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Looking for the most talked about TV shows and movies from the around the world? They’re all on Netflix.

We’ve got award-winning series, movies, documentaries, and stand-up specials. And with the mobile app, you get Netflix while you travel, commute, or just take a break.

What you’ll love about Netflix:

• We add TV shows and movies all the time. Browse new titles or search for your favorites, and stream videos right on your device.
• The more you watch, the better Netflix gets at recommending TV shows and movies you’ll love.
• Create up to five profiles for an account. Profiles give different members of your household their own personalized Netflix.
• Enjoy a safe watching experience just for kids with family-friendly entertainment.
• Preview quick videos of our series and movies and get notifications for new episodes and releases.
• Save your data. Download titles to your mobile device and watch offline, wherever you are.

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Get the best experience for enjoying recent hits and timeless classics with our latest Netflix update for your iPhone and iPad. And in this release, we fixed bugs and made performance improvements. Just for you.

Netflix Comments & Reviews

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- The notebook

i give it a four because YOU GUYS TOOK THE NOTEBOOK OFF OF THE APP, sincerely of everyone else. plz put it back on

- They cancel the good shows

They always cancel the shows that I enjoyed watching

- What is this?

Add more stuff when I search Willy Wonka I have to search Charlie and the chocolate factory to get Willy Wonka

- More Jojo bizarre adventure

It a great show add more please

- Good

It is easy it’s really good for road trips it’s like a Mobil TV it’s really amazing 100% recommend

- Don’t buzzer if you are in GCC

If you live at GCC country like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE or Kuwait DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. It is not the same as Netflix USA All the movies are 2 or 3 years old or older They take same money and give us less They have no shame!!!

- Offline NOT Working & App Crash

Apparently I cannot watch offline without an Internet connection. Internet has been spotty last few weeks. Tried watching a movie offline last night and was informed that I had to sign in. So what is the point of offline movie watching without a connection? This is not a problem with Prime. Latest update (October 2017) has caused some kind of problem that results in the app crashing. I tried restarted my iPad but that did not help. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM!! UPDATE: I had to reset Netflix in Settings....THANKS INTERNET! Netflix ......thanks for nothing.

- Pretty little lairs rule

Stream pretty little lairs again please

- Pll

Can y’all steam pretty little lairs back on Netflix pleaseee

- What happened?!🤬

It’s horrible when I try to watch a movie with my friends I can’t see where the red line is so I can tell my friend where I’m at, HATE THIS APP FIX IT!

- The app

I love how now you can control the brightness while watching a movie or tv show. I have an iPhone so I would have to scroll up and it would pause my show or movie. I also like how the cast button is beside the brightness, now I don’t have to exit out of my movie or show to cast it to my tv. And I love how they also added a feature, so now I can watch the show or movies in full screen and keep it locked, or I can choose to have the black borders around it. Keep it up Netflix!! The app is 100000 times better now !!

- Over all great app

It’s my fav movie app but we NEED MORE MOVIES

- Stop

They took off what’s eating Gilbert grape like are you on crack.

- Anime

MAKE MORE ANIME!!!!!!! Also bring back pokemon xy and z

- Removed AirPlay!

They removed the easiest way to use this app. What’s the point of this app if I can’t airplay to my Apple TV?!

- She-Ra and the princess of power

Hello! I just wanna say I’m dedicating this review JUST to this series! I really loved it and I just wanna say I’m so thankful that you included LGBQ+ relationships in it. Overall the animation is amazing and just a beautiful show. I suggest watching it to anybody reading this.

- actualización

Antes Netflix era lo mejor, tenía muchos títulos en español y ahora ni subtítulos tiene ya no puedo ver casi nada , pésimo por Netflix.


It needs more shows I watched all the shows and movies

- It’s ok

Needs more anime

- Ok but one thing HELPPP

I love Netflix with all my heart but there are some shows that I can’t see on my account But when I go on my family other account they have the shows and I can never see movies that are coming soon and worst part I can’t update Netflix?!!!! Help

- YeA

Very happy to see pacific rim Coming up! 🥳

- Great app, needs some improvements

I love the app, but it has lots of room for improvements. Starting, I don’t know why they removed rating movies. It really helped me decide what was worth watching, now we just have a like or dislike system where it can’t see other viewers opinions about it, so it’s pointless for the viewers. Second, I get the Netflix originals are meant to tempt people to get Netflix for certain shows, but they need quality over quantity. Nobody cares about how ever many shows or movies that are originals, people care a lot more about a few movies and shows that are really good and have a large following. Lastly, this kind of goes with the second one, but we need more original movies and shows that everybody knows and loves. For example, Polar Express, I Am Legend, Spongebob, and many others I can’t think of right now. Hopefully these actually get read and these suggestions might eventually get passed on, though I have my doubts, but it’s worth a shot. Anyways, good app and I recommend getting

- Where’s the quality control??

I watch lots of things on netflix and I’m not gonna say what I watch because these days you get judged for everything. So sometimes yes the quality of my show could be bad cuz of my WiFi but honestly I don’t think so. All these updates and you can’t even control the quality. But if there is a reason we can’t control the quality can someone explain to me?

- Disappointing ☹️😔please fix

I am very disappointed that this game was ages 4+ and now you have changed it to ages 12+. I loved watching things on Netflix but now I can’t ☹️👎 please consider changing the age back to ages 4+ I hope someone takes the time to read and respond to my considerations

- How to make it better.

So I think Netflix Will be back on the feet and defeat Disney plus only if they do one thing. Millions of people want season three cobra Kai on Netflix. I believe if Netflix buys cobra Kai season 3 they will make TONS of money. I’ll also be giving a 5 star rating if they do.


I hate that the previews start up automatically when I'm just trying to browse episodes. And, they come on SO loud! Can't even browse the app anymore with those stupid previews.

- I love NETFLIX

I love Netflix so much! But there is something I would like to watch it’s bnha in English? Every other app has too much ads so it gets really hard, if LOVE IT if you could add this one, but if you can’t I completely understand, I’ll still love this, if your reading this I hope you consider my suggestion

- I’m mad

I’m ver upset they took off coraline and for that reason I give Netflix a one star rating it also made me very mad when I opened my account to watch coraline ONLY to find out it WAS NO LONGER THERE COME ON NETFLIX PUT CORALINE BACK ON NETFLIX SMH 😤😔

- Can you put Naruto back on

I love Netflix but can you put Naruto back in

- Shamefully

Netflix should be ashamed of putting propaganda garbage on to please the Obamas, The newest one would be the Epstein scam. Let’s forget who the real criminal is, as long we can show that Trump knew him, shamelessly political . Family and friends will cancel Netflix

- Good

I very much like it but I have to wait all day when the new shows come out, on the day of their release.AnD USE CODE:lazar: in the Fortnite item shop😃

- Notifications need to stop

The biggest flaw in this app, is that it keeps sending me daily notifications that are completely worthless. It’s just a ploy to get people to open the app so their statistics look better. Way to con your shareholders while annoying the crap out of your customers. I’m willing to bet that it’s not gonna end well for you.

- Netflix

I like Netflix but you guys need to add more good movies and not take all good movies down

- When will u get naruto shippuden on Netflix

When will u get Naruto’s shippuden

- Horrible

This is just horrible I could not stand this app if you want to watch movies recommend Hulu

- Taking off good shows!

Can you please put back pretty little liars!

- Listen here pls

For some reason courage was taken off. I don’t understand why y’all take off shows that are so good but yet put them back on, than repeat. If it was already on once, just leave it. I’m getting so fed up and i wanna cry because some shows and movies that I used to watch growing up were on there. Now there just... gone:/ makes me cry myself to sleep sometimes. Netflix, you hurt my feelings. Don’t get me wrong, y’all are pretty dope tho. I be eating pasta in my bed and y’all are the first thing I think about, even when I shower. I don’t know, just consider okay? Thanks for listening, xoxo stay safe duces. Here’s three stars tho, without phew my life would be BORING.

- Why we need the more shows and they need to bring back some shows

Netflix I’m getting bored of everything I watched we need more Disney and nick like I’m getting bored but I love the app and i mean the early 2000’s

- add PLL back

i have LOVED Pretty Little Liars, for about 3 and a half years now. i know the show has been on for quite some time, but i want it back!!! it was such an entertaining show to watch, and was the least expensive. any other site makes you pay $30 per season, with netflix, if you have a membership, you watch it free pretty much. i know this may seem odd, but please... please... PLEASE, add Pretty Little Liars back. thanks :)

- I think it’s great but one problem

In the kids section they don’t add a lot of titles for 10-11 year olds

- great


- End this at once!

Stop this sudden slowing down mess that you enjoy! This has to stop at once! I use you on my TV. What do I get out of this? A slow speed! I hate it! I hate this slow speed and I hate you very much. Aw. So now you load up correctly? Bleach! I HATE YOU!!

- Add back in my hero academia

Add it back

- Get Netflix

It’s a great thing I just wish there was a teen section and more Disney movies

- Good

I like netflix but like can you bring back the show Jem and the Holograms because I miss it and It was really good for kids. I miss the show and the movie’s alright but I like the show better. Thank you:)

- 🐙🦖

Chicken wing chicken wing hotdog and baloney chicken and macaroni chilling with my homies


There is a Netflix series me and my sister really likes that is called on my block I would really like it if u had told us when season 4 is coming out or give a notification I would really like cause when me and my sister finished watching it we were so sad because we never knew the ending and it was such a good show and please tell us so we will be ready and is so ... we will give this app a 5 star rating ... all love goes out to Netflix 😘😘😘 I LOVE YOU byee

- Here’s the thing

I LOVE Netflix so much, but there is this one issue, I started to get into the show called FRIENDS, and I knew that Netflix used to have that show on there, but today I went on and wasn’t there! Look all I am asking is that you can please put FRIENDS back on Netflix.

- Web friendly

Please put more anime

- Yay

I have been watching old Netflix since I was four you have to get this app.

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- Very bad

The shows I watch always freezes I would not recommend it

- Awful

The worse app ever! Having many issues to cast. Should turn on and off tv, connect and disconnect casting, close and reopen the app, try all steps 3 times, still it is loading!

- Restrictions

Netflix’s puts stupid restrictions on movies and shoe

- Love it!!

I love Netflix so much it has all my favourite movies I can download and watch on the go!!

- Add a comment section to movies or tv shows

Can you please please please add a comment section on movies and tv shows please I need to get first hand reviews when I’m scrolling through Netflix.

- Download con

Downloaded several moives. Went to the trailer with no coverage and tried to watch them. All four said couldn’t connect to Netflix and wouldn’t play. What a con job!

- Add more requests🥺🥺

In love with this app but I wish you can add the skam series

- Netflix App

The app on my phone disappeared and now I’ve got to re download this new version. I hope it works!

- Awesome 😎.

All my favourite movies 🎥 are in Netflix.

- amazing

super good! if you’re wondering u do have to pay a monthly (i think monthly) subscription to netflix but it is so worth it

- Unavailable on iPods

Previous feed back- It’s so disappointing that I can’t Netflix on my iPod anymore.😢 Most of us don’t own iPhones up here.... New feedback- we all gotta make sure we update our devices for app to work.🙈😂

- Netflix

I would have given a better review, but, you guys still need to keep on adding LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitsu. If you can, can you please add all of the other seasons (10-12) of LEGO Ninjago. I will very much appreciate it. But, overall I really enjoy watching Netflix. Thank you 😊

- upset weeb

I really want more anime and more episodes to the old anime’s like Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, Fairy Tail, Haikyu!! and Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun. other then that the app is good! 😁

- Forever my girl

I love the movie Forever My Girl if it is possible can the Director please do a Forever My Girl 2

- Language

Since the last update the language has automatically changed to Chinese.

- Plsss

Plssss plsssss plssss add Steven Universe 🙇🙇 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

- Line of Duty!

Why is Line of Duty no longer on here, this is a travesty, bring it back.

- Audio

I was watching cells at work and it was in English and it was speaking Japanese

- Bug fixes

Thanks to the recent bug fixes I can’t watch Netflix on my iPad. Great job!

- why did they take away shoes

why did they fake away half of the shows I watch

- Finish the season

Can you finish naruto shippuden I’ve been waiting so long till then your not getting a 5 star

- Scooby Doo

I really like scooby doo mystery incorporated and I haven’t even seen it in years and I’d really appreciate it if you added it on next time you update Netflix.

- 😔

I wish that they had more shows like in the U.S, I went to the state’s to vist my smoky and saw that they had a lot more shows and movies then us in Canada, I really wanna watch TVD but it’s not in Canadian Netflix

- Why

When are you going to do minecraft story mode season two!

- Netflix Canada

There should be a more variety of shows on netflix in Canada such as The Vampire Diaries, Originals, Legacies. The US netflix has those and a much bigger variety than Canada Netflix and its not fair.

- I wouldn't get this.

If you're looking for a streaming service where there are great series, great movies, and a great download feature. This isn't it. It's not as great as it used to be. I'd find another streaming service where your 15 dollars is worth it.

- Inappropriate , displays and hurts religious sentiments

Inappropriate , displays and hurts religious sentiments , especially shows like Patal Lok, did not expect this from Netflix!

- Please season 3 of total drama island

Can you add season 3 of total drama island



- Best ever


- It’s great

I love Netflix with such a variety of shows and movies to watch but the only downside is that you need a subsription

- Every thing is great but...

Everything is great except from us Canadians not being able to watch the same things that people in USA watch at the same time the same shows and the same movies I think that it is idiotic to not let us do that and if you don’t you may lose a ton of people that want the same thing that I want and I don’t think it would be good for the company

- Free App?

How is this a free app when you pay $10/mo for it?


let netflix canada have the shows ‘he is psychometric’ and ‘hit the top’ !! please 😭😭

- Need more transformers

I’m very sad with Netflix it has no transformers movies that are new it has the same transformers 1 and 3 and you took off transformers prime season 2 and 3 off and same with transformer rescue bots please add more transformers me and my brothers and sister love it and please add transformers revenge of the fallen and transformers extinction to the Canada Netflix please read and not ignore this

- Pls help

Just downloaded the app but it stays stuck on a loading screen and never stops trying to liad. This hasn’t happened in the past:(

- Needs more anime

Hello there, I’m a anime loving person and Netflix is my only place to watch anime. they have way to little and 70% have only 1 season. Take Bleach for example, there is more than 10 seasons, Netflix: only buys 5 Canada Netflix needs to add more anime

- Where is baby boss

Baby boss is missing

- Not compatible

The new update has made the app incompatible with my ipad....can I load an older version???

- Good! But......

It’s the best but u should add Disney shows like bunk’d or KC undercover and others

- No title



please add a “remove from continue watching” option. your costumers will love it i swear


whenver i try to log in, it says that i entered the wrong password even though it’s the right password.

- Suggestion de film

Remettre film Monster High Boo York, Boo York sur Netflix Canada.



- more naruto

Good but should add more naruto seasons

- Won’t let me download the app

I’ve an older iPad mini and I can longer download the Netflix app. When trying to watch from the website it won’t let me. It just tells me to open the app. This is ridiculous. Please fix this problem.

- It wants me to sign in again

So I had my account than it made sign it again


MY NETFLIX SAYS “this app is no longer shared with you, to use it buy it in the AppStore.”

- Last update

I can no longer use the app since the last update!

- The Meg

WHY? JUST WHY? WHY DID THEY TAKE OFF ‘THE MEG’ IT’S THE BEST SHARK MOVIE EVER! SAME AS HOGWARTS! HOGWARTS?! REALLY!?😡😡😡😡😡😭😭😭😭😭 Other than that, Netflix Is a great app, I would certainly recommend getting this app because you can watch a lot of movies and shows on there, Like ‘ Stranger Things, Greenhouse academy, Go Vive A Tu Manera, The Meg, Soul Surfer, Harry Potter Movies’ and much much more! 👍🏼😄👌🏼😇

- :D


- Pls

Pls add chormecast to this app I would love it!

- Awsome

OMG netflix is soooooooooo G O O D ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

- 100%

I recommend Netflix to you. There are a ton of things to watch here. Can you please add this series called where your eyes linger? I have to pay for it on Viki but I already have Netflix so please helpppp! I’ve been waiting for that series for months. If it’s not on Netflix any sooner, I’m changing my app to viki and I’ll pay and watch there. (No Netflix anymore) Btw where your eyes linger is a boys love drama and I think Netflix should also add more lgbt+ dramas. Where your eyes longer is the first gay kdrama so I really wanna watch it. Love ya 💖

- Ninjago

They took 7seasons off but they are the best so if u bring back I will rate 5

- Broken Functionality

iPhone and iPad you can't enter and see PIN For account as it's hidden under the iPhone keypad. Bad UX.

- Mark as Watched

CONTINUE WATCHING COMPLETED SHOWS? Cannot get rid of it! Ready to switch over to - date I say Apple d as soon Amazon! Also...Please add the function to mark as watched!

- Great App - but please fix problem

It is a great app but the thing about it is that only five people are allowed to be in one account so when a new person enters the account someone gets signed out. Please make the maximum 10 people per account.

- No “Apple TV” App support

I have been saying this for a long time and my comment has been deleted so here I go again... 3 stars because Netflix has chosen to inconvenience its users because Netflix doesn’t believe in competition thus refusing to implement Apple TV app integration like the rest of the competition does. I do not want to be stuck in the Netflix App all the time, as in case Netflix hasn’t noticed that they are not the “Only” content creators out there. Other then that the app works as described but Netflix loosen up and relax add Apple TV support it won’t hurt the brand.

- Harry Potter

Bring back Harry Potter all of them that’s all l want

- Làm ăn bố láo

Tại sao có thẻ sub sai Hội An thành 1 tỉnh của Trung Quốc???

- Can you bring back Tokyo ghoul

I was in the middle of it when it was just getting good please bring it back

- Good app

It’s good but could be better

- madness

i miss teen wolf, please bring it back or i’ll cry. 0 stars until it’s back

- Add milo and oatis please

I have seen the movie befor it’s good and it’s based on abuse and they killed the animals I really am sad I want to see it again so please add that movie it is upsetting when you typ it up but good when watched

- Netflix is the best

I love Netflix don’t get me wrong but I recon they should start to get more interesting or entertaining sounds better movies on there like some movies people haven’t seen yet like Hollywood, or bloodshot, etc what I’m saying is like more newer movies could you realise Hollywood I really wanna see it

- Wish I could put 0 stars

At first Netflix was okay but There’s so many problems it’s not worth it, for instance they add new crappy movies and seasons and get rid of really good ones, another thing is they will provide 1 or 2 seasons and then you have to get VPN to Watch Netflix from different regions to finish the rest of the new seasons and VPN cost money which isn’t worth it when you just want to finish a season or 2, I waited ages for a new season for a anime series to come out and so I searched it on YouTube and it’s already been out for years and that the region I was watching it from didn’t have the new season and I had to get VPN to finish it, honestly Netflix is probably the worst movie/season platform I have ever used, and the fact you pay money for this also is just plain stupid I HIGHLY do NOT recommend this unless you want to waste your wallet on something that isn’t even worth it.

- Good for a while but stoped working.

It was good for a while, until every time I clicked on Netflix it took me out and said “this app is no longer shared with you. To use it you must buy it from the App Store” when I clicked on view in App Store, it didn’t tell me to buy it, it just said open, because I already have the app. Also, it never let me download movies!

- After update doesn’t load

Today there was an auto update, now the app won’t load. Apparently it is no longer shared with me and I have to buy it in the App Store. App Store suggests “open”.

- What’s with the new glitches?

I love Netflix! But lately, it’s been infuriating to use, due to the fact there are times it won’t load, I’m trying to watch my show, but either Netflix won’t load or the show won’t load! Netflix used to work with no problems, now I can’t watch my show, please fix this!

- O data

I like Netflix but put one day at a time season 4 on it pop tv isn’t in Australia

- From Abi

I love the app but we need more movies like stand dose no offence

- It’s not working

I’ve had this app for a year and overall it’s good however I tried going into the app and it won’t even open it. It also kicks me out of the app and because it not even letting me in I can’t see what’s the problem.

- Dear Netflix

I’ve been using Netflix for awhile now but I have two things I would like to change , 1 I don’t like how you don’t the first movie but you post the 4th like the chipmunks you have road chip but don’t have the original and 2 I don’t like how you keep taking movies off

- Netflix is good

Netflix is a really good app and all but they got rid of Harry Potter I know this is a dumb reason but I just really like Harry Potter

- What you need to add

First of all I have to say I love nonstop watch it but they’re is this tv Show called Grimm and I would like for you to add it pls

- More season

more seasons of the 100 series please!!!

- Used to be faster

I find it bit too slow nowadays and sometimes the movies won’t play unless I restart the app and play again, didn't have these issues with earlier versions of the app though, also Australian Netflix needs more content, not much to see nowadays

- I love Netflix but put a new movie on every week

Me and my mum watch a romance movie every Friday but there is no new ones getting put up I feel like they never go away or never gets more put more good romance movies on I can’t see some things in movies I’m not old enough but I can see killing kissing and why am I talking about this... Anyway I love Netflix but put more movies or more regularly

- It can be way better

I noticed that Netflix AU does not have as many shows compared to, for example Netflix US. This is incredibly disappointing. I understand there are copyright issues, but it is still extremely annoying to search up a movie and realise it is in Netflix US but not AU. It makes it sound as if it’s not worth the pay, because you’re not gonna be able to watch as many movies/shows you’d like.

- Why 12+?

Why is this app restricted to 12+?

- 2 problems

1. I love Netflix but its really annoying to search for a show on my iPad. When I search and I can’t find a show I can’t get out of search. I try to get out but I just have to double click the home button and need to go threw the whole introduction again, Witch is really annoying. 2. My favourite show is full house but it says it is only going to be available until May 31st. In my opinion I think shows should stay on forever so people don’t have to find a new show and so people can finish it. Please fix these problems.

- Pls stop removing tv shows and movies

Sorry i love you netflix but just please stop removing tv shows/movies cause sometimes im in the middle of watching a series and it says its gonna get removed but I haven’t finished it yet and ummm p.s could you add supernatural to netflix. Thx

- Add All The sessions

Creator u probably can’t see this but can u add all the episodes of Total a drama Island? Plzz

- Netflix is great

Now I don’t have to wait to 6:00 to watch my favourite show instead I can just quickly go onto Netflix and binged watch the entire series. The down point of that is now I have pretty much watched all the good shows so if I would change one thing I would bring the series f•r•i•e•n•d•s back, I know they did have it and I guess there wasn’t enough people watching it but if they were to put it back in I think it would be different. Oh and another bad thing is you have to wait around 1 extra year if a new season comes out in fix before it comes out on Netflix. Anyway besides of those two thing Netflix is my most used app I almost watch something of it each day and yeah you should definitely get it because it is only $10 a month for five accounts this means I could watch it at my house and my relatives watch Netflix at there houses!

- App is really annoying

Firstly, the preview plays automatically even after turning it off so many times seems to turn itself back on, which is super annoying. Search functionality is rather slow. No fast forward option; seriously? Trailers unavailable most of the times or hard to look up if available. Honestly, I’d expected more from Netflix. Have a look at Amazon prime; they’re doing much better job.

- k


- Great

It’s nice to watch as a family

- Bad on chromecast

Can’t forward, can’t skip intro. Takes a lot of time to cast. Hard to decrease or increase volume.

- Netflix movie recommendation

Hey Netflix this isn’t really a review but I was hoping maybe you could add the movie after and maybe more iconic/binge worthy shows because quarantine has been driving me crazy like many others and I find Netflix is such a great way to pass the time but I have seen like every you have available in Australia

- Netflix and chill baby!

What is there to say about Netflix tan how fricken good it I’d. Honestly if I could make everyone have it I would! Best thing ever

- Seasons

Please bring out new seasons of free rein I love that show and I’d love to see all of Zoe’s friends go to the states with her that would be the best so please bring new episodes I’m begging you

- Good until...

So I was streaming Indiana Jones and after watching Raiders it came to my attention that the temple of doom wasn’t on there so I was confused because usually you guys at Netflix take the oldest of the franchise off but in this case you took the second one off so I got really confused, 2 things please respond and add it back to this great app👍👎👍👎👍👌👌

- Won’t let me log in

When I try to log in it says it doesn’t recognise my email. I can log in fine with the same derails on iPad and laptop just not iPhone.

- Pretty good! But..

I love Netflix! Love watching movies at night to morning. But can you please add for movies? It would be super appreciated! 🎀💜

- Loves world war 2 movies

You add band of brothers and the pacific and Dad’s army and starship troopers 1,2,3.and midway.

- Denmachi

Denmachi is my fav anime I love the episodes thanks for adding it

- More episodes

Can you please make more episodes of the seven deadly sins

- Pls listen to me

If you keep full house on Netflix I will give the best review and I will tell my whole school too get the app Netflix and I will tell my friends.

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- I love it, but..

I love Netflix but there isn’t a lot of anime in there, I really want you to see this reveiw, and sorry if I put to much anime on here and u can’t put it all, but anyways the anime’s I wish you will add is, Dagonronpa: Happy Trigger Havoc, my hero academia (sub and dubbed) My hero academia: Two Hero’s, it’s fine if you can’t put all 3


can u please put “love & Basketball” the movie back on there

- It’s okay

Netflix started off as a perfect movie player, it had all the movies and all the shows, but now it’s just “ok”, I say this because the people at netlflix do not release the new seasons, for example, season 10 of “The Walking Dead” already came out, and so I check on Netflix but there is no season 10 only 9 and another reason it is “ok” is because they took out half of the good movies and shows like, “The Blind Side.”

- Hi

I like Hulu better

- I love Netflix!!

Netflix is absolutely stunning, from fantastic originals like “Stranger Things” and “On My Block”, to laugh-about oldies like “Friends” and “The Office”. Netflix offers a fun variety of movies and shows for my kids as well, but some include some naughty words I wouldn’t want them to hear. Aside that minor disability, Netflix keeps me and my family entertained for hours. If you are considering getting any streaming app, choose Netflix. Trust me, you won’t regret it. 😉


this movie is so needed on netflix.

- Baby

Mami te amo mucho

- !!

I just rlly wished it was for free ??

- Netflix do better

I don’t see any reason why you took all those good movies off Netflix and you could have kept all of them on there so you can have better reviews and keep your five stars all those 2007 2008 1998 type movies YOU TOOK OFF and you had the audacity to take of love in basketball then put pets 2 on there? Okay well you putting new movies on there is not making your content better it’s making it boring yeah there good movies but if you put new movies make sure you keep them good old school movies on there cause it’s becoming 👎🏽👉🏽

- Please add twilight movie series

So I have had Netflix for a little while now and I absolutely love it but there is something that I would really love to see in a future update which is for you to add the twilight movie series I love the twilight movie series and I love Netflix so I’m hoping that maybe you could consider adding it and it would make me really happy if you could add it so I could watch it with my friends and family but that is all I really wanted to recommend and I hope that you can consider adding it soon.😁

- I wait and see my opinion.

They should get the 6 season of flash in Spanish.

- Está bajando calidad !!!!

Tengo cuenta con ellos desde ace muchos años,, y me gustaba porque muchas de las películas las podías ver en varios idiomas en los últimos 6 meses,, muchas películas que ya avía mirado solo están en un solo idioma y los subtítulos también, películas infantiles y educativas que ya las avía visto en español ya nomás está en inglés... Deberían de invertir más en la compañía para poder tener variedad de idiomas, al menos en las películas familiares....

- Bring back naruto

This is a great app with thousands off movies but in the recent updates I've realize that Naruto have been vaulted i love Naruto and im positive other users also love Naruto i think Naruto should be unvaulted

- Person

Please pick up the show “Happy!” And make it an original Netflix show!!!!!

- So so

Well me and my daughter are not pleased with this app ,sometimes because we can’t watch some of the shows we want to!!!!!


I just posted this also on (name redacted) streaming app. It’s more or less the same issues so I’m just going to copy and paste. I want to preface this review by saying the streaming solely from the phone is impeccable. I unfortunately don’t have internet at home so I use an HDMI to Apple light port to stream from my device to the TV. Netflix in this step up is so unstable. It will work for a couple of minutes, but then the picture becomes too pixelated to see, other times it will freeze on a frame (while the audio continues), or the screen will go all black with only sound available. This might be such a specific issue to my situation, but it’s not my mobile connection as other streaming services (Hulu) work perfect with the set up. I hope there’s an update that can stabilize those issues as I would greatly appreciate it.

- Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring should be allowed for paid members.

- Netflix

On Netflix but they are just too short fairy tail, where does amazing show is just too short. Sometime there's no show to watch because not them seem good. There's one thing that I wish Netflix would do that they would put all nine seasons of Fairy Tail on there. But there are still some amazing show and movie.(no hate tho)

- I beg

Please can you add naruto Shippuden and boruto to Netflix all the season and episode I beg of you guys

- Wait times

Hey developers I’ve been waiting for a while for Haikyuu!! Season 3 to come out and I am getting Impatient so PLEASE LET US KNOW WHEN IT WILL BE ON NETFLIX I AM DYING TO FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!! So I truthfully hate the wait times because in plenty other shows I’ve watched the wait time is really irritating.

- Go

How do you force stop an app on iPhone?

- Please

Can you please add all seasons and episodes of young justice into North American servers

- Network error

I’ve used Netflix since I was a kid, we switched to Disney+ to try it out. When we came back to Netflix and set back up our account it wouldn’t let us sign in. Everytime I put in the username and password it would say “Network Error” When I had 4 Bars

- Screen goes dark

Hey guys, I had Netflix for years, barely have issues but for the 3rd day in a row I had to delete the app and reinstall on my iPhone and I have no idea what’s happening. We watch it on our phone, iPad and tv never simultaneously it’s always one or the other but only on my phone now, I see the little icons with the numbers of new shows on the screen so when I click the icon app to open it it goes dark and I don’t see a spinning symbol or anything is just dark and it doesn’t open. I had to delete the app and reinstall it every time. This never happened before and it does not happen with any other app I have. Anything? Thanks, Cici.

- Waste of money. Go get Hulu.

So Netflix apparently made an update to the Netflix app that only allows auto play to operate through a WiFi connection. Only 4s devices and Netflix version 8.00 still auto plays through cellular data! Like what!? What am I paying $8.99 a month for ? If my devices are already working over cellular data what is the purpose of connecting to WiFi?! This is a poorly designed updated function that is inconsiderate to its users. The function makes absolutely no sense and Netflix you just lost a customer. Look into getting Hulu, not only did they fix my auto play problem within minutes, I did not need WiFi to operate my auto play. Hulu works perfectly now.

- Pucca and Pokémon

I want more Pokémon and Pucca I love them but there hasn’t been a new season for a long time so please make more seasons of Pucca and Pokémon thank you if you make more ☺️😊🙂😌😉

- Seasons

I really like the shows on Netflix but when I figure out that not all the seasons are on netflix it really bothers me because I don’t want to buy Hulu or something like that

- Shows

I know this is for reviews about the app but since you added Avater the last airbender can you add the legend of kora please

- So annoying

Netflix is great.. buuuuut the previews holy crap! I could barely stand one preview at the end of each movie but now there’s 3??? You can’t even look at the credits or post credit scenes without being force fed trailer after trailer!! And every time you get on there’s a preview right there to smack you in the face before you can even process anything. Really need the option to stop the autoplaying! Also one last thing, if I was no longer watching I probably wouldn’t be on the app. So if you could stop asking me if I’m still watching, after every other episode.. that would be greeeaaaattt! Hate having to look for my remote just to press continue, I shouldn’t have to. Need an option to stop that from happening! Asap! Netflix needs more customization, more preferences, something!

- About shows

Most of the shows are good but the dumb thing is they will not give you all the seasons! Like you pay to watch the whole show and they will not give you ever season. So you have to pay on another app the finish watching it!!!when they should give you the whole show. For example criminal minds: there are 15 seasons Netflix only give you 12! So you have to buy the other 3 season!

- Read this

So i have been looking around netflix and i always see that there are no good movies And they have barely any.

- Shows and movies!!!!!

Can u please put a comment section under the shows and movies so we can mingle✨🧚💕🐛

- ...


- Bring back Canimals

Now I love Netflix but why remove a beloved show that was so cute my whole family loved it? The show canimals was an iconic show. Please bring it back, I am just crying due to it being removed!😢😢😢

- cancelling too many good shows

Netflix cancels wonderful shows that was so good and meant a lot to people for example SPINNING OUT, & ANNE WITH AN E. Like please netflix stop doing this! PLEASE... Thankyou:) FIX IT!

- Love it but

I think that they should have alll the movies I really wanted,to watch twilight so can you pls add it on the USA Netflix

- Why???

WHY did they have to take so many shows off Netflix?? Like come on! I don’t know if it’s something wrong with my account, but The Office AND Hikyuu have completely vanished. They took so many shows off Netflix, most of my recently watched is GONE. They took off amazing shows and movies like Mean Girls and Friends just to leave us with trashy shows like Glee and stupid My Little Pony. I’m sorry, but I am furious. Thank you for reading if you are.

- Netflix is amazing and awesome app but.

Netflix is amazing. I use it to watch my favorite shows. But I’m annoyed because talking Tom and friends season 1 and I think season 3 is gone. I would really like if you guys put them back. Pls. Thank you and also for making this awesome app!

- Add These Shows Please

Add Chicago Fire, PD, and Med All Seasons Please

- Fire!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I am obsessed with Netflix it is my favorite app. So many shows and movies.i would not change anything about it!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕

- Littlest Pet Shop

Why did you guys take Littlest Pet Shop off?! That show was so good and you guys took it off like Friends.Please add it back so I don’t have to bye it on YouTube also I tried to watch it on Hulu on of course I had to have STARZ. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!

- Add a feature

I love Netflix especially because it is something to do in quarantine when I’m bored but I think that you should add a feature to where you can delete shows off your keep watching list so it doesn’t get cluttered and people don’t have show they don’t want to watch on there please do this Netflix 🥺🥺🥺

- I love it but..

Please put back My Hero Ademia pls

- I love it but

I really really do enjoy Netflix it’s super easy to use but on thing I wish is that they would put is It and It chapter two but other than that it awsome

- Proxy Server Error

I am having a problem while I watch my shows on Netflix. It tells me that I am using a “Proxy Server”, but I am not. I tried deleting the app and turning off my phone, but my shows don’t come back again. What can I do?

- I want more seasons of when calls the heart

Please get more seasons

- Several flaws! Big One: Cannot rearrange your list!

We enjoy watching Netflix via our Roku, but the iPad app is woefully deficient. First, the search function often does NOT work. The app sometimes hangs, it fails to find shows that are in the Netflix catalog, and just sits there doing nothing! In contrast, Netflix via Roku works like a charm. The app removes notifications if you back out of that screen! Which means that if you inadvertently tap or try to delete a single one, you've lost any list of shows Netflix claims you like. Ah! Turns out that going back to notifications makes them show up again —why they vanished, however, is a mystery. The tabs in the tab bar on the left side are too small, so it's too easy to hit the wrong choice. —-> Worst of all, though, with the iPad app is that there seems to be no way of rearranging the shows in one's Watch List! That needs fixing. A drag-and-drop editing function would be the cat's meow! On the web, it *seems* to have that ability, but it doesn't work! Come on, developers, this is so basic, fix it! By the way, Netflix's moving to thumbs up or thumbs down instead of a 5-star rating system is a MAJOR STEP BACKWARDS What was needed was to change the adjectives. Several years back they offered a million dollar prize to improve their algorithm — which, curiously, was NEVER awarded! Up-down is too simplistic and lacks the refinement needed to fine tune tastes and preferences.


Dead Netflix, rumors have risen that some tik tok stars may be on the next season of outer banks. Please do not let this happen. I will not watch it.

- 👾👾👾


- Criminal minds

I just have a question when will Netflix put the seasons of criminal minds up ?

- Not working

My Netflix doesn’t work because of the update

- Very low volume

Everything is gonna fine if your movies sounds more. I have my airpods on still I can't hear a single word of your movies while traveling. It's fckn annoying.

- Lots of Mistakes

Great way to binge shows but they constantly make mistakes in their descriptions, putting the wrong actors down even when not in the movie. Be prepared for major spoilers too in their trailers and movie clips. Just started watching a show they advertised thinking it was about a guy someone killed when it was suppose to be a huge twist at the end of the season. Netflix knows how to ruin great things.

- Why

It says it can’t be used on ma phone and now I am sad because how am I supposed to screen cast onto my tv?

- Awesome

There is no glitches or anything amazing I use it all the time thank u Netflix 😀👍🏼

- Difficultly signing in

Every time I tried to sign in it keeps saying incorrect password when I’m putting the right password


I hate this app its very annoying!!!!!!

- Not working

I went to watch tv on my phone but a notification said that the app was no longer available to me. It then said that I had to re-buy it in the App Store, but when I went there it said it had already been bought. I clicked the open button but it gave me the same message. It needs to be fixed!

- Weird problem

I was watching z nation Season 2 Episode 14 And I keep seeing these weird transparent rectangles on the screen they keep changing positions. I can see them 10 mins through aswell as the first few minutes. I tried the same show same episode same point in the show on my tv and there’s nothing there and my phone is literally out of the box. Tried on my sisters phone same thing. So please fix this as it’s the apps bug not my phone and not the show.

- :(

I had Netflix for years and all of a sudden it kicks me out, I don’t like this app as much as I used too, doesn’t work

- Omg

Or cool

- Glitch

For some reason I can’t log into my account for the pass couples days. There’s no mistake in the username or the password, delete and download it again but there’s isn’t anything difference can you please explain what the problem?

- Not working

My Netflix isn’t working anymore

- Update sucks

Since I’ve updated my Netflix it won’t let me into the app and says i need to “buy” it from the app store, i’ve tried and still doesn’t work. PLEASE fix this problem

- Tv shows

We can see The Flash show in Netflix but we can not see Arrow show and this is so silly because they are related and, the Arrow is an older show than Flash, and you have many super hero shows but you do not have Arrow.please add Arrow show as soon as possible. Thank you.

- Software update boots me out of Netflix

Software update boots me out of Netflix

- Hmph

Keep the reckoning on Netflix make more seasons

- Coraline


- Pokémon xy and Pokémon xy and z

Dear Netflix please bring back Pokémon XY and also Pokémon xy and z because I have to go to all these websites to find the episodes and I lost 3 iPhones because of virus but yet I still try and it would make it a lot easier if it’s on Netflix bc I was very sad when it left and I stillllllllllll haven’t finish watching them. So if you see this please bring it back. Thank you

- Please add

I love Netflix but I really want more episodes of lego ninjago I’ve looked for it everywhere but I can’t find any to watch so can you please add episodes

- Just an angry weeb

Ok this might sound weird but the Canadian version doesn’t have as much anime on it as the USA version so yeah there’s that

- Ever since the new update the app keeps glitching out

My Netflix has been very slow and glitchy after the last 3 updates

- 👩‍💻

Please consider picking up DC Universe's Stargirl in Canada.

- Daddy’s home 2 problems

Why some movie are on for a little then are gone like daddy’s home two that is the one movie we want to watch and it’s not on there

- Naruto

I need you to put in the rest of the naruto series the shows and movies please and make it English because I don’t speak Japanese so can you help me out please

- Can you add SuperDinosaur to Netflix?

I’m giving you an opportunity to add SuperDinosaur to Netflix cause I would like it more if you did that

- Airplay

Just please bring airplayback!

- This is an ok app

To be honest this is pretty good but y’all should make there be trailers for movie’s, anime’s etc. For example seven deadly sins when season 4 coming out? Or the next avengers movie?

- More variety

I love Netflix but it needs more variety tv show wise. I hate when I’m in the middle of a really good show and then Netflix happens to take it off. I want The Vampire Diaries back and think it would be really nice if Netflix had some way of taking suggestions for different shows people want to see.

- Please remember me

Specific to the mobile app. Id prefer not to have to select a profile every time I log into MY phone. Fix this please. Please have it default to the owner of the phone. Or at least have an option in the setting.

- Pretty good

I love Netflix! The only thing I don’t like is that Canada Netflix doesn’t have as many shows as US Netflix. Other than that I really love it!

- Request

Can you guys put One Tree Hill and The OC in Netflix Canada PLS!! I started watching when I went to the US and now can’t even continue :(


SOOO GOOD but it also. Need email and the password if you wanna get pass. You can EVEN PUT PROFILES IN IT like for kids and then for adults ITS SOOO PERFECT WHEN YOU HAVE A BIG FAMILY. i have one tip for you . ( don’t make too many accounts like uhh i dunno how to explain it ;-; OH i know how to. For example you have 3 person in ur family 1 dad 1 mom and YOU thats ok but i still don't know what the maximum number of people that can .............................. uhhhhh I AM NOT GOOD AT ENGLISH CAUSE IM A FILIPINOOOO well uhh what I'm trying to say is uhh me and my family , we are 8 members so basically one of us or even two or more got warned like it says “ Too many People are Using Your Account Right now. Soooo uhhh WELL OK BYEEE

- More movies documentaries and tv shows.

Netflix should put more movies and shows on Netflix and you should put more recent movies and shows and some old movies and shows to Netflix and Why do you take some movies off some shows off of Netflix. I really hate that you should put more documentaries two on Netflix you should put more than a game nothing else I would really like that this will make Netflix better for me if you do it.

- Don’t take away stuff from Netflix

I ❤️ Netflix but there is one thing I don’t like you take away series and some moives like you took away 4 series from spongbob and I never watched the other ones you also did the to Sam&Cat and you took away the book of life witch I love Also I’m kid writting this so ya because I really want to watch all the series of SpongBob so that’s my opinion so please please please please please please please please please add all of them back in. Also if you respond I can’t see

- Add the other 11 seasons of naruto

I am dying to see if naruto becomes hokage or if marada takes the moon or if sasuke comes back to konahagekure village. Please get the other 11 seasons, Sincerely, naruto fan

- Not working

Netflix ain’t working pretty well people!!!

- Sucks

This app sucks I hat it

- Trash

YouTube is better

- It’s the best app

To much bad Reviews it’s the best app:)

- What’s wrong with every one this is great

What’s wrong with everyone ratings like there are twos and ones fours like ITS A FIVE STAR and I love this apppp

- It’s OK

I love Netflix🙃😉😙🥰😍❤️

- Slow download times!


- Apple TV app

The Apple TV app is buggy and needs to be forced closed as it gets laggy. Please fix.

- Meilleur app

Elle est trop cool cette app ! Je reste tout ma soirée déçue presque mdr

- Audio glitch

I redownloaded the app several times, restarted my phone, and changed internet connection but every show I watch has audio issues. One second there is sound then no sound one second sound, then no sound. It’s unpleasant and not the first time.

- Continue watching

There should be a way to remove things from your continue watching list. That way if you try a new show and didnt like it, it won’t be there forever and get that section convoluted with things you’re not going to watch again.

- Audio

I’m sure I’m not the only who would like English as an option for anime and other shows more often🙄

- Add more anime

Add more seasons of popular anime's thanks bye

- I love Netflix,

But there needs to be more seasons of fairy tail, it’s my favorite tv show and I can’t find the English version anywhere besides the one season here. It’s me favorite tv show ever! 😪

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- 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

So Good I Can’t Believe full Episodes Though They Cost less than youtube There Aren’t all Full Episodes If There Are. 5 Stars

- Why only 2 seasons of loud house

I love Netflix but where are the other seasons of shows like etc: Clarence Loud house That’s it from me byeeee P.s good app keep up the good work 👍 👍👍👍👍👍👍🥔

- What a load of crap

Every time I launch the app it freezes stays on a blank black screen using iPhone se2020. Amazon prime so much better than your crap full bugs. You bunch of retards

- iPhone X, nice!

Works great, be good if the video control screen showed what quality audio and video and if the video is in HDR or not

- Um

Needs more popular anime



- Please add one piece

Please put one piece in Netflix because I have been dying to watch it and I can’t find anything to watch it on

- 👁👄👁

I’m WiErD, iMmA wEiRdo. I dOnT fIt In AnD I DoNt WaNnA fIt In.

- .


- Great app but miraculous!!🥺

I love this app so much but I watch miraculous ladybug non stop and I would love to see if they could add series 3 more earlier 🥺 but overall an amazing app would highly recommend especially during Covid19 So if you are a big miraculous ladybug fan just like me then you would get my point From mallaidh

- Brill but bit annoying

I’d really appreciate it if it stopped removing films and series which I love all the time and them being there sometimes and then not for months

- good but...

please don’t take bad education of netflix man 😔

- Poor quality

Why is the picture so poor ? YouTube great Disney great prime great Apple TV great Netflix appalling

- Omg this do good but..


- Great

Please could you add the film bunks zombie film please thanks

- Please bring these back?

Hi I don’t actually have an issue with the app, I was just wondering if you could bring back a few shows/movies like the hunger games series and the original charmed etc. If you could do that please it would be absolutely AMAZING. If you’ve read this, thank you. I hope you have a nice day😄

- Great but one glitch

The app itself is very good but I have received some problems whith the whole thing my problems are my Netflix won’t let me watch anything or now get onto my account my internet is problem

- It’s great just one problem

So this isn’t a game but you can see so many different shows and different characters 😁 The one probolem is that the the mirror screening

- Netflix

I do enjoy watching Netflix, however when I go to watch a certain film that Iv seen on there it’s never on there anymore! Plus they add the 2nd film and 3rd but never the 1st. Surely it would be better to have the 1st one rather than 3rd I should think. Apart from that it’s great👍🏻

- Not enough for kids

This is 100 MILLION TIMES WORSE THEN Disney plus purely because you have to be at least 15 years old to watch like 75% of the movies.😀

- It’s Amazing!!!!

I love Netflix it has a variety of shows to watch from 5/5 review from me really recommend!!

- Add Splitscreen support on iPad!

When I connect my iPad to my monitor which Netflix takes over, I want to continue to be able to use my iPad, and not have it taken over by your app. Even without a monitor, I want to be able to have a show on in the background and work on my iPad.

- storage

hello, i had a series downloaded on netflix which took 15 gb of data. i deleted the series but it still showed up on taking up data. is there a way to fix this? other than that, very good. just wish there would be more films on netflix

- 🔐🔒 Immediate Passcode 🔐🔒

Dear Netflix, I have written to u many of times I have requested immediate password protection for every account how difficult is that ? You might say why ? Well I can give u many reasons but just one should be enough for now. At this difficult times many parents have no choice and have all their children off schools and at home AND are relaying on NETFLIX !! Key workers like me have to leave children at home with NETFLIX !! I have a kids account I have my own account I have my wife’s account I have a 10yrs olds account and toddler account. Anyway wot is the point of having separate accounts AND 4 DIGIT PASSCODE CODE if all accounts are same and anyone can access anybody’s account SEE ALL CONTENTS WATCH LISTS MOVIES LIST OVER 🔞 MOVIE COVERS NAMES OF MOVIE TITLES READ GENERE SEE NUDE PICTURES BEFORE U EVEN PRESS PLAY THEN ASK FOR PASSCODE 🤦🏻‍♂️ ?? How do you advise on this issues to protect youngsters from accessing seeing inappropriate context ?? As thy can access any accounts !! I requested this in the past but I request you again please introduce this password features to activate immediately as soon as u click a profile !! So all parents, careers can be assured that kids are not exposed to restricted content in any way !! Hopefully you will understand my points and listen and kindly update this immediately ...!! Thank you 🙏🏻

- All great!

I have used Netflix for such a long time and it’s never gotten boring. Either it’s comedy shows or action films, there’s always something to watch.

- Missing

Completely missed proper classics: 30's, 40's etc

- Netflix

It’s ok but there are not many films I like so they should add

- More

I love the app but we need f is for family season 4 with the new baby and franks father

- !

Yall should really go watch insatiable

- Its okay I guess

Honestly. Im going to start watching shows on Prime Video.The reason for this is simply because Netflix is just removing great shows and replacing them with boring ones. Like for example I was in the middle of watching Victorious when the next day I came back on to watch it and it was REMOVED! I’ve also heard lots of people complaining about the same problem. Its a shame, Netflix used to be a really great app.

- Okay but...

Netflix is really good and I’m glad I have this, but i was pretty bummed out when I realised that a lot of really good anime series aren’t on here, I haven’t looked into it properly, maybe it’s not available where I’m watching it from, but if you got demon slayer, youjo senki , another , and houseki no kumi ( I probably spelled that wrong) that would be great, because I don’t know where else I could view them from, but overall Netflix is good anyway.

- Banging

Better than Disney + no cap rather spend my money on this

- Netflix

I think you should add a comment section to movies and shows so you can talk to people about it

- Netflix

It’s the sexiest app I ever had x

- Anime

PLEASE LISTEN I’m not sure if there’s something wrong with just my account but I’ve recently just got into anime and have started to watch Death Note. The only audio is Japanese and polish but on some other accounts there is an English dub. The trailer or clip that comes up at the top is in English. I hope you can make it easier to find different audio and subtitles as I have also tried your help line and they were unable to help. However I don’t mind reading the subtitles but it would be nice to take a break from it and just enjoy the animation.

- Can you add the flash back

The flash was there for 2 day’s and now it is gone

- Great but one slight thing

Great app just wish the us and uk had the same content as uk has much less than the US which is sort of disappointing otherwise very good app would highly recommend

- Archie

It’s okay but your not allowed to change if it is adults

- Profile

App is amazing love all shows but I think there should be a riverdale option for profile pictures as it is very popular!!

- Good

I really love Netflix but the one problem is that I start watching something and sometimes I don’t like it so I stop watching it. If there was a way that I could delete an item from continue watching, that would really help because then I don’t have to keep scrolling through things I’m never gonna watch again to find the thing I want to watch. Otherwise really good! 🙂

- This app is good but..

I am writing this to say that this app is very good but I just wish that there was something. I wish that all the Pokemon Seasons ( generations ) would come out because I have not finished watching any of them except for Sun and Moon. I hope that you could add all the Pokemon series in so that other people who like Pokemon can watch all the series on this app.

- Upset

I don’t know why there are no every movie in Netflix for example prime video is much better because every movie is there and I am using the premium Netflix and i still can’t watch every movies i guess I am gonna end my membership in Netflix .

- Please put pll back on Netflix

Please put pretty little liars back on Netflix please please please a lot more people would download Netflix because its lock down and everyone loves pretty little liars so please please please put it back on

- Amazing

The app is great, but some more anime like the seven deadly sins, and the rest of the yugioh titles would be good aswell

- movies

please put all the austin powers movies on netflix and weird science

- Victorious

I was wondering why you took seasons of victorious and also got ride of aJ and the queens bc in victorious one of the best songs are in seasons you took of and aJ and the queens only got one season but other than that it’s an amazing app and it helps through these hard times

- OK - Plenty of Room for Improvement

It’s OK but can be glitchy. Also it would be super helpful if you could view the actors information without having to open my browser to search (take note from a certain competitor)

- Great but...

This is great but you can’t run back Minecraft story mode please fix this it’s annoying

- It’s not letting me go on

This app is dumb don’t get it

- No region locked shows please

I love Netflix, it’s good but I honestly would like if some shows like Naruto and such could be watchable in the UK! Loads of people would like that

- Deadly


- The best thing ever!!!!

I love it, it is the best i can watch all of these big blockbuster movies all in 1 places, Netflix

- Found it boring

I found it boring because it always just showing Australia content and not enough other shows like the us, and other country. I pay good money for this and it can’t even watch good shows.

- Quick Question

Ok so the question is, when will Pup Academy season 2 come? Thanks for your time 😊

- Annoyed with Continued Pauses

I would have rated much higher for this app but when it pauses continuously throughout viewing asking me if I’m still watching, I then get more than annoyed & angry. I’m paying a monthly fee & yet every 10 minutes I get asked “Are you still watching ....” I then have to go into my phone, through the passcodes, into the Netflix app to hit the play button! All of this takes time to do. If I’m not going to watch I will hit the stop button myself Netflix. If this doesn’t change soon you can shove it!!!! I will then be deleting the app & cancelling my subscription to you

- Hi

Needs more shows and The 100 season 6 other than that it’s good

- Very good!

Netflix is so good but one thing. Can you add sword art online?

- Garbage

Not enough content, to many absolutely trash movies and tv shows. And when you do find something you want to watch it’s not there just the 2 movie is 4 and season 3 of a show but not 1 or 2, how can I start from mid way

- IMDB rating

Could you guys please add some IMDB ratings for your movies. It helps a lot for your subscribers. Thank you.

- Harry Potter

I love Netflix but I wish that they would bring back Harry Potter because they are such great movies and I never got the chance to watch it on Netflix!

- Video Playing Bug

I have this bug on my iPhone XS Max when I watch some shows like Money Heist, Window is squared on the screen and I can't enjoy the show properly. Please fix this bug. It's so annoying. I'm waiting for this bug to be fixed so I can watch more episodes but it's been a month and it's not yet fixed. I don't plan on purchasing next month's subscription if this doesn't get fixed soon. Very disappointed.

- App Glitch

I can no longer add anything to my List or take anything off of on my Netflix account no matter what I do. It’s getting extremely frustrating!

- Please bring back Pokémon the series:XY

You saw the title

- Good just 1 thing

Now I only just realised this but my favourite movie or series is Harry Potter...... and guess what! I couldn’t find it! It was only yesterday I found out so please if there is some sort of way u could bring it back please I always watch the movies over and over cause I do so please find a way. All in all I love Netflix

- ...

Would download but I can’t on my iPad

- Slightly disappointing

My family recently got a Netflix subscription, and from my limited use of the app, it seems easy to use. My major concern, however, is my inability to access shows such as the office. I’ve heard that this may be because of my Australian account, but I strongly feel that Netflix should make an effort to be more inclusive of their international consumers.

- Winx!!!

I love Netflix it is really amazing, so many great shows 10/10 but it needs all the seasons of WINX not just 7 & 8 !!!!

- Full House

Full house is a funny story that includes a lot of love. It is so upsetting that it has to get removed from Netflix.

- Great but it doesn’t let you download it

Everything is great all the movies and tv shows are so good but the only reason I give it 3 stars is because it doesn’t let me download it on AppStore it’s stupid. If you can definitely get it give it 5 stars if it didn’t have the problem with my device.


I love this app be use you can watch any

- I love Netflix but few problems

I love how Netflix and I hope It stays good but it needs to put more movies and series. Dear Netflix I hope you consider that me and my family loved teen wolf and I think lots of the others that watch Netflix it too. Please consider putting Teen Wolf back in Netflix. Netflix please put new movies and series so then we can in joy having new things to watch when we have watched all of them that we like and don’t have to go back to the other ones we watched unless we want to.

- Great Shows but bad app.

Absolutely horrendous. This app on mobile is just killing me after trying to load it several times and just seeing it freeze and crashing, over and over again. I hope this problem gets fixed otherwise, great shows and originals.

- very sad

i like netflix but it took my favourite movies off, also i wish i t could add more south park and spongebob squarepants, i don’t want to pay for something if it isn’t worth it

- Slow Apple TV app

The Apple TV app is frustratingly slow to scroll through! It’s not the Apple TV because all the other apps and UI works perfectly. I am very close to cancelling my subscription! Fix it ASAP!!

- Netflix is amazing

Netflix is so amazing there are so many types of shows and movies that you can watch👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 and that’s why you should get it.

- Love it but....


- Toca Boca

I love Netflix and toca Boca equally, I’d die for the toca Boca epesodes on Netflix, so plz put the epesodes on there. From: imaan and lilla.🥰

- Toca Boca

I love Netflix And Toca Boca

- Good but trash

Good but trash

- scroll thru netflix while watching!

i honestly just wish you could scroll through netflix while watching ur show/movie in the corner of ur screen just like they have on stan! it’s sooo useful

- Great but.......

They need to add more anime and release anime often and also make sure they can be translated into English like an anime show called saiki they have some seasons in English and some in Japanese and they need it in both now I have to wait up until I can watch saiki in English so that’s the only problem either then that it’s great!!!!!!!!!!!👍 😀 😄

- Not compatible with my ipad

Netflix and Apple - made an update making older ipads unable to use the app

- Question

Is gravity falls coming to Netflix? This is a great app for entertainment.

- Please read

Ok I love Netflix but there taking away the show I always watch it called full house PLEASE DONT TAKE FULL HOUSE AWAY

- Works terrible on Apple TV

Please send through an update because the app is absolutely terrible. It lags until you give up and watch Stan. Total disappointment!

- Netflix is good

I’m too lazy to write a proper review but take my 5 stars and don’t complain

- Late to update

Well today is Saturday 2nd of May. And colony the tv season 3 is meant to be out. Says coming Saturday. Well which is it USA Saturday or Australian Saturday. Rip off if you ask me

- Netflix

Netflix Australia is good but there’s this show I’m watching called full house and I’m only on season 3 and today I saw that the show will only be available for the next 29 days and I really need to finish the show by then but it has 8 seasons and I will like u guys to keep the show available for longer please

- Feedback and a suggestion

It’s amazing how you are adding so many more shows and movies I love to see! I just kinda have a suggestion, what about the anime naruto?

- Removing full house

I love Netflix overall but I found out full house is getting removed at the end of the month! I’m very disappointed because it’s such a big show and I love it! so I’m sad I can’t access unless I pay $100 for it! Please don’t remove it!

- Still can’t adjust subtitles!

Unable to adjust subtitles appearance. Going to account settings via browser and making changes has no effect.

- Amazing show but please notice this netflix

Please go out to get more animated shows like bee and puppy at lazy in space is coming out idk when but other shows too like Steven universe or adventure time if you can but if you can’t I understand please put more amazing shows in :D

- the screens are messed up

messed up

- I love it

It’s perfect when your having movie nights

- Why update

I loved this app when I was able to use it. iPad2 which can only update to 9.5.6 and you guys have recently updated your app which mean now my app is obsolete... No more viewing. Apple have made all older versions obsolete to these apps or these apps have agreed to this to make us all buy new gear. So now I own about $2,000. Worth of apple gear that has no scratches and been well protected over the years all unable to view Netflix. No point on updating as I already own a bunch of iPads and iPhones. Just adding to the collecting of useless gear now. Unhappy. Why did you agree to this?

- Can’t even log in on the app

Great app usually. However, after we paused and restarted our membership, I’m now unable to log into this app, saying “this app doesn’t support in-app sign up”... already signed up 🤦‍♀️ please fix

- Continue watching needs fixing

Idk why but my continue to watch aren’t in order. And I would like the option to remove tv shows or movie from continue to watch.

- Good and bad

I was looking for the things I used to watch on this app for example Tokyo ghoul i loved that series but my iPad broke and I got a new one and now I can’t find Tokyo ghoul.

- Why can’t all the countries have the same shows and movies?

I love Netflix a lot but I live in Australia and I’m running out of things to watch all my friends in America are watching all these cool things and I can’t watch a single one🤬 especially as a teen I want to watch stuff for my age but the thing is I have already watched it all including a new series I would really appreciate it if you could have more more teen shows or put some other ones on there from America Like After, 6 years, Bella and the bulldogs, Victorious and heaps more. Please please please please please please

- It’s alright

netflix is a great app i love to use it when i travel but I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why netflix au has the audacity to limit how many shows we have compared to netflix us i was watching brooklyn nine nine and finished season 6 only to find out there is other seasons?!! THAT I CANT WATCH?!! how many good shows have you done this too? my whole life has been a lie then this is discriminatory against some countries that also deal with this same problem. honestly i might as well use stan or amazon prime 😒

- Easy to use

Best app

- Payment declined

My payment method was declined for me to register and start the 14 days free trial. I’m using a VISA debit card. Please help

- Complain

I can’t sign into my account have been trying it over 1hour now is it some network issue or what

- It needs more anime


- Can’t log in

I can’t log in and it’s pissing me off

- Downloading

Hey guys, when downloading on the app, there should be an option to pause and resume downloads instead of starting afresh when there’s a glitch in network, check out YouTube’s download for tips. Thanks

- Downloaded files keeps deleting

My downloads keeps deleting itself. Fix it or I’m out

- I need help

I’m not able to login to my Netflix account and my subscription is wasting 😡 I need help ASAP please!🙏🏼

- Connection problem

It keeps saying can’t connect to Netflix?? Do something about it please 😩😩

- Not enough details

You gat to start showing iPhone users much data we needed to download any movie

- Password

I’m sharing an account with my Bestfriend and I woke up the next morning logged out since then I haven’t been able to log in. It’s either saying wrong password or connection error . We even trying resetting a new password but since same case💔😭

- Annoying

This app has been nothing but frustrating since the day I downloaded it. It’s either I’m logged out and I have to reset my password or all my downloads disappear or when the movie I’m downloading is almost complete it starts to download all over again or after downloading i can’t watch the movie cos of one stupid error or the other and I keep wasting my data.I just wasted my subscription and data on this app.

- Disgust

Look at the bright side of the app! You have to be patient. Anyway, the app is great, it just takes a while to load but it has good qualities . That’s how you say it, a criticism sandwich. The pattern of the sandwich is compliment- criticism- compliment

- Why does it keep doing this?

I woke up in the morning and found out that I’ve been logged out of my Netflix account. I’ve tried logging back in but it keeps saying incorrect password while the password is definitely correct. How do I fix this????

- I cannot Download

I cannot download on my Netflix app, it keeps saying download failed and Customerservice have not been able to help asking me for an error code when one is not even coming up. Fix it please

- Trouble logging in

It logged me out and now I tried to login it is telling incorrect password but I logged in on my browser

- Incorrect password

I can’t sign in because it keeps saying incorrect password but the password is correct

- Netflix is scam! They scam some people

Scammers! I subscribed and I’m yet to receive my subscription nor did they refund my money. If I couldn’t I would sue you guys

- Login issues

I can’t seem to log in to my Netflix account at the moment and it’s giving a lot of concern!

- Netflix

My account is account has been on hold for the past one month even after billing me pls fix this

- No sound!

I've been watching movies on Netflix and it was fine for awhile but suddenly when I play movies there's no sound playing you can only see

- Error code unable to play

Why on earth am I seeing error on some movies suddenly???? They don’t play even tho they download completely why? Why waste my mobile data and time downloading when it won’t play ?? Plz fix I just sub account... I have a long way to go for all this

- My sound

I’m so angry right now, I can’t seem to understand why my sound isn’t working on my app. The video keeps playing without sound. So frustrating.

- Crashes

After the new update the app just won't stop crashing

- Someone has hack my account

My email and password to my Netflix account has been changed by someone I don’t know. Please help.

- My Netflix App isn’t going through

I don’t know what’s with it

- Worse App so Far

Netflix is sooooooooooooo over rated, has too many issues and glitches, currently I’m facing a login’s saying incorrect password, tried changing password wasn’t working This is so annoying.

- Netflix App did not open

After downloading the Netflix App, I tried opening it and it didn’t open. I tried it several times and it won’t open

- I have a complain

I have been trying to login but i have been seeing Account not found both with my email,phone number and my Account details

- Not working

Please why is my Netflix not working. It keeps logging me out and telling me network problem each time i try to sign in. I find this really annoying. Kindly fix the problem

- Movies

You guys have the worst movies collections, you left the good old movie and bring back the dumb ones. Where are the likes of Jackie Chan movies? Kevin harts?

- Anger

Very frustrating app Wasteful

- No sound

Most of the movies or series I play has no sound . Maryann, Nigeria

- Not signing in

I downloaded the app using my email or number it wouldn’t open don’t know please fix it

- Not downloading

I can’t seem to download it from my App Store please what should I do

- Urgent!!!!

It’s a great app but I found out that my money heist doesn’t have audio🙆🏾‍♀️😱💔🤬every other movie or series plays with audio expect that and I don’t know why. Please fix,until then I’ll give you guys one star.

- No sound

Was seeing a movie and all of a sudden the sound went off. The volume is on the highest level and it still does have any sound. It’s like it’s mute. Work on it please ASAP

- Connection problem

I renewed my subscription yesterday and it’s been hell downloading just a movie because it keeps saying error towards almost done ,only for me to notice this morning have been logged out and all effort to login all day has been “There is a problem connecting to Netflix please try again later “ this is really frustrating and annoying please fix this mess

- Network error

I have been trying to login my Netflix app it has been showing ‘there’s a problem signing in please wait and try again’ for days now it’s not my network all my apps are working fine and yes I turn on data

- Why does it keep logging me out

My Netflix app keeps logging me out and gives me the information that I’m unable to sign in ...why??

- Subscribing went wrong

After about a month and some days of downloading this app on my phone I finally decide to subscribe today behold I was debited and trying to open my account I was still told to finish up my account first.. pls Netflix admin should act on this swiftly then I would give 5 stars

- Login Issues

I can’t singing to my account from my phone for days now, I am so tired of this already.

- Network Error

So I was able to use the app just once after several attempt to log on, I eventually logged on, watched a movie and since then it’s been saying network error. I have done all I could but all to no avail. Please kindly help rectify this problem, boredom is real. This Corona season isn’t smiling at all. Please help fix the network problem.

- Network error

I am using a joint Netflix account and all the other profiles are logged in except me, it keeps telling me network error and to try again, ive tried countless times in the last 8 hours still to no avail. Now i am redownloading the app. What do i do??

- Can’t sign up

Please how do I sign up because I’m yet to see a sign up option.

- Why can’t I seem to log in or create new acct

I’ve had Netflix account for a while now and I installed it I’ve been trying to log in for 3days it’s saying incorrect email it’s definitely my email and I can’t even open a new account please check it I keep installing and uninstalling still

- Password

I got logged out and I’ve been trying to log back in but it keeps saying incorrect password even if I type the correct password. What can I do?

- Connection problem

It keeps telling me that there’s a problem connecting to Netflix. I’d be glad if this can be fixed on time.

- App

I’m finding it hard to download the Netflix app

- Sound issue

The sound of the netflix app isn’t working I don’t understand the problem

@onepiecenetflix: ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻✊

@z_elissa951: netflix quand on leur dmd des séries ou films sans scènes qui partent en couille


@NetflixLAT: "No deberías estar triste por alguien que sabe menos de memes y series en Netflix que tú". - Yo, dando consejos.

@BrookeMcHu8h @Bhytes1 @netflix Yeah bich, it looks interesting, I’m going to watch some episodes. If a can stop watching rupaul 😫🤤 Thanks

@SofiBruga1: Días así solo me inspira ver Netflix y comer pururu todo el dia

Nossa essas séries novas da Netflix são horríveis

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Netflix 12.33.2 Screenshots & Images

Netflix iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Netflix iphone images
Netflix iphone images
Netflix iphone images
Netflix iphone images
Netflix iphone images
Netflix iphone images
Netflix iphone images
Netflix ipad images
Netflix ipad images
Netflix ipad images
Netflix ipad images
Netflix ipad images
Netflix ipad images
Netflix ipad images
Netflix Entertainment application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Netflix Entertainment application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Netflix (Version 12.33.2) Install & Download

The applications Netflix was published in the category Entertainment on 2010-04-01 and was developed by Netflix, Inc. [Developer ID: 363590054]. This application file size is 72.8 MB. Netflix - Entertainment posted on 2020-05-27 current version is 12.33.2 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions.

Netflix Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence

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