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Duo Mobile [Business] App Description & Overview

Duo Mobile works with Duo Security's two-factor authentication service to make logins more secure. The application generates passcodes for login and can receive push notifications for easy, one-tap authentication on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

Additionally, you can use Duo Mobile to manage two-factor authentication for other application and web services that make use of passcodes.

Note: For Duo accounts, Duo Mobile needs to be activated and linked to your account before it will work. You will receive an activation link as part of Duo's enrollment process. You may add third-party accounts at any time.

License agreements for third-party Open Source libraries used in Duo Mobile can be found at https://www.duosecurity.com/legal/open-source-licenses.

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Duo Mobile Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We're always working to improve user experience in Duo Mobile. This update introduces various behind-the-scenes improvements and minor bug fixes to enhance your authentication experience.

Duo Mobile Comments & Reviews

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- Was fine until I needed to transfer phones...

My school forced me to use Duo for 2FA. After one of my personal social media accounts was hacked, it prompted me to look into 2FA for them as well. I wish I would’ve looked at the reviews before adding my personal accounts to this app. Everything was fine until I got a new phone and needed to transfer my Duo to this device. The process has been an absolute nightmare, and the only “help” I receive is a long wall of text which vaguely describes what I need to do but no instruction on how to do it. My instant restore option is switched on for both phones, but I get no option to restore old codes like the help center claims I should. I’m at a complete loss for what to do and it seems that the Duo website and help center doesn’t exactly know either.

- Employees need some control

*** Please read MORAL implications I am not writing to critique the app itself as I just downloaded the app. A small background, I work for a company who now require this specific app to be downloaded on our personal phones, or we will have "resigned" from the company. My immediate problem with the app is it gives all control to the company, including the control to direct the app to change my phone, and no ability to turn off the app while not at work. I feel if the app is being forced on employees by employers to save them money, it should be a "moral" obligation on the part of the developer to give the employee (owner of the phone) some control over the app and how it may function on the phone. But instead, that area is turn off to the employee and total control is granted to the employer. In my case there is no on/off toggle where the app could be shut down while not needed to perform work functions, and thus reducing the employer's ability to mis-use the app on your phone on your personal time. Please consider the MORAL obligation to allow the person who is being forced to use your app to have some control how it will be used on their own personal phones. Not everyone works for company that are completely trustworthy. Just because the company made the agreement with you, should not automatically eliminate all rights employee may have over their own personal property, nor give 100% control to the employer over a non-company own phone.

- Handles an annoying task with aplomb

I hate the time required to perform two-factor authentication, and so was dreading when my institution began to require it. I was pleasantly surprised that the Duo app handles this task rapidly, much more so than any other app-based or text-based method I’ve used. Usually within about 2 seconds, I can approve a request with a single tap of my Apple Watch (the notification includes an “approve” button) or via two taps of my phone. I wouldn’t hesitate to switch to this system for any other account I use. EDIT: looking in another review, it appears that I could also be quickly approving with a single swipe or 3D-touch and tap from my phone. Perhaps a brief blurb instructing this within the app would be helpful because I would have been doing so all along!

- Misplaced blame

After reading the negative reviews, I’ve come to the conclusion that people seriously need to take a moment to understand HOW 2FA works, WHERE and WHAT the roles/responsibilities lie and are for each vendor (eg Coinbase vs Duo), and WHY 2FA is important. Is the app perfect? No. Does it work well for what it was designed to do? Yes. Can it be improved? Yes. Here is my wishlist to improve the usability of the app, hopefully the devs are reading! (1) I have well over 50 tokens (many from the same service), please introduce folders or a way to organize/group tokens. (2) Allow for custom icons instead of restricting it to just the ones you’ve decided to include; this would also help me find tokens more quickly. (3) Allow for token access from a widget on the lock screen (either display passcode or tap to immediately open the token in the app).

- Interface, interface

As far as working as a 2fac this app is fine, it does that. The issue with it is that it’s a really simple app but has an annoying interface. If the buttons for the push notification could be moved to a more thumb friendly location that would be great. It’s just a screen with 2 buttons, there’s no reason to make me adjust my grip on the phone so I can reach the accept button. I should be able to pick the phone up and hit the button in one motion. Not pick the phone up fumble with the position in my hand then hit the button. It’s annoying and unnecessary. The whole screen is there to use for this purpose and is empty. The buttons are large but the phone screen is also large and it puts the buttons out of comfortable reach for one hand use. Stack them in the middle or something. Maybe a flick gesture, or both, I dunno.

- A great option for 2FA

Seeing all the low ratings based on a business’ or university’s decision to apply additional security to their networks, I had to add my two cents. It is 2FA, not Duo, about which most are railing. If you don’t like 2FA, rid the world of hackers and thieves that will use every available means to get into any network they can. Until you accomplish that, accept the fact that for those trying to secure a network, 2FA is a necessary precaution, much like a deadbolt on a door. And Duo is a good method for applying 2FA. We primarily use Duo Push for accessing our systems and it works very well. Unrelated note: Duo works much better than this rating system, which will tell you after the fact that a nickname has been used but won’t suggest one that hasn’t been...

- Almost perfect!

I love the interface and how there is a variation of event based logins and OTP requests depending on what security factors are necessary for what apps and services. My wishlist of features mostly consists of needing a complication on my Apple Watch to easily access to the application, rather than needing to search or find in my App Library on the watch, as well as widget access on the iPhone and iPad for further quick access to each OTP passcode I need to type in, as they don't always send push notifications when there is a login attempt made. Other than that, I think the app has come a long way and is user friendly with security as its top priority which is what I would want for any service like this

- Love it - but Apple Watch app seems to have a bug

Edit - issue seems to have been fixed. Also, leaving the Duo app running in the background on the phone, which I hadn’t been doing before, helps. I implemented the free tier of Duo to safeguard my personal VPN against unauthorized access. It works great and having an Apple Watch app is neat too. But recently, I noticed that my watch app wouldn’t generate passcodes anymore. Push notifications to the Watch still work. Restarting the watch seems to work once and then it won’t give codes anymore. I couldn’t find a way to send feedback in the app itself, so I decided to leave a review. Hope this minor bug can be ironed out so I can get back to enjoying that extra convenience!

- New standard

2FA seems to be the new standard as far as consumer security is concerned. At first I was a bit frustrated with the inconvenience of having to use my password and phone to log on to my university account, but the added security is definitely worth it. There so many malicious actors when it comes to attacking university data and this switch to Duo Mobile is for the better. Couple of tips: remember to keep one time passcodes on hand, and allow third party accounts to reconnect automatically (for when you reset your phone or get a new iPhone). Definitely recommend this app not just for school accounts, but any other account you want to add extra security to.

- Stop deleting my reviews, cowards

Truly cannot imagine a worse method of 2FA. Why can’t I use Face ID? Touch ID? Or just a push to my laptop? But no, that would make too much sense. Definitely better to require the use of another device, because logging in to canvas needs to be more complicated than logging in to my BANK. This app is terrible in every sense of the word. If you are an administrator or employer requiring others to use this, you should be fired. On the spot. Using this app is overly complicated and frustrating, not to mention a poor decision—if your phone is dead, you can’t log in. If Duo had a desktop app I wouldn’t have complaints, but the use of a whole other device to log in to check my grades??? Overly and unnecessarily complicated. If you are considering the use of this app as 2FA, I am BEGGING you to consider any other option. This app is terrible and deserves to be taken off the App Store.

- Very Difficult

At first the app was going well for me, but then i got a new phone and the app didn’t transfer over so i had to redownload Duo but the thing was, the app wasn’t connected to my apps (Snapchat and Instagram) anymore but my apps still required the codes. So i tried going on Duo and clicking “Looking to recover your accounts?” at the bottom of the screen and it was frozen, as in you weren’t able to click it but everything else worked. So i looked up a solution on safari and nothing came up that would solve my problem except for Androids and i have an iPhone. So i’m currently permanently logged out of Instagram.

- Nice and easy

Pretty straightforward and works to a T. Anyone who wrote a 1 star review are just people who create problems for themselves. Get this, one guy says it was duos problem because his child and him weren’t able to effectively communicate when to use the 2 factor authentication. Another guy, said it was such an inconvenience that the accept and decline buttons were placed at the bottom of the screen. Like it’s 2 factor authentication, why does it matter that the button position isn't in the optimal space? It literally takes 2 seconds to do this but apparently it’s such a hassle. Nice and easy process

- Reliable two factor authentication

We've used DUO for several years for two factor authentication. It's secure and reliable. It definitely gets the job done. The app isn't too bad, but could use a little more polish. Namely, I wish the buttons fir approving or disproving a log on attempt were positioned a little higher and made a touch smaller in the app to make one hand use easier. The buttons are large, going to the screens edge. I have accidentally hit the button before when picking up my phone where the palm of my hand touched the edge of the screen in just such a way that it registered as a click granting approval. Luckily, it was me trying to log in.

- One of the most convenient 2 factor authentication apps

We were told to use this app for 2 factor authentication by my university. I checked the reviews and saw a lot of very poor reviews and kind of went “oh no.” These reviews as far as I can tell now are mostly just people who were also required to use the app, and had never used two factor authentication before. The app has been bug free for me and has the most convenient approach I have seen. They are complaining about two factor authentication as a system and being required to use it, not how well the app functions.

- Great Authenticator App! Don’t mind the harsh reviews.

To be truly honest, this app is a wonderful authenticator. The interface is incredibly user-friendly and allows you to clearly identify the account you want to use (through the website’s picture/ logo). If you have used other authenticator apps in the past, setting up a manual account is the exact same process. Having a host set up MFA, such as a college, is an even easier setup. I use this for most of my online accounts and Duo Mobile has been quick, easy and efficient. I flat out love it. Keep up the great work Duo!

- Duo mobile with instagram accounts

So I decided In November 2019 to secure my instagram account using this app. Everything was working fine until I had to reset my phone I made sure my login was saved on my iCloud so I wouldn’t have no problem with signing back in on this app. Turns out duo mobile never saved my information on my phone or on my instagram account. I tried to email about this problem and all I got was there’s no account associated with the email I used for my instagram account. I cannot login to my instagram anymore because I used this app as a 2 factor authentication for my instagram and I cannot login in on duo mobile or my instagram account anymore I’m very disappointed that I put my trust into this app and nothing is helping me get my account logged back in.

- I would pay to not have to use this

Daughter’s university recently implemented usage of Duo. If I need to log in to pay something, I have to wait for her to get the approval. The problem is, we are in different time zones. So she may be asleep when I need to access her account. It is extremely frustrating, and there should be a way to have two different devices authorized for approval. At times when we are together, there can be a lag when she gets the actual notification. As others have mentioned, if you don’t see the notification pop up you can easily miss it as it doesn’t stay on the screen. Please make an option for two devices...it would also be helpful for when you get a new phone and still have access to authentication on the second device.

- I can’t get into my college classes

My university recently mandated duo (ugh) and it works terrible. I had an old phone short circuit so the screen is black and the iCloud backup failed. I tried to download the duo app on my new phone and it keeps prompting me to go on my old phone (can’t) or use iCloud (can’t). So apparently they are just going to lock me out of my own college account. Truly a bad company. Why would they assume that people can access there own devices and iCloud always? Truly I pay thousands of dollars a year to not even be able to get into my own college account. They need to fix this. Duo has always been a pointless hassle at best (what if I forget my phone or it’s dead? I just can’t log into my computer?) now it’s actually unusable and locking me out of important info.

- Simple and intuitive

So many reviews panning these guys for stuff that isn’t their fault... The Duo app is the best 2FA app I’ve used. Adding new accounts is a breeze, and the hold-to-copy function makes entering passcodes a piece of cake. Additionally, certain accounts can use push notifications for authentication. I use Duo to secure several accounts and it works exactly as it should. I guess I’d have to say don’t set up 2FA if you don’t know what it is. All the bad reviews I’ve seen are from people who don’t understand 2FA and really shouldn’t be reflecting on this app.

- No more ex gf drama

Since everyone is complaining about 2FA itself rather than the app functionality, I’ll add my note on why I’m glad my school integrated 2FA... My ex-girlfriend constantly logs into any account she can get access to. She uses different devices to sneak her way and she guesses or knows most of my passwords. I’ve had to change passwords (and then immediately forget them) because she’s always logging into my accounts without my knowledge. Finally some peace of mind knowing she can’t do anything weird with my most important account. Thanks, Duo!

- Could be better

I recently started having to use this for school and it’s a major inconvenience, but that isn’t all the developers’ fault. I really think they should add some kind of “trusted device” feature that would allow users to have one computer that you wouldn’t have to go through two-factor authentication every single time, but maybe just the first of every month. It’s annoying not being able to check my grades quickly or look at an assignment quickly on my own computer. I hate that I have to use this but the developers could make the experience less painful

- Perfectly acceptable but nothing special

So many Authenticator apps in the store but they’re all basically the same. Nice design but like all the other apps it’s cumbersome when it comes to having a lot of accounts. Would like to see an app that gives me options to sync or save backups... most of all I’d like to be able to organize accounts into folders or categories. I have about 20 personal sites, 6 work accounts and 3 or 4 sites for accounts that I manage for clients. Across these groups I have multiple GitHub, gmail, okta, and other accounts and the only way to keep them separate is use multiple apps.

- It’s not the app

This app works great, it has worked flawlessly since I started using it a couple of months ago. All the one star reviews are about issues with using 2 factor authentication, not with this app. If you don’t back up your phone to iCloud, that’s not this app’s fault. If you delete this app thinking magically 2FA is going to be disabled, that’s not this app’s fault. If you are not the owner of the account and want to get into the account on the owner’s behalf and have not requested a second device, that’s not this app’s fault.

- Simple and Effective

It seems most negative reviews are blaming the wrong players. Duo facilitates the 2Fa but is not the company that is mandating it nor are they the ones controlling which features and elements you have access to. If you’ve used literally *any* other 2Fa platform you will see Duo is by far the best in the market. Simple and effective. Time necessary to log in is reduced with their quick push to phone and simple single button approval. The watch app works flawlessly. I have not had a single issue with Duo.

- Review that actually covers the APP...

Got a decent laugh reading these 1-star reviews. The following apply to almost all of them: -Mad at Duo because they didn’t retain recovery key for Instagram -Mad at Duo because the company using their service failed to educate their own people properly -Mad at Duo for “making” them use 2FA Sad my actual review and 5 star won’t make a dent in those 1 star ratings. Here’s the truth for actual paying customers who may read reviews. This app does what it’s built to do, with a high accuracy rate. Any user having issues with the app I’ve seen so far falls under two categories; not reading setup instructions or false expectations of how it should work. App pushes fast. Offline login methods work. Tech support is very responsive. Customer success is their focus. I don’t work for Duo, just felt a well developed app deserves a fair shake for any non-teen that may be reading.

- Works Fine, but needs a desktop version

This app works fine for my university 2FA with a combination of a pin and push notification however, plenty of times my phone has been out of battery or the class strictly does not allow phones and I am not able to access my assignments, quizzes, tests etc. If there was a desktop version of the app that would be amazing. I do not see a huge security risk for this either, because if someone already has gained access to your personal computer, you may have many other unsecured important things to worry about such as auto fill passwords and logins.

- Don’t believe the naysayers

If you read the negative reviews, you’ll see people are complaining about two-factor authentication (2FA) in general. Yeah, it is an inconvenience. The advantage is increased security. Most of these people should be complaining with their IT departments or any service that requires it. Unfortunately, Duo is what they see when inconvenienced and this blame Duo. If you ever had to use a different 2FA provider, then you would realize that Duo Security is leagues better than anything else out there.

- I hate this app

I downloaded this app on my phone. It didn’t really tell me to sign up for anything so apparently I don’t have an account with due. This app is SOOO annoying! All I want to do is to disable the authentication feature for another app. But the darn thing won’t let me do it!! It’s like I’m trapped! I hate it and I want it gone. I went online and it said I could disable it through its website. But oops! When I downloaded the app on my phone is didn’t even give me the option to create an account! So what did I do? I created an account but OOPS!!! It doesn’t recognize that I already have everything on my phone!?!? Like are you kidding me!! Don’t get this app. It’s too simple to the point where it’s straight unhelpful.

- Terrible communication

I happily used Duo Mobile for years before I switched to a new phone without thinking to update my accounts. Had I known that at some point I could have started backing up my authenticator codes to iCloud, I would have done so. Now, I’m locked out of two of my most important accounts with no recourse. This could have been prevented with a simple pop up, text, or email to users notifying them about this feature. Even if your job requires you to use this software for your corporate login, stay far away for personal use. While your IT administrator can help you authenticate in, they shouldn’t have to do the extra legwork because of Duo Mobile’s failure to communicate with their users.

- Complete garbage

I been trying to login into my school’s website and I’m unable to. FOR SOME REASON, EVERY TIME I PUT THE PASSCODE CORRECTLY, it says incorrect passcode even though I have it correctly. Then I go on Zoom which by the way has been better help since it’s telling me my account is locked due to excessive authentication failures. WHAT FAILURES?!?! I have always been able to login into my school’s account without any problem. And I know I been typing and always type the correct passcode to prevent that. I WANT HONEST HELP, not some website telling me what to do if I need help. Not some website that is not exactly describing this problem. I have to login with my credentials to my school’s website for Zoom on Monday. This is a complete mess

- Locked out of account

This has happened to me so many times and it is so annoying. You reset your phone, your phone dies, you don’t have WiFi, and you can’t login to your email or into the school website without this terrible feature. I would pay more money to not have to use this. If you want to get back in or into any duo settings to fix the issue, you would also need a 2F verification. Great intentions of the app and nothing against the developer, it’s just a terrible inconvenience to someone who is forced to use it and can’t get valuable access in time sensitive matters because there is no way to get in your accounts without calling someone to reset it for you.

- Good app but can’t get codes

I got this app to help protect my instagram account from anyone who tried to get into it. However, my account was accidentally removed from the DUO app and now cannot get codes to login to the Instagram account. I’m now stuck, unable to get into my Instagram. I’ve tried by best to get it back, a whole week now, but nothing has worked. It seems it works too well with security or that there is no way back in when you don’t have phone number or gmail connected to it as well. Since I can’t log back into DUO, I also can’t get codes for Instagram. There is also no human help.

- Garbage app that bricks you out of your account

There’s no point in reading this review! You are going to be forced to download this app because your school or work thought it’d be secure or whatever and there isn’t an alternative. Then when your battery dies or there’s an update you’re freakin bricked out of your account I can’t access my college account because of this app, and I need to order books, switch classes, and get a parking spot. The app won’t even open it crashes immediately and I’ve restarted and made sure it’s up to date If you’re an IT person looking to make your login secure, I beg you to not use this joke of an app and use literally anything else

- Push notifications no longer working (updated)

UPDATE: Thank you to the developer for responding to my review. They recommended I ensure my iOS is updated. It is, and that doesn’t fix the problem. I also went to their recommended help pages. They also did not fix the problem. I don’t know what’s wrong with the Duo system, but my login attempts just don’t trigger push notifications on my phone anymore. ORIGINAL POST: Before, every time I needed to login to something on my phone, I’d get an easy push notification. Now those notifications no longer show up and I have to go through the more annoying process of texting codes or opening the app. Please fix this.

- Needs Apple Watch Complication to quickly launch

I have to use this for work and overall use it almost exclusively on my Apple Watch - would love addition for support of a complication I can add to my watch face so can quickly launch as otherwise I have to hit the side button to load apps that I have added as favorites to the Dock and select Duo and adds a few more seconds which adds up over the course of the day as I launch the app about 20-30 times a day. Otherwise works great.

- DUO is the best 2FA app

I may not love having to do 2FA so much, but DUO is a great company and made a great inventive product that I’ve never had any problems with. I especially love push notifications where I don’t even have to open my phone I can just click and approve the login. I originally used it just for my required school accounts but now use it to back up as many of my accounts that allow 3rd party-app 2FA as possible. I will keep using it

- Very reliable

I’ve had Duo Mobile for years now and I’ve rarely ever had an issue with it. It stays up to date and lets you know if something is wrong whether it be the app is out of date or your IOS needs to be updated. It doesn’t glitch and the different options (such as Push, Call, or Passcode) makes it very easy and accessible to use. The one thing I will say about it is that it is hard to fix when you change your phone number.

- UI needs work on Apple Watch

This would get at least four stars if the UI on the Apple Watch matched the one on the iPhone. The iPhone UI selections cover two different corners and is easy to navigate. I love that Duo has an Apple Watch connection. The Watch face is much smaller than the iPhone, so why did they design the Watch so it’s much harder to use? The ‘Approve’/‘Deny’ buttons are thin stripes across the Watch face. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hit the ‘Approve’ button and my fat finger has instead hit the ‘Deny’ button instead. It’s very frustrating.

- Overly complicated, unnecessary and annoying

My university requires duo for us to get in to our school accounts. That is a AWFUL decision. There have been too many times where I’m at school where my phone is dead or I simply do not have any reception and I’m unable to access my own accounts! Then that day I can’t get any school work done and get points docked for assignments being late 🤬 not to mention after a year of me not using the app while at a different school, when I returned it said that I need to reconnect but didn’t give instructions on how to do that, so the only way to log in is through calling me, not even text or codes work for me anymore.

- Why is the administrator in charge of how many devices i have??

Apparently the only reason the "Add device" option isnt coming up for me is because my 'administrator' didn't allow for that. Okay,, why even make that an admin option in the first place? My only device with my Duo on it is an old tablet that barely works. I have a better one now,, but i can't verify my university logins with it because the 'Add Device' button was blocked i guess? What is the point of that? After having so many different security measures, how is blocking another device from adding the account so safe? Please remove this option for whoever set this up, it is really bad.

- Relatively easy but

As a multi factor authentication app, this works reasonably well. Others have commented about button placement, which are legitimate. I would echo that the process takes more than one step to get to those buttons, which is unnecessary. Another issue is that the app does not update automatically. It simply gives a message that the app is “out of date“ and that I must go to the App Store to get the update. This app should update automatically, just like all the others. There’s simply no excuse for this nonsense.

- Useless app

My college uses duo for protection but it makes everything harder, and I’m not convinced that it makes our accounts any safer. Logging in is a hassle, communication between two devices is bad and sometimes does not work, switching devices is difficult, and the passcodes almost never work. I would pay to not use this app and go back to the way it was. I have experienced being locked out of my school information website because my phone was dead, been in class without access to my notes because I did not have my phone to allow access into my own account. This app makes everything harder.

- Works fine but one issue

I use this app since my university has switched to this for user authentication. Everything works fine except if I have content and privacy restrictions enabled on my iPhone. If so, when it’s time for me to choose how I want to login, instead of seeing the push notification button, I just get an empty white screen. Please provide a fix for it to work with privacy restrictions enabled as I don’t currently see a way to tell it to.

- Needs improvement for watch OS

The iPhone app works very well, but the watch implementation needs work. There are 2 areas to improve: support for independent watch app for people who own the cellular version of the watch. When my phone battery dies I can use the watch app without the phone. Also if I forgot my phone at home I’m out of luck. Secondly the UI for watch should be improved, make the approve button on the top and dent button on the bottom not next to each other, fat fingered many times with the watch.

- App is great, can be implemented badly

I’ve been using this app for several years for work and it has always worked quickly and reliably. I can understand frustration if two factor authentication isn’t working since access to something important is blocked, but the problem is likely to be out of the hands of the people who wrote this app. Many of the one-star ratings seem misplaced.

- Works. Most of the time

It works and is pretty simple most of the time, my only complaint is that *sometimes* ( maybe 1 out of 10 times) the notification doesn’t show up in the lock screen so I have to open the app to accept it. Also if I have a notification waiting in the app it should always pop up as an alert as soon as I open the app to minimize the number of buttons I have to press. Otherwise it works as expected.

- Absolutely Horrible

If there were academy awards available for poorly designed user experience for a mobile application, these people would win that award hands down and many times over. I teach UX (User Experience design) and this is a superb example of failure to even utilize effective label naming. Horrible UI and the documentation supplied is so amateurish as to better serve as pleasurable amusement. My students have done a better job than the —- who made this —-. Dear developers: please get in touch. I can set you up with a student who can at least write language on buttons as well as your instructions to make this comprehendable and thus usable by regular people.


The logic of this App should be improved significantly. My phone got reset, and I had to reset my account in DUO. In order to add my account back, I need to get a barcode scanned. In order to get a barcode, I need to access my account... In the end, I need to call the support guy to reset my account. There must be a better way to do so. Additionally, I literally don’t get why some organizations choose to implement such App when two-factor authentication method works so fine by sending people texts with verification codes, whereas for this one you need to first download an App and set everything up....... What a waste of time and energy.

- Duo is Comprehensive and free for personal use

I have been using Duo for several months now having transitioned from ping id, Authy, etc. Duo is an impressive platform. I love the watch App as well as the click to approve, looking at you Ping with your need to have me slide something 🙄. Duo also has great integrations with 1Password as well as a huge number of websites. This is a phenomenal way to upgrade your security stance because passwords are broken.

- Two Duo accounts diminish functionality

This was working fine when I just Haden’s system needing two step verification. I could choose push, passcode, or call. Now that I have a second system added, the three options are still there. However, when I request a Push, I can only get a passcode. Then I have to cancel the request and change to passcode. This should be an easy fix, but there is no Help contact information.

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- Upload other icons

Need the feature to upload our own icons for the authentication. The digits should also look bigger

- No search, can’t upload own icons,

No search !!! If you have dozens of accounts to manage like I do it’s hard to quickly find the one your looking for you. You’ll be scrolling forever. Can’t upload custom icons !!! The default list of icons is very limited, which would be fine if you could upload your own icons. But you can’t! This would make the app a lot easier to use as a visual icon is quicker to recognise than text. The good things are: +Codes are hidden until you tap on them +Dark mode supported +Attractive, minimalist design However, search for accounts is needed. Custom icons are needed. Better multi-device sync/support is needed. Duo Restore needs to be improved. Show us our codes are backed up so we can have peace of mind if our phone is broken/stolen we won’t be locked out of hundreds of accounts.

- No customer service

This company is really disgusting and I do not recommend going with them as your security authentication. They refused to help me gain access to my accounts and said I need to contact my third party companies which were uncontactable. Do not go with them.

- Poor user interface

App is unusable in real world scenarios. Only a small number of known applications are listed. When adding a 3rd Party app not listed it’s not possible to change the name, they all say THIRD-PARTY and it’s then impossible to know which one is which (my account ID is the same at each as well). Every other 2FA Authenticator our there lets you change the name of each entry. Why not this one?!

- works well

works well would like an ipad compatible version (landscape mode) latest update is a bit ugly, I've lost my icon as well, just the white wire frame icon. it's unclear on the website or in the app, but does duo mobile backup to iCloud? what happened if I delete it accidentally, or need to restore, are all my OTP service tokens restored or lost forever, requiring recovery keys for all the services in use?

- Too complicated

Signing up with the program is a hassle within itself, not to mention the complications with the poor interface design. But hey, at least it supports dark mode…

- Security Risk!!!!

Opening a notification from the lock screen enables a user access the iOS device without any requirement to enter a PIN or biometric effectively bypassing the security on the device and rendering the whole thing pointless.

- I give up! Your system is failing our business!

It is not working most of the time today and your online chat is failing too!!! Useless!!

- This app is a scam

I can’t get back into any of my accounts with it once the app is deleted you can’t get back into old accounts

- App won’t download

Using this app for work purpose and won’t download contacted duo support via live chat and said there’s nothing we can do?! Very disappointing

- ugh

the app logged my accounts out and now i cant get into my insta!!! :(

- Works with Apple Watch

This is an excellent App. I leave it open in the background on my iphone x and have duo in my dock on my apple watch s3 and generate codes without having to pickup my phone, which is great. I wouldn't use another 2FA app.

- Great so far still working it out

What can I use with it can I join my iTunes account? Facebook? Can’t think of anything else what just wondering what else u can the only think so far is Snapchat

- Brilliant app and a brilliant service

Brilliant app working alongside the Duo Security service. Brilliant use of the iWatch as well. This is the only app I found that was a must have for the watch.

- Very polished 2FA

Duo provides a very polished 2FA solution. The iOS app is simple and functional although the Watch push integration is currently broken with the latest release.

- i need help asap please

i can’t seem to figure out how to take the duo mobile of my instagram account so i’m just able to log in like normal without having to put in the duo mobile code. so i really need help please getting rid of it ❤️

- Excellent

Slick and works pretty much everywhere and with everything. 👍

- Brilliant simplicity

A great solution to the issue of adding multi factor authentication. Great with Apple watch too!

- Too easy

Love it because it’s so easy to love and works exactly like it says.

- stupid


- Very User Friendly

The one thing I appreciate with Duo is how easy it is for our end users to work with. The authentication pop us is convenient and reliable. Other MFA solutions often refuse to pop up, so the user needs to open the app and use a pass code instead. Or sometimes they notify, but then when you unlock the screen the notification has disappeared and again you have to find the app, refresh and hope the notification comes up. Once configured for your system user enrolment methods are also well thought out and easy for the users to follow. As it is a third party system Duo does not favour some systems over others. It appears to work just as well for all. It is a great solution for older systems which were never even designed for MFA such as older Remote Desktop Servers. Working in IT and I use a lot of different MFA solutions. Duo is still my favourite.


I hate this! I can’t get back into my Instagram account becuase of you since January I swapped my phone and I always used Facebook to log in and now I don’t know how to get the code off this app! Becuase idk what the key thing is?! I lost all my archived photos and memories becuase of this app! I DO NOT recommend 😐 if I could rate 0 stars I would. :(

- Urgent help

I can no longer log in into the Instagram account the code generated states wrong code despite it is similar.

- Not at all intuitive.

This is the least intuitive app that I have ever used, I suspect designed by a geek who has never spoken to a user in their life. The instructions are contradictory, (make a note of these three codes, you will need them to set up applications, then at the second code - never write these codes down!) I don’t know if it works well or not, I never got to the end of the instructions. Update. I was trying to use it with Bitwarden. Not at all intuitive and when you go to the instructions they are long, detailed and complex, I have worked in IT for 40 years so am comfortable with well written instructions, I do not find the app at all easy to use. It is difficult to trust an app that is overly complex.

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- Can’t even Download it to my phone

I have an iPhone XR and I tried to download this app for academic purposes, but it won’t start downloading. Is there anyway this can be solved?

- So old school

Needing to download an app just to 2-Factor authenticate is so not user friendly. Had to use this for the University of Waterloo, much to my chagrin.

- Irrelevant

There are a lot of irrelevant comments with regards to why needing an app to do two factor authentication. This app does what it needs to do and it’s good at it. The rest is noise

- Works Great

A lot of the negative reviews are from whiny students who don’t understand the importance of security. There’s nothing wrong with the app, it works great.

- Can’t connect to new device

My sons phone was destroyed completely and had to be replaced. Now he can no longer connect to any of his accounts as duo is asking for an RC code we don’t have access to due to the phone being completely destroyed. Can’t find a reasonable means to contact customer support every article says ‘contact your administrator’ Who the hell is my administrator

- Doesn’t make sense

This app makes no sense, why not just use text message like normal apps.

- A real review

Alot of students here are whining cause they have to download an extra app, while i agree that’s slightly annoying, security is more important. the app is great and its really fast. I receive a notification within a second of me accessing my account in UW’s Learn.

- Not user friendly

Never know why there is need for such a useless and meaningless app!

- About the negative reviews

These random comments on here by people that have no idea what they're talking about is annoying to say the least. In the age of countless passwords and even more data breaches perhaps schools need to add identity security to their curriculum 🤷🏾‍♂️

- used by my company to spy on me

Forced to install by my company so they can spy on me

- An ill-conceived means to improve security

Perhaps some of the blame for the poor reviews of this product should be directed at IT departments and their implementation of this horrid 2FA system. Why does it force me to verify my identity in the middle of an IM conversation, for example? Idiotic.

- Doesn’t work as well any more

There used to be a pop up notification when I needed to approve/deny a log in but now there isn’t. I have to open the app, and tap to respond then tap to approve. Super annoying! I used to be able to approve in two taps without leaving the page I’m on and it doesn’t even tell me when I have to approve a log in! I was late for a meeting because of this.

- Very solid and reliable

Both on corporate networks and personal accounts, it works flawlessly each time. It’s fairly fast, although it could still use some speeding up, and works well with iPhone notification settings.

- Great

Does what it needs to do.

- Your Lover

This app is awesome for two factor authentication. It’s so fast. Like when I click on yes while authenticating, in a second it redirects me on my laptop. It’s awesome. It is definitely better than amazon’s two factor authentication which may take up-to 4-5 seconds. I know it’s not that long. But definitely this is super fast.

- MFA done well

Does the job well. I especially love the Apple Watch integration!

- Garbage app

No customer service if you don’t pay, terrible

- Worst thing

Code isn’t working and now can’t log back in my account

- Superb way to authenticate

Easy to use and reliable app for authenticating to a great variety of services. Definitely better than the competition and I wish those proprietary 2FA linked with a single product would also allow Duo Mobile.

- So bad, so underdeveloped

When it doesn’t work, error msgs are cryptic. Even account managers don’t know why the hell it doesn’t work. I hate it that it is forced on us with predatory contracts with the University of Waterloo. There should be a class action lawsuit against it.

- 3 stars

Fast, but inconvenient when phone is not in range

- Disregard negative reviews - AMAZING APP

The low reviews seem to be students complaining that they are forced to use this app. This is by far the best 2FA app out there. The rest feel archaic in comparison :)

- Why does this exist?

Google Authenticator already exists and is used by everybody. No reason to have 2 apps with identical features. Plus this near-spyware “evaluates” your device’s security level

- Students are ignorant + whiny

This app is fine. It’s not Duo’s fault if your school is doing a good job to protect you, but you don’t understand that or appreciate it. It’s not their fault if you enabled something on Instagram that you don’t understand, either. Go educate yourself. Don’t blame the devs for your problems. There are security exploits for text MFA, by the way, so no, not allowing them is not “old school”; it’s good practice. Finish your degree at U Waterloo and you’ll hopefully understand why.

- It works great

Yeah I honestly don’t understand why students are complaining so much. Props the devs, it’s an easy app. It’s easy enough that I don’t have to type of a review complaining about how this app has ruined my life

- Great 2FA app

Does exactly what it advertises and works nicely even in low coverage areas. The back end admin panel is easy to use and set up users. Shame this app has so many negative reviews from users who only rate this because their organizations enforce good security practices.

- Codes will not work

Hello everyone reading this, DO NOT GET THIS APP! The codes that it gives me will not work and now i am logged out of my instagram forever. Very poor app and i think it should be deleted from the app store.

- Is it really necessary for us to download an app?

Pretty convenient with the push notifications. No need for a text message with a code, just swipe down the notification than hit approve. But is it really necessary to download an app for this? Google has let me reset my password on the basis I’ve used the device before, so why can’t Waterloo do the same?

- Very poorly built

Keeps asking me to do a duo push when I checked off remember for 30 days. Even when I enable cookies on my iPad it still doesn’t recognize that so they probably need to fix that up.

- Does what a 2FA app should do

It is a 2FA app that allows me to authenticate by notification directly. Does exactly what it says it should and does it well.

- Great 2FA solution

Love the app: simple, practical and beautiful.

- Don’t get this

I had to get it to access bank info from university of Waterloo. Now it pops up EVERY SINGLE TIME and I can’t figure out how to disable it.

- Stupid

There’s no way to access my account once you’ve used all telephone credit.

- I can log back into my Snapchat

Okay so basically I can’t log into my Snapchat account and I can’t find my recovery code. If only you guys could actually be smart and have upgrade y’all’s system by giving us a second chance. Now I can’t log back into my Snapchat account 😐

- Awesome 2FA for healthcare

I just connected a healthcare worker for remote access. Really well done! Bonus points for “approve” notification on Apple Watch. I am assuming the “create account” option will store the 2FA’s in Duo’s encrypted cloud, just in case a restore is required due to lost/replacement phone. The negative reviews from the students are but a reflection of their ignorance regarding security, very often coupled with poor passwords Keep up the good work. #staysafe

- Jesus Christ

This app is so incredibly annoying. It’s things like this that make me wonder, why go on?

- Why UWaterloo??

This app is super annoying and quite frankly I dont see the point of using this. If your that worried about security then maybe dont hire an outsource company to do simple tasks

- Worst

Absolute crap, so stupid

- Are you kidding me?

I can’t express how angry it made me to have to download an app just for two-factor authentication.

- Works great

Don’t get why people gave the app low reviews! It’s doing what it’s supposed to do with no issues.

- Get rid of this app


- so extra


- 被迫下载


- Duo

Protecting my information, and ensuring that my account is safe is important to me. Thanks DUO!

- Worst app ever

Stay far away. Do not use this service. Dozens of better services out there. 1/5 is too high, Where is the 0/5 option??? Stay far far away. Youve been warned


THIS APP GAVE ME THE SCARE OF MY LIFE. I casually disabled my account because I needed a "pause". When I tried to log back but It would consistently tell me that the code is INVALID. I starting panicking! because guess what? I couldn't find the screenshot of my recovery codes either. THANKS GOD FOR ICLOUD. After some research I found out that the duo app couldn't connect to my account because it was disabled. This is a MAJOR BUG in your app and as I can see, many people have been in similar situations as me and yall still ain't fix it. Never thought having two-factor authentication would turn into such a nightmare. TRASH, I repeat. TRASH.

- Aidez-moi

J’avais fait un capture d’écran de code de récupération comme avais donné pour mon compte Instagram mais je les ai tous essayé ça marche pas je sais de me connecter à mon compte Instagram mais ça me demande toujours un code est-ce que vous pouvez m’aider à récupérer mon compte Instagram et récupérer le code de récupération parce qu’il marche pas ce que je fais des captures d’écran de çu

- Horrible

Lost my Instagram account cause it’s giving the wrong codes

- Nope

No god plz

- Absolute Nightmare

Switching devices is a hopeless endeavour. The cloud backups simply don’t work.

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Duo Mobile 3.50.0 Screenshots & Images

Duo Mobile iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Duo Mobile iphone images
Duo Mobile iphone images
Duo Mobile iphone images
Duo Mobile iphone images

Duo Mobile (Version 3.50.0) Install & Download

The applications Duo Mobile was published in the category Business on 2011-03-08 and was developed by Duo Security [Developer ID: 413163561]. This application file size is 28.44 MB. Duo Mobile - Business app posted on 2021-03-02 current version is 3.50.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.duosecurity.DuoMobile

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