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The applications Netflix was published in the category Entertainment on 2010-04-01 and was developed by Netflix, Inc.. The file size is 96.66 MB. The current version is 9.56.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

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Netflix is a Great App  JazmineFiguero_  4 star

Netflix is such a wonderful app for movies and watching Netflix Series too, but one thing I dislike is the fact that some shows are disappearing from Netflix such as Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, American Dad, Bob’s Burger and many more. I would also would like it if Netflix were to add more Shows like Spongebob, The Original Full House, Sabrina The Teenage Witch and many others :) Other than that it’s ok


Supernatural  Wolf1920  5 star

I 10/10 recommend watching supernatural on here



Netflix is awesome but BRING BACK FAMILY GUY


Family guy  Ceceblue_2003  1 star

why the heck would you take family guy off Netflix, I am extremely upset about this, this is bull.

Kaia White

Mean Girls  Kaia White  1 star

I am so mad at Netflix because they took off mean girls it made my life fantastic I go through a lot of rough things and that movie made everything fine I am gonna stop watching unless you put mean girls back on but DO NOT put Mean Girls 2 on if mean girls isn’t on in the next month I am gonna delete my account and never watch it again same with my friend Morgan we are absolutely furious and literally crying tears over this loss. Better hurry up time is ticking


Mean girls  Hollywood2233  1 star

I’m very disappointed that Netflix got rid of mean girls. My life was built around that movie. It shows girls in their teens what high school is like. It is a teen girls guide. Parents can’t always help with situations. Therefore I’m requesting that Netflix puts back on mean girls😡. That movie made my life complete. I’ll delete my account if mean girls is not put back on Netflix!!!!


Good but…  SuperSaiyanSavage  5 star

Don’t take this seriously. I love the app. But I hate it when you remove shows that I love. Like 6teen or Kickin’it and more. I love the app but can you put the the removed shows back? Thanks!


Last update is bad  Caseypace1972  1 star

I can’t get shows to play on my iPad or iPhone Anymore. Please fix.

Raise an egg 😌

Great when it works  Raise an egg 😌  3 star

It great when it works. The only thing that really bothers me is when I try to watch Netflix and it logs me out of it and says that my username and/or password is incorrect. Other then this, this is a great app.

l kwpddgdut

WHY NETFLIX  l kwpddgdut  1 star

I hate that they are taking out all of my favorite show and replacing them with crap😡😡😡

Bado 57

Movies!  Bado 57  3 star

You should be able to download everything on there

plz put supergirl on

Not great in Australia  plz put supergirl on  3 star

I don’t care about anything else but please just put supergirl on Netflix in Australia because I need it plz just put supergirl on plz plz plz


Good app previously, new update removed core feature  Senrabnaneek  2 star

I have been using the netflix app for a while now, but thanks to the most recent update the cast function has been removed


Yeah  mattj10  5 star

It was amazing you wouldn’t believe how great it is. It has a lot of movies:)


NOT HAPPY!  LouiseLj423  4 star

Why did you guys get rid of the ‘Continue Watching’ part of the App? I don’t remember where I was up to with different shows and movies now. Please add it back.

Fnaf= love and life

Gotham season 3???  Fnaf= love and life  4 star

I love Netflix but the one problem I have is in Australia we don't have Gotham S3 😭


Nice redesign!  Owudbdissjsb  5 star

Finally, no more burger menu. Rejoice! This is exactly how apps are supposed to be - as simple as they can be.


My List  amDelightful  3 star

After recent update today, my downloads cut out and boot me off the app every 10minutes or so. Very annoying and inconvenient. Please fix


Love it, But  TheCookieMaster1423  4 star

NETFLIX ADD MORE ANIMES like naruto and burst evolution and Yu gi oh Zexal (i dont watch Yu gi oh zexal that much) BUT ADD MORE ANIME!!!!!!!!!

Not a car wreck

Downloading Issues  Not a car wreck  3 star

I love Netflix AU. it’s great, however there’s a bug with the downloads lately. And it’s becoming quite frustrating having to frequently “retry” a failed download. Or even play a downloaded episode offline with an “error” box popping up. Please fix this.


Garbage App - ZERO CONTINUITY  davbran  1 star

You go to bed and watch a couple episodes. You wake, go about your day, hours have past. You go back to continue your series and you find that the app is now showing the next episode was one you watched four hours before you went to bed the night before. To be specific, the last episode I watched was 13, but Netflix service, app, snafu put me back to episode 7. This is the type of quality I have come to expect from Netflix. The app experiences is different from show to show, device to device. Apple TV’s Netflix never asks if I’m still there. Then after writing this, the continue watching was completely missing. So I did the Netflix App dance. 1. Wake iPad 2. Launch Netflix and can’t find anything based on the menu the night before because the app isn’t meant to seem static by constantly playing where’s Waldo with your viewing selections. 3. Finally find continue watching. 4. Episode order screw up 5. Force close app, which Apple says is unnecessary, but they aren’t using Netflix it seems. 6. Load app, no my list or continue watching. 7. Tap the new my list from the menu 8. Tap back 9. Bam my menu now shows me the continue watching menu, at the top. 10. Episode is still out of order. 11. Find correct Episode 12. Update review to hopefully give developers an idea what it’s like to enjoy a show. 13. 45 minutes later, I watching a show that with today’s technological advancement should have taken me a couple minutes to do. This is how broken your app experience is. This doesn’t go into the weirdness of things like going from Apple TV to iPad has NO continuity. The iPad might show the last show viewed on the iPad, the Apple TV shows the last show viewed there. All of this is done under something called a Profile which should be update frequently enough to create a fluid natural experience. Oh and on the iPad, how about adding the skip ahead 10 second back. It takes a double swipe up to bring up the multitask menu to go to the iTunes remote in the control center to skip past opening credits that haven’t been updated to offer the Skip Intro button. Or if I need to dial in where I was after one of the many ways that this app fails on a daily basis. The irony, you raised your fees and your app hasn’t improved one bit for any of the increase in fees. Fix your piece of crap app. I’ll state this again here and next it will be an email to the CEO of Netflix because the functionality of the app is the worst. 1. Stop screwing up my viewing experience. I expect outages, I don’t expect absolute incompetence. Continue viewing should ALWAYS be at the top. I shouldn’t have go spelunking through you crApp user experience to find what I want to watch. 2. Give us an option to turn off auto trailers, trying to find a show to watch is never more annoying than when your TV starts blaring a trailer at you when you’re looking at the 6 or so titles spread across the screen. This is more an Apple TV issue, but since I can’t leave a worded review on there, you’re getting it here. 3. Screen savers ... that’s what your app feels like, except it’s the most dysfunctionally mentally stunted screensaver ever. It ignores user input. It ignores the fact that I engage the interface manually EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. I don’t do auto play, so every episode I tap play. A direct interaction with my iPad, with your application, I shouldn’t then be pestered by your no short term memory child of an application to ask if I’m still here. An apt analogy, would be if your care stalled in the middle of every third intersection where you stopped at a traffic light forcing you to restart the car because it thinks you’re no longer there. How stupid is that. I’ve changed my mind. This is going to the CEO right now since these reviews are almost always ignored and reviewed by people who don’t know how to pass on ideas just how to placate users.


Forever Bugged  AngelAria  1 star

I have no expectations from such a V rated service and I’m so glad I switched fully to Hulu. Horrible bugs on every platform, the rating system change, terrible “original” shows (a few “decent enough” doesn’t help). Good bye, Netflix. I will be helping all friends, family, coworkers spread the word.


Skip 10s  LAMEES1996  1 star

Why did you remove the forward skip button??? I need it baaaccck


suggestion  katethegreat479  4 star

can u please please please add nerve it’s the best movie ever

Naija Williams

New update February 22,2018  Naija Williams  3 star

I don’t like how the new update looks change it back please


Closed captioning  Agallochv748  1 star

Closed captioning on the Xbox, iPad, and iPhone sometimes is on the upper part of the screen. Like it’ll be on character’s foreheads and it completely ruins the view. Closed captioning only works at the very bottom of the screen. Mainly a problem with the iPad. Off and on.


Constantly having issue  bumikopi  1 star

Netflix. So you went ahead and raised the price and with that bad service. At least have the decency of having a working service. When I open Netflix in the computer the mail screen opens but when I open a program it show on the screen “OOPS SOMETHING WENT WRONG” close it and reload, well I have to do that several times and it’s very frustrating. PLEASE FIX IT! Oí are giving me reason for leaving as I have been wanting to do so.


Why!?  myangel28  2 star

I love this app. It’s amazing.Then I finished watching season 1of Riverdale and it doesn’t have the net season yet!Like come on there is like 10 or something episodes of Riverdale out for the next season and they don’t have the episodes yet.Again I love the app I just want the next episodes of Riverdale!


Recent update problem  Asharp42  3 star

After the last update the picture jerks quite a bit. I hope it gets fixed with the next update.


Perfect but  kifakhlih  4 star

It is perfect but need to be more renewable and more choice.. the price of rent is reasonable


No new movies  da1franklin  3 star

They hardly update movies -mostly outside US


Wonderful app  Ifyyyyyyyyyy333344445555  5 star

It works perfectly for me and am in Nigeria. The app opens as long as your network is stable and there are download options.


Netflix app  Rabsgalore  1 star

It doesn't play any movie and always showing error all the time.


Download issues  B29eR  2 star

After a couple of downloads, it stops downloading any other file and even the one that didn't finish downloading gets stuck. Kindly fix


Having issues.. Movie not loading  Peaceedotcom  3 star

First I for more than two weeks now, ive had issues with the app. Movie not loading anymore, talks about "There was an unexpected error, Please reload your page and try again", sent in many mails and offline messages to support but no one responded. I am still on free, so I'm wondering how frustrated it would have been if i have subscribed. Secondly I wouold recommend you add a download option. I am in Nigeria, and internet data for a month costs as much as $100/month with the internet service that can stream the HD. So if we are able to download, we can watch later.


Crappy movies .No real selection  Jorho88  1 star

The app is so biased and also full of old movies .For a subscription fee your movies are very very very limited .Kindly update your movies and include more genre . To be honest subscription is not worth it


Very impressed  Elubim  5 star

This has optimized my use of the iPhone. Thanks!


Downloading error  Adeyombo  1 star

I want to download this app but it keep stopping and not downloading. I have being trying for days now. Why?


My Netflix stopped working after the update  Oozugbakun  1 star

My Netflix has just stopped working. Done everything, even deleted it and now I can't install it anymore. It just doesn't respond.


Not working again after latest upgrade.  Enny2cute  1 star

Pls do something about your last upgrade. The movies wont open, it's giving me an error message.

dashing bashes

Best👍👍  dashing bashes  5 star

I think it is very good and well done and I give a big big big well done to the creators of it thank ✌️✌️✌️


Chromecast  Shaunzyily  3 star

Won’t connect to my chromecast?

1D crazy not really

Some shows are missing  1D crazy not really  4 star

Would give 5 stars if ‘Greys Anatomy’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ were available.


Press handstand  katiezone  5 star

It is great for watching things like peppy pig paw patrol and all the things you like I would definitely recommend this app for anyone


Great app  randomepegasus  4 star

Hi, it is an excellent app that has practically everything I want to watch but could you please add my little pony the movie to your list of movies?


Great app  Szofi  5 star

I love this app and especially that I can connect with my smart tv.


Bug insertions more likely  Fishingpaddy  1 star

Won’t open on iPhone5 with latest iOS


Ok  💞🙊  3 star

The app is great just need to be brought up to date with new films

kevs reviews

Great 🎥  kevs reviews  3 star

It has most of your favorite movies and great shows if your in Spain 🇪🇸 you can enjoy modern family easy to control if your into movies download it straight away👍👍👍👍


10 second skip  Jill💗  1 star

bring back the 10 second skip forward button please???? i can’t watch something without being able to skip.


Love this app!  Yolliepatrollie  5 star

Everything is neatly organized and all the genre are very neatly displayed. I do have a suggestion, for the “my list”. It would be more satisfying, if you could sort all the selected series and movies, into their genres. I think, it won’t look so confusing and messy. I really do hope that this will be updated for the app. All in all, this app is super cool, fun, and easy to use! 5 stars🌟


Works sooooo well!  Sethathi  5 star

One of the best apps I've seen!


Please add season 3 and 4 of the flash series... was enjoying it but now it’s done🤯  Nebbyg  5 star

... was enjoying it but now it’s done🤯 please please please 😫😩☺️

Baruch Simcha

Worst Customer Service  Baruch Simcha  1 star

For shows Netflix is great, for customer service, it’s the worst company to deal with ! Sarcastic, eat while they talk to you, and in today’s modern life, you have to send a letter, not an email for resolutions ...


Doesn’t work  sakmaz  2 star

Not even able to open the latest version...

Muaaz [30 september]

Limited shows  Muaaz [30 september]  1 star

Terrible experience using the app in South Africa. No access to all the shows. Disappointed. Terrible app. Don't download in South Africa.


Its great but...  PugGaming  4 star

Almost all series’s on the kids channel aren’t downloadable.

Dominique Immelman

What happened  Dominique Immelman  1 star

I don’t know what happened because this on day I want to watch some of the episodes of : •pretty little liars •vampire diaries And other stories and they were just gone So how do I pay for Netflix and I can’t even watch the stories that I want to watch so please fix it


Amazing!!!!!!!!  NukelerNick  5 star

The best

hg khgvygvy

Outlander  hg khgvygvy  4 star

Where are the seasons 2 and 3 of Outlander? Netflix has got other wonderful shows and movies but I have become obsessed with Outlander and there is no season 2 or 3. 😰😰 I would really be nice of they had the rest of the series.


Mobile dstv  Zèék  4 star

Couldn't ask for more

Netflix Comments

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