Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. [Games] App Description & Overview

Can you infect the world? Plague Inc. is a unique mix of high strategy and terrifyingly realistic simulation.

Your pathogen has just infected 'Patient Zero'. Now you must bring about the end of human history by evolving a deadly, global Plague whilst adapting against everything humanity can do to defend itself.

Brilliantly executed with innovative gameplay and built from the ground up for iPhone & iPad, Plague Inc. evolves the strategy genre and pushes mobile gaming (and you) to new levels. It’s You vs. the world - only the strongest can survive!

◈◈◈ #1 top game globally with well over a billion games played ◈◈◈

Plague Inc. is a global hit with almost a million 5 star ratings and features in newspapers such as The Economist, New York Post, Boston Herald, The Guardian and London Metro!

The developer of Plague Inc. was invited to speak at the CDC in Atlanta about the disease models inside the game!

▶ “The game creates a compelling world that engages the public on serious public health topics” – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
▶ “Best Tablet Game” - New York Daily News
▶ “Plague Inc. will snag your attention in all the right ways and keep it there” - Touch Arcade
▶ “No denying Plague Inc.'s high-level of quality” - Modojo
▶ “Plague Inc. should not be as much fun as it is” – London Metro
▶ “Will leave you hoping to destroy the world, all in the name of a bit of fun” – Pocket Lint
▶ “Plague Inc.'s gameplay is infectious” - Slide to Play
▶ Winner – “Overall Game of the Year” – Pocket Gamer
▶ “Killing billions has never been so fun” – IGN


● Stunning retina graphics with a highly polished interface (Contagion guaranteed)
● Highly detailed, hyper-realistic world with advanced AI (Outbreak management)
● Comprehensive in-game help and tutorial system (I am Legendarily helpful)
● 12 different disease types with radically different strategies to master (12 Monkeys?)
● Full Save/Load functionality (28 Saves Later!)
● 50+ countries to infect, hundreds of traits to evolve and thousands of world events to adapt to (Pandemic evolved)
● Full game support for scoreboards and achievements
● Expansion updates add the mind controlling Neurax Worm, the zombie producing Necroa Virus, Speed Runs and real life Scenarios!

Localised in English, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Russian. (more coming soon)

P.S. Give yourself a pat on the back if you got all the themed literature references!

Special sale price to celebrate being one of the most popular paid iPhone games ever!


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Plague Inc. Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Mutation 17 - The Fake News update From wild conspiracy theories to election campaign mudslinging, we now live in a post-fact world where falsehoods and misinformation can spread just like a disease. With help from professional fact checking organisations like ‘Full Fact’ in the UK and ‘Politifact’ in the USA - we’ve designed a radically different scenario which lets you create your very own Fake News story and deceive the world with it. Choose your type of misinformation, decide a motive and then select who started it and who gets the blame then use a variety of modern tools and psychological tricks to go viral! Check out and to find and expose bad information. Hotfix 1.17.2 - Localised the Fake News government actions and fixed a few bugs Hotfix 1.17.3 - Fixed pie chart image and rare crash in Portuguese Hotfix 1.17.4 - Small core simulation tweaks

Plague Inc. Comments & Reviews

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- Gggggfffft


- Worth the money, y’all!

Love this game. My only suggestion would be adding an option to turn off all oof the pop- ups in the settings. I


I always infect the whole world and I still lose and I just wasted money on this bad app

- Disappointing

Honestly the game is really fun but it’s so hard, like it’s frustrating. A challenge is nice now and then but when it’s nearly impossible to win, it becomes agitating. I wish it was easier to get points and cures are made so fast there’s no time to try to hold it off. I like the game but when it’s an unbeatable game, you can only try so many times before you no longer find it fun.

- Insensitive in times like this

I was playing this the other day during the whole coronavirus thing and you realize how disastrous and scary these pandemics and plagues are. Honestly I just got to thinking how cruel these simulators are and how some people can get caught up in their sick imagination. Right now I suggest everyone avoid downloading it or uninstall it.

- Boring

This game is so boring and not worth my time. You just watch airplanes and boats go by while clicking on cities to infect on the world map. Then you watch the ticker on the number infected and dead from the virus. There is no action or variety in the screen you are starring at. Unfortunately, after couple of tries to like this game, I’ll be deleting it.

- Cool Concept, Terrible RNG factors

This game has a great concept but based solely of luck. I’ve tried so many different combos of just trying to beat bacteria on normal and there is never a way to win that mode. I believe either the RNG factor in this game is way too high or that they want you to buy the small upgrades so you can win. Whack.

- Contagiously fun!

Watch out if you start playing this game you might have so much fun other around you might ask what you are playing and get hook too.

- Epic, thats all I can say.

This game is the greatest on earth to play on any devices, tablet iPhone so much, even though it’s a pretty small game, no ads nothing to annoy you. You can play this where ever you want and any time. There are also specials in the game that are epic, the thing I love about it are the cheats.

- Way too much like real life ...

I've had this game for seven+ years and I didn't win until I decided to base my plague on the Covid 19 virus. I'm not a scientist, I'm a farmer; I plugged the info from the newspaper into the game and it wiped out the world. As such, I've decided to heed the experts, spend some time alone and wash my hands often. At 50+, I promise you that few weeks or even a few months of social distancing is a tiny fraction of this lifetime that will barely register as anything but a weird time in history when people hoarded TP -- if you live through it. Hey, if you think I'm wrong, stay healthy and tell me I'm full of crap when all this is over.

- Really fun and challenging

I love how some people don’t know how to win at the different levels. Proves how challenging a game this is! Love it! So much fun, I play for hours. And trust me guys, each level is winnable with different strategy. El oh el Love how the bad reviews are because they can’t win.

- Waste of money

Even though you pay for it you actually have to pay another $20 to unlock the whole game.

- Rip off

I bought this hoping it would be fun well in quarantine but it’s not and the abilities you have to play are low.

- Must kill more people

This game is awesome I love destroying the economy and stuff but maybe you can make a few other diseases can be free? But either way this game is cool! Now back to killing people

- Perfect solution to Covid19 quarantine

Instead of reading about Karen’s opinion of the worlds affairs, investing in Lysol, or rotting your brain with Netflix; you can see how easy, and how difficult it can be to exterminate humanity!! Highly recommend!

- It gave me hope

I made the coronavirus in it. It has the same symptoms and way of getting transmitted and everything and started off in China and it got cured pretty fast although some a lot of people did die in my country..

- I made an disease and it started in real life

Soo I made this virus ingame called “ Corona Virus” As a joke from the corona beer and 2 weeks later I saw the virus I made show up in the news, how do I stop this?

- Buggy

Game is a bit buggy Government Response I want to see added: Social Distancing Ordered Close all non-essential business Stay at home order Military Patrolled Lockdown

- chinese virus

love this chinese virus simulator

- Make it more realistic

Great Game

- Disappointed

It’s not fun unless you’re willing to drop 20-40 bucks. Sad.

- Good but...

I started a virus is the USA and it got bad and it got bad in real life

- Great real life simulator!

Doesn’t get more realistic than this.

- I had a blast.

The game is pretty fun and it’s something to distract myself with while I live in a real life version of Plague Inc. The Corona and what not. I mean, the game can be hard but ya’ just need to think of a strategy.

- Pay to win

Don’t buy. Even though game costs $.99 you won’t win a single game after the tutorial unless you buy more. Game says you can unlock content by beating levels but u can’t beat any levels without the upgrades. Also game is insanely repetitive.

- 👍 👍👍


- Hard but good

I LOVE THE GAME it’s hard BUT AMAZING I LOVE THE GAME but it’s really REALLY AWESOME 😀🙂😉🙃🙂😊😄😀😃😄😁🤩😸

- Carter Profit

It’s amazing when your really bored this is a great game to play 🙂

- Not realistic enough

Seems like covid-19 spreads faster than I can get viruses to spread on here...

- Careful what u wish for!

This game has officially lost it’s moment!

- Simulation So Real It’s Scary

Government should play and learn!

- Super fun, but...

I love this game. My wife knows I love this game cause she has seen me purchase it multiple times. I’ve purchased it multiple times because the “restore purchases” button is only for show. Don’t be like me and purchase this game multiple times. Any help?

- Great app

Real word simulation all around great scenarios realistic and kinda scary

- Buggy, and not in a good way

No visible map when the game starts.

- Too fun

Definitely worth it game to buy

- No Map Visible

The game is fun but it’s hard to get DNA when there’s no map visible and no bubbles visible :( Pretty unhappy I paid to unlock other parts of the game already and can’t do anything with it

- Plague inc.

Love it

- Upgrades

This game is fun and all but why do upgrades need to be so expensive? On top of that DNA points are hard to earn for no reason. The Nucleic Acid Neutralisation upgrade doesn’t even work.


I played this game a while back and I’m now watching MSNBC and the background they use looks fresh out of this game LOL

- Updates?

While I LOVE the game, i was wondering if there could be a sandbox update, that gave god-like control.

- Potential but in the end just frustrating

Can’t even win the first scenerio. Reading the reviews seems I have to pay money to succeed. How sad. For just a good game I would have bought the expansions. But there are countless Pay to play games out there. Why would I pick this over others?

- Great game

I love this game it’s just so interesting and unpredictable that it’s fun

- Love the realism

Started a virus, it started in real life 10/10 would play again


want to know why i lose?! because i almost NEVER get ANY dna points so i could make it stronger!! how do i get my refund?!

- Fantastic!

This game is pretty interesting and entertaining, especially when naming your plague. However, for some reason, I’m unable to do in-app purchases so is there a chance the purchases could be moved to the App Store or is that not possible?

- It’s amazing

I fully recommend this game it’s very fun.

- I made a Tik Tok virus

I made a virus named Tik Tok that killed more than the black death and the world died

- Glitch

I started a game, had 17 infected people total and over 5000 dead. It has happened in several of my games over the last few weeks!

- Great Game

Two thumbs up

- Thank you

Thanks to this app I will now know how I will die in real life 😃 love yuh !

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- I need advice

So I started a virus back in November 2019 called COVID-19 and now it’s taking the world by storm? Like in real life? Is this a new update?

- Something Happened

I started in China now what. I think Satan is playing plague inc irl on us with Covid 19.

- Covid-19

Add covid-19

- Very fun

It is worth buying, very fun game. The game provides help on how to play and overall is a really good game, one of my favourites.

- Pretty good.

I saw this game on PC and thought it was “only” PC but my friend said mobile was available as well. What I think you guys can add is to add certain abilities for basic plagues, such as: virus, Intense infection. So in the last section for DNA upgrades, maybe make it so you can get your plague abilities.

- Fungus

Cheap as hell, fungus almost made me stop playing the game completely. Which is a shame cause the game is fun.

- Amazing

The best game, especially for self isolation. Can't wait for the COVID19 update in the near future.

- Terrible

They make the game so you never win even on casual

- Coronavirus

Coronavirus has entered the chat

- Good game mode your making but...

I really hope it is free because I paid for all disease types and beat them on brutal but not bio weapon and the worm thing and I really like this game and want the new game mode to be free thanks

- Coronavirus

We are in COVID-19 era

- Alaska??

The games includes Alaska with Canada. Alaska is part of the states

- Newfoundland update! Come on it can’t be that hard!

This game has been out for a nice while now and I can’t believe that this hasn’t been done yet

- i started disease in china why happening in life


- Different perspective

It would be cool if there was a different version from the government perspective. If you take previous game data of a spread and have players responsible for a countries governmental response. Players need to keep people alive all while trying to keep the country economically viable.

- No sound ☹️ IOS 13.3.1

Use to love playing this game with the sound... now regardless what I do with my phone there is no sound to the game.. I have changed every option in game and on phone stupid update screwed sound... sound made the game more fun

- Sets you up to fail

I had everyone in the world sick and non knew about my illness then when I started killing the cure took less than the normal time (under a minute) to find a cure. So your telling me if the whole world is sick and having seizures then they can cure a plague in less time than with a world with healthy people? With genetic hardening and drug resistance? No thank you. I don’t have time for that.

- So realistic.

I played it a long time ago, but I want to play it again. I never knew how realistic it was until we got hit with the covid.

- It’s Corona Time

The corona virus is the only reason i’m here rn

- 5 stars

Finally, a game we can all relate to

- Coronavirus


- Very cool indeed

I love how we are currently living out the game right now, very realistic.

- I made a disease called fart and had a great time.


- Really fun

It’s really fun and a super addictive game....BUT..I got the scenario pack and basically it just won’t “sync”. When I tried using the custom scenarios on plague inc, it said I had to buy it, but I did. I tapped on it anyways and it just opened the scenario creator app again. And when I’m on the scenario creator app, it says I need to buy plague inc. It’s very frustrating and I keep deleting and downloading again but it never works. I really wanted to use custom scenarios on plague inc and make my own but I can’t. I have no way of testing my custom ones. I live the game but this just really annoys me!

- Love it

We just need to covid 19 update for the game

- Very good

I recommend this game

- It a fun game

I don’t like that you need to pay real money for it i like that it does not have many ads it fun because YOU control the vires and it has bacteria,vires,fungus,pests,nanovires,and bio weapon so I think you should get this app if you wantto

- Here cuz of Corona Virus


- Super!

This game is really fun, but they are asking a lot of money, if you lower the prices, you can have a lot more people playing, even though your the number 1 fake in the paid section. I really like how unique some of the plagues are, and how you can do previous plagues as well like the Black Death

- Pandemic 2

Same as pandemic 2 good game

- Awesome

I LOVE this game! Completely addicting and so many game types, options, scenarios, and difficulties to keep me into it and not get bored.

- Just great

Really fun game

- One little thing

Great game but... My virus died out and I lost because some healthy people were left but I still had points and time to eradicate all life on earth just wondering why

- Covid19

You guys should add corona to the game

- what?

Why is there a red thing above my head? Also, have you guys heard of the coronavirus? Idk. Sounds dumb. Loved my trip to Wuhan though.

- It’s corona time

If you put covid-19 on your infections it so funny lolllololololol

- COVID-19

Uh... this game kinda hitting close to home

- Best game in history

No cap best game ever. Especially since it gets really boring during quarantine

- Awesome game, but...

I’ve been playing this game since it came out it’s an amazing and fun game, but it could be be better. Somethings that would make the game better would be. To add Uruguay to the map, To add more Cheats, To add more Plague types, To add more Scenarios, To add more Genes. Those would be some amazing upgrades to the game.

- real or not

is this real if it was it would be cool

- Coronavirus

Practicing for Coronavirus😂

- Super Realistic!

Started in China. It worked!

- Coronavirus

I found out who will make the cure for coronavirus it’s Greenland your welcome

- :(

The game was fine but it made me feel bad :(

- Fun but hard to win

This game is fun because you can kill everybody and viruses spread really fast and yeah it’s a fun game so that’s why I rated it five stars

- Fun

Its fun

- It’s Corona Time

It’s Corona Time It’s Corona Time It’s Corona Time It’s Corona Time It’s Corona Time It’s Corona Time It’s Corona Time It’s Corona Time It’s Corona Time It’s Corona Time It’s Corona Time

- Why play

Why play this game when u can play with real world covid-19? Absolutely free

- Good app!

The app on its own is amazing, i just hate how we have to buy the expansion packs. But other then that, great game! I bought it yesterday 👍

- Fix some stuff

Change the GUI because it looks a lot like my real time CIA disease outbreak center. I think John might have accidentally thought that the center was the game. He seems really guilty. But 10/10 game. Just like real life.

- 🧻👍🏻 🧻


- Omgggggggg

Such a good game can’t stop playing sooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!

- Bat soup in Wuhan

Great game, dumb people talking about Coronavirus ruins the reviews. Yeah overall amazing game with cool scenarios to play if you just pay a dollar more. Amazing game

- Great game

I really recommend it to everyone. It good

- Difficult and very fun!

I like playing this game in my spare time. It’s interesting and fun while being difficult enough that you don’t stop and do something else🤔👌!

- Pay to win

Used to be a fun game but now is pay to win. Please don’t waste your money on this as I did!

- Whoops

I started a virus in China and it started in real life... 2 stars

- Uh oh

Um I played this on the special Area 51 computer and named it ‘coronavirus’ and now there is a virus please help Lol jk it’s a pretty good game but too many in app purchases

- Corona time

This game is so good that they made it in real life!! I recently named my bacteria COVID-19 and it destroyed the whole world 😳😳😳

- The best game ever!

Hello if your considering buy ping this game, PLEASE do. This game is so god darn fun, the is so many options and paths to chose from and the second best thing is, making up your name for your plague! To be honest everyone is using COVID-19 or Coronavirus as name. Plead don’t use something more creative! Sincerely China

- Mistake

I made a virus in australia and the very next day i got sick

- My corona journey

Well I took a Paige out of corona and 10/10 would use China as a starting point I haven’t lost yet

- Can you be COVID-19

Can you be COVID-19

- Something happened

I made a plague called corona virus and killed the whole world...

- Dogman sick won

Congrats to dogman sick he infected the whole world

- Great Game

This is a great game to play while in isolation

- Great game

This realistic game is so fun! No problems and I’d recommend it to buy

- Great Fun

This game is so fun and hard because if you make the disease very lethal it kills all people with causing the virus or disease not able to be spread anymore

- COVID-19

Extremely addictive, takes time to infect the world you just have to put the time and effort into it. Amazing app,

- COVID-19

Please make COVID-19 in the game so we can simulate and figure out how we can cure it. FACTS

- Contagious

I got Covid-19 from playing this game 🤒

- Bug

I made a disease called the corona virus and it became real... what does this mean?!

- Scarily like real life

Very absorbing game, scarily like real life just at the moment with Covid-19 all around us. Worth getting! Kim in Australia

- Pls

Implement a corona virus update

- The best!!!!

I love it,soooooooooooooooooooo epiccccccc

- Greed

It was a great game in its prime but has fallen over greed still a fun game nonetheless but the cure comes way to fast and no matter what country I start in I always do paralysis and comas so there’s no physical way they can actually do anything for the cure but I can only kill roughly 40% of the population before I get eradicated

- Who knew plagues could be so fun

In quarantine playing this game, who knew the apocalypse could be so much fun

- This Is Really Fun, But There’s One Thing...

Plague Inc. is a very fun game that offers a lot for the cheap price, but there is one very small feature I would like added. As I said earlier, Plague Inc. offers a lot for it’s value. One of the fun features is the ability to spread other ‘viruses’, like having to make your board game a top seller. But with those games, the icons for sales and people interested is the same as a normal virus, meaning the sales icon is a death icon. I know this is a VERY small thing, but it would be nice for custom icons. Other than that, the game is five stars. It is awesome, easy to play, and most of all is fun. There is not much to conplain about, as frequent updates and bug fixes get released, with content and fixes. The game is fun. That’s all. Fun. I remember playing this when I was younger, and have only downloaded it again recently, but it really is fun. There are loads of nock-off games that have low graphics and quality, and that’s just not something to trade off, so spend some extra money, and get this wonderful game.

- Dear Chris Huntington

Dear Chris, As opposed to being too hard to get past the first level... I might instead suggest you simply stink at the game! I’ve gotten through multiple challenges on both normal and brutal modes. All without paying a cent! And many others, also, have done this. Therefore, one must conclude that you simply lack in skills. Nothing wrong with that, but blaming the presence of IAP for it is a bit... sad. Cheers.

- About the game

Need more things and for some more stuff to be free in the game but overall an amazing game

- Corona plague

Great game, played many years ago am downloading again because of Corona

- I got ripped money!

A few days after i got the game i got ripped $9.99 off!!!! Only just a few days after purchase of 99 cents!

- COVID-19

Anyone killed the entire world with Corona Virus yet? 😂

- Amazing!

I love the idea of the scenarios! Good job! 🦠🧬

- Really great but..

I love the game but could you add new infections like the coronavirus and give them boosts depending on the country they start in

- Awesome

This game is awesome I can see why it is the #1 strategy game! Definitely worth the purchase. What makes is even better is that you don’t need in-app purchases to advance. Thx

- Great

It is very fun and entertains me I like viruses and stuff.

- Coronavirus

iT’s CoRoNa TiMe 🤪



- Best game

Good game love it

- Good game but could be worked on more

The game is good and everything but when a cure is started it’s like every time I pop a blue bubble it always goes up faster and when the worlds infected barely any DNA bubbles spawn in. The cure also goes up to fast when it starts

- Amazing

This game is too amazing to comprehend in words. It is amazing from the reality of it all to the free movement. I personally believe this is THE best game ever.

- Death to Humans

Corona Virus ain’t got nothing on this

- Amazing

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!! Joy only problem is that the custom scenarios cost money. It’s understandable though

- Fixed


- Coronavirus

Why is this game a thing

- This is so good

Amazing fun I recommend you to buy it it’s just so fun I mean I took over the world with just bacteria!

- Ruined by greed

Used to love this game redownloaded recently and every step you take your greeted with an opportunity to purchase something...

- God gam

Its Corona Tiame

- Best ever

🤩 I LOV IT 👏🏻👍🏼

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- super fun game

i love this game but can someone working with you guys stop the coronavirus

- Ijngosidrjnfjfjfjsijk


- Fun game no regret

This game is amazing I love it! It’s the perfect game to play on your free time. It’s difficult and that’s why it’s so much fun. Totally worth 0.99$!

- Strains & viruses

The game is very fun. But it would be so much better with more viruses and strains of diseases to play from. It would be so much better with more special strains like (Necroa Virus, Neurax Worm, Simian Flu, and Shadow Plague.)

- Strange

This game let me know that something was going on in Dec 2019.... then I got sick...

- Fun, however...

I’m in love with this game, but I don’t like that I have to pay in order to play all levels. It’s not a dealbreaker though. I understand that they have to get paid for their really awesome work! I lie that when you do pay, you get the future new levels, so it’s worth the 12.99.

- Oof

It would be good if they didnt take my money and not let me download it

- Vibe checker 2020 the game

Just like the simulations

- Amazing

Created boomer-remover so best game ever!


I tap on a country to infect then when I buy an ability or something with DNA points the infection stops it doesn’t infect people no more and I know this because when I buy a lethal ability it says it’s killing fast when the death count is 0 and the infection is about 2-3 people.

- I wish I could give it a 0 star

For some reason the countries aren’t loading so I have to guess what I’m clicking on and I keep having to restart because I end up clicking on the least likely country to spread it I need help

- Perfect game to play during quarantine

I like that you can play as SARS-CoV2.

- I’ve had fun destroying mankind

It has been fun, and I like that you do have to ‘win’ at different levels in order to open more advanced buggies. I am a bit miffed that I bought the lab pack and can’t seem to use the bug I created myself. I would also like to see the ability to adjust human behavior to counter “rich” countries having the advantages of medicine and facilities. Please, there are societies out there that are some of the poorest in the world, but the healthiest on this globe. Plus, as we have seen over the last few months, just because you have money doesn’t mean your stupidity stops (idiots on the beach in Florida in March as thousands die from the pandemic, or people insisting getting their hair and nails done is far more important than staying home. A bioterrorist attack would not ALWAYS be an “escaped” or “stolen”, perhaps it was a mad scientist that is slowly releasing it wanting to infect as many as possible unknowingly for as long as possible, what, too easy to kill off the dumb humans?

- Instant classic

If you love a casual strategy game you’ll love plague inc!

- Meh

What a waste of $0.99! Game is slow, not engaging, and no plausible way to win without buying DNA points or paying money to unlock locked items.

- Too realistic

I started a plague named Coronavirus in China and it became real. Like is that supposed to happen?

- Coronavirus challenge

I will win it big.

- Fun game, some issues.

This games fun and all, but there needs to be a way where you can keep getting some mutation points. Towards the end of the infection, you get nothing and if you don’t have a quick enough lethality, you always end up losing to research even with the research resistance maxed out. You hardly get any during the last couple days/months of in game time. That, or de-evolving should give back more points than just 2. Why do we have to spend 10-27 points just to get back 2 in the late game, I understand because it makes the game harder. But, it’s almost unplayable late game unless you 100% have some way to cheat that, with some method a bunch of wiz kids put together on the internet.

- Great Game

In my opinion, I LOVE this game. Like the game said, it goes with real-world situations and how society is. Heck, I even saw on the news thing saying something about a Fortnite livestream from Singapore... But I give it five stars. My only thing, however, is that I wish it was better or selective quality and it’d be more like the PC version.

- Best Game Ever

Seriously though.

- Amazing

It managed to start an actual plague

- Devolving Mutations Update?

Absolutely love this game to bits, but I can’t tell if there was an update to the way the DNA point refunds work when it comes to devolving certain mutations or if I’m just stupid. If I remember correctly, in certain plague types you were never charged to devolve anything that you evolved while playing (unless you were playing the virus type for example) Now, you have a limited amount of things you can devolve on a certain screen before it starts charging you DNA points. (3-4 I think) If this was something that got changed then boo to the devs because that really wrecks a bunch of player strategies to get some bonus DNA (my own strategies included).

- Horrible

When this game first came out it was great, recently though it’s a money grabber and that’s it. If you play on anything besides easy you will never win unless you pay for the bonuses.

- Oops

I just killed everyone with the boomervirus, sorry.

- Covid-19

My mans playing this got a trophy for canceling 2020 Olympics cause corona


hi plague inc. devs this games is amazing please make new updates and more diseases thank you!

- Great game

This game is very fun, there is many options (if you pay for them). It isn’t that bad for the price at all. The genes work out pretty well for mega brutal mode, I am hoping that you can make more genes. I have most of them. And can you also make a new disease. Or if you can a couple new diseases. So that way I have more diseases to choose in my corona-cation. Keep up the great work.

- COVID-19

If God is playing this then why shouldn’t I

- Plague’s bro’s

Very dope game. In times like these, when you can’t hangout with the bro’s due to a pandemic. No better way to spend your time then virtually spreading a plague

- C O V 1 D

What a topical game. Someone's playing this irl. 10/10

- Amazing game and value

I’ve had this game for years and I still play. It’s fun and addicting. The expansions are amazing. I love that it’s a stand alone game that I can play without an internet connection. The best travel game.

- Money

Don’t you love it pay for an app and then it asks for more money

- Fun

Corona time

- No more dna points?

I read a review in here that said they didnt get anymore dna points after infecting the whole world on normal, same with me, by the time the whole world is infected the cure is about 50% complete even with random mutations fully upgraded.... it barely mutates symptoms. So basically you just watch your virus get cured with out being able to anything about

- Corona Virus Prep rest

Thank you for making this game. I’ve played this game for years and with this virus going around, I feel so prepared for what to look for. Thank you so much for preparing me for this pandemic

- Hits different during a pandemic

Quarantine got me so bored I’m playing mobile games

- Horrifically boring 🤣

Don’t do it to yourself!

- Wow,just wow

This game is amazing is all I have to say.There are a plethora of different real world disease types.Yes it took over a month for me to figure out the strategy for the bacteria but it was fun trying weird and wacky strategies.Then after that it was so easy and I like that.Ndemic Creations,you really have blown me away so much.You all awesome.

- Good

this is fun though it’s kinda scary...

- No cap

Amazing game people should stop hating

- this app was banned in china

chinese commy ban this awsome app this is why i must try it~~

- Cheats

I love this game a lot! However I bought cheats thinking it would count towards a win, and so I could unlock virus etc. Faster.... However that wasn’t the case, and I’m pretty mad about that It would be nice if you could let that count as a win instead of just saying “cheat detected” Many people have probably made this same mistake without knowing. Please take consideration into this review! Thanks!

- Uhhh

I unlocked all genes but it says that I only discovered 45percent of them. i don’t know how to get the rest 30 genes because I tapped everywhere and I didn’t see anything. I unlocked all 35 genes that you can access.

- Good game

It’s pretty darn good the only thing you have to pay money put overall it is good no ads just kill all humans.



- Real life

This is a real life game every time you play you cause people in the real world to become infected with covid-19

- Crap

It sucked, I will never play it again, I recommend not to purchase this app!!!!!!!!!!

- Still enjoy the game...

it’s a freaking game people... ya’ll have to realize and come to terms that the coronavirus could’ve happened the same way we play this game. There is always a agenda... play the game and see the power you have to spread anything and how it could be spread. The way this game is setup is a mirror of how powerful our government is..any government.. China was doing testing with the virus and “oops” it got out🤔 interesting... Just play the freaking game!

- Too hard

As someone on here also said this game is way to hard and there needs to be more dna points I’m leaving this review after trying many different ways to beat this game I have been on the casual the entire time and it only got harder as I played more and more which if I’m playing casual obviously I don’t want to happen as I’m trying to get better not frustrated I’m genuinely disappointed as I was going to recommend this as a great way to spend the day to my friends now I will recommend they don’t get it as it’s a waste of a day trying to beat something so insanely pointless

- Great, love it, however...

Things in the real world are getting kinda scary. To whomever is playing it in Area 51, please just lose the game so we can all live. I know he’s waiting for everyone to get infected to use “organ failure” and kill us all. Great game tho!

- Great game

One of my fav games, it is good all-around 👍

- Corona time

I’ve had the game in past and it was very good, getting it again because the corona virus is here

- Corona virus

Corona virus related I love it

- Missing Map

Loads up until I actually start the game. The whole entire map does not show up when starting the game. Pls fix that.

- Coronavirus

Just seeing this corona virus will play out.

- Corona gang

This is mad ironic

- add

add corona virus / covid-19

- Work of art

This game is an outstanding piece of art. The mechanics work well and all of the scenarios are fun. Definitely deserving of its ranking among strategy games.

- This game is great.

This game is so good, I can finally be the plague!

- Coronavirus

I killed the entire world with the coronavirus on extreme mode🤡

- This is soo fun

I think you should ad a corona virus scenario

- Amazing

Amazing game very fun to play

- It’s great

Some people are just stupid and don’t understand this game has been out for like 10 years. They say it shouldn’t be out because of corona virus but if anything it educates you on how a disease can spread.

- Expansion

I think they should add a special Corona Virus DLC

- Absolutely addictive

Lots of fun and tons of challenge. I liked it so much I bought it on my pc too.

- Perte des achats

J’avais acheter un pack (ver neurax et necroa). Mais maintenant je n’y ai plus accès, il faudrait que je les rachètent :(

- Great game

This is a great game and anyone who is made about having to pay money to get more things is wrong, you can get more by just defeating the previous plague on brutal.

- Coronavirus scare made me wanna play 😆

Won it start bacteria in Russia. Infect everyone no symptoms. Then up legality quickly. Fun!

- Training

here to practice during the coronavirus outbreak

- Trash

I pay for the app. It wants me to pay more. Gives no instructions game is complete garbage

- Dumb clicking

I don’t like this game. Wasn’t aware it’s just a bunch of nonsense clicking. Is there any way I can return this?

- Entertaining

Fun and educational.

- Aight, who played this on the Area 51 computer?

I’m naming all my attempts at Virus more COVID-19

- Wow

This game is so good they made it in real life

- Très addictif

Le jeu est très intéressant. C’est un très bon investissement. Il est beaucoup plus développé que ces plagiat gratuit.

- Suk

He commit ssuukk

- F+L=E

It is really fun if you play Nourax worm!! Can’t stop playing.😊😊

- Oof.

Oof. It’s a good game but OOF.

- Coronavirus

Don’t worry everyone, since the Coronavirus didn’t start in Madagascar it won’t be able to wipe us out completely

- Nice game

100% worth the money

- Good

I stopped playing because it made me paranoid about the corona virus 🦠🦠🦠

- Coronavirus

that’s it

- Pretty fun

I usually play this game on the toilet or during my commute, pretty nice game, just wish you guys could update everything to look like the pc version tho

- Multijoueur

Ce jeux est très bien, mais le serait encore plus avec un mode Multijoueur ou ont pourraient jouer avec nos amis.

- Why.

Can you please make this a little bit easier because I cannot even beat casual mode anyway this game is a piece of crap

- Bug

Restore button isn’t working...

- Great game

This game is very fun and quite good for the price

- Alright..

I like this game, but it has boring plagues.

- Bad

Bad game

- Plague

Very Plague can confirm. 👍

- Plague Inc.

Fun, entertaining for a minute.

- Want a laugh?

Name your plague “My hatred”

- Epic lol

There’s already so many reviews of this game so this isn’t anything new but this game makes my dumb dumb brain smarter! 👍🏼

- Pop up messages interfere with the flow of the game

The pop up messages really get in the way of the satisfaction of popping the bubbles. Especially when new countries get infected in rapid succession it is highly annoying to constantly deal with x’ing out pop up messages.

- Corona

Came here to see if there where corona it’s comments and there where I’d like to confirm that this is all my fault I played on the wrong Area 51 computer

- Great game

Great game to kill some time, Mega Brutal difficultly is fun.

- Ayo it’s corona time rn

Lol coronavirus

- Good game

This game is goat

- Love this game!!!!

I am beating all of the levels on Brutal so that I can unlock the paid plagues (zombies, simian flu, vampires, etc) for free! Google for tutorials if you need help!

- Help

Am I infecting real people?

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- Olympians of Gaming

I first bought this game wayyyyy back at its inception. I bought everything I could buy. All the in game purchases, expansions, the lot. And I am so glad because I have enjoyed every second on this game. I’m hooked as soon as I hear the eerie music play. The ability to wipe out a whole planet with a single click. #godcomplex It’s phenomenal! And worth every single penny. Ndemic... you did good....real good. 👌🏼 Edit in 2020: Someone, somewhere Started their virus with Cheats Enabled in China...

- Sooooooooooo good!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

My favourite youtuber baron plays this and it’s sooo good 🙃! please make a new plague game as there awsome!!!!!!!!,😱🥰😊😶🙃

- h

i like this game i would recommend playing it but there was a bug. i won the game and i was about to get onto virus and it said i failed???!!! also i think on easy mode for bacteria its too hard. i recommend it tho cus its really good

- Amazing

Always cheers me up

- Noy working and and infected by US politcls

Orange man bad

- Yes


- Brilliant

Got very addicted to this game is very interesting and fun to play

- Boi

Boi dis is good, just give it at least 4 star yeh fam

- Amazing

The best game ever you should make an alien invasion expansion we’re you can choose we’re UFO’s land

- Addictive fun

Very good fun. Addictive. Sometimes frustrating. Well worth a spin.

- Won’t let me pass

Used to love this game however every time I win on normal on the first mode, it should ideally unlock virus but instead tells me I’ve already got a saved game and puts me back in the previous game I just played, thus not letting me unlock anything unless I pay. Tried several times to unlock virus and even though I won each time, still won’t unlock. Puts me off the game if I’m honest.

- Corona


- Good simulator

Guys everyone move to Madagascar and shut it’s port it’s the best way to stop corona also we need to approve human experimentation

- Best simulation ever!

This game should be #1 top paid game but instead it’s #4! Amazing concept! I hope to see more added to the game like more scenarios and plague types! Hope to see more!

- Ok

So this game gave me corona virus, thanks developers.

- Really good ... but

So i just bought this game and I’ve been playing it for a solid 4 hours and I can’t for the live of me understand how when every single person on Earth is infected with an insanity virus they can still cure themselves. How can someone create and administer a cure if everyone on the planet is insane ?? Please fix this or just change it because the amount of times I have lost to this is just infuriating.

- See it from the virus’ point of view.

We are in the CoronaVirus Pandemic. I’ve been playing this game for a year. I can see, and have myself, changed the game’s virus’ properties in order to kill all of humanity. So what was a fun game is now a training tool in staying alive. A great game and as it turned out... it is now educational.

- Who did it

Who started a game on the Area 51 computer

- Looks like this game has come to real life.

It’s scary how I’ve played this game for about 3 years and now it’s like the scenarios that I’ve played so many times are now really happening! Scary Stuff. Brilliant game btw

- VR

Was playing this in VR, must’ve played it for ages. Because when I took the headset off, nothing changed.

- Wow, so good

I love this game. I loved it well before the coronavirus, but, damn guys! You so got it all so realistic. Honestly, the other day I looked at the newspaper headlines and they looked like coming out of the game. Have you released the Covid-19 in the world? I am joking. Great game

- Help

I just started a virus in game and now in real life, help.

- Pathetic

This game was alright. But I’ll stick to jailbroke versions. You’ve capitalised the game so if you haven’t spent money buying extras it’ll become boring and next to impossible real quickly. The admins know exactly what they’re doing. Unless you’re willing to throw these dogs a bone there’s minimal enjoyment you can gain from this game, they’ve also written their own reviews 😉 don’t think I don’t see this. They got some genuine bad reviews so went mad writing daft reviews to try block out the bad ones... notice how all the good reviews look like they’ve been typed by the same person folks? When coronavirus ends. This game will eventually end up dead end. Like the admins. You had a good thing going here you horrible idiots. I will be contacting Apple to get a refund! And I’ll definitely be letting them know why.

- Great

Very realistic. Perfectly simulated reality.

- Shame on the Chinese Government

It’s a shame the Chinese government lied and hid evidence, arrested whistleblowers instead of dealing with their problem. Now they’re irradiating games related to their disease. 5* to this game.

- It’s ok if you want to get bored

It’s ok for the first minute or two then just boring waste of time and money

- Gud gamer

Amazing game, trust it to be #1.....

- Not buy this game wish I could refund

Every lvl I need to wan YouTube I infect everyone start killing in less then a minute they made the cure even on casual

- Why

This game just gets so boring since you have to wait forever to get DNA points. And everything is locked and to unlock them you need to do quest, so I did it and now it says I have to pay money to unlock the rest. So I’m asking for a refund

- This game should be for 1,0000000 pounds

This game is fantastic what could else could you ask for?!



- Yo

This is great hahaha yeye

- Covid-19

Infect the world and destroy humanity..... Magnificent game well worth the pennies

- Quite realistic 😷

The best strategy for me that worked is to place the virus in China and wait for panda government to be quiet for a few months until it reaches uncontrollable point where they have to announce officially about pandemic, then of course it is too late... and the whole world has to deal with all this madness later. Oh, I forgot about the game - it's great! 5 stars totally recommend...

- Please Read

This is a great game but I’ve been having issues more than three times and it’s always the same issue.When the cure is about 70% and I’ve killed all of the people and I’m meant to win it says I got defeat although I killed everyone and the cure wasn’t even complete . It happened three times and it really annoys me since I was meant to win. Thankyou for reading and I hope it gets fixed. If any info needed I will say : I’m on IPad IOS and I played on normal mode, the issues happened on the same day each time . I’ve bought the game yesterday and I’ve been through the tutorial.

- Great game

This is a great game. I can really relate with what’s happening in the world currently with coronavirus!!! 😂😂😂 This is the best game I’ve ever downloaded!!! Would fully recommend

- Very good


- Newfoundland?

Brilliant game I’ve had it installed for years now but I’ve only just noticed how Newfoundland does not exist on the north east cost of North America, not a massive issue but it bothers be every night that it’s not there, I’m British so no idea why. Any way 5 star game but the lack of Newfoundland makes it a 4, add the Famous Rock and I will give it 5 stars😁

- New update is not cool

Why did you have to update the game and make a new disease named coronavirus only 4 stars

- Please stop

Please we get it just stop with the corano virus please

- Great game

This game is a fun complicated challenge sucking you into the eerie spirit with its scary music and sound affects; it is so life like and is just a fantastic game. This is worth paying for!

- Appropriate

M m m myyyy corona🎵

- HELP!!!

I didn’t think my virus could turn into reality!!! I want a healthy world back!!!

- Playing this is like living in UK at the moment

It’s uncanny how the news articles in game are now reflecting real events, very good game. But it’s weird to be living through a pandemic.

- (Update population)


- Covid 19

Mak covid 19 Please

- Good game

I did better than the Coronavirus on it so yeah Good game!!!

- Nice

It very good gaim fun and nice

- I used the wrong iPhone X

Sooooo I work at Area-51 and we have....secrets.....I may of used the wrong iPhone X................

- Incredible

Amazing game and 110% worth the money. So fun and addictive

- The bubbles aren’t appearing on my screen


- Great Game

Relatively easy to get all the levels done on normal, after a few tries. (I have done each virus type on normal) Nice game :)

- A shell of the PC version...for the $$$

I bought this for $0.99 so I have to say I wasn’t expecting it to be exactly like the PC version. I was first introduced to this on mobile years ago and back then I remember it being challenging but rewarding. A fun game to let loose any type of plague and watch it unfold on the world right before your eyes. Now coming back years later, I finally played this PC and man what a game this is on PC. Now keep in mind that on PC you’re paying full price, roughly $20-$30. This includes all the different genes, scenarios etc... you just have to unlock them by playing and winning the game. That’s fair enough and how the game should be set up. It’s sort of what I expected here. The major difference is, you can buy all the scenarios, genes through various micro transactions. I thought we’ll surely that can’t be so bad I’ll just play to unlock them. I was wrong. Previous reviews on here that are positive have to be for a previous version of the game or people who just play on casual (I don’t know why you would, you can’t unlock anything on casual) but they really have made it basically impossible to win the game to unlock the next scenario. At first you might think, “well you’re just playing it wrong.” No I have tested the exact same scenario on PC with the same difficulty and the same ways I evolved it. I win on PC every time but on this mobile version I don’t even come close, it’s like the game realises you’re about to win and the developers have made it aware to slow down your progress towards the end of the game. DNA points stop flowing in, research is getting faster by the second, and no matter how you try to slow the research down it does nothing. I tried the two research blockers at the end and the cure would go from 79% down to 76% and fly above 80% before you could blink. Out of DNA points and no way to gain more, you are forced to sit back and watch your disease be cured as you lose the game. This is on Normal difficulty as well, it’s crazy to think this game on the App Store is published by the same people who made the PC version. Honestly paying the full price of this game for all the add ons is probably worth it on mobile, I just think it’s a slightly shady tactic to get people in with the $0.99 price tag only to be hit with this insane difficulty barrier forcing you to then drop another $20 to actually play the game right. I wonder this as well, if I buy all of the add on content, does the game reset itself to how it’s meant to be played? Does it actually mirror the superior PC product? How about you just charge the full price of the game and give us everything up front so we can enjoy and unlock everything as we go? Sorry for the long review/rant I just think everyone should be aware what they’re getting into before purchasing this. TL;DR: Game difficultly is pretty much impossible forcing you to buy all the add on content on top of the base game. If you expect and exact copy of the PC version this isn’t it, if you do buy all the add on content though who knows? It might just become the perfect mobile port.

- Awesome Game

The scenarios are very difficult to get 3 biohazard symbols on. Most diseases cure way too fast, regardless of how you play the scenario. Overall though, great fun

- Enjoyed this

So to be real my parents don’t agree with buying things on the AppStore so it took a lot to convince them to buy me this! Worth it

- Real life experience

I love the reality it gives with spreading the disease. I hope to survive the epidemic of coronary by practicing this everyday to avoid getting it myself. Good luck to you all travelling and going to public spaces. I shall see you in 10 months.

- Restore purchase

This game is truly amazing, I will say. But, there is one big problem, I accidentally purchased something with money and it won’t let me restore my purchases! I can’t get back the purchase I made using restore purchase. This NEEDS to be fixed.

- Typical Pay to play boredom

A good game for slow people to waste their lives on. Never follow reviews on App Store. (Except this one ) Game is a turd

- Flawless

Love it. People who complain about it being too challenging are either not approaching it right or don’t play enough. It’s a horrifically magnificent game and the addition of the alternate modes, especially the positive ones make for endless hours of play! :)

- Different to anything else I’ve played

Absolutely Genius

- 1 more thing

Please just please add coronavirus

- One of my favourites

I started playing this game when it first came out and got through most of the levels, so I decided to uninstall it. But about a month ago I downloaded it again and was amazed to see the number of scenarios and extra features included. Fun and challenging and dark and just one of my favourite games! I particularly enjoy the Necroa Virus expansion; It adds a bit more complexity to an already very enjoyable game structure.

- Fix plz

I can’t get past the normal level because every time I upgrade my cunttttssushhsbusb

- Corona time

Ngl, China really do be like that sometimes.

- Great Games

This games is great people should get it I’m addicted

- Caronavirus


- Fun

Fun to play a bit of thinking and strategy good to play the villian very realistic with the way the disease is played(acts)

- Fix it

This game would be more fun if the difficulty wasn’t so hard to get pass and as a beginner I think it’s a little dumb to have access to only one virus mode because it’s just to hard to get pass so there’s nothing to do but I think it would be more fun it this was fixed and evened out so it’s not just raging in frustration about a game with lots of hype, I feel lied to this game needs adjustments.

- Needs more news and events

And a scenario where the WHO kowtows to the CCP and feeds lies and misinformation.

- Suggestion

Hey James love your game. I have neurax necro and expansions but I’d like to suggest for a more immersive experience at the end of a game some sort of speech from the UN depending on how bad your plague was Also city cams for mobile would be great considering it would be quite easy to add simple pictures to a mobile game

- Great game

Made the coronavirus in this game and eliminated the earth r.i.p

- I love this

I love this so now I can pretend the Coronavirus is killing everyone! Oh wait...

- Great game! One problem and one question though...

So, great game. Fun to experiment with different genes, disease types and symptoms. One problem, though. I’ve bought the Custom Scenarios and the Pro Upgrade for it. No problems with purchasing, but the problem is with loading a previous game with custom scenarios. Whenever i try to load a save from a custom scenario, the game will crash, forcing me to start that scenario again. Oh, and my question, as mentioned in the title. Why is multiplayer not on here? I’m assuming it’s something to do with server limits and screen size limits, as the HUD on Evolved Singleplayer looks different to Evolved’s multiplayer. But still is an amazing game, and worth the money for the game itself and custom scenarios.

- Good game but...

Oi make a corona virus dlc before it erases human beings

- Corona virus took over the world

Bruh moment boys

- Cure way to fast

Game is great BUT the cure is too fast before I can kill everyone, and I really don’t want to just pay to experience all the types, make the cure slow on the first level and on the rest normal speed, please it would help alot considering this to new players, I’ve been stuck on the first level many many times and I just can’t get passed it. Please make it slow on the first level then normal speed on all the levels, Sincerely, a fan.

- 一個預言遊戲


- Corona virus

Great game to see if WHO can beat the corona virus

- Survive January

I dunno if the people who made this game read this stuff the game is really good but please make a survive January 2020 mode where you have a month to kill everybody with Chinese coronavirus, Australian bush fires and African Locust swarms please make this happen

- This game is becoming real and I oop

Really fun game! Not so fun in real life though... speaking of which, will there be a corona virus update or expansion? 😨

- Great game!


- Good game

This is how corona started damn you bill gates

- uh oh spaghettio

the world playin this game irl rn

- 👍

I really love this game but I wish they made the add on packs free

- Great game

This game is amazing and very fitting as an actual virus might kill us

- #coronavirus

Great game, especially now the world is in danger with coronavirus

- Corona virus

Great game. I love how the creators started the Corona Virus epidemic for publicity. Outstanding move

- Coincidence, I think not!!!

Topping the charts just as the corona virus happens, I mean it’s good advertising but you evolved deadly symptoms too early.

- Coronavirus

I played this game before the coronavirus, then downloaded it again to see how the coronavirus could spread.

- I love the internet

You know I couldn’t infect the world. But I’m sure my new corona virus can.

- Coronavirus

I just bought this game to write a review so I could write coronavirus

- Coronavirus

Playing this to see how the worlds gonna fare against the corona virus


Add an extra Scenario, and make it reflect on what happened. Like it would originate from China, the lethal bar is medium.. etc.

- I was playing this game before coronavirus 2020 outbreak

Does this make me an influencer

- Coronavirus

First World War 3 now this bro who switched us from maultiplayer to zombies

- Tis good for a $1


- Great game

Great game love playing it! I have spent quite some time on it

- Wuhan is invincible!

Stay with all Chinese fight against virus

- We get it you hate trump.

I’ve never seen a more politically biased game in my life, you could have kept it neutral but instead this game is filled with trump hating lefty nonsense. We get it you hate trump.

- So fun👏

This game is really enjoyable to meddle with and it’s so fun to take over the world. When you get down to the bone, it’s become so tense and suspenseful. The only downside is you may have to pay money. I personally don’t think that takes away from the game.

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Plague Inc. 1.17.4 Screenshots & Images

Plague Inc. iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Plague Inc. iphone images
Plague Inc. iphone images
Plague Inc. iphone images
Plague Inc. iphone images
Plague Inc. iphone images
Plague Inc. iphone images
Plague Inc. iphone images
Plague Inc. iphone images
Plague Inc. iphone images
Plague Inc. ipad images
Plague Inc. ipad images
Plague Inc. ipad images
Plague Inc. ipad images
Plague Inc. ipad images
Plague Inc. ipad images
Plague Inc. ipad images
Plague Inc. ipad images
Plague Inc. ipad images
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Plague Inc. Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Plague Inc. (Version 1.17.4) Install & Download

The applications Plague Inc. was published in the category Games on 2012-05-26 and was developed by Ndemic Creations [Developer ID: 525818842]. This application file size is 121.1 MB. Plague Inc. - Games posted on 2020-02-26 current version is 1.17.4 and works well on IOS 9.3 and high versions.

Plague Inc. Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes

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