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Importance of Conversion Tracking

Implementing Google Ads (Google AdWords) conversion pixel or tracking code is extremely important for running successful Google Ads campaigns. You can optimize your shopping, search or display campaigns only if you have the exact conversions data.

The new conversion tracking code released by Google is extremely hard to implement. One part of the tag (GTag) should be fired in all pages and another tag (conversion tag) should only be fired in the checkout page. Implementing the Conversion Tracking code/Conversion Tracking pixel manually usually results in one or more errors.

Common Google Ads Conversion Tracking Errors

Some of the major problems we have seen happening are as follows:

  • Duplicate conversions - conversions are counted multiple times instead of one resulting in an exaggerated view of the performance. This can also occur if the code is on any page other than checkout.
  • No conversion value - Most advertisers fail to successfully pass conversion value back to Google Ads (AdWords). Conversion value is important in optimizing for ROI as the amount you would want to spend on a product of $5 will be very different from another of $100.
  • Incorrect code or tracking errors - This happens when advertisers make a mistake while creating the script. No conversions will be recorded in Google Ads (AdWords) in this case.

AdNabu’s Google Ads conversion tracking app allows you to implement a conversion code for your store without the need for any coding. You simply need to follow these steps:

  • Install the app
  • Connect your Google Account
  • Select the Google Ads Account (if you have multiple)

That's it! AdNabu ensures that your conversion pixel has the best practices of tracking implemented tracking page. Your campaigns will soon start showing the actual sales and conversion values in Google Ads

  1. Should I manually create a conversion pixel? - No. There is no manual creation needed. AdNabu will create the pixel automatically
  2. What happens to my old pixels? - If you have implemented them manually in your store settings kindly disable them.
  3. What are the coding requirements? - There is no coding involved. Implementing conversion pixel is as easy as installing the app. There are no additional steps involved.
  4. What are the prerequisites to using this app? - You need to have an active Google Ads (AdWords) account
  5. Does this app support multiple Google Ads accounts or an MCC account? - Yes. We support multiple Google Ads accounts & MCC accounts.
  6. I am seeing a blank screen after installing the app. What can be the reason? - In case if you have an ad blocker installed, kindly pause it and check.
  7. Do you support Enhanced Conversions - Yes. We can track enhanced conversions as well

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App Name Tracking for Google Ads
App Category Store Management
App Price Free plan available. 7-day free trial.
Support E-Mail
App Website

Tracking for Google Ads Features

Error-Free Google Ads Enhanced Conversion Tracking in 2 mins.

Error-Free Google Tracking

Avoid errors like duplicate conversions, incorrect sale value, missing conversions, etc., without making changes to your theme file.

Enhanced Conversions Support

Upgrade to enhanced conversion pixel and improve measurement of online conversions by sending first-party data in a privacy-safe way.

Customize your pixel

Customize conversion tracking with support for agency or MCC accounts, duplicate pixel removal, shipping rate addition & more.

Tracking for Google Ads App Integrates with:

Google AdWords Google ads

Tracking for Google Ads Comments & User Reviews 2024

(United States)

I had trouble understanding why my pixel was unverified on my Google Merchant account. I researched every help article and could not believe I was wasting my time on something that seemed so straight forward. Neha Singh was a tremendous help and not only did she patiently walk me through the steps to ensure that my pixel settings were correct, but she also provided me with an education on what to expect once my pixel was on (post first sale). Many thanks to the support team for being attentive and supportive.

(South Africa)

I have just installed the app and I was having an issue to set-up enhanced conversions. I asked for help through the live chat support and Priya sorted my problem in 5 minutes. Great support. I really hope the app will work well!


Great app and support. They are really really helping with your google related problems. Great support


I am using this app to get an understanding on the campaign metrics and it really helped me to make adjustments to my ads, as I noticed some of these ads were not giving any returns while the others were doing so well so I could allocate my budget right. Thanks to the wonderful team who is available to solve any queries you have.

(United States)

good help they track sales well. I had a meeting and they set up my ad tracking. After that they sent me an email showing the steps to set up google ad analytics


Great customer service, very patient and helpful Great customer service, very patient and helpful Great customer service, very patient and helpful

(United States)



By far the easiest way to get tracking up and running on Google Ads accounts. Takes less than 1 minute to get up and running and avoids the hassle of manual setup. AdNabu's service is also top notch and their team is both helpful and friendly. Highly recommend!

(United Kingdom)

Never experienced such an excellent customer support. Priyah was phenomenal! I had issues with my tracking and she offered to hop on a call to go over everything in detail. Issues now resolved! Amazing!


I wasn´t sure if my tracking was working. So I set up a video call with the developer. They called me over google meet from India and made sure everything was right. Lets hope it continues working!


Very fast and helpful support, could anwser all my questions in no time! Shubham was very detailed and seemed very professional


Just started with the app and during installation and right after the support was very responsive and helful.

(United States)

Customer support was very helpful. Now I will be able to optimize my google shopping ads campaigns. Thanks

(United Kingdom)

great app and support always help to resolve any questions in a matter of minutes. Very helpful and fast. Keep on

(United States)

Super fast and helpful tech support. Just getting started with the app but it's good to know they're there to answer questions quickly and efficiently.


excellent service and a great app to manage business. Neha helped me in google ads. thank you so much


App works fine and you can easily set up a call with them to get help! costumer support is super!


thank you, the app is very nice and the support is very nice with the customers, they answer fast and they are very carefull about fixing your problem

(United Kingdom)

Great customer service! They were so helpful when we need installation help. We look forward to using this app for a long time.

(United Kingdom)

Shubham great help. Easy to use app! Support is great! All issues I have have been resolved and it wasn't to do with the app it was an internal error!

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