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Food delivery from your favorite restaurants, 24/7, 365 days a year. Postmates gets you what you want, when you want it.

Order burgers, sushi, pizza and more with Postmates:

• 350,000+ local and national restaurants and retailers.
• 300,000+ Postmates on the ground, ready to bring you anything.
• Real-time order tracking, keeping you updated on your delivery progress.
• Active in 2,900+ cities and counting in the U.S. and Mexico.
• Free delivery on all orders over $15 with an Unlimited Membership.

Postmates is the first app to deliver whatever you want when you want it. We deliver food from any restaurant and merchandise from any store.

We’ll deliver to your home, dorm, office, the park, or your next dinner party—wherever you’re at, whenever you want it. We get it.

Our delivery platform takes time and distance into account to ensure your order is assigned to the best possible Postmate, for the fastest possible delivery.

Join Unlimited for $9.99/month and you’ll get free delivery on orders over $15. Love the offer? Save 20% when you sign up for an annual plan.

Need help? Our world-class customer service team is available 24/7. You can always reach us at:

Jack in the Box, Shake Shack, By Chloe., Tender Greens, Blaze Pizza, Denny’s, PF Changs, IHOP, Walgreens, Chili’s Grill & Bar, The Halal Guys, Panera Bread and many more.

McDonald's, Dig Inn, Wingstop, Wendy’s, Raising Cane’s, The Cheesecake Factory, Starbucks and many more

Albuquerque, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Bellevue, Boston, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, East Bay, Evanston, Fort Lauderdale, Honolulu, Houston, Indianapolis, Jersey City, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Louisville, Madison, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, Newark, New York City, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Orange County, Orlando, Palm Springs, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Queens, Raleigh, Sacramento, San Antonio, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Seattle, SF Peninsula / Bay Area, St. Louis, Tampa, Tucson, Virginia Beach, Washington DC.

Mexico City

Apple Pay, Credit Card, Debit Card. Major Credit Cards: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover. All transactions are 100% digital, no need for cash.

$100 in delivery fees terms and conditions: Offer valid for first-time customers only. Service fees may vary and apply. Store and offer availability based on user location. Limit 1 use per customer. Offer is not sharable or transferable. Offer only valid for 14 days after redemption. Maximum offer value up to $100. Offer cannot be redeemed for cash or like exchanges. Postmates reserves the right to modify or terminate this offer at any time without notice.

Postmates - Food Delivery App Description & Overview

The applications Postmates - Food Delivery was published in the category Food & Drink on 2012-04-11 and was developed by Postmates Inc.. The file size is 121.16 MB. The current version is 5.1.9 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Thanks for using Postmates! We update our app regularly to make ordering even faster and easier. Every update includes improvements in performance and reliability. As new features are released, we’ll highlight those for you in the app.

Here’s what you'll find in our latest update:
• Get free delivery from trending restaurants with Postmates Party, get in before the timer runs out

For the first 100 customers to enter in promo code: PARTYINTHEUSA, you'll receive an additional $2 off your total on your next order.

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Postmates - Food Delivery Reviews


That’s it  bdgsjxnsksjgdkf  5 star



Review  bggudtrsjhgstqir7a5s7ra5379r5ws  4 star

App works well but it won’t let you bypass the tip section. You can enter a tip of $0.00 but that still lets the person know you have them a “tip”. You can’t do anything on the app until you’ve gone through this section, extremely annoying.


Don’t use this app  GonzalezLA94  1 star

Horrible customer service. Couldn’t order from a place that’s less then a mile away because Of why? This is what I got from them . ”thanks for getting back to us here at Postmates customer support! I'm glad to assist you further! I sincerely apologize that there was an error when you try to place an order with El Pollo Inca again. I understand how disappointing and frustrating this can be. We want you to have an awesome experience when you use our service, and we're sorry that didn't happen this time. Please note, that merchants have the ability to choose on when they will accept orders or not, though this rarely happens, this is something that we cannot control. I hope we get the opportunity to redeem ourselves by completing more orders for you in the future. If there's anything else we can assist you, please let us know; we are happy to help, Gerardo. Thank you for choosing Postmates and have a great day, Brenda F. Customer Experience Associate

Shut grabber

I was robbed for my money  Shut grabber  1 star

I had a $12 credit which was just perfect. I went to order my food then all of a sudden a dollar was taken out of the $12 and that was okay. Then it took 3 more dollars. And now I have $1.01. How does that happen when I’ve ordered nothing? This app is horrible and takes money. Don’t give me credit if you’re not going to own up to it.


Food!!!  Iceman5598  5 star

What a great concept, food delivery at restaurants that don’t deliver. Late night shakes are the best

kuzya 1985

Poor service  kuzya 1985  1 star

Poor service, no communication, order super late

Doc Sparky

Easy to use  Doc Sparky  5 star

This app makes it easy to order and gives accurate ETA. My go to app because other similar apps are a lot more hassle to use.


Inefficient  Appguy554543793  2 star

The menus don’t match, the prices don’t match. If you have an issue with your order, you have to leave it before you come up. The app is not really worth it. One bad experience doesn’t constitute a bad review, but when it’s a constant problem it does. A better product, better customer service, And better efficiency will make you more money. Focusing only on the money.


Bad service  CaroYorugua  1 star

I used post mates twice and both times I got the wrong order. I won’t be using it again!!


Overall good user experience, be wary of the upsells  ashfuncheun636282  3 star

docking 2 stars because there’s not any visibility into the pricing. I’ve noticed upsells of an item being more expensive than the item itself from the menu - understand paying more for a delivery service, but seeing a $3 difference on the same item within the same app is a little ridiculous.


Don’t advertise if you can’t deliver  Toasterbot73  1 star

Doesn’t deliver to my region so why am I receiving ads for it

Brad Yogi

Not in Aus  Brad Yogi  1 star

Doesn’t work in Australia. Might use on my USA trip tho

Bridie Smith

come to australia???  Bridie Smith  1 star

why is this app on the AUSTRALIAN app store when it DOESNT DELIVER ANYWHERE* IN AUSTRALIA *or at least i’m pretty sure it doesn’t deliver here


Not available in Australia  bshaas  1 star

Not sure why you’d make the app available in Australia when the service doesn’t work here, but I’m keen to use the service if and when it’s available here.


don’t bother downloading  Gdhveyveegtfyfhtvdhdbrbrufjfb  1 star

I went on the internet to see if they deliver, because uber eats doesn’t and i wanted food delivered, and the website said it delivered to my location, i proceeded to download the app and when i opened it it said that postmates doesn’t deliver to me or to anywhere it australia. wish they would tell me the truth before i went and downloaded it, waste of time🙄


Not in other countries  SonicBrooke  1 star

It’s only in The US and Mexico,I will download it when it’s available in Other countries like Australia.The playmates app would get many more customers.It is definitely a shame but the idea of the app is great.


Why is this in the Australia App Store?  therealklfh  1 star

If it does not serve the entire country of Australia, why is it on the Australia App Store, or at least, why isn’t it made far more loud and clear that it will be pointless to download in Australia. Just wasting people’s time!


Need this in Australia  BrokeAussieGirl  3 star

When is this going to be available in Australia? I want to use this service as an extra income stream 😩


???  MadzoGame  1 star

Wanted to download this to support My favourite YouTuber, Philip DeFranco, yet I can’t use it and therefore cant support him. Sad really


Do you homework...  BaneHive  1 star

Why are you releasing an app into a region where you don’t have the service?


What is going on  Jezz1688  2 star

My brother was going to order food form chick fil A but it said it was to far we actually ordered food form chick fil A and we would have no problem then my brother dicided to order food form can And instead of using the nearest canes it gave us one that was further away and was even father then chick filA


Better  HERFAITH4  5 star

I like them over UberEats because they have way more promotions, their marketing is brilliant and refreshing, and they have a better selection in my area. The app easy very easy to use too. 🙌🏾


WHY FRANCHISEES  Theecleticgypsy  2 star

Why do I live closer to one franchise (Burger King) yet the app sends the delivery driver to another one (it’s only a few blocks further but...) the point is there are many franchises that may be closer to someone not just inconvenient for the driver, if a customer orders a ice cream or shake? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Hopefully this small glitch can be improved. Thanks.


A tale of two orders.  Chrionnaa99  3 star

Friday ordered and had a wonderful, though slow, experience. Excitedly ordered again on Saturday. Unfortunately, my sons order was canceled almost immediately and a few minutes later my own order was canceled. In my case the app said someone was waiting at the restaurant and then, out of nowhere, canceled! All in all, that part was frustrating but it happens. No biggie. My concern is that my money is yet to be returned. There was also mention of a credit on my account for the inconvenience. That’s not showing either. I wanted to give a better rating and will surely do so when this is resolved.


Great service!  Mandierox  5 star

I’ve been using it for a couple of months now, and I’ve never had a problem! Food arrives fast, hot, and always accurate!

single with children

I’m not so sure  single with children  2 star

I’ve used Postmates three times. Once, the driver was different than the picture. The second, the driver said he doesn’t get out of the car. He said that I have to come get it. Not very good service thus far. Not sure if I will continue to use.


What a mess!  Sam05280825  1 star

I placed an order and it was confirmed. I received notice when my driver picked up my food. He then proceeded to do lord knows what for 45 minutes before he arrived with my food! When I messaged him he said he was delivering other orders?! I work in a restaurant and other postmates drivers have told me they can’t do that so what was he doing with my food for so long?! Then I get my food and it’s cold and soggy! All they want to offer is a $5 refund?! Complete scam and will not be using this service ever again!

Mya Mya

Always wrong orders  Mya Mya  1 star

When Postmates first started it was awesome and convenient. All of 2018 no matter what I ordered I would get my order back completely wrong. Restaurants would say they have people who have thick accents put in the order. Regardless Postmates always had a nonchalant attitude about my orders always being wrong. I order for a family of 8 only to receive back orders for one person. That means someone was getting lucky on my tab and it was never rectified in a timely fashion. There are other apps that one can use with better treatment. I do not recommend. UPDATE: Postmates is still the worse ever, I switched over to Door Dash and I get no mistakes and fast response time within a hour.

Disappointed in Tucson

They raise the prices on every thing I have already ordered  Disappointed in Tucson  1 star

Post mates has repeatedly had items I have ordered in the past as twice the actual price the restaurant charges when I try to order again. As an example, the hot dog I have gotten before is $5.39 menu price at the restaurant and that is what I paid the first time I ordered. Now it is listed as $13.94! More than twice the price. Watch your back with this app


Ok I’m Lazy  MattPyle  5 star

Honestly the best app to use for those nights after you’ve had a long day, dinner, groceries, drinks you name it. Every delivery person has been kind and courteous - quick delivery and always quick!

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