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BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

Bigo Live allows you to live-stream your favorite moments, and make friends from all around the world. We enable people to showcase their talent, discover, and stay connected in a positive, healthy, and creative way.

We have over 300 million users around the world. Say no to FOMO, share your life, gain fans, receive gifts, make friends and live in the moment. Bigo Live is a new way to experience life.

--Why Bigo Live?--

Sing? Dance? Have any hidden talents? - Show off your talents.
Get followers, gain fans, receive gifts, make friends and become an idol to many.

We have an active community, and millions of talented broadcasters, dancers, singers, foodies, comedians, and more. Your favorite moment is here.

- Invite a friend to start a 1:1 video chat.
- Create a group video chat or video call with up to 9 people in our Multi-guest Room.
- No more boredom. Want to make friends or meet new people? Bigo Live can match you with locals around you or with people from all around the globe.
- We bring the fun. Check out our video filters and our unique stickers! We have tons of cool filters to choose from. Level it up!

- Talk in real time with people nearby or from all over the world
- Make use of our live voice chat with interactive voice emojis to have fun.
- Talk about life, sing along, or simply chat in different languages with people from all around the globe.

Remember PK? Same. It’s time to dare your friends on BIGO LIVE! - Broadcasters with the most points will win, and losers will be punished. Dare or not? ;)

* VLOG (Video Blog)
Share your life, show off your talents, and become a popular vlog star in BIGO LIVE.

Connect, stream or watch other’s live-streaming popular games, such as PUBG, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, GTA, Fortnite, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Rules of Survival and more.

Instagram: @bigoliveapp / @bigolive.usa
Facebook: @bigoliveapp
Twitter: @bigoliveapp
Instagram: @bigoliveapp

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BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Now you can team up with 4-10 other users for a more dynamic experience, with the option of forming your own group with friends or having Bigo Live set you up with a team. You can also now add tags to your profile to instantly showcase your interests and personality. And finally, we've made it easier than ever to understand what gifts your favorite broadcasters love most so you can show your appreciation and become a wish guardian!

BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live Comments & Reviews

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- The new ways giving diamonds (gift)

The news ways giving gift (Diamonds) to bigoes seem bit hard and complicated, I was trying to slide but sometimes accidentally press a big amout of gifts that I didn't wish to send, last time we need to choice then press the "send" to send give but now the news one we just need press the gift and then they received the diamond, the problem here was a lot of my friends complained the news ways giving gift also , last time i was like wanna slide to the left but again accidentally press a big amount of gift that I didn't wish too🙁 hope it fixed

- they spying on you 24/7

It’s right even after you delete the app they don’t give you an option to delete your account and yes they do spy 24/7 major privacy issues but of course Apple or BIGO heads don’t care because it’s all about the money -5 stars for me so if you like your privacy this app is for you another thing watch your charges because the are known for double charging and charging and not giving you your beans all I want is them off my nuts if you want to see the unit then pay up creeps or disappear bye Felicia BIGO admins are the biggest offenders the only reason I still use the app is to annoy them keep spying your going to regret it that’s a promise lops watch the bot respond with the same stupid message it has about everyone’s reviews I’m about to turn it up on them your not going to like what’s in store you asked for it any five star reviews is written by their staff better work on covering your tracks a little better hypothetic’s can’t even follow their own rules and guidelines so neither will I by the way you should stop doing that I can see you hahahahahahahah They really gonna hate me after my big surprise I have had waiting for them they will see just a heads up can’t say I didn’t tell you.

- If you’re looking for consistency and professionalism run

If you’re looking for something that as well operated and maintains professionalism this is not the app for you. The app participates in heavy nepotism. Long story short if you’re not spending thousands of dollars into the app then they don’t care about you. It’s a huge hierarchy as far as who is taken care of and given information first. I can literally apply for the same opportunity as another person and meet all the qualifications and just because I don’t spend as much money I will not be paid attention to. The new admin do not communicate with anybody and just ignore the family leaders. I was hoping that this new team would be a lot more helpful with some of the problems we face on the app but to be honest it’s radio silence since they started. Events are not receiving war rewards by the large because nobody is bothering to actually update the PK changes in the system. Because once again they do not reply to or who knows even really check the chats that they have with leaders. To put it lightly if you’re not making a spectacle out of yourself or spending your whole pocket out they don’t care about you here as operators of the app and admin.

- Tons of advertising

I really wish that bigo would work like how they did in 2017, today the app is trying very hard to sell itself using allot of soft porn and advertising in the app making it very annoying when trying to browse around. The interface is base off of sending beans everytime to people you do not know and instead of protecting the user from bots and other users such as soft porn and nudity it's pushed in your face. Users that has a certain rank of fans and beans it's OK for them to go nude and soft porn bigo does not take this very seriously at all. Most of the girls does the same thing sell there bodies virtually, no matter how much you report them nothing will be done. This app should be rates as adult only for its contents. But do be ware the more beans and fans a user has its better they will sell bigo app so it will not stop. Now it's possible to be able to delete your account something that's over due. The app should have filters to stop nudity or separate that from the people that's actually trying to show there true talents. If your looking for a clean app this is not it. It's only getting worse and worse.

- Account scam

I think it’s bs they don’t have an option to delete your account if you sign up. I curiously went through an app link and installed the app it creepily automatically made an account for me and then before I new it I was overwhelmed with other followers and bots before I could even show a bio of my individuality! It was too much for me so I tried to find out how to delete the account I started but the system said they don’t have that option from the feedback, but I could clear the account info and just leave it....which is unsettling! Considering how easily it is to get hacked on this app so I just changed the information instead and then deleted the app off my phone. Still though feels violating that I have a floating account that links to my google account and I can’t delete it. This is the only way I can actually hopefully get the service to delete my account link. Especially without any consent knowing I got into it without knowing I can’t delete it after making an account seems like a way to scam the number of members into their system. Please assist me with this I feel uncomfortable with this app!

- This is pretty much an adult app

The app is great! 90% of the people on here are horrible! You pretty much have people showing body parts and not getting banned, people trying to get people to send money then they kick and block you as soon as you talk again! This app could be great if they didn’t promote half naked girls with there body parts falling out to make money! It also seems like they let things slide when the person makes them money! Apple should probably remove this app if not for the material then for the streaming of copyrighted PPV’s that the mods just let happen! I have meant a few really awesome people that really enjoy conversations but they dont make the developers money because they refuse to dress in less and shake their body parts around! This app is attracting the wrong crowd of people that are viewing and are only there to ask people to show them things! No matter how many times you report them they are still there asking for things!! Bigo needs to start steering away from half naked people and put more effort into helping the true streamers that want meaningful conversations succeed!

- I loved BIGO!!

I’ve got so much love and support It’s crazy that I’ve got so much love and support from people who watch me on bigo live, it’s a fun app. Brings smiles and laughs sometimes tears, gives confidence and I never thought I could ever get of the lack of confidence, until bigo live changed it . I’m thankful for bigol live. Bigo live is an amazing app, so many cultures, trends, races, and it’s awesome how it makes them interact with each other! Something we need today. I never thought I would enjoy bigo live this much! Bigo live is an app I probably won’t get off of, it’s a way of expressing your talent, creativity and passion! I have over 17k in followers and it's a fun way to pass the time for me. I found it is a great success for me as I am now famous on both tik tok and bigo live! And I tried the Beta version and it was an awesome beta! Easy access and better quality! With many thanks 😊🌷

- Just another Live Streaming app😒

You will meet different types of people on here. The fakes are easy to spot for me. I got a message from Bigo saying one of my pictures was reported for some class A violation. Idk who reads all the rules and guidelines these days because they’re always so long but I’ve never heard of it. I just like to join Live’s and support the real people who entertain me or appear pretty chill; if that makes sense. If you want to join a family, make sure you meet the requirements such as location. I found out around two weeks ago that if you live outside the US then you can’t join an American family. However, there is something on Bigo called VIP points that you can use to pay Bigo to let someone in from outside the region. I recently downloaded LiveMe but there’s so many users who don’t even speak English on there. I have yet to figure out if there’s a way to change that. If I could go back to Bigo; I would hope that the people whom I’ve blocked don’t try to start drama with me because it’s a waste of their life to try and ruin mine.


Okay, don't get me wrong, BIGO is literally one of my favorite apps. It's my absolute favorite broadcasting app and ever since I became an official host I've only loved it more. But there's one issue that is driving me crazy. So, when I became a host I went onto my profile and for my career I put "Official BIGO Host" and it worked. Then I noticed about a week later it was gone. So I filled it in again but it said my input had "inappropriate content". I put "Official Host" instead and it said the same thing. I put "Host" and it still said the same thing. I see broadcasters/hosts all over the app and their career says the exact same thing. I figured it must just be a bug/glitch in the app. I recently updated it but I'm still having the issue and it's driving me mad. I'd really appreciate it if you could look into it.

- The number 1 social broadcast/live streaming app

So who wouldn’t love an app that allows you from the comfort of your home to interact with people. I have so many friends abroad it makes me feel like a world traveler. Great things about the app is you have the ability to translate real time a foreign language. The audio live allows you to feel like you are in a live podcast/radio station that is interactive. The community is unique in a way where there are many demographics of people from all walks of life . There is literally a space/place for everyone. Want to see people cooking ,they have it ! Want to hear an undiscovered singer/songwriter ? They have it ! The list goes on . Or just meet people around the world and make friends / network and enjoy! The world of bigo ! What are you waiting for download it !!!

- this app is not for scary people so please stay away

To get the best place make please get to know people for a year first. Please be aware that it 2 different types of host won't this app A paid host and just go live yes it is possible to be a paid host but your success depends on the connection on the app. To be a paid host you must get (((40k ))) in Bigo gift every month 👉🔈AFTER 📢👈the first 60 days. If you get on this app place be aware that it's a lot of people that will block you if you do not have a name and some type of pictures on your account. If you just plan to use this app just for fun & conversation for the most part you should have no issue and it would be quite fun. Please also be aware that this app works off connections how u build with people. So if u plan to be a bad host take a year or more to build up followers and get to know the app. Also don’t just hop on anybody’s panel this is a easy way to get blocked it’s very irritating to the other viewers that have built up a relationship with that person.

- Customer service needs to step up

We spend so much money into this app and what do we get instead is the slowest customer service than the local dmv in our area! You will only get fast replies if we achieve the svip requirements for one month and let’s say we don’t have it the next month we have to email them at the feedback and they almost never reply or when they reply it’s mostly unrelated to the topic/issue or they will be forwarding you to another department, another thing I dislike the most is how different region have some svip features and some don’t!? We are in US why can’t we have the same features as other countries when they have what we have and they have probably more features than us! Really really disappointed in the customer service! Would not recommend spending even 1 cent on this app! All they care about it the purchases and how much money we spend that’s all! If you guys are getting our money we should be getting the service as well!


Nobody is monitoring the reports!!! Anyone can report anyone for anything and everything and get you kicked off or banned out of jealousy or just for the fun of it. Girls can wear a snow suit and only their nose showing and get banned for pornography. “Oh your pretty, report. Oh you have a lot of beans, report. Oh your competition, report. I don’t like your hair color, report. You’re wearing too much clothing, report. I don’t like your music, report. You didn’t say hi to me, report. I’m gonna go report everybody so more viewers for me, report. I’m jealous and insecure, report”. People are getting banned for nothing!!! There needs to be proof of these reports and the reports getting checked before banning innocent people over and over again for NOTHING! This is how you lose customers and audiences. I’m over it. Many people I’ve talked to are over it. Its not fun anymore. I’m just waiting for someone else to make a better app with proper monitoring and so are plenty of the popular Bigo people that are getting banned for basically just breathing. RIP BIGO


I ha downloaded this app and when I was on it I was getting messages of people asking for my cashapp account and I say the next two day’s I get on safari to look up something and it said the iPhone has been hacked and it scared me so I just reseted my phone cause if you reset you phone it’s say that the scammers will not longer have access to you phone and I think that Apple should get rid of this app cause they just scamming people and hacking people’s phones so please telling everyone to not download this app cause they will steal your information and when you try to delete the your account it will not let you and I seen some other reviews that this app is mostly ran by bots so be careful don’t save any of you credit card information in your phone at all or nothing else that’s very important........................ so I repeat do not download this app people hope everyone read this review before y’all think about downloading this app and just to stay on the safe side

- Help Help Help Emaling y’all is not Working

I don’t know what is going on I have emailed and emailed and emailed no response my account was hacked the first two weeks I was on here 238 beans and 2168 diamonds disappeared from my account no one has contacted me yet I have several screenshots of the I.d. # that hacked me I emailed those to y’all also that’s one issue........ Over Charging This app has been over charging my bank account and taking my money and not giving me my diamonds then when I requested a refund y’all declined it knowing y’all didn’t give me my diamonds I have several $1.09 unauthorized charges on my account from this app I also converted 800 beans over for diamonds twice in one night and never received the first set of diamonds... Can Some One Please Contact Me back emailing is not working I just want all my over charged back and my missing diamonds and beans I enjoy the app but I can’t continue to go forward till these issues are resolved I have spent a lot of money on this app over $500 the way to do it is to make sure your costumers who contributing to this app are well taking care of I just wants what belongs to me so I can finish enjoying the app I can’t enjoy it if y’all taking my money P.S Is there a contact number I can call? Thank’s advance 🤦🏾‍♀️... Responding to Travis i been emailed everything y’all app requested me to do in your policy and still no help I need to talk to some seriously are im going to take legal action

- No respect for talent or itself

Bigo recruited me to be a contracted broadcaster for the app. I’m a musician and singer and put on quality broadcasts on the app. In my second month working with them I hit the targeted 30hrs according to the time log within the app. They pay contracted broadcasters a base salary plus bonuses depending how many gifts you receive. Well, when it came time to pay me for the 2nd month they only paid me 1/2 the salary saying that I hadn’t met my hours. The agent I was working with went in to check and found out that I was 17 seconds short of a full 30hrs. I want to mention here that anytime you go over 2hrs in a broadcast day it doesn’t count. And on numerous occasions that month I had broadcasted for longer than the 2hrs. My agent agreed with me that Bigo should still pay me in full especially since it still said on their time log that I had fulfilled the requirement and that’s what any normal person would go off of. Bigo refused and I think it’s terrible business to treat your talented broadcasters/employees like that. I worked hard to put on a quality broadcast - none of the cam girl bs that this app is now known for. It’s almost a year later since I wasn’t paid but this still sits so wrong with me that I had to share my experience and warn other talented content creators to stay away from Bigo. They don’t respect you or even their own platform and it’s data.

- Probably amazing for many.

So, I’m impressed with how relentlessly this app diversely seeks to cultivate engagement and interaction. I’ve never seen anything like it. In the few times I’ve tried using was SO MUCH going I found this app to be, by FAR, the most annoying app I’ve ever used or seen. This app sent me notifications WAY too often, interfering with games I was playing - I HATED that!!! Like, LEAVE ME ALONE!! Obviously, I can adjust my notifications and did. When using the app, it’s like, here, try this, try this, do you want to do this, do this, do this, here are some free whatevers - use them like this, do you want to use some whatevers now?, here are some more things, follow this person, this person says hello - do you want to follow them or send them something, etc, etc, etc!!! WOW - WAY too much!! To be fair, this app/service is probably a dream come true for certain tastes. I’d prefer to not leave any stars, because I don’t want to affect their rating. 3 stars is more than I really feel, but I might feel differently if I was accustomed to its carnival of stimuli and, as I said, I don’t think they really DESERVE a low score for being so over the top with engagement fodder. So, there’s my perspective. Not for me, but I’m impressed.

- Great App For Watching Live Streams

BIGO is great because it allows you to watch a variety of people stream interesting content and connect with people around the world. I downloaded BIGO because my friend became an official host and was streaming. What started as logging on to show support for my friend turned into BIGO becoming one of my new fave apps. It’s awesome because you can discover so many talented and interesting everyday people who stream. Sure there are some hosts there just for gifting and being a pretty face. But there are also a lot of entertaining people to watch who sing, dance, talk current events etc. Especially with quarantine it’s great being able to connect to a whole world through this app.

- Unban my account

Dear bigo , I have joined bigo less than 1 month and have already spent 2000$ supporting my favorite broadcaster . But some people with BiG ID’s when I defeat them in PK against my favorite broadcaster . They don’t like it and my ID keeps getting banned for no reason . I got banned this time for 72 hours I wasn’t even online . How is this fair ? If this was a American company and treated people such way . There was gonna be lots of law suits. I can’t wait for the feedback replies . It takes weeks for them to reply . I can’t wait 7 days if you please unban my account I will continue to support. I can’t unban myself now because I am waiting for my Svip points which I will receive next month . Thanks in advance Sam

- The most offensive app i ever downloaded.

I’ve never been so offended and disappointed by an application until now. When first discovered this app I was excited to try it I thought it seemed cool. I was wrong. I started a live one time and LITERALLY 5 seconds later i got kicked out from my own account and got PERMANENTLY BANNED ! I was sooo confused. I was dressed normally and I didn’t break any restrictions, I couldn’t have anyways it was only 5 SECONDS ! I really appreciate an app that is strict with its policies and restrictions and cares protecting it users. But THIS is outrageous, to get for “pornagraphic or inappropriate content” after only 5 SECOND of live streaming ( and i repeat i was dressed normally in my pjs, wasn’t revealing) doesn’t make sense and it is VERY offensive and INJUSTICE. I am very disappointed, i shall delete my account and never try this one again and i do not recommend it. Be careful of even smiling it could be inappropriate and gets you banned lol

- Unfair banned

I get they want bigo to be clean but they really need to come up with a set guidelines of what is allowed and what is not. They ban the wrong people the girls who dance but are fully dressed and not doing anything you couldnt see on cable tv but they will ban you. They ban hosts based off an ai system and its REALLY A MESS. Ever since yy took over its getting worse and worse. I have felt personally targeted on there for negative action on my account. I got banned by sit there and talk to my fans. All my fans know that and they feel pity in me. Not to mention they introduced vip points. Its a thing you spend A LOT of money and you can unban yourself or others, you can also ban others with them as well. Since they started that they just ban hosts so host keep spending money for their own protection. Minor offenses will lead to long term ban sometimes theyll ban you and say you did something you didnt do its getting so impossible to be a host on there.

- STOLE $390

HANDS DOWN THE WORST APP IVE EVER WORKED FOR. STOLE $390 FROM ME AND BANNED ME FOR TALKING ABOUT IT DURING A LIVE AFTER SIX MONTHS OF BEING ON CONTRACT WITH THEM. REPORT THIS APP TO THE APP STORE. Do NOT sign on to be a host with them. They take advantage of girls by convincing the to sign a host contract with them and then steal money from them while they have their hosts promote their scam app. Bigolive has recently implemented new guidelines that are blatant discrimination and sexism against the females that livestream on the app. The new rules states that, SPECIFICALLY ONLY WOMEN, are not allowed to wear: high wasted bottoms that accentuate their hips, bottoms that are low waisted, tops that reveal bra straps or cleavage at all, leggings that are solid skin colored, etc. They literally are demanding that the females on the app cover every single inch of their skin or they will ban them and keep all their earnings. The ONLY rule regarding attire for men is that they cannot be bare chested. Every new rule is specifically aimed towards women and is blatantly discriminatory and sexist.

- This App is Amazing

I have been on this app for close to a year. And i absolutely enjoy every aspect of it. It’s a good way to meet people and everyone i meet is super nice and chill. This app is a good way to pass time and I love the people i’ve met. I have never had a bond the way i have with some people on here. My family is super supportive and I wouldn’t change much on here. People complain about the app becasue they don’t understand how the app works. they get on for ONE day and then hate it. get to know the people and actually be chill. some people come in and start complaining then get kicked. So all in all, this app is super amazing. And i love everything about it.

- Banned first day for making broccoli

I have heard good things , I thought maybe it would be a good thing to try out . I was live for 45 seconds putting broccoli “food” in a pot . They said I violated terms and permanently banned me from the app , ignored all of my appeals . Now listen , of course I saw the absolute violations taking place all over bigo . Every room was pornographic talk of sexual inter course , racism and hatred spewed almost everywhere . Women dressed super provocative which is not an issue , but BIGO can literally terminate you if they don’t like your face and say you “violated” guidelines . That is what happened to me in 45 seconds , a permanent ban , for cooking broccoli. The most innocent stream , meanwhile you hear super charged sexually abusive language in every room and none of them get a ban . Yes bigo is super discriminatory, maybe borderline racist . I’m really starting to think this now after being banned for cooking broccoli in 45 seconds

- ⚠️WARNING⚠️ do NOT download!!!!

One Star is being nice. For one of the many problems of this app, it promotes pornography. Second, it completely messed up my phone. It turned the screen green when I was in the app, and when I got done editing a video, my phone said I had a text and made the sound like someone was texting me, but it wouldn’t let me read it! I immediately deleted the app and then reset my phone. (After which I was able to read the text.) Nothing like that has happened since I deleted the app, so I am almost 100% positive that it was this app. Only download this app if you’re ok with your phone crashing and possibly being hacked! Oh, and seeing practically naked people! Again, one Star is being as nice as I could manage. If it let you rate it -1,000 stars I would. DO NOT DOWNLOAD! All it does is take up space on your phone and probably hacks it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Really Bigo?

I gave the app three stars because you can meet some great people on here, and have some fun. However, the constant display of favoritism and lack of accountability on Bigo’s side is ridiculous. I got banned for eating essentially. And then they banned me permanently and then they gave me my account back. Bigo will cater to girls who make them money, to people who will make them money. So if you are a smaller account, they can block you and not think twice about it. Bigo always says that they will pay more attention but they don’t. Girls continue to be half naked, just for beans. 🤷🏾‍♀️. But someone will be banned if they’re just chilling and talking. Bigo should do better. It also takes a long time to report anyone like kids or even the girls who shouldn’t be doing anything ..

- I don’t know about this one

I just recently joined the app got a hang of it I loved interacting virtually with other people but honestly it seems like every little thing I did I was getting banned for. here’s A couple of examples if my tank top was too low which I understand but I put a shirt over it yes I wasn’t wearing a bra but like you did not see any skin but somehow I was banned for that. Then it literally says my age in the settings an when you click on my name I tried too verify it with my actual ID but it wasn’t accepting my picture honestly this could be a Great app it has such potential but the Bigo officials or community acting like there someone’s parents don’t do this don’t do that automatic banned an it be over the smallest things. This App is for the Nuns😭😭god forbid if I shown my shoulders do I get a ban for that too 👅

- Mixed feelings

I was brought onto this app by a good friend online. I’ve easily got addicted to this and enjoyed it. I’ve met some wonderful people on here and it was well worth the download. However, there are a bunch of people who are just diamond and gift hungry and give so much attitude and disrespect to those who can’t or choose not to gift. Some won’t even talk to you until you gift even if you just want to chat and are respectful. I’ve been kicked or blocked by those people because I didn’t want to or couldn’t gift and some of those streamers really don’t deserve it. I reported and posted about them but no action. So my rating is average. Some great people who will be kind no matter what and then some not so great people who are just bad for the app.


BIGO has been one of the best choices I made its a great platform to meet ppl all across the world share information, share content and talents while getting paid. BIGO provides many opportunities for users to grow and becomes apart of your daily life ..... I literally encourage all my friends to join and trust the process.... it is a really cool place to be if you apply yourself, challenge yourself and apply by BIGO guidelines. I have been a user since July 2019 and still going I have started my own agency and continue to build a strong team.... I hope BIGO last for a very long time it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made BEFORE I GET OLD!

- Speaking from my own experience

I have been using this app for not too long because I don’t get on it very often only get on it because out of boredom. My experience being on this app I would have to say it’s not ideal. Pretty much every panel that you possibly go onto has drama involved into it. And say if you do want to have a conversation with other people it’s bare minimum.. mostly people who are on there are for work purposes.. I’m aware that you can get paid and receive benefits but seems to me it’s a lot to go into it. (If you have a lot of time). 90% of people on the app are very sensitive. Mostly some people do take a joke some do have a personality depends on the day. I honestly see this app as an downgraded version of Instagram.. everybody and their moms, dads, uncle, granddaddy or grandma is on this app. So don’t be surprised when you see something. Take this app with a gran- of salt.. it sounds like it has potential but once you get on you get bored out of it easily. Js. Maybe for help with beginners it would be nice to have a tutorial on how to work most functions on the app I mean of course common sense is given but it’s very overwhelming especially something I never used before.

- Makes Absolutely No Sense.

Bigo Bigo Makes Absolutely No Sense, They Say “Don’t Do Inappropriate Stuff” And The App Is Based On Doing Sex, Twerking Shaking Boobs. Etc, I Don’t Do Live! But I Watch Them And Cover My 2 Eyes, I Only Like Males They Don’t Do Any Of These Stuff. But Bigo Is Illegal I’m Pretty Sure People Are About To Sue, I’m Not Lying.. People Are Stupid, Racist, And Talking Ugly! I Cannot Stand People NAKED That’s Fricking Next Level On Inappropriateness, Now I’m Just Going To Post This On The Web So They Can Get More People Sued, I Don’t Care Though. But 1 Problem, They Made Likee! I’m Liking Likee More Than This Stupid App Because It Is Sh** I Mean People Are Disrespectful And Very Illegal I’m Seeing Comments Saying “Hey Cutie :)” Wanna Bang?” “Can I Have Your Number Sweetie” That’s Just The Most Dumbest Thing Anybody Can Say Like I’m Sure That’s Just Child Predators Acting Like 15 Years Old And Trying To Illegally Get Toe Pic’s Witch I Don’t Get But Can You Ban These People Developers Of Bigo?

- Disappointed

Im very upset I’ve had Bigo for over a year now and my account was banned class A for pornographic content I never get on my live and show anything like that nor do I twerk like they allow the rest of the whorish females to do bigo is very bias with whom they choose to ban they will let certain women get on and dance and dress in underwear and a bra and not ban them but let me or any colored female do that our account will be permanently banned im so angry that they banned me for something I never did I’ve been reported by haters and gotten banned for that as well it’s not right BIGO STOP ALLOWING CERTAIN PEOPLE TO GO AGAINST BIGO RULES AND THEN BANNING OTHERS FOR EITHER NO REASON OR BECAUSE RHEY ARENT A STAR lll or have 500k followers the rules should apply to everyone not just some smh i messaged you guys and no reply I want my account unbanned anyone who knows me on there knows I do not get on and show inappropriate things all I do is sing !!!

- Saved my life

Before coming across Bigo I was in a dark place in my life. I felt as if I did not fit in at all. So I started to have dark thoughts of ending my life. So one night I got on Bigo to act ridiculous. Instead I got to encounter a platform that is so different from the others. On this platform users care for one another. Administration is helpful. After spending some time on this app I have truly encountered some good individuals. I no longer feel out of place like I do not belong. I have found a platform that accepts me for me. So yes Bigo & the community of the platform saved my life. Just wanted to share my story. ❤️❤️❤️

- Nice app with few improvements needed

I have been using this app for about 3 years. It’s a nice app and connects people from different countries in a different way than other social media apps. However, I wish they add mic mute function to the Live stream just like they one in multi-guests or voice broadcast. This would help hosts to keep streaming while they receive a call on the other phone or need to respond to someone without having to interrupt the live broadcast. Also, please lower the cost of the gifts a little or reduce the experience points required to upgrade to the next level.

- Great app

I love this app! I started off using it just to get over social anxiety and share ideas to people all over the world. Bigo Live is a bridge between me and friends, and helping me overcome so many challenges and make new friends. Also, I’ve met some amazing Host and broadcasters. The community is unique in a way where there are many demographics of people from all walks of life. There is literally a space/place for everyone. Thanks very much! Also, I would recommend this to anybody who is an artist of any kind! If you want to be discovered and reach a large audience here’s the application for you.

- Wellllllllllll...,,,,,

I don’t understand how little people from NYC they are is like from everywhere else and went you do fine one is like they one some kind of credit card or gift card or money for there phone because if not they’re going to cut my phone and then I cannot talk to you no more and im really feeling you,I mean there’s not one who talked to you for a little until they ready to meet and then you could asked or what ever but meet first don’t send no kind of money or credit cards because you would never meet that person anyway I talking to one right now and have good vibes from her but now she wants a credit card what do ya think lol,just my luck, and then is like oh you don’t trust me, I haven’t met you yet I you seriously,I dont know no more this is like gambling...

- I’m obsessed!

This app is GENIUS. It is a huge win in America because of its level of entertainment. We have a sensual culture here in the USA, and BIGO provides an amazing balance when it comes to respecting all human rights by the way it operates. It is interactive, engaging and unites nations from all over the world! There is no nudity allowed, but people are free to love themselves and be an entertainer without worrying about their safety on the app. I can watch live streams on there for hours in amusement! My favorite part is how talented the hosts are. There are future superstars on this app without a doubt and BIGO is a great way of connecting & supporting them. Thank you for this app!

- No payment

I have been working for this app and have requested money and still haven’t receive my deposit. When I message them all they can say is keep waiting a tacted to not have to pay. They have no number for you to call so you have to message every day just for them to give you no proof your money has been sent. I have literally sent message after message I have gotten no where nor have I received my money almost a month now. So update not only am I still waiting on payment they have banned me for no reason for 3 days why they owe me money. I didn’t break any rules they say it’s because of nudity but I was fully dressed why a lot of there girls are naked. I’ve sent so many messages to have to be punished for nothing. That’s not right I’m to the point if your looking for an app this isn’t it.

- Good Streaming App But

I’m on the app for a year and lately getting discourage with the app. An example is that there is a daily check in and task that can be completed for coins. There is nothing to redeem these coins in for. You can spin a wheel for useless items. There is a coin store but for what I was told it having technically issues with it. I tried for weeks and kept getting no items are available. Another useless items are these puzzle pieces that received during daily activities. No one knows what do with these puzzle pieces, get enough of one kind and received what the puzzle picture is. Thus what we were told. Overall, it’s fun to meet new people and interactive with them.

- This app is one of the best broadcasting apps!!!

I’ve been on multiple apps, have had a huge amount of followers on another app but I decided to join this app to gain a new fan base that work well for me and was more convenient. This app will allow you to gain real cash that you can have, and you can meet great amazing people. Everyone’s friendly to talk to, you will really enjoy the new features on the app. Be respectful and wear nice clothing and the app it’s self will respect you as well as your follow viewers. I recommend this app 100% and wouldn’t go back to other streaming apps. -Littæykittæy♡

- Helping you reach a large audience!

When I first landed on this application I unaware of what live streaming with all about. I was able to quickly understand how to use the application and could see the benefit it would be able to make in my life. I took a little bit to get used to being in front of a camera but overall has been an awesome experience. I would recommend this to anybody who is an artist of any kind! If you want to be discovered and reach a large audience here’s the application for you.

- Good Idea / Badly Regulated

So BIGO is a social media platform for adults similar to TikTok etc. They claim to have all these rules, which they don’t follow. This app is basically used 75% of the time for pornographic reasons. Most hosts use this app to promote their private porn sites/snapchats. They claim to be against this but since these hosts are the ones who bring in the most viewers and get “gifted” the most they turn a blind eye to it. I don’t have an issue with this but don’t be fake about it. Also their exchange rate for gifts is about 70% this is how they make huge bank. Double standards for male and female hosts are rampant, and you can get banned for male to female cross dressing which leads me to believe they aren’t the most LGBT friendly app. BIGO stop with the double standards, and stop pretending like you aren’t catering to the adult industry. This app is not for kids y’all!

- Strangers knowing personal info

I’m very angry with the creators of this app because I previously had this app and only downloaded it again to leave this review, I went live on this app with my friend and many people requested to join the live and I accepted, mostly men showing the penises so I removed them immediately! A viewer then private messaged me after the live stream and said they would tell my mom about the live stream and I then said they didn’t know who my mother was, they than told me her full name, my full name, and my Facebook account, I did not mention anything about my mother, and I put a fake name for safety reasons, and I did not connect to Facebook, but this person knew this personal information that I didn’t mention ever. This app is very unsafe! I do NOT recommend!

- Is this run by amateurs?

Aside from a lot of positive vibes & friendly streamers. The App has ‘Admins or Moderators’ that kick & ban Clients with zero justification, cause, explanation... it’s pretty much ‘power tripping entities’ utilizing their only ‘power’ they’ll probably ever have... to cause stress & confusion. This inherently makes it difficult for broadcasting / streaming to be worthwhile, let alone benchmark what channels are popular... similar to having a party that everyone wants to go to, where the door people (bouncer) are kicking out VIP’s... it’s pretty absurd. That’s the reasoning for 1 out of 5 stars on the Review. If anyone else has experienced the ridiculousness of these ‘Admins & Moderators’ abusing their only authority position... feel free to post a less than great review as well. Have had to black ball two of the ‘power tripping entities’ already.

- Banned with 10 years on the device without no reason

So I just got banned for 10 year with my screen is my avatar, not the black screen, and did not do anything. And all of the sudden, I got banned the device for 10years which is like the ridiculous things ever. Now I can take all of my friend to a new live stream app just because this Bigo Live TV is even worse in policy restricted too. Those guy purchase the VIP point got more power than those guys who just want to drag more attention to the viewer???. Next time, think about policy changing before making any decision which may effect the customer right service. Sincerely and not recommend this app for live streaming. UPDATED: Just receive the message email from Bigo and still not provide any reason about why I got banned for 10 year. Also I heard from other user that you have to pay around couple of hundred dollar to get the account back. That will not worth for me and I will tell all of my friend and other user to go for another live stream app if this situation still happen. I will file a lawsuit if it necessary base on the amount of user got in this situation. Sincerely.

- A bunch of low life’s

While ‘‘tis is a good app, the majority of the people aren’t. I’ve conversed with a ton of women and most of them have either asked me for money to pay for something for them or want sex. It also had a couple people who tried scamming me. Seriously, what type of community is this? Too many low life’s who can’t afford to pay there own way and they use this platform to try to get weak men to hand them money. I’ve had a couple of good conversations from women who weren’t like that including one that I know is struggling right now with no job because of the virus. Even she has yet to ask for money. But everyone else has wanted money or sex. So I finally deleted. Wasn’t worth it. I wish you guys the best of luck with this community and I hope it turns around.

- Inappropriate and in fair

So I downloaded bingo live because I wanted to live stream drawings and all I was doing was drawing and I got kicked from the live because I was “two young" and yes I get wanting it protect kids from what others are doing but all I was doing was drawing and what you should be looking for is inappropriate. Messaging because right after I got kicked from the live This girl texted me a picture of and girl with no shirt on like why I automatic blocked her but still I got kicked from a live because I was “two young” and this girl was texting me a pick of boobs and she didn’t get in trouble because she was a member so should we really be kicking kids from this thing or should we start watching what adults are doing I am discussed and I really disappointed because of this

- Need to be able to earn more gifts Easley

Like watching videos or like doing stuff all the play store you are more diamonds that would be good to watch videos to earn diamonds the tires that we do is I’ll write you know inside out but is not enough for us to earn diamonds and send GIFs Apple for to watch videos to earn diamonds and Coins Great app but this is something kind a like that need to be done because it’s really lil boring Because I’m not able to send people gifts it’s a great app Hopefully y’all can make this happen

- Bigo needs to do better

Bigo’s rules and guidelines are GREAT!! The issue is people are getting banned for things they are not actually doing in camera . It’s very easy to get banned and they don’t have to have proof you done anything , I spend a lot of money on this app with no rewards , and in top of that everyone is scared to go live because you can get banned whether you are doing something bad are not , please do better and actually ban people for the right reasons and not just assuming they are doing something they aren’t AND have proof . And have better rewards for people that spend money VIP is not enough we need bean rebates and more points and more things we can do with our points .

- Chauvinistic Garbage

I was permanently banned for dancing with a complete outfit on- long shorts and a shirt. Account was banned for pornography.. Which is defined as recording people nude or having sex. Not surprising since it was created in a country where people are publicly beaten nearly to death for tossing gum on the street. When I contacted their customer service, I was given a ridiculous run around of copy and pasted messages with absolutely no redress for my situation. The men are pigs on this app and beg you to strip or fondle yourself, and when you don’t, they report you out of spite and then YOUR account gets permanently banned based on a puritanical, inconsistent and ridiculously enigmatic set of “PORNOGRAPHY PREVENTION” standards. Oh and they refused to compensate me the monetary value of all the beans I accrued. Useless app, useless staff and useless user base.

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- Great app! Mostly...

Love this app, always great fun until the occasional idiot comes on. Mostly I love coming back, but there are some people sending inappropriate messages and pictures. Of course this is to be expected since this app is so popular! To those who want to entertain people, I can’t recommend this app enough. Just expect that there will be the occasional knucklehead or two. 😊

- Greet

Great app I love this app! I started off using it just to get over social anxiety and share ideas to people all over the world. Bigo Live is a bridge between me and friends, and helping me overcome so many challenges and make new friends. Also, I’ve met some amazing Host and broadcasters. The community is unique in a way where there are many demographics of people from all walks of life. There is literally a space/place for everyone. Thanks very much! Also, I would recommend this to anybody who is an artist of any kind! If you want to be discovered and reach a large audience here’s the application for you.

- bigo

This app is one of the best broadcasting apps!!! I’ve been on multiple apps, have had a huge amount of followers on another app but I decided to join this app to gain a new fan base that work well for me and was more convenient. This app will allow you to gain real cash that you can have, and you can meet great amazing people. Everyone’s friendly to talk to, you will really enjoy the new features on the app. Be respectful and wear nice clothing and the app it’s self will respect you as well as your follow viewers. I recommend this app 100% and wouldn’t go back to other streaming apps.

- Review

This app is one of the best broadcasting apps!!! I’ve been on multiple apps, have had a huge amount of followers on another app but I decided to join this app to gain a new fan base that work well for me and was more convenient. This app will allow you to gain real cash that you can have, and you can meet great amazing people. Everyone’s friendly to talk to, you will really enjoy the new features on the app. Be respectful and wear nice clothing and the app it’s self will respect you as well as your follow viewers. I recommend this app 100% and wouldn’t go back to other streaming apps.

- Very reliable app

Have been using bigo for a year now, this app is awesome and has great business opportunities for those who have talents. Streaming and earning money couldn’t be easier anywhere else. I would highly recommend this app to everyone. Get to know people around the world from the comfort of your own home. Become a host and earn easy money. Want to turn a good time into a lot of money? This is the app for you. And the ANZ management team is AMAZING ! Especially Sandy .

- Makes money from Lonely weirdos!

- This app is based on gifting economy from lonely men mostly. - App is based in Asia and has an Asian style of management. -Rules are applied arbitrarily and fairness is least of their priorities. There don’t have an universal law that you can refer to .The laws and policies are created on the spot and they apply the policies randomly. The policies that they have published are not clear . They made that unclear on purpose so they can be tyrannical and fully control the users. You could get banned for the the same reason while other won’t . So you are basically at their mercy. If they don’t like you , you get banned . When you send them an email they will reply in bad English with no proper explanation. - 2 stars because the videos are clear and on the tech side of things it’s not too bad. - good to make friends but overtime you get bored as it’s not real and can never replace real life socialising. You feel and look more miserable when using this app.

- An amazing app

This app has really made a difference to many people i know. Transformed a lot of people, by allowing connection, team work, love, self expression, joy, fun and laughter! I am so glad that i have come across this app as i meet so many people. Make a great bunch of friends who i call my good friends! Thanks Bigo for making it be so easy to connect to people around the world!

- Love Bigo

This App is Amazing I have been on this app for close to a year. And iabsolutely enjoy every aspect of it. It’s a good way to meet people and everyone i meet is super nice and chill. This app is a good way to pass time and I love the people i’ve met. I have never had a bond the way i have with some people on here. My family is super supportive and I wouldn’t change much on here. People complain about the app becasue they don’t understand how the app works. they get on for ONE day and then hate it. get to know the people and actually be chill. some people come in and start complaining then get kicked. So all in all, this app is super amazing. And i love everything about it.

- Hate it

This app has changed my family so much, my mum is talking with other people while my dad doesent do anything.i am 8 and I don’t lik this bingo ad kitty app and she is messaging someone and hiding it from me, and people are saying nasty things like “call me” “sexy” “can we call”and it’s very heartbreaking my dad doesn’t know about it, sometimes she’s on her phone and I see she’s messaging someone and when I go near her she gets off messenger!our family had been breaking apart since this app came out and we were such a happy family back in 2014 until this app came out..

- Good app

Good app impossible to delete o delete button or email !! Terrible

- It needs to have a report button

I like this app it’s good, but it has some inappropriate girls and I would like to report them. If this had a report button it would be much easier than making a review over and over again.

- Good app, but a few knuckleheads

If you want to play music, chat, dance and date then this is a great app. But be careful of the inappropriate people on here. I’ve had numerous inappropriate pictures sent to me, all from men. I’ve been taunted, called names and asked for sexual favours. There are ALOT of inappropriate people, but there are also good people. There are some who are genuinely nice and actually do enjoy what you do. Though they are few and rare, they are around. So just be careful.

- Complains

Twirk central,app quite expensive. Progative dancing that doesn’t get banned practically in there bras and undies issues with content being presented flirtation and real dirty words with dirty talk some of the top charting braudcasters. When converting beans to Dimonds the rate that bigo takes out is way to high. The app needs to be updated and changed braudcasts freezing and no games on the I phones no ludo ect so people can atleast experience playing games on the app.

- Full of fakes

I downloaded this app to try while thinking it got legit profiles provided they do phone verification etc to validate. However what turns out is far from reality:- - There are enormous number of fake profiles on this app where the owner of profile is a man but acting as a beautiful sexy girl. They would demand to talk off the app e.g. hangout, whatsapp etc. They would then want to lure you into their acts so you can give them money. - Once you create profile on this app there’s no way to delete it permanently. Seems very insecure and dangerous in today’s time but looks like some newbie has developed this app who doesn’t care much about user experience - The features of the app and very confusing. It will take a while for you to get used to it - The only good thing I found is quality of video.

- Feedback system

It’s absolutely horrible! It doesn’t accept screenshots done through the iPhone itself because they are “over 2mb” and you can’t use the app to screenshot a great deal of things going on in the app The feedback doesn’t produce ticket numbers for you to refer to an earlier ticket you submitted The character limit is annoying as hell both on feedbacks and reply to feedbacks and you can only send 1 reply to a feedback which is also annoying and limiting

- Banned for no reason

Have been constantly using Bigo everyday livestreaming and then suddenly my account got banned saying I'm under 18 when I am 21 which states on my profile and even my Facebook which was linked to my Bigo account. Honestly find this so unprofessional because I am started to be really committed in using Bigo and actually having a stream schedule. And now I am banned for no reason. Emailed support but have gotten no reply.

- Inane conversations

I’m going on eighty three years old and I’m disabled suffering from Parkinson’s decease and congestive heart failure osteoarthritis I’m also wheelchair bound. I wanted to talk to someone more mature rather than giggling self adoring half dressed silly girls. If there was a choice to be able to talk to someone more elderly I would have probably stayed on. Another thing I don’t like having to pay for presents to get a response from them. So I’m going to delete the app.

- Bean rewards not accurate

I have joined BIGO for about 3 months and quite active participating. However, the bean reward is not accurate. I was told if I join the admin live for more than 30 mins I will be rewarded 300 beans. I have done that twice and expected 600 beans rewarded. But none. Contacted admin she simply said that I am not in the rewarding list. I am not sure if that is system recording issue or management issue. But it puts you down as you have been expecting the bean reward.

- It’s Twitch but cheap and lazy

Don’t listen to the devs responding to your reviews, they pretend they are listening and improving things but they aren’t unless it’s really serious. If you like Thots, then you’ve come to the right place, either way... your dumb and never heard of pornhub... The devs are unstable, they will ban you if they are bored and will try to find excuses. If your a girl on this platform, your just gonna get popular just by looking like a thot just like on twitch and treat teen boys like mindless customers. If your a guy on this platform, your NOTHING and won’t get so popular that people notice you unless your that 2% that’s actually interesting. Let’s be honest... BIGO is twitch but less popular and more plastic.

- Banned for No Reason!

So I held my cereal up on my camera on my live, which supposedly looked like a nugget of cannabis. I got banned straight away permanently. Which means not only did I get wrongfully accused of doing something illegal and did not do, I also cannot access any other accounts on my phone. So which means that I cannot access Bigo whatsoever on my phone. I tried to submit application, yet it was denied. What do I do now?? Fix this PLEASE!!!

- Attention!

Beware with the scammers, some people using this app to scam much people to get their quota, and you wouldn’t get help or support to the management if the scammer level is SVIP6 cause they’re more favourable with the scammer that bringing them money,

- Multi guest follow

Been using bigo from long time made so many friends down there. There was option of multi guest follow like the where your friends are sitting if they are not there at their own broad. So that you can go there meet friend of friends so that you can know more people but from today you can’t see anyone it’s gone quite boring so that’s why I’m giving one star

- Latest update is overheating my phone!

iPhone 11 plus and anytime I’m streaming my phone overheats. Not sure what you have changed but you cannot charge your phone and run the app at the same time. Phone cut mid broadcast due to phone over heating

- Good app just one problem

Hello I love this app the people are always so good and fun to talk to. My accounts are always getting banned from live-streaming because I have Progeria ( I look younger than I am). Is there any way I could stop getting banned? Kind Regards, James

- Login error

Hi I love the bigo. But in this stage I can’t login to bigo on this phone. I don’t know why? It’s showing banded by bigo. Please let me know what is my issue and resolve my problem asap. Best regards

- Quite entertaining and social

Good app. It is more about social. Ppl find friends and a big family there.

- Great and Social and SAFE

Helps if you are as Handsome and Funny and have a Great Personality like me aswell, also being Honest and not treating Humans as Objects just because there is a screen seperating you.... BE A GENTLEMAN IS MY ADVICE GUYS.... NOT HARD!!!

- Bring Back Ludo to the ios bigo

i do love the app but everyone on the ios has lost interest due to having one stupid game which no one will play on the ios bigo i want ludo and the other games back to ios bigo seriously bigo pull your finger out and do something ios users want they're ludo back 😡😡😡

- Turf

Joined this site/app thinking it would be unique but nope. Despite having rules about pornography that’s doesn’t keep thots and slags coming into the app and showing off as much skin as they can. Also accompanied by these geeky looking beta males. Don’t join this garbage app if you don’t wanna see a bunch of slags getting their toes sucked by other men.

- Poor customer service

I have sent a feedback about why my friends’ account have Greedy Bigo but mine doesn’t. Its been a week or so and still haven’t heard back.

- It is good

A good app with social connection all of the world! I love the pk function. Always have fun there Maybe more games inside

- Big NO Live

Apart from the bots that try to get you to fall down viral, rabbit hole traps from identical message URL links, ‘Sugar Baby’ requests and offers, being left on read, and the God complex Catfishing from Nigeria. You meet a few wives who want to cheat on their husbands, all and all you talk to something- and if not someone, maybe.

- Hate it

I hate this app as it has caused major problems in our family, my husband has been messaging lots of females behind my back, most of them are trying to scam him into buying gift cards. He thinks they are his friends. Please take the chat part off this site.

- It’s ridiculous

For no reason you punish and couldn’t upload pictures anymore so I deleted all my stuff and logout I was going to delete my account but couldn’t find any option to do so but I delete the app haha And will never use it again

- Great app

This app is so amazing I can live stream with other people around the world I really like it

- Waste of time

Moderators are going overboard with the banning. People are getting banned for the sake of being banned, not because they were doing anything that goes against the broadcast rules. Moderators need to chill out. Was a good app until about a month ago. Now it’s not worth having....

- Fun, social networking, one of the best I’ve used

It’s one of my favourite apps, great fun, social networking, BIGO team, keep up the good work 👍🏽🎶😎

- No option to delete profile.

Dislike that there is no option to remove account.

- Love it

I have Tictoc and you need a special bit of followers to go live I love this game hehe

- Could be better

Very expensive to do anything

- Concerned

When I downloaded bigo it wanted my phone number, I put it in and almost 3 seconds after logging in I got a call from a no caller id when I answered there was just a beeping noise. Is someone trying to hack me or is this coincidental?

- Promlem

This game has a really big problem i dont know if other people have experience ld this but whenever i go on bigo live and start to watch a live with an attractive female i keep on masturbating its getting out of hands

- Allows porn on the app

I’ve been on this app for a little bit now and all I am seeing is cam Whores one comes to mind and her name is aussie Jess always says racists comments like peasants to people who support her,... it degrading and shameful

- I love your app

It is really good I love it so much please write back to me

- I hate it

This app is awful! A few months ago, I got this app thinking it was great but when a started live streaming, I got a permanent ban! I didn’t even do anything! Not getting this app again.

- $15

I tried to download this app when i had no money in the bank. I couldn’t untill i had chucked money in the bank and when i downloaded it it took $15. This is meant to be a free app so I’m uninstalling it immediately. Scam.

- Nice interface

Perfect interface no lagging

- Good

Everything’s good but make it 12+

- Ruined

The app has been taken over, no longer is it about making friends. Its about scandalous women. Im disappointed how it has turned out.

- Great app

Good, but please add option for horizontal viewing.

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- Sketchy but promising

The app it’s self isn’t bad but the amounts of sketchy dms I got is uncountable

- Nice


- This app is disgusting

When I first seen the ad I thought it was just a live streaming app so I downloaded it, NOPE it’s literally just females streaming their bodies I found this very disrespectful to all females this should not be allowed at all!!

- Awesome

Great application 👍🏻

- Gross

This app is a dating app cause when I open it random girls say he cutie I’ll be wating here for you Like STOP THIS

- App

This app is so annoying because every 2 minutes all I see is girls thinking their hot but their not and it’s getting annoying

- Sucks

It’s so inappropriate don’t get it.

- Your ad

The most sexist and offensive ad more offensive than hustle castle you are using women to click bait men advertisers should lose their jobs over this sexism and always taking advantage over young girls that cute dragon isn’t what it seems.



- To many half naked girls

Don’t download there are half naked girls!!!! The ads advertising this have half naked girls dancing to get you to download this!! To many ads


We are GOD warning you DO NOT USE this dirty platform. All MANAGMENT after three warnings keep violating GOD’s orders. To all alive shareholders and managers Wr are issuing The ANATHEMA. No need for money and health- all will go to The OTHER WORDS where grinding tooth and screaming of pain. No pardon will be offended. AMEN!

- Hot trash

DO NOT get this app, it is awful and 80% of the screen is adds and it’s just a rip off of tiktok.

- Absolutely trash

OK so first off after four tries of logging into YouTube so I keep getting banned for not even do anything just standing there asking them questions about how their day was and what they would like to do in the future, etc. And I just want to say this app is absolute trash for not even do anything you get banned and for saying the worst things that people didn't even do and I was trying to go live with one of my best friends but then we keep getting banned we got so bored of it we just deleted the app I do not recommend getting this absolute rashes app and and for no reason it bans you. thanks for reading please fix this bug.

- horrible

i probably would have liked this app but the ads they have are disgusting, every ad i’ve gotten has been of half naked girls dancing. it doesn’t make me wanna get the app and using half naked girls to sell your app is disappointing.

- I got banned from my live for doing nothing

I was live streaming and i did nothing Inappropriate and they ban my live??! Not recommended on my opinion so im gonna delete it .

- Works good

Yay ya !


If I delete my account, I don’t want to be receiving notifications from the app saying “let’s be friends”. And honestly the app looks like it’s just full of a bunch of bots and hackers.

- Scammers with fake profiles

Wish I could give 0 stars, nothing but scammers with fake pictures... none of their pictures match! The whole site is a joke! Don’t waste your time

- Influencer Scam!!

They reached out to me and offered me a lot of money to stream on their app. They requested to see my talent for their "audition" So I arranged my Photoshoot around this "audition" just for them not show up for the agreed upon time. They also proceeded to blame me for sending the wrong information but I clarified and I sent exactly what they requested. They also have tones of fake users. I have over 150 k on Tiktok and usually get between 10-20 viewers on my lives at one time but this app try's to say you have over 60 views at all times. COMPLETELY FAKE. Don't waste your time.

- Inappropriate for children

So this apps had children right like really people is doing inappropriate things and kids watches them and bots texts then like bad stuff you got to take it down who ever created this app just please it’s bad for children so please shut it down

- Disgusting

I’m disgusted by the pics cause looks at them

- I am so confuse

I joined your app and immediately I don’t know where to start and when I press on one life a person forced me to go in a live with them even though I don’t even know the person I thought that this was just to see peoples lives but I really don’t want to interact with him can you please change this thank you

- What the heck?

This app makes NO sense. My photos keep getting removed for "class B violations" which apparently is sexual material. That's extremely confusing because there is nothing except maybe a bit of skin showing on my shoulders?? You go to the Bar or Live and there are girls in thongs and massive cleavage hanging out. Trash app, I uninstalled. The rules MAKE NO SENSE.

- Ew

No you responded to people with saying to report the girls showing their body’s but you put them in ads to get people to get your stupid app, Vlive is better , You stupid sex app

- Don’t even bother

The worst app in store don’t waste time and money

- Scammer alert

This is full of scammers from call centers in India

- Game live

Why bigo still not offering IOS game live stream?

- Cheaters


- Sexy

Some chicks maybe good, some chicks maybe bad

- It’s tracks you!

This app is dangerous because it has your location! People can find out were you live!!! It’s very scary !

- Worst app ever

I hate this app. First of all it doesn’t let me go live on TikTok. And it won’t let me uninstall it. I’m so frustrated because I can’t uninstall this app and all it’s giving me is notifications and notifications and I don’t like it. Worst app ever. Not even one star worthy.

- If I could give it a zero I would

So I went on a live stream and it a girl have sex with someone and I leave join a different one and I a guy and a girl naked so I leave join a different on and a person showing porn so this app is gross don’t get it I am just grossed out now so don’t get this app

- Come on

Got this app to find out it’s all about paying for online sex ever person in a cam in this app is showing them selves nude

- Lost 50,000 caanadian dollar

Hello developer team This is not a fair app. I can say this from the bottom of my heart. Playing Yummy bigo is purely gambling game. This is where I lost all my saving in this bigo app. When you play the game, it gives you error message while I play 18000 diamonds per hit. I never got my diamonds back even when I sent the screen shot of error. Secondly this game the pay out is not programmed to give you a lot. It sucks the money out peoples account with mercy. But the return is awe full. This is not fun at all. Either remove the gambling games from the bigo app, since people are losing money buying expensive gifts. But bigo is also double dipping in people’s pocket by providing gambling in the app as well. Not happy at all.

- Wow

I have never seen so many money hungry girls in my life I set up my account and install got messages “join my porno livestream” or “do you want to have sex” like cmon this is the breeding ground for sluts

- Nice app

Would be cool if you guys brought back the search engine when trying to line someone it only lets me line my friends not anyone else thanks

- Bigo

There lot of fake account on bigo and there lots of poser and scammer

- Bigo bigo

Very nice when your bored and you watch and enjoy live streaming

- Exploit and blackmail for money

This app black mails you for grabbing money from you. Its a trap. Do not download it

- Really big I

I got banned 10 years for playing monopoly when 98% of the woman on this app are in class A violation it’s sad because I really did like the app just double standards I guess 👎🏻

- It’s a 3/10

The app is pretty good but whenever I get notifications they are so loud

- Revolutionary💛

Bigo has a few glitches but it is my FAVORITE app by far.

- Not nice

Leaders of the family are not getting paid from there leader he is living the group.

- ..

I don’t know this game because i was just reading the comments and some of them where bad comments and good ones so i don’t know it I shout download it .... (btw i put 1 star because i. Didn’t know..)

- I 18

I am 18 and I look little but I not

- Extraction money Operation

This social game has only one goal... make you poor & sorry! Avoid the bad experience and find something else legit to do with your cash! Police should investigate that fraudulent outfit from the get go! Just don’t get involved

- Be aware you will not be able to unsubscribe or delete your profile

I saw a free add and checked it out of curiosity when tried to unsubscribe I couldn’t tried to contact app support with no response it’s seems that I am stuck here for ever I will keep trying and will report them to Apple and may be try other things to get out of this scam

- It’s cool

It seems cool I think I would have fun on it

- Could do better

I got banned instantly and I couldn’t go live idk why it’s said u must be 18 plus but I’m 19

- Account hacked

Really I’m so disappointed I got hacked someone keep using my account and stealing my diamonds it’s terrible I sent an email with all my information I created appeal still after days waiting no answer from BIGO!!!

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So i just got this app hoping to be able to interact with some other users. But when i went live it said that i was violading community guideliness and i was very confused because i didnt do anything wrong i was just saying hi?! But then i looked at some other lives and they were showing themselves showing off their body and twerking! Like omg im just trying to have a fun time and talk to other people and thats not okay?but showing your body is? This is crazy!

- Not good

Something this app is known for is advertising with girls doing inappropriate stuff and that’s basically all the ads for this app and I was going through a game and I. The bottom I saw something that was a advertisement for this app and it’s rated 17+ which makes sense but on this one it said 12+ with pictures of girl that look to be between 12-14 and since the app is 17+ this one should not be there so whoever took those videos of those girls did not take them from the app because it would not be allowed so either the owners of this app broke the rules or whoever made that ad was breaking the rules and obviously they would not want to be in a ad for a app they are not even old enough to use so whoever got those vids of them just stole it and made it seem like it was BIGO live

- Bigo stinks now

I first got on Bigo a month or two ago, and realized it was much better than their competitor because there is less censorship of their broadcasters. But, within the last week, there’s been some kind of “rule change” for the broadcasters. This app was great because it had the most hot girls on here, but aside from that it was very similar to other live broadcasting apps. Since the rule change, every female is dressed in full turtle necks and super conservative. There’s so much less money and support coming in now, all the broadcasters are bored and not dancing, and the entire app has become seriously depressing. I hope BIGO reconsiders it’s rule changes real quick because I’m already looking for a different app that doesn’t ban broadcasters every time they show a belly button.

- Pooor Customer Service

While I do appreciate the idea behind bigo, I think their may be a number of glitches in the system. I spoke to a rep. about missing Diamonds that I purchased and was charged for but never received. She simply told me that I had received them w/ out any proof or a means of getting back in contact. I’m new too the app so I wasn’t sure what to do, but because I was scammed once it makes me more reserved about investing any more money into the app. (The rep., was Named Ella, and she unfortunately wasn’t helpful nor the limited space in the feedback box) Until they fix these glitches I wouldn’t recommend joining the app as a supporter. I also think you all should pay more attention to your complaints as to not loose money in the long run, Thank you.

- app was okish-until i was banned for no reasoning

I am an 18-year-old USA citizen. I had been using this app for about 3 weeks and i would sit there, knitting and listening to music, and i'd talk and interact with the viewers. at one point, my live ended and when i tried to restart it, i was told i was banned. i contacted the company and never got a response. what was i banned for? being "underage". i look around 14-15 but they could have simply asked for an ID-i could have sent them a picture of my drivers license stating i had turned 18 back in September but no, i was banned just for the fun of it. horrible app-bots, people asking you to undress, people being rude, scams, etc. DO NOT GET THIS APP use something that actually communicates with you to solve an issue before banning you


By far the worst app I have ever downloaded when it comes to meeting people not once have I encountered a friendly, educated, ignorant free group chat it was nothing more than people belittling other people, females w it h daddy issues doing anything to get likes and attention people. The app is a great concept but I fee that the users stray away from the whole reason on why this app was created in the first place. There needs to be stricter guidelines on how people talk to each other it’s sad. Absolutely sad on how people think it’s ok to down grade others and the people on this app proves exactly that. If you want to download this app and meet new people by all means go for it all I’m saying is don’t be surprised when you encounter several group chats of ignorance and illiteracy

- Should that be banned or not?

Girls with skimpy outfits are there all the time, but if you have a robe it’s 50/50. You can sleep or see a video game menu up doing nothing and they can bore us to death and they stay on. Buying beans,receiving things and exchanging is confusing. Sometimes people put some effort on their broadcast and get banned while some broadcast from a pool with the same outfit stay forever. I guess they have different moderators/gods to say if it’s okay or not. 90% of the stuff that are on are garbage like a empty chair, the persons ceiling, person half/top of their head. Banned them and tell them to broadcast when they are ready or when they know how. Why is showing a movie, live concert, live wrestling okay, but a mma fight is banned now and not before.

- This is bad

This whole app is bad. 1-high bean count broadcasters are hired by BIGO or their agent to live stream. Most are adult rated insta girls who show off their butts and boobs and cameltoe to get people to watch. I have never seen so many twerking video on one app. 2-this app is full of bots and men from Middle East or Asia throwing sexual remarks at the broadcasters. 3-if you want to watch illegal streaming movie you can watch it here. Apple need to ban this app. 4-you can’t cash out your beans or exchange beans on the iOS version of this they make you spend money if you want to buy diamonds to gift to hosts. Spin wheels and luck draw game to get people hook like gambling.... 5-once the app loads up you will get spammed by bots who even send their nude pics to your messages or scammer try to get your money. 6-once the app loads up you will see all the top broadcasters are big booty and boobs Instagram model type streaming. Plus a lot of fake streaming. Only good thing if you are lucky you can find some good broadcaster who actually do a great job hosting. This is a very bad app don’t use it. Avoid at all cost. Apple need to ban this app.

- Amazing!!!!!

This app has opened so many opportunity’s for people to network. I joined this app to explore my talents and to see what kind of person I am. You find a community and you learn what it means to build a platform. I was one that wasn’t active on social media, now I’m more active than I couldn't even imagine. this app is so empowering to people. Let people know who you really are. Let people see that you’re talented. Don’t let the haters bring you down. You know what you’re capable of.

- Best App Ever!!!

This app is phenomenal idk why I’m reading so many bad reviews on it. I don’t see anything everyone is seeing. The app clearly states what age group the app is for and no kid under 15/16 should be aloud to go on any streaming app to talk to any age groups this app has helped me in so many ways including this horrible time during the corona virus if it wasn’t for this app I would probably be depressed in my house during the stay in order but instead of met some really nice people and amazing new friends thank you BIGO

- You banned me for no reason

Why did you bend me for no reason. All I was doing was my makeup and a banned me. Is that I was in a sexual things. All I was doing was putting on eyeshadow, and I got the notice that I was a banned. Another reason why was it saying I was too young but in my profile bio it said my account was managed by my parents and I am 13 so I am considered a teen I understand you have a age preference But The people who commented and texting me where managed by my parents, when I would go live was managed by my parents literally everything on the app was managed by my parents for me now if you have a reason you banned me please tell me if there isn’t. I would really enjoy it if you un banned me me thanks. 🤷🏻‍♀️👍🏻

- Racist app

This is the most racist app I have ever seen. Like all these girls are practically naked, but for some reason the only people that get banned are people of color. It’s mind blowing. There were 2 girls on the same live stream and before we knew it the girl of color acc got banned while the only white skinned girl continued with her live. Basically they had the same content but the one that got banned was the woman of color. This app needs to be fixed. When they banned you they don’t even give you a reason for your banning. They be like you violated a bigo regulation with no detail. I feel like kids are in charge of this app. It’s so ridiculous.. 2 days after this review I go banned again😂 at this point I’m done.

- Scam!!!

I want to tell the truth about BIGO Live!!! I was working for them as a host for a month! They told me I have to stream for 60 hours a month and I will get paid $800 ! I’m professional singer and they been looking for hosts who can entertain people... But by the end of the month they decided to get rid of all the new hosts who didn’t make certain amount of beans... Which is not easy to do by just signing! And to make a lot of beans you have to dance half naked and do whatever people ask you to do , because THEY are making money out of perverts !!! This app is dangerous for kids!! This is not an app you go to see talent, this is the app you go see boobs and vulgar dancing!! And BTW I still didn’t get paid for time I worked there!!! Total SCAM!!!

- Posted a review and they never post it

Someone who has power is in need here to see what kinda scam they are doing. People are wasting there time wasting there money on the apps as they’re taking in the money and not providing evidence of any source. They will double charge you this has happen many times and I been trying to get a hold of them. But yet they take their time. Can’t call them, can’t chat with them. Basically they just want to take in the money and can’t do nothing about it. This is sad that we have such app use here in the USA. I believe it should be banned from our country til they straighten there apps correctly. Please beware of there problems before it gets too late. Not recommend for using

- Huge amount of connection bugs , convoluted , counterintuitive interface

Constant “cannot connect” from different WiFi networks and just straight forward cell data connections . Not only it often does not connect , it is often in partially loaded state , my connects are not showing up, or show up without any info. User Interface seems to be created by some who is likely not able to organize own thoughts , even less create functional UI . Rules for beans , diamonds , gifts are non-obvious. By this time the app should already mature , but seems like somebody who published their first app . I gave it 2stars only because it works sometimes

- I would like to get unbanned!!

I would get banned every two seconds because I am woman with big chest so I tend to have natural cleavage. It’s unfair that I would go to a lot of peoples live’s and would see skinny females wearing bikinis and dancing but no ban. Let that been me I’m banned real quick. Recently I got completely banned for 10 years for dancing on live with 2 of my friends. We were completely dress. Just dancing for the celebration of my birthday. I’ve recently tried to fight this ban so I could atleast play the games with my sister but I’m not getting no results. I need my account unbanned. Please and learn to be fair and not banned me if y’all don’t do the same for those skinny(mostly white) females. I don’t mean to make it racial but it’s true.

- Disappointed

Was referred to this app by friends. Went on my first live “match chat” with a stranger and was apparently permanently banned after 20 minutes and kicked out of my chat as I was discussing the death of my previous boyfriend with someone who was discussing the death of their own mother... for nudity when I was clothed. Thanks, BIGO! Ban the women in bikinis who are rolling around on their stomachs in inflatable children’s pools, twerking, and smoking blunts while doing it instead. The “top review” is a lie and all this app is is half naked women who don’t get banned and sugar daddies and mommies. I got banned for discussing grief or for being naked or doing something “illegal”... when I wasn’t naked or doing anything illegal. Quite a slap in the face and poor app management or monitoring.

- 1 star

See this is my problem with the app. I downloaded it and I went live with my cousin. While we were live it kicked us off the app and said we must be 18 to use it. First off, we are both over 18 and it kind of just assumed because we may have looked young that we were young. Also, it ticks me off that if you have all these rules about no nudity, no smoking, and all of those rules, why does it have to be 18 and up? If it doesn’t have anything bad on it why make it 18 and up. I was really looking forward to this app because it actually had people that joined that weren’t robots and that were actually nice and talked to you. But then this happened and i deleted it because i was ticked off.

- Don’t like it

I don’t like bigo because when I first got on it all of these grown man and some women started to text me automatically talking about meeting up and stuff I didn’t open the messages I just saw them but after I uninstalled it every time a play a game or download a song if there is an ad it’s always a girl with her shirt tied up and in some biker shorts I uninstalled it for a reason don try to make me install it again I accidentally installed it before I didn’t mean to make an account I wanted to uninstall it so if you would please stop posting it as an ad and my children games it’s not very professional not to be rude but please stop it I don’t like it stop trying to make me download it again

- Smh

BIGO has turned the fun down they have turned the app into a nuns convention you can no longer dress to feel comfortable you have to dress as if your in 90 feet of snow in 1000 degree weather! Yes I believe some of the dancing was a little over the top but not everyone was doing such things I don’t see why or how someone can continue to make a broadcasting living with getting banned for such foolish things like opening a bag of food or drink a bottle of water just plan nonsense! They should have crack down on more serious cases other than those that are a waste of time the app is supposed to be fun and exciting but is not like watching the daily weather broadcast fix this or issue or you will lose lots of money

- Spy’s

It’s funny how people on this app aka people who work for BIGO spy on others without their permission they listen and watch you not to mention let others see what they gather you can denied access to mic and cam and deleted the app but if I log on online they can tell me what I was doing all day long big invasion of privacy not to mention against the law and unethical just a heads up if it continues I will take action I would delete my account but they don’t have that function who knows what other information they have taken from my devices all I gotta say is you are violating my privacy I don’t agree with your policies or how you allow this to happen and you will be held responsible for these actions .

- steal money

You buy diamond or u get bean from friend ,,, they will say is illegal they take it without reason , one my friend diamond we’re takin how soon recharge the diamond he send mail to big olive there response not helpful at all ... meeting new people is fun but once u star by diamond u will losing money by the take ur diamond saying that is illegal bean or diamond ... they need to fix that problem they have customer service phone no not just mail thing .... they take lot of money from us ... u buy 100 diamond when give that to ur from that will get only 30 diamond and some time they will say is illegal bean this and that they will take it... they need too fix that problem they can’t take from customer ... is. Not good

- Not good

First off, app design is terrible. Everything looks thrown around and hard to get used to. Second, there is no way to keep things private. Anyone can watch and with screen record available, they creeps screen record and post anywhere. Nothing but women teasing, dancing, and doing whatever to get beans? It’s a ridiculous app with good intentions with a huge dark side. Then, there is no way to completely delete your account! Between the privacy factor and forcing you to keep account open, i don’t see why Apple even allows this app. If you want to keep it clean, it needs a subscription to use. Otherwise, it is going to keep getting worse. Nothing but a virtual nightclub/stripclub.

- Banned or Glitched

I also had been permanently banned for no reason - but in the strange situation of things, it’s only through my mobile device I had received the ban notice. I’m still able to log in onto my desktop. After asking a bigo admin to verify - my account actually hadn’t received a banned violation. So why am I receiving a banned notice through my iPhone device? I’ve emailed bigo feedback countless of times and as of today, no response. The app can be fun and interesting if used the right way, it’s just unfortunate that I’m just one of many cases of users being banned for no reason, if not perhaps a glitch in their system and moderating? It’s a real shame because I did enjoy this app.


I used BIGO app for almost 4 years now. I have never been ban. But I don’t one day, I was just talking to my friend and I did not even do anything like; showing my body or what. Nothing but then they still banned me. I thought I was banned for only 10 minutes but no. After 3 seconds they logged me out and said I am permanently banned. You guys are so unfair, for almost 4 years of using BIGO, I have never been ban. You guys did not even give me warning if I did something wrong, you guys did not even tell what did I do to deserve a permanent banned. I keep on contacting you guys until now but no response. You guys are hurting my feelings. I don’t want to start all over again. I spent money on my account already.

- This app double charges

When making in app purchases pay attention to your bank acc. This app will charge duplicate. There is no way to call customer support. You submit a message via feedback and they will get back to you whenever. Give you the run arounds.. when If you go above their head to bank account or App Store for refund they punish the whole app buy saying that they have “illegal beans” in their accounts and remove beans/ diamonds from inventory. ( even ones you’ve purchased) then the whole app hates you and blames your for having illegal beans instead of the complaining to the app itself. The app is cliquey, a lot of drama, pervs telling you to take your clothes off. Racism, trolling etc 🤭


so if been using this app since 2016 i believe or 2017 and i stopped using it for 1year or less right, long story short i got banned for showing my gun collection.. i mean when you guys have rules of pornography and there’s alot of girls that are very vulgar you guys didnt banned them and that lead to thread and hate speech so unfair.. i shared my passion without even asking for diamonds as a matter of fact i bought alot of diamonds to support most people or Officials and yet i got banned for showing my gun collection SMH ! Super unfair 😒😒 talk to me when you guys unbanned my account.. ohhh also i didnt know about the updated rule.. 😒😒so talk to me if guys unbanned my account cus i still have 3000 diamonds i would like to have !😒😒

- A current host

they ban people for false accusations & let others get away with everything . I only say this because im proof & ive seen it with my own eyes. I was falsely accused of playing with my breasts during a pk (which was false. I was wrapped in a blanket ...which noone seen & i was adjusting the top so my breast wouldnt be revealed .) And now nobody wants to unban my account even though i have witnesses & proof from the footage recorded daily. Im sick of seeing girls twerking half naked٫ etc & they dont say anything but i get banned for no reason at all & noone wants to look into it. I will write thjs review daily until my account is unbanned because i did nothing wrong. I work through the app & i wouldn't mess up my check for nobody .

- Constant Banning for NOTHING

This app is gross. They literally ban people for nothing, especially BLACK WOMEN. I went from like never being banned to being banned 4-5x in a week. I’m a host that will not be able to meet my quota potentially because for the month of May I’ve been allowed on live 1 time! I’ve been banned the rest of the time! And I literally don’t even be doing anything. One time I was banned for 3 days and I had been online less than 30secs! I’m currently on a 7 day ban with almost two days left. This app is horrible now and I’m definitely wondering if there’s anything that can be done about the blatant disrespect of black women on here. Because there’s something definitely wrong here.

- Inappropriate not meant to be in the App Store

When ever I see the adds there’s a lot of inappropriate things what happened if children get this app and see what happining some people got the app just to see inappropriate things.I also think that theres a lot of people are there like perverts who get the app and which is why all those people get the app for that inappropriate reason please take down the app we can’t have anyone turning into inappropriate people and we can’t have children watching this. This is just bringing pornography which is very disgusting so see people’s body parts is is very inappropriate and that this app should be shut down and never to be opened again

- Tier payout

The higher the tier you hit you get pushed back to a lower tier, no investment for those trying to make money on, you have to put money into the app and the only one benefiting is the app not the people getting on the app, the rebates are no good when you participate in events, rebates need to be above 80% plus in order to see some form of investment, when you make a specific tier as a host your not able to hit that tier again your getting set back to a lower tier, high way robbery there. Stop being greedy bigo and give back or make interesting to the point where at least we can make some form of profit not just bigo across the board.

- Has real problems

I’ve seen people get banned for literally nothing wrong and others showing nip slips all the time and never get banned. If you claim to have a standard then live up to it. If it’s monitored 24/7 as claimed then who’s monitoring? What is considered vulgar to one person is definitely not vulgar to another person. So yo need to train these so called monitors what exactly is ok and what is because something clearly isn’t working. With so many other alternative apps like this out there, if you want to keep a good market share you need to maintain better standards and not allow frivolous banning unless it’s warranted by the company standards not an individuales own personal standards.

- Why did I get banned

Hi I got banned for ten years when I did nothing wrong the first time I got banned I would understand why cause I showed a hickey but the second time come on I was showing my belly piercing to my friends I’ve seen girls who show there piercing and there still there I’ve seen much worse and my 3 rd time I got banned and for good was cause I’m a woman with big boobs and I had sprained ti much of my perfume on me so I was rubbing so it would like all oily on me and boom I got banned like I see girls all the time rubbing lotion and stuff like that and there still on I love bigo I’ve meet a lot great ppl and would like to get I’ve contact bigo and still nothing is there a way I can get my account please

- Upset!

I forgot my password to login and sent in feedback to recover and I had to send in a lot of personal information not sure who the person was behind the email but still to this day I have not received a follow up and also in order to recover I had to send a photo of my personal identification card and other personal info just to verify it was me and I also contribute to this site a lot of money and now I can’t retrieve my account!! So not only is my info just out there no one has returned my email since I send in my info with personal information I would definitely love to continue the app but I think I’m gonna move on to somewhere else. 😡😡👎👎

- Garbage app with inappropriate content

As an iOS developer let me tell you that this app as a whole is one of the weirdest things I’ve seen in my life and it has some very bizarre content from the nonstop heavily sexual innuendo to the extreme amount of rude comments in each video. On top of that, people stream illegal content and the app developers throw gambling style games inside of it! How much worse can it get? It seems like a few drunk guys came up with an idea to decided to throw as much material into 1 app and use that to milk people’s money away. This is ridiculous and shameful. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple removes this app. It’s for sure violates probably a dozen terms from the top of my head.

- Narcissistic app

I don’t understand how every time I login I get no view‼️ no views it’s just robots every day and everywhere. This app is really starting to get on my nerves. I’ve been banned five times on five different accounts for literally doing nothing. I can’t even have a pair of shorts on that’s nudity to them. I honestly feel like they’re very prejudiced because a lot of people wear appropriate clothing and I’ve never seen them get banned a day my life. They allow women to wear lingerie and revealing stuff but I get banned for wearing a pair of shorts and chilling out. Just know I’m never downloading this app or using this app again so yes you have lost a customer and I rated you guys 1 star 😂


This app is a scam and it’s racist is was founded in Singapore and they have there favorites they bann you for being yourself they like fake people all the people on here are scammers and they work together to get the ones banned for ten years they have u work allllllll month to bann you and keep your money I’ve spent 2500 on BIGO and haven’t got back anything but beans they pay u n beans then u have to download another app to get the money off BIGO plus before you can get paid they will banned u then kick I off the app then u have to go find someone with vip points to get I off ban and they still won’t unbann you don’t download this app unless you want to be scammed

- I want my account back!!!

I’m loving this app since I got used to talking with different people but, yesterday after I support my friend on his PK battle I went to my other friend in a multi guest room for hours and fell asleep in there without showing myself asleep. And then after an hour or so I woke up and boom I was out of the app and tried to log in back and it says I got banned permanently class-A because I ”violate” the rules! Now I asked my friend who can be unbanned my acct and when he looked up it says I got banned because I'm showing my ”reproductive organ”?! Like what the hell? I spent lots of many on this and you guys did this to me! I want my account back! 🤬 BigoID: heckyoznola

- Changed my life!!!

I love Bigo, it changed my life completely, i’m a host and because of the situation in my country (Venezuela) I can’t work, and since I met the app now I can work, do all the things that I want, get my life goals... I spend so much time on Bigo, it’s amazing because you can share your talent with other people, I met so many good friends also☺️ thank you so much for creating an incredible app like this one☺️ Love you Bigo!!!!😍

- Not what I expected :/

Due to the requirements for this app to be rated at a 17+ or older for an age requirement or rating, I thought the app would be more lenient with stuff. I got the app, went through the guidelines and it’s basically like if you were to stream on twitch or other livestream apps. If anything change the age rating description to NOT say stuff like mild sexual content and nudity because there isn’t anything like that on this app. I vape and I honestly feel like if I were to stream on it I would get banned or have my account deleted.

- Bullying A Major Issue

I joined the app summer of 2019 which i loved it then but now not so much. There is alot of bullying going on... bigo gives you a report button however it doesn’t cover the basis of every issue. Even after reporting the people those bullying are never reprimanded.. How could such a great app be diminished by its lack of monitoring the live broadcasts or failing to deal with said people doing the bullying. There’s already been incidents of self harm and suicide due to this issue. I feel that along with updating their policies it should be taken into action as well.. HOLD THESE BULLIES ACCOUNTABLE‼️ would give 4 stars but this issue serves a major concern for me.

- Spend to much money to get ignored

Getting the run around with you Bigo you keep sending me to the different places to apply for my FAMILY but still no BADGE. You act like you don’t see the multiple emails and family ids I have sent. After you telling me it will be 2 to 3 days but it’s already been 3 weeks. Very upset 😡 I’m loyal and spend a lot of money which comes to BIGO! Totally unfair. HOPE YOU DO BETTER

- I LOVE this APP

This app allows me to interact with people all over the world and earn money doing so! It takes some learning but it’s definitely not rocket science! I love the gifts and incentives. They are constantly listening to what the users want and making changes! I don’t even use any other social media anymore! I absolutely love bigo and I am 100% sure any bad reviews are users that never took the time to READ and learn the app! Great job BIGO

- I think kids should be allowed on the app

I know this is a live stream app but I think it is kinda weird how kids can’t go live on the app and if they do they get banned which I think is dumb I found this app while looking for live apps so i checked it out and then I started to go live then as soon as the staff seen me they banned be I think the staff should not ban kids for just trying to have fun on the app what I would think for you to do is if they do something bad then you can ban the kid but it makes no scene why y’all just ban kids it seems like it is for little kids but while I was on it for 10s I liked it but staff pls make this happen in any way


BIGO is by far one of the best apps that has ever happened to me. I’ve met great friends on there and the overall vibe of BIGO is really friendly. Especially since COVID-19 struck, BIGO makes it easy for you to connect with people and keep you sane. It also has fun activities for you to do and there’s so many fun people already on there some you might have already seen through viral IG videos! It’s a great app and I highly recommend you use it!

- Need work

I’m new to the app and enjoy it I become an official host there are many rules I’m not upset about not being half naked what I am upset is about I have a small toddler child that need my attention and I can’t put her in the camera without being banned I find it unfair honestly I don’t what the problem if ur in the camera with your child I love taking about being a mommy and sending and receiving mommy tips on my broadcast but I can’t show my child is a bunch of nonsense I really hope they fix this issue and fast

- Why am I still banned !!

The customer service is horrible, you guys take a day to respond some days you don’t respond at all. I’ve been banned for 2 weeks for nothing, the first time I emailed you you guys said I would easily be able to be un banned. 2 weeks later and I’m still banned , I sent identification. I sent everything possible for you guys to un ban me, still haven’t .. I never went through anything like this before with a app, or customer service. So selfish and unfair . wish it was a way someone could help but until they do. I will be giving negative reviews for your app. Cause you guys really deserve it at this point

- Ads

I downloaded this just to say I have a huge problem with their advertising. I keep seeing there ads and it’s clearly just trying to get people who want to see sexy girls dancing. They advertise themselves as a gaming broadcaster but none of their ads are people playing games. In my opinion it’s unethical to get people to click on something for sexy girls that isn’t even about sexy girls. I understand the marketing behind this but that doesn’t make a difference if it’s good advertising. Three stars because I won’t assume the app isn’t good.

- New member

Everyone please join Bigo there’s a lot of great people you can meet here if you have a social problem trust me this will break you out of your shell and learn how to interact with others there are groups you can join and they will become your family people are so welcoming here so if you want to have a good time join it’s lots of fun take care add like share bigo joke love y’all god bless!!!

- Favoritism at its finest

This app picks and chooses who they want to ban. I am a size a cup and was banned for wearing a v neck . Meanwhile , there are women with bigger breast and deep cut v necks who get away with it. There’s been a few times when I was banned while fully clothed and was sent a message from BIGO that they were reviewing my live to see if it was unhealthy content then after 10 minutes given the okay to stream. 10 minutes may not seem like a long time but if I have hundreds of people viewing, I will most likely not get them all back which is disappointing. Lastly, you’d think because I’m VIP, I’d get banned less but it doesn’t work that way.

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BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live 4.47.2 Screenshots & Images

BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live iphone images
BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live iphone images
BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live iphone images
BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live iphone images
BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live iphone images
BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live iphone images
BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live iphone images

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The applications BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live was published in the category Social Networking on 2016-03-12 and was developed by BIGO TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. [Developer ID: 940017134]. This application file size is 256.91 MB. BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live - Social Networking app posted on 2020-12-23 current version is 4.47.2 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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