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What is cash app app? Cash App is the easy way to send, spend, save, and invest* your money. It’s the SAFE, FAST, and FREE mobile finance** app.

SAFE: Help protect all of your payments and investments with a passcode, TouchID, or FaceID. Pause spending on your Cash Card with one tap if you misplace it. All of your information is stored securely.

FAST: Sign up and make your first payment in minutes. Instantly send and receive money from friends. Transfer money from Cash App to an external bank account instantly instead of waiting days. Use your Cash App account and routing numbers to receive deposits up to two days earlier than is standard with most banks.

FREE: Send and receive money at no cost. Order your debit card for free in minutes, and we’ll mail you your custom physical debit card in about a week. Invest in your favorite stocks commission-free with as little as $1. Brokerage services provided by Cash App Investing LLC, member FINRA / SIPC.

Download and sign up for Cash App in a matter of minutes. The signup process is simple and fast so that you can start using Cash App right away.

Receive, request, and send money from friends and family instantly with only a few taps. Cash App is the easy way to pay a friend back for dinner or split rent with your roommates.

Order your Cash Card (a customizable Visa debit card) directly from Cash App. You’ll be able to instantly make purchases using your virtual card. We’ll also mail you your physical laser-etched Cash Card so you can swipe, dip, or tap at any merchant. Debit card issued by Cash App’s bank partner(s). ATM withdrawal fees may apply.

Deposit paychecks, tax returns, unemployment benefits, government stimulus payouts and more directly into your Cash App balance using your account and routing number. Receive deposits up to two days earlier than is standard with most banks. Use the same account and routing information to pay bills using your balance. Cash App is a financial services platform, not a bank. Banking services provided by Cash App’s bank partner(s).

Cash Card is the only free debit card** with instant discounts at your favorite stores, websites, apps, and restaurants. These instant discounts are easy to use and are applied to Cash Card transactions instantly. Just select a given Cash Boost in your app and then use your Cash Card to pay. It’s that simple. No points, no waiting, just instant savings.

Cash App is the easy way to buy, sell, send, gift, and receive bitcoin (BTC) — get started instantly with as little as $1. You can also set up recurring buys of bitcoin, withdraw it to a different cryptocurrency wallet — or send it to friends and family with compatible wallets (even those who don't have Cash App) and use the Lightning Network to pay with bitcoin faster, and for free on Cash App. Add Bitcoin Boosts to your Cash Card to earn bitcoin on your purchases. Bitcoin services are provided by Cash App.

Instantly begin investing commission-free. You can buy as little as $1 of stock in top US companies.*** Track stock prices in your app and monitor the performance of your overall investment portfolio. Create a list of companies to follow so you can stay up to date on performance.

*Brokerage Services are provided by Cash App Investing LLC, member FINRA/SIPC, subsidiary of Block, Inc. (fka Square, Inc.). Investing involves risk; you may lose money. Investments are not FDIC insured. Cash App provides Bitcoin services, not Cash App Investing LLC.

**Cash App is a financial services platform, not a bank. Banking services and Cash Card are provided and issued by Cash App’s banking partners, not Cash App Investing LLC.

***Fractional shares are not transferable. For additional conditions and limitations, see the Cash App Investing Customer Agmt.

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App Name Cash App
Category Finance
Updated 12 January 2023, Thursday
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Cash App Comments & Reviews 2023

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KEEPS Crashing. Normally I’d give cash app 4.5 stars its a great app. But ever since December started it has been crashing. Granted I have an older IPhone, but its weird because I’ve never had these issues before. I am concerned bc this app is easy when it comes to giving and receiving funds. However it just won’t even load up. It keeps crashing before anything loads. My sister has a newer iPhone and it loaded just fine. However, iphones are expensive and I am not about to buy a whole new phone just to fix cash app. Hopefully it works soon. Cause most people have cash app and I am willing to use other avenues, but most people only have cash app. This is kind of frustrating but I will keep checking in the next few weeks. I uninstalled and reinstalled. I even called support and I’m not sure if they’ll get back. I’ll come back in the next couple of weeks and see if it has changed cause despite this I really love this app. Just wish it worked on my older phone how it used to. Idk if this is a bug or not. UPDATE: customer service called the same day I requested it. They were very nice and now cash app is loading up for me. If you are having the same issues and have an older iPhone. That is probably it, but don’t worry. No need to buy a new phone just call cash app and they will help you! Updated rating is back to 4.

Refund issues. I really wish that cash app would do better about how refunds are able to be returned to senders, especially when a service has not been completed. They leave up to the recipient on whether or not if they want to return the money or not. Some people are not that honest and will not return money and that is not okay. You have scammers on there who create accounts for non existent businesses that steal people’s money and it never gets return because the person changes their info and these thieves keep the payments. it’s not okay. Your good, but it could be better. Follow up: I recently contacted the recipient about getting the money back on an a service that was not completed and the recipient declined the return transaction. This is after I I was told to reach out to the recipient by Cash App support and like I said, the recipient declined the transaction. I still say, it is not okay to give the recipient the option to determine whether or not they will give the money back. Some people are not as forth coming and honest. At this point, it’s not even about the money, it’s about the principle. I highly doubt that Cash app is unaware that there are dishonest people on here using their app to lie and steal from other Cash app users. That’s why I said, what is the harm in creating an option for a sender to reverse a payment or something.

Fraudulent. It’s been over a week someone had hacked into my cash app and stole over 700 , sold my stock, purchased stock all at the same time within seconds. Cash app support team has been emailed about this and I’m still waiting for updates and a refund. Now as I wake up to check my cash app , I no longer have one. It’s asking me to create a new cash app and when I try to use the same cash app tag it’s says unavailable. I’ve emailed cash app support again this morning regarding this. Also they were about to change all my contact info to login. I’ve screen shoot their info that was in place of mines before they locked me out. Cash app didn’t email me or text me the changes that were made and I’m assuming because my personal information was removed. There should be another level of security for cash app because whoever hacked my account done it with ease and not even cash app the company stocked them. I wouldn’t recommend this app or cash app after what happened to me cause it can happen to anyone. At least with a bank account they can replace your money until they confirm it’s fraud. Cash app don’t do that and you’re just left wondering and you cannot call a live person either.

Cash card failure. I’ve been trying to get the cashapp card in the mail since November of 2022. It’s now January 2023 and still haven’t gotten my card. The first time I ordered the card nov 22, 2022 After 16 days the app came up with a notification that there was an issue with my address EVEN though I had my address typed in CORRECTLY. I re-entered (even tho it was entered correctly) my address and waited again after 10 days yet again the app pops off with my address was undeliverable. So I can’t acted the joke of their customer support to inquire as to WHY my address is undeliverable & was told to delete and reinstall the app. I did that and the requested a new card yet again and after 7 days the app pops off with the SAME ERROR about my address being faulty. So yet again I contacted customer support who tells me that the card take 7-14 days to arrive, which I already knew but the app said my card was could NOT be delivered to my address. Then the support team says they cannot deliver to P.O. Boxes even though o don’t have a P.O. Box I own my home & have NEVER had an issue getting my mail except with trying to receive my cashapp card. So now I have changed the address to my brother in laws address in hopes it will arrive there, after this whole fiasco I’m not hopeful that it will even arrive there. The customer support is a dang joke and cannot comprehend what I’m even telling them and they keep telling me the same thing EVERY TIME! I DO NOT RECCOMEND

Borrowing instantly. Being able to borrow money from you guys is by far THE BEST and MY FAVORITE update from any app. I’m a very introverted person and times do get hard, paychecks do come a little late and sometimes it’s hard for me to muscle up the courage to ask anyone for help let alone some money they’ve been working hard for themselves including my own mom even though I do know for sure that she’ll help me. Being able to borrow money from cash app allows me to never have to stress myself out about money or pay for anything whenever I don’t have enough, and it has saved me from a lot of anxiety/panic attacks. Since the update came out I swear I’ve told almost 50 people about it; I’ll literally STAND there and help them figure out how it works, how the payments work when we do pay it back, where to find the button, how to change their payment dates etc….. Thank you so much cash app team !!!! You’ve outdone yourself with this one. Oh and one more thing I also like how our borrow balance starts off low but in due time and after we’ve paid back the money on time our borrow balance starts to rise; saves you guys a lot of time to differentiate between the people in this world.

Infuriating!!!. This is the third day I have been waiting for the darn bitcoin “verification.” Zero has happened - it is STILL “VERIFYING” My friend who uses the app frequently urged me to sign up so he could send me occasional money. This is totally ridiculous. I am not someone investing and buying bitcoins and he convinced me that sharing whatever personal amounts of money using bitcoins was the “wave of the future.” Well, I am saying screw this, if just to send some money to someone it takes DAYS and DAYS and already the sign up for this part of your app was already extensive and in depth. Due to the incredibly annoying and also offensive “investigation” going on, he has coordinated with his bank to send me a CHECK via UPS. Just so you know, I have PayPal, Venmo and Zelle and have frequently used them, including using PayPal invoices for my business. The practice of Cashapp makes me want to never ever use the app. It took 24 hours to get a first response from the people with Cashapp (other than the ones who help immediately and actually both know nothing and have zero authority to do anything, including get to someone of higher qualifications). Very very disappointing and irritatingly poor business practices. And I do not plan on being quiet about this to those I know.. Three days later and the darn thing is still “verifying.” Give me a break!! Please do forward my feedback. Your team seriously needs to get its act together.

Cash app is a must! The best app to have!. I love this app! I have 4 kids and they borrow and pay me back. I sell a lot of items and use it for taking payments from my renters. It can categorize each person and the payments I’ve made to them & the payments I have received from them. I can pull up one person & look at the entire account. It allows you to state what the money is for so u can keep track of it. PayPal which is not free! I do not use now. I have Zelle, however, it does not keep track of how much Is paid or received. You can not pull up an individual to see all the transactions for the one person. Which is what I love about the cash app! I was able to keep track of how much I paid for my daughter’s wedding. Her dress, shoes, veil, hair, nails, and all the decorations. I was able to keep track of how much I spent. I could pull her name up and look at everything that I had spent on her and her wedding. 😊😊 I love that it is free!! No fees! I have my renters pay me using the cash app. It’s easy to track who has paid and how much to date! When I’m selling something and they want to use the cash app to pay me. I can send them a link and I make money because I sent them the link so when they download the cash app and pay for items that I have for sale, cash app sends me a bonus! It stated out at $5. I am now up to $15 per person that uses my link to the cash app. That’s awesome! I love that bonus!

Love it... but..... I absolutely love this app. Money transferring is incredibly easy, and the app overall is incredibly user-friendly. It’s my personal favorite not only because it’s easy to use, but I absolutely love the discounts via boosts you can apply to your card. However,Something that’s hard when it comes down to the boosts is that the majority of the boosts I get are not for things that are local to me. My suggestion would to be pushing out boosts that are more universal. My top two favorite boosts are 10%-15% off any grocery store, and the $1.00 off any coffee shop. The app would get a much higher rating from me if those two options were permanent options that we could choose from. They are more than likely the two most used ones anyway. My only other suggestion for the app would to create an easier and more user-friendly path to customer care via app. If I have an issue it’s always “contact the merchant”And that’s stressful because not every concern that I have is always a refund. So I would’ve given the app a higher rating given that customer care would be easier to get in contact with. My suggestions would be either having a phone number that somebody can call, or an in-app chat for customer care. Overall I really love the app. It’s save me a lot of money, and I highly recommend it overall to most people. It’s my preferred method to handle my money.

Lost money, poor service, nice layout, and cool card.. Pros: very easy to use, navigate, and the card is super cool. Only thing I miss is the card. Deals upon deals if you sign up to get the card and it was always convenient to get 5$ off bills occasionally lol. Cons: this happened about a year ago but I was trying to pay for something when I thought the person had a business account and they stole my money. Cash app kept saying they don’t do business but yet the button to change an account to business is right there..... so maybe back then they should of educated us more rather than expecting us to know. They refused to work with my bank for the dispute and I lost 50$ and the person is still using the app stealing people’s money. Their customer service is nothing but horrible (at least it was around August so maybe it has changed but my review for some reason won’t show... let’s see if this one does...) they depended off TWITTER for customer care which is the most immature and unprofessional way to handle customer service I have ever seen. They refused to elaborate and help me other than the usual responses of “it sorry-“ no, fix a problem that happened on your platform that wasn’t very well taught to the users. Other than that, I liked the app when I had it and if I could trust them slightly I would definitely give it another shot. just the service given to customers has hopefully improved and until I see that my rating will still remain as is.

SCAM!! Money taker. I had Cash App for 2 days and I was scammed. I uploaded $5 and then used it to invest in Bitcoins. Two days later my Facebook was hacked and then two days after that my Instagram was hacked. I then noticed I had money missing from my bank account. I looked into my transactions and seen I had multiple transactions from Cash App taken out. Once I got to looking into Cash App, I noticed they transferred my money from my linked account into Cash App then to bitcoins. They then proceeded to send the bitcoins to themselves. In return they sent me a smiley face like “thank you for your money.” I contacted Cash App and they asked me all these questions for an investigation. They said they could not do anything about this since it came from a known phone. Yes the phone was known since the hacker used Cash App to take money out of my linked account multiple times; my phone was used one time for a transaction. I later found out Cash App was hacked recently and I have had several friends have fishy transactions on their accounts in which Cash App did nothing about. I have found the email that was used to hack my accounts and the person is from New York. I am now waiting on my bank to dispute these transactions and try to get my money back. DO NOT DOWNLOAD CASH APP!!! I do not want another person to be a victim of a hacker and scammer through Cash App. In return they will not do anything about this. You will be out of money and stressed out.

SCAM !!. Let me start with this really quick. Cashapp is a scam because its fun and easy then you have an issue and there is no “real” customer service. EVERYTHING is bank or user error no matter what, no point in “disputing” anything being its policy that they pull the amount of money you disputed...YOU LOSE TWICE!! Ok here my little story Ive had cash app for yeaarrrsss and only used it here and there, recently ive been using it alot being its convenience. I was out for work in a different state and my card wasnt working im like weird ok ?? I try to buy my tickets home and i cant im like what goin on i leave text and emails that took two days to get a response too and were no help got someone to call me and they tell me my card number has changed....i didnt change the numbers. she says no worries just order a card nothing has moved in your account and all my money was there. Its $5 to order a new card. So thanks for that annnnnd being im still in on the east coast i need to fly home to AZ so i need to pull that money and put in bank...oohh yaaaay transaction fee.....extend my trip or pay $19 and change..obviously cheaper to pay them. Now im inconvenience, and out almost $25 cause somehow my card number was changed smh...NOT THE FIRST TIME BTW Chime has been treating me well hopefully they work out better then Cashapp..skip these guys honestly it’s convenient till its not and your forced to pay them.

Great App ALL AROUND!. I Absolutely LOVE this Cash App! There’s a Bonus I get while using this app too... It monitors the Stock Market & it lets you see how stocks by how they are performing or you can look up individual stocks & keep your own personal list to keep an eye on them! It also tracks the stocks that performed the Best Daily & Best Monthly so even if you’re not watching those particular stocks you can learn more about them! The only problem I have is when you go into the app and see you’ve received money from someone and tap on their name... you can send them an emoji to thank them for the cash, but you have to go to a different area of the app to make your deposit into your bank account or bank card... however you have it set up. I honestly hate this part of the app. I think that when you see the person’s name with an amount sent to you & you tap on it, when you are in that screen you should be able to DEPOSIT YOUR MONEY RIGHT FROM THERE, send a thank you emoji, keep track of your past transactions with that person, etc. without having to maneuver to multiple screens to do each thing. This is why I have given this app a 4 star, but in reality it’s a 3.75. It doesn’t bother me enough to change apps but it has bothered a few friends enough to have changed so it’s something I would recommend to your programmers.

Mobile deposit. Don’t use them and especially that mobile feature. They make you write for “mobile deposit” on the check but then will still deny it so then when you have to take to a bank they won’t cash it for you cause they think you already mobile deposited it when they denied you. So now you are out whatever amount that check is. Then when you message customer service they don’t even read your complaint. They just copy and paste a response but change the reps name on it and don’t come close to addressing your issue. If it wasn’t for so many people that I know that only have cashapp I’d have deleted them a long time ago. You get no help from customer service and they close your disputes without it being resolved so you have to constantly start over with someone new on each email. You don’t have just one person helping. It’s someone new every time and they have no clue but copy and paste some response that has nothing to do on ur issue. So don’t if you have a choice or maybe someone will read this that makes sense. I’ve edited this paragraph three times or added onto it and still no one from this company has contacted me. Not one on my issue cause they don’t care at all

Can’t restart the app to enter my login info after wrong email entry. I got a new phone and needed to log in again. All fine and dandy. Just trying to pay my boss back for lunch. I though I used a particular email or maybe my phone number for cash app (as I didn’t have my old phone on me at the time), so I tried to use that one. I got to the next screen and realized It was the wrong one but I literally can’t go back and enter my ACTUAL cash app email because there is no cancel or back button. I’ve even deleted the app from my phone, erased the data in settings, and restarted my phone (while using a VPN the second time and it STILL won’t let me get back to that original login screen). I do not want to have to get super technical to reset this app. That’s OBSURD. Now I’m faced with creating a new (absolutely unnecessary) account on an email I admittedly don’t want attached to payment apps or I could just not use this app anymore. Leaning more towards the latter option. Why can’t I just go back to the start screen where it asks me for my login? That’s super ridiculous, sketchy, and makes me very uncomfortable using this app in the future. You should not force users to make a new account using credentials they mistakenly provided, if that’s what this is. Are y’all trying to inflate your user count or is this just a bug?? Frustrated is an understatement.

DO NOT SET UP DIRECT DEPOSIT. I am missing two direct deposits that were scheduled to hit my account this weekend and I have yet to receive them, or any feedback on what may be going on. As I am scheduled an eviction, it would be really nice to know what Cash App has done with my money, but being that you do not have a customer service line where I can talk to a real person, I am scared I would have to take legal action. I am highly uncomfortable knowing that my money isn’t in my account where it was scheduled to be deposited and it has completely unconvinced my life and my three children’s lives as we use this money to eat, pay bills, buy gas, pay out car insurance and rent, and I have no clue when I will get it. Cash app has completely no way to get up with a live person right now. How many people would like for their money to be in cyber space somewhere while pending eviction from the home your family lives in? 💔 Cash app has let me down. I do not recommend cash app, and most definitely not setting up direct deposit with them. They scammed me out of two direct deposits, and I haven’t heard anything from anyone at cash app about it.

Frustrated!!! I just want my money back!!!. Initially I would say that the purpose behind this app were on point but now after a couple years of using it, it is really not all that good. The money sending process is good up until you type the wrong name and don’t have an option to retrieve your funds back after noticing your mistake. And let’s not talk about the customer service or the lack there is. To know that I don’t have the option to speak with a over the phone but via email, is ridiculous and even with that there is a 24hr wait in response. I just found out that there are several cash app accounts (2) using my name that are not me and people had been sending me money but I haven’t been getting because of these accounts and customer support said just send a request to the receivers requesting the funds back, and if you have done that and had a good outcome behind it, you are that 1 in a million. I once thought this app was good & deserved 5 stars until my money ended up in the BIG BLACK HOLE/someone else’s hand and now feel that it really is not worthy of a star. I now we’ll be deleting my account (if that’s an option) & using zelle. A better process needs to be designed for this app. The first being giving the users the option to speak with a person over the phone and not just email; The ability for senders to CANCEL transactions when they noticed a mistake has been made; And a better way to retrieve old accounts.

Why do they have customer service. When you call in or when you go onto the app and you send a message to support and you tell them you're not able to buy bitcoin because it tells you unable to purchase it this time or you try to add money and it tells you that it's not able to dang you message them and you tell them and they have no read they don't want they don't have no answers on why you are not able to buy bitcoin or add money to your account they just tell you that there's security parameters sometimes if I see something it doesn't like it doesn't let you purchase you're pulling from your own bank account so there shouldn't be any issues it's your money but yet somebody used my bitcoin or my bank account on their cash app and pulled over $1600 and they did nothing about that I don't know how she got my information nobody helps you with this app that used to be the best app to buy bitcoin to send bitcoin because of the price but ever since 2020 this is become the worst app to deal with they might as well fire fire all the customer support because they don't have no information for you when you messaging because they rely more on the computer to take care of the app then people which is stupid that's the problem holidays people are too lazy they want everything for free what's wrong with society it's build up of a bunch of sheep they don't want to work for nothing they have no opinion they just get in their little bubbles and follow everyone else

Unhappy. So when I first encountered Cashapp I thought it was the way of the future. I could transfer funds easily amongst family members and pay bills. I even had my job direct deposit my check into the account. Then my first hiccup. Seems the system shut down for the weekend and funds could not be used even if they were present. I thought let me find out what’s going on with the card. So I searched for a number to reach customer service. Found out there isn’t one. All correspondence is being done through email or text. Okay strange but maybe it was because they are a way of the future. The problem with that future is that text can often be misread or in certain cases the terminology used by email sounds robotic. So I let it pass. Just recently I was out trying to use my card when nothing would go through again. I’m checking app which is showing me there is a balance but nothing moving. Figured it was a glitch like before and I would wait. I check the app again and now it shows a new bank card number and has informed me(again by email) that my account has been closed. I still have a balance in the account but can’t retrieve it because 1 the account has been closed without warning 2 I can’t contact a customer service rep to talk about the situation. Smh. Looked up Sutton bank phone number. Nothing. Square inc phone number. Nothing. Needless to say I’m done. Moving everything over to Chime where at least I can speak to someone. Bypass CashApp and download Chime

Confused and Disappointed loyal customer. I’ve been with cash app for about two years and strangely in June 2020 I started having money deducted from any and all my receiving payments from friends and family, out my cash app account. I’ve contacted them once I realized that they were doing this and wanting to know how and where this money was going to. They expressed through email that I have a business account. This was confusing and also false information. I NEVER SET UP ANY BUSINESS ACCOUNT ( I never even had any bank account linked with my account). So I don’t understand why they have the privilege and authority to just take my funds without me authorizing this. They only refunded me for seven days and they have yet to send me the remaining money nor information showing how this could happen to me. I’m an unemployed widow who barely getting by besides the money my family and friends help out with through this established business that serves a variety of people nationwide with there business. Please explain to me how you can take portions of my money and then give me no proof that I’m a business account holder. THATS UNTRUTHFUL AND ALSO STEALING FROM YOUR CUSTOMERS! ☹️☹️☹️ $1212baby

Beware! Horrible Customer Service!. If only I could rate this app 0 stars! Beware of this app! Everything seems fine, until you have an issue with your funds and find out that there is no live person to talk to; then they send you a generic email about the issue but in no way attempt to solve it! So a friend sent me funds in which I then returned within the hr, but apparently the funds were not received, although the money was already removed from my bank acct. My friend then put in a dispute with the bank, in which, rather than the app doing their due diligence and trying to find out where the funds were sent to, immediately took the money out of my acct again. When I tried to figure out what way going on, where the funds went and how to resolve the situation. I then find out that I cannot talk to someone over the phone for a quick resolution but instead via email. So I send an email notifying them of my complaint and receive a very general email in no way addressing my concerns, but notifying me that because its a bank dispute that have no further details on the issue but that they are typically solve within 90days and that cashapp has the right to withdraw the amount of the disputed transaction. So they are not even going to attempt to resolve the dispute or find out what happened. So I have filed a dispute with my bank too, and soon as this is resolved this app is going right in the trash. I will definitely just stick to zelle and working directly with the bank.

Customer Service is Trash. I needed access to an account I made over 5 years ago due to someone accidentally sending it there instead of my new account. I called, and was told the only way to get support was through email, and the line disconnected right afterwards. I sent three emails before getting a responds over a week. Finally, someone takes my case and over FOUR DAYS, five different people sent me the same email asking to verify my identity, which I did and send screenshots to prove I did every time, and still continued to receive them. It’s been almost two weeks, and I have no access to the account. I finally was able to call on the phone after a week of trying, and the guy on the phone told me he was going to ‘try and transfer the funds from the old account to the new account’ and that ‘it failed’ so I simply have to wait two weeks to have the person send the money to my other account, wouldn’t let me talk to a supervisor, and refused to help me any further. Venmo customer service is nicer and far superior, and well as them being able to give access to your account after you verify your identity doesn’t just fail, and you can have access to the old account if you ask. I’m deleting this app as soon as I get this money and sticking with Venmo, because this is the stupidest thing I have ever had to deal with IN MY LIFE. I pushed a child out of my body, and it was easier than dealing with cash app.

Zero customer service after suddenly closing my account for no reason. I have used Cashapp for years to send and receive money, make purchases with my Cashapp card, as well as to invest thousands of dollars. Both of my children also had accounts linked to my own with cards that were used on a regular basis. None of us used our accounts for anything or in any way that ever would have violated their terms. However, I suddenly receive a message one day while attempting to receive money, that said my account was closed for that very reason. After contacting customer support, they were unable to give me any details whatsoever regarding why this happened or what was supposedly done by any of us to violate their terms and they refused to reinstate my account. They offered me the option to have someone contact me through email to try to resolve the issue, however it is months later and I have still never received any contact from anyone at Cashapp. I tried to make a new account with an alternate email address and it allowed me to, only to immediate close my account again as soon as I tried to use it. Every chance I have, I let everyone possible know how much I hate Cashapp and advise them to not rely on any of their services, as they may randomly prevent you from continuing to use them at any point for absolutely no reason, with no explanation and without any opportunity to resolve the nonexistent issue.

DO NOT GET!! USE BREAD APP!. This is the absolute worst app to use for dealing with funds and crypto currency. The app itself is set up nice and easy to use, but the customer support is so terrible. I would give negative stars if I could!! I have watched my balance of bitcoin fall from a little over a $1,000 to just over $300 because I can’t withdraw it, I can’t sell it, I can’t move it to another app that will actually work. I have been dealing with this for going on 5-6 months now! I have emailed cash support so many times it’s unreal, with 1 response. 1 freaking response to probably about 20 different emails! A guy named Linz said he would look, get it fixed, it was probably a glitch in the system and he would get back with me in 24 hours. This was 2 weeks ago. With no response. I have emailed him back Atleast 5 times now with no response. I have literally watched my balance fall and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. You can find s way better app to trust your money with! This is not the one!! P.S. Developers, I have every email, all the evidence. I would be more than happy to show you. If this is how you want to run a company and how you want your customers get treated. I’m sorry for you. Making millions of dollars while your customers are over here losing money at your gain because your team is not doing there jobs! Like I said, I have all the proof, all the email. I’ve been trying to reach out for so long! I just want my money!!!

No security. I love to have cash app it very convenient for all kind of stuff I been looking for except one thing, and it just happens to me around 2 weeks ago. Someone have been come to my cash app probably because I lost my cash app debit card. I had been report it to Cashapp agents. But all I got is “let me take a look at your account “ “ what is the best email we can’t send information to” or “ours specialist will reach out to you “ that’s all been over 6,7 agencies being said at the same thing but no email had been send. And the theft still out there doing his same old job stealing people money. I mean this Cashapp didn’t have a security or protection for their customers at all. All the answer I got just try to run away from me or something. Remember if y’all love cash app and in the future have some problem just like me please don’t bother to ask for their help. Cause if you do all you got just frustrated and can’t do nothing about it. Sit back relax and wait for those answer just pop up as much as different agent come and leave the same message and disappear just like nothing happen. I never seen any kind of customer service like this before. Yotta even they couldn’t help you return a full amount of your lost but they are deeply try to help you until the problem will be solve and return to you haft of the lost. But this one doesn’t. I really disappointed Cashapp. Thought it will be the best app I ever use. But I was wrong!!!!

Zero stars if possible. Honestly this is more for the customer service than the actual app. I don’t Believe I’ve ever written a review before, but this was impossible to ignore. When I received my cash app card my last name was missing, well most of it, the first two letters were there. I reached out to see how it could be corrected and was first informed it couldn’t be. When I asked how I was supposed to use a card without my name on it they explained that since it was a debit card I had to put money on it to use (apparently assuming I didn’t know how to use it). I replied that since businesses often ask for ID even with debit cards it would useless to which there was no response. A few days later another rep emailed and explained how I could change my name in the app for display on my profile, and finally included details on how to request a corrected card. I responded AND asked if they could confirm my name would fit properly just so I could know if I could include my middle initials on the card. Two days later I got the same email from a NEW rep, with all of the same instructions, and no response to my questions. I replied with the exact same response I had previously, and immediately received a do not reply to this email bounce back. Thé service has been horrible at best. **update in response to their attempt to mute my frustration. I STILL have not gotten a response to my last attempt at contact so I doubt you would actually “love to help.”

They don’t care. All i have to say is i mainly use paypal because of their amazing service and is also the reason why i am uninstalling this crappy app i like it when a security team works and actually does their job and why am i saying cashapp is bad well i got scammed of $200 and went straight to support after it happened and made the scam report and waited a month to be declined my funds back so all i have to say is one very pointless to put an actual scam report option if your going to wait a whole month and the security team deny you your money back when they can look into whenever and take care of it whenever they choose as i felt like i am not cared about but paypal i feel safe because if anything were to happen they take care of it never had an issue please do not download cashapp and be safe with your money go download paypal you will thank me later for saving you from future headaches if they would have refunded the money that i was scammed of in a quick manner i would have rated 5 stars but i gave more than enough evidence that i was scammed and i feel like they didn’t even look i to it but just went meh its just $200 but i am struggling in life and $200 is a lot to me so it made me feel like they just don’t care so with that said you get the rating you deserve now if i was to say get my $200 back i could change my review but i will still never use your app because i no longer trust it

Nonexistent customer service. The app is good but it doesn’t make up for the lack of customer service. I was a victim of a phishing attempt that resulted in my account being hacked. I changed my info as they suggest and contacted them. They simply sent me a computer generated message on how to change my pin which I already did. Fast forward a couple weeks and I get notifications of somebody else logging into my cash app. I opened my app and removed my personal bank info in an attempt to protect its security. While I was on the app I literally watched helplessly while the other person sold all the money I had in stocks. They then requested the money from another cash app account and approved it while logged into my account. So I once again contacted cash support. I almost thought I got somewhere when they told me they’d open an investigation and asked for more info. I gave them everything they needed and was told if I had any questions feel free to reach out. I continued to ask questions because I was concerned with the security of my accounts and if my money could be returned. I never heard any response from them from there out. I even attempted to reach out to them again in hopes to maybe get them to “investigate” it all again. I literally got almost the exact same messages all leading up to no response or any real help at all. I’m surprised for being the #1 finance app they have such lack of real customer service.

Run from this app it steals. I have tried to call and been emailing idiot staff with this company fir DAYS!! When I started using the app all was good. Then all of a sudden all heck broke loose! I had the option of instant pay or standard for a while, then I noticed out of the blue the option of standard 1-3 day payout (free) was no longer an option for me . Why?!?!? IDK, I’m glad you asked too! I believe it’s so the company of course can be paid 1.5% on each of my cash out payments. As instructed by the idiot CSR, I have deleted my bank and debit card information several times trying to resolve the issue to no avail!! I am now being told that I have a business account which charges 2.75% each time I receive a payment. WOW! I told you thieves.....I’ve been on an email conversation for 3-4 days trying to get this fixed....but of course no resolution in my favor so I decided to delay the app and try another with better integrity and respect for customers. I requested a call and refund for all the fees that i was charged and should not have been.....the CSR Vanessa keeps giving me a canned text response !!! I’m beyond angry and disgusted with this company (app). You’ve BEEN WARNED!!’

If your information gets stolen you’re basically screwed. My information has gotten stolen somehow twice. I don’t listen to scam sites, don’t give anyone my information, and frequently change my cashapp pin and passwords. And yet my information gets stolen which is annoying. But what makes it worse is that when someone makes an unauthorized transaction and you try to dispute it, you have to wait for the transaction to be finished, and you cannot cancel it but instead have to dispute it. I wouldn’t have an issue with this is disputing actually worked. But I’ve tried it, and it doesn’t. You get an email and you’ll have to answer some questions. If they deem your answers invalid they won’t give you your money back, which I wouldn’t be frustrated at if they actually judged it well. For example, I live in Massachusetts and don’t ever make transactions outside of Massachusetts (never have), why would my next transaction be in a whole other state when I just now made a transaction here unless there were multiple users on the card? Disputed transactions, from my experience and my research, rarely go the way they should, and in order to fix that it would be better if the team used some understanding of their customers.

Cash App customer service is a joke. I have a huge issue for the first time in four years using Cash App and it has ruined my experience with them. I can’t believe they don’t care to resolve a fraud issue I encountered that resulted in me losing hundreds of dollars out of my account; I tried explaining to them what happened and they wouldn’t hear me out. It was absolutely insulting and made me feel helpless. Months later still no resolution and they could care less. Everyone I do peer to peer money transactions with are now being guided to use Venmo or cash. I can’t believe they don’t care and as a result I will limit my use of their services. I have friends who are blown away at the lack of tact in their customer service and not giving a single care as to what happened even after I explained time and time again that someone (my ex) who had access to my phone and older phone fraudulently used my account and made purchases NOT ME. They see it as the pin was used and the card via my phone was used so I must’ve authorized it which I didn’t. This is condoning the acts of someone who screwed me over financially during one of the most trying times of my life with this pandemic. As a result I lost the apt I was trying to move into and I am still without a place to live. Cash app and my ex screwed my life up and they don’t care. This is madness

Horrible app to use. I never usually leave reviews for apps but this one has definitely made an exception. Point. Blank. Period. This app is horrible in ever way. I would give it a corner of a star if I could. In every comment it’s the same and it’s true the customer service is horrible, money goes missing, they don’t answer you when you email them back or anything. When I first started using it everything was fine my first problem was when someone sent me $40 and it never came through my acct at all it showed in my transactions in the other persons transactions but never hit my back acct so I removed my bank card and stopped using the app. Then when I downloaded it and used it again I was literally going to place like the gas station and McDonalds then all of a sudden nothing is going through. Money can’t be sent received nothing and when I contact them they basically accuse me of fraud and say they shut down my acct won’t give me a reason why and won’t let me get my funds I had left off the acct. I have worked in customer service just about all my life and this........THIS IS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER BEEN DEALT. I would rather walk in a store and stare at the cashier for 5 mins waiting for them to notice I’m there while they txt their boyfriend back than to deal with these people over email!!! Apple should literally shut this scheming app down because I guarantee every dollar that keeps going missing out of people’s acct is definitely going to somebody!

Scammed and Blocked, doesn’t help customers…. I’ve made a purchase a month ago back in April with Cashapp. This was my first and last time using Cashapp. The person who was selling purses was inquiring that I use Cashapp for the payment. I proceeded with the purchase and she accepted the money. I was asking for the tracking number but she never told me it. All she said was that it was shipped and I would receive them in a few days. I kept waiting and asking for the tracking number so I could find out where they where, but she ignored the question and only told me what day I would receive it. It was the day she told me I would receive them but never did. When I messaged her, I said I never received it and then she blocked me. When I reported my refunds twice, both were denied. I received a notification saying “Scam Reported: We we’re unable to recover your money. However, your report will help to prevent future scams, thank you.” What is with this, I can’t receive my refund but it’ll help prevent future scams??? I even chatted with customer service and they told me that they can’t do anything about it since my transaction was already completed. I also saw her account was still active on Cashapp. I’ve done everything I could, only to be a “warning” to future scams. Absolutely disappointed…

Don’t download.. I hate this app. Honestly just download venmo, it’s much easier. To be honest, I only downloaded it for the $5 reward but that didn’t even work out. My friend and I sent money to each other so they would give me the reward. It had no trouble taking the money out of my checking account (since my cashapp balance was zero, having never used it) and it says that I got the reward. But it says my balance is only $5. This doesn’t add up since I’m -5 in my checking and +5 on the app. It should be +10 if it really rewarded me. I’m trying not to be frustrated over $5 but it’s so difficult to transfer to my bank account, so if anyone wants to give me cash I’ll transfer the $5 to your cashapp so I can delete mine and be done with it. Basically took $5 from my account since I can’t actually use the money on my app unless I want to pay someone through it, which I don’t since almost all my friends use venmo (for good reason). In response to the developer commenting on my review, I did do it through the link that my friend sent and followed ALL of the steps. The app even says in my notifications that both my friend and cashapp supposedly paid me, but one or the other is missing from my bank account. I did not miss a step. The fact that they acknowledged my review but didn’t acknowledge or try to figure out what happened on my account also goes to show that this app clearly doesn’t care about its consumers and would rather just put the blame on them. Deleted.

ZERO Stars, this app is the WORST. I downloaded this app from a link my landlady sent me in order to pay my rent to her easily. We were each supposed to get a $5 credit. Nothing about that even shows up anywhere in the app, and I’ve emailed support about it and they didn’t even read the email or address it at all. But it gets worse. This is the FIRST time I’ve ever used this app, and I tried to send a small amount to my daughter. Immediately, I got an email from them saying they refunded it for safety reasons? And after that, got an email saying I made a payment to my daughter. So I email support about it as well as the credit issue, and they email me back this generic response that doesn’t help me with anything. I wait a day, the refund goes back into my account, and I try it again. SAME thing. Immediate refund! But this time, they email me saying my money won’t be back into my account until Monday! (It’s Thursday. If you did the same thing yesterday and refunded it in 24 hours, WHY the f are you holding my money this time for 5 days??? I’ll be DAMNED if I am going to try to send a large amount of money over this piece of crap app, if they can’t even accomplish a small payment one time, from my first time even trying it. EVERY bad review about this app is true. I should’ve never tried it. And developer, don’t you dare comment on this review and tell me to reach out to support! I already did that twice and you did nothing to help me. I’m DONE.

Misleading. I like this app a lot; however i have not received my $5 for transferring money and i have not received my $20 for the two referral i gave, both people are happily using the app but both reported the same issue with the $5, one was able to get $10 from referral the other did not get $10 referral. Other than the payout offers not working everything else seems to work very fast very good, everything is pretty easy to find so complements on your ui, this would be a 5star review if not for the issue with the transfer and referral payouts not paying out. Also as someone who got the “glow in the dark” card its really not very glow in the dark, its cool but definitely more fluorescent than luminescent, my custom design came out perfect, i really love the personalized touch. Obviously if you read this far you may notice i didnt touch on important key features like card deactivation at a touch and the other core features that brought us here, thats because as far as ive used them so far everything works. This is a good clean app that i can recommend at this time. Cheers to hopeing they dont mess it up with clutter and useless crap that makes it unsafe.

DEFECTIVE PRODUCT, INHERENTLY DANGEROUS. Someone created a fake cash app account with my name and was using it to steal money from people. I had never even heard of this app before. Two of the victims contacted me on my home phone number to accuse me of stealing from them. One person even left a threatening message on our voicemail. I contacted cash app support (which is only available if you download their stupid app), and after nearly a week, they finally confirmed that yes, someone had created a “poser” account with my name, and that they were handling it. Despite my repeated pleas, they would not contact the people who had called me to tell them I was not responsible for the thefts. Nor will they provide documentation or any written assurances showing me that the poser account had been taken down, or any other information to clear my good name. They have damaged my reputation and caused me to feel unsafe since the victims were able to find my full name and address online through Spokeo or WhitePages or one of those other services. (I have since been working on having those listings removed.) Cash App puts *every* *single* *user* and innocent people who have never used their service, at risk of being defrauded or worse. Their product does not require any verification of a user’s identity and when someone is victimized, they are nearly impossible to communicate with and will not undo the damage caused to people who have been injured by their negligence.

Taxes fully free. Thanks much SQ!. I have what my old tax lady called “very complicated taxes”. If I go to HR block or any tax place that advertises $40 taxes or something like that, they look at my tax folder for the year and try to charge me a bundle. I paid over a thousand dollars once and the lowest I have paid is $450 in the last 5 years. I own more than three unrelated businesses, have rental houses that are all diff addresses, I work W2 and 1099 jobs and usually have a half inch stack of w2s cause I quit readily, I have multiple stock and bitcoin trading accounts that I use for different strategies, I often get 1099G and 1099misc, I make large donations… my taxes are long and take a tax person a whole day or two to do. A lot of my write offs and etc need me to be there to walk the tax people through when they do them so I figure I might as well do them myself. A lot of the free tax services will make you fill it all out then at the end will say “you grossed over $60,000 this year so you have to pay X amount” or “state taxes costs $10” after I just spent 14 hours inputting everything. Cash app luckily lets me do all my taxes for free on there and is just as easy as any other program. You don’t have to put your refund into cash app but I did anyway cause cash app is awesome. I’m waiting for a buying opportunity for a thousand shares of SQ too.

My Cashapp Experience. After using the app for a couple years, I have had a pretty positive experience, I use direct deposit and use it as my main source of managing my funds. I get paid early and direct deposits from other stuff comes in quick too. Able to pay my friends and family quickly, I would say the only time I had a bad experience is when someone got my card and cashapp did not refund my money. Used at McDonald’s over and over and in my foolishness sent the wrong person money on accident. Cash app didn’t do anything sadly and the person got away with my funds. I have to say in conclusion the app has a lot of features and convenience, but the company lacks the empathy and insurance surrounding your funds. It’s definitely better to have your main income in the bank and use cashapp secondary. I currently use it primarily but would not recommend it. They offer a cash advance that I was able to get up to couple hundred dollars before pay which is very awesome. That is definitely the big perk about using the app as your main fund source, that and the 2 day early pay. Of course they also have discounts at a bunch of different restaurants and stores when using your card you just have to choose the boost you want. Definitely enjoy using the app and card, the convenience and usability is far from others. Being able to load money from a bunch of places for $1, no atm fees if you deposit a certain amount a month, just a bunch of perks and features.

$50 coupon. First of all, if you haven’t used Square cash yet make sure to enter the reward coupon “MCDXDQT” on the sign up screen to get a $50 bonus after you send your first transfer over $5!! Enter it after it asks for your number. If you’ve already signed up you can enter the reward coupon on the profile menu if you scroll to the very bottom. The service itself exceeds the competition found in PayPal and Venmo in its ease of use. Sign up is super easy and very convincing for friends, particularly when out to dinner in San Francisco where asking the waiter to split a bill is like pulling out your teeth. I like the fact that I can send money to anyone even if they haven’t signed up with Square yet. The app is simple to use, swift and clean. There are two options for transferring money to your bank. Either instant deposit which takes a small fee, or the next day. Or you can keep the money in your account, and use the square debit card for any online purchase. You can even request a sleek looking physical debit card and use that anywhere. The app itself seems secure, especially with the touch ID integration for quick payment. This app has changed how I exchange money with friends or even new acquaintances!! I’ve even started using it to pay rent directly to my landlord. Welcome to the new modern era. Square cash is now my go to for quick payment transfers to friends and family. Overall you should definitely give it a try, especially with the $5 bonus it gives you!!!

Awesome App. I was so impatient to carry out necessary research but I really wanted to jump on the crypto trading and investment buzz. Unfortunately for me, I invested 90,700 USD worth of bitcoin with a fraudulent company. I was happy to watch my account grow to 240,575 USD within a couple of weeks. But I didn’t realize I was dealing with a scam company, until I tried to make an attempt to withdraw. I made a withdrawal request, and noticed my account was suddenly blocked for no apparent reason. I tried contacting customer support, but all to no avail. I needed my money back at all cost, because I could not afford to let it go. So I tried all possible means to make sure I recovered my scammed bitcoin. I did a lot of online search for help, Iand tried to see if there were other people who had any similar experience. I stumbled upon a cryptocurrency forum were a couple of people mentioned that they had been through the same process but were able to recover their lost cryptocurrency, funds with the help of Ganesh Cyberhackexpert7 At gmailcom . So I file a report and he was able to help me get back all my lost funds within few hours I feel indebted to him. Apart from trying to express my gratitude to them once again using this medium, I will recommend anybody who wants to recover scammed bitcoin, stolen cryptocurrency, funds lost to binary options forex, investment and any other form of online scam , reach out to Cyberhackexpert7 via gmail .

Never Using CashApp Again after my issue is resolved. On Monday someone ordered Postmates, dominos, and a Lyft with my cashapp account. I’m the only person that knows my cashapp account information. I had $300 in my cashapp account before my money was stolen from me. Mind you all of the postmates transactions happened within minutes of each other. After I realized what was happening money was transferred out of my cashapp account. Once that happened the thief started trying to buy more stuff from postmates and by then I only had $4 so my card started declining. I’ve been in contact with cashapp since Monday and today is Thursday. I hate the whole day waiting process to hear something back from cashapp support. If I don’t receive and email from cashapp support saying they will refund me my money within 10 days I’m filing a police report. I also contacted postmates to see what they could do and they said they can’t help me because they saw no recent transactions on my account. The last transaction I have with postmates is from September 2019. Don’t believe these great reviews on here about cashapp because they are all a lie. Before you download this app google cashapp reviews. I would hate for this to happen to anyone else.

Stealing Money. I’d leave a 1-Star if I could. Y’all really need to get rid of these “temporary holds” on gas pump transactions. What if I only had $40, spent $10 on gas, & was depending on that $30 to get a bit of groceries or medicine or something else that’s crucial to my sustenance? Come to find out that when I paid for gas at the pump, the entire amount that I had on my card was taken off & being held as “pending” until further notice? What happened to just taking $1 first, then taking the rest of the amount later on? Or, consider this, ONLY taking the necessary $10 that was spent to begin with & leaving it on hold until it finalizes? What is the purpose of taking every last cent to my name for a single transaction that’s less than half of what I had in the first place? That’s stealing, in my opinion. Now I don’t have any money to get other things that I needed until I get paid again in 2 weeks, thanks to this steaming pile of crap that you advertise as a useful, efficient app. If you don’t trust that a customer will have the money later, just take the entirety of WHAT THEY SPENT immediately. If I spent $10 in gas, then take the $10 in gas. There’s literally no reason to take the entirety of a customer’s money for a small pending transaction just to keep it on hold for a week. If this issue is not resolved & my money is not returned to my account, I will not be using CashApp anymore & I will make sure that all of my friends stop using it, too.

Used to be great. First I loved using this. I use it as a prepaid debit card and monthly I have $100s of dollars that go through this account. However RECENTLY there have been so many issues with this. It’s as if they have a new developer and they completely screwed everything up by trying to continuously add new things in. But they have no idea what they’re doing. So instead of adding to the app they completely screwed up what didn’t need to be fixed. With them being an ONLINE only bank they actually have NO ONE available to even speak to. You can’t chat with anyone of their connection to the app is down, you honestly can NEVER call them for ANY issues. You can’t even remove your money from the account. I’ve never had this issue before and at this point it’s tiring and frustrating. They give no warning about anything and you only find out about reoccurring issues if you happen to go online to look for them. Imagine standing in line with purchases but your payments are completely halted and you can’t move your money out to even attempt to use another card or account. It’s been HOURS since the “bug” and known issue and guess what. Money is still in limbo somewhere. “Processing” but you can’t call to figure out even an estimated time frame of when you can take your money out or even use the card THEY issued. All systems completely shut down.

Joke. My one star is based on the fact that with this app there are no fail safe for their users. They had an outage or some malfunction going on with the app and instead of making that clear as soon as you open the app like many other apps do so the users are aware of what’s going on. I used the app earlier in the day no issues, person got the money I sent right away. Later that same day I was doing a transaction for goods with an individual, I sent the funds and the person didn’t receive it nor was it taken from my account, I thought maybe I didn’t click something or my Face ID didn’t pickup so I tried a last time and same nothing. We both refreshed our devices multiple times and still nothing. Needless to say I told the person never mind cancelled the deal because it seemed like the app might not be working after multiple tries. Later that very night 3hrs later the funds were disbursed to that person and the product I was trying to pay for I didn’t have and the individual have position of my funds and went ghost on me and I don’t have the goods I was trying to purchase. Like seriously cashapp should have at least notified me to see if I still wanted to issue those funds out after 3hrs later when that’s not how the app is suppose to work. Called support and the generic respond was use it only with friends and family as if friends and family can’t do wrongs. This app is for scammers.

Horrible Customer Service. Initially I thought cash app was pretty awesome as it allowed me transfer money to who is in college whenever he needed it. Then I all of a sudden I was unable to make or receive any transactions. After searching the net I found a customer service number. When I finally got in touch with a rep, he was difficult to understand and initially seemed rude. When I made comment, he changed his tone and was quite helpful. He had me connect my phone to the computer and we began maneuver through the system. When he had difficulty he got his supervisor who was quite rude and arrogant. He informed me that there was suspicious activity on my account (the month before someone from across the country managed to take money from my account using square, an affiliate of theirs),and I would need to deposit 500 on my cash app and transfer it. I told him I would do no such thing and he then too began raising his voice telling me he was a supervisor. Well I resorted to using expletives, telling him what he could do with that supervisor thing (not proud of that). As far as I’m concerned, not only was it annoying speaking to someone I could barely understand, the fact that they had a condescending, oh well attitude. It’s unfortunate because I enjoyed the convenience of cash app. However the customer service in the event of issues are horrible. I deleted the app and will just go back to my original manner of transferring money!!

Love this app!. I’ve been using cash app for a few years now. Was introduced to it by my kids (all adults, btw). It comes in handy because I’m a truck driver and I don’t have to make plans to make an extra stop and hope western Union is where I’m stopping. Cash app is easy, fast and was way cheaper than using western Union when I first found it. It’s made my life a lot less complicated because my landlord even checked out the app a couple of years ago and decided to download it to make rent collections easier. It’s great to no longer deal with electronic checks or a money order via snail mail or be late paying because I have to come back into town to pay rent. He’s a bean counter by nature so he likes getting his money with a tap on his phone. I also use it to send birthday money, help the occasional friend in need, etc. I also load money to pay tolls and sometimes get fast food so that if my card gets jacked (there have been reports of cashiers helping themselves to cash back when people check out), there’s no direct access to my checking account. And I can easily draw the money back to my checking account so even if I lose the card, I feel safer about my funds being accessible to just me.

Instant Vs Free. When I first started using the app, I loved the convenience of it. However, I’ve noticed that nowadays, if I get money sent to me, the amount of time before I can get the money for free - no matter what amount - is days later than it was when I first started using the app. My sister sent me a mere $48 on a Wednesday, and I was given the free option for receiving it on Friday, or in this instance, pay a .78 fee for instant deposit. Even before this particular transaction, there have been other ‘days later’ options for receiving money or I’d have to pay the fee to get the money instantly, and it’s starting to bother me. It just makes no sense. If it was a huge amount, I could understand, but why charge an instant fee for such a small amount? And why not just offer the next business day? I think there should be a required minimum amount of money before charging for instant access, or at least offer the next business day just like other apps do, and not 2 or more days later. Maybe there’s a rhyme or reason as to how you all decide what amount gets charged a fee or not, or how long before money can be deposited, but I can’t figure it out. Before using your app, I had been using Zelle and POP Money, but I thought this was better and switched over. Maybe I made a mistake - I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore. I can only imagine the instant fees getting higher and the wait time getting longer over time.

Not a safe app to download, it’s a scam.. So I buy, sell, trade, locally & online. eBay, letgo, I even use OfferUp. I had a customer & he doesn’t have Venmo, or PayPal, he tells me he only has Cash App. So I downloaded the app. to receive payment. Almost instantly I get an email stating that the payment has been placed on hold, & I have to increase my daily limit so I can receive payment in full. Being that the email had the cash app logo, brand, & in the body of the email it had some of my personal info. that I had just entered, as well as the email also had the customers information With his payment info. So at this point I think it’s all part of the process. Long story short through emails & texts messages I had $600 on hold, so I just needed to add an extra $200 to my cash app account to Increase my daily limit. Mind you there is a plethora of emails, text messages, & information coming directly from the app. I added $200 to the app using the information that was provided to me through these various emails. I quickly realized it was all a ploy to get me to put $$ on the app because they asked for more shortly after. I saved all of the emails, and text messages, I even saved the confirmation number that was provided to me through the app. To share & let people know, to use any other money app except CASH APP!!! They are criminals & they will take you for everything if you give them the account info. Hope this helps stay safe

my fav app ever. my current job gave some false information about my check so i went and asked cashapp support (who i have talked to about several things in the past and have had excellent run-ins every single time) and they made everything so much easier. the auto reply bot told me it might be a little while and apologized for the inconvenience. once my support team member told me he was ready he answered my question literally in one minute. gave me all of the information i needed and even checked if my direct deposit was pending yet. all of this goodness isnt even why i decided to write this review. in every other app who has asked for my thoughts they asked me in app AND THEN ASKED ME AGAIN and took me to the app store. but cashapp was different. they just gave me some buttons to press to speed up my process but still cared about my thoughts. (the buttons were the stars and some pre-wrote responses) and all i had to do was submit and they left me alone. THANK YOU GUYS! i use your app all the time to send and receive money from my friends. the ONLY thing that i wish was different was the age to get your cash flow coming in changed to be more than $1,000 per month while your under 18. i am 17 years old with my ged and i work full time so i have alot more than $1000 per month coming in which limits me from using cashapp over everything else. thank you for everything guys, and if you could do anything to help me with getting that changed that would be wonderful. thank you!

Worst Refund Process & Customer Service. Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced from any company. I paid $900 to a friend and since they don’t use CashApp they immediately returned the payment. I wanted to make sure this return went directly back into the bank account from which it was taken so I asked support exactly what I needed to do to make sure this was done. They told me it would refunded to the (last 4 digits account) that it came from in 2-5 business day’s. After a week the money had not been refunded but, still showed just sitting in my CashApp account. Once again I messaged support and they once again said it would be returned in 2-5 business days. When I said that’s what you told me last time they told me that it was my bank who had not done their part. I called my bank who then had to walk me through the process of getting my money refunded (cash out, find your bank, and then place it back into your account). Now it should be back in my account on Tuesday. When I told support through CashApp this they told me they wanted all correspondences to come from my bank about this transaction. Thank God, for customer service at my bank because I would have never be able to get my money back from the useless information CashApp was giving me. Prior I had never had any issues but, I also never had money returned. I won’t be using this app anymore and I definitely won’t be recommending it to anyone.

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Thefts. Cash app are such Thefts. They falsely charging me $365 on my account that put my account into overdraft. When I contacted their support team through email the told me that it was my Apple account was the one that was charging my account this amount and that I should contact Apple to resolve the issue and so I did and Contacted Apple. Apple told me that they not the one charging my account the amount of $365 and that they not charge my account at all for anything and send me my whole Apple statement summary to prove it. Apple even offer to speak with them on a three way with to clear up an misunderstood that they’re having. So I contacted Cash app through email and information them of what Apple said and send the my Apple statement and inform they about the offer of the three way conversation. Still Cash app want to charge me a fraudulent transaction charge. The thing about it is that they’re charging my account a Whole $365 but I can’t find on my Cash Apple statement as to where what the charge are for, it not even on my Cash app Statement. Apple even ask my on the phone Cash app say what’s the charge is for .. no.. all the information they’re giving me is that Apple is the one Charging the Account. This is frustrating and stress. Feel so Disgusted and Disappointed in Cash App that this is what they do to their Client. I would have give them No Star. They’re the Worst

Terrible customer service! No communication.. I’ve used this app for a couple years now for work splitting dinners, my kids sports, fantasy football, etc. this app was always awesome and still is a great convenient app for the most part. Recently my app was logged out of somehow. When I opened it it asked for my phone number and then it made me create a new cashtag name. I was unable to get back into my previous account where I had a 140 dollar balance. I’ve must have written 20 plus emails asking for help over the past 2 weeks and customer support will not respond or help resolve my situation. Up till now I’d give this app 5 stars but now I just rather use Venmo. If cash support will step in and fix this issue then I’d change my review to 5 stars. Not looking good though. About 4-5 days later after I left this review with a 1 star I was finally contacted by cash support tech named Rachel by email and they did finally get my accounts merged and my money back into my account. I did change my 1 star to a 4 star only because it took 3 weeks to fix. If it were a quicker response I would’ve given it a 5 star but for an app that handles money you want assistance ASAP. I will continue to use this for the convenience. Thanks cash app.

DO NOT USE!!!!. Let me start off by saying that I wish I could give ZERO stars. Without my knowledge, the transfers I was making to a friend started being sent to SquareCash instead of directly to the bank, the only way to get it to the bank was to "cash it out". The app has NO issues when taking your money, but magically cannot "refund" any money. Customer support is via email ONLY, so who knows if it's an actual person. I've been trying to find out where a $300 refund is for over a week now and every email response says the EXACT same thing; basically blaming the bank and requesting a letter head note from my bank to prove that I never received the money. After explaining OVER AND OVER again that the bank does not provide such letters nor can they trace the so-called reference number they provided, the email responses still said the exact same thing. My banks branch manager offered to call their customer support (because I am his third customer this week having this issue) but as I mentioned earlier they don't offer phone customer support, cowardly. They provide no proof of it being sent to my account; even the app shows it's not completed. My bank is now investigating this issue and SquareCash will have to prove to them where this money is. If you like losing money, I recommend using this app.... otherwise there are MANY other ways to send and receive money. Good riddance Cashapp

No one has a clue!!!. Had used credit karma tax for years now was sold to this app. I gave it a try opened a cash app acct and tried to do my taxes. Problem right away was that I couldn’t save my w-2 info. Reached out for help and when they finally got back to me the response had nothing to do with my question. Gave it 2 more tries and same thing. NO ONE COULD HELP. Finally decided to go another route with my taxes so the I tried to close the account on my desktop. Well that just takes you to a blank screen with an X. Went to the app and was able to find an option to close my account. So I did that and all I got was an email saying my email address was taken off my cash app account. Again I want to a CLOSE my account people and have my info removed since I started my taxes I input some personal info. Well now there is no way to contact them unless you go through the app and have an account???? No one can tell me if in fact my account and info is deleted. I received an email stating that my case from my original request about not being able to save w-2 info was closed and when I tried replying to that it just kept sending me the same email????? It’s frustrating not being able to know weather or not my info has been deleted or not. Recent reviews are also worrisome. Do better square for real.

Unintuitive and Frustrating. I want to talk about how I managed to get my money into my account. I could not scan the back of my ID on my iPhone Xs. There is not option to upload a photo of the idea or take a picture of it yourself, so if it doesn’t scan on its own, you’re stuck sitting at the same screen trying to scan it for half an hour and it still won’t work. I looked it up online, and I read that many people have the same issue, however the scan usually works on Samsung phones. So I logged into my account on a Samsung phone and the scan worked fine (still should be able to work on an iPhone though. It’s not a hardware issue, my camera works just fine, and I do scans on other apps just fine). Then when the app asked for my address, it said my address was not valid. I decided to switch back to my iPhone at this point and when I entered the SAME EXACT address, it worked (again, this should work on BOTH types of phones, not just one of them). You guys need to seriously fix how unintuitive and faulty your app is on both Samsung and Apple phones. I should not have to switch between two different phones every time I have to log in or make a transaction. I’ve dealt with these problems on CashApp before and I hate going through them every time I try to make a transaction. I will never use this stupid app again.

Do not trust cashapp. Any sender who sends you money can file for a dispute at their bank and the money will be deducted from your balance or you will get a negative balance on your account and cant use cashapp unless you pay it or anyone who pays you will go towards the negative balance. I contacted cashapp support about this and spoke to someone named sam who said there was nothing they could do about it and sent me instructions on how to pay the negative balance, the money I receive on cashapp was earned or received for personal services. If somebody steals a credit card and buys stuff from it the bank gives you their credits and doesn’t charge the franchise, this is absurd and highly don't recommend using cashapp theres many other methods, and I will be making sure anyone using cashapp is aware of this and will be spreading this information over my social media, this team didn’t do anything to resolve my issue and is unprofessional due to this. Update: now they sent me a email saying apparently I didn’t have enough funds in my bank so they deducted it from my cash-app balance causing the deduction, one thing to another the story stays switching up, SINCE WHEN DOES CASHAPP LOAN ANYONE MONEY WHEN THEY DONT HAVE ENOUGH OF A BALANCE!!! this app is a scam and this team is highly highly unprofessional and has done no work whatsoever to help me resolve an issue that is not my fault.

Don’t use Cash App. I had been using Cash App for 3 months when someone told me to try the Cash App card because it can be used like a debit card. So I ordered the card and it arrived in the mail, but I never used it. I just so happen to misplace my debut card and didn’t have tune to order a replacement card because I was going out of town. I pulled out the cash app card and was completely satisfied with how everything seemed to work good for the most part. My only issue was I paid two deposits to two different hotels and I never received my money back for those. I contacted cash app support and they weren’t any help. But I still continued to use the card. I had been using the card for a little over a month. All of a sudden the card is declining saying it needs to be activated. I have done everything from deleting the app and reinstalling to just simply disabling the card and trying to enable it again!! Nothing has worked. I contacted customer support the replied back asking me to submit info, but when I did they replied saying it should work but it still doesn’t. I’ve replied back twice letting them know that and still haven’t received a response back. I’m throwing this card away and getting deleting the app. RUN FAR FAR AWAY!! There is no phone number to talk to anyone, and emailing them is useless. PUT YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE!! DO NOT USE THIS APP!! If there’s a chance you might have issues, you will get NO help at all!!

No stars! Disappointed in Cash App. Today my debit card was compromised - 4 Target transactions in Brooklyn, NY, charged in less than 2 mins totaling nearly $700. It happened so fast that I did not have enough time to disable my card, but I eventually did, and another $200 transaction was attempted, but luckily it was declined. I don't know how they could use my debit card because this is a new card, and I have my debit card with me. I called Target - they said they couldn’t do anything. I called Cash App, the first rep was not helpful at all, and then I demanded a manager. The manager was a little more knowledgeable but not too convincing that I would be refunded. They stated they have to wait until the transactions are no longer pending to start an investigation. I am supposed to receive a phone call from Cash App tomorrow. Hopefully, they will contact me because this is ridiculous. After doing research, this appears to be a huge issue, and many people are victims, but it seems that Cash App is incapable of protecting clients and won’t implement protection for clients. How is this possible? Target is also at fault for allowing several transactions to happen in just minutes and claiming they need a receipt in order to investigate. I am very disappointed with Cash App. If I don’t get this resolve in a week or so, I will seek legal advice and take action.

I wish I could give zero stars. I haven't ever regret so bad at getting an app in my life till now. They take the money into the app without a problem but at the time that I need to get the money out is such a big deal they don't ask you in the beginning but for your debit or credit card but once you need the money out they ask you for your full Social security and even a pic of your driver license, They even ask you to login into your bank account through them so they have full access to you money i've been trying to ask them to let me get my money out and every time somebody email me they do say apologize the previous person couldn't help you I'm gonna help you (they only give you their first name and that's it so you don't really know if you're talking to a real person or he's just a system playing tricks on you )and it goes like that I've been talking to several different people nobody give me the answer I need even though I explained clearly that all I want is to get my money back I'm stuck with this stupid app there is holding my money and I have no way to get it out because I'm not willing to give them my login and password to my bank account definitely I never regret in my life to have a app like this and I don't recommend to no one do it downloaded this app is nothing but trash to me

Stolen/ lost money.. Went to use the cash app card at a QT gas station. Before getting out of my truck I checked my cash account to make sure I had sufficient funds to get gas. My account had $108. Swipe my card and it gets declined for insufficient funds and I try again, same thing. I check the cash app and my funds have dropped to $8. I go to support and FAQS and find that this is common and they say the funds will be returned in 12-14 days (ridiculous amount of time to be out $100) I periodically check my account to see if the money has returned and it never had. Day 15 I email support and ask where the money is. At first they say next time I open my app the money will be refunded. I checked and it had not been refunded I email back and they said that they can do nothing about it and pull a statement saying I had $19 in my account when i went to get gas thus the insufficient funds. They have a statement, and all I have is a -$100 in my app. I have no way to show them that I had $108. I wouldn’t of used the cash app card if I only had $19 for gas. Customer service is kind but very slow and very quick to say they can do nothing about it but they stolen my $100 or the balance you see in the app in inaccurate. This has been a terrible inconvenience and a horrible experience using cash app. Would reconsider if the were willing to fix and address this issue.

Useless. This whole app is bad, Things Literally were all perfect, then one day It just wouldn't let me send nor receive money, But the account looked fine, I had to search around the whole app its self Just to find out that “my account is closed” I didnt recieve not an email nor text notification saying this, I had to find out for my self, It was apparently closed Due to “suspicious activity”, I couldn't get help from anyone, when I went to cash support I just literally got back an email saying that “your account is closed due to violation of so & so” when In reality, I didn't violate anything, It was also given that I couldn't even speak to any one , Nor did I even get to speak with an actual person, So with the account literally being rendered Useless, I permanently shut it down to build a new one, & so I set up the new account just to come to find out that now my “bank isn't supported” when in reality its other people who use Cashapp & Have the same bank & Same type of checking account, overall as a customer You guys gave off Horrible customer service, & Its weird because all I do Is buy bitcoin & Send money back & Forth between me & My friends, Thats very Odd as a company to Not value your clients/ Customers, My New account is still not in motion due to the fact that I cant even attach a bank account to it , So again Im back to square one with an account that has Once again Rendered me USELESS.

To customer support if you can’t log in. Edit 2: After a couple of back and forth support I have now received multiple scam calls asking me to download team viewer in order to verify my account- i.e an app that lets the see everything on my phone. When asked how seeing everything on my phone would allow them to verify me the scammer pretending to be cash app says that it’s too technical so I need to download it first and I would not understand. They called me, How would the scammers know I’ve had cash app issues if not for some insecurity in cash apps system? This app is trash and you will have your money stolen. Original: I changed my phone number and haven’t been able to log in to close my account. The only way to contact support is by making a new account and there is no live support over the phone it’s just automated. Hope no one who gets my old number can just “forget password” and reset it bc they have my number. Edit1: I just want you guys to know that I’ve been emailing back and forth with their customer service for like 2 weeks and it’s absolutely infuriating. They probably offshores it to save $ and it’s just so tedious and impossible. Like how hard is it to understand that I can’t close the account myself bc I have a different number so I can’t log in ? Like it won’t let me! Every other email is like just log in and request to close it- I can’t!!!!

Use another payment app!! Cashapp security and customer support is a joke!!!!. Update 11/25: Cashapp said they were gonna help and gave me a link. It just literally opened up a link to get into the app. I found a link in the app to get to put in a complaint and get to customer service. It all seemed like it was going fine at first, emails were going smooth THEN I just kept getting bounced from one customer service rep to another and another and another. They said a specialist was going to be looking into my case and it would take 5-10 business days to look into then I'd be notified about how it was going. Almost been another month now and still haven't gotten any word back AT ALL. This app is an absolute joke!! Highly recommend using another app that has some security and has a decent customer service. Definitely going to place a complaint with the BBB. Original Review: I've had cash app for a few years now and no problems. Last week someone tried to hack into my cash app and take $300. He failed the first time but managed to take out $100. Called their support and they were super unhelpful but promised I would get my money back in 24-48 hours. It's been a few days now and I have not received a call or email or anything. I wouldn't recommend downloading this until they fix their problems. There are other apps out there like Zelle that are more secure and I haven't had any problems with them.

Inconsistent + lack of customer support = frustration. While I have used the app in the past few month without a hitch (and I’m trying to convince others to do the same), I recently ran into a problem sending money to a friend and it’s highlighted some problems with the Cash app. I sent a second payment to this person within a two week period and in order to receive the second payment they are being asked to verify their account through Facebook or their Social Security number. This seems odd as they have used the app to receive cash in the past with no problem and the two payments which I sent are well under the $250 trip point that I’ve read can often trigger a verification request. She’s not comfortable putting this info in and there doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason for why it happened. And what a drag of it happens again and again? She contacted customer support and got a canned response that doesn’t address the issue. Really wish there was a better way to contact customer support. Why is she being asked for this information at this time? It seems a little suspect. She’s frustrated and ready to quit the app and use something else, and I’m finding it hard to recommend this app to others now.

User Beware. I was asked to download this app by a buyer on Facebook Marketplace. I have never used this app before now and I will not be using it in the future. They have no customer phone support even though they have a customer service phone number that only redirects you to use their app. I emailed customer support and I received a response but the response simply reiterated the request for the refund in gift cards before I’d receive my money. Not only that, but their response was so poorly worded and misspelled that it appeared a small child wrote the response. If you want users to feel confident using this app, then you should have better customer support. Especially considering I am a first time user, this entire ordeal has not inspired me to continue using the app given how absurdly difficult it has been to actually be paid for something I’ve already shipped. Additionally, there is nothing saying you have to have a business account versus a personal account in order to receive payments over $500 when you begin using the app. If this does occur, then the app requires the payer to add an additional $500 to expand your account. After that, they request the money to be refunded through gift cards when you still have not received any sort of payment for the item you’ve sold. Needless to say, this business practice seems suspicious at best to me.

Convenience isn’t always good with their debit card. I been using cash app for my business and personal. This past weekend the trust between cash app and I has been broken and I since then terminated all dealing with them. Let me share what happen. On a Friday evening I used my cash app debit card to make a purchase. Just as always the transaction went flawless. Once completed I switched my debit card off so that no other unauthorized transaction can occur. I used this feature religiously without issues. The cash app debit card when turned off will go from black to a ghost white. However this time the debit card disappeared and a few minutes later I was asked by the app to sign up for a new debit card. I contacted cash app via email (the only way they communicate) and I explained what happen. Within minutes I got a reply from an agent asking me key questions. I replayed with the answers they were seeking. Saturday went by, Sunday went by, Monday went by and no word from cash app. Tuesday morning I get an email saying that a push was sent to out to fix an issue and I and other cash app customers that were affected can resume using the debit card. This was a wake up call for me that this app has issues and cannot be trusted because the fixes took three days. I urge you all to use caution because if this happen to my business cash app accounts; the situation would be painful. Please use caution.

I wish I could give no stars. I’m having an issue with a company that I got a trial from, and as advised as soon as I got the trial product, I canceled my subscription. Two weeks later I see in my cash app notifications, that same company was attempting to take $95 from my account. I reached out to Cash App and they told me that it was nothing they could do, that I had to contact the merchant (it took about 3 business for a response). So I did, and the vendor customer service representative refused to cancel my subscription. So I called back and spoke with a supervisor who told me that he canceled my subscription and gave me a cancellation number. The very next day I saw another notification that the same vendor was still trying to take $95 out (luckily no funds were there since I never use the card unless I’m sending money to my children in college). I called the vendor again and again I get another cancellation number (different from the first one). I inquire about the first cancellation number and was told no record of it). I reached out via email to CashApp again, because Spring Break is coming up, and I’m sure my children will run out of money. I was told to reach out to the vendor again and that that was the only course of action. I’m giving this app 1 star because when you sign up they tell you this app is better than a bank. NOT!!! They could careless about you. And it’s a shame!

Thieves in disguise. Initially cash app was easy to use and very convenient. However over time I have become increasingly frustrated with this app. I have it set up as direct deposit. Every once in a while I am hit with a negative balance with no explanation as to how or why. I can never speak to an actual live person. There is never an explanation for the negative balance. Only via email and even then there is no resolution to the problem or an explanation. It generalized automated responses. I’m confused as to how you are handling people’s money and don’t have a phone number when a problem occurs for people to call. I had an issue purchasing some items online granted it was a new site I was purchasing from and I completely understand that for security reason cash app declines or blocks the transaction because they don’t recognize it but if I am confirming it and saying it is ok then what it the problem? Here is the catch! It says decline but in reality the payment actually went thru and cash app will try to say they money was never removed from your account and if you aren’t paying attention you will follow their suggestion and use a different form of payment and end up paying twice for the same product with 2 different forms of payment. I need an explanation. I need to know why this app is stealing money. I work very hard and don’t have any extra coins for cash app to steal! GET A CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE NUMBER!

I SO MUCH LOVE THIS SERVICE 👏. Guys be wise, do not make the same mistake i had made in the past, i was a victim of bitcoin scam through cashapp, i saw a glamorous review showering praises and marketing an investment firm called MACKIES Investment Co, I reached out to them on what their contracts are, and i invested 30,000 US-dollars, which i was promised to get my first 15% profit in weeks, when it's time of collection of profits, I got to know the company was bogus, they kept asking me to invest more and i ran out of patience then I requested to have my money back, they've refused to answer nor refund my funds, not until Eric my friend introduced me to the DATABASESPYHUB Recovery Agency and Hacking Agency services after tabling my complaints, they were swift to action and within 36 hours, i got back my funds with the due profit, I couldn't contain the joy in me. I urge you guys to reach the DATABASESPYHUB Recovery agency on their support email: DATABASESPYHUB VIA GMAIL com.. They provide excellent services. they have the highest success rate and they have the top reviews, they have been good in the business for years now so they’re at the top and not to be compared.

Cash App User BEWARE!!!!. Just to clarify I have been a user of the cash app since 2015. However, about a month ago my car was broken into, the criminal stole about $3,000 worth of my stuff including my phone and wallet. When I started getting texts from one of my banks on my secondary phone asking if I was getting gas and ordering breakfast at jack in the box, I replied no and the card was locked. I immediately ran to my car and saw the door to my convertible was open. I drove over to the closest JiTB and they said they remember the people but didn’t have a camera on the drive thru. I received texts throughout the day from cash app stating they were using my card in cities nearby so I followed them and finally found them. I reported the break in to the police and cash app with the evidence I compiled in order to get most (not all) of my stuff back. They spent about $700 of my cash app money and when I gave cash app support EVERYTHING I had on the criminals they denied that an error occurred and DID NOT refund me any money that they used. I requested the claim be reopened 3 times and all 3 times they denied an error occurred. My situation was handled the best I could handle it given my military background and I would advise EVERYONE that using the cash app as a bank is ILL-ADVISED. Send money, transfer money, hell, pay bills BUT DO NOT USE THIS AS A BANK!! The support is a FXCKING JOKE! 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

Can’t access my account. This app is a scam..i am a barber so I got the app to get payment from my customers I’ve already had 400 dollars stolen from my account reported it to cash app nothing nothing was done just kept giving me the run around never received my money or explanation as to what happened to it. There is no real actual number that you can call to talk to someone that have you send out messages just to sit and wait and hope someone get back with you. Now I have multiple accounts linked to 1 email account and when I log in I don’t have the option to pick what account to open I have money on to different accounts but can’t access neither one of them. Cash is a scam I am out of hundreds of dollars and this app have become an inconvenience to me. Before you get cash app I suggest you do your research and find something that actually have a customer support number because all the emails with no response is ridiculous the answer are computer generated I thought it was a cool app when I first got it but once you start losing money then have no way of actually talking to someone about the issue make you feel completely stupid and vulnerable I honestly would not recommend this app to anyone if money gets messed for some reason just count it as a loss I can imagine how many other have this problem and how much money that have made

If you get scammed, you will not get money back. I was scammed by a company and let cash app know, after 10 days I was told I would not be getting a refund but my report will help with future scams….when I reported this company that scammed me to the BBB they had lots and lots of complaints about money being sent to them via cash app and never receiving item…so not sure how cash app is helping there customers avoid future scams….anyway use at your own risk, I will be deleting cash app and using another more reputable company even if they charge me a small fee for transaction, it’s better to know if something goes wrong I will get my money back. So developers responded with this line “For context, we generally recommend using the app with the same caution you would with physical cash-only sending payments to others you know and trust.” well I looked at your app again and nowhere in it does it state that line, does say a lot of it’s safe and fast but doesn’t mention that line. And you gave another link for me to report it how many times do I have to report it to you and it being all over the BBB which lots of people must have reported it to you for you to decide it’s a bad company. maybe instead of doing nothing even after you find out you should put that line that you sent me in your preview, so people now the facts.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THIS APP!!!. I purchased a new phone and my phone number was changed 3 weeks ago and found that I could not access the account I had set up under my old phone number. I have hundreds of dollars sitting in the account that I needed to pay bills and when I counted the CashApp support team, they asked for my personal information in order to merge my accounts, that in my opinion, had nothing to do with the account that I had previously set up. After providing the information, they told me that they then needed for me to apply for a cash card or enable the Bitcoin feature on the new account, so that they could further verify my identity. I enabled the Bitcoin feature, which required me to take a photo of my driver’s license through the app so that they could verify my identity. After it was verified, I contacted their support team and again, they said that they need more of my personal information, which again, had nothing to do with my account that was set up. I refused to provide any additional personal info to protect my own privacy and info and they will not merge my accounts. I still do not have access to my account and the hundreds of dollars that are sitting in the account and I am extremely worried because I do not have the money needed to pay my bills! I have been in contact with the CashApp support team daily, but to no avail.

I only put 5* but they deserve ONE. My account was made into a business account by mistake when I finally contacted support about all the fees I was getting I was notified of this I then ASKED SUPPORT TO CHANGE MY ACCOUNT BACK TO PERSONAL TO ELIMINATE ALL THE FEES in February 2021. I was replied to and informed she would be making the changes to my account. ( Now May2021) I noticed I’m still being charged fees and wrote support again asking they make the change on my account they had told me would be made back in February. They now changed my account but are telling me they only refund 7 days from my original contact date... that would be February 13, 2021. Cash app only refunded me 7 days from the date they made the change to my account. I wrote back now 10 times asking them to refund me the money seven days from my original contact date in February which they stated in every email was their policy.... they won’t refund my money even though their staff are the ones who didn’t follow thru with the request I had originally sent.... I’m furious I used to use cash app religiously now I’ll be looking for another banking app....

Deleted and Will not use again. Thai app was what I thought a great one until yesterday. I’ve only used it to send money to my son as it’s just easy for both of us. So I transferred money from my bank to the cash app then sent it to my son. It was blocked and denied by cash app. Unknown reason other than it was to protect me. I attempted again only to receive the same outcome. I reached out to cash app support and was told it was stopped for my safety. Ok... I advised that it was a valid transaction and inquired what I need to do in order to verify that for sending. I was told that I could try again later however it would be blocked again. No reason given. When I attempted to question this as again I verified it was a valid sending of funds, I was told that I could use another money sending app. Seriously? Sending me elsewhere instead of sending funds as the app is meant for. Ok... so I created a Venmo. Now comes the fun. When I went to “cash out” and transfer my funds back to my account, I found that I would have to wait three days until I would receive my money or I could do an instant transfer for a $7.50 fee. Not a lot but due to this being a cash app error I reached out regarding waiving this fee and was simply told that those are their fees, it will stand, I could use another app and the conversation would be ended. Very very poor customer service and for that I am done.

Abysmal customer service. I’m used to getting bad service from banks but this app was supposed to be different and it was for a time. For 3 years Ive used it for simple transactions and sometimes as away to get paid for projects. It has been linked to my debit cards and bank accounts. Never needed help or customer service before until this past week. All of a sudden all my transactions would receive a “transaction failed error message “ I contacted my banks and both said they had no issues and had not flagged anything for fraud. I contacted cash app and they responded by basically saying that sometimes transactions failed because they saw some use that was out of the ordinary. Folks I’ve never moved more than $300 on this app. They continued to to tell me that they could give me no further information. When I asked for clarification and relayed my banks info they continued to send me the same canned message. I tried deleting that account and setting up a new one. Same issue. What angers me is that after asking for them to provide records for my account and to substantiate the claim that some “out of the ordinary” transaction took place they simply ignored ‘me. I’m contacting the CFPB to log a formal complaint in order to get my info. It’s a great app but if this is how they treat customers who ask questions about things they have right to know then they should be held accountable.

Don’t use this for bitcoin payments. I used this to purchase bitcoin so I could buy a product from a Dutch company that gave a third off for using bitcoin. Purchasing the bitcoin was simple it allowed me to do so in a few steps. Sending it to the recipient however required verification which is fine - if the verification ID scanner actually worked or the customer service actually responded. It didn’t so I immediately contacted support sending them my ID photos for them to confirm my identity. They didn’t do this, they simply sent me instructions of how to make the scanner work - very condescending as if I’d not used my camera before. I then sent another support email and they said it would take 10 days for them to verify manually. This is a banking app - response times should be at most 24 hours not a matter of days. The value of my bitcoin then dropped below the amount of the goods I wanted to purchase. Yet to be sorted by customer service and they haven’t offered to give me the money back - what’s the point of advertising a bitcoin payment service if you don’t verify people on the day? I wasn’t in it for the investment. I will update this review if the issue is sorted but this company has the WORST customer service I’ve ever experienced, no phone number only an email support which doesn’t respond. Verification should be done daily otherwise don’t advertise being a bitcoin payment service.

Great for sending & receiving money, but that’s it.. CashApp is great for sending and receiving money, I love having a card to access the money in my account, the fees are minimal when transferring also. They’ve been promoting their direct deposit and check cashing features for a while so I decided to give it a shot. I have to scan my checks until direct deposit kicks in and they make it so difficult. I received a notice that my check has already been cashed! I tried contacting support and it took 6 hours for someone to respond, just to tell me that the actual problem was that the image wasn’t clear so I needed to resubmit it. So that put my deposit off by a day. I get a notification saying that it’ll be available the next business day, but it wasn’t. Support said that it should be there the following morning. Why tell me the next business day if that’s not accurate? Now I’m trying to scan my check and CashApp says it suddenly needs me to allow the app access to my camera. It didn’t need this permission before and there’s no option in my setting to even allow access to my camera! And of course now I’ll have to wait several hours to hear from support.

Banned then Dismissed by Support Chat. My account was banned without warning, when reaching out for help I was totally shut down. I very amicably messaged them telling them it seems like a very silly mistake and that we could work together to fix it. Support chat just kept forwarding me the link to their terms of service, which I said yes, after being banned I went through it with a fine tooth comb and I’m totally within their TOS. I asked for the reason I was banned, he said he didn’t know. I asked if there was some method of appeal or pursing this so that I could understand why I may have had my account deleted, and he just kept sending me the links to terms of service. I told him that even though I was frustrated, I understood that it wasn’t his fault, and requested a way to get in contact with legal about petitioning for consumers and clients of cashapp to have access to the reason they were banned. He responded again with the TOS link and then said “I’m going to go ahead and disconnect the chat.” I’ve never been so flagrantly blown off by a customer service representative, and it’s infuriating that they not only didn’t have to give a reason but wouldn’t engage in being solution-oriented with me. UPDATE: after reading this, cashapp for the 6th time once again just shot yet another dismissive, vague link to their terms of service. If anything, I would now give them -5 stars.

Horrible Customer Service. Initially I thought cash app was pretty awesome as it allowed me transfer money to who is in college whenever he needed it. Then I all of a sudden I was unable to make or receive any transactions. After searching the net I found a customer service number. When I finally got in touch with a rep, he was difficult to understand and initially seemed rude. When I made comment, he changed his tone and was quite helpful. He had me connect my phone to the computer and we began maneuver through the system. When he had difficulty he got his supervisor who was quite rude and arrogant. He informed me that there was suspicious activity on my account (the month before someone from across the country managed to take money from my account using square, an affiliate of theirs),and I would need to deposit 500 on my cash app and transfer it. I told him I would do no such thing and he then too began raising his voice telling me he was a supervisor. Well I resorted to using expletives, telling him what he could do with that supervisor thing (not proud of that). As far as I’m concerned, not only was it annoying speaking to someone I could barely understand, the fact that they had a condescending, oh well attitude. It’s unfortunate because I enjoyed the convenience of cash app. However the customer service in the event of issues are horrible. I deleted the app and will just go back to my original manner of transferring money!!

BEWARE!!!. Hardly used this app. When I did, it was only with family. Had my bank account link to this app as you would any money transferring app. Had two fraudulent charges of $50 each in row from a user who wasn’t in any of my contacts let alone a family member. Not only that but had not used or had any transactions in over a year with this app. Contacted the user services for this app immediately to dispute charges explaining circumstances that I only use the app for family members and didn’t know the user who pulled out my money or that I hadn’t use the app in over a year… also I had been notified that a unknown device had logged on to my account which is the reason why I noticed the transactions… I followed their protocol in this matter giving a full statement and proof that I did not authorize that device or those transactions. Well after about 3 weeks I finally heard from Cash app and they informed me that they didn’t see anything fraudulent with the transactions and by their standards they were authorized transactions. Thank goodness for my very well respected financial institution who deem the charges as fraudulent who did cover and take care of their customer. I have deleted this app and have informed everyone from family to strangers about the danger of using this “Cash app”. Have a good day and good luck!

Horrible. Cash app has zero security. I have people or something trying everyday to steal my money. I have to keep a zero balance so they can’t steal another $180 from me.. One of my clients paid me $200 and when I went to retrieve my money cash app wouldn’t let me, because my debit card was attached do to fraud. I was getting a new card in the mail.. so I couldn’t get my money an transfer it to my back. But a third party (fraud) could request a payment and steal $180 from my secure cash app account.. while the payment was pending I contactus cash app and they said they couldn’t do anything until the payment was final.. I then contacted Cash app and nothing was done to refund me back my money.. I since then stop activity on that card. But I get alerts in my email that copy’s are trying to charge me.. cash app fix your problem. I don’t use a card I only had clients pay me an then I would put the money in my Wells Fargo account.. I don’t want to delete this app but I might have to because there’s no security for my payments.. thief’s have more access to my money than I do.. thank you cash app team for giving $180 dollars away..

REJECTED DIRECT DEPOSIT!?!. Y’all have locked my account up and I requested help getting it unlocked earlier yesterday. I was told a specialized team would have to email me about the issue and I never received the email. And then I had a direct deposit for my job come in last night and y’all rejected it because the issue was not handled yet I went to the Support section to message you again about this issue because I need my money today. It’s very important. Your team said once again that they cannot make my problem go away and would need a specialized team to get a hold of me once again through email and couldn’t tell me a time of when I could be helped with this important issue I’m facing. Why is it taking so long for y’all to get with me on a pretty big problem I’m now having to deal with because I can’t get help fast enough?? Why email ? Can you not transfer to the special team through the chat box we talk in? I am now screwed and don’t know how long it’s gong to take to get my money I should have access to right now. I’ve received several deposits from that company through y’all so not sure why you are even blocking it. I NEED MY MONEY and I NEED HELP. Why didn’t y’all even notify me initially that my card and account was locked for whatever reason you locked it for? This is ridiculous

BEWARE!! Terrible customer support!!. My cash app was compromised, someone used it at a Chipotle in Denver and I live in Ca. I wasn’t even alerted of the charge. Then the alert I did get with that someone was trying to spend $463 at Apple and it got declined which is when I realized something was dreadfully wrong! I tried to contact customer service on the phone, they referred me back to customer support on the app, so I sent an email which took them over a day to get back to me where they Told me to apply for a new Cash App card THEN and ONLY THEN would they address the security breach issue. Meanwhile I removed my checking account info and froze my card as best as I could from the App. The thieves continued to try and use my account over the next few days, I reported this by email, (the only contact Cash app has with there customers) and they did nothing. Then all of a sudden cash app alerts me that I am seven dollars overdrawn and I need to transfer money to settle the balance. I contacted them again asking if they had any intention of reimbursing any of the money that was stolen from me, I got no response. Imagine my horror this morning when I got an alert that cash app took it upon themselves to re-activate my checking account and remove the money themselves!! I I strongly advise against doing business with Cash App or their parent company Square, which I had left last year because of their poor customer care. April R.

Not really trustworthy. This apps features are pretty useful. I can pay back friends and family easily and it is faster to use in online purchases and with Apple Pay. But overtime I’ve learned more about this app that made me use it less and barely trust to even keep much money in. Why? Well first of all it’s easy to see that it is much easier to get your money stolen and or get scammed. Using this app now, I keep like literally only $15 dollars, I do not keep my bank linked either any more money that gets put into it is only put in if I need to use the app to pay someone back or something similar. I always have my card locked when not in use and any security function possible. Because it is very easily to get scammed and most of the time the support will just straight up ghost you. And that is like the worst thing for a MONEY company to do. I’ve heard countless stories of people loosing everything even in their linked bank as well and not getting support at all, for your safety, please do not trust this app. I’d recommend to use something else like especially one that’s connected to your banking service so it is easier to get support. But if you have to use this app just take all of these precautions. I can’t believe some of these things this company has flat out ignored.

Great for those who don't carry cash. It's a very minimalistic type of app. It's easy to use and I have had no issues with it. It does ask to link your debit card and bank information, which is understandable. I asked my girlfriend to download the app to send me $50 that she needed to give me. When she sent it, it went to my cash drawer. Easy enough. Then I went to cash out and it told me that it was "instantly deposited" into my bank account. At first, I was like no way. So I went to check my bank and there it was, $50 dollar deposit transaction and ready to use. I would recommend this app to all my college friends because it's really useful for us since none of us ever carry around cash. I do admit that I don't believe I ever received the $5 for referring a friend but I don't really care about the promo money. Update: It's been a year since I've used the app. My girlfriend sent me over $600 last month with the app and I was debating whether to keep it in the app since I have that beautiful etched Cash black card now or not but in the end, I decided to put it in my bank account. Since it was a weekday, it was in my account the very next day. Thanks for the great work!

Great App for Scammers. Update 7/4/21: So Cash App gave a really fake response to my negative review saying they “We're so sorry about your experience and understand how frustrating it is to not have the issue you've been experiencing resolved. Were we able to get your original request taken care of?” …haha, it’s not that Cash App doesn’t understand, it’s that they don’t care and will do absolutely nothing to support their customers. I have tried multiple times to reach out to cash app (via app and Twitter) and each time they tell me to work directly with the scammers to resolve the issue. How about not re-victimizing people Cash App? Why do you ask people to notify you when you do nothing but make people feel even more helpless…P.S. stop copying and pasting every message you send. I have used this app for years and bought stock when they went public…after falling victim to a virtual kidnapping scam, I realized how little this company cares about its customers. The company asks its customers to contact them right away if they have been scammed and then promptly runs them in circles doing nothing. If you want a company who will be responsive and supportive, this is not the app for you… however, if you want a company who refers to their agents “advocates” but only copy and paste statements and cause more anxiety and heartbreak, you should download this app twice.

Worst Customer Support. A couple weeks ago someone hacked my account and stole about $400 from me and tried to steal another $600, but my bank caught it. So I contacted customer support. Mind you they don’t have a phone number. They have to contact you after you type them a message. Someone did call me and advised me to contact my bank and to fill out the information they needed to investigate the unauthorized charges. I had to answer those questions about 4 or 5 times with a different person each time for them to turn around and say that the charges are valid because they were authorized through a device that had access to my account. I did not authorize any payments at that time due to I was teaching class when they went through. I do not know the people who took the money. I have never sent money to those people. So I removed all my bank information from CashApp. Fast forward to the present...I went to add my bank card information on there for someone to send me money and they have closed my account due to a violation of the terms of service. I again messaged them and their response was I did a chargeback through my bank on a charge that was done in my app. How am I being punished for being a victim to theft? Please be aware of how crooked the people who work for this company are. They do not care about you or your money.

My nightmare. I recently joined Cash App to receive payment in BTC. You have to enter your Social Security number for tax purposes, when mine was entered I entered it incorrectly. There is no way on the platform to edit it and reconfirm validity. When you try to sell your BTC a form will pop up stating that “ By confirming, I certify under penalties of perjury that I’ve reviewed the information on this Form w-9 and that it is correct.” There is no option that states “If anything on the form is incorrect go to...” It’s been more than 24 hours and I have not heard from Cash App support yet and I cannot receive my funds until they reach out. I don’t usually leave negative reviews, but this is my only option left of reaching out unfortunately. Update: I was finally contacted by CashSupport, I explained the issue, we sent emails back and forth, but I was sent a response that didn’t resolve the issue or give me any guidance on what to do. It was more so a script. I contacted the person back to clarify my issue, but I didn’t get a response from her the email said, “Hi you have reached an unmonitored email address...” I was responding to the email thread that we had been using so I’m not sure what happened. I just want to change the SS# on my account...that’s all if possible or be guided in the direction to someone that knows how to take care of the matter..

A scam and fraud. I had $4k stolen from both of my debit cards on here and cash app support refused to help me and get to the bottom of how this could have happened. Someone was adding cash from my debit cards to their cash card somehow. I have never had a cash card and have no need for one. This occurred over 52 transactions over 8 months. Small amounts were generally stolen and it was spread out so I didn’t notice until it was way to late. I was buying crypto and stocks and had a death in the family and some other issues so I wasn’t monitoring this like you obvi need to. Cash App is not a bank or a credit card and they do not have their customers best interest. I contacts cash app support and they wanted me to answer 8-10 questions on every fraudulent transaction. There is no legit phone number either which is very frustrating. My case was passed around to 5-7 people - Alfred, John, Gigi, Sylvie, and finally Marie who sent me an email saying my account was permanently disabled. I feel violated and am very concerned about the lack of concern for my loss of $4k. I’ve had to cancel both debit cards and am sticking to Venmo and PayPal because they are legit and care about their customers who entrust their personal financial info to them. If someone at Cash App could provide me with a name and phone number of someone that can help I would appreciate it but I’m not holding my breath.

ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I had been using the cash app for the past year, and for the most part, I had really enjoyed it. However, I recently went to use my card, only to discover that my account had been closed and the money I had had in the app was suddenly no longer available. There is no human being you can contact on the phone for this app. In fact, there is no customer service phone number whatsoever. The only option available is either reading through very unhelpful “user questions” or sending an email that may or may not ever be returned. When I discovered that I could suddenly no longer use my cash app to send money and that my card was declined (even though I had money in the app), I sent an email to customer service. They responded by saying my account had been closed due to either my transaction history, refund history, or a violation of the user agreement. They refused to give me any details as to why this had suddenly happened in that as far as I knew I had not done anything abnormal or in violation of anything, and that the decision was final. I responded back asking for any information because I felt that this must be an error and never got a single response back. And I have not been able to get my money returned either. Up until this point I had thought the cashapp was great but now I am totally disillusioned and hate it. A good app to choose if you want your money stolen.

Screw PayPal & Venmo. CASHAPP IS WHERE ITS AT! I’ve been saying this for years, no holds, no chargebacks, no SCAMS. I spent so many years trying to make PayPal work as a seller and they scammed me every single time (Buyer scams backed by PayPal and PayPal themselves). I still have hundreds of dollars up in the air on old PayPal accounts that they refuse to give me. And in case you didn’t know, Venmo is just a “lite” version of PayPal, owned and operated by the same scammers at PayPal.. Cashapp is instant in every aspect. I use it every day, you could literally use Cashapp as a replacement for your bank, they support direct deposit and give you a routing and account number, and the Cashapp cards are awesome too! I made a sick looking card in the editor and got it in the mail super fast, the best part is it was totally free! I’ve tried to find anything negative about Cashapp to put on here but there is nothing bad to say. I can’t thank the people behind Cashapp enough for making my life and operating a small business SO much easier and simpler. I’m done helping pay PayPal’s bills. Download this app now and never regret the method you used for transferring money, receiving money, or sending money EVER AGAIN!

Starting not to like cash app. The fact that cash app takes $2.50 out of your money as if the ATM doesn’t already take cash out of your money is very disrespectful. Say a person only has $10 on their card, cash app will take $2.50 of that and an ATM will take about $3.75 what is left to take out? That is $6.25 of your last $10. Which leaves you $3.75 and you tell me which ATM will let you take out $3.75 and on top of that what can you buy with that? I’m sure without the $2.50 charge you would not be able to get much with the $6.25 change left but I am just speaking on principles. So let’s say the ATM is free and you have $10 and you truly need your $10 that $2.50 charge makes it impossible for you to withdraw any cash whatsoever if you only have $10 in your account. You may have needed that last $10 for gas or a little bit of groceries or just something else but cash app was just that greedy that they took that amount from you. And that goes for amounts that are higher as well. I’m thinking about closing down my cash app because first it was $2 and now it’s gone up to $2.50, what’s next $3.00? I just can’t support that. I think that is pretty messed up especially considering the fact that Venmo doesn’t charge, PayPal doesn’t charge and so forth. Cash App is starting to be my very least favorite company.

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!! LOST MONEY, NO HELP. My family and I have use this app for a few years to pay each other and it’s always seemed really easy. A few weeks ago my husband send my mom $250 to pay her for childcare and when my mom deposited the funds into her account it was immediately taken back out. She could see on her bank statement that it was deposited and then immediately removed. We tried contacting cash app and there is no way to get a hold of an actual person! After two weeks worth of emails we still have not seen the money. My mom has made numerous trips to her bank trying to collect any information that she can on the transactions but cash app continues to tell her that there’s nothing that they can do. We don’t understand how $250 can just go missing and there’s no trace of it. I DO NOT recommend this app and we will all be deleting it. Besides Venmo has cheaper fees anyways! ***UPDATE*** The developers responded to my review so I passed along their suggestions to my mom, which turned out to be more of the same run around and dead end communication. WHAT A JOKE! I wish I would have read all of the negative reviews before ever using this app. I’m deleting it along with my husband, mom, sister and brother and I will continue to tell EVERYONE I CAN THAT MY MOM STILL HAS NOT RECEIVED HER $250 and probably never will. Thanks Cash App thieves.

Great App But Horrible Customer Service. I rarely write app reviews but felt compelled to write this one after an awful experience with Cash App Support. Let me be clear—Cash App itself is great. I love the Cash Card discounts and the smooth functionality. However, I have been having an issue with the app after I changed my legal name. Casey, the support manager, did a wonderful job of changing the name on my account to reflect my new name several months ago, but unfortunately, my former name has continued to appear on all of my monthly statements since then. When I contacted Cash App Support again with a description of the problem and screenshots of two recent statements, I spoke with Danny and Juan, who both completely ignored the problem (telling me that my account already had my new name on it, which I am perfectly aware of) and tried to close the case, without any acknowledgment of the incorrect name on my statements. Furthermore, they labeled the email chain as “suspected spam”, which tells me that the lack of acknowledgment of the issue was purposeful and not a simple misunderstanding. I am very disappointed with this so-called “support”, and frankly just shocked. I have never before encountered customer service as awful as this. Hopefully this review and my most recent email will render an adequate response from Cash App.

It isn’t giving me the amount people are sending me!. I’ve used Cash App for a few years without any problem. That is until today! Friend sent me 50$ that he owed me using cash app to pay me back. I was totally fine with this since I have never had an issue with cash app in the past. He sent the $50 and on his end it showed that he had sent $50. Yet on my end I only received $30. With no explanation why. II am not any kind of computer genius but the app is simple to use and this is beyond me why is it my money here.? I contacted customer support over and over and over and over again and waited and waited and waited and waited wrote them my complaint over and over and over again and got zero reply I am very very upset with us! This is supposed to be a professional business I am a paying customer yet I am not being taken care of I want my money I need my money I want to be compensated for you shorting me on the payment I am entitled to. Get back to me as soon as possible you have my email address you have my phone number you have everything I am so upset.

I would give 0 stars if it were possible!. I have had an issue with a particular purchase and refund THREE TIMES NOW. I ordered a product in March which I did not receive. After a while I reached out to the merchant who only provided tracking info which did not work so I requested a refund and never heard from them again. I then reached out to cashapp SEVERAL times over the course of about 2 weeks trying to get a refund. They initially credited it back to my account but then again over a month later took it back out after “denying” my dispute charges. Even when I provided them with substantial proof that I never got my product and reached out to the merchant and was not able to resolve a thing. Finally june 10th I got a refund and an email saying my dispute was refunded and case closed. Then two days ago, OVER TWO MONTHS LATER, they take the money AGAIN. I have now been trying to call (which I was hung up on by a rude cashapp support memeber), emailed, and chatted through the app several times and no one wants to give me any resolutions. They keep just saying they’re sending it to their specialty department. Why is it so hard to just credit me back the money? Getting a refund and resolving issues with this company and app is like pulling teeth! Not to mention their customer support is literally the worst I’ve ever had to deal with.

Lost money meant for my sick mom. My sisters were setting up an account to receive money for mom. They started accounts and it said the money was sent and received but before my sister could withdraw the money her account asked for to add a bank account which she did and then a pin but it didn’t accept it. She tried again and it didn’t work so she called me to help. I decided to log into her account via my cash app and try again. I entered it all slowly and correctly but it locked me out. After contacting customer service about the issues her account was closed, the money is now in limbo and account can’t be used again. My account won’t allow me to log out (even when I deleted the app) Now whenever I try to talk to customer service about it they just send a generic message saying your account is terminated. We are both locked out and my sister is out of 300 dollars. Update: I was told to contact them as you can see below and that’s exactly what I did. I used both of the communications they told me to and no one got back to me. I’m still waiting on a response but no one is responding even though I see the message was seen. Your email said you would respond in 24 hours and that was 3 days ago. Square cash just saying you will help is not the same as helping. Very disappointed and tell everybody I know to switch to Venmo or Zelle.

Worst customer support**edit. I love using cashapp and have been using for a long time. The features they offer and the ease of transferring money to friends or my bank is great. The only problem I’ve ever had with this app is the customer support. I had some fraudulent purchases made on my account, no big deal really if I’m able to get the money back. They also cancelled my new card that I paid extra for on accident. The chat support in app was such a hassle to get through to someone that would look into my case beyond the most generic responses for my situation. After a very frustrating week of talking to support everyday, I finally was able to get all my fraudulent purchases reimbursed and the cash card I paid for was reimbursed too. Despite the hassle with support, I’ll still give it 5 stars due to the fact that I’ve been using it for years and this has been the only time I’ve had trouble. They took care of their mistake even if it took longer than expected. I definitely recommend this app but if you have trouble with support just stay persistent with them!

I am going insane and I am very mad. I am very disappointed in the app because l got scammed without me even knowing it. So l made a payment to a person and after l made that payment they somehow got into my account and made unauthorized transactions/payments that were deducted from my credit card and l contacted my bank and they told me that “it was you the one who made the payment “ and l had no idea why they said that and the thing that makes me more mad is that l requested a refund and it says pending and it’s just there doing nothing. I want and demand cash app to also have a form of contacting the recipient(other person doing the payment to) via their phone and/or email even if they delete or close their account. And l also wanted to see the receipt of my unauthorized transaction and nothing appears it says “ an unknown error has occurred and it underneath that it says “The cash app team has been notified” and after that it’s nothing. They made two unauthorized transactions of $400 and 402 just before when l had finish sending the 50 dollars which that was an authorized payment and the other two weren’t. I also hate that people refuse to refund you your payment. Please fix this cash app. Many people are at risk of getting scammed and there needs to be more strict ways of having a cash app although it’s easy to send money back and forth.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 3.82.1
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

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The applications Cash App was published in the category Finance on 2013-10-16 and was developed by Square, Inc. [Developer ID: 335393791]. This program file size is 379.98 MB. This app has been rated by 4,027,743 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Cash App - Finance app posted on 2023-01-12 current version is 3.82.1 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Cash App App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This release includes bug fixes & performance improvements.

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