Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams [Business] App Description & Overview

Microsoft Teams is your hub for teamwork, which brings together everything a team needs: chat and threaded conversations, meetings & video conferencing, calling, content collaboration with the power of Microsoft 365 applications, and the ability to create and integrate apps and workflows that your business relies on.

You can now also use Microsoft Teams to manage your personal life - chat, make plans, share shopping lists, tasks and even your location, coordinate events with fellow club or family members and make decisions quickly. Teams provides a single hub to help you stay connected, get organized and bring balance to your entire life.

Easily move between your work and personal account to stay organized throughout the day. Whether you’re sprinting towards a deadline or helping your kids with their homework, Teams can help you achieve more.

Connect & Communicate
• Chat 1-1, use group messages or dedicated channels to communicate with the entire team**
• HD audio and video calls for scheduled face-to-face meetings from almost anywhere**
• Mention individual team members, or the whole team at once, to get your colleagues’ attention**
• To-do lists, calendars, and cloud storage access right in group chats
• Personal chats, documents, & files can be securely accessed

Organize Your Whole Life
• File sharing & editing on the go makes managing your work projects a breeze**
• Intelligent search finds documents, spreadsheets, & photos in chats and team conversations **
• Custom notifications give you control to stay focus on what matters most**
• Work calendar & personal calendar both in one app
• Group dashboards to view important items, shared locations, & upcoming tasks within a group chat

Safety & Security
• Enterprise-level security and compliance you expect from Microsoft 365**
• Location sharing to let colleagues, friends and family know where you are*
• Storage in the Safe where you and your group can store, access, and share important data like passwords, frequent flier miles or your hotel reward number

*Must be enabled and active

**Commercial features of this app require a paid Microsoft 365 commercial subscription, or a trial subscription of Microsoft Teams for work. If you’re not sure about your company’s subscription or the services you have access to, visit to learn more or contact your IT department.

By downloading Teams, you agree to the license (see and privacy terms (see For support or feedback, email us at

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Microsoft Teams Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Microsoft Teams Comments & Reviews

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- Teams delivers on the promise of workforce optimization!

I am incredibly passionate about Teams and how it delivers an optimized & integrated experience for teams to collaborate across geographic and office boundaries. With integration into outlook, emails, conf calls, video calls, chat sessions, document sharing, message boards, etc. is all integrated in 1 Platform! Use these features interactively to see the power of the teams For example, I’ll be on a video conf call, when I decide to quickly share my screen, and pull up a document from teams library. My team and I can then send chat messages to other colleagues, while conferencing in 1 team member to ask a question. All this occurs without ever leaving the platform!

- Links

Links sent out never seem to open into chats on the app while on mobile. It will open safari for me and tell me to download the app when I already have the app. Almost impossible to join into chats with links on the mobile app. Al troubleshooting and steps online are for the computer version.

- Great app Easy to use

Easy to use and great chat features . So far, it’s had everything I’ve tried using it for. Also easy on mobile. This product helps a lot with communication within our company. Many times we don’t have time to have a big conversation with talkative people at work every time they call so this keeps it short and to the point. Just be aware of people using it just to pass messages . Great app.

- Amazing

I am just amazed at how well this allowed us to switch from Office to Telework! Thank you

- Awesome

This is an excellent app. It is very efficient and it makes communicating with teammates easy. I love this app.

- Calendar Events

Teams does not allow you to sign back in early if the event is still on your calendar.

- You have come a long way baby

With the introduction of private channels, and the underlying separate private group for allowing secure documents, Teams is proving to be a game changer. We are getting ready to launch a rollout to about 95 employees with our new spin on the 365 SharePoint. We are a mixed group of Mac and PC, iPhone and Android and I now believe Teams and it’s cross-platform beauty is ready for the game. Thanks Microsoft, and keep up the good work!

- important improvements to make it part of daily life

I love the app and use it everyday. two things will add value 1) improve the voice quality and canceling of background noise. 2) integration with confluence page.

- Impressive app

This app is amazing!Like a combination of zoom and email.

- strange behavior

Messes with wi-fi functionality. If you take a meeting on the way in or out of a building audio gets very jaggy. On the way back in the app literally bars your phone from getting back on the wifi. Apple needs to make sure no developers app can strong arm their stack like that!

- User friendly

Spoon-feeds you

- Features lag behind desktop app

Desktop app shows 9 person video, can still only see 3 other videos on the iOS app. Even on the iPad version where there is plenty of space. Really a bummer.

- Great but need to improve

The phone version is nice but the desktop version needs to add Forward Messages and Reply feature. Plus, I would like it better if multiple message Forward was available.

- Life saver!!

I’m so glad to be able to have so much functionality for work on the go!! Very smooth running, updated often. Super useful for productivity at work!

- Thanks for saving tik tok


- Tiktok

You saved tiktok!!!

- If your admin knows what they are doing Teams is a revelation.

I’m in a well maintained and configured environment. If it’s done right teams is a joy to use, we all find ourselves saying, “can you hear me? Can you see my screen? Where’s John? Screw it, let’s all meet on teams” and now we just start there... great product and the app does what it’s supposed to. My only gripe would be the need for better integration with existing windows based teams meetings and the app.

- Slack is way better.

Slack is way better. Teams is clunky and non-intuitive. Only reason I use Teams is due to Microsoft’s monopolist power. This is why competition is a good thing and a monopoly is not.

- Ehh needs help

Okay I use Teams for online classes but my problem is that you can’t change your profile picture. It says to try again and/or not available..

- tiktok💓

thank you!!!!

- Tik tok saved


- Amazing app must download!!

This app is amazing no bugs and not to much information SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE TRUMP APP!!this app is amazing I can talk to my friends and it’s not slow I love it so much thank you so much for creating an app this amazing!!

- Love this App!

Teams is a great collaboration tool as-is. Even better if you discover the collaboration depth with the SharePoint back-end and conferencing features integrated with outlook. Thankful we were using this pre-Covid and were able to adapt to this strange new world.

- Thank you Microsoft

Microsoft saved TikTok love y’all

- Amazing

Thanks for saving tiktok 🤩

- Thank you

Thank you for helping not band TikTok

- Solid App for Team Collaboration

I was a reluctant participant to Microsoft Teams when it came out. I felt that this is yet another application that’s purporting to bring teams together and make it easier and fun for distributed teams to huddle. I am glad I was wrong. Teams kind of grows on you. It doesn’t have a lack of features... but they are presented in a way that facilitates better interaction. Yes, there are issues when you invite someone external to participate on your Teams. This part of having external users I thought was quite difficult in the beginning... but it has come a long ways. Also, the part where you are having live events with external participants. I can understand that Teams has to observe a fine line between external participation and security. I think they have done that. I also find the limits on video conferencing a challenge; but for internal meetings, it works rather well. I love how you can bring in various assets into the meetings and engage with them. There’s a lot to love about Teams, and a lot to poke holes at... ultimately, the type of application will drive the engagement from your participants, and your eventual appreciation.

- Reply to message option

It would be nice to see reply to a specific message option every where and not just iPhone app

- Organization and communication

I am a service manager of a company that has techs in 5 states. So we always have had issues with bringing our team together. This has solved that. Plus connecting all those techs to the support staff in the office in one app. And having the management team to have instant visibility of activity and projects we all share. Again all this in one app. Can’t say enough good about it.

- Thank you

I used to not like you but I’m since you bought TikTik i fw you for that. Lysm☺️💖💞💝❤️💗

- Oh no corona

I study in this app Microsoft teams app i like it

- Wish list: forcible mute and stay mute

Pretty good... Wish: Ability to PLEASE forcibly mute someone and make that person STAY MUTED. Think of the teachers PLEASE. ALSO ability to send invite for someone to unmute themselves, much like in Zoom. You can request someone unmute themself and it sends them an invite. Great for less tech savvy people.

- Virtual Background & Long-press Calls

Want to be able to select a Virtual Background as a default for all video calls and meetings. I'm running iOS 13.6 on my iPhone Xr and have already installed the most recent Teams update. The Long-press on the Teams app to quickly initiate a call is NOT shown as an option. 7/20 Teams update installed and same problems exist. 7/32 Teams update installed and same problems exist.

- So logical and easy to use.

Love it.

- Very slow

Very slow on my laptop

- Good app. Sick of it asking me to write a review every 10 minites

Fine. Heres your review. Hopefully the pop ups stop.

- Overall good but one issue

Can’t call contacts from phone app but at the same time sharing computer screen. It ask me to join the screen sharing and audio from the same device.

- Terrible app

When I joined a call the mute button is automatically enabled and greeted out. I tried to unmute but I get a message that I must leave the call to unmute myself. Why is this a thing? The point of a virtual meeting is to be able to communicate.

- Satisfait

Je mettrai bien 5 étoiles, mais il n’y a pas la possibilité de passer des appelle vers un numéro de téléphone tiers à partir de l’application installer sur l’iPad.

- Awesome app

This app streamlines all MSFT team contents, files and Channel communications that I need to check with my cell phone occasionally when I’m away from my work laptop. Wonderful app!

- Tasks need to report back to manager when complete

When someone finishes a task, it doesn’t alert anyone. It should report back to the person who wrote it. Epic Fail.

- Stop requesting me to rate the app

I like the app. Requests to rate the app are relentless... please stop Microsoft team

- Navigating

Sorry, but Zoom is easier to navigate

- Terrible and spam virus to your phone

This free version comes with non working security breaches to you live account, tablet and mobile devices. Contacting Microsoft support regarding there responsibility in supporting and allowing false and damaging version with their corporation label means talking with third party companies and reps whom are uneducated, unprofessional and terrible service. I will have to let my employer know having Microsoft team has been a waste of time and money all the way around. Microsoft Support Rep name: Reygen (non last name/ illiterate) is the reason the for this review. Terrible and non working like the company.

- problems with notifications

very intuitive system, other than problems with intermittently not receiving notifications. Hope it’s fixed soon

- Great way to TEAM

This is a wonderful tool that I love using

- Memorial Affairs/Casualty

Awesome App. Easy to work. Great Video Training in Apple. Definitely 5 🤩

- Good quality reception

Microsoft teams has some neat features with good quality reception for both audio and video.

- Unable to bullet

In the chat feature you can not bullet thoughts. When u hit enter it sends the message. I would like there to be an enter creature without sending

- Chat

Please add a reply button, to make it easier to know who the moment is for. In a work situation

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- Amazing

Great App


Good application but that’s the only app that hangs on ios and logs me out of all my meetings very often. Kindly fix.

- MS Teams

A nice and easy to use App.

- Rating

After accepting invite it should auto record I calendar

- Amazing

I like it but the problem I have is that people can remove you from the team you made. Also if you go to class notebooks they will ask you for the One note app. Please fix this. Apart from that, It is spectacular.

- Glitch

I haven’t been able to join meeting via the teams app on my phone. It keeps telling me that the meeting hasn’t started and to try again. When I do, it repeats the same message. This has been going on for the past one week.

- Great app!

Great application!

- Microsoft Teams - New Business Normal

Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, I know very little about the Microsoft Team. The COVID-19 has compelled a lot of businesses and organizations to adopt the usage of MS Teams for virtual meetings and engagement with internal and external parties. From my experience, the user friendly nature, security and robustness of the MS Team has proven it to be the most sought after virtual engagements business tool. Very glad to be associated with the Microsoft Teams. Thank you.

- Privacy Setting?

Privacy - can you ensure only selected persons have access to a meeting? I have observed that anybody can join; even people who only have the invites forwarded to them by another invitee; sometimes without the knowledge of the host.

- Great app


- Teams a very good platform

Incredible experience. Saves time, cost and protocols for instituting formal meetings

- Video

Every time I try to download mp4 . It shows “something went wrong”!!!!!!! 😤

- Effective work tool

This is the best innovation of the century

- Simple and Effective

Simple and Effective. Helps my team communicate and collaborate on the go.

- cool

coolest app

- Nice app

Would appreciate more colors for the interface

- Very good App.

It gives room for team work and assessments. You can work from anywhere. You are at the same pace with your colleagues.

- Kemi

Video quality is really impressive.

- Review


- Easy connection

What I like about the Team is that it connects easily, even with not-so-good data network

- Corporate Communication App

Very classic app for meeting and communication with the company. It has a lot of functions and very easy to use. For me this is far better than skype

- Really good

Very convenient and user friendly

- Best work app I have ever seen

Very fantastic application for your everyday work routine

- Fantastic app

Does just about anything you want in meeting with your team from a remote location. I love it!

- Absence of Raise hand option.

The App is good and has made communication easier. However, there is no option for participants to raise hand or indicate that they want to speak. If available, it will make coordination of meeting easier.

- MSTeams bringing a new learning and working paradigm.

Teams is a very reliable online working has diverse functionalities for file sharing, video and audio conferencing, etc . This app have paved the way for a new learning and working paradigm. MS Teams the new way to do things. I really love to do my remote working with teams.

- Best Workplace Collaboration App

I totally enjoy it’s features.

- All In One; Teams!

Amazing app! I can chat, work on files with team mates at separate locations, enjoy video conferencing and even share my screens with team mates. It’s an exciting and effective work tool.

- AM Awosoji

It is a great experience for remote bonding and virtual meeting


If you have a poor network, other platforms cut you off but Teams is more tolerable with low bandwidth

- Great & effective app

This app has supported businesses & improved working in a more efficient ways through remote connections.

- COVID-19 Pandemic

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, my organization widely accepted ms teams for meetings and documents sharing. It is really simple and the platform helped us keep in touch with staff virtually thus tracking progress activities. Thanks to Microsoft Teams

- Team

It’s cool

- Best Platform

Team is very interested it stand the test of time. Enjoying it already

- Recent update

After updating to recent version, the app only loads splash screen and terminates it is disorganizing my working

- Teams App

Seamless and reliable 👍

- Flexible

Flexible and far better than Skype.

- Cool App

This is really fantastic

- Good to use

It’s a good tool although there’s one request: can we have a functionality that allows us to reply a certain message in a group chat?

- Fantastic tool

I used MIcrosoft Teams for remote trouble shooting session for over 8 hours and it was awesome. I did not miss anything in terms of physical presence of my partner at the other end. Great tool!

- Collaboration with ease

Best app for team collaboration. Seamless connection with voice and video clarity during meetings.

- Seamless Team Collaboration

Great app. It allows for seamless team collaboration. The User Experience (UX) is also great.

- Pathetic

My wife left me because of the app. Pathetic

- Great app!

I love the fact that it synchronizes seamlessly with my Skype for Business!

- Clear audio

Audio is very clear. I like the app. Well done team.

Meu ovo pra esse Microsoft teams essa porra n funciona

@_TBlockchain: Microsoft lanza Teams Advanced Communications y amplía las reuniones hasta 20.000 participantes @MicrosoftES #teams #summ…

@SenceNuble en conjunto con @SernaturNuble invita este miércoles 05 de agosto a las 11:00 a una importante webinar…

@jeffteper: Announcing new advanced communications capabilities for #MicrosoftTeams

@_TBlockchain: Microsoft lanza Teams Advanced Communications y amplía las reuniones hasta 20.000 participantes @MicrosoftES #teams #summ…


Bro if somehow we could link zoom and Microsoft teams to Chinese organizations then we wouldn’t have to do any online lectures

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Microsoft Teams 2.0.18 Screenshots & Images

Microsoft Teams iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Microsoft Teams iphone images
Microsoft Teams iphone images
Microsoft Teams iphone images
Microsoft Teams iphone images
Microsoft Teams iphone images
Microsoft Teams iphone images
Microsoft Teams iphone images
Microsoft Teams ipad images
Microsoft Teams ipad images
Microsoft Teams ipad images
Microsoft Teams ipad images
Microsoft Teams ipad images
Microsoft Teams ipad images
Microsoft Teams Business application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Microsoft Teams Business application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Microsoft Teams (Version 2.0.18) Install & Download

The applications Microsoft Teams was published in the category Business on 2016-11-02 and was developed by Microsoft Corporation [Developer ID: 298856275]. This application file size is 224.67 MB. Microsoft Teams - Business posted on 2020-08-01 current version is 2.0.18 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

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