Best Shopify Conversion Tracking Apps

Top 43 Best Conversion Tracking Apps for Shopify in 2023

  • Analyzify - Conversion Tracking shopify app


    Turnkey data analytics setup by industry experts! Set up Google Tag Manager, GA4 and Universal Analytics Enhanced E-commerce by injecting advanced dataLayers code into your Shopify store.

  • IndocoLite app overview, reviews and download


    About Indocolite With Indocolite, you can integrate popular shipping courier services in Indonesia into your website's checkout page. Shipping rates will be taken from this courie...

  • Codleadform: COD Order Form app overview, reviews and download

    Codleadform: COD Order Form

    Do you want to increase your sales and develop your (COD) cash on delivery business? Don't search too much, Codleadform: COD Order Form & Upsell It is all you need to increase...

  • ClickGUARD Integration app overview, reviews and download

    ClickGUARD Integration

    ClickGUARD Integration Integration for ClickGUARD is here! Now you can easily configure visitor and conversion tracking on your store for your ClickGUARD protected Google Ads acco...

  • BVC ‑ Facebook & Custom Pixel app overview, reviews and download

    BVC ‑ Facebook & Custom Pixel

    The Tracking Pixel App can be used to collect valuable data about your store's visitors and sales conversion, which can then be used to create targeted ads on Facebook and drive n...

  • Advanced Wishlist app overview, reviews and download

    Advanced Wishlist

    Keep track of the wants of your customers with our Advanced Wishlist appKey Features: Globally accessible wishlist (header navigation, collection page, product page, quick view, ...

  • FeedAPIs For Bing Shopping /MS app overview, reviews and download

    FeedAPIs For Bing Shopping /MS

    The FeedAPIs For Bing Shopping / Microsoft App is designed to use the Content API method for feed submission to your Microsoft Merchant Center stores, which submits any new produc...

  • Optimizely by Upsell app overview, reviews and download

    Optimizely by Upsell

    New! — Easily run sophisticated A/B tests Quickly create A/B tests using Optimizely’s WYSIWYG interface – no coding necessary. Know when a experiment reaches statistical significa...

  • Sideqik app overview, reviews and download


    Overview Leverage influencer marketing to drive more revenue for your brand using Sideqik's Shopify integrated e-commerce business tools. Measure your influencers campaign conver...

  • Easy Google Customer Reviews app overview, reviews and download

    Easy Google Customer Reviews

    What is Google Customer Reviews? Google Customer Reviews is a free program that allows businesses to collect feedback from customers that have made a purchase on their site (Pleas...

  • Clever: Google Ads & Shopping app overview, reviews and download

    Clever: Google Ads & Shopping

    Save money on your first Google Ads campaigns with an Adwords Discount We're happy to offer you a promotional Google Ads coupon code to use in your first Adwords campaigns and sta...

  • emarketing app overview, reviews and download


    Munich-based emarketing AG offers a cloud-based software solution for the e-commerce sector. Via the emarketing cloud platform, online merchants promote their products easily and ...

  • Wishlist King app overview, reviews and download

    Wishlist King

    Wishlist King at a glance: Free Setup and Installation service. Fully customisable design for seamless theme integration. (Wording: Wishlist, Favourites, Likes | Custom Icons &am...

  • CJ Network Integration app overview, reviews and download

    CJ Network Integration

    Overview More than just a tracking platform, CJ is your partner in affiliate marketing. Since day one, we’ve focused on creating innovative tech that meets client needs. Founded i...

  • Insightful LinkedIn Pixel app overview, reviews and download

    Insightful LinkedIn Pixel

    Why You Need Insightful LinkedIn Pixel: This tracking tool helps you utilize the LinkedIn insight tag to discover the rate of return for LinkedIn ads so that you can refine your m...

  • TrafficGuard Tag Manager app overview, reviews and download

    TrafficGuard Tag Manager

    Google Tag Manager allows you manage all of your tracking and analytics from one place, without having to constantly place code on your website. All you need to do, is install you...

  • Aimtell Web Push Notifications app overview, reviews and download

    Aimtell Web Push Notifications

    Aimtell provides a new way to re-engage your visitors and customers with highly targeted website push notifications. One-click Opt-in. Aimtell enables visitors to subscribe to web...

  • Lead Form COD Cash On Delivery app overview, reviews and download

    Lead Form COD Cash On Delivery

    Do you want an all-in-one application that facilitates your cash-on-delivery business? With LeadForm: COD, your customers don't need to enter a lot of information in several pages...

  • OneClick: Google Ads Tracking app overview, reviews and download

    OneClick: Google Ads Tracking

    Why use Google Ads Conversion Tracking? Configuring your Google Ads account (former Google Adwords) with accurate conversion tracking can prove a challenging task. You need to mak...

  • Facebook Pixel & TikTok Pixel app overview, reviews and download

    Facebook Pixel & TikTok Pixel

    OnePixel By OneCommerce - One App For All The Pixels You Need! OnePixel was developed by OneCommerce - a leading eCommerce Solution Platform trusted by 181,000 global merchants. W...

  • AdTrack ‑ Google Ads Tracking app overview, reviews and download

    AdTrack ‑ Google Ads Tracking

    AdTrack - Google Ads Tracking is an efficient app facilitating you to track the performance of the Google Ads campaign of your store as you can easily integrate your online store ...

  • Recommendify: Upsell with AI app overview, reviews and download

    Recommendify: Upsell with AI

    Increase your sales effortlessly with the traffic you already have. Boost average order value and conversions with AI-based personalized recommendations. What if you could show yo...

  • OrderlyEmails: Email Templates app overview, reviews and download

    OrderlyEmails: Email Templates

    OrderlyEmails is an email design tool that helps you customize each email template that Shopify is sending for your store; for example, the order confirmation email template sent ...

  • Google Tag Manager app overview, reviews and download

    Google Tag Manager

    The Google Tag Manager app is an easy way to automate your analytics and conversion setup for your Shopify site with 30+ pre-built tags.Why choose Google Tag Manager app? Our miss...

  • Happy Checkout app overview, reviews and download

    Happy Checkout

    Imagine you've just had a fantastic dinner at a popular new restaurant. The food was fantastic, the wine was perfect, and the server was attentive without being overbearing. It's ...

  • Improvely app overview, reviews and download


    Improvely is software to help you get the most out of your website marketing efforts. We help you track where your traffic is coming from, which traffic sources are generating you...

  • Attribuly Attribution app overview, reviews and download

    Attribuly Attribution

    Accurate conversion tracking and attribution are critical for your marketing. But Ad platform and analytics tools frequently misreport, "last click attribution" masks the true val...

  • AdWhatCost: Ad Insights & UTM app overview, reviews and download

    AdWhatCost: Ad Insights & UTM

    Reliable Conversion Tracking In the light of progressively inaccurate ads reporting and a partial reliance on estimations in the post iOS14 era, reliable reporting data has become...

  • UploadPro Photo Upload Buttons app overview, reviews and download

    UploadPro Photo Upload Buttons

    UploadPro lets your customers add custom photos and files to their products and orders. Personalized ecommerce is a growing trend and UploadPro helps you benefit from this huge ma...

  • Cross‑sell Magic app overview, reviews and download

    Cross‑sell Magic

    Highly relevant product recommendations to increase sales and average order value within minutes. Your store is different, and your recommendations engine should be too. Maximize...

  • Elevar Tag Management Suite app overview, reviews and download

    Elevar Tag Management Suite

    New June 2022 Real-time purchase activity feed First & last touch UTM report Consent mode for GDPR Snapchat CAPI -- Ensure your customer data is tracked and delivered to key...

  • LTV+ Reorder & Repeat Order app overview, reviews and download

    LTV+ Reorder & Repeat Order

    This is a fully automated solution designed to boost your profits from repeat sales.Increase your store's profits You spend a lot of resources in acquiring new customers. What abo...

  • Make Influence Order Tracking app overview, reviews and download

    Make Influence Order Tracking

    Order Tracking for Make Influence Make Influence is a platform where brands can find influencers to promote their products. Influencers are paid for every conversion they can gene...

  • QR Code Generator Releasit app overview, reviews and download

    QR Code Generator Releasit

    Create unlimited QR Codes with unlimited scans, choose your style, colors, frame and add text!Key features (all FREE): Create beautiful QR Codes with fully customizable designs (...

  • Newsletter2Go Email Marketing app overview, reviews and download

    Newsletter2Go Email Marketing

    What is Newsletter2Go? Newsletter2Go is an intuitive email marketing software designed to meet your e-commerce needs while saving you time. We're here to make sure you get the mos...

  • Respond Flow app overview, reviews and download

    Respond Flow

    About Respond Flow: Text message marketing Don’t pay to play, pay to win. Respond Flow helps you own your audience, turn conversations into revenue, and keep your shoppers coming ...

  • Google Enhanced Conversion app overview, reviews and download

    Google Enhanced Conversion

    Why with Google Enhanced Conversion? You realized the importance of Google Ads conversion tracking and how it could have a significant impact on your website. You've heard good th...

  • GroPulse GTM & Data Layer app overview, reviews and download

    GroPulse GTM & Data Layer

    GroPulse GTM & Data Layer is a modern, powerful and quick solution to add Google Tag manager script right away. It rids you from the hassle of editing your theme’s code to int...

  • ADCELL Tracking & Remarketing app overview, reviews and download

    ADCELL Tracking & Remarketing

    About ADCELL The affiliate network ADCELL offers website operators (online shops or service offers) the simple and secure access to partners with high-reach websites helping to bo...

  • Rebuy Personalization Engine app overview, reviews and download

    Rebuy Personalization Engine

    What’s new One-Click Reactivate Recharge Subscription Pages Recharge Customer Portal Personalization Smart Cart Accelerated Payment Buttons One-Click Post-Purchase Offers THE FU...

  • Simprosys Google Shopping Feed app overview, reviews and download

    Simprosys Google Shopping Feed

    Support Currently, we are supporting merchants for their Various Feeding and Campaign needs via API(in Almost real-time sync) for Marketing and Sales channels as listed below; Go...

  • Oxedent Google Ads Tracking app overview, reviews and download

    Oxedent Google Ads Tracking

    *** Google Ads Tracking *** Importance of conversion tracking The implementation of constant monitoring and tracking of conversion metrics is vital to assure that your campaigns d...

  • Tracking for Google Ads app overview, reviews and download

    Tracking for Google Ads

    Importance of Conversion Tracking Implementing Google Ads (Google AdWords) conversion pixel or tracking code is extremely important for running successful Google Ads campaigns. Yo...

Shopify Conversion Tracking Apps

For Shopify store owners, conversion tracking is key to scaling their businesses and getting the highest return on investment from Ads initiatives. With these insights in hand, advanced strategies can be crafted which maximize ROI potential – an invaluable advantage when competing with other retailers. To help you gain this edge over your competitors; premium Shopify apps for conversion tracking are now available – allowing website performance and content effectiveness to be precisely monitored at all times. See how investing in professional-grade trackers will make a real difference going forward!

With Shopify entrepreneurs needing apps to help their business grow, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. At 7,500+ and counting, it’s essential that you take time selecting the right ones for your unique needs – investing in them could make all the difference! We have researched and listed out the best Shopify Conversion tracking apps so that you can make your app choices wisely.

What is conversion tracking?

Conversion tracking is a method to measure and analyze the actions that users take after interacting with your online advertisements or marketing efforts. A ‘conversion’ refers to a specific action that you want a visitor to your website to take, such as making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, downloading a resource, or filling out a contact form. Conversion tracking involves placing a small piece of code, often referred to as a pixel or tracking code, on your website. This code tracks the users’ behavior on your site and records when a conversion action is completed. With conversion tracking, you can measure the effectiveness of your online advertising and marketing campaigns by analyzing the following:

  • Conversion Rate: The percentage of visitors to your website who complete a desired action.
  • Cost Per Conversion: The amount of money spent on advertising to acquire one conversion.
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): The revenue generated from your advertising campaigns compared to the amount of money spent on those campaigns.
  • Source of Conversion: Identify which advertising or marketing channels are driving the most conversions.
  • Conversion Path: The series of steps a user takes before completing a conversion.

Conversion tracking is essential for optimizing your advertising and marketing efforts. It helps you to understand what is working well, where you need to make improvements, and how to allocate your budget effectively to maximize your return on investment.

What does conversion mean in Shopify?

In Shopify, a conversion usually refers to a specific action that a visitor takes on your store that is valuable to your business. The most common conversion in Shopify is a completed purchase, which is the ultimate goal for most online retailers. However, a conversion can be any action that you deem important for your business, such as:

  1. Adding a Product to the Cart: A visitor adds a product to their shopping cart.
  2. Starting the Checkout Process: A visitor enters the checkout process.
  3. Creating an Account: A visitor creates an account on your store.
  4. Signing Up for a Newsletter: A visitor signs up for your email newsletter.
  5. Completing a Contact Form: A visitor fills out and submits a contact form.

It’s important to track various types of conversions because each action a visitor takes on your site can provide valuable insights into their journey and behavior. This information can help you optimize your website, marketing, and advertising efforts to increase your conversion rate and maximize your return on investment.

How do I optimize my Shopify store for conversion?

Optimizing your Shopify store for conversion is crucial to maximize sales and revenue. Here are some key strategies to optimize your conversion rate:

  1. Improve Site Speed: Ensure your website loads quickly. Use compressed images, a fast and responsive theme, and limit the use of apps that can slow down your site.
  2. Mobile Optimization: Ensure your website is responsive and provides an excellent user experience on mobile devices.
  3. Clear Value Proposition: Clearly articulate the value of your products and why customers should choose your store.
  4. High-Quality Product Images: Use high-resolution images that showcase your products from multiple angles.
  5. Detailed Product Descriptions: Provide comprehensive and informative product descriptions that address potential questions and objections.
  6. Social Proof**: Display customer reviews, testimonials, and user-generated content to build trust and credibility.
  7. Clear Call to Actions (CTAs): Make CTAs prominent and clear, guiding visitors towards making a purchase.
  8. Streamlined Checkout Process: Simplify the checkout process by minimizing the number of steps and removing unnecessary fields.
  9. Multiple Payment Options: Offer a variety of payment options to cater to different customer preferences.
  10. Free Shipping: If possible, offer free shipping as it is a significant motivator for online purchases.
  11. Exit-Intent Popups: Implement exit-intent popups to capture leads or offer discounts to encourage visitors to complete their purchase.
  12. Retargeting: Implement retargeting campaigns to re-engage visitors who left your site without making a purchase.
  13. A/B Testing: Regularly conduct A/B tests on different elements of your website, such as headlines, product descriptions, images, and CTAs, to determine what resonates best with your audience.
  14. Analytics: Utilize analytics tools to monitor your website’s performance and identify areas for improvement.
  15. Easy Navigation: Ensure your website is easy to navigate with a clear menu structure, prominent search bar, and well-organized product categories.
  16. SEO Optimization: Implement on-page SEO best practices to increase organic traffic to your website.
  17. Email Marketing: Build and segment your email list to send targeted and personalized messages that encourage repeat purchases.

Implementing these strategies will help optimize your Shopify store for conversion and maximize your sales and revenue. Remember to continuously monitor your site’s performance and make data-driven decisions to further optimize your conversion rate.