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YouTube TV [Entertainment] App Description & Overview

+Cable-free live TV. No cable box required.
+Stream major broadcast and cable networks, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, HGTV, TNT and more, including your local sports & news channels.
+Watch on your smartphone, tablet, computer, and TV
+Cloud DVR without DVR storage space limits. Each recording will be stored for 9 months.
+6 YouTube TV accounts per household. Everyone gets their own login, recommendations and DVR.
+Monthly pay-as-you-go membership; cancel anytime.

Over eighty-five networks are available in YouTube TV:

ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, and more

CBS Sports Network, NBC Sports RSN (regional), ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNews, ESPNU, Golf Channel, MLB Game of the Week Live on YouTube, MLB Network, NBA TV, NBCSN, Olympic Channel, SEC Network, and more

Animal Planet, BBC America, BET, Bravo, CMT, Comedy Central, Comet, Cozi TV, Decades, Discovery, E!, Food Network, Freeform, FX, FXM, FXX, IFC, Investigation Discovery, HGTV, MotorTrend, MTV, Nat Geo, Nat Geo Wild, Oxygen, Paramount Network, Pop, Smithsonian Channel, SundanceTV, SyFy, TBS, TCM, TLC, TNT, Travel Channel, TruTV, TV Land, USA, VH1, WE tv, YouTube Originals, and more

BBC World News, Cheddar Big News, CNBC, CNBC World, CNN, HLN, MSNBC, and more

Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Nickelodeon, Universal Kids

Telemundo, Universo

YouTube TV is available nationwide in the United States.

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Your membership will automatically continue for as long as you choose to remain a member. Your membership is a month-to-month subscription that begins at sign up. You can easily cancel anytime, online, 24 hours a day. There are no long-term contracts or cancellation fees.

Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.

Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings on the device.

Terms of service:
Paid terms of service:
Privacy policy:

Enjoy cable-free live tv now!

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- Needs tuning

Tried it out and liked it. Wasn’t sure how it would be going from a satellite tv system to You Tube but I don’t notice any big differences except a lower monthly bill and not having to call constantly with problems. Not real happy with the volume blowing me out of the room when commercials come on. Wish they would fix that. I like watching some of the VODs but have noticed that when a commercial comes on it frequently goes in the streaming circle mode and won’t resume my program. Can’t wait for some other channels to get on board, we’ll see. Overall happy with my choice to switch over to You Tube TV😃 Still waiting for more channels. Not a lot more just a few more. Really I don’t know how much longer I can take the high jump in volume when the ads come on. I get it, you want me to know there is an ad on. Ugh😫

- Used to be great, now freezing a lot

I don’t understand why this keeps happening on my iPad, but this app always worked great until a few months (and a few updates) ago when the video would start freezing but the sound keeps going. Then sometimes everything freezes with the buffering spinner going, or often the show will skip around and it will take you back 20 minutes or so in the show ... sometimes just the picture and the sound is up to date, sometimes both the sound and the picture skip backward. I have very fast internet and sometimes I try to make sure it’s not my WiFi so I switch to Verizon ... doesn’t fix the issue. The only way to get it back to normal is to close the app and reopen it. But it will inevitably happen again. I have only noticed it during live programming, and it only happens when watching one show for while, maybe 5 to 10 minutes or more without changing the show/channel. I am not having this issue on my Apple TV, my desktop iMac using Chrome or Safari, and I haven’t noticed it on my iPhone either, but I don’t use that to watch TV as much as the other devices. Please fix it, because I love the service and the freedom I get by being able to have my iPad be my portable TV all over the house as I am getting things done around the house, sitting on the back porch, etc. I did try to hard restart my iPad as well, that hasn’t helped the problem at all. PLEASE FIX THIS! IT IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!!

- Pretty amazing technology, but seriously flawed

I was hoping this app would suffice to replace my standard cable television, but unfortunately, I can’t watch an entire episode of anything without a video-killing bug ruining the whole thing. Specifically, about 3/4 of the way through a television series episode, the video glitches and odd things begin to happen: the audio track jumps to the beginning of the episode, the video freezes for a moment and then continues to play under the audio from the beginning. And then the advertisements! Oh goodness! For $50/month, I would expect fewer ads, but there they are every 10 minutes: 2 to 3 ads at a time. And guess what? When you have to close and re-open the app to find your place in the episode you were watching, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. You try to track through to the spot where you left off. The episode starts to play, and then a series of ads immediately kicks in. Missed your spot? More ads. It is infuriating and app breaking. I am using a first-generation iPad Pro, for what it’s worth.

- 5 stars

It’s honestly the best tv product I have purchased, I’ve been a member for about a yr. However, there are a few things I would love to see added: 1. When browsing through all the movies / series, you can not tell which movies or series you have already added to your library. After selecting the title, it will than show you have already added this to your library, rather than scrolling and selecting only what you need. 2. When you view what is being recorded or upcoming, it appears to be recording new episodes AND episodes I have already saved under my library. I wasn’t sure if this was a glitch, but it prevents a member from seeing what would be new and upcoming, rather than something that is already saved. Plus it only allows you to see 50, half of which you have already recorded and saved to your library.

- Crashes too much!

I believe I was one of the first subscribers in my area. The app worked flawlessly, but not anymore. When watching recordings, the program regularly stops after 40 minutes regardless of program watched. The program then starts from the beginning. I have to restart my phone to continue watching from the interrupted part. Now when watching a show that is recording and if I don’t catch it from the beginning and ask the app to display it from the beginning, the show repeatedly starts over from the beginning on its own while I’m watching. It is extremely frustrating! My price is scheduled to increase to add more channels I don’t care to watch while the channels I inquired about having added haven’t been added and there is no communication about if they will be added. It seems like soon after I recommended the service and app, the reliability tanked. I’m not going to pay more for worse and not getting what I want. I use an iphone 8S plus with the most updated ios.

- Love it and won’t look back.

I have had YouTubeTV now for about 5 months and wish I would have made the change a long time ago. So happy to cut the cable and the outrageous monthly cost. I read some of these bad reviews and I don’t understand why people are having issues. I went out and purchased a few Roku’s for my tv’s and had them set up in less than 10 minutes. Now if I want to watch on my TV I just turn it on with my Roku remote and then click YouTubeTV and it connects right away and I don’t have to stream from my phone. I have found that most times I just lay in bed and watch my shows either live or from my library on my phone or IPad. I have yet to have any issues at all. I also love being able to be out and about and not miss any baseball or football games. Highly recommend this. Keep up the good work YouTubeTV.

- Cable Never Again!

When I finally said goodbye to cable, it was so liberating! I started using YouTubeTV shortly after it came out, did the trial thing and was hooked. At that time it was $35 a month, and still is for us early users. As a sports fan, there are plenty of channels to choose from, and when they added MLBtv and NBAtv (at no extra charge) I felt like I had won the lottery! The overall channel selection is good, I don’t watch a lot of television, but when I do I can usually find something on in real time, you can even record shows and watch them at a more convenient time. I’d give it 5 stars if YouTubeTV carried HGTV, that’s the only thing I miss from having cable. Very rarely have I experienced any technical issues, far less actually than I had with cable. So as for me, I’ve been very happy with YouTubeTV and will have cable never again!

- Terrible picture quality

When I open a new channel, it defaults to auto picture quality. And for some reason this means that it is a total blur for 30 seconds until either it figures out that it can do better, or I manually change the quality. It should have a setting for a preferred picture quality to start watching with. Also, it takes about seven button clicks to change a channel. It is virtually impossible to be watching one game while clicking over occasionally to see what is happening in another game on another channel. Changing channels should be one of the easiest things in the world for a TV replacement, but on this it takes exiting full screen, then minimizing the picture you are watching, then finding the other channel in the guide, then loading it up, then changing the picture quality so it is watchable. It's absurdly hard for a simple task.

- YouTubeTV

PROS: you get your local channels, the staple channels such as ABC CBS NBC FOX etc. and a variety of sports channels. CONS: we have experienced CONSTANT problems despite the fact that we have high speed internet such as not being able to change channels because it will change on the phone but not on the TV and then no longer pulls up the TV to cast to so we are left to uninstall & reinstall the app EVERY time and programs not playing just to name a couple. Also not a very wide variety of channels to choose from. While you have options to choose from for sports, there's a deficiency to offer popular alternatives like possibly HGTV, GSN, Lifetime, Hallmark or any type of cooking channels. So when comparing pricing and channels offered with dish networks, it's really not worth the trouble to pay the same or comparable for less channels and less conveniences so I'm glad a free trial was offered to know what the service would be like before buying, although I've heard canceling is just as difficult.

- Cutting the cable

I’m a one subscriber and not sure how long I will be. But I haven’t had Home cable or Internet for five years now, it’s just to expensive to pay for something that keeps you trapped in your home. Think about it folks, these cable companies are making you pay to stay home. To me that’s a rip-off. I’ve seen many things disappear from our lives, wire phone, vinyl records, 8 track, VCR’s, development of pictures.. to mention s few. Sorry to tell you folks but cable is pase. I’m sure their will be a lot of cleanup work to make the app work flawlessly with all platforms but I think plugging in your cellphone to your TV is awesome!! I just hope they don’t get too greedy. I still have a lot learn about it before I decide to continue, and see if I still have TV when it’s stormy an of course money is always the deciding factor.

- Needs work

Needs work When you hide channels that you don’t want to see but every now and then, you have to add them back to your list to watch them. Then I have to remove them again just so I can only see my regular channels that I use daily. Need a list of “your list” and a “view all”. Would also like to be able to set where I want it to open to. I’d like to set it to open Live TV because that’s what I use the most. But I have to wait for it to load then I have to change it to Live and wait again. Would also like to be able to view the evening lineup by swiping down the timeline. It’s 6pm but I just want to see what’s on at 9. I have to leave my view and go to the channel. I should just be able to swipe down to 9. If I like it set a reminder to come back and watch at 9. I want to be able to see all channels at once at 9, not click each individual channel to see 9. Thanks!

- Love it! Get rid of cable!!!

First off, cutting cable was a great decision! Thank you for airing all my sports! That was the only thing holding me back from cutting the cord a while ago! Awesome sauce! Okay now that I got that out of the way, here’s the details. The iPhone app is great. It works great on WiFi and pretty good on cellular as long as I have good service at the time. Now the Apple TV app is horrible...that’s why I give this four stars. I have to screen share from my phone to the Apple TV as the TV just sits with the circular loading screen. And when it does decide to display, it is a horrible picture. Please really look into the Apple TV app. I know the most recent gen runs 4K and if you’re looking for a easy way to tell us you need to charge extra to see in 4K like Netflix, just tell us. Please figure out the Apple TV app sooner than later.

- Very Pleased

I definitely love this app, I think it’s a better option than cable and much less expensive. The only improvement I’d like to see is a better way to skip forward while watching longer programs on the Apple TV platform. The issue is there’s no 15 second fast forward while watching shows using the Apple TV remote and this happens to be a problem because if you are trying to slide your finger forward during commercials you tend to over shoot your mark quite easily. I’ve noticed when I’m using other programs, such as Netflix, the Apple TV remote has a 15 second fast forward option by simply placing your finger at the bottom right or bottom left part of the trackpad on the remote. Other than that it’s a great way to watch TV and I wouldn’t recommend it.

- Overall, thrilled (with a couple exceptions)

The service and the associated AppleTV app have been the perfect replacement for my FIOS TV service here in New York. I’m giving it five stars simply because I’m so happy with the change— but there is room for improvement: 1. There should be the ability to hide channels you don’t EVER watch, or vice versa, being able to mark channels as Favorites, be able to scroll through only those. Currently in the Live guide, I have to scroll through endless specialized sports channels in order to get to the channels of personal interest to me. 2. The organization of the “Home” and “Library” tabs could be a little more intuitive. Once a show is watched, it should disappear from the “New recordings” list. I also feel like “New recordings” should also group themselves into per-show folders. 3. I find the behavior of the AppleTV remote to be a quite jumpy, especially when going left and right in between Library, Home, Live, and Search. 4. Please support single sign-on on the AppleTV to make using per-channel apps easier! The endless logins are tiresome. Can’t wait for some refinement to the UI, but overall still extremely happy with the apps and with the service!

- wont let you save the shows you watch

i saved all my shows but this service doesn't just record the new episodes, it records all of them from every channel!! whatever channels the show is on it ALL records. theres room for it but then its using up bandwidth constantly & always running. they need to make a way to save your favorites without recording them all, i have seen others reviews where ppl say this crashes well if you are using tons of data like that you will have problems. make it so we can save favorite shows without recording. also i notice many channel like Hallmark & game show network & others are missing? if they raise it at all i will just have to go back ti sling tv. Also it’s quite a bit more pricey than some other services. We enjoy it so far.

- Great tv service - iPad app could use a few minor improvements

The service is great-streams really well. I love the On Demand feature as well. The interface is easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. A couple improvements I would make to the iPad are: - slowness to close out of a show. Clicking the minimize icons takes a 3-5 seconds and the clicking the exit icon (or swiping the show down to the corner to close it out also takes another 3-5 seconds) - the progress bar along the bottom to fast forward and go back is not placed well on the iPad - if you try to use the ‘swipe up’ iPad iOS feature to get to the brightness bar to lower the brightness, it always hits the show progress bar and you lose your spot in the show.

- Great concept, not perfect

I was super excited to download this free trial to watch the World Series. I think this has super great potential. However… In order to watch a show on your TV, you have to screen share from your Apple device. So that means… First, that anytime you want to use Siri to talk to text, your show will end. Next, every time I try to watch a show on-demand and it gets to commercials, it automatically crashes. That makes me have to completely close the app and restart it. Very annoying. Last, if I’m trying to browse the web while I’m watching a show, certain sites will make the show crash as well. I tend to multitask a lot while watching TV, so these are relevant problems for me. If you can handle watching TV without being on your phone and letting your phone do its thing while it broadcasts a show, you should have no issues.

- Best Service I've Used

The most feature and content rich service available for the money. Hands down. My roommates and I all share access to the service and each person (+ significant others) are added as "family" members. Everyone has their own log in and ability to record shows without conflict. It's amazing. That's $35 divided by 6 people who all have their own set up! I have a Chromecast and a Google Home Mini set up, which is useful for controlling the TV. If I know what I want to watch, I can tell the Google Mini the show, movie, or channel to throw on. I can also tell it to pause, rewind, or fast forward. What I'm trying to say is that I've tried other services and nothing even remotely competee from my perspective.

- Glad I switched from DirecTv

I’ve been using this app after having been a longtime DirecTv subscriber and although there are a few drawbacks, I am overall happy and will not be switching back. Channel selection is good, casting works great, and the ability to record shows and take them on the go is perfect. One of the best things is being able to have so many users on one account and being able to cast on multiple devices/tv’s for the price, unlike other streaming competitors. Now there are a few quirks that could still be ironed out to make it a little more user friendly but as you use the app you learn how to work around them and I imagine the developers are figuring that out as well. I love not paying an extra $120 a month for tv!

- Disappointed

I am sorry that I won’t be returning as a customer. While I did actually really like the service provided (when I actually got the service) I think you need a better system in place for people that move. I think it is not worth the headache that I have gotten when not once, but twice I have to request a refund due to home area restrictions that cannot be resolved without unsubscribing and going back and resubscribing. Then when you resubscribe and download the app, you get the same error message about limited access (which actually means no access) and have to do the whole refund process over again. This is something that you guys should look into in the future. I’m just one subscription lost due to this. Not a big deal for you. But it’s a big deal to me just because of my time and effort wasted alone. Hope this doesn’t start happening to more people and you start losing more subscribers!

- Getting too EXPENSIVE.

Was $40 and now $65! We need tier pricing. I don’t need all those added Chanels NOR the continuous PRICE INCREASES. To watch in my home TV you have to have internet. Well that is around $79 a month then add YouTubeTV’s outrageous increased price of $65! That makes $144 FREAKING DOLLARS A MONTH!!! WE CAN GET CABLE, INTERNET and a TON more for less money through the cable company now. Yep, for $90 a month. Google/YouTubeTV has forgotten why we QUIT CABLE! OVERPRICED SERVICE that we can not afford. NOW YOUR DOING THE SAME DARN THING! We are teased into cutting the cord with your original lower price and in a few short years your screwing us. PLEASE START A TIER PRICING PLAN WITH A BASIC MEMBERSHIP NO MORE THAN $40! It’s nice to watch over my phone when I’m not home but we want to watch on our TV and now your TOO DARN HIGH! Come on guys. You’ve gotten GREEDY! We could care less about all the extra FLUFF Chanel’s your adding.

- I like this a lot.

I had Sling TV for a few months and not only is this $10 cheaper, but I had to pay an extra $5 per month with Sling to only get 50 hours, which seemed like quite a bit, but I quickly realized just how little that actually is and also, with it being an online thing, it doesn’t really make much sense to have so little space. With this, I don’t have to worry about that. Pretty much the only problem though is I wish it had Nickelodeon channels like regular Nick, Nicktoons, Teen Nick, and Nick Jr for when my cousins are over, and my mom would switch over to this if they had HGTV, but since that’s the main thing she watches, it makes complete sense that she wouldn’t want it.

- Mostly good...

My family and I made the switch from Fios to YouTubeTV. For the most part we are very happy with the switch. Loved cutting our bill to just internet, and paying $35 for YouTubeTV. The four of us each have our own libraries that we are able to access on the go. The channel choices are limited, but I expect that to change as more people use it. The only thing that I find to be a negative is the connectivity of the remote on the app. It loses connection quite quickly easily. There is no way of knowing when it’s lost connection until you try to use it to pause or rewind your program. If this issue and more channels were added, it would definitely be a five star app.

- Frustrating to pay for commercials

When watching recorded shows from the library you cannot fast forward through commercials. Even if you want to skip to the middle of the show. You can fast forward through the show to the next set of commercials. Then the fast forward buttons disappear and you have to watch sometimes as many as seven commercials. Just to make matters worse there is a timer that shows the remaining length of the current commercial and how many commercials follow before you can watch your program or continue to fast forward again. Just waisted 25 minutes trying to watch AGT. App would play 7 commercials then freeze when trying to load programming. Each time tried playing again it would play commercials just fine and freeze at the end of commercials. It’s a horrible app unless you find value in paying to watch commercials. Seeking other apps now.

- Good service but need package options

The service is really good but the idea of leaving cable for better options at a lower price is slipping away very fast and will be no better than cable if this continues. I’m starting to look for other options. If you’re like me and don’t need large packages of networks at a high monthly subscription prices then you’re probably upset like myself who got more networks forced upon them at a big price hike. I’d like to see package choices or even better the ability to select per network. Why pay money for networks that you could care less about. How about letting the consumer choose. When you’re looking to cut costs, getting a surprise increase in services and price is very disappointing from a service provider you once really liked.

- Good service, terrible app

I love the selection of channels and video quality, but the app (especially on the Apple TV) is nearly unusable. Has anyone over at Google actually used this app for more than 5 minutes on an Apple TV? I highly doubt it. Either that or some managerial type forced it to be released before it was done. It’s so bad it makes me wonder, “did they assign the creation of this app to an intern!?!” It frequently gets itself into a state where the directional controls completely stop working. Basic things like swiping using the Apple TV remote app frequently scrolls the wrong direction. Killing and restarting the app sometimes helps but not always. In general it’s frequently unresponsive for no apparent reason. This is the only app I use regularly on the Apple TV that has these kinds of issues. Please fix this or I’ll be canceling the service.

- Pretty good

Overall, a fantastic service and channel availability, if YTTV meets your channel needs. However, one major flaw in the app that I’m shocked still isn’t available - you cannot easily scroll the ‘guide’ ahead to see what’s coming on later, for more than one channel at a time. You have to pick the specific network, then view upcoming airings, but can’t do this at the level of being able to see more than one channel into the future. This CAN be done on Apple TV, but not iPhone (somewhat understandable, but other streaming services manage this just fine), NOR IPAD (not understandable with all the real estate...they do however give you two airings (currently live and next), but no more). Please add, and the app will be up to speed with what you’d expect from a TV service.

- Only streaming service that has worked for us

It’s had an occasional hiccup, but usually it is resolved by resetting our Apple TV. I think it’s more of a device issue than an issue with the app. There have been virtually zero issues with quality or any buffering, and I’d venture a guess that people having issues with streaming has more to do with their ISP’s. We had streaming issues due to our last internet provider throttling (our supposedly 500 mb/s download and upload,) but since switching to another ISP it has worked flawlessly. My advice to those with issues, try steaming with a VPN to see if the issue is the app or your service provider.

- A good idea but some issues

Overall, my family enjoys this app. We get a better picture casting local stations than we do using our digital antenna, and we like having a library of our favorite shows. However, the functionality and access need to improve for this service to truly distinguish itself. The Chromecast and our phones (iPhone 7s) often “lose” each other and we can’t pause or otherwise control what is streaming. The app in general is cranky and often freezes or quits. Also, major stations (including the CW) cannot be streamed/recorded live in my market (a metro area of two million people). It’s frankly not fair that other areas get more stations/service for the price. This would be a five-star app with some bug fixes and better channel availability.

- Chromecast Disconnects

My review echoes that of other users. The app disconnects from my Chromecast often. This almost always happens when I either lock my iPhone and I unlock my phone, or when I switch between another app or go to my home screen. This seems to be a similar problem with other apps like Netflix, but they seem to handle it better. It seems to me Google should be able to fix this behavior as they should be experts in implementing their own API, or they should prioritize this bug higher in their backlog if they already know about it. I would also like a way to turn off live previews of channels. Sports scores have been spoiled a couple of times for programs that were in the process of recording that I was intending to watch from the beginning.

- Tap Tap I’m out.

Signed up at $35/month. Great deal. Finally got controlling the app down with my phone, invested in a Roku remote. Perfect. Now paying $54. They added content that I do not use. Hoping the the increase of subscribers would pay for the extra content, but alas NO. They added more content. But am unwilling to explore to find value. I will assume their market research department said “if we add channels the consumer will see value and we can price lift $10 each time.” Dear Gentlepersons: there is only so many hours in the day. Please make an option of limited content selection and I will be happy to stay. Personally I adjust my consumer behavior on a “communications bucket list”. Hardware, cellular access, internet access, movies, tv, apps or software”. $64 on top of cable internet access (monopoly in my neighborhood) is over $150.”

- Worst entertainment/streaming app. Steer clear of ad express

It is full of ads. Ads at every few minutes. If you ever even close a vide you will be punished with more long ads. Each ad is more than 2 minutes in length. Just when you are in brink of a climax in movie/show it resets and shows an ad and then starts from beginning. If you try to go back it doesn’t let you. You are forced to force shut app and reopen. When you continue you are again greeted with tons of ads. I felt like as if they should pay me to see so much ads. If you charge someone for subscription how dare you greet them in such a manner by these constant ads. The only one benefiting is Google earning massive revenues from ads and subscription cost at the same time draining you of your precious time. If you believe me steer clear of this app otherwise give it a go you’ll have similar reactions.

- Freezes, forgets, fails. Total waste of money.

App often freezes up, constantly forgets where a show is paused, and crashes just often enough to make google more money from ads embedded in shows. Borders on being a scam. Support is like talking to a room full of deaf crickets, they don’t listen but constantly chirp the cut-and-paste party line. Been with YouTubeTV six months, half has been free from credits given because of service failures, app crashes, etc. It’s just not worth it, I’m leaving once last month of free credits ends. Also, they lied to me, said I could share account with family, but since I use a Google account for my email, they won’t let me. Same price as everyone else, but they won’t give me the biggest feature that I came to them to use. Total rip-off. Read the fine print before they rob you of basic features. Dumping this at end of month.

- got BETTER

i started use the app back when it was launched i used for a few month then i quit because of the more and more commercials, they were really annoying since if u watch something on your phone u cant check instagram, twitter or whatever during the ads /on tv ads are more acceptable i think. well now i have the app again and i think they realized this issue i feel it has much less commercial! so now i will renew my subscription montly, I am also waiting for more big channels like TLC or MTV but overall This is the future of the TV. i really dont think people gonna pay and watch cables in the future. I am gonna give 4 stars now and upgrade to 5 when they launch more channels.

- Love It!!!

I love this app, I can get most of the shows that I paid nearly 3 times as much to watch with satellite or cable providers. I take my IPad just about everywhere with me and have no problem using the app/service. Yes sometimes I have to restart the app because a commercial will lock up during playback of a program, not a big deal at all though. I can get right back to where I left off. I saw a comment that it was difficult to cancel and someone was being “held hostage” now. This just tells me that they don’t know how to use their apple account. It’s very easy to cancel if you should want to. With this service WHY would you want to?

- It works well enough but is not perfect

We have have found it a good trade off from traditional cable tv but it has its quirks. There are often connection issues between our iPad and the tv, the show plays on but you cannot control it. Shutting down the app and reopening it usually fixes the issue but it’s an annoying quirk. You cannot look ahead on the show schedule - it’s a fixed 2-hour window, another annoying quirk. The search for shows is nice but it does not always find all the listings it should (ex. State of the Union address only showed one network when they all had coverage). It’s not perfect but it works and it is a better value to us than cable tv.

- I love it!!

I’ve given this app 4 out of 5 stars. What I love is how simple and affordable this option is. I’d prefer it over cable and satellite for a couple of reasons. One reason being cost. I appreciate the fact that I only spend $35 on my television subscription and are able to watch all of my local channels, tons of sports channels and a handful of movie channels. I LOVE IT!!! One subscription covers every tv in our home. My past tv service apart from this app would cost upwards to $100 for 3 rooms. Ridiculous. The reason that I gave 4 stars and not 5 is simple because I wish there were more movie channel stations. Otherwise it’s still a very awesome service and the cost is perfection.

- Best cord cutting service

Hands down best cord cutting service. The app itself is very solid, I have had no problems streaming on WiFi or cell data. Far and away the best option to replace cable tv, imo. More service related than the app, I am a bit worried as google seems to continually add channels that I can’t imagine many ppl want... and then raise the price. This was what was wrong with cable tv. I don’t want 100 channels for $60 a month and of the 100 I might watch 8 of them. I want 30 for $25, even if I only watch 5 of them. This service started at $35, they have since added a bunch of channels and is now $40. I won’t stick around the next time they raise prices. As is, with having to pay for high speed home internet I am not saving any money from before. The worst part is casting to a TV, but that has as much to do with the device your casting to... chromecast, Roku, etc. I simply never do it anymore. Most devices have YouTubeTV as a native app now anyway, very little reason to ever cast in my experience. Overall, deff recommend.

- No help available

I’ve had this lovely service for at least six months. My family and I enjoyed it and never had any issues. Within a months time my husband, son and father in law couldn’t log in. I contacted the ONLY department they could help and they gave me password reset info????? The app kept asking showing them the “Already a member” page and my poor father in law made the mistake of charging it on his account(I’m sure that’s what the developers want). Then it finally happened to me, now I’m kicked out of the app. I’ve tried to cancel the subscription,, renew the subscription, add my family group, delete the family group. And now I’m receiving an error message. There’s still NO HELP AVAILABLE. Oh, unless you need your password reset....which I don’t. I’m not sure if the app crashed but I’m very unhappy.

- Three big problems...

I would give this five stars, EXCEPT for three big issues that each deduct a star in my book: 1-On live TV, there's no easy way to see what's up next. If it's 4:58 the app does not show what's up at 5:00 on the channel line up, you have to wait until 5:00. 2-Ads. When watching recorded shoes in my library, I cannot FF, I must sit thru several ads, even though I'm paying for this service. 3-Clunky navigation. For instance, I hit the 15-sec rewind to hear a line I missed, and the app started a new set of commercials. Or sometimes I attempt to go forward or back 15-secs, but because the controls are so tight it selects the"next show" function and I have to go through a whole chain of laborious steps to finally get back where I was. Correct these three and you'll get your five-stars.

- Issues With Movies & Shows Restarting At The End

While I do enjoy the live tv aspects of this app and the channel selection, there seems to be a glitch which will restart a movie or program that’s not live towards the end of whatever you are watching. I just spent an hour and a half watching a movie and never got to see the last 10 minutes of it because it restarted at the beginning and you can’t go back to the ending! Please help because this makes watching anything else other than live tv on this app rather pointless. UPDATE: As of the last 2 days all of a sudden nothing will play off the app on my iPad. The buffering wheel just keeps spinning. I’ve tried resetting everything and it still doesn’t work.

- Terrible ffwd & rev | mediocre navigation

The fast forward & reverse controls in this app are absolutely terrible, which makes it extremely difficult to deal with commercials & app bugs. There’s no TV/channel guide, and the navigation to find what you’re looking for is mediocre. Further, the app still has a terrible bug, where... when your mobile device is at rest (i.e. when your screen is black) and then it’s reconnected to an in progress Chromecast, it sometimes won’t reconnect to the current point in time, but instead, to the beginning of the show that you’re watching. Coming back to my first point, with the terrible fast forward & reverse controls, it’s a royal PITA to get back to the correct point in time for the show that was previously in progress.

- Still in free trial

I have had this for a couple days now so far I liked it mostly for options it provides (multiple sign in and unlimitted recording... now with this app, I can find and watch and/or scheduel recording my fav. Sports a more than ever) I am still learning and ain’t wanna get ahead of myself, however the biggest weakness that I can mention (compared to other providers that I tried) is the low sound quality and image less than expected resolution. Well this will be important only when you watch it on a big screen tv and use a hometheatre settup. It is also a bit pricy, but all things considered, My vote will go to this app than others.

- Local Market

Generally, very happy with Google services, but this one is terrible. First, I was asked if I wanted a free trial, then I was automatically subscribed and charged $40, which I didn't realize until I saw an email confirmation that I had signed up for a recurring subscription. Then, when I tried to use the service to watch LAFC, the team that wears YouTubeTV on their shirt and of which I am a season ticket holder, I was told that the match was not available because I am currently in SF. When I reached out to customer service for an explanation, the response that I got was that there was nothing that they could do about the match that had just started, but that I should change my local area once I returned to LA and then I would have the OPTION of recording the match next time I was out of town. I go to matches when I'm in town, so why would I need this subscription if I can't use it outside of the Los Angeles market area. Now, iTunes is telling me that this subscription is not eligible for a refund, even though it was A) not clear that I was committing to pay $40 B) to watch a match that was never going to be available and C) cancelled my subscription as soon as I found out that I had been charged. Thanks for stealing my money.

- Totally disorganized!

This service is a total mess. You can’t surf for a show because they “pick for you” what they want you to watch. This app and service is garbage, especially if you are used to looking at a guide and want “your favorite channels” and times to watch or record. I can’t find any show that is live on the channels I want, or more than 15 minutes ahead... I would like to see what is on channel “XYZ” 2 hours from now, but, apparently that’s an impossible task. I don’t want to waste hours looking for a show. If they could get a decent guide that shows ONLY your channels and times of a couple of days ahead, this app/service could be tolerable. But as it is, it is totally useless to me. I’d rather continue to be ripped off by my current provider at $100+ per month than pay $50/mo. for something that is not usable.

- Horrible Experience - Want my $$ Back

For $39 a month I couldn’t log into my account to watch on my iPad no matter how hard I tried. There seems to be a software issue. Also, without notice after the trial period ended, I was charged for another month. I immediately tried calling YouTube’s office to try to get it cancelled, but the office was closed over the long Christmas holiday weekend. I called on the first day they were to be open, but still got the voicemail that they get were closed over the holiday. This went on for days. So, nobody was ever available. You also cannot unsubscribe on the app, so you have to research that. I deleted the app. Way too expensive and without being able to watch on my iPad, pointless. I tired, but found the app to be a frustrating waste of my time and $$. Wish I could get my money back.

- Best Bang for Buck

I love YT TV. It delivers 90% of everything I want in television. PROS: - cheap - wide variety - programmable - multiple users - LOTS OF SPORTS CONS: - at times programmed sports are overshadowed when a different sport runs longer than expected. I get this a lot with My American Soccer/European Football. A baseball game post game runs long and I don’t get to see the first 30 min of my match. - missing 3 channels I love...History, Discovery, HGTV. If YT TV had these...5 stars. - Can only record programs so far in advance. I might see a commercial for a movie/show/event a month before it airs...but I can’t select that to be recorded until much closer to air date. I usually forget and miss the initial air. Would be better if I could set recordings further out in advance. For me the CONS don’t outweigh the PROS. I regularly recommend YT TV to everyone who asks me, “How are you watching that?” With everything in life, it’s not perfect, but at least I’m not paying $$$ for Direct/Dish...getting 400+ channels I don’t watch...and still having to pay extra for sports. 10/10 would recommend!

- Non-iOS friendly interface

I cannot interact with my account with an iOS device. When attempting to manage my membership on internet explorer i get a message that states to open with firefox or google chrome. I tried opening chrome on my iPad and there is no way to manage it there either. I have to use a windows machine running a chrome we browser to make any changes. The inability to manage my membership with an iOS device really put a damper on the entire experience. Non sure how this can be changed but even on a chrome web browser on an iOS device will not work. Please advise. Do i really need to keep my windows machine?

- Decent needs work

Love being able to record sports. Love being able to record LOTS and not running out of space. Quality is good, if you have good wifi connection. That all being said, software can find many ways to get to a black screen of “something went wrong, try again”. Also, ability to “schedule” recordings is kindergarten level logic at best. Multiple times something that “scheduled” didn’t record. Doesn’t handle multiple access point homes well. Lots and lots of other issues and while tech support seems to want to try and help you — they will conclude that they have solved your (THEIR) problem, sometimes when they really haven’t.

- More Channel Options Needed

Enjoy using this app. It’s my only tv provider. Allows me to record shows, start the show from where it is live (if I started watching late) or watch from the beginning, prioritize my channels in a list, start from the where I stopped watching the show, when I switch from my phone to my tablet and some other features. My only gripe is the channel selection. None of the Discovery Network channels are available. No Comedy Central. No A&E. None of the Nickelodeon channels. None of the History Channels. Maybe they are available in other areas but definitely not in mine. I requested the channels a few months ago but nothing has changed. That’s a drawback but otherwise, great app.

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- Long recordings have issues

Overall, the experience is great. My area for improvement is recording long length programs. For me it is 8-10hr long Tennis Channel programs. I need to be able to go to the beginning of the recording while the program is still recording. In every situation that this occurs, the first few hours get clipped and I can’t watch the entire program from the beginning until a day after the program airs, at which the programming has gotten stale, since it is live sports coverage. I’ve made multiple requests that this be fixed. Customer support is good at contacting me, but they have not yet fixed the problem.

- The Best!

We are immensely pleased with YouTubeTV...I only regret we didn’t get it earlier. We’ve had it for over a month now and it is so much better than we expected. We live in a rural area, only have ADSL...not high speed. It has worked faultlessly for downtime, no issues. We love the ability to start a program at the beginning if we start watching it late and being able to record shows to watch later. We also love being able to watch on our iPad or laptop if we aren’t able to be near the TV. It’s everything we wanted and more. Thank you to the developers!

- Great bang for your buck...still needs some improvement

My husband and I were very early subscribers. We’ve loved having this service as a substitute for overpriced cable. Pros: unlimited recording that you can access anywhere on any device, great movie selections, great kids channels, great nature and history channels, all the sports, very easy to stream with a chromecast, can handle several devices streaming at one, channels have improved since launch and we’ve experienced NO increase in charges, don’t have any issues with streaming not working/loading or being interrupted. Cons: No app on Smart TVs or PS4 so you’ll have to invest in a Chromecast or something equivalent, the feature to “start from beginning “ or to “start live” when watching a show that’s in the middle of recording is buggy and doesn’t always work right, when finishing a live show you sometimes jump to a recording you previously did as the next thing to watch instead of staying on the channel you’re on. Overall I highly recommend!

- difficult to cancel!

The service doesn’t work while I’m traveling (disappointing but not the reason for the 1 star). As I travel a lot and that was the main reason I wanted to try it, I am trying to cancel. What really upset me is that it’s difficult to cancel. The app itself has a link that says “cancel membership” but when you press it I get the message “please see Apple’s instructions for subscription management”. Of course I can’t find Apple’s subscription management on my iPad and I need to go find a computer somewhere and try to figure this out. What a hassle and a waste of life! I bought this on the iPad and should be able to easily cancel. Now I’m a hostage and I can’t help but think it’s intentional or incompetence. In any case, I don’t like it and I’m not coming back anytime soon! (assuming I ever figure out how to cancel!)

- Used to pay $$$

I'll start with what I like about it. This saves so much money and gives us access to sporting events. We used to spend hundreds on Direct tv. As far as what I don't like about it, customer service. It's only available M-F which is inconvenient when the app has an issue. When I have an issue and I'm paying for the service and have to wait for the next day to call that's very annoying. As far as channels offered, it seems to me direct tv now offers more for the same price or cheaper and even offers other packages if you want more channels. I do like al le cart and picking and choosing what I want and pay for the channels I want not the ones I don't (e! Would be at the top of my list)

- Such great potential

We’ve been using YouTubeTV for about 5 months now and I’m convinced that this is what TV should look like. It seems to get better with each release. Just like cable there are a lot of things that I’d never watch and some that I wish I had. I’d love to have the Viacom programs (HGTV, Discovery, Food, etc). HBO would be nice but all of these are a cost vs value decision. One area that needs to be addressed is navigating through programs, the UI is not intuitive. I’d like to be able to skip over commercials and have a good way to navigate within the program. Still it has allowed me to cut the cord while keeping my wife happy. Overall a victory.

- Very convenient

When watching TV shows on my phone, it’s great (except I️ have to watch commercials which it seems should not be since I’m paying for the service). But when watching through a connection from my phone to my Apple TV, it’s really difficult to get through the ads. When each ad loads, some of them simply won’t load. I️ have to do jumping jacks and jump through hoops to get it to load ads. I’m hoping it is just because I️ don’t have the latest Apple TV box. Not sure. Over all, I’m glad I️ can record shows instead of waiting until they show up on Netflix a year later.

- Persistent bugs

If you like to watch most content on a specific channel, you will face a persistent problem. We like to watch most MSNBC channels in the evening. The problem is that most of the time, if you want to watch a recorded session, you will be placed into the live session. The only way around this is to select a different TV channel and after selecting it, choose the recorded session. Also... often, while watching a prerecorded session, it will be switched to the live session. This seems to happen more often at program changeover times... i.e. on the hour. This has been ongoing for at least 6 months. It amazes me how a company with such huge resources can not do a better job of fixing bugs.

- Preview Unavailable

The app was working fine and then all of a sudden, for several days now, it's saying "Preview Unavailable" for every channel which defeats the purpose of being able to see whatever is playing at a glance, but also no programming text is showing up so I have to go channel by channel to see what's on. Also, my custom listings vanished, meaning I now have to scroll through the entire list to get to the channels I prefer, only to then have to click on each one individually in order to see what's playing. Very frustrating. The service is great when it works, but when it doesn't, such as this case, it's a totally different experience, and a very negative one at that. (Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't help)

- Scam/ADS are ridiculous

Signed up cause it said a show I was looking for on there, searched and found it, but turns out to be “currently unavailable on YouTubeTV.” Found another show to watch and there’s LITERALLY ADS EVERY 5 minutes (no exaggeration, I saw the timing). You would think for $60 that there’d be no ads or at least not so frequently. It feels like you watch as much ad time as you do show time. Many of the movies it says are on there you actually can’t even view until they air just like cable so it’s not even any better. I got it thinking all these titles were gonna be on there to stream anytime since it advertises them and all of them were unavailable until airing weeks later. DO NOT RECOMMEND, many of the shows and movies are on other places ad free for cheaper.

- Best TV streaming platform

This has almost all the best channels I want to watch. Easily the best option for watching sports. MLB, NBA, Golf network and others. Only one missing us NFL Network. Recording and watching your favorite shows is very easy and it is very intuitive as to suggested programs. The only things I would change would be the connectivity issue some people mention (which I thought was more my TV & may still be) and channels do not have channel numbers, which would make it easier to navigate directly to channels you want to watch.

- Poor AppleTV implementation

I’ve had this service since it was released on aTV and finally decided to cancel. The user interface on aTV is awful and I still feel like I am fighting the interface. Everything Google produces for iOS suffers from the same problems which include overly sensitive response to remote controls, poor implementation of skip controls, and confusing navigation. Plus toss in unskippable ads even on ‘recorded’ episodes and I’m ready to throw in the towel. Be advised that when an episode is available on demand the on-demand version will always supersede your recorded copy and force you to watch the awful commercials. Bad design plus commercials. If I am still yelling at the screen three months later perhaps Google needs to rethink their design and do better QA on aTV before release.

- Love YouTubeTV

Was so sick of paying crazy high DirecTV monthly fees. Love that you can watch on your TV, phone and iPad. So extremely portable. Able to get all the sports we want and my young kids are happy with the Disney Channel. We haven’t experienced any of the connectivity issues that others describe. We run the app mainly through Apple TVs and an old Chromecast, and works great. Love the multiple log ins so each family member has their own library of shows. My biggest wish is for the Food Network and HGTV to get added. Please get the deal signed with Discovery Inc.!! It’s a serious miss - hence the 4 star rating. Otherwise it would be a 5.

- Please fix the app 👏🏻

Good golly PLEASE FIX THE APP! I cannot get through a 45 min show in less than 2 hours for having to close the app every 5 min. The sound will just stop and 3/4 of the way into any show and BAM- glitch! Another show will start playing or the show you are watching will start over. This has been an issue through many updates. I frequently use my iPhone to watch and it’s especially frustrating when you have a limited lunch break! We love the channel choices (5 stars on that) and are happy we made the change! That said, when you pay for service, you expect it at the very least to work (and on any device)!

- Decent App that needs polishing

I would have rated it higher, but the price increase is staggering, and the content of “fluff” channels that no one wants is growing like that of the cable companies. That said, it does have local channels, an decent sports. It could be better though. On a iPad, it must have the focus. Not like zoom or other apps that will play in a small “always on top” window if you decide to use the iPad for anything else at the same time. Or iheart, where at least the sound plays while you switch screens/apps. That would be useful when I am playing a news channel and want to view my email, or messaging, at the same time.

- Pretty, Pretty Good

I enjoy this service. I think there are too many sports channels as related to the rest of the channels, but I believe this will be fixed as the service grows and changes. The quality is good and I, personally, have never experienced any buffering. The app is mostly user friendly, but the only reason I gave four stars is because there are too many clicks to watch the program you want. I also wish I could scroll the guide into the future to see what was coming up. Overall, the service is fantastic and I look forward to what if brings in the future.

- Spotless so far

I’m only a couple of days in to my free trial but so far I can’t find fault and have already cancelled and returned equipment on my old satellite service. Yes there are some minor sacrifices but comparatively the mix of channels for me, my two young kids and my wife is significantly better than any other cord cutting service and for a better price. The live guide is sleek on my phone and works fine when played on my TVs through built in Roku on the TVs or my Roku Express. The guide functionality is different but capable and the search and record feature is slick. It’s instant and better than anything I’ve experienced. The record/DVR/Search function is so easy to use that if you know the name of the show, sport or team you want it feels like Christmas compared to my old Satellite set top boxes. Plus it basically gives you immediate access to “on demand” options as long as your show is available. Wow is about all I can say.

- Great, especially for a fairly new app

I love this app. I live in an apartment and we didn’t want to buy cable just to watch a select few cable broadcasted shows (sports, news, and new shows). And it is a relatively new app so I understand that it will have its glitches and drawbacks. But I consider it a bargain compared to home internet and cable rates. My in laws pay just over $200 for direct tv and it can take hours and sometimes days to fix any problems they have because they need a technician. This app is awesome and I’m so happy I have it.


Listen Up Everyone - PRICE RAISED TO $65/MO FOR CHANNELS YOU MAY NOT EVEN WANT AND CRASHES ALL THE TIME!! First of all, a $15/month price hike - what the heck are you thinking YoutubeTV??!! The channels you are adding may not be interesting enough additions for your subscribers (according to an enormous of Reddit users that are saying they are going to cancel - check it out yourself). Why not make it tiered service and allow us to choose if we want all those Viacom channels??!! You are sneaky and are hiking the price up hoping most people will not even really notice. And on top of that, this app crashes ridiculous amount of times and you have just instructed that reinstalling will fix the issue. FYI - I have had to reinstall around 10 TIMES in the past 30 days!!!!

- Good, could be great

Have been a user for over a year now. I love the service. It’s great. However I do have a few issues with the app. 1- IT NEEDS A RESUME/CONTINUE WATCHING FUNCTION. In my opinion once you start watching a show it should record it so that you can resume later, if you so choose. I’m a parent and as such I often find myself pausing the app (whether streaming through my chromecast or on my phone)to do parent stuff. I return and the app has forgot my place. 2- I also find glitchiness when switching from mobile data to WiFi midstream. During the switch it will drop the signal and freeze up for a second. Then once the WiFi picks up it will start the show at the beginning. 3- When switching from viewing a show on the phone to casting through my chromecast it will occasionally restart the show once the chromecast picks it up. These are some issues I have found with the app. But as for the service as a whole it’s great. We love it!

- Love it but still room for some improvements

I am very happy with my change to YoutubeTV. We cut the cord and my husband and son love all the sports options! That was a big reason we switched. Another huge factor was the Apple TV app! I love how intuitive the app is as well suggesting shows based off what we previously watched. I also love the emails I receive when new channels are added! The interface is also clean and simple. Here is where improvements can be made: 1. It should have a way to delete a previously watched and recorded show, movie, event. 2. The recently recorded area is not that visible on the app on the phone. It should be higher up when you click Library and you shouldn’t have to scroll. Maybe even create a folder near the top. 3. Once you record a movie, it should only record it once not each time it plays. There isn’t an option to record once. Thank you and looking forward to more updates on a great product!

- Great App, but 2 Glitches (one is brand new w/ latest update)

1) new glitch - absolutely no one has my login information, but since updating the app is telling me that I’m watching from another location and playback is suspended. This is impossible. I force close the app and restart and it’s fine. Please fix. 2) existing glitch - when watching a recorded program, if you try to switch to a different recorded program from the same network, it fails to load. If I switch to a different network, and then try, it works. But there seems to be an error that occurs 100% of the time when switching between recorded shows from the same network, or live TV from that same network.

- Wayyyy Better Than Cable...Right Now Anyway

I hope they can keep it this way. I’ve had it for 3 months now and love it. I’ve become so tired of cable companies and this solution for me has been awesome. I have seen in some of the other reviews that they’ve added more commercials and stuff since it began, but I understand they’ve got to make some money to make services bigger and better. I just hope that it doesn’t start becoming a cable company. Otherwise, as it is right now, I love it and I’m glad I made the switch!

- Meh...

The app does a good job at recording shows, but I constantly lose connection from Chromecast, or freezes where I cannot pause, fast forward, change shows, etc. I have to disconnect or refresh the app, open it back up, then find the place I left off. It all just seems like way too much work to watch a tv show. :) I just give up and shut it down sometimes because it’s not worth it. Also, some recorded shows I’m allowed to fast forward through commercials, and some don’t. It’s a fine app, and a great idea, but needs some work and I’m not sure it’s worth the monthly cost as is. It’s a little pricey for what it is right now...

- 3 stars for Service 1 Star for App capability

The Service is great. If it was only about the shows I can watch for the price this would get a 5 star review. If this was just about the app then it gets 1 Star. iPhone and IPad apps work ok. It’s not really smooth in being able to mark shows as watched. Especially now that some networks are blocking access to the recorded shows for a length of time and you can only watch the On Demand version. On the AppleTV right now even after watching shows it is not showing any progress of where you left off (restarts show at beginning of episodes) or it keeps them in the New Episodes folders. Even if it does work you have to exit the app and shut it down and go back in. I do appreciate now that it orders episodes of shows into separate seasons. This is great for shows that are still in production and are also on syndication. I hope that this glitch gets addressed with app upgrades.

- Love the service, but the app could use some work

I love this as a streaming service: fast, reliable content. What bugs me is I can’t multitask on my phone while playing my movie’s audio in the background. With Netflix, I can have audio in the background while my screen is turned off. This comes in handy when I’m working out or driving. I also could not find a place to download content that is already saved to my library. This would help me save data on my phone plan. Overall, this is a really good streaming service, but I’m not impressed with the mobile app features, or lack there of.

- Crap

Update: still slow, unreliable, and buggy. It randomly craps out and doesn’t play or just logs me out. Pure garbage. It has a lot of bugs, especially on Apple TV. The streams are often wrong, don't play, stutter, drop out or lag. The recordings are usually either cut off or don't start where they should. The customer support is a complete joke. There is no way to change any settings on the app without giving up your precise location, and the web portal is useless. The customer support know nothing. Don't get this service if you expect *any* level of support. There simply is no support. None. I updated to the latest version on the Apple TV. After launching, it sat there for a good 60 seconds just spinning, then it logged me out, and said something went wrong. Complete amateur hour. The service goes down all the time and the support channels become inactive and unavailable during this time so there is no information about what is going or when the issue will be fixed. This app and this service is purely there to syphon money from people without actually providing any service or support. Stay away.

- Randomly starts “spinning” on iPad

On my iPad Pro 13.3, this problem has been going on forever. Randomly in the middle of a show the spinner will appear in the middle of the screen and the show will stop. Once this happens, the absolute ONLY way to resume the show is to restart the iPad. Force killing the YoutubeTV app isn’t even enough. I have plenty of storage on my iPad and have even reached out to support on this issue before. Supports help tip was to try restarting my iPad... Wow - thanks guys, that’s great. For $50 a month I expect more. I have to restart my iPad 3x/day on average just because of this app. Never had this issue with Netflix, or HBO before. Please fix.

- Great App one complaint

This app is great you can watch nearly all of your favorite shows and movies but there is one bug that keeps happening. I’ll be at the end of a show with around 10 minutes left and it will just restart to the beginning and play it out. Whenever I move the video time it shows the actual ending but it still plays out as the beginning. If I turn subtitles on, it will show the actual words. I just don’t understand why this keeps happening. If you could fix this bug that would be great!

- Watch out!

So I was interested it what kind of TV service UTube had to offer. I downloaded the app and was trying to get a feel for the service. Not sure how, but next thing I knew I had subscribed to a $40 a month plan. I know, my bad, should have been paying better attention. I cancelled the subscription within seconds of making the purchase. If I wanted to pay $49 a month I would have stayed with cable. Apple still says I’m on the hook for a month. Tried reporting a problem to Apple. They tell me refunds on this app are not available. Even the cable company will prorate you when you cancel. Bottom line. Be careful. No matter what you’re out $40 for even looking at this app apparently.

- I like it a bunch.

I have tried other live tv streaming apps and this is my favorite. Though it costs $40 dollars a month to have a youtubetv subscription, it’s worth it for the channels you get. I like that I get the New York Mets channel and the basic networks like CBS, Fox and NBC. So why no five star rating? I have Chromecast and sometimes the Chromecast icon will not show up so I can’t transfer from my phone to my TV. I don’t know why this happens and don’t know if the problem is with the app or with my Chromecast. If this can be fixed I would be a happier guy because I do like this app..when it works.

- Great service

Great service and channel selection. The app is mostly very stable and user friendly. I’d definitely recommend it. My biggest request would be the ability to switch between profiles on the Apple TV app since it’s a shared device on our family TV. A few other nice to haves would be the ability to set up a smart recording based on a keyword like I could with Google Fiber TV if a particular movie or show I want to watch isn’t scheduled in the near future, and more granular recording options like choosing to only record new episodes vs. new and reruns.

- Affordable alternative to cable, still improvements to be made

Love the cost and the channel lineup. We don’t miss any channels we lost going from a $100/mo cable down to this. When viewing on mobile/tablet, Most on demand shows (not ones you record, but in YT’s lineup already) stop mid way through episode and restart from the beginning. The scrubber/timeline shows you are still halfway through, but the content restarts. Also, needs better controls for fwd/rwd on Apple TV. A 15/30 button would be nice. Way to sensitive with the Apple Remote.

- Peace DirecTV!!

I love this service!! At first streaming from your phone was a little weird. But after a while you get used to it. Since we first signed up they have added a few new channels without increasing cost. They recently just added MLB network just in time for fantasy baseball season. Now if they add NFL network my life will be complete. Hopefully in the future they will offer apps for streaming devices like AppleTV or Roku but in the meantime streaming to the Google Chrome cast isn't all that bad. Thank you for the great service

- 3.5 Stars. Pretty good

I was hesitant to try due to the cost luckily I was able to get a free month from my ISP. With that said the app and services overall are pretty nice good channel selection (Missing the History Channel). Would like to see more on-demand movies and tv shows. Would be nice to have picture-in-picture option this app cost too much not to have it. Also when mirroring or connecting to larger screen via hdmi screen needs to be converted to full sized to match the larger screen. App is pretty good just a few minor details that have been missed hopefully the developers read this and make those additions.

- I gave it a try

The app is horrible! The amount of unskippable commercials is ridiculous considering for $50 a month. And the commercials are the only thing that runs smoothly! Almost on every show I get to the last ten minutes and it freezes, or skips to the next episode. I haven’t been able to finish many shows completely on the app. If a show is 30 minute I should have one commercial block with 12 commercials and the next with 7 and another commercial break with 5! I spend more time watching commercials than I do the program! It’s constantly freezing and restarting. Not worth the money with many better options.

- Unsure with questions

OK so when I’m reading reviews I’m reading and sort of understanding but I do not have an Apple television… So when people are talking about using apple remotes that is pertaining to Apple television only? Then again I read about home Google – does that support all TVs? guess I could Google all these questions but I thought I would give this review a try… $35 does seem like a lot but doesn’t! Considering what we pay for television these days my concern is are you going to be adding more television shows like lifetime??

- Great service, looking for 60 FPS on more channels

First off, I will say that I’m very happy with the service. It works great with google assistant and chromecast. My only issue is when it comes to sports viewing. 30 frames per second is subpar when google is obviously making push for sports fans given how many sports channels are offered. Do I have something set up wrong that is causing so much ghosting? I have an ultra and a great internet connection. The picture quality is great. It is just the fast motion ghosting that’s killing me.

- Loses connection with Chromecast

I’m not sure at what point it loses it’s connection, but if you are watching a recorded show and it’s commercial time, when you scrub the timeline forward on your iPhone, it will scrub correctly in the phone. However, since your phones connection to to Chromecast has been lost, it doesn’t actually skip forward and you have to disconnect and reconnect. It’s annoying to have to do that 5 times during an hour long show. Also, it would be awesome if the app supported 5.1 surround sound. If they could do that and fix the connection with Chromecast, it would be an easy 5 Star review.

- Great, except for the "front page"

Everything is great except for how the front page is laid out. Instead of showing the channels you watch most, it has weird "top picks". It doesn't even show you the latest recordings. And when you finish an episode, but have recorded the program after it, after the end credits of the first video, it jumps to some unrelated video, instead of just continuing on to the next show that you recorded that night on that channel. Very weird.

- New update is very confusing

I would also love a option to only watch my “recordings” so I dont have to watch commercials I noticed with the new update we dont have that option..I also agree that after u have watched the new show it could Leave the row of new episodes. Every time I try and send a email to customer service I don’t get a response :( I also would like a recommendation discount for friends you have told about this service and have signed least 3 of my friends have signed up since I started this service. Oh and I got a Roku it’s better than trying to stream from my phone

- Fantastic cable cutter...only one iPad request please!

With this service, I was able to ditch comcast altogether and just use cellular data for internet. The only request I have to to allow split view and picture-in-picture. The Xfinity Stream app had this and I loved it. My primary device is a 12.9” iPad Pro so being able to do other things while having the TV in a smaller movable window around the screen is kind of a big deal. For now, I just use my phone so I can use my iPad for productivity.

- Rating u tube tv

I like and enjoy most all of the service. However when I stream from my I phone to my television the first commercial messes up the whole system and if I try to fast forward or rewind before the first commercial the same thing happens. It will go into a buffering mode and will never return. None of this happens when watching on my phone. This has happened so often I have stopped trying to stream to television sets. I am going to drop my subscription as soon as I can figure out which service to try next.

- Convenient but...

The whole thing is convenient but... it still needs work on the platform . For instance, i chromecast from my phone and the tv guide system is a bit difficult to just “browse” through. All you can see really is what is playing live. I cant easily see what’s playing in an hour on all channels. My second issue is with the recordings. If im at the end of a show and i pause to go so something(i have a daughter, bedtime stuff) and come back; and the same episode is playing after, it really messes with where i paused it. Then i have to wait til it re-records just to watch where i left off.

- Plenty of room for improvement

Generally good recording feature, but iPhone app is buggy: if you check a text while watching a show and then return, often the audio is off or there is no sound until you restart the app (at which point it forgets that your hadn't finished watching and suggests you watch the next episode). It also pushes it's own content way too much for a service that costs $40/month. Basically the best real estate on the home screen is dedicated to its stupid shows like Impulse instead of the shows it knows that I like and record... Let me know when you get Stranger Things or Westworld and you can use that front space.

- Mostly great, but one significant problem on the iPad app

Happy with the range of channels and (generally) with the interface. But I have one significant issue with the iPad app (which is fully updated). Consistently, a while after starting any program, it switches to a very low-quality video feed, despite the speed of my connection being rock-solid and very fast. If I manually switch it to the highest quality, it looks great and continues to look great (see: solid internet) *but* adds closed captioning that I can’t turn off. It would be great if it just stayed good quality in the first place.

- You Tube App works well

Purchased 4 Apple TVs so I could Airplay the channels. What a mistake! Lost the program when the phone would freeze at random while sound continued...had to close the app & restart it then cross our fingers and wait. So I bought 4 Chromecasts and they’re like heaven. Contrary to what instructions & phone support say you CAN plug them into your AV receiver’s HDMI input. They work just fine! You Tube TV is the best alternative to cable we could find...all the networks, plenty of sports, and unlimited DVRing.

- Needs work / Please fix

This is happening a lot now..... every time I’m watching a program after 7 ads, it won’t go back into the program, instead I get a black screen. I have to log out and log back in, only to have to watch all 7 ads again before my program comes on again. Sometimes the program won’t start again, and I’m forced to reload the app once more, only to have to watch all the ads once again. It is incredibly frustrating. Also it has stopped recording new episodes of some of my shows. Not sure this is worth it anymore. It feels like I bought an expensive race car with 3 tires that overheats.

- Poor performance and customer service

The recording feature does not record reruns - to watch you must somehow figure out the date when the rerun originally aired and then try looking up in episodes - not convenient at all. This totally mystified their customer service, took them 30 minutes to figure this out and said they only got the original air date by googling it - and the date he got was wrong! Customer service was very poor. In addition when watching the app is REALLY poor at fast forwarding or going back - also the sound is not synced with the picture quite often - very annoying. Can’t fast forward on CBS at all

- Needs improvement

When streaming from iPad/iPhone to the tv, the shows don’t like to load back up once ads are done playing, causing you to have to manually hit the play button after every set of ads which is highly annoying. I’ve also noticed that sometimes the live tv is screwed up and doesn’t play what is actually supposed to be on, especially with sports, and if a game is scheduled to end at a certain time, regardless if it’s overtime or not, that’s it shows over and you’ll have to find somewhere else to watch the show. Improvement needs to be made, especially with the price tag this service comes with. Can not recommend this app in its current state

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@2xAught7 Tennis Channel is a Sinclair property...I think that may have more to do with it than YouTube-TV.

YouTube TV 4.47.3 Screenshots & Images

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YouTube TV iphone images
YouTube TV iphone images
YouTube TV iphone images
YouTube TV iphone images

YouTube TV (Version 4.47.3) Install & Download

The applications YouTube TV was published in the category Entertainment on 2017-04-05 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 146.6 MB. YouTube TV - Entertainment app posted on 2020-11-30 current version is 4.47.3 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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