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HotSchedules is the industry's leading employee scheduling app because it’s the fastest and easiest way to manage your schedule and communicate with your team.

Team members love it because they can swap, pick-up or release shifts with one click. Work-life balance is easily managed with automatic shift pick ups when you want more hours, and time off requests for when you don’t. Calendar sync and notifications keep your Schedules and the roster automatically updated to your phone with any manager-approved changes.

Managers appreciate the 75% time savings when building schedules and one-click approvals for shift changes. The ability to monitor business performance with sales and labor snapshots from anywhere, keeps them out of the back office. And most importantly, staying connected with broadcast and one-to-one messaging makes for a happy and productive team culture.

NOTE: The HotSchedules application REQUIRES a valid HotSchedules user account through your employer.

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HotSchedules App Description & Overview

The applications HotSchedules was published in the category Business on 2008-10-31 and was developed by HotSchedules. This application file size is 115.38 MB. HotSchedules current version is 4.120.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

-Various bug fixes and improvements
-Thought of the week -"Go to bed, you'll feel better in the morning" is the human version of "Did you turn it off and turn it back on again?"

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HotSchedules Comments & Reviews

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mikeyclick   2 star

Crashing. I updated my HotSchedules app lastnight and now it wont let me go into the app it keeps crashing and it won’t let me open it..

Foxy0124   2 star

Love this app, but.... Love this app, but since the update, I'm not getting any notifications. One of the number one reasons I use this app. Please fix ASAP! Update: they said they fixed the issue, still no notifications. App is now taking FOREVER to load. Worked great years ago when I got it, but it’s steadily gone downhill!

jaaaade   1 star

Hate the update!!!. Hate the update. I used to be able to request to work either a morning or dinner shift on a day that’s blocked off. Now it won’t give us that option anymore. Really frustrating!!! Please change back!!!!

Emilaayr   1 star

Sooo Slow. This app is terribly slow and takes FOREVER to load. Tap one wrong button and it starts loading all over again. It also always glitches.

K Ceylon   1 star

Notification issues.. I missed out on a shift because the app failed to show me that it was released and allow me to pick it up. Because this is an app that I paid for I’d like for it to function properly so that I won’t miss out on work.

Coo ahh fuuu   3 star

Constant glitching and freezing. Horrible app. Lots of glitching and timing out, many bugs. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and it still won’t allow me to release shifts, or change availability (on my phone). All is well on the website, but I paid money for this app so it needs to do better. Excellent concept for an app, the bugs just make it fall short of expectations.

Dribblet   1 star

Rate your last shift. I’ve used this app for years and I’ve always told new employees it’s worth the small investment to purchase it. This new feature “rate your last shift” is by far the most annoying feature I’ve seen implemented.

hotschedsucksnow   1 star

Rating shifts. Loved the old app and thought it was great bc you can contact coworkers directly through the app and check who’s on the schedule. Now I keep getting pestered to rate my shifts! Too annoying now

dearjjjamie   3 star

all in one place.. it’s cool that everything i need is in one place, howeverrrrrrr. if i switch phones/do anything that requires me to sign back in, it’s always like “contact your manager.” UGHHHH no one wants to work my schedule, chill ; ) next update idea**!

Radio el salvador   1 star

Actualización la app. Cambiar de color el icono cuando están haciendo el horario mandar una notificación de el horario posteado que identifica otro color

Tate kieto   5 star


Laura42173   1 star

I hate that we are switching to this!. There’s no place to register. This app is the worst. A lot of the reviews complain about having to pay. Yes, that’s not good. You should charge my employer. Free or not, if I have an email that the app says is invalid, I should be able to register my email.

DANKshank   2 star

Edited. I told them I would rewrite my review once they fixed the dark mode. They didn’t, they reverted back to an earlier update. Good job guys.

Hurry! Fix!   1 star

Fix!!. Downloaded the app years ago (free), all the sudden I have to pay for the app to use it? Okay fine, but to pay for it I have to delete it from my phone and re-download the app. I’ve had it on my phone for so long I don’t remember my username and password. Easy fix right? No. I click forgot username, then am prompted to enter my email so I do so and it say processing... then app crashes?? Wanna help with this?? Kinda would be helpful to know when I work. Will re-rate your app with more stars if you fix this.

addae5   3 star

New update ?. After the update I haven’t been able to open the app at all. I can’t view my schedule. If there’s any way to get around this I’d greatly appreciate it. Never had any problems with the app before now

Boost1975   1 star

Black screen on iPhone 11. Not working with my new iPhone 11 with the black screen 😤 I have to put it on white again in order to the app works again

Chris1993xx   1 star

Slow and constantly crashes. Super slow. Slow to open. Slow to read a message. Crashes all the time. 0/5 stars. Literally one of the worst apps I’ve ever used. Also, it bothers you twice after each shift to “rate your shift”, gets real annoying on doubles. Too many unecessary notifications, and no way to turn them off.

Kanamore   4 star

Make store location stand out. For ppl who work at multiple locations should be able to see the store location for that day without getting confused. Maybe have it in red or caps or something. My team mates sometimes show up at the wrong store. It would be helpful if you highlight the location

aaalex1598   3 star

Dark Mode. Everything on the app is good. You just need to fix the dark mode because you can’t see anything.

N. Hines   3 star

Dark Mode. You can’t see anything with the new dark mode feature, needs some fixing.

Snotty Rotty Rino   3 star

Dark mode. The app works great for our business, but with the new iOS dark mode, it is nearly impossible to read anything because all words are still in a black font. Please fix this. Besides that, the app works great.

lovetiny4   1 star

New update. I’ve been using HotSchedules for a couple of years now and everything has worked perfectly fine but then I updated the app and now I can’t see if I am working or not. The names are too dark. Someone please take note of this mistake and rectify it.

chris.2k   5 star

Update. Update your app so it works with iPhones new dark mode

Fishtails shanks fjnsjsns   2 star

black screen. for the love of all things good please remove the black background on the app. i’m feeling weeded already just trying to read my schedule

Czarcy   5 star

Solid. Love the app easy to use and communicate to others.

niczal   3 star

Poor Implementation of Dark Mode. Ever since the most recent update to the app, I can honestly say it was terrible. I know there’s a trend towards being able to have platforms in dark mode— which isn’t the issue. The issue is that now that this dark mode has been implemented you can barely see what time you’re working at. For whatever reason the text is also dark just like the background and you can’t see what it says. You have to click on it to see it. Other issues include that you can’t see who else is working in case you may need to find a cover, and you can’t tell what options you’re clicking on in places like the setting or messages, or requests off. Because unlike your shift which will show once you click on it, nothing else does. Please improve this so we can see things clearly and effortlessly.

Ferawls10   5 star

Dark mode. ummm can y’all fix the app when your iphone is on dark mode

Steelers537   2 star

Need to fix. I prefer dark mode on iPhone and I can’t see my schedule now. Please update to accommodate this

casta21   1 star

NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP. I don’t know who came up with the idea of making it unable to read my schedule for the week but they need to be fired..the only way I can view my schedule is if I press a specific day, I didn’t have to that before. It’s just a black screen when you open the app it’s ridiculous. I paid for the app to work and for me to be able to access my work schedule without any issues. It was perfectly fine before I updated it. FIX IT.

BrightBlueEyes123   2 star

Dark mode issues. With the new update for iPhones there is an option for dark mode. I see that the app adapts to it, but not properly. It turns everything in the app black including the background and the writing and I am unable to read anything. I shouldn’t have to take my phone out of dark mode in order to be able to read anything in the app. Not sure if this needs to be a fix by the apps team or by apples team members, but it is very inconvenient that I have to change my phone mode in order to read anything in this app then change it back afterwards

Advertorial    5 star

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Fb for iPhone =   1 star

App is slow as hell. This app is constantly lagging and it takes forever to load. Hope they fix this issue because it’s really irritating

Jbrown1980   1 star

Not for me. No notifications when someone drops a shift. To pick up a shift/see who’s working you all have to have that designation (lounge, bartender). Frustrating to use, lots of glitches wth times in availability. But user friendly at all.

CFCsggff   1 star

Dark mode. After the most recent update. There was dark mode added with no option to turn it off. Also dark mode with black text yeah good call cause you can’t read anything now. Garbage

oamdlsm   1 star

Dark Mode. Can’t see anything with Dark Mode enabled, please fix it asap

sarah_larocque   1 star

Dark mode. Please fix dark mode feature, it’s impossible to read the dark grey font on a black screen.

LMGbaby   1 star

HotSchedules. Update the app so you can actually read things on dark mode!

katastrophe91   1 star

Dark mode on iPhones. It’s impossible to read my schedule with my phone on dark mode. Please fix the font collie asap as I use this app on a daily basis

rye4634tdrsg   3 star

Shift Rating. Seriously please remove shift rating or make it options. Not really a helpful feature and it slows everything down.

Dammitall   1 star

Requires constant attention. The makers of this app need to understand the fact that most people are forced to use it by their employers. Nobody cares about your “rollouts”, company messages or constant updates. I’ll just use the crappy mobile site for free.

talimu   1 star

Current update will not load any data. Loading any data currently fails, with an error reading "NSXMLParserErrorDomain error 76"

canadian_panda66   1 star

App doesn’t load. Ever since the latest update my app gets stuck on the loading screen and will not show my schedule. I have had to delete and re-download the app several times just to get it to work.

Veronica Isabel   1 star

Please update your app. Takes FOREVER to load. Not helpful whatsoever. Please take time to fix any bugs.

jujugaujnsn   1 star

The update is horrible. The update made the app so bad it takes forever to charge and for the page to appear!!

Boo bear1670   1 star

Horrible update. My app is taking forever to load says bug fixes and I think this update only made it worse... help please!! I need to see my schedule!!

nickname199997   3 star

Annoyed. I can only see when my shift starts... not when it ends. This is only a problem on the app, not on the website. Needs to be addressed and fixed!

spiffy_tiffy_   1 star

Slow. It’s been lagging and slow for over a month

sarahm1898   1 star

Can’t see when shifts end. Ever since the new update, myself and my coworkers are able to tell when we start our shifts, but not when we finish them. This is frustrating because most of the time I am away from my desktop computer and am unable to check when I am to leave work.

Kaitlyn Perrins   2 star

Scheduling. The system works well. However I think it would be better if there was an option to do biweekly or monthly availability instead of only one week at a time.

Soxoro   3 star

The app is to be purchase but be careful as you need to register. I find myself stock any place I could register after I purchase the app. I am a little dispointed.

RorysMama2012   3 star

Pretty good but.... I don’t understand availability...updating my availability is super complicated. I liked the old way before the update. Also, when synced to my calendar it always is an hour off...I think it has something to do with daylight savings time. Can’t figure that out either.

Kenny Geez   5 star

Great app. I use another app for the same purpose for another job. HotSchedules is definitely better of the two.

Jsndjwnakdj   3 star

Display of schedule improvements. Schedule should be seen from Start to end of the shift

v3k2r2   1 star

Bud. How to registered for login ?

Not working for sign in   2 star

Cannot log in. The app is great, most of the time. The current update won't allow me to login, which is starting to become frustrating as I can't swap shifts with anyone.

mvalente407   1 star

Not worth it. Overpriced. This app is simple and as such is extremely overpriced. They are taking advantage of every employee downloading it. I recommend using the full site and not paying for this garbage. I regret purchasing.

12349876mm   1 star

Needs an update. This app doesn't do a single thing is says it does. It is extremely frustrating because you are not able to message co workers off the app which is the only reason I bought it off here. It shows the option to send sms, message or call but nothing happens when you click on it. It is extremely frustrating because I have not been able to contact coworkers for this reason. Not worth the money it's useless until it is fixed. Not impressed.

Sportababy   1 star

Crashing. Every single time I open it it crashes it was fine before I updated it and its so annoying

Seasaw257   4 star

Good App but.... A great app to have but it would be extremely helpful to be able to see past schedules. This would help to keep track of hours rather than having to keep all clock out slips.

PaulMarsh   4 star

One fix. This app makes scheduling extremely efficient and easy to manipulate on the fly. But PLEASE enable the app to post schedules more than two weeks ahead.

ConnerHawk   5 star

Managerial Gold. What a great tool for both managers and staff. With my busy schedule, having the staff schedules, shift notes, and more, all at my fingertips is a tremendous productivity enhancer! Thank you!!

Advertorial    5 star

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Louisa Yoery Albert   2 star

Good until recent update. The app has been useful and easy to use for so long, but the recent update removes the information regarding when shifts end. I now don’t know what my finish time is and I don’t understand why this was an upgrade in anyway. Please fix it soon.

Gamewizard0601   2 star

iOS 13 dark mode ruined it. Until they fix it, if you have dark mode turned on in your iPhone settings you’ll either have to use the web app or deal with squinting. The app worked okay but following iOS 13 it has become borderline unusable in dark mode because they neglected to change text color to reflect a dark background so it has become a dark grey on slightly darker grey and I can’t imagine trying to read this. For a paid app, extremely disappointing to have to deal with an oversight like this, preventing me from using a feature on all of my apps, especially on something I use for work.

Ktals   1 star

Black mode. You can’t even read your schedule with the font being in black as well!!!! Update ASAP!!!!

djgold127   2 star

Please update this app immediately!. Hello HThis app

neilvc   1 star

Please fix ASAP. I do not like how I can’t read my schedule anymore because of the black background please go back to the white background so we can read our schedule

Ani Renee   4 star

But. I can't see any of the text in dark mode for iOS 13

GRMNGRMN   2 star

Big dark mode. The font does not adapt to dark mode on iPhone 11. I am unable to see my schedule or navigate the menu unless I revert to light mode

morales.n   2 star

Dark mode is a problem.. I have iOS set to dark mode and it seems like in the last update HotSchedules decided to hop on the train. The trouble is they didn’t change the font color so it’s black on dark gray making it nearly impossible to read. I can’t find a setting to shut off dark mode within the app.

cgsdjhfd   2 star

Update broke the app. The latest update broke the app. The text is black and now so is the background... please fix!!

IndyAmber   3 star

Needs a new update. The “dark mode” that you’ll have tried to imitate is horrible!!! I shouldn’t have to change my phone settings every time I want to see my work schedule

megan bergkamp   1 star

Great app until. This is an amazing app and I absolutely love using it, I find it super easy and don’t mind the cost of the app because i’ve used it for multiple jobs. but honestly since apple has released the “dark mode” feature for iphone, it makes it ridiculously hard to use this app. Most apps have adjusted quite well to this new change and other doesn’t impact it at all. but whenever I use this app, the screen is black & the font is black. I can’t even type a message or see when I’m scheduled. although I know this is an easy fix if I go back to “light mode” but would be awesome if there’s a way you could make this available for both “light” and “dark” users.

willsalas24   1 star

Dark Mode. 1 star until made compatible with dark mode. How did you guys let this go live?

J.C. Nunez   4 star

Love the app but.... Can you please make it support black out mode. I’m not able to see my shifts. Ty.

jtorres204   1 star

Fix dark mode. Dark mode is unusable with this app. Fix it

Roro:-)!!!!   3 star

Dark mode. I can’t see anyone of my shifts or coworkers names with dark mode on. Plz fix this HotSchedules ima go crazy I had to write down my shifts and it took like 10 minutes

josiah lamer   4 star

it does the job i guess. Honestly paying for this app you’d think it wouldn’t be so slow. New iPhone update with the dark setting does make the website dark, so you can’t see the letters or anything.

yeahbuddy4273847   3 star

Needs an update. Now that Apple had a new update with the “dark mode”, the dark mode makes the app dark too, which isn’t an issue except the app still uses black text instead of white. I can’t see anything it’s trying to show. Needs an update to work with dark mode.

macyrenee   1 star

New update. The app doesn’t work with the new iPhone “night mode” unable to see my schedule!!! Not just mine but everyone I know!!!

Lesley_L   2 star

Dark mode??. Dark mode is great but maybe switch the text to white, I can’t read my own schedule which defeats the purpose of even having the app

samjb1089   1 star

New update. Please change the dark mode. It’s horrible

Ahhmazzing_Ness   4 star

New update?. So I recently updated my iOS on iPhone and have it set to night mode so all my usually white screens are black. Well Hot Schedules wasn’t up to date and it was still a white screen which was fine I didn’t care but idk if they updated or something now all I’m seeing is black. It’s like they went to night mode but so did the words and stuff...if I want to see my schedule I have to click it and it will turn’s just very irritating bc I can’t read black words on a black screen 🤷🏻‍♀️ otherwise I love the app it’s very handy

ferocious tenderpie   1 star

Bad darkmode update. I’m unable to see my schedule clearly because the lettering stays black on a black background. Please fix

nmoneybdish   1 star

Dark mode broke the view. Dark mode make the app unreadable

Snaredrumr   3 star

Can’t see with new iPhone update. I like the new dark feature that came with my iPhone update, but the downside is I can’t see my schedule on the app without turning up the brightness of my screen and looking closely or clicking on it. It’s really inconvenient and I know the first thought would be “well don’t use dark mode” but that’s just dumb. Please fix it as I did buy the app for the convenience of looking at my work schedule. P.s. - why does it take so long to load every time I switch apps?

MaryRMuse   3 star

Please make improvements. There definitely needs to be some improvements for this app. Whenever my schedule gets posted or updates the app won’t open, or it says no network connection and my information won’t display. For the last 3 days I haven’t been able to get my schedule to open. It’s really frustrating as I had to pay for this app and it’s the way I communicate with my coworkers and how I see my work times.

Sunshyne1981!!!   1 star

New update. With this new black update I can’t see drop shifts and I can’t see messages I’m writing to other employees . So I can’t pick up shifts so I am missing out on shifts

Adriannaxoxo   2 star

Dark mode not compatible. Needs immediate attention because the newest update is not dark mode comparable, so if you have dark mode turned on on your phone you will not be able to see hot schedules. Extremely inconvenient.

yeager95   2 star

Good until dark mode. Dark mode messed this app up. Can’t see shift times unless I click on them individually. Text is almost the same grey color as the background. Gf has the same problem so I know it’s not just me

Terrible mightmode?. The newest update made it look like a terrible attempt at nightmode because you can’t see anything with the text still being black. Going to uninstall this app if isn’t fixed soon.

Disappointed Consumer 1   1 star

Please update to support dark mode. Does not work in dark mode. Please update ASAP.

Akiva1   4 star

Background. How can I change my backround light?

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