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Duo Mobile App Description & Overview

What is duo mobile app? Duo Mobile works with Duo Security's two-factor authentication service to make logins more secure. The application generates passcodes for login and can receive push notifications for easy, one-tap authentication on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

Additionally, you can use Duo Mobile to manage two-factor authentication for other application and web services that make use of passcodes.

Note: For Duo accounts, Duo Mobile needs to be activated and linked to your account before it will work. You will receive an activation link as part of Duo's enrollment process. You may add third-party accounts at any time.

License agreements for third-party Open Source libraries used in Duo Mobile can be found at https://www.duosecurity.com/legal/open-source-licenses.

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App Name Duo Mobile
Category Business
Updated 17 July 2023, Monday
File Size 29.77 MB

Duo Mobile Comments & Reviews 2023

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DUO REMOVES NEGATIVE REVIEWS. Don’t believe the rating, which used to be under 2 stars. This is a warning to never use Duo for anything. Not only has it done nothing for my security, it has also made my life measurably worse. I always have to bring my phone everywhere otherwise I can’t do work, and if I ever lost it or couldn’t use it I would be screwed. It also makes every single sign in 15 seconds longer, which adds up when you’re signing into things every day. AVOID THIS APP LIKE THE PLAGUE. They will probably remove this review soon, but don’t be fooled.

Works with Apple Watch. My old school switched from duo to Microsoft and Microsoft doesn’t allow for use with Apple Watch like Duo does. I love being able to not need my phone to log into accounts and use my watch to approve a request instead. My new school uses Duo and I’m so happy to be back with how user-friendly they are. That being said, I would like to be able to choose if new devices need more security or not. Duo allows me to let them know the device is personal and on those few devices, I have not had to re-log into them which I love. But in devices that aren’t personal or shared I can say no and Duo allows for that choice. Overall great service.

Security Feature. This is the perfect tracker for people working from home or anywhere really. We use this to verify information and to check login times to make sure they are actually working and logged in. Its also a great security tool to verify logging into the corporate network. This is a great tool for everyone to be on time and stay safe.

Does What It Says. What can I say? It does exactly what it says. Works 99% of the time. The only time it doesn’t “work” is when I just don’t get a push notification, but when I open the app, it functions correctly. That’s very rare though.

Much better than the other authenticator app I had used.. I have previous experience with another authenticator app that were not so good but so far Duo Mobile is much easier to setup, such a relief because the other left me discouraged.

The functionality. I love the fact that this is functional between all of my devices, and it’s user-friendly. Thank you so much for your diligence in creating such a wonderful element of learning.

It seems to always work. I have no experience with other similar systems, but this one has from the beginning, which is five or 10 years to always work

So easy to use. My favorite feature is being able to authenticate directly from the push notification without opening the app

Breaking Grounds. Since COVID 19 we needed this and you came through even until now. Events changed the course of the way we work and do business. Glad you guys were able to come through. Like a shinning light that brightens the day👏🤩✅

Suggestion. Add “remember me” option in approval prompt on my authentication device. This option usually doesn’t work; Safari and Chrome both now have cookies and cross-tracking disabled by default and can’t be changed. On mini login windows, it also asks me for approval even though it’s on the same device I’ve told Duo to remember. Now, it’s causing issues with Canvas. When I open announcement notifications, it’s making me login to Duo on a pop up login screen even though the app itself is already authenticated.

Useful App. I first found out about the app when it was required by my company. Since then have added it for personal applications that allow two factor authorization (2FA) via an app as it is more secure than using text messages for 2FA. In all due respect (and I mean that) it seems a number of the complaints about the app are really a result of company policies requiring multiple log-ins or not allowing users to stay logged in when inactive for a period of time, requiring another log-in. That’s not the fault of the 2FA app. Not saying this app is perfect and I haven’t used other similar apps so I cannot compare. But for my purposes it has worked well.

Used with multiple organizations. I have now worked for 3 companies over the last 9 years that all ended up using duo. In one of my first roles I was one of the duo admins for the org. I found both the admin experience and user experience to be pleasant. Good support.

Great to Login. I like Duo but I hate that it’s tied to the phone and not your phone number when I switched and got a new phone I had many issues reconnecting and had to wait on my employer to get it fixed. That was annoying but other than that it’s great.

Admin perspective. Straightforward setup, easy integration, and so far no issues replacing phones. Using strictly to secure an AD based infrastructure hosted on prem, RDP and VPN connections for users, admin creds and elevation on servers and certain cloud based dashboards. We do have a small number of non smartphone users getting auth via phone call. We do not allow users to apply duo to personal accounts, social media etc. The vast majority of bad reviews here are from end users complaining of company policy changes or being forced to use 2FA, so take that how you will.

Great. Only thing that is annoying is how long the “Approved” screen is up and the fact that it takes up the whole screen. At least give the option to partial screen or to not flash my eyes with green when I get an urgent call in the middle of the night…

Easy to use, super streamlined. I’ve been using Duo for work and have previously used it at university and have had no problems. Adding new accounts is very easy and it beats carrying around a separate device for 2-factor authentications. Most of the negative reviews here are from user new to 2fa and are getting used to it, or have issues with their own organizations’ IT support. The app itself is great.

Really Nice. Ever since I was introduced to this app by a friend of mine I’ve never had any complications with it at all! It’s the best two factor app I’ve came across. I temporarily disabled my instagram account for months almost a year… Deleted the instagram app & because of duo I’ve haven’t been able to worry about losing any information I LOVE IT SO MUCH

Everything just work :). I recently upgrade my iPhone to a newer model, I notice it has iCloud backup option so I gave it a try. It just worked. I do think 2FA in general create user frustration, but to be fair, Duo is on par with other 2FA app one may even say better?

Very user friendly. Had to use this app to access a new system my university put in place for student to use to access our coursework and I was very pleased with the setting up process and authentication accuracy.

Easy To Use. The short lessons make it easy to follow and learn. Also, the reminders Duo sends helps me not miss lessons. And having the lessons be in story style and being delivered both verbally and in writing is making the learning easy.

Good app i guess but 2fa for school is stupid. Duo mobile took me here when they asked if I was enjoying the app. Not really an app to enjoy. Just a tool. I think 2fa to login to my school stuff is not the best option but duo mobile is good

Duo Secure Login. I thought it would end up being another cumbersome addition to accessing our work network but, it is actually very seamless once it is set up. I actually like it way better than many I have to use because it not a situation where I have to receive a text and then type it in on the computer. Simply login the way you normally do and your Duo app will just ask if you want to give permission and it literally gives you two boxes like in those letters kids would write to someone they like asking if they wanted to go steady and at the bottom would be two boxes and they would say check yes or no! It pops up automatically so no need to open the app first. It is actually that easy, way more easy than working up the courage to write a love letter asking someone to be you boyfriend or girlfriend much less giving it too them and going’s crazy waiting for it to be returned with the right box checked!

Excellent and reliable. Duo is simple, it works, and it stays out of your way. It even has an Apple Watch app which is a godsend. Unfortunately, my company is being strong-armed into switching to a Microsoft solution, which, as per usual, is clunky, unpredictable, inelegant, and is basically third-rate software - and there’s no watch app either. I will continue to use Duo for as long as I can, I highly recommend it to anyone needing fast, convenient and secure authentication services.

Works well. I’ve used the app for a while now, no issues it works great! Only thing is it seems there is always a notification about updating to newest software even if it was updated recently. Unless it has been months couldn’t that be optional? Must ppl do not update software every time a new version comes out.

Better than LastPass auth. Out of the authentication apps I’ve had to use, this is one of the most pleasant. The push notifications work like a charm and it’s never lost all of my logins during an update (I’m looking at you, LastPass). I’d dock a star for there being no way to interface via the Okta login flow from non-JavaScript apps but that’s such a niche technical complaint that no one else will ever care. (Also, there is Okta integration at all, which is nice.)

DUO is amazing. What can I say? The multiple steps involved in accessing the work computer, websites and even certain apps on your desktop is sheer joy to experience. Gone are the days where everything was instantly accessible - now it’s a wonderful experience getting thru multiple layers of security, adding minutes to your not-so-busy schedule. This is what I think, feels like going to a nice retreat. Sheer joy and pure wholesome time killing fun.

Reliable. I’ve been using Duo Mobile for about 7 years. In that time I’ve worked for 3 companies that require it for dual authentication. I’ve never had any issues with it, and it is easy to use. I also began using it for personal log-ins as well.

college passwords. This app has saved me from trying to remember my password for my login for college. I have an auto fill on my computer, it sends me a push notification on my phone, and I log right in! 10/10

Duo mobile works. While the other 3 dual authentication apps on my phone work sometimes, DUO is the only one who has yet to let me down more than a few dozen times since passwords became an insecure means of data protection. Definitely beats email or sms verification. I miss the days where it was just a matter of finding the guy with the key to the filing cabinet you needed to get into. That was me… the keeper of keys. That role kept me employed for years but now big tech comes along and starts automating the jobs of hard working Americans just trying to provide for their families. It’s a shame what this generation has done to this country…

Just one small change. I love this app. I started using it for work and now I use it for almost everything. It’s easy and I feel better knowing that have 2FA, strong passwords and a secure password keeper on my accounts. The one small thing that would be better if I had to suggest something is switching the order of labels of third-party apps. So instead of: Third-Party Ecobee It would be: Ecobee Third-Party Would also be nice to be able to change colors on third-party apps so I can associate a color with an app/program. Thanks for listening! I really like Duo!

Remote. My employer requires the use of this app to login remotely. I don’t know the technical inter workings of this app or how secure it is, I leave that responsibility to my employer. I have to use it to gain access when not in the office and it works every single time. It is seamless, easy and most importantly it always works

Great application, easy to use and i can even leverage my apple watch.. I use duo mobile every day. It is simple, easy to use and I can even leverage my apple watch to access my vpn. I strongly recommend any organization to consider using duo mobile.

iOS notification auto dialogue box too small. I bet this is not under your control (I am an iOS dev myself, I know how iOS can be) but sometime ago the notification banner to accept with requests shrank, and is now harder to tap. I don’t mean the banner itself, but the “Accept/Decline” dialogue that appears when you pull down on the auth notification banner

Just a click away. Oh man, what to write about an app I use literally every day. It’s great! I log into my laptop. This app make a little thing pop up on my phone. I click the little thing and I go about my day. If you’re looking for a button press to add to your morning routine, there are far worse buttons than Duo Mobile. Also, maybe important, we’ve had no ransomware attacks since the IT guy put this on all of our phones. So there’s that.

Great Secure App. Duo does a great job with the security app, and our company feels very secure using this 2FA solution. Also, their support team does a great job when there is an issue with letting us know that an issue has happened and that the issue has been resolved. Great work.

The proper way to expend the thorax. The first time you were able and I didn’t have a chance I just wanted you know I love and I love and I hope you’re having fun and I’m so proud to have a great time and I’m glad that you’re having a great day I hope

Impossible. Awful. I tried to change the stars but no way. I cannot access anything on this site. No one to turn to to walk me through it. It is so secure even I can’t access anything. Nor will it allow me to do a new long in. 😖😩🤮are there human beings out there? Not on my watch so far.

So simple and easy; terrific tool!. I use DUO now regularly. We (me and another person) set it up at our company for security, and “almost ‘none’,” if any, of our employees had issues learning how to us it, and have zero issues since. Really appreciate great tools that is easy to setup, easy to teach, but hackers and other cyber criminals can’t maliciously break into.

Easy to learn and easy to use!. I found a learning curve on this app to be very quick and every time I used it, it actually really worked well. I was doing my classes on my MacBook, and using this app on my iPhone.

Gotta use it. Force on us by our overlords but as long ad it works, i don’t have any complaints. 9 months in and its doing its thing. You’re also able the approve logins via your Apple Watch which is a plus.

Closing Window after timeout. The app will not let you close out of the window if you don’t make a selection within a certain time frame. It won’t let you do anything. You have to completely shut down and restart the computer to bring up a new prompt.

Removing bad reviews. Any institution thinking of using this, I’m begging you, don’t. I had to download this for my school and work accounts, which I’m currently locked out of because I got a new phone. Aside from that issue, this app is wildly impractical as there is no way to save a trusted device, so every time you log in it adds a significant amount of time, something that has annoyed both me and clients who are now waiting longer to be served. And if your one DUO-associated device is left at home? Too bad! On top of that, this developer is clearly either removing bad reviews of adding fake ones; when I downloaded this app several months ago it was hovering just below two stars, and there has been zero change to UI, not to mention something that would bump it up to five. STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS

Preferred MFA tool. Personally enjoy using Duo as my MFA tool as opposed to Google or Microsoft. Interface is clean. Approving pushes work well on both phone and watch. Apple Watch app is also nice for looking up codes. Wish push would come to my Watch even when phone screen is unlocked, but that is the only real issue I have with it.

Great app, some people just don’t like 2FA. Ignore people who complain about the burdens of 2FA. Those are not the problem of the app. This is a price for security and compliance. You will adjust and make sure you always have your device just like you don’t leave home without house keys. Same thing. Better than identity theft or a major data breach that gets you fired. This is the best app of the several I have used.

Easy security. I’ve used a lot of security solutions in the past. DUO has been the least invasive and fastest security solution I’ve used, and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a quality multi factor authentication solution.

Duo recovery. I’ve deleted my duo app in my OS device to protect my identity being accessed logging in different pcs. Thanks to IT gentlemen I talked with resolving my issue was quick and secure. Thanks to the duo app, there’s an extra security that I can rely on safely browsing the internet while multitasking.

DuoMobile is reliable. I only really use this app to log into MyASU on my computer, but it consistently gives me passcodes and prompts to have two-factor authentication. With this app I’m confident I can always sign in and view my degree progress, grades, and financial aid. I love it.

Awful. Duo mobile has been the source of many of my frustrations over the past year and a half. This app never works and even though it has been connected to many of my accounts, I have still gotten multiple security issues. on top of the security issues experienced I have also been locked out of my own account multiple times as a direct result of Duo Mobile. Multiple times duo has not done its job. This app is ridiculously unhelpful. I am deeply dissatisfied with this app enough to go write a review about it, that should be saying something. I wish people would stop using Duo.

A great app. What can be said about Duo Mobile? The way it serves up Push notifications. Complete with support for Apple Watch, is totally convenient. It also generates security codes. There are a thousand apps that do the same thing — It’s good. I’ve no complaints. It’s just solid.

Don’t , I repeat don’t ever use it.. If you wanna locked out , the. Go ahead and use this app. I used it for Facebook and It locked me out leaving my facebook account un-responsive. I am using facebook since 2008, and now thanks to this Duo app , it got my fb account locked . Even Facebook is jot helping me out. Seems Facebook and Duo are in some kind of illegal business, as Facebook is not letting me access my personal data nay more. Dont , I repeat dont ver use this app.

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Pathetic effort. No custom icons and awful reviews from hundred of people... How can anyone trust a company that can't even make a basic app with their security? Cisco, who are your developers...? Either fire them because they are inept or get out of their way and allow them do their job properly.

the absolute worst app. app fails to mention if you delete the app or get a new device you’ll never regain access again. customer service never even bothered to help. 0/10 would not recommend.

Forced to use this. And then you hear “modern” and “card based” in the same sentence. It does kinda work though, so two stars.

Very polished 2FA. Duo provides a very polished 2FA solution. The iOS app is simple and functional although the Watch push integration is currently broken with the latest release.

Works with Apple Watch. This is an excellent App. I leave it open in the background on my iphone x and have duo in my dock on my apple watch s3 and generate codes without having to pickup my phone, which is great. I wouldn't use another 2FA app.

ugh. the app logged my accounts out and now i cant get into my insta!!! :(

Poor user interface. App is unusable in real world scenarios. Only a small number of known applications are listed. When adding a 3rd Party app not listed it’s not possible to change the name, they all say THIRD-PARTY and it’s then impossible to know which one is which (my account ID is the same at each as well). Every other 2FA Authenticator our there lets you change the name of each entry. Why not this one?!

Terrible App. Enough said!

Wish I never ever used this product. Worst app ever it disabled my accounts without my knowledge and now I can not access my business pages on any of my devices. There is no one from duos side to help the worst descion ever using this app and not another company

No notification pops out. Despite I set IOS (15.1) allow notifications from DUO Mobile, just nothing shows up after I input my login credentials, and I need go back to this App and press “approve”.

No account found. Hi. I am getting a notification on my Apple Watch that there are no account found when using the app. It asks me to use my iPhone. Can this please be fixed

This app is a scam. I can’t get back into any of my accounts with it once the app is deleted you can’t get back into old accounts

Brilliant app and a brilliant service. Brilliant app working alongside the Duo Security service. Brilliant use of the iWatch as well. This is the only app I found that was a must have for the watch.

password. worst shi eva

Worst mobile authentication app. Terrible that they can’t provide the help with backup or authentication code in case if you no longer access to your old device and no have any saved codes. They refuse to help and forward to the to contact third party . Not trustworthy app

You changed the buttons around - WHY?. For the past few years I’ve happily using this app without complaint. The latest version updates the UI - whatever. But crucially it has swapped the position of the approve / deny buttons. This is unforgivable- change them back!

Why not have zero star. If there is zero star, I must score the app with zero. Stupid design, must have Touch ID function. Thousands of hundreds of apps, only this Duo has so odd requirement. The worst app in the world!!!

Useless tool. I don’t know why my school needs that rubbishy APP, it requires me to log in many many times during my tutorial, I hate that, I can’t even focus on study

Too complicated. Signing up with the program is a hassle within itself, not to mention the complications with the poor interface design. But hey, at least it supports dark mode…

Not a fan of the new update. The new update has swapped around the location of the accept and decline buttons meaning that when you’re on autopilot and are used to the old app, you hit decline when you meant to hit accept. :/ Not the end of the world, but a pretty big oversight from the designers.

Rock solid MFA. Excellent app. Works well for over a thousand seats for us.

The most terrible app as I had!. If you change your device or if you delete this app from your cell phone, or if you delete the other linked apps to this app, then it is impossible to restore your access to your previous DUO account and after that you will lose your access to those apps that you linked to DUO, never ever install this disgusting app to your phone, and I promise you if you use this app you feel regret very soon. The owners of this application should feel shame because of these reviews and this rate.

Security Risk!!!!. Opening a notification from the lock screen enables a user access the iOS device without any requirement to enter a PIN or biometric effectively bypassing the security on the device and rendering the whole thing pointless.

Cannot Read Password. My telephone created a long recovery password in this application. I think it is for logging into Facebook. The reason for this application is unclear, except that Facebook and Google want to identify us, and take away our privacy one interruption at a time. Facebook made me join this application, by disabling my ads accounts. What is so ridiculous is that I couldn’t copy the password, because it was partially invisible. When I continued to the next page, I was notified that the application doesn’t keep your password. Make sure you remember it. Well, how can I remember it? I can’t even see it! Altogether a disappointing experience. Interruptive, slow, unclear, unfriendly.

downvote. piece of sxht

Brilliant simplicity. A great solution to the issue of adding multi factor authentication. Great with Apple watch too!

No work with current version. Don’t work with 15.2.

horrible. if you get a new device it’s a nightmare to try and restore everything. luckily i have my old phone and am still able to log into everything but there seems to be no way to transfer the codes onto my new phone!

stupid. what!

Excellent. Slick and works pretty much everywhere and with everything. 👍

Search function and upload icon. I have a lot of accounts (20+) and it would be much easier for me if there is a search bar :( It would also be nice if there an option to upload website icon for the accounts too.

No search, can’t upload own icons,. No search !!! If you have dozens of accounts to manage like I do it’s hard to quickly find the one your looking for you. You’ll be scrolling forever. Can’t upload custom icons !!! The default list of icons is very limited, which would be fine if you could upload your own icons. But you can’t! This would make the app a lot easier to use as a visual icon is quicker to recognise than text. The good things are: +Codes are hidden until you tap on them +Dark mode supported +Attractive, minimalist design However, search for accounts is needed. Custom icons are needed. Better multi-device sync/support is needed. Duo Restore needs to be improved. Show us our codes are backed up so we can have peace of mind if our phone is broken/stolen we won’t be locked out of hundreds of accounts.

I give up! Your system is failing our business!. It is not working most of the time today and your online chat is failing too!!! Useless!!

App won’t download. Using this app for work purpose and won’t download contacted duo support via live chat and said there’s nothing we can do?! Very disappointing

Find alternate app. I remember the pain last time I upgraded phones and lost access to all my saved logins in Duo. Having just upgraded my phone again I am in the same situation, the recovery password is never recognised even if you reset it on the original device per their instructions. My account is now ‘locked by duo’. I will be adding all my logins to an alternate app and not wasting my time with duo again.

Great so far still working it out. What can I use with it can I join my iTunes account? Facebook? Can’t think of anything else what just wondering what else u can the only think so far is Snapchat

Reconnect Automatically keeps getting disabled. Every 1-3 days my “Reconnect Automatically” setting gets disabled and I have to re-enable it and re-enter my password. I have usage data enabled, please fix!

Backup and Restore Process is Hot Garbage. A shocking system relying on iCloud backups. Try as I might I just don’t get the prompts that I am supposed to be getting according to the outdated and convoluted DUO support guides. Terrible, needs to be completely reworked into something usable as opposed to this unfriendly and nonfunctional time wasting package of frustration. 👎🏻

Push notifications don’t work. Not having functional push notifications kills this app, I’ve never had a problem with Okta.

Too easy. Love it because it’s so easy to love and works exactly like it says.

Duo constantly forces me to sign in for uni. The DUO MFA system with Deakin refuses to allow mobile and iPad users to select “remember for 7 days option”. Responds with “cookies must be enabled” I checked settings, discussed with uni IT, cookies are enabled automatically on the browser I am using. Further, it forces me to sign in several times in one day, interrupting uni study. DUO is horrendous with zero thought involved for people who don’t use computers to study.

HORRIBLE. Chinese spyware. How much did you pay Deakin Uni to use this dogpoo app?

Apple Watch support needs work. So you can enter a verified push code on the Apple Watch now, but it’s using the delivered alphanumeric Apple Watch keyboard which is not a very good user experience for entering a simple PIN number as every key is really tiny and I don’t think the alpha keys are even needed as the challenge code is only a 3 digit number (in my use case). Can you please add a numeric keypad with large numbers that are easy to enter on the watch, make that keyboard the default for the app when a push verification is received. (E.g. a keypad like the number pad that the watch displays when you unlock it).

Judy. Excellent app, works well. Keeps our system’s safe!

Please add quick search. Painful when plenty accounts. Duo lack of search is the biggest issue Would have 5 stars with a search. So simple yet not there. Pleeeaaasseeee

works well. works well would like an ipad compatible version (landscape mode) latest update is a bit ugly, I've lost my icon as well, just the white wire frame icon. it's unclear on the website or in the app, but does duo mobile backup to iCloud? what happened if I delete it accidentally, or need to restore, are all my OTP service tokens restored or lost forever, requiring recovery keys for all the services in use?

New UI. The new UI is horrible. Everything now consumes so much space.

No release notes?. Since I’ve started using this because my employer wanted to use it for 2FA, about 2 years ago, the release notes have always been the same, vague “behind-the-scenes improvements blah blah” paragraph - even for the latest 4.8.0 version. The least that a security-related application could do is inform its users of what has changed and what was fixed, instead of being completely opaque.

Watch integration broken. As of 4.0 the “approve” button on the Watch app works maybe 1 in 10 times. This app used to be rock solid. Looks like cosmetics have become more important than functionality now.

No customer service. This company is really disgusting and I do not recommend going with them as your security authentication. They refused to help me gain access to my accounts and said I need to contact my third party companies which were uncontactable. Do not go with them.

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4.2/5 ⭐️?????? How?. How did this piece of garbage get a 4.2 rating? Claims to protect our information by forcing students to download a useless app and secretly track (steal) our information. Nice and thank you. All of the negative reviews by the whiny students showed this is a piece of garbage.

Quick and easy. Everyone is complaining and giving a one star rating because their company made them download this app, while not actually reviewing the app itself. Here’s an actual review. Its a simple and easy app to use. The verification is instant, and it was simple to set up. I don’t mind it at all.

Incredibly difficult to recover even if are careful. I tried so hard to read the instructions and record my code for 3rd party apps, but if I don’t use a cloud backup then I can’t access anything nor even if I have my email and password. 2FA is made much harder with Duo Mobile, not easier.

Unclear Interface. The prompt for a Duo push has no relation to the link of a log in, leading to a confirmation for entry into a place the user is unfamiliar with (e.g. Shibboleth Enhanced). What even is this app whose use seems entirely forced, and since one could only assume it was, but offers no useful information at all? Might as well uninstall if your education isn’t ruined to begin with. Of course assuming you have a phone. Haha. If you don’t, well rip your tuition. You won’t be able to do post-secondary but you’ll still need to pay. Should’ve had a phone with that…

Unable to remember pc. Consistently have to use 2fa 2-3 times everyday because it refuses to remember my computer. Waste of time

Works well. Required for work and does it’s job.

Works Great. A lot of the negative reviews are from whiny students who don’t understand the importance of security. There’s nothing wrong with the app, it works great.

Stupid stuff. nice force download and NO ONE IS GONNA F ING STEAL A SCHOOL ACCOUNT

Ridiculous to Be Forced to Use. Totally ridiculous to be forced to use an app to login to school. Shame

So convenient. Easy to setup. No extra hassle with logging in. Best security software I have used.

Would rate zero if could. Bro all I wanna do is login ✋🏾😐

I deleted the app. Now i cant login to school?! 😎

…More than concerned. My original review isn’t even showing up

Great security platform. Easiest and most secure security application currently available.

Honestly such a terrible app. Had to download this to sign into my college email… app has been nothing but trouble and the location it says my device is being signed in at is always two hours away from where I am.

Logging in. You should only have to log in once in the morning per day… I find I am logging in on the average 15 times a day cause I am not always at my desk… getting to be a PAIN!!!!!

Have to assume 4.8 rating is shill or user ignorance. This app, product, and company (now Cisco) shouldn’t even exist. It’s sole capability is ability to sell to or bribe totally clueless and incompetent University IT departments. It’s a proprietary obfuscated sign-up layer on top of standard HOTP, which is what those Universities should have used in the first place. As it stands, search online for the many tutorials allowing bypass of Duo proprietary sign-up process and then go back to using your own standard HOTP facilities. In other words, you do not need to (and should not) download and run this app.

Very low rated. Hard user app design by stupid to just keep bugging around to get login into school

Smooth. I love a program that you hardly have to think about…it is just always there, working smoothly.

A step backwards. This app had made it next to impossible to log into my student account. Which obviously isn’t ideal as a university student.

Pretty Decent. Duo works pretty well for me. Nice and simple, and the way it uses notifications on iOS is effective.

Time out’s too short. I hate that I have to sign in several times throughout my teaching day!

Not user friendly at all. I have to authenticate every time on my computer even when I choose the “keep logged in for 7 days” option. They might as well remove that check mark because it doesn’t work. I can’t log into any school accounts on my phone because the authentication app is on my phone and for some reason after I authenticate it still doesn’t register and gets stuck on the loading screen.

Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid stupid The second dumbest thing (number one is proctorU) I’ve ever seen. So now I can’t login to my school account watch my lec videos nor do my quizzes. Good job!

Rien a redire. Obligé d’utiliser cette app pour le travail, sécurisant mon compte pro. Très facile d’utilisation, très rapide et aucun problème d’installation. Bravo l’équipe.

Horrible. Garbage app forced on me by a garbage school, I can’t log in it doesn’t work

Solid App. It’s an authenticator, and seems to have pretty good security. The nice thing about this is you can get push notifications that allow you to approve logins just by long tapping them. However, the only site that has that functionality that I’ve tested is my school’s website.

Horrible shame to be forced to download this app. Horrible shame to be forced to download this app

Splash screen is slow. When connecting to multiple servers protected with DUO, at the same time, each confirmation shows a green check box. This takes time and some connections time out

So old school. Needing to download an app just to 2-Factor authenticate is so not user friendly. Had to use this for the University of Waterloo, much to my chagrin.

Simply great security. Easy to install and easy to set up using a QR code. And the practice push is a great confirmation step

good. great app would use again

Garbage. This app is garbage and is apparently supposed to ease your login process, but in reality it is broken. It’s asking me for a code that I never received and now I’m locked out. There’s no way for me to even receive a code through this app and now I have to contact my school

Bad system. Horrible waste of time.

Excellent 2FA system. This is the system used by the company I work for. It is simple and straightforward, and has never failed to work correctly.

They will take your data. Most of my accounts on my phone were hacked into shortly after downloading this app. Do not download this app.

Lost. Can’t access accounts linked with Duo after old phone became unworkable.

Duo. Great, reliable service. I know my accounts are protected.

Works Sometimes. Usually around halfway through the day I try to login using Duo and I have to wait for it to pop up on my phone. It usually times out at that point. I login usually 10times per day and this happens usually 3/10 times.

Loving it !. Easy to set up and safe to use.

Works like a charm. No glitch, quick authorization, great app

You guys rock!. I never knew authenticating could be so awesome!!!

Embarrassing. This is the first ever time that I give a 1 star to an app. Congratulations you did it duo. Any school who force students to use this piece of waste should be embarrassed. Total waste of time and energy and money for students.

They sell ur email. Getting spam scam emails after I signed up for this app

Just switched to Microsoft Authenticator. Aside from the visually appealing 2FA code layout, the only problem with this is for iPhone users who need to restore from iCloud only backup. This requires you to restore from an iCloud backup, instead of it being saved on duo cloud or other cloud storage alternatives, google drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc. this really sucks and when I need to start fresh from a new phone or when you lose your device. If you lose you device and didn’t backup your phone to the cloud, well you are pretty much screwed. Developer team, please incorporate alternative backups for third party accounts and then I may switch back, but for now it’s with Microsoft Authenticator.

Great app. Push always works

Stupid. This app ruined my life

Garbage. Why the hell am I supposed to authenticate whenever I access my school account. What’s gonna happen, someone is gonna log in and do my school work for me? Come on guys stop with this foolishness.

Dumb. Why does this app even exist. I don't care if someone gets into my school account. What are they gonna do? Do my work for me??

Pretty Easy. Never fails.

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Me. To get to the website is complicated. Please make it easier.

This is crap, university Makes us use this crap.. Yes they are only 1 star and have been that way, but right now it’s 4.7 star, I don’t know how. The review right now are FAKE. Just like this stupid apps. GARBAGE! This is a garbage app that the school system makes you use. THE ONLY REASON this developer is in business is because of stupid school.

me. easy to work with when I can comprehend

Warning. Don’t use. I lost access to my decade-long instagram account because of this stupid app. They don't have a proper account recovering process if you change a new phone or new number.

Never use this company. Ever.. Support his horrible and just use your phone number. I’d rather deal with cell phone companies than a company that keeps telling me to contact the company I used them for. Stay away. Forever.

Efficiency meets technology. DUO is fast, reliable and never disappoints. I always go for the push.

Great Product, but …. This a great project, but when switching phones Google Authenticator is much better, it allows you to migrate much easier.

Waste of Time. I have to have my phone have the newest update to login to my school website? Are you kidding me? I don’t have enough storage to do that every time. Colleges please stop using apps like these 🥲

I’m not doing that until we. I have to get a hold of

Works. Great app. Push Pops up correctly so the time.

Great app. Efficient and easy to use!

Can’t log into my IG account. So I just got a new phone and trying to set up my duo 2 factor authentication with duo . Duo simply does not recognize my account after gaining access to my account. Is there a way Deactivate my the 2 factor authentication from my account.

LOGGED ME OUT FOR LOSING RECEPTION. Why on earth does this godforsaken app punish me for having no reception by logging me out? If I don’t have cell reception it logs me out on my phone and then how am I supposed to get into my school account now huh? I have an assignment due at midnight and now I can’t due it because of this stupid app. Thanks for making me get a bad grade!!

Excellent. Always working properly! 😄

Why can’t you select 7 days when logging in?. 2FA is what it is but what happened to the ability to select a 7-day option for remaining logged in? How can I do this? SICK of repeatedly logging in all day long.

Duo. It is easy to use and adds security to my school account.

MFA!. This app and product greatly increases my companies security, and I don’t have to VPN as often.

DEACTIVATE THIS APP NOW. it has been over two years since DUO left me locked out of a decade old instagram account. BACKUP CODES DONT WORK IF YOU NEVER SENT THEM DUO. I NEVER DELETE AN EMAIL. this app is a DISGRACE to other protective softwares. just a piece of junk. NEVER install DUO unless you want to lose access to your most important things!

I use it for work. It works great security wise. It works great.

100% secured. It’s very useful app to protect your log ins. I highly recommend this app.

Favorite Authenticator. This is my favorite Authenticator. I like the layout the best of them all.

I really enjoy using app. secures confidential information. Can be tedious but it is easy to use

Two times per day. Why do I have to use Duo twice every day?

It works.. This app does exactly what it needs to. That's it.

Fast and seamles. Gives me instant link on my mobile phone to confirm “yes it’s me“

I don’t have to go it alone, because I have DUO.. So thankful.

It works. It does what it needs to can’t complain.

Great App!. Love the app, no issues verifying and connecting to my desktop

Where has this been all my life. I feel so secure

Easy to use. I prefer this way more that text messaged codes!!!

Love it!. Easy and very user friendly!!

This just annoying. Why do I have to verify my lap top multiple times a day as a trusted server. Google apple and my school everyone but this “security” can recognize its the same computer

Security. The name says it all, a dual security safeguard for HIPAA complaint data and EHR access.

Tap and you’re in!. Safe and secure easy login. Love it!

Works well. I find it easy to use.

No Hassle. Continued user friendly, prompt, smooth transitions with minimal input requirements.

The app doesn’t allow use with blue stacks. For users without a smartphone we get around it using bluestacks. Unlike other authenticators this one won’t work with bluestacks. So it excludes anyone who doesn’t have or want a smartphone from accessing their accounts. Big problem.

Great App. This is an strong and easy to use MFA app. It is so much easier to use than it’s competitors.

Great App!. I really love using duo as my two factor. It’s compatibility with my watch and phone is great. 😊

Easy to use, does what it says. No muss, no fuss. Every app needs to work this easily.

Locked out of accounts. If you get a new device there’s no way to transfer the authentication so you’ll be locked out. Better to use Google so you can export to a new device.

Better. Set up was horrible, once set up is working well. Have used others that were worked smoother.

Very Useful App. It’s been an excellent app to use in this new era of remotely work.

Push is awesome. Love the push and approve feature

Kids have to know what they want. Very good to

Nice app. Very nice and clean interface. Gets the job done

Travel. When I get on an airplane I (think?) I need two devices….(my laptop and my phone the latter to give the confirmation….)…. expensive…..

It just works. Quick, intuitive, proper Apple Watch mirroring.

Administrative Associate. Very easy to use it and high security control.

Great Secure App. We use it to protect our connection to our VPN, and it is super easy to use.

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The application Duo Mobile was published in the category Business on 08 March 2011, Tuesday and was developed by Duo Security LLC [Developer ID: 413163561]. This program file size is 29.77 MB. This app has been rated by 524,251 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Duo Mobile - Business app posted on 17 July 2023, Monday current version is 4.45.0 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.duosecurity.DuoMobile. Languages supported by the app:

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