Lush Cocktails

Lush Cocktails is a simple and beautiful drink mixing app.

Find your next favorite drink for half the price of your last.

Our hand crafted drink list is focused on the best recipes. We are constantly growing our list of selections so if we missed your favorite, let us know and we’ll add it!

As you swipe between drinks, the liquid sloshes back and forth in the glass. We represent each ingredient visually, so you can easily see the ratio of vermouth and gin in a martini.

Lush will default to the primary measurement system used in your country. If we guessed wrong, just tap on the ingredients in a recipe to switch back and forth.

Searching for drinks with one or more ingredients is trivial. Go ahead, find all the drinks with Rum, Lime Juice, and Orange Liqueur. It's actually quite fun.

Picking a drink out of a list of hundreds is overwhelming. Try looking through one of our curated shortlists. Whether it's Brunch, Girls Night Out, or just some Rest for the Wicked, we probably have a list for you.

Are you in the mood for lime or strawberry? Or maybe coffee? Either way, the flavor lists will help you find what you are looking for.

Let's be honest, your memory is not at its best when drinking. Tap the heart next to a drink to add it to your favorites, so you can remember what to blame for your hangover.

* Sort by drink name or by glass type.
* Search ingredients and drinks by name.
* Automatic updates when new recipes are added.
* Works offline. Recipes are stored locally so you can use the app anywhere.

Lush Cocktails App Description & Overview

The applications Lush Cocktails was published in the category Food & Drink on 2013-10-11 and was developed by Lush Cocktails. The file size is 24.15 MB. The current version is 1.3.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

We made the recipe cards fullscreen, so that you wouldn't have to scroll the app up and down while pouring a drink.

We also put a ton of behind the scenes work into this update. The entire app was rewritten from the ground up in Swift, Apple's new programming language. We also built a server to allow us to push new drink recipes to the app quicker.

If you enjoy the app, please let us know by rating and reviewing the app in the App Store.

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Lush Cocktails Reviews


Love the app, but it's missing something  SBKr848  4 star

Love this bartender app. Hands down one of the most fluid apps that I have used and it's aesthetically pleasing as well. Very well done. But I feel like it's missing some functions that would make it absolutely perfect. I think a liquor cabinet function needs to be added that allows me to add what's in my personal arsenal of liquors and creates a list of everything I can make from the drink database. I also think that a shopping list function would be useful so I can keep notes on what I need to pick up next time I stop at the store. These little things would make this a perfect 10 and hands down the only app for bartending.


Fantastic App  Gahqi  5 star

One of my favorites. So many drinks to explore, i'm having fun going through them :)


Great App  H0kieengineer  5 star

This is a great, easy to use resource for the aspiring home bartender. Simple instructions, no branding, has made me look like I know what I'm doing more than a few times.


Great app, best aesthetics UX ive found  hapticdata  5 star

This app is really nicely done, I was just enjoying how the drinks all animate and shake with the accelerometer, really nice touch. Well organized, easy to find what your looking for and classy. My only complaint would be that I wish there were more drink recipes.


Pure Excellence  pollolidel  5 star

Simple, useful, elegant


Great app  sphuff  5 star

Beautifully designed and does exactly what you would want


Cute style  tttemplar  5 star

This app provides all the recipes for cocktails that you want. Given in a simplistic style and cute animations, the recipes are showed clear and straightforward. You can also search recipes through ingredients. Best cocktail app I've ever had!


Awesome  mofrorocks  5 star

Hundreds of recipes very informative!


Nice graphics update but now slower  Deusnihil  4 star

I like the new graphics and iconography but there now seems to be a delay when viewing a specific cocktail. Before, it would instantly load the ingredient list. Not a deal breaker but I like speed


Awesome, Easy to Use  Firekody  5 star

Super quick and easy

Jerm Murray

Great App, lacking library  Jerm Murray  4 star

This is the only app I use, because the Mixology app is terribly ugly. Wish this app had a sharing, search, and/or create function, to add drinks to a library. This would make it the only mixology app needed.


This app will get you drunk.  Dandlezzz  5 star

With its clean ui, extensive recipe list and favoriting functionality I can finally make cocktails with ease. Never again will I need to sift through pile of old recipes! Thanks lush.


Just OK  shovelups  3 star

Disappointed I spent $2 on this app. It has a nice simple & clean UI, but it's quantity of drink recipes is lacking compared to other apps. I think the Mixology app is much better.

Blacksburg, Va

Top contender.  Blacksburg, Va  5 star

This app is one of the best drink recipe apps I've tried so far. I'd like to see them add more and more recipes. Coconut rum and peach schnapps could use some more recipes. Tasty shooters in particular. Also, Crown Royal.

Tennessee Williams' Cousin

Excellent  Tennessee Williams' Cousin  5 star

Attention to detail is impressive. The animations are a delight. A must have.

Richard Priest

Slick  Richard Priest  5 star

Great app and great design. Cheers.


Pretty and functional  v1100110  5 star

The presentation of this app is really nice which I really appreciate because there aren't many good cocktail apps with the ios7+ design style. I know it's hard to exist as a paid app so I hope this one sticks around.


Great execution of a common theme  Thisismynewnicknameplease  5 star

Beautiful and practical.

M S Walker

Great app, so-so recipes  M S Walker  3 star

The design of the app is top-notch. Absolutely gorgeous, and a pleasure to use. That being said, a number of the recipes are questionable. They don't match the "official" IBA recipes or my own personal preferences. Most noticeably, drinks with soda water usually contain WAY too high a proportion of soda.


Superb  Stardustfists  5 star

Great app with many drinks. I hope you guys end up adding a lot more!

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