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Elevar Tag Management Suite App Description & Overview

New June 2022
  • Real-time purchase activity feed
  • First & last touch UTM report
  • Consent mode for GDPR
  • Snapchat CAPI


Ensure your customer data is tracked and delivered to key marketing channels – like Facebook Pixel, GA4, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and 30+ others – to help you take control of your conversion tracking and attribution.

Why Choose Elevar?

Since 2017, our experts have helped brands in virtually every industry properly implement a data layer, event tracking, and conversion tracking to build trust in their data foundation. All with the goal to help our customers scale marketing with confidence in their data.

We offer technical customer support and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Who is Elevar?

Elevar, an official Shopify Plus Partner since 2019, helps brands like Vuori, Bulletproof, and UMZU deploy a GTM data layer and server-side tracking as part of their customer data collection process.

If Any of This Sounds Familiar, You Need Elevar
  • I need GA4 for Google Analytics
  • I need GDPR consent mode compliance
  • I need to improve my 1st party data collection process
  • I want server side tracking but am unsure where to start
  • My Google Tag Manager and data layer is a mess (or non-existent)
  • I need Facebook Pixel & Conversion API on ReCharge, Skio, or other checkouts
  • I need to add new tracking that collects accurate data without technical work
  • My Google Analytics has a high % of direct (or lacking paid channels)
  • I have inaccurate analytics data such as variants in product name, add to cart %, product detail views, and cart to detail %
  • I need access to real-time conversion attribution data
Use Cases

Accurate tracking has become even more challenging, but critical to scaling efficiently. We bring innovative tracking solutions to our customers to ensure they stay ahead of competition. Here are a few use cases:

  1. Robust, customizable data layer for Google Tag Manager
  2. Move hard-coded marketing scripts in theme to server-side tracking
  3. Google Analytics & GA4: Complete enhanced ecommerce via Google Tag Manager
  4. Fix attribution issues in Google Analytics
  5. CAPI integrations for Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and more
  6. Google Ads conversion tracking and remarketing tags
  7. Server-Side tracking
What Does This App Include?
  1. One-click data layer and GTM install
  2. Server-side tracking integrations
  3. Pre-Built GTM containers for 30+ marketing channels
  4. Real-time purchase activity reporting
  5. Monitoring and alerts for broken conversion tracking

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App Name Elevar Tag Management Suite
App Category Marketing And Conversion
App Price From $50/month
Support E-Mail help@getelevar.com
App Website

Elevar Tag Management Suite Features

Power Google Tag Manager, GA4, Google Analytics, & Server-Side.

Google Tag Manager Data Layer

Automate the install of the GTM data layer for use in GA4, Google Analytics, GA4, Facebook CAPI, Google Ads, and server-side tracking.

Server-Side Tracking

Deploy server-side tracking across your store to ensure accurate data & 1st party data collection across your marketing channel stack.

Channel Accuracy Monitoring

Conversion tracking is automatically monitored 24 hours a day. If tracking breaks then you'll receive an alert to minimize business impact.

Elevar Tag Management Suite Comments & User Reviews 2024


Elevar is a powerful app, but it seems too complicated for most non-tech users. Fortunately, their customer service is amazing, dedicated, and helpful! Highly recommend it for every online business! Special thanks to Mario who helped me a lot when I got trouble with the app and things related

(United States)

Dana at Elevar is an absolute superstar. Always happy to go above and beyond. I can't recommend Dana and Elevar highly enough!

(United States)

Elevar has been extremely helpful in improving many aspects of my Shopify store. I highly recommend their app and services.


Edit: Support reached out to assist me with my issue, and the full version of the app is working well with server-side conversion API, attribution feed, real-time activity & channel accuracy. Very thankful for the assistance and communication with Brad.


Good app, very helpful for Facebook Ad Tracking, and they have a great support team. Mario is excellent.


Helpful support, replies fast to all questions. Used the app to set up Google analytics and facebook server-side integration.


I downloaded the App 2 years ago and recently got into understanding GTM, GA4, and other tracking tools. They have been great in helping me review the setup and showing me some tricks. Special thanks to ​Mario Mendoza from the support team.

(United States)

I leave 5 stars only because there is an Elevar Lead Specialist called Mario. He is an amazing person and basically, he solved everything for you!!! Do not panic if you do not have any technicians. This guy can help you set up everything. I love what we have right now.Thank you Elevar, Thank you Mario!


One of the best apps of this type. The customer support is top! Very fast, efficient and professional. Thanks a lot Mario!

(New Zealand)

Setting up Elevar has been a great experience thanks to Mario's excellent help. Our analytics data had a few holes and Mario helped us implement Elevar's server-side tracking and set up GA4 too. Cheers!

(United States)

SOOOO worth the cost and I feel safe having this app because of the blunder we somehow got into without it. Brad and Mario both stepped in to help and I am SO grateful. Also for reference, I am a google tag manager idiot but they fixed it and helped a lot. It's the ideal/best way to track so happy to have it and to stay with them. Thanks guys!

(United States)

Ultimately I think if you are going to do it then go all the way and get Server-side tagging. It also appears that Shopify Plus would provide maximum value. I'm currently on client side tagging and non-Plus Shopify. The app did save me tons of hours of testing and coding to pull in data. The customer support rep Mario has been very helpful in fixing any implementation issues I had. I think there could be a better onboarding process for non-Plus non-server side implementation.


I's a great app that, although not being cheap, offers great support, a big library of pre-made tags and the ability to monitor any errors. Given the fact that so many things (Facebook, Google Ads, etc.) rely on correct event tracking, I would say it's worth investing in a good data layer.

(United States)

Elevar is great and fairly easy to use. Support agents are great and detailed, as well! Elevar offers many pre-made tags and templates for the ease of use.


I used Elevar for a while now, it's super easy to use and very helpful. The support is super fast to reply and always happy to help.


Great application, you only need Elevar Tag to manage Google Ads, FB Ads, Tiktok, Bing Ads. Quick support team,

(United Kingdom)

Superb. I've worked with Elevar a couple of times now and it's become my first port of call for linking up Shopify with GA, FB Pixel, Hotjar etc via GTM. The platform is easy to use with an excellent knowledge base to back you up, and in situations where you need them, the support is top-quality. If you're a total novice, I recommend getting on a plan with more support and the 'done for you' service - you'll save yourself lots of pain and worry.

(United Kingdom)

This app charged $750 on our store despite having never been installed, I don't know how this is possible but we want this charge removed ASAP.


Still getting used to Elevar. BUT, Amanda from Customer Success was incredible. She was quick and responsive and even followed up when I dropped the ball during install. People like Amanda make for a great experience and speak to the reliability of the brand. Otherwise, I've heard great things about Elevar from other store owners. Would definitely reccomend.


Mario just did an amazing work helping us, and the Elevar team and app is a super valuable asset. They are on your side to make sure everything is tracked properly, and the price is more than fair. Thanks Mario & Elevar team!

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