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Microsoft Teams [Business] App Description & Overview

Microsoft Teams is your hub for teamwork, which brings together everything a team needs: chat and threaded conversations, meetings & video conferencing, calling, content collaboration with the power of Microsoft 365 applications, and the ability to create and integrate apps and workflows that your business relies on.

You can now also use Microsoft Teams to manage your personal life - chat, make plans, share shopping lists, tasks and even your location, coordinate events with fellow club or family members and make decisions quickly. Teams provides a single hub to help you stay connected, get organized and bring balance to your entire life.

Easily move between your work and personal account to stay organized throughout the day. Whether you’re sprinting towards a deadline or helping your kids with their homework, Teams can help you achieve more.

Connect & Communicate
• Chat 1-1, use group messages or dedicated channels to communicate with the entire team**
• HD audio and video calls for scheduled face-to-face meetings from almost anywhere**
• Mention individual team members, or the whole team at once, to get your colleagues’ attention**
• To-do lists, calendars, and cloud storage access right in group chats
• Personal chats, documents, & files can be securely accessed

Organize Your Whole Life
• File sharing & editing on the go makes managing your work projects a breeze**
• Intelligent search finds documents, spreadsheets, & photos in chats and team conversations **
• Custom notifications give you control to stay focus on what matters most**
• Work calendar & personal calendar both in one app
• Group dashboards to view important items, shared locations, & upcoming tasks within a group chat

Safety & Security
• Enterprise-level security and compliance you expect from Microsoft 365**
• Location sharing to let colleagues, friends and family know where you are*
• Storage in the Safe where you and your group can store, access, and share important data like passwords, frequent flier miles or your hotel reward number

*Must be enabled and active

**Commercial features of this app require a paid Microsoft 365 commercial subscription, or a trial subscription of Microsoft Teams for work. If you’re not sure about your company’s subscription or the services you have access to, visit to learn more or contact your IT department.

By downloading Teams, you agree to the license (see and privacy terms (see For support or feedback, email us at

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Microsoft Teams Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Microsoft Teams Comments & Reviews

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- Solid App for Team Collaboration

I was a reluctant participant to Microsoft Teams when it came out. I felt that this is yet another application that’s purporting to bring teams together and make it easier and fun for distributed teams to huddle. I am glad I was wrong. Teams kind of grows on you. It doesn’t have a lack of features... but they are presented in a way that facilitates better interaction. Yes, there are issues when you invite someone external to participate on your Teams. This part of having external users I thought was quite difficult in the beginning... but it has come a long ways. Also, the part where you are having live events with external participants. I can understand that Teams has to observe a fine line between external participation and security. I think they have done that. I also find the limits on video conferencing a challenge; but for internal meetings, it works rather well. I love how you can bring in various assets into the meetings and engage with them. There’s a lot to love about Teams, and a lot to poke holes at... ultimately, the type of application will drive the engagement from your participants, and your eventual appreciation.

- Teams preliminary evaluation (first week)

Praise: Internal integration of various technologies (Skype, Sharepoint, Outlook Calendar, etc.) and external connectivity with Office 365 constituents is seamless and functional. In particular, remote meetings capabilities, including chat, desktop share, audio, all work well within our corporate network. Also, client-based app and web-based app have essentially the same functionality and look-and-feel, which is definitely preferred. iPhone-based mobile app works well so far. Very good compliment to the main Teams usage on my corporate Microsoft Surface Pro. Criticism: I was never a fan of the Sharepoint-based file presentation and interface. Windows Explorer in details mode using libraries, shortcuts, etc. is preferred for file management. Maybe Sharepoint file presentation is needed for tablet devices. I’m a longtime laptop point-click user. Also, in meetings, it was not obvious how to re-display the control bar (enable mute, for example) once the control bar disappeared automatically. I learned how eventually, but guidance on such important items should be more prominent. I had to hunt for a solution.

- Pretty good

Ok so we all know the global pandemic has bringed us to do everything at home. I am a student that uses this app DAILY and i really like it, but recently they did this new update that changed everything but not a lot because you could still understand everything that u have to do in the app so over all i liked the update. BUT there is this section on Microsoft Teams called assignments ( keep in mind that i have been using this app for YEARS)(*with no problem at all*) this section let you see all your assignments that you have to do and they’re due dates, how much they’re worth, etc. And this section was divided by every class, teams, group, etc. For example: if you went to assignments it would appear a list of all of ur classes, groups, teams, etc. And you have to click the class that you would like to see the assignments. I really liked how they were divided BUT now in the new update all of the assignments are put together and i REALLY DONT LIKE THAT because i like to keep everything very organized and i dont like that the assignments are all mixed together. Overall i like this app a lot and its very easy to use is just the little things that bother me a tiny bit.

- I love this app!

We went virtual over the last quarter of school and teams was awesome! It gave me notifications and the calendar was an awesome tool. I like how if you forget about a class it gives you a notification that tells you the class has started. And how the messages work like, well normal text messages. I also like how you can message your teachers about class work or anything! Maybe even just a thank you, and how you can message class mates but not strangers from other schools. I have never had a single lag! Oh and I like the new feature of being able to see more than four people on your screen. This works great as a collaboration app, an app for virtual meetings, even school! I am trying so hard to think of any criticism or something back right now, I am searching every inch of my brain. It’s like when you ask Siri and she doesn’t give you an answer. Well since there’s nothing bad to say, thank you for reading my “constructive criticism” comment. -Liv

- Several improvements would be helpful

Having used multiple conference/online meeting applications, there are several items that have made Teams not the easiest to use. Several clients have had trouble logging in and easily using the application, can always say why I just relay their feedback. I also want to add new participants on the fly to calls/meetings by adding their emails but they’re not accepted if they are not ‘recognized.’ If using regularly for internal teams I’m sure it’ll run better but for external sales and presentations to new prospects it doesn’t run as smooth as I require. Several times when trying to launch conferences calls thru the Teams apps, participants couldn’t hear me. So then I had to dial in outside of the app but that created issues since I had already logged in online. It would also be helpful to be able to have a static conference ID for our business so I can use it regularly rather than having to schedule each call and use unique call/meeting log ins. We use Teams as it’s part of the MS applications and we want to keep everything under one umbrella, but there are improvements that would help to put it on par with other conferencing/online meeting applications.

- Love Teams! Needs a few things to be perfect!

Teams has been an excellent communication tool as all coworkers are working remote now. Very easy to collaborate, create team calls, screen shares, etc. A few updates would be the cherry on top. 1. As a creative team we are always dropping files into the chat function to share progress shots, inspiration images and comps. I, and a lot of my team uses the same file naming structure for these images - so there are multiple files with the same name. Teams will not let you upload 2 files with the same name without a pop up window asking if you want to keep both files...and if I click yes it renames them xxxxxx(1), xxxxxx(2) and so on. Please make it so it either let’s me keep both files with the same name without asking or renames them automatically without asking. 2. When an audio call comes in via Teams it only shows the person initiating the call. If John Doe is calling through a multi-user group it only shows up as John Doe making team calls vs a single user call indistinguishable. A “John Doe via Project xxxxxx Group” would be all it needs. 3. More customizability within chat groups. We use chat groups 99% of the time vs broader team group windows. Would be nice to be able to change sounds, chat group avatar, background image, etc. Other than that love the app and it’s integration into Outlook calendar and contacts!

- Best app for video conferencing

Really , this app deserves 10 stars . Very good app , I have installed both in my IPad and computer . It has many features like you can add background effects in your background, share your screen , record the call , add subtitles and invite participants and even guests! In chat , you can not only write messages but edit it like a champ! You can post in multiple groups , not allow people to reply and much more . You can also attach files and give praises and create a poll! in files column , you can upload files , make folders , download them , sync them , you can also make assignments and give grades ! and the new features just made me drive off ! The opening in new windows and together mode , raise hand , and quick meet option are just great! I don’t know why the foolish people are disliking this app , but I like it very very very very very very very very much.

- Nice start; needs polish

Overall Teams is a decent collaboration tool. When using it without being used to other competitors’ methods of working then Teams is intuitive and nice. When comparing it to Slack, then Teams takes one step forward and two backwards. But not all is hopeless! The service simply needs a handful of features and UI enhancements to improve. In terms of the iOS app, here’s some quick updates: 1. When I get notifications on multiple devices, they should dismiss from all devices once I’ve acknowledged it on any of the devices. Right now when I read something on my phone, the Mac app keeps the badge notifications. The inverse is also true. This is rather annoying. 2. More granular notifications. I don’t want to see a notification for certain channels in a team, even if a channel command is used. The lack of a mute function is unbearable. 3. Dark Mode. It’s 2018 and I don’t want to stare at a bright background in the evenings. Please give the option to enable a dark mode to save our eyesight and battery life (for OLED screens).

- Best Microsoft app in a decade

In a world where young innovative companies having been running circles around time-honored giants like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and SAP, it is rare to see one of the “80’s companies” produce an application that is (to put it bluntly) - relevant. Microsoft Teams puts Microsoft back on the ‘must-have’ software map, and could become the bridge the connects the old world with the new world. Unlike past product offerings, Microsoft Teams has made it easy to integrate newer (non-Microsoft) apps side-by-side with trusted enterprise apps like Office365 and SharePoint. Imagine a team collaboration “home page” where topic-based chat rooms, instant webcam meetings, private cloud file storage, mobile productivity apps and trusted office documents, live side by side in perfect harmony. For companies who are trying to make the transition from old to new; from Gen-X to Millenials and Gen-Z, Microsoft Teams provides an easy and intuitive way to get there. (Five stars)

- Indispensable

Outstanding. Quick to pick up. Everyone benefits from it; expert and participant alike. Excellent for exploiting visual, auditory, and participatory learning and collaboration. In my experience as of April 22, 2020, multi-person editing (one person per paragraph) while on audio is a hysterically productive madhouse of rapid collaboration. It’s like watching Lionel Messi and the whole Barcelona football team do rapid-fire one-touch triangular volleys ending in a goal. However, at the moment, PowerPoint allows only one person at a time per text box (wish it could be one per bullet), and for some reason I can’t edit Visio in Teams(wish I could). Best I can do at the moment is share my screen and watch someone else edit my file while I point out things with my mouse. Bummer, since Visio is my main tool for Business Process Modeling and Notation.

- iOS improvements

The iOS version of Teams isn’t great. There are too many places all over the screen to click on, and everyone sees your arm moving around the screen until you turn the camera off (which requires you to move your arm around the screen). Just put all the controls in one strip, which a user could move to either the top, bottom, or either side depending on preference. And keep the strip up all the time - having to tap on the screen to activate controls is super annoying. Additionally, one should be able see whoever is talking while looking at other things, so just put in a “half-screen slider “ that lets you scroll over to the attendee list or comments or files or whatever. And then make it so you could continue sliding either direction so you can either go back to a full video screen, or forward to a full screen of “other”. Doing this would make the app much better to use!

- No notifications

This app has a lot of potential, but can be very frustrating. My main issue by far is the lack of notifications on my phone. I have both the desktop and mobile apps, but can’t get a single notification on my phone. I’ve turned all notifications off and back on both in the app and in my phone settings. I made sure there are no quiet hours, turned on notifications even when I’m active on desktop, turned on all notification styles in my phone settings, went through each team and chat to turn notifications on, and nothing. I get nothing. If I want to step away from my desk for a few minutes I have to bring my phone with me and constantly check it. I’ve done every troubleshooting tip, even though it’s all the things I already tried. Please fix this, it’s a big problem to not get notifications. Other than that, there’s sometimes a noticeable lag in getting messages or statuses updating. I for some reason don’t get calls on my phone, but I used to so I think that may be connected to the lack of notifications. No ability to put that your out of office as a status without putting an event in the calendar. How is there not an “off” status? The closest you can put is “away,” which is frustrating when you need to chat w someone and don’t know if they’re away for a few minutes or the rest of the day. Overall, it’s a decent app but several improvements are desperately needed.

- Teams is great and the app is mostly great.

When my computer died and I started working from my iPad , I was worried I would loose a lot of my functionality in Teams as my organization works almost exclusively in Teams. I’ve been pleased to find that for the most part, the app offers the same functionality and even has a couple advantages. In a multi person call, the app will automatically shift from a multi view to a main speaker (talks more than 30-60 seconds without interruption) and back as needed. The down sides are mainly small such as you can’t have chat open and see the video feeds of others in the meeting at the same time. The only major piece of functionality that is missing is the ability to start a video call in a channel or a chat with yourself (which we use to record and share presentations.) Developers: Please add this function to the app and you’ll have a 5 star rating from me. :)

- Baha

Not all these 8th graders coming to try and dent the 4.8 customer review with their “I hate school” reviews. Anyways, this is a pretty cool app. It’s better than zoom, imo. It is tricky to get the hang of at first though, mostly because of the lack of training before the district had our school use this as our live classtime platform. The only issue I have is recently it’s been seriously bugging out. Yesterday classes had to be cancelled and due dates delayed (which is cool, yes, but not for when we still have to do the lessons crammed into time later.) today, most of the students could get on but this morning the app on my ipad stopped letting me in. I’m about to see if it let’s me in now that I’ve redownloaded it, but if not I’ve lost my backup plan for when the school’s *global protect* stops working again. Edit: no it did not let me in. Microsoft, please fix this, or if there is a way to troubleshoot that would be cool.

- iOS App Needs Updating

I’ve had major issues with my calendar section of the app never loading. It continually says it is “updating” but never finishes loading. I would also really love to have more features that mirror the desktop app. I can’t initiate using the whiteboard from a video call, but I can participate if someone else starts it. As a teacher, I'd love to use this. It is also really difficult to use video conferencing for teaching because I cant keep the chat open with the video screen at the same time. Please consider adding a pop out where the chat can come up next to the video like the desktop app. I also find it difficult that I can only use one note if it launches the app (which also lack features that are available on the desktop version, like the math function) rather than being able to use OneNote directly from teams. Lastly, I want to be able to manage my teams from my iPad app because currently some of the manage features are only available on the desktop version. Otherwise, the platform itself isn’t bad and some parts of the app, such as assignments, are exactly the same as the desktop version if I have them side by side to compare. I’m not sure why the app has less functionality than the desktop version, but with so many people using tablets nowadays, especially to teach from, please make them the same with all functionality.

- Amazing Work from Home Flexibility

The best part of this app is that you can take work meetings on the go! If you’re like me and on countless work calls (most of which you’re not contributing too) get this app! Need to do the dishes but you have another work call where middle age white men just banter back and forth to hear themselves talk? Power up the teams app! Wanna go for a walk but you have yet another meeting that could’ve been an email? Power up the teams app! Need to go for a drive just to get out of the house? Power up the teams app! You can stream meetings through your Bluetooth app! Does your boss like to call you on Friday afternoon to make sure you’re working and not day drinking? Power up the teams app! Calls come through your phone. Cannot say enough good things about this!

- Needs some help!

Overall, it’s a pretty great app! I had to download it for school, and for about the first week it worked great. I could chat with friends, turn my work in ( after 1 hour of trying to figure out how to do that ), and even call and FaceTime friends and teachers. But about 2/3 weeks into using this app, the bugs started happening. I can’t call any people anymore without the app just giving out and kicking me back to home screen, or doing the same when I try to turn into assignments. Very disappointed, now I have to email my teachers instead of being able to properly turn it in ( which causes much more stress for them too! My school has 1,200 students! ). I really love the idea of the app, but the glitches have almost taken over the app for me, and makes it stressful to complete school work. Also, I feel as if the app should have a guide when you first download the app too! When I downloaded it, the app was very confusing and I didn’t know where everything was, and it took me almost an hour to find my way into assignments and turning them in. It was like being in a maze! ( not a pleasant experience! ). I honestly hope this app can improve! COVID-19 will probably not end anytime soon, and I will be stuck using this app for at least a year. I don’t hate this app, but I think there are some large improvements that need to be made, so please take this as constructive criticism!

- iPhone image looks terrible to recipients

My company decided to use Microsoft Teams exclusively. I’ve used the app in both iPad and iPhone. The iPad app seems to be OK, but one of features that Teams needs to fix is that you can’t “chat” as the video conference is going on. If my colleagues are on a laptop and sending messages, I don’t see it. I am able to see the conversations after I’ve ended the video conference. Also the iPhone X (iOS 13.5.1) video only seems to work in portrait. And what looks OK on my end, looks horribly up close for my recipients (think funhouse convex mirror) with an extended wide side view. When I set the iPhone in landscape, the others see me turned 90º to the side still hideously up close. I literally need to hold the iPhone at arms length and lean back before others can see me at a normal size (but now I have the joy of looking out to the conferencees with a double chin 🙁). Microsoft fix this!

- Sales Rep

I have never written a review on any app even the ones I like. Don’t ask why, however I had to write one on teams because it’s healed a lot of unneeded frustration in the sales entry aspects of my career. I have been able to talk to internal customer service people without waiting I the cue on the phone for a simple fix. Reach back out to the same service people if the previous issue is unresolved instead of trying to find “Nemo” in an ocean of service people when calling back. I’ve been able to see and understand my organization’s structure and look up managers and key organizational people. Also I’ve strengthened more working relationships within my organization. Teams is an effective and efficient systems and tool which has even More to offer than I care to type.

- Actually Impressed

I’m not one to stop and take the time to write a review, but if an app has ever deserved some praise it would be this one. My opinion is based solely on a few weeks of heavy use of Teams since COVID-19 has forced our crew to rapidly transition to working from home, so there could still be a slight chance that what I say fails to take all circumstances into account. That being said, I really have enjoyed Teams as a collaborative tool. I’ve organized and participated in meetings with multiple users (usually 3 or 4, up to 10 on a few occasions) and the Teams interface has functioned flawlessly almost every time. Screen-sharing with audio communication, video conferencing and group presentations are the features I’ve used the most, and they are all user-friendly and simple to execute. The multi-user meetings with content sharing even worked well on my iPhone (this was something that truly impressed me). Plus there’s a “give control” option that you can use if you need hands-on help trouble shooting an issue on your device (fyi - I’ve only used this feature on our company’s Macs and PC’s, haven’t tried it on a phone or tablet). In summary: a few weeks in, and I’ve got nothing but praise for Microsoft Teams

- Law firm

What I especially like about this app is the fact that similar to WhatsApp it allows for a conversation to take place without multiple emails going back-and-forth and having other emails come in, in between those emails. It keeps a better flow to the work that’s being performed and doesn’t simply clog up our email boxes. I’m also able to not only create different teams for different purposes but if I really want to I can create different categories with each team. I especially like creating the different teams and dealing with different members of my law firm through those different groups, again keeping organized those discussions back-and-forth. I highly recommend using this app it’s been terrific it has a desktop component as well as apps for the iPhone

- I Hate Change! (Laughing)

I was...not happy... when I learned we were moving to Teams in my company. I don’t like change of any kind for the first 3 days. I reluctantly attended the initial training class on how to use Teams, rolling my eyes, thinking, ‘I will never figure this out.’ It’s been six months and I’m a huge fan! I can’t live without it! I use it on my laptop and I have the app. I’ve ventured out to learn more about all the other options on surveys and forms but am still learning. It took me about a day to figure out chat and navigate/participate comfortably in a chat. It took me 2-3 hours to learn how to successfully present a presentation and share screen w/co-workers. It took less than 30 min to set up my own Teams channel. Forms and other apps are taking a bit longer.

- Surprised

I don’t write a lot of reviews but have to say this app / service is slick. Our office uses MS 365 and generally detest MS software but figured I’d try this out to see if it was worth while for the team to use. I am actually surprised with how easy it is to use for chat and really surprised at the video quality. You can make voice calls and leave voicemails too! Sharing files and having team discussions in separate channels has been a blessing to my email inbox. The only challenges experienced have been memory usage and battery drain. This app will gobble up every bit of free memory and battery power it can get its hands on. Since I’m on a laptop that’s no bueno¡ Overall, the service is stable, feature rich, and has great iOS apps. Again, really surprised me.

- iPad app still only shows 3 other participants during a videoconference

Good video quality with no lag compared to Cisco Webex and Zoom, but it’s frustrating that the iPad app only shows 4 faces at a time, one of which is yours. Unlike Webex and Zoom, you don’t even have the option of swiping to see other participants’ videos. So you only see 3 other faces, only one of which switched to various people talking. The other 2 faces strangely remained constant during a video conference with 9 other people. Despite spending a lot of time Googling, I did not come across any article indicating that the iPad app still had this limitation as of mid-July 2020 despite articles back in April 2020 that MS had increased the view to 9 people (which I now realize is limited to the desktop app). In any event, kudos to Microsoft to allowing unlimited video conference times for free accounts when Webex has reverted to a 50-minute time limit and Zoom has always had a 40-minute limit.

- Good, but lots of glitches

I’ve been using teams for a while, almost a few years, and I think that it’s a really good app for school, work, or whatever you use it for. I mostly use it fo online school, and it help organize a lot of my work. The only thing is that there are frequent glitches, and it makes it hard to do my work. Most of the videos that I get sent don’t load, and it used to be a once-in-a-while thing, but now none of the videos load. The space is left blank. I’ve tried many things, and none of them work. It also crashes randomly, and more frequently goes to a blank screen, freezes up, or just crashes while I’mi n the middle of something. But other than that, I think that teams is a very good app, and would recommend it if they would fix some of the glitches.

- Teams delivers on the promise of workforce optimization!

I am incredibly passionate about Teams and how it delivers an optimized & integrated experience for teams to collaborate across geographic and office boundaries. With integration into outlook, emails, conf calls, video calls, chat sessions, document sharing, message boards, etc. is all integrated in 1 Platform! Use these features interactively to see the power of the teams For example, I’ll be on a video conf call, when I decide to quickly share my screen, and pull up a document from teams library. My team and I can then send chat messages to other colleagues, while conferencing in 1 team member to ask a question. All this occurs without ever leaving the platform!

- Overall I’m a fan

Chat and group chat options - functionally Teams is very similar to Slack but I think integration across many other Office apps (OneNote, etc.) gives Teams an edge. The UI does feel less slick, more dated and somehow less snappy than some other players in this space - I’m not sure how to articulate what i find problematic or underwhelming about the interface or it’s overall design but it just feels inherently corporate and less personal, perhaps more personality and personalization options could improve this aspect of the software, fun avatars, voice memos, active background images, logo and brand integration spring to mind. With Web, Desktop App for Mac and PC as well as mobile App offerings I can be accessible everywhere to my teams and the video conferencing and call options are pretty slick so far as well. Good job overall M$ ;)

- A serious downgrade from StaffHub

Compared to StaffHub, the Shifts interface is inconvenient and difficult to use. It has been nearly impossible to get my team to use it consistently, as they rarely receive notifications despite having them all turned on. As a result, we often have shifts going uncovered until the very last minute when a manager has to jump in. We’ve even began messaging in addition to opening or offering shifts in hopes of triggering some sort of notification, to no avail. I will admit that I do find the desktop version more user friendly than the mobile, but that is useless in a fast paced ever-changing work environment. I have faith that it could be improved by making Shifts more easily accessible (perhaps from the bottom menu), creating a badge number to indicate when there are open shifts/requests, and improving the reliability of notifications. Fingers crossed that improvements will come soon.

- Functionality seriously lacking

Unlike the Teams app for PCs, this app is brain dead. You can’t hide chats. If all the places you want to hide irrelevant material, it’s on you mobile phone. The General page is also a waste of space, and there is no way to customize it for your users so it goes directly to files or chats. At this point it is easier to use text and email for both messages and content. The only useful thing it has that the PC app and web interface doesn’t is the ability to show if a user has access to Teams or not, but since chat is hobbled already, it’s meaningless. The only thing I find helpful is the calendar because I don’t sync my work calendar with my phone because of the way it integrates with my personal calendar and this keeps it separate. Microsoft really needs to work on these apps before rolling them out. And functionality should match the PC app. You may have to do it differently, but the functionality should be the same.

- Assignments Tab Update

Before the recent update, it was an overall easy app to use. Sometimes the app crashed, but it was pretty isolated. Before the update, we were able to view our assignments from all of our classes in one place, however with the new update we have to select a class and we are only able to view assignments from that one class. This is a big inconvenience and created difficulty for many, and make sit much easier to miss out on assignments, especially as online learning has now started due to the coronavirus. It wastes a lot of our time having to filter through all classes and it makes it much easier to miss out on assignments. Please take action on this as soon as possible, it is much more efficient to organise and plan out your day with online learning and homework when all assignments are shown in one place.

- Pretty Poor Tool

Microsoft continuous to attempt to consolidate their various office functionality in a more collaborative environment using cloud technology as the basic storage/distribution platform. However, the design of TEAMS software is so incredibly poor that using it is not only frustrating, but also makes individuals quite unproductive. Teams essentially looks like a OneNote application integrating storage, real-time communication and basic folder organizing capabilities. However, this quickly thrown together tools do not make teams more productive. It is at best a location where everybody can ‘dump’ his/her stuff into a common place. There is no flow, no prioritization, no transparency on what is currently ongoing. Unless you are constantly addicted to this tool and know every entry that is going on, good luck finding anything or catching up. I found TEAMS software to be completely inadequate for productivity improvements of teams. This space awaits a true break-through innovation beyond, chats, folders and tabs.


It’s really good and and actually amazing. I wish the chat feature (which is really good) can be better and more “fluid” like emails that are received in outlook and composing a chat is like “composing” an email: Because sometimes if you have multiple chats going at once I feel it’s easy to respond to the wrong chat. I don’t like the “typing bubbles” that shows up when someone is relying/ typing to a message. It gives me anxiety seeing those typing bubbles. I don’t like them. I’m sometimes who is a professional but also struggles with dyslexia, so the bubbles don’t make people like me feel so good. The “type new message” are needs to be bigger and when the user hits “enter” on the keyboard, I wish it when to the next line instead of sending the message. TEAMS is a great tool and it’s the future but it must be more user friendly.

- Excellent tool but needs some work

Teams is a very useful tool to get my work done and communicate with people in your workplace. However teams can be a little frustrating. I use teams for school and when I’m going through assignments I hate just being able to look at one class’s assignments at a time it would be really helpful if I could check more classes at once and not have to wait for it to load another classes assignments since I wake up in the morning scanning all the assignments and sometimes I switch between classes to see which I should do first to manage my time. The teams app is also laggy when ever I go through posts. I think the teams app is great but I don’t think it deserve the five stars although I would put 4.5 if I could but it’s leaning towards 4.

- Teams for construction

I work in the construction industry and we do not have many project management solutions that have been standardized across the industry. I initially tried using OneNote for managing projects and my team found it to be too lethargic. Later I added a new team member to the group and he immediately started using the teams app in our existing work group. It caught on like wildfire and within a week my entire team of 10 was using it. The ease of file sharing, instant communication, task assignment, wiki functions, and compatibility with other apps has made us all wonder how we got along without it. It solved many existing problems we had. Now we just need to convince the rest of the company to get on board.

- A 99% bug free app, amazing programming!

This app is so needed if you have a windows OS, or just even if your company or business uses any other windows programs. It makes file sharing with co-workers a breeze, never seems to crash, and has a very intuitive interface which makes adapting your whole company to this program so easy. The 1% of bugs I’ve found is in the video call/conference call function, like losing audio or visual feeds occasionally (I use cheap logitec mics and cameras so that might be the issue there) but I think the faults are very understandable considering the volume of people using this function post-covid. I would still highly recommend over other video chat programs like Zoom.


I’ve used it all - GroupMe, Slack, Trello, Google Drive etc. Teams is by far the most inclusive of everything you need. You and your team can chat, have different channels for topics, video call by one click, have all working documents in a “files” tab (so much better than having to search for minutes). Also - for teams niche needs, there is also the option to add third party apps (design apps/communication/sales you name it). It’s design is intuitive. Multiple groups can coexist in harmony by its easily navigable interface. Whether it’s a school group project, a side passion project, roommates chat, roller blading club or at work, teams supports it all. Would highly recommend!

- I give it props for working mostly.

Ok the app does its main job for me tells me when I work but I don’t get notifications about my schedule and why the heck isn’t there an option to see my schedule when I first open the app it’s annoying that I have to click on the notification to then see when I work and when I click on the time I should just be able to see who is working and who isn’t working. I have to go through so many unnecessary steps just to find that info. Look I get it this app is new bud go look at hotschedule’s app and take a page from their book. Actually take a whole chapter from their book. I don’t just write bad reviews like most people do. Fix these silly little issues and I’m happy to change my opinion. Granted this is really the only feature I use in the app so I’m sure it’s a great app otherwise but this is my main concern.

- Works well enough. Some frustrations.

I absolutely hate having to constantly clear the notification bandage from the app. If I dismiss the notification in Notification Center, I want that badge to go away — I’ve handled the notification. I believe this is an iOS system function and not under developer control, thought. It’s still frustrating when you get dozens of notifications per day. It’s also frustrating that iOS receives notifications before the desktop app does. My phone, over WiFi, gets notified faster than my desktop workstation, wired. It’s also frustrating that there are not synced notifications between iOS and desktop. If I read something on my phone, I have to also go “read” it on desktop to make the desktop app stop yelling that there’s a notification.

- An outstanding tool! Some game changing features still needed.

Microsoft has created a truly outstanding tool that has proved itself invaluable with regards to remote working from an iPad/iPhone. A few items that would be game changers: 1) On iPad, allow users to open chat/participant list in a sidebar while still viewing the participants in the call. The fact that the entirety of the screen is taken up by chat and participant list is a major frustration when monitoring groups and/or chat. 2) In-call support keyboard shortcuts for muting/unmuting, opening chat, participant list (at a minimum). The recent addition of keyboard for formatting posts is appreciated! 3) As many have mentioned, feature parity with desktop/browser with regards to allowing to view 9 participants is a must. Even if this option is relegated to more powerful hardware (iPad Pro). 4) This is more of an iOS limitation I imagine, but the ability to use the camera in the background, thereby not showing the avatar while multitasking. Even better, allowing PIP of the current speaker as done in FaceTime would be a true game changer. Thanks for all the fantastic work on the app!

- Not a good app for schools

This may be a good app for adults at work, but it is a terrible app for elementary school children and their parents. It is glitchy and the constant updates fix one problem and create another. One concrete example of how bad this is for kids is that the hang up button on video calls is right next to the “dots” that lead to features like “raise hand.” Making it far too easy for kids to accidentally hang up on their class. This in turn leads to problems rejoining the class which sometimes doesn’t work even when the teacher is clicking on “admit.” Another example is that the video call does not present its buttons and tools the same way on different devices making it much harder for teachers help kids in real time find the features he or she wants the kids to use. These are simple design fixes that Microsoft doesn’t pay attention to.

- Student here

Hi! Because of the pandemic, I’m taking classes online. I only have one issue, and really, it’s more of a preference. It would help me out if the assignments tab just showed you the assignments you need to do. I’d rather not go through every channel to see if I’ve got assignments to do. Also, if all the assignments were listed in one place, it’d be easy to return to that page afterwards. It would make doing my assignments fun if they disappeared from the list once I turned them in. Like “mission accomplished/quest completed”. That kinda format. I’m not a great student so I’m not 100% on top on what I need to do and for what class I need to do it for. I’ve got a system I use so that I PASS each year, the tabs are just throwing me off. Habits 🤷🏽‍♀️.

- Extremely good organizing, collaboration, and communication abilities.

On Windows Desktop, this app is perfection. Everything is all brought into one hub with no fractured issues. It all ties in perfectly. Unfortunately on iOS it's really fractured. I have to install all Office 365 apps to use things fluidly, but that's with a lot of app hopping. It's nice that Planner is seperated out because I don't want all Employees using Teams. They only need to preform tasks. Teams on iOS it's not as straight forward as the Windows Desktop version. It's also not as feature rich as the WinDT version. Planner 😬, also not as feature rich as WinDT. Other than that, it's core purpose (organizing, collaboration, and communication) are on point.

- App crashes consistently on iPhone X (fixed with the last Teams update)

When the app was working it was great but I have reinstalled the app several times and it keeps crashing. Checked with a co-worker that has an iPhone X and he is experiencing the same thing. The latest update for Teams resolved the crashing issue. It has been working well since. Keep adding features, it is a great tool. Please add the capability to participate in a meeting without being signed in. The inability to participate without sign-in causes issues when a large invite is sent to people that do not have accounts. Most browsers are supported but the experience is inconsistent. A consistent experience could be created if the application didn’t require a sign-in.

- Good but needs missing end user controls.

I like teams desktop and mobile. Clean interface, no syncing issues. Very effective communication and collaboration tool. However, and this is s big one with thousands of votes.....unbelievable that the end user cannot delete conversations. I don’t want to delete individual messages. If I no longer want or need an entire conversation I should be able to delete it. Skype for Business allows companies to disable saving conversations for good reason. I do like that conversations are persistent in Teams. This is a big help over Skype where it would crash and die when I move from desk to meeting room and therefore jump to a new WiFi hotspot. Let me delete entire conversations Period.

- Good idea ...still needs adjustments

Overall it’s a really good app and I’ve been using it ever since quarantine from working from home. The main pet peeve I have about the app is the fact when you make a phone call. It does not indicate whether the person is picking up via telephone or video call. When you dial a phone call the person you were dialing can pick up either way. And often times when the phone initially connects it does not show the video call but when I hang up I see the person picked up be via video on their side. So it’s as if they’ve been looking in my ear the entire time. There is a pause when the call initially connects so you don’t know how the other person connected. Unless u pull back and check after you have started the call.

- Some issues with notifications with iOS

Despite my every effort to set notifications as banner and persistent on my Apple phone, I still struggle to get notification when files are added and certain sub-Teams add comments 😩 Therefore, I have to go hunting for them. This is a huge inconvenience and my delay in response conveys to my teammates and boss that I don’t care. Just to clarify, I have “followed” each thread specifically and have also gone into my settings on my iphone to allow all notifications from Teams. Beyond that, the functionality, speed, and intuition of app are excellent for my team’s needs. Large resort business with dozens of managers on Team.

- MS Teams app for business on iOS

I think it’s poor that that MS provide such poor quality of support for issues on there community forum regarding iOS issues especially regarding the inability to function with Apple AirPods Pro! My main problem is that on my IPhone XS Max with AirPods Pro or just the phone go to check the voicemail, I can’t hear anything. So I go to the community forum to find that MS completely abandoned all the conversations about Airpods and AirPods Pro connection issues. I hate to say it but with poor of service from a reputable company during a time where lot’s businesses have switched to a mobile platform unlike another time, I believe businesses should respond by dropping this product fast! As your community forum demonstrates customer service and support for this product doesn’t seem to matter to MS. Sad part is the product overall seems to be a great concept but no follow through.

- Great app, but has some problems

I really think this app is amazing for online school. My school used it, and I never had any connection issues or crashes. However, if you forget about an assignment, it doesn't notify you. You have to wait for your teachers to let you know, then be screwed unless they're nice enough for you to turn it in late. Also, if you turn it in late, several of my teachers have stated that they don't get notified when you do. Finally, most of the apps built into Teams work well, but some wouldn't open, but it's still an amazing app. I also hated online school, but because that's a dumb reason to hate on an app, that didn't have any part to why I didn't leave 5 stars.

- Great app ... needs one or two more bugs fixed

First bug, logs you out every few days (which is no lt a problem) but it pretends you’re still logged in ... and doesn’t prompt you to log in either. You’re rocking along waiting on communication that will never come ... until you try to send a message (and it still pretends you’re logged in) ... until the message fails. Then, and only then (as far as I can see), does it prompt you to log in. Then you’re fine for next few days. Second ... perhaps this is not a bug ... but a wish item ... I’d like to be able to share my screen from iPad Pro. No way to do that. Third ... the Share Screen is not a uniform icon, placement, across the Mac, Windows, or iOS apps. When you’re telling someone where the share screen icon is ... and what it looks like ... well, unless they have your same OS, it’s not gonna make sense to them. After you figure out the quirks ... this is a highly functional, very handy app. It’s really incredible for all that it does do. Sorry my review only seems to list the few (but major) complaints I had.

- Cumbersome and frustrating

“Download the app for a better experience” but I downloaded it to my tablet and it doesn’t work as well as the online version when. Settings are so confusing. I can’t never figure out how to change display name during meeting. During an important meeting I spent most of the hour trying to figure out how to mute the chat since it keeps beeping every time someone types a message. It says “log in to your Microsoft account to change settings” so I go online to Microsoft sign-in and enter my work email and it reads “this account doesn’t exist”, even though that’s the one I use to log in to all microsoft apps. Also, sometimes I can see myself in a small screen on the corner, sometimes I can’t, sometimes I can see everyone, sometimes I can’t. Randomly, I see to screens and I have to choose which one to close. Frustrating.

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- MS Teams - from zero to hero because of Covid 19

The organisation I work for has had teams installed but it has not been an officially supported app. So it was used only by a few project teams who needed a collaboration space. Then Covid 19 and over 3500 people working from home needing to meet, share files, collaborate, develop and deliver training. So all of a sudden the whole organisation is totally dependent upon teams. In two weeks most people are across the basic functionality but there is a lot to learn still , particularly the relationships between Teams, O365, One Drive and SharePoint for file management. Next week we start delivering a very technical software training rollout.... this will be interesting. Even our field teams are doing their morning stand ups, sharing files etc without coming in to the depots . Attending a teams videoconference with half the team with their laptops, tablets, phones set up on the bonnet of their utes while they stood beside the vehicle was a real buzz, Our organisation will never operate the same again. Only frustration is not being able to see all team members in videoconference ( even small tiles) .i hope MS is addressing this.

- What I have been waiting for

For about four years I have been looking for a collaboration system to get away from the burden and inefficiencies of email. I have been using Whatsapp for work projects but then I was introduced to TEAMS! So well thought out, adaptive and easy to use. The desktop, iPhone & iPad layout are all user friendly. Our organisation has only been using it for four weeks but it is already streamlining workflow, response times are shortened and there is improved engagement amongst project members. Well done Microsoft.

- Just one major bug

This app is really helpful and I love it. But for some reason no matter what image I use I can't change my profile picture. I have even tried doing another way which was updating the profile picture on office 365 since teams and office 365 are connected and nothing has worked. I try to do this at least once a weak but nothing happens. Even when I press that check for updates button . I still doesn't register anything. Also when you update the profile picture though office 365 all the office 365 apps related to it are supposed to update their profile picture and none have updated. When i go into the edit profile picture settings in office 365 it shows that I have saved and I has updated the photo. I have had a look on the internet and I have found that a lot of people are having exactly the same issue. So I would nice if you could try and fix the bug. Because that would be a really good feature to have when you have multiple people in a meeting and you will be able to straight away tell who it is. Apart from that the app is perfect. That is why I am giving it 4 out of 5 stars.


I use this app for school and ever since I’ve used it it has been draining my iPad battery I used to only put my iPad on the charger every night or maybe once during the day but with using Microsoft teams I have to put my iPad on the charger after every class has finished, which this is not just only ruining my iPad battery life but also making my iPad extremely hot that I can’t even touch it properly, and not to mention since I’ve been using this app my iPad now goes off between 50% to 30% which it should be going off at 5% or 10% so this app ruins my iPad battery to the point where I have to buy I new iPad I’m going to be extremely angry! So now I’m having problems with this app logging me in and out of calls when I’m in them so I’m missing out on important information for school, and not to mention with my battery draining really fast with this app it is also making my iPad really laggy so if you don’t fix this ASAP and this RUINS MY IPAD you will BE BUYING ME A NEW IPAD - thanks

- Missing feature?!

To start with, teams is an amazing app and very convenient for work and schooling. However, in the screenshots used to show off the app in the App Store we can clearly see a chat button and working chat feature. However, once the app is downloaded this feature is nowhere to be seen, and I even had the feature for about a week when it was first implemented before it randomly disappeared with no warnings or updates. This feature was one of the most useful features and I see absolutely no reason for it not to be there. Until the chat option is re-added, there is blatant false advertising for this app using a feature that is no longer included.

- Missing so many simple things!

This app has real potential however is missing so many simple (yet important) things. For example you can only see 4 people in a video conference. The changes to capacity to enable you to see more than 4 people have been “in the works” for over a year with no updates! The same goes for changing the profile picture in a group chat. A year ago Microsoft said this was “officially in the works” but has still not managed to provide this function! You can’t create a ‘chat’ that is linked directly to a ‘team’ (you can only “post” in the team or, create an entirely separate - not linked - chat and add the same people). All of these functions seem so basic and yet don’t yet exist! Wasted potential really.

- Excellent app, just needs one minor addition

The whole entire Microsoft teams service is an absolute game changer, and is much like having Skype for business & Slack integrated into the same application. Screen sharing is lightning fast. I cannot fault the collaboration side of this service! The only thing which is quite frustrating, is the inability to have more than four people on screen when in a video chat. To make matters worse, you can’t swipe to a new page to see any other connected caller's video. Sometimes this can be problematic if a few people are talking at once and the active speaker who you want in the foreground doesn’t automatically show on screen. I was very happy to see this was updated on the macOS app and the Windows app. If this feature was added into the iOS app also, 100% would be a 10/10 piece of software which doesn’t compare to any other platform or service. Minor issue, but aside from that, it’s an excellent service provided by Microsoft

- Teams is excellent

Teams is a revolution in collaboration, the functionality is much more effective than the old SharePoint. The MS Office suite is very well integrated, you can have lots of different people working on the same file at once, you can chat directly about the collaboration in the file. The meeting functionality is great, call quality is excellent and having the App on your smartphone means you’ll never miss a meeting again. If your team isn’t using MS Teams yet, then you’re working in the ‘stone age’, email is dead, persistent chat is now!

- Battery Drain and no auto dark mode

The functionality and feature parity of Teams is really good across platforms. But the quality of the apps is pretty poor. Whilst I can handle some rough edges the main deal breaker right now on iOS is the battery drain - it’s terrible, my iPad was burning through it’s battery (usually it’s great) and when I checked the battery usage it was about 70% Teams which was very unreasonable since I’d only had a short audio call and otherwise the odd text chat. My other general annoyance is the theme switching to dark is very clunky - it crashes and reloads the app by design! And this doesn’t seamlessly switch like most native apps when iOS switches. Overall I wish some more care was put into the native iOS app - that battery drain is a serious issue - I need to use this on the go with confidence and I can’t right now.

- Revolutionised our Organisation

Thank goodness we moved to Teams about 9 months before COVID! Our levels of document collaboration and use of video chat tied into our filing and messaging has been life changing for the business. The more we rely on it the more we need better training and structure to our use however as things can get lost (documents in particular) between Chat and Files - this is about how you use it not a flaw in Teams itself

- Awesome... but better notification handling is needed

Love the app. It’s awesome. Works great across multiple platforms with great features... but... The notifications on mobile can get pretty overwhelming. Particularly when you’re not using the device. For example when your IM’ing from desktop you still get EVERY notification on your phone. You can sleep the phone notifications but you then need to remember to re-enable them. General notification handling could be improved for message flood conditions too. I am part of several larger organisation group chats. When there are multiple people discussing in the thread there can be dozens of notifications in short succession. An implementation similar to FBMessenger would be great - you get a sound and pop up for the first one and then any notifications comin in short succession (say within 30s-1minute since the last notification) are delivered quietly.

- Great but needs couple of improvements

The calendar section needs to be able to show old calendar appointments. That would have be having to switch to Outlook. Another issue is how when I use my phone for a call, it massively zooms in on my face so the person on a PC on the other end of the call gets a closeup. This happens to everyone I know. It needs to be more mobile friendly and out or have a visible on-screen guide on how far away the phone should rest so other call participants aren’t talking to a nose.

- Flexible Teams

If you delve into Teams’ advanced features, you quickly discover a huge range of useful add-ins that let you do just about anything from within the Teams UI. It’s almost an entire operating system specifically aimed at collaboration with your colleagues. And the best bit is my emails have dropped from hundreds to tens per day as well. It is taking over from Excel as my all time favourite piece of software, and I’ve been using Excel since 1996.

- It’s ok for small meetings, HOWEVER...

...trying to run larger meetings, you can’t (choose to) see more than FOUR participants! Checking chat groups/microsoft forums re this problem, which has been brought up many times over the last year, NOTHING but vague promises have eventuated. Another thing, some participants don’t want to use their cam due to data limitations, and prefer to have a profile picture. Should be easy to do? FORGET IT! 1. Tried to upload a profile picture, only to be told it’s the wrong format, try again. Tried jpeg, bmp, png, gif, small or largish - NOTHING! 2. No guide as to what went wrong or what format, size to use - NOTHING! For a company flogging a ‘communication’ app, your communication skills fall very short of the mark - FAIL! We’ve tried to run modestly sized meetings with 10-30 participants for work. Nobody’s been happy with the experience. So it looks we’ll be dumping it. Time to move on... PS Skype (another Microsoft takeover that went downhill) has the same problems

- Needs to be updated with meetings functionality

With teams replacing the Skype for Business app on the desktop, this app needs to be updated with the appropriate functionality. Right now, if I switch over to using only teams on my desktop I end up receiving all my notifications on my phone with Skype for Business. I can’t delete Skype for business because the teams iOS app has no functionality to join meetings.

- This is a great app for work!

I am 10 years old and I use this for education, this has been very useful during remote learning and I have contacted all of my friends during this time! This app is good for work and school, and I love how there is emojis. I recommend this for students or adults to use this for texting and talking with friends it work mates. I give this a 5 star rating! I hope there are more updates for Teams!

- We love it!

My small team of 5 is quite impressed by the app and the product in general. Meetings, chats, notes, wiki. The only thing we don't have is screen sharing which I hope is in the pipeline. We were never keen on signing up to another collaboration software because. HipChat was ok but not good enough for us. Never tried Slack and probably won't ever have to now that this is making our work lives so much easier. 4.5 stars because there's no screen sharing yet. Otherwise, it's a 5 from me!

- How Teams Meeting works for us

While we had Teams on our system prior to Co-Vid, we only utilised it for National catch ups. Since WFM inCo-Vid, we utilise it throughout our business internally over telephoning. Our non-centralised team members report they feel closer to the team and more part of it then when we worked in the office. It’s easily accessible and ensures that all team members are work ready in a WFM situation.

- No microphone setting to allow use on iOS

Video and voice calls not available on iOS 12.4.6 iPhone 6s. Attempting to make a call (voice or video) provides a prompt to settings to allow access to microphone. When pressing the settings button, it takes me to Teams settings and there is no microphone setting which can be changed. In fact there are no settings under Teams settings section. Going another way to microphone settings via iOS settings also shows the app has not even requested microphone use. Therefore the app is essentially just a texting platform, which is useless. Tired of being R&D testers for large corps.

- Need notification on multiple devices

If you run TEAMS on multiple devices of yours, as soon as the first one get the notification message, other devices won’t show you the notification message assuming you have seen it already on your first device. Well, that’s not desired because I am not always in front of my laptop but I do always carry my phone with myself. Please broadcast notification messages to all devices. Or at least give the option to users to choose this feature or not.

- Zoom wins on video meetings!

I am really enjoying Teams having just set it up for our company. My one great disappointment is that you can only see 4 people on a group video. It is really difficult to read the mood of the meeting when you can't see everyone. This is where Zoom has a huge advantage in being able to see multiple people on one screen and everyone in the meeting by swiping through the screens. Unless this is addressed soon we will have to use Zoom for our team meetings.

- Great app but battery hungry!

This app is really good for collaborating with my team, in and out of the office. A major complaint is that it consumes a lot of battery, even when I’m not using it. An example: my iPad has teams installed but I leave it at home whilst I’m out at work. I would find that the battery has drained overtime by quite a lot and I’d notice that Teams had consisted of 80% of that battery usage. Microsoft, I urge you to fix this issue as this app is great but this really needs to be better optimised for mobile devices.

- Good but could be great

Just started using this through work. Have the phone app and windows App. Have no major complaints. I’d like to see the ability to add custom backgrounds in video conferences and also turn off the auto away status. I’d really like to set my own status and keep it. Also when my laptop is closed and opened again, it seems to disconnect and will not reconnect until I open the window and let it load.

- Teams

I have been using teams know for several weeks . The more I use it the more I seem to understand different aspects. It was hard at first. I wish that we could see more people. I may suggest there is a lot of stuff posted abut teams .. some of it is very detailed and hard to understand for most . Try and keep it simple .

- Access to channels

Hi have been using teams for our online Med scenarios. I produce teams - 6 Groups of students to manage patients. We produce documents etc with these discussions. I have general meeting open alll day as we move from channels in small groups to webinars. Is it possible to be able to access more than 4 channels. As I move between team channels at various points of the day to assist the student teams in their discussions.

- Awesome!

This app is great! I have used it for school and it works really well. The loading is usually very fast and it doesn’t glitch a lot. Many features are there. The original one was really lousy, but this new one can let you see 9 or every person and allows you to raise your hand. This app is highly recommended.


MS Teams is probably one of the smartest / user friendly transforming business tools I’ve used. Only started with MS Teams 8 days ago. I’m working remotely as is the entire world, and the level of connection I’m experiencing is unbelievable. I’ve had no training, we had to implement immediately and we were up and running in a day. Thank you! I really mean it Thank you!

- Screen layout

Very happy with this app! Few things Teams could improve: - The layout of the people who appear in the screen, we should be able to choose the ones or see them all, - Connect team with Microsoft forms, so people could answer questions instantaneously while during presentation

- So helpful!

Since covid-19 has spread over nationwide, schools in Australia as well as in other countries have closed and students are now doing online schooling. This app has been the most helpful app throughout my isolation journey. I can keep in touch with classmates as well as my teachers. Love this app, would recommend it to schools who haven’t used this for online schooling.

- Points

Good app- one improvement point could be showing the path on the top of the page even if the doc is open in web mode so when user closes the page the doesn’t get lost- traceability is a the weakness of this tools and also moving documents should be easier

- User status issue

The user status doesn’t get synced with the status set in the desktop application or the outlook calendar. One would expect that the app shows the user as available only when he actively looks at the mobile app and when the app is minimized or closed, it would show the status set in the desktop app or calendar. But no, that’s not how this works and more often the behaviour is kind of random too.

- Great app. Better mobile file management needed

I am finding the MS Teams application To be incredibly useful. The collaboration features make working with the rest of the team so easy and it’s increasing productivity across all departments. My only criticism would be that the mobile application doesn’t have full featured file management.

- Open, Sunlight and Democratic

A big challenge for many agencies and their groups or teams is keeping everyone in the loop and making everyone feel that they know what is going on. With Teams, this becomes so much easier. Team is also more reliable as communication tool than Jabber of CISCO dysfunction

- Very good

I really like teams and it is really useful. I use it for online learning and it has everything really. Meetings, assignments and ya. But one thing sometimes it does’nt load properly. Also please add backgrounds, they have it on the computer, but not on iPad, it would really be cool if you added backgrounds, because now you can only blur. Have a nice day! Hope this was useful!

- Please FIX the upload photo problem

It’s 2020, we shouldn’t be unable to upload a profile photo. can you please fix this? I read that this has been going on at least since 2018. Can’t upload photo from computer or iphone. please improve User experience.

- File uploads

Typically I promote teams app to everyone within my organisation and outside and rate you 10/10. So why 1 star? It’s bern 2 years since request was made in one of your forums to create ability for files to be uploaded into files structure directly through the app. Any updates on this feature?

- Wonderful App which delivers value

Teams really simplifies the workflows and processes and the user experience is really sophisticated and standard for all the channels. I really like the part of joining the meeting straight from the email to the conference bridge (no need type any phone numbers and meeting ids etc) ! Keep up the good work ‘Teams’ Team!

- Great app!

It’s a great cross platform messenger....much less buggy than some others that I won’t name. I like that you can also sync up your work or school address books....makes getting in touch with colleagues a lot easier and without giving up too much personal information.

- Not Slack but Slick!

Having used Slack for some time I thought it would be hard to switch to Teams. It wasn’t at all! It’s slick and intuitive with features being released often to compete with the likes of Slack. Given it’s part of the 365 ecosystem everything is integrated so it’s slick and simple. Well done Microsoft.

- A complete collaboration

I’m fan of Slack but due to raised concern on integration with existing office applications, this was a limitation. After started using Microsoft Team experience is so rich that no one is missing single conversation and we are more in touch and collaborate ever before. Every office application integration is well established with enterprise security guidelines.

- Really good!!

The only flaw i see in MS Teams is the fact that it is frequently lagging and crashing, but i put 5 stars on anyway because i really like the app. If i could give it 100 stars, i would! Only suggestion is maybe add more reactions, such as confused or facepalm. But yeah, i salute you developers!!

- Misses the mark

*NOTE* this is an iPad only review: Teams COULD be such a great app on the iPad. However, letting it down in so many areas are the lack go-to features found on the Desktop version. Especially with the advent of iPad Pro, it feels disingenuous to have an feature-lacking version of Teams that forces you to go back to the desktop if you want to access certain features.

- Excellent

....but would like to be able to sign into two organisations at the same time and switch between them. At present it doesn’t appear that you can do this. You have to sign out of one and sign back in to the other.

- A bug.

there's a bug on the app and when I open side tab on accident in assignments it crashes, I have to restart the app and I lose all progress. I’m in year 5 and sometimes haven’t been able to hand anything in. Please fix this

- Great way to connect in while working from home!

With the craziness of the COVID-19 situation, Teams has helped me maintain connections with my work colleagues while we all work from home and are basically self isolating! Easy to use and good to be able to use on my laptop or phone.

- Much better now

It used to be VERY frustrating that you can only see 4 people but so much better with new update. Works well, some features aren’t as good compared to Zoom; you can’t do reactions, there isn’t a temporary unmute and you can’t swipe across to see the rest of the people: that is MOST important. But a good app.

- Love Team

Earlier we were using slack, go to meeting and other calendar applications which are completely replaced by one TEAM application. We love to use this because it's very easy to use, looking good and up to date with all the new features that you want

- Jobs clarity

Separate all different work into individual makes easy to send all files with clear photos and notes attached for variations as well having it live as well is also good for sorting invoicing straight away same day

- useful but with limitations

I am on Teams most of my working day. It’s generally stable and is catching up on features with other online workspace apps. Current frustrating limitations are only being able to see 4 participants. Also the integration with the Outlook app is poor, since I can only schedule Skype sessions. Please invest more in these days of COVID-19 to make Teams better and more stable.

- Feedback option

Could not find a feedback option so unfortunately had to write it this way in the review section. Would be nice to be able to edit wiki pages within the app, whilst on the move. Have to resort back to using the pc version to make the changes.

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- Simple and effective

Gives more of a live connection to team vibe

- HR

Should be able to delete chats



- This app doesn't let me sign in.

I can't even enter my password on the app but I use it fine on my laptop. Everytime I try to log on, it says sign-on error. I've tried deleted and reinstalling many times

- angry

this app doesn’t work for online school. should be off the app store

- 🧚‍♀️

Words cannot explain my hate for this app 🥰🥺🧚‍♀️

- teams


- Horrible app

This gives me homework. Periodt.

- Bruh


- Ewwww this is trash . My teacher literally sent me homework I can’t -

Baddie 🧚‍♀️ but without the bad 🤩🥰💄

- Depression

Depression by homework

- My life is ruined...

I was walking around with my dog on my roof, and then, my dog started getting jippy. Then, I realized, a literal person came inside my house. I jumped off my 10ft tall roof, landed, but I was too late. He went into the tunnel of my dog door, went to my computer (it was still on) and... you guessed it. HE DOWNLOADED MICROSOFT TEAMS. I fell down to my knees, sobbed until I had no more tears left to cry, and the man left. I realized he enrolled me into a class for 5 YEARS and if I leave the class, my whole family will perish, including my dog. I obeyed his commands and never forgot his face. When my first day of class started, I noticed the teacher WAS THE MAN. He had complete control over every single thing I had, and I realized my classmates were also victims. I couldn’t do anything in Microsoft Teams, no power, and I didn’t have a lot to live. I am 69 years old, and I’m already retired as a municipal waste specialist. I don’t have much time... I’m still 6 months in his class, and I’ve learn on how to do Fortnite dances, and it’s pure torture. My dog thinks so too. I have no power in Microsoft Teams, and I’m tortured constantly from Fortnite dances. I have to go now, I hope my Fortnite teacher never finds this, or else it’ll be ten years here...

- The app

People as this is supposed to help your education 🥺👑✨🧚🏻‍♂️but it helps me get a heart attack 🧚🏻‍♂️👗👒💍👑

- Disgraceful

They say never give up✨💖🧚‍♀️but your the only exception💫💖🌸

- This app sucks

Lots of bugs would not recommend

- Assignments feature 4/5

This is a great app for online schooling. My only issue is that the assignments feature on mobile is a little hard to use, if I wanted to go through all my teams assignments to see if there are any more I need to do before I start my weekend, I have to pick each team one by one, going back to the assignments menu each time. And worse, if a teacher hasn’t even assigned anything since they started the team, I get the ‘if your teacher makes any assignments they will be posted here’ page, and from there I need to restart the app in order to look at my other assignments. I would love to be about to swipe left and right to go to my next team’s assignments, and clicking Next after selecting a team to view assignments for seems like a useless extra step. And I definitely don’t want to be barred from viewing other assignments just because I looked at a team who hasn’t set up assignments yet. Please clean up the assignments tab and make it a bit more user friendly!

- Problem with notifications

Lately i see multiple notifications over the app , example 12, while i only have 1 new notification. If i open the app those 12 notices go away. Then i get a new message and again the notification count is higher than the 1.

- Keeps crashing on opening after most recent update

Worked fine until recently. Now crashes seconds after opening when accessing an account.

- bad bad

wow amazing!! 💕😍✨🧚‍♀️ amazingly useless 😍🧚‍♀️✨💕🌸

- very mean

mad me cry several times ✨

- Bad

Actually bad

- It upsets me

Please delete this app, for the love of gods.

- Can’t start video conference from the app

I see no way to initiate a video conference with my team from the iOS app. This is a major shortfall and, consequently, gives it a failing grade. Rectify this issue and I’ll revise my review to an improved rating.

- Recently notifications are incorrect

Notifications aren’t correctly showing up, I have 25 showing as the badge icon but I open up the app and only have one notification. Please fix

- Fix the notification badges

Every time I get a notification, the badge count shows a large number of notifications which is always inaccurate. Additionally, the badge does not go away if I acknowledge the message, etc. from another device. Please fix this.

- 🤢🤢

this app is what triggers my breakdowns before class.

- Keep crashing

My app keeps crashing after the latest update. Please fix

- Bug Report

The Recent Chats are still showing even if I already hid them.

- 🧑🏾‍🦲

im bald

- running🦇🌲

i’m tryna link my shawty and back her all day i’m not tryna do all this mod work, shorty bad styll tho

- caused😚my🤪depression😛


- terrible

✨10/10 would NOT recommend✨

- This app is trash

I can’t even sigh in to mu account literal piece of garbage don’t install its a waste of time this app does not deserve to be on the app store

- It go poop

It be very very very very very crappy

- Teams

It’s for school so u already no what the reviews gonna be smh

- Sucks so much

It gives us work

- Perfect and efficiant

I can use it eyes closed to get everything done in a very short time.

- bruh.

we’re inverted and i look so ugly inverted and it makes me insecure. add some cute filters too! every student would love that for sure!!

- Coloured emoji

Please add colours emojis to represent everyone, not just white people. Your platform is so behi.

- 👹

this app gives me major ✨anxiety ✨

- No❤️

I really hate this app it kills my vibe

- It is crashing !!!!!!

I installed it in my iPhone XR. But when I launch the app, it is crashing and closings right away ! Tried after reinstalling but still have the same issue. Can not open the app.

- Teams automatically close right after starting the apps

Tried delete the apps and reboot iPhone and reinstall with no luck. Can’t use the apps.

- Keeps crashing after update

My app keeps crashing after the update as soon as I go to my chats - please fix

- Crashing

New Update and app is crashing

- Ew

I could go on about how bad this is first when I look at my homework it take a century to load. Second it puts me in Spain but the s is silent 😤😌🦋I would go further but I value your time unlike this app🦋🦋

- 🤮


- Dumb App

i wish i never knew this, it ruined my life and i hope it gets deleted

- no❤️

horrible app 😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤😾😾 all I learnt from my teacher was that 😛cause🤓theres😎a💅lot👑of🤩people👺in👿Æmêrįīcküœåh☠️in🤖Åmāêrįakäûëh🙀

- such a baddie app✨🧚🏻‍♀️ without the die

i’m tryna post my work and it glitches n deletes it all im almost failing french now 🧚🏻‍♀️✨ words cant describe this app🥰❤️ numbers can tho✨🥺 0/10🥰

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- Great App For Employees Work From Home

This is a great app for employees work from home making team collaborations greater than any other tool in the industry. I can do chat, calls, share documents, customize my teams with different channels to organize my work. Microsoft team is doing a great job helping employees work from home easy during the COVID-19 lockdown. Mobile app is one of my best and don’t have to sit in-front of my laptop to read messages or take calls. This is a best app comes with less cost or no cost compared to other providers. Thanks Microsoft Team for making employees work from home easy & still more productive.

- Re: Teams App Review

Teams is consistently updating it’s list of integrations to offer! I want to use Teams for all of my biz communication! The devs are figuring out how to notify me when I’m using a platform that can be integrated, in real-time. The platform is missing a specific funneling-cadence for tracking and forecasting progression, but I’m certain that’s due to growing pains. The mobile app could be more IOS friendly, but the tech-lagging is understandable, considering the source. Overall, the devs deserve a round of applause! It’s a terrific platform for optimizing multiple communication methods like emails, CRM’s, and clouds management. As it continues to mature, I’m expecting this platform to integrate an optimized AI mix and pivot into more of a Personal Assistant for customers. If I’m in the ballpark with my review, and Teams is close to implementing a GTM product with the following milestones, it could soon become an everyday app for me: 1) Adapts to my current “Work-from-Home” lifestyle with a Personalized Assistant. 2) Optimizes my Work/ Life balance, streamlining all of my online activity, with personalized suggestions. 3) Secures, monitors, and protects my IP-PI database, consistently, with an All-In-1 Security Assistant.

- Great App - Could use some minor improvements

The app is great overall, however when video is connected through another device, the "Teams/Chat/Meetings/Phone" bar across the bottom is no longer visible. Additionally, the app could use the ability to do Picture in Picture mode and keep the camera on while in the smaller window - similar to FaceTime, this would allow me to take notes/code while having a video chat with coworkers. Lastly, the alerts from webhook allow reactions on the desktop app but those are not visible on the mobile version. I use this for tracking events that need action of supervisor approvals. Would be nice to have this visibility when away from my laptop

- Worst app doesn’t even compare with the others

As the title reads this app is just horrendous to use and for what I’m using it for is even worse. First when put in team and doing assignments on mobile and turning them in then logging in on a desktop all the data get lost somehow and I end up having to do it again. Secondly I can’t even get in a conference call with everyone because there’s no button to allow me and when sent an invite by the host it immediately kicks me off the app and I have to redo everything. Third it’s really hard to just navigate like it wasn’t made to be user friendly and I really hate it. This app is so much worse then google classroom it’s not even funny. Devs step your game up this app is complete trash. If I could give it a lower rating I would but sadly Apple doesn’t allow negative criticism on their app store 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

- Do Not Use

I downloaded this app.. I really was looking forward to using this. I think it will be a great tool for my business. But there is a problem, if you make a error in your set up, such as your Company Name or anything else, you will basically have to delete the account and set up an entire new account which will put your business at risk and starting all over... My concern is, if I decide to use this apps for the next several years and i build my entire business around it and if I notice an error I possibly made or a colleague error, I would potentially loose everything and force to start all over because Microsoft claim there is no work around in fixing it unless I purchase a full subscription... to me, this is a scam.... I’m looking for other options now and will not be using it... Maybe Apple will have something in place

- Good and getting better

My company has implemented Office 365, so I chose to standardize on Teams as a one stop place for my team for communications. I like how you can integrate so many different apps for project management. I also like how Incan get notifications or communicate easily on any device quickly using the Teams apps. The only issue is discovering more ways to use teams effectively such as best practice. I have also noticed that sometimes connecting or network issues are a problem. Overall I think it is a nice product that appears to be getting better. They just need to work more on connectivity issues, although some could be related to individual networks.

- Notifications barely audible

We are using Teams for a chat within our organization. We have been frustrated that there is no ability to change the volume or type of notification tone on iOS devices. Sometimes on a check comes through there is no sound or notification at all. When there is a sound it’s barely audible. Would be great to increase the volume of the notification. This is a known issue and is discussed on Microsoft forums without a fix yet. It would be great if it uses the same volume as standard iMessage notification. To the other reviewer who is having trouble getting the badge to go away, there is a Setting for temporary verses persisted notifications which might help.

- Idea for teams

I really like teams, it’s what we use at my school but there’s one thing I don’t like which is when we go to assignments you have to click on each class to see if you have an assignment for it or not. You should have two areas “No Assignments” and “Assignments” when we click on Assignments on the bottom of our screen there should be “Assignments” on the top with all the classes that we have assignments due under it, and under that should be “No Assignments” with all the classes that we have nothing due for them under it. Overall just would like to see that change

- Several updates need to be made

On a computer, I love Teams. I am using it as a teacher for my 150+ students to finish out the year. However, when I am not at my computer, the app is the most frustrating thing to use. I cannot upload files to my teams. I cannot create announcements instead of just a message on the team. I cannot do a “Meet Now” with any of my kids on my iPad. I just wish all of the features on the computer were available on the app. It really can’t be that difficult. Overall, the app is useable for chatting and joining meetings, but for using it as my primary device, definitely not. I hope this can be updated soon so I don’t have to drag my monster of a laptop from my district around any time I want to sit outside or go on a trip and work.

- Teams is easy to use for collaboration between groups across IT platforms

We use Teams at my company so we can communicate across different IT platforms easily. We create the different groups and can add people so everyone can be aware. It is very easy to use my only drawback from using it for at least over a year is it is very “buggy” on start up. Don’t put it in your Start up menu, start it up later once other programs are already up. We are looking into other apps for collaboration and for Agile but this is pretty great! Lots of great features: live chat, chat which saves history, access to files, communication to your whole team, etc.

- Feedback noise

In the beginning there were no problems with feedback noise I have been using it since March. Over the last couple of weeks there has been several different noises within our meeting. Feedback noise when others are talking, echo and a loud noise sound like a buzz. Not able to stop the noise when ending call and starting over had to wait until it stopped on its own. Feedback noise was for an entire meeting which made it hard to understand and hear. Literally read her lips while she was speaking. Outside of that it’s easy to use and I like being able to share my screen, record meetings and use the chat.

- ew.

I have to use this for school. Currently, the "join" button for you know, joining the freaking call, is not showing up on my laptop, pc, or iPhone. It's so glitchy, there's only a few name icons/people visible on the screen at a time, when you try to look at the (probably at least 20) other people in the meeting, they're literally in an unclickable button icon at the bottom left of the screen that'll say something like 25+. It's not even more secure than zoom, my schools teams got hacked and kids got into meetings and started screaming profanities. If teams decides to stop working, you just have to live with it. It's so poorly designed, and it hasn't improved like at all since the beginning of COVID-19. You would think Microsoft would clean this dumpster fire up, but no, they went ahead and just rearranged office 365 again.

- Great For Work at Home

Great communication app, it makes connecting with me coworkers so much easier especially since we are working from home! I’ve never worked from home but this has certainly made it easier you can call, message, share you computer screens so they can follow along as you go and you can create different chats to fit your specific needs, whether it’s working at home, owning your own business and communicating with your employees, or even doing over the phone interviews! Definitely would recommend to others as a team communication platform!

- Great work app, horribly slow

I love this app. I used Slack for work before but this app is really a lot better. The organization of channels, chats, threads is better synced with the work experience. Also the extra applications are great for productivity within Teams. The only problem, and it is a big one, is connectivity and speed. The app works awful with a slow and semi slow internet connection and it’s interface is really slow, when I try to find something in the chat history it takes A LOT of time to pull the old messages. When using connectors or tabs is the same thing, those extras load SO slow we refrain from using them. Although the app has so much power, we don’t use much of it because of this speed problem. I hope it gets solved SOON!

- Indispensable for a remote workforce!

So glad that my office rolled out Teams prior to the COVID-19 home lockdowns! It is a wonderful tool for keeping remote teams in touch. And it’s powerful too... we’ve had Team video meetings with 20+ participants, used the share screen feature, and the video and audio streams were flawless! Create channels for everything you work on! You’ll be amazed by how connected your office can be while locked away in our separate homes! Using this application is like using two monitors for the first time... you’ll never be able to go back to how you were working before!

- Comparatively Crappy

First thing I notice is that Teams does not offer an Apple Watch app for calendar notifications. Second, the form feels blocky and does not have a smooth flow. Just your basic chat functionality. Missing lots of features that seem rudimentary nowadays. Third is the fact that Microsoft forced the installation on all windows workstations, with default startup function and you cannot seem to remove it because it keeps reinstalling itself. Maybe people don’t want to use it because it is crap. Maybe they should implement a developer and customer feedback process to improve Teams before forcing it upon people. I would be willing to give it a higher rating if it actually kept up with much smaller and much better team chat products.

- Teams is better than advertised.

The Microsoft Teams app is so awesome. This app allows everyone to stay in real time contact, have calls, instant messages, as well as the ability to update your status and display a message such as out to lunch and even DND(Do not disturb). The best part with status is you can have a message display to those who message you while your away to see when you’ll be back and if you are out for the rest of the day and who your back up is etc. This is perfect for the current times of Covid, as well as everyday business.

- Teams App

Great tool but missing features. Perhaps these missing features are simply because teams hasn’t advanced (matured) yet. A couple of things missing: a global list of folks without having to search. This would allow to quickly scan who’s available rather than searching for someone first. The org hierarchy is a great feature for those mid size and smaller companies. Because of the org hierarchy we now utilize the active directory structure. The problem is their isn’t an org hierarchy entry screen and the only way to access it is from a previously selected person.

- Teams Application is Amazing

The teams applications is an amazing alternative to about 5 other collaborative apps all in one! We’ve been encouraging folks to use it within our IT department at my company, and we love it so far. Once I found out it was free I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know. Way to actually build something the way humans actually want it for a change Microsoft! You guys are starting to get it together again I think. I always think that and then you come out with some Windows 8 equivalent nightmare. So don’t take a big Vista in your pants, and try to keep it up.

- Works great needs a better UX

It does what it is supposed to do, a basic chat room essentially with nice separations and easy navigation. Notifications are over bearing, during quite hours you will be notified of missing notifications defeating the purpose of it. If you have the teams app open on desktop you will still actively receive notifications on your phone. After using for months it gets rather annoying. There isn’t much in the way of fixing this either in the all settings. You could hard fix it in iOS settings but then that would defeat the purpose of notifications.

- Very Useful Platform

This has been a very useful platform overall. Working from home and interacting with co-workers has been simplified using this app/platform. Also uploading, sharing and storing documents is simple on a computer or tablet which is another huge plus...I do have one issue that I hope Microsoft will update or fix. When presenting as a single presenter there is no way to “pin” myself unless I am sharing a ppt or other document. If I want my audience to see me or my environment there no way to “pin” myself!! I hope I am wrong and there is some workaround!

- Great but have to chance.

I use this app to study while there is quarantine, and there are some problems: - The turn in button is so hard to see, try to make it bigger and it’s better if you can place the button next to file we’d uploaded (like when you finish upload the file to give it to your teacher, you can clearly see the turn in button immediately, so you don’t have to find it anymore) -The video is lag sometimes, athough my wifi is very strong. -I use Ipad to connect to the app and I figure out that I can’t see the chat when I’m calling. If I want to see the comment, I have to click to the icon in the right-top of the screen. And after that I can’t see my friend faces. It little noisy. So try to make it work like what you do on computer. When I can chat and see my friend faces both. By the way, I think it is a good app to use. Edit: I’m not an English speaker and so do my friends, so my English is not good, but please try to understand it and maybe you can improve the app. Thanks.

- Seamless integration

I am a Teams fan after using the product for 2 months. It took some time to learn the features. What I love is the ability to seamlessly integrate content from Outlook—>SharePoint —> Teams on both Windows and iOS. That is sweet. Teams allows you to think about how you manage the knowledge being created in a whole new way. I have my own channel for my personal items. But most of my work is joint so we have shared channels with document control. I also love knowing that if we do a good job documenting a project that we will live a good footprint for the future. Thanks!

- Great for remote users

Pairing Teams channels with sharepoint is pretty nice. Trying to explain how teams, sharepoint, and OneDrive work together to the end user is another story. Keep your rollout documentation simple for them. Make sure you explain how editing online works and the possible quarks if too many people edit at once. Most users are use to having excel docs locked by other users. They need to be informed if someone edits the same field their work can be overwritten. Make sure you also back up your stuff before rolling out. Microsoft protects their data, not your data.

- Nearly perfect, but

We like to use the task list as a shopping list or to-do list while out of the office and it is not nice to use outside of the desktop app. Since we use our office primarily as a pit stop to do admin work while everything else is in the field and mobile, this feature would be great to get everyone on board on what has already been done. Also I haven’t quite figured out the purpose of having the internal users list separated from the chat list, but I think it has something to do with using the functions like task list or meta tag topic based convos, so perhaps that is user interface bias on our side.

- Good product - but glitchy

Great product, offers lot of convenience but still having many annoying glitches. Slow and sluggish sometimes. Clumsy to get started. Sometimes it doesn’t let you add members to teams. Retrying few times does help. Many features can still be improved- like say Commenting on others work. Is still basic - could have been done as an overlay layer. So any doc can be commented on without disturbing the actual document - comments are shown layered on top of the document being commented. Having said that, this is perhaps the best likely future of collaborative work. It’s great. perhaps next windows of MS.

- Please Fix!

I use this for school. At the beginning of the semester it worked great , every single meeting I was able to log on and join the meeting no problem. Then, a few weeks later I started getting a weird bug where let me access the meeting but didn’t give me the option to join it, it just said click here to view meeting details. Now, just recently it won’t let me access the meeting at all. It just says the meeting is in progress, and it won’t even let me click on the meeting to join it. Lately I’ve been having to watch the recordings of the meeting, which is too bad because I would like to participate during the meeting. This is kind of counterintuitive, as this is, after all, an app to meet as a group virtually. Now, I can’t even do that. Please fix this!

- Helpful

Basically with everything going on, my school uses this to talk to all of our teachers. The microphone on my computer doesn’t work so I tried to download the app. The first time I downloaded it I couldn’t log in because it kept taking me to the website and then telling me to download the app and repeating the same process over and over so I deleted it. Now that I re-downloaded it, I was able to click my email and it signed me in with no issues. It was a bit frustrating that I had to delete it and didn’t think to download it again but overall this will be very helpful for me.

- Great app for collaboration

We have been using Skype in our business environment and it was working ok until the lockdown. When everybody is working from home, Skype started having many issues and that is when we switched to Teams. It has been a great collaboration tool. The sharing of content and being able to chat with one person to groups of people has worked flawlessly. Being able to go back to topics and see the relevant conversations to that topic has been tremendously useful too.

- Some Suggestions

The App has been great thus far but I would like to suggest some improvements that I feel would be helpful. One is an option to view all assignments with an icon or title to say which class it is for. I think this would make the assignments tab feel less cluttered and more user-friendly. Number 2 is a sync that updates your schedule for the teams calendar, office 365 calendar and maybe even the phone calendar as sometimes it confusing to schedule calls when I have to view multiple calendars. Teams has been beneficial during this especially hard time and I thank the developers, these are just my suggestions. Thank you!

- Teams app does what it needs to do

I have been using slack for a long time. I switched to teams because my whole office at work switched to Microsoft Office 365 and we wanted to be uniform across our staff. Slack seems more sleek in its interface and a bit easier to navigate and use. The one thing I’ve found since I’ve been using teams is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to comment on a image or file with a sub thread. Come to think of it, I don’t think sub threads are a thing at all in Teams. I really liked that in Slack because the overall conversation can sometimes follow tangents but sub threads help group things together.

- Good idea but lacking basic feature

I was really excited about this Microsoft Teams. I thought, what a great idea to put onedrive, sharepoint, skype and office into one. But as I played with it more and more, I noticed some basic features are either not there or not working properly on mobile devices. Remember I see this useful for people on the go with their mobile devices. Notifications, it works intermittent on mobile device even after I changed my settings to “always”. Files are randomly sorted by who knows. I wish there’s an option to sort it or by deafault, sort files alphabetically. That way it is easier to find files. A search function would also be very helpful. Please include this basic features.

- microsoft is trash

i was doing my homework just fine when out of nowhere it told me that there was in issue with the whole homework tab and i couldn't access my homework no matter how many times i clicked try again it didn't do anything then i restarted it and it just kicked me out of my account and wouldn’t let me back in and it wasn't just in teams that it kicked me out of it was all of my microsoft applications and it told me that there was a problem singing in so i tried to sign in manually and it tu old me my account didn’t exist even tho it was the same address i have been using since before quarantine and it wouldn't let me back in to my account then it just randomly started working again MICROSOFT IS NOT TRUSTWORTHY AND ITS LAGGY AND CRAPPY DO NOT RECOMMEND USE GOOGLE CLASSROOMS INSTEAD ITS WAY BETTER

- Good product but I cannot answer calls on ver 2.0.9

The latest version 2.0.9 is affecting incoming calls on Teams. If I answer calls on my desktop app or on the web, the call will disconnect as soon as I answer. I can answer calls fine on the iOS app. I think it has something to do with the iOS app disconnecting when the call is answered somewhere else. Calls worked fine on ver 2.0.8 and below. I uninstalled the app and desktop and web were able to answer calls. Install 2.0.9 again and the problem appeared again. Is anyone else having this issue on this version (2.0.9)?

- Car Play with iOS Device

I love MA Teams! The only issue I have right now is that it no longer shows as an optional app for Car Play since the latest iOS device. I called Apple to tell them several features broke my Car Play since the latest iOS update and the response was that I need to call the company of each application to let them know it’s no longer compatible. Funny thing though, I repeated twice that one app that no longer works on the car display is iTunes playlist. Either way, I join a lot of conference calls for my job through Teams and now it’s no longer an option for my car display through Car Play.

- Badge notifications show up even when viewed already

I think my only issue with this app is that it shows me there are notifications with red badges even when there are none. For example right now it shows “4” on the red badge even though I’ve opened them all on the app. Further, there appears to be no connection between the iOS app and the PC version for notifications. If I view items on the PC the badge icon on the iOS app should be cleared. And for sure it should be cleared after I open the iOS app. But it does not clear the badge icon.

- No Swipe Navigation

I’m coming from slack and not being able to use multiple accounts is limiting. Worst off, I cannot navigate with swipes. In a world dominated by smartphones, being able to swipe to navigate is required. With slack you can easily navigate around with a swipe. Reading new chats is difficult as the color scheme is terrible, plus there is hardly any space between threads so it all starts blending together. On a longer thread you have to spend so much time searching. When it comes to text input, you don’t have the ability to expand the chat input box full screen makes it really nice. I’m only using teams because my company is testing with it as it comes with office.

- Way better than Skype

This is a great app to use for all communications in the office. Our owner is out of state so it allows him to be more connected to what’s happening in our office. We use the instant messaging a lot to get quick answers that doesn’t require a phone call that interrupts work completely. Love the video chat feature and the capability to take control of one another’s computers. Really helps when viewing reports or working on projects together when not in the same office. Been using the product for over a month now and so far it has met all of our needs.

- Well done, please fix X button

I like the app, it’s pretty seamless when I switch from PC to iPad, which is really useful when I have to travel light. I wish documents could fill the screen...sometimes I have to zoom in and out as I’m reading a document - I don’t need the left pane at those times, I’d like to be able to hide it. One more thing that would be great - can you make the X button work when you’re viewing a file? I keep having to use the left pane to go all the way home, tapping X doesn’t do anything. Thanks for putting this together; I appreciate that there is an iPad version.

- 2 monitors Capability

Hi first of all I would like to thank you for this great app it is amazing and helps a lot and presenting and meeting with my team daily thing I would request to enhance since I work with three monitors minimum with two is to have that capability is on one monitor will have the video feed of the participant and the second monitor I can see the presentation as a handle many teams that option will be very viableAnd will accomplish two points one is to see everyones attentiveness and the other to monitor the presentation thank you very much and hope this can be added as a feature

- Unable to sign in (updated)

Just bought a new iPhone 8 and although I can sign into any other Microsoft app I can't seem to sign into teams. Just gives me a black screen and boots to the home menu. Please fix as our company uses this app to keep in contact and we're always working remotely. —————————————————————— Updated (9/25) this morning and the app is working fine now. Haven’t run into any issues. Great app and service and much better than Skype for business. Changing score from 2 to 5 stars.

- Hiding previews

This makes notification cards worthless. One doesn’t even know who wrote or who’s call was missed. It means we as business users have to behave like teenagers on Facebook glued to and opening every message to see if it’s important. This not only marks it as Read already, but it also is a waste of time and a HUGE disruption to productivity and focus. Please at least make it so the cards have to show who was involved. NSA level security for all businesses outside of such ones - for a card that already is authenticated via faceID and should just show us the information - is too much. Companies are removing all information from the cards even after faceID has authenticated the user. The app really loses its value in today’s modern world.

- Can you help me Microsoft please? If you see this

The app is so good i recommend to everyone but i have a problem So im in Morocco specifically marrakesh and i installed Microsoft teams for studying and stuff but when i enter my phone number they say it isn't correct but it is because i already used it in so many apps before and i guess it's because that the number begins with 07 not 06 as usual in Morocco so please i really need help like support or something for my problem here so i can you fix this problem as soon as possible please? Contact me please if you need more information

- Finally

It took a pandemic to finally make Teams a usable product. I suffered through Lynx, Skype for Business and earlier dysfunctional versions of Teams. Winston Churchill presciently described Teams when he said (paraphrasing) “You can trust MS to makes Teams great after they have tried every other approach”. It does work well now and am happy to use it. I still have trouble connecting outsiders and don’t want to be tech support. Teams works better for small groups and the virtual backgrounds are better. Zoom is still better with large diverse groups running multiple platforms.

- Great Start, Missing a Few Things

Teams is already proving itself to be far better that Skype for Business, and has helped our group to work together. The mobile app is missing a few things compared to its desktop counterpart, however. The single biggest thing being able to schedule meetings. I know that Outlook can schedule a meeting for Skype for Business, but being able to schedule a meeting right from the Teams app would mean that, regardless of the email client or device, we can plan and meet trough Teams. That is huge. Keep up the good work!

- Always crashing

I like teams, it’s nice and easy-to-use on my iPad, but since mid-September of this year, I’ve had problems of teams randomly (but usually while in a meeting) just lag out and crash. And I have to restart the app and rejoin the meeting, which is a pain sometimes. Then I miss some instructions the teacher said when teams crashed. Overall, teams is nice to use, but has some big performance issues. I’m not even in a meeting and it just crashes. Please try to improve this. Edit: Teams crashed 5 times in one meeting. 5 TIMES. HI YES, I WOULD LIKE TO ACTUALLY PARTICIPATE INSTEAD OF RELOADING TEAMS EVRY MINUTE THANKS. Oh wait, it will probably never get fixed like any of my problems on teams. Oh well. But please, this is extremely frustrating, and it seems to get worse.

- complicated

So i recently downloaded this app for online school. When i first downloaded it i was happy that i would be using something other than google classroom. However, as online school progressed, i started to realize that this app is not any better than google classroom. It doesn’t sow my assignments that teachers assigned, when it says they updated my grade and i go to check, it doesn’t show anything no matter how much i refresh. The private messages are also trash because even when you have notifications on, you still get no notifications and the same with some assignments. thanks to this idiotic app, i will be failing my final quarter of the school year. please remove this app from the app store. thank you.

- Too many limitations

The appeal of Teams, Slack, or any other similar service is the integration with other applications. On my iPad Pro, I would expect to have access to most of these integrations. Unfortunately, the iPad app is treated as the same as an iPhone in terms of assumed capability. My iPad Pro is far faster and more powerful than my work provided 2012 MacBook Pro, yet Microsoft has hamstrung its app where I am unable to edit posts where I’ve shared content, nor am I able to contribute to meeting notes. Overall, I appreciate the chat and conversation features for my iPhone, but I’m highly disappointed in Microsoft’s lack of imagination for the iPad Pro.

- And—- This app is still a Major Fail!!!

Update: Once again, your update fails. If you’re going to market to schools, your app should provide the opportunity to submit work. I’m a teacher, and my school district recently began using TEAMS to increase student/ teacher connectivity, improve access to documents and information, and provide an avenue for a more digital classroom. While the desktop version is wonderful, the app is HORRIBLE. Many students rely on their phones for access, and the app version fails to provide the required assignment tab for full functionality. It’s my hope that the developers will see fit to remedy this in the next update. Until then, the app is a serious failure for my students, my classroom, and my district.

- Not Scheduling Friendly

The app version of Teams is absolutely not scheduling friendly. As a supervisor at my job, I am in charge of scheduling the 5 employees under me. It is nearly impossible to do so on the app version: having to type in each employees name and their hours only to have it be shared immediately to them rather than just saved until shared. Then after sharing, it takes you back to today’s date rather than the date you were just working on. Scheduling on the desktop version is so much better, but I am currently using an iPad as my laptop. I really hope this app is updated to make scheduling significantly easier on mobile.

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Microsoft Teams 2.0.25 Screenshots & Images

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Microsoft Teams iphone images
Microsoft Teams iphone images
Microsoft Teams iphone images
Microsoft Teams iphone images
Microsoft Teams iphone images
Microsoft Teams iphone images
Microsoft Teams iphone images

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The applications Microsoft Teams was published in the category Business on 2016-11-02 and was developed by Microsoft Corporation [Developer ID: 298856275]. This application file size is 236.66 MB. Microsoft Teams - Business app posted on 2020-10-29 current version is 2.0.25 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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