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Pure instant messaging — simple, fast, secure, and synced across all your devices. One of the world's top 10 most downloaded apps with over 500 million active users.

FAST: Telegram is the fastest messaging app on the market, connecting people via a unique, distributed network of data centers around the globe.

SYNCED: You can access your messages from all your phones, tablets and computers at once. Telegram apps are standalone, so you don’t need to keep your phone connected. Start typing on one device and finish the message from another. Never lose your data again.

UNLIMITED: You can send media and files, without any limits on their type and size. Your entire chat history will require no disk space on your device, and will be securely stored in the Telegram cloud for as long as you need it.

SECURE: We made it our mission to provide the best security combined with ease of use. Everything on Telegram, including chats, groups, media, etc. is encrypted using a combination of 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange.

100% FREE & OPEN: Telegram has a fully documented and free API for developers, open source apps and verifiable builds to prove the app you download is built from the exact same source code that is published.

POWERFUL: You can create group chats with up to 200,000 members, share large videos, documents of any type (.DOCX, .MP3, .ZIP, etc.) up to 2 GB each, and even set up bots for specific tasks. Telegram is the perfect tool for hosting online communities and coordinating teamwork.

RELIABLE: Built to deliver your messages using as little data as possible, Telegram is the most reliable messaging system ever made. It works even on the weakest mobile connections.

FUN: Telegram has powerful photo and video editing tools, animated stickers and emoji, fully customizable themes to change the appearance of your app, and an open sticker/GIF platform to cater to all your expressive needs.

SIMPLE: While providing an unprecedented array of features, we take great care to keep the interface clean. Telegram is so simple you already know how to use it.

PRIVATE: We take your privacy seriously and will never give any third parties access to your data. You can delete any message you ever sent or received for both sides, at any time and without a trace. Telegram will never use your data to show you ads.

For those interested in maximum privacy, Telegram offers Secret Chats. Secret Chat messages can be programmed to self-destruct automatically from both participating devices. This way you can send all types of disappearing content — messages, photos, videos, and even files. Secret Chats use End-to-End Encryption to ensure that a message can only be read by its intended recipient.

We keep expanding the boundaries of what you can do with a messaging app. Don’t wait years for older messengers to catch up with Telegram — join the revolution today.

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Telegram Messenger Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Video Calls with up to 1000 Viewers, Video Playback Speed, Video Messages 2.0 and More Group Video Calls 2.0 • Group Video Calls now support up to 1000 video viewers, as well as unlimited audio-only listeners. • To start a Group Video Call, create a Voice Chat from the info page of any group where you are an admin — then turn your video on. Video Playback Speed • Tap … in the media player to select 0.5, 1.5 or 2X playback speed while viewing a video. Video Messages 2.0 • Enjoy higher resolution from video messages in your chats. • Tap a video message to expand it. • Pinch to zoom while recording a video message with the rear camera. • Continue playing music while recording video messages. • Tap once on the 'voice message' button to switch to video mode, then hold to record and release to send. Timestamps • Add timestamps like '0:45' to video captions and replies to automatically create links that play the video from that specific moment. • If a video caption includes a timestamp, hold on it to copy a link to that moment. Improved In-App Camera • Switch to 0.5x or 2x zoom when taking photos or videos if this is supported by your device. • Press and hold the zoom button to open a zoom wheel with granular controls. Screen Sharing with Sound • Share your screen in 1-on-1 video calls, as well as group video calls. • Audio from your device is included while sharing your screen in any video call. • Swipe left or right to select a video source when turning on your camera in any video call. and More • Tap 'Select' in the forwarding menu to choose multiple recipients. • Swipe with two fingers in the chat list to select multiple chats. • Enable auto-delete in your chats to remove messages after 1 month (also 1 day or 1 week). • Easily draw small details in the media editor – the brush now gets smaller as you zoom in. • Profile pictures in groups follow the messages as you scroll the chat.

Telegram Messenger Comments & Reviews

- Need Video calling feature, faster passcode lock & a bug fix

I am enjoying telegram as my main chatting app as it’s secure faster & fun to use! But unfortunately it has only voice calling feature which makes me to use another apps for that feature only! I cordially expect that developer will add that asap! It’s passcode locking feature in order to provide best security to its user, but apps lock doesn’t work immediately! Which should be must! The minimum time is 1 minutes! It should be locked within a fraction of second as some other apps do! As long as we have face unlocking feature so it will not bother us! Lastly, I have facing an unexpected issue sometimes! I’m not sure where I tap but when it happens telegram stop functioning & start glitching non stop glitching! It needs the apps to launch again! So please make the apps more lovely by adding video calling features and make the passcode lock more quicker & fix the bug! Thanks for reading with patience!

- In desperate need of Group Video Chat

Hey, I’ve been using Telegram for over 10+ years and I haven’t had any problems with this application whatsoever everything works great but, there is one issue that I have with this application and that is the inability to create a group video chat that is why I can only give telegram 3 stars. I honestly believe that is a crucial disadvantage to this application I say that because, I have family and friends that live all over the world whether it be in different states or different countries and we all have telegram on our phones. That being said we would like to I’ll be able to talk in a video group chat with each other which we are unable to because this application doesn’t provide that option. So therefore since telegram doesn’t provide a video group chat option we have to download another application to be able to do that Task. Which in my opinion is extremely ridiculous because you should be able to perform the test on this app as well. Instead of making people waste valuable space on their phones by download in other apps to perform the test where y’all can provide that ability on your app so we don’t have to download other apps to perform that and we could save space on our Devices.

- Deleted messages

The genuine telegram app deletes text messages from both sides but the third party apps keeps those messages and that is not good because it invades the peoples privacy status and sometimes they have the whole conversation sent to others even if it was confidential, for example if you saved a wrong number and then wrote a text or sent a photo then realized that its the wrong account and deleted it but yet if that person is using the “ third party apps” then he will still have those texts, photos, and user information and for me that is a major flaw in your agreement to them. I wish you can fix that problem or get rid of those apps and save other peoples sanity. Overall I love the Genuine app its so slick easy and so much comfortable to use I have been using it for the past 3 & 1/2 years and it never let me down. Keep up the good work and please check your agreements with the third party apps. Thanks in advance

- Please I’m a big fan

Look I’m a big fan of this app I used like a few years ago and now it’s at a whole different state and it’s so much better then WhatsApp and now with their new update about privacy most the people I know don’t know about technology stuff and change logs but I do so I’ve gotten a handful of people to switch and a few friends and family and they’ve all said they love this app and it’s true it’s awesome but they won’t delete WhatsApp because it’s missing, stories or a status a way to let others know about you including myself I now have 2 messaging devices I use telegram as my main and WhatsApp I use it for school and status if you could add this it would mean a lot to me I’ve heard you just hit 500 mil🥳 and I feel good to have been a part of that I know it may take a while for you too implement this feature but it would be the death of WhatsApp for all the people I’ve invited

- Scammer’s Paradise

Positives: Telegram had some positive features. You can start a secret chat with someone. There’s freedom of speech in that app and you can say politically incorrect things without getting banned. You can post content which are deemed offensive. That’s why I like Telegram. I do miss the app, though. Unfortunately, I can’t go back, not after what happened to me. Negatives: I was catfished by a scammer. The problem with Telegram is that it doesn’t have a report feature. I reported the scammer via using Yahoo mail, Gmail, and even messaged notoscam. Sadly, Telegram wouldn’t do anything about it. I had to delete my account, and deleted the app itself because of how persistent and dangerous the scammer is. The scammer is using a photo of an actual doctor and is pretending to be him. I suspect it’s an African scammer, but I’ll never know. The only thing I had done was to block the scammer on Telegram, but that wasn’t enough.

- Please don’t alert me on who has joined Telegram

I have had Telegram for a few years. I installed it because some contact mentioned that they use is for communication just like many other of global contacts who use various different Apps for communication and I download them to make it easy for my contact to reach me. I have about 11 such apps and Telegram is the only App that will intermittently big me with notifications that someone in my contact list has joined Telegram and other silly alerts that have noting to go with me receiving a message from a contact. I just received 11 notifications back to back that 11 of my contacts joined Telegram. First of all it’s not a coincidence that 11 different people who have nothing in common other than being in my contact list join Telegram at the very same second. So obviously, this is a cheap way of Telegram trying to engage with me. I seriously don’t give a crap who is in or not. If they are and they need to reach me then and only then I’d like to be alerted. Kindly fix your unnecessary alerts or give me the option of what alerts I’d like to get and I’ll change my ratings for you.

- Video calling

In this day and age video calling is a must with every app such as Telegram, and lack of it unnecessarily opens the door for the competition. Despite my desire to solely use Telegram to connect with friends & family all over the world, I’m having to use other apps, because of the lack of this feature in this app, and I’m sure this is the case for most of its other users. I’d give this app 4 stars if it had the video calling feature, and 5 if it wasn’t for some other malfunctions I come across every now and then, such as, all of a sudden losing all my communications with a contact from the beginning till a random date, or altogether till the present! This has happened to me several times with different contacts, so I highly recommend backing your communications up if they’re important to you. I really hope, and strongly suggest that the developers add the video calling feature ASAP. Thank you for all your efforts for providing the public with a great communication tool! 🙏🌹

- So far so good 😎

I am on a mission to get as many people away from the tentacles of Zuckerboss as possible. Have managed to get a few dozens of people to switch from whatsflop to this better platform. The only complain I get is that this does not have status, which apparently social media junkies can’t live without 🤦🏻‍♂️ Another complain is that the app freezes or acts slow in low connection spots some thing those users of whatsflop supposedly didn’t deal with it. Hopefully these things will be addressed and improved/fixed. I know this is still evolving and growing so I am hopeful it would become the dominant messaging platform and I will contribute to that by getting people to jump ship. I only hope we don’t get sold out like all these other money hungry corps out there. Keep up the good work guys, I wish you great success in the years to come 👍🏼👍🏼

- Telegram Review

I enjoy using the app much more than any other social media messaging platform. The ability to create group chats, call people, and customizable features in addition to a UI that is seamless with other devices, and doesn't stutter is a treat. But, in some areas telegram falls short due to lack of video messaging, the traffic seems to be lower than other platforms, and searching for groups isn't as easy as some may like it to be. Regardless, a video chat feature similar to instagrams live mode would be perfect for the group chats. If possible maybe even allowing features thats on discord to be on the app, better bots would be a plus that telegram makes themselves rather than relying on other people bots. Most bots seem to not work as well as the competition. Overall its a great 1 v 1 app, but apps such as WhatsApp or instagrams video-calling is superior, and discords bots and chat customization is superior. Telegram is the perfect middle ground that could do better.

- Bug

Hi telegram developers, I noticed a problem after your last update, it's about when i download a song and try to listening to it after 2 or 3 times in repeat mode music stops playing ,but in lock screen i have it ,and shows that music is playing but nothing played and music player is terminated , then i have to reopen the telegram and play it again and again by the way when you are in the app everything works properly, this problem shows itself when you’re going to lockscreen or open another app when telegram is in background, telegram last 2 updates are more reliable than this version and it’s really annoying specially behind the wheel or when i put on my handsfree, i hope developers fix this bug to make it the best social app like the past . (iPhone 7plus) Best regards

- Not fully accessible using voice Over

I am visually impaired, and I use Voice Over to navigate through the various features on my IPhone 8. I am using the most current version of IOS 13. I can only use Voice Over when listening to a single contact (I can activate the play button). But when I try to activate the play button when chatting within a group, Voice Over does not work. Instead, I have to turn Voice Over off and activate play like a user who is sighted. I fortunately have enough vision to do this, but a blind or visually impaired person with less or no vision would not be able to perform the work around I have found. I have tried to report this several times, and I have received no feedback at all. I find that to be very discouraging. I know that some blind useds are experiencing the same problem while others are not, so it is not an across the board problem. However, the issue still needs to be invchstigated.

- New bugs in version 5

Telegram was almost bug free, but version 5 introduced a host of new bugs that were previously fixed. 1) "Last seen" time is no longer accurate. It takes a few minutes to update. Often it tells me that I was last seen 30 minutes ago, when I'm online! 2) the search feature is broken: it has the glitch that only shows 100 results maximum. Previously it used to tell me how many messages each person sent to the chat, which was in the tens of thousands. Now each person has allegedly only sent 100 messages. 3) The same old message notification keeps being pushed to my Notification Center after I've cleared it from there multiple times. This happens for days at a time for the same notification. EDIT 12/19: Developer mentioned the update, well issue 1 was not fixed with the recent update that was pushed out. However, I can report that issue 2 has been fixed. Still noticing issue 3, and will email about it. Thanks

- What WhatsApp wishes it was

Pretty much everything WhatsApp has and more. Not to mention, actually good security—unlike WhatsApp. End to end encryption where the keys are kept on your device. If you do some research, Telegram’s security has been publicly audited by real world events. I work in cyber sec and use Telegram as my default messenger for everything. Whether it’s sending large files (seriously, I’ve sent files over a gigabyte) to joining a variety of channels/groups. I honestly believe Telegram could be the next IRC chat (I get all my security and tech news and updates from telegram channels faster than news sites or rss). I’ve been slowly converting my friends and family to it. Simply the best and the features just keep coming. Thank you Telegram developers! You’ve truly revolutionized decentralized messaging.

- Suggestion for improvement

When I scroll the files/links shared with someone, and this person sends me a message, I do not receive the notification, and the message is considered as read like being within the chat. (which I actually am, but in another tab) I checked that on Windows, Linux and different Apple devices. It is not the issue on tablets, as the display is separated, neither on desktops, if user widens the window so that the chat and files/links are present concurrently. However on cellphone devices only chat or files/links tab can be displayed at a time. I guess it will be better to notify the user whenever they do not actually see the message with a topside pop-up and show the label “unread messages” within the chat when user is back from files/links tab.

- Latest version introduces a really annoying bug

The Feb. 3 update still includes the really annoying bug. To test the new update, I typed "This is a test of Telegram's new updated app." Here is what Telegram got: "Thisi atTelegram's nbew pda app." Clearly, this is still completely unusable. If anything, the number of dropped characters is worse than it was originally. Original review: Updating to the latest version introduced a really bad bug that causes keyboard input to get corrupted. When I type on my Bluetooth keyboard now, Telegram acts like I also typed random backspaces every few characters, completely messing up the words I type, and inducing auto-correct to change many of the messed-up words to something completely different. Please fix this right away! I've installed every update since the bug was introduced, and none of them have addressed the problem! I just updated again today (Jan. 9), and the problem is as bad as ever. I have to type very slowly and constantly correct Telegram's mistakes, making it nearly unusable.

- Good app for communication, but no good for investments

***Disclaimer*** This is only describing the various situations where forex group chats exist on the service. Nothing against the actual service itself, only the Forex groups on the app ***Disclaimer*** So the app is wonderful in terms of communication, and a good competitor to Whatsapp (another wonderful messaging service). My only beef is the fact that I was the idiot (last October) to download the app due to being suckered by a rando online about a bitcoin forex. I was unaware of such financial lingo, assuming that I would get my return profit in 48 hours. Biggest mistake If people recommend you to various places that offer a return profit via forex, DO NOT EXPECT MONEY BACK IMMEDIATELY. You’ll only lose your money due to the highly volatile nature of not only Bitcoin, but also Forex itself is essentially a bigger gamble due to various international markets operating around the clock. Whether it be through Facebook or any other social media accounts, you cannot be suckered by such things. It’s a pandemic and the last thing one should want is to lose money. It’s precious and you should not let your emotions control the wallet. Ones intellect and wise choices dictates money. So if you’re looking to save money, do the research, be financially literate, and save the money. Nothing against this app once again, but the groups who promise for get rich quick schemes.

- “Raise to listen” is horrible, and circle videos force auto play

Telegram does a lot of things right, but its total lack of customization of usability settings isn’t one of them. “Raise to listen“ is forced on. Any random time something comes close to your phone, it decides you’ve raised it to your head and starts a voice recording. There’s a secret debug menu (not mentioned anywhere) accessed by tapping “settings” 10 times, but even turning it off there doesn’t fix it. This breaks when more since circle videos autoplay — a conversation with them means you’ll constantly be going back to watch someone’s that you missed, and then *your* video after will play. Possibly at double their volume. And you’ll have to stop it manually, every single time. But what’s worse is that if any circle video is paused, and there’s play/pause on the top bar, then raise to listen will override and play *no matter what*. Even if you have it forced off in the secret debug menu. For every hour of circle video conversation, this means manually stopping autoplay and having to hit the little X literally hundreds of times just to make your own recordings not play loudly at you, and your phone’s sensor not delete what you were recording because a cat got too close to your phone and it decided it was your ear. All because Telegram really, *really* doesn’t like giving you options as to how you use the app.

- Mask, stickers, and chatrooms don’t work

I love the idea of this app and I love that it has polls, rules set, bots, and other things but my app crashes 100% of the time when ever I go into settings to check out the “Masks”. It just kicks me out the app than when I look for stickers there’s only a few compared to what others claim they have (I’m only seeing a little when others have and see a lot more options than me) and I’m unable to find Chatrooms. The only option I have is to open messages to chat with someone but I want to go to a chatroom. Not chat with someone. Someone said I’m fully missing the icon (a magnify glass) and only have the box with a pencil which is for starting a new message with someone. Can this be fixed soon? I just download the app three days ago. So there isn’t any updates I’m neglecting to update when it says the last update was two week ago. Someone mind helping?


I logged out from one of my accounts and since then This app doesn’t work. All it shows is a white page. I tried restarting my phone but it didn’t help and no I don’t wanna redownload it because that will erase all of my data. The most annoying thing about an app would be this kind of losing data and you know what? This is not the first time. Sometimes with the new updates I had this problem again. In my country I can say that we pay A LOT for using internet and I’m just sick and tired of wasting it on redownloading things that I didn’t even wanted to be erased in the first place. [ and also more importantly it’s just so frustrating and time consuming ] Since it’s impossible to avoid all this kind of mistakes, in the future updates please add “mass downloading” which can offer us redownloading all the latest data we downloaded on our other devices or lost all together.

- Media autosave is broken since iOS 12 release and calls dropping every few min

Hey dev team, the auto save feature for all media (images specifically) isn’t working since I updated to publicly available ios 12. It worked perfectly on all betas of iOS 12 and stable versions of previous iOS but now it became very frustrating as I expected to see all images received to be in photo gallery but aren’t being saved for some reason. I tried reinstalling both Telegram and iOS, tested telegram on 3 different iPhones but nothing seem to be helpful in this case. Media auto save is enabled in settings and app has access to photos so no permission issues as far as I understand. I also sent a message to app support few weeks ago and never head back from them so this is the last step before I start looking for alternatives. Another big issue is calls quality/reliability. Every time I call someone after few min I hear beeps that indicate lost/poor network, then I can hear other party again but they can’t hear me or call just drops after 15-20 seconds. The longer the call (multiple calls) is the more often it breaks and I have to call that person again. I’m on latest iOS 12.0.1 and iPhone XS Max 256. Hoping to see these two fixed in the next update. Once this and dropping calls is fixed Telegram will be again my favorite messenger. Until then - 2 star review.

- Awesome except for two points

Telegram has been a great application which i have been using for more than 6 years non-stop! But lately i have switched to ios and i am short on storage. Whenever i clean the cache, the number in the app goes down but in my settings the numbers will not change that much. So every time i am supposed to delete the app and re-download it so i will lose all my secret chats. Also being able to delete messages of the other person for both sides?! This is not new but it is so bad. I mean imagine you are talking to an online shop, you send the receipt but they will delete it later and deny that you have paid! I hope you make changes and solve these problems. I think these are the only downsides that i can mention for this wonderful app. Thank you.

- Better than Whatsapp

It is safe and secure with the option of end-to-end encrypted messaging, easier and more user friendly than whatsapp. The new version has video call as well. I call my friends around the world for free. Channels are great and recently added options to leave comments and pin more than one messages are great features and it comes with a desktop version to use everything on your computer as well. Overall, I prefer telegram to whatsapp. Note to new users: don’t delete your messages to release storage on your phone, instead, learn to clear your telegram cache. To the developers team: I think including sliding bar on the voice messages would be good. Also an option to lock the voice recorder on the desktop version similar to the mobile. Please keep expanding video calls to do meetings in groups. And finally, it would be great to add personal folders to saved messages, I use telegram as my favorite quick note app as well! because it is easy and has a user friendly format plus desktop so it can also be used as a personal note taking app and if you add folder options to saved messages, it will make a great tool! Thanks.

- Great.... But

I love telegram, a friend put me onto the app. It's nice for dating when you don't want to give out your number or socials to stay discreet. You can only voice call no video call.. I don't mind though, you can send videos, pictures and voice messages. But they took away timed photos/videos. That was my FAVORITE feature, it's like Snapchat if I want to send a video or picture I could time it... But I can't anymore, please bring feature back. It seems like every single update they take away a great feature, I shouldn’t have to download something on my computer to sign into a new phone , I know it makes you guys think you’re being secure but it’s making it more complicated.... bout ready to say a few this app and go to WhatsApp , not everyone has a computer they can concurrently download on just to sign in on a new phone . Like come on do better

- “File Sharing”

Telegram is a perfect, secure, high speed cloud based messenger which it makes it almost the most powerful messenger app. But the problem is “file” sharing on iPhone. When you want to share a heavy file (by tapping the share button on the file and choose telegram to send) you have to look at the upload progress till it finishes the percentage line! If you skip this level or want to do something else on your phone you won’t be able, or you will lose your file sharing progress. Whatsapp isn't like that and the file can be seen in your whatsapp messenger even if it has not been sent with a “retry sending” button that can easily send your file in the app itself and without exiting the messenger. Thanks

- Telegram rocks, but Apple censors

I like app, a lot. I can group chat with friends, or get lost in the wilds with foreigners and weirdos, so a plus in my book The only bad I can say with this app, lies not with its developers, but with Apple and the AppStore. I’ll find channels with discourse of all varying opinions. Something I find refreshing. But I’ll then go to revisit, only be prompted that the channel is blocked due to violations of AppStore guidelines. There is no violation. It’s Apple using its corporate mass to silence opinions it seems as bad. Because of this, I will NEVER use or buy another Apple product. Once this phone dies, that’s it. Anything but an Apple. ANY other phone. A product and company, that keeps me from viewing content that I sought out myself, should never even make it to market

- The best intuitive sms app

Amazing everything!! Fluid of the program: perfect! Design: beautiful and friendly user, chooser friendly of options, aka dark theme. There’s so much choices and I am amazed by the themes and choices they have. Program: runs as fluid as a slippery butter on a pancake, it is fantastic. Encryption technology software?: Beats Facebook messenger to the rocks. Safety?: As safe in no penetration of Russian bots migrating like Trojans. Clear and safe to hold a secure conversation. Recommendation?: For the love of God download this app, delete messenger and any other sms wanna be replacement platform. Want to be safe and secure I recommend this app. It beats any alternative platform of encryption based software out there. Please check their site out! There’s so much amazing little gold nuggets.

- Annoyed With Apple Itself

I absolutely enjoy this app. I’ve had it for years and I find it so much easier to use than any other social media outlet out there. It’s safe, the end-to-end encryption is phenomenal, and the app itself allows me to talk to so many of my friends that I have around the world. Apple removing it from the App Store is absolutely ridiculous and stupid. Telegram has done nothing wrong, and if they did I want to see the encryption proof. There’s no reason those with IPhones should have to lose the ability to talk to their friends on a stream line platform simply because “it violated Apple’s guidelines”. It’s ridiculous and I am keeping my Telegram on my IPhone whether apple likes it or not!

- Decent app, but has some problems.

There’s a couple privacy settings that aren’t provided that probably should be. For starters you can’t add a decoy phone number which essentially negates any purpose of having the app in the first place. Secondly, even if you don’t give Telegram access to your contacts, if someone on your contacts starts using Telegram they will automatically be added to the contacts screen in the app as well as prompt a conversation with them in the chats screen, this is especially bad if you’re, let’s say trying to use the app to contact someone who you can’t contact through discord anymore and you’re also trying to hide a certain aspect of your life from family members like an aunt who just so happens to start using that while you have your account completely exposing the part of your life you want hidden.

- Best App

This is my BEST APP so far!! I love how fast it is, and hod’s much information it gives. Things such as when a person is online, when a person was last seen, and when something had been delivered and read. It also gives you the chance to delete something you regret, or didn’t mean to send. The sticker sets are free and fun, and I much prefer them to emojis. You can make your OWN profile, so that you can choose what picture others see, and what name. I don’t really have any feedback, or anything to fix, but I think it would be cool if you could change font and colors on the app, instead of downloading an entirely new app. Overall, this is an amazing, secure app.

- Nothing Competes

This is my go-to messaging service. Security, speed, functionality, and fun features are all here. There are a few downfalls to the platform, such as groups being a little clunky to create if you do not have the people you are adding to the group in your contacts, no video calling, needing to use your phone number to make an account, etc., but these are all minor issues with an otherwise superb service that is always being improved. It’s great to be able to send a file and not have to worry too much about file transfer limits, like on Discord. Since the standard Telegram app became telegram X, I found one bug- most of my sticker packs will not correctly load, and will be unusable. That’s the only bug I’ve encountered so far.

- Good but needs improvements

I like the App, it has a lot of features, but couple of things are missing compare to other Apps: 1) Group video calls. 2) Using system contacts photos, Signal App uses this feature and it’s great, makes it easier to find contacts specially for those who don’t use photos in their profiles or use random ones, so let the App uses my own contacts photo! Bugs need to be fixed: 1) notifications don’t work properly, sometimes you get the message previews on lock screen and sometimes nothing. 2) in group chats sometimes it doesn’t say who sent the message or media, no name tag shows. And I think you should add the senders name on every single message, not just the last one! It’s really annoying and confusing trying to figure out who sent what! Thanks

- fave.

I use telegram with my friends for our group chat over iMessage. there are a few critical features that make it much more of a user-friendly platform for heavy discussion groups. i love the “reply” feature. additionally, the search feature is unmatched; as long as you can remember even one of the unique words in a thought, you can locate the message. also the way the app sorts shared media into groups is extremely helpful. i heavily use the saved messages feature (the messages you share with yourself). last but not least, the fact that this platform is accessible on so many mediums, makes it easy to share thoughts and ideas across devices.

- *Work out the kinks*

This messaging app to me is a new and more better then Kik. Not trying to diss any app developers but telegram is at a level where simply anyone can understand. I was informed that this app has been around for sometime, and I’m just starting to hear about it. It has it’s highs and lows, let’s start with the lows when first accessing the app there’s a need of your phone number. Basic requirement, but I’ve started having problems with in an hour or so of using the app it starts popping up back to the beginning when I first entered my number. Not realizing that it has a limited amount of chances get back into app, was locked out for about 24 Hours. I hope this problem gets passed quickly and painlessly.

- Chat refreshes way toooo fast on ipad version

I really like the telegram app. Unfortunately I use a bunch of different group chats. The app refreshes so fast that I cannot click on the message fast enough. I have to hit edit and then I can maybe scroll down to see it - often not. I think that when you click on the message icon it should automatically put those messages at the very top and hold them there until they are viewed. Until this is done I cannot give it more stars because it is very aggravating to try to see who messaged me. Sometimes I have to go on the web version on my ipad but there I cannot see the line that has the message icon. It doesn’t scroll down far enough. So then I have to go on the computer to the web version there. There everything works much better. Please make these improvements!! Thanks.

- Excellent messenger app (with an iPadOS bug)

Yo I love this messenger app but there’s a bug (or IDK maybe it’s feature-related but it drives me crazy) where if you use the app in slide-over mode on iPadOS, the Message Compose box is half-way obscured by the keyboard suggestion bar. This happens both with soft-keyboards and hardware keyboards. In full-screen (iPad, iPhone) and in side-by-side mode (iPad), it’s fine. Other than the keyboard bar issue, this issue gets 5/5 from me. The groups work so much better than in other apps, you can reply to messages with rich previews and link back to the original message for context. The rich inline previews work amazingly, the sticker ecosystem is one of the best I’ve seen, and the calling and encrypted messaging features are a cherry on top!

- Smooth, but keyboard issues

I’ve loved and used telegram for the past few years and have convinced my friends to all convert to the client. It does everything we need and I’d never consider switching. However! I’ve recently gotten a 7th gen iPad with the keyboard case attachment, and for some reason, using the keyboard in Telegram is disastrous. Words will delete themselves and the text cursor will back up as if another force is trying to move it, meaning my messages are full of missing words and typed over mistakes. It’s frustrating, but not constant; it comes and goes. Unfortunately, it happens a little to much for my tastes. I’ll continue to use telegram, absolutely, just maybe less on this device in particular.

- Love it but there’s a bug

I’ve been using this app for years now! It’s terrific, easy to learn and its so fun searching for the perfect sticker pack or you can make one of your very own! But if you want to chat with your friends using a wireless keyboard there’s a delay when typing, sometimes it misses what you wanted to write entirely. A good example of this small issue while using the app; lets just say you want to write the word, ‘Because’ and if you know how to type you’re in trouble. The app would miss words in between you’ll end up with something like “becue” and it happens a lot. This never happened before but its starting to become a problem now because sometimes I’ll end up with nothing!

- i dont usually leave reviews for apps but...

i dont usually leave reviews for apps but.... telegram is by far the BEST messaging app EVER! there’s no limit on file size to be sent, you can start polls, create your own sticker pack easily and you dont need your phone around to access your chats after the first time you log in (this is really my favorite part- especially when i forget my entire phone at home, as long as i still have my laptop with telegram pre-logged in ill be able to function. ALSO, SECRET CHATS! and theres so many special customizable features for telegram that you wonder why anyone uses any other messaging app in the first place!

- Bluetooth Typing Glitch

I love telegram and have used it for years, but one problem that was been very annoying for the last 6-12 months since I have really started to use it on the iPad is that while typing in Telegram on a Bluetooth keyboard or Apple keyboard, the typing is very laggy and buggy. After a sentence or two is typed, it really starts to slow down and also makes more typing errors. It’s like it cant keep up. I was hoping an update would solve this, but many updates have gone through and nothing. I do not have this issue on any other app besides Telegram. It almost makes it not worth it to even type a message out on Telegram it is so bad. Please address Telegram! This should be a simple fix! Telegram is great besides this and fits all of what I want in a messaging app!

- What happened?!!

Telegram has always been my favorite and most used app! I loved how easy to use and doesn’t have that annoying notifications & unnecessary messages.. in addition to the fact that you can open it anywhere from any device you have has been. Great help especially for students & business men who benefit from this option a lot BUT!! I noticed the options has changed for the worse.. the last few months I noticed that I can’t leave groups I no longer want to be in!!! I can’t delete members (even if I was the admin :/) and there is groups that none of the members are admins!!! So what happened exactly?

- App not working

Im only making this 5 stars because for the most part telegram has been my favorite messenger app for over a year now. Today I encountered a bug that won't let me send or receive calls or messages. All messages I attempted to send out have the red "!" next to them, and at the top of the screen it has a loading sign with the word "updating". The app basically hung. I deleted the app and re downloaded it but when I plugged in my number it says I don't have wifi. I obviously have wifi because I am posting this right now. I hope there will be some way that I can retrieve my account, together with all my messages and photos.

- Yah! Native iPad and Mac versions!

I abandoned WhatsApp a long ago because it refused to offer the native iPad version, which forced me to use iPhone a lot of time. Its desktop version for macOS is a huge joke: I had to aim my iPhone at the monitor to scan QR-code in order to unlock the access every time I launch WhatsApp after booting up. Not to mention lot of security issues that kept coming up a lot of times. I tested Telegram for a while and was convinced it is better app than WhatsApp. I persuaded my friends to try Telegram app, and many of them switched to Telegram while reducing the use of WhatsApp. What makes Telegram shine? It has native apps for all of products running macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS with consistent interface. I like the animated stickers much more than emojis. So do my friends, too. Other thing is that Telegram is independent (so far) and not under control of Fakebook or other corporations with vested interests. The only downside is watchOS app that seems to take a while to load up the chats when launching. That‘s a very minor thing, not the end of world thing.

- Apple stop blocking Telegram updates!!!

From Telegra creators Unfortunately, some Telegram features, such as stickers, don’t work correctly under iOS 11.4 that was just released – even though we fixed this issue weeks ago. Apple has been preventing Telegram from updating its iOS apps globally ever since the Russian authorities ordered Apple to remove Telegram from the App Store. Russia banned Telegram on its territory in April because we refused to provide decryption keys for all our users’ communications to Russia’s security agencies. We believe we did the only possible thing, preserving the right of our users to privacy in a troubled country. Unfortunately, Apple didn’t side with us. While Russia makes up only 7% of Telegram’s userbase, Apple is restricting updates for all Telegram users around the world since mid-April. As a result, we’ve also been unable to fully comply with GDPR for our EU-users by the deadline of May 25, 2018. We are continuing our efforts to resolve the situation and will keep you updated. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

- Awesome update

I just came back from using Telegram after the latest update, video updates were something I was waiting for to happen and was really happy to hear that it became a reality! Although the video profile itself cannot animate unless I enter a person’s profile. I wish that, in the next batch of fixes, we can watch those video profiles animate while chatting, it would add a lot of liveliness to the chat! Another thing I’m hoping for to drop in the next major update is calling (video/audio), and the ability to make group calls with my friends and colleagues. It would be a very useful and another exciting edition to an already amazing app. Keep on doing the good work Team Telegram!

- Has Great Potential

I love the custom ability of this app. The stickers are very well animated and vibrant too. I love the idea of having a safe app to chat to my friends with, although the only issue I can say is that I miss having the react feature that Messenger provides. Sure, I can send memes and stuff but I don’t really want to have to reply to every meme I receive when I can just click a button instead. I am 100% considering deleting Facebook messenger if you guys choose to hopefully update Telegram to have similar features, because I really love it. Just needs a few touches in my opinion and it will be perfect! You guys are doing a great job.

- Awesome app.

Worth getting to replace any IM you have had in the past. Simple and easy to use, regular, group, and secret chats, free stickers and the option to add your own, an audio player, completely free, and easy and large file sharing. Worth getting. Although, after this recent update, .WAV file playback of previously downloaded audio is not working. As a music artist, I tend to send others and myself the music I have made in this format as its high quality and I can play it wherever I am even without a internet connection. The player that used to open on .WAV files I assume has been switched for the player that plays .MP3 files. It does not play the .WAV files I had downloaded.

- Such a good massenger ( using this app for years )

Hello telegram people and thank you soooo much for this great app and thanks again for letting us use everything free and secure no matter what. I am using this app for years now and i am gonna use it, even thogh my governement is so uncomfortable with it😄 And in order to use this app better i think adding two options would be great: 1. Abbilty to orgnize channels and groups and even chats in the SUBJECT order (for example: work, school, college, entertainment and ...) 2. Feed for channels ( i dont know if i am spelling right🙄) I mean somthing like instagram, to put all the channels you want on the feed and all of them appear on one place (and i know that is a huge request) Aftre all i wanted you to know that we as iranins ( more than 40milion users and sellers and costumers) are waiting for your BLOCKCHAIN update to fight and stand for our freedom for usinge which app we want, not the one THEY dicide for us! Thank you telegram for every thing (Sorry for grammer and spelling mistakes,😄 this is not my mother language) Sincerely,a SUFFERD irannian person

- the best app

it’s literaly not one of the best communicating apps but THE BEST communicating app I almost do my everything with it . calls, messaging ,sending docs and photos , downloading and listening to music ,even downloading movies or reading books from some amazing channels . some even do online bussines with telegram. and it’s so pittiful that my country’s government has banned this app and we have to use vpn ti connect or even it’s happened that we can’t use it for some days . if you could do sth to solve this problem of ours ,it could be lifesaving and a good slap in our politician’s faces😂 thank u thank u thank u for your amazing flawless app❤️

- Could be better

Hi, This is really one of the best social app i have ever used, there is one issue about notifications, i have a group and i convert it to super one, now i have 320 members, all the admins including me can’t receive any notification at all till i or them open the group then all the new messages will appears , this is actually not good for us as admins so this means i should open the chat to see if there is someone write something!! I tried to mute the group then unmute it, also try to reset all settings in iPhone, also I tried another telegram apps in App store, same issue still exist for all the admins. BTW some of the admins have their own groups and they told me we don’t have issues in other groups that we created it or we joined it.

- Starting to Censor I see

Yep. Didn’t take long to ruin an otherwise good idea. Telegram has been “influenced” to censor the infamous attorney Lin Wood, for making “illegal” comments. Illegal? Lin Wood? Seriously? I know he’s not Jesus and is prone to error, but, my God! You actually have the balls - and stupidity - to accuse a lawyer who specializes in defamation of not knowing where the line is drawn on this particular subject. You better change your tune quickly or be prepared to face actual litigation in the near future. I use your service instead of Twitter or Facebook precisely to avoid dealing with stupid crap like this. Signal here I come. Update: I’m adding a star ⭐️ (2 —> 3) since you decided to let Mr. Wood out of jail. But now you’re on probation. Behave yourself and I might remember to add another one.

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- Great edit functions

This app has all the edit functions I never thought of but am so grateful for now that I have them. They seem so natural and intuitive and make me wonder why WhatsApp never thought of them! I would have given the app 5 stars but there’s still a lot of work to do with the photo and video upload and download functions. For work I have that needs video and photo upload and download I have to ( reluctantly) use WhatsApp still as otherwise work gets disrupted. I am so happy there is an alternative to the aggressive and arrogant invasive ness of FB/WA. As soon as Telgram developers fix the video and photo upload/download glitches it’s goodbye to WhatsApp for ever from me!

- nothappychappie

Enjoying this app and very similar to WhatsApp the only issue I have on my apple devices is that when I go to contacts and try to invite friends by tapping on the invite and want to share to others via the heart to other options, my devices hang and I have to power off and on to get back to chats . I have written on your message to myself with this query ... no reply back? Can this please be rectified.

- Issue with the chat history

I love this app to death, one of my favourite things to use ever. However, I am experiencing a bug where if I set a chat to have the history available for anyone, searching old messages to quote them opens up a different, glitched chat, which does not allow me to reply to the message proper. I find the quote feature to be one of the most useful things and turning chats - that are visible to new members - into ones that can only have old messages quoted via forwarding is a very unorganised and not-sleek thing for a Telegram function. I love the rest of the app, but for this I’m not impressed; Hope it’s just a temp bug. I also noticed that the old profile pictures of said chats were not visible upon editing. Also members who leave chats after a while of not talking are not announced as having left the chat. You also can’t search/count the chat messages per person once they’ve left a chat.

- Search function does not support asian languages

Personally, I value the stability this app offers in terms of call quality and all matters surrounding privacy (and stickers!). That being said, the search function is an absolute deal breaker for me. Having parents of asian origin who can only type in chinese, not supporting asian languages in the search function severely limits its use for me. I hardly think I am the only one having this issue, (as I see similar posts online), so I don’t see why the devs have been neglecting this issue for several years. As a mere consumer of this product one can only hope this review is seen by one of them, otherwise I’ll probably have to look elsewhere for a good messaging app.

- channels and individual threads must be segregated

Channels, bots and individual threads must be segregated as the list of chats now is a complete mess and it’s difficult to navigate through hundreds of channels to locate an individual who texted you. Sometimes I can’t answer because I don’t see who texted me until I scroll all the way down the list. As someone mentioned before, would be nice to see Read and Unread messages at the top. All the rest seems ok, much better than whatsapp which I’m trying to get rid of. Thanks Pavel for the great app!

- Please allow Search 1 Contact/Group, then force/long press to Pin

Please allow Search 1 Contact/Group, then force/long press to Pin 📍. Now it is impossible. I have already All Pin 📍 full. Here are my desired Steps 1. Yes All Pins are full 2. Search the Contact/Group I want to pin 3. force/long press to Pin 📍 4. Ask me which old Pin 📍 to replace 5. I quick view All old Pins with a Pop up small Window 6. Choose the old one I do not want 7. Replace with new Contact/Group as Pin 📍 Why it is Important? Now I have removed the old pin 📍 myself. I find the Contact I want to pin by Search. I cannot force/long press to Pin 📍. I have so many messages above that Contact/Group. I have to manually scroll through All, then find, then Pin. Too hard. I do NOT want to send messages to disturb him/her just to Pin 📍 him/her Thank you very much🏖🌈🌸🌞❤️♻️♾ Best Regards🌞🏖🌌🛸🚴‍♀️❤️♻️♾🌸🦄️🦋🐳🐬🧸👫👩‍🚀 Tai

- Delay notifications & online status

Telegram is giving delay notifications, the message will be received but the notification sound and numbers were taking too long. Sometimes a single message will not be notified at all unless opening the app. This is so uncomfortable while using the app. The online status will show green longer even after exiting the app. It will take at least a minute to show offline even after exiting the app. This two issues have to be fixed.

- Love the change

Really enjoying this app .The features are a lot better than WhatsApp. All the other messaging apps I’ve tried this is my favourite it is very similar to WhatsApp but you can change the colours group chats are easy to set up . The only issue is sending large videos takes forever can you please update this feature

- Great app save for one issue

I have an issue on iOS, with the latest version of telegram installed Sometimes when i tap on a notification from telegram it brings me to a black screen, showing nothing. This can be resolved by either pressing home, then tapping on telegram again (not restarting the app). Are there any ideas for a fixes or is this a known bug?

- I really love this app

This app is one of the best I’ve used in a while and it’s great for the groups I’m part of. However I have a suggestion, I would like to be able to send the stickers I have on telegram in iMessage. Stickers are one of my favourite parts of telegram and I would love to be able to use them with the people that don’t have telegram. Telegram is a great app :)

- Needs fixes

There’s a lot to love about Telegram. The animated stickers and their integration with emojis is amazing. What I don’t love is the bugs and lack of support channels. The Watch app doesn’t let you reply — as in the reply button does nothing. Video calls are super buggy. Oftentimes one person is upside down. If you have chat groups, you can no longer swipe on a chat for options this there is no way to archive a chat! It has been quite a few updates where none of these issues have been addressed so...

- iOS Badges and more, broken

Seems more harm was done that good in this latest upgrade. Settings such as sounds associated with a contact seemed to all get changed and messed up. The badge on the iOS icon doesn’t seem to update sometimes and other times says ‘1’ when in fact there are say 7 messages. The self destruct timer on long running chats is not self destructing at all. Please bring back the previous version.

- ....

Hello. I have a problem with this new version of Telegram. When someone replies to one of my messages that I've sent to them, I can not literally find out which messages they exactly replied. The colour is not obvious enough, then it's hard to recognize which message between other messages they replied to. It would be better if this problem will be solved.

- power packed App but needs one more functionality

This app is absolutely power packed, video calling is still work in progress for sure. But apart from that it’s pretty much great!! Although I am hoping that telegram team comes up with casting option to chromecast or smart tv so that we can play our favourite videos on TV.

- Great but...

For the last year or so on multiple devices and all latest iOS the photos don’t always save even though the settings is already there. And background download of photos. Some have to be done manually In the last few weeks also the uploads of photos and videos is painfully slow even on low resolutions and I am talking on networks with 240 Mbps downloads and 90 Mbps uploads. It’s inadmissible

- Notifications

You have a huge problem concerning notifications. Sometimes I don't even receive them on my lockscreen. The message will just mark on the application itself, so if I don't check that I won't even know that i received a message. Please fix that part cz I honestly love this app.

- Voice bug

I love the this incredible app, however it has a very annoying bug. When you wanna hear a voice and close your ear to hear it from small speaker, app thinks your recording and stops the voice & even other contact thinks your taking voice endlessly.

- Almost perfect - needs to remove auto audio record!

Fantastic app, fast, handles multi devices so well. One major issue with iOS app - it has a horrible feature that you can’t turn off. It’s designed to start recording audio every time you hold the phone to your ear. ...which also does it every time you put it in your pocket before locking, or close your case cover over the screen, etc.

- Better experience, no longer support Apple Watch

After updating to Telegram 5 I feel much better about this app: smooth, and much quicker. However, I still miss the watch OS support and hopefully I will see it back soon. Overall, still a good app and I am looking forward its future.

- Secure?????? I don’t think sad o 😖

When I joined I noticed my son’s number in there. It’s clearly not him so I checked with him. How could someone join using his number??? Is this a way people can try and get info from you if you think it is them. There’s another contact in my list but I’m sure it’s not her either. I was very regretful I have joined. If this is not fixed I would be scared someone could pose as me. Have sent msg to where it says. Better get some help or I’ll be telling all I know not to use this!!!!

- Deleted due to privacy concerns and battery drain

For an app that touts privacy it does one thing that contradicts this claim - it is impossible to register an account without verifying your phone number. There is one reason and one reason only an app would need to insist on knowing your phone number - ability to identify you in real world. Why does an app that touts total privacy need to identify you in real world? What do they do with this information? Constantly runs in background, even when background refresh is turned off for this app, which is clear in the battery logs. A few minutes every hour, but causing quite a lot of battery drain. What is it doing that requires that much CPU or comms while I am not using it?

- Fast and Reliable

I have been using Telegram for 6 years. Honestly, I loved the app. It has different amazing features like you can chat in private, create your own channel tell your stories to your friends or followers and especially it’s safe and extraordinary fast.

- Very easy to use

I like it, it’s very easy to use with very similar functions to other apps that are similar but don’t have the security, I really like the variety of stickers and would like to see them add new range every month. Definitely inviting my friends to use this app

- App freezes and I have to restart phone

App freezes on my iPhone 8 and I can’t scroll so have to reboot my phone to use it again Seems to happen when I hold down a post (usually by accident) and then it stops.. great app overall this bug would be good to fix

- All Take and No Give

So one day I opened up Telegram and got a screen asking for my phone number. No reason, no explaination, no disclosure about whether this info would be private? Secure? Visible? Public? What did you need it for? Nothing. Zero info. I am supposed to just blindly trust you with no reason given and no explaination how it will be used or Shared. I can't progress without giving the number and no option to see explaination, purpose or privacy statement. So, Uninstall. Bye.

- Best IM app out there

The features telegram offers are mind blowing. I can’t think of any better texting app. I wonder how other platform users haven’t found out this one yet. Also, with every single update comes tons of amazing new features. It’s like the Ferrari of IM apps:)

- I love it but needs a multimedia player

Needs a multi media player where all of your music is in one place can you please make a music media update so all of your music is in one place so you don’t have to go and keep Changing music channels thanks

- Notification center bug

Hey guys, just wanted you to know there’s a bug in telegram, the screen in iphone x when you reply in notification center, the screen stock, even pressing any button or the assistive touch won’t work, you have to restart the phone in order for it to work again hope you fix this asap thanks

- Need to access group threads from home screen 3D Touch and favourites menu on share sheet

I'd like to be able to access group threads from favourites on share sheet and the home screen 3D Touch widget. I use group threads more often than the individual people I'm offered in frequently used contacts. It should really be most commonly used threads not just individuals

- No calls or photos

I love telegram, but cannot get calls or photo-messages to work. It can’t access my photos or microphone, and when I try to give it permission in the iOS settings there is no option...

- Problem with Telegram chat links

Hello I got a problem that if anyone would share a link of their Telegram link, it will not open. The link will open in a safari page and it will stay there waiting and nothing happens. I waited so many times for hours and nothing happens. Can I know what’s the problem?

- Suggestions

New to the app and liking it. Would prefer to have a copy link or share link to invite friends via sms, email, a message on another platform. This could possibly in the settings or in a more obvious and convenient location. Another feature could be a story tab like fb, messenger & Instagram.

- The best social communicate app

You can experience some opportunities that never can do in another social app. Very useful. You can use it as a data storage also and keep your files there easily and handy. Thanks

- No issue so far

Since I installed this app it worked perfectly for me. Video/Voice quality is really good. No problem at all. It is similar to Whatsapp but I prefer Telegram though now and I am just loving it. ☺️

- Voice recognition

I think you guys should add voice recognition in different languages apart from google play r apple recognition engines which cannot understand many different languages at the moment

- The audio doesn’t work with a lock screen.

Just three days ago the audio was available for listening with the lock screen. However today when I have turned on the audio in chat it has been stopped when the screen has locked.

- Add exactly when person last was online?

I think adding when the person went offline, for example : 21 minutes ago. would be very helpful!

- Stoped working ?

Was working perfectly until today, keeps saying I have no internet connection when I do as I can search the internet and use it as normal but the app doesn’t recognise I have internet. Wouldn’t let me send messages , deleted the app and re installed it , same thing happened.

- People can add you to groups without your consent!

It is so annoying that people can add you to a group without your consent and you even don’t know who that person is! I suggest that if someone wants to invite you to a group they should send you an invitation instead of adding you without your consent.

- Great user friendly app

I have been using this app for over 5 years and never experienced problems or down time. User friendly and secure. I would suggest it.

- Love it

Being able to delete or edit messages is the best thing I could ever ask for from a messaging app. And I’ve never had trouble with the app before. It’s pretty perfect 👏

- The best!

Telegram is the best messaging platform ever, in terms of functionality, user friendliness, practicality, esthetics, ... you name it. And the updates are unbelievably wise and clever! Everything you could ever want from a messenger and soooo much more.

- Good app

Thank goodness It is now a very good app for the people of Bangladesh because this app is used by most of the scholars in Olama and many Islamic topics are easily understood here, so I urge all to use this app. শুভতা ধন্যবাদ এটি বাংলাদেশের মানুষের জন্য এখন খুব সুন্দর একটি অ্যাপ কারণ এই অ্যাপ টি বেশীর ভাগ ওলামায়ে কেরাম ব্যাবহার করে থাকেন এবং এখানে ইসলামী অনেক বিষয় সহজ ভাবে জানা যায়, তাই আমি সকলকে এই অ্যাপ ব্যাবহার করার আহ্বান জানাচ্ছি ।

- Thanks for reading feedbacks and listen to us

Thanks for listen to us and now having “only contact can see our pics” option, great opetion in terms of privacy🙏🏿👍🏿

- Works well but spam system is broken

Telegram is for the most part amazing but has some game breaking flaws. For example, I am an admin of a major TG group (over 50k members) and somehow my account has been flagged for sending spam even though I have never sent an unsolicited message ever. The 'spam bot' where you appeal this is terrible and it seems once an account is flagged, there's no option whatsoever for resolution. It's a shame, TG is amazing and I'd happily pay for the service but when they randomly flag as spam and I can't post in any public groups and have no recourse then it's not useful and open to abuse. Once this issue is fixed, I'll happily give TG the 5 stars it rightfully deserves

- The best

Compare to whatsapp is much better! You can upload large files and large videos with no need to cut them in 5min limits

- It crashes all the time

I experience many times that whenever I try to scroll down and up to read messages it freezes,I can only press the arrow down button to read the last message but in between I cannot. So I have either delete the app or restart my phone.

- Amazing just missing 1 thing

Have absolutely loved using telegram for the past few month, love the folders, love the links option, love love love the only thing missing is group call option!

- The best app

It is fastest, coolest ever Wish had they had somewhere so people could write their suggestions Please add casting ability to it so we'll be able to cast media into apple tv or chromcast All the guys Great job

- Must have

This is one of the best apps I use everyday Better than whatsapp and viber and many other in this category thanks to the developers

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- Archive problem

After update to last version i don't have access to archive!!

- Pls add channels

We want chatrooms on different topics within the same group. Thanks

- Whatsapp-esque

Not exactly original with the layout but I really like the simplicity and have enjoyed the gamebots features as well. The only thing Telegram lacks compared to whatsapp is the ‘Delivered’ & ‘Read’ report - which to me is IMPORTANT especially in groups to know which members have read the announcements I send and which ones haven’t and therefore have to be followed up. So please add those features and I’ll come back to give a 5star review, thanks

- Nth room- we need your cooperation

Nth room - We need your cooperation Child sexual abuse, exploitation happened in telegram.

- So much for the "Secure" platform

I have been using Telegram for a few years now, and I have been trouble free for quite some time... fast forward to last week when my username changed, and I was removed from all my groupchats... someone was accessing my account from the other side of the country and I blocked their access twice before the app forced me to make another account :( ok, so I decided to contact support not only on the app but by email and I have yet to receive even a confirmation message that we have received your complaint... avoid this unstable platform at all costs 😤☹️

- We need your cooperation

We need your cooperation to investigate the sex offenders associated with the Nth Room

- Take action

From last year to recently, telegram was used to sexually abuse numerous minors and women in South Korea. This case is called the “Nth room”. We need your cooperation to catch all the criminals who took part in this terrible crime. Please cooperate with the Korean police when they demand the information of these criminals. Please help us to find the perpetrators of this heinous crime, who must be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

- Huge battery drain

My mom has a habit of turning off the screen on a playing video or audio clip. It takes telegram a couple of hours to completely drain the battery. I don’t know why a paused video or audio in the background has such a devastating effect.

- Huge battery drain on iOS

This app is constantly on the top of the list for battery drain on my iPhone. Even with background refresh turned off, this app constantly drains ~30% of my battery with little to no usage. This seems to be about 6x more than other messaging apps that I have installed.

- Pedo paradise

A platform made perfectly catered to facilitate the illegal actions of pedophiles and predators. Telegram is capitalizing on the most vile form of evil in existence.

- Secure?

Wont work if you happen to block various trackers at firewall level (including Google). As soon as you open the door to trackers, it works fine. Did telegram just sell its soul?

- New design

This app is Gorgeous for chat. But make a decision to redesigned the interface and make the app more beautifull like the new player for ios user. Insret new theme and more. I appreciate it thanks

- nth room cooperation

nth room cooperation Shame on u

- Nth Room - We need your cooperation

We need your cooperation to investigate the sex offenders associated with the Nth Room

- Telegram X

We want Telegram X😒 It’s veryyyyyy better than Telegram!!!!

- Ya sure it works but....

Ya it works and has nice features. It’s convenient. It’s fast. The only (MAJOR) problem is that they claim it’s secure (it’s entire purpose and principle since birth), while its (as far as I’m concerned) intentionally NOT. No one with half a brain has used DH security since at least a decade ago. Why? Because it’s been cracked 6 ways from Sunday, and is trivial to attack it in real-time. Perhaps that’s why they’re using it? Also, take note of their privacy practices. That’s all you really need to see to understand this couldn’t be a more inappropriately identified app than possible...

- Nice but bad

It has features way beyond WhatsApp. BUT It’s not end to end encrypted by default. Groups are not encrypted.

- Turn off new contact notification

Ridiculous , every time a new contact joins I get a notification AND a new chat. This must be turned off! Super annoying. Change this and I give five stars

- Privacy

They say your data is never disclosed, but without end to end encryption of *all data* *on* by default, that means that they and anyone else who sends them a legal request actually can access this data. They need to be less misleading in their marketing copy.

- Not secure

This app is not as secure as they claim.

- Need to add status/stories option.

Would love to see telegram add a 24 hr stories feature, other then that good communication app.

- New download number banned

Never downloaded this app before but when I entered my number I get a message saying my number was banned. I’ve sent 4-5 messages for help and haven’t received any help back.

- Not safer than Whatsapp....

Do your research, Telegram is not better than Whatsapp when it comes to privacy and security. Don’t be fooled by Telegram’s marketing on Twitter. Signal is far better

- needs email

this is a good app but there needs to have a email option!!

- Maybe my arbitrary banning was for the best

Banned my number for no reason after 30 seconds of registration. Perhaps that’s for the best considering what I’m seeing here

- Treat Us Like Adults on iOS

Why block adult channels?

- It’s great but there is spam texts sometimes

I got a spam text on telegram and luckily it was nothing inappropriate or bad but I deleted it still . I gave you guys a three star rating because of the risk of Spam texts or links but there are no bugs in the app and I liked it other than the spam texts . I had to delete telegram also because of the risk of spam texts or links . I would wish you guys could change that so I could redownload it . Thanks .

- Over heats the phone

Is there an update that can be done to slow down the app from over heating the Phones

- Bad Privacy and Security

There’s no way to prevent the people in your contacts from knowing that you have this app. There’s no way to be anonymous.

- 1 mobile numbers mapped to 2 users. Personal Information data breach

Hello Team, I want you to look into this urgently. I registered as a new user on Telegram using my mobile number, when I logged in I was able to see chats, images, videos and other personal information of another person. This is a data privacy issue and Telegram should be fined for this. I can see the other mobile device ID, their IP address and other session details. You have a major security flaw, would not recommend this app to anyone.

- 100% Free forever?

How do you make money off all of your work if you’ll never charge for it? Curious about your business model

- Slide photo

Sliding photo profile was better than tapping left and right. It was more user friendly

- Ban

My phone number got banned even I used it for one week only....!!!

- My account deleted

I have been using this every day since September, and really liked it. I was on yesterday afternoon, and a couple hours later it was deleted. Says account deleted last time seen a long time ago. Anyway, not impressed, when I know I did nothing to delete it

- Best must get

I wish I could give this app 6 because there are so many features you can message someone without wifi or data as long as the person you are talking too has wifi or data

- The best messenger ever!!

Keep it up!!

- App used by human traffic sex videos, owners need to step in and help stop.

Owners of app need to stop the use of chat rooms for sex human traffic videos and give information that leads to arrest and disruption of criminals and their activities.

- Media problem

After update I don’t have access to shared media! This version sucks!

- Icons

Bring back the icons!!! They are not communicative at all!! Feels weird!

- are you a bystander?

Provide the Korean police ALL the Nth Room users' info. If not, Telegram is a bystander of sexual offenses against children

- Nth room- we need your cooperation

Nth room- We need your cooperation

- Scam

It gives your number out to people you don’t know

- Art

Bad technical support ! Bad quality Audio calls .. they can limited your account without any reason and would never corrected that again .. “signal” is the best messenger ever

- Telegram hacked

Was really happy with Telegram until I had a notification that my account had been accessed from Lagos Nigeria. I live it Canada so i set up password authentication but have been unable to access since and no support from company. Someone is now soliciting my contacts under my name.

- Can't use

Entered all info, but never received code to finalize my access. Emailed at least 3 times, never heard back. Very disappointed. Unable to use app due to code failure


I really enjoy this app on all my gadgets! Compatible with my iPhone, iPad and my PC. So wonderful. Up to 2 Gb file can be shared. Telegram is just wow !!!

- Organize chats

Would be good if you could organize the chats by moving them up and down

- Black screen

This is a first for me, but just before yesterday the app was working perfectly, but just yesterday the app suddenly stopped working. It just gave me a black screen, offloading, rebooting, and even updating did nothing to get out of it.

- Superior to iMessage

This is hands down the best messaging app ever made. I am not sure what’s wrong with some of the other reviewers, but I have never experienced any glitches or anything that bothers me. I am a die hard Apple sheep, and I must say, this app is superior in almost every way to iMessage. Stickers are one of the best features (come on apple, Memoji?). Replying to messages is WAY easier than apple’s, messages send instantly even under conditions of very poor cellular performance. You have the ability to customize every single aspect of the cosmetic experience, which makes me feel like I have unlimited freedom to make it exactly how I want. I really love how I can use telegram on all my devices, including on the web at my work computer. I can easily cancel any active session from my main phone also, so it is super secure. I never thought I’d say this, but Telegram has produced a messaging platform that makes me want to tell all my friends to switch from iMessage to it. It’s a serious joy to use, and anytime I can message someone on telegram I am happier and find the experience far more enjoyable. My only complaint is pictures/videos seem to send at much lower quality than how they were captured. iPhone to iPhone picture/video sending is 1:1, I would like a way to enable sending maximum quality of photos and videos. Other than that, I will encourage everyone I can to use Telegram when possible.

- About telegram

Thank you very much for the app provider. This is the app where it all started with my ju😘. Plenty of memories. Thousands of voice notes. This app has my heart❤️ Once again thank you😚🔫

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Lizardamus 🦎

@Inwilddreams007 I still use messenger, but haven't been on FB in almost a year. Pretty much just scribble my thoughts down here. Sometimes I peruse telegram groups,

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@NovanChris17 @sushibaeked @tanyajerusalem Full ako ringer volume you have my messenger, my telegram, ig doesn't send me notifs, my phone number is 20991549**

Universal News

#UNIVERSALNEWS - The new rules announced by the Central Government to regulate #SocialMedia intermediaries empower it to ask #MessagingPlatforms like '#WhatsApp', '#Facebook messenger', '#Telegram' to trace the 'first originator' of #messages.


I feel tired and braindead and I haven’t even done anything x.x Sorry if I’m taking a while to get to people’s telegram or messenger or Twitter DMs


@iampragatirai Sirf what's app nhi 😂 what's app,viber,insta,telegram,snapchat,messenger sab jagah le gayi😂😂😂


@abbslemvs @__misft @nctyarchive telegram is like messenger

Lethabo Segudla

@SABCNetwork Yes I will still use WhatsApp no matter what happens I can't use other messenger services but I do use also telegram

Jason Jurotich

WhatsApp to block messenger app users... time to change to #telegram!


alright, we're going to use telegram and messenger


I use Telegram to get more information /news that I wouldn’t on Twitter. I don’t comment/chat on it even though you can. It’s more of a messenger type app. That’s where I get more/extra interesting information/insight from.


@Amanda06633260 The app I found for ipad is telegram messenger.


So Facebook messenger is down. Wow people still use that. I have moved over to telegram and never looked back. Now looking for alternatives for the other social networks

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Sergey Wain-Fellowes

@Palolis_R For your groups, try using Telegram. For your family, try using Google messenger or Telegram. For video chat, try using Duo or FaceTime. For your photography, try using VSCO (they have groups), MeetUp, Moments has groups online, or heck even Flickr. Oh I know, it's not easy!

Mike 🏳️‍🌈 | Black Lives Matter

Facebook Messenger is down which seems like a good time to preach that everyone should just switch to Telegram.

Telegram Messenger 7.9.2 Screenshots & Images

Telegram Messenger iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Telegram Messenger iphone images
Telegram Messenger iphone images
Telegram Messenger iphone images
Telegram Messenger iphone images
Telegram Messenger iphone images
Telegram Messenger iphone images
Telegram Messenger iphone images
Telegram Messenger iphone images

Telegram Messenger (Version 7.9.2) Install & Download

The applications Telegram Messenger was published in the category Social Networking on 2013-08-14 and was developed by Telegram FZ-LLC [Developer ID: 686450210]. This application file size is 174.01 MB. Telegram Messenger - Social Networking app posted on 2021-08-06 current version is 7.9.2 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: ph.telegra.Telegraph