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A Shopify quantity discount app by Autoketing that will increase your average order values significantly!

How can you create discounted pricing campaigns to attract customers and stimulate their shopping needs? Our intelligent app - Discount Master - Shopify discount app by Autoketing will help you run promotions for any case: Holiday season, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, flash sales, special offers,v.v...

Optimize every process with 4 outstanding features.

1. Discount Master applies to:
  • Bulk discount: All discount products on your website ( ONLY 1 CLICK to set up 1000 products or 1 CLICK to set up 10000 products) - Unlimited

  • Collections (1 click to set up all products in the collection) - Unlimited

  • Specific products - Unlimited

2. Discounts Campaigns (Discounted pricing with no code needed): Create many different discount campaigns with discount offers to boost sales
  • Create many different discounts campaigns at present and the future

  • Help you save more time and manage your campaigns more effectively

  • Discounts campaigns can apply to all products, collections, or individual products

  • Stimulate customer's shopping needs through various discounts campaigns

3. Countdown Timer: Create a sense of urgency and push shoppers into making a faster decision.
  • Inform customers about the exact remaining time of the discounts campaigns

  • Help you create urgency in your marketing

  • Prompt customers to make a quick purchase decision before the end of the discounts

  • Attract customer attention and promote their purchase decision

4. Stock Countdown: Show the remaining quantity of each item in stock and create a scarcity of products
  • Allow customers to know the remaining quantity of each item in stock

  • Create a scarcity of products to promote the customer's shopping process

  • A countdown timer and scarce effect about products will prompt customers to buy your products immediately at first sight.

  • 10 unique themes for holiday promotions such as Merry Christmas, Black Friday, Halloween...

Thence, a perfect combination of the discounts campaigns (Discounted upsell products), the countdown timer, and the stock countdown will help you attract a large number of customers and drive your sales.

Why Discount Master by Autoketing - Discount app on Shopify is a Must-Have App
  • A perfect combination of 3 separate features

  • Create discounts for the whole website with one operation

  • Boost more sales by offering discounted pricing campaign

  • Holiday promotions, time-limited offers, product launch events, and more

  • User-friendly interface and various themes

Install this discount app on Shopify right now to increase your revenue in 2022!

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App Name Discount Master ‑ Quantity
App Category Marketing And Conversion
App Price Free plan available
Support E-Mail
App Website

Discount Master ‑ Quantity Features

Bulk Discounts, Quantity Discounts, Countdown Timer/Stock.

Create discounts no codes

Create different discount campaigns to stimulate your customers' shopping needs and bring more revenue.

Countdown timer & Discounts

Set the countdown timer for each product to promote customer's purchase decision. Sell more with discounts to boost sales.

Stock countdown & sales

Inform your customers the number of products left in stock to urge on their decision when buying any product with discounts.

Discount Master ‑ Quantity Comments & User Reviews 2024


I used this app to organise a sale campaign which changed the discount each day. It was really clunky and slow to process the 600+ products. Each day I had to delete the current campaign (instead of editing it) and then start a new one... I have thousands of low value products, so it ended up costing me extra, as the paid level only allows for 1000 discounts... but they accumulate, it's not 1000 at once. Didn't love it.

(United Kingdom)

Countdown doesn't show in my website frontend, very disappointed I was not able to contact you through your tickets

(United States)

great customer support! I had an issue with the app and they contacted me right away to help me and were very friendly too


GREAT PRODUCT except the countdown timer doesn't work on my site. I used the instruction but it still doesnt show up. Please send help.


It doesn't work. Can't even implement one discount without a save error. Also tried to message them, no reply.


discount page doesn't even work , reloading gets back to the home page of the app , waste of time ,,


It does not allow you to implement minimum quantities for discounts. It's largely useless, and not a replacement to automatic discount rules as advertised. It's terrible that Shopify only allows one automatic discount.


I used this app to setup my store for an end of financial year special that we were running. It worked flawlessly. Very easy to setup and customers instantly saw the specials when they clicked on the products. Very well done. Thanks team


Very nice, easy to use app. I built the campaign smoothly and in 10 minutes. And the support is super quick and helpful!


Facil de usar y practico para estar en contacto con nuestros clientes. Basico pero efectivo. Recomendable.


Best for discounts, it helped me to make campaigns and set start and end dates to fulfill the campaign complete. It also helped me to grow my sales.

(Hong Kong SAR)

I am using the app but I am having a trouble with my cart and checkout page, it does not display discounted/sale price and the slashed original price of my products.


Nice App But I am not able to find the Stock Countdown Anyway it is very easy to use and have enought design features


Hi! I searched a lot for an app for discounted variants and collections. It's good for this matter. The app would be more efficient if a campaign could be duplicated, or could be modified once it's active (if you mistake something you can only delete it which is frustrating if you discounted manually some variants of products). For an app of 14.99 dollars/month this features should be mandatory. It would be nice if the discounted products could be organized in a Collection (SALES for example). I manually add discounted products in a Collection named Sales and when you have hundreds of products it's not very efficient to add/remove manually products in/from a Collection. Hope to see improvements soon.

(United States)

This app provided us with an easy and quick way to group products for Black Friday/Cyber monday and put them on a timed sale. It also put the timer countdown etc, and worked the mechanics for automatic discounts. We also use it for ongoing automatic discounts or gift cards that get added to the cart automatically based on certain triggers. This is a function sorely missed from Shopify and it works seamlessly thanks to this app. Overall great experience and highly recommended. Support team is responsive and there if anything goes wrong, in my case I didn't even need their help. Definitely will be using the app from now on for various ongoing sales!


Fácil de utilizar, práctica, con buena variedad de opciones para aplicar descuentos y promociones, recomendada!


It's easy to use and it's what I'm looking for. This app is so useful for my campaign. Thanks for the team.


The plugin its almost good, but I can't set a discount for a quantity, like above 5 items 10% ... unfortunelly ☹️


The app eliminates discounts by itself and once the campaign is ongoing, you cannot modifiy anything and you need to do it all again.



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