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Have you maxed out Shopify CSV file import and export capabilities?

This app is the tool to manage your whole Shopify store data.

Matrixify (formerly Excelify) app gives you great control over your store data
  1. Migrate from your old platform.
  2. Feed data to your store from any of your data sources, fit into our Excel or CSV template.
  3. Update your existing store data by individual fields, without having to re-import everything.
  4. Copy your data to your other stores with just one Excel or zip file.
  5. Export your data to other marketplaces like Google Shopping.
  6. Schedule and auto-repeat imports or exports.
  7. Backup your whole shop.
Just one feature to import Collections in bulk will save you days of manual work

If you use Matrixify for just this one thing - you have your time and sanity back. Import collections. See what's inside each collection by doing an export.

But it's packed with so much more

Whatever fields you see in your Shopify Admin, you are able to export and import them with Matrixify. You can bulk-update any of those fields individually or all together.

Crazy many Metafields?

Have Metafields as additional columns along with items they are attached to. You can edit, add or delete them just like any other column values.

Your store language is not plain English?

If you tried to import products or customers with CSV files in other languages with special language encoding, you know the pain. With Excel files, your data will be imported correctly.

Some of additional things you can do with this same app:
  • Update Product price
  • Update inventory, also by location
  • Import several images from the same row, separated by ; (semicolon)
  • Update Image Alt Texts
  • Update Collection product positions
  • Update Product variants by SKU, by Barcode, by Option values
  • Reorder product variants
  • Send out Customer activations in bulk
  • Update SEO fields for Products, Collections, Pages, Blogs
  • Import and export Blogs, Blog Posts, Blog Comments
  • Update Cost Per Item
Migrate from:

Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce / Wordpress, etc. - Products, Collections, Customers, Orders, Redirects, Pages, Blog Posts, etc.

Import from:

Uploaded file, URL, FTP/SFTP, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Sheets, ... Upload to FTP/SFTP.

Copy your whole store

All exported store contents fit in one exported file. You can copy your store by importing that same exported file to your other store. 2 shops for price of 1.

You are in charge!
  • Track progress - see time it takes to finish, how many items were new, updated or failed.
  • Cancel job any time.
  • See detailed result for each imported or exported item.
  • Export just the needed data - select columns and apply filters
List goes on: more on our Website or contact Support!

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App Name Matrixify
App Category Store Management
App Price Free plan available
Support E-Mail
App Website

Matrixify Features

Bulk Import Export Update Migrate.

Use Excel or CSV files for:

Products, Collections, Customers, Companies, Discounts, Draft Orders, Orders, Payouts, Pages, Blogs, Redirects, Activity, Files, Metafields

Migrate data to Shopify

All you need to migrate data from your previous e-commerce platform like Magento, Lightspeed, WordPress/WooCommerce, BigCommerce, ...

Bulk update data

Bulk update specific fields while keeping existing data intact.

E.g. update Product inventory by the SKU number. Schedule and auto-repeat.

Matrixify Comments & User Reviews 2024


A must-have application, you will find it very helpful if you are doing extensive work with your store.


Matrixify made it easy for us to migrate 200 product details from our previous website. Easy to use and helpful.

(United States)

I absolutely love this app. Matrixify combines the functionality of so many other apps and that's what makes it so affordable. We used it for migrating our our legacy site to Shopify and I don't think we could have made the move without Matrixify (75,000+ orders and their associated customers, as well as products, redirects, tags, collections, pages/posts). Recently we've been using it for metafields and it's been a big help in updating thousands of products at a time. Take the time to read their documentation and you won't be disappointed with the results. But if you do run into a snag you'll find their customer service is excellent - fast and detailed.


This app is incredible. It has no bugs, is easy to use while being quick and powerful. There are tons of useful tutorials and documentation on the official site of Matrixify. Every store with more than a few products needs to have this app. Great job and thank you very much!

(United Kingdom)

Matrixify is like a swiss army knife for Shopify. I couldn't even contemplate using Shopify without it. Great product, great support and incredible value. 100% recommended.


Amazing possibilities, fast and reliable app. We use it in many different ways and always find new ones. Also amazing support.


We used it to change all the discount codes in the shop (more than 1000). it worked great. the customer support is also very helping (used Slack to communicate with them which I find great!). Thank you very much :-)


This is a super useful and seriously efficient app. It is a bit complex to learn at first, but it is indispensible for migrating a store (which we have just done) and for managing inventory, collections and metafields. The support from Renars is prompt, friendly and invaluable!


This app plays a keyrole in integrating product content for our shop. It's easy to use and thanks to Excel offers great possibilities to manage content for the shop. I really would not miss out on this app, since it saves a lot of time for setting up and maintaining product content. On top of this comes different use cases like automated order exports, reports etc.

(United States)

Matrixify is a powerful app that is designed to build upon the functionality of Excel. It adds many useful features that allows you to simplify your daily tasks, allowing you more time to work on ideas and things that matter most. As a person who struggles with Excel this is a great addition to my arsenal of tools as it has automation features that make tasks easier but I still feel that I maintain full control over updating my data." I've also found Matrixify is starting to save me money as apps I used to subscibe to for tasks I can knock out myself using Excel and Matrixify. I cannot say enough good things - it's the best.


Great app with even better support. They answer literally 24/7 and there aren't many things Matrixify can't do. Very satisfied!

(United States)

We've used Matrixify for a couple of years now. Unlike other options available, Matrixify allows you to fully download all of your stores content and work with it in spreadsheets. If you have a large product catalog this comes in especially handy in reducing overall time it takes to make small or large scale changes.

(United States)

Update: I got this app to import my Wordpress blog posts into Shopify. I tried three other apps that all do the same thing, and this one imported past posts the best: the articles rendered well and included all photos. However for my purposes, unlike the other apps, it assumes that you'll be dissolving your Wordpress blog after importing and cannot sync updates or import articles automatically going forward, and so does not include canonical links. If I want to keep the Wordpress blog active, I have to add this to my task list to re-import whenever I update or write new posts.

(United States)

This app is AMAZING! ☝️ I’m a new user coming over from Wordpress and am used to a lot of control. I have worked with many different spreadsheets over the years and was completely baffled why I couldn’t simply upload my products from a simple CSV file. After many attempts and edits I finally contacted support and was helped for over an hour to do this. Great help on Shopify’s end but they couldn’t figure it out either. Their tech gurus were supposed to dig into it and email me back. So rather than wait I had remembered that I had downloaded a trial of Matrixify and figured I’d give it a try. I honestly hadn’t read much of the documentation but had seen a few short videos. OMG ⚡️ it worked the FIRST TIME! Wow I’ve been using it ever since to fix and update things I’d missed in my initial update and again it’s unbelievable how it works and it’s so easy! I’ve never been able to upload any information from a spreadsheet without EVERYTHING needing to be in the exact columns and format. I’m now looking forward to using this for some automation and backups. DON’T HESITATE TO USE THIS! It’s one of the most useful tools I’ve ever used! Thank you again Renars for your amazing support also! By the way support did get back to be and they still didn’t have a solution. So I filled them in on this and told them they should add it to the main admin! Very pleased in Oregon!

(United Kingdom)

Insanely slow. Takes me around 10 seconds per item, to extract the ID, Title and the value of a metafield. While exporting 300 items (~30 mins), it was faster for me to: a) Read Shopify's Admin API documentation; b) Create a private app in Shopify Admin; c) Write a loop to export the fields I needed in a NodeJS app, save it in a CSV file; and d) run my private app. I'm pretty sure they slow it on purpose so you upgrade to the more pricey versions. It's sad because the UI is convenient.


This application works very good! We used it to transfer lots of data from our old platform to Shopify.

(United Kingdom)

Used Matrixify for a couple of years now, we have a large product catalog, and it's been the solution for a number of challenges. Documentation is great, and the customer service team go above & beyond to help.


We used this app to migrate our Magento store to a Shopify store. It is a very good app, it can do anything. And the support is so great!! It is 24/7, quick and clear. We are extremely satisfied with this app, and can recommend this to everyone! Special thanks to Leva of the support who was very adequate and responsive!

(United States)

I've found the Matrixify app to be the best and least expensive of all the migration/import/export apps on Shopify. It has a ton of features and their support team is super-fast. When I had a couple of minor issues importing WordPress blog posts, the Matrixify support team responded within minutes and explained in clear terms how to fix the issue.


The Matrixify app is just amazing! We recently switched from WooCommerce to Shopify, and anything I've ever worked with for WooCommerce in terms of exporting and importing has always been a major pain or just doesn't work as expected. Matrixify is a pleasure to work with, and the pre-formatting provided in the "Maxtrixify: Excel" format is just sooo easy to work with. Bravo. A++.

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