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Analyzify App Description & Overview

We offer you an all-in-one Shopify data-analytics app, which takes care of all your data & tracking needs for your Shopify store within 8 minutes. We also offer a Done-For-You setup option at no extra cost.

We have years of experience working with Shopify and we know how hard it is to collect and analyze the right data to make the right decisions based on real metrics. We have built Analyzify to make the process smooth for you.

What Analyzify will do for your store:
  • Setup of Google Tag Manager and complex dataLayers
  • Google Analytics 4 & Universal Analytics Setup with Enhanced Ecommerce,
  • Deep Product, Sales, Cart Performance Reports,
  • Google Analytics Content & Channel Grouping, and Funnels
  • Google Ads, Facebook Pixel, Criteo, and many other pre-built integrations
  • Advanced Custom Dimensions: User ID, User Recency, User Frequency, User Monetary, and User Type
Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and more!

Analyzify is compatible with Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics. We went beyond the classic e-commerce reports and added advanced metrics and custom dimensions such as User ID, User Recency, User Frequency, User Monetary, and User Type.

You do not need a developer.

We remove the need for development both in the website code and Google Tag Manager (GTM) side. Website owners do not need to implement their marketing tags, they do not need to configure their GTM. Analyzify codes are tested and being monitored/updated regularly, so website owners avoid bugs or data loss on the platforms.

Business expertise meets the codes.

We bring our business expertise along with technical solutions. Important events, goals, conversions, reports, and custom dimensions are all pre-defined and will be set up on Google Analytics / Google Data Studio side after the purchase.

Tailored solution for your store-specific needs.

We put complete in-person support behind the product. It is not just a code, we also help the store owner to configure the other ends (GTM, GA, GDS) and make necessary adjustments based on their Shopify template/business model if needed.

Ready to go Google Tag Manager Container

Analyzify will build a Google Tag Manager container for you. You will only need to download it and import it into your account.

  • 4 Custom variables and metrics are being sent to Google Analytics.
  • 76 Important metrics are being sent via dataLayers.
Have questions?

You can email us and we will answer within a few hours.

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App Name Analyzify
App Category Store Management
App Price $749 one-time charge
Support E-Mail
App Website

Analyzify Features

Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, data layers and more.

No-Code In-Depth Analytics

You don't need to touch the code in Shopify & Google Tag Manager. We have done all for you and our codes are tested and updated regularly.

Google Analytics 4 Compatible

Google Analytics 4 is ready-to-go with Analyzify. We go beyond the typical setup with advanced User Metrics (ID, Recency, Type, Monetary).

Tailored In-Person Support

We don't provide just a code, but help you to configure the GTM, GA, GDS; and make adjustments based on your specific business&store needs.

Analyzify Comments & User Reviews 2024


Installazione guidata nei minimi dettagli. Supporto e assistenza impeccabili. Consigliata per tracciare al meglio l'ecommerce

(United States)

Great app and service, everything we expected! Service was prompt and helpful, and continuing support is excellent.


Great app, great service. Fast replies and bug fixing on everything and helpful and proactive regarding optimizations as well. Definitely a thumbs up.

(United States)

set up process was seamless. We had some previous code that we didnt realize - it was causing issues. the team was incredible quick and helpful in getting things sorted and fixed for us - data is running smoothly now!


The team is following me 100% on every detail to get to the perfect tracking situation. I strongly suggest this service since the amount of hours you could end up putting into the GA4 setup could be really unexpected. Analazify will set it up correctly for you and they are also very kind and open to fix any anomaly due to your own situation.


The AnalyZify team helped us enhance conversion tracking in Google Ads, Shopify, and GA4. They also provided additional services for maximizing our sale tracking data. Furthermore, AnalyZify offers three months of support to follow up on our questions. Their professionalism, prompt communication, and efficient process organization make them unbeatable. We highly recommend AnalyZify for data analytics services and look forward to working with them in the future. Many thanks!


This completely solved my GA-4 problem and the Google Data Studio is amazing! The support team are fantastic and respond quickly. Highly recommended!


We have been working with the Analyzify team for a few months and we are more than happy! They helped us in all the steps to correct install all the tools that our store need, GA4, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, everything works nice and smooth. The technical support was amazing, is the best service that we can get. Also, they include instructive videos to guide you through the whole setup process. Thanks for all, Analyzify team.

(United States)

If you're looking for a solution that would get you "complete and accurate" data from your Google Analytics (and GA4), Google AdWords, Bing Ads, etc. as well as Google Tag Manager from your Shopify store - look no further. Working with the Erman (and team) from Analyzify was easy and effortless. They were truly amazing. They did all the work! Erman even took the time to jump on a call with my marketing team to review and confirm accuracy and answer any questions we had. I highly recommend this for every Shopify store.


Analyzify has helped us from the beginning from setting up everything correctly including instructional videos, answering our questions. It has really been what our team needed to be able to understand, connect and get the right metrics. Thank you very much for all the support, highly recommended.

(United States)

These people are awesome and really do the heavy lifting for you. I'm sure it is possible to do it yourself, but them being able to get in and do it for you is a HUGE help.


They deliver what they promise... they do all the configuration, clean up wrong codes... it's really worth the investment

(United States)

Very helpful team. I worked with Semra and was happy with the experience. The technical stuff is way over my head, but the team put everything together

(United Kingdom)

Set up was easy. Team were quick to respond at all times. Tracking data and setup looks accurate. Will be working closely with the team for future developments.


The app is complete and very intuitive. But the support is brilliant! I recommend this app to all Shopify users!


Great app, that makes it easy and understandable how to integrate Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics easy. The customer service is excellent and very helpful for integration until everything works fine. A++

(United States)

Helped us setup proper Google Analytics 4 conversion tracking that Shopify has not gotten around to supporting natively yet. Their support team is fairly attentive.

(United States)

I used this service to correct our store integrations to the Google platform and to get a head-start on proper connection to the new GA4 platform. They were very responsive and helpful with a clear process. A big missing piece for us was Google's tag manager. If you have fairly good knowledge of Google analytics and GMC etc. with some decent web dev experience, you probably would not need this service as I did not see any particular value-add other than ensuring proper setup. But for those that may be a bit out of their league, this was VERY helpful. I really appreciated how they explained exactly what was done upon completion, and it was rewarding and refreshing to see our data flowing properly once again.

(United Kingdom)

Support is top notch, we had issues with our GTM and GA4 as well as our Google Ads account, and Erman was so quick with helping us even on Saturday until everything was fixed and working. I highly recommend Analizify if you are not techy enough to set everything up yourself. Thumbs up.

(United States)

Their implementation team was incredibly helpful in getting us up and running, including fixing some unexpected bugs in our shop's code. They were friendly and responsive to all questions.

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