HotSchedules is the #1 rated employee scheduling app and is the fastest and easiest way to communicate about the work schedule or anything else! Check schedules and send text or email alerts to notify staff about the schedule or other important messages. Team members can swap, pick-up or release shifts with one click. Schedules and the roster automatically update with any manager-approved changes.

NOTE: The HotSchedules application REQUIRES a valid HotSchedules user account.

App Features for Owners and Managers
· View sales and labor snapshots, compare actual to scheduled labor and the variance
· View current or future posted schedules
· Set up specific notifications
· Update, approve or deny shift swap, pick-up or release requests
· Message employees by job code/role to fill shifts fast
· Manage time-off requests and view blocked dates
· View the roster and employee contact information and contact employees with one click
· Messaging employees about their shift via text, email or the HotSchedules platform
· Search messages by keyword
· Need help? Contact Customer Care 24x7x365

App Features for Team Members
· View your work schedule from anywhere at any time
· Sync your schedule with your calendar
· Set up specific notifications, such as new messages, schedule changes, shift trade approvals and shift locations
· Set-up auto-pick up or release options
· Review open shifts and request to pick-up and release options
· Send requests to release or swap shifts
· Contact coworkers with one click
· Message coworkers via text, email or the HotSchedules platform
· Request time off
· Need help? Contact Customer Care 24x7x365

HotSchedules App Description & Overview

The applications HotSchedules was published in the category Business on 2008-10-31 and was developed by HotSchedules. The file size is 78.21 MB. The current version is 4.55.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Various enhancements and bug fixes

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Don't pay for this  27849020373  1 star

Just use After one software update your app can't handle my phone anymore. This is junk and wouldn't even be worth one dollar. It's not like knowing my work schedule is important or anything right?


Can't log in.  jzsmith9799  1 star

Terrible update! App won't let me log in. This is very frustrating.

Sandy Amandie

Seeking a refund after this update.  Sandy Amandie  1 star

Can't use this app anymore=not gonna pay $3 for it. Absolute garbage, no reason to even force me to update every time by blocking older versions immediately anyway.


Definitely more convenient that the site  KamAutMah  3 star

This is worth the $3 because it's much simpler than the site and I don't have to login every time, but it's annoying that you can't have multiple jobs on the same account. So now having two jobs that use HS, I constantly have to log out and in to the other to check each schedule.

Sergio G Hdz

Very useful app!  Sergio G Hdz  5 star

This is a great app, haven't really had any problems with it. Easy to use and easy to understand. You can very much view your schedule at one click of a button.

My New Favorite

Awful update  My New Favorite  1 star

I can't log in to get my schedule!! After update my user name and password are not accepted. Please advise!


Use the website  LanceS  1 star

This app is a huge waste of money. Basically all you can do is check your schedule and message, which you can do from safari on your phone and that works much better. Don't even bother with this, what a waste of money.

Cuty 911

It doesn't work anymore  Cuty 911  1 star

I can't even open the app anymore. I paid for this!


Can't login  Marioevans  2 star

After this update I'm no longer able to view my schedule through the app. Pretty frustrating to get and pay for the app to avoid going to a web browser and the app doesn't work

NC male

Cannot sign up. But PAID UP !  NC male  1 star

Cannot sign up. But PAID UP !


Worth the money.  Mjbmaster  5 star

This app is great. It's easy to use, smooth, and has a clean interface. Worth the money, it's much easier to use than the web version. Has most of the features the web version has too.


Great App!  Road_To_Success  5 star

I love everything about this app! It makes everything easy and is very convenient.


Always logs me out  Morrison1300  1 star

You guys need to work on this app that some of us payed for... it ridiculous how it logs me out ALLLL THE TIME!!!


Can't even log in  Jellykdjsjsdns  1 star

I have tried multiple times to log in and I am 100% sure I have the correct email address and password because I log in to my HotSchedules account on the computer every day to check my schedule and no matter what I do or how many times I change my password or check to see if it is correct it will not let me log in. I am extremely frustrated because I paid money for this app and it's extremely inconvenient to have to go to safari or on my computer to check my work schedule. I'm fairly irritated by this and I have tried everything. I've installed and uninstalled the app and repeated this at least 6 times to see if that would help my situation and it hasn't helped at all. I'm frustrated and so far it's been a waste of time.


Still won't work...  Apersonthatlikedtheoldapp  1 star

Still says "authentication failure invalid username or password" when both password and user name are correct I can sign on to the website but not this app.


A little disappointed  DWOAC86  3 star

I was hoping since everyone I know uses this app for work. You would be able to see how many hours you are scheduled, how many hours you actually worked, and your clock in/out times. But since it doesn't it was kinda a let down.


Fix please??  Lourahhhhh  1 star

Can't see my schedule ..


Horrible  Markuus  1 star

I paid for this app and I still don't understand what to do!!


Frustrating  lvly.a  1 star

The newest update won't let me login!


Most expensive app I own....  Blakdomination  1 star

Is a shame that t he may expensive app I own is the one that lags the most, and crashes.

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