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What is hotschedules app? HotSchedules is the industry's leading employee scheduling app because it’s the fastest and easiest way to manage your schedule and communicate with your team.

Team members love it because they can swap, pick-up or release shifts with one click. Work-life balance is easily managed with automatic shift pick ups when you want more hours, and time off requests for when you don’t. Calendar sync and notifications keep your Schedules and the roster automatically updated to your phone with any manager-approved changes.

Managers appreciate the 75% time savings when building schedules and one-click approvals for shift changes. The ability to monitor business performance with sales and labor snapshots from anywhere, keeps them out of the back office. And most importantly, staying connected with broadcast and one-to-one messaging makes for a happy and productive team culture.

NOTE: The HotSchedules application REQUIRES a valid HotSchedules user account through your employer.

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App Name HotSchedules
Category Business
Updated 01 April 2024, Monday
File Size 110.97 MB

HotSchedules Comments & Reviews 2024

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Duplicate shifts. I emailed support because I’m showing duplicate shifts in my Apple calendar. They told me to delete all the current shifts in my calendar, log out of hot schedules and log back in. That fixed it for a little while. I contacted them again. They gave me another solution and again that only worked for a little while. They say it’s because the managers are reposting the schedule. That should not make a difference. There should be a way to prevent this from happening on their end.

Ridiculously glitchy and slow. As some who has two jobs and has to quickly configure days/times I can work and sift through plans, this app has been no help. Basic things like checking my schedule is a HUGE issue. The loading takes absolutely forever and sometimes it won’t even load it’ll say “loading error” or something like that. I remember using this app like six years ago too with the same issues. This app has been around WAY too long to still be acting up like this. There is no excuse for these flaws to still be existent at all. This seriously needs to be fixed and I can tell I’m clearly not the only one with this issue. This is terrible.

Worst app I’m forced to use regularly. This app truly is the worst. I’m forced to use it almost daily, and end up getting frustrated almost every time. Why does it take so long to load?! It’s a very simple, no-frills app. I don’t understand. I have to force close and reopen CONSTANTLY. It’s always glitching - push notifications for messages come in, but when I swipe to open, the app tells me the message has been deleted (even after multiple refreshes). Then, magically, the message reappears 10 minutes later. I frequently get duplicates of messages because the app froze on the sender and they weren’t sure if their message went through. Just overall constant glitches on this app. I really can’t believe they’re charging us for an app that is required by our employers and is THIS bad. What are you guys doing???

Great but glitchy. It’s a great app, I don’t like the idea of having to pay for an app just to look at my shifts but I have a job which is the reason why i got it so $3 isn’t a BIG deal. The app is really easy to use for checking your shifts and others as well in case you want to know who and who doesn’t work throughout the weeks. Messaging your manager when you can’t show up on certain days is very simple to get through as well. Overall it’s an easy to use app. Downsides of it though, I only had problems with changing my availability. I would try to work at 4pm to 2am but I guess the AM messes things up to where it changes 4pm to the AMs also. Plus, I don’t know if its because of the recent update but my schedules are black and hard to read others and my scheduled shifts.

Bad app, bad customer/ employee support/ always glitchy. Have been using this platform from an employee and manager side for nearly a decade. It’s always had issues, issues get fixed, issues show again, and so on. That’s normal for any platform, but the lack of communication and support you receive from the company is laughable. The amount of times I’ve been told “we’re unaware/ are aware of the system but will call you back” and never receive a call back. The amount of times it took 1-6 weeks to get a response about a SIMPLE issue is almost every time. They lack focus and organization. Can’t wait until my company rolls out their own communication and scheduling platform. HS was once a neat scheduling platform, but now it’s become a complete nuisance and waste of time.

Not great. It’s slow as hell. I paid for the app two years ago when I started at my current job and it’s only gotten slower. Probably six months ago it started doing a thing where it logs you out even if you just click out of the app for one second. Kinda annoying. I turned off email notifications a longgg time ago but still get an email anytime anyone sends a message (which is a lot!). But I was dealing with all of this until today. The app updated automatically and now rather than showing lunch first and dinner second, dinner is showing first and lunch second. There was no reason to change that other than to confuse the hell out of me thinking I suddenly got switched to lunch. Change it back!! I don’t work lunch!! Two stars because at least I don’t have to use my internet browser to see my schedule.

NOT A Good User Experience. I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but I know that everyone I work with does. The HotSchedules app is absolutely TERRIBLE on my iPhone running iOS 14. Everything takes way too long to load (several seconds, even though I have a brand new phone), the app is glitchy and crashes a lot, and the messaging feature has some major glitches that really ruin the experience. Whenever I’m writing a message, I’ll start writing as normal, and everything will work fine, until my message gets longer than what can fit on the screen and I have to start scrolling to see the rest of it. At that point, the scrolling feature seems to break, and I’m not able to see the rest of my message or scroll up/down to see anything other than what’s at the top of the message box. Additionally, parts of my message randomly disappear while I’m writing, and other parts get duplicated and pasted below my original message, which I don’t see until I’ve sent the message, as I can’t scroll down to see it in the composing window. These problems wouldn’t be a big deal if this app were free, but I paid $3 for it. With an app like this that’s used by thousands of people around the world, and is NOT free, these issues I’ve mentioned are unacceptable, and this app should not have these major issues like this.

Good, but NEEDS a "Mark All As Read" button. I like this app and don't have many problems with it. It works well and gets the job done. My absolute biggest grief with it though is that it ABSOLUTELY needs a "Mark All Messages As Read" button. The servers at my job send a RIDICULOUS amount of messages back and forth about their shuffling schedules, and I am not about to go through to try to open all of them. However, I also don't want to just delete ALL my messages either, but I am so absolutely sick of have 500+ notifications on my little app icon.

absolute garbage. this app is utter garbage. if i could give it zero stars, i would. i’ve used this app for a year now & each update has always made the app slightly less usable. however, this most recent update has made it so i cannot use the app at all. after the update, i opened the app to find it didnt show any of my shifts on the calender view, everything was just blank. when i tapped each day, it would say “no information available.” i thought logging out & logging back in would be helpful but it only made it worse. now whenever i try to log in, the app says “internal system error” & refuses to log me in. then when i quit the app & reopen it again, it seems i’ve been logged in except it only shows me the settings page & nothing else. now i cannot even see the days of the week at all. i don’t understand how this app has such high ratings. the company behind this app needs to make major improvements immediately. using this app has always been frustrating but after this horrible update i sincerely regret ever paying for it at all.

NEED updates.. Here’s what would be stellar, if you could merge multiple jobs and locations onto 1 account. In college I had 3 different jobs, and had to have 3 separate HS accounts to view the schedules. Why can’t I put them all into the same account and then have a drop down menu where I can decide which schedule to view? Instead I’m forced to have 1 open in the app, and then log into my interest browser to view the other 2. Very inconvenient. Also, every update causes password and log in issues. Not exactly what you want to have when something is involving your work schedule.......

I paid for this?. I’ve had a few work scheduling apps that didn’t cost me anything. They never glitch like this one, I hate when people ask me my schedule to make appointments because I can’t answer right away with this app, it’ll constantly shut off on me. I have to put it in another calendar just to have quick access, but the way this app is set up, it looks like it should be quick access. It’s cool you can message other employees but I didn’t need to pay money on my other apps for that same feature. Bummed my work uses this app and I had to pay money for it. Maybe fix the bugs that my coworkers and I are having and update it to look less like a 2004 windows computer system. Make it less like a 5 year old iPhone you refuse to trade in.

Terrible Servers!. I load time from on page to another i.e messages to schedule it goes to a loading circle that takes WAYYYYY to LONG! If I accidentally hit the wrong section it makes me wait until it’s done loading before I can get to the right section and when you click on a message it has to load then when you go out of that message it loads again it’s you spend more time loading then accomplishing anything! Come one guys fix your server time this is embarrassing for a professional company we don’t have time to wait for your information to load we have a job to do and need a product that is going to work! Get your servers in gear and get that speed pumping! Please please PLEASE!!!!! Fix this!!!! 😁😁😁

Thoughts of improvement. So my work uses hot schedules and it is one of the easiest apps to use. My managers recommended that I purchase the app and I recommend the same to all new hires. My reasoning for writing this review is to suggest that you show the scheduled hours for the work week for the employee, because I know for the manager side it does show that. My work wants us to be conscious of our own overtime and sometimes it hard to see if I’ll hit it if I pick up a released shift. It would be great if you guys added this to the next update 🙏🏻

Could be A LOT better. So as much as I love the ease of this app, it could have so much more. I use the DayForce app for my other job and 1. It’s free 2. It has a tab that allows me to see my earnings for every pay period I’ve worked. In that tab, it shows me the hours and exactly where my money came and went. Basically, my paystubs are directly on the app, rather than having to go to a website to look at them. I should not have to pay for this app just to see my schedule. It’s pretty dumb. But I do love that we can actually release and pick up shifts. That’s it. Please let me see my paystubs on here. It would make my life soooo much easier

😭. I have been using this app a little over a year and I love it but this new update is very confusing. It won’t say the end times for my shifts so I never know if I work 6 hours 8 hours etc and I like being able to know how many hours I’m working that day. The only way I can check for the end times for my shift is if I go online not through the app which is a bit annoying since I did pay for the app for the convenience of not having to go through all that logging in. Other than that great app, just a small issue of the times it shows.

Good app - I have suggestions. Easy to use app, makes life so much easier to have your schedule and manipulate it easily. Three suggestions (requests to the developers actually): 1) allow people to create an auto pick-up from the "my schedule" page. It would be a LOT easier to create these when you can see the holes in your schedule (maybe even on the schedule page put "auto pick up set" for the shifts you're hoping to get?) 2) allow notifications for when a shift gets released that you're not already scheduled for. 3) when you're on the "my schedule" page and click on a specific shift, it shows you who is working that shift and who isn't (brilliant) BUT, from there, allow the option to send a message to ONLY the people working that shift (like - hey anyone want tonight off?) AND be able to send a message to ONLY the people not working that shift (ie. hey can someone work for me tonight) instead of having to go to the messages center, select individual people or blast everyone on the whole team. Thank you!

Functions are great, WHEN IT FUNCTIONS. I’ve used HotSchedules for years now, and it is always such a hit or miss if it works or not. My workplace schedules over 200+ employees, and when they cannot access their schedules or we cannot pull a roster for the day, this puts a detrimental strain on the business. This happens weekly. They do absolutely nothing about the constant issues with errors opening the app (mobile or web, phone or computer, it doesn’t discriminate). It is a shame this is the only scheduling platform around these days that “makes sense” and has the “functionality” we crave, but only count on it working half the time. It has been like this for years, but it’s been increasingly worse this past year. The system seems like it cannot handle the bandwidth of clients but HotSchedules doesn’t care as long as they get money from your company and it’s employees (to download the app). My company will be moving to our own scheduling system soon, at this point paper and pen would be more reliable.

How is this a 5-star app?!?!?!. I don’t understand how anyone could give this app more than two stars. First of all it is a paid app that is required for me to work a job, but I have to pay out of pocket. Second it loads my schedule properly maybe 1/10 times I open then app. This team spends all of their time updating stupid little features like adding a dark mode or moving the layout, when they should be focusing on the core issues. Their servers are overloaded and can’t handle my even trying to check my freaking schedule!!! Which is what the app was made for. This app is garbage but I can’t even recommend you don’t buy it because you probably have to for work. Seriously. Do better you guys.

Poor Implementation of Dark Mode. Ever since the most recent update to the app, I can honestly say it was terrible. I know there’s a trend towards being able to have platforms in dark mode— which isn’t the issue. The issue is that now that this dark mode has been implemented you can barely see what time you’re working at. For whatever reason the text is also dark just like the background and you can’t see what it says. You have to click on it to see it. Other issues include that you can’t see who else is working in case you may need to find a cover, and you can’t tell what options you’re clicking on in places like the setting or messages, or requests off. Because unlike your shift which will show once you click on it, nothing else does. Please improve this so we can see things clearly and effortlessly.

Worst Scheduling App!. The very first problem with this app is that the employee is required to pay. Overall this app is straight garbage and any employer should refrain from using this app for scheduling. The app is always slow, glitching, crashing, cant put in requests. Nothing about this app runs smoothly. We really have to pay for a scheduling app that does not even run right! Save you time, energy, and money and just get the app HOMEBASE. The app homebase is better in every way for scheduling and its free. On top of being glitchy Hotschedules does not even include your pay or let you look at your past shifts and hours, Homebase keeps track of all these things so you can easily go back and check. I would not recommend HotScedules to any employer or employee! stay away from this terrible app!

A Manager’s Perspective. Despite the constant token and password word issues with every update, only half the reason why I gave two stars, I really like this app. It makes it super easy to leave notes for my fellow managers, to send messages to my employees via the app or to contact them by phone or text. The other reason I gave only two stars is this: There is no way for me to write my schedule on the app. The only way I can do that is to sit down at a computer and use the HS website. Being a manager sometimes I do not have the time to sit at a computer down to write my schedule. How great would it be if I didn’t have to be tethered to a desktop or have to lug my laptop around with me? It’d be awesome! I could do a little bit here, a little there. This would free me up to be able to do the schedule anywhere since I always have my phone.

I wish I didn’t have to have the app.. I will admit I was originally disappointed and turned off by HotSchedules because this platform is predominately used for scheduling within the service industry and therefore hourly wages employees. The company is paying a licensing fee to use the platform and I, the hourly wage employee, still have to pay to download the app?!! It feels icky. Of course you’re going to charge the lowest tiered group to use your services because they have to use your services when you should just price your platform costs appropriately. My disappointment was compounded because getting logged into the app is a NIGHTMARE. Horrible experience. I reset my password yesterday and still can’t get into the app and am resorting to my desktop. I’ve tried multiple times. If I’m paying to have this app, I’d expect it to be the best app on my phone and its just not. Also, this is the only app on my phone I’ve paid to download. Once you can get logged in, the app is convenient and handy. Easy to navigate and the layout makes sense. Not tons of lag or anything either. Please fix your login issues and let your finance/accounts team know you’re pricing structure isn’t a good look.

Dark mode is trash!. Very disappointed to have updated my apps and to find out that hotschedules offers dark mode now but it is really inconvenient and ugly. It is very hard to read when the background is black and the font is of light gray color! Who thought of that!!!! Please fix that! Dark mode is a new thing being offered with more and more apps ever since the launch of iOS 13 but please be smart of about it! It’s point is so that what is displayed on the screen is easier on the users eyes! This update makes Hotschedules accomplish the complete opposite and I am very mad about that. May be an overreaction but please look into it. I use this app quite often as it correlates to my job and livelihood! Regards, Disappointed

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. This is a horrible app. So many problems I don’t even know where to begin. It doesn’t even load and open half of the time, the messaging is very flawed, there is no longer an option to change the schedule view, it crashes a lot. Just save yourself the frustration and check HotSchedules online. I don’t get why it’s so hard to make a functioning app seeing as how many people have to use this. I wish there was a better app to use but unfortunately this is what my job uses. Not sure if this app has become free since I downloaded, but if you still have to purchase this app REALLY, do not download. Crazy to charge money for something that barely works.

crappy app that could be great. token and password issues EVERY update. plus the location is always messed up (you should make it with option to set location) so we can set a location for calendar sync. {and speaking of sync every time app is foreground it resyncs pushing calendar entries} Edit{} well now I'm not getting my calendar spammed but my password again occasionally doesn't verify at all through app unless i re download it fresh. This isnt a typing issue I'm using a saved password entry. This compounded an issue where this past Saturday a scheduled shift did not sync to my calendar at all. The email notification had it and online website had it but the calendar sync omitted Saturday but not Friday not Sunday. Look I paid for this app like everyone else but it LACKS the Website’s BASIC pickup shift features, but its ability to sync was its saving grace but you guys have now made it to where i cannot trust that it has synced. Further to complicate things was i was unable to login to the app to even verify the error. How the heck does one data point get omitted.

New update is terrible. I’ve been using this app for probably 4 years now for work... and It’s always been awesome until the latest update. Everything was so simple and easy to look at. Now, making your availability makes absolutely no sense. For some reason it says you can create different weekly availabilities for each day, and figuring out how to get my shifts I want has felt near impossible. This update has caused so many problems for me and my managers. I was scheduled outside of my availability last week and had to miss my night class to come into work. Why did the availability section have to change? I don’t understand. Why mess with a good thing. Please, for the sake of me and so many others change it back to the way it used to be. I’d be happy to leave an awesome review if you did lol.

Logout bug and notification spam. Besides the obvious downfall of this being a decent application, why in the hell are you spamming me to rate my shift? You’re implementing rate my app bs into a scheduling application? Please for all things holy, stop adding stupid nonsense to this already decent app. I can post logs of my job with sales reports, post a schedule, make approvals...that parts great. Now you harass me to rate my shift and I’m forced to turn notifications off because it won’t stop. Every 5 minutes, even if I click it. Sometimes it’s every 30 seconds! Are you kidding me?! Now I’ll check approvals on my own instead of being notified since you make me waste my time on nonsense. Already in the process of convincing my employers of phasing you out due to these stupid features and consistent problems that you bestow upon yourself.

BE AWARE. BE AWARE - after they raised the rates for the 2nd time in a year, I told them I was going with another scheduling service (which I did over a year ago - and it is less than 1/2 their price). They did not inform me I needed 30 days notice (but it was the month prior-the same day they notified me of the rate increase). Then I moved to the new scheduling program & informed them when I was switched over. They took another months bill from my bank account without auth and refused to refund it stating now that they needed a 30 day notice. My bank took back the money from them and Hotschedules is still trying to take funds from my account without auth - over a year later. Which is THEFT. Watch your bills, watch their constant rate increases, and watch your bank account after you find a better & less expensive service.

Calendar Sync Busted. Literally always been an issue. Used to have to unsync and resync my calendar weekly, now the feature is completely broken. I can’t get it to connect to iCal at all. My iOS settings straight up doesn’t even recognize the HotSchedules app as having calendar features. I’ve tried following the help guide and going through settings and privacy (even going as far as to check calendar privileges in three different ways through settings), triple checking the in-app route, and I even tried using Google calendar and having that synced to my iCal. Unfortunately, HotSchedules inaccurately syncs to Google, listing all my shifts as 5min long. I can’t even find the calendar subscription url to manually sync the app to iCal. Honestly, if the app can’t do a good job of auto sync, at least give me the digital calendar link, so I can at least do it myself.

Long Load Times. This app is frustratingly slow considering it’s a paid app. To make matters worse, quite frequently the app will simply refuse to load. That means no schedule, no messages, no nothing. Considering this is my job and not an app I use for leisure, I need it to, at the very least, function. Load times are one thing but when I cannot see what time my shift starts then I begin to wonder why I paid for this app. EDIT: took this from a 2 star to a 1 star because every update they release seems to make the app even less intuitive and slower to load than before. I truly am curious what they are using all the earnings from app sales on. One would think an app that provides so little information could not possibly fail to load so consistently. Bravo Hot Schedules. Bravo.

I’m so sick of this app. I’ve had hot schedules for years dating back to 2015 at numerous jobs and it used to be great! That’s no longer the case. It constantly crashes it won’t open other times, or it just shows me the spinning circle of death. It’s trash in my opinion. How am I suppose to get my schedule and plan my life accordingly when the app constantly under-delivers. This is so frustrating. This isn’t just a problem for me it is with my coworkers and other friends whose job uses this platform. Fix it or hang it up. And all the updates it’s literally being updated every week. So here’s my advice, Get a team of new developers who can make this app workable or hang it up for the big boys and gals who know what they are doing. I loved hot schedules and think it is great but get it together over there my friends. Thanks and be blessed.

Could be great. I’ve used this app for 3 different jobs over the last 6 years, and I love it. It’s great for seeing who’s working the shift, I like that it can sync to my calendar, the message function, it’s all great. But I have no idea why it’s been so buggy as of late. I’ll launch the app on WiFi and it will just outright refuse to load. I’ll have to relaunch the app several times to get it to load the home screen. God forbid I try to open the messages tab as well, as I’ll run into the same issue. The loading is terrible this last year or so, and no update has seemed to fix it. I have an iPhone 12 with the latest update, no other app gives me the same terrible loading experience this one does. Also, I said I love the calendar sync - but that’s also a bit of a mess too. Sometimes HotSchedules likes to put the same event into my calendar multiple times, so even though I only work once today, I have 5 different appointments on my calendar. Not great, especially when the notifications start popping in. I used to love this app, and I still could. They just really need to fix the bugs and loading times.

the new revamp is awful. it’s so confusing to put in a new availability: what happened to lunch/dinner shifts? Now I have to include time specific on-times? What if I can work lunch starting after 11:00a, and dinner by needing to be on by 5:00p? How do I input that? 11-5 as my availability? no, because now I’m only being scheduled between those hours and not getting approved to pickup shifts outside of that time frame. Go back to how it used to be, I never knew anyone complaining about your app or system. And its horrible trying to request time off, the old version was so much simpler and so much easier to look at. Now you can’t edit individual days with in your request, you either have to delete the WHOLE request and pray that it gets approved again, or pray that someone will release a shift on the day you can work again. It’s so restrictive and complicated. When it comes to work schedules, we want simple and flexible. What are you guys doing with hotschedules?! If this wasn’t a necessary app for my job, I would delete this new-version revamped atrocity of a system. and that makes me bummed because I was practically your biggest fan back in the day, with the green color scheme. :/

this app is so annoying. i’ve had the app for over 2 years now and i just got a second job that also uses hotschedules, which at first i thought was great because i’ll have both of my schedules in one place, BUT there’s no option to easily switch between both employers!! which is think is a simple concept but whatever. i have to log out and log back in if i want to look at both, which is so frustrating for several reasons, the first being that i paid for the app!!! i feel like what am i paying for if not convenience?? it is the least convenient thing ever. the second reason is that it never loads!!! so going back and forth is a whole ordeal and sometimes i can’t even get back into either employers schedules. making plans or trying to schedule my personal/private life around my work schedule is so hard because of this app. it brings me a lot of stress. it also makes communicating my schedule to both jobs hard as well. i don’t understand how this app is rated a 4.7 in the app store considering i’ve never read a good review and this is my experience as well, it just seems to be misleading to me. i don’t even know if writing this review will even do anything but i’m so fed UP with this app that i had to pay for?!??? still confused as to what i’m paying for because it doesn’t seem customer friendly design is considered

Update/app issue. Worked great for years. I’m literally just posting this in hopes for a response to see if this is an issue on my end or the app itself. I got a notification yesterday that the version of the app I have is no longer supported and needs to be updated. Well I proceed to do so, and it simply won’t update. Wifi, data, restarting my phone, deleting shortcuts to the app. I close the app and try to open it but it won’t open the app, nothing worked. So I deleted it in hopes to redownload and see if it fixed anything. Well, now I can’t download it again because it still has the square stop button to stop the update from before. Any help will be appreciated.

Hardly functions. I don’t understand if it’s just me or why this app is rated so highly... I’ve used it for about 3 years now because I have too and it’s been terrible. I can probably count the number of times it has loaded properly on one hand. It is a daily occurrence when I initially open the app that it does one of two things - indefinitely loads until an error message pops up (The operation can not be completed), or it loads and is literally completely blank, and trying to check to any other link/tab results in another error message. This continues to persist several times after closing and reopening the app, often it will result in signing me out completely. I currently use an iPhone X, although I’ve had these issues across other phones, keep the app updated, and 90% of the time I am connected to WiFi with any of my other apps working fine as far as the connection goes. I’m able to connect through the actual webpage easily enough but that’s not the point - I paid for the convenience of this app and it hardly works. I’m writing this review now because these issues have persisted through the last two days without even pulling up my schedule once setting me over the edge with my patience.

The new Dark mode screws up everything.. So IOS has a new dark mode that I enjoy using but an issue I’m having with HotSchedules is that the dark mode effects the app. So when I enter everything is dark, which is fine. But the app was obviously not meant to function in dark mode because you can’t read anything. The color of the text is too dark so it blends in. It would be appreciated if you could fix this relatively soon because I don’t like having to go back into my settings to turn it off for two seconds just to check when I’m supposed to come in for work. Thanks.

This app is awful. I use this app daily to approve shift exchanges and swaps for a staff of over 100 in the restaurant I run. Almost every time I open the app it freezes and I have to open and close it multiple times in order to get access to any part of the app. Once I do gain access it takes several minutes for the app to load and several more minutes for me to approve the exchange or pick up. If I have to flip to any other part of the app during this process often it will freeze again and need to be restarted. All the other managers I’ve spoken with have the same issue as do the staff. Now today specifically its giving me an error message as soon as I open the app and won’t allow me to do anything. Please fix these issues as it makes my job more difficult and makes what should be a very quick process much more time consuming.

Your schedule is in safe hands. As a user why can i not login to see my schedule? Oh, right, because hotschedules did yet ANOTHER nonsense update, and without downloading the update you cant login. What is so critically important that this app has to be updated twice a month or more? It’s like mission impossible, only “your schedule, if you choose to accept it, is...(every normal day)... this schedule will self destruct in 10 days (when we update the app for no apparent reason) ...” What could possibly be so critically important and secure about my stupid work schedule that it needs to update so often???? Thus losing my login data each time, thus making me download a new version (needing wifi) and requiring me re-verify my identity and password each time I use it? It’s annoying. It’s just giving me access to my dumb work schedule and not anything important like my bank account or a government secret agency mission impossible whatever geez

This app is absolutely terrible. This app worked fine for a while, but after about a month it basically broke down. Ever since then it’s been a mix of taking an hour to lead anything, constant crashing, and endless issues. The calendar sync feature recently just stopped working and put shifts on my calendar that aren’t even mine and duplicated them so I had about 12 duplicate events on my calendar each day. I just tried deleting the app and now after trying to redownload it I’m getting an error message that says “this device is not compatible for the app”. Now, I’m stuck having to use the online site even though I paid my $2.99 for the app. Not much money, but an absolute WASTE in my opinion.

Switch to “most recent” reviews!!!!!!. I’ve had the HotSchedules app for just about 8 years now. I paid for it long ago, and for 5 years it was definitely worth the money. I used to tell everyone I know, “just spend the money, I promis you won’t regret”. For my sixth year, I actually left HotSchedules because my new job didn’t require it. But I’ve had it again for another year and I’m sadden to see how downhill this app has gone. I’m not sure if the pandemic has affected the developers, or what. But the app constantly glitches and doesn’t load. This is actually my second attempt at leaving a review. Apparently months ago I was going to leave them a review, the following is the review that I apparently started and abandoned. This should tell you something. “Seriously every week?! So unnecessary. Also your last update on the 8th LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE to operate the app. It loads for LITERALLY five minutes each freaking page. I can’t send messages. I don’t understand why you update every week to “fix bugs” but I never have a problem until you update it! Knock it off. This app is for work. No one cares to update their app every week. I just want to see when I work. “

Pretty good but I’d have some improvements. I have it for work, pretty good. I thought it was a bit unfair to have the worker pay for something the employee is forcing them to get to know their schedules but the price wasn’t that bad so no substantial complaints. The set up is really easy although I know some of my coworkers are really confused by the availability and didn’t mess with it because they didn’t know how it worked. I had figured it out but I think it should just be set up nicer. And I think it would be really great if we had a way to categorize/filter our inbox. A lot of my coworkers spam there asking for shifts to be picked up, I want to categorize the important notifications managers messages and from that of my coworkers. Overall, like the set up, never glitches, and is reliable.

Issues with dark mode. I’ve been using this app for many years and it’s a great app. The only issue I have now is that when I have dark mode turned on on my iPhone I can’t read ANYTHING. The background is black and so is the font making it impossible to read my schedule, messages, and basically everything. Once I turned dark mode off the screen returns to normal and everything is fine. So if you guys could fix this problem I would greatly appreciate it. I would like to use the app without having to constantly turn this feature on and off while using it.

It’s just a link to the desktop website. I wasn’t going to buy this app because the website is actually quite good. Colleagues of mine said they loved it so I paid the $3. Once I logged in I first thought the app had redirected me to Safari and to the desktop version of the program, but quickly realized thats essentially what the app was... a link. I could very easily just make a shortcut for the website into an app for my iPhone for free. Seems amazing that there are still apps like this that haven’t been updated to be more user friendly for tablets and phones. I’ll probably still use the app because it’s a link to my schedule but I’m not happy about it. I’d give the program itself 5* but the app 1* so people can read what they’re actually getting for their money.

New update?. So I recently updated my iOS on iPhone and have it set to night mode so all my usually white screens are black. Well Hot Schedules wasn’t up to date and it was still a white screen which was fine I didn’t care but idk if they updated or something now all I’m seeing is black. It’s like they went to night mode but so did the words and stuff...if I want to see my schedule I have to click it and it will turn’s just very irritating bc I can’t read black words on a black screen 🤷🏻‍♀️ otherwise I love the app it’s very handy

Lag, Slow load times, connection issues, etc.. I’ve had this app for about 2 years and I can say that it functions as if it is still in Alpha. Loading the app takes forever (4-5 minutes on average. I tested) when most apps (literally all of them except for this one, apps that are no longer active, and beta stage apps) load in less that 6 seconds (also tested). Thats just to load the app. Then it doesn’t offer any personalization. For instance, company messages. Company messages being forced to load add more time to load times. They should be optional or give each individual user the option(something a well organized orginazation app should have anyway). Anywho with the technology and resources you have, you should actually consider updating the app every once in a while. BTW. Actual rating is a -6/5 literally because of all the reviews I’ve written in the past 2 years for this app, you have heard none of them. You have listened to no and you only get 1 star because I had to just to write another review.

This app is great. The reviewers who cavil about minutiae are probably unrealistic; what do you expect for $3? It’s a brilliant app, and well worth its price. I can see who isn’t working (to swap shifts), negotiate all sorts of deals, message w/o having a phone number, and managers can approve shifts IMMEDIATELY. I used to manage schedules new-old school with Excel. While HS’s features are still clunky, they’re an improvement in design and speed. I would hope at some point that HS would work in an algorithm to automate staff shift rotations, but with all these features, and for its current price, this app is well worth its value.

This app is phenomenal for business!! Read my review guys!. Great app, extremely simple set up that is easy to navigate to whatever I’m looking for. Also my favorite part is the updates. Whomever does the thought of the weeks deserves a raise. And a promotion. Heck just give me an update every week so I can see those! Updated comment: I wrote this review almost a year ago, and guys they still do the thought of the week. Did that guy get his raise? Seriously send him my way if you don’t just so I can pay him to make one does me every day. Great app. Easy to use. And updates are still perfect!!!!

Messaging window is broken. I cannot count how many times I’ve lost the entirety of a message in this app. If you write a message longer than the space above the keyboard, almost always it will lock up and you will not be able to write or edit below where the top of the keyboard sits when typing. No scrolling at all, in fact there’s a strong likelihood that trying to do so will cause it to erase the message. Accidentally closing the type window also erases the message. Please just make it possible to write drafts in this thing.

Mail feature needs work. Seems like I never get notifications from the app itself. When my employer emails me, I get a notification from Gmail but not one from the HotSchedules app. I’ve gone into the settings for HotSchedules just to realize that every thing is activated to notify me, yet still it is not doing that. The little red bubble you see on most apps, that tells you how many emails you have waiting for before you even open up the app, doesn’t seem to exist on this app. It would be nice if they can make it have the same standard set of features that most other email applications out there have. Lastly, even after the app is open, the little envelope icon doesn’t indicate any difference at all. So an email could be waiting for you and you would never notice it. That icon should also have a number next to it letting you know how many new emails you have. Hope The team at HotSchedules finds this feedback useful, Cheers

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Good until recent update. The app has been useful and easy to use for so long, but the recent update removes the information regarding when shifts end. I now don’t know what my finish time is and I don’t understand why this was an upgrade in anyway. Please fix it soon.

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Horrible update. My app is taking forever to load says bug fixes and I think this update only made it worse... help please!! I need to see my schedule!!

Slow. Super glitchy and slow all of the time, often times it won’t load anything at all (like today) so my work had like 30 ppl calling in to confirm their schedule cause the app is down for everyone

Keeps on freezing. Takes longer to load schedule, app freezer everytime on iphone’s latest ios

Can’t see when shifts end. Ever since the new update, myself and my coworkers are able to tell when we start our shifts, but not when we finish them. This is frustrating because most of the time I am away from my desktop computer and am unable to check when I am to leave work.

Too slow at times. Super slow since the recent update. Please fix it as it’s affecting my business. I’ve got a lot of people who are unhappy with your services, better start paying attention to your customer needs.

Please update your app. Takes FOREVER to load. Not helpful whatsoever. Please take time to fix any bugs.

Dark mode. Please fix dark mode feature, it’s impossible to read the dark grey font on a black screen.

Awful app. Unreliable, doesn’t load for days at a time. Embarrassing for an app to cost this much that just doesn’t work

Dark mode on iPhones. It’s impossible to read my schedule with my phone on dark mode. Please fix the font collie asap as I use this app on a daily basis

Requires constant attention. The makers of this app need to understand the fact that most people are forced to use it by their employers. Nobody cares about your “rollouts”, company messages or constant updates. I’ll just use the crappy mobile site for free.

App doesn’t load. Ever since the latest update my app gets stuck on the loading screen and will not show my schedule. I have had to delete and re-download the app several times just to get it to work.

Current update will not load any data. Loading any data currently fails, with an error reading "NSXMLParserErrorDomain error 76"

New update not good. New update prevents us to view who’s scheduled the whole day. Not happy with the new update. Please fix it. I paid for the app as well.

SO SLOW. This is literally the slowest app I’ve ever used in my life. Most of the time it doesn’t load and when it manages to load the Home Screen it will bug out when you try to do anything else. For the love of god PLEASE fix this issue.

Slow. Takes a crazy amount of time to load my schedule, the screen is unresponsive at times, after last update it loads to a white screen with no schedule or info. Never had to pay for any other work schedule app, and they all worked 100x better than this one does.

Flaming Garbage. This app is actually garbage.

Horrible. One of the slowest and most frustrating apps I’ve ever used

will not load. literally just fix the app. make it load. update it or something. needs maintenance like seriously ive never been more frustrated at an app, more frustrating than twitter right now

😐. Not worth the price.

Slow and glitchy. Paid 4$ for an app that Never loads.

Useless. This sht is a scam, useless af no🧢, fix this sht I can’t see my schedule fk, I paid for this sht fix it niggass

Great app. I use another app for the same purpose for another job. HotSchedules is definitely better of the two.

Pretty good but.... I don’t understand availability...updating my availability is super complicated. I liked the old way before the update. Also, when synced to my calendar it always is an hour off...I think it has something to do with daylight savings time. Can’t figure that out either.

terrible connection. This app is so slow to load and frustrating to use

Please fix. Everyone at my work has a hard time getting into this app and I can’t even get in to see the time I’m working today.. Please fix this as it’s been an ongoing issue and I’m sure others are unhappy as they’ve paid for it :/

Scheduling. The system works well. However I think it would be better if there was an option to do biweekly or monthly availability instead of only one week at a time.

Barely works. This app sucks. You’re better off just logging in on the web because 90% of the time the app crashes or takes a billion years to load

Shift Rating. Seriously please remove shift rating or make it options. Not really a helpful feature and it slows everything down.

HotSchedules. Update the app so you can actually read things on dark mode!

App doesn’t work. The app worked fine for a year then out of no where stopped working. Says update the app but i tried reinstalling and updated and it does nothing

Cannot log in. The app is great, most of the time. The current update won't allow me to login, which is starting to become frustrating as I can't swap shifts with anyone.

App keeps crashing. Really really slow and keeps crashing. Can’t view schedule for the day and can’t get past company broadcast messages. Have to take a picture of my schedule every week because I can’t count on the app to be working day to day.

Dark mode. After the most recent update. There was dark mode added with no option to turn it off. Also dark mode with black text yeah good call cause you can’t read anything now. Garbage

Always broken.. The app is broken like 90% of the time.

Bud. How to registered for login ?

What happened?. I’m a server for a restaurant that has used hot schedules for years. I’ve been scheduled on HotSchedules for 6 years. The app used to be great, not glitchy and actually loaded. In the last couple months it doesn’t seem to matter if I’m on wifi or data, have no apps open or all of them , the app is SLOW. It never loads the opening page, let alone anything else. I have to resort to logging onto the website which i don’t find super user friendly. Very annoyed at the decline of quality of the app.. considering there are quite a few scheduling apps that are available for free to download for employees that seem to work a lot better. Hot schedules , figure it out .

Not good. I’ve been having issues with it for a few weeks now and I cringe when I know I need to use it very slow

Roster issues. The latest update stopped the ability to filter the roster. Now I apply a filter but it still shows me everyone working

fix immediately. fix the slowness immediately… i havent been able to get it to load for 2 days. FIX IT NOW !!!! its ALWAYS SO SLOW

Dark Mode. Can’t see anything with Dark Mode enabled, please fix it asap

Not for me. No notifications when someone drops a shift. To pick up a shift/see who’s working you all have to have that designation (lounge, bartender). Frustrating to use, lots of glitches wth times in availability. But user friendly at all.

Always just loading. It’s really annoying because I need this app for work and it’s constantly just …loading… and not actually working. Super slow! Fix it asap please

The app is to be purchase but be careful as you need to register. I find myself stock any place I could register after I purchase the app. I am a little dispointed.

Doesn’t work. Like can’t use it Won’t load anything Can’t see when I’m working What a waste of money

Slow. It’s been lagging and slow for over a month

Slow and glitching. Hi for last 2 weeks app not really helping working very slow. Always taking 10 min to load. Someone fix this please.

Bad update. The new update made my app super glitchy it’s now not working and I need it for work! Please fix asap. It won’t even let me check my schedule without things popping up over and over

Employees shouldn’t pay for this. I get employers pay for this service, but employees!? Unfair Website is bulls..t so you’re kinda pushed to buy the app Also it doesn’t show when the shift ends… makes no sens

The update is horrible. The update made the app so bad it takes forever to charge and for the page to appear!!

Annoyed. I can only see when my shift starts... not when it ends. This is only a problem on the app, not on the website. Needs to be addressed and fixed!

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Doesn’t work half the time. This app is great when it works. It makes it really easy to look at the work schedule and see who’s working, request a shift off, pick up shifts, etc. However the biggest problem is that it literally just doesn’t work half the time. I’ll open the app and will just not load anything, or even if it does load, if I try to move into a different part of the app, it will just not load again. What’s the point of an app you have to pay for when it doesn’t even work half of the time.

AWFUL. This new update is AWFUL!! I do like the fact that you can see how many hours you have a week, BUT now I don’t have the option to request of lunch or evening. It’s either all day off or all day on. So I tried doing I’m in safari and it looks as tho you can choose the day but manually enter the start time and end??? Idk anyways I tried doing it that way then, it seemed to have worked in safari HOWEVER the app say I didn’t pick up anything. This is going to pose a HUGE issue because I use hot-schedules to my advantage when ever I can. FIX FIX FIX FIX!!! Please and soon. I have to be able to do my schedule 2 weeks in advance and this is gonna screw EVERYTHING up

What’s going on?. I had this app before a few years ago and it was fine. I re download it a few months ago. This app has never shown any notifications what’s so ever. I would have to check everyday to make sure my meetings and schedule hasn’t changed. Than recently it will tell me about the messages that were sent. Not notifications. I would have to look. But than it won’t show all of it or even load properly. It would let be see who I work with but it won’t show any of my scheduled times. My manger messaged me twice on here and I had no idea until I got a call.

Fix the things that actually need to be fixed. If I could give it less stars I would. Hard to even give an application a star when it takes the same time to load the app as it does to reach the next decade. In all seriousness, nothing loads in the application with any speed and more often than not will say “no network connection” even on wifi when all my other applications work. This has been an issue for most of 2019 and has yet to be resolved. “Minor bug fixes” every update but no one can tell when they can’t even load the app. Fix the things people actually need to use your app.

Calendar Issue, and App is Slow Slow Slow. PLEASE fix the Calendar issue. Syncing to Calendar adds the same shift to the same day over and over and over, even if the schedule is never edited by management. I’ve had to delete up to 16 repeat shifts for one day. It’s been going on for years.... PLEASE please please fix it. Very upset that I had to pay for an app that runs this buggy, and this slow. Waiting for 4 minutes for the app to load just to see what time I work is ridiculous.

Hot mess. You literally type a message to staff, go to review it and it vanishes. I can’t believe this app charges a fee to download. Time is money and you just cost me money. The app is absolute trash. Don’t pay for it. If you do, immediately request a refund from the App Store. I have literally typed dozens of messages to communicate with staff and they just vanish when I scroll up to review what I wrote. What sort of nonsense is that?! I’d love to see the developers spend a single shift on a busy floor and then watch them go through this nonsense after a 12 hour day. Fix it or our 7 stores are finding another service.

Needs notification alert option when others release their shift. Disappointing that there is no option to be notified whenever fellow employees release their shifts (wanting their shift to be covered by another employee). I went through ongoing emails with their “help” staff regarding this, with no helpful results. If they could add this option, this would greatly improve the app. Also, using hotschedules on a laptop/computer is a better experience than their app.

WORST APP EVER DON’T USE. Worst app ever. If you are thinking about using this app for your employees, DON’T. You can tell they literally do not care about making this app better. It freezes, lags, doesn’t work for HOURS sometimes all when you need to look at your schedule or see your shift. This app is a headache and they’re charging $2.99. They release updates and it does nothing. It makes it worse. This must be run and updated by children because there is no way capable adults are satisfied by this horrible app. There’s a reason they have so many recent bad reviews and they still don’t care. It’s a joke.

I’ve never written a review before but.... I’ve never written a review before but this app is so terrible I have to. When the app is “working” it’s at best, slow as hell. Nothing loads within 30 seconds, not even trying to see more details about a shift; the app itself takes more than 5 minutes sometimes to even open, and earlier today the app decided to stop working completely after I clicked on a notification to see what it was about. The worst thing about this is I had to pay for it, nothing in this app is worth any money whatsoever, unfortunately I’m forced to use it as it’s my works scheduling program. I don’t understand how this app has 4.7 stars, please fix this buggy mess.

Crashes. This app crashes so much, half the time it doesnt load up anything. its so stressful- seeing this is the only place you can access your schedule for specific jobs. At first I thought “okay this could just be a one off update in process type of deal” but after over 10 other occasions of this app not loading when I need it to most it has me flipping a table! It’s not a lot but darn do I hope my job comp me for the $3 I had to drop to get this app. Idk what its like on browser but I think id have to recommend just checking your schedule that way. Best of luck!

Great app until. This is an amazing app and I absolutely love using it, I find it super easy and don’t mind the cost of the app because i’ve used it for multiple jobs. but honestly since apple has released the “dark mode” feature for iphone, it makes it ridiculously hard to use this app. Most apps have adjusted quite well to this new change and other doesn’t impact it at all. but whenever I use this app, the screen is black & the font is black. I can’t even type a message or see when I’m scheduled. although I know this is an easy fix if I go back to “light mode” but would be awesome if there’s a way you could make this available for both “light” and “dark” users.

So close to perfection. The iPad version of this app is indeed much more powerful than its iPhone counterpart, but still has a long ways to go if one is considering a tablet as a total computer replacement. There is no solution for creating/copying/posting schedules, and using the HS schedule via browser on the iPad is frustrating to say the least. What we need is a pro-level app for tablet users, or a specific manager app that offers these tools. Some minor UI adjustments would be welcome as well, making better use of the screen real estate offered on the iPad. Amendment: Why did the most recent update take away the timeline roster report that was unique to the iPad experience? This was so intuitive and helpful and really set the iPad experience apart from the website and/or the iPhone app. Another update: I can’t believe I didn’t notice this sooner: it doesn’t seem the iPad app supports split screen on the iPad. MAJOR BUMMER HERE.

Great app for work BUT. I love this app! It’s easy to use and convenient. BUT to make it better, you should be able to combine schedules from different jobs. Or see both. I work for 2 companies that use this and it is so time consuming and annoying to have one schedule only on my browser, and one schedule in the app! Should make a way to view more than one schedule in the app!! Would make it so much easier and better.

Downhill. I’ve had HotSchedules for years. It started off good, easy to use. Now i and many of my coworkers can barely get it to even work. Not sure what the deal is but it something that needs to get fixed. This app is vital for a lot of people’s jobs, it needs to work better. It takes about five minutes to open my schedule(if it even opens) and can’t pick up shifts, can’t drop shifts, it took me all day yesterday to just swap a shift (on good WiFi). Hope it can get back to the way it was when I first started using the app.

Good but.. For the love of god, make scheduling available on the iPad app. You would think after the time this program has been available you would have figured it out by now. I use my ipad for work almost every day and when i have to make scheduling adjustments i have to go to my desktop or my laptop. This shouldn’t be difficult with the backing you have. But other than that. fantastic fantastic program.

Loading. The app is great in the sense that it notifies you when your work schedule is posted. But the only issue is the loading. If you accidentally exit and reopen, it needs to load. Switching tabs from schedule to availability or time off request, it needs to load. I’m not talking about a small quick loading icon and then bam you’re there. I’m talking loading for minutes at a time. So to see two different tabs can literally take ten minutes of your time.

Frustrating app. You pay the $$ in hopes it will be defective and loadable. Unfortunately since I have gotten the app (which is mandatory for my job) it crashes constantly, takes way to long to load. Makes switch for shift and waiting to respond next to impossible. Ever user hates the loading issue. With the money that is spent on this app it needs to be directed towards better technical crew. More stability, loading faster, those would be some key pointers. Thank god for the email portion the only way I know for sure schedules posted is if through email. So they have something going for them I guess.

This app’s flaws cause real damage. This app lags, crashes, and only updates at the most inconvenient moments. It is both unreliable and actively obnoxious. Even though all of my colleagues and I have turned off the “rate your shift” function, we all still receive notifications. There is no transparency as to why this data is collected. What purpose does it serve? In some cases, it does not send push notifications for messages even when the function has been purposefully enabled. This has caused several instances of missed communication, to the detriment of the recipient. Please fix these issues and stop harming the livelihood of your users.

pretty good scheduling app — i’ve gotten my money’s worth.. i will say that i’ve overall enjoyed this app! definitely useful, though i will say it would be nice if it was free because it’s much easier to access than the mobile website. complaints: 1. the notifications don’t sync up properly, as i get more notifications in the red bubble for only one message. 2. the google calendar sync doesn’t work as well as it could. it says the shifts only last for 5 minutes, and i have to manually adjust my shifts in google calendar. 3. DARK MODE. dark mode makes most of the app unreadable in the most recent update. please change this, as it’s easier for me to read on dark mode, but i can’t see most of the black text without changing to light mode.

Switch between accounts with out having to log off. I love HotSchedules, but I’m sure a lot of us would give it me if we can switch between accounts with out having to log off but a but to switch HotSchedules accounts, because I work two jobs and the both use HotSchedules and logging on and off I seem to forget the user names and passwords

Dark mode issues. With the new update for iPhones there is an option for dark mode. I see that the app adapts to it, but not properly. It turns everything in the app black including the background and the writing and I am unable to read anything. I shouldn’t have to take my phone out of dark mode in order to be able to read anything in the app. Not sure if this needs to be a fix by the apps team or by apples team members, but it is very inconvenient that I have to change my phone mode in order to read anything in this app then change it back afterwards

Constantly has issues. I’ve been using HotSchedules for 3 and 1/2 years for work and it has worked great, up until recently that is. The app is down at least once a week for a few hours where neither I nor my team can use it to even see our schedules. This usually occurs during our transition from day to night crew. This can cause issues with call outs and team members trying to swap/pick up shifts for that day or night. HotSchedules as a whole is great, it’s just the app recently that's been pretty crappy.

Update. Overall a great app but there was a recent update that won’t allow you to see released shifts on shifts that I have requested off. Just because I request off, doesn’t mean I may not change my mind and want to pick up a shift. I also wish there was full capability with the auto pickup feature. The desktop version allows you to customize which shifts, sections, and people you want to pick up from, but the app won’t let you!

They are trying to fix the app and so far it’s working. So there’s been a lot of updating of the app recently. For the longest time the app had performance issues: not loading, taking forever, other general bugs. While a lot of the changes appear to be cosmetic on the surface, I’ve noticed the app appears to be running much more smoothly now. I do wish the developers would settle on one cosmetic interface, but understand sometimes minute cosmetic details change during the process of making the app better. Keep it up, and if the app settles into a great state this 4 becomes a 5

Glitchy and incompatible with dark mode. Hot Schedules is by no mean beautiful, but it gets the job an extent. It doesn’t appear to be compatible with the iPhone dark mode (everything shows up black until it’s “clicked”) and each time I open the app it makes a new calendar event for me. I’ve got 6 events for the same shift in my calendar. I thing I’ve done can fix it. Overall, the app does what I need: tells me when my shifts are and what shifts are available. But otherwise, it’s clunky and glitchy and a little frustrating.

Loading time!. I have used this app for 5 years and most recently the past year and a half. And for the past few months It’s taking forever to load, when It does and I see my schedule If I click on a day to see who’s closing It takes another 2-5minutes to load. I Just don’t understand why It’s doing this. I tried to update It thinking that would help but that didn’t help anything at all… Tired of spending so much time waiting on this app when I used to be able to Just flip right through everything. Now every little action on that app takes 2-5 minutes sometimes even longer.

Slower than a horse drawn carriage with two functioning wheels. App is horrendous, it either doesn’t work or puts dial-up internet to shame with length of time required to complete a simple task. Messages will reset on their own as you’re typing a simple, “can’t make it in today” text. It’s been happening for years with no attempt to fix. I’m leaving my job soon and will probably be asking future employers if they use this system, if they do, I’ll simply keep looking. 0 out of 5 stars, would go into negative double digits if I could. I’ve collectively wasted hours of my lift on this app, don’t do the same to yourself or your employees.

Can’t see with new iPhone update. I like the new dark feature that came with my iPhone update, but the downside is I can’t see my schedule on the app without turning up the brightness of my screen and looking closely or clicking on it. It’s really inconvenient and I know the first thought would be “well don’t use dark mode” but that’s just dumb. Please fix it as I did buy the app for the convenience of looking at my work schedule. P.s. - why does it take so long to load every time I switch apps?

Frustrating but necessary app. This app is necessary so I can see my schedule and important messages from my employer but it’s also so frustrating. It freezers or just doesn’t load at all far too often. I’m tried deleting the app and reinstalling several times throughout the years and nothing works to get it to work. It also won’t give me notifications instead I’ll get emails letting me know that my schedule has been posted or a shirt has been put up.

Please fix bugs. For the past 2 months, this app has been unusable. As a scheduling manager, being able to change shifts on the fly is essential, but every time you try to add/remove a staff member from a shift, 99% of the time it will fail to save the change. You have to try and attempt the same change multiple times for it to even have a slight chance of working and most of the time it never saves. You end up having to write the shift change down on a piece of paper and wait until you are in front of a computer in order to make a shift change, completely negating the whole purpose of the app in the first place.

Very Not Good. Hotschedules is very bad and not good. Never have I used an app that is so not good. When it works, it's fine. I work for a restaurant and I'm able to see my schedule for the coming weeks if I'm able to log on, which is great because that's what I paid $2.99 for. HOWEVER, 20-30% of the time I open the app, I'm hit with a never ending loading screen or a "ERR: SERVER CAN NOT BE REACHED", and this only seems to happen when I desperately need to check my schedule to clear up plans or get a shift covered. Hogwash!! Blasphemy!! How can they get away with this? I'm coming for you, HotSchedules. I hope you're ready to die.

Two job accessibility. I love the app. The only thing I wish for, is to be able to have two different jobs logged in and to be able to switch back and forth between the two jobs without having to log out of one job and back in to the other to see one or the other schedules. A lot of people who use this app usually have more than just one job that uses this app. Thank you! ☺️

iOS 13 dark mode ruined it. Until they fix it, if you have dark mode turned on in your iPhone settings you’ll either have to use the web app or deal with squinting. The app worked okay but following iOS 13 it has become borderline unusable in dark mode because they neglected to change text color to reflect a dark background so it has become a dark grey on slightly darker grey and I can’t imagine trying to read this. For a paid app, extremely disappointing to have to deal with an oversight like this, preventing me from using a feature on all of my apps, especially on something I use for work.

Good but could be better. It’s very convenient to have the app on my phone but it’s very frustrating to not be able to see previously scheduled days at all. It’d also be nice that if you work for multiple companies that use HotSchedules (like I have before) if you could swap between them by linking your accounts instead of having to completely log out and back in. I’d also like push notifications on my phone for shift drop and swap request and approvals.

Never works. This is probably one of the worst apps on the AppStore solely because of how widely it is used, what it is used for(considering it’s work and very important and time sensitive), combined with how it decides to never work. I’ve had the app for about 2 years now and I’ve had to delete and redone load about 10 times in hopes that it will fix the problem. Never does. Would not use this app another day if it it was up to me. And here I am again. Once again let me say it is a home how poorly this app works. It never functions when I need it to. By far one of the worst apps I have on my phone.

A Good App Gone Bad.. I’ve used HotSchedules across 2 jobs over 6 years and while most of that time the app has been reliable, if a little finicky, it has become mostly unusable now. Loads properly about 1 out of 6 times. It logged me out and wouldn’t accept my password to log in for like a week. I have to repeatedly open and close the app just to get the chance to look at my schedule. Not sure what is happening, but I’d seriously consider another app if the option is available to you or your company. Despite the high overall rating look at the recent reviews to see how the quality of HotSchedules has fell precipitously in the last year.

Recent update. I’ve been using this app for 3 years and never had any issues, however, after the most recent update of the app I now no longer receive any notifications from the app. I’ve tried fixing the settings on the app and my phone settings and still nothing. This is very frustrating because now I am unaware of important messages sent from managers or when my schedule is posted or if there is any changes to it. Please fix this soon.

Worst customer service. The app is pretty annoying and cumbersome. But the customer service that hot schedules have is horrendous. Good luck ever getting an answer. And good luck ever getting a response in a timely manner. I have sent my first inquiry for help almost 2 months ago.I have since then talked to about six different people none of which were able to help me. But all of them had a me fill out the same form over and over again. The response time from each customer service member is usually 5 to 8 days. I would recommend doing research and finding a better company. 0 stars

Incompetence at every level. A few weeks ago, my calendar stopped updating with my work schedule. I had not changed my settings in the app. I’ve missed three shifts since then because the app won’t update my calendar, despite my preference still being to allow it. I’ve tried to call their customer support, and they just give the same excuses as every other company with bad service. COVID-19 didn’t break your app, guys. I’m about to lose my job because you guys don’t have the ability to push out a working product.

Decent app, can use easy improvements.. The app is decent in most functionalities and does almost everything you can do from the website... WHICH IS FREE. Anyways, in the most recent iOS update, you can make your phone darker or lighter in your settings, like black on white text, or white on black. Having white text on black on, you literally can’t read any option or thing in HotSchedules that’s against a black background. This probably should be addressed because again, I doubt your website does this.... AND THAT IS FREE

Availability. Hey! I would love if there was a way to schedule recurring availability complications, such as not being able to work until after 5 a few days of the week. Right now I can only make schedule adjustments for 4 different weeks, which is frustrating when I know I'm going to have the same days off x numbers of weeks in advance. Also, being able to edit the availability rather than having to delete it and redo it entirely anytime something comes up would be helpful.

HORRIBLE APP. I don’t know how this app has 4.7, literally one of the worst apps I’ve ever been cursed to come across. How do hundreds of companies use this app to schedule their employees yet it’s constantly glitching. If I didn’t need this app for work I would’ve deleted in 4 years ago. Do they have hamsters running the servers or something I really don’t get it. I can maybe view my schedule and do what I need yo do 1-2 days out of the week but only if I’m patient enough to waiting for the spinning wheel or close it multiple times until I stop getting the error message. Honestly to be honest I want my $1 back. This crappy app owes me $15 for wasting my time.

Managerial nightmare.. This app is probably the worst, the more and more you update this app it slows down even more. As a manager in the food industry the most important things are TIME SPEED ACCURACY RELIABILITY AND CONSISTENCY! Hotschedules is great as long as your on a computer. Maybe if this wasn’t a paid app there would be more understanding as to why this app is slower then that 80 year old server that everyone is to afraid to term because they know this job is all she has. The amount of frustration that this app provides far out-ways its uses. Granted there is a lot that goes into this one application and it requires large amount of activity with servers. But guys common. If you need to break up logbook into its own app again just to speed it up then please please please do it. The new frustration is “not connected to internet” meanwhile this is the only app on my iOS XsMax that says no internet connection EVER! Due to how much these companies utilize your platform. You are basically holding managers and employees hostage with little to no options Please fix!

Good app but eliminated key feature. I greatly miss being able to see what order you are for request offs for a specific date and the number of requests for that date as well. It used to say you are 2 of 10 or 3 of 5, etc. It was extremely helpful to plan for specific days to request time off instead of constantly bugging my managers to tell me how many requests there are to plan for vacations, etc.

Not a bad app but... The app all in all isn’t too bad. I’m a big fan of how it’s setup and how it works. The only downside I have with it is that I don’t receive notifications with I get messages, and to me that is very important when trying to contact managers or coworkers. I’m not sure if it’s a bug issue or if that’s how the app was made, but all in all is a major downside for me. Other than that, the app is great.

Very confusing and only works 30% of the time. When I try to open my app that I PAYED for it works about 30% of the time. The other 70 it says “no network connection” or is just a blank white screen with a buffering symbol. So heaven forbid I need to see what time I’m supposed to be at work. Most of the time I have to call my restaurant and ask them... what’s the point of having it if it doesn’t work?!?! And then there’s the confusing way to make your availability. It should be simple. I end up just having to write a hand written letter and give it to my manager so he knows what to schedule me. Please fix this!

Just get it together. I have never ever been driven to write a review for any app but man. This app provides the most annoying user experience. 90% of the time when I’m trying to go over my work schedule the all either crashes, not loads, or takes ages to load before turning to a blank screen. This is the most regrettable $2 I’ve spent on an app. And it seems like my colleagues at work are running into the same issues. As much as I hate using this app I have no other choice. Unless you really need to see your schedule on your phone. Please just use the web browser version

Can't view someone's full shift time when I go to pick it up or swap a shift.... I like this app, it makes it easy to know when I work and where I'm scheduled to work. My only complaint is that when I go to view someone else's shift (to either swap or pick it up), it says what time their shift starts, but it doesn't say what time it ends! If I want to know a person's full shift time I have to go to the website, and that kind of ruins the point of having the app--I got it so I wouldn't have to go onto my laptop all the time. The app was supposed to make it easier and more convenient for me!!

Great app but I don’t get message notifications on iPhone.. I love hot schedules. It’s easy to use for my part time gig. However, I cannot get notifications for messages on my iPhone. I’ve tried everything I can do and I still don’t get messages on my iPhone. I only get them through email. This is really frustrating since I constantly miss important messages from my employer. My co-workers have the same issues as well. I really hope someone can fix this.

Serves its purpose that’s about it. The app serves its purpose quiet well but the reason it has earned such a review is the lack of management nearly every week for as long as I can remember there has been at least one update of this app which requires you to re log in which in all honestly may be a small hiccup maybe 1 minute of time but it does get quiet tiring as time goes on I’ve used this app where I worked for four and a half years now and it gets the job done but it’s the only app on my home screen that requires so much routine maintenance which is especially confusing since the only real major change that’s happened in the time I’ve used it was a primary color change from green to blue So let your product work and instead of doing a million small updates how about you compile the bug fix’s and role um out all in one update at the start or end of every month KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK YALL!!!

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Current Version 4.238.0
Play Store com.hotschedules.hotschedules
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The application HotSchedules was published in the category Business on 31 October 2008, Friday and was developed by HotSchedules [Developer ID: 294934061]. This program file size is 110.97 MB. This app has been rated by 66,837 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. HotSchedules - Business app posted on 01 April 2024, Monday current version is 4.238.0 and works well on iOS 16.1 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.hotschedules.hotschedules. Languages supported by the app:

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HotSchedules App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Various bug fixes and improvements

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