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What is doordash - food delivery app? Delivery anywhere you are. DoorDash offers the greatest selection of your favorite local and national restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery stores -- more than 310,000 menus across 4,000+ cities in the U.S.,Canada and Australia. Spend more time doing the things you love — we'll take care of the rest. First month, $0 delivery fees. Restrictions apply:

Get unlimited $0 delivery fees on the best of your neighborhood from restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, pet stores, and more. Plus, DashPass members get access to exclusive items and offers, 10% off eligible orders thanks to reduced service fees, and 5% back on eligible Pickup orders. Your first 30 days on DashPass are free, then $9.99/month. Cancel anytime.

Discover local, on-demand delivery or pickup from restaurants, nearby grocery and convenience stores, and more. Get what you need faster with quick and easy ordering.

Deliveries are now left at your door by default and you have the choice to select “Hand it to me” if you prefer. If a no-contact delivery is requested, the Dasher will know you want them to leave your food in a safe place and alert you when it’s ready for pickup.

Advance ordering allows you to get your food when it's most convenient for you.

See when your order will arrive. From food quality to prep-times to traffic to weather, we've factored in all the elements that come between you and your food.

Order as little or as much as you want.

Conveniently pay via Apple Pay or credit card.

DoorDash is a technology company that connects people with the best in their cities. We do this by empowering local businesses and in turn, generate new ways for people to earn, work and live. We started this by facilitating door-to-door delivery, but we see this as just the beginning of connecting people with possibility -- easy evenings, happier days, bigger savings accounts, wider nets and stronger communities.

Growing every day and currently serving over 4,000 cities across the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia.

National partners include: Chick-fil-A, Burger King, Wendy’s, Chipotle, The Cheesecake Factory, Outback Steakhouse, Panera, Chili's, Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts, Jamba Juice, Panda Express, Moe's Southwest Grill, P.F. Chang’s, Denny’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Papa John's, California Pizza Kitchen, Papa Murphy’s, Jack in the Box, Five Guys, Boston Market, Red Robin, TGI Friday’s, Red Lobster, Qdoba Mexican Eats, El Pollo Loco, Noodles & Company, Buca di Beppo, White Castle, SmashBurger, Schlotzsky’s, and many more.

Notice at Collection (California Residents):
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DoorDash - Food Delivery Version 4.64.418 December 2021

Minor updates and performance improvements.

DoorDash - Food Delivery Version 4.59.128 October 2021

Minor updates and performance improvements.

DoorDash - Food Delivery Version 4.51.030 August 2021

Minor updates and performance improvements.

DoorDash - Food Delivery Comments & Reviews 2022

- Would have been 5 stars but......

So I love this app has great prices, promos, and a wider variety of restaurants than other delivery apps BUT TODAY WAS LIKE PULLING TEETH TRYING TO PLACE MY ORDER. I’ve used this app for more than a month had small problems here or there but nothing major until I was blocked from submitting orders for no reason at all I called my bank to make sure the card info was valid and they said the reason for the decline was a mismatch billing address so I called DoorDash to verify all the information and the lady starts to tell me that I haven’t used it in a while so that was why but I explained that I used it yesterday and she says well there is no block on our end it’s your banks fault so more or less I was politely told “Oh well” I played around with the app and discovered that I could use my Apple Pay to submit the order so I did but what makes no sense is that the same card on my Apple Pay is the same card I was attempting to use in the first place but I’ve never had to use Apple Pay in the past so the whole situation was just annoying and I’m starving in the process so I’m just disappointed that there is no rhyme or reason to what happened to me. She said she would escalate the case but there is no est. resolution time......go figure

- Incorrect Order Functionality Should Be ADDED

I placed an order through DoorDash and it turns out another person placed an order with the same name as me. It has been two hours trying to correct the issue at hand. I decided to just go and pick up our correct order myself. The restaurant that we ordered from has been very accommodating and helpful. However, the DoorDasher themselves need to be more aware of which orders they are picking up and dropping off. Which leads to my next point, DoorDash should have an option through the App after the order has been dropped off “Did you receive your order?” Followed by this question “Did you receive the correct order?” With a YES or NO option. If “No” was selected, there should be an option to put in the Order Number you’ve either received OR what was incorrect with your order along with inputting your order number, from there it should automatically go back to the restaurant with another DoorDasher in route to pick up the correct order and drop off. DoorDash has been great to use, I use it very often, but unfortunately this isn’t the first time that this has happened and revived the incorrect order or something wrong about the order. From a customer standpoint I think adding in the Functionality mentioned above would be a great improvement to the App as well as provide better customer service as opposed to creating a hassle trying to get your order.

- Wow! Horrible auto-response ...

I have been using Door Dash from day one. I preferred Door Dash to Uber Eats, but there are constant issues of items missing, drivers leaving my order at other doors, drivers taking hours to deliver and if you order drinks forget about it. I continued to patronize Door Dash regardless of the constant mishaps because at least their customer service reps are extremely polite and helpful. However, I recently ordered a rather large order ($70 as usual) band it was frustrating to receive the order again with no drinks. But when I went to report the missing item I received a most disappointing auto response that stated “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide compensation on this order due to your account history.” So I guess if you continue to use Door Dash services and pay them for it although they continue to forget your items you paid for eventually you will reach a moment when Door Dash will be okay with taking your money and not delivering your food... just taking your money. The rep Vincent quickly apologized and offered a refund for the missing drink, however the auto response is apparently the type of business Door Dash intends to conduct which is to take your money and provide shady service then refuse to right their mistakes unless you take time out of your day to argue with them about it. No thanks. I’ll be taking my business elsewhere.

- It’s okay

I love the variety of options on this app, but there are so many frustrating things about the app itself. I’m not going to talk about the over priced tips, or how you have to tip before you even receive your order which can’t change if you’re dasher is great or crappy. There isn’t even a comment section to give feedback on the dashers because I know a few have eaten some of my food while delivering it to me. The “your favorites” section of the app is crap because it has restaurants on there that I had once and hated. Not only is there no option to actually add a your favorite, there’s no way to remove them from the section. Every time I go to “your favorites” that place is always the first in line which is also very irritating. If a restaurant is closed on a day you look for it, it shows up as “no result” even though I can go through my previous orders and find it that way. I will say I am appreciative of how responsive the support team is if the restaurant messes up, or the driver hands off the my food to someone else. They are quick with a refund, but they don’t refund your tip even if the driver doesn’t do what he is being paid to do. I would be a much happier customer if the issues surround the “your favorites” section was fixed and the drivers could be held accountable for their mistakes.

- Assignment of Dashers

I’m not sure how this works, but I’ve faced this issue innumerable times. So my user journey is - I check out the food/restaurant on doordash -> order food from the resto -> order is placed -> money deducted (all good till here) -> I see an ETA -> And now a dasher is assigned (which I see) -> So the dasher makes it a point to not pay heed to the ETA and bring food anytime after that. I am a human and I crave food when hungry. And that is why app like Doordash exist because of the craving and the ease to answer my craving. And when that is not satisfied, trouble begins and I write a review. So my problem is 1.) How come dashers change mid-way : is it like they bring food and in mid-way ‘Tony (namesake, the dasher who was assigned)’ met ‘Frank(new dasher)’ and they exchanged my food mid way and now Frank comes. 2.) Many times I receive my food cold. Why? If the taxes are not sufficient increase them but bring my food ‘hot’. Please. 3.) The dashers are always assigned to multiple pick-ups and no wonder food turns up cold - kindly make an algorithm so that a dasher pertains to not more than ‘3’ orders else the customer has to eat stone-cold food. 4.) Tips - I earlier used to give them, but once I started receiving stone cold food I stopped and I am afraid what else can I do. I want convenience and thanks to you I am getting that but not at the cost of delayed and cold food. Apologies but I should have voiced this out earlier.

- Recent update made it impossible to order anything from home anymore

I've been using door dash with dash pass for a few months, ordering for and with my girlfriend and family, occasionally with them paying. I support the drivers a lot as well, and I would order every day, giving generous tips and additional cash if I had it. But they just added another two factor authorization that doesn't work properly at all, and it ended in me wasting money on dash pass, on my account and my mom's account for literally no reason, and I guarantee it's causing a lot of dashers to lose money. So I called technical support and they sent me a troubleshooting list to start off with, and I followed it step by step, removing the cards, authorizing them one at a time, everything they said to do. Needless to say, their first branch of customer service was nothing short of a heaving pile of garbage. They said to wait snd try again later, so then comes the next day. I tried ordering food, with two cards with the same general info, and SHABAM, nothing happens. Well, not nothing, it repeatedly asks me to "rescan your card" even though it's been done and verified like 12 times and the useless payment from the dash pass on both accounts went through, but not the actual orders? The cards are obviously accepted and they work, so I called them again. They sent me to a slightly higher up in the branch, and she said, she can't do anything about it. So cool, you guy's lost literally 6 customers in one go 👍🏻

- Great concept, horrible execution

Doordash support is horrible!!! If there is an issue with your food there is no way to get it fixed, so if you have no transportation or any other food available your out of luck. There is no way to provide feedback on restaurants or drivers to hold them accountable. For example, I had an order canceled 30 min after I placed it even though it said it would be arriving within 12-18 minutes, I had gotten home late from work so ordered that way so I could take care of things at the house, eat and go to bed, instead I’m up an hour and a half later due to no notification. I should be able to put a review on that restaurant so that others are aware of their unreliability. Another restaurant never reads special instructions, so first off, I get food I won’t eat and will only get a partial refund, um, no, I should get a full refund for the cost of the food at least. I should also be able to put a review on that restaurant so customers know they have to call the restaurant if they have special instructions and want them followed. Not to mention the driver that drove up in my YARD instead of my driveway! I mean, come on!!! The only thing you can put is driver is unprofessional ... seriously? It’s absolutely ridiculous and completely frustrating, need to be able to leave restaurant reviews and doordash needs to have some accountability for poor performance for the restaurants and drivers.

- App Failed & the Worst Customer Support Ever!

I used the app and was able to order food when traveling. The second time when ordering at work it did not process so I tried to submit again and it told me my account was deactivated. I reached out to support to find out what happened as my credit card is in good standing. Support sent me an email saying they would look into it. A week later I followed up to see if there was any resolution which they replied back with a link to their legal terms page and said I had violated their terms. THAT WAS IT. That was their customer service response to their app failing during normal use. I even checked with my credit card company which told me they had not denied any transactions from DoorDash and my card was still active and valid. I also tried to place an order using a different email address to see if I could still order and it came back as account deactivated most likely since I used the same credit card. So that was my experience with the worst customer service and app fail. Their app failed and their response was THAT I VIOLATED their terms during normal use of placing a lunch order. I find it so funny. They could’ve replied with a different response to discover what error may be happening with their service and chose to place the blame on me. Good luck with anyone choosing to use this company. I wish DoorDash the best and hope they will do better in the future with their service and how they decide to treat their customers.

- Worst delivery service ever

Ordered from McDonald’s. Waited an hour and a half total for it. I got paired with a dasher Margret after a little while and when I went back on the app 15 minutes later, she disappeared from up app so I figured she ended up cancelling my order. The tracker will still continue to count down though according to what they told you when you initially ordered. Then, 45 minutes later, I got a notification saying my dasher was still on the way to the restaurant and that my food would be delayed. Lie lie lie- they still had not even found a dasher to pair me with probably. It’s incredibly frustrating because if DoorDash knows they can’t fulfill the order but they will not tell you that- they will just keep playing you. Instead of giving you an option to order from other places before they close, they have you sit there on the edge of your seat hoping. It went past the delayed time they provided and still nothing. Now I’m trying to cancel and “this may take a few seconds” has taken about 15 minutes now but go figure lol I literally expected it. When I went to cancel, it automatically offered me a refund to my card which they obviously did because they messed up. Just ordered from UberEats and my food is picked up and on its way, got the call from the driver already. I regret not just going with UberEats from the beginning. It’s 4AM. Doordash, this is pathetic and you seriously can’t expect to retain a customer base like this. Truly ridiculous.


I am surprised this company is still in business! I have only ordered from them twice.. First time was a year ago and my entire order was wrong. I did not receive any of the food I ordered. The only way to contact them was email so I was never fully refunded because you can't get in touch with anyone.. My order was $40 and they would only refund me $14! Then tonight was my second order. I figured it's been a year maybe they worked out the stupid issues they have. NOPE!! Tonight my food just never came! I went to the chat box in the app and I was in line behind over 2000 other people! Since I never received a refund on my first order I was going to wait to chat with someone. That never happened! Over 3 hours waiting.. I got down to # 124 in line.. and the chat just closes and my order in the app disappears. So I go and check my email and see that they have sent me a message 2 hours after my order should have arrived.. saying that my order has been canceled and I would be refunded in 3-5 days.. No reason as to what the heck happened or even a simple apology. At least I am getting a refund this time. I'll believe that when I see it! Doordash you are the worst!! Also I am a restaurant GM and you have contacted me before to use your service. After giving you two chances it is clear you do not care at all about the customer. My restaurants will never work with you and I will be sure to tell everyone I know that they should use anything but Doordash.

- My Second DoorDash Delivery

My second experience with door dash. I understand this is unprecedented times so I’m trying to be lenient-but I checked the reviews and didn’t want to try this service due to other people’s experience. However my sister encouraged me to give it try but so far my experience has not been good. I’m not sure why the person ordering and the person delivering the food cannot speak and/or text each other in the app after the food is delivered. I received a text stating door dash was approaching then I receive a notification to rate the delivery. I tried to call or text using the number on the text but it didn’t work. Plus the person delivering our food left our food at a neighbors house across the street outside in the rain. My husband walked around the neighborhood checking if the food was delivered to in incorrect address as it took a while to contact someone at DoorDash. My husband eventually found the food after sitting outside in the rain for 30 minutes. Meanwhile I was trying to connect with DoorDash however communication was sporadic. I hope moving forward our experience will improve as it can be expensive eating out however also want to help local restaurants.

- Poor customer service and app security.

Account was hacked due to poor security on their side. When I was notified by DoorDash I confirmed that I had not changed my email address however it took them 48 hours to respond. When they did they wanted to know if I maybe had a different email address that I had forgotten about. I’d already confirmed that I did not change the email. I did not receive a response so I called them and explained the situation over the phone. After once again confirming that I have not changed the email I received a 3rd email saying that congratulations my phone number was correct on the account and that it matched both my real email him the fake email. How this is a good thing I do not know? I then called a second time to figure out what was going on and every time I called I have to re-explain what the problem is from jump. After explaining it again twice tonight, they can’t seem to understand that the fake email is fake and the real email is the one i keep confirming. Ended up having to do a chargeback on my credit card and get a new credit card and all new information from American Express. Not once did doorDash ever offer to compensate or to refund or to do anything other than “escalate” the call. However when they did that I never received a response from a supervisor or the next level. Ended up having to close the account due to the incompetence and poor security of this app. If I could give it s negative number I would.

- I used to love this app until

I used to be a big fan of this app! It was great and convenient, but last night I made an order from captain D’s, it was a normal order for three people so not a whole lot of food, well we had been waiting about 20 minutes which was normal, it was 7:45 around that time and around 7:55 I get a text saying “your DoorDash order has been canceled because the restaurant is now closed” I was upset because I’d already been waiting 20-30 minutes! So I called captain D’s and asked their hours, it was a Saturday night, surely they stay open last 8:00pm, they confirmed they were open until 11:00 pm!!!! The only thing I can imagine is the door dasher got tired of waiting and clicked the button saying the store was closed! This is extremely unprofessional and uncalled for! So we went down to captain D’s and ordered through the drive through, when we looked at the menu we saw that in fact door dash was raising all of the prices by about $3 each plate! Plus taxes and fees, plus a delivery fee, plus a tip! When I ordered from door dash my total was $45 and some change, when I ordered the exact same food from the drive through it was $27 and some change! That is almost twice as much!!! I am just finished with door dash all together after this instance. like I said before, I liked them to begin with but this whole situation made me never want to order again! Will be deleting the app!

- Absolutely terrible!

Every time I ordered through this app there was issue(aside from one Chinese restaurant). Food was missing mostly every single time, this last time, I spent $28 on JIB and received cold food because JIB employees forgot to let the dasher know it was ready for pickup, and instead of remaking the ice cold food, they just sent it with the dasher. I let DD know, and they issue a $14 credit. Ok, no? I paid double that and nobody ate the ice cold food. My cousin just ordered pizza instead. Now DD is giving me a run around and saying they’ll refund $19 “a partial refund”. Why partial? I had ordered from BK three times, cuz how many times can they mess up the exact same order, right?? The answer is every single time. I ordered the bundles that are offered and they left out the sides. Every. Single. Time. Basically, DD doesn’t care if you get what you paid for. Only that they get their share of the money. Horrible app and I’ve already deleted it. Every time you let them know you didn’t get items, or that something is wrong that want to throw around the word “compensation”. As if they are giving you something for free. I haven’t been able to order anything for three days through the app and the website just says there’s an error. There’s no way everyone is having this problem, they’d be losing tons of money and would’ve fixed it right away. I believe they put a block on my account hoping they can steal my money that’s added to it like they originally tried to do.

- Problem with Tips

I significantly decreased my use of this app for food delivery. In my area, Postmates is probably DoorDash’s biggest competition. DoorDash has a lot more restaurant choices. Unlike Postmates, DoorDash only gives the tipping options at the time of purchase. If there’s a way to change it, I would love to learn how it’s done. How do you know how much of a tip the driver should get or if they deserve one at all. I have had drivers ignore instructions not to go to the door by my garage (where I cannot see or hear them), cold food, food arriving too late... . I’ve had way too many orders with missing items. Why should I commit to tipping up front for this? DoorDash needs to put pressure on drivers to check orders before leaving the restaurant! Maybe start deducting the cost of missed items from the driver’s guaranteeed fee? I wish they could also deduct for cold food. If the food arrives really cold(or melted for cold stuff) there’s only a few explanations. The driver arrived at the restaurant too late or accepted too many orders and items got cold during multiple stops. If DoorDash has too many incidents, drop that driver. Maybe let customers request drivers who have good star ratings, or ones that they liked from prior orders-to encourage good service. Lyft and Uber do it, why not food delivery companies?

- Overcharging Menu Prices

My experience with DoorDash was going fairly well during my 30-day free trial of no delivery fees. I was aware of the higher fees for service, but thought that the menu prices for each restaurant did always seem rather high. It wasn’t until my most recent and last order that I discovered DoorDash sets and charges the menu prices that they see fit for each restaurant. When I received my order from a very friendly Dasher, she made a comment that I got a bargain for my order. I asked how so, and she responded because it was only $14. Only however, I paid $35 for my food, tax, service fee, and dasher tip ($5.60). (I was waived delivery fee during my trial) Therefore, for the food and tax I paid roughly $25. How did the dasher only pay $14 for the food when I paid for $25? (Before service fee and tip). DoorDash is over charging menu items. I found this out first hand, and by a customer service rep slipping up over the phone. The company already charges for deliver fees and service fees, how is it that they also inflate the menu prices?! Customer service somewhat solved the issue, but if I had not of called to correct it, the company would have more money in their pockets. There was also no receipt in my bag, so if that Dasher had never mentioned how much she paid, I would have never known. I understand a company needs to make profit which is why there are fees, but this dishonesty has lost my business.

- Doordash issues

I finally was happy that doordash delivered to my home because it makes it so easy when your busy working. I got the doordash pass since I used it all the time. The past month it hasnt had any deliveries to my home which is weird since I used it a few times aweek. I had spoken to tech support and followed instructions but it wouldnt let me order still. I deleted the app, cleared everything, restarted my phone, etc. Over and over again. Called in for help multiple times and promised it would be fixed. Each person was useless because the only info they could give me was the same but no one actually tried to help. Also, had 2 people end conversation with me and i had to speak to someone else. Then, promised they would bring it to the higher up and someone would call me or touch bases but no one did. Called back to touch bases and was told dont worry in 2 days we would have a resolution. Which by this point its been a month. Still no help and no response. Its really disappointing when you have spent so much money with a company and you make sure you tip everyone. But when it comes to you getting help or good customer service, they are highly lacking. My app currently is still not working for my hone location and will have to close my account due to no help. They should have way better customer service and people you can properly communicate with. Francis with doordash hasn’t responded or resolved the issue.

- What a horrible company and app

Just minutes ago, my order was canceled for no apparent reason and yet I was charged for the order and now have to wait days for charges to be refunded. ( STOP CHARGING PEOPLE BEFORE THEY EVER GET THEIR FOOD!!!) A week or two ago I also placed an order. It said it would arrive in about 40 minutes yet an hour later it still said preparing order and arriving in 1-1 minutes. I called the restaurant and was informed that my order has been ready for some time yet no one has come to pick it up. When I tried to cancel the order, the app crashed and would not reopen. When I called customer service to get my refund since I was once again charged for food I never received. The automated message said they are aware of problems with the app and currently working to fix them. I didn’t get to talk to anyone. Hours later a dasher arrived with my food that had surely been sitting out or under a heat lamp. I told him that I didn’t want the food that I ordered hours ago as I had already eaten and by now it was surely cold, flavorless, and disgusting. I also was a dasher for a short time and when it came time for me to be paid, the company did not pay me, I spent dozens of hours talking to doordash and my bank, both assuring me that the other was the problem. This was never fixed and I was never paid for the work I did there. This company is criminal and a scam. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM OR BECOME A DASHER!!! I will never order food with them again.

- It’s a mess

Customer service was amazing so that’s where I’ll start. With the good news. The bad news for me is that the fees are not clear and expensive. There is also a “delivery fee” but then also a tip. I don’t understand how that makes sense. If you just paid your drivers the money they deserve it wouldn’t be on me to cover the cost. I know you make money off each order and with the way deals can be structured there’s all kinds of money you guys get per transaction. I’m not saying this operation doesn’t deserve to make money. Obviously the inventor needs his cut and I’m happy to oblige. But too much of the weight is carried by the worker and that’s ridiculous when my tip is a huge part of how they can afford to live. Ultimate this side hustle culture can’t sustain its self and these types of outfits can’t last under the pressure of time. Pay your employees better and stop making the consumer pay their wages. I’m positive this company could survive if they did it and it’s a testament to the world we live in that I have to call 3 times to get extra fees taken off my card when the only reason I used this app was for a free order from an e-mail I received. I never got the free order and only was given 5 dollars to compensate. Hey it’s more than nothing but it’s a far cry from what I was promised. If I could leave work for lunch I’d happily go get the food myself and that’s the only reason I use this app.

- Just made my last order

I’ve have never had a single problem with any order until today. I placed my order today from a local place down the street, the dasher arrived to the place in a timely manner and picked up my order, about 15 minutes went by and I checked my tracking to see where my order was, the driver had gone off to some apartments across the street from my apartment complex. The driver calls me and of course doesn’t speak my language at all and doesn’t understand a word me and my boyfriend are telling him over the phone. We tell him he had to go across the street to the other apartments and he says oh okay and hangs up. Another 10 minutes go by of us watching the tracking and he’s still across the street in the wrong area. So I text him and use google translate to tell him he’s at the wrong apartments and he has to come across the street. He doesn’t respond and still remains on that side for another 10-15 minutes. Finally it tells me my order has been completed and delivered and I never recieved the order!?!?!? I immediately called door dash and they were very helpful with fixing my problem, very satisfied with the customer service but not the drivers they let deliver. Anyone in the Salem NH area beware for JeanCarlos G. Not sure if he couldn’t actually understand me or just wanted my food and my money.

- Good app, lousy customer service

I recently used Door Dash to order food, and after 1 hr only received 1/2 of my order, meaning the other person I ordered food for had nothing to eat, beyond splitting my portion with her. Trying to be civil I contacted customer support to find a resolution, the service provider told me he would contact the restaurant to see what went wrong, but made no mention on how the matter would be resolved. When he called back I was informed that the restaurant would remake my lost order, but inferred I would have to pick it up as the delivery person was “unreachable “. I told the service provider that was unacceptable and asked for a full refund, to which I was told I would only be compensated for the missing items, which is not compensation, that’s more like to prevent fraud for charging someone for items not received. I then asked to speak to his manager, to which I was told there was not one on duty. So I insisted that he provide a full refund, to which he eventually agreed. Then upon receiving my notice from door dash regarding my complaint I saw that only a portion of my order had been refunded, meaning the service provider lied over the phone. I would not trust this delivery service, as it appears to be a Russian roulette if you will receive your full order, and instead of compensating for the mistake they will simply refund you the money of what you didn’t get, like they are doing you a favor for not charging you for food you didn’t get.

- Ordered a few times...they disabled my account

Exhausted after a full day of travel, I downloaded DoorDash and ordered dinner. It was easy and timely and the delivery fee was waived over a certain amount. I used it twice after that, all within the span of a couple of weeks. One evening, I logged in and tried to order, but it wouldn’t let me complete my checkout. Thinking it was a glitch, I logged out. Upon trying to log back in, I was told my account was disabled. I reached out to DoorDash and was told that my account had been disable because of activity that “violated their terms and conditions.” Unfortunately, they will ONLY communicate via email. I scrolled their terms and conditions and saw nothing odd about it. Confused, I responded and requested additional information. Specifically, I told them that all I had done was order dinner a few times and so if there was a “violation,” I was concerned that perhaps my account had been hacked. They refused to provide details (said it was their policy not to do so) and refused to re-activate my account. So that’s fine. They can keep it. Fortunately, I’ve not seen any questionably activity on my credit card or anything. While I realize I could probably just set up a new account with a different email, it’s the point. If a customer needs info about a “violation,” especially to ensure security, you work with them. My gut is they can’t tell why my account was randomly disabled, so a T&C violation is the easy answer.

- Deceptive Customer Service when requesting resolution for undelivered food

Major watch out on how DoorDash handles the situation when the Dasher never brings the food. This happened to me and I used their customer service team. The customer service team said sorry it looks like the dasher delivered it to the wrong address and asked if I just wanted her to process the order again so that it can be delivered. What she did not clarify was that she would not be refunding me for my original order, she was in fact charging me again for another order. I spent hours trying to get a refund, cancelled the 2nd order because I got suspicious that something was up when I looked at the app and it was not reflecting what they were telling me. They eventually told me I would get a full refund to my bank account for both orders and I double checked with them several times that this would not be a “door dash credit”’s been a couple weeks and no refund to my account, just door dash credit. I don’t want to go through the ordeal of customer service again so I’m forced to use up $66 in doordash credit now instead of getting the money back into my account. I’m hoping I don’t get a bad Dasher again, after I’ve used up my $66, not using DoorDash again. By the way I don’t think the Dasher delivered to the wrong address, I called the Dasher’s number immediately after the app said the food was delivered and it wasn’t...the Dasher rejected the call and ignored my text.

- Bad deliverer ruined this for me

Ordered my food. Said it would take 45-55 min roughly. Watched on the app as it said that the driver was picking up my order. This lasted 30-45 minutes. The longest delivery time, which changed frequently, had it at 72 minutes, (this was about 30 minutes into my original order) Then it changed to the driver is on the way with the delivery and it was another 35 minutes away. About 10 minutes after that, I get a phone call from the driver. She didn’t speak English very well and I could barely understand. She kept asking for the address. I’m at school. I don’t know the address but kept telling her the name of it. I finally understood that she wanted the address of the restaurant (Buffalo Wild wings) and understood that she hadn’t even picked up my food yet. This was over an hour after I had ordered my food. At this point I got frustrated and just hung up. I felt bad for her but I shouldn’t have to tell the driver the address to the restaurant. By the time she would’ve got there and delivered my food, I would’ve gone home from school. Customer support is non existent it seems, as the help section is only a bunch of FAQS and there seems to be no actual customer support. I won’t be using this again. Edit: sent them an email stating the issues within an hour of interacting with the driver and got an immediate reply stating that since they hadn’t heard from me in 3 days they considered my case closed. This is beyond terrible service.

- Terrible

I have had some of the worst experiences with this company. I have used them for quite awhile now and twice my food has just not shown up but shown that it was delivered on the app. The first time they tried to blame me and say that I wasn’t there and didn’t answer my phone calls when I never received phone calls nor did the driver ever show up. The delivery was sent to my work and we have cameras and they changed their story very quickly when I said i checked the cameras and the driver never even came here. They then tried to refuse to refund my money and basically act like it was my fault when the driver clearly took my food and never showed up with it at all. Finally after fighting with them they agreed to refund my money. Then AGAIN, today I ordered food and it said it was delivered at 2:12. I started a chat with an agent at 2:18 stating that my food never arrived even though it said it did. They then said that the driver was here and gave my food to a girl sitting on a couch. The delivery was set to come to my work and we have no couches in my work and also have cameras and once again the driver was never here. I’m sick of wasting money trying to order food from this company and will most likely not use them again. I have multiple family members and friends who I’ve told about this app and I will also make sure to now tell them the bad experiences I’ve had so they no longer order from Door Dash either. Absolutely ridiculous.

- Love The Service, Hate The App

When I first downloaded DoorDash it was an amazing experience. Well developed app that worked quickly and was easy to navigate, the service was incredible, overwhelmingly positive. Then they decided to update the app. This, is where they made the biggest mistake. The app wouldn’t update times of stores opening and closing properly, wouldn’t process orders, took forever to load, a hot mess. They updated it a few times more, still wasn’t better. Then an update FINALLY came along that would let me actually log into my account (yes. I tried resetting my password even though it was right. 3 times.) and place an order. This was the previous update to the one they just released this month or so. Unfortunately once again, total garbage software !!!! Wouldn’t process Apple Pay or certain stores, won’t let me cancel an order, never updating to the map with the ETA.. and the thing is is that, the service is unwaveringly great! The people they hire aren’t sketchy, they’re very reliable and will call you up if there’s an issue, and are very very kind and efficient. When the app doesn’t work it ruins the whole experience on the ordering and interacting with the store end. The app was fine to begin with !!! Stop changing it !!!! Update it to where everything is running smoothly then just leave it alone !!!! 9/6/18

- BEWARE of refunds!!!

I ordered from Doordash and the food I received was NOT what I paid for. There were items missing. I contacted Doordash about this, told them I was not going to eat the food (I threw it in the trash) and would like a refund. The person went back and forth with me saying he couldn’t refund, then mentioned he could do a redelivery. I expressed my concern about this as it was already getting late and I wasn’t sure when the establishment closed. He reassured me and told me my food would certainly be delivered. I was fine with the redelivery so long as I would receive my food; in that case I had no need to care about a refund nor did I request a credit for the inconvenience. I just wanted my food. I got the confirmation email for the redelivery... then got another email several minutes later stating that my new order had been cancelled. I contacted Doordash again and now they couldn’t refund back to my card because it was changed to a “redelivery.” The only thing they could give me was a credit to my Doordash account. Absolutely disgusting that customer service did this, which was clearly a ploy to avoid giving me my refund back on my card. I promptly deleted my account. It’s not about the money. I have plenty of money. Most importantly, it’s the principle of the whole thing. You do NOT do business like this. Very underhanded and despicable. I will be going directly to my bank and disputing the charges and will no longer use Doordash.

- Bad dasher.

Husband ordered food for our kids after I got back from a 12 hour flight from Europe. Our order from Wendy’s was wrong and when asking the dasher where our chili or second salad was he merely shrugged, said this is all he was given and it was Wendy’s fault and to call door dash. When I went to Wendy’s, they blamed the dasher. Meanwhile something that was supposed to make my life simpler and cost more then it was worth wound up taking twice as long. I received no apology from the dasher or Wendy’s. I don’t think it’s inappropriate to expect the dashers to double check the food the same way I might on the way of if drive through line. This won’t make up for everything, but at a minimum it’s a dashers job to at least ensure the approximate number of items are accounted for. Two salads, two chilis, two fries and two burgers looks a lot different than one salad, two burgers and two fries. I don’t understand how this all works and it’s not my job to understand. I do, however, expect kindness and an apology when there’s an oversight that I not only have to drive out for but also pay out of pocket for - a second time. This appears to be basic customer service that’s missing. Disappointed with this dasher.

- Super pricey and a lot of issues

Their fees have increased so much it’s not worth it. Tried to order food from a restaurant and had the dasher call me to tell me the restaurant was no longer in business! The dasher was sent to an abandoned location! A good company would know that before allowing customers to order and sending their driver there. I used this service a lot while I couldn’t walk or drive (after surgery) and now that I can I’d rather save money and pick it up myself. So many times I’ve ordered and a meal is missing or wrong because it’s not checked before delivery. Trying to get refunded is difficult, usually they would credit the account instead of my credit card so I’m forced to order again to get my money in some form. Trying to place a complaint when something goes wrong is next to impossible. Also they would advertise a restaurant with no delivery fees and when you’d try to order it would always apply the delivery fee. The convenience of Door Dash is nice in theory but you pay two to three times as much as when you get it yourself. I’d love to help the dashers out with making money but I just can’t support this company with their ridiculous fees and what feels like hidden tactics.

- Not worth the aggravation

First time using this service was great, so I was happy to use again tonight. Sooo aggravated bc I had confirmed the driver had picked up the food I ordered for family dinner. Driver never delivered. An hour and a half ordeal when we expected the delivery to take 30-40 min. The app confirmed the food was picked up, but then no further progress seen on app to track driver. I thought maybe the app wasn’t working, and I also thought ok, give it a little extra time for driver to arrive. Then I texted her, no response. Called her twice, straight to voicemail. Gradual realization that our food was never coming & having to figure out a plan B for dinner for my family at 9 pm on a Sunday. Frustrating- and I had put down a 25% tip in advance😡😡 I cant believe the driver ghosted with our dinner in hand. Further BS with the time it then took to cancel the order- online chat help informed me I was number 65 on their list to help, so sat here staring at my phone until finally my turn- online help requiring me texting back and forth what the issue was, and after that someone finally called me. The person I spoke to was polite but sounded like she was reading off a script as fast as she could to tell me they could credit my account for a future order or refund my $, which willl take 7–10 days to process. Seems like when this service does work, it’s a great convenience. But definitely not worth playing the odds to see if I your driver is trustworthy or a thief.

- Maybe horrible service. I really had hope for this service

I was excited for this service and eager to use it. I knew 15 years ago that there was a market for this. However, I was completely disappointed the second one time I used them. I ordered from Wendy’s. I got a Dave’s double meal with fries and a coke. I also ordered a medium chocolate frosty. I was periodically checking the app to see how long untill the driver arrived, and when I saw he was 1 minute away, I went outside to meet and greet him. But for some reason, he showed up in his hands, with old a soda(a dr. Pepper I found out, instead of the coke that I ordered) and a frostee. Now, it doesn’t take a brain scientist to figure out if one leaves the restaurant with only a soda and a frostee, that maybe your missing a few things, just maybe. Who in their right mind would use door dash just to order only a soda and frostee. But no, this idiot is a few peanuts away from wearing a helmet. And then, I called customer support and sat on hold for 30 minutes! And while I was doing this, I went to help and started chatting with a “support specialist “ and of course got me nowhere. The first chat ended after the person said they would try to contact the driver. But after that, I said 10 things in chat and got no response. So I had to close everything out and started a new chat. And finally, customer service got on the phone, and big surprise guys, the person in in customer service couldn’t even speak English!

- 2 days for no reply from customer service

I got an automated message when I order from Jack-in-the-Box three minutes after I got the email telling me that there was free delivery if you were one of the first 1500 people. Why on earth did they send out that email if the store couldn’t handle the volume. Bait and switch. They also send me an email saying that I got a free delivery which did not apply to my account and a zero dollar credit which is an insult to of a macro that tells me I’m getting zero dollars. Horrible horrible horrible customer service. Any company not willing to have decent customer service doesn’t care about its customers. I’m switching back to any other delivery service or getting my own food. They have been a pain whatever we’ve had issues at work when we’ve used it I should’ve known better. Also: I got a call finally from door dash where I had 2 people explain to me my card was refunded from the initial order. I am not against outsourcing for basic customer service. However it was obvious that both agents did not understand what the problem was and this is why outsourced customer service is frustrating because of the cultural divides. Neither one of them understood the email I was sent in a meaningful way nor why I was frustrated with the experience of getting an email that said I have a zero dollar credit being added to my account. Wow. All I can say was that call has ended my relationship with DoorDash.


Before the food even makes its way out of the door and into the drivers hands!! You guys need to check if EVERYTHINGs IN THE BAG!!! I spent almost $80 for food to get delivered with something missing!!! Either the delivery guy checks or the restaurant because it’s very bad for your customers I don’t care what’s missing!! Deleting and not using these guys again!! Not only was the wrong number listed when trying to contact driver but I got serious attitude from the person who’s number was listed as the delivery guy as if it was my fault!!! Very unprofessional and will not be using this again!! So I decided to try DoorDash not knowing they are the same!! I ordered $138. Worth of wings and they drop off all these wings with no sauce??🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I cannot express my annoyance with how they are not checkin to see if everything’s in these bags!!! Same thing tried calling the drivers number that was listed and no answer!! Then I call the restaurant and she tells me I have to go through these guys? How when the numbers listed are not even correct!!! I had to drive all the way back to pick up my sauce!!!! First time with both grubhub and door dash and I’m not surprised I got the same results!!! If I could give you guys a zero because I thought to try again I definitely would!!! DELETING THESE GUYS TOO!!! Guess I can say goodbye to almost two hundred Dollars because I know for a fact I ain’t gettin a refund!!! Better off going to get your OWN food!!!

- Great, but price/menu differences and need cash option.

The app and service is good over all. The menus tend to be well organized with functioning filters. My biggest compliant is the price quotes on their menu; if you go online to a restaurant’s actual menu and compare the prices from that which doordash is charging you, you will often find a dollar to two dollars and some change difference. This is before you even pay a delivery fee and all taxes. Sometimes you are given a “discount” applied to your order to make up for the price difference but it does not always add up to the exact amount; the user is left feeling that they are overpaying due to built in hidden fees. This is also not necessarily them featuring the prices of one specific location over another, as some of these restaurants are not chains and only have a singular location. Additionally, it would be nice to have a cash option; they could still require a card or account number to hold to keep people honest but allow them to complete the transaction in person. I know some worry about the safety of carrying cash but there are ways to provide security without completely negating the option for all deliveries.

- Could be worse, could definitely be better...

I’ve ordered using DoorDash often. I like that the app is user friendly and that deliveries from lots of places are cheaper than some of the other delivery apps, which is always nice. What doesn’t make sense to me is cost of delivery in relation to where you are. I can do an order for somewhere 15-20 minutes away and it’s 1.99 or 2.99 but there are some places just a few minutes down the road that cost 5.99. That makes absolutely no sense, you think it would be cheaper closer to you and more expensive for a longer distance. Another complaint: tipping up front. I have no issue tipping for a good delivery after the fact but I can say I’m not happy when I tip four or five bucks for poor delivery service. I live in an apartment building that isn’t difficult to navigate (there are even maps on the walls inside to direct you the right way). I have simple easy instructions on how to get in, I’ve had people over who have never been over have no difficulty finding the place. Yet I’ve had door dashers who it’s taken 10-15 minutes to find my apartment so my food is cold/soggy by the time I get it. I don’t see tipping four or five bucks for that kind of service yet you are required to tip when the order is placed. Sure, I could tip cash but depending on the dasher they could see that there is no tip and do something to your food.

- Worst date night ever thanks to this app

Decided to have a cozy night in with my husband. We thought we would try this app for a change and order in some local Thai. The initial email upon ordering was 52 minutes. At first I thought the app was quite cool how it had a timeline and capability to contact the delivery person. After about an hour of the app saying the driver was at the restaurant, I tried contacting him and the number didn’t work. The app kept extending the amount of time it was taking to get to my house. Mind you, the restaurant was only about 10 minutes from our house. Finally I tried calling the restaurant but it was closed at this point. So I used the app to contact customer support. They said they would cancel the order and refund the cost. They blamed the driver for being unprofessional. After a few minutes my credit card was charged a second time for the same amount instead of getting a refund. I was unable to contact customer support on the app anymore because there was no order history. So I had to search a phone number to contact them to resolve my credit card issue. They said the only resolution was to send them a screen shot of my credit card statement before I could be refunded the double charge. So I am starving, date night ruined, charged $49 twice for no food. Don’t use this app. Next time I will hold off on drinking a glass of wine and drive to the Thai place myself. Worst experience with an app EVER.

- I’m furious.

Hey, DoorDash, you guys should honestly be ashamed of how you handled a situation with a driver and our delivery tonight. Upon getting our food delivered, the driver had marked our food as “delivered” with a picture of a building that’s on the opposite side of our development. Not only that, but when we called the driver to ask where our food was, he replied with “I delivered it,” to which we told him, “We don’t have our food, so where is it?” He started to get a little bit of attitude and told us “I delivered it,” and then he hung up on us. To our shock, the DoorDash delivery driver had thrown our food INTO THE BUSHES by the other building across our development because he couldn’t find our building. He stated that he had called, yet no phone calls or texts from him to ask where our unit was. Not only that, but the picture he took was only of the building number.... NOT the food in the bushes. Now DoorDash “investigating” the situation, however, we still haven’t received any resolutions and are only being offered a $5 credit for the fact that we had our food THROWN INTO BUSHES and had to go on a scavenger hunt to find it. Reconsider some of your drivers, DoorDash. Some people should not deliver food if they cannot deliver it properly or contact at all. I can’t believe I actually had to retrieve the food I ordered from a BUSH down the road tonight because of incompetence. A $5 credit is not the way to fix that. I NEVER complain, and right now, I’m furious.

- Tech Problems, False Arrival Times, No Support

I ordered, door dash told me the delivery time, I paid. I received notification that the delivery had been picked up and was in transit to my house. Then 15 minutes later I looked at the app and the arrival time had changed to 80 minutes away, with a new driver... okay. Weird? Contacted the driver he had no idea what was going on. I thought maybe it was a glitch. Then I talked to the driver and he / she texted and said they were on their way to pick up the item. Another twenty minutes went by, I checked the app again and AGAIN there was a new driver, new delivery time. Another 80 minutes away. Contacted the driver, he said he just got the order a minute ago and was a new person. I’ve tried to get ahold of support but it’s impossible they have no phone number and just a bunch of FAQ pages. I typically use postmates, which now I’m realizing is much better this is super annoying. It’s been over an hour since I originally ordered and I have no idea whether this item is actually on the way, but the restaurant said it’s ready so I assume it will arrive cold or spoiled. Definitely the last time I’m using this app. Update: finally got on live chat with a representative of doordash. They confirmed that my food had been sitting out at the restaurant for over an hour, refused to have the restaurant remake the order and asked me to cancel the order and then REORDER. Absolutely ridiculous. Postmates is so much better.

- Cancelled my order over an hour of waiting

So I downloaded the app and browsed for food but didn’t actually order anything a while back. About a week later I get a email saying that I could get $10 off my first order plus free delivery. So I tonight I thought I would order something because I have like no food in my kitchen and I don’t own a car. I ordered some wings at around 11:45pm, the restaurant stops taking orders at midnight and they close at 1am and it states that it’ll be delivered within about 50-60 minutes. Which I was perfectly fine with. So it’s almost at the time when it states my food should be here when I get a text stating that my delivery person was still on their way to the restaurant and that it’ll be about another 20-25 minutes. I’m ok with waiting but I know for a fact that the restaurant I order from closes at 1am and this guy is cutting it close. Around 1:30am I get a call from a unknown 800 number stating that my order is being cancelled because the restaurant is closed. No duh. They closed at 1am and my delivery person apparently just got to the restaurant to pick up my meal when it stated it would be delivered before the restaurant closed. I understand that it was later at night but I ordered over an hour before they closed and it took them almost 2 hours for the guy to get to the restaurant. So now I’m angry, hungry, and it’s already so late that nothing else in my area is open anymore for me to order from.

- Needs more drivers in my area

I’ve been waiting two hours to get my second order after my first order came incorrectly missing a major item and I received a credit for it. This is not the fault of the driver at all. Now a small order five minutes away at a local Wendy’s is taking over two hours and the app has changed the driver and expected time on me four times. I think it’s a great idea it has great restaurants I’ve had good experiences but today is so bad I really doubt I will ever order from them in this area again unless they beef up the driver staffing starting immediately. Adding to my original review I found out that the DoorDash credit cards haven’t been working at some of the merchants which is why there was over half an hour or more delay today and it seems really unfair to make the drivers lose this business and potential really good customers because of your financial issues door Dash you need to straighten that out with your credit card company once you take the money from us it should be available on your card to pay for our orders. Finally - my second order was wrong too got a partial credit threw out food no dinner. Bummed. Would welcome a response from DoorDash.

- They canceled our order and now telling us a WEEK get a refund!!

What a scam! Stay away! My wife and I ordered through here a few times and it was pretty good. However, today after waiting over an hour for food that was supposed to be delivered in 20 mins or less “our dasher cancelled our order” and we were not told why. Now this wouldn’t be a super big deal, as I understand things happen, but when I called DoorDash to complain and ask for a refund I was told it will take FIVE to SEVEN business days for us to receive our money back. No app credit, no resending our order. This is total BS! I will never use this app again. We held up our end of the bargain by using the app and paying. DoorDash broke their trust by canceling and not honoring what we paid for. What if that was all the money I had? I’m sure there are folks out there living on a budget or check to check who would go hungry if something like this happened to them. Not only did they tell me 5-7 days for a refund, but the person I spoke to on the phone treated me like this was my fault. No way I’ll ever use them again because now it would be like rolling the dice to see if I would either receive my food or get ripped off. Horrible business practices and even worse customer service. I’m not letting this one go, no. It’s a matter of principle now. I’ll be calling the BBB, Apple Pay Support and also whoever is on the board of DoorDash. You can’t do this to people!

- Update: Pathetic

***Update*** So I caved, and ordered using DoorDash! So far the only disappointment is the price. A meal for one person averages around $20 with tip depending on the restaurant you order from. But so far I’ve had no bad experiences!! The drivers have been very friendly, and they read your notes. I hope they get payed well, and get their full tips! Also I truly hope they figure out a way to coincide with the businesses true operating hours and days, other then that. It’s great!! I was so excited to finally have Door Dash available in my area! But the business hours for the restaurants aren’t accurate, and certain restaurants are only available on specific days?? What’s the point of this app if I cant order from the places I want too? Also, you cant customize your order!! Being familiar with some of the menus, I know the options have been limited and prices have been altered, so you’re paying more for the so called convenience, along with that extra booking fee or whatever it’s called, plus tip. But with technology these days, you should be able to provide a fully customizable menu like the actual restaurants app. They do have way more options then Uber Eats does in my area, but what’s the point when more than half the places aren’t available? Maybe one day I’ll actually get to use this app!

- Food never came

I ordered food and It never came. I believe that the dasher stole it or couldn’t find the place so he left it somewhere else. I wouldn’t recommend this because you still have the smallest chance of this happening. We never got a refund, and that dasher still got a tip from our credit card. I recommend you fire him so the company doesn’t look bad. I can’t even see his name to report him. Should update the app to show names even after the delivery. I never ordered from here before and the ratings looked promising. Now that this happened, I will never order from here, and will make sure my friends/family don’t either. Honestly the worst ordering experience ever. He said he had trouble locating me and left the food at the front door. Nothing was there. And there wasn’t a possibility of it being stolen because as soon as I got that notification I instantly went outside. And my dog also barks when there are people at the door and he never barked. Which leads me to believe that he never was close to my house. I realized how easy it was to just say “I’m arriving” and never do so. I know you think “it could never happen to me” but that’s what I thought too, and it happened. 0 stars.

- Scammers

Twice this company has charged me for 2 times on 1 order simply because the restaurant was missing a less than a 2$ item so they feel they have the authority to make a separate order and charge you without contacting you to confirm if that’s ok or not cause obviously who would want to be charged 60$ for a 25$ food order and they have the nerve to say that I initially never got charged but the funds were simply a hold!! I’ll use Grubhub for now on at least they have a wider selection cause they will drive farther than DoorDash with their pathetic 3 mile limit who wants to pay twice the amount for a order they can really just drive to in far less time it takes to wait to get a order that’s cold and god forbid not tainted with by the driver or something once it took a driver over a hour after picking up the food to finally deliver a inedible order this company are hacks they have menu items from a restaurant that is completely different from what is listed and the service from customer care to the drivers are incompetent untrustworthy individuals who should have no rights to access of other peoples bank accounts but don’t take my word until they do similar illegal acts to you cause I know I wouldn’t take my advice seriously if I read this and haven’t had a negative experience using this service but if you do just use Grubhub heck even post mates will never fraudulent take funding by making unauthorized charges🤬👎🖕

- Restaurant’s point of view- Creepy couriers

I am a worker at a restaurant on the West Coast. Our restaurant has absolutely no affiliation with Door Dash yet we are constantly plagued by calls from Door dash trying to place orders for pickup. We are a small mom and pop shop that is always incredibly busy, so we don’t do preorders unless they are a catering order. So after being harassed over the phone by door dash drivers begging us to make an exception “this one time,” they still show up to pick up orders that don’t exist for items that we don’t have and are irritated at us that they have to contact their customers to fix the issue. And just now we had a courier come in and aggressively sexually harass the young girl I was working with with unsettling pick up lines. With Caviar and postmates we, the restaurant, know the name of the courier and are able to report them for any inappropriate behavior or rudeness. Since door dash operates under the table and without the restaurant’s consent, we have no idea who this guy was and wouldn’t even know how to specify who he was for a report. I would sure like to know a delivery app that was sending people to my house wasn’t sending creepy men who hit on young girls. We have told DoorDash multiple times to take us off their app and we still have couriers showing up. TLDR: Door dash operates without restaurants’ consent and therefore often has incorrect menus and no way for a restaurant to report a courier’s inappropriate behavior

- Great App! Needs Tweeking

I love that I can order my food and have it brought to me, when on any other occasion, I would have to drive to get food. But the drivers need to have more strict consequences when they don’t deliver correctly. I’ve ordered from Taco Bell 4 different times now. There was only one instance where my dasher didn’t do what she was being payed to do. She came with my food before I got the notification that she had picked it up. Then when she got in her car I was spammed with notifications in the order that they should have come (Your dasher has picked up your order and is on the way, your dasher is approaching, and your food has been delivered.). The next problem I had is with scheduling. For all of my orders I made, I was at work, busy. I had scheduled the orders for 5p and the dasher came an hour early. The Taco Bell immediately started to make my order and I got my food within 10 minutes of me placing the order. Which was at 3:50p or so. The food came perfect. I had what I ordered exactly. The only thing that I would like to see is improvements to he scheduling option so that it better fits the needs of the customers. Also for drivers PLEASE make sure to mark when you’ve done the actions (picked up, approaching, etc). Other than that, great app!

- Wrong orders constantly and terrible customer service

I got two wrong orders within 2 days. The first day I ordered from Starbucks and received wrong items and one of my drinks was only half full. Was told I would receive a full refund, and did receive it. So I was pleased with the customer service at that point and decided to order food the next day. Got a call from the driver to clarify what I ordered, which was steak fajitas, and chicken enchiladas. Received my order and I got chicken fajitas and chicken enchiladas. The chicken fajitas were gross and I couldn’t eat them so I contacted customer service and explained that this was the second time in two days that I received an incorrect order and that I couldn’t eat the chicken fajitas because they were gross. Was told that day I would again receive a full refund, however a few days later and I still hadn’t received a refund so I decided to contact them again to see what was going on. I explained the situation and this time was told I could only receive $10 door dash credit because it was not the same day that the order was received. I explained to them that I had already been told I would receive a full refund and I had a screen shot of the conversation so I’m not accepting that. After arguing for about 30 minutes and asking to speak to a manager (which he kept ignoring) I finally told them I will not be ordering from them again, and since then I have deleted the app.

- Customer service can always ruin it!

I have been ordering through doordash for 2 years now! Never have had any problems until yesterday! I order a pizza that was nothing complicated and nothing that could truly mess this up. The driver showed up and showed up with breadsticks and chicken strips. I’m sorry what?!? I told the doordash driver that this wasn’t my order and he was on his phone texting support or something. He tells me because he had hit complete order he can’t do anything about it. He was texting some lady named Christine and she told him “it’s not his fault, he didn’t do anything wrong.” I explained to the man this was his fault because he should of checked the order and all he told me was he didn’t speak English. I then called the number he gave me and by then i was so upset. The lady Christine on the phone was not helpful! Yes she reorder my pizza but had to wait another hour. I asked her that i wanted a refund and still want my pizza and she told her she wouldn’t do that and by that point i was getting even more angry! She kept telling me i was being recorded... for customer service Christine you really are doing a good job... NOT! She told me her supervisor would call me and asked her if i could speak them now and she told me no because they were busy. I never got the credit and the lady on the phone was not helpful. I will be deleting this app and go to Postmates. I will never recommend Doordash and i think you should do the same!

- Y’all...

I always use this app since my transportation is walking! Once it gets late this is my only option when restaurant lobbies close and I’m off work at that time. Recently all of my orders keep getting cancelled which is the fault of all the local restaurants not DoorDash but here is why it’s a 2 star rating. So, recently, I order dinner and it sends to the business, they confirmed it and the dasher goes to pick up the food. They get there and have to call me and tell me my order was cancelled because all the employees walked out so they can’t prepare my food. I’m told to cancel the order myself and that I would be refunded. Thank god I was and I was refunded instantly after the incident and was able to order from a different place that night. So weeks later I order again from the place and I figured they must have figured it out because it’s open and on door dash again so I order. SAME THING HAPPENS... same story about employees walking out and everything... so I cancelled my order but the refund never came so I just ordered again from somewhere else and spent more money. I waited and a refund never came so I called customer service and she told me only doordash credits to reorder ... but I already spent the diner money so I want a refund like last time and they are saying now it takes a week for a refund.

- Good luck getting what you ordered

Can’t tell you how many times I make a an order, pay, always leave a tip and my order gets to me with missing ingredients, incorrect order, missing sauces, missing items, missing drink, like 85% of the time!!! I’m just absolutely dumbfounded on how these restaurants can’t get orders right, just simple things, but don’t make such epic mistakes for in person customers. For example: I ordered a mint Oreo shake from Steak and Shake. I received a cup about 80% full of a mint shake, no Oreo at all. Or how about I ordered Chik Fil A, spicy chicken deluxe meal with drink and sauces. My order came with no sauces, no drink. Then there’s my order from BBW that came with no dipping sauces for my boneless wings and the boneless wings were nearly dry, instead of being tossed in sauce. Oh and my McDonald’s order that was missing a hash brown and orange juice. My Denny’s taco hash brown order that came with only hash browns, and no desert on the side that I had also ordered. Now I don’t know if the drivers are stealing items or the restaurants are just screwing up every order I make but I’m over it. Don’t ask why I still continued to order, I don’t know but let me tell you this, I’M DONE!!! I continue to report it to Door Dash customer service I have been refunded nearly every time or receive a credit but I’m tired of having to do that after every screwed up order. I’m going to just get up and eat what’s in the house or just drive to a restaurant instead.

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- No troubles so far 😌

Thanks for the awesome deals you’ve been giving. Have only ordered twice but both times have been breezy, quick and complete. Keep up the good work 👍 nice to have options besides uber and menulog as not all restaurants are listed across platforms. Any bad experiences with any of said platforms for ordering I’ve had, I.e. missing items, lateness etc. have been the restaurants fault. But of a grey area when the restaurant should pick up the slack but the delivery company has to front the complaints. This is where refunds and compensation gets messy. But again, no complaints so far with the dash ☺️

- Do not use this service!!!

I ordered a meal for delivery and after 1:30 I decided to ask why it kept being delayed. I was then advised the restaurant was closed by the delivery driver. When I contacted door dash I was told the restaurant closed. I was not offered an apology and then advised I was not charged. I was made to provide a screen shot of my transaction to prove I was charged. They then advised they would refund me the wrong amount for a completely irrelevant transaction which also appeared on the screen shot I sent them. I advised they were incorrect and they eventually figured it out. They then said I would get an email approving my refund. I never got the email or a refund. This is not the only issue I have had with door dash. There help service is appalling. If you use this app I hope you don’t have any issues because if you do have an issue they will not help you. I will be contacting consumer affairs about other issues I’ve had with the app as I have been charged incorrectly and they refused to help me with this advising it is not their transaction despite my bank advising it is them as well as the transaction having the exact seem details as the other door dash transactions. Im really angry and quite upset that they have not helped me with a genuine problem that was their fault. I asked to speak with a manager a dozen times and advised a manager would call me which they never did. I’ve even sent emails with no response. Absolutely disgusting service.

- Absolutely Awful

I have gotten three orders from Doordash, all from the same restaurant and all within two weeks. The first order was completely wrong- why should I spend extra money to not even receive the order i customised? The next order was over an hour late and when I looked at the map I saw my dasher was heading in the complete wrong direction and staying in random areas for no reason for up to ten minutes at a time. I got compensated for this by Doordash support who gave my a $5 voucher that would be available for up to two weeks after receiving it however when i went to use it a day after receiving it it said it was no longer available. I tried to contact support about this, waiting over ten minutes to be able to chat to customer support (despite the website saying support is available to chat in under three minutes) only for the person i was chatting with to end the conversation whilst i was writing down my problem. My third and what will be my final order from Doordash, the driver is continuing to travel further and further west from the restaurant when i live north of it, thus making this order over an hour late. I have tried to contact them yet they are still heading away from my home. Not to mention compared to other food apps, such as deliveroo and menulog, the delivery time, fees, and order minimums are much worse. I will stick to menulog.


I have tried all of the delivery services and I’ve had some poor experiences from a number, however nothing could quite top this experience I had with Door Dash last night. I’m sure we have all been there after a long day of work you get home, am starving and don’t even care what you decide on you just want something delivered ASAP. Well I ordered a pizza last night for dinner, it said it should take around 20-30 mins. After probably 25 mins I get a call from someone from door dash saying that my order needs to be cancelled as the restaurant is closed. I asked “well why am I only being told this now? How did the restaurant accept my order 25 minutes ago if they were closed?” The woman on the phone replied “I don’t know, I just need to cancel this order.” Fuming at the thought of having to WAIT ANOTHER HALF AN HOUR FOR FOOD, I responded “well what about me, the customer? Do you care about the customer or do you just care about cancelling my order?” And the line went dead. Ubereats have pretty poor customer service but I’d pick them any day over this pathetic excuse of a company.

- Would not recommend

I ordered a meal from McDonald’s about 15min before their closing time (I usually don’t order this late to a place’s closing time but my friend had yet to eat anything so I was going to order some food for them). The order was accepted and I was told it would take up to roughly 40min which is fine. I waited roughly 10min before changing my mind and wanting to cancel the order out of fear that it was too close to closing time for them only for DoorDash to tell me that they would not refund me because the restaurant had already accepted and started making my order, so I thought oh well, it should be fine then. 20 more minutes go by of us waiting and the order was suddenly cancelled??? Why accept the order in the first place only to cancel it so late afterwards!? We couldn’t even order from any other place by then either as by the time 30min had passed every other available place was only 5min from closing and we didn’t want to risk waiting another half hour for another cancellation. Terrible customer service, never using this app again

- Worst app ever, do not download

This service is horrible, the customer service is horrible and so are the drivers. I ordered from them and not only was it late and I had ordered from the 30mins or $30 return part but aswell my special instructions said that I would not be able to leave my building therefore they need to come up. So this driver instead argued with me and was hostile, waited downstairs for 20 mins already as the food was another 20 minutes late after 30 minutes, as he then proceeded to call me and abuse me as too why I couldn’t leave my building to meet him? I waited 10 minutes too get a hold of customer service for them too say they will fix it and hang up. I got another hostile call from driver saying he left the place and left the food outside infront of building. The customer service did not as they said it is at location, regards the irony that there company is called door-dash. I had to ask a co-worker to go downstairs when they went down and checked everywhere the food was not there. Worst service, DO NOT USE! Better using ubereats or Menulog.

- Do not recommend

My first 2 orders were great, low cost due to promotions and arrived quickly. My third order was cancelled after being confirmed, paid for and waiting the 25 minutes for it to be prepared. I tried to order something different from the restaurant thinking it was an error and the exact same thing happened again. I was refunded but by this time everything was closing. Next order was unconfirmed but paid for, for more than an hour before support cancelled it after I had to contact them asking what was going on. Decided to give it one more shot tonight and yet again, half an hour of no confirmation but PAID FOR, support advised me to wait 10 minutes, nothing, messaged then again and they left the chat before eventually cancelling my ordering and ignoring my feedback on the disappointing service. Waste of time.

- Stick with Uber Eats

This is the first app I’ve ever reviewed, and if I could give it 0 stars, I would. I’ve tried DoorDash twice over the last three weeks, and both times my experience has been terrible. First time I waited almost an hour and a half for my food, from a store less than 10 minutes away. The food never arrived and my order was just cancelled. No explanation, no phone call, nothing. I received a refund and a $10 voucher for my inconvenience. Second time I ordered my food and was told after about 15 minutes that it had been picked up. Then my delivery driver went 15 minutes in the wrong direction to deliver someone else’s food, then drive the 30 minutes back to my place. I had waited well over an hour for my food by this point. Obviously the food was cold and inedible. Total waste of money. My advice would be to stick with Uber Eats. DoorDash is not worth the hassle.

- Generally good, not great when you need support

I’ve been a DoorDash user for a while now and whilst generally good where orders don’t have issues, customer support is quite poor for orders you need support on. I had an order cancelled (which I didn’t initiate) and got an email saying it was cancelled per my request. On following up through the apps help chat function, the agent advised the dasher had to cancel due to an emergency. Before I could respond and provide feedback to incorporate actual cancellation reasons on the email that’s sent, the agent closed the chat window within 3 minutes of no response stating because he hasn’t heard back from me in a while. Is 3 minutes a while? I would think you’d wait at least 5 mins before closing a help/support issue.

- Terrible Customer Service

I ordered through the same McDonalds (because the kids usually want Maccas) using Door Dash and every time I have there is always something wrong with the order. Door Dash only allow you to get refunds/credits for so many orders before they won’t let you which is fine when it’s 1 thing that’s wrong but the last time it was the whole order and their customer service will cut you off when trying to dispute it, I even went to the Maccas I made the order through and the manager called on my behalf and explained my whole order was wrong and they didn’t care. I have been calling since then to talk to a supervisor and I am always advised that someone will return my call... it has now been a week and half and still no one has called me. I will no longer be using Door Dash after all of this as they don’t seem to care.

- ScamDash - Please take the time to read

Do not, for the love of God, buy through DoorDash. So many of their reviews are fake, because most people I know in person have experienced the same thing. I’ve been scammed $33. I ordered my food and 20 minutes in, my order got cancelled by the store, BUT I called up the store and they told me that they didn’t cancel and that our food was ready. 5 minutes later, we walked over to the store and they told us that they had not received the payment from DoorDash? I received an email from DoorDash that same day and they told me I would be refunded in 5-7 business and it’s been more than that and I still have not been refunded. They have not been helpful in refunding me and continuously told me to go the bank, but the bank told me that I have NOT been refunded? So where’s the truth, DoorDash? Stop scamming and give us our money back.

- AVOID - Horrid customer service if something goes wrong

After a few inconsistent deliveries (food wa good just delivery issues), I complained when one topped them all. After the driver collected the meal, they drove to a point in the opposite direction and sat there for 20mins. I didn’t get any delivery until over 45mins after the food was collected (10mins away). Customer service told me it was normal and fine because drivers had insulated bags so food would still be warm. No surprises, it was stone cold. They didn’t care about the quality of the delivery (meaning that there clearly was something wrong) or the fact the driver was ignoring my messages. After pressing for a refund, and them initially trying to not provide one, followed by trying to get me to take a credit, they provided a refund, and abruptly ended chat. Similar experience when I deactivated the account.

- Happy

Have done my 3rd order through DoorDash now, have been very happy as it’s been quick, and I get more updates then I would with Uber East or Deliveroo...came on here to review and saw there was a lot of bad ones...I guess I haven’t had any issues yet so I haven’t dealt with customer service but so far am really happy and surprised with the amount of drivers that use the app because they pick up the order so quick. Not like an experience I had with menu log waiting ages for a driver to commit!! Not as many options restaurant wise as other apps yet too.

- Would give it 0 stars if i could

My first order with them was excellent but the second time was absolutely terrible. I ordered something at 10:40am and it got here over an hour later even though the restaurant is less than 10 minutes away. 3 different drivers accepted and then unassigned themselves to my order which made my food stone cold. I had to contact two different people which only told me to “text the driver yourself” and then ended the chat. There is no possible way to get a refund either. AND DONT GET ME STARTED ABOUT PAYMENT! DoorDash made me scan my card beofre I purchased my food (which i did) and Alamos instantly I get a call from my bank telling me that my card information was stolen (from DoorDash) so now not only am I down $45 from terrible service, but my card has been blocked and flagged. Worst experience I’ve ever had.

- Never ever again

This was my second time ordering off of this app after I had deleted it the first time for bad service, I decided to try it again. After ordering from a LOCAL restaurant I was told the wait was 40 minutes and after waiting the 40 minutes it had increase by another half an hour. Once my driver was seen on the map picking up my food from the restaurant and driving to my house my map suddenly disappeared and I couldn’t find my order in the order list. I had assumed they cancelled the order and would refund me my money. After contacting DoorDash they told me that it was ME who cancelled the order (I had not even touched my phone after I ordered) and they cannot refund me anything or even offer a credit. Such a scamming company I will only use UberEats from now on.

- Great

I’m really thankful for this app. I use ubereats and menulog a lot, but they have their issues and are usually very expensive. This app gives you 1 month free delivery. I just had my first order and it was great. Interface was simple. I could track on a map where my rider was and he was quick and friendly. I’ll definitely be using it again. These apps are great for me as I live in the city where I can’t use my car. And during the hot days I can’t walk long distances due to medical issues, so I can use apps like this which help me a lot. 10/10 so far

- Used twice. Both times with errors

Used the app twice. Both times the food never arrived. The 1st time i was told id be given a store credit not a refund. I tried arguing it but eventually gave up. 2nd time I was silly enough to try it again. App wasnt working. The maps dont show the true location of the “dasher” delivery person. The food never arrived. I waited almost an hour for a 10 min delivery from McDonalds before i gave up. I tried to get a refund through the app chat. Was hung up on twice and eventually told a superviser would contact me. They never did. No refund for either order. $40 out of pocket. Terrible customee service. App wont let you use paypal which is there way to make it harder for you to get your money back. Do NOT ever use this app! Absolute scam artists!!! Stick to ubereats!!!

- Would leave -5 stars if possible

My first order was good with Door Dash however I will be never using them again. I sent my friend a sms link to get $10 store credit. We ordered food using this account after activating it and the credit was never given to me. After talking to the customer service team I was extremely disappointed. They were extremely rude and were no help at all ending the conversation halfway through.

- It’s a con job

Hi how can you tell me my order was 3 minutes away then say I canceled I never did when the driver try to phone me it was international number +65 I couldn’t phone back yet you still take money I told you in comments about my situation but you ignore & do nothing honestly I think you are a Scam you shouldn’t do this to people in contacting Ombudsman to find out who you are not very happy just tell me one thing why do all the cooking & not deliver so bad people never I use you again & when will my money come back I will keep checking now I go elsewhere & you say recommend sorry bad customer service

- Angry customer!

Firstly, the payment via credit card didn’t work on the app, no matter what I tried. I ended up using my partners PayPal account. Secondly, I received an email from DoorDash that the order was confirmed, and immediately after, an email from DoorDash that the restaurant ran out of stock for my meal (1 out of 3 ordered) and that a refund for that meal had been issued. There was no option to substitute the meal for something else so I tried to cancel the order so I could order something for me, and a warning came up stating if I cancelled the order I would still be charged! Tried to call customer service to explain and ask for the order to be cancelled but the support was terrible! Will be deleting the app and ordering myself a meal for tonight from Uber Eats.

- A business’ worst nightmare

If you are business, beware of DoorDash. They will put your restaurant on their app without your permission. They will mark up your food prices and you will see none of it. If you ask to take it off their app they will refuse. A customer will place an order through their app, they will call the restaurant as if they were the customer so the restaurant don’t know that is DoorDash and then demand fees to be paid. They will take 100% of any tips they get and they take about 60% of the food earnings. They are disgusting. Avoid using them if you can. If they have put your restaurant on their app without your permission, I suggest you try to report them. Do NOT use. If you are a customer, please do not support them. They are money hungry and immoral.

- Banned as “fraud” because I bought a burrito

I had a couple of great orders off this app. Good visuals and great UI. One day I attempted to buy a burrito, it got flagged as “fraud check” and then after a couple of days their chat team unlocked my account saying it was a mistake. I tried another day to buy a burrito again and the same thing happened. Frustrated I asked the chat again, except this time after 3 days they told me I had broken their terms and conditions and my account has been deactivated. When I asked for a reason why their staff simply told me that details cannot be give to me and linked their terms and conditions. They haven’t responded since and have given no assurance that my details are actually safe. Moral: don’t buy burritos, you get banned.

- Never received the food!!!!!!!! And happened 2nd time

I did order the food and it’s not been deliver to my place then I got the email from doordash and it is a photo that dasher left the food at the front door but it was wrong house!!!!! Then I decided to contact customer support(agent) about this and they said I will not receive any refund because food already been delivered!!! Seriously I was told them that the food was delivered wrong house and it was 2nd time(1st time I got re-order the food from the customer support( agent) ) but they still not give me any refund or re order for me!! Then I told them that I want to talk with Manager but I still not get contact by manager!!. SOMETIMES THE PHOTO DOESN’T APPROVE THAT THE DASHER DELIVERED THE RIGHT HOUSE!!!! CHECK THE NUMBER AT THE DOOR IT NOT THE HARD!!!!. Very disappointed!!!!

- First time to order, terrible experience

First of all, the cost of delivery is more than other apps such as uber eats. But I thought to try it as I get 20% off the first order. We order KFC and most of the meal is missing. We got one item out of the 5 items we ordered. It also took about 40 mins to arrive when it kept saying 12-16 mins. I report this issue in their app. We got credited for the items that were missing. But now I have to order again to get that money back. I don’t want to order with this app again! So, my suggestion for others, don’t use this app. So thoroughly disappointed in this. In the end, we waited ages for one overpriced item (because of delivery cost too)... and now they’ve got our money in their system.

- Waited for an hour until they said canceled

I was told I’d have delivery in 30 min, after an hour of waiting I get an email saying it was canceled and by this time everything was shut. I will NEVER order again.... not to mention there is NO customer service tab, how am I supposed to fix an issue? I’m not? Great.... get your act together or dissapear... no one needs an unreliable and unrepeatable service. I called the restaurant and they said they couldn’t receive door dash orders. I then called door dash and they were no help to resolve the issue. They said it wasn’t their fault..... I’m using your app, you need to take responsibility otherwise we turn to other brands that offer the same thing for cheaper and who actually contact us back

- Would give zero if I could

I have been using door dash since covid happened. It was a great service, well I thought it was. Currently in Melbourne lockdown that we can’t travel 5km outside of our home and curfew in place. I had dropped my partner at the hospital after a long wait a doctors that I needed to take him ASAP. Order was confirmed order was picked up, 10 minutes after my order was picked up, was cancelled no explanation “we’ve provided a refund” try contacting support , the “bot” which I can only assume was a bot didn’t explain anything and just ended the chat. So I won’t be using this service anymore and recommend others don’t as there are other providers who are much more reliable and the customer service Is better.

- Took payment - no delivery

Very disappointing- would never use again. Placed order through app. Payment taken straight away from my account. App showed restaurant cooking, 10m later the app showed it in delivery on map. However, the vehicle didn’t move on the map for about 10m. Next time I checked the app, the order had disappeared and It prompted me that my order had been cancelled. Received an email saying that Dasher weren’t able to fulfil order and a refund would be made in 5-7 bus days. Rang restaurant who transferred me to a recorded message asking me to contact them through app. Rang restaurant again who said that the order was on their screen for 5min then disappeared. It sounds like a scam to me, I’d be very surprised to see a refund. North Rocks, Sydney.

- Australia beware

If your an Australian customer you will get 0 help all contact via email. Driver went home with our red rooster order the app didn’t let us call him or message him for approx 45min, I ended up calling the restaurant which gave me the toll free number you can call. Finally got through to the driver who gave us 3 different stories (he never picked the order up, he had the order but no address, and he is on his way). In the end, the second I got through to customer service driver knocked on the door approx 2 hours later I sent back that cold chicken, go through Menulog at least you get through straight away, oh by the if you press the emergency option it tells you to dial 911, that how highly they rate Australians!

- Unreliable delivery time, 1.5 hours late then promised

I’ll give 0 star if I can. My first time to order food using this app & will be my last time. I was ordering food as farewell surprised gift for my colleague. It only takes 16 minutes from the restaurant to destination. An hour later the restaurant called me to inform that the driver didn’t show up & they have to called door dash to chase them up. It took 3 times to change driver to pick up the food. Requested to slice at 11:15 am but delivered at 1:45 pm. All surprise plans ruined. Door dash send email to apologise with $5 discount for the next delivery but when I click it shows promotion offer is over. It means it’s a joke to give $5 discount. Avoid to use door dash & better use other delivery company.

- Operation is a mess

I have been using an iPhone for 8 years, any wrote a negative review, this is the first time I’m bothered to write one. So now you have an idea of how bad this app is, surprised it has such an high rating (it’s prob fake). I have been using this app for about 2 months, every time the delivery is late by a lot. But it’s ok, I don’t mind waiting for a bit longer sometimes. So what got me so angry is that I ordered 2 big size meal, doordash delivered a small size meal which is also different than anything I ordered. After contacting support, took me about 1 hour waiting and chatting, they promised me a full refund, 14 days later, they still charged me the full price on my credit card. What a waste of time, delete this app straight the way.

- Bad service ,lots of fake 5 star review

Had done two order from this app. First time I received my order will all my food pour out in the plastic bag and i asked for solution. They say they can’t do anything with it and can’t refund it. So I actually just waste my money for ordering something I can’t enjoy at all. I give it second try after the first bad experience, again my order has been picked up but the driver just doesn’t moving it for 20 minutes and they asked me for me to wait for 30mins more. I asked refund again they just told my order only can be cancel but I can’t get any refund. They just make every fault to customers. I will stick with menulog or ubereats which at least provide better service.

- An hour and a half to travel 500m. Useless info

Was having a few drinks so couldn’t drive. Ordered a pizza from less than a km away (yes I could have walked and should have). App said less than 20 minutes, but it took over an hour and a half. Got a cold soggy pizza that had been sitting in the shop for over an hour, and I knew this as after an hour and a half I called the restaurant to see what the deal was and said they they made it straight away, but driver hadn’t picked it up. Do not use if you are in the Sydney suburbs, as they say will deliver in less than 30 but not enough drivers yet. App didn’t update with info. Terrible. Should have walked, but didn’t want to wake up our baby and miss the graham norton show.

- Would be good if maybe they had delivery dashers

So would be fine if maybe they actually had enough dashers to cover the areas. We had gotten the baby to sleep and could not leave so we decide to order. We then check the status since it was taking a while and no dasher was available so we had to cancel the order. Funniest thing is they asked if we wanted a refund or credit - umm a credit with an app that just wasted our night and probably screwed over the restaurant too? Yeah that’s a big nope. I’m deleting the app. I’ve never had that happen with any other delivery apps where there’s no one to deliver food. That’s the whole point otherwise you’d just order direct from the restaurant.

- Teething problems

Somehow my suburb is included in a trial delivery area. Had 2 deliveries this week. First driver didn't know how to use intercom and kept on ringing me for instructions. He apologised and said it was his first day but requested 5 star rating? Today is Saturday, delivery took 1 hr. Order was from $30 in 30 minutes promotion, so I'm expecting a refund. My poor diabetic husband had his order cancelled after 1 hr wait. This is totally unacceptable. This restaurant should be excluded from the service. His order was also from $30 in 30. He was also offered $10 credit. Doesn't really compensate for what happened.

- Waste of Money and time

Last night i ordered from one restaurant and after waiting for almost 1.30 hr i talked to support like what is my order status and they told me dasher is marked restaurant is closed. Wow i was surprised. in the app it was showing me your order will arrive in 10-15 mins. I was so angry on them they just said you will get your money back in 3 days i told them there is guest in my house and i don't have any money left in my account to order from another restaurant so please i don't want refund just issue me Doordash credit so atleast i can order from another restaurant and that agent told me i cannot help you in this sorry and ended chat. Such a horrible experience to me. Waste of time and money.

- Better than Uber Eats and others

First of all, that’s finally a delivery app that goes as far as 7 kilometres away. In my Uber Eats (“famous delivery app“) there’s almost no restaurant, only the ones that are within 2kms! This app has got way more restaurants (because they go further away) than other apps like Uber Eats and Deliveroo and cheaper deliveries. Delivery fees are like $3.5 for 7km in Doordash VS $7,5 for 2km with Uber Eats... Doordash is better than Menulog in comparison. And Menulog is better than Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

- Better go somewhere else

Couple of days back I placed an order for the first time. The order was accepted but could not get anyone to deliver it. So, after waiting for 90 minutes, and talking to someone on online chat I gave up and used Uber. Now I tried using it again. This time it’s not even accepting my order and the error message I am getting is ‘oops’, what does that even mean. After calling their customer service line twice and both of them sending me a trouble shooting guide for a card number, even after explaining to both the agents that I am using Apple Pay not a card number, I am currently getting nowhere and hungry. I think it’s best to stick services that may actually work.

- Do not recommend

Order was placed, app said that it would take 20 mins to be delivered. Had waited 40 mins and checked the app again, said the restaurant was still preparing my order and it would take 1 min to arrive, which I assumed was just a problem on the app, surely my order would arrive soon. Checked again 15 mins later, driver had changed and I would have to wait another 40 mins for the new driver to go to the restaurant and pick up my order. There was no way to cancel the order, which I would have done at this point. My order ended up being delivered to the wrong house and there was no way to contact the driver. Complete waste of money and time.

- Awful scam, do not use this app!!

I was lead into using the app with the offer of free delivery, I placed an order with a local restaurant to only have it instantly cancelled but the money for the order was still taken from my account! and I haven’t received any refund!!! I was notified of the cancellation through a text which said I’d receive a refund which I haven’t received nor have I had any credit added on the app! DoorDash even hasn’t replied to the text I sent back to their number. The app also doesn’t provide any contact number for support which is suspicious, I had to search online to find a customer support number which when I called found out it is disconnected! This is making me suspicious that DoorDash is a large scam and I now worry for the card details I provided in the app! I will be reporting this app, I sincerely hope that this app is not designed as a scam, but if it is not then DoorDash needs to drastically improve their app and customer service, this is appalling that I can have money taken from me like this!

- Scam “Card details are not safe“

This company is a big scam block my account by saying your account is using on 5 devices, i ask them to find out how is is possible as i have only 1 phone even including my housemates we have 4phones , they have mentioned you cards also attached with 5 accounts .Rather than find out loop whole in their system the block my account . Not recommended at all.

- Paying took about 10 attempts

App seems largely okay but almost abandoned because at times (particularly with the cart) it was slow to load (not the network as other apps okay) and when I went to pay I had to transfer money so first decline was fair. Transferred money and it kept declining, I kept trying - you see where this is going. I went back a few steps to ‘refresh’ and still kept declining. After about the 10th attempt (when I was about to abandon) payment went through. To be fair, I assume I got unlucky but not a great first experience

- Personal Identity Data misused by DoorDash. Deleted

Experienced misuse of my identity data. There is clearly a problem in the logic within their app programming when one signs in with an Apple ID and on another occasion signs in with another method such as Facebook or Google account (all are offered on their app as legitimate ways to sign in), as the programming identifies you as 2 users fraudulently using the same card. Staff on 3 different calls acknowledged the issue but the“support team” and “appeals team” refuse to correct the issue, repeatedly accusing me of acting fraudulently by using 2 accounts, even though the 2nd email address is clearly an ApplePay email address auto generated from ApplePay. I Tried the support team, tried the banned customer appeals team, and even tried the CEO who didn’t respond when I advised him of the potential data glitch, but when I call, their frontline people can see the issue as clear as day but are disempowered to do anything about it. Protect your data and your reputation and use anybody else.

- Good app but very poor customer service

Paid $41 for a meal that got cancelled for no reason by the company as well as recieved very poor food the day before and from the poor food I got no response from door dash and only got $4 credit towards my next order after saying they would look into it and never got back to me and for my $41 order got told a refund would come in within 5-7 business days and still never got it 2 weeks later and when confronting customer support they asked place and date and then after 6 minutes of them not answering me they closed the chat

- No Support & Bad Service

Had trouble with the restaurant not accepting our order for ages. Found out it was because they didn’t have an item available which the app didn’t reflect. The rider messaged us for confirmation to change but I also tried to contact support to change the order. 275 people wait. It took 20 minutes to get through to anyone but by then I thought our rider had sorted it out. When the food arrived we were missing the item that there wasn’t even any issues with. Terrible app set up and terrible support. I got a refund but had to spend more money to get the free delivery otherwise it would have cost an extra $7.

- Waited almost 2 hours to have my order cancelled

SOOOO BAD! Order gets accepted, it then gives you a time of 40+ minutes for a place that’s 5 minutes away. The app shows that it’s still 40 minutes away an hour later. You message the driver to find out if there’s any problems with the order and they don’t respond. After almost 2 hours I finally receive a message saying the restaurant is now closed asking me to cancel my order. I then get an email saying it will be a few days before they process the refund. Overall the app has few options, really bad tracking, poor communication and definitely fails to deliver


I made 2 orders with Doordash with their Perth promotion and when I went to order a third (as the promotion was for first 3 orders) I had similar problems to other people and the promotion wouldn’t be applied. The first 2 orders both took over an hour to be delivered when the time had been estimated at 30 minutes both times. Wasn’t super impressed with the service so I deleted the app. Today almost a week later $6 is missing from my account charged to Doordash. I haven’t ordered food in days!!!! I’ll now have to cancel my card and get a new one as I can’t have money missing all the time. Don’t waste your time or money with this service.

- Worst delivery app and drivers ever!

It seems like every driver working on Doordash is just waiting to keep your food and giving an excuse so you cancel the order! It’s the second time it happens to me in short time. I didn’t get my food, but the driver got it from the restaurant. Now the restaurant is closed and we are starving home. Shame on you Doordash. You don’t check on your drivers, and your app doesn’t even have nothing to complain about issues!!! The driver is not rated, because I was the person to cancel the order, and he will continue working and doing that to other people! I got the messages he sent me. I hope you do something about it.


How this app not let me get refund or even cancel order.....? I order kebab and the app said it would be deliver in 25-30mins and by the times that pass, it never arrived. I even texted the driver and called the driver. The freaking driver never respond or texted back ever. I basically lost $20 on this extremely bad doordash app. This is not 5 star and it don’t deserve it. This should be 1 star feedback as it is so unprofessional. No one should install this app. Just don’t. Read the review like this so you don’t end up like us having to wait 3 hours for a food delivery service that is terrible. God bless everyone but hope karma bite them for neglecting the customers everyday.

- Worst Customer Service Ever

I made an order for my dinner and payment was deducted through my bank account as well. I was waiting for more than an hour and I was trying to track my order, page wasn't load. Then I spoke to customer service to check my order and person who answered the call was mid of sleep I guess. I was repeating my email address more than ten times. Then he said my order has got cancelled and they have refund my payment which is I didn't recieve any email or msg saying that my order has cancelled. Still I haven't recieve any cancellation email. Really disappointed... I even do not want to rate one star for this

- Absolute Worst

This app has the worst customer support & their agents are simply unhelpful and rude. Me and my partner have tried using this app and we always get unauthorised charges - to be specific a whopping $8 Dashers tip which we never consented to. This has happened multiple times and when we contact the service agents, they antagonise us by asking “why did you cancel the whole order when you are able to contact us to refund the Dashers tip?”. That’s absolutely ridiculous. Given that there is no education about this on the user interface and inconveniencing customers to fix up their app’s mistake, I am never using this app again.

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- Failed order

Restaurant was closed. They tried to extend credit instead of refund.

- False Advertising and Unable to Delete Account

I was referred to DoorDash by a friend. Their automatic referral script says “You should try DoorDash, it's an awesome food delivery service. Get $10.00 off your next order when you sign up with this link.” Both the person who refers and the person who’s been referred are supposed to receive $10. I signed up and put together an order. When I got to the checkout, the $10 credit was not applied. My friend also did not receive a $10 credit. I contacted customer service and they argued with me that “next order” means the second order I place. Not on the first one. That makes no sense to me, and their word choice if that’s the case is awful. They refused to do anything wrong as it was my “mistake.” I decided to delete my account when I realized there is no option to do this. That is a big red flag in my opinion. They are basically holding my information hostage at this point. I have contacted customer service but have not heard back. Whether they allow me to complete account deletion or not (which I will update as I get information), I believe not allowing the user to terminate themselves should be illegal. Overall, awful business practices that I cannot get behind.

- Refund doesn’t cover cost

I was given a partial refund for not getting my food. The refund they gave me wasn’t enough to reorder my food.

- Never again

I don’t think I’ll be using this service again. The driver has been making 4 other deliveries in between mine which means cold food. It is ridiculous to charge for service, delivery and expect me to tip when it’s taken more than 30+ minutes to deliver after picking up food from restaurant. Who wants to eat cold food, honestly?


I placed an order for delivery that stated the delivery time would be 3:05PM. I waited till 3:25PM and called the restaurant. They said they have the order prepared but door dash didn’t come pick it up. I checked the status and it showed that my driver was not moving at all. I called him once - no response. The second time he finally picked up and said he told door dash that he cancelled the order because he couldn’t make it. This is ridiculous because door dash did not provide me with any updates whatsoever and I couldn’t reach them in any way. I sent them a support request and did not receive a response from them. It wasn’t until 3:50PM when the app finally said they reassigned to another driver. And it is now 4PM and I had to ask the restaurant to remake my order as they said it was cold by now. This is ridiculous. No customer service from Door Dash whatsoever. No time management. No communication. I will definitely NOT be using them again.

- Nope

Been waiting two hours. Terrible terrible terrible app.

- Not worth it

Food arrived 2 hours later. I could have walked to the bloody restaurant. You call this food delivery ?!?! should be ashamed of yourselves. For anyone that wants food delivery stay away, try something else. You cannot even delete your account.

- Long wait times

Very often the food comes 30-90 minutes late, cold and soggy. Presumably not enough people to deliver

- Another app with fake boosts

It got 4.6/5 stars ⭐️from fake accounts watch out. Real rating is 0.1/5 ⭐️ Worst app and service everrrrrr

- Didn’t get my order

They sent my order to a closed restaurant that doesn’t even do door dash deliveries... why was it an option on the app if they don’t have a deal with that restaurant?!

- Bad customer service, slow delivery service

Door dash is not comparable to uber eats at ALL! Food is always late, takes 1.5-2 hours to arrive each time. No number to call for immediate customer support if something goes wrong. The wrong driver picked up my order once and I didn’t receive my food for 2.5 hours and it was freezing cold. They offered me $5 compensation lol.

- Just go to skip the dishes or something

At first I really liked this app because it was the only fast food Delivery that had McDonald’s on it because I live far. But literally the 3 times I order they have had to contact me because they didn’t have something in the menu, but the menu does not make sense at all, how can they have a double quarter pounder and NOT have single? The menu is so confusing and the last time I ordered there a “dasher” accepted my order BUT NEVER PICKED IT UP so I waited a WHOLE HOUR for this guy to get out of his house and I couldn’t cancel the order because he already accepted it!! I had to contact the “dasher” who by the way did not pick up at all so I had to contact the door dash people who also couldn’t get hold of my “dasher” so I asked for a refund and i don’t even get in 5-7 business days. Really bad.

- Horrible platform

I ordered almost 2 hours ago. No food, no way to cancel. They tell you to contact customer service for ETA and they simply don’t pick up the call. If they don’t redeem themselves I’m more than obliged to move my business to other great food delivery services.

- First experience worst experience

Downloaded the app for my first experience with the app. I was supposed to get my order at 8:30 pm. I had to wait until 9:15 pm and then my order was canceled with no explanation. I had my friends waiting for the food in my place! Such a disappointment! Terrible app!

- Don’t bother.

Impossible to get a hold of ANYONE who works for the company. Had a family emergency and had to sit and wait for food because now they’ve wasted drivers time.

- Unethical Business

It happened to me and a few of my friends. Doordash sends you emails to sign up, offering free delivery and $10 off your first order. Once you sign up and place your first order, they take your money but cancel your order at the last moment. They will issue a refund in 5-7 days, thereby borrowing your hard-earned money for a few days. This is an excellent way to make cash but extremely unethical and maybe even illegal.

- This app sucks

Delivery of food went opposite direction of my house for 30 minutes. Fast food took almost 1.5 hours!!! And 1.25 hours was in someone’s car while they drove around I assuming doing other orders... No support from DoorDash Deals don’t work....

- Crappy service

CUSTOMER COMMENTS NEVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!! They like to take the money then claim the restaurant can’t fulfill the order. Of course the store can’t because you guys never send the order to the store!!! Then say it will take us 5-7 days to get our money back after you took it! Bunch of crap . Never order again or recommend this company to anyone!!!

- Horribly unreliable

Doordash sucks. The delivery is unreliable at best. The support is non existent. If you receive your order correctly and on time it will be a miracle. I’ve had countless issues and not one resolved appropriately.

- Thank you for giving away my user data.

What a joke

- Poor Service

First time to order, the driver dropped my food to a wrong address!!! I paid $40 for my food and it vanished! Maybe their driver ate them---i don't know 🧐

- Needs Improvement

It would have taken me less time to pick up my own food than to deal with this glitchy app. Why can’t I give it 0 stars?

- Dasher didn’t arrive

The dasher went to the wrong address which resulted in me not getting my dinner. The email from door dash then said that I’m not entitled for a refund! Really?? Not gonna be using this fraud of a service. Hope you can put your kids through college with this scam

- Dasher picked up my order an hour ago.

I have used doordash for a while and things are getting worse lately. Dashers try to get too many orders and resulting unacceptable delays. I have been watching the dasher map and noticed he goes to different direction frequently. Not cool

- Horrible horrible business

Have had so many issues with door dash the last few times I ordered and every time it’s a pain dealing with their customer service. If I could I would give their customer service a 0. They consistently try to shrug you off when you ask for help and blame it on “inactivity” or something that isn’t their fault.

- Taking too much time

Worst app online order.👎

- Unreliable

Do not use Skip the dishes. DoorDash and Uber eats is much more professional in the ways they handle mis-deliveries and restaurant mishaps.

- Horrible experience

This was horrible it took way to long and I asked for a venti iced caramel macchiato and I got a medium hot caramel macchiato and I mentioned it to the delivery person but he just said oh well and drove off I do NOT recommend this Service I’d recommend skip the dishes or Uber eats🤬

- Asking for verification code but none was sent

Tried it via text 3 or 4 times. Received it several minutes later. Had to get it via email. Also tried to order via the website but it would not allow me to submit the order.

- Horrible app

Spent 7 mins attempting to load then crashed. Finally got it open, built an account and it froze before I could place my order. Tried a 3rd time and it froze so long that I left the app open, placed an order with skip and had my order confirmed before it just crashed. Worst app to date I’ve ever downloaded

- Always Delayed

I’ve used Door Dash 3 times and all of those deliveries were delayed by more than 1hr. Not sure if this was a driver issue or the service itself but 3/3 failed deliveries is pretty bad. I rarely experience this issue with UberEats. Will most likely switch back.

- Please fix ongoing order page

When I place an order and wish to see details of my order, I can only see the maps and the screen below it is just flashing/loading. The data isn’t being loaded properly so I do not know the status of my order, and so I have to manually check the link attached to my order confirmation email to see the order status on the web since the app doesn’t show current order progress properly.

- Sign in with  do not work

The button to sign in  does not work. All other buttons works. Please provide update.

- Use skip the dishes

None of the coupon codes work even though I am a new customer. Very frustrated.

- Not a great service

Second time back and still issues with service. More recently my order wasn’t filled by the vendor after 50 mins after placing it. The driver couldn't find parking. It was just a cluster... All I received was a refund after insisting on it. How about some compensation for never completing the order and costing me my lunch hour?

- App sucks.

App sucks

- terrible

Had a promotion for a 5$ meal & free delivery, yet they still charge me a fee for the delivery ( 11% of original cost) & $2 for having a meal under $12 instead of a delivery so it ends up to be the same cost anyways. Uber eats & skip the dishes doesn’t do that!

- What A Joke

I placed an order and it wasn’t confirmed for 15 minutes, with a 40 minute total time of making it and delivering it. Cool. Finally got it confirmed. And another 25 minutes later it’s cancelled by the place I ordered from. 40 minutes later I have no food, and I won’t be refunded my money for 5-7 days. Even cooler. I ask them through chat why this would happen and they said it was closed. I able to order from a place when it’s closed or closing? I’m then told to call the place ahead of time to make sure they are open. Excuse me? What is the point of this app if I have to call and make sure they are closed? Hello? So their apology for keeping closed places up and able to order from is a whopping $3.77. I can’t even with this. Door dash, buh bye. Keep your pithy $3.77.

- Disappointment

Extremely unorganized and unreliable. Took over an hour for the delivery driver to arrive at the restaurant to pick up my food and when they finally got there the restaurant had no record of my other even though I was charged for it and had the receipt.

- K

Promo codes dont work

- Countless attempted orders never pleasant

I lived in Ontario and used door dash for months. after numerous attempted orders over these months 2 have been successfully delivered. One took 2 hours to arrive and one was fine. I care to Alberta and it’s even worse, I haven’t successfully received and order before, every time I try, when the driver arrives at the store, they cancel the order. I have credits I am constantly trying to get rid of but can’t because the won’t deliver my orders. Terrible commitment to service.

- Don’t bother

Placed my first order today, it was cancelled without reason 30+ minutes later... when it was supposed to arrive. I’ll stick with skip the dishes what a joke.

- Covid

So crazy that you can still charge such high delivery and service fees. I

- Horribly managed!

I really want to like this service, but it seems they can only get it right ~30% of the time. Most orders are exceptionally over stated delivery times- expect an order listed as 24-28 minutes to take upwards of an hour more often than not. Food will very likely be delivered cold and unappetizing. The rare delivery that goes well is totally worth it (and if your area is better than mine, DashPass is great too!), but the consistency is so far off base I can’t begin to recommend this.

- Terrible service

I ordered a meal, was wondering where it was after an hour. Checked my app no order pending, had to contact support for them to just tell me the restaurant is closed and they just left it open and accepted the order.

- My food wasn’t complete

So I order 2 items, but when it gets home I only get one item . SO I CALLED DOORDASH. And they told me that I need to call IHOP. And then I called IHOP and they told the opposite . So I’m not with games .

- Bad bad bad

Ordered from McDonald’s, there’s a whole lot of things missing !! Couldn’t even add anything in my coffee, no option to have an iced coffee with my meal, and I couldn’t even take off things from my hamburger !! Come on, add the whole freaking menu

- Tipping before delivery doesn’t make sense

They ask for 15% tip and then the delivery person is 45 minutes late because they bundle deliveries that are 10km apart. This app is so frustrating. Prefer foodora that is much more reliable.


App is not fully developed. Customer service and order status links are non-functional. No live agents. Help line phone number does not work. You have to wait over 1 hour or twice the approx delivery time before you can get a full refund on your order. Less than 1 hour, you only get the delivery fee and tip refunded, should you cancel. If the restaurant is closed for renos/shortage of food or is having issues do not expect door dash to provide updates. If you email a concern, expect 2 days before getting a response via email.....on food you ordered 2 nights before. Avoid the headache.

- So disappointing

Long day, waited 1h30 for my food then after calling the restaurant found out all customers were waiting so long for door dash drivers that most were picking up or cancelling. Will never use this app again- use skip the dishes, more reliable.

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@DoorDash if i pay for door dash pass then why am i the last delivery and get my food 35 minutes after he picks it up 10 minutes from my house? are they paying more? like i need advice on how to not have cold food. i pay and well.... nothing. hmu i wanna chat

Braaains Bro Ben

Just had an awful food delivery experience, but DoorDash made it right... and I got the "kids" meal toy I wanted!

Elaine Luria

The inclusion of women in our long term economic recovery at all levels must be a priority.

DoorDash sees food orders declining in second half; shares fall 12per cent - Business Food delivery company DoorDash Inc on Thursday reported an over three-fold rise in quarterly revenue in its first results as... -

Beach Haus Brewery

Beach Haus Bar & Grill by David Burke is now on DoorDash! #belmarNJ #food #delivery

The Belford

@TheCameronRice If you doordash everything maybe you could get close. But just because it’s delivery doesn’t make it fast food. Maybe it’s for a whole house of 30 people

Wayne Duggan

Imagine you run a food delivery business and there's a pandemic where all restaurants are closed down and your losses double. $DASH Doordash loses $312 million in first quarter after IPO, more than double from last year's loss


Many of the nearly 2.5 million women who lost their jobs in the past year because of the coronavirus pandemic are now turning to rideshare and delivery companies — like Instacart, UberEats and DoorDash — to support their families. #19thReads via @CBSNews:


@Simone_Lisaa I thought you meant food Delivery Service like Uber Eats and Doordash


“In verticals beyond restaurants, we are just beginning,” @DoorDash wrote in a shareholder statement issued Thursday. Learn how the delivery operator is expanding its business:


#Doordash is just thee shittiest food delivery company. They cancel my order then only send back the amount for the food but keep the driver tip 🤬 I’m seriously only using #Ubereats from this day forward.


Would like to thank all those DoorDash delivery drivers who notify me via the app, and don’t knock on my door to let me know they’ve left my food outside. I don’t need my neighbors to know how often I’m ordering in.

#DeniseNgai [魏穎妍] 👩🏻‍💻

@McDonalds @McDonaldsCorp Thus, I've lost money and I was left hungry. Your app needs to be improved to report issues with an order. DoorDash and other food pickup/delivery services have this functionality.

I don't think I should, but I will.

@DoorDash I need someone to contact me ASAP about one of your driver's Rahad racially profiling my son, who was trying to get his food from home last night. This was a re delivery after the first order was messed up. 1 of 2

🌊🌞Penny's Radical Liberal G'ma #BLM💙

Women have been impacted and are now forced to take jobs that don't pay a living wage. We have been so fucked, but women of color have it the worst. This is just wrong.

DoorDash - Food Delivery 4.64.4 Screenshots & Images

DoorDash - Food Delivery iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

DoorDash - Food Delivery iphone images
DoorDash - Food Delivery iphone images
DoorDash - Food Delivery iphone images
DoorDash - Food Delivery iphone images
DoorDash - Food Delivery iphone images
DoorDash - Food Delivery iphone images

DoorDash - Food Delivery (Version 4.64.4) Install & Download

The applications DoorDash - Food Delivery was published in the category Food & Drink on 2013-10-10 and was developed by DoorDash, Inc. [Developer ID: 719972454]. This application file size is 306.77 MB. DoorDash - Food Delivery - Food & Drink app posted on 2021-12-18 current version is 4.64.4 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: doordash.DoorDashConsumer