinely click with.. at least for me. Most people on the app either just wanted inappropriate photos, to hookup, or just dirty talk through the phone and after awhile I would get sick of it and delete the app but I always came back. Despite all of this I became obsessed with the app. After some time of deleting and re-downloading the app repeatedly it started acting weird. I got banned for something reasonable and after a day or two I was able to have my messages finally go through and be received to people. Time passed and it was like anything I said or posted on my profile got me banned. It started to get very frustrating and now it’s happened again. Funny how all the sudden they make us pay money while the app slowly gets worse and worse. I suggest you don’t get this app. It’s a waste of time.

- It’s alright but could be better

I just downloaded it earlier but I got banned and don’t know what I message I sent or photo was bad. What’s bad about that is to get unbanned you have to wait a year. Myself of I wouldn’t a year just for a app. It would be more better if there was a warning or being banned for a week or month. People have other time then just to wait to get unbanned from an app. When you get ban you can’t message the service (you can but they won’t reply maybe that’s what I read) if you’re banned which is disappointing. Even if you wanted to make a new account you can’t until your ban time is over. Supposedly there are people you make friends on there and they may be a little worried why you haven’t responded in a year. Although it is fun and cool to talk to people. It’s basically tinder but more a friendly like Snapchat tho it’s detailed and have a layout like tinder. So overall I rate it a 3.8 or 4. I hope in the future they change the ban limit and have cool updates.

- Not the same

I used to use wizz a lot and i started using it back in 2020 so I’ve seen it go through some pretty interesting changes. The most recent update is really bad in my opinion. I think i know what the app was trying to do which I’m assuming is to help motivate people to talk to each other more on the app which is why the only way to make someone ur “friend” is if you actually talk to them. although this isnt actually a horrible idea I think what the app forgets is that (especially since it’s marketed to a younger audience) people don’t like to talk😂at least before the update i was able swipe and have the option to test my confidence to see if i was going to text first but now YOU HAVE TO in order to friend that person and keep talking to them. it just takes away the option in my opinion. i used to have a bunch of people try and make friends with me and now absolutely no one is talking to me and i think it’s bcuz it’s way too direct. There was nothing wrong with the swipe left swipe right concept and even before that there was nothing wrong with the message bored where people can respond to your message (iykyk) but anyways the app is dead i don’t recommend.

- Mediocre at best.

A few years I had this app and it was amazing. You could make a random conversation and people who were genuinely interested could click and chat. Now it’s just a teen tinder, which I’m aware is not completely the developers fault however the layout was obviously meant to give some hints at that. I understand the ads are needed to keep the app open and they usually aren’t a problem. The only time ads are annoying is when I have to watch them to answer a swipe that someone else sent me. It would be great if the group chat feature was added back on and also if there was a search bar to find friends. Another thing that would make the app much better is letting people make an actual bio. Not just posting a picture and putting captions in it. That really limits people to what they wanna say. I’m sure that feature was added as a safety expansion but it’s extremely inconvenient. Other than all of that the app is pretty okay. It’s nothing special but it’s one of the better apps to make online friends all things considered.

- balls

My name is Yoshikage Kira. I'm 33 years old. My house is in the northeast section of Morioh, where all the villas are, and I am not married. I work as an employee for the Kame Yu department stores, and I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don't smoke, but I occasionally drink. I'm in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a glass of warm milk and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told there were no issues at my last check-up. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. I take care not to trouble myself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to fight I wouldn't lose to anyone.

- Don’t get this app

I download this app to able to make friends. I barely had the app for an hour and everyone the app being “girls” where sugar mommas and every guy on that app were very sexual. Like I mentioned Barely had this app and I had instantly got into to verbal arguments over two guys saying vulgar things to me of what I should do because they said so. I basically had only 3 pictures of my face and guys were coming into my inbox to degrade me. I feel honestly sick to my stomach. I won’t stand anyone regardless of their gender to degrade me on something that isn’t what it’s meant for. 1 of the the guys actually got me so mad he brought the most ugly most disgusting side of myself that I would never show to someone because he was saying stuff to me. I didn’t feel comfortable and I didn’t have a good experience someone I met on the app said she had to go through 3 weeks of guys being very sexual towards her because she got used to it. There shouldn’t be getting used to it when there are kids on this app there’s no room for it none what’s so ever. It’s not the app developers fault but the people who decide to take a good thing and make it bad. Just putting my two cents in.

- Nice

Honestly I love this so much it has been so easy to use and efficient and gets the job done my favorite part is the location so you know when you’re adding someone if they’re 10 miles or 10,000 miles away it just makes it so much better so you can make yourself only talk to people that are local and almost have chances of meeting up with them I like everything about this except for the fact that I don’t get notifications when people text me only when people added me and I also don’t know if this is with me but every time I leave this I haven’t come back I have so many new requests it’s crazy I always have at least 50 requests every time I leave and come back to the app if I’m gone for five minutes or 15 minutes it doesn’t matter I always have a new request waiting also love the tags that you can add some people can know you’re interested in right there on your profile

- unfair.

I really do like this app which is why i’m so disappointed for the rating I have to give it. I recently changed the three photos i had uploaded for my profile and the first one I used was an innocent video of me wearing a completely covered long sleeve shirt. I didn’t see anything wrong with the photo but since i had the littlest bit of cleavage in the photo (literally was barely noticeable and i put a sticker over anyways), the photo was blocked and my account was suspended for an hour. The reason was because of “sexual solicitation” and in all fairness, I did not even think of the photo in that way. I wish I could upload it on this review to show how ridiculous of a problem was made out of the photo. I don’t think that it’s fair for the app or whatever restrictions placed on the photos you can upload to be completely sexualized in the way that mine were. You guys seriously need to not only lighten these type of restrictions but also actually take time to review peoples appeals because I’m sure this isn’t only an issue for me and this has happened another couple of times.

- i’m annoyed.

i really like this app but it needs better regulations and moderation. i’m constantly getting inappropriate messages. CONSTANTLY. to my 2 good messages there’s 20 nasty ones and it’s disgusting. this app needs supervision just on the base fact that there are minors AND adults on this app. also, even with my swiping preferences set to all states, i still get shown only the same people over and over. and people that ive blocked show up in my find new friends too. they’re blocked for a reason, i don’t want to look at them. also, please fix the swipes into a loop. it’s very frustrating when i accidentally click too many times and then i’m on the next profile and can’t go back. also, why can’t we add more pictures to our profile by using our coins? not everybody can afford the wizz gold. what is the point of giving us 10 daily coins if we have nothing to use them on? also, we should be able to unlock the secret profiles with coins. having to watch ads because i’m broke is annoying. please please fix this or i will be permanently deleting my account.

- Please fix some things

I’m sure you have heard some of these requests before, but I think they are crucial to making the app better for everyone. I have been using Wizz for over 2 years, when the app was completely different. I can say that there are some good and bad differences about the app. First of all, there needs to be a way to search up friends. Second of all, when swiping, when u swipe past the last slide it should loop back to the first. I’ll see someone I want to add but I accidentally swipe too far and then it goes to the next profile. It’s such a simple fix but I’m sure everyone would appreciate it. Another change which probably won’t happen but would be nice, is the removal of locked profiles. I can understand wanting to make a profit, but why not do it some other way? The current system makes u miss out on potential friends which defeats the purpose of the app. Maybe add tradable currencies like other apps? Or maybe just stick to having to pay for coins and videos in your profile? Wizz was never a cash grab, I don’t know what initiated ads but I think they should be taken out.

- Don’t get it lol

I definitely would not recommend this app. After you’ve added certain ppl it’ll start kinda sending you random profiles. Sometimes the algorithm will even send you profiles out of your age range. My age range was 16-18 and I was getting messages and profiles on my feed from people that were either early teens or sometimes younger and it was very uncomfortable bc some were very misogynistic or very flirty and inappropriate. There is A LOT of misogynistic guys on here and a lot of guys that aren’t just looking for friends and see no value in women or seeing value in having anything besides a romantic or sexual relationship with them. I just ran into TEN guys with this exact issue. Many of them were older but some were younger and the messages they sent after I didn’t respond were disgusting, If you don’t run into this you’re lucky bc trust me I’ve never been told some of the things I was told by these boys. I don’t even want to type some of it. Be careful on this app, it’s kinda dangerous, especially is you’re younger or if they live in the same area as you.

- Go back to the old Wizz

Like dude I remember when my friend first showed me this app and i got it and it was actually a good app where i could meet people with my interest but now its just me swiping left on a bunch of dudes or girls i dont care about and have no interests. Like u dont even have to completely change the app just add back the tags and the ability to search for people with the same tags like i dont just wanna swipe for hours on a bunch of people idc about. Like dude i dont even care if i have to use like a “currency” like diamonds like a bunch of apps like this use bc ill use it if it means i can just find someone with my actual interest and have an actual conversation. Like its either i swipe on a bunch of ugly dudes or girls or the ones you actually swipe on either dont text back and its like u could avoid all that if u just went back to the way it used to be were you met people who ACTUALLY WANT TO TALK TO YOU not just sitting there hoping for luck. Just for now till they update this app I’m giving it a 2 star review but old Wizz i would give a 5 star

- Bullying, Harassment, and Racism

I had this app for at least 2 and a half weeks, and when I started it, it was good at first then u had boys saying sexual things and stuff, asking for pics *which I was not going to do* and other things like that. Then that’s when I had been added into a group chat with 134 people in it, and it seemed very odd to me. One of the girls I had complimented on as a friend told me to log out of it, and I didn’t think nothing of it. And that’s when hours later I went on the app and saw I was in the group chat again. And I started seeing lots of people taking screenshots of other people pictures on the app, and then adding them into that group chat, and saying lots of hurtful things to them like calling people ugly, fat, etc. I tried to report the group chat but it only gave me the option to leave it or cancel the leave. You can’t even see who added you into the chat because there are so many people in it. And that’s when I just deleted the app. This needs more monitoring and this is not acceptable, if they don’t get that under control it can lead to someone harming themselves.😡🤬

- review

This app was overall really good i’ve gained more then 300+ on my insta (@s8renity) which was very shocking i loved talking to some of the people on here n it felt nice to make new friends allthough it would’ve been nice if there was a pin or follow feature so uu can keep up to date with the people you actually like talking to instead of having to scroll down for hours trying to find your conversation. also it would be nice if you didn’t have to watch an add or anything to un cover secrete messages bc it makes people not want to look at all not to mention either that or to pay for it you have to realzie some people can’t afford that type of stuff to so it’s not entirely fair to them you could watch a video and then it gives uu like three times to go back if uu missed someone that would actually be a good use of ads but other then that i really like this app !

- Good app but every time I message someone it seems like they don’t get my message.

This is a good app. But it seems like people are not getting my messages at all because I literally created like maybe 12 accounts or more just to try to message people and I never get a text back and no it’s not because they don’t want to talk to me it’s because of this app now I don’t know if they made it to where people can’t see my messages when I text them and I’m not getting any message request either so I don’t know what y’all did wizz but can y’all pls undo if it’s something I did I’ll stop it I promise just please fix it. Y’all keep taking my message permissions like I didn’t even do nothing yall act like y’all don’t be seeing what they be saying in they bios wizz pls give me my message permissions and fix this issue

- Good app, but unfair user treatment

I’ve met a lot of people on this app, overall I’d say it’s the best app for meeting ppl! But there’s a huge problem…. I and many other guys have been banned without being told we are, the app will allow you to continue using it as normal, but no one will actually see your messages. They do this because we have broken rules they have, when in reality we have not done such a thing. This is where the unfair part comes in, there are MANY women on here who have overly sexual profiles on here, I’m talking fully bent over with their back-end facing the camera, showing off their chest, even saying sexual things in their bio. Yet they are allowed to continue using the app as normal. I recently made a new account on another phone and I never swore nor made sexual remarks, and I was banned within 2 days of use. Constant messages those first two days then after that, silence. Support is not responsive on their email or via their in app support system. It is ridiculous and really a massive downfall

- VERY bad moderation system

I used to use this app a lot last year and it was really cool and fun. I just recently downloaded it again because I was bored and it worked for about a day before I started getting moderated for stupid stuff. I would put things like “I love” in my bio and they would consider it “inappropriate”. Every time I would try to rephrase it, to something like “I <3”, that would ALSO get moderated. After a certain point, I just decided to delete my account and start again because they kept moderating me for no apparent reason. So I try to make a new account, fill out all the information, and guess what? Now they’re moderating MY LITERAL NAME. It’s my literal birth name. How does my god given name go “against community guidelines”? And it’s stupid because why is it moderating me now when I’ve used the app before with the same EXACT NAME? It makes no sense, and it’s just annoying. I’ve requested a manual review, but who knows how long that’s going to take. It’s just annoying and makes my opinion of the app negative. Fix this.

- Allowing racism and ignoring reports.

There’s a lack of good monitoring which has allowed racism and bullying. I and many others have been told very vile things due to the lack of monitoring on this app. I have reported it to the owners but they still refuse to make any change necessary to make us feel a bit more safe. They have chosen to ignore any criticism given especially when it comes to the many racists being allowed to act out on here. The people saying such vile things and showing disturbing images should have their accounts automatically removed. There needs to be a better set of rules and once you repeatedly don’t follow them your account should be removed. I think they don’t care about making us feel safe because the more they allow these people to act out the more attention it will get. Higher ratings too. They are allowing bullies to literally traumatize young children it’s absurd. All to make their app get attention. When it could have been something fun and wholesome for a lot of us.

- dude….

okay so . the update i was really hoping to spam add again cause that’s what i do but now it’s like all they put back is the requests . it’s gross tbh i just want y’all to put back the thingy where i can spam cause it’s so boring now. the way it was like a year ago was sm better back in 2020 . i didn’t have to talk to people they could all talk to me. wizz fix it i’m not playin with y’all. before when i first got the app the app was so fun. people were constantly texting me and it was so fun but now when i go on the app having to look for people i don’t wanna talk to it just kills my vibe. i just wanna be happy meeting new people tbh and if i can’t then imma just delete the app atp. i wanna be able to spam add tbh and the fact that y’all took that away and THE ONLYYYY thing you’ve changed was the requests . that’s gross :( like pls change it rn D: i love u wizz but fix it. thank you<33! . YOU BETTER GET MY SPAM ADDING BACK😡😡😡😡. fix it rnrnnrnrrn like that better be the NEXT update.

- Hate the UPDATE!

I absolutely hate the new update.... many of my friends and i have even deleted the app already. THE group chats are what made most of us interact... and now they’re gone... like if people didn’t like the group chats or felt unsafe they could’ve chosen not the join them. Plus one on one chats are really boring and dry some of us prefer having a lot of people. I find it really unfair that you guys took away group chats because certain people didn’t like them when some people would prefer the group chats more than the swiping people and talking one on one... like people can choose not to join them 😐. Also i deleted/deactivated my account but when i searched up my name on my cousins account the account i have deleted still shows everything like my pictures and what i had written down... i feel really uncomfortable how it’s still not gone it’s been days & i can’t figure out how to get into it which i don’t think it’s possible because i deleted so can u please make sure next time the accounts people delete actually get taken down for good !!

- It’s gotten worse and won’t listen to reviews

Now it’s child tinder with a swipe mechanic no going back one for free incase you looked through pictures too fast the lack of a bio separate from pictures, I could go on all day it’s all been said. Personally when it first came out and had a section to like or dislike that was all fine and dandy along with another hub for looking up interests or hobbies basically # I want to look for gaming partners I don’t want to see the majority of people that come across my screen. It feels like there’s so little choice in the app now it just feels like a slot machine like hope you get lucky and spend 8 hours looking through every picture and every bit of text to see if someone remotely shared your interests. Also I’m barely a week out from being 18 and I don’t want to see 16 year olds on my feed and I don’t seem to have an option to pick my age range to be 17 and up I know why there isn’t a age range that we can pick from because creeps and all but at least one that’s like your age and up or something.

- horrible moderation

so this actually was one of my favorite apps. it was an easy way to connect to people with similar interests as you and make friends. recently, i noticed i wasn’t getting any adds witch was quite unusual, and i couldn’t even send messages. this was until i found out i was banned. no warning, no explanation, no nothing. this made me quite upset because i literally did NOTHING! what adds to this is the fact that i have the gold membership and i even bought the boost to make me 1st in the swipes. never been so upset over an app, this is completely disappointing. other people have shared this same experience and said they’ve been banned forever on the app and have never done anything wrong. i even reached out to the wizz team, no response. dear wizz team if your reading this please fix your moderation and unban those who are un rightfully banned. i have wasted so much money on your app and the fact that i can’t even get an explanation for why i was banned is absurd.

- Best friend making app.

I feel like this app is amazing to use and it isn’t filled with people who don’t want to be there. I always have a conversation to go to and it is super easy to set up an account. This is probably one of the best and most used apps I have. It’s seriously crazy. I also love how you can see who your talking too and there are different communities that you can see their interests! It has literally everyone kind of person you can think of. I feel like there should be an update where you can find specific people from different states so you can find people that live near you or you can ask about different places. Other then that I feel like this app doesn’t need any other updates. I definitely recommend if your trying to make new friends!

- Awful moderating system.

Only giving the stars so people will see this review. This app is mediocre. They flag for every and any little thing. I literally post things that do not go against the guidelines and they keep flagging me. There are people on here who literally have drugs, bikinis, boxers etc in their photos ( which go against their guidelines). I get flagged for posting art or drinks at a classy restaurant (which it does not mention anything about alcohol in their guidelines). Absolutely dictator type energy when it comes to moderating. When you ask for a manual review they give a light hearted threat to try to discourage you from doing so. Disgusting. I have not even heard back about the review. I’m not surprised. Be aware of this if you choose to continue with downloading this app and making a profile.

- Hate it

I hate the new update. Y’all keep changing stuff and the app was fine before y’all made all these changes. The new bios are horrible, i dont want a caption on my photos. The bios at the bottom were fine. I liked it when we could tap someones photos and it went back to the first photo. Not completely swipe to a new person. And I hate that some people are secrets and you can either watch videos or buy wizz gold. At first you could use your coins to see people or go backwards. Now you can only use them to send messages in bulk or make your account important for only 30 minutes. Nobody asked for these updates theyre trash and they need to be taken out. And place back the search bar so I can search up someone if I swipe past them on accident. You’re not gaining people you’re losing them bc of these bad updates. Im this close to deleting it myself.

- The new update 🤮🤢

I literally cannot with the new update I liked the old way just fine and this new one? No. It was perfectly fine before and I’ve met some great people on here but the best feature that they had is that we could see what each other wanted to say AND we could see the ENTIRE bio. People could post things on the stream and other people could click on their post and decide whether or not to reply. Now, you can’t their entire bio, u can’t see what type of personality they have when they post, like I wanna know whether or not this guy is “thorny without the t” because I wouldn’t want to talk to him. And the swipe left swipe right thing? Every other app does that. I thought this one would be different but here it is copying other people. All in all, it’s a nice app but I hate the new update. Have a nice happy day 💛 🌻 :)

- Not sure

The idea of the app itself is good. I like that you can change your preferences to people closer to you. However, I wish you could filter messages. It was hard to find messages from people in my state after getting piled with messages from people in other states. I wish there was a filter for your state only can message you. Also, I got banned on my first account not sure why. For some reason it just stop let me swiping altogether and it says “‘Oops Something Happened, Please Try Again “ . I just made a new account today and not even a little later, It’s already doing the same thing on this account. I’m assuming that means i’m banned? Not sure why, I’m not having inappropriate conversations or anything, so i’d like to know why exactly I can’t swipe anymore. The app itself is a good idea but there’s many bugs too. Sometimes random messages where I had been talking to someone will just disappear.

- Change some things for the love of god

Honestly this app used to be good but now its just bad, i cant put certain pictures if it doesn’t show my face, if i want to go back to someone i wanted to talk to i cant or i have to pay money for it, i cant really say much abt myself because you have to use a stupid prompt to do it in a picture you put up instead of the way bios used to be, i would also like to be able to use the in app currency to do more than just send messages in bulk or put yourself above other people for the person to see ur message, some other things i would like to be added is a way to do more with a person like mini games or something like that other than that the app is kinda decent.

- It was scary

I added a couple of people throughout the experience and literally it was torture when I found this one person. They started off cool but then things became freaky. I’m not gonna get too crazy into that part but I was harasses into sending money to a person I met or they would leak photos I sent to them we know what I’m talking about I’m ashamed I even took into doing this but it happened and trust me I will never do it again. Now the thing I know she’s a bot now I was able to look it up and see that what she was threatening was illegal. Is this app good? Yes when you find the right people keep your eyes peeled out for bots they do a good job at hiding themselves as people but it becomes obvious after one or two messages so be careful on this app you will catch yourself having a good time or in trouble you don’t need to be in. God I appolgize for what I’ve done I’m ashamed never again. Stay safe!

- Inappropriate behavior and threats, DO NOT GET THIS APP

When I got this app I thought it was a good idea because I didn’t have many friends and I wanted to meet new people. I quickly realized that I was very wrong about this app I got so many people wanting to see parts of my body (nudes). I was manipulated by a guy on this app that goes by “Dudeman” he asked for my number and I gave it to him later he asked for a picture of my boobs and face to make sure I wasn’t a catfish I thought it was a reasonable ask so I sent it to him, when he got the picture he threatened me to post my picture with my number on a social media platform ( it sounds like it would be flagged as child pornography but he said he would put something over my boobs so it wouldn’t be taken down) he said that if I sent him more he would delete everything and leave me alone (this kid is 14) so I did and he still didn’t delete it. PLEASE PLEASE WHAT EVER U DO, DO NOT GET THIS APP I PROMISE IT WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE 10 TIMES WORSE!!!!!!!!!

- This app went downhill FAST!

When I first started using this app all you had to do was put a couple pictures on your profile and you were all set, but now you have to put some photos and it requires that you add a caption/ prompt? I’m okay with this but it’s the photo part, whenever i add a photo it moderates it and I always get flagged. The photos that I added were flagged for pornographic content when it was simply a picture of my face… idk what that’s about but it’s quite annoying. Everytime after that I was flagged for the same thing and threatened with my account being blocked/ deleted. How are you supposed to meet new people and make new friends when you can’t even add a simple photo???

- Pretty good!!!!

This app is almost amazing…but I think it should be an option to put your city too and that way more people would use it if we could this app is for finding friends but it’s hard to find friends when you can only put your state and all of the people you meet live hours away. Instead of it just saying your state for example Indiana… It could say Gary,Indiana for the people that choose to use the city option so that we can find friends near us that we can actually meet in person. It would just make the app so much better.. also I feel like I need to make and have heard this complaint many times we need to go back two before you had captions and have bios where we can put interest instead!! Other than that this app is amazing and very easy to navigate.

- bad update and advertisements

Ever since the new updates i cannot bring myself to enjoy using this app. The app has completely changed and its not the app i used to love and would use every day. It’s not even wizz anymore it is a copy of other app and with the new coins concept it just shows that it’s all just for money. horrible app, not to mention i was literally featured in an ad and was never told nor asked permission. i have nothing against being IN an ad but a heads up would have been nice, while the attention was nice i was never told. please tell people!!! and with the most recent update i feel like the app isn’t good anymore, the messages show up weird and don’t show all of my notifications anymore. there are also so many people to use the platform to exchange/ ask for inappropriate pictures. it’s become overwhelming and i find it hard to use the app. it feels unorganized and clustered. thank you.

- A waste of time and money

A while ago, I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting absolutely no matches and I have been trying to figure out why. Eventually, I pulled out my wallet and paid for the premium membership which is SUPPOSED to boost your account and eventually get you more matches. After paying TWICE, I still have 0 requests and have been getting 0 responses. Regardless of how many times I try to even get a single match, nothing works. I just wanna be able to talk to some people and make new friends. In all honesty, I’m convinced that the developers heavily favor the girls over the boys in this app. I have made my own little experiment to test my theory and I was proven right. I had some male and female friends make accounts and see which gender got more engagement. NONE of the guys got any requests or responses and all of the girls were flooded with messages. To the developers, fix this or give me all the money I’ve spent on this app.

- Me not being able to add much to my bio because it says “harassment or bullying”

Hi wizz!!! I have a tiny complaint 😊 whenever i try to update my bio it always brings up the “we detect harassment and or bullying in your bio” i have never once put anything in my bio that would be considered harassment or bullying. For example sometimes when i have no words on a picture and try to add a community sticker it says harassment or bullying. Another time I was going to put “pls dont text me just to not respond when i asnwer u 😔” into my bio, personally I don’t think this is harassment or bullying. Also, anytime I hit the manual review part I never get any word back. I don’t know if this is a common complaint, but can you please see what this is all about?!

- Bad app

This wasn’t even that bad of an app at first. I really liked it. I used to make a lot of friends of this app but then outta nowhere I was banned🤯🤯. I took like a 2 month break from wizz but if I’m being honest I’d check in from time to time to see what’s poppin. All my pictures were fine and didn’t go against any of the rules including the "bio" so I emailed them like 10 times and no in the span of one week either. I’ve given them almost half a year. Come to find out they don’t respond to emails which is kinda stupid cause why have a contact email if you don’t respond? Like y’all just gon read what people gotta say and do nun😹😹 really disappointed to be honest. I’ve been using wizz for a year and a half almost and have never had a problem. My oh my wizz this is just very disappointing. Well ima be moving my business over to yubo now but for everyone who don’t have problems wit this app, enjoy it.

- Good, but SUPER BUGGY!

This app is awesome. However, I’ve experienced some bugs. For example, sometimes my bio wouldn’t save unless I replaced the picture. When I swipe, everything freezes sometimes and I have to restart the app. However, I’ve encountered a bug which pretty much broke the app for good. I chatted to 100 active people and NONE of them responded. I wondered why, so I chatted with someone on insta and she told me that she got no message from Wizz even though I sent it. I’ve deleted my account and created a new one. I’ve even uninstalled the app. It was still broken. I literally can’t use the app at all because of this bug. So please see this and fix it 😭😭😭😭😭

- Not a bad app just wrongfully banned

I have used the app before and met some of my friends on this app I stoped using it for awhile since when I had gotten my new phone I downloaded the app and sign in to new account using my snap but I have never really gotten the chance to use it and completely forgot that I had the app I just recently decided to use it again when I went on the app I was logged out which I thought was normal since I have not used the app in a while when I tapped on one of the ways to sign it it said I had been banned for sending picture that went against their guidelines or whatever I thought this was really weird since I have not used the app since I downloaded it. But I will say from past experiences it is an an overall a good app.

- Could be better, miss the older version.

Wizz older version was the best bc you didn’t have to pay for so much stuff and the app just works weird now. The way you chat now is so annoying and too much I just feel like it became like every other app that wants money. I haven’t used it in a while ever since it updated but I tried downloading it again to see if some features changed but it hasn’t. It’s a pretty good app to find friends though especially in your age range since that’s what the app is all about anyways. Sometimes it have older people lying about their age and I feel as if a verification should be a requirement for the safety of minors/others. Other than that I actually met some pretty cool people who I have meaningful friendships with now!

- Adding

I feel like y’all should bring back the adding people option instead of swiping and I feel like you should be able to add videos for free because people stop using the app as much and no one‘s gonna spend that much money on a video when you can do it on Yubo personally to make your app better I suggest that you can create details on your profile like a banner and other things and you should be able to add your Instagram Snapchat and other social media‘s and be able to click on it and it will send a link to be able to add people on their social media also last but not least y’all should make groups and chats to where you can be able to join a group such as a gamer group or LGBTQ plus group to where you can find an associate with people more like u or they have the same similarities

- weird?

so i downloaded this for fun cause i kept getting ads but i realized something kinda weird and dare i say, creepy? so when i try to post shirtless pics “this is literally the only place i would because no one knows who i am” it deletes them saying it’s “inappropriate”. However, when someone like a girl posts a bikini pic or anything under the umbrella, the photo seems to stay without anything getting deleted as that’s what i see when i swipe up on stuff. i’m not sure why this is happening but i can only assume that it is meant to bring in more guys “or anyone interested in women for that matter” to get the app more revenue. it’s disgusting. i mean, i think anyone should be allowed to or not at all cause this is just weird and gross. either way, fix this, please.

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- Wizz review

It’s a good app I’ve made plenty of new friends just make sure they know what your after and you justify that as they may sometimes make you uncomfortable and you might not like how some of the people act, they might do unwanted things but the only reason I got this app is to get more people to snap and I have accomplished that so with whatever your after good luck. Hope this helps


AFTER the new update Wizz is complete garbage. You can’t put mirror selfies on your profile or include the following emojis🥴😏😉😫😩🤤🍆🥭🍌🍑The only reason people download this app is basically if they are horny. Wizz has shut that down completely and evens ruined the simple system where all you had to do was write a bio. Whoever the developers of this app are should be ashamed for these new and pathetic features. The app now times you out if you add a “sexually suggestive” pic on ur profile (such as a mirror selfie). This is pathetic. Up your game developers. I’ve since deleted my account and am not gonna be making a new one unless these features revert back to the simplistic Wizz we all know and love. I seriously doubt that will ever happen. Thanks for nothing and have a horrible existence.

- Amazing!

I only downloaded this yesterday and it is my favourite app! This app is a great way to make new friends in your area. I love how you have the option to chat to people and you can really get to know them. I wish that you could post photos day to day of your life as something like an instagram story but overall I recommend this to anyone and everyone because it is a way to communicate and make new friendships and event a bf or gf!

- Bring the option of friend requests

Good app easy to use but plz bring the option to request ppl so it’s easier to make more friends

- Good app to make friends

This app is an wonderful app to make new friends ! I have made so much new friends it’s wonderful you should download if you’re looking to make new friends it’s an great opportunity for all ages but you have to be careful of who you’re talking too and don’t give private information of course !

- Not safe!!!

People can stalk your other social media accounts!!! After having the app for a couple of days, I was sent my Wizz profile picture on another social media app. They had used my Wizz acount to find my other social media accounts, and harassed me and told me to kill myself. It’s also supposed to be regulated, but it restricts perfectly innocent things while allowing other things which should be restricted to be put as profile pictures. Would not recommend. Use another app.

- Bad Update

So basically, this update is kinda trash in my opinion. I liked the easy like or dislike configuration before because I could pick and choose who I wanted to talk to. It was also an easy way to let someone know I was interested in them without having to fill on write to them. Idk, I like it a lot better before. Please change back. Me, and a TON of other people would really appreciate it.

- Positive review

Great app, 10/10 there was minimal negativity I would definitely recommend this to others only thing I found annoying was that I kept matching up with younger people who were immature to say the least

- Great app but…

Keeps coming up with issue occurred and making me go back to the person previously looked at. If not it crashes. The only way is to leave the app and wait 10 minutes.

- it’s ok

Wizz is a good app to make friends your age. Although there is one problem. Quite a big problem actually, Wizz won’t allow you to see every chat request that is sent to you, if you wanted to see that request then you need to watch an ad or buy Wizz gold or something. It’s really annoying and I don’t know why we can’t just see the chats.

- Wizz review

It’s a good app to make new friends, especially if your looking for someone to date you can find people around your area, I recommend this app 100%

- 😒

I’m very upset that when you try to post things it doesn’t let you because apparently it’s in appropriate or racist etc and when you try to post something else you have to wait ages until you can post again for example I tried to post a pic of my cat and apparently it was discrimination and racist so I had to wait an hour to post again

- Poor effort of verifying age

Too many people lie about their age on this app, extremely dangerous for the safety of everyone on the app. Needs to have a check on license for all over 18 users. The app said I would “only be connected to “18-26” yet the first person to respond said she was under that age, blocked straight away and app deleted. Needs to be fixed ASAP for safety of everyone using the app.

- Extremely good app

Way better than all the others apps and this app you don’t even need to spend money


It’s great you can find so many friends by just taping you can find people around your age and no more than that I really enjoy it download this app 🫶🏼

- This amazing app

I love this app. Honestly it has helped me develop new connections with people that have amazing personalities and has helped kinda pulled up my confidence levels.

- Good

So far been a pretty good app, would definitely recommend to other people. Also very easy to set up.

- How amazing the app is

It has helped me make so many trust worthy friends when it’s hard to find friends at school

- Feedback

I think a feedback for me is that when in a group chat I would like it to send me back to were I last saw messages so I can go down to read instead if being sent to the bottom

- Calls

It’s a really good app maybe if we could call and FaceTime that would be a bit better

- -

This is one of the best apps to help make friends without it I wouldn’t have meet half the people Ik now 10/10 recommend

- Good app but needs to work on some things

Why can’t gym pics be posted, dosent make sense why we have to be timed out for posting for 24 hours for posting a gym pic.

- Love this app

The app is very trustworthy, it also has a analysing stage to make sure you are of age and ain't lying. I love how you can chat to people ONLY around your age which makes the app very comforting.

- Review

Meet so many nice people in here even though I’ve had it for only a few days x

- Ban

Please kindly help me out..when I download and wanna sign up in..they said I’ve been ban I have never even had an account yet.

- I love this app

This app is amazing i’ve made so many new friends its incredible I can't believe how far I've come

- Review

When I send a message to someone it deletes after about 10 minutes but after that it’s pretty good

- Download it now!🥰

It is pretty good so far but I haven’t worked out how to use it… but I think I’ll get there… thank u🥰😍

- Its an ok app but

I keep getting a notification that i left someone on “read” even though the conversation has long ended which is really annoying

- Good app but

Good app but people flagged my account as a scam just because I look like some tiktoker and I can’t do the mandatory verification because it just constantly says this photo was flagged as fake take a selfie to verify which I am doing


Wizz has allowed me to meet so many great people. There isn’t any inappropriate behaviour and does a great job protecting people from it.

- Too app to make friends

Haven’t used the app but I used it a while ago and it was pretty good made new friends easily I enjoyed it

- Good app

Made some friends. Overall good app and it makes sure that you find people that are YOUR age and not some weird 40 year olds or kids :)

- 5 stars

This is a really good app. Also if your looking for friends it does it around your age and it’s safe

- Not working

I have sent over 100 hundred messages on like 3 different account and like they don’t work no when is responding and when you go to request I sent shows that you sent nothing

- Review

Umm this app is great for making new friend but you do have to pay for some thing which is kind of annoying

- Bagging so many fitties

Every since I got this app my rizz has improved tremendously and I’m bagging fitties left right and centre

- Wizz

I think this app because you could meet new people

- Amazing 😻

I haven’t had the app for that long but I’ve already got tons of friends, and even some more followers ❤️

- Not good

Banned immediately after signing on and posting a profile photo. Have emailed multiple times to ask why I was banned for a gym photo and have had no response. App is basically instagram that you have to pay for, not worth the in app purchases.

- Not working

I’ve redownloaded this app so many times and I’ve never gotten a single text from other people. Even when I go out of my way to text people it removes my text and just shows me their account. I assumed if I buy the premium pack that it’ll work but ITS A WASTE OF MONEY!! STILL THE SAME PROBLEM!!

- Wizz

It’s not that bad but I just don’t get why they blur out some text messages from other people like??? what’s the point just let us all see every messaged texted to us by everyone. It’s alright - that just makes me mad.

- A bug?

Although I have my settings set to seeing people only in my country I still view people who aren’t, please fix this

- Alright

It’s not bad but when you block someone they can still text u which is very annoying so please fix that..

- W

got so many girls snaps, you can practise your rizz here and if it goes wrong you’ll never see them again

- The app

It’s legit like u can talk to nice people and it’s very easy to set up and no subscription or anything

- Wizz review

Wizz is honestly a great app except they have put my photos on review a lot of times ): otherwise it’s a very good app it’s safe except don’t give people your Snapchat or Insta or anything like that <3

- Disappointed

I got shadowbanned after just creating my account and Wizz doesn’t want to help me fix this problem I’ve made several tickets and no response

- Terrible app tbh

Whenever i made a profile or added to my bio it always said there was sexual activity and also said i was asking for nudes when there was none of the sort

- annoying

i haven’t even been able to log in properly and i got banned before i could post anything and i have no idea why the hell im banned TWICE in two hours

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- .

this app is alright ig.

- This app is garbage

I’ve been bullied my whole life because of my weight and I download this app to make friends and talk to people and I was invited to a group chat where all I got was hurtful mean comments, telling me to kill my self, “go on a treadmill” , “lose weight fatty”, your fat there for you have no opinion and ur ugly. Like how can this be allowed. I know I’m over weight but I’m beautiful and I’m trying to lose the weight. I have metabolism disorder that cause me to gain weight and make it almost impossible for me to lose weight. I don’t like bullies, and this app is full of them. I cried sm because of this because what they said was absolutely disgusting.

- simpin not pimpin

this is lame. i was simping over a emo guy on there and i can’t find him no more.

- Account problem

How long do I have to wait for one of their moderators to check my account? Xd Im waiting like 3 days 🙃


I personally hate the new update. The old Wizz layout helped users make friends by sharing and posting funny things on the public chat. It was more of an effective way to meet new friends. Now, with the new update; you make friends by swiping left or right on photos of other users. I am not a fan of this update because it doesn’t really tell much about a person other than their good looks.

- Can’t message

Good but can’t message anyone anymore

- Banned

I got banned!!!!! For no reason

- Bad and sad

Ok I made 2 super chill and positive friends they liked all the stuff I liked and we had super good convos and when we said goodnight talk tomorrow. THE NEXT DAY THERE GONE!!! I’ll search there users up and I won’t be able to find them 😠😠😠so glad I got one of there social media’s

- ugh

i wish i could still use this app. but i don’t have ios 13. had to delete it. not very convenient :/

- lol

very good app i have made a lot of boyfriends

- Sad

I had a girl (friend) on here who I added on snap and was talking with for a while. I really liked her and was really flirty with her for the last 4 days, she was also really flirty with me. Today morning out of nowhere I seen that she unadded me as a friend, for no reason what so ever. Broke my heart seeing her unadded me for no reason 💔 Also almost got catfished do not get this app. It’s a scam. The girls and guys just want attention that’s all. P.S also there are pedos on here. DO NO GET

- Why?

I have a red dot in my bio (🔴)that I didn’t put there and it won’t show what I’ve written on it.

- great app! but...

has been an amazing app so far, but for some reason im not allowed to be visible in swipe anymore, what gives?

- sucks

this app breaks every week

- Developer problems

My accounts been under review for 4 days now, I made a new one bc it was glitching, safe to say this app is a waste of time

- Yes

Nah it sucks

- Terrible

Broken app full of bugs, scammers, and fake accounts.

- I never get friend requests

I never get friend requests, I have two other apps alike to think, wink and hoop, I often get friend requests on there. But on this I’ve only ever gotten two in the two weeks of having it which was the first day I got it.

- Hmm

Hmmm won’t let me change my profile pic which means I can’t swipe

- account

How long do I have to wait for one of their moderators to verify my account? I wait like 4 days help me want meet new friends

- ??

It’s annoying how you keep seeing profiles at the top saying that they want to talk to you but then nothing else comes in the chats

- Wizz

It’s cool

- Lame app

Why do I keep getting put on timeouts for no reason!!?🤦🏾‍♂️

- Wizz

A lot of fun and good match making very useful

- Wizz

I just got bullied the whole time, didn’t bother me that much since I’m used to it but besides that it wasn’t that bad

- Location

i cant change my location

- Wizz

Ngl it’s a pretty good app to make new friends

- False Flag Bug

Constantly false flagged for no reason, was told my name was inappropriate when it was only my actual name & repeatedly kept taking down the photos I tried to upload for “soliciting sexual things” when I didn’t do anything and they were just selfies w no text or anything. I couldnt even fully make a profile or meet a single person because I got false flagged more than 6 times since I made the account in the matter of minutes. Terrible app. Yubo supremacy.

- It is good

It good I loved it

- App not working

Haven’t received any messages on the app for 2 days and all my messages don’t send.



- Niceee

It’s good

- idk

it’s athe

- like it


- bug

they banned me for no reason

- The Best App Ever

I love the fact that this app gives you unlimited messages so you can talk to as much people as you want. They also give you daily rewards!!!

- Moderated for 24 hours for no reason

So annoying how I post a normal photo of me smiling and it bans me multiple times

- keep getting banned glitch

I’m not writing anything inappropriate i’m just getting banned

- i luv wizz

very good app, but pls remove verification. its so annoying

- 🐺

goofy app

- Banned

y'all banned me for no damn reason

- Ate ig


- Cheese


- Dosent let me use my real name

The app is saying I’m using sexual content in my bio but it’s just my name

- Free

Needs to be free to make friends

- Pretty good

It’s decent but needs more exposure not enough messages from others

- Wiz

Very cool and good app to make friends

- Fun

It’s a pretty good app for making friends and having fun

- L app

L app cant do nun

- W app

Tbh yea

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Wizz - Make new friends 5.11.0 Screenshots & Images

Wizz - Make new friends iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Wizz - Make new friends iphone images
Wizz - Make new friends iphone images
Wizz - Make new friends iphone images
Wizz - Make new friends iphone images
Wizz - Make new friends iphone images
Wizz - Make new friends Social Networking application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Wizz - Make new friends (Version 5.11.0) Install & Download

The applications Wizz - Make new friends was published in the category Social Networking on 2019-02-24 and was developed by VLB [Developer ID: 1450287306]. This application file size is 112.07 MB. Wizz - Make new friends - Social Networking app posted on 2022-11-21 current version is 5.11.0 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.vlbapps.wizz