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TikTok, Insta & Facebook Pixel App Description & Overview

Tis the season to boost conversions on your Shopify store. In the spirit of that, we’re offering 15% off to new customers only! Get it while it lasts this holiday season using code TFXBF15. Contact support to take advantage of this.
Trackify is the original Shopify (Meta) Facebook Pixel app that helps stores quickly integrate multiple Facebook, Instagram, TikTok & Snapchat pixels, add more pixel events & data, & optimize for more conversions.

Powered by a data-based analytics platform designed to help you run better ad campaigns, increase ROI, & leverage data to take your Meta marketing program to the next level.

Seamless Pixel Integration

Easily connect Facebook, Instagram, & TikTok pixels with just one click. No developer resources are needed, with easy pixel integration to track custom events & parameters based on goals in your pixels.

The only tracking app for Shopify merchants that tracks Server-Side API Purchase & Non Purchase events for niche & collection pixels

Advanced Audience Builder

With Trackify’s advanced audience builder, you can build and create highly targeted custom & look-a-like audiences of up to 20%. Create refined custom audiences based on niche, collection, date, & time data.

Added Events:

View Category Customize Product View Cart Lead, Add Shipping Info Time-On-Site/On-Page data

Added Parameters:

Product tags Collections Date & time data Advanced matching Total purchase value (vital for free & shipping offers!)

Added Control:

Disable microdata Disable value reporting Enable advanced matching Use a percentage of actual value Facebook Catalog Synchronization Sync with event data: Use them for Facebook retargeting ads (DPA/dynamic product ads) Auto-create product segments for all tracking tags Trackify advanced tag manager creates audiences for specific tags, collections, and time on-site for any product.

Accurate Data Reporting

Create reliable reports for each pixel, tag, collection, product, & even UTM tag. Discover insights into KPIs & performance not available anywhere else. CodeGenerator for external pages Generate pixel events on any page, including blogs & external landing pages on ClickFunnels, WordPress, etc. All events synchronize with your Shopify products & TrackifyX settings automatically.


Trackify has integrations for compatibility with many of the most popular apps on the app store. Rest easy knowing your pixels are firing fully and properly, regardless of the other plugins used on your storefront. It does not require any other apps to function.

What Else Can Trackify Do?

With Trackify you can make better decisions on your ad spend with insights that you cannot get anywhere on Facebook, TikTok, & Snapchat.

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App Name TikTok, Insta & Facebook Pixel
App Category Store Management
App Price From $29.99/month. 14-day free trial.
Support E-Mail support@redretarget.com
App Website https://trackifyapp.com

TikTok, Insta & Facebook Pixel Features

Multiple Pixels, Conversion API, Catalog & Audience Builder.

Meta, TikTok & Snapchat Pixel

TikTok, Facebook & Snap pixel events for master, niche & collection pixels. Server-side API purchase & non purchase events to track sales

TikTok, Facebook Snap Reports

Detailed analytics by pixels, tags, collections, products, devices and even UTM-tags. Get KPI and hidden Facebook attribution reports here!

Catalog and Audience Manager!

Grow sales by creating high-converting remarketing campaigns. Create and manage active audiences and catalog feeds for hyper-performing ads.

TikTok, Insta & Facebook Pixel App Integrates with:

In Cart Upsell Click Funnels Funnel Builder Carthook

TikTok, Insta & Facebook Pixel Comments & User Reviews 2023

(United Kingdom)

Been using Trackify for several years now and its solid and good value for money vs competitors, Also very easy to set up catelogues and server to server api if youre not very technically minded

(United Kingdom)

Best support out of any app i've ever tried on Shopify. Literally instant help. Give these guys a try!

(United States)

A must have tracking app!!!!! The support is really helpful and their response time is amazing!!!!!!

(United States)

Trackify X was a highly recommended app. I am new at this. I scheduled a call w/Deepanjoy. He went above and beyond. Trackify X has an amazing customer service!!! Thank you Deepanjoy.


Liked the app. Support is really helpful special thanks to Deepanjoy for guiding me in connecting my store pixel


Support are very helpfull, they do the best to help you to get the best results from trackify thank you


Great support team. Great app. Must be installed Thank you Deepanjoy you were great and kind and I hope this app will help me for the future!


Their service attitude is so good and the technology is very advanced, which has reduced the trouble of code installation for me


I can't tell yet if the app is good but the support is outstanding! Very helpful and easy to communicate!


Deepanjoy helped me out really fast and in a very very good way. i will clearly stick to this app for sure!! thank you so much guys, helped and saved me alot of time!


I have just started to use. Sofar i am able to capture the events in TrakifyX and the support team is awesome. Thank you.

(United States)

App makes it super easy to intstall and track data. customer service is very helpful and available when needed.

(United States)

I used trackify from the past 3 months and it has been a great experience working with them. The team is supportive and deepanjoy has been working with me helping solve problems to track pixel data.


I use this app to help me track and review my ad performance with great accuracy. I would highly recommend using this app


I have a problem to install trackify and thanks to Dylan for helping me out. Good to talk to you. Thanks


Best app ever for audiences building, creating larger LLA & installing 2 pixels and CAPI without a developper.


Very good customer service. They even called me to install the app properly! Great job. I recommend


Ich habe gemeinsam mit Deepanjoy mein Facebook Problem gelöst wo mir Shopify leider auch nicht helfen konnte.. Er hat mir die alternative Trackify vorgeschlagen und alles super eingerichtet. Ich bin sehr zufrieden. Vielen Dank!

(United States)

Trackify is great. Support is even greater. I'm new to FB and had an issue with my setup. I used the chat to get help, and the support agent initiated a Zoom meeting for screen share. He showed me where I had missed some steps and helped me understand what was happening. A big shout out to Dylan Green, Trackify's support agent.


Perfect app, great support! Was using it for 4 years already and it is just the best out there! I recommend it!

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