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Can you infect the world? Plague Inc. is a unique mix of high strategy and terrifyingly realistic simulation.

Your pathogen has just infected 'Patient Zero'. Now you must bring about the end of human history by evolving a deadly, global Plague whilst adapting against everything humanity can do to defend itself.

Brilliantly executed with innovative gameplay and built from the ground up for iPhone & iPad, Plague Inc. evolves the strategy genre and pushes mobile gaming (and you) to new levels. It’s You vs. the world - only the strongest can survive!

◈◈◈ #1 top game globally with well over a billion games played ◈◈◈

Plague Inc. is a global hit with almost a million 5 star ratings and features in newspapers such as The Economist, New York Post, Boston Herald, The Guardian and London Metro!

The developer of Plague Inc. was invited to speak at the CDC in Atlanta about the disease models inside the game!

▶ “The game creates a compelling world that engages the public on serious public health topics” – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
▶ “Best Tablet Game” - New York Daily News
▶ “Plague Inc. will snag your attention in all the right ways and keep it there” - Touch Arcade
▶ “No denying Plague Inc.'s high-level of quality” - Modojo
▶ “Plague Inc. should not be as much fun as it is” – London Metro
▶ “Will leave you hoping to destroy the world, all in the name of a bit of fun” – Pocket Lint
▶ “Plague Inc.'s gameplay is infectious” - Slide to Play
▶ Winner – “Overall Game of the Year” – Pocket Gamer
▶ “Killing billions has never been so fun” – IGN


● Stunning retina graphics with a highly polished interface (Contagion guaranteed)
● Highly detailed, hyper-realistic world with advanced AI (Outbreak management)
● Comprehensive in-game help and tutorial system (I am Legendarily helpful)
● 12 different disease types with radically different strategies to master (12 Monkeys?)
● Full Save/Load functionality (28 Saves Later!)
● 50+ countries to infect, hundreds of traits to evolve and thousands of world events to adapt to (Pandemic evolved)
● Full game support for scoreboards and achievements
● Expansion updates add the mind controlling Neurax Worm, the zombie producing Necroa Virus, Speed Runs and real life Scenarios!

Localised in English, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Russian. (more coming soon)

P.S. Give yourself a pat on the back if you got all the themed literature references!

Special sale price to celebrate being one of the most popular paid iPhone games ever!


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Plague Inc. App Description & Overview

The applications Plague Inc. was published in the category Games on 2012-05-26 and was developed by Ndemic Creations. The file size is 106.68 MB. The current version is 1.16.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Plague Inc. Mutation 16 Discovered - The Royal Update
Did you know that Plague Inc. just won a royal award from Her Majesty The Queen? To celebrate winning The Queen’s Enterprise Award for Innovation, we’ve created a huge ‘Royal Update’ stuffed full of exciting new content:
Infectious New Interface
Plague Inc. now looks 816% better! The entire interface has been redesigned and modernised - prepare for visuals so delicious-looking you’ll want to lick your phone.*

New Ultimate Board Games scenario
Make a best-selling board game in this radically different scenario that has nothing to do with disease! Investors have given you two years to design, produce and distribute your very own game - but can you make it a best selling hit?

New Science Denial scenario
People around the world have stopped believing in science, medicine and even diseases. One country decides to offer scientists sanctuary and from here they hope to save humanity from itself!

Also included
New achievements, minor bug fixes and a whole host of custom scenarios

*In the interests of hygiene, please wash your phone both before and after


1.16.1 Hotfix - Fixed some event issues in new scenarios
1.16.2 Hotfix - Fixed some minor errors in translations
1.16.3 Hotfix - Updated Facebook integration

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Plague Inc. Reviews

Nicholas Korajkic

Awesome Game!👍🤗🤗🤗  Nicholas Korajkic  5 star

This an awesome game. I love it and and so do all of my friends. I know this is an old game but for me and a lot of others……it’s still in style!


Auto Mutations  DocYardie  4 star

Auto mutations can really ruin your game. I’m trying to stay low and wait before I kill, then my game evolves my symptoms to become more lethal. I had a steady infection rate in New Zealand but then the game evolved total organ failure and I couldn’t devolve it. It killed everyone and my disease died out. Good game but bad feature.


Play for Hours  cizzlesh  5 star

Addicting and fun strategy game. I like to name my plagues after myself so I get the added gratification of eradicating humanity. I just wish there was an easy restart and triple fast forward button on the map screen if you realize your strategy isn’t going to work. As it is now, I have to save and quit, go back to the main screen, pick my scenario and rename my disease before I can try a new tactic.


Not fair  Jaydizzul  3 star

So, I was playing a game of this and I was winning a cure wasn’t found and everyone was infected and they all died. The game ended and it said that some people survived which makes no sense because everyone died.


Audio not working at all  FUniversity  2 star

A big part of this games atmosphere is it’s soundtracks

Captain Kelp Butt

1 star for nagging me to rate the app  Captain Kelp Butt  1 star

App is awesome, seriously a great game. 1 star for nagging me to rate.


iPhoneX  RicGA  3 star

I can’t close the app or toggle back to home screen on my iPhone X.


Great but updates are slow  Hag39503  5 star

It is a great game but it could use more updates and dev made scenarios, and yes I know these take a lot of time but still


Nintendo Switch  O'Rahe  5 star

This game is absolutely brilliant. I’ve been playing it since it came out for iPhone a few years back and it keeps getting better and better. It would be awesome if the developers would release a physical copy of the game for Nintendo Switch plus other hand held consoles.


It could be a little easier  Dylan5647  3 star

It’s a fun game but just as you think you have almost killed everyone it says you have been defeated.

CAB is a CNA

Tons of fun  CAB is a CNA  5 star

A friend first introduced me to this game a couple years ago. I think I played it constantly! I still play it occasionally and still find it to be a great stress relief. I also used it as a game for my nieces and nephews to play when they were bored and each of them has it on their phones now too.

Dee wideman

Great game  Dee wideman  5 star

I love this game it would be cool if there was a mode to stop the plague instead of make it.

Reet O

Amazing!  Reet O  5 star

Amazing mechanics and gameplay!

nowolf noram reallyalpha

Unplayable  nowolf noram reallyalpha  1 star

I’m not sure what happened to the app but on my iPhone 8 on current iOS the game just opens and crashes every time


Great game terrible sound  Uuhhhgfdrr  3 star

It has a awful terrible ringing high pitched sound that comes on and off. Honestly I can’t emphasis enough how terrible the sound is. So I play without sound but I would like to have the sound for the bubbles. Please remove the ringing. The rest of the game is still good


My opinion  K-banana  5 star

There should be a feature where, the more population you kill or weaken, the more bottles break (in the menu of each country), lowering the research budget and government strength

Disappointed Buyer 577

Horrible  Disappointed Buyer 577  1 star

Worst game ever! It’s too hard! I spent more than an hour infecting everyone and in a split second the cure is at 100%. I don’t like this game nor recommend it!


Difficult but fun  GirlWarrior06  5 star

This game is so fun fun and it takes a lot of skill and strategy. Even on the easiest mode, it is hard to kill the entire population because the cure works faster than the disease. It make me think of if this were to actually happen in real life. I love this game, and I can’t wait to to see what happens with it.


Needs Multiplayer  90807437  4 star

It is very fun to play and I would advise getting it but the developers should add in multiplayer like they have on P.C


Review  TheBitman  3 star

Crashes a lot for me but when it doesn’t it’s a fun game.

plauge inc. fan

Love this  plauge inc. fan  5 star

I really love this game! I don’t play it all the time, but it is a perfect no WiFi game!


Gothamfan  sharkman42  5 star



Love the game  Girsh18  5 star

The game is absolutely brilliant, been playing constantly since this hit the App Store, my only issue is when an island nation closes ports, airports and borders you basically lost the game as there’s no way to jump that closure, can we add fish to contaminated species like it’s listed for necroa virus or have the water contamination slowly contaminated sea water with it displaying on the ocean in read the level of spread, also I’m happy brexit is featured but if you could make it clearer as to how it impacts game play I would be much happier. This is all the issues I have after months and months of play!


Well done 👍  Leetrony  5 star

I give this game a 5/5 because it’s a really fun strategy game when your bored or want to play a fun challenging game!


Good game  Sharki301  5 star

Da best game Eva


Fun  afrodox  4 star

I think I'm evil


Awesome  Ruan943  5 star

This game is awesome!

Richdude ;-)

Soooo worth the mony  Richdude ;-)  5 star

This game is so good that I stopped playing minecraft or Terraria for three months. Infact this is the first game that i played every day for three months solid. It was only when my mom told me that I should play out side when I stopped playing the game so frequently. But i still play the game 6 out of 7 days a week


Won't download  Neotrad  1 star

Every time I try to download this game it says "can not download at this time" on both my iPad and iphone


Plague Inc.  Sockpot21  5 star

The best game I've ever donwloaded. EVER.

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