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What is telegram messenger app? Pure instant messaging — simple, fast, secure, and synced across all your devices. One of the world's top 10 most downloaded apps with over 500 million active users.

FAST: Telegram is the fastest messaging app on the market, connecting people via a unique, distributed network of data centers around the globe.

SYNCED: You can access your messages from all your phones, tablets and computers at once. Telegram apps are standalone, so you don’t need to keep your phone connected. Start typing on one device and finish the message from another. Never lose your data again.

UNLIMITED: You can send media and files, without any limits on their type and size. Your entire chat history will require no disk space on your device, and will be securely stored in the Telegram cloud for as long as you need it.

SECURE: We made it our mission to provide the best security combined with ease of use. Everything on Telegram, including chats, groups, media, etc. is encrypted using a combination of 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange.

100% FREE & OPEN: Telegram has a fully documented and free API for developers, open source apps and verifiable builds to prove the app you download is built from the exact same source code that is published.

POWERFUL: You can create group chats with up to 200,000 members, share large videos, documents of any type (.DOCX, .MP3, .ZIP, etc.) up to 2 GB each, and even set up bots for specific tasks. Telegram is the perfect tool for hosting online communities and coordinating teamwork.

RELIABLE: Built to deliver your messages using as little data as possible, Telegram is the most reliable messaging system ever made. It works even on the weakest mobile connections.

FUN: Telegram has powerful photo and video editing tools, animated stickers and emoji, fully customizable themes to change the appearance of your app, and an open sticker/GIF platform to cater to all your expressive needs.

SIMPLE: While providing an unprecedented array of features, we take great care to keep the interface clean. Telegram is so simple you already know how to use it.

PRIVATE: We take your privacy seriously and will never give any third parties access to your data. You can delete any message you ever sent or received for both sides, at any time and without a trace. Telegram will never use your data to show you ads.

For those interested in maximum privacy, Telegram offers Secret Chats. Secret Chat messages can be programmed to self-destruct automatically from both participating devices. This way you can send all types of disappearing content — messages, photos, videos, and even files. Secret Chats use End-to-End Encryption to ensure that a message can only be read by its intended recipient.

We keep expanding the boundaries of what you can do with a messaging app. Don’t wait years for older messengers to catch up with Telegram — join the revolution today.

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App Name Telegram Messenger
Category Social Networking
Updated 27 July 2023, Thursday
File Size 137.43 MB

Telegram Messenger Comments & Reviews 2023

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4th Update App Review. The customizable colors, dark theme, sleek, fluid messaging app, private, and secure. Destructible messages are a plus. I like the spoiler option it’s pretty cool, along with many other features. Previously Telegram was lacking video calls, Group Video Calls, FaceID. I’ve noticed they added it on which is great! End to End encryption should be standard. Why go through the hassle of doing secret chats? The option should be the other way around “unsecret chats” Please add Pin Numbers. Some people dont like to share phone numbers. Having the option for Pin number to add users on Telegram is a Marvelous idea. More business features are needed like having the capability to pay and receive payments within the app. Having an online store. Add a “transparent theme” for themes and colors that be awesome! One thing needs FIXING. The app has been updated. Now it’s complicated and confusing to change the color themes. When applying the colors and theme it does not update it. Someone sent me a voice note. It took 12 hours to receive it. The voice note stayed at a downloading state the whole time. I have 5G service. Please update with new features suggested and fixes. Then we can agree it deserves a 5 Star rating. Im sticking to 4 stars until then.

So far so good 😎. I am on a mission to get as many people away from the tentacles of Zuckerboss as possible. Have managed to get a few dozens of people to switch from whatsflop to this better platform. The only complain I get is that this does not have status, which apparently social media junkies can’t live without 🤦🏻‍♂️ Another complain is that the app freezes or acts slow in low connection spots some thing those users of whatsflop supposedly didn’t deal with it. Hopefully these things will be addressed and improved/fixed. I know this is still evolving and growing so I am hopeful it would become the dominant messaging platform and I will contribute to that by getting people to jump ship. I only hope we don’t get sold out like all these other money hungry corps out there. Keep up the good work guys, I wish you great success in the years to come 👍🏼👍🏼

Scammed. I received a 2nd email regarding an interview for a job I applied to. I am a recovering stroke victim, so I haven’t been able to work in almost 6 years, but recently decided to take a leap and find a remote job, as I can’t drive at the moment. This afternoon I received an email, in regards to a job I applied to. I quickly forwarded to onto my husband and he pointed out right away that it was sent from someone with a “Gmail” address and not a company email, which was the first red flag. It goes onto say I would be interviewing with this guy and said the virtual interview would take place at this platform. Ok, I have never heard of such place. The like had his name spelled without an “s”, which I found to be another Red Flag. My husband texted me back a screenshot of a scam done on behalf of this company (using this company name) and on this platform. I tried reporting this persons account, but was unsuccessful, as apparently this platform is run by volunteers. I just want to see this persons account shut down. I tried searching this person on LinkedIn and couldn’t find any matches. I tried searching without the “s” and still no searches. I contacted the company and the lady told me they are not hiring for remote jobs, only on-site and apologized. She said no one by the names I gave her worked for the company. I immediately deleted this app and will be more careful in the near further.

it’s my favorite app and i recommend it to everyone; one complaint tho…. ✩ edit: the gift subscription button is not working for me! i hope it’s fixed soon!! edit 2: i force closed the app and now it’s working! ✩ YEEHAW!!!! THEY ADDED GIFT SUBSCRIPTIONS!!! I AM SO PSYCHED!!! i’ve been dying to gift my cousin a premium subscription and now i can!!! THANK YOU TELEGRAM!! I LOVE YOU!!! i sent a support request but i’m also putting it here because i’m really hoping the dev team will see it: i want to be a premium user (and i am) in order to support the development of this app because it is my all-time favorite app, but i do not like that the star next to my name announces it to all the world to see. i would love an option to be an incognito supporter. thanks. that is my only complaint about telegram. prior to this, my only complaint was the lack of custom notification sounds but they JUST recently implemented that. i love literally everything about this app. i jumped to support them because they deserve it. maybe the star will help inspire others to support them too, but i am a quiet, reserved, introverted person and to me, it just feels pretentious. so i do hope they will let us decide whether or not it displays. regardless, you guys have made a stellar app and i am a die-hard fan. ♡

New bugs in version 5. Telegram was almost bug free, but version 5 introduced a host of new bugs that were previously fixed. 1) "Last seen" time is no longer accurate. It takes a few minutes to update. Often it tells me that I was last seen 30 minutes ago, when I'm online! 2) the search feature is broken: it has the glitch that only shows 100 results maximum. Previously it used to tell me how many messages each person sent to the chat, which was in the tens of thousands. Now each person has allegedly only sent 100 messages. 3) The same old message notification keeps being pushed to my Notification Center after I've cleared it from there multiple times. This happens for days at a time for the same notification. EDIT 12/19: Developer mentioned the update, well issue 1 was not fixed with the recent update that was pushed out. However, I can report that issue 2 has been fixed. Still noticing issue 3, and will email about it. Thanks

Mask, stickers, and chatrooms don’t work. I love the idea of this app and I love that it has polls, rules set, bots, and other things but my app crashes 100% of the time when ever I go into settings to check out the “Masks”. It just kicks me out the app than when I look for stickers there’s only a few compared to what others claim they have (I’m only seeing a little when others have and see a lot more options than me) and I’m unable to find Chatrooms. The only option I have is to open messages to chat with someone but I want to go to a chatroom. Not chat with someone. Someone said I’m fully missing the icon (a magnify glass) and only have the box with a pencil which is for starting a new message with someone. Can this be fixed soon? I just download the app three days ago. So there isn’t any updates I’m neglecting to update when it says the last update was two week ago. Someone mind helping?

Decent app, but has some problems.. There’s a couple privacy settings that aren’t provided that probably should be. For starters you can’t add a decoy phone number which essentially negates any purpose of having the app in the first place. Secondly, even if you don’t give Telegram access to your contacts, if someone on your contacts starts using Telegram they will automatically be added to the contacts screen in the app as well as prompt a conversation with them in the chats screen, this is especially bad if you’re, let’s say trying to use the app to contact someone who you can’t contact through discord anymore and you’re also trying to hide a certain aspect of your life from family members like an aunt who just so happens to start using that while you have your account completely exposing the part of your life you want hidden.

Be careful of child pornography!. This app is not moderated at all, which I would think goes against Apple’s policies, but the result is that you will be randomly added to chats that have content you probably don’t want to see. Be sure to go in to your settings and change it so that you can’t be added to channels by everyone. I have no idea why that’s the default setting. Before I found that setting I had been added to some horrible channels that should not exist. This app is a breeding ground for conspiracy theorists and human traffickers, so be very, very careful about which channels you join. Low rating not only because of how detrimental apps like this are to society, but also because of how broken it often is. If you’re in a channel where people share lots of pictures or videos, you’ll often have to force quit the app because it will get stuck when trying to load the media. The search function is also frustrating. If there are several results, interacting with anything takes you out of search and you have to start over if you want to look at the next thing.

HEADACHE. I logged out from one of my accounts and since then This app doesn’t work. All it shows is a white page. I tried restarting my phone but it didn’t help and no I don’t wanna redownload it because that will erase all of my data. The most annoying thing about an app would be this kind of losing data and you know what? This is not the first time. Sometimes with the new updates I had this problem again. In my country I can say that we pay A LOT for using internet and I’m just sick and tired of wasting it on redownloading things that I didn’t even wanted to be erased in the first place. [ and also more importantly it’s just so frustrating and time consuming ] Since it’s impossible to avoid all this kind of mistakes, in the future updates please add “mass downloading” which can offer us redownloading all the latest data we downloaded on our other devices or lost all together.

The best intuitive sms app. Amazing everything!! Fluid of the program: perfect! Design: beautiful and friendly user, chooser friendly of options, aka dark theme. There’s so much choices and I am amazed by the themes and choices they have. Program: runs as fluid as a slippery butter on a pancake, it is fantastic. Encryption technology software?: Beats Facebook messenger to the rocks. Safety?: As safe in no penetration of Russian bots migrating like Trojans. Clear and safe to hold a secure conversation. Recommendation?: For the love of God download this app, delete messenger and any other sms wanna be replacement platform. Want to be safe and secure I recommend this app. It beats any alternative platform of encryption based software out there. Please check their site out! There’s so much amazing little gold nuggets.

Video calling. In this day and age video calling is a must with every app such as Telegram, and lack of it unnecessarily opens the door for the competition. Despite my desire to solely use Telegram to connect with friends & family all over the world, I’m having to use other apps, because of the lack of this feature in this app, and I’m sure this is the case for most of its other users. I’d give this app 4 stars if it had the video calling feature, and 5 if it wasn’t for some other malfunctions I come across every now and then, such as, all of a sudden losing all my communications with a contact from the beginning till a random date, or altogether till the present! This has happened to me several times with different contacts, so I highly recommend backing your communications up if they’re important to you. I really hope, and strongly suggest that the developers add the video calling feature ASAP. Thank you for all your efforts for providing the public with a great communication tool! 🙏🌹

Please don’t alert me on who has joined Telegram. I have had Telegram for a few years. I installed it because some contact mentioned that they use is for communication just like many other of global contacts who use various different Apps for communication and I download them to make it easy for my contact to reach me. I have about 11 such apps and Telegram is the only App that will intermittently big me with notifications that someone in my contact list has joined Telegram and other silly alerts that have noting to go with me receiving a message from a contact. I just received 11 notifications back to back that 11 of my contacts joined Telegram. First of all it’s not a coincidence that 11 different people who have nothing in common other than being in my contact list join Telegram at the very same second. So obviously, this is a cheap way of Telegram trying to engage with me. I seriously don’t give a crap who is in or not. If they are and they need to reach me then and only then I’d like to be alerted. Kindly fix your unnecessary alerts or give me the option of what alerts I’d like to get and I’ll change my ratings for you.

accessibility failure for the blind. this app is incredibly difficult to use on the iPhone using the screen reader. In fact, the search function doesn’t even work correctly. I tried to search for a Telegram group, and even though the group exists (having verified it via the website), the app won’t find it. Trying to get to the group manually results of my being locked in one of the secondary screens with no way out! And if you think that’s bad, the telegram app for OS X presents a completely inaccessible Contant pain that is blank so far as the screen reader is concerned. No way to interact with it at all! So, if you’re blind, or otherwise print disabled, this app is not for you. Oh, and I actually tried to contact the developer via their webpage and, guess what? There is no contact us link, the support page is so messy that I can’t even get to the right section. This company is a freaking joke. My honest assessment, they don’t care if you’re blind. They just want users and if you’re not part of the “in the crowd“, you’re locked out.

8.8.2 still trashes constantly. The app still struggles to connect stay connected and crashes when messages are forwarded. Profile pictures are mostly missing and emoji don't load they’re just little question marks. I guess a stable build is reserved for premium users. The app once worked seamlessly with an occasional hiccup but ever since the introduction of the “download manager” features and those features that have been introduced to help content creators to monetize their channels but in reality just gave people who have little power in the real world to become gatekeepers to content they didn’t even create or pay for. It’s funny to hear the creator of Telegram on his high horse when the app that originally touted as always being free to now barely working & creating more ways for trolls to exploit people unless you wish to pay for premium. I can deal with the gate keepers and shameless grabs for money if the app works well but it doesn’t and it’s not like I have an old obsolete phone I have an iPhone 12 ProMax for god sakes yet the app works like it’s on a jail broken iPhone 3G

Latest version introduces a really annoying bug. The Feb. 3 update still includes the really annoying bug. To test the new update, I typed "This is a test of Telegram's new updated app." Here is what Telegram got: "Thisi atTelegram's nbew pda app." Clearly, this is still completely unusable. If anything, the number of dropped characters is worse than it was originally. Original review: Updating to the latest version introduced a really bad bug that causes keyboard input to get corrupted. When I type on my Bluetooth keyboard now, Telegram acts like I also typed random backspaces every few characters, completely messing up the words I type, and inducing auto-correct to change many of the messed-up words to something completely different. Please fix this right away! I've installed every update since the bug was introduced, and none of them have addressed the problem! I just updated again today (Jan. 9), and the problem is as bad as ever. I have to type very slowly and constantly correct Telegram's mistakes, making it nearly unusable.

Find people nearby and nearby groups???. Ok why??? I love telegram’s interface, the app is smooth. However, what I am going to voice out about is their “Find People Nearby” and “Nearby Groups” feature. There really is no need for that when this app was about private messaging. “. Fast. Secure. Powerful” and yet they add those two features that that contradict. What do I find on these features that’s displeasing? A bunch of random nasty people with nasty profile pictures. Moving on to Nearby Groups, like “m4m”, “m4w”, “taboo”..what is this, a throwback of Craigslist lol. Not enough moderation from Telegram on these features. Finally and most importantly, what happens when a child/ underage teen creates a Telegram account??? What then when they’re exposed to these things. Not good, just remove both things and your app is solid.

Great.... But. I love telegram, a friend put me onto the app. It's nice for dating when you don't want to give out your number or socials to stay discreet. You can only voice call no video call.. I don't mind though, you can send videos, pictures and voice messages. But they took away timed photos/videos. That was my FAVORITE feature, it's like Snapchat if I want to send a video or picture I could time it... But I can't anymore, please bring feature back. It seems like every single update they take away a great feature, I shouldn’t have to download something on my computer to sign into a new phone , I know it makes you guys think you’re being secure but it’s making it more complicated.... bout ready to say a few this app and go to WhatsApp , not everyone has a computer they can concurrently download on just to sign in on a new phone . Like come on do better

Almost perfect. My S.O. and I have been looking for the perfect secure video chatting platform for a while. We were pleasantly surprised that Telegram finally started implementing video chatting. It is very buggy at the moment, but Telegram is definitely on the right track and has everything that we are looking for. We use the group video call feature to share screens and audio, and it’s very easy to seamlessly switch devices without having to disrupt the call. The iOS app seems more buggy than desktop as it overheats and freezes up my phone during long calls. Other bugs include recursive screen-in-screens during screen sharing, hearing your own voice when sharing audio, and suddenly not hearing the other person. It also would be great to have these features in the individual voice chats as well. Overall, we’re very excited for these features and the quick updates.

Need imediate help. Hi telegram is one of the best communication apps out there but the ownership of channels and groups is a pain in the neck really, i have bought a channel from an admin and she claimed that she owns the channel i had no idea about owner stuff and that you can transfer the ownership of channels until it was late, she by mistake made someone admin with her other account just when i thought she had left the channel with her both accounts when i demanded an answer she refused stubbornly to do so, so i did a research and found out that iam just an admin despite paying huge amount of cash and now she refuses to co operate but can get back at any time and kick me from moy own chhannel i wrote to telegram support saying i have all the vidence that i paid money to this guy and chat records are there too but they didnt answered back 😞😔 it seems that there is no hope for me...

Awesome App. It’s really an awesome app. More developed, practical, helpful and simple. I believe it will be more powerful and helpful for those who have wide range businesses and need to reply to their clients with same instructions for repeated question by providing Telegram with “Quick Replies” service. Quick Replies can have a table with replies and we can call the table inside any chat by starting our reply with a symbol such as “/“ to bring the list of replies we have already to choose one quickly. Also, it will be powerful if you add “Auto Reply Message”. Auto Reply Message will be sent to those clients who text us for the first time. This message can contain information about our business and some general instructions to help the once who text us for the first time. Thank you.

My account has been hacked 🤬. If I could give more negative review than just one star - I would. My account has been hacked by someone from Hong Kong (and I have never been to Hong Kong!). Multiple attempts to contact Telegram - via emails, twitter messages, support on the website, even app (at those rare moments when hackers would not logged me out) - are ignored, for the last five days nothing, crickets. I can’t delete malicious devices from my account even though I have two way verification set up. Those who hacked my account even sent messages to some of my contacts. When I tried to report the bug issue (and to me this obviously a security bug) - special bug bot on Telegram site sees those malicious devices as part of my account! I can’t use my account - during certain hours hackers just simply log me out and too many attempts to login result in inability to login for 24 hours…🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ absolutely unprofessional company - it’s 21st century and you can’t have halfway decent customer support?!

Media autosave is broken since iOS 12 release and calls dropping every few min. Hey dev team, the auto save feature for all media (images specifically) isn’t working since I updated to publicly available ios 12. It worked perfectly on all betas of iOS 12 and stable versions of previous iOS but now it became very frustrating as I expected to see all images received to be in photo gallery but aren’t being saved for some reason. I tried reinstalling both Telegram and iOS, tested telegram on 3 different iPhones but nothing seem to be helpful in this case. Media auto save is enabled in settings and app has access to photos so no permission issues as far as I understand. I also sent a message to app support few weeks ago and never head back from them so this is the last step before I start looking for alternatives. Another big issue is calls quality/reliability. Every time I call someone after few min I hear beeps that indicate lost/poor network, then I can hear other party again but they can’t hear me or call just drops after 15-20 seconds. The longer the call (multiple calls) is the more often it breaks and I have to call that person again. I’m on latest iOS 12.0.1 and iPhone XS Max 256. Hoping to see these two fixed in the next update. Once this and dropping calls is fixed Telegram will be again my favorite messenger. Until then - 2 star review.

Automatic Translation Not Working with Paid Subscription. In my opinion, Telegram is an excellent application with a useful feature that allows for automatic message translation with a paid subscription. I was intrigued and decided to purchase it for myself, as well as gift it to a friend. However, to my disappointment, the feature does not seem to work for either of us. Although I write in English and my friend writes in Russian, our messages are not automatically translated and we still have to manually translate them. Similarly, when communicating with someone who writes in Ukrainian, my English messages to them are translated, but their messages to me are not. I only use the desktop version of Telegram when I need to save photos to my computer, and I have noticed that the desktop and web versions do translate messages properly. Furthermore, it appears that support for Telegram is lacking, as it is supposedly provided by volunteers and I have not received any response to my requests for assistance. While I understand that volunteers may not be able to respond promptly, it would be beneficial if Telegram could improve their customer support. Overall, I hope that Telegram takes note of my review and works on fixing the issue with the automatic message translation feature.

Potential scam, employee scam. Hey folks, be careful who you talk to on this app. I was a victim of potential employment scam/fraud. An entity pretended to be a part of a corporation only to be a lonely hacker who wanted my information. Had a check bounced and had it reported, but they could never track it. They were never able to find the source of the hack/scam. And they made themselves seem very believable. Even a fabricated interview process that felt completely real. It’s that bad, folks. Before you go on here, think about the places you applied to and what information you gave out. I know for me I only gave name address and number, but nothing more. But that is still enough. They can access your information at the click of a button. It’s that bad. Be safe folks. I’m still keeping an eye out for hackers and I’m content with my real job that doesn’t scam people. But please. For the love of god. Don’t download this app. They can’t help you if you do get hacked. They didn’t help me. And that’s proof enough.

Awesome except for two points. Telegram has been a great application which i have been using for more than 6 years non-stop! But lately i have switched to ios and i am short on storage. Whenever i clean the cache, the number in the app goes down but in my settings the numbers will not change that much. So every time i am supposed to delete the app and re-download it so i will lose all my secret chats. Also being able to delete messages of the other person for both sides?! This is not new but it is so bad. I mean imagine you are talking to an online shop, you send the receipt but they will delete it later and deny that you have paid! I hope you make changes and solve these problems. I think these are the only downsides that i can mention for this wonderful app. Thank you.

Good app. But turn to bad app now. I’ve been using my telegram account for more than 5 years ago and Telgram are banning people account without warning. I lost everything I keep on my Telgram and all the important information between me and my business partner all the necessary conversation was lost I try to unbanned my account and there is no where to contact support please Telgram should do something about that Telegram is the most texting all I love most in all app I’ve been using in my life but I hate it so much now because of what it’s happening my Telegram account was banned without any warning and it was logged out of my phone I have some secret conversations I keep there and I lost everything there are so many things I keep I couldn’t get it back I try to contact telegram support if my number can be unbanned to regain back my account and everything I have in it but I got no response. I think something must be done about that please thank you

One BIG flaw. I love this app, have used it every day for the last year. It is powerful and elegant. The one big drawback is the SEARCH. How do you search for Groups and Channels? By searching for a keyword. That’s it. Not good! Everyone says this is the achilles heal, and it’s weird that the issue has never been resolved. Here’s a suggestion for the developer. Add a feature of searching for Groups/Channels by allowing the owner to place their G/C into CATEGORIES (such as “health”, “food”, etc) then everything search related, falling into those categories, is displayed by title. Keep the Keyword searches, just add this capability. There are groups on Telegram that were formed specifically to allow owners to ADVERTISE their group, in order to grow, because the search feature is so inadequate. Please address this issue. And thanks for a great app. 👍🏻

Groups not loading!. 1.) iPad - just a bunch of bugs, like beta. Some previous another guy In review already described them here in reviews previously, and they same for me too. 2.) And now another big bug on any device - for another account added, when I switch between accounts - it doesn’t update content from public groups then.. no new messages for days.. have to kill telegram and run it again, so it finally reloads groups. 3.) Calling is a nightmare! Incoming call rings on ALL my devices: iPhone, iPad and MacBook. But when I answer on one any device, start talking even, call in progress - other 2 devices still ringing and ringing! 4) just open public group and it’s not updating- endless loadings. Even if I joined public group - it will not update latest message! Only have to restart telegram to see some new messages. Groups not loading it contents have to kill restart telegram to see groups new content.

Notifications Drive Me Insane. The app is quite good but I gave it 3 stars because it’s notifications feature is horrific. I absolutely loathe apps that don’t respect my notifications preferences and this one in particular doesn’t like to suppress the very annoying ones that come in every single time someone in my contacts list joins Telegram. I really don’t care to know who joins the service from my contacts every time it occurs. Turning this notification off does not from stoping them from continuing to arrive in-app, and the only way to stop this is to turn off Notifications in my phone’s global settings, but doing so will make one forego notifications that I do care about, such as from new messages. It’s baffling they choose to force users have to deal with this, it’s the one thing that’s making me consider leaving the app altogether.

Telegram is awesome.. I truly love it, I wanted to try a new app for texting and this is perfect. It has great privacy features, you can customize it in a lot of ways, and it works perfectly. I only have a small suggestion that may not be as important, but it would be a great improvement. I imported a chat from another app, and as soon as I saw hundreds of messages arriving, I regretted it. I want to delete them, but Telegram does not allow to select many messages really fast to delete them, you have to tap them one by one to select them. It would be great if it allowed users to select multiple messages faster, or if it had an option to delete imported messages in an specific chat just in case the user regrets it. But overall, a really great app, I recommend it.

Good app for communication, but no good for investments. ***Disclaimer*** This is only describing the various situations where forex group chats exist on the service. Nothing against the actual service itself, only the Forex groups on the app ***Disclaimer*** So the app is wonderful in terms of communication, and a good competitor to Whatsapp (another wonderful messaging service). My only beef is the fact that I was the idiot (last October) to download the app due to being suckered by a rando online about a bitcoin forex. I was unaware of such financial lingo, assuming that I would get my return profit in 48 hours. Biggest mistake If people recommend you to various places that offer a return profit via forex, DO NOT EXPECT MONEY BACK IMMEDIATELY. You’ll only lose your money due to the highly volatile nature of not only Bitcoin, but also Forex itself is essentially a bigger gamble due to various international markets operating around the clock. Whether it be through Facebook or any other social media accounts, you cannot be suckered by such things. It’s a pandemic and the last thing one should want is to lose money. It’s precious and you should not let your emotions control the wallet. Ones intellect and wise choices dictates money. So if you’re looking to save money, do the research, be financially literate, and save the money. Nothing against this app once again, but the groups who promise for get rich quick schemes.

Telegram rocks, but Apple censors. I like app, a lot. I can group chat with friends, or get lost in the wilds with foreigners and weirdos, so a plus in my book The only bad I can say with this app, lies not with its developers, but with Apple and the AppStore. I’ll find channels with discourse of all varying opinions. Something I find refreshing. But I’ll then go to revisit, only be prompted that the channel is blocked due to violations of AppStore guidelines. There is no violation. It’s Apple using its corporate mass to silence opinions it seems as bad. Because of this, I will NEVER use or buy another Apple product. Once this phone dies, that’s it. Anything but an Apple. ANY other phone. A product and company, that keeps me from viewing content that I sought out myself, should never even make it to market

Support very bad my account hacked. I am extremely disappointed to inform everyone that this chat application is poorly designed. When I used this application, my account was hacked, and my personal information and account security were seriously threatened. Even when I tried to contact customer service for help, their response was very slow and almost no substantive help was provided. In the end, I had to give up using this application and completely delete all my personal data. I am very concerned about my personal information and account security, and this application clearly does not have enough security measures to prevent hacking and other security issues. I suggest that everyone should not download this application to protect your personal information and account security. In summary, the antivirus function of this application is poorly designed, which caused my account to be hacked, and the customer service department's response was also very slow and ineffective. I hope the development team of this application can take proactive measures to solve this problem, as well as improve its security and customer service quality.

Need Video calling feature, faster passcode lock & a bug fix. I am enjoying telegram as my main chatting app as it’s secure faster & fun to use! But unfortunately it has only voice calling feature which makes me to use another apps for that feature only! I cordially expect that developer will add that asap! It’s passcode locking feature in order to provide best security to its user, but apps lock doesn’t work immediately! Which should be must! The minimum time is 1 minutes! It should be locked within a fraction of second as some other apps do! As long as we have face unlocking feature so it will not bother us! Lastly, I have facing an unexpected issue sometimes! I’m not sure where I tap but when it happens telegram stop functioning & start glitching non stop glitching! It needs the apps to launch again! So please make the apps more lovely by adding video calling features and make the passcode lock more quicker & fix the bug! Thanks for reading with patience!

“Raise to listen” is horrible, and circle videos force auto play. Telegram does a lot of things right, but its total lack of customization of usability settings isn’t one of them. “Raise to listen“ is forced on. Any random time something comes close to your phone, it decides you’ve raised it to your head and starts a voice recording. There’s a secret debug menu (not mentioned anywhere) accessed by tapping “settings” 10 times, but even turning it off there doesn’t fix it. This breaks when more since circle videos autoplay — a conversation with them means you’ll constantly be going back to watch someone’s that you missed, and then *your* video after will play. Possibly at double their volume. And you’ll have to stop it manually, every single time. But what’s worse is that if any circle video is paused, and there’s play/pause on the top bar, then raise to listen will override and play *no matter what*. Even if you have it forced off in the secret debug menu. For every hour of circle video conversation, this means manually stopping autoplay and having to hit the little X literally hundreds of times just to make your own recordings not play loudly at you, and your phone’s sensor not delete what you were recording because a cat got too close to your phone and it decided it was your ear. All because Telegram really, *really* doesn’t like giving you options as to how you use the app.

Love the app but, needs improvements. So this app is definitely a good app there’s many features I enjoy like having a private group for menu’s etc. The main issue I’ve ran into is the fact that once you get over 100 members you’re no longer able to see the list of people that view your messages or updates to your group. There’s an option to hide your list on the settings once you reach 100 members but, there’s no point in having that option if they automatically disappear after you get 101 members or more. I would definitely love to rate this app 5 stars but, that’s my main issue I would love to see how my audience is interacting by seeing the viewers indefinitely regardless of how many members there is in the group. Thank you telegram support if you fix this issue until then my review will stay at 4 stars.

Why alerting everybody when we are using the app?. Hello, I just want to express how unhappy I am with the fact that we can’t choose if the app sends alerts to our contacts that we are using the app. Why can’t we just use an app without letting our whole contact list know? This is a huge drag and the reason why I deleted the app years back and why I al going to delete it soon, I clearly do not necessarily want all my contacts to be alerted that am using an app, the second I started using after 2 years I have messages coming in from random people. I am here just for some channels my friend recommended me but now I have to be texting people or be rude and ignoring messages because they received a notification and in the app they now exactly when am or was online. THUS IS BEYOND ANNOYING. I have now to consider getting a new sim card just to be able to use the app without having people invading me.

What WhatsApp wishes it was. Pretty much everything WhatsApp has and more. Not to mention, actually good security—unlike WhatsApp. End to end encryption where the keys are kept on your device. If you do some research, Telegram’s security has been publicly audited by real world events. I work in cyber sec and use Telegram as my default messenger for everything. Whether it’s sending large files (seriously, I’ve sent files over a gigabyte) to joining a variety of channels/groups. I honestly believe Telegram could be the next IRC chat (I get all my security and tech news and updates from telegram channels faster than news sites or rss). I’ve been slowly converting my friends and family to it. Simply the best and the features just keep coming. Thank you Telegram developers! You’ve truly revolutionized decentralized messaging.

In desperate need of Group Video Chat. Hey, I’ve been using Telegram for over 10+ years and I haven’t had any problems with this application whatsoever everything works great but, there is one issue that I have with this application and that is the inability to create a group video chat that is why I can only give telegram 3 stars. I honestly believe that is a crucial disadvantage to this application I say that because, I have family and friends that live all over the world whether it be in different states or different countries and we all have telegram on our phones. That being said we would like to I’ll be able to talk in a video group chat with each other which we are unable to because this application doesn’t provide that option. So therefore since telegram doesn’t provide a video group chat option we have to download another application to be able to do that Task. Which in my opinion is extremely ridiculous because you should be able to perform the test on this app as well. Instead of making people waste valuable space on their phones by download in other apps to perform the test where y’all can provide that ability on your app so we don’t have to download other apps to perform that and we could save space on our Devices.

Amazing app, the best! just one thing. I rlly like telegram. Its the best messaging app in my opinion. Has everything that i need in a messaging app, secure ,safe, easy and fast and very amazing in general! Has so many options for everything. And is totally worth loading!!! I been using it for the past 5 years and its totally my number one app for everything! But only one complain i have for the newest update: when i edit a photo on the app , like drawing on it or just changing the appearance of the pic, the app crushes and goes to my home screen, its been happening ever since i updated telegram and i just want you guys to fix that, other than that the app is amazing and works perfectly fine! Thanks for making the best app ever!!!

Better than Whatsapp. It is safe and secure with the option of end-to-end encrypted messaging, easier and more user friendly than whatsapp. The new version has video call as well. I call my friends around the world for free. Channels are great and recently added options to leave comments and pin more than one messages are great features and it comes with a desktop version to use everything on your computer as well. Overall, I prefer telegram to whatsapp. Note to new users: don’t delete your messages to release storage on your phone, instead, learn to clear your telegram cache. To the developers team: I think including sliding bar on the voice messages would be good. Also an option to lock the voice recorder on the desktop version similar to the mobile. Please keep expanding video calls to do meetings in groups. And finally, it would be great to add personal folders to saved messages, I use telegram as my favorite quick note app as well! because it is easy and has a user friendly format plus desktop so it can also be used as a personal note taking app and if you add folder options to saved messages, it will make a great tool! Thanks.

Please I’m a big fan. Look I’m a big fan of this app I used like a few years ago and now it’s at a whole different state and it’s so much better then WhatsApp and now with their new update about privacy most the people I know don’t know about technology stuff and change logs but I do so I’ve gotten a handful of people to switch and a few friends and family and they’ve all said they love this app and it’s true it’s awesome but they won’t delete WhatsApp because it’s missing, stories or a status a way to let others know about you including myself I now have 2 messaging devices I use telegram as my main and WhatsApp I use it for school and status if you could add this it would mean a lot to me I’ve heard you just hit 500 mil🥳 and I feel good to have been a part of that I know it may take a while for you too implement this feature but it would be the death of WhatsApp for all the people I’ve invited

Not fully accessible using voice Over. I am visually impaired, and I use Voice Over to navigate through the various features on my IPhone 8. I am using the most current version of IOS 13. I can only use Voice Over when listening to a single contact (I can activate the play button). But when I try to activate the play button when chatting within a group, Voice Over does not work. Instead, I have to turn Voice Over off and activate play like a user who is sighted. I fortunately have enough vision to do this, but a blind or visually impaired person with less or no vision would not be able to perform the work around I have found. I have tried to report this several times, and I have received no feedback at all. I find that to be very discouraging. I know that some blind useds are experiencing the same problem while others are not, so it is not an across the board problem. However, the issue still needs to be invchstigated.

Scammer’s Paradise. Positives: Telegram had some positive features. You can start a secret chat with someone. There’s freedom of speech in that app and you can say politically incorrect things without getting banned. You can post content which are deemed offensive. That’s why I like Telegram. I do miss the app, though. Unfortunately, I can’t go back, not after what happened to me. Negatives: I was catfished by a scammer. The problem with Telegram is that it doesn’t have a report feature. I reported the scammer via using Yahoo mail, Gmail, and even messaged notoscam. Sadly, Telegram wouldn’t do anything about it. I had to delete my account, and deleted the app itself because of how persistent and dangerous the scammer is. The scammer is using a photo of an actual doctor and is pretending to be him. I suspect it’s an African scammer, but I’ll never know. The only thing I had done was to block the scammer on Telegram, but that wasn’t enough.

needs UX improvements on ios app. gripes using ios app (fwiw none of these issues occur using desktop Opera browser plugin), mainly cursor navigation and editing issues. specifically: 1. in dark mode, cursor remains black and is hard to see, 2. is misaligned below the baseline, so line placement is unclear (could be fallout from os text zoom sizing), 3. when scroll to edit insert point and tap, it invariably jumps back to prior cursor location, forcing user to scroll again and tap again, and then the cursor moves to desired location. clunky and inefficient. 4. emoji menu - A. emoji placement should be editable or based on usage, and/or B. like Signal, they appear as a block, not a strip. C. the idea of scrolling right to get to any emoji, but especially one commonly used, is not a feature but a bug. otherwise, a noticeably faster and better UX (love message editability), i generally recommend it to others. also please add watch app. and when pressing for context menus, need to change it so it doesn’t so rapidly select the option in the 2nd level menu where the 1st press happened to be - huge UX design issue.

Suggestion for improvement. When I scroll the files/links shared with someone, and this person sends me a message, I do not receive the notification, and the message is considered as read like being within the chat. (which I actually am, but in another tab) I checked that on Windows, Linux and different Apple devices. It is not the issue on tablets, as the display is separated, neither on desktops, if user widens the window so that the chat and files/links are present concurrently. However on cellphone devices only chat or files/links tab can be displayed at a time. I guess it will be better to notify the user whenever they do not actually see the message with a topside pop-up and show the label “unread messages” within the chat when user is back from files/links tab.

Bug. Hi telegram developers, I noticed a problem after your last update, it's about when i download a song and try to listening to it after 2 or 3 times in repeat mode music stops playing ,but in lock screen i have it ,and shows that music is playing but nothing played and music player is terminated , then i have to reopen the telegram and play it again and again by the way when you are in the app everything works properly, this problem shows itself when you’re going to lockscreen or open another app when telegram is in background, telegram last 2 updates are more reliable than this version and it’s really annoying specially behind the wheel or when i put on my handsfree, i hope developers fix this bug to make it the best social app like the past . (iPhone 7plus) Best regards

Great app!. I love it. I may sound like someone who’s working in Telegram but I don’t. I am just a user for several years since its first release and know the app quite well. The best app in its category. Have lots of great features that other apps can only dream about. In every aspect it is great, privacy, features and... Telegram is kind of like a world, you can create public and private groups and channels to share content. Sometimes I spend hours in different channels, there are lots of great news, recreational and… channels. The share feature is also a breeze. unlike whatsapp you don't need to download a file and then upload it for sharing (yeah! this is why whatsapp is so slow on sharing), Telegram just share the content with the name of its original uploader, and you can easily click and checkout the channel (if it was shared from a channel) or contact the user. The other unique feature is, it is a free cloud space for users. you can upload your photos, videos and other documents to your personal “saved messages” and they never get deleted (unlike whatsapp). Telegram has lots of other features which I can’t just type it here, you need to check it out, but I genuinely believe it is the best app in its category.

Deleted messages. The genuine telegram app deletes text messages from both sides but the third party apps keeps those messages and that is not good because it invades the peoples privacy status and sometimes they have the whole conversation sent to others even if it was confidential, for example if you saved a wrong number and then wrote a text or sent a photo then realized that its the wrong account and deleted it but yet if that person is using the “ third party apps” then he will still have those texts, photos, and user information and for me that is a major flaw in your agreement to them. I wish you can fix that problem or get rid of those apps and save other peoples sanity. Overall I love the Genuine app its so slick easy and so much comfortable to use I have been using it for the past 3 & 1/2 years and it never let me down. Keep up the good work and please check your agreements with the third party apps. Thanks in advance

Telegram Review. I enjoy using the app much more than any other social media messaging platform. The ability to create group chats, call people, and customizable features in addition to a UI that is seamless with other devices, and doesn't stutter is a treat. But, in some areas telegram falls short due to lack of video messaging, the traffic seems to be lower than other platforms, and searching for groups isn't as easy as some may like it to be. Regardless, a video chat feature similar to instagrams live mode would be perfect for the group chats. If possible maybe even allowing features thats on discord to be on the app, better bots would be a plus that telegram makes themselves rather than relying on other people bots. Most bots seem to not work as well as the competition. Overall its a great 1 v 1 app, but apps such as WhatsApp or instagrams video-calling is superior, and discords bots and chat customization is superior. Telegram is the perfect middle ground that could do better.

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power packed App but needs one more functionality. This app is absolutely power packed, video calling is still work in progress for sure. But apart from that it’s pretty much great!! Although I am hoping that telegram team comes up with casting option to chromecast or smart tv so that we can play our favourite videos on TV.

Worked well till I can’t sign in. No issues at all with the app but I deleted the account to make a new one because I had so many scammers contacting me and now it says I have to wait “a few days” before making an account again.. not sure how many days a few is but that was a few days ago and I still can’t use it

Needs extra options. It would be easier if there was an option to create multiple “Saved messages” folders-for sorting messages by topics.

Voice bug. I love the this incredible app, however it has a very annoying bug. When you wanna hear a voice and close your ear to hear it from small speaker, app thinks your recording and stops the voice & even other contact thinks your taking voice endlessly.

Search function does not support asian languages. Personally, I value the stability this app offers in terms of call quality and all matters surrounding privacy (and stickers!). That being said, the search function is an absolute deal breaker for me. Having parents of asian origin who can only type in chinese, not supporting asian languages in the search function severely limits its use for me. I hardly think I am the only one having this issue, (as I see similar posts online), so I don’t see why the devs have been neglecting this issue for several years. As a mere consumer of this product one can only hope this review is seen by one of them, otherwise I’ll probably have to look elsewhere for a good messaging app.

Secure?????? I don’t think sad o 😖. When I joined I noticed my son’s number in there. It’s clearly not him so I checked with him. How could someone join using his number??? Is this a way people can try and get info from you if you think it is them. There’s another contact in my list but I’m sure it’s not her either. I was very regretful I have joined. If this is not fixed I would be scared someone could pose as me. Have sent msg to where it says. Better get some help or I’ll be telling all I know not to use this!!!!

Anonymous contacts. Great app. Easy to use platform. However, there needs to be a feature to remove phone contact details so the conversations are completely private. Especially in the case of joining public groups where you wish to remain anonymous.

Nice app some bugs to fix. Please fix the following problems - audio quality is mediocre Voice echoes constantly on the speakers end - voice volume tends to slowly dissipate becoming very hard to listen to the other party on the other side of the line. Every time the server is relayed you loose sound quality. It happens all the time. You and up using other VOIP apps unfortunately - the cosmetics of the App are nice backgrounds, perks etc but voice transfer of files etc are always a dread and hard to work with. Have to rely on the other Apps to do this resulting in having to completely go back to the Facebook apps that work well. Thank you for trying to solve this ASAP By the way signal is really cool too , ágain some things are not 100%

Better experience, no longer support Apple Watch. After updating to Telegram 5 I feel much better about this app: smooth, and much quicker. However, I still miss the watch OS support and hopefully I will see it back soon. Overall, still a good app and I am looking forward its future.

..... Hello. I have a problem with this new version of Telegram. When someone replies to one of my messages that I've sent to them, I can not literally find out which messages they exactly replied. The colour is not obvious enough, then it's hard to recognize which message between other messages they replied to. It would be better if this problem will be solved.

All Take and No Give. So one day I opened up Telegram and got a screen asking for my phone number. No reason, no explaination, no disclosure about whether this info would be private? Secure? Visible? Public? What did you need it for? Nothing. Zero info. I am supposed to just blindly trust you with no reason given and no explaination how it will be used or Shared. I can't progress without giving the number and no option to see explaination, purpose or privacy statement. So, Uninstall. Bye.

Perfection. The best app for chatting , communication and sharing information, hands down! Lots of cool features like useful channels and useful bots! Offers Unlimited data transfer! Also offers unlimited could space to save your personal data (saved messages section) and so on ! It keeps getting better and better by each update!

Good app but some glitches. Telegram is a great app for chatting, I love that you can edit messages, delete them and schedule them. However, I have been using it for 3 years and the quality of the calls hasn’t really improved. Also I don’t get the point of paying for premium it seems kind of reduntant and the last thing I want to pay for is a messaging app

Low speaker volume during calls. Whenever I call somebody and tap on speaker, many times the call volume do not increase. I would still need to hold the phone over my ear to hear the other person just like a normal call. Please fix this and I’ll update my review

channels and individual threads must be segregated. Channels, bots and individual threads must be segregated as the list of chats now is a complete mess and it’s difficult to navigate through hundreds of channels to locate an individual who texted you. Sometimes I can’t answer because I don’t see who texted me until I scroll all the way down the list. As someone mentioned before, would be nice to see Read and Unread messages at the top. All the rest seems ok, much better than whatsapp which I’m trying to get rid of. Thanks Pavel for the great app!

Call contacting problem. I have used this app for more than 2 years. All features had worked really well since calls didnt contact with this app. I tried so many times. Even i reseted my phone. It can be only possible to call to smb with iphone X. Could you please fix this feature

No calls or photos. I love telegram, but cannot get calls or photo-messages to work. It can’t access my photos or microphone, and when I try to give it permission in the iOS settings there is no option...

PLEASE FIX YOUR APP. I think having volunteer support people is not viable because there is no one we can contact for bugs to be fixed! There is no way for me to report a bug! Ever since premium became available and the most recent updates, I have had more issues in telegram than ever. Why do messages not send at all? Why are people receiving my messages hours or a day later? This includes text messages, voice notes and scheduled messages!! Basically the whole use of the app! Even when both people are connected to the internet (and other internet-based apps work on their phone) and the app is showing the 1 tick that it is sent. When it’s actually not sent?! When one person sends a voice note or message - sometimes it just disappears into the abyss and never gets delivered at all! Or someone opens up their phone in the morning and suddenly there are heaps of messages from the day before that are only arriving on app open the next day. Last active time is also inaccurate at times. It makes no sense that an ‘instant message’ is not being delivered to the receiver either at all or in a delayed manner. This isn’t good enough and frankly quite upsetting when you rely on the app to communicate. It is like missing entire days and chunks of conversations with people. Likely will be switching to whatsapp in the very near future.

Love the change. Really enjoying this app .The features are a lot better than WhatsApp. All the other messaging apps I’ve tried this is my favourite it is very similar to WhatsApp but you can change the colours group chats are easy to set up . The only issue is sending large videos takes forever can you please update this feature

Delay notifications & online status. Telegram is giving delay notifications, the message will be received but the notification sound and numbers were taking too long. Sometimes a single message will not be notified at all unless opening the app. This is so uncomfortable while using the app. The online status will show green longer even after exiting the app. It will take at least a minute to show offline even after exiting the app. This two issues have to be fixed.

Great app save for one issue. I have an issue on iOS, with the latest version of telegram installed Sometimes when i tap on a notification from telegram it brings me to a black screen, showing nothing. This can be resolved by either pressing home, then tapping on telegram again (not restarting the app). Are there any ideas for a fixes or is this a known bug?

Good but not on crapple. If you have apple they like to stop you from viewing things they deem questionable. Looking at whats banned (facts)and whats not (gruesome to clown ppl) It’s obvious they have their own agenda. However fellow crapple users… you can create a web link and add it to your home screen. Viola .. you can see them again.

need to improve voiceover support. The app is accessible with voiceover but still needs work. It is not as accessible as Whatsapp. For example if I wanted to share an audio file from a particular app when I double tap on telegram within the share sheet then the accessibility goes away. Please improve the accessibility of voiceover. It's a great app and I really enjoy using it.

It’s perfect.. Telegram is the most impressive Messaging app I’ve ever used. Coming from Kik and Discord, I obviously can’t compare it to Whatsapp or Viber, but in my experience Telegram has been everything you could want. It’s performant and battery conscious, even on my crappy iPhone5S. It’s flexible. You can create group chats, group your chats, make secret chats, archive chats, all kinds of stuff. It’s powerful. It’s got full integration allowing you to send files of any size and then, whatever they are, audio or picture or video, you can view or hear them in app. If they’re not audiovisual, it’s still a great fileshare service for moving documents or zips between phones and computers. You get your own seemingly unlimited cloud storage, there’s a million features I don’t use or need that stay out of my way but are there if I need them, the size of the app is still small regardless of that. The devs never stop squashing bugs and adding functionality where it’s needed, and they listen to users on what they should add. I hate that Telegram has a bit of a stigma. As far as I’m concerned, it’s just THE best message app.

Almost perfect - needs to remove auto audio record!. Fantastic app, fast, handles multi devices so well. One major issue with iOS app - it has a horrible feature that you can’t turn off. It’s designed to start recording audio every time you hold the phone to your ear. ...which also does it every time you put it in your pocket before locking, or close your case cover over the screen, etc.

Notifications. You have a huge problem concerning notifications. Sometimes I don't even receive them on my lockscreen. The message will just mark on the application itself, so if I don't check that I won't even know that i received a message. Please fix that part cz I honestly love this app.

Spam message from strangers. Pro: At first I was happy with the app because of short video message, very convenient and fund to do so. Con: video quality is by far worse than other app; also I was spam by message from strangers many times at night when I was sleep. This app is famous for security, how could it happens?

Telegram using my stolen account to scam. Two girls???? They could be men are using my number and email address to scam people all over the world, I received codes from telegram, WhatsApp, and Facebook , I was curious about telegram, I tried to log in, and once it opened up to me and I was in shock, 100s of messages all over the world, I read one, it goes something like this) I not sending you money! I looked at the pictures mostly old men !! I tried to worn as many as I could, informing them that these people are scammers! I’m lock out of telegram now, but I’m going to the Apple Store and the federal police to inform them! And hopefully get the phone fixed!!

iOS Badges and more, broken. Seems more harm was done that good in this latest upgrade. Settings such as sounds associated with a contact seemed to all get changed and messed up. The badge on the iOS icon doesn’t seem to update sometimes and other times says ‘1’ when in fact there are say 7 messages. The self destruct timer on long running chats is not self destructing at all. Please bring back the previous version.

Reply notifications disappear.. Love this amazing new method of communication... however... when people respond to a post, and a notification appears.... When I go to see the response... Nothing. The response isn’t retrieved. No matter what I do... I’m forced to search through the feed, in order to find the respondents.

Spam a day keeps me away. The dev team are doing an amazing job with the features released for this app. But it’s all overshadowed by the spam that constantly get through any privacy settings. I have every privacy setting as “contacts only” but I still get messages from scammers I don’t know. Same with my close family and friends. We’ve all had enough and moved to another platform.

Problem with Telegram chat links. Hello I got a problem that if anyone would share a link of their Telegram link, it will not open. The link will open in a safari page and it will stay there waiting and nothing happens. I waited so many times for hours and nothing happens. Can I know what’s the problem?

I really love this app. This app is one of the best I’ve used in a while and it’s great for the groups I’m part of. However I have a suggestion, I would like to be able to send the stickers I have on telegram in iMessage. Stickers are one of my favourite parts of telegram and I would love to be able to use them with the people that don’t have telegram. Telegram is a great app :)

Contacts. I like using this app. But what I don’t like is that I haven’t given telegram access to my phone book to find friends yet the app somehow knows exactly when someone who is in my phone contacts joins and even ppl who have been deleted from my phone contacts pop up saying they have joined! Somehow telegram is accessing my phone book even though I have denied them permission 🤬

Great edit functions. This app has all the edit functions I never thought of but am so grateful for now that I have them. They seem so natural and intuitive and make me wonder why WhatsApp never thought of them! I would have given the app 5 stars but there’s still a lot of work to do with the photo and video upload and download functions. For work I have that needs video and photo upload and download I have to ( reluctantly) use WhatsApp still as otherwise work gets disrupted. I am so happy there is an alternative to the aggressive and arrogant invasive ness of FB/WA. As soon as Telgram developers fix the video and photo upload/download glitches it’s goodbye to WhatsApp for ever from me!

Be sure to review all default Settings!. What an awful install/setup experience this was I didn’t think default settings could get worse than FB Messenger Forces you to upload all your Contacts when I actually just wanted to specifically message one friend… why can’t it be a choice to manually add a contact? Shows you online by default, when I don’t want hundreds of blast-from-the-past contacts seeing I’m online until I manage to find the setting otherwise And almost every other default setting that was On I had to switch Off 🤦🏼‍♀️ But that’s the mass appeal, I get it, just not for me If you’re a kid who loves emojis & GIFs in messages, you’ll love this app

nothappychappie. Enjoying this app and very similar to WhatsApp the only issue I have on my apple devices is that when I go to contacts and try to invite friends by tapping on the invite and want to share to others via the heart to other options, my devices hang and I have to power off and on to get back to chats . I have written on your message to myself with this query ... no reply back? Can this please be rectified.

Feature rich. Content rich. I haven’t seen any other social media/messaging apps release totally innovative features at this frequency. There are all sorts of channels and groups. If only there was a directory of some sort

Unbelievable App well done. The best app on my phone by a mile. Would like to see a few upgrades; faster speed. When word searching in media the actual media doesn’t appear every time? Sometimes it just shows the channel and text? Not videos?

Disappeared from iOS share sheet on iPads. Telegram disappeared from iOS share sheets on my iOS? Back a couple of weeks it I can no longer find the icon to share to telegram, but still I can see the few dialogs I have previously shared too on the top. I tried to resolve by delete and reinstall telegram on my iPad and all options are gone. This is really annoying now.

SPAM SPAM SPAM. Telegram's base functions are great, but the app is severely let down by a lack of an effective spam filtering strategy. Every 1-2 days I get included in spam conversations along with hundreds of other people. When hundreds of unrelated people, who are not even in each others contacts lists, are being included in a conversation, surely that's a red flag that it's a spam conversation, and surely this is something that a basic algorithm could detect and prevent? But no, apparently not. Either that or Telegrams developers just don't care about the pervasive spam problem. Only 2-stars from me until the spam issue is fixed 😒

AWFUL PRIVACY!. You have to PAY if you want to turn off the settings where literally anyone can see your number and leave a voice note!!?? As a woman, this app made me feel unsafe and sick to my stomach. I also got a creepy message from an unknown number the second I downloaded it. They didn’t have my number so got it from the app. What the heck is this app, i deleted my account after two seconds after I saw this. Shocking.

Awesome but. Hey so I wanted to write this review bc I wanted to say that it is an awesome app and I love it a lot but I think this app could be better by adding stories so we can put stuff on our stories and people can comment and it can be really fun hope u use my idea bye love this app 🌻⚡️🌿

Need to access group threads from home screen 3D Touch and favourites menu on share sheet. I'd like to be able to access group threads from favourites on share sheet and the home screen 3D Touch widget. I use group threads more often than the individual people I'm offered in frequently used contacts. It should really be most commonly used threads not just individuals

Best IM app out there. The features telegram offers are mind blowing. I can’t think of any better texting app. I wonder how other platform users haven’t found out this one yet. Also, with every single update comes tons of amazing new features. It’s like the Ferrari of IM apps:)

Please allow Search 1 Contact/Group, then force/long press to Pin. Please allow Search 1 Contact/Group, then force/long press to Pin 📍. Now it is impossible. I have already All Pin 📍 full. Here are my desired Steps 1. Yes All Pins are full 2. Search the Contact/Group I want to pin 3. force/long press to Pin 📍 4. Ask me which old Pin 📍 to replace 5. I quick view All old Pins with a Pop up small Window 6. Choose the old one I do not want 7. Replace with new Contact/Group as Pin 📍 Why it is Important? Now I have removed the old pin 📍 myself. I find the Contact I want to pin by Search. I cannot force/long press to Pin 📍. I have so many messages above that Contact/Group. I have to manually scroll through All, then find, then Pin. Too hard. I do NOT want to send messages to disturb him/her just to Pin 📍 him/her Thank you very much🏖🌈🌸🌞❤️♻️♾ Best Regards🌞🏖🌌🛸🚴‍♀️❤️♻️♾🌸🦄️🦋🐳🐬🧸👫👩‍🚀 Tai

App freezes and I have to restart phone. App freezes on my iPhone 8 and I can’t scroll so have to reboot my phone to use it again Seems to happen when I hold down a post (usually by accident) and then it stops.. great app overall this bug would be good to fix

Notification center bug. Hey guys, just wanted you to know there’s a bug in telegram, the screen in iphone x when you reply in notification center, the screen stock, even pressing any button or the assistive touch won’t work, you have to restart the phone in order for it to work again hope you fix this asap thanks

Great but.... For the last year or so on multiple devices and all latest iOS the photos don’t always save even though the settings is already there. And background download of photos. Some have to be done manually In the last few weeks also the uploads of photos and videos is painfully slow even on low resolutions and I am talking on networks with 240 Mbps downloads and 90 Mbps uploads. It’s inadmissible

Very easy to use. I like it, it’s very easy to use with very similar functions to other apps that are similar but don’t have the security, I really like the variety of stickers and would like to see them add new range every month. Definitely inviting my friends to use this app

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Ya sure it works but..... Ya it works and has nice features. It’s convenient. It’s fast. The only (MAJOR) problem is that they claim it’s secure (it’s entire purpose and principle since birth), while its (as far as I’m concerned) intentionally NOT. No one with half a brain has used DH security since at least a decade ago. Why? Because it’s been cracked 6 ways from Sunday, and is trivial to attack it in real-time. Perhaps that’s why they’re using it? Also, take note of their privacy practices. That’s all you really need to see to understand this couldn’t be a more inappropriately identified app than possible...

only 5 pin groups. Why, god WHY limiting the pinned channel to 5!! God, I am in 100 groups, and NEED to have at least 10 pinned to not miss some messages. Why not allowing us to pin as much as we want?!? Even if it mean being drowned under messages, that would be MY problem (will not be in my situation aniway). I am certainly looking for an alternative… someone has one?!? All other chat app have more, this is ridiculus!

We need your cooperation. We need your cooperation to investigate the sex offenders associated with the Nth Room

Speaker is not working after last update. Speaker is not working after last update during the voice call on iPhone. Call has to be restarted a few times in order to make speaker work again! Please fix this issue!

Huge battery drain. My mom has a habit of turning off the screen on a playing video or audio clip. It takes telegram a couple of hours to completely drain the battery. I don’t know why a paused video or audio in the background has such a devastating effect.

Nothing ever gets taken down.. No matter how much you report illegal stuff it just stays up. Also I got banned for reporting illegal activity but the chat room is still up and active.

Whatsapp-esque. Not exactly original with the layout but I really like the simplicity and have enjoyed the gamebots features as well. The only thing Telegram lacks compared to whatsapp is the ‘Delivered’ & ‘Read’ report - which to me is IMPORTANT especially in groups to know which members have read the announcements I send and which ones haven’t and therefore have to be followed up. So please add those features and I’ll come back to give a 5star review, thanks

A scammer on telegram. Hi, There is someone who pretend to be Pierogi of Scammerpayback, tried to scam me . He is using scammerpayback0 to scam people. Please check this . This happened when I gave a commenton YouTube and this person answer me , telling me to go on telegram at the address I just gave you. On telegram he asked for money, so I knew he was a scammer. Scammerpayback0.

So much for the "Secure" platform. I have been using Telegram for a few years now, and I have been trouble free for quite some time... fast forward to last week when my username changed, and I was removed from all my groupchats... someone was accessing my account from the other side of the country and I blocked their access twice before the app forced me to make another account :( ok, so I decided to contact support not only on the app but by email and I have yet to receive even a confirmation message that we have received your complaint... avoid this unstable platform at all costs 😤☹️

Становится все хуже. Вначале появилась реклама в каналах, это было терпимо, потом появился неотключаемый рекламный банер в основном окне, стало заметно хуже, а теперь еще и ненужные мне сторис нельзя отключить...

Crash after update. App crash after update

Problem. Now im updated telegram but i cant talked video or voice call in gorup (I have iphon 6) Please fixed bug.

Scammers. How can you be secured when you allow scammers and frauders to continue to use your application? People are still getting hacked on your app.

The calls on ipad do not work. Nobody can hear me on the other side of the line of i call using ipad. Please fix this.

Best must get. I wish I could give this app 6 because there are so many features you can message someone without wifi or data as long as the person you are talking too has wifi or data

Constant group invite spam. I’m constantly spammed with group invites by people I don’t know. Deleted.

Telegram X. We want Telegram X😒 It’s veryyyyyy better than Telegram!!!!

Feature need to update. If one feature is available in desktop version than why you guys block in mobile app. You can’t carry laptop with you all the time. Think before you doing such changes or better remove everything. It’s better to give the option in mobile app as well instead of blocking everything. 😡

Overheating. After last two update it overheats my phone if I’m using telegram for a few minutes. Please fix this Using iPhoneX btw

Storage. After update to last version can’t manage storage just can manage cache.

New download number banned. Never downloaded this app before but when I entered my number I get a message saying my number was banned. I’ve sent 4-5 messages for help and haven’t received any help back.

Claims to value your privacy, requires a phone number 🤡. Honestly a joke. If telegram really valued your privacy, they wouldn’t force you to give up your personal information. Prime example of talking the talk without walking the walk

Unknown!!!. All Texts are shown like a square with a question mark!!! What is the problem?!!

nth room cooperation. nth room cooperation Shame on u

Telegram syncs all contacts whether you give it access. Thanks Telegram for syncing all my contacts without permission to access mt contacts. They have an annoying little feature that just automatically does it and notifies everyone in your contacts list that you’ve downloaded it. Overall terrible and annoying feature without consent.

Maybe the update issues, pls fix it. The app crashes in ios 13.7 The web version doesn’t work on iPhone either. Tried rebooting, deleting/installing. Still crashes

Updated the app and now it won't work. Typical of arrogant companies. I updated this app and found that it wouldn't work anymore. I can't uninstall this crappy update either. My device is an iPad 4 running iOS version 10.3.4 (the last one that is made for this device) and can't go beyond this version. It didn't come up with any message saying it wasn't compatible, so as far as I'm concerned Telegram deliberately bricked this app with all my contacts and groups I belonged to now inaccessible on this device.

Bye Bye. Telegram “spam” bot recognized me as a spam, apparently because I sent an IRCC link to a group chat. Now, nobody can undo it. I cannot send anything in that chatroom & I cannot send any message to any stranger. Human tends to become selfish & misuse his power when he becomes famous & powerful. I’m talking to you Mr. Pavel Durov. Who do you think you are? Your algorithm marks me as spam and now you think I will beg you to undo it? 🤣

Fix crashing when connecting to call. After the update every Time I connect to a call it crashes, please fix it

no way!. no security! nothing!! easy to scam people ..

Take action. From last year to recently, telegram was used to sexually abuse numerous minors and women in South Korea. This case is called the “Nth room”. We need your cooperation to catch all the criminals who took part in this terrible crime. Please cooperate with the Korean police when they demand the information of these criminals. Please help us to find the perpetrators of this heinous crime, who must be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Maybe my arbitrary banning was for the best. Banned my number for no reason after 30 seconds of registration. Perhaps that’s for the best considering what I’m seeing here

needs email. this is a good app but there needs to have a email option!!

Secure?. Wont work if you happen to block various trackers at firewall level (including Google). As soon as you open the door to trackers, it works fine. Did telegram just sell its soul?

App. I can’t seem to log in to my telegram anymore?

Bad Privacy and Security. There’s no way to prevent the people in your contacts from knowing that you have this app. There’s no way to be anonymous.

Gone downhill. I used to love this app. It was my preferred method of communication, especially with work teams and clients. However it’s become so spammy now I can’t stand it and will have to uninstall. I am constantly being randomly added to spam chats (normally finance or crypto) and have to block and leave and report the groups. This is happening daily.

Coolest messenger ever!. I’m using Telegram since idk 9 years ago(?!) and everyday and after every update I’m just more impressed. Telegram is easily YEARS ahead of any other messenger out there. The features telegram offers will just blow your mind. I owe so much to Telegram creators honestly. Can’t thank you enough and hope more people join so I don’t have to switch to other messengers lol.

Should be banned. This app allows their users to commit crimes like spreading pedophilia content, hate speech, fake news and planning government coups and disobey judicial decisions to ban users that committed crimes agains nations. Should be banned from apple store.

Illégal. Telegram de vrais être suspendu car il permets de télécharger des application piraté

Huge battery drain on iOS. This app is constantly on the top of the list for battery drain on my iPhone. Even with background refresh turned off, this app constantly drains ~30% of my battery with little to no usage. This seems to be about 6x more than other messaging apps that I have installed.

Pedo paradise. A platform made perfectly catered to facilitate the illegal actions of pedophiles and predators. Telegram is capitalizing on the most vile form of evil in existence.

Mic not working on iPad voice calls. This has been happening for months with no fix! I guess iPad customers don’t matter huh?

Archive problem. After update to last version i don't have access to archive!!

Black screen. I get nothing but a black screen after last upgrade! Don’t upgrade this app.

New design. This app is Gorgeous for chat. But make a decision to redesigned the interface and make the app more beautifull like the new player for ios user. Insret new theme and more. I appreciate it thanks

PERFECT. Fast, Helpful, Easy to use, Fun…. You can use telegram to do many things I been a telegram user for more than 7-8 years and i love it. I’m always waiting for telegram new updates cause i get happier with every update

Can’t copy paste since “upgrade”. Cant copy and paste since you so fixed it, so fix it!

Spam. Crypto spamming is nonstop

Omg veryyyyy good. Thanks, this is so good and I love it:))💋

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What happened?!!. Telegram has always been my favorite and most used app! I loved how easy to use and doesn’t have that annoying notifications & unnecessary messages.. in addition to the fact that you can open it anywhere from any device you have has been. Great help especially for students & business men who benefit from this option a lot BUT!! I noticed the options has changed for the worse.. the last few months I noticed that I can’t leave groups I no longer want to be in!!! I can’t delete members (even if I was the admin :/) and there is groups that none of the members are admins!!! So what happened exactly?

Best messaging app, only if the edit box on iPad mini would be larger. Telegram’s got no real competition, it’s a great app, well done. If anyone from the team reads this, would it be possible to make the edit box on iPad mini larger? At least in the portrait mode it’d be nice at the very least to close the view of all chats, so I can concentrate on the current conversation and hence have a larger edit box. Better yet adding a chance to compose a message in full-screen mode (same window, but covering other elements until done writing/editing)? FS edit mode could give larger fonts, so it’d be easier to see what I’m writing.

My favourite app, but still has some room for improvement. Dear developers, I appreciate the last changes, but it seems that something has changed to sharing feature. In previous versions when I wanted to share from another app to Telegram it all worked flawlessly. Now for some reason after command to share via Telegram it pop-ups another sharing screen, where I need to share it again. Oddly enough, it has different colour scheme: my main theme is dark and first sharing screen also comes in black, as it supposed to be. However second one pop-ups in white. Hope you will address this issue in the next update. Happy New Year!

This app don’t pay attention to user or solve problem ,user don’t pay attention to rules!. In this app you can see many bad channel for example you see many pornography, violence, hate speech or …,I reported many channel or post and telegram app moderator don’t pay attention to this my report also I don’t prefer this app 2-proxy don’t work in new update and people should use vpn app and telegram moderator don’t solve this problem Also I get 2 star until I can see telegram remove bad channel or kick bad user ! All app have rules and telegram don’t pay attention how many people pay attention to rules and how many not Also until I don’t see this problems will solve I don’t prefer this app but if I see this problem solve I will get 5 star to this app !

Content restrict update. I love the new update as a business owner using telegram. I hate the fact that people could easily share our content. Now you have fixed this. But i have one request that i think all telegram users will appreciate. With the new update. It now restricts everyone from sharing content even the group owner. Which i dont agree with. As the owner i should be able to share. Please update the app to allow administrators of the group to have the option to still share content. And restrict those who are NOT administrators. Thanks telegram hope your dev team sees this

Excellent messenger app (with an iPadOS bug). Yo I love this messenger app but there’s a bug (or IDK maybe it’s feature-related but it drives me crazy) where if you use the app in slide-over mode on iPadOS, the Message Compose box is half-way obscured by the keyboard suggestion bar. This happens both with soft-keyboards and hardware keyboards. In full-screen (iPad, iPhone) and in side-by-side mode (iPad), it’s fine. Other than the keyboard bar issue, this issue gets 5/5 from me. The groups work so much better than in other apps, you can reply to messages with rich previews and link back to the original message for context. The rich inline previews work amazingly, the sticker ecosystem is one of the best I’ve seen, and the calling and encrypted messaging features are a cherry on top!

“File Sharing”. Telegram is a perfect, secure, high speed cloud based messenger which it makes it almost the most powerful messenger app. But the problem is “file” sharing on iPhone. When you want to share a heavy file (by tapping the share button on the file and choose telegram to send) you have to look at the upload progress till it finishes the percentage line! If you skip this level or want to do something else on your phone you won’t be able, or you will lose your file sharing progress. Whatsapp isn't like that and the file can be seen in your whatsapp messenger even if it has not been sent with a “retry sending” button that can easily send your file in the app itself and without exiting the messenger. Thanks

Starting to Censor I see. Yep. Didn’t take long to ruin an otherwise good idea. Telegram has been “influenced” to censor the infamous attorney Lin Wood, for making “illegal” comments. Illegal? Lin Wood? Seriously? I know he’s not Jesus and is prone to error, but, my God! You actually have the balls - and stupidity - to accuse a lawyer who specializes in defamation of not knowing where the line is drawn on this particular subject. You better change your tune quickly or be prepared to face actual litigation in the near future. I use your service instead of Twitter or Facebook precisely to avoid dealing with stupid crap like this. Signal here I come. Update: I’m adding a star ⭐️ (2 —> 3) since you decided to let Mr. Wood out of jail. But now you’re on probation. Behave yourself and I might remember to add another one.

Yah! Native iPad and Mac versions!. I abandoned WhatsApp a long ago because it refused to offer the native iPad version, which forced me to use iPhone a lot of time. Its desktop version for macOS is a huge joke: I had to aim my iPhone at the monitor to scan QR-code in order to unlock the access every time I launch WhatsApp after booting up. Not to mention lot of security issues that kept coming up a lot of times. I tested Telegram for a while and was convinced it is better app than WhatsApp. I persuaded my friends to try Telegram app, and many of them switched to Telegram while reducing the use of WhatsApp. What makes Telegram shine? It has native apps for all of products running macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS with consistent interface. I like the animated stickers much more than emojis. So do my friends, too. Other thing is that Telegram is independent (so far) and not under control of Fakebook or other corporations with vested interests. The only downside is watchOS app that seems to take a while to load up the chats when launching. That‘s a very minor thing, not the end of world thing.

Beware. Bottom line this app has literally ruined my day. After signing up the app sent messages to people that I’m on telegram. I wish they would have asked if it was okay to allow people to know I'm on the app. Someone that I have an order of protection against has started sending me messages. Clearly this person could care less about the protection order. And now calling me saying I know you are available because you are on telegram. I can’t even delete my account. There’s no option to erase my account. I didn’t allow access to my contacts. However as long as a person has your number in their contacts telegram will automatically notify them. Had I known that I would have NEVER downloaded this app. No warning or anything at first to make you aware of this action.

Missing huge basic features. Telegram would be a good messenger, but unfortunately it allows either party of a two-way chat to delete the entire thread. Photos, videos, messages- poof, gone. By mistake or intentionally, deleting someone else’s valuable data shouldn’t be possible. Secondly, this messaging platform has no watchOS app, which is unforgivable. Apple Watch has been out since early 2015. Thirdly, no Live Photos support nearly eight years after their introduction. Even sending a Live Photo as a “file” will remove the live aspect of it, meaning Telegram is file-destructive even when it says it isn’t. Forth, there is no support for Focus Modes on iOS and macOS, meaning you cannot mute certain chats based on which Focus Mode you’re in. Lastly, Telegram does not let users store their own encryption keys like iMessage does. This means you must simply trust Telegram.

Such a good massenger ( using this app for years ). Hello telegram people and thank you soooo much for this great app and thanks again for letting us use everything free and secure no matter what. I am using this app for years now and i am gonna use it, even thogh my governement is so uncomfortable with it😄 And in order to use this app better i think adding two options would be great: 1. Abbilty to orgnize channels and groups and even chats in the SUBJECT order (for example: work, school, college, entertainment and ...) 2. Feed for channels ( i dont know if i am spelling right🙄) I mean somthing like instagram, to put all the channels you want on the feed and all of them appear on one place (and i know that is a huge request) Aftre all i wanted you to know that we as iranins ( more than 40milion users and sellers and costumers) are waiting for your BLOCKCHAIN update to fight and stand for our freedom for usinge which app we want, not the one THEY dicide for us! Thank you telegram for every thing (Sorry for grammer and spelling mistakes,😄 this is not my mother language) Sincerely,a SUFFERD irannian person

Chat refreshes way toooo fast on ipad version. I really like the telegram app. Unfortunately I use a bunch of different group chats. The app refreshes so fast that I cannot click on the message fast enough. I have to hit edit and then I can maybe scroll down to see it - often not. I think that when you click on the message icon it should automatically put those messages at the very top and hold them there until they are viewed. Until this is done I cannot give it more stars because it is very aggravating to try to see who messaged me. Sometimes I have to go on the web version on my ipad but there I cannot see the line that has the message icon. It doesn’t scroll down far enough. So then I have to go on the computer to the web version there. There everything works much better. Please make these improvements!! Thanks.

Got a new number, previous owners contacts messaging me. I got a new number and apperently the contacts of the previous owner get notified about ME joining telegram and I don't stop getting constant messages from people who I don't even know and have the previous owners number (which is now mine) saved to their phone. It's too late to change the privacy settings now because I wasn't aware this would even happen in the first place. Why doesn't telegram fix this issue and let us add our own contacts manually? This literally defeats telegrams role as a app that cares about privacy because there's nothing private about random contacts finding your account when you have a new number that belonged to a previous owner. I really hope telegram finale fixes this issue because apperently it's been a issue for years

Not working properly iOS 15(fixed). Are used to love this app a lot used it a lot I have a bunch of channels on and there’s a lot of audio files and after iOS 15 update I could not use audio at all it’s just showing that it’s not loading and it’s not playable or anything but everybody who has iOS 14 everything works perfectly fine so this is bothering me a lot and I want you guys to fix it as soon as possible other than that the app is the best at what I have used once the audio files and everything will be fixed will be five star Update fixed the best messenger app ever

Bug when trying to upload a new profile picture.. Dear Telegram team. I am writing this to first thank you for your great work. I have been using Telegram for a long time and had no problem with it whatsoever. That's until today. I wanted to add a new profile picture . When selecting the new picture as the screen is navigating to the crop page the app freezes and stops working. The problem might be in rendering the crop screen. I am using Iphone 12 pro max IOS 14.6. I have tried closing the app. I have tried restarting my phone. None of those worked.

I love Telegram, but. Why don’t voice recordings (made outside the telegram app but sent in chat) and GIFs show up in “shared media?” Maybe in a future version, would it be possible to see GIFs in the shared media section, excluding the ones that are stickers? I also have some wild ideas I can’t keep to myself! Feature suggestion: it would be awesome if I could jump to the point in the standard chat where a photo was sent. Like I could tap on the picture in shared media, and there would be an option to jump to the day/time it was sent. Another related feature- what if I could jump to a specific time? “Hmm, what were we talking about on Nov. 4, 2019?” And I could somehow jump to the start of that day. One more! - what if we could “bookmark” specific moments in the chat, so we could jump back to that point and reread messages? I suppose a bookmarks section would be needed for this. Telegram is a great app. I really love the improved search! It shows every time a word was said, instead of just the most recent time. It’s great!

Suggestion for app developers. Dear Telegram developer team, In the latest update in which you provided some cool features to group chats like “slow-mode”, it’s been a very interesting tool for group admins My only complaint is that the way slow-mode currently works in groups is that when activated it affects all members in the group chat unless that member is added to the exception list. it would be so much easier if there’s a way to literally keep the entire group chat exempted from the slow-mode an only have slow-mode affect certain individuals. it’s way to time consuming for admins to constantly have to make sure that all members are on that exception list so they don’t get annoyed with the slow mode activity. in the next update can you please have a feature to -[ ADD ONLY ]- slow mode In which admins can add members to a slow mode parameters on certain individual who message WAY TO MUCH in groups. please respond back if you have a possible solution to this request / issue.

Make an improvement. Hi Telegram developers, Everything is perfect except you did not reveal Blockchain. I (as my countrymen do) need using proxy / VPN to access this app. Other annoying point made me to write is it is really annoying that channel admins put me in their channels. It is a negative mark that every time I open the app, I need to leave channels I do not like to be their members. Please fix this issue in your next update. I believe it should provide user to have an invitation link to join groups, rather than to put them in advanced. THE MOST IMPORTANT REPORT IS: I face app crash. It just get closed as soon as I touch the app. I am using iPhone SE 2016 running IOS 15.7.1. I would be appreciated if you fix these issues.

One Annoying Problem.... I love the platform for its free speech protection. That being said, I have one recurring issue that is spoiling my experience. I have no desire to participate in cryptocurrency or cash app based chats. The constant notifications are disruptive and annoying. I have been added to multiple ones without my consent and dragged back in multiple times despite not participating, leaving multiple times, and making a spam report. There should be a group request sent to the user's messages that sends link to the chat and leaves him/her the choice to join or not. If a person wants to leave a chat, he/she shouldn't be virtually chased down and dragged back in. Please fix this!

Not and Scams. Sadly an app with the potential of being a wonderful Reddit competitor, yet it falls short by allowing scammers and bots flood it’s platform with no precautionary measures and regulations to keep them out. As well as people losing thousands of dollars by a simple DM. Other than that, getting your account locked because someone either accidentally reports you, when you warn of scams then blocks you from a chat causes Telegram bots to lock your account. If someone decides to just hit the report or ban button, you don’t get any say so, it’s bias and without a warning or background check on what has been reported. Bots high quantity over quality is not the way to go. Help the users security better, make sure these accounts are not scammers, regulate power hungry mods/admins. This is coming from someone with REAL law enforcement experience.

Stop using other messengers immediately!!. Telegram is simply the best messaging app out there! With its 5-star features, you won't be disappointed. I especially love the option to send short video messages-it's the perfect way to share moments with friends without cluttering up my phone's storage. And speaking of storage, Telegram doubles as a cloud storage for all your files, making it a one-stop-shop for all your communication needs. The visuals are stunning and the app is intuitive to use. But it's not just for personal use - Telegram is a game-changer for businesses too, with so many useful tools and features to help teams collaborate and stay organized

Could be better. Hi, This is really one of the best social app i have ever used, there is one issue about notifications, i have a group and i convert it to super one, now i have 320 members, all the admins including me can’t receive any notification at all till i or them open the group then all the new messages will appears , this is actually not good for us as admins so this means i should open the chat to see if there is someone write something!! I tried to mute the group then unmute it, also try to reset all settings in iPhone, also I tried another telegram apps in App store, same issue still exist for all the admins. BTW some of the admins have their own groups and they told me we don’t have issues in other groups that we created it or we joined it.

Please solve this. I’m a big fan of Telegram , I use it everyday for nearly 9-12 hours,, and it’s really the greatest app ever but there’s something really bothering me which is each time someone join the app I get notification and a conversation came up! and I just can’t turn this off 😢 If we want to start a conversation with someone then we can just choose them , but it really bothers when conversations just started just because they joined the app ! and you’ll have to delete the empty conversation to keep your important ones up ! Please add settings to turn this off for those who want to Regards,

Great to keep conversation history but annoying to upload videos. I love that it keeps the history of your conversation even if you switch devices. Not like Viber where you could loose everything. What’s annoying is that if you send multiple videos you have to keep watching so that your screen does not turn off and you can switch to another app otherwise all the batch of files will fail even if only one video did not finish uploading. If we compare it to Viber, I like how in Viber you can swipe on the message to reply to it. In telegram, you have to tap and hold. Would be great to see this enhancement in telegram as well

About its encryption!!!. For all of you wondering why does telegram offers end-to-end encryption when only secret chat is enabled, its false there’s a default end-to-end encryption in every chat. The secret chat provides client-to-client encryption which means ur data is encrypted and is not stored in telegram servers in any way but in end-to-end ur data is stored with encryption which will enable you to access ur chat when u change ur device or log in again so that u don’t lose your data just like every other chat app. In my opinion its the best social media app that respects its users privacy and a real game changer.🔥🔥

Bluetooth Typing Glitch. I love telegram and have used it for years, but one problem that was been very annoying for the last 6-12 months since I have really started to use it on the iPad is that while typing in Telegram on a Bluetooth keyboard or Apple keyboard, the typing is very laggy and buggy. After a sentence or two is typed, it really starts to slow down and also makes more typing errors. It’s like it cant keep up. I was hoping an update would solve this, but many updates have gone through and nothing. I do not have this issue on any other app besides Telegram. It almost makes it not worth it to even type a message out on Telegram it is so bad. Please address Telegram! This should be a simple fix! Telegram is great besides this and fits all of what I want in a messaging app!

Love it but there’s a bug. I’ve been using this app for years now! It’s terrific, easy to learn and its so fun searching for the perfect sticker pack or you can make one of your very own! But if you want to chat with your friends using a wireless keyboard there’s a delay when typing, sometimes it misses what you wanted to write entirely. A good example of this small issue while using the app; lets just say you want to write the word, ‘Because’ and if you know how to type you’re in trouble. The app would miss words in between you’ll end up with something like “becue” and it happens a lot. This never happened before but its starting to become a problem now because sometimes I’ll end up with nothing!

No Real tech support.. I recently was asked to download this for a job in order to be able to communicate with those at the job. Personally I prefer teams but this particular corporation prefers telegram.I have sent an email no less than about 4 times to ask for help with an issue I was having with the app. In fact some help unlocking my account since my account got locked because I had tried one too many times to login. I have received no help therefore I can’t work because I can’t talk to the people that I work with via the app. They should have more than one way to login or to recover your account if needed.I find it very disappointing to have no response to at least one of my emails. Even if they were to have a phone number you can call and get some help would be great but they don’t have that or that I found.

Major Complaint. Sometime recently Telegram has made it impossible for me to add any new friends without allowing access to my contacts. I DO NOT WANT TO!!! I actually tried allowing it when I first started using the app. However, it was telling me friends had accounts, but it wasn't true. New people had the phone number perhaps. I use Telegram to contact gaming friends. I do not want to use it for anyone else. I contacted the volunteer support. They told me to tap the plus sign. They did not address my issue with the app constantly asking for (demanding) access to my contacts before it will let me add a new friend, even though I wrote back to emphasize that is my problem. I want to know whether this is a glitch or a new requirement. Since I don't like being strong-armed it could mean I can no longer use it.

New channels issue. I have been using telegram for almost 2 years, but there is an issue when I join new channels they don’t show up in the menu of chats, or in the folders menu, I only have to search them by name which is not really practical because when I forget the name the channel will be lost to me and I can never access to it and see the content. Also there is another problem which is the limit of channels and groups that each person can join, I see that this feature is useless, you can’t control the number or choices of channels that people can join, and people cannot delete their older channels just to join new ones, I hope you delete this feature and make the number unlimited or at least increase it. I hope you will fix that problem, thank you.

Change the update of deleting the whole chat for both sides. Telegram is literally the only app I use everyday and every hour. It’s so great and useful. But I wanted to ask if you can reconsider on the option that a person can delete the chat for both sides.. everyone has important chats and the other person may be deleting the chat to delete evidence or just to annoy the other person so please just change this back to the way it was, it’s a nightmare thinking the chats you like to read over and over be deleted just because you have a fight with someone or any other stupid reason

the best app. it’s literaly not one of the best communicating apps but THE BEST communicating app I almost do my everything with it . calls, messaging ,sending docs and photos , downloading and listening to music ,even downloading movies or reading books from some amazing channels . some even do online bussines with telegram. and it’s so pittiful that my country’s government has banned this app and we have to use vpn ti connect or even it’s happened that we can’t use it for some days . if you could do sth to solve this problem of ours ,it could be lifesaving and a good slap in our politician’s faces😂 thank u thank u thank u for your amazing flawless app❤️

Best App. This is my BEST APP so far!! I love how fast it is, and hod’s much information it gives. Things such as when a person is online, when a person was last seen, and when something had been delivered and read. It also gives you the chance to delete something you regret, or didn’t mean to send. The sticker sets are free and fun, and I much prefer them to emojis. You can make your OWN profile, so that you can choose what picture others see, and what name. I don’t really have any feedback, or anything to fix, but I think it would be cool if you could change font and colors on the app, instead of downloading an entirely new app. Overall, this is an amazing, secure app.

Too much app issues related to calls. Too many bugs that need to be fixed. The call will not get connected. The voice gets lost and either side can’t hear each other. It happens all my phones. I use the latest iPhone, so I think the problem is not on the phone but in the app. every single time I call my parents through a video call I can only talk just couple of minutes and I can’t hear anything. If I’m talking with someone on the regular phone and I receive a call from Telegram and I hit answer I can’t hear anything. every single time when I’m talking with someone I receive a notification that call has ended but still continues the call without voice. After I upgraded my phone to the latest iOS it started freezing. I can’t touch any button I can only swipe to telegram and exit the app, but I can’t enter to Telegram for another minute.

Awesome app.. Worth getting to replace any IM you have had in the past. Simple and easy to use, regular, group, and secret chats, free stickers and the option to add your own, an audio player, completely free, and easy and large file sharing. Worth getting. Although, after this recent update, .WAV file playback of previously downloaded audio is not working. As a music artist, I tend to send others and myself the music I have made in this format as its high quality and I can play it wherever I am even without a internet connection. The player that used to open on .WAV files I assume has been switched for the player that plays .MP3 files. It does not play the .WAV files I had downloaded.

i dont usually leave reviews for apps but.... i dont usually leave reviews for apps but.... telegram is by far the BEST messaging app EVER! there’s no limit on file size to be sent, you can start polls, create your own sticker pack easily and you dont need your phone around to access your chats after the first time you log in (this is really my favorite part- especially when i forget my entire phone at home, as long as i still have my laptop with telegram pre-logged in ill be able to function. ALSO, SECRET CHATS! and theres so many special customizable features for telegram that you wonder why anyone uses any other messaging app in the first place!

Great privacy app with lots of options. After many of my favorite political social media personalities were deleted from Twitter and Facebook I decided to try out telegram. A few years ago I would say this app was fairly dead,However in 2021 there is so much content it’s insane. Telegram is my number 1 news app. It’s nice having all of your liked pages in a streamlined top down order . I also like how you can individually turn off notifications for all or individual pages you like. The private messaging is cool as well . Unlike Facebook and Twitter telegram is supposed to not sell your data to third parties. I’d highly recommend telegram at the moment 👏

Fantastic. Factional morning my friend who has been a big girl in my past life is the most important things I’ve seen for her to be with you and you have never seen a person like me in the world and I wanna life would be more than life I love and love the fact allowing my hair for him and very long for Just it to become options so we could have seen the way I do it and it looks really cool to see the difference between a two year deal with you and the girls and the kids and the boys and the other people’s lives in their World Wide Web think they want me and my young ones people who have different styles for them.

fave.. I use telegram with my friends for our group chat over iMessage. there are a few critical features that make it much more of a user-friendly platform for heavy discussion groups. i love the “reply” feature. additionally, the search feature is unmatched; as long as you can remember even one of the unique words in a thought, you can locate the message. also the way the app sorts shared media into groups is extremely helpful. i heavily use the saved messages feature (the messages you share with yourself). last but not least, the fact that this platform is accessible on so many mediums, makes it easy to share thoughts and ideas across devices.

Remote Job offer Scam!! PoleHuggerMusic. If anyone stumbles upon an indeed job listing for “polehuggermusic” which is a mic stand accessory company and they ask you to have an interview on this app, it is 100% a scam. They asked for my social and license to be emailed to a gmail account by the name of Justin Howard. The whole interview was through this app only texting and at the end of answering a few questions they said “you’re hired!” Please send your personal information to this email. He said in the beginning I could ask questions at the end, so I proceeded to do so. After over an hour with no response I followed up on my questions in which he responded “what do you want?” I said if he could kindly answer my questions and he responded with “well you can decline the job offer! Thank you!”. This is the biggest scam if I’ve ever seen one so please anyone looking to get employed by this company- ITS A SCAM!! thank you.

Apple stop blocking Telegram updates!!!. From Telegra creators Unfortunately, some Telegram features, such as stickers, don’t work correctly under iOS 11.4 that was just released – even though we fixed this issue weeks ago. Apple has been preventing Telegram from updating its iOS apps globally ever since the Russian authorities ordered Apple to remove Telegram from the App Store. Russia banned Telegram on its territory in April because we refused to provide decryption keys for all our users’ communications to Russia’s security agencies. We believe we did the only possible thing, preserving the right of our users to privacy in a troubled country. Unfortunately, Apple didn’t side with us. While Russia makes up only 7% of Telegram’s userbase, Apple is restricting updates for all Telegram users around the world since mid-April. As a result, we’ve also been unable to fully comply with GDPR for our EU-users by the deadline of May 25, 2018. We are continuing our efforts to resolve the situation and will keep you updated. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Customizing your data & memory space. I’ve been using telegram a long time ago, but this year I started using it more, I realize that whenever your capacity is overloaded you cannot delete the files & pictures you want, you must go to settings & wait & wait until you get board without having any option except reducing the size of the memory capacity, I have a lot of pictures that I would like to delete without deleting important files. Hope the developer can do something about this issue & set an option that you can delete the file you want without deleting the important files that you need

Beware! Scam Alert!. Do Not, I Repeat Do Not download or have anything to do with this scam APP! This app has tried multiple attempts (at least 20) to take money out of my account without my permission, I never downloaded anything from the app, they are still trying to take out money but I had them blocked they successfully took out 2 attempts and I would like my money back! You can not find any customer service with this app, no number no living person no nothing! I have never In all my years had this happen to me and it just starts with this app (Telegram premium) someone from this app needs to get in touch with me ASAP! This is thrift and I will look for legal advice over this! I Repeat Stay Away From This App if you value your money because they will scam you and empty your bank account! I have receipts to prove it!

Good but needs improvements. I like the App, it has a lot of features, but couple of things are missing compare to other Apps: 1) Group video calls. 2) Using system contacts photos, Signal App uses this feature and it’s great, makes it easier to find contacts specially for those who don’t use photos in their profiles or use random ones, so let the App uses my own contacts photo! Bugs need to be fixed: 1) notifications don’t work properly, sometimes you get the message previews on lock screen and sometimes nothing. 2) in group chats sometimes it doesn’t say who sent the message or media, no name tag shows. And I think you should add the senders name on every single message, not just the last one! It’s really annoying and confusing trying to figure out who sent what! Thanks

App not working. Im only making this 5 stars because for the most part telegram has been my favorite messenger app for over a year now. Today I encountered a bug that won't let me send or receive calls or messages. All messages I attempted to send out have the red "!" next to them, and at the top of the screen it has a loading sign with the word "updating". The app basically hung. I deleted the app and re downloaded it but when I plugged in my number it says I don't have wifi. I obviously have wifi because I am posting this right now. I hope there will be some way that I can retrieve my account, together with all my messages and photos.

*Work out the kinks*. This messaging app to me is a new and more better then Kik. Not trying to diss any app developers but telegram is at a level where simply anyone can understand. I was informed that this app has been around for sometime, and I’m just starting to hear about it. It has it’s highs and lows, let’s start with the lows when first accessing the app there’s a need of your phone number. Basic requirement, but I’ve started having problems with in an hour or so of using the app it starts popping up back to the beginning when I first entered my number. Not realizing that it has a limited amount of chances get back into app, was locked out for about 24 Hours. I hope this problem gets passed quickly and painlessly.

The Imbeciles at Apple Need to Stop Censoring Channels. Apple needs to stop censoring channels on this app. Bizarre degenerates such as Tim “Rim” Cook have no right as to what apps I should be allowed to download or how I use them on the phone that I have bought and paid for. Such a thing is patently ridiculous and anti-consumer. Anyone who says something as low-IQ as “muh private company” is simply a boot licker, sycophant, and mentally stunted individual of indeterminate gender identity who should consider self-dispatching. Apple, do what’s right for your customers and immediately discontinue and reverse the practice of censoring Telegram channels because they don’t conform to the idiotic politics of the 400 pound flaming hair creatures that staff your HR department.

Has Great Potential. I love the custom ability of this app. The stickers are very well animated and vibrant too. I love the idea of having a safe app to chat to my friends with, although the only issue I can say is that I miss having the react feature that Messenger provides. Sure, I can send memes and stuff but I don’t really want to have to reply to every meme I receive when I can just click a button instead. I am 100% considering deleting Facebook messenger if you guys choose to hopefully update Telegram to have similar features, because I really love it. Just needs a few touches in my opinion and it will be perfect! You guys are doing a great job.

Smooth, but keyboard issues. I’ve loved and used telegram for the past few years and have convinced my friends to all convert to the client. It does everything we need and I’d never consider switching. However! I’ve recently gotten a 7th gen iPad with the keyboard case attachment, and for some reason, using the keyboard in Telegram is disastrous. Words will delete themselves and the text cursor will back up as if another force is trying to move it, meaning my messages are full of missing words and typed over mistakes. It’s frustrating, but not constant; it comes and goes. Unfortunately, it happens a little to much for my tastes. I’ll continue to use telegram, absolutely, just maybe less on this device in particular.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 9.6.6
Play Store ph.telegra.Telegraph
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Telegram Messenger (Versiyon 9.6.6) Install & Download

The application Telegram Messenger was published in the category Social Networking on 14 August 2013, Wednesday and was developed by Telegram FZ-LLC [Developer ID: 686450210]. This program file size is 137.43 MB. This app has been rated by 162,556 users and has a rating of 4.1 out of 5. Telegram Messenger - Social Networking app posted on 27 July 2023, Thursday current version is 9.6.6 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: ph.telegra.Telegraph. Languages supported by the app:

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