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Looking for the most talked about TV shows and movies from the around the world? They’re all on Netflix.

We’ve got award-winning series, movies, documentaries, and stand-up specials. And with the mobile app, you get Netflix while you travel, commute, or just take a break.

What you’ll love about Netflix:

• We add TV shows and movies all the time. Browse new titles or search for your favorites, and stream videos right on your device.
• The more you watch, the better Netflix gets at recommending TV shows and movies you’ll love.
• Create up to five profiles for an account. Profiles give different members of your household their own personalized Netflix.
• Enjoy a safe watching experience just for kids with family-friendly entertainment.
• Preview quick videos of our series and movies and get notifications for new episodes and releases.
• Save your data. Download titles to your mobile device and watch offline, wherever you are.

Netflix membership is a month-to-month subscription that begins at sign up. You can easily cancel anytime, online, 24 hours a day. There are no long-term contracts or cancellation fees. We just want you love what you watch.

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Get the best experience for enjoying recent hits and timeless classics with our latest Netflix update for your iPhone and iPad. We know you have choices. In this release, we made gallery improvements so it’s easier to find the perfect thing to watch.

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- Remove Audio Description by Default - Bug Report

Please remove audio description feature by default or remember audio description setting from one movie or episode to the next. I use the audio description feature sometimes to hear how a screenplay of a particular scene would be written because of my interest in screenwriting. When the scene is over, I turn it audio description settings off because it gets annoying quickly. However, I’ve notice this feature has been turned on by default recently in the iOS app. I haven’t really noticed if it’s the same with the tvOs or website. I tried to turn the settings off and it worked but when the current (now playing) episode or movie ends, when the next episode or movie starts, the audio description feature turns back on. I had to turn it off for every episode each time. It was really frustrating at the point I had to paused the show and write this review. Honestly, this is not really a review. I hoping your development team would consider this at a bug report. It is annoying that audio description is turn on by default and you can’t turn it off permanently for future movies or episodes. Please fix. 😡

- Privacy and Security

Netflix is a GREAT app, I’ve probably been using it for 8 years or so. Over the past years, Netflix has expanded its operations greatly, and made viewing videos more accessible than ever. However, I feel that the privacy of the app should be increased much more. Whenever I’m watching a tv show, sometimes other members of my family try to log on and watch the SAME EXACT show on the same profile while I’m trying to watch. putting a lock on the profiles would be much better for people who want to keep their viewing private and out of the hands of people who share the account. Another issue I have is that sometimes, I’ll watch the first few minutes of a show, and I’ll end up stopping because the show is bad. removing shows out of currently watching is one of the most annoying issues this app has never fixed. I have maybe 10 shows and movies I’m watching, and scrolling through a bunch of more shows that I ended up never watching trying to find what I want to see is a big pain. Lastly, Netflix is getting really outdated. Watching classics is becoming a pain on Netflix, and the newest shows and movies are never updated. After getting a YT Tv subscription, I was able to find more complete, fuller versions of my favorite movie franchises and tv shows. Netflix needs to start upgrading its viewer base, or what Netflix became famous for-being able to watch the best shows easily-is going to be erased. written by a teenager.

- Teen section please!

Alright, Netflix is awesome! It’s so easy to stream movies, TV shows, interactive games, and more all accessible through Netflix! The only thing that I could think of to improve this app is another section. So far there is kids and adult. But what about teens like me? Kids has a TON of cartoons and kiddy shows. Don’t get me wrong, I love cartoons as much as the next person, I just want something a bit more adventurous. The adult version has a wide variety of movies, but a lot of them are inappropriate for teens like me. If you could add a teen version, where the more appropriate movies are, that would be lovely! The movies, (no matter the rating) should be good for young audiences. This means the movies should be rated for cussing. None of the movies should have naughty things. (passionate hugging/kissing, and you know, anything that's an inappropriate display of affection) but some cussing could be allowed since in college and high school, there aren't many child-friendly peers there sadly. Another suggestion would be to (forgive me if you already have this) add a feature (free or not, your choice) where if you're watching a movie and leave the app, you can still see a small box of the screen in the corner. The box should be moveable, this way you can surf the sea of neverending emails while binging your favorite show on the wonderful app, Netflix.

- Currently watching is a nightmare!

I love Netflix and admittedly have things streaming far too often throughout the day. Everything works beautifully and it’s easy to search for what you’re looking for and the list of saved shows is fine too. My big issue, however, is with the currently watching area on the tv app, phone app, and website. Sure there are tons (and I mean TONS) of articles all over the web giving instructions on how to remove shows from the currently watching section that you no longer want to view, but Netflix it’s your job to provide an easier method for doing this. It’s unrealistic to expect people to go into their history and delete a millions episodes of a show just to get to the movies and whatever other shows they need to remove from that section. Just allow a space on the titles to remove them from that area. Especially for shows or movies that you try out and end up not liking. They stay there for months! Also, the app on tv plays the show or movie just when you’re trying to read the info about it and guess what?? That also adds that title to currently watching! Fix this issue please! It’s 2020! We shouldn’t have to google the hundreds of articles teaching people how to get around your archaic ways with this one thing. Do better, Netflix.

- Downgraded instead, Not watching as much

I noticed over the past year that I have been using Netflix less and have been really disappointed with their selection and layout. So I downgraded to the lowest possible billing option and have been great with it for months now. Layout: I wish that when I selected which genre I want to watch that it showed a years list. I like 90's suspense thrillers and kids holiday movies, 50's creature feature horror movies, and 80's action and comedy movies. But it's a bit hard to find with their made up titled sections and makes me waste more time searching than watching. And the search feature doesn't not show me all the movies in these keywords as only a few can fit on the search screen. Also, there movie selection in these categories aren't that much and I end up watching Crackle a lot more. Ended up watching Crackle and Freeform Channel for Halloween instead! I feel Netflix has too much Drama and Gore movies-not my cup of tea. I expected new seasons of "Sabrina the teenage witch," "Mystery Science Theater," and other such shows to be new and available for October but they were not. So knowing when to show new show seasons for holidays is lacking. Who needs the new "Nutcracker" movie in July!? Also, when am I going to see new "Mystery Science Theater" episodes? Love the new show!! Creature feature movies are really lacking on Netflix!! And when is the new "Bright" movie coming out!? This is why I downgraded.

- amazing!!

honestly, If you haven’t gotten Netflix, what are you waiting for?!? Every single of my favorite series EVER, have been found on Netflix!! The app is significantly easy to use, and my favorite part is their always adding more!! It’s really easy to find things that your interested in because the app takes what you have watched, and recommends similar options. Most Netflix originals are also genuinely very good! I do have two suggestions for somethings that could be implemented in the future. My first idea is that you could be able to follow other people. This way you could find out what your friends, family, or anyone else you know, is watching/interested in. You could find lots of great shows that you didn’t know about or watch before. My second thing is something that has been mentioned in other reviews, and that is an actual, legitimate teen section. And i’m not talking tv-7. I’m talking quality shows, PG13/TV14, stuff like that. I think both of these ideas could help improve Netflix in the future. That’s all I have! Overall, Netflix is a wonderful app, full of great selection, amazing viewing quality, and awesome shows, movies, documentaries, you name it


Guys I know your probably thinking:”I don’t know if I should download this app m maybe I should see the reviews.” Well look at this one, don’t look at anymore because, I’m here to convince you to get it, and tell you about the amazing movies you should watch after you download it. First off it’s not only movies you can watch, you can watch tv shows too, and they are awesome. Now some of them do include homosexuality and I don’t like that so I just skip the parts and of movies that have them, and please don’t judge me for saying that, anyhoo, there are some top notch movies here, like a thousand words, The Kissing Booth, The Kissing Booth 2,( trust me you GOTTA watch those two) and there are cool tv shows like, The Flash, Green Arrow, Legends of tomorrow, (then again these is just dc) Marlon, The Green House academy( if you really like teen tv dramas you will really like The Green House Academy!!) any way, you can also go to the search bar and you will see the things that most people that are interested in, like the movies and tv shows. And don’t worry because yes it has a continue watching section. And the last thing that I wanna say is that YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE 2 KISSING BOOTH MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye

- Please show Viewers Rating/Comments???

Why is it so difficult for you guys to add the option to read viewer written reviews which are available only through using the browser version of Netflix? At times it seems like Netflix has some type of agenda to limit the chances of any of their productions from getting any kind of negative or honest viewer feedback. And one of the biggest actions Netflix did to prove my point is making the ridiculous and obvious mistake of getting rid of the 5 star review system which helped fine tune which movies were recommended for us. Some of us like my entire family for example had each perfectly fine tuned the movie recommendation algorithm after working hard to submit honest ratings for every single Netflix streaming movie we'd watched for multiple years (since Netflix first started offering its streaming service). And then without even asking for its customers opinion on the matter it just gets rid of the entire rating system and implements the useless thumps up or down rating! If Netflix ends up falling from the heights it's reached it will only be because of their lack of common curtesy and respect towards its customers feedback.

- Lacks management features

My issues with this app are not about streaming content, but lack of content for managing my account on my device. If there was any place where I should be able to manage my passwords and activity it should be on my device. My info (card, address, etc) is associated to my account. One can argue logging in via laptop/computer could be less secure. Especially if the web browser saves passwords and I am a user who never logs out on a computer that never locks. I at least have Two factor authentication on my phone. If I am already logged in, ask for my password or send an email to my account with a verification number. Just don’t completely strip away my ability to manage my account promptly. At the very least, I should be able to opt out/in on account management on my device via email, if necessary. This needs to be fixed. I receive phishing emails asking me to reset my password regularly. I would like to change it via app immediately, if I feel my password had been compromised. Rating may seem too low when everything else works well. However, security should be paramount to protect your users. There is no point having a service if that service does not have safety of its customers in mind. May as well make a walkway across the freeway.

- Bugs please update

Their seems to be a bug that’s doesn’t allow my continue watching to update, meaning that if I finish a show or start a new one the show I have started doesn’t appear and if I finish a movie or a show it doesn’t go away. Also if I am watching a show it doesn’t update so I’ll be on episode 13 and it’ll say I’m still on episode 11 and it’s very annoying. Please do an update to fix this issue. It’s not just my account either it’s my whole families accounts that is having this problem and a lot of other people online that I have seen while looking up a solutions to solve this issue. I have called and talked to two customer service representatives and neither one of them could help me both of them practically blamed me and said that maybe it was because I was going on another account but I’m not I’m only using my account. But anyway this is my last resort to get in touch with the company and to possibly have this issue resolved, so could you please update the app soon. Thank you much appreciated and other than that small issue I have no other problems with the app I love Netflix and so do my friends and family.


Hello I wanted to email Netflix about a idea I had about the show Avatar the last Airbender but I can’t because they don’t think my idea is good enough you can look up “how to email Netflix about ideas” it will tell you everything. Anyways my idea that I wanted to send to Netflix is how I think instead of having 3 seasons of the show I was just talking about they would turn the comic books into episodes so people like me who don’t like to read even if there is pictures will still be able to enjoy the series. I mean we still are paying our monthly fee so you won’t have a problem with money and it will make a lot of people happy like just ask people who like and watched Avatar the last Airbender and they will say they would have rather had a lot more seasons of said show than Legends of Korra even though I would still like to keep 👆🏻this show. I hope you read this and actually think about it I mean ask TikTok and Twitter. Also one more thing let the fans send in ideas it’s kinda of rude it’s like your saying “Your opinion doesn’t matter!!” When as a consumer it does. Have a good day bye!💕

- Love the app hate how it’s always breaking for me

Hi, I typically use the app a lot and I think it’s perfect on how its from kids to adults to teenagers etc but since I stopped using it I would think to myself hey I should catch up on this show but it wouldn’t let me go into the app and if it did I wouldn’t be aloud to go onto anybody’s profile not even my brothers. This was very disappointing so I reset my iPad it worked for 5 minutes and broke again. I reset my games and it removed the pictures from apps I had recently been on it’s fixed now but at this point I thought it was a waist of storage so I deleted it I wondered if I could delete it and re download the app to see if it works I tried downloading the app again and it wouldn’t work I’m not gonna lie I tried it on multiple apps but I couldn’t download any I’m very mad and disappointed but there is nothing I can do I’m just a 10 year old after all. So yup that’s my only problem it could be a bug or just something going on with my device but I really wanted to watch some Netflix so if it is a bug or something I hope it will get fixed soon. Bye!

- Dude please

Please Netflix don’t do this to me, no not just me, EVERYONE who has ever watched and loved the office, your letting nbcUniversal take The Office back. You spent Millions upon millions of dollars just to get Friends back. Why not do the same for The Office. I guarantee, you will lose tons of people to UniversalNBC just because of one show. One Amazing spectacular show that makes me excited to get home and kick my shoes off. But just the thought of The Office leaving Netflix really gives me a stomach ache. I mean come on, it’s your most popular show and I legit will have nothing to do with my life. Half the reason I bought Netflix was for The Office, and now, well, I might just not renew my Netflix, and maybe millions of people might to. So fight, I don’t care if NBCUniversal wants their show back, you fight and you win. Wanna know why you will win, because you’ve got me and millions of other people just alike behind you. Don’t let Micheal Scott leave this company, Don’t let Jim part time at Netflix and universal, don’t let daryl follow him. And sure as hell don’t let Stanley retire from Netflix. Thank you for your time in reading this.

- The shows I watched the most were taken put of my age group

So I was using netflix and watching sword art online, which is a show for teens like most of the anime on netflix including, hunter x hunter, jojos bizarre adventure, blue exorcist and many more. While I was watching my show, I took a break and when I came back, I couldnt watch the show anymore. At first i thought it had gotten taken off netflix, but soon after I found it it had gotten moved to the TV MA section which made zero sense to me. These show have been rated differently and the only one the rating makes sense for are jojos bizarre adventure but the other ones I listed aren’t meant for ONLY adults. I enjoyed and was about to start watching some of these shows until netflix took them off the teen section and im not allowed to go to the adult section. I want my shows back and im hoping netflix will realize that these shows dont belong on only the adult section, but also for teens. I turn to netflix whenever I want to watch an anime without ads but if they keep moving them to age groups that dont make sense, I might as well stick to crunchyroll and funimation. Please put the shows back so that I can enjoy this app and the content that is on it.

- Good, but has some bugs and I have a suggestion

I love Netflix; it is way cheaper than cable but is a way better deal. I watch anime on Netflix, and a lot of the time the subtitles with just stop working. I’m not good at understanding Japanese, so this is a problem. I have to exit out of my show and then wait for my continue watching to refresh and tap it again. It’s not hard to do, but it gets annoying after a while. I was really happy when Netflix made the update where you can delete from your continue watching, but Disney+ has a new feature on their app called GroupWatch, and I would love to see that on Netflix, because my sister likes to watch anime with me. If you don’t know what GroupWatch is, it’s where you can invite someone to watch with you via text or something and then up to 6 people can watch the same thing on different devices and accounts together, synced. (Also I just want to say Hunter x Hunter is a very good action anime and I love it but Netflix needs to get Love is War on there and also needs to add the rest of the Hunter x Hunter episodes on there but you can watch anime on VRV if you want)

- Preview loop & music & Info & Passcode

I can’t stand browsing through titles anymore looking for something interesting. If I pause too long I have to deal with the noise and video loop. Music/noise is worse, but give option to stop both. Why must one click done and then ok after entering ratings passcode override? 2 steps? It wasn’t great, but the app with older apple tvs was better at inputting passcode even before the added step. Why with the TVOS app can I not always see all of the description of a specific episode or movie including language spoken when scrolling through episodes. I like scrolling through episodes current way better then old way where i didnt even know what season I looking at unless i scrolled to top. Just allow ability to get all the info. Put back a way to better exclude things on main menu I will never watch. For example I only like stand up comedy in a club with a group of people watching together live I will never watch stand up comedy on Netflix so please quit showing them to me. Others may love them. Make it easier for both of us. I have tried to give thumbs down over and over. You used to be better at putting shows in menu I may want to watch without searching or being hidden by a ton of stuff i will never watch. Non-app issue. Quality Content has been lacking.

- I love it, but I wish we could comment

I love Netflix so much. I watch the office on there like every day. I just wish there was a comment section underneath the shows. The show creators can can useful feedback, and comment sections can be so much fun to read through and laugh at all the funny comments. It could also give Netflix an easier way to figure out what shows to keep and what shows to take off. It can also give a better idea of what new shows to put on based on what people like. There have been so many times that I’ve seen an episode or a scene of a show or movie, and I wanted to scroll down to the comments to see what other people had to say. (Oh if you were to do this, it would probably be best to do a separate comment section for each episode of a show so that people don’t get spoilers) Putting a comment section on the shows can even help to connect Netflix users. They can interact and bond over their love for a show. They can laugh over a funny scene. Or a number of other things. All in all, I love Netflix but I think it’d be pretty cool to add a comment section

- My Rating Would Be Higher If Autoplay Worked Over Cellular Data

Most of the time, I find Netflix to be a thoroughly enjoyable app largely free of bugs and other potential annoyances. However, I recently found myself without a reliable wi-fi connection, which obliged me to stream over my LTE data connection. Much to my exasperation, I discovered that Netflix has taken the patronizing approach of disabling autoplay when streaming via cellular data. I thought at first that this irritation might be remedied by a quick trip to my account page, where the playback settings are found. However, there is just one autoplay-related checkbox, which was checked. A call to customer service confirmed that autoplay is unavailable over cellular. I feel that this policy is frankly ridiculous. With the profusion of unlimited data plans on the market, one should at least be given the option of whether to disable autoplay over data rather than have Netflix unilaterally decide the matter. I am perfectly capable of monitoring my own cellular data use; I do not need Netflix or any other company to hold my hand and choose whether I get to use cellular data. When this nonsense is resolved, I will happily add some stars to my rating; until then, there should be a price for condescension.

- Best app in the whole world 🌍.

I love Netflix sooooo much. I love this app it really really is cool and it really helps me to get to watch my shows. But I don’t like when they took off Geronimo Stilton was my favorite thing to watch on Netflix. Please bring it back to Netflix. Anyways if anyone didn’t like Netflix then you should get it together. Because Netflix is amazing 😉 😉I have one suggestion for you guys maybe you could put all the shows on Netflix and make something called Netflix world kind of like Disney world. Also you could make an app called Netflix games for an example a Good Burger make a game were you are Ed and you get to choose your own silly thing to do. And then in the app you create your own Good burger. You choose all the characters. Then you can send them to Netflix and you can watch them. And you do that for all the things on Netflix! I know I’m being annoying but please please answer one of those suggestions. Thanks for making Netflix!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😺😺😍😍😍😀😃😃😁😁. Also I love that you guys made Netflix and I hope you Like me Review. Angle love

- Updates are horrible

I know longer will update anything from Netflix. Every update is worse than the one before. When I started years ago you had like 8 pages of every genre and what we liked & disliked, you numbered our watchlists so we were aware of how many we were adding there. It was a very simple method to move items from say 352 to number 4, there was a rating of 1 to 5, showing what most people liked and what we liked. All of these things have been removed and it wasn’t for our benefit. Every update has major flaws just updated my app on my iPad to find my watchlist on my fire tv still had 352 items in it. Luckily I don’t ever update that one and on the iPad after the update it shows I have 76. When you try to change the order in your list, it can only be done from a computer and once again 1/2 of my watchlist is missing. Now making that impossible to do. Keep making bad choices and not listening to your customers and you will find you are no longer getting more customers, in fact you might start to see a lot of your very loyal customers paying for maybe 3 months a year instead of paying every month for 6 or more years. Get it together and start listening to what people like and want.

- Can't stand the constant previews

I avoid searching for shows on Netflix because I hate this insistence on showing parts of the movie or show when you're trying to read what it's about or are just scanning through a category. If I know what I'm going to watch, I go straight to it, and the original and international content is unmatched. But I despise being force-fed trailers and previews on any TV service, showing you before you watch what you're about to watch, and getting it in hacked up bits that reveal a lot of the best moments. And Netflix is by far the worst. So much for being surprised, thrilled and delighted by unanticipated events. A lot of us watch for the surprises and the fun in trying to guess what's coming next. Hey, Netflix, we're already on your service and intent on watching your TV and movie shows. You've got to understand that subtlety has great virtue and we're smart enough to figure out what we want to try without being shoveled bits like dummies. Besides, we also know that trailers are extensively edited, of course, and intended to show off only the best action and character lines. What we see, especially the lightening pacing and exaggerated action, is often not what we get. The previews don't reflect the quality of a production and may turn us off to things we'd otherwise try.

- Needs a little something more

So don’t get me wrong it’s a great app but a few suggestions. Whoever said they would like a teen option I agree with. And also I think there should be like a option for 9-13 year olds section not like teenage yet but not like kiddy cartoons and tv shows . And then also with a 9-13 year old section that means in the kids section there won’t be stuff like not inappropriate but like just a little to old for kids like 8 and under . And there should also be a young adult section so like for adults that are 18-28 so like not tv ma rated things on there. I personally think that tv ma means only ages 30 and up are aloud to watch not even super responsible people so tv ma shouldn’t be on any section younger than adult. And I say this because I’m a tween and I get a little mad when it says for you and there’s a bunch of kids shows . And also there should be a section for like 40-60 so a little to old to have kids and in to elderly. And a section for elders so ages 60 and up. If the creators are reading this review if you could do at least most of the things I said I would give it a five star rating.

- Netflix originals=Love/Hate

This review is mainly about Netflix original series. Most of them are really good! They have cool ideas for shows and spare no expense getting some of the best in Hollywood. The problem is Netflix puts out too many too fast. Viewers can not keep up so shows might not get watched for years after they were created. Therefore Netflix doesn’t get the feedback fast enough about what viewers like and dislike. Shows that are really good end up getting canceled and shows that are not good continue. No one likes getting hooked on a show, watching a few seasons, then it just ends with no explanation only to find out it was canceled last year! Example...Santa Clarita Diet. Great show with the perfect cast. Invested 3 seasons to find out Netflix canceled it almost 1 year ago. Just seems like if Netflix focused more on quality instead of quantity when it comes to their originals, viewers would have a much better experience. Other than that, Netflix is awesome. But, you don’t want to disappoint viewers or waste $ on shows being canceled or never taking off when viewers have a lot more options these days.

- Netflix is The Best, Although there is one Major Issue

I really hope this gets read by someone who can do something about it. I love the Netflix, but It’s really disappointing how most of the shows and movies I want to watch aren’t available in my region. Sometimes the show or the series might be there, but the latest season might not. I’m a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries The Originals and I’ve been waiting for you guys to update the originals for MONTHS now. I’ve googled a bit and found out it is available in some of the other regions. This is the ONLY frustrating thing about Netflix for me, and it really disheartens me. I’d really love it and be extremely thankful if all the latest updates could be provided to all the regions because it really is a huge disappointment. Probably the only reason people decide to unsubscribe from Netflix, some of the people I know did. It’s truly unsatisfying when we don’t get to watch everything we paid for. Although overall I’d say, it’s a great app. If you could just fix this one issue (one really frustrating issue by the way), it’d be perfect! ❤️

- #JusticeForKhaled

JUUwurumuyor As a global company you should respect every country and not target them in your content by spreading stereotypes , as an arab / saudi man i will be canceling my subscription because you as a company have failed to stop these rumors about us . The fact that you made an episode about khaled aldossary without including facts is disgusting ! He was a chemical engineering student and he ordered chemicals for educational purposes and the company that sells these chemicals for students filed a report against him because they felt" suspicious " because he is saudi / muslim even though they sell other stude But later it was proven that the chemicals cannot be used for making weapons / bombs of any sort but it was too late because he was already sentenced for life in prison ! And for what ?! For nothing ?! As a company you shouldn't be biased ! I understand that Netflix is mostly run by white males but that doesn't mean that you cant be back more educated about other cultures and less racist !!! Some people might claim that they're racist but they are deep down , its not about what " racist word " you say its about your actions . And Netflix has proven that its a racist company . I am disgusted and I encourage others to unsubscribe to this service and find better services . I stand with khaled aldossary #JusticeForKhaled

- Downloading errors!

I have only had Netflix for like a month now and my biggest issue is with downlaods. I live in a rural area so I don’t get good internet service and therefor can not stream hardly (pretty much not at all). Still, I got Netflix when I found out you can download and watch it. So I thought I could download my shows at work or in town, or pretty much anywhere I have good signal or internet access. The problem is it takes so long to download just one show! (Like sometimes I wait nearly an hour or longer for one show or movie), then when I go to watch it, half the time it gets messed up and stops working on the middle of it and will not play. Also, I’ve had a couple times where I tried downloading something and the download failed, but when I try again it won’t allow me to do so because it says I have exceeded the number of downloads for that particular movie or episode, even though I never actually had it downloaded, so then I can’t watch it. They need to fix it so that you can download and it actually works every time! I’m losing my patience with it and may be canceling if it doesn’t get better.

- Need a lil help here

So Netflix is great amazing but when I went to change my name i accidentally changed the child setting on to the parent setting so now I can’t take it off and it just says all parent mode so ya I need some help with that also you aren’t gonna be replying to this hopefully you are but I wish Harry Potter was on here when there is 7 shows and when I try to watch it on a tv it tells me it’s gonna be on in a year and I have to rent it for 2 days to watch it and it’s 4 dollars each so for each movie is would me 28 dollars so I really wish you can have it on Netflix and people are starting to download another app so they can watch other movies and shows that ya Netflix doesn’t have and I know you aren’t gonna do this stuff but plz make it a suggestion and keep it in a maybe box so I think you should get more movies and I have some so it’s Harry Potter Matilda and if your having Harry Potter plz make it all of the movies I bc I don’t just wanna see one movie and that’s it and just more movies and shows is what I’m asking

- No description

I don’t know who comes up with these updates for the app but they’re terrible. First it was the taking away of the star rating. Which means I can’t get an idea on whether the show/movie might be good before wasting my time watching. Now the latest nonsense of taking away the brief description of what the show is about. Instead it’s just a list of genres the show/movie falls under. I, like many other people, enjoy many different genres of shows and movies. For example I’m not going to watch a movie simply because it’s an action movie. It’s the same even for documentaries which makes even less sense. Say a documentary is on Egypt. How can I tell it’s going to be something that I’d be interested in just the few genre and descriptor words? It could be about things I already know about Egypt or it could be talking about new discoveries and facts I’ve never heard of. Whomever is making the decision to allow these ridiculous updates is awful I’m not saying fire this person but them and everyone else involved in these updates should be allocated to a new task within Netflix. My account alone isn’t keeping Netflix afloat so this isn’t any threat but I’m so close to canceling my account. It’s getting less and less worth the money I’m charged for it.

- It good but could get better in future

I have used netflix for over four years now back when the had all the seasons of Futurama, American Dad, Family Gay and Archer I do personally think that removing these shows was not a great idea but the netflix company has brought some shows that bring back this feeling. But I am not here to talk about shows that should be brought back. As I was searching for something to watch I saw multiple shows and movies but as I pressed them they did not show the play icon the multiple show I first clicked on was archer I was shocked to see it on here and recently been wanting to watch it so I clicked on the icon but no play icon was to be seen I did press other shows to see if it would work like Rupaul’s drag race and the last air bender and those did not work either. So I thought I should see if it worked on my phone but as I looked on my phone I did not even see these shows on their it would be nice if you all could fix this and the was another The last Airbender that the date said it was set to come out 2020 I don’t know if this was on purpose or not but please fix this as soon as possible

- I like Netflix but there’s a problem

So when got this app love it. I could finds my shows,I could go to different episodes or find a new show. I liked it a lot but then there was a slight problem. When someone else is watching the the same show and he or she goes to a different episode. That I was not on it go’s to my iPad. I was thinking maybe they were going on my account but then they told me they didn’t so hella confused😯🤨🤔. And sometimes when I have headphones it will turn up the sound and I want to see if it works on any other app no it does not😑👌. But there is a bright side it will let me download videos like if someone’s driving and I’m in the car going to my aunts that is in Massachusetts I could watch my videos with no Wi-Fi. But then the bright side Kinda turns into a dark-ish side😞😔😕. Someone would download way too much episodes and hide it then I can’t delete it. I will try downloading one of my videos then he will tell me 🥴there was too much videos downloaded delete some videos🥴 like seriously 😒 well that’s my review bye!

- Quality of content has really declined

Used to be our go-to app for streaming even though we subscribed to others. Content was great, navigation was intuitive, and the app worked exceptionally well. Unfortunately all of the above has changed. We rarely watch it. The content has taken a real dive in quality. Fewer quality movies, too much reality tv trash, and too much low quality foreign programming (the better quality stuff is on a different streaming service). There used to be a rating system in the app that affected the kinds of shows that show up in your queue. Really miss that. And the navigation changes are terrible. Talk about fixing something that wasn’t broken!! The search tool and other functions were moved to a sidebar - as if someone said “let’s copy the worst elements of browser design and slap it on our app.” And the annoying “still watching?” window that interrupts streaming should have an adjustable setting - especially after the new April 2019 rate hike. It will make Netflix the most expensive service we stream. Luckily there’s growing competition in the streaming space, and 2019 is going to be a good year for new streaming services. Of the 4 streaming apps we subscribe to this one is securely in 3rd place and falling.

- Netflix

I have favorite shows on netflix like moana but now I cannot watch it again because y’all took it off please can you put back my favorite shows please and I am giving you all one star and it’s not fair y’all took it off and I cannot watch tinker bell anymore because when I search it not there anymore can you all do something please now I cannot watch the movies anymore because it’s not there and it’s not there and it’s not fair that you all are taking out movies that I love watching and you all are getting paid for to watch movies I am giving one star only please can you put it back every time I open neflix I watch my favorite shows can you please put back my favorite shows if you put back my shows I’ll give 5 stars and annie it’s my favorite show and I had already download it but now it tells me that it’s not available in my country and right now I am on Edinburg Texas that’s where I live please fix this problem and I had to delete because I couldn’t watch what should I do please fix this bug and my favorites movies are Shreak and Annie it’s not fair that I am paying for Netflix and you guys are deleting my favorites movies can y’all put it back I really love those movies

- Nothing bad to say but...

Netflix is one of my favorite tv providers, first to a few others. From Stranger Things to bird box, it has amazing things on it. Also, if there is a movie out in theaters that would normally cost like 30 dollars to rent, especially if it just came out, all I have to do is wait and most likely it will pop up on Netflix! And even better is after I Finnish watching that I can watch a whole bunch of other things instead of being sad that it is over. I highly recommend Netflix, it’s amazing especially for the price. The price does go up over time, but I don’t mind, as long as I can still watch Stranger Things XD! Thank you for reading this. Oh and by the way, the only bad thing kinda bad I have to say is, why do you remove such good shows? You may have a really good show on, then like a month or two later I can’t watch it crii. So instead of removing things just bring the price up a little or something... but still, I will always and never won’t be a true Netflix fan. 😁

- Please stop taking off the good and more older shows

Before all the Netflix Originals were replacing good and more older shows it was a great app. It had many throwback shows that I still love to this day and it was in general a great app for me. Now they are taking off shows with no warning. I was watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when it was on Netflix, and I was really into it. Then I was on Snapchat and I had to find out from there that it was going to get taken off of the app. Why can’t they have a section for the shows they are going to take off, so we can at least know if a show we were going to watch is getting taken off and watch it quickly. And I’m very disappointed that they took off many of the older tv shows that were around when I was younger because now I have no where to watch them. Netflix is the only app I can use to watch shows, but now I have to either rewatch shows that are on there or watch Netflix originals that are a season long, on average, and have 10 20 minute episodes. WHY WOULD YOU REPLACE A SHOW THAT HAD MORE CONTENT FOR A SHOW THAT HAS 1 SEASON AND TAKES A YEAR TO PRODUCE ANOTHER ONE THAT IS JUST AS SHORT!

- Netflix is King of Stream!!

I love that this is still the best value streaming service and the Netflix team hasn’t gone money hungry with the “pay extra for no ads” like their competitors have. EASILY.. the best and biggest selection for a cheap price. I dig the multiple profiles not just 2 or 3(new animations are cool and fresh btw). Even big families like my own can enjoy and have their own shows and movies the kids and adults would like to watch. The app is so easy a toddler can navigate to their favorite children shows. Thanks for Stranger Things, for adding the new Transformer film and the constant flow of Marvel blockbusters.. on top of having the Flash and Arrow among other DC comics television shows. Although I would ask that the team work on list alerts on when a show or movie will be removed soon.. especially when we have it on our list. I get disappointed when I plan to watch something and when I remember to, I’m too late as it has been removed from Netflix. Other than that, I believe this app is perfect.

- Some things I’d like to have on Netflix

Don’t get me wrong, I love how they put great shows and all, but I don’t really seem to enjoy when the anime (or any other type of shows) is left on a cliffhanger, and the answer to the cliffhanger is on the next season. But they don’t take in the next season! And it takes really long to get more of the show! And I don’t really like when the anime’s are Japanese and with English subs I really do prefer English dubs. So it’s kinda hard for me to search for some of those. For an example, Seven Deadly Sins. I waited FOREVER for the next season, and now it’s coming soon. And well, Seven Deadly came on Netflix many years back, and it comes kind of delayed. I recently watched Haikyuu!! So, that means I need to wait another few years so that I can continue watching the rest of the show, and plus, Netflix almost never has Anime’s that aren’t dubbed, so they’ve always got my back on that one. But, what I’m trying to say is, I really do hope Netflix can do one show at a time, but with all the episodes and seasons, then going onto other shows! At least give it a thought? But I really enjoy watching on Netflix!

- Amazing!!!

Netflix is amazing!! You can watch thousands of episodes! Without Netflix, I would be bored to death. Netflix even has new movies that comes out! The only thing that I’m disappointed with is that it gets rid of some shows that I love!! I watch so many episodes on Netflix. I am a young viewer, so Netflix has child appropriate thing for kids to watch that will help with their health. For adults, Netflix has a section for adults so they won’t have to watch kid stuff, they can watch whatever they want. I can even type in the tittle in the search web so I don’t have to keep on browsing and browsing and browsing to find the best thing to watch! Netflix also is sooooooo entertaining! It’s just like... EVERYTHING!! I don’t know why this isn’t a five star, it should at least get a five and a half! Y’all Netflix haters, just delete Netflix and let’s see how entertain you can keep yourself on some boring days where you have nothing to do. You’ll regret being like “Omg! Netflix is so boring” Netflix is LIFE!!!!

- I want to be able to see any show no matter the country

I was recently in Mexico for Christmas break and I was going through Netflix to see what I could add to my list so when I came back to the USA I had some new things to watch, to my surprise I found Naruto Shipudden and wolf children. I was surprise to find these since I done plenty of search before and never came across them, but most importantly I was so excited to watch them. I wasn’t made aware that when I cross the border they would be gone from my device. It’s almost a shame I was starting to love Netflix but finding out that what I want to watch differs from country too country it’s not worth the price I’m paying since I run the risk of going to another country where if I choose to take my list of Netflix to watch over there in my spare time I run the risk of my show or movie disappearing from my device. The whole “it’s about location, popularity, and purchasing rights.” Shouldn’t fall under what people are paying in order to watch what they want, people are unique and they watch different shows, I thought the viewer was more important than the location and the popularity of a specific show or movie.

- Atttentioooon 🗣‼️‼️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️

I luv how yaw have Spanish and other languages . I’m good now , but yea you don’t get dragon ball . All of them lol hehe 😉. Sometimes I watch shows first episode and stop watching . Like ya have some good shows , but I see them later cuz I have time or decide too . Like that one show Tracy Morgan , I seen late I haven’t seen no more shows . Recently I just finish watching “ you “ by the way I luv how I knew everything , hasn’t came out ironic yet . But I feel like it might be over . But I have to wait until 2021. Don’t be like criminal kind . Same way everything when he finds his next girlfriend of love . But is good cuz he a freak or crazy , I understand it . Or the show might go on until more seasons 😉💯💯💯💯 on my block too . Wat I’m tryn to say . How can we let yaw know , we can’t wait for the show anymore . I wunna see more . I know I’m not the only one wit this shows . Other people might wunna see other shows new seasons too Is there a list of all the shows yaw remove because some where good af .

- Good but a few tweaks could help

I love to watching on this app but I have a few problems that you could fix. 1. Please add the star ratting again. Some times I don’t love a show but I don’t hate it. . 2. It would be nice if you could see when a show will leave. There has been lots of times when I have liked a show but I did not know when it was going to leave so I could start to binge watching. . 3. I don’t like all the new avatars you made wich I know not everyone will like but could you please put back all the old ones. The people who I share this app with don’t like that you re colored the their avatar. So could you put the choice to choose your avatar with out colors. . If you read the whole thing congratulations and have a good or night 👋⭐️⭐️⭐️😀😃❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤👋

- A Gods App/GUI, but...

Netflix is great-for the most part, but there are some things it needs to work on... a.) It needs a ‘Forward 10 seconds (or 20) as well as having the ‘rewind 10 seconds’ button in the iOS app. Many times I switch from TV to my iPhone, & for whatever reason, it hasn’t caught up to where I left off on the TV. I’d like to be able to hit a ‘skip 20 seconds’ button so I can get to exactly where I left off (the scroller is just too small & inaccurate..). b.) The fact that Netflix discontinues shows/movies is a big negative. I hear this complaint - a LOT. Netflix, if you’re going to continue raising your prices, you need to keep shows on either INDEFINITELY (especially POPULAR shows), or give us a clear warning as to WHEN IT WILL BE LOST! This is a BIG pain. In he iPhone app, you don’t have that. c.) I agree with other users’ complaints that you need to stop the automatic (loud) content ads, or give us the option to turn the audio OFF on them. Who needs that? Every scroll to another show creates a new blaring ad for the show I’ve accidentally scrolled to. Please stop.. Other than that... etc.

- Good but the shows on Netflix not worth it

Okay so I was watching a drama film Sweet magnolias and Netflix completely made it unfair there’s only one season in the US but two in the UK and there was a cliffhanger is this how this app runs these shows it’s unexpected it’s unfair and how many of Netflix shows do this if I was you I wouldn’t download a app with such a unfair system not to mention that with Netflix half the shows there aren’t even good if you download shows it can waste part of your storage space and it can often lag if you don’t have good connection there are many problems with this app so I wouldn’t recommend downloading it but I will take down this review if you put the second season of the show Sweet magnolias in the US and do it with all your shows even upcoming if you say there’s going to be a new season of one of your shows there I demand it will be there so I will only take down this review if there’s a second season of Sweet magnolias I’ve been waiting 7 months for this while Netflix makes other movies during those 7 months but dosnt even like to focus on the series or I will go on all my other devices and keep giving you bad reviews who knows I can even encourage my friends not to get this unruly app

- New home screen auto-preview feature is destroying Netflix experience

Unfair of me to write this here but Netflix offers no way at browser to offer product feedback (vs a call or chat initiation) and I know others are feeling the same. The new feature where Netflix begins auto playing a show if you hover above it on home screen for 3 seconds while trying to browse (on various applications such as Roku) has destroyed the experience. It creates “noise” literally and figuratively and weird urgency. Many want to browse, actually peruse and think. The auto preview feature creates a rushed and intrusive experience. Muting is only option but so distracting. Clearly they aren’t listening to customers because similar posts are all over web (including the fact many may have children in room while scrolling and some of noise/violence is unexpected. Ruining the integrated Netflix experience between apps. No setting at all to disable and *no this isn’t same as auto play or auto preview at END of watching show* but is part of home screen experience. No other complaints about Netflix, at all.

- Great app but a few problems for me

Ok so after reading a lot of the reviews I know this isn’t only my problem and I know that u guys have things going on and things are expensive but I love watching Netflix I absolutely binge watch shows on here but lately I’ve realized that I can’t do that on here cuz there’s nothing that appeals to me like I’m turning 16 soon and I admit I wanna watch the shows that I grew up on like Hannah Montana and I believe a long time ago the Jonas brothers had a show on here but like I really wanna watch those shows again and like the shows more for my age like I’ve noticed one tree hill is gone I loved that show and basically to get to my point here I’ve lately had nothing to watch all I’m seeing is shows with 3 seasons at the most and i like to binge watch shows that take me a while not a week I get wanting to promote ur own shows and some of them r really good but when all I’m seeing is 2 seasons shows and none of my 5+ season shows that I used to love it’s annoying cuz I have no where else to watch them

- Netflix original shows freezing

I don’t know if this happens to anyone else but every time I watch a Netflix original show ( made by Netflix) it will play for a little bit and then it will freeze on one image and the audio will keep playing and I either have to Press the skip button four times or go out of the app and restart and it is super frustrating because it happens to every Netflix original show for example it happens watching free Rein and nailed it and fuller house. And this only happens on my phone when I watch it on my tv it’s perfectly fine. I am not sure if it’s just my phone but it just doesn’t make sense that it only happens to Netflix original shows and it’s super annoying especially because are usually watch them on my phone and not the TV because it’s more convenient but it will always freeze and I have to skip it or restart every time and when it freezes it will freeze about four times in one episode

- Great and all, but is it?

I have loved Netflix ever since it was created. And when I was introduced to Netflix, It was outstanding! But the one thing I have seen in reviews was, “ it needs more shows” , or “ shows are being token off Netflix”. And even though I love it, I have to agree with the people. Even my little brother understands ( and he’s a Netflix person.) ! My brother loves Sonic, for example, and I know there is the new series on Boomerang or Cartoon Network, called “ Sonic Boom” , and that’s when I realized, why isn’t the new series on Netflix? Also why aren’t you adding more seasons to series as well? My brother used to like Lego Ninjago and I know they have like a season 6, 7, 8 etc. , so why not put that on, for instance? And please don’t take away any old shows or movies that other reviewers have talked about! I love Netflix, and others do too. So why not do what they want? Having all the episodes everyone loved! It’s a great app and all, so I suggest having it, but my suggestion should be heard! Some things DO NEED to be changed eventually, and I think of this as one thing to be changed.

- teen section would be nice

so I know a lot of teens also want this and I’m hoping you listen to us. There is a kids and adult section. the adult section would be great except there’s a lot of inappropriate stuff and some people have strict parents that make them use the kid section... which is absolutely terrible. There’s tons of stupid little kidy cartoons that I don’t wanna watch. I’m fine with the kid sitcoms but like you need to make a teen section with the kid sitcoms and teen shows and movies! Also if you do make a teen section you need to add THE OFFICE and also Mr. Iglesias and Gilmore girls. I do in fact like the show Sister, Sister and Once upon a time but all of these shows and more need to be added together in one section.... the teen section!!! A lot of teens and their parents don’t care about the cuss words in shows and movies so if u would add movies with light cussing my parents wouldn’t really care. As long as their isn’t any crazy passionate scenes or f bombs every 5 minutes, add it to the teen section!!! I’m begging you I really need a teen section it would make me and many other teens love Netflix so much more. 🙂

- Great app, needs some improvements

I love the app, but it has lots of room for improvements. Starting, I don’t know why they removed rating movies. It really helped me decide what was worth watching, now we just have a like or dislike system where it can’t see other viewers opinions about it, so it’s pointless for the viewers. Second, I get the Netflix originals are meant to tempt people to get Netflix for certain shows, but they need quality over quantity. Nobody cares about how ever many shows or movies that are originals, people care a lot more about a few movies and shows that are really good and have a large following. Lastly, this kind of goes with the second one, but we need more original movies and shows that everybody knows and loves. For example, Polar Express, I Am Legend, Spongebob, and many others I can’t think of right now. Hopefully these actually get read and these suggestions might eventually get passed on, though I have my doubts, but it’s worth a shot. Anyways, good app and I recommend getting

- Miraculous

Hey I would love if you could ask the creators of miraculous to make a couple more seasons because I’m heart broken that I can’t watch anymore of it it was my favorite show so if they could just make a couple more seasons I know it’s probably not going to happen but I just hope because then I have something to do during this coriteen so please contact the creators and please do me a favor to give me something to watch during this time please I’m begging you I cry every time I end a series that I love because I want to watch it more and I not kidding I swear but I know it’s going to be hard but please just try but if they are already working on new seasons that GREAT!! But if they are not please ask them to make more please I hope you see this because it’s all I’m asking for I know it’s a lot but please just try IM BEGGING YOU!! it would really make my day if you could do that so please respond to this message if you see it I’m begging you I just hope you do it because I LOVED that series and if anyone agrees then please wright the same thing to make then really see it GO MIRACULOS!!

- Do you read any reviews?!

OK so if you read any of the reviews for your app then you should know that the main complaint of people is to bring back old shows that you decided are good enough to be on Netflix. So my question is and comment is why don’t you bring back some of the old shows that people have written millions of reviews just to bring back? And if you got an answer for this which I am pretty sure you won’t cover I am wondering why there are so many comments with very very bad reviews why you haven’t fixed any of it, you have all the time in the world now so I just wonder why you don’t bring back old shows that people want to rewatch and relive desperately but you decide that shows like oh I don’t know the one I’ve written three reviews about the haunting hour that was an incredible show me and my cousin and some of my friends loved watching it but you didn’t bring that back in the matter how many reviews I wrote why, I don’t know but there are so many reviews that you don’t seem to read about bringing back old shows you rarely do that and some people have been deleting your app because it’s lost it’s charm and doesn’t provide actually good shows anymore

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- User interface

Netflix is a great app and service, but it really needs to step up its game with the control of the app that it bestows upon the paying customer! I hugely dislike how when you finish watching a show it stays in the continue watching section even if you remove it from your list, and it is irreversible. It’s even worse when you start watching something that you don’t like and then it stays there forever, and even starting new shoes doesn’t shorten the list of shoes you are apparently “watching” - should you ever want to again but apparently not if you don’t! It just is cumbersome and not tailored to the customers interests that way. It needs to be updated to include a simple “X” option to remove the show out of the section, and the issue would be resolved. It’s the little things Netflix! If it wasn’t for that, this would have been a 5 star review.

- It’s great but needs more anime

I love Netflix and all but every time I finish an anime there is no good ones because I’ve watched them all and it needs popular anime like attack on titan and Tokyo ghoul or HunterxHunter because all the anime’s I haven’t watched aren’t all that good and these anime’s are popular meaning they would be watched. more and more attention would head towards Netflix because maybe people that like anime like this can’t get anime watching apps but can get an app like Netflix and their favourite anime’s can be there to watch because if a weeb watches all the anime there and can’t find more they might as well drop the entire app because the stuff they like isn’t here. Or you can just make an entire anime setting where you include popular anime’s and other anime’s so we don’t have to go searching everywhere for it on the adult setting but if you do add an anime setting repeat after me DONT’T EVER delete an anime because it isn’t getting a lot of attention it could be someone’s favourite show and if they go to watch it it won’t be there so again they might drop Netflix this also goes to any other show. if you think no because what about other shows just make room for them or look at THEIR popularity so if it does go on Netflix it gets the attention so Netflix gets attention and more

- I love Netflix!

I love Netflix, it is great how there are different age group accounts you can pick from and you can have multiple accounts for the whole family. It has a wide variety of tv shows and movies, including Netflix originals. It is useful how if you are watching a movie or show it has others films like it if you don’t know what to watch next. It’s good how it saves your progress in the movie/show. I recommend Netflix for anyone as it is great for all ages! I also love how you can download shows to watch if you are at a place that will not have connectable wifi. My only (personal) problem is that a show I was watching got taken down, I was watching it for weeks as it had many seasons but I hadn’t finished it yet and I was really upset because I cannot find it anywhere, so developers if you see this I’m really hoping if you could put How I Met Your Mother back on Netflix for a while please?? I love Netflix and I really hope you can do something about my problem. If so, thank you very much!

- Netflix is great

Now I don’t have to wait to 6:00 to watch my favourite show instead I can just quickly go onto Netflix and binged watch the entire series. The down point of that is now I have pretty much watched all the good shows so if I would change one thing I would bring the series f•r•i•e•n•d•s back, I know they did have it and I guess there wasn’t enough people watching it but if they were to put it back in I think it would be different. Oh and another bad thing is you have to wait around 1 extra year if a new season comes out in fix before it comes out on Netflix. Anyway besides of those two thing Netflix is my most used app I almost watch something of it each day and yeah you should definitely get it because it is only $10 a month for five accounts this means I could watch it at my house and my relatives watch Netflix at there houses!

- It could be better.

I usually wouldn’t say anything but Netflix needs to improve. So many of my favourite shows are disappearing and some aren’t even there in the first place. I’m on Netflix au and have been scrolling through the internet when I notice that Netflix US has so many more shows where as I am limited to nearly nothing, and I understand that some Spanish or French shows have language barriers but is this really necessary? I would also like to talk about the fact that shows that I have previously watched/finished/discontinued watching are kept on a continue watching list and pop up constantly. These things should NOT be affecting my recommendations and it is irritating to see that the Netflix algorithm is this poor, especially if I have disliked the content. After disliking shows I should not have to see them return to my recommendations and list! Please act on these as they could seriously impact the quality of this app and website. Thank you for understanding.

- Important & annoying stuff about Netflix

I am absolutely obsessed with Netflix, it's so good and there are so many things to watch. But there are annoying things as well, such as it would be good if on your "continue watching", you get rid of the titles that you have already finished watching or you don't want to watch anymore. That would be great because there would be so many less titles and you will know more what you what or need to finish. Also it glitches a lot on my iPad, I don't know if it just does that cos my iPad is old and its low. But it often never really goes back to where I was actually up to with a specific title, it just goes to a random part in an episode. That way I struggle to find where I'm actually up to. And if you could have more titles in there, especially more movies e.g.john tucker must die, titanic, good luck Charlie & games of thrones

- Netflix au needs more options but it’s great

Netflix au doesn’t have as many shows as US and that, it’s annoying. My internet friends ask me if I’ve watched something and I say no, they say it’s on Netflix but for me it isn’t bc we don’t have as many shows and then we also have less choices. There should also be titles like Greta, the maze runner, pretty little liars the perfectionists, wish upon, ect. Also, we have paranormal activity 4 but none of the others? We need the others. Also, we have Annabelle 1 but not 2 & 3. We should get the rest of the Annabelle movies too. But either way, Netflix is my favourite streaming app. It’s great because we can download most titles and delete downloads at any time. I love that it gives us a “more like this” section under titles we click on. This is a really great streaming app and I would recommend it to anyone :)

- The app does not sync between devices.

Netflix doesn’t register whether or not I have finished a movie. For instance, on my smart TV I finished watching Triple Frontier, but then when I go to check my iPad the next day, it shows it still there with 45 minutes left. This also happens vice versa with other devices and movies or shows. Another issue is that when I start watching a movie on my smart TV, then it doesn’t register (on any device) when I pause it, so the movie starts all over again at the first minute. This is annoying, if you could fix this bug, it would be great. <— NOV 2020 and I’m still waiting for this to be fixed. I googled it and it appears people have been having this ‘Netflix not saving progress’ issue since at least 2015.

- Major Security Breach

Do not buy this product it is insecure!!!! I have been a Netflix subscriber since it started in Australia. I thought it was safe. I was so wrong. Within the last few months my account has been continually hacked from different people all over the world. I found that hackers have been selling my login details and some just throwing it out to people to use for free. The reason this is so alarming is they now, due to Netflix’s terrible security, have access to my email account which has sensitive information. They have payslips, security codes, address and photos of my children and family. This allows the hackers to create fake cards, visas etc.. I spoke to Netflix’s helpless call centre today and instead of working on a solution for the problem they just reset my password and told me that’s the best they could do. Didn’t want to leave their details as a point of reference and kept saying that this was their best. Well it’s not good enough. I now have to worry about what I have stored on my email and essentially delete or redirect any sensitive information due to Netflix’s poor security. I highly suggest not purchasing Netflix as it may cost you a lot more than $20ish a month. I have Stan, Foxtel and many other programs for my smart TV and none of them have given me any problems whatsoever. Only Netflix. Netflix is a poorly secured platform and I see many problems for them in the near and distant future. Do not buy this product it is insecure!

- Latest updates do not impress

The only way to get back to “Who’s watching?” seems to be to go into “Kids” and then “exit kids”, or force-quit from the Dock and re-launch. That really is poor UI design. How about a “back” or “up” button or breadcrumbs? You know, like the very well established and well-understood paradigms for your actual well-designed apps? Also, try as I might, I can not remove some titles from “My List”. I can change from tick to plus and back and forth and forth and back and back and forth as often as I like, get out of and re-enter “My List”, change who is watching (via the Kids + exit kids method) then re-select who is watching, exit the app and re-launch, force quit from the dock and re-launch, reboot the iPad, and even remove and reinstall the Netflix app. Nothing will remove some titles. Again, either extremely poor UI design or database corruption. Hey Netflix programmers: how about TESTING your app for these use cases? You need to do better!

- The rating to end all ratings😱🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😑

So I love Netflix I watch it in the mornings if I’m really bored and in bed but there could be one main change for me that I would love to see in the next update. When I have finished watching some thing sometimes the show stays on my continuing watching list but I have clearly finished. I watch it to the end and it just goes on to the first episode and it is so annoying. Plz if you made this change I would absolutely give you five stars and I wouldn’t be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ANNOYED. Thx xoxo anonymous. P.s. I would also give you a five star rating if you had season three of a series of unfortunate events. Plz fix this or I will delete Netflix and never watch it again!!!!!!!!!!! Also another season of greenhouse academy plz. Plz read this and fix it becoz I have five things I have finished and you are saying I haven’t. I am sooo triggered.!?

- Glitchy app

I like Netflix but the app is bad. It’s only been in the last few updates that things have started to go south. One of the reasons is there is nowhere to contact the developers about issues with the app - which is why my feedback is in this review. The website has standard issues to report but nowhere to leave feedback that is outside these issues. I use the app to stream to my tv. The main issue is that the app seems to freeze, a lot. I will get messages on the tv (Are you still there? Play next episode?, etc). But when I open the app to make a selection, there is no selection to be made. The app opens like I’ve just opened it and haven’t started watching anything yet. I have to disconnect from my tv, close the app, reopen the app, start watching the show again. I have tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it, makes no difference. This app used to be perfect, maybe 2 or 3 updates ago.

- I like this app, and I use it all of the time, but it’s really starting to annoy me

So, I first started using Netflix 3 or 4 years ago, and I have always loved it, and I use it almost every day, but after this new update, (the one that added the “smart downloads”) it has been really glitchy and annoying... first, the most annoying one is: I download the shows that I want to watch, I go off the app for like 3 minutes, and then when I go back on, all of my downloads that I have ALREADY downloaded, have “failed to download” even though I had already downloaded it, and had even started watching it!!! Please just stop making performance improvements, and just fix this ONE SUPER ANNOYING glitch, PLEASE this is the 5th time it has happened, and I’m not surprised if it happens again, but please please please please please just fix it before I rate this a 0 star

- Disappearing shows extremely annoying

I accept the fact that Netflix will not always renew whatever royalty or licence fees it needs to pay to continue making various content available, but what I find infuriating is that there is inadequate notification before a show is removed. I have more than 60 tv shows/movies on my list, (yes quite a backlog which I intend to get through eventually) and on several occasions now I noticed that something has vanished off that list. After googling about it I find out that someone else bought it or Netflix decided to remove it. Since it is on my list, how about an email or notification to tell me that it is being removed?? Maybe that way I’ll prioritise watching that show before it is removed... Currently the only way to find out of something is being removed is to manually trawl through the list to see if it’s about to go. Not good enough!

- Meh, some problems

Okay so first of all I just want to say how many films Netflix has are so many box office bombs like Norm of the north and Blinky Bill the movie I was not impressed how many movies that streamed on Netflix were crappy as like literally. They have the Emoji movie, the Lorax movie really?! Second of all, it was only a couple of years ago but one day we couldn’t get into Netflix. A couple of months later, we finally got into Netflix and we’re outraged because another family illegally turned our Netflix accounts into their own accounts. The language was different, most of the names I didn’t even know I was just frustrated how this family got away with it but thank goodness we got them back. Even though Netflix is a good streaming service it still has a lot of problems. I prefer Disney plus but Netflix is just meh.

- Shows you NEED TO ADD

it’s annoying that you have taken down vampire diaries as it was one of my favourite shows that I grew up with. You need to add that back onto Netflix. I also think you should add once upon a time because it’s an amazing tv show and there’s no where else I can binge watch it. You also need to add Wentworth because my friends are telling me o watch it but I can’t because there is no where for me to watch it on. It’s a really good show and it’s not on Netflix Australia even though it’s an Australian show, doesn’t make sense. You also should add winx club the original show because my little sister would love to watch it as I was telling her I used to watch it when I was younger. You should also add pitch perfect 2&3. I’m running out of things to watch on Netflix

- Episodes and applications

I love Netflix because it has everything we want to watch but the thing that is not enjoyable is the lack of seasons and episodes on a tv show, we watch the show because we want to watch all of it e.g like the next step it used to have all of 5 seasons now there is only season 6 available and that is very annoying. Another thing is some people like to some shows from Nickelodeon and Disney but since there are barely any there it’s not a good thing, also please stop removing movies and tv shows off and add new ones I would honestly like if you could read this and make improvements to Netflix it would really help out the app, please make some changes. Other than that Netflix is amazing

- Future features I’d like to see

Firstly, I think Netflix (web and app) is lacking the feature that allows users to customise what they’d like to see recommended (genre-wise or to edit this option if feature already exists), and to disable certain recommendations of specific films (i.e. “This film” doesn’t pique my interest so I want to remove it from my recommendations/homepage) — e.g. We can tap and hold on a film to be given an option of whether or not to remove the recommended. Secondly, I’d like to see Netflix introduce a feature where users can cast aside films that they may have previously watched either outside of netflix/through a different netflix account (so that it doesn’t constantly appear to be recommended) — this should be a separate list that users can easily access and view, i.e. “Watch History”.

- It’s a poor app for such a hugely popular service

Firstly, ignore the poor reviews with people complaining about content. Value for money, Netflix offers a huge catalogue, and if you can’t find something you enjoy for the very reasonable per month subscription I’d be very surprised. If you can’t find something you like, cancel any time you want. That said, the reliability and stability of the app has been consistently poor over the 2+ years I’ve subscribed - most notably Chromecasting from the app and returning to it (having switched to another app) will most commonly result in the app being non response to pause/skip/subtitle change/etc. You have to force close the app to re-establish a connection. Until Netflix hire some decent developers to fix the basics in the app, my tip would be that once you initiate a chromecast just use the Google app to control the film.

- Matilda😪 and BFG 🥺

Hi Netflix l am here to tell u guys that every single old movie😿 l have watched on Netflix is gone now🥺 for example Matilda,BFG,tangled and more l really really like old school movie a lot especially Matilda it’s not fair😪 how u guys get rid of it straight away like l love that movie🤬 Matilda like what if someone wants to watch it every day like l went to my Aunty house and l went on Netflix on her tv and search up Matilda Notting came up then l search up BFG Notting came up THEN! I search up tangled Notting again🥶 then my Aunty howayda said to go on stan Guss l found all the movies u guys are get annoying getting rid of Matilda BFG tangled Stan is better! Now l think pls bring back Matilda by Roald dahl and BFG by road Dahl and tangled by Wilhelm Grimm and Jacob Grimm and Dean Wellins thanks Netflix hope those 3 movie come back ❤️🙏🏼

- Good but why

In my personal opinion Netflix Is great but there are a few things that really annoy me such as being able to download things only a certain amount of times like when I’m going on a trip or something like that I download some things to watch and when I find something I watched before and want to watch again and I start to download it it gets the yellow circle and when I tap on it it says “this item/movie can only be downloaded one more time” and I’m sitting over here thinking “okay. but why?” And I know this is sort of unavoidable but it annoys me when I can’t find some big titles/series or that they have been removed. Nevertheless it is a great app and would recommend.

- Some imbeciles are never happy, look under the surface you may find Jimmy Hoffa.

This is a great app and offers immeasurable options to tailor movies and shows to ones personal preferences. If creation types of shows or movies are you forte, then you’ll be shown those types. The only way you’ll specifically see shows on all the wholesome stuff like gratuitous humping and guns and drugs and a little seed of chuckle tossed in, is too venture into those areas. If you find them popping up, it’s probably because someone without your knowledge has been enjoying that kind of viewing when you weren’t around, or it’s what you watch when your blackout drunk on Moselle on a week night again.

- Downloads, disappearing shows and limited library

Why is there only a limited amount of titles I can download? I’m really keen on watching some shows on the train but I’m unable to download them. Why do movies disappear from Netflix? Civil War and The Winter Soldier used to be on Netflix aswell as a bunch of recent action films but all of a sudden they have just disappeared off the face of the earth. And of course we all know the library is small, that’s not my concern really, but when it’s already this small and titles keep disappearing aswell as there only being a handful of titles to download is really quite ridiculous. I’m paying to enjoy these products and you’re restricting me on how I can watch them... I’d actually like a genuine reason as to why Netflix does all this stuff? My guess is that it’s either licensing issues or their servers are lacking in size.

- Repeated reinstall and power cycling required

I have been with Netflix about 3.5 years. In the last two weeks or so it has not worked well on my Apple TV 4. Continually hangs on start up. I have spoken with Netflix, and followed their ‘fix’ instructions. I power cycle and delete and reinstall the app to get it working again. Only one of these doesn’t usually work. All other apps on the tvOS work fine. Works fine on an older Apple TV in another room, on my phone and iPad and pc. About every 1 to 2 days, sometimes after just a single attempt to open, I have to do it all again. Pretty sure this is a result of an app update, but it’s making Netflix almost unusable on my main device. Netflix advice is “the devices need a refresh”. Sure they do, after 3.5 years they need daily or per use refresh. Time for Netflix to be transparent about the problem and fix the issue.

- Lack of movies in certain regions

Right now I’m on Netflix au and all the movies I would love to watch (new or old) I can’t, for example grown ups is a movie I can’t watch starring Adam sandler but if I was to make a new account and make the region US I would be able to watch grown ups, BUT I would have a bigger Netflix bill because I have a different account and there’s movies I can’t watch that are Australian. I hope to see in the near future that Netflix will do something for us to be able to watch all movies and the way you do this is instead of picking UK or AU etc you could pick it by language and have more then 1. Thanks for taking the time to read this review and I hope to this happen :)

- Netflix is great

I find Netflix is amazing and has the best range of movies and TV series and if you are on the go you can just download your movies or episodes and there you go your not bored sitting around anymore and if you do download it doesn’t use any of your data after its downloaded so if you in a no wi-fi zone then you don’t t have to use any of that precious data. It is also great because it has a kids account and a adult account so that if you have a kid their not going around watching Abdul they programs but if you have a adult account you are also able to access all the kids programs and movies. Netflix is really good because you don’t pay a unreasonable amount of money for it and you can have 10 people on the same account for the same price but obviously you cant all watch at once you can pay extra if you whant more people watching at once but if you pay the normal amount you can have 2 people watching at the same time. So download Netflix today and you can have all these luxuries.

- Improvement needed

Netflix is a good app and all that stuff but I think it really needs to step up its game with some of the movies like for example they put one marvel movie on there but none of the other marvel movies same with the Harry Potter movies but and it also needs some more Sylvester Stallone movies I think so if Netflix wants to beat Stan I suggest they put all of the movies I just suggested because at the moment I have a choice of Stan or Netflix my whole family and I’m a family of 7 so in the next month If I don’t see some good movies that fit in I am going to choose Stan in a heartbeat and at the moment I am started to go with Stan for a definent but I won’t pick straight away because I’ll let you guys have a chance. P.s stranger things and rick and morty are the best.

- I love it & some recomendations

I love Netflix and watch it everyday. I would however like to suggest a few things and point out some bugs. May I suggest a way that Netflix can choose something for you to watch not just suggested shows or recommendations. Please include more Australian content in particular bring back Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries. Please add seasons 2 & 3 of Musketeers, Season 5 of When Calls The Heart and new episodes of Power Rangers Ninja Steel. Lastly theres a weird bug where the audio of a random trailer starts playing while I’m watching a show and I have to go back and mute it before I can keep watching. Also can you turn off autoplay trailers on Apple TV. Thank you RJAD

- Really confused

So don’t get me wrong I love Netflix and I’ve never had a problem with it until I downloaded the app, about an hour before i wrote this. I’ve normally been watching Netflix on Apple TV or my computer, and it’s been all good and fine. I recently started watching How I Met Your Mother, and I downloaded the app to start watching it in bed. However I can’t find it anywhere on the app... and that’s not all. Brooklyn nine nine, one of my favourite shows is not on the app, but is still on the website on computers?? There are tons more. Plus, I’ve discovered that there are some shows that are on the app and NOT the computer, such as The Office (American) and Friends. I’m extremely confused about all this and tbh all I want is to watch HIMYM in bed on my phone :/

- Recent Improvements have made Netflix the go to

As more competitors like Disney+ are arriving it was dividing me between what service I should choose, especially after Netflix cancelled DareDevil and there marvel shows with their last main worthwhile franchise being Harry Potter I was on the verge on canceling my subscription however netflixes recent changes have skyrocketed it to the number 1 streaming service by miles. With titles like Lucifer, The Witcher, Avatar TLAB and now the entire Studio Ghibilie collection they have won my choice for the remainder of the year. Though I must admit I think I only love those franchises because I knew them before they hit Netflix aha

- Not great in Australia

I have two major problems with this app. The library is seriously lacking in Australia I guess due to other companies holding the licences to all the greatest content, which isn’t Netflix’s fault. However I’m sure more could be done to combat this other than creating new original content. My other issue is that the thumbs up / thumbs down rating system is terrible compared to the previous star rating system. I frequently get content that I have given a thumbs down to show up in my “top picks” section. Content that has a 90%+ match are often terrible shows or movies that I’d never watch, and there’s no way to see the overall rating of the show by the general population which results in me wasting time starting to watch movies I’ll never even finish.

- not good

Many people in other countries such as America, have access to way more shows than us in Australia. We miss out on watching great shows like Friends and such. Please allow us to watch them too, I assume that most of us get frustrated when a show they want to watch is not available. Also I don't get why you have to remove shows. Obviously some shows and movies won't get as much attention as others for us who enjoy those shows and movies its really annoying when you remove themselves. What's the point of a movie streaming service if half the shows get removed every 3 months. Other services like Stan have a wider range of entertainment and don't remove shows all the time. Can you like fix it

- Wifi Connection Issues

I love using Netflix and until recently have had no issues with the app. Since the last update however, I cannot connect to Netflix while connected to wifi. To access Netflix I have to turn off wifi, open the app and start watching the show and then turn wifi back on once what I am watching has loaded. When the episode finishes it will no longer automatically start the next one and I need to repeat the process of turning wifi off and on. It’s not hard to do but I don’t see why I should have to. I have no issues using the wifi with Netflix on my smart TV, only the mobile app. Very annoying.

- Continue Watching List

Ok, now, don’t get me wrong. I love Netflix. But there is one thing that I would like to bring up. When it comes to shows on Netflix, on the ‘Continue Watching’ list, I think that people should be able to take show/movies off. Because some, including myself, would have started watching something and then decide to stop, but it will not leave the list. It has always bugged me that i’ve never been able to take items that I no longer have the interest to watch off, if that could happen, I would appreciate it. Also, i’m sorry if this sounds like whining/complaining, please forgive me if it does.

- Netflix is amazing but has made some mistakes.

Netflix is great and I love it! It is the best platform to watch entertainment on in Australia, and if you don’t believe it, google it! Netflix used to have great shows and still does but have removed some amazing shows. Most of those shows were Nickelodeon and I personally love Nickelodeon. They also don’t add much new things and I check the latest every day. When I realise they are going to put good things on, I realise it is going to be put on like a month. I wish Netflix would stop removing the best shows and I think they should release the new things earlier.

- Downloads

This is a really great app and most TV shoes and movies you can download so you can watch anywhere even without wifi, but it’s annoying that sometimes when you want to download something it fails even when your in great wifi spots. And I tried to download a few things then it started saying failed so I went to download something else instead but everything said ‘download failed’ and I retried and retried till I cancelled it then tried again but it still didn’t work and I tried everting that people recommended and it still doesn’t work it is really annoying and I can’t do anything for it so now I have to wait for the next update to download something! But it is still a great app!😊

- Issues with chrome cast

Once you connect to the chrome cast it’s good but if you lock your phone and then open it to pause what you’re watching, you have to close the app, open it back up, disconnect from the tv and then reconnect. It’s very frustrating. I only use Netflix for cartoons like final space, disenchantment etc and a few Netflix originals. Choices are ok. The issues with chrome cast are really annoying to the point I mainly use Stan. Plus Stan has most Disney movies and cult classic tv sitcoms. Netflix is great for anime, thrillers and adult cartoons but the comedy movies and shows are a little bland, I mean, sure, there are some great ones but Stan has a better variety for comedy.

- Really enjoy this app but it’s time for an update

So don’t get the wrong idea this is a really great programme, but I feel like they could add a little more to it. Point 1: The regional differentiations with the shows available Ok so I just recently visited Japan and noticed that my favourite anime Sword Art Online had somehow appeared on my menu, I ecstatically downloaded the episodes but when I got back to my home they wouldn’t play for some reason. Netflix can you please remove the differences between regions and just have every show on you system accessible all around the world, everyone would really appreciate it!!! Point 2: Stop removing the good movies!! This title may seem a little vague but I’m serious!! There were some great movies on here but they got removed, I know this probably has to do with the contracts running out or some mess but Netflix needs to take into account what the viewers think. P.s can you please add Your Name characters for the profile customisation, I’d really appreciate it. Ok love the programme just needs a polish-up.

- The importance of the Aussie culture

Look I love a good Netflix show but any time I look for a good Aussie show we always a portrayed as the ‘typical’ Australian. I don’t think there is one shoe that shows how we actually are on Netflix. It would be nice if in every show we weren’t shown as the shrimp on the barbe kinda people because half the stuff you getting theses “Australians” to say 99.5% would offended us but we would have a good laugh at the same time because you’ve done our character completely wrong and we can’t even understand what they’re saying. I’m just saying it would be nice to have an Aussie character that still has an accent but isn’t some wacky whacked up human being. Ps. If you’re gonna get Aussie slang PLEASE do your research before your using it in all the wrong ways

- Okay but improvement could be done about HACKING

Netflix is great and all, we get a lot of options and all BUT I’m always getting hacked and it’s come to a point where I think I’ll have to delete Netflix soon... even tho I love it so much, it’s just so sickening knowing that we only have 2 screens but ppl for ma round the world r logging into our account!! Literally people from NSW AND THE USA!!! I’m paying Netflix for other people to watch and it’s crazy... sorry but it’s the truth I’ve never shared my password with anyone besides my family and them too!and Idek anyone in the USA so please fix this ASAP bc I’m not paying other people to watch on my Netflix I csn’t even watch my shows bc it says the screens r all taken, one for sure is a family member but the other one is a complete stranger!!!

- Good but wanting more seasons and episodes coming a bit faster.

I like the app I’m basically addicted but if I’m watching on phone or an iPad sometimes I tap the screen and it freezes. Sometimes I can’t even pause the video. The last one I think that would make the app better is to start uploading seasons and episodes more often because I finish the series to see it’s not done. For example a new tv series comes out I watch it right, then I hear a new episode and seasons are coming out, I have to rewatch it all. But with everything else I like this app a lot and i would greatly recommend this to kids and adults.

- It’s been really good but

I’ve had Netflix for a while and it’s been pretty good. I loved the download option for when I traveled and it was easy to watch with lots of options. It’s only been recently that I’ve had difficulty with the app on my phone. A lot of the time it won’t load properly, sometimes not at all, and only have black squares with the titles written, some with have the picture but not many. I know it’s not my internet as I’m able to get Netflix on my tv and Xbox and other streaming services load properly on my phone. I’m not sure if this is a bug but it’s getting really annoying

- Fix the aspect ratio on iPhone X

I love Netflix, I’ve been using it for over a year now and love the service, however this problem seems to annoy me ever since I updated the app to the latest version. The problem with the app is the aspect ratio is cropped when using a iPhone X, XS Max or XR, which I love because I hate black bars, but then when I updated the app’s latest version, the cropped aspect ratio (depending on what movie) no longer does that, which I find very annoying, therefore having to quit the movie and exit the app every time to enable the cropped aspect ratio. So please Netflix, fix this problem.

- New idea!

Hey Netflix I absouloutley love Netflix and watch it Pretty much everyday. My sisters watch full and fuller house constantly and I thought wouldn’t it be great if we could have a channel of it? I thought it could be like the profiles you can tap in and make your own channel and watch only the shows YOU want to watch! Kind of like a playlist and it just runs through all the show that you want to watch. I hope you like my idea and actually take it into account because I love Netflix I don’t know a single person who doesn’t watch it. Thanks again ~lucy

- Things to add

I love Netflix but whenever I try to find a tv show or movie that I recently heard of it is not usually available. I think it would be a great idea for you to put in a feature where we can suggest tv shows or movies that we want added. I liked how u put in the skip back button but it would be better if you would put a skip forward button. I also wish you would be quicker in adding new episodes or seasons cause it takes to long and I loose interest by the time you put them on. Ps I do hope u read my comment and a lot of others so you can improve your apps there are a lot of good ideas that I really hope you put on your app.

- love it🤩

I honestly think Netflix is an awesome app. It’s got a big variety of movies and tv shows for all ranges of people, age wise and interest wise, and also I think having that tool bar thingy where it has a section with only movies and only tv shows, or it shows “your list” of films, is really helpful. Although, after a while you do go through most things, so it can get a little boring sometimes. I think adding a few more exciting films to each genre would also be helpful. All in all, I think this is a really good app, I recommend 100% And please bring back The Vampire Diaries, Netflix! I miss it 😢🤣

- Not working/Bug

So lately I’ve had this bug where only certain episodes of shows will play, it’s not my internet connection and I haven’t downloaded anything but some shows just straight up don’t work. I’ve tried restarting the app many times and waiting for over an hour to give the episode a moment to process and all I get is a loading screen and then an error message saying it timed out or whatever. It’s really ticking me off. I haven’t had this problem before but lately it’s almost every show. One show works while another doesn’t, or episode 1 refuses to load but episode three starts up no problem. I hope it can be fixed..

- I can’t watch

Recently, ever since I resigned into Netflix again because it asked to confirm again, it hasn’t been letting me watch anything. I’ll click on something and it will tell me that it can’t play this title and it says this to all of them so I come back later like it says to and the same thing happens and this has been going on for around 2 weeks now and i was hoping someone could tell me what’s wrong thanks. Also, there are a few shows you should try to get the other seasons for like prison break season 5 and if you could, it would be amazing if the flash could somehow be added because it’s an amazing show that I really neeeeeeed to watch

- Won’t run on iOS with a VPN

Using a VPN on a mobile device attached to a public network is a basic security measure. However even if you are an Australian Netflix user and your VPN terminates within Australia (i.e. you *NOT* trying to get around a geo-block) this app will *require* you to shutdown your VPN. This is a very clumsy oversight on Netflix’s part since they could easily check the location of your device. That said if you don’t care about security this app works well and, while I understand other users find Netflix’s Australian catalogue lacking, I’ve always found something interesting/entertaining to watch - though not under iOS. I most often watch via Apple TV.

- It’s a pretty cool app but I think it needs to work on some stuff

Hi, I really love Netflix but the fact they cancelled one of my favourite shows and a lot of other people is I’m pretty sure just straight homophobia. I am not okay with this is a show with a lesbian lead and included really great equality, but they just took that down so they could make another kissing booth, a show with one single lgbtq relationship which I’m nearly 100 percent sure they just added so they wouldn’t get hate. Ok, I’m not saying Netflix is a horrible app in fact I really enjoy being able to watch movies whenever I like, I do recommend it, I’m just really angry they cancelled all these really amazing shows.

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- Rap update

The update made my Netflix not work

- Good, but auto play isn’t working

I love Netflix, and I’m a huge fan of what it offers, but I don’t like the fact that I have to manually start the next episode. I miss when episodes would continue, making binge watching more enjoyable

- Offline viewing inconsistent

I love the app when it works properly. Offline mode is a bit inconsistent. I was on a plane in airplane mode and it asked for a username and password out of the blue. When I entered my credentials it would not accept. The app became unusable until I was able to connect to a network and only then would it accept my credentials. I also had issues viewing certain videos in offline mode. They just would not play.

- glitches

Okay is it just me or since the last like 3 updates the netflix app just glitches and brings ya back to the homescreen

- Can't get past home screen

I literally can't get past the home screen! I sign in and it just stays on the home screen I've restarted uninstalled and signed in and out. I can't get it to work! Fix this now please!

- I want the stars rating back!

Does anyone else hate the new thumbs up and down rating as much as I do? I want the stars back pleeeaaassseeee! Other than that Netflix is awesome!!!

- Bring back airplay!

Removing the ability to use airplay is killing Netflix for me, ads unnecessary inconvenience. Will cancel my subscription!

- Will NOT open

Super frustrating!

- Continue watching

There should be a way to remove things from your continue watching list. That way if you try a new show and didnt like it, it won’t be there forever and get that section convoluted with things you’re not going to watch again.

- Can't even open the app, awesome.

This is super annoying. My app is fully updated and it won't open. Awesome 👌🏻


bring back vampire diaries to Canadian netflix!!! also so many great t shows and movies are missing , what’s that about? it’s available in other countries but not in canada?? bring back THE VAMPIRE DIARIES

- Airplay removed ?!

So Netflix, you quietly removed airplay in that version, without informing users. At the price I pay the 4K subscription, I don’t care about your competitive war against Apple. If you want to keep your subscribers stop using them against Apple by removing functionalities !

- Won’t work!

Latest update made my Netflix not work. Just keeps “loading”.

- Netflix produced porn.

And they called it Cuties.

- No AirPlay !!

You know we have choices ? Not when u take them away !!

- Idea

Umm hi I had an idea, so u know when u want to watch a show or something and it wasn’t on Netflix. Well you should put up a thing where the people that has Netflix list some shows to put on it and then u will have more viewers and some shows and you look at the shows that were listed and u put some on Netflix. people want to watch instead of rewatching the same show over again be cause we don’t have Chanel’s.

- This last update makes my Netflix crash

Fix this now


Not only do I have a problem with Cuties. But when I just realized that on the App Store if you look at the recent update for Netflix (if you haven’t updated yet), it says “No matter what your mood is, we’ve got options.” This update happens to have launched 5 days ago..the same day that Cuties was released. This seems like either an odd way to say you have genre options, or it’s some sick cheeky way of saying you’ve got child pornography on here.


This app is really good for watching TV shows, and movies and other stuff, but this app needs more popular anime! Besides that, this is really good.

- F nexflix

They got rid of total drama? I hate Netflix

- Netflix isn't worth it like it once was.

Netflix is starting to charge more and more each year while producing terrible shows and cancelling the good shows. Quality over quantity. But for them it's the other way around.

- Take Cuties Off

Disgusted by the continuous lack of action taken by Netflix.

- Peodophiles


- Netflix has CP

Had to delete Netflix. Can’t support a streaming service that has CP in it

- Movie CUTIES-Outraging

I can’t believe it is legal to put child pornography online. Those little girl were ask and show how to dress and act sexually.

- Supports the s*x*al exploitation of children

Cancel it, delete it

- Inappropriate films

Canceling Keeping disgusting movies with children exploitation

- Disappointed

Extremely disappointed at Netflix for allowing Cuties to stream on their network, as well as sexualizing minor actors who are portrayed as ELEVEN YEAR OLD GIRLS.

- Child exploitation

The movie Cuties has made my stomach turn, as a mother and as a human. Any company who feels that sexually exploiting 11 year old CHILDREN is ok, won’t get my business any longer. Shame on you Netflix!

- Bad shows/movies

It gets a one start because they cancel all the good shows like I’m not okay with this, The society,and everything sucks while keeping riverdale coming back for a season five,Keeping outer banks and the rest of the bad shows/movies

- bad

netflix deleted 3 shows with lgbtq+ and poc diversity for no reason 😀 bring it back

- Update sucks

Since I’ve updated my Netflix it won’t let me into the app and says i need to “buy” it from the app store, i’ve tried and still doesn’t work. PLEASE fix this problem

- Constantly messing with my audio settings

Each movie starts with randomly selected audio although I always switch it to English original. Please fix this bug ASAP. Each time I change the audio to english the app would freeze and need restart of the movie (not app). Language would be either English original or again randomly selected language. Super annoying!

- Ajoutez à ma liste

Sa fait plusieurs mise à jour et toujours le même problème j’arrive pas à ajouter des nouvelles séries ou film à ma liste

- Apple TV HELP!!!!

Not working on Apple TV! Used to be able to watch right after connecting to Apple TV but now it gives me a message stating “This title is not available to watch instantly”. It works when I’m trying to watch on my iPad but once I connect to Apple TV it glitches.

- No more airplay

Guess Netflix is sad about apple making their intentions know that they will be getting into streaming. But if they are removing Apple-specific features to get even I hope they have considered the potential back fire there. If Netflix can't be compelling and feature rich the alternatives are coming.

- Airplay MIA

Please bring back Airplay. You are shooting yourself in the foot by removing this capability. Makes continuing Netflix subscription less likely in my case.

- Broken release

Can’t get AirPlay to work in the new version please fix it.

- Why did you remove airplay?

Please bring it back. You excuse for removing it is lame and user hostile.

- Bad update

The most recent update won’t show me any movies at all just what I was watching it sucks

- No downloading

I can't download anything through this app, I have 2 other devices that I use Netflix on, and I got the notification that I have downloads on too many devices when I have no downloads on any other devices. I then went and upgraded my plan to 2 devices being able to download, but still nothing changed. All downloads are deleted from my devices but I still can't download anything on here, probably a scam to get people to upgrade their plan

- #المعتقل_خالد_الدوسري

#المعتقل_خالد_الدوسري Spreading fakes about Khaled

- “Continue watching”

Can you make it so we can just remove some titles from our continue watching slider cause I have some titles that I’m never gonna watch again just sitting there and I’d like to remove them.

- No airplay support yet

I need it to play shows for my kids from my bedroom.

- Netflix is good, BUT

I think Netflix is great and all but there’s one big problem, So I was on my way home from America and me and my family were downloading movies to watch on the plane, it worked just fine and we noticed some new movies so we downloaded them, but when we were back in Canada we didn’t see those new movies anywhere even from the download list they wouldn’t let us watch it, the reason is because AMERICA Always gets movies earlier than CANADA, so I would please ask to give Canada movies earlier also please because it is not fair at all, Thank you. (P.S a new movie took 1-3 years just to get on Netflix.)

- Unfair

You should make Netflix the same in all country’s I live in Canada and all the shows/movies I like to watch were taken off of Netflix but there still in usa. Don’t get me wrong Netflix is amazing but it’s unfair especially around this time. Since we’re quarantined all I want to do is watch my favourite shows and movies but I can’t do that cause you keep taking them off. Maybe you should send a notification telling us when a show or movie is being taken off so we know and maybe we can watch one last time but if you take something off or add something it should be the same for all country’s or even just Canada and usa. It’s starting to get really annoying and I think everyone can agree with me. So Netflix if you see this please do something to fix this, it would make me wanna watch Netflix more rather than trying to find some other way to watch something.

- Hi

This made me lose my virginity

- Not happy

They took one of my favourite shows of of Netflix and that makes me very upset!

- Really unfair

Canada should get the same shoes as America. It’s so unfair!! We don’t get any new shows or movies and we have to buy different apps to see those shows and movies when America gets it for few.

- Update problems?... are you still there

I recently updated my Netflix app. Ever since updating I’m no longer getting the “are you still there” icon screen after auto playing 3-4 episodes. My Netflix is playing all night. Wasting data while I sleep. Auto play is checked off. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this?

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- Mostly good

I love watching Netflix every we’re on the go I even love the new Daloaed movies for on the go when you don’t have any internet access it’s just my only concern iS this app should be updating a little for often on new content such as more movies that you could see in the movies such as this new movie that every one could see at the movies would be available on Netflix and I have a couple of more things I’ve also noticed I’ve been watching Tv show once a pona time and I’ve noticed that Some episodes are not available on Netflix and I talk about this all the time and my friends and they tell me this too that there watching cable and that they see the episodes on cable tv shows more content and newer content at that 😆 would be awesome. And I just want to say thank you NETFLIX for viewing my comment and concerns and I really am looking forward to possibly seeing my comment and concern making the app a bit more satisfying for i my self and many amazing users to come thank you and have a Nice day

- The service is great the app only so-so

I love watching Netflix on my phone because I'm constantly on the go but sometimes I need half an hour to watch a TV show. I love the download feature which I use ever time I fly home for break. But there are some things I hope they'll consider changing. For starters let's talk about this audio description thing. I don't understand why it's the default option on my phone and there's no way to change it. I would appreciate if you added an option to change the default language setting so I'm not constantly having to switch while I'm binge watching. Secondly, the ratings system needs to return to the star system. The thumbs up and down system is to broad and I can't imagine it helps the algorithm that lists potential movies and shows I would like. If I was only lukewarm about the movie then liking it would only show more movies I wouldn't like and disliking it might hide the ones I might like. Other than that it is a really nice app that I love using

- Unsubscribed

Netflix was my go-to app. I would spend hours and hours watching movies and shows on Netflix. My family and I would have our own profiles with our own likings on each profile. But I am a Christian at heart, and I know that there are many different belief systems and many things that I will not agree with but I know there should be respect at the end of the day. This movie that Netflix aired on their app just made me go crazy. It was the movie about a “gay” Jesus and it was about a choice the “gay” Jesus had to make, if he wanted to be with his gay boyfriend or die on the cross for us. It bothers me because it disrespects my belief system very bad. At first it didn’t bother me because there are many people who disrespect my religion so I thought, “hmmm, I don’t agree with it but oh well Netflix is a private company.” But they are making fun of my religion because I do believe God sent his only son Jesus to come to earth and die for us on the cross so he can wash away our sins. But there are many people who won’t agree with me. Cool ✌🏽that’s on you. But Netflix shouldn’t disrespect me and many other Christians or many other believers of Jesus Christ. I unsubscribed. Bye Netflix you won’t get any money from me anymore.

- Love it!🤩🤩🌟🌟IT’S Perfect!!!!!!!!!🤩🌟

Hi 👋!! I love Netflix I have it on my phone and I always watch it. But two of my favorite shows which I’ve seen all of the seasons that they have on Netflix they need the rest of the seasons because I really have been waiting forever!!Ninjago‘s last seasons and disney’s Bunk’d seasons to come out and I know there’s more because I’ve checked and they cost and I was really hoping Netflix would have them but they don’t.😡🤭😟😖So the creators of Netflix, please please please please put all the seasons on Bunk’d and Ninjago. Then you’ll have your 5 stars✨⭐️ Oh my God!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩I write my first review over a month ago and now I’m just seeing that you added all of the seasons of Ninjago!!!!!!I am so happy I am giving you five stars !!!🌟 🌟🌟🌟 i’m gonna watch all the seasons tonight!!! thank you so much Netflix and greatly appreciated!! thank you so much!!! I just can’t stop smiling and I just can’t stop yelling!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!🥰🥰🥰😂🤣😂🤩🤩🤩🌟🌟🌟🌟 -orange62

- How to: 1.Use w/ old iPad 2.See A-Z

1. If you downloaded Netflix before on your iPad but deleted it like I did when I unsubscribed for a few years, you can get it on you "old" device. If it says "not compatible" etc., download it on your iPhone (or I guess another device signed in with your Apple ID in the app store) and then go back to your iPad. It will download. I had to talk to four people from Apple and two people from Netflix to get the app on my iPad from 2011, but it was worth it! Passing the info it on to anyone who can use it. 2. You can't see content A-Z (that is, a list of all of the TV Shows and all of the movies that Netflix offers sans algorithm) on the iPhone app. But you can see it on a computer! On the Netflix homepage click on TV Shows (or Movies) and click where it says GENRES. Select A-Z from the drop down menu. I was holding back one star for lack of transparency but now happily give this streaming service and its app all five! Yaaay Netflix!

- It offended you?

To remove a show or movie because it offends someone is ridiculous! There are several choices that you have that "offend" me, know what I do about it? I don't watch it. I know, it's crazy thinking but seriously??? I love Netflix and it's choices. It's opened my world to new genres that I wouldn't have normally paid any attention to. Who knew it would be so much fun to watch British bakers? The app itself is fine but I do have a few things I would like to see changed. Please give us control over the continue watching section. Twice when I watched the last show of a series, a new series that I didn't choose (change number 2, don't automatically start a new anything other than a trailer) started automatically and now I can't get it off of of the list. I've tried fast forwarding to the end and that didn't work. Make it go away!!! Change three, bring back the ratings. I'm pretty happy with Netflix overall.

- Thank you for restoring descriptions!

I've changed my rating to 4 stars, as you've restored descriptions to the app. It's so much easier to tell if something would be interesting to me! So many more new things added to my list now. It's still only 4 stars instead of 5, for 2 reasons: 1) It's still buggy/laggy. There are times that, for no discernible reason, I try to load a show - or even just hit the "10 seconds back" button - and it never, ever loads. I often have to quit the app and restart it and, in extreme cases, switch off the iPad and restart it. This should be a rare-if-ever occurrence, not a fairly common one. 2) I, like many other commenters, preferred the "star" rating system - both because of my own reactions to various films/shows, but also for the algorithm it used: I could look at how a show was rated by others, and get a pretty good idea of whether or not it would be worth my time to check out. Since moving to "thumbs up/thumbs down", not only do I not bother to rate any movie I don't specifically love, but I have no idea what algorithm it's using to determine whether or not I'd like it. It's usually pretty off in its estimates now anyway; I'm guessing it makes assumptions based on categories or something? Overall, the app is decent. Its algorithms are weird, and it can be hard to know what Netflix has to offer without specifically searching for it as it doctors its display to what it thinks I want to see, but the app is mostly functional.

- Adding seasons 10,11,12, and 13

I liked listening to cool languages in lego ninjago from seasons 1-5 1 lego ninjago season 6-9 please add Spanish audio in season 6 of lego ninjago and please make Kai's, Nya's, Jay's, Cole's, Misako's, Lloyd's, clause's, Zane's, Master Wu's, Darreth's, and Ronan's voice all sound like their original voices in season 5 and for seasons 6-9 please take out European Spanish and replace it with the original Spanish and place make all the lego keep their voice boxes and let the elementle master from season 4 keep their voices boxes for both German and France languages and for lord garmadon let him keep his voice box from season 4 to seasons 8-13 and after the evil stops running through his vains he can have his season 3-5 voice box back and i've been waiting to tell you and your team for Netflix please add seasons 10-13 and for season 13 I just wanted to tell you if you don't know that it is coming out in the summer and please do add it in Netflix after the release of it, thank you.

- Very upset with the Netflix weekly updates on iOS devices

Currently Netflix updates the application weekly, and that is something very positive. But the reason I do not agree with the updates is that they do not include any good news, they do not make positive interface changes or optimize the app. I hope this review helps you to improve future updates of Netflix. One of the new features that I would like you to include in the Netflix interface is that you implement two 10-second buttons in order to delay and advance a series or movie since you can not currently do so, I would also like to be able to set a default playback quality either 720p, 1080p or 2160p so that when you start the title start at the quality you chose. A problem that I just noticed in a series is that House of Cards does not have the option of omitting intro and that intro is very long, the button does not appear to omit intro in any of my devices in the House of Cards series. I hope you solve it for the next update and take my words into account. Thank you

- I love all the movies but...

Please do I remove Miraculous!! I wanna watch all the season that will come out!... I would be rlly bummed if I found out Netflix removed it... Because Netflix is the only movies I can watch Netflix on... I don’t watch anything but Miraculous!! Please don’t! I wanna see the new season that will come out in 2021.. Miraculous is what makes me feel stronger everyday! It always keep me active! I have been waiting for so long just for it to be on Netflix... But now it might not even be on Netflix...... Please Dont take Miraculous off of Netflix.. I would be sad.. Because taht was my chilled hood Movie and it brings me back so much! But finding out it might be removed from Netflix rlly bummed me out.... I can’t get Disney + Because My brother cancelled it... and now I won’t be able to watch Netflix... I rlly love Netflix and Watched Miraculous every single day even talking about it makes me sad.. and gets me a lil upset more then ever... Please don’t remove it! Please! 🥺

- Eh

It's okay it has some good movies but not any famous ones like if they have a really good tv show or movie and people like it the slightest bit they will remove it, and also they don't have good selections for teenagers so I have to watch cartoons don't get me wrong I love them but I think the the grownup section is too brutal, boring, not for me, but there are some good movies/tv shows I've watched tbh They should also put better tv shows and movies on like seriously there is nothing for me to watch I live in Ireland and whenever I go to America the movies and tv shows are AWESOME I love but then I come back and the movies are the same and it's just plane BORING they need to put some better tv shows or movies and overall fix a lot of the glitches there are quite a few So overall you can download it but just limit yourself to movies and shows a few times the seasons have glitched sometimes it says there is 11 seasons so I keep watching and it ends..... At season 5 I mean it's okay so download it yes and there is no adds can't get that too often so there are ups and downs

- Netflix developers need to read this

So, Netflix isn’t perfect. I have some questions and suggestions: Questions 1. Are all the Pocoyo Season 4 episodes on Netflix? 2. If Total Drama World Tour and Total Drama Revenge of the Island isn’t available can you say it in the description for Total Drama? (Edited in question) Are episodes of some shows out of order? If so, which shows? 3. Are they gonna make Season 5 of Nailed It! and/or sometime near Christmas make a Season 3 of Nailed It! Holiday? If so, I can’t wait! 4. (Edited in on July 27) Why will you guys have to get rid of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)? Problems So, sometimes when I look at some episodes of shows some episodes have the same picture. Can you fix it? Suggestions 1. There was a suggestion for making teen profiles. I kinda agree. You guys should add that 2. Make a thing in the settings of profiles so that you can turn on or turn off the thing when after a few episodes it says Are you still watching “the show you watch” 3. Make more Nailed It! because it’s different then other baking shows and it’s better than other baking competitions 4. Make a Season 4 of Captain Underpants because the other Captain Underpants they made like the Epic Choice-o-Rama isn’t very good.(What I mean is some of the choices you can’t actually make the character ACTUALLY CHOOSE to do the choice you chose. It isn’t as good as Minecraft Story Mode) Anyway, that’s just what I think. So, please answer people who make Netflix.

- I love the mobile app...but...

I love Netflix period. I wouldn’t know what to do with out it. My kids watch Netflix more then the tv stations!! I only have 2 complaints about the mobile app. #1 i wish you would put back the part where when you click on a show/movie it would tell you what its about instead of “tags” that the show would fall under while searching around for something to watch in that category you picked. #2 i reallllllllyyyyyyy wish you guys would make it so you can fast forward when your watching something. Like if something popped up you didnt want to see you could hurry and fast forward through it on the mobile app. Other then that i dont have any problems. I really do love Netflix. Ive had it for 4 years and id NEVER get rid of it and i tell people constantly to get Netflix. But please fix those 2 things and i think it would be a full 5 star rating. If I could do more then 5 i would once those get fixed. 😊 thankyou!

- What it’s missing...

The app is great I’ve been using it on and off for about 6yrs now. I was using it when they only charged you about $7/month. 😩 oh how I miss those days. Movies have came a long way they’re more “up to date”, however, I miss when let us rate the movies by stars or even see how many stars the movies got. Now all you do is give it a thumbs up or down? If I’ve watched a movie and rated it, it shouldn’t be listed as a suggestion any more. In fact they should keep it in the watch it again category. I remember when I could watch a movie, rate it, and then new movies would appear that may or may not be similar. The point Im making is after watching a movie I’m wasn’t constantly searching for a movie because new ones would pop up as long as I was watching. Now I just find myself aimlessly scrolling for a new movie to come across (if I find one). So yea, more new movies even if they’re not Netflix related. But your Netflix movies and tv shows have been quite interesting so keep up the good work in that department. 😉

- Apple/ITunes/Billing

I strongly recommend when setting up Netflix services to do it straight through the Netflix web site and avoid this app when subscribing, signing up any new member ship through this Apple iTunes app. Reason being is Netflix is under strict contracts terms with Apple iTunes which limits capabilities to canceling your account, modifying payments or adjustments. Apple iTunes has full control over those specific things under contract terms. With majority of the consumers this is a very important factor. I personally had to learn the hard way. I followed the terms, canceled my subscription 24hrs before the billing date, and Apple iTunes still tried billing me another month. I received a email from Apple stating there was a billing issue. Shortly after I called Apple and clearly canceled 24 hrs before the billing date explaining the reason there is a billing issue. I was told I would have to pay for another month of service and that It wasn’t 24hrs before cancellation. I hope this review will be beneficial before subscribing to a new membership using this app and strongly recommend already having a membership before attempting to down load. Thanks

- Best app ever

I love Netflix and anyone that thinks I need some changes Netflix the people that make Netflix don’t listen to them because it’s a really good app and it’s good enough and I think it should get a five star in anyone I think it’s a five star is in the ball pit to planet a goodness and happiness people that make Netflix did a really good job they made the shows put in section 2 kids and you can even make your own section that’s really cool and you can change the picture on it which is really fine with me I love love love love love love love love love love love Netflix it’s the best time ever so I have to give it a five stars. OK this is just something to tell the people who made ladybug and cat noir so at an episode I forget what it’s called but so the Kumon went in her room but then at the end they took it out of her sword :~. And also can you please make a teen Area for all the teens like me because sometimes it gets a little boring watching kiddy shows.

- Really like the shows and movies

There are lots of good shows and movies really love the creative stories. Netflix is great and all but for some reason, there a strange thing that happened in Netflix while I was in there. A year ago I was so excited to watch my little pony and for some reason their was no new season just only season 8. I looked of the date that it should come out in Netflix and said April 2019 and it was passed April 2019. I decided to look for glitch or updates and there was nothing( I’m not saying this is really bad because it also happened in a other place like Disney plus). Then decided to wait for a whole and not really my little pony and my little and saw that there were clips of it in videos. I don’t know what the problem is but hope that can get fixed and it’s like when they say it’s coming out at this time then, it doesn’t. This is just a little that happen to me on Netflix.

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Netflix has made quarantine truly better and without Netflix I would stare at the ceiling for 4 hours, that’s a lot I only stare at the ceiling for 2 hours a day. I just do not like how the deals with producers can expire, as an example once apon a time. A favorite of mine is the kissing booth. It has a very good balance of romance, comedy, and friendship. It also has a lot of drama. I recommend Netflix for all ages. Netflix has a good mix of kids shows, baby’s shows, shows for adults, and family shows. And I feel that Netflix doesn’t get as much love as it should. And anyone can get it because it is not much money at all. Without Netflix I would be lost. No app to watch shows on will ever be as awesome as Netflix. Thank you to everyone who helped make Netflix possible. Yours truly, A kind person!

- 5 Stars!! just one thing...

ok so I LOVE netflix, it has tons of movies and shows I love to watch but I just have one issue. So right now I am watching a new anime series called “ The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. “ and i’m IN LOVE with it so far but, once I got to the 2nd season the audio was automatically switched to Japanese so I went onto the audio and subtitles option and there was no way to switch the audio back to english, the only english way to watch it was by subtitles, and I was just wondering if you guys could make an option for at least that anime, or the rest, to have an english option for audios and not just subtitles for better watching experience. Now , I am not sure if it will stay without an english option , or maybe because the anime is a sorta new show added to Netflix ( 2018 ) and they just haven’t made the english one yet, i’m not sure. Just please if there is no option, please consider making it one, Thank you.

- Improve

I do watch Netflix and like it but not so much as I used to becaUe Netflix y’all took a lot of shows and movies good ones too even some look good and are the type of movies and shows I like even if I haven’t watched it just sounds/looks good but I don’t like how y’all took some good tv shows and movies off I wish I knew why but anyways i watched all the shows I love on Netflix but there isn’t rly anything to watch right now because one my style/or type/or both of shows and movies but it’s just hard to explain what my style/type of shows and movies I like to watch/or like to have a better selection of good shows and movies for my type/style of the shows and movies but I still watch nerdier just want/wish y’all can fix/better improve the variety of tv shows and movies and bring back Other shows and movies y’all took off if u can(not sure if u rly can bring some back so I just wish and hope y’all could bring back more/better tv shows that either u guys took off Netflix or better ones to watch or both

- Changes

I love the format of the app. Every aspect is meticulously put just to make you have a better time. However, I have two issues. First, the movies. There are many movies that I see in which are unavailable in my country or have been removed and only available in other countries. I think this is a problem. For example, White Chicks. I had been looking forward to rewatching White Chicks, but then I had seen it was removed. I hope that they don’t remove these from our country anymore because I really enjoyed some shows that had used to be there but are not now. The second is not a big issue, but I believe it is something the people of Netflix can fix easily. Why is there only a way to move back instead of forward. It takes me a painful time to go and try to move forward a little. Instead, it just skips a minute when I only wanted to go 20 seconds ahead. I hope that the Netflix people consider some of my proposals in this review.

- Good but needs to get better

Ok a lot of people complain about shows being removed but in reality this is not the worst of it. As an example total drama lost 2 of its seasons without so much as a mention they were gone and this Is not the only show this is happing too. I would list them all but that would take all day. Also stop removing shows as that really makes it hard to enjoy Netflix when are there all is trendy shows that some like. And a lot of the shows being removed and shortened some will say it is because there old but there are shows from like 1991 here and your removing 2000 shows this is a bad thing to do because soon that will be your adult audience and when they wanna watch there child hood shows they won’t be there and they will stop using Netflix. In short please add back the removed seasons of some shows at least but I recommend bringing it all back and the movies too which your also removing a lot of

- Love it but!!!

You guys have to change the review on the actual app like the comment above me said you can only do thumbs up and thumbs down that is not good at all. What if I think the movie is OK or just want to be able to expand on my review not just thumbs up or thumbs down. And besides that I love Netflix. I wish they wereAnd more variety of movies. Overall I have no problem with that flicks except the price went up two dollars. Keep it up and please change the review thumbs up thumbs down option. Make it a star like this and you can write something. I actually liked when you had that little anime animation where they would help you browse and you would just pick adventure and it would go through a bunch of movies and you would select them that was cool. I hope wish they bring that back I forgot what it was called that it would start talking to you and asking you what you liked and what not.

- They're Disappearing:(

So I have Netflix on my tv. If I don't use my phone, I'm always on Netflix. However last year I watched Kickin It on Netflix. Now whenever I search it, it's not there. Its the only thing making me dislike using Netflix. Since the show gets older as a new year comes, they go away. I don't know if you designed it this way or it does it itself but I can't use Netflix that way. I'm running out of shows and movies to watch. I cant watch Kickin It, Make It Pop, The Karate Kid, and tooons more. Please fix this because I miss watching the shows, and I never finished watching Make It Pop! Netflix is full of biting stuff I don't watch now, so please do that. I'm sure maybe other people are aware of this and want to watch shows that are disappearing. Also I started rewatching Lab Rats a few weeks ago. I noticed it said at the top " Leaving On March #" then after a few days it disappeared! I miss the old shows and I want you to bring them back! So please try to do that in the next upgrade. Till then, its a 3 star for me:(

- Teens and pre teens deserve more

This is the perfect app for movies and shows but teens are on here to. Most of the movies are to childish or to adultish and mostly crap either toddlers watch or elderly people or adults watch . They need to put out more teen drama movies. I have had netflix for like 1 year and i have watched every teen drama movie there is. I get that it is mostly adults out there watching netflix. But y'all need to put more teen dramas back on. And i just found out that other country's have more shows and movies. My favorite show in the world is pretty little liars . The only place i could watch it was on Netflix. They ended up removing it but Germany and canada still have it. And as soon as movies come out they should be put on netflix if its not a netflix origanal. Like some movies came out 8 months ago and are just now being put on netflix. That is all i had to say but over all it is a good app.

- Options...

Easily 4 1/2 stars! First... Please bring some of those television networks biggest hits back again. Some weren’t out there long enough to enjoy all of the seasons. (I am rather new to the binge-watching craze.) Why isn’t there the option to “binge watch” for a set number of “continuous hours”, similar to other networks or even a “sleep timer” option? If I binge-watch a “half-hour episode” (which are really only about 20 minutes, at best, for network television), I am only allowed “3” episodes on a Roku and BlueRay, before Netflix asks; “Are you still watching?” That is only about an hour of binge-watching! Even less if you watch episodes from a WiFi-tablet, cellular phone or home computer. To search for a remote or to keep clicking “Yes, I am STILL here!” on every single episode no matter what you choose to watch on. It is a rather trivial request, I know. ...But really, those are my biggest complaints. Other than those; Netflix is 5* stars!!!!!

- Awesome

I absolutely LOVE Netflix, I find myself spending most of my time in quarantine watching netflix. I watch everything from movies to stand ups to series. I love how Netflix constantly is adding new shows. Sadly, I had to rate 4 out of 5 because some of my favorite shows and movies are not on netflix. The series I am talking about is The Wayans Bros. The movies I’m talking about are Stomp the Yard, Battle of the Year, and Think Like a Man. I do understand Netflix can’t have every movie or every show, but this did disappoint me. If Netflix added some of these or similar to what I listed I would be thrilled! If they got added my rating would be at 5 stars. If Netflix isn’t able to get them I do understand, though I would be a little sad. My rating would have to stay at 4 stars. Netflix is still amazing though, Like I said, I watch netflix for an average of 5 hours a day! Sometimes even more than that! Netflix is incredible, hope my review gets read and considered!

- Selynyx

I love Netflix and am almost always using it if I’m watching movies or TV shows on my phone. However with one of the latest updates, the time no longer displays on the top of the screen if I’m watching on my phone. I have to slide down the screen to check the time. It’s just something small, but I miss being able to just tap the screen to check the time. If there was a way to make that display optional or always there, I’d love that. Also I don’t understand why you can only download things a couple times. If you’re rewatching a show and are going somewhere without WiFi, you might not be able to download that episode you’re on if you already downloaded it the last times you watched it. It just doesn’t make sense, and I don’t want to have to go thru data if I don’t have to. Just a couple minor things that I wanted to point out but I still love Netflix. Thanks!

- The death of intellect.

Why, may I ask, does Netflix seem to think it's users so incompetent, that it must annoyingly play movies without the user even clicking play when we open a movie menu, why do the cancerous preview loops play completely without our control or consent, why have all the facets of the app become gradually more and more "intuitive"? Which is a misnomer, made in our time to only mean incredibly babying. As I don't wish this review to become so prolix as to hinder someone's reading of it, my final complaint will be with Netflix's "original content," and to that all I can say, is whom ever let their child in the animation studio, however proud they are of their child, has no right to torment us with the child's hideous scribblings. Where is the fidelity to great animation and literary excellence anymore!? And don't just tell me not to watch them then, for you can be reassured that I do not, I'm just afraid that if we allow this sub par material, we will soon notice that sub par has become the new standard. It's been happening for years, I'm sure because sub par is cheaper to make, and if we are sold on it as par standard we'll eat it up.

- Eh, pros and cons

So I have been using Netflix for like a year or 2, and it’s pretty great, except for some things. I have been watching a particular series for a while, and I see that I watch all the episodes all the way to the end, yet the red line at the bottom of each episode (the one that tells you how much you have watched) keeps on cutting it short. Like the red line will infer i just started the episode, yet I have watched it twice, all the way to the end. So please fix that. Also, connection. I can have like 2/3 bars, and it will say I have internet issues. This bothers me a lot because my internet works great for many other apps, no matter how far away I am from the router. I love Netflix and it’s variety, but more shows would be nice. They removed Jessie, and a lot of other movies that I love. I get it’s about companies and stuff, but please, more variety. Thx. Other than that, all is good. ~written by a teenager who knows nothing about company’s

- Please change the age to 9+🙏🏾. AND STOP TAKING OFF RELEVANT MOVIES

I love Netflix all of my fav CW shows are on here like Flash, Supergirl, Charmed etc. I’m 11 and about to turn 12 at the end of the summer. My mom set a age restriction so I can only get stuff that is 9+. During this quarantine Netflix was the only thing keeping me sane😂! But one day I was looking through the App Store and it said that I could “Update” Netflix. So I pressed it and later on I wanted to watch TV and I did not see it so I went to the App Store and it said 12+!!! And I was so MAD, Sad, and FRUSTRATED!! The only thing i looked forward to was Netflix and now that’s ruined. AT OF ALL TIMES Y’ALL PICK QUARANTINE TO TAKE NETFLIX AWAY!!! Now I have to wait until August comes around to watch my shows😤😡😞😒 THANK A LOT NETFLIX 😡😡😤🥺😫😤🙄🙄🤨🤨😑 All I’m saying is make it 9+ please I beg. I am bored and alone.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 You took good movies and left trash ones on! Do you really want Disney Plus to put out of business. You have not seek my request I am sick of this . I’m gonna acting like a Karen if you don’t get your life together. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

- How to fix the flix

Netflix is great, because I can stream my favorite shows and movies anywhere, anytime. But that doesn’t mean that it is completely problem free. I have two issues with the app. The first one is the obvious one. Allow me to spell it out for you: NETFLIX NEEDS A TEEN SECTION. You have a section for adults and one for kids, so what the heck is so hard about making a teen section?? It could have cartoons like The dragon prince and the she-ra reboot (which is really good) While also having the live action series like A series of unfortunate events. It could also have the movies in the kid’s section that are PG and PG-13, like some marvel movies. But nothing MA or R rated, because that will ruin everything. Please consider this. My next issue is that once I accidentally deleted the app and once I recovered the app, it wouldn’t let me redownload my movies and shows because I “reached the yearly download for them.” I was both frustrated and confused by this and wonder if I can ever redownload everything again. Thanks for reading!

- Netflix needs to stop adding then deleting the next day

You people took off full house it was only there for like two to three day and sponge bob. I never got to watch that stuff because you took it off all the new stuff got taken off. I SAY PUT IT BACK ON WE DONT PAY YOU FOR NOTHING.I was watching Sam and cat then the next day it was gone. Why? Oh I do not know but what I do know Netflix needs to add more movies and shows so here is my list of stuff you need to put back on then after you put back on I will rate you five star so here is the list Victorious, Sam and Cat, sponge bob both, full house, puppy dog pals, teen titans go, descendants1,2,3 , Madagascar all of them, sherk all of them too, Moana, Zootopia, Mickey Mouse club house vampira . If these movie are not here by September 10. I going to add to my list and it will stay at 1 star. I have watch every single movie and tv shows on this app I need more. I was and is your biggest fan but I still need more movies and do me these favors don’t delete these please From your biggest watcher and fan, Angel Jayla(Jayla P.)

- How bout a shuffle button?

Netflix is excellent. I find myself watching it constantly. There are many great shows and movies on there, as well as originals (i.e. “Stranger Things”, “Love, Death & Robots”, “Black Mirror”, etc). This mobile app’s ability to download certain shows and movies is also pretty genius. My one suggestion for improvement though is that a shuffle button would be a great addition to Netflix. If ever you can’t find a show or movie to watch, you could “shuffle all” and it would pick something random for you to watch. Or you could sort by categories, for example, and it would choose a certain comedy, action show, etc for you to watch. This could also come in handy if someone were re-watching a show (like “The Office, “Parks and Recreation”, “Friends”, etc), and couldn’t decide on a specific episode. All in all, something that’s absolutely worth the download, but could be even greater with a shuffle button!

- Netflix is the best! I don’t know why people are complaining.

First off Netflix is the best because you get to watch shows on a tablet or a phone. Usually are used to watch Netflix on my TV but when we had to go places and I wanted to watch Netflix I couldn’t because we can’t pack a TV. But now once I get Internet and I’m going somewhere I can watch Netflix as much as I want! Part2: I don’t understand why people are complaining about Netflix. If you don’t like the app then don’t download it. Also I don’t like how people are saying it needs more improvement because I think it’s already perfect! The only improvement it needs is adding more anime shows on the kids thing. Because I love anime and I go on the kids Icon. This is why I love Netflix and also this is why I don’t understand people are complaining about it even though they should just delete the app if they don’t like it. -Ashley

- Pretty good but needs some more update on things.

I’m a big anime lover my self. I have noticed but I’ve been wondering why these anime’s do not have all the seasons added? When the new seasons are added they should also be added very soon to Netflix. Like let’s say Haikyu there’s only 2 seasons added to Netflix so far then I heard the other seasons 3-4 are all ready here, and it says on Netflix it’s not coming out in November when it’s April!? But Netflix I don’t understand why you can’t add the seasons right away? So I seen naruto and it has a 9 seasons total. Then I’m a huge fan of fairy tail also. But then I found out there’s also 9 seasons on fairy tail but there’s only 1 season on Netflix!? I mean naruto been in the 2000’s but fairy tail should also have its 9 seasons added just like naruto I seen lots of people also questioning this also! But this might drive away some people that watch Netflix and they might buy some other apps so Netflix I need too hurry up with the the seasons because people can’t wait so long!

- New features.

The brightness bar on the left side of the screen you guys have implemented is pretty cool! But something that would be even better would be a volume bar on the right side of the screen! Every now and then I find my self adjusting the brightness to the lighting in the room for my best watching experience although I only really end up adjusting that once or twice, however the volume is a different story. I constantly find my self adjusting the volume to my likings and yes yes I know we have volume buttons on the side of our phones. But when you have your phone propped up on a surface it isn’t ideal to pick your phone up just to play with the volume. Instead having a little onscreen tool to just quickly adjust would be absolutely amazing! Other than that great app! Just wish that certain shows and movies weren’t getting constantly removed :(

- Some thing that would make Netflix better

I was thinking that there should be something that tells you if something new happens to MY LIST. For example the “It’s Official: Another Season Is Coming” Only as a notification. Another example would be when the new episodes come out on something in MY LIST, that could be a notification. I know that there is already a notification thing on the app but I don’t care about the other shows that I don’t watch. I mean I like how it shows new arrivals. And you could just do my suggestion like that. Notification space in the app has new arrivals and anything new about any shows in MY LIST. But again I don’t care about the other shows I don’t watch. But for people who want notifications of course. Thank you anyways for reading my suggestion! I hope you don’t take anything to offense. Thank you again for reading this!

- It’s Good... But

Okay. Let me clarify. I don’t hate the app. I’m love it, I use it all the time and I’m in love with the new download & go feature. That is amazing. My problem with Netflix now is, they are taking away a lot of shows that I freaking watched, over and over and over again. They have taken away American Dad, The Cleveland Show, and Bob’s Burgers, And now they are starting to take away Family Guy. I have watched everyone of those shows at least 23x each. ( Yes I have a problem ) and now that just took them away. They also took away my childhood shows too, like 6Teen, Invader Zim, And Crowder.. I understand that you need to make some space for new stuff.. but you could still make space and leave stuff on there, you should just clean out all the shows that are Netflix Originals that got canceled. Or clean out the stuff that no one watches. But hey, I still love using Netflix, I’ll never stop using it, it’s just a small issue that I have.

- Other Movies

Netflix is the best in my opinion, but all i ask for is to add more movies! Some of the movies on Netflix are old and boring or some are for older people (adults) and some of the kid/teen shows are not very interesting, The scary movies are pretty cool its just that I wish like seriously wish IT was on Netflix, It cost money to watch it which I think is stupid, the only way to watch it for FREE is if you have a Fire Box which I don’t have one, Thats why I think it should be on Netflix but lets get onto another movie, I’ve been really into mean girls and I really wanna watch it, but again you need to buy it to watch it which i think is stupid because its an old movie and it should be free, but you know, cant always get ur way but it would be awesome to be on Netflix, But so far Netflix is pretty good and its easy to watch movies and I love the app a lot, im just saying- everything I said is my opinion but this is just what i wanted to say so yeah.


Bring back all of those shows you got rid of they where some of my favorite you also need to add more shows i have watched over 50 of your shows! And I need to Rewatch some of my old shows! HOW DARE YOU! BRING US ALL THE SEASONS OF FAIRY TALE ATTACK ON TITANS AND BLUE EXORCIST BRING ALL THE SEASONS BACK YOU ############### bring back The school for little vampires I'm begging you on my knees! Oh and don't put the movie Wonder on here it is not the book and it makes me mad so plz don't. Please let us keep the show monster allergy I love it and a few other things I really am begging you and if you are looking for a new policy I have a new one if a show gets one like or more you MUST keep it. GOT IT!!!!!!!! And can you make a type of indication on the movie screens like when we are browsing to see if it's downloaded or not, also if we've watched it or not. NOW PAY ATTENTION! Please bring back Young Justice, I'm really sad it's gone, and can you also bring back MONSTER ALLERGY? Thanks!

- Mostly well done.

The app works great and is updated without issues very regularly. My problems with it are that the suggestions seem to be more what Netflix wants me to see rather than what I would like to see. There is also NO WAY to tell the app to "never clutter up my screen with this title again!" I’ve seen it. I hated it, yet it persists. There are certain actors I will never watch, no way to tell Netflix to stop cluttering the screen with these things either. It is very frustrating to have to go through the same set of dreary offerings all the time. They use some sort of scoring to guess what I may like, how about letting me tell you exactly what I do not like to help hone the suggestions? Clear the clutter I hate and maybe I’ll see something from the tens of thousands of possibilities that I might not have seen before! PLEASE! Also, no way to make an app feature request inside the app either as far as I can tell. Seems like they are missing an opportunity there as well.

- Needs filters

As someone who’s been with Netflix since I was getting DVDs in the mail, ALL I’ve been waiting for is a way to filter/organize/ alphabetize MY LIST. I don’t need random shuffling orders or 300+ added items to scroll through. I just need to separate TV shows from movies because I’ll probably fall asleep in an hour or just add new things to my list. Or have them organized by category. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a mystery. Sometimes I want a comedy. Sometimes I had coffee and want to try and binge 50 episodes of a Korean drama in a weekend... sometimes I want to put my phone down and pay attention to subtitles. And maybe too much to ask, but the majority of my ratings are 3 stars because they’re “meh”. Neither thumbs up or thumbs down. Is there like a sideways thumb rating...? Cuz otherwise I don’t rate anymore. I have more ideas- ability to post what you’re watching/ share/discuss what episode you’re on with others without spoiling anything because you know they watched it too?

- Love it!!!

I don’t see how Netflix could get any better except maybe y’all could add a “suggestion box”? It would be a good way me and every other Netflix user out there to say what movies/tv shows we want because there are tons of stuff I can’t find anywhere and I don’t want to pay $20 for a 10 episode tv show that looks interesting. Also I would love it if y’all added Dragons: riders of berk, dragons: defenders of berk, and how to train your dragon 2. I know y’all used to have the first two and probably removed them because no one watched them but with how to train your dragon 3 coming out this summer lots of loyal Netflix users will be trying to watch them. So please consider adding those 3 movie/ shows and consider a “suggestion box”. Please!!! Also it would be nice if there was a watch later option so you don’t have to add something you want to watch to your list.

- A little gross 🤢🤢🤮

So I’m a kid, and I’m learning new things. But this, I think I might be sick. So I have the kids setting, (on Netflix) and I saw a new show called Oh Yuck! I was about to watch the show when I started looking through the episodes and I saw things about fungus and pimples. I have a pimple myself, and it makes me feel quite embarrassed. One episode I saw a BLOODY FOOT. I don’t think this show should be on Netflix and that was my reasoning why. A bloody foot should not be showed to my 6 year old brother. I have never seen the show, but that’s why. The rest of the app is fine though. I know that this might hit kids my age, but I don’t think this is the best way to do it, so bloody feet, nuh uh. No way. Please send me feedback. It would make me happy. Hi, I just updated it, right now, and I saw operation ouch! I just threw up. It’s very inappropriate for kids. This is on the kids setting. I hate this! Take oh yuck and operation ouch off NOW!!!!!

- No Help

I love watching Netflix. I’ve had it for years. The only problem I have is when there is an issue I have to call someone or start a live chat. Why can’t I just send an email to inform them that the latest update of the app I had to install on my device is having bug problems?? The “skip intro” button isn’t working or appearing properly. Also, the last few minutes of the episodes of Gilmore Girls I’ve been watching have been replaced with a frozen image of the opening of the next episode. The sound plays correctly for the last few minutes of the episode I’m watching but the screen is showing a frozen image of the beginning of the next episode! It’s ridiculous that I have to write a review to bring these issues to light instead of just being able to write an email! Not everyone likes to have face to face interactions or talk on the telephone to complete strangers! I would appreciate the issues I’ve mentioned being looked into.

- Fantastic, but there’s a couple issues...

I love Netflix, but I don’t like how you take off shows every month! Some people like rewatching previous shows and your taking it away!😠I’ve noticed on some shows... you HAVEN’T sent new seasons which us folks have been waiting for, for quite awhile. It’s quite certain your taking off old shows for new, although it is your job on stake.. it would be exceptional if you could keep some old ones too. As you know, there are problems out there, but some of us want our old shows back and we want new shows too. Netflix isn’t the best when it sometimes makes us resign in! It is clear Netflix has some qualifications, it as well has some issues. As much as I love Netflix, I cannot rate it 5 stars.. I apologize for being honest about my feelings. Thank you for your understandings. Sincerely, a Netflix lover😉

- Add Better Movies and Shows

The shows that are currently on Netflix meet my standards. Shameless, American Horror Story and Stranger Things are all great shows (to name a few.) But the generation I grew up in is missing a lot of our shows. Things from Disney Channel, Nickelodeon I mean y’all used to have Spongebob and where did it go? Not happy about that. So I’d definitely recommend adding more shows for teens, not just kids and adults. Also, the movies that are on Netflix are mostly garbage. Besides the category that spews a few classics that no one really bothers to watch, there’s no good movies. Horror movies aren’t scary, the documentaries are all about murderers or prison and the other strange assortment of movies are just... not good. I think y’all should let people pick from an assortment of movies and shows to stream: like they have the full list of things available to be delivered to your doorstep and be able to stream it instead... face it y’all gotta step up your game and doorstep movie delivery is a dying era.

- Great app!

We love the Netflix app! It has a great user interface, easy to use, and love that it gives us previews, suggestions, what’s trending, etc. I love that it has an auto play feature for kids that doesn’t require us to hit “continue watching” over and over again now. My 4 year old can’t sleep through the night if his tv goes off. Unfortunately it’s his security blanket throughout the night. Last night he was trying to tell me what he wanted to watch first and then after that. It got me thinking that it would be nice if we could create a playlist of movies/episodes/etc that could automatically auto play without having to ask if we want to continue watching (at least for a while or allow us to choose the number of hours it should play). And if we could save/edit the playlists that would be even better!

- 2 screens? Not worth the money.

Whenever I try to watch something on my tablet when someone else is watching Netflix on the TV, I have to pay thirteen dollars just to watch it after paying for your services? I’m a broke college student and I can’t afford to pay for my tuition and Netflix both while I’m working part time jobs. (a baby sitter and a McDonald’s employee..I rarely get paid for babysitting and COVID-19 is messin’ with my paycheck) when I’m stuck in my dorm and bored out of my mind, I’d like to kick back and watch a movie or two without bothering my roommates while they watch something on the main TV. I pay the Netflix bills and they just mooch off my account. I would just give in and put in the extra money but I can’t and if I were to ask my roommates about it they’d complain about not having jobs. I would’ve given a better review but this one minor problem is just stupid. Last time I checked, this was never a issue about a year or two ago.

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Taylor Robinette 🚀🚘

@alexisohanian Can confirm - it’s a great read! Also, check out the Pixar Story on Netflix. @jmj

Moreninha que namora com Victor Hugo

Gossip girl vai pra onde depois q sair na Netflix?

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@vintagevixenCT Watched it. Loved it. Wish Netflix had S3.


@WestLondonplod Netflix?


@SR60053644 Sense8 on Netflix. Just amazing

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#deathto2020 on Netflix was surreal, with lots of crazy lines in it. But this one stood out the most for me.


The Office is leaving Netflix on the 31st 😢


netflix value really goes down on january 1st 2021.

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Yall started Bridgerton on Netflix 👀

Lia really misses tokyo ghoul :( 🇧🇷

so I watched sweet home on Netflix and altho I loved the actors and actresses, the monsters' animations look so awkward 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 and the pacing feels a bit weird too???? maybe because I know the webtoon, it feels weird to me 😔😔😔 either way, i guess it isnt my thing


Guyz any romantic Netflix movie or series suggestion apart from Rebecca and Bridgeton. Thank you #AWishForErica


Please watch Hank on Netflix

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Next on the viewing list....#jinglejangle #netflix

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The ending of sweet home on Netflix was not satisfying at all 🙄

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