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What is plague inc. app? Can you infect the world? Plague Inc. is a unique mix of high strategy and terrifyingly realistic simulation.

Your pathogen has just infected 'Patient Zero'. Now you must bring about the end of human history by evolving a deadly, global Plague whilst adapting against everything humanity can do to defend itself.

Brilliantly executed with innovative gameplay and built from the ground up for iPhone & iPad, Plague Inc. evolves the strategy genre and pushes mobile gaming (and you) to new levels. It’s You vs. the world - only the strongest can survive!

◈◈◈ #1 top game globally with well over a billion games played ◈◈◈

Plague Inc. is a global hit with over a million 5 star ratings and features in newspapers such as The Economist, New York Post, Boston Herald, The Guardian and London Metro!

The developer of Plague Inc. was invited to speak at the CDC in Atlanta about the disease models inside the game!

▶ “The game creates a compelling world that engages the public on serious public health topics” – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
▶ "Plague Inc: The Cure encapsulates the complexities of a global pandemic response and highlights how crucial international collaboration is needed to address such a threat.” – Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations
▶ “Best Tablet Game” - New York Daily News
▶ “Plague Inc. will snag your attention in all the right ways and keep it there” - Touch Arcade
▶ “No denying Plague Inc.'s high-level of quality” - Modojo
▶ “Plague Inc. should not be as much fun as it is” – London Metro
▶ “Will leave you hoping to destroy the world, all in the name of a bit of fun” – Pocket Lint
▶ “Plague Inc.'s gameplay is infectious” - Slide to Play
▶ Winner – “Overall Game of the Year” – Pocket Gamer
▶ “Killing billions has never been so fun” – IGN


● Stunning retina graphics with a highly polished interface (Contagion guaranteed)
● Highly detailed, hyper-realistic world with advanced AI (Outbreak management)
● Comprehensive in-game help and tutorial system (I am Legendarily helpful)
● 12 different disease types with radically different strategies to master (12 Monkeys?)
● Full Save/Load functionality (28 Saves Later!)
● 50+ countries to infect, hundreds of traits to evolve and thousands of world events to adapt to (Pandemic evolved)
● Full game support for scoreboards and achievements
● Expansion updates add the mind controlling Neurax Worm, the zombie producing Necroa Virus, Speed Runs and real life Scenarios!

Localised in English, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Russian. (more coming soon)

P.S. Give yourself a pat on the back if you got all the themed literature references!

Special sale price to celebrate being one of the most popular paid iPhone games ever!


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Plague Inc. Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Plague Inc. Version 1.19.205 July 2022

Plague Inc. 1.19 - Frozen Virus Out Now! Save the world from a novel virus emerging from the melting permafrost! New Special Pandemic for Plague Inc: The Cure. Race to analyse an unknown disease. Adapt to the new threat with new initiatives, abilities and tactics. Discover the mystery of the Frozen Virus' origins, with multiple endings! Play Plague Inc: The Cure! Take control and stop a deadly global pandemic by any means necessary. Allocate resources to boost testing capacity, make facemasks compulsory, lock down countries or investigate experimental treatments in Plague Inc.’s biggest expansion ever!.

Plague Inc. Comments & Reviews 2023

- Fabulous, and a Huge Bang For Your Buck

This game is genuinely so well done. I grew up playing the flash game Pandemic 2, and once I heard my boyfriend talking about this game a little while ago, I was stoked. It really does make you think and formulate strategies specific to each disease and difficulty, which I absolutely love. If one thing worked every single time, it wouldn’t be much fun, would it? What’s supposed to be easy is easy, and what’s meant to be a challenge does not disappoint. Also love the addition of the special diseases (neurax worm, zombie plague, planet of the apes, vampires), and how you can unlock them without spending any extra money (so long as you have a little dedication and patience). I managed to unlock all four within a matter of days, and they’re stupid fun. Most negative reviews, I’ve noticed, are coming from people who complain about it being “too difficult,” but I promise you, everything can be done. Easily? No. But nothing in this game is impossible to achieve. (Don’t forget about online guides if you really are finding yourself in a pickle!) Bottom line is that this game is fantastic, and for only a dollar for the mobile version, I’m not quite sure what more you could ask for.

- Love destroying humanity

I love this game and its really fun to make α disease and kill everyone but I'm confused on why make the scenario creator α different app, why not make it an in game purchase and have a section for itself in the main game. I don't like how some of these diseases are too hard, especially nano-virus i think it's way too hard, I can beat other ones on brutal and sometimes mega brutal but i cant seem to beat nano-virus on normal, please make it easier. Now onto the cheats, i understand that you need to beat the game on the hardest difficulty but what i don’t understand is how you can get extremely op cheats by beating the game on the second hardest difficulty which is brutal and the cheats you get from those are more op than the cheats you get from beating the entire game on mega brutal, it makes no sense. On to the pre made scenarios. I don’t get how you need to pay for some of the scenarios you should make it so you can unlock them. Special diseases. I really like how you made a special disease for α movie and all the rest are amazing, this game is overall amazing.

- Relieving

Soooooooo yeah, I’m back. I was here about a year ago and gave this a 3 star and said that to do stuff in the game you have to pay in addition to the price of the game. I was wrong. You have to beat everything on normal and then the specials on brutal. My one concern is the shadow plague. Without the 3rd tier blood thing (the one that raises combat ability) you cannot fight ANYTHING. Even the labs will half kill you. Just saying that this might need a tiny redesign. Second, I cannot for the life of me (without cheats) complete Black Death (or whatever it’s called) scenario. I’ve tried with cheats to get the strat but seriously, without cheats it’s like trying to do shadow plague on mega brutal on first try. Either I don’t get something or I’m bad or it’s impossible. It’s most likely the first as I’ve completed everything on mega brutal except it. I also have a quick suggestion: multiplayer. You’ve already created both things for it: the cure mode and the plague mode. Have a multiplayer where one person tries to infect the world while the other person tries to stop them. Amazing game, keep it up

- Great game overall

I love the game, it’s super fun to play. However, I’ve noticed that there’s a bug in the smallpox scenario, or at least I think it’s a bug. No matter what you do or where you start, after the plague infects a few hundred or a few thousand people in your starting country, it immediately stops infecting people. Sometimes it will spread to other countries, but in those countries it also very quickly stops infecting people, making the scenario end very quickly because the plague kills everyone and doesn’t infect anyone more. In a recent smallpox scenario, I started in Egypt and it infected like 10,000 people, more than usual. Then it stopped infecting people and eventually no one was infected in Egypt, the 10,000 were all dead. It spread to a bunch of other countries in Africa and infected a few people in those countries, but then stopped infecting. It even spread by plane to the USA and like 20 people got infected, and it immediately went down to 0 because everyone got killed and no one else got infected. Besides this one issue I’ve confronted, the game is super fun to play.

- Amazing, inspiring and passion outputting

I love epidemiology and your game serves as an output for that love. It is amazing to get to slow the spread of viruses and created real life disease scenarios. There is nothing wrong in the game apart from one bug, and that is when a natural disaster hits a country, any new infected people will just get killed off. For example, I started a disease in the United States portraying and H5N1 scenario, and sometime while it was spreading solely in the country of origin Mexico was hit by a tsunami, and 539 people died. When I later infected Mexico via land from the United States, all 7 of the new infections in Mexico died, and the only lethal symptom I had was fever, so not enough to kill all 7 right away. Also, I would love if you made a hyper realistic main game mode where you take incubation periods into account. So people could get over the disease, and have breakthrough infections as well, that would be fun. Alas, I love this game more than I probably should, thank you NDemic Creations!

- Confused I guess

I love playing this game. I could spend a lot of hours playing this game. I am a person who likes to try and beat all the levels. Sooo. When playing bacteria on brutal. I’ve notice it’s difficult spreading the infection which is fine except whenever it starts going pretty fast the cure is already between 25 and 50%. So I figured I should try to kill them a little bit faster. But there’s always 1 country left that has healthy people, even if I fully get all the transmissions. It’s still so slow to spread even if you get cold or warm abilities to help it. I always loose. I even looked up ways to beat it and I still can’t. I’m too a point with it where this gam seems rigged and I no longer want to play. I’ve tried about every country to start the plaque in and I always loose. Also whenever I start the plague in the US it always freeze or crash!! I just feel like how long this game has been put it would be a little easier to play without these problems. I could understand making a level more challenging but no matter what I do there’s just no way of beating it!

- I’m disappointed

This game is very fun when it works right. I started off on the easy difficulty and managed to win after one or two tries and then moved on to normal mode in which I have spent the past 3 and a half hours trying to beat and have not been successful. The jump in difficulty from easy to normal can only be described as braindead. There was one round where I managed to get the entire world infected without my disease being noticed (I did this by devolving every symptom when it came). As soon as I started adding symptoms, within 5 minutes the country was halfway to a cure and I couldn’t produce enough dna to make symptoms that would kill off the population, because once you have a bunch of people infected the game decides that you don’t need to earn dna points anymore for whatever reason. I went online looking up ways to beat it just for my own satisfaction of having the level beat but not one of them worked either. I remember playing this game when it came out and having a lot of fun but now there’s just a bad taste in my mouth and I can’t stand the thought of turning it on again because I know it will only frustrate me to no end as I hopelessly try to beat the normal difficulty knowing that I will not succeed.

- Awesome Game!!!

This is a great game! It’s all about strategy. Here’s a strategy for Normal mode on the bacteria plague type. Start in China. First, save your DNA points until you have 20 or more. Then, buy drug resistance 1, bacterial resilience 1, and if you have enough left, buy water transmission 1. Next, save 50 DNA Points up. Then, complete the bacterial resilience tree, buy bacterial resilience 2 and 3. Next, save your points up to 60. Then, buy Water 2, air 1, air 2, and whatever water and air come together to make, i can’t remember what it’s called. If any symptoms mutate, devolve them immediately. This is good because your plague will infect the world faster because nobody will notice it and nobody will shut down ships, airplanes, or land borders, making it easier to spread country to country, continent to continent. Doctors will most likely only notice once a good portion of the world’s population is already dead. I tried this myself. Trust me, it works.

- Good Game

The game is very addictive and absolutely a ton of fun. I’ve spent days playing it and going through all the different difficulties the game has to offer and even bought a couple of the dlc desease types. My only smaller complaint (why I have 4 stars) is one I can understand but still bumps me out. The pc version has a couple more things than this version. And I can totally understand that it takes a while for the updated to be brought into mobile, I would still love to see the multiplayer option in the game. I can’t stress enough how many times I’ve wanted to play the game with a friend since they’re also a fan of this game. In all this is a very great game, worth the money but keeping in mind it isn’t a game everybody will find exciting. But it is really fun and I recommend checking the game out. I would love to know if a multiplayer option is ever to be released for the game, it really bumps me out not to see one and it would really add replay value if one was added. Once that is added I’ll give my five stars instantly!

- I’ve had fun destroying mankind

It has been fun, and I like that you do have to ‘win’ at different levels in order to open more advanced buggies. I am a bit miffed that I bought the lab pack and can’t seem to use the bug I created myself. I would also like to see the ability to adjust human behavior to counter “rich” countries having the advantages of medicine and facilities. Please, there are societies out there that are some of the poorest in the world, but the healthiest on this globe. Plus, as we have seen over the last few months, just because you have money doesn’t mean your stupidity stops (idiots on the beach in Florida in March as thousands die from the pandemic, or people insisting getting their hair and nails done is far more important than staying home. A bioterrorist attack would not ALWAYS be an “escaped” or “stolen”, perhaps it was a mad scientist that is slowly releasing it wanting to infect as many as possible unknowingly for as long as possible, what, too easy to kill off the dumb humans?

- Needs more Realism!

This game is fun and a great way to pass the time while your bored or there’s nothing better to do. I enjoy the use of strategy and thinking you have to put into this game, but I would enjoy A LOT more if it was more realistic. First of all, countries of limited amount money and are somehow able to up the cure in a matter of days? I find that ridiculous. Another thing that annoys me is somehow a little cough or sneeze leads to research. In real life people would assume it’s just allergies and not go straight to the lab and find a cure. Even when it’s severe and is able to withstand almost anything possible that doesn’t slow the cure at all. I mean maybe by a day but their able to bounce back pretty quickly. I don’t enjoy how quick it is for them to cure the entire world so fast. Another flaw is that in real life we only have limited amount of resources. In the game somehow they have all the resources to ever exist. This game is fun but I would enjoy it more if it had a more realistic touch to it than it does in reality.

- Liked the game - the payment disappointed me

I liked the game but the payment disappointed me. For example when I click play scenario “everyone created equal” i read the description and thought “this is gonna be awesome”, they asked me if i wanted to play on bacteria or virus or spores etc... I chose and entered the game. There is nothing. I thought id see pop up signs like “in this world everyone is created equal and support is being sent to 3rd world nations in case of a pandemic” or pop up signs would appear where people protect a poor country. But its worse than original games. I then tried “pirate plague” where less boats and planes are travelling because of pirate piracy. I expected “pirates are looting this area and as a result traveled is reduced” and other pop up signs that really make the game feel unique. But it feels like it was abandoned and I didnt expect that for a game that was so great for 1$. Im criticizing the scenario pack, i dont think ill buy scenario creator after this PS. The random “covid 19 “message that appears during game causes stress .

- Latest update

I want to start off by saying I love this game. I always have. And I've never really had issues with anything. I'm not saying they messed things up badly or anything, they probably did this on accident. Since the last update the other day, it won't show if a stat will decrease when you evolve or devolve. It still shows how much it increases, but it won't show if something will decrease a stat. While it's not a huge problem, it can kinda mess you up sometimes. Another tiny bug is that sometimes, the map bugs out and keeps trying to zoom in or out automatically and you can't select a country. The 2nd bug is fixed by reopening the game. Again, I'm pretty sure they accidentally turned off something when they were updating and forgot they did. Other than that, it's perfect. I hope you see this so you know about it for later!👍

- Welcome by reading this text you have been infected with a new pathogen

Amazing! However they say it’s a realistic example but its not. There is unlimited funding and somehow they know it’s a new disease just because nausea is a symptom even on casual it seems that a checkup involves blood work or something also the scientists find a cure way too fast hiv hasn’t been cured yet but it’s been around for 40 something years they can cure any . disease in like 2-4 years it also doesn’t consider malaria and other deaths it’s like everybody stops dying and giving birth when your disease has started. Then people start dying again once your disease becomes lethal. The world has unlimited money and one time only 200 people were still alive and somehow that number could cure my disease. Definitely worth the 99 cents it cost but I hate the In app purchases it still gives me an add for unlocking all the plague types when I already unlocked all them by playing the game

- Perfect

That’s all it is. It’s set up well, it fits in with what’s going on in 2020, and it shows people lots of countries, there statuses, why there at the status, and the add On’s, Oh My god the add ons. I am now addicted to the Necora Virus add on. And the fake news? I choose the purpose as “trolling” every time. I see the most recent complaints are about the newest update, cure mode. To all those people who think it’s a lie machine or whatever, then just don’t do that mode. It’s another reason why plague inc. is great! You can choose the infection mode or main mode instead. Stop being stubborn and focusing on ONE bad thing, and criticizing the whole game. Give it a lower review, sure, maybe a 3 star, but cure mode isn’t even the main mode to plague inc. if you don’t like it at all, why even bother to download it. Overall it’s the best game I have played in a while. Keep up the good work Ndemic Creations!

- It’s good but...

The game is good. It’s addicting, but one thing is wrong. I play normal mode to unlock the new virus, keep in mind I’m on the first virus 🦠. Normal mode is not normal. It is extremely hard mode. It is impossible to get people to die, but infecting the whole world? Oh it’s a piece of cake! When iCure becomes successful the cure process becomes way faster. I HAD THREE STRAINS AND BOTH DRUG RESISTANT AND THE OTHER ONE TOO (I forgot what it was called) EVEN WHEN THE CURE HITS 50% IT STARTS TO SPEED UP THE PROCESS OF THE CURE! all I’m asking is, making normal actually normal, get rid of iCure, and slow down the process of the cure and let people actually get to the second virus. And also make upgrades less expensive. That’s a flaw too. I be trying to upgrade near the death of man kind as we know it, and when the whole freaking world is infected, I don’t get DNA 🧬, which means I can’t upgrade, which means the cure is made, which means I lose, and when I come so close and lose, so many freakin times, I get mad. I want to move on bro, is that too much to ask?

- Great game!

I want to start by saying that this is a great game. It’s really fun, and it’s definitely worth getting. There are two points that I’m seeing about the game that I want to defend: 1) It’s too expensive. I’m seeing a lot of people saying that it’s too hard to get all of the modes, but that’s the challenge. That’s a bit of motivation for playing the game. The only thing that you really have to buy in the app it the scenarios, which is a huge expansion. All together, that’s only about 4 dollars, and I’ve been playing this game a lot and enjoying it a lot. Definitely worth it. 2) It’s unrealistic. What do you expect? It’s a game. If you, the disease, can mutate lots of abilities and transmissions and other stuff, and basically had endless resource, it’s only fair that the cure has lots of unrealistic funding. Otherwise, the game would be too easy. This is really long. Basically: I love the game.

- Despite price, BEST GAME EVER!!!!!

Ok, so, let’s compare Plague Inc. and Rebel Inc. They were made by the same person, and, well, let’s just say, they’re different. For example, In Plague Inc. it’s a challenging and fun game especially on Casual and Normal. All you do is evolve a disease and kill the entire world. That’s easy! I mean, who cares about the price for the game? Also, what makes it better is that the texture and design is extremely realistic. Like, it shows a map of the whole entire real world. Now, with Rebel Inc. it is way too overrated, first of all, who pays $1.99 for a simple insurgency simulation app?! Second of all, the game is way to hard and fun, Not only that, but, it’s a total pay to win game. That doesn’t make the game more fun, it makes it worse. Now, it was nice talking to you, you need to improve on your other game, Rebel Inc. but with Plague Inc. it’s the good deal! Bye bye!

- Good

All and all I’m a big fan of this game and I’ve spent hours and money on this game and I can say it’s great but one issue is all the dlcs and expansions seem expensive I know y’all need money but 10$ for some cheats!?! Way to expensive and when I bought the custom scenarios expansion I thought hey this seems neat I want to play all of these then I saw that to get more save slots and more daily downloads (which you start with 2) you have to pay like 4$ or something I forgot but it’s quite expensive for kids who would probably play this game so if you can pay a price it’s very good but it is a bit of a cash grab if you ask me however, your other title rebel inc is great and is less of a cash grab and I really do encourage you check it out but honestly lower the prices or make us pay it all up front instead of a lot of dlcs *sighs* you’ll probably not care though anyways goodbye I guess?

- This game is poggers

This game is great. It’s amazing for when you’re bored and want a challenge, or to play with your friends and try to kill/cure the world. It really is worth the small amount to pay for it if you like strategy games. Me and my brother both got this game and we love it. There are different modes of playing and even different scenarios or types of diseases that you can play with that are so cool. My personal favorite is the vampire disease, it has a cool option of making bats a factor in your disease lol. But overall really great game and you choice definitely get it, you won’t regret it at all :) one thing that I would like to see in the game is an o line feature where you could battle other people and try to cure their disease or kill the world while they try and cure it In real time. But yeah, poggers game guys

- Consistency would be nice

The games fun and it’s a dollar, as one of the top reviews states. The tutorial tells you how to accrue biopoints or whatever they’re called by infecting and deaths the only problem is the game isn’t consistent. I kept devolving my virus so that it wasn’t detected and infected pretty close to the entire population so according to the tutorial I still should have been accruing those biopoints right? Well the points stopped coming but I was banking the points I was getting, up to the point it stopped and made it lethal the tutorial also says deaths accrue bio points too well again not accurate. Spent all my points the death toll SKYROCKETED no points so I have a pretty susceptible bacteria. I was counting on the points I SHOULD have gotten from the death toll but I didn’t get any except from the yellow bubbles which was not even close to enough to evolve ANYTHING and the cure was made in like a month in game time and the game was over. I would suggest making your game according to your tutorial. And it would be great! Until then it’s okay.

- An all time favorite

I’ve had this game downloaded on multiple accounts over multiple devices since it first was released. This game is an all time favorite of mine. I can go months without playing it, and then jump right back into it and get drawn into the gameplay and challenge of it all over again. It has great replayability, and I’ve heard the board game is equally as fun. My only complaint is the amount of in-app purchases. While many things can be unlocked during gameplay, they tend to be ridiculously hard. The prices for certain extras should be lowered or grouped together. As someone else pointed out, with the money you’d spend getting the game and all expansions, you could’ve bought a higher quality PC/console game with more in it. TLDR; all time favorite game, wish the in-app purchases weren’t how they are.

- Good but could be better

I like the game. It takes strategy, passes time well, fairly in depth. I like the premise, but it’s kind of unrealistic. You can try to progress your disease to be aggressive, but people die off too quickly. Sometimes it’s easy to infect other countries but somehow some of the smaller can go un-affected. Once the disease progresses and more countries get infected, anytime you upgrade the transmission, countries and regions automatically counter it somehow, even the more poor areas of the world. Also it seems like the abilities to increase effectiveness of your disease in wealthy countries and to slow down cure research and make it harder to cure do nothing. I had the drug resistance 1-2, genetic hardening 1-2 and genetic reshuffle1-3, but somehow there was a cure for my disease in 2 1/2-3 years, without even severe symptoms. That’s just on normal difficulty, i cant imagine brutal or mega brutal difficulty. I love the game but maybe tweak it just a little to make it a bit more realistic.

- New game mode isn’t explained well

So they recently added a new game mode called “The Cure”. The problem is the tutorial for this new game mode doesn’t actually explain its new features all that well and pretty much PLAYS ITSELF which as both a gamer and somebody who learns better by doing than by being told, it’s more annoying than helpful. It also makes it confusing when going to play the mode because none of it comes off as all that well explained. What do any of these new things do? Why is authority important to cure disease? All it seems like is some arbitrary hp meter to give a game over. I get that this is a game, but in the updates (at least via steam; I also own a copy of the game on PC and this update isn’t on there yet) it sounded like this was going more realistic due to them working with real world organizations, but I guess not. In reality this stuff is handled differently by each country, which is hard to get across by game mechanics I guess 😕 I lost my past progress, anyway, since I deleted this version and it doesn’t seem to keep saves.

- Just one issue for me

I love the game and I recently became hooked again and I’m beginning to notice a common occurrence, My disease is killed off due to random mutations. I don’t mind the mutations it’s that I wish they didn’t cost so much to devolve. I know you have a gene that makes devolve costs not as much but could they in some modes/difficulties have no cost and no reward for the random mutations. Keep the cost for devolving symptoms/transmissions/abilities to cost DNA points. I find myself to have just bought an upgrade early game and bam, a symptom mutates and cost 7+ dna points to devolve and my disease gets spotted. Other than that I love all the games you make (Plague Inc. and Rebel Inc.) and think that people should at least look into your games. If this does not change I will not be very bothered because I still love the game it’s just a recommendation from me.

- Amazing! But Expensive.

Plague Inc. is an AMAZING game, I think they should continue updating it. Although I think it’s a little bit expensive, first I have to pay $1.99, which isn’t a lot but I feel like cure mode should be free again. I’m really happy that it let us play it one last time before we had to pay, but that still isn’t enough. What I think you (the developers) should do is make the game free but having to pay for cure mode and the other expansion packs and scenarios, but for people who had already purchased the game should have cure mode already unlocked. They would be awesome. I have another suggestion though, you (the developers) should make an account system and an multiplayer mode where someone is playing as the cure and the other person is the plague. That would honestly make the game so much better.

- Good

I too used to think this was too hard to beat but when I really thought about each microorganism & how they spread usually in real life I added it to this game. Also 2 biggest tips for any one is 1) to start the infection in either Greenland or Madagascar. 2) always try & infect every country & human before buying any symptoms because then they’ll start the cure. And once every human is infected if you have a decent amount of dna points then you want to buy the most symptoms you can particularly the more fatal ones to wipe out the humans before they develop a cure. But if you’re using parasite they’ll find out about the disease quite early despite not buying any symptoms and work towards a cure. At that point you should just still focus on spreading the virus by buying transmission and all the genetic reshuffles etc to slow down the cure & THEN once everyone has it then buy the fatal symptoms

- Very fun, but somewhat boring

My friend got me into this game when we were on vacation. This was last year in like June or July. I eventually got all the DLC packs but they didn’t save when I got a new device to play it on and that was sad. I love the cure mode, super fun but it’s rather easy. Normally on normal you just spam quarantine and economic easing, then cure and your good, might have to add some more but yeah. Cure is super fun, but I think it’s stupid if it becomes a DLC. What would be fun though is cure mode for DLCs, like curing zombies or vampires or apes. That would be fun... and the game can be completed f2p it’s just super hard. If you don’t have patience don’t play this game. This game is strategy and patience, like chess. Suddenly it’s check, and then two moves later you win from checkmate. You have to bide your time... the time speed up option is nice as well.

- Shall we play a game?

Well lemme tell you guys a story. My sister bought me this game + all the in-app purchases last February but I never got around to playing it until about this past December. So there I was, sitting there, drinking a beer, and I decided to give it a go. I launch the app and a lovely little screen pops up and says “Shall we play a game?” Of course I’m like “well I’d love to” and then it’s like asking me all the questions about naming my disease and being the smartass I am decided to name it after my beer. Well I fell asleep that night and never finished the game but today I launch it and whatdaya know, I’m conquering the world but my death rate’s only 3%. In any case, 10/10 for immersion! I’m hoping to get around to finish it soon, I think I have to kill the world to win... wish me luck!

- Good Game, But Could Use Updates

If your a beginner at this game and you have no clue on how to beat brutal or mega brutal it becomes pay- to win. I am quite new to this and only re-installed it 2 weeks ago. This game doesn't need Wifi or internet so if you're looking for a good game without internet, this might be for you. If you have beat Mega Brutal then you are a genius at strategy. By the way if you want to beat the game easily with a basic plague type than use the virus plague. I currently have every plague type in the game and if you want a cool plague type and you like zombies get the Necora Virus. This game is the best I have played. If you like Planet of the apes then get the Simian Flu and if you like brain worms then get the Nurax Worm. If you like Creepy vampires then get the Shadow plague. This game needs more plagues so please add some! All and all this game is epic!

- Great Strategic game

I’ve been playing this game for nearly 10 years. While other games have been down loaded and then deleted from my phone -Plague, Inc Is the only game that I’ve never stopped playing or deleted due to boredom. It is challenging and thought provoking. It’s a game I don’t mind losing, especially if I accomplish my own goals. I will play the game to see if I can take out one area of the map without doing much damage to another. I can’t praise this game enough. It’s the only game that I have never been required to pay any money to continue playing. It has been free for as long as I’ve been playing. Don’t know if any other game that can make that same claim. You can control the speed of game play, pause games and save them for later. It’s an all around excellent game. Love it.

- A lot of fun, but some major errors that should be fixed

This is a great simulation. But as something that aspires to be realistic, there are a few irksome details that should be fixed. First off, no country in the modern world can stop animals and insects from passing across its borders. Completely impossible. Ask any biologist. Islands like New Zealand, Madagascar and Iceland are well within the range of birds. The idea that these countries would be completely immune to disease right next to them is completely unrealistic, as is the idea that any country could just ‘eliminate birds!’ Really?! Every since one of the millions? Good luck with that- modern armies can’t even eliminate 100% of humans in a given region, certainly not all animals without killing themselves in the process. Secondly, cures don’t roll out to hundreds of millions of people Ina a matter of days- it’s more like months and years! If a team of doctors in Canada find a cure, no, the entire continent of Africa is not going to get that cure in a week. They’d be lucky to administer it in a year! And when 99% of Canada’s population is dead, where are they finding the resources to cure even a handful of people? Then minor things- like I understand not all ports are shown, but no commence btwn LA and the Pacific Rim? Hello, it’s probably the largest single commercial route in the world!

- Fun Game with a MAJOR issue

This game is extremely fun. You get to play at your own pace and experience a fun time. But there are a few things that people may not like. Paying money to play. Having a ton on in app purchases. And the game being ‘hard.’ In reality, yes it’s hard but working at it will make it better. But now for the one issue that pisses me off the most. This game does not do what it says. I accidentally made a purchase to buy all the variants of diseases bacteria, virus, spore, etc. And I did some digging and found out how to restore the purchase. I followed the directions and found the ‘Restore Purchases’ button only to find that it doesn’t work. This game doesn’t allow you to restore a purchase. I didn’t play after I accidentally bought the pass. So I don’t know why it isn’t working. Please update this because that $2.99 could be spent somewhere better.

- Gets Repitive

The game is fine, but it gets really repetitive, as you’ll mainly just go for the same strategies, and same difficulty(ies). If the game gets boring, then mix it up a little, I recommend playing in Mega Brutal, and you might be asking: “Woah! Why recommend the hardest difficulty?” Because as said literally 5 seconds ago, the game gets repetitive, even in Brutal. Playing in Mega Brutal gives you that adrenaline boost, the wave of relief when you finally beat a disease type despite potentially dozens upon dozens of attempts. Start off with Neurax Worm, (that is if you’ve unlocked all the disease types) and end off with Fungus. Aside from the constant COVID-19 jokes it’s an okay plague simulator. What I wanna know is why there isn’t multiplayer in neither Mobile, PS4, Xbox, or the Switch ports, it’s PC only, and there’s only Custom Scenarios.. strange, don’t you think?

- Sick fun! Love it!

I’m a bug that destroys the world! Really clever and lots of fun. From casual to mega-brutal difficulties, you can choose how you want to play. I’ve been enjoying this game for free for over a year! If you have patience & some skill, you can earn the DNA and don’t have to pay anything for that part. I decided it was totally worth it to purchase the additional scenarios and unlock some extra DNA sequences. A few things I’d like to see in an update: 1. More spaces to name my bug, as I like to add the date & difficulty I played at (alternately, just add this info to the ‘high score’ section). 2. I don’t really care about recording the score on games I didn’t win. 3. During game play, I’d like to be able to reference which pre-game selections I chose (perhaps on the disease tab). Many thanks to the developer. Love it!

- Really good game but one suggestion

I love this game and I believe it is incredibly well made, although there has not been a major update made in an incredibly long time and having beaten most of the diseases on mega-brutal I also have not played it in the same length of time. If I might make a suggestion I think that a multiplayer feature would give me and others a reason to start playing again. An example of how this could work is maybe one player controls the disease and the other controls the countries attempting to cure it. Or maybe it can just work similarly to the board game where each player controls a different disease and compete against each other to be the first to infect the world. Still rating five stars however just because I love this game

- Great game

Love the game, all the different scenarios are so entertaining! To get the extra things you will have to pay money unless you are some expert who can win on brutal mode, though it is definitely possible it takes awhile. Also note to editors, USA should have more then two docks/airports, it’s like the richest country in the world and has a huge population, and come on, Australia has three and Iceland has two. The vampire stage scenario is awesome and you can figure it out pretty quick, I wasted my free trial on the simian flu because I got super confused on whether or not I was supposed to help the gorillas or kill everyone. I like how this game is hard, but if you put a little time and effort into it you won’t have to cheat to win, I got to nano-virus like a day after buying it.

- Necroa flaw

When playing Necroa (which is a paid upgrade) I cannot move zombie hordes while also popping zombie bubbles! The bug/glitch is that when you click on the “horde” option it opens the “info” screen instead of allowing you to place the horde in a country. SUPER ANNOYING!! I’ve spent the entire day trying to figure out winning combos & strategies only to get most of the way there (even following directions I found online for BRUTAL mode on normal mode) and CANNOT win because of the glitch!! I’m super frustrated like why is that even on the same menu bar as the directive?! Will be deleting the app soon if this stupid “info” option isn’t removed from the move horde menu bar! Other than that... the game is super duper fun and I’ve quite enjoyed destroying humanity through various bio hazards 😉 Love that it takes strategic thinking but I wish the Necroa wasn’t so hard to beat... makes it not very fun!

- How to contact the developers???

I absolutely love this game. I’ve had it for a while now and it’s my favorite game to play on car rides and other long trips. In fact, I loved it so much that I bought the option to unlock all scenarios a little while back. However, I had to delete the game for a couple months when I was low on space, and when I downloaded it again I had lost access to those scenarios. I’m confused why this happened, I would think that since I still owned the game (it just wasn’t on my phone) any purchases I made should be upheld. I don’t want to pay for it again, but I loved the scenarios and would like to continue playing them. I can’t seem to find a way to contact anyone to solve this issue so if anyone has a way to help me either contact someone or solve the problem please let me know!

- One of the best games on iOS

Who hasn't dreamed of taking over the world? Well. This isn't exactly that but destroying it is the next best thing. It's hard at first and then it gets even more difficult over time, and I bet you'll love every moment of it. The one thing I wish it had was a single button I could press to simply buy everything. But don't worry, everything in the game can be unlocked as you play. I just didn't want to beat everything else to play as a nano-virus. The display UI is as simple to master as the concept of the game itself. The graphics allow for understanding of the spread while the "news real" hands out just enough detail to keep you entertained without having to show just how horrific it is. The only issue with the graphics for me is that the world doesn't turn black as the disease kills the world. It just kind of darkens a bit. I want it black! First, burn it red with infection and then burn it black with death! But meh. That little nitpick isn't enough to keep me away. So give this a go for those days when you just want the world to end in new and imaginative ways each more horrifying than the last.

- Good but..

I really love this game and I made it all the way up to prion but then I was stuck I even tried looking up ways to beat I was getting quite bored with the game and really wanted to play to play the special diseases and wanted to try out all the scenarios and the custom ones so I got the plague pack but I was little upset I thought it was going to include the scenario creator and also I wish you would be able to download as many custom scenarios as you would like but I understand how expensive it can be so I’m fine with that but I spend the exact money on a new vr game which is a lot more fun and just an awesome experience kind of weird example but works it’s kind of a big investment to get everything you need but overall it’s quite a fun game I’m happy with buying the $1 game not quite with the $13 plague pack

- Trying... stay tuned for proper (post-play) review

I got this based on the 4.8 rating and although I have yet to actually play it, I already know I’m gonna love it. As somewhat of a cynical misanthrope (though I am not sure that quite describes me accurately...), there’s no greater thrill for me than watching the world burn! Follow up: I was right. Literally the only flaw I could find in this game (and the reason I didn’t give it 5 stars) is that, if you update the game and then try to load old saves, there’s a chance it will bug out and you won’t be able to do stuff like unlock abilities on the old save. Currently trying to troubleshoot this with the developer because I don’t want to lose a game I started several months ago and didn’t finish. Other than that it’s great!

- This game is AWESOME!!!

This game definitely needs at least a 3 star rating because, even though it isn’t realistic, it’s updates lately have really made it fun (except for the fact that in one of the scenarios fun is banned but you get to bring it back anyway, so who cares?) You can play it any time and win if you know what countries to infect first so that it infects the whole world and if you have the right strategies. I mean, once I played it once I told my family about it and they love it (it is very hard to find some thing that they like) so much they wouldn’t stop playing it until they got and won all the scenarios and beat every disease type on mega brutal They LOVED it so I bet you and your family will too (if they like making humanity extinct)

- Absolutely Amazing

I agree with fish time again’s statement, this game isn’t easy, it is something that it’s very fun when you find different strategies to succeed, it’s just one dollar and if you wanna unlock just certain packages and game passes, then you can do that, you pay less than Plague Inc. pc users, because you can get the game with available packs and other things to buy IF YOU WANT, I want to point that out because if you don’t wanna buy anything it’s fine, you could just play your way through to unlock most things I believe, while in PC, you buy the game for 15 dollars and you have everything unlocked. It may be unnecessary for some people to do this, so that’s why I rate this game in the App Store version a 5/5

- Great game but irritating

This game is awesome, but I only rated it four starts because of the difficulty. There’s a fine line between challenging and downright frustrating, and most of us don’t play games to be annoyed. You can buy cheats, however, which leads me to believe that the difficulty may have been designed that way. For example, once the world begins developing a cure, you have a limited amount of time to wipe everyone out: because they WILL finish it and it WILL work, and it WILL cure EVERYONE every single time. You use DNA points to evolve your organism to spread and infect the world (multiple times I’ve infected the entire global population) only for my disease to be spotted, and the cure begins... but there’s no one left to infect, hence no more DNA, hence you can’t make your disease lethal and they cure it and you fail. Like I said, it’s a very fun game, but in all honesty had I known it would be as annoying as it can be I wouldn’t have paid for it.

- Mega Brutal problems and Realism.

The DNA when you start is ok, but when you advance to the stage where you infected your whole starting country and other countries then the DNA slows down to 1-2 DNA per 300,000 to 500,000 and for that amount your should at least earn 10+ DNA. Also I killed about 60 million people and only got 2 DNA. Absolutely ridiculous. Also in Mega Brutal your disease when it is discovered and lasts for 50 or 100 days, so many countries invest in research for a disease that literally has no symptoms and is harmless but treated like the Black Plague, Smallpox, HIV, Chicken Pox, harmful tumors, or cancer. It is pretty unrealistic considering there are other disease out there needing that attention. I don’t mind the fact that no humans die or old age or are birthed, but I would love to see that in the game. If you improve this I would give 5 stars no doubt. Great game, but has lots of issues.


I started playing this game what has to be almost 5 years ago now and it’s one of my favorites. I keep the app on the main screen of my phone right up front. Payed for the full unlock with all the trimmings. Played every scenario and virus type. Huge fan and the game has never, IMO, had any issues I’ve encountered or bugs that have made the game function in any other way than its intention. I love that you can unlock everything or just buy it. But the company isn’t cash grabbing us by losing the game with micro transaction just to keep the fun going. You pay once and THATS IT! Just fun from there on out. Awesome game everyone! I completely recommend this game to anyone reading this review. Go ahead, enjoy yourself!

- Way too difficult.

I’ve been playing games exactly like this for like 10 years and I’ve never seen one as difficult as this... Jesus, even the “easy” mode is impossible. And I use a proven effective method. Maximize infected, then hit with the deadly symptoms. However I had like 3 test games doing different methods, all on “casual” mode, and I lost all three. Game 1- Infected the entire world, waited, racked up DNA points, then I went in for the kill... cure was developed in about 30 seconds and I lost immediately because I totally stopped getting DNA points after I started killing off the population. Game 2- Same as game one, but before I started buying deadly symptoms I sold the transmission upgrades so I had some points to spend. Cure developed at a steady pace, stopped getting DNA points, lost the game. Game 3- I maximized the infected, then I started buying drug resistance. Then I just didn’t even have enough DNA points to kill anybody. Ended up buying not even lethal upgrades, then I lost because the cure was being developed and I got like 2 DNA points every 10 seconds. I couldn’t buy anything. At least make the easy mode easy. Give us a more steady income of DNA points instead of just totally cutting it off at 5% lethality. Deleting the game. I’m not gonna play if an experienced strategy gamer can’t even beat easy mode.

- Needs to start killing people faster

I like the game but I have one problem: people won’t die quick enough. I had lots of deadly things and the game was on casual and I still barely killed anyone. The game should also give you more dna points or give them to you faster. The cure should also be developed slower because the moment I add some stuff, people where already working on a cure, and this was on the easiest mode possible. People who haven’t played the game are probably gonna call me a noob and people who have are probably gonna tell me it’s supposed to be as difficult as it is, but I think you shouldn’t barely be able to kill anyone. Just a thought developers. I highly doubt the developers will even read this and fix the problems I had so yeah.

- Good game

Best mobile game I’ve ever played. It’s a nice brain exercise along with some satisfying moments. Most negative reviews come from people who complain that it’s too hard. Everything can be completed, maybe not as easy as you thought but still. Fist thing to do once you finish the tutorial is look up strategies online. This will give you the best idea of how the game works and what you need to do to be successful. After that, all you need is a little bit of confidence and skill and you’ll dominate. And if you are one of those people who just want to destroy the world with no real difficulty and challenge, you can buy cheats for 8 dollars. This will allow you to basically do whatever you want with no consequences.

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- A Strategy Rogue-lite. Exceedingly Phenomenal!

An extraordinary game. I remember when the corona started getting traction, I started using my experiences & know-how from this game to rationalise my perception of events - that’s just how accurate, detailed, & realistic Plague Inc is! An exceptional game. Sessions are short, there’s long-term progress with different mechanical unlocks and difficulties/custom scenarios of various real & fake phenomena (from Vampires to Bacteria to even Fake News), but you also get the experience of the Full Game from your very first session. As you can walk away whenever you want, pause the game whenever, and even resume after having closed the game, there’s no demerits towards your own personal time. Plague Inc is, essentially, a Strategy Rogue-Light. One of the best, too. Enjoy!

- Great fun (in rather a horrible way, re COVID-19)

I had trouble locating the Pandemic board game, so tried this instead. It’s challenging and took a number of tries (12 to be exact) before the Virus won (on the Standard level w/o purchase of any additional packs). It’s fairly realistic re the choices made during each pandemic scenario, and you have to be mean to ‘win’ as a Bacteria. I’m looking forward to see how the scenarios change, as I progress through the different pathogen types. A Virus is next. This game would be a lot more fun, if COVID-19 wasn’t wrecking devastation across the globe right now. I wouldn’t be playing this game if it wasn’t, because I’d be outside doing other things. Hopefully the global scientific effort will produce numerous effective treatments and cures/vaccines for C19, which will be distributed equitably across the globe. Thank you to all the frontline staff keeping everything going as best they can now,

- Ruined by greed

Dear gamer who is considering this game, (especially if you used to play this back in the days!) FYI: I used to love this game as it had the right balance of challenge and fun, where the challenge naturally becomes greater as you progress through the game. This updated version is almost impossible already from the first level, which is without doubt in my mind an attempt to make you do in-game purchases already from the start. I understand updates that are made to improve a game, and even in-game purchases to speed it up or avoid ad’s, but this is based on pure greed and ruins the game experience rather than improving it. Shame! And it doesn’t encourage me to spend even more money on their new game if this represent the new direction of this company, as I’m sure you will have to spend even more money in-game just for a decent game experience, even after purchasing the game it self in the first place. Thank you for your attention, I will now rage quit and see myself out ;) Have a wonderful day, god bless, amen.

- Great game

This game is really cool and it is also difficult which makes it a nice game to play, because finishing a game in a week won’t make it so fun. Anyways. I was wondering, are the computer graphics of the game going to be updated onto the mobile version because I really like them 👍😁. And also I found a glitch, idk if it happens to other people but when I play the simian flu plague, and then ‘save and quit’ the game when I get off before unlocking the simian neuro-genesis thingy in the ability section, and then I go back on the game, press ‘load game’ and then unlock the simian neuro-genesis ability, the apes destroying the lab won’t go into effect. So I’ve unlocked the ability but nothing happens pretty much. Pls fix this. Anyways it’s a great game

- Plague Inc is a great, educational game that is free and very fun to play!

If you’re somebody that enjoys strategic games, or somebody who is interested in epidemiology, or a random person looking for a new game then you need to get plague inc.! I’ve had plague inc for a long time now and I got it on steam as well. It’s really helped me to cope with the current global pandemic and it’s taught me a lot! I’ve learnt just how quickly diseases can spread and how you can prevent a disease from becoming a pandemic. A great thing about plague inc on mobile is that it’s completely free to download! I’ve never had any issues with the game and I think that Ndemic creations has done a truly splendid job with the development. 10/10!! 😃

- This Is Really Fun, But There’s One Thing...

Plague Inc. is a very fun game that offers a lot for the cheap price, but there is one very small feature I would like added. As I said earlier, Plague Inc. offers a lot for it’s value. One of the fun features is the ability to spread other ‘viruses’, like having to make your board game a top seller. But with those games, the icons for sales and people interested is the same as a normal virus, meaning the sales icon is a death icon. I know this is a VERY small thing, but it would be nice for custom icons. Other than that, the game is five stars. It is awesome, easy to play, and most of all is fun. There is not much to conplain about, as frequent updates and bug fixes get released, with content and fixes. The game is fun. That’s all. Fun. I remember playing this when I was younger, and have only downloaded it again recently, but it really is fun. There are loads of nock-off games that have low graphics and quality, and that’s just not something to trade off, so spend some extra money, and get this wonderful game.

- Really great game

This is a great strategy game that challenges you to think like an evil mastermind on a mission to eradicate life on earth. It’s very fun and caters for all ages and abilities. However, some things don’t always make sense. Like you may have no symptoms to your disease yet and it is somehow spotted and people start doing cure research for a disease with literally no symptoms. Also, people continue to do cure research, even though the whole earth is infected with the disease, and symptoms include insanity and paranoia. Also somehow cure research aeroplanes can fly even when airports shut. Despite a few inconsistencies in this ‘hyper realistic’ strategy game, it is really enjoyable and engaging.

- Love This Game, But....

Before I go on I would like to say that I enjoy this game a lot. Ok so I have been having this issue with the game recently where I hear little children’s voices laughing and singing “Ring-A-Ring-A-Rosie” and while I am aware that the nursery rhyme “Ring-A-Ring-A-Rosie” does speak about the black death it is quite eerie and I am not sure if this is meant to happen in the game or if I have been hacked (My aunt works in cyber safety and says that speakers on phones/iPad’s are easily hacked so I was just checking up and seeing if it is meant to happen, and I would appreciate it if you could respond as soon as you can, other than that issue I really love this game, keep up the good word

- Cure distribution could be more realistic

I love this game but feel like the cure distribution isn’t realistic. If a massive chunk of the planet is infected with a deadly illness, how does a cure then get distributed around the world - to everyone who needs it - so quickly and thoroughly? Who is flying the planes full of medicine to the far flung reaches of Canada? Which medical facilities are producing enough of the cure to help everyone? It makes sense if only a small proportion of the world is infected by the time a cure is found, but I can have barely any healthy people left but if the cure gets to 100% it’s a relatively instant fix on a global scale.

- Awesome disease and scenario idea

This game is very awesome and realistic and I think it could be even better if the developer(s) added in a disease which only infects animal species (like in the TV series "Zoo") which accelerates animal mutations to adapt to the human world and puts them on top of the food chain again. The scenario idea is actually made by people in custom scenarios, but they do not work as well as the real scenarios do. My idea is to have a disease and you are the humans trying to cure it. I hope you can do this (but I can understand why the developer(s) may not be able to) Cheers!

- Must Buy!

This is a great game and is a must buy if you are looking for a strategic challenging experience. However, plague inc can get boring over time. Once you have completed everything in the game there is not much left to do. Maybe you could incorporate more things to do in plague inc. I know that there is scenarios and much more but it’s basically doing a disease that you’ve already done. Scenarios are fun but also meh. In conclusion, Great game love plague inc been playing for a few years now and I really love playing it very enjoyable great experience. A lot more can be added and done to make it more enjoyable! Must buy!

- Fix This Game

It is easy to see why this game has the Best Game of the Year award under its belt. Even a fool wouldn't question this games' success. But the 1 problem that I have are with the achievements. Some achievements (like the Power Overwhelming achievement) are almost impossible to get because of the ridiculous spread of the news feeds. And the Plague in Space achievement, they somehow survive even with Total Organ Failure. Fix it please, and thank you for reading my review James (or anyone else who works at Ndemic Creations).

- Normal = 99% impossible

Took me 20 tries but I eventually got it all other diseases are all good though. If you are having trouble with it just always and I mean always keep the disease under the radar until the end and even then you might loose like how I only had to get Madagascar but other wise it is good except that you have micro transactions in a game that costs money but it is a good thing to mess around with it is not at all bad and if you parents go on about how it’s insensitive then you better strengthen up because in the future your kids will be playing shooters like cod or apex but thank you

- Pretty Good

A disease has broken out, a new massive threat to humanity and you need to start a cure to comba- oh wait, wrong script... It is your job to create a disease that will destroy the world! Start, nurture, and spread your virus across the world, being stealthy to infect in numbers to bring an end to the world later or leave a devastating path of destruction in your wake! Either way the worlds best and brightest WILL try to stop you and it’s your job to kill them all. After playing this game only a few times, I could already tell how in depth and laid out this game is, from its strategy to its virus creation screen, this game is always ready for a challenge and I like that. This game is a five stars all in all and can provide a challenge to anyone and everyone. No wonder it has won prizes I mean, this stuffs great!

- One of my favourites

I started playing this game when it first came out and got through most of the levels, so I decided to uninstall it. But about a month ago I downloaded it again and was amazed to see the number of scenarios and extra features included. Fun and challenging and dark and just one of my favourite games! I particularly enjoy the Necroa Virus expansion; It adds a bit more complexity to an already very enjoyable game structure.

- Becoming more about money than players having fun

This game was awesome. But now it seems like it is just trying to bring in money now. I hadn't played it in a while before today. I saw it had an update available with some new scenarios added and so I updated it and went to check it out. What I saw was all of the scenarios that I used to be able to play for free are now locked and you have to pay for them. I remember playing the vampire one, the planet of the apes one and the one where the plague was frozen and un-froze but now I can't play any of them.

- Cure way to fast

Game is great BUT the cure is too fast before I can kill everyone, and I really don’t want to just pay to experience all the types, make the cure slow on the first level and on the rest normal speed, please it would help alot considering this to new players, I’ve been stuck on the first level many many times and I just can’t get passed it. Please make it slow on the first level then normal speed on all the levels, Sincerely, a fan.

- 10/10

I bought this game expecting just a sad and boring game that I would delete soon ( no offence to game developers ) but then when I actually got it I saw how amazing it was! Literally this game is worth basically a dollar and it should be worth far more, keeping this forever and I completely recommend it to anyone else. Also I made a virus called Covid 19 that started in China so..This is going to be fun...

- Amazing Game

One of the best strategic games I’ve ever. It is also no doubt one if not the best games I have ever played, I would personally recommend this game. All though it can be a little hard hitting at first, sine your killing the human race and all, but once you get into it you will love it. It gets your mind thinking... you know. It’s a got to try game and if you haven’t tried it then now is a great chance.

- Doesn’t save progress

I got this game a few days ago and it’s been really fun to play. However, when I got to the 10th June 2019, it hasn’t save any of my progress since then. Even when I press save and exit, when I come back to play again, it starts from the 10th June 2019 every time. This is very annoying, because it means that I’ll never be able to finish the game, as it doesn’t save even when I press ‘save and exit’. Please fix this! If this problem didn’t exist, I would probably give Plague Inc. 5 stars!

- Suggestion

In the cure mode I think I there should be a option to take control of 1 county like Australia you should be able to take over only that country and see states of the country when you take over the country you should be aloud to do the following: lockdowns and make restrictions of states and be able to see how many infected and how many new infections made by each state.

- This is awesome!

Plague inc is speedy and strategic, and it never gets boring! All of its components work perfectly, and there are so many cool things inside! I would pay five times the money for it! And the only downside is that it doesn’t have one! You never run out of things to do! It even has cure mode, scenarios and special plagues I am sure exist in no other game!

- Awesome

Lots of silly name love it you can’t stop playing it😆 I really wish you could get a closer view of the map I mean what would it look like when everybody is sick or when there is no humans on the planet like would be like a ruin or still all Modern they should also make one game where you try to blow up the hole universe starting by killing all the human on earth! Awesome game!

- Great game but one thing

So I bought this game a while ago and I bought all the special virus packs but then I deleted the game and recently I bought it again and I’m on the the same iPad but now when I got it again I no longer have the ones you pay for but I do have the achievements from using them. Any ways great game and if you can help even better.

- Why are people saying this is hard?

I was looking through reviews and there were some people saying that it was impossible to win without buying things. This is not true, I have won on brutal difficulty on all normal plague types without buying a single thing. Stop blaming the dev’s “greediness” for your incompetence.

- Too much content paywalled, but a great game.

I love the strategy of this game a ton, it fulfills a niche which many others games are unable to successfully replicate. Unfortunately, the game paywalls many features which vary the gameplay. Even the Cure mode, which although was always planned to be paid, is upfront and centre for every new and old player, constantly shoving into your face a part of the game which you cannot receive without handing over even more of your money.

- Great game! One problem and one question though...

So, great game. Fun to experiment with different genes, disease types and symptoms. One problem, though. I’ve bought the Custom Scenarios and the Pro Upgrade for it. No problems with purchasing, but the problem is with loading a previous game with custom scenarios. Whenever i try to load a save from a custom scenario, the game will crash, forcing me to start that scenario again. Oh, and my question, as mentioned in the title. Why is multiplayer not on here? I’m assuming it’s something to do with server limits and screen size limits, as the HUD on Evolved Singleplayer looks different to Evolved’s multiplayer. But still is an amazing game, and worth the money for the game itself and custom scenarios.

- This game is amazing !!!!

When I first saw my friend play it, I thought you had to pay to unlock anything other than the bacteria, but when I found out that you can play to unlock them I was so excited, I have got it and I’m up to beating shadow plague on brutal, this is an amazing game and I would recommend it to anyone, best 1$ I’ve ever spent

- Awesome game

This is a highly strategised game that if you don’t know what your doing can be very annoying at times, for me I took me 2 years to complete the first level but I totally be saying you should get this game and the full version is worth it, I am pity sure that I got it for free but it’s really worth it. A truely awesome game that can get you thinking

- Suggestion

Hey James love your game. I have neurax necro and expansions but I’d like to suggest for a more immersive experience at the end of a game some sort of speech from the UN depending on how bad your plague was Also city cams for mobile would be great considering it would be quite easy to add simple pictures to a mobile game

- Multiplayer would be nice

You guys should add a mode where you can play with your Game Center friends and verse each other. One of you being the pathogen and the other trying to cure it, I came up with this idea because my sister loves curing the world and I love destroying it, I think this would be a really fun game mode, but if you do add it, make it free please.

- Good But Needs Some Changes

This is a really great game. It is often very challenging which is what makes it engaging. A few things that I would really love to see improved would be 1) different symptoms, etc. should have the ability to give you more DNA points. 2)when a cure bubble is popped, it should set the cure back by one percent or something.

- Annoying glitch

I will wipe out earth and it will come up saying I had lost. It says I had killed all my hosts, some healthy people still alive. The game would also pause and the number of humans isn’t correct. Please fix this. It has happened twice to me now. Overall this is a great game. 👍

- one problem

The the is $1, right? That’s acceptable. The game is amazing for that price. But I feel like $20 to unlock everything? I don’t like that idea. Plague inc evolved has way more stuff. Let’s add that up, game = $1 everything = $10 all genes = $12 all cheats = $13. That is $36, plague inc evolved is only $22. BUT this is the review of the GAME not VERSION. Overall it’s good

- Let me be honest

To be honest, I love this game so much. It is so fun and I play it a lot. I only have one issue and it’s the fact that the game doesn’t really tell you what everything does like the different types of plague. The cure is also REALLY difficult to stop. I still enjoy the game a lot and hope that you can update and keep the game amazing. Thank you.

- Not ruined bu greed!

This is a great game, recommend for gamers but for the people who think it’s expensive, your wrong! It’s one frickin dollar! Deal with it, and the reason why it’s more expensive on “Packs” is because COVID-19 ruined the #$(&*+= world so they’re trying to get money TO CURE IT OK!!????? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you should get it, but please lower the price on the other app.

- Great game but won’t let me get 100% no matter what I do...

I love this game but I’ve tried at least 10 times on normal to get to the next level but no matter what I do it won’t let me win... it’s rigged it’s because this part is free... Playing the easy level is good fun you pretty much always win but the next one pfft now I remember why I deleted this game months ago..


The casual game mode is easy to beat but can get challenging but as soon as you try to change to normal it turns impossible and you literally can’t beat it. I thought it would be a little more challenging but you can’t beat it at all. i’ve tried all the techniques for hours but nothing is working!! Please make a mode easier than normal but harder than casual!!

- Love it!

The new cure mode is great! I never would’ve thought of the idea. What would be even cooler is if your friend was playing on another device, but he was the plague you were trying to defeat in cure mode! Keep up the amazing updates! I know they aren’t easy.

- disappointed

i was SO CLOSE to killing everyone with my virus callled coronavirus, but people are recovering! Not even a billion people have died and no one is getting it anymore! I am very disappointed. But overall i guess this is still a good game...

- Fun the first couple of times

It’s fun the first few times but gets boring quite soon after. It’s super easy to win on ‘causual’ mode but impossible on ‘normal’ mode. Even when you look up an exact walkthrough on how to win you never win. If you’ve got a spare dollar then totally get it but it’s a game you’ll play for a week and then get bored of and delete it.

- Flawless

Love it. People who complain about it being too challenging are either not approaching it right or don’t play enough. It’s a horrifically magnificent game and the addition of the alternate modes, especially the positive ones make for endless hours of play! :)


Thank you Ndemic Creations for creating this game, if I'm bored one of my favourite things to do is destroy the world with a virus. This is a beautiful game, easy to play and the different game modes give a different way on the same game. All in all a great game that is worth the price. Bye!🦠🧪

- Great but sometimes doesn’t make sense

I find this game very addictive and enjoyable, yet some things are unclear/don’t make sense. The cure research is sometimes done so quickly and it doesn’t slow down even if I developed total organ failure/insanity/etc. Genetic reshuffle sometimes reduce the progress significantly while in other time it makes no change. I find it frustrating when traits that I developed seem to have no effect on research prevention, so I really want the impact of a player’s action to be more noticeable. Despite these things that I find dissatisfying, I find the game very well made.

- Need to change graphics

Hey it's a great game I'm sure you'll agree but the graphics for all the desieses stay the same example the nano virous stays as a bacteria and bio weapon and fungus it would be great if you could improve this and then add what it does to the human body in an x ray and the last thing people expect it to have the zombie/necroa virous you could at least make that one free plz just that one and this would be the best game ever plz plz do these

- So fun👏

This game is really enjoyable to meddle with and it’s so fun to take over the world. When you get down to the bone, it’s become so tense and suspenseful. The only downside is you may have to pay money. I personally don’t think that takes away from the game.

- In Love With Christmas Addition - Happiness!

I'm in love with the Neurax Worm disease that makes everyone happy!! It's easy to win which makes it easier to infect the world with happiness, and in turn, me happier!! I love the little difficulties arising like the Sloth and Intoxication mutations, that you need to get rid of to keep people happy! PLEASE KEEP THE NEURAX WORM IN THE GAME!

- Every budding evil masterminds dream

There’s something horrifyingly wonderful about this game, where your goal is to bring about the end of all mankind(which would ironically include yourself, bravo) Create a virus, have it either slowly spread through a country, slithering it’s way into every family and bringing society to a stand still. Or have it spread like wildfire, rushing through the streets and killing thousands before they can seek medical help. So many ways to play this game, so many ways to tailor your play style depending on the disease.

- Please read this

When I got this app I went on it straight away and of course I had to do the first level bacteria but it’s like the hardest one please make this level easier

- It’s ok

Honestly it is a very fun game but in cure mode nothings explained properly I just can’t understand at all why my authority keeps dying I can’t understand what panic or deaths are. I have done literally everything I could to stop those things but my 120 authority dies in less than seconds. Please make this game clearer to people.

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- Interesting Game

Played a few years ago, restarted today. Love the upgrades made to an already great game.

- Pretty Good

I think this game is good, but the map is missing Newfoundland, an island on the east coast of Canada.

- yes

The games good bu- wait hold on.. WHERES MY TOAST? WHO TOUCHED MY TOAST?!

- Addicting

I feel like it's sometimes rigged to not give you enough DNA points to make upgrades

- Ok

The people who made this game are very money hungry, an ok game though

- :(

The game was fine but it made me feel bad :(

- Fun but $$$

Lots of fun but also lots of content you can only access by paying...

- Hey, that's pretty good

10/10 "Would plague again" - IGN

- Pretty good

About a year and a half ago I just made a random one named coronavirus and people are talking about it now, is my score really that good?

- One Of The Best

I really love this game and it's one of my favourites out there. Only thing I wish is that you didn't have to pay to unlock certain things.

- Love it

We just need to covid 19 update for the game

- Sweet Revenge!!

I’ve wiped out humanity twice today! That’ll teach them.

- Love it!

fun and revengeful but nobody really gets hurt

- Thank you plague inc, very cool

It’s corona time

- 武汉加油


- It a fun game

I don’t like that you need to pay real money for it i like that it does not have many ads it fun because YOU control the vires and it has bacteria,vires,fungus,pests,nanovires,and bio weapon so I think you should get this app if you wantto

- Really fun

It’s really fun and a super addictive game....BUT..I got the scenario pack and basically it just won’t “sync”. When I tried using the custom scenarios on plague inc, it said I had to buy it, but I did. I tapped on it anyways and it just opened the scenario creator app again. And when I’m on the scenario creator app, it says I need to buy plague inc. It’s very frustrating and I keep deleting and downloading again but it never works. I really wanted to use custom scenarios on plague inc and make my own but I can’t. I have no way of testing my custom ones. I live the game but this just really annoys me!

- Super!

This game is really fun, but they are asking a lot of money, if you lower the prices, you can have a lot more people playing, even though your the number 1 fake in the paid section. I really like how unique some of the plagues are, and how you can do previous plagues as well like the Black Death

- Best game in history

No cap best game ever. Especially since it gets really boring during quarantine

- It’s great

Some people are just stupid and don’t understand this game has been out for like 10 years. They say it shouldn’t be out because of corona virus but if anything it educates you on how a disease can spread.

- Love this game worth the 0.99$!

This game is just wonderful love it!

- Awesome!

This game is just absolutely fantastic, it's so fun and evil and worth every penny! Love it!

- COVID-19 simulator

I purchased this game years ago and still love it. Do your own grim simulations of the COVID-19 virus now that we all seem to be living a real life plague. They should make a reverse version of this game where you play as the humans trying to fight off the plagues.

- dude

Fun but all modes should be free for this paid game.

- Covid-19

Add covid-19

- It’s Corona Time

The corona virus is the only reason i’m here rn

- Wow

This game is so good they made it in real life

- Coronavirus

10/10 prediction ,Plague Inc.

- Disease cases

Maybe make it so u can announce how many cases were identified to the public? And make it more fun then it already it!

- Guys I know why they need money

They need money to donate to medical places like hospitals so there can be vaccines to protect us from real viruses and everything in the game

- Great tool for calming the mind

Due to extreme trauma, I was diagnosed with PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder. I am slowly overcoming with proper psychological therapy and medication. This game has become a tool to move out of the horrifying traps of the depressed mind which is easily triggered due to PTSD. It also helps me fall asleep. Thankfully, just a couple games helps me to function as a mother to my 3 children - so the game has helped 4 people. Unlike other less challenging games or games with mindless ads, my mind will get trapped in negative thought patterns, sometimes trigger PTSD and worsen/prolong the a depressive episode. Thank you

- Oh God

Uh oh

- good but...

it’s a good game but i think it’s rigged so you can’t enough DNA points

- 5 stars

Finally, a game we can all relate to

- Happened in real life can’t recommend

Title speaks for itself

- Very immersive

This game is very immersive. After a while, you start to feel like you’re in it 24/7.

- Fungus

Cheap as hell, fungus almost made me stop playing the game completely. Which is a shame cause the game is fun.

- COVID-19

Uh... this game kinda hitting close to home

- Coronavirus

I found out who will make the cure for coronavirus it’s Greenland your welcome

- real or not

is this real if it was it would be cool

- Expansion

I think they should add a special Corona Virus DLC

- We’re done

Yep coronavirus just took over the world in 5 years we’re done nee guys and girls

- Good

Here come the coronavirus memes

- Something Happened

I started in China now what. I think Satan is playing plague inc irl on us with Covid 19.

- Scam

I bought the zombie pack but it never gave me it

- It was a mistake of buying this

The rules are I quote from Eric Cartman from South Park if you pay there are no apps so no more add-ons but if it's free there's ads I paid what is the cable You can either a give everyone what they deserve read your price up or something at least and put it all in one app you're gonna be 399 for a stupid thing that's so dumb from one fan who waited a few years for this game to come out it's sucked

- To hard

On casual cure was 92% finished

- Frustrating

I’ve had this game for a few years and it’s super fun to play, but multiple times all my progress has been erased and I’ve had to start over. I don’t know why this keeps happening but underneath the locked design it shows that I have completed the levels up to my highest difficulty level.

- Alaska??

The games includes Alaska with Canada. Alaska is part of the states

- Sets you up to fail

I had everyone in the world sick and non knew about my illness then when I started killing the cure took less than the normal time (under a minute) to find a cure. So your telling me if the whole world is sick and having seizures then they can cure a plague in less time than with a world with healthy people? With genetic hardening and drug resistance? No thank you. I don’t have time for that.

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Plague Inc. iphone images
Plague Inc. iphone images
Plague Inc. iphone images
Plague Inc. iphone images
Plague Inc. iphone images
Plague Inc. iphone images
Plague Inc. iphone images
Plague Inc. iphone images

Plague Inc. (Version 1.19.2) Install & Download

The applications Plague Inc. was published in the category Games on 2012-05-26 and was developed by Ndemic Creations [Developer ID: 525818842]. This application file size is 104.82 MB. Plague Inc. - Games app posted on 2022-07-05 current version is 1.19.2 and works well on IOS 9.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ndemiccreations.plagueinc