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Odoo Connector App Description & Overview

Openerp connector -With this app users will be able to synchronize all the products , customers , orders fulfillment , payment and much more from Shopify to Odoo.

Compatible with all Odoo V8, Odoo V9 , Odoo V10 , Odoo V11, Odoo V12, Odoo V13, Odoo V14 and Odoo V15.

Features: -

-Sync all your products from Shopify to Odoo with this app.

-Sync all your Customers from Shopify to Odoo with this app.

-All the orders on Shopify can be synchronized from Shopify to Odoo with this app.

-This app also syncs the collection/categories of Shopify from Shopify to Odoo.

-Payment mapping of Shopify’s payment method and Odoo’s payment.

-Mapping of tax is done where the tax calculation of Shopify and Odoo tax are mapped.

-The manual mapping of currency from Shopify to Odoo is done.

-Easily configured and user friendly.

You can process all your orders into Odoo by better shipping , warehouse and account management. With this app you can have advanced feature like Warehouse , accounts & shipping , purchasing.

You can manage your purchase at Odoo and effect on stock (after purchase ) will automatically sync to Odoo.

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App Name Odoo Connector
App Category Store Management
App Price $35/month. 7-day free trial.
Support E-Mail support@webkul.com
App Website

Odoo Connector Features

Real time Sync to Odoo for Products, Orders, Qty.

Real time product sync to Odoo

Sync all your shopify products to odoo. Create multiple instances and manage them with ease.

Bidirectional Inventory Sync

Sync the Product inventory from Odoo to Shopify.

Order sync to Odoo

The order details can be synchronized to Odoo with just a single click within the App.

Odoo Connector Comments & User Reviews 2024


I wanted to connect with odoo, but not sure of the details, I've asked their support without avail. Installed the trial to try and it is automatically expired, not even a 'get started' chance. Trial doesn't work.


Great support. Always available when needed. We have 2 shops syncing orders to Odoo without issues now. They can also customize the integration! Game changing for us.


The app doesn't import stocks from Shopify to Odoo so it's useless for us. I ask a refund to Webkul (the company who develop this plugin), but they refuse to refund us the $35... We switch to the Odoo Shopify connector from Emipro, and we had a better experience.


The app works well and is fairly easy to use and install. It is important to look and adjust the different configurations to match your needs. We had to make several changes to the configuration, especially in Odoo. The customer service people were absolutely awesome. They patiently answered all my questions (thanks Arun), sending screen shots and advice as needed. If you're looking to connect your store to Odoo, this app is great.

(United States)

App will sync basic shopify product and order data to odoo. The fundamental differences between the 2 platforms make integration a bit tricky, but the app does what it should and the support is outstanding.

(United Kingdom)

I wanted to do a trial for 4 days and delete will I be still charged? Thanks in advance. Please drop your support email so I can contact em


We have been trying to use this app to connect our Online Store with Odoo, unfortunately the products, inventory... are not synchronized and the support is really bad and doesn't provide any solution for such a critical software.


We are trying to use this App but it's difficult to use and asked support but no reply.. Could't get reply from support so couldn't do anything even when it's trial term. Shouldn't use this app, bad service..


I used this app to help me connect Shopify order with Odoo to push all of my orders through. They have not only supplied a great service but they have gone over the top and modified the connector for us. Highly recommend.


It works really well and is easy to use. There were some hiccups during our set-up, but the customer support is really helpful.

(El Salvador)

Nice app, and the support it's excelent. Congratulations for your app!


Only syncs very basic product data Cannot Sync automated collections Constantly crashes when trying to sync more than 1000 items Does not offer detailed mapping options (category,published,website etc.) Constantly changed inventory quantities on its own Does not support multi warehouse properly

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