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• We add TV shows and movies all the time. Browse new titles or search for your favorites, and stream videos right on your device.
• The more you watch, the better Netflix gets at recommending TV shows and movies you’ll love.
• Create up to five profiles for an account. Profiles give different members of your household their own personalized Netflix.
• Enjoy a safe watching experience just for kids with family-friendly entertainment.
• Preview quick videos of our series and movies and get notifications for new episodes and releases.
• Save your data. Download titles to your mobile device and watch offline, wherever you are.

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Netflix App Description & Overview

The applications Netflix was published in the category Entertainment on 2010-04-01 and was developed by Netflix, Inc.. This application file size is 81.66 MB. Netflix current version is 12.9.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions.

Someone eyeing your Netflix app on the bus? Make sure it’s the latest and greatest. Get the update for our best experience yet.

And in this release, we fixed bugs and made performance improvements. Just for you.

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Netflix Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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tubiloobi   3 star

No good disney movies available. NEEDS MORE DISNEY MOVIES !!!!! Small selection to choose from

lexitsmith   3 star

It’s alright but.... I recommend putting out ALL not only a certain but ALL new release movies from theater on this app.

Zoolcdj   1 star

Late seasons. Netflix needs to keep they shows up to date instead of putting the season on so late do it when they come out

love you all yeet   4 star

Stop taking shows away. I love the app and the moves but STOP TALKING SHOWS OFF pls

rurena16   3 star

Very good but one problem. Hey! I have a suggestion, can you put My Hero academia in there; with all of the seasons? Thanks

Butch0610   3 star

Crashing. Recently noticed that my app keeps crashing even after the update and resetting everything...please fix

Jasmins N   4 star

Why I think it’s good. I really love it! But when ever I try to take a picture or video or a movie for an edit, the video or picture turns black. I was try to make an edit of karate kid(2010) and Ip man(2008) but it didn’t work :(.

jack-o'-lantern Jackie   4 star

Netflix. Thanks so much netflix but i would like some sort of teen section being a teen and all i would like to have a section where my parent don’t have to be constantly watching my tv watching anyways i love the app but that would be something I would like to ad to the profiles so i guess it can be sorted better and teens don’t have to read through all the summaries in order to see if they like it.again thanks for reading this!!🤪😀😁

miki1928   5 star

Camp Fire, Paradise California. I have family and friends who lived in Paradise. What a beautifully done documentary honoring the stories of so many heroes. When I got the call from my mother saying that there was a fire moving quickly and she and my aunt were evacuating. I sat in stunned disbelief that as I sat in northern Mn. The world was changing in Northern California. When my mom called back to say that they were going to my cousin’s house. He was not in a mandatory evacuation area. The call drops and I am now horrified that I wouldn’t be able to get in touch with her again. Tense minutes go by as I just keep redialing her number. When finally I get through to her I can hear the panic in her voice, she now wants me to calling my siblings and let them know how much she loves them. Omg she is saying her goodbyes. I am over a thousand miles away and all I can do is sit and wait, hope and pray that this not the day. I had not had my last talk, said my goodbyes or how much I adored her. Netflix did a wonderful job with telling the story of how this little town apply named Paradise could have just be gone there are still people hauling water, living in tents and unsure as to what the future holds for them. We should never forget. BTW. My mom and all my family lived to see another day. Thank you telling this story

Luna the 2nd   4 star

Bring back our old good shows!. I love Netflix but I wish you could bring back turbo boost or rat labs or maybe even slugterria!

Emma#funnel vishion for life   4 star

I want Riverdale season 4 on NETFLIX. I would really wish Riverdale Season 4 would come out on Netflix, I have been trying to watch it for a long time and never did overall Netflix is my best friend when I’m traveling and when I’m bored

yToxiXz   2 star

Disney +. “I don’t want to play with you anymore”

Ihatebattlelandsitisdumb   1 star

Naruto. Add naruto shippuden

jthomas5150   1 star

Crashes on load. The app hangs on load. Have to kill it every time. Unacceptable

Queen of everything's   2 star

🍵. It’s not working on my phone just keeps saying try again though I’m on WiFi/cellular that I KNOW works.

melissa welsh   5 star

More options. Great app.. but could you possibly put like the old, old shows on? Kickin’t, Lab Rats, Neds Declassified School Survival Guide, Upside Down Show? KC Under Cover? etc!!

lanabean05   5 star

Hey Netflix. Hey Netflix I love this app a lot and I watch it on a daily basis I just wish their was more Nickelodeon shows on Netflix the one I like the most is Henry Danger I wish it was still on Netflix cause I can’t watch Nickelodeon on my tv because we don’t have the Nickelodeon Channel anymore because my dad got rid of it so I hope that you read this and think about putting Henry Danger back on Netflix

yubeil   5 star

Hey Netflix. Can you put terminator dark fate please

Mone'y   3 star


Mintz86   1 star

Charges. You have charged my account twice. You certainly need to take off the other charge or I’ll just stop your services.

jengy.jarquin   3 star

Netflix. Now that I’ve updated I don’t know why it’s not letting me play my stuff / and something I’ve been waiting to complain about is that all the Spanish movies that I used to watch is now no longer available- or some of the classics like shrek and moana are gone

cobeggs   4 star

Great App but missing something. I love the Netflix app and I wish I could give it 5 stars, but the only way to do that is for there to be a MacOS version

firegirlly🤪🤪   5 star

Don’t change it. Hey Netflix I love the new feature where you can see what’s up coming and even watch the trailers. Please don’t get rid of the feature. 😁😁 I also love how you can save things to your list making it easy to find. Love you guys. 😍😍

hehe im a kitten   3 star

They need to add older movies back. So I love this app personally and the movies but some movies keep getting deleted such as zootopia and the Beverly hills Chihuahua movies so I just want some movies back that's all

CupcakeLuv101   4 star

NETFLIX—read this. Netflix, Thank you for adding Victorious. Lots of people love that show, so I believe you will now gain more viewership. I also believe you should add iCarly, Drake & Josh & Zoey101 to the mix. Spongebob Squarepants, Avatar The Last Airbender (2005) animated, and Full House (1987) are also great too. Think about how much more money you can get.

Angrymonkeymermaid   1 star

Downgraded instead, Not watching as much. I noticed over the past year that I have been using Netflix less and have been really disappointed with their selection and layout. So I downgraded to the lowest possible billing option and have been great with it for months now. Layout: I wish that when I selected which genre I want to watch that it showed a years list. I like 90's suspense thrillers and kids holiday movies, 50's creature feature horror movies, and 80's action and comedy movies. But it's a bit hard to find with their made up titled sections and makes me waste more time searching than watching. And the search feature doesn't not show me all the movies in these keywords as only a few can fit on the search screen. Also, there movie selection in these categories aren't that much and I end up watching Crackle a lot more. Ended up watching Crackle and Freeform Channel for Halloween instead! I feel Netflix has too much Drama and Gore movies-not my cup of tea. I expected new seasons of "Sabrina the teenage witch," "Mystery Science Theater," and other such shows to be new and available for October but they were not. So knowing when to show new show seasons for holidays is lacking. Who needs the new "Nutcracker" movie in July!? Also, when am I going to see new "Mystery Science Theater" episodes? Love the new show!! Creature feature movies are really lacking on Netflix!! And when is the new "Bright" movie coming out!? This is why I downgraded.

Mom97's   5 star

Super Love it but a pinch. Love you Netflix you’re the best There are some shows that hasn’t not been added one of my favorite Criminal Minds( season 13-14) and not add to Netflix Degrassi Next generation, Game of thrones. Scooby-Doo Movie/Tv Show an classes cartoons 90s-2007 ( for kids and Adults that grew up with the show that wants to show their kids. My daughter love Scooby-Doo an baby Looney Tunes , a pup named scooby doo.

21ninjanick   1 star

No Teen Section. I’m a teen and I only have a Netflix kids account and I don’t use because it’s for kids but what about a teen.

bo bich   3 star

Should have more Disney shows. I love Netflix , you guys should put more old Disney shows a lot more people would join. victorious and Sam and cat is already trending. MORE OLD SHOWS!!!!

Dixieg123   4 star

Netflix. Is Netflix still going to be on newer TVs December 1,2019

Advertorial    5 star

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Fiddler012   3 star

Angry watcher i guess.. Why is there a yearly download limit, us bingers want to watch our favourite titles again, because. we’re bingers. think of your fans/watchers Netflix. 😒

naomi396   4 star

TWD. Is it possible to make TWD (the walking dead) available for download on Netflix?

pandaunilover   5 star

Very good. I really like this app. It is very helpful when you get bored. My fav shows are Stranger Things and Riverdale. There are so many shows and movies to watch. I highly recommend Netflix for all of you who get bored and want to watch some cool movies and shows! -Thank you

Blank123556785;$):()   3 star

PLEASE LOOK. I would give 5 stars if you guys had the anime My Hero Academia. I would be so happy!! The English version would be better but the subtitles version is okay too. I just want this show on here please! I’m desperate to watch it on a safe platform like Netflix

sanak. king   5 star

AMAZING. Netflix honestly is amazing. It has content for everyone all ages, to watch.

Shannon.K.C   1 star

App unavailable. The new update means that Netflix is now incompatible with my iPad… Thanks a lot

adam is the best ~katy   1 star

Does not work. So ages ago it worked and never again. I’m not able to watch on iPhone while it’s being used on Xbox. So disappointing. Wish you could fix this.

doubleLally   4 star

We need the vampire diaries!!!. we need the vampire diaries back on here! that’s the one show i really want on here, everyone agrees, that show is trending and we need it on here.

AP Juice man   5 star

Good app but competitors looking better. It needs more content but luckily I’m a slow viewer so I’m taking my time through the important Netflix shows like Stranger Things and their Marvel shows which are all awesome...but once I finish these shows...I’m probably gonna move to Crave x HBO and Disney Plus. Unless Netflix changes and adds more unique and good content.

the unicornzzz   1 star

DOESNT WORK. Doesn’t work on my iPod :c

miss icarly   4 star

Really good but. I love watching all the shows and stuff but I would really Love if you put back icarly it’s the best and I miss it so much so I hope you see this then put it back on Netflix 😕

voidabbiie   1 star

😫. Please stop removing the good horror movies off your app 🙏🏾😭 eg : Nightmare on elm street, Friday the 13 etc...

hchcdkkyxjtz   4 star

Not go to the movie. I like neflex but I can’t get on the movie I want to then it takes me back to home screen

mellyellienty82   1 star

The worst app ever 😡😡😡. I did not mean to delete Netflix but when I downloaded it I had to type in my email address and password and I did not like that 😡😡😡😡😡

K-may-K   2 star

Canadian version sucks. The Canadian Netflix SUCKS we get really crappy shows and movies, and they are constantly changing. When i visit Alaska and use the American internet and Netflix, there are so many more options and WAY better selection.....please get better movies and TV shows on the Canadian Netflix!!!

Syd Hamelin   4 star

Classic movies. I can not find any classic movies that want to watch on netflix. It is starting to be te Christmas season and I can’t find the grinch or home alone on Netflix. I also can’t find movies like Alvin and the chipmunks (2007) and other classic movies from my childhood like that. Please add movies like that for better enjoyment

Moncef Abbad   1 star

Stupid Repetitive Update Description. Stupid Repetitive Update Description

3dmariobros   5 star

Incredible. I have no way of describing this app as good, but it is awesome.

Lily Stroganov   1 star

Can’t even sign in to my account.. Do yourself a favour and get other TV / movie streaming service.

paige dog🥰   5 star

Netflix. Is great I give it all stars ⭐️ and I recommend u guys download this up you will love it this is great for trips for your kids when your on planes for your family or you it’s great for travelling then say u download bat man you can watch it offline please get it

NF3   5 star

Best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I love Netflix lol😜

GDGLAD   5 star

Oh I am doing this?. I mostly just watch death note on Netflix

sorry all names are taken wow   4 star

Great app. It’s a great app and I love how you can download shows and movies so you can watch offline! I wish more kids shows could’ve added though like The Thundermans or Haunted Hathaway’s Or Henry Danger. But overall it’s a great app and I’m thankful for it.

mint_the_floof   1 star

Terrible. It won’t let you download the app if you don’t have IOS 12 🤬

this app really really sucks   3 star

I can’t reinstall. I deleted it on Netflix and I can’t re-download it witch is very stupid please fix this for a better review

toufzifxi. fc gi lh iv ig   4 star

Bring back Pokémon XYZ and xy. AlSo black and blue

Revan Ricky   4 star

Add The Good Place Season 4!!!. This is an amazing app but please add The Good Place Season 4 it’s the last season and season 3 was such a cliffhanger!!!!!!!!!!!

wowuhwhatwhaa   1 star

App doesnt work. I try to watch netflix online then it forces me to get the stupid app. I dont wanna use the app, just let me watch it online. But no option to. Fine. I’ll use the stupid app. Except the app doesn’t work. Ya just sit there staring at a little circle spinning around. If it had just let me watch movies online in the first place, maybe i would to get to use the service i paid fir instead of writing this stupid review.

I Don't Speak Korean?   3 star

Everything’s in Korean?????. I’ve been using Netflix for years and I’ve had zero problems except I updated it and now everything in Korean? I changed the language settings and it says English but literally all the titles and stuff are Korean ?? Help ???

MasterLVH   5 star

Please. You should put boruto in and add the rest of naruto shopudin

Advertorial    5 star

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Dubdxjshushe2;46   2 star

Not worth its money. It’s pretty goo it’s pretty good but way too expensive

T.Bangalter   3 star

Please allow background playback. Please allow background playback so I can listen to what is playing while answering an email or responding to a message. Why no user reviews or ability to rate or filter results

??? hellppppp....   4 star

Confused. Netflix has said that there is victorious coming out but on my Netflix I can’t seem to find it I have got all the new updates but it’s not on mine I have tried searching it and it’s not there and I really want to watch it but other than that it’s a pretty great app

J2d2ozlander   3 star

Still watching?. I get this message for some programs more than others. With one series I was watching, the message came on every 10 minutes. Come on coding people. This is odd. Please stop the nonsense interruption.

boiii is fleek   5 star

netflix is my life. netflix is literally da best all me and my friends do is watch is so much better than any other app because there’s no adds and netflix has great shows like fresh prince of bel-air it is also the only one with fuller house and sugar rush and lots more. netflix is my life

klenmat   5 star

Suggestion!. Add a “watched” box users can tick if they’ve already seen whatever movie please!

a person with an a opinion   3 star

Netflix. Honestly Netflix is amazing with tons of great movies and show but I think they should really have much more movies and shows. There is not enough recents movies .

Brooke Cresp   4 star

Rate movies. Would be great if we could rate movies, noticed that there is no way I can tell if the movies decent or not.

larika malagaoma   2 star

It could be better. It’s good. I really like it how it has all different kinds of kdramas because see I LO V E kdramas💗, but I would also like to ask if you could add more of Filipino teleserye like gulong ng palad, waland kapilit, aryana and dahil may isang ikaw pls. I would really love to see these Filipino teleseryse on Netflix and other Filipino telserye. Hope these changes can be made sooner pls.

kychel1   3 star

Netflix READ ,. I pay every month so I can watch movies on NETFLIX , for yous to have movies I want to watch in other countries and is not valid in where I am is not fair !! It really fucken isn’t , do you want me to move there and watch the movie? No! I suggest you start allowing movies/series to actually be world wide for anyone to watch!!! You can’t just have it in the UK and not AUSTRALIA. What the frick !!

aRoblotPro2   1 star

A great app Netflix saves the day. I lllllllloooooovvvvveeeee nnnnnnneeeeeeeetttttttfffffllllliiiiiiixxxxx

Krustyboy   2 star

Needs fixing. Usually a great app because you can download shows on wifi then watch them when your away from wifi but latest update faults when trying to download things. Needs fixing !!!!!

Sha-nia   2 star

There’s a reason why.... Not a review about app, it’s about “Netflix” management. NETFLIX not been completely fair with its iOS/iPadOS/TvOS users; why? It’s simple... TV App integration or complete lack of it because Netflix thinks it’s king of Streaming and won’t have anything to do with the competition who ever it maybe. So because of Netflix management 🐓🤬 or evening it’s CEO attitude towards the competition the customer has to be treated like a 2nd class citizen. Disney+ is just around the corner from launching, including all Apple OS platforms with Apple’s “TV” app support. Yeah competition 😫 is something “NETFLIX” apparently doesn’t play fair with, while the customer miss’s out on convenience. It appears “Netflix” has been 🍑 hurt by “Disney+” because they pulled all Disney owned content and “AppleTV+” launching just recently. Grow some 🎾🎾’s and add “TV’ app support on all Apple’s ecosystems.

gay johnson   5 star

Add the walking dead. Pls put the walking dead on Aussie Netflix but it’s overall good

Fixyourshititsannoying   5 star

Awesome. Love this app

pinkunicorn222   4 star

Battery. It uses a lot of battery percentage. Any way to lower the number? Cheers.

lilyskkskw   5 star

Great!. Love the shows and movies keep the great work up but u should really put it on iPhone as well.

motobikes for life   4 star

Payment. Don’t mind paying $20 a month but need more movies or need to be more like Stan

unhappy is taken   1 star

STOP AUTOPLAYING TRAILERS. I HATE autoplay. I just can not stand it. It completely wrecks the experience of looking for something to watch. Unfortunately Netflix just seems to be completely deaf on this issue. It makes no sense.

Travii_   1 star

Forces landscape. Cannot use portrait mode, the app forces landscape mode only. After several years this has still NOT been fixed. If every other video app, including free ones like YouTube can do it, why can’t Netflix?

netflix is bad.   1 star

Netflix. Netflix is good but how they take good movies off that people watch but leave the movies no one likes on there it’s stupid. They don’t have most of the old good movies and they need to hurry and put new movies on there.

tonto2446   5 star

Loves world war 2 movies. Saving private Ryan and dad’s army and mash and starship troopers 1,2,3

Hanar Abdullah   3 star

Can you add this movie. Can you add Girlfight because I’ve been dying to watch that movie so please reply NETFLIX! :)

Sonja Kishar   2 star

Stop Removing Stuff. I love Netflix, I love watching all the shows I want, when I watch then, but can you please stop removing show and movies, especially the really popular ones, like the LEGO movie, or other things, because I love the NINJAGO movie, but it got removed earlier this year, and I just wanted to watch the LEGO movie this morning, but it got removed, which I am very sad about because it’s my favourite movie, I would like it if they added it back and stopped removing shows/movies

issy1720   5 star

Netflix please read. I love Netflix it like one of my hobbies for me now but you put more shows like . The nightmare before Christmas . more Big Bang theory seasons . Girl meets world . Some more funny episodes . All the Disney movies 1-2 or on . Big Bang theory season 12 And more episodes of stuff but apart from that I love it a lot. please reply

Darthryanation   3 star

Recommend for who?. Great content, but I’m left wondering what the point of 👍 or 👎 programs as I go when the “recommended for you” section doesn’t show titles relating to what I enjoy.

ricky dawg   4 star

Plz read Netflix. Netflix is good. It has many shows and movies, except they don’t add all the series of one show ( Brooklyn- 99) that’s all I have to say about it but it is super good and it definetly recommend it!

Davifflaelan   4 star

Yea just this. Yo was wondering if you guys could add Kung fu panda 3 thanks

superfunimatergirl   4 star

My review. Ok so why did you get rid of :The next step. It was a really good show and why don’t you have descendants i love that movie please put both back on there but over all it’s a pretty good app

Drax17   2 star

Wish I had the USA version. Most of the things I want to watch are on the USA / UK versions. I struggle to find things to watch on the Australian version, not worth it.

Naynay417   3 star

Skip intro. IPhone using Chromecast: Can you have this option listed when I drag my screen down instead of opening the app that's either behind the movie time or reboots the entire app

_ŒÂ◊   1 star

Good content, horrible app. Autopreview ruins the browsing experience. Minimizing the credits disrespects the content creators.

ubers please   5 star

Please. Please put a 4 season for seven deadly sins

Tiana0_o   1 star

Quit removing the best movies/shows. First it was rugrats, then it was corpse bride, then it was nightmare before Christmas, then it was a couple series of total drama, then it was black butler, then it was round planet and now you’re removing Mama Mia! Mama Mia was a huge part of my childhood along with various other movies. And you’ve removed countless other good shows just to make room for terrible shows only trashy housewives watch. I’m genuinely considering switching to Hulu if this continues. It’s ridiculous and I’m completely tired of my favorite shows being taken away.

XxfrenchsuperstarxX   5 star


Viet2000   2 star

Better variety needed. Netflix really needs to add a lot more well-known movies, instead of having the same ones and an endless list of B,C and D movies that are just terrible. Many of the titles are not worth watching and make me question of this streaming service is still worth it.

addnetflixasanapp   5 star

How about Netflix. Netflix is a great app to watch wonderful shows and movies. you would love it if you are looking for a specific show you could find on Netflix! Please enjoy Netflix.

hoooooopla554   1 star

Please add better stuff. Too many foreign movies, hardly ever anything good movies please add newer movies that have been in theater’s or something

rudegirl79   4 star

💣Bomb 💣. Netflix is in my opinion wayyy better than any other of its kind . Its affordable for all the options you get !!! They have an entire conglomerate of shows n movies that you can not find elsewhere!! Oh n failed to mention the dvd rentals on Netflix is a spectacular way to see new movies cheaply ‘... any movie in fact , or series etc . N w premium u keep long as u want but no more than 5 movies out at once (🤔I think) so yea NETFLIX YALL R THE BOMB 💣 N I LOVE Y’ALL 🖤🙏🏼💯👍🏼‼️

bebebebw   3 star

Not a hate comment. Pro. Con. There’s tv. You guys haven’t V. released fuller house V. like you promised

Po------   3 star

?. It seems impossible with this app to modify my queue for dvds at home

ameliap447   1 star

Terrible Load Time. Ever since I updated the app, my load times for shows has been terrible. I expect the convenience of watching shows on my phone, and instead I receive a longer load time than Internet Explorer. This is absolutely ridiculous.

Beast122346   3 star

Needs fix. Movies and shows have missing scenes

craftmacntee   4 star

One Problem. Overall, the performance is excellent. However, when I watch some things and finish them, they stay on my watch list. It’s a bit irritating as it makes my list longer for no good reason. Can you please help me fix this?

magekip   3 star

Playback problem. Hey Netflix there is a problem with the titles playing it worked one day and now thing on it works I have stable internet but it just will not work now matter what it try’s loading and than tells me there was a error I try it with other titles and they don’t work too so plz fix this and have nice day

anaidcorletoyaoifangirl   5 star

More anime in English. I love it already but I do ask to have the anime category updated more to more new anime that’s out there thank you

jakewiz   5 star

Cool !!!!. I love Netflix !!!!’

Presscott lover   4 star

Fix this. I tried watching a series but every time I put on the episode it keeps glitching and doing nothing when I want it to do something like if I pressed the screen and try to pause it it will freeze and my phone in general is fine none of my apps do this but Netflix also even when I do pause it it still plays

cholebff101   1 star

Mean girls. Love how you all signed with nick I love all of nicks movies and shows but what I really want back is mean girls!!! It is an amazing movie and I’m sure you might make a little profit from it I mean almost everyone I know loves mean girl and is looking for a place to find the movie for free. Please Netflix you are our only hope of seeing the movie!

JuanTaco12   4 star

My rating. I would give you 5 stars but you guys haven’t added the good doctor

w3ird_fl3x   4 star

They did not have Ratatouille. I love netflix, it is where i watch most of my shows but i was disappointed by the fact that they did not have ratatouille.

djhfidjxj   2 star

Good but ..... I love Netflix but they took out my favorite show

anime fanz   4 star

BRING THESE BACK. Dear Netflix, It’s me, a Netflix watcher. I just wanted to ask you if you could bring some things back for me and for others. I hope you could bring all of the seasons of Naruto Shipunden, all of hunter x hunter, and PLEASE bring all of halo red vs blue. This was just a quick write Sincerely, Netflix watcher

cute the pie   5 star


Face off fan   5 star

‼️ADD ICARLY PLEASE‼️. add iCarly and Netflix will be complete

i dont like that   4 star

Suggestion. Can you please put the movie 17 again please I miss the movie and since your putting new movies put 17 again it would really make me and my sister happy 😃🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

stay in school kid but be cool   1 star

Worst app ever 😡. I got this app so I could watch movies 🎥 or shows but it won’t let me get in I tipped ALL my passwords but I still can’t get in boo 😒 Netflix well this app. 👎🏽

Dohn Rambo   1 star

Basura. I’m absolutely disgusted with this app. “Network error” over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. I can’t even sign in after three days of this crap. The fire stick: fine iMac: fine iPhone: Network Error

mohi_animeweeb   5 star

It’s awesome. I love Netflix my favs were little witch academia my friend Says there’s another anime on here called haunted house but I can’t find it

congtang   1 star

lock 1080P!!!. can not lock FHD,suck!!!

dog dance 123   3 star

ICarly. OK seriously I loved iCarly it was like the best I don’t know what all these gangsters work people are talking about by it won’t work at glitches like seriously yes it does like shut up you asses but seriously you need to get some movies back OK I don’t know if you can but you better keep some that are hit and you better know because your Netflix and you should go around asking for what movies they like so then you can add it


Is it just me or. Did they get rid of the thing when you click the screen you can't see the time and percentage or like the normal things you can see at the very top of your phone making you pull down the top pausing the show

Zane Wither   5 star

Bring Supernatural Back. Please Bring Supernatural Back in Netflix

Back-my   2 star

Tv app update. The new TV app updated interface really sucks , selected titles hides other programs and makes it very annoying to navigate through ,please go back to previous version or fix

Ocean_Opal   3 star

Can’t. I can’t delete the shows that I don’t want to watch anymore and it’s pissing me off 😡   2 star

cancelled my subscription. raised the price, but no increased benefits. Very tired of the foreign language content that I do not want. Recommendations do not match what i tend to watch. Overall Canadian site content is very poor. Now using Amazon Prime.

Li737123   3 star

Netflix for ipad 1. Hi. I am a 70 year old sick woman. My ipad app has stopped working and I cannot install it. Please bring back the older version of netflix app for old people like me who cannot afford new ipad. Please please please. Thanks

jdiwbdbsq   1 star

Update. My app doesn’t work since the update.

Mini_Sammich   1 star

Why isn't it compatible with my device?!?!?. Me and my friend both have iPad mini 1st gens and he downloaded Netflix a long time ago and still has it and it still works on his device. I have a Netflix account and decided to download it on my iPad but it "requires" iOS 12 or later??? How come it works on my friends iPad on iOS 9 and not my iPad on iOS 9??? Normally I can download an older version of the app (like YouTube) but not Netflix????????? Why can't I watch Netflix on my iPad??

bdixnsoxjisbdjcj   5 star

Read please 🙃. Okay so like I need someone to watch Netflix wit add my snap b_dresdner

ThatGamerGirl..   3 star

Help. So when I go to my continue watching it alway has stuff I don’t watch and things on my list I didn’t add so can you please fix this

Simz4000   1 star

Ipad1. Im a 70 year sick old lady who uses ipad 1 to watch netflix shows. My app is not working. Please make an older version of netflix available. Please please please

Overseas71   5 star

😭😭😭💗💗💗 it’s good. I can’t stop it’s to pretty

Emm-emm   1 star

Doesn't work. Keeps saying not compatible with this iPad yet works on our other 2 all the same model

❤️❤️Anima   5 star

😁😁. Netflix has good shows fun stuff to see You should definitely get Netflix

DogLoverCheer   5 star

NETFLIX. It’s great works perfectly and it’s really cheap

itfunneh fan   3 star

It a little bit good. Netflix kicks me out and it stops play a lot. Fix it. But the movies and shows are good

Muselk9874   3 star

Good but Can’t delete profile. Video quality is 10/10 but I can’t delete a profile on the app

Adam11--$   2 star

Movie/ TV Show stops playing. I’m just watching something on Netflix and then all of the sudden it says “Cannot play title” for no reason.

qwerty asd wert   5 star

AWSOME. All my favs one any screen anytime!

Lovekitty807   5 star

Warm bodies.. There’s a movie on Netflix well used to be on Netflix that was called Warm Bodies! Why did you guys take it off. It’s a really good movie. Is there any way that you guys could put the movie back on Netflix. It’s so good or even just put it back on for like a month or 2 weeks. It’s just soooo good!! But other then that I use Netflix 24/7 so I mean I love it

Mr. Smiley 😁   5 star

I LOVE NETFLIX!!! 😊😊😊. Please Put It Chapter 2, and Beetle Juice On Netflix!!! 😊😊😊

annie1324513251322229088   1 star

BAD. I hate Netflix because you need to sign in every month and need a password to watch it

OstenHeffer   1 star

Nonsense. My internet is plenty strong enough to load YouTube videos but can’t load anything on this app

Ndnprncss   4 star

The best app ever but. You can’t make a new account on Netflix and if you can tell me know. I have this app on my iPad and it’s still pretty good to watch my show called heartland

yan500   1 star

Not working on wifi. Does not work properly on wifi anymore Only does on data Sucks

shhhkisses   1 star

Netflix. The new update now my Netflix dose not work

LittleAngelzz   4 star

New and old shows. I love Netflix and it’s shows however, some of my favourite shows and movies were taken off of Netflix before I could finish this. I definitely recommend downloading this app and haven’t experienced any glitches yet.

Rosegirl75   5 star

Fix my Netflix. This update sucks my Netflix has been loading this update all morning and I just wanna watch my show! Please fix this

Tonyzeeee   2 star

Screen casting dont work well and no skip forward. For a company we pay money to monthly this app is really glitchy and disappointing. Skip forward button, how hard is that? Casting screen is the most annoying thing ever. It keeps disconnecting.

kylieakashorty   1 star

Not happy. Every other steaming movie apps can be download on old iPads but Netflix!! Has Netflix joined teams with Apple, and forcing people update their iPads? Some people don't have the money for that!!!

lana😁😁   4 star

Great app just needs to add more movies/shows. Has a great selection of shows and easy to navigate, just needs to add a bit more shows for teens and more marvel movies

bibi friton   4 star

More shows??. My daughter has been waiting for a show for a few years and it hasn’t been on that show is sailor moon and there is a whole bunch of people that like anime and you don’t have a very good selection of anime so please update your anime shows and stuff other than that I love this app

possumx7   1 star

Not worth the price. I have paid for Netflix for many years. In the beginning it was good but as time went on it became like the rest of paid programs, too many foreign movies, old movies, documentaries and tv shows. Tubi is free and has a much better tv, movie and documentary selection .YouTube offers you the latest and better movies and documentaries. I am cancelling my subscription. Definitely not worth the money and now is going up another $2.00. Nah bye bye Netflix.👎

Girlzone   3 star

not good. Many people in other countries such as America, have access to way more shows than us in Australia. We miss out on watching great shows like Friends and such. Please allow us to watch them too, I assume that most of us get frustrated when a show they want to watch is not available. Also I don't get why you have to remove shows. Obviously some shows and movies won't get as much attention as others for us who enjoy those shows and movies its really annoying when you remove themselves. What's the point of a movie streaming service if half the shows get removed every 3 months. Other services like Stan have a wider range of entertainment and don't remove shows all the time. Can you like fix it

thirteenkids   1 star

Bad review. That I wish you could watch it free without a account like Tubi for example like I just wish it was all free that’s why I have gave this app a 1 star rating

Simone345   4 star

Deleted movies or tv shows. Okay I love Netflix it’s one of my favourite apps to use or to watch things on but the problem is that it keeps deleting shows and movies, it’s really getting irritating to that some hav been taken off, Netflix is for people to watch and enjoy movies but when it’s deleting movies and tv shows people can’t enjoy the use of Netflix, I recommend that Netflix should stop taking things off and start add things on so that people can watch new movies and tv shows and also old movies and tv shows, please take this into recommendation thank you

ratqua   1 star

Anime. Netflix you have added more tv shows and movies but is it what people like? Can you add in more tv shows like The Haunted house anime tv show or more of the worst witch or the dragon prince more anime plz! Do something Netflix you give movies that aren’t interesting so plz give more interesting movies!

Jazelody   2 star

Nwi. Going downhill fast

netflix problem!   1 star

Problem when upgraded to iOS 13. I have always watched Netflix by using the Netflix app on my iPad and connecting it to the TV via an Apple lightning to HDMI cable. After upgrading to iOS 13 on iPad, i can see everything on my iPad on the tv screen except when i press play on a show the screen turns black and there is only audio (and subtitles). This is highly frustrating. Netflix fix this asap please!

101pokieplayer   1 star

Netflix slow downloading. Netflix needs to download more quicker

Pom in Aus   1 star

Cannot download. Why can’t i download this app?

jayjay_87   4 star

Good Platform with No Ads. Netflix is a good platform both via phone and iPad. Key plus is no ads. With Netflix announcing they are introducing ads, I will be likely to go elsewhere if I have to pay for tv anyway.

Fortninte is the best   5 star

Flash. Add the flash add the flash add the flash

hc boys   4 star

Can you please. Hi Netflix just asking you can you make a animated series of Undertale I know you might not be reading this I really need to ask though for me and the Undertale community and if you do. you think I could help with it reply back if you do and will let me be help please and thank you.

zW wctaQfYgxusIxyA   1 star

Angry person 😡. Sorry but disappearing channels and movies i wish you you could do something so get the disappeared movies and channels and add more seasons

Hananh 🌻   5 star

Netflix!. Netflix is a great time to just relax and sit down watch movies with the family or by yourself it can be educational,funny,romantic, But I have to say it’s addictive once u start watching series you can not stop.Netflix x one of my happy places that I love going to. I definitely recommend it you’ll enjoy yourself very much.I rated 5 stars because it is AWSOME AND I LOVE IT!!! 💕😂☺️💞. Hannah 12 years old

Jekejjdkdjxn   1 star

N. Nn

sggdgfghhftthgf   5 star

Good. Tall girl bad movie

Cassandre Luella   2 star

Does not work anymore. The app used to work great but somehow doesn’t work anymore. It crashes when trying to get in landscape mode when selecting a tv show. 😩 not sure if because of iOS update or Netflix update. HAHLP

Bellabellrose   5 star

....... I want more Pokémon movies!!!!

lit fortnite gamer   4 star

It’s good. I like it but so many shows don’t have all the episodes like Brooklyn nine nine has 6 seasons but only five on Netflix and pitch perfect ther is the first one and third but no second. Please fix

XxIm awesomexX   4 star

surely a comment sections. no issues but if Netflix added a comment section for users to write in... that’d be powerful

nonecostheyrealltaken   4 star

User interface. Netflix is a great app and service, but it really needs to step up its game with the control of the app that it bestows upon the paying customer! I hugely dislike how when you finish watching a show it stays in the continue watching section even if you remove it from your list, and it is irreversible. It’s even worse when you start watching something that you don’t like and then it stays there forever, and even starting new shoes doesn’t shorten the list of shoes you are apparently “watching” - should you ever want to again but apparently not if you don’t! It just is cumbersome and not tailored to the customers interests that way. It needs to be updated to include a simple “X” option to remove the show out of the section, and the issue would be resolved. It’s the little things Netflix! If it wasn’t for that, this would have been a 5 star review.

GhostyPlayer   5 star

I love Netflix!. I love Netflix, it is great how there are different age group accounts you can pick from and you can have multiple accounts for the whole family. It has a wide variety of tv shows and movies, including Netflix originals. It is useful how if you are watching a movie or show it has others films like it if you don’t know what to watch next. It’s good how it saves your progress in the movie/show. I recommend Netflix for anyone as it is great for all ages! I also love how you can download shows to watch if you are at a place that will not have connectable wifi. My only (personal) problem is that a show I was watching got taken down, I was watching it for weeks as it had many seasons but I hadn’t finished it yet and I was really upset because I cannot find it anywhere, so developers if you see this I’m really hoping if you could put How I Met Your Mother back on Netflix for a while please?? I love Netflix and I really hope you can do something about my problem. If so, thank you very much!

Laricanti   1 star

Terrible update. Just noticed that Netflix changed its interface: you cannot choose between searching movies or tv shows, it’s either tv show or a few movie genres. And the suggestions have no similarity whatsoever: for instance, it is suggesting Kung fu panda after Sofie’s choice. I seems more and more that Netflix is pushing you to get addicted to series, specifically their own. If you don’t know exactly what movie you want to watch then you’ll probably have to stick to the few ones they suggest. Wrong strategic move. You’re better off subscribing to Prime.

awesomelayla123   5 star

Netflix. And Pop tarts

sarz❤️❤️❤️🦹🏻‍♀️   5 star

Good. I think this app is awesome I love Netflix but it would be good if it was internet free but other than that this app is awesome

jada kirwan   1 star

yeah. oh yeah

dm4km   5 star

Great content. The only issue I have with Netflix is they don’t have season 6 of Brooklyn nine nine.

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