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What is paypal - send, shop, manage app? Now there’s more ways to PayPal— buy, sell, send, receive and explore all in one place. It’s a simple and secure way to get paid back for last night’s takeout, send money to friends who have an account with PayPal, buy and checkout with crypto, manage your bills and more. Plus, we’ve added some new features we think you’ll love.

• Get exclusive deals curated just for you right in the PayPal app.
• Earn cash back when you shop in the app.
• Multiply your rewards. Earn them with merchants, your credit cards, and with PayPal.

All rewards programs are subject to applicable terms.

• Buy now and pay later by splitting your purchase into 4 interest-free payments at millions of online retailers with no late fees.
• Just choose PayPal at checkout and select ‘Pay Later’, where you’ll see ‘Pay in 4’ as a way to pay.
• Make the down payment today and pay the rest in 3 payments—one every two weeks.
• Payments are easy to manage through the PayPal app and on

Loans to California residents are made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lenders Law License. PayPal, Inc. is a Georgia Installment Lender Licensee, NMLS #910457. Learn more at

• Buy, sell and hold Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin in the PayPal app.
• Now you can check out with crypto when you pay with PayPal at millions of online merchants.

PayPal Balance account required. Terms apply. Only available in the US and limited in certain states. Buying and selling cryptocurrency is subject to a number of risks and may result in significant losses. You have to report any gains or losses on crypto sales, including when you check out with crypto, on your taxes.

• When funded by a bank account or with your PayPal balance, it’s free and secure to send money or ask for it back from friends and family in the US.
• Just type a name, email or phone number and PayPal will find the right person for you if they have an account.
• Request money quickly and securely from friends or family and personalize your payments with animations, stickers, emojis and more.

• Never miss a thing – stay on top of payments and sending or receiving money, with push notifications.
• Check out all your latest PayPal activity, by just logging in.

• Support a cause you care about by donating to charity right from the app. You can even set your favorite charity so you can give when you check out with PayPal.
• Fundraise for yourself, someone else, a group, or a charity.

• Easily transfer funds from your bank balance to your PayPal balance.
• Shop in-store, online or everywhere Mastercard® is accepted and withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide.
• PayPal Balance account required to get the card.

• You can be sure PayPal will help keep your financial information secure, with commercially available encryption and advanced fraud protection. All that plus fraud monitoring transactions, 24/7.

• Pay touch-free by scanning a QR code. All you need to do is scan a seller’s QR code when you pay.
• Whatever you’re selling, now you can quickly set up a QR code and get paid in person, all with just your phone.

Not all features may be available in your market.

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App Name PayPal - Send, Shop, Manage
Category Finance
Updated 20 March 2023, Monday
File Size 441.36 MB

PayPal - Send, Shop, Manage Comments & Reviews 2023

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Bad Customer Service. For as big and successful as this company is, you’d think they’d have good customer service. Every time i try to add to my paypal balance is transfer money to my bank, i get an error message. i’ve been using this app for years so i know i’m not doing anything wrong. i’ll go to the helo center, talk to an agent, they’ll “unlock” my account as like a one-time thing so that the transfer goes through. but then the next time i try to do it, it happens again and i have to get in contact with an agent again just to use a standard feature on the app. i have two bank accounts so i use paypal to get money from one to the other. and in the app, they let you have more than one card hooked up so like,, if that poses a problem then don’t make it possible. like don’t make it a feature IN THE APP. i’m not blaming their customer service representatives, they do all they can. but the permissions they’re given are insufficient when it comes to helping customers. they’ve specifically said that all they can do is a one-time account unlock and that they have no way to guarantee that it won’t happen again. they should be given more resources to help their customers. i would like to be able to use the app like anyone else normally would, but paypal is so finnicky that i’d abandon it if i knew of another app that gave me the ability to transfer between my bank accounts. i just want my money, it’s that simple

Unethical behavior, extremely poor customer service, outright thievery. Beware. I trusted this company to accept payments from my customers and hold my funds securely and they abused that trust. They charge a fee of 3.49% to process transactions for my business. Fine. But on top of that, they refuse to release my money to me in a timely manner, giving me wildly varying reasons why I can't withdraw my funds and sometimes no reason at all. I'll talk to one customer service rep, who says my money will be available to me by a certain date, only to have another rep act confused and give me a different date several days in the future. I try to withdraw my funds and select instant transfer. Even though there is no mention of this, selecting instant transfer can mean your money will be transferred after several days instead, and they do not and will not provide any reason for this. They can just decide that they don't want to release your money at the moment, and there is nothing you can do because you have no power in this relationship. Their customer service reps will lie to you, tell you contradictory things, and hang up on you. The truth is they make massive amounts of money from lending out any funds you have on deposit with them, and they will do anything they can to delay releasing your money so they can make more money off of you. I will never trust these criminals with my money ever again. Do yourself a favor and find another company to process your transactions.

Zero help…. Earlier this month I made two purchases by two different sellers using PayPal and the sellers ended up being fake… Jumping forward, I never got the packages and I definitely did not get the help I needed from PayPal!! I was told by PayPal to file a claim which within minutes that claim was denied🤔! then I was told to talk to my bank to see if there was anything they could do and of course there wasn’t at that point. They were two transactions through PayPal and the mistakes / (FRAUD) should’ve been corrected by PayPal, not my bank to begin with. I obviously never received the packages from the fake sellers, and I never got refunded by PayPal. I’ve read quite a few reviews that are very similar to mine… I believe there should be more action being taken on PayPal‘s end to help and protect people that have been scammed!You have a job to do and it’s not or it shouldn’t be my problem that you’re too lazy to investigate where these fake people are coming from or how they’re doing this sooooo frequently and getting away with this!!! I’m sure if this was you and the tables were turned and you lost money and the item that you paid for and no one helped you or at least found and reprimanded or closed down the fake sellers… Then you might feel the way I do too. It’s a shame really, that’s such a huge corporation can’t do a little more to help its loyal customers when need be.

NOT SAFE!!!!. I have had problems with PayPal, Xoom, Venmo. How can a company offer financial services when they are not capable of protecting your personal information and money?! My Xoom account was hacked… whoever it was got in and started sending money with the bank account that was on file. I woke up with a bunch of notifications… I tried to stop the transactions since it wasn’t me doing it calling the costumer service center. And they said they couldn’t anything with the transaction that were already completed. My question was and still is: how someone got it my account and was able to send various transfers and those transfer be completed within 2 or 3 hours after it was submitted. Cause when I have done it myself it took days to have it completed. They frozen the account they canceled 4 of the transaction that were submitted but still went through and made it to the bank. And they said that I’d have to call the bank to have them stopping those payments and refund me. WORSE FINANCIAL COMPANY TO DEAL WITH! Never open a account with them. Not able to protect your information and not even care if/when something happens to your account. Now the bank opened a investigation that will pretty much take 45 days to be completed and I will only have the money back if they’re able to prove that it wasn’t done by me. Which Xoom should be able to figure that out by looking the location from where the transaction were started at.

NOT WHAT I EXPECTED TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE. Trying to transfer money from bank account has been a NIGHTMARE! I called PayPal the 1st time I was on hold for 30min I hung up called back was on hold for 35min then was finally transferred to a nice agent that didn't know much and kept changing reasons for the delay in transfer... 1st she blamed Bank of America that was until I told her that I talked to the bank...then she said in order for money to transfer instantly it would need to come from a savings account...uhhh that should have been communicated before I attempted to transfer another $100 from checking I would have done it from savings. So I decided to use Venmo! I never had issues when loading Venmo card! I will be working with the Better Business Bureau to get money back into my checking account WITHOUT A FEE!!! Since I was not able to use the card for the purpose intended. I thought PP would be good because I don't like to use my personal card to place orders online just as a precaution! Hence is why I have PP and Venmo! Once my funds are back in my account I will be cutting up my PP card it is of NO USE AND A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!! I actually handed it over to my son for his honeymoon just in case they wanted a couple hundred dollars to do or buy something extra, and thought the money would be on there...Actually had to send them funds a different way! Thumbs DOWN for PP!!!

Good Product, Complete Lack of Help. I use PayPal a lot, because the product itself is good. But only giving 2 stars because of PayPal’s continued commitment to providing less than the bare minimum of service necessary to dispute transactions, ask questions, and work through problems. 1. No telephone service during COVID-19. I get it, people were staying at home. But as someone who works for a humble non-profit, my employer was quick to find solutions for workers to keep their jobs while working from home. PayPal obviously didn’t do this. They were no longer offering help via phone, so talking to a human instead of texting was out of the question. I had to make a Twitter account and tweet at the PayPal Twitter account to get their attention. I don’t own or use Twitter, so it was troublesome to have to go to that sort of work to get my money back after I was the victim of a scam. 2. Like every other website on the planet, PayPal is obsessed with the idea that they’ve already answered your question. It’s difficult to even get in touch with someone through their help center, because they want to push their FAQ on you instead of allowing you to just ask your question. I have NEVER found the answers in FAQ, typically because when I need help it’s because I’ve already exhausted common sense options. Stop assuming your use base is all a bunch of idiots with stupid questions, and maybe answer the phone.

Need a more detailed receipt; no clue if purchases were bundled?. I typically have good luck with PayPal, but instead of telling me which account money was taken from to pay bills or make purchases, what I need most of all is to know exactly what I purchased and what that money was used for. Bank account to iTunes really doesn’t tell me a whole lot, and neither does a message that says Bank account to anywhere else if it doesn’t give a detailed account of what was purchased. We used to get at least enough details to know if the dollar amount charged was a result of a bundled transaction…I used to get notifications when a PayPal purchase went through or was attempted, but not anymore. I haven’t changed my account settings so I don’t understand what made the notifications stop coming. Fix this, please. Detailed purchase receipts would be more helpful than an ambitious dollar amount that is a result of a bundled purchase on iTunes…or was that actually a purchase to a different company for my essential oils??? Or is someone scamming my account? Who knows if no details are given. Fix this please.

Confusing and helpful. This institution is very helpful as far as security. They are very in-depth about taking care of your finances and not letting anything happen to them like I and this is an example, did you know that you could use the mobile app and if you send money to somebody brand new it will not let you do it automatically because it’s brand new but if you login from the web browser into your account and send to someone new then you can send money automatically that way because anyone can utilize a mobile app and I guess Paypal figures that if you can sign in from a web browser, then you must be the real you which we all know really doesn’t make much sense because you can sign in either way. If you can do it on a mobile device you can certainly do it on a laptop or whatever from the web browser, so what they think is helpful, may not always be. My issue with PayPal is this high used to utilize this service quite a bit in receiving and sending money or buying things online. But I just recently closed a checking account with the small town bank that I was using to a nationally ran bank and I have had quite a time setting up my account verified, and receiving my money.

Easy Peasy!. Simple, quick, and convenient! PayPal offers a variety of services, which are all very simple quick and convenient to you. These are the most user-friendly services offered for money transfers, paying friends or family, depositing checks, receiving funds, adding direct deposit; this list can continue if all PayPal services were listed. PayPal creates a very user-friendly mobile App, so your money is available within a few clicks. Not to mention their security and member protected information. PayPal makes me feel secure paying online when I can choose PayPal during check-out. I have peace of mind when using PayPal anywhere and everywhere. If anything mysterious shows on my account, my issue is resolved either immediately, or I’m easily able to contact PayPal support to assist with my issue(s). They respond in a timely manner, happy to help, and resolve all issues/discrepancies with pleasure. I absolutely love PayPal and all supporting services. I wish all Apps were this easy, continent, and customer driven! I do/would recommend PayPal to all friends and family. Thank you for the excellent service PayPal! I truly appreciate every detailed process! 😀

Loyal member since 1998!. I literally joined when you first launched. Back then I used you for my eBay auctions but I’ve kept you & will keep you as long as you’re around. You are the leader in sending out protected payments (before anyone did it, PayPal protected the user’s bank info) & w how there is so much stolen identity & fraud online, you’ve always been a lifesaver! I’ve had my identity stolen 3 years in a row - info that was taken from Bank of America (either by an employee or hack) because it was the ONLY place I had given all the identifiable info in one place prior to the theft. It was a nightmare to get corrected & I still have snags once in awhile. But w payment services like yours (now we have ApplePay, AmazonPay & even InstagramPay), I don’t have to worry about my info being stolen! You also make paying others a breeze as many of my charities use you. I always get confirmation emails within seconds of the payment going through. I have never had a single issue w your service except once when I couldn’t remove an old bank account from my profile. But that corrected itself after a few months. So if I could, I’d give you 10 stars! PayPal is awesome! (Now if your Venmo was as great, but sadly it’s not. Lots of snafus & poor customer service who have no authority to do much of anything.)

Scammed and PayPal won’t help. My very first transaction I did online was through PayPal because I had trusted that if anything went wrong with the sale, I could rely on PayPal to keep my money safe and give it back if the sale did go wrong. Surprise surprise I did end up getting scammed, I didn’t receive the items at all and the sellers completely ghosted me. I went to PayPal support and was excited to find “buyer protection” and I was more than eligible for this because obviously I didn’t receive the package. I sent them a whole bunch of proof (me talking to buyers and them ghosting me after I asked about the package, the buyers website which eventually did get taken down for obvious reasons, their fake good reviews along with the bad real reviews giving them low stars. These all got deleted including my review, and others). I waited patiently till I received an email saying my case was denied because… the package was delivered. Okay, I am well familiar with people trying to scam businesses and getting free things but I had sent PROOF that the package was false from the BEGINNING starting with the tracking number they had given that isn’t even a valid tracking number! And PayPal had the nerve to tell me it was somehow delivered. I tried to file another report but I keep getting redirected to a case closed page. I wasn’t sent any proof that my package was delivered and was left disappointed with the laziness of the support team. Won’t be using PayPal again unfortunately.

Better then a Bank. I have no had PayPal for at least ten years and love it!!!! It keeps excellent records for you all your history and with whom. I’ve read some of the negative remarks and I have an extremely hard time believing many of them. Yes that they might of spend some time on the phone; well guess what nothing in this world happens at a snap of the finger. Yes even with banks and Comcast you can spend 2-3 hours on the bank; as long as your issue has been resolved. Anytime I have called PayPal for anything they have always resolved my issue. They have opened cases for me and have never taken a penny; they do NOT Charge for that so stop lying. Also if someone has sent you money and then called and filed a case against it and their bank, yes you have to deal with the person who did that and not PayPal. Just as any bank receives a fraudulent transaction and gives back the money so does PayPal. So why do you think if someone called in on you and said it is a fraudulent transaction you get to keep the money? Hence you have to deal with the person who owes you money. I completely understand people love to complain and make an elephant out of a mouse. However, any issue I have ever had was dealt with amazing customer service.

Does not protect seller. It doesn’t sound awful until it happens to you. I always felt PayPal was part of my business and used it faithfully. I was loyal , paid my fees, and thought honesty always prevailed. Until the first complaint was filed against me, after many many years of using PayPal. Long story short, the nature of my company requires nonrefundable deposits. It costs me money to hold items and after a certain amount of time the item looses value. All of this is stated in writing before a purchase is made. After holding an item for a lengthy period a customer decided the item was not for her. To no prevail ,I spent time with her showing her other items that matched her request. I heard nothing from her, never asked for a deposit refund (because she knew it was not honest). Then I received a PayPal notice of complaint. I explained everything I just stated. They ruled in favor of the customer refunding the deposit and also issuing me a fine!!! To top it off I can’t get an answer from them other than some computer generated response. I felt betrayed ….. well actually I was betrayed. After that happened I realized there was no protection for me. Seasonally I receive large deposits and if these buyers back out it is devastating for my company. I am in the process of finding a company that will work with me , that is honest and as loyal to me as I am to them.

This company is likely to get sued. PayPal hasn't presented any problems for me, YET. If one is to occur, I'll also test the costumer service. But the costumer reviews are pointing to one thing: It presents no problems, or it ruins your whole life by HOLDING ALL YOUR MONEY FOR DAYS! Really? First, they need to add a more safe way to add information! You can use ANY name with ANY information, valid or invalid, and BOOM, you have an account. No wonder half of the people hate the app! I honestly love the idea, but more work needs to be put into the customer needs. Seeing as a person could lose a life savings through the app, I recommend putting a small defensive system to prevent this. My idea is to verify if the person is actually who they say they are. Seeing as you handle large amounts of money. It wouldn't cost you much to send an employee to a house if you're suspicious of who's using the account. Also, providing a technical support phone number on the front page might help some users who are having issues. If you already do this, I haven't noticed. My apologies! Back to the point, you do not have to do this, but I would like to help a potentially great business from getting sued! Thanks again for making payments easy! P.S. (I'm not the most patient person when it comes to losing money, so if my account were to get hacked, the problem would go straight to technical support!)

Not so hot. Considering PayPal has been in business for such a long time he would think that they would have very good customer service and glitches out of their app but the customer service is not good at all when you talk to them they act like you’ve done something wrong or you’re hiding something they put too many random holds on your account having to verify all the time. When I set up my business account and trying to make an invoice for service it always goes back to goods sold I do not sell anything and I think I’ve been charged extra for that taken out of my invoices the only thing that I have experienced that was an ease was purchasing something online using your PayPal card but as far as my invoicing and sending money to people seems like there is always a problem and now they’re charging even more to even send money to friends and family where they are me anyway. When I’m trying to make an invoice it’s very slow and there are glitches in it half the time I have to redo my items and description and then sometimes they’re already there I think it could be a very very good and I probably wouldn’t even use it except for I have one client that will pay immediately using PayPal and it’s a big client so I use it. As far as sending money there are other apps that are better

Someone stole my identity on Paypal when I was underage and they refused to fix it. I sell clothes on depop and was having issues with my PayPal account linked to my personal email (which I’ve had since I was 12). It eventually got to the point where I just had to contact PayPal which is nearly impossible to even find a number to call for help. When I found one and waited half an hour for someone to talk to me they told me someone else had been using my email starting when I was 14. My email is very clearly a girly email and has my first name in it. They told me they could not do anything even though someone with a clearly different name was using my email to make purchases while I was underage. They refused to even try to contact the person. I offered to give anything I could to prove it was my email but they said the person using my email was the only one that can change it. For being a company that is constantly asking for more information and my social security numbers to prove I am who I say I am they did not care one but that a male who stole an underage kids email was able to pay with it. Honestly horrified and disgusted. I will no longer be selling on an app that requires I go through PayPal because they are difficult to contact and do not care about their customers. I would never recommend this app to anyone selling or buying things because there always seems to be additional issues with PayPal withholding my money and I know many others have had the same problem.

The only pay app I trust but,,,,. I have been using PayPal for many years and for the most part you can’t beat the protection that they have. Out of over a thousand transactions I have had maybe a dozen disputes. Out of those disputes two did not go in my favor which I still don’t agree with the decision. The first dispute was I paid $30 for an item from a vendor within the U.S. and never received an order confirmation and ultimately never received the item. I physically called the company and never got anyone on the phone and only got a pre recorded saying that they are backlogged with orders and are doing their best to get orders filled after waiting months I filed a dispute with PayPal and after a month PayPal got back to me saying that they got no response from the vendor and if I wanted to escalate the dispute I had to respond within 7 days or the dispute gets thrown out, well during that response time I was on vacation in the Mojave desert camping in my RV riding ATV’s so when I got back to civilization and contacted PayPal they said that being that I didn’t respond in the allotted time that the dispute was closed. It’s only $30 but I just feel that maybe the response time should be a little longer. All in all, it’s a great service with great protection for their customers.

No support. I have used PayPal for all of my business almost since they started. I have always preferred PayPal over the other online services until this past year. My biggest disappointment was last year I had a transaction that I canceled immediately and they still allowed the payment to go through. When I contacted them again they said it would be reversed. It was never reversed. I contacted them before the three days were up again requesting that they refund my money and they said they were advised by the vendor that it had been shipped. It’s been over a year and I still have not received the product!! I supplied them with all the information they requested including the tracking number. The tracking number is not a valid tracking number and they asked me to verify that so I screenshot the initial transaction, the tracking information, the tracking page, and have yet received my refund. They later told me that according to the shipper it was received. Advise and again if it was received I would not be trying to get a refund, but regardless I had still canceled the transaction immediately and sent them a screenshot of the cancellation and they never should’ve paid it to begin with. Buyer beware of the vendor, because Paypal is not going to follow through with having your back.

A little disappointed. As with other reviewers, I have had PayPal for many years and have not had any issues until recently. The newest website design is confusing to me. I sent in regular monthly payments as I had been doing for years. This was for a 6-month same as cash deal. Out of the blue I received a check for over $600 from PayPal. When I checked my account online i realized There were 2 separate accounts , one was charged interest for the same-as-cash purchase and a late fee; the other was where the $600+ check came from. I don’t remember this happening before. Apparently PayPal had made changes to the way they handled my account. If they notified me of these changes I don’t remember reading anything Besides, every year about this time we get notices of privacy laws, terms and conditions, and other legal papers with jargon that I just don’t keep up with I made a call to PayPal customer service and got the issue resolved. The gentleman I spoke with took off the extra charges without a problem. The Rep was professional but had no personality. It was ok though since he fixed the problem. I think I understand what I need to do now but I will be much more careful.

Not great anymore. Up until two days ago would have said : Paypal is TERRIRIC. But we are on DAY THREE of two sums sent to me sitting in limbo , no options on where to put it( the bank account I have linked for instance ??? ) while for other money sent on the same day and close to it I immediately saw the relevant questions pop up on the screen and was able to transfer the $ to my bank account IN SECONDS. Customer service is virtually nonexistent , instead of two at most easy clicks to talk to a HUMAN - since well over half of cust. svce problems CANNOT be solved by a cheap poorly designed bot , OKAY ? ; the person who keeps Paypal IN BUSINES has to run all over the place to even FIND a way to - MAYBE - talk to a PERSON! And of course instead of the glaringly onvious " Sure , tell me whatever tyou can about the $ sent " at which point the Customer Service person simply scrolls to it/them , you have to do their work and have painstakingly written down a sixty-five digit transaction number !! Really . Is there ANY legit technical reason I or some other frustrated individual KEEPING YOU FOLKS IN BUSINESS , PAYPAL , cannot simply say " It was fifty dollars sent by Fneed Incorporated last week" ? HMM ?? NO . NO THERE IS ABDOLUTELY NOT . A stupid problem that didn't have to even exist , blocking resolution to another problem( my money is in limbo ) that should have been fixed days ago .

They have dropped the ball two many times.. I just got off the phone with PayPal wasted an hour of my life today just like I did a week or two ago trying to get something transferred correctly from my PayPal card account. I even called ahead of time to ask them how to properly transfer the money into this account so that I could pay two bills one with them and their pay in 4 account. And one with an insurance company I have connected to my PayPal. There was a glitch error in the app where I tried to transfer the money and pay the fee to instantly get the funds back and somehow it transferred to my bank account and now it’ll take four days which will be making the bills I have to pay late. They told me even though it was instantly done there was nothing they could do on their end. And tried to tell me multiple times that I press the wrong button when this isn’t my first time using this account I’ve had PayPal since 2011. The customer service reps clearly don’t speak English and that’s not because they are minorities they do not speak a language where we can communicate. And they’re quick to rush you off the phone or blame you for their errors. Once my payments are done late but done I will be canceling every single account I have with PayPal. It was also a Way for me to access my Twitch funds however that was changed seeing that they are going to continue playing with my time and money. PayPal has have lost me as a customer forever.

Not too bright, not much help. I recently filed a dispute for an item that i never received and PayPal immediately sided with seller. Part of the scam was itself a fake tracking number, and PayPal just, simply believed it. They viewed it as it said “delivered” and just made me out to be a bad guy. I am home during day, as is wife and 2 children going to school remote. Item was never delivered, we were home and also have video cameras, at time of “delivery”, we were home and no one came. That’s not even my mailman’s delivery time at this area. So as i looked at tracking and clicked on history, it shows part of scam: it shows item shipped out a full 2 days before i was ever on this website shopping!! How can i shop for something on a Wednesday and then seller puts shipping on previous Monday? Can the seller tell the future and know that on Monday a customer was going to buy something on Wednesday so they would just ship it out on that said previous Monday? This isn’t a movie, i am sure that people seeing into the future hasn’t happened yet. Anyways, just be careful with PayPal. They aren’t too bright to not catch this scam so therefore are not helpful at all. In case you are curious, the website in question was a fake Lego website that once you agree to buy, uses PayPal. (I can’t believe PayPal deals with such a company). So DO NOT buy Legos unless it’s on actual Lego site.

Wrong email kaput in. Second time using PayPal I was wondering why it was taking so long so I made the payment again I showed the recipient that I had sent the payment we waited and waited finally the recipient noticed I mixed two numbers up in the email address I contacted them (good luck talking to a person) after a dispute they refunded me $2500. Saying I paid twice which I did to the wrong email address so I disputed the second payment (by that time we figured it out so the recipient got his money) I’ve been in contact with them or their computer and was told the dispute was in my favor by someone sitting on their computer and should have the money back on my card in 5 days. It never came instead I get a message saying they denied my dispute because there was no problem with the payment 🤦🏼‍♂️ no kidding really of course there wasn’t other than I messed two numbers up and it went to probably an invalid email I was told to contact the recipient how can I contact someone who does not exist??? So long story short I’m outta $2500. However I’m still perusing this. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened even a 10 year old could figure this situation out. I strongly recommend the cash app. I mean the customer service is all a computer or text message get real!! They cost me $2500. At this point anyway I intend on getting my money however I’ve got to hire an attorney which I will have them pay for as well. 🤬🤬🤬

Horrible Service During Pandemic. I recently downloaded PayPal during the current situation to make purchases online easier, I had heard that PayPal was a great service so I downloaded it. I regret downloading the app!! When I receive my first payment I had to accept the money which meant putting in pictures of my government ID, my SSN card, and a few more things. This was fine at first but it didn’t accept them because the name on them (my full name) didn’t match my account name (the shorter version of my name). So I had to change the name through the account, when I tried to submit my birth certificate for identification it didn’t accept it because my name was too long. I tried messaging the company and every time I got an employee to message they never responded until I got another employee 8 or more hours later that did the same thing. So I decided I had tried enough and needed to call customer service, I gave the automated voice system all the needed info and they sent me to another voice system that said the customer service line is closed due to COVID. This is extremely ridiculous!! I need to speak to someone ASAP and none of the other options are working! Totally hate how PayPal is handling this I would be ok with wanting longer to get someone on the line, but having no call option at all, that’s stupid! I will not be using PayPal any more and will be switching to one of your competitors sorry not sorry 👎🏼

In a case of fraud, it took a LOT of effort for PayPal to advocate for me!. Update: it took me several attempts, but PayPal did finally investigate my case and found that the merchant was indeed at fault. PayPal issued me a full refund and I have begun using their services again. PayPal is a little more convenient to use at the point of purchase than credit cards, as it usually requires only a couple of clicks to make a purchase. If they will defend my rights as a consumer as well as credit card companies do, then I no longer have a problem using the app. This is not so much a case of buyer beware anymore. Just buyer, be aware… My original complaint: I made a purchase using PayPal and I never received the merchandise. PayPal allowed the vendor to charge my card immediately, yet three months later I still had not received my items. PayPal did not help me get a refund. I had to open a time consuming dispute and PayPal ruled in favor of the merchant! The merchant provided a tracking number from China that said the package was delivered to the US (no more specifics were provided!) PayPal ruled in favor of the bogus merchant without any further investigating. Also, navigating the app and Website to complain involved a lengthy case of hide and seek. I recommend making purchases with your credit card instead of PayPal. Your credit card will offer you much better protection in a case of fraud.

Great for buyers/consumers. First, I would clarify that this app & company are almost 5 star for consumers with one minor issue being trying to address a problem or issue quickly with an actual customer service person. A lot of the common things can be done right in the app and additional automated processes are available on their full website (via Resolution Center usually). However, if you are using it as a Seller, you have to be prepared to have a good cash flow to cover resolutions pending, and occasionally are blocked access to your funds if an issue is being investigated like a customer complaint, even when not your issue. Sometimes for 10 or more days they can hold your funds hostage while you wait for their CS dept to investigate, allow for additional input deadlines to expire and then wait for a response/ judgement. I know it’s for the benefit of the consumer but in cases where you have abusive or not-so-honest consumers, it can be a challenge for a small business with small cash flow. And cash flow can easily kill a small business that is otherwise successful. So it’s still a good app but caution for some people who use it for business

Protecting people. You always make sure that you have everyone’s back that has a PayPal account which is wonderful but I know that there are people out there that has stolen my identity are trying to do all kinds of things in my name but I can’t find out who it is but I know it wasn’t through you guys but it really makes me angry that every time I turn around and something comes up with my account where I can hardly ever buy a cell phone I can’t go and buy things or do certain things because of these people have hacked into many of my accounts for other stuff and it just I can’t get these people to stop and I know that they’ve never stolen my identity through you guys as far as I know but I know that if I ever find out who it is because I’ve tried to get a hold of Social Security because I can’t do certain things because of somebody hacked my accounts but never three guys so I’m happy for that that they don’t mess with PayPal because you will punish them and I like that about you so right now all I have to say is I know that you always have my back so thank you and I will always have a PayPal account with you and you will always be there for me and I know that so thank you.

I love this app. So I usually don’t write reviews but after what just happened I knew I had to. Recently i had plenty of my platforms hacked because I used the same password for most of my platforms (stupid yes I know they’re changed now). I had changed most of my passwords but had forgotten to change my PayPal password and that led to some issues. Well yesterday when I logged on I saw three payments I didn’t recognize because I only use PayPal to pay my Disney+. Well I looked into it and decided to report it as a payment someone else set up. I wasn’t expecting much from PayPal but within less than two hours I received an email saying my case had been resolved and the money taken out had been refunded as it was determined as unauthorized payments. The amount of relief I felt after getting that email was great. So yes I 10/10 recommend PayPal for online payments and shopping. Also don’t use the same password for all your platforms lol. The only thing I could think of to make the app better is if they would send an email or text whenever another device logs into your account. So if you’re deciding whether or not to get PayPal do it! Your money and information is in good hands :)

NOT VERY INTELLIGENT. Bought a ticket and paid for it with my PayPal card. However the merchant charged for the ticket in euros when I was given a receipt that was in dollars. Reached out to PayPal dispute department and gave them all the evidence. They requested more document, however PayPal in their infinite wisdom decided to close the case a day before I was meant to submit supporting documentation. When I reached out asking why, they couldn't give me a valid reason and then did a complete 180 while I was still on the phone and decided to rule in my favor because they "found" my original receipt stating that I was charged a different amount. Fast forward a few days later, and I find out that PayPal refunded me an incorrect amount. I once again reach out to them and I get a very dumb rep that just wanted to argue with me, saying that the merchant took the money in euros so it had to be refunded in euros. I explained multiple times that I live in AMERICA and paid for the ticket in DOLLARS which I have a copy of the receipt that backs up my claim. After going back and forth with the agent, I decided to ask for a supervisor and she seemed to be worse. She either didn't seem to understand English or chose not to listen to me. How do I have a receipt that says I paid in dollars but you want to refund me in euros???. I am very disappointed in PayPal and won't be referring anyone to them because they're...NOT VERY INTELLIGENT!!!

The accuracy. I love using paypal. I had fraudulent activity after using cash app after a while and it caused me to delete the app and i will NEVER GO BACK TO USING IT AGAIN. I have been having paypal for quite a while now and i have not ever had any issues. I can go to walmart and take cash directly from the app as well no card or bank connection needed. As long as i have funds to remove. In the past I didn’t get to savvy with the use of Paypal but going forward they most definitely will be my next best money connection, transaction to pay and transfer app for business and personal individual transfering use as well. Cash is just not as likely to carry anymore and this makes it so much easier to take care of what you owe or sending someone else a financial blessing etc. I have had to use customer service as well for address updating and they where swift to respond and have been persistent to assist with my issue, with more than one option to contact them which is so appreciative. It almost hurts to have an app issue and hard to reach customer service with unreasonable response time. Thank you.!

paypal app can help you pay pals :D. like every other app in the world, paypal has its ups & downs. for pros, it’s easy to set up. it’s never hard to navigate. it’s useful with making quick payments. it’s helpful to those in need of a direct deposit account. it’s a well organized app to use for money purposes. paypal is also quick with sending replacement cards for those like me who lose stuff like that REALLY easily. the transactions are also not difficult to track down if there is ever a confusion about one whether it leads to a dispute claim or not. just gotta be careful who you share paypal account information with if chosen to do so. for cons: i have heard about multiple paypal accounts getting hacked. as for me, it’s happened to me before but only due to my own fault of sharing someone in my family’s card info with another person, so i can not say much as far as that subject goes. once your a paypal subscriber, if you have email notifications on i assure you they are endless, so tread carefully. i’m not sure how deleting, or managing for that matter, accounts works since i have mine in case i ever need to use it to pay a friend who solely uses the app to receive payments some day (although i haven’t used mine in so long i probably could delete it now). anyways, that’s all the pros & cons i can think of. just like all the other apps used for money purposes (venmo, cash app etc.) paypal has the good & the bad.

Random holds on sending money. I’ve experienced a number of frustrating problems with PayPal. I’ve talked with customer service numerous times about the situation. Basically, PayPal will randomly prevent me from sending money to my bank. It seems like they have algorithms that may flag your account based on quantity and frequency of transferring money to banks. They said it looks at different factors of how old your account is, how often you use it, how much you send, etc. Ok all of that could be overlooked if customer service or a manager could override the algorithm’s decision, but they can’t. Not only that they can’t even explain definitively why a hold was put on the account. You can’t even call ahead to ask if you try to send money will a hold be placed on the account. They don’t know. You just have to try sending money and see what the almighty algorithm decides. I sent almost $4k in one transfer last Dec with no issues. Then a month or so later tried to send the same, but was denied. I tried to send $3k, but still denied. Customer service suggestion was try to send $1k a little each week or so to build up amount can send. Ok, but I sent $4k in Dec why isn’t that at least my ceiling? I know people that have their account for only a couple years and they send $10k or more per week. Why can they but I can’t? It’s frustrating that an algorithm runs the company, so basically the tail wags the dog.

Alright, I guess. As a card and bank processing system, it works well. There interface is user-friendly. It’s also pretty easy to find and send money to other people. However, it seems like the system randomly chooses which card to run. Sometimes it will pull the money in Paypal or a card or in a bank account. According to their terms, they are supposed to do the bank first if funds are available (unless otherwise indicated) but that doesn’t happen. I also choose for once specific card to be my “main” method of payment and a specific account to be my second. They rarely listen to that and just do whatever. I’ve worked in banking for nearly 5 years and see PayPal continually take out of the wrong accounts of those they serve. Note: as long as there isn’t anything pending, you can call to get an account removed (if preferred). PayPal also has something similar to the square card for businesses so you can have like a mini payment setup for in person customers. Alternatively, as a customer, you can have a PayPal card. Both are pretty neat. Now, if you have a purchase that is over $100, you can push it back using PayPal credit, so that is a pretty cool feature. As a whole PayPal is good but it has some big areas that need some attention.

Pay Pal debit card review. I can not tell you how much Pay Pal has helped me get on track. I was living life somewhere between being a irresponsible , careless person to wanting to get my life together and actually grow up! I finally chose to grow up and Pay pal was right there to help me better understand my finances, spending habits, the importance of savings and just a better understanding in general of living a life that u don’t need to worry if u don’t ignore responsibilities but you take caure of them, not putting everything off. They also helped me “grow up “ by supplying me everything I need to understand and grow better in the world of credit and I’m very grateful! It’s endless all the tools that PayPal has for its customers! If you are ready to become a responsible adult who is on track for success, I highly suggest that you download the PayPal app and apply for their prepaid debit card. You can run your own business and u can accept payments , as I said, all the opportunities out there and PayPal has the tools to guide and help you achieve your goals and be on your way to a successful life and a much happier one!!!Your life will be in order because PayPal is with you every step of the way!!!! Thank you PAYPAL!!

Still sloppy / needs improvement. New version looks a lot better but still has some of the stapled-together feeling that we’ve come to expect from PayPal. For instance when you try to update your address, it takes you into a web browser mode within the app. In addition to needing to re login: * the pages bounce around as the content loads making it easy to tap the wrong thing because it jumps under you right as you’re tapping. This is 101 stuff of site design * requires a bunch of page loads to do something simple like change your address. Then you go to update it and it gives you a message like “this is linked to a card. Please change it there first”. Then you have to go do about 10 page loads to find that. Maybe link me to the page, tell me which cards, or better yet - ask me if I want to update them right then and there?? * I tried to use the back arrow to get out of the in-app browsing. I could not get out! It would take me to a “prove you are not a robot” test from which I could simply not go further back. Had to kill the app. Lastly, I am technically a business account (because I signed up years ago as a tiny business) and I don’t think it lets me do anything crypto related. Or at least it’s not clear to me where / how. For a mega cap company, they need to improve this / do better with quality control.

Not Friendly User - Will Lose Customers. I have an e-commerce shop that offers different ways to pay. All different payment methods, but PayPal, goes automatically into my account. PayPal will charge a fee for using them. Automatically put limitations if you’re a new account, until you give them all the necessary documents to prove who are and what you do. And even with those limitations taken off, they hold your money because you’re new. You can even be a long time customer but if you haven’t sold in awhile or some other silly reason, you’ll run into this problem as well. Not only will they keep your money, but apparently my product doesn’t qualify for their sellers protection program. So basically not only do I not get paid, but if the customer decides to claim they never received the package just so they can get their money back while keeping my product (because people like that do exist) or somebody did in fact steal their package, I’m left without pay, while suffering loss of products, and can’t be protected from it. And supposedly you have to check off their list of things they want you to do in order to receive those “privileges”. Also no customer is going to want to wait for you to get their money and then send the product. So I either have to have faith in this customer, send the product anyway ahead of time, and hope PayPal will release the money in 24 hours. That’s one way of getting your money faster, but it’s not even guaranteed. Terrible service.

Inability of PayPal to resolve disputed payments with Amex. In the past, I had paid a charge with a vendor that allowed payment with PayPal. I paid thru PayPal using my Amex. The charge was for approximately $3,000. The order was cancelled and I contacted Amex to dispute the charge because the vendor would not credit me for cancellation. Amex recalled the payment from PayPal and credited my account leaving a negative balance with PayPal. The vendor eventually did accept cancellation and credited it back to Amex who in turn returned the recalled payment to PayPal but PayPal still insisted my account was negative and demanded me to pay the $3000 before I could use my account again. I had to pay because I had a couple of other substantial charges to pay thru PayPal. This happened 6 months ago and PayPal has still been unable to resolve the issue and return the $3000 to me. And now it’s happening again with an $800 chair I purchased. The chair was damaged when it was delivered and I asked Amex to dispute the charge. They did but then PayPal told Amex chair was delivered and therefore charge was valid so Amex again reinstated charge. Chair vender confirmed they tried to credit payment back to PayPal but PayPal told vendor there was issue with my account and they could not resolve return of payment to chair vendor. This is apparently how PayPal maintains their high margins by exploiting this cracks in the system. Very unfortunate for users like you and me.

I HATE THIS APP!. I started using PayPal to receive funds from foreign countries so my account was fairly new. When I started receiving funds they were put on hold and I was confused about that so I called and got a clear understanding that they said I was new and I had to wait 21 days before I could access it, although that seemed a bit obsessive. I was also notified that I could tell the customer to hit confirm receipt to get my funds however, after the 48 hours and they did and the money was moved. PayPal made sure I couldn’t access my funds, although I thought of this as a another precaution method. They prolonged the review for a week after I sent the information needed and spoke with a representative. They decided to put even more restricted access on my account after asking for ID and several personal information about why I was receiving the funds. I wouldn’t have guessed they would conjure up even more private questions about my non existent privacy on the app. Even after speaking to a representative twice about why I am receiving the funds I do, they still won’t let me get any of the $600+ in my account nor LET ME GIVE IT BACK TO THE PEOPLE THAT SENT IT SO WE CAN LEAVE THIS SCAMMY APP! I am infuriated I was even persuaded to use this app and now my money is just gone! I hope the workers are getting paid good as much money as this app steals!

PayPal sides with scammers!!. The only reason I am giving 1 star is because thats the lowest u can give. So I was selling something on social media and this man I was selling to paid me through PayPal and I was going to mail his package within 2 days but it took me 3 because I had something personal happen but when I went to mail the package at the post office and they said it was going to be $40 and so I text him right away and told him he could either pay the shipping or I could refund his money and he said for me to refund him so at this time I didn’t have money on PayPal but I did have enough on cash app so I asked for his info for cash app and refunded him the full amount little did I know because he failed to give me this tidbit of info, he had already requested a refund from PayPal. A decent person would have told me this or atleast cancelled his request for a refund from PayPal but I guess he figured he was gonna get paid back double and so I sent very good proof that I had already refunded him for example, I sent the screenshots of texts of our conversation about refunding him on cash app and I sent proof off of cash app , the receipt that I sent him the money and PayPal still refunded his money and made my account negative that amount!!!! I will never use PayPal again because they allowed him to scam me even when I showed them concrete proof of his lies!!!

I WOULD RECOMMEND PAYPAL TO MY CHILDREN. I’ve been a PayPal costumer for about a year, over this past year I have had no problems with PayPal .. It’s a very easy banking app to use, everything is self explanatory.. If you are a customer having trouble it’s probably because you did not take your time or didn’t read everything through… If you have had issues no matter what state you’re from there is a Attorney General you can get a hold of and they take banking very seriously because it is federal. So if there’s a discrepancy with your money or transactions and PayPal is refusing to give you the customer service you deserve as a customer I recommend you call the attorney generals office immediately and file a complaint. Obviously the attorney generals office also does not look kind upon false allegations either.. As me myself and I as a customer I have had no issues whatsoever it works great for any online shopping I do, I do surveys and get paid to do them it works great for a payment option for a number of online employers even such as Uber or Lyft.. I would recommend PayPal to my children and to any family member with that being said I obviously trust PayPal‘s system.

Best Banking Above All. PayPal in general is not a a competitive financial institution to handle any and all payment methods in my opinion. There services overall can handle all my financial needs from Merchant, Business To Personal services. Nothing is ever perfect in life, but they take a nonstop resolution approach if needed until the matter is solved. I never second guess there intent is updates or changes to the terms , because I’m assured of the good hands of business that stands behind my business and personal life of finance. There is not need for 3rd parties because they have it all worked out. I love the convenience and the benefits they have to offer my business. They are well respected worldwide, by myself and my peers. One can’t compare them to any other financial institution standing or not. They are one of a kind that stands alone in front line as a Leader while others follow but will never catch up. I do use other institutions for other purposes, but have come to a final conclusion that i only need PayPal, the ones that I never have to call and inquire or complain. An institution that is thorough with all aspects of business and demonstrates the willingness to help you succeed and maintain stability, as well as, venture capitalists growth is what I feel PAYPAL portrays in my world. My past present and future plans are to always recognize them as my guidance to success.

Really great service!. Ive been using PayPal for a couple of years now. It’s so easy yet secure, I Love it. Im mainly writing a review, however, because just recently I switched banks and had to update my bank account information. Paypal required this new bank to have two small amounts deposited to my account and taken out with one withdrawal to confirm. After updating all of my account information, I realized that some of the information was wrong—but the deposits were still coming through. Therefore I redid the entire process thinking Id be able to tell the deposits apart. Long story short, I wasnt able to tell them apart and with too many tries, was unable to confirm my bank account. Given that Covid-19 is going on im not able to contact customer service and speak with a representative via phone, i had to make use of the message center. I notified Julius Laurence about what was going on and they immediately fixed my issue! I thought I was going to have to stick with my debit card forever without being able to link my bank account but they figured it out and I am so happy! This encounter only adds to the wonderful service paypal has to offer!

Needs safe guards put in place. I’ve been using PayPal for years an up until now I’ve had no problem at all with them until now, back in late February I purchased 2 sets of handbags from a group online, I’ve purchased from her before an had no problem with it whatsoever an couple of my friends have purchased from her as well an had no problems at all, but this time for what ever reason I have still not gotten my bags, they were purchased using PayPal an the money was sent to a business name, I’ve tried to find out how to get in touch with a live person from PayPal I’ve tried to call them several times using all the different voice prompts but it will direct you to go back on line an then it hangs up, I’ve tried 3 or 4 times to use their webpage to ask for help an put in a dispute on the transaction an it comes back an says that it is to a personal account even though it is a business name account I would have thought in this situation that we are all going through that PayPal would at least have someone that their customers could reach out to to ask questions an ask for help. It’s bad enough that we are all having a financial situation right now but with a company as big as PayPal I would think that they would be better than that it seams like all they care about is your money. I finally had to call my bank an put a dispute on it to get my money back.

Scammed. This was my very first experience with PayPal. The day I signed up I ordered a pair of boots from what I thought was a huge sale from Ariat Boots on July 3rd. After the credit card ran all I got was an email from PayPal. The seller NEVER attempted to contact me. I let two weeks pass in good faith, but still heard nothing. When I checked the tracking number on PayPal tonight it said my package was delivered THE DAY BEFORE I ORDERED IT (July 2nd) I chose PayPal because I heard I would be protected from this kind of thing. I filed a claim in the Resolution Center, and sent screenshots of the USPS tracking site, but because the scammer gave them a bogus tracking number (which STILL says it was delivered the day before I ordered it) they closed my claim in less than 5 minutes. I have informed delivery through USPS, and there was no package sent. I’ve taken screenshots of everything that was in my email, my PayPal app, the Resolution Center, and online. I’m gonna give it two more weeks and if nothing happens I’m definitely going to start letting everyone know my first experience with PayPal was me getting scammed and PayPal letting the scammer get away with it. I went to the PayPal Community page and it looks like this is common, with PayPal siding with the seller as long as they throw a tracking number in there. I’m calling my bank later today to request a chargeback. Be careful what you order, if you’re scammed PayPal will NOT help you.

DO NOT USE PayPal for digital products. Our products are instantly fulfilled, yet PayPal still holds funds for up to 21 days, or can make it 7 days if you go into each individual order, one by one, and update shipping information to “order fulfilled,” yet there is no option to select all, to fulfill all orders selected, forcing you to do so one by one, which if you have hundreds of orders, is the most inefficient process ever, as the page refreshes to the top every time you go back to the list of transactions after each updated order, making you have to scroll back through hundreds of orders again to find the last updated order to continue updating orders, which wastes so much time it’s ridiculous PayPal doesn’t have a more efficient process to fulfill orders, even when we offered to send them our export data sheet of all our orders, we were still denied our request to have our available funds raised, for “lack of information” meanwhile they have no way to take the information proving all our orders are instantly fulfilled and all the order we have process have already been fulfilled. Do not use PayPal for digital products, they are stuck in the Stone Age as far as their technology development. It’s shocking for them to be so far behind as PayPal is supposedly such a large company. Worst experience ever. Beyond frustrating.

I like PayPal and the app but despise Synchrony!. Alright, so I’ve been using PayPal for like over a decade and have always been partial to it. Honestly, they’ve done well at keeping themselves relevant through ownership changes and tech advancements, so bravo to them on that. I’ll continue to use PayPal for the reasons above but the company needs to take care of one situation…the bank they’ve chosen to use for PPC!!! I used to defend Synchrony Bank but in all honesty, that was simply because they were yet to do ME dirty like they had many others. Well now they’ve wronged me as well and I’m highly annoyed! They had no good reason to randomly close my PPC account but decided that was the best course of action and in my almost 20 years with credit products, they’re the only ones that have done this, and never for any good reason. PayPal needs to switch to a bank that isn’t a buncha snooty behinds to service these accounts or I might actually just start using another service for my money sending needs. I’ve lost thousands in available credit overnight and down goes the scores, again for no good reason. So while this review is supposed to be for the app, their association with an establishment such as Synchrony has cost them two stars…sorry, but not really.

Requires Pictures of Photo ID And Social Security Card!!. I’m autistic and still live with my parents. They are my coguardians. They weren’t when we all lived in Oregon, but due to an emergency event that’s been dealt with they’re my coguardians. Now I’ve been using PayPal for about 5 years I think, and used to have my credit union attached to my account while I take surveys to earn money. However I can’t keep any money in the app because it asks me for a picture of my photo ID and a picture of my social security card. My parents said that’s illegal and sketchy, but I’m not sure. Anyways it’s a problem because I don’t have a PayPal debit card to transfer the money into another banking app and as I’ve said earlier I can’t keep the money that I already have in my account. I earned twenty dollars and six cents from answering surveys and doing mini jobs for userstestingclub, which is now testing club; but because I lost online banking, and because my credit union isn’t linked to my account, I can’t transfer the money into my credit union account. Additionally as I’ve stated before, I can’t keep the money in my PayPal account so that I can spend it from the app. My parents say that what the app is doing is illegal and that this app is probably fake! I believe that it’s legitimate, but I might be the only one who believes so. Either way you shouldn’t use this app!

PAY IN 4. Let me start off by saying I love the pay in 4 it’s awesome to be able to buy something and spread the cost out. With that being said, I don’t like that my card is charged immediately instead of after I’ve already placed my order with the vendor. Right now I have a payment on hold for over 12 days now because the vendor couldn’t complete the order and issued a refund. This happened less then a hour after placing the order. Second I was using pay in 4 for bath & body works went to PayPal was charged the first payment only to get back to the vendor site and my order wasn’t able to be processed because the items were “out of stock” so check my cart everything in my cart said it was available so no reason for it to be stopped in the first place. So I go to place my order and after already being charged it sent me back to the PayPal site to do it all over again so I would be charged twice! The money should not leave my card until I have completed my order! Now I’m sitting here waiting who knows how long for my money to be put back because I didn’t complete the order! And I know it’s PayPal taking this long because my card holder does not hold payments it will go back to my card immediately!

Love the app, hate the new design. This is a wonderful app. I never have any problems with it working, and it's so convenient to use. The only thing I don't like is the new design where when you open it up, instead of your balance being at the top, the latest notifications are at the top, and they're really large taking up a lot of room, and you have to open them to get rid of them, which is a hassle, even though you can see what they say without opening them. Then to get to your balance so you can tap it to do a money transfer, you have to scroll down past all that. I used to be able up open up PayPal, immediately see how much money I had, and boom, transfer funds in two seconds. Now I gotta go through the hassle of scrolling through notifications that someone sent me funds, when I already knew that because I got the pop-up notification, and scan through the visual clutter to find my balance. It's a chore to have to go through and open each notification message to get rid of it so I can actually see my balance. The new interface is cluttered and confusing. The balance doesn't stand out and is harder to pick out among all the other stuff, and that's the main thing people usually want to see first. Please change it back. This new design is horrible. Whoever's idea it was should be fired.

I do not recommend it! No la recomiendo!👎👎👎. I do not recommend it I opened the app and tried to link my card with the bank's by not letting me do it, I tried to receive help in the application, this was by mail that was the only way that the application gave me, I did what they told me in the mail, not being able to link my account, I asked a friend where I could call, after receiving the number I contacted PayPal and the information they gave me is that my account was permanently closed, and there was no way to remedy it, and it really bothers me that in Instead of trying to help to access the service they decide to close your account instead of receiving help to be able to use this application satisfactorily, I do not recommend it not to help the client! no la recomiendo! abri la app y trate de vincular mi tarjeta con la del banco al no dejarme hacerlo, trate de recibir ayuda en la aplicacion, esta fue por correo que fue la unica via que me dio la aplicacion, hice lo que me dijeron en el correo, al no poder vincular mi cuenta pregunte a un amigo adonde podia llamar, luego de recibir el numero me comunico con paypal y la informacion que me dieron es que mi cuenta fue cerrada permanentemente, y no habia manera de remediarlo, y verdaderamente me molesta que en vez de tratar de ayudar para poder acceder al servicio decidan cerrarte la cuenta en vez de recibir ayuda para poder utilizar esta aplicación satisfactoriamente, no la recomiendo no ayudan al cliente!

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Trustworthy. I have always used PayPal since the very beginning. I pay every single thing with it. When I ring them to ask does everything look alright with my account as I just purchased something online and I weren’t sure whether it was legitimate because it wouldn’t load properly, they look at the company etc check my account thoroughly. I did buy something before and it wasn’t legitimate so PayPal emailed them and got my money back. They always help with anything and everything and are so kind and care about your money. The second authentication they have is very reassuring and I use it. My whole family only use PayPal. I would highly recommend PayPal

Always excuses. A while ago i changed my postal address with paypal, after a long process and painful one we got there at the end. My account has only one address on it!!! Months later when using paypal to pay, they keep giving my old address to suppliers. After 4 emails and telecoms... they ate saying that sorry your address was not activated and so it your fault and if your goods are lost its not our fault. Only problem, i have an email from paypal confirming my address changed and also they are saying that there is only one address on the account. Lost me as a customer... thought to share to warn others. Too big too care...

awful. this has to be one of the most frustrating and moronic ways of transferring money to ever exist. it takes over a week for money to be deposited into your paypal account and there aren’t even any clear instructions of HOW to transfer money into your paypal account. confirming your identity is a pain in the rear, and you have to be 18+, like?? 16 and 17 year olds earn their own money and should be entitled to spend that money on sites that require you to pay with paypal. i really recommend b-pay, easy to use and accessible by all. paypal is the epitome of everything wrong in the word. it is a capitalistic scam. they take 10% of all pay too! like, i get that they have to make a profit, but seriously? just use ads 😭 if you want to test your patience, i HIGHLY recommend paypal. but if you would like to save your frustrations for another day, b-pay is amazing :) thank you paypal for absolutely destroying me and my mental health. please make your “app” easier to use and more inclusive.

VERY LAGGY. why would you have message centre option in the settings menu? And if as a buyer, i want to start a refund/dispute, i should be able to do that from the main transaction page, just simply go in the transaction and there should be an option. At the moment the only option is to contact the seller, but if seller isn’t responding, there should be an option there to start the return process or dispute without having to go into settings then messages then start a new conversation and tell the paypal assistants about which transaction i need to start the return process

Very safe. I have been a paypal user for many many years...the system is not perfect but it’s good and it’s only concern is when transferring money from my bank account to my paypal account it takes about 5 working days...I have discussed this with paypal and they give me a lot of technical talk... my reply is that 5 days is totally unacceptable as this is the 21st’s time to upgrade so transfers can happen in 1-2 days or even less..when doing the reverse procedure (ie...paypal account to my bank account) ...usually one working day is enough...( nothing happens over the weekend..I think paypal staff must be playing a lot of golf...😅’s a good system but not perfect..👍

Great Payment Service - safe and secure. Our very small business, run by two technology scared 60 something’s, find PayPal very safe, reliable, and secure. We have had a couple of refunds, product disputes, and international suppliers go very smoothly, and without too much delay. Transfers to our bank accounts here in Australia happen next day, despite PayPal advising 3 to 5 business days. We have used both the iPad App, PayPa Herel, and now the online portal, and have found the support service very friendly and helpful, when our equipment stopped working. Paypal Here was great as it accepted lots of payment types for a very low fee. Overall, we can’t fault PayPal 😀

B Love. In all my inline purchases l always use PayPal - l trust them 100% there have been purchases where l have been taken advantage of via sellers who have not sent the item or sent a product incomplete. I have always taken it up with PayPal when they fail to respond to my messages or reconcile the issue. I have found PayPal to be excellent, thorough and reliable. I recommend them all the time and will not make online purchases without using them, they genuinely care about your experiences and help in every aspect l would not hesitate to recommend them. Thank you for all the times you have helped me. It’s gives you peace of mind when you know that you’re going through a trusted company that is their to support honest business dealings for both buyer and seller.

Paypal. I love paypal,i sell goods online & get paid instantly & when i transfer funds to my bank account its in my bank the next day or iff I need to transfer immediately the 1% is nothing & ive read some of the bad reviews & i can tell that the complainers didn't read the terms & conditions,yes it does say $ transfers can take 5 working days,so I don't know why they have complained,maybe they cant read properly & the ppl saying a website took their $ without actually purchasing it,i call bs,u have to login & authorised paypal to send the $,these ppl made a purchase & are saying they didn't to cover themselves from being questioned about the purchase & its not paypals fault iff a company sends wrong goods,paypal should make ppl do an iq test before letting them use paypal

The name says it all. My experience with PayPal is really fantastic and that from the first day to the present day, not only have I been with them but also with them, it takes two to tango I believe it true not only do they have your back in all matters from your concerns of products ordered or concerns of delivery or even with issues like hey thus isn’t what I ordered or I was misled by your product like hey you offered two for the price of one, and I received one I put in a complaint every time and asked for a refund and no questions asked they gave a full refund… hey I feel great they’ve done right with my customer relations..

Very Happy with PayPal. I have never had any issues with PayPal, they have been very effective in solving a couple issues I have had with purchasing over the years . I’m very satisfied with PayPal & consider them to be equal as my bank when debiting my account, As for transferring funds into my nominate bank , yes you must allow a few days for the funds to appear, mine usually arrive with in 7 days . A warning to all who buy from eBay especially claiming to be Australian distributors, when they are in China, there’s always a way to check if the goods are being shipped from Australia or overseas. Do your homework first before engaging PayPal to pay on your behalf. Stay away from GumTree unless you are 100% sure your are not dealing with the scammers. A lot of honest traders advertise on GumTree, but so do a lot of thieves. The only disappointing thing I find with PayPay is navigating their mobile app, it’s quite difficult to find what you’re looking for at times . I therefore choose to log on by a desktop, you get the full sight in a wider scope . 5 Stars from me. PML 22#

Not a happy seller. Customer paid for regular tracking on a $60 custom made Embroidered order, so can’t be Tracked, i offered Tracked and list on my page, website if they pay regular at own risk. Customer said missing so I offered to remake and send Tracked at my cost, customer said ok. Made order again only after a few days of customer saying ok to remake. Then customer decided to put in a claim. I asked customer why she put in a claim we agreed I was remaking and customer said don’t worry I changed my mind and I went out and brought a basic store version as didn’t want to wait, I just want my money back. So angry, this is custom made and can’t be on-sold. Customer could have said they wanted a refund and I would have refunded and not re-made. So PayPal asked for proof of tracking, I said no proof as customer paid for untracked, I showed pictures of finished product that I showed customer but PayPal ruled in customers favour saying I could not provide tracking, therefore I had to pay $60 back plus $16 on PayPal fees. Not happy PayPal, all up you have cost me over $130 out of my pocket for a customer who clearly is a scammer.

No problem. I have been using PayPal for some years now. I have never had a problem, just recently someone broke into my account. I was alerted of three payments. I new I had not done these transactions, so I told PayPal about these three transactions. I also changed my password straight away. Within 24 hrs I had received a response back and my money was transferred back to my account. No problem 👍 Just remember always get a report to your mobile phone every time your PayPal is used and update password with strong password... security works both ways... PayPal is the only way I will pay for anything online.. 👍 all the way...

Terrible customer service. If you return a item to a merchant which has been purchased via ‘pay in 4’, PayPal don’t refund any of the 4 installments that you’ve already paid but instead apply a credit to your PayPal account and apply this credit against future PayPal purchases. This makes it extremely difficult to check that you’ve received the credit correctly. This is despite the merchant having refunded the monies to PayPal. And if you don’t make any subsequent PayPal purchases then your credit just sits there unused. When I questioned this process, I was met with condescending and rude responses like ‘don’t over think it’, ‘it is a simple process’ and ‘remember that PayPal pays the merchant upfront’, none of which addressed my query, which was ‘why do PayPal do it like this’. Unbelievable customer service!

PayPal ask for Police Report for $40 trackies that never arrived 🤯🥴. I’ve used PayPal for every single online purchase where possible for nearly 10 years and can safely say I will now never use them ever again. I ordered a large order from an overseas online store and one item was missing from the order when it arrived. I have tried to claim a refund for only the amount of the one missing item from the large order. PayPal has responded that I must file a police report and get my request typed out on their official letterhead and submit it within 10 days. I can’t wait to bundle up my very sick infant and very sick toddler and go to my local police station and bother then from their actual important duties to ask them to file a report over my $40 missing trackies — from not even an Australian seller let alone a local seller in their jurisdiction but an overseas seller! They are going to love that. It’s absolutely ridiculous and I assume they know this and simply don’t want to help out or refund people anymore who get screwed over on online purchases. This was the reason we all used PayPal!!! For that protection. Never again PayPal. I’ll be contacting my bank for a chargeback and deleting my PayPal account immediately.

Worst nightmare. Honestly Wth this is something Iv always been scared of, I looked at a product online and I had to sign in to my PayPal ac to see all about this particular product i put my details such as home address etc then I added another card which is the one I use daily, thne out of the blue I got an message in red saying you paid for this product twice go check it and remove it, out of the blue this thing came out when I haven’t even paid I didn’t put my bank details except my card number Now I didn't buy the product was on, but when I checked on my statements on my bank account, the money had been withdrawn via PayPal. opened a dispute but that didn’t work I tried calling them they didn’t pick it up I lost -$600 just because the products cost was withdrawn twice I hate this so much hate this company I knew it would be a bad experience

Don’t download. I wouldn’t even give this one star, first time downloading the app and as soon as I made a account it told me I was restricted I don’t understand and I continued to set the thing up as I’m trying to link my bank account it told me that there was a problem and so I look at what the problem is and it’s saying I am “permanently restricted from using PayPal” so I messaged the support system and they just sent me information that had nothing to do with my problem so I responded telling them that and sent them screenshots, I got a response and as I went to look It says I am now restricted from sending messages. Worst possible experience ever with a app that gets good reviews, I hope they fix this problem but like I said don’t download it it’s honestly a waste of time and don’t work

PayPal. Well I don’t have a problem with PayPal at all. I find it so easy to use, transactions are simple and easy and communication is quick and simple once you’re transaction is completed. I’ve never had to ring them though so I can’t really comment on how easy it is to sort out any issues regarding money or trying to get money back. I’ve never had to look and HOPE I never will. I also find it’s excellent for sending money to the grandchildren overseas for birthdays. It’s brilliant as it converts it and shows you the amount they will receive. Overall my experience is 5 stars.✅

Not happy with their service. I had a long running dispute over a damaged item I received which cost me 3k. I paid with PayPal and thought that this would be an easy issue to resolve. However, they never resolved this dispute and came up with all sorts of ridiculous things that I had to do to prove damage including making a police report. After months of paperwork and no resolve I then contacted my bank who sorted the issue and processed a refund from PayPal within 14 days. Also, be careful when looking at an item with PayPal as even though you do not complete an order form when buying online, somehow PayPal deducts this from your account as a payment pending? I don’t know how they can access a bank account without approval? Also they allow business to add on extra charges once payment to pay in 4 has been accepted. You don’t see this until you have already confirmed your order. It is not a good business practice but they let it happen.

Reassuring, but needs improvement. PayPal adds a safety level that is very reassuring. It’s easy to use, and integrates very well with store sites. A couple of basic safeguards need attention though & should be addressed as priorities. I have a separate email address used solely for shopping sites, but a couple of times my PayPal (personal) email address has flipped over into the store delivery details during the authorisation process. Importantly, PayPal should mandate that current ‘in country’ contact details being provided for shopping sites registered to use PayPal, that include a phone number (for when stores don’t respond to email follow ups). On a couple of occasions when I’ve not received purchased goods, PayPal’s store contact details were useless - had a U.S. phone number for an Australian store & in another instance had a store’s self promotion message without any contact details provided at all.

Getting funds after first sale in a while. I sold an item on eBay after setting up PayPal, despatched the item and it arrived 3 business days later to the customer. eBay was updated several days later as delivered. I am almost heading into three weeks later and my funds are still sitting on hold with PayPal. It’s funny, the tracking information automatically updated directly from eBay with the sale of the item but when it has arrived and all is well with the customer PayPal doesn’t get updated. There is also no way of me updated it on my login as it was automatically updated from eBay. Just simply wait until PayPal are ready to release my money. Almost three weeks now and still on hold?

Happy now. I found a recent resolution process extremely frustrating, I was being told I could upload photos and information to support my claim but could not find anywhere to do this. Very difficult to make contact heaps of links to go through before you find what you need, almost avoidance to help. BUT in the end I was alone to finally speak with a wonderful operator who arranged an extension for return mail (Who knew that PayPal funds the cost of return mail-NO ME), yes this is reviewed but it is very handy to know if you are or were determined as I was. I received full refund of product and return mail expenses and hopefully PayPal assisted the company with advice on their very misleading, false and entrapment form of advertising of their products otherwise the cycle goes on.

THE WORST ONLINE BANKING APP EVERRRRRR. The amount of money I’ve lost when I would be entitled to the refunds I claim for that would be lost for ever just pending, I would constantly call PayPal customer service to fix this issue as I’ve wanted to know why my refund is taking long to process or why it hasn’t arrived yet as it would be DAYSSSSS (more than 5 business days) their excuse would be that it’s my banks fault !!!! the first time they told me that I of course called my personal bank and was told that PayPal’s process is WRONG and I know 100% that my personal bank isn’t at fault here. It’s all been PayPal, using pay in 4 as well has been seriously DRAINING. You try to make upfront repayments and THEY STILL CHARGE YOU ON THE SCHEDULED DATEEEEEE then I’lld have to deal with them about refund processing and loosing out on my own paid money AGAINNNNN. When will this end !!!!

CANNOT DO WITHOUT!. I have been using PayPal for a number of years! It is one of my favourite apps. I make several payments through this app and have not had any problems at all. It is user friendly and has all the information at my fingertips. The most important is that I can rely on the information I get on any purchase and I also can go back to the seller if I have a problem because PayPal is completely transparent and provides access to all parties in any transaction, even getting refunds if there is a problem. I take this opportunity to wish PayPal continuing success going forward!

Straight Forward, Simple & Secure. The title says it all. The app is easy to use; there’s no clicking through a stack of menus searching for the feature that you’re looking for; everything happens quickly (transactions appearing, pages changing/loading, money being sent, ect.) & you know that your transactions are going to be secure. Even when there is a problem, resolving it is simple & as stress free as possible. I screwed up the other day & sent money to the wrong person, & after realizing I was extremely worried that it was going to be a huge hassle to get it back; but it was literally as simple as pressing a single button to cancel the transaction & my refund was issued. It seriously seemed almost too easy. Now that I think about it, this might just be the only app store review that I’ve ever done, but if any app I own deserves 5 mins of my time to complete one, it’s PayPal. Without them I’d feel a LOT less safe buying stuff & sending/receiving money online & the app just makes that 10 times easier! Cheers guys, thanks for the fantastic product!

Holds money for too long. Recently made a sale and provided tracking information straight away, they claim to release the funds to you the next day after shipping info ad tracking numbers are provided however it’s been 3 days and I still don’t have access to my funds, I am afraid they will hold it for 21 DAYS!!! now and this is extremely frustrating and disappointing as I’m not sure they understand this includes shipping fees and I am now $13 out of pocked from a sale which the money included shipping fees and I have not had access too or been released and given too me yet, this is extremely frustrating as I don’t have any other form of income and I am now made to wait almost a month to be able to have access to MY OWN MONEY. On top of this with the fees they charge too I will not be using or supporting them anymore and once I gain access to my funds I will be deleting my account, waste of my time and money.

Inconsistent. The app itself is easy to use. The PayPal pay in 4 process is hit and miss and when I say that, when approved to make a purchase I have been through the entire process and gotten to end and then received an automated message that the plan can’t be approved at this time but PayPal have debited my account for amounts over $100 and i have then had to wait up to 10 days to get the funds back. When you have a perfect payment history and a ton of completed plans, this should not occur. It’s also inconsistent in the number of plans you can have at any one time and it can be weeks before you are able to use the pay in 4 function again….There needs to be serious reviews of the payment plan system to ensure that those who have a clean payment history are not inconvenienced and it also needs work regarding the approval process. When it works it works well but when it doesn’t it’s totally frustrating.

My opinion. My views on this app on quite negative, as I am under 18 my account has been restricted and frozen so which I cannot withdraw and transfer the money I hold in this app to my bank account. Although this issue could be fixed quite easily, it has not been. I have called PayPal services multiple times to which they do not answer, or it makes me answer questions on the phone for about 10-15 minutes to which is then says they are closed or not serving customers at the moment... even though it is in the business hours?? I have also tried contacting them via the text with a helper and they replied to my one message about a 2weeks ago and I have not herd back from them to resolve my issue. I am overall disappointed that they can happily take their surcharge within a heartbeat but when your closing your account or withdrawing money that is much more complex for them.

Love PayPal. I have been using PayPal for many years as I began using eBay only a year after they began operating in Australia and I now use it as a retailer not just as a consumer. I’m a fashion designer and seamstress and a bit of a Jill-Of-All-Trades as I hold many different qualifications so it’s great to be able to use PayPal for income purposes as well as for purchases and paying for services. I’m also liking this new ‘Money Pool’ thing they’ve just introduced for when a group of friends want to share the cost of say a holiday or something by creating a Money Pool and jointly combine their funds effortlessly. Although my only criticism of the app version of the website is I wish that it would be easier to switch between my personal account and my business account.

PayPal money back guarantee is a scam. I have never had any issues with PayPal until I started using Depop and was sent a fake pair of Gucci Trackpants by a seller. I raised a dispute through PayPal and was told by PayPal that I needed to send the pants back to the seller and for them to mark it as received before I could get my refund. So I spent 240$ initially on buying the pants and then another 30$ to send the pants back to the seller with tracking, which arrived according to Auspost tracking. However the seller said he never received them, so I spent 270$ in total in ended up with nothing. Very disappointed in PayPal’s money back guarantee as they give control over whether or not you get refunded to the person who scammed you. Obviously if someone lacks a moral compass enough to sell counterfeit items, then denying someone a refund is not going to bother them either. Will not be using Depop or PayPal again and am writing this review to warn other potential clients that neither companies care about the security of buyers money.

PayPal restricted me!. After about a year and 3 months of loyal PayPal usage racking up great reviews for all my sales (many thousands of $ doing ebay and gumtree) all of a sudden PayPal wants to verify my identity (who knows why they didn’t do that when I first signed up) very conveniently for them this happened during the first time I had over or around $1200 going through the account in sales and purchases (money that they think they can grab) Upon looking at PayPal’s user agreement I found out something interesting to me; you can’t use PayPal under the age of 18 (because you can’t legally sign some contracts that you may sign with PayPal and therefore you can’t sign their user agreement under 18) however if PayPal finds you to be under 18 they can seize your money for their deep pockets because you signed a user agreement that you can’t legally sign - that somewhere says that they can take your $ if you are under 18 Up until now I have been a huge advocate of paypal especially for anyone looking to buy products online, that is not the case anymore and I will be having a friend who is a journalist talk to Tracy Grimshaw from a current affair to look into PayPal PayPal knows that some users are under age but they are quite happy to take advantage of them

Non Purchase Nightmare. It’s a terribly long story about a purchase that I didn’t make. I looked at a product online and I had to sign in to my PayPal ac to see all about this particular product. Now I didn’t buy the product & I closed the page I was on, but to my surprise the next morning when I checked my bank account, the money had been withdrawn via PayPal. The company which pulled this stunt has been an absolute Nightmare. Supplying false email addresses, delaying the processing even though I couldn’t contact them until the processing had been done. Delayed shipment and then difficulty due to my disability in posting the item back for a refund. The case was closed and I opened a dispute with my bank. But today out of the blue, I had a supervisor call and she has credited my account with the funds that I thought were lost to this terribly dodgy company. They will be investigating this company I was told. I hope that PayPal throws the book at them for illegal behaviours. Let’s just say it’s a Chinese company that charges in $US . THANK YOU PAYPAL!

Ratting PayPal. I love PayPal at this stage I have never- ever had any trouble with them . I have had some difficulties trying to send money over seas and I feel that for this service someone from PayPal could pick up the phone and talk to me and it could be sorted in minutes instead of hours or days , this has annoyed me a bit but over all they answered all my questions and always reply promptly. The other thing area where they could make it easier for customers sending money is directly into the receivers bank account, or post office where there money could be collect much easily. But all in all I think that PayPal is fantastic service and to be trusted. John

Most secure way to pay electronically. Honestly, even though I’ve had issues with this app within the past it’s all been fixed. Multiple ways on PayPal make sure everything you pay for online is what you get for what you asked for. Answers for frequently asked questions also help me navigate my way on how to use this app. The help centre is very well structured and actually helps you within 3-5 days of requesting in need of help (whether you were scammed, falsely described. etc.) and it all works amazingly. I approve of this app as a secure way as well to Link your bank account to your PayPal account with that making it faster to pay for things online using money directly from your bank without delay. This is why I believe that PayPal is the best, most secure and reliable way of electronically paying for your items whether they’d be a object or a micro-transaction.

Disgraceful business. I sold my first item on here then PayPal wouldn’t pay me for 21 day’s the buyer also paid postage but I had to cancel his order lose the sale and look like an idiot to the buyer as I’m a pensioner and couldn’t afford to post it for another fortnight this is disgraceful you have no item no money how is this legal? Refunds are the same I buy something money comes out instantly but for a return or refund they hang on to our money for 7 days I have not eaten or had medication at times thanks to PayPal do they invest our money or something? This is disgraceful this business should be shut down. We don’t need a middle man be so much quicker and easier without them all together. Also if you buy a product with a warranty say 12 months and it breaks down covered by warranty they don’t want to know about it won’t help you get a refund or exchange if it’s more than 30 days old. This business are just legal thieves they need a big investigation into the way they treat you especially selling or getting a refund I hate having to use them I don’t need a middle man and our money should come back the same way it goes out instantly.

Business friendly-Guarantee & Security. As I have just started a small home based business I downloaded the PayPal app for my phone.. Customers can place an order, I can then issue an invoice/ receipt anywhere and keep records of who has paid prior to shipping the items! I can then utilise my PayPal balance to purchase from my suppliers at anytime. People and myself love the idea of this ease to purchase PLUS the Warranty and Security offered by PayPal offers a peace of mind to purchasing online. I have made 2 claims/disputes via PayPal and have had them resolved in a prompt and positive manner.. I love my PayPal 😃

No issues from my end. Have used this app for the last 12 months and have not experienced any of the issues other users have described. I do have a newer model iPhone if that helps. The app has been easy to navigate and I noticed that when my wife has used PayPal to buy items when we were apart it informed me of the transaction immediately through notifications, so I feel that if it was an unauthorised transaction I would be confident that I would be informed immediately and could start the process necessary to void the transaction if need be. Would recommend to those that want a simple app that gives some comfort that you are protected.

PayPal withheld our funds unlawfully for six weeks. We experienced an unanticipated spike in sales July/August 2020 selling Australian made face masks. PayPal locket access to our account. We contacted PayPal Australia and US on several occasions via phone, spent un-counted hours explaining our case and verifying every request from them. Our lawyers took the matter further, they ignored them too. We eventually took our case to the media as we were at a loss as to what to do. They got involved, televised our story and PayPal unfroze our funds that day. Thankfully a good result for us. However so many have contacted us since having experienced the same from this multi-national. Let’s hope PayPal has learned something from the media exposure and will treat their customers, especially younger people who are learning their “financial feet” with greater respect. Trust that will happen.

Changes Affect Account Negatively. When you guys decide to make changes it should be a pretty simple use case where you help the customer understand the change. Most times PayPal works how it should but recently I’ve had a few issues back to back to back. My card never arrived, they won’t let me report it or change unless I call so I’ve never been able to get through. My account randomly changed to eCheck for no reason known to me and takes longer to get to the other side now. Also I select FaceID sign it and it makes me select that option over and over everytime I sign in now. Just seems to be getting neglected a bit when it comes to taking care of issues with the platform but they will hold your money 3 different ways if something declines or gets reversed...

Love. I’ve never had a problem with PayPal and have been using this app for around 7-8 years but recently I’ve had trouble verifying my account with them .. I expected to be able to talk with them but no I just get an automated list of things but nothing that helps with my problem ... I was so upset yesterday that my dear friend took over but after being on line and on phone talking to no one through the keyboard we got so frustrated and gave up .. they said they had put 2 payments under 50 cents into my account but they were $2 and you cannot enter anything but cents into their verifying page .. I gave up after 5:30 and will try today .. if I don’t succeed I will finish PayPal account ... very upset with this way of dealing with people ...

Worst customer service. I once had a PayPal account that I never used it was linked to an email address. Was never linked to any bank account. I opened a new account recently with a new email address. By mistake I gave a buyer the old email . Money sitting in old account I’ve never used . Do you think they could me ?? Customer call centre closed . Online help absolutely hopeless . Trying to get the money into my new account . Can’t help me . Security questions don’t work . Money stuck in an old account I never used . Make matters worse after trying to reset the password so many times now I’m locked out of my new account . Worst customer service imaginable . Non existent

MONEY HOLFS. If you are a seller looking to do online business and need a way to manage your online transactions, PayPal is not the way to go. For new and upcoming businesses they will hold your own money for up to 21 days for no reason possible. They say it’s because you’re a new business and they wanna make sure you have a good selling history before you can accept payments instantly, but that’s bs. They will hold your money for 21 days so they can make the most interest out of it and invest it for returns elsewhere. Once they’ve sufficiently used your money to as a base for their investments, they will release it Don’t use paypal. They don’t care about the little guy or new businesses starting up. They give disproportionate rights to the buyer. Pleas stay away. Use alternative methods like square or stripe to manage your online buisness transactions. These alternatives will only hold your money for one business day, and have it in your bank account by the next day. Unlike this, PayPal will hold your money and use it for there one monetary gains. Once there done with it they’ll release your money.

How is this a thing?. As a first time PayPal user I was shocked to find out that after having sold some items on eBay that it would take seven, yes seven, business days to transfer to my bank account despite the fact that the transaction was completed to the satisfaction of the buyer and I was told that this was the banks fault and having spoken to the bank for a matter of minutes they were adamant that this is just how PayPal chooses to do things and that it had nothing to do with the bank whatsoever and that they chose to take that amount of time for first time transfers into an account attached to debit card the reasons for which do not seem to exist outside of the imagination of PayPal. On top of that I then received an email stating that my transfer had been put through an addition “fraud” check that would add 72 hours to the processing time. None of this explained to you prior to it actually happening and if it were I would have sold it on gumtree and just grabbed cash off someone when they came to pick it up. I will, as soon as I am allowed to, be shutting down my PayPal account and I will never use anything that requires PayPal ever again because as far as I can see they stand for everything that the human race should be flushed down the toilet for. No other business would get away with this sort of nonsense and I honestly do not understand how this is a viable business model period.

Scammed via PayPal. My faith in PayPal has been sadly destroyed after many years of safe and guaranteed transactions. A few days ago I was advised by PayPal that it had paid from my bank account an amount of $2398 for an Ozsale purchase of 2 mobile phones. I immediately contacted both companies stating that I had not purchased anything and that my identity had been compromised. The Ozsale purchaser on the invoice was someone using my name but from a different address and State and the items were being shipped to yet another person in yet another State. I asked for the order to be cancelled and my money reinstated to my account. PayPal declined on the grounds that my purchase ‘wasn’t unauthorised’ and closed my case. Now obviously someone was able to access my PayPal account and would have needed my email address, phone number and password to do this. Why wasn’t this investigated? As a person of senior years I am devastated. I don’t usually have money in my account but had sold shares to pay for a small home renovation. Truly scammed.

Complaints Process. Going through the resolution centre trying to put forward a complaint as I believe I have been scammed is a very frustrating process. This is solely due to new people responding to your messages and not reading the case so I’m constantly repeating myself, getting duplicate responses and never getting the information that I request. Bought goods soley thinking I’d be protected by using PayPal checkout. The company sent me a completely different product which is worth a fraction of the price that I paid. Offering only minimal refunds initially as a stalling tactic so as to most likely get more people on their books to scam and then shut down their website. Finally offer through PayPal a 100% refund but I have to pay for returning the product to China (website had said Australian seller) costing me nearly 40% of what I originally paid. PayPal seem to think this is fair so am now in the process of trying to get a transcript of my discussion so that I can take my complaint further. So far have asked twice and still not received anything only new people saying that I will get the refund if I return the goods at my expense and not the seller who basically has paid for nothing except send a few stalling emails. Extremely tired and disappointed in PayPal’s service.

rip off. Criminal their actions. Just sold through PayPal. I sent the item with tracking number. PayPal with held my payment. So now I have no money for the unit, or the unit it’s self. I phoned then, It says it is protecting me. Other way around. No money or item. On top of that the tracking number says delivered and they can see that, they are still with holding my funds. They confirmed via telephone they can see it has been delivered but still will not release my funds. Absolute disgusting and criminal behaviour. I don’t know how there allowed to operate like this and still on top of everything their getting payed and taking a cut of my money. On its web site it clearly states that funds will be released “within one day of delivery” not that it’s gonna take them 1 month like they stated to me on the phone. Blatantly lie ing and getting away with it. Mind boggling how their allowed to do so. For this reason not using PayPal again bunch of criminals and getting paid for ripping people off. Shame on you!

Great service and easy to use once set up. Have used PayPal for many years now and find it great to use when paying for purchases online knowing have that extra security and money back guarantee. I did have a dispute some time ago where seller sent me the wrong model and would not do anything about it not even answer emails so opened a dispute with PayPal and even though seller did not respond to messages PayPal gave a full refund after I sent them a postal receipt stating item had been sent back to seller so all good in the end but if it had not have been for the PayPal protection I would have lost my money. Mostly use PayPal for any online purchases now if PayPal accepted which find mostly it is.

I wish ever vendor had PayPal as an option. PayPal is great for iPhone and iPad. I like the addition of PayPal one touch. Now it feels even less like I’m spending money and more like a game. I however do not like PayPal aggressive policies regarding online pharmacies and overseas vendors. Legitimate Establishments I have trusted and used for years are blacklisted, for flimsy reasoning as in they didn’t tick box a or meet some unusual criteria b. I how have to go back to the old fashioned bank transfer method and endure high bank fees. Unfortunately their is no alternative that is as easy to use and trusted as PayPal. Don’t be a bully PayPal. Establish some sort of exception list and don’t implement blanket bans on sales people who are trying to earn a legit living.

Requesting refunds from purchases through paypal. First issue still waiting for a reply from late august. And today this. I purchased the detox patches off their website and payed through PayPal and when the bonus offers came up I clicked no thank you to all the bonuses on offer and when it transferred me back to the website from PayPal they had added the face mask which I did not order or approve payment for? So I contacted the company via PayPal account and they are saying unless I do a lot of inconvenient running around for there mistake it will take up to three months to get a refund that they illegally charged through my PayPal account which I made the purchase today. I will not be doing any running around and I would like PayPal to assist me in getting the $22:00 that was taken with deception on their part.

Shutdown PayPal or change with the times. If you don’t care about customer service or the length of time it takes to get issues sorted out the n PayPal is for you. If you’re in the rest of the 99% like me, find a better way of transacting. I won’t bore anyone with the frustrations I’ve encountered in being a member of PayPal since the very beginning, but if a bank can process a transfer instantaneously without fees, why isn’t Paypal offering more than just its Buyer Protection policy. Which in theory sounds like an amazing insurance policy, but that’s only if you’re prepared to give up an enormous amount of time and energy and don’t really care in the end anyway because you’ve got plenty of money anyway and nothing better to do. It’s a painfully over engineered process and I bet if comparing to any other online company, they’d have more poor reviews and complaints than anyone. If PayPal is supposed to be a leading money transaction services in the world, how can they not even have a phone number ? Or a cal back feature ? I’m currently still awaiting their response regarding restrictions on my acoustic, but as soon as I be been “allowed” to withdraw my own money, I’ll be deleting my account and canceling my membership. Regardless of the urgency of one’s request, there’s no genuine care whatsoever. I’d suggest improving the level of customer support otherwise more and more people will jump ship.

Supporting businesses to grow!?????. Your welcome screen to PayPal states that you ‘help businesses to grow’ And since my business has started growing - you PayPal have put a cap on funds I am able to access- a cap of $100/month! This is a business where I have to built it up to generate thousands of dollars a month, a business I have built from scratch. I spoke to your customer support- and the statement was “well that’s just what PayPal are doing!” I have asked my clients to pay via different methods because this is not supporting any business to grow - when I ask to increase the available amount - the past two months it has been denied and I now have to wait another month to apply. Please show me, explain to me, explain HOW you are helping businesses to grow- when we don’t have access to our own funds- even though I provide an online service- and this is clearly checked and marked in my profile- every single payment I receive no matter how great or small- I still have to tick that it is not a physical product- no there is no shipping- yes the service has been provided- and then maybe I’ll get my funds in 3-6 working days. How is this supporting small business????? Awaiting your reply.

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Still waiting. I accidentally transferred some money to my PayPal account over a week ago and I’m still waiting for it to show in my account just so I can transfer it back to my bank account. The app showed the bank sent the money rather quickly and that I’m just waiting for PayPal. It doesn’t seem reasonable for people to have to wait that long to add funds to their wallet or have no way to cancel an accidental transaction.

PLEASE HELP!!!!. It’s not letting me sign up. It’s said it will send me a code bi it hasn’t and I put the right phone number. So HELP PLEASE!!!

Protected n safe. That’s how I feel in using PayPal. Friends n family use it to send money back nforth… and I use my balance to make purchases and sometimes transfer my balance to bank. My daughter got scammed by someone else n PayPal saved her. Nothing but good to say about it… once I figured out all the little maneuvers.

PayPal is garbage. I’ve never had a good interaction with this company... they have stupid policies that don’t seem to be in the favour of the buyer or the seller. Given the option I’d sooner use cash, and I don’t use cash for ANYTHING anymore.

Doesn’t work. Once you pass the security check by selecting traffic lights or whatever the pictures are that I need to select to pass the verification I just get a blank screen with an x at the top left. It’s been like this for along time even after updates or removing and reinstall. Not impressed.

Review of online buyer and seller. It’s a really useful and safe app. But when you send through friends and family they charge an insane percentage to send money. Also when buying stuff sometimes the money is on hold and you have to wait over 2 weeks to the money to get un hold. And it’s perfect for when you buy from people that you don’t know, because hog you get scammed you can get a refund! But overall really good app and will recommend it

PayPal sucks. Can't even send money from a Visa card, waste a bunch of money buying these things and they're a waste of money, try harder yahoos

It’s a pain honestly. The app is good for sending small amounts of money but when you are in business and you need the money ASAP your funds maybe held for what reason after you took my money naaa fam.

No. Bank transfer doesn't work

PayPal let me down.. PayPal closed my account without notifying me. My personal information leaked, therefore I had to change all my accounts. PayPal refuse to answer my inquiries, no reason given for the closure. I do not recommend PayPal.

Bunk!!. Still waiting for my money to appear... magically now I’m hoping?✨

awful. awful app really bad it kept taking money out of my credit card to the point where i was on dept to $-260 and they kept taking out money so i went to the bank and locked my card and my card is still locked right now so this was not a long time ago this was a week ago and im still mad because paypal wont let me take put my card from the app and i cant unlock my card to because if i do paypal is going to take out money

CHANGE THE AGE REQUIREMENTS!!. Hi PayPal, as a minor I would highly consider changing the age requirements to make an account. Seeing how we are especially in this day and age it pretty much makes sense. A lot of underage teens have a cell phone number and people are already faking their information to make an account so why not just legalize it? No point in us losing all our money. Most banks also offer a youth account for minors and the places we get our money require PayPal. Or if we need to transfer our family from other countries money as well. I just think it makes sense in my opinion so place consider it as some of us need to help our families and need money in general.

Beware of PayPal scammers.. Reporting a fraudulent merchant seems to be nearly impossible. Not impressed with PayPal.

Where did the balance go?. App doesn’t show current balance anymore. Not sure why but since the update apparently PayPal doesn’t want you to see your balance in the app?

Update makes no sense. Can’t access the amount of money and do transfer. Completely useless...

Excellent Service - Service Fee?. PayPal was fast and easy. Only concern sent Internationally and do not know the exact fees. Tried looking online lots of info, however did not find it helpful. PayPal did say when I sent the money that it will charge a fee. Again no exact figure.

Beware. Do not trust these people with your money, they’ll constantly put your transfers ‘under review’ and will keep your funds for an undisclosed amount of time, sometimes to never see your money again. This has happened to me 4 times in one day and i’m getting no help and highly suspect this crooked company will be keeping my money. Better to stick to a reputable service that actually cares about their customers and not accruing money off of its clients.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. It helps me so much recommand 100%

Love it. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

PayPal gave out my personal informational. Never again will I use PayPal, they gave out my personal information to a stranger.. they are NOT a online vault.. I do not recommend PayPal..

Appreciation. I appreciate doing business with PayPal. I can assist my family members who live in US, especially this help them to get money immediately when they need. These are kids who are studying, PayPal facilitates me to assist them.

Very slow to transfer $$ from my bank to PayPal. It took an entire week to transfer $200 .. pokey Transferring money from PayPal to my bank is much faster … not sure why?

Thx elon. Very cool. Its help me a lot. Im not a bot 🦸🏼

I hate PayPal. They say instant transfer is deposited in minutes. Every time I try to transfer money to my bank it takes at least 4 calls to customer service + a minimum of 24hrs before I get my money. I hate hate hate hate hate hate PayPal so much.

Zero service. App stopped working. Provided information PP requested. No reply and no change in status of my account after two weeks and more then 2 hours waiting on hold with their call centre. Completely unreliable despite having gobs of my personal information.

can’t transfer less then 15$. this would be a 4-5 star rating but i wanted to transfer my money from my paypal account to my bank and it denied my debit card for the instant method, i then tried the non instant and there’s a 15$ limit, i only got 10 there’s litterally no point in that, just annoying.

PayPal. I enjoy PayPal I don’t have to give out my credit card info and I have it set up go get paid immediately. So far no problems. I have been using this method for over 12 months. I do lots of online shopping I love PayPal

Exelent. I use it all the time and it never let me down

L’application est nul. Difficile de s’y retrouver. Le numéro de téléphone est bien caché on voit qu’il préfère un courriel à un appel

unbelievable. each time i tried to transfer money to my bank it puts my visa account in debt!!! unbelievable. i am now $153.45. in debt because of you guys and i’ve only tried transferring money 3 times this is stupid. do not get this app.

go woke, go broke. Criminal organization, won't trust this company for a second. Delete your account before they start dipping into yours.

No longer impressed.. Used it for years, but have moved on due to incident in which they did not refund my money and customer service with usless are you. Can

Latest update is useless. The latest update (Sep. 21, 2019) makes this app less than useless for me. First, it no longer shows my PayPal balance and there is no/no way to find it other than to go to my computer and log in from there. Second, it insists on my linking a credit card when I already have one linked. And there is no/no way to delete that message/prompt. You have managed to convert what once was a useful app into a useless and annoying waste of space on my iphone.

Canada. You guys got to be make it so Canadians can buy online gift cards makes no sense that I have to be an American with an American pay pal to use it, at this point the money i out into my account was not worth it when it’s just gonna sit there and do nothing

Loved it. It was great. Now they're a terrorist organization all of the sudden. Very strange transition; hopefully some employees get the death penalty after trial.

PayPal steals money. I had a account with money on it about $30 and they said my account didn’t work or something and I wasn’t aloud to spend any of my money on anything then they kicked me out of my account

***BEWARE OF PAYPAL***. Do not use a company that has the worst customer support in existence to manage your money! I never had a problem until I had a problem with getting thousands of MY dollars out and there is no support to help. They are just robots copying and pasting the same message over and over for months. No accountability no real person just scripts scripts scripts. Spare yourself, delete your data with them, and never use!!!!

Nightmare customer service. Every time you call an automated machine will answer you.. it takes a while just to get it right which is a complete waste of your time if you are busy person or run a business. if they can’t get the help you need it the automated so will automatically disconnect you automatically.

Of no use. Paypal will not let me use the money for myself by sending it to my bank account nor will it send it to another person unless they have a PayPal account. What good is it if I can’t spend it the way I want?

As a seller a buyer can file a dispute and win I just lost. On March 17 2021 I sent a order that was purchased from me off of . Unfortunately I got a scammed and PayPal resided with it even after sending clod her evidence.PAYPAL IS RUNNED BY SCAM INDIAN CALL CENTERS. IT IS DISGUSTING AND SAD I LOST 108.89 usd which is more in CAD where I never received the money nor got proper respect nor response after being so right there got scared and closed my conversation with them since I filed a criminal dispute against PayPal and buyer with full screenshots of all my chats please BOYCOT PAYPAL THEY HVE BEEN SCAMMING for 15 years plus and no one wants to two action which I have already done PLEASE DONT GET FOOLED WITH PAYPALS FAKE INDIAN REVIEWS THEY ARE RUNNED IN INDIA NOT ONE CALL CENTRE UNDERSTANDS THE REAL MEANING OF CAD OR USD CURRENCEY THESE PEOPLE ARE THIEFS AND DISGUSTING THEY ARE STILL A RUNNED APP

Froze my money indefinitely. I was supposed to receive this transfer a week ago, and it’s still showing “pending”. This is outrageous! The only thing that’s worse is your always unavailable customer support. Farewell PeePee

J. Useless app every time it make my account can not login in

Delete!!. PayPal’s new policy states they are entitled to taking $2,500 from your account if you “spread misinformation”. On any social media platform. What the damn hell. Deleting this ASAP. Psychopaths.

U owe me 2500. I don’t agree with PayPal’s politics PAY UP whoever came up with that idea fire them please, what a joke your company’s the laughing stock of the internet LOSERS

PayPal. Easy to use

PayPal. Excellent service. It is easy but safe and it has never let me down. I have been using PayPal for all most 10 years.

Locking accounts. It locked my PayPal so I made a new one and it locks it again it’s annoying

No response. Worst support from customer care. I have facing a issue from 3weeks, still there’s no response.

Exchange Rate Woes. Love all things PayPal when it comes to eBay business and payments, customer service has always been pleasant and they actually have a personality when speaking with them. Only downfall as a Canadian - exchange rate is terrible when converting from USD to CDN funds - like BAD bad. Wish I could get a PayPal MasterCard to use - but only available for the lucky ducks in the USA. Cheers from Canada🇨🇦, EH!

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Useless… literally!. This company is a joke. I have my account for many years. I recently tried to access it while traveling outside the country and couldn’t log in. Called the “help” line, which is an automated system and it was one of the most outdated stupid systems ever-maybe it’s like that on purpose- could not get anywhere with it. Called several times until I finally got a live person. LONG story short, after I did everything she told me to fix the situation, she said “sorry but you can not use your account at this time, and it is being reported, and I don’t know how long it will take for you to get any information from us, so why don’t you just open a new account! ”Seriously! So I said fine, went to open a new account with all different information he instructed and I still could not. Now, my question is. What kind of business is this if another joke. Need more reasons? Here: so I asked the customer service person whether I will be asked for a physical address, since I am still going to use the bank accounts in the US, and she replied, no, don’t worry about it. But that is not the case, I tried, and I could not open different accounts. PS anyone who wants to reply to this review on behalf of Paypal, please do not tell me to contact you because I already did and this review is a result of that!

WARNING: DO NOT USE!. Potential customers be warned. PayPal encourages scam transactions and will not protect consumers. I was scammed and tried to dispute a payment through the app, online, and via phone with customer service. The experience was awful and I was never able to file the dispute. When I discovered I’d been scammed by submitting payment for a tool to a fake Stihl site, I called Customer Service who told me I had to let the payment to the scammer go through first before I file a claim. Once that happened, I called Customer Service back and they said they wouldn’t open a claim on my behalf. So I tried to file the claim online via the desktop website (didn’t work) and then the phone app (still didn’t work). I did everything I could think of from trimming the length of my dispute text, to changing the formats and sizes of file attachments. I was never able to file the claim/dispute. Because of this terrible experience, I closed my PayPal account and will never return. Afterwards, I went onto online forums and discovered that others have had similar experiences with PayPal because PayPal encourages transactions regardless of whether the merchants are legitimate businesses or not. Do not get scammed by using PayPal! You will never be able to dispute a payment or get your money back!

Awful! Use to be good.. I don’t know what happened but I’ve been PayPal Customer for almost 10 years and all of a sudden every one of my payments has been held for 72 hours for “review”. Nobody can tell me why it was flagged review. I sent in the requested forms the first time it happened and payment was released to me 48 hours. A couple days later - same thing. Held for review. This time they couldn’t verify my documents. 72 hours my money is released. The next payment - same thing. I asked why it was held. The answer was they didn’t know it could be anything. That I should submit my ID. Told them I did. They had no answer. I asked being the money is held - what is the verification process? Clearly every payment is suspicious now so what how do you (PayPal) verify the payment is indeed ok? Again - no answer. So PayPal can’t tell you why they hold your money and they can’t tell you how they verify that the money is ok. Ridiculous. It’s my money!! If you google this subject people have been complaining for a while now about this and the problem is getting worse. It seems everyone is having every payment held... Imagine the interest PayPal is making. If they hold everyone’s money for 72 hours..... collectively that’s a lot of money. I now use them as little as possible. There are other apps out there - fast and free.

I love it with a couple exceptions. I feel a lot more safe knowing it provides an extra layer of security for us and think it’s a wonderful app! My issue is that it costs me money to send money to other people whether they have PayPal accounts or not. Fine, I can deal with that though. My biggest problem is that trying to deposit money to use in my PayPal account for my PayPal card for me to be able to use the card take FOREVER!!! I understand that sometimes they need to be sure the money is coming in from a valid place and I have the money to actually transfer, but even the bank doesn’t make me wait 5 days for anything! There HAS to be a faster way in this day and age. So basically if I want money in ASAP, I need to physically go somewhere to have it out into my account after I make the stop at the bank to withdraw money. I am disabled and that makes things extra tough for me. Please look into making this a faster process in the future because I don’t feel comfortable with my money being withdrawn right away and from my bank and just sitting in limbo until you post it to PayPal. What if an emergency came up and I needed that money? I would have no access to it from anywhere.

I Hate PayPal. PayPal is okay for small day-to-day use but is terrible for “pro” users. I transfer over a quarter million USD per year using PayPal (this means I pay five to ten thousand USD in PayPal fees per year) and I still get the same awful customer service that everyone else does. To be clear, I think everyone deserves good customer service, but I would especially appreciate it as I have to deal with PayPal several times a month instead of several times a year (like I used to when I just used it every once in a while). I can deal with long hold times, but their representatives are rarely helpful. They have very limited control and their responses are usually something a long the lines of “just hope for the best”. This isn’t the customer support rep’s fault, but PayPal’s as they don’t allow them the tools or ability to help customers properly. Also the inconsistencies between their website, mobile website, mobile app, etc. are ridiculous. All of them should be updated to have a consistent look, feel, menu, etc. no other company this big and so online based has such a gross and difficult to navigate user experience. The mobile app is pretty good, but the desktop and mobile websites are awful. Summary: I truly wish I didn’t have to use PayPal but a large portion of my business relies on them. I hate PayPal.

Won’t be silenced. I’ll get into the PayPal UI at another point, but this seems to be the only place anyone is willing to hear me or listen. Twice, not once, but TWICE, I’ve had issues with PayPal disputes. The first time a very long time ago I put in an order and received a notification that it was delivered when I never received it. PayPal goes through this contact a seller process and somehow seems to continuously side with the seller. Then, PayPal asks me to provide evidence of the missing item to support the claim. Please…tell me…HOW? I can send a blank picture if that helps. The second time was very recent which was worse. I tried to cancel an order that I had with a company because the outfit I needed was for a specific date and I did an expediting shipping process. The order did not come for a month. I actively through the process tried to get a refund and the sellers kept saying take the order and if you don’t like it we will refund you. Got the order and did not like it, did not want it, did not need it. The seller went silent and so I had to file a dispute with PayPal. PayPal reviewed all info and again decided to side with the seller. I thought this was a place I could trust with these processes and feeling secure in my financial interactions. I couldn’t be more wrong.

I sell on depop. They will hold your money even after your product has been delivered to the customer. I added a tracking number, it was delivered 5 days ago, and I have STILL yet to receive my payment, STILL yet to hear back from customer service, and STILL have been unable to contact ANYONE at paypal to fix this issue. As soon as that item leaves my hands and I ship it off to the customer, I want that money in my bank. I don’t need someone to tell me that I’m untrustworthy and hold money that I EARNED from me based off of NOTHING. I haven’t had any bad reviews and have no bad history with depop and yet they refuse to give me my money and want me to wait 21 DAYS FOR $50!! My package was delivered 5 days ago! I got a good review! Give me my money! I shouldn’t have to beg ANYONE to give me money that I have earned! So ridiculous. I will never recommend paypal to anyone. They won’t give me my money from my product, but you better believe they will take $15 from my bank account immediately after an item has sold for shipping and their fee. If you can take money from my account anyways WITHOUT MY PERMISSION then what is the point in holding my money? If the customer had an issue, you CLEARLY could take any amount that you want from me anyways?? I’m sure that if they didn’t get paid until I did, they would be in a much bigger hurry to give me my money. Dumbest app ever.

Impossible to reclaim $ sent but not used. There is no way to reclaim a payment to a person if you send money to an old defunct account. I have spent weeks trying reclaim money sent to my niece who hasn’t logged into the account for years. There also is no way to tell if a person actually logged in and used or received the money. This is unacceptable. The customer support people gave me incorrect information and I kept trying. It turns out these there is no way to reclaim money incorrectly sent to someone or to someone who doesn’t access it. I am very frustrated and am out $500. It isn’t that easy for a person who is locked out of their account to reset the account, and there might be times where a person is not able or willing to do so. This is a problem with PayPal. Venmo let’s you know when someone actually receives the money. It seems that there must be a lot of unclaimed money sitting around in PayPal unbeknown to sender or recipient. PayPal customer support is dismal. Impossible to get a person, abs when they do they are not authorized or able to do much.

Do NOT recommend-Not user friendly, poor support, fee scam. I have never used PayPal prior to this, and was asked to use it for rent at a new condo I’m leasing. I got the app and added my bank account and confirmed the bank account per their requirements. The app will not let me pay with the account. But oh, they’ll be happy to offer for you to pay with your credit card for an exorbitant fee. What’s it to them that you hemorrhage money toward empty fees on a routine basis? After time reading all the FAQs, nothing answered the question and I tried reaching out to their electronic support. It’s terrible- automated responses the same as the FAQs. So then I wasted time on the phone with both their support and with my bank. There was absolutely nothing wrong on my bank’s end, yet PayPal can’t figure out their end. This was so much time wasted, and it makes you look bad to the person you are trying to pay in my opinion. This was an all around terrible experience for me, and I will never be using PayPal if I can avoid it. Total scam to cost you unnecessary fees. I will pay some way that doesn’t cost me undue fees. Oh and as an aside, the app version of PayPal lacks important abilities to your account, such as the ability to change primary addresses, and the ability to set what is your primary payment source, so be prepared to log in to the full online version to do some of these crucial things.

5 years of an amazing account. Paypal been keeping my money safe for the last 5 years and never did I ever encountered a problem in the past and not yet today.(Knock on wood). Paypal is great to have when you need spare money saved and you don’t want to touch it and want to keep your money for a rainy day or something then boom there you go instant money right there when you need it. More especially, if you don’t have a job and you need spare cash or whatever then boom again Paypal saved you the spare money you been saving and now you got it. :) Trust me when I say stick with PayPal you really should and always trust them when it’s comes to an extra saving account on the side. The only complaint I have about them is when you want money transferred into your account fast they have you pay a couple of cents or near a dollar just to get your money fast. But if you wait a couple of days then you can get your money for free which in my opinion it should be free either way because it’s your money your transferring. Other then that it’s a great place to keep safe money and have for back up money.

Hidden Fees + Terrible Customer Service. If you need to send money to a friend or loved one (especially internationally!!!) do NOT use PayPal. I never write bad reviews, but I have never been so frustrated by a service experience. The money I sent (from US) to my partner in Malaysia is on hold indefinitely, and THE AMOUNT OF MONEY IS DECREASING DAY BY DAY. He already connected his bank account to the PayPal account. We’ve done everything the site says to do. The fees were NOT disclosed to us before the transfer, nor can we find the cause for the continued PayPal withdrawals of our money. We likely misunderstood the terms, but they are $#!% terms, and this is extremely frustrating. I cannot get clarification on what is happening. Their customer service is a JOKE right now. Phones are only automated, there’s no way to speak to someone. Emails don’t work. Their chat response is “in the order received” so they send one basic, obvious answer to your messages and then disappear for hours even after you reply immediately. I got 2 messages back today (5 hours apart) and neither clarified why they are withdrawing money every day from the frozen money, or when the hold will be lifted. Hoping tomorrow they will answer, but regardless, costly lesson learned. Won’t be using PayPal again for sending money. Please learn from my mistake and use a different transfer platform.

Time for class action lawsuit against PayPal. I’ve used PayPal off and on for a few years, I have an employer pay me thru PayPal since it’s supposed to be instant. Not at all, the same transfer into my account whether I use my debit card or account takes days instead of instant or the next day! Why? Because they feel like it, I tell customer service That I have an emergency and need that money quickly and they tell me I can request a check be mailed to me, it will only take 7 to 10 business days to be mailed out! How is that faster? I ask why the same type of transaction into my same account from the same sender needs verification? Not to mention I received a text confirming the transaction. So my options are request immediate cash at a local Walmart and pay $3.00 after waiting in their line for an hour or so and then drive to my bank to deposit it or wait until PayPal decides to deposit the money into my account? They hold the money for no reason even after charging you fees anyway you look at it. I think it’s time we start a class action lawsuit to get all these stupid fees refunded to everyone and demand what they promise, instant access to your money!

Twitch related Account termination. I'm a part time twitch streamer, I've received donations/gifts from viewers before, PayPal takes their cut, and after a week (give or take) I receive the money. After getting $1, $1 and a $4.20 donation this week they have permanently limited my account and not provided reasoning other than it is for security and safety? Ive reached out to them through twitter and over the phone and they were not helpful at all, the customer service just says the same things over and over again. There are tons of twitch streamers getting their account closed for receiving donations and they don't help get the account back, they lock your money in the account for 180 days and don't allow you to use PayPal ever again, like i said, there was never any reasoning as the account is verified and has had prior donations yet this never happened before. If you’re a twitch streamer i wouldn't recommend PayPal because this has happened to so many streamers, and to so many other it doesn't happen at all. No reason provided for the account closing. 0/10 on the assistance to get accounts back. Thats all, it’s annoying but thankfully i didn't have much money in the account since i transferred most of my funds a week before, but others aren't as lucky.

Need a more detailed receipt; no clue if purchases were bundled?. I typically have good luck with PayPal, but instead of telling me which account money was taken from to pay bills or make purchases, what I need most of all is to know exactly what I purchased and what that money was used for. Bank account to iTunes really doesn’t tell me a whole lot, and neither does a message that says Bank account to anywhere else if it doesn’t give a detailed account of what was purchased. We used to get at least enough details to know if the dollar amount charged was a result of a bundled transaction…I used to get notifications when a PayPal purchase went through or was attempted, but not anymore. I haven’t changed my account settings so I don’t understand what made the notifications stop coming. Fix this, please. Detailed purchase receipts would be more helpful than an ambitious dollar amount that is a result of a bundled purchase on iTunes…or was that actually a purchase to a different company for my essential oils??? Or is someone scamming my account? Who knows if no details are given. Fix this please.

Won’t use anything else!. I have used PayPal for years now. I have a personal and a business account with them. I can say with 100% certainty, this is the easiest company to use. It’s straight forward, low fees and an awesome app interface! PayPal has always been my go to and if a website doesn’t support them, most of the time I don’t use that website. It’s fast, secure and easy to use, any adult of any age can use this service. I have had a few problems here and there with customers or people I’ve bought from but PayPal dealt with the issue with maturity and quickness. I will ALWAYS recommend PayPal to anyone who shops online and now with debit/Visa card. I love that they have the option now to add cash from Walmart and other retailers. It’s so much easier and faster for someone like myself who doesn’t have a bank account to pull from. I’m sure PayPal has had its problems but I honestly haven’t had any trouble with them. They offer a lot of different services through their company as well. Send, receive, transfer, direct deposit, and much more. If you haven’t created an account, go do that right now! It’s simple and safe to use!

PayPal has failed in my eyes. I have been a PayPal member since inception I have used it for EBay, now after all these years and thousands of dollars gone through their account I get errors when I try to transfer money to my bank, the same bank I have used for years. To top it off it won’t let me spend my PayPal balance to purchase products from eBay nor send to Friends & Family. Yet, they will accept money from my Facebook account but then freeze any transactions. I have several accounts that come out of my PayPal account that they will not honor such as Netflix and google. I have answered and submitted information to PROVE my Identity. Now they question any F&F transaction. I have tried to speak with them and this continues on and on. Their fees continue to rise and their customer service continues to decline. I am 61 years of age and they have made it impossible for me to use my account as I have for decades. Now it’s asking for a nickname and I have tried several and it keeps saying this nickname is already taken please try again????

My opinion of pay pal. I have used ‘pay pal’ for SEVERAL YEARS now & I have absolutely had NO problems w/ using ‘pay pal’ at any time! They have always helped w/ any problem/ situation I have had & had to use ‘pay pal’ in order to get those issues taken care if & they have ALWAYS fixed anything I’ve had them to help me with. They have PROVEN to me that they are definitely trust worthy & the customer service has been awesome as well. I’m a very happy customer & therefore I will continue to use & depend on ‘pay pal’ because it’s very hard to trust now days any way esp with all the ‘scammers & horrible’ things that some people can do to hurt you & your credit as well but by continuing to use ‘pay pal’ with any of my purchases over the years I’ve been w/ them I would recommend them to everyone & I will continue to trust & use their services....... thanks ‘pay pal’ for always treating me right & always being there for me like you have been. Keep up the great work & I’ll continue letting you handle any of my business dealings with no problem!!!! God bless & thanks again! C. Gardner 🤗

I recommend PayPal. Recently I’ve not been able to access the app, it rejects my password, but online accepts the same password. Issue resolved by me deleting the app and closing it for twenty four hours, also closing all other apps and restarting my device, my discovery is that the problem is not necessarily the apps fault but having too many apps opened could be jamming up and causing some apps to not work as they were intending to, maybe my find could help others. I see a lot of bad reviews my suggestion to those with bad experiences concerning a seller stick to credible sellers who have been around for a long time, any new seller check Better Business Bureau to see if they’re listed there, if they’re not any negative reviews on them still refrain from making a purchase because if there is nothing on them and no one you know personally have never purchased from them don’t make a purchase, it might very well be a fake store or from China which some times takes upwards to five months before you receive the merchandise.

Changes. It seems that every time I purchase there is something new. Now I have to give the first and last name and country of origin, before being able to complete my transaction. The problem is when the paypal account belongs to a husband, son or daughter, even if I am sending to family, if I don't know this, I will be supplying the wrong information. Also I now pay when sending to friends or family, unless I have a $ balance in my account. In order to save the fee, I must place money into my account. This means that they are getting my interest on my money. Not a large amount, until you realize how many people are doing the same thing. They are making a huge amount in interest on our money. More and more the only way I can pay is with my AMEX. None of my other forms of payment are ever accepted anymore. The people I am paying don’t know why my other methods aren’t accepted, even though the automatic message I receive is that they don’t accept those forms of payment. I don’t get it. Otherwise it is usually a convenient way to pay.

Dangerous. I had multiple cards on file, for various purposes. I decided to make a series of purchases on my entertainment budget, which was intended to come out from a specific credit card. I changed my preferences with PayPal so that that would be the card getting billed. PayPal claims that they had an issue billing that card, and that is the cause of the issue. I do not believe them. I had made identical purchases on that very same website, through PayPal, using that credit card before. And, about a week into this series of purchases, they build that credit card one time again. I do not believe there was any major issue with that card, as itStill has a zero balance right now. I pay my debts. But PayPal took it upon themselves to choose to draw all of that money out of my bank account instead of my credit card. They did not deny any transactions, nor did they inform me of the issue. By the time I caught it,I was already in a dilemma with my bank account. Over entertainment purchases that should’ve been drawn on my entertainment credit card. PayPal has no regard for your specific instructions, they will just take money from any card they feel like on file and when I complained they informed me that is their company policy

Constant issues and they will lock you from access to your money!!. I have had PayPal for years and there has been constant issues with their bot system detecting false issues with my account to the point where I’ve had to call constantly to get an agent to push my funds to my bank account. Just recently my account was “permanently limited,” with a statement that I can no longer use PayPal ever again and over $1000 of my money is unable to be taken out for at least 180 days!!! Ridiculous! I’ve called support and is all they say is “there’s a violation of our terms and service.” But will not specify what term I’ve apparently unknowingly violated. I’ve literally used the service the same way for years processing refunds for store rebate coupons and now all of a sudden it’s an apparent violation of service? Their automatic bot system consistently causes issues and their customer support is worthless at assistance with remedying the situation. I would never recommend PayPal as a service to anyone for this alone, let alone their fees and constant app issues. AVOID! Unless your okay with a banking service to withhold your money from you and potentially affecting your livelihood. There have been lawsuits filed about this practice, look up online! Look elsewhere if you can.

scammed me out my money!. REAL REVIEW : please do not use this service unless you’re using it for small transactions (ex $50-$60) i decided i wanted to transfer my pay check to my other debit card ( i have a prepaid pay card and a debit card ). I have two accounts that way I can transfer the money and when i went to transfer the money to my card they said they had to confirm my identity and now my transfer to my debit card is pending for 24-72 hours FOR NO REASON. i tried using paypal automatic messaging support and they said it’s possibly pending due to a high transaction and i’m so confused because it’s people who do higher transactions with me and don’t have this issue. i decided to call paypal and had the worse time with their customer service agent! the man would not help me with my issue and would not explain anything ! it’s like while i was doing research on the phone with him i had to answer my own questions. he even told me that most likely the money will not be transferred to my card and will be stuck in paypal with no way to transfer my money and no way to send the money or use it! how am i going to use my paycheck ?!! this is so ridiculous how i’ve lost $290 to a company i put my trust in to use. please use another service i do not want this happening to anyone !

Pay in Four. I have been extremely impressed with this feature. First time using this feature PayPal helped me do payments without a credit check!! I had bought a birthday gift that I couldn’t pay all of it out of pocket but the payment plan helped so much. And I was able to not only get to make the birthday boy happy it also made my wallet very happy. And now today…! It’s tax season I’m fairly fresh out of high school and a covid grad so I’m desperately learning as I go. Hey, taxes are definitely scary especially hearing about the penalties Uncle Sam can do. So I rushed it and I thought I had to amend my taxes and I paid for the deluxe version (through PayPal payment plans) turns out I over reacted I did NOT need to amend nor use the feature at all. I could NOT get in touch with the seller and even when I did I received an automated email response which did NOT relate to my situation. PayPal helped they stepped in and actually helped. They are processing the refund. Not only am I feeling relieved I actually feel like I have a voice I spoke and PayPal listened. So heart-to-heart thank you PayPal

Fraudulent business practices. Don’t use paypal, there are other options out there. I’ve used paypal for a long while and been burned too many times by their convoluted system of billing agreements and fine legal print. For instance if you try to use a different funding source, because let’s say you change bank accounts, they will continue to try and charge your old accounts and will not let you remove it because the system will say the account has a pending transaction. They will try to hit the account 3 or 4 times over several days before they stop, potentially costing you hundreds of dollars in insufficient funds fees with your bank. Even if you properly set your preferred payment method and a backup method (which I did) they will still do this to you even months later because they will say that the original billing agreement with that vendor was somehow tied to the old account. It makes no sense from a usability standpoint or common sense but this is how paypal operates. If you talk to customer service they will just tell you sorry that’s how it works. Skip the headache and use an alternative, this service was useful over a decade ago when there were few options out there but now it’s garbage and should go the way of Blockbuster and other failed businesses that couldn’t keep up with the times.

Still waiting. Update: I called back yesterday and was told that the appeal was denied. The rep couldn’t explain why and couldn’t even find the transaction. I told her to check my pending transactions. When she saw it was still pending she said that if the merchant doesn’t complete the transaction within the next eleven days I will get my money back. Thirty days to wait and see if I get my money back for a transaction that I didn’t do and there’s nothing PayPal can do about it. PayPal fraud protections are garbage. The only positive thing I can say is that when you want to talk to a person the wait is not very long. I received an email that my PayPal account had been used to buy a giftcard. I immediately contacted PayPal and informed them it was fraudulent and that I have never used my account to buy a product or giftcard before. The rep could see that there were log in attempts from Mexico and the UK and said that they would open a claim. A week later I received a denial stating that “the transaction matched similar transactions in my account history”. I called PayPal again. The rep put me on a long hold and came back and said he wasn’t sure why they came to that decision and said he would put in an appeal. Two weeks and I’m still waiting. Awful experience and I’m still not sure if I will get my money back.

PayPal. I bought a swimming pool from Intex store and pd with my bank card it was taken from my account that day the 9th of sept. I was told I would get it in 10 days. I don’t know why that transaction ended up on PayPal who has constantly disrespected me and then I look on the page that came up had pictures of all my contacts with a message above all of them said you cannot use PayPal any more we found out some things. As long as I have had a PayPal acct I never used it but they would send messages time about having businesses on here which is a lie. The only reason I got a PayPal acct was because I play the games on my phone and they would swear you will be paid by PayPal. Well that never happened. I hope all those people they show in the ads with tons of money know how crooked this company is. Maybe the banking commission can tell me. And how they think they can get away with putting pictures of my contacts. I will talk with my contacts who’s pictures are shown and put a lawsuit against PayPal for treating me like they have and violating my privacy. And every time I tried to send them a message it would bring up a page saying this isn’t working right now with a big red triangle on it. If they don’t send my pool like it was supposed to be sent. I will also get them for theft.

Excellent service!. When I buy online I always pay via PayPal. Honestly, until now, it was mostly because of convenience and not having to get out my credit card each time. (Lazy of me, I know. Haha) Well, I purchased an item for $129 in February. When it was taking awhile I looked into it and the company claimed it was delivered! I just so happen to know exactly where I was and when I got home that particular day...within 10 minutes of delivery. There was NO box delivered to me that day. I disputed it with the USPS. They reviewed it and said it was misdelivered and after several attempts at retrieving it they were unsuccessful. (Can you say “mail fraud”? I hope that person was charged!) Unfortunately because the shipper didn’t insure the package I was told I needed to contact them. That’s not possible because all the wording was in Chinese! I contacted PayPal to see if they could look into this for me and.... I was just notified they ruled in my favor and I am getting the FULL REFUND of $129! I will continue to use ONLY PayPal for all online purchases. Thanks for coming through for me! I thought for sure I was never going to see that money again...

Rating: 4.5 stars (nearly perfect). I choose this system over Venmo any time I can, and I love the ease of not having to enter my card information on every random site. I barely ever online shop anywhere that doesn’t use the PayPal feature. I think that their refunding system could be a been more consumer friendly when a seller doesn’t come through on their end (in terms of having live agents that are more easily accessible, or even just and having the claims process be more user friendly—insofar as not starting you over from the beginning when trying to upload supporting documents and statements each time your screen saver kicks in or you have to switch tabs… it should save your spot, so as to not discourage the buyer from having their report properly filed). But that’s the only thing I’ve ever had an issue with, and PayPal took care of it, in the end. I like having them as a secondary banking system to handle all my auto-pays. (Especially when you have forgotten that you’re still laying on a subscription that you no longer use. That process is very user friendly.)

Great app! For family’s with kids!. I have a family of four kids that are all girls they all need toys like literally every day all of my freinds live far away and want to give me money with this app I can get their money from a different state! Now my kids can be happy with toys from their family and freinds that don’t live so close! This is a very great app for family’s with kids! There is one little bug it always gets deleted by the cloud. Lots of my freinds say it happens to I though it honesty was just my device but lots of people that I know have this problem with this app. But the other good thing is is that when it gets deleted by iCloud all your money and information stays safe in this app. However one of my family members have got hacked from this app and somebody stole their money but this app protected their money and gave them back all their money from the hacker! I’ve heard very good things about this app if there was a thousand stars instead of five I would definitely choos a thousand!! I recommend this app for lots of people! Have a blessed day😙😙😙

PayPal A True Help. I’ve used PayPal for many years now. Most customers I’ve dealt with have been awesome and true, however some haven’t been good. When I’ve contacted PayPal to make a claim etc. they’ve been wonderful. YES I had to wait a few days or weeks to get final result but they’ve had to give a chance for other party to respond. If they don’t respond or PayPal agrees with your filing as it’s just so blatant, then you’ll be refunded or whatever your asking for. I truly value PayPal for their protection of your funds etc., but also for their search for the truth. Just because you file a claim don’t mean your correct, hence the time it takes to resolve some issues. Even though I think I’m usually correct, I truly don’t want someone being denied their funds because of my ignorance. I recommend that people try the PayPal app. It really is easy if you just read the sections. If you send something to the wrong person to complain to etc. you’ll be notified. I hope this helps those who may be in the fence of trying the app. It’s not NEARLY as bad or difficult as some of the reviews have made it out to be.

ALERT: FIND ANOTHER APP!. Do not link your bank account to this app, as you will have a VERY hard time unlinking it, if you can at all, and PayPal has full access to your funds at all times. I have been unable to use PayPal for quite some time now for no reason at all, and when asked they said something cryptic like “you need to visit your resolution center to take care of the limitations on your account” - I rarely even use PayPal, I think I set it up years ago for one transaction. When I went to remove my bank account information it told me again that I couldn’t do so because there were “unresolved issues” with ZERO notice of what that might even be. So PayPal is horsing my bank info and I can’t even use it. Customer service is automated bots and chat messaging from who knows what kind of people, and there is absolutely no help after several messages back and forth, then all of a sudden my active support was message pops up as “unavailable”… ok, so I will start a new chat. Nope - I can’t start a new chat until I close the old one. But guess what, there is no “end chat” option to close the old one. I urge you to read all the negative reviews because this happens A LOT - be smart about your personal info and please do not make this mistake, this is a terrible app.

Don't use PayPal for car payments are utilities the bills. My husband sold two items on the Ebay. They will not let him have the money until three day after the buyer gets it. They're claiming this is because it's a new account for selling. Paypal tells a different story on what's going on. So this is BS. Are used to be a strong advocate for Paypal, but this is ridiculous because he has a car payment to make right now or it gets repossessed. They are messing with peoples lives and livelihood by marking incoming money as pending and applying it to your balance. They don't offer to make a transaction for the bank for you that will be pending on their side which would at least show that you made the payment. I have already change my direct deposit to another bank. They won't get any more money from me. This new account not getting the money is wrong because I made a new account, sold something and I was instantly allowed to keep the money. Go with Netspend or something else. Get a secured credit card. No monthly fees, very few ATM transaction fees, etc. Paypal put this money as pending because Ebay has that much of an influence over them. That's not right. Paypal should be an independent company that does not rely on Ebay to say whether than money should be released or not.

Using the app for money transfers is not worth it. I’ve been using PayPal for years. I was always told that it was the safest way to pay for things. And in that sense of paying for goods online, it very well may be. But to use this app for “instant” money transfer (similar to apps like Venmo) it’s a nightmare. My boyfriend and I had been using the app for money transfers to each other (for rent and utilities) for the past year. And PayPal will arbitrarily decide to hold our funds for weeks before releasing them. For whatever reason, the past three months consecutively both our rent and our utilities were held as “pending” for over a week, which made us late paying some of them. Because for the person sending the money, it shows that you paid it and the money is deducted from your bank account. So it’s not even like you can go and pull the money out once it’s in pending. But for the person receiving it, it’ll show pending for up to THIRTY days. So now we either have to have an additional couple grand in our account to have just in case PayPal randomly decides to put a hold on my funds, or start using a different payment transfer app. Obviously PayPal doesn’t help with any late fees their pending status accrues, and it doesn’t help with our standing with our utility companies. I would suggest Venmo, which is what we’ll be moving to.

Good app for transfers out of bank accounts. I read many negative reviews before I started my comments. It looks like only unhappy customers take the time to write. I like PayPal for the purpose I use it, which is simply making payments out of my bank account to pay for products or send money to family and friends. I prefer not to my credit card over the internet. It feels safer to use an intermediary. I started using PayPal before there were other cash apps and have only had one issue in umpteen years. That problem was in finding a real person to talk to. If you ever find their phone number, put it somewhere you will never lose it! LOL. Anyway, I use my bank for all other transactions so I don’t have problems others may have. The only downside I’ve found is probably the same as other apps. Since the transfers are immediate, there is no way to stop a payment. So be sure you’re sure what you did is accurate. No second chance! Having funds transfer immediately is important if your kid needs money immediately.

TERRIBLE. I have been on and off with PayPal for many years. 1) Their message center people do absolutely nothing. The agent switches every time you even remotely step away from the application. This lead a to the utmost incompetence and obliviousness on their end. They love to change their rules and tell you one thing that does not align with another. 2) I have successfully had 25 transactions as the seller. Multiple people on the message center have said that once you reach 25 sales funds will be released immediately per proof of the tracking number. I once again see my money on hold and go to the message center for clarification. They then proceed to send automated directions directing me to do things I have worked SO HARD to do for months. They treat every person like a new seller regardless of your history. NOT TO MENTION I have CONTINUOUSLY asked them to update my primary address. Not once, not twice, but THREE times I have messaged the help center to confirm the primary address is changed. Even after confirming the address was changed, sellers have continuously told me the old address is still listed as primary. It is actually incredible how stupid PayPal can be. The lack of training is unbelievable and in my opinion the application is useless. They claim to “give protection” but in my mind the only thing they provide is a major inconvenience all around.

Not worth the stress. I’ve had my account for many years, and I’ve watched PayPal go down the drain all this time. They have never once been helpful to me when I’ve had problems (which I’ve only had 3 problems in all my years). I had made a purchase with PayPal on a website that turned out to be a scam. Ordered atomic cloud table lamps and received crappy dollar store quality unicorn lights for my $100? And when I contacted PayPal, they were absolutely useless and said I was out of luck. Now my most recent problem is the one that made me decide to delete my account I’ve had for over 12 years. Even though I had deposited funds into my PayPal account for a purchase I’d made, PayPal kept trying to auto-pull the money from my bank account. Even though they’d already gotten the funds for my purchase. They caused me $90 in NSF fees which should not have happened since I’d already paid the money! I was on the phone with them for over half an hour, and the person hung up on me! They never resolved the issue. Even contacting support through the in-app contact failed as none of the chat agents would listen, then after a couple messages, they stopped responding to me as well. Customer support is absolutely trash. I used to defend PayPal, but not anymore. I will never use this app again.

Horrible experience and terrible customer service. Got a gift sent to my CAD account and wanted to transfer to my US account. Sounds fairly simple but not with PayPal. The 1 start is for talent in making something so simple, so stupidly confusing. I’m trying to send the entire amount I received but nowhere does it show the remaining balance so I have no idea how much is remaining. Instead, it shows ‘amount sent in CAD’ and ‘amount they receive in US’. I look at my balance and put that in by ‘amount sent’ and lo and behold, there’s over $20 from the original balance still there. So now I send the remaining balance and pay a 2nd flat fee to find another $2 remaining in the balance. Later, when using the app, I played with it a bit to find that I was supposed to put in my balance equivalent of USD (minus the fee of 2.18 USD) by ‘amount they receive’. So after all the annoyance, I decide to give PayPal a chance to rectify by calling them and telling them what happened and asking them to refund me the few dollars extra I had to pay to send over my balance. 1st time I get hung up on. 2nd time I get “transferred” and wait for an hour before getting dropped. 3rd times a charm but they say that they would rather keep 4$ than give quality customer service. If I can give 5 minus stars or dung emojis I would do that. Curious for alternatives to PayPal

Never again. These five star reviews must be old because this service is not worth it. First off before you even get PayPal I just need to let you know they want photographic evidence of your social security card, if not your account will forever have a restriction. There was also a time that they held my money on a purchase because of this restriction for about a week and a half and I didn’t know it, the item I had wanted went out of stock before the restriction was lifted but I got my money back. Their customer service isn’t bad it’s just actually getting into contact is trash, don’t bother with email cuz you might get scammed somehow so I didn’t take the chance and don’t do message center because I’ve sent messages three months straight about an issue that they talked circles around until they just said call. But the number in the message they said to call was a different number to the customer service on in the app. So just find the contact me button in the app to call and be prepared to wait. The whole issue was removing my bank account and it kept saying I had a “pending transaction” when i hadn’t used PayPal in months. This was unnecessarily difficult and long overdrawn and was not worth it, just use sites that use PayPal guest and use cashapp or something to send money. This was terrible.

Customer service is trash.. I’ve had a problem with not receiving my PayPal cash card with the chip in the mail and I can’t even order another on and it’s been seven months of me trying weekly. Never have solved the problem. The only thing PayPal is good for is protection for customers or buyer protection if you will. Other than that they don’t care about you or what you need and sometimes that buyer protection is a joke even if the item is a total gimmick. Other time buyer protection completely rips of the sellers. If you get paid with PayPal after selling an item the customer can file a dispute against the transaction between them and you. PayPal will side with them and they don’t even have to send the product back to you so you can’t get your product to either keep or sale of nothing would have been wrong with it. They just scammed you. Happens all the time to me and I hate using PayPal to sell anything on because I don’t feel protected at all. And the people that accept PayPal pays for fees more than someone buying some so something ain’t right because sellers run way more money through PayPal and PayPal will take a decent percentage from each transaction.a of it so you’re I also feel like they are biased towards people that sell certain item that are 109% and no reason to treat them any different than the next person.

It’s a good idea.. but. PayPal is a good idea, but when they put holds on your money for up to 21 days, is a real major inconvenience.. Even when a friend sends money, it still takes 3-5 BUSINESS days.. so don’t send money to a friend unless it’s Monday because you’ll be waiting an entire week. And then, if you sell something, they charge you a 2.9 percent fee with NO CAP!! It’s nice that you can transfer to your bank instantly from PayPal, unless they flag it as suspicious, then you’re waiting another 3-5 business days to be able to spend your money. Even after I sent them a selfie and a picture of drivers license, they still claimed they couldn’t verify me. Very poor customer service. I’ve called their 800 number about 20 times in the last two months to ask them why my money is ALWAYS being held, and I get a recording that says they can’t help me at the moment, and the phone disconnects. Horrible customer service. They don’t deserve the 2.9 percent to send money when they hold it for 21 days and not answer your phone calls. They don’t deserve the 10 bucks they charge to send your money to your bank account instantly. This is a terrible company and I wouldn’t recommend anyone use them! I’m switching to Zele. PayPal is by far the worst company I’ve ever had to deal with. Save yourself the headache. Learn from my unfortunate dealings with these IDIOTS!

PayPal is the best!!. I’ve been using PayPal for about six years now and I have even made it my primary bank I get all my electronic deposit directly into my PayPal account, it makes everything easier I can do everything that I need to do directly from PayPal I can pay all my bills, I can send friends and family money with zero issues, it legit just makes everything easier!! I highly recommend the app and or the website they’re both great and well set up and if you have the app you can get in contact with customer service anytime all you have to do is go to message center and you can reach out to a live person at almost any time I believe their hours of operation are between 8 AM and 9 PM Eastern standard time! Overall I am highly satisfied! I even had a situation where I was charged double for some thing by my cell phone company and PayPal was nice enough to refund the money before the dispute was even finalized! I mean come on how nice is that!! I will continue to be a loyal PayPal customer and user I absolutely love PayPal 150%! Thanks again for your amazing platform!

No Help when scammed by buyer. Buyer purchased 2 items from me on eBay. Two months later buyer I received email from PayPal that buyer created a dispute saying items differed significantly from item received. I sent reply asking for further clarification as I know this is not true. I heard nothing. I contacted eBay, there was no issue reported by buyer from that site. Buyer has never contacted me of any issue. Then 2 weeks later I receive email from PayPal that buyer’s financial institution sided with buyer. Case closed. The next time I went to PayPal, buyer’s payment was reversed. Since Ebay now manages payments rather than PayPal, my PayPal account now had a negative balance. I phoned PayPay and was informed they can still work on the case in my behalf and I should send any documentation I have to the PayPal chargeback email. I sent descriptions of both items and 12 photos of one item and 7 photos of the other item as proof. Received email from PayPal basically saying sorry Seller Protection Policy does not cover “item description does not match product”, try reaching out to buyer directly to resolve issue, I know this is disappointing, and a link how to prevent scams. I sent email to buyer asking why he raised the dispute and of course he is not responding. So buyer has the 2 items he purchased from me and he has been refunded all his money. PayPal should do a better job of arbitrating disputes.

unreliable, resulted in loss of income. I needed to supplement my income so I started selling old stuff around my house. After selling a few things, I received an email that $70 was returned to the buyer because my account was not "verified". I thought this was odd because I had already gone through the process of verifying my account. I again looked through my account details and saw my SSN was not uploaded. I entered my SSN again but an error message appeared. After a week, I tried again and it worked (I thought). Now, 2 weeks later, more money has been taken out of my account and returned to the seller. Throughout the last few weeks, more than $100 has been taken out of my account and returned to the sellers. In addition to losing this income, I've lost even more money paying for the shipping and packages for the items I've sold. The first paypal representative I talked to was kind but did not help me. The second paypal representative I talked to was condescending and told me that "paypal has also suffered a loss of income" as a result of this. He was referring to the couple dollars worth of fees the company encounters from taking the money out of my account and putting it back in the sellers' accounts! Haha yikes. Anyway, I would not recommend paypal, as this experience has resulted in a lot of stress from the loss of income I've suffered.

Try to find a different app. The main reason I kept PayPal for all these years and only bought from sellers who accepted PayPal because of the refund and buyer protection. Well after my last experience I will now tell folks to switch to another app that may offer same thing. My story: I thought I purchased a life size animated grinch from a China based company who on website said they had an LA based warehouse where this would Be shipped from and it was suppose to about 5ft tall . After 3 months I received a stuffed grinch toy about 12-15 inches long NOT the one destined and that I paid good money for. So I used the resolution center in PayPal as I have many times in the past when I got mislead:scammed . Well PayPal said I had to ship item back -unfortunately we were quarantined due to covid exposure case. 10 days later I get a message stating sorry you’d didn’t ship the item back and post the tracking within 10 days so your case is closed and can’t be reopened so your not getting a refund. I told them the situation and I can ship it in a few days after our quarantine time frame ends. Still said sorry no refund even though they have the picture of that I received and what the description of what I thought I was purchasing. So I will now change all my Automatic payments - I ahve a lot i use PayPal for will be changed to another app.

DON’T trust PayPal. After using PayPal services for over a month, I’d only received one alert via an email indicating I needed to “verify my email account in order to access the funds” available from a recent transaction. That transaction was NOT my 1st payment sent or received but I complied & within moments of verifying my email account (which is ironic because the request WAS SENT THROUGH MY EMAIL) the funds were available in my debit account. Fast forward less than a week later, three payments were sent to my account within a matter of hours & PayPal suddenly required me to verify information indicating I had a traditional bank account where the funds could go instead of immediately to my debit card. Two payments were sent on Thur 8/31, one on Fri, the bank account was verified by 3pm Fri, yet as of Mon Sept3, NO MONEY from those transactions has been made available to me! I am canceling this account as soon as I receive my money! This was such an inconvenience resulting in my son being short handed while back to school shopping over the holiday weekend. I am so frustrated & disgusted with this method of doing business. Ruined our last weekend of summer vacay & interfered with my kids opportunity to obtain new supplies & uniforms. Doesn’t even offer a time line other than “2-3 days to post” & that time has passed. DON’T TRUST PAYPAL!

Not as good as other payout apps. The updates have made the app look smoother and it's obvious there is an attempt to keep it relevant and up to date. But the functionality is still very poor in comparison to other apps like Zelle, CashApp, Venmo, etc. the worst feature PayPal has is if you haven't used it in a while, they will hold the funds and there is essentially close to nothing you can do about it. They have tips and links to read more about why they hold the funds, but to actually get the app to release the funds for your account is virtually not an option. It's highly frustrating when you run into a user that primarily uses PayPal so you open yours up, and then PayPal decides to hold your funds because you haven't been active for a couple months. I'm certain it's a form of security, but in the world of apps that can provide functions of ease in mere seconds, a 21 day hold on funds via a trusted and secure app is beyond ridiculous. PayPal once got away with all of its fees, proprietary sub-apps, and forced features; but in a new age of technology, it's clear this app will eventually fizzle away if they don't start providing better customer service and update their security so the user isn't the one that is punished for simply "not using their app enough."

I thought It would be good to use. Bad idea. I was excited to get my paypal card in the mail so I added direct deposit I was like this would make it way easier. Worst mistake I’ve made in a while. The night my check was deposited I tried to transfer the money to another bank account and PayPal emailed me saying that I can no longer use PayPal and they are holding my $800 check for 180 days not only do I have to figure it out for a couple weeks but it definitely taught me a lesson to never use PayPal or any other online banking again. It’s disappointing and unfortunate. To avoid being at risk of losing any money for 180 days I recommend that no one adds money to PayPal. To top it off they didn’t give me a explanation smh 🤦‍♂️ They sent me the phone number a week later saying that I should try calling them to try and fix it I was on the phone on hold for what they said would take 10-15 min I guess since they close at 6 I can’t call at 5 because they will just have me on hold till they close... so same position as a lot of other people I’m reading... FOR ANYONE TRYING TO AVOID LOSING MONEY THAT THEY HOLD WITHOUT A REASON JUST DONT SIGN UP FOR PAYPAL ITS HORRIBLE it’s reason like this that make me never want to be part of PayPal again. THIS IS NOT A ADEQUATE MOTIVE PAYPAL SHOULDNT BE AROUND FOR LONG. I’ll be sure to spread the word. NEVER USE PAYPAL if you really want to send money to people just use Walmart they are more honest.

Do not trust. PayPal used to be a very trustworthy app do you live but unfortunately it is no longer the case they take way too many liberties with your card and your account, randomly close your access to your account for no reason so you cannot spend the money or do anything you can’t even transfer it to another account until you meet their demands which usually means they have to see bank account information and all that including like your personal purchase statements with your account routing numbers and names basically all your personal details not for the bank that is PayPal but for your side bank that is your main bank that you usually utilize it yeah so they not only have access to the one that you’re using with them but they have access to all the bank account and routing information for every bank you use they will let you use it for additional two more days and then they suspend your account again for suspicious activity and mind you my suspicious activity was buying a pack of cigarettes at the QT using my debit card and my pen now they want to see pictures of credit cards for the other bank account that I have that is a no way connected to PayPal so they want all the information that basically you already provide them in the app on top of more personal information

PayPal will hold your money with no explanation. PayPal is really getting ridiculous to deal with. Sometimes they hold the money when you try and transfer it to your own bank account. Sometimes they hold the money as soon as someone pays you. Sometimes they hold it at other random times. And they never give an explanation, even when you call. They tell you the computer did it. The computer thought it was suspicious. And they take their fee immediately. If it was really suspicious money wouldn’t they wait till it got verified before they took their cut? Bunch of crooks. I sell things on eBay all the time and use PayPal to handle the payments, and I can tell you they hold money randomly. I sold 2 of the exact same items on the same exact day, for almost the same price(within a few dollars). About 15 minutes apart from each other. The first one got flagged and the money got held. Then they let the second payment through. I think their security is a joke and they just fly blind and hold random payments hoping to catch something. Don’t even get me started on the business payment gateway. Don’t even think of using it unless you want your money held for up to a month at a time. I’ve already found a new payment gateway with lower fees and as soon as there is an alternative to use with eBay I’ll be leaving for good.

Very unhappy. Currently unvery unhabited PayPal as for no reason that they will answer me even to this day which has now been almost a full month as to why it says my PayPal account has been limited and any money in my account balance will be put on hold for 180 days that’s six months or half the year of money that they’re just gonna freeze of mind without giving me any reason I haven’t done anything whatsoever other than send receive money from you know regular stuff like everybody does and also not only does it say after that they’ll make arrangements as to where to transfer my balance. But they have the audacity to say that I am also not allowed to delete any bank or debit card or credit card or any type of Financial Account. So your gonna ban my use but allow log in’s, withhold MY MONEY NOT PAYPALS from me for 6mo. & have the balls to tell me that I do not have control my own Bank Accounts/ Debit & CC’s to delete them from being linked to PayPal anymore since why would they?! PayPal you better be careful no matter what your policy or terms in agreements I may have a greed to nothing supersedes the law; and telling me what I can & cannot do with MY OWN PERSONAL FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS… You’re seriously bordering on a lawsuit. I hope I hear from somebody soon if not I’ll keep everyone updated

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The applications PayPal - Send, Shop, Manage was published in the category Finance on 2019-02-03 and was developed by PayPal, Inc. [Developer ID: 283646712]. This program file size is 441.36 MB. This app has been rated by 6,162,849 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. PayPal - Send, Shop, Manage - Finance app posted on 2023-03-20 current version is 8.36.0 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.yourcompany.PPClient. Languages supported by the app:

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