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What is telegram messenger app? Pure instant messaging — simple, fast, secure, and synced across all your devices. One of the world's top 10 most downloaded apps with over 500 million active users.

FAST: Telegram is the fastest messaging app on the market, connecting people via a unique, distributed network of data centers around the globe.

SYNCED: You can access your messages from all your phones, tablets and computers at once. Telegram apps are standalone, so you don’t need to keep your phone connected. Start typing on one device and finish the message from another. Never lose your data again.

UNLIMITED: You can send media and files, without any limits on their type and size. Your entire chat history will require no disk space on your device, and will be securely stored in the Telegram cloud for as long as you need it.

SECURE: We made it our mission to provide the best security combined with ease of use. Everything on Telegram, including chats, groups, media, etc. is encrypted using a combination of 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange.

100% FREE & OPEN: Telegram has a fully documented and free API for developers, open source apps and verifiable builds to prove the app you download is built from the exact same source code that is published.

POWERFUL: You can create group chats with up to 200,000 members, share large videos, documents of any type (.DOCX, .MP3, .ZIP, etc.) up to 2 GB each, and even set up bots for specific tasks. Telegram is the perfect tool for hosting online communities and coordinating teamwork.

RELIABLE: Built to deliver your messages using as little data as possible, Telegram is the most reliable messaging system ever made. It works even on the weakest mobile connections.

FUN: Telegram has powerful photo and video editing tools, animated stickers and emoji, fully customizable themes to change the appearance of your app, and an open sticker/GIF platform to cater to all your expressive needs.

SIMPLE: While providing an unprecedented array of features, we take great care to keep the interface clean. Telegram is so simple you already know how to use it.

PRIVATE: We take your privacy seriously and will never give any third parties access to your data. You can delete any message you ever sent or received for both sides, at any time and without a trace. Telegram will never use your data to show you ads.

For those interested in maximum privacy, Telegram offers Secret Chats. Secret Chat messages can be programmed to self-destruct automatically from both participating devices. This way you can send all types of disappearing content — messages, photos, videos, and even files. Secret Chats use End-to-End Encryption to ensure that a message can only be read by its intended recipient.

We keep expanding the boundaries of what you can do with a messaging app. Don’t wait years for older messengers to catch up with Telegram — join the revolution today.

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Telegram Messenger Version 9.1.112 November 2022

Introducing Topics in Groups • Groups with more than 200 members can now have their discussions organized into topics. Voice-to-text for Video Messages • Premium users can now convert both voice messages and video messages into text. Redesigned Night Mode • Colors are more balanced with better blurring effects as you scroll. Minor Design Improvements • New animation when you swipe left to reply. • New menu with call options when tapping on phone numbers in user profiles. • New placeholders when loading messages in groups and channels..

Telegram Messenger Comments & Reviews 2022

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- Great edit functions

This app has all the edit functions I never thought of but am so grateful for now that I have them. They seem so natural and intuitive and make me wonder why WhatsApp never thought of them! I would have given the app 5 stars but there’s still a lot of work to do with the photo and video upload and download functions. For work I have that needs video and photo upload and download I have to ( reluctantly) use WhatsApp still as otherwise work gets disrupted. I am so happy there is an alternative to the aggressive and arrogant invasive ness of FB/WA. As soon as Telgram developers fix the video and photo upload/download glitches it’s goodbye to WhatsApp for ever from me!


I think having volunteer support people is not viable because there is no one we can contact for bugs to be fixed! There is no way for me to report a bug! Ever since premium became available and the most recent updates, I have had more issues in telegram than ever. Why do messages not send at all? Why are people receiving my messages hours or a day later? This includes text messages, voice notes and scheduled messages!! Basically the whole use of the app! Even when both people are connected to the internet (and other internet-based apps work on their phone) and the app is showing the 1 tick that it is sent. When it’s actually not sent?! When one person sends a voice note or message - sometimes it just disappears into the abyss and never gets delivered at all! Or someone opens up their phone in the morning and suddenly there are heaps of messages from the day before that are only arriving on app open the next day. Last active time is also inaccurate at times. It makes no sense that an ‘instant message’ is not being delivered to the receiver either at all or in a delayed manner. This isn’t good enough and frankly quite upsetting when you rely on the app to communicate. It is like missing entire days and chunks of conversations with people. Likely will be switching to whatsapp in the very near future.

- It’s perfect.

Telegram is the most impressive Messaging app I’ve ever used. Coming from Kik and Discord, I obviously can’t compare it to Whatsapp or Viber, but in my experience Telegram has been everything you could want. It’s performant and battery conscious, even on my crappy iPhone5S. It’s flexible. You can create group chats, group your chats, make secret chats, archive chats, all kinds of stuff. It’s powerful. It’s got full integration allowing you to send files of any size and then, whatever they are, audio or picture or video, you can view or hear them in app. If they’re not audiovisual, it’s still a great fileshare service for moving documents or zips between phones and computers. You get your own seemingly unlimited cloud storage, there’s a million features I don’t use or need that stay out of my way but are there if I need them, the size of the app is still small regardless of that. The devs never stop squashing bugs and adding functionality where it’s needed, and they listen to users on what they should add. I hate that Telegram has a bit of a stigma. As far as I’m concerned, it’s just THE best message app.

- nothappychappie

Enjoying this app and very similar to WhatsApp the only issue I have on my apple devices is that when I go to contacts and try to invite friends by tapping on the invite and want to share to others via the heart to other options, my devices hang and I have to power off and on to get back to chats . I have written on your message to myself with this query ... no reply back? Can this please be rectified.

- Search function does not support asian languages

Personally, I value the stability this app offers in terms of call quality and all matters surrounding privacy (and stickers!). That being said, the search function is an absolute deal breaker for me. Having parents of asian origin who can only type in chinese, not supporting asian languages in the search function severely limits its use for me. I hardly think I am the only one having this issue, (as I see similar posts online), so I don’t see why the devs have been neglecting this issue for several years. As a mere consumer of this product one can only hope this review is seen by one of them, otherwise I’ll probably have to look elsewhere for a good messaging app.

- channels and individual threads must be segregated

Channels, bots and individual threads must be segregated as the list of chats now is a complete mess and it’s difficult to navigate through hundreds of channels to locate an individual who texted you. Sometimes I can’t answer because I don’t see who texted me until I scroll all the way down the list. As someone mentioned before, would be nice to see Read and Unread messages at the top. All the rest seems ok, much better than whatsapp which I’m trying to get rid of. Thanks Pavel for the great app!

- Please allow Search 1 Contact/Group, then force/long press to Pin

Please allow Search 1 Contact/Group, then force/long press to Pin 📍. Now it is impossible. I have already All Pin 📍 full. Here are my desired Steps 1. Yes All Pins are full 2. Search the Contact/Group I want to pin 3. force/long press to Pin 📍 4. Ask me which old Pin 📍 to replace 5. I quick view All old Pins with a Pop up small Window 6. Choose the old one I do not want 7. Replace with new Contact/Group as Pin 📍 Why it is Important? Now I have removed the old pin 📍 myself. I find the Contact I want to pin by Search. I cannot force/long press to Pin 📍. I have so many messages above that Contact/Group. I have to manually scroll through All, then find, then Pin. Too hard. I do NOT want to send messages to disturb him/her just to Pin 📍 him/her Thank you very much🏖🌈🌸🌞❤️♻️♾ Best Regards🌞🏖🌌🛸🚴‍♀️❤️♻️♾🌸🦄️🦋🐳🐬🧸👫👩‍🚀 Tai


Telegram's base functions are great, but the app is severely let down by a lack of an effective spam filtering strategy. Every 1-2 days I get included in spam conversations along with hundreds of other people. When hundreds of unrelated people, who are not even in each others contacts lists, are being included in a conversation, surely that's a red flag that it's a spam conversation, and surely this is something that a basic algorithm could detect and prevent? But no, apparently not. Either that or Telegrams developers just don't care about the pervasive spam problem. Only 2-stars from me until the spam issue is fixed 😒

- Love the change

Really enjoying this app .The features are a lot better than WhatsApp. All the other messaging apps I’ve tried this is my favourite it is very similar to WhatsApp but you can change the colours group chats are easy to set up . The only issue is sending large videos takes forever can you please update this feature

- Delay notifications & online status

Telegram is giving delay notifications, the message will be received but the notification sound and numbers were taking too long. Sometimes a single message will not be notified at all unless opening the app. This is so uncomfortable while using the app. The online status will show green longer even after exiting the app. It will take at least a minute to show offline even after exiting the app. This two issues have to be fixed.

- need to improve voiceover support

The app is accessible with voiceover but still needs work. It is not as accessible as Whatsapp. For example if I wanted to share an audio file from a particular app when I double tap on telegram within the share sheet then the accessibility goes away. Please improve the accessibility of voiceover. It's a great app and I really enjoy using it.

- Nice app some bugs to fix

Please fix the following problems - audio quality is mediocre Voice echoes constantly on the speakers end - voice volume tends to slowly dissipate becoming very hard to listen to the other party on the other side of the line. Every time the server is relayed you loose sound quality. It happens all the time. You and up using other VOIP apps unfortunately - the cosmetics of the App are nice backgrounds, perks etc but voice transfer of files etc are always a dread and hard to work with. Have to rely on the other Apps to do this resulting in having to completely go back to the Facebook apps that work well. Thank you for trying to solve this ASAP By the way signal is really cool too , ágain some things are not 100%

- Voice bug

I love the this incredible app, however it has a very annoying bug. When you wanna hear a voice and close your ear to hear it from small speaker, app thinks your recording and stops the voice & even other contact thinks your taking voice endlessly.

- Great app save for one issue

I have an issue on iOS, with the latest version of telegram installed Sometimes when i tap on a notification from telegram it brings me to a black screen, showing nothing. This can be resolved by either pressing home, then tapping on telegram again (not restarting the app). Are there any ideas for a fixes or is this a known bug?

- Contacts

I like using this app. But what I don’t like is that I haven’t given telegram access to my phone book to find friends yet the app somehow knows exactly when someone who is in my phone contacts joins and even ppl who have been deleted from my phone contacts pop up saying they have joined! Somehow telegram is accessing my phone book even though I have denied them permission 🤬

- I really love this app

This app is one of the best I’ve used in a while and it’s great for the groups I’m part of. However I have a suggestion, I would like to be able to send the stickers I have on telegram in iMessage. Stickers are one of my favourite parts of telegram and I would love to be able to use them with the people that don’t have telegram. Telegram is a great app :)

- iOS Badges and more, broken

Seems more harm was done that good in this latest upgrade. Settings such as sounds associated with a contact seemed to all get changed and messed up. The badge on the iOS icon doesn’t seem to update sometimes and other times says ‘1’ when in fact there are say 7 messages. The self destruct timer on long running chats is not self destructing at all. Please bring back the previous version.

- ....

Hello. I have a problem with this new version of Telegram. When someone replies to one of my messages that I've sent to them, I can not literally find out which messages they exactly replied. The colour is not obvious enough, then it's hard to recognize which message between other messages they replied to. It would be better if this problem will be solved.

- Reply notifications disappear.

Love this amazing new method of communication... however... when people respond to a post, and a notification appears.... When I go to see the response... Nothing. The response isn’t retrieved. No matter what I do... I’m forced to search through the feed, in order to find the respondents.

- Great but...

For the last year or so on multiple devices and all latest iOS the photos don’t always save even though the settings is already there. And background download of photos. Some have to be done manually In the last few weeks also the uploads of photos and videos is painfully slow even on low resolutions and I am talking on networks with 240 Mbps downloads and 90 Mbps uploads. It’s inadmissible

- Almost perfect - needs to remove auto audio record!

Fantastic app, fast, handles multi devices so well. One major issue with iOS app - it has a horrible feature that you can’t turn off. It’s designed to start recording audio every time you hold the phone to your ear. ...which also does it every time you put it in your pocket before locking, or close your case cover over the screen, etc.

- Call contacting problem

I have used this app for more than 2 years. All features had worked really well since calls didnt contact with this app. I tried so many times. Even i reseted my phone. It can be only possible to call to smb with iphone X. Could you please fix this feature

- Notifications

You have a huge problem concerning notifications. Sometimes I don't even receive them on my lockscreen. The message will just mark on the application itself, so if I don't check that I won't even know that i received a message. Please fix that part cz I honestly love this app.

- Disappeared from iOS share sheet on iPads

Telegram disappeared from iOS share sheets on my iOS? Back a couple of weeks it I can no longer find the icon to share to telegram, but still I can see the few dialogs I have previously shared too on the top. I tried to resolve by delete and reinstall telegram on my iPad and all options are gone. This is really annoying now.

- Anonymous contacts

Great app. Easy to use platform. However, there needs to be a feature to remove phone contact details so the conversations are completely private. Especially in the case of joining public groups where you wish to remain anonymous.

- Better experience, no longer support Apple Watch

After updating to Telegram 5 I feel much better about this app: smooth, and much quicker. However, I still miss the watch OS support and hopefully I will see it back soon. Overall, still a good app and I am looking forward its future.

- App freezes and I have to restart phone

App freezes on my iPhone 8 and I can’t scroll so have to reboot my phone to use it again Seems to happen when I hold down a post (usually by accident) and then it stops.. great app overall this bug would be good to fix

- Needs extra options

It would be easier if there was an option to create multiple “Saved messages” folders-for sorting messages by topics.

- Worked well till I can’t sign in

No issues at all with the app but I deleted the account to make a new one because I had so many scammers contacting me and now it says I have to wait “a few days” before making an account again.. not sure how many days a few is but that was a few days ago and I still can’t use it

- Awesome but

Hey so I wanted to write this review bc I wanted to say that it is an awesome app and I love it a lot but I think this app could be better by adding stories so we can put stuff on our stories and people can comment and it can be really fun hope u use my idea bye love this app 🌻⚡️🌿

- power packed App but needs one more functionality

This app is absolutely power packed, video calling is still work in progress for sure. But apart from that it’s pretty much great!! Although I am hoping that telegram team comes up with casting option to chromecast or smart tv so that we can play our favourite videos on TV.

- Very easy to use

I like it, it’s very easy to use with very similar functions to other apps that are similar but don’t have the security, I really like the variety of stickers and would like to see them add new range every month. Definitely inviting my friends to use this app

- Secure?????? I don’t think sad o 😖

When I joined I noticed my son’s number in there. It’s clearly not him so I checked with him. How could someone join using his number??? Is this a way people can try and get info from you if you think it is them. There’s another contact in my list but I’m sure it’s not her either. I was very regretful I have joined. If this is not fixed I would be scared someone could pose as me. Have sent msg to where it says. Better get some help or I’ll be telling all I know not to use this!!!!

- Phone service needs work

Great texting service but the phone service needs work. The line gets cut off often and I cant hear the opposite person on the line. Please work on it. Thanks!

- Spam message from strangers

Pro: At first I was happy with the app because of short video message, very convenient and fund to do so. Con: video quality is by far worse than other app; also I was spam by message from strangers many times at night when I was sleep. This app is famous for security, how could it happens?

- Best IM app out there

The features telegram offers are mind blowing. I can’t think of any better texting app. I wonder how other platform users haven’t found out this one yet. Also, with every single update comes tons of amazing new features. It’s like the Ferrari of IM apps:)

- Feature rich. Content rich

I haven’t seen any other social media/messaging apps release totally innovative features at this frequency. There are all sorts of channels and groups. If only there was a directory of some sort

- No issue so far

Since I installed this app it worked perfectly for me. Video/Voice quality is really good. No problem at all. It is similar to Whatsapp but I prefer Telegram though now and I am just loving it. ☺️

- Notification center bug

Hey guys, just wanted you to know there’s a bug in telegram, the screen in iphone x when you reply in notification center, the screen stock, even pressing any button or the assistive touch won’t work, you have to restart the phone in order for it to work again hope you fix this asap thanks

- All Take and No Give

So one day I opened up Telegram and got a screen asking for my phone number. No reason, no explaination, no disclosure about whether this info would be private? Secure? Visible? Public? What did you need it for? Nothing. Zero info. I am supposed to just blindly trust you with no reason given and no explaination how it will be used or Shared. I can't progress without giving the number and no option to see explaination, purpose or privacy statement. So, Uninstall. Bye.

- Need to access group threads from home screen 3D Touch and favourites menu on share sheet

I'd like to be able to access group threads from favourites on share sheet and the home screen 3D Touch widget. I use group threads more often than the individual people I'm offered in frequently used contacts. It should really be most commonly used threads not just individuals

- Low speaker volume during calls

Whenever I call somebody and tap on speaker, many times the call volume do not increase. I would still need to hold the phone over my ear to hear the other person just like a normal call. Please fix this and I’ll update my review

- Be sure to review all default Settings!

What an awful install/setup experience this was I didn’t think default settings could get worse than FB Messenger Forces you to upload all your Contacts when I actually just wanted to specifically message one friend… why can’t it be a choice to manually add a contact? Shows you online by default, when I don’t want hundreds of blast-from-the-past contacts seeing I’m online until I manage to find the setting otherwise And almost every other default setting that was On I had to switch Off 🤦🏼‍♀️ But that’s the mass appeal, I get it, just not for me If you’re a kid who loves emojis & GIFs in messages, you’ll love this app

- No calls or photos

I love telegram, but cannot get calls or photo-messages to work. It can’t access my photos or microphone, and when I try to give it permission in the iOS settings there is no option...

- Problem with Telegram chat links

Hello I got a problem that if anyone would share a link of their Telegram link, it will not open. The link will open in a safari page and it will stay there waiting and nothing happens. I waited so many times for hours and nothing happens. Can I know what’s the problem?

- Suggestions

New to the app and liking it. Would prefer to have a copy link or share link to invite friends via sms, email, a message on another platform. This could possibly in the settings or in a more obvious and convenient location. Another feature could be a story tab like fb, messenger & Instagram.

- The best social communicate app

You can experience some opportunities that never can do in another social app. Very useful. You can use it as a data storage also and keep your files there easily and handy. Thanks

- Voice recognition

I think you guys should add voice recognition in different languages apart from google play r apple recognition engines which cannot understand many different languages at the moment

- The audio doesn’t work with a lock screen.

Just three days ago the audio was available for listening with the lock screen. However today when I have turned on the audio in chat it has been stopped when the screen has locked.

- Telegram is a blessing

This App is so far private and far more productive then the others. it is disheartening to hear so much private citizens information being misplaced and literally given away to third or even fourth party unknown entities.

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- Archive problem

After update to last version i don't have access to archive!!

- Please fix

1. When I’m on audio call (in app mostly) and press the phone’s physical “OFF” button - telegram cancels the call 🤦‍♂️. It should just turn off the screen and not the call. 2. I have to google what 2 checkmarks mean every 4 months because i confuse if it’s delivered or read, particularly because I also use WhatsApp.

- Whatsapp-esque

Not exactly original with the layout but I really like the simplicity and have enjoyed the gamebots features as well. The only thing Telegram lacks compared to whatsapp is the ‘Delivered’ & ‘Read’ report - which to me is IMPORTANT especially in groups to know which members have read the announcements I send and which ones haven’t and therefore have to be followed up. So please add those features and I’ll come back to give a 5star review, thanks

- New design

This app is Gorgeous for chat. But make a decision to redesigned the interface and make the app more beautifull like the new player for ios user. Insret new theme and more. I appreciate it thanks

- Complaining

People on these reviews complaining about this app being used for child trafficking and sex offenders? Every single app, mainly TikTok has sex offenders and child trafficking. I’m not condoning those actions, but I feel like people are targeting Telegram because there isn’t the harsh censorship other apps claim to have, even though their idea of censorship is whatever they see fit, and that’s why there’s still sex offenders on every other app. Targeting this app and trying to gain censorship isn’t going to do anything, except censor people who are sharing truths.

- Ya sure it works but....

Ya it works and has nice features. It’s convenient. It’s fast. The only (MAJOR) problem is that they claim it’s secure (it’s entire purpose and principle since birth), while its (as far as I’m concerned) intentionally NOT. No one with half a brain has used DH security since at least a decade ago. Why? Because it’s been cracked 6 ways from Sunday, and is trivial to attack it in real-time. Perhaps that’s why they’re using it? Also, take note of their privacy practices. That’s all you really need to see to understand this couldn’t be a more inappropriately identified app than possible...

- Huge battery drain on iOS

This app is constantly on the top of the list for battery drain on my iPhone. Even with background refresh turned off, this app constantly drains ~30% of my battery with little to no usage. This seems to be about 6x more than other messaging apps that I have installed.

- Huge battery drain

My mom has a habit of turning off the screen on a playing video or audio clip. It takes telegram a couple of hours to completely drain the battery. I don’t know why a paused video or audio in the background has such a devastating effect.

- Take action

From last year to recently, telegram was used to sexually abuse numerous minors and women in South Korea. This case is called the “Nth room”. We need your cooperation to catch all the criminals who took part in this terrible crime. Please cooperate with the Korean police when they demand the information of these criminals. Please help us to find the perpetrators of this heinous crime, who must be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

- We need your cooperation

We need your cooperation to investigate the sex offenders associated with the Nth Room

- So much for the "Secure" platform

I have been using Telegram for a few years now, and I have been trouble free for quite some time... fast forward to last week when my username changed, and I was removed from all my groupchats... someone was accessing my account from the other side of the country and I blocked their access twice before the app forced me to make another account :( ok, so I decided to contact support not only on the app but by email and I have yet to receive even a confirmation message that we have received your complaint... avoid this unstable platform at all costs 😤☹️

- Telegram X

We want Telegram X😒 It’s veryyyyyy better than Telegram!!!!

- needs email

this is a good app but there needs to have a email option!!

- Maybe my arbitrary banning was for the best

Banned my number for no reason after 30 seconds of registration. Perhaps that’s for the best considering what I’m seeing here

- Bad Privacy and Security

There’s no way to prevent the people in your contacts from knowing that you have this app. There’s no way to be anonymous.

- Best must get

I wish I could give this app 6 because there are so many features you can message someone without wifi or data as long as the person you are talking too has wifi or data

- Secure?

Wont work if you happen to block various trackers at firewall level (including Google). As soon as you open the door to trackers, it works fine. Did telegram just sell its soul?

- New download number banned

Never downloaded this app before but when I entered my number I get a message saying my number was banned. I’ve sent 4-5 messages for help and haven’t received any help back.

- Pedo paradise

A platform made perfectly catered to facilitate the illegal actions of pedophiles and predators. Telegram is capitalizing on the most vile form of evil in existence.

- nth room cooperation

nth room cooperation Shame on u

- Spam

Crypto spamming is nonstop

- Constant group invite spam

I’m constantly spammed with group invites by people I don’t know. Deleted.

- Unknown!!!

All Texts are shown like a square with a question mark!!! What is the problem?!!

- Can’t copy paste since “upgrade”

Cant copy and paste since you so fixed it, so fix it!

- Updated the app and now it won't work

Typical of arrogant companies. I updated this app and found that it wouldn't work anymore. I can't uninstall this crappy update either. My device is an iPad 4 running iOS version 10.3.4 (the last one that is made for this device) and can't go beyond this version. It didn't come up with any message saying it wasn't compatible, so as far as I'm concerned Telegram deliberately bricked this app with all my contacts and groups I belonged to now inaccessible on this device.

- Claims to value your privacy, requires a phone number 🤡

Honestly a joke. If telegram really valued your privacy, they wouldn’t force you to give up your personal information. Prime example of talking the talk without walking the walk

- Fix crashing when connecting to call

After the update every Time I connect to a call it crashes, please fix it

- Mic not working on iPad voice calls

This has been happening for months with no fix! I guess iPad customers don’t matter huh?

- Russia invaded Ukraine

Russia invaded Ukraine dont listen to rt and other terrible outlets

- Call mot working on iPad

Microphone doesn’t work on iPad during Telegram calls

- Speaker is not working after last update

Speaker is not working after last update during the voice call on iPhone. Call has to be restarted a few times in order to make speaker work again! Please fix this issue!

- only 5 pin groups

Why, god WHY limiting the pinned channel to 5!! God, I am in 100 groups, and NEED to have at least 10 pinned to not miss some messages. Why not allowing us to pin as much as we want?!? Even if it mean being drowned under messages, that would be MY problem (will not be in my situation aniway). I am certainly looking for an alternative… someone has one?!? All other chat app have more, this is ridiculus!

- no way!

no security! nothing!! easy to scam people ..

- The calls on ipad do not work

Nobody can hear me on the other side of the line of i call using ipad. Please fix this.

- Problem

Now im updated telegram but i cant talked video or voice call in gorup (I have iphon 6) Please fixed bug.

- A scammer on telegram

Hi, There is someone who pretend to be Pierogi of Scammerpayback, tried to scam me . He is using scammerpayback0 to scam people. Please check this . This happened when I gave a commenton YouTube and this person answer me , telling me to go on telegram at the address I just gave you. On telegram he asked for money, so I knew he was a scammer. Scammerpayback0.

- Crash after update

App crash after update

- Scammers

How can you be secured when you allow scammers and frauders to continue to use your application? People are still getting hacked on your app.

- Feature need to update

If one feature is available in desktop version than why you guys block in mobile app. You can’t carry laptop with you all the time. Think before you doing such changes or better remove everything. It’s better to give the option in mobile app as well instead of blocking everything. 😡

- Andrey Russia

Amazing animation and sound in peach emodzi

- Sus

Russian Hackers are evil

- Hello India

App sucks. I am in Canada and some how I only get chats from India or the 3rd world. What a nightmare!

- Signing Up

When l enter my phone number its goes like this: +1 653 734 1 - then l tap on Enter and it obviously says: Invalid Phone Number! No matter what l do l Can't join the 4 and 1 together! So l can register!! Then l tap on Help and it says: Sign up with Email. BUT there No text boxes to type in my email - nothing shows up!! Isn't it the purpose of your app to Register?? Make it easier please...

- I hated the app

Telegram bot show me this message I’m afraid some Telegram users found your messages annoying and forwarded them to our team of moderators for inspection. The moderators have confirmed that you’ve been sending spam. Unfortunately, your account is now limited. Without any evidence! And everyone is adding me to their channels even I block not to add me in privacy settings it’s crap

- Not secure!!

I just watched a video about confidentiality breaching from telegram, I deleted it right away!! This app is not trustworthy, be careful!!

- One of the worst social media apps I’ve ever used

I would not recommend this App to anyone! I need help I can’t get any. They say that they’ll get back to you but they never do. I wanna deactivate my account and I am not able to because there’s a problem with their system and you can’t get a hold of them… all I have to say is wow!

- Перестал пользоваться

С добавлением рекламы

- Apple watch app is need some change

Bring music playback to this app Its very uncomfortable when you play a song from telegram. iOS 15 music not supported

- Disappointed

I’m disappointed that telegram has been censoring comments much like other social media. What is the reason for stating that the comments have pornograghic content? That is such a lie. Stop with the censorship!

- Telegram hacked

Was really happy with Telegram until I had a notification that my account had been accessed from Lagos Nigeria. I live it Canada so i set up password authentication but have been unable to access since and no support from company. Someone is now soliciting my contacts under my name.

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Telegram Messenger 9.1.1 Screenshots & Images

Telegram Messenger iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Telegram Messenger iphone images
Telegram Messenger iphone images
Telegram Messenger iphone images
Telegram Messenger iphone images
Telegram Messenger iphone images
Telegram Messenger iphone images
Telegram Messenger iphone images
Telegram Messenger Social Networking application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Telegram Messenger (Version 9.1.1) Install & Download

The applications Telegram Messenger was published in the category Social Networking on 2013-08-14 and was developed by Telegram FZ-LLC [Developer ID: 686450210]. This application file size is 130.06 MB. Telegram Messenger - Social Networking app posted on 2022-11-12 current version is 9.1.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: ph.telegra.Telegraph