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It’s Friday. You wake up to a $15 Cash App notification. A pal paid you back for that pizza you shared. Your balance now reads $172.30.

You use your new money to get $1 off coffee with your personalized Cash Card. You even hit up the ATM after.

5PM. Direct deposit hits. Do you buy Bitcoin, or do you cash out instantly to another bank? With Cash App, you decide.

Protect payments with Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode

Make your first payment within minutes

Sending money costs nothing, and we’ll mail you a free debit card within a week

Cash App App Description & Overview

The applications Cash App was published in the category Finance on 2013-10-16 and was developed by Square, Inc.. The file size is 107.66 MB. The current version is 2.40 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Various improvements and fixes

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Ohio to Ga

I love it, but  Ohio to Ga  3 star

My debit card expired. And the app will not let me update the exp date. It keeps sending a text to my old phone number, that I updated months ago. About to cancel and set up all over again.


Complicated  DarthWeeniePie  1 star

I can’t receive 500 dollars from my buddy it keeps failing without providing me a reason why??? Made me go thru the security process and still failed? Just use western union more reliable to get your money.


Cash app are SCAMMERS  amandaaa11322  1 star

I advise any and everyone NOT TO USE CASH APP! They are scammers and they take money from you! I had a refund of $1,387.80 refunded to me for my couch being damaged. These scammers tried to say it was fraud to try and keep my money! I have sent over 30 emails and they closed my account and stop replying! This app is not safe for anyone to use! I have had them tamper with my payments several times and even family and friends who have the same issue from them! They will hold payment to get your personal information to take over your identity! This is a app ran by a person who is a scam artist! The have sent me emails and text telling me they have refunded me and I’ve called the merchant and nothing was received! They don’t answer back to you! I’ve given them every bit of proof showing I was rightfully owed that payment and now they are saying it was fraud but if there was fraud why haven’t you paid the merchant back! It’s been weeks and no answer I now have to take legal action against them!

ebony 💖

Where’s my card ?  ebony 💖  2 star

I’ve been waiting for a while for my card and have yet to receive it .


Very convenient  cccccccoconut  5 star

Very convenient app , works fast and easy.


This app supports scammers! Stay away  Gasweety  1 star

I made a payment to someone to purchase items. They never sent the items to me. Cash app support continued to ignore me when I explained to them that the recipient never sent my items and ignored my refund requests. I then contacted my bank and filed a dispute in which cash app stated I received the items which is not true! I asked cash app multiple times for proof I received the items however they never provided it. They just tried to send me back to the scammer who ignored me stole my money. They are plenty of other apps like this out there (Venmo, Zion, etc) please go to them unless you like sending money using a company that supports thieves!


Lies  Dheocnxnsjdndjejdjdjdjd  1 star

They lied about the money you get when you sign up or get someone else to so I’m not feeling it I just use it cause people I know don’t have bank accounts 🤬

vanessa rosas

Awesome app!  vanessa rosas  5 star

It’s a fast and easy way to send money! I love it


Keeps saying my card is prepaid when it’s a debit card  Almasí  1 star

So I had some money sent to me and it was my first time using this app and as soon and I pay the $18 fee...I try to add my card and it says it’s prepaid. A card is a card right like I have things to do, when are you going to change this??

Ms. Sha2

Great App  Ms. Sha2  3 star

Great way to send money and to be able to get a card, if needed. My only complaint is that you can’t have multiple accounts/cards linked to choose what account you want money pulled from.


Horrible experience  xxx_lover  1 star

My friend was babysitting and the person she was babysitting sent her $50 and told her she would pay her $70 the next day.My friend requested the money many times and no response. So then my friend made a video about the whole situation then the lady decided to pay her the money and even a little bit more since she came 3 1/2 hours later than she was supposed to. Then a few weeks later my friend got a nonfiction that the lady refunded the money back in to her account without letting my friend know or anything. You should not be able to just refund the money when you want because that could start a lot of problems. You should have to send the person a message that the person is trying to refund the money so you can decline or accept the refund.


Love the convenience!  JoCoSeth  4 star

It is very easy and convenient to send money, and the recipient receives the money immediately… I love that


Needs scheduled deposits. Read below:  Nickelssaad  4 star

So out of everything with this app, it’s absolutely amazing & super convenient. But I realized you guys have scheduled deposits, weekly monthly & daily — But have not created a scheduled date feature, per ex. Let me schedule $_____ to be pulled out my account bi-weekly, or set up an actual date to pull out for somebody who needs that extra account for groceries and maybe credit payoffs, but may not get paid that same day as Friday. Or ext.


Love it  lacegohard  5 star

It gets me money fast and the fact that you could get a separate care just for this app 😱 it’s soooo quick and easy


hmmmm ok ok  moviepasshater123  2 star

The app is pretty cool but kinda flamed because it didn’t let my friend use my referral code for the $5 but it’s cool


Best app ever  envicasanovaaaa  5 star

Best app to have I mean who doesn’t have cash app


Best  dtknalson  5 star

Quick, Easy & Convenient. I use just about every Financial app for different transactions. Cash App is the best.


Cash app  Jyahoo  5 star

I love it makes it easy to send and receive money


Bad business  Pvtboyd  1 star

The free $5 is all a bunch of crap I’ve tried $5 times and followed all steps still nothing yeah I’m done with this false advertisement app Zelle here I come


Love it  smckelvy  5 star

Very convenient. Wish I created the app.

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