HP 12C Financial Calculator App Reviews


HP 12C Financial Calculator App Description & Overview

What is hp 12c financial calculator app? Get answers fast with the same algorithms and keystrokes you trust for business, real estate, banking and finance. Next time you find yourself in class or at the office without your financial calculator, just open the HP 12c app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

• Authentic app, developed by Hewlett Packard
• Award-winning HP Support
• Identical layout, functions and features as the original HP 12c Financial Calculator
• Special “30th Anniversary edition
• RPN entry
• Quickly calculate loan payments, TVM, NPV, IRR, cashflows, bonds and more
• Keep the power of your HP 12c handy on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

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App Name HP 12C Financial Calculator
Category Finance
Updated 05 May 2021, Wednesday
File Size 23.85 MB

HP 12C Financial Calculator Comments & Reviews 2023

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One flaw…. Downloaded this about 8 years ago and love it. Being an app it has outlasted my physical version where the markings wore off the buttons and the some buttons stopped working because of thousands of key presses. Also I almost always have it even when I forget my physical calculator, I almost always have my phone. Some people are complaining they didn’t get all the features, but I thing they just need to rotate the device to landscape where it switches modes to expose them all. My one complaint is that since I had a recent iOS upgrade on my iPad now the digital display is above the window. Still works, just awkward, and annoying. Doesn’t happen on my iPhone just on the iPad.

Needs Copy/Paste. This is a near-perfect 12C emulation but it falls short in one major way: it doesn't support copy/paste. Consider this scenario: you're sending an email or text on your phone and you need to do a calculation on a 12C. With a stand-alone calculator, you could read the results from the screen while typing on your phone. Once the 12C becomes an app, unless there's copy/paste, you have to toggle back and forth between the 12C and mail apps, introducing the potential for transcribing error. Other iPhone calculators let you tap on the display area to copy paste info. Not having this is a real oversight.

Update: No update since 2012?. Hey HP, are you going to update the app? Got a weird (intermittent) message from iOS 10 about compatibility issue. Unfortunately I didn't jot it down. Update: now that my iPhone is running iOS 11 this too expensive app is useless! 😡 Update 2: with the new 64-bit update, I'm once again a happy user of this app. ❤️ I swear I can't use the "regular" calculator anymore!

Almost great!. I had a knock off HP 12 C on my iPhone for years. With the recent update to iOS, it stopped working completely. Just added this app from HP. So far I love it. One small complaint is there is a shadow on the numbers on the output display. i.e. the font that is used in the outlook display was design to create a slight shadow effect. The resulting effect is that it makes the output slightly blurry. Most people probably won’t notice but as you age and numbers/letters aren’t quite as crisp, it becomes annoying. Not sure why HP decided to add the shadow effect but it would be nice if could be eliminated or at least turned off. Overall, a good job!

Need Updates!!!. I use this financial calculator in my business. I was a mortgage loan officer for 14 years & I've been a Realtor for the last 7 years. This calculator came in handy when my clients wanted an idea of what their house payment would be. I started getting pop up notices with IOS 10 & now it won’t even open with IOS 11. I’m disappointed with HP that they would charge a high price for this app & then forget about it by not developing updates. There was one update a week ago for 64 Bit Version, otherwise, the last update before that was 5 YEARS ago!!! I still have my original HP 12C, but it’s not convenient to carry with all the time. Come On HP, Get With The Program!!!

The best calculator is the one you always have with you.. I have been trying to learn to use this calculator but I don't carry mine with me. I end up grabbing my iPhone and using the standard calc app for quick calculations. Thank you for this app! Now I never have to use the regular calc app again.

At least het the functions working!!! I want my money back. First an old gripe. I had this up few years ago. It disappeared off my iPhone at the time I presume HP claimed their intellectual property and apple pulled it even though I paid for it!! That is atrocious. I paid for it do not touch it. I obviously wanted it more as I shelled out again $15 this time to HP to have the product. Now however I'm furious. How do I get refund for this faulty app? The calculator looks like the beloved 12c but the functions do not work!!! It gives error if you try to calculate interest of a stream of cash flows!! What the heck, the looks is not why I buy this. Get the formulas to work before you sell this!!! I want my money back!!!!

Five stars BUT. This application needs to be updated to work with IOS latest version. I give it a 5 because I have been using this calculator for decades; in the 80's using the hardware and later since this app was first launched. I hope HP will be proactive and release the new version soon.

Loan officer. Hi Downloaded this app so I didn’t have to carry the 12C around. Works well when it works but often doesn’t work when u tilt to side expanding keyboard. When you buy this you want them to work this doesn’t work when you need it. Don’t buy this if you really need to count on full functions of the 12C Brian

HP12C Do NOT PURCHASE!!! A waste of Money. I have used an HP12C for years but when I purchased the HP12C app. and tried to use it, ONLY 1/2 of the Calculator Screen shows so you certainly can NOT figure mortgage payments nor any of the other calculators you want to accomplish. I would really appreciate it if someone can tell me what I am doing wrong____ when you first see the app, it shows the whole screen but when you go to use it, only 1/2 of the screen shows for you to use____and for “this” I had to pay almost $20 for this useless app!!! 😡😡😡

Hard on eyes. Functionally o.k., but the keys are the same dark shade as the background and that makes for difficult viewing. Adjusting screen brightness doesn't help. Needs a little more contrast -- dark keys against a little less dark background would help.

Search again!!'. There are a number of apps that emulate popular calculators. In particular HP, has two for it's renowned HP 12c financial calculator. The first app is problematic in that the description and graphic displays of the actual product app are grossly inaccurate. What you get after download and install is a generic calculator with none of the financial functionality or appearance of the physical HP product. A search on "HP 12c Platinum" however reveals a second HP app that both looks and works like the physical product. Also, the apps differ by only $2 in price. In my opinion, the first apps description should be updated or dropped all together from the store.

App owner needs to comply with update requirements. Recently received a notice that my other 12 C app was not compatible and would not be available with future upgrades. Purchased an expensive version reflecting Hp as the owner. Trusted that name. Not a month later I get another not compatible notice for the HP 12 C application supposedly owned by HP. Not sure why we keep getting not able to be used for future upgrades. Why don't they just take them off the offerings. Not pleased.

Poor support. You would think if HP put their name on this and cared about their brand they would provide more support and relevant updates. Around any major ios ipdate - surprise! - planned obsolescence rears its head and functionality tanks. HP should be committed to excellence and not mediocrity. Having a non functional app and a 3 or lower star rating - is that part of your corporate values??? well HP you are not really winning customers or adding shine to your reputation...

HP 12C Good but not supported. Good app. Looks and works like the actual HP 12C. Does not display full screen on iPhone 6, and most likely newer iPhones. This should be a simple update considering the price, but has not been updated in a year. Would also be nice to display full features in portrait mode. There are less expensive and free competing apps available with these features. I wanted to support HP. Too bad customer experience is not a priority.

ios 11 update. This app will not automatically update. Yes, I know this is stupid but that’s how it is. However, if you delete from your iPad or iPhone and reinstall it will now work on iOS 11. Go figure. HP is not what it used to be.

HP downhill. I have used HP products for years but no more. The quality of their products have all gone downhill from printers to computers to even the HP12c. The physical ones display goes out in a year or two. And they haven't updated the app version for years despite ios11 being on the horizon. And the app has a premium price. Fix these things and I might consider coming back but until then--adios. Edit: Ok--they finally updated the app for 64 bit. But the physical HP12c calculator that I bought lasted a little over a year before the display went out. They should recall all of those lousy China made versions. HP used to represent quality but now they are inferior to any of the companies like asus.

Thanks HP for updating for iOS 11. I have been using this calculator for years since I am hooked on RPN, and I was afraid that it was going to be neglected and made obsolete with the change to the 64 bit app requirement for iOS 11. Fortunately, HP stepped up and updated this app. In addition to the ability to run on iOS 11, they also made the key clicks quieter which is nice since they were obnoxiously loud before.

Click sound, and soon to be obsolete. UPDATE: Updated to 64 bit, and changed Key clicks to iOS default. Works fine now. UPDATE: I'm so glad I paid what was already marginally too much for this app, and it will become useless tomorrow. Thumbs down to HP! UPDATE: I'm changing my rating to 1 star until HP updates the app to 64-bit architecture. I use this app daily in my financial business (when my hardware 12C isn't handy) and I'm worried about losing access to this (expensive) app when iOS 11 rolls out. It seems that HP charged an arm and a leg for this app, then abandoned it. This app is true to the original EXCEPT for the key click sound! It's loud, slightly delayed from the actual button press, and basically a highly annoying sound. If I silence the phone, there is no feedback to let me know whether it registered a button press, and I'm likely to forget to turn the ringer back on when I'm done. Update this to a simple, unobtrusive click and I'll give it five stars. I still carry my real 12c everywhere. Edit: Just discovered you can turn off the clicks, but that doesn't solve the problem of no feedback, and the key vibrate is too long to be functional.

Works great for my Mortgage team. Works exactly and looks exactly as the real thing. Couldn't be happier! I've had it for over a year on my iPhone and iPad and I don't think I've carried my actual calculator since. My iPad makes the numbers bigger, easier to go even faster on it for quick house payments for clients. I would buy it if you're on the fence. Last one you'll have to buy!

Great, But Why Not The Classic Look. For those of us who grew up using the 12C in business school, and later in business, this is a perfect app. The frustrating part so is that it does not look exactly like the one we've all used. The color is different, the font of the numbers is different, etc. There were two other knockoffs that did a terrific job which I used because they both looked exactly like the 12C physical calculator that I had and still use. But they disappeared from the App Store, and my assumption is that HP shut them down. I have no problem giving my money to HP instead of a knockoff. In fact I like to support companies who create great products, and HP created this original product. But I wish that they would provide an option in the Settings menu to view the original look of the physical calculator we've all used for the past 40 years. I'm not sure they appreciate how much of a badge it is to open up that app in a meeting and start using it – there is an enormous "Wow" factor – but that effect only works when the app looks exactly like the original physical calculator. In fact, it's HP's own app that looks like a knock off, that isn't quite the full original. Easy fix, HP. Make us happy to show off that we have this app, and let us inspire others to buy it from you when they see us use it. P.S. Props to HP for finally giving us the option to turn off those annoying clicks.

May 2021 Update Works!. I’ve been hesitant about purchasing this but I couldn’t stand the Apple calculator. I noticed that HP just updated to support new iOS so I took a gamble and it seems to fully work in all modes. I’ll update this review after using it more

It DOES Work on iPhone 6s. This is not a review but rather a report of my experience with the app on iPhones. 1. It DOES switch to and work in landscape mode on my iPhone 6s running iOS 9.0. 2. It IS a fully functional financial calculator. However, the look and functionality of the venerable HP-12C are available only when the phone is turned to landscape mode. In portrait mode, the calculator is pretty much just a "four-banger." 3. The click sound can be disabled in Settings. 4. HP has not updated this app in several years. Consequently, the app uses less than all the screen area available to it on an iPhone 5 or later.

Hp 12C still not functioning on iPhone X. Hp 12C is still not functional on iPhone X other than as a four function simple calculator. Rotation for the financial functions. The developer is very remiss in not providing proper updates. I’m now carrying my original 12c device the avoidance of which was the reason I purchased the app in the first place. Apple should take all HP calculator products out of the store until these issues are fixed for those of us who have already paid for a non-functioning calculator app.

Turn off clicking for iPhone. Please modify the iPhone version so that the clicking sound can be turned off. This feature is included on the iPad version but on the iPhone the only way to get rid of the sound is to turn down the volume each time the app is opened.

My Favorite Calculator Needs An Update. Have used an HP 12C going back to 1983, so paying the high price for the app to use on my iPhone & iPad was worth it. Calculating home loans, ReFi and managing investments are all easiest in a 12C. This app needs to be updated to work with future Apple iOS releases. If HP lets this app to be dropped because it can't work on our devices they need to refund at least half of what they charged users for the app. My 30+ year old HP12C calculator works fine, my HP12C app should be just as reliable.

Stopped working. The latest fix was for the HP12C app to fix rotation on the IPhone. It was working before the update but has since stopped rotating after the update. Found that I needed to fix rotation to landscape otherwise it’s just a money calculator since only 2 place decimal. Apple iPhone 6s now updated to IPhone X. Wife’s iPhone 8 upgraded from iPhone 6 works fine. Perplexed

can we pls get this thing updated. pls update software so screen rotation works on latest version of iOS

Check Your Settings!!. If button clicks and locking landscape mode are your only issues with this app, you should change your review to a 5 star because you can change those settings among others in iPhone and iPad Settings scrolling down to the HP 12c settings. I'm giving this app 3 stars because when I four finger swipe between apps, this app does not recognize gestures and I press numbers unintentionally. iPad issue only. HP, please fix.

Like the real thing. It’s like I have my actual 12c in my hands and when I flip it to the short version it so convenient. I’ve been using this calculator since 97 and this app (or one identical to it) since I think I was using a blackberry. Couldn’t live without it.

No Slideover or Split-Screen = Terrible. Digitizing 30 year-old algos scores 3 stars because a middle-schooler could have done that; unless you innovate from there 3 is the best this thing should get. From there I give harsh deductions for lack of slide-over and split-screen capabilities that would allow some actual work with it. Swipe-left backspace like Apple native calculator? Nope. Same middle-schooler could’ve done all these things.

All good now. Update appears to have fixed the issues being complained about. Now works as it should in landscape.

This app may not restore to a new iPhone. I originally purchased this app in 2010. When I updated my iPhone in 2012 the app did not restore. I repurchased the app because I use it for work. It did restore in 2014 when I upgraded to iPhone 6. Then in 2015 when upgraded to iPhone 6s App did not restore. Apple says purchase does not qualify for refund.

Miss my prior hp app😩😩😩😩😩. This calculator functions just like the other app but not as user friendly. The click sound is so annoying and you can only shut it off. You can only use the app in landscape. Why didn't hp hire the same developer of the old knockoff? It was the best! Even better than my actual hp calculator.

Fantastic Calculator works just like the real one. I use this calculator everyday at work I have an actual one, being able to also use it on my phone is fantastic

Functionality. The HP 12C works fine on my iPad, but on my iPhone is is merely a regular calculator. It doesn’t matter which way I turn the phone, it stays the same. Is there something I am missing? If it doesn’t work on my iPhone, I might as well carry my physical 12C with me as it is a lot smaller than my iPad! Scratch that, I went into setting and turned on “Landscape Lock” restarted the program and it is now working.

Get rid of the button click. Changing the keyboard click on iPhone settings does not do anything to mitigate the button clicking noise for this app. The only way to mute the button clicking noise is to mute your entire phone. The clicking sound is so annoying I can't use the app in meetings. HP please eliminate the button clicking noise

For CFA prep. I like it. It recons to cfa & schweser notes' answers but this is not a toy. Make the effort to read the manual as this fin calc like all need correct data entry. Not as intuitive as my HP10bii but this is what is allowed to be used in the exams so time to man-up and learn to use the tool

Consistent With Expectations, However.... Please get rid of the screen rotation. I don’t want to be forced to physically rotate my phone to landscape view in order to use the advanced financial features of this calculator. I don’t know why it displays a simplified calculator when I’m in portrait mode. If I wanted a simple calculator, I’d use the native iOS calculator included with my phone. I purchased this because I wanted something that replicated the 12C I physically own. Or better yet allow me to lock the landscape mode in the calculator settings. It looks like people have consistently left this comment for 4 years! I’m down grading my rating to 2 stars!

Mr.. I have used the HP12C app for some time and was always pleased with it. Now, I have the problem of not being able to use the landscape mode even after trying to lock it in landscape mode in settings. I can use my photo app in landscape mode so feel it is not the iphone that's the problem. Anyone know a solution to this?? I would rate it a 5 if it still worked like it used to.

Great App!. This is the real deal, just like my 12c! If only my iPhone screen was a little larger, the buttons would be a little larger, and it would be perfect. Works great! Warning: Make sure you want an RPN financial calculator and are familiar with the HP 12c before you buy this app.

Perfect. Finally. The original 12c look and feel right on the screen. Works really well. To see the full calculator requires the device to be rotated to landscape mode. Fixing that feature would be nice but for heavy users of the 12c, this is the app we have all been looking for.

Needs an upgrade. I purchased this after I received a message that the other HP 12C would not be compatible ... sorely needs an upgrade for iOS 11 compatibility **update: everything good now, with the app, it’s now compatible with iOS 11. Upgraded the review, but would have wanted a bit faster compatibility to iOS 11 (e.g., from the start)**

Great App but may not work after iOS 11. I have used an HP12C since I was in college in the 1980's. I would give this a 5 Star rating, except for the fact that HP has never updated the app and as we close in on iOS 11, it will most likely quit working. What is most frustrating is this is one of the few apps I have ever paid for, and quite a bit at that. It's annoying that HP cannot keep it updated!!

HP 12-C. Since you updated the app for the iPhone yesterday to fix an issue on screen rotation, I can’t rotate the screen anymore. How do I fix that? Before you updated the app, screen rotation worked perfectly. It now works in portrait format which is much more limited than landscape. I can’t get it to rotate to landscape now.

Key pressed visual feature broken!. After years of using this app, I just now noticed that the keyboard buttons for “normal” and “pressed” are the same in landscape mode. In portrait mode, the button press does function. This is unlike the other calculators in the series— 15C and 12C Platinum, which feature visual button press. I truly hope this is merely an oversight, as these are my favorite apps to date! I am on iPhone X and iPad 2017.

Financial Calculator. I used the hp 12c for many years. I have now replaced the actual calculator with this app on both my iPad and iPhone. I leave the keyboard clicks on for my iPad but have turned them off to use my iPhone during meetings. The keyboard sounds are controlled in the general settings, and I have not experienced a problem with turning them on or off. In terms of functionality, I have not seen any differences between the app and the actual calculator. I primarily use those functions related to amortization schedules and the time value of money. It has worked very well for me.

Functional, but could use small improvements. At the time of writing this review I am currently studying elements of Bond Pricing & Duration. I have a physical HP 12C Platinum that I left back in my room by mistake, so I downloaded this app. So far it's just like using the real thing (although admittedly I have not performed any complex computations). My one suggestion would be to update the app's resolution to that of the iPhone 6-7/iPhone 6-7+ native display resolutions. On my iPhone 7, there are black bars on the left and right hand side of the screen (when held horizontally) that are somewhat irritating. Surely this fix would not constitute a large undertaking for Hewlett-Packard 4/5

HP 12C, fully functional or not?!. I had this app--or one exactly like it--three or four years ago. It was exactly like an HP 12C in every respect. But then I had to restore everything onto a new iPhone, and all of the financial functionality disappeared. I was left with an, essentially, four function calculator. So I wonder if this is just a technical glitch and the guy who wrote the program is sick/deceased and is not able to read these reviews? That is, maybe he's not aware of the problem. Or maybe he got sued by Hewlett-Packard? But there's something funny going on here for sure. Erase that! I have found that the fully functional HP 12 C appears when you turn your iPhone sideways. Portrait, you have merely a four function calculator basically. But go to landscape, you get the full function calculator that I had a couple of years ago! Sorry about that but it appears other people have experienced the same "lack of functionality."

iPhone 6 issues. I have had this app for a very long time. I recently purchased a new iPhone 6. Since the purchase of my phone the app definitely has a glitch. When I tilt my phone for landscape the app does not tilt along with it all the time. Once in a great while I can get The app to respond but it's very infrequent. I hope there is an update in the works to fix this…

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Good but needs updating. This is the best 12C app out there as you would expect, however it needs updating to support iPhone 5, 5s, 6 and 6 plus screens. It really looks poor on my 6...

IPad Pro requires update to app for HP12c and HP19BII. I have used HP Calculators since 1973-4 initially HP97 I think. Having it available on the iPhone and iPad is sensational. However my new iPad Pro will not open. The app motive is on the desk top but when actioned it turns screen to portrait shows black screen with HP logo and then returns to the desktop. Also in transferring to ne iPad Pro I have lost the anniversary model. 😩

Good but no keyboard support. A very good calculator spoiled only by not having Bluetooth keyboard support.

HP 12C. A true application of the original handheld, except for the sound. Not having the option to switch keystroke sound off is annoying and disappointing.

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Disappointing display. Big fan of HP 12 C but the display on iPhone X is poor. It does not adjust to the screen on landscape well. It feels artificial. I am sure HP could do much much better... pity as it feels very expensive and is hardly better than copy cat free versions.

Love This App but...... I don't think this APP will run on iOS11. Added Nice to see the App updated for iOS11. Awesome calculator. I have the original HP12C in the office and the HP15C Limited at home.

Hp 12c - for the iPhone. What a rip-off! I have it on my iPad - it works great - on the iPhone it is a joke - where the hell are the functionality keys! This is nothing more than $2 calculator. Fix this !

Perfect and irreplaceable. Wonderful App - the real thing, other than HP's old tactile feedback! Please update to conform with upcoming IOS.

HP 12C. This application is not a 12C it is just a simple calculator that you can download for free elsewhere. Product is not what is displayed.

Great implementation, but .... This surely is the definitive iOS implementation of the HP12, but it needs an update or it will not work under iOS 11. For those planning to run iOS 11, do keep this in mind.

Lazy on updates. Shame! You destroy a brand by slacking off on updates. My phone is unstable because of this outdated app but I rely on the 12C daily. Update it or pull it, just don't further frustrate those who have been HP fans for years.

Love my 12c. True to the original physical HP 12c. There are other RPN calculators for the iPhone, but I want my app to work just like my physical calculator. This does it. Love that I always have my 12c with me. If you don't know what RPN is, you probably won't like this. When I got my first HP calculator in 1976, it took 2 days to get used to the process. But I've never looked back. Much easier way to perform calculations than the standard calculator.

Exactly as it should. I do not agree with the preceding negative comments. As someone that has used the physical 12C for years, this app is true to the original. Using this on the iPad2, I find the graphic quality is stellar. Since using RPN (reverse Polish notation) the first time, I found it logical and straightforward. If you're thinking of buying this app and you haven't used RPN before, you owe it to yourself to spend 5 minutes training yourself, you'll love it. Yes, there other free apps that purport to emulate the beloved operation of the HP 12C...and I've tried pretty much all of them, but this is the one to get. The other "free" apps are all lacking. Today I found this app on sale for $4.99 as a special for the upcoming school year (september) and grabbed it having watched the pricing for 6 months waiting for a price drop. Kudos to the designers in keeping this app true to the original, 5 stars for sure, 10 if I could!!

doesn't work.... on the original version of ipad, does not show any functions beyond those of a simple calculator... please fix it, HP!

Thanks 64 bit. Thanks for 64 bit

Updated for iOS 11. Finally updated with 64-bit support the day after iOS 11 came out! Thank you.

HP12C. I have been using various models of HP Calculators for years. They are by far, the best financial and general purpose calculators available on the planet - the best feature being RPN. Once you have used and mastered RPN you will not ever want to go back to basic methods. Accolades and a HUGE thank you to HP for this App. Finally, we have a superb calculator for the iPad and one that works brilliantly. Worth ever penny and has my highest recommendation.

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Please update the app so it continues to run.. I have several HP 12C calculators and also use it on my iPhone. Please update this app as Apple is telling me it is going to stop working in the next few minutes months.

Out of date on iOS. Calculator is still working for what I need it for, but every launch displays a message that the app needs to be updated for newer versions of iOS. If something isn't done soon, app will probably get pulled from the store. Don't buy it until that is addressed.

Outdated and no updates. If you are using a reasonably modern iPhone, which has no “home” button anymore, then the only way to switch apps is to power down your iPhone. It insists on going into full screen mode and never relinquishes the screen. Outdated, outdated, outdated. This is an orphaned app.

Please update!. Works just like my 12c. I like the portrait mode, which why I chose this rather than the '12c' lookalike. Update! Please update this app so that it will be compatible with future versions of iOS. I prefer this app to the knock off versions out there.

Need RPN?. This is the ticket. I sometimes think RPN is particular to lefties. No learning curve unless you are right minded (pun intended). I started with an HP41C back in the eighties. OK, I will admit it - the logic used in the operation of "normal" calculators drives me crazy. Thank you HP for providing the 12C for the iPad. Lots of Fish

Screen rotation still a problem!. Thank you for fixing the screen rotation so that it now works as a financial calculator!

Yes! Updated for iOS 11 64 bit. I was concerned the app would fail when iOS 11 stopped supporting 32 bit apps but today the app upgraded to 64 bit!!!!! Also the click is softer!!!! It is a much better experience now!!! I'm looking be my HP12-C and this app keeps the next best thing handy! Don't forget to use it landscape to get the full calculator. In portrait it becomes a simple interface. Great job devs!!!!

64-bit support. When will the HP 12C app be updated to a 64-bit application? Apple has indicated that support for 32-bit programs will end soon--probably with the release of iOS11! I paid a lot of money for an application I use everyday. I don't want to see those dollars wasted because HP will not make the app 64-bit!

HP 12C 64 bit. Updated to x64 and works like a charm!!!! Thank you SO much!!!! Any updates for iOS 11, with 64 bit architecture? Resolved!!!

HP 12C. I just downloaded (August 2018) the HP 12C App on my iPhone and I don’t have access to the full screen and functionality. I didn’t realize I had my screen on lock mode. All is good.

Works great!. Those who are reporting that the full functionality is not there either don't know how to read a manual or are shills for other apps. Works great and I use it all the time.

Recently updated for iOS 11. The app was updated recently. It is now fully supported and reliable.

Not 64 bit compatible. I felt compelled to replace an old 12C-like app that kept showing a warning message that it is a 32 bit app, etc. Apple is sending out these warnings. I paid 3x more for HP's version only to find I have the same 32 bit issues. How can HP not be updating this app--especially at this price? I would steer clear of this app until resolved.

Please update!. I purchased my beloved HP-12C in 1983 and it still works like a charm. Love the iPhone app and thanks so much for the 64-bit update!

Fix key clicks!!. Fix the key clicks. I've got them turned off in Settings but I still want a click with an adjustable sound level separate from the master ring volume. Do that and the rating is a 5.

HP 12C app. I have on my I phone but it will not go to financial view when I rotate my phone.. I just purchased again for my wife’s phone got it downloaded and I still have the same problem. You said you had fixed this app a year ago but apparently not.. I have now paid for two applications that do not work... Not very good advertising!!!!

Amazing app. Great job from HP. I wish they would do the same for scientific calculator like hp41 or hp11 we all love. This is now my default calc on my iPhone.

If it doesn’t rotate to landscape mode. Check to see if you phone screen is in locked rotation. Mine was. App works perfectly if you unlock rotation in the control panel.

Sound. The clicking sound is very irritating and will prevent me from using this in a business setting. Please launch an update to fix this!

Please update for 64-bit. Dear HP, I'll get really angry with you for paying for this app and not having an update for 64-bit iOS versions. It won't be the first time you let me down with your products' lack of support. Please keep your brand image intact - with such a small task to accomplish. Thank you.

Thanks for the iOS 11 update!!. Love this app. I have the real HP12c calculator. It is nice to be able to carry this around with you all the time.

Not work ios11. This does not work under ios11 Update. Now works in ios11. Now back to the best financial calculator ever. What took so long?

Nearest to the real thing. This app is the closest thing to the real HP12C. My only complaint is the goofy key click sound. The key clicks can be turned off, but I would prefer to have some audible feed back.

Purchased?. Bought this app a year ago but it didn't show up in purchased apps when I switched phones, like all the other apps. No contact for such a problem, so they get a one star. Unfair? So is having to pay for this application again.

Use landscape for fin fns. If you turn the iPhone to landscape mode you'll find it's not truncated and all the extra fin functions show up...just like in the photos.

Wanted to give 5 BUT. I have used the 12c for 25 years so naturally want this app to be my primary calculator. Unfortunately the app doesn't always rotate to landscape and the clicking sound is very VERY annoying. On the plus side it solves some equations faster than the real calculator which is impressive.

So your customers don't matter?. Are you updating so we can continue using or are you refunding our money??? Would someone at least give us an answer so we can continue using this app or when we can expect our refund.

What’s not to love?. With the latest updates, the bugs that people complained about are gone. This is app is the next best thing to the real deal.

New iOS. The latest version iOS blocks the full screen of this app, hope that it will be fixed soon

There’s a flicker at the bottom of the screen when I open it. Also when rotated it needs more of a margin because the iPhone swipe controls covers up some of the buttons

Will not work!. I cannot get it to landscape so I can calculate monthly payments. I can be used as a regular calculator but not with all the functions. I have tried all the settings (the landscape is not lock) and it still doesn’t work. Don’t waste your money!!!

Not worth a dime. Ive downloaded many apps... Many of them were less than I expected..a few were awful... And THIS is my first time writing a negative review. This app totally over represents it's capabilities and returns crashes and errors. Pease fix or refund.

App is working on the latest iOS. I got warnings from iOS that app may not work with the latest iOS, but it works, so I’ve updated my star rating to five)))

Turn sound off please!. Would love this app if you could turn sound off. Can't use in meetings and had to buy another rpn app. Please give option to turn sound off!

New HP 12C app is TERRIBLE!!!. I LOVED the amazing non-official 12c app I had and lived for years. Now that app has disappeared mysteriously from my phone and I just spent $15 to buy the official one from HP. Unbelievable how lame it is. HP should be embarrassed. This is indicative of crappy thinking and lame products at HP. Why they are going down the tubes as a company. So so lame.

Sad This App No Longer Works. I’ve used this app for years, and never had any problems. Recently I noticed that it would not convert to a traditional HP 12 C on the horizontal. I deleted the app and reinstalled but that doesn’t solve the problem. At this point it’s only a calculator without the full features of an HP 12 C.

Perfect. I'm a big 12c user from way back. This app is perfect for me and I really appreciate the included help. If you are a hard core finance person you need this app

Useless sound effects (or defects). Please fix the sound! It is annoying and useless. The real 12C does not have sound, so WHY the app will "click" on every key pressed? Just plain foolish, useless, nonsense.

Update Missing (4" screen and click sound). I love the original HP 12C. The app is good. I just don't like the clicking sound!!! And, please, update it for IPhone 5!!!! It's a shame do not use full screen!

Very convenient but needs update. Apple is warning that the iOS version of 12C needs an update to be usable with future OS upgrades. It's a superb app as it stands; here's hoping HP will continue to support it!

PERFECT!. I've used HP calculators beginning in college and throughout my entire career - 36 years. This app is all I could hope for.

BUg Cant get it to flip back when looking at the bac. Phone: iPhone XR repro 1. Open app 2. Touch the hp12c logo Calculator flips around to a handy guide 3. Try to touch the word flip to go back to the calculator Expected results: the calculator shows the keys again Actual result: nothing. You have to kill the app and reopen to get back to the keys I suspect the button labeled “flip” is too far in the corner on an iPhone XR

Please update. I got an iOS notification that the app won't work soon unless it's updated.

Doesn"t work!. I bought this version to replace my previous one which did not go into landscape mode when I upgraded to iPhone-6. This one does't work either even though landscape settings are enabled! Very dissapointed with HP. Don't waste your money on this junk!

Great so far. Only issue I have run across is that the display is not positioned correctly in portrait mode. The display sits too high on the graphics for the iPad Mini 2021 version.

Good app, but is it still supported?. I like the app, but keep getting warnings from Apple that it needs to be updated and won't be supported by the next IOS update

Haptic feedback for key presses?. How about offering an option for haptic feedback when keys are pressed that mimics the feedback on the original calculator?

Rotation not working. After last update screen rotation for classic look not working on iPhone pro max 12

Works great! Just use landscape view. Works just like my 12c. Just use landscape mode. Price is steep, but it's a good backup if I don't have my calculator with me.

Rotate screen doesn’t work. Although they say they fixed this two years ago. I still can’t rotate the screen so half the functionality is useless. I reinstalled the app but still didn’t work. On top of that, good luck trying to reach the developers to report.

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HP 12C Financial Calculator iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $14.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.3.4
Play Store com.hp.HP12C2
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

HP 12C Financial Calculator (Versiyon 2.3.4) Install & Download

The applications HP 12C Financial Calculator was published in the category Finance on 2012-03-13 and was developed by Royal Consumer Products Inc. [Developer ID: 1384772188]. This program file size is 23.85 MB. This app has been rated by 376 users and has a rating of 2.8 out of 5. HP 12C Financial Calculator - Finance app posted on 2021-05-05 current version is 2.3.4 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.hp.HP12C2. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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HP 12C Financial Calculator App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Updated for new devices and for newer versions of iOS.

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Find this site the customer service details of HP 12C Financial Calculator. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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