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JotNot Scanner App Pro [Business] App Description & Overview

JotNot is the quickest and easiest way to save a digital version of your paper documents. With JotNot's advanced image processing algorithms, your scans come out crisp, clear, and suitable for printing every time.

JotNot is the original document scanner app, trusted by millions of people in over 150 countries. It is recommended by The New York Times, TechCrunch, and MacWorld UK.

With a PDF scanner in your pocket, there is no need to ever keep receipts in your wallet, tax records in your filing cabinet, or notes scattered across your desk. Scan and archive digital copies, and simplify your life.

* Digitize contracts, receipts, expense forms, or business cards
* Extract text from your scans with OCR
* Save notes, recipes, or photos in cloud storage
* Scan and export sheet music to a music app like ForScore, or sketches to a drawing app
* Scan whiteboards or presentations to take notes in class or during meetings

* Email your scans as PDFs
* Automatically upload your scans to the cloud
* Upload to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, OneNote, Evernote, iCloud, and more
* Share documents with a computer via WiFi

* JotNot automatically detects edges and processes images to remove shadows, correct contrast, and adjust white balance
* Scan in full color, black-and-white, and a variety of other modes
* Convert scans to PDF or JPEG
* Efficiently scan multi-page documents

* Password-protect sensitive files
* Lock the app with a password, Touch ID, or Face ID (if supported by your device)
* Tag documents and search by tag or name
* Sort by name or date
* Rename or delete files to stay organized

JotNot Pro is a one-time purchase. There are no automatically recurring charges or subscriptions.

We aim to provide the best possible user experience and service. Please contact us at for personal help from the developers to resolve any issue.

JotNot is made in the USA.

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JotNot Scanner App Pro Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Fixed issues where scans were processed with an incorrect resolution. We are proud to bring you JotNot 5! There are many new features in this release: Latest updates: New camera with multi-selection support On device OCR (you can copy and paste the text) Auto-upload for multiple cloud accounts simultaneously iOS 13 support including dark mode OneDrive support added Multi-page sharing bugfixes and stability improvements Thank you for using JotNot! Please show your support by leaving us a review in the App Store.

JotNot Scanner App Pro Comments & Reviews

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- Used this for years and tried a couple of others

I’ve been using this app, and I’m pretty sure a free version of it prior for years now. Along the way I’ve tried others because as much as I like this app I want to make sure there isn’t something I’m missing out on that I didn’t know of. Now I did find others that do a great job, they exist. But this is the app for me, it’s so smooth and fast to use. I had a meeting last month where I was discussing with a client needed changes in their systems and everyone was adding and discussing items. I took notes and contributed to the conversation. Right after the conversation ended while everyone was chatting about others things I quickly added the notes to a pdf and emailed it to everyone in the meeting. The CEO came over and asked if I would type him up a copy of my notes because he saw me taking pictures of them. I notified him that I had just emailed them to him. A few seconds later he was blown away looking at the notes on his phone. He thinks I’m a magician or something because it looks like a perfect scan which phones could never do because it always comes out skewed. Thanks to this app I can quickly do amazing scans that impress my clients and helps me maintain my professional edge.

- Indispensable. Use it every week.

** May 2017 Update: STILL my favorite scanner. I've tried others. JotNot's GUI still looks a little old-fashioned, but it works great. End Update** So much more convenient than a scanner. I often use it to attach paper info to our electronic docs at work. (Sometimes I’ll send a JotNot doc to SignNow for my digital signature.) So useful that I've gifted this app to others. And I use it as a demo when showing off my iPhone. I've seen reviews which question the need for this app when you can “just take a snapshot of a document with your camera app”. To which I think: Sure…and you can scribble your business plans on napkins, too. That will work, right up until you want to bring someone else into your project. In business, you're judged by your presentation just as you are by your clothes. Your credibility is on the line. I frequently share these scanned docs, so I want them to look good. Automatic squaring of corners, autosensing of borders, autocropping — these make your snapshots look like real documents. But the best feature is the automatic variable contrast across the whole image. That's what changes a “photo of a paper” into something that looks like a paper. Something that can be printed on a laser printer and look great. Something easy to read, with black text on a white background, from edge to edge. JotNot Pro is brilliant. And indispensable.

- old faithful

i just want to say as a customer who has used this app for 4+ YEARS that it was a one-stop-solution to my occasional send to fax machine needs. i have used it probably >100 times for important business-related faxes & never had a problem with it ever. it’s so convenient when i’m stranded with only my iphone but i need someone to receive a traditional fax in the office. i know it costs money to send to a landline but it’s totally worth whatever they charge. because it will get there. period. and it even generates a cover sheet. people have no idea that i’m sending “scans” that are really just pics from my phone. it’s been 4-5 years since i started using this app so there might be better, newer, maybe even free ways to send faxes now. but if you want the best and the most reliable, then this is your app.

- Best scanner next to printer scanner and much more convenient

This app is so easy to use. It is simple but does an amazing job with edges and legible print that you can lighten or darken. I use it on receipts while still at the store in case I lose them later. I have used other scanner apps and they are so picky about lighting and will even save a slanted document whereas JotNot straightens it out before saving. My printer scanner is the only thing that “equals” the quality of JotNot and going into another room, waiting for it to warm up and then stand there while scanning (plus it isn’t portable) is a pain when I can relax in a chair and scan documents with JotNot. Worth every penny. Paid for the pro version. Let’s you rename and save to other apps and even “files” (the iOS cloud filing app). Love this app!!!

- Easy to use and cost efficient

I bought this app because my home office scanning function wasn’t working on my printer and I was desperate. To my surprise it was easy to use and produces a pretty clear image. I’ve found myself using it beyond my work needs and it has been so convenient to have accessible on my phone. I didn’t realize how often I would use it while out such as scanning an insurance card to send to my husband or a form to submit to my daughter’s school. The only drawback I’ve found is that if the paper I am scanning is not flat, because it’s been folded or wrinkled, it will distort the image. It is generally not a major problem but if you need a super straight image, you lose the ability to “flatten” the paper with a traditional scanner lid or feeder.

- Great scanner app!

The scanner on my wireless printer quit working. I needed a scanner to scan bills of ladings to email to customers. My daughter suggested that I get a scanner app on my iPhone. I bought this one and it's working great for me. Using this app I can send several pages in one attachment in QuickBooks. Before using this app, I could only attach 2 pages from my scanner to email a customer directly from QuickBooks. Now I can scan several pages in one attachment and email customers from QuickBooks. I highly recommend this app to anyone who needs a scanner for work. Well worth the price I paid for the app! Update: still loving this app. Well worth the money I spent for the app. I highly recommend this app to anyone needing to scan important papers for work or home.

- Indispensable

I LOVE this app. I have a giant heavy flat scanner and a fax machine. Haven’t used either one in over 2 years thanks to this app. This is SO much easier to use as a scanner than traditional scanners. It’s just like taking a picture with your phone, but you can save as a jpeg or pdf, adjust brightness if you need to, and email it right off your phone. It’s also been a lifesaver for me since we decided to go without a landline. On the rare occasions I need to fax something, I can use this app, which also creates cover sheets, and fax a doc in seconds. That’s the only thing that costs money but it’s not much at all and truly, how often do you need to fax something anyway? The convenience factor of this app is massive. I highly recommend it.

- Thank you!

Perfect! Simple. Now that I'm using it more, I find uses for it present themselves I would not have expected before. School calenders and lunch menus for the kids, memos of all kinds at work as well as being able to instantly e-mail flip chart meeting notes to principal participants...teachers who have seen me use it have since begun using it to snap shot lessons and notes on whiteboards for posting to class websites... Your use of this product is limited only to your imagination and amount of print material you would like to share electronically. I love the feature allowing you to process different media in different modes to optimize resolution, exposure and contrast. Thank you for such a functional product...I will definitely be looking for any new products you guys come out with!

- Been using it >5 years & LOVE IT!

I can scan multiple pages. I can re-do a page if it doesn’t come out right & I don’t lose the previous pages scanned. I can change the file name as I’m saving it. I can email the file, upload to the cloud, or several other options. It takes good quality images and automatically uses the flash if needed, without changing my camera settings. My BF has tried other apps, and they are not as good as this one. It’s been so long since I even bothered with any other app—there’s just no point. This one does everything I need except maybe fax. But then again, that may actually be available & I’ve just not needed it.

- Great app, problem free

Perfect for turning printed docs to PDF very quickly. It connects to Google Drive which is perfect and seamless for my needs. The people behind the UI were obviously very thoughtful. I’m particularly happy with the flexibility when scanning my class notes or study guides for class to share with fellow classmates. Sometimes there are pictures, sometimes not, and it is great to be able to include set the scan type on the fly or to rotate pages in Edit afterwards. Over the several years I’ve used Jot Not, I have not have any problems. The app is incredibly handy for me as a former office worker turned artist-teacher turned undergraduate and (near) future graduate student.

- This app has radically altered my workflow!

I love this app! As a businessman always out of the office, this app allows me to take scans of my work product in the fly and email directly to my clients. Now instead of waiting for me to get back to the office and sending documents my clients get them in "real time". I have had nothing but rave reviews from my clients since I started using this app! 5 years later and this is still the best app I ever bought for business. I continue to use it on a daily basis. Here it is 2018 and I still use this app on a daily basis! Still essential to my daily needs after all this time. I think this app qualifies as THE best app I have ever downloaded.

- One of my favorite apps

I read the paper everyday. I find interesting and useful things I like to keep. From customer stories I jotnot then email with a quick note (great sales tool to stay in your clients head) to decorating or great sounding food cooking ideas. I jotnot! Then send to and number of places they provide links to. Evernote so I can scan through my own awesome favorite cooking ideas (which I share with a few friends that also have jotnot and clip items) to box, where I keep customer files. It's a great way to send a fax when you need to as well!!! Worth five times the price (but don't raise it team jotnot!!) I STILL FIND THIS THE BEST APP FOR NOTES. PLUS YOU CAN FAX!!

- Been using this one for years!!

I started using this app when it first came out and I believe was the only one available at the time. Cropping scans was a little time consuming but prevented me from having to run to the office copier. Over time that was corrected and it auto crops now. I decided to check out several of the newer scanner apps. Result: not much more to offer. I have thousands of scans and no need to switch. I fax from this app often. I save batches of scans to my Google Drive periodically so I don't fill up my phone. I really am very pleased with the convenience of this app. It is literally one of the first apps I ever purchased.

- Very helpful

This was recommended by a friend. I just used it to do a job I usually would do on a scanner. The grid lines one may grab and fit to the borders of the object eliminate the need to have the original from a book perfectly aligned on the scanner. My results would be even better if I had gone into the Settings earlier and elected to save a medium or larger file. I most often use this to scan and save little items easily lost, like business cards. It is helpful to be able to send saved files in different formats. I have saved multi-page documents. It works well if I do everything in the proper order.

- Best app EVER! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I’ve been using this little gem FOREVER. Now I see there are plenty of knockoffs from “bigger” companies, and even these people who BOUGHT the rights to sell this will probably mess it all up trying to keep up with the “market share” of the LOSERS who are trying everything they can to improve on perfection. Both the paid and “free” versions of both this AND JotNot Fax is well worth the time and very little money you’ll pay without all the bells and whistles from the upstarts. I hope this new owner is as open to listening to suggestions from their customers as their predecessors were. 🤔

- First Page App

I use this app almost daily for everything from scanning letter size documents to scanning my VIN number for my car. Excellent functionality and the only downside that I've found us that it is unable to scan multiple pages as one PDF. I do find the different formats you can save or e-mail documents as a nice touch. Definitely a must-have for a road warrior or someone self employed like myself. As a freelance hotel revenue manager I can honestly say that this app makes my life a whole lot easier and keeps me organized. Buy this if you want to increase your efficiency and get organized. Between Jot-Not and Awesome Note, I never miss an invoice or lose any notes.

- Love the password protection, intuitive cropping

It is great to keep some files password protected on iOS devices even when the device itself is unlocked. For example when you hand a friend/kid your iPad to use. I takes photos with my iPad and this app of my PC screen which, for example, as a data file open. Then I password protect this file within the app. Taking a photo of a monitor screen doesn't look terribly great but it gets the job done. Love the way you can drag from the corners to crop the image, and see a magnified corner section while you are doing it. Very cleverly done.

- Must Have App

I have been a user of JotNot for nearly a decade. I first downloaded this app when my scanner/fax machine was down and I needed a substitute. This app has been a lifesaver. It makes any office portable. I can easily fax, email, and save any document or picture from anywhere I have phone service. Converting pictures to PDF files is super convenient. The ability to save files to the cloud awesome. The editing features are easy to use. Hands down, this app is a "must have" for anyone who needs to send, manage, upload, or organize documents or pictures from anywhere at anytime.

- Great App!

I have a number of restaurants spread out over thousands of square miles and my managers need a reliable scanner for critical correspondence. I’ve supplied scanners for years, they all get broken or stop working or whatever. This app is perfect for that! Slight concern- after I bought it for everyone I learned that there are other apps that also scan business cards, saving the cards in the app and transferring the person to contacts in my phone. I use CamCard for that and it’s spectacular. Might even be better to separate the two but I wonder if one less app would be better? Don’t know but this is an outstanding and useful app. iPhones do have a built in free document scanner as part of the “notes” app but this is easier and more straightforward. I’ve tried the notes method but prefer this because all docs are saved in one place. Just be sure to name them after scanning for easier retrieval later. I’d buy it again.

- JotNot. Simple and it works well.

Coupled with ForScore app it’s like hand in glove. Scanning with my IPad Pro , cropping, saving , it comes out better looking than the original many times. I do music mostly but even doing text even works well. Keep in mind: for straighter looking scans I prop up the IPad on a Music stand and work hard at keeping the 4 axes level ( top - bottom, Right - left of the IPad level ). JotNot seamlessly imports the pdf into ForScore in 2 steps. I love that you can scan multiple pages of the same score and it will assign page numbers to each page... I love JotNot !

- Best App for Busy People!

I was introduced to this app by a fellow classmate in graduate school who used it to send a professor something that was due the next morning by 7:00 a.m. The only problem was that she was actually 5 hours away. The documented were sent in seconds -- and has been revised, darkened, and rotated!!! I've been using the app since the next day when I downloaded it myself. That was approximately 5 years ago!! Great app for sending documents and editing them too. Format changes --- no problem. Get this one if you need to send copies of anything fast.

- One of the most productive apps ever.

This continues to be one of my best time saving apps ever. Need to send a digital copy of a document of receipts in an email? This app can do that. Quickly! Record receipts for FSA, or other tax receipts? This app does that. Also had seem less integration with dropbox so the when I get to my computer, they are already there. Saves me tons of time and let's me throw away all the paper clutter and easily manage my digital files. The scan quality of the documents does not match a photocopy but it is still very good. Thank You for a great tool.

- Luv it!

Very useful tool when you are ready to organize your important documents. The first thing I do, and you have to get used to it, is scanning my medical, personal and some large items receipts or warranties. The next step upload to Dropbox and I'm done. I can access those docs now anytime I want with no worries. I just started using the fax feature so I purchased a package plan which was so easy to use & you even get a cover page. Looks professional and you get a receipt once the fax is confirmed. 5 stars confirmed on this one I use it all the time.

- Does everything I need it to do

I needed to scan some copies of my transcripts and convert them to PDF for a job application. I thought was going to have to pay big bucks at Office Max. Then I found this app. I had just bought an iPad Pro 12.9 and with the JotNot Scanner App Pro, I don’t need to use the lousy scanner on my printer anymore. Now I am thinking about going totally paperless by converting all of my documents to digital. I had looked at some of the other apps on the App Store and this one has the least amount of negative reviews by far. It was a great choice!

- Saves you, every time!

If you were ever somewhere, or somebody asked you for an important piece of information, like Social security card, marriage license, drivers license, bank information, or any other important documents you may need in a PDF format, this is the app for you. Just snap a photo, and process it however you need. You can share it, save it, email, fax it, the options are nearly endless. It works every time with no problem. A highly recommended app for anyone who needs to keep important things with them digitally.

- Great app-Please add auto backup of scanned documents

Updated review: Please add auto backup option to iCloud or any other backup options. My iPhone got auto reset and I lost everything including jotnot docs. Now I know if I had iCloud back setup then this would not have had happened. But this auto backup will help them who don’t have iCloud backup option. Having requested this. I don’t have any other complaints app works great. Old review: Using it from 2011. Works great for me. I stopped using scanner at home for the most part. Good job guys.

- This is the only one I use.

I really like this app. I use it for business and personal. When I see an article I don’t have time to read or a recipe I want to try, I’m able to quickly scan and use it later. I think the app needs easy to find directions and greater variety in how to save (I'd like to group and file separately). I'm not a very technologically savvy person, so if you are this might be even easier for you. However, I did figure it out without much trouble. All in all, I highly recommend.

- This is a spectacular APP!!!

I am a small business owner and I use this app all of the time out in the field it is easy to use and the documents it produces are phenomenal! I have used this app for about 4 years now the people keep it working with all of apple’s updates unlike A LOT of other app developers. Keep up the great CONSISTENT work you make my life easier to get work and after work by saving so much time doing input to another program to keep my booking up to date and that means I can spend more TIME WITH MY FAILY AND KIDS!!

- Long time user

I've had this App since it first came out. I had to fax, yes fax, some documents over to a business and this app aloes me to do this for a mere .99 cents. Did not matter how many pages. I even could add my own cover page. It was so simple and I received my confirmation in less than 1 min. While traveling I have used the app to scan items I needed to fill out and then email them off like I was at my office. Renaming takes a quick look at the directions but is very easy to do.

- A Lifesaver -also can change Title of Scan

DO NOT LIKE NEW UPDATE BUT Now instead of asking for copies when you fill out paperwork or have to send paperwork to someone else you can actually scan it in here and have a record. What's little known is that you can change the title of each scan so that you know what it is you scanned and when at a glance. We keep guardianship papers on there and health notes that can be sent by email or printed out anytime. Only one wish is that it could be scanned in color so that it could be printed in color for certain things

- Great Multi-Featured App

I just finished using this app to send a nine page fax; a task I’ve done several times now with it. I have also used it in the past for scanning documents to my Google Drive account. The ability to view the scans from a browser while connected to my home network is a nice feature too! Most of all, I appreciate not having to pay a subscription or endure a “free trial” to use this app. While it does cost to send faxes, I believe the price is reasonable considering the services.

- Very useful app!

I’ve had this app for 4 years. This is awesome to scan and send documents on the fly. I will have to say my favorite feature is faxing. It seemed outdated to me as a non-business person but I've used it several times and it's super convenient. I'm not sure if .99 seems overpriced for some people but ,for what it is, I think it's awesome. It saves me from having to mail stuff in on the rare occasions I have to. It seems more reliable than mailing and it allows me to do things last minute.

- Still Love it!

JotNot makes my iPhone an indispensable device. I have been using it for several years through 3 different iPhones and many iOS upgrades. I use JotNot for work and home applications, it a super scanner and quick PDF maker. I used it to memorialize 2'x 3'chart pages after a recent brainstorming session, I didn't have to cram for 23 additional charts into my bag one less item to pack for the return trip. And I had a professional document to refer back to and share. I love it!

- Jot Not Pro does not recognize my (Plain) Jot Not ...

Loved the (Plain) Jot Not APP so much that after using it for 6 months, I upgraded to Jot Not Pro—but BE AWARE upgrading to Jot Not Pro does NØT merge the two APPs. I still have a (Plain) Jot Not & Jot Not Pro ... and neither realizes the other is parked right next door. Wish they were mergable, because when I need to locate something, occasionally I have to search both; OR depending on what I want to do with the file—I must start over because the file I need is in the wrong APP. Jot Not Pro offers way more options with regard to how to use the file.

- Love it!!!

Love this app!!! So convenient and reliable. Business faxes are clear and you would never know it came thru my iPhone. Also-I had a question and actually got a response from a real person with feedback pertinent to my issue!!! No canned answers from FAQ!! Very pleased. I would give it 5 stars based on performance alone-it would be great to be see fax info for faxes sent: ie-the fax number sent to and delivery confirmation so you can confirm where it was sent. Beyond that this app is great

- Jot Not Rocks!

Initially, the program didn’t work well, as the documents were a little hazy. I found that my IPhone 6 had a camera recall. Once the camera was changed out, all my documents were easily scanned from my phone, and uploaded into my cloud drive. I’m able to scan daily billing, and quickly send and share with our office coders and billers. The program is meeting all my needs so far. This saves me time, and is more economical than a stand alone scanner.

- I love this App

I wish I could give these guys 10 stars! I have been using this app for over 3 years. Perhaps even since they first became available. It’s super convenient and user friendly. I have never had an issue with them, it has always been a pleasure to work with them in the last few years. Keep up the great work guys!!! I will only make one suggestion or request really, is it possible to make it where we can receive faxes back? Hmm just a thought, lol.

- Never an issue

I LOVE JotNotPro!!! Not sure how long I have been using JotNotPro, at least 7 + years. There has never been an issue. Much more dependable then my HP all-in-one printer's, (2). The only time I even try to use my printer is when I have a 10 or more page document and want to spend 20 minutes getting my printer to communicate with my computer so I can use the feeder. This is used for all three business entities to send documents to attorney's, managers and accountants. Never a problem!

- Best Business App I've Ever Used!

I've had this app for at least 6-7 years now and use it ALL THE TIME! I'm a self employed business owner & the amount of time this app saves me from having to mess around with a scanner and fax machine is immeasurable! I always recommend this app to everyone and I'll always use it for as long as I possibly can! Keep up the great work JotNot! Maybe only downside is all the in app charges that can come up sometimes when sending faxes...but they aren't that bad.

- It works like it says

I give it a 4 because the improvements needed should have happened long ago . The App does exactly what it says. Those who Complain should define Their needs better then apply those desires and get the right app. That fits their needs. Also learning the app and how it works goes a long way in making it do what it is designed for doing. I have used the app now for several years. And it works great. I've change my rating from a 4 to 5.

- Exceeded my expectations!!

I am so glad that I have had this app for as long as I’ve had it. Many years now. I use it for friends and family, then tell them to get it or put it on their device. I recently had to scan over 100 pages of a document. I was able to easily download it from the server link and put it my Apple iBooks to view. Soooo simple and convenient! Thanks for providing a great app that has came in handy numerous times.

- Not as good as old JotNot

The app does what it’s supposed to do but former versions of JotNot behaved better - this version has a harder time handling mixed light situations - like sitting in the cab of a vehicle with various shadows and light present – the old version was fantastic at balancing and grabbing the image for a PDF conversion, this one performs mediocre. This one also automatically populates the body of a message with the URL for where to get the app - annoying. Every time I send an email with this I have to bother deleting that string of text. I’m sure there are improved features in this app over previous versions - I don’t use them - it seems to have come at a cost.

- Love this app

This and the JotNot Fax are so helpful and reliable. This one is great for taking new photos and making them docs or for processing photos that you already have and turning them into pdf. I had taken pictures of a l escape plan and needed to send them. The pics were high res but not great and big files. JotNot pro helped me convert them into easy to read line drawings that were also smaller files, exactly what I needed. Love it! Please keep it updated!!

- 10* App Invaluable Must Have

Four iphones later and I continue to use this awesome App at home and out. Developers continue to update and support. Highly Recommend for the person working from home or anyone that may need to fax, email, text or fax documents. Just used today while on vacation to send a 25 page fax to meet a big deadline!! Easy to use and enhance/crop/delete/retake the scanned documents to attach and send in many different formats.

- Incredibly Useful!

I bought this little app when I needed to scan one thing while I was on the road. It worked, and I was happy. Little did I know that JotNot would weasel its way into my daily life. I've found so many things to use it for that it boggles my mind. I'm sure that I'll like it even more when I finally get to upgrade my 3GS' camera in the next iPhone is released. Update 2018: I’m still using this clever app after all these years!

- Efficient auto capture of documents

I've been using this app for approximately three years now and have noticed significant improvements in the quality of the image capture and auto detection of document borders. The speed of the app has also improved impressively over this time period. I look forward to using this app for a long time and hope to continue to see improvement in its efficiency and ease-of-use.

- Great time saver

This app has been fantastic for me to use! It has been a wonderful timesaver for me. Lately I have had the need to create a lot of PDF documents and prior to this app I had to go to a centralized copier and go through the steps of emailing it to myself. With this app I simply lay the document out on my desk take a picture which is essentially scanning it, hit another button and email it to myself. Could not be any easier. Nice job developers!

- Worth every Penny...but please stop asking me to re-rate

As a teacher jotnot pro has become a tool that I cannot work without. it allows me to scan solutions to worksheets far faster and with far more clarity than any other method of scanning. The only downside is the fact that it continually asked me to write and rewrite on the App Store. This is getting rather annoying and I will continue to change my review to be less positive each time and asks

- Good but needs more polish

The processing is nice but the differences between pages and documents should be mor clear. Iwould like for each new picture to be a new document--or at least be able to set that as a default. It would also be nice if the connection between the phone and my desktop computer was mor reliable. It often has trouble connecting. I do use this app a lot but it could do with a little more polish.

- Awesome app! Can’t do mobile business without it!

If I didn’t have this app I couldn’t do mobile or even personal business without this. I can send my lawyers information they need using documents I have scanned using this app. You take a picture of whatever it is whether it is a piece of paper or an actual object then select to scan it as pdf and you can email it or save it to drop box or whatever!

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- Excellent

Always updated, always useful. Been using this app for many many years, and it has always served me well. Not often an app this old continues to receive updates and support. Stop looking for other scanning apps, get this one. Edit: Updating my review. Bought this app back in 2009 and it's still being updated and maintained, 7 years later! Still extremely useful, clean, and easy to use. If I had to choose one word for this app it would be "reliable". Can't give Jotnot enough praise.

- JotNot pro

This is one of the most seriously useful programs on my telephone. I use it constantly to make PDF files from a range of documents sometimes to email to others sometimes to convert to editable document for myself. It is a star app Confirm my previous review from last year. Still one of the best, most useful.

- Wouldn't be without it

Love love love this app. Never had a problem, in the 4+ yrs I've had it. So handy, for work and play. Yes, you could take a photo, but quality and options JotNot offers is like saying you could write a note of the doc's content: you could, but why would you?

- Easy to use

I find this app so easy to use. Just like taking a photo and then printing it or attaching to an email direct from the app. Very very simple and I've never had anyone contact me saying they cannot read the scanned item like some other apps.

- Does what it says and simple to use!

Finally a decent app that does what it says! Very easy to use, scans in seconds, makes scans PDF and shares so easily. Love how it recognises paper and edges the paper so well. Also love that I can adjust the edges of the paper too. Excellent app! Trusty and reliable :)

- Very handy and always needed

I use this app to scan documents, info from the newspaper I need to refer to, instructions for equipment I may need when away from my desk, etc. The more I use it, the more I need it, the more useful it has become.

- Update horrible

Have used the original for years and recommended it to many. The latest update has made it almost impossible to work out how to do even the simplest of scans. I thought it was just me but then my wife, who also loved the original version, started complaining about it as well and won’t use it now. There was no reason to ruin a good product. Is there some way of going to the original version?

- Best scanning app I’ve used

With the amount of features and functions included in this app I find it invaluable for receipt record keeping. Not sure what I’d do without it. Easily shared files with my Evernote and Dropbox accounts.

- Useful

Only suggestion for improvement would be a function to rearrange pages within a scanned document or insert new pages part way through. Otherwise a top notch app

- A Great Business App

I've been using this App to record my receipts while traveling and sending the PDF document along with invoices to the head office. Makes to whole process very easy while on the road.

- Quietly essential

Like most people I use a few Apps regularly - but it's the gems like JotNot that make my phone such an essential tool for navigating the modern world. From receipt storage to scanning important documents I use it for everything

- Still the best

Have been using the App for several years and it is still the best of the bunch. Regular updates and attention to detail have made it functional, easy to use and stable.

- Super for those on the go

I’ve been using this app for years and it keeps on getting better! Simple to use, good quality output and reliable. Get it now!

- Only one annoyance

Love it & use multiple times a day, only annoyance is the edit function to rotate an image taken in Landscape mode only rotates clockwise. Being right-handed I always take landscape shots with the shutter button on the right side of the screen, meaning shots have to be rotated counterclockwise, or clockwise three times!

- JotNot

Used for years now to scan medical notes. Really useful app. The older version seemed to find the edges of the paper better, but if use a coloured background it works well. Really annoying that there is no way to recover a deleted note.

- Handy App

This is a handy little app, I have found it to be more useful then expected, well worth the money. Both for business and pleasure and it’s so easy to use!

- Great scanner

Lots of features. Easy to use. Can email to self or Dropbox. Easy to adjust scan and change name of PDF. Intuitive.

- Best document scanner app ever

Been using this app for years for work document scanning and personal use. Easy upload to iCloud or email. Thank you for this great app

- So handy

I do a lot of site visits, meeting with (potential) clients. Having JotNot Pro on my phone, I can scan any document or plan (all sizes) and e-mail it in PDF format to my associates, my assistant and/or myself! It’s great!

- Essential

I use every day. To record articles or photos that I send mysellf (whilst out of office) and print back home. I teally like that it does not take up a lot of room.

- Perfect

It does exactly what it says it will do with great speed and clarity. Could not work without it. Never had an issue with the pro version. Worth every cent.

- Tomo

Brilliant little app. Dies everything required yet it’s simple and practical to use. Retains the data even when you upgrade phones.

- Great scanning app

I use this app nearly every day. It is simple to use and works really well. I use to ‘scan’ and make digital copies of documents.

- Awesome

Nice low profile app but when you need a PDF in some remote location or after hours or whatever it produces the goods. Top marks.

- Works as advertised

Works as it said it would happy with the product

- Great app and keeps getting better

Have used this app for over 5 years and it is invaluable to me be productive on the road.

- Excellent

This is such a useful app - I often recommend it to friends. Easy and quick to use.

- Pocket rocket

This is such a helpful little app. I can instantly put claims in for reimbursement, scan photos, share documents, perfect helper, and great quality results

- Simple and effective

Does what it says. Been using it for years, has never let me down.

- Fantastic Product

I use it every day for emailing and faxing docs. It just does the job perfectly!! Top product!

- As advertised

Fantastic app. Works perfectly and allows convenient transfer of documents to pc via wi-fi.

- Great app!

It does what it says it does and it does it well. It's always up to date and it has served me very well for a few years now.

- Ceo

Great app for portable office and site instructions. Still using it after 5 years. Would recommend this to any engineer.

- Easier to use than Photoshop to square up

I use it to square up images of art work I produce - it is so easy! Love it 🐝

- Reliable and works great

Have used for years in our business, scans great, edits great, emails great, file size is good. Well done team Jotnot

- Tanalvintang

Awesome product - super convenient for saving files electronically; works with google drive, Dropbox etc

- Saves my bacon

Does everything my office scanner does but portable so urgent documents can be actioned using my phone.

- Works every time

Easy to understand and use. Makes my scanner on my desk redundant

- Awesome in phone scanner!

So good - use it when traveling for work all the time!

- Very effective tool

Simple and effective way to scan documents with an iPad.

- Simple and fast

Works well, intuitive.

- One of my bestie Apps ever - on average I’d use it at least every second day

I use this app ALL the time. Especially whilst travelling. Yo

- Simple and easy to use

Love this portable scanner on my phone it’s got me out of trouble

- Love it... simple to use

Easy to use and great for capturing notes, whiteboards, scans etc

- JotNot

Easy, quick, works every time, I use it daily.

- Great App

Use this app constantly love it this is my go to for all things I need to keep, thanks guys

- Probably the most used app on my phone

It's fantastic!! Don't hesitate to get it

- Simple to use

A good, straight forward scan program

- Fantastic tool

Cannot do without this amazing little app! So much done on the go.

- Brilliantly simple

I use it daily for scanning and sending purchase orders and for converting hard copies to upload to trello and dropbox..

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- Good, use to be amazing

Some issues recently converting in documents. Some dark spots become big rectangles. Some dark background stay gray instead of becoming perfect black on white. Unfortunately Tiny Scan NOW surpasses Jotnot

- Superbe fonctionnalité

Bien satisfait ***** avec iPhone 7 Plus

- JotNot Pro 5.1.2 (build234)

Most recent changes to JotNot have made it virtually unusable. Previously I could scan multiple documents and manually adjust the capture all in the one go. Now I have to scan each document and add it to a file separately. Props to the devs for messing up a perfectly good app.

- Fantastic tool!

Extremely easy to use proud customer for several years very useful!!

- Great App

I purchased this App years ago. Using this all the time to scan docs and save in cloud or send to email. Very easy and intuitive interface, possibility to save to cloud directly - priceless. Thank you for great app!

- J Victor

Very usefull for filling documents for my business

- Great

This this the best app, I love how I can scan anything anywhere from my phone and save it!

- A reliable

This is a good and reliable app that’s easy to use. It would get 5 stars if the volume up button could take the photo like the default camera

- One of the first apps I install when I get a new iPhone!

Been that way for years...

- Very useful app!

This app has saved me a lot of time and grief by making it possible to scan and send urgent documents when my computer couldn’t.

- Works great

Does everything I need it for

- Great app!!

Does its job well

- Easy to use, always in my pocket.

J’au acheté cette app il y a des années et je continue de l’utiliser régulièrement.

- Perfect scanner

It's really helpful app, I've been using it for 1 year. Great app!

- Useful and easy

This continues to be my go-to app for scans. I like the features and each update has enhanced the product.

- Hard working little app.

Great for scanning and working on the go!

- Love this app

I have been using this app for ages and literally rely on it!!! Lifesaver

- Easy and great

I like this app and if there is 10 stars I will give it 10.

- JotNot Pro

Great App easy to you.

- So simple, so effective!

This app has been downloaded by nearly every smartphone in our office place. It allows you to scan anywhere anytime. And then it offers the flexibility to crop, batch, edit and format to create the perfect single PDF document you need! 5* all the way!!

- Strongly recommended

Very good program. You would not regret

- More convenient than a scanner

JotNot is my go to app for sending scans of paper docs

- Awesome

Best scanner app no glitches and perfect photocopy quality

- Wouldn't go without it!

Great app, easy to use. This is way more convenient than even using my home scanner, makes excellent copies, and allows you to upload to the cloud or any other location.

- Love this!

Use it at least once or twice a day! It's one of my main business tools!

- Great!!

I’ve been using for years and it does the job very well. Definitely recommend it

- Exactly what I need

This is the best scanner I’ve used. I recommend it to associates and to clients. For scanning/photographing legal, business and personal documents or workshop flip charts — all in one file for easy sending or reference.

- Excellent app

It is handy to have this app to scan the documents. After using this app, my scanner has been idle for awhile.

- Great product

I have been using it for 5 years and it keeps doing the job. I have scanned in hundreds of documents.

- Superbe!


- JotNot Pro

Absolutely the best and easiest scanner app I’ve ever used. You can scan to email or fax. Can save to PDF format etc. It saves all my documents in one folder, so they are easily accessible. I just add a name to the file so it’s easy to find in the folder. I love it and will never use another scanner app other than JotNot Pro❣️

- A very useful app

I’ve been using JotNot for a couple of years and have found it to be very useful for my small business. There have been many occasions where I’ve needed a virtual copy of a receipt and it would have inconvenient to wait until I was back at my office to access my flatbed scanner. Yes, I could just take a photo of it but then I wouldn’t be able to name the file nor use its easy autofocus (where it disregards empty space), auto sizing (to various business document sizes), cropping, etc., all within one app. When I want to scan something using my iPad, and a photo is not the proper tool, this is the app that I always use. It works great.

- business owner

This app is awesome. I have already got my business partner to get it. Ver impressed

- Extremely useful!

This app is extremely useful for daily scanning of documents, storing them in the cloud or sending them by email. A must-have for small business!

- Perfect**but, Remember to back up to a cloud storage

Perfect App! *VIP* In Settings I Highly Recommend choosing an app Cloud Service (GoogleDrive,etc) to BACK-UP ALL FILES. (I didn't & lost all docs learning the hard way!) Otherwise, Only PRAISE: I have no fax machine, photocopier, no, don't even own PC; nor, do we have access to these types of amenities, in our small town...This App provides me from my iPhone: a place to turn mailed-in forms into legal statements, with its ability to take a simple photo, & directly transform it into a Legal Document! Then, the possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to sending documents from my phone to wherever in the world they need to be, by whatever type of sending format is required. The accuracy is astounding! This app is so SIMPLE to use: almost ANYONE could work their own way around faxing & sending documentation, from virtually Anywhere around the world! From a simple image of your files, to a pamphlet for distribution--it's abilities are endless. Its performance has never let me down, never missed a deadline or a fax recipient. Ever.

- Awesome App

I don’t usually rate anything but this app worth a minute of my time. I find this really useful and easy to use. I’d recommend to anyone who needs a scanner on their phones. It saved me a lot of hassle of running over to fax machine or printers to scan.

- Great app

I find it very useful and have had no issues with it. Mostly scan things to PDF and they always turn out well. Sometimes you have to retake pictures to get it to turn out the way you want, but that’s more of an issue with using your phone as a scanner and am it the fault of the app.

- Love it

Great tool to use on the road!

- Perfect!

Great for scanning documents to send via email! Also grest to save on Dropbox!

- Great app

Everyone should have this app. Save receipts, recipes documents, anything as pdf.

- Recommended

This is one of my essential apps...simple to use, convenient and reliable

- Awesome application !!

I love it and use it all the time

- Excellent app but not quite a 5 star

Great app for sending work orders, expense reports and receipts. Beats having to scan every document Fax option could be better (ie use in Canada)

- Document scanning essential tool

This is a very versatile document scanning tool. It works like a charm from regular documents to receipts. It allows to store it in various cloud storage.

- Great scanner

When I’m on the road this app is one I use every day to scan docs back to the office. The auto alignment function works really well

- Very Handy

Works well every time!

- Very useful!

There have been many times I don’t know what I would have done without this as one of my utility tools.

- Amazing Product

As someone who is constantly purchasing items using a corporate card this app is amazing for keeping all my receipts. So easy to use and have yet to have any issues. Worth every penny!

- Love it

Useful for scanning documents and emailing to myself or people I’m working with.

- Go to scanner

I use Jot Not almost exclusively to scan documents. It’s fast, accurate and easy. What more could one want?

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- Great Scanner for converting jpgs to PDFs

I’ve been using this for years. I’ve tried others and always come back to this one. It is easy to take a pic of a multiple page document, make simple edits, and convert to a pdf that I can send myself. I also have used it as a filing system to get all those papers I don’t want to throw away, but think I might need someday, off my desk. The only suggestion I have is to create a folder system. Great app!

- Super reliable, adjustable, and cleans a document fast!

I've loved this for years. I don't even know how many years, as it was probably one of the first apps of its type. And it's one of my first apps I purchased and use ALL the time! I use it to clean up photos that I need to print. If you take a standard pic, even the faintest shadow is a pixel to print on an this has saved me a ton in ink!! So many save options too! Amazing. Hands down worth it!

- Helpful and high quality

I am a mystery shopper and have to submit high-quality copies of documents, receipts, business cards, and other documentation. I use JotNot and have never once had an issue with someone saying the documents are illegible or low quality. This is a fantastic app that lets me handle documents on the go, digitize easily, and avoid dealing with scanners. I love the option to choose the format, as I use both PDF and JPEG frequently.

- Underrated and over delivers! By far the best Skinner out there.

I use the scanner constantly… If I'm on the go or whatever I am and I need something scanned....quick pull out my phone and "hit the scan button" and then a nice clean fax scan whatever....... It files it nicely so you can find it.. Email it, Save it to a cloud Drive, save it pretty much wherever. I've tried others but I just keep on coming back to this one.

- Valuable tool for anyone!

I love JotNot! I started using it in college when I had to scan documents for professors and didn’t have a scanner available on campus. It then became useful to me as I went out into the world, I used it to send all the document to my bank and realtor when purchasing my home, and now use it daily in my own business. This is truly a great resource for anyone who needs scanning capabilities on the go.

- Great app.

I Took one star because sometimes the files get quite huge especially with lots of pictures. I’m thinking there’s a little room for improvement on the compression side. Otherwise amazingly intuitive. I am 1 of 60 carpenters at my company. Using this app changed they way we submit our completion documents and photos.(All in one pdf) even some of the old timer, pen and paper guys converted to JotNot. An app that makes you look like a rockstar at work, got to like that...

- I regularly rely on JotNot Pro - it’s a great app!

As guardian, POA, Fiduciary, etc. I use this app on a regular basis and appreciate that it’s available to me. I’ve tried about two other scan apps, which I deleted in favor of this one as it’s more efficient and of better quality. Updates I would find useful are: 1) Scans of checks yielding more realistic dimensions for letter-size printouts - presently they appear squarish. 2) The option to use Folders - presently the files are organized in a single list

- A must-have productivity app!

I’ve been using this app for years. It works without error. I’ve used it to create quality pdf versions of documents when no scanner was available, more times than I can remember. Interfaces well with other pdf reader and image apps; adjust contrast; crop; add multiple pages to a single file; email right from the app; save to other apps. Highly recommended!

- Excellent app but the competition is gaining

Overall excellent app with lots of options to tweak your documents and share them. The cost of the features is some added complexity as compared to the dead-simple operation of its competitiors including the built-in function of the iPhone Notes app. Also doesn't automatically snap a pic as soon as it finds a document in the viewfinder. Add that, maybe create a "simple quick scan" mode and this would be 5-star for sure.

- Been Using for Years

Been using for years and while other apps have integrated a lot of the same functions, I have found no reason to leave Jotnot behind. The scans get crisper and easy to upload to my other go to apps like Dropbox. I use for receipts and other paperwork my office requires that can’t be completed digitally to begin with for whatever reason and then file and distribute digitally.

- Best App ever- JotNot

This app is awesome. I scanned my notes and printed them and they looked just as if I had hand written them. They looked amazing. Classmates couldn't believe that they had been scanned with a camera on my phone. Well worth the $0.99 I paid for this. I use it for school and work everyday. Love it! I also love the added fax from contacts options and the more accessible fax confirmations!! Nicely done!! Thanks for being amazing!

- Really useful utility

I use this utility all the time. And let me take paper documents and easily convert them into PDFs so that I can save them for secure storage or share them with others. It has all the interfaces to cloud storage that you need and the scanning accuracy is excellent. A useful addition would be to provide an interface to a fax service as well. That would've been really useful for a recent loan process I had.

- Indeed the best

Can instantly scan high quality document and objects into folders. Upload is fast and easy (I upload to my local WD CLOUD). You can also upload all scanned docs to the cloud. Can choose what format to save. Just so useful for uncluttered office at home. I use it for: capture all plastic cards, receipts, what to buy (take pictures) Documents, all Organized in folders, blood tests, bank statements, Bills, what not?

- Been using for 6 years

I have been using this app for six years now. As a self-employed person this app has been such a huge help. It has saved me numerous trips to the office supply store to send faxes. The integration with Dropbox has been very helpful because I can save everything directly to my dropbox folders. The quality of this app has improved quite a bit from when I first started using it. It was good then, but it's much easier to use now.

- Shirt pocket trail guide

I’ve been using the app for several years in many circumstances for many purposes, including recording route descriptions from trail guides before hitting the trail. I carry the route descriptions on my phone in my shirt pocket. Also use the app to record information signs at trail heads and along nature trails for future reference. A moment ago “scanned” an article about new sign installation to share via email with a friend.

- Very useful app & reliable!

I started using this app for work but now I use it for all kinds of document storage. Photos of my dogs' licenses & rabies vaccines, pictures of my favorite recipes, paint swatch pics and names, serial number labels. Thing as are easy to find with tags (things don't get "lost" in my photo stream). App is reliable and haven't had any issues with it. Been using for several years now.

- Key Part of My Law Practice

JotNot has been a part of my practice for many years. There have been countless times in court, boardroom, or other meetings where I have used this app to Scan documents on the spot so as not to take hardcopies with me. The look on the faces of others in the room is priceless. I would rate this 5 stars if I could also scan in color. Sometimes, it is important to see that an original signature or similar type notation is present on a document.

- For Those On The Go

I usually find an error in every app. All built on great intentions, but seem to be doing far more than they can handle. No one likes an app closing in you when you're in a rush. I love this app! It's so very beneficial for all the documents that I need to have scanned and uploaded at any given moment. I haven't had any issues with this app and have been using it for over five months.

- So convenient!!

I’ve had JotNot for several years, and I never regret having purchased it in the App Store. It’s incredibly easy to use and interfaces well with other apps, like Dropbox. I don’t use it every day, but it makes a huge difference in the ease of tasks like getting reimbursed for a purchase or stitching together a PDF, because it eliminates the need for access to a scanner.

- Color scans

I’ve been using Scanner Pro by Readdle but switched to JotNot Pro because I need color scans. It’s a good program with one inconvenience that I miss in the competitors - the ability for the software to automatically take the picture without having to press the photo button. Also it takes 1-4 seconds extra time for the border frame to select the outline of the document being scanned. But it’s got color! So I’m sticking with it.

- Great tool for business!

This is the perfect tool to keep track of receipts when traveling for business. I simply “scan” what I need and email it to myself at the end of the trip. It couldn’t be easier. It is also good for taking pictures of documents that I see at meetings, but can’t easily get a copy of. It saves lots of time otherwise spent taking notes.

- A must for every business

I have a small business. Five Employees. As we receive shipments we all have Jot not and are able to quickly scan and save shipping documents invoices and important documents. It only takes a second to create an amazing PDF email it to yourself save it to a cloud file which is what we do. Buy this product it is amazing

- It’s awesome!

JotNot has saved me in many situations and is generally the easiest scanner ever for my documents. I love being able to just take a picture of documents and have the option to send as PDF or jpeg, as well as have the app know when to add several pages together to make a full document rather than having to send separately. Highly recommend.

- The Best Office Tool & Life Saver

Because of this app & the similar connected apps related to it. I can travel with my office everywhere. My job, life & work quality have improved immensely do to convenience. Increasing my success, my productivity and quality of work have quadrupled. I also recommend: JotNot Fax, JPEG to PDF, PDF converter & Easy Sign. I can now travel with my MAC products world wide. Because, I even have “WORD” accepted apps.

- Holy Grail of scan apps

I have had this app for about 7 years and it has proved to be 100% worth every penny. I have not only used it to scan receipts, but I have been able to scan and email legal docs on the fly (from my phone) because it saves files to a “legible” pdf format. This is definitely one of my top ten apps and it should be in your top ten too! ; )

- Love it - possible user error to capture full image

I’ve used this app for a long time, and every time I get asked to fax something, my first thought is “who faxes anymore???”- THEN I remember about JotNot and I am so relieved to be able to handle the request right away! I do have a hard time getting the picture to take the full page sometimes. Possibly a user error!

- Best mobile scanner I’ve used

Easy to use; app identifies corners of doc or lets you choose your own scan parameters. Allows for several types of scans (photo, doc, no enhancement, etc.) and multiple page scans in one file. Easy to keep files organized and several options for data transfer (save jpeg, email, etc.). Dedicated user since 2010.

- This is the good one

I tried a few apps to scan and email documents. This one works well. Always clear. The light has been good for me- never too light or dark. You can adjust the scan shape from a trapezoid to a rectangle because I never get it perfectly straight. And you can add multiple pages. I deleted the others due to their problems.

- Life Saver

I use this daily. Just like a full flatbed scanner I can scan to fax or emails effortless. Converts text to PDF and better quality documents than simply taking a picture Saves time wasted running back to my office. Can't live without it.! Updated review: Jot Not works great with other apps on my phone or shares with my Cloud storage with ease. Still can't live without his app!

- A scanner and pdf file maker plus

You can take a picture of a document in color, or black-and-white. Then save it in your choice of format that you need. The ability to edit the file is intuitive. You can then email or text the file. This is a very convenient and powerful tool for anyone needing to send documents.

- PDFin Amazing

The app only gets better! What an incredible tool. I've been using this app for years for my expense reports. Throughout the past few years they have a steady stream of new features and I can't recall any updates that broke the app. Cloud drive support is very helpful. I've even used the fax features in a pinch. JNP is part of my business workflow and I highly recommend.

- Very useful and easy to use!

I have been using this app for a few years now. I use it for work and personal. Absolutely love it. I love that I can go back and look at old faxes that I sent too, especially when I need a document and it's already on my phone because I sent it in a fax previously. Only wish it allowed me to upload straight from Dropbox.

- ***UPDATE! All has been fixed!

***All has been fixed and this continues to be a 5 star app....while I was fuming with the updates, tried searching for something comparable. There just isn’t anything out there as simple and robust as this app for converting to PDFs....the only thing better...ability to annotate😬thanks for listening and responding so quickly***

- Invaluable and Handy

As a contractor you constantly has to send in documents to clients and scan receipts, I love this tool. It has been a dependable and very easy to use tool. It has made my bulky portable scanner obsolete. The ability to scan using my phone has saved from trips back to office and allowed me to scan,save and send with ease. I highly recommend this app! D.Fisher Humble,TX

- Most useful Scan/Fax Document App for me.

I love it, but make sure you figure out how to save your docs to some external platform. I lost all of mine when I migrated to a new phone thinking the docs are stored in phone automatically since they’re always present in the app. Maybe if the App could provide a walkthrough on how to save and remind users to save occasionally?

- Longtime user

I have been using this app for years. It is easy to use and very stable. I can scan pretty much anything and have a pdf in a couple minutes. I use it all the time. You can also process a picture of a document that someone sends you, a very helpful feature. There is a slight learning curve, but it is really pretty intuitive.

- An extremely useful app!

I use this app when conducting important personal affairs. It’s really a must have, the price is reasonable and in a jam you can’t beat it. The picture quality could be a little better but for what it is it’s very difficult to complain. Anything over a few pages I would go find a real fax machine, it can get expensive.

- Most useful business app

JotNot Pro simplifies my life and business. Whenever I need a copy or PDF of a contract or magazine or newspaper article, I open it up, shoot one or multiple images, square, save and fire it off as an email attachment. I use it every week - it's like having a fax machine and copier in my pocket. My poor old fax machine sits unused while JotNot get the job done faster and better.

- Great scanning app!

I recently used this app on a visit to the National Archives in Washington, D.C. to work on family genealogy. I was able to scan 140-year old documents and immediately share them with family members to review. The resulting PDFs are just as good as if I had hauled a flatbed scanner in (some people actually were doing just that) and the ease of use of the app makes it a no-brainer.

- Love this app

I’ve been using this for years, it’s my favorite tool for managing receipts while traveling or working on specific projects, simply scanning them into the file for that trip or project and keeping everything easy. It’s an amazing utility, and often faster than using my old flatbed scanner. If you ever need to scan anything, try this...

- Very nice!

I use this on a regular basis to scan a doc then email where it needs to go. The only issue I have is that it takes a lot of space to save as a very good quality scan. I have to adjust it down a little if I've taken a number of scans & saved as a PDF then email it. If it's too large it won't send. I'm still good with it!

- Jot Not is a great tool in my productivity toolbox

I've been using the software for about three years now and it has really simplified my life. I am able to easily and conveniently scan any type of document that I receive. The minute I get something in my hands I scan it in to Jot Not. I classify it for future needs and I shred the hardcopy. Easy to mail docs to self or others. Also easy to store on cloud or share.

- Been using for years!

I'm a long time fan of Jot-Not. I've used Jot Not Pro for a bunch of different things and it's always worked well. I've digitized my personal paperwork, "scanned" items to keep or send to others, and used it as a I love the cloud back up, too! I don't need to remember to take the items off my device, it does it for me. Such a great investment

- Handy App

This app has saved me from the need to travel long distances to deliver documents and is very handy for back and forth document transfers. It is supremely handy for the back and forth document transfers when purchasing a home or applying for jobs. I recommend having this app even if you don’t need it everyday. I has saved me loads of time and money.

- Helping me be more efficient

I appreciate how JotNot allows me to scan on the go, and also at home. Though we have a flatbed scanner, I usually prefer to use JotNot. In my house we have a window that usually has nice flat light most of the day that perfectly illuminates the pages for a great scan. Being able to create a pdf is super-convenient.

- Great convenient app

I have used Jot not for years! I like everything about it. It processes pics of docs or articles to a clear black and white copy, you can crop etc., it will convert to .pdf file to email etc., it sends your files through FAX w multiple documents continuously and effortlessly. You won't be disappointed with this app.

- *Still* Unmatched!!

* May 2017 update* I find myself using JotNot Pro multiple times a week- exponentially more often than I use my fancy Epson flatbed scanner because it's easier, quicker and more convenient than my flatbed. Plus the end result is every bit as good, especially when scanning documents/receipts! ************************************* I love this app! I use it to document business receipts and anything that I want to remember (coupons, notes, sketches etc) plus it is integrated with several services like Evernote and Dropbox so archiving is a snap! I can stay up to date anywhere I go by making a scan of all my paperwork. Record keeping has never been easier!

- Much better than just taking a picture

This is much better than just taking a picture you can crop in exactly the way you want even at angles then you can pick the different types of background so that instruction papers and other things not always taken in the best conditions show up very clearly.

- Works so well that I ditched my scanner

I had been using an old fax machine to scan and email PDF documents to myself for many years. This app works so well and the scan quality is so much better that I now use this app exclusively and threw my old scanner in the trash. Plus it is super convenient to have this app with me everywhere I go.

- Essential. (Update: Still essential)

What would I do without this app? Does exactly what it's supposed to do, and does it well. Update Feb 2017: I have been using this for years. Keeps getting better and still one of my most used apps. Can't live without it. Well worth whatever I paid for it way back when! Update Jan 2018: Still a great app and still love it.

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JotNot Scanner App Pro 5.1.2 Screenshots & Images

JotNot Scanner App Pro iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

JotNot Scanner App Pro iphone images
JotNot Scanner App Pro iphone images
JotNot Scanner App Pro iphone images
JotNot Scanner App Pro iphone images
JotNot Scanner App Pro iphone images

JotNot Scanner App Pro (Version 5.1.2) Install & Download

The applications JotNot Scanner App Pro was published in the category Business on 2009-03-27 and was developed by MobiTech 3000 LLC [Developer ID: 307868754]. This application file size is 48.18 MB. JotNot Scanner App Pro - Business app posted on 2020-10-03 current version is 5.1.2 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.mobitech3000.JotNotIPhone

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