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Emarketing App Description & Overview

Munich-based emarketing AG offers a cloud-based software solution for the e-commerce sector.

Via the emarketing cloud platform, online merchants promote their products easily and without expert knowledge on:

Google Shopping Microsoft Bing Meta, i.e. Facebook and Instagram

The emarketing plugin takes care of all the technical tasks, such as creating and updating the product data feed and installing conversion tracking for Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and Facebook & Instagram.

In the emarketing account, Google PMax campaigns, Microsoft Ads campaigns and campaigns on Facebook & Instagram (retargeting, lookalike, cross & upselling) can be set up quickly and easily. All campaigns are automatically and continuously optimized to generate the best possible sales. The emarketing dashboard provides detailed information on all product and performance data. In addition, various tools are available to analyze and improve your own competitiveness: The emarketing price comparison shows the competitor prices on Google Shopping and Amazon for one's own product range and names the cheapest competitor in each case. The results of this price comparison can be used to optimize the product selection for campaigns so that, for example, only products that can be offered at a competitive price are advertised.

Google’s Automated Discounting is a repricing tool using algorithmic data to optimise prices for each merchant to maximise their gross profit.

It works by identifying products and defining the desired min/max price ranges in order to calculate the optimal discount using real-time signals such as, market prices, price elasticity, seasonality trends, estimated delivery day, brand, etc. to optimise seller ROAS.

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App Name Emarketing
App Category Marketing And Conversion
App Price Price: Free
Support E-Mail sales@emarketing.com
App Website

Emarketing Features

Dynamic Repricing (Google Automated Discounts).

Maximize your Revenues

The right Product Pricing is one of the most crucial factors influencing the success of your web store.

The perfect Pricing

The Dynamic Repricing by Google ("Google Automated Discounts") enabled by emarketing optimizes automatically 24/7 all product prices.

Repricing by Google

Become a part of Google's Automated Discounts program for optimized prices on Google advertising channels like Google Shopping.

Emarketing Comments & User Reviews 2023

(United States)

So called the best marketing app. Only in their dreams. Support replies once a month! Internal server error lasts from Easter and will be solved probably by the new year

(United States)

Asked for "Help" during the middle of the day. Bot said wait an hour, waited almost two. No Help. I used their product when I already had everything uploaded into my Google Ads account. It broke everything. I am now starting from scratch with 0 help after their product screwed everything up. DO NOT USE THIS APP. A complete waste of a day for me. I'll send an invoice when I finally fix everything.


After getting through the setup and approval, I started some shopping campaigns and used the competitor check. So far my campaigns have better roi than the ones I setup on Google Adwords- let's see where it goes


This app was very helpful to get my campaigns on Google and Facebook running. I reached out for the support as I didnt know ho to set the preferences. All went well.


I installed the app becouse I believed in the purpose of it. It sound perfect. After I installation, appear an error. I reported to the support team. I get one first answer but the problem still there. Then, I tried to open in another browser (explorer) and worked. I reported to the team what could be the problem (the app does not works well on Chrome broswer) and after more than 3 days, no one answered. How is it possible to trust on a app that not works propally and the team seems not to care about it... (even when I reported what I though the couse of the error). I did read all the feedback, but I decided to get a shot and try it. What a waste of my time. TO ALL ECOMMERCE STORES.... DON'T EVEN BOTHER TO INSTALL IT.

(United States)

DO NOT USE THIS APP. This app is created so many problems for us and costs us tens of thousands of dollars and hours of time. Shopify confirmed that it created duplicates of products, changed other products to out of stock that were in stock, which took us hours to fix and lead to lost sales. Even worse, the tracking it installed showed twice as many sales as were true, which caused us to way overspend on ads based on this inaccurate data. When I emailed them about this issue, NO ONE REPLIED. There are 6 or 7 people on the email chain and I emailed 3 times. Nothing. Terrible product and service.


Komplette Abzocke, 0 Verkauf durch emarketing, Geld zurück Garantie konnte keiner weiterhelfen, für alle denen 200€ im Monat viel Wert sind und nicht in den Müll werfen wollen würde ich es abraten


Downloaded with low expectations - have used the Google Shopping app before and it was really annoying & took forever to setup. This one is better - setup took me about 15 min and my products were approved within Google's 24 hr period. Make sure you pick the right option between new or old google ads account during the signup! The competitor check alone is a good reason to use it - it'd be cool if there was an option to see more competitors though


Excellent App. I am very happy. All was working well. I am also using the Repricing functionality (Google Automated Discounts). The emarketing team was providing a proper support and gave the right advises. My ROAS increased by 30%.


In the beginning it was quite tricky to understand all features provided. Specially the competitor prices, etc. All in all this tool is extremely powerful. But you definitely need to contact a Success Manager who explains you the tool and does the setup for you. Support was very helpful and did a good job.


The must have tool to setup Google Shopping! I tried several tools in the past offering a similar services but was more or less always disappointed. NOT this time! The emarketing-app creates a Google Adwords Account and a Google Merchant Center in a couple of minutes and then pulls all product-details right from your shop to create a Campaign. On top of that emarketing offers SSC (Smart Shopping Campaigns). Have not seen anyone doing that through an app. Normally you pay 1000 EUR+ or more to an agency doing that for you. @emarketing: Getting all products uploaded to your app is a bit tricky but still worth the effort. Would be great if you could streamline that process and make it as easy as the campaign creation. @All: This app is totally underrated and definitely has what it takes to be listed as the #1 tool to create Google Shopping Ads here on shopify!


Zero support. I have been having some issues while logging in i opened 3 tickets about it and 1 is from 17 days ago still open. The app seems to have a lot of errors and bugs. No solution no help nothing.

(United States)

Makes sure my shop is ready for Google Shopping. Creates all accounts and trackers automatically. Performance for Google looks great for the first weeks, lets see how it develops

(United Kingdom)

Honestly, if you don't have this app you are 100% missing a serious trick here. Not only can it run your ads for Google, Facebook and Amazon - yeah yeah everyone does it. But, this is where it's FLIPPIN brilliant - how handy you can cross reference your prices with that of your competitors? What about if you want to just see who you are more expensive than? Yeah, you can do that and you can ask it to show with ad expenses, with and without conversions. Don't be fooled by what is a simplified dashboard - once you're in and products approved it's like going through the wardrobe in chronicles of narnia! GET IT!!! How it's free i don't know, but good work guys - SUPER impressed.


I just installed it but it's pretty easy to use. I was a little reluctant to set up google shopping bc I haven't done it before, but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to set up the campaigns. As far as the customer service thing goes, I did have some questions about which campaign to go with (google shopping vs advanced) but when I reached out to customer service, they got back to me in like 5 min. The competitor data tool was really helpful. I'm not selling internationally so I didn't use the international tools. Started some smart campaigns, excited to see how it works

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