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RadarScope is a specialized display utility for weather enthusiasts and meteorologists that allows you view NEXRAD Level 3 and Super-Resolution radar data along with Tornado, Severe Thunderstorm, Flash Flood and Special Marine Warnings, and predicted storm tracks issued by the U.S. National Weather Service. It can display the latest reflectivity, velocity, dual-polarization, and other products from any NEXRAD or TDWR radar site in the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico, Korea, and Okinawa, as well as data from Environment Canada and Australian Bureau of Meteorology radars. These aren't smoothed images, this is native radar data rendered in its original radial format for a high level of detail.

Whether you are scanning reflectivity for a mesocyclone's tell-tale hook echo, trying to pinpoint the landfall of a hurricane's eye wall, or looking for small features like velocity couplets in the storm relative radial velocity product, RadarScope gives you the power to view true radial weather radar data.

RadarScope displays tornado, severe thunderstorm, flash flood, and special marine warnings issued by the U.S. National Weather Service. You can browse the list of active warnings, select a warning to view the details, and even zoom to the selected warning on the map.

Pinch or stretch to zoom in and out. Drag your finger around the map to scroll. Tap the radar sweep button in the toolbar to switch radars. Select one of the 289 different radars in the United States, Canada, Australia, Korea, Puerto Rico, Guam, or Okinawa. Plot your current location by tapping the location button and optionally report it to the Spotter Network. Tap the play button to download and animate over recent images. Display the names of over 25,000 cities and towns on the map as you zoom and scroll. Tap and hold the color legend to see the data values.

Meanwhile, RadarScope will retrieve and display updated data automatically and intelligently (approximately every 2 to 10 minutes, depending on the radar scan strategy).

You can display radar data from our servers, NOAA's public access web site, or your Allison House subscriber account. Spotter Network members can report their location and view the locations of other spotters.

RadarScope Pro is an optional auto-renewing subscription with two different tiers to choose from.

RadarScope Pro Tier One is an annual subscription that provides access to real-time lightning data in the U.S. and Canada that animates along with the radar loop and up to 30 frames of radar data, including extended loops of super-resolution data. Tier One subscribers can also access a data interrogation tool to quickly determine data values for specific radar pixels and an optional dual-pane mode for viewing two radar products side-by-side.

RadarScope Pro Tier Two is an annual or monthly subscription that combines all the features in Tier One with more advanced features, including SPC outlooks, local storm reports, hail size and probability contours, and azimuthal shear contours in the U.S., a 30-day archive of all radar products, and the ability to use subscription features across multiple platforms.

If you choose to buy the RadarScope Pro subscription, it will charged to your iTunes account. The subscription will be auto-renewed within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period at the same price you originally paid. Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal disabled via your iTunes Account Settings after the purchase. Once purchased, the subscription cannot be cancelled during the active subscription period.

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RadarScope App Description & Overview

The applications RadarScope was published in the category Weather on 2008-08-31 and was developed by Base Velocity, LLC. This application file size is 207.18 MB. RadarScope current version is 3.11 and works well on IOS 9.1 and high versions.

• Added CASCM and CASMB radars (data available now)
• Added CASLA and CASMR radars (data coming soon)
• Removed XNC, XMB, XLA, and WGJ radars
• Fixed a radar status bug
• Fixed a couple of Spotter Network report submission bugs
• Updated outlook colors to match SPC products

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RadarScope Comments & Reviews

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Phil Oye   1 star

Doesn't work in Australia.. Available in the Australia AppStore but doesn't work at all.

petenbama   5 star

Best radar period. I think I have tried literally every free weather radar app over the years. Living in tornado and hurricane prone area finally decided to pay up for a really serious weather app. Money well spent. There are some excellent YouTube instructional videos on how to properly interpret the different radar options. I really like how quickly the radar image updates during stormy weather. One thing I wish the app would add in the future is the option to add layer for bodies of water such as smallish lakes etc.

Jr_1967   4 star

Love it. Thanks for a great App

Jejdhhehfhjdj   5 star

Amazing. Taught me so much and a very good app for the weather nerds

Savagebacon92   5 star

Very good. This is a very good app! In order to get your moneys worth for this app, I would recommend learning what to look for in the different radar images. You need to understand what the different filters show, and how they show them. Once you get that down, you will hopefully enjoy this app as much as I am! This app is great for storm chasers and weather spotters (I am one myself) because it updates very quickly and It is very accurate! It also allows for you to link your spotter network account (if you have one) to post your location, see the locations of other spotters, and post reports! I personally would like the tier 2, but it is very pricey, and I would not need it. I do not have the tier 1, but I can see myself getting it eventually. I don’t really see a huge need to buy any tiers yet, as the app is great by itself. Don’t buy the tiers unless you understand the extra information that you will be looking at, otherwise you are wasting money. Overall this is the PERFECT app as long as you understand the radar filters and tools.

UALFan   5 star

Map. When you move the map around how about showing all the storm tracks without having to switch to each individual radar

Zpgggggrrww   1 star

Waste.. Total waste of money. You have to pay additional money to see nearby lightning. What a joke. I want my money back. I would rate it minus if that option were available. Shame shame.

PD#453   5 star

Not for your average weather enthusiast. Five stars because you’re not going to find anything better. Most people wanting to track the weather are not going to be able to figure out how to use this app. It’s not for those folks. Stick with your news channel weather app. You need to have a little more than a basic understanding of weather and at least some understanding of basic level atmospheric sciences to be able to use this app to its full potential. The features of RadarScope are unmatched. I can watch broad rotation turn to tight rotation then pull up the correlation coefficient view and see what is happening. See where the hail and high winds are down to almost street level. With a little learning you will be able to watch storm movement and know exactly where the danger is or may be approaching. Can’t beat the price for the service you’re getting.

Creeper 64   5 star

I love it. I am a meteorologist and I use this app on the go its perfect for me

Jacob4444   4 star

Very good, but a little expensive. This is a very good weather radar app, but it would be nice to not have to pay $10 for lightning data, dual pane display, and the inspector tool, but other then that, it’s a good app.

Mike Neuby   5 star

The Best. RadarScope is hands down the best weather radar out there. It gives you a level of detail not matched by other competitors. One of my wish lists for radar scope is for it to be a native app on the Tesla’s main display. As of today, Tesla has opened up its API to third parley developers to creat third party apps for its main screen. Having RadarScope on that beautiful center display would be simply unbeatable.

cstephensondotco   5 star

A live look at weather data. I'm a novice user, learning about the different readings coming from the radar, but even with currently only understanding percipitation and velocity, this app is a million times better than any other radar app because the data is live. During a storm, it doesn't help much to see radar data that is ten to thirty minutes old unless you're looking at tracking info. I'm a map geek, and I love data, both likely important to why I love this app. Also, this app only provides data. I believe it's some of the same data that helps meteorologists forecast weather, but the app doesn't forecast. So if you only want to know what the weather will be like later today or tomorrow, I doubt this app is for you.

Benyyboyy   5 star

Minimal features for $10. Not worth it if just buying the app. They’re more annual and monthly subscriptions in the app that has access to more features. If I could get my money back for returning an app I would.

ChrisW2364   5 star

Don’t listen to the 1 and 2 star reviews. Please read. First off, the people who are giving 1 stars probably don’t have a clue what they are looking at, the issues most people have on here are not radarscope’s fault, if your not even remotely into weather it can prove more difficult to interpret. That’s not radarscopes fault it’s the fault of the user. Radars are tools used by professionals, amateurs and ordinary people, the radar doesn’t lie on what it sees. If a radar isn’t updating it’s possible the NWS location (which is where the ap gets the data from) has issues, that’s not the apps fault. Sure the ap isn’t perfect but it’s hands down, it’s the best radar available on a phone or iPad. No other can even scratch the surface of what radarscope provides. For weather nerds is worth every dime. Easily able to add other data to get even more out of the radar.

maverick279   3 star

Update please!!!. Excellent app but it has to improve on the map, have options on the color since it is always black.🤦‍♂️ You could have a white one as an option and use a more detailed map like the google ones. I hope you can help with my suggestion.Thanks!!!

Cirquerider   5 star

Real Time Precise Information. I purchased this app in 2009 had it has been my go-to for critical weather information on the motorcycle and boat. When you’re exposed to the elements you need to know precise information of whether to go through the storm or seek shelter. radarscope has never failed to give me the information I need to evaluate my risks, and the speed direction, intensity and hail of a system. No other program I am aware of gives this real-time detail. This is not the national weather or what will happen tomorrow, but if you need precise location, speed, intensity and direction right now, RadarScope delivers.

HottieYanni   5 star

Love it!!. This app is by far THE BEST weather app if you know how to read radar imagery! I seriously open this app (watch, iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro) whenever I have any questions about the weather. It’s saved me more times than I can count, and was an EXCELLENT resource during Hurricane Irma! Love you guys!

shadowbandit91(youtube)   4 star

THIS APP IS FOR MORE EXPERIENCED PEOPLE. Like I stated in the caption this app is meant for more like professional and experienced storm spotters and storm chasers that know how to read it now with that being said I don’t know how to use this particular radar 100% I bought it because I liked a lot of the features I like how it has a measuring tool for how far away you are from the storm it’s got a future track to show where it’s going it breaks down the storm it’s very quick on giving you the latest radar image I do believe it’s every two or three minutes There’s a lot of different radar layers You can check and look at like the wind speed velocity and you can check the moisture And it shows how much moisture is putting out you can look at different tils Or however you spell that and If you have poor data you can Change it to make it a little more pixelated but does it use much data to give you the current readings I like the fact that you can have a Cone that shows what direction you’re facing and what direction you’re heading I do enjoy it I’ve always wanted to be into weather and just watch the storms But I have a lot to learn So if you’re willing to give it a try and you’re not scared to spend $9 To try it out and once you pay for it it’s paid for so you want to buy that again but there are pro versions one and two that are pretty much like subscriptions annual monthly gives a lot more to work with and do You can see and do a lot more See you were the storm chasers and spotters are A bunch of extra stuff that’s definitely helpful I am just using the app itself after paying nine dollars so like I said I like it I just got a used to it and understand it THINGS I WOULD LIKE TO SEE I would REALLY LIKE to see a option to get notifications Via Phone when there’s severe weather or a slight or moderate or Enhanced RISK for the next day or today or thunderstorm warnings lightning strike tornado warnings They have that in the app and it shows you every warning they have out in the United States pretty much but I can’t seem to get notifications for my favorite locations that I have saved or if I have location on if I’m near that area it should automatically say hey there’s bad weather in your area Without me having to open the app and like check it and I understand this might be because of the professional status of this so you’re constantly looking at radar but it would be something nice to see if this is an option I have not found it But you do get notifications on the app itself of every single weather related warning and watch and everything in between it’s almost like a silent notification you just don’t get on your notifications screen on your phone And I guess the only thing I can think of And again this is probably just me not knowing what the hell I’m doing but I having a little bit I was smoother radar imagery it’s a little pixelated which kind of bothers me because I’m so used to the other apps that have HD or smooth radars Options or layers and again this is a professional raw radar I would just like to see A option to have a smoother for the non-pro user just buying the app itself I will update this if I find and understand some things a little better but this is definitely an app that I would use if I was getting into Meteorology and I was going to school for it I would totally use this and I’m sure once I get used to using it I’ll be able to understand it a little bit more but like I said it’s worth it definitely Very Good tool to have

no tornadoes please   5 star

Amazing app. I really, really like this app. Great for severe weather. However, this is not for someone who is looking for an average radar app. If you don’t know what base velocity is, you probably shouldn’t get this app. Definite 5 stars.

Pilot life   5 star

Fantastic app! But,. This app is absolutely amazing for tracking storms! I love the option where users can submit weather reports. However, the option to report rain is absolutely ridiculous. We do not need to know if a severe storm has rain. It clutters the radar

CS Guy   5 star

Best radar app for the weather enthusiast and t-storm junkie. First there are clearly too many radar apps on the App Store that are really more about weather conditions and forecasts. And there are far too many similarities between them, with only one or two that are reasonable. And, THIS IS NOT ONE ON THEM! I you want an app that can delve into NexRad Level 2 and Level 3 radar feeds, including velocities and other important images needed for those who pay attention to storms and early indicators of severity and rotation, THIS IS YOUR RADAR APP!! Look no further! I hesitated for a while now because of the $10 price tag. But, fearing lately with some recent tornado watches and warnings near my home, I made the purchase. My only regret is not getting this sooner. It is that good. But, understand - this is a bit more advanced than your typical weather app. This app focuses on doing one thing - presenting you with comprehensive access to the latest NOAA radar images in hi-res. It’s not a simple weather forecasting app. Plenty of options exist if that’s all you want. The negative reviews are mostly because of people not understanding what they are getting. This is really good. Oh, and it has seamless integration with my Apple Watch, my Apple TV and my iPad. I’ve tested it out on all those, and it worked great. Just keep in mind that you need to set your favorite locations on your iPhone or iPad. Excellent app! Thank you! I may even pay for the service to get lightning and other extras, but the base app is quite good by itself.

Wonder girl1   5 star

Fantastic app. I absolutely love this app. It takes some time and study to get proficient at recognizing different aspects of storms but after all the weather is a complicated thing. Read the radarscope blogs and NWS articles on doppler radar, doesn't take long and you will be amazed how well you can detect everything just like you see on the weather channel radar images. It is well worth the effort to learn how to interpret the radar images, just work at it a little and you will love it and realize what a great app this is, especially if you live in a storm prone area or just interested in the weather.

clintcash35   5 star

Amazing app for an amazing price!!. This app is awesome and helps me track storms. It is a meteorologist app, a app you don’t need expensive tools for and the most accurate and present radar I have ever used!

Chicago Shane 007   5 star

Want to keep your family safe? Get this app. This is the best app for weather or storm chasing or to keep you informed to keep your family safe. I’m not a professional by no means I see people say it’s for professionals only not true you only need common sense and a little time to get familiar with it and you will be more then pleased with the comfort of knowing what’s in the future for your location and if you had to get away fast it wouldn’t be into the mouth of the storm . you will see your path to safety in the palm of your hand.

Eddie28480   5 star

Had this App for years!! Love it.. Love this app used it for many years. Tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms you name it this app has never failed me its my go to App when storms are near.

D_Snow   2 star

Sorry I bought it. Looks at one one radar at a time! The is really pushing you go from one-time $10 app to the $100+/year or more add-ons

Jbbuibfvjsijbsif   2 star

I expected better. The app hasn’t been able to poll data from rad sites for two weeks. I sent an email asking about the issue, and still haven’t heard back. When it worked it was pretty good for regional work.

Monkeybutt203   5 star

This is a Professional App. I agree with another user, this app is fantastic, don’t read too much into a poor review as it’s the user, not this great app. I have turned so many people onto this, as they see me using mine, they all ask how to get it.. If someone balks at the price, I just say you get what you pay for, there is no free app anywhere of this quality.. Thank you to the creators of this app, it’s a must have on your phone!!!!

robotfool228   4 star

I love it. When I bought the app, I was definitely not the target audience. I couldn’t really identify storm structures in person, let alone on radar. After getting this app and learning a ton more, it is one of the best radars out there. Yeah, there is a pretty big paywall, but you already get loads and loads of data for free. As I have learned about and experience weather more and more, I’ve really shifted from the mindset of asking why people would pay for all of the features to being able to see why there’s a paywall. The one thing that I dislike is that there isn’t any traditional map of roads, as well as certain cities that don’t show up entirely. Even if more cities showed up as I zoom in, that would be completely fine. It just gets somewhat frustrating when a friend tells me that he is near a cell in a certain city, there are dozens of warnings out, and I have to first find the city on a map before going to the warning this friend is referring to. Overall, the app is still phenomenal. It’s easy to use, provides loads of data, and is decently priced.

TECHsan Raider   1 star

In app purchases. Its already expensive for a weather application. But the reviews on here said it’s great and worth the money. Only to my surprise that to even use more than 10% of the features you need to ALSO purchase a subscription. I would like to request a refund. Don’t buy unless you plan on spending twice as much to get a subscription as well. Not worth the money without the subscription.

Rex in Houston   1 star

The weather channel for free gives more information. It’s not like the $9.99 is unaffordable... it’s that after you pay it and get on the site you find out you have to pay extra for features such as showing lightning strikes and it’s in real time so I guess you pay more if you want to see forecasting. The weather channel app shows lightning radar and future tracking. I don’t know what’s the professional see in this but for the novice who wants to know what’s happening when and for how long it will happen run from this one and go with the free weather channel app.

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