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Postmates - Food Delivery [Food & Drink] App Description & Overview

Food delivery from your favorite restaurants, 24/7, 365 days a year. Postmates gets you what you want, when you want it. Just Postmate it.

Order burgers, sushi, pizza and more with Postmates:

• 600,000+ local and national restaurants and retailers.
• 650,000+ Postmates on the ground, ready to bring you anything.
• 4,200+ cities and counting in the U.S.
• Real-time order tracking, keeping you updated on your delivery progress.
• Free delivery on all orders over $12 with an Unlimited Membership.
• Use Postmates Pickup for takeout orders, skip the line and the fees.
• Postmates Party where trending places around you are updated every 5 minutes and have no delivery fees!

Postmates is the first app to deliver whatever you want when you want it. We deliver nearly anything from your favorite restaurant or retailer in minutes.

You can choose to meet your Postmate at the door, meet curbside, or go non-contact and have deliveries left at the door.

Once your pickup order is placed, you will have the ability to "Check In" to notify the merchant to come outside to handoff your order.

Sugarfish, Sweetfin, Blaze Pizza, Tocaya Organica, Howlin' Ray's, Salt & Straw, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Canter's Deli, Ono Hawaiian BBQ, Fat Sal's Deli, Bluestone Lane, KazuNori, HiHo Cheeseburger, Uovo, Alfred Coffee, Trejo's Tacos, Joan's on Third, Hot Wings Cafe, Backyard Bowls, Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles, Pink Dot, 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, Moon Juice, and hundreds more.

McDonald's, Chipotle, sweetgreen, Shake Shack, Subway, Tender Greens, Popeyes, Jack in the Box, By Chloe., Blaze Pizza, Denny’s, PF Changs, IHOP, Walgreens, The Halal Guys, Panera Bread, Jamba Juice and hundreds more.

Burger King, Taco Bell, Del Taco, Wendy’s, Chick-fil-A, Wingstop, The Cheesecake Factory, Starbucks and hundreds more.

We’ll deliver to your home, dorm, office, the park, or your next dinner party—wherever you’re at, whenever you want it, just Postmate it.

Our delivery platform takes time and distance into account to ensure your order is assigned to the best possible Postmate, for the fastest possible delivery.

Join Unlimited for $9.99/month and you’ll get free delivery on orders over $12. Love the offer? Save 17% when you sign up for an annual plan.

Need help? Our world-class customer service team is available 24/7. You can always reach us at:

Albuquerque, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Bellevue, Boston, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, East Bay, Evanston, Fort Lauderdale, Honolulu, Houston, Indianapolis, Jersey City, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Louisville, Madison, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, Newark, New York City, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Orange County, Orlando, Palm Springs, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Queens, Raleigh, Sacramento, San Antonio, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Seattle, SF Peninsula / Bay Area, St. Louis, Tampa, Tucson, Virginia Beach, Washington DC.

Apple Pay, Credit Card, Debit Card. Major Credit Cards: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover. All transactions are 100% digital, no need for cash.

$100 in delivery fees terms and conditions: Offer valid for first-time customers only. Service fees may vary and apply. Store and offer availability based on user location. Limit 1 use per customer. Offer is not sharable or transferable. Offer only valid for 7 days after redemption. Maximum offer value up to $100. Offer cannot be redeemed for cash or like exchanges. Postmates reserves the right to modify or terminate this offer at any time without notice.

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Postmates - Food Delivery Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for using Postmates! We update our app regularly to make ordering even faster and easier. Every update includes improvements in performance and reliability. As new features are released, we’ll highlight those for you in the app. In this latest release we’ve made minor bug fixes and improvements under the hood. For the first 100 customers to enter in promo code: JINGLEALLTHEWAY you’ll receive $2 off your total on your next order.

Postmates - Food Delivery Comments & Reviews

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- I NEVER get what I ordered

Twice I have used the app to order food. Both times, my delivery was incorrect. The first time, the drink was visibly incorrect as it was a fountain drink vs a freeze, also a taco, and nachos were missing. Major fail on the entire order, and it should have been simple. It wasn’t that large, because I was charged a small order fee that was not refunded. I was using a promotional free delivery so at least I didn’t pay for that. I received a credit, not my money back and I don’t believe it was for the entire amount of missing items, I was so exhausted with the constant changing in rep replies, I just let it go. Attempt 2, an entire meal was missing from the order, and the quesadilla was burnt so bad, it was inedible. Is this their fault, no, but Taco Bell had I paid them directly would have replaced it. They credited me .59 cents for that, I have no idea where they got that amount. They refunded the missing meal, but I went to bed without dinner, I was exhausted and starving! This time I paid a delivery fee that they refuse to refund. The thing is, I paid for delivery of items you failed to deliver. Therefore the paid service was not rendered. It is poor business practice, and unethical to keep my money. Also, what good does the credit do me, when I’d now rather drive to get my items than deal with this again?

- Postmates is unreliable

This is a review of Postmates itself, not the app. I ordered from a local Italian restaurant via Postmates and received all parts of the order, except for the pizza. I immediately called the restaurant, because there was no way to contact the Postmates driver who dropped off the food. When I spoke to the restaurant, and the pizza was ready and sitting with the rest of the food to be picked up, but the Postmates driver did not pick it up. He apparently did not check the contents of the order. It’s pretty obvious if a pizza is missing from a bag of food. When I spoke to Postmates, the representative was incredibly unhelpful in trying to resolve this matter and stated that the only way to obtain the pizza that was sitting, ready at the restaurant was to request a refund and re-order the same pizza, so a new driver could be dispatched. This is unacceptable. If it is the driver’s fault that the order was missing, he should be responsible for picking up what he left behind. Furthermore, a subsequent order would have taken significantly longer. I have spoken with the restaurant, and they use an alternative delivery service, so I will not be using Postmates again. Others should be aware that Postmates does not value their customers, and other options are available.

- They’ve changed things (UPDATE 5/23)

This company is unprofessional. After leaving this review, my account was suspended. There’s zero contact information for a customer service line. They have to come to you. You can’t just call them, which is ridiculous. So upon doing so, they get back in about 20-30 minutes saying my account was flagged for suspicious activity and cannot be reinstated at this time. They didn’t tell me why it was suspended (what suspicious activity was apparently being done) nor why they couldn’t fix it. This is ridiculous. You get less options and selections upon ordering. Take for example, if you order from QDoba, you should have options to add into your order because it’s all custom. You should be able to select what kind of beans, tortilla, meat, rice, etc. you don’t even get half of the options you would get in store and that doesn’t make sense. You don’t actually get to customize anything how you want it, and there’s multiple restaurants with this error. There’s no space to “add additional information” either for a sauce or something you know they have in store, but isn’t being listed as an option here. Also, the app works until you actually place your order. Then it shuts down and kicks you out of it completely to where you can’t follow the order or get in contact with someone, should you need to. This has been happening for weeks. Every time I open it, it crashes. But only after the order is made.

- Disastrous app

Can’t even begin to describe how angry I am after not getting what I ordered AND being robbed by hidden service fee! Tried to order food but the menu was from a completely different place. Then I went with my second choice and they had the menu for a different location which led to a phone call from the driver telling me 90% of what I ordered wasn’t available. Now my actual total is completely different from what I actually ordered. App lies on status of order, I’m watching it say my order is being prepared and about to leave for delivery and that’s when I got a call to say nothing I ordered is available. Worse food ordering app I’ve used. Wow! Just noticed an additional sneaky charge, a service fee of 20%, in addition to delivery fee and tip. Unfortunately you don’t even see this until the order is done. When you’re making your order this is hidden in with sales tax but after your card is charged it shows a service fee. This is theft! If I’d have seen a service and delivery fee I never would’ve ordered, but I guess they know this. This app is getting deleted immediately. They’d make more money off repeat business if it wasn’t so shady. Instead they choose to steal extra money on a one time transaction. It’s one thing to knowingly overpay for something you want but I not only paid more than I was aware but I didn’t even get what I wanted. Even after I found out they didn’t have the stuff I wanted, my second choices were incorrect also. Total disaster!


As a person that has been using other food delivery apps for a while I was expecting so much from Postmates. The first time I used it and item was missing and the driver did not care to clarify it with me. I thought they were inexperienced, so I let it slide. The second time I ordered the driver called and asked to repeat my order, which I did. I repeated it 3 times as to make sure they got it right. When I received my order there was a full meal missing. We were very disappointed because a person of my household had to go without their favorite food. I thought to myself “well, third times the charm”. I placed a small order, the driver called me letting me know about the “system being down” at X place, so they will comp me with a drink. My order already had a drink so I thought “wow, two drinks!”. When the driver came my order was incomplete, had an item missing which he did not mention via the phone call. And they never comped me and never gave me that “free” drink. And my food was the worst quality it has every been. I don’t know how Postmates gets their drivers, but they are fully incompetent where I live. They don’t have the decency to call when an item is not available and let the buyer know beforehand. I have never had this issue with other delivery services before I used Postmates. I’ll stick with the other ones. Suggestion: At least give some basic training to your drivers on customer service for they are the forefront of your company.

- Switching food delivery service ASAP

If you are looking to try a new food delivery service DO NOT go with postmates. I ordered from a restaurant and decided to go with pickup, trusting the restaurant would give me all of my items I ordered I got home and realized I was missing an item that was $10. I immediately went on postmates and tried to report the issue- they said I had to call the merchant and they had to be ones who file this issue since I had picked it up (fair enough) so I did, the merchant then stated they had called postmates and let them know and Would be getting my $10 refund back. Fast forward to the following day I noticed not only had my total not been fixed I had an additional email from postmates with an ADDITIONAL mysterious charge of $10 to my account- so now we’re $20 over my total. I emailed postmates letting them know of this issue and absolutely NO ONE has helped or answered any of my questions especially about the mysterious $10 charge. Now they have stopped responding back to my emails and never got not only my $10 but $20 refund they OWE me. Their customer service is a complete joke and I will be cancelling my services with them and will be switching to doordash and ubereats immediately.

- Literally the worse food app

I’ve given them multiple chances to not make me hate this app. I always order then it would take for ever so I started paying for the faster delivery. Then every time the driver would be late instead of being late they click that it has been delivered and show up 10-15 mins later I would still get charged the full amount because the driver lied. I assume to avoid a ding from Postmates, or if they where super late they would click delivered and just never show up then I was forced to email a complaint. they didn’t even read my complaint just copy and pasted some General reply back to me I sent another email and they where a hair more helpful and gave me a 10$ credit. So I was like well I’ll try one more time sense I have credit then the driver is yet again 20mins late so I didn’t want to eat cold food so I canceled the order then get a email I was being charged the full amount and even being charged the credited amount, because I guess you get charged the full amount if you cancel when in delivery Dosnt matter how late they are or how cold the food is zero cancelation, I guess so now the driver gets to keep my food and the company still collects my money, so I’m Officially done with this app they hire complete morons to drive for them and there customer service is just as bad honestly try Uber eats or any other appbthen this one. This isn’t me complaining about one bad experience there has been about 10 in a row

- Terrible Service

I placed an order to receive a home wrecker burrito at Moes. When I finally get my order it was wrong. I figured no big deal I’ll contact Postmates. Which I might add is terrible that is only through email and they take forever to reply. I tell them in the email my order was wrong and I even have the wrong receipt. They reply back and said everything I ordered is what I got. I’m looking at the plate they gave me and it’s definitely not the burrito I ordered but someone else’s food which I might add wasn’t even complete because they ordered a meal that was suppose to even come with a drink I didn’t even get. I even took proof of the receipt and the meal I got which definitely doesn’t coincide with what I ordered on the app. I reply back to them and they still investigated again and said again what I ordered is what I got. How the hell you going to tell me the burrito I ordered is what I got, when your not even here in my house looking at the plate I have. Long story short they gave me a credit for the issue. I don’t really care about the food. Food is food. But what really bothers me is that fact that they kept telling me what I ordered is what I got and the person who was suppose to get this meal I’m sure got mines or someone else’s. Its the principle what matters. If that’s how this company conducts business than they shouldn’t be running this business. Very unprofessional. I’ll just use the credit and delete this app. Terrible service and shame on them.

- Never using Postmates again

I have had multiple cases of my orders being marked as delivered when they aren’t actually being dropped off to me. Customer service responses are so generic like they are just cut and paste for every single issue. I once had an order take over an hour and a half before being picked up and so I cancelled it since the food would have been cold anyway and Postmates told me that they were still going to charge me because the driver picked it up and was in route to my house even though it was an hour after the estimated delivery time. I never once got an update that the order was going to be late. I called the restaurant and they informed me that my food had been sitting there the entire time waiting for a courier. Other times, the app allowed me to order from restaurants that were closed and my order just sat there until I had to manually cancel. I have witnessed drivers slowed down outside my house, mark the items as delivered and drove off without bringing anything to the door. I had a restaurant call me and tell me that they were cancelling my order because the driver was screaming at them trying to get a lot of extra food for free by saying that it was a part of my order. When items are wrong on my order I get told that they won’t refund me even if I’m missing the items that I paid extra for (like guacamole for example). There are so many other food delivery services. No one needs to ever use this app.

- Would not trust this service.

Had the worst experience using this service to get chicken wings from Wing King delivered to my house. I placed my order using the app at 6:40pm. First of all, the menu prices on the app aren’t the same as the actual restaurant so you don’t really know how much you’ll get charged til the very end. Initially my order was going to be about $45. The app states that it will take 50-60min to get my order, that’s fair. After 40min passes at 7:19pm, I get a text from my Postmates driver saying the order will be ready in one hour. Over an hour passes by at 8:36pm, and my food still has not came or have I heard from the driver. I call the Wing King to ask what happened and they state that I need to call my Postmates driver because the food is ready and has not been picked up. I attempt to call/text the number that text me and can’t get through. Finally on the app I find a number that reaches the driver and she says that the kitchen got backed up and she’s going to get the food right now and be right over. My food came to the door at 9:14pm. Cold and with no receipt. Later find out that the app is charging me $75 for my food from an additional $12 service fee and a $6 delivery fee. I did not tip. I followed through with Postmates and filled out twice that I had a bad driver and bad service but no one has contacted me in any way or form. I’m absolutely shocked. Please learn from my mistake and do not waste your time or money using this app or service!

- Very unimpressed

I was excited about this app but after my first use, I deleted and will not use again. I placed an order. The driver assigned to my order went to pick it up and the order was not at the store. The driver contacted me to let me know and said he didn’t know what to do. I tried contacting postmates but there was no number to call. You can only submit a request. The issue was eventually resolved and my order was placed and my driver picked up my order. When my driver was on his way to me, he said the postmates app stopped working. I had to give him verbal directions on the phone. My order was delivered much later than it was supposed to arrive. This was not the driver’s fault. My driver, Melvin, was very professional and nice. He was awesome. He spent over 2 hours on my order. The app was messed up and would not let me give him a tip. My husband contacted postmates through Twitter to see how we could tip him. My order ended up being refunded, thankfully, but we still wanted to tip our driver. Postmates told my husband that we wouldn’t be able to do that. Melvin spent over 2 hours helping me get my food and he was not compensated for it. I would have given him cash but I didn’t have any on hand. Completely unimpressed with this app and the company. Even though I got a free meal, I will never use them again because it was more of a hassle than a convenience. I also don’t think they treat their employees very fair and I won’t support a business that does this.

- Watch out for credit card fraud with this company!

This is the worst company I've ever dealt with! I have a literally dealt with better customer service stationed out of Third World countries where they barely speak English! Following placing a single order it took me five days to resolve a simple issue! Nine days later I am still dealing with the ramifications of having placed one simple food order through this company. For the last three days I've been trying to get in touch with this company because they have been making unauthorized charges onto my credit card. I have sent a dozen emails in the last 72 hours and not a single person from this company has bothered to respond to me! They are literally conducting illegal and fraudulent activity and won't even respond to the consumer who is being affected! Nine days ago I asked them to cancel my account and I am still waiting for them to do that and in the interim I keep getting charges even though I'm not placing any deliveries! The only way to reach anyone at this company is through the stupidest support request form on their website and then you need to wait for them to respond! Please tell me how email is a suitable form of customer service when you're dealing with food delivery?! If you have an issue with your food on Saturday guess what you may not hear from the company till Monday! Literally just save yourself from the frustration, The grief and the headaches that will follow by ever using this company

- Poor Customer Service response

Put in an order with postmates which was estimated to take a while but then Postmates miscommunicated our order to the establishment even after repeated confirmations from the restaurant to postmates - an issue that we found out was frequent as the employee of the establishment told us not to use postmates - but this was not brought to our attention until the driver was at the restaurant to pick up the order (already 90 minutes after we ordered). The instructions we gave were important because I am a vegetarian and the mix up caused there to be meat in the food. This forced the driver and the restaurant to have to deal with the miscommunication and re-do the whole order, causing the order to take another 30 minutes to get to us and wasting the time of the driver and costing him income as well. Customer support was contacted about this terrible experience, as a previous order we had with them had been stolen and we were fed up, to get a refund for the expensive food we had to wait 2 hours for and then it was “resolved” without even allowing us to discuss with a representative. It was not handled well and we do not intend to use the service again. It’s really bad when even restaurant employees are suggesting that we order through different services rather than Postmates. I just hope our driver was compensated for his time as he was forced to handle the whole issue even though that isn’t his responsibility.

- Disappointed

Why am I paying for the Unlimited if you guys don’t wanna take full responsibility for your drivers actions they mess up our orders and then when we report it (Postmates Support) favorited thing to say is .... *“After continuous research, unfortunately, we will not be able to take further action regarding this matter. Due to the frequent refunds on your account, we are unable to give any compensation for the next 30 days until further notice. I apologize for the inconvenience.”* !!????.... like do you really think it’s our fault your employees are ordering our food and messing it up or completely not delivering our food at all!!? Like I lost track of how many Postmates drivers have ran off with my food and Postmates only response is the one above its obvious that these people are strangers and all of them are NOT good and they’re going to mess over people food or simply not deliver it and take it, so how about you stop making your customers feel like it’s their fault that their food was incorrect or not delivered or half of their order is missing.....because its not it’s YOUR responsibility to take care of what happens to your customers food that is supposed to be delivered especially your Unlimited Members.

- Unprofessional with terrible customer service

I placed a large order through Postmates— an order that could not be completely fulfilled due to an error on their ordering menu. Instead of acknowledging this menu error and contacting us to cancel the order or add to it, we waited for over an hour to receive one item from our long list of orders. We were shocked that WE WEREN’T TOLD that a majority of our food could not be delivered. I had to call the restaurant who told us that Postmates incorrectly named a menu item and therefore it could not be placed or delivered. The terrible thing, however, is that Postmates refuses to acknowledge error on their part. They refunded our missing items, but still charged us $15 for taxes and fees for the ONE item they could deliver...which only cost $14. I was charged DOUBLE for an order I would not have placed if I had simply been told it could not be placed accurately. Worse still, I have emailed (they do not have a phone number to directly contact anyone) their “customer service” about 5 times and I receive the same generic answer. They have refused to comment on the fact that I would have not gone through with my order if they could not place it correctly. It is frustrating. The customer is not heard if there is an issue. Do not download this are better off with Door Dash or Grub Hub — these apps work directly with restaurants to provide accurate menus and much better customer service.

- They’ve fallen apart

So when I first downloaded the app probably I year ago I thought it was great. Fast forward to the last few times I’ve used it and now I’ve gotten orders that are completely wrong. When you go to certain restaurants (BWW for example) they clearly don’t have the correct options when ordering even what type of sauce they want so the order came through completely screwed. And then there was this morning, I made an order for breakfast because I didn’t think we’d have time to go to the actual restaurant. I see a transaction go through for over $50 on my Apple Pay and assumed everything was good. After 20 mins I open up the app again to check for an update and yet I’m faced with an order summary the same way it looked before I made the order. I contact support and another 30 mins later I get informed that the order was cancelled... okay. They continue on informing me not to worry because my account wasn’t charged or that it would be reimbursed within 7 days if it did. After an hour. I expected the food to get delivered within 30-45 mins and yet they couldn’t even manage to deliver me a message when the order didn’t go through for longer than that. Ubereats it is.

- Cancel orders missing items no refunds

Lately I've had horrible experiences with the deliveries and customer service did not compensate for it. They were rude and brushed me off after I told them I was upset that I had a missing item from my order and they refunded me less than the amount of the item. Then they still refused to refund me the proper amount, citing that they had given me a credit previously for another mistake they had made. This was a dinner order that they canceled on me after an hour and a half of waiting and 30+ minutes of me trying to help navigate the driver to my house. I'm pretty sure he was high and just gave up. I ended up having to work harder and spend more time trying to receive my dinner delivery that never arrived than if I would have just gone and picked up something myself. I was really upset and the small credit they gave me for that did not make me feel better at all. It actually felt insulting. Then for them to short my refund on their next mistake because they felt they already made up for it from this previous small credit felt completely outrageous. I've never written a review before, but I am so upset about how I was treated by the customer service at Postmates that I feel everyone should know how poorly they treat their once loyal longtime customers. Apparently they're doing so well they don't care about the individual anymore. I urge vendors and patrons to use other food delivery apps instead.

- Frustrating to use, Terrible customer service

I spent over $60 on a group order at SweetGreen. One of the salads was unavailable because they were out of one of the modifiers. The Postmates app wouldn’t tell me which modifier and I got a text threatening to cancel the whole order if I didn’t select a substitute in 10 minutes. I made some changes (hard to know what to choose because I didn’t know which modifier they were out of). Postmates then charged me $1 for substituting one of my items, even though it wasn’t my fault. A few minutes later, I got the same text again, saying they were out of one of the modifiers to my salad and again said they were going to cancel the whole order in 10 minutes. I submitted a support request and when I didn’t hear back within 10 minutes, i had to cancel that salad (I didn’t want all of my coworkers to not get their lunch!). When I got a call from Postmates support a few minutes later, they told me the modifier SweetGreen was out of was lentils and I was refused a refund. I requested that they waive the small cart fee and service fee on my new order without lentils, they said it was my fault because they told me I shouldn’t have canceled that salad. I explained again that I couldn’t have the order cancelled for all of my coworkers so I had no choice. In total I spent almost 10 minutes on the phone, which means in total Postmates wasted about a half hour of my time- with NO REFUND for my struggling.

- Average

The app usually works but I wish they had a phone number for instant support. I never know if I should order a new meal elsewhere or wait around cranky and hungry until someone emails me back. Usually a helpful response takes at least an hour. Postmates will send you an email with someone attempting to respond by pasting the answers to their FAQ in the if users haven’t already read the FAQ / used the app before. It’s a tad insulting. Most of your experience will depend on how ambitious your driver is. Some of the drivers seem a tad entitled while others are excellent. I usually tip between $4 and $8, but I’ll tip lower if the driver complains about having to take an elevator or park their car. I also wish drivers would confirm the order before leaving the restaurant... I’ve gotten the wrong food on several occasions. Perhaps if postmates shared the average customer tip with the drivers, the drivers would make more of an effort making deliveries for customers that do want to pay well for convenience. Also, don’t bother with unlimited. I tried this and they just tacked on a higher “service” fee instead of a “delivery” fee—either way, you end up paying extra in addition to your membership. In my opinion, unlimited is pointless unless all extra fees (apart from taxes obviously) are eliminated.

- 2 issues in one week

I placed a order with Everest . When my driver went to get my order he was denied the food because the pre paid card the drivers are given was declined . He was awesome and tried everything he could for 20 min. Worst part is when you try to contact them with a problem there is just a email which they do not respond too in timely manner . The WORST part is that my driver had to cancel my order on his end . He told me that if he cancels more then 3 order he gets terminated . How is that ETHICAL??? Not only is this poor guy out of money but time as well and he gets penalized for something he had no control over . Got my money back two days later decided to give them one more chance . My mistake.I ordered ice cream and 1 hour and 20 min later I get a call from my driver that she could not find the place . And when she finally did all they had was vanilla when the app showed 15+ flavors. She suggested we cancel the order . When I tried to cancel they said they where going to charge me still for my order. Seriously,no this is not ok . Why should I get charged for YOU did not have the proper info in the website . Or that the driver waited a hour plus to come contact me about my order? I would not try postmates again . It’s a shame too since I haven’t had a issue before in the past and would buy gift cards for friends and family. Seems like I’ll be moving on from postmates . Here I calms door dash or u re eats .

- Poor customer service

Until a week or so ago, I considered myself a pretty good customer- I imagine I spent hundreds on Postmates each month. I just can’t get over the unsatisfactory level of customer service. The entire business is based on customer service and convenience! The reason I don’t mind paying a monthly fee + $25 for an $11 salad (sometimes 5 days a week) is that I have high service expectations. If something isn’t right, the expectation is that it will be corrected quickly without hesitation. After one too many bad experiences with inadequate compensation, I’m ready to call it quits. Last week I had a salad that was so bad it tasted sour. I had to throw it out. As I dug for a fresh patch within the salad, I also noticed the “premium” ingredients I ordered weren’t on the salad. I paid for something I didn’t receive. The response I got from Customer service after multiple emails was that Postmates aren’t food preparers and too bad/there won’t be any compensation. THIS BLOWS MY MIND. (Side note: I order from this salad place fairly regularly and yes, it is a roll of the dice. Maybe one in every 6 salads from them is gross, but I gamble because when it’s good it’s delicious.) I pay Postmates $25. Postmates pays the restaurant $12. If the restaurant delivers garbage, Postmates needs to hold them accountable and get the money back. All I know is that passing that hassle and expense onto the customer is not the key to loyalty. I expect better.

- The don’t care for their drivers

I am a doordash,grub hub, and previous postmates driver. And after a year of doing a combination of all three I have noticed that postmates cares the LEAST for their drivers. The pay the drivers $4 as a base pay. I’ve had orders that were 8.9 miles, driving, away from restaurant to customers house and I got $4 I called postmates to see why I only got that and they said that because non driving miles (like if you looked on a map and drew a straight line) it was only 3.87 miles. She then explained that the customer did not leave a tip. Ok that’s fine customers are not obligated to but as a company you should give your drivers something to make up for customers that don’t tip or ones who don’t tip as much..doordash and grub hub do. Postmates charges the 20% service anyways. I just don’t understand how a company can value a large part of their “employees” at $4 for an hour and half of work. And it’s not just one time this has happened. It has been 9/10 orders I’ve done. Also I’ve driven to countless restaurants only to get there and have the order canceled which the app never told me and when I call postmates to say that I drove all the way there but didn’t get a notification they say sorry and that the app did say that it was canceled well before but I use the gps so I know where to go, so I don’t have the app open and they don’t get notifications. Please DONT use postmates...they don’t value the drivers at all.

- This entire app is a scam

I have never written a review in my life but felt compelled to do so with this one. I have driven for them for the last 6 months and used to really enjoy doing so. This past Sunday I was working towards a guarantee where you have to accept 8 orders between 5pm to 9pm, I completed this and did not get my guarantee earning. So I contacted them DOZENS of times with photographic evidence, the first guy told me that no my guarantee was from 4pm to 8pm and I replied and said none of my guaranteed earnings are between that time. He foolishly was looking at the wrong time zone and apologized and told me to contact support if I hadn’t seen the earning within 24 hours (which it had been 24 hours that day). So I contact them once again to find out that i had to accept and complete 8 deliveries between 5pm to 9pm (which even with 2 people this is nearly impossible because the app sabotages any chance of doing this). In none of my other guarantees have I had to complete the 8, but just accept. So as far as I’m concerned, I work extremely hard and they are withholding earnings from me. I just want to advise not to ever work for them, you basically make nothing with gas expenses and the fact the app sabotages you from earning any extra guaranteed earnings during rush hours. I am so disappointed and disgusted that I ever gave them any of my time. I will be transferring to Uber eats ASAP and telling all of my other postmate driver friends to do so as well.

- Menu loading problems and last minute cancellations

I have been using postmates for my primary meal delivery service during a self quarantine period and have found it frustrating that there have been several occasions where the specified restaurant menu will not load properly. The screen opens with the category filter bit no menu options are shown or selectable. Additionally, I have done advanced orders the day ahead to avoid long wait times during peak periods, my orders were confirmed, but at the last minute I find my order was arbitrarily canceled without cause noted. This leaves me to scramble to find a new meal and then wait an additional 30 minutes to an hour for it to be delivered... My final issue has to do with the fee transparency. All fees are rolled up into a single service fee line item with no description for what services specifically are being provided. Is it a restaurant fee for their participation (seems like they do little work outside of standard pickup) is it a technology fee for using the app? Is it a hidden delivery fee to pay the courier? Also they base the default courier tip based on the price of the delivery which makes no sense, the courier has no relation to the effort taken to prepare the food and the service provided is only to pickup and drop off the food. This typically warrants a tip for the service but you would use a flat rate (or distance driven) metric.

- Great idea, TERRIBLE company

Long read; but very honest I have both Uber eats and Postmates as I am someone who feels variety is important (especially when it comes to food). But over the past year I compared the two and one his head and shoulders above the other. Postmates has what sounds like good promotions and coupons but it’s all a scam. One example is ; They send you a link to a promotion for free delivery from a sushi place. U decide “ I could really go for sushi”, so you order. Then what always happens is the promotion literally vanishes. If you try to redeem it, it says “promotion/ coupon not found”. It’s all a ploy to get you on their app and ready to eat. Hopefully you’re just too hungry to care that their coupons don’t work (has actually happened to me an my friends so many times it’s almost a joke now). Not only does Postmates CONSTANTLY send you coupon or promotion codes that NEVER work. They also don’t make up for their mistakes. I once ordered for me and my friends, over 70$ worth of food. When the order arrived an hour and half later MORE THAN HALF of my order was missing. I ended up paying 70$ for a crappy burger and eggs from Denny’s!! When I complained to Postmates all they offered was 10$ in Postmate credit! Like are you kidding me? I used that 10$ on an order that was 9.99$, wrote this review and now I am deleting the app. I’ve never reviewed an app before that’s how garbage this app is. Use Uber eats or grub hub. Anything but this trash.

- Terrible App By Lazy Developers

Honest review: Download DoorDash or some other food delivery service before you even think about Postmates. I’ve ordered through Postmates a couple times and the first time I realized there was an issue was when a place I’ve frequented before, the salad would come with 2 sides. Postmates doesn’t allow you to choose your sides, the meal was the same price, and I didn’t get ANY side items. Chalked that one up to maybe it was just the restaurant. Fast forward to last night and I ordered a pizza for my family. After 45 min of waiting, a random number texts me and says they are the driver and the location of the pizza restaurant is closed, has been closed for a while, and no new location presented on the outside of the building. After several emails to a genetically “help” line, I finally was able to get my money refunded, or so they say. How do you offer a service providing goods and you don’t even know if you’re service providers are still I’m business or if their menu is correct through your app? You don’t have a phone number to reach out to. I know it’s 2019 and most people are afraid to have human interaction, but pull your heads out of the clouds, look at your locations and menus, make sure it is correct, make sure your service providers are still in business, and most importantly PROVIDE BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE. Your driver couldn’t even contact you to see what they should do. Shame on you

- New customer- Terrible Customer Service

I ordered food for me and my supervisor today for lunch and at first it seemed everything was going good. I got the notifications on my order in a timely manner and was updated on the stays of my order/ delivery driver just fine.... at first. Well once I received an notification that the driver was close I went outside my place of business to meet him and i literally was out the for 30 minutes almost in the hot sun trying to give him directions. Then once I’ve finally received the food, as me and superior are going through the bag to get out I orders my order was completely wrong. I ordered a meal but only received the sandwich. I paid for a burger fries and a drink, but never got the the drink or my fries. I was charged $30 something dollars for a meal that would’ve normally cost me probably about $6 to $20 had i been able to go out on my own and get and then didn’t even get what I ordered on top of that. I reported an issue with my order but have yet to hear back from anyone about. I also tried contacting the restaurant itself to make a complaint with them but the number they have listed is out of service. I also tried calling the delivery guy again and all of sudden the number that I had for him no longer worked. I will not recommend this app to anybody and this will be my first and last time ordering from this app. I’m very disappointed in the service I received today.

- Horrible! Do not use this app!

I have read many of the reviews and my experiences have been almost the same! The first time we used Postmates, maybe a year ago, they were great, but since then it’s been ALL BAD! One time I got a call from my postmate saying that the restaurant we ordered from had closed (like gone out of business). What?! Then why was my order accepted? Then that was a whole debacle because my postmate told me to cancel my order and then I still got charged. Trying to get a refund was the WORST experience. You literally can’t contact Postmates except through email so I had to wait a couple of days to even hear back. Ugh! When they told me I was getting a refund I was happy, but then after several days I still saw now refund in my account. So, I contacted through email again. Then I’m told it takes 5-10 days to get the refund. I’m annoyed, but I wait a few more days and still nothing. So I contact them again and am told that my Postmates account was credited the money. I didn’t want credit, I just wanted my money back. After all of this, I FINALLY got my money back. Also, there are ALWAYS a TON of fees! No matter what you’re probably going to be paying at least $15-$20 extra in taxes and fees. And they won’t tell you exactly what you’ll be paying until after your food is delivered. Uber Eats is SO MUCH BETTER! There are never any surprises with them. My boyfriend and I have both deleted Postmates. Good riddance!

- If you don’t mind if your order is wrong definitely order from postmates

The first time I ordered from Postmates my order was incorrect, but still acceptable. The driver was also a totally different person and in a different vehicle than what the app stayed, but I let it go. I decided to order again after several weeks. The first time I got notification that something was out and needed to be replaced it substituted, but it never stated what that item was. I couldn’t reach my husband so I canceled the order and was charged the fee for cancellation. After I talked to him we decided to reorder something simple and figured I cancelled so who cares about the amount I was charged for doing so. The order was delayed because it stated the place was taking longer than expected, which was fine. Then got an update that it was delayed even further because the driver had another stop, still no worries it is understandable. I have my door open so I can see when the driver gets here, which she does and apologizes for the wait. I get inside and we are missing my husbands whole meal!! I called the restaurant and no answer. He is an ER Nurse and is literally working like crazy. So he just went to bed without eating because he was tired and didn’t want to deal with anymore of it. I was given a credit, but hopefully it would just go to the driver for her hard work, because never again will we order from postmates for anything.

- Unbelievable Customer Service

I will never order from Postmates again I urge you all who read this to do the same. I have never written a review in my life but I feel like this needs to be done. I ordered food on New Years Eve three times just to have only one order actually be delivered. One of my friends ordered from Uber Eats and I chose Postmates. We ordered at the same time and his arrived within 30 minutes. My first order continued to say it was being delivered just to have the driver pull over a mile a way from the location I was staying at and not contact me. The driver then called me and told me to cancel my order. I canceled and tried to order more food but the same exact thing happened AGAIN! Foolish enough to trust Postmates to give me my refund for the two canceled orders that totaled over $80 dollars, I decided to order once more. I expected there to be some type of refund, however, I was still charged for food I never got and the help center on the app and the Postmates website was the most useless website I had ever seen. It made me think that I would get my refund eventually and 8 days has went by and no luck. I ended up calling customer service just to find out that their refund policy is 5 days which not even on the help service! DO NOT USE POSTMATES OR YOU WILL GET ROBBED!

- Never again

It is the last time I’m using Postmates! I almost never use it anymore because of how crazy expensive it’s gotten and how bad the service has gotten as well... I never complained only did it once when my food was wrong and they didn’t do anything about it, let it slide but this is the last time!! My account got authorized for an $80 amount when my order was rounded to $55 but got charged $71 why?? Because of a $12 “service fee” I know other delivery apps have a service fee but $12?!! Added to a $6 delivery fee!! $6 for a place that’s literally 4 minutes from me, 7 with traffic... that’s so ridiculous and on top of that had to wait 2 hrs for my food. I understand it’s not their fault if the restaurant is backed up but why lie on the delivery time? It kept updating literally by the minute. At 3:30 it said delivery time at 3:31 so 3:31 came and it updated to 3:32... I was waiting outside for almost 10 minutes and when I go back inside it tells me my driver is 2 minutes away so I go back out and the driver is literally parking what?! He told me while it kept updating by the minute he had been waiting at the restaurant for about half an hour so why are you showing me he’s on his way??? Also why are you charging me missing items? The restaurant literally sent me my receipt without some items I ordered but I’m being charged on Postmates... and I have to wait for them to reach back to me?? unbelievable!!

- Horrible service

I don’t think I’ve ever written a bad review.. but my experience warranted one. I placed my order at 1:10 pm and didn’t receive it until 3:30 pm. It took over 2 hours to receive my order and it was also incorrect. My driver was very kind and this wasn’t his fault. He was not given my contact information and address even though I provided all of this on the app. I ended up calling the restaurant after an hour and a half of waiting. They told me my driver was there and asked the restaurant for my address which they wouldn’t be responsible for having that information. I was finally able to contact my driver and he informed me that he didn’t have my number to call me and let me know what was going on. Why would Postmates not provide him with my information?? He went above and beyond and went back to the restaurant after all of this to pick up my order and bring it to me after I texted him my address (And a few minutes after the restaurant was closing). The order is STILL open and says my order is being picked up in the app and it wont let me tip my driver either. He deserves a great tip for everything he went through and he felt so bad when he showed up with my food. I understand that it is not Postmates fault that my order was wrong but overall this was an absolutely awful experience. This was my first time ever ordering from them and I regret ever trying them out and wasting my money. 😥

- 1st order, last order

I ordered lunch for myself and a co-worker. I ordered two of the same items. I walked out when the app alerted me my driver had arrived! I walk out to retrieve my food then walked back into the break room to sit down with my co-worker to eat lunch. Unfortunately, that was the end of my “good” experience with Postmates. Sadly, they only delivered 1 of the 2 meals I ordered... Who’s to blame in this situation? I double checked my order history to confirm that I did indeed order 2 meals (they were the same meals), which I did, so it’s not my fault. I don’t know if it’s postmates website or the restaurant I ordered from, but I’m assuming it’s the website because it showed the receipt from the restaurant and they only had 1 meal on the ticket. So to make a long story short I was looking over my postmates summary and there were all kinds of fees, including a $1.99 small cart fee (under $15). Now the original order was over $15, but once they corrected the billing they added this $1.99 fee because it’s now under $15. Now what do I do? Do I just accept the fee and leave it as it is, or do I challenge it because I’m paying a fee for an error they made? They have no phone # to call, only email. It sounds so small and pointless that you’d think they wouldn’t fight this, but let me tell you that they are fighting it and have told me that there is nothing they can do about the fee... Welp, that $1.99 cost them a new customer.

- Very Upset, food was completely wrong, driver was incapable

TOTAL BS! I was very upset to find that the driver did not know how to park and find his way into a Potbelly’s and gave me excuses for a hour and half long wait, and then when he arrives in my neighborhood, he was incapable of finding my house. After a ten minute phone call with him, instructing how to drive around the block and follow the GPS, WHICH ORIGINALLY TOLD HIM HE WAS ON THE RIGHT STREET, he finally found my house. After generously giving tip, even though he didn’t really deserve it, I open the bag to find not only was he incapable of following instructions, but the potbelly I ordered from had put every single ingredient I did not want!! My only question is how do you put the ingredients, when I have to press each individual item I requested, and that’s what shows up on the order. I order a plain sandwich, and it’s almost as if they said “No, this is not how they want their sandwich, I’m going to make it this way.” Idiocracy at its finest. The wrong milkshake, the wrong sandwich, all to be an hour and half late by someone who doesn’t know how to follow GPS. I have no one else to blame except for Postmates for this situation and if I don’t at least get my money back I will make further complaints and no longer use their services. UberEats is 100 times better and easier to get a response from, I’m just making this complaint to let others know to abandon all hope in this app.


This app is awful at this point I don’t trust it at all. I’ve had numerous issues and the wild thing is I’ve NEVER EVER RECEIVED ANY FOOD THROUGH THE APP. The first time I tried making an order it turned out the location was closed due to Covid but I never received my refund back. It’s very difficult to get in contact with customer service for assistance and the people they do have working for them don’t know what they’re doing. They told me to wait 3-7 business days for my money back and I waited well over that time period and I emailed back. After that they told me the EXACT SAME THING. They told me there was no way to assist me besides for me to keep waiting and the 7 days was well overdue. They told me wait more days. I don’t ever use this account and I never used it again after that but for some reason I had a recurring charge of 9.99. I downloaded the app again to see why I was getting charged and it was for something that I don’t even remember but I shut it off and ended the subscription and deleted the app again. Post mates STILL continued to charge me THREE times after that so I went back to customer service again and they only refunded me 1 charge of 9.99 back. They never responded to the email or apologized for the inconvenience or for STEALING they just sent me SOME (not all) of my money back and felt like that was okay. I HATE post mates and WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND TO ANYONE IN FACT I WOULD WARN AGAINST DOWNLOADING THE APP THEY ARE THIEFS.

- Terrible tech support

I am a driver for Postmates and have been for years. It is absolutely unacceptable that there is no technical support. I am having an issue with my app that will not allow me to complete the delivery. This is not the first time this has happened. I had to cancel another delivery as “personal emergency” because of this and was booted for 12 hours. I cannot complete the last delivery in the app even though the food was delivered last night. I cannot work now because of this and have already left 4 technical support requests with zero help. I no longer have a single thing positive to say about this app. After years of development I am appalled there is no technical support for your drivers. I am leaving one star reviews and complaints on every service until postmates resolves this issue. Postmates is now refusing to resolve multiple problems I have had with them as a delivery driver. Including but not limited to, not paying out or documenting payment or process for an order with 3 seperate drop offs. They are claiming I was paid 3.44$ for these deliveries, not only is this insufficient payment for three drop off locations, but there is zero documentation of payment or the deliveries. I will be reporting postmates to the BBB as well as seeking legal action for myself and many other drivers who are experiencing problems like this with postmates. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. They are robbing their drivers.

- Honestly the worst delivery app out there

It’s beyond me how Postmates is so bad. Not only is the UX of the app rubbish, the deliveries are too. First of all it’s nearly impossible finding places other than the ones Postmates keeps recycling on the homepage. It’s beyond stupid that promos aren’t automatically applied. Not to mention it’s impossible to write instructions to restaurants in most cases. On top of that when you click on a restaurant it automatically adds the same items to the cart. As if I’d never want to try anything different. Their filters are useless, and so if the format of the home page. And now the deliveries. They are the most infuriating part of the app. Not only do you pay for Postmates unlimited but also ridiculous fees half the time. Especially considering how bad their routing algorithm is. Within 2 weeks I had my food arrive stone cold three times. Because the app makes the drivers pick up your food and drive around completing other deliveries. On one occasion the restaurant was 0.8 miles away and the driver was driving around with my food for 40 minutes! I could’ve walked to the restaurant and back in half the time. On another occasion the driver just left my food on the ground next to the elevator of my building and just left. During a pandemic, when hygiene should be especially important. All in all probably my worst experience with any app I’ve ever used. Just use Grubhub instead.

- I’m never using this app again

So my friends and I decided to order ice cream on a friday night because why not. As our driver called he told me he needed to see id and I was confused. My id had never been needed for a purchase. But whatever as they came to the door he scanned it and it processed. I closed the door and right as I sit down we hear knocking. The postmates asked me to see adult id. I informed him we had no adults as we were home alone. However he then informed me he would need if and all this stuff. I told him I wasn’t aware of needing id. I even ordered postmates earlier and they didn’t need my id. He left and I was confused so I emailed corporate. The only ways they need to scan id is if purchasing alcohol,tobacco,jewelry or a large order. We ordered two ice cream bars, a slice cheesecake, another ice cream and a strawberry milk. When I contacted them the first time they informed it was because of identification which is bs. I then checked and found out why they would need my id so I emailed them again. They told me it was because I ordered alcohol, which is a huge lie because in fact my drink is just strawberry,milk,cream and sugar. Also if it was alcohol and they saw I wasn’t of age, they are supposed to take it back to merchant because that’s what your lovely website says. So in other words I didn’t do anything wrong and I won’t be using your app because honesty this is so stupid for you to tell me all these different excuses.

- Never got my full order 3 times in a row

Since we’re living through a pandemic, I ordered Walgreens with some timings I needed. The first time the driver was very communicative on what they did not have, there was a fair amount they did not have, and was overall fine since this lady was nice and efficient. But after that it goes downhill fast. The second time, I made sure, my order got delivered to a completely random address which I have never been to this house or knew about the address when I ordered it. So I got the credit back for that and decided to say: “why not” and order it for a third time. This was my big mistake. I ordered a few things, mainly food/snacks and bathroom essentials. Although the guy delivered it to the right address, I only got one of the 5 items I ordered. I got no communication from the guy about them not having those items, so when he left Them at the door I was both confused, and then furious. The fact that I haven’t been able to get what I ask for, not even essentials during a pandemic, shows how pathetic this app is. The third time they won’t let me get my money back, even though I lost roughly $50 on the stuff I ordered. If someone from the company is reading reviews, I would at least like to talk to someone via phone or email. But other than that I would not recommend this app since they can’t seem to be very communicative and aren’t able to get what I asked for

- Choose another delivery app please

Can I give this a 0 stars ?? Honestly they don’t even deserve a 0 !! I only ordered 3 times through this app: 1st time never received my order and the app says it was delivered..2nd time received the wrong order..3rd time received my order missing a sandwich, and had the rudest and most impolite delivery driver. And mind you never got my money back! So here is my last message to their TEAM “ First of all this is the third time this inconvenience happens to me when I order through Postmates. Whether your delivery drivers are stealing the food or there’s something wrong with the app that it never gets the right order. Anyways I need my money back or I will have it back through the bank. Second of all I never received any of my previous refunds that I was supposed to get. Third of all I think I gave you guys the benefit of the doubt when you did not deserve it l. I’m posting this on the App Store and everywhere so everyone can see what this is really about. And the last thing, the delivery driver that brought my missing food was the rudest human being on earth. When she got here I told her there is a sandwich missing and she literally turned her back on me and said I don’t care keep looking in the bag. I am extremely disgusted by the level of unprofessionalism if this app and everyone working with it. And like I said you will have to refund me or I’m taking it a step further “

- Used to deliver your food first and on time

This service used to be great. You would order your food. The restaurant would prepare it. And someone would pick it up. And then someone would deliver it. Now it’s. You order your food. The restaurant is preparing it. It’s stays on food is being prepared. Even though the driver already has your food. But you don’t know what because you believe the app isn’t lying to you. But instead the driver is dropping off someone else’s food before yours. And yours will be delivered next, cold most of the time, by the way. And when he drops off that first order is when the app switches over to food is being picked up and then the driver is on to you. It’s a big lie! A sham! This can’t be legal or right. I’d see if they were up front with their customers and said they did this but they aren’t. I’m not even mad that they do this but more so mad that they don’t tell you this. I paid for the premium service for the year and that’s what I expect. If there was another service that you could pay for that would allow you to not have your food pushed to secondary then I would pay for that. But this sneaky behind the back stuff isn’t cool. I understand you want the drivers to make as much as possible, well your company wants greed so it tries to do as much as possible but it comes at a cost of me having warm food. Unacceptable. Beware when ordering is all I’m saying. Good luck people.

- Not a customer respected company

I have been using postmates for a while i even paid for the unlimited membership and yet everytime i order food there’s a issue so i’m going to start with just this week alone my brother moves to my town and i referred him to postmates, postmates gives me a $25 promo which i then used on my order from sonic super excited i got $25 bucks off i ended up spending a extra $26 out of pocket for family to eat that’s $51 total waiting for food and i get a notification food is here go out side she’s not here look on phone she’s not even where i am she’s on another block i call post mates and they only refund my $26 i spent cash not the referral yet we pretty much work for postmates to promote them and yet they let the people that work for them screw over the people that pay them. THATS NOT IT the day before i ordered ice cream and gatorade to take to work with me the stuff gets here and there no gatorade and my ice cream has been opened and the wrapper was still in bag so clearly it was open after purchase did they refund me no instead they went on and on about how they can’t do anything about it and i pay all this money for membership and food and the lack of respect they show for me is sad i have given chance after chance yet still no improvement and a bunch of lost funds knowing that’s this pandemic is here postmates continues to take our money and not give us proper service

- Overall terrible

Honestly, I tend to put up with the constant incorrect orders and burnt food, but since postmates stopped reimbursing me for bad business I hate this service. The drivers are late and don’t read the instructions before hand. The original estimated time will be one thing and I’ll receive it HOURS later. That wouldn’t be an issue if they’d allow you to cancel the order, but they still figure it’s good business to charge you full price (and sometimes a cancellation fee) for THEIR drivers being late and me not being able to accept the food. I wish I could upload a picture from last experience. My food was so burnt that it was inedible. They told me it was against their policy to reimburse me, or even contact the restaurant for an unburnt item, which uber eats most definitely would have done. Sadly I now live too far to use their service because I definitely wouldn’t deal with Postmates otherwise. The time before that one of their drivers seemed to be under the influence and after an hour of circling my neighborhood “lost” she arrived crying and yelling at me saying that uber doesn’t pay her enough and calling me disrespectful because I asked that she call me after 30 minutes of being lost. I have screenshots of the texts she sent me before she arrived and after too. That was also something they did nothing about. This company is horrible with even worse customer service.

- Horrible company. Don't waste your money

Absolutely horrible service. After the first order going smoothly I decided to place another. It said it would be delivered between 30-45 minutes. So around an hour later I got the notification saying my driver was arriving and would "wait five minutes" i ran outside to my curb to wait and didn't see anyone and within seconds I got another notification saying the delivery had been completed. I contacted customer service because obviously I didn't get my order and at first they kept telling me that it showed my meal HAD been delivered to me and the driver handed it to whoever was in front on my house lol. I kept fighting them telling them I never got and finally they decided they would give me a REFUND and that it would 5-10 business days. After the 6th day I see that I had actually been charged for that order on my bank statement and contacted customer service again. They proceeded to tell me that I had to wait the full 10 days before seeing anything. After the 10th day I still saw no refund and contacted them again. They took TWO days to get back to me just to tell me that they did process a refund but unfortunately had did it in the form of a credit to my postmates account. I was furious. I couldn't believe the lack of customer service and the lack of communication. I did not ask for a credit. I asked for a refund back to card and never got it.

- Great options, terrible loopholes for bad service outcomes

I’m torn. Love the convenience and restaurant options, but when something goes wrong (and that’s about 70% of the time), the customer is left with few options to have the order fixed or refunded. Most common issues: majority of food arrives cold because couriers don’t pay proper attention to how they transport he food - this sometimes is a basis for refund/discount but most often not. If I wanted to use the oven to heat food up I wouldn’t be paying a premium for someone else to deliver. HORRIBLE. Next, often an order will be confirmed but you won’t find out they can’t get someone to deliver in the area until 30/45mins + after the order was placed so then you have to start at square one and wait almost 2 hrs for food or give up. Again HORRIBLE customer experience. Next, the delivery folks very often don’t make sure the order is correct before leaving the restaurant or make sure they grabbed the right item. Again again - HORRIBLE. Then you’ve paid for something you don’t want and again this is most often not handled properly by customer service and the delivery person refuses to go back to make it right. All these issues expose major cracks in the service and make you really question if it’s worth the money.

- Terrible customer service, terrible deliveries.

I’ve had many issues with Postmates, at first it was small things such as sides they were forgetting ect. I started reporting my missing items and like someone else mentioned they will still HOLD YOUR MONEY which is ridiculous, not the biggest issue definitely not customer focus thinking though. They take extremely long, one time I had a delivery that took over an hour and was delivered to the wrong house. Followed by that same week, someone delivered an order before mines and totally mixed up the orders! I emailed their customer service email since they don’t have a phone number, they had the audacity to say I’ve had too many issues they couldn’t help me, I am thinking as a leader and manager myself I would never tell one of my customers that specially if they’ve had bad experiences beyond their control! They didn’t refund me the money they took for food I didn’t get, they didn’t give me credit, because it’s happened before. How about properly train your employees to not only confirm someone is the right person, but double checking orders to make sure nothing is missing! I’ve had people deliver that looked high as a kite and missed up my order. I told them I was done with business, canceled my membership deleted the app and haven’t used it since. So many other app out here with better service and more efficiency regarding timing!

- Postmates Fleet team review

The payout is too low. You have to drive too far to pick up the delivery and then drop it off to a customer. Your talking about a 9 min drive to pick up the order and than another 12 min to drop it off to customer. All this wear and tear plus fuel for $5.61 no cash tip and barely any tips from customers. To much up and down I barely do 5 delivery’s a day because well first of all everything is far away! To pick up food and than to go drop it off to customer. It never tells you how far your going so you have to gps the address before you accept an order. But after picking up the order you won’t know how far your going to drop it it off to the customer until you type in the customers address and you realize it’s way to much driving for $5-$6 per delivery for the most part. The app itself needs to upgraded and the PAYOUT FOR DELIVERIES NEEDS TO INCREASE MAJORLY! From 9 deliveries only 3 people tipped me. So nevertheless if the customers aren’t going to tip for our services than Postmates needs to increase our PAYOUT. Even when I’m using the (Scooter) as my vehicle preference the app will try and send me on a 17 min drive just to go pick up the food! that’s not including the drop of delivery to the customer.... 👎🏼👎🏼🤦‍♂️😭 I’m not feeling Postmates to much right now! And I still have been paid for any of my deliveries...

- Very unhappy.

I’ve never used Postmates prior to this issue. Yesterday, I ordered a $35 order from Popeyes. I put in all the information they asked me when ordering my order and along with special instructions with my food. I don’t now what happened down the line but somehow my order was completely messed up I asked for half spicy half mild. In two different boxes. With a large side of greens and a large side of rice and beans. When I received my order from the man who picked it up I had all mild chicken along with one side when I asked for 2 sides. I also have a issue with the delivery fee as soon as my food was being picked up from the man I received a message from Postmates saying now my total will be $41 and some change after I entered my card information to order my food. I feel as if Postmates should put the total along with the final total. Overall, I am highly dissatisfied with Postmates and do not see my self recommending or ever using Postmates again.I have issued the complaint yesterday evening and still have not heard back from them yet. At this point I want a refund for the food that I did not receive and for the extra charge that was not posted with the final total. Highly upset and disappointed. I also tipped the man who delivered my food 15% which is $7. The total was raised to. $51 dollars !?? There is a fee to go along with tipping. Might as well give him cash if I would’ve known that.

- Be warned!

First off I’d like to say although I had my issues the company was quick and able to make up for the mistake made. This was the first time I used this app and I’m not gonna use it again. I don’t really know who to blame. The app or delivery person. I made an order of three items but I received far more then what I ordered. I ordered two soups, one large and one medium. When we received the soups there were five styrofoam cups. Two large and three medium. I was surprised to see so many cups. Turns out the guy ordered five soups! Two large and three medium. Instead of paying what should’ve been $30 I ended up paying $86. I couldn’t believe it. Now if you’ve used the app you’ll see that they put your order in a list type for example 1.sandwitch 2.soup 3. Soup. So what the guy did was that he ordered one sandwich two large soups and three medium soups. I can’t understand how he would’ve seen those numbers as amounts of each item. I also don’t like the fact that it says you won’t get an accurate price and total until the person picks up your food. Should’ve known better and seen that as a bad sign. One more thing I have a charge of $9 and change on my bank statement. When I added that to the $77 I was charged for the order the amount comes more then what is shown on my email receipt. I don’t know what the heck is going on but I definitely won’t be using this app again.

- Terrible Customer Service

I have had many small problems over the course of using this app (Rude drivers, incorrect food delivered, excessive wait times (close to 2-3 hours sometimes)), but tonight by far took the cake. I placed an order through the app after about an hour I got the notice that the driver was at my address, except there was no one at my door. 5 min later it said my order had been delivered, but I never received anything, never even got a call or txt from the driver. I then contacted the customer support and they refunded the order and gave a 5$ credit. So I then reordered my food and about an hour and a half later I get another notice that the driver was at my location. About 20 min later I get a notice that my food had been delivered, and again I never received my food or any kind of contact from the driver. I contacted customer service again and they refunded the amount again, but this time tried to blame it on me saying my address and phone number were not correct on the app and that I hadn’t set up the app to let the driver contact me. I checked the app and my address was in fact correct in the app as well as my phone number. Additionally I had ordered food the night earlier and the driver was able to contact me and make it to my correct address. This is completely unacceptable. I am still waiting to hear back from customer service, but I’m not holding my breath.

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- Easy to Use But More Payment Options Required

Love the app, easy to use. U guys should add more payment options.

- Worst food delivery app I’ve used

I struggled to use their difficult to navigate format with poor separation between open and closed restaurants, but the 3rd time I made an order to have it cancelled about 40mins later when it was supposed to arrive I gave up and deleted it.

- Not In Many Countries.

Hi, I would just like to mention (like it has many times before) that this app is not available in other countries such as Australia which is quiet a shame. I really hope you consider making the app available in other countries or suggesting other apps.

- Why is this in the Australia App Store?

If it does not serve the entire country of Australia, why is it on the Australia App Store, or at least, why isn’t it made far more loud and clear that it will be pointless to download in Australia. Just wasting people’s time!

- Not available in Australia

Not sure why you’d make the app available in Australia when the service doesn’t work here, but I’m keen to use the service if and when it’s available here.

- The big dog

I don’t know about this app I want to get something but I lm 1000% positive that I don’t want to get spam because if you have a look at the ratings that’s why

- Why lie? They’re not in AUS people

I hate companies that do this, and where has it got you morons, look at your rating on the App Store ffs! You think people will trust a company like yours, stay in America!

- Awful

Garbage support, Garbage drivers - If you like your food cold and more expensive than ordering directly from the store this is the app to use. If you want a good food ordering experience, That can bring you warm food, in a timely manner pick literally any other food delivery app. DoorDash, Caviar, Deliveroo, Ubereats, Grubhuh. Stay clear from Postmates

- Postmates

I looked online to see if it was in Australia and it says it is so I downloaded the app an says it no available terrible

- Do you homework...

Why are you releasing an app into a region where you don’t have the service?

- Not usable in country

Remove the app from countries you don’t service you dilberts

- Don’t advertise if you can’t deliver

Doesn’t deliver to my region so why am I receiving ads for it


I am frustrated why don’t you just deliver in Australia. I keep getting ads for this but it doesn’t work!

- Bring to Australia already!

Pleaseee bring to Australia. I don't understand the problem with bringing it here! Terrible!!

- Not Happy.

Website says available in Australia so downloaded app and it’s not!

- Remove from App Store

If it’s not available in Australia remove it from the App Store

- Lies! All lies!

Not in Australia. Why even have the app in the App Store if you don’t have it in Australia? Useless app. Deleting.

- ???

Wanted to download this to support My favourite YouTuber, Philip DeFranco, yet I can’t use it and therefore cant support him. Sad really

- Is not available yet

Intro says available in Australia but not yet. Not even in Melbourne.

- Cya

i don’t like this app because it does not apply in any countries like Australia. no

- come to australia???

why is this app on the AUSTRALIAN app store when it DOESNT DELIVER ANYWHERE* IN AUSTRALIA *or at least i’m pretty sure it doesn’t deliver here

- Not Available in Australia.

Don’t download. No point.

- Not available in Australia!

Have no idea why this app appears in Aus APP STORE but with no service

- Not in Aus

Doesn’t work in Australia. Might use on my USA trip tho

- Not I’m Australia

Bring Postmates to Sydney Australia but in the suburbs please

- Not available in Australia


- Australia

Come to Australia please.




please add the location Sydney for this application


pls make this available in australia i know i would use it all the time


Please bring to Australia we neeeeeeeed not just in one part of Australia but all parts of Australia like Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and more plzzzz🤓🤓🤓🤓😐

- Please bring this to Australia

🤔 please

- Bring this to Australia.

I'll change my rating from 1 to 5 stars when you get it in Australia :)

- Bring this to Australia !!

It would be great in Sydney, Australia!! Please! 👍🏼


I would love this is I could be a postmate delivery boy but I can't because they haven't added it in Australia. NEED BRISBANE AUSTRALIA ASAP

- Great idea but not accessible

Can't use the app unless you have a USA debit card


Please bring it to Australia


Can this app please be in Sydney Australia

- Post Mates in Australia maaaaaate






- Not in other countries

It’s only in The US and Mexico,I will download it when it’s available in Other countries like Australia.The playmates app would get many more customers.It is definitely a shame but the idea of the app is great.

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- Almost 5 stars

Love the review. Only thing that sucks is if you open another app and try to go back and forth between the two, the postmates app doesn’t remember where you were so you have to find the store you were ordering from all over again.

- Make one in Canada

U need to bring it to Canada by Toronto ON

- Come to Montreal

Please come to Canada

- mtl



please come to Canada, preferably Winnipeg!!!

- Canada

Wow this Service sounds amazing!!! Please set it up in Canada!!!!!

- >:d

Come to Canada!!!

- Bring to CANADA

Come to Vancouver, and south Surrey please

- Come to Canada

Still in the Canadian App Store, still not service in the country

- Canada

Come to Canada !! I want Noahj456’s 100$ credit !!

- Can’t recommend this app/site

App AND website needs development growth. If your order is cancelled for random reasons, the order simply disappears from your history, thus leaving you clicking through every order you may have to figure out which one it is. Also, when I had two orders over 2 hours late, no refund or credit was offered. Drivers are frequently rude on the phone if they can’t find a location. Growth on many levels required to have good customer experience.

- Ottawa

Bring this to Canada please! Especially Ottawa!

- Doesn’t work

After multiple steps to verify my account I couldn’t set up an order without error messages stopping me. :(

- Don’t even bother. Horrible app

When I try to create an account it gives me a HTTP 400 invalid request error. Apparently this happens to many other people. If ur app doesn’t work FIX IT. 🙄

- Terrible Customer Support

Half my restaurant order didn’t show up but I was billed the full amount. Submitted feedback and emails through the app multiple times and nobody reached out to me to fix it. I’m done, switching back to DoorDash.

- Terrible

Couldn’t even get my address in smh


Come to sarnia plz plz


Come to Montreal Canada !!!!

- LeManz from TikTok sent me

I’ve used postmates a bit in the past and I came across a tiktok of a dude named Tyler LeManz who had made over 500 deliveries for postmates. Y’all should give him some mercy and carrier bags so he could continue to deliver for postmates.

- Drivers pick up multiple orders, always late

Self contracted drivers pick up multiple orders at once and ALWAYS make food late. My orders are on average 45 minutes late. Do not recommend using this app.

- Location

I’m in Canada :(

- App doesn’t work

Http error code when trying to use app. Fix it! DoorDash n skip never glitch

- Taco

Tell Taco Bell to make another location first near Weston road then come to Canada eh

- Sucks

Canadian and disappointed

- Canada toronto

Come to Canada preferably Toronto please.

- Not worth it.

Error messages keep coming up.

- .

WHY are you on the Canadian App store if you don’t even deliver within Canada ? 🙄

- Please come to Vancouver Canada

Pls come to Vancouver

- Annoying

You should be able to see if they deliver to your area BEFORE you create an account.

- An unforgiving service

Wow. This service is bad and I don’t mean that in a sort of filtered way...this is the WORST system I’ve ever used. The homophobia I’ve received is awful too. If you’re someone who belongs to a minority group... please DO NOT use this app.

- Not in Canada

Not in Canada so should be removed from the Canadian App Store

- Come to Ottawa

Come to Canada post mate!

- Plz come to Canada

Heard about you from Skadoodle’s stream and sadly realized no services in Toronto :(

- Please come to Toronto

Please come to Toronto

- Please go to Canada!!!

Pleaseeee come to Canada!! I was watching Jknews and they got a pretty good deal. Sad thing is that I’m from Canada😞

- Why is it on the Canadian App Store

Doesn’t have Canada support

- Montreal


- Not available in Canada so why bother listing the app here?

This service as of writing this review is not available anywhere in Canada. So it’s ridiculous to put the app up for MONTHS because it looks like you are. I wasted my time downloading and setting the app up only to find out partway through I couldn’t use the service. Ridiculous.

- Hi

Come to st-anicet Plsss

- come to canada !!

it would be really cool if you guys came to hamilton ontario canada like come onnn guys

- Laval, Quebec

Please I’ve heard so many amazing things from postmates. We need one here in Laval. I’ve tested you guys out when I was in LA it’s amazing! Please come here!

- Canada

Please consider coming to Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

- Not Happy

Allowed me to create an account without a phone number (the app is not available in my location). Since then my account has been compromised and I am not able to delete it or contact help without entering a phone number....


please come to Toronto Canada!!!

- Please make it available in Canada

I’m sure all us Canadians would like to use postmates instead of continuously getting scammed by apps that are trying to do the same thing, like Uber eats. We’re sick and tired of it. Please come to Canada so we can enjoy too!!!

- We need this in TORONTO, CA

honestly i’ve been waiting a long time for it to be in canada and still haven’t yet :(

- Come To Canada

This isn’t available in Canada , Brampton. Would be amazing if it was

- Lol

I love how you put the app on the canadian app store but it’s not working in canada 😂

- Come to Ottawa

You should bring the business to Ottawa!!


Why isn’t this in Canada...we want Postmates too 🤦🏾‍♀️

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- Money minded poor service

We loved PM when they first started. The quality of their service has gone down. Postmates has the advantage that they will deliver from anywhere however they have fundamental flaws: 1- No customer service phone line 2- Their email response to problems is generic and not problem focused (they have a scripted email) 3- Their delivery and ‘other’ fees are higher than their competitors for all restaurants far or close 4- They are hiring inexperienced drivers, drivers who can’t read or speak English and at times dishonest drivers. If the driver can’t find your place they simply complete the order and say it was delivered even if it wasn’t as they cannot move on to another order without doing that. This is dishonesty and should be addressed more affirmatively by PM in their emails to us. In those instances Postmates will respond with generic emails to our concerns , at times refund us after going back and forth a few times but they never address the driver concerns. These drivers should not be on their roster. It worries us that if they are ok with delivers who lie then they are ok with unsafe drivers as well. It’s concerning.

- Worst service ever

After everybody’s hype about the service decided to try it out. Bad decision! The only order that was delivered in a properly manner, with an ok time frame and no items missing was the first one. Every other one after that was at least an hour long delivery, even though there was an order from a place that is literally two blocks away from the apartment and plus items from the order were missing or special requests were not followed (like ‘extra napkins’ - no napkins whatsoever). But the best part was when I ordered from the postmates general store some items, after an hour of waiting, AN HOUR (it was supposed to be 20-30 minutes) my postmates called me and said that my order was not entered properly (have no idea how’s that possible) and that I have to resubmit it, while being extremely rude. When I asked him ‘how’s that possible’ he literary started lying and making up 3 different storied that just contradict each other. I contacted customer service right away after that, asking them to delete my account, there response was ‘we will deal with the postmate, here is $5 and it’s not my department to cancel the account someone will get back to you’ after 2 weeks and couple of attempts to connect to the customer service representative I had to create a new request, so I guess in a week or so I’ll hear back from them? WORST SERVICE EVER! Extremely disappointed.

- Could do a lot better

I make at least 1 order a day from Postmates. I would say about 40 percent of the time my order is messed up. I probably spend $300 a week here and all it takes is for the postmate delivery driver to double check the order and make sure that everything is correct from the restaurant. It ruins the entire meal for me and my family when even just one meal is wrong because it takes an hr for the correct meal to come (if it’s still even available) or I have to go get it and when having a daycare with many many kids and not a big enough vehicle at all times of the day/night is not easy. I end up using postmates because there is more of a variety but, I honestly wish there was something better and I wouldn’t have to because even when bringing up these errors they have a different person emailing me every time so each time I have to explain everything that happened and even when I do I get refunded and nothing extra which mind you I’ve been in customer service for 10+ years and am 26 years old I don’t ask for handouts BUT as I said when I spend at LEAST $300 a week at this place and it takes 2 hrs going back and forth to even get a refund for the meal I never got to begin with, it is quite frustrating that I have to keep going back when they don’t give me a reason to want to

- Robotic Customer Service

I’m done with Postmates, I’m not saving any money by subscribing to your app, I’m wasting my money by paying extra delivery fees for mistakes. I worked in the restaurant industry for years and when we made mistakes we replaced and often times refunded entirely for the inconvenience. Starbucks made a mistake on my coffee one time and they fixed it and gave me a gift card as an apology. Postmates does not represent the food industry properly. I’ve had fast food restaurants go above and beyond when a mistake was made. Postmates just says here’s a portion of your money back AND if you really want to have what your ordered pay us triple and we’ll give it to you. I cannot count how many times my order has been incorrect and/or damaged. Postmates solution is to refund a portion of the amount paid or the full amount for the item which just DOES NOT WORK. I’m going to explain 2 different scenarios when this happened: 1) ordered dinner from wienerschnitzel, the jalapeño poppers were missing aka my son’s dinner same thing. I paid almost triple to have them delivered. 2) Starbucks - 3 coffees were ordered; mine was $7.85 for a venti blonde vanilla latte, I received a venti iced espresso or coffee? I have no idea what it was but it was not drinkable or fixable. Postmates refunded me $4.65. I didn’t bother to reorder it because I’m not interested in paying triple for a cup of coffee 2 hours after I made my first order.

- Terrible customer service

I have been a Postmates fan for a long time. Since COVID started, I have ordered through them every day. Last night, I ordered from a restaurant I have ordered from many times before. The bill should have been around $21. The postmate driver, though, messed up my order at the restaurant (and couldn’t even get his Postmates credit card to work) and somehow ended up charging me $75. He also got lost on the way to deliver my food. I brought the over billing to the attention of Customer Service and was told the total on the app is only an estimate — and that they just pass through the restaurant’s charges. Yes, I know. But I’ve ordered from this restaurant literally dozens of times (through Postmates and in person.) My plate of pasta and side salad costs $21. Not $75. Then the postmate brought a bunch of extra food. The receipt in the app shows the proper order, yet what he brought included other items. No wonder the restaurant charged extra! But, I didn’t order any of that and the app receipt supports this. Customer Service is non existent. They refused to take ownership and refunded only $20, leaving my bill still way more than it should have been. After going back and forth with them, I gave up. Canceled my Postmates unlimited membership and moved to Uber Eats. Do yourself a favor and use a different delivery service — one that actually cares about their loyal customers.

- Atrocious Customer Service

See above. The customer service is horrible. I had an order where my Postmate went very far in the wrong direction twice. My order arrived 25 minutes beyond the upper bound of Postmates’ promised time of delivery and (of course) my food was cold. To be clear, this had nothing to do with traffic, and everything to do with driver error. I even contacted my driver to make sure everything was ok, and he responded that he “had another order to drop off”, which doesn’t make sense. He had driven 20 minutes in the opposite direction of my home from the restaurant, after I received a notification that he would be arriving in 10 minutes after he left the restaurant. Either he was lying, or Postmates has an awful algorithm. He then proceeded to miss multiple exits that would have brought him straight to me and took a very long way around to my home. When I reached out to Postmates Support (which is only by email) with documentation and screenshots of my order tracker, I was told that I was flat-out wrong. The apology was clearly canned and did not address my frustration whatsoever. It took 3 tries for me to receive acknowledgement of my very simple request of having my order refunded. Instead of refunding, they credited my account in an amount several dollars short of what my original order cost. I’m not sure why it’s so difficult for a company to properly correct its mistakes.

- Disappointed

I just want to add that when the “developer” tells you answers to your review to try to “fix the problem” it’s all lies. You’re not going to receive any e-mail from any upper management to get you your scammed money back. Well at least I haven’t and it’s been more than 3 months. Don’t waste your time people, invest in the businesses who actually CARE about you. Had the worst experience with this app. When you have a problem there’s NOBODY to talk to (no phone number). When you send an e-mail nobody responds. My orders have been canceled twice in a row at the last minute. Not to mention when I received the wrong order and notified them, they didn’t do nothing about it but charged my card like everything is fine. I even called the restaurant and they told me to contact postmates because they can’t do anything about it. I like the idea of it but I think you need to be fair at some point and solve people’s problems. HIRE SOME PEOPLE FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE IN CASE THEY HAVE AN ISSUE. I can work for you if you want but you really need to be fair. I don’t see why do I need to be charged if my order was wrong. I didn’t get what I paid for and nobody cared. You don’t just create an app and lay down, you need to have a support system for the people who use the app. As long as I am concerned, my e-mails were never replied to. App deleted. Thank you for your frustrating experience, I’m done with y’all.

- Customer Service CANNOT HELP YOU

So it states that the prices are ESTIMATES and may not be correct. I ordered two of the exact same meal and three other items. The price came out to $64 plus the service fee and tip. My order arrived with only one of the meals that was the same and they added on a drink that I didn’t ask for. The associate that ordered from the restaurant based on my order messed up and missed a complete meal. Apparently they estimated the exact amount it would be WITHOUT the missing meal ($64) so now the company cannot compensate for the mix up, the extra 40 minutes it took for the driver to go back to the restaurant and drive back to my house just to tell me there was nothing he could do, or the fact that the estimate was $20 (basically 1/3 of the price of my order) off. I sat on hold for 15 minutes before anyone answered and the associate was only able to explain that I was charged the correct amount but unable to explain how the prices are so different or what they could do because my order was wrong. There is one supervisor in the building at a time to handle issues so there was no way for me to speak with them. Customer service is basically just there to tell you “I am sorry that happened” without having any power to help or compensate. I was eventually offered a credit but there is no way I am ordering through them again! Terrible customer service.

- Inexcusable U.I. Issues and design choices

I frequently use Grubhub to order from local restaurants. My experience was significantly worse using postmates to order from a restaurant I grubhub from atleast once a week. For starters postmates never asked how I’d like my steak prepared. Something grubhub always does. As a result I got an over cooked rubbery steak from a place I know makes perfect steaks. Delivery driver also did not deliver the 2L bottle of soda I ordered. This isn’t the companies fault and I know things happen however their process for handling these issues is abysmal. You can use the “help” section to report an issue with your delivery where you are given the option to choose from some preselected choices like “ order missing items” after you make your selection you get an input box where you can insert some additional text, however there is no submit button, only a back button to return to the previous Paige where there is a “report issue” button at the bottom of the page that is greyed out and seemingly unclickable. I mean really who designed this application? Basically if you have an issue with your order your S.O.L since there’s really no way of reporting it. Also postmates places a hold on your bank card like many gas stations used to do in order process your order. That authorization takes several days to reverse. Postmates is the ONLY deliver app that does this.

- Worst food delivery

I have no idea how they are rated 4.7. Every so often you get a bad delivery person on an app but Postmates takes it to a new level. I ignorantly encouraged my father to download the app to where he spent $100 on food. We then waited the full amount of delivery time, only to be told our food was delivered when it wasn’t. Once we finally got a hold of the driver. He told us that the app shut down and could no longer bring us our food. He then called back asking “how much we spent?” followed by “I can either take the food back to the restaurant or keep it for if you want want to make a side cash deal we can”. I’m in shock that Postmates would hire such a dishonest person. We felt like we probably shouldn’t report him since he knows where we live but decided to do so anyways. My father was then called from a Postmates representative confusing him with another one of their customers. Once my father reached out to them via email asking them to call, they responded saying they need more info first. After my father gave more info, they responded saying they will give us $10 to use on the app. We gave them ample time and opportunities to make this horrible situation right. They chose not to. HORRIBLE customer service and that’s what usually ruins a business. I will never recommend them again. And my entire family is deleting our accounts. Very disappointed.

- Worst. Food. App. Ever!

We saw an ad on Facebook for $100 delivery credit when initially signing up, so we thought we’d give this app a try. Lo and behold, this turned out to be the worst food delivery app ever! Our first order was for Chick-fil-A and they’ve never messed up an order so we put the blame here on Postmates. Not only did they say Chick-fil-A didn’t receive our order but it was missing a full entree! I reported the item missing and was issued a refund. Here we are a few days later and wanted to give it a second try out of good faith...wrong! This time we ordered from Denny’s. This is where it all went downhill. Our food was 20-30 minutes late, missing multiple sides and sauces for the appetizer. We yet again reported this and in our report advised we will no longer be using this service and would prefer a refund vs credit. What do we get? A credit on our account for the next order. Over multiple emails, I try to tell this customer service rep (Amanda P.) that a credit will not do and that it should be removed and a refund was initially requested due to not using Postmates in the future ever again. So here we sit waiting for a manager to respond. This app deserves 0/5 stars but because we must choose one for a rating, I went with the lowest possible star. If anyone is ever wanting to try a new food delivery app, go elsewhere. Postmates will give you nothing but disappointment.

- Terrible service - do not use!

My first (and only) experience with Postmates was when I placed an order for bubble tea from Sharetea. My Postmate then arrived (late) with the completely wrong order from the wrong merchant, handing me hot food that was clearly from a restaurant. She said that she was sent to pick up that food and deliver it to me. I immediately contacted customer support and they just refunded my order without even offering to replace my order. I replied back requesting them to please send my original order as I had already waited over an hour. I then didn’t hear back for another 2 hours, by which time Sharetea had closed. They explained the situation by blaming the merchant and saying they rely on the merchant to provide the correct order. Sharetea does not have food and doesn’t even have a kitchen so could not have provided that order. It would have been either my Postmate mixing up my order (although that was the only order she had) or a Postmates system issue where they matched the wrong order with the wrong person. The sole purpose of Postmates is to serve as a delivery system and it not only failed at its core offering but was also dishonest in trying to shift blame to the merchant. And did not even bother trying to rectify the situation by resending my correct order. All in all, a terrible experience. Don’t use this incompetent service, use ubereats or doordash instead.


I placed an order from Outback Steakhouse who totally messed it up and didn’t include items that made my order cost much more. I contacted customer service right away and told them about the lack of items and wanted my refund for the missing things. Reasonable right? WRONG! I took a screenshot of the email I received back and wish I could put it here in this review, but basically they told me that they “confirmed” with the restaurant that the cost stayed the same without my missing items anyway and told me it’s because menu items pricing had changed after I ordered it. Okay, so why does that apply to me? If I ordered it at a certain price, then it should be that price!!! Also, I went back into the app and screenshotted the current prices of the food that were still the same! They refused to refund my money and just chocked it up to changing costs of food within the 2 minutes that I ordered it, which again, is irrelevant since I bought them at a certain price.... even if that were true, you can’t just increase them after I bought them and charge my card without telling me! Then, to top it off, they taxed the price with all of the items I didn’t receive included and wouldn’t change that. BEWARE! YOU’LL PAY FOR HALF THE MENU AND ONLY GET ONE ITEM! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! They are fraudulent! It looks like I’m not the only one to have this problem.

- Beware- make sure you have a back up plan

I ordered pizza for my family at 6:30pm. I have 3 small children and my elderly grandmother living with me. My family waited over an hour for our delivery and I logged in to track the driver. It showed him on my street when suddenly a message popped up that my order was damaged and canceled! Now it’s almost 8pm on a school night and nobody has had dinner, my kids and grandma are hungry, I have no way to go out to get food, and Postmates offers me 5 bucks for my inconvenience??!!! What an insult! This is unacceptable. I don’t for one minute believe the order was damaged. I ordered two pizzas and a salad. Even if it fell to the floorboard the right thing to do would’ve been to bring my food to us anyway, apologize for if it slid around a little, and THEN maybe Postmates could’ve offered me a credit for that, but making my kids go hungry after waiting an hour with a phony reason is completely unacceptable, and even more unacceptable is the action the company took to remediate the issue. Even worse- I have a big charge placed on my credit card that I have to wait a WEEK to get back? They can’t even instantly refund my card? Huge lack of customer service. This is the first and last time I will use this company, I will tell everyone I know my experience, and post on review sites as well. Shame on your customer care department, Postmates.

- We do not have a customer service department... if you have problems talk to customer service.

Using this app is a huge mistake and waste of money. They have a huge up charge on actual food cost there drives get to you whenever. My cold food was in between my hot food in a insulated bag making my hot food soggy and my ice cream melted. Let me tell you that’s not the way to have Mexican food. The forgot all of the drinks. There is no costumer service instead if you search online for a costumer service number for them, you will find a representative or what not number. My wife called to try and get this sorted out and got insulted for her trouble. She was told if she isn’t tech savvy she shouldn’t use this app. She was told this because she said she wanted to talk to some one about the issues with her order. She was told no supervisors were even working, she was told they would have some one call her back. Never happened. We got refunded for a drink out of several the others were in theory not on the order at all. Weird cause the price matched having those drinks but whatever. We took a chance but live and learn. To put it in the best terms I’ll leave you with a quote from an employee of this company “we don’t currently have a costumer service department but there’s a program that sorts emails......if you are having trouble with this app you need to contact the costumer service line.”

- Address location can sometimes lack accuracy

Usually, Postmates have the fastest delivery times. However, it would be helpful if users could adjust the pin on the map for their address. My experience is that the pin shows up in the center of my apartment complex but my apartment is near the back. I’ve had orders not get delivered or the Postmate has to spend an inordinate amount of time finding me, even if I have very specific directions included on where I am in the complex, because they just go straight to the pin. If I use current location instead, the pin is accurate but it changes my address to a nonexistent generic street name (Apartment Rd) and several times Postmates have used it in navigation apps and end up all over town, not even close to me, I guess not noticing the address is not taking them to the pin. Who knows. Either way, I have issues with delays or missing deliveries constantly because Postmates often can’t find my apartment easily, particularly at night, if I use the correct address. It would make sense to cater to their expectation and allow both entering the address and adjusting the pin within a set distance for accuracy, like [competitor D]’s app which is worse in every other way but this one. Thanks for reading.

- Extremely Disappointed - Business Travelers “BEWARE”

I have been using the Postmates app during business travel. It had been very convenient in situations when I wanted to stay in and have a meal other than what I was provided on a hotel menu. However I have recently had a terrible experience with my Postmates order that the business was not able to help me with. I made a personal order using the App and accidentally accepted the order with my business credit card as the default. Given I was at home having dinner with my family, this is a strict policy no no. I quickly cancelled the order and re-ordered using my personal Visa. Come to find out the charge on my business card went through and so I paid for this meal twice. When I submitted the issue to Postmates, they explained in a very brief e-mail, that they were not capable of helping me apologized and that was it. I am now stuck with the responsibility and consequence of unauthorized charges on my corporate card. Although I can pay out of pocket, this is a very strict policy that does come with accountability measures. How do I trust that Postmates has the consumers best interest in mind. Although I own the mistake, the issue was written off as, “were a fast paced business and if you don’t catch our mistake in a timely manner, well then you are just out of luck”. I can’t believe I am even having to write this post.

- I wouldn’t even credit a star...

Postmates is basically DoorDash but WORSE... My first experience with PostMates started, then ended real fast when I noticed they tried to charge over $13 in “extra fees” even though I already had the delivery fee, tax, and so on. Personally I’m going to stick with UberEats because they’re partnered, you never have to wait on the order to be PLACED (same with Door Dash), and not to mention they actually tip their drivers. (Tip DoorDash in cash!! Doordash keeps it!) Anyways, I figured I could give Postmates another try after I found out about the tipping system on DoorDash (so wrong). They end up showing this Jack in the Box as if it were open so I ordered some grub, I thought it’d be quick because it was late, they can’t be busy. About half an hour goes by and my order is still not being made so I called the store and... THEY’RE CLOSED! I cancelled my order, the app shows I cancelled it and that should be it right? Money back within 24-72 hours? NOPE. This whole thing got a little peavy being they don’t offer a customer support number and I’m relying on their “Help” tab. I dig around a few different topics and find that it takes 7 BUSINESS DAYS TO REFUND THIS MONEY! I was just trying to order some food y’all. All I wanted was to fill my stomach for dinner and I couldn’t even do that... (being a broke student in Seattle is not all it’s cracked up to be)

- Used to be the business and now...

I haven’t gotten a complete or accurate order in my last 5 deliveries. Numerous times have been delivered with out eating utensils, drinks have been forgotten and when you try to contact someone about any issues they run you around websites where there’s no contact option so after you find yourself running around in circles you give up and nobody’s even notified of your issue and when you do send in an issue nobody ever responds and you are left disappointed and hangry. Nothing worse than being hangry except being gang Ry and excited about the meal you just ordered coming and it comes wrong and nobody will do anything about not even a sorry sir we messed up and we’ll do our best to remedy the situation or take care of your next meal for you. Nope, nothing but disappointment and anger and an unsatisfied stomach and then somebody will come along and pay to get this taken off because people’s satisfaction doesn’t rate nearly as much as money does. So time to try one of the other guys now as Postmates wasn’t just #1 because they were first to do it, they were number one because they were the first to I do it right but it seems they worry too much about the competition instead of their clients satisfaction so this dissatisfied client is going to take my business elsewhere.

- The screening for these drivers must be NONE!

If I could rate them less I would. I have tried over and over again to give Post mates the benefit of the doubt. However, after today’s incident never again. I ordered my food- once I seen the driver picked it up I immediately texted the driver to let her (Keylan) know where to enter the property and let her know the name of the property (even though my notes for delivery are very precise) There was no response. She then called me and asked if the name of the property was Canyon Willow I said no it’s Capri Apartments and before I could say Anything else she hung up on me. I then proceeded to Call over and over and text over and over with no response. Finally, she responded and said, “I’m driving. But I’m coming”. I’m watching her on the map go in the wrong direction and I’m still texting her and calling and she is ignoring me. I’m outside with my son by the gate at this point because this is absurd. And she reports the food is delivered and flys right by us in her White Mustang. I want an immediate refund and I will be cancelling my subscription. I am Not sure what kind of background screening is done with these drivers or the rules they are supposed to follow. But I’m pretty sure communicating with the customer is DEFINITELY part of the job. This is hands down the worst experience I’ve had from Postmates and I have had some bad ones before.

- Terrible customer service/support

First off- I don’t understand why there is no customer support phone number on the app.. now next I want to talk about how this app scammed me of more than 100 bucks. The situation was frustrating. I placed an order on Postmates for the wrong location at 4:56pm I immediately noticed and cancelled at 4:58pm and on my app it said ordered cancelled (I have emails for proof) I learned that if you canceled within 5 mins Postmates is supposed to REFUND you your order specially if it was for a PICK UP order not a delivery order. I check my bank statements a few weeks after and Postmates still charged my card for the order even after I have a time stamp of cancellation two mins after. I called customer service asking why and they couldn’t provide me with an answer. Instead they told me to call the merchant, so I did and they let me know that my order was indeed cancelled and no payment was made. So IM SO CONFUSED. Postmates is definitely a scam. The customer service rep was telling me that if I canceled within 5 mins they do not charge my card so I’m definitely really confused as to why my 2 minute timeframe was not good enough. I can’t fathom to why they can’t provide me with a refund especially when none of my goods were received or consumed. I will never use this app again and I am extremely upset for loosing over 100 bucks.

- Order wrong every time

The food sent is wrong almost every time. The customer service is a joke. I just ordered two meals, and was only sent one. I called the restaurant who was only sent one. I have the order screen shot show I ordered two. Called post mates who first tried to blame me because I was only charged for one (which I told them in the beginning). I told them I know I was charged for one, but the order shows I ordered two. She came back and said the restaurant only prepared one, trying to blame them. They were not told to make two, I called them first and I pick up food at this place all the time. They weren’t in the wrong. Post mates just kept passing the buck. As an inconvenience, they agreed to give me free delivery on my next order. IM AN UNLIMITED MEMBER! I get free delivery! I asked to cancel my unlimited membership. What would have made it right? Send me my food that I originally ordered without fees. It wouldn’t be any additional compensation but at least I would eventually have what I wanted. I’ve also ordered food, waited over an hour for it, THEN was told the place was closed by a driver. The menus are also usually wrong, they don’t match the websites. I don’t have these issues with other companies, only Postmates. The app also asks you to rate the food before you’ve even had any of it and won’t let you do anything else until you rate it.

- What convenience?

I’ve been using postmates ever since it launched in seattle. I loved the convenience of postmates so much that I continued using the service so much to where it really became worth it for me to subscribe to postmates unlimited. After months of being a subscriber, almost all of the convenience of the app is gone. If the order isn’t cancelled 30+ minutes after you receive the “accepted” notification, there’s still going to be a problem. I use postmates because I work late hours and don’t have a chance to leave work for meal breaks, however, I know once my postmate gets close, I have to spend 10+ minutes directing them to the mailing address of a building with a bright neon roof directly on a Main Street. The same problem persists at my home address which is again, on a main arterial in a metropolitan area. I’ve spoken with drivers and the problem seems to be due to the postmates map leading them to the wrong address. This kind of thing is expected from a new company but not from a service like postmates. I understand apps will always have bugs within reason but between the “your order has been canceled” notifications arriving after all the other restaurants in the area have closed, and the onslaught of other delivery issues, the app has turned into a giant inconvenience.

- No longer a fan

I really enjoyed Postmates over the last couple months but after my experience this evening I will no longer be using their service. I placed an order to a favorite restaurant through the app as I had several times in the past. Everything seemed normal and I even received a text informing me that my food would be arriving shortly. Then nothing. Waited around for over 30 minutes at my door before the app told me that my order had been delivered only it hadn’t. I then used the help button to inform the app about the issue and it took another 15 minutes for an email response with a short apology and promise to refund my money in 5-10 business days. So I was out my money, my time, and had no food. That’s when my husband just had it and placed a new order through the actual restaurant and went to pick it up. When he got there they happened to notice that the order was similar to a previous order placed through Postmates and proceeded to explain what happened. The Postmate came in to pick up our order but their company card they supposedly are suppose to use was declined so they just left. THEY STIFFED THE ACTUAL RESTAURANT OUT OF THEIR MONEY. This is the absolute worst- ripping off those using this service and the restaurant providing the food. So very disappointed and I will be deleting this app and telling everyone I know to do the same.

- Would rate 0

Postmates is not only the worst food delivery app, but the absolute worst costumer service I have ever seen. I have used postmates every time just dealing with all the bs. I was introduced to Door Dash a few months back and stopped using postmates all together. Door dash has cheaper delivery fees, no hidden fees, and is organized and timely. I’ve rarely had any problems and when I have, their customer service has been very helpful. Postmates, in the other hand, is terrible. I’ve had many bad experiences but decided to give it one last try tonight as I wanted to support a local business that I could only get on Postmates. The delivery fee was listed as $3.99 and right as I pressed checkout it jumped to $4.99. I then waited 2 hours for my food and when I tried to see where it was, the app told me that Emilio (my driver) was finishing a different delivery first. When I got my food I checked and I was missing a whole meal and my other meals where cold. I contacted customer support (only through email since that is the only way) and told them how upset I was and how unacceptable it was. They responded that they would refund me $5. I replied that wasn’t even half the cost of the meal. They then replied that they could credit me $5 as well. I don’t want a credit as I will not be using postmates ever again I just want the money back for the meal I didn’t receive.

- Recent drop in quality

I have used this app to make thousands of dollars of purchases, including ordering our corporate lunches. Yesterday, our postmate cancelled twice, leaving us hanging and waiting for our food. When I called the restaurant, they lectured me on how much they hate working with postmates. The order was of course easy to place over the phone and I was able to send the postmate to just go pick it up, but I was very frustrated. This app lacks critical functionality. The ability to reach the Postmate to make updates. Hidden pricing and fees that make it seem cheaper that in actually ends up being. Incorrect/innaccurate menu items prevalent. And a terrible support experience. (They have set it up to send you to articles or only accept support requests for certain things.) Today the final straw was that I went to order from a juice place that was open (I called to confirm) but the Postmates indicated it was not and blocked me from ordering and there was no way around it. Done. Switched to door dash and already much happier, but wanted to write this review for other users like me who have seen this recent quality drop.


I thought this app was going to be like UBER EATS or DOORDASH (its not you’re better off ordering from there) I ordered $20 worth off of food with service fees and a delivery fee on top of that became over $30. I ordered at 7:30. The app told me 30-45 minutes for delivery. After the wait time said 8:40 I canceled my order. (I have kids and thats too late for them) They over charged me on my bank account and deposited it back. Than STILL CHARGED ME 26 FOR CANCELLING MY ORDER !!!! Than I tried to get help from the customer service team and they told me no I won’t be getting my money back. ( DOORDASH AND UBER IF THEY MESSED UP MY ORDER THEY GAVE NE CREDIT AND THE FULL AMOUNT BACK INTO MY ACCOUNT) this app just STEALS YOUR MONEY. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DOORDASH OR UBER EATS. THEY ARE VERY NICE AND GIVES YOU THE MONEY BACK. ( mind you Im so mad that they even over charged me the amount than puts it back but STILL CHARGES ME $26 FOR FOOD I DID NOT RECEIVE. IF I WENT BACK TO THE STORE I ACTUALLY ORDERED FROM THEY WOULD GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK NO PROBLEM. ITS THE APP.) if I would rate this app I would give them -0 stars. DOORDASH AND UBER EATS IS THE WAY TO GOO AND FAST AND FRIENDLY TOOO! And if anything goes wrong you’ll get your money back too. This app is so horrible.


Postmates is the worst delivery service I have ever experienced. I am so fed up with this terrible service that I feel prompted to do something I have honestly never done in my life which is be bothered to write an app review. I had a 55$ order just not show up, was unable to contact the driver in any way to see if they were lost or find out what happened, and was unable to contact anyone at the app to get a refund. The only option was to get a credit (that expires!?) so I am forced to continue using their terrible product. In an attempt to use up my credit I have had two experiences so far, in the first my food was delivered with the completely wrong order, when I reported this I was not given a full credit but instead given a small percentage credit. (The burrito was missing ALL OF THE TOPPINGS and instead of giving me a refund for the meal they refunded the price of the toppings so like 1.50$ are you kidding me?!) On my second attempt to use the credit the app crashed repeatedly and I was unable to order anything. Again I tried to contact an actual customer service person but they apparently don’t exist. I tried to email them directly but again not possible unless you are asked to follow up on an app review... so here it is... here is your app review. Let me know if you want me to follow up... STOP STEALING MY MONEY YOU TERRIBLE WORTHLESS GARBAGE APP!

- Driver was great, but the order was messed up by Postmates staff

Decided to try this service since they’ll deliver from our longtime favorite sushi place while other apps do not. Placed the order, which included multiple “orders” of the same item (5 orders of salmon sashimi, which showed up clearly on the app). The estimated wait time was 50-60 minutes. It took longer than that, but the driver was great and texted us to let us know he was waiting at the restaurant - no big deal. When he delivered, the driver said he carefully checked the receipt against the bag’s contents to make sure it matched. He left and we found only 1 order of the sashimi instead of the requested 5. Called the restaurant (they know us and we’ve been going there for over 15 years). They told us that Postmates calls in orders to them and very clearly told them only 1 order of the item. We emailed Postmates and got a very generic reply that did not address the issue. When the mix up happened I knew that whether we use this service again would depend on the customer service response. One person in our household didn’t get any dinner that was ordered, and that is a serious inconvenience. They failed the customer service test, and when I gave feedback that they did NOT resolve my issue, they did not respond. Be wary. For the hefty fees, is it worth possibly not getting what you ordered?

- Inaccurate pricing!

I recently placed an order on the app and was charged a certain amount and received a confirmation email after placing the order. When my order arrived, I received a receipt from the driver which said my order total was larger than before, so I decided to go back on the app to compare the two prices and find out why I was charged more. I logged in to find out that there was another new total which was higher than the totals from both the Little Caesars receipt and the original total on the Postmates app. When I contacted the support team I was told that the prices change often but Postmates isn’t always notified and that if I had subscribed to Postmates Unlimited, the price that I’d initially see is the total that I’d pay. Essentially my original total price would’ve remained the final total. So, I have to subscribe to another service that cost extra money to pay my original total or be charged more on my final order total? Blame the company and the customer essentially. Not only this, but the food took quite a while to arrive and I was even contacted by the driver to ask what I had ordered on the app. It’d be one thing if this was a one time occurrence, but I tend to wait long when I order from this app. The app used to be a good and convenient app but I no longer find it to be convenient, instead I find it to be stressful.

- Driver Suggestions

Hey guys!! I’m a driver for Postmates. I love working for them but just a few tips for the customers who order from Postmates. If you live in an apartment... put the name of the apartment complex and the building number. It will cut down about 5 min off the delivery time. I say this because yes we might have the address but sometimes it leads us to a place where it maybe a block down the road, the numbers are not clear on the sign and there are 5 other apartment complex’s right next to each other. If you put the name of the complex along with the address it will help get your food faster. Another suggestion for fast delivery in an apartment complex is..... THE BUILDING NUMBER!!! When looking for an apartment it takes a while with just the door number. Sometimes the door numbers to the building number are not as “common sense” as some other apartments. The building number is very important and will cut down on the delivery time as well. Another option is to just say “Will meet you in the front”!! Just some suggestions for our awesome customers to get their yummies a bit faster!! :) Love you guys!!

- Worst of the Food Delivery Apps

I tried to give Postmates a chance but it is the absolute WORST of all the delivery apps. On more than one occasion I would place and order and have it accepted in the app only to have it cancelled in less than 5 minutes. When orders aren’t cancelled and you’re tracking delivery the wait time is like a moving target and completely unreliable. I’ve seen the time for one order go from 45 min. to almost an hour and a half. The last straw was when I placed an order and waited almost 45 minutes for it to arrive only to have the Postmates driver call from the restaurant saying that they don’t carry the items I ordered and haven’t carried them for a year. Why were they available on the Postmates site? Why was my order accepted? And why did no one realize this until after the Postmates driver arrived to pick it up??? Deleted the app after I was told I couldn’t be refunded by the restaurant and there was NO phone number to call an actual Postmates customer service person. Such an unreliable app with poor customer service. P.S. I wish I could leave a negative review for Postmates for every time I have places an order only to have it say either I need to substitute items 2-3 times in a row or to have them cancel the order altogether with absolutely no reason given. This is the absolute WORST food delivery service.

- Last chance, I’m gone

I tried postmates a while ago and after the 1st delivery everything was fine and dandy. Then the next three were horrible. Missing food, the wrong food sent or it was prepared wrong like asking for no tomatoes and i got tomatoes kind of thing. So i let them know basically asking for a refund of the things i didn’t get or maybe resending it out correctly. But i did give up on them. Decided to give it one more shot today getting the 2 for 22 deal from chilies for me and a friend. Delivery was fine we got it on time (about a 10 minute drive a way) took the food out right when we got it and it was stone cold, like they put it in a fridge for a couple of hours. I’m sorry i didn’t pay this extra money to microwave food like it was left overs, i get it won’t be steaming hot but this didn’t have any heat it was cold. So contacted support hoping maybe they could send out another (we did microwave it but it didn’t taste good at all the chicken ended up having a like wet dog smell to it and the steak was ehh and the sides were just horrendous!) we ended up given the meat to the dog basically, i don’t know how he enjoyed that😬 but customer service said since i had issues before they aren’t doing anything about it basically so that was the last chance for them, I’ll just stick with grub hub never had an issue really with them 💁🏼‍♀️

- No turkeys and vanilla soup.

The driver was very nice. My issues were with Denny’s. We ordered a turkey club sandwich w onion rings and a Italian chicken dinner w grilled veggies and a fruit cup. When the driver got to the restaurant she was told they were out of turkey. She called me to ask me if they could use ham instead I said no. She could not understand me and asked me a few times finally the waitress got on the call and I cancelled the turkey and Isettled on a BLT w avocado and onion rings. It took another 15 minutes to make. They had obviously made all the food except the turkey San when the driver arrived. They could have called me ahead to get changes to the order when they realized they had no turkey, they did not. What really frustrated me was I only live 3 blocks away, trying to support local restaurants. We are in a 19 era . The BLT was hot and crispy. The 5 onion rings were ice cold. The Italian chic dish was cold , its veg was ice cold, pretty raw and maybe 1/8 a cup. The shake was soupy and warm. The cover had a big hole in it, no protection from the driver or drivers car. Obviously it was made before the order was ready and had been sitting there for a half hour or longer while the rest of the food was cooked. I tossed out the shake, and had to microwave the rest. I am not pleased.

- Overall lack of integrity is appalling. Terrible Customer Service

Postmates Customer Service does not appreciate their loyal, regular, unlimited members. I had my food stolen twice in the same day by the same driver and I was still charged. Although the first time it was CREDITED. The same person accepted the reorder and even after texting her to help with directions (benefit of the doubt) she again marked the food as delivered and sent a blurry picture confirmation & the second order was also never delivered yet I was still charged! Another issue with a late priority order that had gone bad and customer service only responded with generic responses and refused to refund the cost of the soured salad because they don’t prepare the food themselves. The food wouldn’t be soured if it was on time and the driver works for Postmates so therefore Postmates has a responsibility to do the right thing and refund for the food that has gone bad due to late delivery. Also, not researching that I paid for priority delivery and claiming it was not late in the email response to my complaint. It was not ok and I will never use Postmates again. Try Grubhub or DoorDash instead. Postmates doesn’t care about you as their customer and their service workers don’t Care either. I have already canceled my membership and deleted this app. Never use Postmates. They don’t care about you.


I would give them 0 stars if I could!! I downloaded and used the app for the first time last week. I made an order for a friend of mine who has not been able to drive. I ordered some lunch for her thru a local restaurant. It was my first time using the app and I accidentally put too many items in the order. So I cancelled my order immediately after I submitted it. The total charge was about $120. After I cancelled my first order, I made a new order with the correct items which was paid and ultimately delivered. I noticed that my credit card showed $120 as pending which I assumed would ultimately be refunded back. A week later, I notified customer service that they never refunded the charge so I contacted them. They are now refusing to refund my money because I’ve contacted them 5 days since I placed the order... which is absurd!! If I had never canceled the order immediately in the first place, I would take a responsibility for my mistake. But I cancelled IMMEDIATELY after I placed the order. Also, the restaurant never prepped nor delivered any food associated with that order. Yet postmates charged me for the entire erroneous order. I would not recommend this app to anyone as they have provided the worst customer service ever! If there’s any other app that delivers food other than this app, please give that one a try.

- BEWARE - Non-responsive customer service

While my order was being finalized, the delivery person informed me that one of my order items is not being served by the restaurant and that I won’t be receiving it, despite having paid for it. Fair enough - you would think Postmates would immediately issue a refund for the undelivered item or at least confirm that a refund will be issued. But nope, nothing. When I reached out to customer service to inform of them of the $14 that needs to be refunded to me, what ensued was just absolutely ridiculous and appalling. What should have been simple resolution has still not been taken care of. I have sent multiple emails and every time I receive a response from a different “person” and the response doesn’t even directly address my very specific concern. It’s like their customer service team is either completely incompetent or the responses are auto-generated or something. I still haven’t received a callback even though I was told someone would call me back at a specific time. No further responses to my emails either. Suffice to say I will think twice before ordering from Postmates. Absolutely shameless business and customer service. They don’t even have a number you can call! Just beware and ideally go elsewhere because once you order and something goes wrong, you’re apparently on your own.

- Always messed up

They ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS screw up my order. I have chronic pain so I can’t leave my house very easily and so I thought getting unlimited would be a good idea but I’ve had 3 orders come totally incorrect just this week. I’m so tired of it at this point I’m probably cancelling my unlimited membership. It’s really not hard to get what the person ordered and to CHECK THE ORDER before delivery. I ordered 4 burgers for myself and some friends the other night and the order arrives with two burgers. REALLY ??? Do you not know how to count or check the quantity on the order? Absolutely ridiculous especially when you always pay some kind of fee with your order so if I were to make another order to order the other two burgers that I was supposed to get the first time I’m still being charged the service fee AGAIN.. Also today I received an order where they charged me for a WHOLE SANDWICH (which is what I ordered) and I received a half sandwich. Are the Postmates not expected to check at least that the person is getting the right item before delivery? I mean really you can see that it’s not a whole sandwich without even opening the wrapping. And when I report the problems they never help or offer to refund the fees or anything— they literally just steal your money from the service fee you pay even if you get the wrong thing.

- Feel trapped

As a twenty something living in Nashville without a car, I’m all about delivery apps. My issue with Postmates is that there’s so little certainty as to whether or not your food will arrive in a timely fashion or at all. Also, I’ve had several instances where my card was charged before my delivery was guaranteed, and I’ve gotten messages like “no postmates found” or “your postmate damaged the food.” In these cases, where the preauthorization amount has gone through already and isn’t refunded for up to 10 business days (according to their twitter account DMing me) it’s cost me my budgeted dinner allowance for the night! Not only am I missing out on what was ordered, I’m stuck and can’t order anything else. No other delivery apps have done this to me, but a ton of my favorite restaurants are only on postmates so there’s no choice but to risk it. This is 2017, there shouldn’t be a risk of not getting what you pre-pay for in a concept as simple as this. Definitely gotta be more user and bank account friendly in the future if I’m gonna be charged an overage amount before there’s even a postmate to pick up my food.

- Horrible horrible service!

I always have a problem when I order from post mates. I ordered on the app twice. 1st time, the restaurant did not follow my specific instructions. I contacted post mates to tell them to have someone pick the order back up or I will send a picture to support my claim. I get a generic email saying they will not give me a refund which is crazy because I spent 30 dollars for a meal that is usually only 10 dollars . Recently, I tried my luck again which was a big mistake. I recieved my food that was eaten by my driver . The bag usually is sealed up with a sticker of some sort, I recieved the bag opended with 90% of my fries missing and what looks like a piece of my chicken bitten off. Again, I sent post mates an email explaining the situation. Also stating I had pics. They literally sent me the same generic emails as the first time. I decided to not even argue because they refuse to provide customer service so i asked how do I delete my account? They sent me another email that literally had nothing to do with what I asked which basically meant there are no real people handling customer inquiries or if they are people, they are just sending anything out to answer the email. Please listen to majority of the reviews do not order with post mates, go with DoorDash. Or else be like the rest of us who have lost their money.

- Worst delivery service

Legit the worst delivery service I’ve used. The drivers are beyond incompetent, it’s impossible to get ahold of your driver after the delivery which is super frustrating when you get brought the wrong order or when they “deliver” it but aren’t actually at your door. I once had a driver cancel my order with no explanation or warning after I had been waiting over an hour. Then I had a delivery driver disappear off the face of the earth after a 2 hour wait. Yet I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and try one more time today. The girl shows up without my drink and I look in the bag and noticed something didn’t look right. I should have stopped her right then and checked the bag but no, I let her walk off. I open up the bag and what do I see? Do I see my delicious Asian food I waited an hour for? No I see some weird wrap and mysterious pastries that definitely didn’t even come from the same restaurant I ordered from. I hope someone out there is enjoying my general tsps chicken. I threw their food out since I have no idea what it is and it’s far from what I ordered. I swear to god I’m going to throw a full on fit if they don’t refund me. I’ve never had so many bad experiences as I have with this service. Save yourself time and money and use door dash or grub hub or literally anything other than post mates.

- Credit card info not protected

I just had someone use my stored debit card info on the Postmates app to purchase a meal from red lobster in another state. Luckily my phone was nearby when the app sent me a message saying that ‘my’ order had been accepted, so I quickly cancelled the order and then bagan looking for the postmates customer service number so I could call and have this problem taken care of. Of course, there isn’t a number, so I had to write an email. The thief tried to place the order two more times before I could remove my debit card info from the app, and I cancelled both orders. Given that someone was able to use my card info (which I just stored in the app yesterday evening, by the way) and I then received a message about the order from MY app on MY phone- even though it was being delivered to another state entirely, this is clearly a problem on Postmates end and not a problem with stolen card info. Clearly credit card info is not protected at this company. Shame on you Postmates for not having a customer service number for situations like these so that I can call and speak to someone about how this happened and so I could receive reassurance that it won’t happen again! I will be deleting my Postmates app, and will never be a customer with this company. I will be telling family and friends to stay away also.

- They don’t even know who is online and delivering

I tried to order a dinner tonight. The auth hold was $70 for a $50 order, which, yeah. I guess I understand. However, my order stayed “accepted” for about 10-15 minutes. I emailed support and asked them if I was supposed to see a little dude driving to get my food or something like that. They cancelled my order BEFORE emailing me, told me my $70 would be back within 7 business days, and gave me a THREE DOLLAR CREDIT. A 3 dollar credit for an issue that is 100% theirs. They don’t even know how many of their employees are online and available to deliver, and now I am too late to go get the dinner we had already discussed and taken time to decide on. And we’re $70 short for the next POSSIBLY 7 DAYS! And they give me a blanket response that they give all customers. I will NOT use postmates again. This was the last straw after hearing horror stories from my coworkers who, have smartly switched from using postmates to Favor, door dash, or Uber eats. Because even with whatever corporate discount they’ve given us, it’s cheaper. And almost always faster, and never leaves you ALMOST 100 DOLLARS SHORT because they failed to test their app or even I guess their business model?!! How is a DELIVERY SERVICE incapable of knowing when their DELIVERY PEOPLE are available??? What an absolute failure of a service. Don’t waste your time.

- Unreliable, compared to competitors

I’m a lazy person who orders a lot of delivery food, and of all the services I’ve tried (Uber eats, bitesquad, DoorDash, Grubhub) Postmates is the most unreliable. The most infuriating thing they do to me all the time is just cancel my order. I’ll place an order, than it will sit in the “trying to find postmate for you” status for 30 minutes, and then, after presumably not being able to find a deliverer, cancel my order. They don’t charge me for it of course, but it’s like... why let me place the order if you don’t have someone to complete it in the first place!?!? Then, suddenly my dinner plans are ruined, and I have to go start over and place a different order, but since I’ve already been waiting half an hour, waiting for my dinner goes from a 45 minute wait to a 2 hour wait. The need to fix their system, because this happens to me all the time. Also, as other people have said, it’s very difficult to get in touch with customer service, and they are very stingy with refunds. When I’ve had mistakes with orders (missing/wrong items), which happen with any service of course, mistakes are a fact of life that I understand, you have to fight with them in order for them to refund the amount of the item, and they won’t include tax or any other fees in that refund, if you get it at all.

- The worst! Won’t use again!

I never ever right reviews but this time I can’t just hold it in. It’s a horrible company and a little sketchy. Last night I ordered for a delivery of important food. It was going to take at least two hours to come. All in all about a $50 order. I’m at home on a business call in my robe and the delivery guy texts me that, get this, “he doesn’t have a lock” and “can I come downstairs to pick up my order”? I can’t, but I’m trying to understand his pain, and I want my order, so I tell him to please drop it with the door man. Instead I get a message from postmates that my delivery has been canceled due to “damage to the order”. I’m upset that I had to wait all that time to get nothing, and why didn’t the delivery person take the time to text me back? So I try to get ahold of customer service but, as you’ve heard, they only talk via email and that takes at least an hour or more for them to get back to you. So by then it’s too late to reorder my stuff. And what did I get from Postmates?... a very nice “we’re sorry that this happened to you”. If this was seamless or grub hub or something they would have been on the phone in no time flat resolving the issue. They never charged me but what kind of consultation is that when I had to wait for something all night and never get it? Will never use these guys again!

- Postmates was great, until it wasn’t

I discovered Postmates about a year ago. Food, delivered to you, for the price of a delivery fee, and you don’t even have to leave the couch? Yes please! I started ordering food from my favorite places at least once a week. I can only order from my favorite merchant through Postmates! But then, more recently, my orders started arriving disappointingly. More than once, I received the wrong order. Postmates refunded me for that. I would receive a poor quality food item, and Postmates would pat me on the back, say “sorry”, and leave me be. I overlooked that, because I could only order from my favorite merchant using Postmates. Sure, sometimes the special instructions to grab an extra thing of ranch was missed, but as long as I got my order in relatively good shape, I was happy. And then, one day, I got my food cold. Was not happy. Ever had cold, soggy fries? Not the best experience. So I reached out. And they patted me on the back again, said they were “sorry”, and left me be. I asked for a refund, because I did not want to pay to eat something incredibly unpleasant and unappetizing. They did the same thing. So, now, I rescind my support of Postmates. I used to tell all my family members to try out Postmates, now I tell them these stories and they all watch my hard lesson and learn themselves. Don’t use Postmates. It’s not worth it.

- Unhelpful support + unreliable interface/service

Postmates used to be my holy grail, I was ordering food all the time and the convenience/service was amazing and totally worth it! This gradually changed as (for literally 95% of deliveries) my delivery people completely ignore my instructions for getting to my house and (about 60% of the time) my order gets messed up in some way. This would be fine if I could reliably get refunded for the MISSING/COLD/COMPLETELY WRONG food items, but contacting support has been pretty useless in my experience. The best they’ve ever done for me is refunded me HALF the value of a food item that was completely missing and a credit for $10 when food items were missing/cold in an order. They’ve also started to consistently post at least $32 as a temporary charge, even if the order is $15 (AFTER delivery + tax). And btw if you do use Postmates DO NOT opt for Unlimited (free deliveries if you pay $10/month), because, as if by magic, after you sign up and pay for it all deliveries become free but the service fees are consistently double/triple the price, meaning you’re paying the same amount anyway :) tl;dr: I’m super frustrated with their “support” and am questioning if I’ll even keep using this service. The delivery is definitely convenient but I don’t think it’s worth the (usually losing) gamble on quality food/service.

- Avoid Ubereats & Postmates

Attention please! to all wise people that check for honest reviews before applying for a company. Do not work for Ubereats. Some drivers say that the tip system is flawed. Also the app has a failed photo verification system. Every now and then it asks you to verify your account by taking a selfie 🤳, however sometimes the system will not recognise you and you will be locked out of your account for 24 hours. It’s a waste of time and effort. The most annoying part is if the system didn’t recognise you once and you try again in 24 hours the system may not recognise you again so you’ll be locked out again for another 24 hours. To be honest because time & energy is our most valuable asset as people, Let me help save a whole lot of time by telling you Don’t waste your time with this stupid company drive for Doordash and Grubhub instead. Trust me it’s too many cons then pros about this failed company. Do not drive for Postmates either. When entering in your bank info for direct deposit it’s ok, but when you want to add your debit card for instant cash out Postmates do not support certain cards. Again now we have 2 failed companies Ubereats & Postmates. You want to know what’s really funny? Ubereats just bought out Postmates 🤦🏾‍♂️. So now Ubereats own Postmates it’s funny because both companies are trash.

- 13 cent refund for 2 dollar item and other issues

an item that was 2 dollars was missing from my order so I go to report it missing. It gave me 13 cents of postmate credit. I was about to contact support but it’s only email and I can’t be bothered to waste my time to get back 2 dollars. My other issue is they suspended my account for no reason. I got an email that I had a hold for 3.55. So I go and pay it off. It pays and then I go and place an order. “Your account is suspended check your email on how to resolve this issue.” Weird I go and check my orders and everything is payed off. So I go and contact support. They take over an hour to respond. They told me there was an error that on their side that showed that I had an unpaid balance even though it was paid. “Our engineers are working to fix this.” She suggests that the best thing I could do is DELETE my account and sign up again. That’s ridiculous I had a 25 off promo on my account I’m not planning on losing. I replied telling her this is ridiculous, why did I even pay the hold if my account wasn’t going to get un suspended. She replies with ur generic customer service response of we don’t know when this will be fixed, we can’t do anything. Its been 24 hours and nothing. Postmates is awful stay away and use another service unless you want constant problems.

- Terrible customer service

So I ordered from postmates earlier this week and the payment for my food went through yesterday, so imagine my surprise when early this morning I got an email from my bank saying that my account was in the negative. When I checked it out, it was a second charge from postmates, so I immediately emailed them at 8am to try and get this sorted it. They never got back to me and I had to hunt down a response going from twitter and finally Facebook. There they told me that this was the ‘Preauthorization hold’ and that they’re sorry for the inconvenience. I don’t understand why the hold that is suppose to make sure that I have enough money for the payment is processed AFTER they already processed the payment for my order! Now, because of this hold my account got put into the negative which now means I have to pay an overdraft fee to my bank and all they can say is sorry. So I had to put all this effort to get any type of response from postmates, it is now almost 11 pm that I talked to them when I emailed them at 8 am, but now I have to pay this overdraft fee and all they can say is a generic basic sorry. I will never order from this app again and I know they probably won’t care since I’m just one person and they’ve shown me today exactly how much they care about their customers experience. Over it.

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Kevin Beckman

Christmas Day DoorDash Deliveries, I Received A $25 Customer Tip! @YouTube @DoorDash #ubereats #postmates #grubhub #delivery #christmastree #merrychristmas #winter #losangeles #california #xmas #family #holidays #christmastime #santa #gift #navidad #food

Mel Banh

@TVMoody I have never used any food delivery services like Postmates, UberEats, or whatever else they have out there. Never saw the point when I could just go out and get it myself if I really wanted takeout. But sorry to hear about the crappy experience nonetheless.

Herd Community

Really great to see the tremendous growth of food delivery apps. Because Americans aren't lazy and fat enough. #doordash #UberEats #postmates #GrubHub #COVID19 #pandemic

10.Shi 🤍 ENVTuber

oh my god i ordered food again from a different place and im pretty sure the delivery person never picked it up or delivered it, just straight up stole my money thanks im never using postmates again 😭👍

Max Miller, objectively not an X-Man

@Postmates is the worst food delivery app hands down, and if they didn't keep sending coupon codes I'd never use it again. I've never had an issue-free delivery with them, whereas Uber Eats works just fine.


@your_mykim @Postmates They just canceled my food delivery because they had no driver and didn't bother to tell me. Restaurant almost threw away the food which has been waiting for an hour to be picked up.


@postmates canceled order after food was made and waiting because they had no driver, so unless we pick it up, the restaurant would throw away food and lose money, on top of indoor dining being outlawed by Walz. Restaurants cannot survive depending on gig delivery. #reopenmn


$UBER bought Postmates. Ouch.

Laura 👸🏻

Please don’t use @Postmates EVER. I just ordered food for $35 and once it was out for delivery it changed to $62!!!!!!! Never again.


get free food OR free delivery on your next postmates order with code U9Y4AQ 🍔 🍜

Troy Davis

I've been skeptical that consumers will pay enough for food delivery to be profitable as-is, so I wasn't surprised to see that Uber Eats now combines 2 full-fee orders into 1 trip. IOW, worse service for the same $. maybe more pricing power after Postmates & Caviar consolidation?

Six Mile Bridge Beer

Back to regular hours today! Open for carry-out or delivery via Postmates. Closed Sunday & Monday. Back Tuesday from 11-8. Get some food and a 4-pack! 🍻

TheAriesKid (Mario)

As a food delivery driver I appreciate that @Postmates encourages tipping by not allowing customers to use their app again if they don't tip their last order. While @Grubhub discourages tipping and @UberEats allows customers to change their minds on tipping after their order. 🤔

Mario Alejandro

As a food delivery driver I appreciate that @Postmates encourages tipping by not allowing customers to use their app again if they don't tip their last order. While @Grubhub discourages tipping and @UberEats allows customers to change their minds on tipping after their order. 🤔


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Postmates - Food Delivery 5.18.0 Screenshots & Images

Postmates - Food Delivery iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Postmates - Food Delivery iphone images
Postmates - Food Delivery iphone images
Postmates - Food Delivery iphone images
Postmates - Food Delivery iphone images
Postmates - Food Delivery iphone images
Postmates - Food Delivery iphone images

Postmates - Food Delivery (Version 5.18.0) Install & Download

The applications Postmates - Food Delivery was published in the category Food & Drink on 2012-04-11 and was developed by Postmates Inc. [Developer ID: 486092873]. This application file size is 138.4 MB. Postmates - Food Delivery - Food & Drink app posted on 2020-12-22 current version is 5.18.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.postmates.getitnow

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