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What is duo mobile app? Duo Mobile works with Duo Security's two-factor authentication service to make logins more secure. The application generates passcodes for login and can receive push notifications for easy, one-tap authentication on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

Additionally, you can use Duo Mobile to manage two-factor authentication for other application and web services that make use of passcodes.

Note: For Duo accounts, Duo Mobile needs to be activated and linked to your account before it will work. You will receive an activation link as part of Duo's enrollment process. You may add third-party accounts at any time.

License agreements for third-party Open Source libraries used in Duo Mobile can be found at https://www.duosecurity.com/legal/open-source-licenses.

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Find this site the customer service details of Duo Mobile. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/422663827/duo-mobile/contact

Duo Mobile Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Duo Mobile Version 4.28.007 November 2022

We're always working to improve user experience in Duo Mobile. This update introduces various behind-the-scenes improvements and minor bug fixes to enhance your authentication experience..

Duo Mobile Comments & Reviews 2022

- Was fine until I needed to transfer phones...

My school forced me to use Duo for 2FA. After one of my personal social media accounts was hacked, it prompted me to look into 2FA for them as well. I wish I would’ve looked at the reviews before adding my personal accounts to this app. Everything was fine until I got a new phone and needed to transfer my Duo to this device. The process has been an absolute nightmare, and the only “help” I receive is a long wall of text which vaguely describes what I need to do but no instruction on how to do it. My instant restore option is switched on for both phones, but I get no option to restore old codes like the help center claims I should. I’m at a complete loss for what to do and it seems that the Duo website and help center doesn’t exactly know either.

- Don’t understand people problem with app

I normally don’t leave reviews and comments but with all the negative reviews on this app I thought I should share my positive experience with Duo. I recently upgraded my phone and I totally forgot to log out of dúo. Wasn’t until a Monday did I realize oh crap I forgot to log out and with all the negative reviews and problems people had, I got nervous. However, when I called my schools IT dept they walked me through how to reactivate Duo on my new phone. It took less than 5 minutes to transfer Duo from my old phone to my new phone using the QR scan, I confirm a couple of things and voila I was back in business. So I don’t know what problems people are stressing about. Perhaps it’s the people’s individual company or institutions’ IT dept that is failing them. Duo is user friendly and easy to use. You don’t need to call anyone. Just log on to your site as normal when duo is prompted look to the left and you’ll see some writing read the small writing you have options and go from there. It’s not hard. It will suggest the QR scan, I have to say it was confusing how to find the QR scan. But clicking on blue underlines I found it, and it popped up

- You broke my notifications!

Works ok but recent update broke sound notifications: I get only banner abd no sound or vibration. This is with two different organizations’ push notifications on up to date iPhone 12mini on iOS 14.2. Other apps with notifications like this (Okta) are fine. DUO tells me to complain to my administrators instead of taking feedback directly. Taking no responsibility for user experience is another two stars off. 2022: Dropped it to one star after several years of good service because latest update broke the push notification and touch the little check in the green circle to authenticate. Sometimes I hear a sound, sometimes I do not. Sometimes I see something that I can touch to take me to the duo app from my lock screen, sometimes I cannot. When I am in, The app, I see the notification for an authentication request, and sometimes I don’t. Before I clicked update yet again today in the App Store, I was able to click on the green circle with a checkmark to confirm my authentication and desire to login, but today, after all the problems, I clicked update again in the App Store, and now the little green circle does not work. My phone works, my screen works, my phone works, but Duo doesn’t. Major fail. And I can’t get through to IT support. Because I’m sure dozens of other users are same complaint because it is the APP that is broken.

- Excellent app! One star reviewers are confused how it works

The Duo mobile app works great! I use and administer Duo MFA at a hospital in southeast MA and rarely have any issues and most of the 2500 end-users have no issues and feel it is very easy to use. For the users with bad reviews, Two-factor push users typically have this configured from your organization end where your local IT has control of its functions. When using for personal use with the recycled 6 digit passcode, that is controlled by the vendor you are logging into, not Cisco Duo. For example a users was complaining about duo not letting them into insta after deleting the app but it is insta that controls the multi-factor reset, not duo. Others say when they get a new phone, they can't get into duo but was probably because they chose a recovery password which Duo clearly says if you set that, don’t forget it because you not be able to get into a new device without it. It's sad that so many users give low rating because they don't understand how Duo actually works and the issue is either the organization you’re logging into or the user themselves being dumb, not the Duo app.

- Endless Cycle of frustration

The Duo Mobile app is realistically one of the largest stressors I have experienced in my life. Upon getting a new phone I was unable to access any of my school work/grades/tax information for months. If you need to get a new device it requires that you verify the new device with your old device, but for many people when a new device is purchased they no longer have access to their old device. Their “help” support staff is among one of the worst of its kind (which is saying something). It took me approximately 6 hours to recover my accounts. Moving on to normally logging in the process is arduous and frankly broken. I have no way to remove my old phone number as the primary verification. There is a “click to accept” box to remain logged in for 24 hours on the login page, although you must be verified to click the box, and upon verification you are immediately redirected away from the page. The system is inherently broken. Yes calling may be faster than scrolling through all your texts looking for old verification codes, but I should NOT have to receive a phone call or spend minutes searching my texts simply to do economics homework. If you are an administrator considering using this app, please find some other service. Using duo mobile will cause your employees/students immense stress and disdain against your organization.

- Great App and Misused

I am a network administrator and I must say that this Apps raising is just people venting frustration. Duo works great and just as intended. When you move to another phone, Duo’s protection and the way you have to set a password to recover accounts is HOW 2FA is supposed to work. 2FA via email isn’t really true 2FA Duo also must be properly configured in the portal as well as the end device such as your phone, needs good or at least DSL speed/service. People have crap internet, or crap/old phones, or both and expect modern tech and services to work properly. It’s like trying to fricken run a muscle car on 87 gas and expect it to perform like it is running on leaded fuel or trying to pull my boat with bald tires and wondering why it is pulling so terribly. Peeps, upgrade your phones, install the updates, reboot, clear your cache, and make sure you have decent service. VERY rare I ever see issue’s everywhere, push may go down or something in a region but that is almost ALWAYS an AWS or Azure issue. That’s my take. David

- Got a new phone, now I can't log onto my university account

This is the worst app I've ever used. Absolutely unnecessary and difficult. I've put up with it until now, but I can no longer sit silent. I recently got a new phone and in oder to reconnect duo to my university I need to log into my university account. But in order to log into my university account I need to verify it through duo. So obviously through this very dumb circle I can no longer log into my university account on my phone. Duo does offer verification though my old phone, but guess what? I no longer have that phone so it is absolutely impossible for me to verify my account through my old phone. I sincerely hope my university stops using this app as this is the worst experience I've ever had. All I want to do is be able to check my grades on my phone and I'll never be able to do that. And soon my 120 day access will run out on my labtop and I will no longer be able to access my school account which contains my grades, classroom, assignments, and more as I cannot verify my university account through duo. Making it virtually impossible to have access to my school account all because I got a new phone. This is the WORST app and experience I've ever had.

- Duo Works Exactly As Intended

The app works fine, it provides 2 Factor authentication in a variety of ways. If a user has an issue with duo its not the app makers fault its their IT or security department implementing it poorly or not explaining how it works enough. Complain to them, don’t go after the manufacturer because it won’t improve your experience. There are options in Duo you yourself as a user can do to cut down on the amount of authentications like choosing to remember certain devices. You should also absolutely only use the Duo push feature or use a hardware token instead of phone calls. They are the most reliable and safe methods available. If you use these methods you should only take a few seconds to authenticate every time, and thats only a few times a day. I use Duo twice a day, in the morning and after lunch, and I’ve had maybe one issues with it over 6 months. It works people, you just need to be willing to learn.

- The app works fine, it's on the users

I just want to say that my experience with Duo started out a tad rocky, but very quickly got better. I have gone through 2 phones, and helped my friend set up his new one and had no problems. The issues people are running into are that they're not setting up a secondary form of authentication. I use push notifications to authenticate, but when I replaced my phone, I just had duo call me to authenticate and I was in my accounts in seconds. I was then able to add my new phone to duo. If y'all just dig a little into the settings, you'll find everything you need. The company is giving you the tools for not only using your current device, but also very quickly adding new ones, even when your old one is out of commission. Use those tools, and you'll be fine. An authenticator app shouldn't be easy to bypass. That's the point of 2-factor authentication. Learn the app, and you’ll succeed

- My school forced me to use this

No one cares about me enough to try to hack me. The much bigger risk is that I forget my password and lose access to my accounts! This is happened to me many times because of these stupid mandatory changes and is WAY WORSE HARMFUL than the risk of actually being hacked. These “security features” make simple services a PAIN. And they commonly LOCK YOU OUT OF YOUR OWN ACCOUNT. I changed my phone number recently, and this has caused me to get LOCKED OUT of many basic services that require these stupid “two factor authentication” YEARS worth of information GONE because of “Security” What a joke! Also, why should I trust YOU with m my information? Because I DON’T, and I should have the right to NOT give it to you! Many services now make me change my password and use special characters which means I’m much more likely to forget it, losing all of my information! Stop forcing people to use these. They don’t make you safer, they just make your life more annoying and more likely to lose your information due to you forgetting your needlessly complicated password. Listen to the people. I wish I could give you and companies like you 0 stars but I can’t

- The App that Ruined Online Communication

Look, I admit that I am not an IT security expert, but I have had compromised emails that security technicians were able to secure in moments. On the other hand, Duo has greatly reduced my emailing efficiency for the sake of security I do not need. It seems that they do not actually make a profit by marketing to individuals, but to institutions that choose to invest without surveying their own workers (insert the name of most universities in the US). This app prevents you from doing basic things with your email account if you do not open and use their app. It is literally an app that is made solely to promote itself at the expense of its investors. If you can avoid it, do not download this app. If you have not choice but to download it, let it do its thing to frustrate you, then write a review and communicate with your employer/institution. From my perspective, this is a parasitic application that is blindly invested in by people who don’t fully understand (or need to understand) what it actually is or does. If I could put negative stars on my rating, I would. I hate this app with a passion and I hope that enough people will respond to it as I am now, soon.

- Works perfect BUT new users please read my advice:

This works perfectly fine to enable 2 factor authentication for school or business. However I’ve seen some upset user stories so I want to share this piece of advice: Compartmentalize Work, School, Personal authentication apps. Once you have duo downloaded it might be tempting to point your personal accounts to duo for convenience but remember your duo enterprise or uni account isn’t reliable for personal use as you are not the account owner. Microsoft, LastPass, Google just to name a few all have 2 factor apps. Download one of them and keep your personal life separate from business. To those that have “new phone” horror stories, I’d personally recommend an authenticator with cloud backup support. Such as Microsoft Authenticator. (Not affiliated with MSFT but their app works well for me.)

- Employees need some control

*** Please read MORAL implications I am not writing to critique the app itself as I just downloaded the app. A small background, I work for a company who now require this specific app to be downloaded on our personal phones, or we will have "resigned" from the company. My immediate problem with the app is it gives all control to the company, including the control to direct the app to change my phone, and no ability to turn off the app while not at work. I feel if the app is being forced on employees by employers to save them money, it should be a "moral" obligation on the part of the developer to give the employee (owner of the phone) some control over the app and how it may function on the phone. But instead, that area is turn off to the employee and total control is granted to the employer. In my case there is no on/off toggle where the app could be shut down while not needed to perform work functions, and thus reducing the employer's ability to mis-use the app on your phone on your personal time. Please consider the MORAL obligation to allow the person who is being forced to use your app to have some control how it will be used on their own personal phones. Not everyone works for company that are completely trustworthy. Just because the company made the agreement with you, should not automatically eliminate all rights employee may have over their own personal property, nor give 100% control to the employer over a non-company own phone.

- Handles an annoying task with aplomb

I hate the time required to perform two-factor authentication, and so was dreading when my institution began to require it. I was pleasantly surprised that the Duo app handles this task rapidly, much more so than any other app-based or text-based method I’ve used. Usually within about 2 seconds, I can approve a request with a single tap of my Apple Watch (the notification includes an “approve” button) or via two taps of my phone. I wouldn’t hesitate to switch to this system for any other account I use. EDIT: looking in another review, it appears that I could also be quickly approving with a single swipe or 3D-touch and tap from my phone. Perhaps a brief blurb instructing this within the app would be helpful because I would have been doing so all along!

- Adds a certain spice to life

Ever buy a new phone? Break your old one? Or worst of all, lose it? Well thanks to Duo, you can say goodbye to all your passwords as well! Once you redownload Duo, every account you had linked to the old app is totally unrecoverable! You cannot link your new duo app to your old iteration. This means that locked behind a shattered screen or somewhere in the back of an AT&T store, your old 2FA is permanently locked. You get to reset every single 2FA you’ve ever used now! Use duo for coinbase? I hope you love emailing them your driver’s license and waiting a week to get back in to your account! Use duo for school? Endless late and missed assignments await as you hope IT responds to your email! Does your boss make you use duo? You might as well pack up your desk now. That’s right, I want to fully reiterate this: when you redownload duo, you lose every single linked account’s 2FA and have absolutely no way whatsoever of regaining it! And that is *by design, it is an intentional choice by the company!* My life was far, far too easy before duo came into it. Now, it’s exciting! Whether I’m unable to perform basic tasks at school, kept out of my employee accounts, or locked out of my personal savings, I’m always unsure in what way duo will attempt to ruin my life next. It’s like the brisk of a bright spring morning, you never know what’ll happen next. Thanks, duo!

- Misplaced blame

After reading the negative reviews, I’ve come to the conclusion that people seriously need to take a moment to understand HOW 2FA works, WHERE and WHAT the roles/responsibilities lie and are for each vendor (eg Coinbase vs Duo), and WHY 2FA is important. Is the app perfect? No. Does it work well for what it was designed to do? Yes. Can it be improved? Yes. Here is my wishlist to improve the usability of the app, hopefully the devs are reading! (1) I have well over 50 tokens (many from the same service), please introduce folders or a way to organize/group tokens. (2) Allow for custom icons instead of restricting it to just the ones you’ve decided to include; this would also help me find tokens more quickly. (3) Allow for token access from a widget on the lock screen (either display passcode or tap to immediately open the token in the app).

- Interface, interface

As far as working as a 2fac this app is fine, it does that. The issue with it is that it’s a really simple app but has an annoying interface. If the buttons for the push notification could be moved to a more thumb friendly location that would be great. It’s just a screen with 2 buttons, there’s no reason to make me adjust my grip on the phone so I can reach the accept button. I should be able to pick the phone up and hit the button in one motion. Not pick the phone up fumble with the position in my hand then hit the button. It’s annoying and unnecessary. The whole screen is there to use for this purpose and is empty. The buttons are large but the phone screen is also large and it puts the buttons out of comfortable reach for one hand use. Stack them in the middle or something. Maybe a flick gesture, or both, I dunno.

- Honest Technical Review

I think it is funny that overall the reviews of this product are complaining when there is clearly no technical experience from these users. Working in the technology field, a lot of these poor reviews could be resolved by reaching out to your school/workplace to ask for help from resources who have done the proper training on this specific 2FA. Also, googling will give you the majority of the answers on how to resolve these specific issues. The 2FA works as it should, and the more knowledge you have on the platform/technology, the better your experience will be. Have colleges/workplaces not provided proper training? I have so many questions for the people leaving negative reviews.

- A great option for 2FA

Seeing all the low ratings based on a business’ or university’s decision to apply additional security to their networks, I had to add my two cents. It is 2FA, not Duo, about which most are railing. If you don’t like 2FA, rid the world of hackers and thieves that will use every available means to get into any network they can. Until you accomplish that, accept the fact that for those trying to secure a network, 2FA is a necessary precaution, much like a deadbolt on a door. And Duo is a good method for applying 2FA. We primarily use Duo Push for accessing our systems and it works very well. Unrelated note: Duo works much better than this rating system, which will tell you after the fact that a nickname has been used but won’t suggest one that hasn’t been...

- Love it - but Apple Watch app seems to have a bug

Edit - issue seems to have been fixed. Also, leaving the Duo app running in the background on the phone, which I hadn’t been doing before, helps. I implemented the free tier of Duo to safeguard my personal VPN against unauthorized access. It works great and having an Apple Watch app is neat too. But recently, I noticed that my watch app wouldn’t generate passcodes anymore. Push notifications to the Watch still work. Restarting the watch seems to work once and then it won’t give codes anymore. I couldn’t find a way to send feedback in the app itself, so I decided to leave a review. Hope this minor bug can be ironed out so I can get back to enjoying that extra convenience!

- Almost perfect!

I love the interface and how there is a variation of event based logins and OTP requests depending on what security factors are necessary for what apps and services. My wishlist of features mostly consists of needing a complication on my Apple Watch to easily access to the application, rather than needing to search or find in my App Library on the watch, as well as widget access on the iPhone and iPad for further quick access to each OTP passcode I need to type in, as they don't always send push notifications when there is a login attempt made. Other than that, I think the app has come a long way and is user friendly with security as its top priority which is what I would want for any service like this

- Horrible App, will lock you out of all your accounts if you get a new phone

This is a HORRIBLE app and a horrible system. I wish I never downloaded it, as it has only caused me issues. About a year ago, my instagram account was hacked and I therefore downloaded duo mobile to help add an additional layer of protection. This was a mistake because now I cannot access my accounts after receiving a new phone. Unbeknownst to me, I am now finding there’s no way to recover your account unless you had previously enabled “duo recover” on your old device. It’s wild to me that in 2022, this company can’t seem to understand that this “feature” should be standard. I am now locked out of several accounts just for getting a new phone. I had backed up by phone with iCloud and assumed this app would be recovered like every other app, but I was mistaken. Save yourself the trouble and DO NOT download this app!

- Version 4.0.1 introduces bugs with push

I have been a happy Duo Mobile user for 5+ years, but the latest update brought with it some issues. First the good: I can access a fuller version of Duo on my Apple watch (5) and generate and OTP directly from the watch app. This is FANTASTIC. Now the gripe: I can feel the push notification on my watch, but when I raise it to approve, sometimes there’s nothing there, and when I look at my phone’s lock screen: also nothing. I have to open the app on my phone to approve. This is a small-ish inconvenience, but the bug is inconsistent (sometimes push works on the watch, sometimes it doesn’t, and I can’t divine a pattern yet), and for an app with one job, a small, introduced inconvenience is a relatively big deal. Looking forward to seeing this fixed!

- Update Made Life More Difficult

I use Duo to login to my university account, I have too. I never had any real issues with the app and didn’t really mind using it. However with the new update where they changed the UI, you can no longer refresh the page. Which is incredibly annoying. Before, I’d be able to send a push to duo and then just refresh the app and the approval would come up instantly. Now, I find myself having to sit there and wait for the app to figure things out. It takes sometimes a minute or more for the push approval to pop up in the app. Why would they take away the refresh feature? I always hate it when apps take away functionality with new ‘refreshed’ UI updates. It’s a terrible design/engineering philosophy.

- Here’s a real rating.

All the low ratings are from end users who like to complain. Here’s the real truth. The app and platform work very well, far better than most MFA systems. I know because I am the Sys Admin who configures the servers and infrastructure. We have hundreds of end users and they love Duo. Its easy to use and convenient. It always works. Switching to a new phone is a ten second task, and easy. If you are having a bad experience, then your system admin is the problem, not Duo. The latest Nov 2021 update has gone in the wrong direction with the UI though. The prompt on an unlocked screen is now tiny. There’s no direct Approve option from a locked screen. DUO - please bring back those nice UI features.

- New standard

2FA seems to be the new standard as far as consumer security is concerned. At first I was a bit frustrated with the inconvenience of having to use my password and phone to log on to my university account, but the added security is definitely worth it. There so many malicious actors when it comes to attacking university data and this switch to Duo Mobile is for the better. Couple of tips: remember to keep one time passcodes on hand, and allow third party accounts to reconnect automatically (for when you reset your phone or get a new iPhone). Definitely recommend this app not just for school accounts, but any other account you want to add extra security to.

- There is hope🥲

I was forced to get this by my university, and at first I did everything I could to avoid it. The reviews were so terrible that I refused to download the app. Eventually, I caved and got it, but I’m glad to say nothing catastrophic has happened so far. Yes, it’s a nuisance to require an app like this in the first place, but for what it’s supposed to do it’s not bad. I’m not saying the bad reviews are wrong; I know it’s been a massive headache for some. But just in case you were looking for one positive review saying it’s possible to use the app without it ruining your life, here it is. Hope things go smoothly for you if you choose to download it :)

- Stop deleting my reviews, cowards

Truly cannot imagine a worse method of 2FA. Why can’t I use Face ID? Touch ID? Or just a push to my laptop? But no, that would make too much sense. Definitely better to require the use of another device, because logging in to canvas needs to be more complicated than logging in to my BANK. This app is terrible in every sense of the word. If you are an administrator or employer requiring others to use this, you should be fired. On the spot. Using this app is overly complicated and frustrating, not to mention a poor decision—if your phone is dead, you can’t log in. If Duo had a desktop app I wouldn’t have complaints, but the use of a whole other device to log in to check my grades??? Overly and unnecessarily complicated. If you are considering the use of this app as 2FA, I am BEGGING you to consider any other option. This app is terrible and deserves to be taken off the App Store.

- Ignore the negative reviews

Duo provides a really great 2fA experience, far better than most I’ve dealt with to date. The push notifications are generally fast, and having Apple Watch notification approvals is a fantastic time saver. Virtually *all* of the negative reviews appear to be folks who, frankly, are completely clueless about how 2fA works or what it’s for. The fact that simply copying Duo to a new, unauthenticated device doesn’t immediately provide access to your work accounts is a *PRO*, not a con — it means the Authenticator is doing its job to prevent unauthorized logins! Thank you for writing a quality 2fA app that is stable, robust, and easy to use.

- Awful, terrible, no good.

My job began using Duo about a year ago & using the service which is required in order for me to log into just about any portal (including my pay stub or heaven forbid my performance review system) WAS fairly simple. Until I upgraded my iphone and now I am completely locked out of the accounts. I spent a lengthy hour on the phone with my IT specialist who tried to reset my account 3 different times, but couldn’t all while I’m trying to do important tasks required for my job. I have not had access to my email outside of work for 6 months, cannot access my required performance review (I can apparently be suspended from my job for this), and can’t access my paystubs to know whether or not I’m being paid correctly. If you are considering using Duo just don’t, unless your employees agree to never get a new phone.

- Use at your own risk

So I used duo mobile for my Instagram and what ended up happening I forgot my password and when I went to my duo mobile app it had my account disabled because I had received a new phone and when I was trying to login on a computer it took me a second to realize I never made an account on my computer so when I did my device wasn’t on the account I had just created and I wasn’t able to get into my Instagram account at all. Luckily I still had my possession of my old phone that I used and was able to get into my account again just a heads up duo mobile I hope you have this specific problem fixed of when you receive a new phone other then this story it’s a good app

- App works fine

Compelled to write a review because most of the reviews here have nothing to do with the Duo app. The applications functions perfectly, it’s easy to setup, and the push notifications to authenticate come instantly with a giant green checkbox or red X to tap to quickly allow access. All of the negative reviews center around people that have lost their phone or got a new phone number. This is absolutely nothing to do with the Duo application which functions perfectly and as designed. The IT department at your work or school controls the policy on what to do when you’ve lost a device or changed phone numbers. They can issue a reset for your Duo account so you may set it back up. Again this has absolutely nothing to do with the Duo application which works perfectly as advertised. If you lose your device or change your phone number, you need to contact your IT department so they may reset your Duo account and allow you to set it back up.

- Slow slow SLOW, now even SLOWER

I hate using this app and I'd delete it immediately if I could, but my employer requires it. I just wish it wasn't so painfully SLOW. My job routinely requires logging into dozens of servers at once, which triggers dozens of Duo prompts at once. This app has no way to approve all the prompts at once, or even quickly. Instead, it has to display a useless sliding, fading animation for EVERY approval. I hoped the new redesign would remove the stupid animation but no, now it's WORSE. Now it's full screen! And SLOWER! Wow, great work! Clearly the app devs don't actually have to use this app themselves. Clearly they've never had days where this app consumes 70% of their phone's charge. I do. And every time I have to watch that damned (now full screen) time-wasting animation, it feels like I'm getting flipped off six inches from my nose. I hate this app.

- Anyone leaving bad reviews are stupid!

This is the best authentication app out there! It’s supposed to be hard to recover!! That’s what makes this app so awesome. If you know what you’re doing it’s super simple. Make a backup properly and you have no worries. Then have the device you are transferring. Otherwise, YEA if you have to start a fresh Duo mobile then you will need to go to each account you’re using it for and jump through hoops to untether it from old Duo mobile to a new Duo mobile setup. BUT AT LEAST YOUR IMPORTANT DATA AND ACCOUNTS WILL BE SAFE!! I love this app man!! It’s the best.. and simple to use if you know what you’re doing!

- This app should not exist

The importance of 2-factor authentication to security, while debatable for some of types of accounts, is clear. However, there is no reason I should need to download an entire application for it. What value does the duo app offer over receiving one-time codes over sms? Worse, even with push notifications, the app is considerably less convenient, since I need to go into the app to approve it. Two taps + animation and loading time actually takes longer than 6 keypresses on a keyboard. If I could actually approve a request in one tap from the lock screen, this app may have some reason to exist, but in its current state it’s an objective downgrade in a line of security solutions that make the average person’s life worse, waste time, and in many cases, take account security beyond what is necessary.


Never have I been more frustrated to have to download an app for something. You cannot use any of my university online resources without downloading this stupid app. I never would have opted for 2 factor if I had the choice. The only way to set it up on your phone is to call the support during business hours, you can’t do it yourself. You get a notification on your Lock Screen but can’t do anything with that, you still have to unlock your phone and go into the app to approve. I’m not sure if it’s my university or the apps fault, but the most annoying thing is I have to send 2 different log in requests before it’ll actually let me in my account. If any university are reading this thinking about getting this app, please do your students a favor and find another solution

- worst coding ever

i NEVER write reviews for apps. so considering this is my first review, it must be pretty terrible. this app has the worst programming ever. whoever coded this obviously had no idea what they were doing. i recently got a new phone, so i had to log back into my university account. of course, the safety feature is to verify yourself through duo. well, in order to verify myself, i have to log into my university account AGAIN through duo. however, it then prompts me to verify my account, which sends me back to duo, which sends me back to logging in, which sends me back to verification, which continues this loop. you might think: “oh, just click the ‘add a new device’ button”. wow great idea.. let me try that.. oh wait.. i have to verify my account again. 😐 worst app i’ve ever had in my entire life. and i mean it

- Only checks for push when app is opened

If I open the app just before request a push, it will not appear on my phone. I have to close the app and open it again to see and approve the push. The previous version allowed the user to swipe down to refresh and look for new push requests. Please return this feature to a future version. Or, just have it look for a push a few times a second while the app is open. Why does it only check once? From the troubleshooting page: “ If you are logging in to a Duo-protected application, but you aren't receiving an expected Duo Push authentication request, try closing Duo Mobile and reopening it. Duo Mobile checks for pending push requests whenever it's opened”

- I hate it

I only have this because I’m required too by my institution. The day after I downloaded it, I got hackers galore sending emails from my account, so many that my account was blocked from being used entirely. My school couldn’t do anything about it. This blocked me out of coursework for 6 months and I nearly failed because of it. It’s super frustrating that it continually logs me out of my devices, especially my phone, and when I sign in, it won’t even recognize that I’m using it on the same device that you’re sending the push too. That’s very redundant and frankly stupid in my opinion. If someone stole my phone and got into my stuff only for duo to authenticate my phone from itself is stupid. This app frustrates me more than any other and I cannot wait to get rid of it.

- Nice and easy

Pretty straightforward and works to a T. Anyone who wrote a 1 star review are just people who create problems for themselves. Get this, one guy says it was duos problem because his child and him weren’t able to effectively communicate when to use the 2 factor authentication. Another guy, said it was such an inconvenience that the accept and decline buttons were placed at the bottom of the screen. Like it’s 2 factor authentication, why does it matter that the button position isn't in the optimal space? It literally takes 2 seconds to do this but apparently it’s such a hassle. Nice and easy process

- The Definition of Inconvenience

I have never had an app cause so much aggravation than this one. Don’t get me wrong, DUO is a great concept! However, it is so secure it is not even worth having for the user. I had to download this app for my University and I constantly have to authenticate every. single. login. EVEN if it’s from the same device every time. I mostly use my laptop for my University websites, but since DUO is on my phone, I have to authenticate every login possible. While this seems like a lazy complaint, it’s such an inconvenience because half the time I can’t send a push notification, it has to be a passcode which expires faster than you can type it in. I already loathe this app and I’ve only used it for a few months now. If there was a way to disable it I would do so in a heartbeat.

- Would give 0 if I could, endless cycle of bad programming

My college made me get this absolutely useless app. It’s annoying and doesn’t even work right. I got a new phone and tried to log in to my new device. It wants me to verify with duo mobile to verify duo mobile so I can… you guessed it, verify duo mobile. No email, no logging on to the class websites, no grades, no submitting assignments until this is sorted out. Not to mention the absolutely moronic feature where the school’s public wifi is safe but my personal private one isn’t. I hope my school isn’t paying for this absolutely pointless and aggravating product. The developers who wrote it should reconsider their career choices and go doing something with something less technical. Maybe a book. Or a stone tablet. 0/5.

- Reliable two factor authentication

We've used DUO for several years for two factor authentication. It's secure and reliable. It definitely gets the job done. The app isn't too bad, but could use a little more polish. Namely, I wish the buttons fir approving or disproving a log on attempt were positioned a little higher and made a touch smaller in the app to make one hand use easier. The buttons are large, going to the screens edge. I have accidentally hit the button before when picking up my phone where the palm of my hand touched the edge of the screen in just such a way that it registered as a click granting approval. Luckily, it was me trying to log in.

- One of the most convenient 2 factor authentication apps

We were told to use this app for 2 factor authentication by my university. I checked the reviews and saw a lot of very poor reviews and kind of went “oh no.” These reviews as far as I can tell now are mostly just people who were also required to use the app, and had never used two factor authentication before. The app has been bug free for me and has the most convenient approach I have seen. They are complaining about two factor authentication as a system and being required to use it, not how well the app functions.

- Duo is a scam

I understand the need for employers to use 2FA as a way to secure sensitive information yet I don’t understand the need for it in the school system. I have had to use it to see my classes, assignments, grades etc. and I failed a test all because I had lost my phone 2 days before and wasn’t able to do the authentication to access the test. I want someone to tell me who wants to steal my grades or see how I did on my history quiz. I don’t care if they hack into my grades, maybe they can make them better. At the beginning of the semester we were bombarded with emails saying we would be kicked out of the university if we did not register for this app. Seems a bit sketchy doesn’t it? This app has begun their warpath to a monopoly on online platforms used by businesses and schools

- I would pay to not have to use this

Daughter’s university recently implemented usage of Duo. If I need to log in to pay something, I have to wait for her to get the approval. The problem is, we are in different time zones. So she may be asleep when I need to access her account. It is extremely frustrating, and there should be a way to have two different devices authorized for approval. At times when we are together, there can be a lag when she gets the actual notification. As others have mentioned, if you don’t see the notification pop up you can easily miss it as it doesn’t stay on the screen. Please make an option for two devices...it would also be helpful for when you get a new phone and still have access to authentication on the second device.

- The person who wrote fix it is wrong

Whoever wrote the fix-it duo long long article about why they couldn’t get in the app they did exactly what it supposed to do. stupid people don’t realize what is supposed to do but the whole point of it is preventing people from using a second device to access your account. so if you have your account on a phone you can’t just grab another phone and try to access it. IT DID ITS JOB PERFECTLY! it did it’s job that’s what you wanted it to do. Change the stars to five stars not one star

- Great Authenticator App! Don’t mind the harsh reviews.

To be truly honest, this app is a wonderful authenticator. The interface is incredibly user-friendly and allows you to clearly identify the account you want to use (through the website’s picture/ logo). If you have used other authenticator apps in the past, setting up a manual account is the exact same process. Having a host set up MFA, such as a college, is an even easier setup. I use this for most of my online accounts and Duo Mobile has been quick, easy and efficient. I flat out love it. Keep up the great work Duo!

- I didn’t ask

This is the most garbage app that no one asked for. I didn’t even get a new phone or anything. My school website just wouldn’t let me in without downloading an app on my phone. I’ve logged in a hundred times without any problems, never had any security issues, and all of a sudden I’m supposed to use an app every time I log in? Why not have this be an optional security feature to protect our accounts. Then those who are paranoid can have peace of mind and those like me who like things to be convenient and user friendly can opt out. It’s an absolute waste of space on my phone and a waste of time. I’ve never had a security issue without this stupid app and I’ve never heard of anyone who has. Garbage waste of space.

- Perfectly acceptable but nothing special

So many Authenticator apps in the store but they’re all basically the same. Nice design but like all the other apps it’s cumbersome when it comes to having a lot of accounts. Would like to see an app that gives me options to sync or save backups... most of all I’d like to be able to organize accounts into folders or categories. I have about 20 personal sites, 6 work accounts and 3 or 4 sites for accounts that I manage for clients. Across these groups I have multiple GitHub, gmail, okta, and other accounts and the only way to keep them separate is use multiple apps.

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- No search, can’t upload own icons,

No search !!! If you have dozens of accounts to manage like I do it’s hard to quickly find the one your looking for you. You’ll be scrolling forever. Can’t upload custom icons !!! The default list of icons is very limited, which would be fine if you could upload your own icons. But you can’t! This would make the app a lot easier to use as a visual icon is quicker to recognise than text. The good things are: +Codes are hidden until you tap on them +Dark mode supported +Attractive, minimalist design However, search for accounts is needed. Custom icons are needed. Better multi-device sync/support is needed. Duo Restore needs to be improved. Show us our codes are backed up so we can have peace of mind if our phone is broken/stolen we won’t be locked out of hundreds of accounts.

- Apple Watch app suggestion

I previously used an Apple Watch (original series 0) and recently upgraded to a series 7. On the series 7 with watch OS 8.3 the Duo notification requires me to tap the notification which displays the Duo logo and only then can I tap Accept… this is less efficient to how it worked previously on my old Apple Watch which allowed me to tap Accept directly at the first notification screen. It’s not optimal to have to tap twice. Can you please allow the option to tap the Accept/Decline buttons directly from the initial notification screen instead of having to tap the Duo logo before displaying the rest of the notification message with the buttons?

- The most terrible app as I had!

If you change your device or if you delete this app from your cell phone, or if you delete the other linked apps to this app, then it is impossible to restore your access to your previous DUO account and after that you will lose your access to those apps that you linked to DUO, never ever install this disgusting app to your phone, and I promise you if you use this app you feel regret very soon. The owners of this application should feel shame because of these reviews and this rate.

- Search function and upload icon

I have a lot of accounts (20+) and it would be much easier for me if there is a search bar :( It would also be nice if there an option to upload website icon for the accounts too.

- No customer service

This company is really disgusting and I do not recommend going with them as your security authentication. They refused to help me gain access to my accounts and said I need to contact my third party companies which were uncontactable. Do not go with them.

- No release notes?

Since I’ve started using this because my employer wanted to use it for 2FA, about 2 years ago, the release notes have always been the same, vague “behind-the-scenes improvements blah blah” paragraph - even for the latest 4.8.0 version. The least that a security-related application could do is inform its users of what has changed and what was fixed, instead of being completely opaque.

- Cannot Read Password

My telephone created a long recovery password in this application. I think it is for logging into Facebook. The reason for this application is unclear, except that Facebook and Google want to identify us, and take away our privacy one interruption at a time. Facebook made me join this application, by disabling my ads accounts. What is so ridiculous is that I couldn’t copy the password, because it was partially invisible. When I continued to the next page, I was notified that the application doesn’t keep your password. Make sure you remember it. Well, how can I remember it? I can’t even see it! Altogether a disappointing experience. Interruptive, slow, unclear, unfriendly.

- Find alternate app

I remember the pain last time I upgraded phones and lost access to all my saved logins in Duo. Having just upgraded my phone again I am in the same situation, the recovery password is never recognised even if you reset it on the original device per their instructions. My account is now ‘locked by duo’. I will be adding all my logins to an alternate app and not wasting my time with duo again.

- Duo constantly forces me to sign in for uni

The DUO MFA system with Deakin refuses to allow mobile and iPad users to select “remember for 7 days option”. Responds with “cookies must be enabled” I checked settings, discussed with uni IT, cookies are enabled automatically on the browser I am using. Further, it forces me to sign in several times in one day, interrupting uni study. DUO is horrendous with zero thought involved for people who don’t use computers to study.

- Not a fan of the new update

The new update has swapped around the location of the accept and decline buttons meaning that when you’re on autopilot and are used to the old app, you hit decline when you meant to hit accept. :/ Not the end of the world, but a pretty big oversight from the designers.

- Watch integration broken

As of 4.0 the “approve” button on the Watch app works maybe 1 in 10 times. This app used to be rock solid. Looks like cosmetics have become more important than functionality now.

- Reconnect Automatically keeps getting disabled

Every 1-3 days my “Reconnect Automatically” setting gets disabled and I have to re-enable it and re-enter my password. I have usage data enabled, please fix!

- Poor user interface

App is unusable in real world scenarios. Only a small number of known applications are listed. When adding a 3rd Party app not listed it’s not possible to change the name, they all say THIRD-PARTY and it’s then impossible to know which one is which (my account ID is the same at each as well). Every other 2FA Authenticator our there lets you change the name of each entry. Why not this one?!

- Please add quick search. Painful when plenty accounts

Duo lack of search is the biggest issue Would have 5 stars with a search. So simple yet not there. Pleeeaaasseeee

- Push notifications don’t work

Not having functional push notifications kills this app, I’ve never had a problem with Okta.

- You changed the buttons around - WHY?

For the past few years I’ve happily using this app without complaint. The latest version updates the UI - whatever. But crucially it has swapped the position of the approve / deny buttons. This is unforgivable- change them back!

- Pathetic effort

No custom icons and awful reviews from hundred of people... How can anyone trust a company that can't even make a basic app with their security? Cisco, who are your developers...? Either fire them because they are inept or get out of their way and allow them do their job properly.

- No account found

Hi. I am getting a notification on my Apple Watch that there are no account found when using the app. It asks me to use my iPhone. Can this please be fixed

- Backup and Restore Process is Hot Garbage

A shocking system relying on iCloud backups. Try as I might I just don’t get the prompts that I am supposed to be getting according to the outdated and convoluted DUO support guides. Terrible, needs to be completely reworked into something usable as opposed to this unfriendly and nonfunctional time wasting package of frustration. 👎🏻

- Too complicated

Signing up with the program is a hassle within itself, not to mention the complications with the poor interface design. But hey, at least it supports dark mode…

- Wish I never ever used this product

Worst app ever it disabled my accounts without my knowledge and now I can not access my business pages on any of my devices. There is no one from duos side to help the worst descion ever using this app and not another company

- Judy

Excellent app, works well. Keeps our system’s safe!

- Forced to use this

And then you hear “modern” and “card based” in the same sentence. It does kinda work though, so two stars.

- No work with current version

Don’t work with 15.2.

- Security Risk!!!!

Opening a notification from the lock screen enables a user access the iOS device without any requirement to enter a PIN or biometric effectively bypassing the security on the device and rendering the whole thing pointless.

- No notification pops out

Despite I set IOS (15.1) allow notifications from DUO Mobile, just nothing shows up after I input my login credentials, and I need go back to this App and press “approve”.

- Rock solid MFA

Excellent app. Works well for over a thousand seats for us.

- works well

works well would like an ipad compatible version (landscape mode) latest update is a bit ugly, I've lost my icon as well, just the white wire frame icon. it's unclear on the website or in the app, but does duo mobile backup to iCloud? what happened if I delete it accidentally, or need to restore, are all my OTP service tokens restored or lost forever, requiring recovery keys for all the services in use?

- Useless tool

I don’t know why my school needs that rubbishy APP, it requires me to log in many many times during my tutorial, I hate that, I can’t even focus on study

- Why not have zero star

If there is zero star, I must score the app with zero. Stupid design, must have Touch ID function. Thousands of hundreds of apps, only this Duo has so odd requirement. The worst app in the world!!!

- I give up! Your system is failing our business!

It is not working most of the time today and your online chat is failing too!!! Useless!!

- horrible

if you get a new device it’s a nightmare to try and restore everything. luckily i have my old phone and am still able to log into everything but there seems to be no way to transfer the codes onto my new phone!

- This app is a scam

I can’t get back into any of my accounts with it once the app is deleted you can’t get back into old accounts

- App won’t download

Using this app for work purpose and won’t download contacted duo support via live chat and said there’s nothing we can do?! Very disappointing

- the absolute worst app

app fails to mention if you delete the app or get a new device you’ll never regain access again. customer service never even bothered to help. 0/10 would not recommend.

- New UI

The new UI is horrible. Everything now consumes so much space.

- Terrible App

Enough said!


Chinese spyware. How much did you pay Deakin Uni to use this dogpoo app?

- ugh

the app logged my accounts out and now i cant get into my insta!!! :(

- Works with Apple Watch

This is an excellent App. I leave it open in the background on my iphone x and have duo in my dock on my apple watch s3 and generate codes without having to pickup my phone, which is great. I wouldn't use another 2FA app.

- Great so far still working it out

What can I use with it can I join my iTunes account? Facebook? Can’t think of anything else what just wondering what else u can the only think so far is Snapchat

- Brilliant app and a brilliant service

Brilliant app working alongside the Duo Security service. Brilliant use of the iWatch as well. This is the only app I found that was a must have for the watch.

- Very polished 2FA

Duo provides a very polished 2FA solution. The iOS app is simple and functional although the Watch push integration is currently broken with the latest release.

- hahah


- Excellent

Slick and works pretty much everywhere and with everything. 👍

- Brilliant simplicity

A great solution to the issue of adding multi factor authentication. Great with Apple watch too!

- Too easy

Love it because it’s so easy to love and works exactly like it says.

- stupid


- Security risk not solution

My password was compromised- so I go to change it - I muse the passcode option to log in to my account. But I then have to enter a new code into Duomobile to change the password - you would think this would be straight forward- no. Duomobile will only show me the passcode it generated before or keep generating new codes- it won’t move from this screen. Deleted and restored - still stuck there. So all my personal data is compromised still because of this useless app. FIX IT!!!!

- 404 error code

I have never use this service before I thought something different I downloaded it followed the instructions and come up with oops 404 error code

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- Bad, but not for the stupid reason

I agree that people rating this app poorly because they don’t like the idea of two-factor authentication is stupid. The concept isn’t bad, and even if it was the fact that your university uses it is not the app’s nor the developers’ fault. That being said, I still think this app sucks. It works fine if I’m trying to log in on my laptop, but if I try to log into anything on any other device I own, I can’t. So yeah, this app is still garbage, just not for the reasons you think !

- So old school

Needing to download an app just to 2-Factor authenticate is so not user friendly. Had to use this for the University of Waterloo, much to my chagrin.

- Works Great

A lot of the negative reviews are from whiny students who don’t understand the importance of security. There’s nothing wrong with the app, it works great.

- Dumb

Why does this app even exist. I don't care if someone gets into my school account. What are they gonna do? Do my work for me??

- Garbage

This app is garbage and is apparently supposed to ease your login process, but in reality it is broken. It’s asking me for a code that I never received and now I’m locked out. There’s no way for me to even receive a code through this app and now I have to contact my school

- Buggy to the max

Despite multiple confirmations on another end that duo was supposed to have sent a text message confirming my registration with the app for work, it arrived almost 7 hours after initially confirming. The very next day after working properly for MAYBE half a day, the app is back to not letting me use the code to log in. If you are a major employer considering this app for your business; save your employees the trouble and find a better and more functional alternative. I guarantee all the positive reviews were paid for by the company- nobody comes on to write a review about a positive experience they had with a two factor authentication app.

- About the negative reviews

These random comments on here by people that have no idea what they're talking about is annoying to say the least. In the age of countless passwords and even more data breaches perhaps schools need to add identity security to their curriculum 🤷🏾‍♂️

- Irrelevant

There are a lot of irrelevant comments with regards to why needing an app to do two factor authentication. This app does what it needs to do and it’s good at it. The rest is noise

- Disregard negative reviews - AMAZING APP

The low reviews seem to be students complaining that they are forced to use this app. This is by far the best 2FA app out there. The rest feel archaic in comparison :)

- Can’t connect to new device

My sons phone was destroyed completely and had to be replaced. Now he can no longer connect to any of his accounts as duo is asking for an RC code we don’t have access to due to the phone being completely destroyed. Can’t find a reasonable means to contact customer support every article says ‘contact your administrator’ Who the hell is my administrator

- app is garbage never works

app is garbage never works app still awful

- not necessary

doesn’t hold any use, such a pointless system that makes even wanting to do work a hassle.

- Doesn’t work

doesn’t work on my device which has locked me out of all of my University accounts and services

- Forced app for 2fa Authenticator

Hate it being force to use

- Widget for easy push approval

App is okay, but it’s tedious if we need to login to the account every single time and make the verification approval. Can we have a widget on iPhone Lock Screen for quick approval?

- Do not Watch Better Call Saul

Avoid UTSC at all costs. It's way harder then UTSG and Waterloo combined but those cringe elitists won't admit it.

- I better call Saul

Hi, I’m Saul Goodman. Did you know you have rights? The constitution says you do. And so do I. I believe that until proven guilty, every man woman and child is innocent.

- Very awful experience

Became mandatory for my university. Very awful interface. Hope policy will change soon.

- No support for third party 2FA apps?

Why can’t Duo add support for other 2FA apps. Using a propriety QR code is a bad practice.

- Poopy Balls

Poo poo u of t

- Sucks

I got a new phone. If I saved all my data and just transferred it to a new phone, the account should follow. I shouldn’t have to contact my school for a QR code to get back into my account. Universities are busy and shouldn’t have to deal with this nonsense so a student can get into their account again. Thank god I kept my other phone and that duo still is connected otherwise I’d be locked out of my account until I went back to school after reading week and couldn’t do school work while on break Fix your stuff. Make it an option on the old phone to transfer or an account setting to transfer to a different device to avoid this. -angry customer

- q


- Stupid

I had to download this app for some authentication to access Blackboard for the University of Queensland. This is stupid!!!!!

- U of W is forcing me to get this

Judging by the reviews, I’m really worried about losing my account to this app.

- Very poorly designed

Makes it very difficult to use my email since it signs out on all devices every time so that you have to use the app. Awful and a huge waste of time.

- 30 days login not working

I tried to enable the remember me option for 30 days but it’s not working. I don’t wanna press approve every single time I’m checking my student account.

- Can’t figure out how to restore my accounts

Trying to switch to new phone. Installed app on new phone. QR code scan option always returns invalid activation code error. There in no option to restore from Google drive. Not sure how anyone is using this app.

- Almost

This is absolutely frustrating. Even with good connection, even with the time set to automatic time zones, even with saving the passcodes in a safe place, it never—and I mean 2/10 times—actually works as intended. I’ve scoured the help page for every account I’ve ever used this dammed app with and I’ll be happy to get rid of it when I figure out how to get the goddamn codes to work properly.

- Terrible

I changed devices and it won’t even let me add a new device. My account got deactivated and I can’t log in to my school account to hand in my assignments. Literally useless

- Garbage

Absolutely hate having to have this app which threatens to lock me out of my account if I get a password wrong 5 times, but no way to retrieve my password and no clue to what the password is. Absolutely nonsense that we need an app like this to login to a WiFi network or Facebook. It’s way to complicated to do things that used to be simple. Not using this by choice and the app sucks.

- Is this a joke St.Lawrence College?

You are telling me I need to download an actual useless app to hand in my assignments on blackboard now? This is one of the most pathetic things I have ever seen in my entire life.

- Outdated instructions?

Please update your website to include up to date instructions for first time registration, currently cannot get into my account on any device, otherwise looks promising.

- Stupid app

Dumb app for school

- Annoying, unnecessary.

It’s annoying that I’m required to get this for college. I don’t care about your crappy app.

- Terrible

Too much friction

- i cant get into any of my accounts anymore BECAUSE OF YOU

if i delete the app. STOP MAKING ME HAVE TO USE THIS. i had got a new phone and can no longer access my old one. i deleted the app on that phone anyways, and now even when i try using my email to rest my passwords or log in i cannot do anything. i literally have been stressed over this since and don't reply with anything like "were sorry" unless you are going to FIX IT.

- 0 IQ

University asks me to have this to log in to email. Duo Mobile asks for nonexistent QR code that I have so I can’t get into my university email.

- Where’s my backup?

If the iCloud backup doesn’t work, why tf did you put it there and make it seems like it’s actually backed up? I restored my device multiple times and never once did I successfully restored from a backup. Pos

- Terrible.

I don’t often write bad reviews, but this app is just so frustrating. I have to use this for a 2 Factor authentication, and without even giving me the opportunity to “receive a push” in order to get the account started, I’m asked for a bypass code. Essentially, I’m locked out on the day of choosing course. To whoever made this, I hope both sides of your pillow are hot.

- Worst decision by UVic

Made it impossible to use official email. Breach in ease of communication, freedom of choice and privacy. Here trying to use this unyielding app to get push up notifications for the email. 😡😡😡 Feels like being locked out.

- Best 2FA App I’ve Seen

Coming from a Waterloo student, this app has by far the most convenient and cleanest 2-factor authentication I’ve seen. And to all Waterloo students who don’t like it, I get it. It’s more inconvenient than a plain password. But this is how you make your account more secure. You may not like that you require 2FA, but that doesn’t by any stretch of the imagination mean this app is bad at what it does.


I’ve lost my account because I’ve gotten a new phone and now I don’t have access to my account. The process of trying to get your account is complicated. Worse app honestly.

- Bloat

Who’s making money from this app anyway?

- There’s gotta be a better way

If your redirects get stuck, quit both apps and reboot. Seems to fix it. Shame we don’t have a more elegant solution like a text message or email without having to instal another app like other apps seem to use for verification.

- Love it

Useful and keeps my accounts secure. Does what it asks. Don’t know why there are so many bad reviews. UI is nice too.

- Refresh

It's a bit a annoying to have to reopen the app if I sent a push after opening the app. I remember in the past we can just scroll down to refresh the app but not anymore. Please bring it back!!

- Useless

This is so useless app!

- Terrible

No idea why my university is requiring this, app doesn’t even work half the time

- Not working

Duo app doesn't push the notification actually preventing you from accessing your account and doind what you got to do. The purpose of this app is to prevent scammers from accessing account; not the users.

- Notifications no longer working

Latest update seems to have broken notifications. Have rebooted phone, confirmed notifications on and even reinstalled app but no popup on phone. Have to go in manually into app every time.

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Duo Mobile iphone images
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Duo Mobile (Version 4.28.0) Install & Download

The applications Duo Mobile was published in the category Business on 2011-03-08 and was developed by Duo Security LLC [Developer ID: 413163561]. This application file size is 28.93 MB. Duo Mobile - Business app posted on 2022-11-07 current version is 4.28.0 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.duosecurity.DuoMobile