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TrafficGuard Tag Manager App Description & Overview

Google Tag Manager allows you manage all of your tracking and analytics from one place, without having to constantly place code on your website. All you need to do, is install your Google Tag Manager container on your site once, and then update that container within your Google Tag Manager account. But getting your Google Tag Manager container installed on your ecommerce site can be hassle - especially if you aren't a developer - because it requires you to edit your site's theme.liquid file.

Now, using TrafficGuard's Google Tag Manager Installer plugin, you can easily add your Google Tag Manager container to your ecommerce site without having to update your site's theme.liquid. Simply input your Google Tag ID and our Installer plugin takes care of the rest.

Your Facebook pixel, Google Analytics tracking, Google Ads conversion tracking and all other tracking and analytics can be implemented within your Google Tag Manager account - so that you don't need to constantly add it to the head section of your site.

For a simple, effective and free way to put Google Tag Manager on your site, use TrafficGuard's Google Tag Manager Installer.

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App Name TrafficGuard Tag Manager
App Category Store Management
App Price Price: Free
Support E-Mail
App Website

TrafficGuard Tag Manager Features

The easiest GTM installation & tag management for your site.

One click GTM install

Use Google Tag Manager x TrafficGuard to easily install tag manager on your ecommerce site.

Access leading analytics tools

Easily place your Facebook pixel; your Google Analytics tracking; Google Ads conversion tracking and more, through your Google Tag Manager.

Data Layer + eComm Variables

Share eCommerce variables with Google Analytics to enrich your analytics.

TrafficGuard Tag Manager Comments & User Reviews 2024

(United Kingdom)

Doesn't seem to work, at least not on the Lite plan. It just gets stuck in a loop stating that cookies must be enabled.

(United Kingdom)

Worked Like Magic! Thank You! (Just make sure your GTM code doesn't have a space infront of it because it's not going to work. Also try publishing GTM as it's not going to be visible.

(United States)

Cool app, worked like a charm. Make sure to just copy paste the tag ID and not the whole block of HTML it provides.

(Saudi Arabia)

Very easy to use. Works efficiently. It took me less than a minute to set it up. I was hesitant as I was the first to review it but it's been great.


It worked! I added my GTM ID using this app and my Tag Assistance identified GTM on my Shopify store.

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