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What is slay the spire app? We fused card games and roguelikes together to make the best single player deckbuilder we could. Craft a unique deck, encounter bizarre creatures, discover relics of immense power, and Slay the Spire!


- Dynamic Deck Building: Choose your cards wisely! Discover hundreds of cards to add to your deck with each attempt at climbing the Spire. Select cards that work together to efficiently dispatch foes and reach the top
- An Ever-changing Spire: Whenever you embark on a journey up the Spire, the layout differs each time. Choose a risky or safe path, face different enemies, choose different cards, discover different relics, and even fight different bosses!
- Powerful Relics to Discover: Powerful items known as relics can be found throughout the Spire. The effects of these relics can greatly enhance your deck through powerful interactions. But beware, obtaining a relic may cost you more than just gold…

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App Name Slay the Spire
Category Games
Updated 14 September 2023, Thursday
File Size 889.04 MB

Slay the Spire Comments & Reviews 2024

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Great game, iOS port needs work. I’ve sunk an embarrassing number of hours into the PC version of Slay the Spire, and I was overjoyed when I learned it was coming to iOS. However, there are several annoyances with the iOS version: 1. I can’t listen to music or podcasts while I play. Even with all the sound effects and music turned down to 0, the game kills anything I’m listening to in the background as soon as I launch it. Would it kill the developers to add a mute option in the settings menu so I can listen to something else while I play? 2. The devs implemented some sort of invisible “mouse cursor” for lack of a better word to track user touches. The problem is, whenever a card or enemy appears under the last position of this invisible “cursor,” it appears as selected. This has caused me to accidentally play cards I didn’t intend to several times when trying to deselect a card that happened to be underneath this invisible cursor. 3. Screen real estate feels poorly used on the phone version. Text on cards is almost illegibly tiny. It’s easy to accidentally switch out of the app when trying to select a card, and in many cases, card text is obscured by the app switcher bar at the bottom of the screen.

Amazing game, amazing gameplay, great app port. Keeping away from five stars for now since the port has a few kinks to get knocked loose. The game itself is great, highly addicting and superb replay-ability (since it’s impossible to play the same game twice), and the majority (if not all) of the game has been refined to its best state. When the iOS port was announced and subsequently released I was ecstatic, and bought it immediately! However, as it’s meant for smaller screens and played with fingers, the port needs, in my opinion, some QoL changes to help the UI feel more friendly. First, many of the options in both the main menu and in other locations with small text are too small to comfortably use, as misclicks are all too often. Second, as others have said before, the card selection mechanics are a bit wonky ; to elaborate, there are multiple times I select a card to read it’s use, but then wish to play a different card. Due to the selected card hovering around my card-hand area, it makes it difficult to select a new card to play (especially with cards that can be played just by placing them on the field; those have a tendency to be played instead of de-selecting). Besides this slight nuisances and the occasional sound glitch, the game is amazing performance-wise for a full PC-to-iOS port! Must buy!

phenomenal game, bad port. i have around 500 hours in slay the spire on steam. it’s my go to time wasting game, between meetings or phone calls i can squeeze a few minutes in during the day, so i was ELATED to see it come to mobile. unfortunately, the gameplay didn’t hold up. the UI, which is clean and well designed on pc, is just too cluttered on mobile. the cards don’t display entirely unless you tap them in a very specific way, and when you’re running a 40-50 card deck that can get annoying. tiny changes like font size would make this my absolute favorite mobile game ever made. one small request - please please please add a vertical mode for people who like to play with one hand (or hide the fact that they’re playing a game at work by holding their phone like a normal person)

Ignore bad reviews. This is the greatest game of all time. The more you play it the more depth it has. There are streamers who have played this for tens of thousands of hours and are still improving and learning on every run. The port to mobile may not be perfect but this is an indie game that wasn’t designed for mobile. I’ve done a full run through of all achievements and highest ascension on all characters 2 times on pc and once on phone and the phone experience is just as good once you learn the game. This is a game for someone who wants something offline that they can go back to over and over again. I imagine that I’ll play Slay the Spire on and off for the rest of my life. Just get the game and keep trying. It takes some time to see it but it is so perfectly balanced and challenging. Once you can make it to the highest difficulty you see that the design is absolutely perfect being extremely difficult yet always fair and the choices you make always matter.

Almost There. This game is one of the best out there for its style and mechanics. I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who is into deck builder/roguelite games! That being said, this iOS port feels like some lazy shortcuts were made to quickly get it onto the App Store. Primarily, the way the controls were converted from a mouse cursor to a touchscreen was not done well. The app port seems to handle this with an invisible cursor that misinterprets touching and dragging with the clicking and hovering of a mouse, wherever your finger last touched the screen. This ends up with cards being accidentally played, highlighting status effects and cards when you don’t want to, and selecting things that are not intended. It is normally frustrating if in this game if you play cards in the wrong order and make a miscalculation, but it is infuriating when it isn’t even your intention due to bad controls. The only other issue that seems worthy of noting would be wasted screen real estate. Again, as a direct port, trying to fit an exact copy of the screen from the PC version means everything is tiny and you’ve got to get used to being precise with your finger. This point can be overlooked though, since the game is just so darn fun! If the invisible cursor issue gets fixed, this is easily a 5/5 game to carry around with you at all times!

An Awful Port of a Great Game/DO NOT BUY. I have no idea how much time I have spent with StS. I’ve played the snot out of this game and was looking forward to the iPad version releasing for a couple of YEARS. The devs kept saying on the Subreddit that it was coming, but it just never showed up. When it did show up, it was plagued by bugs, poor controls, and very little support to address the problems. It’s been 5 months since the last patch and more than half a year since the game came out and there’s no fix in sight. Of course, it would certainly be too much to ask for more modern features as well, like keyboard and mouse support so that we could play with the controls that we’re used to on the desktop version. This is a masterclass in how NOT to make a port of your game: released massively behind schedule, in a barely functional state upon release, and poor and infrequent post-release support. If I could get my money back, I would. And that’s coming from someone who spent hundreds of hours playing on Switch and Mac. I hate to say it, but whatever good will I had for the devs has been wasted by them daring to charge me money for this terrible, broken mess of a port. DO NOT BUY

A few bugs, to keep it from perfect. So I love this game, new to the deck building genre, but I heard this one was the best. So I bought it right when I saw it drop. Everything good, except for a few bugs, small, but nonetheless need to be fixed. One is text in my the relics, when you have a relic that has a status the effect of the status stays popped up which will block the definition of the relic sometimes leaving you having to guess how it works or what triggers it, also the touch controls are a bit finicky when trying to read the card from your hand, I have iPhone X, and when you want to read what a card does you have to slide it up just a bit till it sticks up, when sometimes with a skill card is confused with playing it and in turn you play the card you wanted to read. This is bothersome, why not just hold the card to read? Other deck builders have that where you hold card and it magnifies it, this would be better honestly. Those 2 things fixed this Is by far a 5 star game, I wanted to give 5 star in Faith but I want to see if you’ll make changes.

Minor Grievances. First things first, this game is amazing. Easily one of my favorite cards games (spent quite a bit of time playing on steam) and probably one of, if not the best, card games on iOS. This is probably also one of the best ports to mobile you can possibly find. It's basically a 1:1 recreation of the game, just smaller. However, there are some minor problems as a result of how faithful that recreation is. First one is that there is a clicky sound for certain buttons (menu, etc). It's really scratchy and irritating but that can be mitigated slightly by lowering effects volume. Second issue is that it's kinda of hard to switch cards. On Steam this is no issue, since the mouse has more fine controls and the screen is bigger, but on mobile the hit boxes are way smaller. It's questionable as to why this is an issue, since there's so much real estate on the bottom of the screen.

Best deckbuilder roguelite, despite iOS issues. If you enjoy rogue-lites & deck builders you’ll love this game. I’ve bought StS on every platform to support the devs, & this iOS UI is by far the worst. Here are some tips to make it bearable: (1) you can’t see what an upgraded card will be when selecting, so it’s helpful to pause & use a wiki or Google until you memorize what every card upgrades to. (2) to “alt tab” or close the game, you have to swipe up from the very bottom edge of the screen, & it can be difficult to get the hang of on some iOS hardware. (3) the text is small, so again, until you know the game fairly well, consider pausing & using a wiki as needed.

Don’t buy if you need cloud save. Giving it 5 stars because it doesn’t seem likely to show reviews otherwise. Otherwise, I would have given it a 3 for not making this distinction more clear. The game itself is a 5, but with the execution on iOS without this feature a 3 at best. This game is amazing, but DO NOT BUY IT ON THIS PLATFORM. There is no cloud save. That is, there is no way to transfer your save, and you have to start from scratch if you have another device. If you’re fine with this, make sure you don’t progress too far on the wrong device. You will have to start over at least once at some point in all likelihood, and it takes AGES to grind.

A great game but the port needs a bit of work. I original found this game on PC when it was featured on Xbox Gamepass. It’s a great strategy deck building game. I’m not usually a fan of deck building games in general but the way this game handles deck management works for me and it makes every run unique. There is a ton of replay value. I have two issues that force me to knock this one star 1). There really is now optimization of quality of life improvement put in for the iPhone screen. The text can be small at times and there isn’t an easy way to preview card in your hand(to see what they do) without the chance of accidentally playing one. Also your hand sits on the screen right where the pull up bar is for IOS which leads to accidental playing a card when you want to close the game to do something else or accidentally closing the game window when you mean to play a card. It would be nice to see some improvement on the interface to help with this. 2). This is one of those games where even if you shut the sound off(turn the game volume to zero), it still tells the IOS that it has audio media playing. That means you can’t listen to a podcast or music on a different app while playing. Would be nice if it didn’t do that.

Same wonderful StS, just needs optimization for this platform. This is without a doubt a five star game. Fun and creative with endless replay value. Hundreds of hours in the steam version has proven that. The port to iOS has drawbacks, however. Cloud sync is important, so I hope that is added soon. Card selection while playing feels imprecise. The cards don’t snap back to position making it difficult to change cards. Hopefully these issues are addressed soon. Edit: after spending more time with the game this past week, I cannot give this version as it stands more than 3 stars. Once again, the game is beautiful and fun, but this iOS port is not where it should be. The controls as they are with card selection are simply frustrating and limit the time I want to spend with the game. Sadly, the screen real estate is not optimized; card text is off screen when in hand so you have to tap on a card to read it, but combined with very “sticky” controls when choosing cards, half the time is registered as an attempt to play it. The new patch did fix crashes for me, so that was amended in the original review. I’m eagerly waiting for fixes to bring this up to 5 stars as it deserves. Thank you for your work devs! Edit: after the latest update, the game crashes on startup on my iPad mini 4

Amazing Game: needs some work. I have a couple hundred hours on slay the spire PC so I can’t give this game anything but a 5. It’s an incredibly rewarding card game that actually allows you to get those Yugioh moments where a card engine you built comes all together. The main problem is the phone UI. It seems to just be a copy paste from the regular version with touch screen features. I feel like the cards need to be a lot bigger to make this feel right on mobile. It’s a bit awkward to pull up and read your cards. And there’s a lot of dead space on the screen. I hope some changes come to this version. But otherwise it’s a great time!

It really is as bad as people say. This might be one if not the first reviews I have left on the iOS store. I felt it was worth the time and effort. I’ve played this game for hundreds of hours on a mediocre gaming rig and I’ve wanted to buy it on iOS for a while now but $10 for a mobile game was a bit rich for me. Regardless, I bid my time and sure enough the game finally went on sale here for 20% off. I had looked at the reviews and thought, “how bad could it be?” Well friends, let me personally tell you that it really is as bad as people here say. Part of the fun of the game for me has been fast paced decision making and this port just can’t cut that cheese. It seems the devs have no plan of fixing this so as a StS aficionado let me tell you all to save your money and wait to play it on something where it’s actually playable. As far as I’m concerned this was a waste of $8 because I bought and deleted the app after 15 excruciating minutes. The only reason I’m give it two stars is because I love StS. The only people who should get this is those who have absolutely no other method of playing the game.

Great game, iffy UI. Love the game. One of the best digital games I’ve played. On a phone (8+)some of the text is a strain after a while but my biggest complaint is the user interface. - The scroll is terrible. No one uses scroll bars on mobile and tablet for a reason. Users naturally want to flick up and down to see multiple cards. This causes you to pick cards. Since picking the wrong card can actually ruin an entire run (hour+ investment) it’s a pretty big deal. Hmm? How do we solve this? It’s not rocket science, put in a undo button for card selection screens. Down the road redo the awful scroll. - I can’t read the bottom of the card text when it’s in my hand and since they move around it’s my natural tendency to want to move them up to keep reading. This can cause you to play the card. Eventually you know your deck pretty well but it’s a minor nitpick. -upgraded option not visible on key screens. Too many trips to wiki when you could put some type of info button on card selection screens. Did I mention the game is amazing? It might be the first game I get on mobile and Steam, as it’s deserving of a better experience.

Great game, app needs a bit of work.. First off, this game is amazing. If you haven’t already I highly recommend picking this game up on your system of choice (pc, switch, etc.). Even for iOS this game is great, but does need a bit of work. I’m using an iPad Pro and the game feels laggy or a bit choppy most of the time. Seeing as how it’s a strategic card game with 0 need for reactions or quick anything I don’t see this is an issue, more of a slight annoyance. The much bigger issue is with reliability. I find it very difficult to play the card that I want when my hand starts getting larger (noticeably difficult to even select the right card with a hand size of 8+). Even with the issues this version has, StS is easily the best duck building game in the genre, across any platform, and is well worth the 10bucks for iOS. Hopefully there’s a performance fix/update and some changes to make card selection more reliable. Oh yea, one thing I forgot to mention. As with many apps, the sound for this game doesn’t currently work on iPad unless you’re using headphones, just fyi.

Great port, couple of issues keeping it from being fantastic.. Loved playing this game on the Switch, so I bought the iOS version as soon as I heard about it. Even at $10, it’s a great value. The game runs well on my iPhone 11; only thing that I don’t like about the game is the ability to view cards—particularly the trouble with trying to add a card to your deck; you don’t have an option to view the upgraded version, like you do on the Switch. That makes decks harder to build, especially for newer players who would like to see what the cards do. There’s also been plenty of times where I try to view a card in an event room and I accidentally select it to add to my deck, as well. Short of that, it’s a good game, and I’d still recommend it.

Game crashes Day 2. It could have been an easy 5/5 for me. I love StS PC and was looking forward to the iPhone version. Despite the negative reviews about UI and crashes, I still paid $10 (at least it’s cheaper than PC). Day 1 was great. UI indeed needs improvement but I believe the publisher will resolve it sooner rather than later. Day 2, however, was when I tried to launch the app and it just got stuck on the loading screen for 5 secs then crashed. I read the most recent reviews and realize I’m not the only one. Very disappointed. What a great game and what a premature release. The PC game has accumulated enough goodwill for me so I can put up with this. Can’t imagine how someone without that goodwill will feel about paying for $10 and getting treated like this. Sad.

Well designed deck builder game. Discovered this gem on Xbox gamepass. Happily paid the $10 to be able to play this on the go. Fun, engaging and deep gameplay with lots of replay value. So on to the shortcomings that I hope will be remedied. The most glaring is the game's pausing whatever I happen to be listening to in favor of its own audio. No mobile game should get in the way of the user's audio and many don't. This one does. This can be overcome by unpausing what you were listening to through the control center. This leads to the second issue. If I minimize the game to interact with another app, the game's audio naturally takes over again when I come back to it. If I'm in the middle of a battle, the game audio reintroduces itself with an unnecessarily loud sound effect. On headphones it's an unpleasant experience. God forbid you had been listening to music at a anything more than mid volume. The last issue is why no cloud save? As much as I like the game,I have no interest in unlocking everything on a per device basis. It would be even nicer to start a game on one my phone and continue the same game on my iPad. Oh and the touch controls could be tweaked some. An option to confirm taps for example. Sometimes pop up windows explaining card effects overlapping parts of the card. Overall, well done on the game. It's something to be proud of.

Fun game but has some bugs lots of crashing. I had lots off issues with my initial download of StS it was all solved my restarting my phone (5x) and then updating my phone, if you have troubles with the game crashing try to see if updating your phone will work. My next issue is when ever i get close to killing a boss in the daily climb/ challenge mode the game crashes I have fought the same boss 5 times each time getting better but I can’t kill it due to the game crashing. Also my starting hand ( which was good) has been the same so it’s not to bad but still I think it is a bug. I have lots of storage on my phone still so i don’t know what is going on. Every boss fight keeps glitching out for me idk why it it only happens what I’m about to win which is so sad because it makes me sound like a loser or something. I feel like I keep coming back to change my review everyday so just going to say my complaints. The game keeps crashing when I try to open the app and at first is wasn’t a problem but it takes me a lot just to try to load the app or play the game. It can work fine in the morning but 30 mins later it will crash.

Almost Perfect - Bad Reviews are Overblown. Do NOT listen to reviews saying that this port is bad. If you are a fan of StS on PC you will not be disappointed by the iPad version. Not perfect, but not even close to as bad as many reviews are making it out to be. I avoided buying this for months because of the numerous bad reviews saying that the iOS port was shoddy and full of issues. Maybe the game was bad early on but it’s fantastic right now. 20hr in and I am pleasantly surprised at how good the game feels. Yes, sometimes you may accidentally play a card without meaning to, but I’ve only done it when my had was full or when I was moving too quickly. I can see it being a bit tricky on phone but it’s still been fine for me. If you’re playing on an iPad you won’t have any issues. Anyways, this is the best $10 you can spend on the mobile card game genre. Look no further.

Port needs work. Anyone who says this port is fine is delusional. The interface is god awful. Picking up a card just to view it is a process just to get it back in your hand. You have to be very careful not to accidentally play it if it’s a non-attack card. Card selection is also an exercise in frustration, being largely inaccurate. Additionally, the design of your hand is poor, only showing you the top of your cards and no text description. Worse yet, it’s been like this for 10 months with no indication of an update coming, as the devs had initially indicated shortly after release. I understand it’s difficult to provide a timeline, but we haven’t heard anything. Wouldn’t be surprised at this point if they abandoned it. The game is great, don’t get me wrong. The UI doesn’t make it unplayable, but it makes it very unenjoyable. Giving 2 stars until it’s fixed in a patch, will update after. Update: Lowering my rating to 1 star. They somehow managed to make the controls even worse. I don’t play the game because of this, it’s a chore. The game has been out for over a year with 1 update and no shortage of complaints about the controls. Devs didn’t listen and made it worse. Guess I’ll update my review next year when the next update comes out, but I won’t be holding my breath. Wish I could request a refund.

Great!!! So glad it’s on Mobile definitely worth $10. I buy games for mobile on a regular basis. I also end up deleting them and they just stay in my purchase history. This game will forever stay on my phone. Plays good on my iPhone 11. I have heard reviews saying stuff about bugs. I haven’t ran across any yet. I’m running the latest iOS on my device. I have never played the game until it was released on iPhone. I am so so happy to have bought it. My favorite game to date. Well worth the money I would have paid $20 for it. Maybe we see some dlc content or even one year a slay the spire 2 with new card maybe some added characters in future. The game has tons of replay value as well. Thanks for the mobile release I hope the money helps the developers company make a part 2 one year and it releases the same time as a console version. I will buy it for my PS4 pro if it’s available. Thank you developers a fun beautiful work of gaming art that I hope last a lifetime.

Amazingly fun, a few minor tweaks and it will be perfect.. This game is dangerously addictive in how much fun it is. My work productivity took a bit of a hit for a few days when I first got it. It has tremendous replayability as every time you play it will be different and you can play around a lot with how you play it. I have a few minor quibbles that would make it better. 1. It is too easy to accidentally select the wrong card when choosing one to upgrade, I’ve been scrolling through and accidentally selected a different one than I wanted repeatedly. 2. It is easy to accidentally play the wrong card as to read the full text you have to tap them to raise them up to full visibility. It’s very easy to accidentally play the card when doing so, although I suspect that it’s less of an issue playing it on a tablet rather than on the iPhone with the difference of screen sizes. 3. The last issue is more of an ask than a bug. I would love it if the game had the functionality to allow you to listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks while playing. While the music and the sound effects are well done, I like to listen to other things while playing games on my phone and whenever I load StS it automatically stops whatever I’m listening to in favor of the game’s soundtracks. Other than those issues, the game is super fun if you like deck builders and I recommend it without reservation, more than worth the cost.

Slay the Spire on mobile baby!. I’d already played this game to death on console so I was really excited to find out that it was on mobile as well. However, after reading some reviews and posts, I heard that the game had issues with crashing and bad UI, which was concerning enough to make me put off buying it for a while... ...But after getting around to it and playing for 10 hours or so I can safely say that this game runs and plays great! The interface isn’t perfect, so you might have to spend some time making sure you’re selecting the right card, but it’s totally workable. There’s also a setting that helps you to not accidentally click things if you think you might need it. As for the game itself, it’s extremely fun with a bunch of different strategies and possibilities. $10 is totally worth it, must buy!

How do you screw up the controls in a game like this?. Edit: upping my review buy one so as to t punish the amazing developers for a subpar port . You do get accustomed to the crappy controls after a while. StS is one of my favorite PC games but playing on iPad is a pita because the card selection controls are so bad. There are countless games where you have to read and select cards and I’ve never once complained about how it was implemented. The first issue is the text is off the screen (which is completely unnecessary on iPad). So you have to tap to bring the card up (usually you just tap hold in games to read a card). But it’s a fine line between whether the game thinks you want to read a card or use it. Sometimes you think you’ve dropped a card and go to play another but play the first card. It’s just janky and sticky. If you read a card that doesn’t require a target and tap to dismiss it, it plays it instead. I’ve played more wrong cards in this game in 5 plays then in every other deck builder combined over my entire life. Fix it for five stars. Also the sound is really tinny and there are some sounds that sound literally like static.

Masterpiece that’s a bit buggy right now. First off, I can’t believe this game is finally on my phone. Thank you! If you haven’t sunk your teeth into this addiction, best start. Now, the bad. This game crashes constantly on my Iphone XS, forcing me to restart boss battles over and over sometimes. I would also like to point out that it’s hard to see the text on my cards when they’re hiding at the bottom of the screen. When I tap the cards, they don’t rise from the bottom in any meaningful way to show the cards that makes the game feel as polished as it should. A good example of how to do this right is legends of Runeterra. Still one of my favorite games and when it’s fixed will probably steal my life all over again.

Same great game just needs a tweak. I absolutely love Slay The Spire and currently have it downloaded on my phone, Xbox, and PC (a bit overkill I know, but I love it). The only thing keeping me from giving 5 stars is the fact that there is no function that allows you to “focus” on your hand. If the devs could add a feature that pulls your hand up and possibly zoomed in enough to easily read the text on the cards this version would be perfect! For an example of the feature I mentioned, take a look at another game called Pirates Outlaws. That game clearly takes inspiration from STS, however it’s clear that PO was developed for mobile and is accommodating of a smaller screen and understands that players are using their fingers (which can obscure the cards in your hand) to make selections. Overall, all this version is missing are minor fixes to how a player’s hand is interacted with and maybe even zooming in the battles for easier viewing on mobile. I hope the devs see this because I absolutely love the game and just wish it was a little more accessible on mobile.

Good. Could have been great.. First and foremost: not having iCloud sync for saves is baffling. I play on my iPad. I want to play on my phone when I’m out- but there’s no sync. In 2021. Again: baffling. The feel of the game is off. I haven’t played this on PC but have to imagine the cards expand on mouseover. Absent a mouse, having to touch the cards to read them when there’s plenty of unused real-estate on the screen is fiddly. Dragging the cards doesn’t feel good- even with the arrows. More than once I’ve dragged the wrong card by accident- this has never happened to me in ESO Legends or Gwent. I’ll keep playing because the core game loop is fun. But a few quality-of-life improvements could make this a killer 5-star game- and not just a “that had some serious potential…”

Really great game, but port needs some improvements. I had not played this game before the iOS port, and I’m having a blast. Not normally a roguelike fan but it’s easy to keep convincing myself to do just one more run. Top tier deck builder. Mostly this runs very smoothly, but there are two fairly frustrating issues I keep running into: -Being able to view cards before playing them. You tap them and they pop up, but not all the way sometimes. Also sometimes you try to tap away and it’s hard to do so or to select a different card. And sometimes when a new menu pops up a card is already selected. -Menu inconsistency. The text size is a little small but I can live with it as it’s on a phone. What is more jarring is when text spills off the menu and I can’t fully read it. Could be mitigated with a scrolling feature! Additionally, sometimes pop ups about features of a card or potion or relic pop up *over the top of* the actual description of the card or potion. For example, if I get an item that interacts with cursed relics, I might get a pop up over top of that telling me about curses, and there’s no visible way to close that. If these issues were fixed it would be a perfect game!

Amazing (Syncing data……………) game!. I’ve played this game on PC and other platforms. It’s honestly one of my favorite games and it has endless replayability! If you enjoy deck builders and roguelikes you’ll definitely love this. However, the latest updates alongside the Apple Arcade version introduced a buggy syncing feature that often prevents the game from loading. Although the annoyance is minor at first, it will most definitely start to get worse and eventually irritate the heck outta you. It sometimes even wipes your latest data… (goodbye forever, perfect claw run.) I cannot completely recommend this version of the game in its current state. Definitely check out the PC version though - and the Downfall mod that lets you play as the enemies! It adds layers to this already complex game. If you still want to give this game a try, I’m sure you’ll still love it! MegaCrit is an excellent developer, but Humble Bundle is a low-tier mobile port publisher and these latest updates are the proof.

A true gem. So I never really got into games like these. However, this has quite joy become my favorite game. Hop on and play a few floors if you have a few minutes to spare, or spend 4 hours trying to pass an ascension. The game does get hard, but it’s not the “I hate this game, why can’t I beat it” kind of hard. No pay to win, very well balanced. It can be annoying to spend a while run building a specific deck just to have the last boss be a counter to it. All in all, if you’re into card deck building games, I have a feeling this is a game for you. (Also NO ADS AND NO PAY TO WIN). Shoutout to the developers. Edit: I read some reviews about the interface and controls not being good. Maybe it’s because I’m new to these games, or maybe they updated it, but I find them to be fairly nice. Maybe a 7.5/10 for interface.

Loving this game.. This game is great. And deserves 5 stars. But... there are some annoyances that should be fixed. 1. The home bar on iPhone X covers the text of the cards in your hand. The cards should be pushed a bit higher to account for the home bar being there. This is the main reason I gave it a 3 star. iPhone X style iPhones are the norm now, there’s no reason to not get this right. 2. For some reason when I highlight one of the cards in the edge of my hand, the functionality that lifts the card so the text becomes visible does not work. I have to select a different card for it to work and then deselect the one I intended. Gets annoying. 3. Phones are pretty small. There should be an undo button. I’ve lost some epic battles already just because I fat fingered the wrong card and my finger accidentally slid and activated it. All cards clearly state their effect, so I see no reason why an undo button would rig the game. I never review. I’m seriously only writing this because I really loved the game and I intend to keep playing it, having this fixed would make my experience much better. I’ll gladly update my review when I notice these problems s have been addressed.

Almost Amazing. Long story short: almost everything about this game is great but it has a big flaw. The cards in your hand are so incredibly difficult to use, read, and a manage. I’ve lost count of the number of times when I accidentally play a card I was just trying to read or deselect. On top of that, the cards are where the iPhone swipe to close bar is. So if I ever want to minimize the app it almost always results in me playing a card. Solution: get rid of the floating cards crammed near the middle bottom of the screen. Spread them out so they’re easier to read and select. They could also make a specific spot you need to drag a card to in order to play it. That way it would allow you to read the cards, minimize the app with no down side, and only play cards you intended to.

Awesome, but *NO BACKUP WHATSOEVER*!. This game is beyond amazing, and this port to iOS is great on an iPad. I have no complaints about those facts. However, there's NO iCloud backup or ANY other mechanism to preserve your progress beyond whole-device backup/restore, much less across devices! This is *unacceptable* in a game meant to be played for hundreds of hours, unlocking more content as you play. This isn't some casual game where if you have to start over, that's only a few hours wasted. Far from it. This should 100% have iCloud sync to allow play of the same progressed game across devices and the preservation of your progress if you have to reinstall the game, and the gripe should be about the lack of sync of your iOS progress with your PC, switch, etc. Five stars, slam dunk, once backup is added. Buyer beware!

What an amazing game!!!. I have played this game SO MUCH that I have basically memorized how each enemy, random event, relic, and card works, and yet I still like it because of how random it can be, sometimes there are a huge line of events straight to the boss, sometimes there’s a cluster of elites, but despite this, I don’t often get bored, I know there are people who think this game should just be forgotten and just let to collect dust, but they haven’t seen the Diamond under the coal, this game is absolutely amazing! I first learned about this from a ytbr who plays rouge-likes/lites, puzzle, and strategy games and when I saw this on the App Store, I was thrilled to know that there a companies that partners with companies that only make games compatible for pc and port them to mobile, I like how companies like you try to keep the game as close to the og as possible while also making it comfortable to use on mobile, thank you so much for doing this and I hope you continue to do this.

Fantastic game, but the port need work. Slay The Spire is a great game but I kind of regret buying it on iOS. Having it on the go with devices I almost always have with me is great, but there’s just too many issues with actually playing the game on a touchscreen for me to actually want to do so. For starters, it is basically impossible to examine a card in your hand, at least as far as I can tell. But even more maddening is the hair pulling insanity of trying to select a specific card among a full hand. It’s super difficult regardless of screen size. But the real nightmare is trying to deselect a card, with no real easy way to do so. I often play cards I totally didn’t mean to when I’m trying to deselect the card. It really drags the game down. The cherry on top is that there’s no cloud saves, so even though I have both an iPad and iPhone, I can’t carry progress between the two. (This is also an issue with the game on Windows and Xbox. No save syncing there either despite me playing the Game Pass version on both.)

I awesome game, needs some tweaks.. This is hands down my favorite game. I have about 300 hours into it in Steam. It is absolutely worth it, and is super fun! I have not noticed the slowness some people complain about (to be fair, I did disable particles right off the bat.) Honestly, it runs great on my IPhone 8. The phone doesn’t even heat up, and it drains very little battery. However, I do agree that there NEEDS to be some zoom functionality. There is plenty of room for it, and it is honestly hard to read often times. (Especially if I was a new player and didn’t already know what most cards did.) Amazing game! I’m rating 5/5 because honestly despite the issues I’ve been so hyped, and it runs like a dream. No power drain, no phone heating up. It’s awesome.

I don’t get the hate. It’s a fantastic game and i’ve put in already 20 hours in between 2 weeks, fun, easy to pick up but hard to put down. My girlfriend hates it when i play but it’s because it’s an incredibly thought provoking game. It’s infinite possibilities of synergies with different cards is fantastic. From doing a strength run with the ironclad to pain cards or shivs and poison with the silent to burning cards to get that one card you need to pull off the combo of a lifetime. It has all the aspects of a deck building card game and the portability of a mobile game that makes this such a fun and worth while game for me. UI is a lil funky yes but honestly have playing for a bit i hardly notice/care that it’s weird. all in all 10/10. This is the first time i played the game on mobile so no experience on PC and i play on iphone XS.

Tiny bit buggy, but this game is incredible.. Had this game originally on Steam, but once I saw it was on iOS, I had to have it. I read in many reviews here that people have had issues with bugs and crashes, but I haven’t noticed anything that’s even close to a deal breaker. Sometimes the game won’t boot if my phone is on Low Power mode, but all I have to do is turn off Low Power mode to get it to work. Once the game is running I can turn it right back on, too, and it runs wonderfully. It definitely feels like they’re using a virtual mouse cursor for this port, so moves can be a bit fidgety. But even so, as long as you’re deliberate with how you touch the screen, you shouldn’t run into many issues with that at all. It’s only bothered me once or twice, and I’ve put many, many hours into this game. At the end of the day, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the Steam version, because this game is just so much better when it’s totally portable. I can just pick up and play anytime, anywhere, and I’m even more hopelessly addicted to it now than ever before!

This is it!. I have been playing Slay the Spire since it was in beta, and it still holds as one of my favorite games, if not my outright favorite. The mobile version is not quite perfect, but the bugs it has don’t affect the quality of the idea or the player’s performance. This is a fantastic medium for the game, given the elegant play style that lends itself to playing on the go. I have full confidence that, given how new the game is to the mobile platform, tweaks to the performance will occur and the game will become almost as streamlined as the full PC version! I highly recommend this game! $10 is an absolute steal for the hours of playtime!

The Slay The Spire You Love, But Slightly Worse. Slay the Spire makes it’s arrival on the App Store, and it’s fairly unchanged from the PC version. Learning the intricacies of the characters and comboing enemies into oblivion makes for one of the best roguelike experiences available anywhere. But the iOS version is hampered by a lack of precision afforded to consoles or computers. Even on the iPad, once your hand starts to grow beyond the standard card limit, it becomes almost impossible to select specific cards or check their effects (the game cuts off the bottom half of the cards in all versions). I can’t deny the thrill of climbing the Spire and adjusting my deck building strategies according to the relics, routes, cards, and more that I encounter. The $10 is also the cheapest price for Slay the Spire between its myriad installments. But that fun and the cost come at a price you may not enjoy paying.

Flawless. Slay the Spire is a flawlessly designed and executed game. The only reason it didn’t receive 5 stars is because the developers were limited by the game itself. The genre—roguelike deck-builder—is brilliant and very innovative, but I can’t imagine any game of either of these genres receiving a perfect score. These genres, despite being fun and entertaining, lack the freedom to make a game that deserves a perfect score; one that’s not only fun, but exhibits emotion like Last of Us, tells a beautiful story like Half Life 2, or brings people together in some way like Rainbow Six Siege. The developers created Slay the Spire in the best way that anyone possibly could, they were only limited by their genre. The actual gameplay is fantastic. It’s snappy, self-paced, easy to pick up, very fun and casual, and can become as complex as you want, depending on your skill or effort. It has practically infinite replayability, especially with the inclusion of many modifiers and challenges and fascinating synergies. To consumers: it is worth noting that the cards can sometimes be difficult to accurately select on smaller devices. To avoid frustration or accidentally using the wrong cards, I highly recommend playing just a tiny bit slower to make sure you’re using the right cards.

Great game, Bad on Mobile. I love StS. I have it on steam and this is one of the best rogue-like deck building games. I highly recommend everyone to buy it. However playing StS on iPhone is probably the worst experience ce I’ve come to experience. This game is essentially a carbon copy of the PC version. Devs you need to understand that I playing on mobile requires the texts to be large and the icons to be bigger. I’m squinting to even read the cards let alone trying to figure out what potions I’ve collected. It’s sad to say that this is not optimized for mobile as it lags every time I pick up a card I hate to say it but I don’t recommend you play this on mobile. Play it on PC. Or your Mac. You can always buy it on steam and experience this amazing game there. I hope they optimize it better and make the icons larger

Amazing game, port needs work. First, game is brilliant. It defined the genre. Definitely worth the money. Still fun despite problem below. That said, the controls are poor. Dragging sometimes selects mid-drag. It’s hard to click the cards you want in large hands. It’s easy to accidentally play those misclicked cards while you’re trying to fix it. It’s easy to accidentally select options while you’re trying to view what they do. In a game all about smart decisions, poor selection controls are a problem. It should be my fault I lose, not the interface. I’m glad it’s finally out, but these issues need to be fixed. It’s a bad look for Humble and for the developer, who deserve better.

Best card game ever that’s unbalanced. If you are j to card games or rouge lites then this is your ticket to greatness. Sadly the game doesn’t get very balanced when you get into the ladder part of the game. It’s all luck and I hate that fact. When I get to the final boss I just feel every time I need to just get lucky instead of precisely calculating how I build my deck. It’s stupid but you really won’t see this until you are throwing out a bunch of cards per turn and the enemy is doing stupid amounts of damage every turn. This is what you want for sure is that Intensity but I swear it doesn’t matter how I build my deck I just need to get lucky with what they give me and for that I don’t think it’s a perfect game. Almost though.

Terrible port decisions. I have over a hundred hours in slay the spire across this and the PC version, and I thoroughly enjoyed playing it on mobile after the summer ios patch. It was not quite as friendly as the PC version, but I got used to it. However, the patch two days ago has absolutely ruined it. They undid all the good changes they made, reducing the map icons back to illegibly tiny, and the “improved touch controls” just means it’s nearly impossible to play the cards on ios without accidentally minimizing your app, since they greatly decreased the surface area you can play from the top of the card. I really want to rate this highly since it is one of the best games ever made, but the port is so awful at the moment that I cannot. Please do better. If you’re looking to get this game, please just go play it on the PC, I promise it will be a fantastic experience if you like card games, roguelikes, or deckbuilders.

Almost excellent. Most of this game is very well crafted and enjoyable, with a sensible difficulty curve and deep mechanics that are satisfying to learn. My only problem is with [SPOILER] the true final boss. I've built all kinds of decks, with every character, using many different core strategies, that absolutely destroy everything before Act 4, and even the Act 4 Elite, then simply fall on their face when confronted with the Heart. If you give me a final boss, I should expect to be able to best it at least once in what is now over 200 attempts. No matter how much you repeat "git gud," the reality is that an enjoyable final challenge is the peak of a long mountain of difficulty that is new and interesting the whole way through, NOT a brick wall of impossibility that dwarfs the rest of the game's learning curve.

Great game, Readability could be improved. I’ve put a lot of time into the Switch version of this and I’m sure I’ll put even more into this version! My only complaint is that while on the PC/console versions you can hover over an object/choice to read more about it, on iOS it’s way too easy to select something when you were just trying to read about it. Even if you hold your finger on a choice to “hover” over it, your hand partially blocks the text. I think this could be fixed pretty easily by changing the controls to tap once to highlight/get more info, tap again to select, but I’m no game dev so idk what all goes into it.

Flawed but decent. Slay the Spire is amazing and the best single player card game IMO but….. this game is a somewhat sloppy port. For the price of this game compared to other mobile games I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want the same experience as the original PC version. As others have pointed out some of the buttons are too small or card selection can be wonky and unpredictable at times by selecting the wrong card to play. Also Im lucky I know the game pretty well because the most glaring issue I have is that you cannot view card upgrades during card rewards or shops which makes no sense at all for newer players and is just annoying to the rest of us who are used to it. Also why isn’t there a dedicated minimize button or something? Trying to minimize this game is overly difficult on IPhone 12 at least.

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Bugs and glitches. Whenever selecting a second card after playing a card, it instantly deselects. You have to reselect it. If you try and use that card right after you selected it but before it deselects, the card does not play, and instead it shows an "exhaust" animation and the card returns to your hand at full cost and unaffected by buffs. This is a terribly game-breaking bug. And it happens every single time, 100% reproducible. In general, the mobile controls are just bad. It's hard to select cards and see what info is on them. When you want to read what a card in your hand does, half the time you can't since the only way to read sometimes it is dragging it out of your hand as if to play it. Yet you still can't even read it because your finger is in the way. Please, make this game actually playable on mobile.

Really good game but, now what?. I really appreciate whoever made this game but i think a little update every few months is a godsend 🙏❤️

Great game but…. Great game but there are some minor bugs such as cards not attacking the enemy, requiring multiple swipes to work, broken graphics on the cards. But my biggest gripe is the fact that we can’t sync the game with the steam version and there is no cloud backup…

Awesome.. This game is a bunch of fun. I love it and I’m not into * card games normally... Only ranking a 3 out of 5 instead of a full five, as I can’t pick up and play across devices. When iCloud is patched (I believe that is in the proverbial crosshairs for a release soon), it will be a full five bad boys.

Was this even tested on a touch screen?. It shouldn’t be this hard to select a card in your hand that is next to the other one. Even on a 12.9 inch iPad, it’s impossibly difficult. Don’t worry devs, not like choosing cards is a core gameplay mechanic or anything.

Highly addictive. Do not start this game in that 30min window before bed. In 3 days, I’ve sunk in more than 15 hours and got a sore neck and sore eyes. Excellent game with a few minor irritations (cards are hard to select and deselect on a mobile screen) and one major flaw: installed it on my ipad (hoping a bigger screen would help) only to find that I cannot transfer my progress on my iphone over!

Could be great. Really fun, but keeps crashing on me every now and then. Also, it’s difficult to just select a card to look at it’s text and then put it back. You end up still having it selected, rather than the other card you wanted, or accidentally playing it.

Mobile interface needs tweaking. Already love this game and have purchased on PC and Switch. StS is probably the last mobile game I’ll need to purchase. On a phone screen some of the buttons are just that little bit small. With some (hopefully) minor tweaks this could be fixed and it’ll be perfect.

Disappointed. Developers had abandoned this game on IOS for sure. No version updates and display bug from setting. Shame it used to be my favorite game.

Best game on the App Store but with new bugs. I love this game to bits. My mate and I have a collective 300+ hours playtime. But just the other day I noticed with the new patch the icons on the map and in the main menu have been weirdly large and awkwardly placed. It doesn’t seem intentional. Also when playing cards they hover well above where you touch on the screen and are even harder than before to return to hand without playing them.

Would be great(er) with controller support. Just that one tiny gripe.

Amazing game but not a perfect port. I’m a big fan and have purchased on console before this - plus I’m a huge rogue like deck builder fan too. The game is near perfectly balanced and has no issues. 10/10 The port has a few issues - cards are fiddly to use and hard to unselect. The confirm button is unintuitive on card selection. Everything is in same ratio size wise as the console and pc game so fine for iPad less so for iPhone. I’ve also experienced multiple crashes when playing music and moving on the map screen. One crash actually lost all of my progress, I was pre boss in act 2 and had a good build going. It would be amazing if you could select to keep playing music on load as well, it automatically shuts off and you have to swipe up and hit play again. A bit like it’s 2014! 5/10 for the port Once these bugs and interface issues are Ironed out it’s a 10/10 mobile game.

Would be 5 stars but for touch controls. Great gameplay. Terrific design - except for many annoying touch problems when selecting cards.

Great on iphone 7, UI could be a bit bigger. Same great game experience as any other platform (have the game also on pc and xbox). Small UI on an iphone screen can be a bit fiddly but not a deal breaker Highly recommend

Great game but lack of cloud saves is unforgivable. Lack of cloud saves is unforgivable in this day and age. Means I can only play it on one device and cannot transfer it on the go. Otherwise a 5 Star game. Please fix this!

Amazing game but slow frame rate and controls need work. This games runs at a smooth 60 frames per second on Switch, but runs at only 30 FPS on iPad Pro and capable iPhones. Please include a 60 FPS option. Also, as others have mentioned, it’s hard to select a card and see it’s description - often the card will “float” down too low, off screen, so it’s impossible to read the card. Still enjoying the game despite these issues, really hope they get fixed. Was happy to buy for a third time but the experience is much better on Steam and Switch.

Recent update makes control less smooth. Been playing this game for years since beta on pc, awesome game, would be nice if we can have a bit more regular game content updates. been playing on iPhone for quite a while, control was quite smooth until the recent update, was able to just drag and drop to finish a move. It feels like recent update modified a bit around scale, now I’m unable to use multiple cards in one go, occasionally run into issues like selecting wrong card, or unable to release it on the target. The map scale seems ok, but it also adds a bit laggy, personally I prefer smooth game experience, like when the game was first launched. Content + smooth -> good game, features are a bonus but only without breaking current gaming experience. See how hearthstone grew from smoothy vanilla into a big slow fat turtle. Awesome work and very glad to witness the success of this game now being available on multiple platforms!

Please fix the card selection.. Great game! Easily will be a 5 star game if the card selection is fixed. Selecting the right card to play and even reading a cards description is very difficult making it u enjoyable to play. Please fix it.

Needs haptic feedback. Fantastic game

Broken. It is an amazing game but it won’t launch After multiple attempts to launch the game I have discovered that low power mode must no be on

Request controller support. Love the game, wish there was controller support

Just slack. This masterpiece deserves better. -inconsistent controls -no iCloud sync (seriously?) between devices -resolution scaling issues -runs slow on iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Fun but small UI. Super fun game and easy to play on the go. I think, especially on iPad, the overall ui could be bigger. There is an option to increase the text size but again the cards are a little small and hard to read even with the increased text size. Same with trying to read potions, curses, relics etc

Reporting a bug. After unlocking beta art I can’t view the art in the compendium. When I try to tick the box it cancels the card preview. Great game tho.

Amazing game, mobile port could be better. This game fits the mobile platform incredibly well even if some aspects of the port from the original PC version isn’t perfect. The games premise is simple and easy to pick up with a huge amount of depth and replayability. The card game basis for the game means that you can easily stop and start a session as you do things throughout the day, lending itself to mobile gaming incredibly well. The random nature of each run, unlockables, four different playable characters and the lore behind the game make this something you can keep coming back to and not easily get bored of. Although I agree with other reviewers that the port could be better, there is nothing gamebreaking and at most it is a minor inconvenience. Other reviewers have also complained about performance issues however I am running this on an iPhone 6 and it runs smoother than some native applications, so I would take those complaints with a grain of salt. Overall, if you are a fan of the PC version or enjoy card games and have yet to pick this up, I could not recommend this game more.

Amazing game but port needs work. The controls for selecting and viewing your cards are very touchy. I often end up playing the wrong card, and it’s very hard to even see your cards sometimes. Also the lack of iCloud save support is very disappointing as you can’t sync your progress between iPhone and iPad.

Only minor gripes. This game is amazing and addicting, and the touch controls are really good these days. The only major gripe I have is that progress isn’t saved between devices. I’d love to be able to play the same game on multiple devices. Please fix this!

Great game. Atrocious port.. This would be an amazing game if the controls were fixed for touch device. Too many times cards are played accidentally, or entire turns are skipped because they haven’t ported the touch controls properly. Interface with cards needs major rework to make this less of a frustration - especially since one skipped turn can end a run.

Love it. Huge fan, when’s the update coming?

Crashes frequently. Game crashes every time I try to enter Daily Climb which is a block to 60% of the game. I expect more from a paid game.

Bad controls mar a great game. I love the gameplay, but the controls really make it frustrating. The cards seem to jump around all over the place and I have frequently played the wrong card by mistake as a result. Plus the "skip" button on the card selection screen is exactly where you'd expect the "confirm" button to go. Again, i have pressed it by mistake more than once. Please get someone with better UX design experience to review your UI.

No save syncing. So disappointing. Paying this much I would expect such a standard feature.

Please include cloud saving. Amazing game overall. I loved playing it on my ipad. But You’d expect games this well built in 2020 would support cloud saves... I really wish I could pick up from where I left off on my phone.

Love this deck builder. Absolutely love Slay the Spire. It’s got good graphics, better than most. Great for on the go on mobile when you’re bored. Maybe don’t play at work. 😆 A+ Game

Fantastic Game. I love this game so much, that this is the 3rd platform I have bought it on. I don’t really have any complaints about the port, it works great on my iPad. This is easily one of my favourite games, I’ve been playing since beta. If you like deck building, dungeon crawlers, then this is the game for you!

Unplayable. I payed $15 for an unplayable game, I can’t even get passed the new game screen.

Crashing when launching. Game opens to a static image and then crashes after a couple of seconds. On iPhone 7, latest iOS

Please fix frame rate for this amazing game.. Buy on steam instead.

Cannot open it. I just got this game and was excited cause a lot of people seem to love it, but when I try to open it, the game never opens further than the still image of the spire. Hope it gets fixed soon. I am on IOS 13.6

New update issue. The new update fixed a lot of stuff but screwed up dragging. Cannot drag straight up, have to select a card and then drag. Also when selecting a card sometimes doesn’t happen on the first try. A little uncomfortable for people who played this game for years.

Great game but. UI needs some work. When tapping on a card, it often times clips under the bottom of the screen.

Love the game but poor controls!. So love the game rebought on Iphone when also have pc. But it's 2 stars until the controls get fixed, then probably 5 star. Like someone else said almost unplayable... The whole card remains selected until you click back to hand is terrible and causes so many misplays which is compounded ten fold by the only way to see your hand(or read a card) is to click a card, usually making it active resulting in a mis play. Whe heart stone has already correctly done an iPhone interface that can be copied I don't understand why this was released this way. I've only experienced one or two crashes but still had my progress so not to big a deal, and I wouldnt bother mentioning if I wasng already writing a review. Once controls are fixed this review will be five stars and updated and I'd recommend the game to any gamer.

Simple and addictive. One of the best card games you can get on iOS.

Clunky controls an irritation in an otherwise perfect port.. Were the controls fixed this would be 5 stars. (Previously has troubles with crashes but first update fixed this). My “review” is basically just my gripes as thousands of other players have sung this game’s praises far better than I ever could. Well-paced, satisfying and balanced gameplay that is never unfair (even if it mightn’t feel that way at first). Nothing is lost to the move to iOS, game performs amazingly well and looks great. A few small changes away from being the definitive edition. So if you’ve played with touch controls on Switch, nothing has changed, they are still bad. Not quite unplayable, but doesn’t feel remotely good. Even using an Apple Pencil, it’s often very difficult to select the card you want from a large hand. More annoyingly though is trying to deselect a card; you need to drag it back to hand, but drag it too little and it will be played, drag it too far and your finger leaves the touch surface AND the card will stay selected. Finally, progress does not track between devices, which is honestly just lazy in this day and age (devs announced this is coming). StS is an Indie darling with tears of strong sales on the market, I should be left wanting on a feature that’s available on a dozen different competitors that cost a fraction of the price.

My go to game of choice. Never fails to disappoint. No crash issues and variety is plentiful. Amen

Clunky controls. Great port but the controls aren’t very intuitive. If they optimise these an easy five stars

Please add support for Backbone controllers. Appreciate the effort of making the game touch compatible but would prefer controller. 💜

Disappointing port to mobile. The UI scaling is not optimised for phones. The cards are tiny and finicky to let go. Take hearthstone for example, for phones they use a toggle mode to enlarge the cards. On top of the card size, the fact that they sit on the bottom of the screen means dragging they can trigger the iOS app switch. Lastly not allowing cross platform progress sharing is just inconsiderate. The game is great on pc, but this port is low effort.

Woo hoo it’s here!. When I first saw slay the spire all I could think about was that it needed to be a mobile game. The entire UI works excellently on IPad, however there is definitely some weird crashing problems. When I try to do the daily climb it always crashes before I can even press begin. There has been app drop outs even in the normal mode as well sometimes on the home menu screen. But I’m sure those things will be patched out soon. When they are I’ll gladly give this 5 stars, I’d give it more if I could ive waited for this to be on iPad since it’s pc release so I’m pretty happy already. Let us know when the patches are planned to be rolled out!

This is a work of art. Chefs kiss

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Excellent game but.... The game is honestly incredible. The port needs some polish because the controls and layout don't transfer 1 to 1 from pc to ios. Reading a card is difficult and finicky because my finger is always in the way.

Great game, where’s iCloud save?. Where is the iCloud save that was promised more than one year ago?

Pretty flawless. One of my favourite rogue likes of all time. The port is executed beautifully however i can see issues for phone users on smaller screens. (i use an iphone 8+) Never experienced any issues with the game and overall have had a great time playing.

Please install the 2020 Dec. buffs asap. I played this game on steam, and I bought it again on ios just so I can play at any time I want, but can't believe you still didn't put the buffs up yet. It's about half a year past! Come on don't be so lazy like this

no save transfer??. Got this game for free on playstation and got so addicted i had to buy it for mobile. Afterwards i now see that my save will not transfer through icloud across my ipad and phone - in 2022 for a charting game this is absolutely ridiculous.

Played 60 hours on Switch. Will play 60 hours on iPad.. Just got an iPad recently and was looking for games that use the space. Great game. No issues or glitches. It’s the same experience I had on the switch but with touch controls.

Great game, bad performance. I’ve bought this game on Steam, and on my old Pixel and it’s a great game. Just got a new iPhone 13 and again bought this game but am shocked at the frame rate performance on iOS on a new device. The frame rate is so incredibly choppy, like 15 fps. Having played it on other devices with great frame rates makes it almost unplayable on this new phone.

On the go - Even Better!. Slay the spire imo is much better mobile, the drawback however is that the port is not up to the same standard. It would be nice to see some extra features and touch ups go into it over time. I think 60fps / 120hz would be a nice addition!

Needs 60fps. Title. No reason this should be playing at 30fps for a non intensive 2d game.

One of the best games period, but…. I love this game so much, and have spent probably over a hundred hours on the Switch. And the iOS version is not different - there are some minor bugs and issues, but it’s the game great game. However my main issue is that there is no syncing of any kind. So I can’t play on the same file on my iPad, and there’s no backups. PLEASE ADD iCLOUD SYNCING DEVS 😭

Excellent Game with interface problems on IOS. Slay the Spire is one ofFavourite games on the switch. Now that it’s on iOS it’s also one of my favourite games on my iPhone. The good news is that it’s still the same great game. You can spend hundreds of hours on this game and never get bored. The bad news is that the port to iOS is a little sloppy and unfinished. - Selecting a card to play is hit or miss. Sometimes a card is selected properly, and sometimes the selected card appears to move into its ready state properly only to fallback to its initial un-ready state forcing you to select again - when you receive the reward of a single a relic you don’t get to see its description like you do on the Switch. You have to select the Relic after receiving it to see the description - some elements of the ux are so small they’re hard to read and/or select with any degree of consistency. The map and card buttons in the top right. I have the largest iphone Relatively minor gripes, nothing that will break your game, but they occur many times through the course of even a single playthrough so your left frustrated and with the impression that the game lacks Polish. On several occasions an incorrect selection caused me to die. Please, update the game so it can achieve its full potential on IOS.

Love the game but it needs some work. I play this all the time when I’m in my PC at home, I love it. This port is good for the most part but I do find that the text is pretty small so if you don’t know the game it would be harder to learn imo. Other than that there is an issue with a loud audio glitch when you return an attack card to your hand, and there is no way of lowering its volume without all sound effects getting quiet. (It’s also the same sound as moving between artifacts, which you do a lot of you want to see that they do) All in all I love the game it’s only a 4 star because of the text size and audio issues

Dungeon Run. Definitely a fun dungeon running card game, tons of replay ability and lots of fun card combos to choose from! Definitely recommend to anyone on either here or PC

Almost There. Game is great. The port has mostly been fixed and plays well. All we need is a way to play from the same save file on iPad and IPhone. 4/5 but I am going to give a 5 stars because not all game company’s do this. Thank you for fixing up the port and listening to the gamers. Much appreciated.

Incredible game, needs polish. The game is great, most people will agree it has high replayability and it’s fun, I like being able to pick up where I left off. The issue is the port is kind of shoddy considering how smoothly it runs on even the worst PC’s. It’s often hard to choose the proper card without issues,I play on an iPad Pro so I have plenty of space. It’s just optimized poorly…not unplayable though I still recommend. I also recommend they polish the games controls even more though. Will update review if I notice any improvements/changes

Language setting plz. Cannot change language! It keeps unchanged no matter how many times to reopen the game, no matter which language switch to/ from. Plz fix this!

The best card based roguelike!. The best card based rogue like ever. It’s not even close. This is the golden standard. It plays well on iOS. Its well worth your time and money.

This game has unacceptable performance on iOS. Do not purchase.. Less than 30 fps is annoying for such a simple card game, along with lack of 144hz for newer devices. The biggest issues is it actually plays slower and there is noticeable lag when playing on your phone.

Latest Update Fixes Touch Controls Again. Thank you for the quick update again since the last one caused an issue with touch controls on my iPhone XR. Those controls are now fixed! I REALLY ENJOY THIS GAME!!!

Great Game!. Great port to mobile.

Great game, bad port. This is a great game, however it doesn’t port to iOS very well. Cards are hard to read and can accidentally be played if you’re trying to read them or close the game ( on iPhones with no buttons). I’ve had to restart so many battles because I accidentally played a card.

Great. Other than the frame rate being a little low, it is still a great port

Ma couter plus cher que se qui était inscrit. Vraiment déçu pour le montant

Great game, garbage port. Easily the best roguelite deck builder around, but this port is garbage at best. Missing cloud saves, locked to a low frame rate, and glitchy touch controls.

Great game but….. I LOVE this game I was so excited to find out I could play it on my phone and Ipad rather than the Playstation. Works great on my Ipad but there is a glitch on my phone where I can’t end my turn for the enemy to play theirs…. Im stuck please fix this!!! Otherwise 5 stars ⭐️

Fantastic game. Great port from PC and I find myself quickly passing time. Just needs some more polish. Very easy to accidentally play cards / choose bad options.

Missing Controller Support. When this game was released the missing controller support on the iPhone and iPad port wasn’t a big deal. But with modern controllers like the Backbone it makes the experience a little worse when switching between games that have controller support and Slay The Spire. It’s available on every other platform, so why not here and Apple Arcade?

Badly ported - no cross save, bad touch. Game is still good. The port does the game such a disservice, it doesn’t take advantage of any iOS features: touch is badly implemented (constantly swiping up and minimizing game), no cross save so you can’t play on two devices, finger gets in the way of seeing what cards actually do. It’s a Shame because the game is fantastic but the publisher should really have spent a bit more to make the port better.

Incredible game!. Fell in love with this game right away, it’s so addicting! My only complaint is that some of the “?” Rooms, the options are quite small and easy to misclick even with the larger text. Any chance of an extra large text option or different format for those screens? 😅

Amazing game.. Ive got over 3000hrs on pc, switch, and mobile. Works flawlessly on iPhone 11 Pro and iPad Pro (2018 model). Desperately needs iCloud save.

I can’t quit you. Slay the Spire 4 life

Great game, buggy port. Lots of small visual issues and a couple of bugs. Port needs to be polished more.

Never fails to disappoint. Doesn’t matter what deck I build or how well it runs in battle after battle, the game will stack my deck in the worst possible way at the end of the game. Three flexes with a single strike, three entrenches in a hand with no block, you couldn’t make it worse if you tried.

Terrific rogue-like strategy card game. This is a really terrific port of Slay the Spire. I originally played it on PC and instantly fell in love with it. The rogue-like elements are really innovative and the deck building gets extremely strategic if you want to advance through the hardest endgame challenges. The game is easy to pick up and play whenever, so this makes it perfect for iPhone or iPad. My main gripes that prevented it from being 5-stars were that it’s sometimes difficult to read the cards in your hand on iPhone and that there are no iCloud saves. I really wish iCloud saves were implemented - or even cross-platform saves with PC - since I like to bounce between iPhone and iPad, but my saves are totally separate games. Still, it’s an absolute must play for any fans of strategy games, card games and rogue-likes.

Fun But Too Hard to Read!. Great game but text too small (even with “bigger text” activated). Please increase the text and I will increase the stars in response!

Annoying message in the top right. I’ve played over 250 hours of this game and the newest update ruined speedrunning it for me. The “Syncing data” in the top right is incredibly annoying and there needs to be an option to disable it in the settings. Otherwise this is my favourite game for my phone and I am incredibly disappointed.

CLOUD SAVE NEEDED!!!. It won’t share data between iOS devices under the same Apple ID.

Very fun but missing something. Game itself is 10/10 must-play. Porting can have sone work. i don‘t mind the ios HUD scaling issue. But I would like to be able to have hover/right-click freature here. E.g I can’t exactly hover to the options when picking an event option, or can’t see the upgraded version at card selection screen.

Game controller support needed. Game controller support would push this app over the edge and be perfect

sank so many hours into this game. i finally hit a20. i play this game so much, having it on my phone is great cause i can just pause and pick up a run anywhere. one of the best games you can get on your phone.

Amazing game the port is just ok. The game is awesome I can play it for hours on pc however it’s still good on iOS. However there are still some problems such as the text being way to small occasional frame rate issues and crashes but it is fine most of the time. If you already like slay the spire and just want to play it on the go it’s fine albeit a little buggy, if you can I would recommend getting on pc but if this is your only option it’s still a alright port

Needs to be converted to mobile. The game is great, I’ve put in almost 80 hours of this game on my PC. The mobile version needs to some tweaks though, I’d recommend enlarging everything by 25-50% and having the touch controls work around my finger not on the centre of it

No sound except for Bluetooth devices. As title

Please make more!!!!!. More please

Experience not as good as pc. It’s basically a direct port from the pc version. It needs to be optimized for iPhone. Also the game needs to run 60fps+. It’s ruining the experience running at such low frame rate

No Cloud save or save transfer.. Good game, missing a few things to make it a solid experience across devices. Lack of cloud save or save transfer is brutal.

LOVE the game - just not on iOS!. I absolutely love this game. I play primarily on my laptop though as the iOS version strains my eyes so much. It’s hard to read the text. Also the latest update, the touch controls don’t work reliably. I’ve also noticed after I touch the screen the game seems to “remember” that touch until I touch somewhere else. Anyway the game itself - I am obsessed with! I just wish the iPhone app was better as I really love the option to play on the go.

Please adjust for readability!. Thank you for porting this for iOS. It is one of my favorite games and I’m overjoyed to have it on my iPhone now. However, cards in hand are illegible unless you physically tap on them, and even then, the card text centres on your finger so you can’t read the card. These finger gymnastics often cause cards to accidentally get played, which can be run ending in a game like this. A simple fix would be to have the cards be a little vertically higher in hand so the text is readable without selecting, or to change it so the card is previewed ABOVE where the finger taps so you can read that way.

Quick update. Yeah so you guys updated the map and things, which is great. But the end turn button isn’t working for me on my iPhone 8 Plus. Love the game but can’t play it right now.

Buff Pls. Very very good game (one of my favorites) but they really should buff shiv decks like in PC. Literally one of the most fun and consistent decks the Silent should have. XD

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Great game, terrible port. I probably have over 200 hours in Slay the Spire for the PC. It is one of my fav games so it was an instant purchase when it came to iOS. Unfortunately they did very little to customize this game for phones. They just sorta squished everything to phone size and called it a day. The result is tiny text, unnecessary extra taps, and graphics that look great on larger screens but are a jumbled mess zoomed out. I really really wish they would go back and give this another shot but I worry they won’t. I won’t ask for a refund because I want to support the dev but do not purchase unless you have an iPad. And devs plz give this another shot I know you can produce something fantastic.

Not a good port but its STS. It runs at a very low fps and it has some issues like cropping well to an iphone screen. Some edges like where you profile name can be a little cut off or when a status effect on the enemy appears will float off screen. It could have been a way better port but they didnt put enough effort in to make it amazing. The only reason I rate this so high is that the core gameplay loop of slay the spire is so fun that you honestly learn to ignore the bad port and still enjoy the game and try to make a crazy and fun deck.

Great Game, mediocre port. A phenomenally addictive rogue like. I’ve spent many hours on other platforms before iOS. This port of the game is serviceable, but falls far short of an optimal mobile experience. - Viewing cards in hand is incredibly janky. Tapping on cards to expand and view them sometimes has them sitting half off of the screen. Sometimes they are fully on screen. Even then, the iOS app bar is covering some of the text. - playing cards from your hand is very janky. Whichever card is selected takes priority over touching and dragging cards. It’s lead to a lot of mis-plays. When selecting cards (to discard, retain, exhaust, etc.) selecting a card immediately enlarged the card following it in hand, partially obscuring the confirm button. - There is missing information, like viewing upgrades when choosing card rewards. Still totally playable (especially as a veteran) but it is a bit frustrating, and potentially off putting for new players.

Pretty close to great. The developers have done a great job of recreating the desktop version of Slay the Spire, but something needs to be done about the touch-based card selection. I’ve accidentally played so many cards from my hand that I only meant to read, and this really is no fun in a game where you spend most of the time planning your plays in advance. CCGs (games like Hearthstone and Eternal Card Game) have almost perfected this and I would suggest that the developers take a look at these games to see a much less frustrating way of handling cards in your hand so accidental plays don’t happen so frequently.

Please fix card display and audio play through. Game is great and a lot of fun. App is a bit pricey but quickly proved to be worth the price. Curious to see how I feel in a month as 4 characters and 3 levels max during normal play could burn out quick. As others mention the way you view cards could use some work and frequently results in the wrong card being played. Also, it is a little disappoint that a $10 title would not permit me to play whatever audio source I would like while playing. If this could be fixed that would be great.

Great game, mediocre port. I loved StS on Switch, and was super excited to try it on mobile. The game mechanics are great and it’s easy to lose hours in this game. The iOS port could use some work, however. Like others have mentioned, screen real estate could be better utilized, card selection could use some tweaking for touch screens, there are some issues with sound glitches and poor sound, the game mutes all your other audio which isn’t great, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to save progress across devices (my iPhone data did not carry over to my iPad). This port could easily be a 5 star game with a few quality of life improvements.

Edit: (Newest update) Masterpiece of a game.. Hey devs! Thank you again for another update! I’d just like to say I don’t like the “improvements” to the touch controls. They feel “delayed” or “laggy”. Maybe the team is still working out the kinks but I just wanted to give some feedback. Thanks again! ****original review - Hey devs! Thanks for the update! Been looking forward to it for awhile now. Glad to see all the bug fixes too. Keep up the good work. Thanks! Edit: yeaaaa… the update broke the card selection. I can’t “grab” the cards.

Awesome game technical problems hold it back. Slay the spire is a prefect fit for mobile the small doses of gameplay, the beautiful art and animation. I wish I could give it a 5 of 5 but unfortunately I have experienced a lot of crashes pretty much every session has crashed, but the game lets you continue the run so it’s not a huge problem but it is one. Besides that the game runs great the controls are fantastic for touch screen and it feels so good to play once they iron the technical side out it’ll be perfect. Most definitely a must buy for anyone who enjoys rogue likes or ccg.

A keeper. Took me a while to appreciate just how deep this game is. Even with only 4 classes, each run is unique thanks to game-changing artifacts and rare cards. It’s possible to set up ridiculous combos that kill a boss in 1 turn. I greatly appreciate the ability to unlock new cards over time. My biggest complaint is that there should be an undo button; with the tiny phone interface it’s possible to make mistakes. Still, this will be on my phone for a long, long time. I hope new cards, enemies, and classes will be released!

Very long lasting and fun. The game is very fun and made for this platform despite coming out on steam first still tho idc it’s still so fun, just the combos relics, potions, and unlock able cards are a treat every time. I’ve found only one problem. When I try to view the beta art for defect the button is buggy and doesn’t work instead it just scrolls down when I press it. I have no idea if it’s the same for all cards because I never unlocked them yet but with defect it is.

This is a no brainer buy!. I don’t have access to a good computer that can play this game all the time, but now I do! Honestly I was waiting for this move from the developers and bought it without a second thought. I’ve had hours of fun, thoughtful, and intense gameplay you can only get here. Each run honestly feels like a whole new experience as you find out how another deck you’ve built will work out. This is one if the only games I won’t look up anything for, I love getting to experience everything on my own here. Win, lose, it’s up to you and fate!

My favorite version of a great game. I thought Slay the Spire was great on the Switch, but I’m enjoying it even more on the iPad: I like playing it on a larger screen, I like the touch mechanics, and I carry around my iPad more than I do my Switch. I agree with other people’s complaints about it being a little hard to deselect cards that the game accidentally selects for you, but you learn how to avoid that pretty quickly, and then you’re immersed in the fundamental gameplay, which is extremely solid and repeatedly rewarding.

Love the game, but had to dock a star. I’ve played Slay the Spire for a long time: it’s a masterpiece of balance, strategy, and gameplay. Amazing replayability. Seminal roguelike game. But I do not understand how UX designers look at the field of Hearthstone, MTG, Runeterra, and Gwent, all which use the clearly tried-and-true press and drag mechanic to play cards, and are like, “Nah we’ve got this way more clunky way instead.” You can press to grab a card, but releasing does not release the card. This results in endless mistakes pressing the wrong card and even misplaying the card you didn’t want. Why, why, why? It’s so easy: just do what everyone else is doing??

Update never coming??. The new update that was released on beta like over a year ago must never be coming to iOS?? This games popularity was partly because of how fast it was updated initially in my opinion. Ever since they came out with a iOS version of this game it seems like the developers pretty much said they’re done with this game. There has been 1 update to the console version and in my opinion thay update drastically changed how you play certain characters. Like blade dance went from Never picked to instant picked. The devs haven’t done anything with the game since those changes. Disappointing

Minor changes!!!. Hey everyone, I have purchased this game for PC, XBOX, and now the mobile version. This is a very great port to IOS. One thing I would like to get out of the way is that I think a few changes are necessary. The changes being, an option enabling 1 touch card selection, shop, and campfire menus. Another is the UI, I think that it should be scaled a bit larger for mobile devices, mainly the main menu. Lastly, I feel like if you haven’t picked the game up on any other platform, it is a great option to get it on here! A huge thank you for reading this long, long message. And DEVS, GREAT WORK!!!!!

Amazing game, could use some ui changes. I’ve been playing slay the spire for a few months on switch and bought it on iOS day 1. The game itself is great, one of my favorites currently. It’s super nice having it on my phone, I totally recommend this game. The main issues I have with the game are ui related, they need to change the size of text and status symbols. It’s really hard to read a lot of the info on the screen. It’s really not cool on the time eater cause you need to keep track of the status# and a lot of the time I can’t tell what number it is. 6 looks like 8 etc. There’s a lot of empty space on the screen they could just upsize all of the text and graphics and things would be great.

Great game with a couple flaws. I am having a lot of fun with this version of the game. I previously played the version on Xbox and this is a great way to play this on the go. My only 2 issues are that is is difficult on my phone to choose the cards. Sometimes I touch a card and I can read all the text and other times half the text on the card is hidden off screen. The other issue is more of a wish. I wish there was some form of cloud saves so that I could play on my phone during the day and then pick up the same run on my iPad.

Love the game, can’t say the same for the port. I love slap the spire, I have it on steam, switch, and iOS. But the porting effort is just none, it feels like the team doesn’t give a dime about the playability of ports and just want some quick money. First of all, no cloud save on iOS. It takes effort to unlock all modes, characters, cards, and a-levels, yet this game doesn’t support cloud save on iOS. So when I want to switch to my tablet I won’t be able to continue my progress, I have to start from scratch and unlock everything again. And if I redownload or switch to new equipment, I’ll have so it all over again. This is extremely annoying. Secondly, the operating is poorly designed. It’s mimicking desktop but in a really really bad way. If you select a card it enlarges and will block access to cards next to it, it’s so easy to misclick and make fatal mistake to end a good run. Plus, there’s no option to opt out game musics. Sure I can mute it but I can’t listen to any other app while gaming. Though it’s somewhat a common thing for card games so I’ll let this one go. Hence, 5 for the game, 0 for the port.

Amazing Game. I’ve bought Slay the Spire on three platforms now- PC when it was in early, early access, Switch right before a long plane ride, and now iOS as soon as I found out the port was released. I’m about two runs into the iOS version, and the port feels great. My only issue is in events where you get to choose from many cards, e.g., the library, the hole in the wall, upgrade/remove events. Twice now in only two runs, I was trying to scroll the screen, but since the many cards took up the whole screen, whichever card was under my finger was selected. Maybe in the settings there is a switch, but those events should have a “confirm” by default, as many other events do. Amazing game, awesome developers. Worth every penny. Going to give 5 stars despite my gripe, because the game is so good and I trust the developers will fix it.

Love the game. Not happy with the controls. I’ve played hundreds of hours on my computer and I am so happy it’s on mobile, the controls though... cards are so difficult to use and you make so many mistakes because the wrong card is played. It’s sloppy, and crazy that their QA didn’t say anything about this. Like the cards don’t need to float, in fact I can’t even read the cards because they follow my fingers. Just make the cards selectable and expand the size and if it’s targeted show the arrow over the unit and you tap the unit you want and another button to use it. Anyways I still love it so 4 stars !

Fantastic game, horrible port. I have a few hundred hours on the PC version of this game, so I definitely love/like it in any form. But the iPhone version is a lackluster effort, even for the cheaper mobile price. While it basically has every feature of the vanilla pc version, almost no effort has been made to adjust the game to the smaller screen. Text is very small. Click options are bunched next to each other — expect to have many games ruined because you accidentally played the wrong card. While I instantly bought this to support the developers, I can’t even recommend this to someone who has never played the game because of how frustrating the experience will be. Avoid it until they fix the problems.

Sound issue keeping it from perfection. This is a good port of a great game. Slay the spire itself easily gets 5/5 from me, and even with the small interface issues inherent in a mobile version I would still give 5/5 if I was able to listen to podcasts and music while playing it. I know it’s a small thing, but one of the reasons I grabbed this on my phone (while already owning it on 2 other platforms) is so that I could play it on the go, and when I’m on the go I like to have podcasts playing. Hopefully that gets fixed on a future patch, but either way I’m glad to have access to this great game wherever I go.

This game is worth it. Slay the Spire exists for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and now iOS. And the reason it exists on so many platforms, is because the creative team works crazy hard on this game! I’ve played easily 500+ hours between my copies on the Xbox and the switch, and I can confirm that all the user-interface issues we’re experiencing will be fixed. This team works hard and the game will get better with every update, it just takes time. This game is worth the time/money

Digital Crack. I’ve been waiting so long for this to come to mobile and it was worth the wait. I have about a thousand hours on the of version and this is a flawless port. That being said I’m having issues seeing my cards on iPhone 11. Quite a few times I’ve played cards on accident just trying to see the text on it while strategizing. I also end up swiping out of the app with the white iPhone home bar thing because of how low the cards are on screen. Other times I can’t get the home bar swipe to work and end up playing cards. If it wasn’t for these issues it would be 5/5!

Crashes Kill The Experience. Update: Still no patch to fix the issue with the app not opening after 2 months of waiting. It’s so hard to get into the app that I end up playing other games that work instead which is a shame. Slay the Spire is one of the best card games ever created, and it is a perfect fit for mobile devices. However, on my iPad Mini 4 it seems to crash every other time I try to open it. It loads the initial graphic with the tower, hangs there, and then closes. Only way to get it to work is restart the device several times and hope for the best. I know this is something that can be fixed and hopefully they are working on it! When the game runs it works very well.

This game is infinitely more replayable and cheaper than free to play.. I adore this game. It’s all of the best things about roguelikes and card games. I’ve sunk hundreds of hours into both the phone and PC version, and higher level players have sunk thousands of hours. The PC version has some rad mods on steam as well. Plus the community is cool and active in Reddit. Pay the $10. The moment you buy it, you own it. No micro transactions or pay to win, which is rare in a mobile game. Guaranteed you’ll spend more time having fun and less money on this game than any free to play on mobile.

Incredible game, problems with crashes. I love this game so much and couldn’t wait for it to be on iOS. I play it on an iPad mini 4 and I wish I could see the card text while I’m playing. Also sometimes I get into a state where I can’t open the app ... I open it, see some artwork for 10 seconds, then crashes. I am running on a model MK892LL/A. MegaCrit let me know if I can help you debug ... I want to give this the 5 stars that it deserves! UPDATE: The way I fixed the “crash on startup” issue was by going to Apple settings and logging out of Game Center. Then when the game launched it had me sign in again and then all was well.

Fantastic game, just play it elsewhere. Leading this off, this is my game of the decade. Huge fan, bought it on Switch, PS4, PC/Mac, Xbox One. Played it on all of those, including a 2015 MacBook Air and a Surface Pro. Like, the first one from early 2013. Playing it on an iPad PRO 2018, this is the worst I’ve ever seen this game run. Not only sub-30fps, but running so poorly that the game is actually slowing down to keep up. Never ever EVER seen it run this poorly and it steals all the thunder that this game’s release on iOS should have earned. After such a long wait, this is soul crushing. Devastating. This is its perfect, most “makes sense“ platform and it’s just ...not good. It’s bad. Ugh... Buy it on PC, or Switch if you want it portable. Leave the iOS version alone, at least for now. Uninstalling and having a little cry, afk

A Poorly Optimized Disappointment. This game’s mobile port has got to get better. Playing this on my OnePlus 7 was bearable but choosing cards was an absolute nightmare since it’s hard to just put it back in your hand once you’ve selected it. But even with the issues I could manage to play and complete all 4 acts without too much hassle. That has absolutely not been the case on my iPhone. I have a 13 Pro Max and this game plays like a PowerPoint presentation. Every other issue is magnified with how poorly optimized this game is on mobile. It’s already bad enough that we’ve drip fed the most barebones content over the past 5 years but for this mobile port to be so poorly made is infuriating.

No 5 stars, yet. Lemme just start this by saying Slay the Spire is easily, hands down, one of my favorite games of all time. I first purchased it on my PlayStation, then my switch, my computer, and now on my phone. I would give it 5 stars easily, but I was only able to open it a few times and now it won’t boot up. I’ve restarted my phone and tried redownloading it, still not working. I think it’s pretty generous to give 4 stars to something I spent 10 dollars on that I can’t even use, but I just love the game so much so I can’t give it a bad review. And also I can still play it in 3 other mediums so, it’s not terrible. But, I would love if this was fixed.

New Update is Unplayable. So first off this is a 5 star game, no doubt. Extremely fun and addicting, I have probably over 100 hours logged in this game and I still have fun with it. Now for the problem, in the last update they added a bigger text option. Good idea, a lot of the cards are hard to read your first time through. Unfortunately they changed the size of the symbols on the map and it is grotesque to put it kindly. When I say that this update has literally made the game unplayable to me I am not joking, I really hope they revert this change as there was nothing wrong with the old map design as there was no reading required it was just looking at the floor symbols.

Great Game! iPhone X, good control.. Huge fan of StS and have been waiting a long time for a mobile port. And now I play on the phone more than on the computer! The interface could be a bit better but it is improving. Some small fiddly options like toggling beta art seems to almost never hit the tough target. And this seems to be a straight port, as in your finger is the mouse and the game is 1:1. This has been updated a bit with some Menus being made bigger. As I put in my title I use a normal iPhone X, the game runs smoothly and I can still play the game smoothly. Great port! So happy to have it mobile!

My favorite game but the crashes make it frustrating. I have this game on my pc and have put 400+ hours on it on there. Needless to say I absolutely adore the aesthetic, mechanics, and design of the game and I was pleased to bits when I learned it was coming out on iOS, however while I have had a lot of fun with it I have noticed a problem with the game crashing while going in and out of floors, often at the end of boss battles. I adore the game and I play it to death still but there’s nothing as frustrating as getting to the end of a difficult boss fight and then delivering the final blow only to have the game crash and have to start the fight all over again. TLDR: I absolutely love the game and it’s absolutely worth the price but be wary of crashes until they are fixed

Great game!. Best game on my phone and iPad. Looking forward to updates for small issues. -edit: The more I play this game the more I LOVE IT! Enough to come back here and update an app store review. This is a REAL GAME with no IAP/FREEMIUM/SUBSCRIPTION blah blahs involved. Every time I set out on a new run I get more attached to the deck I’m building. Every time I die I just want to get back and see how I can start working on another better one. Just a fantastic game that has given me hope for the App Store again after a long time of only finding the nonsense mobile focused shopping environment type “games.” After playing a bit now I have a short wishlist (although it’s still a 5 star game without any changes): 1) iCloud syncing across devices 2) Portrait orientation support (maybe impossible I don’t know) 3) Larger more friendly UI elements for phone screens 4) Fixing the finicky card interaction

Fun game, confusing sometimes though. Some of the card descriptions aren’t very clear. Such as Medical Kit saying if a status card with “unplayable” can be played, it specifically means ONLY status cards and not curses etc. Is the text wrong? No. But it’s still confusing. My other issue is cards playing when I don’t want them to on iOS. You have to be extremely careful with what order you tap things on the screen, and don’t accidentally touch anything at all, because it may play a card you didn’t mean to even touch. (iPhone 13 Pro Max here)

Fun game but a bug lost my progress. Fun game but a bug just took all the wind out of my sails. And now I don’t want to play anymore. Writing this review after I finished a level (Ascension) with one of the characters only to find that my accomplishment was not saved by the game, and now I’m back to where I started (at least 2 hours of gameplay lost but probably more if I can’t beat the level again on my first try). The lack of in-game support/help options makes it even more frustrating since there’s no clear way for me to resolve the issue.

Great game, needs tweaks. I’ve loved this game for years and was excited to support the devs by buying it for my iPad.I just finished my first Playthru, and I had a good time… But the interface needs work. My main complaint is that the touch sensitivity feels clunky and imprecise. I had a hard time selecting cards and the interface did not seem to keep up with how fast I wanted to move my fingers. When I imagined playing on my iPad, I imagined flinging the cards around the screen with my fingertips. Unfortunately, the interface is too sluggish to make the game feel smooth. Also, I could not figure out how to “right click” so that I could see card upgrades.

Just 1 Issue. The game is fantastic, but I can tell it wasn’t initially a mobile release, which I confirmed after reading some reviews. The card select and small text UI didn’t fit the mobile scene. You can tell it was just refitted. My issue with the game is how clunky it is to select or cycle between cards during PvE Engagements. I can’t even count how many times on my fingers that I’ve cycled through my hand to read my cards and then attempt to swipe up the card I want to play but instead locking in another card I had viewed earlier. It has abolished a few of my runs in critical moments and drawn out many fights longer than I want them due to ruining combos and wasting my pips. Hopefully the devs will look into implementing a system better fit for the mobile device so this issue won’t be experienced anymore, and not just a $10 cash grab and run. Other than this, the game is solid and worth trying to overlook the poor UI mechanics for this mobile port Gem. 4/5

Game is a masterpiece. Major bugs need fixing.. I’m experiencing the same issues as everyone else. I have confidence that these initial release bugs will be fixed, but in the meantime this otherwise perfect game is hindered by the following issues: 1. Crashes after defeating first boss, losing progress. The game is already challenging enough without this extra frustration. 2. Lots of wasted screen real estate that can be used to enlarge text/buttons that are currently pretty difficult to read—especially the map screen, which is way too small with tons of empty space. Needs to be optimized for small phone screens. 3. Ingame sound shouldn’t automatically override music/podcasts. Don’t make the game fight me on this. 4. Runs smooth on iPhone 11 Pro Max, but i hear it doesn’t run so well on older models. Once these rough edges are smoothed out this will be the best game on iOS by far, since I think it is one of the best games ever made, it has so much depth, is so rewarding, and addicting/challenging. I love Mega Crit, these developers are geniuses.

iPhone + iPad syncing is here. I love the Slay the Spire, and have played it on Xbox, PC, and Switch. The biggest downside of the iOS version is the low frame rate (30fps), but the developer finally added iPhone and iPad syncing! Is this the best way of playing the game? No. The iOS ports of Monster Train, Dicey Dungeons, or Steamworld Quest will give you smoother experiences, and will scratch the same deck builder itch. Having said that, I have put in over 25 hours in the iOS version of Slay the Spire, because it is so convenient. Should you buy this version of the game? As long as you temper your expectations, you’ll enjoy it.

Better on Steamlink for XR. They are using the entire stretched resolution of the iPhone XR but they aren’t scaling anything. So much wasted, empty space and very small characters and cards. When I get to pick a card, I can barely read the text as each card is probably less than an inch in height. There is also no reason to fan the cards at the bottom of the screen. Maybe raise the cards slightly so the text is visible while in hand? All the cards center around the ios swipe bar. I was really looking forward to this, because of the shortcomings of the steamlink method is still the best for me as it forces 16:9 resolution... (and I can lower the resolution for a bigger display there) Also, FPS is awful. Come on. Thought this game was a shoe in.

Fantastic game, TERRIBLE port. This up is absolutely abysmal. If you’re going to charge 5-10x what other games cost, you need to appropriately adapt the controls for a touch screen. A start menu that has two items as text only targets in the lower corner of a huge screen is ridiculous. The character select, the super tiny menu items, the ridiculous map that puts giant black bars on the sides of the screen so that it make the little map points impossible to tap cleanly. Just, what the heck? You didn’t even TRY to adapt this. You just cut off the mouse cursor and charged a premium price. Apple should pull this for being a terrible showing of iOS adaptations of instant classic titles on other platforms.

Terrible port of an amazing game. I have hundreds of hours in StS between my PC and my Nintendo Switch. I figured a tablet version of the game was a no-brainer purchase. Unfortunately, the iOS port of this game is just terrible. It runs poorly (even on an M1 iPad Air), has a clumsy touch interface (resulting in misplays and frustrating “NO NOT THAT CARD!!!” moments), and takes much, much longer to play through than any other version of the game. If you have never played any version of StS before, then this is probably still a great game for you—but if you played it on literally ANY other device, you would have such a better experience that it would ruin the iOS version for you.

Controls got worse (fixed). I just got through posting this review when an update came out that seems to have made things better. I’m totally going to take credit for this fix. Thanks! This is an amazing game. One of the all time greats. But the touch controls have always been iffy and this latest update makes them worse instead of better. I feel like the cards are always either not reacting to my touches or over reacting. I know that software development is hard but this should be a high priority.

Wanted to love it... I actively play this game on Xbox so when I saw it in the App Store I jumped to lay the $10 for it! It’s a good game! Unfortunately that isn’t my case so far having it as an app. Actually I haven’t had any interaction with it at all since the game crashes every time I open it.. After multiple uninstalls/reinstalls, an IOS update, and clearing out storage for the game it still continues to crash and be unplayable for me. I’ll keep an open mind and occasionally retry seeing as it just previously came to the app store. I hope this situation resolved itself. 3 stars for the simple fact that it’s a good game. I just wish it was playable for me at the moment.

Great Game, less-great port. The game itself is fantastic, but on the iPad there is a major flaw that the home bar interferes with your hand of cards. It can be incredibly frustrating to try to return cards to your hand (for example, when just checking descriptions or making strategic decisions). If the app just disabled that bar – or changed how your hand works – it would improve the UX so much. As it is, fiddling with trying to just pick up the card you want can lead to frustrating and sometimes run-ending misplays. =/

Amazing deck builder game that needs an update. I love slay the spire and have probably played more hours than any mobile game. However I really think the RNg and mechanics of the game need an update There’s not enough randomness for a rogue like, as someone who quits out when making a mistake I often notice that the exact same sequence of cards and relics get repeated. There’s also an annoying reliance on rebuffs in the combat, and as someone who’s played a lot of dnd I can say, they really don’t understand how debuffs work. You need some kind of mechanical system like resistance to fairly use debuffs something that slay the spire lacks.

Don’t base purchase on other platforms.. Slay the Spire is a fantastic game, one that I have put many hours into on both PC and Xbox. This port is rough - moving cards is not exact, and you’ll find yourself making mistakes and using cards that you didn’t mean to from time to time. The display resolution is also not great for phones, as buttons are incredibly small and you’ll accidentally make the wrong selection occasionally (which, thankfully, usually gives you a prompt to confirm your action, so it’s forgiving). However, the game crashes a significant amount (it crashed twice in one boss fight for me, the event that pushed me to make this review). I’ll update if the stability issues are addressed, but for right now, I would wait to purchase - keep an eye on patch notes and how reviews respond to those notes.

All around great game. This is a great game - very addictive. iPad interface needs some tuning, so taking one star away. My biggest gripe is that I often inadvertently play a card while trying to read what the card does. There is no undo 😟 One nice feature would be to keep the unspent gold at the end of a run, or a portion if u die. Then allow users to buy cards and build their collection over time so that they can tune their own starting decks. Would take some of the frustration of the total randomness of every game away, and give users an incentive to keep trying to ‘slay the spire’

zero stars. this is a cheap shadow of the game on pc. i am playing it on my iPhone 4 ProMax and there are parts where the text is hidden between foreground objects. there isnt an option to preview upgraded versions of cards before choosing them. the navigation between selecting cards and using them can bug out and use your card by accident. whoever was in charge of porting this to iphone did not optimize it for the screen size and left out crucial parts of the game. i loved it on pc and this is not it. i have purchased and played the original version of this game through steam and thoroughly enjoyed it. this is burdensome to play and i wish i could refund it and get my money back. it gave me so much hope fur portable StS fun but let me down so hard in the long run. avoid it if you can help it.

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Language English
Price $9.99
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 2.2.5
Play Store com.humblebundle.slaythespire
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

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The application Slay the Spire was published in the category Games on 13 June 2020, Saturday and was developed by Humble Bundle [Developer ID: 1491530146]. This program file size is 889.04 MB. This app has been rated by 2,441 users and has a rating of 4.1 out of 5. Slay the Spire - Games app posted on 14 September 2023, Thursday current version is 2.2.5 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.humblebundle.slaythespire. Languages supported by the app:

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Slay the Spire Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Bug fixes and Performance Improvements

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