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Wizz is the most fun and spontaneous way to meet new friends:
- Browse the live feed and find online people ready to chat!
- Chat with your new friends and engage in crazy challenges :D

Wizz is for positive vibes only! If you post inappropriate content, you'll be automatically banned.

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- Pretty fun app

I’ve been using wizz for more than I like to admit 😳 And It’s had its ups and downs. Overall, it’s a good app. It’s gone through several changes both good and bad, but every time I come back to use it. I’ve gotten to know a lot of people on here and have even made some friends. I haven’t found an app quite like it and hope it doesn’t change. Also Gautier is my lord and savior

- ehh , has potential

the app should be more organized & have structure (a better layout) . there should be two separate feeds (timelines) ... a worldwide feed & a friends only feed with times of when something was posted , also user should be allowed to add a location . you should be able to send and receive friend request & know the number of friends you have . you should be able to add people from your friend list to a group chat , there should be an admin of group chats (a person who originally started the group chat) . the admin should be able to kick someone from the group chat , add more admins to the group chat , end the group chat , choose wether or not it’s a “friends only group chat” or “worldwide group chat” , & limit the group chat to only a certain number of people . group chats are often very packed , which causes the app to lag or have inactive user in them . DARK MODE ! all of these things would definitely make people more engaged in the app .

- okay ✨

it’s a pretty okay app but it’s full with a bunch of horny guys asking for pics but that’s not the apps fault but anyways my least favorite thing is that I’ve been banned about 4 times for doing absolutely nothing,,idk if it’s a glitch or people are reporting me for absolutely no reason or maybe it’s my bio or the pictures?? Although i think it deletes your entire bio or the picture if somethings wrong with it but I’ve truly done nothing for me to get banned and I’ve gotten banned abt 4 times,,currently banned rn btw lmaoo. I’ve come to the conclusion that im just getting reported by guys that get mad I don’t send but I’m not sure.

- it's good

The app itself is really good I don't know if there is but I wish there was a way to view everyone's profile and search certain ages other than that it's a good app sometimes there's people on the home page who talk a lot there would be like 3 of them I don't know why they don't use another way to talk because it can get annoying i'm sure they think their so cool talking so everyone on the app can see but in reality it's just weird so don't be that one person and just ask for their snap thanks

- Fine I guess.

I would say I’m not here to date anyone, right after that guys would text me saying I’m pretty, then asking if I send nudes. Then another guy texted, for me to give him where I live. He did a red heart as well, when he asked for my location, I said I’m not telling him, and he said please. He was so desperate. Than I told him not to talk to me. If someone is acting weird, and changing there age, do not trust them. A guy said he was 16 to my friend, than she said she was 12, than he said “in that case, I’m 13. Do not trust some of the people. But I have made some good friends on here as well I still talk to. So, it’s fine I guess.

- Banned for what!

I got banned right away when I was in my account I posted a few pictures of myself and what I look like and they were just pictures of me not inappropriate or anything I really don’t understand this and it’s a very big problem I got banned for more than two days for nothing I didn’t even have a chance to have a conversation with anyone if you get this app good luck because post a picture of you and they will ban you repeatedly for no reason I emailed I contacted everyone who said they could help me and nobody can the service in this app is terrible this app should not exist and I’m happy I figured out it was so bad

- Multiple accounts?

I was just wondering if there’s a way to make 2 profiles because I downloaded the app on my moms phone and my mom wanted to make one but when I downloaded the app I was logged into my Snapchat on her phone so it created a profile for me. I’m just afraid that if I try to log out I won’t be able to log back in since there was no password that I have for it. I’m not sure if it will just link back to the Snapchat you made it from??? Please help!!!!

- fix this app

this app used to be really fun and great i guess? lol but since your guy’s recent update it’s whack and not fun, anything i post gets either marked as i violated something or my account gets banned yea i can understand that sending nude pics aren’t okay but if i share a selfie of my self that doesn’t mean i’m violating ANYTHING, it’s almost like instagram i’m sharing a picture of myself not a nude pic not a derogatory pic just a regular selfie but if you fix your moderation that’d be great other than that your apps fine 🤷‍♀️

- This app is really good

This app is really good but I made a couple mistakes and got my self band and everyday I log on it says I will be unbanned the following year but the everyday that goes up I really want to be a able to talk to my friends again and I won’t do what I did again just please help me.

- Grate app but I need some help....

It's an overall really grate app but it logged me out and now I can't reenter it won't let me anymore so I would like to know if there was a way to get back into my account or just simply delete it because I wanna enter my AC but if I can't well then it's just better to delete it cause it won't let me create a new account since one already has my number on it. So if someone can please contact me about it I would totally love that.


Ok so I like the app it’s hella fun but like maybe update some things like don’t be reporting poeple when they did nothing wrong and we can post or send videos and make the screen not a square like when u post stuff and maybe change it a little kinda like Instagram cause right now the app is getting boring and I might delete it hope u see this and update some things and also maybe update for us searching usernames instead of just finding people in the section thing

- Criticism

Needs categories should have like meet and greet categories, face to face, dating,hookup ,friends search etc. also should have a message log was talking to someone but now I can’t find there message and I’m pretty sure it’s not a real way to friend people and why only a palmful can be on the text log at a time just some things wanted to know if you can fix or adjust or improve but good app nonetheless

- You Banned Me!

It all started when I asked everyone a question and someone left a bad comment to me so I cursed them back out but for me cursing at that one person you ban me I know I was wrong for cursing but at least give warnings first because I’m naturally a good person so that’s 4 start for banning me for something I didn’t start or in general you shouldn’t be quick to ban someone so fast but I still love this app a lot

- Kicked for no reason?

Unfortunately this app is kinda annoying. The app works great for meeting new people and stuff, but I’ve been kicked out of my profile lore times than I can count and it’s really annoying. I’ve met great people and can no longer find them or meet them ever again because I get kicked and can’t log back in? I haven’t said anything inappropriate or rude or posted or sent anything revealing? Something needs to be fix.

- Banned for no reason

This apps tends to do this to a lot of people, some have reasonings one why but in my case wizz took me down for posting a “inappropriate” picture as my profile pic when it was me holding my hand up across my face. Overall I do recommend the app it’s fun and all and get to meet lots of new people. I believe they should get ways to communicate to their community for people asking questions about their ban, or how the app could be better.

- They're going to ban me for no reason

Don't get me wrong, I love this app. But today I recieved a message from this Emma girl from Wizz saying that I'm about to get banned. So I asked her what did I do, and sent a gif that was inappropriate. I tried to clear things up that I wasn't the one who sent that gif and that someone lied about it just to get me banned. I am so mad right now that someone tried to get me in trouble and for Wizz for believing that person. Thank you for your services Wizz, I really appreciate the fact that you're trying to ban me. Wow what a coincidence.


I’ve had this app for a very long time, I got it the week it came onto the App Store. But in this time, I’ve had to make FOUR accounts because wizz has a terrible banning system. I’m not sure how it works, but I have done nothing wrong and I’m very upset. The customer service is terrible, emailing them doesn’t work and there is no way to contact them if you have a problem. I have lots of data and have made many friends-but now it’s all gone (including the conversations ) because I was banned for NOTHING. Horrible app. DO NOT DOWNLOAD

- Weird people

All the 49 year old were asking for stuff and people started hating on me and bullying me because I said my friend was pregnant which was obviously a joke but I did get a lot a clout from it so I mean just do something controversial and you’ll get clout and hate so overall it’s a stupid app I made no friends except for tj and Corey and if you get this app you’ll probably lose friends because you tell the wizz people that your friend is pregnant when u obviously photoshopped it

- Good but u need to fire emma

She didn’t let me post a pic of my face and emma she can have a pic of her face no problem not trynna hate but emma dont look better than me she keeps being mean and ima have to throw hands with her cause she was nice at first now she just dont like me so i need to catch a fade with her

- Bad app

This app used to be a great place to make new friends and chat with funny people. We used to use the main chat as a way to communicate almost like a massive gc but now the time stamps for the posts are very messed up and being able to have an actual conversation on the posting page is impossible and many of the active members including myself are boycotting the app till they go back to how it used to be. The point of the app was to make friends and they are slowing taking that away

- love this app but ....

i like this app a lot , i’ve been using it for a few months with no issues until recently. A few weeks ago the app kept constantly crash when trying to open the app. i’ve deleted the app and downloaded it again but it does the same thing. ANY FIXES ?

- New update ruined the app

You can no longer leave comments on photos to talk too other people. Everything goes straight to DMs now. This ruined the app and I causing myself and many other people I have connected with to delete it. Do not download this app if you are wanting to meet new people or find friends. It is becoming over run with inappropriate pictures, and people trying to sell premium Snapchats. STAY away from this app. They took away the one good thing it had. What a shame.

- Please wizzzzz🥺❤️❤️❤️

I was banned from this app but I am unsure why I’m pretty sure I met the love of my life on it but I never got the chance to get his number so I have not talked to him on a few weeks and iv been feeling really down and sad so if Wizz se this I’ll literally do anything to be in-banned from this app please 🥺

- Someone hacked my account and got it banned

I deleted the app for sometime and decide to get back on and I see that I got banned I asked one if my friends they said my account got hacked and they started to post inappropriate comments that was not me at alll can I get my account unbannned

- Good but NOT God

This is generally, a good app to use when you are bored at home, especially during quarantine. But there are people out there, kids specially, who are asking other children to send them nudes. This is why i left the app. Yes, it not only used for that, but the about of people I’ve talked to who have told me their story and even some girls who have approached me to send them nudes, was just enough. That is why I am giving it a two star ratin period .

- This app has basically been ruined

Emma and the company at wizz have ruined their app. They stealthily added in some sort of program into their app to know when something is bad to be posted or sent in a dm/group chat. Thing is though is that this thing has been strengthened to the max. Literally the simplest meme can not be posted without a message popping up saying its inappropriate. This app needs fixing and tuning and it needs to be reverted back to how it was before.

- yeah❤️

i got banned , for no reason . I HATE IT HEREEE . but i love the app . n i dont like when you get banned you loose all of your friends 😐😐 . < idk if it’s just a glitch for me or something but the app is fun . we should be able to look people up or certain ages .


I’m not one to report anything, but I witnessed a young girl, under the age of 12 years old send photos that were inappropriate in a public group chat that anyone could access. This is illegal. I tried reporting the user and the receiver who was in the group chat asking the young girl for photos and the company responded saying NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH THAT. I am sickened and will do everything I can to make sure people know how awful and sick this app is. Who allows that type of content?? Reporting this app

- Unban all of the accounts

Wizz you need to fix the banning system, suspension is not even a thing in this app. People sometimes get banned for memes and then they automatically get banned, and I tried to contact you guys but I couldn’t since the email wasn’t working, you guys need to make a account on social media so it’ll be easier for me to contact you guys, so please unban everyone and fix the system

- Do not get! Big regrets!

This app is a dating app. Literally all people do is ask for nudes, boyfriend/girlfriend applications and say they are single. I have only had this for a day and I hate this app! Everybody is boring and will NEVER hit you up. This app is so boring! Don’t get this app! It is a waste of storage and time! I am so annoyed of people doing things like this! I hope that nobody in there right mind gets this app thinking they will make new friends. You can’t. People just want dates not friends.

- Banned for no reason

This girl who dislikes me kept reporting me and I got banned for no reason when I didn’t do nothing wrong the app itself is good but when it should at least check when someone reports other that what they did was actually wrong

- Eh

The app is a good way to interact with no people but it is kind of risky, because I got banned for 24 hours because these people reported me for stuff I didn’t even do, and they only reported because I reported them, and the reason I reported is that they were actually being mean to me and using bad words and mean slurs and telling me to get off this app.

- Great App!

I love this app it’s so much fun and there’s a bunch of people to talk to. But I would like it a little more if there was a search bar to find people you know,groupchats to join,and just people to talk to. The app doesn’t have to have this feature but it would be a nice addition.

- Fix this issue

This app is ok but its terrible how it deletes your chats and friends and the fact it doesnt have an option to search for friends that you was close to and had been deleted is sad all new chats delete befor i can see who sent me a message developer is this an issue for everyone or is yall goin to fix it cause i lost i formation to very good friends and yall took em away 2 stars from me👎🏾😞

- Very fun, but has a few issues..

So pretty much, I got the app like an hour ago, and I LOVE it. So fun, and so many friends so fast! But I tried to change my profile pic to a black screen and I was banned for an hour because it didn’t meet the guidelines?!? Why people??

- Spam accounts/reporting

App is good but there’s so many fake accounts trying to scam people. There also needs to be a better reporting system than just a message, pic or simply not wanting to talk. You should be able to report a account as a scam and then also explain why you believe so like many other apps

- Working my nerves

I love this game but YALL policy’s are way to freaking strict. I sent a video of a baby crying and yah banned me. I sent a video of a girl dancing and I get banned again. You guys need some new people who can actually watch videos before trying to ban someone. Those videos had no violence or inappropriate things in it. Please get your stinkin act together Like gosh banned me 3 times already for practically nothing

- No Regrets!

First of all there’s no hidden fees or certain things you have to do to keep getting adds. The community is very positive and appropriate which I love! The app itself has had no issues so far, very clean and no glitches. I think this app can go places!

- I got banned?

I love this app because it’s so much fun communicating with new people but some of my posts got taken down when they weren’t even remotely inappropriate and they were more like jokes. I got banned once but I got a new acc but it still bugs me how you can be easily banned for something so small. Also can people add videos?

- Add this action ?

there are a lot of users who are active on the app but don’t show up to some people and people that just don’t post hmu’s. i was wondering if you could add an action where you can see all the active users to find more friends.

- Bring the old Wizz back

I feel like you guys tried to enhance the app by making it more “interactive” with people, but honestly it’s nothing of the sort. I miss the old Wizz where you could rate and comment under people pictures or what ever they had to post. Now it’s just direct messages and post and that’s it. Nobody plays the new games at all. Just please bring old Wizz back. The colors can stay they’re pretty dope.

- It's good, but it could have

I really like the app, it's nice, cool, and fun to be on. But I think it could have more settings, like in your chats, you can search for a specific person to talk with, or if your tryna find people your age and etc. you can do that too.

- Great App

I think this is a great app. You can make friends and talk band play games with each other. I think you should include a search bar so you can search for people you wanna talk to. I think that would make this app so much better

- Can not even talk abt grades (yes i said grades idk how that topic came up)

okay so i was trying to explain to somebody abt my grade bc they showed me theirs and it wouldn’t let me send the message bc it says “this content is strictly forbidden” and i didn’t even say anything bad one and two if that’s strictly forbidden then how come i keep on seeing horny 10 ye olds asking ppl who sends or who’s freaky and things like that how come their not strictly forbidden I WAS TALKING ABT WHY I HAD ONE LOW GRADE LIKE REALLY.

- Great app but!

This app is generally very good to socialize and make friends during quarantine. However, these passed few days i have been getting banned for no reason? To the point where my account was banned for three days? I don’t know why but I’d like this fixed please and thank you Wizz!

- Can I buy Wizz??

I wrote this review before but ig y’all deleted it.. so I’ll just rewrite it. if you are thinking of selling the app anytime soon I would like to buy. I need to know prices too cause I’m not too rich😳 anyways if you’re selling please let me know!!

- Ido

It’s a really fun app and you meet a lot of people but I got banned for literally nothing and now I can’t get it back. There should be a way for you to unban yourself even if it’s by applying more restrictions. I just think it was. A mistake and I want it back .

- Badge

I spent so many hours talking to strangers, getting to know people, rly good made a few friends but... my goal was the badge. Now please explain to me how I get the progress for unlocking the badge FULL but not get the badge? Emma hasn’t texted me about it either. So y’all just scammed tf outta me about this badge huh? I restarted the app and updated it” yet my progress is full and no badge ?

- Update idea plz

Please update so you can go back to deleted chats because I didn’t mean to delete this one chat and now I can’t find them and it wakes me sad because he was a good person and it’s been a half an hour since I’ve been trying to find his acc and it’s making me sad😢

- Danger

This app is dangerous. People only want nudes and will use killing them self to take advantage. a girl did this to me and many guys ask for nudes it needs to be shut down. It is the perfect place for perverted old people to find kids to get nudes from. I can’t not sleep knowing what just happened. I reported the girl and am done with this app in all. If your reading don’t get the app. In safety of you and your family.

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- Group mode only???

We can only create groups, we cant even do something normal its only group chats

- Wtf

I updated the app because it was glitching and it deleted all of my messages and dms to ppl what the hell?!

- I’m not happy

You guys banned me for a hour then locked me out of my acc and I’m not happy. So contact me for my old acc password please because I want it back I have friends on that and i want to talk with them. Their worried abt me

- be careful

some people pretend to be others and you can get played

- It aight

Try hoop

- Who knows

I just i stalled the app so i dont know if i like it like it but well see

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- We want the old wizz back

Give us the wizz from 2019 back😭 when you could post and comment on others post and follow people

- Definitely not crying at all you are

Well I got a question I was talking to this girl super nice and she got banned is she forever gone because I have no way to find her again and I miss her already we became friends and so can she get back on or no. Also if not FIX THATT I lost a friend because that 😥😭

- Yessss

I love this people answered fast and I made friends right away I also like how it’s not just 17+ or something also I haven’t seen any pervs which is good cuz there’s a lot on other apps

- Nice

I have a question for theDevelopers so this girl dropped her snap an when she put the @ it changed the color an we are trynna figure it out i have a pic of it if yu wanna See what i mean

- Disappointed user

I was really excited when I first got this app but then there was so much inappropriate things going on and other things that is not for me and they kept saying inappropriate things. I think that u should take away things like that

- Too Sensitive .

app is great other than everything being forbidden & getting banned over simple stuff . this is app is becoming too sensitive . I literally wrote “text me” & it turned red because it was forbidden 😑 . i heard this app used to be really good until Emma came 😃 !

- Pretty good

I enjoy the app, I’ve only had one issue. When I try to report people and use the “report message” option none of our messages pop up to click. And it makes me mad because I just want to turn in the creeps

- Two-sided app

Either you make new friends(highly unlikely), or guys will beg for getting n*des on snap, or in a group chat you’ll be called ugly, sl*t, wh*re, and told to kill yourself many times :) However that’s just the people. The app itself is pretty okay and it doesn’t lag

- Banning for no reason

Okay not gonna lie, this app is okay. It can be fun but everyone on here is SO NSFW sometimes. Also a lot of my friends got banned for no reason? Like they did nothing wrong and then they were banned with no explanation as to why.

- Good app

It’s a good app, I just want to know how to reply to people comments in the group chat I see everyone else doing it but I don’t know how and I’m too scared to ask.

- Can’t even get in 🙄

I just downloaded this app and I tried logging in with my Apple and it said that I posted something against their guidelines and I just started. And when I tried to try it with Snapchat it kept bringing me to Snapchat but nothing popped up. I’d probably like it but I can’t even set up an account.


I was banned because people in a gc reported me for defending my self then when i get banned it says to wait an hour I wait the hour and I come back and it says ive been banned for NEGATIVE hours the time keeps going up every day and I can’t go on wizz I email you guys and you guys never responded I try to contact your building and it’s a flower store on maps please respond to my email

- this is not cute .

i’m sorry but I don’t know what Wizz has became to like a bunch of reminders when i’m not even doing anything bad ?! WOW . i was literally just trying to send trumps allegations on how he is a rapist and it says IM VIOLATING THE RULES .. CHILE WHA . now i have been muted for 12 HOURS , before Wizz was not like this .. now this is just ridiculous ! the creator of Wizz , fix this ASAP !!!!!!!! 🙄🙄🙄 rating this a 1 star cuhh . - your favorite member , kaka ❤️ .

- Amazing

This social media app is literally everything that I would want in a good texting app. I made some new friends and even new followers I love it 🥰

- Get this app

This app is amazing I mean like amazing I have a lot of friends I think you need to get this app press download and enjoy making friends it’s fun so enjoy

- Not great

There’s no way of unblocking someone if you accidentally block them, also if you delete your account and then you try to get back to the same server you can’t. Even if you select everything the same way again. Needs improvement

- Review

I met some cool people on there and made some friends, but I got banned for sending memes to someone. Yet there other people on there who say things that are inappropriate and don’t get banned. And it said I was banned for an hour and it has been hours later and it won’t let me log back in.

- Gotta look past the nsfw to make friends

It’s actually kinda good if you can get pat all the dirty stuff. Might met some good people on there if you can do that.

- Pretty awesome app 😁but no profile pic?☹️

It’s a good app and there are so many different people so it’s easy to make friends. Only thing is that won’t let me add a picture to my profile from my photos

- Fun

Best app for making friends only had for a few minutes and made some cool friends!

- The app

I am legally blind, and the app with my voiceover on my Apple iPhone is not very good. The app could be better it’s a little slow but besides that I really do enjoy the app it is a good place to meet friends but I also enjoy using the side apps that connect up to a Snapchat.

- Question

If you delete your account can someone see the message you sent even after your accounts deleted


I thought this would be a fun little app where you could make friends yk (I’m home schooled and I have terrible anxiety so sometimes it’s easier to talk online) and all people do on here is tell you to kill yourself, or cut etc they talk down on you everytime you make a post. I deleted it 3 days after having it because I couldn’t deal with it anymore.

- Okay

This is an okay app it’s hard to find people your age and some of the things are really inappropriate but other than that I really like it and I made some new friends 👍🏻

- Banned

Overall I really enjoyed it, but it banned me for no reason, and when I texted the admin “Emma” to find out what I did, I never got a reply. The banning system needs to be fixed based off the fact other people felt this.

- 6/10

at least make it easier to get the bagde & the app got boring after a few days of using it, might ditch it. Also I got banned for having a picture of me in a CROP TOP as my pfp while others have it as their bum :)

- Fix this.

i rarely EVER write reviews but this app definitely needs it, the app is great, could use some improvements but it’s good. However the hate/slander/racism/homophobia on it is just ridiculous that it’s not being monitored, please start banning accounts that use racial and homophobic slurs. Your app will do much better.

- Doesn’t make you pay

Doesn’t make you pay to connect to people

- Wizz

Umm i don’t like it someone hacked my account I really think that should be looked into and I think this app should be taken down I am highly disappointed I want this looked at

- It was good until it wasn’t

So I overall enjoyed the app but there tons of creeps and people who have no control. Someone sent a link to a gc and I clicked the link thinking nothing of it and they found my IP address :) yea now I’m scared so I deleted the app.

- Good for high schoolers

If you’re in highschool, get the app. It’s cool and you straight up just text people and most of the time end up with they snap or sum. I’m in 10th and I fw it

- I love this app but it still needs to fix a lot of bugs

So the bug that Is most annoying is that I’m refreshing the page and stuff from 18 minutes ago start popping up but the stuff from right now I have to scroll down to see,

- You banned me!

I was making friends and having fun when i got banned out of no where for no reason. You guys are two quick to ban people for small thing for just defending themselves

- It’s alright

The app is amazing to communicate with new people but the thing that i just don’t like about it . Is that the messages are very laggy and you have to wait a minute so you could actually receive them

- Could use improvement

There needs to be a feature to unsubscribe from a post because you get spammed everytime someone comments. Also there needs to be better moderation. Lots of homophobic and racist people on the app and they are the reason I’m discontinuing my usage of the app

- getting banned

I love this app I’m so happy I got it but I got banned for no reason so if anyone knows how to get unbanned from ur server cus I don’t wanna leave all my friends.

- Review

It’s cool but the recent updates aren’t good. When you post for someone to text you, it’s automatically a group chat so you have to tap on their profile individually. You can’t comment anymore either.


ok so mainly if your a teen you will find this app AMAZING!! people are so nice and you make lots of friends🥳 I jus got it 2 weeks ago and it works just fine❤️

- It’s just another major bullying and horny platform

I’ve only had this for about 30 minutes now and there’s so much inappropriate conversations in the chat, fights, hate comments, people being horny acting as if this is tinder. Don’t get me wrong there’s a small few people who are okay and chill but I’d never recommend this to my friend. Ever.

- Banned

I got banned in the first 5 mins for having a picture up on my preview😂 Add my Snap zachb0367_20 to see it😂

- Help

I accidentally blocked someone and I can’t find a way to unblock then, I really liked talking to them, can you help me?

- Needs better moderation

The app is just a cesspool of racist, horny, and idiotic people with nothing better to do. While I don’t believe it is the apps fault for this, I do believe it is the apps job to better moderate chats and keep the wizz community safe for all people. Summary: The app needs better moderation.

- Should unban

I never posted anything inappropriate. I got banned for a photo that looked inappropriate but it actually wasn’t. It was 3 pigs and Emma warned me. Other than that the app is great. Just get a better banking system. Don’t just perm ban people for no reason...

- Not Clean 🤥

This app is great, you just pick a chat. But, I don’t think there is anyone looking at what is put in bios or posts. Majority were teens looking for hook ups, or sexual connections. I’m literally just trying to find friends. Very disappointing, this app relies on users reporting the sexual, inappropriate content.


I literally woke up and I was told my account was banned and I couldn’t make a new but you meet a lot of cool people and stuff but I feel you should be able to make a new account and get a second chance 🤷🏽‍♀️


That app deserves more people no ad (i hope if this app gets popular they dont add ad) and real persons not like other apps with fake boys get girl pics and tryna sell or exchance

- Cool

It’s was cool at first but then I got band for no reason I didn’t curse show anything or do anything inappropriate can you guys maybe fix this bc I really like this app and now I can go on it

- hey🤗💗💕💖💕

i’ve been on this app for a while and for the first fourth and a half months it was so much fun because i had the freedom to say whatever. but this new recent update?! HORRIBLE. this app has taken away many people’s freedom of speech, and that does not sit right with any of us. change it back and stop muting and moderating us.

- frustration

i really like the app, but when i posted one day and 2 minutes later i was banned for an hour. then i log back in and rest my profile picture and immediately got banned for 24 hours. at this point i wasn’t ready to give up. so today i log in and i try to set a different picture and immediately got banned. kinda frustrating and i don’t think i want to use the app anymore

- Annoyed

I got banned and I didn’t do anything at all, I promise nothing bad was said or posted, no inappropriate pictures or posts, I was just minding my business and I got banned from the game . This is really not fair. Now I’m gonna be bored

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Wizz - Make new friends 3.4.16 Screenshots & Images

Wizz - Make new friends iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Wizz - Make new friends iphone images
Wizz - Make new friends iphone images
Wizz - Make new friends iphone images
Wizz - Make new friends Social Networking application ipad screenshots and images not ready...
Wizz - Make new friends Social Networking application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Wizz - Make new friends Social Networking application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Wizz - Make new friends (Version 3.4.16) Install & Download

The applications Wizz - Make new friends was published in the category Social Networking on 2019-02-24 and was developed by VLB [Developer ID: 1450287306]. This application file size is 55.2 MB. Wizz - Make new friends - Social Networking posted on 2020-09-30 current version is 3.4.16 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.vlbapps.wizz

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