HotSchedules [Business] App Description & Overview

HotSchedules is the industry's leading employee scheduling app because it’s the fastest and easiest way to manage your schedule and communicate with your team.

Team members love it because they can swap, pick-up or release shifts with one click. Work-life balance is easily managed with automatic shift pick ups when you want more hours, and time off requests for when you don’t. Calendar sync and notifications keep your Schedules and the roster automatically updated to your phone with any manager-approved changes.

Managers appreciate the 75% time savings when building schedules and one-click approvals for shift changes. The ability to monitor business performance with sales and labor snapshots from anywhere, keeps them out of the back office. And most importantly, staying connected with broadcast and one-to-one messaging makes for a happy and productive team culture.

NOTE: The HotSchedules application REQUIRES a valid HotSchedules user account through your employer.

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HotSchedules Customer Service, Editor Notes:

-Various bug fixes and improvements -Thought of the week - “Saying you were born on the last day of February does not reveal your birthday.”

HotSchedules Comments & Reviews

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- Crashes every week

Every week.

- Why 5 stars?

This app constantly crashes with every update. It has its moments of fluidity, but it usually takes way too long too load or it just completely freezes. I have a new phone and I keep it updated. This is my first and only review on the App Store. That’s how bad it is.

- Most garbage app ever.


- Is this a joke?

Been using HotSchedules through my work for years now... always slow. Always laggy. Sometimes won’t even load up. Such a joke, especially for a PAID app. I wish so badly my work would dump this steaming pile of app and get a different one, or go back to traditional paper schedule. Yes, a paper schedule would be better than this hot mess.

- Works when it wants to

I paid for an app that occasionally works. Yay me. *insert Donkey emoji*

- Paid app

There’s no difference between using it online or in the app, it’s a waste of money.

- Multi store schedule

I can’t interchange between each of the stores I work at to view my schedule for the store I have a schedule at. Should be a drop box next to the store name and number at the top. It appears sometimes but not all. Very inconvenient.

- Use HotSchedule Team

HotSchedule Team is for free and doesn’t cost any money ❤️

- Loved it at first but last two years.....

It used to be great but multiple site crashes and long lag times is getting old. When I need to see who is scheduled I can’t have a site crash! Get it together.

- Won’t load

Every other time they update this app it stops loading. Save your money and just use the web based version. I don’t know why they charge for it anyway when our employers have to pay for HS already.

- Literally won’t load

I can’t even open the app and this is the only way my company communicates with me. Various bug fixes my ass.

- Slow

You figured if companies relied on a app to let their employees know their working would at least load, but apparently not.

- Network issues

I often experience issues with the app (a good 50% of the time I use it) which is extremely frustrating as I am then prevented from checking my work schedule.

- Is this app developer serious?

I just bought it and I cannot open it because it asks me to log in but how can I log in if it does not allow me to set up my account!!!! How can I get my money back?

- The app is good sometimes but...

It has some bugs that I’ve noticed. I’ve had it for about two years now and it has been working nicely. I keep it updated as much as possible. But now, whenever someone drops a shift, it’s not showing up. And I’ve got a friend, they’ve tried posting her schedule three times and it’s showing she doesn’t work at all on everyone’s schedule.

- Why did I have to pay for this?



BE AWARE - after they raised the rates for the 2nd time in a year, I told them I was going with another scheduling service (which I did over a year ago - and it is less than 1/2 their price). They did not inform me I needed 30 days notice (but it was the month prior-the same day they notified me of the rate increase). Then I moved to the new scheduling program & informed them when I was switched over. They took another months bill from my bank account without auth and refused to refund it stating now that they needed a 30 day notice. My bank took back the money from them and Hotschedules is still trying to take funds from my account without auth - over a year later. Which is THEFT. Watch your bills, watch their constant rate increases, and watch your bank account after you find a better & less expensive service.

- Hours

I love the new model and how it states the hours but that needs to be more accurate in my opinion because I still have to count to get the exact amount of hours I’m working and it would be helpful to get the exact number because it’s always 1-3 hours off of what I actually am working!!

- How do I Sign Up so I can Access the App ?!?

How do I sign up so I can access the App????

- Does Not Load!!

Every time I use this app I’m lucky if I can get it to even open. I have used it for 3 years now and every update I hope it actually loads without the 5 minute loading delay!!

- Not great!

I have used HotSchedules for a couple years. The app constantly won’t load for hours upon hours which is a huge frustration when trying to swap shifts, check on availability, or send out messages to staff. I would not recommend getting the app. Not worth it.

- Terrible app

This app barely functions. I can hardly ever view my schedule without the app crashing or taking 10 minutes to load.

- Great idea, bad development

I’m not going to lie and say this app is horrible. It’s very helpful at times but can be very frustrating. Why do we have to pay for an app that is super slow and so basic. The idea behind it is freaking awesome but it definitely needs improvement. If we’re expected to pay for this app then we should expect to get an app that is functional or to say the least, run at normal speed. Not to mention the app is always down. Please listen to your consumers. Thanks.

- Please fix app issues!!!!!

Been using hotschedules the past few years with my job, and recently for the past half a year the app always freezes, closes out, resends messages over and over. It’s a mess please get it together! My whole workgroup has these same issues!

- Not worthy of 1 star

This app needs serious repairs. Takes forever to connect.

- Rate your shift

Who thought annoying people everyday with this “rate your shift” thing was a good idea? My phone keeps ringing at inconvenient times demanding a rate. At least gimme the chance to opt out of it! For the past few months I’ve been checking the “I didn’t work that shift” option because if I liked or not my shift is for me to know and everyone else to guess.

- So Bad

Please fix your app. Requesting off can be time sensitive, so when I cannot even load the app it’s very irritating. This app is just so glitchy/laggy. I paid to see my scheduling, okay no biggie. But I expect to be able to see it and use it.

- Bad Functionality

This app takes a billion years to load. I get the same loading icon with a resulting page error. I have an iPhone and unfortunately am handcuffed to this platform because of the business I’m in. It must get better and quick. Feeling very frustrated.

- awful app👎👎👎👎👎

App is slower than the website and you have to go to the website for most things. An absolute waste of money. The app only got one star bc I couldn’t give 0

- I like it but We need

Can you all please add a feature where we can see the previous hours we have already work!? Like I would like the see the hour history from my previous weeks and months. I would really appreciate that. Thanks

- Cannot log in

How do I log in? With what username and password?

- This app’s flaws cause real damage

This app lags, crashes, and only updates at the most inconvenient moments. It is both unreliable and actively obnoxious. Even though all of my colleagues and I have turned off the “rate your shift” function, we all still receive notifications. There is no transparency as to why this data is collected. What purpose does it serve? In some cases, it does not send push notifications for messages even when the function has been purposefully enabled. This has caused several instances of missed communication, to the detriment of the recipient. Please fix these issues and stop harming the livelihood of your users.

- Resining for the Charge

There are a bunch of these apps. 2 stars because it’s stupid my employer pays for the service yet they still charge 2.99 to download. Money grab.

- Messy

I just updated my app last night and I hate the way my weekly schedule looks. With my days off smaller. It’s so messy looking

- Bad Connection

I’ve had this app for over 5 years and it used to work perfectly. Lately it’s been terrible! It’s constantly crashing because it claims that there isn’t a internet connection with or without WiFi and it’s annoying. How can I send messages with employees and managers if the app that I use for it doesn’t work?

- Works every now and then

You all need to buy more servers or something. It’s luck of the draw when this app works. Get more error messages then results. 👎🏽

- worst

i gave it one star bc i dont have a choice to give it zero stars this is the worse app that can ever exsite its been like 2 weeks that we cannot pull up our schedule at work and its all of us not just me and for an app that we have to pay for its past rediculus

- Downhill

I’ve had HotSchedules for years. It started off good, easy to use. Now i and many of my coworkers can barely get it to even work. Not sure what the deal is but it something that needs to get fixed. This app is vital for a lot of people’s jobs, it needs to work better. It takes about five minutes to open my schedule(if it even opens) and can’t pick up shifts, can’t drop shifts, it took me all day yesterday to just swap a shift (on good WiFi). Hope it can get back to the way it was when I first started using the app.

- Soooo slow

HAD to get this for work but it takes absolutely FOREVER to load and half the time it doesn’t even load

- Crashes

It crashes a lot and a lot of the time it says there is an error. I did not pay for this app to have this many problems with it.

- Please update!

I’ve been using this app forever and I’ve never had any problems until recently. It’s taking forever to load and I can’t see my schedule or any messages. I thought it was just my phone but all my other apps are working fine. Please update and fix this problem

- How do I sign up?

I just downloaded the app, but it asks me to login. How would I do this if I never signed up ? It’s confusing.

- Never Loads Work Schedule

We had to buy this for work yet the app never loads or takes several minutes to load. Constantly buggy/glitchy and has given me nothing but grief for over a year having the app. If the app worked it would be great. So fix the app guys. Thxxxx

- robbery

i’ve had this app for years and it’s becoming useless. doesn’t load. can’t check my schedule without waiting forever just for it to say error..

- Fix the load times!

This is getting soooo baaaad! Not just me all of our restaurant has issues with this. It’s crazy have to close it out to get it to refresh the. Usually it works. Just gets stuck... a year ago this never happened...

- Really..?

Hate how i paid for this app just to crash and not work everyday.

- Fix The Format

Have had this app for a year. The old format made sense. The new schedule format is doing too much. Change it back please. Doesn’t make sense to have a PM shift listed above the AM shifts etc. change it.

- What the hell did you people do to this app!!!!

Me and everyone at my job ALL have serious issues with this app now. Worked fine for years now can't get a single page to load without several tries.

- 😡

why is the app on my end having “ internal server error “ i need this for work. i’ll use the website but it would be much easier if the app was actually working.

- Long Load Times

This app is frustratingly slow considering it’s a paid app. To make matters worse, quite frequently the app will simply refuse to load. That means no schedule, no messages, no nothing. Considering this is my job and not an app I use for leisure, I need it to, at the very least, function. Load times are one thing but when I cannot see what time my shift starts then I begin to wonder why I paid for this app. EDIT: took this from a 2 star to a 1 star because every update they release seems to make the app even less intuitive and slower to load than before. I truly am curious what they are using all the earnings from app sales on. One would think an app that provides so little information could not possibly fail to load so consistently. Bravo Hot Schedules. Bravo.

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- Very Not Good

Hotschedules is very bad and not good. Never have I used an app that is so not good. When it works, it's fine. I work for a restaurant and I'm able to see my schedule for the coming weeks if I'm able to log on, which is great because that's what I paid $2.99 for. HOWEVER, 20-30% of the time I open the app, I'm hit with a never ending loading screen or a "ERR: SERVER CAN NOT BE REACHED", and this only seems to happen when I desperately need to check my schedule to clear up plans or get a shift covered. Hogwash!! Blasphemy!! How can they get away with this? I'm coming for you, HotSchedules. I hope you're ready to die.

- Not worth the price

If your work has the option to use homebase and they use this instead you might wanna back out. This app is terrible. Load times can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes just to see your schedule. As of right now i have perfect internet access and the app wont even let me in. Im pretty sure I work in a few days but I have no clue because it wont load. Do not trust this app to be a reliable schedule. It rarely even works.

- They are trying to fix the app and so far it’s working

So there’s been a lot of updating of the app recently. For the longest time the app had performance issues: not loading, taking forever, other general bugs. While a lot of the changes appear to be cosmetic on the surface, I’ve noticed the app appears to be running much more smoothly now. I do wish the developers would settle on one cosmetic interface, but understand sometimes minute cosmetic details change during the process of making the app better. Keep it up, and if the app settles into a great state this 4 becomes a 5

- Hot schedule app

I’ve used this app for the past two years for work and have never been happy with the functionality of this app. You just updated this app to its absolute worst. I will continue to leave reviews regarding this app as the worst. Stop updating it!! It works fine before this update. Now it’s a piece of cagatha.

- App is now completely unusable.

Out of your million updates, this last one is by far the worst. I can’t even use the app. Immediately upon opening, several of the exact same error message pop up. All of which you have to click closed to finally get to your empty home screen. I was able to get to the support tab, and I literally laughed when I saw that the support page also contained an error message. Having to purchase and use this app was not by choice. This needs to be fixed.

- Horrible App

What a shameful excuse for a functioning app. I can’t believe it costs $3 for an app that doesn’t work. It’s unable to pull up my schedule 9 out of 10 times or sometimes I’ll go days without it working (not even exaggerating). Every day I complain to my company to move to any other scheduling app as this is ridiculous

- absolute garbage

this app is utter garbage. if i could give it zero stars, i would. i’ve used this app for a year now & each update has always made the app slightly less usable. however, this most recent update has made it so i cannot use the app at all. after the update, i opened the app to find it didnt show any of my shifts on the calender view, everything was just blank. when i tapped each day, it would say “no information available.” i thought logging out & logging back in would be helpful but it only made it worse. now whenever i try to log in, the app says “internal system error” & refuses to log me in. then when i quit the app & reopen it again, it seems i’ve been logged in except it only shows me the settings page & nothing else. now i cannot even see the days of the week at all. i don’t understand how this app has such high ratings. the company behind this app needs to make major improvements immediately. using this app has always been frustrating but after this horrible update i sincerely regret ever paying for it at all.

- Latest update bugs

the latest update has left the app super slow and it crashes very often. the schedule page looks very disorganized and sending messages takes a very long time. app used to work fine before but now it’s almost unusable

- Getting worse and worse

Week by week month by month, this app has great potential but I don’t understand what is going on behind the scenes. The updates keep making the app more difficult to use. Changing things that shouldn’t be changed. And talk about a slow working app, constantly struggling to load, freezing. We are all paying for this app to underperform. How about you take some of that money and make this app work up to its potential.

- Bring back the old layout

The new update is just not it. Difficult to read and differentiate between shifts, available shifts, and the dates. Looks cluttered and messy, and it’s weird that the “week” starts on a Wednesday.

- Calendar sync could use expansion

Real life needs here: I, and probably thousands of others, would love it access to the parameters that are passed along in the calendar sync. For example, if I want to ask Siri when I work next, it has no clue because my schedule says HOTSCHEDULES: Location (which is long): PIZZA, as the title. Not something I can edit down to a personal and manageable name like Work: Pizza. I don’t want to ask Siri when I hotschedules next, which she will misunderstand and open the app or something silly instead. In addition we have been limited to default alert settings, unless one wants to edit every separate event. It’s nice to get a buzz at say 15 and 5 before, and the time of event. Those parameters are easy to edit in a script that applies to every event BEFORE the sync, but a nightmare after. If any of this gets read and addressed y’all might as well allow other fields to transfer, say the street address of work, which allows our phones to calculate travel time on the fly with less user friction. This is a no brainer nowadays. Much less excuse to be late or show up at the wrong location or some such excuse. But also convenient for those of us who mostly keep it better. Someone needs to develop a form/script within the calendar sync settings that allows these parameters to be manipulated. In the meantime the feature is a workflow nightmare that’s hard to go without so we deal with it anyway. I paid for this app hoping the settings would be more robust than the google calendar sync offered on the website. Maybe that option works well in a different software environment but it comes with all the same problems when the original content from HotSchedules is poorly formatted to real world needs, or missing.

- New Update is Horrible

I really like HotSchedules but I hate this new update. It’s hard to read since it’s so small and the AM and PM shifts are switched. Please please please change it back to the original font/update.

- Put the original compact schedule back.

Love the app, so easy to navigate compared to the desktop site, but I miss the way the compact schedule looked. It doesn’t look like the App Store preview anymore and it throws me off every time I try to look at it.

- Excruciating slow

Free online is better. Absolute trash. Not only me but EVERYONE at work agrees. Why did I pay for this trash?

- 1 star

App is avg at best compared to using mobile version of website and feel like it is a cash grab not allowing purchase of app to transfer between android and iPhone devices if not needed for work idk if they would even have a company

- Get Your Stuff Together HotSchedules

I’ve been using this app for about 8 years and have never had a problem until just recently. Ever since the iPhone came out with “dark mode” I have been experiencing problem after problem. They fix one thing and something else goes wrong. Also the time it takes for my schedule to load or navigate through has increased tremendously. HotSchedules is such a handy app when working properly. I hope they can resolve all the issues.

- The worst

This app is the absolute worst. Can't believe they make you pay for crap. It's always broken down, slow as hell, or just doesn't load. There is no reason to pat for this, just log in online. The app is not worth getting.


This app is terrible. Thank God our company is looking to do their own schedule app. There is always a bug problem, it’s so slow, the updates always change the physical aspect of the app for the worst. They need to get it together

- New look to the App

I much prefer the way it was before. The new look is very poor. Otherwise, it’s a good app

- Gets worse with every update

Gets slower, uglier, less user friendly with every update. IF IT AINT BROKE DONT FIX IT. I hate that I had to pay for this app. Where’s all the money going if they can’t hire half-decent developers?

- Crashes all the time

For how much your app crashes and doesn’t work right, you should be paying people to use it. I want my money back, tired of it.

- Devs not From iOS Origin

The overall user experience feels clunky & inorganic . Maybe the devs are not fluent in iOS . Does not feel like a concept native to the work flow of an app developed from the ground up for use on iOS ; rather it feels like it may have been a web based app with a fresh coat of just enough iOS paint to make it accessible to the billions of iOS users . For the $3 , I expect a dev team to create & provide a smooth , flowing experience that operates like other apps native to in iOS ecosystem , not something clunky from another galaxy , viewed through some window , With an obstructed view .

- Update is awful

Jumbled mess!! There’s nothing clean or good about this update. Please clean up and bring back the lunch and dinner with Lunch always above dinner.

- Bad update

New layout is so bad, i rather log in through the computer.

- Dark Mode

It would be 5 stars if dark mode worked or had an option under settings. All I’m saying. Very frustrating.

- Horrible Layout

The new layout is absolutely horrible. Please change it back.

- Holy hell

I’ve never seen an app update it’s layout so badly. What the hell is this? No darkened deference between AM and PM shifts just a jumbled mess.

- Slow and difficult to use

So awful. Doesn’t work half the time I open the app and either crashes or shows error message. I have to use this app for work and it makes it extremely difficult to even check my schedule..

- Hardly functions

I don’t understand if it’s just me or why this app is rated so highly... I’ve used it for about 3 years now because I have too and it’s been terrible. I can probably count the number of times it has loaded properly on one hand. It is a daily occurrence when I initially open the app that it does one of two things - indefinitely loads until an error message pops up (The operation can not be completed), or it loads and is literally completely blank, and trying to check to any other link/tab results in another error message. This continues to persist several times after closing and reopening the app, often it will result in signing me out completely. I currently use an iPhone X, although I’ve had these issues across other phones, keep the app updated, and 90% of the time I am connected to WiFi with any of my other apps working fine as far as the connection goes. I’m able to connect through the actual webpage easily enough but that’s not the point - I paid for the convenience of this app and it hardly works. I’m writing this review now because these issues have persisted through the last two days without even pulling up my schedule once setting me over the edge with my patience.

- Almost broke my phone

I cannot believe I paid for this app it consistently takes too long to load. It will take multiple minutes just to pull up the home page and half the time I have to close out and open it again just to get that to load up. No app that I’ve ever had has been this terrible

- Good site, horrible app

I like hot schedules as a website and it generally has a good set up. However, the app is consistently unreliable in loading and it regularly glitches where you can’t see anything even if it’s updated. I wouldn’t spend money on it if you’re on the fence about downloading it. Just stick to the website, it’s quicker to have to log on every time on the website then to wait for the app to load (and half the time it won’t work at all).

- Just use the web site

This app use to be great. For the past year I have just gone on the regular website to access HS. It’s never a quick access with this app. You wait and watch the little circle go round and round. By the time it comes up I don’t need it anymore or it just gives you error messages. 50/50 chance as far as that goes.

- Slow

Slow no matter the network. And my AM and PM shift are out of order. One day the AM is on top and the PM in bottom and the next text shifts are flipped. Really confusing.

- No notifications for messages

This could be a great app. The fact that you can’t get notifications when you receive messages completely ruins it.

- Good but has major issues

We pay $2 for this app for It to never work. It constantly will not load, freeze, or just shut out of the app all together. I’ve had this app for over a year and it’s still doing the same thing. It’s very useful and could be a great app once everything is fixed.

- Frustrating app

You pay the $$ in hopes it will be defective and loadable. Unfortunately since I have gotten the app (which is mandatory for my job) it crashes constantly, takes way to long to load. Makes switch for shift and waiting to respond next to impossible. Ever user hates the loading issue. With the money that is spent on this app it needs to be directed towards better technical crew. More stability, loading faster, those would be some key pointers. Thank god for the email portion the only way I know for sure schedules posted is if through email. So they have something going for them I guess.

- Started out great...

When I first had this app it was great because of how easy it made talking to managers and coworkers and everything all in one place. Now I can’t even get in to see my schedule 9/10 times. And I’m not the only one.

- Calendar Sync Feature Fail

Why can’t the user choose which calendar to sync to? This is basic.

- not consistent

AM and PM spots switched which is very annoying for people who work both shifts on different days

- Very slow

The hotschedules website is relatively great, easy to navigate. The app has all the same features, with the added benefit of taking 2-3 minutes to load. I got this app a few years ago, when it wasn’t free, and now I feel cheated that I paid $4 for a piece of junk. Update it to improve the loading time

- The app runs horrible unfortunately I need it for work.

I’ve used this app for years and within the last year is become unbearably slow after I had to re-download and repay for the app. Shameful.

- Bugs

The apps load times usually take a lot longer than any other app on my phone. Recently shifts posted are not in any particular order. They are sorted by dates but the lunch and dinner part has no particular order and you really have to pay attention to what’s going on with your schedule.

- A Good App Gone Bad.

I’ve used HotSchedules across 2 jobs over 6 years and while most of that time the app has been reliable, if a little finicky, it has become mostly unusable now. Loads properly about 1 out of 6 times. It logged me out and wouldn’t accept my password to log in for like a week. I have to repeatedly open and close the app just to get the chance to look at my schedule. Not sure what is happening, but I’d seriously consider another app if the option is available to you or your company. Despite the high overall rating look at the recent reviews to see how the quality of HotSchedules has fell precipitously in the last year.

- Update ruined it

Have used this app for years and recently they changed the way the times are shown, where if you work on it shows on top of am, have nearly missed work because of this

- App is buggy

App is buggy and takes forever to load. With that said, it’s a great system and I really appreciate the HotSchedules system. I just wish google would buy them out to fix how poor the usage is in the app

- Terrible

Nothing loads!!! How am I supposed to work when I can’t see my schedule??

- Needs update

Please update. Been unable to get onto the app for two days now. Just continues loading, but never loads. Need to see my schedule. Paid for the app.

- The slowest app

I’ve had this app for almost 5 years and never had any issues. Recently I can’t even get my schedule to load. It takes at least 10 mins. 10!!! Every single other app I have takes a few seconds.

- worst app

This is can’t load at all even when connected to wifi i do not recommend getting this even with all the updates to fix bugs it’s still slow

- Figure it out

Hey hot schedules, you know your app hardly works right? I have to open and close the app like 5 times until i get to see what my schedule is lol. The interface looks nice and it’s all organized but i don’t understand how it just won’t load for crap. Terrible processing, figure it out alright jeez.

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@katiejohnsonn13 Ours used to be every Friday on hotschedules... if we’re lucky. Usually 3 am on Saturday.

Grain finally took me off hotschedules. I quit in March lol

HotSchedules Adds In-App Health Survey for Employees #news

@HotSchedules: The new Health Survey will offer secure and confidential storage of survey data and is available at no additional cost to…

@mariahbrinkman I’m barely getting the messages, I don’t want to but even if I wanted to pick up the shifts this we…

@daymanaha Jim sent out a message yesterday on hotschedules saying our schedule for next week was gonna come out today

HotSchedules: Capterra 20 years in the making! Thank you so much!

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HotSchedules 4.135.0 Screenshots & Images

HotSchedules iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

HotSchedules iphone images
HotSchedules iphone images
HotSchedules iphone images
HotSchedules iphone images
HotSchedules iphone images
HotSchedules iphone images
HotSchedules ipad images
HotSchedules ipad images
HotSchedules ipad images
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HotSchedules (Version 4.135.0) Install & Download

The applications HotSchedules was published in the category Business on 2008-10-31 and was developed by HotSchedules [Developer ID: 294934061]. This application file size is 75.66 MB. HotSchedules - Business posted on 2020-05-29 current version is 4.135.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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